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Jin Ling throws the robes to his face.

“I’m not wearing that!” he announces. “I’m Lanling Jin heir-and-parent, I cannot wear the colours of another sect.”

“Heir apparent,” Jiang Cheng retorts with a barely controlled snarl. “Apparent, as in you appear to be, until your aunt gets another child.”

The boy’s scowl deepens until it’s like looking into a mirror and Jiang Cheng knows, he just knows that this will be another difficult day. It always feels like he gets too little time with his nephew, and yet somehow Jin Ling’s personality takes after him rather than all those pompous, over polite assholes back in Carp Tower. It would piss him off if Jin Ling were as slimy as the Jins, sure, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would make things easy and that’d be nice.

“I’m sure it’s heir-and-parent,” Jin Ling retorts petulantly, as if he knows more at ten then his uncle ever will.

Sometimes, Jiang Cheng swears there’s something of Wei Wuxian in that kid, and it makes him want to both strangle him and hold him close so nothing can ever hurt him.

“I’ll show you later how it’s written,” Jiang Cheng threatens. “Now stop being stupid and put this on until I can have your precious Lanling Jin robes cleaned. Or do you want to stay in your underwear?”

Jin Ling stomps his foot, his entire face turning red.

“I have to show I’m a Jin!” he explodes. “Jin Chan says if I didn’t wear gold, nobody would even know I’m one!”

Something collapses inside Jiang Cheng’s chest and for the first time in his life, he wants to harm a child. Not Jin Ling of course, but Jin Chan and all those horrid little pests in Carp Tower who think they have any right to hurt his nephew. Jin Ling is so much like him, what little good he has and all of the bad, but that fear of not being good enough is really something Jiang Cheng wishes hadn’t been passed to his nephew.

“So you’ll let Jin Chan dictate what you wear?” he taunts. “Some heir apparent you are if the first loudmouth kid passing by can make you doubt yourself!”

“He doesn’t decide for me!” Jin Ling protests. “Give me the stupid robes!”

Jiang Cheng hands them to him, rolling his eyes. They really need to work on that, Jin Ling’s taste for contradiction is going to get him in trouble someday.

They need to work on so many things and Jiang Cheng knows he’s the least qualified person to tell that kid how to get a grip of himself, but he also only trusts Jin Guangyao so far when it comes to raising Jin Ling right, so he’ll have to be the one doing this.

He hopes he doesn’t mess up that kid too much.

He’s probably going to.

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i think part of the reason why i gravitate towards nielan vs xicheng is because i haven’t seen a single nielan piece where nmj, like… actively dislikes lxc’s advances. whereas i see so much art of jc running away from a lxc who is very persistently trying to hug him or kiss him or whatever, while jc is explicitly screaming how he’s not interested or doesn’t want to, etc.

i get that part of jc’s appeal is his tsundere-ness but… does it really have to manifest in those ways? it just… doesn’t feel good, to see lxc so blatantly disrespecting someone’s personal boundaries - and it feels incredibly out of character, too.

i don’t want to police how people depict any canon character because at the end of the day, none of us are mxtx; we’re all just making this shit up. but. idk. personally, that sort of content turns me off - and actually, it’s not just because  of how lxc is characterized; it’s also because of the weird consent issues of that kind of dynamic?

not to get too fucking serious/No Fun Allowed about this but seriously, IRL, if someone is yelling that they don’t want a kiss or just doesn’t look comfy with the idea, then their partner should 100% respect that, full stop. (unless there are like pre-established boundaries/expectations & all that good stuff.) to not do so is kinda shitty/unhealthy. 

and if there’s one thing i know for sure about lxc, it is that he is not shitty, not even a little bit.

anyways. draw what you want, ship how you want; i ain’t the xicheng police (fuck the cops; ACAB; abolish the police).

but it’d be cool if we could do a little reflection about how we’re depicting what should be a healthy relationship between two great characters.

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I am not used to writing Jiang Cheng and it’s my first time writing Nie Mingjue interacting with anyone who isn’t his brother, so I hope this turned out okay! orz

There was just so much to think about, all the time.

There had been during the war as well, but peace time demands were different. Constant, and yet vague. During the Sunshot Campaign, Jiang Cheng had always known who his enemies were (the Wens, all of them) and who he could trust (everyone else who had risen against the Wens). He had also always known what to do: keep himself, his family, and his disciple alive until Wen Ruohan and his dogs were all exterminated. Simple, easy, direct.

Now though, there was Lotus Piers to rebuild, there were bills to pay, there were other sects’ egos to navigate, there was the Jin wanting to renew his sister’s old engagement, there was Wei Wuxian who couldn’t stay out of trouble for five fucking minutes, and there was…

A powerful blow to his chest sent Jiang Cheng flying across the practice field.

“Focus,” Nie Mingjue ordered.

“I am focused!” Jiang Cheng retorted. “I’m just not sure why we’re fistfighting here. We’re cultivators, not…”

“It pays to be ready for everything,” Nie Mingjue cut, the corner of his lips twitching up ever so slightly. “You’ve had your sword taken once, haven’t you? Now come, attack me. If you can.”

Jiang Cheng sprang to his feet and rushed at the older man, desperately trying to land a blow on him only to have all of them deflected easily. Nie Mingjue did not even break a sweat, that damn bastard, looking perfectly collected and handsome even like this, proving Jiang Cheng just isn’t a good enough opponent, just as he isn’t a good enough anything, just as…

Nie Mingjue grabbed his wrist at the same time as he kicked Jiang Cheng’s ankle, making him lose balance while also catching him and pulling him to his chest.

“Focus,” he ordered again, his voice a little softer now. Or perhaps that was just Jiang Cheng being delusional.

“I am…”

“You’re not. Huaisang could probably beat you right now.”

Jiang Cheng flushed at the attack and tried to pull back, in vain. Nie Mingjue’s hold on him was too strong to escape.

“You think you’re funny?” He snapped. “Bring your brother here and I’ll show you who gets beaten!”

Instead of answering, Nie Mingjue looked down at his face carefully. Stupid man, who gave him the right to be so tall anyway? Jiang Cheng got a crick in his neck every time they were near each other. Talking to him was bad enough, but kissing him was a nightmare if they were standing.

“What has Wei Wuxian done this time?” Nie Mingjue asked with an insight that was nearly as annoying as his height.

“Nothing that concerns you.”

“What your brother does concerns all of us these days,” Nie Mingjue stated. “Not to mention what concerns you, concerns me. So. What did he do?”

Jiang Cheng hesitated. Regardless of… of eventual affection that existed between them, ultimately Nie Mingjue was an outsider, someone he could not, should not trust with internal problems. The things Wei Wuxian had done during the way, the things he was still doing even though there was no longer the need for them, were not something Jiang Cheng could discuss with an outsider. They were not things he could discuss with anyone, actually. Once he’d have talked about his problems to Wei Wuxian, but his brother had turned surprisingly good at refusing to give a straight answer about anything. He could have turned to his sister, but he knew Wei Wuxian would never forgive him if he worried Jiang Yanli. He would not forgive himself either. The less she knew about the war, the better. That left Jiang Cheng with no one to turn to.

“Who cares what Wei Wuxian does?” Jiang Cheng snarled, pushing away from Nie Mingjue with enough force that the other man’s hold on him broke. “If I wanted to be asked about that idiot I’d have gone to Carp Tower, not the Unclean Realm. Now are we going to spar seriously or what? Let’s use our swords!”

For a moment Nie Mingjue observed him, his eyes narrowed. It lasted long enough that Jiang Cheng started wondering if he’d managed to ruin this, too, but in the end a wry smile appeared on the other man’s lips.

“This is a little public for sword sparing,” Nie Mingjue said. “We might want to retire for that.”

“What? Why would… Ah! I didn’t mean that, you prick!”

“If you’re too worried to fight, another outlet must be found. That way you’ll stop thinking about your brother for a bit. At least I hope. I’d be disturbed if you still thought about him.”

Jiang Cheng felt on the brick of either exploding with rage at the accusation, or laughing at the other’s dry humour. He compromised by grabbing Nie Mingjue’s lapel to pull him down and kiss him fiercely.

“If you think this won’t be a fight too, you’ve picked the wrong man,” he hissed when the separated, both breathless.

“I know I picked the right one,” Nie Mingjue calmly replied, so disgustingly earnest that Jiang Cheng had to kiss him again, just to resist the impulse to punch him for daring to be so sentimental at him.

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What you can do to help the BLM movement besides donating, protesting etc. !!if you are unable to!!!:

Read: Read as many books from black authors. Quarantine is leaving us bookworms with more than enough time to go through some books. This is the perfect time read books from diverse authors. This doesn’t mean only autobiographies/biographies but also fantasy books as well! And it doesn’t mean only black authors but this a start and you might find yourself falling in love with books again!

I suggest borrowing books from library apps since with COVID-19 still out and about its better to be safe and not go to your local libraries. Also the hate you give is a fantastic YA novel to begin with! Here’s a link to a post with YA books from some black authors:

Watch videos that help donate money: If you simply type up donate to the BLM for free on YouTube you should be able to find a variety of videos. These usually go for an hour long. Play these videos while doing your homework or cleaning your house. Us K-Pop stans have put some advice in the comments so please read them!

Educate your friends and family: Please, do this. It shouldn’t be asked to be done. Educate those and stop stereotypes and other hateful speech from spreading. It’s small but matters in the long run. It is never to late to correct your own mistakes as well.

Stop posing black squares on social media: Many are saying that this only drowns out the many voices that need to be heard. Awareness is important but what is even more important is getting information out there. So please avoid doing this.

Use your privilege: I have very little followers BUT followers nonetheless and that in itself shows that I can do something about it. Reblogging resources, sharing links etc. is important even if you yourself are unable to do them. If you have bigger following use your voice to share the message!

Sign petitions: This should be clear enough.

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I am just really into the idea of Jiang Cheng coming to Koi tower to visit Yanli and Zixuan being awkwardly nice to him. I like it because:

  • extra tragedy with my tragedy
  • I’m always charmed by both Jiang Cheng and Zixuan’s determination to give Yanli whatever she wants
  • Some awkward weirdness over how happy Madam Jin is and how happy Madam Yu would have been that somehow makes Jiang Cheng and Yanli miss Wei Wuxian more? Realizing how the little family Yanli is building would have pleased her makes them more conscious of the absence of the part of their family that did not please her, and they’re fucked up about it.
  • In the book Zixuan has a dog which means Jiang Cheng has a chance to pet a dog and honestly he deserves it.
  • I genuinely enjoy what we see of their interactions in the show. Zixuan is delightfully exasperated but also game.
  • Yanli loves it when the people she loves are together, and I want her to have had some happy if bittersweet times with the three of them chilling by that little lotus pond because her story is so, so sad.
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I think it was already kind of collapsing via exposure to the reality of Wei Wuxian! That’s how you get Jin Ling crying on the pier after Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning show up to rescue them, Jiang Cheng inviting Wei Wuxian into the throne room, and that whole sequence of events at Carp Tower where Jiang Cheng really should be turning in the Yiling Patriarch over to his sister’s brother-in-law so they can set him on fire as a family and instead he is making pointedly snotty comments about how thin Wei Wuxian’s cover story is and letting him roam around his nephew’s home unimpeded. There’s this great line from the book where what Jin Ling takes from the experience is that Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian, and Jin Guangyao did all play a role in his father’s death, but he can’t really hate any of them and he’s not going to feel bad about that. I really like that for him.

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I think Jiang Cheng deeply loves Jin Ling and the feeling is mutual. However, Jiang Cheng has never showed he loved someone in an entirely healthy way that we know of, so yeah, there are unfortunate aspects in how Jiang Cheng parents Jin Ling. That said, I think that after the conclusion of the novel, Jiang Cheng will hopefully move away from that.

I don’t think that the Wei Wuxian thing is entirely on Jiang Cheng, honestly. Everyone hated Wei Wuxian, and knowing that Wei Wuxian had killed his father–which Wei Wuxian did, even if by mistake–is kind of enough to make Jin Ling dislike Wei Wuxian on his own… at first anyways. I also feel Jin Ling clearly did not have the same opinion as Jiang Cheng on demonic cultivators–he may not have liked it, but he did not immediately try to kill like Jiang Cheng insisted he do, and even helped Wei Wuxian out. 

But in terms of the issues in their relationship, the main one I saw was him treating Jin Ling not unlike his father and mother treated him, which made me sad. I wrote about that more in depth here.

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