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I’ve heard a lot of things about “Mass Effect: Andromeda”, both good and bad, but I wanted to give it a fair chance after not touching the game for over a year (for unrelated reasons, been playing other games). Last time I played, I started a romance with Liam, and I’ve been pretty friendly with Jaal, but I received this message from Jaal and now I’m confused and conflicted.

I like Liam, but Jaal fascinates me. I might break it off with Liam and go with Jaal, or start another playthrough where I go with Jaal from the start and stay with Liam in this one. I guess we’ll see.

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How can Peter Parker have a crush on another girl when Zendaya is right there? Unrealistic!

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*random person on the Internet comparing what a fictional character from a video game did to a real life tragedy*

Me: “No, I’m not about that.”

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I just started playing “AC: Valhalla” a few days ago and it’s so much fun. I was talking to my best friend about it.

Me: “I don’t want to betray Sigurd! It shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll just not bone his wife.”

Him: “That will make one of us.”

Me: *jokingly* “You went behind your brother’s back to bone his wife? Shame!”

Him: “I wanted to see what would happen!”

Me: *jokingly* “Or you were driven by lust for the Viking ladies!”

Him: “….Okay, listen.”

Yeah, I was completely kidding, but I guess it rang true.

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The only thing in the main story that changes based on whether you sacrifice the Chargers or the alliance is Iron Bull’s loyalty. That’s it.

People can argue all day long about head canons and war table missions all they want, but nothing changes. And really, you shouldn’t be offended Iron Bull turned on you when you’re the one that told him the Qun was more important than his friends lives.

The alliance literally does nothing to the main story. You can skip recruiting Bull altogether (but why would you, he’s the best) and the main story will be exactly the same, except the tavern will be a little emptier.

If you save the Chargers, Iron Bull is pissed off AT FIRST, but in the end, he’s much happier than he would be under the Qun, because then he still has his friends, and the Inquisitor if he’s romanced or Dorian if he’s not.

People can argue all day, but I don’t trust the Qun and I don’t want to have to kill one of my favorite characters, so I never choose the alliance.

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Do you think half dwarves could be mages? Just something I’m thinking about.

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I just wanted to see what my Lavellan looked like without her vallaslin. I reloaded because I like the vallaslin, despite its awful origins, the Dalish have reclaimed them. Also, I don’t want my Inquisitor constantly reminded of Solas’ heartbreak every time she looks at her reflection.

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Doing the Descent DLC before I do “What Pride Had Wrought”. It’s been many months since I’ve created my Inquisitor and I sometimes forgot how…purple I’ve made her vallaslin and eyeshadow.

Also, I love this armor. It hides how noddley her arms are.

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I’m a twenty-seven year old woman and my mom still writes “from Santa” on some of the gifts.

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If you’re not a bot, then you should read my pinned post where I clearly state I don’t like these kinds of messages.

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Went to mall today to do some shopping. One of the stores offered me a big black bag to hide all of the stuff I got, so ha! My family can’t see what I bought for them!

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I’m not an atheist, but I’m so far from being devout that I think some of my super religious relatives perception of me is the “demon child”.

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