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Does anyone out there have any good recommendations for fics revolving around

  • Jiang Cheng dealing with his (“awful”) brothers-in-law (modern aus welcome)
  • Jiang YanLi / Jin ZiXuan being soft for each other (pre-Jin Ling preferred, but not mandatory)
  • Jin ZiXuan dealing with his wife/fiancee/girlfriends’s feral little brothers
  • Jin ZiXuan bonding with his half siblings (and not knowing what to do he’s never had siblings)
  • Wen Qing / Jiang Cheng but like, with blatant bisexual energy
  • Jiang Cheng & Lan SiZhui bonding
  • Wen Qing & Wen Ning and Wei WuXian being bros
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Collab with my friends 😗🤟🏼

After getting into the uni life we just need some break and here it is. Our break featuring Jiang Lanhua, Nie Fenhua, and Wen Lijun a.k.a. our MDZS OCs❇❇

What’s the concept here? Angst. That’s it. Wen Lijun comes knocking with all his emotions surging out. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. He has to do something. Inside the pavilion were Jiang Lanhua and Nie Fenhua, in the middle of something. The knocking sound and muffled sound disturbed them. It gave a slight fright to Jiang Lanhua, known to be easily surprised, while Nie Fenhua only looked at the door. Asking who it was before the door opened with force.

Technology is the best, we get to draw on the same canvas at the same time OmO

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jin ling @ the juniors : my uncle has a hundred receipts to whoopass

*series of flashbacks*

jc : boy I’ll slap the CAP off your knees

jc : I’ll knock you into last NIGHT!

jc : I will SLAP your name out of the phone book and call Ma Bell, tell them I did it!

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It’s a complex question, and I have to admit not one that I’ve put a large amount of energy contemplating. 

To me, it is clear that at the end of the day JFM valued his biological children more dearly, as we see with his final moment with JC and WWX. I think as well that JFM wanted well for them, but that he didn’t always have their wellbeing as his first priority (sometimes it might have been their safety, sometimes it might have been for the sake of ‘peace-making’, sometimes it might have been their sect’s philosophy and work). He also did not appear to be a very affectionate man, being more of the stoic and mild type. 

JFM probably got along the best with JYL, although we don’t get to see it much, as she is the child who is most similar to him, both in appearance and temperament. We know that he was unwilling to have her enter into a very advantageous arranged marriage if there were any signs that one partner would be unwilling, which is telling of his care for her and his desire not to see her suffer through an unhappy marriage (like he did). At the same time, he seemingly relied on her to care for her siblings and to manage a fragile peace in their household, which is a lot of responsibility to put on a child. 

JFM also clearly cared for his son and his safety, but he did seem to struggle and grow frustrated in his efforts to prepare him for his duties as heir. Part of it is due to the fact that JC struggles to learn and grow as a person, in large parts because to him admitting fault equals to admitting to a weakness and because he is not open to receiving criticism, taking it automatically as rejection and censure. Part of it is also due to the fact that JFM does not know how to relate to or reach JC, and does not always like how his child thinks or acts. I think a lot of people can relate to feeling like your parents love you but do not like you/approve of you as a person (and vice-versa), which is more often than not a very complicated and bittersweet situation. 

I think that JFM cared for WWX, approved of his skills and attitude, and took a more permissive approach, letting WWX make his own decisions regardless of the consequences (either discipline or even potentially death with him volunteering to attend the Wen indoctrination camp) since he perhaps knew that WWX would willingly accept them as all. Probably because WWX seems to take a lot after his mother in terms of temperament, JFM also appear to understand him easily, something that evades him in the case of his son. Moreover, with WWX being an orphan, and the child of his friends, it might have been easier to “dote” on him like an uncle would, instead of having to take on the role of a father. However, to suggest that JFM clearly gave WWX a preferential treatment and favoured him over his children seems…. short-sighted. For instance, JFM did not seem to object to Yu-furen’s quite violent brand of discipling WWX, or at least not in a manner that would have stopped it from happening. I think we can infer that he chose peace/not being seen as disrespecting her authority in the sect over protecting young!WWX from this treatment. 

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This is kinda long and I think there’s some ideas I forgot to express, also I’m not the best at english so thanks in advance if you read it entirely.

I just discovered that some ppl apparently dislike (kinda hate) JC because of what happened to WWX and stuff like that as if it was all his fault (just like JGY said) but like? They both made mistakes?

(Btw I’m saying this based on the cql and my own opinions and some in the anime/original novel)

JC was never v good with word and was constantly searching for approval (I think probably cus of his parents and lack of attention towards him or sum) so hearing that someone as important as his big bro said “he didn’t respected him” like he was told, probably hurted him and his (lowkey) low self esteem, he acted cowardly and left him, but b4 that WY literally left him to reconstruct an entire sect by his own while he was drinking all day long (ik he had a lot of stuff going on but they both needed help and it was better if they had each other’s back). After WWX died almost everybody thought it was him who killed WY. Can you imagine how it must feel to be blamed/congratulated for killing someone you really loved? In all those years JC captured the ones who practiced demonic cultivation, I think he did it not bcus he hated WWX but because he hated that wicked ways that destroyed his brother and got his sister killed, I don’t think he could hate his brother, only blame him or something like that. But the thing that I hate the most abt it is that ppl seem to forget the sacrifice JC did for WWX and JYL, he basically gave himself up so his brother wouldn’t get caught even if it meant he would die (he said good bye as if he wasn’t gonna come back bcus he knew he probably wouldn’t), got tortured and lost his golden core, idk if ppl think he did it only to revenge his parents but he definitely didn’t do it (just) for that, they practically only talk abt WWX giving him his core :( JC deserves better unu

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Somebody please tell me how to escape this time loop. I watched the show 3 times in 2 months, and I want to watch it again….

I just finished the third time yesterday. The untamed is holding me captive. This never happened to me before 😭😭😭😍

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I mean (continuing from the other message), if he was officially adopted, shouldn’t he carry the Jiang surname? (like with JIN guangyao and LAN Sizhui; I know, different situations, but still), and I think I remember a conversation in which JC was denying that WWX was ‘just a servant’ because “what servant gets food personally prepared by the Sect leader’s daughter” or sth, so it seems like he wasn’t adopted, then, why did he eat and live with the Jiang family and not with the other disciples?

Hi! Thanks, it’s always nice to know the meta is appreciated :)

Wei Wuxian is not adopted in the Jiang family. JFM is however his guardian, which is why he’s been raised alongside JYL and JC. When we begin the novel we hear suggestions from outsiders that “the former head of the Jiang clan treated [WWX] as his own son“. The reality is definitely more complicated than that, as we come to learn in the novel. As for the Jiang siblings, JYL does consider WWX to be her brother, as she tells us herself at Phoenix Mountain (see below). However, WWX always calls her “Shijie” which would have been a socially appropriate way of referring to her considering their actual respective positions in society. With JC, it’s a little bit harder to say whether he considered WWX as his brother (I can’t recall a passage to help me figure it out decisively).

“A-Xian is a disciple of YunmengJiangShi. He grew up with my brother and I, and so he’s as close as a brother is to me. Calling him the ‘son of a servant’—I’m sorry, but I won’t accept this. And thus…”


“A-Li,“ Jin-furen spoke, “why are you being so serious? It’s just a small matter. Don’t get so worked up.”

Jiang Yanli’s voice was soft. “Furen, A-Xian is my didi. Him being humiliated by others, to me, isn’t just a small matter.”

But WWX is the son of a servant (it’s also important to remember that servants in the Jiang sect occupy a different position than in some other sects). Whether he’s a discipline or a servant is a little bit blurry at times, because he seems to not be treated in the sect as a servant (except by Yu-furen) but he seems to be perceived as a servant by outsiders. There is also this expectation that WWX will hold the same position in the sect for JC than the one his father occupied for JFM.

Two passages suggest that YZY viewed WWX as a servant, or at least liked to refer to him as one. The first one is during a regular fight between the Jiang. 

Yu-furen scolded, “Of course [JC]’ll go! Or else would your sister go? Look at her, still happily peeling lotus seeds. A-Li, stop peeling them. Who are you peeling them for? You’re the mistress, not somebody’s servant!”

Hearing the word ‘servant’, Wei Wuxian didn’t mind much. He had finished all of the lotus seeds in the dish all at once, chewing as the soft, refreshing sweetness filled his mouth. 

Jiang Fengmian, on the other hand, raised his head slightly. “My lady.”

“What,” said Yu-furen. “Something I said? Servant? You don’t want to hear the word? Jiang Fengmian, let me ask you—this time, do you intend to let [WWX] go?”

This is further highlighted in a conversation between Wang Jingliao and YZY.

Wang Lingjiao examined them.“Who are you?”

“My personal maids,” replied Yu-furen. 

Wang Lingjiao spoke with disdain. “Yu-furen, your Jiang Sect really is outrageous. This can’t be the case. Even maids dare interrupt a conversation in the main hall. Servants like this have their faces slapped in the Wen Sect.”

Wei Wuxian thought, you say this but you’re a servant as well, aren’t you?

Yu-furen replied without any hesitation, “Jinzhu and Yinzhu aren’t the usual servants. They’ve been staying with me ever since I was young. They’ve never served for anyone aside from me, and there hasn’t been anyone who can slap them. They can’t, and they don’t dare to.”

“Yu-furen, what are you talking about? In a prominent sect, there has to be a clear distinction between the superior and the inferior for it to be not in chaos. Servants should be what servants ought to be.”

Yu-furen, however, seemed to deeply understand the phrase ‘servants should be what servants ought to be’. Glancing at Wei Wuxian, she happened to concur, responding loftily, “That’s right.”

Moreover, as mentioned, there are people who refer to WWX as a servant of the Jiang sect. But we are not supposed (I am pretty certain) to take them at face value since they are people who generally do not hold WWX in high regard, and seem to use the reference to him being a servant as a way to insult him, highlight his “arrogance” or suggest his lack of social status makes him less worthy of regard. In the prologue, for instance, nameless cultivators celebrating WWX’s death call him an arrogant servant. Wang Lingjiao calls him a servant as well:

Watching Yu-furen’s reaction, Wang Lingjiao was quite pleased, “Wei Ying, if I remember correctly, is a servant of the YunmengJiang Sect, isn’t he?“

JGS also refers to WWX as a servant:

“Jiang-zonghzu,” said Jin Guangshan, “Wei Ying is your right-hand man. You value him a lot. All of us know this. However, on the other hand, it’s hard to tell whether or not he actually respects you. In any case, I’ve been a sect leader for so many years and I’ve never seen the servant of any sect dare be so arrogant, so proud. Have you heard what they say outside? Things like how during the Sunshot Campaign the victories of the YunmengJiang Sect were all because of Wei Wuxian alone—what nonsense!”

However the passage you are thinking of holds a slightly different meaning. WWX reminds JC that he is also the son of a servant when JC disregards MianMian because of her low birth. The association here that JC makes is that child of servant = servant, but after WWX reminds him of the situation of his own birth, he clarifies, she might be a servant and someone unimportant because of who her parents were, but you’re certainly not treated like a servant despite the circumstances of your birth.

Jiang Cheng frowned. “You’re at it again. You don’t really like her, do you? The girl does look fair, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t have much in terms of background. Maybe she isn’t even a disciple. She seems like the daughter of a servant.”

“What’s wrong with servants? I’m also the son of a servant, aren’t I?”

“How can you compare to her? Whose servant is like you, having your master peel lotus seeds for you and boil you soup. I didn’t even get to have some!”

Hope this helped a little!

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