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there are basically 2 types of bad anons you can get on tumblr:

  • based off the extremely limited and likely inaccurate impression i’ve formed of you from your posts and the general vibes i get from your blog i think there’s something wrong with you and i’ve decided to make it my problem
  • there’s something wrong with me and i’m about to make it your problem
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i kind of wish i lived in a world where the gods of greek mythology did exist because a system where i could earn favors and avoid being smited for my hubris by simply being too entertaining to be allowed to die is one in which i would thrive

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going to the pokemon center tomorrow yall want anything

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It’s thinking about the original version of Falling hours

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*walks into a psychology lecture wearing a tshirt with freud’s face on it that says “THIS GUY IS A FUCKING IDIOT” in sparkly bold type*

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dude…you’re catholic? like, for real?? you’re actually catholic??? this isn’t a joke??? you’re 100% serious?????

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