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#jiang cheng
tenjousutena · 19 hours ago
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The Untamed + Text Posts Pt. 6
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plan-d-to-i · 2 days ago
I've seen the idea shared a lot that "jiang cheng was holding on to Chenqing bc uwu he miSsed WWX 🥺" so to clarify, in the same way JGY is holding on to Suibian, jc was holding on to Chenqing as a war trophy and in his case more importantly as bait because he was convinced that if WWX were to return he would not go for the sword he stopped using but he'd definitely seek out his flute:
"Xue Yang: Give him the sword in exchange for the flute. It’s long since Wei WuXian stopped using his sword, while Suibian sealed itself and nobody can pull it out. What’s the use of keeping a fucking piece of decoration?”
Jin GuangYao, “You really ask me to do the impossible, Young Master Xue. Do you think I haven’t tried? How could anything be that simple. That Jiang WanYin has already gone mad. He still thinks Wei WuXian hasn’t died. If Wei WuXian returned, he might not search for his sword, but he’d definitely come for Chenqing. And so, he would definitely not give up Chenqing. A few more words of mine, and he might blow up." (Villainous Friends Extra)
jc wants to lure WWX and kill him as he's been hunting him for THIRTEEN YEARS. So in the temple at the end it's not surprising jc has Chenqing on him. Considering how obsessed he has been with tracking down WWX and as Chenqing was his strongest lure why would he have let it out of his sight all these years esp when cultivator's sleeves are magical storage space (it's free storage space!). & because I've also seen this wayyy to often -No it's not like a horcrux- it's not draining him of energy or joy to have it on his person lmfao. He only gives it back to WWX as a last resort, because they're all in mortal peril battling NMJ's corpse and NOTHING else is working. jc has always been happy to use WWX as a weapon. He's not returning it out of the goodness of his heart or because he's a changed man, or as a love letter to WWX lmfao.
In the Guanyin Temple the situation with NMJ's corpse is already immensely precarious. NMJ is attracted to JGY's blood and by extension Jin blood meaning -Jin Ling's.
"Now that Nie MingJue had become a fierce corpse, his resentful energy was of course highest when directed at his enemy, Jin GuangYao. However, fierce corpses didn’t tell people apart through their eyes!
Jin GuangYao was quite close to Jin Ling in terms of bloodline. To creatures of darkness, the blood and breath of both these two humans seemed somewhat familiar, and those in a state of disorientation would find it even more difficult to tell the two apart. Right now, blood poured from Jin GuangYao’s lost arm. With weak breaths, and he was almost half dead, while Jin Ling was still alive and jumping. Nie MingJue’s dead, thoughtless brain naturally held greater interest in him." (107)
Even with everyone pooling their strength to control NMJ's corpse it's not successful:
Lan WangJi commanded Bichen forth to attack straight at Nie MingJue’s chest. As expected, the blade stopped as soon as it landed. As Nie MingJue looked down and saw the glittering sword, he roared and reached for it. Lan WangJi immediately summoned back Bichen, which flew into its sheath with a loud clang. Nie MingJue ended up empty-handed. Right after, with a turn of his left hand, he flipped out the Wangji guqin and placed it on his palm. Without any hesitation, he strummed a stream of notes. Lan XiChen returned Liebing to his lips again as well. With a wave of his hand, Wei WuXian sent out over fifty talismans flying towards Nie MingJue, but before they even got close, they were ignited by his resentful energy and burned to ashes in the air!
Lan Wangji is using Wangji, Lan XiChen is using Liebing, Wei Wuxian's flute is broken so he's either whistling or throwing talismans and Wen Ning still has to intervene and stop NMJ's punch that would've killed jiang cheng (and then probably Jin Ling) w his body.
Finally WWX manages to wrestle it under control after it puts a hole in Wen Ning, when it's once more distracted by NHS and JGY. And if difficult as it's been to control so far if it kills JGY it will be even worse:
After he killed Jin GuangYao, his killing intent would definitely become stronger, and he’d be more difficult to subdue!
So NMJ has already "smashed three of the cultivators into a scarlet puddle of flesh", punched his way through Wen Ning to get to Jin Ling, he's just punched his way through SuShe and is about to go after JGY once more. Once he Rocky Balboas him we know that he'll be even more powerful, and one of his next targets will most likely be Jin so MXY or Jin Ling. Or most likely one and then the other. Meanwhile nothing is having any effect on NMJ's corpse anymore... when FINALLY jc decides to throw WWX his flute.
Nie MingJue turned around after he pulled his fist back and stared hungrily in his direction.
The harsh, stern expression on his rigid face held a sense of judgement that was no different from before he died. Even his tears had been scared away as Jin GuangYao turned to Lan XiChen for help, his voice trembling, “Brother…”
Lan XiChen turned the direction in which his blade pointed, while Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi sped up their melodies as well. But the effects of the whistle had already been overcome. It would be much harder than before for it to take effect again.
At this point, somebody on the side suddenly called, “Wei WuXian!”
jc NOW returns the flute when he has no other choice and finally NMJ can be subdued.
Lan WangJi nodded. No more words had to be exchanged as the notes of the guqin and the flute sounded in unison. The former was like a frozen river and the latter like flying birds; one suppressed while the other lured. Under the duet, Nie MingJue’s body wavered before it was finally half-forced to move its steps away from Jin GuangYao. (Chapter 108)
Like this is not jc just casually letting go of all his resentments and returning Chenqing to WWX as an act of trust and goodwill. This is jc doing what he's always been comfortable doing- using WWX as a weapon. Naturally, he's not going to ask for it back at the end, when it's already been revealed in front of the others that he has WWX's core and WWX just saved them all. WWX asks as a passing courtesy and then he's gone bc as he's said in the temple jc is in his past.
Wei WuXian took the flute. Remembering that Jiang Cheng was the one who brought it, he turned over there and commented casually, “Thanks.” He waved Chenqing, “I’ll… be keeping this?”
Jiang Cheng glanced at him, “It was yours in the first place.”
After a moment of hesitation, his lips moved slightly, as though he wanted to say something else. However, Wei WuXian had already turned to Lan WangJi. Seeing this, Jiang Cheng remained silent.
jc gets it. The end.
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angstymdzsthoughts · 2 days ago
For the AU where LSZ has to go and live with the Jiangs, imagine Jc snapping at him because he's too much of a Lan and YZY punishing him constantly because he just looks too much like WWX. JYL comes for a visit and being a mother herself can't bear watching LSZ crying, she decides to expose everything and act as witness in court for LSZ to be back with his parents, she may damage her relationship with her family, but she will save a child of being abused now that she has the power to do it.
There was a second custody trial. Jiang Yanli uses her husbands name and money to ensure it was a fair trial and the judge wasn't in her mothers pocket. Jiang Cheng was able to get visitations on the condition that Yu Ziyuan never be present. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were awarded full custody. Wei Wuxian cried into his husbands chest, overwhelmed with happiness at the verdict. Their lawyers were already working on a visitation plan for the courts approval.
It warmed Jiang Yanli's heart to see the small family reunited after long, hard months apart.
Her heart didn't stay warm after her mother smacked her. After her father had dragged Yu Ziyuan away from her, Jiang Cheng took her place.
"How could you do this to me?!" He had never yelled at her like this, not once in their lives. "They took my son away! You helped them take my son away!"
"A-Cheng, please," she begged. "I just wanted-"
Jiang Cheng ignored her. "I can't believe you chose Wei Wuxian over your own brother! What kind of sister does that!? How fucking heartless can you be?!"
She wishes she hadn't told Jin Zixuan to stay at home. She wishes Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji hadn't left already to take their son home. She wishes someone would stop her little brother. "A-Cheng, just listen to me-"
"No!" Jiang Cheng roared. "I don't want to hear anything you have to say! I never want to hear another word from you ever again! I'm done with you!"
"A-Cheng!" their father yells as he grabs Jiang Cheng. He puts himself between his two children and begins to pull his son away just like he had with his wife. "Jiang Cheng, I know your upset, but not here!"
As her brother is pulled out of the court house by their father, Jiang Yanli loses all her remaining strength and crumbles to the ground in tears.
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waterlilyvioletfog · a day ago
JYL: see, what A-Cheng doesn’t understand is that *I* am the *original* older sibling who abandoned him to marry some rich guy who used to hate me.
WWX: yeah well I’m the one who really made it stick
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featherfur · 2 days ago
I feel like due to mom-trauma in a modern au that Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji would be in contact with each other weekly if not daily, no matter what. If it goes longer than a week without hearing from each other they both get a little antsy and Lan Wangji will straight up panic if it goes longer than two weeks and Xichen won’t answer his calls (tragedy of a broken phone and no memorized phone numbers and Wangji’s refusal to get social media)
They’re both appalled to find out that WWX and JC will go months without speaking and then just show up at each other’s house with nothing more than a “you up?” Text. Xichen is less so, because he gets that not everyone is as close as he and Wangji. Wangji however is extra confused because the only other brother relationship he’s seen is Huaisang ans Mingjue and they call each other daily even when they’re both hella busy atleast for a few minutes.
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innermagnolia · a day ago
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Jiang Cheng and his Zidian in ep.32 
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Please stop comparing JC to Biblical figures I am begging you all, even if you view the Bible as fiction (which, personally, I do, I am not religious though I was raised Catholic) there are specific ways and schools of studying Biblical writing in-context and it just. Does not work to compare it to modern fiction literature that has nothing to do with religion. The Bible is a religious text!
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mitcheeewav · 2 days ago
Kisses (also I finally made a twt lol)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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amedetoiles · 2 days ago
Hi, thanks a lot because of you I become Jiang Cheng stan....what do you think about the reconciliation of Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng (post canon) that is confirmed in Lan Wangji's letter?
Omg, I cannot express how utterly delighted I am to be one of the beacons spreading the Grape Love Agenda in this fandom, thank you for that.
My feelings can be appropriately summarized in helpless gleeful laughter and incoherent keysmashing because this is absolutely everything I have ever wanted for them. It is just SO much and SO good. To be able to love each other as loudly, as openly, and as immensely unapologetically as they have always, always done, softly and agonizingly, in their hearts.
For me, this has always been a story about love between siblings, about both born and found families, and the lengths to which you will go to in order to save (or avenge) someone whom you called your own down to your very bones. After the maelstorm that destroyed everything that they loved until they were nothing more than the ashes of their anger and grief, what a tremendous joy it is for their story to not end but continue with that same love raised back into the light by Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian themselves. Perfection.
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hamliet · a day ago
why does yu ziyuan hold a low opinion on wei wuxian?
Because she's insecure.
Her insecurity is not "wrong," so to speak. She knows, because Jiang Fengmian makes it extremely clear, that she is not Jiang Fengmian's first choice in a wife. She knows JFM loves someone else more than her, and always will, even after marrying Yu Ziyuan. Of course this hurts her.
But to add fuel to the fire, Jiang Fengmian then makes things way worse by being a very hands-off father to Jiang Yanli and especially to Jiang Cheng. He only holds Jiang Cheng a handful of times in his entire childhood. Yu Ziyuan resents her husband for making vows to her but choosing his first love (who did not love him) and her child over his own children. He mistreats his own son, and there's nothing YZY can do about it.
Now, I'm not saying Jiang Fengmian was wrong to take Wei Wuxian and treat him as a member of the family. He wasn't. But he was wrong to favor Wei Wuxian over Jiang Cheng.
Yu Ziyuan projected her own pain over her husband not loving her onto Wei Wuxian, an innocent child but who was clearly the easier target of a woman whose real beef is with her husband. Jiang Fengmian projected his pain of rejection from Cangse Sanren onto Yu Ziyuan, ignoring that no one forced him to marry her, and projects that rejection onto his children--especially his son.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Yu Ziyuan and Jiang Fengmian are complex characters who were both abusive in their own ways (neglect and blatant favoritism is abuse). They tremendously failed their children by scapegoating one child (Wei Wuxian for YZY, Jiang Cheng for JFM) and set their children up for a lifetime of conflict. Jiang Cheng learned to scapegoat Wei Wuxian from someone, even long after their deaths, and Wei Wuxian learned to behave as an outsider who deserved nothing from someone as well. Jiang Cheng also that no matter what he did, it would never be enough, because someone projected their own issues with rejection onto him--and thus internalized it as "I will never be good enough" (as kids do).
It's just an all-around sad situation.
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plan-d-to-i · 13 hours ago
This fandom is exhausting:
"Her insecurity is not "wrong," so to speak. She knows, because Jiang Fengmian makes it extremely clear, that she is not Jiang Fengmian's first choice in a wife. She knows JFM loves someone else more than her, and always will, even after marrying Yu Ziyuan. Of course this hurts her. But to add fuel to the fire, Jiang Fengmian then makes things way worse by being a very hands-off father to Jiang Yanli and especially to Jiang Cheng. He only holds Jiang Cheng a handful of times in his entire childhood. Yu Ziyuan resents her husband for making vows to her but choosing his first love (who did not love him) and her child over his own children. He mistreats his own son, and there's nothing YZY can do about it."
Also JFM clearly "mistreated " Jiang Cheng because he help Wei Wuxien that one time and because Jiang Cheng thought so. He's just as bad as YZY. Morons writing metas.
ugh I'm so fucking tired of Yu Ziyuan discourse. She's an abuser. Her Clan pressured JFM to marry her. Just bc she said JFM was a bad dad doesn't mean it's true. Abusers lie. Her son decided to take her side and emulate her behavior even though he claimed to want his father's approval because it was easier to think JFM doesn't like him bc he's like his mother than that JFM doesn't like his behavior and he should maybe be a better person. She's just a piece of shit throwing her tantrums on everyone. That's why she was punishing and whipping Wei Wuxian all the time- because she wanted to use him as a scapegoat for why she was a miserable bitch that no one liked, and she could. She couldn't be a better cultivator than Cangse Sanren but she could whip her child now that the woman was dead. She could talk trash about his dead mother in front of him. She felt good whipping an orphan who couldn't defend himself. She felt good dumping her rants and venom on the people around her bc that's how abusive people are. There's no mistreatment. There's no "oh she would've been a peach if only-". It literally says she was an 'avoid if you can' from youth. Just like her shitty son who grew up to be like her with Jin Ling, dumping his rage and toxic personality on the people around him. Neither one of them wanted to resist their shitty nature, they embraced it. They reveled in it. They made it everyone else's problem. Stop blaming JFM for everything. "He miStrEAts his SoN" stfu. Dude tried to instill some values in the moral vacuum that was jiang cheng. jiang cheng prefered to whine about being told to not let ppl die in front of him, and to punch WWX in his fresh would to "teach him a lesson". Instead of being a son his father would be proud of, he chose to parrot all the venom his mother spewed.
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angstymdzsthoughts · 2 days ago
JC has time traveled 4 times already trying to fix things for his family by preventing JFM bringing WWX to LP. Each time WWX was adopted by the Lans or Nies. War still comes, LP falls and his family dies. Everytime he has to live watching WWX win the SSC, marry LWJ and raise LSZ, and just being happy as he didn't create demonic cultivation. JC realises thet no matter what he does, WWX will always shine and be loved by his husband, while he remains alone and bitter watching him from afar.
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featherfur · 2 days ago
Jiang Cheng passing out the moment a night hunt ends after almost three days of no sleep trying to save some of his juniors. Wei Wuxian obviously joined up the moment he heard but that was only a day ago and Wei Wuxian is Built for Insomnia so he’s fine.
He tries to wake Jiang Cheng up to eat but Jiang Cheng just jumps into Dad mode because all his brain is really processing is One Of My Idiots Is Hurt, and just starts fussing over the juniors. He doesn’t even stop after he’s already brushed out ones hair, admonished another for not cleaning blood of their face properly and doing it for them, tried to give a bunch of spiritual power he Does Not Have until Lan Sizhui intervened and offered to do it for him, instead he just sees Babies (to him) and starts fussing over the Lan and Jin sect juniors that Wei Wuxian brought with him.
Wei Wuxian can’t even stop him, every time he tries Jiang Cheng starts fussing over him and saying how disappointed he is in them for not carrying flares and going into dangerous situations without backup. Wei Wuxian just keeps giving the very confused and helpless juniors apologetic looks while the Jiang juniors are embarrassed but also keep grabbing onto Jiang Cheng’s sleeves when he wanders too far because now they’re worried about him and they don’t want him to leave them alone again.
Wei Wuxian finally gets them all to eat by telling Jiang Cheng that the kids are hungry and gets to watch with glee as Jiang Cheng starts grumpily dishing out dinner, completely half asleep.
By the time Wei Wuxian is certain Jiang Cheng won’t die from hunger, the Jiang Juniors have all crowded their sect leader and passed out on him and Jiang Cheng doesn’t even bother to move, just flops backwards and goes the fuck to sleep. Wei Wuxian absolutely breaks out brush and paper and sketches it because he needs to show EVERYONE what he sees now. The Lan and Jin juniors, now bonded through the terrifying experience of being mother henned by Jiang Cheng, pass out on each other like a pile of kittens and Wei Wuxian absolutely paints that too.
Jiang Cheng has no memory of doing anything that night and doesn’t know what he did until Wei Wuxian’s already told everyone and NHS shows up to offer him a few Nie disciples to Dad into behaving.
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auvralux · 16 hours ago
*Jin Ling and his two uncles and uncle-in-law after he did something reckless*
Jin Ling: ....I'm grounded?
Jiang Cheng: Yes, you're grounded!
Lan Wangji: You disobeyed an order.
Wei Wuxian *holding up a shovel*: And now we're going to bury you 'till you've learned your lesson.
Jin Ling: Aah! That's not how grounding works!
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