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wizardouxie · a day ago
"The Kronisphere will make everything right," Nari had whispered gently, a soft smile on her lips.
Jim clutches the sphere tightly to his chest, neglecting the heat of the pavement scraping into his knees. Claire follows suit, dropping down to wrap an arm around him. He cries into her shoulder and she places her other hand on the ball with him. Slowly and quietly, the survivors huddle into a hug. They won, but they feel far from victorious.
"There has to be another way, there always have been," the Trollhunter chokes out. He stares at the magical object emanating a healthy green in his hands. It gleams with life, a stark contrast to the reality around him. But regardless, he's not going to give up. Not on Toby, not on the rest of his friends and family.
Suddenly a scene flashes, among the cracks that Aaarrrgghh had caused in his grief-stricken stupor. Claire brings a hand to her mouth.
"Wait a minute," Douxie starts, head tilting. A whispered "By Deya's Grace" escapes Blinky's lips. It's safe to say that the Akiridions, Stuart, Steve, and Eli are shocked as well.
It's them, with their hands on the ball, on top of each other's hands. Their eyes closed in momentary prayer.
And then, a miracle.
Several flurries of nature take place -- some circling around in columns, the others rushing to the debris around them. Edifices are rebuilt, while the trees uprooted find their footing back into the Earth. The roads are melded back to normal and Arcadia High stands tall in its glory. Jim's breath hitches when he sees a column of flowers spin around the silhouette of a familiar winged man with horns. He doesn't let the rest play out. He knows what they need to do.
"Everybody get up! If we're going to do this, we gotta do it together," he orders, disbelief and hope laced in his voice. He knows what he saw, and he's sure the others saw the same. He raises the Kronisphere in front of him and sees to it that everyone puts their best hand forward. A grin tugs at the corner of his lips as he watches the fire grow in the eyes of his friends.
The Kronisphere will make everything right.
And everything right it makes. They recreate the future in the Kronisphere with all the success one could ever hope for. The city of Arcadia is quickly restored to its homely self, as if a magma dripping titan hadn't just rampaged through. As if time had turned back before to reflect the location before disaster.
And maybe it's just a gut feeling, but Jim can tell that rest of the world has just experienced the same healing in its respective areas as Arcadia did.
It's a shame that the magical artifact shattered after usage, however. Must have been worthiness overload with all his friends involved, something along those lines. Or maybe the high demand they bargained. But honestly? He can't bring himself to care.
Instead he kicks the green, gold, and silver shards around across the road and looks back to check the earlier overturned vehicle which is now upright and... empty. Wait but-
"Hehe, that tickles!"
Jim turns around and as the white circulating flowers part, meets the eyes of his best friend, vibrant with life. With grimy hands, he rubs his own. He's alive. If this was a dream, he wouldn't mind sleeping for a bit longer. Maybe even forever.
Shaking, he glances at Claire. She gives him back a watery smile.
"Well? What are you waiting for?"
And that's enough to have him tackling the warhammer wielder to the ground.
"Jimbo! Hey, hey, it's alright I'm here. I'm alive," Toby laughs, patting the trollhunter's back. He shoots a thumbs up and a wink to a delighted Aaarrrgghh and Krel.
"And so are we," another voice rings out. Jim squeezes Toby once more before raising his head, the smile on his face ever increasing in size.
There stood Strickler, Nomura, Nari, even Archie and Charlemagne.
"I can't believe it actually worked," Aja remarks, taking a weak Steve from Eli's arms. Varvatos beams, and lets out a haughty laugh.
"Varvatos is most pleased with this outcome! However it came matters not to him."
"Well, it seems that the Kronisphere has the ability to not only show our futures, but reverse certain aspects of time, according to the beholder's desires. That is, if presented like it was to us. And in our case, we desired in union to reverse the deaths and destruction of the world, not necessarily an entire timeline," Douxie explains anyways. He beckons Archie and Nari into a much needed hug. He couldn't imagine a life without his familiar even if he tried. And Nari, oh Nari, she deserved to witness the joys of life she had heroically saved with all of them.
"Oooh, similar in manner to how Jim used the Kairosect to pause time!" Blinky adds, raising a finger. Claire snorts.
"Didn't you waste a turn back then, Blinky?" she teases. Blinky scratches the back of his head with a bashful smile.
"I was merely testing it out!"
"I dunno 'bout all of you, but I've had enough time travel change whatever for a lifetime," Steve groans.
"You can say that again," Stuart answers in agreement.
It's then Strickler kneels down and pats Jim's head. The trollhunter reaches out and pulls him into a crushing hug. The changeling hugs back with just as much strength.
"Young Atlas, how does it feel to not carry the burden alone anymore?" he muses. Jim chuckles.
"Feels good."
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sketchupnfries · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I recently finished playing The Outer Worlds the other day, and felt like drawing my favorite NPC, Martin Callahan the cursed Moon Man.  His dialogue was by far my favorite of the game. 
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spellcasterdouxie · 15 hours ago
Jim literally just gave himself Merlin's role with the reset....
Now he knows what's going to happen, and there's going to be bad things that he has to let happen or perhaps even force to happen so they can get the correct future
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writingcheckers · a day ago
So. Rott.
Is that TOO MUCH?!?!?!
One happy ending? No bs? No loopholes? No shit or lies or TOMFUCKERY???
*deep breath*
In case you haven't noticed--
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damonsterunderyourbed · 2 days ago
spoilers ahead
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bluefire12348 · a day ago
Man, trollhunters really said Mpreg rights, huh.
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authorchanlove · 3 months ago
I’ve seen a post going around saying that animated hugs look kinda?? Cold?? Which I can’t say I 100% agree with (or I’ve had some COLD hugs all my life) because I’ve seen MANY animated hugs that just?? GIVE ME THOSE FEELS!!
like NO diss to gibli movies but have you SEEN THESE??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LIKE EXCUSE ME?? These are some PROPERLY animated hugs and you CANNOT tell me otherwise.
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shyravenns · a month ago
Tumblr media
A WIP I probably won’t finish anytime soon 
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wizardouxie · a day ago
wait let me be real with y'all for a sec:
when jim held toby's hand during the death scene i actually thought that toby died in that moment since yknow, the hand looked limp idk how else to say it, BUT THEN toby wrapped his fingers around jim's hand so i was like oh! okay i see, it was meant to signify a 'HAHA SIKE' moment to show that he's still alive and that everything was going to be okay
But Then The Writers Made It Clear That It Wasn't Going To Be Okay
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may12324 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love one (1) emo bard wizard boy, a badass dark magic sorcerer, and a wholesome troll boy
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seraph5 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This one is for Ophelia_j over at AO3 for her incredible Star Trek fics 💖 Some of the best I’ve ever read.
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wiggybe · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
So.... Trolls.
I’m very excited for Rise of the Titans, I should have noticed the trailer sooner that two days ago, but better late than never!
Wizards and 3Below were nice but my definite favourite era of ToA was the Trollhunters era by far, so I’m very pleased that it’ll be coming back to that! (Or at least I assume it will since it’s Trollhunters:RotT not Tales of Arcadia:RotT)
I thought the trailer was great and I liked the sweet shot of Blinky and Jim walking together. It’s been some time since I’ve drawn these two and I think I’ve improved a bit since then :O
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number1120 · 4 months ago
Y’all remember this? Well, I did it again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doctor Iplier
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eric Derickson
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who should I do next?
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humanismo-nostalgico · 10 months ago
La mayoría de la gente te ama por lo que pretendes ser. Para mantener su amor, sigues fingiendo —actuando—. Tienes que amar tu fingimiento. Es verdad, estamos encerrados en una imagen, un arco. Lo triste es que la gente se acostumbra tanto a su imagen, que crecen apegados a sus máscaras. Ellos aman sus cadenas. Se olvidan de quienes son realmente. Y si tratas de recordarles, te odian por ellos, sienten que estás tratando de robar su posesión más preciada.
Jim Morrison, «Entrevistas»
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goggles-mcgee · 3 months ago
Wish Me Away Random Headcanons
• For Marietta's 10th birthday Harley bought her a Hyena since she seemed to love Lou and Bud so much. Mari loved her new pet which she lovingly named Ha-Ha-Harley.
Bruce was so not amused. Quite the opposite in fact. Damian of course was thrilled to add another pet to the family. Alfred suggested Bruce make another Manor for the pets of the family. Dick immediately asked if he could get an elephant if they did end up doing that.
• Harley and Mari hang out sometimes when Mari goes to stop Harley's crimes as her fox hero self, Maid Marian (Dick and her watched Robin Hood once and she loved it). When she shows up her and Harley just stop what they're doing and have a "Pigtail Pals" Day.
This has resulted in many heart attacks for Bruce in the beginning who would immediately track them down. One such instance:
"Marian! Quinn! You've got to stop doing this."
"But Daddy! It's Pigtail Pals Day! You can't be here, you don't got pigtails!"
"Yeaaaaaah Daddy, you ain't got no pigtails! Unless you count the spikes on the cowl!"
"Don't. I heard it as soon as I said it Bats. I may have daddy issues but they aren't near that bad to be a kink. How about I take mini pigtails to the movies and we forget this every happened? Deal?"
"Yay! Movies! Bye Daddy!"
"....Bye Princess...."
• Everyone asked her why she didn't want to go by Robin Hood when in her fox hero form and she said it was because they already had a Robin, and pointed at Damian, and a Hood, and pointed at Jason.
• She and Cass have weekly Barbie Movie marathons. Sometimes they let Dick join them. Cass really likes the ballet centered ones and her and Marietta dance along when the dance scenes come on.
• During a heist where Riddler and Penguin needing Catwomans help they almost got caught because they were caught off guard by the sight of Catwoman walking in holding a CHILD'S hand. A child dressed like a cat.
All she said was. "It was my night to babysit so let's make this fast. I promised Kitten I'd make grilled cheese for dinner."
The other shock was when the child look at Riddler for a very long time then looked back at Catwoman and said. "Kitty? Why are working with Hook Man?"
Friendships were almost broken that night.
• Tim forgot to tell the Titans he had a new baby sister but they found out during a team meeting when she literally popped out of NOWHERE crying and making grabby hands for Red Robin. Who immediately dropped the leader voice and started cooing to this small child!?
Team meeting was forgotten. A new meeting was held. A meeting all about Tim's new little sister.
• Duke was so proud because he taught Marietta how to fist bump, but she calls it knuckles. He went around showing everyone and taking so many videos. He literally cried when she fist bumped him back the first time and giggled.
• Babs loves Mari. She does. She does not love when Mari wants to mess with all her computers. She bought her a toy computer and thought that would make sure she wouldn't want to mess with babies but noooooo. Somehow it made it worse.
Marietta was more determined to touch her computers. She would climb chairs. Push over things she knew she could climb on. Or be deceiving and have Babs hold her while "innocently" playing with her toy computer.
• Someone once asked Gordon who his favorite Wayne was and he said Titus but that Marietta was a close second because she sometimes listened to him.
Everytime he sees her he gives her a GCPD badge sticker. He cried when she busted into his office and yelled. "GCPD Hands up! Up!" That day many officers were "arrested" for outrageous crimes. The best thing though was when someone brought in the Joker and she went over with her pipe cleaner handcuffs and went, "I arrest you."
"How about no?"
"I kick you then."
"I'd like to see you try squir-"
And then everyone in the precinct watched as little Marietta Wayne soccer kicked Joker in the shin and ran away giggling.
The guy who worked the security cameras gave everyone a copy of that moment for Christmas.
• Scarecrow once ran into little Marietta and he's not quite sure how he feels about her. He had heard a lot about the youngest Wayne so instead of just spraying her with his fear gas right away he asked her. "What do you fear most?"
"Fashion disasters. I don't need spray to see them, I'm already looking at one."
He had been so offended that he had to take a moment for himself but it was a moment too long apparently because next thing he knew he was being shot with rubber bullets by Red Hood.
• She guilt trips the hell out of reporters. Gotham's favorite lines are:
"Why do you stalk my daddy?"
"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers. Bye."
Literal just screaming and bursting into tears (she did it on purpose)
"Before you imply that I am a charity case, can I direct you to the fact that this is in fact a Charity Gala...for actual charity." (This is one for when she's older)
"Are you sure you're not a rogue?"
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