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#jikook fanfic

Originally posted by mimibtsghost


Pairing: Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook

Summary: There is a God roaming Jeon Jungkook’s college campus - a God with bleach blond hair, sweater paws, and the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He’ll get the courage to speak to him soon, he swears, and then he’ll build a temple and worship this man’s ass until the end of his days.

There is a wrong number on Jeon Jungkook’s phone - a number belonging to someone named Diminie who is funny and kind, someone that gets him, someone that he can’t stop thinking about.

A/N: Let me know if you’d rather see this as pictures! I have an app for that, but I thought I’d try this first. Also I’m lazy. 


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Corax, coracis: raven, […]

Nox, noctis: night, darkness […]

There had been a time when the earth had been mother of beautiful creatures, gifting them with fire for a soul and gold for blood, the sweetest of the forest’s melody for voice and the purest of the gems for eyes.

There had been a time when dragons had been the essence of life itself, protecting their mother’s children and instilling magic in the world surrounding them. The same magic that fed the fire of their soul, eternal flames coming from the core of the earth.

Those had been the primordials, the first dragons to inhabit the world, evolving and changing, becoming the mirrors of their mother’s wonders.

Then there had been the night, obscure lover of all that bathed in the sun’s light, of what came to life so far from her, of what she could not have. 

She had witnessed the way the fire creatures ruled in the daylight, protecting and giving life.

The night had no such fairnesses to offer, yet she had reached into her pits, where the gloomiest darkness resided, and carved dreadful children from it. 

Those had star’s core for a soul, the night’s thunder for a voice, mercury for blood, running cold in their veins, and quicksilver for eyes, reflecting the fickleness of their souls. 

Breathing lightnings, bringing light in their mother’s obscurity, they crossed the skies.

Those had reigned until dusk, flying over the earth and inhabiting the night’s kingdom.

There had been a time when the dragons had ruled the lands and the skies, undisputed, unstoppable.


Blood was streaming everywhere around him, he looked down at his hands, crimson staining them, it was like ink, didn’t matter how hard he brushed, rubbed, scratched, it did not go away, the red sinking in his skin, marking him.

Jungkook looked around, his nostrils burning, eyes welling and throat feeling hoarse.

The smoke arose dancing in the air and forming a gloomy cape above him. The flames had died down but the heat still burned his skin. On the ground, like lifeless puppets, laid hundreds of bodies, the blood streaming from their uncountable wounds, unstoppable as it rushed and covered everything, reaching his ankles then rising, climbing up his frame.

Jungkook spinned, trying to find a way out, trying to escape, but there was no way out, he was standing alone in the middle of the battle field, the cemetery of hundreds of his brothers. He was alone.

The blood rose, hot against his skin, wetting his wearings, making them stick to his skin, and bringing a sick feeling to him. 

His lungs heaved, fighting against the clodding smoke, panick filling his mind as he felt trapped.

The blood kept climbing, it had reached his hips, devouring him, suffocating the soldier.

Jungkook looked up, his head rising slowly, fear and panic heavy on his chest and cruelly holding his throat in a merciless vise. 

Far from where he stood, high in the sky, a shadow moved, crossing the expanse above him and coming near.

The blood kept rising, holding him in place among the dead bodies, where he belonged to.

The shadow was coming near, so near the soldier could make out the shape of its sinuous body and the movements of its wings cleaving the smoke clouds, letting the sun filter through them, bringing light to that death land.

The blood had reached his neck, Jungkook could feel it rise higher, to his chin and then lips, he tried to move, the sight of the shadow awakening something in him, making his mind snap and try to fight against the dark blood that unstoppable trapped him.

He tried to part his lips, a scream growing in his chest and rising in his throat, but they were like sealed, he tried to move, wanting, needing, to reach out to the shadow that was still so far away from him, but nothing he would do could change it, he could not fight the constriction of the cloying blood, deep down that knowledge had already settled yet Jungkook was a fighter, that was all he knew.

The blood sloowly creeped further, it reached his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, suffocating him.

The shadow had reached him, stilling right above his head, stoically observing as the blood reached his eyes, covering him, wings fending the air with rhythmic thumps. That was all he heard before the void was all he could feel.

The scream that had been stuck in his throat was let free even before his eyes opened. It pierced sharply through the silence of the forest, jarring horrendously with his surroundings.

His gaze moved frantically, looking around, not recognising his surroundings. The land had disappeared, the smoke no longer filled his lungs, but the feeling loitered in him, his mouth dry and eyes still burning, even when no tears were to be found at their corners. Around him tall trees met the sky and green leaves filtered the sun rays.

Jungkook felt his hand firmly gripping his sword, but around him everything was silent, the tall trees surrounded the clearing, the green grass brushed softly against his shifting body, everything was still lingering in the sleepiness of the morning. Yet his mind felt noisy, like a restless storm, overwhelmed by the aftermaths of the nightmare.

The blood had felt so real, just like all the previous nights, that nightmare had been hunting him for longer than Jungkook was willing to admit, cutting his night short and rendering him restless during the days.

His mind smoothly drifted to the shadow he had seen, not willing to linger on the consequences of his nightmares, and a paralyzing terror filling him.

But if disappeared quickly, a familiar ticklish feeling making goosebumps cover his skin, he was there.

Jungkook knew that even before he turned to face him, his eyes meeting the sinuous shape of the dragon, the dark color jarring with their surroundings but projecting beautiful colors all around them, shining of bright shades, beautiful like the most valuable of the jewels.


The voice reached him instantly, smooth, soothing, lulling him like a melody, resounding in his mind and bringing a fond smile on his lips.

He was there with him, everything was alright, it had been just a nightmare.

Jungkook nodded, clapping his hands against his thighs before getting up, scrolling off small branches and dead leaves, smiling softly at the spider travelling on his arm, taking it on his other hand and them letting it fall on the grass, the invisible thread leading the small crature’s fly.

He averted his eyes from it, turning to look up at the dragon, his head was resting on his stretched out limbs, wings folded against his body and tail curled around them, protectively embracing his sleeping knight.

A fleeting thought crossed his mind, just like it always happened when the knight allowed his eyes to linger longer that it was needed, taking in the smallest of the details, treasuring each one of them.

Jimin was beautiful.

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The raven colored shape flew high against the sky, daring and fighting, powerful like only a child of the night could be. 

Higher and higher until he felt it was safe to let everything go.

And he did, roars like thunders and flames like lightning filling the sky.

There where nothing could be destroyed by him.

But on the ground, the earth’s child could feel them, his soul tearing at each pained cry of the dragon.

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Original Story - Ao3 Link

Plot: Jungkook is a renowned rookie racer that shocked the world. However all the fame and glory got to his head far too quickly when he began diving into a spiral: drugs, strip clubs, affairs. All came down to one tragic accident that could ruin his entire career. Until his publicity boyfriend Jimin introduces him to the wrong side of the city.

Rating: Explicit (18+ / Proceed with caution)

Pairings: Jungkook x Jimin / Jungkook x Taehyung / more past or implied pairings but it’ll be revealed in the story.

Warnings: street racing (duh), mentions of sexual activities and porn, mentions of drugs. 

Links: To the Edge Masterlist

Word Count: 4k

A/N: here we go frens a new chapter! the gang’s all here now kfjnvdgf let me know your thoughts as per usual! 

© by flowerwrites. All rights reserved. No reposting or translating allowed.


Without the need to fly to Tokyo for the race, time became an empty expanse for him. Seokjin still organized a proper training schedule after the doctors confirmed that he was fit to drive again. Except they only happened in mornings and the nights were left to his own choosing. Naturally this was the time Taehyung would call him for a party but Jungkook disagreed.

Taehyung: Are you mad I didn’t visit?

Jungkook: No.

Jungkook: Just have some things to do with Jimin.

Jungkook: Why would I be mad?

Taehyung: I don’t know. We spend a lot of time together, thought you might miss me.

Jungkook: I missed the drugs. And it’s not like we’re friends.

Taehyung: No I guess we’re not.

Was he mad? There was a naïve part of him that may have been confused that Taehyung didn’t bother to even spare five minutes to see him in the hospital. But that didn’t matter tonight.

Jungkook brought out his Hennessy Venom for the drive to the outskirts of Seoul. Jimin sat on the passenger’s seat with his legs to his chest. He looked pretty but not the extremely done-up kind. This was his own sense of fashion, a neon graffiti print on black sweater with some ripped mid wash jeans. His blond hair styled slightly messy like he had been running his hands through it.


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omg… dunno… this is not proof read, it’s past 1 am and i’m too tired to thoroughly  think about this, i’m gonna regert thia tomorrow. buuuut… here’s my kinda ghost au. more like i-see-ghosts-and-i-m-a-nerd-and-i-have-the-biggest-of-the-crushes-on-you-and-my-ghost-friends-already-ship-us-together- au 

-You should approach him. You know… it’s a possibility, it could work.- she paused briefly, he knew she was observing him but Jimin didn’t let that bother him too much, focusing on the blank page staring back at him, the dim light working against him.

 -At least it did back in my times.- she then added, lowly, like it was just an afterthought, left there, hanging in the air between the two of them.

 Jimin didn’t even spare her a look, too busy with the chaos of his own notes, trying to decipher what they were originally supposed to be, but that task revealed itself to be harder than the human had previously believed to be. 

It had felt like a good enough idea that morning, going to the library in the evening and trying to be a productive member of the society. Apparently, that wasn’t his thing because he had been sitting, more like crouching, in a poorly lit corner of the library for hours now, carefully hidden by several rows of shelves, back pressed against a wall and legs bent, so far from everyone else that the sounds of the chattering struggled to reach him, and nothing had came out of that. 

Nothing that wasn’t a familiar ache pressing at his temples and the growing irritation, oh and… yeah… few funny looking… flowers, he wasn’t really sure about that one, doodled at the bottom of the white page of his new notebook. 

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Summary: Jeongguk and Jimin, two underground street fighters, are climbing their way up to the top through rigged matches. In front of crowds, they beat the shit out of each other, but behind closed doors, they make each other sweat in a completely different way.***Jimin finds a career in the ring, finds love in the ring, and then, ultimately, bloodied and bruised, finds himself as he takes his younger southpaw boxer on a trip to find the man who abandoned him and his sick mom when he was just a toddler. As they fight and gamble along the way, Jeongguk and Jimin stack up cash and lose themselves in each other every night.

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