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#jiang wanyin

Wen Chao: “How dare a measly nobody like you butt in?”


Okay okay okay this is also a subtle but powerful expression of what matters to LWJ, WWX, and JWY. WWX’s reply is that he interrupted JWY’s turn to greet/petition Lan Qiren. LWJ had stepped up ready to fight almost as soon as the Wens came in (we already know respect for Gusu-Lan is important to him, but here’s another example of him stepping up to be the sword-wielding difference he wants to see in the world). WWX spoke up after, commenting on Wen Chao’s hypocrisy in insulting Gusu-Lan while requesting their help (he explains also that the reason he “butted in” was because it was his shidi’s turn to speak to Lan Qiren). Throughout this all, JWY had been tense and watchful. But he does not, himself, step forward until Wen Chao insults WWX. This is in contrast to LWJ and WWX, who were defending the honor of their sects. Ostensibly, this is what Jiang Cheng cares about. And yet- the thing he reacted to was a threat to his family.

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Nie Huaisang
We're friends. I was building up to call you "A-Cheng" one of these days.
Jiang Cheng
That will never happen. In fact, you just lost "Jiang Cheng" privileges. From now on, you can call me "Sandu Shengshou" or "Hey you".
Nie Huaisang
Come on, Jiang Cheng.
Jiang Cheng
Nie Huaisang
Come on, hey you.
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wei wuxian: lan zhan, you deserve an award for putting up with me

lan wangji: you’re my award, wei ying

wei wuxian: jiang cheng, you deserve an award too

jiang cheng: hell yeah, i do, you’re a real bitch sometimes

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Jiang Cheng meets Little Fairy for the first time, goes full r/DadsWhoDidNotWantPets the minute she wiggles her fluffy half-grown puppy butt at him.

Meanwhile, JGY is happily reflecting on his own gift-giving prowess.

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<div> —  <p> Jiang Cheng just wants them to stop flirting in front of him (chp. 20)</p><p><b>A Bell That Tells Us to Rise and Fight</b> by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee (<a href="">AO3</a>)<br>Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed – Teen – Lan Zhan/Wei Ying, Jiang Cheng/Wen Qing, Jiang Yanli/Jin Zixuan<br>#Alternate Universe #Canon Divergence #Arranged Marriage #Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies #Everyone Needs A Hug #Not Beta Read #Women Being Awesome #Wen Qing is a goddess #Wangxian are still dumb #cute but dumb #content warning for Jin Guangshan #content warning for Xue Yang #content warning for Meng Yao #Wei Wuxian’s terrible awful brilliant plans #Yunmeng Bros #Yanli is an angel #BAMF Women #I take it back Nie Mingjue still dies #Minor Character Death </p><p>“Aunt?” Wei Wuxian asks, looking at Wen Qing.<br> “Who else do you think could handle being married to Jiang Cheng?” she says, tone deliberately casual. It’s very satisfying when his jaw drops and he goggles like a fish.<br> “What did you people do while I was gone?” he shrieks. </p><p>Wei Wuxian evacuates the Burial Mounds before they fall. Jin Zixun attacks before Jin Ling’s birth. Yanli and Jin Zixuan survive and Jiang Cheng marries Wen Qing to protect the Wen Remnants. Thirteen years later Wei Wuxian returns from the dead to a very different world.</p> </div><span>Wei Wuxian chokes on a laugh. “Lan Zhan, you’re the best.” <br> Lan Wangji fairly <i>glows</i> at that. <br> Jiang Cheng resists the urge to punch himself in the face so he doesn’t have to watch this disaster.</span>
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So guess who got herself a drawing tablet for Christmas 2020 … hahaha yes exactly, me, who can’t even draw properly on paper.

This JC is like, the second time I try drawing a person on the tablet (which I had for two weeks lol), so pls I am but a lowly beginner with this. (But yeah, I discovered the lightning and glowing effects and I have way too much fun with those).

Have one shiny, sexy, smiling lightning grape y’all.

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Nie Huaisang
*jokingly* What's going on? Geez, who died?
Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng
Nie Huaisang
Oh, god. Who died?
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Jiang Cheng is miserable :D

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If baby can’t play with dada

Then baby will join dada~💙

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Short Jiang Cheng fic to make us sad:

Young Jiang Cheng searching for the new owners of his dogs Princess, Love and Jasmine so he can visit them even if

“they are not with me anymore but I love them so can you please allow me to come by?”

So he sneaks out whenever he can to bring them treats because

“friends do not abandon each other.”

And he did that for 10 more years till Princess, Jasmine and Love died of old age.

He gave them a burial fit for a Jiang because

“they are family, they gave me unconditional love, something I never felt at home.”

And he stood by their graves silently crying, thanking them for the good memories he will cherish forever.

And if he feels the soft brush of fur by his feet, it might just be his imagination.

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<div> —  Jiang Cheng </div><span>I’m in a bad mood and somebody is going to suffer.</span>
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Jiang Cheng is just 70% dark chocolate with sugary cherry liquor inside

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