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angelofarts · 4 months ago
Just doing a little self promo
Here is my first full length multi chapter fic, including obliviousness, dancing and the struggles of speech to text
Also this has a bunch of alternate POV oneshots
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lesliecost · a year ago
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
On today’s news! Weather is keeping the heat strike but do not be amazed if it suddenly changes into a storm. I still have my suspicions; The weather is a female and she wild. Talking about savage, the unnamed officer who works on Brownsville’s 73 precinct, Brooklyn, was captured pushing Dounya Zayer. She hit her head on the pavement and was hospitalized. Thank you, technology, for letting us unmask the cruel reality going on in the world and the current protests. Let’s talk virus again: The World Health Organization (WHO) says there is much unknown info related to the asymptomatic cases, classifying them as ‘rare’ because apparently the spread is not that common form those who have no symptoms... On top of that, more than half of states may be undercounting coronavirus (Cardi!) cases by not following the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Well, great, maybe now we will let the dogs out to figure this mess out. Hop on a plane now and let us visit the Dominican Republic: President Danilus Vicorius requested a 17-day extension for the state of emergency. Which will make it the 5th time. In France, they will ban the police from using chokeholds. In Lagos, Nigeria protesters have taken the streets against rape and sexual violence. Meanwhile, China and India are having an argument regarding boundaries. The problem that had been an all-out war in the respective countries’ media. Really guys? At your age? C’mon. EXPELLIARMUS! J.K. Rowling had an ‘anti-trans’ opinion, and it backlashed. You know what, people will always end up being what they feel like. Does that scare you? Well, too bad. Welcome to the 21st century! It is hot, alright? But not for these graduates! In Florida, grads receive diplomas abroad jet skis after high school refuses to cancel the commencement ceremony. Way to ride into college. Nice. Today is Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Day unknown of quarantine. 
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sdcomics525 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
370 - Like Living Jet Skis Mine carts on Death Mountain was one thing, but there's nothing quite like the thrill of the idea of riding a walrus (sorry, sand seal) through Gerudo Desert
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sublimefunfire · 2 months ago
Vítima de acidente com jet skis no rio Candeias é transferida para o Hospital de Base; estado é considerado grave
Vítima de acidente com jet skis no rio Candeias é transferida para o Hospital de Base; estado é considerado grave
Após um procedimento médico, uma equipe de neurocirurgia atendeu a jovem e descobriu uma fratura na vértebra, pois a jovem acabou perdendo os movimentos dos braços e pernas. Jovem perde movimentos das pernas após acidente com Jet Ski Uma das jovens que foi atropelada por uma moto aquática no último fim de semana, foi transferida do Hospital João Paulo II para a Unidade de Terapia Intensiva…
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rashed2569 · 3 months ago
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