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Concept: JC sitting bare assed on LXC’s equally bare assed back

Me: Okay, this COULD be one image oooooor we could make it a comic, thus giving you more work for this one thought???

For the record, I only see LXC as a himbo when in love, the entire rest of the time he is a smart, dignified Sect Leader… with a humiliation kink

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Okay, I haven’t really thought this through, so bear with me, but (who am i kidding, I’ve now spent at least 60 minutes on this) this is gonna be me comparing The Untamed’s Jiang Cheng to two other characters: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, and Rameses from The Prince of Egypt. Or, to be more specific, why two of them ended up cutting ties with their brothers, while the third one made amends (and yes, for this specific rant, I am going to argue that Harry and Ron were basically foster brothers).

Jiang Cheng, Ron and Rameses all started out with very strong ties to their best friends/foster brothers (a.k.a. Wei Wuxian, Harry and Moses). But there were also a lot of insecurities, which ultimately led to them cutting these ties – they were never the one in the spotlight, never the favourite, they always had to put up with their best friends getting the cred but also getting them into trouble, they were loyal up until a certain breaking point, and after that – when they felt that HP/WWX/M didn’t share their “family comes first” values – they all left/cut them off.

But why then did Ron Weasley make amends after having abandoned Harry Potter, whereas Rameses and Jiang Cheng never really did that with Wei Wuxian/Moses?

Well, I wanna say that is is because there are also other similarities between Jiang Cheng and Rameses, that Ron Weasley doesn’t share: the expectations that comes with being an heir, toxic parenting, being foster brothers on very unequal terms, said foster brother standing up for people who are treated wrongly but whose situation they just want to ignore to keep the status quo, and when the brothers do this, they feel the need to cut all ties to show people they don’t agree in order to be a Good Ruler.

Ron Weasley never had people expect much of him, so in that sense, he didn’t have much to lose. In fact, when it comes to reputation, I’d like to say he had more to lose in abandoning Harry Potter.

Jiang Cheng and Rameses, on the other hand, had an entire realm looking at their every move, and judging their skills as a newly appointed ruler, which made the stakes much higher when it came to choosing between the expectations and the bond between them and their brothers. They both also felt betrayed, because both foster brothers has promised to be there for them, and help them out in this new position as their right hand man, which probably made it harder to see things objectively.

Then we have the parenting. Say what you want about Molly Weasley (I still haven’t forgiven her for being mean to Hermione – honestly, I think she would have been more than able to be a bitch towards Harry had she thought he was the bastard son of Arthur and Lily), but she and Arthur were good parents that stood up for their kids and made sure they knew they were loved (even if some of them might have felt a bit unseen from time to time). Jiang Cheng and Rameses, on the other hand, had One Toxic Parent Who Never Showed Loved and Always Expected More, and One Sort of Aloof Parent who Honestly Should’ve Stood Up for Them Rather than Playing Favourites with Their Foster Brothers.

And obviously parenting isn’t everything and you still need to own up to your own actions, and you shouldn’t fall for peer pressure (in other words, ”cool motive – still murder”), but maybe, given different circumstances, things could’ve been different.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my poorly executed Ted Talk.

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Title: The Tranquility of Water

Author: Noppoh

Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi / The Untamed

Pairing: Jiang Cheng x Lan Xichen

Rating: M

Status: Ongoing - Chapter 7/?

Word Count Chapter: 4776


The walls of the Hanshi creep in on him and so Lan Xichen leaves. He leaves Cloud Recesses and his seclusion, stealing away in the night with no-one the wiser that he even left. His feet bring him to Lotus Pier where a surprisingly kind Jiang Cheng seems determined to help him heal.


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Have some more cyberpunk Sentinel bodyguard AU! That’s a long description. Maybe just cyberpunk AU from now on. :D I’m also working on another WIP simultaneously, but it might end up being for a fest, so that’s hush-hush. However, that means cyberpunk will be moving slower than my usual writing pace.

“Noodles or chuan?” Huaisang tapped his closed fan to his chin in thought. “Chuan! Excellent choice, Wanyin.”

“If that’s what you want,” Wanyin said. He looked back to the building, and there was something a little more than unease in his expression.

“No one will notice that we’re gone,” Huaisang said. “I want some actual food that actual people actually eat.”

Wanyin frowned, and it pinched his sharp features further.

“Yes, yes,” Huaisang said, waving his fan about. “Poor, little, rich boy can’t survive on tasteless canapes and flat champagne.”

“You said you wanted chuan,” Wanyin said. “Why are we still standing here?”

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My edited MDZSQ coz I want it to be them in that scene 😭

XiCheng watching fireworks 🎆

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For the last time. Wei Wuxian did not name Chenqing after Jiang Cheng/Wen Qing.

1. 陈 Chen and 澄 Cheng are not the same words. They’re not even spelled the same.

2. That pairing only featured in CQL, it’s not in MDZS novel.

3. The word 陈情 has its own meaning. Google it.

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THERE IM FINALLY DONE HAHAHAH MY HANDS HURT SO MUCH! BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! There you have it my first request done! Let me take a break and do the second one tomorrow- IM SO SORRY

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From the next part of “try to praise the mutilated world.”


The boat pulled up and a disciple got off first, one of the Lan brats Jin Ling was friends with—the one that got seasick, judging from the green tint to his face. But the youth turned back to the boat to help someone out.

Wei Wuxian looked awful—pale, dark circles under his eyes, too thin. It brought Jiang Cheng back to meeting him in Yiling with a-jie before her marriage, seeing how thin he was and wanting to do something about it, but what? And then the next time had been at Nightless City, and he’d hung from Hanguang-Jun’s grip like a limp doll, his face like a ghost, smiling at him with bloody teeth, as though trusting him to end it, and he couldn’t, but he’d wound up doing it anyway and Wei Wuxian didn’t even blame him, just expected to be turned away and it was his fault.

It was almost a relief that they were paying attention to his brother as he stumbled on the pier, giving him time to breathe, to collect the tatters of his calm.

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Wang Zhuocheng’s latest Weibo update

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