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Brother Let Me Be Your Shelter

Batman X Reader

Jim Gordon X sister-reader!

Jim Gordon, gravely injured must be looked after by his very loved and protective little sister. Also Reader is Bruce’s wife. Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, Cassandra, Stephanie, and Damian are all kid’s as well as their blood children.


James’s P. O. V

I open my eye’s the lights above me flickering. As it flashes on I see concrete walls. I feel cold concrete on my face and hands. I continued to try to take in my surroundings. I’m laying on the ground. I see dead men, my men. I see my gun I grasp it using it against the ground to help me roll onto my back. I hiss in pain my right shoulder feels loose. It’s broken. Fuck. I move onto my back. I groan. I shut my eye’s. Stay awake! I force myself upward. I take a needed deep breath. Not Good, where the hell am I? Right the, asylum. Y/N, is going to kick my ass for this. What if I die? No I can’t. I have to much to do. I want to see my niece’s and nephew’s grow up. I can’t leave my sister. Why does my head feel like I was knocked out? I touch my head feeling pain in my head throbbing. As if I didn’t need another thing to add to this shit day. I move my knee upward. OK, don’t fuck myself up more. I stand up my knees began to buckle. I lean my arm on the wall. The lights go out. I can’t see anything. I feel my pockets finding my flashlight. I hear something. I put the flashlight in my mouth. I aim my gun to the direction of the sound. I blink my eye’s. With all the blood I’ve lost I’m not sure I’ll make it.

“show, yourself” I lose my breath I lean my back against the wall “GCPD!”

I feel my consciousness leave me. No! No! I force my eye’s open. I believe this is the last time I am on duty. If it’s my time to leave. I’d tell Y/N. I’d tell her. ‘stay strong, don’t grieve. I don’t want you to go through that pain again. Hold onto the thing’s on life that make you whole. Your kid’s, Alfred, Bruce and remember the good memories of us’ I feel my eye’s blink and I really am scared it’ll be the last time I open them again. I love you little sister. I shut my eye’s seeing, Y/N’s crying eye’s. She’ll be OK. She’ll be just fine without me. I feel someone take my gun. I can’t physically defend myself. I feel a grip on my shoulders

“Jim! Jim! It’s me, it’s me. You’re safe. Open your eyes!”

Batman aka my brother-in-law.

My head throbbed from his loud voice “keep it down well ya”

He put my unbroken left arm over his neck. We slowly stepped out. I hear sirens. I open my eye’s. Y/N, within inches of me. My beautiful little sister. She had a glare on her face and her tears fell. My heart sinks to my gut. She’s hurting because of my actions. We both understood the risk in the line of work we’re in. Though it didn’t make this stab hurt any less. I see the ambulance. Paramedics came, taking me to a stretcher. I laid down. I blink my eye’s. I see, Y/N along with the paramedics.

“you, are going to die. You hear me?” she demanded rather than assured “you’re gonna fight this!” her voice brittle

I shut my eye’s, tell her before it’s too late! “Y-Y/N, I lo–”

Y/N’s P. O. V

I sat in the ambulance my body shaking. Watching them use defibrillator. Please don’t leave me Jim!

“his hearts beating”

He’s alive! I took a deep breath. We made it to the hospital. They rushed him to the emergency room. I follow a nurse stopped me.

“ma'am you can’t go any farther”

I took a deep breath forcing tears back. A nurse handed me clipboard. I sat on the chair with other’s by me. I tried writing down information but my damn hands kept shaking. What if he dies? I felt Bruce’s left hand grasp my left hand. I look at our wedding rings. He was kneeling with a, soft smile on his face.


“allow me” he offered

He grabbed the clipboard sitting next to me. Our hands still grasped. I started having flashbacks. It was just the two of us mom died years ago dad was killed in a car accident. I was only 16, James 18. He put a roof over our heads. He raised me. I still remember his reaction to me joining GCPD 'not on my life, Y/N! Dammit Y/N this isn’t something you just decide! You are more reckless than I am. I’m your older brother and it’s my job to protect you from harm!’. Luckily James was not Commissioner yet but when he did he reluctantly let me keep my job. I feel tears falling from my face Bruce kissed my cheek. After my brother gained conscious and was discharged I made him stay at the Manor. That morning I got out of bed I got dressed for work. Over my dead body would any other thing happen. I walked down stairs from my bedroom. I wore my police uniform. I went to the kitchen seeing my brother drinking coffee with a sling on his arm.

“Where are you going?” he asked with a groan

“aren’t you a detective? I’m taking your shift remember”

“I thought John was taking my shift?” he questioned annoyed

“he’s taking mine now relax I’ve got this covered”

“I’m not relaxing. I only don’t want you messing up my job”

The kid’s walked in. Damian, rubbing his eye’s carrying his blanket. I picked him up kissing his cheek

“well maybe if you weren’t so damn reckless. We wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we” he scoffed “I have to go”

I gave Damian to Alfred he started whining reaching for me.

“momma we’ll be home soon listen to your uncle and Alfred. Don’t do any pranks, kid’s!” I said running out the door.

James’s P. O. V

OK mabye I shouldn’t have been so hard on my sister but I don’t like her taking my shift there’s a reason I don’t like putting so much on her. She is great at her job that’s what worries me. I sat on the couch. Damian, walked in he stared at me

“what are you looking at” I joked to my nephew

“tt” he responded

He crawled on the couch. Barbara, walked in with the same smile as Y/N.

“hey uncle”

She sat next to me I ruffled her hair she laughed

“hey it took me a while to look this good”

“you sound just like your mom”

The rest of the kid’s walked in sitting on the couch and chair’s. Dick, put on a movie. I’m so grateful I didn’t die. I’m still here.

Y/N’s P. O. V

I lay in my bed storming outside. It stormed the night of dad’s funeral. Bruce, in the Bat-cave. I sat up. I wore my pajama pants and Bruce’s t-shirt. I put on my robe. I walk through the halls. I step by the room where my brother is staying. I see the lights on. What is he doing awake? What if he needs something? I gently knock on his door.

“Jim, Jim are you ok?”

The door opened I see my brother wearing his casual t-shirt and pants with a robe. Still wearing his sling. I glance to the nightstand seeing his, gun and a picture of me and Jim when we we’re kid’s.

“can’t sleep either?” he asked softly “always hated storm’s”

“that’s something we can relate to”

I want to break down and hug my brother. Just like when I was a scared, grief-stricken 16 year old orphan. Then Jim reads me. He puts his hand on my shoulder and pushes him to me. I put my arm across his sides. He wraps his arm across my shoulder. He kisses the top of my head. My tears falling like rain. The one’s that fell down were then replaced with more. The following night. After my night shift. I pulled in I heard the Batmobile in the distant.

-beat Batman home wow I’m ashamed darling

I texted my husband

-keep talking and I will make you regret it

-try me😏

-I’ll see you in our room darling

I walked inside blushing like a idiot. I walked to my room I took my jacket off I unbuttoned my shirt. I took my pants off I felt Bruce’s arms around me. I hummed he kissed my neck. We’ve been distant. I’ve been distant. Trying to take care of my job and my brother.

“I know I’ve been distant from you” I said guilt-fully

“you’re worried about your brother and for good reason” he said wall turning in front of me

“I know I just–” he shushed me with a kiss

“shh don’t speak I miss my wife”

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[Two-Face and his men are holding hostages, including Bruce Wayne, in a bank. Jason is among the crowd of people outside. While the Commissioner’s back is turned, Jason snatches the hostage negotiations line.]

Jason: Hello, you’re on with Bruce’s youngest child, Jason Todd.

Two-Face: [covers receiver] It’s your youngest kid? I thought you only had the one.

Bruce: [pauses discreetly untying his bindings] Oh, uh. That’s Jason. I adopted him a few months ago.

Two-Face: [fondly] Aw, adorable. Such a good father. [back on the phone] You want to talk to your daddy?

Jason: [grinning] No, I want to talk to you! You have been selected as the subject of my important person school essay.

Two-Face: [gasps in surprise] Shut up.

Jason: Heh, don’t tell me to SHUT UP.

Two-Face: [flinches]

Jason: [continues casually] Okay, question one: what—[Commissioner Gordon tries to take the phone, but Jason jerks away, screaming hysterically in his face] IT’S MY DADDY!

Gordon: [leaps back] Holy

Jason: [smoothly returns to the phone conversation] How did you first get into bank robbing?

Two-Face: [leans back in a chair while Jason writes everything down with rapt attention] Oh, well, after half my face got melted off, I had to do some soul searching, you know? Reinvent myself. Really ask myself who do I want to be—

Gordon: [interrupting] All right kiddo, we’ve had our fun now—

Jason: [extremely distraught] IT’S MY DADDY!!!

Gordon: H—



Jason: [returns to the phone] So sorry, please continue, I know you’re a busy guy—

Gordon: [grabs for the phone] Jason, give me that—

Jason: [wrestles with him for the phone] No—

Gordon: Just give me the—

Jason: [through gritted teeth] You are being so rude right now—

Gordon: [finally pries the phone away from Jason] Listen to me, Harvey, we need to talk.

Two-Face: No no no, I don’t want to talk to you, I want to talk to the little boy.

Gordon: Negative, Harvey, you’ll talk with me.

Two-Face: It’s the boy or, you know, I’ll shoot somebody. I’ll kill somebody.

Gordon: All right, all right, hang on—[awful impersonation of a young boy] Um, hi Mr. Dent—

Two-Face: Hey, I’m gonna shoot somebody!

Gordon: [sighs in defeat] Okay, here he is.

Jason: [takes the phone, incredibly smug] This is Jason. I’m running this show now.

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Gotham characters as Greek Gods

Bruce Wayne 𝒁𝒆𝒖𝒔

I mean he is going to be Batman, the main character and he is a playboy like Zeus sooo…


Originally posted by gothamsmarvel

James Gordon 𝑨𝒓𝒆𝒔

I don’t know, the God of war just fits him perfectly you know? Jim was in the army and he fighted for Gotham.


Originally posted by lankybrunettepartdeux

Barbara Kean 𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒂

She is a ruler, she is the queen of Gotham. So the role of the ruler of all gods fits her well.


Originally posted by blakelivey

Edward Nygma 𝑴𝒐𝒎𝒖𝒔

The darker side of Ed, the Riddler, just fits the description of this God. (God of satire, blame, critism, writing, poetry, mockery)


Originally posted by avenuepotter

Oswald Cobblepot 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒊𝒅𝒐𝒏

Here me out. He survived the time Jim pushed him into the river. He is a ruler, proud and just gives me the vibes yk.


Originally posted by mymycorrhizae

Selina Kyle 𝑨𝒓𝒕𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒔

A huntress, a survivor. Who would fit better than the goddess of the moon, hunts and the protector of girls.


Originally posted by generator78

Jerome Valeska 𝑯𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒔

He brings death upon the humanity, he is like a curse, like death himself. Also I image Hades being obsessive (because of Persephone), sarcastic and a little insane. Plus both are dominant control freaks.


Originally posted by nymphomanicc

Jeremiah Valeska 𝑨𝒑𝒐𝒍𝒍𝒐

Arrogant, the sun everyone dances around, wise and intelligent. Apollo might be good, a hero even, but in Jeremiahs twisted mind he himself is good and a hero. He feels like the God of sun and the light. (I took Apollo from “Lore Olympus” because they are identical to me)


Originally posted by connerluthorkent

If you want more characters let me know in the comments. Which characters do you want if I made a part 2?

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“You’re Grounded”

Dick Grayson is Robin. Y/N is a cop for GCPD and is Bruce’s girlfriend. Also I’m terrible at writing action. Hope you enjoy!


On my lunch break I sat down in the booth eating my fries at, Bat-Burger. I looked at the case file of two-face. I softly sigh remembering Harvey. He was my friend, Bruce’s as well. I sense someone by me, I look at the reflection of the napkin dispenser, Grayson.

“watcha readin’?” I hear the young boy’s voice say

I lower the paper putting it aside, as I look at the 12 year old with a grin on his face. I softly smile. He wore his suit, shoes and tie his uniform for when he go’s to Gotham academy. He held his book bag with a long strap.

“oh, just an old case file watcha doin’ here? How was school?”

“it was same, old whelmed school. Bruce, just picked me up. I saw him lovingly gaze to Bat-Burger and I saw you through the window. So then we decided to come see our favorite cop. Plus he’s the opposite of traught. He’s seriously needing a little pick me up from you. If you disgustingly know what I mean”

“Richard Dick Grayson!” I scold baffled at what he stated.

I lightly hit his arm keeping my urge to laugh at bay. I shake my head as, Dick sat next to me

He shivered in disgust “I’ll be sent away with a lame excuse like every time and pretend I’m oblivious to what you two are doing”

I instantly blushed from embarrassment and face plant with my elbow on the table “first of all we aren’t doing anything, secondly that’s between Bruce and I, and thirdly where is my love?”

I hear Bruce clear his throat I lower my hand seeing Bruce with a tray. On the tray two burgers, my favorite milkshake, another milkshake and fries. Dick, reached over grabbing his burger, milkshake and fries.

“thank you!” Dick said with a grin. He sat down rubbing his hands together, licking his lips “bone Appétit!”

Bruce, sat on the other side he placed the tray in front of him. He gave me the milkshake I fondly smile to him

“thanks you have no idea how much I needed this”

I took a sip of my milkshake taking a relaxing breath. I see Bruce place the napkin on his legs. Bruce grabbed a knife and fork. I hold my smile back recalling the first time I saw him eat with a fork and knife with his burger. I hear my phone I look a call from, Jim.


-“Arkham, ASAP bring your vest and essentials. Croc has escaped I need you here”

“will do” I hung up sighing hating the rare moment of peace is gone “duty calls”

I kiss Dick’s head “bye Y/N”

“see ya kid”

Dick stood so I could get up. I got up, Bruce grabbed my wrist. I hear, Dick drinking the last bit of my milkshake.

“I’ll be fine I’ll call if I need, Batman” I whispered

Dick, eyebrows narrow together in shock “what about his trusted partner? He’d be nothing without his noble bird”

I chuckled Bruce, grunted I lean over and kiss him. He let go of my wrist Dick gently waved.

“see you later, Y/N” Dick said

“bye kiddo” I look at Bruce whom had a ‘don’t get hurt’ look on his face “see ya love”

I made it to my least favorite place in Gotham, Arkham Asylum. With James we both held our pistols and flashlights providing our only source of light. I walked ahead of him. The atmosphere felt eery and I feel my hairs standing on my arm’s. I hear a rushing movement

“I don’t like this” I said

I feel a tight grip on my throat I see Croc. He held my throat holding me upward

“Y/N!” Gordon yelled I hear James shooting his pistol

I struggled to get out of his grip but couldn’t. I feel my breath give out as he tightened his grip. James, bullets causing no effect.

“my midnight snack” he growled

“go to hell” I rasp nearly out of breath

I reach in my pocket and grab my knife. I open it behind my back and stabbed his shoulder. He threw me into the wall….

“Y/N.. Y/N! Dammit, woman wake up!”

I feel someone shaking me. I jolted awake seeing Jim. I took a deep breath

“where the fuck is that bastard” I gasp catching my breath

“I don’t know he jolted when you stabbed him” he said

He offered his hand standing I took it and stood. I’m going to be in so much pain tonight. I continued on with a fast pace

“hey slow down! You just had a damn concussion, normal people would call off work. Hell I am going to have to damn force you into retirement” he said

“as I recall you are 6 year’s older than me meaning you’ll be retired first”

“you think that, doesn’t mean I still can’t tell you what to do?”

“you talk too much chief your going to draw too much attention to ourselves”

I walked on high alert James in front of me refusing me to take the lead. I saw Batman then on my left Robin. Of course they came they always do.


I saw Croc about to grab Dick. I pushed Dick away with my arm. Croc bit his sharp teeth on my thigh. I screamed in pain

“Y/N!” I hear from Bruce and Jim

“mom!” oh, Grayson

James, shot him he thrust kicked James into the wall. Bruce, threw a batarang at Croc, it casted a net catching him. He shook violently in attempt to escape. I limped to James I felt his pulse he’s alive but suffering a major concussion and I don’t even want to know how many cracked ribs he has. James, laid unconscious. I called a ambulance and back up to help deal with Croc. Jim, groaned and opens his eye’s

“you know one of these days I’m going to get myself killed” he groaned

“I’ll take care of Jim just stay here and make sure that bastard doesn’t escape or anyone else get any ideas about pissing me off more”

I helped him stand he put his arm over my shoulder. Bruce, gave me a soft look. I gave him reassuring smile. I know he’s worried but I’m fine, tip top shape. Actually I’m in so much pain I can hardly stand it but I need to take care of Jim. I helped James outside. I hear sirens the paramedics took James to the emergency room. I take my jacket off. I tied it around my bleeding thigh. I stayed to ensure that every person intending to hurt Gotham remained in the asylum. I walk outside I rub the sweat off my face.

“fuck” I mumbled I can’t wait to go to sleep

I saw Dick and Bruce his eye’s locked on me. I know I look horrible in other word’s I’ve gotten my ass beat up. I have a lot of bruises that I know will be bothering me for a while. Bruce, looked at me. I smiled he crossed his arms. I limped to him wanting to kiss him

“stand down officer” Bruce said

“oh, please I’m–I’m I.. I’m fine” I said I feel light headed and my vision is fading

I started blacking out my consciousness leaving me. Bruce and Dick bolted running to me. My knees give out but thankfully Bruce caught me and held me bridle style. I took a deep breath feeling his comforting arm’s. I was looking forward to him caring me like this but not under these circumstances.

Bruce grunts “you’re grounded”

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Batfam First Appearances Collections 1

Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Julie Madison, Hugo Strange, Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle, The Joker, Basil Karlo, Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, John Grayson, Mary Grayson, Joe Chill - Batman The Golden Age Vol. 1


Alfred Beagle, Alfred Pennyworth - Batman Allies Alfred Pennyworth


Betty Kane, Barbara Gordon - Batgirl A Celebration of 50 Years


Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul - Tales of The Demon


Leslie Thompkins, Kirk Langstrom, Harvey Dent, Gilda Dent - Detective Comics 80 years of Batman Deluxe Edition


Helena Wayne - Huntress Origins


Jason Todd, Trina Todd - Tales of The Batman by Gerry Conway Vol. 3


Ibn Al'Xuffash - Tales of The Demon


Nightwing - The Judas Contract


Robin Jason Todd - The Joker His Greatest Joke


Kathy Kane, Julia Remarque (Pennyworth) and Bat-Mite’s first appearances have not been collected in modern collection as far as I know

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George Harrison
All Things Must Pass [40th Anniversary Edition]

2010 Apple
Tracks Disc One:
1. I’d Have You Anytime
2. My Sweet Lord
3. Wah-Wah
4. Isn’t It a Pity [Version 1]
5. What Is Life
6. If Not for You
7. Behind That Locked Door
8. Let It Down
9. Run of the Mill

Tracks Disc Two:
1. Beware of Darkness
2. Apple Scruffs
3. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
4. Awaiting on You All
5. All Things Must Pass
6. I Dig Love
7. Art of Dying
8. Isn’t It a Pity [Version 2]
9. Hear Me Lord

Tracks Disc Three:
Apple Jam

1. Out of the Blue
2. It’s Johnny’s Birthday
3. Plug Me In
4. I Remember Jeep
5. Thanks for the Pepperoni

  • Ginger Baker
  • Gary Brooker
  • Eric Clapton
  • Ray Cooper
  • Pete Drake
  • Tom Evans
  • Jim Gordon
  • Pete Ham
  • George Harrison
  • Dave Mason
  • Billy Preston
  • Carl Radle
  • Ringo Starr
  • Klaus Voormann
  • Alan White
  • Bobby Whitlock
  • Gary Wright

* Long Live Rock Archive

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(making a new post so I don’t word vomit on op’s gifset)

Your tags on this set made me think about the Tetch virus essay that I’ve had floating around in my head for ages, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to use them as a starting point to meta all over the place.

’#the notion that the essence of Jim’s personality was a desire to kill #was absolute nonsense’

You’re 100% right in that I don’t believe that’s the virus’ effect on Jim at all. What’s explicitly driving Jim the whole time he’s infected is a desire to help, protect, and save, whether it’s Bruce, Lee, or Gotham itself. What the virus does though, is twist how far he’ll go to do that, how far he’s afraid to go in order to protect people.

Jim’s not killing people because he wants to or because he secretly enjoys it or whatever, he does it because they’re standing in the way of him finding the cure. Jim’s afraid of being a killer certainly, but he doesn’t (and wouldn’t) kill for killing’s sake, or for his own sake. He’d do it for others, and he’s afraid that it’s something he’ll do again.

Because it is exactly what happens with Galavan – Jim kills him to protect the city and the people he loves, having been convinced/convinced himself that it’s the only way to get justice. Jim didn’t kill Galavan in the line of duty, or in a split-second life-or-death moment. It was murder, whether the reasoning behind it was valid and understandable or not. It involved kidnapping and working with another known criminal. It was murder and it was wrong, and that is what Jim’s afraid he’ll keep doing if he’s not careful. He’s afraid that it will become acceptable to him if he lets it, if he allows himself to start on that slippery slope. Even on a smaller scale, Jim breaks rules, makes deals, crosses lines in the service of others, to protect others, and he’s afraid of what lines he might have to cross in the future, what he might have to, or what he might be willing to do.

And it is precisely what happens when he’s infected. The virus takes those fears, Jim’s overwhelming desire to protect and help others, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to do so, and twists them, heightens them. He fights it, because even infected he knows it’s wrong, he knows how much he doesn’t want to hurt people, but when he slips, when it’s too much to fight, you can see, the cost of protecting the city no longer matters. He’ll do anything. The virus strips away his restraint, his conscience, the majority of his morality until anyone who stands in between him and the mission is a threat, an obstacle that needs to be removed. His sole focus is to save the city (stop the bomb, find the antidote, cure Lee) and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens, even if it means killing. Jim doesn’t spend those episodes running around killing people on a whim. He doesn’t go tracking down the various people that have hurt him to get revenge or whatever, which you might expect if the reasoning was simply “Jim is a killer”. Instead, his only concern is the mission, and it’s only when he comes up against people who are standing in the way of that, that he goes over the edge.

And it’s not even about killing itself. Jim is willing to trade Oz to Ed, is ready to stab Tetch in the neck (and then tape up the wound, mind you) because it will help him find the cure. He doesn’t kill them, because it’s not about them, nor is it about Jim himself. It’s about saving the city, and if doing what he does helps that, then infected Jim will do it. He’ll do whatever it takes.

The virus doesn’t “reveal” that deep down Jim wants to kill for killing’s sake. It reveals that deep down, Jim is afraid of how far he might go, if he lets himself, in order to save Gotham and the people he loves.

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