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That’s very true, but she never calls JC out even in situations where there’s no way YZY could possibly hear her. Which isn’t to say I blame her, you’re right that it would be hard to get out of that pattern once in it and it was really her only option to avoid the shit in her family, but it’s still A Thing that did not help with JC’s whole… thing.

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Good point, and that’s kind of why I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence that JC’s requirements match up with JYL. Although I will say that it would not surprise me if JC didn’t realize that JYL didn’t fit the “seen but not heard” thing, he doesn’t seem to pay attention to anything about the people around him that doesn’t suit him.

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That’s a good point, actually. I can see JYL trying to keep JC from getting pissy (well, pissier) by giving him food, if only because otherwise he’d just sulk all through dinner and the rest of the evening, which WWX would then have to deal with. Still, though, if JC was my little brother I would’ve smacked him for sulking about Not Getting The Thing He Said He Didn’t Want, I wouldn’t have just given him the thing he said he didn’t want.

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Ooh this is kinda a hard one. I like a lot of different characters for different reasons. One of my favorites is definitely Jiang Yanli, though, because she’s beautiful and lovely and she reminds me a lot of my older sister. As for a character I relate to a lot, I 100% have to say Jiang Cheng (and I’m really glad you asked me this, but I apologize if this reply gets a little long because of it). His familial relationships are just… really really similar to mine. I grew up with two older siblings and I’m super close to my oldest sister. However, because of the way our mother has treated us, I often try to act more mature and I get worried about my middle sibling, causing our relationship to be a little rocky sometimes. I’m actually planning on making a much longer and more detailed post on this in the future, because it’s why I can’t find it in myself to be upset with anything he did. As awful as some of his actions seemed, I’m not certain I wouldn’t have made the same choices. The more I watched the show and saw my own situation reflected in his, the more I understood why he did what he did.

(Also, if you’re wondering about it, my time zone is US Eastern Time <3)

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I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of it, honestly. It makes sense; JYL clearly has issues with her mother’s… general behaviour, so logically not wanting to be like her mother would be a motivator in her actions.

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i truly think that jyl was never able to have a childhood in that way because she had to take of jc so young. at least with the niebros it was tragedy (and we know nothing about mothers/family members/sect elders that could be supporting) that made nmj start taking care of nhs. the lan bros had lqr and elders. jzx seems to have a good, but strict, mother. but we see no person at ymj that seems to have taken care of the jiang sibs when they were young. (2/3)

maybe mxtx didn’t want to add in more characters, but either nanny/servant turn over was so high that no one really stood out, they didn’t have a strong emotional connection with the ones they had, or they didn’t have any. either way, it left wwx, jc, and jyl emotionally fucked up, especially jc and jyl in those eight years before wwx got there. and it made jyl convinced that what she needed to do was take care of jc and then later wwx before herself :( (i love her so much) (3/3)

Oh yeah, that seems pretty likely. I want to say JYL is… three or four years older than her brothers? So yeah, given her family she would likely have been expected to pretty much raise them herself (at least from an emotional standpoint) as soon as she was old enough to look after herself. JYL didn’t have a great time in her childhood either, the Jiangs were terrible.

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That is a major thing with JYL, honestly. Like, I love her, but I do think if she’d actually said something to JC and tried to make him improve his behaviour instead of just maintaining the status quo between her brothers things would’ve gone a lot better for everyone involved. It wasn’t her job but… y’know, there comes a point where by refusing to take sides you’re taking the aggressor’s side, and she certainly came close to that line if she didn’t outright cross it. And yeah, if I tried to sulk over not getting something I’d repeatedly said I didn’t want my sister would mock me mercilessly, she wouldn’t give me the thing without question like I’d asked nicely. JYL coddles JC, arguably more than she coddles WWX, and it’s very noticeable in this scene.

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Okay, so I don’t know anything about therapeutic age regression other than what I could find online, but I have a lot of vaguely formed thoughts about the fact that Wei Wuxian pretends to be a safe, secure, and loved three year old with Yanli when his earliest childhood memories are from age four, when he was homeless, hungry, orphaned, and fighting wild dogs for scraps on the street.

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