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The Untamed has been consuming me.  Hurting a little and thinking about voicelessness.

The words are pressed up against his teeth but they won’t come. Decades worth of favouritism and inadequacy in equal measure keep his tongue thick and heavy in his mouth. His throat clenches around the sounds until it aches. They are sharp, like a scream. Jiang Cheng doesn’t deserve that. It’s not his fault. It’s not Wei Wuxian’s, either. It hurts. It’s not his fault he is the measure by which Yu-furen always finds Jiang Cheng lacking. It’s not his fault he is the usurper of Jiang Fengmian’s affections; the foundling; the leaden weight of his expectations. He is the whip and the wheel. It’s not his fault. He will not say a word - in this, he will exercise restraint. The faults of Jiang Cheng’s parents should not set fire to the narrow bridge between them. He holsters his sharp tongue, and tries to bury the sharp stab of pain somewhere deep within him.  If his smile shows a little too many teeth, that’s alright. He’ll run too fast for anyone to catch him.    

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 In which a 29-year-old gay LXC married his 26-year-old family friend JC (who happens to be a trans man) out of convenience so that both of their traditional families would leave them alone and let them live their lives, without thinking that he will find love in this marriage.

N/A: Xicheng AU based on that Redditor who shared his touching AF love story.

For the #CultivaTober2020, another story that no one asked me. Incomplete for the lack of time.

Day 23: Butterfly


A lot of people like to think that love comes before marriage, oftentimes it doesn’t always work out that way. 

Sometimes people get married because of different pressures and expectations put on them by society and their families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find love in this kind of situation.

Lan Xichen didn’t expected falling in love with his husband.

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In my head Jiang Cheng knew that Lan Shizui was Wen Yuan since the first time he saw the boy clinging to Lan Wangji’s leg on Jin Guangyao’s wedding. He never said anything but he knew, that’s why he always treated him a little differently than just random diaciples, there was a softness there that no one besides Jin Ling could see. Why didn’t Jiang Cheng try to get rid of him? What changed? Well first of all, he looked at the child and then at his own nephew and knew right away that he would not be able tu hurt the little Lan. He was just a child. He was also the only alive thing left, that reminded him of his brother. Because the boy may not have the Wei blood inside him, but he definitely was Wei Wuxian’s son.

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In which Lan Xichen fell in love with an illusion and Jiang Cheng want him out of his head.

N/A: A little bit angst (?) and one sided Xicheng. Trans male Jiang Cheng because I wanted to read something that I can relate and I’m out of time for the challenge.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 22: Buns


Night deepens in Lotus Pier and there’s nowhere Jiang Cheng could go with his heart.

He can’t stand this feeling in his chest.

The heartache.

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For @fytheuntamed​‘s Untamed Fall Fest. Day 23: Letter

Look at WWX! He’s so excited to get an invitation to Jin Ling’s thing! and he gets to see Shijie! T.T Too bad it didn’t work out. 

I didn’t plan to include JC but he wanted to be loved so he got a gif too. I also don’t know why i colored him so red… but I guess I wanted that chair to pop and ignored his skin. Sorry JC, this is what you get for butting into WWX’s gif set. 

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