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Went on a morning hike the other day and was blessed, in the midst of anxiety, fear and worry, I saw a beautiful butterfly. So majestic in its flying. It was so cute! It made my day.

Weekly devotional : Psalm 46:5

Prayer for me : guidance & wisdom & providing.

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If there is one thing I can’t when some Christians think they are more holy and look down upon others. God made every single one of us unique and different from eachother, so we will all have a unique relationship with God that is different from everyone else.

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Today’s verse of the day on the Bible app 🤍

I think it’s important to be open about faith in God and to not let persecution from others stop you from following Him.

It’s also important to always do the right thing, even when the rest of the world is telling you you’re doing the wrong thing🤍

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As a fellow Christian I find myself walking on this narrow road of salvation quite lonesome. I know spiritually I’m walking with Christ through my faith in him but, worldly, amongst the flesh, I seem to walk alone. I don’t mind it as my focus is to become a better Christian, and work towards pleasing God through Christ and his laws. However, I realized the moment I started taking my walk with Christ serious I began to see things differently. Like a new filter in my mind, eyes, heart, and soul. The bible started making so much sense to me. I began to understand verses, parables, and even got excited the moment I read the words Jesus spoke. A favorite of mine is when the pharisees brought a woman who just committed adultery, and tried to trap Jesus by asking if she should get stoned like the law of Moses says she ought to be. Jesus simply replied “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” (Jesus is such a G lol). I even started collecting my favorite verses to reference back when I’m in need of some godly advise or healing. When I have conversations with friends I find myself referencing Bible verses as I see fit. I didn’t mean to be a nuisance to those I spoke with, I just got really excited to find correlation between whatever we spoke about and the bible. For instance, positive & inspirational quotes such as: “Stop looking back, you can’t change the past”. “Be positive and ask the universe what you want”. “Forgiving is a must to set yourself free”, and so on, and so forth. None of those resonated well with me, as much as, when I found them reading through the gospels. The words had more meaning, more weight behind them. I respected the message that was being delivered, and most importantly by whom it was delivered. As I kept along this narrow path I quickly noticed how those around me were not in tune with the frequency of the Holy Spirit. It’s like tuning a radio and finding that rare station playing a song you like. Not everyone is searching through the dial. Most have presets of their favorite stations on their radios, and that’s ok. I learned to accept that. For I as well had presets of my own. It took me a year of mistakes, and sins from the day I got saved by God himself for me to finally say, “ok father, I get it. I’m ready to walk this path with you”. Not only to save myself from sin, and my soul from death but, to please him, and let the beautiful life he’s got planned for me layout the way it was meant to be. It’s not easy, and it never will be. Like Mathew 7:14 reads How narrow is the gate, and restricted is the way that leads to life! Few are those who find it. I’m in no way, shape or form a perfect Christian, nor will I ever be. I’m made of flesh, sin was instilled in me since the day I was born but, thanks to God sacrificing the son of man, our Lord Jesus Christ, I was also forgiven that same day. Thank you for reading my first entry to my blog. My goal is to share my journey as a reborn Christian and God’s infinite love. May God bless you all, and answer your prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Whoever thinks Bill Gates is a hero is completely brainwashed. This guy didn’t predict this virus pandemic back in 2016. He is behind all of it. He is behind the company ID2020, whose goal since 2016 is to implant the entire globe with a digital ID that is also a vaccine. With this ID, there is no hiding anymore, you will be not only tracked wherever you go using the 5G towers, but you will also be controlled by this evil shit. Gates is a spawn of the Devil and is behind the mark of the beast in Revelations. The Devil is using people like Bill Gates and the coming one world order to steal and destroy as many souls as possible from God, before Jesus arrives. His time is running out. You can either choose the world, with this new vaccine chip, or you can choose to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved.

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“Hosana ao Filho de Davi!“

Todos aplaudem de pé e louvam hosanas

“Eli, Eli, lamá sabactâni?”

Todos meditam sua fé

Inicia-se a Semana Santa

Que rezemos bem nesta procissão

E lembremos do Cristo que vence sua Paixão

Pois levamos a reflexão:

Ele está conosco na alegria

Mas em especial, na melancolia

Por isso, eu confirmo

Por todos os séculos

Eu O aclamarei: Viva Cristo Rei!

analua | 05-04-2020

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