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*During Cloud Recesses lectures*
Lan Qiren: Were is Wei Wuxian?
Lan Xichen: Doing stuff.
Lan Qiren: I don't like the sound of that. Were is Jiang Wanyin?
Lan Xichen: Trying to prevent Wei Wuxian from doing stuff.
Lan Qiren: And Nie Huaisang?
Lan Xichen: Trying to prevent Jiang Wanyin from preventing Wei Wuxian from doing stuff.
Lan Qiren: Of course he is. For that matter, why are YOU here? Isn't this the time you usually use to read at the library?
Lan Xichen: Usually yes, however right now I'm using this time to prevent you from preventing Nie Huaisang from preventing Jiang Wanyin from preventing Wei Wuxian from doing stuff, since the said stuff is my brother.
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evakant · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
people’s favorite the untamed scenes  —  for @trans-xianxian
jiang cheng’s take care
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bufflehead-21 · 2 days ago
“yunmeng bros reconciliation can’t happen” you really think either of them have the ability to leave things well enough alone? 2 weeks after guanyin temple and you’re telling me these two aren’t trying to break into lotus pier and cloud recesses mission-impossible style? wei wuxian doing the whole breathe-through-a-bamboo-tube snorkel thing trying to swim into lotus pier (maybe covering his head with a lotus leaf) jiang cheng scaling the walls of cloud recesses like the fucking batman in the dead of night. lan qiren gets summoned to his office at midnight to find two very annoyed lan sentries and one sect leader jiang. lan qiren is like ‘this is the third time this week, sect leader jiang’ and jc is like ‘yeah and there’s gonna be a fourth time too, asshole’
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robininthelabyrinth · 2 days ago
Jiang Cheng is taken to Nightless City, not Lotus Pier, after being captured by the Wens
“Why’d you bring him here?” Wen Xu asked. His eye was twitching, which didn’t look healthy.
Actually, he just…didn’t look very healthy at all, really. His skin was off-color and he had circles suggesting he hadn’t slept in too long; he’d lost weight, too. Unlike Wen Chao, who was positively bursting with good humor now that he’d personally ‘won’ a great victory, he looked as though he weren’t having a good time at all.
“Why not?” Wen Chao said carelessly. “He’s the last heir of the Jiang sect, once I track down that stupid girl, and it’s not like he’s a threat; he’s got no cultivation left, courtesy of Wen Zhuliu. I can put him on display.”
“Like an animal in a menagerie? You’ve got to be joking.” Wen Xu was scowling. “Do you know the trouble he could make for us if he escaped? A living heir – even without a golden core, he can still sire the next generation. He’s practically a symbol of rebellion!”
“Oh, don’t be such a stick in the mud. Father will enjoy it.”
“If he escapes, that undermines our credibility, injures morale,” Wen Xu argued. “Our troops are fighting for us because they see us as the sun in the sky, and if we slip up…the enemy will know that as well as I. There are spies everywhere. We’ll be facing a non-stop wave of rescue attempts!”
“And we’ll repel them all! Anyway, you’re exaggerating –”
“I am not –”
“What is the cause of all this noise?” a low, calm voice drawled from the door to the hall, causing Wen Chao and Wen Xu to all but trip over themselves in order to salute.
Jiang Cheng, bound and beaten bloody, without even his cultivation, utterly helpless, turned his head slowly, not wanting to draw attention to himself. That was Wen Ruohan himself standing there, cruel smirk twisting his lips – the man who had ordered the burning of the Cloud Recesses, the man who had ordered the massacre of the Lotus Pier, the man in whose name all these terrible things were done.
Both Wen Chao and Wen Xu tried to explain at once, and Wen Ruohan listened to his sons, looking thoroughly disinterested.
“A captive like this can be kept as a prize, but not displayed,” he finally said, sounding bored. “A-Xu is right, if they know we have him, they’ll only try to rescue him…still, there’s no harm in keeping him for now; he might be useful someday. Who can tell..?”
“I got him as a present for you,” Wen Chao blurted out. “Father –”
“If you want to impress me, bring me Nie Mingjue,” Wen Ruohan said. “Alive, and in chains. Whoever does that will win my esteem.”
“But – Father –”
“As for this one, I care far less. Figure it out between you.”
With a dismissive wave of his hand, Wen Ruohan left.
“Now you’ve gone and ruined it,” Wen Chao said to Wen Xu resentfully. “It was going to make him happy, and now he’s just back on the same old thing about Chifeng-zun…you deal with him.”
“Me? He’s your prisoner!”
“Yes, well, now I don’t want him any longer,” Wen Chao tossed his head. “You ruined all the fun of it – anyway, you’re the one who cares about whatever rescue attempts or whatnot. I’ve had my fun, I’m done…you do the rest.”
“A-Chao!” Wen Xu shouted, but Wen Chao clearly didn’t care. He’d turned his nose up and marched away down the hall. “Damn, A-Chao!”
But he was gone.
Wen Xu scowled after his younger brother, then turned back, his gaze dropping down to regard Jiang Cheng.
“Fuck,” he said, fervently, and for a crazy moment Jiang Cheng felt something almost like fellow-feeling, a wholly unexpected and unwelcome stab of sympathy for someone else who had to deal with a complete lunatic for a brother, always stuck being the one to clean up the mess…but that was completely crazy. This was Wen Xu. “Where can I even put you that people won’t immediately know who you are?”
He thought about it for a moment, then reached out and nudged at Jiang Cheng’s side with his shoe, making Jiang Cheng hissed a little in pain.
“Do you require a doctor?” he demanded.
Jiang Cheng had no idea what to say about that. He’d been hit by the Jiang sect’s discipline whip – he’d need a doctor for some time yet. Everyone knew those wounds never healed right…and that was for cultivators, a class to which he no longer belonged.
“Fuck,” Wen Xu said when Jiang Cheng didn’t respond. “All right. Fine. I can – deal with this. You…fine.”
That completely incomprehensible stream of words finished, he reached down and scooped Jiang Cheng into his arms as if he were some weak young lady, then strode off purposefully.
“Stupid A-Chao,” he was mumbling, not paying any attention to Jiang Cheng. “Stupid, stupid A-Chao…as soon as someone doesn’t have their golden core, he stops thinking of them as a threat. Stupid! People are capable of so much more than just cultivation…”
Jiang Cheng stared up at Wen Xu’s chin, the only part of him he could really see from this angle, and wondered a little. He’d certainly assumed that he’d become wholly useless once he lost his golden core – his parents had both stressed cultivation as one of the most important things in life, all about being the best, cultivating the most, and he’d spent his whole life working as hard as he could on building his core, forming it and then strengthening it, refining it. And yet here Wen Xu was, speaking as though he thought Jiang Cheng was something to fear.
As though he were still dangerous.
From anyone else, Jiang Cheng would have assumed it was simply pity or an attempt to comfort him. But Wen Xu could have no such motives – Wen Xu was the enemy.
Wen Xu kicked open a door and put Jiang Cheng down on a bed.
“Stay here,” he said, as if Jiang Cheng had any idea where he was or any inkling of where he could run to even if he wanted to, and left once more.
Jiang Cheng glanced around the room he’d been left in. It was one room off of a large and spacious courtyard, luxurious but oddly impersonal, as if all the signs of personality had been shoved away and hidden for fear that they’d bee seen.
Not long after, Wen Xu reappeared with a woman, who looked annoyed.
“This isn’t why I came back from Yiling, you know,” she said reproachfully. “I could be doing actual work there. Running a Supervisory Office isn’t like having a vacation…”
“A-Qing, please,” Wen Xu said, and she fell silent. “Just…take a look at him, all right? I’ll handle the rest myself. I don’t want anyone knowing he’s here, not even the servants…I trust you, though.”
“Emotional blackmail is cheap,” Wen Qing grumbled, but Jiang Cheng could tell she was convinced. “Fine. Are you really planning to care for him yourself, though? I mean, keeping him in your own bedroom? This was supposed to be a place for one of your concubines.”
“The last one that got shoved in here committed suicide,” Wen Xu said stiffly. “They usually do, once Father’s done with them, and it’s not like I’m going to take one willingly. The room’s empty, he might as well use it, and this way we can keep his presence here secret.”
“Aren’t you worried he’ll try something?” she asked, and Jiang Cheng wondered again what it was that made all these powerful scions of the Wen sect look at him, beaten bloody and robbed of his golden core, and see something worth worrying about.
What did they see in him that he didn’t?
“I’ll handle it,” Wen Xu said shortly. “Don’t I always handle it?”
She was quiet for a moment. “You’re still not sleeping, are you? Those nightmares of yours –”
“It’s a weakness I can’t afford, A-Qing. Father could order me back to the army any day.”
“I can try to talk to him. Make him leave off, at least for a little while…I don’t like the thought of you going up against Chifeng-zun. Uncle wouldn’t be nearly as obsessed with him if he wasn’t actually as good as they all say he is.”
Wen Xu laughed without humor. “I’ve fought him a few times before, friendly spars in discussion conferences. I know exactly what our skill levels are. That’s why I can say with a great deal of certainty that if he gets anywhere near me, he’ll chop off my head without blinking twice, and there’ll be exactly shit all I can do about it. But Father won’t care. I doubt he’ll even notice – no, I’m wrong. He will notice, in the sense that it’ll make him all the more desperate to capture Chifeng-zun.”
Jiang Cheng wouldn’t have believed that any father, no matter how negligent, would be so indifferent as Wen Xu was describing, but the other man seemed sure, and Wen Qing didn’t look like she disagreed.
“I’ll talk to him,” Wen Qing insisted. “I’ll tell him something.”
“Like what?”
She glanced around, then looked down at Jiang Cheng.
“I’ll tell him you’re working on the Jiang heir,” she said, and looked away from Jiang Cheng as if she couldn’t bear to hear what she was saying, even though she was still saying it. “Breaking his spirit, molding him into something we can use in the future. He’ll like that.”
Wen Xu scoffed. “Right, and then A-Chao will tell him that he’s already had Wen Zhuliu melt his golden core and it’ll all be a waste of time. He’ll just laugh at me and send me out to die all the faster.”
“Not if I can find a way to fix it,” she said.
“Fix it? Fix what?” Wen Xu blinked. “You’re not serious. His golden core?”
“Why not?” Wen Qing asked, tossing her head, sounding haughty and arrogant like all the Wens – but her words lit a fire in Jiang Cheng’s heart. She actually sounded confident, like she thought she could do it. “Listen, cousin, I’m not about to lie down and resign myself to losing you; you’re the only one in the main branch worth anything. You do your part, I’ll do mine.”
“No one can resurrect a golden core that’s been melted,” Wen Xu protested, but even as Jiang Cheng watched he could see him being swept away by her enthusiasm. “Anyway, I don’t actually know how to break a man. I never went in for that Fire Palace stuff, not the way A-Chao did.”
“Well, get over it,” she said shortly. “I don’t care if you beat him every day or dress him up in veils and take him as your concubine – just find a way to make Uncle believe that you’re sincerely devoted to the task and I’ll get him to leave you alone, and find a way to fix that golden core problem, too. Just stall, you hear me? Stall.”
“…fine. Will you take a look at him now?”
Wen Qing pulled out her needles and Jiang Cheng didn’t even have time to move before he was completely paralyzed, feeling more than seeing her hands loosening the rope around him and start an examination as impersonal and efficient as any doctor. He didn’t care, though – he wasn’t going to escape this himself, he knew that already.
He wasn’t even going to try.
Not when staying meant that Wen Qing could find him a way out of his current predicament, not when staying meant the chance to figure out from Wen Xu what exactly it was that he saw in Jiang Cheng…maybe he could even find some of those spies Wen Xu had spoken so fearfully of and pass information along to them.
Maybe he could still do something, after all.
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lanwangjihouse · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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trans-xianxian · 17 hours ago
you know that little moment in cql when the yunmeng siblings are all trapped on the boat sobbing their fucking eyes out and wei wuxian and jiang cheng are holding each other's hands So so tightly? yeah I think that when wei wuxian had to be awake during the entire process of the core transfer he held jiang chengs hand in the same way
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jiaoji2 · a day ago
I am in love with this gif lol
Tumblr media
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vahveroiden-kasvatti · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am back with the second batch for me and @eletainart ‘s sw/mdzs crossover! It’s always a blast to imagine these characters together. They all deserve much better! More to come in the near future✨ Link to the first one if you haven’t checked it out yet!
Please also check out my friend’s amazing stuff for this same crossover! ‼️
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ntnttalksnothing · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pre-dating accidental drunk proposals are my life.
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the-untamed-but-wrong · a day ago
[skimming stones at a lake]
lan xichen: wow, this is nice.
jiang cheng, under his breath: take that you fucking lake
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ancientstone · 2 days ago
We need more Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji Being Dads™ content, including and absolutely not limited to:
Lan Wangji licking his thumb to wipe a smudge off Lan Sizhui’s face
Jiang Cheng helping a kid tie his belt without thinking
Lan Wangji braiding the hair of a random child he bumped into in the marketplace because it fell over their eyes
Jiang Cheng carrying tissues. Always.
Lan Wangji having a secret snack stash on him, including some of Lan Sizhui’s favourites
Jiang Cheng being given an infant and instantly doing that standing bouncing rocking thing to calm them down
Lan Wangji being able to tell the difference between This Is The Normal Amount Of Quiet and This Is Too Quiet Someone Is Doing Something They Shouldn’t Be
Jiang Cheng can make kid admit to anything simply by giving them the Disappointed Stare
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angstymdzsthoughts · 3 hours ago
Modern AU where wangxian meet in school and become best friends over time. They’re stuck to each other so much, everybody suspects they might be dating. They both have a crush on each other but they believe that if they tell the other, the other will reject them and they won’t get to be friends anymore.
When they were starting to go to work, Lan Qiren starts looking for some marriage matches for Lan Wangji, and they come across mianmian.
Mianmian and Lan Wangji, who agreed because he couldn't say no, say yes and the marriage date is fixed.
Wei Wuxian finds out and he confirms that Lan Wangji will never love him, and so heartbroken, he gets drunk and dies in a drink and drive accident.
Lan Wangji who hears about this is heartbroken, and when the others who knew about what happened tell him that Wei Wuxian had loved him more than what he thought, it was like fuel added to flame.
Lan Wangji cant take it anymore and commits suicide.
All I can picture is JC being a little bit drunk at WWXs funeral (his brother just died- of course he’s drinking) and losing it when he sees LWJ. Screams at him that it’s all his fault and that WWX was only out drinking that night because LWJ broke his heart and now he dares to show his face at the funeral. 
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evakant · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
people’s favorite the untamed scenes  —  for @mushroomwriter
wei wuxian calling for/checking on jiang cheng in episode five
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thebiscuiteternal · 2 days ago
🔪🔪🔪 idea of the day:
Imagine while studying Wei Wuxian's experiment notes from the Burial Mounds, the demonic cultivation crew comes across an increasingly unhinged series of attempts at a memory alteration/removal array and/or talisman with the time increments gradually growing. It's clear from the scribbled over notes in the margins that the spell is supposed to be specifically for the newly-ascended Jiang-zongzhu, with the occasional frantic 'HE CAN'T KNOW.'
Considering all the other betrayals the Yiling Laozu has been publicly accused of and publicly blown off, what the fuck could he have done to Jiang-zongzhu to warrant this kind of desperation to keep it hidden?
(It was the core exchange, naturally.)
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sandupommelfrog · 2 days ago
Had some thoughts ab vague urban fantasy vampire Xicheng au
the Jiang family r apothecaries and serve both humans and non-humans. The Yu line has been p involved in criminal underbelly type stuff but Yu Ziyuan stopped doing that several yrs before they had kids together. She still teaches her children how to defend themselves.
Wei Wuxian is great at experimenting and creating new elixirs and shit, Yanli excels at putting customers at ease and figuring out what options there r for whatever help theyre seeking, and Jiang Cheng is bookkeeper/paper work extraordinaire.
YZY and JFM still hv a troubled marriage bcut the fact that since the 3 siblings started working, they fill different but essential roles and work in tandem at the shop, its gotten a bit better.
In this part of the city, non-humans r p chill and the humans who r aware of them r like “oh thats just my flatmate Marleen shes chill but like i hv to hose her down after she comes back covered in mud and twigs from a full moon romp”
So hunters r not particularly well liked even by humans bc of History, but they deal w monsters and demons that ur average person cant.
Lan Zhan walks into the shop one day looking to restock his toxin antidotes and Wei Wuxian is immediately and obliviously smitten and invites him to various parties and shit, to which he declines but keeps finding reasons to visit the shop and see Wei Ying <3
Lan Xichen is in the depression zone bc he was tricked by a black market trader (JGY?? Idk yet) into killing several innocent non humans and is seriously doubting whether he can make sound judgements and actually protect ppl. LWJ recently made him move back into their shared apartment but hes still hving a rough time.
the Wens r a vampire clan, and the Wen siblings frequent the shop too and deliver them warnings that Wen Chao is going to try to extort them
after the Jiangs refuse to give in to their extortion attempts, they burn down their shop. Their parents r alive but comatose and the siblings go into hiding
Wen goons r ab to nab WWX but JC sacrifices himself and gets killed and turned.
WWX gets LWJ’s help since the Wen extortion stuff was already a big no-no but an attack and kidnapping like this is under the Lan hunter’s perviee. WWX goes apeshit and takes 10000 psychic dmg when he goes to rescue his babie brother only to find a feral and hungry babie vampire JC.
JC is subdued and put into needle coma by Wen Qing while and WWX recuperates before going to make Wen Chao regret being born but uh oh! The Wens hv gone into hiding now that the Lans r involved.
WWX feels at fault for JC getting kidnapped and turned bc He is supposed to b Protective Older Brother and convinces Wen Qing to bag his own blood to feed JC. Yanli also offers her own blood, altho she cant donate as much.
JC eventually is pulled out of the coma, feeds, becomes lucid, and then falls in depression times as he struggled to come to turns w being a vampire now and he is an extremely hungee boy bc the Wens did something to him.
The Yunmeng sibs stay in hiding for a bit. Yanli salvages what she can from the family shop and w Wen Qing’s help, still meets w clients. WWX runs himself ragged trying to donate enough blood to keep JC lucid and sated and also trying to come up w a tonic to suppress his unnaturally strong hunger.
JC is an anxious mess wrt losing control again and also how WWX is exhausting himself w how much blood hes giving him. JC does what shop paperwork he can while learning the vampire basics from Wen Ning.
WWX finally perfects a tonic to suppress JC’s hunger and is able to recover physically and while they both love each other a lot, things r a bit rocky rn.
Now that hes feeling better, WWX starts to spend the weekends w LWJ looking for the Wens. JYL by chance gets into contact w JZX, werewolf heir to a Business Place or sth and starts trying to negotiate a deal to acquire funds to rebuild the shop while they also both navigate their own awkward mutual-but-believes-its-unrequited-attraction.
WWX and LWJ dont come back one day, and arent answering their phones. JC suspects that theyve finally gotten their heads out of their ass and r fucking. He has negative desire to bug them while Thats Happening but hes unexpectedly run out of hunger tonic and WWX’s notes r illegible.
So he finds LWJ’s address and breaks into their apartment, LXC is just vibing, lying down in bed, w the lights off when he hears someone pick the lock. The Lans hv a fair amount of enemies so hes ready to beat someones ass, esp if theyre the reason Wangji hasnt come home.
LXC catches JC by surprise and pins him against the wall in a kind of sexy way and after a lot of snark from JC LXC’s like oh ok ur chill and lets him go. Theyre both v worried ab their brothers and JC eventually explains his situation and LXC offers himself for JC to feed on while they look for them.
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wangxian-on-repeat · 2 days ago
Wei Wuxian: you know this surprisingly tastes better cold
Jiang Wanyin: lies. Deceit
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catmik · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I was debating if I should post this drawing on social media or not, as I thought it wasn't really a "fanart" (given this is a fandom account). But I think there's nothing wrong with it, and actually it's been a lot since the last time I posted my art on this account so, here is it. I hope there's nothing wrong with it tho.
This piece is based on a fanfic I'm currently writing, which is a transmigration story with JCxOC ship. It's in Spanish tho, that's why I'm not sharing any links.
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qi-ling · 22 hours ago
Modern AU of genderfluid Jiang Cheng taking Jin Ling shopping would be nice
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jayktoralldaylong · 2 days ago
The first word that comes to mind when one meets Jin zixuan for the first time is 'Arrogant'. That is correct, Jin zixuan is arrogant. He is the heir to the famed and wealthy Jin sect, he has people falling over him with every breath he takes, of course he ends up arrogant? First impression of Jin zixuan will always be, "Who does this jerk think he is?"
And then on paying really close attention, especially when he finally confesses to Yanli, one realises how extremely socially awkward he actually is. The arrogance is a mask, a protective shield. He is the heir to famous Jin sect, but he is replaceable. His father is a prostitute at this point (might be an insult to prostitutes) with how many illegitimate kids he has. Zixuan being legitimate doesn't make his status rock solid. If the clan doubts his abilities or he falls short of their expectations, he knows he'll be discarded. He's awkward and scared when trying to talk to people. Before he even gets the chance to say a word like five of his servants have 'spoken for him', then he feels 'If they all think this is how I feel then I shouldn't contradict them. After all, I'm the clan head'. He ends up being mean because clearly that's what his followers like, but it's not the real him.
Jin zixuan doesn't even know what love is supposed to look like so how can he love Yanli the right way when he first meets her? His father is a cheat, his mother expects loads from him because she refuses to be unseated because of incompetence from him, he has no relationship with his step siblings, if anything they would feel no connection to a child who has everything they think they want. Ultimately, when the tartare dies down Jin zixuan is alone. Always all alone.
That's why he was so desperate not to lose Yanli. Desperate to connect to her family. He wanted to feel for the first time that he belonged somewhere, and finally...married to her, he did. He belonged by her side with his son and her brothers. He had a family that he could learn to love. His last words along the line "Wei Wuxian, Yanli is waiting for you". He didn't even blame Wei Wuxian for his death (a lot like his wife in that aspect, she taught him many good things, influenced his life positively), he just wanted to bring Wei Wuxian home to his sister.
All in all, Jin zixuan is my baby and I will protect him.
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idledee · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
we will always be together
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