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SONG SERIES: PART 7 -  Maknae Line 

“Whenever I see you working, talking about or working on music, or speaking in English, I develop this sense of confidence and passion. I know that things can be tough for you too, but please continue showing these things for me. I’ll keep following you from behind.” 

                                           - Jungkook’s letter to Namjoon, Bon Voyage 

“It’s very hard to be in the center. As the center he makes us look back on our sense of responsibility and importance of the team. That side of him always amazes me, how great he is.” 

                                        - Jimin about Namjoon, Hulu Interview 


“There are many things I want to say to RM hyung. I want to thank him for making BTS, if he wasn’t here, BTS also would not have existed. I also want to thank you for taking the role as a leader. He tries to take responsibility for all the bad things alone and tries to share all the good things with everyone. To me, he’s the best. More than anyone in the world.”

                                    - Taehyung about Namjoon, Wings concept interview 


< Part 6: Rap Line   ||  > Part 8: Hyung Line (soon)



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Love has no limits


Pair: Jeon Jeongguk x Kim Taehyung 

Warnings: Taekook smut, rough sex, drunk, partying, fingering, overstimulation, fellatio, gay Jeongguk, bisexual Taehyung, ABO dynamics, no use of protection, werewolf au.

A birthday gift for @kimchiisgood

Having an alpha as your mate is one problem but not mating with them when in the heat is another problem.

This time Taehyung is determined to get his mate Jeongguk to fuck and mate with him. He doesn’t want to go through the painful process of heat again. The last time he had it he had to spend his entire time in the bathroom vomiting and taking cold showers.

It’s surprising that even though Jeongguk is an alpha, moreover an aggressive one he’s afraid of hurting Taehyung while mating; because he knows his nature to mate, his instinct to get taehyung filled with his cum and breed him.

Taehyung pov

I open my eyes as soon as the bright rays of the sun enter the room through the window curtains. Looking over at my left side of the bed I see my mate, Jeongguk sleeping soundly. His pink lips parted slightly, brown hair dishevelled, and the upper part of his body without any clothes. Shaking my head at his carelessness I pull the duvet a bit more over him and snuggle into his warm chest not wanting to get up so soon.

My heat is soon I need to get him to mate with me. Thinking of a way to make it happen I unknowingly close my eyes, feeling contended in his warmth when his deep voice makes me abruptly open them.

“How long are you going to act like you’re sleeping Tae?” looking up at his face I quickly shake my head a bit embarrassed to him having found me in this state. “What no?” “Yes no.” I smack my palm to my forehead for my stupid answer of saying yes and no together.

His chest rumbled because of his laughter at seeing my foolishness. Bringing me closer to his chest he rests his chin on top of my head, “Good morning my little mate.” I scowl at him, “I’m not little you’re just huge okay?” I noticed at the dark glint in his eyes; alluring yet sensual at the same time.

“I’m huge? I like the fact that you think I’m huge but are you also referring to my dick by saying that?” “I haven’t even seen your dick idiot. Bet it’s small like your brain because you’re too afraid to mate with me.” I grumble the last part in a low voice not wanting him to know my intentions.

Pinning me to the soft mattress and holding my wrists together above my head he tickles me with his free hand. “Stop-s-top ti-tickling me.” “Then say that I am the best mate in the entire world. I’ll stop tickling you if you say that.” “Pfft never.” I giggled at him. He began tickling my waist, the most ticklish point on my whole body. “Fine fine stop now. You’re the best mate in the world.” Feeling his hands move from my body I heave a sigh of relief.

Making his way to the bathroom he calls me. After making the bed I follow him and grab my brush, ready to say bye-bye to my bad morning breath.

After finishing both of our morning routines we head towards the kitchen. Jeongguk toasts some bread while I make coffee and pancakes for both of us.

Finishing the breakfast Jeongguk gets ready for his alpha duties and kisses me on the cheek before leaving with his beta and gamma.

[Time skip]

“Hani you know that my heat is near and yet we haven’t mated. Do you think that he doesn’t want the inexperienced me?” She places her hand on my shoulder and shakes it lightly, “I’m sure it’s something else. Jeongguk would never be like that, stop worrying like this Taehyung.”

We both are sitting on the sofa in the living room and chatting over some coffee and cookies. “Do you want to go out to a party? Seungkwan gave me 2 tickets and I didn’t know what to do with me another one so if you want to-” “I’ll go with you! Besides, I haven’t been out of the pack for a long time because of Jeongguk. It would be a nice change.”

“Lets meet at 7 then? Be ready by that time.” With that she leaves after giving me a hug. I’d rather not tell Jeongguk about the party. He might end up killing Seungkwan for the tickets and Hani for inviting me. Looking at the clock I decide to finish off checking the reports of the neighboring packs.

[7 pm]

Picking up Hani’s call I put the phone to my ear, “I’m waiting for you outside our house. Hmm okay.” Keeping it back into my pocket I get into Seungkwan’s car, who had been informed by Hani that I would be joining them.

Picking up Hani from her apartment which was very far from our pack we head to the party location. Getting out of the car we show the tickets to the guards outside the club and head inside. Loud music blasting everywhere, people drinking and getting drunk, dancing and swaying to the music.

Slightly moving to the music Hani and I head towards the bar and take our seats. Hani orders a Gin Negroni for herself and I settle for a shot of Vodka deciding to go a bit light this time.

By the time Hani and I were finished drinking we both were wobbling on our path. Me having downed 11 shots of Vodka. She pulled me along with her to dance. “Yay dance Tae. Let’s dance together.” Holding her hand, we both danced. A hand out of nowhere pulled on my arm and I crashed into a hard chest. Looking up I saw a young man, drunk like me asking me to dance with him. He pulled us to a corner of the dance floor and hooked his hands on both sides of my waist. My hands were behinds his neck. He smelled like a werewolf just like Jeongguk. Jeongguk! Who cares, I’m going to have some fun today and not worry about him and my approaching heat. Both me and the young man were grinding our hips against each other, dancing with him and grinding to his pelvis not noticing the burning gaze of my mate; fuming with anger and burning holes at the back of the young man I was dancing with.

Jeongguk pov

“Jimin hyung I told you that I don’t want to go to a club to relieve my stress. I need to go home Taehyung is waiting for me.”

“Jeongguk it’s not such a big deal if you just spend some time outside work. I’m sure Tae wouldn’t like to see you so stressed. Besides it’s a good thing to go out often.” Namjoon hyung answers while Jimin hyung nods his head driving the car to the club. The place is full of people; teenagers, adults alike, dancing and drinking.

Namjoon hyung orders three drinks for each of us. Taking a seat at the bar both Jimin hyung and me talk about some random stuff when Namjoon hyung nudges my shoulder, “Hey Jeongguk isn’t that Taehyung over there? That guy wearing a Gucci jacket with blonde hair.”

Quickly whipping my head it the direction in which he was pointing I scan that area. My swift eyes immediately fall on my cute mate grinding and dancing with another werewolf man oblivious to the other people in the club. Glaring at the man I clench my jaw; anger coursing through me, hands folding into a fist and eyes getting darker.

“Jeongguk don’t get so worked up man this-” Ignoring Jimin hyung I get up from my seat and head towards Taehyung’s direction. Pulling him from the man I punch his face.

Blood dripping from his nose and cheeks swollen he falls to the ground groaning in pain, “Little fucker, getting his hands on my mate.”

Turning towards Taehyung I clasp my hands tightly around his wrist and pull him out of that place, and take the keys from Jimin hyung’s hands.

Roughly opening the door of the Mercedes Benz I take the drivers seat and Taehyung reluctantly gets in; his fear written all over his face.

“Je-Jeongguk I’m sorry. I-I was drunk I shouldn’t have kissed him and danced with him.” Banging my hand on the steering wheel I unclench my jaw, “You even kissed him? Was I not enough?! Was my love not enough for you?”

Poison was bleeding through my words, pain and hurt mixed with them. Breathing heavily I turn my head and start driving.

Stopping the car in front of our house I immediately call my assistant and tell her to send a car to Jimin and Namjoon hyung’s location.

I get out of the car and pull Taehyung along and climb up the stairs to our room. I drag him and lock the door after both of us are inside.

He seems shaken up. “Jeongguk-” Grabbing his jaw tightly in my hand I pull him towards me and smash my lips on his. His soft pink lips on mine, moving together, he tugged at my lower lip and moaned. Slipping my tongue into his mouth I stroked and caressed every crevice of his sweet mouth; both of our saliva mixing together and teeth bumping into each other.

I slip my other hand under his shirt and caressed his stomach feeling the silky skin undermine, reaching a little more up I stroke the side of his chest, feeling his small nipples. When I tug at one of them, he moans into my mouth, “Ahhh alpha it’s fe-feels good.”

I feel ecstatic after hearing his sweet moans of pleasure and push his Gucci jacket from over his shoulders, followed by his shirt and then his pants. Throwing him on the bed I get over his small quivering body and engulf his right nipple into my mouth while twisting the other one between my thumb and index finger. He arches his back more forcing his chest our for me.

I pull off his nipples with a pop! sound. They are wet, glistening with my saliva and the color of a deep pink probably from my rough biting of them. Going a bit lower down his body I leave small pink bites on my path; his soft pale skin blooming with pink flowers looking ethereal on him.

Reaching the edge of his pants I tear off his black Kalvin Clein underwear and admire the hot and stiff length of him.

His member was long with a pretty good girth around it, the head was the color of an angry red begging to be put into my mouth and moving my tongue around it.

“Ahhh Jeongguk please touch me there. It hurts. Please-” “It’s Alpha for you.” Fisting his member in my hand I order him. “Please Alpha please touch me.” Small tears seem to be gathering around his eyes, threatening to fall.

Bringing my lips near his head I give it a long lick, from the tip and down the entire length. “Ahhh mmph ah.” Pumping him a few times I put his member in my mouth, it feels hot to my tongue, the silky skin smoothly gliding across my tongue, large expanse of his member is in my mouth.

I bring my mouth up and down on him, tongue stroking his skin, saliva mixing with his precum. “Ahhhh Jeongguk I’m go-going to cum There’s this tingling sen-sensation in my lower stoma-” with that he comes in my mouth; hot fresh cum flowing out of him and filling up my mouth, salty yet sweet to my taste.

Swallowing it I get up from my position from between his legs. He is still trembling from his orgasm and tries to get up. I move to his side and as if something changed in him, he pushes me against the head board of the bed and starts kissing my neck. Small gasps and moans leave me.

Removing my clothes he situates himself between my thighs looking at my huge bulge and gulping at the sight of it. I lean down and bring his face you to mine,“ Are you embarrassed Taehyung? When I said that I was well endowed I meant it. Now suck me.” I push my thumb into his mouth and press on his tongue.

Bending down he takes out my thick member from my underwear and slowly strokes it while licking his lower lip. Pushing my member into his mouth he slightly gags, overwhelmed by my size and thickness. Relaxing his throat he takes me a bit deeper, a little less than half of me into his mouth; his tongue felt hot over me.

He continues his stroking and sucking while gagging sometimes, tears falling down his eyes. Feeling my orgasm approaching I warm Taehyung, “I’m go-gonna cum Tae.” And I climax into his mouth.

He takes my length out if his mouth; spit and cum dripping while wiping his mouth. “Come here.” He sits on my lap and puts his legs on either side of me.

Putting my fingers into his mouth I wet them, taking them out I reach his small puckered begging to be fucked by me; wet enough to take me but not enough to not be hurt. I push them inside and thrust them in and out. Breathy moans fill the whole room and Taehyung clenches around my fingers, “Tch Tae don’t do that, you don’t want to be in pain right?” He nods and relaxes around me.

After stretching his hole a little bit more I align my length under him and make sure that he’s ready to take me. After getting his permission I lay a soft kiss on his forehead and slowly lower him down on me. “H-hurts it hurts a-alpha.” He tenses around me rejecting my entry into him.

“Shhh don’t worry I’ll wait for you to adjust.” Whispering words of encouragement I patiently wait for him to adjust to my size. As soon as he’s seated onto the hilt I begin to move him; he holds my shoulders and moves his hips up and down.

“Alpha I-I’m going to come.” “Let’s come together.” Feeling both of our climaxes subsiding slowly we sit quietly, wrapped in each other’s embrace, basking in each other’s warmth. I pull out of him, my cum flowing out and soaking into the bedsheet.

“Are you okay Tae?” “Ah yes I’m okay.” Softly smiling at me he smuggles more into my chest, “Well we finally ended up mating.” “Yep we did. I was afraid of hurting. It’s good to know that you enjoyed it.” “I love you Jeongguk.” “I love you Taehyung.”

Relishing in this sweet moment of ours we soon fall asleep tired and exhausted from our sexual activity.


Taehyung’s pov

Looking over to my mate I try and focus on every small detail on his face; his lips, the small beauty mark, his eyelashes, everything.

I trail in fingertips along his jaw, so sharp compared to mine and then his cheeks, fluffy and soft like that of a baby’s. Giggling at the softness of them I squeeze his cheeks more. He opens his eyes at the feeling of getting his cheeks squished between my hands. “Stop it Tae.” He lets out a small laugh at my actions. Bringing me to his chest he again dozes of to sleep.

“Get you Jeonggu- ahh.” Clutching my lower back I get you from the bed. It hurts. “Wha-what happens Tae? Are you okay? Where does it hurt?!” At hearing my painful moan Jeongguk gets up in a frenzied state. “It’s just my back, it seems that you went a little hard yesterday but don’t worry about it.” Smiling at him I gently caress his cheek.

He pulls me into his embrace and leans against the headboard. Gently stroking my back, he places kisses on my face, “I’m sorry Tae for causing pain to you. ?”

“I need to apologise.”

“Apologise for what?”

“The party- I was drunk that time when I was dancing with that male werewolf. I’m sorry Jeongguk.”

“I’m the one who’s at fault. I shouldn’t have put my worries and my work before you. I should have taken care of your needs. Forget all about those. Let’s get you some breakfast.”

Carrying me in his arms we go to the bathroom; after taking a bath and brushing our teeth we reach the kitchen.

“Tae would you like to have pancakes?” “Yes!” hearing my excited cry Jeongguk starts making the pancakes. I go to him and hop on the kitchen counter, “These look good.” After finishing making them Jeongguk takes out the whipped cream from the fridge; he looks at the whipped cream bottle and at me. Smiling devilishly, he strands towards my direction, sitting on the kitchen countertop. “Wha-what are you doing Jeongguk?!” Letting out a strangled cry he pushes me on the counter, back lying flat against the cold marble, legs dangling from the top. “I’m just eating my breakfast.” He shakes the bottle of whipped cream and holds both of my wrists tightly above my head with one of his hand.

He takes off his apron and ties my hands with that. My face heating up he looks down at my helpless state; shirt stripped off and pants halfway down my legs. He puts some whipped cream on my nipple, still a bit sensitive from yesterday night. It becomes hard as soon as the cold cream hits the pink skin. “Ahhh”

Leaning down Jeongguk takes my right nipple which is covered in whipped cream into his mouth and groans, “The whipped cream is sweet but it seems to me sweeter as it is on the skin, hmmm I’m finish the whole cream this way then.” “No-n-no you can’t do that Jeon-Jeongguk.” He goes a bit lower and puts cream on my stomach and licks it off with his tongue, saliva coating the clean skin contrasting to the whipped cream covered one.

By the time he reaches my hips the entirety of my stomach and chest has been licked by Jeongguk. He pulls off my pants along with my underwear. Reaching to my ass lightly pats the hole, slightly inflamed and red. “Angh Jeongguk.” A strangled cry leaves my lips. He sprays some cream on my cock and takes me into his mouth. Cleaning me he trails two of his fingers up my body and pushes them into my mouth. Coating them with my saliva he puts them into my hole. It hurt a little bit as he begins moving the pain subsides, pleasures taking over me.

I orgasm as he starts fingering me fast, his fingers going in and out of me.

Breathing heavily and face flushed I unties my hands and brings me to to him, chest to chest. “Calm down baby. I’ve got you. It’s okay.” A few tears leak from my eyes as I come down from my high. “Yo- you asshole. I’m still sensitive to your touch after what happened yesterday yet- yet you do this so me.” Clinging to his I curse at him, contended yet a little overstimulated.

“I just couldn’t take it. Seeing you like this, glowing and so beautiful just made me want to touch you some more.” He smirks at my flushed state. There’s still something left to be taken care of-“ he trails and looks down at the huge dent in his pants.

"No! I can’t take anymore!” I try to run away but he holds me back and pushes me down on the countertop again. “Well well don’t run away baby.”

He starts kissing down my jaw to my neck. The breakfast long forgotten we soon get engaged into having sex and making love to each other.

Moans and groans filling the whole kitchen. Cum getting on clothes and sticking to skin.

The end.

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