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jessica merle rust dyed fabric
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Cock review - A bitterly amusing commentary on the reductive nature of labelling
Cock (@cocktheplayldn) is simply entrancing. Boasting superlative performances from the whole cast, its commentary on sexuality is no less relevant now than when it was written. Truly unmissable theatre
Falling in love with a woman completely upends the lives of John (Jonathan Bailey) and long-term boyfriend M (Taron Egerton) in Mike Bartlett’s Cock (more…)
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Review: Love & Monsters
"Love & Monsters is an absolute blast & it will leave you longing for a sequel. If only for the further adventures of Boy" Read our review of #LoveAndMonsters here @NetflixUK @dylanobrien @JHenwick @Michael_Matt_ #Movie #Review
Love & Monsters throws us into a dystopian future whereby the destruction of a incoming asteroid with biological and nuclear weapons causes all creatures on the earth to grow and mutate to monstrous sizes from the weapons fallout. Thus sets in motion 90% of the worlds population being killed off with remaining 10% hiding away for the most part in underground silos (called colonies), only coming…
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Title: Caged Author: Liz Chapter: 31/34 Word Count: 3,322 Rating: R/MA Genre: Horror/Thriller/Drama/Angst Warnings:  Language, Sexual Situations, Character Summary: It has been months since the fall of the farm and now everyone is just trying to find a safe place. But is that truly possible? The group may also soon find out that there is worse things out there in the world than the walkers…humans themselves. Excerpt: "Yeah that would be why I am here," Isaac admitted with a sigh. "So how about telling me."
Read: Chapter Thirty-One
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Casting Goals: Minor Characters in Les Miserables
1. Norm Lewis as Bishop of Digne 2. Hugh Maynard as Factory Foreman 3. Jessica Vosk as Factory Girl 4. Sherie Rene Scott as The Locket Crone 5. Carolee Carmello as The Hair Hag 6. Jon Jon Briones as Bamatabois
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Album Review: John Kadlecik - On the Road
After years of imitating Jerry Garcia - most notably with Dark Star Orchestra and Furthur - John Kadlecik strikes out on his own with On the Road.
And the man who some fans derisively call “Fake Jerry” obviously has a sense of self-deprecating humor, as he opens his first proper solo album with an instrumental titled “How Am I Not Myself,” on which he plays a lot like a certain former Grateful Dead frontman.
Kadlecik does much Garcia mimicry across On the Road. But despite covers of “Lazy River Road” and “So Many Roads,” the latter sounding like Garcia’s ghost on wax, this LP is more Jerry Garcia Band, Garcia and Merl Saunders and Legion of Mary than Grateful Dead.
With a core band that includes Bob Weir and RatDog’s rhythm section of Robin Sylvester (bass) and Jay Lane (drums), keyboardist Benjie Porecki and backing vocalists Mary Lankford and Jessica Lake, and including new numbers and reworked versions of tracks by Kadlecik’s pre-DSO band Hairball Willie, On the Road is a refreshing move toward originality for John K.
But, for better or worse, he just can’t help sounding a whole lot like Jerry G.
Grade card: John Kadlecik - On the Road - C+
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tagged by the lovelies: @shallow-gravy​, @shellibisshe​, @belorage​, @honeysides​, @strafethesesinners​, @faithchel​, @blissfulalchemist​! thank you, dears! x since i’m tragically late to the party as per usual, not going to be tagging anyone since i assume most of my mutuals have done it, but if you want to go right ahead and tag me too so i can see! :”)) also, fair warning: 80% of the questions i answered at ungodly hours overmedicated on paracetamol and it shows because re-reading this in the morning was a Yikes
Tumblr media
name: joanne burton alias(es): jo, annie ( mike exclusive ), burton, dep, jr. deputy, rook, traitor, sinner, wrath/pain in the ass ( john exclusive ), rabbit ( jacob exclusive ), heinous fucking bitch—( also john exclusive ), black widow ( new dawn au ) gender: cis. female age: 29 birth: 30th october, 1988 place of birth: meridian, idaho spoken languages: english; may or may not recite some hebrew lines over the holidays sexual preference: bisexual occupation(s): junior deputy of hope county, montana/menace to all cultists everywhere ( in a certain radius of said hope county, montana, anyway )
eye colour: brown hair colour: black height: 157cm ( 5′2 ), or approximately 7′11 when balancing on michael’s shoulders to peer inside john’s windows scars: split right eyebrow ( thanks, jake ), minor cuts and incorrectly healed bruises and gashes, scarred bullet wound on left hip ( you’re welcome, jake )
colour: orange or yellow or cyan, or whatever is more stupidly eye-catching and not at all fit for her current environment song: i’ve been thinking by handsome boy modeling school food: various stir-fries, fruits and protein ( or anything that she claims to be “healthy” when, truly, bitch is one step away from living off of instant noodles and canned pineapple and cigarette buds from dutch’s stash ) drink: beerherbal teas and infusions
passed university: no, but passing the police academy was already a pleasant enough surprise for her had sex: today? no. two weeks ago? probably had sex in public: probably said two weeks ago gotten pregnant/ someone else pregnant: yes, but we don’t talk about it kissed a boy: yes ( derogatory ) kissed a girl: yes ( affectionate ) gotten tattoos: yes, loads: most were practice scribbles for her ex-girlfriend, and the only true meaningful one she possesses is lydia, scrawled into her pinky in remembrance. otherwise, john seed do not even engage with that rusty ass tattoo gun— gotten piercings: yes, loads multiplied; if there’s a place for a piercing in her ears, she has them. also, an old septum piercing she hasn’t worn in a hot second been in love: yes, loads squared ( girl rents out her heart on the weekdays and cries about the scratches she notices on saturday, but still repeats it all over again come monday; falling in love for her is easy, but actually loving someone and getting over her self-loathing to do so is a whole different ball game ) stayed up for more than 24 hours: she’s probably on hour 31 as we speak ( someone knock her out pls )
a virgin: whitehorse has heard enough horror stories in the break room between her and joey to last him a lifetime a cuddler: closeted cuddler, yes a kisser: most definitely; woman has to play up her natural assets scared easily: her response time is too lagged for that jealous easily: depends; she’s more jealous of what she should have/could have/would have had in a general sense than being jealous of a particular person or a thing trustworthy: in her own way, yes dominant: disgustingly so submissive: not in this lifetime in love: very much so single: very much so part 2
RANDOM QUESTIONS (tw for self harm/suicide mention)
have they harmed themselves: yes, but it’s more by means of unintentional yet severe substance abuse thought of suicide: not as often as one would assume; joanne has a very strong sense of self-preservation, but tends to run from her bleak reality by means of one harmful way or the other attempted suicide: once or twice during her lowest points in life wanted to kill someone: on the daily have/had a job: girl had juggled three part-time jobs; there is nothing she fears anymore have any fears: ( see above ) to fall back into old bad habits, loss of control, death, failure, a bad future, poverty, being abandoned and forgotten, long stays at a hospital, the judges, the bliss, the power of john’s hair gel
sibling(s): micah burton ( older brother ) parent(s): abigail burton née belman ( mother ); jim burton ( father ) children: asher seed ( daughter in new dawn au ) significant other: jacob seed ( circumstantial lover/”could do without” mentor/#prisonwife #prisonhusband #imkidding #kinda ) pets: boomer for the cuddles, cheesecake for the throttles ( bitch naturally attracts the judges but will forget her dog 101 and run away like what does she think will happen then?? )
Tumblr media
name: michael scott-hughes alias(es): mike, mikey, mickey ( mary may exlusive ), mike the bike/fall’s end’s bicycle, resistance’s poster boy, manwhore, cassanova, the archangel ( joseph exclusive ), the antichrist ( also joseph exclusive ), war dog, hughes boy ( fairgrave exclusive ) gender: cis. male age: 30 birth: 6th july, 1988 place of birth: fall’s end, montana spoken languages: english, russian, basic chinese mandarin and turkish sexual preference: pansexual occupation(s): residential shady, shady man ( international arm’s dealer, most recently demoted to local resistance leader and occasional general goods store co-owner )
eye colour: green hair colour: brown height: 181cm ( 5′11 ), and 6ft on tinder jkjk man’s confident enough to not grasp for that extra inch, unlike someone ( john ) scars: heavily burnt left hand ( from trying to fish out his ex girlfriend’s boiling corpse r.i.p. to that steaming puss— ), gash on his right temple, nicely healed gun wound on left shoulder, not so nicely healed amputated right hand ( man’s not having the best time in my canon, is he ), various incorrectly healed cuts and bruises
colour: green and rustics song: wild world by yusuf/cat stevens food: unlike the faker above, michael actually likes to cook and eat healthy meals, so anything from salads to veggies to oatmeal to soups will do ( and meat; man’s been a vegetarian for a grand total of 4 days in his entire life ( or 14, if you count the time he got abducted to john’s bunker womp )) drink: sugary drinkswhiskey, fresh juices, “water can be so, so sexy, annie—”
passed university: no, though michael really busted his ass to self-educate on subjects that will be beneficial to his line of work had sex: we stopped keeping tabs and numbers nearly ten years ago had sex in public: we stopped blinking at these types of shenanigans nearly ten years ago too gotten pregnant/ someone else pregnant: yes? no? maybe? ( mike’s too afraid to even think about it, but hopes he hasn’t fathered any babies any time soon ) kissed a boy: yes ( affectionate ) kissed a girl: yes ( affectionate² ) gotten tattoos: yes: the sword of damocles on his left inner forearm, intertwined snakes running across his right ribs, a tiny smiley face on his ass lord save him gotten piercings: yes, and everyone hated his attempt to revive the 90s with his lil earring like c’mon you already have a reputation of being a sleaze— been in love: yes, but surprisingly not as many times as one may think ( truthfully, three times: mary may, lana, joanne mary may again ) stayed up for more than 24 hours: sometimes it just cannot be helped
a virgin: maybe in a past life as an amoeba a cuddler: yes ( try to escape his hold during a summer night i’ll give you 5 bucks if you can break the deadlock ) a kisser: he just exists to smooch at this point scared easily: truthfully, he’s quite desensitized as is, so it’s really hard to truly rock him jealous easily: no; though he might get a bit petty and bitter if someone mentions merle and mary may becuase, like, c’mon, mary—merle briggs? trustworthy: one of his better traits, but past events have shown that boy tends to lose some of his morals for love dominant: yes submissive: yes part 2 man will accommodate and switch it up in love: often single: loosely, often
RANDOM QUESTIONS (tw for self harm/suicide mention)
have they harmed themselves: michael has bad mental health trips stemming from having a lot of insecurities as a child; these may evolve into bad habits and pure recklessness on his part to prove his worth thought of suicide: these thoughts don’t come often, but when they do, it’s harder for him than most to shake them off and recover attempted suicide: once, during the boiling pit incident wanted to kill someone: yes, but it comes more from need than want usually have/had a job: yes, though no retail until he was 30 and stuck providing hope county with slugs and bullets have any fears: loneliness, rejection, abandonment, repercussions and consequences, not being good enough, powerlessness, loss, the angel pit, the process of dying
sibling(s): none, but: jackson hughes ( uncle ) parent(s): jessica hughes née scott ( mother ), david hughes ( father ) girl i have his whole family tree drawn up like you wouldn’t believe children: andrew hughes ( son in new dawn au and maybe canon ) significant other: mary may fairgrave ( childhood sweetheart/awkward ex/once in a rare cosmic event fuck buddy/volatile lovers ) pets: peaches loves him she doesn’t; she just wants to chew on his hair
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americasass81 · 10 days ago
What's ur fav food, drink, movie, song, musician, tv series, book, celebrity crush, cartoon character and fav person in history.
Well now this is interesting (thanks for the ask):
fav food:- Lamb, pasta, garlic bread.
drink:- Apparently anything made for apples.
movie:- Most Christmas themed ones but I also have a major soft spot for American Gangster and L.A. Confidential.
song, musician:- I'll answer these two together simply under the banner of proper American Country Music, anything from the likes of Merle Haggard, George Strait, Alan Jackson etc.
tv series:- When it's not medical or legal based, then definitely The Simpsons.
book:- The answer to this is actually a series called The Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington.
celebrity crush:- Andy Garcia
cartoon character:- Kai from Lego: Ninjago.
fav person in history:- Lucky Luciano (what can I say, I'm a secret mob fan).
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jessica merle rust dyed fabric
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80s4life · 12 months ago
Character/Movie List
Below is movies and TV shows I like personally and are lsited as a reference. If you don't see something you're interested in, it is not that I don't like it, it is because I most likely forgot it because I love so many movies/shows tbh. Just ask, and I'll answer! And, from the Rules and Regulations page, what I had meant by "mostly" is that I can dabble outside of the acting world and into actors/actresses themselves and/or singers, popstars, etc.
{Another side-note, I am not so much into shows, but mostly movies! Although, there are some exceptions that I love beyond belief!}
Back to the Future Series:
Biff Tannen
Griff Tannen (Maybe, he wasn't the best of the Tannen's imo)
Buford Tannen
Marty McFly
George McFly
Doc Brown
Lorraine Baines
Rose DeWitt Bukater
Jack Dawson
Caledon Hockley
Brock Lovett
Rabrizio De Rossi
Thomas "Tommy" Ryan
Karate Kid Series {1/2/3}:
John Kreese
Mr. Miyagi
Johnny Lawrence
Daniel LaRusso
Bobby Brown (not so much; don't know him too well)
Ali Mills
Lucille LaRusso
Terry Silver (duh lmao)
Mike Barnes (also duh)
Jessica Andrews
Stand By Me:
Vern Tessio
Billy Tessio
Gordie LaChance
Chris Chambers
Eyeball Chambers
Ace Merrill
Teddy Duchamp
Jake Fratelli (he was kinda hot ngl)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
Ferris Bueller
Jeanie Bueller
Cameron Frye
Sloane Peterson
License to Drive:
Les Anderson
Mercedes Lane
Toy Soldiers:
Billy Tepper
Joey Trotta
Snuffy Bradberry
Ricardo Montoya
Hank Giles
Scream Movie Series {1/2}:
Billy Loomis
Stu Macher
Dwight "Dewey" Riley
Randy Meeks
Tatum Riley
Sidney Prescott
Gale Weathers
Cotton Weary
Derek Feldman
Escape Plan:
Emil Rottmayer/ "Victor Maheim"
Ray Breslin/ "Anthony Portos"
The Expendables:
Barney Ross
Lee Christmas
Toll Road
Gunnar Jensen
Bao Thao/ "Yin Yang"
Hale Caesar
Divergent Movie Series {1/2/3}:
Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Caleb Prior
Tobias "Four" Eaton
Christina "Chris"
Eric Coulter
Marcus Eaton
Terminator Series:
T-100/"Uncle Bob"/Terminator
T-1000 "Austin"
John Connor
Sarah Connor
Dani Ramos
Dazed and Confused:
David Wooderson
Fred O'Bannion
Randall "Pink" Floyd
Ron Slater
Don Dawson
Mitch Kramer
Benny O'Donnell
Rocky Series:
Rocky Balboa
Apollo Creed
Captain Ivan Drago
Zombieland {1/2}:
Little Rock
Lethal Weapon Movie Series {1/2/3/4}:
Martin Riggs
Roger Myrtaugh
Rianne Murtaugh
Leo Getz
Henry Hill
Jimmy Conway
Tommy DeVito
Karen Hill
Avengers Heroes-
Iron Man/Tony Stark
Ant-Man/Scott Lang
Hulk/Bruce Banner
Captain America/Steve Rogers
Hawkeye/ Clint Barton
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff
Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff
Black Panther/T'Challa
Vision/Victor Shade
Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange
Avengers Anti-Heroes/Antagonists:
Yondu Udonta
Loki Laufeyson
Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes
Wolverine/Logan Howlett
Sabretooth/Victor Creed
Bolt/Chris Bradley
Gambit/Remy LeBeau
Cyclops/Scott Summers
(Younger!)Professor X
Deadpool/Wade Wilson
Cable/Nathan Summers
Colossus/Piotr "Peter" Nikolayevich Rasputin
Negasonic Teenage Warhead/Ellie Phimister
DC Universe:
Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Affleck, Bale versions)
Aquaman/Arthur Curry
Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
Harley Quinn
Joker (Leto, Ledger, Phoenix versions)
Captain Boomerang
Rick Flagg
Bane (Tom Hardy)
TV Shows
Stranger Things:
Mike Wheeler
Nancy Wheeler
Will Byers
Joyce Byers
Johnathan Byers
Maxine "Max" Hargrove
Billy Hargrove
Dustin Henderson
Lucas Sinclair
Robin Buckley
Jim Hopper
Steve Harrington
Sex Education:
Erric Effiong
Aimee Gibbs
Adam Groff
Ola Nyman
Otis Milburn
Maeve Wiley
Hannibal (Show):
Hannibal Lector
Will Graham
Dr. Alana Bloom
Jack Crawford
Abigail Hobbs
Orange Is the New Black (OITNB):
Piper Chapman
Nicky Nichols
Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren
Galina "Red" Reznikov
Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson
Dayanara "Daya" Diaz
Gloria Mendoza
Lorna Morello
Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett
Alex Vause
Joel Luschek
Big Boo
Maritza Ramos
Poussey Washington
Yoga Jones
Gina Murphy
Brook Soso
Sophia Burst
George "Pornstache" Mendez
Larry Bloom
Polly Harper
Stella Carlin
The Boys:
Billy Butcher
Starlight/Annie January
Hughie Campbell
Kimiko Miyashiro
Queen Maeve/Maggie Shaw
Mother's Milk "M.M."
The Deep/Kevin Moskowitz
Becca Butcher
The Walking Dead (TWD):
Daryl Dixon
Merle Dixon
Rick Grimes
Carl Grimes
Lori Grimes
Maggie Greene
Beth Greene
Glenn Rhee
Negan Smith
Michonne Hawthorne
Carol Peletier
Shane Walsh
Paul "Jesus" Monroe
Eugene Porter
Sgt. Abraham Ford
Outer Banks (OBX):
Sarah Cameron
Rafe Cameron
Ward Cameron
John B
Frank Gallagher
Fiona Gallagher
Lip Gallagher
Ian Gallagher
Debbie Gallagher
Carl Gallagher
Kevin Ball
Veronica Fisher
Mickey Milkovich
Mandy Milkovich
Jimmy "Steve" Lishman
Karen Jackson
Cobra Kai
Miguel Diaz
Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz
Robby Keene
Carmen Diaz
John Kreese (baby version & old version)
Terry Silver (baby version & old version)
Tory Nichols
Samantha "Sam" LaRusso
If there is something or someone you like not on this list, feel free to ask or direct message me! For movies like the DC Universe and Marvel, if there is multiple actors of that character and you want a certain one, please make sure that you add that detail!
Rules & Regulations
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onlytwdfanficstories · a year ago
Friends and enemies part 7
Nabila "You must love your brother, right?"
Merle "Well, let's just say we're tense at the moment."
Jesus "Well, sometimes it can be. Especially if your brother is younger than you. Or I don't know if he is, but I assume he is."
Merle "Yeah, he's 5 years younger than me."
Jesus "That explains that thing."
Merle "Well, but we've been tense between us for a long time."
Jerry "Have you done anything to your brother?"
Merle "If you mean that I have been violent towards him, so I'm not. He's just angry about it when I have not been his support when he needed me the most."
Ezekiel "And it's because of what?"
Merle "Well, let's say that I have made wrong choices in my life and because of it I have forgotten him."
Belle "Did you use?"
Merle "I used what?"
Belle "Drugs, Did You Use Them?"
Merle "Yeah, I used and I'm not proud of that."
Belle "I can identify with your brother. My brother used drugs too."
Merle "Where is your brother now?"
Belle "He's dead."
Merle "The Walker?"
Belle "What about the walker?"
Merle "Did the walker bite him or how did he die?"
Belle "I wish It had been a walker, but no. He died of a drug overdose."
Merle "I'm sorry."
Belle "No, do not be. It was his choice."
Merle said nothing.
Belle "I'm just trying to tell you that maybe you and your brother should try to fix your situation."
Merle "I think it's too late already."
Belle "It's never too late to try."
Merle "Why try to fix what you can't fix?"
Belle "I don't know."
Merle "That's right."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Andrea "Hey, has anyone seen Merle?"
Emily "Maybe he's still sleeping."
Andrea "He's not sleeping."
Alice "And how do you know that?"
Andrea "I went through all the tents and Merle wasn't in any of them."
Amy "He's definitely somewhere here."
That's when Jim came to them.
Morales "Good morning, Jim."
Jim "Good morning. Have any of you seen my wheelbarrows?"
Morgan's "Your Wheelbarrow?"
Jim "Yeah, my wheelbarrows. They're mysteriously lost."
Amy "How can wheelbarrows mysteriously disappear?"
Jim "I don't know, but that's what happened."
Andrea "Well, your wheelbarrows aren't the only ones that have mysteriously disappeared."
Jim "Has anything else disappered mysteriously?"
Alice "Yeah, so to speak."
Jim "Who else is missing then too?"
Emily "Merle."
Jim "Merle? He was Daryl's brother, right?"
Alice "Yep and he's gone too."
Morales "I flashed."
They looked at Morales.
Andrea "What flashed?"
Morales "What if Merle has taken those wheelbarrows and disappeared with them?"
Amy "I don't understand."
Morales "Don't you realize this combination? Lost wheelbarrows and lost Merle, it can't be a coincidence."
Emily "What the hell would Merle have done with the wheelbarrows?"
Morales "I don't know, I just said."
Rick walked over to them.
Rick "Good morning!"
Andrea "Good morning."
Rick looked at Jim.
Rick "Is everything all right?"
Jim "Yeah everything's fine, except that my wheelbarrows are gone."
Rick "That is not a big deal."
Andrea "It's kind of is."
Rick "What do you mean?"
Andrea "Well, Merle is gone, too."
Rick "Merle is missing?"
Amy "Yeah, it looks like."
Rick "And you thought Merle had take wheelbarrows along, right?"
Morales "It could be possible. I mean, lost wheelbarrows and lost Merle, can't be a coincidence."
Rick "But what the hell would Merle do with wheelbarrows?"
Andrea "That's what we'd like to know, too."
Rick "Have you asked Daryl?"
Jim "Not yet."
Rick "Maybe we should."
That’s when Daryl and Carol walked over to them.
Daryl "You should ask me what?"
Rick "Well, that Merle is gone and so are Jim's wheelbarrows."
Carol "Is that so?"
Rick "Unfortunately."
Daryl "Well, I have no idea about that."
Rick "So you don't know anything about it?"
Daryl "Isn't it obvious I don't know."
Jim "That's weird."
Daryl "What's so weird about this?"
Jim "Well, you're his brother, so shouldn't you know?"
Daryl "I might be his brother, but I'm not his damn babysitter!"
Shane "And some asshole has been drinking my beers!"
Rick turned to look at Shane.
Rick "Maybe you drank them yourself, but you don't remember it."
Shane "I haven't touched them, but someone else apparently is."
Rick "We have a worse problem than your lost beers."
Shane "And what problem could be worse than my beers?"
Rick "Well, the fact that Merle is gone and so are Jim's wheelbarrows."
Shane started laughing.
Rick "Shane, this is not funny."
Shane "You know how ridiculous that sounded? Lost wheelbarrows, don't bother."
Rick "It's not ridiculous if Merle is missing."
Shane "Well, maybe that wasn't, but it was ridiculous when you said that Jim's wheelbarrows are also gone."
Morales "Don't you realize Shane?"
Shane "Realize what?"
Morales "Lost wheelbarrows and lost Merle, can't be a coincidence."
Shane "But why the hell would Merle take the damn wheelbarrows with him? I don't realize that."
Amy "None of us realize that."
Morgan "Maybe we should go looking for Merle."
Jim "Hey, what about my wheelbarrow?"
Morgan "Also them."
Rick "We can't go looking for Merle or wheelbarrows now."
Morgan "And why not?"
Rick "Because I promised Maggie that we would be in their community today."
Anna "We're not going to stay there, are we?"
Rick "Unfortunately, we'll stay there."
Anna "Well, you can count me out. I'm not coming."
Rick "You can't be serious."
Anna "I Am."
Daryl "You can count me out, too."
Rick looked at Daryl.
Daryl "I don't trust them."
Rick "It's not about you or whether you trust them. It's about survival."
Daryl "You can still count me out."
Carol "Daryl!"
Daryl "Someone has to stay here if Merle comes back."
Carol "Well, if you stay, I'll stay too."
Daryl "You don't have to."
Carol "Well, like it or not, I'm going to stay."
Rick "All right. Let's do this Anna, Daryl, Carol and Jessica stay here and the rest of us go there. And if Merle comes back, you'll come there afterwards."
Jessica "Sounds like a good idea."
Then Rick looked at the others.
Rick "Let's go."
Rick looked at Daryl.
Rick "Take care of others."
Daryl "You can count on me."
Then the others went for a walk towards the forest.
Jessica "So, now we're just waiting, right?"
Carol "I think so."
Give "I hope Merle is okay."
Daryl "He always is."
Jessica "You didn't look worried when Rick said Merle is gone."
Daryl "I'm used to it."
Anna "Has he done these before?"
Daryl "Did what?"
Anna "Gone and lost somewhere and hasn't said a word?"
Daryl "Yeah, many times."
Jessica "I guess our siblings relationship is tense, huh?"
Daryl "Aren't the intervals between all the siblings sometimes tense?"
Jessica "I do not know about that. Because I'm an only child."
Daryl looked at Anna.
Anna "Yeah, sometimes my relationship with Rick is tense, but he's my brother and I still love him."
Daryl "I wish I could say the same."
Anna "So your sibling relationship isn't okay, I guess?"
Daryl "It's worse than okay."
Jessica "Do you want to talk about it?"
Daryl "Not now."
Jessica "Okay."
Daryl looked at Carol.
Daryl "You shouldn't have stayed."
Carol "I know, I still stayed."
Daryl "That you can admire my ass again, huh?"
Carol "Stop that."
Daryl "Admit it."
Carol "I don't admit anything."
Daryl "Admit it now."
Carol "No, I don't admit it."
Daryl "All right then. If you're playing a dirty game, then i let you know that I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty."
Carol "I see what game you're trying to play with me and it's not going to work out."
Daryl "You'll see that it works."
Carol "You and your big mouth."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Jerry "Is your brother nice?"
Merle "Yeah, he is. We are opposites of each other."
Henry "Oh like Jing and Jang?"
Merle "In a way."
Siddiq "Do you still have a hangover?"
Merle "A little yeah."
Siddiq "When we get to camp then I will give you a nausea tablet and also a headache tablet. I am sure that you need them. "
Merle "I'd rather take something stronger."
Jerry "Like whiskey?"
Merle "Yeah, I'd rather have it than some silly tablet."
Ezekiel "You can't drink alcohol all the time. It's not good for you."
Merle "Well, I can and I will. And you can't do anything about it."
Ezekiel "Now I understand why your brother doesn't like you."
Merle said nothing.
Ezekiel "We're there."
Then they went inside the community.
Merle "I thought you only have a small camp and not the whole damn community."
Ezekiel "Why have a small camp when you can have a whole community?"
Merle stared at the buildings around him.
Merle "I could stay living here forever, really."
Ezekiel "Why don't you stay? Nothing stops you, does it?"
Merle "I'll see how things go."
Ezekiel "I understand, yes."
Merle "Did you build these buildings or were they here when you came here?"
Ezekiel "Half were and we repaired them and half we built."
Merle "Sounds awesome."
Victoria "We also have a small pub here."
Merle "That sounded tempting, but I don't think I can drink anything today. Maybe tomorrow."
Siddiq "I'll get you now a headache tablet and a nausea tablet. Wait for it, I'll be back soon."
Then Siddiq went for a walk towards the hospital building.
Merle "He's a doctor here, I guess?"
Ezekiel "Yeah, Siddiq is and he's also an excellent doctor."
Merle "Surely he is."
to be continued...
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selena-snape · 10 months ago
Familia Snape
Primera Generación:
¤ Morphin Nikolai Snape y Tallulah Aurelia Snape
Segunda generación:
¤ Ilona Octavia Snape y Viktor Kirtking Snape
¤ Bellona Demetria Snape y Aurelius Amadeus Willowdee
¤ Tanith Marcellina Snape y Albion Casimir Snape
Tercera Generación:
¤ Gabriel Soren Snape y Conan Levi Malfoy
¤ Sonja Cassandra Snape y Lucian Rowland Snape
¤ Selene Belladona Snape y Michael Thomas Corvin
¤ Morgana Drucilda Willowdee y Octavius Mortifer Dollins
¤ Belvina Anastasia Willowdee y Alexander Andreas Kane
¤ Silvanus Alestair Snape y Minerva Dorinda Primrose
¤ Cornelius Devereux Snape y Nocturna Evelyn Nightwood
¤ Almeric Lazarus Snape y Amarah Senka Lonwood
¤ Esperanza Medea Snape y Mereida Azura Blackwood
¤ Theodocia Isidora Snape y Centar Ismaband Blackwood
Cuarta Generación:
¤ Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore y Gellert Amadeus Grindelwald
¤ Aberforth Florian Leighton Soren Dumbledore y Belvina Vega Black
¤ Ariana Odolette Wilhemina Dumbledore y Arcturus II Alioth Black
¤ Tom Marvolo Riddle y Kara Sonia Milford
¤ Valens Basilius Snape y Charles Hunter Levin
¤ Tobias Vincent Snape y Eileen Aiko Prince
¤ Pamela Demetria Malfoy y Elias Paul Voorhees
¤ Abraxas Ariel Malfoy y Renatha Edith Oswald
¤ Evageline Ethel Malfoy y Lazarus Granville Sparda
¤ Bianca Brooke Di Angelo y Thalia Eliza Grace
¤ Nico Ethan Di Angelo y Perseus Lorcan Jackson
¤ Theodore Lev Snape y Marcus Casimir Corvinus
¤ Ethan Joseph Snape y David Monsse Conberg
¤ Eve Ilaria Corvin y Logan Brad Fowler
¤ Raymond Vincent Dollins y Juliette Umbra Walker
¤ Sebastian Andrew Dollins y Adrianna Asura Walker
¤ Micah Vladimir Dollins y Raven Tenebra Walker
¤ Benjamin Caleb Kane y Aaron Leonard Luthor
¤ Natalie Eileen Snape y Bastian Abraxas Prince
¤ Octavian Demetrius Snape y Abigail Aura Cooper
¤ Percival Valentine Snape y Willow Delilah Lake
¤ Archibald August Snape y Phineas Atticus Moose
¤ Piper Delilah Snape y Alvin Nicholas Dream
¤ Flora Alyssandra Snape y Louis William Afton
¤ Colette Silver Snape y Kenneth Horace Orville
¤ Nikolaus Rafferty Snape y Nika Dominika Winston
¤ Evageline Danica Blackwood y Claude Tobias Harley
¤ Gabrielle Victoria Blackwood y Gideon Silas Murphy
¤ Belladona Tabitha Blackwood y Quentin Ulysses Orson
¤ Nimue Andromeda Blackwood y Balthasar Ignatius Fitzhugh
¤ Valtor Phoenix Blackwood y Ninette Madeline Sutton
¤ Dimitry Avalon Blackwood y Thalassa Estelle Rex
Quinta Generación:
¤ Credence Aurelius Dumbledore y Lycoris Lyra Black
¤ Modesty Orianna Dumbledore y Michelle Caroline Miller
¤ Valentine Desmond Dumbledore y Leroy Samuel Cooley
¤ Octavius Theodore Dumbledore y Minerva Ursula Parker
¤ Cassandra Eliza Dumbledore y Zivar Pollux Galanford
¤ Callidora Eridanis Black y Harfang Ernest Longbottom
¤ Cedrella Oriana Black y Septimus Ronald Weasley
¤ Charis Scorpia Black y Caspar Dorian Crouch
¤ Trish Clarice Riddle y "Lady" Mary Ann Arkham
¤ Vanessa Octavia Riddle y Tom Spencer Peters
¤ Delphinie Savannah Riddle y Serena Angelette Denford
¤ Dominika Hazel Levin y Thomas Downey Richardson
¤ Vincent Alexander Levin y Daphne Rosie Campbell
¤ Niven Finnian Levin y River Aura Stone
¤ Malorie Estella Levin y Ivan Adonis Novak
¤ Severus Tobias Snape y Ulaz Devereux Snape
¤ Ryou Nathan Snape y Krolia Serenity Kogane
¤ Jason Ezra Voorhees y Michael Gideon Myers
¤ Diana Madeline Voorhees y Mason Samuel Kimble
¤ Lucius Abraxas Malfoy y Narcissa Meissa Black
¤ William Joseph Dixon y Cassandra Allegra Lewis
¤ Vergil Amon Sparda y Faith Mackenzie Myron
¤ Dante Alastor Sparda y Hope Catherine Myron
¤ Victor Jethro Grace y Ryan Christopher Everett
¤ Aurelia Peregrine Grace y Sebastian Artemis Jensen
¤ Ian Mason Jackson y Bellona Damara Huxley
¤ Ada Demetria Jackson y Azura Jasmine Brooks
¤ Kitty Xanthe Jackson y Charlotte Marcellina Donovan
¤ Sansa Calypso Corvinus y Thomas Nicholas Parkinson
¤ September Lev Corvinus y Tanith Amara Walker
¤ Flora Pandora Snape y Xenophilius Leland Lovewood
¤ Thora Margot Fowler y Marc Anthony Marcelly
¤ Lyra Beatrix Fowler y Lorenzo Finnian Donnelly
¤ Morgan Ariella Fowler y Nolan Cassander Delaney
¤ Ruby Hilda Dollins y Miles Oliver Corwin
¤ Luna Stephanie Dollins y Theon August Dresden
¤ Noah Jonah Dollins y Helena Roxane Ansel
¤ Stanford Nathaniel Dollins y Nita Evelyn Paxton
¤ Mortimer Morphin Dollins y Martin Jonathan Flint
¤ Elizabeth Tallulah Dollins y Valens Vatlos Braken
¤ Janeth Mirella Dollins y Stefano Nova Fox
¤ Arya Eloise Kane y Constatine Nikolai Hudson
¤ Angelette Lucille Kane y Yuri Vladimir Ivanovich
¤ Azrael Finnian Kane y Luciana Angela Ortiz
¤ Niven Ezra Kane y Mikhaila Juniper Orion
¤ Carlisle Damien Kane y Serena Laurel Ranger
¤ Basilius Sebastian Prince y Ida Scarlett Lennox
¤ Felix Robert Prince y Jane Ophelia Miller
¤ Jasper Wyatt Prince y Marlene Elora Lawson
¤ Edward Henry Prince y Selene Stella Harper
¤ Adrien Scott Snape y Calliope Ivory Bronx
¤ Raphael Patrick Snape y Mirah Colette Cain
¤ Richard Lawrence Snape y Galilea Lyra Dexter
¤ Francine Eliza Snape y Michael Francis Oakley
¤ Connie Violet Snape y Tallulah Vera Lake
¤ Melissa Barbara Snape y Eugene Jordan Morrinson
¤ Morticia Moira Snape y Kiyoko Asahina
¤ Morterius Mortimer Snape y Reina Matsumoto
¤ Jeremy Vincent Dream y Sabrina Addison Riley
¤ Nathan Samuel Dream y Piper Aurora Harrow
¤ Bruce Steven Dream y Nicolette Grace Tyson
¤ Adeliza Morigan Afton y Emmett Blake Cartet
¤ Daemon October Afton y Darrel Cael Ossory
¤ Violetta Ursuline Afton y Jeffrey Hunter Jefferson
¤ Minerva Rowena Afton y Leonard Robert Leighton
¤ Doria Judith Orville y Dominic Alexander Edevane
¤ Ryan Joshua Orville y Alice Isidora Jones
¤ Agatha Rachel Orville y Jeremiah Andrew Evans
¤ Carlotta Katherine Snape y Owen Stephen O'Kelly
¤ Ethan Elijah Harley y Larissa Daphne Davis
¤ Giovanni Mortimer Harley y Ariel Danica O'Ryan
¤ Vincent Oliver Harley y Amelie Luna Roberts
¤ Bastian Lynx Murphy y Arya Ruby Forrest
¤ Theodore Niven Murphy y Ursa Aries Black
¤ Dominika Valda Murphy y Arthur Russel Glenwood
¤ Callista Eliza Orson y Callista Addison McCoy
¤ Morterius Finnian Orson y Jessamine Robinia Bathory
¤ Victoria Hilda Orson y Sabine Belladona Volkov
¤ Margot Elizabeth Orson y Pietro Leroy Carrington
¤ Riven Alexander Blackwood y Petra Victoria Hayden
¤ River Stella Blackwood y Jasper August Moore
¤ Chloe Henrietta Blackwood y Griffin Cyrus Lexington
¤ Vanessa Tabitha Blackwood y Miles Herman Goodwin
¤ Ivan Septimus Blackwood y Rosie Olive Brown
¤ Amadeus Artemas Blackwood y Hariett Emily de Loughrey
Sexta Generación:
¤ Lilith Moira Riddle y Julian Cameron Gray
¤ Bloom Larissa Peters y Sky Aurelius
¤ Hazel Opal Peters y Magnus Roman Watson
¤ Theodore August Peters y Meredith Mavis Monroe
¤ Cora Stephanie Riddle y
¤ Arabella Diane Riddle y
¤ Francis Ezra Riddle y
¤ Aaron Christopher Riddle y Verena Michelle Dyer
¤ Joshua Stephen Riddle y Esther Amalia Holt
¤ Charles Samuel Riddle y Ruby Stephanie Saffron
¤ Iris Aurelia Riddle y Marshal Everett Conrad
¤ Theophania Calliope Richardson y Corinne Roxanne Everleigh
¤ Arabella Beatrix Richardson y Henry Oliver Brookes
¤ Kai Dominick Richardson y Flynn Milo Wolf
¤ Willow Cosima Levin y Nicoletta Pomona Wilford
¤ Fern Violet Levin y Marie Honoria Ollivander
¤ Euphemia Alessandra Levin y Jhon Florean Palmer
¤ Dorothea Giovanna Levin y Elladora Eloise Gibson
¤ Salazar Lucius Levin y Holly Avalon Barnes
¤ Eleanor Hope Levin y Savannah Genevieve Shaw
¤ Gracie Isadora Novak y Marvin Declan Sullivan
¤ Alec Aurelian Novak y Claire Piper Johan
¤ Mason Ezekiel Novak y Clementine Octavia Albion
1)¤ Lotor Comet Snape y Raphael Percival Rosier
2)¤ "Moon Demon" Darius Angelo Snape y "Dark Angel " Arianne Alysson Snape
3)¤ "Killer Shadow" Lazarus Ignatius Snape y "Ice Demon" Urania Calliope Snape
¤ Morterius Viktor Snape y Hisirdoux Artemas Casperan
4)¤ Regris Niven Snape y Acxa Valda Snape
5)¤ Kevin Ethan Snape y Gwendolyn Stephanie Tennyson
8)¤ Regulus Orion Snape y Abel Austin Khemse
9)¤ Cygnus Arcturus Snape y Frederic Alistair Weasley
10)¤ Elle Rigel Snape y Matsuda Touta
11)¤ Beyond Aurelian Snape y Mikami Teru
15)¤ Alexander Valens Snape y Magnus Sebastian King
16)¤ Lysander Nikolaus Snape y Vladimir Micah Masters
¤ Keith Akira Snape y James Oliver Griffin
¤ Morgana Kendra Voorhees y Karin Delilah Summers
¤ Jessica Lorna Kimble y Steven Malcom Freeman
¤ Audrey Andromeda Malfoy y Andre Perseus Bourgeois
¤ Gabriel Bastian Malfoy y Emilie Calliope Graham de Vanily
¤ Roynard Hydra Malfoy y Violet Rowena Deekers
¤ Raymond Lynx Malfoy y Cedric Atticus Diggory
¤ Draco Lucius Malfoy y Astoria Coraline Greengrass
¤ Merle Ariel Dixon y "Jesus" Paul Finnegan Rovia
¤ Daryl Hunter Dixon y Rick Jonah Grimes
¤ Vitale Astaroth Sparda y Luka Nicholas Sparda
¤ Neron Asura Sparda y Kyrie Serena Kiernan
¤ Merak Emory Sparda y Portia Manon Hendrix
¤ Loretta Margot Grace y Calvin Raphael Foxglove
¤ Julius Grant Grace y Ivy Roxanne Baxley
¤ Benjamin Vidar Grace y Edgar Zachary Maddox
¤ Ophelia Nozomi Jensen y Cordelia Avery Bkwie
¤ Eileen Victoria Jensen y Silvius Dael Sinclair
¤ Thomas Lysander Jensen y Othello Natalie Reeve
¤ Nova Genesis Jackson y Allison Leah Reid
¤ Losa Iris Brooks y Briar Anais Tedford
¤ Nina Rosie Brooks y Asa August Harding
¤ Connor Cyrus Brooks y Sandra Sabine Simmons
¤ Esme Aurora Donovan y Maxine Riley Crosby
¤ Arabella Cassidy Donovan y Robert Dashiell. Davenport
¤ Arianne Odette Donovan y Terrence Gideon Graves
¤ Kendra Alessandra Donovan y Alexis Scarlett Bishop
¤ Cassandra Abigail Donovan y James Anthony West
¤ Pansy Genevieve Parkinson y Theodore Phineas Nott
¤ Ursa Alexa Corvinus Y Narcissa Hazel Ripley
¤ Nora Alyssa Corvinus y Lydia Skylar Abernathy
¤ Annabelle Danica Corvinus y Rowan Vladimir Norwood
¤ Luna Pandora Lovewood y Rolf Elijah Matthew Scamander
¤ Ronan Artemis Marcelly y Adam Timothy Reed
¤ Giovanni Octavius Marcelly y Robin Mikhaila Mckinley
¤ Ivan Alistair Marcelly y James Christopher Peters
¤ Mika Valentina Donnelly y Arthur Ethan Bowers
¤ Damien September Delaney y Melione Rowena Robinson
¤ Kira Dominika Delaney y Marlon Oliver Williams
¤ Kanna Amelia Delaney y Gael Ethan Byron
¤ Nicholas Hadrien Delaney y Madison Edith Emerson
¤ Armand Demetrius Corwin y Persephone Aspen Cormac
¤ Tatiana Aubrey Corwin y Marcella Carolinne Cervenka
¤ Pandora Evageline Corwin y Cecilia Honoria Van Frietag
¤ Natasha Penelope Dresden y Donna Mary Berkshire
¤ Emily Alisha Ansel y Nana Eliza Martin
¤ Isabelle Veronica Ansel y Carmen Emilia Reyes
¤ Kenneth Paul Dollins y Ella Isabella Evans
¤ Joseph Herman Dollins y Juliet Corina Rogers
¤ Hailey Amelia Flint y Lucia Naomi Barnes
¤ Ashley Jasmine Flint y Maxwell Benjamin Norton
¤ Piper Savannah Flint y Louis Howart Daxton
¤ Chase Akira Braken y Felix Lucius Quinn
¤ Florian Narcissus Braken y Colin Leonard Frone
¤ Callum Daniel Fox y Marjorie Katie Vance
¤ Dante Ezra Fox y Leila Juniper Thomson
¤ Nathan Soren Fox y Matthias Isaac Parker
¤ Magnus Gideon Fox y Desmond Ethan McReynolds
¤ Lucian Harrison Fox y Apollo Anthony Greene
¤ Jude Eli Hudson y Theodore Declan Vesper
¤ Olive Genesis Ivanovich y David Cameron Canyon
¤ Tate Roman Ivanovich y Molly Aurora Wiley
¤ Ivory Leah Ivanovich y Diane Barbara Jennings
¤ Devon Julian Kane y Ophelia Pauline Colins
¤ Claudine Barbara Kane y Matthew Benjamin Rothchild
¤ Castiel Dominc Kane y Charlie Isaac Lauder
¤ Natasha Bella Kane y Mackenzie Riley Hills
¤ Caroline Samantha Kane y Sarah Emma Fuller
¤ Harper Eva Kane y Daniel Michael Baker
¤ Henry Jasper Kane y Duncan Joshua Evas
¤ Nathan Pietro Kane y Elijah Maxwell Crimson
¤ June Opal Kane y Felix Octavius Rhodes
¤ Jane Ophelia Kane y Angelo Dominic Lowell
¤ Aldora Corinne Prince Amora Lyra Stout
¤ Odolette Lila Prince y Thalia Cora Fulton
¤ Amon Rowan Prince y Elira Bianca Thorton
¤ Amelia Robin Prince y Nicolo Dorian Guthrie
¤ Alastor Robert Prince y Dinah Pandora Pearson
¤ Gavin Marshall Prince y Megara Eloise Lang
¤ Sean Colin Prince y Rebecca Odette Douglas
¤ Renee Tara Prince y Miles Edgar Lambert
¤ Eric Lance Snapey y Millicent Corinne Curtis
¤ Marlon Levi Snape y Lily Alyssa Yancer
¤ Luther Garth Snape y Judith Naomi Tailyour
¤ Hannah Ebony Snape y Lincoln Nathan Penfold
¤ Marie Clarice Snape y Leslie Regan Eastwood
¤ Jade Tiffany Snape y Leah Eliana Rees
¤ Grant Devin Snape y Geraldine Annalie Harfield
¤ Dean Leighton Snape y Fiona Charity Wheeler
¤ Mason Riley Oakley y Cartie April Willis
¤ Morgan Harley Oakley y Ian Paul Wenman
¤ Robert Damian Lake y Marion Corinne Turner
¤ Roy Ethan Morrinson y Griffin Rhett Essex
¤ Joy Ebony Morrinson y Kilian Lee Rowell
¤ Holden Ethan Snape y Eleanor Nadia Heron
¤ Corey Silas Snape y Jane Lydia Orchard
¤ Astrid Juliette Snape y Rhonda Hope Pataki
¤ Tate Julian Snape y James Ronan Poole
¤ Soren Jaspn Snape y Carmen Marianna Rojas
¤ Edgar Samuel Snape y Ingrid Ianthe Lauder
¤ Castiel Gabriel Dream y Cecilia Ember Bonavich
¤ Callum Paul Dream y Avalon Ginevra Carmichael
¤ Cedric Ernest Dream y Bathilda Sibyll Irvine
¤ Garett Elia Dream y Padma Orla Astor
¤ Austin Jordan Dream y Magenta Pomona Hearst
¤ Daryl Silvanus Dream y Nuru Sura Van Doren
¤ Calliope Scarlett Dream y Gemma Pomona Windsor
¤ Cordelia Maribelle Carter y Ivar Rainn Kline
¤ Howart Steven Carter y Sylvia Peyton Bechtel
¤ Lysander Casimir Carter y Enid Jivanta Galumba
¤ Pierre Milford Afton y Kylie Olivia McKeehan
¤ Rupert Stanley Afton y Andrea Jocelyn Varner
¤ Warren Philip Jefferson y Michelle Sabine Castle
¤ Ellie Audrey Jefferson y Shireen Monroe Marks
¤ Giselle Corina Leighton y Mia Velvet Bushnell
¤ Odette Marina Leighton y Nicoletta Verona Goldstein
¤ Larissa Dirina Leighton y Winry Carmina Montgomery
¤ Magnus Cassidy Edevane y Harry Leroy Baker
¤ Stella Andromeda Orville y Harold Russell Mcquiston
¤ Lucille Arabella Orville y Jace Colton Rutledge
¤ Lee Amos Evans y Zoey Makayla Camfield
¤ Cadmus Orion Evans y Trudy Nayala Lovell
¤ Florean Newton Evans y Xenia Sybil Herron
¤ Ivory Ooal Evans y Edmund Wilfred Frankham
¤ Luisa Veronica O'Kelly y Connor Evan Carson.
¤ Finn Andrew Harley y Portia Marilyn Curtis
¤ Abel Nolan Harley y Bonnie Thea Proudley
¤ Louis Xander Harley y Petunia Jamie Deakins
¤ Claire Norah Harley y Lance Chandler Western
¤ Camille Loena Harley y Myrtle Denise Golby
¤ Cora Adelaide Harley y Selma Kelsey Hicks
¤ Juliette Theodora Harley y Daisy China Kempster
¤ Cyrus Maximua Harley y Meredith Shannon Crocker
¤ Horatio Gideon Harley y Heidi Antoinette Deacon
¤ Dorothea Euphemia Harley y Terence Xavier Croucher
¤ Violetta Leopoldine Murphy y Franklin Leonidas Burton
¤ Nova Orion Murphy y Faustina Spencer Odam
¤ Comet Sky Murphy y Yvonne Wilhemina Hibberd
¤ Phoenix Bianca Murphy y Rosalie Simone Stratton
¤ Celestine Xiomara Glenwood y Rylan Waylon Mills
¤ Isla Cosima Glenwood y Neil Rowan Lee
¤ Jacqueline Glennda McCoy y Jarome Staley Orline
¤ Ann Marie McCoy y Ridley Everett Anderson
¤ Apoline Elian McCoy y Simom Edward Thompson
¤ Aubrey Lynn Orson y Braxton Hunter Young
¤ Amelia Faith Orson y Ryland Linden Allen
¤ Lucy Ella Volkov Jacob Jhon Wright
¤ Freya Leah Volkov y Rome Canyon Adams
¤ Martin Lane Volkov y Brianna Mirella Collins
¤ Monet Valentina Volkov y Callahan Anselm Morris
¤ Robinia Venus Carrington y Aragon Glorianne Watson
¤ Damon Micah Carrington y Selie Nia Rise
¤ Calla Seraphina Balckwood y Ariel Calyx Reid
¤ Adriana Norah Blackwood y Windsor Athen Foster
¤ Trevor Narcissus Blackwood y Larry Eugene Fraser
¤ Heather Kalina Moore y Lucilius Nicholas McIntosh
¤ Bernadette Alexa Moore y Ares Gabriel McLean
¤ Althea Ruby Lexington y Trinity Elizabeth Bland
¤ Camellia Iris Lexington y Damian Anthony Boswell
¤ Taylor Sidney Lexington y Fabian Dominic Bartlett
¤ Elena Vittoria Lexington y Athena Aubree Birch
¤ Oris Edward Goodwin y Ryleigh Nadia Chapman
¤ Archer Emrys Goodwin y Paisley Autumm Pannell
¤ Raphaela Esperalda Goodwin y Ryder Quentin Hamilton
¤ Ike Neron Goodwin y Bailey Stephanie Adams
¤ Lilianna Persephone Blackwood y Jared Fabian Crawford
¤ Albert Christopher Blackwood y Gemma Alyna Gibson
¤ Alfred Stella Blackwood y Nicholas Julian Munro
¤ Rose Mary Blackwood y Sebastian robert Walker
¤ Bernard Alden Blackwood y Katherine Calliope McGregor
¤ Benjen Isaiah Blackwood y Seraphina Harper Docherty
¤ Lewis Beckett Blackwood y Samirah Luna Ross
¤ Vlaire Harley Blackwood y Aurora Isabelle Gordon
Septima Generación
¤ Abigail Elizabeth Gray y Angel Nicholas Romero
¤ Jareth Jefferson Gray y Nimue Manon Valerian
¤ Lucille Hazel Gray y Helena Danica Valerian
¤ Wendy Elora Gray y Diana Amelie Valerian
¤ Jamie Arlan Peters
¤ Star Demetria Peters y Beck
¤ Blue Danae Peters
¤ Caroline Victoria Watson y Elijah Phineas Butler
¤ Sophie Marianna Watson y Seth Dorian Deacon
¤ Garth Theodore Watson y Rosalie Tabitha Willett
¤ Evangeline Tallulah Peters y Malody Colette Ray
¤ Angelo William Peters y Luciana Angelica Rodriguez
¤ Arthur Elijah Riddle y Gwendolyn Stella Huntington
¤ Hank Bernard Riddle y Ralph Franklin Grimaldi
¤ Olive Ocravia Riddle y Mabel Charlotte Clemonte
¤ Ocean Lavender Riddle y Terra Olive Grigg
¤ Terry Wilder Riddle y Violetta Harper Quantum
¤ Alan August Riddle y Barbara Amelie Warner
¤ Ronald Victor Riddle y Micah Cassius Ferrell
¤ Nancy Cosima Riddle y Desmond Julian Norton
¤ Mary Juniper Riddle y Felicity Ottilia Ansol
¤ Cheryl Marina Riddle y Raphale Simon Loomis
¤ Timothy Riven Riddle y Loretta Elise Hopkins
¤ Linda Euphemia Riddle y Edwin Max Oakland
¤ Lucius Ethani Riddle y Daniel Miles Stevens
¤ Malia Portia Weston y Gavin Dylan Wells
¤ Claire Georgina Weston y Bob Stanley Cooper
¤ Julian Alden Weston y Vivienne Rodinka Mustow
¤ Cameron Thaddeus Weston y Percy Monroe Parker
¤ Camille Opal Weston y Leora Winter Joles
¤ Savannah Honoria Weston y Othello Scarlett Pike
¤ Annalie Electra Everleigh y Millicent Rhonda Weir
¤ Seth Edgar Everleigh y Matilda Rosalie Weir
¤ Hermione Isadora Brooks y Marlon Carlton Tenne
¤ Herman Ignatius Brooks y Julius Oliver Cooley
¤ Judith Lavinia Brooks y Hugo Gilbert Jones
¤ Jedidiah Jasper Wolf y Ezra Thomas Miller
¤ Isidor Hadrian Wolf y Gretcher Genevieve Douglas
¤ Ingrid Avery Wolf y Parker Logan McKay
¤ Melanie Ariana Wolf y Matthew Roman Burns
¤ Grace Mackenzie Wolf y Ophelia Lyra Bell
¤ Demetrius Niccolo Levin y Mackenzie Meissa Giles
¤ Castiel Timothy Levin y Roxanne Ivory Sherwood
¤ Giovanni Balthazar Levin y Henrietta Marine Pinford
¤ Felicity Alexa Levin y Claude Victor Isaacs
¤ Serenity Adeline Levin y Gilbert Leonard Pierce
¤ Nellie Elizabeth Ollivander y Grover Zachary Janos
¤ Valerie Lenna Ollivander y Theodore Dustin Rose
¤ Gael Francis Ollivander y Martha Emily Newland
¤ Ella Louisa Palmer y Arthur Jared Sbeen
¤ Philomena Emersyn Gibson y Julian Milo Holland
¤ Michelle Natalie Gibson y Henry Joshua Sandler
¤ Draco Artemas Levin
¤ Evan Alastor Levin
¤ Regulus Leland Shaw
¤ Druella Lilian Shaw
¤ Sarah Makhaila Sullivan
¤ Nora Hope Sullivan
¤ James Luka Sullivan
¤ Katie Violetta Novak
¤ Bartemius Amos Novak
¤ Marietta Jean Novak
¤ Fenrir Viktor Novak
¤ Baghilda Alice Novak
¤ Rolanda Severina Novak
¤ Lee Thomas Novak
¤ Morterius Aries Lestrange
¤ Morticia Ursa Lestrange
¤ Honerva Piper Lestrange
¤ Allura Rhaella Lestrange
¤ Severus Vincent Lestrange
¤ "Mad Thrill"
¤ "Infernal Void"
¤ "Mercenary Shadow"
¤ "Assassin Silver"
¤ "Defiant Spear"
¤ Valtor Christopher Volturi y Ogron Demetrius Kymer
¤ Dimitry Raphael Vanderwood y Jihyun Kim
¤ Aizawa Otsutsuki y Enji Todoroki
¤ Rhaegar Targaryen y Elia Martell
¤ Leslie Aaron Volturi y Ruben Kenneth Victoriano
¤ Evan Nova Casperan y Leigh Taylor Ainsworth
¤ Firkle Jonah McNamara y Ike Harley Broflovski
¤ Brick JoJo y Momoko Atsutsumo
¤ Boomer JoJo y Miyako Gōtokuji
¤ Butch Jojo y Kaoru Matsubara
¤ Levi Alexander Ackerman y Erwin Joseph Smith
¤ Avalon Jason Snape y Josie Terra Marion
¤ Saeyoung Choi y Jumin Han
¤ Saeran Choi y Yoosung Kim
¤ Castiel Vincent Sparda y Nathaniel Jacott
¤ Shaena Targaryen y Benjen Stark
¤ Richard Jhon Grayson
¤ Pitch Kendall Casperan y Jackson Ice Frost
¤ Armin Ariel Casperan y Lysandro Ainsworth
¤ Alexy Matthew Kogane y Kentin O'Connor
¤ Daeron Targaryen y Urrigon Greyjoy
¤ Jason Peter Todd y Roy Xander Harper
¤ Osomatsu Matsuno y Reiji Sakamaki
¤ Karamatsu Matsuno
¤ Choromatsu Matsuno
¤ Ichimatsu Matsuno y Yuma Mukami
¤ Jyuchimatsu Matsuno y Shuu Sakamaki
¤ Todomatsu Matsuno
¤ Gaella Targaryen
¤ Gaelle Targaryen y Nymeria Sand
¤ Aegon Targaryen y Lynesse Hightower
¤ Timothy Jackson Drake y Lucien Draven Bloodmarch
¤ Alesandro Darius Volturi y Marcus Donovan Volturi
¤ Jaehaerys Targaryen y Obara Sand
¤ Viserys Targaryen y Aurane Velaryon
¤ Damian Wayne y Jonathan Kent
¤ Rhaedall Targaryen y Domeric Bolton
¤ Rhaemyra Targaryen y Mya Stone
¤ Riven Thrall y Helia Thrall
¤ Duncan Thrall y Gwen Violet Rusell
¤ Simon Abaader
¤ Scarlett Abaader
¤ Nora Naida Abaader y Alfor Raphael McClain
¤ Geralt Nicolo Casperan y Jaskier Dandelion
¤ Mei Ling Young
¤ Chloe Bourgeois y Kagami Tsuguri
¤ Adrien Matthew Malfoy y Luka Keith Couffaine
¤ Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy y Albus Severus Potter
¤ Devlin Nikolai Snape
¤ Ruby Peregrine Snape
¤ Vladimir Lev Snape
¤ Levi Damien Khemse
¤ Leonora Arabella Khemse
¤ Micah Oliver Khemse
¤ Lavi Dawn Weasley
¤ Ezra Calyx Weasley
¤ Desmond Perseus Weasley
¤ Narcissa Daphne Weasley
¤ George II Norman Weasley
¤ Mikhaila Larissa Weasley
¤ Mihael "Mello" Keehl
¤ Nate "Near" Rivers
¤ Mail "Matt" Jeevas
Octava Generación
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wendydarlingfics · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Title: Gotten Into My Bloodstream Pairing: Daryl Dixon/Avery Hanson Words: 4,861 Summary: Avery and Daryl are both reluctant to admit the names on their wrist mean what they actually do. That they are soulmates.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three
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beatricebf · a year ago
i was tagged to do this by @engulfes ty merle xx
last song: zwart leer - tedje en de flikkers
last movie: the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the rinh
currently watching: de roze revolutie and pose
currently reading: als je maar gelukkig bent (eds. jessica van geel & robbert blokland)
tagging @kustzinnig @koningen @manic and @eksterzang!
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talkfastcal · a year ago
Okay! So I was tagged by Merle @letsbealone-together and Jessica @blue-eyes-tattoos thank you both 🤍🤍
Rules: choose 9 pics from the ones saved on your phone that you think best represent yourself
Okay here we go
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean I’d say this is pretty accurate LMAO
Um the middle picture in the top row is an actual picture I took in my classroom (the shoe is a nice touch)
And then the picture in the bottom row left corner is when Büşra messaged me at 1:30am when I was making cat ears for an art project instead of going to sleep NDNSJSJDJ
As you can tell, I save A LOT of memes (also no personal photos because no❤️)
Okay I’m tagging: @s0livagant @dreamboypeach @calumthoodshands and @h-isforhome (only if you want to!!) 💕
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fossilisedsadness · a year ago
Bootleg List (Trades Only)
Hamilton - Broadway (audio)
January 15, 2020
cast: Krystal Joy Brown, Ryan Vasquez, Jimmi JJ Jeter, Mandy Gonzalez, Nicholas Christopher, James Monroe Iglehart, Wallace Smith, Daniel Yearwood, Elizabeth Judd, and Euan Morton)
master: unknown
notes: matinee show.
Come From Away - Broadway (audio)
February 22, 2020
cast: Julie Rieber, Chad Kimball, Joel Hatch, Paul Whitty, Pearl Sun, Caesar Samayoa, Jim Walton, Sharon Wheatley, Kenita R Miller, Astrid Van Weiren, Petrina Bromley, De’Lon Grant
master: screechout
note: Julie was visibly coughing during the show but still did great
Hamilton - Broadway (audio)
December 8 2016
cast: Jordan Fisher, Javior Muñoz, Lexi Lawson, Brandon Victor Dixon, Mandy Gonzalez, Nicholas Christopher, Seth Stewart, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Rory O’Malley
master: unknown
notes: Jasmine’s last show as Peggy/Maria
Amélie - Broadway (video)
March 29 2017
cast: Phillipa Soo, Savvy Crawford, Adam Chanler-Berat, Tony Sheldon, Manoel Felciano, Alsion Cimmet, Harriett D Foy, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Alyse Alan Louis, Randy Blair, Heath Calvert, Paul Whitty, David Andino.
master: sunsetblvd79
notes: HD bootleg.
Six - Pre Broadway Tour (video)
august 21 2019
cast: Adrianna Hicks, Andrea Macasaet, Abby Mueller, Brittney Mack, Courtney Mack, Anna Uzele
master: redladydeath
notes: preview show. NFT forever removed at master’s request
We Are The Tigers - Off Broadway (video)
March 2019
cast: Lauren Zakrin, Wonu Ogunfowora, Jenny Rose Baker, MiMi Scardulla, Kaitlyn Frank, Cathy Ang, Celeste Rose, Zoe Jensen, Sydney Parra, Louis Griffin.
master: StarCuffedJeans
notes: starts at beginning of “I Just Wanna” and missing parts of “Mattie’s Lament”. full theatre, a few heads but also a lively performance.
Hadestown - Broadway (video)
March 2019
cast: Reeve Carney, Eva Noblezada, Patrick Page, Amber Gray, André De Shields, Jewelle Blackman, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Kay Trinidad, Afra Hines, Ahmad Simmons, John Krause, Kimberly Marable, Timo Hughes.
master: StarCuffedJeans
notes: preview show. picks up after “Road To Hell”.
Hamilton - First National Tour (Angelica Tour) (Audio)
February 21 2020
cast: Edred Utomi, Zoe Jensen, Kameron Richardson, Stephanie Umoh, Paul Oakley Stovall, Bryson Bruce, Chaundre Hall-Broomfield, Deejay Young, Paige Smallwood, Peter Matthew Smith, Will T Travis, Robbie Nicholson, Patrick Garr, Taylor N Daniels, Jennifer Geller
master: BroadwayEmpire
notes: Paige’s peggy/maria debut. few minutes of intermission are recorded.
Hamilton - First National Tour (Angelica Tour) (Audio)
February 12 2020
cast: edred utomi, zoe jensen, stephanie umoh, josh tower, John Devereaux, Bryson Bruce, Chaundre Hall-Broomsfield, John Viktor Corpuz, Olivia Puckett, Cherry Torres, Peter Matthew Smith, Will T Travis, Robbie Nicholson, Patrick Garr.
master: navarrotrades
notes: Cherry steps in for Olivia during act two
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - Broadway (audio)
april 24 2005
cast: celia keenan-bolger, dan fogler, jose llana, sarah saltzberg, jesse tyler ferguson, deborah s craig, lisa howard, derrick baskin, jay reiss
master: unknown
Heathers - Off Broadway (video)
May 25 2014
cast: Barrett Wilbert Weed, Dan Domenech, Charissa Hogeland, Alice Lee, Elle McLemore, Jon Eidson, Evan Todd, Katie Ladner, Michelle Duffy, Anthony Crivello, Daniel Cooney, Michelle Duffy, Anthony Crivello, Dustin Sullivan, AJ Meijer, Matthew Shcatz, Molly Hager, Rachel Flynn, Cait Fairbanks
master: SJ Bernly
notes: first minute is blacked out.
Beetlejuice - Pre Broadway Washington DC Run (audio)
november 17 2018
cast: Alex Brightman, Sophia Anne Caruso, Rob McClure, Kerry Butler, Adam Dannheisser, Leslie Kritzer, Kelvin Moon Loh, Danny Rutigliano, Jill Abramovitz
master: unknown
notes: very different from the bway run and way more inappropriate, that’s all i can say,
Dear Evan Hansen - Broadway (audio)
February 25 2020
cast: Jordan Fisher, Jessica Phillips, Gabrielle Carrubba, Christiane Noll, Ivan Hernandez, Jared Goldsmith, Phoebe Koyabe,
master: released by fillyourlifewithsound, recorded by a nontrader
notes: jordan fisher!evan
Assassins - Encores! (video)
July 14 2017
cast: ethan lipton, clifton duncan, cory michael smith, steven pasquale, victoria clark, erin mackey, steven boyer, danny wolohan, alex brightman, shuler hensley, john ellison conlee, andrew durand, damian baldet, eddie cooper
master: NYCG8R
notes: there’s an about 90 second drop towards the end in a book scene but screen caps have been overlaid over the video so it’s not just a black screen.
Be More Chill - Broadway
August 11 2019 (closing night)
cast: will roland, george salazar, stephanie hsu, jason tam, lauren marcus, kaitlyn carlson, tifanny mann, gerard canonico, jason sweettooth williams.
master: notjustthespongenextdoor
notes: closing night. HD video. includes speeches after show, actors were phenomenal as this was their last show.
& Juliet - West End (audio)
November 18 2019
cast: Miriam-Teak Lee, Cassidy Janson, Oliver Tompsett, Jordan Luke Cage, Tim Mahendran, Arun Blair-Mangat, Melanie La Barrie, David Bedella, Jocasta Almgill, Ivan De Freitas, Kristie Skivington, Antoine Maury-Straughan, Nathan Lorainey-Dineen, Alex Tranter, Rhian Duncan, Grace Mouat, Kieran Lai, Danielle Fiamanya, Dillon-Scott Lewis, Kerri Norville
master: unknown
A Bronx Tale: A Musical - Broadway (video)
May 31 2018
cast: Adam Kaplan, Chazz Palminteri, Hudson Loverro, Richard H Blake, Lucia Giannetta, Christiani Pitts, Gerald Caesar, Gilbert L Bailey II, Joe Barbara, Ted Brunetti
master: NYCG8R
note: link currently not working, will be up to trade once the link is fixed
Six - Broadway (audio)
February 14 2020
cast: Adrianna Hicks, Andrea Macasaet, Abby Mueller, Brittney Mack, Anna Uzele
master: heartofstonetrade
notes: entire original broadway cast. second previews
Waitress - West End (video)
january 2020
cast: desi oakley, marisha wallace, hannah tointon, david hunter, nathaniel morrison, mark willshire, andrew boyer, piers bate, rosemary nkrumah, olivia moore
master: hitmewithyourbethshot
note: desi was an emergency cover and she did fantastic. a few heads at the bottom but they dont cover up the action on stage.
Frozen - First National Tour (audio)
december 26 2019
cast: caroline bowman, berklea going, alyssa kim, stella r cobb, michael haynie, collin baja, mason reeves, austin colby, michael milkanin, tyler jimenez, jeremy morse, naomi rodgers, kyle lamar mitchell, marina kondo, caelan creaser, adrianna rose lyons, CK edwards, daniel switzer, hannah jewel kohn, jessie peltier, kelly methven, michael alsn haggerty, michael everett, natalie wisdom, nika lindsay, ralph meitzler, tatyana lubov, zach trimmer
master: consider-thecoconut
notes: matinee. berklea going’s first anna performance
Fun Home - Victory Gardens, Chicago (video)
September 21 2017
cast: Danni Smith, Hannah Starr, Sage Elliot Harper, Rob Lindley, McKinley Carter, Danielle Davis, Leo Gonzolez, Joe Lino, Preetish Chakraborty
master: Pro-Shot
Waitress - Broadway (audio)
august 25 2019
cast: Alisson Luff, Charity Angél Dawson, Colleen Ballinger, Mark Evans, Todrick Hall, Benny Elledge, Larry Marshall, Ben Thompson, Dayna Jarae Dantzler, Delaney Quinn, Stephanie Torns, Molly Hager, Dan Tracy
master: zomurph99 on instagram
Once On This Island - Broadway Revival (audio)
December 17 2017
cast: hailey kilgore, isaac powell, alex newell, quentin earl darrington, lea salonga, merle dandridge, kenita r miller, phillip boykin, emerson davis, alysha deslorieux
master: Follow The Neon Trades
notes: the ushers were on high alert so the master had to place their phone under the playbill, but it didnt affect the audio much. the couple next to the master talked during applause breaks, but other than that there are no interruptions.
Something Rotten! Broadway (video)
November 12 2016
cast: Rob McClure, Josh Grisetti, Adam Pascal, Leslie Kritzer, Catherine Brunell, Brad Oscar, David Beach
master: SunsetBlvd79
notes: HD video of the final broadway cast. minor washouts.
read the following if you want to trade:
im a new trader, so any tips you have would be appreciated.
i really expect fair trades. i may be a new trader but im not naive either lol
i might add onto this list soon so if you want you can check this out later on to see if i added more stuff!
you can find me in encora with the username fllowercrowns or email me (DM me if you want my email) if you don’t want to trade on tumblr.
if the link isnt working, tell me and i’ll either try to fix it or give you a new bootleg instead depending on the situation.
i would rather you have something on my wish list, but any trade is fine :]
i prefer small trades over big trades, so i would prefer if you dont ask for more than four bootlegs at a time. it overwhelms me a lot 👉👈
my wish list:
ashley de la rosa as regina george in mean girls (broadway)
six with courtney stapleton AND grace mouat (west end)
anything with jordan fisher that i dont already have
krystal joy brown in hair (broadway)
six norwegian bliss
sabrina carpenter as cady heron on mean girls (broadway)
VIDEO of jordan fisher and gabrielle carrubba as evan hansen and zoe murphy (broadway)
ann sanders and andrew feldman as cynthia murphy and evan hansen (broadway)
ciara renee as elsa in frozen
anastasia bootleg
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antlerqueer · 12 months ago
Any FC suggestions for a therapist?? I'd prefer only WOC, and if they're an actress if possible?? Age can be anywhere from 30-45
Also, sorry!! Psychologist anon. I can't remember if I said please, or thanked you. I'm so sorry if I didn't, I am,,,,,, stressed atm. But I hope you're having a good day and enjoying yourself!!!!!
No worries at all! Stress is a huge mood. Anyway - keep in mind when writing this character that oftentimes woc, especially Black women, are written as therapists/caretakers and to be mindful of centering your character's story on her own life experiences, rather than the experiences of those around her. On to suggestions!
Antonia Thomas (1986)
Deepika Padukone (1986)
Jodie Turner Smith (1986)
Monica Raymund (1986)
Jessica Matten (1985)
Karla Souza (1985)
Nathalie Kelley (1985)
Wakeema Hollis (1984)
Angela Sarafyan (1983)
Jamie Chung (1983)
Levy Tran (1983)
Lupita Nyong'o (1983)
Tessa Thompson (1983)
Constance Wu (1982)
Dichen Lachman (1982)
Tiya Sircar (1982)
Yaya DaCosta (1982)
Angelica Ross (1980)
Hannah Simone (1980)
Olivia Munn (1980)
Bianca Lawson (1979)
Daniella Alonso (1978)
Lana Parilla (1977)
Michelle Buteau (1977)
Rashida Jones (1976)
Merle Dandridge (1975)
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justjessame · a year ago
The Deal Chapter 32
When we arrived back at the Sanctuary, I saw where ‘D’ had been. He was riding Daryl’s bike, and I supposed that, like the weapons, was the spoils of war. Or a skirmish, since as far as I could tell, it hadn’t gotten to full war.
I followed Negan without thought. Without fear, without a care or the need to even pretend that I was aware. Every part of me was so used to this, going through the motions, that I could do it without a single aware thought. Once again I was in his room, and seated in front of him.
“Jessi,” he tried the name that my dad must have used to ask for my return. I flinched. It was a name I only heard out of the people closest to me, and he was for all purposes, a stranger. “You don’t like the name?”
I kept my eyes on his. “It’s fine.” I answered, sitting ramrod straight and as still as a stone.
He was still examining me. Looking for what, I truly couldn’t say or care. “Did you want to stay there, with Rick and the hick?”
I felt my brow furrow. What kind of question was that? Was it a trick or a test? In the end, what did my answer matter? I’d made a deal, life for a life, and here I was. “Does it matter?”
He leaned back in his seat and sighed. “Consider me fucking curious.”
I still didn’t get it. Why would he care? What difference could my wants, or my feelings matter? “Where I am doesn’t make one bit of difference to me.” It was true. Here or there. What did it matter to me? Not like I could let myself stay present, or aware. Nowhere was far more tempting than anything my surroundings could offer. Here, at least, I didn’t have to pretend as much, or I didn’t think I did.
“I believe you,” he said, leaning forward and staring at me intently. “But I still wanna know why the fuck you think that?”
His curiosity bothered me. I’d given him my life for Glenn’s. I’d agreed to whatever was coming. I’d assumed death, sure, but I would do whatever he asked of me. Except this. I would not bare my soul to him. Not just because he was a stranger. Not simply because he had monstrous tendencies. Because in the end of it all, I didn’t think I had to share it with anyone, much less him. I was his property. And that was it. Pet or prey, I really didn’t care.
I didn’t answer him. My silence is answer enough. Or it should be. My eyes remain locked on his. And we reached a stalemate.
Time passes, how much I have no clue, but it must. The shadows from the sunlight dappling through the window move subtly. “I can’t help you if you won’t share,” Negan offers, cutting through the quiet.
Why bother? What’s the point of trying to help me? I traded my LIFE and I suppose my body, but the rest? It doesn’t play a part, not really. “Why does it matter?” I finally asked, a tinge of curiosity coming to the surface.
He stared at me, considering obviously how to answer me. “Why didn’t anyone else?” He countered.
I tilted my head and took my time to perform my own inspection of him. He looked far too interested in my opinion. He had, aside from throwing my lack of answer in Alexandria in Dad’s face, treated me with kindness. And even with his not so subtle dig at Dad, it was more about how he’d failed me.
“I suppose,” I finally leaned back in my own seat, feigning a relaxation I didn’t feel. “That no one noticed or thought that I needed help.”
Negan ran his hand down his face. The tell I’d noticed when we were in the RV. I still couldn’t tell what it meant. Frustration? Irritation? Calming himself? His mouth was closed and it looked like he was chewing his words. Tasting them, and deciding which ones to use. Which ones to toss out, which ones made the most sense.
He sighed, long and deep. “Why didn’t they?” And I couldn’t decide if he was asking me, or if he was ruminating on the lack of attention that my people showed me. His eyes were locked on mine, almost trying to draw the answers he wanted so badly to questions he hadn’t asked yet, right from my brain. “Jessi, if I could see it. If I could take a fucking single damn look into your goddamn eyes and see it, then why couldn’t they?”
My mask, I wanted to say. The mask that I wore so carelessly, yet so absolutely covering my every lack of emotion, or overly emotional reaction that I didn’t know how to deal with. Why would they want to slip it off? When every single day we’d survived, another fucking terrible thing showed up. Humans who wanted us dead. The dead who wanted us dead. The fucking very nature of our environment wanted us dead. Why would anyone, much less the people who loved me, want the added burden?
“Why would they want to?” Question for a question. And it was true. If I didn’t want my own fucking burdens, why would I expect someone else to pick them up?
His eyes were looking at me like I’d disappointed him. That somehow that wasn’t good enough. That I should have done better. Yeah, well, get in line, I thought. “People are resources, Jessi. Family, if you’re left with family and loved ones, then they are MORE than just resources.” He was so focused, yet there was something behind his words. Something that I couldn’t quite grasp. “Your dad, your hick, they-” He stopped, and shut his eyes, letting me have a break from his scrutiny. “What was your place in your group? Your purpose with them?”
I was about to say that I took care of my brother and sister, but I wasn’t sure he knew about Judith, and even though I wasn’t available to her bodily, I wouldn’t put her in danger. “I-” I tried to think of the best explanation. “I took care of my brother. I made sure that our people stayed-” what was the way to say it. “I meditated, in the beginning. I made sure that no one blamed themselves for the inevitable losses.” Daryl, I thought, I made sure he knew that it wasn’t his fault. Not when Merle died. Not when he couldn’t bring back Sofia. Not when Zach was lost on his run. I took it from him, the burden.
“And what did they give you in return?” His voice was quiet. He wanted the comparison. My burden versus theirs.
My chin raised in defiance. I wouldn’t make my family sound selfish or neglectful. They weren’t. We lived in a horrible Hell on earth. We all had burdens. “They loved me. They kept me safe.”
Negan’s eyes were slits as he squinted at me, as though he were trying to filter through my scarce answers to find something to latch onto. “Love is a two way street, and safety? Why are you here, instead of anyone else, or better yet, why did anyone have to be here?” He stopped, letting me roll it around in my head. “Your dad didn’t need to start shit with me, Jessi. They didn’t have to attack my people. They had no reason to pick a fight that they weren’t going to win.” He leaned forward again, closer and more intense. “You weren’t in the groups that we gathered, why?”
“I didn’t go on runs.” It was the truth. I hadn’t been on a run since before we settled at the prison. It wasn’t something nefarious. It wasn’t.
“Why?” He asked, always wanting more.
I shrugged. “I didn’t want to go.” And Deanna hadn’t given me the task for a job, and Dad hadn’t asked either, I added in my head.
“Why?” Again.
“Because. I. Didn't. Want. To. Go.” I was getting aggravated with this, why did it matter, damn it?
“Why?” His tone never changed. He didn’t raise his voice.
I sighed, and glanced at the wall. “I didn’t want to go.” I sounded defeated. Even to me. A crack in my mask.
“Did your dad, did your-” he stopped, skipping over Daryl, but including him in his own way. “Did they ever ask why you didn’t want to go?”
No, they hadn’t. They had left. And most of the time without a backward glance or a goodbye. I shook my head. Not willing to speak. Not knowing how my damn voice would sound. And not willing to allow another crack to form.
“When was the last time?” He asked, and I looked back at him. Last time? He saw my confusion. “The last time he touched you, the last time he LOOKED at you?”
He wasn’t talking about Dad. He wanted to know about Daryl. I swallowed and blinked back the burn in my eyes. “I don’t know.” My voice was a breath. But as quiet as his room was it could have been a scream.
Negan leaned back in his seat again. He was breathing slightly harder, as though interrogating me was a workout. “They didn’t see you, HE didn’t see you breaking because it was inconvenient to them.” He bit out and I was shocked at how angry he sounded. Why was he pissed, he barely fucking knew me? “They let you fall completely fucking apart and didn’t fucking see it because they might have to fucking take care of you.” His eyes were flashing like fire. “It was FINE when you built them back up, when you took their fucking guilt for whatever your group went through, but they couldn’t, HE couldn’t fucking take a moment to do the same for you.”
“You don’t know him.” I spit out. Defending Daryl against his accusations.
He glared at me. “I don’t fucking think you do, either.” He returned.
I glared right back at him, feeling more than I’d felt in God knew how long. How fucking dare he? How dare he challenge it, what Daryl and I shared. But how long ago did you share it? A traitorous part of my brain asked. “You know nothing. About me. About him. You don’t know shit.” I was angry. With Negan, with myself.
He raised his eyebrow. “I know that this is the first fucking time you’ve shown ANY fucking emotion since you walked out of that fucking strand of trees. I know that you sleep so you can fucking leave the world behind, so you don’t have to fucking face the realities that fucking surround you and no one is willing to help you through it so you can wake the fuck up and see that you’re barely fucking alive.” He was as irritated as I was. “I can tell you this much, Jessica Grimes. If you were mine, like you were his, and you’d stepped up and offered your fucking life for another person’s, I’d have fucking stopped you. I would have fucking put my own down in your fucking place, because that’s what love is.”
I felt the first tear fall. And then I was sobbing. That first crack in my fucking shell, it had broken the whole damn mask. There I sat, unmasked and broken. As Negan sat before me watching.
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brookstonalmanac · a year ago
Birthdays 4.28
Beer Birthdays
Ernst F. Baruth (1842)
Louis F. Neuweiler (1848)
Tom Ciccateri (1956)
Carl Kins (1956)
Michael Demers (1966)
Abram Goldman-Armstrong (1978)
Five Favorite Birthdays
Ann-Margret; actor, singer (1941)
Kurt Gödel; Austrian mathematician (1906)
Harper Lee; writer (1926)
James Monroe; 5th President of the US (1758)
Terry Pratchett; writer (1948)
Famous Birthdays
Jessica Alba; actor (1981)
Robert Anderson; playwright (1917)
Dick Ayers; author and illustrator (1924)
Hertha Marks Ayrton; Polish-British mathematician and physicist (1854)
Jimmy Barnes; Scottish-Australian singer-songwriter (1956)
Lionel Barrymore; actor (1878)
Bart Bok; astronomer (1906)
Roberto Bolaño; Chilean novelist (1953)
Blake Bortles, American football QB (1992)
Charles Caleb Cotton; English writer (1630)
Carolyn Cassady; author (1923)
Willie Colón; Puerto Rican-American trombonist (1950)
Charles Cotton; English poet and author (1630)
Penelope Cruz; actor (1974)
Paul Guilfoyle; actor (1949)
Marie Harel; French cheesemaker (1761)
Jinky the Fruit Bat; character on David Letterman
Carolyn Jones; actor (1929)
Steve Khan; jazz musician (1947)
Bruno Kirby; actor (1949)
Yves Klein; French painter (1928)
Sylvestre François Lacroix; French mathematician (1765)
Ferruccio Lamborghini; Italian businessman (1916)
Jay Leno; comedian, television talk show host (1950)
José Malhoa; Portuguese painter (1855)
Melanie Martinez; singer (1995)
Mary McDonnell; actor (1952)
James Monroe 5th U.S. President (1758)
Bridget Moynahan; actor (1971)
Nezahualcoyotl; Acolhuan philosopher, warrior, poet and ruler (1402)
Robert Oliveri; actor (1978)
Jan Oort; Dutch astronomer (1900)
Alberto Pirelli; Italian manufacturer (1882)
Ian Rankin; Scottish author (1960)
Nate Richert; actor (1978)
Oskar Schindler; Czech-German businessman (1908)
Karl Barry Sharpless; chemist (1941)
Eugene Merle Shoemaker; geologist and astronomer (1928)
Madge Sinclair; Jamaican-American actress (1938)
Sidney Toler; actor (1874)
Tristan Tzara; Romanian-French poet (1896)
Alice Waters; chef (1944)
Kari Wuhrer; actor (1967)
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uncloseted · 2 years ago
Effy’s style for Soft Classics
Hi everyone!  Sorry this post has been so long overdue.  If you missed the beginning of this series, you can find out what your type is here.  Today we’re focused on soft classics for the anons who have requested it!  This one is interesting because as an adult, I think Kaya Scodelario is actually a soft classic, which is why she no longer suits the same outfits she wore on the show (when she was still a teenager and so had a more elongated, dramatic body type).
When you compare images of her when she was on Skins to images of her now, you can see the difference.
When she was on Skins, she had a very long, narrow, angular look:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But when she wears the same type of outfits now, you can see they don’t suit her as well because she’s become more of an hourglass shape, with very balanced features but a little bit of softness:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So the first thing I want to say is that if you’re still a teenager, your body type might change as you grow, and that’s totally okay and normal.
Soft classics are a balance of softness and angularity, with slightly more softness.  They are very symmetrical, with soft or rounded edges all around.  They tend to have a proportionate bust, waist, and hips, with slightly short and soft arms and legs.  Their facial features tend to be soft and full, with large eyes, soft cheeks, and full lips.
Examples of this type include Carolina Herrera, Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Oxenberg, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed, Emma Thompson, Grace Kelly, Jessica Chastain, Joan Bennett, Joan Fontaine, Laura Linney, Lee Remick ,Marion Cotilliard, Meredith Baxter Birney, Merle Oberon, Meryl Streep, Naomi Watts, Norma Shearer, Olivia de Haviland, and Veronica Lake.  I think that list probably also includes  Megan Markle, Amber Rose, Emily Blunt, Rachel McAdams, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kirsten Dunst, and Leighton Meester.
In general, Soft Classics should look for clean and symmetrical silhouettes with waist emphasis, tapering or cropping around the ankles and wrists, and simple, soft, slightly rounded details.  Clean, unbroken lines, smooth draping, and small gathers look great on this type. But Classic types also have a little bit more leeway in terms of borrowing elements from other looks, since they are so balanced.
Starting with dresses, Soft Classics should look for options that are graceful, flowing, and elegant.  Flared shapes look great on this type, and waist definition is a must.  Ruffles, slightly ornate details, and sparkly fabrics are good things to look for. Soft Classics want to avoid severely tailored dresses, ones that are wide and unconstructed, and ones that are fussy or flouncy. 
A simple black dress like the one Marion Cotillard is wearing here can provide a great base for an edgy outfit.  You can see that she has some slight ruching around the neckline, with a defined waist:
Tumblr media
I also really love a bodycon dress like this one as a base for a Soft Classic outfit:
Tumblr media
For an edgier look, this fit and flare leather dress is flattering on Soft Classic types because it has the flared skirt and defined waist:
Tumblr media
To channel some of Effy’s more glam, series 4 looks, you could try dresses like the ones below.  The sequins on the dress on the left provide some ornate detailing and sparkle, which is super flattering on Soft Classics, while the right has a mesh, which provides some edginess.  For all of these, adding a big leather belt could help to provide more waist definition: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Small details like on this dress are great for a Soft Classic look:
Tumblr media
I also really love this dress for an edgy Soft Classic look, since the defined, ruffled shoulders can read as edgy but without overwhelming a Soft Classic body.
Tumblr media
A lightweight, flowing silk dress like this one (but in black) with a thick leather belt is a super flattering choice for Soft Classics, and can easily be made edgy with the right accessories:
Tumblr media
For sweaters and shirts, look for options that are soft and smooth, short to moderate in lengths.  Lightweight knits, cashmere, angora, and silk are all great fabrics.  Avoid oversized or bulky tops, perky patterns, and thin ribbing.
Like with the dresses, I love a sheer or mesh top for an edgy Soft Classic look. They’re sexy and flattering and totally channel Effy’s series 4 looks:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also love a velvet top option for this type, since it’s soft, smooth, and touchable, but can still be edgy:
Tumblr media
Tops in lightweight fabrics like these are great for Soft Classics- for an “Effier” look, just look for the fabrics in black:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A ruffle neckline is also super flattering, and channels some of Effy’s more feminine looks:
Tumblr media
For pants, look for softly tailored styles in lightweight fabrics.  Soft pleats, tapered legs, and cropped hemlines are great for Soft Classics.  Straight leg pants are your best friend. Man-tailored pants, deep pleats, or oversized/baggy pants aren’t as flattering on this type.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A small plaid can look really edgy on Soft Classics:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course, straight leg jeans are also great on this type:
Tumblr media
For skirts, look for a-lines.  This is great because when Effy wears skirts, typically that’s the cut they have.  Leather is of course a great option, and if you can find one with some pleating, that will look super flattering.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For something super edgy, this kind of skirt would look great on a Soft Classic:
Tumblr media
For hair, Soft Classics should go for looks that are controlled, smooth, and soft, with clean, symmetrical outlines.  Curls and waves are great.  Moderate to long will be the most flattering, with layers framing the face.  The curly look Effy sometimes wears would be great for this type.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
For makeup, opt for minimalistic looks.  Anything too heavy will be overpowering on a Soft Classic’s delicate features.  A soft, smokey eye is great for this type.  Makeup looks should be rounded, accurate, and very blended.  A glossy lip looks great on this type.
Tumblr media
For shoes, look for delicate, tapered shapes and avoid chunky styles.  You might think that these shoes look too delicate or simple for Effy’s look, but on a Soft Classic they’ll look edgier than they would on a more angular type, and heavier shoes might look out of place on you.
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