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bladesrunner · 2 days ago
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I will personally lead a landing party to an abandoned city on the surface of Kronos where we will capture the fugitive, John Harrison, and return him to Earth so he can face judgement for his actions.
Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) dir. J.J. Abrams
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almalvo · 2 days ago
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Whale done~
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gay-spock · 2 days ago
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+ bonus spock eyebrow raise response
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trek-tracks · a day ago
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Spock, have you no decency
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nyrrouzed · a day ago
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shhhh she's making a guess
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cursedtrekedits · 5 hours ago
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“Captain, I heard that you are fond of an ancient earth story written by the prolific author J.R.R Tolkien” [email protected]
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ichayalovesyou · 2 days ago
Just thinking about how often Kirk and Spock touch…
I think I can count the number of times Spock deliberately touches someone/allows himself to be touched on purpose on only my hands (barring having to be violent on occasion and T’Pring, even then he’s hella robotic with her):
Hitting the dirt with Pike during the ion storm
Mind meld with La’an
Helping Angel with their necklace
Adultery ruse with Chapel
Letting Chapel hug him after Hemmer’s funeral
Mind meld with Pike (alt timeline)
That is literally only six times, barely more than one hand ✋🏻 ☝🏻 only one hand if you don’t count the meld with Pike in the Balance of Timeline!
Then you look at how often Jim & Spock touch?? Where normally Spock makes a point to avoid physical touch whenever possible???
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I mean
I don’t know how else to interpret this information as anything other than very fruity 🍒🍓🍎🍉🍑🍊🥭🍋🍌🍐🥝🫐🍇
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frogayyyy · 11 hours ago
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seraph5 · a day ago
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Jim firmly considering hanging onto the Romulan ears a while longer.
ID: There are three images of a flushed James T Kirk receiving a sensual ear massage from Spock during his undercover mission as a Romulan. The first image Kirk’s head is pitched upwards, his ear caught in between Spock’s pointer and ring finger, his face cradled in Spock’s hands. His expression one of relaxed pleasure. In the second image Kirk’s left ear is being rubbed between Spock’s thumb and forefinger while the right side of his face covered with Spock’s other hand. He is leaning into the touch with abandon his eyes glazed with ecstasy. The final image is Kirk’s head all the way back Spock’s fingers digging in behind Kirk’s ear, his thumb caught against Kirk’s open mouth. Kirk’s eyes are barely open, completely lost in the touch.
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grumpycakes · a day ago
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making a thiiinggg making a THIIINGGGGG
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jimsrippedshirt · 4 hours ago
a couple of my favorite star trek tos and aos parallels 🫶🫶
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[image ID: two images stacked on top of each other. the top image is of jim kirk from the original series saying to spock: “Sometimes a feeling, Mr Spock, is all we humans have to go on.” the bottom image is of jim kirk from star trek into darkness saying to spock: “You’re right! What I’m about to do, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not logical—it is a gut feeling!” end image ID]
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[image ID: two images stacked on top of each other. the top image is of dr mccoy (bones) from the original series saying: “Shut up, Spock! We’re rescuing you.” the bottom image is of dr mccoy (bones) from star trek into darkness saying: “Shut up, Spock! We’re trying to save you, damn it!” end image ID]
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[image ID: two images stacked on top of each other. the top image is of leonard nimoy’s spock giving what i can only describe as a “bitch please” look. the bottom image is of zachary quinto’s spock giving the same look. end image ID]
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strawberryy-starlight · a day ago
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We did it we're the photo ☄️
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wearenotstraightkids · 2 days ago
Star Trek reference in The Amazing World of Gumball
The entire bridge crew as Gumball’s brain. The Chekov accent plus the random shaking is on point😂
The Amazing World of Gumball S6E026
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lunadoesstartrek · 4 hours ago
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Guess it's not just Spock and Bones who argue. At least Jim and Scotty have someone level-headed to help them figure out their problems, even if they did most of the problem solving on their own.
And no, I did not draw Bones's hand the wrong way in the last panel. He's ambidextrous.
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robotspock · a day ago
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watched amok time again. all i could think about was this stupid tweet
(the clip that plagued my thoughts ⬇️)
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trek-tracks · 14 days ago
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Star Trek craft book, I am begging you to describe this craft project in literally any other combination of words
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ichayalovesyou · 2 days ago
(Re)Discovering A Strange New Spock: “Charlie ‘X’” (1x02)
Previous Episode: The Man Trap
A meta anthology where I re-examine TOS, especially Spock, in light of the new information Discovery & Strange New Worlds has revealed about him to us.
Onto the analysis!
Thasian Debate & Everybody’s Got Daddy Issues and Nobody Wants To Talk About It!
This conversation has a lot of layers to it, and it gives me a chance to talk about McCoy and Kirk’s backstories as well as Spock’s! Every single one of these men has issues when it comes to being/having a father.
Both Bones and Kirk are divorced with a child. McCoy is allowed to be in touch with his daughter Joanna, Jim is respecting Carol’s wishes of staying out of his son David’s life. While Spock has daddy issues cubed between Sarek being an absolutely abysmal father. Christopher Pike aka “human dad” having given up his well-being to save Spock, which Spock is aware of and allowed to happen. Which runs parallel to Bones losing his own father by adhering to his wishes as well.
There are two conversations happening at the same time in that scene that, with this context in mind, are not totally separated from each other. The topic of who is going to act as Charlie’s guide/father figure while he’s aboard the Enterprise, and the topic of whether Thasians are still around.
Kirk tries to shunt that duty to Bones, chances are they’ve known each other long enough that Jim knows about Joanna, that Bones is already a father. However, Bones refers to Kirk as a strong father image, which could imply he doesn’t see himself that way. Jim however, wants nothing to do with it, possibly because of his own pain regarding David. What Spock does during this part of the conversation is VERY interesting.
If you want the boring interpretation he’s only waiting for his turn to talk but I really don’t think that is what’s happening. Spock’s facial journey and what he doesn’t say participates in this scene as much as the words exchanged between Jim & Bones do.
He looks at Bones, immediately looks down in contemplation, then he looks at Jim and looks even more uncomfortable. No comment, avoiding eye contact, definitely no volunteering himself for handling Charlie. Nimoy/Spock tends to do this subtle thing whenever Spock is deliberately trying to hold back an emotion, he purses his lips. THEN Spock changes the subject to talk about the Thasians more. I don’t know whether anybody had officially decided Spock had daddy issues at this point, but damn if this conversation doesn’t lend credence to that truth.
Now, we know Spock’s arguement is of course very logical and makes a lot more sense than what Bones wants to believe. Bones wants to believe that Charlie was able to make it on his own, perhaps because he hopes Joanna is doing alright on her own without him.
Spock on the other hand, however logical and correct, wants to believe that Charlie wasn’t alone. As he knows very well what feeling totally isolated is like, out of compassion it’s likely he hoped Charlie did not endure that same suffering. “Doctor, are you speaking scientifically or emotionally?” For Spock, logic and emotion are still treated as separate and opposite in his mind, when in reality, he needs both to make good judgements.
Spock & Uhura (Vol.2)
Despite their previous emotionally charged exchange in The Man Trap. The scene in the mess hall shows us that despite how the two of them have changed and grown over the years, they’re still friends. When she’s caught humming to Spock tuning his lyre, he actually smiles and proceeds to indulge her. Almost as though it wasn’t the first (and canonically not the last) time they’ve performed together.
She then of course weaves a song about a devilishly handsome heartbreaker who is obviously supposed to be Spock. He doesn’t stop playing even though he’s visibly like “alright, alright I get it 🙄😒😏” as she gets the teasing out of her system. Even if she’s never met/seen T’Pring she’s seen the effect he has on Chapel and I’m sure others (maybe even herself) and is poking at his general inability to handle it.
She doesn’t continue harping on it though, she then changes her target to Charlie. The lyrics she chooses and the way she winks at Janice suggests she might be trying to warn her. She’s a reasonable person and I strongly doubt she’s shipping the 17 year old with her coworker. Whether Spock is aware that is the ulterior motive of her lyrics is unclear. Regardless, they’re obviously confused and concerned for each other when (unbeknownst to them) Charlie cuts them off.
Spock & Jim’s Relationship Evolving Under Charlie’s Duress
Something tells me Spock was tipped off by the events in the mess hall that Charlie was more than he seemed. Perhaps subconsciously he picked up on Charlie’s advanced telepathic/telekinetic abilities through his own Vulcan abilities.
Yet again though Spock is not one who goes off of gut instincts, though it is no way his fault. The confirmation he needed lay in the destruction of the Antares. In the melted chess pieces after he comes face to face with Charlie personally. (Fun fact: Pike served on the Antares a couple assignments prior to captaining the Enterprise!)
Spock is reluctant to be compassionate regarding Charlie after the Antares destruction. Jim is still willing to try and reach out to Charlie despite everything, whether Spock finds that admirable or illogical, he trusts him. Spock knows full well that Jim has a talent for reaching unreachable people, as he’s begun to experience that first hand. The third act of this episode is also the first time that he and Bones are on the same page, United in the goal to protect Jim.
The confrontation with Charlie in Janice’s quarters evolves Spock’s relationship with Jim even further. It is the first time Jim puts himself between not the crew, but Spock specifically and immediate danger. Spock cannot intervene because the injury Charlie inflicted prevents him from doing so.
It is also the first time Jim openly admits to needing Spock, perhaps to anybody “You need me to run the ship and I need him.” I wonder if anyone has admitted to/told him he was needed like that since Chris left. Much to grapple with indeed.
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