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firelord-boomerang · 21 hours ago
Yall really think that if Jet lived he'd have chosen to rest and live peacefully and totally mundane? Boy went on a boat to live peacefully in Ba Sing Se but the first thing he does on the ferry is steal some food to give to the rest of the refugees, he sees a firebender and follows him to gather proof to turn him into the authorities. He won't live peacefully, he's unable.
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sokka-theartist · a day ago
Rating each atla character by how much himbo energy they possess. (This list is in alphabetical order)
Aang: 4/10 He is so so kind, and he respects women so much. He is, however, quite smart, and even when he does Foolhardy things, it is out of his mischievous nature, which is not the same as the himbo’s dumbass-ery.
Azula: -876/10 She does not possess one single himbo bone in her body. She is mean, she is a talented tactician, she is stick-thin, and she struggles w/ internalized misogyny.
Jet: -389/10 Like Azula, there’s not a himbo bone in his body. He’s strategic and very intelligent. He definitely doesn’t have the himbo kindness, even though he clearly has love in his heart, alongside his desire for revenge. He doesn’t seem to disrespect women, but I didn’t see him being particularly respectful at any point. He’s not really the type to respect anyone.
Katara: 0/10 She’s nice, but not in the oblivious himbo way. She’s also pretty thin but, unlike Azula, she has some muscle (it’s not just her bending prowess, she can lift stuff). She also respects women so so much, and fights for their rights whenever she can. But, it obviously isn’t in the Background Cheerleader kind of support that himbos usually provide (that’s aang’s job here). She’s also quite smart.
Mai: -4/10 She’s not particularly nice (listen. Mai has a heart of gold, but she would rather die than say the l-o-v-e word. She’s super compassionate, but she glares at her friends and is off-putting to strangers.) she’s very smart, and she is also very thin. Mai is incredible at throwing knives, but she would rather die than do a push up. I know this.
Sokka: Absolutely not/10 Look at me. Look me in the eye. Stop saying this. Stop it. Being goofy on purpose is not a himbo trait! Himbos are accidentally funny, out of their kindness and dumbassery. Sokka learns to respect women, but he’s not particularly ~nice.~ He’s a good guy, but he doesn’t have the endless patience and kindness of a himbo, and is actually pretty rude and sarcastic most of the time. Plus, he is so smart! The smartest! Wise AND analytical. Don’t even.
Suki: -8/10 Yeah she’s reasonably buff. She’s nice, but not overly accommodating, in fact, she is a fan of trickery and goofs, which himbos usually only mistakenly stumble into (and are on the receiving end. they aren’t usually successful pranksters). She is also smart! Strategic, wise, and emotionally competent.
Toph: 1/10 The 1 is because she is strong! Could scoop you up! Besides that: no. She doesn’t have the Himbo Kindess, and prefers to cause problems on purpose, and has to actively remember to be selfless. She’s also very smart and quick-thinking.
Ty Lee: 2 ratings. In appearance: 9/10. Actuality: -56/10. She seems to be buff, stupid, and Kind, but she is not. She is very smart and aware of her situation. Plus, she can actually be pretty mean, either by manipulating people herself, or because she seems completely unaffected by Azula’s frightening cruelness until it’s directed at Mai. She's buff tho.
Yue: -1/10 She is so nice, but it doesn’t come out of any naivete... though on the surface it may seem that way. She’s not buff at all, homegirl does not go to the gym. She’s also extremely wise! Which is a trait himbos can possess, admittedly. Still, I can see her being really good at math, and reading a lot of books.
Zuko: 3/10 He. He has the capacity for intelligence.... but also he’s dumb. He often forgets he has a brain, though we do see him use it on occasion. He’s also strong. However, I see no evidence that he Respects Women. In fact, he makes sexist comments pretty much all the way thru mid-book 3 (yikes). The major thing that makes him Not a Himbo, though, is the fact that he is a prick. By the end, he’s a good guy, but he is rude and snappy and even outright mean all the way through the series.
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Jet: what’s up? I’m back.
The GAang: I literally saw you die. You died. You were dead.
Jet: death is a social construct.
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thespiritofeon · a year ago
yo.... when jet breaks in the tea shop and accuses zuko and iroh of beinh firebenders....
do you think any of the patrons looked at zukos scarred face - obviously done by a firebender - and immediately think jet was an asshole? like
jet: hes a firebender!!!!
patrons, thinking about the backstory they concocted for zuko and iroh where their home was invaded by firebenders and they barely survived with their lifes so they could come and have a peaceful life selling tea in a city the war doesnt touch:
Tumblr media
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failingradish · 11 days ago
Jet is officially my least favorite atla character atla to draw :)
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dotsz · a year ago
the funniest parts of atla:
1. zuko does one good thing and immediately falls very ill
2. jet tries to get iroh and zuko arrested for firebending by yelling about how they heated up their tea. in a tea shop. where they work. where they’re supposed to heat tea
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paygeling · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Jet preparing dinner for the 92738382929 Freedom fighters....
[ID: an image of jet drawn over a real image. He is frying rice and is sautéing it in the shape of a perfect wave. He is looking directly at us, wearing his signature outfit and wheat in mouth with the addition of an apron that says kiss the cook.
End ID]
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girluncle · a month ago
jet is the type of person to jokingly say the earth is flat and sokka is the type of person to look at him like ‘????? no it’s not’ and jet would just continue saying things like this to annoy sokka until sokka is pulling out a chalk board and ripping his hair out
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straight friend groups be like: *blonde girl* *chad* *the funny one* *kyle* *brunette girl* *frat boy*
gay friend groups be like: *112 year old boy* *master water bender* *meat and sarcasm guy* *runaway rich kid pt. 1* *runaway rich kid pt. 2* *badass warrior* *the moon* *cartwheel* *knife* *lightning* *revolution leader*
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angellknives · 21 days ago
Zuko, robbing a ferry with Jet and then infiltrating a prison with Sokka:
Tumblr media
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hello-yue-here · a month ago
what the gaang & co. would dress up as for halloween.
aang: aang decides to be the michelin man. no one knows why. he refuses to explain his decision process.
katara: katara handmade an exact replica of the broadway cinderella gown that transforms from the rags to the ballgown. HANDMADE. AND ITS A FLAWLESS TRANSITION. she also added a feature to make it deteriorate when the clock strikes 12 at the costume party but instead of going back to rags she becomes zombie cinderella. THREE IS ONE PEOPLE. katara did not come to play.
sokka: elton john. sokka ALSO did not come to play. he has an exact replica of elton’s iconic white suit with the feather shoulder pads AND a costume change into the bedazzled dodgers costume. the water tribe siblings take halloween very seriously.
toph: john cena. she trusts katara to get the costume for her. everyone says “hey toph, why john cena?” her response you ask?: “i cant see you so now you cant see me.” major creativity points.
zuko: okay listen… this manz dressed up at the blue spirit for shits n gigs during his stint as a vigilante as an outlet for his teen angst. who is the real world equivalent of the blue spirit? the phantom of the opera. im so sorry but you know this is who zuko would go as. he then takes off his mask and someone says his scar makeup is rlly good. zuko is torn between saying “thanks my dad helped do it” like the little shit he is or punting them across the backyard.
suki: the bride from kill bill. this needs no explanation.
yue: an old lady. she looks fantastic. she was like old ladies have white hair. i have white hair. old ladies wear cardigans. i love cardigans. its perfect. she goes all out for her makeup. its a really good costume. she even has an old lady accent and walk that she uses the whole halloween party. what a legend.
jet: spike speigel from cowboy bebop. i have never seen cowboy bebop. but ive seen spike before. jet could pull it off. he has the hair. yes i did have to do research into figuring out spikes name and what he was from because i saw pictures of him before and it took me a while but i did it. so jet is spike. thats it.
haru: jack sparrow. its the only time his mustache has come in handy.
azula: elizabeth swann. she is FURIOUS when she sees haru because now everyone is going to assume they are there together. she looks great tho. but she is mad. mad mad mad.
mai: ty lee. she lost a bet.
ty lee: mai. she won a bet.
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