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#jesus christ all in one day slow down guys
lesbinewren · 6 months ago
don’t let anyone on this website call you cringe they literally have a tumblr account
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childeaether · 7 months ago
cw: 18+ only, zhongli/f!reader, professor/student relationships, camgirl au, dragon dildo fuckery
wc: 2.2k
zhongli sighed as he shrugged off his jacket and loosened his tie with his free hand. he was exhausted. today’s lecture had been a long one, and his class was definitely going to need a curve on this upcoming test grade. he’d tried to help them understand the topic. he’d tried assigning a lighter workload. none of it worked. it was like teaching to a brick wall.
he needed to decompress.
he grabbed his laptop and sat on the couch. there was already a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion on the end table. he’d anticipated this. it had become an obsession recently.
he opened his laptop and typed the url into the search bar.
he knew this website well. it had started satiating his cravings at 9 pm every day for the last month. he almost wished he’d never found it.
glazedlily is now live!
right on time.
he quickly clicked on the profile and joined the livestream. and there you were, all dolled up, wearing only your bra and panties. it was a beautiful, light pink lingerie set. you looked stunning. there you were.
his star student.
“welcome to the live, guys!” you said with a smile. he felt a weight lift from his shoulders. he unzipped his dress pants.
“how are we today?”
phoenixrising: good how are you
knightk: horny
rockyalchemist: doing better now
zhongli rolled his eyes as he scrolled through the comments. he hated being associated with these losers. hated that you might see him the way you see them.
lapisrex: been a long day, baby. how are you?
he swore he saw your eyes light up. which made sense. he knew how expensive college was; he was a generous tipper.
“i’m doing okay, lapis! sorry you had a long day. hopefully, tomorrow will be better!” you said. his breath caught in his throat.
knightk tipped $5!
you rolled your eyes. “c’mon, k, i haven’t even done anything yet!” you giggled. you didn’t need to do anything. you could sit there and stare at the camera; you would still get tips. even from zhongli.
but you were a hard worker. he knew that. you were top of his class, for god’s sake.
“so, what are we thinking tonight?”
phoenixrising: do you know how to do self-bondage?
knightk: i need that bra off asap
zhongli already had plans for the night, though.
lapisrex: i know it’s last minute, but are your private sessions open?
he watched you pause as you read the comment, your eyebrows furrowing. fuck. he definitely should’ve asked in advanced.
“hmm.. normally i’d say no, but you are one of my favorites, lapis. how much?”
his heart was beating so fast, he thought it might beat out of his chest.
lapisrex: $1,000. i’m willing to go up.
your jaw dropped in surprise. “well, shit, i can’t say no to that.”
he knew you couldn’t. your next school payment was coming up in a week.
knightk: does that mean ur ending the live??
“sorry, but yeah. love you guys! always! but i could use that money. so, unless you guys can do better...”
knightk: $1,010
rockyalchemist: $1,500
zhongli rolled his eyes. as if he could be outbid by these randos.
lapisrex: $2,000
he watched as your eyes widened. just like a deer, frozen by approaching headlights.
“okay, that’s enough!” you said. “lapis, the private session is all yours. sorry, you guys! i’ll see you for the next one!”
before anyone else could comment, you ended the live. a bright red notification flashed on his screen as he received your message.
glazedlily has invited you to video chat!
he joined almost immediately, only pausing to make sure his webcam and microphone were both disabled. he couldn’t risk you finding out. it would ruin you both.
“hey, lapis!” you said happily, clasping your hands together. “it’s our first private session! are you excited?”
he was practically levitating.
lapisrex: very.
you grinned as you read the message. “alright, well, what are you feeling tonight?”
he was feeling many things. guilt, arousal, infatuation-
lapisrex: can i see what kind of dildos you have?
“of course! give me just a sec.” you stood and walked off camera. he heard shifting for a moment, and then you returned with a box about the size of your lap.
“okay, so we’ve got a few,” you said as you shifted through the toys, “what size were you thinking?”
lapisrex: the biggest you have
you giggled, and your smile lit up his laptop screen. “well, aren’t you confident?” you teased.
he was.
“the biggest one i have... it’s a little unconventional,” you said sheepishly, a blush dusting your cheeks.
you reached into the box and pulled out a big, thick, oddly shaped dildo. it had an orange tip that faded into yellow, and then into a dark brown at the base. but it didn’t look... normal.
it was a dragon dildo.
“this big guy hardly ever gets any action. his name is orochi,” you said. “it really came with that name. i don’t name my toys.” your laughter made his chest tighten.
and god, your hands were so tiny compared to it. they could barely cover the base. he felt his hand travel to his dick.
“i know it’s kind of fetish-y, though, so if you don’t like it we can try something else.”
and normally, he’d say, no - let’s try something else. don’t fuck yourself with that dragon dildo.
but everything you made him feel surprised him, every time. you looked so beautiful. he’d fantasized countless times about you looking up at him like you were at the camera now, your eyes sparkling, one of your bra straps falling off your shoulder. a dick in your hand. he wanted to pull those lace panties to the side and fuck you senseless.
he wanted to watch you fuck yourself with a dragon dildo.
lapisrex: no, i like it.
the smirk you gave to the camera made his dick twitch.
“wow,” you said, amused. “i didn’t think you’d be so kinky, lapis. you’re always so tame during my lives.”
you made him feel anything but tame. you made him succumb to the most carnal, primal feelings he’d ever known.
“alright, before i lube this fucking monster up, any other requests?”
just one.
lapisrex: can you call me professor?
lapisrex: if you’re comfortable, of course.
you raised your eyebrows. “damn, you are kinkier than i thought, lapis,” you said. “oh, my bad. you’re kinkier than i thought, professor.”
something in him snapped in half. jesus fucking christ. he had dreamed of this. of you on your knees, looking up at him with those big, beautiful eyes. whispering his title. dreamt of whispering back a simple, soft-
lapisrex: good girl.
-before, ideally, fucking your throat.
you reached off camera to grab a small bottle of lube. he watched as you poured some directly on the toy, and then spread it with your hands. he’d never been so jealous of a dildo in his life.
after you’d deemed the dildo lubed enough, you poured a bit on your fingers. you looked shyly into the camera. “just wanna make sure i’m fully prepped,” you said, and reached down to take off your panties-
he’d dreamt of this, too. of laying you on your back against his desk, reaching up your skirt, pulling your panties to the side. taking his sweet time with you. gently, slowly scissoring his fingers in and out of you, watching your face contort as you refused to look at him. you really could be so shy sometimes.
“okay,” you said finally, positioning yourself above the dildo. he took his cock into his right hand. “here goes nothing.”
he had to stifle the groan that left his throat just watching you sink slowly onto the tip. you bit your lip as you winced, pausing to adjust to the stretch. “sorry,” you panted, “it’s… really big.”
fuck. did you have any idea how fucking sexy you sounded?
lapisrex: don’t apologize, baby. take your time.
you shot the camera an appreciative grin. his heart squeezed.
slowly but surely, you sank yourself all the way down to the base. even with the generous amount of lube, he was impressed. you were a determined girl. it made him want to split you open himself.
“fuck, professor,” you gasped, “i feel so… full.”
he couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting into his hand. you really had no idea what you did to him.
you leaned back onto your elbows, giving him the perfect view of your pussy, stretched around the base. god, you were so fucking beautiful. “i think i’m ready to start now,” you said. your face was flushed, your eyes already starting to glaze over. he’d seen you like this before, during your lives- but this was so much better. seeing you like this for him was so much better.
you were looking into the camera with those same puppy dog eyes you gave him in class. the same ones that sparkled when he called on you during a lecture. the same ones that looked at him with such adoration as he explained concepts to the class.
you slowly pulled the dildo out by the base before cautiously working it back in. you cringed ever so slightly. he wanted to be there with you. he wanted to stroke your hair and whisper sweet nothings into your ear as you adjusted to the feeling.
lapisrex: you’re doing so good, baby. take it slow if you need to.
you whimpered as you continued your gentle thrusts. “thank you, professor,” you said softly. there it was again. that dazed, sinful look in your eye. he knew you liked to be praised long before he found your profile. you always flushed when he complimented your work.
your mouth fell open into a silent moan as you gradually sped up your thrusts. “oh, god, it’s so big,” you groaned, “it feels so fucking good.” you threw your head back as you brought your free hand to your clit, rubbing soothing circles while you increased your speed.
zhongli was fully fucking his hand now, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. you were addicting. with a particularly hard thrust, your back arched, showing off your fucking perfect tits. his mouth was practically watering.
“shit, i’m- i’m close, professor,” you gasped, followed by a whine as you circled your clit faster. his cock ached.
lapisrex: not yet.
you let out a desperate sound, still fucking yourself at the same speed. “please, i can’t- i can’t hold on for much longer,” you cried. “it’s so… intense.” you took your hand away from your clit and brought it to tease one of your nipples.
he wished he could break you down like this every night. you were always so calm, so composed. and so damn smart. it had to be exhausting. he wanted to relieve you of all that stress. to turn you into his pliant, brainless slut- even for just an hour.
“professor, please,” you begged, sending a pulse through his cock. he was getting close, too. he’d been stroking his cock so long his arm was starting to hurt. “please, professor, i can’t-”
lapisrex: why should i let you cum?
lapisrex: do you deserve it?
a pathetic whimper escaped you. “yes, yes, i- i’ve been good professor,” you nearly sobbed. just hearing the desperation in your voice was almost enough to send him over the edge. you were right. you had been so, so good for him.
lapisrex: hmmm.
lapisrex: okay, baby. you’ve been good. you can cum.
you threw your head back and sighed in relief. you returned your hand to your clit and thrust the dildo harshly in and out of you. finally, your toes curled; your back arched. “ohh, fuck,” you groaned loudly, “thank you, professor- thank you, thank you.” you were babbling now, riding out your orgasm as your cunt clenched around the dragon dick. zhongli’s vision blurred as he roughly stroked himself over the edge. he didn’t even bother to muffle the gravelly moan that ripped from his throat.
when he opened his eyes, there was cum all over his hand, and some on his laptop screen. you were on your back, still lazily circling your fingertips over your clit. your legs were shaking.
you looked angelic. he longed to reach out and pull you close, to kiss the top of your head. his heart ached in his chest. he knew what he was doing was wrong. but he couldn’t help himself. you were enchanting, and he was only a man. only another fool in love.
you sat up. “wow,” you breathed, “that was… fucking incredible.” you giggled, clearly fucked out. “thank you, professor. i mean- i guess, lapis, now.”
you carefully dragged the dildo out of you, wincing slightly. “i... i really needed that,” you laughed. “i hope you got your money’s worth, too.”
you were worth the earth, the moon, the stars.
lapisrex: absolutely. you were so good for me.
lapisrex: thank you, baby. i hope we can do this again soon.
the smile on your face was genuine, just like the ones you flashed him during lecture that day. a warmth bloomed in his chest. “of course, lapis! you’re one of my favorites, remember?”
he wanted to be the only one.
“okay, professor, time’s up. i’ll see you again soon.” you smiled one last time into the webcam and then you were gone.
he sighed, leaning back on his couch.
how was he going to look you in the eye on monday.
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babycap · a month ago
hi dev ily and am here to send you a writing idea consisting of bucky experiencing his first meet cute, except instead of cute it's embarassing? if that makes sense?
Slam Dunk, Stupid ✗
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: You’ve heard of the ‘meet cute’… but have you heard of the ‘meet stupid?’ “The scene seems to play out in double speed and in slow motion all at once. The ball that he’d thrown—stupidly, idiotically—with near super soldier strength had collided squarely in the forehead of an unsuspecting bystander. An orange bullet between the eyes.”
warning(s): Bucky’s POV, lots of cursing (Bucky has a foul mouth!!!), Bucky is an angry dude (but what’s new), probably inaccurate depiction of someone playing basketball, someone gets hit in the head with a basketball but it’s not that traumatic dudes (it’s just dumb!)
author’s note: this actually happened to me (being hit in the face by a hot guy’s basketball, not me being the hot person to throw a basketball) in high school. it did not end as well as this fic, and I can still feel the sting of the ball colliding with my nose to this very day. stay safe, my non-athletic friends. it’s brutal out here!
word count: 1.4k
( masterlist // ko-fi // library )
Tumblr media
It was hot.
Miserably hot.
There was so much fucking sweat on his forehead that it dripped down into his eyes, the salt stinging them and blurring his vision.
It was hot, and his eyes were burning, and his boxers were so soaked through that they were clinging to his ass. Bucky was thoroughly miserable.
Sam, on the other hand, seemed to be immune to the sweltering Louisiana heat. Brown skin covered in nothing more than what looked to be a healthy glow, Sam actually seemed to be thriving on the court beneath the hellfire sun. And if the fact that Bucky was so sweaty his clothes felt like a soggy second skin and Sam was hardly breaking a sweat wasn’t enough to send him over the edge, the way he was currently losing gloriously to Sam in their one-on-one basketball game was plenty to drive him there.
“Gotta be,” he pants, “fuckin’ kidding me.”
“No jokes,” Sam laughs, the sound uninterrupted by any labored breathing. “Just me straight whooping your ass.”
“Relax,” Bucky sidesteps him, dribbling the ball. “Eight points up. Wouldn’t call that whooping my ass.”
Grabbing the ball mid-dribble, Sam shoots and scores yet again before Bucky can even blink. “Eleven points up,” he corrects. “Think I’m whooping your ass yet?”
And maybe if the sun wasn’t lighting his skin aflame and the sweat in his eyes wasn’t practically blinding him and he wasn’t so goddamn miserable, Bucky would have clenched his fists and worked on his breathing. Used some of those exercises the doc had taught him for when he saw and wanted red.
But fuck it, he was miserable, and the sweat was blinding him, and the sun was broiling him alive.
It happens so fast that he isn’t sure how Sam has time to react.
Bucky scoops up the ball and chucks it in the direction of Sam’s head, no words but an angry yell leaving his lips. He throws hard and fast. For a split-second of non-red neural activity, he wonders why he hadn’t considered retiring from world-saving and seeing if there’s a spot for him on the mound at Yankee Stadium. Pay would be better, and his teammates wouldn’t be so goddamn infuriating as Samuel fuckin’ Wilson—
“Dude, calm your ass down—”
Sam ducks just in time, the ball an orange blur as it whizzes past his head and towards the bench at the edge of the court. The occupied bench at the edge of the court.
The scene seems to play out in double speed and in slow motion all at once. The ball that he’d thrown—stupidly, idiotically—with near super soldier strength had collided squarely in the forehead of an unsuspecting bystander. An orange bullet between the eyes.
She’s lying flat on her back, hand rubbing at the angry red bump already forming on her face, by the time he makes it to the bench.
“Are you–are you alright?”
Jesus fuckin’ Christ, of course she’s not alright.
But to Bucky’s immediate relief, she nods anyway. “You hit me in the fucking face.”
“I, uh,” he fumbles, feeling the shame that rises up in him when her eyes flutter open and he’s able to take in the totality of her features. Even a basketball to the face wasn’t able to obscure a face that pretty. “Yeah, I did.”
“Fuck, man,” Sam pants—of course, now he’s panting—once he’s finally caught up to the scene. “Help her up.”
They each offer her an arm, pulling her up on wobbly feet and helping her settle back down on the bench. She’s blinking back tears—from shock or from pain, or both. It makes his stomach curdle. He looks away.
Bucky notices a book, likely the one she’d been reading before being nailed in the face, strewn across the mulch. It’s dog-eared. He hopes that, at the very least, she was able to save the page she’d left off on.
“You need a doctor? Hospital or, uh, something?”
She seems a bit dazed, but otherwise alright. Or alright enough to level him with a look of annoyance.
“An ice pack would be nice.”
Bucky nods, but his feet don’t move in the direction of the gym. Odd. They’d never not marched towards action.
Sam gives him a quizzical look before offering, “I’ll grab some ice. Maybe some water, too. Least I can do, considering that ball was meant for me.”
He casts an almost glowering look over his shoulder as he retreats into the building. Bucky kicks at the mulch and avoids the pair of eyes that watch him from the bench.
“You’ve got anger problems,” she observes almost nonchalantly.
A wood chip flies upon contact with the toe of his sneaker. “Hmph. What makes you say that?”
“The throbbing, basketball-sized welt on my forehead.”
He meets her face then. The tears are now ghosts that haunt him in the form of red eyes.
“I’m sorry,” he says sincerely. “About your face.” It’s a nice face, he almost catches himself saying.
She sighs, rubbing at the tender spot in the center of her forehead again. Bucky’s surprised when, after a moment, she begins laughing. Full belly, body shaking laughter.
Fuckin’ Christ. He’s scrambled her brains.
“You sure you don’t wanna see a doctor—?”
“I’m fine,” she says, breathlessly, between fits of laughter. “It’s just that I—I had this date tonight.”
“I had this date, and now my face looks like this,” she gestures to the rapidly forming lump a few spaces about her brows, laughter still interrupting her. “Blind date. Imagine, you’re sitting at the bar, and this,” she gestures again, “walks in.”
He shrugs, careful to tamper down the desire to draw his lips up into a smile. “Sounds like a good ice breaker to me.”
There’s a flash of surprise across her features, and then it’s gone.
“You wouldn’t run the other way?”
Bucky kicks at the ground again, chewing at his lip, before picking up the discarded book. “I mean,” he holds it up, settling down awkwardly next to her on the bench, “I might now, knowing you dog-ear your books.”
She rolls her eyes. He can’t miss the twitching of her lips into something of a playful, if not reluctant, smile.
“Oh, that’s a deal breaker for you?”
“Shouldn’t dog-ear the pages. Ruins the book.”
“Ruins the book? That’s so dramatic.”
“Not dramatic. The truth. The paper gets weak, worn. It’ll rip right off.”
“I’ve never had a dog-eared corner rip off.”
“Just wait.”
A pause.
“You’re arguing about this… with a stranger?”
“Bucky,” he offers suddenly, extending his hand.
The metal glints beneath the sun. “I’m Bucky.”
She nods slowly for a moment before reaching out and shaking his hand. He doesn’t recoil from the touch, and when she pulls away, he finds that his palm feels almost impossibly cold despite the heat.
“Nice to have a name to the face of the guy who concussed me.”
Bucky’s about to ask for her name when Sam’s footsteps echo across the court.
“Got an ice cold water bottle and an ice cold ice pack.”
He passes a look between the two benchwarmers as she takes the offerings gratefully. An eyebrow lifts when she rises to her feet, Bucky following suit to place a steadying hand at her elbow, and she begins to dig around in her canvas bag.
“Sure we can’t take you to a hospital?”
She nods. “Got a friend waiting for me at Hopper’s,” she explains, nodding towards the direction of the bookstore Bucky knows to be just a few blocks away. “But I tell you what.” She opens to the dedication page of her novel, scribbling neatly onto the page. “Call me. I’ll forward you my medical bills.”
A soft smile paints her lips—and again, Bucky finds himself in awe that anyone could be so lovely with a goose egg in the center of their face—as she places the book into his hands.
He flips open the cover, finding her name printed in neat, black ink on the page.
“Will do.”
After thanking Sam for the water and ice pack, she glances over Bucky one last time before disappearing behind the chain-link fence into the town.
He kicks up a wood chip.
“Only you could manage to nearly knock a girl unconscious and get her number afterwards,” Sam teases, bench creaking with the weight of him settling down. “Lady killer.”
Bucky grins—a toothy sort of grin—for the first time all day.
“You got shit aim.”
Later, over a round of beers, Sam would tease him again. Bucky would roll his eyes and fail horribly at trying to suppress a smile.
“We gotta celebrate,” Sam would joke. “Misery found company today.”
Tumblr media
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scare-crowed · 5 months ago
Wingman : wilbur soot hcs
pairings: wilbur soot x tommy’s sister!reader, tommyinnit x older sister!reader
request: Please. I live for Wilbur x Tommy's sister! Reader. I need it to live. Reader is very supportive of her brother's career and dreams, and does everything she needs to help. Basically, when he wanted to start streaming, but wasn't sure, she started streaming and making videos, learning to do editing and so on behind his back, to gain the experience to help him out. It turned out well, because she discovered that streaming is the thing she loves to do and she learnt how to help her brother with editing, setting up, finding a theme, etc. Because of that, she met his friends, and formed crush on Wilbur, but didn't want to confess, since it's her brother's friend. However, the tension and flirting (especially both of those idiots being soft for eachother) got on Tommy's nerves, and he basically confesses for both of them on stream. And some fluff at the end please :DD
genre: fluff
warnings: cursing
summary: how would wilbur react to having a crush on tommyinnit’s sister?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: i hope you don’t mind it being a headcannon. you didn’t specify which one you would like and my brain just kinda died while trying to write this :/ i’m sorry :(
it’s safe to say you and tommy have always had a very close-knit relationship. besides being his older sister, of course, tommy really does cherish the understanding and connection you two share. you’re basically his best friend, his mentor, his go-to, his absolute favorite person on the face of this earth.
he also loves that you care for him just as much as he does for you. you’ve gone great lengths just to see the chaotic teen smile. you can and will do anything in your power to keep that boy happy.
so, when he came to you with the idea of live streaming, you jumped right on board, ready to help tommy in anyway possible, going even as far as making your own twitch account to teach yourself the technology behind it.
it started off slow, both your and tommy’s accounts gaining a following, all while you secretly taught yourself how to edit videos, clips, and find your own twist to your content.
you couldn’t possible count the amount of nights where you replaced sleep with experimenting with your video editing software. you basically learned everything from scratch, playing with different tools and buttons and facing the consequences when something goes wrong.
it was a very hard and tedious process, but, after a while and a bunch of goofing around, you managed to get the hang of it.
you introduced tommy into the world of editing and helped him find his own special touch. you guided him through all his troubles dealing with any of his projects, putting in your own input and being 100% truthful on your opinions and ideas.
you would tell him what you found flawed or strange and he really does value your insight. he always takes your points into consideration to see how to make his content more appealing to his ever growing audience.
he does the same for you as well, praising the parts he found interesting and commenting on the others he found out of place.
you two basically worked hand in hand, always trying to find ways to help better the other’s videos and streams. your fans also loved how you two got along, the sibling energy you two excrete humoring the audience with your playful bickering and teasing.
it was obvious to so many people how close you and your brother truly are. you two care for each other beyond belief and the viewers as suckers for that.
as your two channels grew, you met so many amazing and funny people along the way, often chatting with people such as dream, technoblade, and, even tommy’s role model, wilbur.
you never really conversed with wilbur before, only sharing a few words back and forth in the background of one of tommy’s lives. it wasn’t until the first tommy and wilbur meetup that wilbur began seeing you in a different light.
he knew you and tommy had a special bond, but seeing how connected you two were as siblings in real life left him in complete awe. he noticed how anytime tommy got excited, the blonde immediately turned to you with bright eyes, or how you snuck little bits of your own food onto his plate without him knowing.
all of it just lit wilbur’s heart ablaze with a newfound adoration, seeing how protective and caring you are towards your brother.
slowly, wilbur began to wiggle himself into your life. starting off with having more lengthy conversations and check ins, and watching it turn into featuring in each other’s streams and inside jokes.
the more wilbur learned about you, the more infatuated he became, his small crush turning into something much more. it became an everyday routine for you to chat with him, having not messaging him a very rare occurrence.
you began falling for the giant as well, watching from afar as he practically became tommy’s self-proclaimed older brother. it made you warm to watch how good he was with the teen, seeing how their friendship grew since the start of tommy’s twitch career.
you could say tommy really was the main connection between you and wilbur. he was, in fact, the entire reason you met the brunette in the first place. he really did help fuel your and wilbur’s relationship.
tommy seen how close the two of you were becoming, noticing how much time you spend together and how often each of you spoke the other’s name.
now, he wouldn’t openly admit it, but he really does wish for time to speed up and have the two of you be finally together. the thought of the two most influential people in his life being in a relationship always made him snicker.
like i said, he would never say it, but he really does find your and wilbur’s pinning quite adorable, clearly hearing how interested wilbur is when you were brought up or how smiley you get when you hear his name. it was obvious, not only to him, but to everyone.
all your and wilbur’s fans are just waiting at this point, making bets on who would confess first. it humors the audience as just how oblivious the two of you actually are. the longing glances, the soft voices, the subtle flirting, it was going to happen eventually.
but who knew that tommy would be the one to take it in his own hands?
although he does find your crushes quite cute, he is getting tired of how much you two gush over the other. he was going to do something about it.
it would probably happen at another real life meet up. you, tommy, wilbur, and george all deciding to hang out for the day in the middle of london to film for one of tommy’s new vlogs.
right off the bat, tommy and george could sense the mutual longing the two of you share, the duo sharing looks at the light twitching of wilbur’s fingers, silently yearning to hold your own.
they tried to blur out the heartfelt compliments you and wilbur exchanged. little ones like “you look really pretty today” and “i like your laugh, it’s cute.”
there were some light skin contact too, the brushing of hands, gentle shoulder bumps, and maybe even little tucks of stray hair, each one sent both your hearts buzzing and cheeks pink.
there was also some subconscious things wilbur found himself doing, like being the one walking along the side of the road next to you, holding a door open, and tying your loose shoelace even though you bent down to do it. he would sweep in with these little acts of pining that he wouldn’t even notice.
tommy and george sure did though. the entire day just consisted of your and wilbur’s flirting, which, by now, the two are slowly getting sick of. like, it’s cute and all, but my god just get together already for christ sake.
you could remember the moment clearly when tommy just fucking blurred it out. the four of you were chilling at a park, you guys sitting on the grass and talking amongst yourselves. you and wilbur were quite close, knees touching and you chuckled at a stupid joke george said.
it was pretty cold that day, forcing everyone to bring a jacket with them, but it seemed as if your thin hoodie didn’t have the power to fight off a particular gust of icy wind. you shivered slightly, face red from the chilly breeze before you felt a new pressure on your shoulders.
you turned to see what was happening and noticed a jacket-less wilbur placing the coat around you. you couldn’t help the smile growing on your face when you met his dark hues.
“wouldn’t you need it? it’s pretty cold out today.” you asked as wilbur went back to his original position of leaning back on his hands.
“i’ll be fine, darling. you need it more than i do. i prefer for you to be warm with my jacket than be cold without it.” he sent you a shy grin.
“oh for the love of god, just kiss each other already!” tommy blurted, causing nearly everyone in the park to turn to your little group.
“tommy! god.” george scolded, trying to fight back the fit of giggles trying to escape. you and wilbur looked horrified, necks and faces burnt red from the youngest’s words.
“well, i’m just saying what everyone’s thinking! you two have had a crush on each other for the longest time and it’s tiring to see the googly eyes you share when you talk. just take her out on a date wilbur, jesus!” tommy explained, his hands waving around in disbelief.
you and wilbur turned to catch each other’s eyes, brows raised from this information, blinking in surprise.
“you have a crush on me?” “you like me?” those two sentences clashed together in a jumble of random syllables.
“hold on, let’s do it one at a time. you like me?” wilbur questioned, pupils bouncing along your own shocked features. you mouth open and closed in bewilderment, you didn’t notice george and tommy sneak away, too preoccupied with the male in front of you.
“i, uh- i...” you tried to find the right words to say, scared that tommy’s overreacting nature just ruined your and wilbur’s bond. “yeah- yeah, i-i do.” you decided to come clean, the damage already done.
you notice wilbur pause for a moment, taking in your response before a large smile replaced his curiosity. “holy shit, really? like, you’re not fucking with me?”
“” you reply hesitantly, eyes narrowing, puzzled. before you have time to react, you felt a soft peck be placed against your cheek, dying your skin vermillion once again.
“well, that’s good because i like you, too.” wilbur reached forward and snatched your right hand up in his, intertwining your fingers and giving it a soft squeeze.
who knew tommy could be such a wingman?
Tumblr media
hello!! here’s your wilbur request. like i said, i made it a headcannon because my brain just fucking exploded trying to write this. i’m sorry if it’s not very good. it’s just so chaotic and rough :( i also realized i read it wrong and i didn’t see where it said where the confess on stream so i ended up with this 😖 i hope you don’t mind. i still hope it’s enjoyable. like i said i’m sORRY AHH :,[
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shrimpboat · 5 months ago
Sam bitched about how bad Fig’s shits smelled. He was a drama queen when some guy on Ebay outbid him on a bait aerator. Once, Sam got on him for five minutes regarding the disappearing boxes of Raisin Bran Crunch, a popular menu-item in the Wilson-Barnes household.
“Buck,” called Sam from the kitchen, “we brought back three boxes, three days ago. That’s one box a day. You taking showers with this stuff?”
Bucky paused the show right as Spock was about to make a wisecrack to Kirk. His eyes followed Sam out of the kitchen. “Why would I bring cereal into the shower?”
Sam now looked down at Bucky’s reclined form on the couch. 
“You know what I mean—I mean like—instead of water. Rubbing it all over your pretty body. Perhaps to exfoliate.”
“It is an objective fact that I have an abnormally productive metabolism.” Bucky took Sam’s hand and gave him a little tug, bringing Sam down on top of him. He let his hands wander. “I’m a growing boy, Samuel.”
Sam sighed through the grin spreading across his face and looked him up and down. “Full grown,” Sam added quietly. And then a minute later, after he had tugged Sam’s sweatpants down: “But seriously. Stop eating all my damn cereal.”
Sam never complained about the things that actually mattered. Like how two months ago, a crash landing put Sam’s wrist in a splint. Or how for a whole week, Sam had to take an extra ten seconds to put on jeans, avoiding a bruise on his thigh the same shape as Manhattan. (And Jesus Christ that’s gotta be the same size as Manhattan, thought Bucky, frowning at it every time Sam got out of the shower.) Or how a headbutt from some wannabe hydra phonies on short-acting super serum left Sam with a nasty little cut on his bottom lip.
In bed, a week later, he brushed the sides of his fingertips along Sam’s jaw and leaned in slow, careful, lopsided. He breathed his lips against the unbruised part of Sam’s mouth. It was a kiss, technically, but there was no heat behind it.
“You’re frowning,” said Sam.
“I frown,” said Bucky.
“You think I’m gonna break if you kiss me too hard?”
The corner of Bucky’s mouth ticked up. “Precious cargo.”
Sam huffed through an eye roll. “Well, James, it is an objective fact that I have an extremely normal metabolism. No healing factor. No super nothing. But hey, I’m not complaining.”
Sam yawned and patted his shoulder, before rolling onto his side, facing him. Bucky let his hands wander. Over Sam’s bicep, fingers brushing up his shoulder, thumb on Sam’s chin. In the dark, Bucky made out the gash on Sam’s lip. Patched up flesh and blood.
“You can complain,” said Bucky suddenly, quietly. “You can tell me it hurts.”
Sam smiled with his eyes closed. “You gotta stop worrying about me.”
“Sam, what else am I gonna do with all my free time.”
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cloudystevie · 9 months ago
her cherry lips on his whiskey flavoured kiss
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: ransom drysdale x reader
word count: 3,011
summary: the moment he met you, he knew.
warnings: ransom is soft and in love, drinking, oral f recieving, unprotected sex, kitten pet name, pretty soft sex but moments of filth because its ransom lol
author’s note: soft ransom makes me horny that is all goodbye- let me know what u think i crave validation <3
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
Ransom had been out with a few of his high circle friends, finely aged whiskey and expensive food. Many women, much like Ransom; spoiled, never had to work a day in their life, lingered around his table. He almost barked at them to stop embarrassing themselves but Ransom was kind of known for being a dick so he enjoyed luring women in, teasing them with his husky voice and a face that he knows would get him whatever he wanted and then take them to bed, only to kick them out the next morning. (Sometimes that very night if he was feeling extra assholey.)
Until he met you.
Usually he would love engaging in his usual playboy behaviours, and even though you two were not officially exclusive it felt wrong. He made it extremely clear you were his and only his, and he wanted you to know he was not sleeping around either.
And now he felt this itching. This underlying uncomfortable unfamiliarity even as he was surrounded by guys he had known since he was in high school. Almost as if he didn’t belong here, at least not at the very moment. Like he was meant to be somewhere else; with you.
Before he left his expansive home he called you. He wasn’t really sure why he was doing it but as his fingers tapped on his phone screen it was already too late as he pressed on your saved contact. He scoffs to himself because it was never supposed to get to this point with anyone, when he would hook up with women they always left their number on his nightstand and he didn’t even bother looking, just left it there for his housekeeper to throw out later.
And he holds back another scoff for himself when you answer the phone, voice sweet and cheery when you greet him as always.
“I’m going out with my friends tonight.”
You giggle, “okay Ransom have fun.”
He furrowed his eyebrows, “you’re not gonna tell me I can’t go?”
You are unable to stifle your giggles at your man who wasn’t really your man, “I’m not your girlfriend Ransom, unless you have something to ask me?” You tease him, and he hears the faint sound of that one stupid TV show you loved and always forced him to watch when he came over, usually after he railed you until your legs were jello.
Ransom sputters over his words, heat creeping up his neck and he’s eternally grateful you can’t see him because you would never let him live this down. “N-no I just, (he clears his throat and pulls at the collar of his sweater) nothing.”
“You just what Ransom? Looking for me to invite you over so you don’t have to hang out with your douchebag friends? I’m perfectly fine sitting on my couch and watching TV, no distractions.” You sigh in content and he rolls his eyes even though your words do hold some truth but he refuses to have you know that.
“Whatever, you left your panties here.”
“You can keep ‘em Hugh.” Adding the nickname since you know how much he hates being called that and… maybe he’d invite himself into your home and teach you a lesson. A girl could dream.
Another giggle when he grumbles and hangs up the phone, he shakes his head as if in disbelief with himself, why the fuck did he call you? It certainly wasn’t to tell you your scandalous lace black panties were still in his bathroom.
That’s an answer still incessantly buzzing in Ransom’s head when, 2 hours later and he still cannot get you off his mind.
So he shoots up from his seat, startling the women with poorly blended foundation sitting in his unfortunate friend's laps and grabs his jacket, walking away and ignoring the calls of his table. He throws a couple hundreds at the receptionist and walks out the door where his driver waits for him.
“Where to sir?”
And that’s how Ransom finds himself outside your apartment at 10 pm, waiting extremely impatiently for you to unlock the door. He hears you yell a “Just a second!” before finally slowing his knocks.
You look through the peephole and smile when you see Ransom standing with his hands shoved into his infamous tan coloured jacket. You open the door and his face picks up to meet yours.
You barely get out a greeting before he’s pushing himself onto you, lips slamming hungrily against yours and flipping you over so he could lock the door and shove you against it- all in one breath.
You let out a startled gasp, though it’s muffled by his pink lips and you can smell the faint twinge of alcohol on his breath and it makes your head spin. His hands instinctively fall to your hips as he pulls your thighs up to wrap around his waist.
You somehow manage to pull away from his strong hold, placing your hands on his chest and looking into his eyes. “Ransom, why are you here. You’re supposed to be with your friends.”
“I got bored.”
Now that was a stone cold lie. With all of his power and money? Ransom Drysdale was never ever bored.
And he knows that you know that too, because you tilt your head to the side and quirk a brow and he’s sighing to himself because you really never let him get away with anything.
And maybe, his lips twitch upwards for a flash of a second at the thought.
You shove his chest a little as if reminding him you were still here. And instead of saying anything, he presses his lips to yours again, gentler this time. With real passion and intent on surrounding you completely.
Your hands wrap around his neck, pulling him closer as he uses his strength to pull you off the door and carry you to your bedroom blindly. All those countless hours he spent in his home gym definitely paid off. He swallowed all your whimpers and your hips bucking into his, placing you on your bed gently; and that alone makes you extremely confused. Ransom was never gentle. Sure in the moments far and few between he would be a little softer, but when it came to sex he was all about manhandling and using you in a way both of you would appreciate.
You question just how drunk he is and he chuckles, crawling on top of you and setting work on marking up your neck. Sucking bruises into your soft skin. You sigh in pleasure when he finds your sweet spot, carding your fingers through his cropped brown hair.
“Just drunk off you.”
The statement is mumbled into your skin, as if he’s afraid you would actually hear him; you do. And it makes you freeze up a little, that’s the closest Ransom has gotten to expressing any sort of… love for you beyond your body.
Your eyes slip shut with a whine begging to push past your throat. And he smiles against your skin, his fingers playing with your tits under your shirt where he was happy to find you with no bra on. “Seems like you were waiting for me baby. No bra, and I’m sure if I stick my hand down your shorts you’ll have no panties either.”
He wasn’t wrong.
“Why don’t you find out then?” You giggle, and it makes Ransom’s heart pound. Jesus Christ what were you doing to him.
He smirks, pulling your shorts down and groaning in appreciation when he sees your pussy dripping. You bite your lip at his reaction, your hips thrusting upwards on their own accord.
“So desperate, you want my mouth baby?” He pulls the hood of your clit back, blowing cold air and watching your pussy contract and the delicious whimper that falls past your kiss swollen lips.
You nod your head, hiking your leg on one of his broad shoulders in a plea and he succumbs, licking a broad stripe up the length of your folds and twirling his tongue around your throbbing clit. He looks up at you through his long dark eyelashes, noting every one of your reactions and hoping that he can imprint them into his mind forever somehow. Each one of your gasps and the way your back begins arching, hips moving against his face in tune with his tongue and lips.
His large hands press down onto your stomach and dig into your hips, your fingers going to pull his hair and he hisses in pleasure, the pain only making him go harder. He sucks your clit into his mouth, humming when more of your slick pools out at the action and he gladly slurps it up.
“Just like that Ransom- I- I’m gonna cum-”
He chuckles and the vibrations send shivers up your spine, “already? Go ahead baby, let me feel you cum.”
His approval is all you need before your back is arching off your comforter, stomach and legs quivering and breathy mewls of his name filling the room. Ransom ruts his hips into the bed as more blood rushes straight down to his cock. “That’s it, good girl.”
You ride your high out by grinding your hips onto his face, and he cleans you up, not leaving a single drop of slick behind.
Then finally he pulls away from your sensitive core, sliding up your body and slotting his lips
over yours once again. You moan when you taste yourself on his lips and his tongue slips into your mouth, moving against yours with a familiar pattern and all of Ransom’s feelings come back to him at full force.
Who knew Ransom could even be capable of feelings, let alone harbouring ones so strong for another person. He shocked himself sometimes with how much you had changed him in the half a year that you got to know him.
“Take off your clothes.” You mumble against his lips and he laughs, nodding his head but still teases, “thirsty much sweetheart?”
You roll your eyes and watch intently as he throws his sweater off somewhere onto the floor of your bedroom, unbuckling his jeans too slowly, dragging out it and his ego flaring ten fold when you whine for him to hurry up.
“Patience kitten. I’ve taught you better than this haven’t I?” He drawls out, Boston accent seeping into his words and it makes you whine.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice is a meek whimper and Ransom has to genuinely muffle a groan.
He finally undoes his belt, wrapping it onto his hand and putting it on your nightstand with a wink and you gasp, shoving his chest at the implication of his answers.
“Oh hush kitten, don’t act like you don’t like it when I mark that ass.”
He turns his full attention back to you, smirking cockily as you practically drool at the sight of him and his lewd words.
Your eyes go to his cock and you wrap a hand around his length, pumping him slowly and he hisses, bucking his hips into your hand. You giggle again and began pumping him until he was fully rock hard against your hold.
He slaps your hand off of him now, replacing it with his own as he watches you squirm beneath his mass. “Gonna let me make you feel good, kitten?”
The tenderness of his actions and words tonight were doing much more for you than you’d understand. Why was Ransom asking… he never asked for anything.
“Please Ransom, fill me up please!” You arched your back, bringing his hand to cup your breasts and sighing in pleasure when he complied, thumbing over your nipple. He seemed to be very focused on your pleasure tonight, not that he wasn’t before- he always got a high off of seeing you orgasm, knowing it was all his doing. But tonight was different.
“Nobody else makes you feel good right?”
“Only you Ransom, only you do!”
He grunts, forcing you to look down as he spits on your pussy, not that you need anymore lubrication- just as a territorial stake. You moan unabashedly at the sensation and he finally begins to push inside of you.
He makes sure you adjust to the tip first, slowly pumping in and out and inserting more of himself each time. You shivered with pleasure, fingernails digging into his back when he fully sheathed himself inside of you, your shared sounds of pleasure echoing in the room.
“Fuck you’re so tight.” Ransom grunts in your ear, one forearm holding himself up as the other holds onto your waist. You look into his ocean blue eyes turned dark, with your own hooded gaze and parted your lips on a silent moan as he dragged his cock in and out of your pulsing walls.
He’s slow with his thrusts, making sure you can feel every thick inch of him and it makes you dizzy. The air in the room feels different, thicker. Your hands scramble to hold onto something and he takes you by surprise when he links his larger fingers with yours, using them as stability to glide his cock in and out of your slick walls. The action makes your heart and pussy flutter.
You’re unable to help yourself as a single tear slips out of your eye, and Ransom kisses it away. It’s all so good, so overwhelming but so so good.
You moan and shake every time his cock pressed against that one spot inside of you that he always managed to find without much difficulty. He’s attaching his lips to yours, and it’s almost as if you can feel how much he loves you.
Ransom loves you.
He loves you.
It makes his cock twitch inside of your creaming walls. And you notice a shift in his attitude when he leaves fluttering kisses all over your face along with praise.
“You’re my good girl, aren't you kitten?”
“I’m your good girl Ransom.” You whine, pushing your hips to meet every one of his thoughtful thrusts.
“Gonna be mine forever aren’t you?” He grunts, thrusting into your with more force now as he feels your orgasm along with his approaching quickly.
You gasp at his words, tears pricking your eyes and you’re unsure on why you’re crying for the second time because he’s not being mean to you, degrading you while he pounds you from behind-
No, he’s doing the stark opposite actually. Holding you gently and in his own special way asking you to be his.
You nod your head, “yours.” You affirm.
You hold his face in your hands, thumb running over his cheekbones, “yours forever.”
He grunts, cock throbbing inside of you as his hand attaches to your clit and he begins rubbing circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves. It has you keening and in just moments you’re falling over the edge, and seeing your face all blissed out; body quivering because of him, he’s quick to spill inside of you, pumping you full of his cum and burying his face in the crook between your neck and shoulder.
It felt much more intense this time around and it consumed Ransom. He wanted every time to be like this; to be with you.
You arch up into him at the feeling of being so utterly and completely full, your fronts pressing together and one of your left hands still intertwined. He rides out his high, before pulling away from your shoulder, rolling you over so you were settled on top of him and the movement makes you whine.
You both lay there in silence for a few moments, processing the intensity of the whole situation.
“Did you mean what you said?” Your voice is quiet, a whisper. You’re afraid that being too loud would disrupt whatever aura that had been created.
He looks at you, your hand laying over his heart and leg hooked around his waist.
“Yes.” He confirms. And he’s never been so sure about anything in his life. Which says a lot because Ransom has never once doubted himself. Never questioned his ability with anything.
Ransom had made a lot of mistakes in his life, took a lot for granted but you, he has never been so sure about anything in his entire existence.
You look up at him, a lazy smile on your face as you draw hearts and stars on his chest with your forefinger, “are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend now?”
He covers up his smile, “do you want me to ask?”
You nod, “yes.”
His hand comes to engulf yours, and he places it over his cheek, looking deep into your eyes.
“You’re the only person I wanna do all that stupid movie shit with. The only person I want to share my bed with even though you hog all my blankets and lay on top of me. (You slap his chest and sniffle.) And the one person I want to fuck every morning and every night and all the hours in between.”
“Is this how you’re asking me to be your girlfriend?”
“It’s the closest you’ll get to me saying the words so take it or leave it kitten.” He says with a snark but he can’t help the smile fighting its way onto his face anymore, and it mirrors yours.
“I think I’ll take it.” You move up to press your lips against his, smiling against his mouth and stomach filled with butterflies. You felt like you were in high school again, all giddy in your stomach and drunk off of him.
“Good night boyfriend.”
His arms slip around your waist, squeezing you once as to make sure you’re really there with him. And he really did ask you what he had been meaning to ask you. That he wasn’t gonna wake up from another one of his fantasy dreams-
A soft snore from you proves the reality.
“Sweet dreams, girlfriend.”
(And once he was sure you had fallen asleep?)
“I love you.”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
if you would like to be added or removed please let me know<3
tags: @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @la-cey @hermayone @donutloverxo @sambucky8 @tvckerlance @ilovemarvel-andcats @aikeia @chuckbass-love @littlegasps @chris-butt @sunflowercaptian @rat-420 @brattycherubwrites @captainsdolly @psych0crybaby @evansislife @unknownmystery22 @rebloggingeverything @zaddychris @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @flovds @stardust-galaxies @starstruckpersonearthquake @kleohoneyao3 @honeychicana @emilykjh @pspice639 @devilsbaby-doll @fallinforevans @chrisevanisliterallysir
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workofheart · 8 months ago
levi ackerman relationship hcs
Tumblr media
some modern headcanons, nsfw below the cut <3 it’s just levi brainrot at this point
definitely the type to follow (stalk) your spotify and check in to see what you’re listening to. if he has the time, he might even listen along and wonder what you’re doing. if it’s a particularly sad song or series of songs, he’ll know to send you a text to let you know he’s thinking of you
on that note, he also stalks your pinterest boards just to see what you’re into these days and (idk abt yall but i save pins of mens fashion) if he sees a cute outfit in your saves that fits his style, he might even try it out. reason being (though he’ll never admit to it) he loooves that kind of attention from you - when he looks particularly good and you can’t stop staring, it might just pull a smirk out of him
once you’re living together, he lowkey acts like a dad. might scold you for not closing doors, not turning off lights, all the like. he means well, honestly
however, doesn’t mind tidying up for you. folds your laundry, clears your plate, takes your jacket off your shoulders when you get home, just because it’s his way of showing he cares. definitely an acts of service kind of guy
really good at cooking! he likes spending days in the kitchen with you while he whips something up or tries something new and you just sit at the counter and talk to him. it’s a good way to catch up as your adult lives can sometimes get busy
if you fall asleep with earbuds still in, he’ll gently take them out for you before you go to bed <3 he’ll also plug your phone in for you if you forgot
occasionally reads aloud to you, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping. we all know he’s not much of a talker, but his voice is so relaxing and he doesn’t mind doing it if he knows it will help
the chillest, coolest boyfriend ever. he’s so mature, honest, and trusting, and you don’t have to worry about those high school dramatics when you’re dating him. when he chooses to date you, he’s serious about it - definitely not the type to just date for fun. he won’t hesitate to deny advances from other people, doesn’t care about what you wear, just fully devoted to you and wouldn’t even think about anyone else
i also think that with that dating in general, you would probably start out as acquaintances or maybe even friends. he needs to have a lot of trust in the person he chooses to date, so only after he’s known you a long time and you’ve made enough of an impact on his life for him to make it hard to let you go would he date you
speaking of, didn’t isayama say that levi would stutter around his crush? i can imagine him stumbling over his words, trying to cover it up with a cough, reaching to scratch his neck all sheepish, just getting all shy. even once you’re far past that stage of your relationship, sometimes you’re so upfront and bold, he can’t help himself :( you just make him so weak
braids your hair for you when you’re too tired to do it yourself - you’ll sit in front of him and his fingers are so gentle with your hair 🥺 he got the hang of it so quickly and has the dexterity to not tangle your hair and it always comes out so nice and clean, even if you’re just going to sleep in them
i peg him as a biiiig cuddler. not a lot of pda besides holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, letting you hook your arm around his, etc., but in private he loves when he can just lay his head on your lap or chest bc then you can play with his hair, which relaxes him
he’s really intuitive and in tune with your emotions. if you’re feeling down, he’ll know, and he’ll also know if you need space or if you need comfort, both of which he is more than willing to oblige
he’s there to bring you cups of tea, maybe some cut up strawberries on the days you’re tired and want to sleep. will definitely tuck you in, and will also lay down with you for a bit if you ask
his go to way of getting you to talk is going on drives. 1) levi is a really good driver and 2) he’ll usually come and find you wherever you may be around the apartment, say something along the lines of, “i’m going on a drive, you wanna come?” or might just give you a look and jingle the keys around his fingers
it might take a little while of rolling through the backroads aimlessly for you to speak up, but when you do, he’s all ears. lets you talk through your thoughts, might prompt you further, offers advice if you ask for it. it’s also how you sort through relationship misunderstandings - they are rare, but all relationships have them, so it would be silly to present your relationship without them
i think that when levi is upset on the other hand, he’ll usually come to you for comfort. he isn’t necessarily looking for advice, but just to calm down and rest. some form of physical touch is good, like cuddling or napping, preferably where he can put his head on your chest so you can play with his hair
i think levi is the type of person to get a lot of intrusive thoughts or memories that he doesn’t really want to remember when they pop up, so having you as a distraction to hold him and let him know it’s alright is something he really appreciates
nsfw below the cut (18+)
unpopular opinion: levi is NOT the hard dom people tag him as. rather, i think of levi as a service top, so while he may be carrying out more of the work, you’re the one in control. getting you off gets him off 100%
considering he is usually very dominant outside the bedroom, he likes the opportunity to let you take control and direct him instead - it takes a weight off his shoulders
slow and smooth kisser. might put up a fake fight for dominance just to make it more fun, but eventually take the lead and kiss him dizzy
hearing your moans makes him unbelievably hard. the sounds you make go straight to his dick
and so: godly at giving head. he might edge you but it’s not to tease or as punishment, he just takes his time because he knows it feels better for you, and at the end of the day he wants you to feel as good as possible. your pleasure is his main priority.
knows how to use his fingers, knows how to use his tongue. knows what you like and picks up on it very quickly. i don’t think he’s that experienced but he’s got a good natural sense of what feels good - do not doubt him, he knows where the clit is 
he’s got a very wide range of capabilities for this, too. he can go slow and sensual on a calm sunday morning or absolutely dive in and ravage your pussy for more intense sessions - this is the one time he doesn’t mind making a mess 
making you cum is good for his self esteem/confidence lmfaooo he lives to see your flushed cheeks and heaving chest and be told he’s doing well. when you scratch his hair or cup his cheek as a quick thank you, his heart swells and his dick twitches
please kiss his neck, he will absolutely melt for you. especially the next day when he looks in the mirror and notices the little love bites you left him... he runs his fingers over them lightly and his eyelids get a little droopy as he remembers everything, will definitely seek you out for another round
tbh i don’t think he’s that kinky. he likes what he likes, i can’t imagine him comfortably degrading you or hitting you or anything like that. realistically, levi wouldn’t be having sex with someone he’s not in a committed relationship with. he wants it to be special and personal and therefore probably would not enjoy treating you poorly even if just for the sake of sex. if anything, he wants it the other way around bc he could easily be a bit of a masochist in bed
loves when you restrain him and ride the shit out of him, either by tying his hands to the bed or just pinning his arms down. likes when you “use” him to get off. put your hands around his neck and he’s putty in your hands
really loves when you tell him to cum - your voice is music to his hears and to hear it out loud and as a command has him doing exactly that. he’s not one to disobey orders lol. 
his brows furrow, his eyes squeeze shut, mouth falls open and lets out a low moan... jesus christ 
one more deep kiss, a quick clean up, and then he’s passing out with his head on your chest. after-sex sleep is some of the best rest he’s ever gotten
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fineanddandy · 5 months ago
Baby Girl...
Let’s Be Roomies
Relationship: Ari Levinson x black!reader
Warnings: smutty smut smut, graphic language, daddy kink, oral (fem rec), edge play, PDA, teasing/torment, aggressive sex, bdsm, fingering, 18+ like straight wildin...
A/N: ROOMMATE ARI’S BACK AND WILDER THAN EVER. Yeaaaaaaah I did the most. I started with violence. Y’all are fuckin welcome. This was too much fun I didn’t even mean to write this yet 😂😂 enjoy enjoy enjoy...
Tumblr media
“Baby girl...”
God you never got tired of hearing Ari calling you that.
“Yes daddy...”
Even though you made a silent vow that you’d never, you never got tired of calling him that. to say you and Dean were done. I mean after that spectacle on the kitchen floor? Of course there was no coming back from that. And you had no regrets in the matter. Somehow, you and Ari just clicked better, took care of each so many different ways.
“Are you ready for me?” Asks Ari in that low seductive tone you always felt deep in your pussy. Bent over the seat of one of the dining table chairs, hands cuffed behind your back, Ari hovers over you, admiring the damage that’s already been done to your smooth brown ass with this wooden spoon. A wooden spoon that was gifted by your grandmother that was handed down to her by her mother. If only she knew what kind of use it had been getting lately. A new device in Ari’s arsenal to torment and turn you on. Whatever he could get his big thick hands on. God he was so much more fun than Dean.
Your ass cheeks all red and tender—rubbing your thighs together—you moan softly to yourself, “mmhmm...”
Your nerves jerking to life the moment your vibrator clicks on, violently humming in Ari’s mighty grip. A sleazy smirk snaking across his bearded cheeks, snickering at your silent whimpers of excitement. Damn near bouncing up and down on your knees, you’re already dripping from the spanking...and now you’re flooding all over again. Your fingers wiggling anxiously behind your back.
“ girl’s so needy. Isn’t she?” Ari croons, kneeling down beside you with a mocking chuckle.
“Mmm fuck yes daddy. Yes, your baby girl’s so fuckin needy for you.” You whimper behind a bitten lip, dying for him to edge you. Yeah, Ari had you like that. Hell he fuckin earned it...
“Sweet baby girl. You’ve been so good for me lately. I think I’ll play nice today. Okay?”
Teeth sinking deeper into your bottom lip, you fight back from shouting, “SURE WHAT THE FUCK EVER ARI. DO SOMETHING.” A slight brush of the vibrator head against your soaking wet folds makes you shudder with a cry. Ari watches your milk chocolate skin shake with an arched brow and a smile.
“I asked you a question sweet baby girl.” Another brush has you bucking in the chair.
“Yesssdaddy.” You grunt behind a shudder as another tormented brush hits your trembling folds again. Your response grants you sweet relief; Ari stuffing that thick vibrating head into your soaking wet folds. The sounds of the toy splashing in your fluids makes Ari’s cock throb in his fitting short shorts he loved to wear around the house to tease you. They could barely contain his dick when he got aroused, which was all that time. And so fuckin hot.
Most days you guys tried not to be like horny fuckin rabbits, and actually spend time together going out together. Plenty of dinner and date nights. Ari could turn on the charm and take you anywhere with that pretty furry smile. Ari could get you to do anything.
Ari chuckles some more, enjoying the long gutter groans and moans falling out of your chest as you strokes this vibrator all around on your slippery slit. Your whole body trembling and stuttering in the chair.
“Holy shit, you’re a mess baby, mmm,” Ari drops a long slow lick over your pussy and you cry out. “Fuckin gorgeous.”
Damn near shrieking you squeeze your eyes closed, so close to squirting all over Ari positioned behind you, alternating between his tongue and the toy. Your chest so tight pressed into the seat you feel everything on the verge of breaking.
“Ari. Ari. Ari. Ari.” You gasp, warning him that you’re close and he better get ready to drink and lick you clean. Ari could watch you cum all over him all day and night.
“Let go baby. I’m let go.” He encourages in a breathy moan, slipping his tongue back and forth on your swollen clit and that’s it. Screaming and cursing you squirt all over Ari’s opened mouth and chin as he’s encouraging you to keep going. He lives for you soaking his beard with your cum, smiling and kissing at your palpitating hole.
“Fuckin Jesus Christ Ari....” You sigh going slack against the wooden chair, vision blurry and bouncy you huff for air. Unsure if your physically present or if you’re elevating into a spiritual plane. All you could wonder is how does he fuckin do that.
Wiping his chin with the back of his hand Ari stands with a hearty laugh, pleased with how weak and small you look. Going for limply folded arms against your sweaty back, Ari asks,
“You alright babe?” Spinning you around Ari gathers your weightless body in his warm arms. “Need anything? Let’s go sit down.”
That’s probably one of your favorite things about your Ari. Post sex care is where he really shines. Wrapping you in a blanket and sitting you on the couch, he goes for glasses of water and some sort of snack. Then he comes and holds you as you revive yourself off his nourishment. Once you felt normal enough you’d straddle his hot lap and pull his dick out.
“Such a good girl.” Ari purrs with a curly smile as you drop your hips down on his fiery veiny dick. Sometime your romps lasted for days, walking around naked to be ready wherever you guys wanted. So, of course, most normal people would need a break. That’s the plan this Friday night. Ari’s dying to take you to see one of his favorite bands downtown. So he made it a point for the two of you to get out for once and have some other type of fun. Ari couldn’t stop beaming he’s so excited.
“Come on babe. I wanna get there a little early.” He fusses outside your bedroom door as you touch up your winged liner.
Rolling your eyes with a smirk, you laugh, “okay, okay Ari. I’m ready.” Barely getting the chance to put your eyeliner pen down before Ari’s yanking you out by the hand.
Friday night Ari is beautiful, forever smiling and talking, tossing back beer and laughing. All about having a good time. You spent most of the night swooning, falling deep into his eyes each time he pulled you in close by the shoulders to kiss you deeply. So head over heels, you hadn’t really thought about Dean since the night your whole life changed. A part of you felt like you should feel a drop of guilt but Ari’s just too...sorry to say it but, perfect. The spark way too real and natural, plus the sex. Good god the sex. You and Ari just going for it, getting lost in each other. The past few days have been the highest you’d ever been in your life. Ari made Dean’s existence fuckin obsolete and that didn’t bother you at all. Not when he looked liked that.
Getting you out tonight was his best idea ever. Adoring him keeping those soft round eyes glued to his sweet face, Ari holds you close into his beefy side. For whatever reason, his eyes sweep over the crowd and spot a familiar dumb face staring back at him. Too busy watching the band on stage you don’t even notice that your pathetic ex is even in the same venue. Stage lights dance over Dean’s eyes glaring at Ari like he’s about to do something. But Ari just drops his chin into your crown with a devilish smirk, holding his stare, challenging him.
Should he fuck with him? Ari wonders to himself, smelling your hair but still keeping his eyes on Dean. If looks could kill, Ari would be bleeding out on the floor beside you but Dean’s a little bitch. That’s why it was easy so pluck you away from him. Ari’s a real fuckin man, knows how to take care of you. Not that little idiot. Taking his giant hand from your arm, Ari aggressively grabbing your denim clad ass with a smile charged at Dean. His sheer strength alone startles you so you had to catch your balance on his chest.
“Ari!” You shout up at him with a surprised smile as he deepens his hold on your right ass cheek. Keeping you faced away from Dean. Ari looks down at you with that devious smile plastered on his lips with a shrug of those massive shoulders.
“Don’t look so cute then!” He shouts over the voluminous guitar riffs blaring through the speakers but his fingers dig even deeper into your jeans. Really trying to focus on the band because they’re actually pretty good but Ari feeling you up has you mad distracted. When you look back at the stage, Ari glares back at Dean and dips his head down by your ear, pursing his lips to peck your cheek.
“You are so fuckin sexy babe.” Ari lowly roars directly into your ear drum, curly smile and dark eyes aimed at him. Patting your hand on his chest you roll your eyes. Christ, if he was going to be all up on you like this, you guys could have just kept it at home. Tugging you closer into him, his thick fingers massaging all in between your thighs from behind, Ari dips his beard into the crook of your neck to sloppily kiss you there. The neediest moan slips from your parting lips. You can’t help it...he immediately finds your spot every single time. Thank God the music’s so loud. Draping your arms around his neck, you let Ari keep going as he brushes your hair away so Dean could get the best view of his vampiric hold. Melting under Ari sucking and nibbling at your bruising skin, your absolutely clueless about the show going on behind you.
Ari couldn’t believe he was still standing there staring at the two of you making such a display. He must get a kick out of it or something, just glaring and puffing his chest out like he wanted to do something. But he’s too scared of Ari to even think about taking a swing at him. Ari winks and as he closes his eyes with a satisfied hum, Dean spins away in a rage he won’t do anything about.
As Ari releases you the music starts to fill your ears again, reminding you that you guys were out in public. Coming to your senses you smack Ari across the chest.
“Behave!” You shout in his pretty laughing face. If only you knew why he was laughing so hard.
Still no word from Dean but coincidently enough, you started finding his shit around your room. A shirt here. A book there. Damn, now you have to do that awkward, “here’s your shit” exchange and you’d rather not. And how with Ari being home so much lately? When you mentioned it to him he scoffed at you with the dumbest look.
“Why don’t you just fuckin burn it? Throw it away whatever.”
Ari wasn’t down with you seeing Dean again, and you got it, but you know if it was you, you’d want it back. So you let it go until one weekend, Ari’s gone to see his daughter. Again, coincidently enough, Dean texts you that morning asking about one of his shirts you found under your bed.
“I would like to come get my shit and not see you and him together.”
Even through a text, his words are bitter. You just needed him to get his shit and move on. Hopefully Ari won’t be home any time soon.
By the time Dean got there, you already had his shit in a bag for him to scoop up and go but it’s never that easy. Awkwardly standing opposite of each other in your room Dean just stares at you with hurt eyes. There’s so much he wanted to say but he couldn’t think straight with you standing in those short sleeping shorts, your legs all long and silky out in front of you. That old dude had you glowing. The smile on your face had Dean despising Ari even more. He couldn’t be fuckin you that well.
“So you’re really with him. Not just some old guy you fucked once?”
You can’t help but laugh at him, rolling your eyes at him calling Ari old because he’s definitely far from it. “As of right now, we’re enjoying each other. And having a fuckin good time doing it.”
“Better than us?” Dean challenges taking a step towards you. All you do is laugh in his face. No way possible he’s making a move on you. “C’ can’t tell me you don’t miss my cock baby...” Dean takes another step which makes you take a step back into your dresser. Is he serious right now?
“Of course I don’t.” You snort, “Why would I?”
“Yeah why would she?”
Ari’s thunderous voice startles you and Dean out of your skin. He’s too fuckin stealthy in his movements. Dean ready to run but Ari blocks the door, snatching you into his sturdy body.
“Why is he here?” He asks at Dean trying to front that he’s not scared but you could see it all in his tense shoulders. Ari’s voice such a low tender growl your knees almost buckle. Yeah you’re in trouble...but it didn’t make you any less horny.
Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you answer in a calm voice, “he came to get his shit.”
“I thought I told you to fuckin burn it.” He snaps squeezing your elbow. “I thought I also told you I didn’t wanna see him in here.”
Ari continues to stare him down as he snakes his arm around your waist, pressing a firm hand over the crotch of your shorts. A small whimper breaks free. Your nerves tingle. Dean fidgets clenching his jaw. Ari is fuckin with the both of you and he loves it.
“What you don’t get enough of watching me turn on your girl?” Ari slaps his massive hand over the front of your throat, yanking you back on his chest with a thud. You gasp, your skin growing so hot. “Oh! That’s right! Ex girl...”
Dean grabs his bag and starts to stutter, worried that Ari’s about to do something stupid. With that look in his eye, it’s coming. “Look—look man. I...I just came to get my shit...”
But Ari shuts him up by shoving his giant hand into your shorts, fingers stretching down between your folds. “While trying to seduce her. Like that would work...” Middle finger rounding your clit Ari chuckles at Dean with a small shake of his head. “Tell him you makes you cum so fuckin hard.”
His finger presses down on your vibrating nub at the exact moment he grips your throat, causing a shudder to tremble down your back.
“You do...” your voice shakes. Your eyes close. Your folds dampen.
You forget an important factor to that statement, Ari chokes you a little harder. “Baby girl...” he warns, slipping his fat fingers all over your wet folds.
“Daddy.” You moan as your body trembles again. Dean shaking out of anger he’s so tired of Ari spraying his pheromones in his face. Tired of seeing you so turned out by him.
“That’s right,” He purrs at Dean with a sleazy smile, “Tell him who you belong to.” Ari picks up the pace of his strokes, dipping his fingertips in and out of your dripping hole, holding you up by the throat. Moans growing louder, you grab at Ari’s shirt behind you, gasping for air.
“I belong to you daddy. Only you.” You whine and huff, your foot hitching up his leg. Luring you to the edge with the curl of his fingers. This shouldn’t turn you on so much but somethin about Ari exuding his dominance and strength all over the place ran you so fuckin hot. Your pussy burning around his fingers swirling around in your wetness.
Kissing your jaw, Ari eases his hold on your throat and slowly removes his fingers. Leaving you shaking and weak against his sturdy frame. Poor Dean didn’t know what to do as he nervously paced along your bed. Just dying to get out of here and away from this bullshit. Ari enjoyed fucking with him too much and you always just fell for it. What are you hypnotized by this guy or something? You might as well be. Something about his touch against your skin. It’s fuckin chemical.
“Good, baby girl. Now go sit. I think my point has been made.” He murmurs in your ear, patting your tired body towards the bed. Stepping to the side to let Dean loose, Ari motions, “see ya Dean.”
Keeping an infuriated glare on Ari, he scurries out, mumbling inaudibly under his breath. But Ari doesn’t give a shit. He still had to handle you for being disobedient.
“Shame on you baby girl. Didn’t think you’d be so sneaky.” Ari tuts slowly closing your bedroom door. “Why do you wanna be so bad? Do you wanna get punished?”
Your nipples stiffen in response to that question. “I...,” you swallow, “I didn’t think I’d get busted.” You confess your throat so tight. Ari isn’t too crazy on punishment but this might be a time he’ll take advantage.
“But of course...but you should know better.” Ari drops down to the balls of his feet in front of you and shoves your knees open. Spreading you wide with a startled gasp.
“Ari!” You shout when he yanks you closer to the edge of the bed.
“I’m not sure who you’re talking to...” he groans rubbing his face in the damp crotch of your shorts. “Better correct yourself if you want my dick tonight.” A small bite on your warm slit has you inhaling sharply, your pussy getting wetter from the sharp pain of his teeth.
“Sorry daddy!!” Your hips buck up and down with each nibble and bite on your sensitive lips. “I’m sorry! I want your dick daddy!” You scream and shout, crawling away from Ari who follows you still nipping at you and pulling down your shorts.
Throwing them across the room, Ari fusses, “don’t fuckin run from me YN.” He rarely uses your actual name so automatically, you stop. “I told you I didn’t want him here,” Ari sits up on his knees and plucks off his shirt, starts to unbuckle his belt. You watch with heavy breaths and hard swallows. “And you did what you wanted anyway,” he snaps belt off in one fluid motion, letting it pop in the air. You jump in thrill. “Did you wanna see him?” Ari grabs you by the thigh and jerks you down on the bed, binding your wrists over your head.
“No daddy I promise.” You pout trying to sway him not to get too crazy but it has no effect on him.
“Not the time to be cute baby girl.” Ari chastises tightening the leather around your weak wrists. “I’m not happy with you.”
Ari’s serious. It’s your first time hearing that tons ever so it’s best for you to just shutup and accept your punishment.
“Aww there’s a good girl,” Ari caresses your cheek as you behave, mumbling, “it won’t be so bad promise. It’ll hurt me more than it’ll hurt you...”
You’re a crying sputtering mess, your legs splayed over a large wet spot as Ari kneeled in front of you with this seeping cock in his hand. For what seemed like hours, Ari edged you with his tongue and mouth while fussing at you for being disobedient and how he should never let you cum again. You couldn’t stop gushing, begging and pleading to deaf ears. And now it’s on to phase two where he might have mercy.
“I wanna feel you squeeze my dick baby girl.” He orders in a soft tired voice because his dick’s so swollen from your torment. Afraid the moment the head of his dick feels your wetness he’s going to crumble but he keeps it together by holding his breath, withholding a throaty groan as he forces his way in your exhausted but soaked walls.
Crying out, “Oh daddy!” your back snaps off the bed, your walls clamping down on him as he fills you up like he told you.
“Fuck, yes, that’s it baby.” Ari whispers hanging his head, “don’t stop. Don’t stop.”
With each slap of his hips into your, Ari mutters, don’t stop, eyes closed, focused on his rhythmic thrusts hitting deep inside of you. Focused on his throbbing cock ready to explode. Your fingers locking together since you can’t grab ahold of Ari’s beefy shoulders you silently scream and cry, clenching because you know the rules.
“Oh shit baby. Oh better not fuckin cum.”
Ari’s so fuckin close you do everything within your power to hold out. God you better not fuckin cum. Your walls are fluttering as Ari picks up his pace, slamming into you harder. You silently hope your body doesn’t betray you. His hips spasms and he grabs ahold the base of your throat, jaw falling open as he begins to groan loudly. Your legs shuddering around him.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Tossing his feathered hair back, Ari combusts, stilling out, cummin so much he has to pull out and spill the rest of his load on the fluid soaked mattress. Christ holding back your orgasm with him losing his mind like that made you miserable, sobs breaking from your convulsing tits. Sweeping his damp hair back with one hand, the other comforts his softening dick, sitting up on his knees looking like a fuckin God. Sweat trickling down his hairy pecs and abs, catching his breath as he wipes his brow while you’re still dying for relief. You know what needs to done.
“Thank you. Thank you daddy.” You whine between quick pants of breaths, rubbing your thighs together to calm your aching pussy. “I’m sorry for being bad daddy please.”
As he finishes slotting his fingers through his hair, Ari grins down at you being the needy little girl he adores. Of course he’s going to take care of you. He’s a nice guy after all. Laying on his side beside you, he props himself up on his elbow, looking down fondly on you still attached to his headboard. His soft blue eyes falling down your sweaty naked body.
“You’re forgiven baby girl.” Kissing your nose, Ari drops his hand between your sticky thighs and you almost melt so grateful, excited that’s going to touch you. Hovering his lips over your, he places the sweetest little kiss on your whimpering pouty lips.
“Now be good and cum for me.”
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akithesimp · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Psst, hey."
This is the fifth time.
"Jesus Christ Kuroo, what?"
Kuroo's been a little persistent today during your study session. You kinda regret inviting him over to study at the park near your neighborhood because you haven't made any decent progress. You don't know what came over him, just a few minutes ago he was busy studying Chemistry and now he's bothering you.
"Did you know?"
"What?" you deadpan, not looking at him because you're too busy to care.
It's probably some nonsense.
"Oi, did you know?"
"What?" you continue scribbling on your notebook, trying to absorb as much as you can in your book despite Kuroo's badgering. He scoffs and rolls his eyes at you and slams his hand on top of your notebook
"Look at me," he whines and you click your tongue as he taps his hand on the poor journal. You shot your head up to glare at him and there's a shit-eating grin on his face.
"What, Kuroo?"
"Okay, good. Did you know?"
"What?" you answer in a mean tone because you're too pissed at him already for bothering you. Your patience for him is just out the window now.
"In a lifetime, a human heart can create enough energy to push a truck to the moon and back."
You jerk your head a little, scrunching your face in confusion.
Where is he going with this?
"Okay, and?"
"That means when someone says 'I love you to the moon and back'," he pauses and you nod your head for him to continue, feeling impatient with this whole ordeal.
"It means they're loving you with every ounce of energy their heart will ever create."
You nod and press your lips together in a thin smile. There's something in Kuroo's eyes as he says those words but you brush it off.
"Okay, cool. That's it?"
You sigh before rolling your eyes, going back to writing in your notebook. It's a nice scientific fact, you'll give him that. But, what pisses you off is that he had to disrupt your study session just to say that.
He couldn't have waited 'till you guys were finished? It had to be when you were busy studying?
Kuroo calls out your name softly from where he sits, you'll probably snap at him but he doesn't care at all.
There it is.
You look up at him, shooting a glare, only to soften when you see his face. It's serious, there's a fondness in his hazel-hued eyes as he looks at you, and his brows are slightly furrowed. You tilt your head slightly as you look at him, searching his face for some type of answer as to why he's staring at you. Kuroo looks at you like your his whole world, and as everything around him slows down and blurs, you are the only thing clear to him.
Well, in reality, you really are his whole world.
The birds sing melodies, creating symphonies like the ones you hear in orchestras. It's pretty and faint accompanied by clear skies and vibrant trees. The world looks so much brighter to Kuroo as he concentrates on you.
He looks at you and sees.
Even if thoughts of you overwhelm him, every time he goes to bed, he knows. He knows he'll always choose you when the sun rises for a new day no matter what. He will love you until there comes a time a mathematician finds the true end of pi. He will fall in love with you everyday until the astrophysicists discover the formulas and solutions to prove that the galaxy isn't endless after all. The Infinite Universe Theory states that it's entirely plausible that there may be another Earth out there similar to the one we're living in. To find this planet, would take billions of years and an unimaginable amount of time. With that in mind, Kuroo will pick you every day until physicists find a planet identical to earth that has the same people. And if they do find it? He'll find you again and fall in love because he knows.
He knows.
You are, and will always be worth the wait and heartbreak he has to go through.
He may be indecisive about which college he'll go to. He's still confused as to which path he'll take in life, and everything gets blurry when he looks ahead whenever someone asks, "What're your plans for the future?". He doesn't know yet, he doesn't know if he'll continue volleyball or change career paths. He isn't sure and it haunts him as a graduating 3rd-year student of Nekoma high.
But, if there's one thing in his life that he's sure of?
It's this.
"I love you, to the moon and back."
Tumblr media
© akithesimp. please do not plagiarize, claim, modify, or repost as your own│reblogs will help a lot, and it'll be much appreciated ღ
Tumblr media
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won't you let me go down in my dreams
Tumblr media
Pairing: Frankie Morales x F!Reader, Will Miller x F!Reader (Past) Rating: 18+ Mature  Wordcount: +3K Summary: You get shot on a mission. Some real truths hit Frankie where it hurts.  Warnings: Violence/Gore, Insecure Frankie. Depression. PTSD. A/N: title from James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James. This was supposed to be a drabble lol. But this character - the whole dynamic of the group is interesting. This is post-film.
“This is so fucking embarrassing,” you hiss through clenched teeth. 
Frankie would laugh - he really would - if he wasn’t so god damn scared for you and the precious life that is now spilling into his hands and staining his clothes. 
He watches you breathe through the burn of it, watches your fingers clamp down over the slit in your shirt that is now blooming dark and wet. A perfect, fucking shot that had managed to get past the vulnerable space between bullet-proof vest and your smooth flesh. 
Pope is yelling orders as Frankie tries to carry you somewhere more comfortable - more forgiving than the tile floor. 
It’s too much - your blood sheeting down your side - pooling to a syrup drizzle over his boots. Benny is searching for something to stem the gush of it. Will is shouting about duct tape - towels - fucking anything - while keeping his hands pressed firmly to the soaked patch beneath your ribs. 
“Of course,” you slur as your head lolls to Frankie’s shoulder. Your body is going boneless - dead weight in his arms. Pope shoves his palm over your brow, nestles his fingers against the pulse in your throat.
“Cold,” you whine as you swat at his hand.
“Fuck,” Pope’s voice is anxious - edged in concern.  “Keep her awake.”
Franke angles his head down to look at you - nearly shudders at how glassy your eyes are. The color in your face is draining fast. “Of course?” he asks. “What do you mean ‘of course’, sweetheart?”
You grimace as he jostles you in his arms. “That I get shot. The only girl. Of fucking course. Embarrassing.”
Your words are muddled - glued together and difficult to parse. But - Frankie knows how hard you exert yourself - how desperately you work to prove that you’re better - you’re stronger than the rest despite the fact that they all fucking know that already. 
You don’t get it, Cat. I have to work that much harder. I have to push and push until it’s not a question. I have to be able to do everything because one failed mission, one fucking tear out of my eyes means i’m less than - i’m not cut out for a man’s job and that’s just the way it is.
You groan - shuddering as blood keeps leaking between Will’s fingers. “I’m better than this.”
Frankie feels something crumble in his gut - feels his insides go to jelly. His spine losing its sturdiness. “You’re better than any of us. All of us combined.”
Will’s eyes soften as he touches your chin - tipping your face to meet his. “Each of us have been shot already, remember? More than you. You’re just earning your stripes, yeah?”
You make a disgruntled noise - a deep, vibrating hum before you curve yourself deeper into Frankie’s arms - rest your cheek against his chest. 
Will glances back up at Frankie, his expression now lacking the solace - the calm - he so easily used to comfort you. It is nothing but terrified.
“We need to stop the bleeding,” Will growls before turning toward the open doorway. “Benny where the fuck are you?”
“Not to state the obvious, but we also really need to get out of here,” Pope interjects as he scans outside. “Their backup will be here any minute.”
“Yeah - well - we can’t leave until we get this covered up or she’ll bleed out before we even get to the vehicle.”
You manage to scowl - even as your lip goes white between your teeth - even as your lashes flutter - black strokes of charcoal across the apples of your cheeks. “I can make it.”
Frankie readjusts his grip and noses at your hair - the burst of floral perfume beneath the sweat and the artillery smoke and the blood. There’s so much fucking blood he can taste it. “No - you really can’t, sweet girl.”
“I’ll be fine,” Your hand hangs limply over Frankie’s shoulder. “ go to the car. I can’t - I don’t want you guys to get - to get hurt.”
Jesus Christ.
You and your self-sacrifice. Your martyrdom. As if your death wouldn’t kill him on the spot - as if any of them would let you just fucking fade to save their own asses.
“Dream on, babe,” Benny crows as he rushes back into the room. “We’re patching you up first.”
Frankie knows that you’d bristle if anyone else called you “babe”, but Benny is different - Benny is young and reckless and you hold a soft spot for him.
And then Benny is tossing Will a roll of duct tape and paper towels and rags. 
“We should put her on that kitchen island - better access.”
Frankie carries you - his ears ringing to deafness.
The Night Before 
Frankie watches you across the table. They’re at a hole-in-the-wall bar in Guanajuato - ramshackled and strung with pink lights. The tile floor is sticky with spilled tequila and beer. There is the warm pump of Norteño music - vibrant and almost too loud.
It allows them to bury their conversation - let them dissolve within the crowded bar.
It had been a bitch to find - the irregular streets of the city split by small alleyways, plazas, and steep staircases. So much color here - so much old, decorative architecture. It’s beautiful - vaguely European in its make-up.
You lean back on your stool - the red-hued lamps glinting off your skin - dyeing the white crescent of your smile. You haven’t changed - not at all. Still smooth. Still beautiful in an almost untouchable way. Your cool eyes are still shadowed by an ache - a craving for danger that you have never been able to sate. Even overseas - even in the thick of gunfire - those eyes still burned with something unintelligible - a desperation for anything that the fight could never give you. 
Will had once said that you were too lost - that you were looking for meaning through violence - through pain and the end of a gun. He had called you a beautiful fucking disaster.
But - of course - that had been when they were fucking - when Will couldn’t stop going out of his way to save you like you were asking for it. Instead - you shut him out - you built up impenetrable walls and told him that he was a hypocrite and that each of them - the whole fucking squad - found comfort in the violence they doled out or the way they craved the rush of self-immolation.
You should all just fucking diagnose yourselves, asshole.
Benny with his cage matches. Pope with his career chasing down cartels. Will and his grocery store drag outs that had happened more than once. Tom and his drinking. 
And him and the coke and the other quiet ways he had tried to ruin the good things he had going for him.
Despite it all - Pope had dragged you back into this. It was good work. It was dangerous work and you were the best choice - the only choice with how well you functioned with each of them. Tom’s death had struck some match - set them alight - set them all off hurtling into this newfound territory where they ran amok bringing down cartels - handling hostage situations - killing under a questionable banner of legality. 
You were in. No questions asked.
You had seen some shit - caused some shit - the best fucking shot out of all of them and had earned their respect and their absolute trust tenfold. 
They loved you. 
And a lot of it had initially been because you were fucking hot. But the years bled into the next and with them: the missions and the loss and the grief. All of that appreciation had mutated into the truest kind of infatuation.
Frankie watches the way your throat bobs as you take a sip of your drink. He thinks of all the things he’s wanted to say - all of the things he’s wanted to do to you.
This is a gift really - he should treat it as such - to have you back with him. They’re working together again after years apart. You’re no longer dating Will. You’re no longer anyone’s at all and when you smile at him beneath the bottleneck of a beer, his heart fucking leaps.
It’s fairy tale shit. 
It makes no fucking sense. 
Pope is relaying their strategy for the day ahead: Infiltrate at 21:00. Secure the perimeter.  Burn. Intel. Recon. 
Frankie is just staring - following your movements - digesting the way you grab Benny’s arm as you laugh. 
He startles when he hears his name - nearly tipping his water over.
You’re pinning him to his seat - those cold eyes appraising him with something meaningful.
“Frankie,” you say - soft, sweet. “How’s my best guy?”
He fucking burns.
** He kicks a boot up against the adobe wall of the bar. The alleyway is dim lit and narrow - not exactly safe, but he needed to get out and have a moment - a breath. It’s quiet - the streets close to empty. His cigarette tastes bitter - makes his mouth dry and scratchy.
Suddenly, you appear next to him - your hair a little out of place. A few too many drinks due to Benny’s insistence. He hates you for glowing - for looking like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth when they’re potentially going to their deaths tomorrow on yet another fool’s mission.
“So,” you remark - slow as honey. “Cocaine?”
He frowns before scraping his palm over his face. “Yeah - I had a rough couple of years.”
You nod - fingers brushing up against his - causing him to exhale sharply - as you snatch his cigarette and stick it in your mouth. The cherry at its end flickering in the impenetrable blue shadows of twilight.
“We all have our ways of dealing with our shit.”
He gives you a sideways glance. Of course - you give him bare bones - you give him that sort of brute, blunt care. We all have our ways of dealing with our shit. 
The corners of his mouth creep up. “Yeah I guess so. What are your ways then?”
You pause - biting your lip in a way that makes you alarmingly endearing - almost innocent. “I don’t know,” you shrug. “I drink a lot. I bury a lot. Will always said I handle my issues the worst out of all of us.”
It hits him like a bullet. His name slipping from your mouth - the connection you shared to him - the fact that Will knew you in a way he’d never get to - never understand or comprehend. 
He’s jealous. Still - years later - he’s fucking jealous. The words leave his tongue before he can stop them:
“Speaking of Will, you’re not going off with him tonight?” 
As soon as he sees your eyebrows rise dramatically, he knows he’s fucked up - put himself and his feelings a little too out there. He had aimed for casual, but his tone is close to bitter. 
It’s also a stupid question because he knows the answer (kind of). He’s aware that you and Will ended years ago. Will had told him. But - Will still treated you like something precious - still walked next to you as if he was acting as a solid barrier between you and the rest of the world. 
That had been your problem with him to begin with. He was too protective and you were simply too wild - too sky high for Will’s relaxed, easy temperament. 
“Will?” you furrow your brow. “No - I’m not going off with Will.”
“Sorry,” he replies. “That- that came out wrong.”
You appraise him for an uncomfortable amount of time - your fingertips tapping his cigarette over the cobblestone. 
“I think it came out the way you meant it too.”
There’s humor - a smidge - pale on your tongue as you stare at him with those stupidly gorgeous eyes. Did they have history? Yes - to a certain degree. They were entangled because they had shared experiences no normal human could really relate to: death, trauma, killing. 
How many nights had he pressed himself against you as they huddled in a dingy hideout? How many times had he wrapped himself around you - shoving your face against his chest because he’d thought you’d nearly died and he was overcome with relief? They had shared things.
And he had just never had the conviction or the guts to take it further.
“Cat?” you grip his wrist - rubbing your thumb over the thrum of his pulse. He tastes dew - the turn of the new sun bursting through the naked morning hours. 
“Yeah?” he coughs - choked - as if his voice is rough with disuse. 
“I’m really glad you came.” And then as if you were outright kissing him, you murmur. “I did miss you.”
It’s his nightmare.
It’s a rush of sudden, unstoppable violence and it stuns him.
You’re keeping watch at the window of the compound. Your gun slung over your shoulder - your booted feet kicked up onto some storage boxes when a door flies open - a moment - just a fucking moment - and one of the cartel’s bodyguards shoots you dead on.
He notices the spray of red - the way it paints the wall in a fine mist behind you.
Your body jerks - just once - and you slowly skate your palm down your torso - down all that kevlar that looks so fucking good on you and you press down - firmly - before you gasp - a short, sharp whine of pain.
“Fuck,” you rasp before you collapse to your knees. Frankie - without a thought, without a word - charges toward the guard who is blindly trying to unjam his gun and blows his head off. 
His mind is swirling - there is a ding - an alarm going off between his ears and he can’t see straight. He stumbles toward you - his arms outstretched - his skin cold. 
The singular, wringing panic of NO.
“Get her shirt off,” Will orders and Frankie does it - unclipping your vest and unzipping your jacket. His hands tremble minutely - not enough for anyone to notice - but enough for him to.
Get your fucking shit together, man.
She needs you. 
He gets you down to your bra and there’s all that soft skin marred by the tiny, wisp of a bullet hole. It’s streaming blood and Frankie carefully lifts you up to give your back a once-over. “I think - I think it was a clean hit - went right through.”
Will nods before yanking the duct tape and ripping it with his teeth. “Help me wrap her.” His voice dilutes to something tender as he warns you: “This is gonna hurt. I’m sorry.”
You don’t seem to follow him. Your breathing is irregular as if your ribs are shuttering inside the hull of your flesh. Frankie touches your face and sees your dilated pupils - your clammy brow - damp and muggy like a vapor. 
“She’s in shock.”
“Good,” Will mutters. “Then maybe she won’t feel it.”
He sits you up gently and starts to dress you - pressing the iron-shine duct tape around your middle - he pulls it tight - tight enough that your breath hitches and your throat bobs. Frankie wonders if you’re going to throw up - if you’re going to faint. There is so much blood.
“How’s she doing?” Pope asks from the window. 
“Not great,” Will grunts as he keeps binding you - swathes and swathes of tape. Finally, he tosses the roll - rubs his palm over your stomach. “Okay - that’s all we can do. Get her to the car, Fish.”
He picks you up - hauls you against his chest. As he quickly descends down the stairs to the front entrance - he presses his mouth to your temple and inexplicably - out of nowhere - maybe because he’s desperate -  or maybe because he regrets not having said it the night before - he finds himself confessing how much he had missed you, too.
Your teeth chatter in your mouth - eyes rolling back as Frankie holds your hand in a vice - nearly getting sick at the limpness of it. Your strength was you - your foundation - your identity. He had never seen you this weak before.
“We’re almost to the safehouse,” Pope barks from the front seat. 
Benny reaches over  from the far back -combing your wet hair off your forehead. “Hear that? You’re gonna be good,” he soothes - the brief hint of anxiousness muddled somewhere in between. “We’ll patch you up in no time.”
“Ss’fine,” you sigh. “Doesn’t even hurt really.”
Will’s head whirls back to look at you. His expression grim.
That’s not good. 
“Remember that time we - we got so fucked up in Amarillo,” you cough - your breath coming out in short, hot bursts. “The first - the first time we ever hung out stateside?”
Frankie recalls with stark clarity that time back on easy ground - back in Texas with the ache of long grass and summer-drenched fireflies and crickets. The sky endless - dripping blue and sparked in stars and just plains of dirt going nowhere.
It’s why he liked Texas - he liked the vastness - the clarity of the horizon - the lack of places to hide.
You had shown up in a sundress - a white frothy number that shamelessly floated around your thighs. They had never seen you out of fatigues - out of kevlar. You were beautiful in a new way - your face breaking out into something joyous - the truth of your real, gentle laugh. It wasn’t the forced one - laced with dryness - the grim humor you used to get through the fucking day back during missions.
At that point - Frankie had known he loved you and not just in a confused sort of way because they were always in dire, mortal peril situations - not because he trusted you with his life or he’d die for yours. He was in love with you - passionately, confusedly, brokenly in love with you and all of your chilly exteriors - your feline grace - your fucked up head. 
He wanted it all.
That was it, though. That realization had simply been the perfunctory end to that longing.
He never made a move - found himself unable to do it - unable to get the courage or the conviction to even try. There had been Will who was so forthright - courageous and empathetic - who spent his days coaching kids with their same scars. He seemed good for someone like you. Clean cut. American golden boy. 
That night you had found Frankie sitting alone at a picnic table - his fingertips tracing a beer bottle as he tried to keep out of your way. Not like it worked.
“You gonna settle down, Cat?” you had asked - leaning your bare arm against his shoulder - hand brushing up against his wrist. 
He had chuckled. “I’d need a girl for that first.”
You had given him a long, sideways glance. Your features blurred in the lamp light of Tom’s backyard. His buzz was hitting the full tilt of a drunk. The silence was uncomfortable and deafening as if you were just waiting for him and in retrospect it had become quite obvious that you were - that he had thought so low of himself that you coming onto him was just...unthinkable.
He had rubbed the back of his neck - the sweat dampening the curls of his hair. The heat unforgiving - cloying - oppressive. He fixed his cap before taking another panicked sip of beer as you just regarded him. 
That was your way, though. You simply stayed silent when you wanted answers - waiting for the other person to crack under the pressure of their awkwardness until they needed to fill the blanks you had left.
“Got any girls for me?” he finally asked - lamely. 
You had blinked - your brow furrowing before your pretty lips split into a too-bright smile. “Yeah, Frank,” you replied - stony and deadpan. “I have chicks for you.”
You had gotten up - left him there to stew in his own idiocy. Later  - he watched Will drag you back to his car - his hands all over you - his mouth in your hair as he made you laugh.
It had sounded like bells.
Your skull bounces on the car door as they hit a pothole and he curses - trying to maneuver you into something more comfortable. 
But then he hears his name - subdued - almost mute and he stiffens when he realizes it’s you. 
Your eyes are alarmingly bright as they fall on him - as they stare him down with a new alertness - the shock and confusion melting down to a thin gloss. 
Your fingers tighten around his hand that’s threaded through yours. There is the glimmer of a tear - the streak of red in your eyes and Frankie thinks that if you cry right now, he will lose it. He will literally break.
“Frankie,” you repeat - with meaning - with purpose. “Frankie - remember that night.”
Something in him gets it - things fall into place - blocks descending into order to build that memory with a new accuracy - a sincerity - that he’d been avoiding since it happened.  
It is a shock - it turns him inside out - it leaves him open.
“You gonna settle down, Frankie?” As you touched him - as you rubbed your arm against his bicep and peered up at him with that lip caught between your teeth and your eyes wide with a question - the only time he had ever seen you remotely uncertain - scared. 
It’s like he’s reliving it - it’s like he is seeing exactly what you had meant and what he had lost by listening through the plug of his own insecurity. 
“You gonna settle down, Frankie?” 
The whole of it - the truth to it:
“Are you gonna settle down with me?”
Part Two
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the-iceni-bitch · 5 months ago
Pledge Week VII: Finale
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~3k
Summary: it’s the last day of Ransom’s epic birthday week, and you’ve got one final surprise for him.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex, drunk sex) excessive alcohol consumption by adults of appropriate age, way too fucking soft Ransom, semi public sex, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: I can’t believe I made it through this whole week you guys! And of course I decided to kill myself with Ransom being stupidly soft and in love so I’m sorry (but not really because I want all of you to suffer with me). Thank you for sticking with me and now I’m gonna go cry that I don’t have this in my life.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Ransom didn’t even realize he was smiling and humming to himself like an idiot while he looked over the translated manuscript in Harlan’s sitting room.
He’d woken up that morning with your body draped over his, your face nuzzled into his neck and your soft sighs making his cock twitch. You looked so goddamn beautiful he hadn’t moved for a good 20 minutes, not until his bladder had started screaming at him and he had to roll you off him gently with a sad huff.
Coming back to find you grinning at him with your upper body propped on the pillows and your back arched in one of those pretty poses that drove him crazy had led to him burying himself in your perfect pussy for three hours, taking you apart with slow deliberate movements and murmuring soft praises in your ear until you were a fucked out, cockdrunk mess he had to carry to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
Harlan’s call had the potential to ruin your morning, disturbing the peace that had settled over your breakfast while he held you snuggled on his lap and fed you fruit. But you had insisted he help his grandfather with the editing for his new novel, adamant that you weren’t going to be up for any more sexy shenanigans until the evening. 
So there he was, trying to focus on reading over the French translation of Harlan’s novel but his thoughts constantly wandering to tangling his body with yours while you made those perfect, pretty noises that made him want to tell you…
“Ransom, are you singing?” Harlan had a wicked twinkle in his eye when he sat across from Ransom on his chair, grinning at his grandson as he took a sip of coffee.
“What? No!” Ransom finally realized he was acting like a fool, wiping the smile off his face and clearing his throat before turning his concentration back to the manuscript in his hands.
“Don’t lie to me, you were singing!” The old man chortled with glee, getting even more giddy when Ransom grumbled under his breath at him. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy. You’ve been practically jubilant ever since Y/N moved in with you.”
“No I haven’t.” Ransom pouted, tossing the manuscript on the coffee table and grabbing his own mug. 
“Don’t be so stubborn about it.” Harlan rolled his eyes at his grandson, leaning back in his seat as he watched the younger man shift uncomfortably. “It’s fairly obvious that you’re in love with her.”
Ransom leaned back and ran his hand over his face in exhaustion, finally bringing himself to meet his grandfather’s gaze.
“Obvious, huh?” He rubbed the back of his neck with nervous energy. “Apparently not to everyone.”
“I assume you’re talking about your mother.” Harlan sighed, shaking his head and frowning slightly. “I heard about the... incident at the party a few days ago. Needless to say I had quite a long discussion with your mother about inviting certain individuals back into our lives and she has at least accepted that Y/N isn’t going anywhere for a while.”
“Well, that’s something.” Ransom snorted, smirking into his coffee before taking another sip. “Sure she’s not happy about it though.”
“I would say not.” Harlan chuckled. “I’ve convinced her to at least apologize to Y/N and hopefully make things a little less awkward.”
“I guess that’s something.” Ransom said, giving Harlan a lazy smirk.
“Yes, it’s something. What kind of grandfather would I be if I didn’t ensure my grandson’s happiness?” Ransom couldn’t help but return the grin Harlan was giving him. “So, tell me all about your new life with this woman who makes you sing little songs to yourself.”
He hadn’t realized how much he had missed talking about you. Not the sex, which is all his friends wanted to hear about. And not the bare minimum he had to sidestep around when he talked with his parents or the rest of Harlan’s brood. But just you. How passionate you were about your work and how much you cared about your patients and your coworkers. How you sometimes lost yourself in cooking and he would come home to find you covered in flour and exhausted but so excited to have him try whatever you had whipped up from scratch. And just how goddamn happy it made him every time he walked through the door and you were there waiting for him. 
He was fucking lost for you, and he barely even realized it. 
It was early evening when he finally headed home, nice and relaxed after his long talk with Harlan. Apparently he really needed to talk to someone, and Harlan was always the perfect ear to bend.
Ransom frowned slightly when he pulled up to the house. Everything was dark even though your car was parked in the driveway. You must’ve been home, but usually you left a couple lights on even if you were taking the dog on a walk.
He felt slightly wary when he moved to the front door, unlocking it and stepping inside slowly as his eyes scanned the house.
“Baby?” He called, hanging his keys on the hook and chewing his lip nervously.
He swore horribly when you flicked the lights on and every single person that had been hiding behind the furniture jumped up and screamed at him. You look stupid happy at the look of shock on his face as you rushed forward and wrapped your arms around him, making him groan when he got a good look at what you were wearing.
“Happy birthday, babe!” You said giddily, squealing when he lifted you off the ground and groaned into your hair.
“You trying to kill me, honey?” He asked, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before setting you on the ground again. “Jesus Christ. Are you wearing a toga?”
“Yeah, it’s a toga party.” You beamed up at him. “We’ve got beer pong, flip cup, quarters, five kegs, a two story beer bong, and, for when we get really fucked up, greased pole climbing and maybe naked flashlight tag.”
“Fuck, you’re amazing.” He wound his arm around your waist as the two of you moved through the crowd and he gave polite greetings to the rest of the partygoers. “Did you invite my whole fucking fraternity?”
“I sure did.” You teased, letting him pull you down the hallway towards the bedroom. “And I hate all of them, so you owe me big.”
“Is that right?” He teased, slamming the door to the bedroom closed after he dragged you inside and pinning you against it. “I think I can probably come up with some way to make it up to you.”
You giggled breathlessly when he buried his face in your neck, his lips and tongue tracing over the column of your throat while his hands snaked under the edge of your toga and his fingers skimmed up the inside of your thighs. He sucked a bruise against your collarbone as he slipped two thick fingers inside you, grinning against your skin when you gave him one of those soft moans that made him hard.
“Jesus, fuck, Ran.” You whined, rolling your hips to match the strokes of his fingers against your soft walls. “You know that I’m the one that’s supposed to be giving you nice things, it’s your birthday, after all.”
“Well watching you fall apart for me is the only thing I need, honey.” He purred, finding that spongy spot and curling his fingers against it until your eyes rolled back in your head. “I could’ve come home to just you naked and spread out on the bed for me and I would’ve been just as happy.”
You sighed happily when he moved his mouth to yours, opening up for him immediately and letting him stroke your tongue with his at a gentle pace that matched the movements of his fingers inside you. His thumb swiped over your clit and you gasped, arching your body into his hand and wrapping one leg around his hip so he had even better access.
“Ran, baby, shit.” You choked on a sob when he slid in a third finger, his free hand curling around your waist to keep you from collapsing as he stretched you open. “‘M so close.”
“I know, baby. This pretty little cunt is sucking on my fingers so hard.” HIs tongue traced over your bottom lip slowly, swallowing each tiny cry that escaped from your mouth with a satisfied hum. “C’mon honey, come for me, I fucking need it, please.”
Your breath hitched in your chest and he suddenly knelt in front of you, laving his tongue over your throbbing pussy and wrapping his lips around you until you squirted your release into his waiting mouth with a barely swallowed scream. He groaned into you while you fluttered against his face, gazing up at you through his lashes adoringly as you panted with need.
“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s gotten into you, sweetie?” You ran your fingers through his hair and tilted his head back so you could grin down at him.
“It’s my party.” He cooed, tracing his lips over the inside of your thigh slowly with a sly smirk. “And you're always my favorite thing to unwrap.”
“God, you’re being adorable.” You said, pulling him to his feet and pressing your lips to his softly. “Go put on your toga so we can get fucked up.”
Tumblr media
It didn’t take long, Jess greeting the two of you with a tray of jello-shots as soon as you walked back into the living room. People were already starting to get crazy, you could see a bonfire raging outside as you and Ran downed every single shot on the tray in a matter of minutes as his asshole friends gave excited whoops.
Neither of you were feeling much when you moved outside, Logan shouting at you from the roof as you moved toward the bottom of the two story funnel you had set up.
Ran went first, since it was his birthday after all, but he only managed to keep down two and a half cans before he had to spit out the funnel and spray beer everywhere. It was a little unfair for you to go next, it’s not like you had a gag reflex. You looked way too proud of yourself when you managed to chug four cans before Logan decided to be an ass and pour in a shot of tequila so you almost choked.
Both of you were starting to feel it a little bit once you decided to move to the kegs, especially noticeable by the way Ransom suddenly couldn’t keep his hands off you. He got slightly too protective once you were upside down for a keg stand, almost starting a fist fight with some douchebag who tried to take a peek under your toga while he held you up. 
And, now you were drunk.
Ransom was all over you, his hands hever leaving your body as the two of you wandered through the party. You couldn’t stop giggling as he mouthed over your neck and chest, trying to keep him from getting too handsy with very little success
“Baby, c’mon.” You cooed, huffing softly when he pinned you against the wall. “Ran, ya need ta qui’ bein’ such a fuckin’ slut.”
“I can’t.” He whined, sucking your bottom lip between his teeth and grinning when you let out a low moan. “Love ya so much, hon.”
“Ran, there’s still beer pong.” You tried to pull him back towards the party, but just succeeded in tangling his feet with yours until you both almost went down. “And flashlight tag, and…”
“Yess.” His face split in a sloppy grin before he shouted over the noise of the party. “ Everybody get tha fuck ou’side, ih’s time for nekkid flashlight tag!”
Everyone inside cheered and started to filter out excitedly, bottlenecking at the front door as Ransom wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your hair as he held you tightly to him. You tried to move with the crowd as it thinned out, but he just dragged you into the hall with a small squeak as he waited for everyone to get out.
“Hey, pretty girl.” He murmured once the house was empty, turning you to face him and cupping your cheek in his hand. “Guess wha’?”
“Mmm, what?” You purred, smiling at him when he started running his fingers through your hair.
“I love ya, tha most.” He growled, resting his forehead against yours and doing his best to focus on your eyes. “Fuckin’ belong ta you, and only you.”
“Baby…” His mouth was on yours before you could continue, his tongue tangling sloppily with yours as the two of you sank to the floor and his hands were untangling your toga desperately.
“Jus’ wanna make you so happy, hon.” He groaned, pressing kisses all over your face and neck as he pinned you to the floor. “Give yah anything you want. Jus’ tell me. Yah wan’ my cock?”
“Yes, yeah, Ran.” You undid his toga quick and wrapped your entire body around his, digging your nails into his back when he thrust into you in one quick motion. “Shit, you make me so happy, baby. I love you.”
He moaned happily as he started moving, murmuring against your lips how much he loved you with each push of his hips. His stomach twitched when you clenched around him, his arms winding around your neck while he plucked at your lips with his teeth.
The two of you were pressed so close he could feel the bounce of your breasts with each thrust, and the catch in your breath when he hit you deep and you gave him a quiet whimper. You couldn’t keep your eyes off his, losing yourself in the black pools of lust surrounded by a thin ring of ice as he took you apart slowly. Your hips rolled to meet his, your body trying to pull him deeper and keep him there as he brought you right to the edge.
“Y/N, fuck, honey.” He was growling into your mouth when he felt your entire body start to tighten underneath him. “Oh, please come for me, baby. Please, I need to feel you come.”
“Ran, shit, I’m gonna do it.” You murmured breathlessly, sucking on his tongue when he thrust it between your lips. “I’m right there, I’m gonna come.”
He ground against you and your body went rigid, his mouth catching your choked cry before you were fluttering wildly around his cock and spasming underneath him. Your muscles quivered in your release, your cum soaking his cock and making it easier for him to fuck into you harder. 
Ransom completely lost himself in you, watching every beautiful expression that passed over your face and committing it to memory. He needed you, needed your soft body and beautiful face and every gorgeous sound that fell from your lips. You tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled him close, tucking your face into his neck and murmuring gentle pleas in his ear as his cock dragged over every inch of you until you were right on the edge again.
“Jesus, you’re so beautiful.” He cooed, pressing soft kisses over your cheeks and lips until you were gasping for him. “Gimme one more, pretty girl, I’m so close.”
“Ok.” You sighed, somehow arching even closer to him as you felt warmth spreading from your core again. 
He swallowed your scream with a pleased hum, shoving his cock as far into you as he could until he was filling you with his cum. You both collapsed against the floor when you were finished, grinning at each other as you struggled to regulate your breathing while you came down.
The front door opened suddenly and Ransom grabbed the sheet he had been using as a toga to cover the two of you before turning and screaming at a hysterical Dylan and Chaz to get the fuck out of his house, ignoring their incredulous laughter as he chucked empty beer cans and solo cups at them while you buried your face in his neck and giggled. They ran back outside screaming that the birthday boy was getting some so no one better disturb him before slamming the door closed and your giggling turned to full on laughter, grabbing Ransom to keep him from chasing after them and distracting him by pressing your lips to his.
“Ignore those assholes, baby.” You murmured, nipping softly at his lips until all his focus was back on you. “Lemme get your present.”
“What?” He watched you wrap your own sheet around yourself and move to the bedroom. “I thought this whole week was the present?”
“Just part of it.” You called, wandering back into the hall with a pleased grin and holding a small black box. “I couldn’t have you one-up me with that choker, though.”
He pulled you into his lap and nuzzled into your hair before taking the box from you and opening it slowly, grinning when you rested your head on his shoulder and he got a look at what was inside.
“Fuck, honey.” He pulled the ring from the box and slid it onto his pinkie, admiring the small black and white sapphires that adorned the simple white gold band. “We match.”
“I know.” You sighed, grinning when he pulled your face in for another kiss. “Happy fucking birthday, Ran.”
“Thank you, baby.” He beamed at you when you rested your forehead against his. “You realize that now I’m gonna have to come up with something completely ridiculous for your birthday?”
“Well, you have seven months to plan, so it better be fucking amazing.”
Tumblr media
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submissive-bangtan · 7 months ago
#Scream For Me (m)
↳ PAIRING. sub!hyunjin x domme!reader
↳ SUMMARY. It’s his first time. You’re in charge. He lets loose. 
↳ WORDS. 3k
warnings ⚠️ spit play, fingering, blindfolds, ribbon bondage, handjobs, casual domination, oral (f receives), slow dick riding, as you can tell by the title he’s very loud, sloppy sex, choking, aftercare
♡ NOTE ➝ surprise surprise, writing for stray kids today! vocal hyunjin is domme candy👌
Tumblr media
“I’ll be very gentle,” you hook two fingers down the hem of his jeans. Hyunjin quickly nods: Both your attention lies on just how much his pants are bulging out already. As long as you stay focussed, surely this will be a calm first time for him— Well, we’ll see about that. In fact, if you already knew what is slumbering inside of him? You’d get fucking ready.
“Can I please touch you as well?”
He’s fumbling at your thighs, your dress, and you can feel his nervousness in the fingertips already.
“You can. But first— Mommy unwraps her present. You know how it goes.“
And it’s a big present, I’m telling you. So big, you have a hard time smoothly unzipping him in one go. And since his hips won’t hold still — God is he sensitive to touching, but hey, what’s not to like — undressing him takes some real maneuvering. It’s not easy to whip a 300 feet yacht out of some average harbor. 
“Do you like it?” 
“Uh-huh. Something I can work with right there.”
A bit of lube distributed in both hands, a deep breath, now you’re good to go. You give it a few pumps to accommodate Hyunjin to your touch. As expected: He’s not very stoic about it. Even though he’s fully reclined on your bed, and it couldn’t be any cozier, he bucks up.
“Don’t worry. Just teasin’. Here,” you give him access to your dress by lifting it past your hip. His left hand finds its way past your underwear pretty fast. Guess who’s relieved by a distraction from his spike in arousal. Now that you think about it, he might like some casual handjobs in the daytime or while driving. During cuddles, maybe. 
How not to touch him all day. He’s all big and girthy, he reacts well. Your fingers fits perfectly around him, too. Hyunjin’s nice as fuck to hold and stroke. Not to mention lightning fast when it comes to reciprocating. He’s shy about a lot of things, and that’s because of having few experience, but not about being mutual. Green flag.
“So wet...”
“Just for you. Go ahead, take a dip.“
Hyunjin definitely looks like he’s having the time of his life just fingering you. Freestyle, no rules, no strategies. He delights in just pleasing you at every angle. Fuck, his hands are so nice. At one point, you resort to ripping off your panties altogether. Easier access. He gets even harder in your palm.
“Is that good?”
“That’s good, babe. Keep on circling.”
Those lips probably make for an even more unruly type of stimulation between your legs. If they’re only half as lawless, Jesus you’ll be spiralling already. They’re so nice and plump. Big cock, big lips, is there some sort of correlation? Anyway. Hyunjin feels like the type to eat pussy obsessively, so. But you think you have to be careful introducing him to it. Knowing him, he’d straight up suffocate himself on first try. Hwang Hyunjin, death by pussy.
“Can I try it with my lips as well, please?“
Fate has its way of doing things, huh. And he knows you’ve been looking at his lips, doesn’t he.
“I’ll only let you kiss and suck until I count to thirty. Wait, let me get on my back.”
Switching spots lets you feel the warmth where Hyunjin just led his back. He doesn’t waste much time. One blink and he props up his lips at your entrance, waiting for instructions. Well shit.
“Keep it shallow,” you get a fistful of his hair. “Kiss, kiss. Like that. Move it just an inch upward. Don’t touch your cock, I still wanna ride it later. Lay flat on the bed. Put your hands around my thighs. 29, 28...“
At that prospect, he becomes even more obedient. His tongue doesn’t do a bad job at all. Oh wonder, he breathes just fine. First time eating you out: You get the impression that this guy has some serious talent there.
“Tastes really good. It’s all bubbly,“ Hyunjin smiles bright from ear to ear. You’ve just stopped counting by now.
“Ugh, fuck it. Just eat, eat.”
That goes on for almost five minutes, in fact. He licks and services you perfectly. That his lips feel ten times more sensual than they already look has your breath going much shorter and your grip in his hair much tighter. So much about making assumptions. And it makes sense, not having his cock stimulated has Hyunjin cooling down a little. Suspiciously so. 
When you were stroking him off, he’d go wild right along. Conclusion: Handjobs and Hyunjin are like pressing a red button. Eating pussy: Chill area. Noted. Complete slobbery wetness: Also noted. You wonder what that’s good for.
“Hyunjin, should we go for it now? I want you inside me. You’ll slip right in so nicely. I’ll take good care of you, you don’t have to be nervous.“
“Can we kiss while we do it?”
Nothing you’d love more. You lay Hyunjin just where he started out, get a soft black ribbon from the nightstand. As promised, you tie his arms above his head, not too tightly or anything. A simple bow tie keeps the whole thing together, making it easy to open. The loose ends dangle at the sides of his wrists, teasing his skin. Goosebumps. It all makes for a nice view of his arms, and his head is brought a little forward, it’s perfect to kiss. He’s practically on the verge of kissing without you moving your lips close to his.
Starting with a little peck on the forehead and nose, you make sure he feels well in his position and get a second black ribbon to tie his eyes. A bit tighter, just so it won’t come off when his head moves. The knot you place on the right side rather than the back of the head, it’d be uncomfortable against the pillow he’s rested on. Hyunjin gets more and more excited.
“I want you to just feel. Do you want me to start?”
 “Yes—,” he says. “And, do it slowly. I don’t want you to hurt yourself also.“
He’s so sweet. And he knows his dick is kinda massive. Too many first times ruined because of that. 
“Extra slow, Hyunjin. I’ll make this feel really great for us. Come, kiss me.”
Your tongues connect just when you get hold of him with your right hand. The touch has Hyunjin groaning into the kiss—
Pretty fucking strongly.
There he goes again. Your fingers, red button, the whole shebang. Little did you know he’d start whining even more the second you line him up between your pussy lips, and move his tip around a bit. Just to say hi to your clit, and to give yourself a good feel of what’s going in first. Hyunjin is literally falling apart below you already. He can barely keep it in. 
And you can’t keep it out: Finally, you point his cock tip between your labia, and his saliva is just perfect to help you glide it past the entrance. Hyunjin’s kisses are getting hungry and desperate, and even louder, with heavy breaths along the way. 
“Jesus Christ,” he’ll catch you mumbling, and you can feel his dick throbbing. “Let me hear you!”
“You’re squeezing me! Oh shit, shit!”
Looks like someone’s very passionate to say the least. It didn’t stop with the handjob, then. Any kind of contact with his dick is having Hyunjin’s voice do somersaults. Guess why he’s walking around so noisily all day when he’s just walking and his pants do their thing like, giving him a good rub even if it’s just lightly on the surface.
With reactions like that, Hyunjin’s dick is well inside of you without any further ado. Boyfriend moaning, pussy open. While you’re enjoying the feel of being completely full with him, and imagine how deep his spit is being thrust inside you — oh god, yes — Hyunjin seems to have his own imaginations. The blindfold was both a good and a bad idea. He can’t anticipate your next move, but he also seems to feel you sliding him in twice as much. 
“Are you thinking I’m some kind of succubus, huh.”
You tease, wiggle your hips. Causing one loud fucking moan.
“It feels that way, ah!”
“Are you gonna scream your lungs out when I start moving, hm?“
“I can’t control it!”
“Let’s see then.”
You lean back into the kiss, bent forward just enough to change the way his dick is aligned inside of you all over again. A little bounce and the position is perfect.
“Wow, look. This is a good angle. It just goes right in.”
It’s amazing how he reacts at your mercy. Your kisses stifle the moans, but they also make him more on edge because he wants to let it out. Congrats, you’ve found the officially best way to torture him. 
“So. How about doing this.”
You raise your hips. It takes quite some effort to pull him out that far because he’s so girthy. It’s literally pulling at your walls as if they don’t wanna let him go. You do it slowly, terribly slow, every millimeter has your pussy lips deliciously tracing another facet of him. Moving up means cleaning some more saliva off his shaft. It all goes inside you. God bless his runny mouth while he was eating you out. 
Only Hyunjin’s tip remains inside of you. The air hitting what was previously buried inside you makes for a surefire way to make him break the kiss and bite his lips. 
“My cock! My, ah, my!”
His hands are all wobbly above his head. As are his legs behind you. 
“How are we taking it down there.”
“If you do that hip thing again, I can’t guarantee anything!“
So that’s what makes his heart beat faster.
“I’d be damn cruel making you cum so early, darling. Sooner or later I’ll milk all your semen anyway.“
Well, succubus indeed.
“I’ll just blow up, I can’t!“
“You’re lucky I won’t be riding you full-speed or something. You’re just too big for that. But what if I do the hip thing and you can’t cum?”
“Oh fuck!“
For good measure, you nuzzle him generously, and yes, do the thing. The agony in his expression is not even the full effect of what you’ve done. Hyunjin is screaming out loud. 
“And that was with a warning. I’ll do it again and if you can stand it, you get some pussy in your face. Wanna get treated?”
“Please, please treat me!”
“But first...”
To add some extra spice, you push down to his base all over again. Hyunjin arches, his teeth are almost sewn shut from the pressure of his tight jaw. Once he’s balls deep, you flick your hip just a little. A loud moan simmers into a little mewl, the jaw unclenches, his tongue starts lapping out. You’ve truly shut off his brain right now.
“Very well done.”
Pulling out works faster now, but you notice how it’s not as slippery anymore. A lot of Hyunjin’s spit has gathered around the lower third of his dick. It’s a nice sight to have it drip on his terribly swollen balls that are probably going through a whole bunch of things right now. 
“Good thing you get something to slurp on. We need more spit. Use your mouth!”
Hyunjin’s cock being untouched right now seems to take the edge off, but his mouth, holy shit. His mouth is on an eager spree to wet you up all over. On top of your own lubrication, Hyunjin provides another ridiculous amount of leakage all over your clit and folds. It’s running all over his face. 
The blindfold gets soaked as does his nose. A frantically moaning Hyunjin doesn’t seem to stop slurping and pushing out spit, you swear he’s gonna fucking drown. That method. It’s completely chaotic just like his fingering. You weren’t wrong, then. He might die then, but at least you’re able to remove the blindfold, wearing that is too gross. Hyunjin is excitedly blinking at you through his own spit like the sun is blinding him but he doesn’t mind.
“I love you. Amazing. Look at this. You’re so nasty. Come, let’s do this again. Hope that cock can push all that into me. It’s too good to waste.“
You get back to squatting on his dick, admittedly a little wobbly on the mattress now. Hyunjin’s satanic ritual tongue does not go without a notice. Nor does the way you slide back down on him, and back up.
“Oh woah!”
A clean thrust. Your pussy is dripping so much on him, a little stream glosses over the thread of veins on the underside. Before it reaches down and disappears between his thighs, you make sure to collect it with another thrust. Hyunjin stares just right at his cock disappearing in you, framed by your labia stretching out. His jaw is completely dropped.
“Yes, that’s how we’re looking like. You have a great cock. Listen to that sound.”
Smooth gliding and a wet little smack when you touch down.
“It’s, it’s amazing... It feels so warm and creamy.”
“Watch. I’ll be stirring your spit all inside me.“
Slowly, carefully, you ride him again, this time connecting several thrusts. Hyunjin looks adorable with his wide eyes and sweaty face. 
“Yes! Oh yes, oh.... That feels so good.”
“Nothing wasted. You’re doing really well. You’re good at this.“
You lean in for a deep kiss. Only after you tongue him down do you realize just how much he’s ruined his mouth. It’s so sticky and wet, and his lips are so exhausted. They’ve been swelling up more than you thought they would, he’s really put them to the test like a champ. Well, they’ve lost their virginity, too. The kiss ends with two wet mouths parting by a thread.
“Are you enjoying yourself?”
“Yes. I really love it. Thank you, Hyunjin. Can I finish off first? I wanna use my hands to make you cum.“
“You’re the best,“ he becomes flustered, and watches in awe just how you reposition yourself all over again, pointing his cock at his belly flat this time. It’s perfect to just grind right above it. A bit of fluid leaking from your pussy mixed with lube and spit makes for the best slippery help to get your clit some intense stimulation from gliding squarely across Hyunjin’s bit vein. 
“Fucking hell, babe. That’s a wonder dick.”
How he throbs and pulsates is the last push it needs to get close. You loosen the tie of Hyunjin’s ribbon and his hands dart around you, hold you, and he winds his hips to give you more of the friction. 
But this time, he’s moving faster, and your orgasm arrives quicker than you count from 30, not even that. You get messy on his balls and base, and Hyunjin almost loses it from having you grind on him. That he’s been holding it in until now is a miracle. His hair is nothing but sweaty streaks right now.
As soon as the waves of pleasure become smaller and you can think again, both your and his hand come wrapping around his shaft. No problem moving your palms around, he’s covered in all that honey. Plus there’s more space, he could fit three palms. It feels so intimate doing it together and being in sync. Hyunjin’s broken moans and whines are well accompanied by more hip bucks and a quicker pace. Your two hands squeezing up and down makes Hyunjin start to beg to you.
“Please use the other hand, please, please choke me through this!“
You go for a lighter grip, hell, he hasn’t done this before, but Hyunjin isn’t having it. The protest is all loud and clear.
“Squeeze my throat! Please, harder, do it hard, please!”
You press down at either side of his neck, and make sure to translate that onto his cock as well, still jerking him off. You don’t let go until he’s cumming. 
A thick white spurt empties between the intertwine of your fingers. Hyunjin squeals out loud, catching air, almost crying. Another load has him all shaky, growling, and rubbing his own hand around yours to push out even the last bits of sperm. Surprise, there’s more cum leaking out.
“Oh, what to do with all that big dick.”
“It’s, it’s so much!“
“Come here with that milk.“
You lower your face on him and let the last clear bits come up against your puckered lips. They spread his cum all over the tip, kiss it, catch new threads, swirl them around while your hands are pumping the lower half, all the meaty girth. Never missing an opportunity for torture. Hyunjin is screaming and suffering all over again. His semen has been oozing all over your hands. 
“Clean it, babe. We’ll lay down in a minute. That’s an amazing icing.”
Hyunjin’s tongue has a last job and it does it well. Your fingers are super clean and well-kissed, his lips are so glorious. You’re both dizzy, but you at least manage to towel down. Because his face is a mess, your lips are dripping, your pussy is a swimming pool of spit, and that ruined dick has seen some things today, oh yeah it did. What better way to leave its virginity inside of you all slicked up and sloppy. 
Hyunjin starts freezing very fast by now, and you get a weighted blanket, with you on top of him, in a sweater, just because. Sharing heat is caring heat. You love cuddles after sex.
“Say something cute and nasty,” he pouts, and you think of a good way to summarize the evening. 
“I mean look at you. You’re officially a slut now. My slut,” you pinch his nose. “If you want. Let’s have some fun like that tomorrow again. I can’t wait, you know. That’s a really loud boy I got myself.“
“Oh yes, tomorrow!”
“I might be blowing you for more of that icing. It was really nice and sugary.“
“I eat lots of fruit!”
Now that’s a keeper.
“And I gotta say, shit...“
“You came really hard on my dick, right.”
Hyunjin makes an innocent face saying that, but you know very well how he’s been taking you in, he’s learning.
“That was that sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”
He smiles a little, exhausted, but flustered. 
“Lot more to come. That’s only the first time for you.”
“I’ve been thinking that as well. Say it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen until tomorrow.“
“Exactly right. That’s the idea,” you kiss his neck now, breathing in the afterglow. “And, by the way. Um. I hope I removed the ribbons at the right timing.“
“It was in the right moment!“
“Should we try more like that next time?”
“I like it.“
“Me too. You look perfect tied up.”
The blindfold did the trick, you know it. Hyunjin has hardly reacted to your touch like that when cuddling. Although, that’s hard to compare, is it.
“And... You really could have choked me a little harder by the way.“
Hyunjin knows just how to mimic you. Another nose pinch for you, young man.
“We didn’t plan it so I thought I’d go easy on you. But if you like it. You want it rougher, don’t ya. You just wanna fucking scream.“
“I’ll admit it,” he nuzzles his face into your sweater. “I’m just very loud...”
“We’ll see what kind of ideas I’ll come up with to get you even louder. Deal?”
“Favorite deal.“
Tumblr media
FINAL NOTE. thank you for reading - caro 🐅
© 2017-2021 submissive-bangtan. all rights reserved. no reposts allowed.
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whythinktoomuch · 7 months ago
ii. apocalypse now & again
(pt. i)
Kara woke up and realized that she was going to die.
Too many of the drones had survived the explosions and were still closing in on her. What little strength she had left after quite literally digging her own grave was presently and painstakingly strained just from her efforts to climb onto her knees. And on top of all that—of everything that possibly could have gone wrong for her in this moment—her helmet was cracked.
The abstract red numbers warning Kara of the kryptonite levels in the area seemed redundant now, what with that unmistakable chill already flooding her bloodstream.
“… Alex,” Kara gasped out, barely able to hear herself over the ringing in her ears. “Hey, Alex… Are you there?”
Her words were met with not one whisper or even a crackle of static, and for once, Kara was inconsolably disappointed to hear no one yelling back at her. With her teeth gritted, she shoved herself off the ground as hard as she could, drifting barely a foot into the air before the first drone crashed into the back of her head.
Kara toppled back onto the ground, knees skidding across the rubble in a shower of hot sparks. The impact had her head reeling, her mouth filling with a taste that she was now idly recognizing as blood. But there was no time to consider any of that as the drone doubled back. Kara scrambled out of the way, narrowly avoiding another collision, only to be struck by a second drone smashing right against her ear.
Out of breath but swearing, Kara whirled around and snagged the fast approaching drone into a bear hug, squeezing and squeezing until it crunched in her arms with a frantic whir. Then with a burst of heat vision, she shattered the other as it came straight for her face.
Kara used her heat vision to pick off several more drones from a distance, but of course, more and more just showed up to take their place, never wavering, never slowing… and eventually, Kara just had to laugh. Because her exhaustion was catching up to her. And Alex was hundreds of miles away. And to get out of here alive, Kara would have to somehow defeat the entire horde of drones, while all they had to do was wreck her suit a little more.
Though admittedly, it’d be overkill at this point, given the crack now spiderwebbing across the glass visor of Kara’s helmet.
Either way, it was over.
So, Kara laughed, grabbed at her chest in a reflexive gesture only to meet the unforgiving metal of her suit, then dropped to her knees. “Alex!” she shouted herself hoarse, because maybe if said loudly enough, the words would still be lingering in the air by the time her sister arrived. “Alex, I’m sorry, okay? You were right, and I’m sorry!”
Then she just waited—chest heaving, eyes narrowed but never blinking despite the heat pricking at the corners—because she definitely had to see this through to the bitter fucking end. That much, she owed everyone, including herself.
Except the end didn’t come.
Not this time anyway.
No, instead came a silver sphere, emerging seemingly out of thin air to hover right before Kara’s face. It flashed a blinding white just once, and everything fell absolutely silent and still. Kara’s suit powered down completely, the drones collectively dropped from the air like marionettes with cut strings, and all the lights in the immediate vicinity blinked out.
Laughter welling up all over again, Kara could only collapse onto her side in something akin to sheer relief.
The first person to occur to her, of course, was Alex, who had already saved her ass from similar scrapes on many occasions. But that couldn’t be it. Alex was too far away. It’s why Kara had to take on this mission on her own in the first place.
Then she considered maybe Winn or James, which made even less sense, given how the deceased hardly ever came back to do things like save people’s lives. Not even hers. Not even in the most dire of situations. That’s, unfortunately, just not how life worked these days.
Then she considered Alex again because the kryptonite was clearly bleeding into her brain now, and it was getting rather difficult to remember why it couldn’t have been Alex who’d just saved her. Maybe Kara did shout loud enough after all…
But then, a set of footfalls drew near, metal scraping against metal at a steady pace until a heavy boot struck Kara firmly in the chest, flipping her onto her back where she settled with a grunt.
“So glad I got to you first,” came a self-assured drawl, and Kara promptly found herself face to face with a handheld cannon of sorts. “Would be a pity to come all this way and not get to kill you myself.”
And… Kara’s jaw just dropped.
Not because of the words, nor the intentions behind them—though perhaps they both merited some attention as well—but that voice.
Kara gaped up at her supposed knight in shining, lead-lined armor because her voice—that low, husky tone paired with that very specific lilting cadence—was making her reconsider some very fundamental things about how the world might work.
Namely, that people wouldn’t come back from the dead just to save her life.
Mind still reeling away, Kara tried to sit up, only to be slammed back into the ground, hard.
“Down, girl,” Lena said, grinding her boot into Kara’s chest, the weight of her entire body behind the gesture. But that was fine.
It was fine because Kara could still draw some breath into her lungs, could still use some of that breath to talk, and she could certainly still say some things that she hadn’t uttered aloud in many a year. Like her late wife’s name, for instance.
The cannon in Kara’s face wavered, but didn’t lower. “Shut up,” Lena hissed down at her. “Don’t talk. Don’t even think.”
“So… it is you…” Kara said, and she gently wrapped her fingers around Lena’s ankle—the only part of her that she could still reach from her position—and just cried.
With a startled gasp, Lena stumbled away, wrenching herself out of Kara’s grip. “What the fuck…? What is wrong with you?”
“Nothing, nothing,” Kara sobbed out, trying not to choke on her own tears and snot and the slight taste of blood still lingering on her tongue. She suddenly, irrationally, wished that she could just take off her clunky suit. Just to eliminate some of that distance between her and Lena. Just so she could touch the chain hanging around her neck without any hindrance. “Just… just wanted to say, hi.”
Lena kept her distance, studying Kara in a stony silence, and Kara started to see things that she should probably would have noticed sooner if her body weren’t actively shutting down on her. Like the green glow of Lena’s weapon and the kryptonite cartridges strapped to her belt. Or that she was clearly wearing a lexo-suit. Or how the swirly edges of her own vision were starting to darken, and how the chill of kryptonite was currently all she could feel.
“Hey,” Kara called out, sniffling only slightly now. “Am I dreaming?”
“… No.”
Kara nodded thoughtfully to herself. “Okay, cool, cool… So, I think I might be dying then.”
“Yeah,” Lena said, after a brief pause. “Probably.”
“Cool.” Kara tried to flash a thumbs up, but no part of her body wanted to cooperate anymore. Her exhaustion had eaten up all her drive. “Hey, can you tell Alex something for me?”
Lena sighed, but she finally stepped closer, practically in reach. “Okay, sure.”
Kara fumbled for some words and the correct order that one might put them in, but then Lena took off her helmet, and nothing else mattered anymore. Because Kara was perfectly content to just watch that ripple of dark hair, streaked with a light gray that was just… nice to look at.
She never got to see her Lena’s hair do that.
Kara’s shoulder was being shaken so violently that she had no choice but to open her eyes and see Alex’s worry-creased face peering down at her.
“Dumbass…” Alex grumbled, releasing Kara’s shoulder with a dirty scowl. “That’s the last time I let you go anywhere without me.”
“Whatever you say, director.” Kara laughed, but it hurt. She then tried to do a salute, but her everything was still too weak to move apparently. But at least she was still alive.
… Wait.
Kara repeatedly tried to sit up on her bed, and Alex repeatedly shoved her right back down until she gave up. But still, she had to check, had to know that it wasn’t all just a dream.
“Where’s Lena?” she demanded, and the look that Alex gave her in response was so deeply pained that Kara almost felt pathetic for asking.
“… Kara.”
“No, I saw her, Alex,” Kara said, shaking her head, then immediately stopping when her entire body somehow got dizzy from it. “Shit. Ow, ow… But wait, no—But seriously, I saw her, okay?”
“I’m not surprised that you did. You almost died, Kara. Actually, I’m pretty sure that you were dead for a few minutes back there. Again, I say, you fucking dumbass.”
“But I didn’t die. Because she saved me,” Kara insisted. “No, seriously! She took out all the drones with some sort of EMP device, and, and… we talked! And she had gray hair, and I think maybe laugh lines? And yeah, I almost died because my helmet got cracked and stuff. But now, I’m here and I’m fine, so… everything’s fine, right?”
Alex frowned, then somehow settled on the least important part of Kara’s briefing, “You cracked your helmet?”
“Ugh, yeah. The glass visor part. When I fell,” Kara said, waving her hand dismissively. “So sorry about that, by the way.”
“Suit looked fine when we got to you,” Alex said with a shrug, before irritably exclaiming, “Jesus christ, Kara, enough! I’ll just have a guy get the helmet for you, okay? So, just stop trying to get up already.”
Huffing, Kara fell back onto her bed with her arms folded and waited. But when someone eventually showed up with her helmet in tow, she was surprised to see that it was somewhat worse for the wear but perfectly intact. Even up close, with the helmet out the tech’s hands and in her own, Kara couldn’t detect even the slightest blemish in the glass.
Pouting ever so slightly, Kara shoved the helmet back into the tech’s arms.
“… Satisfied?” Alex asked, rolling her eyes when Kara just shrugged one shoulder. “Great. Listen… You just need to get some rest, okay? Once you’re back to full strength, we can work through your… you know, memories together. And hopefully, it’ll make more sense by then. Sound good?”
Kara just nodded, suddenly all too willing to be left to her own devices in the relative quiet and darkness. She accepted a gentle shoulder squeeze and the promise of another session with the sun lamps within the hour, and just curled up under the sheets.
It’s not like she hadn’t conjured up images of Lena before. Kara had been close to death enough times that it was only inevitable that she’d fall back onto memories of her dead wife at some point or another. But this was different. Whenever her brain was just playing tricks on her, Lena appeared to her the way Kara remembered her: warm and loving, bright green eyes, long dark hair smelling of lavender, and alive and young.
Never before had Kara encountered an appropriately aged version of Lena, with creases gathered around her eyes and forehead, hair gloriously faded into the most lovely blend of light grays and white amongst all that black… The Lena that could have been if only she had lived out all these past years alongside Kara.
And she was never in a lexo-suit, of all things. Lena was always wearing one of her classic pencil skirts or Kara’s NCU sweatshirt, or something. Oh, and of course, her wedding band.
Instinctively, the same way she always did when it occurred to her, Kara reached for the chain around her neck, seeking out the familiar weight of the rings that hung from there… only to jolt upright with a gasp that dried up her entire throat.
She ripped the necklace off her head, almost snapping the chain, which in and of itself was telling. Because her chain had been forged out of an extraterrestrial metal amalgamation that not even the Girl of Steel would have been able to break. The one now clutched in her hand, however, was just plain white gold.
Heart pounding in her ears, Kara stared down at an engagement ring fitted with a modest cut of diamond, somehow occupying the very spot where two simple wedding bands—hers and her Lena’s—should have been. Then something drove her to check for an inscription, and sure enough, engraved on the inside of the ring was a series of kryptonian characters, denoting a term of endearment that Kara had never used, but apparently could have in another world altogether: my dearest heart.
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jungshookz · 8 months ago
teeny tidbits: taehyung needs y/n to make out with him & she’s only doing it to be a good roommate
Tumblr media
if the title didn’t get your attention i don’t know what will 
pairing; roommate!taehyung x reader
genre; this sits right on the line between nsfw and sfw?? i think the term we’ve established for these kinds of drabbles is smalmost smut,.,. smerhaps smut.,., smaybe smut.,,. stuckwithyouniverse!! roomie!couple but before they got together just because i wanted to see cocky tae again :’)) 
wordcount; 1.8k 
                                      »»————- ♡ ————-««
one of the things that you enjoy most about going to a university with a big campus are the nice, relaxing walks along the tree-lined promenades while drowning out the sound of distracting chatter with your own music
after all, it’s nice to catch a bit of a break while going from one class to the next 
and you can get your steps in for the day at the same time which is an added bonus 
who doesn’t like bragging about getting 10,000 steps in on a daily basis?
and not to mention- 
“hEY-!” you let out a shriek when you feel someone’s hand wrap around your elbow from behind, and the next thing you know, you’re being pulled off to the side behind a tree and-
“jesus christ, taehyung-” you let out a breath of relief when you see that it’s only taehyung and you reach up to yank your earbuds out when you realise he’s saying something to you
“-ith me.” he blinks, “okay?”
“what??” you frown, reaching over to rub your elbow soothingly seeing that he practically manhandled you a second ago, “i didn’t catch that.”
“i need you to make out with me.” taehyung claps his hands together before taking a step forward and opening his arms towards you, “like- right now.”
your eyes widen in alarm and you resist the urge to slap him across the face 
“wha-” you shove your hand against his chest instinctively to keep him from coming any closer, “i’m sorry, what?!”
“i think the instructions were pretty clear,” taehyung’s shoulders drop and he lets out a quiet groan, “i need you to shove your tongue down my throat in the next three seconds-”
“yeah, i got that-!” you scowl, “you pretended to not know who i was two weeks ago when i said hi to you in the cafeteria and now you want me to kiss-”
“no, not kiss-” taehyung interrupts, holding a finger up to shut you up, “i need, like, a feverish, dry-humping session against this tree level makeout session-” he raises both his hands before shaking his head and taking a small step back, “okay, let me explain very quickly: do you remember that girl i brought to the apartment over the weekend?”
you let out a short laugh before rolling your eyes so hard that you swear you can see your pink, wrinkly brain that’s also laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation 
of course all of this is about a girl
the day taehyung doesn’t have a girl problem is the day the world ends 
“i locked myself in my room to specifically avoid meeting the girl you brought to the apartment over the weekend,” you cross your arms before letting out a huff, “because the last time you brought a girl over, she thought i was your maid and she asked me to make an egg-white omelette for her the next morning- which i did because i’m nice... and i guess i did get a twenty dollar tip, which was pretty sweet-”
“okay, whatever, it’s not important-“ taehyung reaches over to pinch your lips together and you immediately swat his hand away, “anyways, i thought it was pretty clear that it was a one time hit-and-run situation but apparently she thinks that we’re dating now-”
“oh, of course you think that because your ego is the size of planet earth-!” you scoff in disbelief, “because after spending one night getting not-very-romantically railed by you, she’s suddenly madly in love with you and your magical penis-”
“y/n, she took a picture of my class schedule in my room and she’s been waiting for me at the end of every one of my classes for the past four days-” taehyung hisses, pausing to lean over so he can check to see if his brand new lover is still hot on his tail, “i tried to break things off after she showed up to my class on monday and she just laughed in my face and said that i didn’t know what i was talking about-”
“what?” you gasp quietly before shuddering, “oh, god. that’s a little creepy- wait, but i still don’t understand how she came to the conclusion that you guys were dating if it wasn’t even explicitly stated that you were officially boyfriend and girlfriend-”
“i don’t know!“ taehyung snaps, “look, can you just do this for me first? i’ll answer whatever stupid questions you have later-”
“first of all, i’m only asking questions to help you figure this out, and second of all-” you purse your lips before raising both your eyebrows, “maybe if you were more communicative with your sexual partners, you wouldn’t have any of these issues in the first place- have you ever thought about that?”
“can you please not be such a dweeb for one second-?! c’mon, just-” taehyung leans over again and his eyes widen in panic before he’s ducking back behind the tree, slapping his hands on your shoulders, “y/n, there’s no time. she’s coming! fuck, she’s- can you please just do this one thing for me-”
“no way!” you scoff, shaking your head before brushing his hands off your shoulders, “i’m always picking up after you! you made your bed and now you have to lie in it-”
“what are you talking about?” taehyung frowns, “you know i never make my bed-”
“it’s a saying, you idiot-”
“what about if i cover the groceries for the rest of the month, hm?” he clasps his hands together before shaking them slightly, his eyes wide and pleading, “please??”
you open your mouth to reject him again before quickly closing it again 
groceries are expensive
and if taehyung’s taking care of the bill for the rest of the month, that means you can buy whatever you want and he won’t be able to say no…
plus you can use your share of the grocery money to treat yourself to something nice 
oOh you could get yourself those platform boots you’ve been eyeing online 
you’re doing this to get free groceries and to be a good, helpful roommate 
you uncross your arms before looking back up at taehyung, “throw in the laundry and i’ll-”
before you get the chance to finish what you were saying, taehyung slinks an arm around your waist and yanks you towards him 
it’s only a millisecond later that he swoops down to slant his mouth over yours, the alarm bells going off in your head the moment you realize that the two of you are actually really truly 100% honest-to-god kissing right now 
he grabs your hands and forces you to cup his face (so it’ll help with hiding his identity) before he places his hands on your hips and gives you gentle squeeze 
and for a brief moment in time, you find yourself thinking that taehyung is... most certainly not the worst kisser in the world...
he tastes like that strawberry gum he’s always chewing... 
and his lips are awfully soft... 
and you don’t know why you never noticed but the smell of his cologne is really making you feel some type of way... 
...and did you just hear a soft moan?
the moment his lovely little girlfriend rears her head around the tree, taehyung pulls away and proceeds to bury his face into the crook of your neck, the hairs on your arms prickling to life when you feel him plant a kiss under your ear 
“oh! i’m so sorry-” she gasps before covering her mouth and letting out a giggle, “i thought i saw my boyfriend run behind here and i figured he was just playing a sexy little game of hide and seek with me-”
“ah, well-!” you gasp when taehyung’s hand suddenly slides down so that he can grab your right thigh and hitch it up against his waist, your cheeks instantly warming when he pushes you up against the tree, “i-i guess you thought wrong because behind this tree is me and-” you clear your throat quietly to prepare yourself for the words that are about to come out of your mouth, “me and my boyfriend playing a sexy little game of… public indecency...?”
“aw... cute! i’ll just leave you two lovebirds alone-” she crinkles her nose before wiggling her fingers at you, her right eye dropping in a wink, “i can’t wait to do that with my guy- i just have to find him first, that’s all...”
“i have a feeling he’s a lot closer than you thin- mmph!” taehyung reaches up and turns your face back towards him so that he can shut you up before you blow his cover 
you barely register taehyung’s lady friend bidding the two of you adieu because of how preoccupied you are at the moment, all five senses clouded with nothing but taehyung taehyung taehyung taehyung taehyung
the feverish making out from a second ago begins to slow, taehyung setting your leg down gently before he’s placing his hand on your waist again 
your arms are still securely wrapped around his neck and he can’t help but wonder how it’d feel to have your fingers tangled in his hair 
somehow, something about all of this just feels... right... 
but it’s probably just all in his head, right?
“mm... we should do this more often...” he jokes, oddly delighted to see your hazy eyes immediately lower to his lips when he pulls away, “thoughts?”  
“-!” you shove taehyung away from you when it hits you that the two of you no longer need to be making out and you clear your throat before reaching up to wipe your mouth with the back of your hand, “y-you can quit slobbering all over me now-” 
“slobbering?” he laughs lightly, raising a brow before reaching up to ruffle his hair, “i don’t think i need to remind you that you seemed pretty enthusiastic to have my tongue in your mouth a second ago-”
“i was- i was method acting!” you argue, your voice wavering slightly, “i didn’t- i just- i only played along for the groceries, remember?”
“whatever helps you sleep at night, darling...” taehyung whistles lowly, shoving his hands into his pockets before turning on his heel, “thanks for the help!”
“i’m serious!” you frown, stamping your foot against the ground as you ball your hands into fists at your sides, “this meant nothing to me, taehyung! do you hear me?!”
“uh-huh, i hear you!” taehyung turns to smirk at you over his shoulder, “see you at home, girlfriend!”
teeny tidbits masterlist
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samuslut · a year ago
all yours | kuroo tetsurou
Tumblr media
Everything you are and everything you have is his.
kuroo tetsurou x f!reader - 18+
warnings: smut, you call him daddy on multiple occasions, approximately one (1) spank, kuroo can’t keep his mouth shut for more than 30 seconds at a time
wc: 2.3k
A/N: look - it’s just self-indulgent pwp (plot is there if you squint juuust right) because i wanted an excuse to call kuroo daddy. ty for coming to my ted talk
Tumblr media
“Really? That guy? He straight up looks like a rooster.”
Sure, his hairstyle wasn’t the most common one out there, but you couldn’t help but be captivated every time Kuroo Tetsurou came into your field of vision. It was like that for as long as you could remember, dating as far back as middle school when you transferred into his class and caught him peering at you behind the volleyball sitting atop his desk.
Speaking of volleyball, the extracurricular club coupled with a dash of puberty has truly blessed Kuroo’s chiseled body now that you’ve both grown, but you won’t lie - you’d had a crush on him since you were children and his gangly self was getting caught in the net after a missed spike.
“That’s fine. If Kuroo’s a rooster then it looks like cock’s on the menu!” You giggled, clearly enjoying your terrible pun more than your friends did.
And boy, oh boy, was cock on the menu. After pining for years and becoming fed up with only ever being seen as Kuroo’s good friend Y/N, you decided that senior year was the time to finally make a move and you ended up snagging yourself a boyfriend.
Cherry blossom watching turned to cicada hunting which then became praying for a fortuitous new year at the shrines before, finally, high school graduation, both of you glued at the hip the entire time.
But university was tough. You had chosen a different school than Kuroo who had decided he’d be going out of town while you stayed local. Through sheer force of will, a ridiculous amount of phone calls, texts, and facetime, and a fair bit of care packages, your relationship remained stronger than ever.
No one had ever come close to making you feel as whole as Kuroo did, and in return you offered him everything you are. He knew that you would do just about anything for him, and the reverse was equally true, but he never asked for more than what you were willing to give.
Weeks passed by in the blink of an eye as both of you dove headfirst into your studies, but the loneliness that crept into your mind every night like clockwork was starting to take its toll. Kuroo was feeling the same, and although he never said it, you could tell by how dejected he sounded whenever you were counting down the days until you could see each other again.
So, fuck it, you thought. You’re an adult with a job and a long weekend was approaching in a couple weeks, giving you a few days to spend with your boyfriend. Taking matters into your own hands, you decided enough was enough, you needed to see Kuroo, and bought a ticket to visit him.
And Kuroo being Kuroo barely let you pass the threshold of his apartment before - for the first time ever - taking you up on your offer of giving all of yourself to him.
You bite back another cry as Kuroo’s tongue fucks deep inside you. You’ve been waiting so long to feel him again that this is almost sensory overload. It’s almost too much to handle but you force yourself to lie still, to give your loving boyfriend everything he can ever want.
He sucks at your labia, pulling one side into his mouth and then the other before plunging deep again. The wet, hot muscle seems to dance inside you, touching you in places that haven’t been alive since the last time you two made love.
The remnants of the last orgasm is still thrumming through you when another starts to build, Kuroo intent on reminding you just how well your body responds to him. Over and over again, he tongue fucks you, spearing you before moving up to bask your clit with attention. You start to shake and moan when he suddenly sits up.
“So eager, baby,” he coos, “but no more cumming. Not until I’m inside of you.”
You clench your thighs together, desperate for any stimulation.
A slow smile spreads across Kuroo’s face. “Don’t you move. Stay that way or I’ll spank you again.” He stands up.
You had been so close to release and now you’re cold. The fall chill in the air runs through your body, but it’s just another sensation to be had, one that will go away the minute he covers you again.
Kuroo shoves his jeans off, kicking the boots from his feet at the same time. His cock springs into view, slapping against his toned abs. You’ve never seen one bigger, and honestly, you would run if you did because Kuroo can do some damage with that massive weapon.
He stares down at you. The light shining from the hallway casts him in harsh relief, making his features harder - more masculine than usual.
“Everything okay, Tetsurou?” Your voice is quiet, gentle. “Did I move?”
Another smile curls his lips upwards. “No, baby girl. For once you’re actually behaving. Was it hard not to cum?”
Kuroo craves the dirty talk. He loves to force you to say all the filthy things that run through your mind.
“Yes, daddy.”
He strokes his cock but makes no move towards you, continuing to stare down albeit with a slightly softer look on his face. “Why was it so hard? Tell me.”
Because he wants to hear just how mind blowing he is, the vain man. “Because your fingers and mouth felt so good. So big inside me, but nowhere near as big as that cock of yours.”
“All these weeks while I was get off thinking about me, Y/N?” There’s a challenge in that question.
You whimper under his intent gaze. “I tried holding it off but the dreams would get to me. I’d dream and you’d be there, touching me, holding me down, having your way with me. You would take me anywhere you wanted, any way you wanted, and I couldn’t do anything to stop you.”
Bingo. That’s doing something for him. If it was possible, you think his cock hardened further.
“Because I tied you down?”
“Because I wanted to please you so badly, daddy. Anything for you.”
Kuroo cocks a brow, “Oh?”
You suppress the overwhelming urge to roll your eyes. You haven’t been working your ass off for the last few weeks to afford a train ticket to see him just to deny him sexually. “Anything you want.”
You can promise him that because you trust Kuroo with your life. He never brings any pain that isn’t enhanced with your pleasure, never taking you to any place but pure paradise when you’re with him.
“Oh, baby, say less.” He walks to the nightstand, drawing it open to reveal an array of toys, restraints, bottles of lube, and a row of condoms.
“Jesus christ, Tetsu - I’m only here for a few days!”
He laughs, the husky sound going straight to your throbbing core, as he tears open a condom to sheathe his cock. “And we’re not leaving this room until I take you back to the train station.” He states - as if it’s a fact - all while lubing up his cock, his hand running along it in hard passes.
“So... anything I want, Y/N?” The challenge is back in his voice and ever so apparent in his arrogant stance.
The flip switches back in your head. “Yes, daddy.”
“On all fours.”
You flip over, getting on your hands and knees, feeling the bed move as he places himself behind you. A long sigh leaves his mouth, his hands running along your spine to your backside.
“You have the most beautiful ass,” Kuroo murmurs as he cups you, groaning in appreciation before sliding his hands up to your breasts. “And these. These are the most beautiful tits.”
You hate them sometimes. Every so often you get jealous over how porn-perfect tits look and compare them to yours, but when your boyfriend looks at them and praises them as if they invented modern medicine, you can’t help but feel sexy. He gives you confidence that you never want to lose.
“They’re yours, daddy. All yours.” Knowing full well what dirty talk does to him, you purr. “Want to fuck them?”
“Fuck, you’re going to kill me,” he whispers and then he was gone, pulling back to his knees. “Look up. Watch us in the mirror.”
You turn your head and sure enough, your reflection in the mirror covering the ceiling looks back at you. When the hell did he do that? Kuroo’s body looms behind and over yours. He grips your hips, pulling you closer to him so that your ass was flush against his hips.
“You watch and tell me that I don’t have the most beautiful, fuckable, baby girl.” He leans back, taking his cock in hand and pressing it against your dripping hole, the thick head starting to breach your walls. You gasp at the sensation. He’s so damn big and it feels like it’s been forever since the last time he was inside you. Pressure builds as he continues to press his way in.
You watch in the mirror as Kuroo starts to work his cock inside of you, thrusting in small, careful motions. You can see the toll it takes on him, his lips in a tight line, every movement a testament to his discipline. He’s always so careful with you, but you hope that he’ll let go soon. You can handle it. You crave his passion.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” A lovely shade of pink dusts his cheeks with the effort of holding back.
“You feel so good, daddy.” You wiggle your ass a bit, letting him know you can take more.
Kuroo’s hands grip your hips, effectively stopping any further movement from you. “You want it that bad, dirty girl? You don’t want me to play around, huh? Such a slut - not even caring about how tight you are.” He forces out from gritted teeth. “You just want some cock, don’t you? Just need a stiff cock inside of you.”
“Yes!” You moan. You’re practicing his favourite word tonight.
A large hand slaps your ass. “Whose cock do you need?”
“Yours, daddy. Only yours.” You only want his. Your whole life, you’ve really only wanted one man.
“Good girl. Don’t you fucking dare keep your mouth shut. Tell me if it hurts, okay? And you better tell me if it feels good.” He surges in, quickly bottoming out inside of you.
Pressure and tension floods through you. Kuroo is everywhere, pressing inside until you feel his balls slap against your ass, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
“I’m fine, Tetsu.”
“That’s not what I want to hear, baby.” One hand finds its way around your hip, ghosting over your clit. He presses down, rubbing little circles. “I’m not moving until you’re better than fine.”
He’s pulsing inside you. You can feel how close to the edge he is, but he’s still holding off because he won’t hurt you, at least not in any way that you wouldn’t actually want.
A tiny gasp tears from your throat as pleasure starts to overwrite the tension. “Tetsu, daddy, please,” you beg. You need him to move, need to feel him sliding deep into you, and you can’t go another moment without it.
He pulls on your hips, forcing himself in before moving back out, a slow dragging over your flesh. “That’s my girl.”
You watch in the mirror as Kuroo’s head falls back and he plunges deep, fucking you like you want to be taken - hard and rough and so possessive you can barely stand it. When he fucks you, you’re the only woman in the world. His hips continue rocking back and forth, cock diving deeper each time.
You move in time with him, finding a perfect rhythm that comes to you as naturally as breathing. You let yourself get lost in the feeling, the familiar tightening of an orgasm quickly building within you. He’s pounding into you at this point, deep and hard, finding your sweet spot and dragging his cock over it again and again until the pleasure rocks through your system and you’re shouting his name as you cum. Your hands curl into the bedsheets because he’s fucking you so hard he could push you off the bed if you don’t hold on.
Hearing your cries of his name mixed with your barely coherent “I love you, I love you, I love you” breaks something in him. Kuroo throws an arm around your waist to hoist you up, your back covering his chest, his face in your hair.
“Say it again. Tell me who you belong to.” He forces your knees even wider apart and keeps fucking you from behind, his cock never losing a beat.
“You! I belong to you, Tetsu, only you!” It’s nothing less than the truth. You want his cock, his ring, his future. You want his everything.
“Damn fucking straight,” he chokes out, rutting into you, one arm around your waist and the other cupping your breast as he maintains his brutal thrusts. He holds you tight, his cock erupting thick strokes of cum within the condom, as he shudders against you.
Kuroo’s cheek moves against yours. You can feel the heat of his mouth on your face, leaving sweet little kisses on your cheek and kissing away the tears that you don’t realise are leaking out.
“Thank you, baby girl. That was perfect. You’re perfect.” He falls onto his back, bringing you down with him.
Calloused palms rub your back, Kuroo’s fingers trailing up and down your spine.  
“I missed you.” You say, snuggling deep into his broad chest.
He squeezes you tighter and kisses the crown of your head. “I’m right here Y/N. Always will be. I’m all yours.”
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sleeping-on-cracking-ice · 9 months ago
Hi, I have an idea for Chishiya if it's okay! He have something going on with Kuina's friend, and after she didn't came back from a game everyone thought that she died, but she actually just left (she didn't want to become too attached to Chishiya maybe?) and 1 month later the militants found her and Chishiya is rather cold toward her because she left him without saying anything. Happy ending if possible, please
Thanks for requesting, here you go. Enjoy! 🥰
Home | Shuntaro Chishiya
{Alice In Borderland Masterlist}
Character(s): Chishiya (ft. Kuina, Niragi)
Summary: You run away from the beach, but soon were found by the militants again. Chishiya, your closest companion, is mad when you return for not saying anything.
Warning: mention of sexual harassment, swearing, grieving, heavy angst
Word Count: 4.8k
*reader is female
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if the ending is a bit cliché, but I really enjoyed writing this one!
Tumblr media
“I’m so sick of this shit Kuina. She’s gone. What the hell do we do now?”
Chishiya and Kuina sat on the top roof of The Beach. Their legs were dangling over the edge, above the groups of people who sang their hearts out over the loud music. They couldn’t be down there themselves, not that night.
“It’s so unfair,” Chishiya grumbled, rubbing his stained eyes with his hands. “I hate how everyone just moves on like nothing happened.”
Kuina sniffled, trying to control her runny nose as she listened to Chishiya’s pained words. “Look Chish, it was going to happen to one of us three at some point, it just happened to be Y/N.” Kuina tried to keep her voice stable, but the occasional voice crack gave away her sadness.
“Yes I know, but it still hurts so fucking bad.”
You hadn’t returned from your game. You hadn’t returned back to Chishiya and Kuina. You hadn’t returned home.
“Oi Y/N! Slow the hell down!”
You heard Kuina yell out to you from down the hall. You laughed at her desperate attempt to catch up while Chishiya walked at his own pace watching you guys.
“Why are we suddenly having a race?! We have all day to get down to the pool!” Kuina called out. You stopped in your tracks and turned around to face her. “I want to get down there before the sun comes out and everyone wakes up! Don’t you want to have it just for us three for a while?”
“I suppose so,” Kuina breathed out heavily.
Chishiya’s lips pulled up into a smile as he watched you too bicker. “Oi you two. Be quiet. People in these halls are still sleeping,” he said.
Kuina turned to Chishiya and pulled a mocking bored face towards him. “Well you’re fun this morning,” she muttered in a sarcastic tone.
All three of you made your way to the pool on the bottom floor of The Beach, tripping and shoving each other playfully while giggling. You hardly ever did this together, because Chishiya always slept until noon, so you were excited about having the pool to yourselves before the sun came up.
When you reached outside, your chatters and the sound of your bare feet on the pavement broke the silence of the night. You hoped that Hatter kept the windows closed to his suite because you knew if you woke him up he would come down and beat your asses for being awake so early.
You looked over towards the pool that was still lit up with underwater neon blue lights from the night before. You’d think that they would shut all the lights off at least to save a bit of electricity, but apparently not.
Kuina had thrown her towel down carelessly on a nearby deck chair and was now chasing after Chishiya, who powered his short legs to try and escape her.
“Chishiya you’re going in the pool! You can’t chicken out forever!” she yelled as she caught up to him and wrapped her strong arms around his waist.
You could tell the years of martial arts training paid off for Kuina as she lifted Chishiya into her arms like he weighed nothing. “Bitch, put me down! I don’t want to go in the pool! Why is that such a crime!?”
You doubled over in laughter as Kuina held the cat-like blonde in her arms, him squirming more violently as she got to the side of the pool.
“Goodbye!” she yelled and dropped him into the pool. His screaming cut off as he was submerged into the water. You walked over and placed your stuff down, listening to Kuina and Chishiya bickering in the background.
It was a shame that you were planning on walking out on these guys. But in a world like this, the bad moments really outweighed the good ones.
“Alright you’re next!” you heard behind you, making you snap out of your short daze.
“Wait, no!” you bellowed as Kuina repeated the same thing she did with Chishiya. This time, it was his turn to laugh at you.
“Jesus christ woman. The fuck got you so lively this morning?” you laughed at Kuina, who gracefully dived into the pool to tease you two.
You felt Chishiya tuck his chin on your shoulder gently, taking you by surprise. “I guess we got to act as happy as we can now. Our five day visa ends tonight.” Chishiya mumbled to you two.
The air around the three of you suddenly became stiff at the mention of the games. You lifted your hand and placed it on Chishiya’s damp hair. “It’s alright, it was a fun and relaxing five days while it lasted,” you said cheerfully.
“Don’t say that like as if you’re going to die,” Chishiya scolded you. “You won’t die, none of us three will.” He was trying to reassure himself that he would come back from his game with you all happy and healthy waiting in the lobby for him. He hoped for that exact reality every time he had to leave you to restore his visa. He panicked even when you were ten minutes later than usual. It was a constant battle with anxiety when it came to caring for you in a world like this.
But unfortunately, while Chishiya was willing to fight against the growing anxiety that came with loving you, you didn’t want anything to do with it.
You and Chishiya have been as tight as two peas in a pod since Kuina introduced you. Kuina and you happened to meet at a diamonds game that was further in the centre of the city which was where you appeared in the game. She was nice enough to take you back to The Beach, because she thought that your intelligence and gentle personality would be useful.
But the plan of using you for Kuina and Chishiya’s own personal gain went out the window when both of them built a strong connection with you. They tried so hard to stop it, but in the end, they decided to make you an addition to their little manipulative games with the others. A mysterious duo became a peculiar trio.
That’s when Chishiya began to notice other things he felt.
He began feeling an irrational attachment to you, always wanting to be around you and always wanting to make sure that you were safe. You began noticing his additional little quirks as well, as soon you both fell for each other, without the other knowing of course.
Kuina obviously knew, as she was incredibly observant. She always kept her mouth shut though, wanting to see the drama play out in front of her. It was entertaining at times.
“You two are cute,” she gushed at you and Chishiya, holding a cheeky smile on her face.
Chishiya tucked his face into your neck to hide his blush, but it only made your heart skip a beat. “Shut up,” he mumbled into your skin.
You sighed heavily as he kept his place there, snaking his arms around your waist. This was honestly normal. The closer you’ve gotten with Chishiya, the less shy he’s been to convey physical affection. You loved and hated it at the same time, because you knew the more he made your heart race, the harder it would be to leave him.
At times you thought you’d rather deal with his cold and untrustworthy personality, like how he was when he first met you. It was easier to dislike him then, but now that his real personality has shown through, you realized how good of a person he actually seemed to be.
Chishiya never became close to someone, because he knew it would be hard to pull away when he needed to use them for his own survival. So he’s just always chosen to keep everyone at a distance.
You on the other hand, you hadn’t fallen down the deep whole of caring fully for someone in this world, but you knew you were about to stumble off the edge.
While Kuina and Chishiya waited to renew their visas, you waited to run away from the stress of waiting for your friend’s potential deaths.
You, Kuina and Chishiya trudged down the steps that led to the lobby. Hatter had called everyone to meet there a few minutes ago to prepare for the games. Hearing the familiar bell ring throughout the so-called paradise made your heart weaken. It was calling you to your end, every single time.
The trio of you took your usual place towards the back of the lobby, leaning against the cement walls and looking over everyone’s heads. How weird it felt, that by the time you gathered here next, the number of people would reduce by a couple dozen. It made your stomach sink in remorse. You truly were nothing more than soldiers fighting a war that wasn’t your own.
You looked down at your own feet, beginning to feel guilty about your plan of running away. The people you would abandon, the friends who would miss you. And even they can’t come find you, but you knew it was for the best. For both you and them.
You felt something tickle your hand. You glanced your eyes down to see that it was Chishiya, trying to sneak his hand into yours as Hatter began his booming speech across the crowd. You looked up to the blonde’s face, but he was focused on Hatter. You smiled sadly and accepted his hand into yours, earning a soft squeeze from him.
Kuina placed her head on your shoulder, leaning closer towards you. It was as if they knew, and they were trying to get you to change your mind. You felt tears building up in your eyes, but quickly wiped them away with your hoodie sleeve before anyone noticed.
Damn. You were never going to forget them.
Chishiya sat in the leather lounge in the lobby. He had just arrived back from his spades game. Wasn’t too difficult, for him at least.
Only now he was stressing inside, leg bouncing up and down on the carpet quickly. He knew you wouldn’t return for a good while, but yet he always was worried about you. No matter the situation.
Niragi didn’t help the situation. He strolled over earlier with a few of his militant mates and roughed Chishiya up for a bit. He honestly wasn’t in the mood for their antics, so he didn’t fight back much. They eventually got bored and walked away.
There hardly was anyone in the lobby, it was strangely quiet.
Chishiya looked towards the entrance to the lobby where a small group of people just walked in from. He recognized them as the group Kuina was placed with, so he stood up from his seat and quickly made his way over.
He managed to spot Kuina walking by herself at the back of the group. Chishiya let out a relieved sigh and strolled up to her. “Thank god you’re okay,” he said, giving her a short hug. “You too,” she replied.
They walked back over to where Chishiya was sitting beforehand and sat down. “Do you know who Y/N went with?” Kuina asked.
“No idea, I had to leave with my group before hers,” he answered.
They both sat in silence for a while, hearts squeezing in on themselves from tension.
As group after group piled into the lobby and moved to go to the back pool to celebrate their wins. While their hearts and minds were overflowing in joy of surviving, Chishiya’s and Kuina’s slowly became heavier and heavier with grief.
One of the last groups finally came back, being a few hours later than everyone else. Chishiya searched the small crowd for your familiar face, but didn’t see it.
“Kuina,” he started with a tense voice. “Don’t say it,” she immediately cut him off. “Don’t say anything Chish. She’s fine, I know it.”
That became harder and harder to believe the later into the night it got. Soon enough, no one was left in the halls and the lobby, either gone to bed or stayed out in the pool area.
Chishiya didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t feel anything. His body was tired from the constant tensing, the constant anxiety.
He stood up abruptly and looked towards Kuina, who had her head in her hands. He gave her a sad smile, and reached his hand out to help her up. “Come on, let’s go to the roof like old times,” he smiled, fighting the tears building up in his eyes.
When they reached the top of the building after climbing many annoying flights of steps, Chishiya tilted his head back to feel the wind blow around his head. He opened his eyes and saw the galaxy of stars above him. ‘So weird,’ he thought to himself. ‘In a horrible place like this, such beautiful things can still exist.’
Kuina and Chishiya sat on the edge of the roof, feet dangling off the edge. Complete silence took over them. Neither of them knew what to say.
Kuina broke her gaze off the staggering height of the drop below them and glanced at Chishiya. He was staring straight ahead of him, hoodie covering his face so she couldn’t see what he was looking at.
“Chish, are you okay?” Kuina asked quietly, leaning forward to try and see his face. It felt strange to her, having Chishiya be completely silent for a change. Usually he would be making a smartass comment or a teasing joke towards her or Y/N. It was like the happiness in him had drained out.
He didn’t answer for a short moment, but then he turned his head to look at Kuina in the eyes. Kuina was taken back.
Chishiya had pools of tears cascading down his pale face, mixing with the sweat that he still endured from the game. He let out no sobs and no cries. Just dry, empty tears running down his cheeks like doves flying down the edge of a cliff.
“No, I’m not okay,” he muttered to her. “This fucking sucks.”
It had been a few weeks since your death, not that there was a huge difference at The Beach from your disappearance. Everyone carried on like normal, everyone except Kuina and Chishiya.
They became secluded, more than usual. Kuina spent most of her time in the hotel’s gym, trying to distract herself from everything that happened. She wanted to get stronger so she could win games, she knew that’s what you would have wanted.
Chishiya however, he wasn’t taking your death well at all. Chishiya lost his fire, his headstrong attitude and snappy remarks. He kind of disappeared himself, but only his body stayed.
He felt stupid at times. What would he have expected? Of course you died, knowing his luck. He began irrationally thinking, believing that the world took you away because he didn’t deserve someone as warm-hearted as you. He felt cheated almost. It was like the universe had you dangling on a string in front of him, and when he finally had the courage to reach towards you, it yanked you away out of his view.
When he was having particular hard days, he would lie on his bed in his room for hours, not bothering to get up for food or the bathroom. He felt numb inside, he honestly thought nothing would be able to hurt him anymore, because he’s endured the worst of his emotions.
The mirror in his room was smashed, due to his own doing. He broke it a few days after the incident, screaming into the stuffy air of his room and throwing one of his makeshift knives at it. He watched in pain as it crackled and crumbled under the impact, seeing his own reflection fall into a million pieces, much like how he was feeling at that moment.
He had never experienced this kind of hurt before. He always thought other people were being dramatic when they broke down crying after hearing their significant other or friend didn’t make it back to The Beach. He thought that it should’ve been expected, that they shouldn’t be surprised that it happened. But he guessed you never know what another person is feeling unless you experience it yourself.
But god, does he wish he didn’t, because it hurt more than a thousand knives to his cold, stone heart.
One day, Chishiya was standing on the edge of a balcony that looked over the entrance to The Beach. He enjoyed standing up there because he loved the spectacular view of the ocean. It reminded him of his real home, when he used to ride his bike down to the beach with his friends and swim in the water for hours. He missed life when it was so easy for him.
The breeze was cool on his skin, giving him goosebumps. It felt refreshing and somewhat free, a small taste of bliss for him. His eyes were shut as he listened to the crows screech in the distance and the ocean waves hit the shore. The sound of nature rang in his ears, making his endorphins swirl in his brain.
It was a good break every now and then from the usual melancholy emotions that swarmed around him, keeping his happiness locked down in chains. While he was on that balcony, actually breathing fully and normally for once, his demons decided to let loose of the chains that held his sweet happiness trapped.
Chishiya opened his dark eyes and glanced downwards towards the bottom level and saw something that caught his eye.
A group of three militants seemed to have a young woman in their grasp, one of them being Niragi himself. Chishiya watched as they tried hard to hold the smaller person at bay, as she was thrashing around trying to escape.
He frowned, confusion painting across his face. That girl, she looked oddly familiar.
Niragi told the militants to bring her around the side of the building, where a small alley was located beside the entrance. Chishiya knew that’s where the militants dragged people to kill them off, they were planning on killing her.
Chishiya wondered what she did that was so bad. Hatter hardly ever gave the order to kill someone, unless the situation was betrayal or anything worse.
He moved himself along the balcony towards where the commotion below him was occurring. He wanted to hear what they were saying, because who knows what shit Niragi gets up to without Hatter knowing. It seemed a little too suspicious to be dragging someone to their death in broad daylight, especially where everyone could see.
Chishiya heard slight fragments of what they were yelling: “You thought- … run away?!” Niragi screamed in his psychotic voice. “Let go of-...! …could have just left me there!”
Chishiya felt his heart drop. That voice, it was all too familiar. How could he have forgotten what your voice sounded like.
He lifted his head and stared forward in shock. That couldn’t be right, you’ve been dead for weeks!
He thought for a second, trying to come to a possible conclusion with the horrific yells in the background of his mind. How is it possible you could still be alive?
That couldn’t be you, it just couldn’t be. Chishiya shook his head and chuckled. “The fuck am I thinking? Great, now I’m hallucinating. No one told me that was another stage of grief.”
He turned his body to walk back inside to look for Kuina, until he heard the young woman getting attacked yell again, this time, clear as day.
“Chishiya! Kuina!”
That was it. That was definitely you.
Chishiya lifted his legs and began sprinting towards the staircase inside. There was no doubt in his mind that that wasn’t you. The way you said his name was too real to not be you.
He tripped and stumbled down the stairs, almost falling flat on his face on one flight. He had to get there before you were dead, for real this time.
As he pushed his entire body weight against the entrance doors to the hotel, he pulled a small knife out his white hoodie pocket. He had made it out of glass from his broken mirror, considering that Hatter wouldn’t allow him to have his own weapons.
Your screams were much more prominent now, more desperate sounding and more fearful. The sound pierced through Chishiya as he made his way quickly around the side of the hotel.
There you were, being pinned against the wall by two militants while Niragi held the barrel of his rifle against your chest, right over your heart.
Chishiya yelled out, which probably wasn’t the best idea considering his current situation. It was three tall men with guns against a small, frail man with a makeshift knife.
“Chishiya! The fuck you doing here?” Niragi asked with a cheeky smirk on his face. God, Chishiya wanted to punch him so bad.
“Let her go Niragi, you don’t want this to get ugly do you?” Chishiya threatened, holding his glass knife out.
Niragi laughed along with the other two militants. You still struggled against their grip, seemingly more calm with Chishiya distracting them.
“How cute ‘ey? Little blonde twink coming to save the love of his life, how sweet of you.” Niragi pressed, pushing his rifle harder against you just to push Chishiya’s buttons.
“If you haven’t noticed Chishiya, she ran away! She never died like you thought she did! She ran away from The Beach, she ran away from you!” 
His words were like bullets in Chishiya’s chest. He felt belittled and mocked, he hated it.
“Shut up! She wouldn’t do that!” he yelled frustratingly.
“Oh really?! She wouldn’t?! Then explain why we managed to find her strolling the streets of Tokyo! Not a scratch on her, and she seemed smart enough to run away when she saw us.”
Chishiya’s scowl dropped on his face. He looked at you to see if you would deny it, but you had stopped struggling against the two men and hung your head low, not looking into his eyes.
He shook off the hurt he felt from this fact. He had to focus on getting you away from Niragi before he took time to think about other things.
“Niragi please. Just let go of her, I promise I’ll make it up to you,” Chishiya begged. He felt small, never has he ever begged for something in his life.
“Hmm? How though? I was just about to have some fun with her before I killed her off. Why should I give that up just because you want me to,” Niragi spat at him. Your eyes widened in fear and you thrashed around in the grip that the militants had on you, panicking from Niragi’s threat.
Chishiya thought for a second. He would honestly give anything to bring you over to him. “My cards. You can take credit for every card that I collect for a couple of months. If Hatter or Aguni asks, just say I’m slacking. I’ll take any punishment they throw my way.”
You saw Niragi consider it before lowering his weapon off of your torso. You breathed out heavily in relief.
“Fine, but don’t expect me to do this again. You can’t bribe me with everything you sneaky fuck.” Niragi growled. The two militants let go of you and followed him out of the alleyway and into the entrance of The Beach.
You leant against the wall, staring at Chishiya as he stared down at the ground below him. The air between you two was tense. You could tell he was mad, Chishiya was always silent when he was incredibly angry.
“Chish, I-”
“Don’t talk to me. Just come.”
Don’t get me wrong, he couldn’t have been happier to see that you were alive and well. But the betrayal he felt from the fact that you ran away from him greatly outweighed his happiness.
He walked briskly ahead of you, you didn’t dare walk next to him or too close to him. He was scaring you a bit, and you wanted nothing but to sprint to your own room and hide from the rest of the world.
You were embarrassed and also frustrated you were caught. Trust Niragi and his cocky ass to find you.
Chishiya stopped in front of his own room, opened the door and gestured for you to walk inside. You hesitated before slowly making your way through the door. You hated how tense it was, it was the complete opposite of what you usually felt when you were around Chishiya.
You sat down on his bed, sitting in an awkward position and looked towards Chishiya. It was complete silence as he was frozen at the door, back towards you and holding the door handle harshly.
“What the fuck Y/N?” he mumbled. It was almost inaudible, but you could hear pain in his words, which made you immediately feel guilty.
“What the fuck was that? You ran away!?” he turned and yelled at you, tears building up in his eyes.
You flinched as his loud voice. You had never heard him yell in anger before, usually he kept his calm. You looked down to the ground, feeling your own eyes fill with hot tears. You felt like you were back in high school with your parents screaming at you for running away from home.
You couldn’t breathe. Pain and suffering dripped off his words like rain on a roof, coming together and creating an atmosphere that held air that was unbreathable. You suffocated on the oxygen, making you choke and cause tears to begin running down your cheeks.
“Why!?” he cried. “Why did you run!? There was no reason, me and Kuina could have protected you if you were too scared! Why did you think that running away was the only option!?” Chishiya stumbled closer to you, almost tripping over his own feet.
You flinched heavily as he placed his cold hands on your shoulders roughly. They were shaking from trying to hold your sobs in.
“WHY DID YOU LEAVE-” “Chishiya!” you interrupted him by snapping your head up to meet your eyes with his. His face dropped as he saw the sadness behind yours, replacing the wonderful and cheerful happiness that once swam in your eyes like dolphins in a sea.
“I l-love you,” you mumbled out between your shaky breaths. “That was the problem Chish. I-I’m in love with you and it hurt too fucking bad to know that you could disappear out of my reach at any moment. I ran because I didn’t want to watch you and Kuina die!”
Chishiya’s own hands shook violently against your shoulders. He gazed into your eyes which were red and puffy from your tears. They were shining more now than they had ever before.
“You don’t have to leave Y/N,” he whispered, still trying to control his own breathing. “I want you here, next to me. Not out there, because when you’re out there, I can’t be with you.”
You nodded and smiled sadly. Chishiya pulled his hand from your shoulder and cradled your face gently. He swiped his thumb over your cheek to get rid of the tears there. “I love you too, but I can’t be without you.”
A grin crept onto your face as you looked into his eyes. You felt safer than ever in his arms, why did you think of ever leaving?
Chishiya wiped his own tears with his hoodie sleeve and put on a happier smile. “You want to know how pathetic I am without you?” he giggled and held your hands in his.
“I almost threw myself off the top of the hotel the night you didn’t come back. Kuina had to tackle me to the ground to keep me away from the edge.” he laughed at himself.
You chuckled along with him. “Imagine if you did! What a shocker it would’ve been if I came back and Kuina saw me alive after you killed yourself because you thought I was gone!”
You both sat on Chishiya’s bed and laughed at each other. You had to do it, humour is best in times of stress and anxiety.
You opened your eyes slowly, only to be met with the blinding light of the sun seeping through the blinds. You hissed and turned your head the other way.
Chishiya chucked at your reaction, making his chest that was underneath your head vibrate. “So cute,” he muttered to himself.
You pushed your face deeper into his chest and breathed in his scent. It felt good to be back with Chishiya. It felt good to be home.
Author’s Note: oKaY so this ended up being a lot longer than expected. Please send in some requests if you have any! 🥰🥰
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fineanddandy · 3 months ago
Mr. Popularity (VI)
Summary: Our favorites are about to hit the next chapter of their lives. Are they ready? We look back into when things were bad...
Relationship: fratboy!Chris Evans x black!OC “Bianca”
A/N: Jesus Christ it’s finally here. The conclusion to this era of Chris and Bianca. Since you guys loved these two so much, I decided to continue their story of their lives: post-grad. I’m pretty drunk so I hope this ending does you guys justice. I’m not even sure if I’m making sense right now lol this felt like a long ass chapter, which kind of changed as I wrote it but that’s what happens. Thank you for those who came along for the ride of Chris and B. And I really hope this conclusion does you guys justice until I work on their next saga. Fratboy!Chris wasn’t supposed to be this huge, dead ass, but I love this series a lot. And I love how you guys love them. But anyway, let’s get on with it...
Tumblr media
Time is a funny thing. There are moments when it seems to go by so slowly, like during a boring lecture or waiting for food when you’re starving and other times it goes by so damn fast, like when you’re young and it’s summer...or when you’re in the best relationship of your life. Yeah I can say that about Chris; he’s the best boyfriend I’ll ever have. I’m confident in that. Never have I ever had such a sweet, mindful, genuinely wise beyond his years, fuckin sex machine of a boyfriend. When things were good, they were blissfully good. Like “am I dreaming” good. Our relationship just felt so natural, so real. I felt like sometimes I won the universal lottery and that one day, somehow, he was going to be snatched away from me. That I’m only allotted so much pure joy in my lifetime. Never thought I would say this but I wanted to keep him forever. I didn’t want to imagine a life without him. Not to say marriage is on the table or anything like that I just...I just want him to stay.
Once we said those three magical words, our lives were set. We wake up kissing, fall asleep kissing. Continuously entangled in each other’s limbs, we exist in our own little world. Most likely making everyone near us sick but it didn’t fuckin matter because the outlandish hatin officially came to an end after that party. And if there was a problem, they kept it to themselves. No one dared to cross Chris again and I loved that. I loved everything about him. I had never felt so sure about saying I love you to another person. As soon as he said it, it felt right. So perfect.
“Oh B...” Chris sighs, practically melting on top of me, “baby B...I love you.”
He hasn’t stopped saying it since he’s confessed. With each stroke, each throb of his dick between my gripping textured walls, he sputters the words, “I love you...” whispering my name against my sweaty neck, digging me out with finesse. Fisting his hair I match Chris’ motions, desperately groaning, falling in love with the way the words sound in my ears. The softness in his tone makes me soak. The weight of his perfect muscles makes my core ache. Nuzzling into his hair, I breathlessly whisper,
“Oh fuck Chris,” locking my fingers tighter around his roots, “you sound so fuckin good, shit, I love you too baby C. Say it again...” The head of his cock grinding directly over my spot is driving me so fuckin crazy. I feel like we’ve been fucking for hours Chris being so slow and tender, affectionately brushing his hands over my warm cheeks, raining down dainty kisses all over my throat and collarbone. My whole body felt fuzzy. No thoughts. Only focus on his smooth steady strokes, holding me so close to his sticky torso.
“Love Bianca...” he caresses the softness of my cheek with his own, sighs in my ear as he softly squeezes his muscular arms around my waist. “I could say it forever...”
And he made sure he said it often, as if I could forget. I can see it in those vivid blue eyes when they’re casted down on me and feel it in his touch when he takes my bag to carry. Always: good morning, I love you. See you after class I love you. And it made me smile like a shy school girl every single time. I’d just toss my arms around his neck and say those words over those happy pink lips. I never want this feeling to end...
“Do you two ever get on each other’s nerves?” Asks my roommate during lunch one day, she and her boo almost disgusted with the way Chris and I always smile at one another. We both turn to her with confused faces.
Chris jokes eating a fry, “maybe when the Patriots are playing...”
Rolling my eyes at him, I simply reply, “Well...yeah,” chuckling, thinking back to certain moments I could have punched him or most likely did. “Why do you ask?”
My roommate and her boyfriend exchange a knowing glance before stating, “it’s just...we’ve never seen you two really fight.”
“Yeah...always so lovey dovey it’s kinda fuckin irritating.” Her boyfriend piggybacks while we just laugh. “Seriously guys.”
I can’t help but shake my head, grabbing a fry off Chris’ plate. “Just because you guys don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.”
My roomie raises a challenging eyebrow. “Oh yeah? Tell me, right now, the last time you guys got into a fight.”
Immediately a moment comes to mind and I snap my neck to look at him with the giggles. It was so serious then but it’s damn hilarious now. Chris hangs and shakes his head with a silly smirk, instantly thinking of the same moment as well.
Glancing back at them across the table I ask slowly,“Remember that mustache...?”
Although we didn’t fight too much, when we did, it was always mad immature. Two stubborn hot heads who needed the last word? Yeah, we resist arguing. Neither of us actually liked being mad at one another but we’re also so stubborn, we’d rather push each other’s buttons. And this one particular got extra.
Another night, another party. Chris didn’t make it a habit of getting too drunk often but on occasion he had his annoying sloppy nights. Nothing too crazy just a tad sillier. Definitely way more obnoxious than usual but I learned how to deal with him. Had to. This one particular night in question...
The party mostly emptied out, leaving the usual suspects sitting around his semi-trashed living room, drunkenly shouting and talking over music playing from a stereo. My roomie and I had been intimately discussing what most of the girls on campus were yackin about: A new lit professor and his very gorgeous salt and pepper Burt Reynolds-esque mustache. We kept our voices low for a reason; Most of the guys on campus were tired of the chatter, quite frankly, so it became a trigger. One of the guys nearby butted in and fussed so loudly that it caught our boyfriends’ attention. As we tried to defend ourselves to their drunken outraged comments, Chris roughly stroked his new beard that I’d recently became obsessed with. It wasn’t even that big of a damn deal.
“So you’re saying that’s what you like?” Chris interrupts, slurring and squinting at me sitting beside my roomie, stuck in the middle of the inebriated angry mob.
“I’m just saying he’s an attractive man! That’s it!” I shout with my hands up, confused as to why he’s even bugging out. But that wasn’t it. Chris kept his suspicious eyes on me the rest of the night, even after everyone had left and it was just our drunk asses alone in his bedroom. He’d never heard me talk about another guy before and it really fucked with him. Maybe it was all the beers but something about all of it stirred up some animosity inside. The bountiful amount of alcohol coercing through his system burns his skin. Watching me stumble, around, getting undressed, he couldn’t just leave it alone.
“You don’t have a class with the mustache, do you?” Chris grumbles with a deep sigh scratching his chest through his shirt.
Snorting, I throw my shirt down on the floor before throwing myself down on his bed.
“Oh god Chris. Not yet no.” Rolling on to my back, I look up at him upside down, “are we really going to do this? Right now?”
A sensible voice in his head told him he should drop it, that he’s just being ridiculous but the other voice, one sponsored by all the beers, yelled out fuck that shit.
“I just find it interesting that you’d find that kind of...older guy attractive or whatever.” He distastefully grumbles down at me, practically disgusted.
I almost laughed. “What the fuck is happening.” Slowly turning back onto my stomach, I mostly frown up his front, trying not to laugh in his face. “Are you jealous? Is—is that...?” I couldn’t hold back the twitching smirk, pointing a mocking finger at him.
It was unusual. Chris had never been an ounce of jealous before. I didn’t really know how to handle it but the potent mix of tequila and vodka made his jealous rage so funny to me. Hence all the teasing...
“Is it because he looks like some sort of distinguished nerd?” He continues to grumble, completely ignoring me. “Is that what does it for you?”
Rolling my eyes with a condescending chuckle, I rest my chin and cheek in my palm. He’s really trippin I can’t believe it.
“Why yes,” I shrug flippantly, “Yes that’s exactly it Chris. You see right through me.”
Chris hates my sarcasm, rejecting it by waving his hands out in front of him. “Oooh don’t...don’t do...”
“What? Don’t do what?” Moaning and groaning in protest he backs away from the bed. “I just want you to hear how ridiculous you sound right now.”
“You know what, if you’re going to be a dick about it, I’d rather us just go to sleep.” Chris continues to retreat heading for his bathroom, slightly regretting bringing it up. He really hates it when I turn on the sarcasm because I’m about to go in.
“Aww c’mon babe...don’t you wanna hear all about my sexual awakening over his mustache?” Kneeling on the bed, I continue to taunt him, clutching my bare chest with fake fawning. Chris huffs a full frustrated sigh, biting his tongue because he really wants to say some fucked up shit. But me, on the other hand, had to milk this all for what it’s worth. Like an asshole. Like an idiot.
“I can’t believe you’re acting jealous. You. The prettiest, nicest, most popular white boy on campus...buggin over some mildly attractive white man. Please...” I rip back the covers and begin to bury my drunk ass into them since I was told to go to sleep. If I’m gonna be a dick about it. “Distinguished nerd...tuh...yeah my lady boner is raging...” Grumbling, I nestle my heavy head into the cool pillow that feels so amazing my tired eyes shut.
“Bianca.” Chris warns, hand on the doorknob, head swimming in alcohol and anger. But I’m done because I’ve passed out and he’s grateful for that.
As he showers, Chris stews over my words fueling his anger. For me to dismiss his feelings like that, so fucked up. So upset his head pounds. Stepping out he looks into his mirror, fuming, running through every petty word he could have said or thing he could do to make me eat my words. While he runs his towel over his face to dry it off, it dawns on him. Grinning like the Grinch, Chris opens a drawer.
Waking up the following morning, everything hit me like a fuckin cement truck. The fight, ugh. The alcohol, fuckin ugh. Even though we were mad at each other, Chris held me close to his naked body. Still sleeping soundly. My head was fucking pounding, stomach churning as I come to life. Groaning obscenities into my pillow, I smother my painful face as I turn to face Chris to at least give him a kiss and snuggle. I miss that perfect beard of his. The time to kiss ass starts now.
Threading my arms around his neck, we shift and mold into our new position as I snuggle between his pillow and suddenly bare cheek. Bare cheek?! Reeling my head out of the crook of his neck, I pop my tired lids open to see A MUSTACHE. If it wasn’t for the hangover, I would have screamed but instead I just gasp loudly, utterly appalled, accidentally slapping my hand down on his exposed cheek. Slapping him awake. Here goes round two.
“What the fuck did you do?!” My throat so dry I barely croak even though I really wanted to yell. The combination of his hideous carpet brush and the throbbing behind my eyes has me wincing, pushing my way out of his arms with a tortured moan.
“What, you don’t like it?” Chris smirks chasing after me rolling away with quiet whimpers. This asshole.
“Oooh fuck you.” I cover my face with both hands as Chris nuzzles that stupid facial hair on my nape. My shoulders tense up in disgust. This is a low blow.
“Aww c’mon baby B. Just last night you were all about mustaches...” he mutters, still grinning. So pleased with his plan. His hot breath brushing against my skin usually would excite me but that’s not the case this morning.
I fuss into my hands, “Ugh! Too hungover. No bullshit. Please!” The image of it burns the back of my eyelids. So upset but also so hungover all I wanted was to fall off the face of the earth. It’s my punishment for being such a dick last night. Tit for tat. A kiss from his furry upper lip makes me shudder but not in a good way. I have to get out of here.
“Bianca.” He calls out to me as I throw the covers off, bailing out of this round because I can’t do it. Not in this condition. “Bianca where are you going?”
Now he’s laughing at me, making his dumbass mustache dance every time I’d look to make sure I’m seeing this correctly. Because damn I want this to be just a shitty dream but my hangover reminds me it’s all so very real. I don’t say shit, just get dressed.
“Bianca c’mon. I’m just trying to look more like your type. You don’t think I look hot like this?” Tossing his muscular legs over the edge of the bed Chris watches me gather up my shit with a shit eating grin. This revenge currently sweet on his tongue. If I wanted to be a dick to him, he can be one right back.
“Look,” hell I can’t even fuckin look at him, “I’m gonna go before I smooth go off on you Chris. Because this...” massaging my forehead I sigh to myself, reconfiguring my words because I’m this close..., “this is just...fucked. My fuckin head is killing me. I’m tired. I feel like I’m gonna puke and seeing that on your stupid face isn’t helping.”
The mattress stirs as a nude Chris stands to approach me but I’m gunning for his bedroom door. Seriously I have to go.
“B. Bianca you can’t be serious. It’s just fuckin facial hair!” He shouts at my back as I open the door. He thought I was acting ridiculous but he didn’t even see ridiculous yet. He wouldn’t be able to handle it. It’s smart of me to go.
As I leave, I tell him, “Get at me when you shave that shit off,” leaving him bewildered with a bitter taste on his tongue and that stupid ass cop mustache on his face.
“Oooh. So that’s why you were back in the room for a few days.” All of it dawns on my roomie. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
Chris kept his arm draped over my shrugging shoulders, grinning down at me grinning over at my roommate. “Because it was so stupid! But I was so pissed off.”
“But,” her boyfriend points at our amused faces, “Chris had that mustache for like...a few days...”
He pops open his mouth to say something but instead sighs a chuckle, shaking his head. “Yeah we know...”
“Cuz, as we also know, my man likes to win.” Looking over to him I boop him on his scrunched up nose. “So it went on four days too long.”
Four days too long for us not to see each other outside of class or spend the night together. Four days too long with no hugs or sweet kisses. Four days too fuckin long of no mind blowing orgasms. Honestly I wasn’t sure how we did it. Four days was the longest we had ever gone not associating with each other. Don’t know how my roommate was so oblivious; she figured I just wanted to spend more time with her the dork. Some did notice though and tried to take advantage of our silent treatment but he couldn’t even bother. Chris was ultimately so distraught over our fight and so was I. Only keeping up a front when we were in class or passing by each other. Glaring at that stupid mustache when he would brush his fingers over it. So fuckin dumb.
By day three, we were ready to call this bullshit. Missing each other way too much but so-fuckin-stubborn. In class, I would catch him staring at me with this soft lusty gaze, bottom lip stuffed in his mouth. At night, I would find myself furiously rubbing my clit, imagining him grunting on top of me. Oh yeah we were slowly cracking under the pressure of sexual frustration. Purposely brushing up against each other in passing, even though I couldn’t look directly into that silly mustache. Those little touches were everything and how we survived another day of mostly ignoring one another until...
My roommate was out with her boyfriend so all I could do was try to distract myself with a really good book. Emphasis on try. In the midst of narrative and dialogue, intrusive thoughts of Chris pummeling into me were starting to take over. So the book ended up on the bed and my hands down my sweatpants. I was over it by now...but I wanted him to be the one to come crawling back. Silly pride. Chris didn’t have to take it to that level, taking away my beloved beard to get back at me for being a drunken asshole. As I dip my fingers inside me with a muffled whimper, I swear to myself this is the first and last fight Chris and I would ever get in. Delusional I know. Slipping into a fantasy I sink my fingers deeper, silently wishing it was his fingers, his beautiful cock filling me up. I needed him so bad.
“Oh Chris.” I whimper out to no one, spine slipping further down my propped pillows when there was a knock at my door. Smacking my lips with an eye roll, I remove my fingers and wipe my hand on my pants. Swear if my roommate lost her key again. It was becoming a shitty habit of hers.
Hopping off my bed I start to fuss through the door, “Christ. I swear I’m not loaning you anymore mon—,”
But she wasn’t there when I opened the door.
“I’m losing my shit.” A clean shaven Chris confesses with rich blue sad eyes. “I fuckin hate this.”
Shit, my prayers have been answered. “Thank God.”
Barging his way in, Chris gathers me up in his big arms, ugh, and holds me so close to his torso he knocks the wind out of me. Snuggling and nuzzling his smooth face into my crook of neck, breathing in so deeply.
“Fuck I missed the way you smell.” He sighs, squeezing me even tighter. My hips so warm just from his touch. “I don’t wanna fight ever again.”
Hiding my smile in his chest, I hug Chris back, so grateful to be in his arms again. “Me either baby.”
“So stupid.” He frenches me so hard I deflate into his hard torso.
“Mmhmm.” I sigh into his burning lips with a small nod. “So stupid.”
Opening our mouths, we invite each other in, tasting each like we’re star crossed lovers who’ve been apart for centuries. Drooling, tongues locked, embracing each other so tight. Feels like we’re fallin in love all over again.
“Where’s your roommate?” He whispers, dragging his stiff fingers across my lower back, missing how my skin burns under his fingertips. So soft to the touch. I can’t keep my lips off him.
“Out.” My fingers soothe up into his soft brunette hair. His firm hands slip down to my ass, pulling down my sweats in the process. God I hope she doesn’t come back to the dorm tonight. This session is definitely going all out all night.
“Good.” He’s found his way between my thighs, teasing my folds with the very tip of his middle finger. The sound of his dirty moan makes my pussy so wet. Which makes him moan even louder. “We’re gonna need the space.”
Backing me until my bare ass hits the cool wood of my desk, Chris goes to undo his pants with a crooked smirk. Smirking back, I shove my pants off the remainder of the way, so ready to for him to fuck me into another dimension. And he knows it. Stroking himself he hooks a veiny arm around my hips, jerking me closer to the edge. Closer to his rock hard dick sitting in his boxers.
“I need you,” my plea is so fragile Chris softly groans with a grin, “need you so fuckin bad Chris.”
“That’s what I wanna hear.” He gently locks his lips with mine, slipping his tongue over mine. As we make out, Chris threads his cock out of his boxers. His wet tip nudging into my folds. My jaw drops with a weak sigh. Sinking deeper in between my walls, his whole body shudders. “I need you too B. I’m so sorry.”
My head rolls back with an animalistic groan as he fills me up, the weight of his dick applying so much pressure to my slick walls. Crazy the difference four days make. Kissing up my exposed throat Chris huffs and grunts, so relieved to feel my wetness encasing his thick dick. He could lose himself but he fights to keep it together. He’s got to make up for so much time away from his favorite place: in between my thighs. Stilling once he bottoms out, Chris squeezes his eyes shut with an exasperated sigh. Nuzzling my nose, focusing on the sensation of my textured walls hugging his rigid cock. This was home.
“I’m such an asshole.” he hisses cradling my cheeks with his giant hands. But it’s not just him.
“I’m an asshole too babe,” gasping for air Chris begins to pump me so roughly my legs shake on either side of his hips. “Oh fuck!”
“Fuck.” Chris gasps right behind me, picking up speed, reaching so deep I choke on my heavy breaths. The desk knocking against the wall with each smooth but strong strokes. Wildly moaning and groaning between the two of us we didn’t give a shit if anyone could hear us. This fuck is worthy to be praised. Speaking between shouts and squeals.
“I fuckin love you Bianca.”
“Chris—SHIT—I ohmygod!”
“You’re mine’re mine...”
“Uh huh...yes...fuck yes...”
“Say it.”
“I’m yours...”
It wasn’t a lie either; I felt it in every cell of my body. Funny it took the dumbest, silliest fight for us to reconnect in such an emotional way. It was a good thing my roommate never came back to the room. We got it in everywhere; our make up sex was probably some of the best sex we’ve ever had. It definitely went on all night, no naps between. By the time the sun came up, we were gasping for air on the cool hard floor. Blissfully smiling and laughing, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It feels ridiculous to be so into someone. Especially someone who looks like him. His blue eyes so vivid and bright staring back at me...all I could do was sigh.
“ guys are disgusting...” smirks my roomie’s boyfriend averting his eyes from Chris and I staring at each other now, remembering that night. God I really love this goof. Softly laughing to himself, he nudges the tip of my nose with his. We are disgusting and I’m not even sorry. My roommate loves to admire our romance though, laughing for a bit before she shuts up with wide eyes.
“...wait you guys didn’t fuck in my bed, did you?!”
Leaning in for a kiss, we answer together, “no.” But it was a lie. It was best not for her to know.
Stroking my jaw with his thumb, Chris smiled down at me. “I don’t think I have the strength to get off this floor.”
Turning my chin towards his palm to plant a kiss I mutter, “we can stay here. I don’t care. As long as I’m with you.”
I know I don’t recognize myself saying corny shit like that either but Chris eats it all up with a shiny silver spoon. Smiling so hard.
“I don’t ever wanna go that long without again B...” he delicately kisses my cool clammy forehead and I just shut my eyes, swooning and falling. “I was so miserable at one point baby it was all so pointless...”
“Let’s not worry about that anymore.” I brush a comforting hand across his furry chest. “Let’s just worry about the days ahead...”
Hugging me closer, Chris rests his cheek atop my crown with a sweet sigh. “Are you saying you wanna plan our future B?”
Hearing the question aloud rings a small panic alarm in the pit of my stomach but was it out of excitement or fear? What did I have to fear? I trusted him entirely, with any and everything. And he was right, the time apart from us just being mad at one another was horrible. Imagining his warmth surrounding me in our own bed, in our own apartment, made my stomach flip in thrill. Could we really do it? Is that even a thing? College sweethearts making it for the long haul? Deep down, that’s what I wanted with him but the idea that it could fail terrified me. Didn’t want to lose him...but I was willing to risk it. I think...
Chris tackles me from behind, rocking me back and forth as he hugs me, burying his beaming face in my neck. Everyone’s so excited. It’s a beautiful day, a good day and it’s fuckin wild we made it here, that we lasted this long as a unit. Everyone celebrating that the bullshit is over. Caps thrown up in the air with delightful shouts once the ceremony’s over. Chris breaking his neck to connect with me across the graduating class. Graduating was a different level of freedom, an upgrade of adult that most of us wouldn’t understand until we’re actually on our own. But I’m ready for my next chapter, especially with this pretty ass man at my side. Anything is possible and Chris is along for the ride.
Leading a trail of kisses up my nape, he muses with a sneaky grin. “I’ve got a surprise for you baby B...”
Spinning around I toss my arms around his shoulders. “Yeah?” I inquire with enthusiasm, placing a chaste kiss on his perfect lips in the midst of the swarm of graduates and their families. In no rush whatsoever to find our families we share an intimate moment. We had been discussing places to move to for over a month until Chris decided to take over, swearing he could find the perfect place for us. Since he felt so confident I let him have it. While we exchange loving pecks and giggles, he digs in his pants pocket for whatever he’s trying to surprise me with. Holding my lips, he smiles as something jingles nearby.
Parting from my puckered lips, he bites back a gleeful smile. “Remember I said I’d find the perfect place? Well...”
Two gold keys dangling from a golden chain hangs from his two fingers appear before me clapping and jumping for joy.
“Babe!! Seriously?!”
He can’t contain his goof of a laugh, pulling me back into hips as he cracks up. “Of course, of course! You know I’m gonna take care of you.”
I couldn’t ask for a greater boyfriend. In the distance, I can hear my parents shouting out in the chaos but I really just wanted to have this moment with him.
“We’re really doing this?!” I shriek snatching the keys from him. Living in New York was a pipe dream, something we discussed post sex drunk and sleepy but now it’s a reality. Rubbing my fingertips over the rigid edges of my potential key to our new place. Our new place. That’s insane. Our parents closing in on us. Tipping my chin up, pulling my attention away from the keys resting in the palm of my hand, we share another moment as our folks approach with cameras in hand. Shutters clicking around us, hooting and hollering with congratulations but we only focus on one another with wide happy eyes. It’s time. I’m fuckin ready.
“I’ll do anything with you Bianca. Let’s start our new life together.”
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cursestothemoon · 5 months ago
Hi Charly! Could you do a headcannon about Fred and his virgin girlfriend having sex for the first time? But she’s feeling self conscious because he’s more experienced and she’s worried about not being as good as his past partners not me projecting or anything 🙃
as a virgin who cant drive this request really resonates with me
welcome to the fred show pew pew
ill stop.
warnings:NSFW, vaginal penetration, loss of virginity, fingering
ok so
first i wanna get into fred before you came around
his sex life specifically
i think fred likes to have fun
nothing wrong with that
so yeah he's been around the block
a few times
so he knows what he's doing when it comes to sex
he takes pride in how good he is honestly
but i also think his first time wasn't all that
he probably lost his virginity rather young
14 maybe 15
the girl was 16 maybe 17
and he kind of pressured himself to lose his virginity after hearing his amazingly cool older brothers talking about 'this bird i shagged...'
it was bill
and fred loves bill
idolizes bill
so in his efforts to be just like him he had to lose his virginity
which he did
but he was beyond nervous and fidgety
he's almost certain the girl felt so bad she lied and said she finished when really he was in there for two minutes TOPS
but he got better over time
also he made sure that the person he was with finished first because he's still a little embarrassed abut that first time
george is the only person who knows about his first time, he didn't want anyone else to know
so by the time you guys start dating fred is very experienced in the bedroom
you are not
you are a virgin
thats ok
i feel like fred would just assume your not a virgin if you didn't tell him otherwise
because 1) you are drop dead gorgeous and could get it literally any time you wanted
and 2) he just assumes everyone does it unless told otherwise
you would be talking one day and somehow your first times would come up and fred would go beet red and admit how terrible it was for him
and then you'd kinda just 🙂
because you don't have a first time story
fred would not catch on at first
he would be very confused
then you'd go pink and come out with it
"...i'm a virgin, freddie."
he was honestly surprised
but once he noticed how genuinely uncomfortable you were admitting it, like it was something bad
he'd go into protective, comforting freddie mode
would go above and beyond to tell you that it wasn't a bad thing at ALL and he wishes he would've waited
and then he goes
"now that i know, i'm going to make sure your first time is amazing, love."
then he'd kinda just pause and go red again as he thought about what he said
"i mean, assuming you'd want your first time to be with me. totally cool if not, but i reckon that would be rather odd considering we are dating... unless you are breaking up with me...wait don't break up with me."
you'd just giggle and pull him into a kiss
"i want my first time to be with you, only you."
"i am so glad we are on the same page."
ok fred would go ALL OUT to make sure your first time was amazing
and you ARE finishing.
it would be over summer
you're staying at the burrow for the next month
and fred has it all planned out
you had told him you were ready a few weeks ago and he told you he wanted to surprise you for your first time
so you've just been waiting
he'd set up a cute little tent in the meadows of the burrow
string up some lights in the trees
plethora of blankets and pillows in said tent
wait i forgot their tents are like huge inside
he'd have some food
some water
many condoms
he's so excited
oK so the sun would just be setting
and fred says he has something to show you outside
he also knows with a full house no one is going to come looking for you two, but just in case george knows the plan and is there for damage control just in case
so you go out with fred and hes practically skipping and hes all giggly
and you are starting to feel his giddiness so you guys are just this giggly mess together
then he gets to the spot
the sex tent
and it's beautiful
you are blown away
and he is just so happy seeing you happy
so you guys eat a little
have some fun
he will feed you food to be romantic
you will get a grape dropped down your shirt
fun times all around
and then your eyes kinda lock
and his are all crinkly from laughing
his freckles just a bit more prominent in the summer season
you are suddenly hit with this intense feeling of love
how much you are in love with him
how much he's in love with you
and you're sure you've never been more ready than you are right now
fred is feeling floaty
you are looking at him with this look in your
and it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy
he'd reach out to cup your cheek, his thumb gently running across your cheek bone
then he'd pull you closer and rest his forehead against yours
your nose would brush and he'd run the tip of his nose along your nose before placing a kiss on it 🥺
you push forward and capture his lips in a kiss
and its on.
he pulls you into his lap
you guys are in heavy a make out
his hands are on your ass
your hands are in his hair
then he pushes you closer with his hands on your butt
the feeling of his hardening cock in his trousers against your clothed clit has you shuddering because jesus christ almighty
you've never felt anything like that before
you whimper into his mouth and fred is sure he's died and gone to heaven
so he does it again
after a few more times youre moving your hips on your own accord
you'd never admit to him that you'd fantasized about this very moment
in this very position
but instead of him it was a pillow you were grinding against
you guys moved to the bed in the tent
fred pulls away and he's holding your face in his hands so gently and looking at you with so much love
"I need to know that you are completely certain that you want this. I need you to be absolutely sure, love."
"I want this. I want you."
there was no hesitation in your voice
so he'd slowly take off both your clothes making sure that at any given moment he's got more off then you to make sure you never feel uncomfortable or embarrassed
so like if you've got your shirt off, fred has his off two and is working on his pants THEN he'd move your pants
now you are in your bra and underwear
he's in his briefs
and he can't help but take you all in
your skin
your curves
each dip and line
everything about you is just so beautiful
and he's just barely touching you as he's dragging the back of his fingers down from your neck to your belly button just watching as your skin erupts in goosebumps
he's never seen anything so beautiful
i think it was in that moment that he knew, no matter what, he would always be in love with you
all of you
he looks for your approval before reaching behind you and unhooking your bra
when your bra comes off thats when you get the butterflies in your belly
and lets be honest
on the inside
fred's a mess
like he might get choked up
the tiddies are out
fred leans down and starts to place slow, loving, kisses across the skin of your chest and in the crook of your neck before trailing them down to your breasts
you let out a shaky breath as he takes your pebbled nipple into his mouth
his hand moving to tease the other one
he's sucking and licking the sensitive nub making you breathless
then he'd drag his tongue down to your belly button then just below it before sucking a hickey onto your hip
he'd look up at you silently asking if you were ok and if he could remove your panties
you nod
youre nervous and excited and just ready
so he pulls off your underwear
and suddenly you feel very naked
but you also feel more comfortable than you ever thought you would
because it's fred
and he's your best friend
and he's just so
and you'd trust him with your life
so its a positive experience
his brings his thumb to rub gently circles on your clit before running two fingers up your slit to collect your juices
you let out a breathy moan as he slides a single digit into your entrance
his head is resting on your thigh placing sweet kisses on the skin as he adds in a second finger
his other arm is hooked around the thigh that his head is resting against, with his hand falling just close enough to your cunt that he can rub slowly, tight circles on your clit
you cum pretty quickly from fred's intense, intimate fingering
and he makes sure to make a show of putting his fingers in his mouth moaning at the taste of your release
he moves up to your lips, pulling you into a kiss
and you can taste yourself on his tongue
and there is something so erotic about it
that has your pussy clenching
ok so he pulls off his boxers and you audibly gulp
l a r g e
and he notices your apprehension
he doesn't want to lie and say its not going to hurt
because in all honesty it might hurt
fred presses a calming kiss to your forehead as he lines himself up with your entrance
"im going to go slow, alright. if at you want me to stop tell me, ok, bunny?"
"ok, i might be bad at this."
it does hurt a bit
its uncomfortable
you do get a little teary because of the dull burn of the stretch
and fred's heart aches seeing the way your face screws up in discomfort
but after a few minutes
and a few kisses from fred
youre ready for him to start moving
he starts off slow
the pain is starting to dissipate
and it begins to feel really good
like really good
i forgot to mention it earlier but fred IS wearing a condom
back to the story
so pretty soon you guys are enjoying yourselves
fred is kissing on your neck and lips
youre tugging on his hair and letting out breathy moans and whimpers into his ear
you cum a second time before fred spills into the condom
he slowly pulls out
and the feeling of emptiness after he does so is your new least favorite feeling
you are just craving to be near him, to be impossibly close
he pulls you into his side and starts peppering kisses along your hairline
and his fingers are running up and down your back
and hes just holding you so tight
"i love you, bug."
"love y'too, freddie."
your slurred words made it lear to him that you were starting to fall asleep
you guys would have to wake up super early the next morning and sneak back into the house
and you'd both be super giggly and cuddly and just hanging off each other
fred wouldn't want to let you go and would pull you back into him every time you tried to leave and go into ginny's room (where you were staying)
aW then for the next few days you guys just cant keep your hands off each other
and you both are so in love
261 notes · View notes
the-iceni-bitch · 5 months ago
Pledge Week VI: Alma Mater Sex
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~2.2k
Summary: It’s day six of Ransom’s birthday week, and your heading to his alma mater for some old fashioned semi public campus sex.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex, snowballing, semi public sex, dirty talk), the return of a slightly bitchy reader, sassy bickering between our two faves, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Sassy reader is back, and Ransom couldn’t be happier!! These two are too fucking much and I’m glad I only have to do one more of these because I love them so much and they are ruining all my future relationships.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
It was taking all your self control to not roll your eyes at the bright eyed graduate student who had been assigned to guide you and Ransom on your tour of the Harvard campus.
Admittedly, you did find it extremely amusing that she kept trying to sneakily ogle your boyfriend whenever she thought you weren’t looking. But the way she was clinging to the two of you and barely giving you any room to talk on your own was driving you crazy.
“How the fuck are we gonna ditch her, Ran?” You hissed, sighing heavily when she mentioned some new fucking building that also illustrated why Harvard was the best university you could ever hope to experience. “God, I fucking hate this place.”
“Don’t act so damn put out, Y/N.” He said affectionately, beaming at you like an idiot. 
“This is why everyone hates you guys. Cos you won’t shut the fuck about everything you learned at the ‘Harvard school of Crawling up Your own Ass.’ Or whatever.” You grumbled, frowning when he pressed his lips to your hair. “Fucking ivy leaguers.”
“Ivy Leaguers?” He was doing his best not to chuckle at how ridiculously extra you were being. “Baby, you went to Cornell.”
“Yeah, but I don’t bring it up in every fucking conversation I have.” You huffed, leaning against his shoulder and tuning out the monologue she was giving about the history of the brick building you were staring at. “Why did we even need a tour guide, Ran? You fucking went here.”
“Harlan’s a big donor, so they love pulling out all the stops whenever one of the brood visits.” He murmured, nuzzling into your hair. “Now shut up, I’ve got an idea. Cordelia?”
The grad student let out a little surprised hiccup when Ransom said her name, a flush creeping up her neck that made you want to grin. Maybe it should have annoyed you how obviously infatuated she was with your boyfriend, but it was just a little adorable. 
“Yes, Mr. Drysdale?” She managed to squeak out, forcing you to turn your head into Ran’s shoulder to cover the wicked smirk that teased over your lips.
“We’d really like to see the Widener Library, sweetie.” He drawled, his voice dripping with that cocksure attitude that made a lot of women swoon but just made you want to roll your eyes at him. “Y/N here just loves books.”
“Of course, Mr. Drysdale.” She tittered, turning to scurry towards the massive library that dominated the yard. “Oh, and Ms. Y/L/N. Please follow me.”
“What’re you thinking, babe?” You teased, letting him wrap his arm around your waist and drag you along.
“It’s gonna be easier to ditch her in the stacks, honey.” He muttered, teasing his fingers under the waist of your skirt and chuckling at your offended chirp. “Then I’ll have you all to myself and can do whatever I fucking want to you.”
“So, library sex then?” You let him suck on your earlobe briefly before slapping his chest when you had to follow your tour guide up the library steps.
“I mean, you are dressed for it.” He plucked at the buttons at the front of your blouse with a wicked smirk until you smacked his hand away. “Just missing the glasses.”
“You’re a damn pervert.” You scolded, ignoring the speech Cordelia was giving about something you didn’t care about while Ransom splayed his hand over your ass.
“I dunno what you expect when you literally never wear panties around me, sweetheart.” He gave you a squeeze and nipped at your jaw before taking a step back and beaming at you. 
You were about to reply when he suddenly shoved you behind a column, moving quickly after you and clapping a hand over your mouth to muffle the questions he could tell you were about to ask him as he pinned you to the wall.
“Mr. Drysdale?” The poor grad student must have finally turned around and realized the two of you had disappeared. “Ms. Y/L/N?”
“Be quiet, honey.” He muttered under his breath, slotting his knee between your legs and edging the hem of your skirt up towards your hips. 
“Damn it, not again.” The two of you listened to her footsteps receding with a pair of mischievous looks. 
“Let’s go to the stacks, babe.” He said with a grin, pressing his lips to your forehead and dragging you after him up the stairs to the second level.
“You are a bad influence, Mr. Drysdale.” You teased, walking after him at a brisk pace as he led you through the card catalogue and reading room until you reached the east stacks. 
“Oh fuck, Mr. Drysdale?” He turned and grabbed you around the waist, lifting you off your feet and wrapping your legs around his hips with a low growl.
“Yeah, you like that?” You cooed softly, running your fingers through his hair and sucking his bottom lip between your teeth. 
“Yeah.” He sighed, working to untuck your blouse and colliding with a bookshelf with a muttered curse. “Makes me sound like a dirty professor.”
“The fucking dirtiest.” You purred, moaning when he pulled your face down so he could devour your mouth with his.
The two of you ran into another shelf and you winced, Ransom swearing under his breath and disconnecting from you reluctantly so he could actually watch where he was going. He saw an open study room and made a beeline for it, groaning while you nibbled on his ear.
You huffed when he dropped you on the table and gave you a frantic kiss, waiting until you were whining for him before moving to close the blinds. 
“Unbutton your blouse and pull up your skirt.” He ordered when he turned back to you, working quickly to remove his own shirt before undoing his belt.
“Yes, Mr. Drysdale.” You purred, skimming your fingers slowly up the middle of your torso and unbuttoning your blouse at a languorous pace. 
“God, you fucking tease.” He snarled, stepping into you and yanking your legs apart with a hiss so he could shove his hand up your skirt. “If I had the time I’d make you beg for it. But right now I just wanna taste that sweet pussy. You better be fucking quiet.”
He didn’t give you a chance to answer, wrapping a hand around the back of your neck and wrenching your face to his so he could steal your breath with a desperate kiss before kneeling in front of you with a wicked grin. You choked on a scream when he ran the flat of his tongue over your slit, slowing it to a torturous drag when he reached your clit and grinning at the soft whimper you gave him. 
“Oh, fuck, Ran.” You wound your fingers in his hair and ground into his face when he thrust his tongue inside you and curled it against the soft flesh of your core. “God, you’re amazing.”
“I think you forgot who you’re talking to.” He teased, peppering soft kisses over your throbbing cunt and gazing up at you through his lashes. “Ms. Y/L/N.”
“Sorry, Mr. Drysdale.” You beamed down at him, running your fingers through his hair gently before a shock traveled up your spine when he wrapped his lips around your clit. “Jesus Christ.”
He moaned into your pussy as his tongue massaged your tiny nub gently while his lips suckled around you. His hands trailed up your torso until they reached your breasts, his fingers digging into your soft curves and making you moan wantonly when his thumbs ran over nipples.
You could feel your pleasure gathering fast, warmth spreading from your core like an inferno as his expert tongue took you apart at an intense speed. He grunted when you yanked hard on his locks and gripped one of his wrists, arching into him as your breathing grew ragged.
“Fuck, oh fuck.” You were trying your best to keep from screaming, but you didn’t think you could hold it back with how quickly he was bringing you to the brink. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…”
He glanced up through his lashes and moaned at the fucked out look on your face, bringing the hand you didn’t have a grip on up to your face and shoving his fingers in your mouth to muffle the shriek that ripped from your chest when your body went rigid and you came all over his face.
Ransom barely gave you a second to recover before he was rising to his feet and undoing his fly in a rush, then shoving his cock into you with a low purr and making your eyes roll back in your skull.
“That’s my good girl.” He cooed, sliding his fingers out of your mouth and dragging them over your cheek before bending forward to mouth at the trail of saliva he had left. “How you feeling, Ms. Y/L/N?”
“Very good, Mr. Drysdale.” You panted, whining when he slotted his lips over yours and started fucking into you at a violent pace. “Little hard to think, though.”
“That’s just the way I like you, honey.” He grinned, nibbling on your lips and keeping his eyes trained on yours. “Cockdrunk and just waiting for my cum.”
“You’re a dick, you know.” You teased, wrapping your arms around his neck and rolling your hips to meet him each time his cock punched into you. “Mr. Drysdale.”
“I’m your dick, though.” He ground against your clit and groaned happily when you whined against his lips. “Gotta say, I have missed how bitchy you get, Ms. Y/L/N.”
“Yeah, me too.” You sighed, the feeling of sheer ecstasy starting to overwhelm you again as his pelvis slammed against yours. “Not that I didn’t enjoy you taking the dom reins.”
“That was pretty fun, huh?” Fuck, you made him happy. “We’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.”
“Mmhm.” You arched into him when he hit you deep, gasping and digging your hands into his hair. “God, that’s it.”
“C’mon baby, give it to me.” He hit the same spot and groaned when your nails scratched over his scalp. “Fuck, mark me up, honey.”
You bent forward and sank your teeth in his neck to muffle your shriek, your pussy fluttering around him as he mumbled a string of curses in your ear and his rhythm grew sloppy. It only took three more pushes and he was gone, filling you with his cum and sighing into your hair as he stilled his movement.
He hummed happily when you ran your tongue over the bite mark you’d left before leaning back and beaming at him, the corners of his own lips quirking in a smile as he rested his forehead against yours.
“So, am I the first girl you fucked in this library?” You asked, tousling his hair a little as you ran it through your fingers.
“Yeah.” He rubbed his nose over yours gently while his fingers ran over your sides. “Mostly just brought them back to frat house or sometimes the lacrosse field.”
“Of course you did.” You snorted, biting your lip when he wrapped his arms around your waist. 
“But I’d only ever risk getting caught with you, honey.” He leaned forward and caught your lips with his.
“Well, aren’t you a fucking sweetheart.”
“Just for you.” He disconnected from you reluctantly, his fingers rubbing over the small of your back. “C’mon, let’s do it in Sever Hall next.”
“Ok.” You sighed softly when he pulled out of you before hissing with realization. “Shit, baby, I can’t walk all that way and hold your cum in.”
“Jesus, honey.” He rolled his eyes at you as he worked at redoing his fly and putting his belt back on. “You gotta start wearing underwear or bringing a plug or something. We end up in this situation way too often.”
“Christ, there is no pleasing you is there?” You huffed, buttoning your blouse back up and tucking it into your skirt. “I wear panties, you complain you can’t just slide right in. I don’t wear panties, you complain you can’t come inside me without having a mess to take care of.”
“God, shut up.” He scolded, the edge of his words softened by the warm smile he gave you as he pulled his shirt back on. “Fine.”
Ransom knelt in front of you again, kissing his way slowly up the inside of your thigh before lapping his spend out of your swollen pussy and making you curse. He rose to his feet once he was finished and cupped your jaw in his hand, gazing lovingly into your eyes before yanking your mouth open and spitting his cum into the back of your throat.
You moaned when he shoved his tongue in your mouth and swirled it around to coat everything with his thick spend, swallowing thickly once he pulled back and pressed a final chaste kiss to your lips. 
“So,” You panted, watching him closely as he buttoned himself back up. “Lecture hall?”
Tumblr media
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submissive-bangtan · 5 months ago
SCENARIO: exo eating you out
Tumblr media
- length. 1k (total)
➼ genre: smut 
warnings. lube, fingering, spit play, brat taming, sloppy, rimjobs, without chen
author’s note. i see you being interested in sub!exo, now since i’m from the oral fixation squad we gotta extend the repertoire 🕵 with a bonus sorting into the alignments.
Tumblr media
⎡SUHO⎦Suho is not a wild and technical one. No stunts, no crazy shit. No dramatic antics. No weird toys. No major kinks. No particular preferences. He won’t make a big deal out of it either. A true neutral among all the chaos. Unlike the other members. Who are, unlike him, far from being a normal kinda person, that much is certain. So there he is, your uneventful man, doing uneventful things. And you know what? Who even manages that nowadays. Everyone cracks under the pressure of being perfect and super sexual. Suho simply isn’t fazed and that’s good on him. Even if Baekhyun might roast him for acting like he’s not 29 but 122 or something. What he does he does. With deliberation, stamina. If Suho was a tarot card, he’d be temperance. Junmyeon typically asks for eating you out casually when the mood is comfy, or calmly agrees when you ask him. Gets ready stoically in his work clothes, polite as ever. He’ll indulge you very carefully and walks his line. That tongue moves like Suho is deep in meditation. Getting to every spot but not in a provoking way, thorough stuff right here. Moderate and patient. Simply by not challenging himself or putting the bar higher than possible, Suho will never disappoint. 
Tumblr media
⎡MINSEOK⎦What a nasty hyung. Xiumin knows methods that would make Suho want to bury his face in the ground worrying about the reputation of EXO. Minseok really has seen and done and tried it all. Even a full-blown blowbang type of orgy in Gangnam sometime back in 2018 where he went ‘just to try some things out’ after going raw on lord knows how many ‘dating’ apps to organize people. Get ready for a firework. Fair enough, Xiumin is too clever and too private to let these things surface. Suho will never know. Unless Xiumin’s mouth slips and he feels the need to brag. Which may or may not happen... though, he keeps his secrets. Introvert advantage, nobody bothers him anyway. Talking about mouth slipping — yes, he’s keeping it wet and juicy. Expert he is, he comes along with lube. Xiumin also likes to swallow, while you cum. Where Suho is a literal wiseman resting on top of a mountain, Xiumin will break every rule there is, be loud, be provocative, be fun. And he seems to be uncaring about much else. Chaotic evil if I’ve ever seen one.
Tumblr media
⎡KYUNGSOO⎦Oh shit. Oh shit, shit. I don’t even know what to say. Kyungsoo makes an entire protocol out of this. A grand plan. A state affair. In the most romantic, sensual way you can think of. Candle light... rose petal bath, chocolate cake that’s all homemade, back massages, self-recorded music. SM isn’t giving him a solo album or it just never happens but Do Kyungsoo has a phone with recording function and he’s not afraid to use it. What better evening than getting a dose of Kyungsoo lip service in two kinds of ways: As a background track for your sexy time, and in person between those shaking legs. It’s just that good, you aren’t ready for that level of pleasure. Make sure you’re at least mentally prepared for several drawn-out orgasms. The stamina is going hard right here. As we know: The sweettooth appreciates what mommy serves. Bon appetit. The truth is, his style is kinda lawful good even if people would expect it to be lawful evil.
Tumblr media
⎡CHANYEOL⎦Is messy as fuck and proud of it. Chaotic good overdrive. No semblance of a technique. It’s called eating after all, gotta dig in, keep it instinctual. Chanyeol treats this like a fucking hobby. Remember, he’s a rapper. Chanyeol will drop a whole array of tongue twisters, deep moans, and a whole bag of bars on your clit so get ready. Guy takes ‘spitting’ a verse way too literally for his own good. Head without a towel, risky idea. Not in the bathroom, risky idea. Saliva everywhere, very sloppy head movements. Dips in the tongue so randomly, it’s unpredictable, which is exactly what makes you come every time. He’s just so happy he could make you feel so excited, and making himself excited, man he’s pure. Despite his drippy, twitching lips saying otherwise, but you blame Baekhyun’s bad influence. And besides, Chanyeol basically corrupts himself. No need to do anything, he escalates and is self-learning at this point. Because damn, he’s good at reading your feedback.
Tumblr media
⎡BAEKHYUN⎦Seeing you have a big fat orgasm is Baekhyun’s lifeblood and day-long fantasy. He’s going about it with the most creative, unfair, and outrageous methods. The man’s obsessed. Is he turning into BĀĖKHYÜN? Seems like it. Baekhyun wants to see your face like that all the time. Would absolutely hate not being able to use his hands. He gotta unleash both. Goes nuts with two fingers inside of you and his naughty tongue exploring. Can and will nibble at you with his teeth, folds and clit and thighs, smiling from all the mischief... brat move. He’s easily tamed by pulling his hair, but you ask him beforehand. Who knows it’s bleached so often, the follicles might just give up. Like your legs because Baekhyun is chaotic evil unstoppable and addicted to slurping and sucking you down. Talking all kinds of nonsense while he’s at it. The madman will eat ass all day, Jesus Christ what a triple threat. The only thing that can stop him is a) Taeyong calling on the phone or b) the safeword. 
Tumblr media
⎡YIXING⎦God of cunnilingus. I am the sheep = GOAT = greatest oral and tongue. Descended from above, a different realm. Fantastic, outstanding, incredible, sexy, hot as hell, scream- and OSCAR-worthy. He gets to work. Properly. Is there something he can’t do? He’s so unafraid and full of ideas. Lay is here to get that honey. Sweet and dripping all over him. He’s a mad bitch for being so good at having his face ridden and you can’t blame him for digging in like it’s the last day. Tongue goes all over the place without stopping a heartbeat, you could request anything from him and he would do it. Let me tell you something. People don’t wanna give him credit for it, but Lay ‘Chaotic Good’ Zhang sinned with confidence before it was cool. He was the first one in the group to get it down. Fastest person to find the clit back in the day because someone paid attention. Even Xiumin hasn’t done the things Yixing has pulled off. Sure, Lay likes his own portion of head if his partner is down, but it’s not important when he’s immersed.
Tumblr media
⎡JONGIN⎦Behold and beware. Jongin never plays. Serious business kinda dude. He will set up the room, the music, sets aside a certain time window. Just for you, it’s meant for nothing else. He’s been getting off twice that day out of frustration and anticipating your little date in the evening. Kai will talk to you about it very honestly, and it’s clear why very soon. He. Goes. Off. A whopping 45 minutes of entering other dimensions at the mercy of these big lips. He knows what they feel like and what they can do. Yep, he warned you, I warned you. You probably see EXO planet at some point in your delirium. Yes, it’s real. You just have to unlock the portal by having Kai make you scream and shout and twitch the roof down. That’s the whole trick. His own body erupts with pleasure but he’s trying to control it so hard. And you? Eye contact fail number #205 this night, looking right at him is so dangerous. This guy is the actual Lawful Evil member my dudes.
Tumblr media
⎡SEHUN⎦Shawty imma party till the pants down... No problem. Here you go, get yourself a nutritious meal Mister Oh. While I take over your game and your chair, and you gimme all that pretty head until I get to the next level. That’s how it’s gonna be. Just like he’s all about lazy blowjobs (huge how he is, speed is impossible anyways), Sehun really takes it slow giving head as well. True Neutral business. Most easy-going and concentrated. Although, Kai has that focus as well, it’s a maknae thing for sure. Definitely the least likely to just power through: when something can be done to increase either of your comfort, he will easily pause. Sehun is so handsome, you’ll hardly keep it together. Taking a break is going to be necessary anyway, to just get back to normal breathing. When he isn’t comfortable with something, he will tell you right away, no prodding for feedback or anything needed. As the opposite of Suho, Sehun’s not over-polite in that regard. 
Tumblr media
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