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plaids · 19 hours ago
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every bangtan plaid shirt jimin ♢ run bts +142
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jung-koook · 9 hours ago
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jimin on instagram: lov u all
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jjiimin · 17 hours ago
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—drabble, 4.4k words, fluff, explicit, strangers to lovers, doctor!jimin, my best friend is a doctor and she told me this was okay asdfjghkl, based on the prompt under the cut, dedicated to @unstablecutehoe because your comments on my fics genuinely make my day and i’m so thankful for your kindness and hilarious words, i hope you enjoy this 💜
Tumblr media
"I think the bee penetrated your arm."
Tabitha blinks at Rosie. The two girls have a stare down for all of twenty seconds until you barrel in with your noisy shout of pain. Their attention, again, falls to your arm as you cradle it in helpless peril.
Tabitha, or Tabs as you prefer to call her, flicks your forehead with her index finger. "Quit your moaning," she tsks, grabbing your arm with bold force. Her big, round eyes examine the pinkish wound blooming in a small spot mere centimeters down your left wrist. "You're not allergic to bees, so you'll be fine."
"The bee on the other hand..." Rosie's voice trails off as all eyes land on the poor guy laying defeated on the ground in Tabitha's backyard. The three of you were having afternoon tea in her garden, like a couple of spoiled wives, when the bee decided to attack you butt first. As much as the pain of its sting bothers you, the sight of the dead insect is worse. With all your heart, you wish the bee hadn't felt threatened by you enough to sting. What about the bees waiting for him at home? How will they know he's gone?
"It hurts so much," you whine, pulling the attention back to you. The stinger is gone, so all you're really dealing with is a bump and some redness. It still hurts a ton, and you want it to go away so badly. "Tabs, you're the doctor here. Tell me what to do!"
"I'm off the clock, girlfriend," your roommate sings, blissfully falling back into her garden chair. Her long, black hair waves out around her. Though she is shorter than you by a fair few inches, the way she conducts herself in society makes her appear larger than she is. "If you're worried about it, go see Doctor Park at my new clinic. He'll check it out for you."
Animatedly, your jaw drops. "You're really going to send me all the way to a clinic instead of just checking this out for yourself?" For maximum effect, you wiggle your arm in her face. She rolls her eyes and types something on her phone. Presumably a text to aforementioned doctor. The two are always texting each other about work related things. Their clinic is still new, and new patient sign-ups have been low, so they're always searching for new people to visit them. 'The medical school debt isn't going to pay for itself,' Tabitha often sighs after a few shots of whiskey.
"Yes, I am. Because this might be the only way you go into a clinic this year. It's coming up to the end of the summer. When were you planning on getting a yearly physical?"
"Never. You know I hate doctors."
Tabitha raises a perfectly sculpted brow. Her mother is an aesthetician and never fails to make sure everything about her daughter's face is prim, proper, and beautiful. Not that you or Rosie are complaining. The number of discounted and/or free facials the two of you have received over the past decade or so is ginormous. Certainly, you can't count them on your hands.
"You know I'm a doctor, right?"
"Yes, and you're the only doctor I trust, so... please?"
Tabitha is nothing if not relentlessly rooted in her perfect opinions (which may as well rival her eyebrows and defined bone structure). According to her, all things must be rationalized before they are executed. Her entire life has panned out this way. From the moment you met her in sophomore year of high school to now, your best friend has never delved far from the opinions she has regarded as true. Even if it means angering and upsetting everyone around her.
"I'm not doing anything about that sting, YN. Go to the clinic tomorrow and get a full physical check up. I'll even ask Jimin to discount it as a favour."
"We live in Canada. I thought health checks were free? I pay my taxes!" 
"He'll give you a lollypop then."
With that, Tabitha ends the conversation with one text sent to her medical school classmate whom she shares a workplace with. Although they work at the same place, the two hardly ever see each other. Tabitha works the mornings and Jimin works the weekends and odd nights. The two have known one another for years, although you have never met him. But, you suppose, if your best friend in the whole wide world—even when she's being a jerk—recommends his services, there can't be any harm in paying the clinic a visit. Right?
Rosie cheers when a knock sounds at the backyard door. A while ago, the group of you had ordered Chinese take out because the tea was awful (hibiscus might look beautiful, but it tastes horrendous). Everyone wants to dig in as soon as the plastic containers hit the outdoor table, but you stop them.
You can't eat without having a proper burial for the lost bee. It just wouldn't be right.
. . .
The next morning, the sting hurts less than it did the day before. Tabitha knocks you over the head with a sofa cushion when you admit to wanting to skip out on the appointment she set up to Rosie in secret. Apparently, your voice is loud enough for the studying girl to hear you from all the way in the living room. Her brutal attack of the thick, red cushion nearly gives you brain damage. When you complain about said possibility, she snickers and says it's another thing you can get checked out today.
Which leaves you pacing the lobby of the Daylight Medical Clinic while the receptionist eyes with warily over her long desk.
When you initially walked in, there was a family waiting to be called in. Four members. A mother, father, and two girls. They were in and out within minutes. The receptionist then asked you to wait your turn after returning your health card, which led to you conjuring up embarassing scenarios about what may happen when you get inside one of the six examination rooms they have set up. As far as you can tell, there are two doctors on call right now. A male and female doctor. Neither of whom you have met because the receptionist says your appointment is with Doctor Park, Tabitha's classmate, and he is in a meeting with the head doctor in the conference room.
Twenty minutes later, however, the receptionist finally calls your name and asks you to wait in room 6.
Upon entering, you find the room to be exactly like the sort of places you despise. Too much light. The distinct scent of alcohol, gauze, and medical scrubs. It smells almost like a hospital, minus the intense body odour.
The nurse who welcomes you in asks you to take off the thin denim jacket you're wearing, and hangs it up for you on a coat rack. Then she tells you to help yourself to water from the dispenser in the corner of the room. The service feels somewhat like a hotel's, but you aren't complaining. It's nice to be treated nicely.
Maybe you were all wrong and Tabitha was right—clinics aren't the worst place in the world.
"Hello, I'm Doctor Park, and you must be..." the man's voice trails off as his eyes land on you. The sort of eyes which grab you by the throat the moment you catch sight of them. His white coat flashes by in a haze as he walks past you twiddling your thumbs on the examination bed. In fear mixed with quick lust, because fucking hell, he's gorgeous, you straighten your backbone until you sit with perfect posture. The sort your back wishes you had enforced during your college years hunched over in the library during final exam season. He licks his lips as his eyes find yours. "YN."
"Yes, S-Sir."
A smile twitches on his mouth. "You're Tabitha's friend, right? I'm Jimin. Feel free to call me that while we're in here. 'Sir' makes me sound more grown-up than I am." He walks over to you and with every step he takes, you slowly inch away until you are half certain you look as strange as you feel. Jimin smiles at you, and it's a warm smile you could get lost in. "Tabitha told me you don't like doctors. Is that true?"
He nods, and bites back a smile like he doesn't believe you. He'd be right not to. After all, you are lying right to his face. His perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, and enchanting face you just want to kiss all over—
The spell breaks when Jimin repeats your name for the third time.
“Sorry! I'm sorry! I was just—“ Daydreaming about tearing that white coat clean off your body, you delicious male specimen. Jimin waits for you to gather yourself. He uses a distinct sort of patience a man has never shown you before. It warms you right up. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little nervous."
"Well, I promise I don't bite," he quips, smiling at you again. Screw you, man. Why do you have such a pretty smile? "Can you tell me what you're here for today?"
"Um, my... my arm. It's..." Instead of telling him, and thus, allowing your frazzled and totally horny-fried brain to form things which might resemble sentences in the English language, you shoot your limb out to show him the problem. "A bee penetrated me... uh, stung me yesterday. I was outside." Right, because besides being 'penetrated' by an insect like you're in the freaking Bee Movie, you got stung by a bee inside your own house. What are the chances?
Jimin is quiet as he moves closer to you. His fingers are warm as they push your sleeve back, and even cozier when the tips glide along your skin leaving goosebumps in their wake. As soon as he's done examining the wound, you pull the sleeve back down. The last thing you need to really ride this Train of Embarassment home is for him to see how he's affecting you with his professional touches.
He walks over to the computer desk ahead of you and types something into the system.
"I'm going to prescribe an anti-itch cream for the itch. Wait." He stops for a moment to glance at you. A wave of befuddlement stitches a crease in his brows. "Are you experiencing any itchiness?"
"Not really. It's mostly just painful to the touch. It was worse yesterday than it was today."
Jimin nods and logs the information into the computer. His fingers move expertly over the keyboard. Insanely, you find yourself staring at their speed and agility. When he catches you staring, he smiles and walks back towards you.
"I don't think you need any medication, but if you experience any intense pain, there are over-the-counter painkillers you can take. Do you want me to write them down?" When you shake your head, he nods. His hand reaches up for his neck where he dislodges the stethescope. "I'm sorry, I should have done this at the beginning, but I need to check your heart and lungs. Turn your head to the right and take a deep breath for me, okay?"
Though you are nervous beyond belief, you follow his simple instructions. Carefully, he places the round disk of the medical device on your chest and you take in a big breath. He moves it higher and again, you breathe in. Left, right, and more breathing. Overall, the experience isn't so bad. It reminds you of the doctors' visits your mother would force you on as a child. Even back then, you hated visiting clinics and would rather pretend like something wasn't wrong.
The mistake comes when you look back at Jimin who is both intense and weirdly adorable as he listens to your heart. In that moment, your eyes meet his and your heart—the pesky fucker—decides right fucking now is the best time to race. The beat of your heart jumps and runs and does all sorts of gymnastics and though you inwardly beg and plead for the organ to control itself, it does not.
"Hmm... your heart rate... it's faster than average." Jimin says it with a smirk, and where the smirk lingers on his lips even as you stop breathing entirely, his fingers seem to cascade like a flowing river over your chest when he takes the stethescope away. All at once, you miss his touch. He can examine you all day long if it means he'll keep his touch on you.
The horse race happening in your heart continues even as Jimin turns around to head for the computer again. This is when you give yourself the chance to think. A moment to go over your escape plan. If you act fast, you can jump off this bed and rush right through the door. Jimin might try to stop you, but you can ignore him. The receptionist might try to ask what's wrong, but you can ignore her, too. The idea is fool-proof.
Until, of course, you attempt to execute it.
The moment your right leg dangles below, reaching for sweet paradise back on solid ground, Jimin whirls around. His arms cage you in with his hands dropping on either side of your body. He locks you in place, daring you to move as his face moves closer.
The smirk from earlier is ever-present.
"I'm afraid I can't let you run away while the examination is still in progress, sweetheart," he explains, voice sultry and clean. His head dips down so his eyes are directly connected with yours. "I know you don't like doctors, but I think I can change your mind."
"I don't know if you can," you whisper, body full of heat and desperation. If you are reading the room right, this man wants you. It's been a long time since you've been in the game, but biology never lies. When a man wants a woman, the skies could not be clearer. Or, in this case, the massive tube light above could not be shining any more brightly over Jimin's glorious features. "Because I really don't like doctors."
Jimin moistens his lips with his tongue. When it peaks out, you imagine yourself sucking on it. Oh God, you hope you get to. "Even when they're as hot as me?"
His confidence brings colour to your cheeks. "I think you're an exception," you tell him.
He dips his head closer. From such closeness, you can smell the faint scent of mint. Did he chew gum earlier? The thought makes your insides melt. Nothing is sexier than a man who maintains his hygiene.
"I better be," he says, sliding one hand over the cacoon of your waist. He pulls you closer to the edge of the bed, almost right up against his chest. His eyes are full of the same lust you have been throwing his way. He brings his lips close to yours. "Have you ever kissed a doctor?"
"Not unless you count the time I kissed Tabitha's cheek on a dare last year."
Jimin laughs and it's about all you can take before you throw your arms around his neck and seal his mouth with yours. The kiss is searing hot, and you know it takes him by surprise because for the first few milliseconds, the man in your arms is frozen like a statue. It's not until you start to pull back out of fright that he composes himself and kisses you back. Then the real kiss begins and it's textbook idyllic.
Jimin kisses the same way he moves. All smooth and sauve and with the knowledge that he's fine as fuck. His right hand ends up in your hair the same time yours ends up in his; and then he's laying you back on the bed and crawling on top of your body.
He pulls his coat off and bunches it up. Then, he easily elevates your head and pushes the cloth under. The action makes your heart flutter. He’s taking care of you in such a small way and it’s good enough for you to start visualizing your future together.
The new position gives you a perfect view of the man unbuttoning his dress shirt and throwing it somewhere on a chair closeby. When his chest comes into view, you physically feel yourself salivate like Pavlov's dog. The splay of your fingers over his chest makes him shudder.
“I didn’t know doctors had time to work out,” you whisper, awed by his physique.
The left end of his mouth lifts. He’s so picturesque above you. You wish you had a professional camera. A phone wouldn’t do this man justice. “I don’t do much,” he explains, but it’s very clearly a lie. Especially when his defined biceps enter your vision. You think about licking villages upon them. “I like to run and go cycling sometimes.”
“Fuck me,” you beg, losing all semblance of reality as your legs open for him. Heat burns your skin and you should really be thinking about the consequences of what you’re asking for, but right now, rationality is the last of your concerns. “Doctor Park, fuck me until my pain goes away.”
His eyes blazen with something wicked. Does he have a pain kink? “What if fucking you brings you more pain?”
“Then make it hurt so good.”
Jimin exhales and it’s beautiful to watch. The shape of his mouth rounds using the breadth of his luscious lips. Not being able to hold yourself back, you grab him by the name and tug him into a full kiss which he returns eagerly.
His arm snakes down to unbutton your jeans. He tugs them and your panties until your bare womanhood is open for his eyes only.
He trails a hand down and allows his fingers to silently dance along the perimeter of your aching pussy.
“I wonder how wet you are,” he whispers, thumb sliding upon the surface of your walls. He looks at you. “I wonder if you’re as wet as your heart was fast.”
“Don’t tease,” you whimper, making teart eyes at him to coax him into fucking you hard, dirty, and just the way you love it. “I need you so badly, Doctor.”
“Fuck, this shouldn’t be turning me on,” Jimin groans, reaching for his belt buckle. He gets his pants down far enough for you to see the bulge in his underwear. He touches himself over the thin material then leans down to kiss you. The action is intimate, and again, your heart meets a flutter of delight. He keeps his mouth close as he continues, “Would you prefer to be penetrated or stung?”
The joke makes you snort. He swallows the sound with a quick kiss and pulls down his underwear until his cock springs out. Although you don’t get to see it, you feel it. It’s thick and hot on your skin. He easily lines himself up to your entrance. The kisses and his touches made you so wet that you are more than certain he could slide right in.
The head of his cock explores your opening for a bit, while you do what your messy brain wanted and suck his tongue into your mouth. He groans and it worries you that someone might hear (or worse, come in) but right there in his arms, you discover that you have a bit of an exhibitionist in you. The idea of someone catching the two of you in this carnal act isn’t the turn off it probably should be.
Jimin whispers, “Kiss me,” and you do as he slides himself inside your hot, wet heat. Whimpers of pain and pleasure dribble out of your mouth but he keeps kissing you through it, one hand on your face and a thumb down below rubbing circles on the edge of your stomach.
“Ah, so—so good,” you cry, breaking away from the kiss to catch your breath. Jimin thrusts in slow, building a perfect rhythm. The tilt of your head meets his coat, and you smell him everywhere. “Harder, p-please.”
Jimin does as you ask, pushing in so deep that you feel him in your stomach. The head of his cock sits so devastatingly inside your body, and when he thrusts, it makes you feel like a whole new woman.
What’s even better is the way he can’t stop kissing you. The truest portrayal of a man who is addicted.
The height of your dual climaxes arrives quickly. Faster than you anticipated. But given the way he traps his cock inside you and thrusts so sinfully, it was only a matter of time before your body decided to end the satisfying torture.
“I’m so close, sweetheart,” he husks, and it’s different from the voice he had before. This voice is the one you will point to when the psychiatrist asks why you’re in therapy for having gone berserk. “Want you to—fuck, want your tight pussy to cream my cock. Can you do that, baby? Come all over my cock like a good girl?”
“Yes, y-yes! Wanna come all over your cock, Doctor! I’m so close, mmm…”
He thrusts in harder, tighter, skin slapping against skin until there is nothing else left and the dam breaks, flooding the river banks. Pleasure ricochets through you, waves and waves of powerful elation, causing your back to arch and for the young doctor to kiss your whines and moans lest someone else become privy to them.
Jimin is sloppy with the way he continues to thrust inside you, even after you have come. His chest heaves while the veins in his neck and forehead pop, welcoming his climax.
You don’t think twice when he brings his cock out. All you do is take him into your mouth just like a good girl should. The cock head explodes in ribbons of cum down your throat. He watches, lust-ridden, as you swallow it and then smile shyly.
He wraps his arms around you and kisses the same lips which made him come the hardest he has in a long, long time.
After the dust settles, Jimin is soft and kind as he cleans you up using the wet wipes from the cupboard. Then you help button his shirt, even if just an excuse to touch his chest some more. He smiles wider and wider every time he looks at you, and it makes your heart flutter (again and again) to know he’s smiling because of you.
In the end, leaving the clinic becomes the hardest part.
The steps you take out of room six are slow and languid. No part of you wants to leave, but you also know you can’t stay. This is Jimin’s profession. The number of lines you two crossed it already crazy. What will you get from mooning over him from the lobby?
The receptionist stops you as you walk past her.
“Excuse me, Miss YN?” Her calm voice stops you in your tracks. You turn your heel to face her. “We ask all new patients to complete a survey after their initial visit. I only need to ask you three questions so if you’d please.” Her hands point towards the end of the desk.
The steps you take towards her are quiet. She takes a seat in her chair as you approach.
“On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your experience with us?”
At the exact moment she poses the seemingly innocent question, the man you can’t stop thinking about walks in. He shoots you a small smile then starts glancing around the receptionist’s long desk. He has a document in his hand which he holds under his arm.
“Definitely a six.”
The receptionist raises a brow but doesn’t say anything. On the other hand, Jimin smirks. The same smirk you kissed minutes ago. It’s so easy to get lost in.
The receptionist’s next question breaks your reverie.
“Would you be willing to register our clinic as your primary care facility?”
Jimin continues smiling as he looks around the desk for a pen. His ears are trained on you. He can’t even pretend they aren’t.
“And one last question,” the receptionist says. “How likely are you to recommend our clinic to others?”
“Absolutely not.” The words spill out of you faster than you can stop them or think them through. A scarlet blush blossoms on your cheeks. Jimin stares at you, the same as the receptionist. When you realize the path you are stuck on, you decide to do the stupid thing and trek onwards. “I just don’t like to share, you know? I’m a sickly girl. If the wonderful doctors here are busy with others, when will I have my needs taken care of?”
Each word spreads like fire through your veins and you catches Jimin’s eyes as he hides his smile with the back of his right hand. He looks so cute, you could bite his cheeks. Right then and there, you promise to do and say anything to make him laugh as much as he possibly can around you.
The receptionist doesn’t say anything and just types out your ridiculous answer. Jimin then winks at you and walks back to the examination rooms.
A dark cloud of sadness looms over you as you leave the clinic. Outside, the sun is still hanging and shining up in the sky, paying no mind to how distraught you feel.
As you begin to think about a route home, your phone chimes with an incoming text. You pull it out of your purse to see Tabitha’s name and several texts.
yn: how did you find out so fast?! wth
Oh wow, he did? The thought makes you jump a little on the sidewalk. Like Barbie in one of her movies.
yn: how does that equal me screwing him?!
yn: he’s so good tabs you have no idea it’s like i can still feel his hands on my body 🥴😳
tabs: ffs now i need to go see a doctor bc of the headache you’re giving me
yn: not jimin pls ☹️
tabs: dw loser, i’m not going anywhere near your loverboy 😒 did he at least tell you what was wrong tho. what did he prescribe?
yn: he gave me a personal treatment so i’m good ☺️
tabs: bye.
A giggle lights up your atmosphere. As you go to put your phone back, a new text flies in. There’s no name, but you know whom it’s from. And again, your heart does that little flutter for him.
jm: free health check at my house tonight. can we guarantee your attendance?
yn: yes, doctor
thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed it! if you did, please like, reblog, leave a comment! my ask is always open. psa: all sexual innuendos in this fic were written ungraciously because i wrote this at 4 am askdjffj
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blu-joons · 13 hours ago
When He Confesses To You On Christmas Eve ~ BTS Reaction
You smiled weakly as you noticed Jin come up alongside you whilst you poured yourself another drink, feeling his eyes watch over you closely, waiting until you picked your drink back up to nudge into your side.
His eyes looked down to the floor as you turned to face him, “do you mind if we go somewhere a little quiet for a moment?”
Your head nodded as Jin led you across to where the Christmas tree was in the boys’ dormitory. “Is everything alright?” You asked.
“I wanted to tell you something, and there didn’t really feel like a better time than Christmas Eve,” he spoke up once the two of you were alone, “and I’d understand if you didn’t feel the same way, but I wanted to tell you that I like you Y/N, a lot.”
“You like me?” You questioned in a slight moment of disbelief, “why would you like me?”
“Because you’re amazing,” he explained.
His eyes sheepishly looked up, relieved to see a hint of a smile on your face too. “I’m glad that you like me, because I like you too,” you told him, chuckling quietly as Jin let go of a huge sigh of relief. “I’d be crazy not to like you.”
“This went a lot better than I expected,” he scoffed, “I was worried that I was about to make a fool of myself, ruin Christmas for myself by getting rejected by you.”
“Trust me, I would never reject you Jin.”
Tumblr media
Your head shook as you unwrapped the gift that Yoongi had bought you, noticing that it was a hand drawn voucher for one free date with him, an offer that was only exclusive to you as Yoongi tried to charm you.
He laughed nervously as he met your eyes, “it’s probably the cheesiest way anyone has asked you out, isn’t it?”
Your head slightly nodded, “it’s certainly unique, I’ll give you that one. Now I see why you wanted me to open a present on Christmas Eve.”
“My heart would be happier being rejected on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas Day,” he tried to explain, but your head quickly shook, stopping him from talking anymore as you placed the voucher into the front pocket of your trousers.
“You’re not getting rejected,” you whispered, “I’m definitely going to use this voucher.”
Are you serious?” He questioned.
You nodded in reply, “do you know how long I’ve been wondering whether the way I feel about you is just one sided? I never imagined that you liked me Yoongi, I gave hope over the years that there was something between us.”
“I like you a lot,” he established, “and whenever you choose to redeem that voucher, I’m going to make sure that it’s the best first date that you’ve ever had too.”
“I’ve got no doubt that you’ll do just that too.”
Tumblr media
You smiled softly as Hobi grabbed onto your arms, moving you around the room until he had you exactly where he wanted you. You were clueless as to what was going on, deciding to trust him anyway as you always did.
Once you were in position, he smiled across at you. “Sorry, I just needed to find the right spot to tell you what I want to say.”
Your head nodded suspiciously back at him as you looked around the place, “and the dining room was the right place?”
“It sounds silly,” Hobi agreed, running his hand over the top of his head, “but trust me when I tell you that this is exactly the right place for me to tell you that I like you,” he spoke, watching as the expression on your face very quickly dropped.
“Did you just say that?” You enquired, “did you really just say that you like me?”
“Do you feel the same?” He asked.
As your head slowly nodded, a deep sigh immediately came from Hobi as his shoulders dropped in relief. “I just wanted to make sure that I heard you properly, but why was here the right place for you to confess to me.”
“Take a look,” he proudly grinned, pointing upwards to a sprig of mistletoe that he had asked Jimin to put up in order to get you underneath the mistletoe.”
“Oh, that is smooth Jung Hoseok, very smooth indeed.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes looked up as a figure stood in front of you, noticing the wide smile that was on Namjoon’s face. As his eyes soon looked down to the Secret Santa gift that you had received in your hands, things slowly made sense.
He chuckled as soon as the realisation appeared in your expression, “I remembered you mentioning that a few weeks ago.”
Your eyes rolled back across at him, “I have never known someone pay attention to the little details about me as much as you do.”
“Maybe there’s a reason for that,” he implied, watching your eyebrows furrow once again. “I knew to buy you that for your Secret Santa, but I also know that it’s something that you should share with a loved one too, someone special in your life Y/N.”
“Would that special person happen to be you?” You asked him, “do you like me Namjoon?”
“Is it bad if I do?” He quizzed.
Straight away your head shook as you held the gift that he had bought you a little closer to your chest. “I don’t think it would be a bad thing at all, in fact I think it would be something that I’d be more than happy about.”
“My plan worked in that case,” he smugly responded, “I’m sorry that I’ve ended up confessing in quite a cheesy way, you probably think I’m so weird.”
“You’re definitely weird, but in the best possible way.”
Tumblr media
You smiled appreciatively across at Jimin as he walked you to your door, ready to say goodbye for one final time before the holidays. However, as you edged to shut the door, Jimin stayed right where he was.
He cleared his throat gently, “are you still celebrating alone tomorrow? Can you still not get across to see your family?”
Your head nodded in reply, “all of the flights were fully booked, and no tickets became available, so I guess I’ll be alone.”
“There could be a way out of that,” he suddenly told you, “my mum has always reserved a spot at our table at Christmas for when I find someone that I want to bring home to introduce them to, you could always fill that spot if you wanted to.”
“Wouldn’t you have to fancy the person in order to do that?” You asked him nervously.
“I do fancy that person,” he spoke.
A sharp intake of breath came from you as Jimin looked anxiously away from your eyes. “You fancy me?” You asked, watching on as his head cautiously nodded, feeling his heartbeat rapidly as he shied away.
“If you don’t like me, I understand,” he assured you, “but if you do like me, then how about coming to Christmas Day with my family, as my plus one too.”
“It looks like I won’t be lonely for Christmas after all.”
Tumblr media
You followed nervously behind Taehyung as he asked for a moment of your time whilst the two of you enjoyed the annual Christmas Eve party that his parents threw, sneaking you out into the chill of the garden outside.
He apologised as soon as he opened the door, watching as you shivered. “I brought you out here to make my Christmas wish come true?”
You looked back at him in confusion as he took a large sip from the drink that he had in his hand. “What can I do to make that happen?”
“Go on a date with me,” he quickly blurted out before the confidence that the large swig of wine gave him went away. Your body stiffened as he spoke, surprised to hear him say such a thing. “I understand if that’s not something you want though.”
“For Christmas all you want is to confess to me?” You laughed, making sense of it all.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered to you.
Your head shook as you met his eyes though, “please don’t apologise, you’ve got no reason to. I think that might actually be a wish that I can grant though Taehyung, that’s if you’re serious about going on a date together?”
“I’ve never been more serious about anything,” he told you with a chuckle, “the boys told me it would be a Christmas miracle if you agreed to a date.”
“Then the boys really have no idea how much I like you.”
Tumblr media
As his eyes watched you laughing to yourself as you rolled around in the snow, Jungkook couldn’t help but focus on how quickly his heart raced, noticing the little things about you that so many others seemed to miss.
Once the laughter stopped, your eyes looked to him, jabbing his waist when you noticed how distant he was. “I’m sorry.”
Your eyebrows quickly knitted together, “you’ve been quiet all day long, it’s snowing Jungkook you’re supposed to be having fun.”
“I’ve just had a few things on my mind,” he began to tell you, stopping himself before he could speak too much. However, your eyes still remained firmly on him, knowing that just one probe was usually enough to get him to start speaking.
“What have you been thinking about?” You asked, waiting for the walls to quickly fall down.
“I like you,” he suddenly spoke.
Your eyes went wide at his confession, noticing just how quick he was to look further away from you. “Why would you keep that to yourself?” You challenged, “that’s unfair considering that I like you too Jungkook.”
“Don’t just say that,” he warned you, but your head shook in reply, assuring him that that was something that you would never do. “Do you really like me?”
“Of course, I think I’d be a little crazy not to.”
Tumblr media
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📅 211206 BTS Weverse Translations
Jin's Posts ❇️
웰컴 투 코리아다 석진아 (
It's welcome to Korea, Seokjin-ah
아니 노래도 많은데 슈퍼참치 챌린지를 왜하세요.. 이러다 일 커지면 회사에서 이절 만들자고 할지도몰라 그만해~~~~~ (
No but there are so many other songs, why are you doing a SuperTuna challenge.. If this goes on and becomes really big then the company might ask me to make a second verse, stop~~~~~
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
Jimin's Post ❇️
다녀왔습니다😊 (
I'm back😊
Trans cr; Rinne @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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lov u all
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Twenty-five: I ship it
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21st century girl
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