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#jimin angst
jiminrings · a day ago
heartburn (3)
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader
wordcount: 13k
glimpse: jimin's been yearning for the day he'd get to see you again, even if it's fleeting and from afar — who would've known that the two of you would reunite under unfortunate circumstances?
alternatively, three years have already passed since jimin emotionally cheated on you six months before your wedding.
[ the finale; continuation to part one, intermission 01, part two, intermission 02 ]
[ whole load of angst, more fluff + heartwarming moments compared to the previous parts, mentions and descriptions of car accident (neither jimin's nor oc's), blood n thoughts of death, redemption arc uh-huh, emotional growth and closure (?), major longing and yearning, the type of love no one can put into words ]
notes: at the end bc i wILL get sappy :O
as i said before, this does come from somewhere and even if this is fiction, pls read with care bc this is on the heavier side <3 fair warning that i had a lot of people come into my asks and mentions saying that they've cried so if u think that this is tOO much and you’re bawling with no breaks, pls take a breather!!
as always, lmk what you think <3 thank you to every single person who's spent their time on heartburn with me; it means the most. send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! | series masterlist
Tumblr media
You have no one but yourself.
You have no one but yourself and it’s what you’ve always believed.
There is no safety net installed for you on the ground, waiting for you in the event that you fall because as much as it can’t reverse the drop you take, it’d atleast soften the blow. Would atleast erode the startling pain to have edges for it to hurt less rather than to dig into you mercilessly. Would atleast comfort you into the depths of the night that the debris from your impact, the remnants of it even, wouldn’t be carried by you alone.
You used to have no one but yourself until Jimin came.
Then came Soomin. Then came his parents. Then came the safety net of the love you’ve been deprived of yet unconsciously seeking.
Your heart clenches at the thought that just maybe by the events of this week alone, you aren’t completely alone. Separated, sure, but not alone. You’re still wanted in a sense that it makes the contentment within your ribs full. You’ve gotten numerous heartbreaking pleas and apologies and it reminds you that despite the pain of it all, you’re still needed. If you close your eyes tight enough to the point you feel pressure in your ears, if you think just hard enough, you’re required.
You’re needed.
It’s been mere days since Dr. Kim relayed your annoyingly ironic condition to you and it should only be normal that your first instinct is to put your hand on your chest at the dull phantom ache. The heartburn in your chest has always been there and it’s not fatal. It’s not meant to kill you but it merely exists within you. It’s meant there to taunt you that it’s only a measure of when it would hurt the least to the point that you feel normal. Normal enough to live with it; mundane to the point that you don’t hurt any more than you should.
The lack of warmth on your sides and the grasp of what it feels like to be at home; they remind you that even underneath high ceilings, against expensive cushions, and amongst structured flowers that should radiate familiarity — at the end of today and all the tomorrows you could bring yourself to think of, you have no one but yourself.
“Where does it hurt?”
You haven’t noticed at all that your dad’s been staring at the side of your face the entirety of the time you’ve been here because all that you’ve done is to stay still. You’ve detached yourself to the point you’ve forgotten you’re even in his house, one that you’ve only stepped foot in for the first time in your life. You don’t notice the way that despite being a man who carries so much gravitas with him everywhere he goes, with you, he looks scared. He looks delicate and is even more delicate with how he handles you (if he’s even doing that or he just thinks so), reminding him at every second how he barely knows his own daughter.
It’s only been a week after everything.
The first day was when you were discharged from the hospital and Jungkook personally flew you back home, keeping his eye on you ever so often that he’s startled some of the passengers at the sight of their uniformed first officer repeatedly exiting out of the cockpit with wide and wandering eyes. Taehyung was only a little bit worried when you had to turn down the opportunity of having a private plane all to yourselves for the sake of appeasing Jungkook, but he understands wholeheartedly how startling it must’ve been for the guy at first.
The second day was when you filed for temporary medical leave from the company to your father himself, having to barely skim your letter and attached results before signing his name on it. In fact, the both of you knew that you had no idea if you wanted to continue working in the first place and the whole situation is as good as handling in your resignation letter. Everything that’s happened is abrupt and out of all the people you wouldn’t gauge why and how — your dad understands and doesn’t push you further.
The third through the sixth was when you kept yourself at your new apartment, the one that’s slightly too big for only one of you. It’s lived in judging by the somehow comfortable clutter you have going all over the place, and it reminds you that you did live a life before Jimin. You’ve indulged yourself in nothing besides rest you haven’t had in so long, barely even opening your phone throughout, going so far as to put it in one of your kitchen cabinets.
You have time and it’s all for yourself with no one to wait for or wonder what time they’re coming home. There is time and you’re the only one privy to it, not having to worry if it would still be you the next day.
The twenty-five years you’ve lived don’t feel like they belong to you at all. The time feels like it’s been borrowed and doesn’t stop, not even once, for you. It keeps ticking away and you’ve only spent most of it thinking about what you could do for the next time you hear it click in your mind, no pause in-between.
You feel like they don’t belong to you at all because it feels as if you’ve lived for everyone but yourself. You used to live for the younger version of you, resembling a hollow glass sculpture of who’s supposed to be your inner child; your inner child that doesn’t remember what it’s like to be tucked to bed or kissed goodnight.
You used to live for the future phantom of you, what could’ve been you if only you are exactly the child that your father wanted. You’ve lived through thousand of hours being exactly what he wanted you to be, remembering the short-lived gratificiation you’ve felt when he was the one that pinned your wings and your shoulderboards despite loathing them.
You used to live for Jimin, the one you love or atleast loved the most. It’s beyond futile to deny that he’s the one who occupies your mind the most despite weeks having passed. For all the people you’ve lived for, your time with him is the on you’ve felt yourself the most. It feels as if living for him is the extension of living for your own, not having felt once through the better part of it all that being with him is an obligation you just needed to fulfill.
It’s been seven days since you got discharged.
Today’s the seventh day and it’s when your father called you asking if he could see you, picked you up, and drove the two of you to his house that’s too big to be occupied alone.
You know him for his wealth. One of the distinct things you know your own father for is his material, tangible, and unmistakable wealth. You don’t know him for his love. Don’t know him for his cooking or his quirky hobbies. Don’t know him that much for anything besides his wealth because it’s only one of few things he’s reminded you of with the presence.
For the rare and handful family portraits that you have, it’s evident just how much money he has. He’s clad in unmistakably expensive suits that Taehyung’s very own clothes do not stand a chance against them. For the choreographed poses by the photographer, his hand would either be on your mother’s shoulder or on your own but the most noticeable part of it would be the watch on his wrist, standing out even in black and white photos. He’s a tall man — a tall man with an even taller stack of money for his own disposal anytime, the type to have a problem with wallets because he has too much.
“Where does it hurt?” your father asks and you blank at it, not a stray glance to his side of the couch.
He doesn’t know you. You don’t know if he knows you’re hurting or if it’s an extremely lucky guess. Does he know your habits? Does he know when you’ll cry and how should he hold you if you actually do? Does he know your hurt and how it extends further than he could think of?
You don’t know him. He doesn’t know if you know that he’s been making conscious efforts. Don’t know him enough to know that the wrinkles he has aren’t from age but from these past few years alone when he’s rediscovered you after graduation. Don’t know him enough to tell that he wakes up in cold sweats out of guilt more oftenly with the thoughts that he could’ve raised you better. Do you know how he’s worried sick, yet you can’t tell if he’s lying because you can’t discern the look on his face?
It’s been too long. Far too long that you don’t even recognize your own blood and flesh.
“I’m not hurting.”
His mouth dries, his face softening as he grasps his hands.
“You don’t need to lie to me.”
He makes you clench your jaw and it’s the most emotion you’ve felt the whole week. You think you wouldn’t be bitter anymore given the years that have passed. That you’ve long accepted your fate and yet when he says it like this, in a way that makes you think for a single second that he knows you enough to know that you’re lying, you think that you’ve never moved on in the first place.
“You didn’t need to make me grow up alone so quickly by myself.”
You realize that you were young — you were too young to go through such hurt you shouldn’t have felt in the first place. Your father cheated multiple times, that one was never under wraps. Your mother was emotionally unavailable, obviously evident how she smiles harder at a newly-bought bag rather than your nanny telling her that you’ve memorized the multiplication table.
It was either one parent at a time or none at all. They were together and yet they’re absent. Neither of them are martyrs, that much you know. Your mother’s had enough and you don’t blame her for it. You’re not mad that she prioritized herself, isolating you in the process. You’re not mad that she kept staying the night away until she eventually left completely.
“And I regret everything I’ve ever done and didn’t do,” your father’s been hoping for an interaction with you, no matter how explosive it could be. He’s been waiting patiently to prepare himself for the hurt and yet he didn’t anticipate that it would hurt this much. That even his own words feel so far-fetched if he takes everything into consideration. “I-I want to fix my relationship with you, dear.”
The endearment reminds you of Mr. and Mrs. Park but the words feels different coming from him compared to them.
The way they say it is fluid. It’s natural. It’s warm and sounds like endearment in its rawest form.
The way your father says it is foreign. It’s unnatural and unsettling. It’s stale and feels like contaminated and bitter honey on your fingertips.
“And part of it is becoming honest.”
“What’re you gonna tell me now?” you quietly fumble with your fingers, soft tone reflecting his. “That you can’t come home for dinner? That your layover’s taking longer than usual?”
It’s quiet. It’s unnerving. It’s completely silent and it should be, given how there are years of unresolved tension from his side alone before it’s combined with yours.
Your father’s uneasy and he doesn’t know if he even deserves to be uncomfortable of the truth that’s caught on the base of his throat.
A mere fact he’s known all this time and yet it’s only know that he has trouble digesting it, hurt to know that if this pains him this much, he can’t even begin to imagine yours.
He should be honest to you. He should bare everything that he’s never said to you simply because he owes you transparency in a way he can’t even fathom.
Thinks once, twice.
He knows you’re hurting but he doesn’t know the entirety of why. Doesn’t know what you’ve been going through but he wishes he did. He knows it’s selfish of him but if only you could let him in as much as he’s doing now, even if laying down the truth on you is far too belated.
“You have a brother, Y/N.”
For a moment, he regrets it.
Would you have been better off not knowing? If he does you good by letting you know, he regrets that he’s said this now.
Should’ve been more thoughtful. Should’ve been considerate. You’re hurting and yet he lays down what he assumes is as explosive as a bomb to you only a week after your discharge. He should’ve been a responsible father; he should’ve been a lot of things.
“What do you mean?” you swallow to remind yourself that your voice is caught on your throat but it doesn’t feel like your own. You don’t recognize your own. “I’m an only child.”
This shouldn’t be far-fetched. Your father sleeps around and it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone’s a product of it. Someone you’re unfamiliar with but shares the same blood as you do when you grew up thinking that you were alone.
You should’ve expected something or atleast someone from your father but you don’t know why it hurts this much. Why it hurts this much even if you’ve been long bracing yourself for the impact you think would hit you anytime — just not this.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers out, unable to look you in the eyes for all the reasons available. “Y-you have a half-brother.”
“Who came first?” the question plays out in your mind, something you want to know further because you know for a fact that you have nothing else to lose. “Me or him?”
Whatever the answer may be, it shouldn’t hurt significantly more than you’re hurting now. His silence is your confirmation. The weight of the world feels like it’s perched on your shoulders and you don’t know how you’ve managed to stay still all this time, the sudden realization making you conscious of the weight tenfold.
“Were you already married to her at the time?”
You’ve never been alone. Your brother came before you and yet you’re the one who’s supposed to be the first and only of your parents. They were already broken even before your came along. You’ve grown up alone and you had the opportunity not to.
You’re mad at your dad. For being an adulterer and having a kid. Did he ever take care of him? Did he ever take the responsibility? Or is it only you that grew up by yourself in this way?
You’re mad at your half-brother. It wasn’t his fault to be born and not once had tried to wiggle his way into your family. You would’ve hated him if he did but you would’ve loved the companionship. His presence alone would remind you, or the younger version of you if only you knew earlier, that you’re not alone.
You’re mad at your mother for never stepping up to be one. The more forgiving part of you thinks it’s irrational because maybe she never wanted to be one in the first place but it shakes you to your core. Maybe, just maybe, it was better to have lived in a lifetime other than this even if it forsakes anything and anyone you’ve ever lived for.
You were born into walls that were already loveless, and if there was love in the first place, it’s long been tainted and out of your reach.
“I’m sorry for everything.”
it’s pathetic for him to apologize and the both of you know it. It’s said out of formality and yet it seems impossible to practice it in actuality.
“You don’t need to apologize.”
He’s crying and he hiccups to see you still. Just as still as how you came here and as still as you remain to be.
“I should be used to hurting.”
You need a change of scenery, that much you know.
You need a change of everything; you’re no longer in the place you want to be.
You want to protect yourself; build your own safety net by the own reservations you make.
For today and all the tomorrows you could think of as far, you have no one but yourself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Soomin is twenty-one.
She’s grown-up well as what a lot of people have told her and praised her, either to her face or to her family or even in the occasional DM she’d get from people she barely knows now.
She’s beautiful, that’s what people tell her a lot. Often does she get complimented in the same breath as her older brother but she isn’t affected by it now, seeing how it makes sense that she’s pretty but she looks so much like him that she can’t deny her resemblance to Jimin. They practically have the same features but how they differ is their own charm, Jimin being the one who’s more outgoing and charismatic type while Soomin’s the more reserved yet loving type.
She’s smart too, that’s what her grades and professors tell her. She’s a dean lister and a full scholar. People come to her if they need help, almost rarely the other way around. She’s studious and yet she doesn’t let the knowledge of her being better get to her head; consistent enough to know what she’s capable enough, but never boastful of what she possesses.
Soomin feels like she should have it all with the way people praise her. It should elate her infinitely but she doesn’t know why it makes her uncomfortable to receive so much of it, genuinely confused if she even deserves it all.
She’s too poised to be as graceful, a have-it-all, that she feels pressured. Unworthy, even.
She’s stuck to the same routine she feels like she’s always had. Always been in a hurry to go home to be in the comfort of her house’s warmth as soon as the bell rings, making up excuses to turn down any extra responsibilities and commitments that keep her away from home. In fact, her parents encourage her to go out with her friends and of the like, but she finds no need for it. She has her home, that much is enough.
It was enough during those times.
She feels like she’s been wearing the same clothes for years. Some are hand-me-downs from Jimin that she exchanges using as her going-out clothes and as her pajamas. The colors in her closet don’t adhere to the people she knows that has an exact outfit for every occasion. Even opening her cabinets don’t feel as joyous as what she feels when she opens her friends’, being so used to seeing the same old garments.
It didn’t bother her when she was younger.
She feels like she’s had the same hair for years. The same haircut in the same natural color. The occasional long curtain bangs and side pieces she does herself that grows out before she even notices. She feels unlike herself yet she wears the same skin everyday but she doesn’t know which one of the two should she alter.
Soomin feels like she’s changed.
She’s smart and pretty and she doesn’t feel like she’s any of those things. She’s sensible and calculating but she no longer wants to.
She’s been the same person her whole life and it makes her want to grip her hair because nothing seems to ground her anymore — not even the same praises from people who preach her for being exactly who she is and has always been, making her loathe herself altogether.
Soomin is twenty-one when she lets go and no longer wants to think of the consequences, even if it’s just this one night.
She didn’t have to sneak out of the house because she tells her parents that she’s going out and according to her knowledge, they were the one who’s been encouraging her to do so all this time. She didn’t sneak out and yet it feels like at it with the way they gawk at her, soon picking up their jaws from the floor as they bid her goodbye with kisses on her cheek.
She didn’t feel guilty when she loaned a dress from her new blockmate, the one that has more skin, the one that’s more unlike her.
She didn’t feel apologetic when she comes into the already-noisy club as a part of her own crowd, most of them her newfound friends from this semester and a couple of their own plus-ones.
Soomin lets herself become reckless as she downs shot after shot and has enough to realize that she’s not a lightweight, much like how Jimin brags to be, but she definitely feels the kick and burn within her body.
She lets herself become curious when she’s offered a joint and politely takes one puff of it before passing it around in to the next one in the circle she doesn’t even realize she’s included in, happy enough to know that she doesn’t stick out that much.
She lets people bump into her without scowling at them. Lets guys put their hands on the small of her back as the most she’s done is roll her eyes at them playfully and giggling, not going any further than that.
She realizes that perhaps, it’s more fun and liberating to be this way. To not be as smart or as rational like how she strives to be at all times. She looks out for herself, of course, but not so much to the point that fending for her safety and wellbeing in a club as packed and busy as this become her main priority because if it was, she would already be coming home sober.
She’s not entirely comfortable, but she feels happy.
She’s not entirely okay with the scene of it all, but her stomach feels full and her cheeks are hurting from smiling.
Soomin lets the night be.
She lets whatever’s supposed to happen, happen. She hops on flow after flow until it comes to a stop, letting that halt become her limitation for the night.
And it does halt.
It does halt when the car she’s riding in screeches and skids, the sudden ringing in her ears and the pounding in her chest coming to her senses first before she realizes what’s happened.
Soomin is twenty-one when she feels like she’s dying.
Her mind goes out to her parents, on how they’d cope if she dies and who’d look out for them since it’s been years since Jimin moved out.
Her mind goes out to Jimin, on how he’d ever smile if she passes away at the very second.
To you, on how you’d take the news of her possible death as she’s your little sister figure, if you still think of her as such, and how you’d react.
To Miso, who’s settled into their home two years ago. Who will feed her? Who will she cuddle up to? Will she notice her absence?
To all the momentary figures she’s ever met that she serves as a passing recollection to. The childhood friends she invited a couple times to the first few birthdays of her life. The seatmates she’s had and the people she’s lent pencils to. The people she’s smiled to and thanked — will they light a candle for her?
Soomin is twenty-one when she cries while she bleeds because she doesn’t want to suffer alone.
( ♡ )
Jimin is twenty-nine.
He is twenty-nine when he realizes that he has no grand plans for his future, not even the faintest idea of it at bay.
He no longer thinks about his next big purchase or anything that’s bigger than the last thing he’s achieved. He doesn’t keep track of his aspirations because he learns that he barely has any for the far future. There’s no lists nor planners because one of the only things that reminds Jimin he’s still living for tomorrow are the emails that he sends himself that would act as his schedule for the next day.
Jimin stopped having grand plans since three years ago.
He has had no grand plans ever since you, three years ago.
He has no grandiose outline for his future and it’s the truth yet he feels empty when someone asks him about it, just either dismissing with a laugh or answering directly. Either way, he’d get looks of worry and pity and he hates being on the receiving end of them, which is why the phrase he uses now when asked is that he has no plans for the future yet since he’s present-oriented.
He’s present-oriented because the only thing in his mind is what he could order that can be considered as dinner from this newly-opened cafe that Yoongi wanted to check out and invite him to in the process.
It was weird enough that they’re eating dinner at a cafe and even more-so being in one at night when they’re actually looking for a meal, but it would suffice. Yoongi and him haven’t hung out outside of a work for quite some time, even if they spend almost everyday with each other at work.
Yoongi and him are alright. Not the best, but clearly better than how they used to be.
Yoongi was mad at him for the better part of three years and Jimin doesn’t blame him for it and in fact, his friend’s loathing for him afterwards was what grounded him. Humbled him, even. Months after the two of you were over, he could have a vaguely good day in which his lips turned into the faintest hint of a smile and all it takes is one look at Yoongi’s scowl for him to remember that he has little to no reason at all.
They were rocky, even more of a miracle that Yoongi didn’t break off his friendship with Jimin completely. He was one of the top people in his list that he apologized sincerely to, knowing that he had hurt him by his extension over what he did to you.
When Yoongi had caught news of your incident, he practically cried himself to sleep because out of all the people he knew, you should be the last person to even go through immeasurable pain after immeasurable pain. He recalls learning the news through Soomin, then seeing Jimin the same afternoon of, decking him hard enough to make him stumble back, before he turned in early and cried himself to sleep.
Especially during the first few months, they wouldn’t exactly fight — how it would go is that Yoongi would raise his voice to Jimin and the latter accepts it all, not even defending himself because he knows that he wasn’t in the right in the first place.
He would be antagonizing him further and Yoongi only felt minimal guilt in doing so. He would mumble snide comments under his breath whenever he’s near him, barely having to look at the younger’s guy down-set eyes to know that he’s heard him loud and clear.
Would be petty at times too. There were more than a couple times that he snatched Jimin’s phone whenever he wasn’t looking and would hide it, although it conflicted him when Jimin doesn’t even bother looking for it and goes home without it; he probably doesn’t even realize with the way he’s detached even from even his own self.
The two of them are still friends. There’s been a shift between them for sure but they’re still brothers to a degree, no doubt stemming from their synergy in and out of their studios.
Their cafe dinner is Yoongi’s idea and Jimin could now clearly see why when he puts down the menu and his friend’s still looking at it when normally, it would only take him a second to skim before choosing.
“We should open another business venture.”
The abruptness of words that come out of Yoongi’s mouth makes Jimin chuckle, putting his arms across his chest as he tilts his head.
“What are you talking about?” he squints, pouting while he counts with his fingers. “We signed five deals in this week alone.”
Yoongi’s had this idea in his mind for the longest time. Technically he could do it all by his own but he finds it hard to do it himself, now that he knows how much success he’s gotten just by pitching the idea of a small run-down studio to Jimin back when they were college students.
They’re friends. They’re practically brothers. If Yoongi had to pitch the most ridiculous business deal to a person to save him from a life-and-death situation in less than two minutes and get approval and support, it would be Jimin.
“Believe me, I know that,” he murmurs as he turns his face to the side, blocking the girl who’s been taking pictures of them for the entire fifteen minutes that they’ve been here. “But we can’t do this gig forever, y’know?”
Jimin solemnly nods, looking at his shoes as he becomes honest, tapping his fingers rhythmically on the table.
“I do. I just can’t think that far ahead to see the future where we aren’t producers anymore.”
Yoongi completely disregards Jimin’s reply to him, nodding and squinting as he knows he’d get him to budge sometime these days.
“I’m thinking of a cafe. It’d look so cozy and shit, it’d be sick.”
“Nice,” he snorts, leaning back to his chair lazily. “We only have a million other cafes to compete with in this block alone.”
“Oh yeah? Let’s hear what your idea is then.”
Yoongi challenges, internally excited because he’s gonna get Jimin to talk and open up eventually into agreeing. He’d be open to suggestions, sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be accepting them.
“I do want to start something eventually,” Jimin relents much to his dismay, leaning forward to get his phone that’s vibrating from his back pocket. “I just don’t know what it is yet.”
Yoongi deadpans and is told to hold his thoughts as Jimin’s eyes skim to his phone to see an unknown number ringing him up, accepting it but not talking first in case it would just be a crazed fan of his work.
The impatience plastered on Yoongi’s face disappears soon enough the moment he sees Jimin’s features shift into something that’s heartbreakingly similar.
Something so heart-dropping.
Jimin is twenty-nine when he feels the paralyzing heartburn in his chest again that spreads all the way to the tips of his fingers.
Car accident.
( ♡ )
Mr. and Mrs. Park aren’t holding up well at all.
Jimin’s dad quit smoking two and a half years ago but he feels like his lungs are caving, his eyes automatically tearing up to see his daughter in a hospital bed that looks far too foreign underneath her.
He’s tried his best to make her feel okay, ringing up the front desk politely even if he’s heaving with tears to get her what she likes. Mr. Park too utmost care in putting pillows on either side of Soomin because even when she was a kid, she wanted to be surrounded when she slept. Wanted to have a barrier so that ghosts and monsters wouldn’t reach her while she slept, the fluffy casings enough to ward them away.
Soomin’s just sleeping. She’s just asleep and tired, only this time it’s not on her bed. He wants to protect her so bad from anything that could harm her and yet he didn’t manage to protect her last night, blaming it on himself even it what happened to her isn’t within in his control.
She hasn’t been sickly nor took even a single trip to the hospital even when she was young. She was eager as a baby to take all her vitamins and didn’t loathe them just like how her older brother did. When she was learning to ride the bike, she didn’t get fussy when her dad put on every piece of protective gear he could look for, and in fact, she encouraged it even.
She has an umbrella in her bag even if the weather report didn’t say it would rain because she hates getting sick; hates feeling helpless even if it’s just a cold that makes her sinuses blocked and her head heavy. She lays to rest when her eyes strain during studying because she’d hate to pour in all the effort, only to feel the starting effects of a fatigue-induced fever the next day.
Soomin has a couple of bruises and a cast. There’s a stitch on the side of her forehead. There’s darkness underneath her eyes and she doesn’t look at peace now that she sleeps. Without those, she looks perfectly fine.
Jimin’s mom has yearly check-ups with excellent results but now she feels sick from her bones within. Her knees want to give out as if they’ve never been alright before, bearing the weight that her heart carries. This is the time that she truly feels gravity — heavy as it sinks her down to her knees and she can’t get up because the pull is simply too powerful.
Soomin doesn’t like seeing her cry. The two of them would fight the most and yet even if their arguments would get out of hand sometimes and doors would be slammed, Soomin makes sure to peek at her mom before she goes to sleep, draping a handkerchief on the doorknob for her to wipe her tears with.
She’s the closest to Soomin, not even denying when Jimin teases her about it.
Mrs. Park hurts when she sees Soomin hurt. Her heart clenches whenever she sees her daughter staring off into space with the emptiest look on her eyes, shaking it off away when she asks her if she’s okay. Her chest tightens when she knows that she can’t relieve Soomin from her pain that she doesn’t even know because she won’t tell.
Soomin doesn’t like being a burden to her family. She doesn’t want to be deadweight because she already feels guilty when her dad urges her to just get Jimin’s share of dinner if she wants more; even if it’s her brother, her family, and what family does.
Mrs. Park practically collapses on his son’s arms with how weighed-down she feels, crying to his shoulder.
“What do we do, Jimin?”
Jimin drove himself as fast as he could and yet nothing could ever prepare him for the sight of Soomin sleeping, seemingly unharmed without her few injuries but it pains him twice as much.
His sister means the world to him.
Seeing her sleeping in pain is what shakes him to the center of his gravity, holding his mother out of muscle reflex and yet he feels vacant, the words leaving him in genuine disarray.
“I-I don’t know.”
Jimin carries the weight of his parents on his arms and Soomin’s on his heart as he watches, standing in the middle of the room as he looks at them, at her.
He thought he’d never get to feel this pain again in his life and yet he doesn’t know that his hurt lasts and extends for more than a lifetime, his own tears streaming as he shakes his head repeatedly.
“I don’t know.”
Soomin’s the first person that made Jimin become a better person growing up. He hated the concept of her when he was eight years old because he thought his parents’ attention would only be on him. He’s fared for 8 years more than okay and now his parents tell him that he’s gonna have a baby sister? His mind was of a literal child’s at the time and was selfish, yet the moment his uncle drove him over to the hospital where his mom gave birth and his dad stood watch, he understood.
The moment his mom beckons him to sit beside her on the bed to hold Park Soomin, his baby sister, in what his arms could scoop up — he understood loyalty.
Jimin understood loyalty when he promised to himself that he’d never let anyone nor anything harm Soomin the moment she came into the world.
He served as great help to their parents as he practically had to shoo them just so he could give Soomin her bottle, making sure to elevate her head and support her neck. He was the one who adjusted the hot water to make sure it wouldn’t make her shriek, even if it meant undergoing through a series of trial and error just to give her a bath.
He would gather his allowance every week and eat from his friend’s lunchboxes to buy Soomin a red toy because he’s heard once that it was good for a baby’s sensory and cognitive skills. Jimin would boast about her to everyone in his homeroom class, barely even cleaning up the floors as he rushes home because he yells that his sister needs him, definitely classifying her baby babble as her signal for looking for her older brother.
Just like when she was a baby, through her toddler and teenage years, Jimin watches over her like a hawk. He’s urged his parents to atleast get something to eat downstairs to distract themselves even for a little while, making sure to call them even if his instincts feel that his little sister’s bound to wake up soon.
He’s hurt but he prioritizes her hurt first, doing everything at once while she sleeps to get to the bottom of things.
Soomin wakes up exactly at the moment her entire family is there, looking down on her with teary yet awaiting eyes.
She croaks, immediately being replaced with a broken giggle when she hears the collective sigh of relief from her family.
She’s groggy. Maybe it’s the grogginess. Maybe it’s the pain.
It’s only normal that she feels disoriented because she was in a car accident merely hours ago and it’s the crack of dawn at the moment.
She does a mental headcount, clocking everyone in.
Her mom’s standing next to her dad on her left side. Her brother’s standing on her right.
They watch her intensely as they’re about to ask what’s going on in her mind, choosing to know her thoughts before asking her what had happened as they wait for the doctor and the official report.
“Where’s my sister?”
Soomin asks definitively as her head whips arounds, peering into the corners of her hospital room, oblivious to how her family reacts.
“I saw Y/N awhile ago,” she says it to herself more than she says it to them, tilting her head in confusion in a pout. “I swear.”
She asks again as the doctor comes in. She’s confused as to why her family looks like they’re seeing ghosts — how Jimin hasn’t left his spot once in confusion unlike their parents, how not a single hair on him is out of place but he’s dematerializing from the inside out.
“Where’s my sister?”
( ♡ )
Yoongi’s mind is running on nothing but concern and secondhand panic.
The moment Jimin left the cafe abruptly without even a mumbled excuse as to why, he could feel it in his bones that it was serious. An emergency that Jimin can never pass up on with the way his movements are similar, in the same way that he moved when your incident had happened.
The food’s long-forgotten because it only takes Yoongi a total of three seconds before he dashes out of the door to chase after Jimin, worried at the way he’s panicked and how he knows his friend would absolutely stop at nothing, fearing for his safety even if he doesn’t the context of why he’s in this state at all.
He tailed him all the way as he tries to catch up with Jimin’s speed, his hazard lights on as he switches from lane to lane, honking excessively to clear the path all the way to the front for Jimin, his instincts settling faster than his reason.
Yoongi has a bad feeling in his gut in the same way that he’d experience when he’s watched Jimin waste himself away due to his own faults. His friend’s long changed and this situation just felt different, different in the sense that he’s entirely frazzled with the way he’s erratic.
Yoongi just follows Jimin inside the hospital, stopping when he walks through the room with no hesitance and Yoongi realizes that Jimin must not have even noticed that he tailed him in the first place, staying rooted on the ground as he waits outside the door.
All he needed was a faint glimpse inside at the flash of the door swinging open and shutting closed, two figures that he knows so well and the sound of heartbreak, one figure lying on the hospital bed.
He could only piece what he had seen but it’s enough to get his mind running and his heart hurting at the thought, his ears unable to block out the sounds of Jimin’s parents cries even if the door has long been closed.
What Yoongi does is wait.
What he does is be there for Jimin.
It’s been an hour since he’s been waiting from outside the room; he doesn’t know for what or for whom. He saw Mr. and Mrs. Park leave once but they don’t recognize him as they’re clearly preoccupied in hurting as what it seems like. He keeps steady watch of the door as he watches the two of them rushingly come back to it again not a full hour later, taking a glimpse once more.
He could only hope Jimin’s okay.
This time it’s different and yet Yoongi isn’t too sure that he wouldn’t throw himself away just like the last time something as grave as this happened.
Jimin walks out of the room and straight to where he sat with no questions asked, breaking down beside Yoongi as he cries for no end.
His sobs are stuck on his throat and his fingers are trembling, shaking even more when they do nothing on stopping the barrage of tears from his eyes. He explains as he heaves, a gentle hand on his back for him to take his own pace on telling him what happened.
He stays like that for the longest time until Yoongi could hear his throat cracking but he wouldn’t stop sniffling, eyes already burning out of pressure.
“Atleast drink some water.”
He nudges him as Jimin’s head is too heavy that he rested it on his shoulder, shaking a bottle of water right in front of his face that’s meant with no interaction.
The water isn’t the problem; it doesn’t even amount to anything against the elephant of the room that he dances around, skipping by it as his only intention was to tell Yoongi what happened to relieve the pain on his chest and for nothing else.
“You should call her, Jimin.”
Yoongi addresses it while Jimin’s the least hysterical he’s been for the past hour, suddenly feeling the weight from his shoulder being relieved as he shot straight up.
His eyes are bloodshoot and every bit of him hurts but he shakes his head no, closing his eyes as he swallows the lump on his throat.
The doctor said it was only temporary. All the necessary and precautionary tests have been done, not one result pointing to the possibility that yielded to amnesia or severe trauma.
Soomin knows all the important dates in history. She knows when her parents were married, when Jimin was born, and her own birthday. She knows all the schools she’s been to and even their chants. She knows what’s the color of their family car and breezed through the question what color was the wainscoting in their house because it didn’t have any. Soomin knows what happened, albeit blurry in a sense.
“It’s just a false memory. Soomin’s still hazy,” the doctor explains kindly at the revelation that Soomin, in fact, does not have a sister. He’s been made aware in a short explanation that the name Y/N she kept looking for is her brother’s ex, nodding in understanding. “The fog in her mind will clear up eventually.”
It’s brain fog, something completely normal after an accident like hers. Her mind’s jumbled and clouded and bears difficulty in differentiating reality, but it’s only for now.
It went as far as the doctor suggesting his professional assumption, unaware that he hit home unknowingly.
“This sister of hers probably has been a coping mechanism for Soomin when she was waiting for help, detailing to how she even saw her, not unless she was physically there awhile ago. Maybe the sister she speaks of was the last person in her mind before she passed out, and she’s looking for her now that she’s awake.”
Jimin didn’t know what to do when he had heard the doctor.
Jimin doesn’t know now what to do when Yoongi, out of all the people he’d least expect to push him into contacting you, is practically begging him.
“We’re talking about Soomin, Jimin.”
“I know.”
He knows how you love her entirely, separately from him.
Knows how you would’ve loved her as a little sister even if you hadn’t even met him.
“I don’t want her to be tied up to me,” he shakes his head somberly, fiddling with his fingers as he lays his head back on Yoongi’s shoulder. “I don’t want her to feel obligated.”
Jimin knows it’s for the best. This would be the best. His guilt can’t bear stringing you along once again even if it’s indirect, refusing to come to you and barge in as if he had the right to do so; as if you’re indebted to him and he had the right to demand you to do one more thing for him.
“She doesn’t owe anything to me.”
“Even if Soomin needs her?”
Yoongi’s frustrated because out of all the times that he knew Jimin would want to see you, be with you, and now that he has a chance to do so even if the intention is not for his own appeasement — Jimin refuses.
“Because I’m Soomin’s brother at the end of the day,” he taps on his knee in succession, inhaling once after every rotation. “And it feels beyond wrong to invite my ex that I cheated on, because my sister needs her.”
He doesn’t want to do you any more wrongs.
“It would be too selfish of me — of us.”
You’re a casualty of fate, a victim of coincidence — he doesn’t want you to be any of those.
Jimin doesn’t want to hurt you any longer, even if it’s at the expense of his sister who’d benefit from seeing you. Even if it’s at the benefit of Soomin who means the world to him, as long as he won’t get to hurt the one who encompasses his own universe.
He says it with conviction even if it feels heavy and uneasy, trying to convince himself more than he’s convincing Yoongi.
“Soomin will be okay.”
( ♡ )
You’re twenty-nine.
You are twenty-nine when you realize that you no longer want to draw the bigger picture; that you find no interest in stepping back from your canvas to see the wall that it’s hung on simply because you expect nothing to wait for you to change it.
You’re twenty-nine when you wholeheartedly admit that you refrain from having commitments and avoid them until you no longer feel the guilt when you avoid groupchats and take different seats to avoid conversation.
The three years that passed have treated you well someway somehow.
You left almost everything you’ve ever had but not everyone, not finding the heart within you to abandon them entirely.
Taehyung’s still in your life, a vital part at that. He knows your dad offered you a whole wad of money you can use to live your lifetime and still have some extra left when you handed in your official letter of resignation. At the same vein, he knows that you declined the offer.
He’s offered you the job that mixes in both of the only two you’ve ever had, only having to do it a few times but still with the gusto he thinks would suffice and it did, it does.
You’re his company’s pilot, tasked to be on-call to fly his family’s private jet when the need arises. Could be for Taehyung himself for business purposes, or if his parents simply just want to have a vacation. Could be for some of their executives that need to fly in and secure deals, could be for holiday destinations that Taehyung plans in-detail for months on end.
It’s only a few times a month, the added hours not even the same length of a week’s hours when you were a commercial pilot. The pay is good, the boss is good, and even the end of the day is good.
Jungkook remains in your life too, the whole reason why you have somewhere you can call home after you abruptly left yours. He was due to move out anyway and after knowing your entire situation, he was more than eager to rent out his apartment to you. It was purely luck that he even accepted your payment for your first month of renting because you feel like his family and he shouldn’t charge family, but you insisted nonetheless.
He was willing to drop almost everything to join you at Taehyung’s company in order to be your co-pilot, willing to leave everything he’s made progress because having you as his captain is better than any hours he’d get.
Of course you denied, making him stay at the company where he is and has been in longer than you were — you did resign, but not without handing in your letter of recommendation to promote Jungkook as captain to your father, calling it in as a favor that he immediately granted.
Yoongi, most importantly, is still with you.
You both know that he wouldn’t drop neither friendships with you or Jimin and it doesn’t bother you, knowing that his loyalty for either one of you doesn’t change his moral compass towards what happened in the first place.
You’ve seen him a couple times for the past three years and although it’s significantly less than how the two of you used to hang out before all this, what matters to you is that he’s still here with you.
You meet up with Yoongi tonight, insisting to treat him to dinner as your advance birthday present to him. You’ve talked about it weeks prior, reckoning how he’s been looking forward to it the whole time.
The two of you have never stopped being friends — you know him.
You know him when something’s plaguing his mind, a look of unease on his features that he would always have difficulty in trying to hide.
The two of you have been here for the past half hour and yet it’s only been you who’s touched the food, finally breaking into asking him rather than waiting for him to speak.
Yoongi’s pupils tremble, tilting his head as he gauges the fact that you’ve been easy this whole time because you’re clueless.
“He hasn’t told you?”
You know who he is and it settles a bitter taste in your mouth, the iron washing away when you find it in Yoongi’s eyes that he’s not just saying anything to fuck with your mind or anything of the sort.
His eyes are strangely familiar with the same heartburn you’ve felt three years ago, only this time it’s much different.
“I’m honest, Y/N,” he whispers under his breath, looking down on the floor to avoid your curious gaze. “I’m sorry.”
He doesn’t know if he’s at the right place to do this but he knows it would be wrong if god forbid anything happens to either of the people he cares about, right with the knowledge that he could’ve atleast done something.
“I-I don’t know if or how I should tell you either but it’s just,” he shakily exhales, making eye contact with you to which all he gets is the hurt in your eyes, all too familiar to him. “I’m honest.”
You listen even if the hurt persists in your chest, unknowing of the ache that’ll settle when Yoongi opens his mouth next.
“Soomin got into an accident.”
( ♡ )
The hurt you feel in your chest is unlike any pain you’ve ever experienced before.
The pain of it sticks to your skin before it penetrates your heart, leaving a trail of discomfort in its wake. It feels as if the pain is materialized into something heavy that sits on your chest proudly, making you claw at it and look down only to see nothing.
Soomin was once your family, the mildly irrational part of the back of your head confirming that she still is. She’s your personification of a sibling even before you knew you had one; even before you knew the true concept of family and how it’s harsh and unforgiving as much as it’s portrayed to be gentle and loving.
She’s the only Park Soomin you’ll ever know.
Eating dinner with Yoongi is the least of your priorities now that he’s dropped the truth on you out of nowhere, a fresh truth that merely happened just two days ago that it hasn’t even begun scabbing at the edges.
You wonder if she’s hurt.
Wondering if Soomin is hurt puts a knot on your stomach because you remember her cries when she was thirteen, recalling that it was only your third time coming over at Jimin’s family home when you hear her shriek. The two of you barely knew each other by then and yet it was only the third meeting that you saw her genuinely hurt, her tears and her whines of pain enough to remind you how you froze when you look at her.
She slipped from the fifth to the last step of the stairs and toppled all the way down from there, badly twisting her ankle that she sobs that she heard something twist and snap so badly that it instantaneously brought tears to her eyes.
It was only you and Jimin downstairs, preparing for what was supposed to be lunch, before Soomin hurt herself on the stairs.
It was too quick. It was too quick for everyone to react accordingly and realize that the moment Soomin fell in pain, the first person to reach her was not Jimin, but you.
You can’t remember the event in detail with how frazzled you were but Jimin clearly can.
He can remember it from the way your eyes snapped away from him and how they went wide, dropping the spoon on the counter carelessly.
He recalls it down to how you eyebrows furrowed in concern as you dash to his little sister, a sob of concern stuck in your throat as you lift her up slightly and assess her with trembling eyes.
Jimin saw the way you stroked her hair and wiped her sweat of panic from her forehead with the back of your hand, looking at him desperately as you ask for help to relieve Soomin’s pain.
What happened to Soomin, one that involves her being in pain, matters to you more than your own standing with her brother at the moment.
The thought of her being in pain overrules you entirely as you work in muscle memory to drive yourself to Jimin’s studio late at night when you got past the traffic from what was supposed to be your dinner with Yoongi, not stopping for anything or anyone.
You look for his studio, his shoes, just anything that would tell you he’s here, head frantically whipping around to search for him or atleast a semblance of his presence.
Until you find him.
Until your eyes finally land on him who’s just as breathless and frozen as you are.
Three years have passed and Jimin’s in front of you.
Jimin looks the same at surface-level, the only key differences from the last time you saw him is how his hair’s longer and is back to its natural color, no longer the faded blonde in your last meeting.
You look at him and you stop entirely, only a second of recognition being shared between the two of you before your anxiety over Soomin overpowers your shock for Jimin, the words tumbling out of your lips immediately.
“What happened to Soomin?”
Jimin feels like he’s underwater.
He’s underwater in the sense that he knows how to swim but he refuses to rise up to the surface, rooted down at the ground for god knows what reason. He can hear you, but he can’t talk to you. He can hear you, but your voice is muffled and having to hear it clearly means pulling himself up — and pulling himself up is what Jimin hasn’t been good at the past three years.
He’s underwater in the sense that he’s an experienced swimmer and is in a well-maintained and balanced pool that he can stay in without the need for goggles. He’s looking up at you from below the water and his eyes can see, but they sting.
He can stay down for as long as he can but at some point he needs to resurface to regain his breathing, finding himself answering you before he gets lost in the ocean of you again before he forces himself to be grounded under.
“She went to a club,” he explains as if the two of you have been seeing each other everyday to feel as casual, barely a barrier between. “She just wanted to have fun.”
Jimin adds at the end as if he doesn’t know you at all. He inputs it for good measure to be defensive as if he thinks you’re judgemental, even if he knew you wouldn’t and would be the last person to, most especially when it comes to Soomin.
You nod attentively, looking him by the eyes as if you haven’t spent the last three years not seeing his within the crowd.
You’re floating on the water in the sense that you’re not versed with swimming and it’s the only thing you can do, staying relaxed under pressure as if one wrong breath and you would be suffocating.
You’re floating on the water in the sense that you do it out of survival rather than enjoyment, the fatigue of just keeping yourself afloat about to catch up on you sooner or later that you stabilize yourself as much as you could .
“Got a couple of drinks, hopped into the back seat with her friends,” Jimin narrates from what he’s heard of the police officer in charge of the cameras, that conversation being wrapped up not even a full day ago. “The girl that was driving ran a red light through an intersection and,” his throat constricts, lodged around nothingness as he exhales sharply.
He can’t spell it out nor can he bring himself to. Even trying to recount the events hurt enough for him that he feels as if he’s been gutted at the stomach, the pain manifesting into something much bigger than he is.
“Her side of the car was the only one that’s badly hit,” he mumbles in detail, the footage replaying clearly in his mind. “But even if, they all left her alone.”
It hurts.
It hurts the most being the witness to someone else’s pain after it had already transpired. Jimin knows he can’t do anything about it and yet he hasn’t slept even a wink for the entire time that Soomin’s been home.
He stands watch outside of her room. She lets him sleep on the spare mattress on her floor because even if she offers just sleeping beside her, Jimin says no because she’s injured and wouldn’t want to risk rolling to her side when asleep and risking hurting her. In reality, Jimin didn’t even nap the entire time that he stayed over at Soomin’s room, eyes focusing so often on her figure to see if it was rising and falling — to see if she’s still there.
Your throat is constricted and if you were once floating above the water, you’re now dunked underneath it.
“The car,” your voice croaks, “was it blue?”
Jimin’s lost for a second over what you’re talking about but he connects is soon enough, nodding at the realization that Soomin’s friend’s car was indeed blue.
It’s all the confirmation you need when you feel the bile rise to your throat, eyes widening in panic and fluttering so slowly that he panics at the sight.
He’s just about to catch you because he thinks you’re gonna faint but you whisper, your hand coming up to your mouth as your voice trembles.
“Soomin was the one in the car?”
The realization hits you before the confusion creeps to Jimin, his chest tightening at your words.
“What do you mean?”
It’s pain that you’ve never felt that surrounds you as a whole, engulfing you piece by piece that you don’t know how to ask for salvation.
He’s concerned with the way your eyes well up with tears, an emotion he can’t gauge that he’s never seen out of the five years he’s known and been with you because it’s unlike no other.
“Jimin,” your voice trembles, his name leaving you in cracks. “I was the one who called the ambulance for her.”
“I-I didn’t know,” your head’s fuzzy with the way your mind goes to your tangent of guilt, the blood circulating to your fingertips coldly. “I had a flight and I was in a rush. I-I was in a taxi so we only passed by the car.”
The accident had been so hard to notice at all.
You were called in and you remember even putting the taxi’s windows down to clearly memorize the scene as you fumble with your phone to call for an emergency, trying to relay all the details.
A blue car with people walking away from the scene, confusing enough to see everyone of the barely harmed or none at all compared to the obvious crash on the side of the vehicle.
Your guilt of not helping out is relieved when you see some people get out of their own vehicles to rush to the intersection, joined by an enforcer soon enough.
It’s misplaced guilt that you may feel but you feel so bad nonetheless. Your heart’s burning at the thought that you saw Soomin get hurt and yet unlike the time she fell down the stairs, you didn’t rush to her.
You didn’t know and you didn’t rush to her to help. What you’ve did was look on her pain, one that you didn’t even know belong to her, as witness and call someone else who could relieve it for her.
Jimin remains still, eyes blinking slowly with no anger behind them.
“You were really there?” he all but whispers. “When she woke up, she said she saw you.”
“S-she saw me?”
“She was looking for you too,” he confirms, nodding his head as the ghost of a sad smile settles on his face. “She kept asking for her sister.”
Your heart hurts more than you’ve allowed it to.
“Doc said that she was disoriented at the time she woke up,” he adds to ease you but he doesn’t know if you need the reassurance in the first place because for all he knows, this upsets you more than he thinks it does. “It’s a case of brain fog, it’s normal. What she asked was somehow a false memory. Somehow a truth she believes. W-we were all just shocked.”
Shocked wouldn’t even be able to cover it.
Their mom cried even harder.
Their dad smiled, keeping his tears to himself.
Jimin remained underwater, breaking down even if he couldn’t resurface.
“I don’t know if you wanted to hear this,” he admits whole-heartedly, pursing his lips before looking at you. “I just wanted to let you know.”
Jimin feels the same sentiments he did when Yoongi got frustrated at him for not calling you, remembering his distance.
He discreetly takes a step back and yet you notice, his eyes settling on the floor as if you’ve burned him by your presence alone.
“You weren’t supposed to know in the first place.”
“You could’ve reached me.”
You’re honest when you say it. You’re sincere when you tell Jimin that he could’ve reached you and you would’ve allowed it given everything.
“I didn’t know how. I-I didn’t know where you were.”
And he didn’t — he truly didn’t know where you were or what you were doing.
He knew nothing about you and he knows he doesn’t have the right to wish for otherwise, knowing that being kept in the dark is a pain that doesn’t hold a candle to what he put you through.
“You could’ve asked Yoongi. He told me that he was offering my number to you too.”
Jimin shakes his head politely, looking down.
“I don’t want you to feel obligated to me. I-I can’t do that to you.”
“I’m not obligated to you anymore, Jimin,” you mumble but you know that he heard it loud and clear, running your thumb across your knuckles; honest with every word. “But I would’ve come if I known.”
He raises his gaze to meet yours but this time it’s you who avoids his, the truth that you know within your heart weighing much lighter than it should be that you feel unused to it.
“I would’ve come if you asked me to.”
Jimin cries.
He cries as he tearfully nods, sobbing into his hands restlessly.
“Is Soomin okay?”
You ask to get him out of it but he barely even responds, crying in front of you so hard that his hiccups rack throughout his whole body.
Your hand raises on its own before it barely grazes his arm, your head tilting in sincerity.
“Are you okay?”
It’s an accumulation of everything Jimin’s ever felt.
It is every pain combined to engulf him as a whole that it feels unreal and detached from his own heart, clueless to how he had even survived last night alone with his own thoughts.
Soomin’s the Sun that Jimin’s family revolves around to, the light of their days and nights that they don’t ever want to dull.
“Soomin’s okay. She’ll be okay,” he says throughout his sobs, trying to convince the both of you. “She’ll be okay.”
“Can I see her?”
You ask because you want to.
You ask because you genuinely want to see Soomin out of your own matters of the heart and not by obligation; not by former relations nor attachments.
“You can,” Jimin says the most surely he’s ever spoken for the past three days. “Of course you can.”
( ♡ )
“Are you sure you’d be okay?”
Hoseok, your half-brother, asks for the umpteenth time for the day.
It’s been three years since you’ve met him and not one meeting with him passed without him asking if you would be okay.
It wasn’t a question if you’re okay today — it’s a question to whether you’d be okay tomorrow.
You treasure him more than you’ve ever expected that you would come to love him as family, as someone of your own blood even if it isn’t full; even if you’ve sworn at first that you only have yourself.
You can’t even begin to describe the fulfillment that you feel when someone asks what’s your relation to him whenever the two of you would spend time together outside.
You never thought you’d be able to call someone your brother and for each time that you do, your inner child gets to sleep better at night.
“It’s been three years, Hobi.”
You were the one who reached out to him the week after your father let you know about his existence. His number was left to you out of a long-shot and yet you woke up one evening with the urge to call it, not expecting the immediate answer you would receive.
Hoseok knew about you.
He was waiting for your call.
“Time isn’t always enough,” Hoseok half-heartedly smiles because he would know; the two of you would know.
Your parents were married at one point in time (it’s a memory so distant that you can’t believe it) and had you five years later.
Despite that, Hoseok’s two years older than you, his mother being your dad’s former secretary.
He knows.
He would know.
He had drove out the next morning after you called him at night, only to blank immediately when he picked up and only managed to introduce yourself in a mumble.
The two of you have already established a relationship early on, making up for the lost time.
He’s honest just as you are. Knew how the other could be just as sensitive and vulnerable.
You know about Hoseok’s pains just like he knows yours.
“I wish I could’ve protected you earlier.”
Hoseok figures that the most logical thing he could ever describe what you mean to him, despite having only known each other properly for three years, is that you’re family.
You are his family and it’s an irrevocable truth he stands by.
“It’s none of our faults we’ve met this late into our lives,” you shake your head at him, telling him a truth you no longer blame yourself for. “If I hadn’t ended up in the hospital, who knows if I would’ve ever gotten to know about you?”
Hoseok brings out his resemblance with you with the way he deadpans, scoffing to the full effect.
“2/10. Not funny at all,” he playfully roll his eyes with no real harm to it, pushing you by your arm as he knocks down your racks of tissue paper on the bar to annoy you.
Hoseok is your family.
You have a brother, and you have a family of your own blood, regardless of its entirety or even the half of it.
“You could still protect me now.”
He smiles sweetly, ruffling your hair. “I know.”
Hoseok knows about your pains and he stand from afar to be your safety net, letting you figure it out alone as you’ve always done, but this time with a cushion to soften your fall.
“Guard your heart, Y/N,” he hugs you in your kitchen counter, the warmth of familial love being something you still need practice on to receive without bawling the next minute. “Let it be yours before you share it again.”
Hoseok, as your brother, sets himself up to be your safety net in the event that what you’ve decided on now — to see your ex-fiancé’s family and specifically his sister.
He won’t tell you what to do.
What he can do is try to protect you, even if it means letting you fall a few times.
“No one should be a saint.”
( ♡ )
Soomin is recovering.
She’s in recovery as she lays in her room, her head propped up as she watches from the new TV that Jimin’s gotten her because the last one got outdated so quickly, having to wack it by the receiver in order to lower the volume.
She’s gotten most of her strength for the most part. The only noticeable injuries she has is her cast that’s soon to be removed and the faint stitch that she has on the side of her forehead, choosing to just look at her reflection from the side whenever she looks at the mirror.
She knows everyone by their footsteps. She has them committed to memory infinitely since they’ve only entered her room for about a hundred times each within the past week, even memorizing Miso’s silent steps.
But Soomin thinks, she just thinks that her mind’s playing games with her when she hears a familiar set of steps, one that’s beyond familiar yet one that she hadn’t heard in years.
She’s about to bolt out of her bed as quickly as she could, effectively stopped when her door creaks open to reveal exactly who she thought it was.
You didn’t know what to expect when you show up at Jimin’s family’s house to visit Soomin and lift her spirits even for the tiniest bit, but you know that it was somehow this.
It was somehow this, along the same vein of warmth you’ve expected because Soomin practically jumped on you and embraces you so dearly, so warm to the point you swear you could feel damp droplets the crook of your neck.
“I missed you.”
She admits even if it’s never been a lie in the first place.
For three years, the two of you exchanged messages occasionally. The birthday ones and the holiday ones, the checking-up ones at the middle of the morning, the silent confessions of how she misses you to the point that it’s not even funny anymore.
“I missed you too, Minnie.”
His parents welcomed you long ago as soon as you arrived on their property, welcomed by hugs as their son stood the respectful distance away.
You don’t know where they are now but they excused themselves, if only you knew that they’re in their room uncontrollably happy to have seen you again and for you to be there for Soomin, no hidden agenda elsewhere with their son.
You had talked about this with Jimin. Talked to him about the prospect of visiting atleast one and staying only until dinner.
That’s your only plan.
Jimin thought he would’ve been content with that plan alone but when he peeks at Soomin’s door and sees the two of you hugging; the two of you happy and beaming, he realizes that Jimin only wants one plan for his future.
He feels happy in the sense that he’s never expected to see a sight like this again or for this day to ever come, regardless the context that it’s in. He feels empty however, in the sense that he finds himself wanting more, even if this single visit alone means the world to him.
It’s nearing dinnertime when you come downstairs to the sight of Jimin sniffling, the furthest thing away from even getting started on cooking family dinner in which you sit on your chair.
“I haven’t properly apologized to you in person for everything I’ve done to you,” he says sincerely, knowing that his letters to you in your voicemail wouldn’t count as much as this does. “I’m sorry.”
He apologizes the whole night, even through his gaze at the dining table.
Even through his waves goodbye to you as you pull your car out of the driveway.
Even through his curious glances when Soomin pulls you to her and pleads that you visit again.
( ♡ )
You think you will.
You think you’ll visit Soomin again.
The drive back to your apartment to freshen up just before your planned flight schedule does more than wake you up.
You haven’t drank anything and yet you feel like it sobered you completely. It’s opened your eyes in a way you can’t even fathom to be so aware of what you were doing.
It’s in the early morning as you stand by the entrance of the plane, customer service smile on display even if it isn’t Taehyung nor his family that you’re flying out.
You bow your head as the Head of Public Relations and what seems to be his plus one pass by you, only lifting your head once they go their ways to their own private cabin that’s separated.
It’s only after you flew the short distance and the sun rises that you’re thinking clearer than you used to, saying your customary greetings upon arrival.
It’s when the passengers’ cabin opens that you see her.
Eunji, all along, was the arm candy of the Head of Public Relations on your flight.
He’s married.
And it’s not to Eunji.
She recognizes you the moment her eyes lay on you, eyes widening in realization.
She’s intimidated. Much more intimidated than she could be.
“You must be Y/N.”
Her voice snaps you out of your thought process, unnerved to look at her which confuses her even more.
Shouldn’t you know who she is?
And yet you smile, shaking your head, rattling Eunji by barely pouring in the same effort that she does.
“And you are?” your brows raise, tilting your head as the both of you wait for the executive to gather his things, a faint smile on your lips.
“Sorry, I don’t know you by your name.”
People like Eunji never change, that much you could think of. She’s a flat personality with no development because it’s who she is, regardless of the guy she’s with.
It’s in her system, something she hasn’t managed to shake off.
It’s sobering to meet Eunji for the first and last time.
“I only know you by who you are.”
( ♡ )
Loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean loving every bit that comes with them, but in your case nothing about you was unworthy of the same love that he gives you.
It’s all too domestic, all too warm.
Having someone to take care of is something he’s already tried before. Loving you and taking care of you intimidated at him first because he didn’t know if he was loving you in the way you deserved to be loved. Your heart has far too much space to carry love for others and yet only the small bit of it was allotted to receive it, already filling to the brim with how he knows that his family fills it up.
He’s spent five years with you and three years without, yet there was not one moment that Jimin didn’t stop loving you — even in his sins, even through his despair.
“I’ve already made my peace. Forgive yourself, Jimin.”
You had only told him minutes ago downstairs when you walk down on him crying again. He tells you that he’s crying out of happiness; out of selfishness at the flip side.
He’s crying because he feels so warm having all the people he loves and loves most underneath the same roof, so much so that he wants to forget everything forwards besides now.
It’s when he peeks at Soomin’s room and asks if he could sleep over but she looks over to you before she answers him, a gentle smile on your face.
“You call the shots, Minnie. This is your room anyway.”
It feels all too familiar — all too warm again.
He feels sure, he feels infinite within your roots regardless if it would forever be drought for him.
Jimin’s only one plan in the future is to have you in his hold, just once more, even if it would be the last thing he’s ever feel. He would be yours, and yours alone.
Maybe not now. Maybe it’s in the future.
Jimin doesn’t know tomorrow but he knows now.
Now when he pulls up the spare mattress to sleep on the floor, adjacent to your side where you lay next to Soomin on her bed.
Now when he turns off the nightlight and tucks the comforter neatly to both your sides.
Now when he says good night and gets one right back.
You are Jimin’s favorite pain; his favorite ache and his favorite grief.
You are his favorite roof and his favorite warmth.
You are the only grasshopper.
You are his favorite lifetime if there are four — a lifetime with you is a lifetime he’s pick four times over; one that sows, one that waters, one that reaps, and one that consumes.
He can love you from afar.
You are Jimin’s religion.
There is a home within you.
that is it for heartburn :)) i can't even put into words nor begin to thank everyone who's spent their time on heartburn and let me know their own hearts in the process. thank you for being here! my askbox is open for you <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
generally wondering
Tumblr media
— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
↭ masterlist ↭
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @hopeworldjimin @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @taesinferno @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tatas @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt @taejinminsu @jinhitwhore​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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seokjinger-ale · a day ago
Serendipity (Teaser)
Tumblr media
Banner by the talented @hannahbee12719​!
Rating: 18+ / Explicit (there’s nothing explicit in the teaser though)
Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader
Genre: Strangers to Lovers / Time Travel AU / Romance / Slight Angst / Smut
Estimated Word Count: ~25k
Teaser Word Count: 2.4k
Summary: You’re living a comfortable life with your boyfriend until he makes a confession that sends you into a panic. When a mysterious painting arrives at the museum where you work, everything comes crashing down. You suddenly end up in the past where you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the sweet, beautiful farmhand on your estate. You’ve always felt a connection to history, but it’s so much deeper than you could ever imagine.
Teaser Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Okay, I’m so, SO excited to share this teaser with all of you! My last fic may have been the first fic that I ever posted, but this one is the first fic that I ever wrote. It’s my baby, and I’m working very hard to get it edited and ready to put up. I’m hoping to have it done for Jimin’s birthday, but no promises! My muse doesn’t always like to cooperate with me 😂 I hope you enjoy the teaser, and I can’t wait to get the rest of it out to you when it’s ready! 🥰
Tumblr media
Strong, morning sunshine is streaming through the large, floor-to-ceiling bedroom window as you slowly stir. Your eyes protest against the light from the blazing beams, and your skin feels hot and itchy under your nightdress. Sitting up, you throw the blankets off your legs and rub the last remnants of sleep from your face. You look around at the four poster bed and the ornate dressing table next you before the uncomfortable feeling that’s been tugging at the back of your drowsy mind bursts to the forefront: none of this is yours. This isn’t your stuff, this isn’t your room, and this isn’t your scratchy white nightgown. Where’s your apartment? Where’s Leo? What the fuck is going on?
Terror rises quickly in your chest. Half of you is screaming go, run, get out, but the other, logical half reminds you that this is probably all in your head. Attempting to ground yourself, you begin to analyze your surroundings. All of the furnishings are lavish, old-fashioned, and appear to be made of solid wood. There are no signs of electricity anywhere, but there are candles scattered around the room and one oil lamp on the nightstand. Your inner historian kicks in automatically and guesses that all of this stuff must be at least 150 years old. 
Everything looks and feels so real, but you can’t accept that this is anything other than a dream. You need to wake up. 
Before you can do anything else, there’s a loud knocking at the door, and an angry-looking, middle-aged woman comes barging in. You let out a loud shriek as she stomps over to the bed.
“Y/N! Get up this instant!”
“What? Why? Who are you?” you ask shakily, reflexively grasping for the blankets and pulling them up over your chest. You don’t know how your unconscious brain is concocting all of this, but it’s getting crazier and more vivid by the second.
“For goodness sake, you need to stop staying up half the night reading those dreadful books.  You’re so sleep-deprived that you can’t even recognize your own mother. Now get up! Mr. Langley will be here this afternoon, and you need to look like his future wife, not a haggard ghost.”
Nothing is making sense to the point where her words almost sound like gibberish. You can’t respond properly yet, only interrogate her more.
“Excuse me? Wife? Who’s Mr. Langley?” 
She lets out an exasperated sigh before answering you, her voice quavering with the effort to control her frustration. “Enough with the questions. We have been over this countless times. Mr. Langley is hopefully going to be your fiancé, so you see why it is of the utmost importance for you to pull yourself together.”
No, no, no, no, no. This is insane, and there’s no way you’re going along with this farce. You try to pull some semblance of a retort out of the swirling mayhem in your mind. “Look, I’m sorry, but I don’t know you or this place or Mr. Langley or anything about getting married, so I’ve gotta get out of here. I need the police or a therapist or...something.”
“And now you’re speaking absolute nonsense. Wonderful. I really should take away those books for good this time,” your supposed “mother” mutters as she busies herself at your dressing table.
“Oh my god, this a nightmare,” you whisper.  
Giving your arm a good pinch, you will yourself to wake up, but nothing happens. Your mother looks at you with pursed lips and fury in her eyes. Meanwhile, you’re scrambling and dredging the depths of your knowledge for a way out of this situation, but nothing is coming. Not knowing what else to do, you climb out of bed.  
Seeming pleased that you’re finally up and moving, your mother tells you that she insisted on helping you get ready this morning instead of one of the maids since this will be the most important day of your life. She pours some water out of a porcelain jug into a matching basin and instructs you to wash your face. Splashing yourself with the cool water, you hope again that it might end this elaborate dream, but it only succeeds at breaking you out of the blind panic that had been consuming you since you opened your eyes that morning. After patting your face dry, your mother starts to gently tame your bed head and sighs deeply.
“I’m sorry for yelling, dear. This whole ordeal is setting my nerves on edge. I know that you’re not entirely pleased with the situation, but Mr. Langley has money. He can take care of you and keep you in comfort. Your father and I are only trying to do what’s best,” she says softly.
Her sudden tenderness strikes you. Not knowing how to respond, you keep silent and look at her reflection in the mirror. She has wrinkles streaking her forehead and lines around her eyes.  She looks tired — the kind of deep-set exhaustion that only comes when you’ve struggled a great deal in your life. You don’t know this woman by any means, but you start to get an inkling about why she’s been so frantic thus far. You know that you need to have your guard up through whatever insanity is happening right now, but you decide that you'll try to be as cooperative as you can under the circumstances. She seems like she could use a break.
Once deeming your hair sufficiently tamed, your mother pins it into an elegant bun, save for a few loose strands framing your face, which she curls into perfect spirals. Next, she hands you a pile of fresh undergarments.
“Every last detail needs to be perfect today,” she explains.
Your stomach drops at the insinuation. You open your mouth to tell your mother that this stranger has another thing coming if he thinks he’ll be getting anywhere near your underwear, but the panic must be evident on your face because she interrupts you before you can get a word out. 
“Even the things that Mr. Langley won’t see.” She glances down to the clothes in your hands.
You breathe a momentary sigh of relief before stepping behind the folding screen in the corner of your room. While sorting through the pile of clothes, you thank your lucky stars that you’ve studied enough historical fashion to know how to put everything on. However, your good luck is brought to a grinding halt when you come back out to see your mother standing with a corset in her hands.
“God, please, no!” you blurt out, curling your arms over your ribcage. You have extensive knowledge of what tightly laced corsets did to women’s bodies, and you’re not about to let this lady constrict your insides to within an inch of their lives.
Your mother rolls her eyes at your outburst. “Oh, will you stop being dramatic and get over here? I will not let you leave this room unless you’re properly dressed.”
“Well, in that case, I’ll just stay in here for the day. So sorry to Mr. Langley.” At this point, you’ll try anything to avoid that corset.
“Y/N,” your mother warns. “Do not make me ask you again.”
Resigning yourself to your fate, you slowly walk over to your mother and let her slip the untied corset onto your body. You intentionally take deep breaths, attempting to treasure the air around you while you can still get it into your lungs. Once the corset is in position, your mother turns you around so that your back is facing her.
“Hands on the bedpost,” she says, and you grip the polished wood while saying a silent prayer to any deity that will listen.
When she yanks the laces for the first time, your natural instinct is to turn around and slap her right in the face. Fighting the urge, you steady yourself, bite your lip, and somehow keep yourself composed throughout the rest of the tortuous process. Next, she helps you into a green dress that’s itchier and heavier than it has any right to be. She tells you that she picked this one because it brings out your eyes and flatters your figure. You can’t say that you’re happy about being draped in 50 lbs of taffeta, but damn it, if she isn’t right. The short, billowy sleeves sit slightly off of your shoulders, and the bodice tapers down to your waist before flaring out into a full skirt. There is beautiful lace detailing along the neckline, and, if it weren’t so uncomfortable, you think you might actually like this dress. 
After applying a small amount of rouge on the apples of your cheeks and pink-tinted salve on your lips, your mother cups your face in her hands. “Perfect,” she says, beaming at you and admiring her work. 
“Perfect” is the last word you would use to describe how you’re currently feeling, but you let her have her moment before she guides you out of your room and down the staircase at the end of the hallway.
As you round the corner at the bottom of the stairs and enter into what appears to be a study, you notice a man sitting behind a large oak desk. There are flecks of grey in his otherwise dark hair and glasses perched on his nose. His fingers nervously tap the surface of the desk as he attempts to focus on the book in front of him. He looks to be about the same age as your mother, so you can only assume this is your father. When he sees you enter, his eyes light up, and he stands and crosses the room.
“Oh, Y/N, you look beautiful. Langley will be beside himself with joy.”
“Um...thank you,” you hesitantly reply.
You feel like an overstuffed sausage who’s wearing approximately 800 lbs of clothes, but you appreciate the compliment anyway.
“Alright, my darlings,” he says to you and your mother with a sigh. “Time to put our best selves forward and pray that everything goes in our favor.”
Your mother smiles affectionately at your father before turning to you.
“Remember, Y/N, this will all be for the best,” she says, giving your hand a squeeze.  
You don’t have any clue how to respond to that. These people seem decent enough so far, but the fear and confusion permeating your thoughts are preventing you from seeing how any of this could be “for the best.” However, you decide your best course of action is just to nod and cooperate until you can get your bearings and figure out what to do.
Upon seeing your nod, your father instructs you and your mother to join him and the household staff outside so that you can await Mr. Langley's arrival.
As you’re leaving the mansion, you marvel at its size. It’s unlike any home you have ever been in with its endless hallways and countless rooms. The entrance hall boasts a gigantic polished wood staircase leading to the second floor and a crystal chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling that you swear is as big as your car. You swallow thickly, feeling a fresh set of nerves set in as you realize just how elegant this place is. You aren’t built for a life in high society, and your mind is racing over how to fit in until you can find a way to escape. 
When you exit through the intricately carved mahogany front doors, you're thankful for the fresh air for a moment until your jaw drops at the grandiosity of the scene in front of you. There is a long, gravel drive that seems to stretch for miles. On one side is a large, lush garden filled with flowers and trees and perfectly trimmed hedges, and on the other side is a huge swath of land that you can’t even begin to see the edges of. There are dozens of people standing in line right outside the front doors, and your mind boggles at how much it must cost to employ a staff of this size.  
You’re scanning the faces of the workers when your eyes land on a man who has you momentarily stunned. Your breath catches in your throat and your pulse quickens because he is, without a doubt, the most beautiful person you have ever seen in your life. From his leanly muscled body, to the perfect V of smooth skin revealed by the neckline of his white cotton shirt, to his honey blond hair, everything about him is captivating.
His features are an exercise in duality — soft and angelic but somehow defined and sinful at the same time. He has round cheeks that are begging to be caressed, but when he turns to the side, his jawline is so sharp that it could cut glass. His lips are masterpieces - luscious, full, and perfect. When his tongue darts out to moisten them, it sends a bolt of lightning to your core. You wonder if they feel as soft as they look.
Before your imagination can venture any further, he catches your gaze and stops all of your thoughts in their tracks. It feels like your world is shifting on its axis as a familiar feeling blooms within you. The mysterious man’s coffee-colored eyes widen, revealing the universes contained within them. You can’t explain why, but you don’t think your life will ever be the same after seeing those eyes. They’ve pulled you into their gravity, and for the first time since you were so rudely thrust into this world, you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. From the ardor written across his face and the way his adam’s apple bobs in his throat, he appears to be caught in the same riptide as you. 
You’re lost in the intensity of the moment when the crunch of wheels on gravel jolts you back to reality. You try to focus on the carriage that is now making its way up the drive, but you can feel the beautiful man’s gaze lingering on you, heating you up from the inside out. It's tortuous to keep looking away, so you allow yourself another glance. His eyes have darkened, and his chest is heaving slightly. Your cheeks heat even further, and a slight sheen of sweat appears on your brow. Knowing that you’re seconds away from completely falling apart, you quickly flick your eyes away in an attempt to break the mounting tension. You still have absolutely no idea what’s happening here, so you need to keep your wits about you. There’s no time for distractions — even if this particular distraction is igniting something deep within you that you want to spend the next century exploring.
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missbickerbocker · 21 hours ago
The Girl Who Came to Stay | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!Jimin x Heiress!Reader
Genre: Enemies to Lovers
Summary: As the heiress and business queen of a diamond empire, Choice, you believe that hard work, dedication to your craft, steady leadership, and good wine is at the center of your success. Save for a mortifying scandal that marred your early adult years, you breathe easy knowing that your brilliant mind and work ethic are too boring for the tabloids. But when a representative from the one company you loathe most, Gallop Inc., shows up requesting a partnership, it’s only a matter of time before you’re faced with your past once again.
Word Count: Ongoing
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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chateautae · 26 days ago
secrets by the shore | pjm. (m)
Tumblr media
beautiful banner but my beautiful maggie @kimtaehyunq​
Tumblr media
➵ summary : jimin knows you’re bad news, and yet he only wants more. neglecting his strict duties as prince of his underwater kingdom, jimin finds himself visiting the shore to not only mingle with the humans he’s grown fond of, but to also be swept up in your tempting ocean. jimin can’t get enough of how painfully human you are, and how painfully he wants to be human too, even if it means costing him his coveted royalty. 
↳ part of The Last Splash collab hosted by @kimtaehyunq​
➵ pairing : mermaid prince!jimin x human!reader
➵ genre : fantasy, romance, secret relationship, fluff, smut, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 26k
➵ warnings : swearing, soft dom!jimin, sub/switch!reader, loads of nipple/breast play, dirty talk, semi-public sex (nobody sees them), wet and sloppy sex, scratching, straddling, praising, heavy petting, cum tasting, finger tasting, oral (m. receiving), titty-fucking, stomach bulging, slow/emotional sex, creampie
➵ a/n : and here’s my jimin mermaid fic!! please excuse any mistakes or errors in this fic considering how much i scrambled to complete it, i hope everyone enjoys 🥺 i really explored this concept and expanded my writing style to fit it, so hopefully it’s not terrible!! tysm to @inkedtae​ my baby bee for beta-ing, and a millions thanks to maggie @kimtaehyunq​ for making this wonderful banner!! <3
Tumblr media
Jimin knows this is wrong. Oh, so wrong. 
And yet, he just can't find even a measly reason to leave. 
Jimin’s newly-transformed feet squish into the sand as he meanders across the beach, peeking over his shoulder as though someone may have followed him; a guard, a family member, worse, his mother. 
But he knew it was far past their usual time of slumber, and the night was Jimin’s time to come alive. 
He shouldn’t be here really. He should be asleep just like the rest of his royal family. Though as he draws closer to the usual shack, music already piercing his ears and the ground vibrating under the heavy bass, he finds himself carried by what his exhilarated veins tell him. 
His fiery, red hair is still damp from the ocean, and his clothes slightly cling to his body from the small wetness of the water, though he doesn’t mind. The night air instantly dries him, fills his lung with oxygen he yearns to have in this form. 
Jimin approaches the shack, finding his usual spot and taking his usual seat. He watches with amusement as the humans around him sway their bodies to synth-pop salsa beats. He hears melodious singing coming from the stage, he feels the warmth of the lanterns placed around the shack that provide it with its homely, cozy atmosphere. 
Every sense of his is on high alert, because it simply feels good to be human. To dance and sing and speak to anyone with a freedom he so desperately desired, though could never have without a tumultuous challenge. 
His thoughts race, even though his body feels more alive than it ever does when he’s near the ocean floor. He adores this more than anything, despite his initial mission of scoping out how terrible humans are every quarter of the year. 
“It’s to keep our kingdom safe,” his mother always warned him. Though the more time Jimin spent obligated to hate humans, he came to admire them for their stumbly feet and ardent hearts, incomprehensive on why they needed to be feared, avoided.
He loves being able to live among humans, to be by their side, to live like them. 
What he loves most, however, is gaining the opportunity to catch your eyes from across the shack, and his nerves immediately alight with lust, his smile coy when he finally sees you. 
It’s magnetic, whatever you two have. Your eyes instantly spot his red hair from behind the bar and suddenly whatever drink you were pouring becomes a useless task. 
His look was always so mirthy, suggestive. That damn smirk on his face is what had you whipped the second he flashed you the godforsaken thing, but nothing, absolutely nothing could compare to the empyrean beauty that was Jimin. 
His gorgeous red hair were like the soft flames of a fire, his kind eyes and plump, full lips were every man and woman’s dream. His skin was smoother than any igneous rock embedded in molten hot lava for ages. His frame was delicately beautiful, and his every feature screamed ethereal, otherworldly. 
But right now, all that screamed at you was your pussy to get the man inside you, because you could feel the tension between you even from across the room. His body was calling you, the slow lick of his lips with those flirty irises made your toes curl and inhale an uneven breath, craning your neck to manage the horny shock that invades your fluttering cunt. 
Tumblr media
Jimin presses you up against the bar counter, knocking over a few things you couldn’t even bother to care about. 
His lips devour you like a whole meal as you kiss him back fervently, bodies desperately rutting against each other as your ass settles against the counter. 
You moan when Jimin breathes down your neck and attaches those plush pillows against your blazing hot skin, thankful the bar was empty after hours, only your efforts left to close it. 
“Jimin..” You gasp when his hands snake down to your ass to cup it as he pleases, feeling his fingers dip into what he knew was your dripping pussy. 
“Fuck, so wet without me doing anything?” 
You smack his chest with a low-effort scolding and he lets out a pretty laugh, canvassing up to nibble and suck at the one spot under your ear that drives you insane. 
“Why’d you have to look at me like that?” Jimin breathes against your throat, hands kneading the flesh of your ass in needy circles. 
“Like what?” 
“Like you wanna be fucked.” 
Arousal floods your pussy when Jimin hovers over your exposed cleavage, having placed your waitress outfit a few buttons down just for your jaw-dropping, red-haired Adonis. You moan at his remark, transforming into a laugh as he begins kissing the top of your breasts, suckling to leave little marks of his own. 
“Then I guess you better fuck me, Ariel.” 
Jimin scoffs, recalling the first time he ever confided in you about being a merman, and the first joke that came out of you was referencing the Disney princess. 
Jimin ensures your arms and rapidly spins you around, shoving you against the counter with your stomach nestled at the edge. Your backside is offered to him now, Jimin tugging down your leggings and accessing your panty-clad core, finding it soaked far more than you should’ve been. 
“I’m the merman that lives in the ocean, and yet your pussy is wetter than me?” 
You scoff, jutting your hips back on him as a meek counter. “Shut up, Jimin. Don’t make me teach you how to have sex again.” 
Jimin rolls his eyes and, as punishment, pulls down your flimsy shirt to collect your breast in his hand. You gasp, and he begins fondling your tit as he circles the nipple around, hardening it as you hiss with pleasure. 
“Fuck, Jimin.” 
“I didn’t need to be taught that, now did I?” You bite your lip to silence yourself, but moans escape your mouth as your nails dig into the counter, occasionally feeling your nipple meet the shiny surface and you shiver with arousal. 
“Jimin, oh God, I need you.” Your arousal pools between your legs and your limbs are restless, shifting your weight constantly to handle the pleasure that pulsates your needy and untouched clit. 
Jimin quirks a brow in amusement as he removes your pesky panties, hissing loudly when he sees your cunt pulsing for something to fill it up. 
Before you could even consider getting down on your knees and sucking the soul out of him, his length pushes against your hole and your eyes flutter shut in bliss. The meaty head of his cock nestles into your folds and you moan pornographically, slippery walls welcoming him inside like the prince he is. 
Jimin never knew sex with a human could be so fun, amusing, liberating. Though then again, maybe it wasn’t about sex with humans, and more so sex with you. 
He could never get over the breath-taking sensation of being inside you, and even now, as he eases himself into your tight little cunt and a hand plays with your tit in tantalizing circles, he can surely never get enough of you. 
“Fuuuck, baby. You’re so wet and tight, ah shit.” Jimin curses under his breath. 
“So good, Jimin, so big and slippery.” You will say one of the perks of fucking a merman was the abudance of wetness that always coated him. Jimin’s dick was Godly, quite literally perfectly shaped and always remained doused in this substance that made you see sparkly stars. 
It always made penetration so fun, filling, satisfying as he drove his cock into you and you felt the stinging, pleasurable sensation. You both grunt together when Jimin bottoms out, nibbling indefinitely on your lip to keep from mewling like an animal. Jimin’s fingers dig into your hip, holding your body in place as he stuffs you to the brim. 
Jimin gives your pulsing cunt the times it needs, relishing in the tight fit of your pussy decorating his cock so beautifully. He can never get past the warmth of your sex, the intimacy of when two people fuck, the touches, the longing, the moaning. 
The desire.
It’s all what made Jimin so enraptured by being in this relationship with you, whether you’ve both uttered the three words or not, whether you’re human and he’s a creature of the sea, whether your relationship is doomed in just its nature; he didn’t care. 
All he cared about right now was fucking you so senselessly every person in this town would know how good you’ve got it. 
Jimin draws out of your velvety pussy and slides right back in, filling you up delectably as you let out a pleasured whimper. His hand adorned with silver rings still fondles and kneads your one breast, holding your writhing body in place as the other cups your hips, beginning a quick and tight pace that gives it to you right from the get-go. 
“Oh God, Jimin, fuck yes.” 
“Yeah? You wanna be fucked fast?” 
You nod with a muffled moan, your horny erogenous zones begging for stimulation and Jimin supplies you graciously. His hand slips your breasts out of your bra and shirt and begins palming at his leisure, drawing circles and pinching over your nipple that drives you fucking insane. 
You arch your back for more, beckoning Jimin inside you when you fuck yourself back on him, and Jimin lets out a strangled moan. 
“Shit, shit. You’re such a nasty girl, so needy.” 
A broken moan escapes you when Jimin sheaths his cock so deep inside you, your entire body is overcome with a stunning shock. You shiver like a madwoman, Jimin having the goddamn audacity to begin swiveling his cock inside your warm, wet cunt, hating that you told him some months ago that’s the way to any woman’s heart. 
“Jimin.. Oh fuck, Jimin!” 
“God, you keep clenching around me like that and I won’t ever leave.” Jimin groans in pleasure, throwing his head back as he draws out of your cunt and continues with his quick, hard thrusts. Each one is hitting you so good your skin slapping fills the shack, and so does the wet squelching of your pussy juices and his arousal, creating a sinful harmony. 
“How—” you’re broken off by his speedy thrusting, squealing in pleasure. “How exactly- am I a nasty girl?” You question weakly in an attempt to banter, your lungs so full of intoxicated oxygen you’re losing your mind. 
“Letting me fuck you in your dad’s shack against his goddamn bar?” Jimin proudly declares as he snaps his unforgiving hips into you. 
“Don’t fucking mention my dad right now, asshole!” 
“Really? Am I an asshole when I do this?” Jimin neglects holding your hips and exchanges it for massaging your pulsing clit, playing with the little bud like it’s an ocean pearl. “Shit, should’ve eaten you out when I had the chance.” 
You moan, sentence interrupted when Jimin gives you a particularly deep, filling thrust. “Please— Jimin, need to come, I can feel it.” 
“God, I’m not gonna last, you’re squeezing me so tight.” 
And Jimin continues to give it to you hard and fast, his sizeable cock slamming into your pathetic pussy as though you were a ragdoll, and you didn’t mind one bit having a Godly-being like Jimin play with you. The pads of his fingers dig into your clit harder when Jimin feels you pulsing more frequently, having trained him well enough now on how to get a woman high like this. 
The only downside of having been the one to teach him how to have sex with a human? He was specifically molded to fit all your needs, your weak spots and desires. 
“Jimin, please, gonna come so hard.” You whine as his ministrations only push you to the edge. 
“Good. Wanna feel you come, baby. Drench my fucking cock.” Jimin coos into your ear as he leans over and melds your bodies together so closely, you were full of Jimin and Jimin only. He keeps fucking and fucking and fucking until you unravel right in his hands, his palm squeezing your breast as your body convulses and your legs shake. 
Your moan is absolutely shattered, whiny and high-pitched as Jimin’s name left your lips a dozen times. He slows down only to provide you with comfort, massaging your clit through your orgasm before he’s picking up the pace again, chasing the high that aches his throbbing cock. 
A hand of yours reaches behind you, hooking a hand onto Jimin’s hip as you encourage him to keep fucking you, to pleasure himself until hs creams your needy pussy. “So empty, Jimin, keep going. Wanna have your cum.” 
“Yeah? Nasty girl wants my cum inside her?” Jimin chides but you can tell he’s just as done, he’s winded and tired but God does your pussy feel like the tightest hug after a hard day. 
“Yes, yes, yes. Jimin, please.” You beg him, nails digging into his milky skin and Jimin’s only revved on, thrusting into you senselessly before he lets it all go, white ropes of cum decorating your fleshy walls as you whine from sensitivity, moaning through the speed he loses in his thrusts. 
You breathe out moans and your exhaustion together, letting cum and your pussy juices fall victim to gravity and drip down your folds, having slicked your inner thighs. Jimin gives your back soothing strokes, cock nestled nice and snug inside your pulsing pussy, all while kissing your shoulder blade in silent praises of love. 
Tumblr media
Your head snuggles into Jimin closer, finding shelter in his arms. You both were sitting atop the patio outside, lounging on a soft beach chair as Jimin cradles your form, watching the waves wash up and crash against the large rocks riddling the right side of the beach.
Panty-clad core against Jimin’s khaki shorts, your naked upper body pressed against his exposed chest with only a towel draping you both. You catch a whiff of his clean scent, knowing the ocean is stuck to his skin in ways only you could appreciate. 
The ocean has always been your life, and you’re certain it always would be. 
Though one question always bugged you, lingered in the back of your head time anytime you laid in Jimin’s arms like this against his warm frame, cradling the towel around yourself tighter. 
Would Jimin always be here? 
“What's it like?” You ask quietly, attempting to distract your mind. “What’s it like.. when you’re swimming in the ocean?” 
A smile frames Jimin’s lips as he brings a hand to your hair, running his fingers through the soft tresses. His cheek presses to the top of your head, intaking a deep breath of the ocean air as he thinks. 
“It feels like.. running through the wind.” Jimin answers in his velvety voice, other arm holding your body against his. “It’s water and yet.. it feels easy, feels like when the wind blows against your skin, feels like a fresh breeze or breath of air when you need it most.” 
You reflect on that statement with a smile, invoking your own thoughts. “The ocean’s really your place, huh?” 
Jimin softens, though finds sentiment in the conversation, and quiet intimacy he wants to keep for a little longer. “I’m not exactly sure.. but I think my place is anywhere you are.” 
Your heart clenches hearing him, butterflies fluttering around in your chest as a smile inches onto your lips. You open your hand to rest it over his heart, remembering the first time you felt his heart hammering against his chest, when you first felt him so passionately. 
You never expected to be with Jimin like this, quite frankly, all of this was a rather surprising development. 
It all began when your father forced you to start closing the lighthouse your family owned, this restaurant being an extension of the attraction. It was always a pain in the ass having to lug yourself to the goddamn fishy and ugly building, having to maintain its somewhat decent look and my God, did you hate doing the garbage and catching a whiff of that pungent, sea-water odour. 
It was a task you always grumbled to him about, though one day when you decided to take a shorter route towards the dumpster, your eyes malfunctioned for an entire minute. You caught a glimpse of something shimmering in the distance along the ocean, your fickle sight showing you it rather wasn’t a something, but a someone. 
Gold bounced off the person’s arms, and when you caught a clear enough look, all you could see was bright red hair atop the figure’s head, wondering what a person is even doing along the shore at this time of night, let alone such an oddly.. appearing one.
Small fear did begin to bubble in your chest, contending for this to be some sort of killer until you realized the figure didn’t seem necessarily malicious. They had spotted you for sure, and yet, never ran in your direction, never chased you down and eventually led you to your demise. 
Rather, you watched him tilt his head as if confused, then leap into the ocean and disappear before you could yell any protests. It left you bewildered, in pure wonderment considering if that really did happen in real life, or maybe you really had one too many beers that night. 
The second time you saw him, you realized he wasn’t wearing any clothing, and your heart lurched in your chest as you masked your vision from the sight. He only had a measly wad of seaweed covering the intimate parts of him. His skin glowed in the moonlight, however, the certain blue luminescence that refracted from off his body sparked your curiosity. He walked in your direction, letting his feet drag in the sand before once again disappearing. 
This figure did this a frustrating five times before you became too curious, the sixth one strangely being the charm. He seemed to resurface from this certain point along the shore, and so one night, instead of doing the bothersome garbage and accepting whatever lecture your father would pester you with, you hid behind a large rock.
The second you saw his skin refracting across the wet sand, you leaped out theatrically and without a sliver of etiquette. 
“Ah hah!” You yelped, pointing a finger at him as the figure stared at you with the biggest, cutest eyes you’d ever seen. He blinked multiple times, as if trying to wrap his head around where he is, who you are and what you’re doing. Suddenly you began to malfunction here too, contemplating you never exactly thought about your impromptu plan past this point. 
Instead, you found yourself distracted by the man. He was leaner than you thought, though had enough muscle that complemented his beautiful, gorgeous frame. His skin was flawless and glimmered with this certain iridesense that seemed humanly impossible, red hair perfectly swept up along with gold, intricate bangles that decorated his biceps.
And when you peered close enough, your eyes found that it wasn’t necessarily his skin that refracted the moonlight, rather there were these faint scales scattered upon his legs. They were almost like a...
“Mermaid..” You said aloud, and watched the man’s eyes nearly fall out of his sockets, bolting back into the ocean in the middle of your protest, leaving you alone and confused. 
The man began to cloud your thoughts thereafter, contemplating exactly who he was. He surely wasn’t human, or maybe he was very strangely human, you didn’t know. 
You anticipated his presence everyday at the shore since then, though unfortunately never saw him. It began to alarm you, thinking maybe your Sherlock Holmes bit truly scared him off. It became a bad habit of yours, flickering your eager eyes towards the shore in hopes of him emerging. At one point, watching the waves crash as tides rolled in became so tedious, monotonous, boring. Even cleaning a goddamn glass was hard every time you opened the tap and found, well, water. 
You couldn’t forget the look of innocence in his eyes as the shore kissed his bare feet, his beauty that screamed the origins of someplace almost.. magical.
“You good?” Your co-worker and obnoxious older cousin, Taehyung, inquired over the bar counter. “You’re way too distracted these days. Your dad’s gonna end up killing me and you.” He cautioned as he pointed an accusing finger your way, smacking his hand with a towel. 
“Shut up, the only shit we’re getting in is for you being way too flirty with the customers. Could you preferably not break the hearts of every pretty female that walks into this room? We’re losing customers!” 
“Correction, I don’t break hearts. I just don’t try to give ladies something I’m not willing to give, and thus saving everyone the hurt.” You roll your eyes, rolling up the towel and smacking it at him once again. He subsequently hisses, rising from his seat to evade you. 
“Jesus. Seriously, what’s gotten into you?” 
You let out an exhausted sigh after recollecting your towel, wiping a glass mindlessly. 
“I just.. I don’t know, Tae.” Was all you could offer. You really contemplated the idea of something other than humans being here; aliens, ghosts, vampires, the whole shebang. But seldom did you ever contemplate the existence of mermaids, let alone possibly having seen one. 
“Do you believe in creatures other than us being on Earth?” 
Taehyung raises a brow. “What do you mean?” 
“I mean, like, ghosts or the Lochness Monster or.. Mermaids..” You so quietly whispered the last part, your cousin had to really lean in to hear. 
“Why do you ask, gummy bear?” 
You softened hearing Taehyung’s supportive tone, knowing if there’s one thing you appreciate most about your cousin, it was his open-mindedness and willingness to listen. “Tae.. have you ever seen a strange man walking along our shore?” 
Taehyung tilts his head in question, elbows leaning against the counter. “A strange man? Like what?” 
“Well, he has red hair and he…” You trail off, unable to finish because the second you begin describing the man, you spot him taking a seat right in your line of vision, your cousin watching it transfer from him to behind him. 
“Y/N.. what’re you..?” Taehyung then also snaps his head back, and in the least obvious though totally obvious way, you both gape like absolute idiots. 
You’re both met with the same beautiful man you’d seen along the beach, except this time, he’s wearing clothes. He’s adorned with a plain white dress t-shirt and beige shorts, lounging comfortingly in his seat as his eyes sweep the place. He has kind features, stunning once you’re finally able to catch a real glimpse of him in the daylight. 
His eyes had this puppy-like, endearing look to them, though the manner in which he sat screamed prestige, wealth and class. 
He wasn’t an ordinary person. 
Suddenly the stranger’s vision flashes over to you and your cousin staring, and you both rapidly scramble for things to hide yourself. You fumble with the glass as it clatters against the counter and Taehyung nabs one of the place mats to shield himself. You smack him once you consider how goddamn pea-brained that is, and he merely gestures a ‘what?’ with baffled eyes. 
You roll yours, busy with scolding your cousin until the stranger suddenly approaches you two arguing, straightening up faster than you did when your father walks in. You clear your throat nervously in order to speak clearly, posing in a way that seems attractive. “H-hi, how may we help you?” 
“Think I know a thing or two you wanna help him with.” Taehyung side-whispers and you swat his bicep, sending him a death glare. 
“Uh, I was just wondering if someone could take my order.” The stranger replies, and you immediately go digging for your notepad and pen. “Oh God, of course! How rude of me.” You laughed, Taehyung smirking once he can discern you’re doing that quirky laughing thing when you like a guy. You quickly shoo him away before he can ruin anything else.
“Dear Taehyungie, don’t you have a floor to mop?” He stitches his brows together, getting up from his seat with offense. 
“Me? That’s your job today-ow!” You pinch his forearm and stare menacingly. Taehyung reluctantly acquiesces and sneers at you before he’s disappearing. 
Your attention then falls to the stranger, who takes Taehyung’s seat as he watches him search for the mop and bucket, his stern eyes never leaving his back. “May I ask who that is?” 
That piques your interest, wondering why he’s staring at Tae with so much.. hostility? 
“Him? That’s just my older cousin. He’s the definition of an idiot.” 
“Heard that!” Taehyung hollers from the back. 
“I wasn’t being quiet!” You chime in response. 
The man’s eyes then soften, his gaze falling to you, and it’s now you catch the opportunity to soak in all his gorgeous features. His lips appear as though they’d feel like heaven, his hair is a brilliant red that almost looks too vivid to be dyed, and he’s got the cutest nose. 
His skin this time doesn’t reveal any scale-like patterns however, but appears just like your skin. Human skin. 
“S-so, may I take your order?” You stutter, internally face-palming. 
“What would you say is the best to have?” 
Your flirtatious side comes out, fluttering your eyelashes just a little and leaning over the counter. “Well, I would recommend myself, though I’m unfortunately not on the menu.” 
The man laughs, and you’re immediately intrigued by how pretty and wide his smile is. His teeth are impeccable, and the chime of his chuckle was like music to your ears, mesmerized. “That is quite the shame, I would say. 
You crack a smile, biting your lip as you stand to your full height. “Our pancakes are the best in town, especially with a dash of our authentic Canadian maple syrup.” 
“I’ll have exactly that, then.” The man affirms, and you scribble down the order before flashing him another look. 
“May I know a name for the order..?” The man sends you a jaw-dropping smile, and it takes every ounce of you to not trip up over it. 
“Jimin.” He says with his soft, melodious voice, getting used to the name. “Just Jimin.”
“Jimin, that suits you very well.” You both chuckle about that, watching as his eyes don’t necessarily stay with yours. They faintly linger over you, not in a lewd or disrespectful way, but as though he’s admiring, taking his time to really look at you. 
“Would it be okay if I got a name as well?” 
Now you send your most charming smile. “Y/N.. Y/N Y/L/N.” 
“Y/N..” He tries it out, nodding his head as if he likes the sound. “I like that, pretty like you.” 
Your eyes widen, surprised by the compliment and shyly giggling as you pout your lips in the slightest. “Thank you. I’ll get you those pancakes.” You’re turning around to do exactly that, stepping towards the kitchen, but his almost whimsical voice calls you back. 
You whirl around, curious eyes meeting his. 
“What exactly do I have to do to get you on the menu?” 
You choke, considering your flirty comment actually worked. You’re almost left speechless, though decide instead to challenge him a little, just to see how much he’s willing to do. 
“Mmm, you gotta work for it, Jimin. Why are you asking?” 
“Honestly,” he begins, his eyes flitting around the place. “I’m kind of.. new around here. I don’t really have anybody I know, and was hoping to get a tour guide of the town.”
“You’re not from here?” You query, suddenly all ears for him. 
“No, just recently got here.” He says it quite dismissively and you grow curious over it, though you decide to bury it down. No way will you question this man on exactly why you ran into him nearly naked on the shore just a couple weeks ago.
“I see, but what makes you believe I’ll be any good of a tour guide?” 
Jimin flickers his eyes towards your family photos that littered the shelves behind you, your gaze following his. 
“It seems like you’ve lived in this town for a long time.” 
Your narrowed vision flits back to Jimin, arms crossed with an impressed contort to your lips. “You’re quite observant.” 
“I would say it’s a talent of mine.” His smile invokes your own, sitting all pretty and gorgeous and you couldn’t help but want to kiss his plump, Bratz Doll lips. You pretend-contemplate the idea, already knowing your answer before you provide it. 
“Well then, I guess I’m your tour guide, Mr. Jimin.” You perk up with a small flip of your hair and a wide smile, lacing your fingers behind your back. “That’s if you agree to come meet me here tomorrow at the same time.” 
“Of course, if it means meeting you again.” You couldn’t help but giggle, charmed as all hell by his beautiful persona. It simply screamed gentleman-ly to you, and you were blown away by his angelic features, seriously contemplating whether he’s real or not. 
He just can’t be human, right?
You wouldn’t find your answer to that question for a while. 
Tumblr media
Jimin’s not supposed to be here. 
It’s the second time he’s abandoned his princely duties without informing anyone, and he knows he’s in for it the second he steps foot inside the castle. Though the only thing, well, person he cared for right now is you. He was far too intrigued now by the humans he had been taught to loathe, rather interested in how they live their lives. 
And you were the most interesting thing about humans, never had he seen one so boldly approach him.
“Well, well, well, look at you.” You chirp jokingly as Jimin approaches you on the beach, black ripped jeans, a white t-shirt and a distressed jean jacket all decorating his imperfect frame.
He looked fucking ravishing.
“I should be the one saying that.” Jimin’s cute teeth grace you with a smile and you giggle, holding onto the ends of your floor-length cardigan completed with black jeans and a fitted crop-top. “You look gorgeous.” 
“Says you.” You shoot back, earning another toothy grin and soft laugh. His hands are tucked into his pockets, and his red hair is tousled messily as he appears downright sinful. He ran a hand through the tresses of his hair as he wet his lips, his eyes doing a quick up and down scan of you that made your heart flutter. 
“So.. where to, m’lady?” 
Your lips curl into a one-sided grin, standing upright as you hold out your arm for Jimin to hook onto. “C’mon, Ariel. Right this way.” 
Jimin hooks onto your arm but, not without the adorable tilt of his head in confusion. “Ariel?” 
“You know, the Disney princess that’s a mermaid?” 
Jimin gulped beside you, eyes filling with panic. “M-mermaid?” 
“Yeah, you and her have the same red hair, duh.” You deadpan, to which Jimin seemed to relax. That didn’t pass your attention however, confirming your suspicions that Jimin really isn’t who he says he is. 
Though your placid mind wanted to avoid the possibility. 
Tumblr media
“And this,” you gesture towards the beautiful shoreline your town offers. “This is where the beauty lies. Serendipity Shores.” 
Jimin’s puppy eyes soak it all in as you both stand above the gigantic, grassy alcove that overlooks the entire sea. You’d spend a fun-filled day with Jimin, ice cream cones in hand and dragging him around town to the best of spots, all the local secrets and goodies you’ve come to collect over the years. The special pie place everyone in town adored, the quirky though reliable music store that somehow manages to always sell the classics, not to mention your bowling alley that houses the best arcade this town could conjure up. 
Suffice to say, he really fell in love with the quaint, though homely place as well, telltale by the glimmer that sparkled in his eyes the entire day. 
Your family-owned lighthouse is off to the right, and underneath is your small, though bustling town and restaurant shack that many love to frequent; shopping, mingling and great food all within the reach of their fingertips there.
“So this is your favourite place, huh?” Jimin’s still stunned, eyes sweeping over the picturesque scene before him with wonder. 
“Yes it is, sir. I’m certain this is the prettiest view our town has to offer.” 
Jimin looks at you then, that charming, attractive smile of his on full display. “I can think of prettier views.” 
You narrow your vision and purse your lips, almost attempting to figure him out. “You’re a flirty one, aren’t you?” 
“Only when it’s you.” 
You chuckle a little at his cleverness, finding the way his eyes crease beyond beautiful. Your vision falls to the ocean then, standing next to Jimin as you take in a breath of fresh, ocean air. Your body relaxes, the sea always having been your home. 
“I’ve lived in this town all my life, you know?” You perk up, reflecting on your life here as the tides beckon you to reminisce. 
“It’s just me and my dad, mom’s not here.” You relay openly, caught in almost a trance-like scene of your memories until Jimin’s voice pulls you out. 
“If I may ask, what happened?” 
“Divorce. Mutual. She wanted a bigger life, my dad and I were happy with a simpler one.” Jimin nodded beside you, listening intently. 
“I take it you’re a lot like your father.” 
“Please, we’re practically twins. He’s been.. probably the most amazing person I’ve known all my life.” You gushed a little, smiling as you recalled your father. “He’s a bit of a hard ass about the family business and all, but he’s truly the best father anyone could ask for.” 
Jimin grins to himself as he regards your side profile, his eyes looking as though he were.. admiring again? No, you didn’t want to jump to that conclusion yet. 
But it was fun to think it may be true. 
“That’s wonderful, Y/N. I’m glad you have such an amazing relationship with him.” 
Your lips curve, laced hands behind your back twiddling uselessly. “And what about you, mister Ariel? Where are you from?” 
This is where Jimin purses his lips and puffs his cheeks, his eyesight revealing mystery, hesitancy. “I’m from somewhere far, far away from here.” He simply says, not missing the way his eyes fixate on the sea. 
“Well.. is it okay for me to ask about your family? Do they live with you?” Jimin clicks his teeth as a no, hands shoved into his pockets. 
“No way. They’re somewhere else. I guess you could say I… ran away?” Jimin elaborates, watching him awkwardly rub the back of his neck as he pieces together a sentence. “I’m not really supposed to be here exactly. I wanted to kind of.. go off on my own, be my own person, you know?” 
You understand that, nodding as your show of support. “Well, if it’s any consolation, I think you’re doing great as your own person, Jimin.” 
Jimin’s round eyes flash to you, and he holds your gaze as his smile only grows in sincerity. He suddenly turns his body towards you, facing you completely. He tilts his head a little as he simply observes you, feeling your heart thud in your chest at the way he so unabashedly regards you. 
“And I think,” he begins, leaning over and bringing his hand to your hair. You immediately malfunction, something rare of you considering you’re usually a natural with men. Though something about Jimin, his magical aura, his unparalleled presence, and that goddamn smile leave you mentally swooning. 
You realize he’s picking something out of your hair, delicately grasping the little white cotton weed and presenting it before you. Your eyes zero in on the small thing, though Jimin brings it to his lips and puffs a blow, chuckling a little when you watch the weed fly away with child-like eyes. 
“Whether a big or small life, I think you’re doing great, too.” 
Your lips can’t help but curve into a happy smile, feeling your cheeks warm up as your eyes fail to find a reason to leave him.
Tumblr media
Jimin doesn’t like water, you noticed. 
Everytime you two took your usual walk along the salty shore after an eventful day spent together, you recognized the way Jimin often avoided the side with the shore. He always kept himself dry, and let you drag your feet through the washed-up sand without ever dipping his toe in. 
Even if you urged him to join you for a photo or to simply splash some water on him, he always refused. 
He never once agreed to anything remotely close to a beach day, claiming he hated sand even though you’d seen his almost innate comfort in treading the beach for walks. Even amusement park rides that included water, the little water park one of your recreational centers offered, even threatening to spill a cold water bottle over him on scorching hot days; Jimin stayed away from it all. 
It made you suspicious of him far more than just a simple quirk of a brow, truly questioning whether or not Jimin is who he says he is. He would never explain anything regarding his home and family situation, though made it seem as though he had strict rules. 
He always had to leave at a certain time and emerged at a certain hour. Neither was he consistent, informing you that providing a ‘yes’ to your plans should never be assumed and you'd be lucky enough to find him waltzing into your dad’s shack. 
It all rang alarms in your head, contemplating exactly who this Jimin is. You were already on high alert regarding him in just broad daylight; the seeming iridescence of his skin, the almost-too-perfect feel of his skin, the vibrant red of his hair. 
He just seemed too pretty to be human. 
Pretty as in his looks, yes, Jimin was ethereal. His beauty made poets weep, spending ages to describe it and you, yourself, often realized your eyes would stare at him in astonishment. He was simply too physically stunning to be human. 
But you also meant pretty as in his personality, his soul. Jimin was kind, gentle, poised to perfection. He was sophisticated and polite, practically screamed a high level of class that you couldn’t quite pin accurately. 
Though whatever it was, you knew Jimin was a good person, a pretty person. 
And you’ll be damned if you don’t find out what’s really going on with him. 
Tumblr media
The first time you saw Jimin’s mermaid tail, was a few months later when he was in desperate need of taking a shower and had to use the one in your apartment.
Your party animal tendencies had found you both at a snazzy bar, insisting you show Jimin that this place in fact, had the best DJ to ever exist. You’d gotten him on the dance floor, pranced around, probed and poked the stilled man until he began moving with you to the song’s swanky beat. 
Memories of nearly snorting alcohol out your noise resurface, recalling how buzzed and elated you were intriguingly watching Jimin overcome his usually shier demeanour. Jimin was similar, chuckling at how immersed you appeared in this one song until he was interrupted by a stranger suddenly ramming into him, and spilling their liquor all over his shirt. 
Profuse apologies and one embarrassed server later, you offered your place to Jimin for some cleaning up, and had now found yourselves here.
You didn’t mind at all, to be quite honest, you felt terribly sorry for him once contemplating he was only at the bar on the dance floor because of you.
Nonetheless, taking a shower in your bathroom was only meant to be something Jimin does alone, and so you would have no reason to really be going in the bathroom, right?
Except, Jimin oh so intelligently forgot his towel out in your main area, blowing a raspberry at the man’s absentmindedness and quickly opening the bathroom door to hang the towel inside. 
You expected to see fog and moisture riddling the mirror, except what you saw instead, was a Jimin laying in your tub; arms scrambling, face horrified and with his entire mermaid tail out and flapping about. Those pretty green and teal scales trickled down his abdomen and swept seamlessly into his gorgeous tail, reflecting beautiful, colourful light that nearly refracted inside the entire bathroom. 
Ogling was not what you should’ve been doing however, because Jimin’s near anxiety attack should’ve been your priority. His eyes were seconds from rolling out of their sockets, his tail was frantically wiggling about as he desperately attempted to cover himself with the shower curtain. 
“Y-Y/N.. I can explain..” 
“I knew it!” You triumphantly yelled, Jimin’s features contorting into preposterous concern. 
“Jimin, did you think I was that stupid?” You questioned rhetorically, crossing your arms. “How could I forget our first encounter of me seeing you nearly naked and swimming off into the ocean? I knew you weren’t human!” 
Jimin’s puppy eyes blink, then a second, a third and fourth time, trying to adjust himself to this wondrous turn of events. “And.. you’re not freaking out?” 
“Well, I never contemplated mermaids being real but knowing that they are is more cool than scary to be honest.” You relayed to him supportively, suddenly kneeling on the ground and grappling onto the edge of the tub, staring into his startled eyes with child-like wonderment. 
“Oh my God, does your tail have a touch sensation? Is it heavy? How do you transform? Is that why you avoid water when you’re above the shore?” 
Jimin had to immediately stop you. “Wait, wait, hold on hold on.” He gestured his index finger to your lips to hush you, his tail relaxing in the tub and he looked at you with those pretty eyes, his lips pursed into an acquiescing smile. 
“It does have sensation, it’s not as heavy as it appears. I transform of my own volition, though it takes practice and sometimes being submerged in water for too long can trigger reversion. And yes, that’s why I avoid water. I don't have the best grasp on transforming yet.” 
Your lips fell into an ‘o’ regarding all the information, so intrigued by all the brand new sights before you, let alone how difficult it was to pry your eyes away from his shimmering tail.
“Your tail.. it’s so pretty.” You whispered, hand coming out to touch and feel at the scales. They felt coated with a sort of oozy slick, though it was subtle and you could feel the outline of each scale. The colour was practically double-shaded with greens and blues, aquas and teals, and it almost emitted its own brilliance. Small specks of scales also lined up to Jimin’s stomach, and now recognizing the flawlessly milky and smooth feel of Jimin’s skin originates from being a mermaid.
Your attention fell to the sparkling, gold bangles that decorated his biceps, a question popping up in your marveling mind. 
“Is this part of your transformation?” 
“Mm,” Jimin nods, calling to his left arm as he adjusts the piece of jewelry. “It’s to indicate that I’m the Prince.”  
Now it was your turn for your eyes to bug out, curiosity having killed the cat but surely, not you yet. “You’re a Prince?!” 
Jimin nods again, resting back in the tub as his arms splay out over the edges, and he appears to you as the most delectable man on Earth. 
Well, merman, to be exact.
“All mermaids part of this sea are subjects of a kingdom. My mother’s the queen, and I’m the Prince.” 
You could not believe this information right now, mind a mess as grand as the sea trying to fathom it. “Holy shit.. I’ve been going out with a mermaid Prince this entire time?!” 
Jimin titled his head with confusion, knitting his brows together. “Going out? Isn’t that what humans do when they’re in love?” 
You understand the miscommunication there and immediately fumble. “Oh, no, no, that’s not what I meant. I meant that we’ve been, you know, hanging out together so casually when you’re.. you’re from a completely different world.” You marveled as the almost majestic fact sank in. Jimin truly was a merman, a creature of the sea and royalty at that. 
You must be fucking dreaming. 
“Are you.. even real?” You mused, jutting out your hand to delicately brush your thumb across his cheek, flitting over all his beautiful features with mesmerized eyes. 
Jimin smiles just the slightest bit, the little curve of his mouth endearing as he drapes his own hand above yours, squeezing it meaningfully. He then leans over a little, bringing his lips just before your own, and you grant yourself the opportunity to indulge in the sensation. You feel a rush of energy, anticipating his lips on yours before he detours and presses a kiss to your cheek instead, pulling back to gaze at your stunned eyes. 
“Does that show you I’m real?” 
Tumblr media
“How do mermaids have sex?” 
“For the last time Y/N, I’m not telling you that.” 
You had now spent the last half an hour bothering Jimin with questions all about mermaids; where he lives, his lifestyle, how in God’s name does he even jack off? 
“But I wanna know,” you whined to him, tugging on his arm as he finally earned the opportunity to put his shirt on. “Please tell me, Jimin.” 
“Why are you even so curious?” 
“I just am! How do mermaids do it? Is it like how whales have sex? Do mermaids even have genitals?” Jimin face-palmed himself as he listened to you, shaking his head in disappointment. 
“You really never change, do you?” 
“Only for the best.” You beamed at him with a toothy smile and flower pose, hoping to win him over. But Jimin only removed your hold and took a seat on your couch, putting his shoes back on. 
A question suddenly came to you while watching him. “How do you even know how to do that?” 
“Do what?” 
“Your shoes.. how do you know how to tie them?” Jimin peered up at you in confusion. You realized your question had no context, fixing it. 
“I meant as in, you’re a mermaid. So how do you know how to do human things like tie your shoelaces.. Or even have social etiquette?” 
Jimin smirked as he continued tying his shoe, almost letting a scoff spill out. “It’s one of my duties as prince to surface the shore and observe the humans here every now and then. It’s just to ensure nobody poses a threat to our kingdom.” Jimin elaborated for you, tying the last of his knot.
“Mermaids usually hate humans, which is why we’re so cautious of them and my job was to always scout them. But while doing that, I learned that humans aren’t necessarily.. that bad.” 
“Really?” You raised a questionable brow. 
“Yes. I mean, you make mistakes and can be pretty ruthless. But I found humans to just be.. trying their best, I guess. I like humans.” 
You’re impressed by his take on humans, still having a million questions floating around in your head. “What do you like about humans? I find them to be sucky.” 
Jimin finished with his laces and looked at you properly then, leaning back into your couch as his arm came up to rest against it. He wets his lip as he seems to contemplate the answer, looking off to the side as he opens his mouth. 
“Humans are just so.. free. “ Jimin explained. “They get to have fun.. do whatever they love. They chase their dreams, they fall and they get back up, they live in the pursuit of whatever drives them, and love so ardently. There’s beauty in what humans do. And I… enjoy seeing that beauty.” 
You’re blown away by Jimin’s point of view, wanting to open your mouth to find a counter, though you couldn’t fit it in yourself to really argue with him. He was right to a degree, humans just have something about them that makes them so imperfectly.. human. 
“I see your point,” you say, locked in a gaze with him that suddenly seemed to stretch into an eternity. Jimin rises from his seat, still holding your look as his hands hesitate, though he places them against your arms, holding you. 
“I hope it’s not an issue,” is all he asks, eyes revealing hurt, a hint of sadness, maybe even shame. “You know.. about us hanging out while I’m..”
You realize he’s asking for your opinion on him being a mermaid, and you reply with the utmost sincere response you could muster. 
“Never.” You uttered, sending him a reassuring smile. Jimin relaxed at that, and he gave you a tight-lipped curve of his pretty lips before he let you go, clearing his throat. 
“, I have to go.” 
You understand him and move out of his way to let him, opening the door for him as he waves you a goodbye and a mention of his strict mother needing him home, or else he would’ve stayed. You brushed him off, saying you understood it was important, and that he could grace you with his company later. 
Jimin was just out of the door frame before you abruptly stopped him, pulling him back by his shirt. 
“Jimin, wait.” 
He subsequently turned around, eyes slightly wide with questions as he searched yours. You didn’t say anything though, merely wrapped your arms around Jimin’s torso and hugged him as tightly as you could, as meaningfully as you could. You immediately breathed in the scent of his cologne, almost ironic he chose a scent that was as crisp as the ocean. 
You felt Jimin hesitate around you before his palms fell against your back, hugging you as well. 
“Come back, Jimin.” you breathed into his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beat. “Come back to me soon.” 
Jimin softened at the sound of your genuine request, rubbing your back soothingly as his chin plopped down against the crown of your head. You enjoyed this blissful moment of peace with him, having noticed as much as you wouldn’t want to admit it, you’d grown attached to Jimin. 
He was someone to look forward to, someone new and someone to experience a whole life with. You were afraid of what him being a mermaid would mean for the future, knowing there are complications there you wouldn’t dare iterate for the sake of your sanity. 
So in that moment, you didn’t let it bother you and simply didn’t let Jimin go, allowing him to hold your smaller figure in his arms as he gently caressed you. And he, too, seemed adamant on not letting go yet either. 
“I will, Y/N,” he said, lips pressed to your hair but not exactly kissing. “I’ll come back, I promise.” 
Tumblr media
Three knocks to your door have you curiously tilting your head the next day, noting the early time in the morning. You roll your eyes contemplating it could be your father pestering you about throwing out the trash incorrectly last night. Freshly ready for the day, to meander to the front door and carefully open it, having prepared a long and practiced speech of denial for your father but instead, your eyes are welcomed by stunning red hair. 
“Hey, beautiful.” 
“Jimin!” You disregard all sense of personal space and throw yourself onto Jimin, arms winding around his neck for a tight hug. 
He laughs happily as he in return, smothers you back with a hug. You both separate and don’t let a second pass without all your millions of questions. 
“How.. why did.. how are you here so early in the morning?” 
“Parents out visiting a neighbouring kingdom, told my siblings I’m out for princely duties of greeting people.” He brushes everything off with a nonchalant shrug and while you worry for him, your lips pout appreciatively, knowing what he risks just to see you. 
“Thank you, Jimin.” 
“You don’t have to say thank you, beautiful.”   
You become excited seeing as you both have the whole day to yourselves, giddy with joy as your scatter-brain ponders all the possibilities. 
“Oh my God, why don’t we finally watch that show I keep telling you about?” 
“What, the one called meet.. met.. something about a mother?” 
“How I Met Your Mother!” 
Jimin watched you step around wholesomely, clearly unable to keep all your happiness within just your body and he had to laugh. You immediately dove for the couch and your remote, already switching on your TV and scrounging around netflix for the sitcom. 
“Come come!” You beckoned Jimin over by patting the seat next you, Jimin finding you too cute to resist. 
Tumblr media
“Okay, that’s weird. Why does she want a blue french horn?” 
“Because it’s funny, Jimin!” You continue to argue on the logistics and reality of the show, your petty debates consisting of Jimin finding humans very strange and you righteously defending them (and the show, more so). 
“What’s this thing about a signal?” Jimin questioned as you gestured towards the scene of Barney criticising Ted for missing Robin’s ‘signal’. 
“The signal means Ted’s signal to kiss Robin. Usually on dates like this there’s a moment where someone can totally go in for the kiss.” You explained as simply as you could for your merman friend, who’s fairly new to this level of human social cues. 
“So you’re telling me he had to almost.. read Robin in order to determine if he should kiss her or not?” 
“Well, duh. How would we have expected to go any further if he didn’t kiss her?” 
Jimin laughs here, but it’s almost like a harmless scoff at the characters. “So they’re all mad at Ted for not being able to kiss her when he should’ve?” 
“Yeah, how else would he end up having sex with her?” You practically exasperated as you passionately argued with him. 
“How does kissing just lead into sex like that? I don’t get it.” You watch Jimin appear almost differential to the approach, his arms crossed and his lips contorted with confusion. 
“Ugh, I forgot. You royal merfolk are used to courting and arranged marriages probably, huh?” 
Jimin shrinks into his seat a little as his eyes evade you, viewing him clearly appear caught red-handed. 
You scoff looking at him being too cute for his own good. You jerked your brows once an idea came to your mind. You reach over for the remote and pause the show, placing it back as Jimin unfolds his arms. 
“Why did you-” 
You don’t let him complete his question once your hands slide over Jimin’s chest, a gleam of lust in your eyes as you invade his space and boldly swing a leg over his thighs, settling into his lap. 
You watch his shocked eyes search yours, hands hesitating around your figure. 
“It’s not hard for a kiss to turn into more, Jimin.” You clasp onto the collar of his shirt, feeling your crotch light up as your short-clad core presses into his jeans. You bite your lip peering at him, tilting your head aniticpatingly, and slowly feel his heart pick up its speed. 
Jimin fights to answer you, but never amounts to anything worthy of saying. He simply watch your in awe, his breath stolen from him encountering a woman who so boldly approaches him. 
So boldly owns him. 
“Shh.” You whisper against his lips, rubbing your hands over his chest to ease him. “Let me show you.” 
Before he can open his mouth, you caress his with your own in a teasing manner. You breath purposefully against him and Jimin can practically taste the mint of your mouthwash, swallowing when he struggles to place his hands. 
“On my hips, Jimin.” You instruct him with a sultry coo, and Jimin’s breath hitches at the mere tone of your voice. His pretty hands wrap around your hips then, licking his lips as he juts forward for your kiss, and finally connects your lips. You mouth at each other slowly, tenderly as you simply relish in the shape and plump softness of his lips, having always adored their beautiful allure. 
He lets a little noise of satisfaction once your fingers lip into his red, fiery hair, opening up your mouth ravage him. You bite at his bottom lip because it’s simply too addicting, and soon, Jimin’s hands build a natural momentum of rocking you over his crotch, feeding into the motion. 
“Jimin..” You whisper a needy moan, and it seems to drive Jimin absolutely crazy. He moans pleasurably in response and goes on to grab at your hips a little more, adding more motion, more power to his kiss as your tongue swipes his bottom lip. 
You break away only to advise him, show him just like you said you would. “If we wanted things.. To be like in the show..” You’re moaning out in the middle, Jimin’s hands sliding up and down your sides in almost teasing circles. 
Your lips hover over him, breaths spilling into his mouth. 
“You’d start kissing my neck.” 
Jimin looks at you for only a moment, as if he’s requesting some sort of permission and you immediately grant it to him with the slightest of nods. Jimin doesn’t waste time and presses his luscious lips to your neck, for a small, sweet kiss. Then, he kisses another time, and another, and another, until he completely latches his mouth on and intakes your neck between his lips. 
He mouths unhurriedly and sensually, feeding into the way you moan and crane your neck for more. Your hands are grabbing at his hair as you feel arousal trickle down into your core, biting your lip to keep yourself from mewling too lewdly. 
“What’s next?” Jimin almost breathlessly asks, his hands grasping hold of your squirmy frame. 
“You’d.. you’d start kissing down my chest and..” Fuck, how is he so good at this? You’re certain by the nature of his lifestyle Jimin’s new to this stuff and yet, the way he sucks on your neck and is most likely leaving marks behind? 
You were royally fucked. 
“And what, beautiful? Having a hard time speaking?” 
You scoff at his chiding and light-heartedly smack his shoulder, humming in approval when he presses his lips to the column of your throat. 
“You’d start taking off my shirt.” 
You feel him smirk against you, his hands previously cradling your waist not ever so slowly travelling down for the ends of your shirt. You moan particularly loud when he sucks into your skin, grabbing hold of his tighter as you manage the arousal he sends through you. 
He slowly, but surely begins hiking up your shirt, feeling his fingertips touch your bare skin and its as though you’re a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Something clicks inside you, needing him everywhere, on you, inside you. 
You grow more needy, buckling down your knees to press your body further into his until you accidentally press down onto the remote you’d chucked, playing the show and the sudden dialogue stunning you two apart. 
You gasp along with Jimin, scared out of your wits. Hand pressed to your heart, your shocked eyes find Jimin’s and you both break into hearty fits of laughter. Jimin contends that he gets the point, and you suggest you both return to the show for the rest of his lesson. 
You both didn’t really talk about what happened for the rest of the day. 
Tumblr media
“You have to touch her clit, you can’t just be ramming yourself in there and hoping it’ll do something!” Jimin snorted on his nachos as he sat listening to you in the passenger seat of your car. 
“You’re telling me human men are given this one task on Earth, and they can’t even do it right?” 
“You wouldn’t believe it,” you exasperated, rolling your eyes as Jimin pursed his lips with disbelief. “A lot of men don’t really know how to satisfy a woman.” 
“But that’s just so sad.. and all women have to deal with this?”  Jimin genuinely appears concerned for the female human population. 
“Yup, you just have to pray a guy knows when he’s doing before going in and hope for the best.” 
Jimin clicks his tongue disapprovingly as he lands a supportive hand on your shoulder, comforting you. “Live long and prosper, Y/N.” 
“I show you Star Trek once!” 
Your car’s welcomed by the sound of your laughter, chortling together like high school friends. Jimin falls to a silence as he merely gazes at your side profile, your eyes busy picking at your nachos. 
“What satisfies a woman then?” 
“Huh?” A nacho’s half stuffed in your mouth as you regard him. 
He chuckles a little at the sight. “What’s the key to satisfying a woman? It would be best to ask a woman, no?” 
You look at him wide-eyed, swallowing once you contemplate Jimin means business, and isn’t just fucking around. The way he stares at you however, leaned back all lax with his thick thighs spread out over the car seat, you could’ve climbed over his lap this isn’t. 
Too bad the nachos are obstructing your path. 
You begin a run-down of exactly what a woman needs, erogenous zones, g-spot basics, secrets about what really gets a lady going. You silently forget to mention sometimes that what you’re generally saying really only applies to you. 
“Breasts, oh my God, breasts are important.” You emphasized. “You have to lick, touch, fondle, whatever you can. Nipples are such a sensitive part of a woman’s body.” 
“A woman’s body? Or just yours?” 
You shoot Jimin a narrow-eyed look with pursed lips, smacking his arm as a poor defense mechanism. “Shut up.” 
Jimin lets out that pretty laugh of his again, snickering with you happily. Or at least it was like that, until Jimin suddenly straightened up and his face turned pale within seconds. His features were riddles with fear, panic evident in his eyes as your system overrides with concern. 
“Jimin? Are you..?” 
“I have to go, I’m sorry.” 
You attempt to babble out a response, pulling at his jacket. “Jimin, wait-are you okay?” 
“I can’t-just, let me go. I have to go!” 
And Jimin disappeared like a cloud of smoke, slipping out of your hands faster than you could breathe
Tumblr media
Two weeks have gone by, and Jimin was nowhere to be found. 
You didn’t think someone’s absence could suddenly make you feel so.. empty. The void in your brain was just too unbearable, not just from the sake of missing Jimin as a person, but worrying for his well being too.
After learning about Jimin’s real identity as a mermaid, a lot of things finally began to make sense. The strict times in which he came and left, the inconsistency, the reason why he always submerged from a certain point in the sea. He was a Prince, royalty, and had duties he needed to be tending to in such a highly coveted position. 
And after hearing how uptight his mother is? You were genuinely concerned for what awful things Jimin could’ve been putting up with just to see you more recently. Not to mention how much mermaids are meant to hate humans, so much so that they’re specifically scouted out and yet, Jimin held the differential opinion of actually liking humans. 
You feared for him, contemplating what if Jimin is the only mermaid who likes humans. Does that make him starkly different from everyone else? Do others know? Can he let others know? Will he be ostracized and penalized? Worse, could he be kicked out of his kingdom? Left as a lonesome creature without a place to call home? 
Your mind swarmed with these thoughts as you sat above your jeep’s car hood, having driven out to your city’s sign that overlooks the far, scenic views of your town. The wind was always calming up here, the grassy hills and night sky reminding you of how insignificant humans really are, just specks in the grand scheme of the universe. 
You clutched your knees to your chest as you sulked all alone, wondering when your life reached this point. 
Maybe it’s the idea of something new, something riveting and unlike anything else you’ve experienced in before. You’ve always found humans to be fickle and lacking common sense, dawning your dislike for them as a whole. 
You only liked a select few humans, but Jimin wasn’t human. 
Jimin was different. He was a breath of fresh air, like wearing a new piece of clothing after wearing the same old crap in your closet, the pretty wave of a lunar tide, a new phase of the moon. He was everything you wanted to know and more, letting out a deep sigh contemplating where he is, what he’s doing. 
Is he even okay? 
“I hope you’re okay,” you muttered to yourself as you uselessly held up your hand to the sky, grabbing at a few stars as though you could capture their light. 
“I’m okay so long as I’m with you.” 
You immediately shoot up on your car’s hood, stunned eyes snapping to a red-haired, angel-smiled man with those shimmering puppy eyes. Your mouth fell upon attempting to construct a sentence, wondering far too many different things. 
“J-Jimin.. how are you even..?” 
“I knew I’d find you here.” He simply says, smiling wide as he climbs onto your Jeep and you allocate room for him, letting him join you on the hood. 
“You like looking at things from a high point of view.” 
You’re stunned he was actually correct, hugging your knees to your chest again as you stare at him in wonderment. 
It’s as though every period of time you spend away from him, he comes back looking even more beautiful. This time he’s in light blue ripped jeans and a simple black tee, catching the view of his biceps that naturally have golden trails of where his Princely bangles should be. 
His eyes then turn to you, requesting something and you need him to repeat it. “Pardon?” 
“I got that right, didn’t I?” 
You let out a little laugh, nodding to him. “Yeah, spot on.” 
You both fall into a silence then, Jimin leaning back on his palms as he swings his legs off the edge of the car, watching the stars sparkle in the night sky. His face is graced with a content smile, watching the way his eyes glisten with admiration as he soaks in his surroundings. 
He looks completely happy here. 
“Are you.. okay?” You suddenly ask, curiosity eventually killing your inner cat. “With everything at home, I mean.. you were gone for a long time.” 
Jimin merely wets his lips as he stares off into the distance, watching the gears shift in his head as he fixes his posture. “Not much happened.” 
“It doesn’t seem like that.” 
Jimin looks at you with playfully narrowed eyes, leaning in closer. “When did you start to get so good at reading me?” 
You shrug, light-heartedly joking. “I’m a genius, Jimin. I thought you already knew this?” 
“Liar, you didn’t know I was a mermaid.” 
“Actually, I totally knew,” you decided to spill the beans, watching his eyes pop open in shock. 
“You what?” 
“I knew, Jimin. You really think I’d forget those times in the beginning when I saw you naked and walking along the shore? I literally said ‘mermaid’ and you freaked out. Way to be obvious.” 
“Just like you and your cousin Taehyung when I walked into your dad’s shack for the first time?” 
You immediately feel warm with embarrassment, avoiding his eyes as you look off to the side. “We weren’t obvious, shut up.” 
Jimin’s chest rumbles with a laugh, and you enjoy the pretty sound for as long as it lasts. You’re so busy watching the town below you that you don’t notice the way Jimin looks at you, a smile finding his lips as he gazes contently. 
“Why do you like looking at things from high places?” 
You snap your oblivious vision to him. “Hm?” 
“You like watching things from high places.. why?” 
You purse your lips as your sight falls to the lights of that one diner you adore, the neon sign of your roller skating rink you have too many memories at, and finally, your dad’s lighthouse. 
“I’m not exactly sure, honestly. I think I just love knowing that humans are so… small.” 
Jimin giggles a little. “Small?” 
You realize it doesn’t make sense, joining his laughter and elaborating. “What I mean is that… the world is massive, you know? And humans are just this small, small existence on Earth. I think realizing how small and ultimately insignificant humans are.. it grants us a sense of freedom.” 
“You think so? It’s not scary?” Jimin’s gladly immersed in your thoughts. 
“I guess it’s scary, but it also reminds us that there’s so much more to life than what you know. Love, emotions, bad days, they’re all things that aren’t as big as they seem in the grand scheme of things.” 
“Love…” Jimin reiterates. “Doesn’t it have the capacity to be something big, though?” 
You scoff playfully. “Love is just a human emotion. And it’s only big between the two people in the relationship, not as grand as the universe.” 
“Do you believe in love?” 
You’re suddenly stunned by Jimin’s meaningful question, your eyes flitting to him and finding them swimming with genuine curiosity. This isn’t to make fun of you or tease you, Jimin communicates wanting to know somebody better, so you grant him a response as seriously as you can. 
“I do… love is just,” you sigh, eyes falling to the town again. “Love is only worth it if you know someone feels the same way about you. It’s a waste of time otherwise.” 
Jimin falls silent with a comprehensive nod, sitting up straighter as he still swings his legs off the car, occasionally jutting out to toe at your shoes with his. 
“How do you know… if someone feels the same way about you?” 
Your attention switches to him as he quietly muses, pinching your brows together. “What do you mean?” 
“I mean, how are you supposed to tell if someone’s in love with you too? Don’t you have to ask or.. do something embarrassing?” 
You chuckle a little at his innocence, lips falling into a pout. “Jimin, you’re adorable.” 
“What? I mean it! Isn’t asking almost.. mortifying? What if the other person says no?” 
“That’s the beauty of being human, Jimin.” You explain, not having realized he’s much closer to you now, his face inches from yours. “You never know, and you’ll continue to never know unless you take the leap.” 
“But isn’t taking the leap scary?” Jimin genuinely looks terrified. 
“It’s probably one of the scariest things humans have to do, yeah. But they do it because they need to, Jimin. Even if you get rejected, you accept it, move on, and find someone that does feel the same way about you.” 
Jimin appears as though you just explained Quantum Physics, those pretty puppy eyes of his big and wide. His vision suddenly falls to the grass before him, his plump lips in a little pout as he seemingly contemplates something. 
“How do I find out if you feel the same way about me?” 
You blink, multiple times just to ensure you weren’t hallucinating. “Pardon?” 
“What am I supposed to do to find out?” 
You realize while looking at Jimin’s face that he’s asking you a serious question, and you muster the courage to simply accept the content of his question and answer honestly. 
“Well, sometimes you just blatantly ask. But sometimes people do things like maybe hold their hand and see if they reciprocate. Some people try hugs, being close with somebody. Or a lot of the time people kiss to see if they feel the same way.. just like we watched in that show together.” 
Jimin makes a noise of understanding as he nods, bringing his pointer finger to his lips as he thinks. “So I just have to kiss you and see?” 
Your heart clogs up into your throat as you cough a little, confirming for him. “Y-yeah, basically.” 
Suddenly you’re way too embarrassed to even look him in the eye, focusing instead on the grass, the greenery, the goddamn old, ugly ass city sign just to distract yourself. You can feel the palpable tension now between your bodies having noticed the way you and Jimin naturally wiggle closer to each other. 
You’re so busy focusing on everything else you’re caught by surprise when Jimin’s hand delicately holds your cheek, turning your attention towards him. Your wide eyes watch him in anticipation, biting on your lip in the slightest and watching the way Jimin’s eyes spark with excitement at the image. 
He very, very slowly inches towards you, holding his lips just before yours as he remains patient. He seems to watch your features closely in order to gauge the permission he has to kiss you. You’re endeared by the soft look of his eyes, thinking you’ve never met someone who’s shown this much concern for you. 
You close your eyes and jut yourself a little forward, nudging his lips with yours and you feel Jimin smile. He presses his mouth to yours and you immediately feel electricity spark within you. His lips feel like the soft touch of plush, sensing him kissing you in slow movements as he holds your cheek. 
You want more, so much more because the feeling of Jimin is magic you’ve never felt before. You open up your mouth to catch more of his, lightly nibbling as his bottom lip because God, is it just so soft. Jimin feels you wanting more and places his other hand against your face, holding you in place as he kisses you sweetly. 
Your tongue swipes across his bottom lip with amusement, poking at his mouth until Jimin opens up just for you, invading him with a plentiful kiss as your insides twist with arousal. 
Suddenly a rush of energy shoots through you, propping yourself up on your knees and hating the side angle you’ve both adopted. You slowly hook a leg over Jimin’s thighs and hear him make a noise of surprise, soon transforming into a moan as you settle over his lap. 
Straddling him immediately drives your high, hands falling to his shoulders as Jimin’s slide down your body and cradles your waist, holding you delicately as he moves his mouth with yours in a rhythm of desire. 
You both break away only to catch your breath, your vision fixated on your hips sitting over his crotch, your thumbs soothing his neck softly as Jimin looked at you, trying to find your eyes. 
He places the back of his pointer finger under your chin, beckoning your eyes to meet his. You tentatively do, Jimin’s irises swimming with something you couldn’t quite make out, though they were for sure a soft, tender colour. 
“Does that mean you feel the same way?” 
Jimin’s features are painted over with such a vulnerable, anticipating look, you couldn’t help but love that he’s doing something so human just for you. Your hands fall to Jimin’s strong chest, feeling his heart beat wildly as he awaits your answer. 
You can’t muster a verbal response, however, and simply capture him in a much, much more heated kiss. Jimin’s nearly sent backwards as desire drives your mind haywire, mouthing at Jimin as you clutch onto his t-shirt. Jimin hesitates, not knowing exactly what to do until you grab his hands and place them on your hips, letting him grab at them as you mouth at him delectably. You slide his hands down to your ass and encourage him to squeeze, which he does with those pretty hands of his and you moan into his mouth. 
Suddenly you’re full-on making out with Jimin, feeling your guts flood with arousal as your crotch ruts against his in slow movements, Jimin happily moaning into your mouth as you hum with approval. A hand of his slinks into your hair as he lightly tugs at your tresses, shifting you closer to him by your waist and pressing you all up in his personal space. 
You can feel the heat rising, the temperature hot despite the cool night air outside, and all you can think about is kissing Jimin, feeling him, touching him, having him all to yourself. You’ve felt it the entire time you’ve known the ridiculously gorgeous man, and it’s safe to say you’re falling for more than just his looks. 
Suddenly the thought of him reminds you Jimin isn’t someone easy to have, however. He’s truly not just a ridiculously gorgeous man, but he’s a mermaid, the prince of a kingdom that has priorities far more important than meeting a measly human like you above the shore. 
You break away from him then, catching your breath as reality hits you hard. Everything you wanted to ignore before suddenly rushes into your now logically thinking mind. This doesn’t make sense, none of it does. As much as you want Jimin, you can’t have him. He’s from a completely different world that does not mesh with yours, worse, loathes yours. 
The way he even avoided telling you the reason of his two week absence should’ve clued you in on the fact that Jimin comes here against his mother’s wishes. He’s not supposed to be here, he’s not supposed to be with you even if he wants to, because it’s not in his power to simply neglect his dutiful and demanding life. 
You immediately climb off Jimin then, fixing your clothes as he sits up and questions you with immense concern. 
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” 
You give him a look as if he should already know what’s wrong, smoothing over your hair and ensuring your lip gloss didn’t taint your skin (even though much of it should be on Jimin now). 
“Y/N, talk to me. Should I have not kissed you-” 
“No, Jimin, it’s not that.” You shut him down, hand gesturing your point. “You shouldn’t be here, should you? What did you even have to do to sneak past your mother and come here?” 
Jimin looks like he’s caught red-handed then, opening his mouth to speak but fails to provide a sentence. 
“See, I knew it. When I said our worlds are different Jimin, I meant it. It’s not hard to figure out that you shouldn’t be here above the shore, let alone above the shore just to see me.” 
“But I like seeing you, Y/N. It’s been the best part of any time I’ve spent above the shore.” 
“But are you allowed to surface the shore to see me?” You question with reason, and Jimin sighs as he struggles to find a response. 
“Exactly, Jimin. You’re not supposed to be seeing me. And I may not know exactly what’s happening back home but I can tell that you’re very obviously leaving when you shouldn’t be.” Your eyes gloss over thinking you were stupid, how could you be growing an attachment to someone you very obviously know you can’t have? It shouldn’t hurt to say any of this, but why does it feel like your heart’s beating too fast and your chest is constricting? 
“We’re not supposed to be together, Jimin. I’m a human, and you’re a mermaid…” 
“And is that the problem?” Jimin immediately sounds offended. “Do you have a problem with me not being human?” 
Your eyes immediately soften with apology. “No, Jimin, I don’t mean it like that. I just mean that mermaids are supposed to hate humans, and I don’t think I’m any good for you.” 
“And how are you the judge of that, Y/N? You don’t know how I feel at all-”
“Just go back, Jimin!” You suddenly screeched, too tired to even explain the severity of all this. “Just go back.. you’re probably needed back home and you can’t just be here kissing me.” 
You can see from the corner of your eye Jimin’s jaw locked as he swallows, sensing the hurt you caused him but feeling too weak to even muster an apology. Jimin merely nods with pursed lips, hopping off your jeep. 
“Yeah, I should.” He says assertively, swallowing down your emotion as you clutch your folded arms over your chest. 
“I’ll.. drive you back to the shore.” You say as you make quick steps towards the driver’s seat, igniting the engine as Jimin climbs into the other side, getting in without protest. 
You both didn’t exchange a word the entire ride. 
Tumblr media
Jimin didn’t come back for a month. 
You would’ve granted yourself the opportunity to sulk over it, but you couldn’t exactly do that when all of this was your fault, right? 
The rain slams against your window tonight. The forecast shows a tropical storm passing over your region. The waves crash and remain unsteady, hating that your mind so easily drifted towards how Jimin could be. 
Is he okay? Does the sea become restless when it storms like this? Do the waters get dangerous? 
You sigh as you clutch your shawl over yourself, curling up on your couch as you binge a show on Netflix. Jasmine tea in hand, you blow it cool until your doorbell suddenly rings, eyebrows knitting together in acute confusion. 
Who would be visiting during such a terrible storm like this? 
Your tea cup meets the surface of your coffee table, wrapping your shawl around you tighter as you approach your door. You peer through the peephole and immediately gasp as your palm drapes your mouth. 
Blinking a few times to ensure you’re awake and this isn’t a dream, your heart rate picks up speed as you attempt to not panic. You compose yourself with a breath, clutching the handle and opening the door carefully. 
Your voice is tentative when you speak. “Jimin?” 
You find the same man that’s been occupying your thoughts suddenly just before you, completely drenched and soaking wet as he terribly shivered. 
“Why are you here?” 
“I couldn’t think of anywhere else.” 
You felt guilt overcome you as you watch him snivel and look panicked, droplets of the rain coating his soaked locks. He looks elsewhere, awkward and out of place. You sigh before stepping aside, ushering him in. 
“Get in, my God. You must be freezing.”
He rapidly nods and paddles in, seeing that he’s in fact completely soaked, and he must’ve been not only caught in the rain, but having been wandering around for a while. He’s erratic and all over the place, looking as though he’s a second from crying but also having an anxiety attack. You immediately bolt to nab him a big, warm towel, wrapping it around him as you carefully dry his hair. 
“What happened, Jimin? Did you get caught in the storm?” 
“I got kicked out.” He voices as though his throat is clogged up, cuddling himself with the towel.
“You what?” 
“My mother… she banished me from the kingdom and won’t allow me to return.” 
Your eyes widen, an abundance of concern washing over you. You watch him genuinely hurt, as though he’s been dragged through the mud and your heart immediately breaks for him. He seems scared and distressed, intaking shallow breaths as his fearful eyes finally find yours. 
“I have nowhere to go, Y/N. No matter what I do, she won’t take me back… she just won’t.” 
His voice wavers, as though his chest is tightening up and his face looks so tortured. You let him continue as you remove his shoes and dry his feet against your mat, placing your warm slippers on him.
“I didn’t want to tell you this to make you feel bad, but she’s a stickler for royal duties and the kingdom. She used to consider me the perfect son. She used to love me so much and we were fine but.. but she told me now she doesn’t even recognize me and she-” 
Jimin has to stop, his breathing becoming uneven and you have to hold onto his shoulders, searching for his eyes. “Hey, Jimin, breathe, okay? Tell me slowly.”
Jimin follows your slow breaths, sniffling as he presses the towel to his neck and dries himself. “She banished me from the kingdom for neglecting my duties and won’t allow me to return until she deems it appropriate.” 
Your heart softens thinking Jimin is practically exiled for meeting you, thumbing away some of the stray strands of his ruby hair draping his forehead. You ache for him, seeing the miserable sadness in Jimin’s eyes and contemplating how much he genuinely feels heart-broken, scared, lost. 
You feel guilt building a pit in your stomach, flooding your mind with intrusive thoughts all over again. Looking at him in such a state; shivering, soaking wet, those puppy eyes peering at you so, so lost. 
You can’t help but think this is all your fault. 
You step away from Jimin then, smothering yourself in your shawl and hoping it could erase your faults, but nothing could get rid of the fact that Jimin’s only in this situation because of you. 
“I’m sorry, Jimin.” 
He creases his brows. “Why are you saying sorry?” 
“This is all my fault, isn’t it?” 
Jimin immediately works to deny you, looking hurt that you could believe such a thing. “Y/N..” 
“No, Jimin. You know this is my fault. I shouldn’t have dragged you everywhere and gotten you involved with humans so much.” 
“But why, Y/N? Did I ever say it was a bother?” 
“But it seems it is, Jimin. Look at you.” You gesture towards him, painfully scanning over his drenched clothes and cold body. “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me. We shouldn’t be doing this.” 
“But I want to, Y/N. There’s something about you I can’t let go of, I don’t want to.” 
“Jimin, your priorities were the kingdom and your position as Prince. I’m not important compared to all that!” 
“Yes you are, Y/N!” Jimin yelled back with conviction, arguing with you. “Yes, being a prince once meant a lot to me. But I decide myself what’s important to me now. I get to decide what I want!” 
“And what do you want, Jimin, huh? To be forever exiled from your family? Your kingdom? To lose who you truly are for some human above the shore?” 
“You’re not just some human!” 
“Then who am I?!” 
Jimin peers at you with a mix of emotions, a multitude of expressions present on his face as he searches your eyes. He gazes at you meaningfully, longingly until he suddenly charges towards you and collides his lips with yours. 
You’re immediately surprised, overwhelmed by his kiss as you push him off you, knowing how wrong this is. Jimin looks concerned, dazed, stunned as immense panic washes over him. 
“I-I’m so sorry..” He begins, but you don’t exactly let him finish. 
A lusty fire is lit inside you and you immediately grab Jimin by his collar, tugging him to you and crashing your lips onto his. He moans instantly, hands naturally cradling around your waist as he presses his body into you. Your hands snake into his wet hair as the sheer force and power of your kiss knocks Jimin’s towel off. Only your fireplace keeps you two warm. 
Your mouths move in synchronicity you didn’t know you’ve developed yet, opening up wide just for Jimin to dip his tongue into yours. He happily does so, moaning when the wet muscle invades your mouth and licks at whatever he can. He tastes you pleasurably, biting at his plump lips as he walks you both back against your coach, the back of your knees meeting the edge. 
You slowly falter backwards as Jimin joins you, only disconnecting from each other’s mouths for you to adjust yourself on the couch. Jimin bites his lip as he crawls over you, hands either side of your head as he peers down at your pretty face, his eyes a blown out, though gorgeous colour. 
His fiery red hair is only defined more by the flame of the fireplace, your hands instinctively running through the ruby locks as you gaze at him in fascination. 
“Do you really want to do this?” Jimin asks tentatively, a hand of his carefully soothing your side as he fiddles with the hem of your shirt, asking the permission he needs to proceed. 
You breathe in and out, hands holding Jimin’s cheeks, disbelieving that he is actually here. After contemplating the last time you’d seen him, you didn’t want him to go away. You’ve admittedly missed him more than you should have, and your heart races having him so near, feeling the wet warmth of his skin, being able to look into his gems of eyes. 
But most of all, you crave Jimin in ways you desperately need. You need his touch, his hands, his lips, any part of his body you’ve spent far too long daydreaming about, and now finally getting to take a bite of. 
“Yes,” you answer breathlessly. “I want this.. I want you.” 
Jimin’s eyes sparkle with something indistinguishable, looking as though desire painted every feature of his and he immediately latches his mouth onto yours, engulfing you in his heady kiss. Your mind spins the second you feel him so zealously, craving the arousal that suddenly begins to pool your underwear. 
You squirm underneath him, Jimin detecting the movement and deciding to implement exactly the things you once told him.
Jimin begins hiking up your shirt, exposing your midriff as you arch into him. The touch of his beautiful hands against your bare skin is too good to deny. He passes your breasts and he’s left privy to your bra, allowing you to raise your arms and removing your shirt from your body. 
You breathe beautifully underneath him as his eyes soak in your figure, fingertips grazing over your skin just to feel how soft you are. 
“Fuck,” he curses, palm cupping around your waist as you shudder. 
You giggle after, hands now meeting the hem of his shirt. “Your turn.” 
Jimin cracks a smirk, reclining back on his knees as he grabs the back of his wet shirt and tugs it off himself. Your eager eyes meet his pretty, delicate body as your hands develop a mind of their own, feeling his silky smooth skin as you marvel. 
“You’re beautiful.” you whisper gently, to which Jimin smiles and holds your hand against him. 
“I could say the very same to you.” 
You let out an airy breath, so full of abundant desire for him it’s easy to tug him over your lips again, mouthing as though he’s everything you’ve ever wanted. 
Jimin returns the sentiment, tongue dipping into your mouth as his hands travel up your waist, sighing into his mouth at the feeling of his bare skin against yours. His lips begin kissing down your jaw until he reaches your neck, his fingertips dancing up your rib cage until he hovers around your breasts, seeming itchy to touch. 
He pops off your neck and breathes unevenly against your lips, asking breathlessly. “Is it okay if I touch you?” 
You giggle a little, finding his genuinely innocent, puppy-eyed look too cute to resist. “Of course, Jimin.” 
He smiles at you endearingly and returns to your neck as he begins palming at your breast, feeling them up to his desire. His hands then dip inside your bra, meeting the bare flesh of your boobs as you gasp with an arch into him, Jimin’s entire body buzzing at the reaction. 
“Holy fuck,” he curses, watching you come back down to earth in wonderment. “That was so hot.” 
You open your fucked out eyes and chuckle a little, biting at your bottom lip. 
“Never had sex with a human before, huh?” 
You laugh, though it’s a happy sound. Your hands remain on Jimin’s neck, feeling at his silky smooth skin as you gaze into his pretty eyes. 
“My chest is really sensitive.” 
“I can tell.” He laughs with you here, settling down once you shoot him a genuine look. 
“But seriously, do mermaids have sex?” 
Jimin laughs through a smile as he replies. “Yeah, we do. If you’re wondering whether or not I’m a virgin, I’m not.” 
You nod understandingly as you wrap your head around the idea of mermaid sex. Intriguing. 
“But I’ve for sure never had sex with a human, and neither have I ever been in human form during sex.” Jimin tells you what you can identify is shyness, even embarrassment, and you feel sad as you look at his puppy eyes. 
“Hey, that’s okay, Jimin. I promise I’ll be learning about your body and what you like just as much as you will with me.” You assure him, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks. “Here,” you begin, beckoning his hand to yours as you hold it out. “Give me your hand.” 
Jimin plops his hand in yours, managing his weight above you as you guide him to your body. You lead him to cup your breast and you feel something spark in your pussy, the sheer arousal from his touch something you couldn’t even fathom. 
Jimin’s merely fascinated by how a simple touch elicits such a reaction from you, and he naturally begins to knead at your breast the more he sees you like it. You make these noises that he’s not exactly used to hearing, and it lights up nerves inside him he could just barely control. 
“Oh my God,” he marvels, enjoying the way you gasp when he specifically touches your nipple, and he immediately picks up on something. 
“Hmm,” he contemplates, grabbing both your breasts that fit so snugly in his hands, and he brushes the pads of his thumb over your buds, immediately arching up into him when electricity courses through your veins. 
He licks his lips at the sight, trying to fight back a groan once he watches you relish in him shamelessly fondling you. You quickly unclip your bra and toss it to the side, adjusting yourself better for Jimin to play with your tits because fuck, are you a weakling for some breast play. 
Your head’s spinning by the time Jimin’s deftly handling your breasts, letting out gasps of pleasure as your underwear dampens, until you’re suddenly met with another wet sensation. Without having told Jimin a thing, he’d latched his mouth onto a nipple and you moan in sheer euphoria, the touch of his plump lips kissing and suckling at your breasts far too intoxicating. 
“Fuck,” you sigh, letting out noises of satisfaction as Jimin in pure wonder licks and sucks at your nipples, never neglecting to show them both the same attention. He pushes them both together and adores the sight and sounds of you moaning, riding up against him as your body buzzes. 
“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Jimin praises as he relishes in slathering his tongue all over you, and boy did you discover one of his many kinks that night. “Can’t wait to hear more sounds from you.”
“You’ve got quite the dirty mouth for a Prince there, sir.” You jokingly address him formally as you watch him stuff his face into your boobs, and Jimin laughs against your skin. 
“It’s not my fault you’re pure sin, baby.” 
You moan harder when Jimin abandons a tit to instead trail down your body, and the left hook of the pet name he called you is already making you dizzy. The right hook is when Jimin begins fiddling with the rim of your pants, almost teasingly feeling at them. 
“These are annoying,” he breathes against your skin, goosebumps rising all over you. 
“Take em’ off then, Ariel.” 
He laughs and begins slowly kissing down your midriff, pressing those luscious lips of him all over your skin. 
“You’re okay with it?” 
“It’s you, Jimin. Of course I’m okay.” 
He smiles at that, and hooks his fingers into your waistband as he removes your pants, leaving your underwear on. Jimin watches your legs squirm as his eyes seem to shiver, so many thoughts running through his mind. 
“Shit, if you react like that when I touch your chest, how about when I..” And Jimin’s slow hand tracing your stomach suddenly dips down to your panty-clad core, hovering over your slick pussy and you immediately hiss with pleasure, hips bucking into his hand. 
“Fuck, Jimin..” 
“Jesus.. I’m so fucked.” 
Jimin reflects on how goddamn screwed he is when he realizes you’re just so sensitive. The way you keep trying to look for his hand on your cunt, he simply knows how much you need to be touched right now. 
“Jimin..” You moan, legs restless and squishing together to satiate the ache your clit pulses with. Jimin then feels around your pussy experimentally, touching you so lightly and yet, so deliciously it felt like he was evilly teasing you. 
You get so fed up by his hesitancy you take his hand yourself, and slip him into your panties. You immediately mewl when you feel his fingertips dip into your folds, sighing in relief with shut, blissed out eyes. 
Jimin seems to get the memo and on his own, removes your underwear. He gains full access as he watches you make him touch you, observing, examining, remembering exactly how you liked to be touched. He sees the way you rub him against your folds, specifically pining at this one spot that makes your entire body shudder. 
Jimin’s tired of watching you do it, and begins to press into this mysterious one spot just to see what it does to you. Lo and behold, you practically lurch up into him and open your eyes to meet his blown out ones, mesmerized by how much sheer desire shines in them. 
“You like that, don’t you?” Jimin’s voice is suddenly much lower, causing you to wet your lips as your mouth suddenly becomes dry and you lose air. You nod obediently and Jimin begins to take more control, a hand curling your hip as he falls back onto his shins, and focuses on touching your pussy to your pleasure. 
It feels like fireworks going off, losing your mind at the sheer amount of attention he provides you with, feeling at you everywhere to see you react beautifully. 
Though you don’t even earn the chance to settle in when Jimin experimentally slips a finger inside your wet, dripping pussy hole, gasping at the sudden invasion of his finger. 
“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry!” He immediately apologizes. “I just saw you dripping and I couldn’t resist.. fuck.” 
He seems too caught up in watching your pussy visibly pulse and flutter around his finger, fascinated by the image. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He says almost breathlessly. 
“You know what else I know is fucking beautiful?” You challenge him. 
“Your cock.” You say it proudly and smugly, knowing Jimin in a family of royalty isn’t used to such lewdness. You immediately rise from laying on the couch and crash your lips against his, Jimin’s finger still inside you. 
He eventually pulls it out and before he can do anything else, you grab his hand, and pull away from his mouth. You bring Jimin's finger before his mouth, and give him a lusty look as you lick your lips and give him a small command. 
“Try tasting.” 
Jimin innocently listens to you as he wraps his mouth around his finger, suckling and immediately watching him relish in the taste of you. 
He pulls out after a while, and looks to you as he swears. “Fuck,” 
“How do I taste?” 
“Fucking good,” he stresses, eyes lighting up as he breathes unevenly. “I have to see what it’s like licking you down there.” 
You smile at his urgency and genuine liking to your taste, but gently place your pointer finger over his lips, hushing him. 
“Shh, we’ll get to that later.” 
You then crawl off the couch and situate yourself on your knees before Jimin on the floor, curling your hair behind your ears as you peer up at him with white hot lust. 
Jimin looks bewildered, scarily confused as he watches you. “Y/N, what are you doing?” 
“I’m gonna make you feel good, Jimin.” You raise a brow and send him a confident look as you shuffle closer, and hook your fingers onto the waistband of his wet pants, undoing the button and to gain a better glimpse of his bulge. 
“Fuck, you’re hard.” You moan as you relish in the shape of his confined, risen cock. Jimin clasps his palms over your wrists and stops you, looking at you with concern. 
“Y/N, baby. You don’t have to-” 
“I want to, Jimin.” You send him a genuine look of round eyes. “I wanna taste you.” 
Jimin practically groans as he loses the strength to deny you. You pull down his pants and look up to find him staring in wonder, eyes big and blown out as he soaks in this image of you on your knees.
You expose his cock then, springing against his abdomen before it stands tall before you, and you lick your lips at the delectable, glistening tip. 
“Fuck, Jimin.. So pretty.” You mean it seriously, you have never seen a cock this gorgeous until Jimin. It’s pink, red tip descending into a stunning fleshy colour, the girth and length of him just the right size to make you see spots. 
He groans once you curl a hand around him, pumping his cock generously as you watch him stutter and moan at the touch. His hand naturally snakes into your hair to pet you, leaning back into the couch as he relishes in your touch. 
“Shit, so hot when you moan, Jimin.” 
Your already treated pussy is dripping honey, it’s just so sexy seeing a man like Jimin suddenly all pliant and putty in your hands, so sensitive to your every touch he’s moaning at just your hand working magic. 
Thumb swiping over his slit, Jimin shudders before you smirk evilly to yourself and wrap your lips around his tip. He hisses with pleasure so strong he shoots up to immediately stop you, breathing erratically. 
“Y/N, no, I-” 
“Jimin, it’s okay.” 
“I swear.. I swear I won’t fucking survive if you do that.” 
It’s too fucking cute, he’s legitmately so innocent you want to treat his dick like the holy grail. He’s afraid of how much he’ll lose his mind just at you sucking him off, and you send a supportive smile while you slowly pump his cock with his pre-cum. 
“Jimin, baby. I’ll only do it a little, okay?” 
“Y/N..” He moans longingly before you’re taking his tip into your mouth, sinking down on his gorgeous cock. You moan at the heady taste of him, tongue coming out to deliciously lick at him and Jimin practically groans like an animal. 
“Oh fuck..” His entire body relaxes as his thighs flex, the fit of your lips around his cock the goddamn perfect sleeve. It’s just so wet and slippery and warm inside your mouth, his eyes are practically rolling back. “Oh, baby..” 
You moan with him inside your mouth, letting the vibrations shake up his insides and you feel him flinch with arousal. You smile around his length as you push Jimin all the way inside, letting his tip stroke the back of your throat like a happy welcome. 
You struggle around him, swallowing to manage the invasion of him and Jimin nearly doubles over, the sounds of his moans so fucking pretty,  you are growing wet just by the mellifluous noise. 
Dragging out of his cock nice and slow, you indulge in the taste and shape of him as you bring your head down on him once more. Jimin instinctively cups his hand around the back of your head and lifts his hips to stuff more of him inside you. 
You love the way he loves it, sucking a little harder as you begin a bobbing motion over his cock, listening to him enjoy himself with his head thrown back and swallowing his throaty groans. 
“Fuuuuck, the best fucking mouth, baby.” Jimin praises as you watch the sexy column of his throat bob. You move over him swiftly and wet squelches escape your throat, spitting and slobbering all over him to give him the goddamn suck of his life. 
You feel him growing harder and harder the more you suck and lick and tease, swallowing around his tip and your throat constricts around him like a glove. He’s so fucking into it, you can taste how much pre-cum leaks out of him, the flavour something sweet you’ve never tasted before. 
“Baby, Y/N, shit shit shit.” Jimin panics as you feel him fucking into your mouth, bringing you down a little harder as his eyes screw shut. “I’m not.. fuck, I won’t last like this.. Jesus.” 
You listen to the urgency in his voice, pulling out with a sloppy mess of saliva and pre-cum as you peer up at him, breathing for more air after sucking him so passionately. 
Jimin regains himself as he looks down at you, eyes fucked out and as though he just came down from cloud nine. You’re mesmerized by his beauty, something about the lust in his eyes beckoning you to him. 
You soothe his thighs as you join Jimin on the couch. Seating yourself over his lap as though you were in a trance, Jimin’s hand naturally settling around your hips. 
“Y/N..” he breathes, seeming to be caught up in your eyes too, something so magnetic it’s indescribably undeniable. Your hands lace around Jimin’s neck, feeling your wet pussy lips rub against his cock for a moment and moaning out when it feels too good. 
“Jimin..” You begin. “Need you inside.. so badly.” 
“Fuck, Y/N.. are you sure?” Jimin’s asking for the permission he always does, but is slowly grinding your hips over him in a deadly rhythm, indulging in the sensation of his fleshy shaft burrowing into your pussy folds. 
You grab Jimin’s cock between you both, beginning to pump and line him up with your entrance, tip already at your hole as you threaten to sink down on him. 
“Does this tell you enough?” 
You’re both breathless, flitting between each other’s eyes and where your bodies will indefinitely connect as Jimin supports you by your waist, licking his lips with anticipation. 
“Baby.. I swear if you-” 
Aligning just right, you sink down on Jimin’s cock without a second thought. All you feel is white hot pleasure when you feel the invasion of him inside, your wet, pulsing walls fitting him inside you like the perfect cocksleeve. You and Jimin grunt together as the feeling drives you both insane, slowly driving him inside until he bottoms out inside you. 
“Oh shit.. Oh,” Jimin shudders and groans like a madman, throwing his head back again as his fingers dig into your skin and practically bruises you.
“Fuck fuck fuck,” You curse and swear because it’s all you’ve got, moaning out with a squeal as you feel Jimin hit every fucking spot inside you so right. His cock feels heavenly when it produces this coating of abundant slick, the slippery drag of all this wetness making you groan out with ecstasy. 
“J-Jimin.. what is..?”
“It’s-it’s a merfolk thing,” Jimin gets out, breathing unevenly as he indulges in the image of your pretty body sitting on his cock like your favourite seat. “We produce it during sex and it gets really slippery-” 
“It’s perfect, it’s fucking perfect-ugh!” You gasp when Jimin even slightly moves, your wall profusely squeezing his cock as you manage the delectable shape of him inside you. It feels otherworldly, like Jimin’s got his own personal lube that feels fucking incredible. 
“Shit, you keep clenching around me.. It feels too good.” 
Your lips are just by each other as you both breathe unevenly, attempting to control your raging hormones, your lusty desire as you feel your boobs press up his beautiful chest. Jimin seems like he’s holding back almost painfully too much, his hand canvassing up your spine to hold your back, hugging you close to him as he swallows. 
“Y/N.. I wanna fuck you,” he breathes against you, the few octaves he drops enticing you beyond your imagination. “I can’t hold back.” 
“Then don’t, Jimin.” You reassure him, hand cupping his jaw as you whisper against his lips, keeping him closer than ever. 
“Fuck me.” 
Jimin carefully lifts your body off his cock, drawing you out just until his tip, until he smashes you down and fucks up into you simultaneously. Your entire body shudders and Jimin equally loses his mind, his chest rising and falling faster than even yours. 
“Oh shit.. Oh fuck.. That feels like fucking heaven.” 
“Jimin, fucking hell.. Jimin.” 
“I got you, baby. I got you..” He coos by your lips as he draws you out, and sheaths his cock inside you a second time, relishing in the way you breath moans out so beautifully against him. 
Jimin’s need is hungry and strong now, yours matching his when you lift yourself off his delectable cock and sit back down on it, feeling his tip nudge all the spongy spots inside you for the third thrust. 
Then it slowly turns into the fourth, the fifth, the sixth until Jimin’s setting a pace that’s too good to be true. You feel the warm drag of his meaty cock inside you, that slimy slick he produces allowing him to slip and slide out of you with such toe-curling ease. 
Your body’s vibrating, buzzing as your head spins and Jimin holds onto your body tightly as he hugs you to him, fucking up into your sex until he can’t take it anymore, he needs to feel your lips on his. He crashes his mouth onto yours and makes out with you fervently, moaning into each other loudly as Jimin continues to thrust up inside your velvety walls, grinding down onto his delicious dick. 
It’s hot and sweaty now, the dampness of Jimin’s skin only dampening yours and making you crave the warmth of his touch, the smoothness you couldn’t help but feel and goddamn lick if you could. You’re just so close to him, all up in his personal space as your little bud filled with arousal brushes up against his abdomen, shivering in his hold when it pleasures you so strongly. 
Your moans are resounding in the room and nearly harmonizing with Jimin as your lungs fill with passion, your stomach churns with pleasure, your pussy’s fluttering with arousal so fucking badly you couldn’t take it anymore. You fuck onto Jimin’s cock harder, pining for that perfect drag to supply you the orgasm you desperately yearn for, the feeling that drives you entirely insane. 
“Jimin.. Jimin.. Oh fucking-Jimin!” You can’t keep it together, he’s drilling into your cunt as he grunts like an animal, hands holding you like his only treasure in the world and you know he’s just as crazy as you are. 
“Y/N, baby.. I’m fucking-shit! You’re so good, you feel so good..”
“Jimin.. Jimin..” you chant his name, calling him but not knowing what you’re asking for, your veins overriding with pleasure, your body asking for so, so much more, the temperature rising so tantalizingly you need Jimin to reach every place inside you. 
“Jimin, oh fuck.” 
He thrusts up into your pussy hard and fast, destroying you with his passionate movements. 
“Jimin, you feel so fucking good.” 
He presses you closer, noticing the way you rub your hips against him, bringing you down on his cock like a hungry, lust-filled beast.
“Jimin, I’ll cum like that, shit!” You squeal as he goes quicker with stronger fucks.
“Then cum, baby. I just fucking know it’s so pretty when you do.” 
“Baby. I’m gonna-” 
“Go ahead, baby, squeeze my cock like you want to.” He growls into your mouth like he’s lost his mind. 
“Jimin.. Jimin-!” 
“Cum, baby. Cum all over me!” 
You jolt yourself out of the memory, remembering currently, you’re laid against Jimin’s chest in your patio. The sudden rush of all your memories with Jimin hit you hard, remembering yet again, this situation with Jimin is one you shouldn’t be in. You swallow, rising off Jimin’s naked shoulders as you clear your throat and clutch the towel around your exposed breasts. 
“You should go, Jimin.” 
Jimin tilts his head as he remains laying down, a hand of his stroking your back mindlessly as he queries. “Why?” 
“Your mother needs you.” You answer with a condescending tone, recalling that none of this should even be happening, Yes, Jimin’s mother eventually took him back, and yes, when he spent his time here you both got to fooling around and experiencing very, very human things together (much of which included mind-blowing orgasms). But it never took away from the fact that what Jimin’s doing is still wrong, and he needs to find a way to let you go. 
Even though deep down, you never wanted him to. 
“Is that really what your heart says?” 
You turn back to Jimin, watching him make that same longing, reassuring look of how everything will be fine, that you need not worry about the technical issues of your arrangement. So long as you both knew how you felt, kept these feelings within your heart, felt happy together, what exactly could be so wrong?
But that’s exactly the culpatory case, everything could go wrong. Jimin could lose his family and home forever, having to adapt to a human lifestyle. You’re still unsure of how the whole mermaid thing even works, spelling issues for the future you don’t even want to run down. 
Not to mention Jimin’s adamantness that everything’s fine with him, that he can continue to keep this toxic, draining relationship with his family while he blatantly disobeys them and the entire makeup of their existence. You know you two shouldn’t be together, know the grave dangers of being together and their consequences, and yet, each time Jimin submerges from the water, your heart skips a beat you know has you doomed. 
You grunt frustratedly, hugging the trowel around you as you stand to your feet and step out to watch the ocean, turning away from him. 
“Go, Jimin.” 
You hear him sigh behind you, hearing the creaking of the chair as he rises from his seat. His footsteps sound against the old wood as he ventures into your dad’s shack in search of his shirt, pulling it over his head as he joins you on the patio, overlooking the swishing sea. 
Jimin exhales pensively before he curls a hand around your waist, wrapping you in a momentary side-hug as he dips down to kiss your forehead, shutting your eyes to relish in the tender feeling. 
“I’ll come back.” He says, but you don’t look his way, knowing whatever you two have right now, is something that can never last forever, anyway. 
“We’ll see how your princely duties accommodate that.” 
Jimin purses his lips with hurt, opening his mouth to quarrel with you like you two always do, though prefers to drop it for tonight, letting go of your waist. 
He simply brings a hand to your cheek, softly feeling at your skin with his thumb before he steps off into the sand, and disappears into the water before you can regret everything about your behaviour, and how badly you want him to stay. 
Just like you always do. 
Tumblr media
You lounge freely on a rock today, far away from the city as you drink a sad, sad beer alone. 
Your father lectured you about the garbage of the lighthouse yet again, grumbling about how Taehyung should also be doing it but he insists family meant immediate members, not anyone outside that. 
You adored your father, truly, though sometimes when he’s a hard ass it’s too much to deal with, presenting the usual ‘I’m going to flee before you you can ruin my mood any further’ tactic while having swiped a beer bottle too. 
You take a lazy swig as you watch the waters calmly crash against each other, the weather optimal this evening as the sun sets before your naked eyes. You were grateful for where you live, it truly had many beautiful things to offer that could help improve your mood. 
Though ultimately, you knew it was the absence of a certain someone that weakened your happiness. You sigh as you contemplate yet again, what Jimin could be doing, what he’s experiencing right now. You miss him too much, you miss his pretty eyes and pretty lips and the pretty way he laughs. 
You miss the way he always listens to you, miss the way he silently protects you whenever you two went out to clubs, the way he walked on the side of the traffic to keep you safe, the way he always insisted you only drink whatever he or you physically pour when you’re at parties. 
You let out a sigh, bordering on tears but swallowing them down to remain the big girl you are, you’re not supposed to be getting attached anyway, right? Your heart shouldn’t feel this tug at your strings, your chest shouldn’t feel this heavy and your stomach shouldn’t have bile bubbling inside it like this. 
You clutch the neck of your bottle too hard, needing some way to relieve this tension in your tense body, to get rid of it and all you can do is finish off the last of the beer. You stare at the bottle, gritting your teeth before you wind your arm back and harshly chuck it out into the sea, knowing you’ll let it wash up the shore later and discard it. 
Though out of the blue, a hand suddenly comes out and catches the bottle swiftly. 
Your eyes widen in surprise, suddenly finding Jimin emerging from the water and casually swimming his way over to you, bottle in hand. He flashes you that signature charming smile until he reaches your rock, sniffling immediately and wiping at whatever water lined your lashes. 
Jimin pouted a little as he reached your rock, placing the bottle down as he rested against it. 
“The sea isn’t a garbage dump, baby.” 
You roll your eyes. “Beer bottles go in the recycling when cleaned out, asshole.” 
Jimin laughs, knowing you really meant no harm and were just cutely upset. “What’s wrong, angel?” 
You shoot him a testy look, crossing your arms as you look out into the distance. “My dad, he was just being annoying.”
Jimin lightly chuckles, his hair slicked back as he runs a hand through it, catching sight of the beautiful, golden bangle on his bicep. 
“Sure it has nothing to do with me?” He confidently jokes. 
You scoff, pouting angrily. “No.” 
You watch him merrily laugh, and you immediately snipe back at him with a moody tone. “And what about you, Prince Jimin? Did you just come back from a Royal meeting?” 
Jimin rolls his eyes noncommittally, knowing you’re just teasing. “I did, actually. I really wanted to see you.” 
You feel your heart flutter, but swiftly try to ignore it. You see his mesmerizing tail swimming around in the water, perking up. “You’ve got your tail out today? What if someone sees you?”
“You’re far out, it’s okay.” Jimin waves you off. “I also just wanted to show off, too.” 
You laugh here, catching a better peek at his teal green tail as he swishes it around. “It looks beautiful, Jimin.” 
Jimin loves hearing you say that, swimming closer as his hand juts out to latch onto your shin, rubbing you affectionately. 
“What’s my beautiful girl up to tonight?” He asks as a clear way to declutter your mind, and you feel yourself become shy, used to his sweet talk but it never gets old. 
“A whole lot of nothing, to be honest. My cousin Taehyung invited me out to this club but all my friends are too busy, I’d end up going alone.” 
Jimin nods as he hears you out, a pensive pointer finger to his lips as he thinks. “Hmm, why don’t you go with me?” 
You raise your brows, a little surprised. “I thought you had an important conference with that neighbouring kingdom tonight, Jimin. It sounds too crucial to skip.” 
“Well fuck that I say,” Jimin proudly brushes it all off as he suddenly transforms his mermaid tail into human legs underwater, swimming around in all his bare glory. 
“Jimin!” You sharply scream, swatting at him to gain his tail back and not be naked in the ocean, but he instead cracks a mischievous smirk and splashes you with water. You giggle while trying to defend yourself, almost gaining the opportunity to yell at him until he suddenly pulls you into the water with him, laughing profusely once you tumble into his chest. 
He laughs too, finally being able to hear the pretty sound. 
“I’d much rather be with you, beautiful.” 
Tumblr media
The music blares in your ears in that far too loud but almost loud enough volume, the bass pumping through your veins as the hip-hop beat already gets you going, spotting your cousin by the bar. 
Said man shifts his attention to you and immediately perks up, holding out his arms big and wide. “Gummy bear!” 
You hurtle into his arms and he squeezes you tightly, letting you go for his attention to fall to Jimin behind you. 
“Jimin, what’s up!” Taehyung hugs him with a good pat on the back and Jimin returns the gesture, glad that the two guys got on very well, almost too well for your liking. You swear one day Jimin will stop coming to visit you and only appear for Taehyung. 
“Great, man, how about yourself?” 
“Amazing. May I introduce you both to Nara?” Taehyung gestures kindly to the woman he’s been chatting up, and you hope to God Taehyung isn’t going to break her heart. 
You meet her amicably and she’s just beyond sweet, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. You tug Taehyung to the side a bit as Jimin speaks to Nara, whispering harshly to him. 
“Please don’t let this be another one of your conquests, asshole!” 
“For your information, gummy bear, I actually do like her.” Taehyung counters with the utmost attitude. 
“Really? Can you prove that to me?” 
Taehyung pulls his lips back guiltily here and you immediately smack his arm reprimandingly, scolding him. “Taehyung!” 
“Okay, okay. I swear I won’t hurt her!” Taehyung holds up his hands in mock surrender, and you roll your eyes before hooking your arm with Jimin’s. 
“Let’s get some drinks and hit up the dance floor, huh, Jimin?” 
Jimin ticks his head approvingly, securing your arm in his hold. “Anything with you, beautiful.” 
Tumblr media
You knock back a shot as you lazily lean against the bar counter, finger poking at Jimin’s lips. 
“Oookay mister, you gotta tell me.” Your tipsy mind makes you giggle a little as you lightly sway to the music bumping in the club, Jimin watching you happily. “Does this dress look good on me?” 
You gesture towards your deep red bodycon that’s got a slit in the skirt, cleavage very much out and about and Jimin’s quirked eyebrow pretty much says it all. 
“You look good enough to eat.” 
You smirk proudly at that, reclining back lazily to really soak in his look. “I could say the same for you, sir.” You scan his gorgeous body adorned with black jeans and a black, patterned shirt that makes him appear ravishing. His buttons are a few down and expose his chest to you, biting your lips as you irk to mark up his pretty skin. 
“Got something on your mind there, angel?” 
You chuckle, hiding your smile behind a hand. “Quite a few things, actually.” 
Jimin’s eyes light up with a fire that seems untamed, feeling the same desire yourself until his vision snaps to the dance floor, licking his lips as he returns to you. 
“Care to dance, baby?” Jimin extends his hand like a gentleman.
“Anything with you, beautiful.” 
Jimin smiles at your use of his words and you take it, allowing him to guide you to the dance floor. You spin onto the bright platform as you find yourself lodged between all kinds of other sweaty, dancing bodies, letting the rhythm move you as you adjust to the beat. 
You begin dancing around with Jimin and watch him move, always having been impressed by his adeptness for moving his body. “Fuck, Jimin, how do you dance so well?” 
“Perks of being in the ocean all the time, I guess!” He shouts over the crowd, rolling your eyes at his blatant disregard for almost outing he’s a creature of the sea. You freely begin to sway your body around to the feel-good music, Jimin inspiring you to let loose as if nobody’s watching. 
You’re getting hinged on the rhythm when you begin to experience bodies pushing you, faltering as you’re nearly knocked off balance. It happens again when someone’s arm annoyingly shoves you, losing your equilibrium and nearly trampling over until Jimin immediately pulls you into his arms, clinging to you like a magnet. 
Your wide, innocent eyes stare up at him as you fall unspeakable, lips open but nothing much coming out. “Why..” 
“No one can hurt you like this.” He says softly, and you can’t help but feel your heart beating profusely against your ribcage. It’s as though the world disappears around you two, only caught in this enchanting space you and him know. Your hands rest against his body with your boobs squished up into his chest, his arms cradling you securely as he peers down at you as though you’re his everything. 
And it makes your chest flutter, it makes you feel safe as your mind fills with all the ways you love Jimin, everything about him that propels you towards him, makes you want him so, so badly. 
But he’ll never be yours to have. 
“I can name a few.” You swallow as your eyes reveal something much more behind your mind, clutching his shirt as he gazes with concern. 
Jimin sighs once you let the answer slip, tonguing his cheek. “Are you seriously going to start this right now? Is that all that ever occupies your mind?” 
“Of course it does, Jimin.” You stress a passionate response. “We can’t just stay like this forever and hope our problems fucking go away.” 
“Y/N, we’re here to have fun together and be at a club, not go over this argument we always fucking have.” 
“And what’s so wrong about having this argument?” You shoot back, watching his features become more annoyed by the second. “It’s such a necessary conversation we need to have and yet you always avoid it.” 
“Avoid it?” Jimin questions your audacity. “I don’t avoid anything. I just try to remember that life isn’t always so black and white, and we’re allowed to have fun for once.” 
“But you’re not in a position to just be ‘having fun’, Jimin. Do you just not fucking take me seriously?” You became distraught considering the saddening idea, disbelieving of his frustration right now.
“When have I ever said I don’t take you seriously?” 
“You won’t even consider us being serious! How do you expect us to be serious if you don’t even fucking let us argue about the fact that you’re a mermaid?!” 
Some heads turn your way as you yell quite loudly over the blaring music, realizing a public place isn’t the right space to do this and you just goddamn need some air. You push him off you and immediately begin sweeping through people for the coat check, swinging it on as you make your way to the exit. 
“Y/N, Y/N!” Jimin profusely calls for you, but you swiftly decide to ignore his every syllable, instead swiping at your makeup to ensure any tears that escape didn’t ruin it. 
You clutch your jacket around your cold figure as you make it out onto the pavement, not even knowing where you’re going until you’re met by another pair of shoes clacking against the sidewalk. 
“Y/N, just fucking wait.” Jimin’s desperate tone calls you back, tugging at your shoulder. You subsequently turn around, revealing your emotional features Jimin didn’t know could make him so sad. 
“What do you want?” He listens to your voice break, catching his breath as his eyes communicate everything that lies within his heart. 
“You, Y/N.. I want you.”
“And you fucking can’t!” You screech as loudly as you could, the chilly night air causing you to shiver. “We just don’t fucking work, Jimin. We can’t be together!” 
“And who says that? Why are you trying so hard to not let us work? What’s your problem, Y/N?!” Jimin unexpectedly yells at you, but clearly he’s tired of these arguments too. 
“Us, this, we’re the fucking problem!” You equally increase your volume as you gesture between each other. “I will not live with myself knowing somebody threw their entire life away for me.” 
“Oh, so this is about you then, huh? It was never about my feelings?” 
You realize the fault in your statement, caught red-handed as you fight to defend yourself. “I-” 
“No, you know what..” Jimin holds up his hands as though he’s got a gun pointed at him, laughing dryly with no humour. “I can’t be fucking doing this either.” 
Jimin’s eyes don’t even meet you, too occupied by the thoughts swarming his head as he takes subtle steps away from you. “Even after everything I did for you, even just to see you, you’re right. I shouldn’t be with you and whatever we have isn’t worth it, right?” 
Your heart aches the second he says the words. “Jimin..” 
“No, I should leave.” He finalizes, shaking his head. “I should leave and just never come back, right? That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
“Jimin, w-wait..” 
“No!” He shouts the loudest he has, eyes anguished as he holds your sad gaze. “You wanted this, always remember that.” 
Jimin’s already mentally checked out of this conversation, beginning to walk away from you as panic floods your system, suddenly so terrified by the idea of him leaving and never returning, you act without reason. 
“Wait, you don’t mean that.. you always come back!” 
“I won’t this time!” 
“But you have to!” 
“Why?!” Jimin yells, both of your screams hollering in the empty streets at this late hour. “Why do you suddenly need me, huh? You only want me when I’m going to leave, don’t you?” 
“That’s not true!” You scream back, tears flooding your vulnerable eyes. 
“Then prove it to me,” Jimin’s eyes implore you as his features remain angry, clearly having met his last nerve. “If that’s not true then fucking prove it to me!”
You breathe harshly, overheated by your words, all the petty arguments leading to the penultimate moment where you lastly throw every insecurity, thought, and precaution out the door. You release a hard breath as you run to Jimin and simply swing your arms around him, enveloping him in an immediate kiss. 
Jimin’s overwhelmed by your lips, stunned by the turn of the events but he gladly relishes entirely in your mouth, letting out noises of satisfaction as a hand of his weaves through your hair, the other winding around your waist. He begins eating at your mouth from the get-go, indulging in you as you both grow hot and hungry, craving the other more than you ever have before. 
You slowly push Jimin back with your kiss until his back meets the wall of the club, entirely making out against it as your hands traverse Jimin’s sexy body, too starved to keep your hands to yourself. Jimin hates being against the wall and instead pins you back, letting out a needy moan as he dips for your neck and his plump lips kiss your skin. 
You groan pleasurably as your fingers tug at his ruby locks all while he suckles at your neck, laying teasing kisses and bites he soothes with his tongue. 
“Jimin..” You moan, a leg up against the wall as you gain the white hot electricity to grind up against Jimin, needing him just like you need air; undeniably, irresistibly, desperately.
“Jimin,” you request, and he pops off your neck for his blown out, obsidian eyes to meet yours. 
“Let’s go home.” You say softly, palms cupping his cheeks as Jimin nods back innocently, already pulling you into his arms as he quickly walks towards your beat-up Jeep, tugging the keys into hand as he holds you tight. 
Tumblr media
Your entangled bodies shove open the door as your kiss is hot and heavy, piling into the top room of your family’s lighthouse without a single matter of the world in mind. 
Jimin moans into your mouth as he continuously steps back with you, hands cradling you with need burning so hot you can almost feel his touch searing you. 
It’s hot, fucking scalding as Jimin breathes against your lips with arousal so strong, he’s toppling with you onto the bed. Your bodies spring back against the mattress as his mouth maneuvers to your neck, biting at your skin with so much raging desire you moan like insanity’s your best friend. 
Your legs continuously wrap around Jimin’s thigh that's snug against your pussy, craving a rub for your clit that pulses so needily. Jimin feels you clutching him like a vice, helping you out as he pushes the top of his knee into you and you shamelessly grind up against him. 
“Jimin.. Jimin.. my clothes,” you breathe through practically dry-humping his thick, strong thigh. “Take them off, fucking rip them off.” 
You’re losing your mind, the passion is a fire so strong it’s all that occupies your mind. Jimin heeds your request but adapts it for his own needs, practically ripping your breasts free from your dress as you gasp at his roughness. 
He quickly makes for his belt and works the annoying contraption open, zipping down his jeans to free his cock that’s already semi-hard. 
“I need to do this.. you looked too fucking good in that dress.” 
Before you can ask, Jimin lodges his cock between your breasts, and you moan at the pleasurable weight of his cock against your sternum. You immediately help him out with a lick of your lips and squish your boobs together for him, tightening up the space between them. 
Jimin throws his head back with a throaty moan, as though he’s been holding back all fucking evening and is finally, finally getting to devour the meal he’s craved this entire time. 
“Fuck, I wanted to try this.. so badly.” He confesses with breathy moans, watching him slowly thrust between your tits the epitome of heaven. That slick he produces is already coming out to play, all slippery and wet in between your breasts and fuck, are your nipples hardening into a mess. 
“Fuck, Jimin.” You moan, watching him fucking himself between your breasts and you feel your pussy folds dampening about it. He’s growing harder by the second, eyes flitting down to watch you so eagerly watching him, his cock slipping between your two globes and he simply appears good enough to eat. 
You begin jutting out your tongue for desperate licks, wanting to taste that sweet slick of his and you gladly catch some, Jimin letting out a broken groan at the sight. 
“Shit, baby..” Jimin grunts animalistically. “I need to fuck you this instant.” 
Jimin slides his cock out from between your tits and immediately unbuttons his shirt, practically tearing off the damn thing as you adopt his urgency and wiggle out of your dress, exposing your upper half. You’ve got the dress around your hips until Jimin tugs you to flush against him with force, replacing your hands with his own. 
You yelp at his sudden roughness, though purr like a kitten the second he lays you back and he tongues his cheek, mirthy eyes scanning your body as he rips your dress off your pretty legs. 
He crawls between your legs like a wild cat, wetting his lips as he eyes you up as though you’re his one and only element of survival, but his one and only love, too. 
His lips reach yours and he dips down to hover above. You lift up to seal your mouths but he pulls away, denying you each time until you grow too frustrated, and with a laugh tug him down by his neck to finally kiss you. You moan into his mouth once you get a delicious taste of him, growing high off the feel of his plushy lips. 
Jimin’s equally going as hard as smacking noises of your mouths fill the room, an almost angelic groan from Jimin eliciting your pusss juices to flow like the river. 
His pretty hands grab underneath your knees, hooking onto them and slowly pushing one leg after the other back until your core is out and completely visible to him, his hungry eyes flashing down to the glistening of your pussy lips. He licks his lips as if he’s drooling, too much passion and craving in his body he can’t even contain it within himself. 
“Fucking look at you, Y/N..” he breathes harshly, letting out a faint groan. “Dripping wet for me.” 
You scoff a little as you take control and drag Jimin back down to you, letting him hold you open as you whisper against his lips. 
“Then dive in, Ariel.” 
Jimin smirks through a laugh, knowing you’ve been sin on legs since the second he saw you. Jimin pecks your lips for a quick kiss before he’s straightening himself up, curling a hand around his shaft to quickly align himself with you. 
It’s his tip pushing into you that steals your breath away, gasping when the slick of his wet cock creates a slimy, delectable drag that makes you roll your eyes back in bliss. Your hands rapidly jut out for any sign of support and Jimin laces his fingers with yours, leaving over your body as he controls the pace of impaling you. 
He hushes against your lips in caring coos, squeezing your hands that so harshly hold his. “Shh, shh, baby. Don’t tense.. don’t tense up.” 
You ease your breaths as you allow your body to loosen, lips brushing Jimin’s as he carries on very slowly penetrating your dripping, honey-coated sex, those walls of yours velvet and warm like Jimin’s favourite drug. 
The addiction’s clearly gotten to his head by now, humming against you with praise once he feels your walls tentatively fluttering around him, allocating space he knows you work so hard to make. 
“That’s it, baby. So good.. so fucking good for me.” He peppers your face with kisses before he watches himself bottom out inside your pussy, attempting to hold back the urge to fuck you insane. 
“Jimin.. oh, Jimin.” 
“How could you want me to leave when you feel this good, baby?” 
You groan out in sheer pleasure once you register Jimin feels different tonight. Maybe it’s the moonlight kissing his iridescent skin, or maybe the hue of his ravenous, though kind eyes or maybe the way he’s stuffed himself so deeply inside your pussy. But you can feel Jimin, feel him in ways you know the correct answer to, but can’t find it in yourself to iterate aloud. 
Those three words. 
“Jimin..” You say breathlessly. “Fuck me.. Fill me up and fuck me so hard-” 
You gasp loudly when Jimin’s practically already read your mind, and thrusts out of your sex only to thrust back in, shaking up your body once you see his eyes gazing at you as his only anchor. Your moans are music to Jimin’s ears once he tests out a few experimental fucks until his desire for you slowly, but surely begins to taint the speed in which he drives into you. 
He keeps you closer than ever as he connects your lips together with hot, passionate kisses all while drilling inside your warm, tight walls he can’t help but love. 
“So tight, always so tight for me, Y/N.” Jimin grunts into you. “I can’t.. I can never handle it.. It drives me insane.” 
“I’m insane too, Jimin. So crazy for you.” You practically whine once Jimin rather drops his speed to instead invest in fucking you hard, feeling your body shift up the mattress as he nestles himself deeply into the confines of your pussy. Air leaves your lungs fast, moaning being your only outlet for your arousal. 
“Then why..” Jimin practically pleads. “Why do you always want me to leave?” 
You squeeze his hands as you speak in between kisses, wrapping your outstretched legs around his torso to beckon him closer. 
“I don’t, Jimin. I don’t.. I fucking don’t.” 
“Why then..” He’s begging for an explanation, listening to the way his voice wavers and you know now, all those times you’d told him to so desperately go, must have been hurting him more than you ever knew. “Why won’t you let me stay? Do you not want me?” 
“I do, Jimin, please…” You feel your emotion now presenting itself into a wad in your throat, losing all sense of time, space and matter as you solely focus on the feeling of Jimin’s cock penetrating you, your slick, wet walls fluttering for more as you sense your gut twisting. “Please understand, I want you more than anything.” 
“I want you more than anything, too.” He confesses as equally wound up, his thrusts replicating his desperation. 
“But you need to understand, Jimin.. baby.” You try to reach him as best you can, indulging in the drag of his cock as Jimin snakes a hand between your bodies, knowing exactly what you need. “You have to understand you have a life that I can’t live in.. there’s no room for me.” 
Jimin aches the second you say the words, and presses his palm down against your stomach feeling himself inside you, as his thumb pushes into your neglected clit, shivering the second you’re supplied any kind of touch down there. 
“There’s room, baby. I’ll make room.. I fucking want you.” You can feel the promise in Jimin’s thrusts alone, feeling him specifically stuff himself so deep inside you, it’s either that or your abundant emotion bringing tears to your eyes. 
“Just let me make room, Y/N. Let me make the room and show you.. show you how much you mean to me.” Now Jimin draws out only to completely switch up his pace, performing an entire one-eighty as he begins thrusts that quite literally rock your world, let alone your rickety old bed. 
“Y/N.. I can’t stop.. I can never leave you.. I just can’t-” Jimin grunts wildly, fucking into you with such harsh vigor and precision now it feels you’ll reach an orgasm any moment, the snap reeling in your stomach and begging to be released. 
You understand now what you truly want, casting aside what your head’s been telling you and listening entirely to your heart. 
“Then stay, Jimin. Please stay.” You notice you’re crying now, tears leaving your sad eyes as you gasp and sigh at the feeling of Jimin completely pounding into your wet, fluttering cunt, sensing how close you are as he increases the ministrations on your clit. 
“You want me to stay, huh?” Jimin sounds like he can’t believe it, but at the same time knew it all along. “Is that what you really want, baby?” 
“Yes, Jimin. Yes yes yes.” You groan like a pornstar when Jimin does the exact thing you once told him and angles upwards, working for that orgasm buzzing inside you as your hands latch onto his neck, kissing him to soothe the sweet pain of your pussy being destroyed. 
You feel the Godly drag so strongly, so hard inside you it’s only a certain thrust that finally topples you over the edge, orgasming in an instant. Your eyes screw shut and a moan erupts from you, loud and pitchy as your walls smother Jimin’s cock with your heady essence. 
Jimin groans at the sight of you cumming and lets his own load release inside you, stuffing himself deep within your pussy until he’s filling you up with his white, hot cum. 
Your bodies feel hot and sweaty against each other, Jimin neglecting to pull himself out as his arms give away and he falls atop you, managing his weight on his arms. His harsh breaths fan your neck as a hand of yours slides into his hair, fingertips massaging his scalp as you both come down your euphoric highs. 
There’s a silence that lingers, but it’s not awkward or weird. It lingers and it fills your heart with content, knowing deep down, and in reality, you couldn’t bear the thought of losing Jimin. Even right now, imagining the idea of him removing himself from your body, dressing himself and leaving just as he should, leaves your heart imprisoned in a pit of despair, a disheartening scenario you never wanted to see come to fruition. 
“Don’t leave..” You whisper so quietly, it’s as though you only meant for the world you and Jimin created together to hear it. 
You feel Jimin’s gorgeous, luscious lips smile against your skin, and you feel his chest puff air that’s similar to a laugh. 
His pretty, pretty laugh. 
“I wasn’t planning to, beautiful.”
Tumblr media
Golden, honey-coloured rays of the plentiful sunlight bleed into the room, illuminating it this crisp, lovely morning. 
You yawn as you rise from your sheets, the sounds of seagulls and the off-beat ringing of the ocean buoy in the distance. You stretch out the crooks in your neck as your bleary eyesight falls to a sleeping Jimin. You find him nothing short of adorable, lightly pressing your lips to his before your naked body saunters off into the bathroom. 
Your return bare yet again as you search the floor for your garments from last night, pulling up your underwear and wiggling into it. 
“Do you really have to wear those?” 
You snap back to find Jimin laid back and barely awake in bed, a hand tucked underneath his head as he watches you with a shit-eating grin. He very obviously eyes your body, laughing a little as you reach down for your bra and clip it on. 
“I’m afraid I do,” 
Your dress finds its way into your lazy hands and you step into it, needing to re-dress yourself and turning around to maybe request a naked Jimin’s help (and to also catch another view of his bare, beautiful chest) though find Jimin with an unchanged look, still very obviously staring at you. 
You tilt your head and giggle a little. “Why are you looking at me like that-” 
“I love you.” 
Your stunned eyes widen at Jimin with the world in them, feeling your heart burst out of your chest, your stomach filled with butterflies. You feel lighter, you feel as though nothing on Earth could defeat these three words he uttered to you, and you take a breath of relief as your eyes flood with tears. 
“I mean it, Y/N.” Jimin suddenly removes the covers from himself and steps towards you quickly in only his boxers, facing you to convey his sincerity. “I don’t want to be a merman anymore, I want to be human.. I want to be human with you.” 
You’re so overwhelmed, so taken aback by the request that you can’t help but clutch your dress to yourself. “You-you don’t want to be a mermaid anymore? Do you mean that?” 
“I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I realized that in my life, I’m happiest when I’m with you.” His hands jut out to hold your arms, eyes peering into yours with genuity, honesty. “I just want to be with you.. but as a human” 
And everything suddenly fell into place. Maybe it was his words, you really weren’t sure. Or maybe the conviction in his eyes, the need in his voice, the way he held you so dearly and has been fighting for you since the very beginning. 
Maybe all of that amalgamates into the three words that leave your mouth, almost breathless when you regard him. 
“I love you, Jimin.” You say, eyes watering as your emotions boil over. “I always have.. and I want to be with you, too.” 
Jimin smiles, the kind where it’s content and joyful, wholly happy with this moment, almost breathless. “Then let’s be together, Y/N.” 
Jimin leans over so that his forehead can delicately touch yours, the sun rays beaming through the windows and between your bodies. They reflect off his beautiful skin, but this time you didn’t find scale-like patterns that glowed iridescently, rather you find it creating a colour that’s just so perfectly  human.
So perfectly Jimin. 
“Okay, Jimin.” You whisper, your vulnerable, though assured eyes meeting him. “Anything with you.” 
Tumblr media
tags : @kaiji-png  @hantaev @blvckbarnes @pootaetoo @jimve @complexmolecule @vaekth @ppeachyttae @chogiching @siredsong @veronawrites @thelilbutifulthings  @vintageroses10 @svftbaby @taebabie11  @marcoazz2  @notlivingsstuff @namkook @taestrwbrry @koobunno @jungkooksbroski @walkedhomealone @haniiii @aomi-nabi @sunflwrxclouds  @sugaslittlekookies @hakko-bby @favouritesblog @btsis7okay @lovingandenjoying @enchantingbrowneyedgirl @vantezza @jiimiinsii​ @bunnybearrj​ @gukkmoans​
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bbtsficrecs · a month ago
BTS fanfic recs. part 1
This is a list of bts fanfics that I highly recommend! Don’t you worry, more members will be added along the way. If you ever wanna talk about one of the fanfics or recommend me one, hit me up! Remember to send some love to these amazing authors. Please let me know if some of the links don’t work. Happy reading!
Part 2 will be uploaded soon, so be sure to follow me for the next recommendations!
Disclaimer: if this post seems familiar it’s because I had to move blogs and repost everything 🥲
Tumblr media
Evolution of a lovers heart (fluff, angst) 1, 2, 3, 4 (ongoing) | Fuckboy!AU, +55,5k The rules are simple: first one to take the virginity wins.
Inkling (smut, angst) | TattooArtist!AU, 17,7k Jungkook is your brother’s boyfriend’s co-worker, they own a tattoo and piercing parlour. In other words, he’s tall, gorgeous, has his passion literally etched into his skin, looks incredibly good in a man-bun, and is semi-unattainable for you. Why? Well…you’re not entirely sure but him ditching right after a very heated make-out session sure isn’t a good sign. His extremely poor mood the next week sure isn’t either, but the only way to fix it is to face the beast head-on. Right?
Pretty boy (smut, fluff) | Friends to secret lovers, 4k He’s just a pretty boy, a pretty boy ~ you wanna be his pretty toy.
The likelihood of being on your mind (fluff, angst) | Childhood friends to lovers, 18,2k You don’t think about Jeon Jungkook that often, but when you do, it’s always followed by feelings of antipathy. and really, why think of him when you could be thinking about soccer captain, Kim Seokjin instead? You have your heart set on Seokjin. There is nothing you want more than to make him yours. But of course, Jungkook has to throw a wrench in it.
The bet (smut) | Boyfriend!AU, 2,7k How a bet turned into public sex
On call 1, 2 (smut, humor) | Strangers to lovers, 9,6k After a catastrophic first date, you end up leaving the hospital angry, tired and date-less. Hoping to have a drink or five, you end up in a nearby bar, sitting next to the same doctor who caught your eye earlier.
Cockblocked (smut, fluff) | Roomates!AU, 15,8k In which a pair of best friends are hopelessly in love with one another but they’re both too dumb to realize, even when everyone around them are dropping hints every five minutes. or alternatively; “you’re an idiot for thinking I wouldn’t love you back.”
Everything I ever wanted (fluff) Cockblocked drabble | Roomates!AU, 780 In which you get caught slipping out of Jeongguk’s bedroom.
Hurts good (smut, fluff, angst) | Idol!AU, 3,3k Jungkook stands you up after promising to take you out. You’re pissed at him but he makes up for it in all the right ways.
Only mine (smut, fluff?) | Jealousy!AU, 5,1k In which Jungkook gets jealous
Too late (angst) | Divorce!AU His sexual attraction had taken his attention away from the woman he should’ve stayed with forever and his urges ruined his marriage that was perfectly fine, and although the newly-found pleasure is euphoric… he can’t help but feel guilty.
Not too late? (angst) | Divorce!AU
Dilf Jungkook (smut) | Husband!AU The grocery store girl hits on your husband.
Dilf Jungkook part 2 (smut, crack) | Husband!AU New parents jk & you’s sex life isn’t at all what it used to be, so when the opportunity presents itself, you grab it.
The art of wanting (smut) | Strangers to lovers, 10,3k You find a baby in your store and in turn, a dilf finds you.
Over the edge (smut) | Boyfriend!AU, 9,1k So, you’re dating. everything is dandy, the sex is knocking your socks off, but what happens when you get in the First Real Fight?
Morning games (smut) | Non-Idol!AU, 4k In which you want Jungkook back in bed  
Dude (fluff) | Boyfriend!AU, 400 Jungkook hates the new petname you’ve given him.
The philosophy of good luck (smut, fluff) | TattooArtist!AU, 7k “you told me i looked good and that you needed to get a tattoo of my face” is not the explanation you wanted to hear from the tattoo artist that permanently etched the dumbest drunken request of your life onto your skin.
Swipe right (smut, fluff, angst) | Best friends to lovers, 9k After a horrible breakup, you sign back up for tinder and ironically match with your best friend, Jungkook. a date for fun is harmless, right?
Departure (smut, fluff) | Pilot!AU, 6,2k As a flight attendant for Korean Air, you’re scheduled for a thirteen-hour flight to Japan. However, things get intimate between you and your partner and co-pilot, Jeon Jungkook, when he realizes Park Jimin, the famous idol from Korea, broads the plane and blatantly flirts with you.
Strings attached (fluff, smut) | Idol!AU, 4,4k Jungkook is what we can call your sexfriend. No strings attached, just you and him having fun and releasing the huge pressure and stress of being idols. But after spending an entire day together, you realize that maybe he’s not just your sexfriend.    
Snowy hills (fluff, angst) | Surgeon!AU, 3,9k it was supposed to be a normal night, so you could only imagine Jungkook’s surprise when he saw you being wheeled in on a stretcher.
Ruin the friendship (smut, fluff) | Best friends to lovers, 8k Your drunk ass best friend keeps calling you to take care of him and it wouldn’t be so awful, if it weren’t for The Feelings.
Please love me 1, 2, 3 (angst, fluff, smut) | Arranged married, 47,9k As the only unmarried Jeon and Kim children, your families propose a union to symbolize your unbreakable bond that spans generations. But despite developing an affection for Jungkook growing up, he never returned it; he never seemed to like you, actually. You’re okay with the proposal, but surprise surprise, he isn’t.
Let the games begin (smut, fluff) | Gamer!AU, 5,7k Just another fic where oc rides jk in his gaming chair
Baby I don’t feel so good (angst, fluff) | Idol!AU You didn’t mean to miss the award show, but by god you were sick as hell. and you didn’t mean to miss all of his phone calls and texts, but how were you to reply when you were passed out in the bed with a headache and fever?
In your eyes (smut, angst, fluff) | Fratboy!AU, 10,6k Jungkook always sees you like the only girl in the world, and you just see him as a fuckboy. OR Jungkook just wants a chance.
Stranded (smut, fluff, angst) | Enemies to lovers, 13k Jungkook’s offer to help you study for your exam is unwelcome. His entire presence is unwelcome. You don’t want help from the guy who passes all his classes without even trying. It’s annoying — he is annoying. From the way he grins whenever he catches you staring at him, to the way his eyes shine whenever he smiles at you. Oh, and let’s not forget the way his tattoos shift when he stretches or the way his jawline sharpens when he’s focused. Nope, you definitely can’t stand him.
Waking up en Vegas (fluff, smut) | Brothers best friend, 3,1k You know what they say. what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.  but, what happens when you accidentally marry your brother’s best friend? Hidden away (angst) | Hanahaki!AU When it’s too late
A little stand never hurt anyone (smut, angst) | Best friends to lovers, 12,5 Happy anniversary! Oh wait, it’s just a friendship anniversary. You and Jungkook decide to dedicate your anniversary day to each other by visiting the beach and its shops. Luckily for you and Jungkook, you find a secluded spot on the beach that allows you plenty of privacy.
Switch lanes (fluff, smut, angst) | Strangers to lovers, 16,6k In which being friends with benefits with Taehyung lead you to Jungkook.
Broken trust (angst) | Breakup!AU In which you gave him three chances.
Don’t lie to me (angst) | Breakup!AU In which you were a bet.
Photographs (angst, fluff) | Relationship!AU In which you show Jungkook that you love him.
Sex education (fluff, smut) | Brothers best friend, 12k “You want me to… what?” Jungkook chokes on his croissant, and how could he fucking not, with you looking at him with those pleading eyes, asking for something that he knows would get him into jail. Well, maybe not like actual jail. But definitely the Bro Code Jail. The jail where only bros who broke the Bro code went to.
Sex education 2.0 (smut, angst, fluff) | Brothers best friend, 9k “Are you calling me boring?” Jungkook gasps dramatically, looking at you dumbfounded and visibly offended. You roll your eyes, taking a napkin and leaning forward to wipe the crumbs of garlic bread on his lips.“First of all, don’t talk with your mouth full, you pig. Second of all,” you stop to take a sip of your coke, aware of Jungkook’s expectant eyes on you. “A little, yeah.“
It takes two (smut, angst, fluff) | Soulmates!AU, 21,1k Uncertainty always lingered where soulmates’ souls bonded. You didn’t understand, and when he walked down the isle, you understood even less.
Hot boy bummer (smut, angst, fluff) | Fuckboy!AU, 14,6k When Jungkook offers you a proposition of just sex, no strings attached, how can you possibly say no? after all, what are best friends for?
A quarter past us (fluff, angst) | Exes to lovers, 13,8k When you break up with him out of fear of losing your freedom in university, he finds himself showing you why leaving him isn’t the answer.
Concrete king (fluff, smut) | Skaterboy!AU, 16,7k When a cute boy in a tacky hawaiian shirt lands a trick in your honor theres no way you could you ever say no to him.
This kingdom 1, 2  (smut) | Gamer!AU In some cases, hate and love are the same thing. Or, in this specific case, hate and overwhelming, breathless, mind-blowing lust. And it all started because you were better at League of Legends than Jeon Jungkook.
Oops (smut, fluff) | Strangers to lovers, 6k You don’t know who the wonderful voice singing in the shower is, but you need to know
(Un)welcomed Addition (fluff, angst) | Fuckboy!AU, 9k After a drunken one night stand with your neighbor, you have your reasons for wanting to forget it ever happened and never talk to him again. Unfortunately, Jungkook wins the award for the world’s worst neighbor so his 3 am wakeup calls and mail stealing have you banging at his door on an almost weekly basis. You just want to make it to the end of your lease so you can leave all the traces of the fuckboy next door behind…unless your feelings get in the way of course.
The Push (smut, fluff, angst) | College!AU, 11k In which you go from being friends to lovers
Bad habits (smut, angst) | Fuckboy!AU, 5,5k “Tell me something,” he spoke. “Do you want this - us? You said you didn’t know what to call us but I want to give you a name.”
Banana milk (smut) | Strangers to lovers, 6,7k Sent to the grocery store in the middle of the day, you’d never believe who you ran into in the milk aisle.
Pushing you away (angst, fluff) Where he always pushes oc away (who confesses her feelings but was cruelly rejected) and insults her but she always comes back to take care of him when he’s drunk or picks him up from his one night stands and she finally decides to leave him alone
Somnolent (fluff) | Roomates!AU, 3,5k After spending one night in bed with you, Jeongguk finds out he is unable to sleep unless you’re sleeping with him.
Kind like you (smut, angst, fluff) Jungkook dearly wants to be kind like you. He wants to be so sweet, and gentle, and soft like you’re with him all the time; yet all he does is tease and pick on you, it seems.
Come here I’m your paradise (smut, fluff) | Honeymoon!AU, 4,8k In which you’re on your honeymoon.
Canceled (smut) | College!AU, 6,4k Jungkook has a passion for camo pants, science, and debating with strangers on the internet. Usually, he wins arguments, but when you show up in the comment section of one of his his blog posts, shit goes down and he’s left wanting more than a virtual conversation.
All over you 1, 2, 3, 4 (smut, angst, fluff) | College!AU, 6,4k You don’t usually go for the quiet, nerdy type, but Jungkook’s by far the best looking guy in your year. You just can’t help yourself. You have to have him. Small hiccup; he hates you.
Tumblr media
The other women (angst) | Cheating!AU, 1,6k Where you the other women?
One Way Ticket (fluff) | Relationship!AU, 4k Long distance relationships are never an easy thing, and although you and Taehyung had managed to make it work for four years and were used to not seeing each other that much already, he couldn’t help but feel like his birthday was ruined at the news of you being stuck at the airport due to a bad weather flight delay. However, although things didn’t quite go to plan, it only took for you to arrive two hours before the day was over for it to be his happiest of birthdays so far.
Last night (angst) | Friends to ?, 1,2k “I’ve been in love with you since forever Taehyung and I’m pretty sure you knew about it, given how perfectly not-slick I was about it.“
Tumblr media
Step up (or step out) (angst, fluff) | New parents!AU, 3,5k The few first months are always hard on new parents, but Yoongi didn’t expect it to be this bad. He didn’t expect you to consider walking out on him.
27 phone numbers (smut, angst) Yoongi has gone through twenty-seven phone numbers over the last ten years, and you haven’t changed yours since high school.
Tumblr media
Wrecked (angst) | Breakup!AU, 1,3k Months after your break up, just before a performance, Jimin finds out that you’re seeing someone new through Instagram. His group mates pick up the pieces after that.
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moonchild1 · 2 months ago
park jimin fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of all my favourite jimin fics I hope you enjoy them I loved reading these fics and I always end up going back to re-read them, please show these lovely writers and their blogs lots of love and support 🥺🖤 some of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone 🖤🖤
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
Eternal Summer by @aiimaginesbts f s a (childhood friends to lovers au)
All of you by @writtenwhalien f s a (friends to lovers au arrange marriage au)
best of me by @writtenwhalien f s a (best friends to lovers au idiots to lovers au college au)
terrible liar by @writtenwhalien f a (friends to lovers au)
Flowers and tears by @7deadlysinsfics f s a (friends with benefits au)
Good for you by @7deadlysinsfics s (established relationship au)
dead leaves & wasted roses by @jamaisjoons s a (unrequited love college au) ft Seokjin
faded love by @jamaisjoons f s a (marriage au)
Good Boy by @btssmutgalore s (sub jimin)
Off the grid by @xpeachesncream f s a (post college au holiday au)
Earnestly yours by @gukyi f (enemies to lovers au high school au)
Into the wilderness by @gukyi f a (camp conselor au unrequited love au friends to lovers au)
temporary bliss by @jjkthclub s (fake dating au)
him after all by @mercurygguk f s a (strangers to lovers au infidelity)
Love her, leave her by @yeojaa f a (break up unrequited love)
castle on the hill by @bngtnblues s a (unrequited love au college au)
Letters to an angel by @bngtnblues a (college au)
we don't talk anymore by @moonnightyoongi a (exes au)
I need you by @hisunshiine s a (idol au)
Good Riddance by @full-of-jams s a (heirs au enemies to lovers au)
Star light, star bright by @readyplayerhobi f s a (single dad au)
call me baby by @hueseok f s a (friends to lovers au college au roommates au fake dating au)
lean on me by @floralseokjin a (unrequited love au)
Sunday Morning by @bangtsblossom s (boyfriend jimin)
Driver's license by @gyukult f a (brother's best friend au one sided love au)
Hello by @gyukult f s a (one sided love au exes to lovers au)
Alone by @yoonpobs a (unrequited love au)
Never yours by @yoonpobs a (infidelity au)
My lie for you by @army-author a (high school au best friends au)
just dance it off by @kookdiaries f s a (enemies to lovers au dancer au)
Morning rush by @bluewhale52 s (strangers to lovers au)
Stargazing by @btsjeonjazz f s a (boyfriend jimin)
Dreamy by @1kook s a (friends with benefits au)
kiss me more by @dulcetvk s a (best-friends boyfriend infidelity)
Parallel Palpitations by @joontier f s a (doctor au strangers to lovers au)
Oh, What A World by @cutechim f s a (fake marriage au)
Never falling by @yoonia s a (enemies to lovers au singer jimin assistant oc)
Bad behavior by @joonscypher s a (college au cheating au) ft. Boyfriend Namjoon
Failure to communicate by @stutterfly s (college au enemies to lovers au)
Blue Kamikaze by @gguksgalaxy s a (reader is in love with hobi but she meets jimin, hook up au) ft. Hoseok
Unspeakable by @pars-ley s (friends to lovers au college au)
8 Ball by @taetaesbaebaepsae s
touch of you by @mimikookie f s a (idol au friends with benefits au)
Inner needs by @avveh s (best friends au)
blowing dandelions by @httpjeon f s a (bad boy jimin enemies to lovers au childhood friends au)
Nursemaid by @noona-la-la-la s (jimin has a crush on the oc)
Chem miss by @kpopfanfictrash s (TA jimin graduate student reader)
While you're at it by @aureumjeon f s a (pool boy jimin)
a heart doesn’t break even by @xiaokoo f s a (enemies to lovers au friends with benefits au football player jimin cheerleader oc)
Headlights by @jeonsjiddies s (fuck boy jimin)
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sketchguk · 2 months ago
running through the night; pjm
Tumblr media
➳ pairing: ballet instructor!jimin x art teacher!reader
➳ genre: fake dating AU, fwb AU, smut, fluff, angst
➳ wc: 15.3k
➳ synopsis: you were never meant to stumble into bed with your best friend, kim taehyung, nor were you supposed to fall in love with him. perhaps promises were made to be broken because he, too, swore that he’d be gentle with your heart. now, with the other half of the bed cold and empty, you enlist an old flame by the name of park jimin to keep you cozy throughout the festive season. after all, nothing burns brighter than jealousy.
➳ warnings: explicit language, pining, strained parent relationships, alcohol consumption, fingering, breast play, choking, mirror sex, praise kink, penetration, heavy petting
➳ a/n: this is my contribution to the christmas in july collab - a hoeliday well spent hosted by @kookdiaries​ (thank you soo much for the banner, val), @xiaokoo​, and @kithtaehyung​ !! this fic is based on the hallmark film the mistletoe promise (2016). my apologies, i know i’m late :( thank you for your patience !! enjoyy !
Tumblr media
All your life, you have found that there is beauty in chaos. It has its way of following you around, constantly looming over your shoulder ー dark and overcast, but bittersweet. Inevitably so, it’s the crushing weight of all the terrible decisions you love to make. 
At age five, chaos comes in the form of dirt-stained dresses, scraped knees, and scuffed tennis shoes. Although rough play always earns you a slap on the wrist from your mother, your father never fails to offer you a high-five behind her back, his heart swelling with pride after seeing you defend your rightful spot on the kiddy swings. 
At age sixteen, you find yourself sneaking out your bedroom window on sleepless nights, running into chaos, or rather away from it ー you can never be so sure. When the world is quiet and everyone is sound asleep, save for your disgruntled parents, your muddy sneakers carry you past the darkened library and the locked laundromat on the corner of thirty-fourth and fifth. Out of habit, you cross the street and turn into the park, trudging through vacant baseball fields and grassy meadows, the path lit by stardust, fireflies, and eventually sunrise. If you happen to be caught after curfew, at least you’re content knowing you’ve found your peace of mind. 
At age nineteen, you drown yourself in chaos the moment you swap university majors, trading lab coats and microscopes for smocks and oil pastels. That’s when you find out that chaos has an uncanny resemblance to the crinkle of disappointment etched between your mother’s eyebrows. But somehow, her unforgiving frown will never amount to the numbing smile immortalized in your graduation photos.
At age twenty-five, only then do you come to realize that chaos can also present itself in the most beautiful form of all. It’s shaped like tenderness and intimacy, something akin to love, or at least what you presume to be love. 
You were never meant to fall for your best friend, but then again, you have never been one to follow the status quo.
Needless to say, your oblivious mother always has an opinion, unable to refrain from commenting on your decisions, or lack thereof. If it isn’t about (1) your disheveled appearance, (2) your wild demeanor, or (3) your choice of career, then it’s about your inability to attract a desirable partner. So of course, Kim Taehyung, the boy next door, certainly fits the profile, landing a spot on the list at number four. 
“Your dad and I always thought that you two would end up together. Wouldn’t that be nice?”
“Taehyungie doesn't have a girlfriend yet, does he? He’s always been a good boy.” 
“Remember when you had the biggest crush on him? Did you ever find the heart to confess?” 
You’re surprised that you have yet to find a crater on the inside of your cheek considering how often your tongue prods on the flesh with every reminder and backhanded remark your mother sends your way. That’s precisely why you choose to conceal the details of your life from her, shoving your secrets into a memory box at the back of your closet.
What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? 
Unbeknownst to anyone, it would probably come as a shock that Taehyungie, your childhood best friend, likes to spend his free time buried between your legs, tongue wedged down your desperate lips as you beg for an ounce of gratification.
Long gone are the innocent days spent riding bicycles around the cul-de-sac, sipping pink lemonade and licking Oreo ice cream in the McDonald’s parking lot. In exchange, you’ve found pleasure in one another’s familiar touch, limbs tangled between linen sheets.
This illicit romance was never meant to be anything more than casual. You’ve heard it a dozen times before, and in equal proportion, Taehyung has said it just as much. When this arrangement comes down to the nitty gritty, it’s nothing but his dirty, little secret.
“No strings attached. We’re just friends, right?” He’d shrug. 
But friends don’t do the things that you do. They don’t play footsie when they think nobody's looking, nor do they shove their hands down one another’s pants when poor Jeongguk is minding his own business on the opposite end of the couch. They aren’t supposed to wake up in one another’s arms, and they definitely aren’t supposed to catch feelings.
After hours, in the dead of the night, Taehyung tends to overstay his welcome, tracing the small of your back with the swirl of his fingerprints. When your voice goes quiet and your heavy lidded eyes succumb to exhaustion, Taehyung likes to brush his lips against the crown of your head as if it means something ー something more than just friends. And with your ear pressed against the bare expanse of his chest, you fall asleep to the lull of his heartbeat. 
Yet the most devastating thing of all is not his warm embrace, something you longed to receive throughout your entire childhood. Rather, it’s his hushed whispers and sweet nothings. Because at the end of the day, there’s no one to blame other than you who finds comfort in his soothing voice. 
If anyone else were to hear Taehyung’s impassioned pillow talk, they would come to know why you’ve fallen for him, unrequited to the point of no return. It’s the way that he talks about his upbringing in the countryside, picking strawberries for his grandmother and making crowns of daisies for his mom. It’s how his intonation rises and falls as he tells you about his unfulfilled dream of becoming a world renowned violinist, but instead having to settle for business law. In the same way, it’s how he reminisces in the past ー from the moment you met at age five, tussling on the grass after having fought for the swingset, to the night he showed up at your doorstep with his college admission letter in hand, ready to unveil the fate of your future endeavors. 
It isn’t a coincidence that Taehyung has been there for you in the same magnitude every step of the way. Throughout childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, he’s seen it all. He knows all the secrets that you wouldn’t dare whisper to another soul. He remembers all the details that you’ve shared about your life. Your hopes, dreams, and all the fears in between.
Being with Taehyung is easy. It’s homey. Comfortable. Simply, he’s there. 
Kim Taehyung is a sweet, beautiful, chaos ー he’s everything you ever wanted, yet he’s totally and utterly unattainable. 
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Taehyung ended way before it even started, and now you’re forced to get over someone who was never yours to begin with. 
Tae 🧸🍯 [6:13 pm]: going on a date tonight, wish me luck ;) 
Tae 🧸🍯 [6:13 pm]: don’t wait up on me
You think about downing another shot of cheap booze, but if you’re too far gone, you might just text him back. Instead, you tuck your phone into the back pocket of your jeans and do what you do best. You push your feelings aside and bury it six feet under, never to be seen by the light of day. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t effective, but it’s all that you’ve got. 
“Tae’s not coming tonight,” you relay the message. 
Jeongguk hums in acknowledgement, and he stuffs an absurd amount of popcorn into his mouth as if someone is going to take the bowl away from him. Namjoon waves you off, keeping his eyes trained on the movie you have no interest in. Yoongi doesn’t even bat an eyelash, unbothered by the news. 
Saturdays are, in fact, not for the boys.
For you, understanding the plot of the film is a lost cause. Your thoughts wander elsewhere as your attention drifts to the loose threads of your blanket. You begin to fiddle with the fleece, careful not to unravel the stitches. 
In spite of Seokjin’s loud commentary on top of the overbearing sound of the speakers, they only serve as background noise to the intrusive thoughts that trickle into your conscience. You’re preoccupied by the old memories that reel through your head like the end credits of a movie ー “I don’t see myself settling down any time soon. I guess commitment isn’t for me,” Taehyung would murmur, absentmindedly carding his fingers through your hair. “No feelings, no problems, right?” And of course you would nod to his every word, masking the hurt behind your eyes with a sympathetic smile. 
Kim Taehyung is nothing but a mystery to you. You’ll never understand why he romanticizes the what-ifs in life. When he does it, it’s dreamy and optimistic. Truly, you mean that in the most derogatory way because in another life, maybe he could have been the famous musician he always dreamed of. Maybe he could live in a penthouse apartment with the pomeranian he so desperately wants to adopt. Meanwhile, when it comes to you, getting lost in thought about a life with your first love is pathetic. It’s painful and downright disappointing because he doesn’t love you back in the way that you want him to.
Your gaze focuses on the empty spot beside you, one that’s typically reserved for a curly head of hair and a set of shoulders built to lean on. Instead tonight, you prop your elbow on the arm of the sofa, resting your chin in the palm of your hand. In a room full of friends, you still manage to find company in misery.
Unable to focus on the film, there are endless questions that echo in your mind in lieu of the dialogue that enters through ear and out the other. Does he think about you as deeply as you think about him? Does it feel wrong when your side of the bed is occupied by someone else? Do her lips trace over the spots where your touch still lingers? Do they ghost over his skin knowing it’s been held by you? Kissed by you? Loved by you? These questions have no clear cut answer, yet you don’t think you would ever want to know.
You must have been daydreaming for longer than you expected because the sound of the front door clicks shut, pulling you out of your reverie. Just in time, the screen fades to black, and the acknowledgments roll in. Two movies later, all the eggnog and mulled wine are depleted, and the coffee table is filled with half-empty solo cups. 
Taehyung slips into the apartment, toeing off his shoes before unravelling himself from the endless layers of clothing. He strolls into the living room, but the extra pep in his step doesn’t go unnoticed. 
“What’re you so happy about?” Yoongi crosses his arms over his chest, almost accusatory. 
Taehyung’s lips press together as though he’s suppressing a smile, and his cheeks rise like dough, fresh from the oven. But when he plops down on the couch, squeezing himself in the space between you and Jeongguk, there’s a cold presence that causes you to shiver, no doubt from Taehyung’s frigid skin, exposed to the winter chill outside. In an attempt to make himself comfortable, he spreads his legs, bumping his knees against yours. His arms stretch across the back of the sofa, fingers grazing over your shoulder before pulling you and the younger boy into his sides.  
“Went on a date tonight,” Taehyung shrugs nonchalantly, but there’s an arrogant smirk that tugs on his lips. 
Everyone scooches closer, leaning forward the slightest bit, now intrigued by his words. 
“And…?” Namjoon cocks an eyebrow, expecting more to the story. 
“It was our third date,” Taehyung specifies. 
Although it doesn’t seem like anything grand, Yoongi’s jaw drops, scandalized by the news. Seokjin raises his plastic cup in the air, cheering for his accomplishment, one that’s never been seen or done before. Jeongguk’s gaze flickers to yours, eyes widening to catch your reaction, but you don’t let your features falter.
There are matters in this world that you’ve come to accept as universally true ー Gravity gives weight to objects just like how the moon is responsible for the ocean’s tides, ribosomes are like tiny factories in the same way that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and Taehyung never goes on a second or third date, let alone a first ー But all scientific theories can be proven or rejected. They can be improved or modified. Turns out, Taehyung can commit to someone. It just wasn’t you. 
Through all the yelling and cheering, someone manages to ask “who’s the lucky lady?” 
“Her name’s Aera,” Taehyung responds. 
Going on a third date may not be a sign of a serious relationship, per se, but after hearing Taehyung name-drop her, you’ll have to reconsider. Until now, nobody has ever come close to knowing the names of his old flings. You know all too well that Taehyung is not the type to kiss and tell. However, he’s found enough potential in this relationship to bring up her name in conversation. It’s a big step in the right direction, even for him. 
Tension radiates from your body in near tangible waves, and you wonder if the boys can pick up on it. But they don’t seem to notice, given how invested they are in Taehyung’s breaking news. 
“I’m thinking about bringing her to the white elephant party,” Taehyung announces with the nod of his head. 
The sound of his words finally captures your attention. “White elephant is just between us though.” 
“Says who? It’s not a rule or anything, it’s just tradition,” Taehyung reaffirms. The point seems to go right over his head. 
“Is that what you want to do?” You exasperate with a scoff. “Break tradition?”
Seokjin meddles as usual, “The more the merrier, right? You can bring your boyfriend too if that makes you feel any better.” 
“Boyfriend?” Taehyung questions before you even have the chance to ask. 
“Every time she gets a notification, she tries to hide the smile on her face. It’s kind of weird if you ask me,” Seokjin kids. “She could be sexting her boy toy for all I know.”
On instinct, you almost correct his assumption. Just because you’re smiling at your phone doesn’t mean you have a boyfriend. Maybe there’s a cute puppy on TikTok, or maybe you’re scrolling through Pinterest, looking at photos of Cha Eunwoo. Now that’s something Seokjin should consider. 
“There’s no way,” Taehyung remarks with mirth in his tone. “We all know that she only gets dicked down by her toys.”
Your emotions prove stronger than your rationality, and you let them win once again. “And what good is your dick if you can’t even make a girl come?”
A series of prolonged “ohhhs” and “ahhhs” erupt throughout the room while Jeongguk continues to shove golden kernels into his mouth, amused by your bickering. 
There’s a fire that ignites in your darkened eyes because nothing burns brighter than jealousy. In a voice that is not your own, you say, “You know what, Seokjin? I’ll take you up on that offer. Leave an extra spot open at the party.”
Tumblr media
You have come to accept that you love to make terrible decisions.
Conjuring a fake boyfriend is almost as disastrous as getting a degree that hardly keeps a roof over your head. But what else could you have done? All the boys were patting Taehyung on the shoulder, congratulating him for finally committing to someone. Meanwhile, you had to sit back and watch it all go down while you could physically feel your heart sink into the pit of your stomach. 
After ditching the boys early, you told yourself that you’d be damned if you were to spend the rest of the night at home, wallowing in self-pity. So instead, you choose to do that same exact thing you swore you wouldn’t do, but now with a change of scenery.
Settling into the far end of the tavern, your hand squeezes around an empty shot glass, a plate of untouched curly fries placed in front of you. You massage your temples, preparing for an impending headache. 
You nearly curse yourself for all the brainless things you’ve said and done around Taehyung in the pursuit of self-sabotage. Stumbling into bed with him was your first mistake. Falling in love with him was your second. Attempting to make him jealous was your third. One and two are interchangeable. 
You’re not stupid. Far from it, actually. But love makes you do stupid things. 
That’s exactly how you found yourself at the bar, getting lost in thought as you space out to watch the scene unfold before you. 
There’s a chime that resounds when the entrance is pushed open, signalling a new patron who probably wants to let loose or get over a shitty breakup. The TV mounted above the counter replays an old FIFA match, but the white noise is swallowed by the hustle and bustle of those around you. Glasses clink together as the university students who occupy the corner booth attempt to drink away the pain of finals week. 
You shake your head, trying to pull yourself out of your daydream. A gulp slides down your throat as your eyes wander across the counter. You press your lips together into a tight line, staring at your forgotten sketchbook, sprawled across the tabletop. It lays flat, spine bent, totally bare across the pages. Without a plan in mind, you pick up your pen and glide the felt tip across the recycled paper.
The tavern is dark, and the only light source you have is the sickly sweet cinnamon scented candle at the edge of the counter. The flame flickers back and forth, barely illuminating your visage. Your working conditions are far from ideal, but that doesn’t seem to curb your efforts. 
Art has always been your safe haven. It allows your emotions to come to life as the creativity pours across the pages, one stroke at a time. All the anger, the disappointment, and the heartache flow through the negative space in the form of dark ink and harsh lines. 
A sigh falls from your lips as you scan the page once over, unsatisfied with the results. To be fair, it’s not the drawing, but the subject itself. To nobody’s surprise, the focal point of your sketch is a pair of heart-shaped lips. Subconsciously, you’ve topped it off with a distinctive beauty mark on the tip of the nose. 
“Shit,” you mumble. 
Getting over Taehyung may be harder than you imagined because what could you possibly do when he’s your muse? 
Your hands run through the tresses of your hair when a voice interrupts your train of thought. 
“I don’t mean to criticize your art, but I think my face is a bit smaller than that, sweetheart.” A giggle fills the air, and your ears perk up at the sound of the familiar trill. When your eyes meet his, a smile stretches across your lips. 
“Don’t you think that’s a bit conceited, Park?” Hesitantly, you attach his name to the end of your sentence as if it’s an afterthought. But a thought nevertheless. You haven’t said it in ages, but it still rolls off the tip of your tongue like it used to.
“Hey, you were the one staring at me.” He jokes light-heartedly, quirking his brow. 
“No, I wasn’t,” you roll your eyes, not wanting to inflate his ego. “I spaced out, and I happened to be looking in your direction, okay?” You can’t even finish your sentence without laughing. 
He waves it off with a playful smirk. “Don’t do that to strangers. You might get weird looks.” 
“Nothing I’m not used to,” you shrug. 
Park Jimin is anything but a stranger, although you wouldn’t particularly say that you’re the closest of friends. The two of you grew up in the same neighborhood, although you’ve only regarded one another as classmates. When you were in high school, your paths eventually crossed. The two of you ran in the same social circle, sharing mutual friends including Jeongguk, Namjoon, and even Taehyung. However, by the time college had started, you and Jimin were already drifting apart. While you had packed your life into two suitcases and a U-Haul full of cardboard boxes, moving hundreds of miles away to chase the uncertainties of a dream you no longer wanted, Jimin was left behind to build a life all by himself in a city he’s long since outgrown.
As the story goes, misery loves company. 
You glide across the curve of the bar and scooch over a few stools, accidentally brushing your arm against Jimin’s in the process. He flashes you a smile, and your heart warms at the sight of it. 
“Turn,” you request, although it comes across as a demand.
Jimin has never been one to say no to you, so he does as he’s told, angling his head in your direction. He props his elbow on the laminate counter, resting his chin in the cusp of his hands. 
You flip to the next blank page of your sketchbook, bending the spine before roughly outlining the shape of his face, followed by his soft features. While Jimin lets you have your fun, drawing to your heart’s content, he hums to the faint melody that echoes from the overhead speakers. His eyes are trained on yours, allowing you to use him as reference for your sketch.
When you look up at him for a brief second, comparing your work to the real deal, he takes the opportunity to stick his tongue out, teasing. You roll your eyes, pretending to be immune to his charms, but everyone knows that it’s an impossible task. 
The curve of his cheeks inflate, and the crinkles at the corner of his eyes find temporary residency.
You wish that you had used a pencil instead so that you could capture his expression at this very moment. It’s sweet. Cheery and sincere, even under the lowlight.
Your attention returns to your work, adding more details to the pupil so that it twinkles as bright as it does in real life.
To be honest, he doesn’t look much different than he did a few years ago. More mature, possibly. He’s lost a bit of baby fat around his cheeks, but amongst a crowd of millions, you’d be confident that you could recognize him upon first glance. 
Jimin reaches over you to grab a curly fry. He doesn’t ask for permission, but it’s granted anyway. He dips it into your concoction of sauces before popping the delectable into his mouth. 
“Hot sauce and honey?” He raises his brows, licking the salt off his fingers. 
“Hmm?” You hum without giving it much thought, preoccupied. 
It hits you a moment too late. “Oh, yeah. You ruined fries for me. I don’t eat them any other way now.” You bury your nose into your book to hide the smirk on your face. 
“Ruined? You should thank me,” he says, exasperated. “Do you want to be miserable for the rest of your life? Dipping your fries in ketchup?” His nose scrunches, feigning repulsion. 
The back of your hand suppresses a giggle. 
Beyond the hot sauce and honey, you wouldn’t ever dare to admit that you’ve spared Jimin a second thought throughout the years you’ve spent apart. But truth be told, you have. How could you not? 
On rainy days, you still listen to the mixtape he gave you back in twelfth grade. A late night run to the convenience store is never complete without shrimp chips because that’s always been his go-to (and now yours). His favorite novel still sits on your bookshelf because it’s always a delight, flipping through the dog-eared pages, searching for all his favorite quotes and the parts that have made him scream, laugh, and cry 一 everything highlighted, underlined, and annotated. 
Bits and pieces of Jimin still remain with you, even if he no longer stays. 
“Do you expect me to give you a cookie or something?” 
He shakes his head. No. 
“Praise?” You suggest. 
He tilts his head to the side as if he’s thinking about it. He’s never been one to refuse a compliment or two. 
“Here, how about this?” You ask, sliding your book across the counter. In your completed sketch, you’ve managed to capture his plush lips and round cheeks in contrast to his sharp jawline. His eyes widen, and he’s left speechless by your handiwork.
“How does it look? Is the face small enough now?” You query. 
He taps his finger against his lower lip, contemplative. “I think my forehead is a little big, but I’ll let it pass,” he teases, holding the book up to his face so that they are side-by side. 
“It looks pretty accurate to me?” You jest. 
Jimin shakes his head and unfolds the book from beneath itself, laying the spine flat against the counter. The pages spread open, putting tonight’s artwork on display. Two sets of eyes gaze upward.  
“Are you two together yet?” Jimin’s question catches you off guard.
Your eyes meet his, and you nearly ask him what he means by that. He pointedly tilts his head toward the adjacent drawing, and then you understand. 
The original sketch of Taehyung stares back at you, and a frown makes its way across your lips. You pull the book closer to you before ripping out the page from the coiled spine, crumpling it, and tossing it to the side without any regard. 
“I take that as a no?” He says, sarcastic. 
You don’t ever recall telling Jimin about the age-old crush you’ve had on your best friend, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Besides, stolen glances and unsaid words are enough for him to understand that Taehyung means more to you than just a friend. 
“He’s the reason why I’m drinking tonight,” you sigh, twirling the empty shot glass between your fingers. 
Jimin doesn’t question it. Instead, he offers you exactly what you need. An excuse. A reason. A distraction 一  “Do you want to get out of here?” He queries, signaling towards the exit. “I wanna show you something.” 
Your frown is replaced with the slight curl of your lips as soon as you accept his offer.
Jimin helps you to put on your coat before grabbing your hand and leading you out into the chilly air. He bends down until his lips are hot against the shell of your ear, whispering words that send a shiver down your spine.
“I can help you forget about him.” 
Tumblr media
Chaos has a way of bringing people together when you least expect it.
In the late hours of the night, Jimin takes your hand across town, back to his ballet studio, now closed for business. Technically, he also uses the studio as his living quarters to save some expenses. He’s built a sliding door in the back to separate off his bedroom and kitchen, an area that’s totally off limits to his staff and students.  
Throughout the empty space, soft music reverberates off the wall-to-wall mirrors. While Jimin settles in the corner of the room, criss-crossed, watching you have your fun, you prance around the hardwood floors, spinning on the balls of your feet until your head is in a daze. You twirl in circles, pretending to dance around a makeshift ballroom with an invisible partner wrapped around your arms. It’s almost as if you’re reclaiming your lost youth by looking for an excuse to act like a child. 
“Can you teach me how to dance?” You plead, locking eyes with Jimin. 
His features grow soft upon hearing your voice, so who is he to deny? He shows you a few simple stretches so that you’re warmed up. It’s nothing complicated, only some toe touches and lunges to improve your flexibility. 
“We can do some basics? I’ll show you how to do a plié,” he suggests. “This is the first position.” 
You nod your head, enthusiastic about the idea (in theory), but your eyes widen, and your jaw drops after seeing Jimin contort his body in a way you never thought was conceivable. His thighs press together as his heels sit back to back, pointing in opposite directions, laying 180°.
“You’re kidding.” Your eyebrows furrow, concerned about the possibility of a leg cramp and pure embarrassment. “These are the basics?” 
“C’mon, just try it,” he insists. “You’ll get the hang of it.” 
You grumble as you attempt to get into position, but it’s nearly impossible. To no avail, you shuffle your feet one inch at a time, getting closer and closer, but never perfect. As you nearly reach your goal, you begin to lose balance, accidentally shifting all your weight onto your heels. On instinct, you reach forward to hold steady, and you latch onto Jimin’s shoulder. 
His arms wrap around your waist, pulling you closer into his chest.
Your breath shudders, and your body tenses as your eyes squeeze shut, head resting against the crook of his neck. 
“Sorry,” you mutter, nearly pulling away. 
“Careful,” Jimin warns, gentle and unmoving. “I’ve got you.” His hands squeeze at your hips, and you’re suddenly hyper aware of your close proximity.
Your eyes bore into his before shifting your gaze to his plush lips, right where his teeth sink into the pink flesh. 
You lean forward so that your mouth hovers over his. Your hot breaths mingle together before you realize what you’re about to do. But at that moment, it doesn’t matter because Jimin is here, and he wants you. That’s everything that Taehyung is not. 
You slot your lips between his, testing the waters with a quick peck. Then another. And another. His tongue traces over yours, dancing in tune with the melody of the music. 
Jimin pulls away, but only momentarily. “Do you really want to do this?” He asks, gasping. 
“You said you’d help me forget,” your breath fans across his cheeks. Desire pulses through your veins, and in response, you press your lips against his, deeper and more passionate than before. He tastes like whiskey, vanilla, and nostalgia all at once. 
Your fingers slip under the hem of his sweater, tracing patterns into his hips. You tug on the knitted material, and he finally takes the hint. The two of you fumble as you peel off one another’s clothes, tossing them haphazardly across the room, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. 
He leans down to grab the back of your thighs, lifting you off the ground. Your legs wrap around his waist, and he carries you past the sliding doors and into his makeshift bedroom, placing you gently on top of the nightstand before fumbling for a condom. 
Between tender touches, you and Jimin share sweet giggles and soft gazes. His breath ghosts over your skin, nipping and kissing wherever his lips can reach. He latches onto your neck, sucking until he marks your skin with his name. 
He gently traces the outline of your bra, causing goosebumps to rise against your skin. His hands roam across your body, brushing past the mound of your breast before giving them a firm squeeze. Your breath hitches, and your lips part open. Jimin swirls his tongue around yours, rolling them over each other. 
He reaches for your legs once again, picking you up and guiding you toward the edge of the room. Suddenly, your back is pressed against the mirror. The reflective surface is unforgiving against your sensitive skin. 
His fingers wander across the waistband of your panties, eliciting a low hum from your lips. 
“Don’t tease,” you whine. 
“You don’t like my teasing, sweetheart? Then why are you moaning?” He queries with a smirk spread across his features. 
“Relax for me. I’ll take care of you.” His lips latch onto the side of your neck where your heart beats beneath the surface. He urges you to turn around and face the mirror before his hand finds its way against your panty-clad core. He teases your entrance through the material, skimming between your folds and rubbing soft circles against your clit. Arousal pools into the pit of your stomach, and a trail of fire prickles against your skin. 
His other hand is preoccupied with your breasts, tugging on the material of your bra until it bunches at your waist. He rolls your pert nipple between the rough pads of his fingers. You loll your head back against his shoulder as if you’re putty in his hands. His hard-on weighs heavy against your ass as he grinds against your backside. 
There’s a soft tap against your lips, and you open upon command without realizing how much of your saliva has accumulated in your mouth. Drool seeps from the corner of your lips as you swirl your tongue against his digits. 
He glides his hand down your body once again, exploring every inch before dipping into your underwear. 
“I haven’t touched you properly, but you’re soaked,” he mutters against the shell of your ear. 
You can’t help but groan in response, reaching to grab his wrists to help anchor you. 
He collects your arousal, swirling his finger against your entrance before stretching you out, plunging into your heat. 
Your arousal begins to seep down your thighs as you contract against his finger. He adds another one, filling you up until you’re begging for more. You grow more and more desperate as he pumps into you, slowly and teasingly. You grow restless from his punishing pace, and a soft sigh escapes from your parted lips. 
“Tell me what you want, sweetheart,” he says. “Use your words for me.” His lips press against your cheek, and you’re taken aback by how soft he is. 
“I- I,” you lose your train of thought as he begins to rub figure eights onto your clit. 
“Do you want me to fuck you?” He asks, almost as if he demands a response. “Want to watch yourself get ruined, sweetheart? Want to see how full you can get off my cock? You’ve never been this shy before.” A smirk spreads across his lips, fully knowing the power he holds in the palm of his hands. “Is something wrong? I want you to use your words.” 
You mewl, nodding your head with vigor. You grind your ass against his clothed crotch, begging for more friction, begging to be fucked stupid and full of cum. “Holy shit, give it to me,” you beg in desperation. “Please, I want you to fuck me,” you beg with tears in your eyes. 
He slides his boxers past his erect cock, pumping it in his hand before sliding your panties to the side. He glides the condom on and rubs the engorged tip of his dick against your slick folds. He presses into your entrance one inch at a time, and you moan in response. Your walls are stretched out by his sheer girth snug between your pussy. 
  “Look at how well your pretty, little cunt takes me, sweetheart.” His voice is thick with desire as his breath fans against the shell of your ear. He takes your chin into his hand, guiding your head so that you’re looking straight into the mirror. He squeezes at your cheeks so that you have no choice but to look at the way he ruins you. 
You clench around him at the sound of his lewd words. Through the mirror, you can see his eyes darken with lust. Your gaze trails down to the ripple of his muscles. His body is perfectly toned, and you can’t seem to take your eyes off his thick thighs. 
But your heavy lidded eyes threaten to close, overwhelmed by the drag and pull of his length against your walls. Jimin’s hand wraps around the column of your neck, causing you to look in the mirror once again. His grasp is firm, causing your breath to hitch in your throat. “Don’t you want to see how pretty you look? How perfect you are with my cock inside of you?” 
He thrusts into you at a calculated pace, rutting into your throbbing cunt, totally engulfed in your sopping wet heat. It’s hard to keep your attention trained on the mirror as he splits you open, railing you from behind. Your mouth hangs loose as he rubs tight circles against your bud. 
“Be a good girl, and come for me, okay, sweetheart?” He hums against your cheek. 
The sensation is overwhelming as you’re surrounded by his scent and his touch. He latches his lips onto your jaw, marking your skin. Jimin doesn’t leave a single inch untouched. 
He rolls his hips against yours faster and harder, adding more to your torment. You can feel the coil in the pit of your stomach grow tighter. Your breathing grows more shallow, and Jimin observes you through the mirror. He watches your facial features twist as you get lost in pleasure. 
He can sense you nearing your high as your tight cunt pulses against him, squeezing around his cock, swallowing him deeper and deeper. The room is filled with the sound of heavy breathing and the harsh slap of his balls against the back of your thighs. 
“I’m gonna come,” you warn him with tears streaming down the sides of your cheeks. 
His pace grows relentless as he snaps his hips against yours, nestling deeper between your walls, fucked raw and dirty.
The coil unravels from the pit of your stomach as waves of pleasure course through your veins. A string of stuttered curses fall from your lips, totally consumed by your pleasure, “fuck, fuck fuck.” Your vision nearly fades to black as you convulse around his length, jerking in his grasp. But Jimin wraps his arm around your torso, fucking you through your orgasm as you milk him for all his worth. 
His thrusts slow down, and his hips stutter as he reaches his high, spurting ropes of cum into the condom. You can feel his cock throb between the walls of your cunt, pulsing to the rhythm of the music in the background. 
Tumblr media
Famous last words: “This is a one time thing.” 
You would have thought that after tonight, you’d part ways and pretend as if nothing had ever happened. Yet you didn’t think you would grow this attached after spending one night with Jimin.
Once you clean up in the shower room, you find that there’s a fresh set of clothes on the counter and a festive red mug filled with earl gray tea, calling your name on the nightstand. Jimin is waiting for you on his half of the bed, mindlessly scrolling through his phone. When you return, he sets it aside and lifts up the sheets, inviting you into his embrace for the night.
You curl up into his side, tucking your head beneath his chin. Your body is stiff until he wraps his arm tighter around your waist. Melting into his touch is a feeling so familiar that you welcome it for reasons you know you shouldn’t. Tonight, the bed is warm, and that’s all you could ever ask for.
Jimin is the first one to break the silence. “It’s nice to see you still make art, by the way,” he says against the crown of your head, his voice barely above a whisper. 
“Actually… After freshmen year, I changed my major to illustration.” 
Jimin’s eyes soften into half-moon shapes, proud to hear about the milestones you’ve reached in the years you’ve spent apart. 
“Now, I spend my days teaching third graders how to make hand turkeys and snowflakes,” you chuckle, although it’s a little flat.
Jimin tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. “It doesn’t seem as if you like it,” he reads right through you. 
“Mmm, it’s not ideal, but it’s stable,” you shrug with a fond smile on your lips. “I thought that everything would fall into place because I followed my dreams, right? But it gets so messy when you mix your passion with your career. And now, I’m stuck in this weird limbo of not knowing what to do with myself,” you sigh. “But don’t get me wrong, the kids are sweet, and it’s nice to feel needed.” 
The weight of your words don’t catch up to you, but Jimin nods his head in understanding, letting you continue your train of thought. 
“It doesn’t really compare to pre-med, ya know? I could have been doing ground-breaking research or finding the secret recipe to incurable diseases.” A weak laugh erupts from your lungs. “But I hated it. Every week, I was this close to burning down the whole lab.” Your index finger hovers over your thumb with the tiniest sliver of space in between, demonstrating how close you would have been to losing your sense of judgment. Your eyes roll as you reminisce on the ghost of your past. “My advice? Stay away from science. It’s dangerous.” 
Jimin notices that you talk a lot. Maybe more than the average person, but he likes that. Your personality fills the space, and you two converse as if no time has passed between the two of you. 
The ends of Jimin’s lips curl into a smile, endeared by the pout on your face, “Ah, note taken.”
“You must really like running the studio though,” you suggest. “That’s what you’ve always wanted to do, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, sort of,” his shoulders raise. The dejection is palpable, and you can sense his hesitation.
In the dim room, you look up at his soft features, illuminated by the faint moonlight casted through the windowpanes. “But…?”
A smile stretches across his lips, and his eyelids lower into slits.
“But... I wanna be on a big stage, and I wanna perform, ya know? I wanna dance at sold out theaters with marquees that plaster my name across the world,” he fantasizes. “I feel like there’s so much more out there for me if I branched out and made a name for myself. I don’t want to teach kindergartners how to do plies and pirouettes for the rest of my life.” A sigh escapes from his parted lips. “Maybe after a few years, I could return to teaching, but right now, I feel like I’m stuck.”
You understand his need to escape from this city, because you, too, feel trapped beneath the weight of all your terrible decisions. In the end, the road leads back to where it all began. The two of you are side-by-side, living the same routine, day and night, without having found your place in this world.
Yet Jimin’s confession still leaves you confused. You’ve never quite taken his perspective into account, although you’d be lying if you said his face didn’t cross your mind a handful of times over the last few years. Because in this little corner of the universe, in a town so small that you can’t even find it on a map, everyone and their mothers know Park Jimin. You’re stuck in your own head, and sometimes you forget that there are people out there who aren’t fortunate enough to know him like you do. So maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones. 
“I’m gone for a few years, and now that I’m back, you’re telling me you’ve lost all your courage? Is this the same Jimin I know?” You poke your finger against his cheek, double checking, and he sneers at your antics. “Literally anyone can see how talented you are. They’d be stupid to think otherwise. If you busked in the streets of Seoul, they’d scout you on the spot.” 
A smile etches itself across his features, comforted by the words of an old friend. A part of him knows that you’re right, and you are. 
“I better get an autograph backstage at Carnegie Hall, okay?” You raise a fist, extending your pinky for him to lace. “Promise?” 
He doesn’t even have to spare you another glance before he interlocks his pinky with yours, sealing a promise that he’s sure to keep. 
“Don’t forget me when you’re famous, Park.” The sound of his name is like music to your ears, even if the world of dance doesn’t know it yet. To you, he’ll always be admired and respected as though he’s in the limelight because that’s the Park Jimin you’ve come to know. He’s suave, charming, and gracious as ever with eyes that pull like the tide. It’d be a shame for the world not to know his name. 
Of course you would never forget because Jimin leaves a whole new impression on you with every encounter. Just like old times, there’s never a beat of silence when he’s at your side. It feels as though you’re in your own world as the hours tick by faster than you realize. 
Throughout this sleepless night, he tells you about his tattoos and the meanings behind them 一 his favorite being the black ink on his ribs, ‘nevermind’ spelled out in capital letters. You’ve also come to learn about the scar above his right eye, although you’ve never quite noticed it after all these years. “I ran straight into the toilet when I was little, and I bumped my head,” he explains, “Stop laughing, it’s not funny!” Although he can’t seem to hold back his own giggle. 
He shares nearly-forgotten memories of his early childhood back in Busan, reminiscing about his walks along the seaside after kendo practice. He misses the stories his mother would tell him at the kitchen table as she laid out all of her ingredients for kimbap, made with love. He can’t forget about his grandmother’s old home, a pretty pink house on the top of a hill 一 the same one where he would play hide and seek with his younger brother. 
Of course you can’t spend the night without bringing up anecdotes from high school. 
“Do you remember when we kissed in 10th grade?” You remind him, chuckling at the memory. 
Jimin’s eyes fill with fondness, lowering into crescent moons. “We were playing spin the bottle, weren’t we?” 
“Yeah, sorry about that,” you giggle in apology. “It probably wasn’t that good.” 
He tilts his head, uncertain. “I think 15 year-old me was on top of the world after that.” 
You hide your face against Jimin’s chest in embarrassment, muffling your voice. “Yeahbutyouweremyfirstkiss.” The words escape your mouth at lightning speed, but he catches every syllable. 
His cheeks are dusted with crimson hues, blushing at the confession. “Really?” His hand is feather light against your shoulder. “I guess that makes the two of us. You were mine too.” His heart nearly thumps out of his ribcage. 
“Can I ask you something?” You pull away from his chest with wide eyes. 
“You just did.” His lips tug into a teasing smile. 
You roll your eyes and refrain from punching his arm. “Did you ever see us being together?” There’s a brief moment of silence before you clarify again. “You know… romantically?” 
Jimin shakes his head no. If you had asked whether he ever wanted the two of you to be together, that would elicit a totally different response. 
“No, you were always hung up on Taehyung, right?” He says, half disappointed, half hopeful in anticipation of your response. 
Your eyebrows knit into a frown, and your lips quiver into a scowl. “Yeah, some things don’t really change.” 
His features soften, listening to your every word which makes his pouty lips even more defined, even through the dark. 
“Sorry, I don’t mean to dump all of my problems on you,” you apologize. Truly, it doesn’t seem fair that Jimin has been nothing but attentive to you. But in his mind, he’s the true friend he’s always been. 
“You know you can tell me anything, right?” He rubs soothing circles into the small of your back, just like how Taehyung used to. “Is something wrong?” 
Clicking your tongue, you stall for time, hesitating. “Well... You know how I’m an absolute idiot, right?” 
“Right,” Jimin nods with sarcasm. His tongue peeks out from the corner of his lips. 
“Basically, I told all of my friends that I have a boyfriend even though I’m painfully in love with Taehyung.”
“Sounds rough.” 
You shake your head, heaving a sigh. “That’s not the worst part.” 
“Oh, God, what did you do now?” He asks, expecting. 
“Taehyung’s bringing his new girlfriend to our party on Christmas Eve... and I told everyone that they can expect my boyfriend to be there too.” 
You pinch the bridge of your nose, and your shoulders slump. “Do you see my dilemma now?” 
“Hmm,” he hums. The room is silent, save for the hum of the radiator. 
“What if I told you I have a solution?” And by that, he means a temporary fix. 
“I’m listening,” you murmur. The lack of sleep is finally hitting you at the break of dawn.
An ear to ear smile stretches across his face, and you know for sure that he’s up to no good. “May I, Park Jimin,” he dramatically presses his hand flat against his chest as if he’s making a pledge, “Have the honor of being your fake boyfriend on the eve of Christmas?” 
You shrug, deciding to entertain him, “It’s your honor now, is it? So what’s in it for me?”
“Uhmm…” His gaze shifts to the corner of the room, eyeing something completely trivial. When he figures it out, he snaps his fingers together. “I’m glad that you asked.” A smile graces his lips as he shows off his pearly whites. 
“Oh no,” you groan, fully expecting the worst. You roll onto your stomach, stuffing your face into the pillow. 
Jimin’s voice rings through the air, sounding his request. “You’ll have the pleasure of seeing my kindergarten class put on a showcase for the Nutcracker.” 
You lift your head up, and stray hairs obstruct your vision, falling loose into your eyes. Looking over at Jimin, you quirk a brow, soundlessly asking him why? 
“I need to bring a date,” He begins, scratching at his eyebrow. “My staff keeps trying to set me up on these blind dates, but they don’t end up anywhere, and I’m kind of sick of it.” 
“Mmm, nobody worthwhile so far?” You inquire. 
“I guess I’m waiting for the right person to come around,” he shrugs. “They put me on so many dating apps, but it’s not for me.” 
Your face breaks out into a smile. “Really? Tinder? Bumble? Hinge? I want to see your profile!” Although you only want to see it to poke fun at him.
“No, no, no, it’s pretty bad,” he confesses with wide eyes. 
“Oh, please. I doubt someone like you would have trouble finding a partner.” 
“Not one that’s worthwhile.” His soft gaze lowers to meet yours, but you don’t seem to notice. 
You huff out a sigh, and your heavy lidded eyes threaten to close, succumbing to exhaustion. Going to the showcase is a small price to pay for the wake of chaos you’ve brought upon yourself. At least you have a solution to your boyfriend problem, right? 
Your hand extends over to Jimin, and he gladly takes it in his own, shaking it in agreement. 
“You’ve got yourself a deal, Park.” 
Tumblr media
You [4:27 pm]: you busy?
Jimin [4:32 pm]: no, just ended a class, why? 
You [4:32 pm]: can you help me? idk what to get for white elephant
You [4:32 pm]: meet me at the mall? 
Jimin [4:33 pm]: okay, i’ll be there in 15 min
He gets there in ten.
It’s easy to spot Jimin’s disapproving look from a mile away. “You do realize that Christmas is this Saturday, right? Don’t you have an Amazon account?” 
“I’m not handing over my hard-earned money to capitalism,” you bark. 
He puts his hands up in defense. “Sorry I brought it up.”
The two of you stroll past the rows of stores with items that are far too expensive for your budget. You turn down every suggestion thrown your way.
“How about a scarf?” Jimin offers. 
You shake your head. “I already know someone is going to buy that, and that someone is probably Namjoon.” 
He snickers knowing that it’s true. “Okay, then what about a candle?” 
Your lips pucker, clearly not thrilled about the idea. “Taehyung is the only person who would want a candle, but if it isn’t expensive, then forget about it.” 
“A mug?” 
You stare at him, deadpan. “It’s gonna look like I didn’t put a single thought into this gift.”
“Hey, they’re your friends! You should know what to get them.” 
You massage at your temples, pacifying the meltdown that you’re about to have in the middle of the mall. And if the creepy old man dressed in the tattered Santa suit approaches you to ease the tears, you can’t promise that you won’t get kicked out of the shopping center for accounts of hysteria. 
Shopping has never been your forte, let alone holiday shopping. Jimin deserves a prize for his patience because he’s handling your indecision fairly well. 
“Aren’t you an artist?” Jimin proposes. 
You nearly deny the fact out of habit, so instead, you just shrug. 
“You could always make something.” He holds his breath thinking that you’ll shoot him down once again. 
You card your fingers through your hair, contemplative. “Nothing I make is going to be worth a penny.” 
“That’s not true,” he looks at you with knitted brows, a stern expression painted on his face. “It’s the thought that counts.” 
The longer that you sit on the idea, the more people begin to swarm you in the middle of a crowded mall. “Yeah, I guess I can make something. To be honest, I just want to get out of here,” you remark. 
“Yeah, I try to avoid the mall like the plague,” he adds. “It’s stressful.”
“Oh, you’re telling me?” You press your pointer finger against your chest for further emphasis. “Not just that, but I’m afraid Jeongguk is going to pop out of nowhere, and I’d have to explain that you’re my boyfriend when we haven’t even figured out the story yet,” your tongue clicks. “He works at the arcade over there.” You jut your chin towards the bright neon sign a few stores down. 
“Would I be that terrible of a boyfriend that you’d be embarrassed?” He asks with pleading eyes, although you know he’s only begging for praise. 
“No, but Guk knows the both of us. He’s gonna see right through our lies with those big eyes of his.” You slump your shoulders when a cold breeze blows through your hair, a shiver wracking through your whole body. 
“Hold my hand,” Jimin requests, catching you off guard.
“Why? There’s nobody around,” you crane your neck, looking left and right in search of a familiar face. 
He interlocks his fingers with yours. “It’s cold though, I don’t want your hand to freeze.”
“Cold? Then maybe you should zip up,” you reprimand him, halting to fix the buttons of his shirt. 
Why does he have so many of them undone to begin with? His jacket is absolutely useless if he doesn’t bother bundling up. He’s going to catch a cold if he leaves his chest exposed any longer. 
You mutter under your breath, shaking your head, “Why are you dressed so sexy? You’re gonna get sick.”
“You like it? It’s for you,” he replies with soft eyes, but the smirk on his lips is teasing. 
You look up at him, only to scoff at his cheesy response, poking your tongue against the inside of your cheek. After straightening his collar, your finger slips beneath the silver chain around his neck, pulling out the pendant so that it is no longer concealed beneath the white cotton of his shirt. 
He’s finally warm and toasty after zipping up his outerwear in one swift motion. “Don’t catch a cold,” you huff a sigh, turning around to trudge forward. 
Jimin smiles to himself and lowers the zipper once again to undo the top two buttons, fully knowing that you’ll fix it for him with a cute pout on your lips. 
He half-walks, half-runs to catch up to you. Without any defiance, he takes your hand in his before stuffing it into the pocket of his jacket. 
Tumblr media
You don’t know how Jimin managed to convince you to make your own gift for white elephant, but he did. 
After your failed visit to the mall, you and Jimin head back to your tiny apartment halfway across town. He figured that you would create a painting or some kind of sketch, but he never imagined that you would do something as extravagant as pottery. 
“So… we’re still going to make a mug, right?” He suggests, half kidding. 
“If you really want to make one, you can,” you offer as you set up all of the supplies including a pottery wheel, buckets of water, bamboo brushes, needles, and cutter wire. “I think I want to make dishware though, maybe a bowl.” 
Jimin situates himself across from you as you immerse yourself in your work. You roll up your sleeves before chopping up the clay and using a variety of tools to get you started. He watches the terracotta block mold to the delicate curl of your hands. You press against the sides so that it’s rounded, and you push at the center until there’s a crater. Pulling at the rim, you skilfully tug on the clay until it reaches the height that you desire. 
The ringer of your phone sets off, but you choose to ignore it, preoccupied by the task at hand. It doesn’t take very long for you to finish molding your bowl since you’ve made an abundance of ceramics in your lifetime. 
And right before Jimin’s very eyes, it transforms into a perfectly imperfect vessel. 
You set the product aside so that you can heat it up and glaze it for later. Until then, you can draft a design that would later be painted on the surface of the clay. 
“Do you want to try?” It doesn’t hurt to ask. Afterall, Jimin had attempted to show you how to dance. Now it’s your turn for vengeance and a hearty laugh. 
He looks at you with wide, puppy eyes as he nods his head.
You hop off of your stool, allowing Jimin to take your place. Meanwhile, you prep the proper amount of clay that’s needed for the mug he can’t stop talking about. 
“Are we going to have that cheesy movie moment from Ghost where we make pottery and hold hands?” He bounces from his seat as you prop another stool behind him. 
Teasingly, you wrap your arm around his torso before blowing hot air against the shell of his ear. 
He wiggles in your grasp, pressing his hand against the side of his head. 
“Come here, you big baby,” you tug on his arm so that his hands cup around the clay.
The blush on Jimin’s cheeks go unnoticed, affected by either your choice of words or your close proximity, he may never know. 
Your hand gently rests over his as you guide him through the molding process. The mug is far from perfect, but Jimin likes it that way. He doesn’t bother smoothing out the sides or centering the handle. He thinks the battered shape gives it personality. “It’s a little wonky, just like you,” he claims.
From an outside perspective, anyone could see the two of you and find this moment to be sweet and romantic. Some may say that the moment bursts like a bubble the second you’re interrupted. 
Well, cue the interruption as you hear an awfully loud giggle from the hallway. Soon enough, the sound of keys turns the locks of your apartment door. 
“I don’t mean to scare you, but I think there’s a robber out there.” Jimin’s body tenses beneath your grasp. 
The infamous giggle sounds once again, and you don’t seem to be bothered. “It’s not an intruder,” you shake your head. “Just a really annoying friend.” 
Hardly a second goes by before Kim Seokjin is walking through your door, calling out your name. “YAH! You know you’re missing movie night, right?” His mouth moves faster than his body. Because when Seokjin sticks his head into your living room, he realizes that you have company. 
“Oh, sorry,” he apologizes, although you know he’s anything but sorry. “Didn’t know you were busy with your boyfriend.” Seokjin winks a little too overdramatically. 
Jimin rises from his seat, wiping the excess clay from his hands and onto his apron. He approaches Seokjin by the foyer and extends his arm in greeting. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Jimin.” 
Seokjin looks at the residue left on Jimin’s hand and decides to grab his wrist, shaking it in up and down motions. “Seokjin.” His lips tug into a crooked smile, almost as if he’s plotting something. Of course, it’s expected. “Would you and Jimin like to come to movie night together?” 
You nearly shove Seokjin out the door, wanting him to leave as quickly as possible. “Can’t make it tonight. We’re gonna bake cookies.” 
“Cookies? Any for me?” Seokjin requests, though he doesn’t really care for sweets. He just wants to stay longer so that he can get a better look at your quote unquote boyfriend.
“I’ll bring them over another time, I swear. Now get out,” you usher him out the door, muttering through gritted teeth. “I'll see you at the party, okay?” 
“Bye!” Seokjin yells, even with the door closed shut behind him. “Don’t forget the condom!”
“So…” You close your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose in embarrassment. “That was Seokjin. I have to apologize for his entire existence.” 
“For what it’s worth, I think he has pretty good advice,” Jimin laughs. 
Tumblr media
“We should probably figure out the details of our fake relationship, right?” You suggest as you measure out your dry ingredients for cookies. “When did we meet?” 
“I don’t think we have to go that far back? We met when we were kids,” Jimin says, mixing the concoction of ingredients together with a pink spatula in hand. “Can’t we tell everyone that we bumped into one another at a bar a few weeks ago, hit it off, fucked, and then started dating?” 
“That doesn’t sound very romantic,” you sneer. 
“It isn’t, but that’s basically what happened.” 
“Minus the dating part,” you add. 
“Yeah…” Jimin mutters under his breath. “Minus the dating part.”
“Do you think we could pass as a couple?” You question. “Oh, pass me the vanilla extract.”
Jimin grabs the amber bottle before making his way around the kitchen island. “I think they’ll believe it if we show off a little pda, right?” He slots himself behind you, pressing his chest against your back, gently resting his hands on the small of your waist. “Is it okay if I touch you here?”
Your body heats up when his hot breath tickles against your cheek. “Uh, y-yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” you stutter, nodding your head. 
“This is just for practice, right, sweetheart?” he coos, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Gotta make it believable.” He latches his plush lips against the column of your neck, peppering soft kisses up and down your jaw. 
Your breath hitches in your throat as you melt into his touch. “Mmm,” you let out a moan, dropping the wooden spoon onto the kitchen counter. 
You rest your hands over his before plucking them off your waist. Park Jimin is insatiable, but you’re certain that you’re craving something else tonight. 
“As much as I want to do this right now, save it for the public, Park. I want my cookies.”
Tumblr media
While your studio fills itself with the sweet aroma of fresh baked cookies, you and Jimin plop yourself onto your mattress, wedged into the corner of your studio apartment. His phone rests in your hands as you critique his dating profile, as promised.
“This is terrible,” you click your tongue. 
“What’s wrong with it?” He lurches for the device, but you roll over onto your side, keeping it away from his reach. 
“Your bio says ‘send dog pics’. Really, now?” You glare at him with a blank expression. “I’d hate to break it to you, but loving dogs is not a personality trait.” 
“Oh,” he slumps. “I thought it was a hit with the ladies, no?” 
“Only because you’re cute.” You don’t bother looking up at his reaction as you continue to scroll through his phone, scrutinizing his profile. His round cheeks grow heated. A soft hue of pink dusts over his skin. 
“Are you going to help me change my bio then?” He asks. 
Your nose scrunches in distaste. “No, you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, aren’t you? I don’t think I’m ready to share yet.”
Jimin’s cheeks numb with the smile that stretches across his lips.
“No offense, but this photo makes you look like a fuckboy.” You flash the screen to him as you giggle to yourself. 
“Hoseok said it’s a nice picture.” He grumbles to himself, feigning a pout, but it doesn’t last long. He only knows that you’re teasing. 
When you aren't looking, Jimin steals your phone for a brief moment. If you’re able to use his, why can’t he use yours? He opens the camera app, taking far too many selfies, more than an average person should. He looks cute in some photos, but in others, he purposely recreates the “fuckboy” look you described earlier. He decides to set it as his contact photo, so you’ll have no choice but to laugh whenever his name pops up in your notifications. When he opens the phone app, he scoffs, slightly offended that his name is set as “Jimin.” Nothing more and nothing less. He decides to change it to one that’s more suitable, although cringey 一 Babe 😘
Without noticing, he takes a selfie of the two of you. It’s a candid, but he decides to set it as your lock screen so that you’ll have a happy surprise. 
Meanwhile, you continue to throw an occasional comment about his profile, but he’s long since stopped listening. He hasn’t opened the app in months anyways. 
To keep himself occupied, his gaze wanders around your bedroom, although he can’t seem to help it. There are an abundance of trinkets that catch his attention, but only because he’s curious. 
Above the desk, there’s an oversized poster of the Starry Night, thumb tacked to the wall. A mason jar of sour candy lies on your nightstand, no doubt for the occasional midnight cravings. Your favorite kpop album lies on the top of your bookshelf, although there’s no sight of a CD player anywhere.
A pile of canvasses sit in the corner, leaning against the wall. He hops off the bed, flicking through the pile to admire your talent. There’s a soft tug on his lips as he recognizes a few antique pieces you’ve made back in high school art class. A gentle “oh” falls from his lips whenever he connects the dots, spotting a painting that he has already seen on your Instagram. 
He hovers over your shelf where he notices there’s a photograph of you at your college graduation. There’s a beaming smile on your face with crinkles that form at the corner of your eyes. Truly, it’s infectious because the same smile is plastered on Jimin’s lips, happy to see you at your highest points, even if he had not been there. 
Although it may seem nosy, Jimin moves on to the next trinket that catches his eyes. He tilts his head to the side, staring at the faded orange spine on the third shelf from the bottom. “Is that mine?” He plucks the paperback into his hands, examining the front cover. 
You look up from his phone, and your face stiffens in response. “Uh, you lent that to me.”
“Yeah, keyword: lent.” He can’t suppress the smile on his face as he thumbs through the pages of a novel he thought he had lost many years ago. 
“Do you want it back?” You ask, hoping that the answer is no. 
He shakes his head, putting it back into its rightful place on the bookshelf. “No, you can keep it.” 
Tumblr media
You card your fingers through your hair, stressed about the night that is to come. You’ve spent the last few days with Jimin, perfecting the details of your relationship so that you can get through your first mission 一 making it believable for his staff members so they can stop setting Jimin on unsuccessful blind dates. 
He swears that you don’t have to do much besides show up and pretend that you like him. Apparently, as far as the hip-hop teacher, Hoseok, is concerned, you don’t even exist. Your only job for tonight is to prove to him otherwise. 
Tonight, you scour through your entire closet in search of an outfit. You must have tried on at least four different ones at this point, texting Jimin a selfie in the mirror after every outfit change. You don’t know why you’re trying so hard to make a good first impression when you’re never going to see them again. 
Jimin’s reaction to your texts never feels sincere because he keeps complimenting you, attaching multiple heart emojis after every message. But what can you expect from a man? 
You’re startled by the ringing of your doorbell which signifies Jimin’s arrival. “I’ll be right there!” You shout, quickly applying the finishing touches to your makeup. 
After chucking your essentials into your purse, you slip on your heeled boots and grab a warm jacket before quickly opening the front door. 
“I’m so sorry, I swear I’m ready now,” you sputter. 
Jimin stands in your entryway, dressed to the nines with his slicked-back hair and his flowy, white shirt. His eyes widen, and his mouth hangs agape at how stunning you are in an outfit he has yet to see. 
“Why didn’t you send me a picture of this one? I could have prepared myself,” he says in disbelief. 
A smile graces your lips before you shut the door behind you and grab his hand. “Come on, we’re gonna be late!” 
Tumblr media
Jimin doesn’t let go of your hand, even throughout the entire car ride. With fingers interlaced, he two of you walk into the local elementary school where you work. 
Unexpectedly, you bump into your co-workers on the way in. A few of the older ladies from the main office exclaim: 
“I didn’t know that you had a boyfriend! When can we expect a wedding?” 
“Oh my God, look at these sweet lovebirds!” 
“What does it feel like to be young and in love?”
To which Jimin would wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you closer into his side. He almost stops to have a conversation with them, but you have to cut it short fully knowing that they could talk for hours. “I’m so sorry, but we’re actually on our way to the showcase in the auditorium.” You nod your head with a polite smile before tugging on Jimin’s arm. 
They ladies wish you and Jimin a good night before heading out to gossip to the rest of the town. That, you are sure of. 
Jimin leads the way into the busy auditorium. He escorts you to the front row where there are seats reserved especially for him and the rest of the staff. From afar, you notice that there’s a man waving wildly in your direction. There’s a smile on his face, glowing brighter than the sun itself. 
“That’s Hoseok over there,” Jimin whispers against your ear. “Are you ready?” 
You nod your head, squeezing his hand tighter before pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek. 
He’s taken aback by your public display of affection, and he blushes on contact. His lips press together as he tries to hide the glee on his face. 
You walk down the aisle together to approach your seats. Before you can make it there, Hoseok is already running up to the two of you. 
“Is this the girlfriend I’ve heard so much about?” Hoseok half-yells, extending his hand out to shake yours. 
You gladly accept with a gleam on your face. “Oh, so Jimin talks about me a lot, does he?” You query. 
Of course Hoseok has never been one to tell a lie. “Well, to be honest, when he said that he found a girlfriend, I almost thought that you weren’t real!” He exclaims. “But in the last week, he started bringing you up more and more. I thought ‘okay, I have to meet her now.’” He nods, enthusiastic. 
Has he really mentioned you to his coworkers? Was this part of the plan to get them to stop arranging all of these blind dates? 
“Ah, I guess Jimin must have been a little embarrassed to talk about me. We’ve known each other for ages, but I’ve never given him the chance until recently.” You pat your hand against his bicep, almost in consolation. 
“Oh yeah. I’m glad that you found your way back to one another. It takes a lot of courage to confess to your high school crush, ya know?” Hoseok says, not knowing that he has just opened Pandora’s Box. “You two look very happy together.”
Your eyes widen at the news, and Hoseok continues to talk incessantly like a chatterbox. But you’re hardly listening to what he has to say. You throw in the occasional “yeah” and “yup” so it seems as if you’re paying attention. Instead, you glance over at Jimin with endless questions reeling through your head.  
Before you can ask about Jimin’s little secret, the light of the auditorium dims and fades to black. The MC heads onto stage with a spotlight shining on his figure, and he asks that everyone take their seat. 
You refrain from asking Jimin any questions throughout the showcase because that would have been terribly rude, but the curiosity is killing you. 
All along, Jimin has known that you’ve been in love with Taehyung. But at the same time, he’s had feelings for you? Granted, you were young and stupid back in high school. How deeply did he feel about you? Did his feelings change over the last few years? What did your one night stand mean to him?
Your head is clouded with questions, and you swear that Jimin can sense the tension radiating from your body. His thumb rubs soothing circles into the top of your hand, and your attention gets drawn away from the overwhelming questions. 
Instead, you choose to focus on the performance in front of you. The kids are prancing around stage in their pretty white tutus and leotards. Of course, being as young as they are, their performance isn’t anywhere near perfect. That doesn’t mean all the adults in the room won’t make them feel as if they are the biggest stars on stage. Even as they stumble across the floors and dance off-beat to the music, they will continue to receive the praise that they deserve. 
At the end of the performance, all of the dancers line up on stage so that they can bow to the audience. The crowd erupts into a standing ovation, and the beaming smile on their little faces don’t go unnoticed. 
When the stage clears, the auditorium empties out so that the parents can collect their children at the exit. Meanwhile, Jimin heads backstage to say a big congratulations to all of his lovely students. He wants to offer everyone a high-five and a pat on the back, but the children seem to have other plans. 
Once they notice your presence, they begin to swarm around you, jumping up and down. Their yells echo across the barren room. 
“Hi, are you Mr. Jimin’s wife?” A young girl tugs on the hem of your dress, with pleading eyes, begging for an answer. 
Weirdly enough, all of the other kids lower their voices as they wait for your response. They stare at you with intense eyes, and you begin to grow shy under their gaze. 
“N- no, no, we’re not married,” you clarify. 
“Not yet!” Jimin adds, and the kids erupt into an uproar. 
You shoot him an icy glare, silently warning him of the Hell that you’re about to unleash in private, but the smile on your face would say otherwise. 
Tumblr media
Jimin shows up at your door the next day with matching ugly sweaters in hand. 
“You’re kidding,” you deadpan. 
“Nope,” he says with a pop of the p. “Don’t couples wear matching clothes?”
“Only if they’re cringey,” you reply. 
Stepping aside, you invite Jimin into your humble abode in preparation for today. You have a few hours left to spare until the white elephant party begins at the boys’ shared apartment. Using your time wisely, although some may argue in defense of that, you decide to finish up the paint job on your pottery bowl, cutting it close to the deadline. Meanwhile, you’ve invited Jimin inside so that he can add the finishing touches to the mug that he’s made. 
Today, the energy in the room feels a little off. You think that you can attribute it to the news that Hoseok broke to you the night prior. Yet at the same time, you don’t know why you’re overthinking about something so trivial. It happened ages ago, and for all you know, it might not be anything too deep. 
“Are we ever going to address what happened last night?” You decide to break the silence. 
Jimin cocks his head to the side, unsure as to what you’re referring to. 
You glide your paint brush against your bowl with the utmost precision. “Were you ever going to tell me that you liked me?”
“Oh, I didn’t think it was that important,” he says with a shrug, too focused on the project in front of him. 
You gaze at him from across the table, expecting more to the story. 
His eyes meet yours. “Really, it’s not that deep, I swear. We hung out a lot, and we talked everyday. You were always there for me, and I think I was stepping on this fine line between loving you as a friend and loving you as a partner,” he shrugs. “We can’t choose the people we love. And in the back of my mind, I already knew that you liked Taehyung, so I had to let you go,” he confesses. “That’s pretty much all there is to it. But before you say anything, I’ll have you know that I got over it before you left for college.” 
You nod your head in understanding. You feel a little better about the situation now that you’ve had a bit of time to process it. “Was I that forgettable?” You jest. 
He shakes his head. “No, but I figured it’d be better for the both of us. You were moving hundreds of miles away. Taehyung would be there beside you, and I’d be back here.” 
One last question still sits in the back of your mind. “Did Taehyung ever find out?” 
He shakes his head. “No, what do you think? Taehyung doesn’t even realize that you’ve been in love with him for years.” 
“Hey, I’m really good at hiding my emotions, okay?” You scoff, although that shouldn’t be something that you’re proud of. 
“No, I just think it takes the right person to read you,” Jimin says, passing you his shoddy mug. 
You grab it by the handle before rotating it to see the design he’s made. In red paint, he’s drawn a big heart with both his initials and yours. It’s cheesy, and maybe a little cringey, but that’s how your relationship has always been. 
Tumblr media
“Nice sweaters,” Yoongi says upon opening the door, although it sounds as if he hates them. He shuffles aside, but before you can step through the entryway, everyone else is already gathering around the foyer. 
Voices blend together as everyone simultaneously shouts. 
“Can we at least take our shoes off first?” You ask, completely bombarded by questions, but Jimin doesn’t seem to mind, loving the attention that he’s getting. 
Jeongguk and Seokjin fight one another as they push through the crowd so that they can greet you, but of course, they turn to Jimin first. 
Jeongguk's eyes widen, although you didn’t think it was possible. “Hyung?” 
“Did you miss me?” Jimin extends his hand out for Jeongguk to take, pulling him into a half-hug. “I haven’t heard from you in so long,” he says. 
“The phone works both ways, ya know?” Jeongguk suggests, although he’s not upset in the slightest. 
Jeongguk doesn’t seem to be surprised that the two of you are together. Actually, he seems to overlook that fact, too excited about meeting Jimin once again. Perhaps he can’t see through your lies because he’s too busy being happy in the presence of his best friends. 
“Wow, this is actually happening?” Seokjin says more to himself than to anyone else in particular. “Thanks for taking our girl. I always thought she was a lost cause.” Because in Seokjin’s mind, he’s always seen you as an old maid in training, but he’s only ever understood your character as far as you’ve allowed him to. 
In another world, you’d probably be embarrassed by his comment, but it’s not out of the norm for him, so you let it slide. 
“I think I should be thanking her for taking me,” Jimin corrects, turning to you with soft eyes, something along the lines of yearning. 
In your peripheral vision, you can almost see Yoongi gag at the cheesy comment, and you nearly tell him to mind his own business.  
Namjoon invites everyone to step inside, and the boys begin to filter out of the foyer. But Taehyung and his new girlfriend remain standing in the back of the crowd, and they hang around to greet the two of you. 
You can sense their enthusiasm as they approach you. The smile on Taehyung’s face is one that you’ve never seen before, and it weirds you out a little. 
“Long time no see, huh?” Taehyung extends his arms toward Jimin, reaching for a hug. “It’s a small world, don’t you think? The two of you, together.” 
“Yeah, it took me by surprise too, but it happened all too quickly,” Jimin says, taking his hand in yours. 
It surprises you how good he is at lying. If he hadn’t been a performer, perhaps he could have a career in acting. 
“Guys, this is my girlfriend, Aera. Be kind to her, okay?” Taehyung says. 
You would have thought that this moment would be incredibly awkward, but the feeling soon fades as the conversation builds. 
Upon first impression, Aera’s a sweet girl. Her face is almost angelic, and you’re almost certain that she’s Taehyung’s type. 
She talks a lot, but she’s probably excited. Maybe she’s even a little nervous ー you can relate, but for reasons only Jimin knows. 
“Ah, Taehyung told me so much about you,” she reaches for your hand, and you’re caught off guard by her words. 
You freeze for a split second before you remember to keep your cool. Exactly how much does she know? Did she hear about your childhood together? The way that you grew up as next door neighbors, spending days and nights throughout grade school, adolescence, and young adulthood? Has Taehyung told her about the arrangement that you’ve made and all the complicated feelings in the midst of it all? 
As the party rages on, you all gather around for the festivities. The living room becomes overcrowded as you settle onto the couch to watch movies, no doubt is it Home Alone 1 and 2. Seokjin ends up in the kitchen, preparing a hearty meal for everyone. Yoongi follows along so that he can help and sneak a few sips of alcohol before it’s time to eat dinner. Namjoon is only there for moral support. To make him feel useful, Yoongi passes him a tiny potato and a peeler.
Jimin doesn’t leave your side for the entire night, latching onto you as if he’s a lost puppy. His arms sling around your waist, but not necessarily in a disgusting, over-the-top way, more like an innocent, “I’m right here,” kind of way. 
Nobody seems to have any qualms about it, not even you. However, every once in a while, you notice Seokjin eyeing you from the kitchen, flashing you his smile that causes his bready cheeks to rise. 
When opening presents, a bottle of pinot noir gets passed around after multiple people attempt to steal it, but Yoongi manages to snag his own gift for himself. 
Aera receives a stuffed animal in the shape of a pink, muscular bunny. Nobody seems to want it but her. 
Jeongguk picks up your ceramic bowl, but Namjoon is quick to steal it. By the end, it ends up in Jeongguk’s possession once again because nobody needs household essentials like he does. He can finally cross the one (1) bowl off of his shopping list. The next thing he should prioritize is a pillow so that he can get rid of the rolled up towel he’s been sleeping on these last few months. 
Instead of the bowl, Namjoon gets Seokjin’s gag gift, but he can’t seem to find use for a rubber chicken. “It’s for emotional support,” Seokjin suggests. 
Seokjin gets a bottle of purple hair dye from Aera, and you can all imagine the disaster that will come about from that. Although Jeongguk thinks about stealing it, he lets Seokjin deal with the chaos that is sure to ensue. 
Not surprisingly, Jimin gets Taehyung’s gift consisting of a paint by numbers kit. “We can work on this together,” he makes a promise to you, whispering it into the cusp of your ear. It doesn’t quite matter if anyone else can hear this sweet exchange of affection because his words are not meant for anyone but you. 
Yet again, it’s not surprising that you end up with Jimin’s gift. He offers you a second-hand copy of his new favorite book, something to add to your collection of trinkets. You thumb through the pages to find all of his annotations. Sections are highlighted and underlined, and with every few pages, there are little notes that are jotted down in the margins. In the center of the book, there’s a pink post-it note wedged between the pages. It’s almost as if this present was particularly for you, because in Jimin’s chicken-scratch, you manage to decipher his message. 
I’d never forget you. Not even if I become famous, and not even in a million years. 
At the bottom, his autograph is written in thick, black ink.
A smile graces your lips as there’s utter chaos exploding in the background. You tune out the sound of Namjoon and Jeongguk fighting over their gifts, muffled by the sound of Seokjin’s squeaky laugh. 
Nobody dares to steal your present, especially not after sending Namjoon a cold, death stare. 
While the night winds down, everyone settles into their respective spots, naturally gravitating into smaller groups of twos. Namjoon and Yoongi chat in one of the rooms while Seokjin and Jeongguk make a mess in another. 
Of course, Aera and Taehyung are glued to one another, but you don’t pay much mind to them. They’re honestly quite cute together. It’s nice to see happiness on Taehyung, even if he couldn’t find it with you. 
But somewhere in a distant land, on the far end of the couch, you and Jimin find yourselves in your own world. Absentmindedly, you lean into his personal space although there’s enough real estate for you to sprawl across the cushions. 
You can’t tell whether it’s the alcohol that’s finally hitting you, or maybe you’re a little tired after a long night of socializing, but your cheeks have been aching from all the smiles and the giggles that you’ve shared. 
Just when you thought you could catch a break, Aera shuffles behind you, interrupting your moment of peace. “Mistletoeeeee!” She yells out, dangling a green sprig above your heads.
Your face grows heated, almost embarrassed that you’re being told to kiss Jimin, in public no less. He looks at you with hesitation in his eyes, silently asking what you want to do. 
But almost on instinct, you lean in to brush your lips against his cheek. You pull back, searching his eyes for any discomfort. When you find that there’s none, you invade his personal space once again, pressing your lips against his in a sweet kiss. 
Tumblr media
At the end of the night, when the world is quiet and everyone is sound asleep, you and Jimin stroll past the darkened library and the locked laundromat on the corner of thirty-fourth and fifth. Your feet carry you towards your little studio apartment, although you don’t particularly want to crawl into bed if that means it’s cold and empty tonight. 
The walk back to your place is rather quiet.
The two of you shuffle across the sidewalk, side-by-side. Every few steps, your shoulders bump into one another, but neither of you mind. 
“Did you have fun tonight?” There’s a puff of smoke that blows from Jimin’s mouth when he speaks into the frigid air. 
“You could say that,” you hum. Throughout the night, there were moments in which you totally forgot that you and Jimin are nothing but pretend. It almost felt real, and you almost preferred it that way. 
“Would you say that you’re still hung up on Taehyung?” Jimin asks, looking at your visage from his peripherals. He pretends as if he doesn’t really care for your response, although it kills him on the inside. 
Your eyes soften, and you shake your head. “No, I’m happy for him. I realized that he’s moved on, and slowly, so have I,” you announce, almost proud. “We all deserve to be with someone who can love us in the way that we want them to.” 
“Have you found that person yet?” He asks. 
You hook your arm beneath his, looping them together. “Yeah, I might have,” you nod, and he gazes at you fondly, eyes lowering into crescent shapes that the moon can’t even rival. 
As you continue to lethargically make your way back to your apartment, slowly but surely, snowflakes begin to fall from the sky. They litter across the street, sticking to the cement until there’s a soft blanket of snow. 
A wide grin settles across your lips as you look up at the dark void above you. You turn, looking over at Jimin with a glint in your eyes. It’s the first snow of the season. 
And before you know it, you unloop your arm from his, and your feet kick off the ground. You dance across the barren road, running through the night as you pay no mind to any of the oncoming traffic, although there seems to be none during this late hour. 
You twirl in circles, leaping from one foot to another, dancing around as the snow falls around you like a picturesque scene from a movie. 
With a wide grin on his face, Jimin stands behind to watch you enjoy yourself. But when you grow tired, standing still in the middle of the road, he approaches you with a suggestion. “We should make a wish.” 
“I don’t believe in wishes,” you shake your head. “If I want something to happen, I’m going to make it happen.”
He looks into the depths of your eyes, searching for an answer. “What is it that you want?”
Your hand reaches up to grab the collar of his coat, pulling him into a fervent kiss. His mouth is cold against yours, but his loving embrace is quick to warm you up. 
You mumble against his lips, not daring to pull away. “I want you, Park.” 
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mercurygguk · 4 months ago
him after all (m) | pjm
Tumblr media
➵ summary; a guy you’ve never met before scoops in and saves you from a very embarrassing situation and you can’t help but notice how cute he is.
(based on this prompt)
Tumblr media
pairing; jimin x f. reader
final word count; 17,176 (sorry y’all)
rating; 18+
content; strangers to lovers au, fluff/angst/smut, infidelity, multiple appearances from jjk, oc’s boyfriend being nasty and stupid af
warnings; swearing, making out, smut; dom!jimin, nipple play, fingering, oral sex (f. receiving), protected sex, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, light choking, orgasm denial, oc begging for jimin’s dick bc it’s just so good
a/n; i am SO sorry for this long ass wait after promising to post the other day, but here it is, y’all!! i hope you like it, i’m actually pretty proud of it myself so yeah, please let me know what you think, thanks!! ps. please ignore any typos if you see some lol
Tumblr media
This is so embarrassing.
You want to shrink into your seat as you pray that a deep, black hole will appear and swallow you whole after telling the waitress to give you a few more minutes to decide your order. The problem is that you have no idea if a few more minutes will be enough or if you should just get up and get the walk of shame over with. It’s obvious to the other restaurant guests around you that you’re waiting for someone and have been for the past hour or so. You stopped checking the time after 28 minutes. You’ve quite literally never felt so embarrassed before. The pitying looks you’re receiving, the apologetic eyes of strangers as if they know what situation you’re currently finding yourself in. It’s only making it worse and you feel stupid for thinking your busy boyfriend, Seokmin, would be able to find time for you just this one evening. You take the last sip of your red wine and collect your purse to get ready to leave.
The waitress reappears, a polite yet sad smile on her face as she asks you once again if you’re ready to order. You can tell she’s well aware of what you’re going through at the moment.
“I’d just like the bill for the glass of wine, please,” you tell her, voice small. Just as the waitress is about to leave to get the bill, a person gets into the seat across the table. You look up, eyes wide in surprise as you look at the stranger.
“Sorry for being so late, babe, traffic is hectic right now,” the stranger says loudly to make sure everyone who has been giving you pitying looks hears him. You glance around, noticing how people start to mind their own business right away and how the waitress turns to leave the two of you alone, but not before giving the guy in front of you a nasty look. Turning back to the stranger with dirty-blonde hair, you watch confusingly as he leans closer, voice low as he says; “I’m Jimin. Just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick.”
A small smile appears on your face at his words. He offers you a small smile in return as he sits back in his seat, grabbing the menu to figure out what to eat. This man you’ve never met came to your rescue and saved you from an embarrassing situation and you can’t help but grin as you grab your own menu, eyes skimming the options you have.
“____,” you suddenly speak up causing Jimin to look up at you, his eyes shimmering in the dim light of the restaurant. He nods in response, smirking softly before returning to the menu. As he ponders over what to order, you take the chance to take a good look at him. His dirty-blonde hair is swept back and parted in the middle, a small nose and big, plush lips that kind of reminds you of pink rose petals. There’s earrings adorning his earlobes and a delicate chain necklace around his neck, softly grazing his collarbones that are visible due to the rounded neck of his white t-shirt worn underneath a black blazer. His features cause him to look so soft and kind yet so flirtatious and like he knows how gorgeous he is. He must, by far, be the most handsome man you’ve ever seen. You feel slightly intimidated by it to be honest.
“It’s nice to meet you, ____,” Jimin then proceeds to say, placing the menu down, “I say we order a bottle of wine, yes?”
You nod immediately. “Sounds perfect,” you quip, the tone of your voice a tiny bit higher than before. 
Jimin smirks before calling the waitress over. You watch as he speaks to the waitress, a charming smile on his face as she writes down everything he’s planning on ordering. “A bottle of your best red wine, please,” he says, “a steak for me and for you, babe?”
This stranger who’s your date for the night glances at you, the same charming smile still on his face as he awaits your answer. You hesitate for a second, slightly distracted by the way the word ‘babe’ rolls off his tongue so confidently when talking to you, his lips curled into a smirking smile when he speaks. When you don’t give an answer right away, he lifts a single eyebrow as if to urge you on. 
“Oh, uh, the same for me, please,” you finally manage to say, not missing the way Jimin lets out a small chuckle. Did he notice you being completely distracted because of him calling you ‘babe’ for the second time since he sat down? Are you, once again, making a complete fool of yourself? What kind of messed up day is this? God, why is it so hot in this damn restaurant?
“Hey, you okay?” Jimin suddenly asks as soon as the waitress leaves you alone again. You notice the way his eyes show concern and yet a hint of amusement as well, his lips now turning into a small frown instead of the charming smile he was sporting just a few seconds ago. You can’t tell if it’s a teasing kind of frown or a genuine one. You decide it’s the former when he speaks up again before you get to answer his question. “You seem a little… flushed.”
Oh. My. God.
The air in Jimin’s car is suffocating, hot and filled with tension. So much tension you could practically cut through it with a knife. Jimin hadn’t exactly planned for this to happen when he scooped into the seat across from you after seeing you sitting by yourself for too long. He had noticed how you had been checking the watch on your wrist several times in the short amount of time he was watching you. So as the gentleman that he is, Jimin came to your rescue and scooped right in, saving you from a clearly embarrassing situation. Also, you’re really, really pretty ergo he simply couldn’t hold himself back.
But as your lips connect with his, tongues clashing and hands roaming each other’s bodies, he rethinks the whole situation and how messed up it actually is. You were clearly waiting for someone when he volunteered to be your date for the night. You hadn’t mentioned who throughout the date the two of you had nor did you ever receive a call or text of some sort from the person who had so rudely stood you up. Jimin saw a chance to save a pretty girl from an uncomfortable situation and took it. What he didn’t expect was that you’d end up in his lap in his car, grinding against him so deliciously that his mind was slowly fogging up and turning into mush.
Your mind and vision is clouded by the feeling of Jimin’s body pressed against you, the only thing on your mind is him and the fact that you’ve never made out like this with anyone before. Your hands move on their own as they cup Jimin’s face, pulling him in closer as if possible before moving on further up to his hair, tugging softly. Jimin grunts in response as his hands slide down your back to your waist and further down to grab your ass and give it a squeeze. A delicate moan tumbles from your mouth and into his own causing Jimin to slowly realize what’s actually happening in this very moment. You whine softly as he starts to slow down, his lips becoming softer and less rough on yours. His hands move back up to rest upon your hips as you kiss softly, the soft kisses turning into small, barely-there pecks. Jimin lets his head fall back against the headrest, eyes still closed as he tries to catch his breath. You’re seated in his lap, head dropping to rest against his chest and palms resting on his shoulders, your breathing ragged as you sit in silence, not entirely sure what to say after what just unfolded.
“I- uh,” you begin, searching your mind for words as you lift your head to look at Jimin. He’s smiling at you, letting out a laugh because this situation you’ve gotten yourselves into is quite amusing once you think about it, but still very messed up. You furrow your eyebrows at him, feeling a smile appear on your lips as you let his laugh spark a glee in you, “what?”
“Nothing,” he shakes his head. He reaches up, moving a strand of hair from your face and placing it behind your ear. It’s a very intimate move and yet you don’t find yourself moving away from his tender touch. “I’d like to take you out for real sometime,” the blonde suddenly says, causing your smile to falter a bit.
“If you want to, of course,” he then quickly adds, half-smiling at you, “if not, that’s okay. Just thought I’d ask.”
Smiling, you cup his cheek carefully, your thumb running over his plump bottom lip. You move your eyes from his lips to his dark brown ones, giving him an answer before letting the thoughts of your boyfriend consume you. He’s pushed to the far back of your mind when you give a vague answer to Jimin’s offer even though you know it’s wrong.
“I’ll think about it.”
Tumblr media
Jimin drops you off that night, giving you his number and receiving yours as well before you get out of his car. When you step out and head for the front door, you notice that the lights in your apartment are still turned off, the darkness indicating that no one was home yet. You sigh deeply, glancing back at Jimin’s car before letting yourself inside. The stranger-turned-into-your-date stays parked by the curb until he’s sure that you’re safely inside. Once the door closes and you’re nowhere in sight anymore, he speeds off.
Your apartment is empty, silent and empty when you lock yourself inside. Once you’re alone in the quietness of your home it dawns on you what happened tonight. How a stranger just scooped in and became your date for the night, saving you from experiencing something insanely embarrassing. How that said stranger was in fact one of the most handsome men you have ever laid your eyes upon and god, the way his lips felt. You feel your cheeks heat up as you recall the feeling of his lips against yours, the way his hands were all over your body, sliding over every curve and dip, pulling you closer and pushing you away again.
Kissing Jimin was probably a mistake and you should feel guilty about it but you don’t. You’re not quite sure if it was actions out of spite towards your always absent boyfriend or if it was pure attraction between you and Jimin. Maybe a little bit of both. What you do know is that what happened tonight is one of the most spontaneous things you’ve ever done and you have to admit that you liked the rush running through your body as Jimin pulled you into his lap after the first few kisses turned hungrier. But your inner, more reasonable, consciousness is telling you that Jimin was and should remain a one time thing even though you agreed to a real date with him. Dating your current boyfriend is what you’re supposed to do. After all, his parents and your own had ambitions about the two of you getting married sooner or later. Something you’re not so sure about anymore after tonight. Not that you even had been sure about it in the first place.
Although Jimin was a true gentleman, breaking the kiss before it would escalate into something more and possibly something you’d regret later on, and proceeding to invite you out on a real actual date rather than whatever tonight was, you know deep inside that what you did was wrong and that you shouldn’t let a complete stranger like Jimin be the reason for ruining the stable relationship you have with your boyfriend. Seokmin is everything every girl could ever need and want, you should be happy to be his partner.
But you’ve never wanted what every other girl wanted.
That might have occured to Seokmin after about two years of being with you. The past three years of dating Seokmin have been different for every year to say the least. When you first met him almost four years ago you found him handsome and smart, a very bright man with lots of ambition and will to thrive within his career. Something that later would become a growing problem within your relationship and most likely also the reason for him standing you up tonight. The first year with Seokmin was delightful, a bliss of a new and exciting adventure for the both of you and then after your first anniversary Seokmin fell into a routine of sleeping over at your place, kissing you goodnight briefly and kissing you goodbye as well when he left early the next morning to go to work. There was just never a moment of happiness after the first anniversary but you sucked it up because your parents did not raise a quitter and you cared about Seokmin. You really did. However, as you reached the third anniversary you stood your ground more often and took up the fights whenever Seokmin would be absent for way longer than acceptable. It has torn your relationship to hang in thin strings and perhaps that’s why kissing Jimin tonight didn’t feel like something wrong but instead like something to be grateful for.
Perhaps if you hadn’t kissed Jimin tonight, you wouldn’t have realized how off the track your relationship with Seokmin really is. Maybe you wouldn’t have realized that whatever the two of you have might not be worth fighting for. The only thing you’d fight for would be the stability of it and the secureness that comes along with marrying someone like Seokmin, and the fact that you’re slightly scared of what your parents might say if you ever came home and told them Seokmin was no longer a part of your life because they adored him like their own son and they have told you on multiple occasions that he’s a real catch and that you should marry him at some point. And perhaps that’s why you haven’t called it quits yet and probably won’t anytime soon because there’s always that part of you that cares what other people think or more importantly... what your parents think.
Your thoughts are running wild as you lay in bed, tucked into the duvets like it’s freezing but you’re just craving some kind of comfort as your brain is overworking itself. The sound of the front door being unlocked causes you to glance at your alarm on the bedside table. 
1:03 am. 
Seokmin doesn’t even try to be quiet as he arrives home, dropping his briefcase onto the floor and slamming the closet doors after hanging up his jacket. Your back is facing the bedroom door when he opens it and waltzes inside. He’s humming to himself as if nothing happened tonight and moves to the bathroom to get ready for bed. You feel your eyes dwell with tears as you listen to him moving around, realizing how inconsiderate he actually can be when he wants to. Once the bed dips behind you, the least you expected from him was a kiss goodnight but nothing comes and before you know it, he’s snoring with his back to you.
A deep sigh falls from your lips as you relax in your spot, gripping the duvet tighter and moving as far away from Seokmin as possible until you’re almost laying on the very edge of the bed. Tonight has been eventful; all from being stood up to Jimin saving your ass to Seokmin arriving home without saying a single word to you… And the realisation that the relationship you’re in is a complete disaster and probably nothing can save it anymore. Sleep overcomes you before you can feel a single tear roll down your cheek.
Tumblr media
Seokmin leaves before you wake up the next day, his side of the bed perfectly made as if he was never there. It’s a lazy day and you’re thankful today is a day off work for you. The after effects of all the wine from last night are mocking you to no end and you’re pretty sure if the after effects were a person, they would be laughing at you as you mope around the quiet apartment. Drinking on a Wednesday never ends well. You make yourself a cup of coffee and some cereal before moving to the couch where you immediately pull up your comfort show – Friends, a classic.
You’ve been glancing at your phone from time to time ever since waking up and it’s slowly driving you crazy. You’ve kind of been hoping that Jimin would contact you at some point but you also know that it might not be a good idea if he actually does. After getting that small taste of what it’s like with Jimin, you find yourself craving more and more but you’re not too sure if you want to throw away the stability and secureness you have going on in your shared life with Seokmin. Maybe Jimin is simply a phase you need to get through and then everything will go back to normal and your relationship with Seokmin will slide back on track. Perhaps it could be that easy.
But nothing is never as easy as it could’ve been. 
The sound of a new message appearing on your phone surprises you and causes you to jump in your spot on the couch. You had been in your own thoughts for a second there, completely oblivious to your surroundings. Lowkey hoping it’s Jimin, you quickly unlock your phone and press the ‘messages’ icon. Your racing heart falls to the pit of your stomach, the small smile on your face turning into a frown once you see who the message is from.
[10:38 am] Seokmin: Won’t be home until tomorrow evening because of work. Will have to cancel movie night tonight, sorry. Love you.
You roll your eyes, scoffing to yourself at the message from your boyfriend. To say you’re surprised would be an exaggeration. Also, you couldn’t care less if he cancelled movie night. Movie night hasn’t been the same since Seokmin got promoted and insisted he had work to do at all times, and from that day movie night consisted of you actually watching the movie and Seokmin sitting beside you with his computer in his lap, typing away. The sound of him typing is always stuck in your head several hours after because the sound is so annoying. After all, movie night was just a weak attempt of saving your relationship by inserting ‘traditions’ so to speak. 
Re-reading the message from Seokmin, you notice the three words at the end of his text. You blink in surprise before your eyebrows are furrowing together in suspicion. Those three words are very unusual in a text from Seokmin. Hell, he doesn’t even say those words to you in person. That’s odd, you think to yourself but put your phone away nonetheless. You’re not in the mood to respond to it at the moment. However, his message remains on your mind for the rest of the day. You’ve been re-reading the message several times ever since receiving it, wondering why he would use those three words so randomly when he hasn’t said it to you for almost a year. 
It doesn’t feel right at all.
Now that you come to think of it, Seokmin’s behavior has seemed a bit suspicious lately. First it was the very odd working hours late at night then it was the day to day working hours and now it’s the three intimate and very unusual words in his text. It’s like he’s covering up something by acting like he cares about the relationship he has with you. 
You glance at the time, it’s almost 6 pm. After these years of dating Seokmin, you know that most of the people at his office leave at around 5 pm and that the only people left at 6 pm would be himself, the chairman, and receptionist in the lobby. To investigate your own theory further you pick up your phone and dial the phone number you know by heart. After a few rings the receptionist picks up on the other end.
“Hi Irene, it’s ____. Is Seokmin still at the office?” you ask right away. Irene, the receptionist on the other end, sounds ecstatic as she realises you’re calling the office after a long time. “It’s nice to hear from you too, Irene,” you reply with a genuine smile because Irene is just the kindest person you’ve ever met and to use her like this definitely rubs you the wrong way but there’s no way you’ll ever find out what Seokmin is up to otherwise. “Can you tell me whether Seokmin is still there or not? He isn't home yet and I’m starting to worry.”
“I’m sorry but Mr. Kim left earlier today, much earlier than he usually does actually. He didn’t say where he was going though,” Irene says, the tone of her voice causing you to imagine her frowning as she answers your question. “Has he not contacted you? I had a feeling it was date night tonight or something judging by the way he was practically skipping out of here in pure excitement.”
You feel as if someone is grabbing and clenching your heart tightly, sighing in defeat, “Oh, well, thanks Irene. Take care, yeah?”
“You too, ____,” you imagine her smiling in that warm, comforting way she always does when talking to people. Must be that serviceminded personality of hers. “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.”
You smile, “I will, thank you.”
Hanging up, you let out a heavy sigh. There’s something in you that is relieved to hear that Seokmin is probably out doing something as crazy as being on a date with another woman and yet there’s also a slight hint of hurt in there as well. The relief is obviously because this means that you don’t have to feel guilty for your spontaneous date with Jimin or for kissing him. The hurt is because, if it’s true, Seokmin cheated on you first. This unknown woman he’s seeing behind your back is probably also the reason for why he stood you up and arrived home late from what he claimed to be work. You feel yourself become a bit nauseous at the thought of him being with her right this moment as you sit alone in the apartment you share with him, the slight shock from being right about Seokmin’s suspicious behavior is still hanging around you like a dark cloud.
A new text chimes in on your phone. You tear yourself from your thoughts, raising your phone to look at the screen. Jimin’s name is brightly displayed on the small screen and it goes unnoticed by you that a small smile appears on your face as you unlock to read it. 
[6:24 pm] Jimin: hey, just thought i’d check up on you. i hope you’re not too hungover after drinking all that wine last night ;) - jimin
It was indeed a lot of wine. The headache you had when you woke up is just now starting to fade away, the amount of water you’ve been drinking throughout the day has helped a great deal. You’re smiling as you type out a response to Jimin.
[6:26 pm] You: hi!! had a headache this morning, but i’m alright, thanks :) wbu?
You put your phone down and get up from the couch, deciding it’s better than sitting around and waiting for a reply. After all, you do need to eat some dinner. You forget about your phone for a while as you move around the kitchen, cooking yourself some dinner to eat before it gets too late for it to be healthy. Your dinner consists of a quickly made salad and some chicken cooked on a pan. It’s simple but very delicious. You let out a moan as you take a bite, mentally patting yourself on the shoulder for making something so good yet healthy and light to the stomach. It feels good to be eating something less greasy after last night with steak and red wine.
Just as you plop back down on the couch, a plate with dinner in one hand and a new glass of water in the other, another text from Jimin appears on your phone. You put your plate and water down before grabbing your phone, reading the messages he has sent you since you started making dinner. You let out a chuckle at his reply to your message, smiling in amusement.
[6:30 pm] Jimin: definitely still feeling the after effects since some friends thought it was a good idea to go drinking after work today. i really shouldn’t have drank those two beers earlier
[6:34 pm] Jimin: i really enjoyed myself last night tho :) i would love to see you again soon
[6:48 pm] Jimin: if i ask nicely, would you be up for lunch with me tomorrow?
You ponder over Jimin’s proposal about a lunch date. Considering everything that has happened the past two days, an innocent lunch date with Jimin wouldn’t hurt anyone. Besides, Seokmin is probably too busy with his secret girlfriend to even care about what you’re doing during and outside your working hours. If he really cared, he would’ve broken up with you before indulging in an affair with some random woman.
[6:59 pm] You: lunch sounds great!! my break’s at 12 tomorrow, where do you wanna meet up?
[7:00 pm] Jimin: i was thinking i could bring lunch to your work? or we can meet at some café if that’d be better
Having Jimin come to your office for lunch probably wasn’t a good idea as most of your colleagues know you’ve been with Seokmin for a long time. Only your boss, Jungkook, knows you well enough to not think badly of you for meeting Jimin for lunch. He has told you multiple times that he isn’t a fan of Seokmin and that he isn’t the right one for you, that you should end things with him. These opinions are based on the things you’ve told him during lunch breaks, things like Seokmin staying late at work once again or when he cancels the plans you’ve made in an attempt to save the relationship or how he barely talks to you when he’s actually home. If Jungkook, who hasn’t even met Seokmin, can see that the relationship with Seokmin isn’t genuine anymore then it might be time for some changes. Except you already know that but it’s just hard to accept when you’ve spent three years of your life with this man whom you thought was going to be the man you’d marry someday.
[7:01 pm] You: i don’t mind you coming to my office :) i work at Jeon Publishing, just say my name at the front desk and they’ll let you through
[7:02 pm] Jimin: perfect! see you tomorrow at 12 ;)
Tumblr media
The office is dull today, nothing much is happening and only a small number of people are at work this Friday. You’ve been going over the last details of next month’s issue of the magazine you’ve scored yourself a job on when your boss announced Jeon Publishing would be taking over the publishing of it. Once you finish up, you grab the mock magazine and bring it to your boss’ office, knocking before stepping inside. Jungkook smiles at you as you come closer to his desk. 
“Here’s the final mock magazine. Thought you maybe could give it a quick look-through before I say go for printing,” you say as you put the magazine down in front of him, watching as he glances over the cover of it, the infamous actor and playboy Kim Seokjin adorning it with his good looks. Jungkook huffs out a chuckle when skimming through the magazine, pausing at a photo of the actor doing his signature pose, winking with two finger guns pointed towards the camera.
“Looks good, ____, great job,” your boss compliments your work, handing the magazine back to you. You thank him quietly, your eyes zoomed in on the magazine in your hands. Jungkook notices your quietness, finding it odd for you as you’re usually a very bright and happy person whenever you come into his office. “You alright?”
Whipping your head up to look at your boss, you smile immediately and nod, “yeah, i’m fine. why?”
Jungkook shrugs nonchalantly. “You seem quiet.”
Letting out a chuckle, you glance at the clock on his wall. Jimin will be here any minute now and your nerves are getting the best of you. You haven’t seen him since he pulled you into his lap inside his car and you had the most heated makeout session of your life. “I’m just nervous,” you tell your boss who’s more of a friend than a boss after working together for years, “I have a lunch date today with this guy I met recently.”
“Really?” Jungkook smirks softly, leaning back in his chair, bringing his arms up to rest behind his head, “what about Seokmin? Is he out of the picture?”
Grimacing, you shrug. “Kind of, I guess?” You say, the words coming out like a question instead of an answer, “things have been very, um... strange lately.”
Jungkook nods as if he understands which he probably doesn’t because this man has been dating the same woman since he graduated college and you lowkey envy him for finding someone special that early in his life. “Well, you already know what my opinion about Seokmin is. Just follow your gut and do what you feel is right for you, alright? Once you find someone who’s worth your time, you’ll know. Trust me.”
You smile at your boss, feeling a wave of comfort washing over you at his words. “Thanks, Jungkook,” you say, “I really needed to hear that.”
“Anytime, ____,” he sends you a wink before putting on a serious (not really) face, “now get back to work!”
A laugh falls from your lips as you turn on your heel, heading out of his office and back to your own. Halfway across the open office, you hear less people talking, their voices turning into hushes of whispering. You glance over your shoulder, noticing how almost everyone is looking the same way towards the elevator. You follow their line of vision, your eyes landing on a dirty-blonde, handsome man stepping out of the elevator with a brown paper bag in his hand, car keys dangling from a loose grip in the other. He looks around the place he just stepped into, skimming the people before his eyes land on you. A wide smile spreads across his face as he starts making his way to you. You feel your cheeks heat up at the sight of him, your eyes falling down to skim him from bottom to top. His tight, black jeans are hugging his legs nicely, allowing you to see how the muscles in his thighs contradict for every step he takes closer to you. He’s wearing a denim jacket with a black t-shirt underneath and a pair of black sunglasses pushed into his fluffy, dirty-blonde hair, keeping it away from his face. This look is very relaxed compared to
You hear a woman in the office muttering a low ‘god, he’s hot’ but loud enough for you to hear as you keep your eyes on Jimin. You notice how he doesn’t even notice the way the women in the office are basically drooling and swooning at the sight of him, not sparing them a single glance as he walks up to you. Stopping in front of you, he doesn’t even hesitate to wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer only to press a soft kiss to your cheek.
“Hey babe,” he greets you, a small smirk playing upon his lips. He holds up the paper bag. “I hope you like burgers.”
You can’t believe he just used that nickname again, obviously aware of what effect it has on you as he watches the way you pull your lips into your mouth before letting a smile overtake your features. You nod, “love burgers.”
Twenty minutes later, you’re laughing your heart out, tears appearing in the corner of your eyes. Jimin is sitting in the chair that’s usually in the corner of your office, but he pulled it up to the other side of your desk to sit across from you. He has shrugged off his jacket halfway through your lunch and you’ve had a hard time focusing on what he has been saying ever since. His arms are just so toned. You’ve both finished the burgers and are now munching on the fries he had bought as well, laughing and talking about anything that comes to mind. You wipe the small wetness from the corner of your eyes, letting out a sigh after laughing hard. You can’t remember the last time you laughed so much.
“Oh god, that’s funny,” you mutter weakly, sniffling lightly because he really made you laugh till you almost cried. Jimin is grinning at you, watching you as you make sure your mascara isn’t smudged underneath your eyes. He’s pretty sure your laugh is one of his favorite sounds, not your shy laugh or your regular laugh, but that laugh he just pulled from you. A laugh so contagious and carefree where you scrunch your eyes together and throw your head back and the sound just makes his heart flip inside his chest.
Silence overcomes the two of you. Jimin’s eyes are scanning your face as you look at him. You don’t move away when he slowly leans over the desk, hand coming up to chin. You stay quiet as his thumb brushes the corner of your mouth, removing the small remnants of seasoning from the fries. Heat washes over your face, your heart beating faster as Jimin takes a chance and leans even closer over the desk. Your eyes fall to his lips, the pink color and plushiness of them making them seem irresistible. Before you know it, Jimin is cupping your jaw and pulling you in, his lips pressing softly against yours. Sighing deeply, you close your eyes and melt into him, kissing him back. His thumb is caressing your cheekbone softly as he tilts his head, deepening the kiss. His tongue brushes against yours, your hand coming up to wrap around his wrist, keeping his hand in place on your cheek. You missed kissing Jimin, the feeling of his lips unlike anything else. You want to pull him back in when he leaves a few soft and feather-like pecks against your mouth before pulling away slightly. 
“Been waiting to kiss you again,” he mutters against your lips, his breath fanning over your slightly parted lips.
“Kiss me more,” you quietly whisper, hoping he’ll fulfill your wish. Smirking softly, he leans in again, his kisses turning more harsh and hungry. A soft whimper falls from your lips as he bites onto your bottom lip, sucking on it softly. Fuck, you mentally cry. You’re slightly shocked to feel the wetness between your legs just from kissing Jimin. He hasn’t even touched you anywhere intimate. Jimin swallows your whimpers and moans as he pushes the leftover food to the side before beckoning you to crawl over the desk. Lips are still working against each other as he helps you over the desk. He helps you to sit on the edge of it before pushing himself closer to you, moving himself to stand between your spreaded legs.
As Jimin’s hands run up the expanse of your thighs and his lips leave yours to attach his lips to the skin on your neck, you mentally thank your boss for giving you an office that doesn’t have glass walls like his own does. Your mind is only half-aware of the fact that the door is unlocked as Jimin leaves wet kisses all over your neck and jaw. Your head falls back, giving him more space as your hands run up his arms and further up to his shoulders and neck, your fingers sliding into his hair. It isn’t until he grinds slightly against you that you’re pulled back to reality.
“J-Jimin,” you gasp out as he grasps your waist tightly, pulling you tight against him. “Jimin, the door- it’s unlocked.”
That causes Jimin to pause in his movements, his head buried in the crook of your neck. He’s breathing heavily, the short moment of grinding causing his thoughts to become foggy, the only thing on his mind being you and how much he’d love to take you right here on this very desk, his want almost strong enough to ignore the fact that the door is unlocked and literally anyone could walk in on the two of you.
“I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold this off,” he chuckles as he lifts his head to look at you. You’re smiling at him apologetically, your hands falling from their grip in his hair and down to rest upon his chest. You don’t know what to say, having a difficult time processing what he means by ‘this’. You know what he means, you’re just not sure if you’re ready to imagine what it’d be like. The thought of simply imagining it brings a tingle to your stomach and a clenching feeling to occur between your legs. Your eyes fall to where Jimin’s hands are resting upon your thighs, thumbs brushing over the fabric of your pants. “Can I lure you into having dinner with me at my place tonight?”
Looking up at him, you can’t help but smile. This thing where Jimin is interested in spending time with you and wants to see you as often as possible is strange. You’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to be wanted like this. It’s nice, you think to yourself as you look at the man in front of you. He’s smiling softly at you, patiently waiting for you to say yes or no to his offer. Seokmin did say in his text that he wouldn’t be home until later tonight, so what could possibly be stopping you from having dinner with Jimin at his place? That’s right – nothing.
“I’d love that,” you tell him without giving it another thought. Jimin smiles and leans down, lips connecting with yours in a soft and tender kiss. God, the way you’ll never get tired of kissing him.
“How does six o’clock sound?” He asks once he pulls away from your mouth, just only enough to speak. You feel the air from his words hitting your mouth. You nod and lean in again, kissing him some more.
Tumblr media
“What to wear… What to wear… What. To. Wear?” You mumble to yourself as you skim through your closet, trying to figure out what would be appropriate for a dinner at home. You have no idea what Jimin would like. You pause when your fingers brush over a tight beige colored dress. Perhaps- No, not that one. It’s a dinner at home, nothing too fancy or too relaxed. You need the perfect in between outfit. Continuing to skim through your clothes, you stop at a few options but decide against them, groaning in frustration because how hard can it fucking be to choose an outfit for a nice, cozy dinner at home? Very hard apparently.
Deciding against anything in your closet, you grumble under your breath while retrieving your phone from its spot on the bed. You’re quickly dialing Jungkook’s number, deciding that he and his fiancé is the only chance you have of finding a decent outfit.
“Yes?” Jungkook calmly answers his phone.
“I need help,” you greet him, “I don’t know what to wear for my dinner date and I think I’m seconds away from having a yelling fit.”
Jungkook chuckles on the other end, “calm down, will you? It can’t be that difficult.”
You sigh deeply. “Apparently it can,” you grumble.
You listen as Jungkook hums for a moment as if he’s thinking but you know you’re on speaker and that he’s waiting for his fiancé to help him help you. You hear her speaking in the background, her voice muffled out as you try to listen in. “Thanks, babe,” Jungkook then says before returning to you, “Sunhee says you should go with jeans, or a skirt, with a simple but elegant top.”
A few options and pieces are already appearing in your head after Jungkook passed his fiancé’s ideas on to you. “That sounds like an idea, thanks Sunhee!”
This time you hear her replying, a low ‘no problem, babe!’ sounding through the speaker. You really like Jungkook’s fiancé. She’s always so nice to you and after all this time, you’d actually just call her a friend of yours instead of just your boss’ fiancé. Jungkook scoffs, “what about me?”
“Oh, please,” you laugh, “you wouldn’t be able to help me if Sunhee hadn’t been there.”
Jungkook stills on the other end. “That’s not important. What matters is that I can fire you if I want to ergo you should thank me too.”
Rolling your eyes, you retort, “you didn’t even fire me when I accidentally deleted that article you had spent so much time on!”
“Consider this your strike two then,” Jungkook warns but you know he’s all jokes and not one bit serious. There’s no way he would fire the best creative director Jeon Publishing has ever had.
“Thank you, Kook! See you on Monday,” you coo jokingly, an undertone of laughter in your voice.
“Yeah, whatever.”
A small chuckle leaves your lips when he hangs up and leaves you to yourself. Following Sunhee’s advice, you grab a pair of blackwashed jeans from your closet along with a white tight-fitting top – nothing too fancy but still dressed up enough for you to look nice. You pair it with a loosely fitting cardigan in a faded beige color. 
As you stand by your dresser while putting on some jewelry, your thoughts begin to flow. You wonder if Jimin will like your outfit or if it’s too casual? Another thing that comes to your mind is the fact that you’re getting ready for a dinner date with someone who isn’t your boyfriend. It surprises you how you’re not disgusted with yourself for doing all this behind Seokmin’s back but you’re also convinced that fact alone shows just how much this relationship isn’t actually a relationship.
Before your thoughts can go any further, you finish up putting on some simple makeup and slip on some shoes. You don’t look back at all as you take the keys to your car and leave the apartment you and Seokmin are sharing. The drive to Jimin’s place is just you letting your nerves get the best of you. The thought of going to his place and the thought of him cooking you dinner is making your stomach tingle in that funny way. You bet his place is really nice, there’s no way it isn’t with that job he has. You remember him telling you about it on that spontaneous date the other night. You didn’t quite understand what exactly his job is but he works for Jung Enterprises and that alone says a lot about his income.
You find yourself to be right once you park your car outside of a very large and tall skyscraper. Walking up to the front doors, you skim the doorbell for Jimin’s name. You spot the small tag that says ‘Park Jimin, apartment 1608’, pressing it and waiting as it rings a few times. The sound of the door being unlocked causes your heart to beat a bit faster. You push yourself inside and take the elevator to the 16th floor. Your nerves are at top speed, your heart hammering in your chest as you make your way out of the elevator and towards Jimin’s apartment. Mentally telling yourself to calm down, you knock three times. You hear Jimin make his way to the door and before you know it, he appears in front of you, that damn charming smile on his lips again.
Holy shit, do you want to kiss him again… And again, and again.
“Hey you,” he greets you, stepping to the side to allow you inside. Once your feet have passed the threshold and you stand right in front of him, you let your body move on its own as you cup his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Like you said, you’ll never ever get tired of kissing those plush lips. Jimin hums in response, one arm sliding around your waist as he kisses you back. After a few kisses, you break away from him.
“Hi,” you softly say, causing him to smile even wider. He quickly steals a peck from you before he lets go and helps you out of your jacket. A delicious aroma of spices fills your nostrils, your stomach growling lightly at the smell. Jimin appears back at your side after hanging up your jacket, his hand grabbing yours softly and guiding you further into his apartment. His apartment is a very open space – wide windows in the living room that allows you to look over the Seoul skyline, all the lights making up a beautiful view. He has large brown leather couches and a big flatscreen TV, lamps you recognize to be some quite expensive you saw in that one magazine you read once. There’s a fireplace in his living room as well, turned on and bringing some coziness to the entire open space.
“The food is just about ready,” Jimin says, guiding you to the couch area and motioning you to take a seat on the large pillows on the floor. You notice how he set up the coffee table already, expensive cutlery along with wine glasses and regular glasses. The more you take in simple details of his home the more intimidated you get, just now realizing how well-paid Jimin actually is. He hasn’t really given off that vibe since you met him the other night except for when he told you he worked at Jung Enterprises.
“It smells really good, Jimin,” you give his cooking a genuine compliment. Your mouth has been watering ever since the aroma hit your nostrils.
“Thanks, it’s one of my mom’s recipes,” he tells you as he moves back to the kitchen to check up on the food. You take this moment to glance him over, taking in his appearance. He looks just as casual as you in his black, slightly tight slacks and a knitted sweater. Once he deems it done, he serves it onto two plates before bringing them to where you’re seated. He places a plate in front of you and the other in his spot before taking a seat on the other side of the coffee table. “My mom has always insisted I make this exact dish for a very special woman and not just any woman.”
“Oh.” You feel your face heat up at the subtle compliment. Jimin is softly smirking as he grabs the wine bottle, unscrewing the lid before pouring some in your glass and then his own. Raising his own for you to clink it with yours, he smiles. You clink your glass against his, smiling back at him.
“To a special night,” he winks at you.
“To a special night,” you softly repeat before taking a sip of the delicious red wine he had poured you. This night will definitely be more special than many other nights and also, without a doubt, better than all the evenings and dinners you’ve had with Seokmin. You don’t even give Seokmin a thought as you and Jimin dig into the dish he so nicely made for you. He cooks, he kisses so well, he’s handsome and he’s sweet and kind. What you don’t know yet is that he’s completely and utterly whipped for you already. All you know is that you’re headed the same way with the way your heart beats a bit faster every time he glances your way.
After a few bites in comfortable silence, you speak up. “Tell me more about yourself,” you say, smiling as you take a sip of your wine. Jimin looks at you as he puts the cutlery down to clasp his hands in front of him. 
“Is there more you’d like to know?” He asks, voice soft and delicate in a way.
You shrug, smirking softly as you let your hand find his on top of the table. “I wanna know everything,” you tell him. 
And it’s true. You want to know about the small things about him. You want to know things like what his mom used to call him when he was little, you want to know about his relationships in the past and why they didn’t work out, you want to know how he likes his eggs in the morning, for god's sake. 
Jimin’s hand engulfs yours, his thumb caressing the back of it as he stays silent for a moment. You wait patiently, feeling like you have all the time in the world to get to know this man you’ve found yourself thinking about non-stop the past three days.
“Well, I’m originally from Busan, but moved here to attend university,” he starts off, “I love living in Seoul but going home to Busan is always what makes me the most happy. I’m a family guy, always have been. I love spending time with my parents and my brother.” 
You smile and nod, listening carefully as he talks about himself. While he continues to talk about his family and childhood, you can’t help but imagine a small Jimin running around with a huge grin on his face, playing with his younger brother whom you’re sure looks like him in many ways. He speaks fondly of his family, saying his dad is who he’s closest with and that his dad encouraged him to move to Seoul and get himself an education that’d make him successful later on in life. 
“He always told me to follow my heart and do what makes me happy,” Jimin has a small smile on his face as he talks about his dad, “he always said I should get myself a good education, not just any education but an education in something I enjoy.”
“That’s really great advice,” you say softly. Jimin nods, muttering a low ‘yeah’. 
Silence falls upon the two of you, the only sound filling the place is the low, calm music coming from the speaker. Jimin really knows how to create the perfect dinner night. Your hand is still in his as you close your eyes momentarily, dipping your head from side to side to stretch your neck. Jimin watches you, gulping as he runs his eyes over you and your body. At some point throughout him talking about his family, you had shedded your cardigan which leaves you in that tight-fitting white top. Even though the light is dimmed, he can easily tell you’re wearing a very thin bra underneath, your nipples slightly showing through the thin fabric of the bra and the top.
You let out a sigh of relief from stretching your neck before opening your eyes again. Jimin’s eyes are darker than before, hooded as he looks at you. You watch with a frantically beating heart as his tongue wets his lips. It goes straight to your core, a source of excitement running through your body as Jimin leans closer.
“I had planned for dessert but I can’t wait anymore,” he softly says, voice raspy as he reaches up and tugs your hair behind your ear before cupping your cheek. You feel his thumb running over your cheekbone, his eyes roaming your face and pausing at your slightly parted lips. “Wanna kiss you so bad… make you feel good.”
“Please do,” you breathe out, waiting impatiently to have him close against you again. Jimin closes the gap between you, pressing his lips to yours in a soft yet hungry kiss. A soft moan tumbles from your mouth and into his as he pulls you from your seat and into his lap. You straddle him as his hands run over the expanse of your thighs and further around to your ass, pushing you forward to meet his already slightly hardened cock. A gasp falls from you, your hand grasping his shoulder tightly as he pulls you against the bulge in his pants once again. “Fuck,” you whimper.
“You feel that?” He rasps out against your lips before moving on to press his lips against your neck, kissing his way up to your jaw and then to your ear, tongue flicking your earlobe as he moves you to grind down on him again, “all for you, baby.”
This man will end you, you’re sure of it.
Your head falls back as he kisses his way back down your neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses against your skin until he reaches your collarbones. His hands run from your ass to your waist, slipping underneath your top to feel your warm skin. He pulls away shortly to look at you, needing your approval before he rips this tight top off you. You nod, but that isn’t good enough for him.
“Need your words,” he whispers as he pecks your lips softly, a stark contrast to the hungry kisses from before.
“Yes,” you breathe out, leaning back in to kiss him, lips moving so perfectly together and tongues brushing against one another. You feel Jimin’s hands pushing the top up and further up until it’s over your breasts. He breaks the kiss to pull it over your head, throwing it to the side as he returns to your mouth. His hands come up to cup your breasts through the flimsy bra you’re wearing, the fabric doing little to hide your perked nipples. He had been right, you were wearing a thin bra.
He grunts against your mouth as his thumbs run across the still covered nipples, your hips grinding against his as a reaction. “Gotta get this off,” he mumbles, fingers quickly finding the clasp on the back. His fingers work fast to undo it before reaching for the straps to pull them down. You feel the fabric brush against your skin as it’s removed and thrown to the side, joining your top. Jimin leans back, biting his bottom lip tightly as he looks you up and down as you sit there in his lap. Wetting his lips once again, he glances up at you with a smirk on his lips. You watch as he leans down to wrap his mouth around a nipple, your mouth falling open as a gasp emits from it.
“Ohhh god,” you moan, pleasure running through your body as he sucks and bites your nipple while the other breast is caressed by one of his hands. He’s all in your head and all over your body as he caresses it, lips pleasuring you and hands roaming your skin and every dip. His name falls from your lips in a breathy voice, the sound pure music in his ears.
“Bedroom?” He asks, pulling away from your nipple to look at you. 
You shake your head, “no, here’s fine.”
Jimin doesn’t think more of it as he returns his mouth to clash against yours. Your arms snake around his neck, pulling yourself closer against him. Jimin groans against your lips as you grind down on him, desperate to feel him against your wet and clenching core. You’re sure there’s a wet spot on your jeans by now from how wet you feel yourself becoming the more you’re grinding against him. You let your hands travel from his shoulders and down his chest, reaching for the hem of his knitted sweater. Jimin helps you strip him of his sweater, his toned torso coming into view. You glance him over, taking in how well-built he is. It’s like there isn’t one single bad thing about him.
His chest is rising and falling as he pants, watching your face as you take in his body, your hands softly running over the dip of his abs. You brush your fingertips over the ‘nevermind’ tattoo on his ribs, looking up at him. He smiles, a soft and warm smile that makes your insides tingle like a small schoolgirl with a huge crush. You hum in response as he leans up and kisses you, lips capturing yours in a soft kiss.
“Wanna feel you so bad, Jimin,” you whisper against his lips, pulling away to kiss the underline of his jaw. He lets his head fall back to give you more space to leave your wet kisses against his skin. You feel his cock tensing in his pants, the fabric must be confining for him. You reach down, still leaving kisses all over his neck as you unbuckle his belt and unzips his pants. Jimin chokes on his breath as you pull him out, wrapping your hand around his hard cock. His cock is so pretty, you think to yourself. Good length and girth, fits nicely in your hand but still with room to move. You pump him, thumb wiping the precum from the tip and using it as lube to make your hand move up and down easily. Your mouth waters at the sight of it and you feel yourself becoming wetter at the sight of his cock in your hand, more precum leaking as you watch your hand pumping up and down his length. Jimin lets out a low moan at the way you softly squeeze him while giving him a handjob.
“Fuck,” he rasps out, his head falling back entirely at the feeling of your hand around him. “Feels good, baby.”
“Yeah?” You hum, moving up to meet his lips with your own. He cups your face with one hand, keeping you in place as he kisses you back, hungry and wet. His tongue moves against yours, a guttural moan tumbling into your mouth as you wipe the pad of your thumb over his tip once again. “Want you in me, please.”
Jimin’s cock tenses in your hand at the sound of your words, the pleading tone appealing to his dominating side. Kissing you slowly, he drops his hand from your cheek to the base of your neck. Without another word, he slides his hand up to wrap softly around your throat, tightening it carefully. You gasp, the feeling going straight to your core. His teeth bite into your bottom lip before pulling away, letting go of your lip with a pop sound. “On the couch, sweetheart.”
You look him in the eyes, noticing how they had changed since this whole thing began. A smirk plays on his lips, waiting patiently for you to follow his order. You don’t question it, catching the nod of approval when you get off his lap and onto the couch. Jimin strips himself entirely of his pants and boxers, standing before you in his naked glory. You lay back, watching as he wraps his hand around his cock, pumping it slowly. “Want you to remove your pants and spread your legs for me,” he says, moving closer and placing his knees on the couch to stand in front of you. You do as he says, unbuttoning your jeans and sliding them off. You leave your lace thong on, noticing the way Jimin’s eyes zoom in on the black fabric of them, softly licking his lips at the sight. Jimin moves to lay down between your legs, pushing them further apart. He keeps his eyes locked with yours as he leans down to press open-mouthed, wet kisses to your inner thighs.
A shaky breath leaves you as you watch him, lips slightly parted as he reaches up and brushes the tips of two fingers over your covered, very sensitive, core. You’re positive he feels how wet you are, all because of him. 
“You’ve ruined your panties, baby,” he hums, still smirking as he looks up at you, “completely soaked. Just for me, right?”
You whimper while nodding. 
Jimin tsks, looking up at you from between your legs. “Your words, ____,” he reminds you.
“Y-Yes, Jimin, just for you,” you whine, “please, touch me.”
You don’t need to ask him twice as Jimin leans down to press a kiss against your soaked panties before pulling them to the side, revealing your wet pussy. His breath hits your core causing goosebumps to rise upon your skin. A gasp emits from you when you feel him licking a stripe up between your folds. “Oh my god,” you moan breathily, feeling him lick you again and again. You’ve never been this wet before, you think to yourself as you feel Jimin wrap his lips around your clit. You’re whimpering, back arching as he sucks harshly, a loud whiny moan leaving you.
Jimin watches you as your eyes close and your eyebrows knit together in pure pleasure. You’re writhing above him, hips bucking up to feel more. His hands push your hips back down, holding you down as he starts eating you out at a faster tempo. You’re panting, feeling your first orgasm nearing you as he slurps your wetness, licking and sucking and flicking your clit.
When his fingers dip into your clenching pussy you let out a loud moan of his name, hands moving down to grab his hair. “Fuck, Jimin!” You whine, the first sparks of white hot pleasure clouding your vision. You feel your abdomen tightening, the string in you seconds away from snapping. The last few licks and flicks against your clit with a few pumps of his fingers brings you over the edge, the string snapping and your vision blurring. Jimin licks you through your orgasm, fingers still pumping in and out of you. He groans lowly at the feeling of your walls clenching around his fingers. The thought of you doing that to his dick makes him slightly lightheaded.
Once you’re coming down from your bliss, Jimin crawls his way up and hovers above you. He’s smiling down at you, a hint of a smirk in his smile. You sling your arm over your eyes, letting out a small laugh. Jimin leans down and presses soft kisses to your collarbone and then further down between the valley of your breasts. You let out a heavy sigh, removing your arm again to look down at him.
“Good?” He hums, coming back up to carefully press a kiss to the corner of your mouth.
You nod, “amazing.”
Jimin smiles as he kisses you, tongue immediately meeting yours. One of your hands dig into his hair while the other runs up and down the expanse of his naked back. You sigh deeply as he pulls away from the kiss, moving down your body while leaving kisses in his wake. He flicks your nipple with his tongue before moving further down. He hooks his fingers into the hem of your thong, pulling it down your legs and off before throwing it over his shoulder. You let out a laugh at that causing Jimin to grin at you once he returns to hover over you.
Jimin’s cock brushes your inner thigh, letting you know he’s close to sinking into you and being where he has been craving to be since that first kiss in his car. Before he can push himself inside of you, you press a hand against his chest. “Wait,” you stop him, raising your eyebrows at him in question. Realization hits Jimin and he’s getting off the couch, telling you he’ll be back in a minute. You wait, smiling like a goof when you hear him come running back from getting what you both were thinking of. He rips the silver packaging open with his teeth before sliding the condom on his, still very hard, cock. 
Once that’s done, he returns to his hovering position over you, placing himself at your entrance. He glances up at you for approval. Once you nod, he wastes no time and starts pushing himself between your folds. You gasp at the feeling as he sinks deeper into you, stretching you nicely. Jimin watches the way his cock disappears between your legs, his lips slightly parted at the sight. “Holy shit,” he moans, bottoming out. You let out a breath once he’s all the way in. As a true gentleman, he waits till you’re used to the feeling of him. You’ve never been filled like this before, not with Seokmin or any other man.
“Please move,” you plead, wanting nothing more than to feel him slide in and out of you, fucking you into oblivion like you know he will once you’re both completely used to the feeling of each other. Jimin follows your soft orders, pulling out almost entirely before pushing himself back in. A soft moan falls from your lips as he continues this action over and over. The stretch feels so good, his girth and length just perfect for you. “Fuck Jimin, you feel so good.”
“So do you, baby,” he affirmed, grunting at the feeling of you clenching around him, “fuck, so do you.”
Jimin grabs your legs, silently telling you to wrap them around him. You do so, tightly wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands find a spot on each side of your head, a steady grip on the leather as he starts thrusting harder into you. You gasp, feeling him hit deep in you, the glide of his dick causing him to brush against your clit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you whimper, nails digging into bicep as you grab it with your hand. You’re not allowed to have this grip on him for long as he grabs both your hands, locking them with his own before moving them above your head, keeping your hands from touching him. It’s pure torture but the feeling of his hands intertwined with yours sets off another tingle in you.
You look up at him as he hovers over you, eyes still focused on the way he’s thrusting in and out of you. A thin layer of sweat coats his forehead, neck and his chest. The leather couch doesn’t do any good for your back, sweat appearing on your back as you’re pushed further into the couch from Jimin’s movements. “Oh god, I’m so close,” you moan loudly, tightening your hold on his hands. You gasp as Jimin wraps his lips around one of your nipples, sucking it harshly as he fucks you harder, faster.
“You gonna cum for me, baby? Hmm?” He rasps out, voice raw and low, deeper than when he talks. You can’t speak, he’s dominating all your senses, making sure you feel him everywhere – his dick in you, his hands tightly intertwined with yours, his lips all over your skin, leaving wet kisses everywhere he can reach. “You gonna cum all over my cock?”
“Mhm, fuck yes,” you moan loudly, voice highpitched as he hits a certain spot in you.
“Yeah?” He hisses at the feeling of your walls clenching around him, letting him know that you’re close to your second orgasm, “you gonna fall apart on my cock, huh?”
You nod frantically, feeling your eyes fill with tears at the overwhelming feeling of your second orgasm almost hitting you. Jimin notices the tears in your eyes, smirking as he slows down his pace, grinding into you. “What- Jimin, please!” You cry out, not at all okay with the way he just slowed down and is keeping you from reaching your high. “Jimin, please, faster.”
“Wanna hear you beg, sweetheart,” he’s smirking as you look at him. Oh, he is evil. He untangles his fingers from yours and sits up on his knees, hands grabbing your ankles to bring them to his shoulders. Your jaw falls open at the new position, loving the way he’s grinding deeply into you, but not the slow pace he’s currently fucking you in. It’s complete torture. He smiles as he places a kiss on your ankle, the soft action a complete contrast to the dirty words leaving his lips. “Want me to fuck you faster?”
“Y-Yes,” you whimper, nodding at his words.
You want to roll your eyes but decide not to, desperate to reach that second orgasm. You bet he’s holding himself from coming right this moment, trying hard not to shoot his load into the condom as you clench around him. He looks so good as he stands there, his hips moving slowly as his dick moves in and out of you slowly, his abs contradicting under his skin, sweat glistening on his forehead and chin, dirty-blonde hair pushed back. He’s beautiful and he’s all yours for the time being. You can’t help yourself as you give in to his demands, the words tumbling from your lips before you can do anything else.
“Please, Jimin, please fuck me faster. I wanna cum all over your cock so bad,” you plead, voice in a desperate whine with an undertone of whimpering, “want you to ruin me, please!”
That seems to satisfy Jimin as he pulls out entirely only to flip you over and pull your ass up to his desired level. You don’t get to say anything before he’s pushing past your walls, sinking deep into you. Your eyebrows knit together tightly as your jaw falls slack at the feeling of him filling you up nicely just like when he slid into you the first time. His pace is brutal, hard and fast against your ass, skin slapping against skin. His hands are tightly gripping your hips, pulling you back against him. “Fuck, baby, you’re so tight,” he moans, one hand coming up to run along your spine. You gasp out his name as he grabs your shoulder and yanks you up, your back against him. One of your hands finds a spot in his hair, your head falling back to rest against his shoulder. His arm wraps around your chest, keeping you upright against his chest as he continues to fuck into you, his cock hitting the right spot over and over again.
“Oh my fucking god” you gasp out, feeling your orgasm nearing once again.
Jimin’s breathing hits the side of your face, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear, “close?”
“Mhm,” you hum, nodding as you bite your lip, holding yourself from moaning too loudly.
“Me- me too, baby,” he tells you, words halting due to a wave of pleasure rushing through his body. You feel his hips stutter, his orgasm seconds away from shooting through him at full speed. “Fuck,” he moans from behind you, the sound being a dirty melody in your ears.
“Oh god,” you moan as Jimin’s hard yet sloppy thrusts throws you over the edge a second time, “Jimin!”
You’re panting as you feel the orgasm raking through your body, the feeling going all the way to the tip of your fingers and toes, your pussy clenching as you try to catch your breath. Jimin feels your walls tightening around him, that alone being enough for him to spill his load into the condom, a low groan of pleasure emitting from his lips as his head drops to rest on your shoulder, his arm still holding you upright.
“Fuck, that was really…” You begin.
“Yeah, it was,” Jimin agrees, breathing heavily as he turns his head to leave a kiss on your cheek before letting go of you. You feel him slip out from between your folds as he moves to get off the couch. “Be right back,” he tells you before jogging (naked) towards the guest bedroom to get a damp towel. You fall back onto the couch, not bothering to cover up as Jimin returns with the damp towel, motioning you to spread your legs so he can clean up the mess down there. He’s careful as you’re still sensitive from the two orgasms he pulled you through tonight. Once you’re all cleaned up, he grabs a blanket from the other couch and moves back to you. You smile as he lays down beside you, pulling you close to his naked body and throwing a blanket over the two of you. You cuddle closer to him, feeling yourself relax entirely in his arms. You both lay in silence, the atmosphere very peaceful and comfortable.
You’re slightly startled when your phone goes off, the ring-tone extremely loud in the quiet living room. You reach for your purse on the floor, grabbing your phone out of it and answering the phone without taking a look at the caller-id. “Hello?” You greet whoever is calling you, a small smile on your lips as you feel Jimin’s lips peppering small kisses all over your shoulder and neck.
“____, where are you?”
You freeze in Jimin’s hold at the sound of Seokmin’s voice on the other end. You can tell Jimin can hear the voice of your boyfriend as he stops kissing your skin. You really should’ve looked at the caller-id before picking up. It’s a bad habit of yours that you need to get rid of eventually. Maybe this right here will teach you that lesson.
“Seokmin,” you breathe out, still kind of shocked he’s actually calling you, “uh, I’m out right now. Why?”
Seokmin is quiet on the other end. “You’re out? With who?”
You steal a glance at Jimin who’s not looking at you, but you know he’s paying attention to whatever Seokmin is saying. “A friend,” you quickly say, deciding that taking the discussion about Jimin and Seokmin’s own secret lover on the phone might not be a good idea right now.
“Well, will you be home soon or not?” Seokmin asks, clearly not giving a shit about what friend you’re with and where in the city you are in this exact moment. You let out a deep sigh, feeling like he just hit you straight in the gut by the sound of disinterest in his voice. “____, are you there?”
You nod, “yeah, I’m here. I’ll be home later.”
“Alright, see you then.”
“Yeah, bye,” you answer him even though he already hung up on you. You put your phone away before turning back to look at Jimin who’s already looking at you. The look on his face breaks your heart, the hurt flashing across his features enough to make you feel like the worst person in the world. “Jimin, I-”
“So you’re in a relationship,” he comments. You don’t say anything, your mind empty of things you could say to save your own situation right now. “And he was the one you were waiting for the other night when we met.” You nod, silently hoping and praying that Jimin will let you explain. A laugh tumbles from his lips and you’d normally find it adorable but not this one – this one is ironic, sarcastic as he shakes his head. “I really thought it was just some date who stood you up but it turns out it was your boyfriend,” he smiles sadly. He glances at you who’s looking at him with sad eyes. His sad smile falters and is replaced by a deep frown, eyes cold and empty of emotion. “I’m such an idiot.”
His words hurt, the fact that he thinks he’s the idiot in this doesn’t sit right with you. If anything, it’s you who’s the idiot. “Jimin, I was planning on breaking up with him. Our relationship ran off the tracks a long time ago,” you tell him, hoping that it would somehow make him see why you’re here with him and not at home with your boyfriend. “He doesn’t care about me at all, but you do.”
Jimin shakes his head at those words, moving to get up from the couch. He grabs his boxers from the floor, slipping them on and then his pants. You sit up, keeping the blanket close to your body, suddenly feeling very vulnerable. “Don’t do that to me, ____,” he says, jaw tightening as he does his best not to look at you, “don’t say that shit to me when you’re not fully available to care for.”
“But-” you try to speak but he isn’t having it, holding up a hand to stop you.
“When were you gonna tell me, huh?” He snapped, “after we fucked and you’ve broken up with him? Or were you just gonna leave it out and hope that it’d never be a subject of conversation?”
You feel your eyes welling up with tears, watching Jimin become angrier and angrier the more he thinks about you and Seokmin and the fact that he just had sex with someone who’s still in a relationship. You can tell it’s bothering him to no end, the way he’s frustratingly running a hand through his hair and tugging on the ends as if to relieve some of the anger that’s coursing through his body. Jimin’s thoughts are running a hundred miles per hour as he paces the living room. There’s one thing he has always sworn to never do again and that is to be involved with women who are already off the market so to speak. He made a mistake with you, ignoring the fact that you had been waiting for someone else and instead being selfish about his attraction to you. After that date the other night, he didn’t even rethink why he was on that date with you in the first place.
“Jimin, I can explain it all to you if you’ll just let me,” you tell him, voice small as you try to talk to him. 
He’s shaking his head. “No… you need to leave,“ he mutters, finally looking up at you, “this,” he points between the two of you, “whatever we had, isn’t going to happen anymore.”
“But Jimin-” you try again, standing up while still clutching the blanket to your front.
He looks at you, hurt painted all over his face because you really did hurt him and his trust. You caused him to break that one thing he swore to never do after it happened with another woman years ago. “____, please just leave,” he pleads, voice less harsh now, “get dressed and get the hell out.”
Without another word, he stalks off towards what you assume is his bedroom, muttering something along the lines of ‘can’t believe it happened again’. Again? You flinch as you hear the door being slammed shut. Tears fall down your cheeks as you begin to get dressed. You glance at the still set table, the wine glasses and plates empty for wine and food. Sighing deeply, you grab your purse from the floor and let yourself out of Jimin’s place, making sure the door is locked after you before heading for the elevator. Once inside the elevator, you let yourself feel the pain of Jimin dismissing you like that. Your cheeks are wet from tears once you reach your car. You get into the driver’s seat, sitting still for a minute as you think about what the hell just happened.
Even though you’ve only known Jimin for such a short amount of time, you’ve felt more wanted and cared for than you ever did with Seokmin. Jimin’s natural loving nature was overwhelming but in the best way possible and you’ll be damned if this is the last time you’ll ever see him. Jungkook’s advice comes to your mind; Just follow your gut and do what you feel is right for you. Your boss is a wise man, you chuckle to yourself before pulling out of the parking lot. You head home with one goal in mind – doing what you feel is right for you by ending things with Seokmin.
Tumblr media
The apartment is quiet once you arrive home and step inside. The light is turned on in the living room, the only sound coming from Seokmin who’s seated on the couch and, as always, typing away on his laptop. This man will never stop working.
“Hey,” you call out, barely catching his attention. He glances up at you as a greeting before turning back to his laptop. You sigh deeply, his actions just confirming you in your decision. You step around the couch, placing yourself in front of him.
“What is it?” He asks, finally looking up at you. You know he notices that you’re slightly red around your eyes and that the tip of your nose is a bit red as well. You’re not surprised when he decides not to comment on it.
“We need to talk,” you tell him. 
Seokmin rolls his eyes lightly as he sighs deeply. “Can’t it wait? I got things I need to get done,” he reasons, clearly not in the mood to have a conversation with you right now.
You chuckle humorlessly, reaching a breaking point for his shitty and inconsiderate behavior. “Do you ever stop being a complete asshole?” You ask him, genuinely interested in knowing because you can’t tell if he’ll ever stop behaving like an arrogant jerk.
“What do you mean?” Seokmin asks, his arrogance shining through as he pretends to not know what you’re talking about. You can’t believe some people really behave like this, like they’re better than everyone else and that they never do anything wrong. Unfortunately, Seokmin is one of many and it’s truly sad to see how they make more enemies in life than allies. When you don’t answer him right away, he scoffs, “listen, sweetie, if you’re just here to insult me, can’t you just go to bed or something? I have work to do.”
“I know you’re cheating on me, Seokmin.”
He chokes on his own spit when he hears the words that tumbles from your mouth, coughing for a bit before he looks at you again. “Excuse me?”
You nod. “You heard me, sweetie,” you say in a mocking tone, “don’t try to explain yourself or come up with excuses. I don’t care what you’re doing behind my back, actually, I couldn’t care less.”
He chuckles nervously, “why would I cheat on you when I’ve made a promise to your parents that we’ll get married someday? Isn’t that what you want?”
“Oh, Seokmin, this thing between us has been on the wrong track a loooong time,” you laugh, “there’s no way I’ll ever marry you, you cheating asshole. That would only be putting myself in misery for the rest of my life.”
Seokmin is shocked to say the last. You can easily tell by the way he has no idea what to say or do after you’ve called him out. As you stand here in front of him, anger slowly builds up inside your chest as he still pretends to be innocent and acts like he has never done anything to be unfaithful to you.
“I cared for you for a long time, Seokmin, I really did,” you say, a sad smile on your face, “but you’ve walked all over me more times than I can count and taken my affection for granted. Yes, I wanted to marry you when we first started dating because you were everything my parents wanted in my future husband, but they don't see you like I do. They don’t see you for who you really are which is a pathetic excuse of a boyfriend who thinks he can play off his arrogance and rude behavior by treating his girlfriend to some nice gifts and dinner dates.”
“Where is all this coming from?” Seokmin sighs deeply, finally giving in and not pretending to be something he’s not.
You frown at him, Jimin appearing in your mind as you think about all the reasons for your sudden outburst. Where is all this coming from? You know where. It has been a long time coming but when Jimin came into your life so randomly, you realized that there is a good man in this world who is more than happy to take time out of his day to see you and to do something extra nice for you like cooking dinner. After all Jimin has done the past few days, you find yourself wanting to give back to him; cook him a nice dinner, bring him lunch at work and spend as much time with him as possible. But you’re not sure if that will happen after tonight.
“I met someone,” you tell Seokmin, even though it’s none of his business. Your boyfriend, or whatever he is at the moment, raises his eyebrows.
“You met someone?” He repeats your words. You nod. “And what? He’s your knight in shining armor?”
You smirk. “Something like that,” you quipped, “he’s everything you never were.”
Seokmin nods as he takes in your words. “So what you’re saying is that you’ve been cheating me as well?”
Your smirk falters, a scowl appearing on your face as he turns the conversation around to focus on you. Yes, you cheated on him as well and it is wrong, but you don’t feel bad or guilty about it because Seokmin is just as much a cheater as you are, probably more. Who knows how many times he’s had his dick in other women while you’ve been at home, thinking he was at work every single time?
“You can’t pin this on me, Seokmin. We’re both at fault here,” you point out. When he doesn’t speak up again, you turn on your heel and head for the bedroom, wanting to get out of your clothes and shower. The remnants of Jimin on you is only making the feeling of hurting him worse. You desperately need to get it off before you’re seeing his heartbroken features in your mind again. Before you reach the bedroom, you hear Seokmin speak words you didn’t think he’d say.
“I forgive you,” he calls out causing you to pause in your steps, turning around to look back at him. He gets up from the couch and walks closer to you. You watch as he comes to a stop in front of you, “I forgive you, ____. We can put all this behind us and get married like our parents want us to.”
His hands come up to cup your face, but you slap them away before he can touch you. “Are you kidding me?” You snap, anger taking over your features as you look at him in disbelief. “How can you not see that this relationship is a fucking lost cause? Nothing can save this, Seokmin. We’re done.”
Seokmin sighs deeply in frustration as he watches you whip around and stalk off into the bedroom, slamming the door to the ensuite bathroom behind you. There’s no way in hell you’re ever going to try and fix this with him. Your parents will probably disown you for fucking up something that could’ve been amazing for their reputation but this is your life, not theirs, and you’re certainly not going to spend it with some arrogant asshole who’s only in this relationship with you so that it can benefit him career-wise. You’re sick and tired of guys using you just to get close with your parents and to get a leg in the business your parents are running. 
You stay in the shower for a long time, letting your feelings consume you whole as tears fall. You’re full on sobbing as you clean Jimin’s scent off you, hating how your relationship with Jimin could become so amazing and then fall to the ground again all within three days. Why do bad things keep happening to you? It isn’t fair how you ended up in this messy situation because you’re too damn scared to stand up for yourself against your parents and everyone else in your life.
Jimin is laying in his own bed, thinking about everything that went down tonight. All from the way his stomach had been tingling the entire time while making dinner till the moment you knocked on his door. He had been in awe when he opened the door for you and noticed your casual outfit that lowkey matched his own. He had been staring at your lips throughout dinner, wondering how long it’d be before he would kiss them again because you’re just so kissable. Then he got to have you the way he had imagined since the make out session in his car. The sound of your delicate moans flowing from your lips like a song, the way you’d press yourself against him and kiss him back like nothing else mattered. And then it all came crashing down when your so-called boyfriend called to hear where you were because you weren’t at home in the apartment you share with him.
He had told you to get the hell out of his apartment, not sparing you another glance as he headed into his bedroom and slammed the door after him. He could hear your soft cries as you got dressed in the living room but he was just so angry with you and himself too that he couldn’t even be within himself at all. He cared about you, more than he probably should after such a short time of knowing you, but his mother once told him that when he meets someone special, he’ll know. And he did know. With you.
Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be, you and him. Perhaps it’s for the better and perhaps you’re supposed to be with that boyfriend of yours, even though you did say you were planning on breaking up with him. Jimin sighs deeply as he runs a hand over his face, hating how his mind is constantly thinking about ‘what if’ and ‘what now’. He’s also wondering if you’re okay, if you’re crying yourself to sleep or if you’re even able to sleep at all just like himself.
Turning over onto his side, Jimin closes his eyes and tries his best to fall asleep, hoping you’ll disappear from his mind throughout the night. However, you don’t, you’re all over the place. It’s gonna be a long ass night.
Tumblr media
The past few nights and days have been killing you. Seokmin has hogged up the bed, only letting you take your own duvet and pillow to make yourself a camp on the couch. Thankfully, the couch is rather big and comfortable so it’s not really a problem, but you’d prefer your own bed, just not with Seokmin in it. You should’ve known he’d take the bed for himself like the arrogant idiot that he is, but a small part of you had been hoping he’d make an exception this one time considering he’s the problem in this relationship and not you.
You barely see him, only just waking up to the sound of him closing the front door and locking it. He has been going to work earlier than usual the past few mornings and coming home late, probably spending most of his time with his secret girlfriend. You don’t mind his absence anymore, but instead enjoying it as it gives you permission to mope around in your own little world after arriving home from work.
Work has been a disaster, to be honest. Next month's issue of that magazine you’re in charge of is only halfway done and the deadline is arriving a bit too fast for your liking. Jungkook has been giving you these sad smiles while doing his best to cheer you up. He even made Sunhee bake a cake just so he could bring it to you, hoping it’d make your mood just a tad bit better. It didn’t really work but the cake functioned perfectly as comfort food. You had made sure to text Sunhee, telling her how amazing her cake was and that you really appreciated her concern. You just hated being the one receiving pitying looks because you arrived to work looking like a bag of shit. It’s funny how people always end up looking like crap when their love life is going off the rails. 
It’s a late night and you’re on the couch once again, your laptop in your lap as you type away in your notes and doing some editing for the next magazine cover. Seokmin arrives home, barely glancing your way as he makes his way to the bedroom which has become his sacred place after the past couple of days. You’re silently minding your own business, not at all planning on engaging in a conversation with him as he stalks back out and towards you. He plops down beside you, his long body spreading out to fill up most of the couch. You immediately notice the smell of alcohol as he reeks of it. You pay him no attention, hoping he’ll move away again once he catches on to the silence and ignorance you’re offering him.
You scrunch up your nose as he moves closer, the strong smell of liquor invading your senses. You want to throw up, you think to yourself as he moves to sit up, one arm of his slugging around your shoulders. “Seokmin,” you warn when you feel his face nearing the side of yours, “Seokmin…”
The feeling of your heart hammering in your chest is enough to let you know that you’re nervous about what he might do if you let him get any closer. You have never experienced him so affectionate before, not even when you started dating, and the fact that he’s drunk as hell does not sit right with you. “Honey, we should work things out,” he slurs and then hiccups, “fix o-our problems and shit.”
“Please get away from me,” you whisper, slowly inching away from him and his whiskey breath. It isn’t until he wraps his arm around your shoulders entirely, trying to pull you closer, that you elbow him in the stomach. He groans in pain, clutching his stomach which allows you to get out of his grip. “Don’t you dare fucking touch me, you asshole!”
You don’t realize you’re crying until you’re out of his hold, his actions shocking you to an extent you’ve never experienced before. God, how could you be so blind to how he really is? There’s no way this man would ever want the best for you. He’s arrogant and selfish, only using people for his own sake and never giving anything in return. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and it shows more and more for each day. You whimper as he looks up at you, a sickening scowl on his face as he rests back against the couch. You quickly grab your laptop from beside him and anything else that’s yours from the coffee table. You take a last look at him, your face twisted in disgust.
“Get the fuck out of my apartment,” he snarls, throwing a dismissing hand in your direction. You shake your head in disappointment – not in him, but in yourself. You were so blinded by his good looks and charms around people that you didn’t notice the arrogant and selfish side of him. It’s sad, really, that such an intelligent and successful man ends up being in love with no one but himself and his career. How he got to the top in his job surprises you to no end. They certainly didn’t choose him based on his personality or his ability to work as a team. Seokmin doesn’t know what it means to be a teamplayer, only doing things for himself and no one else.
Without saying another word to him, you bring your things to the bedroom to pack a bag with some necessities; clothes for work, your laptop, your chargers and a toiletries bag with the most necessary things. Seokmin is passed out on the couch once you’re dressed and ready to leave. You take a last glance at him, wanting nothing more than to slap him across the face. “I really fucking hate you, Kim Seokmin.”
The weather is against you as it’s pouring down when you’re making your way to your car. You throw your bag into the passenger seat before turning on the car and heading out of the parking spot, desperate to go somewhere else than here. But where could you possibly go? You don’t have that many friends in Seoul, the only ones being friends of Seokmin as well. You don’t want to trouble Jungkook any further with your misery and you sure as hell can’t drive all the way to Daegu to where your parents are living. 
“Jimin,” you whisper to yourself but then realizing that going there wouldn’t be a good idea. Although you don’t really have anywhere else to go. You could book a hotel room but that’d be a waste of money when there are other opportunities such as, well, Jimin’s place. God, why can’t something good just happen to you for once?
The drive to Jimin’s place feels it’ll never end. The rain is still pouring as you finally park the car in the parking lot. You turn off your car and sit back, watching the front doors to Jimin’s building opening and closing as people arrive and leave as they have places to be. You don’t even know if he’s home. With your luck, he probably isn’t. You decide that taking the chance might be as good as any other decision you can possibly make. You’re drenched in rain once you reach the doorbell, pressing Jimin’s as if you’ve been here multiple times. It rings and rings. You cross your fingers, praying to whoever rules over your life that he’ll answer it and let you up. A sigh of relief falls from your lips as you hear the door being unlocked. You quickly push yourself inside, ignoring how you’re dripping onto the tiles of the lobby and the carpeted floors of the hallway to his apartment once you step out of the elevator.
Jimin is already standing in his doorway, looking at you as you walk up to him. He looks tired, his hair is a mess and the corners of his mouth are turned upside down. You know this is your doing, but you internally hope that the sight of you makes him feel a bit better. Also, there’s a small tingle in your stomach because you’re finally seeing him again, scared you wouldn’t after that unfortunate night almost a week ago.
“I have nowhere else to go,” you quietly say, shrugging weakly as you glance to your soaked sneakers-covered feet. You’re looking utterly defeated as jimin looks at you with those sad and angry eyes as that time he told you to get out of his place when he found out about Seokmin. “All my friends are his friends and my parents live a few hours from here. I’m really sorry to come barging like this-”
“Shut up, will you?” Jimin asks you, chuckling softly, “and get in here before you freeze to death in those wet clothes.”
Smiling softly, you let him take your hand and pull you inside his apartment, closing the door after you. You drop your bag to the floor in the entrance of his home before shrugging off your wet jacket. Jimin takes it and hangs it onto a coat hanger, leaving it to dry. He doesn’t speak much as he wraps his hand around yours again, guiding you into his bedroom and further into his ensuite-bathroom. You stay in the doorway to his big bathroom as he runs a bath. You watch silently, slightly shocked to see that he pulls his sweatshirt over his head, leaving him half-naked in front of you. When you don’t move, he pauses to look at you. 
He softly smiles, motioning you to come closer, “come here.”
You step closer, stopping in front of him. Your heart is hammering inside your chest as he reaches for the hem of your slightly wet t-shirt to pull it over your head, leaving you in just a flimsy bralette. Jimin is careful as he pushes the waistline of your loose-fitting pants down and lets them fall to the floor beneath you, revealing a new pair of lace underwear. This time in a faded pink color. He smirks as he glances up at you, causing you to roll your eyes playfully. The fact that it’s so easy to fall back into things with Jimin says a lot about the two of you and the way you feel about each other, none of you just haven’t mentioned it yet.
Jimin leans down to press a soft kiss to your shoulder as he reaches around you to unclasp the flimsy, lace bralette. You close your eyes momentarily, feeling him leave a few more kisses against your skin as he helps you off with the bra, dropping it to the floor with the rest of your clothes. It’s so intimate, to be undressing each other so carefully while he kisses your skin softly. 
“Missed you so much,” he whispers against your shoulder as he wraps his arms around your naked waist, pulling you in closer. “Been thinking about since you left.”
“I missed you too,” you quietly tell him, arms snaking their way around his neck. You close your eyes as he rests his forehead against yours. It’s silent but a million words are being said within the silence. You pull away just enough to look into his eyes, cupping his cheek with one hand, thumb brushing over his cheek, “let me explain everything to you.”
“Okay,” he whispers back, removing your hand from his cheek to engulf it in his own, resting them against his chest, right above where his heart is beating just for you, “kiss me first?”
You do kiss him, carefully and softly, slowly moving your lips against his like you’ve both been waiting to kiss one another again. That’s the truth, you have been waiting, hoping, that he’d make his way into your life again and that you’d get a chance to explain everything that has been going on in your life the past year or so and how it all changed once he saved you from that embarrassing situation a bit over a week ago. After everything that has happened, you want to believe what you’ve been through has been a journey to get him after all.
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jiminrings · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader
wordcount: 9k
glimpse: you know it’d happen eventually and you’ve been preparing yourself for the impending hurt — you just don’t want it now. not now when it’s nearing jimin’s little sister’s birthday; not now when you can swear love isn’t the only thing you can put on the table.
alternatively, jimin emotionally cheats on you while your wedding’s six months away.
[ intermission, part two, intermission 02, finale ]
[ so much angst, wholesome moments here and there, emotional constipation, belittling n patronizing, mentions of broken relationship w parents, self-blaming ]
notes: this is uh.,.,. this is definitely coming from somewhere <3 of course this is fiction but it’s set in uh what i’d say is somehow a realistic n plausible scenario so pls read with care because this is on the heavier side!!
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :) | series masterlist
There is a home within Jimin.
To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god, you've stumbled on it once. Read it in graffiti on a freshly-painted wall at a nice street when you went out for a walk, away from your college dorms because it was getting too suffocating in there.
Years later, you know now how you've made a religion out of Jimin, wholeheartedly devoted to him even if he has his moments. Love him all the same even if he's sometimes too sleepy to say it back to you once you urge him to go to sleep. Proud of him just as much when you talk about him to the people in your life.
You've made a home out of Jimin and it's a nest you wouldn't trade for anything else — that much you're sure of.
Loving someone doesn't necessarily mean loving every bit that comes with them, but in Jimin's case, nothing about him was unworthy of the same love you give him. His parents are warm and are the perfect roots to explain why Jimin had easily wormed his way to your heart. Mr. and Mrs. Park were speechless when you told them at your first meeting that you would never do anything to hurt their son, but they one-upped you by the end of the evening when they asked you to call them just like what Jimin calls them — you're our child now too, they say.
Soomin, Jimin's little sister that was younger than him by eight years, who had never been a fan of her older brother's past lovers surprised you when she engulfed you in a hug when it was time for you to leave their home after meeting them altogether.
Growing up as an only child with only one parent present at a time or none at all, the familial love you aren't used to receiving is something you've received all at once from the Park family, the overwhelming amount of it making you cry happy tears in the car when it's only you and Jimin. He didn't expect you to blubber about how his mother's spaghetti tastes like home or how his father's laugh sounds like the few happiest moments you've had in life.
Most of all, he didn't expect you to sob about how his sister's hug feels like a warm blanket plus a furnace because he didn't even know Soomin hugged you, thoroughly shocking him and making him grin heartily.
Having someone to take care of isn't something you've ever tried before. Loving Jimin and taking care of him intimidated at you first because you didn't know if you were even doing it correctly, but it was just a bump in the road when you came to know that it flowed out of you in instinct. You love him the most, that much you're sure of.
It's only natural that you feel a sisterly bond to Soomin because in the five years you've been together with Jimin, you've seen her grow up. Watched her grow into her pretty features that you have no doubt learning she's quite the heartthrob, taking after her brother with how much they look alike. Watched her fly through different interests as time passes, standing beside her at concerts you've conjured tickets for and talking to stall attendants when she's too shy to ask for a new stock of concealer.
Watched her warm up to you; the two of you growing closer as she endlessly claims that you're the big sister she's never had, feeling the pride swell in your heart at the thought that you have somehow a familial figure outside of Jimin to look after.
It's natural to nudge her as you hang out with her on her bed, watching the weekly variety show at the television Jimin bought her.
“Soomin. Stop looking at your phone.”
She distractedly hums and you understand, her new interest being the small business she created, undoubtedly successful because people flock her messages for the newest restocks for the jewelry she designs herself and gets manufactured in excellent quality.
You nudge her a little harder and she finally looks at you despite looking a little frazzled, flicking her forehead lightly when her eyes keep flickering to her phone.
"Yeah? What is it?"
She figures that you're just teasing her when you turn your gaze to the screen at a particularly funny moment. It's humorous, that much you admit, but in reality you looked away because you feel somehow nervous even if you expected this to be much smoother.
"Not funny. I could be losing money at the minute," she playfully whines as she shoves you, making you laugh to yourself to let one more moment of silence pass.
"Will you be my maid of honor?"
All the noise from the room is washed away even if the TV's volume is set impossibly high because Soomin lost the remote somewhere underneath hear bed and hadn't been able to change it lower since last night.
You feel weird because she isn't shrieking like what you expected her to, a little worried when you turn your head to look at her but to your surprise, she's just frozen. Frozen with her mouth apart and her eyes glinting extra brightly.
You feel sheepish under her awed gaze, clearing your throat as you take out your left hand from the pocket of your pajamas that you've been trying to hide the whole day from Jimin's family.
You could've easily just removed it so you wouldn't feel troubled in having your left hand hidden and clammy, but it's something you'd rather do instead of taking off the ring you love with all your heart.
"Your brother proposed to me last night," you smile warmly, flexing your fingers as you turn them to face her. "Didn't kneel or anything like that. He just said it before we were about to sleep and slipped the ring."
It's a breathtaking diamond; not too flashy but not too lackluster either. It's something that looks like it has a mind of its own, establishing the presence of Jimin on your vena amoris that the fresh memory of him asking to marry you makes you smile fondly.
You're oblivious to how Soomin herself is having a positive turmoil unfold from within because before you notice it, you feel her weight crashing into yours, trapping you into her embrace as you feel the damp tears on your shoulder.
"Of course I will. I can’t wait for you to be my sister," she sniffs, "what even stupid question is that? Of course I would say yes. Why, were you thinking of asking someone else?"
You roll your eyes at the territoriality she has over you, reminding you of that time when Jimin practically sulked the whole day when you asked a friend instead to accompany you to a huge end-of-season sale.
"I already am, silly."
It's a tiny infinity between the two of you when she just burrows herself to your side, eyes barely snapping open when her door is thrown open.
She should be used to Jimin and his very brotherly ways of not knocking and invading her personal space while dodging it completely at the same time, huffing when his face comes to view.
Jimin catches your gaze with a playful raise to his brows, standing by the door still as he directs the question to you. “Is she crying to you about her secret boyfriend or something like that?”
The two of them have a somewhat large age gap but it's nothing out of the ordinary, always swearing to you with a laugh that Soomin is definitely just a happy accident but tells you at the same breath that he's glad to have a little sister.
They bicker just like everyone else and even if their petty arguments do get a little out of hand at times, they're each other's irreplaceable confidant — way past the days of snitching on each other and getting annoyed at the other for breathing a little too loudly. Jimin may not show it, but you know that he has a protective and even a spoiling streak over his little sister.
“I don’t have a secret boyfriend!”
He shrugs but he doesn't buy it, flicking the lights on and off annoyingly that you understand Soomin's occasional annoyance towards him. He's delighted to have annoyed her, turning to look at you.
“Come to my room after you go do your girl talk or whatever it is that you do," he grins cheesily, slyly coughing towards the end of his sentence. "I mean, I pay the bills around here and I don’t get an in on the gossip the two of you have.”
“Just turn off the airconditioner in your room and hang out with us here," you suggest but Soomin protests even before you could finish your thought.
“God, no. Jimin snores so loudly and I can’t sleep!”
The reminder of how your fiancé is loud and delays your sleep to hit you makes you reconsider, sharing a look of understanding with her. “Yeah, she’s right. I’ll sleep next to Soomin tonight.”
“Not fair,” he whines as two out of the three most important women in his life (he knows his mom would've joined in on the teasing if she wasn't busy downstairs) single him out. “Is this how you treat the man of the house? The reason you can turn the fan on even if the AC’s already blasting?”
Soomin scrunches her nose, a mannerism she picked up from you. “Not really, no.” Their dad’s still very much alive and kicking. Retired but still working to get himself busy somehow because he mirrors Jimin's lively and dedicated work ethic. His newest venture is baking, explaining why he texted the two of you a short notice to come over and spend the night because he needed extra pairs of his tastebuds to try his pastries before he makes the jump in selling them.
Jimin whines even more, throwing himself at the end of the bed as he rolls around in anticipation. “Fill me in! What are we talking about, who are we shitting on? Tell meee."
He's adorably eager to hang out with the two of you, wanting to be put in the loop that grew on its own with little intervention from himself.
Soomin looks at you in thought but you helplessly shrug, knowing what would be her answer at the back of your mind anyway. “You call the shots, Minnie. This is your room anyway.”
“That I paid the bills for when she suddenly decided to renovate it," Jimin interjects, raising his hand while his face is still muffled to the cold comforter, a byproduct of the really nice airconditioning units he bought for his family's rooms.
Soomin has no retort to that but you know it, making you smile before she even speaks.
“Fine. But Y/N sleeps next to me! Just get an extra mattress to sleep on the floor.”
“Of course. You love my fiancée more than you love your brother. Understood though,” Jimin shoots straight out of bed to run out of the door but he retraces his steps, not leaving the room without kissing you on your cheek and leaving a kiss on Soomin’s forehead, complete with a playful cringe and a half-hearted remark of how she should buy oil blotting sheets.
He lets it slip and your eyes widen a little, Soomin's voice beating you to it as she tries to sound genuinely surprised.
Jimin rolls his eyes at his sister, clearly seeing through her but it amuses him nonetheless. “Don’t play coy with me. I could smell from a mile away that Y/N told you already.”
He leaves the room to the sound of both your giggles because you could swear up and down that you're not that predictable! The futile attempts of being natural and unknowing don't go past Jimin and it makes you double in laughter.
Soomin settles into silence much faster than you do because she's nuzzling to your side again, mumbling in excitement. “You’re getting married. You’re gonna wear a gown and I’m gonna fix it up for you when you sit or when you wanna go pee. I’m so excited — I can’t wait.”
Her thought process cracks you up and it's her endearing personality that makes you sure you wouldn't trade for anything else in the world, stroking her hair.
“You’re gonna be my official sister-in-law and you’re gonna have to look away when I use the bathroom while I’m in my gown. I’m excited too."
You look at your ring finger in thought, the diamond glinting right back at you as if it's happy to know its bearer.
“I’m getting married to your brother. I can’t wait either.”
( ♡ )
You want to take all of Jimin's fatigue away.
Him coming home early is even more of a rare occurrence than him coming home much later, today being a happy medium of the two but you could see the tiredness on his face evidently.
His job isn't easy even if the majority of your knowledge towards it comes from your observations of him. Being a music producer is more strenuous than it sounds like and you know it because of the handful of times that you'd drop by in his studio to drop off food because he's too busy to get himself some, always bringing extra portions for Yoongi who came to be your close friend.
"Tough day today, baby? Want me to draw you a bath?"
Jimin just about moans at the thought of a sliver of relaxation, eyes closing peacefully when kiss his cheek and knead his shoulders lightly. "Yes please. Did you cook tonight? I don't know if I wanna sleep or if I wanna eat first. I think I'm gonna pass out either way."
You're not bothered that he doesn't ask you about how your day went because you wouldn't want to worry him in the occurrence that learning about your fatiguing work conditions would trouble him.
"Mhmm, I got take-out after work today. It's your comfort food."
The thought of honey-glazed fried chicken on warm rice with mushroom soup on the side is enough to make Jimin hum happily to himself, adjusting himself on the couch so he could nuzzle closer to your neck.
"Sounds tempting. God, I wish I could just run to coffee shops like you all day."
You don't take it to heart because after all, pitching in an argument at this time of the night wouldn't matter the next day.
You resist the urge to correct him because he's exhausted and you don't want him to strain his mind over it. It's just something small that you could talk to him about any other time. Tonight, it's not the priority.
You want to tell Jimin that being a personal assistant to a big shot in the marketing industry isn't all about running coffee errands. Kim Taehyung's meticulous and ruthless but he's kind; kind before he unloads a whole dump of work on your desk. He gets apologetic sometimes for making you work so hard, but you tell him that he shouldn't because after all, it's your job. You're getting paid by him to do the work he asks of you and it's not your position to complain.
You don't know if Jimin notices how this is the only day of the week that you've come home early and had some time to yourself, judging by the way you look more composed and less unkempt like when you've just come home. Did the little things that add up to make you feel more pampered; did a body scrub and a hair mask and spritzed perfume, wearing a shirt of his that takes permanent vacancy in your side of the closet now.
You don't correct Jimin because this isn't a competition of who has it rougher than the other. It's not a competition between you, a bachelor's degree holder in aviation but works as a personal assistant, and Jimin, a cum laude with a degree in mass communication but works as a music producer with his best buddy.
"How about a bite before you get into the bath? Then you can go sleep and you can just have it for breakfast," you propose after much thought, even rethinking if you can whip up a bath tray if he wants to do it at the same time.
You wait for a reply but it never comes because Jimin's already fast-asleep against the armrest of the couch because after all, he's spent.
The most logical thing to do would be to try and move him to your room upstairs but you don't. He needs rest and it just so happens that he's resting on the cloud couch you've bought together in an exact 50/50 money split, atleast reassuring you that it's a wise and comfortable purchase despite being a big amount.
It's okay if he didn't ask you about your day or stayed up to talk about whatever that comes into mind. Jimin's tired from work and so are you but it's okay.
You grab the pillows and the comforter from the master's bedroom and go down anyway, sleeping beside him.
( ♡ )
Kim Taehyung as a boss is not all that bad.
You've been working for him for approximately two years now and within the timeframe, you came to know how he isn't the stubborn and short-tempered boss his employees painted him out to be.
He's the CEO of the company his grandfather built from the ground up, the esteemed position handed to him by his dad who wanted to retire early. He was thrust into the family business he wasn't even sure he wanted to handle, but here he is nevertheless.
You're the first ever personal assistant he's ever had and he's the first person you've ever worked for as a PA, the two of you still learning about the ropes despite being in the wave for two years and counting.
He could be ruthless but that's just because he's driven. He could get a little frustrated and in turn become snappy and quick-witted at you, but he apologizes once he cools down enough.
He's your boss but you're comfortable enough with him to joke around from time to time, sometimes even daring to call him by his first name jokingly which always catches him off-guard but it's a fresh grounding reminder that he's Kim Taehyung before he became Mr. Kim.
You remind him of his government name from time to time and it helps put a grin on his face.
“Taehyung, can I ask you about something that’s not work-related?”
You already know you're pushing it by calling him by his first name so you make sure to ask if you could ask something that's outside your paygrade, but he looks like he doesn't mind.
His head flicks up to you at the mention of his name, slowing down his typing on his blue-switch mechanical keyboard that his dad's not the biggest fan of; the RGB backlit and ridiculously clicky keyboard not exactly being CEO-like but Taehyung just waves off his father's confusion of what compelled him to use it.
“Huh. Should I be concerned?”
He keeps his gaze on you while continuing on typing, barely any errors as it looks like but he giggles when you look at his monitor warily, only to see a bunch of keysmashes as he pretends to be composed.
“I think you’d be flattered.”
He purses his mouth at that, nodding to you before leaning back to his chair. “Inflate my ego, I guess. Go ahead, Y/N.”
You try not to let your excitement show because Mr. Kim let you call him by his first name and ask a personal question all at the same time, barely being able to stop the upturn of your lips as you try not to ramble.
“Where do you get your suits? Do you buy them? Do you have a tailor? Do you have any suggestions? You have a great sense of style, Taehyung. I love it so much.”
It's clear as daylight that it's not the questions he expected. He was thinking you were gonna pry on his childhood or why the only photos in his desk are of his dog, but it's a good type of shock anyway.
Taehyung scratches the end of his eyebrow with his pinky, clearing his throat.
“Thank you. I uh, I really didn’t expect that,” he looks away, obviously flattered that his sense of style was praised. “I have a personal tailor but I buy suits too. By suggestions, what do you mean? Can I ask why?”
It's only a logical question for him to ask you because out of all people, why would you come to him for suit recommendations? You have the answers for him but you withhold all the things you're expected to unpack, wanting to dodge the possible questioning when you admit to your boss that he's only one of the few male influences in your life you have and treasure — him, Jimin, Mr. Park, and Yoongi.
“I’m getting married eight months from now. I uh, I want to buy my fiancé his wedding suit — I-I was just asking so I could know the ballpark for it, y’know?" you wring your hands because you're pretty sure you sound pathetic basically asking your boss how much his suits cost. "I’ll pay but I don’t want to look at his suit because I want it to be a surprise. I asked since y’know... you look nice in suits.”
Taehyung had an idea that you were in a relationship but he didn't expect for you to be engaged. It's a pleasant surprise of the added things he now knows about you that were all uttered in one breath, genuinely finding you to be a good employee.
You're a good person, that much he knows.
“Your fiancé’s lucky to have you, Y/N.”
He grins at you warmly and you mirror his happiness, bowing your head at the comment.
“I have a whole spreadsheet and some notes for what I like and buy, I’ll send them to you later," he announces in finality as he leans to his desktop, exiting from the numerous tabs he has opened and starts to search for his personal files instead.
It humors you that the roles have been reversed, your boss doing his very best to locate what you needed and promising to give it to you as soon as possible.
“I’ll give you the number of my tailor and the addresses of some of the shops for my ready-made suits. I’ll put in a good word for you.”
The smile that breaks out at your face is contagious and Taehyung feels oddly touched at the moment, sealing the deal as he looks at you one last time with a playful wink. “Consider your bonus to arrive sooner than everyone else’s.”
It's within moments like these that you don't feel misplaced and ashamed in the career path you inserted yourself in. You know that many of your relatives and friends were surprised and even mad at you for not pursuing the career you studied — the same one you didn't say you wanted because it was your dad that projected all his dreams and expectations for a son he never had, to you.
It's little moments such as your boss joking around with you that you feel safe, unharmed as mere acquaintances would make comments on how it's such a big waste to not be flying with your degree because of course, money should be prioritized even if it comes from the very job that pieced apart your life, right?
You feel safe. You're content working regular hours with overtime for Taehyung. At ease being in a relationship with Jimin. Joyed to be loved by your fiancé's family. Happy to spend time with Yoongi and talk about whenever.
baby where are youuu
Jimin glances to his phone and he has a ghost of a smile knowing you've come home early, wanting to spend time with you ever since this morning when you left early.
He's just about to reply to say he's on the way to his car but Yoongi jogs all the way from his studio to catch him, excited eyes pinning him down.
“Where do you think you’re going? We need to meet someone.”
He scrunches his nose, genuinely having no clue to who Yoongi's pertaining to. “At 9 in the evening?”
Yoongi doesn't mind working overtime but he does mind when it's a Friday, making Jimin confused on why it's him who's pleading to stay back to accompany him when normally, Yoongi would be the first person out of the door.
“Yeah, she wanted to atleast introduce herself to us before we start working for real next week.”
“She?” Jimin backtracks in thought, eyes widening in slow realization. “Hold on, do you mean-“
“Surprise,” Yoongi breathlessly smiles, shimmying his hands around in sincere happiness. “I signed in Son Eunji awhile ago. We’re gonna produce her EP.”
Jimin feels cathartic because it's the Son Eunji he's always had the hots for artistically. Normally it would be the artists fawning around producers but when it comes to her, the tables are turned. She's known for her groundbreaking talent and persona, not to mention her excellent work ethic that makes her a dream to work with.
He’s about to type in a text how he’ll be later to come home than usual as Yoongi practically drags him back in to the studio, knowing you wouldn't mind because he already told you a couple times before how his and Yoongi's are to work with Eunji.
You can wait.
He doesn’t manage to send in the text because Eunji is buzzed into the studio immediately, all-smiles with her hands outstretched to eagerly meet the producers she wanted to work with for a long time likewise.
You can wait.
( ♡ )
Any rest day of yours that coincides with Jimin's is the day that you become the happiest.
It's sleep-induced talks that are intoxicating when the both of you are awake, but barely enough to even stand up and make plans on how to spend the rest day with each other.
You stay pressed to his side with your hand on his chest, his own hand drawing circles on your neck as he floats in and out of his several dozen catnaps he takes when his mind decided that he wouldn't be in deep sleep anymore.
“Would you love me if I was a grasshopper?”
“You know I hate grasshoppers,” Jimin barely blinks at your sudden question because he's unfazed at this point, yawning as he turns to cuddle into you more. “But if it’s you, then I guess I will.”
You're aware that he hates the little green things with too many limbs with a burning passion, entertained at the consideration that he wouldn't hate you even if you're the creature that makes his skin crawl.
“What if you had no way knowing that it’s me as a grasshopper?”
He hums thoughtfully.
“I’m sure it’s you. I know when it’d be you.”
You smile while your eyes are closed, pressing a noisy kiss to his jaw that makes him giggle.
“What if I’m just like every grasshopper out there?”
“Then I’d be kind to every grasshopper I see,” Jimin opens his eyes to see yours staring right back at him, putting a tiny kiss on the tip of your nose. “But you’re the only one I’d love.”
( ♡ )
Jimin shouldn't be surprised that you leave earlier and come home later than he does.
He asked you once why you've been picking doing overtime everyday for the past two weeks yet he gets no verbal answer, just receiving a smile from you as if it's gonna explain everything.
He wouldn't dare think that you're seeing someone else — you would never. The moment you climb into bed once you get home and pass out, Jimin tiptoes out from bed as silently as he could, going to the laundry basket to try and sniff your clothes.
There's no stench of liquor. No smoke. No sweat that reeked of clubs. Nothing that would point him to the conclusion that you come home late because you get wasted every night.
He doesn't know why you've basically left him alone for the whole two weeks and the only thing he sees of you is either when you call him during lunchbreaks or when he gets to stare at you while you sleep. It's frustrating to say the least, trying to ask discreetly a couple more times but you dodge your way around them.
You feel guilty, of course you do. It's an incessant guilt that you feel because you haven't been able to take care of Jimin the past two weeks but you know it's for a good cause — a good and loving cause because you want to save enough money to book him an appointment with Taehyung's tailor and get his wedding suit made.
“Gonna be late for ten minutes max. Mr. Kim wants me to rearrange some of his appointments for tomorrow. I’ll be quick I promise!!!”
Jimin sighs because as happy he is that he gets to see you awake tonight, the word late sits bitter on his tongue and he knows not to expect anything from you.
Instead, he chooses to just stay in his studio and just start packing for home when you send him the text that you’re done. That way, you’d be earlier to arrive at home before he does and you're the one who waits for him.
Is it petty? A little, he thinks. Would it really just take ten minutes? Not likely, he's sure of.
He's dejected but gets out of his wits when there's multiple rings on his door that's equipped with a security system, only being opened with either a thumbprint or a passcode that only he bears.
He unlocks his door without even looking at the tiny monitor to see who it is, his eyes doubling in size when he sees Eunji standing right in front of him.
“I bought ramen!”
She's gorgeous, that much he allows himself to think of. She's literally an idol and you can't blame anyone to think she would look otherwise, but even without all the glam nor the intricate outfits, she's really pretty.
She's bare-faced in a hoodie that's four sizes too big on her because Jimin recalls her repeatedly exclaiming how the hell is it so cold in their studios, later taking back her previous statements to say she'd withstand it because the cold helps her think better and therefore produce more thoughtful lyrics.
Jimin transparently reacts with how he's surprised Eunji's still in the building in the first place, the girl immediately registering the shock on her producer's face as she sheepishly explains.
“Funny story. I bought two, one for you and Yoongi. But he came home earlier than I expected and you’re here and I haven’t had dinner yet,” she rocks herself back and forth on her house slippers she brought all the way home to here. “So here I am.”
“Thank you for the dinner, Eunji," Jimin chuckles as he humbly takes the plastic bag from her outstretched hands, a little confused when she slightly bows after and walks away. "Where are you going? It's okay, come eat with me."
There's no harm in eating dinner with his client; his collaborator. No harm in eating dinner right now either because you probably won't take just ten minutes in the office.
Eunji's genuinely surprised as Jimin beckons her to come in, closing the door behind her as she points to the table he set the ramen on.
“Really? You sure? Yoongi mentioned that you have a wife, I wouldn’t want to impose.”
Jimin's confused why Yoongi would refer to you as his wife but his friend knows exactly what he was doing when he did it, a sort of gut instinct to try and establish your place around certain people in the studio.
He thinks it's a solid plan — he just didn't know that Jimin would correct her.
“Oh no, no. I don’t have a wife. She’s just a fiancée.”
She raises her brows at the back and forth but puts up her cup of iced tea in a mock toast, smiling warmly. “Congrats to you nonetheless.”
Jimin merely smiles but says nothing, once again thanking her for the food before he sets his sight on it.
He must've froze while he was thinking why Yoongi would say that when of all people, he should know his and your relationship status, because Eunji snaps him out of his trance, a worried look on her visage.
“Hey, are you okay? You seem troubled.”
“You noticed?” he tilts his head at the candid observation.
Eunji looks even more confused that Jimin is confused that she noticed, the natural worry ticking in her mind. “Of course. Who wouldn’t? You can tell me, if you want. Or we could just eat in silence, it’s okay. Whatever makes you happy.”
He freezes for a second because he's speechless.
A good kind of speechless that gets him weak at the knees.
Whatever makes you happy.
And so Jimin tells her — tells her all about the troubles of his heart.
But true to your word, you only take up ten minutes. It’s been two hours since you arrived at home and if not for your text, Jimin wouldn’t have noticed how he’s late because he’s had such a happy time with Eunji.
With her.
He blinks in remorse to look at his phone to see the time, your texts greeting him instantly.
“Oh. She’s uh, she’s already there," he says it but for some reason he's disappointed. She's already there at home, he wants to continue, but the home never leaves his lips.
He gets up somberly, half-sad to have a heartfelt conversation cut short with her but also half-jittery to come home to you.
“See you tomorrow, Eunji. Drive safe. Tell me if you need anything.”
Jimin’s been a little more excited to drive to work and a little more dreadful when it’s time to come home to his apartment — to come home to you.
He seeks out Eunji more this time. Takes the liberty to buy everyone in studio a coffee but he delivers it to her himself. He lingers around for lunchtime and lets Eunji steal his portions because she likes mashed potatoes a lot. He ignores Yoongi’s inquiring glances at him every once in a while.
Yoongi doesn’t know what’s happening but he informs you nonetheless. After all, he’s the reason Jimin got introduced to you in the first place. He feels some sort of unspoken responsibility for being both your friends. He knows he’d feel some sort of guilt if he doesn’t tell you what he sees.
You read his updates constantly.
( ♡ )
There's a heartburn in your chest and you don't know how to get rid of it.
It first appears when Yoongi texts you at night to ask if Jimin already came home. You bring the question back to him because he's with him longer than you are within the day, but it's when he sends the text reading "you know i would always be honest to you, right?" is when the ache in your chest makes its first appearance.
Yoongi's honest, you know he is. He finds no benefit from lying to you even if it's to make you feel better. He's upset you a dozen times when he tells you that your attempt at kimchi stew is gonna make his kidneys fail, but that's when you knew that Yoongi would never lie to you — even if he's seen you work for hours trying to perfect the dish.
Even if Jimin's his friend. Even if you're his friend.
You didn't even know that they're producing for Son Eunji because you thought that the moment they'd get to, Jimin would come home to you excited while hugging you because you both know that it's one of his biggest aspirations as producer; working with an artist he admired, and his work being recognized and praised.
The heartburn makes you panic at first because you had to rethink if there was something in the food you've gotten, and more importantly, if Taehyung has the same heartburn that you do because whatever you get for him, you get for yourself.
You rush to his office in a tiny frenzy but seeing that he's okay and calm and not hunching over with how his chest burns and his throat feels like it wants to throw up, you know that it's just you.
"I quit my job."
You say to Jimin while he eats the dinner you've prepared and the words slip out of you almost hesitantly, but once they do, you feel oddly relieved.
You don't know the reaction you were anticipating in the first place but it certainly wasn't your fiancé burying his face in his hands in front of you, groaning as he massages his temples.
“Why would you do that?” he almost seethes and you're confused why he's anything but happy, not knowing what you did to deserve that kind of reaction. “You know our wedding’s just six months away, Y/N. You know I can’t do it all alone.”
The realization hits you that Jimin's concerned about your resignation because he thought you were jobless, not once considering the why question to it.
It was hard for you to get through this day alone because the thought of leaving Mr. Kim, Taehyung, wrung you dry and you came to know how much you care for him as a boss. You reminded him to never skip his meals and to wear his glasses when he looks at his desktop for long periods at a time which is practically every day.
Taehyung was shell-shocked the moment you tendered in your letter and he didn't bother hiding it, not bothering either to hide from you the crestfallen expression on his face as he tries to ask why you would quit so suddenly.
You've quit your job and had a rough day and the first reaction of Jimin's is to hiss at you, making you defensive and small at the same time.
“But you’re not doing it all alone.”
You pay, of course you do. There’s a shared spreadsheet between the two of you and if Jimin tries to look closely, he’d know that you’re paying almost just as much as he does. It's a 55/45 split, if he really wants to be technical. Your pay isn't low but it's nowhere as near what he earns from a single song alone.
Jimin snickers and it makes you exhale heavily, adding insult to the injury as he boredly flicks the pasta his plate.
“Mhmm, sure. If it makes you happy, go for it.”
There’s no real happiness to his tone because he sounds deadly sarcastic and it flares you up from the inside, clenching your jaw as you push your plate away from you.
“You’re not letting me finish,” you exhale shakily. “I’m quitting my job to do my real one.”
The emphasis is what makes Jimin look up, knitting his brows in sincere confusion. “Your real-?”
It takes only a second for the gears to click in his mind until the worry plagues his features, tilting his head in a soft whisper.
“Why would you do that?”
The sudden change of his demeanor makes the heartburn bloom in your chest and you could just swear that it's not the pasta you watched over while it cooked al dente.
He's concerned to why you wouldn't meet his eyes, leaning his body more into the table until you finally look at him.
“Being a pilot isn’t your passion, baby.”
“And neither is being a personal assistant,” you reply back, even if it's an occupation you felt happiness in. “But this job... it pays the bills, Jimin. Even leaves a big spare. I wouldn’t have to budget in binders.”
You both know that your potential salary could and would be even higher than the monthly earnings he rakes in and it's the drive you have that convinces you to just do it. You don't want Jimin to feel like he's the only one putting food on the table and paying wedding suppliers left and right, even if you already contribute more than a significant amount than he'd acknowledge.
“Besides, flying somehow used to be my passion. I’m fine. I’ll learn to love it in one way or another.”
“Won’t you be reminded of your dad every time you fly?”
He could've worded it better but maybe it's just what you needed, a cold tub of water that he dips you into repeatedly now that the words echo in your head.
Your dad who was a pilot that cheated on your mom with a flight attendant or several.
Your dad who’s now just recently tried to reach out to you and gave you the idea to work in the industry in the first place. The same one that insisted that you go to the same academy that he went, to study the same bachelor’s degree that he did, to fly in the same way he did.
Your dad who gave you a spot in the very airline company that he’s now the president of, promising you a swift job and enormous pay. Maybe even dinner with him as you try and mend your broken relationship.
“I’ll learn how not to.”
It’ll pay the bills.
Jimin doesn’t question, doesn’t linger. Doesn’t try to ask if you’re okay considering he knows what you’ve been through and how you swore you’d never fly a plane after graduation.
“M’kay. Whatever you want to do.”
You don’t want to, but you need to.
( ♡ )
You know it was coming eventually.
You know it was coming one way or another because Yoongi texts you more frequently now. Tried to be more caring and soft around the edges as he just coaxed you into sleeping without waiting for Jimin because he's working.
Knew it was coming because the heartburn that settles in your chest has never left even once throughout the following weeks that you had. It never left as you fulfilled your last two weeks with Taehyung and tried to find an exceptional personal assistant to replace you.
The drilling feeling in your chest never left once even if you see Jimin smiling at his phone even if he's with you. Even if he's next to you, his mind is on someone else and you know that it isn't you. He feels pitiful at times at your hopeful look when he laughs at his phone so he tries to show you the messages, filling you in with jokes that she sends so you wouldn't feel left alone.
He thinks trying to tell you about Eunji would make you feel better but it does the harrowing opposite, alienating you further from him and the happiness he feels with her.
You know that Jimin doesn't sleep with her. The moment he climbs into bed once he gets home and passes out, you tiptoe out from bed as silently as you could, going to the laundry basket to try and sniff his clothes.
There's no stench of liquor. No smoke. No sweat that reeked of sex or atleast the aftermath of it. Nothing that would point you to the conclusion that he comes home late because he spent the large sum of his nights to sleep with her.
He doesn't sleep with her, but you know he's happy with her.
You're not surprised — you shouldn't be. You shouldn't be shocked when Jimin comes home way earlier than he normally did, lingers around you and trails after you like a lost puppy, and only settles once you've finished eating dinner in silence.
He says it in a whisper with his head down like he's ashamed but you know he isn't — he shouldn't.
"I think we should stop."
He's worded it in a way that is ambiguous, carefully crafted to not hurt you as much. He said stop, not break up.
Stop, instead of let's not get married anymore.
Stop, instead of I'm not happy being with you anymore.
Stop, instead of I'm making a religion out of someone who isn't you, but this time, she isn't a fallible god like you are.
You barely blink as the other shoe drops, the pain blooming in your chest that it physically weakens your voice.
"Is it Eunji?"
You ask even if you know, only ever asking in the first place to hear it from Jimin himself.
He doesn't answer but it seems to hurt even worse, giving you the confirmation you've longed to hear ever since Yoongi told you to guard your heart. It made you curious for the longest time and at first, you just wanted to know if it was true — but the moment that you do now, you almost long for the time you wish you didn't.
"I'll move out by the end of the week."
Your voice cracks by the end of your sentence and Jimin doesn't know what to make of it but he remains rooted in his seat, biting at his upper lip because seeing you fall undone triggers a foreign reaction from him that he's not familiar with.
It hits you all at once.
You don't know how to say goodbye to his parents whom you came to love and even look up to as parental figures, do they hate you?
Have they known this whole time of how Jimin is happy with Eunji? Have they all known that he'd end up with her somehow given his career and admiration for her, and you were just a filler all this time?
Do they love you as an indiviudal or do they love you out of obligation because you're connected to their son?
You don't know how to say goodbye to Soomin who's turning eighteen two weeks from now, will she miss you?
Does she know about her older brother's crush on Eunji even back on her rookie days? Has the thought of her having a famous and talented sister-in-law ever crossed her mind?
Does she genuinely look up to you as her big sister or is she just vulnerable and has never had a sisterly figure in her life?
Everything hits you all at once because your heartburn doesn't feel like one anymore, the ache spreading all throughout your body that makes your limbs weak and your eyes cry even harder.
You move — you just move and let your instincts take over. You barely know that you're packing your most needed necessities to your suitcase with the repeated promise that you'll get out of Jimin's hair as soon as you can, wanting to get every last bit of your stuff out of his apartment.
Jimin watches you from behind as he sees you working on overdrive to stuff your things into your bags, seeing your shoulders shake until they no longer could because you freeze in your actions.
He's never shed a tear once starting from when he laid the words down to you at the dining table, but now that you stop, now that your back is turned to him yet frozen, it's when he feels his eyes stinging.
You turn around to him carrying a well-crafted box with crepe flowers in the middle, hands shaking as you get closer to make him hold it.
You're just about to lose it.
"Please give this to Soomin on her birthday. Y-you don't even have to tell her it's from me if it makes you uncomfortable. Please just — please just make sure it gets to her. I'm not gonna ask for anything more."
Jimin feels the box to weigh a thousand tons as you force him to hold it, letting go as soon as you felt his hands grip it as you wring your own from beside you, the heavy tears clouding your vision as you heave.
"Do you hate me?"
He wants to comfort you so badly but he feels wrong. He feels distraught holding the present you have for his sister, his family, his wellbeing still being the last thing in your mind as he practically kicked you out of his life without a moment's notice.
"I'm sorry, Jimin. I-I'm sorry I didn't quit sooner."
He wants to tell you that it's not about the money. Frankly speaking, he doesn't even know what it's about. There are no words on the tip of his tongue because he can't think of any, his own tears falling down.
The box feels heavy on his hands but his heart feels even more heavy when he sees you looking up at him, slowly disappearing from his point of view.
"I'm sorry that I couldn't make you happy just like how she does."
Jimin almost throws the box down on the floor when he sees you kneeling in front of him, a warning glint to his voice as a sob wracks through his ribs.
"Get up, Y/N."
He sees you descend even faster to your knees, making his head shake as he nudges your knee with his foot.
"Don't do this. Don't do this to me," he pleads when he sees you crying even more loudly, burying your face into your hands. "Get up right now."
"I'm gonna wire you all the refunds that I could possibly get," for the wedding, you want to say. "If they don't, I'll wire you the exact amount instead."
Jimin's voice trembles and it cuts off completely when he sees you turn your gaze to your ring finger, taking off your engagement ring because the diamond that used to gleam up at you is now insulting you.
"Y/N, please-..."
"I can't keep this."
You admit with your whole heart.
"If you've kept the receipt, you can return it. I-I don't know how long you've had this but if they don't accept it, please just sell it. If you can't keep the money after you sell it, just donate it to charity."
Jimin chokes back his own sobs, throwing his head back.
"If you wanna keep this, just tuck it away. If you," your voice cuts off on its own accord, "i-if you end up marrying Eunji, don't give this ring to her, please. She deserves her own."
"Get up, Y/N!
Jimin's heaving but you won't meet his eyes, pulling your hands away as he's the one left frozen when you zip up your belongings.
Your hands that no longer bear his ring — your hands that should no longer hold his.
( ♡ )
There has never been a more terse silence in their household.
It's only been a few weeks and it's only now that Jimin drove back home to tell his family what happened, the entirety of how it came to be.
His father quit smoking decades ago but he says he needs to go out at the porch to get some fresh air.
His mother likes maintaining eye contact but she can't bring herself to look at him, excusing herself to go to the bathroom.
Jimin's sat silently on the dining table, in the same place where you used to sit whenever you came over, completely parallel to where Soomin sits.
She's deadly silent — more silent than she ever used to be.
"Are you mad at me?"
He asks her and he almost wishes he hadn't because his little sister looks up at him with red-rimmed eyes as it's clear she's trying her best not to break down right then and there.
"Why would I be?"
She doesn't sound convincing at all but she chokes it down, rubbing her thumb on her knuckles to try and quell the anxiety deep within her. "You're my brother, Jimin. I'll always be on your side."
Soomin stands up from her seat as casually as she could, throwing in a statement she didn't know could ever convince anyone.
"Besides, Y/N probably deserved it."
He wants to say that you don't. That you did nothing to deserve him finding someone else to be vulnerable to. He convinces himself that you didn't deserve to be cheated on emotionally. That you've done nothing in order to be hurt this way.
At the same time, Jimin convinces himself that he shouldn't feel guilty for finding someone else. Someone who isn't you but makes him happy and unreal. Someone who takes all the pressure away from his shoulders.
He's trying to justify his means in making himself happy — that he isn't selfish by focusing on himself and his needs and wants. Turns himself blind at the thought that his happiness and peace of mind cost him yours, but it shouldn't matter because after all, Jimin's given you more than you've given to him, right?
It's justified. He's tended to your needs before and understood clearly. It should only be natural for you to give him what he desires — even if it's to detach yourself from the picture.
At this point, Jimin forgets that he's engaged to you. That it's six months away from the wedding and you've already had your gown-fitting. That most of your needed wedding suppliers are already paid and geared for your marriage six months from now. That Soomin keeps asking him every week about the preparations and stresses about the perfect sister-in-law wedding gift she should give to you.
He took a peek at your birthday present to Soomin the day after you left and he just about froze, knowing that he's not the only one hurt in your absence.
A ring in the shape of a tiara that matches your own piece of jewelry. A custom-made music box in the tune of what Jimin used to hum to her to sleep when she was born, a tidbit you've known through their mother. Thank you cards for her small business. Your old airline crew pin from when you were a student pilot that she always longingly looked at whenever she skimmed through your closet. A framed picture of the three of you with Soomin in the middle, her happiest state after tagging along to look for reception venues. A framed picture of Soomin and you the day Jimin brought you home to meet his family, a candid picture of you smiling at her that he took secretly while you've both come down to get water downstairs, bathed in the light of the fridge.
All of those in a box with your handwriting.
to my sister; i'm happy you exist. happy birthday. i love you.
Jimin convinces himself to get rid of the guilt and the hollowness he feels in his bones. The regret that ebbs from within. The anxiety of you not being on his side that manifests in his breathing.
It’s the heartburn he feels when he sees that even without your things, his apartment’s taken to the shapes of you and your mark.
The heartburn he endures when he sees Soomin completely unlike herself and is rewatching all the corny shows she hated but you liked.
The heartburn he experiences when he mistakenly gets a call that shouldn’t have been made to his number.
You used to surround him all at once but now you’re no longer here.
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— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
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⇝ taglist: @agustdef @silentlyimpractical @hopeworldjimin @gldnrecs @jaiuneamesolitaiire @preciouschimine @joonies-babyy @dee-ehn @aqtkookie @taesinferno @seokjinslittledumpling @thecityrain @jeonsshadow @papichulo-knj @amour-quinn @bangtansbun @kooafraid @metaethically @miss-jupiter @tanumiki @yoongiofmine @princecalpal @jikooksgirl19 @mikrokosmicjoon @hqtetsurou @needingyou2 @alterlovess @ladyarmanto @trinityxsope @myworldisgone11 @yutaeminnie @yoooonie @peachy-tatas @paolandotcom @strwberry-jam @certifiedcrazycatlady @hansolsrightnut @btsbangtanbois @morseszn @codeinebelle @rjsmochii @joontopia @knjkitten @tae165 @chocobetterknot @ggukkieland @v3nti @kelitt @taejinminsu @jinhitwhore​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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Hi hana🥰 how are you 🥰🥰
Can you recommend me some jimin fics? Like established relationship or e2l or just anything that’s over 10k 🥲🥲
hi hon! of course! my jimin recs are here and there are a lot that fit your criteria there, but here are some the fics i've enjoyed that are either established relationship, e2l, or over 10k 😅 please make sure to check the warnings prior to reading, almost all of these are nsfw!
blood runs pure (e2l, 10k+) by @opaljm
30 minutes (est. relationship) by @ironicarmy
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the devil in his details (10k ish) by @johobi
doctor dreamy (10k+) by @jungblue
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in the stars tonight (est. relationship) by @mercurygguk
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novocaine (10k+) by @kinktae
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blue blood (10k+) by @joonbird
cherry flavored (10k+) by @ppersonna
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failure to communicate (e2l, 10k+) by @gukslut and @stutterfly
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of stars erased (10k+) by @fantasybangtan
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faded love (10k+) by @jamaisjoons
ribbons (est. relationship) by jamaisjoons
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caught elvesdropping (10k+) by @kimtaehyunq
the midnight pack (10k+) by @jjungkookislife
only you (10k+) by @personasintro
thank you for your service (10k+) by @jiminniethemarshmallow
sugar, spice, and everything nice (est. relationship, 10k+) by @dovechim
a remedy for mondays (10k+) by dovechim
all of you by (10k+) by @writtenwhalien
just one (10k+) by @jungxk
the fuckening (10k+) by @underthejoon
the alpha (10k ish) by ppersonna and @sombreboy
blow your mind (10k ish) by ironicarmy
luminous (10k ish) by @luffles424
sleepless night (10k ish) by @kwanisms
while you’re at it (10k ish) by @aureumjeon
and finally, the whole grail of everything you’re looking for and possibly my favorite fic of all time: 
a serpent’s flower (e2l, 10k+) by jimlingss and dovechim​ and it’s sequel—
sowing a sapling (est. relationship, 10k+) 
i’ve recced it a million times and will continue to do so 😅 hope you enjoy!!  
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Bleeding Butterflies Part 4 - Ot7 Vampire AU
Tumblr media
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I don't know why but this was so hard to write.
You wince as the bandage on your wrist is wrapped too tight for comfort. Jin glances up at you for a moment, as if he were about to apologise, but decides against it with a disgruntled look back to your injury. The air in the room is stifling, Yoongi stood with his back to the wall a distance from you both, you couldn't decipher his thoughts from his stoic appearance.
They all came home to find you and Jungkook huddled against the wall of his bedroom, the youngest vampire unable to stop his weeping while you comforted him as blood spilled down your wrist and covered you both. You won't forget the look on their faces, the harsh clench of their jaws in disbelief, restraint and anger. You shudder as you close you eyes and the scene replays in your head. Jimin and Hobi had to drag Taehyung out, he looked like he was in so much pain.
Namjoon only had to say Jin's name before Jin approached you both to take you from the Maknae, who did not want to let you go. You didn't see Yoongi's face when Jungkook clutched onto you like a lifeline, frowning when he growled at them for trying to separate you both. It was only when Namjoon said his name in warning he finally came back to his senses with a harsh breath, letting Jin pick you up and away from him. You wont forget the look he gave you as you were carried away from him, you wont forget the stern look Namjoon gave him as you left, Yoongi following close behind.
They both hadn't uttered a word to you, looking deep in thought as Jin patched you up.
“Are you guys okay?” You ask tentatively, breaking the silence that threatened to drown you all.
“Sweetheart we’re trying not to breathe,” he holds up your wrist as explanation, but his tone sounded unsettled. Jin was always one to make a joke regardless of what was going on.
"Oh..." You say awkwardly, smiling apologetically which Yoongi doesn't miss. "It's just... you all look really angry..."
Your voice gets quieter as you speak but they can hear you clearly. Jin sighs in frustration, standing up to burn the bandages drenched in blood. What a waste...
"We made a pact never to drink your blood," Yoongi replies. "Our youngest has broken it."
"But he was dying..." You reply in disbelief, not understanding what the issue was.
"A pact is forever Y/n," Jin sighs. "It doesn't matter the situation or the consequences, we knew what we were getting into before we took you in, we all agreed."
You had a hard time believing they all consented to protecting you since Jungkook didn't exactly hide his distain for you since your arrival. Your thoughts must've shown on you face because Yoongi is quick to reassure you.
"We didn't realise the extent of what that involved in terms of the self resistance," he explains very politically before shrugging, "but in our defence we hadn't smelled anything like you before."
His words shouldn't make you suddenly feel heat in your cheeks, but the aspect of them being able to smell you felt so intimate, which is why you always hated them talking about it before.
"There are consequences for breaking a pact sweetheart," Jin sighs, frown deepening as he thought what Namjoon would put the youngest through.
"But that's ridiculous, he was dying!" You're outraged, it wasn't as if Jungkook took it against your will, you gave him permission, you asked him to. You didn't want him to die, and you didn't think the others did too.
"We know," Jin whispers, looking downcast.
You turn to Yoongi exasperated, they couldn't be serious.
"You won't understand the gravity of a pact, little human," Yoongi says, but he isn't trying to insult you, "that being said..."
He looks at you with piercing sincere eyes that takes all breath away.
"...Thank you for saving him."
You can only nod in response, unable to find any words when he looked at you like that. You only look away when a sudden ache spreads across your chest, increasing in intensity until you're wrapping your arms around yourself. The two vampires share a concerned look as they hear you wince.
"Jungkook..." you exhale, you felt an urge to go find him, like something was tugging on your heart with tight cutting string.
"Y/n are you okay?" Jin asks, but you ignore him as you leave.
There's a moment of silence between the two men but it is filled with their loud thoughts, scared to utter their suspicions aloud.
“How can they already be bonded?” Jin whispers. “There has to be a strong surge of emotion felt by both parties, they’ve both got to accept the bond... This makes no sense.”
“One problem at a time Hyung,” Yoongi frowns, getting a headache from all the thoughts running in his mind. There was no way you were bonded, but Jungkook's reaction when they tried to take you away...
“I don’t think the bond’s complete..." He says, going through all the signs of a bonded pair in his head, unable to find a conclusion. "Namjoon’s the one that’s studied this shit," he groans. "He’ll know.”
"Hyung I didn't mean to," Jungkook whimpers, tears swimming down his face as he looks up at the prince. Namjoon still hadn't said a word to him, he had taken the maknae to his suite to get him away from the smell of your blood, pushing him into the bathroom to clean himself up as he drowned himself in his thoughts. He sat on his desk, hands in his hair, they made a pact... They wouldn't give into the temptation of the blood fruit, they wouldn't reduce you to a blood bag.
He didn't know how much time passed before Jungkook came out to stand in front of him, dripping and distraught. He doesn't know what to say to the youngest, he wants to scream at him for giving in, knowing if the roles were reversed with any of the others they would have resisted. But then he would be dead... Werewolf saliva was a slow acting torturous way of death, Namjoon doesn't know if they would've made it back in time to save him. He looks up at the youngest of their coven, their family, the one he took under his wing when he awoke as a new born vampire, doe eyes looking up at him terrified of his new life.
"Hyung..." He doesn't miss the desperation in his voice, he wanted forgiveness, he wanted to know he hadn't fucked up.
Namjoon sighs, veins pumping with rage as he remembers everything the stories about you state. He was already exhausted from fending off the supernaturals that tried to get to you, this was a problem he didn't need.
"There was saliva serum in the medical cabinet," he closes his eyes as he speaks in a low tone. Jungkook visibly flinches, their leader was terrifying when pushed to the edge, he never expected to be the one to put him there again. It was different when he was new born, he needed the discipline, now a century later, here they were again.
"You could've told her to get it for you, there was blood in the fridge," Namjoon clenches his jaw in irritation.
"Hyung the smell," Jungkook snivels out pityfully. "I couldn't think with the smell, it took everything to resist."
He wishes he didn't speak, not when the older vampire opens his eyes to pierce him with a damning look. But it was his words that pierced his heart.
"Taehyung and you are both a century and a half old," he says menacingly before delivering the blow. "He would've resisted..."
"Did he really tell you off?” You say as he comes out of Namjoon’s suite looking lost in his own thoughts. He’s surprised to see you waiting for him, scoffing slightly to build his defences again but there’s no heart behind it, not when his was breaking.
“I broke a pact, you wouldn’t understand,” he mutters quietly.
“That’s so stupid, you were dying, would he rather you die instead?” You were outraged, that didn’t sound like Namjoon at all. “That’s such bullshit, let me go speak to him!”
He grabs your wrist that isn’t covered in bandages as you try to walk past, pulling you back. You expect to see malice in his eyes but he doesn’t even look at you, he looks down in sorrow.
“I wouldn’t have died,” he rolls his eyes, half lying. He can feel your rage burning inside himself, taking a breath to try and subdue it for you both.
“But Jimin said-”
“Jimin’s like you, he has a flare for the dramatics,” He smirks but it doesn't reach his eyes.
“Flare for th- excuse me? How dar-”
You stop when he chuckles lightly, eyes still on the ground. A wave of calm starts to come over you both as you take each other in.
“Would you not call your escape games melodramatic?” His gaze finally meets yours sprinkled with mirth, but there’s still a hollow sadness behind them. He didn’t like getting told off, Namjoon’s angry words still replayed in his mind on repeat.
“I was trapped,” you say aghast, feigning shock. You’d not seen him like this before, soft, he looked soft when he wasn’t glaring at you. You didn’t know how else to respond other than lightheartedly. You can feel the hollow in your chest grow the more downtrodden he looked, you wanted him to be okay, even if that meant turning back into the asshole you knew well. You just wanted to wash away that sad look on his face.
You don’t realise he’s still holding your wrist, or how close he’s standing until he lets go, shuffling slightly on his feet. It isn’t until you’re separated you feel the urge to step closer.
“You shouldn’t have done it, you should not have given me your blood,” he says in a low voice, still remembering the taste, starting to swallow air as the ghost of it burns down his throat like a craving. You smelled so sweet, like strawberries, like an apple. But the taste, he wanted to groan, he’s never tasted anything like it, so fresh and pure, how does he even begin to describe it?
He thinks he must sound ungrateful to you, the thank you he so desperately wants to say out loud is stuck behind his lips on the tip of his tongue. You watch this internal conflict with interest, wondering what was going on in that brain of his.
“I’m sorry Namjoon’s angry at you,” you say softly, it was kind of your fault you guess? The situation was rather bizarre to know what the social norm would be, or the right thing to say.
He looks at you like you’ve grown a third head and a tail, he was supposed to be showing you his gratitude in saving his life, and here you were apologising because he was upset. He gulps when your eyes meet again, he would drown in them if he could.
The walk to your room is quiet, the estate still without a whisper of life. You sigh, the atmosphere had completely changed and you didn't understand it. You'd have to ask Namjoon about it when you had the chance, once the tension that filled the air had settled.
You turn the corner to your room, coming to a halt midstep as you take in the figure waiting for you.
He stands with his back leaning against the wall next to your door, eyes cast down with his arms crossed. You hear him sniff before he looks up to you, eyes red and rimmed, your heart breaks at the sight.
"Jimin!" You're more panicked now, taking in his dishevelled state. Taehyung must've hurt him or something, he looked a mess. Without thinking you take his face into your hands, giving him a once over as you checked for a wound or cut that caused him pain. He sniffs at the close proximity of your injured wrist, turning away from it before it clouded his senses.
"Are you okay?" you ask him. He whimpers, face contorting into pain as he tries to stop himself from crying again, but he cant. Your response is instant, arms wrapping around him as you pull him close. He didn't expect that, his mind going back to the time he found you crying and wanted to comfort you in the same way. You were braver than he was.
He holds you tighter, head burying into the crevice of your neck as if it would keep him safe, as if it were only place he needed to be. Engulfed in you. They nearly lost one of their own today, and while it was the fault of your existence, it was their choice. They all agreed, they all knew the consequences, but now when it nearly took Jungkook, Jimin couldn't help break down. He didn't want to lose his brothers, but he didn't want to sacrifice you either.
“Thank you for saving his life," he mumbles against your skin, he means it sincerely. He blamed himself for it all, he shouldn't have left Jungkook, he should've focused on him first. But if he had, what would've happened to the others. No, he was grateful to you for making the choice to save them all. They were family, bonded by something more powerful than blood, the grief that would've taken them if Jungkook had died. He thinks they would've lost all their humanity.
You don't know why you do it, but you cant stand to see him so hurt. You take his hand into yours, pulling him into your room, he doesn't stop you. Even when you make him sit on your bed, he just looks at you almost in anticipation but you don't know for what. You're still holding his hand when he leads you to sit beside him, silently asking for permission with his eyes as he laid down to rest his head on your lap. You don't push him away, instead your heart starts swelling.
You hesitate for a moment, hand hovering in the air above his soft locks. It's only when he pushes his head up to meet your palm you decide you're brave enough to brush his hair with your fingers. He smiles as he rests back on your thighs, your hands continuing in their affection against his scalp. His arm comes to hug your knees, eyes closing in comfort. He missed being able to sleep.
"Jiminie..." You pause, wondering how to ask the question that's been burning in your mind since the bite. He turns to look up at you, angelic features taking your breath for a second.
"Yes butterfly," had he always said the nickname like that? You could've sworn it was said with annoyance or amusement at the beginning. It sounded different now, when did the tone change?
"H-How," you clear your throat, feeling a little awkward, every inch of exposed skin starting to heat up the longer you stalled. "How do y-you cl-claim me?"
You avoid eye contact, but still stroke his hair as you wait for a reply. Theres a low chuckle vibrating against your legs, but you still refuse to look.
"Jungkook hasn't claimed you butterfly," he almost laughs, making your skin ignite in embarrassment. Dammit, he could see right through you. "You don't have to worry."
You cant find your voice to push the topic... he hadn't answered the question.
They were all avoiding you, well except Jimin and Taehyung. Anytime you walked into a room the others walked out grumbling out excuses, well you had enough. You march to the Namjoon's suite, forgetting to knock as you storm in. You falter in your steps when you're met with the sight of the tired prince sitting on his desk with his face buried in his hands.
He takes in a breath, already knowing who his intruder is, but he needed a moment to compose himself before facing you. He didn't know what to say to you, does he thank you, does he apologise? He almost lets out an audible groan.
"Y/n," he sighs, hands finally coming down to reveal his face. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"
He looked burdened, you think. That brain of his was driving him over the edge, and he was still trying to hide it from you. But you had seen him in states of calm, you could tell the difference after spending so much time with him. That subtle jaw clench, that fire in his eyes, that weight on his shoulders.
“Why did you tell him off? And don’t say he broke a pact if I hear that stupid word one more time,” you were sick of it being thrown around like an explanation when they didn't explain the depth of what it meant.
"There are consequences now that Jungkook has tasted your blood," he sighs, features growing darker as you walk defiantly up to the other side of his desk, looking down on him with determination.
"Surely those consequences are better than the alternative," you push. "He would've died, so I don't understand this reaction to it all. You're all family, I've seen the love you all have for each other so don't pretend otherwise."
He keeps silent, watching you get more and more agitated as you spoke in defence for the man that you thought hated you. He wondered if you were truly this noble or just naive.
"Honestly Namjoon," you sigh exasperated. "If you came back and he was dead..."
He's surprised to hear your voice break, thickening with emotion, but he can't understand why it's there.
"...and I had the chance to do something and I didn't, would you have been okay knowing your stupid pact wasn't broken?" Your tone is hash to hide the fact your heart is breaking, Jungkook was a shadow of who he was, the others weren't talking to him except for Jimin, you didn't miss the melancholic gaze he had on his face in the seconds you saw him, before everyone left the room you walked into.
Namjoon exhales through his nose hard. How does he explain to you that while he would lay down his life in thanks for saving the maknae, he was now torn between his life and yours. He should've told you of the consequences, he doesn't even know why he didn't.
"Namjoon!" You're sick of his silence, you wanted answers.
"He won't survive without your blood now," he almost growls in low warning, the intensity makes you take a step back. "You're now his personal blood bag, if he doesn't feed on you he dies. Call it a curse of your existence, the small print, a vampire can drink from others should they wish but it's not enough to survive until the fruit spoils."
The look he gives you is menacing, aiming all his anger at you even though most of it was due to the legend that now bound you without choice to his coven for the length of your life.
"What?" you breathe, gulping as his words form and reform in your mind. That couldn't be the case, it made no logical sense, everything so far about you had been somewhat logical when broken down in your sessions with Namjoon, this was not. "That makes no sense, he can suddenly go back to normal blood once I'm dead?"
"Think about it Y/n," he grunts. "It's the survival thing again, you're existence has formed itself to survive a long life. A drop of blood thats worth a pint so you're not drained prematurely. Whomever drinks from you can only survive on your blood because it can give them an incentive to prolong and protect your life, why do you think you smell so good to us?"
We're your prey, he wanted to add but it would be too harsh. It wasn't your conscious decision to be born the blood fruit, he reminded himself, this wasn't your choice.
"But how does that work for the witches or the werewolves..." You frown, unable to comprehend the consequences of your decision, but you didn't know.... You remember the state Jungkook was in when you walked into that room.... even if you had, you would've made the same choice.
"Until the fruit spoils," Namjoon breathes, closing his eyes in frustration. He tried so hard to stop this part of the legend, he tried so damn hard. "Until the candle stops burning, until the stone turns to sand, until the last petal falls from the flower... in every story Y/n it's the same."
"Okay," you nod, accepting it completely. "There's nothing I can do about that, fine that'll be the consequences, Jungkook has to take my blood every now and then, fine."
Namjoon chuckles humourlessly, head bending back as he looks to the ceiling as if looking for answers. Oh if only that were it.
"There's one more thing I haven't told you about," he grits his teeth as he speaks, you've never seen him so consumed with frustration.
"What?" you brace yourself, ready to accept more things out of your control. You couldn't change any of it, you just didn't want any regrets, from anyone.
"You and Jungkook will form a blood bond," his eyes come back down to yours, watching your reaction. "Normally, when a human is bit, they die during the feed or become newborns. If it’s consensual, when they become new borns, they form a blood bond to their Sire.”
"But I can't become a vampire, we covered this a week ago," you frown wondering how this affected you. "I'm immune to your venom so I can be used as a blood bag my whole life."
"But you're not immune to a bond," he sighs. "The act of feeding is very intimate, there are descriptions of the intricate detail of the bond between the blood fruit and a vampire, but essentially if both parties accept the bond, it is created."
He doesn’t mention the emotional aspect of the bond, he doesn’t think he can think about it himself. Instead he looks you dead in the eye as you stare at him speechless, was that why you were feeling so in tune to Jungkook? Even though you hadn't really seen him since he fed, you could feel him.
"The bond between you both isn't complete," Namjoon explains as your mind spins. "You accepted it, Jungkook didn't."
It was Taehyung's turn to watch you, and he didn't leave your side. Since that day his appearances in your presence were more frequent, he still was quiet unless spoken to, but you noticed whenever he was around.
You both sat by your usual tree, the vampire next to you, resting his eyes with his arms crossed peacefully. You couldn't help but smile as you glanced over to him, he was so ethereal, so otherworldly but in such a beautiful way. And his voice, you always longed to hear it when he was with you.
"Tae," you say as you usually do when you had a question as an excuse to hear him on the tip of your tongue. It was taking longer and longer to come up with something new to ask, you wonder if he caught on to your little game. He smiles a little, one side of his lips rising a little almost like a subtle smirk.
"Yes Angel?" he doesn't miss the way your heart rate accelerates for a moment each time he calls you angel, the way your breath catches when he speaks. Call him greedy, but it made him want to say it more.
"I-I was just wondering..." you stutter trying to remember your words, you always brace yourself for his voice, expecting that deep timbre and yet it always caught you off guard. "Why is Namjoon in charge? I mean I know you're all princes and all in charge, but why is he the highest Prince?"
Taehyung opens his left eye to look at you, the way youre sitting on your knees facing him awaiting for his answer. That cute expression on your face as you look at him, the blood underneath your cheeks coating them in subtle colour only his eyes could see. You really were an Angel, but he missed your apprehension with them, you trusted them too much now, forgetting their nature.
"Namjoon was the first one to be turned by our Sire," He closes his eyes again as he speaks. "He's not the oldest in human years, but he's the oldest vampire out of us all."
"Oh, I thought Jin was the oldest," your face scrunches in thought, you're sure youve heard Namjoon refer to him as Hyung.
"By human years Angel," Taehyung explains. "We were once human, we prefer to refer to our ages as if we still were."
Silence ensued again between you both, it wasnt uncomfortable but you missed the moments when he filled the air with his voice, it was always so rare you tried to prolong it as much as you could. He must've known.
"Otherwise I would be the youngest," he offers the information with a smile, eyes still closed. "I was turned last."
He's the one that looks like an angel, you almost say it out loud, pressing your lips together before it could escape.
"The others have been out for a couple of days," you say instead, worried, they hadn't ever been gone for this long before.
"I'm sure they'll be fine," he states with a knowing smile. "Jungkook's unlocked something special since you offered him your blood."
He can't see the questioning look on your face but he knows it's there.
"I guess Namjoon's hasn't covered that in your study sessions," he grins. "Your blood does something to our DNA, shifting it, mixing with it until it creates something unique, something new. Jungkook is now faster than any being in the universe."
You're too quiet after that... did he say something wrong? He sits up, opening his eyes and giving you all the attention of his being like he wanted to avoid. It was harder to put up with the smell if he focused on you, harder to resist when he could see every fibre of you react to his presence. But your silence worried him, that frown of sadness on your face created an ache in his chest. He wanted to reach out and touch you, hold the hands sitting in your lap as you looked at the ground as if it were about to open and swallow you whole.
"Angel...?" He asks hesitantly, afraid to break you out of whatever thought plagued your mind.
"Tae," you breathe and he wonders why your eyes are watering, did you regret giving Jungkook your blood? "I don't want this."
His look of worry breaks down into sympathy, apology ready on his lips.
"I don't want any of you to get hurt."
He cant hide the surprise on his face, he expected you to mean your existence, not their safety.
"Isn't there a way to stop it?" he wants to reach out and soothe the way your bottom lip is trembling, but he can't trust himself to. "You always tell me the truth Tae, tell me what's going to happen please."
He doesn't hesitate, not when you ask him like that.
“There’s going to be a war,” Taehyung states solemnly, knowing the others were going to berate him for telling you. “Namjoon’s tried to keep it from happening but the other covens are joining forces."
The way youre looking at him, all the trust in the world... did he deserve it? At least you're not crying, he'll tell you anything you want as long as you don't cry.
"They’ve made a pact to share your blood between all supernatural species," he continues. "They’ve painted us to be the villains, hoarding your blood to ourselves, but they look at you as a means to a gain."
He shakes his head in disgust.
"A fruit, a candle, a stone, a flower...” he scoffs. “You’re so much more than that, you’re an Angel compared to the beings of this world.”
There's that word again, its the way he says it, you can't explain...
He hears your heart rate increase as it beat louder against your chest, noticing the blush coating your skin. He looks away, off to the distance, pretending the most beautiful being that tested every ounce of his patience wasn’t sitting right next to him.
"Stay down here," Jin warns, eyes stern before he disappears. There was a loud ruckus that sounded like a break in upstairs, did he really think you were going to listen?
You chase after him albeit at human speed, hearing him in Hoseok's room as you approach, freezing in the hallway when you hear a loud groan.
"Witches and their lightning," he growls out in pain.
"It’s healing slowly," Jin mutters. "Did you drink before you left?"
Hobi must've shaken his head no, you can hear Jin sigh.
"You've got to keep your strength Hoseok," Jin lectures, and you find the strength to move again.
Their eyes turn to you at the doorway slowly approaching them as you take in his body. You suck in a sharp breath at the sight, eyes struck open. There were scars littered down his chest, red, open and angry, shaped like the branches of trees, or a strike of lightning.
"No Sweetheart," Hobi groans, hand coming up like a shield against you as he breathes shallow breaths. "Don't come any closer."
He sounds so desperate, and it turns your body cold.
"Hobi..." it's a whisper but it's enough to drive him over the edge, you flooded all his senses.
"I can't Jin, I can't take the smell."
Jin turns to you ready to instruct you to leave but you've already backed away, eyes glistening. You see his frown before turning to run out of the room and far away. You only stop when you get far enough that they wont hear you, hand covering your mouth as you wail into it, just in case they could.
You made your decision, they couldn't fight for you anymore. They would lose their lives, and all of this would have been for nothing. What was the point in protecting you if they were going to lose anyway? At least this way, they could keep their lives. Jungkook would be okay, you asked Jin to take a pint of blood to put away for him, stating it hurt too much to be bitten. He gave you a suspicious look, but conceded. If he only needed a drop when hungry, it would be enough for him until you died. Now you needed to leave.
This takes you back, you almost smile sadly at the memories of your attempted escapes, it had been a while. The floorboard creaked as you take another step, you pause for a second, listening out for the sound of getting caught. You couldn't afford to this time, there was too much on the line.
You don't sigh in relief when nothing else in the night is stirred, you'll wait until you're free. Yoongi was the only one home today, and he was in the opposite side of the estate, he couldnt have heard you, or so you thought.
"I thought you were done trying to escape?" His voice is harsh against the quiet.
You finally sigh but it's not one of relief, it's almost a groan. You turn back to find him glaring at you with his arms crossed, lips pressed in an unforgiving line.
"Let me go," You breathe, not trusting your voice to be strong for you, not when guilt and sorrow overwhelmed your thoughts.
He scoffs, looking away from you.
“Yoongi please,” you beg, taking the steps towards him with your arms outstretched, finding purchase on his arms. He could feel your desperation, he just didn’t understand it.
His voice is low as he replies, “after everything we’v-”
“That’s why!” He can hear the tears in your voice, the smell of petrichor. You try shaking him as if it would make him give in, and all it does is make him look at you. His gaze softens when he finds you crying, he knew you were, but it tore his chest open when he could see it. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
He hates the way you whimper as you say it, he hates the way you look so downtrodden, so out of options, out of control, out of power. You were so human, every inch of you.
“Jungkook nearly died,” you sob. “What if next time it’s too late?”
“You don’t have to wor-”
“How can I not worry Yoongi? There’s going to be a civil war, you guys are out more than you’re home,” your breath is drowned by your tears as you try to take in air. He frowns, who told you? “And for what? If you lose, if you die, I’m theirs anyway, just save yourselves and let me go.”
But they couldn’t... they couldn’t just let you go. Yoongi can’t keep your gaze, he doesn’t know whether it’s in shame or to hide his thoughts. They discussed it a while ago, the option of letting you leave to protect themselves. They knew it was a losing game, trying to prevent the inevitable, but they couldn’t do it. If it were anyone else but you, maybe, but unbeknownst to them you became something precious. Not because you were the blood fruit or some trophy, you were you.
You were warm, you were caring, even now knowing you were walking into certain danger, that whoever caught you first would let you bleed forever, you were going to protect them.
You freeze in shock when his arms come around you, chin resting on your shoulder as he breathes you in.
“We can’t let you go Y/n,” he whispers, not letting you pull away when you push against him. He didn’t want you to see his face.
"Y/n," Namjoon sighs for the hundredth time before growling, "move."
Your bottom lip protrudes as you stand firm in their way, they were going to leave without saying goodbye. Something had changed, you knew it meant the battle had arrived. They were all leaving you this time.
“I don’t want you to fight in this war," you whimper but stand strong, as if you had a chance against 7 vampires, as if you could stop them. They all look down and away from your tears, hearts clenching at the sight. They had to fight, they had to give you a chance to live a normal life. If anything happened to them, they made a pact with the fairies, it wasn’t ideal but it would keep you safe.
Jungkook nearly whimpers when he takes in your state, he can feel the despair echoing in his own cavity. The bond wasn't complete but he felt the need to comfort you overwhelm him, it's only when Jimin notices his behaviour, grabbing onto his arm, he cements himself to the ground, jaw clenched in resistance. He just wants to run to your side, you look so alone against them all.
“I don’t want you to die because of me,” you cry and it hurts them all. Jungkook groans as the emotions are reflected into him, his body feeling your pain, he cant stand it.
“Claim me,” you say. “If you claim me they’ve already lost, that’s all they’re waiting for so do it.”
They stare at you in shock, did you even understand what you were saying? Theres a collective gulp of air, new temptation filling their veins, and you looked so willing in front of them. Wide eyed, looking up at them with tears, so trusting... of course they had to fight this for you.
Namjoon sighs, feeling the shift in the room. He walks up to your stubborn form, taking your face into his palms. You're so innocent even in defiance, that pleading gaze, it had them all wrapped around you, but it made what they had to do clearer.
“No,” he says firmly.
“We don’t have a choice,” you repeat his words back to him from a conversation that seemed so long ago.
“I don’t want you to become reduced to what the prophecy dictates, I don’t want that for you,” he explains firmly, there was no way he would do that to you.
“Namjoon for fucks sake I’m trying to take control of my own stupid destiny, I want to be yours, please claim me!"
They didn't realise how much they wanted to hear those words until you said them, but it wasn't for the right reasons, it wasnt for the reason they wanted. You just wanted to save them, your kind heart didn't want them to die for you.
“It won’t stop the fighting love,” he says, the name slipping through his lips now that theres a chance this is the last time he sees you. “You’re just desperate to stop the fighting, you’ll feel different when it’s all over.”
“A drop is worth buckets right?” You say through tears. “Just take a drop and win, win and come back to me please.”
“No," stern gaze unflinching, features of stone, he wouldn't give into you, you could see it, but you'd fight him as if there was a chance.
“Namjoon you’re literally knocking on death's door,” you cry. “You won’t win against them all, stop being so stubborn and take my stupid blood!”
“Hyung she’s not wrong,” Jimin whispers, offering you a small smile, like it’s going to be the last time he sees you. You shake the thought away.
“We might-” Jungkook starts but their leader cuts him off.
“You don’t get to speak,” he says seething tone cutting through the air.
“Don’t be angry with him, I made him drink,” you take his fiery gaze away from Jungkook who looks down in shame. “I made a choice about my blood and my body, and he respected it, you aren’t.”
He scoffs in annoyance.
“We don’t have time for this Y/n,” he says, trying to walk past you but you latch onto his sleeve.
“I’m begging you, take a drop,” your eyes looks like little orbs glistening in the moonlight. He wants to come back to you, he knows your blood is the only sure way to do it. But he can’t forget the words you said to him in anger many moons ago, you would never offer them your blood. "Just listen to reason, you're being so stupid."
"Namjoon, just compel her," Hoseok sighs, he cant stand the scene anymore. He cant see that broken look on your face anymore, knowing there was a strong chance they wouldn't make it back.
"No!" You say outraged, eyes closing in defence. "You promised me you wouldn't."
With your eyes closed against them, their features softened. The sobs that wrecked through your body, made you fall to your knees, Namjoon coming down with you.
"Im not yours to save," you whisper, clutching onto his arms, afraid to meet his gaze. "I don't understand why you're doing this, why you're taking it so far. I don't want you to fight, I want to leave."
You can hear another figure approach you both, crouching down to your level. Theres a hand stroking your hair, trying to soothe you, unable to watch your tears.
"Precious why are you trying so hard to stop us?" Yoongi mumbles, watching you sniffle with your eyes shut tight. He shares a look with Namjoon, they have to leave, they had an army to lead.
You know why, you're just afraid to admit it. Afraid they would laugh at you, take you for a fool, or a victim to Stockholm.
"I’ve fallen in love with you all,” you don't open your eyes although you want to see their reaction, you're just so afraid to. "Please..."
You don't know what you're begging for, you don't know what you want other than them to stay. They didn't have to return your feelings, you just wanted them safe.
They don't breathe, they just stare, knowing it wasn't a dream. But there was no way...
No way, you returned their affection. Namjoon, despite ready to lay down his immortal life, smiles. You shudder in a breath as you feel his lips press against your forehead, finally greeting him again with your gaze in surprise.
“Well then we have to my love, we have something to fight for,” he can't help but grin at your dumbfounded expression, despite the bitter feeling of having to go.
“No one is taking you from us,” Jungkook steps closer, watching Namjoon wearily but focusing on you. He looks so young when he smiles at you, even though he lived for so long, he was so young, and you didn't want to see him die.
"If you leave me here, I will follow you out of this door and I swear you won't be able to stop me," you try to sound fierce even though your voice is riddled with tears, face dragged down but you dont break your glare.
“We won’t die,” he says, unable to help the chuckle leave his lips, you loved them, you wanted to protect them. Even with Death waiting for them outside that door he felt elevated.
“We won’t,” he reaffirms it, looking at you to listen. He stands and you follow ready to keep to your word. You would scream and kick and cry, but you would not let them leave.
“You love us, really?” Jimin smiles, eyes watering as he comes closer to you. You nod, his features making your anger melt away, eyes softening as his smile grows.
They hadn't said it back.
Jungkook felt compelled to take you into his arms, feeling the doubt mirror in his own chest. They couldn't say it, it felt like they wouldn't be able to leave if they did. You felt so right in his embrace, he didn't want to let go.
"Wait for us," he whispers as if the words were for your ears only, even though he knew the others could hear him. You clutch onto his jacket.
"Please don't leave," you feel pathetic, weak, a little human, just like Yoongi said. He wasn't wrong, you were helpless.
You didn't even notice his embrace was to stop you seeing Jimin, Jin and Yoongi leaving, they couldn't say goodbye, but then Jungkook didn't think he could either. Namjoon whispered instructions too low for your ears to pick up, and against his desires, the youngest dropped his arms, looking down at you, taking in every aspect of your puffy crying face.
"Jungkook you need to go," Namjoon mutters in nonhuman decibels, "you're the fastest."
You watch a smile grow on Jungkook's face as you gaze up at him, silently begging for him to stay. The fact you wanted him to made him happy, he thought it was the bond making you tolerate him, but you accepted it, you had feeling for him. The only reason he rejected it was out of guilt and fear, and because he thought you would reject it first. He didn’t want half a bond formed, how ironic. He regretted it now, he could've felt so much closer to you had he given in to his desires.
it takes all his strength to remove your hands from where they're fisted in his clothes, trying to keep him in place. And in a second he's gone, as if he was never there to begin with.
"Stop crying sweetheart," Hobi scolds you lightly. "You're making it harder to leave."
He stops beside you, watching silent tears fall as you stare stunned in front of you. His arm comes around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him as he presses his lips against the corner of your eye before another tear could escape. When did you ever listen to them? Their little defiant human, they wouldn't have it any other way.
It's cruel of him, but when he sees your hand come up to hold onto him, he's gone.
You look back at the highest prince as if he cut your soul into 7 and took it away piece by piece.
“Taehyung, take her inside,” his voice is solemn, audible to your human ears.
“No Namjoon! Please!” you give it one last shot, already broken beyond belief, you'd never see them again, they all left like it was so easy, and here you were feeling something awful grip your chest.
The vampire who refused to touch you since the day you met, picks you up by the middle as he carries you away. Namjoon lingers for a second longer, taking in your face one last time, before he's gone too.
You kick, scream and struggle as you promised you would against Taehyung, but of course to no avail. He took every blow you gave. He puts you down in your room, but has to hold you against him as you immediately run for the door.
His grip is firm as he takes your face into his hand like a clamp, his touch isn't harsh, but it isn't soft either. He forces you to look at him and you know what's coming.
"Taehyung no," you whimper and he pretends like it doesn't break his heart. "I won't forgive you."
He smiles sadly as an apology, you weren't giving him a choice. He leans his forehead down to yours, breathing you in one last time. The smell that drove him crazy, how he'd miss it. You can see the way his eyes dilate for a second, objection on the tip of your tongue.
"Sleep angel," his deep husky voice is the last thing you hear before you fall asleep in his arms, body finally relaxing in his hold. He's gentle when he takes you to the bed.
“I feel like the universe is laughing at us for falling for the one person we can’t make immortal,” he confesses to a silent room, whispering to your sleeping form. “Sometimes I wish we never met you Angel, this love is short and sweet and then one day you’ll be gone, and the void you’ll leave will be bigger than the love you gave us."
He tucks away a strand of hair that fell over your face. He hoped you hadn’t heard his confessions. He walks out with purpose, not looking back once. He didn't intend to make it back like the others, no matter what the outcome, they were doomed from the start. His only hope now was to die before you did.
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joheunsaram · 4 months ago
Sons of Midas - Masterlist
Tumblr media
A look into the love lives of seven men born into the glittering world of gold and privilege. And seven ways of love found, lost, and found again.
This series is a collab between myself and five other brilliant authors here on tumblr. 
Genre: chaebol!au, angst, smut, fluff.
Status: Ongoing
Rating: R
Release Schedule: May 25th (Parts 1), June 25th (Parts 2)
Please note that the fics are all set in the same universe and so do contain minor spoilers for each other within them.
Tumblr media
Lavender Honey by @oftenderweapons​
Namjoon x Reader (nicknamed: Honey) | childhood friends, exes2lovers
Namjoon — man of many women, successful businessman is nothing but a rotten piece of soul living in memories and what ifs. His life is nothing but completing his endless tasks fast enough to hide himself in a sweet scent from the past. What happens when the gentle perfume waltzes back into his present together with the only one he ever loved?
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
What’s Wrong with CEO Kim? by @hobiandsprite​​
Seokjin x Reader (nicknamed: Beauty) | coworkers2lovers​​
CEO Kim Seokjin, the youngest president of Cuddlebug Toy Company, needs you. That much is clear. As his longtime secretary and trusted confidante, he can barely tie his shoelaces without you, but what happens when you take the leap to leave his company to start a relationship with him?
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
Stuck by @honeyj00ns​
Yoongi x Reader (nicknamed: Peach) | arranged marriage​​
When Min Yoongi’s parents arrange for him to marry their top business competitor’s daughter, he’s less than thrilled, but being the filial son he is, he does what his parents ask to keep the business successful. You’re much less receptive to the news, and it takes your parents threatening your fortune to get you to go along with it. As expected, things between you and Yoongi go from bad to worse. It only takes half a year before it all comes to a head, leaving you both exhausted, heartbroken, and unsure of how to pick up the pieces.
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
I Want You To Lie by @hobiandsprite​
Hoseok x Reader (nicknamed: Candy) | friends2lovers, exes2lovers
Best friends, exes, ex best friends, friends with benefits...there are very few remaining labels you and Jung Hoseok can continue to add to your unofficial list. Things have changed since high school, with the exception of one thing--you're still head over heels for him, and he's not.
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
Caught in a Lie by @biaswreckme​​​
Jimin x Reader (nicknamed: Daisy) | strangers2lovers​​
As the heir of the King's Conglomerate, sweetheart Park Jimin has been spending his time at the hospital run by his father, shadowing his footsteps. And it is where his life entangles with yours with lunch dates, caring touches, and whispered promises. But what happens when he finds himself caught in a web of lies?
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
Songs About You​ by @taegularities​
Taehyung x Reader (nicknamed: Swan) | childhood friends, fwb
Both of your touches used to fit your little agreement to fulfill your desires whenever you needed it - when had exactly these touches started to become a quiet whisper in the back of your mind that had you yearn for so much more than just careless nights?
Part One | Part Two
Tumblr media
Glitter and Disquiet by @joheunsaram​​
Jungkook x Reader (nicknamed: Tiger) | enemies2lovers​​
Poised to inherit Korea's largest gaming company in a few months, the world looks at Jeon Jungkook as a symbol of envy. Why wouldn't they? He has everything, riches, power, and according to the rumour mill, endless women. Little do they know that his father's company is on the verge of downfall, he barely has respect of his employees, and regardless of the rumours, he's just a virgin saving himself for true love.
Part One | Part Two
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ot7always · a year ago
Ignorantly, Yours
Tumblr media
Word Count: 10.6k
Pairing: Alpha!Jimin x Omega!Reader
Genre: Wolf!AU, Best Friends to Lovers!AU; fluff, smut, angst
Warnings: dom!Jimin, sub!reader, A/B/O dynamics, heat sex, fingering, unprotected sex, dirty talk (including a bit of possessiveness), marking, creampie, hair pulling, degradation, praise, rough sex, multiple orgasms
Rating: 18+
Summary:  You never could have expected your best friend to show up at your apartment right as you were about to go into heat, but when he did, something in you just wouldn’t let him go.
A/N: Truly, this was never supposed to be more than drabble. Which truly became a nuisance once it grew a lot and I had to go back and change a lot of things during editing. This is my first fic with some sort of supernatural element to it, and I had a lot of fun! I hope you guys enjoy, and please let me know what you think!
Reposted without the header gif and without any links or taglist. Sorry for any inconvenience if you were already looking at the first post. I will reblog with the taglist shortly.
Maybe it should have been embarrassing.
Maybe it was, 5 years ago when the habit first started.
5 years ago, when you’d had your first pre-heat. When the world had quickly become too overwhelming, your nose unused to the myriad of scents that assaulted you in your sensitivity. Your skin feeling so raw that even the clothes on your back felt uncomfortable.
It was then, in your childhood bedroom, amidst everything else, you recognized a scent that accompanied you through your life for as long as you could remember. A scent that felt like home, felt like warm days under the sun and shared laughter under blankets at midnight.
Your nose had led you to the bottom drawer of your dresser, your hands digging through the mess of fabric there until you pulled out an orange hoodie. You didn’t remember ever having it, and it looked small enough to have been from years ago – maybe even from before he presented.
But as you pulled it out of that drawer, the scent that might have been faint to you any other day filled your nostrils. A blueberry and pine scent that left you feeling calmer instantly, safer. Whether that had to do more with your friendship or his alpha status wasn’t a thought that crossed your mind. All you knew at the time was that it made everything better – he made everything better, even when he wasn’t there.
That marked the first time you laid in your bed, curling yourself around that small piece of comfort, your face shoved into the soft fabric. The peace that washed over you then was addicting, and any thought of giving up that feeling was unfathomable.
And if Jimin noticed how you were covered in his own scent when he saw you after every heat since that day, he didn’t say a thing.
You missed him a lot.
It wasn’t as though his university was that far away, and you should have grown used to it after several years of living apart for most of the year. Weekend visits were hardly enough when you’d spent more time together than apart growing up.
It definitely didn’t feel like enough when you were lying in bed, surrounded by the products of your skillful swiping over the years during Jimin’s visits. Hoodies, t-shirts – you had at least a dozen by now. All of which were tossed across your bed alongside you, your upper body already clad in one of his oversized hoodies.
When your pre-heat started affecting you yesterday, you’d already emailed your professors to tell them you wouldn’t be able to make it to class for the week. They, of course, understood – every university accommodated for their students to get a week off about every 3 months for this exact reason.
You were already overcome by exhaustion, Jimin’s scent wafting around the room lulling you into a sleepy daze.
It was common for an omega to nest amongst an alpha’s scent before their heat, though said alpha would typically be their partner.
It wasn’t something you liked to think on very often. Something like this couldn’t be that uncommon, right? After all, he was your first friend, and that went beyond being an alpha or omega. Besides, if it bothered him, wouldn’t he have already called you out for it by now? Wouldn’t he have said something when he realized that even when you’d started spending every heat with an alpha, his scent was still somewhere in there?
You tried not to worry too much about it. It didn’t matter, anyway.
Based on how you were feeling, you knew your heat would probably be here within 2 or 3 days. Which meant you should probably call someone soon to ask them to help you through it. It was normal practice to ask a friend to help you with your heat, but it was a line you’d never crossed with Jimin. Rejection was never something you dealt with well, and you were too afraid to put him, of all people, in that position. Knowing him, he would agree even if he didn’t want to.
Who, then? Namjoon? Hoseok? Both have agreed before, though the notion of crossing your room to pick up the phone you’d so foolishly left on the dresser was severely unappealing.
Instead, you let your eyes flutter shut, your face nuzzling into a blue and red scarf Jimin had forgotten at your apartment last winter. As the tranquility washed over you, your mind drifted closer and closer to sleep, warm and cozy and surrounded by Jimin’s scent.
Until the doorbell rang through your apartment.
At first you elected to ignore it, hoping whoever it was would get the hint and go away. But when it sounded out 2 more times after you hadn’t moved in several minutes, you groaned.
Wasn’t it bad etiquette to do this to someone? Surely that had to be written in a handbook somewhere.
With heavy limbs, you dragged yourself out of bed, flipping the hood up on your (well, Jimin’s) hoodie. As much as it may have been a bad idea to answer the door by yourself in pre-heat, your scent enveloped by an alpha’s would be enough to ward off unwanted advances. Though there were definitely bad people in the world, it took a truly insane person to go after an omega scented by an alpha.
When you made it to the door, you took a deep breath, preparing yourself to ream out whoever was on the other side. While you could sense someone’s presence there, every apartment was insulated, scent-wise, for protection. You didn’t know what to expect.
But of every possibility, when you opened the door, you didn’t expect to get assaulted by the very scent you’d been basking in only minutes ago. You didn’t notice how his eyes widened or how his pupils dilated when your scent hit him, too preoccupied by your body’s visceral reaction.
The full force of his scent almost had your knees buckling, your eyelids growing heavier as every single part of you instinctively yearned to curl up into him. Maybe your heat was closer than you thought.
When you were finally able to focus your eyes on him, his teeth were biting into his bottom lip, the hand holding an overnight bag clenched so hard his knuckles were white.
You didn’t give him the chance to say anything before you were stumbling forward, colliding messily with him, only focused on getting as close to him as possible.
You barely heard a mumbled ‘shit,’ not registering that he backed you into your apartment until you heard the door slam, his bag hitting the floor.
“Jimin,” you mumbled, your hands grasping at his shirt, eyes closed as you shoved your face into his neck, sighing happily when you were finally as close to the source of your happiness as possible.
But much to your discontent, he pushed you from him, keeping you an arms’ length away. The whimper you let out in response sounded pathetic even to your own ears, but every cell in your body was screaming to get as close to him as possible.
“Y/N,” he said firmly, the unusual hardness in his tone snapping you out of your daze slightly, wide eyes fixing onto his face. He audibly gulped at the glazed look in your eyes, before continuing. “You’re in heat.”
“I’m not,” you whined, trying to push against his hands, but he was stronger than you were.
“You will be,” he responded, letting out an incredulous sigh. “Fuck. I meant to surprise you but I forgot what the date was, I’m so sorry.”
“But I’m not yet,” you complained, changing tactics and instead aiming to shove your nose into the wrists near your shoulders. When your hair swished with your movement, sending a whiff of shampoo and your scent Jimin’s way, he groaned loudly.
“God, I can’t be here, I should go,” he said through gritted teeth. But when he started leaning down to pick his bag back up, you panicked.
“NO!” you yelled, launching yourself at him with your whole weight, not at all concerned about how he stumbled back in surprise. Your hands gripping onto his waist, you looked at him with wide eyes, your irises barely visible around the black of your dilated pupils. “Please don’t leave.”
His composure visibly cracked at the desperation on your face, but the sensation of your hands trembling in their grip on him brought him back to reality. “I can’t stay, I know that you know that-”
“Why?” you cried, your bottom lip trembling. The logical part of you deep inside knew you were being unreasonable, but even that part of you was a slave to instinct. All you knew was that Jimin got you through every pre-heat, and here Jimin was in front of you now. He’d never seen you like this, not ever in the last 5 years. And now that he has, nothing has ever been more unappealing than the thought of him walking out your front door.
He was very clearly taking shallow breaths, eventually bringing his own wrist to his nose to try to drown out everything else. Based on the low grunt he let out, it didn’t seem to be working very well.
“You smell like you’re going to go into heat at any moment, fuck, I can’t,” he panted, every part of him resisting the urge to grab you and scent you until there was absolutely no question whether you were his.
Except you weren’t his.
“I-I...” he stuttered, the scent of you not only clinging to him, but everywhere throughout the apartment occupying every part of his brain. “I need to go, I’ll call someone for you, Hoseok or-”
But that was definitely the wrong thing to say, because you sprung back from him as though you’ve been burned. When you looked at him as though he’d betrayed you, he knew he’d messed up.
“Why? You’re already here,” you spat out. “Don’t go,” you finished in a much weaker voice, pleading gaze fixing onto his.
A flash of pain went through him when he saw you hug yourself around the middle, as though to appear smaller. As though to protect yourself. From him.
“You don’t know what you’re asking of me.”
“I know exactly what I’m asking of you!” you wailed, the space between you feeling wider than it’s ever been.
“I can’t,” he repeated, a tinge of desperation making its way into his tone. Why was this so hard? From what he knew about omega heats and pre-heats, without a partner or relationship you shouldn’t have cared this much about which alpha stayed with you.
“Aren’t we friends? Can’t you just stay?” you begged, eyes brimming with unshed tears. Something about him trying to leave felt like a hole was being ripped through your chest, even if you’d understand why any other day.
“Of course we’re friends,” he said incredulously, a conflicted expression on his face. He knew exactly what you meant, exactly what was implied within that statement. When something like desire crossed his gaze, you felt a dash of hope bloom within you. “But...”
And it was crushed just like that. “Why don’t you want me when I want you? What’s wrong with me?” you sobbed, the tears finally spilling from your eyes as you dropped to your knees.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
The smell of an omega in distress was always something that set off an alpha’s protective instinct.
But the knowledge that he was the one who caused it brought forth an ugly wrenching in his gut.
For all the required readings Jimin had done in the course of his life, nothing had ever taught him what to do when the girl you’re secretly in love with was on the floor crying because you refused to fuck her through her heat.
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. God, did he want to.
But you weren’t there begging for his heart or his love or his devotion – you were begging for his body. Which wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t that he was offended. The problem was that he wanted more than this, and that right now was most definitely not the time to have that conversation.
And it’s not that he didn’t think you knew what you wanted. He knew you knew that you were asking for sex, but he also knew that was all you were asking for. Pre-heat was about preparing for sex, not romance.
As much as a heat could completely fog an omega’s brain, in pre-heat they could still make coherent decisions. It was typically a time spent preparing for heat, a time to call an alpha or to prepare for the much more painful option of suffering alone. They were typically in a perpetual state of exhaustion, bodies crying out for sleep to save up energy for their heat.
But more importantly, it was a time where omegas were at their most emotionally vulnerable, where they gave in to instinct. A time where they surrounded themselves in the things that made them feel safest, most at home.
He knew – he knew you used his scent to get through your pre-heat, but he never thought it meant that much. You were his oldest friend, and the fact that you found comfort in his scent was never something he questioned. He was an alpha, and you scented each other often – it made sense from a biology standpoint.
And – oh.
It hit him then that this was more than an alpha’s refusal to help their friend through their heat. This was more than a refusal for sex.
This was your biggest security blanket pushing you away at your most vulnerable, the person you trusted most to keep you safe leaving you when you were begging him to stay.
He really, really fucked up by coming here.
He should have checked the dates properly in the first place, and now he’d have to deal with the consequences. There was an unbelievably high chance that if he walked out that door, you’d have a breakdown, and he couldn’t just break your heart by leaving now.
Even if it ended up breaking his own. Even if you ended up thinking nothing of it, and he would never be able to erase the memory from his brain.
Because you were begging him to stay out of instinct, out of need. Not out of love. Not that he knew of, not the kind he wanted, at least.
But there was no reason to go there or question you about it, because he knew you’d say anything to make him stay, even if it wasn’t true. Not because you were a liar, but because that’s what your body would push you to do right now.
Knowing that the smell of his own panic would just set you off more, he took a couple deep breaths before falling to his knees in front of you. He had to force down the rising upset in his chest at the scent of your tears, every part of him screaming at himself for upsetting you this deeply.
“Hey,” he called out softly, his hands reaching out to gently pull your hands away from where they were hiding your face. At the sight of your red-rimmed eyes and wet cheeks, his heart tugged. “Look at me.” He slipped a hand forward to cradle your head, brushing against the hair at the nape of your neck. He hoped so badly that he could be a comfort to you, even when he was the one who hurt you in the first place.
He waited almost a minute for you to look up, doing his best to calm you in that time. When you finally raised your eyes to look at him, the fear in your expression was something he’d only ever seen a few times in his life. You were an expert at putting on a brave face for the world, and seeing the uncensored pain displayed there punched him in the gut.
“Baby,” he cooed, pulling you into his arms. He carefully maneuvered your face into the crook of his neck, smiling as you melted into his hold, a content sigh leaving you. He wrapped his arms around you, face rubbing into your hair as he stopped resisting the urge to scent you. He ignored the shiver that ran down his spine at your scent that only seemed to be growing stronger.
The two of you stayed like that for several minutes, your body so limp in his grasp that he had to keep both of you upright himself. He couldn’t tell whether you were awake, goosebumps rising to the surface of his skin as your nose brushed against one of the most sensitive parts of his body.
But when he stood up, wanting to get you somewhere more comfortable than the floor, he felt every muscle in your body tense, a low whine leaving your throat. Your hands grasped onto his shirt. “Jimin-”
“Shh,” he soothed, continuing to nuzzle into you as he stood you both up. “I’m not leaving.”
“You’re not?” you repeated, muffled into his shoulder.
“I’m not.”
“Promise.” He scratched lightly at your scalp as the other hand stroked up and down the length of your back, humming when you finally relaxed again, your arms wrapping around to tug him as close as possible. “Good girl.”
Something in him awakened when he heard the hitch of your breath at his words, but he shoved it down. He had to keep a hold of himself while he still had the chance – because once you were in heat, there would be no rest for either of you. Not when it was taking his entire focus to hold himself back right now and it was only your pre-heat.
“I’m gonna take you to your room, okay?” he asked quietly. When you nodded, he scooped you up, your legs wrapping around his waist, head lolling sleepily against his shoulder.
You were very clearly exhausted, and guilt gnawed away at him for it. The emotional ups and downs of the past half hour must have taken even more out of you – while you tended to be quiet, you were never this quiet, not with him. You seemed to be asleep, steady exhales hitting the skin of his neck.
When he entered your room, his heart skipped in his chest at the sight of his belongings strewn across your mattress, a you-sized gap in the middle where you must have been laying. He couldn’t help the pride swelling in his chest, the possessive part of him thrilled at the notion of you burying yourself in his scent.
He supposed he should be happy you were asleep. Omegas tended to be self-conscious about their nest, which was why he was surprised you agreed to let him take you here so easily. The idea that you felt comfortable enough to let him in here without a fight brought forth a feeling in his gut that felt suspiciously like butterflies.
Easing off the shoes he’d never had the chance to remove at the front door, he brought you both down into the bed, careful not to jostle your form. He laid you down together, your body atop his, heart melting at your tiny noise of content.
He had to bite back a moan when you nuzzled further into his neck, your lips brushing against his skin.
Get it together, Jimin.
He didn’t know if he would ever be relaxed enough to sleep when you were on top of him already smelling like every sinful desire he’s ever had. His cock shouldn’t have been stirring when you looked so innocent, your hands curled up ever-so-slightly under his shirt. And despite everything in his mind telling him that he would regret this, his entire body was screaming in anticipation for this entire weekend.
This wouldn’t be the first time he’s helped an omega through their heat, but everything was different because this was you. Someone he cared about, someone he loved, and he knew you loved him too, whether it was in the way he wanted or not. Heat flared in him at the thought of you wet and desperate only for him, begging to be filled. He knew you’d be out of your mind with lust, and even before seeing it he knew it would be the most beautiful sight he’s ever set eyes upon.
Get a hold of yourself, Jimin.
It was absolutely no use to contemplate these things now, especially not when the scent of his arousal might wake you up and set you off prematurely. You both needed rest – he’d be damned if he didn’t make this the best heat you’d ever had just because he was tired.
And so he wrapped his arms around your middle, willing arousal from his brain and replacing it with thoughts of sleep. Luckily, his body must have been able to sense his need for rest before the upcoming days, and sleep found him easier than anticipated.
You awoke to your back hitting your mattress, the first thing you noticed being that your body felt like it was being burned alive. But when you inhaled, the scent of pure alpha overtook all thought, brain incapable of anything other than unadulterated need, arousal shooting to your core almost instantaneously.
When your eyes shot open, fire lit within you when they immediately locked onto Jimin’s dark gaze, his body hovering over yours like he was about to pounce. When he took in the neediness in your eyes, his lip upturned in a salacious smirk, stare burning holes into you.
“Rise and shine, little wolf,” he drawled, hands locking onto your ankles and dragging you down the bed until your face was right below his.
You shivered despite yourself at the predatory expression on his face, holding back the whine that threatened to escape. You felt incapable of speaking, every intake of breath only fogging your mind further, the fire in you becoming so potent it was painful.
You couldn’t help the keening whimper that escaped when he roughly fisted a hand into the hair at the nape of your neck, yanking until your entire neck was on display. You gasped and arched into his body with want as he leaned in to inhale deeply right above your collarbone. The feral growl he let out at your scent had you shuddering, trembling hands trying desperately to pull him closer, but he didn’t relent.
“Please,” you begged, shoving your body upwards as much as possible, desperate to feel his body against your own. At the feeling of his canines brushing against the skin of your neck gently, you felt new wetness rush from you. Your desperation was only growing exponentially with every passing moment, and it felt like if you didn’t get touched soon, you would surely die.
“You smell so fucking good,” he snarled, voice raspier than you’d ever heard it before. He sounded almost pained, and it only set you off further. Everything in you ached for his touch, your cunt clenching around nothing despite Jimin not even having touched you yet. You needed it – needed to be touched, you needed him to quell the ache.
“Hurts,” you gasped out, still trying and failing to grind against his body above you.
“Aw, baby, I’m sorry,” he cooed, pressing his free palm down onto your clothed centre. His breath hitched as you started forcefully grinding against it immediately, a choked whine slipping from your lips at the sudden pressure right where you needed it most.
“Alpha...” you moaned, rutting shamelessly against his hand as you pushed further against the hand in your hair, baring more of the soft expanse of your neck. Your eyes shut as pleasure rocked your system, but it wasn’t enough. You needed more, his cock in your drenched cunt, his nails raking down your body as he utterly ravished you. You whined loudly at the thought, arousal slipping from you. It was clear he noticed when he hissed.
“Fuck, look at you. You’re dripping, so fucking desperate,” he panted, somehow sounding almost as ruined as you. “I’m gonna fuck this cunt senseless, fill you up so good you’ll never ask for anyone else again. Do you want that, little omega? Want me to make you mine?”
Any other time you might have questioned his possessive words, but any rational part of your brain was long gone. No, all that existed was you, Jimin, and your excruciating need to be filled.
“Yes, yes, yes,” you cried, whimpering at the imagery he put in your head. You wanted nothing more than to be his bitch, to take his cock and his seed and his knot. “Fuck me, please.”
“You beg so nicely,” he breathed, and you keened at the praise. You gasped as he sat back and quite literally ripped the shirt from your body, following suit with the rest of your clothes. You didn’t have it in you to complain, not when he was yanking your legs apart, gaze laser-focused onto your centre. “Don't worry, baby, your alpha is gonna take care of you, okay?”
You only nodded furiously, hips bucking upward suddenly as Jimin wasted no more time, two fingers smearing through your heat before thrusting abruptly into you. You finally felt some sort of relief at being filled, but it wasn’t enough. The stretch wasn’t satisfying enough, and your desire for more only amplified. But it seemed he knew this, adding another finger wordlessly.
“God, this cunt is so fucking hungry for me,” he growled, pistoning his fingers in and out roughly before grinding the heel of his hand into your clit.
You cried out as pleasure reared on you embarrassingly quickly, but no part of you wanted to cum without his cock inside you, dragging against your sensitive walls.
“Jimin...” you moaned, arching your back as you sought to push yourself closer to the source of your pleasure. He almost groaned at the sound of his name coming so wantonly from your lips. “Want you, please.”
“Yeah? You want to get stuffed?”
The garbled response you gave was nowhere near coherent, but it didn’t take a genius to see what you wanted. When he gave a low chuckle and pulled himself from his sweatpants, you started salivating immediately. He was girthy, vein visibly spanning the underside beneath his hand as he palmed himself. The head looked almost purple, the tip leaking. You needed it inside you.
Before you even realized it yourself, you were turning over onto your front. By the time you’d planted your face down, ass up, Jimin was already growling, roughly digging his fingers into your asscheeks. As several more seconds went by without his cock in you, you arched your back further, whining as he only dug his fingertips in harder.
“Such a good little wolf,” he crooned, hissing when your arousal dripped from your pussy to the bed. “Getting yourself so nice and ready for me. You need cock that badly? Can’t wait for it?”
You could have cried when you finally felt the tip of his cock at your entrance, but you didn’t have time to do or say anything before he shoved all the way in to the hilt without warning.
You must have screamed then, but you hardly noticed anything apart from the way he set a quick pace, hardly noticed when the tears left your eyes, body swimming in relief and euphoria. Every snap of his hips brought forth a moan from your lips, fingers digging helplessly into the sheets by your head.
“Tell me how it feels,” he snarled, moving to hold your hips up when the overwhelming pleasure left you unable to do it yourself.
It was all you could do to whimper, body feeling as though it was in the clouds as your walls clamped down on Jimin’s cock. He was stretching you so well, the slight burn nothing compared to the waves of pleasure he was sending through your entire being. You took a breath to respond to him once you registered what he said, but when his cock brushed against that spot inside you, it only left you as a choked moan.
“This needy cunt just sucks me right in, huh?” he groaned when your walls clenched down on him again, as though to trap him inside you. But it made no difference to him, his thrusts only continuing, fast and precise as your walls fluttered around him, whines falling from your lips. Recalling how responsive you’d been to praise earlier, he kept talking. “Doing such a good job for me, baby,” he hummed, smirking when he felt the shuddering of your body beneath his hands. “So fucking perfect for me, taking this cock so well.”
His words shot through you like fire, and combined with the drag of him inside you, you were propelled toward your end.
“Alpha...” you whimpered, pushing back onto his cock, a particularly rough thrust pulling a shout from your lips. You were so close to slipping over the edge, the squeezing of your walls around him more and more insistent as you approached your end. “Please.” It was as though no other words existed in your vocabulary, but Jimin could read you perfectly well, as though he was made for you.
“What’s that, hm? Baby’s gonna cum?” he taunted before reaching around to rub at your clit. “Let go then, milk my cock. I want to hear you.”
The added stimulation was more than enough to propel you into your orgasm, your mouth agape as your walls clamped down on his cock. You distantly registered Jimin’s moans from above you as he held you up and fucked you through your it, the sparks of pleasure never-ending.
But while his thrusts became less harsh, they did not lower in their intensity whatsoever. And as the fog in your head receded some from your orgasm, you only felt that much more sensation as you regained your bearings.
Rather than a mindless slave to pleasure and want, with your brain partly yours again you could truly feel. Feel the cotton of the sheets where they were clenched between your fists, feel the slight strain in your knees as they dug into the mattress, feel Jimin’s fingers anchored onto your hips, as though you would float away if he let go.
You could truly feel every drag of his cock against you, every grind, and when he perfectly maneuvered to hit against your g-spot, you were left breathless once again.
But with your increased coherence, your body craved more than just cock – you wanted closeness, wanted Jimin’s body against your own, his groans in your ear, his chest against your back.
“Jimin,” you called out, voice needy but noticeably more present.
His thrusts slowed but didn’t stop. “Hm?”
Rather than attempt to formulate an answer, you blindly reached a hand in his direction and made a grabbing motion. It was accompanied by your best impression of some sort of demanding noise, but you sounded like a spoiled brat even to your own ears.
He clearly didn’t mind though, huffing a laugh at your antics before coming down to your level, pressing some of his weight into your back as he nuzzled your neck.
“This what you want, baby?” he asked, wrapping his arms snugly around your middle. It would almost be cute, if not for the snap of his hips he opted to punctuate his question with.
You could only shiver and take it as he set a slow but intense pace, his cock slowly dragging out of you before he thrusted forward quickly in one single motion. But even in its intensity it was intimate, his lips tracing nonsensical patterns into the skin of your shoulder, his moans increasing in volume as you whined your pleasure.
His pace slowly but surely built you back up toward a second release, Jimin’s thrusts growing faster as he approached his own end. It wasn’t long before your moans were increasing in volume again, hips squirming beneath Jimin’s as that pressure in your abdomen only built and built.
“Gonna cum for me again, little wolf?” he growled directly into your ear, digging his fingers in close to your scalp and pulling your face up out of the sheets. No longer muffled, your moans were loud and unabashed, your pleasure surrendered entirely to him.
“I’m gonna fill this cunt up, gonna stretch you wide, is that what you want?”
As much as you were more coherent than last time, the effect his voice had on you was visceral, eyelids fluttering shut and goosebumps raising on your skin. When you only nodded with what little movement you could make within his grasp, he growled.
“Answer me!”
“Yes, yes!” you pleaded, eager to please. “Want you to fill me up, Jimin, please.”
“Such a good girl,” he moaned in response, moving to suck bruises into your neck. The thought of being marked by him for all to see only lit a new fire within you.
But when you felt the press of his canines brushing against the sensitive part of your neck, it was as though something in you snapped. You almost squealed as the orgasm rained down on you unexpectedly, something resembling ‘Jimin’ spilling from your lips, though you paid it no mind.
You were so lost in your pleasure you hardly noticed Jimin’s gruff yell from above you as he came, only registering it as his knot started to stretch you.
He shushed you gently as you whined, warmth still spilling into you as it finished inflating. Panting breathlessly against your back, he softly cupped your face as you caught your breath.
The stretch was more overwhelming than painful, every tiny movement seeming to shift his knot inside you enough to make you gasp. You should have grown used to the feeling by this point in your life, but it managed to catch you off guard every single time. You never felt ready for the immense stretch or the soreness that lingered between waves of your heat.
After several minutes of silence, breaths finally quieting, he spoke up.
“Are you okay?” he asked, hands reaching to keep you from squirming too much under him, knowing you’d only make the discomfort worse. “Relax for me.”
You nodded in response, letting yourself release the tension from your limbs as he continued to gently nose at your neck. His scent washed over you, but in this brief limbo between waves of your heat it spurred only calmness rather than arousal.
For you, at least, the first wave was always the worst in terms of self-control and mindedness. That was why it was essential for omegas to share their heat only with someone they could trust – if not a partner, then a friend. While omegas were at their most emotionally vulnerable during pre-heat, they were at their most physically vulnerable during the heat itself. In theory, Jimin could have done whatever he wanted, and you would have begged for it.
He hummed in approval when you went still beneath him, rolling the two of you onto your side so that you were no longer supporting his weight.
“Sleepy?” he inquired softly as he watched you stifle a yawn.
You only nodded again, reaching for Jimin’s hand to make him wrap it around you more snugly, pressing yourself as close to him as possible. You shivered as his knot shifted with your movement, though it didn’t ache as much as it did initially. You felt so full, his cock still half-hard within you, release still painting your walls with nowhere to go.
You let your eyes shut, soreness and exhaustion taking up residence temporarily before the next wave. As much as a heat could feel so intense it hurt, you found that the time between each wave was truly the most difficult. It was the time where every ounce of muscle pain and sleep deprivation hit you, but it was also the time where, to put it simply, if you didn’t recharge you were fucked.
Heats were strenuous on the body, and it unfortunately wasn’t abnormal for omegas to be brought to the emergency room from dehydration and malnutrition from their heat. That was why the medical professionals tended to encourage of-age omegas to spend their heats with a trusted partner – it was just safer altogether. It was difficult to push past the fog of exhaustion to take care of yourself when you were on your own, though not impossible.
A tiny whine was the only acknowledgment you gave when you felt his knot go down enough to slip from you. You made a noise of complaint as Jimin pulled from your side, but he quickly returned to you, wiping away the mess that was now between your thighs.
“If I help you, can you sit up?”
After hearing your noise of affirmation, he pulled you up so that your back rested against the headboard, careful not to move you too quickly. But despite that, you couldn’t help the lightheaded feeling that came with the motion, reaching out to steady yourself on Jimin’s arm.
When he took in your rapid blinking and unfocused eyes, his concern grew exponentially. “Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Tired,” you mumbled, leaning into his touch when he moved to stroke your face.
“Let’s eat something and then we can nap, okay?”
He moved away from you quickly to grab things from under your bed. One of the first things they taught omegas after presenting was that it was essential to keep a food and drink store in your room during your heat. One of the most important parts of pre-heat was not only securing a heat partner if desired, but also packing enough nutrient-rich food and drinks to last through your heat if you’re unable to leave the room.
You hadn’t realized you’d dozed off until Jimin’s hand on your shoulder startled you awake. He took your hand in his own only to wrap your fingers around an energy bar he’d opened for you.
“Eat,” he commanded, though the soft, caring tone characteristic of Jimin never left his voice.
The thought of putting in effort to do anything was unappealing, but once you started, you realized how famished you were. When you finished your first bar within moments, he handed you a second, eating some for himself at the same time.
He didn’t waste any time with handing you a Gatorade bottle once you were finished eating, ensuring you could hold it yourself before getting his own.
As much as he seemed to be in a rush, this was a better safe than sorry type of situation. While sometimes you could squeeze in some sleep between waves of your heat, it sometimes felt like one huge gamble in terms of time. You’ve had downtimes of as little as 10 minutes in the past, so you were grateful that he was hurrying you along.
When he noticed you stopped drinking, he grabbed it from you to place it on the nightstand a safe distance away from the bed.
“Do you want anything else?” he asked, shoving all of the garbage into a bag to deal with another time.
He turned around quickly, thinking you were going into your next wave, but froze at the sight of you simply blinking up at him sleepily.
He bit down on his lip to suppress a fond smile when you reached for his hand, severely hoping his face wasn’t as red as it felt.
He let you tug him forward, settling beside you in bed before pulling you securely into his side.
As much as you might have loved to talk or quietly cuddle, you were out like a light as soon as you laid your head down on his shoulder, face tucked securely into his neck.
The next two days went by in a blur. You never tended to remember very many specific moments from your heats besides that you felt good, and were definitely sore after. The combination of physical and mental exhaustion along with the mind-numbing desire didn’t seem to be conducive to proper brain function.
Fuck. Eat. Fuck. Eat. Nap. Rinse. Repeat.
“Kiss me,” you demanded, pulling Jimin down toward you by his shoulders.
From what you could tell, it was the last day of your heat, also making for the most coherent day. The consequences of not sating your heat on the last day were more uncomfortable than painful, and the sex almost resembled what it would any other day.
He obliged you easily, mouth meeting yours as he snapped his hips, filling you up and stretching you all in one stroke. He nipped at your lower lip as you moaned freely, arching your back to feel as much of his skin as possible.
You couldn’t help the increase in volume when he settled with his length in you, grinding his pubic bone into your clit. It seemed that Jimin was feeling similarly, both of you simply panting by each other's mouths rather than doing any sort of kissing like you’d intended.
It was only minutes before you felt the familiar tightening in your abdomen, Jimin groaning above you when he felt you clench around him. You whimpered as he sucked new bruises into the skin of your neck, a shiver making its way down your spine as he reached the soft skin below your ear.
But every part of you was screaming out for more.
“Mark me.”
Jimin froze instantly at your words, but it seemed that you weren’t properly considering the weight of your words, only urging him to continue his motions in search of your high.
A mark wasn’t permanent, but it was no small thing. More than a mark of “possession,” it was a mark of an alpha's care and loyalty, a mark of an omega’s trust. It was only something ever shared in serious relationships, and it would sometimes take partners years to reach that point.
“Jimin,” you whined when he ignored what you said. Every instinctive part of you wanted it so badly, your head subconsciously tipping back to give him easier access.
“Don’t you know what you’re saying?”
“I said no,” he snarled, speeding up the snap of his hips enough that you were shifting up the bed. “Tomorrow, when this is all over,” he panted above you, teeth bared, “Then we’ll talk.”
He didn’t let you get a word in edgewise, continuously pulling himself from you fully before abruptly sheathing himself to the hilt once again.
You were left gasping for breath, swimming in sensation as your abdomen tightened, all else forgotten for the time being.
When he shifted to one side, a hand dropping to rub circles into your clit, you saw white. Your nails sharply dug into the skin of Jimin’s back where they were held, waves of pleasure battering you nonstop as he continued his thrusts.
But it was only moments later that he seated himself into you fully, warmth spilling into you as his knot inflated for the nth time since your heat began. It didn’t leave you gasping the same way as the first time, but a groan still wrenched itself from your throat at the sensation.
As soon as his body collapsed onto yours, you knew that your heat was finally over. The feeling was inexplicable, almost as though a weight had been lifted from the back of your mind.
You might have addressed the words uttered from your mouth only moments before if not for the debilitating fatigue that filled every limb and every square inch of your brain.
So, against your best judgment on any other day, you knocked right out.
When you next awoke, it wasn’t because desire ripped you from slumber, nor was it because your scent set off Jimin enough to wake you.
In fact, you were alone in your bed, immediately cringing at the sight of all the questionable stains dotting the sheets.
Good thing you had a mattress pad.
You sat up, wincing as every muscle screamed in protest. From your neck all the way to your fingertips, everything hurt. You’d probably be feeling this for days. It definitely didn’t help that the stench of sex was so strong you could feel a headache coming on.
You didn’t have time to ponder on Jimin’s whereabouts before he was coming back in through the doorway, half-dressed with water in hand.
He sent you a smile when you met eyes, but it was lost on you because as soon as he was here, every interaction over the past few days flooded your mind at once. And this time, there were no hormones to mask proper thought.
You asked – no, begged – him to stay. Even when he told you no.
You’d practically thrown a tantrum, what was wrong with you? Since when did your pre-heat make you throw respect out the window?
He wasn’t here because he wanted to stay, he was here because you forced him to. He was here because you were pathetic enough to get on the floor and beg him to stay, and Jimin, for the life of him, didn’t know how to say no to people. How could he look at you right now?
“Y/N?” he called, sounding puzzled. He must be able to smell your rising distress coming off you in waves, but you paid him no mind as you continued to recall the past few days, hating yourself more and more with every passing second.
You’d basically forced him to stay with you and fuck you for nearly four days without ever talking about it before.
It was more difficult to put together the pieces of what happened in your heat, memories mostly a blur of pleasure and then sleep.
“Mark me.”
Your blood ran cold instantly.
Were you fucking insane? You dug your fingernails into your palms harshly to check if you were dreaming. Unluckily for you, you weren’t.
Was there any coming back from this? You couldn’t blame him if he could never look at you the same, if he never spoke to you again. Who would tell their heat partner – the first time they spent a heat together – to mark them?
It didn’t matter that you’d known each other since before you were even forming proper memories. It didn’t matter, because that wasn’t how this worked. You didn’t just ask your friends to mark you, no matter how much you loved each other.
A mark was something you shared with someone you intended to be lifelong partners with. Someone you’d dedicate your life to, someone you might want to have kids with someday.
God, what was wrong with you?
You didn’t notice his approach until a hand met your shoulder, too engrossed in staring at the floor as thoughts whirred in your head.
“What is it?” he asked, concern quickly turning into panic at finding you in this state with no explanation.
But it was as though with one touch, the floodgates broke, and angry tears started spilling from your eyes. Tears that had nothing to do with Jimin and everything to do with yourself.
He jumped back slightly in surprise, and you didn’t give him the chance to touch you again before you were furiously wiping the wetness from your face.
“God, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” he questioned frantically, hands returning to your shoulders as he angled his face to try to meet yours, but you only kept turning your head to avoid him. He looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself, whether to join you on the bed or continue hovering awkwardly from the bedside. “Talk to me, please-”
“Do you hate me?” you choked out, eyes fixed on a random, insignificant spot on the sheets.
That seemed to quiet him instantly. “Huh?”
“I forced you here,” you whispered, though it seemed that the words didn’t want to stop once they started, volume only rising as you carried on. “You came here to be nice and then you tried to leave and I didn’t let you. You said no so many times and I begged you to stay until you couldn’t say no anymore! I don’t even know what I was thinking, I guess I wasn’t thinking at all-”
“I’m so sorry, I don’t know how you must think of me right now but I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was disgusting, I think I’m disgusting, god-”
“Hey, look at me,” he urged, prodding lightly at your chin until you raised your head enough to meet his gaze. When he saw your red eyes and miserable expression, it was as though a piece of himself broke. “I stayed because I wanted to.”
“You didn't, I remember you told me no, you ‘wanted to’ because I made you.”
“It’s not like that,” he replied, expression almost pained.
“Don’t lie to me to make me feel better,” you snarled, though it came off more broken than aggressive. “Stop trying to protect me, tell me when you’re mad at me!”
“I’m not mad at you.”
“You trust me, don’t you?”
The sudden question was enough to give you pause. “You know I do.”
He took a moment to settle onto the bed beside you, stretching out an arm to invite you in to lay with him. After only a moment of hesitation, you did.
“Then trust me when I say I wanted to stay,” he said firmly, stroking calming circles into your side. “You know I don’t like lying to you.”
It was true, he didn’t. Which summoned the question – if he wanted to stay, why did he refuse so many times? Were you sure he wasn’t lying now?
No – that wasn’t Jimin. Plus, you knew him so well that you doubted he would lie to you about something this serious, not when he was such an open book. But you didn’t have long to think about it before he piped up again.
“You asked me something yesterday,” he started, and you could hear in his tone that he was treading carefully.
You tensed up immediately when you processed his words, breath quickening as you anticipated what he was about to say. Was this the part where he told you he’s not mad he stayed, but he never wanted to speak to you again? You’d relaxed enough in the past few minutes that you’d almost forgotten about what you’d said yesterday. Almost.
“Why?” he asked simply.
Why. An obscenely loaded question contained within one 3-letter word. And yet, an answer wasn’t so easy.
“I don’t know,” you stalled.
“Don’t do that,” he scolded. “Really think. I know you, and I know you’d never be that nonchalant about a mark, ever. What changed?”
“Nothing changed!”
He only turned to give you a disapproving look before leaning his head back against the headboard and shutting his eyes. It was clear that he wasn’t going to make any more conversation until you properly pondered his question and gave him a real answer.
Did you even know why?
You wished you could say it just slipped out, that there was no other reason.
Maybe any other time you’ve said something questionable or downright stupid that would fly, but not for something like this.
Even at their drunkest, people didn’t ask their friends to marry them with the full intent of following through and starting life as an actual married couple.
Just the same, an omega doesn’t just ask a friend to mark them, mate them, not even in heat. Omega heats made it a fairly common occurrence to fuck your friends (at least, a select few) while unmarked, and it wasn’t as though the desire to be marked stemmed from a heat. If it were, platonic marking would be a thing already. And sure, marking made sex feel better, but heats were sexual, and marks were... more.
That was the problem, wasn’t it? There was no easy excuse, no escaping this.
One might say an omega was a slave to instinct in their heat, but instinct didn’t come from nowhere.
The instinct to nest came from the pursuit of safety in a vulnerable time. The instinct to ‘hibernate’ came from the need to save up energy for a heat. The instinct to scent came from the desire for intimacy and comfort. The instinct to fuck came from hormonal cycles and the body’s inherent goal to breed.
The instinct to be marked as an omega? To ask for it?
The need for emotional security, to know that your feelings were returned – attraction, desire, love.
If your love for Jimin was supposed to be a secret, it wasn’t a very well-kept one. You talked every day since you were kids, knew each other's mannerisms so well you didn’t need words to communicate, gravitated toward each other in every group setting, cried together when you separated for university...
You loved him, without a doubt. It was obvious. But was it more than that? Was your body trying to tell you something that you didn’t even consider?
“I...” you started but immediately trailed off, limbs so tense you almost seemed ready to run away. This wasn’t a conversation you ever imagined could take place.
“Don’t be scared. You can tell me anything.” Were you imagining things, or did his tone sound almost... hopeful?
“I’ve never asked someone to mark me before this.”
He only hummed lowly in response. You knew that he knew this already, but it seemed that this time, he wouldn’t call you out for circling around the question.
“I’ve never met someone who I felt more for than you. Safe, comfortable, happy, loved.” You paused, taking a deep breath. “I love you a lot, you know?”
His breath hitched despite himself, even though he knew you didn’t mean what he wanted you to mean. “I know,” he replied, sounding almost disappointed.
“But?” he responded, allowing that tiny thread of hope to wind around his heart one more time.
“But I don’t know what I’m feeling,” you finished, panic increasing exponentially by the end of your sentence, your body almost feeling as though it was trembling.
“Hey, it’s okay,” he rushed, bringing you closer to rub his cheek into your hair. Was it cruel of him to feel some sort of joy at your words when you were clearly scared and confused?
His scent washing over you helped calm you some, but even still, you couldn’t stop thinking. What were you feeling? Did you want something more than friendship, or was this entire situation just putting thoughts in your head? Sure, you were undeniably compatible sexually, and sure, you found him attractive, but did you want a relationship? A romantic one? But even then, how much would that really change? What did you want? Would Jimin be disgusted with you? Let you down easily? It would have to be the latter, right?
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked-”
“No,” you cut him off.
“You should’ve. I can’t be stupid forever.”
“You’re not stupid.”
“I am stupid, what kind of person doesn’t know whether they...” Even despite knowing he could tell exactly what you were trying to say, the words wouldn’t come from your lips. Were you in denial? Embarrassed? Something else?
“Emotions don’t have to be straightforward.”
“I wish they were.”
He breathed a laugh at that. “Believe me, I know.”
“Jimin, be honest with me.”
“I’m always honest with you.”
“Let’s say, hypothetically, you have this friend. You’re very good friends – best friends even. You see each other as much as possible, all that. And she tells you one day she wants to talk.”
“Oh? What’s her name?”
“Uhhhhh...” you paused, pulling out the first name that came to mind. “Susan.”
He choked back a laugh, though you could still feel his chest bouncing beneath your head. “My friend Susan. Okay, go on.”
“And she tells you that something happened, and it spurred this huge train of thought that had never occurred to her before. Something that made her think about your entire relationship as friends, and made her think about herself.”
“Uh huh...”
“And she had to wonder, how much of her heart was invested in this relationship? That answer was easy – all of it. But what really had her confused was what parts of her heart were in it.”
You fidgeted nervously, but instead of saying something, Jimin only reached for one of your hands, intertwining your fingers together.
“But what really scared her the most was – how would you react? What happens when your best friend tells you that maybe your love for them extends beyond friendship?”
You took several deep breaths, trying to muster up the courage to finish the ‘story’ you’ve started. There was no backing out of this now. Your hand squeezed his hard enough that it must have hurt him, though he didn’t seem to mind.
“If she told you she thought she loved you as more than a friend, how would you respond?” you asked, trying to inject as much nonchalance into your voice as possible and failing miserably. You could feel your palms getting sweatier, and you thought your teeth might chew straight through your bottom lip. You held your breath once you heard Jimin take one of his own, preparing mentally for whatever was about to leave his lips.
“I would tell her I love her back.”
It was as though time stopped. “You... you what?”
Unwilling to let you hide your face anymore, he pulled you over so that you were straddling him, your heart filling when your eyes met his, full of honesty and understanding and... love.
“I would tell her I love her back. That if she wanted me, I was hers.”
Your eyes searched his face desperately for several seconds longer, waiting for the moment this bliss would break, the moment he took his words back, left you heartbroken before you’d even properly processed that it was his to break. But that moment never came.
“Really?” you whispered, eyes wide and screaming with vulnerability, but also wonder. The petty part of him wished he could fault you for being so oblivious, but it wasn’t your fault that you two had simply never outgrown the innocent intimacy from childhood, even after presenting.
“I do want it. You. I want to try. If you can be patient with me.”
“Okay. Give me a chance and I’ll make you fall in love with me for sure.”
“Oh.” As hard as you tried to purse your lips, the smile still broke its way through, eyes crinkling happily as every insecurity felt like it left at once. Was it this easy? Could happiness come so quickly in a moment, just like that?
“Oh,” he replied simply, beam splitting his face at your barely-contained joy, your expression so innocent even after all that happened the past few days.
“Oh,” you repeated, though this time the word undoubtedly seemed to harbour more weight, brows furrowing.
“That’s why you said no, isn’t it? The reason you wanted to stay but tried to leave?”
The sad smile that spread across his face at that was all the answer you needed, the briefly-forgotten guilt coming back instantly.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault,” he assured, pulling you close enough that your bodies were plastered together. “It all worked out anyway, right?”
You nodded, relaxing in his arms. If your brain wasn’t going a mile a minute right now, you were so comfortable you could’ve slept like this.
You allowed yourself several minutes to simply lay in his arms, that familiar blueberry-pine scent making you heart feel lighter and lighter.
“So,” you mumbled.
“What changes now?”
“What do you want to change?” he replied.
“I asked first.”
He chuckled lightly. “Fine. Well...” You leaned back in confusion when he started pushing you up and off of him. “I think being able to do this is a good change.”
He leaned his face into yours, giving you a moment to back away before gently pressing his plush lips to yours.
You’d kissed already in your heat – you remembered that much. But this wasn’t a kiss that demanded your surrender, nor was it fast, or rough. It was just soft, intimate – because sometimes, emotions were easier said through actions rather than words.
You slid your hands into his hair, dragging your nails against his scalp as you deepened the kiss. His hands traced nonsensical patterns into the skin of your back, holding you close as though you’d ever want to leave. It was so easy to get lost in him, in the way he held you, touched you, kissed you, as though you were something to be cherished.
It wasn’t long before the kiss started to get more heated, though, and you couldn’t help yourself from nipping at his bottom lip. He made a low noise in response, a hand moving to grip your ass as the other winded its way into your hair.
It was when his hand made contact with your bare ass that you remembered that you were naked throughout this entire ordeal. And just as you processed that, his hand started inching its way slowly but surely between your legs.
“I think the fuck not, Park Jimin,” you gasped, breaking the kiss and throwing his hand from your body.
He burst into bright laughter at your words, eyes forming crescents that would make any person’s day better. His happiness was contagious, and you couldn’t hold back the giggles at the sound of him.
“How sore are you?” he questioned, tiny giggles still escaping him. You thought you detected a hint of concern somewhere in there, but you couldn’t blame him for being in an obscenely good mood.
“Ugh. Are you not sore at all?”
“Not really? Mostly hungry, I guess.”
“I hate you. It feels like all of my limbs want to detach from their sockets, and don’t even get me started on what it feels like between my legs. You and your dick can go die.”
Your words only set off another round of laughter from him, his grin wide as he took in your fake pout.
“Are you sure you want that? You seemed to enjoy it from where I was standing. You’re sending me mixed signals here,” he teased.
You let out a childish noise of complaint. God, was this what you were getting yourself into? You were already used to his antics by now, but now you had to deal with them while he flirted too? Someone send help.
“Pity me a bit,” you whined, giving him the best wide-eyed pout you could muster. Though, it only seemed to raise his mood even more.
“I’m sorry I broke you,” he said.
You smacked him a bit harder than you would normally. “Jiminnnnnnnnn,” you said, stringing out the word for as long as a breath would allow.
“If I made you food, would you forgive me?”
“...I’m listening.”
“What if I said I already made you food?”
“What?!” you perked up, any grudge you might have held disappearing in an instant. “What did you make?”
“Lay down and find out in 5 minutes, I’m tired,” he responded, laying down comfortably and encouraging you to do the same. You didn’t require much convincing, cuddling back into his side. This position wasn’t anything abnormal for you two, but it felt different now. Newer, more intimate.
Needless to say, 5 minutes turned into 2 hours after you’d both fell asleep.
But when Jimin placed a bowl of re-heated stir-fry in front of you 2 hours later, you would say he secured his place as fully, unequivocally yours.
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jjiimin · 3 months ago
a little thing called love
[social media au, friends with benefits, college/uni au, fluff, angst]
Tumblr media
▪️ in which, you and jimin have been friends with benefits for a few months now and things are good, maybe even perfect. until he starts to fall for someone else and you’re forced to re-evaluate how much you love him.
▪️genre: fluff, angst, implied sexual content
▪️tracklist: happier by olivia rodrigo; be like you by tyler shaw; let me by zayn malik
twitter profiles
a. locker room
b. mutual hunger
c. beneficial lateness
d. friend vs. girlfriend
e. crazy (in love?)
f. help me
g. i think so
h. are you coming?
i. what’s wrong?
j. not anymore
k. me & you
l. dumb, hot
m. jealousy, jealousy
n. messy feelings
o. loud actions
p. about time
q. don’t you?
r. in circles
s. what rumours
t. reality check
u. bad feminist
v. no regrets
w. i’m sorry
x. the wait
y. touch me
z. in love
. . .
this series is complete.
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parkdatjimin · 17 days ago
you got me
Pairings: Jimin x fem!reader ft. Namjoon and Yoongi (ot7 does make a brief appearance but it's myg and knj mostly)
Genre: 18+, fwb, f2l, idiot 2 lovers, semi-slow burn, some fluff and angst too, minors dni pls
Warnings: manipulation, explicit sexual content, body worship, praise kink, jimin has big dick energy and an even bigger dick, cunnilingus, choking/breath play, oc is flexible af, wall sex, rough sex, oral sex, soft sex, just a lot of sex, nipple play, fingering, dirty talk, swearing, a decent amount of biting tbh, oc rides jimin's face, orgasm denial, creampie, slight bdsm themes at one point, cock warming, multiple orgasms, sub/dom themes, jimin really likes puthy...I think that's everything
Summary: keeping your new relationship a secret from the rest of the gang is harder than you first anticipated. keeping your newly developing feelings a secret is even harder.
Wc: 20.6K
a/u: idk how many of my fics I’ll repost here, but I will be reposting some bc I want to :) 
Tumblr media
Secrets. Everyone's got 'em. Some aren't so serious but some can change your entire world. Or at least the entire dynamic of a friendship you've been sustaining since third grade.
"You want to have sex with me?"
"You think I'm joking."
"Aren't you?"
"No." Playing with the tip of your braid, you shuffle in your spot on the couch and blink your attention to the walls and floor. "It makes sense, doesn't it? Neither of us have the time or energy to commit to something serious right now. Sex is something we both want. And I trust that boundaries can be easily established and respected between us. I've considered our relationship being friends up until this point--and nothing major will change--we would simply be adding sex. And if we don't like it, we don't have to ever do it again."
Well that won't happen. Jimin doesn't have any doubt he would enjoy fucking you.
He needs to walk this one out. He stands and begins pacing across your living room, a habit he's developed during times he feels excited or stressed. You wonder which emotion is taking dominance in this situation. Stopping by the mirror on your wall, he looks at himself, a dramatic inner monologue no doubt helping him decide how to move forward.
As much as he wants to call you crazy, the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense. He wants to have sex too, but one night stands, clubs, and bars take money and time that he doesn't have right now, let alone the energy to commit to a girlfriend. He does trust you unconditionally and you've made it clear you trust him. Benefits sound like the perfect solution, not to mention you're freaking gorgeous. Should he mention all the times he's thought about your ass in the shower?
It's here Jimin faces the timeless struggle of a man who's friend has offered to let him fuck her in exchange for being fucked. Despite your innocent appearance, Jimin knows you're not an angel. You've done plenty of stupid stuff and maybe this will prove to be another regret somewhere down the line. Or maybe it could be exactly what the two of you desperately need.
His eyes shift to see you behind him in the mirror. "Why not one of the other guys?"
It's a valid question.
After all, the other boys have equally attractive traits of their own. Jungkook could probably fuck you and bench press you at the same time if he wanted. Seokjin is undoubtedly the softest in bed and would always treat you like an absolute princess. Fucking a genius like Namjoon would probably make you smarter if anything. Not to mention Hoseok and Taehyung's tendency to be shameless and Yoongi’s overall love to spoil whoever he's seeing.
"It's embarrassing," you reply.
"But it's not embarrassing with me?"
"That's right."
"You're not in love with me, are you?"
"What? No, this is just sex," you assure him, although now your cheeks are dusted a curious pink.
He still doesn't get why you chose him of all people, but he's also scared if he asks again, you'll start considering one of the other boys instead so he keeps his mouth shut. He wonders if you already asked some of them but they said no. Is he your second choice? Third? Sixth?
It's not like Jimin hasn't noticed how pretty you are now. For crying out loud, he was your best friend during your worst acne breakouts, braces, bad haircuts, weight shaming, everything. None of those other guys know the you who went through years of hating her body and wishing she was someone else, so they don't deserve the you who's overcome her demons and learned to love the body that she has.
"If you don't want to just say so--"
"Uh, wait," Jimin stops you, pulling you back onto the couch with him when you attempt to walk away, "I didn't say no. Just making sure we're on the same page."
With some hope starting to stir, you quickly reach underneath the couch and retrieve two pieces of lined paper already partially written on with black ink. "That's what these are for," you explain, handing him one of the papers.
He examines it before raising a brow. "You want me to sign a contract to have sex with you?"
"It's not a contract, more like...guidelines. You don't have to physically sign it but if you were to agree with these boundaries and give your consent," you explain, softly tucking hair behind your ear and Jimin begins noticing the smaller details of your face, "I would give mine too. Then we could both have what we want."
"You've really thought this through, huh," he mutters, reading the page again, this time more carefully. His eyes trace the careful lettering of each word, making you anxious each time they jump backwards to make sure they read something correctly. Jimin takes his sweet time understanding the rules you've written. After a few long moments, he finishes and looks at you. "Alright, I'm in. But I have a few suggestions."
"Okay!" You clear your throat and Jimin bites his lip to keep back a smile. "I mean, sure."
It takes a good half hour to come to a mutual agreement. A lot of what you originally wrote stays. Like rule #2: absolutely no one else can ever know about your relationship (due to the fact that you might die). And rule #4: both of you will get tested before anything happens, to be safe.
Jimin sets some thoughtful and probably wise boundaries. Like rule #5: no kissing outside of sex. And rule #7: either party is allowed to end things at any time, no questions asked. Boundaries are added and taken away, rewritten and erased until the two of you are satisfied.
He doesn't necessarily seem to be hesitating, but he also isn't jumping at the opportunity to sleep with you. You're trying to keep cool. Composure is key. But there's no hiding your excitement. The way your knee bounces is a dead giveaway and in case you were wondering, yes, Jimin notices and, yes, he thinks it's cute.
Jimin twirls the pen in his hand, scanning the paper in front of him and flipping through the two full printed, double spaced pages of fine detail.
"I think that's it."
One copy is placed safely in your desk and the other is folded and tucked into Jimin's back pocket.
"So," you begin, awkwardly flapping your arms at your side and searching the atmosphere for what to say, "Google said it takes two or three days for results once you're tested. Would you wanna come over Friday night? Or if that's too soon, we can wait until after the weekend. Whenever works for you."
Gently, Jimin places his hands on your wrists and pins your arms to your sides. He's not considered tall by the rest of the group's standards but you've always thought he was perfectly average. You like how close his face is to yours when he stands this close to you, how easy it is to reach him.
"Sorry," you offer a breathless chuckle, "I'm just nervous."
"Nervous?" Jimin guides your arms to wrap around his waist, pulling you close enough to stand on his feet.
"Excited," you correct yourself while stepping onto his toes. "Nervous and excited. I haven't had sex in a while. Kinda miss it.”
Every time he rocks, his foot lifts yours off the ground and you fall into his arms, completely dependent on gravity to pull you back down to earth. When he rocks towards the other side just a little too far, your hand grips the back of his shirt and his arms tighten around your body, securing you where you stand tucked to his frame. Back and forth, back and forth, a game you've been playing since you were small. It's not so much for fun anymore, actually you're not entirely sure why you continue to do it. It just happens sometimes, like that safety blanket you keep on the edge of your bed even though it doesn't match anything in your room anymore.
"That's okay," he assures you with a shrug. "To be honest, I haven't fucked in, well, a long time, so we're in the same boat."
You furrow your brow. "What about that girl?"
"The one from your office? The intern?"
"Oh, her. It didn't work out."
"Why?" you ask curiously, brushing his bangs from his eyes.
He shrugs again. "Are you wearing a bra?"
Removing yourself from his arms with a pout, you clear your throat and pat your cheeks which are growing increasingly warmer. "I didn't think to..."
After successfully distracting your poor excuse for an attention span, Jimin presents an adorable laugh to match his adorable smile before reaching for his shoes by the front door.
"I guess I should get used to these kinds of things, huh?" He slips them on his heels and throws a wink over his shoulder at you. He smiles at the sparkle in your eyes, and you feel a sense of security in your decision to do this with him.
"See ya Friday, ___."
Seoul's streets are bustling as usual on a weeknight like this. Work was unpleasant to say the least and Jimin's feet felt like pudding by the end of the day. One of the highlights though was sharing his test results with you and hearing back that you're clean as well.
chim: What time should I head over?
y/n: Maybe around 8? I should be done with everything and showered by then. Is that too late?
chim: No that's perfect! cool see you then :)
Filing and transferring documents didn't appear as important now that he knew he would be dick deep inside his best friend in a matter of days.
After so long, he's curious to know what your expectations are. He's not insecure, so to say, but he does want to make sure this is awesome for you. Both of you. He's not second guessing his decision to start a friends with benefits relationship with you, but he is second guessing what it'll be like. You said neither of you have to continue if you don’t like it, and rule #7 saves his ass from feeling like he’s trapped in anything. But in all honesty, Jimin can’t think of any reason why he won’t love fucking you.
Thursdays are hard in and of themselves without the impending knowledge that he’s finally going to have sex again.
His mind couldn't remember the name of the zipper file he used while organizing his boss's laptop when he had fantasies of you writhing beneath him and begging to be fucked till you cry. Nor could he remember where he placed his coffee when he's secretly drooling over the thought of being intimate with someone after an ungodly amount of time.
Jimin makes it back to his dorm less than twenty minutes later, and upon entering, he instantly wishes he hadn't.
"You're back!" Taehyung jumps up, running to take his brother’s hand and lead him to the spot on the floor in front of the couch. "We're watching IT. You're my shield now since Kook ditched to raid the kitchen."
Jungkook’s head comes into view from around the corner, a scowl pointed in their direction. “Tattle tale.”
“Am not!”
Yoongi and Hoseok are squished on the love seat, legs thrown over laps and a bowl of popcorn balanced between their thighs. “Welcome back.” Though they don’t sound all that enthusiastic about their roommate's return.
“Long day?”
“Don’t wanna talk about it,” Yoongi deadpans and then continues to talk about it. “This project is kicking ass. ___ and I are working like slave monkeys to get this done in time, but no matter how many hours we put in, it feels like it’ll never be done.”
“Slave monkeys?”
“That’s right, Jimin,” Yoongi leans closer, his eyes like two black beads in the TV lit living room, “...slave monkeys.”
Hoseok pats the older’s knee and gives a teasing smile, “Someone just needs a day off. Maybe a blowjob. Remember, you’ve always got a friend in me, kitten.”
“No thanks,” Yoongi replies, curling his knee to his chest. “No offence, Hobi, but you choke on yogurt.”
“That was one time! One time!”
The stress in his shoulders usually lifts during the evening like this, the smiles of his friends are the source of his happiest moments in life. But for some reason, Jimin feels anxious sitting so casually like this. Taehyung buries himself in the curve of Jimin's shoulder and peaks his face out only to be chased back into hiding by the clown on screen.
“What about ___? She’s probably stressed too," Hoseok asks, eyeing the kernel on Yoongi’s lip and using his finger to swipe it away.
“Would you not?” Yoongi exclaims, pushing his hand away with a hidden giggle, “and yeah, actually, she’s been on edge since we took this project. I suggested she get laid but I don’t know if--”
“You suggested it?” Jimin exclaims before he can catch his run away tongue.
Yoongi pauses, the space between his brows crinkling slowly as he curiously scans the boy up and down. “Yeah. But I don’t know if she’ll actually do it. Says she’s too busy to go on dates right now. Interested in ___’s love life, Jimin?”
“No, not at all."
"Hyung!" The startling plea comes from a one hungry maknae slumping from the kitchen, wallowing his way to hang on Jimin's shoulder. "Make me food, please!"
"What do you want?" Jimin asks, eyeing Yoongi’s dangerous ears and how intently they listen to anything and everything. Shivers run up his spine.
"You can't make it yourself?" But he's already making his way to the kitchen, leaving a terrified Taehyung in Hoseok’s capable arms.
He’s not running away from his previous conversation, by the way, just making a timely exit in order to protect himself against his slippery lips and tendency to tell his hyungs everything.
Jungkook jumps to sit on the counter and swings his legs in the air like a little kid. "It tastes better the way you make it."
"I just make it according to the packet.”
Mainly because he’s whipped beyond reason for the youngest of the seven friends living in this much too small dorm, Jimin starts boiling water and preparing extra egg and meat to be added later.
As his hands work, his mind wanders. Back to you, naturally. He's not upset that you suggested having sex when he's clearly been frustrated for an ungodly amount of time, same as you. He imagines how Friday will play out--you said you're not expecting romance but how casual is too casual? Should he bring flowers? No, that's weird. Toys? No, you may not be into that stuff.
“Is Namjoon back yet?"
Jungkook shakes his head. “Nope. Why?"
"He borrowed something from me. I’ll get it later.”
"By the way, where were you? It’s weird that you’re out this late on a work night." Jungkook’s statement is not an attack, but Jimin feels an immediate need to either defend himself or hide underneath his bed. He’s not used to keeping secrets from the guys; is this what it feels like? Or is it just because the secret he’s keeping is you?
"I was at ___'s place.”
"None of your business."
"Is she okay?"
"She's fine," Jimin answers quickly, "but, umm actually, ___ asked me to help her with something, so I'm gonna go over Friday to help out too. I might be late, so tell ‘em not wait up."
Jungkook jumps off the counter and pumps his fists in excitement. "What does Noona need help with? Can I come too?”
Never in a million years would this doe-eyed angel give up the chance to show off his capability to help people. If there’s one thing Jimin appreciates about his younger roommate, it’s his innocent eagerness to help. He wonders if you would be opposed to Jungkook’s help, but after thinking it over for 0.0001 seconds, Jimin makes an executive decision.
"No, sorry, she said she only wants my help."
"Why?” Jungkook’s shoulders sag. “What's wrong?"
"Nothing. She just--she's a little embarrassed about it is all. I wouldn't mention any of this in front of her either," Jimin adds, hoping this snippet of conversation doesn't find its way back to you.
Jungkook impatiently pouts. “But I haven’t seen Noona in so long. She hasn’t seen my arms since I started working out either.” He starts flexing, causing Jimin to swallow when he peels back the material of his shirt from his biceps. “Impressive, right? I could pick her up easy now--”
"Aren't you too busy with uni anyway? How are your classes?" Jimin hands over the ramen, liquid sloshing in the bowl and almost spilling over the edge.
Jungkook takes it happily, slurping up a loud chunk of noodles before answering with his mouth full, "They're hard, thanks for asking," and walking away.
There’s hardly ever a room in this dorm without someone else occupying half of it, so since Jimin has this moment, he closes his eyes and breathes, not even taking the time to question where Seokjin is. He’s usually in the kitchen at this time in the evening, but honestly Jimin couldn’t care less.
Plopping his butt back on the living floor, Jimin tries to determine how much longer there is to watch the movie. Hoseok lets Taehyung cuddle his way into Jimin’s back while he uses the boy’s shoulder as a foot rest. If this was anyone else, Jimin might shove them away, but he can’t hurt his soulmate’s feelings. As usual, Taehyung gets what he wants.
The movie plays but Jimin doesn’t process the horror in front of him. He’s much too invested in the unrealistic hypothetical situations pushing him to overthink how to fuck someone so they want to do it again.
Yoongi reaches forward and knocks the back of Jimin’s head.
He smirks. "Girl troubles?"
"The opposite actually,” Jimin mumbles, slumping against the couch.
"Guy troubles?"
Maybe if you verbally apologize to your iPad, it’ll do what you want it to. Maybe if you hadn’t drunk that fourth cup of coffee, your brain wouldn’t be pounding inside your skull like a prisoner in a jail cell. There's just a lot of maybe's in your life right now.
Falling back in your chair, the world tips and so does your sanity. When did the office get so small?
“Please don’t mock me, Yoongi. I’m really stressed right now,” you groan, ripping the hair tie from your ponytail and angrily pulling at your hair until it’s three sizes it’s normal fluff. “This is ridiculous, how do they expect us to finish this with no basic material? Where are the guidelines? Where is the software? Where is the fucking inspiration?”
Your partner slides his chair over to you, rolling up his sweater paws like he’s going into war. With a gentle touch, he rubs soothing circles into your temples until your pulse calms down and begins combing out the impromptu knots in your hair. “It’s gonna be fine,” he assures you, silently asking for your hair tie.
Stuffing it into your pocket, you flash him the most pitiful puppy dog eyes you can manage. While Yoongi doesn’t necessarily like people, he likes you well enough, and his inability to hide his smile when you pout is a sure sign you’ve won him over. He guides your head to lean back once again, fingers scratching at your scalp and smoothing out your hair.
“That’s the stuff.” After a few deep breaths, you already start to feel better. “Sorry. I know it’s not life or death but sometimes it feels that way. I know what you're gonna say, and yeah I’m sexually frustrated, but also this project makes me wanna...we're redoing it over and over but I'm not sure how to make it not do whatever the hell it's doing."
"Maybe you've been too close to it for too long,” Yoongi suggests, subconsciously twisting your ponytail in his palm while he thinks. “Sometimes you gotta take a step back. You should get out. Go on a date or something."
"Like I have time to date someone. Even if I did, I don’t know anyone.”
"What about one of us?"
Your eyes pop open to see the upside down sight of the man who's possibly memorized you like the back of his hand. After working with him on multiple projects at this point, your company has highly praised your companionship and results, so they often pair you up to tackle the bigger projects. You tell him pretty much everything. But you don't feel like you can tell him about this.
"I'm not seeing any of you guys,” you reply, a flash image of Jimin’s smile in the back of your mind. Technically that is true (until tonight).
"Namjoon has been looking for someone to go to the aquarium with him. I'm sure he'd take you if you asked."
"I don't know,” you hesitate.
Yoongi reaches across your torso and digs his hand into your jacket pocket. "It's not like you're gonna sleep with any of us, that'd be weird." He pulls out your hair tie and neatly draws your bangs into a cute braid, "But we're friends and friends help each other."
"So, why don't you go out with Namjoon?"
"I would love to but I don't want to."
With that said, he scurries back to his side of the table and begins trashing most of the useless work you two did today, gesturing for you to do the same and causing tears to swell in your eyes. All those hours and nothing to show for it. Your level of productivity has hit rock bottom and you have to do something about this frustration before you end up pulling all your hair out.
You don’t blame Yoongi for suggesting you go on a date, relax, or even the other day when he suggested you get laid. He’s probably right anyway, which is exactly why you’ve been able to justify getting yourself tested so you can sleep with your best friend. It’s all for the sake of both your sanity and well-being, and Jimin’s too. You know he hasn’t been any better lately with all the crap his new boss gives him.
Like Yoongi said, you’re friends. Friends help each other.
"Okay, maybe I’ll think about it,” you finally reply, the delete button tormenting you beneath the tip of your stylus. “Later."
"So," you start, Jimin's shoes and jacket by the front door, "how should we...?"
He runs an unsure hand through his hair, the empty silence of your living room creating an unintended awkwardness, one both of you strived to avoid but we're seemingly unable to.
"You could start by kissing me," Jimin suggests.
"How come I have to start?"
"Because this was your idea, duh."
You cross your arms and embarrassingly stutter, "Yeah, but you--this is--I mean we both agreed to it."
"Touché." Jimin carefully uncrosses your arms, stepping closer and making your heart beat louder. Does he hear that? With his eyes now on your lips, you fight the urge to bite them. "We'll go at the same time then."
"Okay. That's fair."
It doesn't happen instantaneously. The feeling is gradual, it builds and builds until Jimin is screaming inside his head. Why the fuck has never kissed you before? He's thought about it briefly during game nights or back in uni during study dates, those times you chewed your lip when concentrating. When you had them resting on the end of your pen, pressing the button to pop and retract the tip again and again and again. But thinking about your lips and actually kissing them are two different things.
You're the girl next door, the girl of every guy's dream. And now, he thinks, the one who's going to star in his.
Your fingers carefully thread into his hair, finding solace there pulling at his roots as leverage to tug yourself closer. His arms naturally slip around your waist, hugging you tighter until his frame can fill each curve of your body. With your tongue asking for permission to lick inside his mouth and your breaths filling your lungs through your nose, it's like you're somehow breathing him in and he really likes the thought.
You taste like midnight and caramel candy, some odd mixture of sin and freedom. Jimin recognizes it as one of those tastes people get dangerously addicted to, but they don't necessarily care because once they have it, why in the world would they ever let it go?
It's weird because it's not weird. Actually, it feels so relieving to have someone's hands on you after so long. Seasons have changed outside your window since a pair of strong, thick hands have touched your waist, caressed your skin, painted your body. Granted, Jimin’s aren't exactly professional but you feel comfortable and that's what matters. They trace your hip bones and cup your ass and it's really nice to have someone hold you like that. When he gives you an experimental squeeze, your lips turn up against the kiss and Jimin shares your smile instantly.
Your kisses grow heated without warning until your back is pressed against the wall, one leg hooked around his waist and the other growing weaker by the second. The atmosphere shifts suddenly into something hungry. You can’t help the small moans and sighs that escape, and Jimin can’t help how undeniably hard he gets when you whisper his name like that. There's no denying how ridiculously sexually frustrated you both are and it shows in your desperate hands grabbing at each other like animals.
"Can I eat you out?"
His question catches you off guard, as it would. Hearing those words come from your best friend means you're crossing a boundary you can never uncross. The look on Jimin’s face says he knows this, but he asked anyway. Because he's dying to taste more of you, dying to have more of you.
"Yes, please."
The moment your answer is heard, you're off the ground, legs wrapped around Jimin's body as his strong arms carry you deep into your bedroom. He watches you the whole time, his eyes never once leaving your mesmerizing features. They don't need to; he knows your home like he knows each freckle on your nose.
Once dropped on the bed, it doesn't take long to cover the floor in clothes. Jimin's shirt, your pants and panties, his jeans, your top and bra. Nothing could have prepared for the sight of your best friend, naked and looming over you with a desperate, deliciously happy smile. You mirror his lips with a smile of your own and he kisses you once before traveling down your chest and tummy, leaving small pecks around your belly button to make you giggle.
It's so comfortable. Easy. Just like you wanted it to be. This is why you chose Jimin.
"I literally can't wait to taste you," he admits, sliding a finger between your folds. "You're so wet and I haven’t even licked you yet. Is it all for me?”
You're not typically one for a lot of dirty talk (probably because none of the guys you've dated have been), but it's becoming clearer that Jimin is, so you want to try too. After all, you want him to enjoy himself as much as you are so far. This arrangement is for both of you.
You lick your lips and nod. “It’s all for you.”
His mouth is way too hot, tongue like pure magic when it touches your clit. He takes his time tasting you deeply and thoroughly, slurping up the juices that drip down your thighs in response to his sinful mouth.
"Shit, your mouth is…" you don't really have words to use with your breath stolen like this.
Jimin licks his lips and peeks up from between your thighs. "What, baby?”
You swallow. Somehow the fact that Jimin’s literally sucking on your clit and tracing his teeth across your slit doesn’t embarrass you at all. But that nickname for sure as hell does.
"Don't be shy. When you moan like that it means I'm doing something right. You sound pretty too."
His arms wrap underneath your knees and push them to your chest, exposing you to the fullest you can be. You swear you hear him lowkey growl when he takes a long, agonizing lick across your crying pussy. With your entrance leaking faster than he can clean it, and his dick laughably hard in his boxers, Jimin closes his eyes and lets the sounds of your pleasure fuel his movements until you’re shaking under his mouth.
Tremors travel from your core to your neck, creating small but noticeable goosebumps across your skin. The vibrations from Jimin’s lips when he hums happily against your clit are enough to build a tight knot in your gut, the one that you've craved for much too long. His tongue licks into your cunt, slowly fucking you until you feel that knot about to snap.
“I’m close,” you whine, leaning into his explicit depiction of a starving man eating his first and final meal, “I’m gonna cum!”
It’s at this moment, Jimin does the one thing no sane man who is in the process of eating a woman out until she cries is supposed to do. He stops. Lifting himself up and over your denied and confused body, he leaves a soaked kiss against your temple and smirks.
“I’m into that,” he explains.
Your entire self wants to evaporate. “Orgasm denial?”
“Hm,” he confirms, sliding his tongue over your ear before taking it between his teeth, kind enough to ask you next, “what do you like?”
Fuck this man’s mouth is way too much for you to handle right now. You tear at his boxers, practically ripping them off his stupid, thick legs and then stroking his dick and holy shit it’s huge! Before you can even think about how difficult it’s gonna be for you to take him like this, you slide your grip around his cock and answer.
“I like it rough.”
“Okay then,” he chuckles into your hair, lifting himself to align his aching cock with your hole and teasing you with the tip sliding in and out. Shallow thrusts, but they’re enough to make you wanna moan again. With your small hand guiding him carefully, he pushes forward, a guttural ‘tight’ coming from the back of his throat.
Every muscle in his body tenses and relaxes simultaneously, an odd but extraordinary sensation he’s been missing; thank fuck you asked him and not someone else.
It feels warm, soft but also rigid, tight but also a perfect fit. However, it’s the feeling he gets in the forefront of his chest that’s different, like all the air is knocked right out of him and he can’t physically contain himself if he doesn’t kiss you right this second.
When he bottoms out and your back arches like that, a surge of pride courses through his body. Your eyes are already lidded, tiny gasps and sighs every time his dick involuntary twitches. That look, that feeling in the pit of his stomach when you start biting your lip just to stay sane because his cock stretches you out so fucking perfect. His lips press to yours, gently but firmly, an encouraging kind of kiss to distract you from the slight burn you must be feeling after not being intimate for so long.
"You take my cock so well, princess," he praises you, making your chest swell with pride too. "Does it hurt?"
"No," you reply unbelievably, slinking your arms around his shoulders to pull him further on top of you, "you feel so good inside me. You're just...big. Give me a second.”
Jimin (struggles) waits while your walls clench and spasm around him as you get used to his size, hips wiggling in anticipation. He notices the scrunch of your nose and the hiss of your lips every time he tries to move, so he stops.
You close your eyes and steady your breath because how does such an average sized dude have such a massive cock? It burns like hell after so long, but also how have you never noticed that Jimin has been carrying around a weapon of this dangerous proportion in his pants?
You're so ridiculously full, and while you love it, the uncomfortable burn is predominantly what you feel.
Without warning, plump lips fall onto your mouth, caressing your tongue and carefully nibbling at your bottom lip. It’s so soft and desperate, the way he kisses you, and you end up getting caught in it. Yes, you still notice when he starts pulling out only to gently snap his hips forward again. But your moan is muffled by the way he kisses you like you’re breakable, contrasted with the way he fucks you like nothing else matters.
After a few moments, the burn gives way to pleasure but you don’t really want him to stop kissing you. Granted your lips have started slipping, mouths gliding across one another's’ and breaths mingling heavily as he starts fucking faster. Jimin tucks his face into your neck, securing his teeth to your skin. If he cums right now, he'll never forgive himself.
"No marks," you remind him of that certain guideline with a whine. While he hopelessly wants to color your pretty skin with his teeth, he understands you're not comfortable having any physical evidence of your relationship left behind.
"Can't believe we've never done this." You can't see his face, but his breath on your skin and his words beside your ear are like an overload when you close your eyes, focusing on the way he hits that perfect spot inside you. "Fuck you're so tight, holy shit."
With everything else falling from the back of your minds--stress, worry, anxiety, fear, unknowns about the future--the two of you chase a high you've both been craving for the past forever. Then it hits you...fucking Jimin might end up being borderline therapeutic.
"Don't squeeze me like that," Jimin groans, lips tracing the words across your jaw until they reach your nose with a cute peck, "I'll cum inside you."
The thought only makes you shiver and clench tighter. Your best friend spilling his load into your pussy, stuffing you with his cum until it's dripping down your thighs and staining the sheets. Fuck you really want that.
"Do it."
"Cum inside me. It's safe. Let's cum together."
Jimin doesn't stall but he also can't ignore how romantic that is. Isn't it? Don't couples usually try to cum together because it creates emotional bonds or something? Not that he doesn't love you for everything you are and feel protective of you as his best friend, but he's not looking to fall for you during any of this, or make you fall for him.
He gazes at you underneath him like this, skin coated in sweat and cheeks flushed a perfect pink. You're thoroughly fucked and the sight of your naked body beneath him, chasing the same high he is, makes his heart skip a dangerous beat. Half of him says this is a bad idea but the other half just wants to release already and make you feel good too.
"Alright," he gives in, lowering to kiss you again, "let's do it together. Cum for me, babygirl."
Jimin gives his last twenty seconds all he has, brutally demolishing your cunt and pushing you over the edge into pure bliss. He empties into you, a broken sigh all he can manage when your back arches and your nails threaten to draw blood from his biceps. Thank god you live alone, but there's a large possibility your neighbors just heard your borderline pornographic cry.
Collapsing on top of you, Jimin feels weightless. The immense pressure is gone, all that stress and worry has dissipated in this moment. His skin is clear. His liver is clean. The sky is blue and the grass is green. Everything is good again. Heaven has sent him an angel and her name is ___.
"You're heavy."
"Just a minute," he requests, shifting his face to rest between your breasts and nuzzling happily. It feels natural to have his lips this close to your skin. "So soft."
You shove him off with a roll of your eyes and suck in a deep breath once your lungs aren't being crushed.
"That was amazing," you say with a sigh. When Jimin looks at you, your eyes are closed, peaceful, sleepy. When they open to find him staring, he whips his concentration to the ceiling, embarrassed to be caught watching you after he just fucked you.
"So, this is gonna keep happening then?" he asks tentatively.
"I want it to. Do you?"
He looks at you and bravely smiles, happy to find you with matching lips turned upward.
"Yeah. I do."
What is stress? By definition, Jimin believes it to be a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.
(At least, that's what Google told him.)
His new boss, Mr. Long, is an adverse or very demanding circumstance, one that Jimin has been working overtime to impress in hopes of getting the raise he probably should have gotten two years ago. So far, he's gotten nowhere. Not that Mr. Long is unpleasant to work for but it takes an awful lot to even remotely impress him. Talk about high expectations.
People look down on office administrators, but those guys work damn hard at their jobs, Jimin should know. And he used to dread going into work...that is, until he started sleeping with you.
Somehow, his days have brightened and his whole attitude is so much easier to regulate. The amount of determination he feels when he walks into the office has skyrocketed, so much so that he looks forward to working in a cubicle with no windows or real plants.
It hasn't been long since he agreed to be your friend with benefits, but he can't help but notice the positive change it's caused in his life. He won't lie and say he didn't question your proposal at first, but after being in your bed and then seeing the improvement in his attitude and work ethic, he questions why he never suggested it himself.
He also feels proud of himself for not breaking a single guideline. As far as he knows, no one is suspecting your relationship and you've previously mentioned how much better you feel after sleeping with him too. All around, this is turning out to be a great idea, one that has Jimin's pulse racing when he thinks about you, wishing he was next to you listening to you laugh when he blows raspberries into your tummy. He can’t wait to see you again.
"Jimin, can I see you in my office, please?"
The day is technically over, but Jimin stayed behind to finish organizing a few files for a coworker who took a half day. He sets the folders aside and follows Mr. Long into his office, shutting the door behind him.
"Yes, sir?"
"I wanted to talk to you about the Granson case," his boss begins, pulling out the file and dropping it on his desk.
"Is something wrong?"
"Quite the opposite actually." He taps a finger on the manila paper and chuckles, "These reports you made are amazing."
"Thank you, Sir," Jimin replies with an easy sigh.
"Not too long ago, I'll admit I was considering transferring you to a different department--you seemed unhappy and that frustration was affecting your work so I thought maybe you would want to be somewhere else--but after seeing you come through so well with this case, I couldn't even think about it," his boss explains. "I'm not sure what's different or what you did, but keep doing it and that promotion is yours."
Little does Mr. Long realize, Jimin's been doing you, and he intends on continuing for as long as he can.
Jimin beams, putting aside the fact that his boss was considering dropping his ass on another department. His heart suggests he tell you all about it before anyone else, considering you're the main reason he's been feeling so much better lately. You'll probably smile. That would be nice.
As soon as he's dismissed, he whips out his phone and scrolls to your messages.
chim: how's your day?
y/n: actually really good! I think I had a breakthrough with this project and we're finally back on track thank god
chim: that's awesome! My boss basically told me if I keep up my work I'll get that promotion soon
y/n: wow congrats!
chim: can I see you tonight?
y/n: yes! I'm headed home now so whenever you want come over. I'll cook something cuz I'm hungry and let you have some cuz I'm nice
chim: haha sounds good
chim: hey ___?
y/n: yeah
chim: thanks for sleeping with me
chim: ….hello??
y/n: you're so weird
Maybe he is, but Jimin doesn't let your comment get to him. In fact, it's kinda cute. He imagines you're walking down a street similar to the one he's trudging on and blushing at your phone, oblivious to the side glances other guys give to your pink cheeks and giggles and sweet smile and--
A sudden punch to his gut ruins the daydream. What happened? He was enjoying his life two seconds ago and now suddenly he's very upset. Is the thought of other guys flirting with you really making him physically nauseous? He rubs his tummy and forces the thoughts from his mind. Not right now, he can't deal with that right now.
A delicious, tantalizingly sweet smell greets him a few minutes before he unlocks the dorm and steps into a cloud of sugar scented ectacy. When did Willy Wonka visit his humble abode?
"You're back!" Namjoon calls, head poking around the corner.
"What happened to you?" Jimin asks, referring to his hyung's adorably powdered forehead and cheekbones. "Are you...baking? Dude, that's dangerous. Where's Seokjin?"
"Here!" The older boy's hand appears in a wave from around the corner before it pulls Namjoon out of sight again. Jimin kicks off his shoes and trips his way to see the state of the kitchen.
To his surprise, it's still standing and no fingers are lost.
Seokjin is currently piping icing while Namjoon sprinkles decorations on the tops of mini, vanilla desserts.
"He asked me to help him," Seokjin informs with a grin. "I've been meaning to get back into baking so I was more than happy too."
Jimin chuckles, patting his roommate on the back with a playful hiss. "Your funeral."
"Actually, Namjoon is doing really well."
"Yeah, so don't underestimate me just yet," Namjoon says, followed by a loud cackle because who is he kidding. He can't bake.
Jimin picks up one of the treats to investigate and smacks his lips. It looks really tasty.
"They're for you."
"Yeah! ___ texted Yoongi about your upcoming promotion and he told the rest of us. Dude!" A friendly knock to Jimin's shoulder leaves his sweater dusted in leftover flour and his balance thrown into the side of the counter. "You're finally being recognized for all your blood sweat and tears! This is awesome!"
"Thanks," he chuckles, trying not to roll his shoulder. Some things you just suffer for the sake of your friends. "I'm really grateful to be where I am and to be with you guys, you know?"
Seokjin hands over a cupcake and a bag of pink icing. Not that Jimin particularly likes pink but now that he sees it, it's pretty. He starts doing dollops and polka dots with subtle dots of purple, quietly humming along to the song inside his head. As his décor becomes more complex, so do his thoughts.
Who knew baking could be so therapeutic?
"We noticed you're a lot happier lately," Seokjin comments while plating the finished desserts, "We're happy for you."
For some reason, Jimin doesn't find himself sharing many smiles with the oldest of their group. Not that Seokjin isn't totally dope in his own way, but oftentimes, the two boys tend to pass by each other. Especially lately with so much work piling on Jimin's plate. He really only has time for eating and sleeping. And now, you.
"Are we decorating already?" Yoongi claps happily as he enters the crowded kitchen, throwing his arms around Jimin's waist and resting his chin on the boy's shoulder. "Should I help?"
"If you want to. There's some undecorated ones on the tray over there. Have at 'em."
Namjoon beams. Having so many of his favorite people in one place like this doing something so fun together makes him feel like he's won the lottery.
Yoongi chose blue for his cupcakes, a nice contrast to the several pink and purple shades Jimin has been putting out. He can't help it. They remind him of something really soft.
"A heart?" Yoongi sings with a teasing smirk on his lips, causing every head to whip in Namjoon's direction. "I know Jimin's cute but I didn't know you were that into him."
Namjoon drops his cupcake with a gasp. The shock on his face tells the boys he didn't even realize what he was doing. "Shit, sorry."
"You don't have to apologize," Jimin says and picks up the abandoned cake, playing off his curiosity with a simple shrug. "Stuck in dreamland?"
Seokjin leans in closer and offers a mischievous grin. "Wanna share with the class?"
Namjoon's silence doesn't do much to convince them his impromptu heart cupcake was an accident. The deep blush covering his ears is a dead giveaway, one Seokjin finds almost as cute as his cupcakes.
"I think I'm getting feelings for someone maybe sort of."
"Seriously? Who?"
"I don't wanna say just yet."
Seokjin gawks. The idea of love has always been one he's fawned over, and while he himself has never been lucky enough to experience it romantically, that doesn't stop him from living vicariously through anyone he can get his hands on. "Don't be shy, tell us. Who's the lucky recipient of your love-cake?"
"No one."
"Ehh, come on. It's not like I have anyone to tell or like I would tell anyone anyway. Plus it's not like I need another reason to tease you. Just spill."
But Namjoon remains hesitant. "Well, I'm still not even sure if they like me or someone else. So, I can't say yet."
"Well, once you get your answer will you tell us?" Jimin asks, keeping his eyes turned to his project of finishing these cupcakes as soon as possible, so he can eat one already.
"If they agree to go out with me," Namjoon decides, "then I'll tell you. But until then, please don't ask me who it is. It's embarrassing."
Yoongi sighs, "Fine. I'll just invade someone else's personal space then." And with that he places his one finished dessert on the plate next to Seokjin's and makes his exit. "I'm going to find Hobi."
That night goes just as Seokjin and Namjoon planned. Except their guest of honor slipped out somewhere half way through the celebration to presumably buy more drinks from the convenience store.
Yoongi offers to meet him in the driveway to help haul in the treasure of cheap liquor he's so graciously bought for his own party, but Yoongi's more so helping out of suspicion.
The 7/11 is only a ten minute drive tops. Either Jimin is the slowest driver in the history of drivers...or he didn't go straight to the store and back like he said he would.
You always thought it was funny, how insanely wrong Starbucks spells your name. Like it's a hard name to spell or they didn't hear it after you repeated yourself three times to the barista. Although, you suppose it's better to get your name wrong than your coffee order. It's incredible how much of an uprising the words "dairy allergy" can cause.
As usual, you're scraping the whipped cream off your dairy free caramel macchiato in preparation for an upcoming all-nighter, when a familiar sound sings from across the café.
You look up to see a gleeful Namjoon making his way over to you, the evening glow coming through the windows makes him appear almost angelic, drenched in a warm orange shine that makes his skin more delicious than your coffee. You've always thought Namjoon was attractive.
"I didn't know you come here too?"
"There's usually coffee at the office, but Yoongi and I drank it all over the week so…" you explain with a small laugh, one that has Namjoon chuckling along.
"You must really like coffee."
"I guess," you shrug, taking a gander around the room. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm also a coffee connoisseur," he informs you with a puff of his chest, but you shake your head, his attempt to sound high class deflates and makes you giggle. "Uhh, I just like their cakes."
It's been a long day already, so sharing this comfortable laugh with one of your friends lights a spark inside your chest, one that you suspect will help you get through the rest of your day. God forbid your to do list magically disappear after seven thirty.
"Are you working tonight?"
"Oh yeah. We're so close to being done with this project and then I can breathe hopefully."
"Can I walk you to your building?" he offers with a gentle smile and a helpful gesture to the door.
"I don't wanna bother you."
"It's not a bother at all! I'm headed that way anyway. Come on, I'll walk you."
Without giving you a chance to refuse him again, he offers his arm, which you tentatively accept and the two of you begin strolling back towards your office. Inside you're dreading having to sit in that stupid chair and look at those stupid designs again, but at least you have some company to watch the bustling city life with you on the way.
Namjoon feels toasty next to you despite it being the beginning of Spring. He whistles softly in between the loud sounds of shops closing and car horns blaring. While you always liked working in the city, living in it was something you could probably do without.
"So, this project," Namjoon starts again after a few moments of silence, "is it for a client?"
"A big one. They pretty much fund half our current payroll. We didn't wow them enough with our last presentation so this one really needs to hit a home run."
"That's why you're stressed lately," he presumes, stroking his chin as if he's a detective putting together the roughest case of his career. He amuses you.
"Plus some other stuff."
"Like what?"
"I don't wanna bore you."
He stops in his tracks, pulling you back when your feet want to keep going. "You never bore me, ___. I like it when you tell me about your life."
"Oh…well, it's kinda hard to say."
"I didn't mean you have to tell me if you don't want to, of course."
"No it's not that," you assure him, starting to walk again and this time he goes with you, "it's just that I don't want to gossip. It involves someone else and I'm not sure talking about it is the right thing to do. I want to respect their privacy."
Jimin's privacy. You're not the only one carrying this secret in their back pocket. The one about your best friend fucking you almost every night, about you voluntarily being on your literal knees with his dick down your throat, about all your dreams being stained with the image of Jimin's head between your legs.
"I really like that about you."
"You're constantly thinking of others, how they feel, how your words affect the people around you. I really look up to the way you conduct yourself so selflessly." Namjoon's words bring you pause. If only he knew. No, you might actually panic if he found out. "Also you're really pretty."
Your cheeks are pink but not for the reason Namjoon thinks. "Thank you."
"Are you working this weekend?"
"I hope not. I've got a business trip next week and I'm planning on taking at least one day off before then."
"Would you maybe like to go with me to the aquarium on Saturday?"
You stop at the entrance to your building, key card in hand and a cute tilt to your head. "Isn't it closed?"
"It opened last week," he tells you with a gleam in his eye. "There's a bunch of new animals and displays to check out. If you don't want to, that's totally fine."
"Sure, that sounds fun," you agree nonchalantly, smiling a friendly goodbye as you slide your key to open the building, but just as you turn to head inside--
"The aquarium on Saturday…"
Oh god. You know that look, the shy stare, hand on the back of the neck, bitten lip, red tipped ears--he is, isn't he. He's gonna say it.
"...I was hoping it could be like a date."
"You're asking me on a date?"
"I know you've said before that you don't have time to date and it's hard, but I'd really like to take you out just once. Just to talk and maybe see if this is something worth your time?"
He's so innocent and special and handsome and he means so well, your heart physically aches with guilt just looking at him. But it's not like you've done anything wrong. You and Jimin started sleeping together long before you had even a clue that Namjoon was going to ask you out.
What harm can one date do? After all, there's nothing in your guidelines that says you can't go on a date while seeing Jimin. Granted, you started seeing him because you didn't have time to date, but like Namjoon said, maybe a relationship could be something worth your time? Despite your serious doubts that if you do decide to be in a relationship it'll be with say yes.
The feeling of a hot tongue kitten licking your nipple makes your heart race like a bullet train. Such a small movement and yet your entire body trembles. The restraints on your wrists only prove to tighten the more you pull, bed frame above your head knocking against the wall with each harsh tug you give. Every inch of your body is lit on fire, the blindfold around your eyes only proving to be the perfect cherry on top of the cake.
Jimin loves it. Loves the way your body reacts to his tongue, the way your breasts bounce when your back arches, when he drags his teeth over your nipple, returning to sooth the pinch with a loving suck or two. His fingers trace teasing circles between your folds, dusting over your clit and making your body jerk in pleasure when he pushes two digits inside.
"Stunning," he whispers into your skin, "so fucking pretty and soft and beautiful."
His praise makes you feel desirable and sexy and only means to amplify the sensation of his lips now on the inside of your thighs. His hands are so gentle compared to his teeth, biting your flesh and leaving colorful bruises in their wake until he reaches right where you're dying to have him.
"Your body is perfect, baby."
The result of Jimin edging you for the last twenty minutes soaks the material underneath your legs, the same legs that'll be purple and blue in the morning, but you can't complain considering you were the one who agreed he could use his teeth. When the guy you're sleeping with literally gets on his knees to explain his love language is biting, what are you supposed to do?
After a very one sided (conversation) scolding concerning the hickey he left on your shoulder, the two of you came to the agreement that he could mark you as long as it couldn't be seen. This proved to turn Jimin on more than you thought it would, knowing you had evidence of his time between your legs sitting prettily on your skin, just waiting for the wind to blow your skirt and reveal it to the world. He didn't know why all of sudden he became obsessed with shoving it in the face of everyone he passed on the street, he was just very proud and grateful to be the only one tucked between your legs on a regular basis.
Between the legs of someone so incredibly beautiful and sexy and sincere and sweet and...oh fuck.
"Please," you gasp when his breath fans over your slit. But much to your dismay, your core is left dripping and cold. You let out a whine and try to wiggle your wrists free.
Your surroundings are blackened, but you know exactly where Jimin is thanks to his undying need to feel as much of your skin as possible at all times. He follows the curve of your body with his hands, paying deserved attention to your sides, breasts, and collarbones. And then he reaches your neck, wrapping his fingers around it, he applies just the smallest bit of pressure.
"I'll give you what you want but you have to do something for me," he says, ghosting his lips across your swollen ones, "sit on my face."
"Hu--" your attempt to react is blocked by his grip on your neck. The subtle lack of oxygen only amplifies the feeling of his crotch grinding against your core. Jimin kisses you, and even though he allows his grip to loosen, his mouth takes your breath away.
You've talked about it before, back when your relationship was just starting and the two of you were still learning each other, what was okay, what was not okay. How rough you liked it and what kind of kinks Jimin wanted to try. You were pretty much open to all of them, although riding his face gave you pause at the time.
Now? After spending enough time in each other's company and thinking about what to try next, you were sure this was what you wanted to do too.
"Whatdya say, babygirl?" Jimin asks again, knowing full well the effect that nickname has on you.
"I'd like that." You nod and pull at your restraints, wanting so desperately to run your fingers through his beautiful, luscious hair when he kisses you like this. Jimin smiles and removes your blindfold followed by your bonds, bringing your wrists to his lips one by one and thanking them with gentle kisses.
Placing your palms against his bare chest, you urge him to roll over, a devilishly excited grin to match your eagerness crawling over his body. Starting with a simple straddle, you decide to take your time now. It's not everyday Jimin willingly lets you top, so this is something to savor. He also thoroughly enjoys eating your pussy, so this is kinda the best of both worlds.
Cupping his cheeks, you begin with a slow, sensual kiss, one that has Jimin's heart beating faster but not for the reason you would assume. You still taste like sin and freedom, although recently--and Jimin doesn't fully understand why--he's noticed a hint of something spicy, something dangerous but also addictive. Something he really really likes. A lot.
Of fucking course, he is.
Moving up, you place your thighs on either side of his head and balance yourself with one hand on his bed frame. It shouldn't feel weird considering you've had Jimin's tongue down there before plenty of times by now, but being on top is definitely a different feeling. Maybe even a better feeling. You feel more powerful like first.
As soon as his tongue touches you, it's all you can do not to moan, instantly gripping his hair and pulling without restraint while you crumble at the sensation.
"J-Jimin! Fuck…"
Two thick hands grab your ass and hold you steady because even after a few moments, your legs are shaking. Part of you is worried you'll suffocate him, but Jimin must not be thinking the same since he pulls you down closer, drinking your juices like a man in a desert, tongue tracing tight circles over your clit and moans like a vibrator shooting straight through you.
It's about this point he usually removes his mouth, looks up at you with some nasty smirk and says something completely disgusting that somehow makes you even wetter. But not this time.
His tongue is relentless, the sounds of your moans and attempts not to chant his name like music to his ears. Grinding against his face you feel your high approaching quickly.
"Please let me cum, fuck baby please don't stop," you beg, closing your eyes and focusing on how fucking good this feels.
Jimin's fingers dig into your flesh, rendering you helpless aside from the desperate rock of your hips. When his tongue enters you, it's all over. His tongue fucks you at such an agonizingly slow pace, but it's more than enough to push you over the edge.
With a call of his name, you cum on his face, unashamed and out of breath.
He guides you through your high, cleaning up the leftovers on your thighs afterwards while you try to catch your breath. Shifting downward, you make it to his middle before collapsing, everything hitting you all at once.
"Sorry," you whisper into his chest, "my legs feel numb."
"You can stay here," he assures you, petting your head and smiling. He lays his head back and rests his eyes, your orgasm glistening on his lips. "Actually, can you roll to your back?"
"I guess," you whine, not ready to admit you really like being on his chest like that, more than you probably should.
Jimin helps you roll over, your bare body on full, beautiful display for him, and all he can think about is all the things he wants to do for you.
So, he does them.
First he takes a warm, wet cloth and cleans between your legs, from your ankles to your waist. Taking his time to clean your skin and leaving small kisses on your knees and hips.
"What are you doing?"
"It's called aftercare."
"I know what it's called," you roll your eyes, "but why are you doing it?"
He shrugs, sliding his favorite pair of shorts over your ass and giving it a loving spank. Hovering over you, eyes rich like diamonds with strips of gold, he smiles and says, "Cuz I want to."
No matter how skeptical you wish you could be, when he slips his t-shirt over your shoulders and pulls you into his embrace, making you feel so small and special tucked under his chin, you can't find it in yourself to stop him.
"For what?"
Soft fingers draw small, random pictures across your back while your lips leave grateful, lazy kisses on his neck.
"Being so nice to me. How can I make it up to you?"
"Buy me food?" Jimin suggests, his heart beating just a little faster in his chest and it doesn't go unnoticed. "Are you free Saturday? We can get pizza and take it to the park or something. Just to talk and stuff."
Despite being caught completely off guard because you were 100% expecting him to tell you to pay him back with a blowjob or something, not pizza at the park. You manage to remember a promise you made to another handsome gentleman the other day.
"I can't. Namjoon asked me to go to the aquarium with him on Saturday and I don't know when we'll get back."
"Okay, I'll be busy Sunday, but how about Monday?"
"I leave for my business trip, remember?"
Jimin perks up, pulling back so he can see your face. "You're leaving? As in I won't see you?"
"We can video chat at night if you want, but yeah."
"Next week. I told you about this."
"No, you didn't," he says blatantly.
"Yeah, I did."
"I don't remember."
"Sorry, I'm not super excited either," you assure him with a frown. "I'm supposed to be presenting and I have no idea what I'm going to say. Plus it's like a six hour flight and I hate flying."
Not that your problems are his responsibilities at all, but that stressed out look on your face makes Jimin feel uneasy. He just gave you probably the best orgasm of your life and you're frowning?
"You're really stressed about this, huh?"
"Little bit."
Without thinking, Jimin leans forward and places a lingering kiss against your lips. "Whatever you need, just let me know, okay? I'll do anything I can for you."
It feels warm, a good kind of nervousness that makes your stomach flutter and your eyes sparkle. As much as you wish you could ignore the feelings bubbling up inside you, you know they won't be able to stay suppressed for long. Not if Jimin keeps pulling crap like that.
For once, Jimin has nothing to do on a Saturday. He's finished cleaning his part of the dorm, eaten a light breakfast, watched the latest episode of his favorite show, AND hit his head on the wall in hopes of forgetting the other night.
A kiss? Seriously? What is he, stupid? Did he somehow manage to look past the fact that you are not his girlfriend and see some sign that said it was okay for him to kiss you like that? What he did was clearly against the guidelines and there's no pretending it was an accident.
He looked straight into your eyes, kissed you without the intention of fucking, and then promised he would do whatever he needed to to be there for you. You know, like how a romantic partner usually does.
The worst part is that he knows he won't see you again before you leave for your business trip. You're spending all of today with Namjoon, he's gonna be busy all Sunday, and then your flight leaves at an ungodly hour in the morning.
He could text you and apologize for kissing you so lovingly while snuggling in bed and silently fanboying over how perfect you look in his clothes.
Or he could shove his lips into a blender. That works too.
Jimin slouches into the living room where Taehyung and Hoseok sit crisscross on the loveseat, controllers in hand and competitive curses on their tongues.
"Have you guys seen my Manga?"
"Which one?" Taehyung asks, his eyes focused on the screen.
"The one with the guy with the sword on the front."
"You mean the one with the girl with massive boobs on the front standing next to a guy with the sword?"
Jimin sighs, "Yes, that one."
Hoseok gestures with his elbow to the back of the dorm. "Think it's in Namjoon's room. He was reading it yesterday."
Namjoon's room is neat enough, he should be able to find it quickly. The cover is pretty noticeable after all. Jimin makes his way down the hall and--
"By the way the story is actually really deep and her character isn't all boobs, she's just drawn that way."
"Whatever, dude," both boys chant simultaneously before returning to their race, bodies tilting this way and that in hopes that it will make their characters drift sharper.
Flicking on the light, Jimin scans the room for a starting point. Somewhere Namjoon would leave a Manga. Probably his bedside? Jimin decides to look there first, but no luck.
He checks under some book stacked in the corner and behind the curtain on the window seat but comes up empty handed each time.
Scavenging through Namjoon's desk, Jimin doesn't find his Manga, but he does manage to locate another book Namjoon must have recently borrowed from Yoongi called ‘Graphic Design for Dummies’.
Jimin snickers to himself. Why would Namjoon need to know about graphic design? He works at a bank.
A folded note falls from the pages when Jimin flickers through them, landing softly on his foot face down. He picks it up and reads without thinking, his curiosity winning against his better judgement.
Slowly, Jimin's eyes widen the more he reads.
This is a love you?
The wording is elegant and electric, filled with passion and uncertainty, about a slowly developing mix of feelings one experiences when their attraction towards another person starts to grow significantly.
Namjoon likes you. And if this letter is anything to go on, he's starting to like you a lot.
Do you know? Are you even aware of Namjoon's feelings? Jimin wonders if you have similar feelings and, if so, who are they for? He shouldn't have anything to worry about considering you chose to sleep with him because you don't have the time or energy to put into a serious relationship. If Namjoon were to ask you to be his girlfriend, you would say no. Clearly. Obviously. Probably?
Quickly, he tucks the letter between the pages and places the book back where it was. All of sudden he feels very vulnerable being here, so he makes a quick exit and locks himself in his own room.
With no Manga and no way to distract his thoughts, all he has left to do is sit around and pout over not being able to see you because you're on a date with Namjoon. The thought makes him sick to his stomach. The two of you, walking through the aquarium together all wide eyed and excited while Namjoon quotes fun facts, obviously to impress you. You're probably enjoying yourself. Hell, Jimin wouldn't mind it if Namjoon took him on a fun date and told him fun facts about fish.
You're probably strolling through that fancy tunnel under the water and there's rainbow fish and dolphins and lights and your hands accidentally touch which makes you shy but then Namjoon takes your hand anyway and your heart starts racing because he's fucking Namjoon and the man is gorgeous and then he's leaning in and you close your eyes and then your lips touch and--
Jimin shoots up in bed, clutching his chest tightly.
"I had a really fun time, thanks for suggesting the aquarium. You're right, it's way underrated. How come people don't talk about it more often?"
Namjoon giggles, your smile in and of itself makes him smile too. "Right? I don't know, people just don't understand what they're missing."
"Well, thank you for showing me what I was missing." Stepping up to your front door, you turn to face the man who's successfully saved your Saturday. "I thought I would be spending today worrying about tomorrow, but I actually didn't think about my trip at all."
"Good. I wanted to make today stress free for you."
With a cute thumbs up and a wink, you let him know, "Mission accomplished."
He gives you a big smile and you wave goodnight before pulling out your key to head inside, but much like the last time you tried to leave, Namjoon stops you.
"Wait, umm ___? I'd like to say something before I go, if that's okay."
You give him your full attention. Of course, you've already noticed the return of the shy stare, the hand on the back of the neck, the bitten lip, the red tipped ears, but you uselessly attempt to act oblivious for no reason.
"What's up?"
"Look, you probably already guessed because I can't hide my expressions at all, but I like you and, after today, I really like you." He sucks in a breath and looks directly in your eyes, the light from your front door is bright enough to illuminate the two of you, but everything else is pitch black, making Namjoon appear that much more present and broad. "So? What do you think? Is this…" he gestures to himself and then to you, "...something worth your time?"
Well when he phrases it like that, no matter how you reject him it's going to sound awful.
Still, you have to be honest. Namjoon is such a good guy and that makes this even harder, because there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be madly in love with him. But when you're here, under the stars, coming back from an amazing day, just the two of you, don't feel anything except guilt for not feeling anything.
"I'm seeing someone else. A friend...sorta."
"Can I ask who?"
Even though you told yourself you would be honest with him two sentences ago, now you really wanna hide.
"You know what, nevermind," he says quickly, "I don't think I wanna know. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate your honesty."
"You're not mad?"
"Why would I be mad? We went on one date and it was a great date and, yeah, I really like you, but you like someone else already. It sucks but you still gave me a chance. So...thanks for an awesome date."
Part of you starts to wonder if you could develop romantic feelings for Namjoon, but the other sober part of you knows you're just hella impressed by his mature response.
He spreads his arms in request for a hug and shrugs.
With a smile, you fall into his embrace and allow him to wrap his arms around your waist, leaning on your tiptoes to reach around his neck.
"See ya later, Joonie."
Once you're inside, the shoes come off. Doesn't matter that you were in flats all day, the fact of the matter is that you just walked several miles worth of aquarium in one day and your feet feel like pudding. Throwing on your pajamas, you sit your butt on your couch and revel in being alone. Feels like all you've been doing lately is jumping from one meeting to the next and then you get off work to go hang out with more people.
Too much. It's too much people-ing.
Wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket, you feast on dairy free chocolate and wine until you feel like you could be physically ill, and then you stretch out on the couch and binge just one more episode.
By the time midnight rolls around, you feel much better. It's still relatively early, but you've had a long day and since it'll probably take you a few hours to fall asleep and you have to be up early, you decide to head to bed.
A few hours later, you decide sleep is impossible and unlock your phone instead.
y/n: Are you awake?
chim: Yeah what's up?
y/n: I can't sleep.
chim: Did you take melatonin?
y/n: I don't have any.
chim: Are you stressed?
y/n: Actually not really. I drank way too much wine and binged Netflix.
chim: Haha sounds nice. Wish I could have joined you.
y/n: Do you wanna come over?
chim: It's after 2am.
y/n: And?
chim: Good point.
There's a knock on your door in the next fifteen minutes and you rush to answer it. You have to stop yourself from greeting Jimin with a kiss and instead offer a lingering hug and muffled 'thanks for coming.'
"Did you sneak out?"
Jimin chuckles, hands still at your waist, holding you close but you really don't mind. "I told Seokjin I was gonna pull an all-nighter at the office."
"So, you can stay as long as you want?" you ask hopefully.
Jimin nods and your sleepy grin grows.
"Do you wanna just stay the night then?"
"Isn't that against the guidelines?"
Technically, he is right. Rule #3 to be exact, but you'd like to forfeit some of those less important rules now. They're not really as prominent as they were when you started this whole thing anyway.
"Just once won't hurt," you sing, tightening your hold around his shoulders which brings your face closer to his, lips mere centimeters from tasting him. "Besides, it's raining."
A light misty fog would be a more accurate statement, but Jimin only nods, a serious expression of consideration as his hands inconspicuously slide their way to your ass.
"Hmm, it'd probably be dangerous for me to drive back in this weather. Plus, I did say I was pulling an all-nighter. I'd hate to lie."
"Exactly." You jump into his arms, giggling like a schoolgirl when he starts carrying you to your bedroom. "Besides, there's plenty of work you can do here, baby."
Sex with Jimin remains immaculate in the sense that no matter what he does, it's somehow always perfect. The bedframe marks your wall the way his teeth mark your thighs. Plump lips and a sinful tongue edge you along until Jimin feels graceful enough to fuck you on all fours through two mind-blowing orgasms. But the night isn't over until you feel his hot cum at the back of your throat and you can show him you swallowed like a good girl.
The two of you collapse on the sheets, heavy breaths and sweaty chests. A single silent look is all you two need to communicate perfectly and Jimin helps you get into the shower, jumping in with you a moment later. He offers to tie your hair up so it doesn't get wet and washes your back, to which you do the same because--like Yoongi always says--friends help each other out.
"Ready to sleep?" you ask once you're both in clean clothes and tucked under clean sheets. Having Jimin keep a pair of spare comfy shorts at your place ended up being a great idea after all.
"Actually, yes."
"Think you can keep your hands to yourself?"
"Worry about yourself."
But you don't. Rolling to your side with a content smile, you feel Jimin's arm wrap around your waist and drag you into his chest. You never want to feel small but maybe this moment can be an exception. The feeling of his heartbeat through your back pulls you into a pleasant sleep, his lips gently resting on the back of your shoulder, and his fingers lazily interlocking with yours.
"Sleep tight, baby."
The clock says 4:12am.
You're not a typically deep sleeper in any sense but certain things tend to make you more restless than others. Like the feeling of a half hard dick pressing into your back.
After an unnecessary amount of shifting, you roll over in Jimin's arms to find him awake and frustrated.
"Did I wake you up?" he asks groggily.
"Are you hard right now?"
You roll your eyes but can't help the amused smile that breaks out on your face. "Oh my god…"
Jimin sighs, a pitiful pout on his lips. "I know this is asking a lot but could I just be inside you?"
"Babe, I'm too tired--"
"I won't move or anything, I just really want to feel you around me. You're always so warm and soft," he begs quietly, pulling you closer so your legs intertwine and his hips can rut against your thigh. "Just for a few minutes. Wanna fill you up, babygirl."
"You mean cock warming?"
"Is that what the kids are calling it these days?"
"Yeah," you chuckle, which then turns into a yawn, "and I don't mind. Come here."
Within moments, his dick warm and settled between your legs, Jimin feels the familiar sweep of sleep over his eyes. He smiles and whispers your name to you in his last moments of consciousness, hands held on your waist and heated body intertwined with your limbs.
Your gentle hand presses to his chest but he doesn't budge.
"Are you asleep?"
Jimin doesn't respond. His steady breaths could be a façade but through the darkness, you can't tell if his shut eyelids are fluttering while dreaming or lying.
With pursed lips, you press a cute kiss to his nose, thinking he would flinch. Nothing happens.
"I'm gonna say this once but I'm still scared, so please don't wake up, okay?" You swallow, your arms curling into your chest as you press yourself as close as you can to feel the warmth of Jimin's sleeping state, his cock tucked deep inside you and filling you comfortably. The intimacy sends you to a place you never expected to be and you can feel your fight or flight instincts beginning to cry.
"I'm falling in love with you, Park Jimin. And that's why I have to end this."
Everyone hates Mondays. There's not a single person on this hellish planet that likes Mondays. If someone tells you they like Mondays, they either meant to say some other day, or they're insane and you should run away.
Unless they're Kim Namjoon.
"Why are you smiling?" Yoongi yawns, rubbing his eyes as he pours his second cup of coffee for the morning.
"It's Monday."
"It's annoying. Stop being so happy, please."
Namjoon rolls his eyes and straightens his tie in the living room mirror. "Just because it's Monday doesn't mean it has to be a bad day. Today could end up being the greatest day of your life but you would never know because you've got your head stuck in a nimbostratus cloud."
Yoongi slowly lowers his mug with heavy bags under his eyes and a zoned out expression. "The fuck…?"
"You know, the clouds that produce the most rain."
"I’m going away now," Yoongi declares as he slumps his way back to his room, coffee steaming from his mug and a peace sign thrown over his shoulder.
With a light shake of his head, Namjoon slips on his shoes, grabs his usual breakfast of a granola bar and banana, and makes his way out the d--
The boy is frozen where he stands, hand extended for the door knob and what seems to be an extra set of clothes tucked under his other arm.
"Namjoon, hi," he replies quickly, a tremor in his voice that doesn't go unnoticed. "What are you doing?"
"I'm heading to work. Are you just now getting back?"
"Uh, yeah, I pulled an all-nighter at the office."
"I thought that was Saturday night."
"It was," Jimin confirms, smacking his lips. "I pulled two. In a row."
Technically, he was busy with work all day Sunday so part of that is true. Although Namjoon seems suspicious...probably because Jimin is being very suspicious right now. He wants to ask about the cluster of dirty clothes but maybe that's better left alone. Namjoon starts to think he doesn't want to know where Jimin actually was all weekend.
"Wow, you must be really tired then."
With a big stretch and a (obviously fake) yawn, Jimin squeezes his way past his roommate and into the house, effectively exchanging places so Namjoon is on the outside and Jimin has an easier escape route.
"My boss--the new one--is really stacking up the work since the promotion so, gotta stay on top of my game as they say."
Namjoon forces a smile and nods. "Well, when you have a free day, let me know. You should take a break every once in a while. I'd be glad to do something with you."
"Oh yeah, how did your date with ___ go?"
As soon as the words leave his mouth, Jimin starts looking for a cliff to jump off of. He doesn't want to know about their date! Or apparently he does since his brain made the executive decision to ask about it. It's safe to assume anything that concerns you, concerns Jimin since he's officially low-key falling for you, and he knows you're particularly embarrassed about people discovering your little arrangement.
"Fun. It was, umm, we had a very nice time."
Namjoon's response is neutral, casual, but there's a hint of something else in his eyes Jimin sees and thinks he recognizes. A sense of regret maybe? No. It feels more uncomfortable than anything.
Then he sees it. There in the corner of Namjoon's eyes, in the deep, hidden parts of his gaze, clouded over with an absurd, unrealistic amount of optimism, is heartbreak. Jimin knows it. He's been there before. It looked the same in his eyes as it does in Namjoon's. Bloodshot red, swollen, and fragile.
"Did something happen?"
"Something?" Namjoon repeats, eyes fixating on Jimin's slowly freezing expression. "How did you know?"
"Just a guess."
Namjoon shrugs, accepting Jimin and his incredible detective skills. Although to be honest, it didn't take a genius to figure that one out. Disguising emotion isn't one of Namjoon's greatest strengths.
"I asked her if she was interested in dating me, but…"
"She said she's seeing someone already."
Jimin crosses his arms and leans against the doorframe. If Namjoon wasn't so caught up in his own emotional rollercoaster right now, he might notice how ridiculously obvious Jimin is being.
"Really? Do you know if it's serious?"
"She said he's just a friend, but I don't know."
"You don't know what?"
"She seemed kinda…bummed out," Namjoon reports, gazing off to the side as if he's reliving the moment in his mind, what you sounded like, looked like. "I think she was upset about seeing them, or maybe upset that she couldn't be with me because of them."
Jimin swallows hard. "She was sad?"
"Sorta? Anyway, she still rejected me, but I wouldn't be surprised if she ends things with that other guy too."
Jimin knows this is all speculation, but he can't help the panic settling in his chest. Do you regret sleeping with him? Do you want to end things? According to the guideline he insisted be included, you have the right to end things whenever you want without giving a reason. At the time, Jimin wrote that to be a safety net for himself--and you--but he never imagined you might take advantage of it in order to date his roommate.
Namjoon shrugs, rubbing his eyes sleepily. As much as he fakes being okay with it, your rejection hit him hard and he lost some sleep over it. He lost sleep over you. Jimin wants to take the blame for that. But he's also concerned about the sleep he's gonna lose over all this.
"Maybe. I don't know what's going through that pretty head of hers, but whatever it is, it's making her really upset."
"I'll check in on her later and see if she's okay."
"Please do that," Namjoon urges, "and let me know how she's doing. It feels kinda weird for me to ask her myself. Just because she doesn't wanna date me doesn't mean I automatically don't care about her."
"Yeah, no problem. Catch you later, Namjoon."
Heading inside, Jimin stands in front of his bedroom mirror, work suit on and name badge around his neck. In the simplest of terms, Jimin feels like crap. In a more detailed description, Jimin feels like crap for wanting you all to himself when you're wanting a way out.
You probably somehow found out he's falling in love with you and freaked out. Yes, he's admitted it to himself, he's falling for you. How can he not?
You're his best friend. Supposed to be his best friend.
The week passes in agony. Despite your promise that you would talk or video chat while on your trip, Jimin hasn't heard from you outside the occasional text to affirm you're not dead. There's a constant looming presence of physical distance between you two. It makes his heart ache and his dick sore. Jimin knew he wasn't made for long distance.
Work has gone back to being overly stressful. He's in the process of saving a critical document when he knocks his coffee all over his laptop and it seeps between the keys, trickling into the cracks and causing the screen to freeze.
If that wasn't enough, his coffee order was made wrong to begin with. And those things were just today, not to mention the travesties from earlier this week.
Not that he hasn't stayed past close every night this week to clean up after himself or someone else, but today he's especially drained after a 13 hour work day and really doesn't want to spend another second in his stupid cubical.
As soon as he has the chance, he turns off all the lights (because he's the last one there...again) and locks the front door with the key he was granted along with his recent promotion.
On his way home, he tries not to think about work or how stiff his legs are. He's gotten into the habit of, whenever he feels like this, he usually messages you and asks if you're down to let him come over. He still remembers the first time you offered to cook for him if he bought some groceries on the way.
Sex and food. That was a fucking great night.
Now, when he thinks about you he gets anxious, probably unnecessarily, but how is he supposed to know?
Last he heard from Namjoon, you're upset to at least a certain degree with whoever you're seeing. Jimin knows it's not because the sex is bad. Just thinking about it makes him sigh out loud and he knows you enjoy it too.
He it because he slept over, breaking a significant number of guidelines in the process. You've always been strict when it comes to the guidelines, which is why he was surprised when you suggested he stay over in the first place. But he was so happy when you said it, he didn't stop to think that maybe something was wrong. He got to spend the whole night holding you; a literal dream come true. If he's honest with himself, he really wants that.
He slumps up to his front door, somewhat discouraged and very tired from a heavy work week. He tries not to think about the pile of work he left on his desk for tomorrow because he might actually cry.
"Hey, Jimin!" Taehyung jumps when his roommate opens the door and steps inside. "Look who's here!"
"Welcome back," your voice sings across the floor and floods his ears.
Jimin freezes and stares. You're here, standing in the living room with your arms crossed and hip popped out to the side. The boys are gathered around you, all smiles and jokes. You smile at him, fuck, you're smiling at him.
Don't run. Don't run. Don't run and kiss her.
"Hey, ___, you're here," he tries to sound casual, slipping off his shoes and entering the main living space where you are. "I thought you didn't get back until tomorrow night?"
You shrug and reach out to accept his hug. "It ended and I managed to catch an early flight home."
With a surprised but happy chuckle, Jimin moves in quickly to embrace you, scooping you into his arms and instinctively burying himself in your neck, his heart racing at the limited contact. He breathes in your familiar scent and feels his lungs tighten when your fists grip the excess material of his work shirt.
The tapping on your shoulder is what breaks the hug, thankfully before anyone starts noticing how abnormally long Jimin was prepared to hold you.
Jungkook is more than excited to have everyone together and to see you after so long. It has been a considerable number of weeks since the two of you have crossed paths. "Noona, I want to show you something." He takes your hand and drags you across the carpet.
Jimin is requested in the kitchen where Seokjin, Hoseok, and Yoongi have been preparing a home cooked meal (apparently of your choice) to celebrate you coming home early and the success of your presentation. You've worked hard and it finally all paid off. It's not anything major, but the boys seem to be happy you've decided to spend time in their humble dorm.
Jimin is given the task of peeling the potatoes. He does so diligently until he sees Namjoon with a set of free hands and calls him over.
"I wanna show ___ something real quick, could you do these last few?"
"Sure." Of course, Namjoon and his golden heart agree to help.
You catch his gaze as he makes his way to you, the record collection Jungkook originally dragged you over to see is all but sprawled across the floor, artists and art from nearly every decade aren't enough to recapture your attention once Jimin has it.
"___, I found that thing you wanted. It's in my room if you still need it."
"Oh yeah, I do, thanks. Be right back, Kookie." Somehow inconspicuously you manage to stand and lead the way to Jimin's bedroom and none of the boys appear concerned. But from around the corner, a pair of eyes in the kitchen follow the back of your heads as you disappear together.
Once inside his room, Jimin sighs and clicks the lock on the door. You whip around, weak knees and heavy breaths as if you've been holding them in for much too long.
You weren't planning on having this conversation so soon after returning, but there's no point in putting it off.
"Jimin, there's something I have to talk to you about--"
But he's already kissing you. Already pulling you into his body, pressing his lips to your lips and pulling them with his teeth in a desperate attempt to claim them. He loves these lips. Loves kissing them, biting them, sucking them, whispering sweet nothings against them. As soon as he can do all those things again, then he'll admit he's addicted.
Wait, you're supposed to end things…okay maybe just one more time. Just one more, you justify.
He melts into the kiss and immediately feels the stress leave his body as he kisses you, and when your fingers trace the lines of his abdomen to find his cock he shivers, a hushed "fuck, babygirl" slipping into the kiss.
He roughly shoves you against the wall, entirely uncaring about the books knocked over or the thud sounding about the house. Pushing your annoyingly cute skirt and panties to the side, he coats his fingers in your slick before sliding them inside you, prepping you to take his cock like a good little slut.
"So wet...already?"
"Been wet since you walked in, idiot."
You continue to stroke him, slowly, patiently, sinfully, now slipping your hand inside his slacks to feel him hot and heavy in your palm. If this was any other time, he would be totally okay if you continued this fun, little game until he came in your hand and you came all over his thick fingers.
But not now. Not when he's literally dying to feel you underneath him again, sighing and pulling his hair, shaking and whispering his name, writhing and rocking your hips.
"Ready?" he's nice enough to ask, his fingers scissoring inside you and creating a pleasurable burn through your core.
You nod, hair falling from your messy bun and into your flushed face.
Pushing his slacks to his knees, you wrap both legs around his waist and help guide his cock inside. He slides in too easily, bottoming out in seconds and waiting no longer than the time it takes for you to lean forward and kiss him again before he's rocking his hips. Lifting you up and dropping down again, he begins fucking you against the wall with deep, sharp, desperate, lust-driven thrusts that taunt your limits, tempting your ending to cum sooner than later.
After even a few minutes, you can feel the pit of your stomach beginning to turn, a knot forming in the same spot the tip of Jimin's dick hits you every time he snaps his hips into you, a high pitched slapping sound making the room feel like a porn set.
"I'm already close, fuck don't stop--"
You don't have to tell Jimin twice. He's memorized the way your body convulses, the light trembles in your bones when you near the edge. He's taken more than his share of highs from you at the last minute to know what he's doing. He wouldn't be opposed to edging you again tonight if it weren't for the fact that he hasn't touched you or felt your touch in almost five days.
Jimin groans, sloppy kisses tracing from your lips across your jaw and down your neck. He wouldn't dream of stopping now. Not after last week. Not after you left him denied and blue balled in a dorm with six other guys and practically no privacy to day dream about you as he wishes. Things have gotten to the point where, usually, just the thought of you can make him cum, but he hasn't been able to get anything going with himself since you left. When he walked through that door and saw you standing there, it felt like lightning struck his bones and all the air in his lungs was stolen. In that moment, he felt something clearer shredding to pieces his stupid excuse for calling your relationship friends with benefits.
"Tell me if it hurts."
It's things like this that make you think he cares more about you than he probably does. There's no denying Jimin is your friend. A friend that has sex with you. But that's all he is and, according to those stupid guidelines, that's all he's obligated to be.
"Right there, harder...harder."
Jimin chuckles, the lighthearted sound suddenly turning dirty when your walls tighten and begin milking his cock for all it's worth. "Shit, babygirl. Feels like your pussy missed me."
"I think your dick had a harder time," you reply smugly, tongue in cheek.
Your thighs burn like lava but it's nothing compared to the knot in the pit of your stomach. With your back thrown against the wall and Jimin's cock filling you to absolute perfection, it's only a matter of time before your high. His mouth attaches to your shoulder now, biting down to hang on for dear life while your nails dig into the bare skin of his back. You can also tell Jimin is nearing his end as his thrusts get sloppy and savage. He just wants to cum and feel you cum around him. Fuck, he just wants you. He wants all of you.
"No marks."
"Does it even matter," he whispers frustrated, lifting his head to look into your eyes, "if your moans are gonna give us away anyway. I think everyone can hear how good I fuck you. Is that what you want? For everyone to know how fucking greedy you are for my cock? You missed it that much?"
"You need to be faster," you remark, arching your back and clenching harder around his leaking dick, pulling a strangled moan from his throat. "We don't have much time."
You're lifted off the wall, still sitting on his cock like a good girl, and deposited on his mattress, blankets and pillows bouncing when he lands on top of you. He hooks his arm underneath your thigh and pushes it to your chest, the new angle edging you closer to your orgasm as he starts moving again, slow and deliberate and deep.
"Well, if you would just--"
Pulling him to your lips, you shut him up with a kiss, tracing your tongue across the roof of his mouth and tugging his lip between your teeth. "You know how much I love it when you talk back during sex," you tease, wiggling your hips in an attempt to make him go faster, "but it's been a really long week and if I don't cum I may cry."
Squeezing his grip around your leg and picking up the pace now, Jimin somehow keeps himself from kissing all over your face. "Don't worry. I got you, baby," he promises. "I missed you."
"You mean your dick missed me."
"No," Jimin corrects you with a kiss to your cheekbone and a strong thrust of his hips, "I mean, I really missed you. While you were gone, I was such a fucking mess. You're never allowed to leave like that again. Promise you'll stay with me...okay?"
Instead of answering, you cup his jaw and lead him to kiss you again, your high seconds away from ripping through you. Jimin feels it too, desperately chasing his orgasm so he can cum with you, just like your first time together. Your fingers run through his hair, brushing strands from his face so you can watch him closely, so you can look into each other's eyes when you cum. If this is going to be the last time you have him like this, you want to remember the magic that surges through you in this moment.
"___," he gasps your name, pressing his lips to yours again despite the awkward rocking and thrusting, "I need to tell you something."
"What, Jimin?"
Both your heads whip towards the door when a knock knock comes from the other side. The door handle jiggles, locked from the inside, although both your hearts start racing at the possibility of being caught.
"Hey," a voice from the other side says, "why is your door locked?"
"I saw ____ go in with him earlier," another voice answers from the other side, this one younger.
The first voice, one you both recognize as Hoseok's, leans in closer to let you know, "Well, dinner is ready so you guys come out already."
"Be there in a sec," Jimin calls, listening intently for footsteps to leave before breathing again.
He props himself on his elbows and hangs his head, hair ticking your cheeks. With a sigh he runs a hand through his own hair before helping you fix yours when he notices tears swelling in your eyes.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine," you reply harshly, rejecting his helping hand and blinking away any signs of emotional vulnerability. "Stressful week is all. Get off me, please."
As you wish, ever so painfully, Jimin removes himself from his place entangled with you. Though your legs wobble and your nose is starting to run, you don't let it stop you. Smoothing out your appearance, a tissue to clear your nose, and some of Jimin's spare chapstick help prepare you to face the group again.
Jimin stands there, slacked jawed and speechless. Not because you were able to pick yourself up so easily, but because nothing you just did was easy at all. He can feel a rising cramp in his side from having his orgasm ripped away like that, and if he's struggling to stand then you must feel terrible.
Nevertheless, you plaster a smile on your face and leave the room without another word, followed by Jimin a few moments later.
Much to his dismay, neither of you speak to each other for the rest of the evening.
One might think that after completing a massive project for a very important Partner and attending a five day business trip to speak publicly despite not having correctly prepared material, you would be granted a break or something.
But unfortunately, money doesn't take breaks.
Yoongi has sunk back in his chair, arms stretched behind his head and eyes shut in an attempt to sooth his growing headache.
"You okay?" His deep voice travels across the room to where you are digging through a shelf of stacked drawings and documents.
"Yeah, it's just…" you pause and rest your weight on the shelf, "a lot on my mind."
"I’m always here to talk if you need to."
You appreciate the sentiment but it's not right to talk to Yoongi about how much you missed his roommate who's been fucking you for several weeks. The one you're falling in love with. The one you're not supposed to fall in love with.
He was going to say something. You haven't stopped thinking about it, the words he was uttering while he practically drilled you into next week. Your last desperate fuck and you didn't even get to see him come undone above you. A disappointment you'll carry for an embarrassing length of time.
If you hadn't been interrupted, what would he have said?
You imagine what it was. There's several options:
“I...took your shoe that's been missing to mess with you.”
Okay, maybe not that one.
"I...found out about your feelings towards me and I think we should stop."
Or maybe…you can't even bring yourself to think it. There's no way Jimin feels anything remotely romantic towards you. Besides, that would break your number one guideline, and if Jimin was feeling that way, he would have told you by now. You have to push this to the back of your mind or you'll never get anything done. Most of today has already been wasted on trashing unused material from your last project and reorganizing the office since Yoongi turned it into a dumpster while you were gone.
Your coworker opens one eye and spies at you from across the room.
"Namjoon asked me out."
"Yeah, to the aquarium. That was like a week ago, ___."
"No, I mean, after we got back,” you clarify. “He asked me if I was interested in him.”
"That's right," Yoongi says nonchalantly, spinning in his chair, eyes once again closed and lips stretching into a big yawn.
Turning on your heels, you scoff in surprise, "You already knew?"
"I know a lot more than you think."
His statement makes you nervous, but more so does the look he shoots you. A serious gaze you've only seen once before, on the eve of Jungkook's middle school graduation when Yoongi gave him 'the talk'.
His pursed lips and cautious eyes lead you to believe you're thinking about the same thing. But how could Yoongi possibly know about you and Jimin. No one could have told him and he hasn't seen you two, as far as you know.
"So, you like Namjoon too?"
You sigh and sink back into your chair around the table, absentmindedly drawing nothing on your iPad. "There's no reason I shouldn't. He's smart and cute and fun to hang out with."
"But I don't feel that thing, you know?" Without thinking, your mouth spills what's swimming inside your mind. "Actually, I'm falling for someone else."
"Someone I shouldn't be falling for." You look up to find Yoongi leaning over the table, chin on his folded arms and waist twisting in his chair as he listens. "How do you not fall in love with someone?"
"Not my area of expertise," he insists with his hands lifting in surrender, "but I suppose there isn't a way to not fall in love with someone. If you love them then that's it."
"That doesn't help me," you groan.
He chuckles but you can still hear the sympathy in his voice. "You can't control who you fall for, but you can control what you do after you fall for them."
"So what should I do?" you ask, feeling increasingly helpless.
"Listen to your heart," Yoongi answers calmly. "Then do the opposite."
You blink.
"Or," he adds with a sincere shrug, "allow yourself to feel what you're afraid to feel. Who says you're not supposed to fall for someone? As long as it's not me, who gives a shit?"
"It's not you."
"Then I say go for it! Love doesn't have to be difficult." He gives a cheer and it successfully makes you smile. "What's the worst that could happen?"
A lot of things, you think. But nothing could be worse than your own imagination and anxiety.
Yoongi slides your sketchbook across the table directly into your palm, gesturing for you to start packing up your stuff. He wants to head home and you don't blame him. It's been a long ass day and you're ready to be in pajamas too.
On the way out, as you turn off the lights and lock the doors, you can't help asking one more question.
"What if I just end up getting hurt, or even worse, what if I lose them?"
"That's a risk you have to decide is worth it."
His bedroom is a total mess but that's expected when he's been rummaging through every corner and shelf for the last fifteen minutes, frantic and desperate. Every pair of jeans he owns has been turned inside out, every book he's ever read flipped until it's pages are practically ripping from the binder.
Jimin can't embarrass himself enough, can he?
His mind mocks him. What was he thinking? Telling you that in the midst of the moment, with his dick as his brain and your beautiful sounds muffling themselves behind bitten lips and kisses in order to keep quiet. He wanted you to scream, moan his name so loud the walls shook, let everyone in that stupid dorm know who was making you feel so good. When he woke up this morning, he had his resolve. He was going to tell you. But this time, he would get the words out and they would be sane. You'll have to believe him.
To drive his point home, Jimin concocted a plan but he needs those guidelines, the ones seemingly lost in the pits of his bedroom.
He can't tell you he loves you through a text and you never answer your phone during work hours unless it's an emergency. That leaves tonight. Jimin has to tell you he loves you tonight. In person. Which means he has to find those guidelines.
But he’s torn through his entire room and they're nowhere. With hands shoved in his hair, he plops onto his bed and low-key starts to panic. If they're not here, then where are they?
"Looking for this?"
Jimin freezes, wide eyes taking in the familiar shape of your co-worker leaning against the doorframe, a full printed, double spaced page of fine detail between his fingers.
"How did you…?"
"Hoseok found it while cleaning and gave it to me. I had pretty much guessed the truth already, but it was interesting to read the rules of your game," Yoongi explains, scanning the page front and back. He's obviously read it several times by now. Jimin can only assume so has Hoseok, which means Taehyung probably knows, which means Jungkook probably knows, which means Seokjin probably knows, which means…oh shit.
"How long you been sleeping with her?"
Jimin considers not answering, but he doesn't have the will to try and hide anymore. There's no point anyway. This whole arrangement was supposed to be easy, stress relieving, and it was for a while, but along with the secret came a new kind of paranoia Jimin was not prepared for. First keeping it secret from his friends, and then keeping his feelings secret from you.
"A while."
"Which is…?"
"A couple of months."
"Since before or after you knew Namjoon wanted to ask her out?" Yoongi crosses his arms, expression serious.
"Before," Jimin assures him.
"Guess that makes things a little better." Yoongi steps into the room, making his way to sit beside his younger roommate on the mattress. "How’d it start?"
"Remember when you suggested she get laid?"
Yoongi does a double take. "Wait, so she approached you?"
Leaning back on his elbows, Yoongi drops his head to his chest and processes what he's just heard. He knew you were sexually frustrated, but damn. Carefully, he scans the paper again, reading silently as his mind stirs up a hundred more questions.
"How many have you broken?"
"A lot of them,” Jimin confesses.
"Number 5?"
"Number 3?"
"Number 1?"
Jimin looks over for the first time, his eyes drawn to the first line on the paper. Written in black, slightly smudged ink bleeds rule #1:
no falling in love with each other
"Yeah," Jimin admits with a vulnerable flutter in his eyes, "that one too."
“Yikes.” Yoongi hisses, pressing into his knees to stand. "Why didn't you just tell us this is what you both wanted?"
"___ didn't want to. She said she had her reasons so I didn't question her. Also, I kinda wanted it to be just between us. Figured you guys wouldn't approve anyway."
"Approve?" the older boy scoffs, "Dude, you're a grown ass adult and so is ___. You can do whatever the fuck you want. I mean, sure I don't love the idea of you two hooking up, but we’re not gonna stop you."
"Really." Yoongi comes back to nudge Jimin's shoulder, trying to lighten the atmosphere before he turns the conversation serious again. "But you know, now Namjoon is kinda heart broken, although he won't admit it. ___ told him she's seeing someone else and that’s why she won't date him."
Jimin hangs his head. "I heard." Without warning, two devilish fingers harshly pinch the skin inside his armpit and he cries out suddenly. "Ah! Dude! What the hell?"
"Don't smile. You don't get to smile."
"Sorry, but don't pinch me like that!"
"Sorry, but you really made Namjoon upset. You do realize if you two weren't hooking up, Joon and ___ might could have had something really real."
"What ___ and I have is real," Jimin demands, his voice rising in volume and defense.
"It's cliché at best." Yoongi playfully shoves the wretched guidelines into his roommate's face and shakes the page so it ruffles in his ear and poisons what little dignity Jimin believed he still had. "You're telling me you really love her?"
"Yes!" Jimin stomps his foot and stands, his height barely matching Yoongi's stature.
"And she loves you too?"
He stops at that word, ears tingling and heart pounding. "I don't know…I'm going to ask her."
"And if she doesn't? The group falls apart because you can't keep it in your pants, is that it?"
"I'll do whatever she wants," he says honestly. "If she wants to never talk to me again then fine...but I think she'll react positively. Hopefully. All I know is that I love her and I can't keep playing the benefits game."
The look on Yoongi's face suggests he knows something, something Jimin would probably like to know. He hasn't forgotten that Yoongi works in close proximity with you almost every day and no doubt is the vault for many of your secrets.
Yoongi plops on the bed and sighs, deep and long. Then he pulls a smile onto his face and nods, offering the paper back to Jimin.
"Then go get her, idiot."
Pulling your sheets from the dryer, you bury your face in the muted forest green and immediately start choking. How can it go through two wash cycles and still smell like him? Taking in another deep breath, you feel yourself filled with the scent of his person, his cologne, his natural essence of new books, coffee, and something so distinctively Jimin.
You've become accustomed to this scent being around you most nights, whether that's from your sheets or his physical arms over your waist.
No matter how many times you wash the damn things, you can't rid them of his mark. He was here, in your bed and even if you try to deny it, he's been in your heart for a long time.
Having come to accept that you'll have to deal with his scent in your bed for a while longer, you remake your bed and toss pillows on top half-heartedly. Just as the last one hits the headboard, your phone dings.
chim: answer the door
You didn't hear a knock earlier. Maybe your doorbell is busted?
Nevertheless, you approach your front door and open it carelessly to find the author of the text standing, out of breath and clutching a piece of paper in his fist.
"Hi," you reply slowly, somewhat as a question.
As you stand and wait, Jimin catches his breath. The determination in his face gently fades to the background the longer he watches you. Moments pass and all you can do is rest against the doorframe, nervously using your toe to trace the tile on the inside of your door.
"What do you need, Jimin?"
"Can I come in? I gotta talk to you."
You made the resolve. Decided beforehand that you would be honest with yourself and Jimin about what was best for the both of you. You just didn't know he would give you the perfect opportunity to share so soon.
"Yeah." Stepping to the side to create space, Jimin squeezes past you and inside your home, pausing briefly to face you and pull some courage out of his ass.
You shut the door behind yourself. The action feels somewhat suffocating but you can't heed that particular metaphor any attention right now.
"I gotta talk to you too actually."
Jimin is stood in your living room, arms nervously flapping by his side. If you weren't so caught up in your own head, you probably would have noticed and smiled. Jimin wishes you would smile; that would make this so much easier. But your vibes are low and closed off, something Jimin didn't want to face.
"You go first." Jimin insists.
"No, you go."
"No really, you first."
"Okay, ummm well…," you pull out your copy of the guidelines from your pocket and gently unfold the page, "I want to enforce rule #7."
Shit, he should have gone first.
"I want to end things. And please don't ask me why."
The breath he was holding shoots out in one heavy, unbelievable exhale. Okay, but the only thing Jimin wants to say right now is why? Everything he can think to say would violate the one request you've made, the very rule he insisted from the beginning be put in place for his own peace of mind.
He never imagined he'd be where he is now, staring at you and feeling the deepest sort of affection he's felt for anyone and also the sharpest kind of pain.
He swallows. "So then...what are we now?"
"We're still friends."
"We're still friends?”
"Absolutely," you assure him. The pity in your voice, while it's probably unintentional, slaps him across the face and leaves a burning red scar.
"Regular friends. Who don't have sex. Like before.”
"Oh." It ended so fast, within a blink, with one sentence, you put an end to everything. Perhaps the worst part is that all Jimin can say is, "Okay."
"What did you want to tell me?"
"Uh nothing," He shakes his head, crumbling the paper still between his fingers and shoving it away deep in his pocket. "Just that I was also thinking maybe we should take a break or something...I guess.”
"Really?" you ask slowly.
"Yep!" Jimin claps, making you flinch, “And that is the only thing I planned on saying." His expression falls to nothing.
"Well, good then...I guess.”
"Yeah, good."
Despite your earlier claim that you would return to being just friends, what you're left with now doesn't feel like friends. It painfully doesn't feel like anything at all. Your head starts screaming, but you can't find it in yourself to listen. A headache would be a viable excuse to use to make him leave, right? The longer he stands there and looks at you with that blank, flat face the louder the screaming in your head grows.
Thankfully, Jimin sees himself to the door. He slips his shoes back on and calmly runs a hand through his hair before turning to you, who's slowly following his exit.
"Well, goodnight then." Your voice box can only mister a whisper, but Jimin hears you and he turns around in your doorway.
Taking a step back, Jimin officially leaves your home, eyes still hanging on your gaze and lips slightly parted. The same gentle kind of look he had last time, right before he kissed you.
"Wait!” His exclamation catches the door moments before it clicks shut, your hands pulling it open again to find him now frozen on your porch, eyes blown wide and unblinking.
"What's wr--"
"I lied," he says suddenly, "that's not what I was going to say at all."
"Then what is it?"
"You ended things and that’s fair, but I was going to tell you that I really like you." The sound of rustling paper reaches your ears and then you see his hand digging inside his pocket to reveal his copy of crumpled up guidelines.
Jimin smooths them on his leg, making sure it's still legible before he holds it up, pinching the top of the page and then pulling in opposite directions, successfully ripping the paper from top to bottom.
Then he speaks again, with flushed cheeks and terrified eyes. "Actually, I'm falling in love with you."
"You are?"
"Yeah. And I think I can guess why you wanted to end things. It's because you're in love with me too, isn't it?"
Truly starstruck, you nod.
Almost instinctively, Jimin pushes the door open the rest of the way, causing you to stumble backward into your living room, Jimin's frame following closely. He takes your hands and pulls you back to him.
"Look, I know this probably isn't the most stable of beginnings and there might be some backlash from the guys at first but...I really want this. I want you. Not just the benefits, I want to make time for all of you." He pauses, studying your face for any sign that he's saying the right things. "Do you?"
When you drop his hands, his heart sinks even lower. But then you're reaching into your pocket, the sound of paper rustling echoes inside the otherwise deadly quiet room. You smooth the page out on your leg, lifting it in front of you and pinching the top before pulling in opposite directions. While the paper rips, Jimin feels his life be put back together.
You look at him with the brightest smile and fuck, you're smiling at him. "I want you too. All of you, god please, I want all of you."
Jimin kisses you without restraint. Just like the first time, you can't rationalize, all logic and stress and reason is gone the moment he kisses you. Your hands desperately grasp at shirt while he cups your cheeks, a soft tongue introducing itself to your mouth and tasting you thoroughly. Midnight, caramel, but no longer sin. Instead, Jimin tastes a hint of something else. He's not sure what it is yet, but it's so remarkably you that he doesn't mind the mystery.
With his lips still ghosting your skin, he asks you, "So, does this make me your boyfriend? Officially?"
"I guess so."
"And you're my girlfriend?"
"That's normally how these things work," you giggle.
With his arms wrapping around your waist now, Jimin leans his forehead against yours and, while he breaks into a kind of smile you've only ever seen a few times before, you imagine what kind of future awaits you.
You slip your arms around his waist as well, stepping onto his toes and using the leverage to peck his nose.
A moment later, Jimin begins rocking from side to side, lifting your foot off the ground one after the other, eventually making his way all the way around your living room with you still on his feet, giggling like a child. Your grip on his shirt never falters, even when he starts moving towards your bedroom.
"Do you think we're cliché?"
"Maybe," you answer with a shrug, pulling him into your bed, "but at least we're real."
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kiss me more | park jimin (m)
Tumblr media
→ pairing: park jimin | female reader → genre: one-shot, angst, smut, best friend’s boyfriend!au → tags/warnings: strong language, infidelity and betrayal, alcohol consumption, explicit smut in the form of: dirty talk, pet names, oral (f. receiving), marking, penetrative sex, multiple orgasms, overstimulation → rating: mature → word count: 8.9k
summary: You were never good at falling in love with the right person, especially not when that person happens to be your best friend’s fiance, Park Jimin. When he asks you to help him take his mind off of her for a while, you learn quickly that you were also not good at saying no. playlist: “kiss me more” - doja cat (ft. sza) | “filter” - park jimin | “shut up” - greyson chance | “too many feelings” - ruel | “illicit affairs” - taylor swift
→ paying homage to one of the greatest songs in existence, “kiss me more” by doja cat and sza! happy fic debut day to my new blog and i hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it. please feel free to share your thoughts with me ♡
Tumblr media
Shameless. Absolutely shameless.
You shouldn’t have let it get this far. Actually, you shouldn’t have let this happen at all. Yet, Park Jimin knew just how to shut you up. You think he’s always known, but you were never good at hiding your true feelings anyhow, no matter how sinful they were in your current circumstance.
Nothing about this was right. Nothing about this was ever right, and it will never be right. Not now, not a year from now when you’ll be shamed as a homewrecker if word ever escapes this forsaken bedroom if he actually marries her, not ever.
But for heaven’s sake, this feels so good. He feels so good.
With every meld of his soft lips over yours, every chill that strikes through your body from his gentle touch, and every nibble of his teeth over that tender spot just above your clavicle, your rationale strays further and further away from your reach. From the moment he pulled you in, you knew you wouldn’t be able to escape the wraiths of his carnality, the overwhelming lust that blurred the line between right and wrong. Not because you couldn’t. You didn’t want to.
To be pinned underneath Jimin as he ravages every open spot on your neck that he can reach while his hands dip underneath the waistband of your undergarment, you don’t think he wants to stop this either. Only then do you realize just how badly he’s willing to risk it all because he’s unhappy with Hara.
Your best friend, Hara, who’s having the time of her life at her bachelorette party. Hara, who has no idea that her fiance is betraying her right now, that her own best friend is betraying her right now.
“Hey...” Ironically, it’s not the thought of her name that brings you back to the ground but the sound of his voice, painstakingly gentle and husky and all. “You’re… You’re okay with this, right?”
Your eyes wander off, hoping to rest on anything that wasn’t Jimin, anything to ease the guilt that was starting to bubble. He seems to be everywhere you glance, and to have him looking at you like this — so desperate, needy, and ready to eat you up — you find it increasingly harder to resist his charm. Just like that, all those intrusive thoughts you’ve shoved to the back of your mind comes down like an avalanche, crashing into you in the most brutal way possible.
“Please talk to me,” Jimin breathes onto your lips when he brings his fingers to your chin, guiding you to face him again. “Say something. Anything. Just wanna hear your pretty voice again.”
You hate that Jimin is being so sweet to you. You hate that he’s making it so damn hard for you to make the right choice, the most obvious choice. You hate that he speaks your love language so effortlessly. He can’t just do things like that, not when you’re trying so hard to break free from this carnal spell.
You sink your head further into the pillow, the action seeming useless when Jimin’s lips trail after yours. “Jimin,” Your eyes flutter shut and your figure begins to shrink. “We can’t do this. This is wrong.”
“If this is wrong,” He refutes right away, running the tip of his finger along the outlines of your jaw. “Then why does it feel right?”
“You’re going to be a married man, Jimin,” You reason, both to Jimin and to yourself. And to be honest, you had no idea. It’s almost scary how he’s able to read you like a book, even when your words are emitting the exact opposite. “How would Hara feel if she found out about this?”
“Did she think of me before she let another man fuck her? While I was working my ass off to give us a good life and make her happy?” He shoots back, allowing the temper to overtake him until he sees you shrivel. Planting an apologetic peck on the tip of your nose, he combs his fingers through the locks of your hair, hoping to relax you again. “Please just… help me forget about this for a while. I just wanna feel good for once. Wanna make you feel good, angel.”
Good gracious. Angel. Please don’t say that, you think. Or else it’ll be impossible to get out of this trance.
But you make it so easy to melt under his touch. You make it easy for him to kiss your worries away, easy for him to make you selfish and forget about that woman whose name you can’t even remember anymore. It drives you mad that all it takes is Jimin’s hand dipping into the valley between your legs, his fingers gently caressing your nub the moment he finds it. All it takes is one touch.
One touch, and you’re his.
You don’t waste another second without his warmth, grasping his face with both hands. You pull him down for a kiss, messy with no sign of regret anywhere. Instantly, she’s long forgotten in the heat of desperation, the desire for pleasure overpowering you so much that your ability to reason is so far out of the window.
This is so wrong, but it feels so right.
Tumblr media
You wouldn’t say that you didn’t believe in true love, but you can wholeheartedly say that it was overrated.
You’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a handful of your classmates in your graduating class announce their engagement on social media, flaunting pictures of their magical getaway or the twenty-four karat diamond ring that sealed the deal. Must be nice to be rich and in love, you scoff, even more when it feels like having two of those at the same time is barely attainable, much less one of them.
But you weren’t bitter. No, you’ve given up on finding love a long time ago. It just never seemed to work in your favor every time you tried. You never seemed to click with any of the bachelors that would try to sweep you off your feet — or rather, you would never let them.
You suppose there was nothing wrong with getting yourself together before thinking about accepting someone else in your bubble, but when you hit the big twenty-five with no one to share your life accomplishments with, it gets lonely really fast. Especially when everyone your age is already getting married, starting a family, and then some. Especially when your best friend, who used to get batshit wasted every weekend and had no concept of love and commitment the entire duration of her university days, is about to be proposed to.
“Would it kill you to smile a little?” You snap out of your inner dialogue and dart beside you, finding Jungkook staring back at you with a raised brow. “Tonight may just be one of the most memorable nights in Hara’s and Jimin’s life, and I’m pretty sure their scowling best friend might raise some red flags.”
All you can do is manage a sigh, your face falling as you play with the glass of champagne in front of you.
“The least Jimin could have done was not be as obvious as to book a five-star restaurant with all of his close friends in attendance,” You bring the rim of the glass to your lips, snickering when you glance over at the couple of the night, more so at the man who’s growing even more nervous by the second. “A better view of the city would have been nice, too. Definitely would be worth the luxury price I’d be paying just to breathe the air of this establishment.”
Jungkook hates the laughter that escapes his lips from your comment. “Hey,” He reinforces when he’s able to stop himself. “I know it’s not your thing, but it’s just one night. And it’s your best friend, ____. Wouldn’t hurt to be happy for her big moment, y’know?”
“Sure.” You relent. You should be happy for her big moment, but every moment you witness them together, all you feel is a subtle ache in your heart.
Hara says yes, despite the nerves that Jimin tried so hard to fight back but had slipped in the middle of his heavily rehearsed proposal speech, despite the fact that she knew this was coming from the moment everyone arrived. You join the crowd in congratulating the newly engaged couple in a toast, laughing at the irony that even when surrounded by the people you were closest to, you felt alone.
The group sticks together long after leaving the restaurant, chatting outside as if the last hour and a half weren’t enough to catch up with one another. Feeling the exhaustion hit you sooner, you’re the first to break off, wanting nothing more but to go home and enjoy your own company.
“I’ll walk you to your car.” Weirdly enough, this was probably one of the very few sentences that Jimin has spoken to you tonight, but with this many people in the party, you can’t really blame him.
“You really didn’t have to,” You titter just as you arrive at the door of your vehicle, the man trailing a few steps behind you. “Congratulations again on the engagement. I’m really happy for you guys.”
“Thanks,” Jimin grins at you, hands shoved in the pockets of his trousers as he eyes you intently. “I hope you can find someone to share your happiness with, too. Let me know if you want me to set you up with one of the guys.”
You scoff as you shout obscenities at him, playfully punching him in the shoulder. It feels nice, laughing away the loneliness you didn’t know you were harboring, laughing it all away so easily.
Never would you have thought you’d be talking about your perspective of love somewhere other than your thoughts. You never thought the first person would be Jimin, who gazes at you curiously, genuinely interested in the little aspects of your life. “When the time is right, I’ll know,” You shrug. “For now, I’m happy with enjoying my own company. It keeps things simple.”
“Right,” Jimin nods, his head tilting slightly as he gazes deeply at you. “That’s one way to look at it. You know, I really admire how assured you are about yourself, ____.”
You can’t help but be amused at that observation. Assured? Picky would probably be the better word if anything, but even you hate to admit that about yourself.
“It’s a work in progress,” You smile, your gaze drifting as you muse the inevitable. “But it doesn’t mean I’ll turn down the opportunity when it presents itself, regardless if the timing is right or not.”
Tumblr media
After a particularly stressful week, the last thing you wanted to do was spend your Friday night looking after a drunk person and dealing with the mess that was to come. As the designated sober friend, you’ve had way too many occurrences during your university days, and you would much rather leave all of that behind you. You should have known that as far as Hara was concerned, it was too good to be true.
And quite frankly, you weren’t sure what you were getting into after receiving a string of messages from your best friend, practically begging you to come over and spend the evening with her. One thing was certain: having the door swing open to a flushed, inebriated, and clearly troubled Hara was definitely not one of them.
The only reason why you don’t turn away from the woman in front of you is because of the sole fact that she was home alone. You couldn’t exactly leave her like this, not even when the clock is just about to hit seven o’clock and you know that her fiance, Jimin, is bound to be home from work any minute.
As much as you would rather be anywhere else right now, who were you to let your best friend down during her time of need?
“Did I tell you that you’re my best friend in the whole world?” She’s hit the giggly phase earlier in the night than you thought, blissfully ignoring the fact that you cleaned up evidence of her erratic drinking after she let it out all over the toilet bowl just moments earlier.
“Yes, Hara,” You heave a sigh. “Many times.”
“I’m being serious, ____. You’re my best friend. My ride-or-die.” For a good amount of time, her behavior is nothing different from a curious child. If anything, you’re just grateful that most of her energy is depleted to the point where you can lay comfortably without having to worry about her doing something stupid. “Best friends can trust each other with anything, right? Can I trust you, ____?”
You hum mindlessly under the impression that this is her drunken mind speaking, that the next thing that’ll come out of her mouth will be nothing more than innocent, something so far from a secret. But what you don’t see is how Hara’s expression softens, or how she begins to look at you with a subtle fear in her eyes.
“You know Taehyung?” She speaks hushly, and right away, you nod. Kim Taehyung, Jimin’s best man. “Well, he… he was here last night, ____.”
At first, you think you’re hearing things. Maybe you’re just tired. Or maybe this confession isn’t as bad as it seems right now, that Hara’s vagueness is making you jump to these conclusions that you hoped to hell wasn’t true.
“____, he made me feel good.” Hara’s eyes begin to wander as she sighs softly. “He made me feel like a woman again.”
And right now, you’d rather be the delirious one between you two. You’d give so much for Hara to take back her words and tell you this was only a sick joke, that she didn’t really cheat on the man she has claimed to love for the past three years, that she’s supposed to be marrying in a matter of months. Not with his best friend of all people.
“Hara,” Your whisper of her name nearly gets stuck in your throat. “Are you saying that…?”
You were still hopeful that she didn’t do it, more so that you wouldn’t get caught in the middle of these premarital affairs and suddenly become accountable. Yet, her bashful smile, the sheepish look in her eyes, and the uncomfortably eager nod tells you everything you need to know.
“Oh my god. You can’t be serious.” When you finally find your voice again, it booms. It booms loud enough for the woman to hear the gravity in your words, for the woman to be taken back as you jump off of her bed in bewilderment, the palm of your hand already slapping your forehead.
Above all, Hara still has the nerve to become flustered at your words. “It was a long time coming,” She tries to reason with you as if it would lessen the weight. “You don’t understand. I know what I did was bad, but ____… I was lonely. I can’t even remember the last time we made plans without me having to worry about his clients taking his attention away.” Her composure is nothing short of aloof, her arms crossing as an empty laugh escapes. “The man might as well marry his fucking job instead.”
“That doesn’t justify you sleeping with another man!” You’re shaking in agitation, completely in disbelief from those harsh words that you never thought would come out of her lips. “There are better ways to deal with this. Did you even realize how much would be at stake before you did this? Did all those years with Jimin not mean anything to you?” You take a moment to turn away from the female, attempting to ground yourself and keep it all under control. “Hara, you’re marrying him. Was that not enough to stop you?”
“What are you going to do about it? Are you going to tell him?” Hara challenges, meeting your stance. She stands her ground this time, refusing to let your burning eyes faze her. “Go ahead and try. I doubt he’ll believe you.”
You raise an eyebrow. “And why wouldn’t he?”
“Think about it. Do you really think Jimin won’t have a single doubt about you telling him that his fiancée slept with one of his best friends? Do you really think he’s going to believe some girl that’s not-so-secretly in love with him?” And suddenly, there’s a shift in tension as Hara lays out one of your most harrowing secrets on the table, bitterly laughing at the way your eyes instantly go wide. “You can’t hide it from me, ____. You wanted him to yourself for a long time, right? Doesn’t it make you happy to know I’ve screwed up so you can have a chance with him?”
“Not at all,” You shoot back, shaking your head. “Because unlike you, I’m not selfish.”
It’s scary how quickly things have changed in just a blink of an eye. It’s even scarier when you can no longer recognize the person before you, the person you’ve created so many memories with, the person you’ve known for as long as you can remember. At the same time, it makes you wonder if your circumstances had even changed at all, or if you had just been blinded by these false pretenses this entire time.
Then again, what made you so adamant that Hara wouldn’t betray the people she loved in any way?
“If you’re really my friend,” She scowls, her face void of emotion. “You won’t ruin this for me.”
All you can do is frown, knowing it would be impossible to get through Hara, and you certainly won’t waste your time trying when she’s firm on her beliefs. “You’re right. You already did it yourself,” You relinquish. As it all sinks in, your expression falls into an accepting defeat while the woman grows even more irate at your word games. “By all means, keep making a fool out of Jimin if that makes you happy, but I’ll be damned if you think I’ll stick around and watch your relationship fall apart.”
When you quickly gather your belongings and storm out of the room, it’s with a heavy heart and a weight stuck in your throat. For a brief moment, you ponder over the thought of whether you were making the right choice or not, choosing morals over years worth of friendship and memories.
Then, at the front door stands Park Jimin in all of his glory, still dazzling even after a long day’s work. He smiles at you after shrugging off his tie from his collared shirt, completely clueless of the mess that was happening on the other side of his own bedroom door, completely clueless of the secret sealed between your lips.
“Hey!” He greets you with a cheeky grin. “Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”
And suddenly, you’re at a loss of words, fear tugging at the back of your heartstrings. You were so firm on your beliefs, and why you’re staying quiet instead of telling Jimin what he deserved to know is an answer you’re yet to figure out.
It kills you that you had that power to change everything, yet still felt so powerless. It kills you to the point where you wish Hara never told you.
Wanting nothing more but to leave, you shrug past the man without another word, the guilt sitting at the pit of your stomach. It hurts you to look at him, so happy and oblivious to his partner’s infidelity. Truly, the most rational thing for you to do is to tell him now, saving him from entering a life built on foolery. 
Alas, you just didn’t have it in you to be the one to destroy him.
The drive back home feels longer than usual, and what would have been a fifteen minute drive has turned into an hour. Evening rides were supposed to relax you. Evening rides were supposed to clear your mind.
But yet, all you can think about is Jimin. All you can think about is him coming home to Hara for the days to come, showering her with all the love and affection that she doesn’t deserve, kissing her and touching her under the pretense that she was only his. Minute after minute, your grip on your steering wheel tightens just as you begin to hate yourself for walking out that door, for allowing Hara to make a fool out of Jimin.
It truly makes you sick.
Tumblr media
A cool summer evening finds you at a bachelorette party you thought would never happen, or at least one that you didn’t expect to be invited to.
To be fair, you had the option to say no. You wanted to say no, especially considering how much time has passed since that night everything went down, since the last moment you ever said a word to her. You were even ready to let Hara have it — pent-up frustrations, secondhand guilt, all that jazz. But you were also not ready to answer those impending questions of why two best friends that were once attached to the hip suddenly had a falling out, and truthfully, you didn’t want Hara to be the first to speak her side.
For the first hour of your arrival, you were nearly convinced you had dreamt the whole thing. She greets you as if she hadn’t confessed to you that night, bonds with you as if you hadn’t scolded her for making the biggest mistake of her life. Girl’s night was going so well too, and Hara carries on the night as if she were guilty of nothing.
You should be happy for her, celebrating this exhilarating period of her life with everyone else. However, you can’t get rid of the harsh reality that you knew something that they didn’t. You knew something that would destroy Hara’s bright future with Jimin.
The fact that you’re forced to say nothing for the sake of not being the bad guy is infuriating. The fact that Hara knows you won’t say anything is even more infuriating, and with every passing minute, you find it harder and harder to pretend that you didn’t have this baggage weighing you down when you shouldn’t be the one being held accountable.
You just couldn’t bring yourself to ruin Hara’s big day. Either way, it’s not like you could if you wanted to. She haunts you everywhere you look, wearing a big grin as she enjoys the company of her peers, carrying the weight of that dark secret so confidently. 
It’s almost like she’s taunting you.
“I’m really happy you’re here,” Hara tells you later in the evening, the champagne flushing her cheeks and the bride-to-be sash hugging her figure snugly, taunting you even more. “And that you’re still in my life after all these years. I don’t know what I would do without my ride-or-die.”
“Don’t mention it.” You force a smile. That’s all you’re capable of doing right now, putting up a facade to match her smile that’s just as fake as yours. “Anything to keep you happy.”
“Really?” Hara raises an eyebrow. “Then you wouldn’t be opposed to doing something as silly as, I don’t know… crashing a bachelor party?”
You scrunch your face in confusion, your mind failing to connect the dots for a moment. And then you understand. “You’re kidding.”
“Please, just do me this one favor.” She pleads, grasping your hand between the palms of her hands. “Jimin is bar-hopping with his friends right now and I just wanna make sure that he isn’t doing anything stupid, you know?”
It takes an overwhelming amount of self-control to keep you from laughing at the irony, from scoffing at her ridiculousness. Because yes, it’s Jimin who has to be monitored and not the perpetrator herself. It’s Jimin who’s more likely to cheat tonight and not the person who already destroyed that sense of trust between them without the poor man’s knowledge. On top of that, the last place you wanted to be was at some grimy bar spying on a group of men, but you suppose it would be more interesting than tonight’s special of fake smiles, burning guilt, and a two-faced best friend.
The nightclub is bustling with activity when you arrive, teeming with a discomforting dew and moderately wasted patrons. The large turnout isn’t much of a surprise when the club sits right in the center of downtown, and you suppose that anticipating the highly intense energy of the crowd did wonders in keeping your culture shock on the down low. Either that or the DJ’s immaculate selection of EDM blasting through the speakers.
You spot Jimin’s group camped out at a circular booth, just a few short strides away from the bar where you decide to settle. Oddly enough, your mission is long forgotten after having your first drink, paying no mind to the notifications on your phone that have since been silenced.
“What’s a pretty lady like you doing out here alone, paying for her own drinks?” A voice drags you out of your inner peace.
Taking a quick glance at the intruder that’s leaning back on the bar, you scoff against the rim of your glass. “It’s this crazy thing called ‘being an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to pay for her drinks’, thank you very much.”
Tension fills the air until laughter escapes the figure beside you, and then yours. “Ah. Just as feisty as I remembered,” You roll your eyes at the playful banter, nudging the shoulder of the person beside you. Jungkook. “Seriously. What brings you here? Hara’s party finished early?”
“It’s still going,” You shrug. “I just didn’t feel the need to stay the entire time. Wasn’t feeling it.”
“Really now?” Jungkook eyes you dubiously while you mold your lips into a sarcastic smile. It’s not like he knows, but he knows you well enough to read the energy around you. Choosing not to press any further, he motions his head over to the booth. “Well, if you’re not doing anything else tonight, care to join us? For my peace of mind?”
You just nod, knowing very well that Jungkook won’t take no for an answer. You start to feel the buzz when you come to a stand — not enough for you to consider yourself drunk, but enough to leave you without a care in the world, unaware that you’d essentially be the only female among the group.
The table is littered with empty glasses by the time you arrive, and the chorus of greetings from the party is just enough for you to brush past your tipsy state. You’re met with a plethora of faces, all of which you’ve seen before but are not too familiar.
Then there’s Park Jimin in all of his glory, dazzling even when he’s most definitely tipsy.
Even when Jimin sits furthest from you, it’s hard to keep your eyes away from him. He’s gorgeous in every angle, stealing your breath away with every little thing he does. Normally it’s easy for you to look past the fact, but as the night goes on and your sobriety dwindles, the group’s chatter gets harder to follow and he becomes harder to look away from.
The group begins to disperse little by little, and instinctively, you brace yourself. When the night leaves you and Jimin alone at the table, it’s without a surprise, but definitely with dread as you occupy yourself with your beverage, glancing anywhere but at him.
“Things are still rocky with Hara, huh?” Jimin breaks the ice with a light-hearted tone in his voice.
You stifle a laugh, curious if he was asking about you or himself. “Is it that obvious?”
“She might have mentioned something,” He muses, leaving the topic alone with a mere twitch of his lips.
Silence sits between you two, forcing you to finish your drink prematurely as a means of doing something. You glance up at the man across from you just as the lack of conversation becomes uncomfortable, intrigued by the way he eyes the dance floor intently, swiveling his empty glass with the tip of his finger.
“Why don’t you join the boys?” You inquire, tilting your head ever so slightly.
Jimin just shrugs. “I promised Hara I wouldn’t get into any trouble.”
You scoff, finding this the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard tonight out of many things. “What’s so bad about wanting to have fun with your friends? During your special night?” You can’t help but raise your voice, and you frown even more when Jimin only stares back at you with a look of indifference. “Not saying you should go wild and get so wasted that you black out, but you gotta live a little. Especially now that this is your last night of freedom before you settle down.”
He chuckles, almost as if to laugh at the thought of your last statement. His eye roll does not go unnoticed, and if anything, it only affirms the red flag that has risen since your mission from Hara was established. You could say something and you should, but right now, confrontation is the last thing on your mind.
“Fuck it. You’re right.” Jimin caves after some wishful thinking. His gaze deepens as he scans you up and down, slowly breaking into a smirk. “But only if you join me.”
You don’t hesitate another moment and join Jimin in coming to a stand. You think nothing of his undoubtedly sultry look as he voices his proposal, or the way he holds his hand out for you to take, or the way his hand then slips comfortably on the small of your waist as he guides you to the dance floor. 
In essence, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. You were just two friends dancing together, enjoying each other’s company. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting Jimin to have a good time, especially during his own bachelor party. Besides, he looks better like this, smiling and laughing without a care in the world as he vibes with the music, going into the night with no regrets.
It’s nothing far from innocent at first. He keeps a respectable distance from you until his groomsmen show up to join you, forcing him into your bubble. It’s fine, you reason with yourself. This is what friends do to have fun. This is better than being pushed up against some total stranger after all.
It’s when the group starts to disperse again do you realize just how close Jimin has gotten, how he’s centimeters away from having your back pressed flush against his chest. Even when the space clears significantly between you two, he shows no effort in stepping away, placing his hands on your waist and pulling you closer instead.
This should be an eye-opener for you. This should make you pull away and put some distance between you two. At this angle, you looked so intimate — something you definitely weren’t, and something you definitely didn’t want more than anything else.
“So pretty,” Above the music, his voice is husky as he whispers this in your ear, sending chills running down your spine. If this doesn’t make you want to risk it all, it’s the way he runs the tip of his finger gently along your jawline. “Just wanna kiss you right now.”
Quickly, you learn just how fast he delivers his promises. When you turn your head, he shuts you up with his lips before you can stop him. 
The right thing to do would be to push him away. At first, you don’t. The faint taste of vodka is hardly noticeable when Jimin angles his head just right, cradling your jawline. And hell, as much as you despise the taste of alcohol, you could easily drown into his lips all day if you wanted. 
His pretty lips that feel so good against yours, that make your insides flutter in one way or another. His pretty lips that physically hurts you to pull away from when you realize just who you’re kissing.
“Jimin. Wait.” You say breathlessly, breaking away from his arms and distancing yourself. You do so with reluctance, already missing the feeling of his warmth. “I’m not Hara.”
He stares back at you with a look of shock. It’s hard to tell whether it’s the realization of what he just did, or whether it’s the hurt from you pulling away.
“I know,” Is the response you least expected on top of Jimin never tearing his eyes away from you, his gaze chilling and unwavering. “I don’t want you to be.”
It leaves you stunned, the shaky breaths being the only thing you’re capable of doing right now as it dawns on you. Even after all the signs under your nose, it’s only at this very moment do you realize just how serious Jimin is about this, just how far beyond repair his relationship is with Hara.
It’s scarier when you realize that in the grand scheme of things, there was nothing else for you to lose.
“There you guys are!” Jungkook’s voice is the one to break you free from your shock, the clueless man tossing an arm around your shoulder. He wears an untroubled grin as he looks between you two, clearly not having seen what happened ten seconds ago. “We’re just about to leave for the next bar. Ready to go?”
Your eyes dart to Jimin, who mirrors that same unreadable, confused expression you emit. An answer that should be obvious is leaving your throat dry, and suddenly you’re not so sure if you’re supposed to meet him halfway.
“Actually,” You decide to trust your gut. “I was just thinking about heading home now.”
Jungkook pouts, but gives a nod nonetheless. “Want me to drop you off?”
“I’ll take her home,” Jimin chides, closing the distance. Begrudgingly, you step back, not wanting to raise any suspicion.
“What?” The younger man chuckles. “Bro, you’re the man of the night. You can’t just leave your own bachelor party. It wouldn’t make sense for you to leave.”
“I’ve had the least amount of drinks. I think it’s better this way.” Jimin leaves no room for argument and takes your hand in his, looking at you expectantly. “Let’s go.”
You’re only able to nod, the earlier events still rendering you speechless. 
Even when the trip to his car begins to fall towards awkwardness, you don’t mention it. It’s better this way, to leave it alone and not bring it to light unless it’s Jimin apologizing for his moment of weakness.
The apology never comes.
Tumblr media
The ride home is silent. Uncomfortably silent. Instead of using this time to clear his mind, Jimin dwells on it. He wonders if you were better off going home with Jungkook, seeing as you were far more intrigued with the blur of passing lights outside of the window than you were in holding a conversation with him. 
When you still refuse to look at him after he pulls up in your driveway, it nearly drives him crazy.
“You don’t hate me, do you?” Is the first thing that breaks the silence. His voice sounds shaky, his pitch raising ever so slightly.
Your eyebrows furrow. “Why would you think that?” It’s ironic that you say this, given that you’re still refusing to turn your head to him.
Accepting that you were a lost cause, Jimin slumps in his seat, resting both hands on the top of his steering wheel. “Because I betrayed your best friend.”
You want to laugh so badly, not just because of the allusion to Hara — an association that starts feeling more bitter on your tongue as the days come — but because of the painful reminder that you knew something that he didn’t, something that he deserved to know from the get go.
You entertained the thought of telling Jimin now, because as messed up as it was, you swear it would alleviate his guilt about the kiss that could easily be excused as a drunken mistake. You still posed the risk of him not believing you since the incident was so long ago and you had no solid proof other than the ‘he said, she said’ game.
Fuck it. You’ve waited long enough.
“Jimin, there’s something you need to know,” You take a breath in, watching as your trembling hands fidget together on your lap. “And before I say anything, I want to sincerely apologize for not telling you immediately. My mind was all over the place and I really don’t know what was the right thing to do back then—”
“I know.”
You stop your rambling, your breath getting caught in your throat. “What?” You choke, unsure if you should be afraid that he knew what you were talking about.
“I know Hara cheated on me.” Jimin affirms blankly. “I was there when she confessed to you.”
Surprisingly, this is the one thing that makes you see Jimin’s gaze, unaffected by the way he stares deep. How he was able to figure out this information in the first place was beyond you. You had your onslaught of emotions to worry about; from shock, to relief, and finally to frustration as you look at the big picture.
“You knew she slept with Taehyung this entire time?” You shift in your seat until you’re fully facing him, staring him down just as intensely. “And you’re still gonna marry her?”
In lieu of words, Jimin looks away and bows his head. This doesn’t surprise you, but you’re disappointed to say the least.
“Jimin… why?” Your voice cracks. “Why are you okay with this? You deserve so much better.”
“It’s not as easy as you think,” He refutes. “I know I shouldn’t give her a second chance, but we’ve gone through so much together. We’ve already gotten this far, ____. We’re not getting any younger and I can’t just… start over.”
There’s a twinge in your heart as you watch him ruffle his hair, gradually becoming more exasperated at his circumstance. It only fuels your anger towards Hara even more. She ruined the love that was once beautiful and pure. She ruined the man that was nothing but good to her, the man that once stood valiantly and is now second-guessing himself because of one stupid mistake.
“You deserve someone that won’t hurt you. Someone that will love you unconditionally with their entire heart. Someone that will meet you halfway and give you the world that you gave her.” You scoot closer, hoping to ground Jimin through one look into his glossy eyes. “As badly as you want it to be Hara, it isn’t. And until you open your eyes and get out of this relationship that’s purely for comfort’s sake, you won’t find that person.”
Jimin frets, his head lowering. “If it can’t be her, then who?”
“You won’t know until you try,” You admit softly. “She’s out there, Jimin. You’ll just know when you’ve found her. It may even be unexpected, but one thing’s for sure. You’ll feel it in your heart, regardless if the timing is right or not.”
You distance yourself as the words leave your lips, afraid that you’ve come off too harshly. But even from this distance, you can see Jimin’s eyes shift towards you, his expression remaining blank. It’s unnerving, not knowing what he’s thinking and not even being able to take a guess.
You’re just about ready to apologize for weaving into his business, vowing to yourself that you would never get involved in any of your friends’ relationship dramas ever again. But then, you see Jimin’s eyes dart down. Slightly down.
When it occurs to you exactly what he’s looking at, it’s too late.
It’s too late for you to react to the way he surges forward, encasing his lips over yours so sweetly. They feel even more comforting the second time around, the palm of his hand brushing gently against your cheek. Hopelessly, you wait for the guilt to seize you from your reverie. You wait for the regret to rise from your stomach and for his lips to suddenly feel cold and bitter. Instead, you feel warmth with every push of his lips. You feel comfort with every mesh of skin against skin.
Suddenly, it was no longer you and your best friend’s fiance. It was you and the man you were helplessly in love with, the man that may have just shown you that he felt the same way.
Your eyes flutter open when Jimin pulls away, finding him centimeters away from you. He’s smiling, gazing at you like you’re the only one in this world. Rather than putting some space between you two, he closes it, pressing his forehead against yours and breathing against your lips, eager for more but waiting for your call.
This time, you don’t fight it.
Tumblr media
You never understood how adrenaline could make everything feel like a blur until this very moment, hardly even recalling the events during the trip from his car to your bedroom door. In between fits of giggles and desperate kisses, it becomes even more infuriating the longer it takes for you to get where you need to be, wanting nothing more but to kiss him, to hold him in your arms and never let him go.
You crave him in ways that make it hard for you to resist this sinister temptation.
“Jimin, please,” You rasp when you’re deprived of Jimin’s lips for far too long, even when his fluttery kisses and heavy pants against your neck are making your eyes roll back. Even when personal space is non-existent and you’ve both stripped down to your undergarments, the minimal pieces of clothing still feel like too much, keeping you from feeling all of him. “Please, just… kiss me more.”
His laugh sends chills running down your spine before he pulls away, and only then do you see how fucked over he looks from having to hold back for so long. “You want to feel more of my lips, baby?” He muses with a smile much like a devil in disguise. “Is that what you want?”
“God, yes,” Your hands shoot for his shoulders, nearly losing it when he taunts you with a lick of his lips, slowly over the upper lip and then resting at his inner cheek as he grins tantalizingly.
“You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to kiss you,” Jimin runs his hand over the waistband of your underwear, momentarily ghosting a finger over your nub where he feels just how the soaked fabric sticks to your skin. “How badly I’ve wanted to taste you.”
The article of clothing is stripped from you before you can even fathom it, a sudden breeze hitting your core for a split second until Jimin situates himself before it, the warmth of his glistening body blanketing it immediately. You don’t even realize your eyes have fallen shut until you open them to peer down at the man, seeing the way his eyes gaze lovingly at your folds, feeling the way he massages around the perimeter of your clit with his thumb.
With two fingers, he opens you up in a scissor-like motion, quickly admiring the blooming before he goes in, ravishing your pussy in the same manner as he did with your lips.
“J-Jimin,” You croak, your heavy pants being the only thing covering the sinful sounds of Jimin’s feast on your core. Again, as you peer down at his head buried between your thighs to meet his gentle gaze, you nearly fall apart. “Fuck, fuck. Don’t stop.”
At first it’s slow, the man melding his lips with your folds as if it were another set of lips, occasionally allowing his tongue to slip through and bump your clit. Slowly, he moves closer until every inhale is of your scent, and every lap of his tongue elicits a moan from you that grows louder by the second. His confidence is no surprise when you can literally feel him smiling against your folds, feeding even more to his already inflated ego.
Your hips involuntarily thrust into his face when he runs the tip of his tongue right outside of your entrance, depriving you of that sweet feeling of his tongue inside you, wanting to feel the muscle running against your walls. Mercifully, Jimin slithers into you after he lets out an amused laugh, flicking generously around. As all of that is happening, your clit is never lonely, his fingers massaging circles and keeping your nub pulsing while his tongue pistons in and out of you.
“Oh shit,” You speak breathlessly, clenching your bedsheets and curling your toes when the pleasure starts becoming too much, your orgasm quickly bubbling up. Instinctively, your legs begin to close on Jimin’s head until he plants his hands on your knees, forcing them back down on the bed and keeping you exposed. “Fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna come—”
Your whines and your trembling body continue to egg Jimin on, his eyes closing as he puts just a little more weight on your legs to keep you open, doubling his pace. If not for the wet working of his tongue and the sinful sounds it makes, it’s his heavy breathing that makes it so much harder to control this pressure that was building up so quickly.
“Come on, angel,” Jimin growls into you, groaning as he feels your walls begin to tighten around his tongue. Bumping his nose against your pussy, he’s eager to watch you unfold before him. “Be a good girl and come all over me.”
When you come undone, it’s with a sob as your body spirals out of control, spurting generously into Jimin’s mouth that eagerly picks up every last drop of you, his pace unwavering. His tongue is merciless even when you’re releasing all over him, his lips latched around your folds as he sucks intermittently, taking in every last drop possible.
Long after the fact, Jimin is still lapping at your core, making sure he’s licked you clean down to a T before he trails for your lips. The manner in which he desperately explores your lips is shameless, his desire to taste you far more important than catching a breath of air for even a second.
“So pretty,” Effortlessly, he has you under his control again, cupping your cunt with his curious hands. “Wanna fuck you so bad.”
Again, your eyes roll back when the heel of his palm finds your nub, riling you up in such an embarrassingly short amount of time.
“Fuck. How are you so wet again?” His breath against your lips are suddenly labored. “You like the way this feels? Like the way I touch you better than everyone that’s ever touched you?”
“Yes,” You shudder through shaky breaths and mindless movements, so confident in your answer that you don’t even have to think about it, regardless if you were under a lustrous spell or not. “Fuck. I need you so bad. Want to feel you inside of me.”
“Shit,” Jimin hisses, hastily removing himself from you to discard his briefs, allowing his member to spring free. “You have me, baby. You’ve always had me.”
Laying bare before him, you watch as he fishes out a condom from his wallet. Your eyes dart away once he begins rolling the rubber across his length, suddenly feeling the rush of blood into your cheeks when it finally dawns over you, salivating when you realize what’s about to come.
You swear your legs are visibly shaking when Jimin settles in between, positioning his cock against your core, even more when the base meets skin. Your gaze is still wandering everywhere else when he towers over you, running his hand through your locks.
“Hey…” He mutters, placing forehead against forehead. You start to notice the little things when you meet his eyes, specifically the way he smiles gently at you even when he’s shaking in anticipation, utterly ready to sheath himself inside of you. “You’re… you’re okay with this, right?”
It baffles you. Baffles you that even when he’s completely fucked over, he still takes a moment to make sure you’re with him, that you’re enjoying this as much as he is. And even after a split second of deciding between right and wrong, all it takes is one touch.
One touch, and you’re his.
A harmony of strained curses leaves both of your lips when the long awaited connection comes, bodies joining together in one smooth glide, glossy skin pressing against glossy skin. One moment, you’re anxious, waiting for the regret to rise in your stomach, for your better conscience to kick in. The next moment, you’re drunk in utter bliss as Jimin feeds you with filthy praise and deliciously deep thrusts.
This is okay, you attempt to reason when Jimin hoists the back of your thighs higher, bracing his knees on the bed and hitting you at an angle that makes you see the stars.
Hara cheated on him first, you rationalize with yourself when, despite eating up your moans to keep you quiet, his pistoning member and the gentle rub of his fingers against your clit were only making your screams worse. Hara took advantage of his trust first. Hara ruined this relationship first.
“Holy fuck, you’re s-so good,” Jimin groans into your neck, slowing down his pace just as you start to feel him twitch inside of you, as if to savor the feeling just a little longer. “Feel so good around me.”
But unlike him, you’re not as controlled, already sensing the impending high that’s ready to burst any second.
“You’re doing so well, baby,” He now whispers against your collarbone, placing a kiss against the bruise he had mindlessly left. Then, as he starts to feel your walls pulsing around his cock, he smirks, running his tongue along the line of his lips. “You wanna come so bad, do you?”
“Yes— ah fuck, I’m so close—” Surely enough, you never get to finish your sentence as you come for the second time tonight, walls rapidly convulsing around his member and flashes of white filling your vision.
And yet, Jimin’s pace never falters, though you open your eyes to find his expression just a little more pained than before. Even after you’ve barely descended, he’s still fucking into you, using his body to reach the deepest parts of you. He’s still pumping, hardly fazed at the fact that you came, though he can’t deny that the extensive lubrication was motivating him to go faster.
Then unexpectedly, he halts his actions, promptly pulling out of you. Without wasting another second, he flips you onto your stomach, your ass against his pelvis as his hands pull your lower body closer. You’re just barely able to lift your head off of your pillow before the resurgence of his cock drops it back down, muffling the sobs that emit from him fucking into you from a different angle.
“Jimin, f-fuck,” You choke, wrinkling your pillowcases with the fists that progressively become tighter in tandem with his thrusts. Every part of your body is shaking, still sensitive from your last orgasm that it’s becoming too much to comprehend all of Jimin’s actions.
“Just a little more, baby,” Jimin can read your mind loud and clear, either that or he can feel you quivering under his touch. Hunching over until his chest is pressed against your back, he places a line of kisses across your shoulders while his hand dips between your legs, rubbing circles on your clit. “You can do it. I know you can.”
It’s ironic, the way he’s gentle with his lips while he assaults your pussy with his cock and fingers. It’s ironic, the way he whispers those sweet nothings into your ear while his pace increasingly becomes desperate, no longer able to hold back the impending orgasm that he’s been trying to fight off.
For the third time tonight, you fall apart, pleasure taking over your senses and your mind far too into euphoric bliss to control the cries that erupt. And soon after, Jimin comes with a string of curses and a few particularly harsh thrusts, fucking into you until it becomes too much.
Jimin remains after the fact, relishing in the feeling just a little longer until he begins to soften. You fall into the mattress when he finally pulls out of you, still feeling the effects of your ascent to the heavens to even move a muscle that you don’t notice him leaving to discard the condom.
You lay in silence, ready to give into the wave of exhaustion that was hitting you until Jimin returns with a damp towel. He instructs you onto your back with soft whispers, wipes you clean with a touch as gentle as a cloud. You resist the urge to smile, knowing very well that this is all just temporary, an unrepeatable mistake at best.
But instead of immediately darting for his clothes, Jimin stays. He stays beside you while you slowly succumb to slumber, keeps you in his arms as if to savor the moment, holding you close as if it’s the last time he’ll ever hold you like this.
Again, you wait for the regret to rise in your stomach. You wait for it all to hit you, the fact that you just slept with your best friend’s fiance, the fact that it was so unfair that he can’t be yours.
Instead, you bury your face into his neck, uncaring that the world has been so cruel to you. You hold him close, uncaring that he’ll go running back to Hara in the coming hours, the scent of you all over him.
But it doesn’t mean you’ll turn down the opportunity when it presents itself, regardless if the timing is right or not.
Tumblr media
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grinch in law (m) | pjm
Tumblr media
summary; When Jimin decides it’s time for you to meet his parents after your recent engagement, you couldn’t be more thrilled, especially when his mother suggests getting married at their home. However, an unexpected arrangement has you realizing this will be anything but the Christmas wedding you’ve always dreamed of.
this fic is part of ‘Christmas in July’ collab !
Tumblr media
pairing; jimin x f. reader
word count; 14,819
rating; 18+
content; wedding au, fluff/angst/smut, probably the most untraditional wedding in all of wedding history
warnings; swearing, explicit sexual activities, unprotected sex, slight (almost none) fingering, creampie i suppose
a/n; i’m so sorry for the LONG ASS WAIT but this collab was a tough one for me holy shit- i’m so happy to be a part of it tho!! and i hope y’all like it <3 i’m really sorry if the smut scene seems rushed but it wasn’t my main priority of this fic- hope you enjoy it still, thanks for waiting and reading!
ps. please pretend u don’t see any typos and mistakes, i didn’t proof read at all
Tumblr media
“You’re a gold-digging little…-”
“Mom!” Jimin tries to interrupt her but your soon to be mother-in-law is seething with anger, her nostrils flaring and hatred flooding her eyes as she squints her eyes at you, pointing an accusing finger at you while taking a step closer. You stay in your spot, arms crossed over your chest as if to protect yourself from her continuous verbal attacks, although you might as well be immune to them at this point. When she doesn’t back down, still approaching you with a furious glare on her face, you decide to speak up.
“Finish that sentence,” you dare her, grabbing a glass of red wine from the table next to you, “and I’ll ruin that expensive Versace dress you’re wearing.”
Jimin’s eyes are widened towards you, you can feel it as you keep your eyes locked with his mother’s, a threatening glass of red wine in your hand. When his mother doesn’t hold herself back, the rest of her sentence flying out of her mouth as she takes another step towards you, Jimin tries his best to take the wine glass from your grip but he’s not fast enough. He watches it unfold in front of him, a shrieking scream emitting from his mother’s mouth as she gasps in shock when the red wine hits her blue and very expensive Versace dress.
“I warned you,” you shrug, the hints of a small smirk on your lips as you watch the red liquid seep into her dress.
“You-” Jimin’s mother fumed, “you bitch!”
Before you can move out of the way, a red velvet cake that was meant for dessert flies straight towards your face- 
Okay, hold on, you’re probably wondering how it got to this point, right? Let’s just rewind a bit and go back to where it really began when everything was less complicated but still… well, complicated.
Once upon a time in a philosophy course during your third year of college, a quote was discussed; “diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment” – at the time you couldn’t really relate to it since you’d never been in the presence of a real diamond before but somehow it got stuck in your head since that discussion took place and now, years later that exact quote brings a warmth to your chest as you admire the two small and delicate diamonds, the Californian December sun causing them to sparkle brightly on your finger.
Jimin catches you looking at your very recent engagement ring with a bright smile on your face. A dreamy sigh falls from your lips as you drop your hand to rest on top of your boyfriend- no, fiancé’s hand that is currently resting on your thigh. Feeling his eyes on you, you turn your head to look at him. No words are exchanged, just pure love and adoration swimming in your eyes as you lean over the center console to press your lips to his in a soft kiss. Jimin hums and kisses you back, taking his sweet time. It’s a good thing you’re at a red light right now. A honk from the car behind you startles you both, soft laughter erupting from you as Jimin pulls away to check the light which, sure enough, had turned green. He speeds off down the road towards his parents’ neighborhood. You’re watching him drive, a soft smile on your lips because he looks really good as he handles the car like a pro, driving so effortlessly that he has time to grab your ring-clad hand and bring it up to his mouth, pressing soft kisses against the back of it. There's so much love within this car that it’s almost suffocating but you can’t think of someone you’d rather be with in this spot. If it’s Jimin’s love you’re suffocated by, you don’t mind it one bit.
You sit in silence, hand still tightly wrapped in Jimin’s as he navigates the car through a neighborhood that screams wealth. You watch in amazement, taking in how every single mansion in this neighborhood is three times the size of your own childhood home, at least three times bigger that is – some are even bigger than that. The majority of them are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations; reindeers, Santa Claus, strings of fairy lights strawn across walls and roofs, Christmas trees and anything else that brings out the Christmas spirit in people. A small ‘wow’ leaves your lips as Jimin pulls into the driveway to a huge mansion, palm trees and tall bushes surrounding it while simple and stylish Christmas decorations compliment the house and the front yard. The car comes to a stop right next to a very shiny sports car that you can only assume is his father’s. Jimin had once mentioned his father had a love for old sports cars which had been passed down to Jimin throughout his childhood, a fact you learned in the early stages of your relationship with him.
“Well, welcome to my childhood home,” Jimin says and sighs deeply from beside you. You don’t notice the way his shoulders slump as you look at the mansion, smiling widely.
“It’s huge,” you gape, wondering how it looked inside. If it is as huge and stylish on the inside as it is on the outside, you might as well just bow down to his parents as the first thing. Jimin nods and mutters a low ‘yeah’ as he glances at the simple, thin ring on your finger. 
“Are you sure you like the ring?” He softly asks, the sudden question almost causing you to snap at him. It’s probably the third or fourth time he asks you this since he gave it to you a few weeks ago. You nod, humming in response. “Not having cold feet yet?”
“Nope,” you quickly say, leaning over the center console once again, a soft smirk on your lips as you lean closer, softly brushing your nose against his, “you’re stuck with me. Forever.”
A chuckle falls from Jimin’s lips before he gently grabs your chin and pulls you in to press his lips to yours in a row of delicate kisses. He feels his heart swell because you’re just too damn cute and you’ll be his for the rest of his life. He really doesn't mind being stuck with you forever. After all he was the one to pop the question and put a ring on it. 
“Fine by me,” he whispers against your lips, kissing you one more time before pulling away. You stay close, chin resting in the palm of your hand as you look at him. A small wrinkle appears on his forehead as he disappears into his own thoughts, looking at you but not really looking at you, he’s zoning out. You reach up with your other hand, poking it with your pointer finger as if smudging it out. Jimin refocuses his attention on you, his gaze less distant now. He smiles, you smile in return.
“What’s on your mind?” You ask him.
“Nothing,” he waves a hand dismissively. He runs a hand through his hair, a heavy sigh leaving through his lips as he glances at his childhood home before looking back at you, “still sure about meeting my parents? I mean, I can turn the car around right now and drive back to the airport, it’s not a problem.”
Jimin’s question doesn’t come as a surprise, you understand why he asks. You haven’t met his parents yet due to both of you working busy jobs and the fact that they live on the west coast which is the complete opposite of New York City where you and Jimin share an apartment. Before asking you to come with him home, he honestly had no idea how you’d react because even after more than a year of dating, the two of you have barely talked about his parents. Actually, Jimin doesn’t talk that much about them at all, only briefly telling you why once a few months ago. Basically, Jimin took a much different path than his parents wanted him to when he chose to study law at NYU and they haven’t been very supportive of his choices ever since he moved out from under their roof. He hasn’t mentioned them much since, only very few times.
When he had asked you to come with him home, you had agreed in a heartbeat even though it had your nerves stirring a bit. Jimin finally wanted you to meet his parents – his TV-host mother and his A-list actor father who are both so impressively successful that your job as a sales manager seems like a pathetic working class occupation. But you’re not intimidated at all, where did anyone get that idea? Pfff- Okay, maybe you’re a tiny bit intimidated by his parents even though you haven’t met them yet. It’s just really difficult to believe those two are his actual parents because of how down to earth and laid back Jimin is. Despite his name and incredibly good genes, you never would’ve thought he was raised in a celebrity home like that when you met him for the first time in college. You didn’t even know about his parents until he told you one day after you began dating. He’s just not that type of person; the type who lives off his celebrity parents’ success or flaunts it everywhere he goes. He doesn’t even mention it to anyone, only if people ask which they rarely do. It’s almost as if the press and people don't know that he exists.
You shake your head at his proposal of driving back home, finding it slightly odd that he keeps offering to drive back when he was the one to ask you to join him in the first place, “no, I really wanna meet them. It’s only about time, don’t you think?”
“You sure?” Jimin asks, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, “we don’t have to if you don’t want to, I just thought it’d be nice if the woman I love met my parents now that I’m gonna be stuck with her forever.”
The words he speaks make your heart flutter, a tiny smile on your lips as you look at him – ‘the woman I love” – there’s no way you’ll ever get tired of hearing that. Jimin seems to know what you’re thinking about because he leans in close again to connect his mouth with yours in another soft kiss that has you sighing deeply.
“You’re 110% sure?” Jimin asks in between kisses, “because you really don’t have to-
You cut him off by calling his name, “I want to. We’ve been together for almost two years and I still haven’t met them. If anything, it’s almost too late,” you smirk softly.
Jimin nods in agreement at that and leans in, giving you one last kiss before he gets out of the car. You follow right behind, getting out and joining him by the trunk to grab your things. Jimin won’t let you carry your bag yourself though, throwing it over his shoulder before grabbing his own. You shoot him a disapproving look but let him have it his way as you intertwine your hand with his free one. He tugs you along, the two of you walking in silence as you follow the pathway to the front door. Despite not being home very often, Jimin still waltzes into the house as if he lives here. You follow right behind, clutching his hand tightly as you feel your stomach erupting with butterflies. You’re so nervous but also very excited to finally meet his parents.
You and Jimin are met with silence, the only sound being the sound of Jimin dropping the bags onto the floor before making his way further into the house. “Mom?” Jimin calls out.
Soon a very warm and smooth voice sounds throughout the open living room space, the words ‘ah, Jiminie!’ flowing through the house and towards you and Jimin who are still standing close to the front door. A small figure turns the corner and comes into view, her arms widely spread for her son to enter them. Jimin meets her halfway, letting go of your hand to give his mother a tight hug. You meet her eyes over his shoulder as she hugs him, her eyes widening in surprise and then squinting as if she’s trying to decipher whether or not you’re actually standing here in her house.
“Jimin, who is that?” Jimin’s mother whispers to her son after pulling away from his hug, her eyes glancing between you and Jimin.
“Uh, well-” Jimin begins.
You allow yourself to butt in, smiling politely as you extend a hand towards her, “Hello! It’s really nice to finally meet you, Mrs. Park.”
Jimin’s mother hesitatingly shakes your hand, confused as she looks up at Jimin who scratches the back of his neck with an awkward smile on his face. “Mom, this is ____, my girlfriend,” he then introduces you, the title ‘girlfriend’ sounding wrong in your head and the fact that he even has to explain who you are. At his words, his mother looks back at you with a shocked face to say the least, her mouth slightly open in surprise. Wait, she doesn’t know about you? Jimin clears his throat, “remember? I told you I was seeing someone.”
She scoffs softly, “Jimin, that was almost two years ago!”
Wait, what? She had no idea he was in a relationship?
Jimin grimaces at his mother’s comment, briefly glancing at you and taking notice of the confused look you send him. You’ll have to ask him about that later. You can’t be the only one who finds it odd that he hasn’t mentioned anything to his parents after all this time.
A boisterous voice fills the space around all of you as Jimin’s father appears, turning the same corner his mother came from. It’s easy to tell that Jimin feels relieved as he lets out a deep sigh before he turns to face his father, hugging him tightly. So far there’s no way you can tell these people are A-list celebrities. The only thing that gives them away at this moment is the expensive interior of their house and the fact that it’s huge. 
You watch with a smile, waiting patiently until it’s appropriate for you to introduce yourself to his father too. But his father beats you to it, letting go of Jimin the moment his eyes land on you. He glances back at Jimin shortly before turning his attention back on you, a kind and warm smile on his face – a smile you recognize from several movies you’ve watched through the years. “Who’s this pretty girl you’ve brought along, son?”
“My girlfriend, ____,” Jimin introduces you once again, this time to his father.
Letting out a small chuckle at his small compliment, you offer your hand to him. “It’s very nice to meet you, sir,” you greet him. His father smiles and takes your hand, giving it a firm shake, just as you had expected. 
“Pleasure’s all mine, ____!”
Jimin smiles when you meet his eyes, taking a step closer to wrap his arm around your waist and keep you close. Silence falls upon the four of you until Jimin’s father speaks up again; “well, let’s get you two settled in! Jimin, I trust you to know where your old room is.”
His father winks playfully and Jimin slightly rolls his eyes, a small smirk on his lips as he grabs his and yours bags again. You feel his mother’s eyes on you as you run your hand over his back in a soft manner as if to silently thank him for taking your bag as well. When you look up at his mother, you offer her a polite smile but it quickly turns into an awkward half-smile as you take notice of the way she just stares at you, looking more disinterested than anything else. Without another word, you hurry after Jimin who’s already halfway upstairs. Just as you reach him, you hear his father calling to the two of you.
“Oh, by the way, we’re having some friends over for dinner!”
“Sounds good, dad – we’ll be down in a bit!” Jimin calls back just as he stops in front of one of the many doors that are upstairs in this huge mansion. He pushes the door open, gesturing for you to walk inside first – always the gentleman.
The room is big, wide and open with big windows which have a view of the big backyard and the pool, of course. Is there any way you could expect less in a celebrity home based in Los Angeles like this? No, there’s not. Jimin’s old bedroom is stylish, simple and sophisticated just like Jimin himself – the tones of the interior are white, beige and some grey here and there with wooden furniture in its natural color scheme. It has a nice vibe to it, fresh and quiet, relaxing in some way.
“Will this be alright for you, miss?”
You turn to look at your fiancé, a small smirk on your face, “hmm, I’m not sure. Does the cute guy come with the room?”
Jimin copies your smirk, keeping eye contact as you move closer and step right into his arms. They loosely wrap around your waist, his face inches from yours. He leans in, nose brushing yours as he glances at your lips for a mere split second.
“I’m afraid not,” he answers, eyes coming back to lock with yours, the hints of a small pout on his lips but it soon turns back into a small smirk instead, “but I’ll make an exception, just for you.”
“Good,” you whisper, lips softly brushing over his plump ones. He smiles as he closes the gap, kissing you softly. Tingles erupt in your stomach at the feeling, the feeling of his lips against yours always makes you weak in the knees. His entire aura is so delicate and soft, it’s what had you so hooked on him after the first time you met him. Except you never did anything about it back then in college, but as you stand here in his arms with his lips softly kissing yours you feel the happiest, grateful you found each other again in the years following graduation.
Pulling away, you look into his eyes and smile, “so, tell me, what should I wear for dinner tonight?”
“Let’s get naked first,” Jimin growls playfully as he digs his face into the crook of your neck, his mouth attacking your skin with kisses and love bites. You squeal in surprise, laughing as he backs you towards the bed only to let you fall back onto it, him following right behind. Okay, maybe the two of you won’t be down in a bit as Jimin told his father only minutes ago.
Tumblr media
Jimin’s mother is discreetly sending a scolding glare your way when you and Jimin stumble down the stairs just in time for the arrival of the guests. You don’t think too much of it, quickly wiping the small bit of smudged lipstick from the corner of your lips. You glance at Jimin as he stands beside you. He notices you looking at him, turning to face you with a small smirk because yes, you did in fact run out of time and had to rush into your dinner outfits just as you heard the guests pull into the driveway. You suppose that’s why Jimin’s mother was scolding you when he and you came downstairs while still fixing your outfits and your makeup. You smile back in return to his smirk as you reach up and remove the tiny bit of lipstick that you left on his lips when he had pulled you in for one last kiss before going downstairs to greet the guests.
However, the way Jimin’s eyes widen in surprise and slight panic when the guests arrive should be concerning to you, and the uneasy feeling you get in your gut when you spot a beautiful, young woman making her way towards Jimin with her arms wide open. She looks awfully familiar, where have you seen her before? You don’t catch the way Jimin glances at you for a split second before he welcomes her hug with a bright smile on his face. You stand to the side, watching as they engulf each other in a hug. It doesn’t go missed by you how she places a quick peck on his cheek as she wraps her arms around his shoulders. There’s a specific vibe around them that doesn’t sit right with you. And you still can’t pinpoint where you’ve seen her before.
“Mhm, it’s so good to see you,” she hums and gives him one last squeeze before pulling away just enough to look him in the eye, “it’s been too long! How have you been?”
Jimin sighs deeply and smiles at her. A small frown is on your lips as you watch them interact, overly friendly and as if they’ve known each other forever. Who is this chick again?
“Just been busy with work, the usual stuff,” Jimin answers her question while taking a step back, creating space between him and the gorgeous woman who is basically flawless as she stands before you. When he’s close enough, you reach for his hand and lace your fingers through his. He looks at you, giving you a small smile that you reciprocate. She finally notices you, her eyes zooming in on your intertwined hands. A bright smile spreads across her face as she looks at you.
“Hi!” She greets you while extending her hand, “sorry, I didn’t see you there! I’m Sophia.”
Right! Sophia Grant – upcoming model and actress. Also the child of two celebrities whom you spotted behind Sophia when she had made her way towards Jimin. Oh, how it all makes sense why she’s so freaking flawless. The worst thing is that she seems really nice too.
“_____,” you tell her your name, “it’s nice to meet you, Sophia.”
Sophia glances at Jimin with a small knowing smirk while shaking your hand. Jimin rolls his eyes at her when he catches on. “Likewise,” she winks at you, leaving you rather flustered because of the confidence and brightness she carries herself with.
After meeting Sophia, you make sure to greet her parents as well. They kindly and warmly smile at you, telling you it’s nice to meet you and how wonderful it is to see Jimin bringing a special someone home after being gone for so long. The comment brings joy to your chest as you look at Jimin who’s still chatting with Sophia. When he turns to meet your eyes as he could sense you looking at him, he smiles softly, a small twinkle in his eyes as always. You smile in return before turning back to Sophia’s parents, striking a bit of conversation before Jimin’s mother tells all of you to get seated at the dining table.
The dining room of this Hollywood mansion Jimin grew up in is filled with the aromas of delicious food and a low hum of music in the background from the stereo. It’s a nice vibe that fills your body with warmth as you look around at the people you’re surrounded by. They all seem very relaxed and satisfied as they stuff themselves with amazing food cooked by Jimin’s mother herself. You didn’t really peg her to be someone with impressive cooking skills but here you are, about to take another bite of the tasty meat when Jimin’s mother speaks up.
“____, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?” she asks, a warm and kind smile on her face as she looks at you. 
Her current smile is much more different than the look she gave you for a split second when you had stumbled down the stairs alongside Jimin. Moments later you had caught her skimming your outfit with judgemental eyes. If you are to judge your own styling, your outfit is decent tonight – a simple dress with heels and neutral makeup, nothing extraordinary at all, but it seemed like Jimin’s mother wasn’t fond of it. Jimin had made sure to compliment you though, telling you how pretty you look in your dress and then slipping a subtle comment about how impatient he is to get you to himself again later. When the words had slipped from his lips, you had slapped his arm with a playful yet scolding smirk, hoping no one else but you had heard him.
Chatter and laughter had filled the room until Jimin’s mother decided to put you in the spotlight, asking you to talk about yourself. You feel all of their eyes on you as your brain raids itself for possible interesting things you can tell your soon-to-be parents in law, wondering what in your life could be just a slight bit interesting compared to their celebrity life. Honestly, you’re just trying your hardest to stay calm and collected while being surrounded by a small handful of other celebrities. So yeah, what exactly can you tell them about you and your life that will be even a little bit interesting for Jimin’s famous parents to hear about?
“Uh, well,” you start, chuckling nervously, “I was born and raised in New York, Brooklyn to be exact…”
You glance at Jimin shortly. He gives you a small, encouraging nod while smiling, silently telling you to go on. You copy his smile and turn back to face his parents, your eyes landing on his mother whose smile is not present anymore, instead a rather bored expression adorning her face now. Your smile slowly falters, but you muster it back up and continue.
“I, uh, I studied at NYU like Jimin which is where we met, actually,” you tell them, watching how Jimin’s mother’s lips turn into a frown at the mention. Oh no... Was it the mention of NYU? Jimin clears his throat from beside you and looks at his plate, not meeting your eyes the second time when you glance at him. Shit, why did you have to mention that when you damn well know it’s a sensitive topic for his parents?
“What did you study?” Jimin’s father suddenly asks, sounding like he genuinely wants to know while saving the situation for the second time today. You tell him about your business studies and how you’re working as a sales manager at an up and coming fashion brand. The only response you get to that is a low hum from both of them, their interest in you gradually fading as the night slowly progresses. You watch as Jimin’s mother directs her attention to someone else – Sophia to be exact. The genuine smile she gives Sophia causes a gutted feeling to erupt in your stomach as you frown to yourself. 
“Sophia, darling, how’s the acting career coming along?”
Sophia flashes a wide and proud smile, sitting up straight in her seat as she begins explaining her next project and how amazing it is. You listen while poking at your food, doing your best to appear interested as she talks about her co-stars and how wonderful they all are. Jimin joins in on the conversation too, asking if she’s met Leonardo DiCaprio yet.
“I remember you had the craziest crush on him in high school,” Jimin reminisces with a distant smile on his face. His smile feels odd to watch as it spreads across his lips, you can tell he’s thinking about his high school days where he apparently knew Sophia as well.
“Oh my god, yes! I completely forgot, you were so jealous of him,” she laughs.
Jimin scoffs, “how could I not? My girlfriend was crushing on some older dude.”
Oh, girlfriend. A frown paints your features. You knew their relationship was more friendly than a typical pair of friends, but not enough to be more than friends. Your gut wasn’t wrong then when you watched them hug before dinner. You catch Jimin’s mother looking at you, a small vicious smirk on her face as she watches you sigh deeply with a frown on your face. Something tells you that she’s not that fond of you in general.
The first hour of dinner flies by in an instant, the chatter flowing like a waterfall between all these people who already know each other well. You, on the other hand, haven’t been saying much. It has been impossible for you to butt in as they talked about the old days when Jimin lived at home with his parents and he went to high school where he was dating Sophia. There’s so many memories being discussed tonight and you feel out of place as you listen in, it’s almost as if you’re part of something you really shouldn’t be a part of. Jimin has been grazing your hand with his own underneath the table a few times, only barely trying to indulge you in the conversation, trying so very hard to avert his parents’ attention to you once in a while when the conversation would skim a topic you could relate to. But in the end, Sophia would always seem more interesting to them.
“Oh! Jimin, sweetheart, remember that time you and Sophia would come home right after school and you’d make her that really awful snack she used to love so much?” Jimin’s mother suddenly says, her smile wide as she looks at her son and his former high school girlfriend.
Jimin chuckles in response, his smile failing to reach his eyes, “yeah, mom, I remember.”
His mother laughs, “that snack was surely something else, Sophia, I can’t believe you were able to eat that.”
Sophia shrugs with a small smirk as you watch her, wondering how she managed to stay this popular with Jimin’s mother after she and Jimin broke up. In all honesty, you can’t even bring yourself to dislike her. She’s wonderful, bright and has a delightful vibe to her. She’s beautiful and kind, really friendly and she, of all people, has been the only one to ask about you. So really, how could you ever dislike or even hate someone like her?
“You two were the sweetest couple,” Jimin’s mother sighs deeply with a fond smile, “what a shame.”
Her words throw you off, your frown becoming immensely deeper. You’re so uncomfortable, sitting here while listening to your future mother-in-law talking about how your fiancé and his ex-girlfriend were the perfect couple and what a shame it was that their relationship ended. It feels like a low blow, watching Jimin’s mother being so fond of Sophia while you’ve been trying your very best to come off as someone worthy of acceptance and to feel the love from your family in law. Although, you might as well forget about it already as his mother thinks of another time where Jimin and Sophia were together and in love.
“Oh, I also remember a time where Sophia would come over and stay for the whole weekend. It was always so nice having you around, Soph, you should come by more often,” she says, looking at Sophia with a warm smile.
Jimin glances at you, feeling his chest tighten at the sight of your uncomfortable expression, noticing how the corners of your mouth turn deeper as you avert your eyes to your plate. Before you know it, Jimin is clearing his throat rather loudly, catching everyone’s attention. You look up at him, wondering what he’s about to do. What he says, is not what you expect. 
“Mom… Dad, ____ and I have an announcement to make.”
You feel your stomach doing a tumble and your heartbeat skipping a beat as he takes your hand in his own underneath the table, interlocking his fingers with yours. You and Jimin haven’t exactly agreed on when to tell his parents since this is the first time you’re meeting them, but it seems he has made up his mind and is about to tell them. You sneak a quick glance at his mother, watching her eyes become wide at the mention of an announcement.
“Well, go on!” His father chuckles, ushering him on.
He glances at you for a split second, tightening his hold around your hand before looking back at his parents.
“We’re getting married.”
Silence falls upon the room as the words leave Jimin’s mouth. His father closes his mouth shut, almost biting his own tongue. Sophia’s mother gasps and covers her mouth while her eyes give her away – she’s happy for the two of you. Sophia’s father nods and smiles, muttering a small ‘congratulations’ and Sophia is squealing as she gets up from her seat, walking around the table. You can’t help but like her a bit more as she engulfs the both of you, wishing you congratulations. If only you could be this happy on behalf of your ex like she is for Jimin. 
“Oh my god, you guys! I’m so happy for you,” she excitedly beams, “I noticed the ring earlier but I wasn’t sure- I can’t believe this!”
You watch with a grin on your face as she lightly punches Jimin’s shoulder, “you moron- I told you you’d find the right one sooner or later!”
Jimin smirks softly as he looks at you, “yeah, you were right, Soph.”
His smile makes your heart flutter. Your smile grows as he brings your ring-clad hand up to his lips, giving it a small kiss. Oh, the love you have for him is beyond your own understanding. The moment is ruined though as Jimin’s mother clears her throat. You both turn to look at her, your smiles faltering as you wait for her reaction. It takes her a moment to recover from the shock, a sudden smile overtaking her features as she gets up from her seat to go hug her son.
“That is wonderful news, Jimin, congratulations! Oh!” She gasps, a small smirk on her lips as she looks between the two of you, “why don’t you have the wedding here? In the backyard?”
“Wait, mom, are you sure?” Jimin asks, surprised and slightly shocked by his mother’s enthusiasm. She nods, smiling at the both of you. Jimin then glances at you as if to ask for your opinion. 
You shrug, “I don’t see why not?”
His mother grins but it never reaches her eyes entirely, “it’s settled then! We’ll have the wedding here next week!”
Next week… That is very soon. Not that you mind marrying Jimin already but there’s just so much you need to take care of and get in check before the wedding can take place, you need to invite everyone including your own family and the friends you and Jimin share. You might need to have your best friends flying in from New York to help you out. There’s no way you’ll make it in two weeks without them. Hopefully, Jimin’s parents won’t mind some of the guests arriving a few days earlier than the rest. It is Christmas time after all, the more the merrier, right?
Once the buzz of excitement following the announcement has died down and everyone has finished their meals, Jimin’s mother stands from her seat and starts grabbing the dishes and bowls to refill them. Deciding to give her hand, you stand up from your seat.
“Let me give you a hand, Mrs. Park.”
Jimin’s mother smiles appreciatively as you grab some of the dishes from the table to help her refill them. You glance at Jimin for a moment, returning the soft smile he gives you. Sophia’s eyes are on you and Jimin, watching you interact silently without words. You briefly catch her looking at you, offering you a smile that you reciprocate. God, why is she so nice? It’s almost annoying. You follow Jimin’s mother to the kitchen and place the dishes down on the countertop before beginning to fill them up with a new round of food.
“The food is really delicious,” you compliment her cooking while placing new slices of meat on a plate. Glancing at the woman beside you when she doesn’t reply, you take notice of how she nods curtly, still not giving you any sort of reply other than the nod and a hum. You purse your lips, focusing back on the task at hand, wondering if you should continue to make small-talk or not. 
To be honest, you haven’t exactly felt welcomed by your mother-in-law since arriving this afternoon. You haven’t mentioned it to Jimin yet, thinking it might just be you who’s reading it the wrong way because of how nervous you’ve been about meeting his parents. But as you stand here beside her, you get the feeling that you might not be entirely wrong after all. Everything points to it – the way she had silently disapproved of your dress, the way she showed no interest whatsoever in you during dinner and how she’s not even trying to strike up some small conversation with you at this moment. However, you decide to give it another shot. You want her to like you now since you’re marrying her son.
“Mrs. Park, I’d just like to thank you for offering to have the wedding here in your home,” you tell her, voice laced with as much politeness as you can muster. You watch as she begins to scoop up mashed potatoes and dump them into a bowl in a slightly more aggressive manner than necessary. You try to ignore it, continuing your small speech of gratitude. “... I can’t even explain how much it means-
Jimin’s mother abruptly turns to face you, hand on hip as she looks at you with squinted eyes, something far from love for her daughter-in-law in them. “Listen, you little witch,” she snaps, “there won’t be a wedding.”
Your eyes widen at her words, slightly shocked at the tone of her voice as she leans in closer to you, trying to appear like a threat to you. 
“Let me be clear about something here,” you feel yourself shrink in front of her as she gives you a head to toe look before meeting your eyes again, a vicious scowl on her face, “I don’t like you, alright? Jimin hasn’t realized it yet but you’re not even close to being good enough for him, and you sure as hell aren’t good enough to marry into this family, got it?”
You’re speechless as you stare wide eyed at Jimin’s mother. You’re shocked that she’d go off on you like that, feeling humiliated even though no one else but you had witnessed her harsh words. You stay still in your spot, the fork for the meat tightly clutched in hand as you watch her grab the dishes she just refilled. She gives you one last nasty look before she turns to go back to the dining room, her voice cheerful and sweet as she returns to her guests. Your heart drops to your stomach as you hear them falling back into conversation as if she never left the table. 
“Oh, god,” you gasp out as soon as you let yourself breathe again, feeling the pressure of fresh tears behind your eyes. You grab the edge of the counter, supporting yourself as you feel yourself cracking slowly. Never in your life have you ever felt so humiliated and hurt. Her words weren’t even that harsh, it could’ve been much worse, but the feeling she left you with? Horrible.
After a good minute of trying to collect yourself, you quickly check your reflection in the window to see if there’s any sign of tears in your eyes or on your cheeks. A familiar voice calling your name from behind you startles you causing you to jump in your spot. You turn to face your fiancé, his eyes becoming worried once they meet yours.
“Hey,” Jimin softly says, stepping closer to you, “you okay?”
You nod quickly, not wanting him to know about his mother’s sudden verbal attack on you, “yeah, I’m fine.”
When Jimin’s eyes won’t leave yours, you muster up a smile that, hopefully, will make him drop it. He doesn’t seem to believe you, his eyes skimming your face. You can tell he’s aware that you’ve been close to crying, so you lean up and place a quick peck against his soft lips, smiling weakly when you pull away again. “I’m okay, Jimin, really.”
“Alright,” Jimin nods, still not entirely believing you, but he decides to let it go for now, “if you insist.”
“I do,” you insist as you hand him one of the dishes you had taken from the table and gesture for him to go back to the dining room before taking the other dish. You let out a heavy sigh, shaking his mother’s words off you as best as you can before following Jimin back to the dining room. You avoid your mother-in-law’s stare, placing the plate with meat down on the table before sitting down again next to Jimin. His hand immediately goes straight for your thigh, his thumb softly caressing your skin as a way of comforting you. You hate that he knows you so well sometimes, but at the same time, you’re thankful that he does and the fact that he decides not to interrogate you about it right now.
Tumblr media
“I’ve taken the liberty of planning parts of the wedding already,” Jimin’s mother announces as she sits down at the dining table for breakfast a few days after the dinner where she had told you that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll never be what Jimin needs. “One less thing for the two of you to worry about.”
Jimin lets out a heavy sigh once you give him a confused look of ‘what is she doing?’. After what happened at the dinner, you’re not sure about having her plan your wedding when the last thing she said to you was that there wouldn’t be a wedding. You don’t trust her to have anything to do with the planning, but you still haven’t told Jimin about the episode in the kitchen. Not even when he had asked you that night after dinner when you both went to bed. You had once again told him everything was fine, that you just needed a moment to yourself after his sudden announcement as it caught you off guard.
“Why don’t you have an engagement party this weekend?” Jimin’s mother suddenly suggests before taking a sip of her tea, “we can invite your family, ____, and some of your friends from home.”
“Oh, well, yeah,” you mutter, still pretty confused as to why she’d tell you off like she did the other night and then proceed to suggest an engagement party and invite everyone you know, have your family and your friends come here when she’s so sure there won’t be a wedding. “I guess I can call my family today and ask if they can come this weekend.”
Jimin watches in silence over the rim of his coffee cup as you and his mother fall into conversation about who to invite and where they should all be staying for the weekend. As he listens in on the conversation and watches how you agree to everything his mother suggests, he can’t help but notice the way you’re doing absolutely nothing to get your own ideas in like you usually would. You always have something to say, something to throw into any discussion you’re part of. You’re opinionated like that. He loves that about you, so watching you agree to everything without even protesting once feels odd. Maybe you just like his mother’s ideas despite them being different from your own taste and original ideas.
“I’ll hire some people to decorate the backyard for both the engagement party and the wedding,” his mother says, all of a sudden pulling out her phone to make a few phone calls, “I suppose you’d like a theme that fits the season?”
You nod and smile appreciatively at your future mother-in-law, muttering a low ‘that’d be amazing’ in response. She nods at that, probably finding it weird how you’d like the decorating to be like Santa threw up everywhere instead of keeping it simple, classy and stylish with different nuances of white, beige and gold. You watch with a smile as your fiancé’s mother dials a number and greets the person on the other line before getting up from the table to head towards her home office. Despite her verbal attack, you have quite a good feeling about this after she pitched her ideas. Maybe she slept on it and felt bad for how she’d gone off on you the night before. She’s probably just a bit too proud to apologize. You can only hope that’s the reason for her sudden interest in planning the wedding as well as an engagement party. With that in mind, you turn to Jimin with a smile, feeling relieved that his mother is willing to help even after that traumatizing moment the other night. She seems to have changed her mind about the wedding.
“She’s very sweet,” you tell your fiancé, meaning it (despite everything). You watch him nod in response, pursed lips turning into a small smile as you look at him with that gorgeous smile on your face.
“She sure is,” he hums in response to your words, feeling the uneasy feeling in his stomach become less and less by the way your smile stays on your lips as you look away from him and focus back on your breakfast. He really hopes his mother is genuine about this, already aware of how she can be at times when something’s not as it should be according to her.
A few days later, Jimin seemed to have no need for worrying as he steps off the last step of stairs leading from the backyard veranda and onto the big lawn where a big backyard party tent is set up with tables and chairs underneath it and Christmas decorations all over the place in all sorts of colors ranging from green to red to gold. Pop songs about the holiday flow from the speakers as people dance, talk, and laugh amongst each other with drinks in their hands. Several of them congratulate him as he passes by, making his way towards you who’s chatting up your friends from home. Once you spot him, his stomach does a flip when your face lights up with a smile.
“Hey,” you softly greet him, welcoming him with a small kiss to the lips, “where did you go?”
“Just needed to check up on something,” he tells you, leaning back in to brush his lips over your cheek in a soft kiss. Your friends are smiling at the two of you, cooing in pure jealousy because of how Jimin looks at you once you turn back to them again, Jimin still attached to your side. One of your friends’ eyes shift to something behind you, her eyes widening in surprise and then shifting into confusion.
“What the-” she begins but is lost for words, still staring at whatever it is behind you. Noticing how she’s zoning out of the conversation, you turn to follow her line of sight, your eyes landing on something or rather someone you had never expected to see ever again. Mark Johnson, your ex-boyfriend from college, whom you haven’t seen ever since the day you denied his proposal. Why the hell is he here and who would be so dumb to invite your ex of all people to you and Jimin’s engagement party? Scanning the room, you spot Jimin’s mother watching from a corner with a small vicious smirk on her face. She’s got to be fucking kidding- You knew all of this was too good to be true. You should’ve known she’d make this hell for you in any way she could.
“Well, well,” the man you haven’t seen in years taunts as he comes closer, hands in the pockets of his slacks and his stride filled with so much arrogance you might throw up. What exactly did you see in this guy? Oh, right, you must’ve been blind and ignorant at the time. “I suppose a congratulations is in order,” Mark says as he holds a hand out for Jimin to shake, “congratulations on the engagement, man.”
Jimin’s jaw tightens while Mark smirks. You watch almost horrified as your fiancé grabs Mark’s hand and shakes it firmly, eyes never leaving his face. “Thanks,” he mutters under his breath.
“I see she accepted your ring,” he chuckles at Jimin, “she sure as hell didn’t accept mine when I offered one.”
The way your heart skips a beat because of his words causes you to gasp softly, your eyes widening in surprise. Jimin’s eyes snap to yours in an instant, looking at you in confusion. You were almost engaged to his douchebag who treated you like trash back in your college days and Jimin had no idea all this time? 
“Oh, you guys haven’t discussed that yet? Whoops, my bad,” Mark sighs deeply as if he didn’t intend to let that information slip from his mouth. You look back at Jimin, almost flinching as you meet his harsh stare. You’re about to speak up, wanting to reassure Jimin that marrying Mark was never an intention of yours. Especially not after the few days of summer you and Jimin spent together the same year Mark would end up on one knee, asking for your hand in marriage almost immediately after graduating college.
You can almost feel how Jimin is seething beside you, his hold around your waist becoming immensely tighter as you move to get out of his grip. “Mark,” you call, “can I talk to you for a second? In private?” You ask your ex-boyfriend, feeling an itch in your hand as you want to slap away the smirk he shoots at you.
“Always, princess,” he nods, moving to the side and silently telling you to let you walk past him and guide the way. Jimin is reluctant to let you go as he stares Mark down with an intimidating stare you haven’t seen before. He doesn’t want you anywhere near the douchebag he recognizes as your ex-boyfriend from most of your shared college years. Being in the same friend group in college, Jimin has known almost every single thing about you and Mark’s relationship because you’d openly talk about it whenever he wasn’t around – Jimin even knew the way he’d cheat behind your back if you were gone for a longer period of time. He actually tried to tell you once but he kind of didn’t do it after all because you looked sad and heartbroken already that night.
Jimin chuckles softly when he finally lets you go and catches you rolling your eyes at the sickeningly sweet nickname Mark gives you. Mark thinks so highly of himself, it’s easy to tell when he gives Jimin one last smug look before following you to a more private spot for the two of you to talk. When you’re sure no one is near you, you turn to him with a scowl on your face.
“What are you doing here?”
Mark places a hand over his heart, scoffing softly, “you’re not happy to see me, princess? I was convinced you were in a desperate need for saving before you marry some fool.”
“Some fool?” You repeat his words as you cross your arms over your chest as if to protect yourself from this man whom you haven’t seen or thought about for years. It’s like a bad memory appearing again in your mind except he’s here physically and it doesn’t feel great at all. Jimin’s mother really knows how to mess things up, huh?
Mark shrugs. “Yeah? You can’t be serious,” he laughs as if he actually finds it funny that you and Jimin are engaged and getting married soon, “you’re actually gonna marry that dude from our psych class? What’s so interesting about him?”
“Oh please, you’re just salty because he got to be a ring on my finger and you didn’t,” you argued, ignoring the way he downputs your fiancé when he’s not even around, “besides, he’s everything you’re not and always will be, now please leave my engagement party. I won’t ask again.”
“____, darling! I see you’ve met my special guest of the night,” Jimin’s mother butts in as she appears out of nowhere, a blinding smile on her face as she places a hand on Mark’s shoulder. “I thought you’d love some familiar faces now that your family wasn’t able to attend with such short notice.”
You’re not sure what face you’re sporting right now, but it can’t be positive as your fiancé’s mother pouts at you as if she pities you. She probably does but you don’t need her pity. Your family will be here when the actual wedding happens and that’s what matters the most. For now you’ll have to do with your friends from home, Jimin’s family and Mark.
“Oh, my! Would you look at that?” Your soon to be mother-in-law gushes as she looks up at something above you and Mark. You follow her line of sight, your eyes widening and your stomach dropping at what you see. A damn mistletoe is hanging above your head, staring back at you while laughing evilly because why the hell not? Of course, you had placed yourself right beneath one of those awful and stupid Christmas decorations that you have never had positive experiences with ever. If only it was Jimin beside you right now and not your ex-boyfriend. “Well?” Jimin’s mother pushes on, looking back and forth between you and Mark with expectant eyes. “Give her a little smooch, Mark!”
“Oh no, Mrs. Park, I can’t, Jimin-” You begin to ramble, wanting to get out of this sticky situation you’ve ended up in.
Jimin’s mother waves a hand dismissively, “shush, I’m sure Jimin doesn’t mind a small kiss on the cheek. It’s tradition after all,” she smirks softly.
Mark is smirking smugly as he leans closer, catching you off guard and kissing you on the cheek before you have the chance to move away. Just as his lips touch your cheek, you lock eyes with Jimin across the backyard. You watch how the corners of his mouth turn into a deep frown, eyebrows falling and furrowing together in anger. Panic sets in you as you watch him stalking towards you, jaw locked tightly. Oh, no.
“Soft as ever,” Mark grins as you push him away before wiping his disgusting germs off your face. You make a small gagging sound and glare at him, not sparing him another second of your attention before you meet Jimin halfway. He stops in his tracks, looking at you with flaring nostrils and pursed lips. You don’t get to utter a single word before he’s grabbing your wrist and pulling you along inside the house. He doesn’t say a word to you as he makes his way towards the bedroom you’re staying in together in this big mansion his parents live in.
“What the hell is your ex doing at our engagement party?” Jimin asks as soon as the door is closed behind him, the comfortable silence of the bedroom ruined as he closes the door rather harshly.
You let out an exasperated sigh as you glance at the ceiling, not sure how you should explain this situation. First of all, you had no idea Mark was invited because you sure as hell didn’t invite him yourself. Second of all, if you knew he had been invited, you would’ve told him to stay away and not show his face near you and Jimin. After all, you didn’t feel like having the party ruined because of him. But as you finally divert your eyes to meet Jimin’s, you understand how it must've looked when he watched from the other side of the backyard and saw Mark pressing his lips to your cheek, kissing the skin only Jimin is supposed to kiss and touch.
“I- I don’t know,” you answer him honestly, shrugging cluelessly as you give him a look that hopefully shows that you’re, in fact, speaking the truth but Jimin is pissed, the anger clearly getting the best of him because why the fuck is your ex even here in the first place?
“Bullshit, ____,” your fiancé grits, arms crossed over his chest, “why would you invite him? You haven’t even spoken to him for years- wait, have you?”
“What-” You begin but there’s simply no way you can redeem yourself so you do the next thing on your mind, pent up anger suddenly bubbling in your chest, “are you seriously asking me that right now?”
You stare at him, waiting for him to say anything. He shrugs, clearly just as confused as you.
“Why in the world would I speak to him? I denied his fucking proposal, Jimin, we literally had nothing to talk about after that,” you snap, “you really shouldn’t be one to talk, you know – your fucking model goddess of an ex girlfriend has been snatching your parents’ attention ever since we got here as if she’s the one you’re marrying and not me!”
Jimin’s eyes widen at your sudden outburst, “what are you even talking about- baby, I don’t give a fuck whether she’s here or not!”
“Well, it didn’t seem like it...”
Jimin scoffs softly at the offended tone you use against him. Now it’s you who has her arms crossed over your chest in stubbornness. You’re glaring at him, obviously still thinking about the way Sophia had his parents swooning and adoring her in a matter of minutes while you’ve been trying so hard to make his mother like you. His father on the other hand was not a problem and was quite easy to win over during the days following the dinner, but his mother is a whole other ordeal. She’s stubborn, narrow minded as well when it comes to her son’s life, and she has no intention of welcoming you into her family if she has anything to say about it. But Jimin doesn’t know that, not yet at least. Maybe you should just let yourself out after tonight, call off the wedding and give his mother what she wants – you being gone for good.
When neither of you say anything, he moves closer, hands coming out to rest upon your hips, “____, don’t worry about Sophia, okay? She’s nothing more than a family friend and she hasn’t been for over a decade.”
“You don’t get it,” you groan as you move out of his embrace, “your mom, Jimin... She adores Sophia so much. It’s obvious that she’s the one you should be with.”
“____, why would I be with her when you’re the one I love?” 
“It’s what your parents want,” you shrug, frown deep. Tears build up in your eyes as you look up at him. Jimin feels his heart break when he notices the tears filling the brim of your pretty eyes.
“Don’t…” He pleads, sighing as he lets his head drop, “don’t say that, please.”
He looks up at you again, shaking his head, “I’m so tired of people telling me what I want and what I should do, I already know what I want.”
Your eyes stay locked with his as his hand comes up to cup your cheek, thumb brushing over your cheekbone. His touches are soft and delicate, careful as he cups your face and pulls you in closer, forehead resting against yours. You close your eyes as you feel his breath brushing against your face. You carefully place your hands on the sides of his torso, gripping the fabric of his dark navy blazer tightly.
“I want you. For the rest of my life,” he whispers after a few moments of silence, “only you, okay? Please don’t tell me I should be with someone else.”
When you don’t say anything, he lifts your head by your chin. His eyes shift between yours for a few seconds. You catch him glancing at your lips, tingles erupting in your stomach because you’ve been wanting to have him just for yourself all evening, wanting his lips against yours over and over again until they’re completely swollen and bruised. Jimin seems to be thinking the same thing as he leans in closer, softly brushing his lips against yours before closing the gap entirely and kissing you for the first time in hours.
A low hum escapes your lips as you let him into your space, letting him overcome all your senses as you feel him press his body closer to yours while the kisses turn hungrier. His hand tangles in your hair and his other sliding around your waist to keep you tight against him.
“Just want you,” Jimin whispers against your lips as he slowly backs you up, guiding you towards the bed. A small moan is what you offer in response to his words. You’re pulling him with you as you fall back onto the bed. He’s careful not to crush you as he hovers over you, one hand supporting his weight as the other runs up your thigh and towards the hem of your dress. Your tongue meets his, pushing and rubbing against each other as teeth knock against each other.
Jimin pushes the hem of your dress up to your waist, revealing see-through, white lace panties. He sits back on his knees, pulling you up with him so he can pull off your dress. It soon lands on the floor along with your high heels which he also slips off before hovering back over you, lips meeting yours again.
“Oh, Jimin,” you whimper as his lips move from yours to the skin on your neck and further down to the skin on your collar bones. You feel his fingertips creeping their way up on your thigh and towards your clothed heat where you’re craving him the most. When he carefully and slowly pulls your panties to the side to run a digit up between your folds, you gasp and arch your back. Your hands slide up and dig into his hair, tugging on his black locks as he continues to leave kisses all over your still bra-clad chest. He grunts against your skin at the feeling of your fingers tangling in his hair. 
“Fuck,” you whimper as his thumb pushes down on your clit, stimulating it slowly and softly.
“Relax for me, baby,” he whispers as he comes back up to kiss the corner of your lips, “let me show you you’re the only one for me.”
A small whine tumbles from your lips but it’s swallowed by Jimin as he kisses you, softly yet hungrily. You will never get used to the way he kisses, the feeling of his plump and pillow-like lips against your own in a soft and slow manner that has your knees going weak every single time.
“Hurry up,” you whisper against his lips, desperate to have him right now.
Jimin strips off his blazer while continuing to kiss you, hands returning to your core where he eagerly begins to slide off your panties. Once they’re off, he throws them over his shoulder and begins on his belt, unbuckling them hurriedly as your fingers begin undoing the buttons of his white shirt. His pants don't even come all the way off before he’s pulling his length out from his boxers. You glance down between your bodies, watching him wrap a fist around his cock, pumping it up and down. The tip of it stares directly back at you, red and leaking with precum. You feel your mouth slightly watering as you continue to look at it, an image of you sucking him off in your mind.
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Jimin suddenly groans. You look up at him, noticing how his eyes are scanning over your body and ending back at your face, looking you directly in the eye. He’s pumping himself slowly as he looks at you, taking in the beauty of your curves and small imperfections which all make you perfect for him and him only, “can’t believe I get to have you for the rest of my life.”
He’s kissing you again as he lines himself up with your entrance. You’re already soaking and he has barely done anything. You can’t quite tell if it’s the compliments and other sweet words that has you wet like a fucking waterfall or if it’s because he’s such a good kisser and that alone can get you ready for him in no time. Whatever it is, you don’t care. All you care about right now is kissing him while he fucks you into oblivion.
“Please,” you whimper softly as he rubs his tip between your folds, “please, Jimin.”
“Will treat you good, baby,” he rasps against your lips as he slowly begins to push inside of you, stretching you nicely. You gasp softly, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him close as he bottoms out, filling you to the brim. His hands help your legs to wrap around his waist before he pulls back out and thrusts in again. “Fuck,” he swears in a moan, feeling your walls clench around him.
Once he has set a good and steady pace, Jimin spends his time carefully and begins to kiss you much slower than before, his cock sliding in and out of you in a rhythm that has you mewling his name softly against his mouth. 
“You feel so good,” you moan, eyes closing in euphoria as he thrusts into you a bit harder than before. The force of his hips has your moans turning high-pitched, whiny almost, “oh, god!”
“Love you,” he groans, feeling himself nearing the end after a good amount of thrusts, his hips stuttering a few times until they become more forceful, pushing into you in a new found pace and rhythm. You swear you’re seeing stars as you feel your orgasm coming at you in record-time, the words of his love confession enough to help you over the edge. “Love you so fucking much.”
“L-Love you too,” you gasp, a whiny moan falling from your lips as he hits a certain sensitive spot in you.
“Mine forever,” he whispers against his lips as his breathing becomes more and more ragged, hips becoming sloppier by the second. “Only mine.”
“Yours,” you moan back, cupping his cheek to kiss him right as your orgasm washes over you. Jimin can feel it, your walls clenching tightly around his cock and making it difficult for him to move. “Oh my god- Please, come in me, please,” you plead.
“Shit, you don’t even have to ask, baby,” he grunts, lips parting in pure pleasure as his orgasm is just around the corner. Your walls are still clenching around him repeatedly as he feels the string in him snap, his high raking through his body and causing his hips to stutter and still in you. He comes inside of you as you wanted, his cum painting your walls. His head drops to rest against your shoulder as he tries to catch his breath. He allows his body to rest on top of yours while your own breathing is heavy, your hands play with his hair softly. After a few moments of laying in silence, you speak up. 
“Jimin?” He hums lazily in response. You can tell he’s close to dozing off, but he’s still listening, “why didn’t you tell your parents about us?”
Your question has him lifting his head in surprise. He looks at you for a few seconds before sighing deeply.
“I should have told you before,” he starts off, “but they barely know anything about my love life and never have ever since Sophia and I broke up. And since things are, well, they’re complicated most of the time, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them about you.”
When you stay silent, he reaches up to remove a strand of hair from your face, a rather sad smile on his face, “I was scared they’d ruin things for us.”
“They won’t though,” you softly say. His smile turns positive instead of the sad one he was carrying just a few seconds prior. “It’ll take more for me to bail on you.”
Jimin chuckles at that before leaning in to kiss you softly, “I know, baby. You’re stuck with me forever, remember?”
Tumblr media
The way Jimin’s mother’s face falls and then turns into a scowl when she sees you and her son stepping out of the house and into the backyard hand in hand the day after the engagement party is priceless. You can’t help but smirk a bit to yourself and to her as you catch her staring you down, lips pursed together in anger when you and Jimin sit down by the head table alongside his parents and the empty seats where your parents are supposed to be at the wedding reception tomorrow evening.
The rehearsal dinner is going well. Almost too well for your liking considering Jimin’s mother has been trying to ruin the wedding a few times already. Mark is sitting a few tables away, sour and salty as hell after last night. He didn’t succeed at whatever Jimin’s mother wanted him to do and you couldn’t be happier. You and Jimin’s friends are all gathered at two tables close to the head table, chatting away and having a good time. Jimin’s father is enjoying the food because he loves food in general and a rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to devour some delicious food and delicious wine. Jimin’s mother, though, is anything but content. She’s sitting next to Jimin, lips pursed to the side and arms crossed over her chest as she stares at nothing in particular.
“Mom?” Jimin calls, catching his mother’s attention. She looks at her son, smiling and waiting for him to say whatever it is that he wants to say. “You okay? You’re unusually quiet today.”
She waves a hand at him. “Yes, I’m fine,” she assures him, “no need to worry about me.”
“Thanks for hosting and planning all of this, Mrs. Park,” you lean forward to look at Jimin’s mother, smiling politely at her, “you’ve done such an amazing job!” You want to laugh when she rolls her eyes at you, clearly noticing how fake your smile is. That’s right, you know how to be a bitch too.
The rehearsal dinner continues on. People are becoming more tipsy and the chatter increases in volume. It’s after too many glasses of wine that Jimin’s mother decides it’s time for a little impromptu speech. Jimin’s eyes widen when he hears the sound of her clanking her spoon against her water glass. You watch as she gets up from your seat, smiling at everyone as they all turn their attention towards her. 
“Hello everyone, I’m the groom’s mother as most of you know already. I’d like to make a toast” she introduces herself as if every single person in here had no idea who she was. It’s when she turns to look at you that you know this is not going to be a happy speech about how proud she is of her son for finding the love of her life. Jimin knows that too as she smirks softly at his fiancé. “A toast to my soon to be daughter-in-law, ____.”
You smile awkwardly, holding up your wine glass, copying Jimin’s mother as she raises her own glass of wine. You have no idea what to expect and to be honest, you’re kind of terrified but amused at the same time. It’s so easy to tell that the most hateful words are on the tip of her tongue and she’s dying to spit them right at you while not holding back at all.
“Thank you, ____, for making me realize...” she continues with a wide smile that, despite the wideness of it, doesn’t reach her eyes, “for making me realize that I haven’t raised my son well enough since he managed to find someone as useless as you. Cheers!”
A round of gasps echoes through the backyard tent, one of them escaping your own mouth too. Jimin is gaping at his mother, shocked to say the least. Having had enough, you place your wine glass down and get up from your seat. She’s smirking again, obviously proud of what she just managed to get out of that bitchy mouth of hers. “What did you just say?” You ask her, your voice laced with something close to being fury.
“You heard me, sweetie,” she chuckles humorlessly, the smug smile on her face almost enough to make you want to punch her but you probably shouldn’t do that, “you think you’re the perfect woman for my son but guess what? You’re far from it. You’re just like everyone else trying to get on the good side of this family! The only thing you want is money and-”
Jimin stands to his feet now, shooting his mother a warning glare, almost daring her to finish that sentence, but she ignores him, continuing the insult she’s brewing in her mind.
“You’re a gold-digging little...-”
“Mom!” Jimin tries to interrupt her but your soon to be mother-in-law is seething with anger, her nostrils flaring and hatred flooding her eyes as she squints her eyes at you, pointing an accusing finger at you while taking a step closer. You stay in your spot, arms crossed over your chest as if to protect yourself from her continuous verbal attacks, although you might as well be immune to them at this point. When she doesn’t back down, still approaching you with a furious glare on her face, you decide to speak up.
“Finish that sentence,” you dare her, grabbing a glass of red wine from the table next to you, “and I’ll ruin that expensive dress you’re wearing.”
Jimin’s eyes are widened towards you, you can feel it as you keep your eyes locked with his mother’s, a threatening glass of red wine in your hand. When his mother doesn’t hold herself back, the rest of her sentence flying out of her mouth as she takes another step towards you, Jimin tries his best to take the wine glass from your grip but he’s not fast enough. He watches it unfold in front of him, a shrieking scream emitting from his mother’s mouth as she gasps in shock when the red wine hits her blue and very expensive Versace dress.
“I warned you,” you shrug, the hints of a small smirk on your lips as you watch the red liquid seep into her dress.
“You-” Jimin’s mother fumed, “you bitch!”
Before you can move out of the way, a red velvet cake that was meant for dessert flies straight towards your face. A loud gasp falls from your lips as the cake hits you straight in the face and falls down to the floor, remnants of whipped cream sticking to your face and the top of your dress. Jimin is frozen in his spot, unable to move, too shocked to get you and his mother away from each other. The other guests have stepped back, watching the entire thing unfold in front of them as you and your soon to be mother-in-law are going at each other like two female lions fighting over their prey. 
She lets out a laugh that reminds you of the type of villain you only see in Disney movies, watching you look down at yourself, the whipped cream staining your dress in different spots. You reach out to grab a handful of mashed potatoes and pull your arm back, getting ready to fire it back at her. Her eyes widen in horror as you throw the mashed potatoes at her, hitting her right on the chest, the mashed potatoes splashing onto the tip of her chin and running down her cleavage.
“How dare you?” She snarls. 
Just as she’s about to charge at you, Jimin’s father wraps an arm around her waist and holds her back. You’re only seconds away from charging at her too but Jimin knows you too well and quickly puts himself between you and his mother. He looks you dead in the eye, a stern look on his face as he holds up a hand as if to tell you to stay back. “____, stop,” he then says, voice laced with hints of disappointment.
“But she started it-”
“I said stop!” He cuts you off, “Jeez, how old are you? I mean, I figured something wasn’t right between you two but I never thought it’d come to this.”
Your head drops in shame as he looks at his mother and back at you again, a scolding look on his face now. He lets out a deep sigh, looking at the guests. Most of them are silent and some are whispering to each other about the scene that just unfolded in front of their eyes.
“The rest of the dinner is cancelled,” he then announces, “thanks for coming tonight, you can all go back to your hotels. Please come back tomorrow for the actual wedding… if there’ll even be one.”
You stay in your spot, watching as Jimin bids everyone goodbye and gets everyone out of the backyard tent. Once the last person leaves, he turns back around to face you with a disappointed look on his face. His mother is halfway across the backyard as she heads for the house, her husband next to her. He’s clearly scolding her – it’s obvious in the way she’s wafting her hand dismissively at him, not wanting to hear a word of what he has to say.
Jimin watches you avoid his eyes. He lets out a heavy sigh, moving closer to you. “Hey,” he calls, voice suddenly soft. You look at him, feeling a bit better when you notice the look of disappointment is gone from his handsome face, “let’s get you cleaned up.”
He carefully takes your hand in his own, intertwining his fingers with yours as he guides you towards the house and inside. The small gesture makes your heart swell – even when he’s disappointed in you, he still shows his love in some small way. The walk to the bathroom is quiet, almost unbearably quiet but you have no idea what to say and Jimin is not talking because if he does, he might end up yelling at you for being so childish that you had to start a food fight against his mother of all people in that tent. 
Once inside the bathroom, he helps you onto the counter. You watch as he moves around, looking for towels. After finding one, he wets it and brings it up to use it for the whipped cream that is still smudged onto your face. You sit in silence, eyes scanning his face as he concentrates on getting the food off your face and out of your hair.
“What the hell just happened?” He suddenly asks as he reaches up to remove a lump of whipped cream from your hair. You shrug in response, not sure what to tell him – well, you see, your mother has been trying to sabotage our wedding, you think to yourself as you wonder how you could tell him without it sounding more like an actual fact rather than accusation.
“I- Jimin, I don’t want to speak badly