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#jester lavorre
(jester): you’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you stay up late.
(caleb): joke’s on you, i’m gonna hate myself in the morning no matter what.
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Critical Role Main Characters by Age
At the time of their adventures, from youngest to oldest. Plus my speculations for the C3 gang.
FCG- ??? (He could hypothetically only be a year old cuz robot, but we’ve no idea what race/how old Dancer was, when she built him, or how long he was left there deactivated.)
Mollymauk/Kingsley Tealeaf- 2 or younger (technically in his 20s, but I mean… y’know.)
Ashton Greymoore- at least 15, early 20s at most (I SWEAR to GOD I am 100% this boy is secretly a child, mark my words!)
Keyleth- 20 through 24 (BABIEST!)
Imogen Temult- early 20s (everything about her just screams Baby, but not teenager like Ashton 👀)
Percy De Rolo- early to mid 20s (BABY.)
Beauregard Lionett- 23/24 (Great! Explains having the same feral sense of martyrdom Percy has.)
Dorian Storm- mid to late 20s (it’s all about vibes yo, he may have anxiety but he doesn’t come across as Super young to me)
Veth Brenatto- 25 (wasn’t expecting this crazy wine mom to be on the babier side of the scale but in hindsight… yeah XD)
The Vessar Twins- 27 (Comparatively? BABIES)
Jester Lavorre- between 20 & 28 (so she’s either as young as Keyleth, or around the same age the twins were at the end of CR1, huh.)
Taryon Darrington- 29 (aww, he’s a man child! Lmao)
Fjord Stone- early 30s (“I am this much older than you, you think you’ve peaked?!” Asdfghhkl)
Caleb Widogast- 33 (though really, he lost 10 years to an asylum, so it’s more like he’s Beau’s age)
Yasha Nydoorin- mid 30s (as confirmed by Ashley on Talks Machina)
Shaun Gilmore- late 30s (if Essek counts Gilmore counts!)
Pike Trickfoot- 30s to early 40s (which for Gnomes is like being in your early 20s)
Grog Strongjaw- at least 43 (if he was a teenager when Wilhand and Pike adopted him after Kevdak beat him up and left him)
Orym- anywhere between 30 and 60 (no matter what he’s still undeniably a Dad, fairly young Halfling but still old enough to be a bit mellowed and worldly)
Laudna- Early 50s to 60s (prob doesn’t age physically anymore as a Hollow One, was around for the Briarwood Coup)
Scanlan Shorthalt- 70 (I thought he was younger for some reason?? Still old compared to the rest of VM but 70?!)
Bertrand Bell- late 70s early 80s (old fart, totally counts until we get introduced to Travis ACTUAL character)
Caduceus Clay- between 80 and 120 (could understand why he lost count, poor thing, early 20s by Firbolg standards)
Fearne Calloway- 112 (how tf do Satyrs age?? Idk man.)
Essek Thelyss- 121ish (ELF BABY, who made this child a SPY?!)
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monabee-draws · 2 days ago
Comm for the lovely xLoveMx over on Twitter! It's always a treat getting to draw one of your favourite ships🥺🥺 based on a fic they wrote! (Not currently published).
Tumblr media
Check out my comm prices here 🌻
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critical-brainrot · a day ago
you can rip caleb widogast and jester lavorre being queerplatonic partners out of my cold, dead, aroace hands
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maziecrazycloud · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I love her… so so much. Im about halfway through campaign 2 and i just love her more every episode 🍭🍭🍭🍭
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fjoresterthoughts · 17 hours ago
I just realized there is a non-zero percent chance that Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley travel to Emon and meet Gilmore
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florallychaotic · 2 days ago
I'm just saying in context of a Hadestown AU, Jester is Orpheus and Caleb is Eurydice but also Bren is Hades and High Priestess Lavorre is Persephone so that's cool for me to imagine
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c-kiddo · a month ago
Tumblr media
ok i spent too long on this skjnfks ✨
(its a redraw from the cr Variety photoshoot, if yu are wondering)
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vokhaz · a month ago
Tumblr media
unfortunately, chess pieces were never on the "do not feed" list
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suraelis · a month ago
Tumblr media
Corporate needs you to find the differences between these two pictures
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izzymatic-art · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I spat this out faster than I thought I was going to haha.
Thank you again Critical Role and your amazing story telling. 
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