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“Totally present in this moment for you.”

- Truth Devour

Jet: You two are playin’ me! That did not happen. What am I sayin’? Of course it did.

Faye: Yeah, it did. You see, Lunkhead over here, didn’t think about security. He jus’ went guns ahoy, and I had to save his sorry—

Spike: No. It happened the other way around, and you know it.

Faye: What?! You know if we had just walked out the door—

Spike: Whatever. Once a looter, always a looter.

Faye: Jet. I’m telling you—

Jet: You know what? I don’t care what happened. All I know is we’re short of a bounty. And I blame you both!



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Originally posted by seeyouinspacecowboy

“Where’s Faye?” You asked Jet while he was cooking up something for dinner. Not realizing that you hadn’t seen her around almost all day. It worried you a little because you would’ve notice if something was up, Especially since you both have been good friends but then again you didn’t have time to talk.

“She’s in her room I think.” Spike answers as he leans againts the door way peeking in to see what everyone was up to. As soon as you knew that’s where you were headed.

“Tell her dinner will be ready in a few!” You hear Jets voice echo as you walk down the hallway.

You knock a couple times till you hear a small “come in” from the other side of the door. When the door slides open, Fayes hugging her knees as she watches the images on the tv, The glow of it keeps the dark room lit and shines on her gloomy face. You walk over and sit down shifting next to her and rest your head on her shoulder.

“Hey, How are you feeling?” You ask already knowing somethings up you just want her to say it to you herself. Faye carried herself well. She showed to be very flirtatious and outgoing when she needed too but deep down you knew the real her.

“I’m, okay.” She manages to mumble out.

“Faye. how are you feeling?” You ask again and she sighs. She already knows she can’t shrug you off but it was worth the try.

“I’m, confused is all. ” She dips her head down then looks to the ceiling hoping it wouldn’t be to hard to say it if she weren’t looking at you directly. “I’m frustrated because… well because I- I like you but I don’t want to you to leave me if you don’t have that same connection. But then again I’ve never needed anyone, I’ve been on my own. I don’t need- I don’t need anyone.” She shakes her head at the mix of emotions but you grab her hand hoping it would calm her down.

“I think deep down we both knew we are more than just friends, Faye.” You smile softly as you admit it and move in subconsciously at the same time. The sudden pink on her face makes your heart flutter as you suddenly realize your inches apart. “You don’t have to be lonely anymore.” When your nose bumped againts hers it’s clear that she wanted you to kiss her too. It was the sweetest kiss you’ve ever gotten. Also the first kiss you’ve gotten but it felt natural. Her warm lips were gentle and her chapstick gloss tasted like strawberry. The small sigh you got from her pulls one from you. As your lips disconnect her soft breaths paints your lips, it was in that small moment that she knew your words were true.


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Chapter 4 - Back to Beginnings 

WARNING: mild sexual content 

The cool air that snuck its way between the buildings blew into you harshly. You placed your hand over your mouth, silencing yourself. You clenched your jaws to keep yourself from chattering, afraid that every little thing was going to give your position away. Whoever you were chasing should’ve been hiding from you, not from them. 

You could hear running in the distance against the pavement, echoing in the alley. It grew closer and closer. Your heartbeat was in your throat, threatening to jump out. You could feel the soft pulse through your fingertips. You couldn’t tell if it was from the cold, or from the adrenaline. Was it a bad time to admit you needed to pee? 

You were a horrible bounty hunter. You were too loud, you were clumsy with your gun, and body is just far too slow to give chase. Matter of fact, you looked rather ridiculous. But then again, everybody has to start somewhere, right? 

Home was far away from here, across the solar system. And as much as you were homesick, fuel for your small, dingy ship cost money, and that was something that you did not possessed at the moment. Not one single woolong. Maybe a few coins and a token from the local arcade. You needed this bounty, and you needed it now. 

The running grew louder and louder, the noise filling the alley. You squeezed the handle of your gun, afraid that your it was going to slip. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped. You never really prayed before, but maybe you should start now. One step echoed in the alley. Then another. And then another. Each one growing louder than the next. 

You placed your finger on the trigger gently, your hand surprisingly steady. You could see the outline of the woman that was now hunting you, her silhoutte growing bigger and bigger. Even though you were in the shadows of the alley, you definitely were sure that she could see you in the dark clear as day. Then she stopped, maybe a few feet in front of you. In an attempt to scare you, maybe elicit a reaction from you, she flipped out the barrel of her gun, spinning it, and popping it back in, over and over. 

“You’re sure one shitty bounty hunter.” she spoke. You could hear the smile in her voice, one of the last insults in your short life. You could also hear the age as well, scratchy and hoarse. “But what I will let you keep for the next minute is the smallest bit of nerve for trying to take me out." 

"You have nerve now to assume that I’ll accept that.” you blurted out without thinking. It may have been stupid, but do you have all the time in the world now to think it over? 

She scoffed. “ Oh, please. You’re the one thinking that I’ll give up myself that easily. And to a little girl with a gun." 

You swallowed. "You’re not wrong, but I might surprise you." 

"Hiding in an alley waiting for the enemy to come to her? Yes, that is very surprising.” she cackled, her hair flaying everywhere in the wind. Her arms outstretched, like a villain who just told the hero their heinous plan to take over the world. The dramatics certainly didn’t work on you, but you sure thought it was funny. 

You start laughing as you got up and dusted yourself off. Not in a mocking tone, or in a conniving way. It was totally genuine. She noticed this, and immediately stopped laughing.  

“What"s so goddamn funny?” she ran up on you, her faces inches away from yours. You continued laughing, your head down. “Tell me, or I’ll blow your fucking brains out!”

She stuck her gun underneath your chin, snarling and hurling threats at you. This still didn’t stop your hysterics. “I-i think..” you couldn’t even finish this sentence without a chuckle or too. “I-i honestly think..”

“You think? Spit. It. Out.” she growled. 

You smiled. “I think.. you are sure one shitty criminal. Your barrel’s been empty since your laughing fit a minute ago." 

Her face went blank as she looked at her gun, the barrel unloaded. 

"Also all your bullets are on the ground behind you.” You stated, your mouth into a fine line. She back up, accidentally stepping on few of the bullets. Her legs flew up, landing on her back. You could hear her start wincing and groaning.

“Seriously, how old is your gun?” You snatched her gun out of her hands, inspecting it. At a first glance, it could’ve been mistaken for a prop gun in an spaghetti western movie. “Wow, this is older than you. And you’re ancient.”

“Its my lucky gun. Its been with me since I first started in the game.” She muttered. She struggled to pick herself up, but before she could, you swiped underneath her knees. She buckled down, stunned.

“I don’t think I can let you off that easy. After all, I’m just a little girl with a gun, I don’t know what I’m doing.” You shrugged.

You aimed your gun at her leg and fired, the shot echoing. Your bounty gasped in shock, then started wailing in agonizing pain. Clutching her leg, she cried out. “Are you fucking insane?!”

“No, I’m just tired.” You sighed. “Alright, let’s pack it up, John Wayne.”

As you finished the story, Spike and Jet could not stop laughing. It wasn’t that funny. But with at least with five shots in, it was hilarious. 

“John Wayne?!” Jet choked out, clutching his chest.

 "I’m not kidding.“You smiled. "I thought I was a total badass." 

As you all tried to catch your breath, Spike waved over another round of shots. Jet noticed this, and put his hands up. 

"No more, Spike.” he said, yawning and stretching. “I think its time we hit the hay." 

"Oh come on, Jet. At least stay for one more round.” you lied, secretly wanting Jet to leave so you could have Spike all to yourself. It felt so odd, wanting someone you barely knew near you. Before today’s events, you caught yourself multiple times delving into fantasies where you were confessing your love and affection to this mysterious man, and him returning just as much. He would place his hands on either sides of your face, stroking your cheek with his thumb. His eyes looking into yours,  And then, that classic fairy tale moment would come. A sweet, soft tender kiss, and the flying off into the sunset. Then you realize that you were just creating a version of him that you wanted, and that he probably wasn’t thinking of you at all. 

And then there was moments where your mind wanders off, and you begin to think of all the ways he could absolutely destroy you. Emotionally and physically, but mainly physically. You imagined the way he would pin you against the wall, cornering you in.  Trailing his lips against your neck, biting and kissing that sensitive spot that made you go crazy. He would grab your hair, pulling your head back to face him. It wouldn’t be harshly, but that he had full control of you. Spike would crash his lips against yours, desperately and passionately, like it was the last time he would ever kiss someone. 

Moaning and whining for more, you would try to snake your wrists from his grip to touch him.  But he would keep you pinned down, only torturing you more. 

“I don’t think you deserve to touch me, ” he would tease, pulling back from you. “Unless I hear you beg for it. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you." 

After that, you would put a lid on it for the moment. You would feel the immediate need to drink some water, and an even greater need to take a cold shower. Its not that you didn’t want these thoughts, its just you didn’t want them to intrude on your mind when you were  conversing with THAT person. Who was now trying to get your attention because you were spacing off. You were spacing off so bad, you hadn’t realized that Jet actually did leave, and it was just you and Spike. 

"Hey,” he said, waving his head in front of you, “you okay?" 

You nodded, hoping that it wasn’t obvious that you were thinking of Spike fucking you six ways to Sunday. "Yeah I’m good! Why you ask?" 

"You were just staring at me like I was a piece of meat.” he replied, lighting another cigarette. 

“Well, I don’t even like meat, so.” you smirked, taking a sip from your drink. 

He raised his eyebrows. “From what I saw earlier at dinner, I know that is a fucking lie." 

You giggled, twirling the small stirring straw in your cup. A little tipsy, and more confident than you usually were, right now was the perfect time to flirt. 

"I do like a sausage every now and then, but, "you shrugged, looking anywhere other than Spike. That was a little too bold. You looked back at Spike, who was just smirking away. 

"I think I’ll that hang in the air for just a minute.” he replied. 

“I’m sorry, it was just there. I had to.” you chuckled. 

You noticed the faintest bit of blush on Spike’s face. It could’ve been from the amounts of drinks he had, or the teasing earlier. You were pretty sure that it was from the drinks. Little comments like those definitely didn’t influence that one bit. Or did it? 

“How longer on you planning on staying here?” Spike asked. 

“Until I’m ready to go to bed, and I’m wired.” you responded, a little discouraged if Spike was implying that it was time that all parties were going home. 

“No, I mean staying here on the planet. I’ll be here until next week.” he said. 

“Oh my bad.” you replied, your face burning slightly in embarassment. “I think the same as you, until next week. ”

“Ah, okay.” Spike mumbled. He looked at the tabletop, you both sitting in complete silence. What he said next made your heart jump into your throat. 

“I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to do this next week? Dinner and drinks?” He asked, finishing his cigarette. “Right before we leave, I mean." 

As much as you wanted giggle like a school girl, you played it cool. "Mr. Spiegel, it sure does sounds like you’re asking me on a date." 

Spike leaned his head on his hand. "And what if I am?”

“I’d say yes. I need a little fun every now and then.” you stated, mirroring Spike.

You both sat there in silence for a little bit. You wanted to say something else, but the silence was doing just right for now. Talking to someone was nice, but just enjoying another person’s presence? That felt just right. 

“Question?” you asked. 

“Answer.” Spike replied. 

“What  do you do for fun, besides drinking and being cool?” you smiled. 

Spike chuckled. He sat there, thinking. “If you would like, I can show you.” he finally said. 

“Show me. I’ll follow you wherever you go.” you said, taking that last shot. 

“Alright, follow my lead then.” Spike said, getting up. He held his hand out to you. You  took it, jumping out of the booth. You staggered backwards, but Spike wrapped his arm around your shoulders to steady you

“Easy there.” he grinned. You were a little too tipsy to care about Spike touching you, but it was gladly welcomed with open arms. 

“Let me show you were the real fun is." 

The real fun was in a small jazz bar, with a single man on stage playing the sultry notes of a saxophone. You were prepared for anything, but you thought it was going to be a little bit more exciting than this. But if this is what Spike likes, then you will definitely respect that. 

He sat next you, his arm on his knee, leaning his head in his hand. He looked mellowed out, a blank expression. You were watching him out of the corner of your eye, seeing if his face would change. But it didn’t. He kind of looked bored. Hoping you weren’t making him bored, you cleared your throat. That got his attention. 

"Hmm?” he asked, his eyes still fixated on the saxophone player. 

“How often do you come here?” you asked him. 

He sighed, leaning back. “Man, I want to say every time I’m on Mars. I’ve been going to this place since I was younger. Its almost like a safe haven for me. Where do you think I get my good taste in music from?" 

You nodded, chuckling. "I get that." 

"Besides drinking and enjoying some good music,” you continued, “what else do you like to do? I already told you my hobbies earlier at dinner, so I guess its your turn to spill." 

Spike leaned backwards, hands interlocked in the back of his head. "My hobbies.” he thought. “I want to say make money, eat, and go to sleep." 

You smiled. "No, I’m serious. What do you like to do for fun?" 

"I’m serious too. Now that I think about it, I want to add on watching TV and practicing some punches, so I’m not too rusty.” he replied. 

“Who do you practice punches on? Not on anyone on the Bebop, I hope.” you said. 

“If I could, I would. Some of them really do know how to push my buttons.” he muttered, sticking a cigarette in his mouth, but not lighting it. 

“I’m not pushing any buttons by interrogating you, am I?” you asked, leaning closer. 

“Of course not. I’m just answering some questions for a curious cat.” Spike winked at you. 

Your heart felt like it was going to pop out of your chest, this man was so fucking fine. You bit down your lip, tapping your leg. You hope it wasn’t too noticeable that Spike’s flirting was taking a HUGE toll on you. You couldn’t go back on to your thoughts from earlier, you can’t right now. If you did, boy you were in for a treat back at your ship. 

The silence this time was a little different, like something was off. You were expecting the conversation to bounce back, but it didn’t. As much as you wanted to initiate talking, you felt like you could be talking too much.  Spike was quiet, and he hadn’t really changed positions for a hot minute. You now knew that when Spike got like this, he was thinking. His face would be expressionless, tapping his leg lazily, and just staring whatever direction he felt was necessary. During dinner, while you and Jet were talking, he would get quiet and travel off into his own little space. Now that it was you and Spike, you felt like you were intruding on something. 

You turned your focus back onto the music. Coursing their way into your ears, the deep notes felt like they were pulsing in your body. You still couldn’t get over the air between you and Spike. It felt a little somber. 

“Hey,” you said softly, touching his arm, “is everything okay?" 

Spike looked at you, his eyes turned down a little. He looked right back at him, waiting on a response. His eyes traveled from your eyes, down to your lips, and then to the rest of you. Was he checking you out? His lips formed a soft smile. 

"Yeah, I’m okay, ” he said, “but besides that, did I ever tell you how nice you look tonight?" 

As flattered as you were, you were still concerned over Spike. "No, but thank you. Spike, seriously, you seem off. You were just fine and chatty earlier, but your vibe is definitely off." 

"I don’t think we’ve been hanging out that much for you to see that.” Spike shot back. 

“Yes, but I kind of got a knack for reading people.” you replied, crossing your arms. You were a little taken aback by his sudden hostility, but you really didn’t know what was going through Spike’s mind. 

“If I said something that offended you, I-” you began, but Spike put his hand up to you. He shook his head, folding his hands together on his chin, placing his elbows on the table. 

Conflicted with pushing until he tells you and just shutting up, you sat there. You began to distract yourself with thoughts of getting another drink, what you were going to do when this “date” was over. 

“Alright, (y/n),” Spike spoke, his voice smooth, “do you want to know what’s really  bugging me?”

You hesitated, anxious that you awoken something that would surely make this the last date. You nodded, turning to face Spike. 

“The past.” he murmured, scooting closer to you. 

“The past? Why?” you asked quietly. 

“Why the past? Let’s see.” Spike stared into your eyes, his gaze unwavering. You looked back, but averted your eyes when you felt like you were overstepping. You already were overstepping with asking if he was okay, but there was something about eye contact that made you uncomfortable. 

“I’ve had a long, long past (y/n). I’ve made many stupid mistakes. And even though I know they are all in the past, they keep finding ways to ruin my present. I guess you can say I’m torturing myself with being here, since this was such a big place to hang when I was in-” Spike stopped abruptly, clamping his mouth shut. 

You nodded. “You don’t have to say anything else. I understand.” You gave him a small smile, placing your hand on his shoulder. Fuck comfort, you thought. Maybe it was just a human thing, to reach out to others when they’re in pain, forgetting boundaries and anything that could hold back support. 

He looked at the placement of your hand, then back at your face. It seemed like eternity that you were both like this. He returned the smile, a silent thank you in the air.

 "Now I know that we already kind of drank a lot earlier, but how does another round sound?“ you grinned.

 Spike’s face lit up. "You read my mind, (y/n)." 


You stumbled your way out of the bar, clinging onto Spike as he led you out onto the street. You were a giggling, drunk mess. You weren’t rowdy or anything when you drank, but you sure were the comedian. Spike sobered up a little earlier, so he was a bit straighter than you were right now. 

"I would say, Spike,” you slurred, “you sure are a pretty man." 

"Oh thank you. Now lets get you back home.” Spike replied, just holding onto you while you tried to walk without falling over. 

“No no, you’re not listening. Like you are really, really gorgeous. So gorgeous, you could put Valentine to shame.” you laughed. 

Spike chuckled. “Okay, I’ll take that." 

"Say thank you.”





Spike sighed. Now you were getting a little annoying, but he didn’t want to get rid of you for the night just yet. Even if you were drunk and acting a fool, your company was something he needed for a long, long time.

 "Its a pretty night, don’t you think, Spike?” you said, pointing out to the stars. 

Spike looked up, amusing you. “Sure." 

"No, say that it looks pretty. Or else you’ll hurt her feelings.” you smirked, giggling.

 "Whose feelings?“ Spike asked genuinely, because you were definitely talking out of your ass. 

"I honestly don’t know. But I do know that I’m tired as shit.” you mumbled. 

Spike was tired too, but for some reason, he didn’t want the night to end just yet. You haven’t noticed this, but Spike was walking around buildings to see if you would follow him and not the way home. And your dumbass just did that. It was actually kind of funny, but it was a joke only for Spike. For a brief moment, you walked completely normal, and then the spiral started again.

 "Look miss, if you keep harassing me, I’m going to have to call the police on you, and I really don’t want to do that.“ Spike teased, only adding more fuel to the fire.

 "Ahh, no, please don’t do that.” you replied sarcastically, putting your hands up. “I’ve been a good girl, I promise." You half smiled at Spike, and continued staggering to the port where your ships were. 

Spike place his hands in his pockets, trying his best not to reply to that last bit from you. But maybe he could let a little something slip. 

"From what I’ve seen, you’ve been a bad girl.” Spike taunted. “A very, very bad girl." 

You turned around slowly, raising your eyebrows. Now it was your turn. 

"And what are you going to do about it?” you asked, sauntering over to Spike.

 "Give a guess.“ he said softly, his voice low and husky from the cigarette he just finished.

 You moved in closer slowly, finding your balance. You looked up at him, boldly running your hands up his chest. Spike flinched from your touch, but melted into it. You ran it all the way from his chest to his shoulders, and finally up to his face. Placing both hands on either side of Spike’s cheeks, you brought his face down to yours gently. The smell of alcohol and smoke filled your nostrils, tingling your senses.

 You tilted your head, chuckling softly at how you had Spike wrapped around your finger at this moment. Spike closed the space between you both, taking into account how your hands framed his face so kindly, like you both have been doing this for forever.

 "Mr. Spiegel,” you began, smiling, “you’re not going to do a goddamn-”

A loud blast burst through the air, scaring you enough to become completely sober. Orange flames and clouds of smoke could be seen from behind the buildings. Alarms from the surrounding structures sounded off, people yelling and asking each other what the commotion was.

 "What the fuck?“ you yelled as you watched the flames grow at a steady pace. You shielded your eyes, coughing. 

"Its from the port!” a person shouted. “There was an explosion at the port!" 

You and Spike looked at each other. Without thinking, you both bolted towards the chaotic scene. Every step brought more anxiety, not only for your ship, but for the Bebop. People ran around, to and from the port. You covered your mouth from the sudden inhalation of smoke, coughing more and more. As you came to a clearing, you could see the tumultuous scene before you. 

Your ship was burning, engulfed in a blaze of violently whipping flames. You shielded your face from the heat of your destroyed home, backing into Spike.

 ”(y/n), we have to get away from here!“ Spike shouted over the screams of panic surrounding you both. He wrapped his arms around you and started pulling you away, your feet dragging. 

You began to hyperventilate, unintentionally filling your lungs with smoke. Either from shock or the smoke, your vision blurred, and finally, slipping to black. 

AN: Thank you all for sticking around. With these last two months, I’ve lost two jobs and gained one where I’m finally in a good place, financially and mentally, so that’s good. I want to push out more fics for characters listed on here and my tumblr (same username as my Wattpad). Once again, thank you guys so much for enjoying this fic, and please, stay safe. 

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