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#jewish feels

Happy 6th night of Hanukkah! Candles for donuts, good trade!

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Happy 5th night of Hanukkah! Wishes for warmth and light for everyone’s end-of-2020.

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Originally posted by abasketofgifs

TFW your local supermarket not only carries round challah this week, but it has raisins in it too. <3

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well I never heard back that #jewishjanuary must be fandom content

I tried to come up with headcanons for jewish characters based on the word strength

but my brain instead fixated on the idea of “jewish” and “strength” together and I wrote a Thing about some important women in my life

(may or may not be poetry. What the hell is a title. Below the cut because it’s long)

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My mom: *always talks about the sacrifices she made for me and my brother to be connected to “our” culture (Russia)*

Me: *decides to recconnect to Judaism*

My mom: NO STOP STOP STOP that’s not our culture…. this is cultural appropriation

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been trying to explain purim to a lot of random coworkers recently, for obvious reasons (it’s in a few days) and uh

people react with confusion and horror to the usual “they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat” summary

I’m so used to feeling like a convert by learning Jewish norms and thought patterns as an adult bc my mom chose not to raise us Jewish but for once I feel like I fit in 100% by being slightly baffled at that reaction? like I’ve heard that joke from family (tbf, talking about chanukah when we got to visit over winter breaks) since I was little and it’s just? what the holidays celebrate? we survived! that’s the celebration! and celebrations involve food! this is a reasonable logical progression: “we survived; let’s eat”

anyway I’ve been realizing goyim don’t realize how common this is for us to say,

and then Six13’s song Shana Tova came on my Spotify this afternoon (Spotify can vaguely group jewish songs together and doesn’t filter by time of year/holiday at all) and here’s a perfect example

well first of the song practically opens with the line “looking for a better way to get my Judaism than by getting on the internet and checking out the Maccabeats” and. rude. there’s no need to call me out like that

second of all the song later has the line “on this holiday no one tried to kill us but hey who cares; let’s eat”


it’s really that much of a thing. I’m not trying to be morbid I just forgot that not everyone has the context that a bunch of our holidays are Like That

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I started this book on early Israeli military history for Yom Haatzmaut and it’s made me realise that in ~9 months time I’ll be 27 and my last, faint chance of serving in the IDF will be over. even though I know I’m too old and I know I can’t do anything useful and I know I want to go to law school and I’ve chosen to go the US bc it’s a lifelong dream!!! even though this divergent last hope train of thought is rationally insane.

but overwhelming logic is four years of hoping and dreaming and learning about all the different units and researching the best path and emailing commanders and talking to soldiers and seeing all my friends serve and spending two! freaking! years! with my ex-bf whilst he did his service and the IDF dominating my life

anyway there’s nothing useful I can do bc despite being a MENA expert and an Arabic speaker I’m old af and Israeli bureaucracy is the woooorst and there’s literally no point giving up the next two years of my mid-late twenties bc it’s not helpful to me or Israel or anyone

but welp. bc I’m gonna be 27 in ~9 months and I’m enrolling in law school in ~4 and saying goodbye to the second biggest dream of my adult life

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Jewbot from SuperMansion is a robot golem. And I men golem like the original Jewish mythos of the Golem.

Also, I’m saying he’s a trans guy, since he makes a point that he identifies as male, and robots are now claimed by anyone who is trans and/or nb.


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The synagogue on the lower east side where my Great Grandfather was the rabbi in the early-mid 20th century burned down tonight. No one was hurt, but so sad. The building was shuttered by the city in 2011 but people were trying to save it and have it restored.

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me, fully knowing ill cry if I listen to hatikvah
hey i wonder if ill cry listening to hatikvah
*listens to hatikvah*
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at kab shab the rabbi started lcha dodi with the leonard cohen “hallelujah” tune and ugh it’s so beautiful

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In the not too distant future, like the next decade I will go to rabbinical school, probably Aleph, with the hope of doing chaplaincy and social justice work. And also keep making theatre and maybe write some horror movies.

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Listening to You Want It Darker for the first time in ages

And ngl hineni hits harder now

Idk if it’s just because I’m older or because I was able to confirm we’re Jewish on both sides of the family and like

Lately I’ve been thinking abt how things might have been different if I’d been raised Jewish rather than the family pushing it down and just going along with the Catholicism and random dips into Protestant churches that occurred

And idk the whole album just has me held tight rn but that song and that line exactly feel very important rn

Hineni indeed

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