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#jim kirk
vulcanhugsclub · 2 days ago
Spock's feverish pon farr mating frenzy was cured by rolling around in the sands with some blond cornboy for 20 minutes and I think the star trek writers just need to address that
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speff · a day ago
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*Read from the Beginning*
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kirkodiletears · 2 days ago
When I hear people talking about the relationship between Kirk and Spock, asking "Why do they necessary have to be lovers? Why can't they just be friends?" This sounds bias and homophobic to me. Because I keep wondering the opposite: Why keep trying to limit them to only friendship, if their relationship are endowed with such tremendous potential and profound closeness by their creator, they can be nothing less than each other's Universe? If Roddenberry intended them to be only friends, he would have called them "friends" and wouldn't have bothered inventing a special term "t'hy'la", just to describe their relationship, which has three meanings: "friend", "brother" and "lover". Let them be themselves.
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robinne · 2 days ago
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a quick sketch for kirk/spock day and something late for star trek day. he’s looking at spock
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oddthesungod · 22 hours ago
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Happy birthday Amok Time and happy K/S day <333 Now go on and roll homoerotically in the sand with ur homie 💖💖
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trekkiewithoutacause · 20 hours ago
Here’s a few sprik pieces for k/s day!
The first one incorporates lyrics from Anthony Amorim’s song, Mr. Melancholy (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Pose references from Pinterest)
Also I apologize for any spelling mistakes if there are any XD
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fractal-baby · 17 hours ago
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Celebrating Kirk/Spock day the traditional way -- by writing my gay little fanfiction
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spocksbrowneyes · a day ago
✨Cat Spock Headcanons✨
These are headcanon about Spock acting like a cat not being a catboy. Inspired by things I’ve seen my cat do and cats are known for, so if something seems weird, you have Belle to blame.
Spock lays on Jim’s lap whenever he wants attention.
He headbutts Jim when he’s tired but sometimes he’s really out of it and misses so he just hits the headboard of their bed.
Obviously, he purrs. Very loudly.
Jim didn’t realize that he had his phone flashlight on one time and Spock was fixated on it and then Jim shifted and Spock jumped off their bed to try and catch it.
He didn’t. He just hit the floor.
If there is a blanket/towel/shirt on the floor, he will just sit on it. It doesn’t matter that it’s just the two of them in Jim’s big Capitan’s quarters with more places to sit than people, there’s something soft on the floor and dammit he’s going to sit on it.
Spock can hiss and while he doesn’t do it often, Jim can attest that from having been at the particularly testy away mission that was, it’s absolutely terrifying.
If it fits, he sits, and that includes the shipping box their bed frame came in.
He’ll sit on the edge of the counter if it’s unproblematic because he’s a polite boi.
Window + sunbeam = catnap in the middle of the floor.
Jim has tripped over Spock several times but he never has the heart to get mad at him because he wakes up and has this soft, slightly grumpy, look on his face so Jim pets his hair until he goes back to sleep.
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vulcanhugsclub · 2 days ago
Spock, in the mirror: You can do better, you can top yourself
Jim popping up from literally nowhere: yOu caN tOp mE
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lokilenchen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bones and Jim in crochet crop tops
@markcampbells prompted me this TikTok in which a dad models in his daughters crochet crop tops
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boogershirt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i said i’d do these in order but this is so funny hehehehxbxbfjc
s2ep15- the trouble with tribbles
they appear to be bisexual
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ragingpunsexual · 6 months ago
I love the idea of Spock being super queer, highly expressive and very emotional from a Vulcan view point. Like...
What humans see:
Tumblr media
What Vulcans see:
Tumblr media
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curioscurio · 4 months ago
i dont have the strengrh to finish coloring the rest of the comic rn (3am) but i need everyone to know that the last panel is the best kiss ive drawn in awhile. so prepare
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nucleartourist · 2 months ago
the thing about william shatner being pissed about the concept of bi!kirk is so funny to me because like. bill this is your fault. you were the one who looked at leonard nimoy like you wanted to eat him. you did that
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