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googleimagefinds · a day ago
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revolvinglover · 2 days ago
My (unhinged) take on the fight scene
Ok it’s time for my beloved fight scene analysis cause I’ve been seeing so much and i want to add my opinion (ew i know)
So, to begin with this cinematic masterpiece: Pat leaves the bar, clearly angry. At what? Ok, to me hes angry that he can’t be with Pran in the same room without chaos erupting, mad that he realized his feelings but there’s always something getting in between them, mad that he can’t even show his feelings of friendship in public, that he doesn’t even know what it is they have going on. So he’s drunk, he got home, he IS trying to sober up waiting for him but then he sees Pran with Wai and gets jealous cause he wants to be there with Pran, he’s the one who’s suposed to be bringing him home and laughing with him.
And what’s worse is he bought the thingy (cream? idk) for Pran, he was expecting to have a nice moment, one of their private moments you could say. And there comes Wai with his stupid face and his stupid green shirt and his stupid bike and stupid Pran is with him, and not with Pat. 
And then we have it. “Come here”. The moment we all died. In my opinion, the come here is his way of pleading Pran to be by his side. It doesn’t seem angry cause it’s not really Pran who he’s angry with. It’s honestly not even Wai. He’s mad at the situation, at his feelings, he wants Pran to just go with him and for them to be alone, to talk. So he asks him to go to him. But of course there’s tension cause Wai is there and there’s only one way Wai would intrerpret the situation. So Pran goes forward to Pat, but stops Wai first. When he first starts going towards Pat it seems like he forgets Wai is even there. However, he fails to see what Pat is asking of him, what he’s thinking (which of course he doesn’t know what he’s thinking, i feel like the same happens with Pat not knowing Prans feelings, they’re both kind of in the dark). So, Pran continues with their little charade, which angries Pat even more, cause that’s the opposite of what he wants. He asked “come here” to his Pran but this other version is coming to him. So Pran acts, Pat responds. 
I want to add here how amazing their facial expressions are in this scene. You can tell what they’re thinking so easily. Hence we can see how Pran is very very aware that they’re being watched, that they’re not alone. And Pat does not give a single fuck. He’s even annoyed that Pran is acknowledging Wai’s existence, cause “why do you care so much? Huh?”.
And here’s another point of discussion. The “lousy song”. I feel like both of them were being petty and were upset with eachother, for different reasons. Pran said what he said because he’s in front of Wai and he also seems mad at Pat for putting them in this mess in the first place. And Pat responds in the same way. He’s putting his walls up, he’s saying opposite of what he thinks. And i think Pran takes it a bit to heart cause he can see it in Pat’s face that something’s wrong, something’s changed.
OH!! “Why would i feel anything?”. His FACE, his body, his tone. He’s MOCKING HIM. Why would i feel anything? Why would i care? Should i care? And that’s also what hits Pran so hard. They’re not talking anymore about the contest. "Why should he care?, of course he doesn't care”.
“Don’t act silly”. Pat realizes, he stops himself, he breathes. He wants to come close to him, lowkey apologizing. But again Pran pushes him away. “Why can’t i be silly? huh?”
“Are you afraid he would find out?”. And then Pat gets so mad, he’s honestly not making sense. “Do you care about him that much?”. And Pat’s so angry and upset and Pran is terrified and confused cause it got too real too fast. And it really feels like Pat is mocking him though. In the way that “why does it matter if he knows?”. He’s, testing him. “What are you so worried about?”. 
Pran’s always pushed Pat away when things got too close and too real but now he can’t, he has no control. And HE’S the one who has to pull Wai away, deal with the consequences of this. Now they’re both angry, Pran’s scared, Pat’s hurt.
And the way that Pran seriously doesn’t know what to say. He looks terrified and Pat looks so out of it. He’s being defied by Pat, whom he hasn’t even discussed anything about their relationship with, and he’s about to be exposed to his best friend. What would Wai think? What is Pran thinking? Why is Pat doing this now?
And Pat sounds kind of desperate when he says “tell him”. He knows he’s asking something he doesn’t have any right to ask. What does he want Pran to say, as well? He’s asking him, in part, to say what they are. To show him he means something to him. To stop hiding. And he´s not even talking to Pran anymore, he’s screaming to Wai, he wants to get a reaction out of him. Pat’s tired but imagine how tired Pran is.
“What is wrong with us? Why do we have to hide? What are we?”
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itslookingback · a day ago
ok actually. how far did tma brainrot affect ur song list on spotify wrapped
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gospel-art-project · 2 days ago
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J O H N 1 4 : 6
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momentsbeforemass · 2 days ago
Advent is a strange season.
If you’re trying to sort it out, don’t look to pop culture for help. Society doesn’t know what to do with it. Even as Christians, we’re not so sure what to do with Advent either.
Is Advent the pre-game show for Christmas? I guess. Kind of.
But that’s not all it is. Advent has its own color for a reason. Advent is also its own thing, its own season.
One of the classic things that churches do for Advent is hold penance services. And a lot of people will pick up extra devotions during Advent. Like daily Mass or the Rosary.
Which can make Advent seem like the second coming of Lent. Most of the same stuff. But without Stations of the Cross or fish on Friday.
But that’s not it. Advent isn’t low-budget version of Lent.
Advent is the season of hope. And of preparation.
Which means there’s a different feel, even for the penance services.
Because in Advent, there’s just no getting away from the anticipation, from that strong undercurrent of joy. Because we know Who’s coming.
Which means that the penances and devotions of Advent don’t feel like sack cloth and ashes and fasting. The penances and devotions of Advent feel more like getting our place ready for company.
It’s more like straightening up and taking the trash out. Because Someone we can’t wait to see is coming over.
Not because we’re trying to make everything perfect. Or pretend that we’ve got it all together. But because we’re so excited that He’s coming.
We want Him to feel welcome. To know that He’s wanted.
And the place that we’re getting ready? Is right here, in our hearts.
One great way to start? With an Advent daily devotional.
You’ll be surprised how much there is to Advent. And how much more Christmas will mean to you. With just a minute or two each day on the way there.
If you’ve never tried an Advent daily devotional, today is the perfect time. Because just about all of them start on December 1.
There are a lot of good ones out there. Two of my favorites – “The Joy of Advent: Daily Reflections from Pope Francis” and Pope Benedict XVI’s “The Blessings of Christmas.”
But whatever you do, take advantage of Advent. Take the moment, in hope, in joyful anticipation, to prepare for the One who can’t wait to be with you this Christmas.  
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Today’s Readings
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jemmo · 10 hours ago
pat: *eats wai’s meatball*
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googleimagefinds · a day ago
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the-righteous-heathen · 2 days ago
My sister burst into my room yesterday and said “if Jesus felt all our sins did he feel all our sexual sins too? Like did he feel the pleasure of a billion handies?”
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When you meet a man or woman who puts Jesus Christ first, knit that one to your soul.
Oswald Chambers
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lizmargaret · 2 days ago
3 Things I've Learned About God's Timing
1. Circumstances don’t need to be perfect for God’s timing to be perfect
2. There is a time for everything, and this current time has a specific purpose
3. Instead of stressing about the “perfect time,” let God establish His perfect timing
Read more here.
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venverted · 7 hours ago
I'm done being nice about it. If you're a proshipper you ARE a pedophile and you deserve to rot
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love-grace-mercy · 17 hours ago
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For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. Galatians 3:26
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10
If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:1-3
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