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#jiang wanyi

Three times that Wei Wuxian was betrayed by his loved ones.

N/A: I just wanted to read an AU where Yanli and Zixuan didn’t died, plus the Wangxian family moment.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 26: Wedding.


“We still can get you out of this matricide” says Wei Wuxian, ignoring Jiang Cheng snort.

Yanli smiled at him, tenderly. “There is no need to do that, A-Xian.” 

Wei Wuxian disagreed.

“You deserve a better man than him.”

“Love it’s not about what we deserve, A-Xian.” Says Yanli as she looked that everything was perfect, since her wedding dress until the last lock of her hairstyle.

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Hi Anon! Since a lot of this will get explained in the next two chapters, I can talk about it a little and won’t be spoiler since it’s gonna be revealed anyway. I’ve yet to write it bc life got crazy and the covid19 happened and then i had to finish Begotten and then I started writing prompts… to say i got distracted is an understatement.

TLDR: WWX’s golden core is completely intact. He never did go back to save Jiang Cheng because Jiang Yanli became extremely ill and required urgent attention, as was seen in Prologue. This necessitated them to go straight to Meishan to seek help. JC gets tossed into the Burial Mount after his core is melted. The Wen Clan declares his death & disgrace, signalling “the end” of the Jiang Clan. When news of this reaches Jiang Yanli, she becomes Sect Master to avenge her family with the help of Wei Wuxian. Jiang Cheng, in the mean time, becomes Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. 

I wrote a short little thing for when Jiang Cheng returns because @totallynotfangirlasked for reunion and you asked for yunmeng sib angst :) Hope this does both and is not too much spoilers.  


Lotus Pier at dusk was the most enchanted place under the sky. With twilight scattering like stars across the calm water and an amber sun dipping low across the western bank, burning the clouds into blossoms of crimson, gold and lotus pink, the whole world seemed warm and safe. 

A small boat drifted slowly between the lily pads. Underneath in the bamboo awning, a man wearing a black veiled douli sat cross-legged as he observed ahead with a longing gaze.  

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