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railmerosalie · 9 months ago
If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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pixielike · 2 months ago
smeyer: Jessica Stanley is EVIL, she is a two-faced bitch and a pervert!
Jessica, a literal normal average teenage girl:
Tumblr media
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wear-a-shirt-jacob · 3 months ago
Jessica: Hey, Bella-
Bella: Edward used to call me Bella.
Jessica: Because it's your fucking name.
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foreverrunningwithwolves · a year ago
Lmao why is Angela on brand though 😂
Credit to this user they are hilarious 😂
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lenoreamidala · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twilight + Humans
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quillayute · 5 months ago
twilight as text posts for u 🐌
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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breaking-yawn · 8 months ago
bella and edward declaring their undying love over the school lunch table as everyone looks on like 🥶🥶🥶
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twilightofficial · a year ago
Twilight where everything is the same but because it's 2005 Bella looks like this
Tumblr media
And Jessica and Lauren look like this
Tumblr media
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 4 months ago
My favorite part of Twilight is jessica and angela talking about some kid’s dick size the first time we see the cullens through the window.
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rosalielesbianhale · a year ago
Jessica literally called Bella up to ask whether or not she’d mind if she asked Mike to the dance because she didn’t want to create a rivalry between them. She was the first person to invite Bella to have lunch with her. After months of being ignored by her she was still willing to meet up with her to go see a movie that she hated.
But sure Stephenie... she’s a bitch.
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sethclearwatermybeloved · 5 months ago
bella, in the group chat: edward’s trying to talk to me someone call and act like it’s urgent
jessica: i got you
edward: i’m IN this group chat, you guys—
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railmerosalie · 5 months ago
Billy Black when the cullens moved back into Forks.
Tumblr media
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misandriste · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Seriously, like, don’t waste your time.”
TWILIGHT 2008, dir. Catherine Hardwicke
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bellas-empty-head · 21 days ago
I hate how rude Bella is to Jessica. She literally tunes out everything Jessica says, "Jessica won't need a response from me for a while" "Jessica just babbles on"
No wonder Bella thinks Jessica is conceded and rude, it's because Bella's so blind to her own rudeness she doesn't realize Jessica is just offended and avoids Bella because Bella sucks as a friend
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rose-lily-hale · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Incorrect Twilight
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edwardforkingcullen · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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randomwriting-misc · a month ago
Endangered | Chapter Ten
Paul Lahote x OFC
Endangered Masterlist
Summary: Vampires and wolves are not the only supernatural creatures to walk the earth, and they are certainly not the only ones in Forks, Washington when Charlotte Annabeth Swan, "Anna", moves in with her uncle after the unfortunate demise of her parents.
Some may misidentify her as a witch, but that’s fine, she would rather them think that anyway. But the Volturi know the truth, and they are closing in on her.
A/N: We are getting spicy here friends. 18+ warning for the end on this chapter
Warnings include: penetration, fingering, oral (fem receiving), cursing, Paul being a simp
Tumblr media
Charlie made me cry one more time that morning, by ordering pancakes from the diner and bringing them home for me, continuing the tradition I was sure would be forgotten since Bella’s birthday. It was just us at the table, but that was okay, it was always just the two of us nowadays.  
It's now almost 11:30, and I’m in front of my mirror, staring intently over the clothes I had on. I didn’t want to wear my usual jeans and t-shirt, but the corduroy skirt I was wearing hugged my curves in a way I hadn’t exposed in a while. I was more inclined to be bundled up lately, still not acclimating well to the cold. I had tights on, and after debating for a few more minutes, I figure that if I really get cold, Paul’s 108-degree body heat could help. Sliding an oversized beige sweater over my head, I tucked it into the skirt. Satisfied, I adjust Paul’s bracelet, so it wasn’t under the sleeve, I liked being able to see it.
I added a gold pendant on a long chain that belonged to my mother. It was a sun stamped into gold, and the protection magic in it was actually hers. I am pulling on wool boot socks when I hear Paul knocking on the front door.  
I rush to open it, but as I open my bedroom door, Bella walks out into the hallway at the same time, stopping me in my tracks.  
“Hi,” I say as she looks me over quizzically. She nods, about to walk past me to the bathroom when she stops.  
“Where are you going?” She asks, surprising me. I couldn’t remember the last time I heard her actual voice.  
“Oh, uhm... I’m going to my birthday party.”  
She flinches at the mention of birthdays, and I move to head downstairs, not wanting to cause Charlie more strife tonight by reminding her of the last time she saw the Cullens. As I reach the top step, she calls my name.  
“Anna? Happy birthday,” there’s a tinge of regret in her tone, and I force myself to smile and say thank you.  
Charlie has beaten to the door where Paul stands in jeans and a Henley shirt. They are engaged in what seems to be a meaningful conversation, Charlie’s hand on Paul’s shoulder. Charlie is speaking lowly so I can’t hear, and Paul’s face is void of any telling emotion. I clear my throat to announce my presence.  
“Ready?” I ask. They both turn to face me, and I can feel the relief Paul feels from my interruption, followed by another emotion I can’t discern as he looks me over.
“Yeah,” Charlie says, “I hope you have a good time Anna, be safe, be responsible, no peer pressure and all that.”  
“Got it, Uncle Charlie. No intravenous drugs, just the tame stuff,” I say, walking over to Paul in the doorway, putting an arm around him.  
“Haha, very funny,” he says dryly, “Happy Birthday kid, I’ll see you tomorrow?”
Nodding, I grab my bag that was already by the door. I’m not sure how Paul got Charlie to agree to stay overnight with everyone, but I’m sure Emily had something to do with it. I say goodbye as we walk to Paul’s truck.  
“You look gorgeous as always,” he says helping me up into the passenger seat, that same discernible feeling thrumming through my chest.  
“Happy Birthday!” A chorus of voices greets me as I enter Emily’s house, making me shriek back in shock, then laugh. Sam and Jared are in front, with Emily and Kim by their sides, and scattered around the room are some of my friends from school, Mike, Eric, Angela, and Jessica. With Bella isolating herself so much, we had all banded together, bonding over our concern and feelings of abandonment from the other Swan. In her absence, Mike had even turned some of his flirty attention on me, I’m shocked Paul invited him.  
Emily’s house has a gorgeous open concept, with large French doors leading to the backyard, where everything is decorated. Smiling faces crowd me one by one as they take turns giving me hugs. On the table, Emily has laid out an array of food, I can smell something on the grill in the backyard.
I thank everyone and they shortly break off into smaller groups, Sam and Jared go back outside, and to my surprise, Eric and Mike follow. I turn to Paul, wrapping my arms around his neck in a hug.  
“Thank you,” I whisper, “You were right, I would have been sad without celebrating today.”
“Of course, love,” he says lifting me off the ground for a moment. When he puts me down, he tells me he’s going to check in with Emily and Kim, making sure there wasn’t anything else they needed help with, and instructing me to go see my friends, and to not lift a finger.  
Jessica and Angela are giggling on the couch, and they pull me between them when I approach them.
“Anna, you have been gatekeeping,” Angela says.  
“Yeah,” Jessica chimeds in, “At first, I was kinda pissed when you kept blowing us off, but now? If I was surrounded by multiple tall, darks, and handsomes, I wouldn’t be hanging out with us either.”  
I throw my head back in a laugh, “It’s not like that. I love you guys. I just don’t get to see Paul all the time with his schedule.”
“Mhm, sure, do any of them have single friends or brothers?” Jessica asks.
“Not that I know of, but if I meet anyone who fits that description, I’ll let you know,” I wink, sending them into another fit of giggles.  
Paul steps out of the kitchen talking along with Emily and Kim, when his eyes land on mine, he winks, and I know he heard our conversation. Rolling my eyes, I lean back as Emily and Kim join us as he walks outside.  
“Like I said, "Jessica whispers, “I get it. I don’t know what is about you Swan girls seducing the hottest people in town, but I would like some of it.” A small surge of jealously runs through me, but I laugh it off. Excusing myself, I go out to see the boys surrounding the grill.  
“Are you all supervising?” I joke, pushing Jared away to stand next to Sam. Jared playfully shoves me back before letting me into the semi-circle the boys had made.  
“Well, who else is going to make sure Sam doesn’t burn anything?” Jared says sarcastically.  
“Are you doubting his mad skills?” I say, feigning shock. Paul's arms wrap around my shoulders from behind me, kissing my head.
“We would never,” Paul says, a smile evident in his voice. Eric and Mike agree, and I’m happy to see everyone is getting along. Soon, the food is ready, and everyone comes outside as Jared starts a bonfire.  
It’s a perfect afternoon, full of laughter and joy, something I was worried I would lack today. In the middle of Eric recounting a story about how Mike tried and failed, to surf a storm surge on La Push Beach, Paul nudges my shoulder, getting my attention.  
“Come with me,” he whispers. Helping me up, I follow him to the front of the house.  
“Where are we going?” I ask.  
“One of your birthday presents just got here,” Paul says like that would explain everything. Before I could ask what he could mean, Jacob steps out from behind a car, and I freeze. I had missed him so much in the last few months but wasn’t willing to let him continue to act like that towards me.
Looking at Paul skeptically, he nods, and I break out in a smile.  
“Hey Anna,” he says timidly, “Happy Birthday.” I run to hug him, catching him off guard and he grabs onto me, the breath knocked out of him.  
“Hi Jake,” I mumble.  
“I owe you an apology,” he says sincerely, and I pull back from him.  
“Yeah, you do, but later? I’m just happy to have you here as long as you can play nice.” I poke the center of his chest.  
“Scout’s honor,” he says holding up his hand. I smile and grab his hand leading him back to the fire to introduce him to the new faces. Paul follows beside me, and I open a connection to him briefly.  
This means the world to me, thank you so much.
Anything to see you smile, he replies.
Jacob is just in time for Emily to bring out the cake, and I hope that this will show him that there isn’t anything nefarious going on in our group. The rumor that Sam started a gang was absolutely ludicrous.
The “Happy Birthday” song is loud and terribly off-key, but somehow it just makes it better. I laugh so hard I almost can’t blow out my candles, as cheers erupt around me at the table. Paul kisses me on the cheek and leads me away from everyone as Emily passes out pieces to everyone.
“I wanted to give you your present,” he says softly, holding out a small, wrapped box.
Curious, I open it, trying to not rip the paper, which makes him chuckle.
Opening the box, my breath hitches, revealing a necklace. There’s a dainty gold chain, a singular pearl in the middle.
“I wanted to give you a little piece of home to keep with you,” he says showing me the name of the company, located where I grew up.
For the third time that day, a few tears fall down my face.
“Thank you,” I whisper, “This is more than I could ever ask for.” He silences me with a kiss, taking the necklace out of the box. I turn around and lift my hair up so he can secure the clasp, before turning around. My hands find the sides of his face and I pull him in for another kiss, his soft lips against mine, he holds me close. His lips part slightly, deepening it as I run a hand through his hair.
“I love you,” he breathes, breaking the kiss, peppering small pecks across my cheeks and nose. Suddenly, the discernable feeling from before clicks, love. I knew on some level we loved each other, but to hear him say it made my heart soar.
“I love you too,” I admit, giggling as his lips ghost over a ticklish spot on my neck. Picking me up, my legs lock around his waist as he kisses me feverishly, hands steadying my hips. The feeling of love pulsing between us.
I whisper his name as little breathy moans escape me, his lips making their way down my neck.  
“Would you like to stay the night with me? At my place?” he asks, switching to kiss the other side of my neck, I lean my head back in a gasp.
“What about-?”
“He’s gone for the weekend, it’ll be okay.” He reassures.
I nod and he lowers me back to the ground as rowdy noises from the living room are heard.
“Let’s go back before the start wondering where you are.”  
Flustered, we walk back to the group. I sit on the couch, and Paul walks over to help Emily. I pout at the distance, but Jacob sits down next to me.
“Hey Jake,” I smile.
“Hey, how ya holdin’ up?” He puts an arm on the back of the couch behind me, and I lean my head on him, turning to face him. His skin is warm to the touch. I wonder how long it’ll be before Jake is put through the change.
“Surprisingly well, it would have been a lot worse without them,” I say, looking over at my friends. Sam is messing with the frosting, getting some on Emily’s nose as she tries to chase him off, Paul is talking to Eric and Jared, laughing about something I can’t hear. Jessica, Angela, and Mike are talking to Kim, with smiles on their faces.
“You really like being around them?” He asks skeptically.
“Yeah, I love it. They are really amazing Jake,” I say, crossing my arms and lowering my voice, “I don’t know why you seem to hate them so much.”
“They just act like they are in control like the Reservation is theirs and only theirs,” He says, “But hey, whatever makes you happy.” He throws his hand up in defeat. I can tell he’s still not happy about it all, but it’s better than having him hold animosity towards me.
“Paul makes me happy,” I say confidently.
“Well, let me know if he fucks up, I’ll defend your honor before saying anything snarky.”
Laughing, I push him away, and he falls back dramatically.
“Sure, I’ll keep it in mind Jake.”
He laughs, and my heart warms to have Jacob back in my life, even if it might be a tentative process.
As the sun sets, things wind down and people start to leave, saying goodbye to everyone on their way out. I try to help Emily and Sam clean up, but she shoos me away.
“No, we got it. Go, I’m sure Paul wants some time alone with you,” she says with a grin.
“Are you sure?” I ask again.
“Thank you so much for everything today, Em,” I hug her, “it really means a lot. I love you all.”
“We love you too sweet girl, I’m happy we got to help make today special for you,” she squeezes me again.
Paul is leaning against the doorframe, silently waiting as I say goodbye and thank you to Sam. Paul has already gathered the presents, I haven’t opened yet in his truck from everyone at the party, and even Charlie.
The couple waves us off as Paul pulls out of the driveway.
------------------------------- 18+ -----------------------------
The air is thick with tension on the drive over, and the radio playing lightly is the only sound. Paul’s hand is on my thigh, the other on the steering wheel. My thoughts are chaotic, ranging from innocent to lustful. There had always been an unspoken intimacy with Paul, one of us was always touching the other without thinking about it too much.
It’s not like either of us were particularly virginal, but it felt like first kisses, first dates, first anything held more weight with him. I didn’t want anything to be rushed, and we both had been so busy, that sex was something that I was comfortable waiting for until we were both fully present, with no distractions or worries to call us away.
It was at the forefront of my mind now though, every touch of his thumb grazing my thigh felt like electricity through my body. There was a knot in my lower stomach, and warmth between my thighs. I was focused on breathing, trying to not make it so obvious how much he was affecting me.
Paul’s emotions seem to match mine, but there’s a distinct feeling of anxiety that worries me. Pulling up to his house, he gets out and opens my door, just like always, but I stop him before he steps back, pulling him close. My breath stutters as my knees settle on either side of his waist. Something flashes in his eyes before he closes them, taking a deep breath.
“Hey,” I whisper, “Everything okay?”
He nods, forehead leaning against mine.
“What are you thinking about so hard,” I question quietly. It takes a minute, but he finally admits his concerns.
“I love you,” he starts, hands sliding up my thigh, over my skirt, “I want… this, but I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes won’t meet mine with his confession out in the open.
I tilt his head up, making direct eye contact, “You won’t break me,” I say.
“You don’t know that.” His brow furrows, but I hold him steady, caressing his cheeks.
“I do Paul, I trust you implicitly, with every part of me.” Lowering my hand, I guide his to my waist.
“Anna,” he whispers.
“Paul,” I whisper back, moving closer to him, the fabric of my skirt bunching up my thighs.
“You don’t understand how much I want you,” he admits.
“Then show me.”
One arm wraps around my waist, lifting me out of the truck like I weigh nothing, as the other slams the door shut. He carries me into the house, and I’m too focused on him to really notice my surroundings as he pushes my back against a wall.  
“Promise me you will tell me to stop if I hurt you.” He pleads with me.  
I hold his face in my hands, “I promise, but you won’t.”
I roll my hips into him slightly, and he groans at the friction, his head rolling back, giving me access to kiss down his neck. At his moans, I slightly nip at his shoulder as he emits a growl.  
“Anna,” he says breathily.  
“Yes?” I say, continuing to kiss his neck, hands slipping underneath his shirt.  
“You’re killing me,” he moans.
“Tell me to stop.”
I lift his shirt, and he raises his arms, letting me take it off all the way. He catches my lips in a passionate kiss, holding me gently as he moves from the wall to what I assume is his bedroom. I kick off my shoes as he lays me down on a bed. I rest on my forearms, looking up at him.
“God, you’re hot,” I sigh, making him smirk. Kneeling by the edge of the bed, his hands slide underneath my skirt, he pulls off my tights agonizingly slowly, kissing the exposed skin from my thighs down my legs. I swear I can hear my heartbeat.
“And you,” he says, pulling my shirt up, kissing my stomach, “are absolutely perfect.” I lean up to take off my top, and once it’s over my head, he kisses me again, this time more passionate and needy. I wrap my arms around his neck and part my lips, inviting him deeper. I moan into him as his fingertips run up my sides, giving me chills, as he unhooks my bra and I let it fall off my shoulders.
I trace down his chest with my hands, his hardened abs underneath them, down to his waistband. Unbuttoning his shorts, I feel him straining against his boxers as he takes a sharp breath when my hand slips underneath the elastic, wrapping around him.
“Fuck, Anna,” he rasps.
I smile, his reactions forming a tightness in my core. He takes a step back off the bed, letting his pants and boxers fall, and looks at me with hungry eyes. Pulling off my skirt, I can’t help but stare. It really was unfair how attractive he was, and my heart leaps when my eyes trail down to his hips, his impressive length hard against him.
“Oh, fuck me,” I mutter, head falling back on the bed, “You’re unreal.”
He lets out a small laugh and comes back to the bed leaving sweet kisses on my ribs and chest.
“Are you sure?” he asks.
“I’m so sure,” I say, running a hand through his hair.
He grasps my hip tightly, and in response, a gasp rips through me, and he looks up in concern.
“It’s okay,” I say, “I’m not that fragile.”
Nodding, he kisses down the valley between my breasts, thumbs ghosting over my nipples, hardening them as his hands trail down, making me arch my back in a moan.
“Rude,” I whisper as he continues down, nipping at my hips. Spreading my legs slightly apart, I inhale as his finger glides in between my folds, eliciting a moan from both of us.
“You’re so wet me for, baby,” he whispers as one finger enters me slowly, all my words are lost as his tongue laps at my clit, sending a shock through my spine. I bucked my hips against him, and he moans, his voice deep, sending vibrations to my core. He steadies my hips with his other arm, pushing them into the bed.
“Oh, fuck Paul,” I moan, and I feel him smile as his tongue moves in circles, and I continue to struggle to move for more connection. My hands run through his hair, and I’m pleased with myself when he moans when I tug at it.
Pressure builds, and I feel myself tightening around his fingers, holding onto his hair, he’s relentless as the pressure breaks, waves of pleasure rocking through me. I’m breathless as he kisses back up my body.
“I love you,” he says, biting my neck gently. I finally catch my breath, hands running down his back.
“I love you too.”
He kisses me gently, and I can still taste myself on his tongue. I can feel the tip of his cock, rubbing up and down the length of my entrance, and moan.
“Please,” I beg, and a growl slips from him. He nods and moves to retrieve a condom from the bedside table, I take it from him, and he stands upon his knees. I slowly pull the condom over his length, purposefully taking my time as he stares down at me, biting his lip. Then, he lightly pushes me back on the bed.
Slowly, he pushes in, stretching me out with every inch, I arch to pull him closer, bottoming him out in me with a gasp.
“God, Anna,” he groans, “this is unfair.” He holds still for a moment, breathing deeply before moving out and back in one time.
“It should be impossible for you to feel this good,” he says, an arm reaching underneath my back to pull me close to him, skin to skin.
“I think that’s all you baby,” I say, my thighs already trembling around him.
With slow movements, he finds a rhythm, whispering encouragements into my ear as he picks up speed.
“You feel so good.”
“Such a good girl for me.”
“My pretty baby.”
His words strike a chord with me, not only arousing me, but warming my heart, and once again he pushes me to the edge. I can feel how he feels even more now, bliss running through my body and his.
I’m a moaning mess when his hand slips between us, his thumb brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves, unraveling me.
“Paul,” I cry, “I’m – I-” I stutter.
“Fuck baby, me too.” He says, keeping the pressure on my clit, gasping when I tighten around him rolling my hips one last time.
He collapses against me, breathing hard. Gasping as he slowly pulls out of me and laid next to me.
I lay my head against his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat.
He kisses my head, hands lazily running up and down my back.
“Are you okay?” He tentatively asks.
“I’m amazing,” I say pushing his hair back, “You’re amazing.”
He smiles, relieved.
“Have I told you I love you?” He asks and smiles.
“Maybe, but I don’t mind hearing it again.”
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bellas-bad-breath · 5 months ago
Tell me Bella is sexually frustrated without telling me she's sexually frustrated
Tumblr media
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jacobsbadwig · 4 months ago
Thinking about Twilight in the context of a pandemic makes me want to read a version where Jessica Stanley is the main character.
Think about a high strung girl who has so many goals is life and pushing and fighting to achieve them, and is just blindsided by something she could never fathom happening that disrupts her safety and goals.
Imagine Jessica giving in the Valedictorian knowing she’s going to become a vampire, and she doesn’t have a choice.
Jessica getting to go Stanford at one little last desperation to hold on to her humanity and sense of normalcy.
Or worse, she has to give all that up just because she accidentally got involved with vampires, and there was no way out.
Jessica Stanley giving up everything she ever dreamed of to take one for the team and saving her town from all these unknown dangers.
Feeling like your youth and future is being snatched from you is a heartbreaking feeling. You can’t enjoy the perks or getting older, and you can’t enjoy the perks of being young.
Then having to be separated from the community you grew up, and having to reestablish a community in a completely new context.
Jessica Stanley just seems like the perfect character for this idea.
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 5 months ago
Jessica : I dare you-
Angela : Bella is not allowed to accept dares anymore.
Jessica : Why not?
Bella : "I have no regard for my own or others personal safety", as some would say.
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