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🐥: … V is my Friend.. Jungkookie is my dongsaeng!! Done!

🐰: What did you write- *trying to get JMs paper*

🐥: No! You can’t see it! *running away*


🐥: Jungoooo! What do you mean about “Im you, you’re me?”


🐥: Hey! Why are you not talking to me? Are you okay? *trying to touch the bunny*

🐰: *stood up and left*

🐥: What is wrong with him?


🐰: suga hyung.. 🥺🥺

🐱: aigoo come here little prince..

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Hahahaha omg I want to know what JK scolds JM about on a regular basis. 

It reminds me of that Bangtan bomb where they were opening a cake box together, and JK kept trying to tell JM how to do it and JM was like “be quiet, let me focus.” And also it reminded me of during BV4 when Vmin were cooking together, and JK walked in and started trying to correct the way Jimin was cutting the vegetables, and then Tae forced him to leave :’) Just married things

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Jimin said okay I said something kinky and romantic, I gotta pull back for the next section or they’ll REALLY think something’s up. Lol

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Jimin x Jungkook

Genre:  Angst, Smut

Warnings: Toxic Relationships

→ Word Count: 4k+

Summary: After an entire semester goes by Jungkook shows up at Jimin’s doorstep. Jimin is shocked but Jungkook is not. He’s always going to return to his favorite play thing even if only for one night.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy. Leave a comment save a writer. 

If you’d prefer to read this on AO3 please go to my BIO and click the link. I would post a link on here but when I do that sometimes my post doesn’t show in tags.  Please check out my ongoing story LIAISON! 

Jimin tossed and turned in the bed for what felt like the hundredth time tonight. He’d been trying for what felt like hours now and no matter what he did Jimin could not get himself to fall asleep. Nights like this he wished Hoseok was here in the bed across from him. Jimin always found a way to go to sleep when Hoseok started to ramble about his different conspiracy theories. 

Usually, conspiracy theories were supposed to be interesting, invoke thought, and at the very least give you a good laugh but all Hoseok’s ever did was leave him confused. One minute he was talking about the Illuminati, the next aliens, and for some reason, the boy always ended up on the president. He was ridiculous and hard to follow but at least Jimin ended up asleep. But tonight Hoseok had gone out with some of his many friends and now the only reminder Jimin had of him was the lingering scent of weed that filled the room. 

 He hated to say it and would probably never admit it to the other man in a million years but Jimin missed Hoseok. He missed his presence, annoying laugh, inconsistent theories, and a terrible habit of never obeying personal space. 

Rolling over in bed and grabbing his phone, Jimin did something he never thought he’d do. He sent Hoseok a text asking when he was coming back accompanied by a sad face emoji. Jimin then backed out of he and Hoseok’s text messages and despite it being twelve o’clock at night he sent his mother a text asking what she was doing. His mother was most likely not going to respond at this time of night but it was at least worth a try. Anything was better than just lying in his dark silent dorm waiting for a good night’s sleep that obviously wasn’t coming. Jimin waited a few moments with his phone on his chest silently praying that either of them would answer taking him out of his misery but when they didn’t he defeatedly unlocked his phone again and went to twitter. 

Hopefully, he’d at least come across some good memes or drama. Maybe someone would even be getting canceled.

He didn’t though. When Jimin opened Twitter he didn’t see any memes, drama, or celebrities getting canceled. Instead, the first thing that popped up on Jimin’s timeline was a tweet from Kim Namjoon. He was one of Hoseok’s best friends. The tweet read “Nothing better than my bro’s!” and under it was a picture of Namjoon, his friend Yoongi on the left side, and of course Hoseok dead smack in the middle. Jimin rolled his eyes. Judging by the faded look in Hoseok’s eye and bottle in his hand it meant that the other boy wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

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