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12) “What now?” “I don’t know, I didn’t think we’d get this far”

Sneaking around Cloud Recesses wasn’t supposed to be this easy, Jiang Cheng had thought there’d be more to deal with, more Lan disciples out on patrol, but he doesn’t dare say it as he follows close behind Wei Wuxian.

“You’re sure you have it?” He doesn’t know why he lets Wei Wuxian talk him into these things, if they got caught putting a rigged wind talisman underneath Lan Qiren’s chair, they’d both get the discipline stick again, if they didn’t get expelled outright.

Wei Wuxian doesn’t answer him, he only shushes him and holds the talisman up for Jiang Cheng to see before he tucks it back into his sleeve.

If everything went off without a hitch, it would be funny in the morning.

They move across Cloud Recesses quickly, ducking and hiding behind buildings and trees whenever they need to, and by the time they reach the classroom, Jiang Cheng’s heart is hammering in his ears. The classroom should be locked, or at least it should have a ward in front of it to keep them out, but there’s nothing, and Wei Wuxian turns and looks at him with suspicion in his eyes.

“What now?” Jiang Cheng hears himself ask, turning and looking around as if he were waiting for some trap to spring.

“I don’t know.” Wei Wuxian answers, pulling a paperman out of his sleeve and sending it out into the classroom, “I didn’t think we’d get this far.” They wait just inside the doorway of the classroom for what feels like hours before Wei Wuxian calls the paperman back.

“Let’s go.” Wei Wuxian grins, slipping the paperman back into his sleeve and running in before Jiang Cheng can stop him.

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y’all the wildest thing just happened to me; someone made a podfic of one of my works!!! and it’s AMAZING!! 


everyone please check out the incredible work of @exmanhater​ over on ao3, they are so talented! the podfic of ‘marriage is what brings us together’ (ao3 work number 27180802) is AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and i’m so happy about it i could die, so make sure you all listen to it in my memory! akhsflgdfhgljhkjl

[Podfic of] marriage is what bring us together

When Wangxian decide they can’t even wait a day to get married Jiang Cheng is faced with attempting the impossible: planning a wedding in a matter of hours.


“Uh, um, hi, Jiang Cheng, we were just, um, we have to go, it’s really important—” And he actually tried to sneak past him, Lan Zhan’s wrist caught in his hand as he was willingly dragged along.

“So you’re getting married, huh?” Jiang Cheng said, his voice poisonously sweet. Wei Ying flinched guiltily. “You’re on your way to the courthouse now? How nice. Hey, just quickly before you go Wei Ying, do you remember what I said I’d do to the next man to make a-jie cry?”

“…you’d…you’d pull his—”

“I’d pull his spine out through his dick, yes.”

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im so lazy i still havent seen chibi donghua even though some of those chengchengs r living rent free

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A Different Story of the Yunmeng Shuangjie

(You are the moon that illuminates the black sky.)

“Wei Wuxian, wear thicker robes. It’s getting cold, you’ll get sick.” His tone is almost gentle, almost. But there is no heat to it. 

Wei Wuxian blinks, and looks at his attire. He’s wearing a white inner robe, its collar peeking out of his other outer layers. A black robe under another red linen robe. The last layer of his robes are silky, expensive and smooth, black robes with sides lined in bright red. His sleeves are wide, and when it falls, it reveals arms covered in a black fitted sleeve of his inner robes. The back of his robes are an embroidery of a magnolia tree in a darker red thread. The purple sash holding his layers of thick robes is covered by a thinner white cloth that all of the Lotus Pier’s residence wears– as they are still in mourning. 

“This is enough, I think.” Says Wei Wuxian.

Jiang Cheng sighs and steps closer. He tugs Wei Wuxian’s robes as if it isn’t already in place. Brushes his fingers to help the loose strands of hair go back where he had placed them this morning.

Ever since the golden core transfer, Wei Wuxian had always been wearing his hair down. In the morning, Jiang Cheng would help him tame his hair– he had always been too lazy to untangle the forest on his head, which is why he used to throw them into a messy ponytail. It is different now. Yunmeng is getting colder, and Wei Wuxian hates the cold. But Jiang Cheng is gentle, fingers warm and comforting as they run through his hair strands. His familiar red ribbon stays, tying his hair back into a half ponytail.

Wei Wuxian stays silent, eyes on the now slightly taller figure in front of him. Because Jiang Cheng is so much like his sister than anyone has ever admitted. Likes to take care of others so much, their own way to relief distress.

“Honestly,” Wei Wuxian starts, because he can’t stand silence for too long. But Jiang Cheng didn’t even as much glare at him, only waits for him to continue patiently, hands retracting back to his sides. “I feel like the mistress of Lotus Pier. You know, these kinds of robes. I bet I look almost as pretty as Shijie.”

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. “Almost.” He agrees.

Wei Wuxian gasps, his billowing sleeves sweep up to cover half of his face. “You admit that I’m pretty?”

Jiang Cheng shrugs, a hint of smugness on his face. “Probably. At this point, you are the princess of Lotus Pier.”

Wei Wuxian squawks indignantly, and swats his other sleeve at Jiang Cheng who takes a step back as he lets out a laugh.

“Well, you are. In a way.” Jiang Cheng continues. 

“What–” Wei Wuxian wants to ask, but the other man takes a step forward again, this time more closer than before. And snakes an arm around Wei Wuxian’s waist, pulling him to his chest. His other hand reaches up Wei Wuxian’s face, palm framing the delicate cheek that is beginning to flush. (It is because of the cold air, or it is because of Jiang Cheng. The sect leader takes the second possibility over the other each time.)

“You are.” Says Jiang Cheng again, answering both questions. “Very pretty. And the mistress of Lotus Pier, indeed.”

Wei Wuxian still has his ridiculous elegant wide silk sleeve over his lower face. Yet his clear grey eyes are open wide. Then, his eyes catches something behind Jiang Cheng. He pushes him away with a grunt and runs. 

“Shijie!” He cries. When Jiang Cheng turns, Wei Wuxian is holding his sister in place, as he tries to fit himself behind her. “Ji-Jiang Cheng is being weird!”

Jiang Yanli has an amused look on her face. “What did he do, A-Xian?”

“He— he–!” He tries to say, but when he locks eyes with Jiang Cheng, he meeps and buries his face in Jiang Yanli’s shoulder.

Jiang Cheng takes pity. “He said he looks almost as pretty as you.”

“And what did you say?”


“No!” Wei Wuxian exclaims, voice muffled by Jiang Yanli’s robes. “He said I was some sort of princess.”

“He did say he feels like the mistress of Lotus Pier.” Says Jiang Cheng.

“I was joking!”

Jiang Cheng narrows his eyes. “You are my betrothed. I am the sect leader.”

Wei Wuxian peeks and looks away. He straightens his posture, his cheeks even more red. “I can never get used to him being so..” He mutters.

Jiang Yanli giggles. “A-Cheng is being so sweet, A-Xian is just shy.” She reaches Wei Wuxian’s hand and gently pulls him out from behind her. “A-Cheng is right. A-Xian is handsome. Very pretty.”

Wei Wuxian looks scandalized. For someone who likes to flaunt his good looks, Wei Wuxian isn’t exactly great at receiving compliments.

Jiang Cheng snorts. Then he lets out a content sigh. His sister is talking about something to Wei Wuxian, something that makes his eyes widen in alarm and his face even more red to his neck. Wei Wuxian glances at him once in a while, looking embarrassed. Jiang Cheng is not sure he wants to know what they are talking about. 

Something falls on his face. Jiang Cheng blinks.

It is the first fall of snow in Yunmeng. 

Jiang Cheng looks at Wei Wuxian. He is looking up to the sky, a hand in front of his face as he watches the snow that falls on his hand. Jiang Yanli is nowhere to be seen. He should feel even more cold now that snow touches his skin— and those of Yunmeng have never been fond of winter. But Jiang Cheng takes one look at Wei Wuxian, he feels his golden core flares with warmth. 

Wei Wuxian looks like some sort of deity. His dark long hair contrasts with his bright red ribbon, flowing down to the small of his back, now little dots of white flecks of snow follow along to decorate. His bangs that Jiang Cheng had tried to brush back previously had become loose again, framing his cheeks delicately. 

“Jiang Cheng!” 

Wei Wuxian’s tan skin has become paler. He’s easily tired. And if Jiang Cheng already had been before, he’s now even more protective. He would have to be in the same room, or at least knows where Wei Wuxian is. He’d make sure Wei Wuxian doesn’t stay in the water for too long, bask in the sun for too much, and wears a good amount of high quality robes when it’s cold.

Wei Wuxian has already stayed outside for nearly two hours.

But Wei Wuxian is smiling so widely, grey eyes shining ever so brightly. His long lashes flutters, kissing the skin beneath his eyes as he bursts into giggles. His form is glowing. Jiang Cheng can’t look away. 

Jiang Cheng thinks, beautiful.

Wei Wuxian must have seen the look on his face, because the smile he’s bearing now is much more softer. It is not his famous teasing one, not the awkward laugh, nor the wide grin he gives everyone. This one is genuine, so carefully painted. The smile reaches his eyes, and he’s so delicate. Jiang Cheng wonders if this is what the purest form of love looks like.

Wei Wuxian was never one for elegant and grace. He was wild and free and untamed. Always full of energy and seems to can never stay still. But ever since— he is rather quiet. Jiang Cheng worries. But then he realises how Wei Wuxian looks at peace like he’s never been before. 

Still, when Wei Wuxian breaks into a run, his robes fluttering behind him, and jumps to Jiang Cheng’s direction, he readily spreads his arms open. He catches Wei Wuxian, arms just below his bottom. 

Wei Wuxian has his legs around Jiang Cheng’s waist, arms around Jiang Cheng’s neck, and his forehead against Jiang Cheng’s. There is only so little a gap between them, and they probably should remember that they are standing at Lotus Pier’s main lobby where just everyone can see them. They can’t find themselves to care. 

Wei Wuxian giggles, moving his face forward so his nose could touch Jiang Cheng’s in a teasing manner. Jiang Cheng smiles softly at that.

“I’ve always wanted to do that, you know?” Whispers Wei Wuxian. 

“I should’ve walked away and let you fall.” Says Jiang Cheng. But he smiles. He smiles, and he feels very happy. He feels so great, and he’s so full, and he’s whole, and he’s so so warm. He thinks he’s figured out if this is what home really feels like.

“But you didn’t.” Says Wei Wuxian, eyes glinting with his oh so familiar mischief. 

No matter how everything has changed. How everything is the same yet so different at the same time. Wei Wuxian is Wei Ying. Wei Ying is Wei Wuxian. And though he feels guilty, Jiang Cheng thinks he likes it now better than anything else. 

Jiang Cheng huffs fondly, and twirls them both a little. “No, I didn’t.”

Wei Wuxian is cold. But Jiang Cheng doesn’t think he’s ever seen him this happy. Jiang Cheng looks at the shiny eyes. And he thinks, Wei Wuxian is a criminal. He’s stolen the stars from the sky and put them inside his eyes just so he can look pretty. And he realises, Wei Wuxian has also stolen his heart, he won’t ever return it. (Jiang Cheng doesn’t think he will ever want it back.)

“I’m so in love with you.” Jiang Cheng blurts out. He widens his eyes when he realises. He thinks he might just be as awkward as Jin Zixuan.

Then Wei Wuxian laughs. So freely. It is the most comforting sound he’s ever heard. The anxious feeling in his stomach goes away in an instant.

“A-Cheng, ah, A-Cheng.” Wei Wuxian says, both hands coming up to cup Jiang Cheng’s cheeks. “How come you have become so soft with me now? My heart can’t take it, you know? Someday, it’s going to burst if you continue this.”

“I will drop you.” Jiang Cheng grits his teeth, loosening his arms a bit for a moment. But then Wei Wuxian wraps his legs tighter around his waist, and Jiang Cheng’s face burns.

“I won’t let go.” Says Wei Wuxian with a childish pout. Completely unaware of Jiang Cheng’s change of expression.

“I will.” Threatens Jiang Cheng. Because he nearly can’t take it anymore.

Wei Wuxian hums. “Of course you will.” He says softly. Then he brushed a finger to tuck a loose hair behind Jiang Cheng’s ear. “I am also so in love with you.”

It is Jiang Cheng’s turn to have his face painted red.

“Wei Ying is terribly in love with Jiang Cheng.” He says again, because he is a little shit. “So, Wei Ying asks Jiang Cheng to not drop him. With a pretty please.”

Jiang Cheng masks himself with an impassive expression. “What is it for me, then?”

Wei Wuxian tilts his head to the side, adopting a thinking pose. “Hm.. Wei Ying shall gift Jiang Cheng with a kiss!”

Jiang Cheng feels a tug on the corner of his lips. “I will happily drop you.”

Wei Wuxian laughs. Jiang Cheng can feel the vibration through his chest. He knows Wei Wuxian knows he won’t drop him. (Or maybe he will, on their bed, after he escorts him back to their room. This, Wei Wuxian does not know.)

“It’s cold. You can play more with the snow later. Now,” Jiang Cheng says, as he moves to walk inside Lotus Pier, towards the sect leader’s residence. 

Wei Wuxian raises an eyebrow. “Now?” 

“Now, we have to warm you up before you catch a cold.” Answers Jiang Cheng. 

Wei Wuxian puts his hand on Jiang Cheng’s shoulder and tries to push him away. Jiang Cheng successfully carries Wei Wuxian to their room anyway. He has the whole of Lotus Pier memorised on the back of his head, it’s easy for him.

He kicks the door open, Wei Wuxian flails his sleeves around. He drops Wei Wuxian on the bed, and crawls above him, his arms on either side of Wei Wuxian’s head.

“Shijie is-”

“Busy. You are also busy. You can’t help her.”

“No!” Says Wei Wuxian. “I am certainly not busy. Definitely!”

“You are about to be.” Jiang Cheng shakes his head. “In about a moment.”

“Jiang Cheeeeeng..” Wei Wuxian wails, hitting Jiang Cheng’s chest with his palms. “Noooo..”

Jiang Cheng catches both wrists with one hand. “Jiang Cheng has done a good job not dropping his Wei Ying. Jiang Cheng would like to know when he can have his present.”

Wei Wuxian huffs, limbs putting to a still. He rolls his eyes, but there is a hint of amusement. “If he insists, I guess he can have it now.”

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The Untamed has been consuming me.  Hurting a little and thinking about voicelessness.

The words are pressed up against his teeth but they won’t come. Decades worth of favouritism and inadequacy in equal measure keep his tongue thick and heavy in his mouth. His throat clenches around the sounds until it aches. They are sharp, like a scream. Jiang Cheng doesn’t deserve that. It’s not his fault. It’s not Wei Wuxian’s, either. It hurts. It’s not his fault he is the measure by which Yu-furen always finds Jiang Cheng lacking. It’s not his fault he is the usurper of Jiang Fengmian’s affections; the foundling; the leaden weight of his expectations. He is the whip and the wheel. It’s not his fault. He will not say a word - in this, he will exercise restraint. The faults of Jiang Cheng’s parents should not set fire to the narrow bridge between them. He holsters his sharp tongue, and tries to bury the sharp stab of pain somewhere deep within him.  If his smile shows a little too many teeth, that’s alright. He’ll run too fast for anyone to catch him.    

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Wei WuXian hadn’t even perceptibly begun to fall when Hanguang-Jun’s arms started to rise. 

Jiang Cheng watched his eyes widen and his mouth soften as he began to lunge forward, expression subtly taking on the same desperation as a mother watching her baby fall from a great height.

“Wei Ying!” Lan Wangji called softly as he caught Wei WuXian after a fall of a distance of about a single handspan.  The honorable Hanguang-Jun got there fast enough he hadn’t even had time to stop being upright before he was tucked in the curve of a strong arm and pulled close so his head rested on one strong shoulder.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji called again, ducking his face closer, mouth tensing in what Jiang Cheng had learned through sheer exposure was intense concern.

As if everyone and their ancestors weren’t able to see the dumbass was faking.

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes and turned on his heel.

He was not watching this again.

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I wrote this pretty quickly so pls don’t mind any mistakes 😘

WIP: Su She SI

Minshan clasps his hands behind his back and smiles politely as his classmate stares at him like he’s grown two heads or something. On one hand, it’s sort of a hilarious expression. On the other, it makes Minshan a little sad, because of the meaning behind it. Jiang Wanyin is so obviously having trouble comprehending his request.

“What about Wei Wuxian,” the other boy finally manages to say. He looks confused, but Minshan can’t tell whether it’s because of his request or because of Jiang Wanyin’s own reply.

“What about him?” He asks, curious. “I asked you, didn’t I?”

“You want… to go down to Caiyi… with me?” The Jiang heir echoes, before scowling ferociously and shaking his head. “I mean, yes, that is what you asked. Dammit, sorry. But, uh, why? Wei Wuxian has a group of the others and they’re all going together, why not just join them? That’s what I was going to do.”

Minshan blinks. “I didn’t ask Wei Wuxian, though,” he points out gently. “I asked you.”

Jiang Wanyin stares at him, uncomprehending, and it takes Minshan a bit of effort to keep his smile from turning pained.

“Ok, but… why?”

“Because I want to spend time with you, not your brother,” Minshan says, suppressing the little bit of exasperation that wants to come out with his words. It wouldn’t help, it would just make Jiang Wanyin close himself off.

He leans in, and lowers his voice as if sharing a secret, and tries not to grin when Jiang Wanyin unconsciously leans in to hear it.

“Wei Wuxian can be a bit… much, sometimes,” he lifts a hand to hide his laughter when a knowing but fond smile, tiny but there, breaks out across Jiang Wanyin’s face seemingly without the other boy knowing. “He’s a good friend, but he can be tiring.”

“He can, can’t he,” and then the Jiang sect heir is off, delving into a whole rant about how annoying Wei Wuxian can be. And though it’s not actually spoken, it’s clear beneath every single word that though he finds his brother so vexing, Jiang Wanyin loves him, and would even distance himself from their peers if only so Wei Wuxian could have more friends for himself. That last one is just Minshan drawing conclusions from context and what he himself has observed of the behavior of his peers. No wonder Jiang Wanyin always seems so painfully lonely.

And heavens, but the boy sounds so relieved to finally have someone else to share in his exasperation over his own brother that Minshan aches with the urge to hug the other boy. He knows it wouldn’t be appreciated. He’ll instead do his best to set himself up as a confidant for Jiang Wanyin. The young master needs one so desperately, anyway.

“Sorry,” Jiang Wanyin stops abruptly. His face is flushed, and he tugs on the edges of his sleeves self consciously. Minshan resists the urge to make a small noise of adoration.

He covers his grin with his own sleeve and lets a chuckle loose instead. It makes the boy jerk his head back up to stare at him, and Minshan lowers his sleeve so Jiang Wanyin can see his smile.

“Do not apologize for speaking the truth,” he says, tone of voice amused but with a level of severity that he’s learnt from watching and listening to Lan Qiren over the years.

It makes Jiang Wanyin frown at him. “Is that a rule? I don’t remember reading that one.”

“Mm. No, but I think it should be,” Minshan’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “In any case, it sounds like you could use a friend that isn’t one of your brother’s, which is perfect, because I’m absolutely not Wei Wuxian’s friend.”

Jiang Wanyin scowls at him, as if he’s offended on his brother’s behalf, and Minshan feels soft inside at how the other boy lets his love for Wei Wuxian supersede his own needs so thoroughly that he doesn’t even seem to realize it.

“What? Why not?” Jiang Wanyin demands.

Minshan laughs again. “Because he keeps asking me to be. And I enjoy the dramatics he kicks up when I tell him no. The expression Zhan-ge makes every time he sees it is simply too funny.”

There’s a long moment of silence, in which Jiang Wanyin stares at Minshan in incredulity, and Minshan stands straight with a polite smile on his face. Then, the other boy bursts into surprised laughter.

“You like to tease him,” Jiang Wanyin sounds amused, but then the next words are less so, “is that why you’re asking me to go with you instead of him? Because it will make him react?”

“No,” Minshan says simply. “I asked you because I thought you would make good company.”

Jiang Wanyin flushes and directs a hard scowl down at the ground between them. Minshan wants to coo. Teasing this boy might be almost as much fun as teasing his brother, but Minshan has already long since known that Jiang Wanyin wouldn’t react well to such play.

“I would,” Jiang Wanyin says quietly, like he’s issuing a challenge, before he straightens up and shakes his head. “Um, I mean. I would be glad to go with you.”

“Then it’s settled,” Minshan smiles, a little excited to finally have a chance to spend time with what had once been his favorite character in this world before he’d known it was all real. He bounces up on his toes and brings his hands to the front. He reaches out and gently pushes a friendly touch into Hiang Wanyin’s shoulder, and grins at the startled look it garners him. “I’ll see you at the gate tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Jiang Wanyin says, stunned, and Minshan turns to go with a wave. He just manages to catch the way that Jiang Wanyin’s face belatedly breaks into a quietly amazed little grin the moment Minshan’s back is turned.

Ugh. Minshan is going to make this boy his friend, and then ensure that Jiang Wanyin never has to be so lonely again.

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“Sometimes,” Wei Wuxian said, when it’s late at night and they’re really drunk and he’s been whining up a storm over nonsense to the point that even Nie Huaisang, master of whining, asked him why, “sometimes it’s just - when I’m feeling really spoiled, I go back to being, y’know, like a little kid. Five, or three.”

Jiang Cheng just huffed, clearly already used to the idea, clearly acting like Wei Wuxian’s just stating the obvious, but Nie Huaisang’s eyes went wide. 

“You do?” he asked, jaw dropping open into what he knew was an unseemly sort of gaping motion, like a fish, but in his defense – “I’ve never met anyone else who does that!”

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