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#jimin x reader
ressjeon · 2 days ago
boo..yah! | pjm (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing : fratboy!jimin x fem!reader
summary : you’ve been hoping that Taehyung will get the message when you keep on ignoring him for months now but what if his very inviting best friend offers something that will for sure relay your answer?
rating : 18+
genre : college!au, friends to lovers? (not really), pwp-ish?, smut, halloween party!au
word count : 7k
warnings : crude language, explicit sexual content, alcohol consumption, voyeurism, exhibitionism (on the balcony yolo), fingering, spanking, hair pulling, pussy and breasts fondling, protected sex (cuz it’s a must), consensual drunk sex (they’re only buzzed), Jimin is a demon so don’t be fooled, also some It spoilers ig 🤷🏻‍♀️
a/n: we’re finally back after 3 months so pls excuse my writing lmao 😭. it’s very late but this is for the Jimin's Sunset Spooktober event hosted by my lovelies @opaljm​, @chateautae​ & @jamaisjoons​. thank you @knjsnoona​ & @balenciaguks​ for this sexy banner 🤤 and to @taegularities​​ for letting me write this ilysm <3
Tumblr media
― prequel to “Hot Boy Summer"
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes as you enter the frat house after hearing that participating in the frat's Halloween games is a requirement for free booze. If you didn't want to be pissed drunk tonight you would've left this party at once.
But one of the frat's higher-ups, Kim Seokjin insisted on it since he organized the events for the night. Each person who enters the house must pick an activity to do, whether it's playing with ouija boards, actually going to a haunted house near the cemetery for hide and seek, watching a scary movie, etc.
And since you're a fucking pussy you pick the movie marathon since it’s the safest one. It's cold outside and you don't wanna trudge with your white pumps in the woods even if you’re wearing black thigh socks, plus you’ll get the first choice on which booze you wanna start drinking while watching.
Sitting down on one of the side couches in front of the flat screen tv, you wonder how much money this frat has to have expensive belongings. Well, they do a lot of charity events but you know it's because its members are mostly rich boys so you're not surprised at all.
A newly initiated frat boy who's in charge of this activity started the movie for the night, It. Though you usually don't like horror movies, you've been hearing great things about this one from everyone around you so you actually want to give it a try and you’re not alone while watching it so why not. 
There's only a few of you who stayed inside the frat house to watch so you don’t expect to see who situated himself on the opposite couch in front of you,
Kim Taehyung.
The frat's resident fuckboy that you've been avoiding for months. You look away when your eyes meet, turning to the TV to focus on the movie instead. You can feel him staring at you from your peripheral view but you get distracted when you get a whiff of someone with a faint floral scent, the look of surprise etches on your face to see the person who plops beside you,
Park Jimin, the fuckboy's best friend or soulmate as Taehyung calls him playfully.
He looks damn good with his white shirt and oversized blue mohair cardigan, paired with tight black jeans that accentuate his thick thighs. Jimin runs his hand through his ash blonde hair as he smiles at you.
"why aren't you dressed?"
"i am?"
"i mean a costume"
"i don't need one angel"
He’s right since he looks like one tonight in comparison to his demonic best friend but you've heard the rumours, of course, he's a fuckboy too like the rest of his friends. 
Some girl in a sexy nurse costume catches your eye when she sits beside Taehyung, breaking his focus on you. This shouldn't bother you at all but it somehow did cause he could've sat beside you earlier but he didn't. You have no idea why he's even here since exploring the haunted house is more of his go-to activity.
"why with a skirt y/n? you could've been like those bunny girls"
Jimin teases while gesturing at a group of girls with bunny suits posing for pictures at the corner and you snicker, dismissing his attempt to divert your attention. You ignore him so he wordlessly reclines on the side behind you after, gradually laying his whole body on the couch, a silent message to everyone else that the couch is now fully occupied by the both of you.
The movie's almost halfway done and you're perplexed that you didn't notice since you are genuinely interested in it. Maybe because you can't focus because Taehyung is in front of you with a girl and his gorgeous best friend is behind you, so maybe.
“your hair’s tickling my nose”
You scoff at Jimin's whining though it's quite cute for him to complain about your hair. Every time Pennywise comes out, your body moves back in instinct so you bring the rest of your hair in front of you, realizing only then that you just gave Jimin the chance to seduce you now that you can feel his breath against your skin.
He blows a breath and chuckles when he sees your back squirming as you try to straighten your back, moving your body forward until you lean back again when another jump scare scene comes on. You can feel the pendant of his necklace grazing the exposed skin of your upper back when he sits up, his left hand holds your waist to stop your whole body from hitting his face.
An embarrassed giggle comes out from you as you try to sit back forwards but Jimin’s hold on you just tightens, your attention now fully on him than the movie. He’s closer with how you can feel more of his breath, and something inside you wants to lean back further to test it out.
He doesn’t do anything after you lean back a bit and you can sense that he is about to remove his hand from your waist so you spread your legs a little, your right thigh now touching Jimin’s right hand. If that isn’t your signal for him to do something then―
Your eyes widen when his hand that’s holding your waist drops down to grip your exposed thigh just above your thigh socks, shuddering a bit when he starts running his knuckles against your skin, letting you feel the three rings that are adorning his fingers.
Jimin chuckles again behind you after noticing you taking deep breaths as he continues in his ministrations, your eyes closing while your legs are unconsciously spreading wider. Then his hand moves closer and closer to your inner thighs only to retract it and shift his body to grab a bottle of Green Apple Smirnoff from the table.
You snap your eyes open, directly meeting Taehyung’s eyes in front of you before his eyes look down on your legs while running his tongue on his bottom lip. He’s always been an observant one so this made you grab the large cushion and place it between your legs, obscuring his view. He immediately looks up to meet your eyes, no shame in them as you expected.
“That scared of the movie y/n?”
Taehyung teases you with a cocky smile after he recovers, making you scoff and look away when his lips quirk even more before turning his attention to the girl beside him although you can clearly tell that he's not paying attention to her. 
Jimin returns to his position behind you but he doesn't lie back down and instead he puts his now cold hand back on your thigh, thanks to the iced cup of vodka that he was just holding. You squirm immediately at the cold touch, trying to close your legs but his grip tightens instead, the cold metal of his rings digging into your skin.
You don’t want to be obvious to everyone else how Jimin’s affecting you so you sit up and grab a cup of booze, hoping to calm down. But Jimin suddenly blows out a breath on your nape before leaving a peck on it, wrapping his other arm on your waist to pull you closer to him, his arms under your breasts pushing them up.
“Jimin! I almost spilled my drink, stop distracting me” you hiss to cover your embarrassment and pinches his arm that’s holding your waist in retaliation but the motherfucker just chuckles and places his chin on your right shoulder.
"am i angel? sorry" he coyly responds before nuzzling the side of your neck below your bow tie collar, his left hand finally creeping into your inner thighs, cold tips of his fingers nudging the lining of the crotch area of your bunny suit but not pushing it aside.
You wait for a bit to see if he will eventually but he still doesn’t. Your body jerks when two of his fingers start tracing along your slit through the thin fabric of your costume. Jimin continues stroking your folds, starting from the base until he goes up to press the pads of his fingers on your clit. He starts rubbing on it in circles, while his right hand caresses your arms.
“fuck you Jimin” you curse at him quietly, though your voice came out shaky as you try to calm your breathing.
“that’s what you want right?” he whispers beside your ear, his breath fanning on your skin and you can't help but tilt your head sideways at the sensation, your eyes glancing on the TV, bringing back your senses a bit that you’re currently on a frat’s Halloween movie marathon.
Jimin presses his fingers more and you only hum as an answer, doing your best to not moan out loud when he dips one finger through the fabric slightly, causing you to jerk and almost drop the cushion that you're holding.
“want my fingers?” he continues and starts kissing your shoulder, emphasizing his question now by flicking your swollen bud.
You don't wanna beg but you also know he won't do anything unless you do. He's the biggest tease you've ever met just like his best friend. fuck this.
“fine, please” you plead breathlessly, your eyes refusing the pull to look back at someone's stare in front of you. You feel Jimin's smile against your skin at your begging and for a second you forget that there are people around you because of his non-stop ministrations.
You know Taehyung’s been observing you and Jimin this whole time so you’ve been trying to maintain a neutral face as much as you can. Though it’s becoming very hard when Jimin finally pushes the lining of your bunny suit to the side, your embarrassingly wet folds welcoming the cold touch of his fingers.
“so..wet..damn you’re not even wearing anything under”
He comments in surprise and goes back to tracing your bare pussy lips, his touches even more intense now that you can feel his fingers directly. You wonder if he wants you to beg again for him to do what you want. Then your eyes turn to Taehyung just as Jimin plunges two of his fingers inside your pussy, earning a gasp from you, your mouth opening slightly at the intrusion. 
You can’t help but shut your eyes, dropping your head on top of the cushion when Jimin starts moving his fingers slowly, the edge of the thick ring on his index finger stopping the other from going deeper. He chuckles a little after sensing your frustration, not surprised when you grip his wrist to urge him to go faster.
But the demon just removes his fingers totally, making you whimper in annoyance and you slap his arm before letting out an exasperated sigh.
“It’s definitely Bill’s fault that Georgie died” you lift your head instantly to turn at another frat member who’s sitting on the back couch facing the tv, scoffing at his ridiculous comment about the character that you like.
“No, it’s the fucking clown’s fault” you hiss, still annoyed at Jimin who’s been caressing your thigh even though you keep shrugging his hand off of your leg. If he doesn’t wanna fuck you he never should’ve started touching you in the first place.
“Yeah, it’s not Bill’s fault that the clown was hungry” Jimin responds in a woozy way and nuzzles you while trying to nudge him off. 
Others would think that both of you are just bantering each other with no malice. Him being this close to you looks normal since he’s known to be very affectionate and you both are not exactly strangers so this is basically Jimin being Jimin with his so-called other friends.
“Still is, cuz he didn’t follow his little brother to make sure he’s safe” the deep voice who added a reply surprises you, you don’t expect Taehyung to join the argument. But then he could just be teasing you just like his fucking best friend who still tries to pacify your irritation.
“He didn’t know that there would be a clown in the sewers so NO” you fire back, glaring at Taehyung and he just smirks at you with those knowing eyes as he leans back on the couch, putting his arm on that pretty girl beside him. You resist the urge to roll your eyes at the scene in front of you because no, you’re not jealous.
Jimin tries to get your attention back by tugging the edge of your thigh socks but you elbow him so his hand goes straight into your bare pussy, not touching you directly but pressing the square gem of his ring on your clit and rubbing it in circles immediately. He doesn't give you a chance to process what just happened before he pushes one finger in, followed by the second one though he's focusing more on pressing the gem ring harder on your clit.
You bit your lip to stop a squeal coming out of your mouth from the sudden pleasure, the cold feeling of his ring against your swollen bud making your legs tremble, his fingers stroking your insides shallowly. He’s back to puffing breaths on your nape, his other hand occasionally coming up to tug your bow tie collar before playing with your hair that adds to the forming knot on your lower abdomen.
He just laughs a little hearing you curse, enjoying how his touches are affecting you. You're damn struggling to keep quiet, clutching the cushion closer to your chest to cover both your flustered face and Jimin’s hands under your skirt but he’s barely doing anything not to be obvious on what the both of you have been doing.
Thank goodness that the lights are off so the only light on the entire living room is from the TV...
You’re so so close and you don’t even realize that you’ve been moving your hips to meet his fingers until Jimin holds your waist to stop you right when you’re about to cum. 
A surprised gasp comes out from you when he’s pulling out his fingers, your approaching climax receding at what he just did. You dig your nails unto Jimin’s forearm as a plea to put his finger back in your pussy, a whine almost leaving your mouth but you pause when you feel his face beside your ear.
"balcony" he whispers teasingly, biting your earlobe before he gets up from behind you, saying an excuse to get some air and everyone just nods except for Taehyung, who has been looking at you more intently than before. You know that he’s aware of what just happened, it’s his best friend of course and they both have the same hobbies.
Jimin brings his fingers to lick your arousal off in his mouth and you swear that it’s one of the hottest things that you’ve ever seen, add the way he’s looking at you while he’s at it before finishing his cup, his wink and teasing smile making it harder for you to concentrate on regulating your breathing. 
He leaves after and you follow his figure as he leaves the living room until he disappears from your sight when he turns a corner, probably towards the balcony. This is it you should leave now and forget this ever happened even if Taehyung knows. You can just lie and leave Jimin hanging in there. Is he really gonna wait for you though? Won’t he just fuck some random girl instead if you don't show up?
Hurriedly finishing your own cup to fix yourself, your eyes go back to Taehyung who’s getting up with that girl who latches onto his arm. The movie just ended so everyone is now getting up to go do other activities but you didn’t even care about it because you’re torn with Jimin’s proposition and with what you’re seeing right now. 
Taehyung’s lips quirk at your eyes on them but you scoff at his attempt to make you jealous.
You truly wanna know if the rumours are true. If Jimin’s really more of a fuckboy than Taehyung so that's why you find your legs walking towards the direction of the balcony, sliding the door open to see Jimin already leaning on the railing, a smug smile on his angelic face.
It must be the alcohol that you just consumed because he’s looking extra hot tonight, even with the dim light from the outdoor balcony lamp, the lack of full light doesn’t change his whole inviting look and you really want to kiss him until you remember how he delayed your orgasm earlier.
"bold of you to assume i'll let you fuck me after what you just pulled"
"You won't be here if you really don't want to, would you?" 
He's got a point but the frown on your face is still apparent.
"I don't even know why i came here"
While waiting earlier, Jimin contemplates if you’re going to follow him with what he did but you’ve been dying for a release so his smile widened after seeing your silhouette approaching the balcony door. There’s an urge in him that suddenly wants to tease you even more but he stops himself as soon as he sees a frown on your pretty face, replacing the hungry look that you had just seconds ago.
"’m sorry~" 
He teases with a whine while standing up wobbly from the railings and for a second you thought that he’s drunker than you.
And then you see the stupid smirk on his face as he takes off his blue cardigan while approaching you, tossing it on one of the outdoor chairs, followed by his white shirt that reveals his defined abs and the NEVERMIND tattoo on his rib.
You lick your lower lip, suddenly having the urge to touch his tattoo which didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin.
"shut up, you annoyed me" you glare at him but he knows that you don't really mean it like his apology.
"wow do you want me to say sorry?" he whispers when he comes near, eyes fixed  on your lips down to your breasts, shameless as always like his best friend.
"by letting me ride you" 
"demanding much" 
He playfully pouts with that fake hurt in his voice that you almost tell him off until he suddenly cages you in his arms, his beautiful lips now grinning at you.
"why are you–"
"have fun sometimes y/n"
You figure out what he's trying to do but you're hoping to ride him since you're annoyed at what he did but then he denied your orgasm already so you don’t protest when he drags you towards the railings.
"you're crazy"
"it's more fun to fuck you this way"
If you were totally sober, you would never agree to something as scandalous as this but the alcohol in your veins is making you feel adventurous for once. A hot guy offering to fuck you in public? Especially the Park Jimin so why not?
And so you start pushing down your creamy white skirt, revealing the rest of your one-piece tube bunny suit to Jimin's hungry eyes.
He drops his head to your neck at once and starts kissing every inch of your skin that he can reach, feeling him smirk when you let out a small whimper after he finds that sensitive spot on your neck.
Jimin's hands go busy while he continues to suck on that spot, roaming around your body until he reaches the top of your tube and pulls it down. You whine at the sudden cold on your sensitive nipples due to the cold breeze but his eager hands are immediately on them, kneading them roughly.
"Jimin..wait" you breathlessly call his name before you get more distracted with his touches.
"hmm? fuck you have amazing tits" he groans, too distracted from gawking at your breasts and nipping your neck to hear you. He tweaks a nipple, earning another whine from you that you actually push his chest a bit to focus on what you were going to say.
"Back pocket.." he moans against your neck and you gasp when he doesn't stop fondling your breasts while he slowly grinds himself against your still-clothed body.
You quickly reach into the back pocket of his black jeans to fish out the foiled package, bringing it to your mouth but Jimin grabs your neck as he kisses the side of your jaw, his mouth moving closer to your lips.
Jimin releases you after you push his shoulder lightly, the questioning looks apparent in his blown out pupils staring at you.
"do you want this?" you ask and you don’t miss the surprised expression on his handsome face. You both may have a high tolerance when it comes to alcohol but you still want to make sure that you both want this to happen.
He nods before kissing you on your lips for the first time, his pillow-like lips making you dizzy with want and you kiss him back with more hunger. Your hands came up to grab a handful of his hair, a moan coming out from his mouth through your kisses that made you smile.
So he likes that.
You release his lips before he can deepen the kiss more, grabbing the hem of his black pants and Jimin gets the signal instantly. He starts fumbling his belt, pulling down his tight black jeans along with his boxers off his legs while you step out from your white pumps and lift one of your legs to start pulling down your thigh socks.
"You pervert" you glare and he just winks in return.
Your eyes roam his fully naked body in front of your eyes, biting your lip when you see how hard his dick is already, beads of precum coating on its red tip as he starts stroking his dick while slowly approaching you.
Jimin watches you rip the edge of the foil packet and he thinks how fucking hot you look while doing it, he always loves it when his partner does this, it’s like a treat to him since it’s way better than putting it himself. 
"may I?"
Your lips quirk at his request as you put on the condom on his hard dick, running your hand down to give it a full squeeze while your other hand pinches the top to secure it in place.
"fuck..i can't wait anymore" he groans and suddenly turns you around, bending you against the railing immediately.
He didn’t wait for you to undress fully, pinning you on the railings with his body this close to you and you don’t think that you can wear a bunny costume again anytime soon or even look at one without remembering him or this night.
You gasp when the tips of your nipples brush the cold edge of the railing, sending shivers down your spine. You can feel Jimin's hands roaming around your body, kneading up both of your ass cheeks, the familiar cold feeling from the rings of his fingers.
He moves the part of the bunny suit that's covering your pussy to the side and you whine once again at the cold feeling of the air hitting your wet core. His hands leave yours so you turn around, ready to chastise him but you see him removing his thick rings so you turn back in front, only realizing the number of people that can see the both of you in this angle from the balcony.
"shit.." you moan needily when you finally feel his full fingers in your pussy, the cold feeling of his fingers making you clench around them, even more so when he adds a third finger, sighing in relief when they reach deeper now because he's trying to prep you.
It's not long before the tip of his dick replaces his fingers on your core as he lines up, both his hands sliding back to your hips and you needily push back which makes him chuckle a little.
"ready to show Taehyung how you say no?" he asks with that playful tone again and you grit your teeth, missing the rest of what he just said because your only focus is the feeling of his cock slowly entering you.
Though Jimin hasn’t seen his best friend yet, he knows that Taehyung will be lingering around based on the way he was looking at you and him inside the living room earlier. He grins after hearing you moan loudly when he fully rams in, not letting you adjust to his size as he starts pounding into you roughly.
You've been sensitive already because of his teasing earlier and the way he's roughly fucking you right now makes you forget that you’re at the balcony of his frat house and that makes you clench more than usual, eliciting louder moans from him each time you do it.
"fuck you're tight.." he moans and grips your hips more, his fingers digging into your skin when he grasps you and you're loving the feeling of it, especially from his hand where his rings are still on.
Even with the alcohol that he just drank, Jimin's pace hasn't wavered to the point that your bunny ears fall from your head to the ground below the frat house. You don't really bother anyway since you're focusing on tightly holding the railings for dear life, your mind only thinking of how good Jimin is fucking your right now because you’re more than impressed.
You open your eyes when he finds that spot but the moan that was going to come out of your mouth falters when you meet Taehyung’s eyes looking at you from below. He’s holding your bunny ears in his hand, his mouth going agape while watching you getting railed by his best friend when he’s about to go back to the frat house. You clench hard while looking at his surprised eyes though you can’t quite tell if there’s something else swimming in them.
And Jimin noticed of course.
"You love to be fucked like a bunny right?" he chuckles and you just squeeze him harder without answering.
A surprised squeal comes out from you when you feel the palm of his ring-clad hand on your ass, moaning at the sting of it and you want more.
"Right?" he swats his other hand to your other cheek, earning a louder moan from you which makes him laugh like a maniac, enjoying how your reddening ass jiggles against his hands.
"that's why you dressed as one, taunting me and to make him jealous" 
"n-no, i didn't–fuckkk" 
You try to deny his assumptions but you just can’t help moaning even loudly when he angles himself to keep hitting that spot inside you, prompting you to place your mouth against your forearm to muffle your moans.
“Liar, you saw Taehyung didn’t you?” Jimin teases you again and slower’s his pace, preventing you from reaching your high and you’re very tempted now to just fuck back against his cock.
A frustrated whine comes out from you when he further slows his pace and Jimin loves hearing it. He initially wants you to cum after teasing you earlier but after seeing Taehyung emerge and walk back towards the front of the house, he quickly changed his initial plan.
There are many reasons why he and Taehyung are best friends, and that includes how freaky they are when it comes to this.
“Jimin..” you moan needily, your voice shaky and that gets his attention back to you.
He can’t believe he’s fucking you now, you have a special disdain for fratboys like him mainly because of his best friend who always finds ways to get you to notice him. Jimin sees Taehyung sitting by the log with that sexy nurse girl beside him from earlier but he notices his eyes are solely only on you and him, a smirk appears on his face.
“Jimin..please..i can’t-” you try again and you sound like you’re on the verge of crying.
Your mouth leaves from biting your forearm and look up to part the hair that’s covering your face, one of your hands leaving the railing to reach for your clit but Jimin quickly swifts your hand away and stops his hips, making you stomp on your feet in annoyance at another denial.
“people are watching~”
He coos and you're so close to begging him again, why is he stopping now when you’re both this close already? You know that people will eventually notice the two of you but you don't find it in you to mind. You don't even care if he never shuts up after this, you just want your release.
“i don’t care, make me cum please”
You whine and reach back to grab the side of his hips, your shaky hands slipping down to pull on one of his juicy ass cheeks to continue fucking you. Jimin chuckles at your desperate move before letting out a gasp at the touch of your cuffs on his delicate skin, its sensation urging him to move so he starts again, fast like before, gripping your hips tightly as he speeds up his thrusts.
Jimin spanks you again and you toss your head back, seeing the girl beside Taehyung trying to bring back his attention to her and you grin when you watch as he struggles to be discreet on watching you and Jimin, his eyes alternating in looking down at anything and looking up at you so the girl won’t notice.
"show him y/n, come on. this is your answer to him right?"
Your heart stops at what Jimin just said, your mind goes hazy with his question and like you’re hypnotized with his voice, you start rolling your hips back on his dick while staring at Taehyung. 
“it’s not..fuck!” you shriek when you feel the pads of his fingers on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud rapidly.
Jimin sees Taehyung walk closer to watch both of you and he’s been wanting to test a theory. He’s been bugging Taehyung for months now if he really likes you but he won’t give him an answer. 
“no point in lying y/n, you keep gripping my cock hard when you do”
“i-i’m not..ahh shit”
“look into his eyes while i fuck you, if you close your eyes i’ll stop hmm?”
You’re not even sure how he’ll find out if you close your eyes but something inside you wants to obey, too afraid that he’s going to deny your orgasm again. Your eyes pierce through Taehyung’s while Jimin continues to fuck you but the pleasure is becoming too good when your high's nearing so you close your eyes. 
Jimin notices this and pulls your hair up to make sure you're looking at Taehyung. When he knows that you’re back on following what he said, he releases your hair so you can bend your head a little, eyes still on Taehyung of course. He sees the girl beside his best friend noticing what he's been looking at and she makes a commotion of seeing people fucking at the balcony and when their eyes meet, he just winks at her which made her even more surprised. 
You start hearing some whistles and cheers from people below and for a second you're worried about the current situation until you notice that no one can tell that it's you because of your dishevelled hair and because you've been covering your face with your arms this entire time.
"don't worry, no one has their phone out though i don't mind if they do"
You're not surprised by what Jimin just said, you feel him twitch inside you when the whistles keep on increasing. He clearly loves the attention he's getting from being this wild to fuck someone in front of other people's eyes.
The balcony has no proper lighting as well, just dim lighting from the street lights and the moon so people won't realize which bunny girl Jimin is currently fucking, some of them gradually giving up on watching you both. Not that it's any of their business but the way none of them are even shocked that he would do something like this makes you somehow giddy. You may be buzzed but this is certainly better than the sober fucks that you had in a while.
“I’m close..fuck..Jimin-” you cry when one of his hands leaves your hips to grab your hair, pulling your head back up to see Taehyung watching you both, his hands clutching your bunny ears tightly in his hands. This added to the pressure on your lower stomach, your breathing getting more laboured because of the bow-tie collar on your neck.
“fuckfuckfuck..” you cry as you reach your high, whining when Jimin keeps thrusting so hard because of the oversensitivity you’re starting to feel. He releases your hair and returns them on your hips, one of his hands reaching higher to squeeze your left tit, making you gasp loudly when his rings brush your perked nipples.
"tight., holyshit" he moans loudly when he reaches his, spilling his cum into the condom while he continues to thrust his dick sloppily against your swollen walls as he rides his high. Jimin bends his body to leave wet kisses along your shoulders and upper back, his right hand grasping the railings beside yours while his other hand continues to fondle your breasts.
It's only when you whimper again and slightly push his lower abdomen off of you that he releases you, pulling his softening cock out from your soaked pussy. He hisses at that and you smile with content, turning around to hit him for making you do that in front of Taehyung.
“what the fuck Jimin”
“what? you like it anyways”
He winks and runs one hand through his sweaty hair, a habit of his that you find really hot when he does it. He’s not wrong though so you give one last punch to his chest playfully before you take a glance in front, certainly not looking for someone.
“still looking for him?”
“no, he probably left to fuck someone”
He laughs as he shakes his head while discarding the condom to the nearby trash bin, pulling up his boxers and black jeans to tuck himself back and walks to one of the stacking chairs to pick up his white shirt and cardigan.
Now that your highs are wearing off, the cold from the Fall breeze is creeping up your almost naked figure, your skimpy suit not helping. You’re shivering as you pick up your crumpled skirt from the ground while struggling to clasp back the strap of your ankle pump heels but then you see Jimin’s hand with his blue cardigan in front of you.
"but you're gonna be cold!"
"someone warmed me up already" he winks before walking to open the balcony door, waiting for you to follow him inside.
You put on his fluffy cardigan, thankful for the temporary warmth it gives as you walk back into the frat house. He redirects you to another bathroom that’s exclusive to the fratboys living at the house so you can clean up in peace without people disturbing you, you’re sure the others are occupied already.
Not wasting more time, you immediately clean yourself, taking off your entire bunny suit to rinse its crotch area since it soaked from your arousal. You hear some people arguing and only when you lean against the door to listen closely do you recognize that it’s Taehyung and Jimin.
"you looked annoyed Tae"
Jimin grins with mischief when he sees his loving best friend fuming while walking up closer to him.
"shut the fuck up Jimin, where is she?" Taehyung demands, eyebrows furrowing while staring down at him and Jimin is very sure now of his theory about what his best friend feels for you. Taehyung didn’t use his nickname on him so Jimin knows that he’s being serious, his smile widens.
"admit you like her first before i tell you, you've been antsy"
"i just didn't have any pussy yet that's why”
"or because i fucked y/n in front of you"
Jimin teases again and walks closer to the door where you’re currently in, intentionally staying outside the bathroom door so you can hear their conversation. He sees the conflict crossing Taehyung’s face, mixed with annoyance that he can confirm as jealousy.
"oh fuck off, fine i like her!" 
The confession causes a flutter in your heart and more confusion in your mind because there’s no way a fuckboy like Taehyung would have a genuine interest in you. He must be bluffing with some petty jealousy that you slept with Jimin and not with him tonight.
"shit, sorry Tae"
As much as Jimin’s a little shit for messing around, he actually feels bad for doing so now that Taehyung admitted his true feelings towards you even if he’s nothing at fault. But he sighs in relief after a mischievous smile cracks on his best friend’s face, looking at him with satisfaction.
"nah man it's fine, it was so fucking hot"
“i knew it”
You clench unconsciously at the thought of Taehyung finding the view of you getting fucked so hot. You’re not gonna deny that your heart actually stopped a little earlier at the thought of possibly causing a rift between him and Jimin but then you backtracked since it couldn’t be that serious with how they are, surely those two have fucked the same people before.
"she's in there btw"
You immediately scramble towards the sink to turn on the faucet after Jimin reveals where you are, conscious that they’re directly outside the door now. You did some final retouch before opening the door, finding them both waiting for you. Jimin still has that smirk on his face while Taehyung looks at you with want.
"here, thank you Jimin" you hand him his fluffy cardigan and you eye him slyly with a knowing smile, obvious on the intention of the gratitude more than just the cardigan,
For the good fucking, and of course, he gets it.
"no, thank you angel" he bites his lower lip, winking at you and you hear Taehyung scoff beside him, crossing his arms over his chest, his scowl still apparent.
"i'll leave you two to talk, see you around y/n"
Jimin struts away from you and Taehyung after, probably looking for another fuck or drink because he certainly doesn’t look like he’s buzzed enough. Your eyes follow his figure until he’s out of sight to further delay your attention to the person who stayed with you.
Fuck Jimin for planning this sneakily, you should’ve known better.
"thanks for the show"
You turn to the owner of that fucking husky voice who’s also been looking at you with unclear eyes since the beginning of the night and you’re still not sure if it's because he’s masking his jealousy with cockiness or what.
"and you enjoyed it, didn't you?" you challenge, raising your chin to level your eye against his.
"i did" he whispers as he comes closer, not straying his eyes from yours and you almost miss that he’s planning to cage you against the door so you put both of your hands on his broad chest to stop him from doing so.
"not so fast, Kim Taehyung" his jaw clenches as he breaks his stare from you before stepping back further so you can make your exit but his words make you stop in your tracks and turn to him.
"one day y/n," he says with full determination, his eyes looking back at you this time like they want to say something more but Taehyung opens his bedroom door before you can reply to him.
You want nothing else but to kiss him earlier but you know you can't until you'll know for sure if he truly likes you. Taehyung never left your mind that whole night when you’re trying to sleep, even the next day when you’re a bit drowsy still from drinking the night before.
What happened that Halloween becomes the talk of the campus for the whole week and while you’re still occupied whether to believe Taehyung’s confession or not, he confuses you even more now when you see a new girl in his arms while walking across the same path as you are, so much for liking you.
He doesn’t notice you even though you’re almost crossing paths but you’re looking at him the entire time, watching his face frowning while listening to the girl who’s been explaining something animatedly under his shoulders. 
A small giggle leaves your lips after finding out why, hearing their conversation lifts up your mood at least since she’s talking about how Park Jimin fucked one of those bunny girls like a madman on the balcony with everyone around on Halloween Night.
And it amuses you, even more, to hear how everyone's so curious about who is it, smirking to yourself because no one knows that it's you except Taehyung.
Tumblr media
a/n: i’m still drowsy so it’s unedited and Tumblr’s being a bitch with the formatting so i’ll tag people later ✌️
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eternally-writing · 2 days ago
bite me | pjm
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jimin x  reader
⟶ rating: R (minors DNI, 18+ ONLY)
⟶ word count: 7.5K
⟶ genre/tropes: strangers to lovers, college au,halloween party au,  fluff, smut
⟶ warnings: so much smut, grinding, dirty talk, unprotected sex (practice safe sex!!), oral sex ( m and f receiving), mirror sex, jimin makes some cheesy jokes, mentions of bondage but no actual bondage, spanking, use of pet names (baby, babe, princess, babygirl, angel)
⟶ summary: Halloween is just another regular day of the year for you. That is, until you meet Park Jimin at a frat party. A poorly dressed vampire, red wine, and a mirror - what’s the worst that could happen?
Banner credit: A very special thank you to Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this incredible banner for this fic! 
I wrote this fic as part of a collab project for Jimin’s sunset spooktober alongisde some other incredible authors! Make sure to check out the other works in the project as well since they are incredible! A special thank you to the organizers as well for making this happen  ♡
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Friday, October 29, 2021
There are three things you hate most in the world: Halloween. Tequila. And Kappa Alpha Betas. Lucky for you, today included all three of those things.
The bass was pounding through your body as you clutched the colorful drink in your hand. Halloween was just another day of the year to you, maybe just a day where you could get more free alcohol than a regular weekend. However, your best friend Lia seemed to share a very different view on the holiday, as she begged and pleaded with you to let her create a costume for you.  Silver fringe stuck to your legs as you moved your way around the all too crowded frat house. You think you’re a space cowgirl, or something like that, since your roommate mumbled something along those lines to you in passing as she threw the clothes into your bedroom a mere hour before you left for the party, but for now she was nowhere to be found. It seemed futile to try and look for the girl wearing the matching pink glittery cowboy hat to yours, since she had probably already sauntered off to find her boyfriend Namjoon. 
It was a classic Halloween tradition at your college, a Halloweekend bender put on by your college’s frats. Friday belonged to Kappa Alpha Betas, Saturdays to Sigma Thetas, and Sunday to Delta Epsilons.  Normally you wouldn’t even be caught dead at these events - it’s not that you weren’t a partier, you just would much rather be getting wasted with just your close friends and your favourite EDM playlist. But after the frat flu gave you a good excuse to not join in the festivities last year, there was no way your roommate was letting you out of going through everything there is to Halloween with her. 
“Well, fuck it -  if I’m stuck here I might as well have some fun.” you thought to yourself.
So after a quick trip to the kitchen to fill a cup full of tequila and small talk with some friends, you naturally found yourself  gravitating you to the edge of the dance floor, slowly blending yourself into the crowd of people vibing with one another. Naturally, your hips started swaying to the music and you raised your drink in the air. It was calm, and comfortable, just sacrificing yourself to the DJ’s whims as he played what seemed like a halloween playlist that hadn’t been updated since 2010. 
And then you heard him. 
“Can I join you?”
Just the deep baritones of his voice made goosebumps appear on your skin. You couldn’t will yourself to turn around and see him, knowing that you would probably be at his mercy the moment you locked eyes with him. His hands on you made your chest tighten and let the heat pool in your stomach. You didn’t even have to see his face to know who was behind you.
Park Jimin. 
If you were honest, you didn’t know much about him. He was a frat member that seemed to fly under the radar. Quiet, good looking, but kept to himself. Always mysteriously by the bar or kitchen with a red solo cup in hand. Since you were both involved in Greek life he most definitely knew your name and obviously the same went for you, but your paths had never seemed to cross. At least not until now. 
By the looks of his appearance, it seemed like he decided to dress up as a vampire today, a red cape complementing the fitted dress shirt that hugged his chest. It was only after you realized that your eyes had spent too long lingering on his chest that you looked up to meet his piercing gaze. As if his prominent collarbones weren’t enough of a distraction, Jimin had red contacts that seemed to materialize the fire behind his eyes. The passion, the lust, the hunger. 
And so you danced, and what started out as some innocent flirting quickly brought you and Jimin face to face, chest to chest as the music slowed to an R&B beat. 
“Turn back around for me?” Jimin asked as a question, gazing deep into your eyes as he cocked his head to the side. 
Jimin’s hands found their way to your hips and he ran gentle circles over your hip bones, the ghost of his touching bringing goosebumps to your skin. What a tease, you thought to yourself. 
You knew that two could play at that game, and so you slowly leaned your head back onto Jimin, your neck now clearly exposed to the frat boy who let out a deep exhale at the sight. You kept your hips swaying to the music, but only let yourself lightly brush up against Jimin’s cock. You could feel the way his body tensed at the contact every time it happened, trying to savour the feeling. It only took a couple minutes until he couldn’t take it anymore - his senses were on fire with your presence and he knew he had to do something about it. 
Jimin guided your hips to press up right against his hard cock, which fit perfectly against your plush ass. 
“This is what you do to me, baby.”  whispered Jimin as his lips ghosted against your earlobe, the pet name falling freely from his lips. 
You couldn’t help the small moan that fell from your lips as the words came out of Jimin’s mouth. His lips then fell against your neck and you knew you were a goner. You were Park Jimin’s for the night. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
“I need to know that you want this.” whispered Jimin, his body hovering mere inches away from yours, his mere body heat making your brain short circuit. You nodded, barely able to look him in the eye for more than a second. 
Jimin quickly tsk’ed and cocked his head to the side. “Not good enough, babygirl - I need to hear you say it.” 
“i  - . I want you Park Jimin” you said in quiet tones, barely getting the words out. 
Your words brought a smile to Jimin’s lips, and he lifted his head up with a gentle smirk painting his face before pushing his body flush against yours. 
From that moment on, your tongues were instantly fighting in for dominance. Your senses were overwhelmed by Jimin’s close presence to you, begging for you to be closer to him. You wrapped your leg around him, and you struggled to not let out a moan as you felt his hard length pressing against your upper thigh. You bucked your hips instinctively into Jimin, only for him to hold them in place against him while he whispered in your ear. 
“Patience, baby.”  
From there he kissed his way down your neck, leaving a trail of marks from his fake vampire teeth in your skin. The pain blended with the pleasure as he nestled his way down to your chest. 
“How attached are you to this shirt” mumbled Jimin while his head was still buried in your cleavage. 
He lifted his head this time, showing you his swollen lips and darkened eyes. “How. attached. are. you. to . this. shirt.” said Jimin as he tweaked your nipples through the fabric. 
You could barely think straight as each one of Jimin’s touches sent shocks of electricity through your body. As soon as you told him that you couldn’t give two shits about the shirt you were wearing, Jimin ripped in in half, his hands instantly cupping each of your breasts. It was Lia’s shirt and you were sure you were going to pay the price for your actions later, but for now all you could think about is how you wanted Jimin’s hands all over you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin swore in your chest as he wrapped his mouth around your nipple. 
You couldn’t hold back your needy moans as waves of pleasure ripped through your body. Fuck, with the way Jimin was going you knew you could probably cum just from the way he sucked on your tits, already between rolling your nipple around his tongue. As if that wasn’t enough, he made sure to look up at you with those sinful eyes as he continued with his ministrations.
Without missing a beat, Jimin hiked up your skirt and instantly slid his hand underneath to cup your cunt.  You couldn’t help but let out an unrestrained cry at the feeling of Jimin’s hand on your pussy. You knew that your thong was soaked and Jimin could probably tell too.
“So needy, aren’t you?” Jimin rasped as he gently moved his palm back and forth on your sex. You rocked your hips instinctively as you tried to gain some friction. 
“Need, fuck - need you Jimin” 
“Anything, everything, please Jimin” you begged as you raked your nails across his back”
Jimin pressed a sweet kiss against your lips before heading further down on your body. “Your wish is my command, princess.”
He quickly unzipped his pants, leaving him completely naked for you to see. The sight had you drooling, and your eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to the sight of his thick cock in front of you. 
After a few moments of his fingers in you, Jimin quickly replaced them with his cock. 
He slid into you slowly, looking you deep in the eye as he saw your expression change as each inch of his cock slid further into you.
“So tight Y/N, holy shit” Jimin groaned as he finally bottomed out in you, his pubic bone pressing against your clit. 
He gave you a moment to adjust to the intrusion, pressing soft kisses to your temples and muttering how good a girl you were being for him. At your cue he began to build up his pace, going from slow thrust to more punctuated snaps of his hips against yours. 
“No touching yourself until I tell you you can baby” declared Jimin as he gently moved your hand away from your clit. He wanted to roll his hips into you with no interruptions, letting a natural rhythm fall between you two. You let out a pleased hum as Jimin continued with his actions, but your hand naturally fell back to your clit after a few moments, wanting the extra pleasure and forgetting Jimin’s instructions.
“If you don’t listen I’m gonna have to tie you up with my belt next time Y/N” scolded Jimin as he brushed your hand away, this time choosing to replace it with his own on your clit. You let out a loud moan at his words, and if that wasn’t enough to show Jimin your emotions, he could feel your pussy tighten at his commands. 
Jimin couldn’t help but let out a languid curse at your reaction. “You are going to be the death of me Y/N, you really are.” muttered Jimin as he shook his head in disbelief at you. He didn’t know what he did in a past life to deserve being here with you, but he felt really fucking lucky.  
Overwhelmed with the feeling of your pussy pulsing against his cock, Jimin couldn’t hold back any longer when he needed to cum. His thrusts faltered as he moaned out your name, burying himself deep inside of you. You felt yourself cum almost instantly at the feeling of Jimin painting your insides white, him helping bring you to your orgasm by wrapping his mouth around your nipple as well.
The post-sex moment were hazy, almost magical as Jimin’s touch guided you. He held you tightly as he kissed your forehead, taking the time to clean you up and wrap you under the covers as well. 
And somehow, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Saturday, October 30, 2021
You were dressed as an angel tonight, an adorable white halo adorning your head. But to Park Jimin you were the devil, the one who could get him to lose inhibitions. When he was in front of you he knew he was at the mercy of your gaze. 
Park Jimin was no stranger to a one night stand, but now that he had a taste of you he couldn’t stop himself from wanting more.  As much as he tried to convince himself that he was spending time in the Sigma Theta kitchen because he wanted easy access to the alcohol, a part of him knew that the only reason he was there was because the room would give him a perfect view of the door that you would walk through to enter the party. 
It was as if everyone else seemed to fade away as you entered the room - Jimin only had sights for you as you walked into the room with that all so charming smile on your face. 
“A vampire again, really Jimin?” were the first words that came out of your mouth as you spotted Jimin in his classic position, a red solo cup of what you could only assume to be red wine in his hand as he leaned against the counter. 
Jimin smiled. He instinctively reached to pour vodka into a solo cup for you, a habit that you didn’t even know he had picked up on last night, before walking over to you. 
“What can I say, the costume helps me pull hot chicks,” joked Jimin as he winked at you knowingly. It was only as he got close enough to you to whisper into your ear that he spoke again. “You look beautiful, angel.” 
Yesterday, you saw sultry vampire Jimin, the one with hips on the dance floor that you’d never forget. Today, you got to see a different side of him that still made your heart do backflips. Jimin, while still an extremely hot piece of ass, was much more than just that. For starters, he was a beer pong champion, but he still never got frustrated when you lost 3 matches in a row with your bad aim. You learned that Jimin was best friends with Lia’s boyfriend Namjoon, and if you didn’t already have enough proof that Jimin was a good person, if he was friends with Joonie, there was no way the man could have bad intentions. 
Intentionally or not, you found yourself by Jimin the whole night - you didn’t know where Lia or the rest of your friends were, and frankly, you didn’t care. Jimin made you laugh until your stomach hurt, he made butterflies flutter in your stomach everytime he lightly touched you or hung his arm around you. Both of you didn’t even notice that you had found yourself alone on a couch, talking about all the random things in life you could come up with. 
You don’t remember how you ended up going up to Park Jimin’s room - it was something along the lines of “Lia’s going to go home with Namjoon so I don’t want you to walk alone” and “ the DJ sucks so I can’t stand to be here any longer”, but the truth was that neither of you needed much convincing to spend more time together, especially if there was the possibility of a reenactment of last night. 
Park Jimin was a simple man, and his bedroom definitely reflected that. 
While Jimin shrugged off his coat, you took a moment to inspect your surroundings. You chuckled as you realized Jimin was a “blue bedsheets with one pillow” type of man. He didn’t seem to have too many personal belongings decorating the space, just a guitar by the bed and an extremely cute photo of baby Jimin in a cow sweater that you were begging to ask him about. However, that would have to wait as you were met with the sight of Jimin taking off the cape that adorned his vampire costume. 
“Keep the cape!” you yelled to him from across the room. 
Jimin froze in his tracks. 
“You’re fucking with me right?” Jimin said, trying to stop the giggles he had from bubbling over. “ Y/N L/N has a fucking cape kink?” he alleged with an curious tone. As he maintained eye contact with you he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few chuckles at the situation. 
“Don’t laugh! I’ll leave right now, Park” you huffed with your arms crossed, using his surname to signal your displeasure at his teasing.
“Awe baby” he muttered as he got closer to you, enveloping you in a backhug and pressing kisses into your hair. “ I’ll do anything for you, including keeping this cape on. But you, my pretty angel, need to take this off” swooned Jimin as he gestured to your dress, holding the zipper between his fingers. 
You let him take his time with unzipping your dress, both of you focused on the feeling of the zipper going down inch by inch. Jimin couldn’t suppress the pleased noise that came out when he realized that you had no bra on today. But the real surprise was when he got to the last notches of the zipper and noticed that you weren’t wearing any panties.
“You dirty fucking girl - you did this for me, angel? All night, you’ve been waiting for me like this?” chided Jimin as he looked at the sight of your exposed cunt. 
“All this is for you, Jimin” you whispered sensually, taking two fingers to spread your already dripping cunt and show Jimin your arousal. 
“I can’t let my babygirl be so messy, can I?” tsk-ed Jimin as he led you to the bed, letting you spread yourself out for him. 
He took his time, kissing his way up your thighs, before finally reaching your cunt. Catching you off guard after teasing you, Jimin buried his nose in your cunt, delving his tongue in to lap up your juices. Your body responded instantly to his actions, a depraved scream erupting from your chest at the pleasure Jimin was giving you. 
“So fucking sweet, Y/N” Jimin swooned as he looked up at you covered from nose to chin in your arousal. 
When he dove back in he made sure to play extra attention to your clit, flicking the nub between your tongue in just the right ways to elicit some sinful gasps from you. 
“I need your cock, Jimin” you whined between wanton moans that escaped you. 
“As you wish, princess” said Jimin as repeated his words from just a couple days ago. “On all fours for me babygirl.”
As soon as you got in position, Jimin plunged his cock into you, eliciting a scream of pleasure from you and a low groan from him. Three days of fucking meant that your pussy was more than ready to envelope his cock, and Jimin immediately sprung to slamming his hips into your pussy, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. 
“I want you to see yourself for me baby, see fucked out on my cock” muttered Jimin as he pounded into you. 
It was only as Jimin tilted your head up that you saw that you were aligned with a mirror directly in front of you. 
“So fucking beautiful” Jimin murmured as he punctuated each word with a thrust. 
Lifting you out of doggy style, Jimin kept you wrapped around his cock as he pulled your upper body up to meet his, the feeling of the heat radiating off both of you just adding to the pleasure. 
The sight in the mirror looked like it was out of the Louvre, or a porno, or both for that matter. Jimin had beads of sweat rolling down his body, his face displaying the pleasure and desire that he was feeling as he rolled his hips as far into you as he could. You couldn’t help but mirror his expressions, your mouth stuck in what felt like a permanent O shape and Jimin’s cock stretched you out. 
Jimin’s fingers found his way to your clit as he rubbed your swollen bud. You writhed against him in pleasure as your body gripped at Jimin’s in any way that you could.
Testing out the waters, Jimin placed a light tap on your clit, coming down on it just hard enough to elicit an electric jolt through your body.
“Oh my fucking god” you yelled out at the feeling, your chest raising up in satisfaction at the feeling.  
“Oh? I think you liked that baby, look at the way you’re clenching around my cock. Did you like it, hmm?” growled Jimin as he landed yet another slap, this time directly on your clit. 
The moans kept pouring from your mouth as Jimin was relentless in his ministrations to your clit while he continued pounding into you. And you knew you wouldn’t last long with the sight of the two of you in the mirror showing you the way Jimin’s face was scrunched up in pleasure. 
“Jimin, I - “ you panted, trying to get the words out between bated breaths. 
“Gonna cum for me, angel?’ rasped Jimin in your ear, still not breaking his space. 
You could only nod as more moans spilled out from your mouth. 
“Look for me baby, look at yourself while you cum.” 
The sight of you and Jimin together pushed you over the edge as the waves of your orgasm washed over you. Your brain could only string out a series of “Fuck” and “Jimin” pouring from your mouth as you felt your release. 
As you felt Jimin start to lose his rhythm, it seemed that the pulsing feeling of your orgasm washing through you was enough to bring him to the edge, the tight knot forming in his stomach telling him to pull out. 
As Jimin jerked his cock to the sight of your naked body in front of him, he was moaning your name within seconds as white ropes of cum landed all over your ass, a couple drops sneaking down to your dripping cunt as well. 
And after many forehead kisses and a warm bath, you found yourself falling asleep in Park Jimin’s arms for the second time that week. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Today Jimin couldn’t even bear to wait in the kitchen for you to walk by -  instead, he wandered the halls of the Delta Epsilon house looking for you. Making it through the halloweekend bender was a challenge, and by the decreased number of bodies floating around the house, it seemed like some people had definitely succumbed to the two day hangover they had. Jimin, however, found himself instead addicted to you instead of the bottle of Jack Daniels that he thought would definitely finish by the end of the weekend. From the moment you left his bed he was counting down the minutes until he would get to see you again. 
But soon the night started to go on for far too long without you around and he could help but think that something was wrong. No, he knew that something was wrong. 
And so, Jimin swallowed his pride. He didn’t know how much you had told Lia, but he had enjoyed keeping you as his own little secret over the past few days. Not because he was embarrassed of you, in fact it was almost the opposite of that - Jimin didn’t want to share you with anyone. All your smiles, your moans, your laughs , he wanted to keep them as a precious memory for only himself to enjoy. But he knew that if he wanted to see you (or at least know if you were ok) he would have to face Namjoon and Lia. He was sure that Namjoon would have many words on the matter once he told him (something along the lines of “damn Park you bagged a babe” was bound to come out of his mouth), so it took Jimin a moment or two to work up the courage to interrupt Jimin and Lia’s all too intimate make out session, Jimin let out a polite cough as he stepped towards them. He was eternally thankful that they turned to greet him immediately, stopping him from having to awkwardly third wheel them for that much longer. 
“Um, hey guys uh, did Y/N come with you today Lia?” Jimin asked, his gaze anywhere except into your best friend’s eyes, fearing her reaction. 
“And what would you need Y/N for, Park?” Lia said with an all knowing smirk on her face. 
“I - , just wanted to hang with her, that’s all” Jimin mentioned, trying to keep things as vague as possible to stop the conversation from going further than he wanted, the blush already painting his cheeks giving him away. 
“She stayed home today - some about not feeling well or something? Maybe it’s the frat flu, did I ever tell you about how she got the frat flu last year and - “ 
Jimin couldn’t help but cut Lia off, muttering a quick thanks and have a good night before setting off for this destination. And before Jimin could think too hard about how he was walking in the pouring rain to the Delta Gamma house, he already rushed out the door without even grabbing a coat.
“He’s so whipped for her…” muttered Namjoon to Lia as he shook his head in pure disbelief.
— ♡ ♡--
If one thing was for sure it was that you weren’t expecting to be at your door, it was Park Jimin. If you had even an inkling of a feeling that he would be here, you definitely would not be wearing powerpuff girl shorts and a ruined shirt you wore to a paint night years ago. But you didn’t. And honestly, you barely had the brainpower to think about what you were wearing while you took in the fact that Jimin was in front of you. That he was here for you. 
Jimin’s brain short circuited. He had decided to come here in a heartbeat, but he hadn’t thought of a single word of what he was going to say to you. 
“You’re sick. I mean - are you sick? Are you ok?” asked Jimin as he visibly scanned your body looking for signs of you being ill. 
“I’m not sick, I’m perfectly fine. Just a little tired i guess, couldn’t handle that much tequila three days in a row and Lia let me off the hook.” 
“Lia told me - “
“ Lia was drunk before Joon even picked her up today, I don’t think she remembers a single thing that happened after 5pm” you said factually, softening your tone to make sure you didn’t sound angry with Jimin’s arrival, especially since you were more than excited to see him. 
“Oh. ” 
Jimin let out a shaky breath and he wasn’t sure whether it was in relief because you were fine or because the fact that he just ran all the way to your sorority house the minute he thought you were sick finally dawned on him and he couldn’t find the words to express why he did that to you. 
“You’re wet. You’re a vampire again for the third day in a row, and you’re wet.” you muttered, an ironic reflection of Jimin’s words mere moments ago.
“Hm?” Questioned Jimin, until he looked down and realized that he was in fact, soaked to the bone with the rain coming down. He felt a crossroads in his chest as he didn’t know what to do - what if you didn’t want to see him today? Does he have to make the walk of shame back to the party and have everyone ask him why he’s a soaking wet vampire?
Sensing Jimin’s aloofness, you pulled him by the elbow to bring him inside without saying another word . Within minutes you were rubbing a towel on his hair as he stared at you in wonder. 
I hope you don’t catch a cold.” You muttered as you diligently stayed focused on your task of drying off Jimin’s hair. 
“What did you say?” He wondered through the muffled sounds of the towel covering his face. 
You apologized for almost suffocating him as you lifted the towel off his face to give him some breathing room, unintentionally also running your fingers through his hair to get the water out of his eyes. As you repeated yourself you could barely find the confidence to look at Jimin, but you’re glad you did because you could see the blush creep up on his chest. 
You smiled as you felt that all too familiar warm feeling creep up in your chest. 
It was a no brainer that Jimin was going to stay with you for the rest of the night. In no particular order, Jimin’s logic was that:
His clothes needed to dry before he could leave 
What was he going to do at a frat party without you with wet clothes (see point 1 for reference)
Halloween movies were his favorite thing in the world and there was no way he was going to miss out on watching your reaction to Monster House
WIthin just the last couple of days, you and Jimin had fallen into a comfortable nighttime routine. You would tell each other random things about yourselves, like how you make the best broccoli and cheese soup and Jimin can do a backflip once he drinks enough beer, make cheesy jokes, flirt and tease one another until the other got a little frustrated, but always end up in enjoying the physical presence of one another. The teasing and playful banter was what made you giggle until your stomach hurt (or until Jimin decided that he wanted a tickle fight and he was not about to lose). It was all so simple, but it felt like everything to you. 
So that’s how you and Jimin found yourself in your deceptively small bedroom. It was intimidating to let him into your room - it felt like the final piece of bearing yourself to him, almost more than being intimate with him. When he first walked around your room and looked intently at the photos of you from your childhood and with your friends back home, you missed as he muttered “cute” under his breath every single time he saw a cute photo of you, but you were relieved to see how non-judgemental he was about it all.  
Until he spotted one thing. 
“What’s this, Y/N?’ A black piece of lace hangs from Jimin’s finger. 
“Another one of Lia’s halloween costumes that she planned for me tonight. There’s more pieces for it scattered around here somewhere. I think it’s a dark angel? Or a witch? Or something like that” you said with your gaze still focused on tidying up some of the mess in your room. Your tone of voice was something that you’d use to describe a boring history assignment or doing laundry, definitely not what Jimin was feeling as he looked at the cloth in his hands. 
“It’s fucking sexy, that’s what it is.” 
“Have a costume kink or something Park?” you joked, eyes still focused on the pile of sweatshirts you had taken to folding during the conversation. 
“I don’t have a Halloween kink” he scoffed. “ I have a “you’re really hot and I think my dick is throbbing just thinking about you wearing this” kink.” Jimin  walked over to you, kneading the garment between his fingers. You could practically see Jimin’s imagination come to life as he looked at the fabric. 
“Well ask and you shall receive, baby boy” you winked as you grabbed the fabric from him and sauntered off to the bathroom to change. Before you could get very far, Jimin caught your wrist and therefore your attention. 
“Wait ,Y/N, I don’t want you to think that I came here for sex. I genuinely just wanted to see you and you look just as beautiful and sexy as you are right now and I don’t want you to feel like i’m forcing you into - .” 
You couldn’t hesitate from pulling Jimin in for a quick kiss to cut him off. Jimin’s rambling was cute, charming even, but you couldn’t let him get too far in his head with those thoughts of his. 
“I know, Jimin, that’s why I’m doing it - because I want to.” 
------ ♡ ♡------
In what was objectively a couple minutes but felt like hours to Jimin, you returned to the room. And his jaw dropped.
Jimin let out an unholy groan as his gaze stayed fixed on you. 
“You like it or something?” you tease as you do a twirl to show off the way the lace barely covers your ass. 
You truly were a sight to be seen - it was like the fabric was made for you as the sheer bodysuit clung to your skin. Had you actually worn this to the party you would’ve put a bra on underneath and a skirt on top, but you felt like bearing it all to Jimin as your nipples poked through the fabric, seemingly teasing Jimin from behind the black lace. 
“Like? Oh baby I fucking love it.” said Jimin as he stayed frozen in his position, taking in your figure in front of him. 
Even though there was no music playing, you found yourself sauntering sultrily over to Jimin with a natural rhythm to your steps. As Jimin stayed seemingly star struck, you sunk down to your knees in front of him. 
“Oh no, no, no, baby” muttered Jimin as he tried to pull you up from the ground. “You’re too pretty to be down there like that. Gotta treasure you” muttered Jimin while his lips ghosted over your skin, pressing kisses into your neck and shoulder. 
“Please, Jimin?” you begged, puppy dog fuck me eyes coming out in full force as you gazed up at him. “Want your cock so bad… want it in my mouth…” You nestled your nose and mouth right against his cock to express your desire, darting your tongue out even through the fabric to try and reach his member that you could feel throbbing underneath.  
Park Jimin was a simple man - how was he going to say no to that?
Your licked your lips as you unzipped his jeans, the way his cock popped out to freedom from its constraints making both of you groan.
You started by lightly licking the tip of his cock, teasing him slightly as you swiped your tongue along his frenulum. 
“Baby…” moaned Jimin through a raspy breath, obviously already affected by your actions. 
His reaction inspired you to go further, and you started bobbing your head up and down on his cock, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful man staring down at you. It was so good, so fucking good to Jimin, which he made sure to let you know almost constantly as it fell out of his mouth as a chant as you swiped your tongue all along his cock, making sure to take the time to play with his balls as well. 
You took one good look at Jimin before burying your face as far down his cock as you could go, nose brushing against his pubic bone as you had tears in your eyes from the feeling of fullness that you had in your throat. Jimin accidentally bucked his hips at the feeling, instantly apologizing and running his hands through your hair to make sure you were okay. 
“Fuck my mouth, Jimin” you said with a raspy tone, your lips covered in his precum. 
Jimin tilted his head back in disbelief at what you said. “You’re gonna be the death of me Y/N,” he muttered again as he leant down to press a quick kiss to your lips.
“Tap me twice if you ever  need to stop, okay?” Jimin said seriously as broke free from his sex-driven persona for a second.  You nodded in agreement while sending him a small smile. 
And with that, Jimin gathered your hair in his hands into a makeshift ponytail and guided your mouth back onto his cock. If your pussy was the best thing Jimin had ever felt, your mouth was definitely a close second. He began by slowly letting your lips surround his dick, taking in the image of your lips dark and wet with saliva. 
“You’re fucking amazing, baby - Oh fuck”  Jimin moaned as he kept his eyes focused on you down below. 
Soon he began picking up the pace, building up a steady rhythm of his cock down your throat. You hollowed your cheeks accordingly, the vibrations of your moans around his cock only increasing his pleasure.
Jimin was ready to cum from the moment you had stepped in the room wearing that all too sexy piece of black lace, and he knew he wasn’t gonna last very long. 
“Baby I - I’m gonna cum. Fuck, can I cum on your face princess?” Jimin begged as he looked down at you. 
You took him out of your mouth with an overdramatic “pop” as you switched to wrapping your hands around his length, one on his dick and the other cupping his balls. And Jimin could barely warn you before thick ropes of cum started shooting out of his length onto your face. 
“You’re fucking incredible, Y/N” Jimin moaned out as he rided out the shockwaves of his orgasm 
Jimin pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming as he looked at the vision of you in front of him on your knees, black lacy lingerie on, face covered in his cum. He knew that from this moment on, every time he closed his eyes he would see this image burned behind his eyelids. 
You laughed as you easily plopped down beside Jimin in the bed after wiping the extra cum off your face, him obviously still being in a post-orgasm haze. Within seconds the mood had shifted from sex powerhouse Y/N and Jimin to your usual playful state as you tickled underneath his chin. 
“Mmm, I’m not done with you yet” Jimin said as mustered all his energy trying to sit up. Before he could even get onto his elbows, his stamina had already sent him collapsing back into the bed, a moan of tiredness coming out of him in defeat. 
“Jimin, babe, you look completely fucked out.” 
Jimin raised his eyebrow as if to signal “you think?”, before chuckling at you and shaking his head. 
“Only for you, Y/N, only for you.” He paused and you could see his eyebrows furrow as he took all his energy to sit up. “But I’m a gentleman, I can’t give and not receive” 
It was now your turn to laugh. “You just throat fucked me to oblivion, babe, I think we’re past chivalry.” 
“but - “ 
“Tomorrow my pussy is all yours, Jimin, but you need to get some energy back babe” you proclaimed as you grabbed a bottle of water off of your nightstand to hand to him. 
“Pinky promise” you nod as you intertwine his finger with yours, kissing the tips of them with your lips.
{In true Jimin fashion, as soon as the clock hit 12:01 he was buried between your legs.}
Naturally you tangled your limbs with Jimin’s as you watched the movie playing in front of you, the lines where your body begins and his ends slowly starting to fade away. You don’t know who initiates it, but somehow your lips find their way together and Jimin pulls you into his lap to straddle him, bringing you even closer together. 
It’s different than usual. You’re not kissing each other with the same hunger and desire as before - it’s caring and calm, like you’re in no rush, just enjoying each other’s presence. 
“This is all a little cliche, isn’t it?” Whispered Jimin as he pulled his lips away from yours for a breath. 
And the truth was, it was really cliche. Halloweentown playing in the background, wrappers from candy that you should’ve given to trick or treaters but ate instead lying around - to an outsider you must’ve looked like the perfect couple. 
And then the word dawned on you -  couple. 
Jimin and you had never talked about being a couple. Fuck, you hadn’t really talked about much at all about relationships. But you knew how you felt - how you always want to be close to him, how your chest fills with this unexplainable feeling when he’s around, how. Park Jimin was definitely more than a halloweekend hookup to you, and your skin went cold as you worried that he may not think the same. The moment that brought you so much warmth now seemed to turn ice cold as you feared that this may be the last time you ever get to see Jimin like this - his eyes glimmering under the moonlight streaming in from your window.
“Thinking too much is bad for your brain, Y/N,” scolded Jimin playfully as he picked up on your uneasiness in a heartbeat, throwing one of your favorite candies at you at the same time in an effort to lighten your mood. It was going to take more than a piece of chocolate for your brain to switch gears, and you knew that there was no way you were going to get through the rest of the night without having the talk. 
“What are we doing, Jimin?” 
The silence that seemed to plague for what felt like hours made you instantly regret your decision. You were too caught up in your own head that you couldn’t see the gears turning in Jimin’s head too. 
“What are we - what do you mean what are we doi- oh. That what are we doing?” Rambled Jimin as he put the pieces together. 
And then you were back to silence… 
“Do you really wanna talk about it right now?” his voice seeming much more timid as he couldn’t even look you in the eye.  His fear seemed to also creep into your soul as you couldn’t look at him as you nodded.
“Um, ok - I guess I’ll go first” said Jimin as he cleared his throat with a small cough. You could feel the tension radiating off of him as he squirmed around in your bed while trying to find a comfortable position. Eventually with his head propped up in his hand he began to speak. 
“I don’t do this, I mean I don’t - . I don’t know, I -. Fuck, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never done this.” Jimin expressed  as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. 
You instinctively reached out to hold his free hand, rubbing circles gently on it with your thumb. You nodded slightly, letting him know that you think he can do this. 
“I guess, I’ve done this before, but I’ve never felt this before, yknow? This is just - this is scary but it’s all so amazing at the same time” His hands gesturing to god knows what at this point as it fluttered through the air
You chuckled and pulled Jimin’s hand closer to you, effectively bringing the two of you to be mere inches from each other. 
“You lost me a little there Jimin, I’m gonna need to know what this is” you said cheekily with a slight smirk on your face. You couldn’t help but be a little playful with his shyness. 
Jimin shook his head with a slight grin as he gazed at you, before taking your hand and putting it on his heart. You could feel his heart racing, pounding out of his chest essentially. At the same time, you looked at him and you could feel what he was saying to you even though no words were being exchanged. 
“You do this to me. In fact, I think you’re the only person that’s ever done this to me. And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough of you, Y/N. And I don’t want to ever be without you - yeah, I just don’t want you to forget about me after this weekend, I guess. But I don’t know how you feel and if I made you really uncomfortable I’m sorry but I just wanted you to know in case there was a chance but I don’t know even know if there is a chance or if you even - “ 
You stopped Jimin’s rambling in his tracks by calling out his name. 
Wordlessly, you took his hand and placed it over your heart, letting him hear its rapid rhythm. 
“My heart beats for you too, Park Jimin.”
The smile that spread on Jimin’s face is one that you’ll never forget. He instantly grabbed you by the waist and pulled you to be on top of him, peppering kisses all over your face in pure elation. 
As you got lost in your thoughts, you let out a hearty laugh while still laying on Jimin’s chest. 
“Think I can convince you to dress up as something other than a vampire next year?” 
“Oh bite me, Y/N” Jimin laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss, muttering something about how his vampire costume definitely made you fall for him. 
--------- ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡-------------
Thank you for reading! - Emily  ♡
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galaxtea-writes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pregnancy Worries
Tumblr media
Pairing - Jimin x reader
Genre - Fluff, slight angst
Word Count - 1.2k+
Rating and warnings - PG; Cursing (labor cursing hehe I head it from my mom. She wasn't the best patient was she was in labor lol) Pregnancy, reader feeling like she won't make it, death of mother, labor.
Summary - You worry that because you're mom never got to meet you after she gave birth, that maybe you will have a labor with complications, but when you suddenly go to labor, you can only hope that that you will be okay...and Jimin's hand.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sat on the couch, digging at the calluses on your fingertips and chewing on your now raw lip.
"Y/n?" Jimin called your name, kneeling in front of you, noticing your worry, "What's wrong?"
"Jimin, I'm scared." You tightened your grip on your skirt, deciding to let Jimin in on your feelings, "You know how my mom didn't make it after giving birth to me, right?"
Jimin instantly grabbed your hands, already knowing where this was going, "Baby..." He started, rubbing his thumbs on the backs of your hands, "That isn't going to happen to you. We've already gone to the doctor's to confirm it was safe for you to have a baby. We did a full checkup." He paused, looking at you as you hang your head, "You know your mom was sick. She was already really weak when she went into labor."
"I know...I know all this, but I can't stop thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong." Your bottom lip trembled as you thought about everything, "What if...What if I..."
Jimin interrupted you, shaking his head, "No, we aren't going to talk about the what ifs' okay? You're here. Our baby is here. Nothing is going to happen. You are going to be safe and you're going to raise our baby. We are going to raise this baby together cause you aren't going to go anywhere. You are going to be with me when this child is born. You're going to be with me when he says his first words. We are-"
"No, we are going to be together when he takes his first steps. You are going to be here when he gets potty trained. You are-"
"Jimin, my water broke." You stopped him, taking heavy breaths, fear already taking over. You held your chest as Jimin still knelt on the floor, frozen.
"Wh-what did you say?"
"Jimin, this baby is coming. It's coming now!"
Jimin jumped up, pulling you up as well, "L-let's get to the hospital." Jimin ran his hand through his hair, unsure of what to do, "Okay...everything's going to be fine." He practically jumped across the room to grab the car keys, running back towards you and taking you to the car, being as gentle as he could be with you.
"It's okay, Y/n. We got this."
"We got this..."
Jimin held onto your hand as you lay on the bed, sweat falling from your face like rain from a storm. Your nails dug into his skin as you grunted from pain. He hated seeing you in this much pain and he could hardly bear to watch it, but you needed him. You both needed him.
He bit his lip as he kissed your forehead, stroking your cheek, "It's going to be alright, love. I'll protect you."
"The hell, get your hand away from my face, Jimin." You screeched, screaming when you pushed harder.
He pulled his hand from your face quickly, realizing that you were in too much pain. He slowly took his other one from your hand, backing away slightly to give you some space.
"Why did you leave? Why are you not by my side- Mother freaking shit!" You screamed out, the nurse trying to calm you down, speaking soothing words.
"Oh I thought you didn't want me beside you..." Jimin asked, obviously confused by your new behavior." He walked beside you taking hold of your hand again.
"I..." You grunted, "Just hold my hand so I can cut the circulation- Shit!" You whined as a contraction hit, "So I can cut the circulation off of your hand when I'm in a lot of pain but don't you freaking dare touch me, you mother-" You shouted out in pain, squeezing his hand. The iron grip on his hand was impeccably strong, a grip you've never held onto anything before. He knew you weren't just holding onto his hand because of the pain, but because you were scared and to be honest, he was scared too. But he stayed strong for you, to reassure you. Nothing would happen to you and he would make sure of it.
"Are you feeling a lot of pain? We can-" The nurse started.
You interrupted her, seething in anger, "Am I in pain? Have you ever had to give birth to a whole fucking baby? Well how about you try cause it hurts like shit! It's like my whole vagina is going to combust, maybe me with it, you mother-"
"Y/n, I see the crown, keep pushing!" Upon hearing her words, you obeyed and you pushed as hard as you could, deep breaths along the way. Jimin held tight onto the bed sheets beside you, tears forming in his eyes. He prayed and prayed that nothing would happen to you, that none of your worries would come true, that you would be safe and when he finally heard the final scream from you and a whine of a baby, he opened his eyes.
He looked at you, the baby, then at you again. You laid there, eyes closed and panting. Your grip loosened on his hand and he saw the softest smile on your face.
He couldn't help but cry in happiness, leaning his head on the side of the bed, "Baby, you did it. You really did it." He helped wipe the sweat off your face with his hand, stroking your cheek then pressing his forehead against yours'.
"I did it." You sighed in relief, a couple tears making its way down your cheeks.
Your little moment was cut off when the nurse came back with a smile on her face, "Would you like to hold him?" When you nodded, sitting back up slightly, the nurse handed him to you gently.
When you felt him in your arms, you burst into tears, "Jimin....He's here. He's finally here. And I got the chance to meet him. He's okay. I'm okay."
"That's right, my love." He wiped your tears with his thumb and looked down at the baby, "Hey little buddy, how are we, hm?"
"Do you want to hold him, Jimin?" You lifted him up in your arms, offering him to Jimin.
Jimin slowly took him, rocking back and forth, staring at him, "How strange is it...I've held so many babies, but this doesn't feel the same. No, not at all. You're so special and I love you so much already." Jimin couldn't help but let a few tears fall from his face as he held his baby, "I've waited so long for you, you know? I was always so jealous when everyone I knew was starting to have kids, but now you're here and it was worth the wait." He covered his eyes, wiping his tears.
You cooed at the sight in front of you. You saw true happiness radiating off of him like the sun itself. Your baby didn't know it yet, but he truly did bring happiness to the both of you, instantly wiping away all your worries at the first sight of him. A true blessing was bestowed upon you and your little family.
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blank-et-noir · 2 days ago
The Great Pretender (3)
Tumblr media
chapter: three ( 2k ) genre: fluff | angst | romance | hurt/comfort tags: bts x reader | ot7 x reader | abo au | poly warnings: sexual harassment, overthinking? summary: Lately, the mask you’ve worn since childhood is slowly getting more suffocating by the day. It doesn’t help that along with this, you’re also trying to find your place in your newfound pack. With their insistent attempt to get closer to you, will you still be able to prevent yourself from slipping? beta: @destructiveasparagus (thank you for the comments they are sooo detailed and everything, it really helped and all. It took me pretty long to finish this and I really tried fixing this chapter with the comments you gave me huhu thank you so much 🥰)
Tumblr media
The office was a little too quiet, a little too dark, and a little too empty. But it doesn’t matter since you don’t notice it anyway with how stuck you still are in the thoughts that you’ve had this morning - or dawn to be precise.
Pacing back and forth in the little space you have just beside your work cubicle, you think of ways to cover up your mistake last night. You still remember how Hoseok and Yoongi’s arms wrapped around you, tightly, from each side. Feeling lonely, you hug yourself.
Despite the sweat running down from your temples, it’s strangely cold, So you run your hands up and down your upper arms, in an attempt to simulate the warmth you felt last night, but it barely makes a difference.
Self-disgust starts creeping in when you realize just how much you crave feeling oh-so-small in the middle of them. Actually, wanting the affection you received that night and feeling so soft. Your nails start to dig deeper on the upper arm, leaving nail marks. Alphas are not supposed to feel that way. You’re not raised to feel that way.
You know that you’re overthinking it, that you were able to escape the nest without anyone noticing. You probably have nothing to worry about. But a part of your brain says that your escape is just temporary - it’s just you delaying things.
So you try to rationalize, in order to stop yourself from spiraling.
Okay. Best case scenario is they haven’t noticed at all. They haven’t noticed when your unconscious self sleepwalked to their nest and slotted herself in the middle of their intimate pack cuddle - more specifically, inserted herself in between the warm hugs of Hobi and Yoongi. They also didn’t notice you fleeing before they even woke up. So it appears as if nothing has happened and you slept all night alone in your own room, just like how you should’ve been.
Worst case scenario - which is, by the way, unlikely than the one prior but, nevertheless, is still a probability to consider - is that someone woke up last night when you sleepwalked to the nest. And they were forced to sleep uncomfortably because you just invaded an intimate space that you were clearly uninvited in. They witnessed how soft you were of an alpha and are annoyed that they have to deal with their needy and clingy ass. They’ll soon realize how you were faking it all along and you’re not the strong and independent alpha that you pretended to be. The alphas would be disappointed, the betas weirded out, and the omegas disgusted. You failed them as an alpha and they’ll want to kick you out of the pack.
Now, weighing both scenarios, one is more likely than the other because had it been the second one then it wouldn’t make sense for Yoongi and Hoseok to willingly cuddle you. If they were dead asleep, it is more natural that they’d hug you close, thinking that your body is just one of their other pack mates and not you.
That makes sense. Okay. Obviously there is no need to panic anymore.
All you have to worry about is how you’ll act when you go home and face them. If you act like everything’s normal and mask the guilt you feel then you’ll be fine. If it gets too hard you can just pretend you have another business trip and spend the night in your unit until the guilt fades away.
Okay, maybe that last option is too severe. But you’d like to believe you’re a decent actress, so you got this in the bag. The last option is just a big “what if.”
With a solution now in mind, you move forward and try to brainstorm for the prevention part of the plan.
You’re too scared to imagine just how much bigger your slip-ups could get. Sure, you’ve had them frequently these days - like how you almost cuddled Lisa openly in public last week or how you accidentally let out a whine in your phone call with Yoongi - but those were just small, minor mistakes that are easy to cover up.
Last night was too risky. This week was supposed to be your heat. Sure, the suppressants were able to stop them from actually happening but the doctor warned you that it could still be triggered by strong scenting of mates or intimate contact with partners. In short, you were in a very sensitive and vulnerable spot right now. You couldn’t afford to have anoth -
Before you can even finish your train of thought, you heard a loud crashing sound in one of the closed offices.
Startled by the loud sound, it takes you a minute before you move to check where the sound came from. And as you walk closer to where you thought you heard the sound, you slowly sink in dread when you realize that you are heading towards your boss’s office.
It should be fine right? You have to check just in case someone was hurt.
Surely, he hasn’t arrived in the office yet - it’s too early. It could just be the janitor slipping on the floor?
Deep inside you knew that you were only holding onto false hope. Your boss was particularly known to arrive even before office hours. The reason - you’re not sure. You can only suspect that that’s the time he actually gets his job done. That would explain how he’s able to spend the rest of the office hours frolicking around and terrorizing his subordinates without falling behind his workload. It’s one of the reasons the higher ups can’t just kick him out. He’s an efficient worker. Although he was never one to work well with others, no one could deny that he actually is able to get things done.
You try to approach the door as quietly as you can. The silence of the office makes the sound of your heartbeat much louder to your ears.
The door creaks a little even as you open it the slowest that you can. And as you catch a brief glimpse of your boss from the small gap you created by the door, you try your best to retreat swiftly. Except it doesn’t work because in your hurry you accidentally slam the door shut.
You were about to bolt when your boss’s voice halts your every movement.
“Whoever is out there, come back in before I call security and fire you. There are surveillance cameras just outside my office, I can easily know your identity by checking them later.”
He’s eerily calm for someone who just caught someone sneaking to his office. Isn’t he afraid it might be an actual robber. How is he so sure it’s an employee? Plus it’s like 5 am in the morning, isn’t he scared that I might be like a ghost or something?
“Quickly, before I lose my patience.” With that threat, all your other thoughts vanish and you enter the room with your head lowered.
“If it isn’t my favorite girl? Y/N, I knew you’d one day fold.”
You momentarily cringe at the endearment before confusion starts to seep in. It must have been evident in your facial expression because before the pregnant silence envelops you any longer, he expounds further.
“You’re starting to regret choosing your pack. You’re here to beg me to take you.”
At his confident statement, you flinch. For the first time, you raise your head and attempt to throw him a look of disgust and distaste only for it to morph into shock.
His eyes were bloodshot red. Hair and suit, a mess. Papers and pens are scattered everywhere. There are some pieces of ceramic and glass on the floor. His table is cleared. Now, that must be the cause of the sound. He threw all of the items on his desk to the floor, including his pristine glass nameplate.
God, did just trash his office? This early? On a Monday? That’s fucked up.
He takes a step closer to you, and oddly he takes a huge sniff.
And if you weren’t peeved enough by the mess he had in his office, that obviously perverted action definitely set you off.
“Fucking hell. Baby, you don’t even have to beg anymore. You offering me to take you on your heat is definitely enough to make up for ditching me over that stupid pack of yours.”
The fuck?!?
Then it hits you. In your rush to leave home, you forgot to take your suppressants and apply some scent mask, just like how your doctor advised you.
You take a step back, clearly heading for the door in the most subtlest of ways. And your boss, still drunk on the scent of you, doesn't seem to notice your obvious attempt to escape - that you don’t want this, that it was not your intention to ask him to help you on your heat. Instead, he creeps even closer, slowly, as if approaching prey - which was ironic at this point since you were the alpha.
He’s not any bigger than usual betas but you were smaller than a normal alpha - if it weren’t for your scent, many could mistake you as an omega because of your physique. Still, size wasn’t the issue- you can beat him in a fight any day - it’s the evident power gap.
The old man had vast connections ranging from different industries. Shitty attitude aside, many actually respect him for his output and works. He’s an asset to the company, one they wouldn’t want to lose. If a harassment case were ever to blossom from this, you know that it’d be you that the company would lay off. You were pretty sure that wasn’t legal but they have their ways. The thing is, you’re just not important to the company as this man is. And if they have to, you’re an expense they’re willing to pay just to make the man stay.
You’re extremely close to the door now. Witnessing your threatened state doesn’t seem to bother or agitate the beta. He just leans close to sniff again just near your neck. You freeze then shudder. Disgusted but unable to move, scared that your sudden movement might trigger him to bite your flesh.
Only after he leans back and shows you a demeaning smirk did you finally push him hard and rush out the door, heading to the nearest comfort room to wash away his claim on you. As you run, you hear him shout from the room.
“I’ll wait for your heat to peak, baby! I’ll take you!”
You felt pretty much numb after the encounter, so you just stayed in your cubicle.
It’s not sexual harassment right? Sure, you felt uncomfortable but he technically didn’t touch you. Maybe you’re just overreacting. Plus even if it is, will anyone believe you? An alpha getting harassed by a beta - is that even possible. It’s probably your fault. You’re an alpha for god’s sake, you could’ve just used your physical strength or alpha voice. Why can’t you defend yourself?
One by one, other employees start filling the office and heading to their respective work cubicles. It hits you that you probably have to leave. Because of the open area design of the office, your pheromones can easily be detected by others and they’ll know you’re on your pre-heat - which is kind of embarrassing since it’s seen as taboo and rude to continue going to office once one knows they’re in their pre-heat or pre-rut stage. It’s a customary gesture to just take a leave and stay at home in order to not disturb or distract other employees with your pheromones or even stimulate arousal from your co-workers.
You make a quick email to your ass-of-a-boss, requesting an emergency leave. It was probably more appropriate to ask him directly as he’s literally in the same floor, but you’d rather not encounter him again. With that, you pack your things and leave.
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey! It's been a while but I hope this chapter made up for my absence. Sorry for being inactive lately. It's just... life's been pretty busy ig :>> please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation....I'll try replying to your messages hehe... I don't reply much but promise I read through all of them <3 tag list: @aliceoracleollormusic @c-olbybrock @nyamnomnamujoon @bt21chim@fangirl125reader @tinyoonsblog @lexus-stanley @ratherbefangirling@shani-8617 @secretwellwisher @mariana-mmtz @b-e-t-x-s-o@sonderinwanderin @ifyouareme @momoriki @spiderlilyserendipity @yoongi-bear @lvpersona @bigcelebritiesnaturellama@aliceoracleollormusic @duhitzronalyn @purelyecstacy@basicgukk@marslena @missseoulite @sehun096rainbow @hoebii @plutoneu@ignixte@angryperfectionpersona @utterlynuts @yeboi-0418 @thequeen-kat @yessii-i @tenderfrailty @uwu-i-purple-you @childfmoonn@sonnensplitter @mayla548 @jiminie-08 @xyahrinx @ah2002 @tsukispic @xamastraea @mydailylifesstuff @aliceluckycharm @calling-dips-on-j-hope
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idkbutnotchae · a day ago
all of my life (pjm x reader)
warnings/tags: boxer!jimin (cause mans is getting very buff now and that is a warning), overuse of the words darling and desperate, loosely inspired by the mv for all of my life (i only get inspired by songs smh)
genre: angst with fluffy ending
words: 964
a/n: listen to all of my life by park won. i'm not very satisfied with this but i needed to put this out. i might rewrite it again.
Tumblr media
3 years.
3 whole fucking years, you write in your diary, since he promised you that he would come back. "all lies, all of them were lies," you tear up and scratch out everything you've written. the book is thrown across the room, all the polaroids of him falling out.
you rub your eyes furiously, mad at jimin for lying to you, mad at his friends for sticking up for him and most of all, mad at yourself for being a naïve idiot and believing him. you gather the polaroids and look at them. you wipe your tears, ready to remove this chapter of your life and to convince yourself that whatever he said were all lies. you pick up a polaroid, so close to tearing it when you hear soft knocking on your door. you sigh and keep the polaroids aside and walk to the door, assuming it’s seokjin again, trying to lift your spirits. you open the door, "jin, i swear i don't need your "healing soup" anymore-" "oh, uh were you expecting him instead?" you freeze in your spot, not able to process the person in front of you.
jimin, the boy you've spent nights crying over, is standing outside your door. bags by his side, his hair a pretty blonde and a soft, apologetic smile on his face. "hello? earth to y/n?" he chuckles, "let me in will you?" you let him in, like its muscle memory, staring at him blankly. "what's wrong? say something, you're scaring me now" he laughs nervously. "you never called." you say it like it’s nothing not like it physically hurt you. jimin sighs "i can explain, y/n okay? it was wrong, i know-" "wrong? it was wrong?" you laugh humorlessly, "you never called, forget that, you might've been busy, but at least respond to a text? to let me know you're alive and healthy? instead i see you on tv, smiling like it’s no one's business!" he walks to you and cups your face gently, "believe me when i say i'm sorry, darling." he wipes the tears from your face, you didn't even realize you were crying. you push him away and look at him, disappointed.
jimin can feel his heart slowly cracking at your dismayed face. this is not how he wanted this to go.
“get out.”
he looks at you in shock. not once have you ever spoken to him like that. “will you please listen to me?” he pleads. desperation is prominently written all over his face. the more you look at him, the more you feel your resolve breaking. You look at him, stone cold. “i do not want to listen to your sob story, jimin. i do not want to listen to your pathetic excuses of why you didn’t keep your promises,” you reckon you sound like a kid now, talking about breaking promises. jimin runs a hand through his hair, a habit of his when he’s frustrated. “you’ll go-” “bald, i know darling,” hint of a smile on his face. “can we sit?” he gestures to the couch. you nod and sit, the frustration and anger you had on him has disappeared apparently. jimin sits on the couch, letting out a quiet "oof". you sit up straight, “want something to drink? maybe a bit of food?” where is all this coming from? Weren’t you just vexed at him a few moments ago? A genuine smile spreads across jimin’s face, “just need you to listen to me, darling. please?” he looks at you with longing eyes. you nod, gesturing for him to speak. “you’re my world, darling. not boxing, not the trophies and medals but you.
you were and still the reason i ever started dreaming about life again. i hated the very thought of living, despised it because nothing mattered anymore. In a world where you need something worthy enough to move forward, when i had nothing, i had you. the light of my life.” “still doesn’t explain why you ghosted me, jimin” you say bitterly. “are you trying to sweet talk your way back into my life? because that is definitely not going to work.”
jimin grabs your hands, desperate for you to listen to what he has to say. “don’t you get it? you’re the reason i started living because of you. when nothing would go my way, when my family detested the very thought of me, when alcohol couldn’t take away my problems, it was you who pulled me up.” you look at him, unaware of how he was feeling. you open your mouth to speak but you close it. you want to hear more. “you filled me up. with the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly most importantly, with you. after you, i had hope. hope that things will turn out for the better. but i had to go and ruin everything just because i was greedy. my dreams became bigger than the love i had and i regret that” he grips your hands tighter “so much. You have to believe me, please” you look away not able to stop your eyes from tearing up. he places his head on your tummy and lets out a quiet sob. you stroke his hair, “what was this use of all this, jimin? why did you leave everything for me suddenly?” he looks up at you, eyes shining with tears, “cause it was all for you, darling. you’re my everything. what was the use of achieving so much if i didn’t have the sole reason for my existence next to me?” you peck his forehead, unable to stop yourself from giving him all the affection you had pent up inside. he intertwines your hands together and smiles, “you are all of my life.”
a/n: the ending sucks ik pls don't come for moi
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Chapter - #22B
Tumblr media
💭A/N - Thats where she lays the trap!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the safe house 22
Pairings: supernatural!bts x reader, Jungkook x reader, Jimin x OC, Sope / Hoseok x Yoongi
Genre/tags: supernatural!au, SLOW BURN, so much angst, some fluff later, action/violence, low-key social commentary, high school!au
Summary: In a world where Supernaturals are considers monsters, Jimin’s already twisted world is flipped upside down when a human girl offers him her life in exchange for a room in his Safe House.
Warnings: detailed violence, brief scene of physical abuse, discrimination, minor character death
Wc: 5.6K
Taglist: @noonas-magicshop @jinssexytoe @kookieswan @emmmui @xyahrinx @beeeee06 @becomingbts @zae007live
Permanent taglist: @staerryminimini
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Tumblr media
"Namjoon cannot practice transformation magic. That's my final decision."
Jin is frustrated. Extremely. It shows in his heavy footsteps and quiet muttering as he makes his way towards the fifth floor, as well as the intense furrowed brow that rests irritatingly above his dark eyes. He's not hungry per say, but he wouldn't mind splurging on some blood right about now. Thick, ridiculously sour blood to compliment his ridiculously sour attitude.
Hoseok has never been unreasonable before, but what he said about Namjoon not being allowed to practice magic just erks Jin to the core! He understands that the angel feels burdened to protect the Safe House but he doesn't have the right to forbid Namjoon of the main thing which gives him happiness.
Warlocks are born blessed with the ability to perform magic, spells, and incantations that other supernatural creatures just can't. When they can't express their magic, it's like telling a musician they can't make music, or a dancer they can't dance.
How is that fair?!
And Namjoon has such incredible potential. His magic comes from within, a personal power source which he activates in order to perform incredible things. Even Taehyung can't perform some of the magic Namjoon is capable of.
While both boys are magical, they're magical dexterities are very different. One magic utilizes reactions while the other creates reactions.
Namjoon explained it to Jin using a box.
Imagine wanting to move a small, wooden box. Taehyung would use the wind, a natural element already present, to make the box move, a reaction to an outside source Taehyung controls.
Namjoon would instead use impression magic to literally create the reaction he wants, which is the box moving. He doesn't require anything extra. If he believes the box will move, his belief along with his born magical ability will move the box.
(It's a little more complicated than that according to Namjoon, but it was late and Jin was too hungry for a more detailed explanation.)
The point is that magic is a huge part of what makes Namjoon, Namjoon. And Hoseok is forbidding that. On what grounds does an angel have the right to tell a warlock they can't practice magic?
A younger vampire swishes past Jin with supernatural speed, the sudden breeze causing Jin's bangs to fluff, bringing him out of his deep thoughts of justice.
The boy stops when he hears his name and looks over his shoulder with wide, suspicious eyes.
"Where are you going?"
"Uhh," Jimin vocalizes for a moment before answering, "out."
"It's Saturday." Jin checks the time on the wall clock. "You and ___ have a feeding session today in less than an hour. Her wrists are healed now and you haven't had blood in a while and--"
"Yeah about that, I'm skipping today. I'm not hungry. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" Jimin says quickly.
"Wait a second! Where's ___?"
"I don't know! Bye!" Jimin waves as he shuts the front door, his last word cut off by the sound of the doorknob clicking closed.
Jin sighs. How can Jimin not know where his human is at all time? He's responsible for you. Jin thought he finally understood that.
"Hey," Namjoon comes from the staircase with a shrug and shake of his head, "I thought you were coming to help me practice again today?"
"Yeah, sorry, I'm coming." Jin glances at the front door and sighs before following the warlock up the stairs.
"By the way," Namjoon says while climbing each carpeted step to his room, "did you ever speak with Hobi? About the transformation magic?"
"Oh...yeah, I did."
"What did he say? He was cool with it right?"
"He said," Jin slowly licks his lips as if preparing them to lie, and soothing the tingling feeling that coats his mouth when he does, "nothing. Hobi didn't say anything."
"Oh," Namjoon smiles at the angel's nonchalant answer, stripping his shirt and rolling his neck in smooth circles as they enter his room.
It's better this way. Hoseok will understand soon, and then everything will work out. Nothing bad can come of this. This is for Namjoon anyway. Nothing bad can happen. It's just magic.
"Alright then," the warlock announces, stretching out his shoulders and shaking out his fingers, "let's practice!"
Not using his supernatural speed while in public is becoming progressively more difficult as the moments pass. It's so frustrating to watch houses and small businesses slowly crawl their way behind him when they could be long gone and he could be knocking on her door by now.
Jimin still misses being human, but as the days pass and he's becoming accustomed to this new death life, there are some human aspects he doesn't miss.
Kacy is peeking out her window, holding the cream colored curtains around her cheeks as she eagerly watches for Jimin to come up the street. When she notices him round the corner, she quickly draws the curtain.
Inconspicuous at her finest.
Jimin smiles to himself and decides to play along as if he didn't see her wide eyes in the window waiting for him.
Kacy answers the door after four knocks (because she wasn't waiting on the other side with her hand already wrapped tightly around the doorknob.)
"You look cute."
Kacy rolls her eyes. "Just tell me I look ugly and hold my hand anyway."
Jimin takes her hand, leading her out of the house. "You look disgusting," he says lovingly and interlocks their fingers. "Repulsive, really. Absolutely ratchet. Just straight up awf--"
"Yeah, okay that's enough."
"Ready to go? I'm really excited to see this movie with you."
"Jimin we've gone to the movies together before," Kacy reminds him.
Jimin looks down to their hands as they begin walking, gently rubbing the back of Kacy's hand with his thumb. "Yeah, but it's different now."
Kacy slowly smiles. She brings Jimin's hand to her lips and places a small peck to his fingers interlocked with hers. "I'm okay with different."
Jimin's favorite movies are Disney. No competition. No second place. Just Disney. He likes the idea of a happy ending because he likes to believe that hard work pays off. And sure, you get those things in other movies too but there's something about the Disney castle slowly coming into view during that magical fairy-tale opening that always has Jimin on the edge of his seat, even if he's seen the movie already.
Kacy's favorite movies are sci-fi. (Actually, they're political commentaries but Jimin says those aren't "real" movies, so she chose her second favorite). Kacy isn't a huge fan of animation in general but she does really enjoy 'The Incredibles'. She's embraces the film as a cautionary tool used to show society what will become of them if they choose to encourage frivolous lawsuits and entitled mentality while discouraging brave heroes who fight for what's right!
Jimin is also a fan of 'The Incredibles'. Bob is really really strong.
Today however, the two chose to meet in the middle and see the newest, hottest rom-com 'The Hot Seat'. It's about a lawyer who is forced to find a balance between her love for justice and her love for her family, while being rudely distracted by the more than handsome prosecutor at the other table.
"That'll be $16.23," the bored lady at the ticket booth tells them, her gum popping past her lips.
Kacy digs into her wallet to find the money, when Jimin's hand reaches past her to slide his card across the counter.
"I was gonna--"
"Pay. I know. And while it may be considered against gender equality or seen as discrimination against you and your ability to provide for yourself...I'd like to pay for my girlfriend's movie ticket, if it's okay with you."
"Girlfriend," Kacy repeats; she likes the way it sounds coming from his lips. "Wait, have you been studying?"
"Maybe a little. Maybe I just wanted to impress you. Or maybe what you're passionate about is really important to me."
Kacy zips up her wallet and gratefully takes her paid for ticket. She wraps her arm around Jimin's elbow and walks with him to get some movie snacks (which she pays for because Jimin wasn't prepared to start a full on heated debate about equality in the middle of a movie theater), and the two go find their seats.
Much to his surprise, Jimin is enjoying many different aspects of the film despite it's lack of animation. Not only are the main two actors really good at their jobs, but the chemistry they portray on screen is so believable! Also the political commentary within the film is obviously making Kacy happy, if her whispered comments and silent cheers are anything to go off of.
In the film, the main male character shows up to the main female character's house with a gift and a sentimental speech about how sorry he is he screwed things up. Of course, Jimin probably could have done better. After all, apologetic speeches are kind of his thing.
As the couple kisses, they stumble into a bedroom and fall onto a mattress, the guy quickly catching the girl and laying her down gently. The whole scene is extremely passionate and Jimin can't help but notice a few similarities in the way the guy kisses the girl's neck and holds her hips. Suddenly his mouth starts to water at the thought of Kacy's neck.
"Wow, they're really going for it, huh?"
"It's better if you don't comment."
After the movie, Jimin walks Kacy home. They discuss the movie, what they liked, what they didn't like. Jimin liked the ending scene where the woman suddenly revealed shocking evidence the audience was unaware of and won the court case with an exceptional level of intelligence and compassion.
Kacy liked the kissing scene. And also the ending; that was her favorite part too.
As they walk, Jimin's steps become slower and his toes begin to drag along the ground.
"Is something wrong?" Kacy asks when she's pulled back by Jimin's suddenly sloth-like steps.
"No," Jimin sings playfully, "I'm just taking in the moment and milking literally every second I can with you at the expense of you getting home late."
Kacy blushes and leans into his side, her feet now mirroring each agonizingly slow step Jimin takes. "I'm cool with that."
It's cute for a few minutes, and then Jimin starts to become stiff. He stares down every guy and girl they pass as if they're walking with the intention of hurting Kacy. They're not. But Jimin is becoming overly protective nonetheless, especially with the way Kacy hangs onto his arm like this. Especially with the visible scars that remain on her neck. (Scars that Kacy is not ashamed of in the least. In fact, she's a little proud of them.)
Are all these people staring because they know he's a vampire? Are they going to turn him in? Are they going to hurt Kacy because of him? Are they--
"Jimin you can relax, you know. It's okay if I get home a little late."
"People keep staring," Jimin points out, leaning in close to Kacy's neck and placing a kiss where her scars are slowly fading.
"Maybe they're staring because you look like you're about to literally rip their heads off," Kacy giggles when he kisses her, tilting her head so Jimin has enough room to reach her scars. "Relax. We're perfectly safe. I won't let anyone touch you."
Jimin sighs. He feels reassured that Kacy is protecting him but also kind of weird because shouldn't that be the other way around? Isn't the guy supposed to protect the girl? But also, he really likes it when she takes care of him.
"I know. I'm just being...Jimin. Sorry."
He isn't blind. Jimin knows he has faults, weaknesses, things to improve on. Sometimes it's hard to see past all his flaws. Sometimes Jimin gets blindsided by how far he has to go before he's even started.
"You wanna know something?" Kacy asks as she pulls Jimin off the sidewalk and into the secret shadows of an alleyway. "I really like Jimin. He's my favorite part of pretty much everything."
Kacy lightly pushes her boyfriend's back against the wall, pressing her smaller frame against his chest and hips with a mischievous smile that Jimin easily reciprocates. Their lips collide in a sweet and rebellious kind of kiss. As if there's anyone telling them they can't make out in an alleyway close to midnight. Still, Jimin feels like a badboy being kissed in the middle of the night like this.
It's weird that kissing her doesn't feel weird. Jimin has definitely daydreamed about it enough times, and based on how expertly Kacy moves her lips in time with his, Kacy's been daydreaming too. Somehow, it feels like things should have been this way all along.
For a quick instant, Jimin can't recognize his faults. He sees himself the way Kacy sees him. He loves himself. And he loves Kacy.
Jimin takes Kacy by the hips and spins to press her against the wall. His lips trace her jawline until they find her neck but he doesn't bite her. He simply kisses her, taking in the beautiful way she emits an aura of submission but also control. The feeling has Jimin bringing his lips back to hers in a harmonious reunion.
His teeth lightly nibble on her bottom lip, sucking every delicious moment he can from their kiss.
Jimin yanks away when he hears Kacy grunt painfully. "Sorry, was I being too rough?"
"I didn't say anything," Kacy slurs, happily high off Jimin's lips.
"Then what was that sound?"
"What sound?"
Jimin whips his head to the side when he hears it again. Coming from the alley. Deep, deep in the alley. Hidden in the shadows of brick walls and dumpsters. Darkness blocks his vision but his ears pick up what he swears is a girl. A girl in pain. And a thud. A rhythmic, constant, deep thudding.
"What is it--?"
"Shh.." Jimin hushes his girlfriend with a small finger against her soft lips.
He listens carefully.....there it is again.
"Did you hear that?"
Kacy follows Jimin's concerned gaze toward the back of the alley. "Hear what?" she asks, growing worried.
The vampire firmly takes her hand and leads her farther into the alleyway, keeping her safely one step behind him at all times.
"Jimin," Kacy harshly whispers, "what are you doing? It's probably not safe back there!"
As they creep further into the darkness, Kacy's human ears begin to pick up what Jimin's been hearing. A continuous thudding which grows louder, faster, and harsher. And a girl's voice which grows quieter, softer, and weaker.
Kacy gasps when the subtle silhouettes become clear enough to distinguish, "Oh my god..."
Jimin takes off with supernatural speed. The back of the alleyway is practically pitch black, covered in graffiti and curses. The night sky is empty here. All the stars have run away, too frightened to watch what's happening down below.
A young girl, younger than Kacy and as small as you, shivering on the ground and clutching her ribs in pain. And a man, tall and dark, repeatedly bruising the girl with the heel of his shoe.
Before Jimin realizes what he's doing, he has the man pinned by his neck against the brick wall, his eyes pure black with fangs dripping with rage and his voice a deep, threatening growl. The man struggles as Jimin's hand steadily tightens around his windpipe. While some of his facial details are difficult to make out in the darkness, the man's eyes have adjusted enough to sketch Jimin's image into his mind.
Jimin lifts the man into the air, his back scratching against the rough brick. The man's eyes are blown at this point, his face turning blue from lack of oxygen. He punches at Jimin's arm, digging his nails into Jimin's wrist as an attempt to make him release.
But Jimin grip is relentless. It doesn't matter if he's only half the perpetrator's size, Jimin's supernatural strength and status overpower it all. The vampire bares his teeth at the man's terrified expression. Every nerve ending in his body is lit with heat; Jimin feels the wrath surging through his bones. He can't feel anything else. Jimin is moments away from ripping into this guy's neck when--
Kacy's crying voice distracts the boy for just long enough. The man slams his elbow against Jimin's shoulder, causing Jimin's grip to slip from around his neck.
The man drops to the ground and scrambles away from the disgusting scene. Jimin is quick to chase him, but Kacy brokenly calls before he has the chance.
"Jimin, the girl!"
The vampire turns to find Kacy cradling the little victim on her lap, supporting her head and ribs with gentle hands.
Jimin kneels beside them, brushing the hair from the girl's face and shining his phone flashlight so he can see her clearly.
Her head is bleeding from multiple places, eyes closed tight in pain as blood has dripped into them and begun to sting. Her lips are cracked and dry from a lack of hydration and possibly from being slapped across the mouth, shoulders trembling with fear although she can't move any other part of her body.
The worst part is her waist. Her ripped shirt reveals colorful bruises which spread from her chest to her hip bones.
"She probably has like broken ribs and internal bleeding. W-What do we do?" Kacy doesn't dare touch her injuries, but she does use her jacket to at least apply some pressure to the girl's head wounds.
"Let me call a hospital--"
He follows Kacy's line of sight to the girl's legs and immediately discovers why Kacy is hesitant. The girl's jeans have been ripped to shreds, her thighs and legs cut in multiple places. But what Jimin notices first is that...
They aren't human legs.
The limbs resemble a small goat, hairy and forcefully bent in more places than one. She has a fluffy tail, hooves for feet, and if Jimin had taken the time to really study her in his state of panic, he would have found torn, goat-like ears hidden underneath her hair.
"She's a faun. A Supernatural. The hospital won't accept her."
"Namjoon can heal her at the Safe House," Jimin suggests quickly.
"I....can we even safely move her? What happens if she bleeds more because we pick her up?"
"We'll just have to try! Put her on my back. I'll run."
Kacy begins to lift the girl, but stops. Jimin looks over his shoulder from where he was waiting.
"What's wrong? Hurry!"
"Jimin..." Kacy chokes, swallowing thickly as she plops back to her knees, "she's..."
He flips around to find the small girl motionless in Kacy's lap. Her eyes are softly closed now, her lips parted in silence and her arm laying limp across the concrete. She looks peaceful, even though Jimin and Kacy know her last moments were anything but.
"But...that's not fair." Jimin sits stunned, "...I was...we were..."
When Jimin's helpless words fade away, Kacy's cries spill past her lips. She covers her mouth with the back of her blood stained hand, the smell of metallic death and loss filling her nostrils. She trembles for the girl, shivering without her jacket as she continues to pointlessly press it against the girl's bleeding head.
Surprisingly, Jimin doesn't feel sad. He feels angry. His entire body is filled with what feels like fire spreading from the top of his head to his feet. All his anger is steaming from one fact...
He got away. The man who murdered this innocent faun got away.
But all those cursed thoughts disperse when Kacy asks the obvious, but petrifying question...
"What do we do now?"
Jimin has never buried a body before. Even his parents were cremated without his consent and put on display in the county's official exhibit for famous influencers. It takes a lot longer to dig a hole deep enough and wide enough for a whole body. While Kacy insisted they wait and possibly find her family, Jimin was unsure how they would even go about doing that. The poor girl was most likely abandoned or maybe even ran away herself. Who knows what her situation was? Who knows what kind of relationship she had with the man who killed her? So many questions and no answers.
Jimin remains livid as he covers the victim with dirt.
This world. It's worse than Jin ever implied. It's worse than any of them thought.
They both approach Kacy's front door, limbs shaking and voices too raw to cry anymore. Neither have spoken since they left the grave sight, too immersed in their own thoughts and trauma to speak.
Kacy swallows, the feeling like sandpaper in her throat. "Well...umm--"
"Do you wanna just stay with me tonight? I don't think either of us are okay after...I'm not okay after what happened. Just, you could stay with me. Please, Kacy?"
The girl throws her arms around the vampire's shoulders, clinging to his shirt as the tears she was sure she had already drowned in return full force. Jimin feels her nod against his shoulder and he hugs her tightly while until they both regain enough composer to walk again.
Jimin helps Kacy gather what she'll need for a few nights and she quietly lets her parents know she'll be spending the night at a friend's, to which her father rolls over in his sleep, unconscious and unbothered.
Jimin holds onto Kacy the entire way home. Not because he's being brave or courageous in any way, but because in times like this, leaning against each other is the only way to keep yourself standing.
Kacy holds onto Jimin like her own life depends on it.
After crawling into his familiar sheets, Kacy waits while Jimin brushes up and gets ready for bed. When he joins her, the two waste no time embracing each other, Jimin's face tucked in Kacy's neck, and Kacy's body encased in Jimin's arms.
While neither of them speak, they both know that neither of them sleep a wink.
Vampires don't require sleep but sometimes it's nice to shut your eyes and drift into dreamland simply because you can. Emotional drainage is still a thing no matter what species you are. While it doesn't do anything for his physical strength, sleeping regularly still gives Jimin a sense of routine and regularity in the midst of his crazy, supernatural life. It feels...human. Although, it's hard to feel much of anything tonight.
After several hours of nightmares, Kacy rolls over to face her boyfriend in the bed. Jimin's eyes are closed, although he's far from sleep. His expression hasn't changed since last night. No doubt he's been haunted since twilight just like she has.
"I'm gonna get some water."
Jimin lifts his heavy eyelids. "Should I go with you?"
"I think I'll manage."
Kacy shimmies her way from under the comforter and throws her legs over the side of the bed, her feet lazily landing on the carpet. For a moment, she wonders if they'll support any weight, or will she faceplant as soon as she attempts to stand?
Her boyfriend's arm drags across the empty space Kacy has left behind. He rolls towards the wall with a solemn groan, "Okay."
Thankfully, Kacy reaches the kitchen without falling on her face. Upon pushing open the kitchen door, she freezes in the doorway, eyes drifting up and down the startled character standing in the light of the refrigerator.
They have multiple bags of chips already tucked under their arm, their first hand holding two glass bottles of lemonade between their fingers, and their second hand reaching for a bowl of Jello recently solidified in the fridge.
Kacy flips on the kitchen light and rubs her eyes. The first features to catch Kacy's attention are the two fluffy, cat-like ears on their head, and two petrified, wide eyes. The girl, who now refuses to move from her position in the fridge, drops her ears flat against her hair and swallows roughly. Her cheeks burn red.
"Hey," Kacy nonchalantly greets the stranger. "Cute ears."
The stranger doesn't answer. She only remains motionless, frozen in profuse and unnecessary fear. Kacy shrugs and begins searching through the many cupboards with a defeated sigh.
"Do you know where the cups are?"
The cat-girl nods to indicate which shelf Kacy is looking for.
Kacy then pours herself a glass of water and takes long, refreshing sips, all while the smaller kitten-like girl watches curiously. She wasn't aware Jimin was living with a girl. Kacy wonders if she can speak. Is she more cat than person? She looks to be about Kacy's age, and somehow looks strangely familiar. Hasn't Kacy seen this girl somewhere before? Doesn't she usually wear a beanie or something?
After finishing her drink, Kacy places the glass in the sink and continues to study the girl.
"So, who are you?"
There's no point in dodging the question. If Kacy would like to know something, she asks about it. Directly because that's the most efficient way to get answers.
"___." Your voice is timid to match the unsure look in your eyes.
Kacy offers a small smile. "Nice to meet you, ___. Don't take this the wrong way, but I swear I've seen you before. Do you attend high school at--?"
"I'm not going to eat all this!"
Kacy glances at the mountain of snacks you've collected and nods. "Okay, I believe you. I was just gonna ask if you go to my high sch--"
"They're for Jungkook."
"He gets hungry easily and Jin isn't making breakfast for another couple of hours."
"These are his favorites," you nervously say while shoving a bag of Doritos towards Kacy's face.
Kacy doesn't know who this Jungkook guy is, but based on your flushed cheeks and the fact that you're collecting snacks for him at buttcrack o'clock in the morning, Kacy can pretty accurately assume he's someone important to you.
You shyly pull at the corners of the chip bag until all the crinkles are smooth again. "Umm, so, who are you?"
"My name's Kacy. I'm Jimin's fri--uh, girlfriend," Kacy corrects herself. It's still a bit awkward to introduce herself as such, but she also knows she'll get used to it eventually.
"Girlfriend? Since when?"
"Since recently." Kacy tucks her hair behind her ear, subtly turning her head to reveal her neck. And then you finally see them.
Two deep, pale scars rest prettily on the jugular of Kacy's neck. They're prominent and familiar, much like the scars that linger on your neck. Kacy lightly traces them with the tips of her fingers, the action bringing you to believe the scars are not only real but still quite sensitive.
Memories of Jin's explanation come to mind, the significance of those scars can't be unknown to Kacy. If she willingly allowed Jimin to drink from her neck, she must understand the meaning behind it. She did say she's his girlfriend after all.
All you can do is pray Kacy doesn't notice the matching ones on your skin.
"You live here?" Kacy's question breaks through your thoughts.
"Huh? Oh yeah, I do."
"Is that why you have vampire bite marks on your neck?"
Panic. All that ensues is panic. Everything is shattering in the fragile places of your mind as you fail to provide any explanation. The scars on your neck begin to sting. You can physically feel them, hot and loud. Of course, Kacy noticed them! Why wouldn't she?
"You must be the girl Jimin was regularly drinking from," Kacy clears her throat, " for training."
You try to keep your chin up. No point in being ashamed for what you did. After all you didn't know Jimin had a girlfriend! As far as you were concerned, Jimin didn't even like anyone. You're his human now, and yeah, maybe sometimes the two of you like to talk things out or watch a movie afterwards, but frankly, that's the extent of your entire relationship. You provide blood. Jimin provides shelter. That's it. Friends!
Kacy inhales deeply, calmly. "I suppose I can't be too upset. He told me what he was doing after all. I mean, he failed to mention that the blood he was drinking came from you, but still."
"I'm sorry." You're not sure why you're apologizing. It's not like any of this is your fault. "If it helps at all, he only drank from my neck once because my wrists were injured and we both agreed it didn't feel right. I swear our relationship is strictly platonic."
"You don't have to apologize, ___. I'm just sensitive after...well, I'm just sensitive when it comes to Jimin, I suppose." Kacy holds out her hand with a friendly smile. "Would you like to be friends?"
You shyly glance upward. "Aren't you going to ask about...?"
"What? Your ears?" Kacy scrunches her nose cutely and snorts. "Actually, I think they're cute. Supernatural or whatever, you can still have a friend, can't you?"
No one has ever treated your supernatural features nothing. Well, except Jungkook, but he's still different in the sense that you've pretty much fallen completely head-over-heels for that dork. Kacy seems legitimately okay with the fact that you have cat ears. Which is not common for a human these days.
For Kacy, it's almost as if the ears poking out from your head don't even exist. She doesn't seemed bothered at all. Even more than that, she thinks they're cute? These ears have brought you nothing but pain and suffering, and Kacy thinks they're cute?
You hesitantly take Kacy's hand while still balancing snacks in the other. Kacy smiles and squeezes your hand once before dropping it and sighing.
"Could you do me a favor? Since we're friends?"
"If Jimin asks about me, just tell him I had to go home. I'll get my stuff later and explain things then."
"Umm, okay. I guess I can do that." You're not sure why Kacy would ask something like this of you, but you also don't feel it's your place to ask why, even if Jimin is your vampire. Or would he be considered Kacy's vampire now?
Kacy doesn't stay for much longer. After you walk with her to the front door, Kacy waves and disappears into the dull early morning sunlight. For a split moment, you question if you should have let Kacy leave. But it's not your place to make Kacy stay. You also consider telling Jimin his girlfriend left instead of waiting for him to ask about it, but ultimately you get the feeling Kacy would rather have as much alone time as she can before Jimin realizes she's gone and goes after her. As a fellow introvert, you can respect that.
For now, you have nothing left to do but return with your snacks.
You climb to the second floor, dragging your feet to Jungkook's room. Not even bothering to knock, you enter his room, closing the door behind yourself. For a moment, you breathlessly lean against the wood.
Jungkook picks his head up and ruffles his morning bedhead, scratching behind his ears with a heavy yawn. "Welcome back, miss munchy pants. Did you find the snacks you wanted? I know I said you could eat them all, but do you mind if I steal a chip or two?" Jungkook asks after spying the brand new bag of Doritos in your grasp.
Everything drops to the floor. Your knees buckle and in a second you've collapsed to the ground, surrounded by now crushed chip bags and exploded lemonade bottles.
"___!" Jungkook jumps from his bed, tripping over his sheets as he skids on his knees across the carpet. "What's wrong?"
You curl into his arms, breathing steadily picking up pace until you're panting. With a tight grip on his bare shoulders, you hide flushed cheeks against the skin of his chest. Jungkook simply pulls you into his lap, holding your head as he rocks gently.
"Hey, hey, hey," the boy chants, calmly stroking your ears, "it's okay. Just breathe for me. You're gonna be fine. I got you."
Once you feel clear oxygen push the panic from your lungs, you shakily lift your head and begins to tell your wolf boy about the human with distinct vampire scars you met in the kitchen.
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tangerineyoongles · a day ago
Scumbag Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: ??? x Scumbag!reader || wc: 2.7k || Genre: Angst, Smut, some Fluff || Fic type: cafe!AU, Fleabag!AU || Rating: 18+
Warnings: Alcoholism, character death, car crash, angst, implied smut
Summary:  Poor, tired, utterly lonely, a pathological liar, and kleptomaniac. Oh, not to mention an absolute alcoholic. Life had not dealt you a favorable hand, but instead of trying to make the best of it, you live your life with a bitter kick in your step, taking anyone and everyone you can down with you.
What a fucking scumbag.
A/N: Here’s chapter 2! A little bit more back story and over just angst.
Previous Chapter || Masterlist || Next Chapter
Tumblr media
Sunlight spills through the windows, only making you want to screw your eyes shut tighter. You just wanted to sleep, forever if you could, but morning was beckoning you awake. Slowly, you peel open your eyes and the light berates you, temporarily blinding you. When you come to, your surrounding are not your usual bedroom surroundings. Why weren’t you in your bed? Where the fuck were you?
Tall windows, blue walls, book shelves, unsteady tables, dear god this was the fucking shop. You fell asleep in the shop. How? Oh yeah, you walked into the shop at one in the morning and decided to get even more plastered than you already were.
“Are you seriously drunk right now?” Jin cries, gripping at your lax shoulders, trying to hold you up.
“Maybe.” You slur, only partially coherent.
“We have to fucking open shop in the morning. You’re going to be hungover.” He reaches for the bottle in your hand and you desperately try to pull away. “Give me that! That’s enough.” He eventually snags the bottle out of your hand and runs off to hide it.
“Jin! Give it back! I’m fine I just want one more little drink! Just a bit!”
He returns with a glass of water and hands it to you gently.
“There, there’s your little drink. Now drink it up, I’m going to make you drink seven more of these before you go to bed.”
“Tequila?” You ask, hope glittering in your eyes.
“Water. Drink.”
A frown falls upon your face, but you do as you’re told. Alcohol was a girl’s best friend in college, especially right after said girl’s mother had died, but for Jin, the drinking act was getting old. He just wanted you to be safe, healthy, not drown yourself to death with liquor and get liver poisoning. Was that too much to ask?
It was now past 7 am. You didn’t have time to go home and make yourself presentable if you wanted to open on time, so you were just going to have to open shop looking like a hungover piece of shit. Awesome.
You run to the restroom in the back and splash water on yourself, trying your best to clean up as much as you can. You opt to keep your coat on to cover up how dirty your top had become the night before, curse you for being a messy drinker. It was the best you could do, all you can hope for now is that no one notices.
And quite frankly, no one does, because almost no one comes in as usual. The day was starting off just wonderfully. At the rate things were going, you’d lose the shop by the end of the year. Money was clearly not in your fortune lately. In fact, you were practically desperate enough to rob the next person who comes in of everything they have.
“Good morning.” A gruff voice comes from the front door, timid steps from old bones make the wooden floors creak. Your step-father. Not the most ideal person to rob of all their money.
“Oh, morning!” You want to question why he’s here, but you won’t push your luck. “Can I get you anything?” At the very least, you can scam a few bucks from him.
“Ah, no, thank you.” He stands silently, awkwardly, looking around at the small shop. It seems as though he wants to say something, it’s on the tip of his tongue, you’re already ready for this encounter to be over with.
“Is there… something you need?” You ask cautiously.
“Well, uh. You see I was just in town and I-” He pauses to look at you. The eyes of a once lively man all burnt out, you have a feeling it’s partially your fault. Mostly your fault, probably. “You see, last night I got several calls from you…” He begins.
What? You never called your step-dad. You quickly pull out your phone and open up the phone app. Immediately, your eyes are met with the most horrifying thing you have ever seen in your life. Call after call after call to different people. Why the fuck would you do that? And how were you drunk enough to not remember?
“It was probably about 3 in the morning. Now I didn’t know it was you until I woke up this morning, I thought it was just prank calls or something of the sort.”
“Dad, I-”
He cuts you off before you can attempt to apologize.
“Look, I know-I know you like to drink in your down time, but I really don’t appreciate behavior like this. I was asleep. Try to be a little more responsible next time, alright? Don’t do this again.” He was stern and cold, just like he always had been.
“Alright, dad.” You muster just before he takes his silent leave.
You’re glad he left without another word, or else he may have seen the tears that begin to mist in your eyes.
After a long and desperate drunken night, you reached out in hopes of finding someone, anyone who would save you from the bitter loneliness that flooded your heart. Your dad, your sister, old college friends who you don’t talk to anymore. You even tried to reach out to the number of your dead mother, the number that you have memorized by heart. No answer from anyone. The worst part was instead of stopping by to check on you, to ask if you were okay, all your step-father did was criticize you for your behavior. He didn’t care, he never did.
“I’m actually adopted. Sort of.” You say casually, leaning against the sofa, keeping your gaze away from Seokjin.
“Really?” The young man inches closer, curious to know more about his new friend.
Your mother had just died, mere months before you began college. You were still utterly bitter about the fate you had been dealt.
“Yeah. My mother married my step-dad and he adopted me into his family. Now that she’s gone him and his family is really all I’ve got.”
Jin smiles but your frown only deepens.
“He seems like a good man!”
“Not even close.” You sigh. “He’s a controlling asshole. If my mother really had to die I’m glad it was right before I moved out of that godforsaken home. I don’t think I could have continued living under his roof without her.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t- I-” He pauses to take a breath and refocus himself. “I’m sorry about your mother.”
You can’t help but let a smile pull to your face, wanting nothing more than to giggle at his little flustered state. “Thanks.”
Fuck it. You decide to close a little early. It’s not like anyone was going to come in anyways, right? You set the shop’s sign to closed and begin cleaning up. Cleaning was a bit therapeutic in a way. You fucking hated it, but it took your mind off things when you were too focused on getting stains off the counter.
Once all the work is done, you step out and lock up, ready to take your leave. Outside, you catch sight of the cute flower shop owner, maybe he was locking up too.
“Say, how well does a shop like yours do here?” You ask in hopes of making light conversation.
He doesn’t seem shocked to hear your voice at all, almost like he wanted you to talk to him, like he was expecting it.
“I’d say it does pretty well. Though I can imagine yours does much better.” He says with a wide smile.
“I wish. If that damn Barnes and Noble wasn’t across the street, we’d probably be doing fantastic right now!” You laugh, not noticing how easily the word we slipped in.
“Anyone else run the shop with you?” Jimin noticed though, and his curiosity was apparent.
“Yes. Well, no. Sort of.” Yes, physically you ran the shop alone, but it didn’t always feel like it. Jimin raises a brow, waiting for you to elaborate. “Right well, you see, me and my fiancé opened this shop together originally, but he died. Car crash. He wasn’t in a car he was walking, someone hit him.” You say all too casually.
The night is dark, you can hardly see outside the shop windows. Cars seldom pass through these streets at this time of night. Jin knows it too.
Perhaps that’s why he allowed his steps to be so reckless.
Your body moves with out you thinking, almost against your will. The sight that meets your eyes the second you exit the shop feels unreal. It can’t be real.
You see the lights reflecting in the window before you hear the car horn, you think nothing of it at first. That is until you hear the car come to a screeching halt, until you hear screaming.
The scene around you fades, you can only focus on what’s directly in front of you. You can’t hear, you can’t think, you can barely speak. And the only words you seem to be able to pull from your lips is:
Jimin’s eyes widen and he pulls back in shock.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” He says, looking as though he’s ready to jump into action and comfort you, an almost stranger he met for the first time only a day ago.
“Oh no don’t worry, it was ages ago.” More like a few months ago, but what’s the difference.
His face is still marred with a frown, part of you finds it cute. Wow, he really was an attractive man. He opens his mouth, ready to say something, it looks like it was going to be profound, but the sound of his phone ringing cuts him off.
“Sorry.” He says, pulling it out of his pocket. You can’t here who’s on the other line, but his response of “Oh hey babe” tells you all you need to know.
So much for starting a holiday romance with your cute flower shop neighbor. You offer him a wave of parting and decide to take your leave.
The day had been long and seemingly endless, especially after your step-father showed up. There was only one thing you could do after that god awful encounter.
Visit your mom.
Even in death, she was always there for you. Your rock, literally considering you talk to her gravestone on a regular basis.
“Hey mom.” You say, plopping on the bench that’s across from her grave. A sea of names and dates lays itself before you, but you only care about the one engraved into the mossy stone at your feet. “Today was kind of shit, to be honest. Oh sorry, I should ask about your day first, shouldn’t I? How have you been?”
You probably looked fucking insane, talking to your mother’s grave like this, but you didn’t care. Honestly had it been the other way around, you feel as though she would have done the same thing. You and your mother were a lot alike. She was kind of a hot mess, always blowing away her money, smoked too many cigarettes, you’re not sure how or why your step-father, AKA: Mr. Prim and Proper ever decided to marry her. Even with her flaws, she was a wonderful mother. She was kind and caring and protected you for as long as she lived.
“Mom, you know I’m really fucking lonely right now, right? Kind of your fault. Also Jin. Say hi to him for me.” You smile and shake your head, trying to hold back a laugh. “Oh who am I kidding, we both know you’re probably in hell and he’s up in heaven.” The smile slowly fades from your face as the desperation bubbles up in your throat.
“Mom, how do I stop feeling lonely?”
What would she do if she was here, you could only guess.
Tears you had no idea were there begin to drip down your cheeks. You hated crying, really fucking hated it. It was a sign of weakness to you and that’s the one thing you didn’t want others to know about you, that you were weak. You may be an absolute train wreck, but at least to others you were a train made of steel. If anyone saw you like this, they’d see right through your little act.
After a couple hours of silently loathing your life and venting to your mother, you feel like it’s in your best interest to not go home feeling alone tonight, so you call none other that Mr. Sexy, Jung Hoseok himself. He picks up after the first couple rings.
“Hey, you busy tonight?” You ask as you gather your things from the bench and begin making your way out of the cemetery.
He takes a minute to silently think, then he responds. “Nope. Want me to come over?”
“Yes please. And bring something to drink, I’ve finished off the last of my whiskey.”
Tumblr media
Hoseok’s presence is exactly what you needed. A strong drink and good dick. He didn’t offer you a shoulder to cry on, he didn’t offer advice, just ways to forget your worries. That’s all you needed.
“Fuck yeah baby, you’re so tight. I’m gonna- ah!”
Except you’re having trouble getting into it. Honestly, you kind of just wanted it to be over already. The moment he finishes, you push him off, but regret it immediately. You kind of miss the warmth of a body against you.
Usually when he finishes, he’s either up your ass about round two or begging you to call your sister, but not tonight. Instead he sits pensively at the edge of your bed, clearly contemplating something. As rude as it sounds, you never really thought he had a lot going on up there. He was always so happy go lucky and care free, people who don’t think are usually the happiest. Whatever’s on his mind has got you curious.
“Hey, what’s up?” You ask, reaching your hand out to lay upon his shoulder. He jumps a bit at the contact, then settles back in. Something seems off.
A Sigh escapes his lips and you raise a brow in worry, waiting with baited breath for a response.
“I don’t really know how to say this.” He looks at you with big round eyes, shining in the dim light of your bedroom. Oh god, you think you know exactly what he’s going to say. Those are the eyes of a man in love.
Sure, Hoseok was incredibly attractive, well endowed in his lower region, overall a fun guy to be around, but you weren’t ready for all that. You had to let him down gently.
“It’s okay, just say it.” You offer him a pitiful smile.
“I-I think I’m in love.”
You knew it. With a sigh, you gather yourself to give him a direct answer. “Oh, Hoseok-”
“We’ve only been seeing each other for a few months, it hasn’t been serious.” A few months? You only started this a month ago. “But, lately things have felt different with her.” Her? “The truth is, the only reason I came tonight was to make sure I wasn’t going to miss this.” He gestures vaguely to the bed he just devoured you on. “I needed to make sure I wasn’t going to regret losing my hookups.” He takes a moment to look you deep in the eye with a small smile. “And I can safely say that this isn’t worth the true love I have for her.”
How sweet. If you could roll your eyes right now, you would.
“Thank you. I really mean it, thanks for your time. It’s been great. Would have been better if your sister-”
“Alright, alright, you’ve said enough. Go on, get out of here.” You shoo him off the bed and he happily gathers up his clothes.
“It was nice! Don’t worry, I won’t miss you!” He calls from the door.
“Yeah well I won’t miss you either.” You whisper to yourself.
The room grows silent once he’s gone. Hoseok, a man of loose morals, a womanizer, the biggest fuck boy you’ve ever met, on his way to being in a committed relationship. With someone other than you. Not that you wanted to be in a relationship with him, but damn, that still fucking hurt. Even your most reliable hookup didn’t want you in the end.
You sigh as you fall back onto the bed, the never ending loneliness draping over you once again. Maybe it was time to do something about it.
Maybe it was time to get back into the dating game.
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auraelia-lia · 18 hours ago
Prompts- send me a prompt and the genre from which u took it along with any member of BTS, TXT or enha
Soft angst
"Am I too late?"
"please, look at me"
"you. . . you never had a problem with it before"
"I'm . . . just disappointed"
"Do you have to go?"
"Don't leave me, please"
"I need you"
"I'm glad they make you happy"
"Did you ever mean anything you said?"
"Am I just a joke to you. . ?"
"I did. . . I did love you"
"don't give me space, that's the last thing I want from you"
"Can we just stay in bed?"
"your so damn beautiful baby. I can't believe your all fucking mine"
"I'm tired just cuddle me"
"stop whining you big baby"
"stop moving! I'm almost done"
"another kiss?"
"oh just shut up and kiss me"
"god, I miss you so much"
"you know I'll always be there for you, right?"
"open up babe, I'm out with your favourite pizza"
"dance with me"
"your hearts beating real fast" -"yeah, cuz of you"
"I'm only doing it because your cute"
"quit staring at me, I can't keep messing up my sentences because of you"
"I like the way your hand fits mine"
"my friends get annoyed by how I talk about you all the time"
"you need to sleep"- "I am not human therefore I require no sleep"
"are you implying that you want to kiss me?"
"damn baby, that was hot"
"it's cute that you tried to protect me and all, but your like a foot shorter than me y'know"
"do you think ants see us as giants?" - "are you drunk?"
"your really lucky your cute."
"are you flirting with me?"
"oh fuck me." - "gladly, sweetheart"
"are you okay?" - "can you kiss it better"
"you have really pretty eyes"
"you'll catch me?" - "always"
"is it so hard to see that I'm in love with you?"
"don't say that"
"you knew, yet to chose to be with me"
"because I love you!"
"na uh, you ain't leaving without giving me a hug"
"your so warm"
"is that my shirt?"
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angelsthetics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
welcome to the angelsthetics masterlist! 
now, considering that this was only made in november 2021, I hope you’d forgive me for the rather empty masterlist. nevertheless, it would mean a lot it if you checked out what I’ve written so far!
go to | home / m. list / faq
Tumblr media
protecting you from another man
popular!bts x reader scenarios
Tumblr media
comfort | taehyung x reader — new !
contrary to common belief, you and taehyung were both happy despite being in an arranged marriage. but when a few shameless rookies are added to the mix, can you be there to help your husband keep his anger at bay?
Tumblr media
brothers | bts x reader (platonic) — ongoing !
you’re the daughter of the famous Chris Martin from the band Coldplay, and also supposedly an only child. but why is it as though you suddenly have 7 new older brothers after your dad collaborates with the world-renowned boyband, bts?
character profile | prologue | the first meet | recording day
Tumblr media
brothers: care series | bts x reader (platonic) — coming soon !
a series of oneshots/scenarios portraying how each bts member individually shows they care for you as an older brother.
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🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️Don't be shy give us a long distance AU 🌍
 A/N: I was actually trying to avoid a long distance AU, since I recently broke up from a very troubling long distance relationship and I only have sour memories. But this ask made me realize there are many healthy long distance relationships that thrive. And so here I am, with Park Jimin x y/n and a very soft, healthy long distance relationship as a bandage to my own wounds.
(I noticed you didn’t give me a member so I’m going with my comfort boi)
Pairing: Idol Park Jimin x fem reader
Content (not exactly warning): Healthy crying, long distance angst, aching to hold each other, teasing, cyber sex, yunno, the works.
(Park Jimin)
“Doctor y/l/n, the patient in room no 38 is asking about his discharge again. Could you please make sure to lend him some comfort next time you’re in there? His anxiety has been really bad lately, and he refuses to believe a word I say.” the nurse informed you, her eyes betraying her worry. 
You tried smiling your most reassuring smile and nodded, getting back to the file you had been studying. Running a hand through your hair, you looked up at the clock that read 3:30 pm. There was still quite a lot of time till your shift ended and you went back home. 
Your empty home. Your heart sunk. You hated when Jimin was gone. Even on your most busiest days, when you had night shifts and he danced the whole day in the studio, there was always a comfort of coming home, exhausted and broken, to the rumpled bed that showed that he had come home to sleep. The little sticky notes he left for you on the fridge telling you how mad he’d be if you went to sleep without eating and how much he loved you and couldn’t wait to meet you later. Those tiny pink pieces of paper lit up your whole day. And the days he left the country, when he was on tour, you felt the very air had slowed down and the days would simply not move along. Your hectic schedule did nothing to help. 
That’s when your phone buzzed with a singular text.
PJM💜: Just got back to the hotel jagi. I’m really tired so I’m gonna sleep. Wake me up when you get off your shift. I love you. 
You smiled your first genuine smile all day, your heart aching to give him a kiss and tell him to rest well as you pulled the blinds to shut the sun out. You shook your head and put your phone down, finally extracting the report you were looking for and made your way back to your office. 
6 pm
Making your way to your car, you stopped to figure out what time it was in LA. It’d be about 1 am, way too early to wake up Jimin. You got in your car, joining the stream of Seoul traffic, mind on the other side of the world. The part where people slumbered peacefully after long, productive days. A thought very welcome to you, but there was no way you could sleep without hearing his sweet voice and knowing how his day went and his genuine interest in how yours went too.
Parking the car in the garage, you stepped out and fondly patted Jimin’s BMW on your way inside. 
Tidying up the mess you left behind, letting a kettle of water boil for tea and rummaging through the fridge to find something easy to make, you finally collected all your essentials and collapsed on the couch, a bowl of rice and spicy tofu in your hand. You were debating whether or not to turn on the tv since you never really enjoyed watching tv unless it was some rom-com your boyfriend was watching. Deciding against it, you ate your dinner in silence, thoughts wandering to one of the more chronic patients you were treating. That’s when you realized you heard the faint music of your ringtone and that you had left your phone on the kitchen counter. 
Rushing to catch the call, half afraid it might be from the hospital, you breathed a sigh of relief when you saw it was just Jimin.
But wait...wasn’t it still too early for him to be up? Frowning, you lifted the phone to your ear.
“Hello, my baby.” You heard the smile in his voice.
“Hi Jimin.” you sighed, weariness falling off your shoulders, immediately. 
“Are you still at work? Did I disturb you?”
“Oh no, no. I came home a while ago, but I thought it was too early to wake you up, since you’ve been working so hard.”
“And by the time I woke up myself, my baby would have been asleep.” Jimin sounded slightly cross. 
You giggled. “I wouldn’t dare.” you said playfully.
“Oh I know how daring you are.” He laughed, “That’s why I set an alarm to wake me up, since I knew you wouldn’t.”
“Aish, Park Jimin, you surprise me with every breath.”
His airy laughter rang across the line and filled your sad little heart with so much happiness. “Do you miss me?” he asked.
“Every second.” you whispered.
Jimin hummed and fell silent for a minute, “But of course I miss you more.”
Laughing incredulously, you shook your head. “It’s not a competition, love.” 
Silence ensued, as you gathered your dishes and placed them in the sink, placing him on speakerphone as you poured yourself water. The silence wasn’t awkward. It never had been with Jimin. You were both tired, you both knew that. Yet more than the tiredness of your bodies, your souls craved even the remotest of presence with each other. And so, in comfortable silence, you carried him to the bedroom, as you laid down and got comfortable on the pillows. 
“Are you lying down?” He asked.
You hummed, turning to your side to face the phone. You heard Jimin shift in his bed. “Lemme look at you.” he said as your phone vibrated with a video call request. You accepted and propped the phone against his pillow basking in his soft smile as he stared at you for a full minute. You saw his arm rise and he reached out to the phone. It took a second to realize that he was stroking his phone screen. You blushed and hid your face in the pillow. 
“Are you sleeping well, baby?” he asked.
“As well as I can sleep without you here.” you answered honestly. 
Jimin tsked. “That’s not very good is it?”
“You’re one to talk babe, how did an alarm manage to wake you up?”
Jimin smiled sadly, nodding. “Well, yeah, I’ve been sleeping really light”
Mirroring his tsk, you imitated, “That’s not very good is it?”
“You could be here you know? Right here beside me, in the crowd when I perform in two days, backstage when I get off stage.” he stated.
You smiled at his glittering eyes, “I can’t up and leave my job every time you travel Jimin. We’ve been over this.”
Jimin nodded, “A man can dream.”
Trying to lighten the mood, you ventured, “Are you excited to perform?”
Jimin turned away from the phone he had placed on the side, “Every time I think about that, I feel like” I could throw up. I’ve got immense butterflies in my stomach jagi. I’m scared actually.”
You frowned. This was not the response you had anticipated. Not after all those nightmares and time he had spent crying about not being able to perform for his Armys. “Why Jimin?” you asked softly. 
He shook his head. “Yoongi hyung had a point when he said people forget about the people they don’t meet for a long time. What if our fans have forgotten about us? And even if they haven’t, I feel like I’ve lost all my charm. What if they’re disappointed in me?” his next whisper broke you, “What if you’re disappointed in me?” 
Tears flooded your eyes and your voice cracked as you begged him to look at you. 
His eyes widened in concern when he saw a tear trickled down your cheek, “Why are you crying??” he exclaimed. 
“Don’t say stuff like that. I know you haven’t been on the internet too long, but your fans love you more than ever. Trust me, they do. Every site is overflowing with people excited to meet you guys again. And everyone is hyped to meet you Jimin. No one forgot about you. No one would ever be disappointed in you.” you looked into his soul, “Especially not me. Never me.”
Jimin smiled a watery smile, “I’m sorry for making you cry baby, I’m just really nervous.” 
You nodded in understanding, wishing more than ever to wrap your arms around him and reassure him how much he was worth. 
“My shoulders are really tense.” Jimin mumbled into his pillow.
You giggled, knowing full well what he had in mind. “Well, I would’ve massaged them all better if you were right here.”
Jimin nodded, his eyes closed. “You make me feel good always.”
“And that’s why you love me.” you leaned closer to the screen.
“I do.” he nodded, “I wish I could kiss you better than this but...” He leaned closer and pressed a kiss on his camera. 
You laughed. “What else would you do better if you were here?”
The dark glint in his eyes showed you he had caught up, as he flipped the phone, hovering over the camera, the angle giving you delicious goosebumps and instantly changing the mood of the whole conversation. 
“Whatever you wanted, baby.” He smirked, and tilted his head slightly, “But with the way you’re looking at me right now, all I can think about is how much I want to feel you up right now.”
Heart missing beats, you swallowed, “Mhmm?” 
He nodded, then shrugged and fell back down on his pillow. “But since you insisted on staying, you’ll have to wait for me to get back to you.”
You felt betrayed and looked at him, shock written all over your face. He laughed. 
“You’d do that to me?” you asked. 
Jimin nodded smugly. “Don’t try and pull that cute face on me. I have nerves of steel.” 
You gasped, pretending to whine and squirm. “Jimiiiinnnn.” you groaned his name, smugly hearing his breath hitch. He caught your eye, the fire visible clearly. His tongue flicked out, wetting his plush lips as he tilted his head, “Don’t play like that bub.”
“You hardly ever play fair Jimin.” you challenged. 
“That means you want me?” He whispered.
“I always want you, what do you mean?”
“Too bad then, because you’re too far away my love.” 
His tone told you he was not budging today. You knew he was probably all riled up with sexual tension already, but was teasing you and testing you. But for now, since you were too drained to fight back, you decided to play along and be the good girl he probably wanted you to.
“How am I supposed to satisfy myself then?”
A chuckle. “Well, since I’m to wait for you, it’s only fair you wait for me too. No touching yourself till I’m there to do it for you.”
You gulped, the urge to finger yourself already taking root, out of pure spite of his stupid plan. But you had a plan that you’d deploy soon enough. So you were willing to let him have this win. 
You pouted, sticking out your bottom lip, saying nothing. “Okay pet?” he asked. His use of the nickname he gave you mostly when he was fucking your brains out, sent your mind into a deeper frenzy. You sighed and nodded. “I’ll try but... no promises.”
Jimin frowned, “Well, if you ever have the urge, tell me so I can cure that.” 
God, he made sexual desire sound like a disease just now. You nodded. Time to abort.
“I’m sleepy,” you mumbled, burying your face in the pillow, “I’m tired and needy and my boyfriend won’t even please me. All I can do is sleep.”
“Aww, yes you’re very cute. But I’m not falling for it.”
In a last ditch effort, you hit him with the full force of your puppy eyes.
“Not that face!” He laughed loudly, causing you to burst out laughing too. “No, I really will be sleeping now, Chimmy,” you said between giggles, “I have an early shift and you’ve been up way too long too.”
Jimin nodded, “Sleep, my baby. You worked so hard today. Goodnight.”
“You worked hard too, babe. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“I miss you.” you whispered.
“I miss you more.” 
You lingered for a minute more, eyes locked in longing before extending an arm to disconnect the call.
Waking up the next day, you felt a strange excitement in the pit of your stomach. You woke up to Jimin’s good morning text, as usual and reminded yourself of what you were going to do today.
You felt like you flew through your wards, not taking a break even for lunch, you finished your paperwork and were ready to clock out as soon as your early shift ended.
Rushing home, you ate a granola bar, while rummaging in your lingerie drawer. Yes, you had a whole drawer of skimpy pieces, since your boyfriend loved seeing you in things like these, all pretty for him. 
Finally extracting the sexy number from the drawer, you held it up. The violet bralette was all sheer lace, the only coverage it provided was due to it’s dark color. The suspender belt was black and the garters were also black with violet bells. The thong was the most scandalous piece of clothing you owned, and you owned many scandalous things. You second guessed yourself for just a minute, before slipping off your skirt and beginning your transformation.
Admiring yourself in the mirror, you felt the rapid heartbeat kick in, as you brushed your hands fleetingly over your breast, tickles running through you. Finally, completing the look with one of Jimin’s t shirts over it all, you posed in front of the mirror and took a cute little selfie, sending it to Jimin with a “How do I look?”
It was10 pm in LA, and Jimin was sitting with his members, just hanging out before each of them retired to their rooms, when his phone tinged with a text from you. He opened the picture, smiling fondly. He recognized the shirt. He loved when you wore his clothes. He loved that even though he wasn’t the biggest man, you easily drowned in his shirts. Even this black t shirt, that fit him perfectly, reached mid thigh for you. His eyes flitted downwards, to your bare legs and he frowned. Something told him this wasn’t a simple OOTD picture. Especially since it was late afternoon in Korea and you were probably done for the day. 
You look absolutely edible baby. So cute.
So he was still going to tease you? Well, you were all ready to tease back today. 
“Would you like to see how well I dressed up today?”
Jimin felt that the contents of your texts were going to get steamy, and decided it was time to retire for the night. He bid his friends good night, complaining of sore muscles. He felt Hobi give him a knowing look and a slight smile and he felt his cheeks heat up as he rushed out, replying with a Of course, what’s the ocassion?
“Oh nothing, I just felt like looking pretty. ;)”
Show me
You pulled off the t shirt and let it fall to your feet. Snapping a picture in a slightly seductive pose, your heart hammered as you hit send.
Jimin hissed as he slammed the door to his room. Immediately, he was video calling you.
You leaned your phone against the mirror, and leaned back after answering it. 
“Yes, baby?” you asked innocently.
“Why are you all dressed up pretty like a whole present?”
“I felt like it.” you conceded, sitting up straighter and locking eyes with him. 
“Well, well, well. Are we being a tease?”
“Learnt from the best.” you winked and spread your legs further apart. 
Jimin sucked in a breath. “Come closer, let me see your gorgeous tits.”
Smiling at how this was going, you leaned closer, cupping your breasts. Jimin hummed in appreciation. “Take it off for me.”
You tutted, “You sure?”
He laughed softly, “Don’t tease me, y/n. We both know who’ll win.” 
A shiver ran up your spine, you felt yourself getting wet. Gulping, you unhooked the bra and let it slip down your arms. “There’s a good girl.” Jimin cooed. 
You angled your body more towards the camera and pinched your nipples, rolling and kneading them as they hardened, needy sighs leaving your mouth.
“Good work, little pet.” You heard shallow breathing and saw Jimin’s face turning red from all the beating his heart was doing. You yourself were working up a sweat, a singular drop running down your neck and between your cleavage. 
The view finder showed just how lewd you looked, and your own sight was really helping turn you on even more. Jimin’s breathing shifted and you heard a belt buckle, as he set his phone down on the table by the base of his bed and sat down, his legs spread, palming his visible bulge. 
“Let me see you Jimin,” you asked him. He nodded and unzipped his pants, sliding them off his hips, giving you a nice view of his dark blue Calvin Kleins, hiding his member. You licked your lips, “Take em off.” you urged.
“You first,” he said.
You giggled, “So the abstinence thing is over right?” 
Jimin nodded, “You think we could keep it up for the whole month? Do you know us?”
You laughed as you slid off your panties, exposing your glistening folds. 
Jimin hummed and licked his lips, sitting up for a closer look. “So wet for me from halfway around the world. You really are my good girl.”
“Yes I am.” you cooed, teasing your clit with a fingertip, causing your legs to tremble involuntarily. 
“God, how are you so fucking hot?” Jimin groaned. And finally he pushed off his boxers, his erection standing tall and proud against his abdomen, the sight making more than just your mouth water. 
“God, Jimin. I need that.” he moaned as you closed your eyes and threw your head back. 
“Let me hear it then baby.” he breathed.
Imagining his skilled digits replacing your own, you vibrated your clit, waves of pleasure shooting up your body. Soon enough, you heard a soft wet sound coming from your speaker, and opened your eyes to see Jimin pumping himself to the sight. “You look so fucking good, pet. All needy for me.”
Biting your lips raw, letting your imagination run berserk, you bucked your hips against your hands, two fingers fully submerged in your pussy. 
“Spank yourself, let me hear how wet you are for me.”
Complying, you slapped your sensitive pussy, causing your juices to leak out. By now, your chest was heaving with your struggled breathing, your legs and abdominals were taut and aching. You were dangerously close to your orgasm. 
“Come on baby, you can cum for me just there. Are you close?”
You nodded, unable to form words, eyes shut tight.
“Look at me, pet.”
You held eyes with him, as he coaxed you gently, “Let me see your pretty face as you cum for me. You’re doing so good for me pet. Always such an obedient little girl. I love you so much.” 
The tense knot in your stomach gave way to a wave of euphoria as you arched your hips up, your legs trembling as your body shook with pleasure, your fingers, not stopping the assault on your clit, were now making lewd, wet sounds as they slid in and out of your seeping hole. 
You let out a cry of Jimin’s name, to which he reassured you, “I’m right here. Good girl, such a good girl, came so hard for daddy.”
The sight of loosing yourself so thoroughly to the pleasure of simply the thought of him, and his own lewd words, sent Jimin off to his own high. He came all over his hands  and stomach, his abs painted in the creamy evidence of his expertise. His breathing stabilized, as he looked up to see you smiling softly at him. He blinked lazily, meeting your eyes. 
“You were good baby girl. You would be even better if you were the one painted with my cum.”
You swallowed, and nodded, “Trust me, I wish I was too.”
Jimin reached over for some napkins and cleaned himself up, as you slipped on your panties. When he was done, he looked at you with a smirk. “Moral of the story is?”
“We can’t stop ourselves from having sex. Even if we’re separated by the whole world?”
Jimin laughed and nodded, “That’s certainly one of the lessons.”
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luvliechim · 12 hours ago
[ 1:34 pm ] — park jimin
pairings :: park jimin x gn!reader
genre/wc :: fluff ; 347
warnings :: none
synopsis :: in which you and jimin spend time together in the cold weather.
note :: this is my first post since i came back so don’t mind the shortness, i’m just trying to get back into writing.
Tumblr media
the thin, frosty air gave out a chill that made you shudder as you made your way to the edge of the fond, a warm cup of coffee warming your hands. you could see your breath in the air.
“ah, sorry i took so long,” you heard jimin’s sweet voice approach from behind.
you turned to be greeted with a loving smile plastered on his face, his full lips giving a glossy shine. his cotton candy hair was a perfect contrast with the clear blue sky above. without noticing, you began to stare, getting lost in his angelic aura that made him nervous and look away shyly. his nose was lightly colored pink due to winter's cold temperatures, but you thought it just added to his beauty.
“it’s fine,” you said ruffling his locks. “i was too lost in my own world to notice if it was a long wait or not.”
he leaned and placed a soft kiss on your nose. “it’s too cold for me to be late like this.”
grabbing his hand, you pulled him along with you as you began down the path, admiring the scenery. you imagined what spring would look like here, the trees full of blossoming flowers, and how soft the grass would feel underneath your palms. “we should come back here in spring, it’d be pretty.”
small flakes of snow began to fall, dampening your hair as it caught piece after piece. you saw jimin behind you trying to catch the flakes with his tongue. they softly landed on his pink hair, adding to his perfection. you laughed at how cute he looked.
after a few seconds, he swiftly pulled you into a gentle kiss, that you felt yourself smile into.
“it still wouldn’t even be close to your beauty.”
the smile that was rested on your face couldn’t grow any larger than it already was. the scenery and the man in front of you was the definition of perfection. you didn’t quite know what you did to deserve such happiness, but the gratefulness you held was enormous.
Tumblr media
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angelicyoongie · 19 days ago
lovesick (I)
Tumblr media
— pairing: yandere ot7 x (f) reader — word count: 5.9k — warnings: yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, harrassment, mention of violence/bodily harm, 18+ — summary: You dreamed of the day you would get your very own soulmark. Though, you didn’t expect to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of your shoulder being dislocated and your forearm fractured. As if dealing with the worst possible soulmark ever wasn’t bad enough, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you’re being stalked. When the letters and gifts you receive begin to escalate and the police offers no help, you have no other option than to figure out who’s behind it yourself – and hopefully before it’s too late. — amazing cover by @leithold​!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your foot is throbbing – again.
You fall back into bed, lifting your leg up to rest it over your knee. You wince as you examine the damage, purple and yellow bruising covering your swollen ankle. Lightly pressing around the area, you're relieved to find that it only seems to be slightly sprained.
You glance over at your bedside table as your alarm goes off again, the framed picture next to your phone catching your attention as you silence the shrill sound. It’s a photo of you and Heejun, your next-door neighbour turned best friend. This particular one was taken on the night before he turned eighteen, your grinning faces showing off the pure excitement you both felt at the time.
Ever since you were little, even before you met Heejun, you’ve always dreamed about meeting your soulmate. You’ve lost count of the endless nights you stayed up imagining what kind of mark you would find once you woke up on your 18th birthday. Your favourite was always discovering a note written on your arm – the same as your parents. A close runner-up was the countdown mark Heejun had, you always made sure to check in with him every day to watch as the time suddenly decreased or increased. You’ll never forget the day he called you, voice choked up with tears and joy as he told you he had finally bumped into his soulmate.
With thousands of different variants of soulmarks and new ones being reported every day, you always thought you would end up with something sweet, something fitting to the fairy tale you always wanted. You certainly weren’t expecting to wake up to a searing hurt in your arm, the phantom pain of a dislocated shoulder and forearm fracture sticking with you for weeks afterwards.
It took some time to come to terms with the fact that your mark didn’t come with any way to contact your soulmate, and that their injuries would affect you and vice versa. Your first year was spent fretting over every paper cut and accidental stubbed toe, but that worry slowly dissipated as your soulmate kept leaving random bruises all over your body, new aches and pains showing up more often than you would like to admit.
Your theory that your soulmate was just very clumsy didn’t hold up for long, not when you suddenly felt the ghost of a blade slicing into your cheek, and another one being driven into your thigh while you were watching a movie. There’s no job out there that would warrant the amount of injuries you’ve experienced over the last five years, not when one of them were so bad you even had to postpone your college enrolment for a year. You suppose you’re lucky your mark has only left you with pain and bruises, and not a copy of the actual injuries. You don’t even want to imagine how living with that would be, especially when certain injuries have taken you months to recover from.
Truly, the only logical conclusion you could come up with was that your soulmate must be involved with something illegal; something bad enough that getting stabbed is just an occupational hazard. It’s only natural that your dream of meeting them has long since faded away. If anything, you hope you never do. At this rate you’re terrified your soulmate might manage to hurt themselves so bad that it’ll defy the rules of your mark, and you’ll be helpless to stop it.
You grit your teeth as you place both feet on the floor, pushing through the throbbing pain in your ankle as you hobble your way over to your closet. Seasoned hands find the nylon material easily – you don’t even have to look to locate the brace you’ve stashed at the top shelf. This isn’t the first time you’ve woken up to a sprained ankle, and you’re sure it won’t be the last. You learned years ago that days like these aren’t worth acknowledging, that the best thing to do is just to move forward and ignore the bitterness festering in your chest. Today is a bad day, so washing your face and brushing your hair is all the effort you’re willing to put into your appearance.
You dig through your drawers to find the fluffiest sweater you own, the soft fleece bringing you some comfort and looking fairly decent paired with loose pants that aren’t too painful to pull over your injured foot. You take a moment to brace yourself, inhaling a deep breath before you rest your hand against the wall, using it for support as you limp your way over to the front door. You spare a glance at the tiny kitchen nestled in the corner of your living room, your stomach rolling at the thought of eating anything. You’re meeting up with Heejun for an early lunch right after your classes end, so skipping out on breakfast isn’t too big of a deal. Pain has always made you nauseous, and combining that with a healthy dose of soulmate resentment doesn’t leave much room for hunger anyway.
Reaching your shoes, you sink down on the floor with a huff. You find the pair that’s a size too large, the extra room making it easier to get your braced foot in without moving it too much. You lace them up with gritted teeth, your ankle protesting the added pressure. You grab your bag from where you left it slumped against the door yesterday as you get back up on your feet, a flash of hot pink catching your eye as you lift it up.
You blink, your stomach plummeting to the floor as you stare at the brightly coloured paper. There, shoved halfway beneath your door, is another envelope. You lean down with effort, your fingers trembling as you snatch it up from the ground. Your breath sounds harsh, loud, in your quiet apartment as you tear the envelope open - the familiar crinkle of paper making your skin crawl. You unfold the letter slowly, choking back a gag as the sugary scent imbedded in it hits your nose. Your name is written neatly at the top, embellished with a flurry of drawn hearts around it. Your chest feels tight as you begin to read, disgust clawing it’s way up your throat as you skim over the words.
‘Baby, did you wear that black dress for me? You knew I would be watching, didn’t you? Thank you for giving me such a pretty show, you’re such a good girl. … those perfect curves just begging for me to touch them … I know you were aching for me to bend you over the bar, to show everyone that your sweet little pussy belongs to me–'
You hastily fold the letter shut, stuffing it back into the pink envelope. You stumble over to the small entry table near your shoes, zeroing in on the black box resting on top of it. The kaleidoscope of bright colours that tauntingly greets you as you open the lid only serves to make your heart pound faster, your hands shaking so hard you almost miss the box as you dump the letter in among the others.
You snap it shut, gulping down a deep breath of air as you step back. You hold it in until your lungs begin to burn, the growing pain forcing the panic to quiet down. You release it when you begin to feel faint, white spots dancing around your vision as you slowly breathe out.
A low buzz against your thigh snaps you out of your daze, your last alarm alerting you that you’re going to be late if you don’t leave right now. You grab your keys, hiking your bag up over your shoulder as you ignore the desperate voices in the back of your mind that tells you to stay home, to lock the doors and never leave. It’s fine, you tell yourself as you undo the three separate locks on your door, the metal chains rattling as they hit the wood.
You slowly open the door, making sure to peak both ways before you hurry out, keys quickly locking everything back into place. It’s fine, you echo as you hurry down the corridor, your knuckles white from gripping on to your bag too hard. This is just a normal day after all; it’s nothing you’re not already used to.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, over here!” The knots in your stomach slowly unravel as you look up to find Heejun waving at you, his freshly dyed red hair standing out like a sore thumb in the mellow café. The bright smile on his face gradually slips into a frown as he takes in the slight limp to your gait, your pace slower than usual as you make your way across the room.
“Again?” Heejun sighs, pulling out the chair next to him.
You slip into the seat with a shrug, a pinched smile on your face, ”What can I say? Maybe my soulmate has a pain kink.”
“Please don't remind me of that possibility ever again.”
You bring a hand up to stifle your snort as Heejun’s body shakes with an exaggerated shudder.
There’s something sad in his expression as he settles, his voice soft as he says, ”Even if that was the case, you know it doesn’t make it okay, right? Their body is not just their body anymore, and doing something knowing it’s unwillingly affecting their soulmate is shitty as fuck. I’m sure there has to be a rule or a law somewhere that states it’s illegal.”  
“I know,” You murmur, accepting the plate of food Heejun nudges in your direction. “But even if it is, there’s not much I can do about it when I don’t even know who they are.”  
Heejun winces as you stab into a piece of egg with a little more force than necessary, metal scraping against the porcelain plate. ”I’m sorry, Y/n. If I could trade places with you, I would’ve done so in a heartbeat.”
You hide your smile behind a slice of toast, your chest warming with the knowledge that even if everything else goes to shit, you’ll always have your best friend. If it’s one thing you’re sure off, it’s that no one – not even your soulmate – will ever be able to take up as much space in your heart as Heejun does.
“You would give up on Jaemin that easily? Damn, what a cold-hearted soulmate you are,” You sniff. ”I promise I’ll take really good care of him, you know he already loves me.”
You nearly choke on a piece of bread as an affronted Heejun shoves your shoulder, "I meant switch our marks, not our soulmates!”
“Sure,” You tease.
Shaking your head at the half-hearted glare you get in response, you let your eyes drift beyond Heejun. You can’t help the automatic need to scan your surroundings, to watch the people walking outside in hopes of catching something, anything, that might validate the uneasy feeling in your stomach. You truly have no idea who’s behind all the letters you’ve been receiving for the past year, and it terrifies you to no end that it can literally be anyone. Maybe it’s the man glancing inside the café as he walks past, maybe it’s the woman behind the counter, maybe it’s another student in your class, maybe maybe maybe –
You jerk back as Heejun snaps his fingers in front of your face. You can tell he already knows by the time your focus shifts back to him, his expression tight as he murmurs, ”There’s more, isn’t it?”
There’s a split second you consider denying it, just to spare him from worrying about you even more. There’s nothing you’d like to do more than just to pretend that everything is fine, that your biggest problem is your upcoming midterms and a soulmate that leaves you with bruises, but you can’t. You’re scared, and you can’t go through this alone. You can’t make yourself more vulnerable than you already are.
“I got another one,” You clench the fork tightly in your fist, feeling the metal dig into your palm. ”Pink.”
Heejun curses under his breath, voice muffled behind his hands as he rubs his face, ”What did it say? Did you bring it?”
“No–” You shake your head, feeling ill at the thought of carrying that sickly sweet smelling letter around with you, to have those words so close to you the entire day. ”It’s worse than normal, more desperate. He .. he saw us last weekend, at Blue Hour. He commented on the dress I was wearing, what I was doing – he described everything, every little detail. He was there.”  
You release a shaky breath, dropping in fork in favour of grabbing Heejun’s outstretched hand. The weight of his fingers curling around yours is grounding, enough for you to anchor yourself in reality and not the despair slowly filling up your lungs. Heejun looks pale, the red in his hair burning against his skin as he squeezes your hand.
“Y/n, you have to go to the police. Please.”
"You know what happened last time–”
Heejun cuts you off with a sharp shake of his head.
"If the letters are escalating then there’s no telling what’s he’s going to do next. He knows where you live, it’s not safe. I can’t force you to stay with Jaemin and me, but I can’t let you be a sitting duck for this psycho either. I know the police didn’t take you seriously last time, but you have more evidence now, more letters. You have to try; maybe you’ll get another officer that actually cares about the people they’re supposed to protect this time. I’ll go with you if you want, you don’t have to deal with this alone, Y/n.”
You know he’s right. Even if nothing came of it last time, even if the officer you spoke to back then had the nerve to suggest that maybe it was just an admirer that was a little shy, that you should be flattered – it’s truly the only option you have left besides uprooting your entire life and running away. And even then there’s no guarantee that he won’t follow you, that he won't find you again.  
“I’ll go,” You say, guilt curling around your heart as you see the way Heejun sags with relief.
“Thank you. We can go after my shift? Or I can call in sick and we can go right now?”
You give his hand a squeeze of your own before you untangle your fingers, mustering up a faint smile you don’t really believe yourself. “No, you should go to work. I think this is something I should do on my own.”
Tumblr media
You clear your throat, leaning heavily on your good leg as you wait in front of the welcome desk at the station. The officer behind the desk holds up a finger, eyes glued to the screen as he continues to tap away at the keyboard. You swallow thickly, gripping the strap of your bag tighter. The police station is oddly quiet. You were expecting more people and more noise, but all you can hear is soft voices behind closed doors, a fan whirring overhead despite the autumn chill already having set in. Your town isn’t the biggest, but it’s not like it’s small either. It’s definitely not sleepy enough for the police station to be so empty.  
You bite down on the inside of your lip, chewing absentmindedly as you look at the board taking up most of the wall behind the reception. It’s littered with safety posters and tips, a lost pet or two, and the faces of a few missing people you don’t recognize. Your mouth feels dry as you take in the candid smiles on their faces, the joy in their eyes. You doubt they had any idea they would eventually end up here, and you can’t help but feel like it’s just time that’s standing between the empty spot next to them, and a picture of your own face.
You force your eyes to move away, zeroing in on the newspaper clippings collected in one corner of the board. The smiling faces of different officers greet you as you look over the articles, but there’s one in particular that catches your eye. It’s a young man, probably around your age, grinning over a large bouquet of flowers. The force of his smile makes his eyes turn into crescent moons, his cheek puffing up adorably. The clipping seems to be dated a few years back, but you’re too far away to make out the text beyond the headline, something about him heroically saving a civilian off-duty.
“What can I help you with?” You startle as the officer finally acknowledges you. He doesn’t bother to hide his annoyance as you step closer to the counter, clearly irritated that you interrupted whatever he was working on.
“I need to speak with an officer. I’ve been receiving these letters– I, uhm, I think I’m being stalked.”
The passive expression on the man’s face is broken by a slight rise of his eyebrows, the faintest spark of interest in his eyes as he turns back to his computer. ”What’s your name?”
You quickly list off all the details he asks for, the room once again growing eerily silent as he looks through the database, pulling up different files. The muffled voices you heard earlier have grown quiet, and you can’t fight the dread that sets in as the officer spares you a quick glance before turning back to his screen, the corner of his lips tugged down into a frown. ”Ms Y/n, did you file a similar report last year?”
You swallow thickly. ”Yes.”
“It says here that your report was resolved and that no further investigation was needed.”
“What?” It was obvious as the letters continued that the police hadn’t done much to stop them, that the officer clearly believed that it was just some harmless admirer, but you had at least thought they had looked into it – that they had tried to figure out who it was. "No, it wasn’t–”
The officer cuts you off with a sigh as he pushes the intercom button on his desk, voice bored as he calls out for an available officer to assist you. ”Please wait here, someone will be with you to take your statement shortly.”
The easy dismissal stings. You step back, gaze flitting back to the entrance as you begin to wonder if maybe this was a mistake. Maybe you should've taken Heejun up on his offer. But before you can make up your mind to leave, the officer that was called for walks through the door near the reception desk, his head buried in a case file as he steps up to the counter.
The man you talked to visibly brightens at his entrance.
”Officer Park! I didn’t know you were still in. Didn’t your shift end an hour ago?”
You watch officer Park’s back as he shakes his head, his blonde hair bouncing with the movement. “Ah, you know how it is. I have plans for the weekend so I’m trying to finish up what I can.”
“Hard working as ever I see,” The man laughs.
Officer Park places his file down on the counter with a shrug, his voice teasing as he says, ”I assume you didn’t just call for me because you missed my company?”
The officer you talked to seems to suddenly remember that you’re still there, his gaze moving back to you before he turns to his computer with a huff. ”Someone’s here a file a report, a–” The man squints at his screen, like he’s trying hard to decipher the name he heard just a few minutes ago, ”Ms. Y/n.”
Officer Park’s back straightens suddenly, and you can practically see how his muscles tense beneath his uniform. ”Thank you, officer Lee. Do you mind taking this down to evidence for me?”
The other man nearly jumps out of his seat in his eagerness to help, a proud smile on his face as he hurries out of the room, file pressed to his chest.
You suck in a surprised breath as officer Park slowly turns around, your stomach lurching as his eyes find yours. You almost don’t register the shock on his face before he schools it into something more neutral, a pleasant smile settling on his lips as he walks closer. He feels … familiar. It takes you a moment to place his face, but a quick glance over his shoulder confirms it easily. He’s the one who saved that civilian off duty – the hero. But even then, you have a feeling you know him from somewhere else – you just can’t quite place where.
“Y/n?” Goosebumps break out over your arms as he softly utters your name. You offer a weak nod in response, the odd reaction to his voice making your throat close up.
“Let's talk at my desk.”
Officer Park seems reluctant to look away as he leads you back through the door he came through, his gaze jumping back to you with every other step. You fully ignore the ache in your foot as you match his pace, a tiny voice in the back of your mind urging you to act normal. You can’t quite figure out why he looks so worried, like you’re going to run off the moment he takes his eyes off you, but you suppose it might just be protocol regardless of what the person is there to do. He's probably just cautious.
You let your gaze wander around the open room as you follow a step behind officer Park. The large office space feels as empty as the reception. You spot three officers in total, with two working away at their desks and another one slipping into what you assume to be a break room. If you include the two officers you’ve spoken with so far, it’s only five in total. For the whole station. Most of the desks around room are completely empty, not even a pen or paper in sight.
“We had a lot of cut-backs this year, the chief was forced to let a lot of us go.” Officer Park says, voice hushed as he leads you past another desk. Heat creeps up the back of your neck as you nod, embarrassed that the confusion must be so easy to read on your face. You didn’t even know that he police could cut-back on officers.
“Here, take a seat,” You breathe out a small sigh of relief as you reach his desk, quickly sitting down on the offered chair. You wince as you move your foot, accidentally banging your swollen ankle straight into the leg of the chair.
Officer Park pauses at the sound, his hands poised over the keyboard in front of his computer. Something flits across his expression as he glances down at your leg, but the emotion is gone before you have the chance to recognize it.
“So, Ms. Y/n, what can I help you with?” You shrink back in your seat as he turns to the screen, his face unreadable as he pulls up a new file. There’s a tension in his jaw that wasn’t there before, and even though you can’t figure out why – it feels like you just did something wrong.
You reach into your bag, grabbing a few of the pink envelopes you had shoved in there earlier. All of the letters are creepy and invasive in their own way, but the pink are by far the worst. It seems like the different colours correspond to whatever mood he’s in, and the hot fuchsia always means fervently graphic descriptions.  
You place them on officer Park’s desk, twisting your fingers nervously as you say, ”I– I think I’m being stalked. I’ve been receiving these letters for about a year now, and they’ve been getting progressively more intense and uhm, descriptive. I filed a report last year, but it seems like it wasn’t looked into.”
“I see.”
You watch as officer Park unfolds the most recent letter, his body half-turned in your direction as he looks it over. His face stays blank, but mortification runs hot through your body as his eyebrows suddenly jump at one of the more extreme parts, your hands growing clammy at the slow speed he works his way through the letter.
Officer Park cocks his head as he reaches the bottom, bringing the paper closer to his face. He breathes in the heavy scent, seemingly unaffected by the sickly sweetness of the perfume that normally makes you want to gag. He raises the letter up towards the overhead lighting, but the slight shake to his head tells you that there’s nothing there, no mark or clue you might have missed yourself.
“There’s more than just the letters,” You blurt, your toes curling in your shoes at the thought of having to bring it up. But you can tell officer Park doesn’t seem overly concerned, that he’ll probably just brush it off like the first one did, and you can’t have that. ”There has been gifts too.”
It must just be a trick of the light as he shifts around, but you swear you see his mouth twitch as he folds up the letter, a hint of a smile brushing over his lips before leans forward in his seat. ”Gifts? What kind?” Officer Park asks, the calm tone of his voice not quite matching up with the intrigued spark in his eyes.
You scratch your wrist, giving yourself another second to muster up the courage. You normally don’t have a problem taking about sex or intimate details, but this–
“The gifts don't come with every letter, but sometimes they’re left in front of my door. They’re usually … sex toys,” You trail off, voice growing weaker by the end as you force out the last two words. The gifts belonging to the pink envelopes are always sexual in nature, and you’ve lost count of how many toys you’ve stored away in a box under your bed. You would never use them and it feels disgusting to keep them, but on the odd chance that it might be used as evidence, you figured it would be a bad idea to throw them away.
Officer Park hums, his dark eyes holding yours for another second before he leans back in his seat, hands folded in his lap. ”Do you mind describing what kind of toys, Ms. Y/n?”
“I’m sorry?” You squeak.
“It’s for the report,” Officer Park adds, pointing to the file on his screen. It makes sense, of course it does, but god, you would rather have the ground swallow you whole than to list off everything that has showed up at your door. You take a deep breath, clutching on the faint sliver of hope that it’ll be worth it if he might find a lead somewhere.
Stuttering your way through all the items you can think off, you try your best not to squirm in your seat as Officer Park’s intense gaze never leaves your face. You can practically feel the path his eyes take as they trail down over your features, your skin burning from the undivided attention. The heated look in his gaze twists into something half amused as you mention some of the more creative toys – the corner of his lip quirking up into a faint smirk. The sight makes your stomach turn, not quite sure whether he actually finds it funny or he’s just trying to not look too uncomfortable.
It’s only as you describe the last gift you received that you realize that Officer Park hasn’t written anything down – the document still blank on the computer beside him.  
The eggs you had for lunch roll dangerously around in your stomach, the weird feeling you had since entering the station only intensifying the longer you stay. Why hasn’t he written anything down? Isn’t that basic protocol?
Officer Park’s voice startles you out of your thoughts before you can spiral further.  ”Well, Ms. Y/n, I believe you’re correct to think that there has been an escalation in both the content and frequency of the letters and gifts you’ve been receiving.”
You grip your bag tighter as you register his words, your heart skipping a beat with hopeful excitement. The confirmation makes you a little light-headed. Finally. Finally, there’s someone who actually believes you and is going to help.
But your relief is short lived, barely even having time to settle down before it’s torn away again. Officer Park rests his hand on his desk, fingertip grazing the edge of one of the letters as he lets out a small sigh. Words of gratitude die on the tip of your tongue as he continues, ”However, even though they are a bit forward, the person behind them doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. There are no threats being made, and nothing to suggest that they want to hurt you – quite the opposite, really.”
You blink.
“I understand that this wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but there’s nothing in the letters or on the envelopes that could help us to track him down even if we wanted to. I can keep one of them and try to do a fingerprint analysis, but I doubt it’ll yield any results. The letters were likely dropped off in a post box, and I’m assuming all the packages you received were from different companies?”
You can only nod, disappointment burying itself deep into your bones as you slump down in your seat.
Officer Park’s face softens. ”It’s a classic tactic that makes it nearly impossible for us to track them down because it’s touched by so many different people. You really don’t have any inkling as to who might have sent you these?”
“No.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, not enough to really hurt, but just enough to keep the moisture forming in your eyes at bay.
“I’m very sorry Ms. Y/n, but my hands are tied here, there’s nothing I can really investigate when your safety hasn’t been explicitly threatened.” Officer Park says, apologetic.
“I-I understand,” You mumble.
“Is there anything else you can think of that might help?”
“No, there’s nothing else ..” You pause, suddenly very aware of the weight in your lap. After all, you didn’t just bring the pink envelopes, you brought a few of each colour. Even if the letters don’t outright threaten you, maybe the rest of them could be enough to convince officer Park that the person behind them isn’t mentally stable? That he seems to have seven very different personalities, and that he needs help?
“Park!” A booming voice calls out for Officer Park just as you reach into your bag to grab them, the echo bouncing around the half-empty floor.
“We have a suspected two-seventeen. Take Lee with you to investigate!”
“Yes, sir!” Officer Park yells back, hands already reaching for the badge and empty holster resting on this desk.
You hurriedly rise from your seat as he gets to his feet, forcing down a wince as you step back to give him more space, letters forgotten. Officer Park glances at you from the corner of his eye as he shrugs his jacket on, looking reluctant as he pats down his pockets to make sure he has everything.
“I’m very sorry to cut this short Ms. Y/n, but I have to go. I’ll make sure to file your report later and crosscheck it with the one you filed last year. I have a good memory for details, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Officer Park flashes you a quick smile, his eyes scrunching up prettily just as they did in the picture out front.
He grabs a small card from his desk; making sure to underline a number before he extends it in your direction. Puzzled, you reach out to take it, stifling a small gasp as his fingers wrap securely around yours, trapping your hand in his. The contact makes your skin crawl, the warmth of his touch making you even more uncomfortable than you were before. The feeling leaves you a little dumbfounded, because you can’t really understand why. Heejun has never made you feel this way when he touched you.
A faint whiff of something sweet hits your nose as he steps closer, Officer Park sounding urgent as he says, ”If you remember something later, or if anything, anything at all happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.”
You look down at the card in your hand, the name barely visible between your fingers. Officer Park Jimin.  
“Thank you, officer,” You plaster on a weak smile, tugging your hand away from Jimin’s grasp. The prickling in your neck immediately subsides as you take another step back, the distance calming your racing heart.
“Jimin,” Officer Park curls his outstretched hand into a loose fist as it drops back down by his side, ”Just Jimin is fine.”
Even though someone is urgently yelling for him to hurry up from a nearby hallway, Jimin’s gaze stays locked on to you, his body rooted in place. Waiting.
“Thank you, Jimin,” You repeat, your tongue heavy and uncooperative as it curls around his name.
A shiver seems to suddenly travel through his body despite the layers he’s wearing, something heated flashing in his eyes. He clears his throat, voice sounding a little strained as he says, ”Another officer will show you out. Remember to call if anything happens, Ms. Y/n.”
He spares you another hesitant gaze before he’s forced to run off, only slowing down enough to point another officer in your direction. You watch his back until he rounds the corner, some of the pressure in your chest lessening the moment he’s out of sight. You try to shake the weird feeling off, turning back to Jimin’s desk to pick up the letters he left there. Even though it makes your stomach curl to bring them back home, you would much rather do that and keep them as evidence in case something else happens, over the station just discarding them.
You get them securely back in your bag just as the officer Jimin talked to reaches you. You follow him silently back the way you came, allowing the resentment to grow for each step you get closer to the exit.
You release a shuddering breath the moment you step outside the station, letting the crisp autumn air fill your lungs as you inhale. A humourless snort slips past your lips as you begin to walk away. You’re honestly not even that surprised that nothing came of your visit, you’re just disappointed. Tired.
What good does it do for Jimin to file another report when he’s not going to follow up with it? When he couldn’t even spare you enough time to get all the evidence? It’s not like having his number is going to help you if he can’t investigate until after you get hurt.  
You hoist your bag higher on your shoulder, scowling at the biting wind that sweeps down the street. You’re sick of always looking over your shoulder and being harassed. You're not willing to just sit around in your apartment and wait for someone to come along and hurt you. If the police aren't going to help, then you’ll just have to solve this yourself.
It’s not like you have much left to lose.
Tumblr media
a/n: welcome to lovesick! this is the story that was born out of my 5k follower event, where you guys chose all the major details of the story! i’m thinking this might be a five parter, but we’ll see. the other boys will be introduced in the next chapters! 
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chateautae · 22 days ago
100 km/hour | pjm. (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
banner by the lovely amelia @knjsnoona
Tumblr media
➵ summary : what exactly happens when you and your friends have to pile into one car for the ride home after an insane halloween party, and you find yourself sitting in park jimin’s lap? especially when he's dressed as an angel, and you're in the sluttiest devil costume ever?
↳  part of the jimin spooktober collab!
➵ pairing: fuckboy!jimin x f. reader
➵ genre : college!au, smut, pwp
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 7k
➵ warnings : swearing, vaping, sexual tension, dirty talk, pussy fondling, marking, unprotected sex (be smart y’all), riding, car sex, mutual orgasm, creampie
➵ a/n : here’s my jimin halloween fic that i know is oh-so late but at least it’s here! don’t think this is my best work at all but I did want to write something for out precious it-boys birth month 🥺 thank you so much to my lovely beta naia @opaljm​​ for editing this like a champ!! as always, your feedback means the world to me <3
Tumblr media
Lipstick? Check. 
Phone? Check.
Five shots of vodka in? Check. 
Sitting in Park Jimin’s lap. What the fuck?
It all started at the party, Seokjin’s wild, crazy ass and downright illegal Halloween bash. There were enough kegs of beer to flood the house, raunchy music that had everyone practically fucking each other on the dance floor, and enough of drugs and alcohol to impair anyone’s judgement. 
You along with your girlfriends were already pretty into it; your Halloween costumes attracted just the right amount of attention you yearned for after a stressful week of midterms. You owed much of that to your choice of a skimpy devil’s outfit, but also some percentage to your friend Taehyung, who has a gorgeous group of guy friends you’ve all become acquainted with. 
It’s what made leaving the party not too big of a deal; two groups meant two cars, and with the way your best friend Tara and Jungkook were licking down each other’s necks, some people really needed to go home. 
The shitty thing about only having two groups was the dilemma of only having, well, two fucking cars. 
And since many of your girlfriends easily paired up with Taehyung’s friends, it all left everyone mixing and matching themselves, to the point that some people were crammed into the backseats of cars. 
You would’ve been fine, A-fucking-okay if it weren’t for you being left with the only other unmatched person, Taehyung’s best friend and notorious fuck boy; Park Jimin. 
It’s not a big deal, totally not a big deal that with every spot taken, the only feasible seat in the car is (dis)respectfully, on Park Jimin’s lap. 
You stand cross-armed outside the car right now, attempting to hide your flushed cheeks due to  not only the alcohol, but also the unabashed way Jimin stares at you. Lop-sided smirk, tongue toying with the inside of cheek, eyes amused by the game. He is the epitome of sin, and yet, he’s ironically dressed in an angel’s costume, only conflicting you more. 
And it is not sitting well with you that you have to seat your skimpily-dressed devil-costumed ass over his crotch. 
“Getting in?” He asks, lazily leaning back into his seat as he offers his lap like a throne. It’s not exactly intentional, but suggestive, suggestive enough you want to wring his neck out. 
“No, thank you.” You bite back, shivering outside in the chilly, October air. 
“Y/N,” Tara whines from inside the car, all loose-limbed and giggly over Jungkook’s thighs as he nibbles at her ear. “Come inside with us!” 
“Yeah, c’mon, Y/N. I know you don’t have a ride home if we leave you.” Taehyung speaks up, showing genuine concern but is soon distracted by a tipsy Mina who kisses him. 
This then ensues in everyone in the car drunkenly, or with enough weed in their systems, to holler at you to get inside, or else accusing you of being a party-pooper. You begin to fold hearing them, huffing as your eye-shadowed eyes meet Park Jimin again, who cocks a brow and gestures towards his very welcoming crotch. 
Rolling your eyes, you stomp over, clutching your arms over your chest as you scowl at him, placing a heeled foot onto the edge of the car. 
“Try some shit, and I’ll break your jaw.” 
“Mmm,” He hums, laughing a little, and you hate that you find his laugh pretty. “Of course, ma’am. Hop in.” He sends you a striking smile to top it all off, and it’s almost hilarious how a simple show of his teeth wins you over. 
You might actually find him likeable, even though you don’t know much about Park Jimin. All you know him as is Taehyung’s best friend, and you know he’s a repeat offender of charming girls. He sleeps around, and it’s granted. It’s just so easy when he’s got Bratz doll lips any girl would dream of having wrapped around her pussy, running your fingers through that flawless hair of his and messing it up all because he’s that crazy good. And fuck, wouldn’t you want to just kiss up that tattoo people have said graces his ribcage all the way until you reach his crotch and plunge your mouth over his-
You physically shake your head, eyes refocusing on the gorgeous man before you, utterly disoriented. 
“Are you getting in?” He asks innocently, until his irises turn a shade darker, and reveal mischief that quite honestly, makes you want to play along. “Or do you need me to make you?” 
Gulping, you feel a shiver run through your core, mustering a response. “N-no, I’m coming.” 
“Good,” he smirks, wetting his bottom lip. “I promise I won't bite.” 
And just when you believe you could survive this car ride, his pretty voice has the audacity to utter. 
“Unless you want me to.” 
Surely, this wasn’t going to be like any other car ride you’ve ever experienced. 
Tumblr media
You’re going to combust. 
The second you nestled your ass over Jimin’s crotch, he let out this puff of air that’s been haunting you for the last 10 minutes. 
It was searing, palpable, the way you could feel him shifting underneath you, attempting to not touch your body in any non-consenting way, even though it would be safer for him to. 
And when Hoseok hit a speed bump all of a sudden, his quick reflexes threw his arms around your waist, hugging you to his chest. You could feel his presence permeating through your back, sucking in a breath at the heated proximity, but also sense the searing tension that flooded the space around you two. You bite your lip to remain silent, acting unaffected as he slowly unravels his arms, moving them off you, but by your side. 
You shuffle around in the cramped space, Hoseok’s blasting Tyga from the car’s obnoxious speakers, and all the passengers of the trip are whooping along to the beats. Some of them rapping, some downright hollering and others having no shame in blatantly making out. 
You and Jimin are subjected to that right beside you, stuck with Tara and Jungkook grossly smacking on each other’s lips as if they’re starved. You feel them both impeding in your little space with Jimin, resulting in you shifting over slightly to avoid them, and suddenly feeling your ass graze Jimin’s quite tangible dick. 
He twitches a little, which signals to you that certainly isn’t comfortable for him. You attempt to seat yourself in a way that doesn’t apply weight on Jimin, afraid of making him endure being squished the whole ride. But when Tara and Jungkook become too drunkenly idiotic for each other and grow wilder, Jungkook’s elbow begins jabbing into your side, and you start side-eyeing them. 
 Clutching your arms around your chest tighter, you shift again until an arm, you are very familiar with and can easily guess who it belongs to, suddenly blocks Jungkook from hitting you. Jimin nonchalantly curls an arm around your waist, gently tugging you flush against his front. Your breath hitches a little, the close quarters of the car already driving you insane, but now his heated breath fanning down your neck is absolutely tugging on your final thread. 
You peek back with questioning eyes, and he merely shrugs. 
“They’re too drunk to care.” 
He’s referring to the giggly couple beside you; he’s right, they’re surely too drunk to even care about the space they’re eating up. 
“Thanks,” you softly remark, to which Jimin nods. 
You would’ve believed the simple response indicated his disinterest, or maybe that he’s bored. But what leaves you curious is the way Jimin’s positioned his hand on you, and dear God, are you close to imploding. 
The arm he laid over you rests in your lap, but his palm is curled over your very exposed thigh, your skirt having ridden up on you. Occasionally, when the car hits a bump or Hoseok turns, you feel him squeeze your thigh a little, lighting you on fire. 
The weakest spot on your body has always been your thighs. 
You can see in the window’s reflection that Jimin stares out of it, lost in whatever thoughts he’s got piled in his head. So why in the hell is his hand clutching your thigh? Is he being nice and keeping you from possibly flying out the car? No way, you’re both too new to each other for him to be that nice. Is he trying to get in your pants? He seems too indifferent for that. Is he merely doing this for fun? Does he have a game plan? 
You feel like you’re going to tear your hair out. 
Desiring to test the waters, you decide to play with them first before he can play you. With the small prod you feel against your core from his cock, you grow enough confidence because fuck, can you sense his tip nestling against your panties. His angel costume has got him wearing pants made of a thin material, using this as your opportunity to strike. 
You gently, quite promiscuously rub your ass against him in a ruse to become more comfortable. You feel his hand slightly shift over your thigh, chalking it up to him merely moving along with the car. 
Or could he have actually felt something?
Unable to see him, you repeat your action, nibbling your lip a little as you lean forward and clutch the seat in front of you; once again, rolling your ass for so-called comfort. 
But he still doesn’t move, and remains stoic, almost catatonic. You begin to lose hope, thinking you’re poking a non-existent bear. Leaning back, you genuinely shift to seat yourself better over his lap, and suddenly feel Jimin dig into your thigh. 
“Fuck, sorry.” He apologizes rapidly, and you nervously look towards the reflection of the window, now catching a real view of him. He’s been straining himself, it’s evident in the way he clutches his splayed fingers over his mouth where his chin rests in his palm. He’d clutched your thigh harshly enough, you hated that part of you actually liked it. 
What would it feel like if he gripped other parts of your body? 
One last time, you brace for impact and gyrate your hips a little, as if you’re dancing to the music over the speakers, and that was where you fucked up. 
Jimin bites this time, and he bites hard. He let out a small groan in his throat, his hand surprisingly retracting towards the inner side of your thigh and gripping the meat of your leg. You jolt, your pussy flaring up at just his hand there. Your outfit sincerely was not made for this ride, and you wouldn’t be able to get out of this not horny. 
Suppressing the urge to look back, you readjust yourself to soothe the ache between your legs, and your hand lands over Jimin’s on your thigh. He twitches a little, which colours you surprised. He hesitates, intertwining your fingers a little, waiting, anticipating. 
But he merely sticks to remaining seated, and doesn’t advance any further. He’s really not entertaining this, is he? You were in the middle of rolling your eyes until Jimin suddenly coughs behind you, causing him to jut his crotch into your dampening pussy, and his hand falls directly south of your body. 
You gulp. 
He doesn’t dip in, however, he hovers, lingers. His fingertips begin to ever so gently glide over the skin of your thigh in circles. It feels lethal, unfair that he remains completely okay, while you are fighting yourself against a moan. 
Growing bold and horny, you snap a look towards the window, hoping to gain his attention. To your victory, Jimin locks eyes with you through the reflection.
At first, he merely stares, as though he is challenging you with his performance of blatant disinterest. Then, his hand daringly grips your thigh again, almost palming at you and you jostle in his lap. Jimin cracks a shit-eating grin, impeccable smile just too damn charming to deny. 
He begins very deliberately rubbing your bare skin, your very very fragile weakness of thigh-touching setting you off like a drug. Arousal courses through your veins, and suddenly all you want is for Jimin to wrap his arms around you, to play with you in his lap until you release a pent-up orgasm. 
You could tell by the way he moves calculatively, with purpose and grace, that he knows how to use his fingers, and how to use them well. 
Biting your lip, you return to your rendezvous point of the window’s reflection which allows you two to have some sort of telepathic conversation between each other. Jimin’s still smug, fingertips drawing circles in your inner thigh as he watches your eyes beg for him, feeling hatred towards his upper hand. 
He cocks a brow as if he knows you enjoy this, knows you want more; half of you would like to jab his ribcage at his show of arrogance, while the other would much rather have him bone you. 
He seems proud, too proud of himself, and you want to wipe that smirk right off his face. Completely unashamed, you wrap your smaller hand around Jimin’s and purposefully stuff him against your clothed pussy if he wants to be so daring. 
Jimin’s eyes widen, completely caught off guard as he silently speaks to you through the reflection. He calms himself despite the delicious poke of his cock you feel beneath you, licking his Bratz doll lips you wish you could throw yourself onto. Gently keeping him against your heat, Jimin mouths to you. 
“Is this okay…?” 
The fact that he’s asking alone warms you up to him, chest fluttering. Your previous thoughts of him being an asshole dissipate slightly, now confident with the decision you make. 
You gently nod, and Jimin surprisingly smiles without the usual smirk, but with his lovable beauty, boggling you a little. He’s the prettiest person you have ever laid your eyes upon, and this angel costume is only increasing your urges by tenfold; as if he truly were an innocent angel you desire to corrupt. 
It was as though Jimin could read your mind, because in the next few seconds, rather than lazily leaning back against the backseat, he rises up and sits straighter, his front flush to your back. His free hand engulfs your arms, holding you in place as he shifts back into his seat with you. 
It’s hilarious how none of your friends notice anything; Jungkook and Tara are too busy with their tongues with Taehyung passed out on the other side beside them while your friend Mina is in the passenger seat as Hoseok drives. They’re distracted by the blaring music from the sound system, allowing you and Jimin to be nearly completely masked. 
Jimin stills his hand against your core, not having moved a muscle, But it seems you spoke too soon, because almost as if he’s experimenting, Jimin lightly rubs a finger against your core, and it’s embarrassing how fucking wet you are. Growing shameful, you begin closing your legs until Jimin pries them back open, gently sighing.  
Jimin eases you into it, meeting your eyes in the window again to shoot you a cock of his brow, and an approving grin. It’s riveting the amount of energy between you two this instant; you can feel his front pressed into your back, his fingers applying blissful amounts of pressure that feel glorious, but are clearly just to tease. 
To fight back, you roll your ass against his crotch a little. Jimin sucks in a breath, and you grow too condescending to let him off the hook. You hike your skirt enough so that it doesn’t obstruct the contact of your pussy, wet lips nestling against his clothed crotch and Jimin suppresses a heady moan in his throat. He plays it off with a cough, which he only uses to suddenly drive up into you again as you lightly moan, toying with your sanity. 
He speeds up the way he fondles your pussy, fingertips running circles over you while you keep adjusting yourself over his crotch, feeling his member become hard and thick. 
It’s nearly laughable what you’re both doing; as if trying to tease each other, but also enjoying it, letting each other run their evil tyrade as you both never acknowledge how out of the blue it is. But maybe that’s what makes it so intriguing, enthralling. Park Jimin has been on your mind ever since you heard the first rumour of his Godly head game from a friend of yours, and months later, you never expected to be sitting in his lap now. 
Maybe Park Jimin has proven to not be so terrible after all, and right now, with this skimpy outfit and the trained way his fingers move over your clit, there’s no way in hell you’re stopping this now. 
His fingers manage to dip down your folds, slowly caressing you up and down, touching your pussy as if he owns it. His hardened cock glides across your opening deep enough you jerk into his hand, nearly sighing out in relief but keeping your mouth clamped shut. 
Jimin senses a weakness, however, and clutches you tighter in places as he drives your body down over his crotch, and he deliberately rubs you over himself. You sincerely feel your nerves exploding, self-control a fickle concept as you battle against the work of his fingers. 
 He continues to run his fingers through your slit, up and down then again up and down, harder, deeper, making you thank God your skirt was covering his hand right now. 
Gliding his two fingers upwards, he meets the band of your underwear which results in you nosediving into panic mode. You glimpse over at your only means of communication, and Jimin’s eyes turn a deep shade of desire, as though for an angel, he has lust overriding every part of him. 
But he holds onto a sense of patience, biting his lower lip as he scans your features. When you reveal an expression of desperation with a hint of yearning, ever so gently nodding, he confidently surpasses the band of your underwear. 
His perfect fingers dip inside and he touches you bare, igniting you with flames. 
You shudder, curtaining your moaning mouth with a hand, coughing quickly afterwards, just to cover up the needy sound. He slowly, purposefully, slides down the flesh above your pussy, stroking you evilly until he finally reaches your sticky, pulsing clit. You keen forward the second he touches your pearl, chewing on your lip to silence yourself. 
His onslaught feels euphoric as you lose any hint of brattish behaviour. You turn putty in his hands because you can tell he knows how to touch a woman and it leaves desire flooding your bloodstream. 
Jimin’s fingers decide to explore you, as though you were a precious toy to touch, fondle, tease to his liking until you both develop a rhythmic rocking with  your hips relishing in the bulge of his hard, meaty cock underneath. His fingertips traverse your slippery folds, spreading your essence all over yourself as you dig your nails into the back of his hand. 
He begins descending to your pulsing hole, dying for something to fill you up, to feel him inside you and lose brain circuitry the second he invades your fluttering cunt. Seconds from plummeting inside your leaking pussy and moaning obscenely, a sudden exclamation from the front seat startles you and Jimin.
“Oh shit! Namjoon just told me Yoongi knows a guy that’s holding a huge party in Waverly!” 
“Holy fuck, did you just say Waverly?” Jungkook actually stops shoving his tongue down Tara’s throat long enough to question. 
Somehow the mention of Waverly even stirs Taehyung awake, who lazily rubs an eye as he comes to. “Did I just fucking hear Waverly?” 
Waverly. Gated community of some of the richest hedge fund babies and private business-owner families in this town. Lawns the size of half a football field, exorbitant architecture and some even featuring regal fountains as their welcome mat. 
“Fuck yeah, you did. Screw going home, we’re hitching a ride straight to expensive booze and skinny dipping.” Hoseok proclaims valiantly as he makes a near violent U-turn on an empty street, causing you to lean completely into Jimin. You squeal, causing Jimin to immediately halt his actions from before and wrap his arms around you.
“Wait, we’re going to Waverly now?” You question with slight annoyance, clearing your throat because suddenly, it’s as though all the moaning you suppressed has made your voice hoarse. 
“Oh shit, we’re actually going to Waverly!” Tara cheers over Jungkook, excitedly tapping his shoulders. 
“Uh, you guys do know there’s a higher chance of the party getting busted in Waverly, right?” Jimin speaks behind you, and it’s surprising to hear that as his contribution to the conversation. You presumed a rumoured fun-loving, personable person like Jimin would be down for any party, especially one held in Waverly. 
Did he not want to go? Why? Did he possibly want to keep doing this with you in the car? Maybe even offer to walk you back to your dorm? 
Now you’re goddamn milking it, you shouldn’t take his sudden act of lewdness to suddenly mean he’s interested in you. 
“Who gives a fuck, Jimin. You were there just last week with your tongue down Soo-hee’s throat.” 
You freeze, brows raised. Taehyung’s comment is obviously meant to be a harmless reminder, but his sentence washes a cold wave of reality over you. You suddenly realize Jimin’s known to be a charmer; his undeniable charisma and pretty smiles reel anyone willing to bite the bait into his trap, and currently, you were falling in like a naïve fawn.
You barely know him, only know of him in passing and yes, maybe you could gain yourself a good fuck tonight, but is this really how you wanted to know Jimin? Fucking without even a decent introduction to each other? Having his cock shoved inside you when you don’t even know what he’s majoring in? It’s a fun time, but not necessarily your type of fun. 
Jimin seems to sense the way your body tenses, shockingly gripping you tighter and biting back at Taehyung. 
“And? She was a shitty kisser anyway and by the time we got upstairs cops busted the place. Waverly’s not worth it.” 
Hoseok blows a loud raspberry in disapproval, proudly continuing the drive. 
“That may have happened when you were there, Jimin, but it ain’t happening this time and I will get my expensive booze.” 
“Oh fuck me. Joon just told me that apparently they have a chocolate sculpture that looks like Michael Myers!” Mina beams, erratically slapping Taehyung’s shoulder with him leaning over and reading Namjoon’s text.
“Way to celebrate the Halloween spirit, bitches, we’re fucking going.” Jungkook enthusiastically adds.
And with hollers and squeals of agreement, you sigh as Hoseok floors the gas straight to Waverly. 
Tumblr media
You watch all your friends pile out of Hoseok’s car, excitedly conversing about the obscene amounts of alcohol they’re going to drown themselves in. Jimin rests a hand on the car door, holding it open as you stand with your arms defensively clutched around yourself; it’s too cold outside. 
Your friends merrily begin stepping towards the long path leading up to Yoongi’s so-called friend’s house, which you have to say, looks like the equivalent of a manor. On any other given day you would’ve happily crashed the damn near Buckingham Palace with your friends. But now, cold and frustrated from how your night got obstructured by this stupid party, you’re in too sour of a mood. 
This totally does not have anything to do with losing the prospect of a wild night with Jimin, in no way whatsoever. 
“Guys, aren’t you coming?” Hoseok tugs your friend Mina along as he hollers towards you both, your car ride companions all turning heads. 
“C’mon, guys, you should come!” Jungkook yells out, and it’s funny you keep hearing ‘guys’, as in, more than just you. It’s then you glance behind you and find a blank-faced Jimin unmoving, glued to his spot, casually leaning an arm over the ajar door. 
He’s not going? 
“Jimin, man, c’mon! Why aren’t you coming?” Taehyung queries his best friend, to which Jimin waves him off with a non-committing hand, shaking his head. 
“If Hoseok’s getting wasted then we need someone to drive.” Jimin replies, which is also another surprise.
He didn’t drink tonight?
“Oh shit, Jimin, thanks man! I seriously needed some expensive booze in me.” Hoseok appreciates his friend. “What about you, Y/N?” 
“I’m um.. I’m not feeling too well. I don’t think I’m up for another party.” You hide your truth, but it wasn’t exactly a lie. You truly didn’t feel well enough for a party, and would much rather stay outside with some fresh air, chilling in Hoseok’s car than be crammed with drugged and drunk people.
It confuses you that Jimin’s also deciding to stay back, gulping when you realize he still hasn't closed the car door.
“Damn, alright then. Take care of yourself, eh? Jimin’s there if you need anything!” Hoseok endearingly smiles, joined by Tara. 
“Call me if you really do want to go home, Y/N. I don’t want you going by yourself!” 
“Of course, guys. Thank you!” You project your voice as your friends stumble down the path, arm in arm and hand in hand as they buzz about the party and how luxuriously high-class Waverly is. 
Taking a deep sigh, you slowly turn on your heel, meeting Jimin. Your eyes lock, and you could swear he was already previously looking at you. 
Was he looking at your ass?
His response is casual like yours, but it holds a sense of friendliness, almost flirty. You’re unsure of what to say, honestly not having thought this far into the night. What exactly were you two meant to do for the next hour or so your friends crashed here? 
Sensing your unfamiliarity with the situation, it would seem, Jimin speaks up. 
“We should get inside the car, you’ll get cold.” He bobs his head towards the vehicle, and you send him a small smile. 
You paddle over to the door, and Jimin steps back as he allows you to fit yourself inside. He lets you become comfortable first before sliding in himself, settling beside you and shutting out the cold.
Finally seated in the car together, there’s a lingering silence hanging in the air. It’s not uncomfortable, just a constant reminder that you and Jimin don’t know each other very well, and yet, he already somehow knows what your pussy feels like. 
You shiver. 
“Are you still cold?” 
Your curious eyes flit over to Jimin, who sits leaned back, legs manspread, an arm draped over the seats, where you sit a few inches away. You honest to God hate that he’s sitting like this, because his flimsy angel outfit doesn’t do much to hide how thick his thighs are, or that fact that he’s still hard. 
“Yeah, kind of.” 
Jimin then pops open the door of the car and slips inside the driver’s seat. He places his foot on the brake and presses the ignition of the keyless vehicle, feeling it roar to life. He nonchalantly, but with a skilled grace works Hoseok’s car, tapping over the dash to adjust the temperature settings and turning on the heat in the backseats. 
He returns thereafter, shooting you an amicable smile as he shuts the door. “It should be warm now.” 
You appreciate his act of kindness, thinking possibly, Park Jimin isn’t as bad as you predicted him to be. “Thank you, Jimin.” You grin brightly, which causes him to send a stunning one back. 
“No problem, Y/N.” 
Now there’s another silence, thrown off by how noiseless Jimin is. He was always described as quite the lively social butterfly, able to welcomingly converse with anyone. So why exactly isn’t he speaking to you? 
“So, why didn’t you go in?” 
“Huh?” Jimin turns towards you, fishing inside the pocket of his pants. 
“The party. Why didn’t you go?” 
“Well, I’m the designated driver now.” He offers as though it’s obvious, but you backtrack. 
“No, I mean. You could still go into the party and just not drink. Why’d you stay out here?” 
Jimin scoffs under his breath, cracking a smirk before he peers off to the side. He unveils a vape from his pocket and pops the tip into his mouth, inhaling a sweet, long drag before releasing an icy scent of strawberry and kiwi. 
“Now why would I leave you out here all by yourself?” He speaks through the release of his smoke, watching it blow out from his mouth and nose. The scent intrigues you, and the image of smoke surrounding a sexy angel like Jimin, manspreading deliciously as he runs a hand through his hair leaves you clutching your chest for some goddamn much needed air. 
Wetting your lips to prevent his comment from unsteadying you, you hold out a hand, indicating you want the vape too. A slightly sheepish smile has curved your lips, the sentiment of his words oddly having tugged at your heart strings. 
He raises a brow, surprised you were requesting his vape, and he slowly, it almost seems purposefully, drags the vape out of his mouth and offers it to you. You carefully receive it and pop the magenta tip into your mouth, taking a satisfying, filling drag before gently puffing the smoke out. It tastes pleasant and you relish in the fruity scent and taste. 
Your relaxed, almost hooded eyes meet Jimin’s, which are surprisingly fixated on you, peering with an indistinguishable likeness in his irises. 
“Funny how this vape doesn’t belong to the devil, huh?” You gesture your eyes towards his costume then. “Quite the angel, aren’t you?” 
He chuckles lightly, holding your eyes. “I would say so. But only with people I feel are worth it.” 
You become intrigued, seated with your legs folded underneath you, shoes kicked off as you lean on an elbow against the backseat. You inhale another fruity drag from the vape, releasing the smoke. 
“And you deem me worth it, Park?” 
He huffs with an underlying laugh, pretty lips curved. “Very. You’ve been on my radar for a while, Y/L/N.” 
That honest to God shocks you, furrowing your brows. “Now have I?” 
“You have. Though the reason why remains my secret.” He cleverly counters, and you acquiesce with a puckered lips and a nod. 
“I get you. But seriously, why’d you stay back from the party? It couldn’t have just been about me.” 
Jimin laughs a little, casting his eyes away as though you’ve just said something absurd. Your eyes smile with curiosity, hitting his vape another time until he fills the car with a dangerously low tone. 
“You really think I’d go into a party when all I can think about is my fingers between your legs?” 
You freeze, caught in a state of complete shock. You struggle to form a sentence, mouth falling open and shutting close for several seconds. 
“I- what?” 
“You’re a little tease, you know that?” Jimin’s voice drips sin, and the gleam of mischief in his eyes ignites something within the depths of your stomach.
“You were being unfair.” 
“Unfair? I was making sure you didn’t fly out the car, angel.” It’s ironic he calls you an angel, because you’re the one dressed like Satan’s slutty spawn, while he adorns a halo over his head. 
“Please, and that entails touching my thigh? You’re not off the hook, either.” 
“And who was the one grinding over my cock in an outfit like that?” Jimin gestures towards your heavy cleavage and mostly exposed legs that are covered by flimsy fishnet tights. You hold out your chin with a hmph as he eyes you, not in a disrespectful way, but one that’s meant to admire you. He ups the energy by ten folds when you lock eyes with him, finding a dark shade of lust in his irises, wetting his lips. 
“I couldn’t keep my eyes off you the whole fucking night.” 
He still hasn’t looked away, and neither have you. The tension in the car is palpable, riveting now. You narrow your eyes into slits with a hint of frustration, resentment, but something about his tensed jaw and the way he flits between your eyes and lips shoots arousal through your core, leading you to bite your bottom lip. 
You give up on the eye contact, rolling yours instead and releasing a puff of sweet smoke from between your lips. But to your surprise, Jimin suddenly comes mere inches before your face, inhaling the smoke himself and blowing it out. You feel your panties instantly dampen and gnaw inside your cheek as Jimin’s beautifully full lips remain just in front of you. 
He peers at your mouth hard, switching between your irises and the petals he seems to so badly desire. He maintains eye contact, and something so undeniably compelling about his gaze keeps you there too. His hand slips into yours and grasps the vape pen, bringing it to his own mouth for a long, plentiful drag, releasing the icy smoke right by your mouth. 
You breathe in the smoke, sharing it with him and blowing it back on him. You relish in him in that moment, because quite literally nothing defeats the way Jimin opens his mouth to taste your smoke. You’re closer now, much closer than before and his proximity feels intoxicating, magnetic as he takes another drag from the vape pen, but this time, his fingers wrap underneath your jaw. 
Jimin holds your face in place as he directly blows his smoke into your ajar mouth, watching you shut hum in euphoria as somehow, the smoke tastes sweeter when it comes from his mouth. Your insides scream for him, yearn for him as Jimin cradles your jaw, pupils dilating with a fiery hunger you could see within him. 
Your lips are centimeters apart, the small distance making it able to count each eyelash of his, to see the faint freckles speckled across his nose and cheeks, but before you can even admire the intricate design of his brown eyes, his lips envelop yours. 
Within a single breath, the kiss surprises, leaves you hesitating for a mere second before you melt into the taste of vape smoke on his lips. You become engulfed by the heady neediness of his kiss. It’s desperate, but there’s a tamed slowness to his mouth, as though he both needs all of you at this instant desires to savour you. 
The vape pen gets lost in the mix somewhere, Jimin hands sliding down your body to encase your waist and tug you closer, while yours glide up his chest and cradle his cheek and hair, tugging at the luscious locks of blonde. 
Jimin moans into your mouth, and suddenly the fire lit between your bodies is burning too hot, too kinetic to simply remain in this awkward side-by-side position. Shredding all forms of awareness and logic, you spring up onto your knees and throw a leg over Jimin’s lap, nestling above his crotch where your clothed pussy lips greet his semi-hard cock. 
“Fuck..” He curses into your mouth, hands roaming all over your scantily clad body once you’re on top of him. Your tongue does the talking as it dances with Jimin’s, poking inside his mouth to welcome its partner’s drunken tango. You develop a searing rhythm together, so melodic and harmonious it feels like effortless air kissing Jimin. 
Your crotch rubs against his and you can feel your wetness rubbing onto him, begging his cock underneath to just slip inside. Jimin moans again when you rock your hips, and he juts his hips up for a counterattack. You moan once you feel his cock prod your opening, throwing your head back as Jimin steals the opportunity to speedily suck on your neck, Bratz doll lips latching onto your throat. 
You sigh in arrant pleasure, cradling his head to your neck as you sigh his name, unabashed and shameless in the tight space of the car
“Y/N.. fuck.” 
The way he swears causes your pussy to flare up in seconds, pulsing needily and rubbing all over his pants in a way that leaves you physically keening. His hands slowly glide up your body to cup your breasts, groping them as they offer themselves to him in two round, very obvious globes. He palms and kneads, sighing out euphorically when he pinches your hardening nipples through your bralette. 
“Fuck, Jimin, just like that…” 
“Yeah? Like it when I play with you?” 
You gush, feeling your panties pool when he fishes out your breast from your deep red bodycon and wraps his lips around a nipple. You gasp in overriding pleasure. Suddenly his rock-hard cock is elongated and shoving into your pussy folds, riding against him for the divine friction against your buzzing clit. Your hands and fingers explore his body as much as they can, tugging at his hair and teasing the nape of his neck because fuck, does he let out these deep, sexy moans that leave you wired. 
“I thought..” You breathe, relishing in his plump lips enveloping your pulse point with delicious sucks and kisses. “You had… your tongue down Soo-hee’s throat last week?” It's a low jab, but you’ll take whatever retaliation you can get because the sudden tension between you two is sickenly hot. 
“The only throat I want my tongue down is yours.” Jimin breathes, collecting your other breast and swirling his tongue over the sensitive peak. You jostle into his lap, grinding down over his growing bulge. 
“Mmm, no wonder you’re hard as a rock, huh?” You whisper by his ear.
He scoffs against your neck, shivering your insides. “Blame your tiny little dress, angel.” 
You have to admit, it is the skimpiest thing on Earth, but there’s no way in hell you are letting him win. In the meantime you allow him to trail fruitful kisses up your neck until he’s behind your ear. You salvage the opportunity to dive for his neck, returning his heady, wet kisses all over his throat as he leans back and enjoys himself, letting out little moans of pleasure as he caresses and strokes your body. 
“Fuckkk.” He groans, hand settling over your ass and squeezing as he yearned, moaning against his neck. “Keep going, angel.” He coaxes you, both of you growing too hot and heavy then. Jimin helps you ride your hips over his crotch to the point in which your underwear is soaked, and his cock is straining painfully against his white pants. 
Breathing erratically, you pop off his neck with flushed cheeks and lustful eyes, meeting his obsidian ones swirling with adventure. There’s a moment of mutual heavy breathing, breaths mingling into one as you both allow arousal to consume you, liquid desire coursing through your blood. 
Your eyes do the communicating, Jimin raising his eyebrows as if questioning “do you want this?” And you respond with a nibble of your lip and an emphatic nod, throwing away your pride and crashing your lips against his. 
This time it’s rough, carnal, and wild as your hands immediately descend towards the waistband of his pants, undoing the belt as Jimin rapidly climbs aboard. He begins helping you and tugs down his bottoms in a rush, shuffling them off as he aimlessly kisses your neck, your cheek, your collarbone, almost ensuring you aren’t without the knowledge of his desire as you follow suit. 
Once Jimin’s exposed, his thick, solid cock springs out and you nearly salivate at the pretty head of his cock, red-tipped and leaking angirly. You’d stuff him in your mouth if you could, but you can’t even let the thought subside before Jimin’s hiking up your skirt, bare ass suddenly exposed to the warm heat of the car.
He gives one of your cheeks a smack that jolts your breasts into his face, his lips kissing somewhere between the valley. His thumbs dig into the band of your panties and quickly stretches them down your legs, assisting him in the removal. 
The obstacle of your panties are soon gone, leaving only your leaking pussy and Jimin’s thick, meaty cock. You immediately rise up on your knees and Jimin wraps a hand around his shaft, fisting himself before he nestles the tip against your wet pussy lips, mutual moaning out together. 
“God, you are so fucking wet already.” 
“Blame.. your cock.” You breathe through kisses against his jaw, to which Jimin tries catching your lips in between, clutching you tightly over his body. 
“Blame.. this tiny ass dress.” 
Another smack to your ass jerks you forward, and your needy whimper gives away your impatience. You shudder when he slides his cock through your folds and wets himself nice and slow, the divine flesh of his member prodding your slit equivalent to heaven. 
Connecting your forehead with his, your hands gripping his strong shoulders, Jimin finally directs his cock towards your hole. He meets your eyes, breaths rugged, irises coloured with insatiable hunger. 
“Sink down, angel.” 
You nod, following his instruction and slowly descending over his cock, moaning out obscenely as you feel the stretch of his dick; your wet, slippery walls fitting him inside as he pushes up from underneath. You moan against each other’s mouths, suddenly everything around you two disappearing, only focused on the way his cock pierces inside your fluttering pussy. 
When he bottoms out, your hips connect and heady groans escape you both as you  grip Jimin’s shirt like a vice while he scans your face, breathing hard. 
“Fuck.. fucking shit.” He curses. 
“Fuck, Jimin. You feel so good, too fucking good.” 
Cracking a proud smirk at you, he pecks your lips and whispers dangerously. 
“Bounce on my cock, angel.” 
Patience is definitely not a virtue this time as you elevate yourself, drawing him out steadily only to smack back down over his dick, savouring the way your walls cling to his meat. It feels ravishing, divine as your clit happens to touch against his abdomen, grasping him as though he’s your lifesaver. 
You clench your walls around him and Jimin hisses, fingers digging into your waist. 
“Fucking hell, Y/N. You’re so fucking tight.” He grunts, containing himself from absolutely drilling into your pathetic sex. Lifting yourself back up, you drop down and bury him deep, feeling I'm compromising your damn insides and letting out a broken sigh. 
Jimin grunts like a madman, and his hands settle over your ass. Physically offering his help, Jimin lifts you up by your ass and guides you down again, indulging in the fit of his cock edged inside your walls. He spears himself inside you as a lewd moan leaves your lips, head spinning as he repeats, and repeats and repeats until you develop a deadly bouncing rhythm over his erect cock, slicking with sweat in your joints as you relentlessly ride him. 
Jimin’s harsh breaths give his arousal away, the hardness of his dick poking you sharply, but just enough it never hurts, rather burns you with a searing pleasure as you gush. 
You both moan obscenely as your hips smack against his, the car windows quickly fogging up as the temperature rises, bodies flush together, rubbing against each other, lips a hot mess of tongue and saliva. He clutches you closely as you hook onto his neck, using him as leverage to bounce yourself all over his cock, moans erotic and loud. 
“Fuckfuckfuck, Y/N. Shit, you feel so fucking tight, Jesus.” Jimin groans, eyes darting down to earth in the direction of  your pussy that swallows his pulsing cock. 
“Jimin, fuck.. Fuck me deeper, faster.” 
Jimin’s eyes go wide, as though more lust has found a home within him and he grows unquestionably  determined. Jimin grips your hips hard and completely halts you, breaths harsh and rugged as he contains himself. 
“Okay, when I go up, you go down, and when I go down, you go up, got it?” Jimin instructs, and something about the hot way he tells you what to do only turns you on more. 
Following his words, you feel Jimin draw himself out of you, and so you elevate yourself. When you feel him plummet inside your engorged pussy, he shoves you down over his cock so deep your gasp turns into a near cry, face finding his neck. 
“Fuck.. Jimin!” 
“Shit, did that hurt?” 
“No, no..” You breathe, recollecting yourself. “That felt like fucking heaven.” 
Scoffing proudly at your feedback, Jimin continues the up and down rhythm until your moans become desperate sighs. They replicate that of a pornstar’s as his cock throbs violently inside you, aching to cum.
Sensing your clit beating against his abdomen, Jimin slithers a hand between your bodies and begins touching your sticky bud, fondling with a practiced precision that felt like God’s work, moaning erotically. 
“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck, Jimin!” 
“Shit, shit I’m not going to last. I fucking won’t.” Jimin curses, speedily and needily working over his cock as your lungs fill with intoxicating arousal. The way you smother his member leaves his dick practicing an immense level of patience, holding back immensely as his brow furrowed in concentration and his pretty moans ring in your ears. 
“Fuck, fuck. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum.” Jimin warns you, worried eyes darting towards you. “I need to pull out, shit, I have to pull out..” 
“It’s okay-it’s okay.” You ease him, kissing his pretty lips in the process, his dick smacking into your pussy. “I take the pill, don’t stop Jimin. Don’t fucking stop.” 
Smiling smugly at your request, Jimin jerks his brows. “Who am I to refuse the devil?” 
You would almost laugh at his witty comment if it weren’t for the onslaught on your clit, your focus turning solely on the pleasure he’s providing you as the car boils with intense heat, bodies sweating and clothes falling off as Jimin fucks you mercilessly. He continously rams himself inside you, heightening your moans by each and every hard fuck until your moans become so high-pitched and lewdly high, you squeeze his meat so hard you snap like twig in his hands. 
The sound of your orgasming does Jimin in as well, releasing inside you with the prettiest moan you’ve ever heard. His fingertips soothe out your high as he rubs in circles, gently riding you over his creamed cock as you both come down, face stuffed into each other’s necks. 
His heated breath fans your hair off your shoulder, when he finally lifts off of you, your blown eyes meet his, your faces absolutely flushed, hot, lips hung open with ecstasy. 
You peer down between your bodies, wanting to admire  the mess between you two, until your eyes suddenly widen in horror. 
“Fuck, I think we got cum on the seats!” 
“Oh fuck, really?!” Jimin panics, eyes darting down to find the crime scene of cum oozing out of your pussy and his cock. It drips down onto the nylon seats of Hoseok’s car, Jimin smacking his forehead. 
“Shit, Hobi’s going to kill me!”
And once you let out a little giggle, Jimin can’t help but chuckle too, shoving his face against your chest with a grievous huff. 
Tumblr media
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jkeuphoriadreamland · 2 months ago
Irresistible⤞ pt. 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤞ Pairing: Hybrid Maknae line x reader ⤞ Genre: Hybrid!au, Smut, 18+ M, 3k words ⤞ Summary: You weren’t supposed to be theirs, and they weren’t supposed to find you so irresistible. ⤞ Warnings: mentions of heat, mentions of blood, mentions of abuse, future smut ⤞ A/N: This fic will contain future smut and is 18+ M. Thank you once again to my wifey @outromoni​ for her ridiculous talent. All credit goes to her for the banner. 
Tumblr media
The words spoken by the employee at the center fell deaf on Jungkook’s small, but cute bunny ears. The rules were simple; no one could own a human without going through the proper procedures. The problem was, the moment Jungkook set his eyes on you, he knew he had to have you. For weeks he visited the center, always seeking you out in hopes that you weren’t gone. He must’ve walked by your display window a thousand times. Each and every encounter, although only through glass, was unforgettable. Sometimes he’d simply watch you sit in a corner looking forlorn and quiet, and other times, he would see you attempt to interact with the other humans inside of the shared enclosure. But what really killed him, was when you looked right into his soul, your pretty eyes begging to be set free. He couldn’t just leave you there to rot.
Instead of doing what he knew was right, he ignored the voices in his head telling him to rethink what he was about to do. Stealing you wasn’t exactly his first choice, but there was no way the center would let him adopt you. He was still in university and unable to care for another being, not to mention there was also the problem of his hyungs. The application process was ridiculous, and he was much too impatient to wait, a problem his hyungs have been working hard to correct.
And on this particular day, after he loitered about the center for longer than was acceptable, Jungkook decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He fell to temptation knowing his actions were illegal, but the possibility of losing you to some other owner was too devastating to ignore. And so late into the evening, when the sun was already set, Jungkook took matters into his own hands.
He wasn’t looking forward to the confrontation he would soon have to face. It was bad enough he was dangerously on the brink of setting off his heat, probably due to the adrenaline rush he was feeling, but having to explain to his hyungs what he had done was going to be difficult. The entire drive home he chewed on his bottom lip with his protruding bunny teeth, the very same he often used to cutely manipulate his hyungs with. He knew without a doubt that they wouldn’t be happy with what he’d done.
Although he felt incredibly stressed, the moment he arrived at his apartment, the familiar scent filled his nose and his nerves calmed. He all but kicked down the door upon entering, desperate to find someone that would ease the guilt coursing through his veins. He was on edge and his hybrid senses were on high alert. What he needed now was a more composed hybrid to advise him, and he knew just who to talk to.
The smell in the kitchen immediately drew in his senses, so he made his way in nervously. The dim light in the room caused his doe eyes to grow larger, the pupils dilating to twice the normal size. His unusual behavior immediately caught the attention of Jimin who was busy making dinner.
“What’s got you all excited, bun?”
Bun. Jungkook’s ears wiggled at the endearment. The way Jimin said it always triggered his endorphins. There was just something soothing and charming about the sweet hybrid who was currently making his favorite meal. The problem, however, wasn't Jimin, but Tae. Jungkook knew he could get away with anything if he just cranked up his cuteness, but after almost seven years of living with both of them, he knew it would take a little more to soften the tiger hybrid; speaking of which...
“Where’s Tae?” Unable to keep his body from shaking, Jungkook sat at the table and wiggled his feet back and forth trying to contain his emotions. Breaking this news wasn’t going to be easy, and although Jimin was much easier to manipulate, what he had done was unacceptable.
“He’ll be here soon. Now, tell me, what’s going on? Your eyes are so large I can see the stars in them, and not to mention, you’re giving off a new scent. Did you see a girl you like, Kook-ah?” he teased.
Jimin already knew something was up. It was adorable to see the bunny hybrid look so small. Although Jungkook was big and strong, with his twenty-fourth birthday on the horizon, he was still a baby in his eyes. If this behavior was over a girl, Jimin would certainly be intrigued.
“W-what...what no, I just… I need to tell you both something.”
A tiny sneeze from the living room causes Jimin to pause. “What was that?” He glances at Jungkook with an arched brow and then at the entryway leading into the other room. “Did you bring a guest, Koo?”
Jimin stands, and Jungkook panics, running to block the path that leads to the sin he’s committed. “It’s nothing. You’re hearing things. I really need to talk to you and Ta--”
“Um, who the hell are you?”
The sound of Taehyung’s voice is ill-timed and Jungkook feels like everything that could go wrong is. He turns to race towards the living room hoping nothing terrible has happened. Sometimes Tae could be a little rough and he didn’t always take kindly to strangers.
The moment Jungkook reaches you, he sees Tae at the other end of the room with a full on scowl. “It’s nothing! I-- I found her...and,” Jungkook stammers as he attempts to hide you behind his larger frame. He reaches his arms back trying to protect you, and he finds it hard to explain what he’s done. Even though he went over his speech many times before arriving, all of it goes out the window as soon as he finds himself standing in front of the two most important people in his life.
“Koo. What is this? Where did you find it? You know humans are a big responsibility. When you agreed to stay with us, you agreed to follow our rules,” Jimin gently reminds him.
Upon hearing his hyung’s soft voice, Jungkook’s nose twitches and his pretty dark eyes begin to water. He didn’t want to cry, but he tended to be very soft-hearted, and it felt like he was being judged for something they didn’t understand.
Just seeing the bunny’s face breaks Jimin’s heart, and he looks towards Tae for an answer, but the tiger simply puts his hands up in defeat. “Don’t look at me Jimin. You were the one that wanted him to stay with us. I told you bunnies are a handful.”
Jimin’s cat ears twitch and he sways his tail about until it’s curled around Taehyung’s waist. “I know, but look at how cute he is. Not to mention, you’ve stopped being such a grump since he arrived. We’re finally a family. Don’t be such a hard-ass. Let him explain himself.”
They both turn back to Jungkook, Tae’s foot tapping on the wooden floor setting the bunny’s nerves on edge. Although they were clearly upset, they truly were the only family he had. They took him in when he was just a runaway teen who was done with all the abuse he’d endured from his adoptive family. For some reason there was still prejudice between breeds and Jungkook ended up in a home that wasn’t accepting. For a few nights he found himself sleeping in the streets, wondering about his future, until he ran into Jimin. It didn’t take long before Jungkook was swept up into a clean home, shown the shower and offered delicious food. Ever since then they’d taken care of him.
And it was because of his experience that he had to make them understand why he’d taken you. You were alone. He knew that feeling oh so well, not to mention, something about you made his body feel things he’d never felt before. He was pulled towards you, like a magnet, and it made him feel dizzy.
“Guys… I mean...Hyungs. You have to understand, she was in the center all alone. Look at her. She’s dirty and unkempt. It’s obvious she wasn’t being treated well. It’ll only be for a short time. I promise. You won’t even know she’s here.”
Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked to Tae whose jaw was clenched. They stare in silence at the younger male who’s all flustered. “Jungkook. How did you get her? It’s not easy to get a human just like that.”
Jungkook knows what Jimin is asking, but if he admits the truth, they might make him return you. “I just got her, okay?! Why can’t you just understand that she needs a home?!”
Noticing Jungkook’s bunny teeth protruding defensively, Taehyung lifts his hands up in surrender. “Okay, Kook-ah, just calm down. She can stay for a short while, but after that she needs to go. I have a feeling she isn’t supposed to be here.”
Jungkook visibly calms down and Jimin smiles at him before turning his attention to you. He can see that you’re shivering, the thin material the center provided you doing nothing to keep your weak human flesh warm. “Hello, um… what’s her name, Koo?”
Jungkook freezes and attempts to recall the name he saw on the glass of your cage. “Her name is… ugh…” He turns around and begs with his eyes hoping that you’ll help him out, but then he sees the collar around your neck. Turning the tag, he tests the name on his lips.
“Her name is, ___.”
He hears you stifle a noise the moment his fingers brush against your neckline, but then he sees the marks and scratches along your skin. At first he was worried that he did something to hurt you, but the sheer cloth you’re wearing suddenly distracts him and your pretty nipples brush against his forearm when he shifts. That was all it took for his brain to become hazy. Suddenly he doesn’t feel like himself and for some reason his own hyungs feel like a threat. A strange desire to protect you overcomes him and he snarls when he feels Jimin approaching.
“Okay, nice to meet you, ___. Why don’t you come with me and I can show you to th--”
“NO! She...I mean...I can show her...let me. I...” Jungkook shakes his head, the heat flowing through his body making him feel like he could tear apart anyone that came too close.
Jimin pauses with a concerned look on his face and looks to Tae for help.
The tiger hybrid drops his voice to a lower register, one he knows Jungkook cannot ignore. “Kook. Calm down. Nobody is going to hurt her. Besides, I need to talk to you.”
Without even letting Jungkook agree, Taehyung wraps a large hand behind the irritated hybrid’s neck and tugs him to the kitchen. Jimin moves forward once the menacing bunny is gone and takes you by the hand toward the bathroom.
“What the fuck was that?” Tae’s voice reverberates in his chest, the frustration of a long day and his friend’s chaotic behavior setting off his temper. He would always control his inner tiger making sure his voice didn’t frighten the sweet bunny boy before him, but right now he didn’t like what he saw.
“I-I don’t know… it’s just so weird. When I first saw her it was like I was being pulled to her and just the thought of either of you touching her has me…”
Jungkook’s foot begins tapping aggressively against the tiled floor and Tae’s eyes flicker to it. Making sure his instincts were correct, he gets closer to the younger and takes a deep breath.
“Just as I thought. You’re in pre-heat, bun.”
The accusation makes Jungkook jump back and hug himself as if that would shield others from smelling the truth. “I am not!” He manages to snarl as best as he can, but his efforts at attempting to look big and threatening make Taehyung smile.
“If you say so, Koo, but I have a very good sense of smell, and no matter how much you try to hide it, it’s very obvious from the outside too. Did you really think you could try and puff up like that against Jimin in front of me? Heat or not, you need to calm down and tell me everything because something has your bunny tail in a twist.”
Even though they have never disrespected one another or crossed lines, their animal instincts always took over, and Jungkook found himself surrendering quickly. They sat at the table and the bunny spilled everything. The entire time Tae listened quietly, occasionally smirking at the cute expressions Jungkook displayed whenever he got super riled up.
When everything had been explained, Jungkook sat back waiting for the worst possible thing to happen. He knew Tae was not very fond of humans to begin with, and the fact that stealing one could put their entire family at risk was also not a good thing.
“I’ll have to talk with Jimin about this. The human can stay in your room for now.”
Jungkook looked shocked at what the other suggested. Surely he didn’t think it was a good idea to put a human in a room with a hybrid. Although Jungkook liked you, he wasn’t sure what you were capable of. He took you in hopes that his hyungs would have a better solution for your imprisonment, but this...
“Don’t look at me with those big eyes. You got into this mess and now you have to be responsible for it until we can figure something out. I don’t trust that thing, and leaving it in another room would keep me awake, so… this is all on you, bun.”
“Sorry, no buts.”
With a final word, Taehyung walked out of the room to seek out Jimin. Ever since they took in Jungkook, it’s been a never ending adventure, but this was beyond his imagination. The truth of the matter was that the law could get involved and there were severe penalties for illegal human ownership. With a heavy sigh, he ran a hand over his face and smiled once he saw Jimin standing in the hall just outside of the bathroom.
“This is quite the mess, huh?”
“You’re telling me. That cute little human has been splashing in the water for over ten minutes. It’s like they don’t bathe them or something. When I brought her some clean clothes she almost cried. I don’t know what they do to them in those facilities but I can see why Jungkook wanted to help her.”
“Don’t take his side, Jimin. Jungkook should know better. He’s a grown man. This is just too much, and then…”
“Then what?”
“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but, I’m pretty sure he’s in pre-heat.”
“I knew it!” Jimin’s eyes slitted as he contemplated all the events. There was only one possible explanation for Jungkook’s behavior, and his heat was certainly it. “When he walked in I could smell something was different. Do you think this female set him off? What does it mean?”
“I don’t know what any of this could mean. Hybrids should only want another of the same species, but of course our Koo had to be different.”
“That’s not true, Tae. Remember, we are also part human. Just because we became the dominating race doesn’t mean we don’t have some connection to humans. We have their DNA. It’s possible to still have the urge to mate with--”
“Don’t! I don’t even want to imagine it. Humans are disgusting. They did this to us and now their own species is in danger of extinction because their genetics were weaker. Mating with them is not exactly something I want to think about.”
Jimin giggled as he watched the tiger walk off grumbling. As tough as he tried to be, Jimin knew better. They’d been friends since high school, and not once had the big, bad tiger ever done anything to harm anyone. “All growl and no bite,” Jimin mumbled amused.
A sudden scream on the other side of the bathroom door had Jimin rushing inside. Upon entering he finds you flat on your back. He guesses you must’ve been trying to get out but slipped due to the water you were splashing around earlier. He quickly covers his eyes and attempts to hand you a towel, but all he can hear is your infectious laughter filling the room. The whole situation is ridiculous, and suddenly Jimin starts laughing along with you. When he finally manages to find your hand, you tug at the towel and he doesn't expect it. His arms come away from his eyes as he struggles to catch himself, but it’s too late. He lands on top of you and worst of all, Jungkook just so happens to be walking by at this exact moment.
“Jungkook… it’s not what it looks like I--”
“Get off of her!” Jungkook’s rage overtakes him, and he can’t help but grab Jimin’s arm and tug him away, his sharp nails accidentally cutting into Jimin’s skin. The cat hybrid whimpers, but Jungkook ignores everything around him. His eyes connect with yours and he quickly lifts your partially covered body into his arms. Rushing out of the bathroom and straight into his room, he locks the door behind him.
The entire thing happened so fast, but the cuts on Jimin’s arm were a clear reminder that it did indeed happen. The sting brings a hiss to his lips and within seconds Taehyung arrives. “What the fuck happend in here?” The smell of blood reaches his nose and he immediately goes into predator mode. “Who’s bleeding,” he growls.
“It’s okay. It’s just me, Tae. Please calm down.”
“What the fuck do you mean calm down? Something hap--”
As Jimin gets up Tae notices the blood trickling down his arm and immediately grabs at his elbow tugging him closer, his tongue licking at the wound angrily.
“I’m going to kick that bunny’s ass.” He manages to grit between licks.
“You stop that right now. He’s simply acting on instinct.”
“The fuck he is, I’m going to--”
“Don’t you dare!” Jimin grabs the back of his friend’s shirt and pulls him back. Using his most calm and sultry voice, he plays at Tae's weakness for felines and lulls him back.
“You’re going to let Kookie figure this out on his own. You weren’t here to see what he saw, and if it were you, you would have had the same reaction. Now put those big claws away and let’s go have dinner.”
Hesitantly Tae does as he’s told. Jimin always had a way of working his magic to quell Tae’s anger. Even though Jimin won this round, when Jungkook made an appearance again, they were going to have a serious talk.
PT. 2
Tumblr media
| All works are ©jkeuphoriadreamland: Do not  upload, copy, translate, steal any of my works.
Make sure to leave feedback :-)
Tumblr media
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Chapter - #24A
Tumblr media
💭A/N -Let me know what you think and also let me know if you want to be added to the Taglist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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minniepetals · 2 months ago
cry me a river | the breaking
Tumblr media
— summary: you tried so hard to be enough
— pairing: bts x reader
— genre: angst, mafia!au, arranged marriage!au
— word count: 5.8k
— warnings: ANGST, heartbreak, breaking up, divorce
— a/n: i am sooo sorry, but i was listening to this song and i just...yeah
— part one / part two / part three
— masterpost
A shatter of glass hitting the floor, you flinch slightly as you walk into the room and realize Namjoon must be angry at his subordinates.
He isn't one to release his anger out in the open so easily, it isn't like him, but you guess Hoseok getting hurt in the process of a mission due to someone's careless mistake must have been enough to tick him off.
You don't really blame him but a part of you sympathizes with the man who is now at the center of the boss's anger.
"Namjoon." You bravely walk in and almost see the relief spread across the subordinate's expression but ignore him to walk over to your husband. You reach out to touch him on the shoulder but Namjoon quickly holds up a hand.
"Don't," he demands, eyes shut tight with a clenched jaw and you know it'll take him some time to calm down.
So you turn to the man on his knees before him.
"You may go," you tell him in a soft whisper to make sure he knows that any sudden noise will only bring the boss of the mafia more ire.
He leaves the moment you give him the opportunity, although knowing very well that punishment would befall him soon enough. That itself you cannot stop but if he was the reason Hoseok got hurt, you guess he deserves some sort of punishment to make things right again.
Sighing, you turn to the boss who's now at his seat, head down with brows creasing so deep a part of you is almost afraid to approach him. But you know Namjoon wouldn't do anything to hurt you.
"Joon?" He likes it most when you call him that name and so you step up with a careful approach.
Usually, he'll allow you to come, and usually, he'll let you comfort him, but this time Namjoon's too upset to calm down so he shakes his head at you, causing you to stop in your steps.
"Just leave," he says, emotionlessly.
He's usually careful with his tone towards you but you understand his anger. Hoseok got hurt after all.
"I'll come back later, alright?"
"No." He turns his chair so that all you can see is the back of the chair. "Not tonight."
He's too upset and he has reasons to be. Being the mafia boss to one of the most notorious gangs isn't always the easiest and when someone carelessly hurts one of his members, more so his lover, of course he wouldn't be in a good headspace.
You know it wouldn't be good to leave him alone like this but you also understand that Namjoon needs some time to himself. He'll let you come to him when he needs it.
In the meantime, you just need to give him the space he wants.
"Alright." So you say, and begin to walk towards the door. "Hoseok hasn't woken up just yet but, when you need me, I'll always be here. Goodnight Joon."
Your voice is kind against the darkness of the room, and when the door shuts behind you, it feels empty.
Namjoon hates the silence that walks in.
When you walk into another office, you find Seokjin and Yoongi discussing some things in grave tones.
"Can I help in any way?"
They look over to find you and although it should have eased some tensions, it doesn't this time.
"No babygirl, just run along, alright?" Seokjin says, sparing you a smile so transient you hardly believe it was there in the first place, before he returns his conversation with Yoongi, who's too busy to even spare you a second.
The situation with Hoseok definitely has them on their toes, and so you bid them a soft goodbye, one you're sure they never heard, and leave them alone for the time being.
As you're walking down the hall of headquarters, it seems everyone is busy with them running around from place to place and you feel hopeless in that you can't be of any help to them.
You want to be useful, someone they can rely on, but if you were to try anything, you're sure you'd only get in the way. So you leave it to watching from afar despite how disappointed you are in yourself for not being able to help anyone.
Jimin and Jungkook are training underground while Taehyung is busy locking himself up in his computer lab, hacking away.
You're not exactly needed anywhere so you find yourself naturally walking back to where Hoseok is being hospitalized.
Even in sleep he seems to be in pain, so you hold the hands that feel so cold, trembling just a bit, yet it stops seconds after the touch of your hand. Almost as if Hoseok knows it's you, as if he can feel your presence and a touch alone can make it all better even in sleep.
You release a rueful smile as you sit by his bedside, watching the mafia man who has yet to wake.
At least you can be helpful here.
"How long have I been asleep?"
You gasp at the sound of Hoseok's voice, head quick to perk up and slap your book closed. "Hoseok!" He winces slightly at your loud call and you shrink back. "I'm sorry."
"It's alright," he sighs as he touches his head, only to realize he's hooked up to some IVs. "Damn," Hoseok grunts with frustration and goes on to try and rip it off his arm.
"Wait, Hoseok, you're still weak," you quickly intervene by holding his hand back.
When he looks at you, he can see the fear and concern written so well upon your face, and Hoseok sighs at the sight. "Babygirl." A simple call for you and he can see the tears welling up along your waterline. "Come here." When he opens his arms for you, you're quick to let him hold you close after the countless days he's been unable to wake. "You were scared, weren't you?"
You nod against his chest. "No one explained the situation to me so I didn't know what to think. I was so scared, Hoseok. You've been asleep for four days."
"That long, huh?"
"So please don't do anything irrational like ripping your IV off, even if it's irritating."
Hoseok chuckles lightly. "Alright, alright," he concedes. "Wouldn't want to worry my babygirl any more than I already have."
The reunion doesn't last long when you hear Namjoon's voice and look up to find the rest of them walking in.
"You've finally woken."
Hoseok rolls his eyes as you get off him. "Happy to see you too, Namjoon."
"I need you to tell me what you saw that night." He gets straight to the point without any wishes for small talk. You haven't seen Namjoon smile in a while, neither anger nor tears. He's simply just...emotionless.
You know Hoseok noticed it as well when the rest of them has created the atmosphere to be even tenser.
There isn't a glance your way except for when Hoseok's about to speak. "Y/N." You look at Taehyung when he addresses you. "Have you eaten?"
You're not needed here.
Noting at their intention, you stand from your chair and grab your book. "I'll uh...get lunch."
You've gotten so lonely.
But this is a serious time, you can't let your feelings get in the way. After all, you aren't like them.
Still, if only you were more useful.
Later that night, left to a quiet night with Namjoon by your side, you hesitate to yourself, wondering why the room is so silent but also understanding that if you don't make a sound, he'd never be the first to speak to you.
"Hm." He answers you in a heartbeat, letting you know that he had been up with you all this time without saying a word.
You press your lips together and slowly turn over to your side in order to face your husband. "How are you feeling?"
"What do you mean?" As emotionless as ever. He's usually better than this, making the effort to give you a smile, make you comfortable, but all that's left right now is an uncomfortable silence.
You sit up from the bed, not liking this and wanting to talk things out. Namjoon needs this, you know it. When the time is right, he'll return to his normal self where he's still cold and emotionless towards his subordinates but will be a little more expressive towards you and the other six.
"I'm asking you...if you're alright." You say in a soft whisper, eyes following him as he sits up from the bed as well. Though he doesn't meet your gaze, you watch him carefully.
"I'm fine," he says after a moment.
You frown. "I know you aren't."
For some reason that hits a nerve. "Who are you to assume that, Y/N?"
You flinch at the harshness in his tone as well as the glare he sends your way. Despite the room being so dark, you can still make out the expression on his face and it brings chills down your spine.
You take a moment to compose yourself, knowing he's just not in the right headspace with all the stress that has been going on around him. "Namjoon, I'm just saying that you can take a break every once in a while. You're stressed, I understand, but—"
"Do you?"
You blink when he cuts you off. "Huh?"
"Do you truly understand or are you just saying that?"
"W-well," you stutter, taken back by his question. "Of course I'd never truly understand all it is that you're going through but—"
"But what?" Why is he being like this? So...angry? You've never seen him like this before. "Stop trying to pretend that you can magically make things all better just because you've lived a better life than I have."
You frown. "What are you saying?"
"Just give it up, Y/N. Your whole life you've lived under the care of your father and when he passed you down to me to take care of you, things are going so well for you, isn't it? You've never had to live the sort of life I have despite being born in the same field as I. Our lives are completely different, Y/N, and you will never understand that."
"..." You don't know what to say to that, not when he's so upset that he's beginning to take out his anger on you.
Still, it makes you upset hearing those things from his lips.
He's your husband, your lover, so why?
"Look, our lives may not have been the same growing up but that doesn't mean you can place your anger out on me," you tell him, feeling a small ire walking in on you but you know you can't let it get to you. Namjoon's just stressed and you can't add to that. "You know more than anyone how it is to live under a mafia household so why are you making it seem as if my life has been all rainbows and sunshine?"
"Even if it wasn't, you'd never understand the sort of path I have to walk on."
"Okay fine, I would never understand it but that doesn't mean I won't try." You look at him with frustration. "I'm just trying to help you, Namjoon."
"You can do so by getting out of the way. You're useless when you try to help."
Stunned by the words that are coming out of his mouth, you pause to take it all in, and in a way, for him to also hear what he had just said to you. Yet even as the seconds pass by, it seems Namjoon doesn't regret his words and indeed meant it.
Almost as if hearing that unbelievable expression leaving your lips has irritated him even more, Namjoon flips the blanket off him as he begins to storm off. But you aren't going to let him go that easily.
"Namjoon stop, let's talk about this."
He turns around after opening the door to your room, a piercing glare made your way. "Did you not hear what I just said? If you want to be useful, do that by getting out of my way. What use is a daughter of a mafia to me if she can't even follow simple instructions?"
Your anger shoots right up.
"You will not talk to me in that way. As if all I am to you is a pawn made by the exchange between my father and you."
Namjoon scoffs. "Isn't that what you are?"
You can't believe him.
"I may have been a pawn at first but we found love in this loveless arranged marriage and I will not have you talk to me that way. I'm not your pawn, Namjoon. I am your wife."
"Then be a good little housewife and stop pestering me if you don't want to piss me off even further." With that, he slams the door right at your face, its sound so loud and forceful you feel the wind passing for a split moment.
The loud sound echoes against your ear, ringing even past the silence of the room which had begun to flow in.
You were useless to him, he said, as if all you are to him is a pawn, a chess piece exchanged from the hands of your father and right into his.
It takes a while for you to take those words in but when you do, your cheeks are wet before you even notice it.
And in the silence of the night, your cries echo loudly into the empty room that was meant to be shared between a loving husband and wife.
"Um, Jimin—"
"Hey." You stop when he turns your way abruptly, not aware he would do that when you called for him, and wait for the man to speak. Jimin notes the way you fall silent, obedient, and places a hand on the top of your head. "He didn't mean those words."
Ah, he heard.
Of course he did, they probably all did.
The fight was loud after all. And if it wasn't that then they certainly would have heard the loud slam of the door last night.
You shrink back at Jimin's assurance, unsure of how to take it in and unable to meet his eyes.
"I...I know."
You don't.
And he knows that.
"I have to train for a mission but, feel better, alright?" He pats you lightly on the head and that's all he leaves you with.
If only it was that easy.
You wish he could have given you a kiss.
The effect of your fight with Namjoon not only causes a strain in your relationship with him but with the others as well.
Whenever you want to help, you're reminded of Namjoon's words and almost immediately back away from being a bother to the rest of them. Namjoon's upset at you and you wouldn't want the rest of them to get upset at you too.
You'll only get in the way if you try to help.
And you think they notice it as well, but no one tries to do anything about it and it hurts.
It hurts because they used to be so good at making you feel better, at reassuring you of their love for you.
But things are changing and you aren't sure what to do any longer.
"What's wrong?"
Hoseok, who still needs medical attention and has yet to be updated on...the situation, is left in the blind. So when he looks at you with genuine obliviousness, as well as concern, you know you can't bother him about this mess. He has to focus on recovering after all.
"Nothing, Hoseok."
The fake, overly wide smile you give him leaves a deadpanned frown on his face.
"You think you're so slick, sweetheart, but you can never hide anything from you." He hits you lightly on the head, not enough to hurt, to make sure you understand. "Now come on, tell me what's wrong."
How can you ever hide anything from Hoseok?
Still, it wouldn't be right to bother him when you know all of this is your fault in the first place. If you were stronger, perhaps you'd be less of a burden to them. If you were more confident and had more knowledge of the mafia.
You're a daughter of a mafia boss after all, so why are you so useless?
"I just...I just miss you, Hoseok."
It isn't a lie and he knows that. You do truly miss him because right now Hoseok's the only one that's giving you attention and love. You feel worthless around the rest of them.
"Oh, babygirl..." When he sees the tears falling from your eyes, Hoseok's quick to pull you right into the bed with him and hold you close.
You miss this.
You miss their arms around you and how they used to prioritize your tears over everything.
Things are falling apart and you aren't sure how to make it right again.
"I miss you too, Y/N, but I promise I'll get better in no time, alright?" You don't respond but he holds you still, resting your head on his chest so that you can hear the beat of his heart.
He doesn't know anything at the moment but you don't want to tell him anything. After all, if he finds out, maybe he'll succumb to those thoughts as well.
Just as the others seem to have.
"Mr. Kim and Miss Lee look like such a power couple standing side by side, don't they?"
"But isn't Mr. Kim already married?"
"Who cares, they look great with one another."
The lady laughs, agreeing.
You stare at the champagne in hand, swirling it in the glass cup as you stand towards the corner of the lit-up room, knowing no one really knows the face of Kim Namjoon's wife. You may be your father's daughter, who's also powerful in this world but your face has always been hidden from the media.
It's stayed that way even after your marriage with Namjoon.
A part of you is relieved, after all being the centerpiece between two powerful gangs would be quite the reward for the enemies, but you also know that it means keeping yourself hidden as Namjoon's wife.
He's a handsome man, charismatic despite his intimidating features but that makes him all the more charming and attractive to others.
At parties, you can't stand proudly by his side and at conventions, you're meant to hide as an outcast would.
What's the use of all of this? I'm not even needed here. You look up at where your husband mingles with a few people, Miss Lee by his side and remaining quite close but he does nothing to shake her off despite being a married man.
A sigh leaves your lips.
It seems I'm not needed anywhere.
You pass your glass to a waiter and leave the room to escape to the balcony hidden away by some large curtains. Not many people know there's a balcony here so you take the advantage to be left alone, knowing you'd much rather look at the bright moon than see your husband mingle with some ladies.
He used to hate the presence of women, enough to be openly rude and shake them off but it seems he's better now after getting used to you.
You aren't sure whether to be grateful or jealous.
But either way, it didn't feel good hearing those gossips from the ladies back in that room.
Miss Lee, a beautiful and confident woman.
Would she have been a better choice of marriage for Namjoon? After all, she has better knowledge about the mafia world, rather than you who have been sheltered away from it despite being born into one. Maybe it's because of that, because she's strong enough to join a mafia and stick with it unlike you who was just privileged enough and never even got to be made of use as a mafia's daughter.
A useless child, a useless wife, and a useless lover.
You want to become numb to the pain but you can't. Not when it was Namjoon himself who told you those exact words.
"What are you doing here?"
You don't even have to look to know who it is.
Your husband's voice.
And he's the only other person in this party who knows of this hidden balcony. A few years ago the both of you came here to escape and bumped into one another. It was nice then but right now you just want to be alone.
The disappointment in his tone only makes you hate yourself even more.
"I wanted to get some fresh air."
"It would do you well to mingle."
Can you ever get anything right?
You sigh and turn his way. "Forgive me, but I thought it'd be better for me to escape the scene rather than make a fool out of myself by being a disappointment to the public."
His brows crease at your petty excuse and it hurts. It hurts the way he looks at you with disgust and disdain. "What's the use of coming here if this is all you're going to do?"
It wasn't your choice to come here so why is he putting the blames on you?
Then again, your lack of confidence and worth in yourself has downgraded even more these past few weeks so perhaps he's right.
You're useless.
"I'm sorry," you lower your head with embarrassment. "I'll do better."
Namjoon doesn't say anything else and simply leaves you there all alone once more.
Alone to the thoughts which hurts you even more than he can ever.
"Jungkook, you haven't eaten, have you?"
He jumps slightly at your voice, takes one small glance over his shoulder before returning to his shooting. "I'm a little busy here," he says flatly and shoots two bullets at his target.
"Right, but...please take a break, Jungkook. Don't push yourself too hard."
"I uh...made you a sandwich. It isn't much so you can take like, a quick five minute break or so."
Short answers, without much emotion, and you find yourself shrinking back as you watch the youngest of the seven ignore you for some training.
He used to crave your for your attention but now...things are changing and you hate it.
Are you not enough? They still talk to each other normally, still exchange smiles and greetings so...are you the problem? Is that it?
Knowing that bothering him any longer isn't going to help, you walk yourself out the door despite wanting to talk to the youngest one so badly.
You're losing your mind.
It's been weeks since that angry fight with Namjoon and although you've tried your best to mend your relationship, nothing has changed. You aren't sure what to do anymore and it pains you knowing you're the only one who's trying here.
Why can't you be enough?
Why can't you be useful to them?
The fake smiles in front of Hoseok which upsets him from time to time, the desperate kindness you give towards the others that become wasted just seconds afterward.
You can't do anything right, it seems.
"Y/N, how many times do I tell you to stop frowning? The infirmary room is already depressing as it is."
You know Hoseok means well, you know he isn't saying that to hurt your feelings but after the short responses and flat answers you've received from the others, you just can't seem to do well anymore. But he's right, you shouldn't be coming in here with a sad smile when Hoseok needs your strength more than anything.
At least you're still of use to him.
Through the weeks, Hoseok's the only one who can make you feel better but as the days pass and the longer he has to stay in the infirmary, the harder it is to truly believe in anything anymore. You aren't sure what to do and it hurts to be lost when your thoughts are tearing you apart.
What makes it worse is that no one seems to care.
So you find yourself taking a stroll by yourself one evening. It's late and dangerous going out alone without a bodyguard but you don't want anyone else to be with you. Not when it'll be so easy to break down.
You'd hate for a stranger to have to witness that and then possibly snitch to your lovers — if that's what you even call them anymore.
Either way, it's been quite a while since you've gone out by yourself. Back then the boys used to be so overprotective of you, even when you had first started your arranged marriage with Namjoon. They cared then, even for a stranger whom they barely knew.
You miss those days.
Perhaps they've gotten too used to you and are tired of the constant lack of self-worth you have for yourself.
Because now all they are are memories. Memories left forgotten and for the wind to carry it forward.
How much more can you try only for the results to end up in shame? You're the only one trying at this point and you think, perhaps, their love for you is withering. After all, they can still rely on each other and talk normally.
So why is it so hard for you unless they don't love you anymore?
Your stomach drops and pain shoots through your heart when your thoughts lead to that.
Do they...not love you anymore?
"No...please no..." You hold a hand over your mouth, not wanting to make a sound even though you know you're alone, not wanting even the wind to hear you. Because it hurts and if you cry, it'll only feel more real.
You don't want to accept that. You don't want to admit that.
What changed? What went wrong?
"What's a lady doing out here crying all alone?"
You gasp at the unfamiliar voice and snap your head his way.
He's a tall man, much bigger than you, and goosebumps begin to crawl down your body.
"Hold on, I think I've seen you before." You hold your breath as he examines you, and when he grabs ahold of your wrist to force your hand away from your face, you let out a squeak of fear. Those dangerous eyes of his, twisting even more the longer he takes a look at you, your body begins to tremble with fear. "I see," he chuckles darkly. "You're Namjoon's woman, aren't you?"
Oh no.
Heartbeat beating so loud against your chest.
As your body still trembles.
You hold your wrist, trying to stop the shaking but knowing you can't ease your fear with just simply that. So as you walk towards the room you know that it is filled with them, thinking that perhaps it'll be better if you're in their presence.
They can make it better.
They always have.
You step up in front of the door, wincing slightly at the pain that shoots up along your right leg, and hold back tears. It's okay, you whisper to yourself. You can do this. While trying to steady your shaky hands, you hold them against the doorknob.
You take a deep breath, shaky though it is, and open the door to walk into a room that had once been filled with exchanging words, falling into complete silence.
They look up to find you, wondering why you've just walked in, and although intimidated by the stares, you try your best to keep yourself composed as you walk towards the group, hiding the limp of your leg. It hurts immensely but you don't want to show them.
Normally you'd instantly cry and silently ask for their help but not this time. This time you can't.
"We uh..." You clear your throat, trying your best. "We need to talk."
Namjoon sighs as he leans against the armchair and crosses a leg over the other. "About?"
You hate that you even have to explain this.
But you keep yourself controlled. "I think we all understand what I am trying to say," you begin, eyes looking anywhere but them as you hide your arms behind you. They still tremble and you'd hate it for them to have to deal with that.
It's fine.
You're in their presence and that usually takes the pain away.
It'll get better.
It always has so that at least can't change, right?
"I'm concerned about where this will lead to."
So blunt.
Without a care.
But you know you can't be too emotional because Namjoon doesn't like that. He'll see your tears as another burden.
You swallow thickly despite the lump which tries to keep you from speaking freely.
"I want...validation."
You hear him scoff and your heart falls.
Ah, you hate this.
You hate this so much.
But for some reason, you haven't shed a tear yet, despite it being so close to falling. Because you're keeping your head down and blinking it back from cascading. Because you know that once a tear falls, the rest will want to follow along and you can't have that.
You can't.
"I'm sorry if I sound needy, I know you're busy but—"
"Exactly." You blink. "We're busy, Y/N."
Why is he so cold? And why aren't the others doing anything to stop him? He may be the boss but they've always openly gone against him if they ever felt he was in the wrong. So why?
Why are you the only one suffering in silence?
"I-I'm sorry." Ah, your voice is shaking, you're starting to sound weak. You take a moment, pause, and clear your throat once again to push the heavy lump away. It's hard, so hard. "Then tell me what's wrong, how I can fix this. Please, communicate with me so I know what to do. It's confusing being left in the dark. Communication is key to a relationship and I want to fix it before it's too late."
Complete, utter silence.
You hate this.
It's almost as if you're in a circus, putting on a show, while the audience watches in silence and has no reaction whatsoever.
You feel so embarrassed and filled with shame but you want to work this out, you do.
The question is, do they?
You're scared, so scared.
Even more scared than when you had to deal with that man mere minutes ago.
This sort of fear can never compare and you're so scared to make things worse.
Almost as if you can't take the silence anymore, you fall to your knees, head lowered, and Namjoon's eyes widen as you place both hands on the floor and your head follows along.
"Please." You're begging, and they can hear the breaking in your voice. "Please, I...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Begging on your knees, apologizing for things you have no idea what for. But you're desperate. If you've done anything wrong, you have to apologize, whatever it was. You feel so embarrassed, so shameful, but no one's doing anything and it feels as if the whole world is crumbling.
Perhaps you're too desperate.
An idiot still hopelessly in love, begging on her hands and knees for ones who seem to have already moved on.
"...So shameful," Namjoon utters and your heart shatters.
This is it.
This is the end.
You raise your head, taking a moment to yourself, and they watch as you wipe your tears away, before you pick yourself up. You try your best to make it seem as if your leg isn't killing you, you try your best to look composed.
Tears still fall from your eyes but this time you don't stop it because you know it's of no use.
Just like you.
Hands still trembling but for another reason, you reach for your finger. And when the ring slides off your finger, you almost feel as if a part of you is released from the pain, the suffering. Yet at the same time, they all come rushing right in as if a storm of emotions and you tremble upon not knowing how to deal with this. It's never been easy but they've always made things better.
Yet this time you only have yourself to rely on.
You only have yourself.
You look up at them, as if wanting to reaffirm their answers, and when no one says anything, you swallow thickly.
"Then..." You place the ring on the coffee table and turn to Namjoon. With one last smile filled with so many tears, you say, "Let's divorce."
"Babygirl! Y/N! Stop!"
You stop upon the familiar voice of Hoseok's and take a moment to think about this. But Hoseok needs an explanation. After all, he wasn't there that night when you declared your marriage was over with Namjoon, along with severing your ties with the rest of them.
So you turn to your butler and hand him your suitcase before greeting Hoseok.
"Hoseok," you smile, "the doctor hasn't released you yet, so why are you running? You'll hurt yourself."
"You..." He can't believe you can act as if all of this was okay, that all of this had been inevitable from the start. Tears are forming in his eyes and it's the first time you've seen him look so broken, so betrayed. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asks. "You should have told me you were hurting. If you were hurting, I could have done something to knock some sense back into their heads but instead, you kept silent. Why...Why..?! Why would you keep silent about all of this?! Did you think I'd react the same way they did?! Do you not trust me?!"
It's the first time he's shouting at you.
He's angry as hot tears fall from his eyes.
"Why couldn't you trust me, Y/N? Why was I the only one left in the dark?!" He takes your hands, holding them tightly and you can see the desperation in his eyes. Just as you were that night. "Stay. Please stay," he begs. "We can work this out. We can talk this through and love like how we used to and—"
"Hoseok." You cut him off and he stops, tears leaving his eyes, and it hurts seeing him like this.
It's the first time he's trying so hard to stop his tears but understands that he can't do anything. And that hurts him even more. "Why..?" His voice cracks. "Why....?"
The hands which hold yours lose their strength and you take that moment to lay a hand on top of his. He's shaking, hurting, but you make him look up at you.
"I'm sorry Hoseok but..." A tight smile, so broken, and Hoseok realizes just how much pain you had to go through while he was left in oblivion. "I'm tired," you say.
A sigh.
With so much pain carrying your voice.
It's the last thing you say before you leave him.
Where did it all go wrong?
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kimnjss · 2 months ago
beside you | ksj/pjm sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down... well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
Tumblr media
pairing: solo artist!jimin x idol!reader // actor!jin x idol!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (frenemies) taekook...
genre: smut!! idol au, secret dating/fake relationships, love triangle au, slight themes of infidelity… which of course means angst!
*BYR: jin and jimin aren’t friends, they only know of each other. jin’s friends and yn’s friends hang out often so they’re in the same circle.
updates: everyday!
status: ongoing!!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue/profiles: yn and entourage
prologue/profiles: jimin and friend
prologue/profiles: jin and company
part one: acquaintances with benefits
part two: silent sex
part three: wild night
part four: nameless model
part five: settling down
part six: publicity stunt
part seven: perfect boyfriend (time jump)
part eight: no cameras
part nine: been a while
part ten: the start
part eleven: generally wondering
part twelve: moved on
part thirteen: old classmates
jimins ep (191029)
part fourteen: funny business
part fifteen: test run
part sixteen: clout chasing
part seventeen: no more hiding
part eighteen: high school sweetheart
part nineteen: same cycle
part twenty: something’s missing
part twenty-one: just landed
part twenty-two: rain check
part twenty-three: hooking up
part twenty-four: third wheel
part twenty-five: really focused
part twenty-six: mutual split (time jump)
yn’s album (sola)
part twenty-seven: subtle promo
part twenty-eight: best behavior
part twenty-nine: beside you
part thirty: more serious
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jayhopely · 21 days ago
The Art of Craving [pt.1]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➳ Pairing: Porn Industry Workers!BTS x Fluffer!Reader
➳ Genre: Smut | Fluff | F2L | Fluffer!AU | Pornstar!AU
➳ Rating: 18+
➳ Word Count: 15.3k
➳ Warnings: dom!bts x sub!reader | vaginal sex | anal sex | fellatio | cunnilingus (including fxf content) | sexual description of body | teasing | handjob | cum play | cum eating | deepthroating | throatpie | sadism | masochism | dom/sub dynamics | breath play | choking | gagging | masturbation | messy making out | slight snowballing | SEXUAL TENSION | pet names | voyeurism | exhibitionism | talks about consent and safewords | breast play | marking | masochist hobi | panty sniffer yoongi | fingering (anal and vaginal) | double penetration | spanking (pussy, ass, clit) | dirty talk | minor spit play | praise kink | degradation | size kink | begging kink | unprotected sex | standing sex | slight sub drop | aftercare |
➳ Summary: It was funny how despite craving each other for 2 years now, neither of you eight had the balls to confess. But all it took is a little push in the right direction from a certain well-wisher and next thing you know, you were getting your brains fucked out.
A/N: It's finally here!! I know I said oneshot but sksksksks and thank you Dee Dee @sugasbabiie for making this like, super-duper good banner for me ^^ and lovely bubs @3amthoughtsvented and Beezy @hobeemin for beta reading, seriously thank you so damn much! <33 Also @namjooningelsewhere you don't know how encouraging your words were luv, thank you~
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
"Cut! Stop filming right now." Namjoon's voice echoed in the studio, making everyone freeze in their spots. The lights were switched off, the film was paused, and breaths hitched, waiting for the next words of the director.
Namjoon was a perfectionist, known to be one of the strictest directors in his line of work. On set, he was a force to be reckoned with, leaving everyone grumpy with how commandeering he could be. It was maybe how the actor’s face had been angled, or how the squelchy sounds of sex appeased his ears, or that one time when the male actor had been way too soft for his liking- he wanted things to go his way, and his way demanded the utmost precision.
It was a shock to him when the three of his best stars’ performances were sub-par.
Misha, the female porn star, had her jaw unhinged, saliva falling from her mouth, black lines of mascara dripping down her face from when she had strained her mouth to take in Taehyung's cock; while Jin, who was pounding her from behind stopped, retreating his hands from her hips, both the men slowly pulling out as carefully as they could.
The slick sound that accompanied it was uncomfortable, but it was nothing the people on the set hadn't experienced. The actors slowly moved away from each other's sweaty and cum-covered bodies, waiting just like the others in the studio.
Hoseok and Yoongi were quick on their feet, rushing to hand very expensive silk robes and chilled waters to each of the cast, dabbing their faces with fresh towels. It was important to make sure they looked fresh for each cut, but not enough for it to be evident to the consumer that they did in fact cut the scene in the middle.
Namjoon stepped forward from his position behind the camera, Jungkook trailing behind quickly with a hardboard in his hands, struggling to keep all the papers in his grasp.
The director pushed his glasses up with a strained look on his face, jaw clenching every second as he struggled to keep his calm. It was the thought about how imperfect the scene had been that left Namjoon in a fit of pique. He wasn't having a good day today, and to have to experience such a lackluster performance from the team dampened his mood.
"This is a mess." He stated as soon as he got close enough to the three actors, taking in their tired forms with his equally dull eyes.
"Why? I thought everything was fine?" Misha started after handing her empty bottle to Yoongi, stepping forward with the robe loosely tied around her bare skin.
She looked ethereal without a doubt. Even with fresh streaks of black on her face, her face exuded sensuality, and her body was curved in just the right places for her to garner a relatively large base of loyal fans who were charmed by the way she could get them aroused with just a flutter of her eyes.
"Wait. Someone get ___ from upstairs first." He declared to no one in particular, but the job would be done soon. He had the power, and he knew it. He smirked when he heard thudding on the stairs. The set was quiet enough for him to listen to the labored breathing of the person. No one disobeyed Namjoon.
"I'll be there in two minutes!" Your sweet voice called out from the floor above, making the men in the studio anticipate your arrival, shivers spreading down their spines.
"Okay, first of all, you guys are doing a girlfriend-boyfriends roleplay. It’s supposed to be romantic, just a little bit lovey-dovey, yeah? And you guys look like you’re having a one-night stand.” Namjoon sighed.
“Wait- but- the people said they wanted rougher stuff. Go check the comments on Tanhub.” Taehyung countered with an exasperated look on his face.
“I know, and that shooting is scheduled for next week,” And Taehyung shut his mouth. “Anyways, Misha, you look disinterested, and your moaning sounds very forced; genuinely enjoy it, yeah? And you guys look like you are hammering a rabbit with your dicks." Namjoon turned to look at Misha's fucked out face and then at the two men who looked disgusted at the director's comment.
"Tell me that when you don't have a cock as big as Taehyung's down your throat. It's not even my fault, my throat wasn't warmed up properly, and I'm just not in the mood." She grumbled in reply, crossing her arms over her chest.
"Alright, we will do something for that. Is Misha's fluffer on set?" A trembling Jungkook stepped forward from the shadows, cowering under his boss's gaze. He immediately shuffled through the papers in his hands, coming up with nothing until he saw you skipping down the stairs.
His gaze was stuck on your form, wearing the shortest pair of shorts he had ever seen on anybody, your ass cheeks falling out and jiggling deliciously with every step you took their way. You hadn't gone easy on them with your crop top either. The cut dipped down all the way from your collarbone, showing off your sternum. The sides of your supple breasts were visible for their eyes to feast on, and did they appreciate the sight.
"You called me Mr. Kim?" You chirped, looking over all the stars before your gaze landed on the tallest man in the room.
"Hi princess, Misha's fluffer didn't come in today?" He smiled, and your heart fluttered.
"No, Lex did, but he left a while back because there was an emergency. He told me to tell you, but since you were in your element, I didn't."
Namjoons thick lips parted in a sigh, his hand going to ruffle his hair.
"Okay, we will figure something out for Misha; how about you go help Jin and Taehyung till then? We'll resume in 20."
"Alright! Let’s go!" You chirped with a grin, happy to spend time with some of your favorite people. Said men were quick to grab each of your hands, rushing you to one of the empty corners of the studio where they could have their privacy.
Though their jobs required them to be exposed in front of the camera, showing off all their assets, they still preferred to keep something to cover themselves up, and it worked in their favor when you would trail your hands over their muscular thighs, lightly scratching with your fingertips to keep them worked up.
That being said, they didn't need you to fluff them; your presence was enough to have them turned on for days, but there was something in the way you looked at them, touched them with the lightest yet most sinful hands that made them groan in pleasure and want more.
"Hi Tae, Jin! How have you guys been?" You smiled.
Their breaths quickened when they saw you drop to the floor and tie your hair up in a ponytail, your top riding up even further and revealing the tattoo under your breasts to them.
It was a simple flower vine, the blank ink spread from your sideboob all the way under the curve, but to be able to see so much of you felt like a dream despite having known you for two years now.
It certainly had an effect on them, one which you were not oblivious to. You knew them enough to understand when they were really enjoying themselves and when they weren't. Their moans from below left a sour taste in your mouth- they weren't authentic or the low, deep groans you knew all too well. They were forced and intermittent, and you knew it was time to change into your sexiest, most revealing clothes to make them shift in their seats.
It was the moment you had been waiting for for a long time.
"Hi, ___," Taehyung mumbled, his fiery gaze fixed on you.
Having you here right now, in such a compromising position, in front of their chairs, was a bad mistake. Your job was to keep them hard during breaks but it didn't help that they had had a crush on you since the moment they saw you walking down the set timidly on your first day as a fluffer.
It took all they had in them not to bust a nut; although they longed to cover your tits with their seed, they would have to wait for another day.
"Can I touch you now?" You gazed at them with longing eyes, and they were immediately nodding their heads.
"Thank you."
You dipped your hands under their robes, getting a feel of their calves and then their muscular thighs, not too fast, caressing the soft yet tense skin with a grin on your face. You didn't have it in you to look them in their eyes, you knew it would make you want to submit under their dominant gazes, so you kept your eyes fixed on your hands.
With a shaky breath, you begin to inch them up, teasing them. Their hearts began palpitating in their chests the more you got closer to their cocks. They knew what you were doing, they had played the game with you every time, but today, they didn't have the patience to let you act like the brat you were.
"I suggest you stop teasing baby. Don't make me get Jimin over here." Jin clicked his tongue in annoyance.
You shifted on your knees. It was your job to tease them. To keep them ready, not enough for them to cum. Jimin, your supervisor, had told you to do the same.
"Your job is to tease, ___, not to make them orgasm. Make them crave you. Use your mouth or your hands; it doesn't matter, as long as they stay hard enough to continue, you get paid." He had told you at the time of your job briefing, grazing his fingers over his thighs, which you couldn't help but gawk at.
You didn't understand what bringing Jimin here could do except for making your day even better. He would, in fact, just sit there and monitor you with hooded eyes, his legs spread wide enough for you to be able to steal a glance at his erection.
So you ignored their words, feeling your breath start to quicken, lust coursing through your veins from how excited you were to disobey them. It was the thrill of breaking the rules that made blood rush all over your body. They couldn't punish you even if you wanted them to, it was all a part of a job- your job as their fluffer.
You rub your palms over them with a feathery touch, wanting to make them wait for you. It was a sight to behold- the two twitching in their seats, and moaning for you. Their cocks were still covered by the silk robe, enticing you to touch them and lick them. Though you could see the outline clearly, it didn't satisfy the hunger in your throat, it never did, so you removed it.
And the sight would always leave you dumbstruck.
Taehyung's was, by far, the longest cock you had ever seen and tasted. His thick cock lay on his abs that twitched under your eager eyes, his long fingers rubbing his chin as if he was deep in thought. He was almost easily eight inches long, and you always commended anyone who had the power to manage an entire shoot with him.
Jin, on the flip side, was equally impressive, if not more. Though his length was maybe an inch shorter than Taehyung's, his girth made up for it. You were sure of the pleasurable burn it would provide when it split open a pussy, massaging the walls like no one else could. His thrusts were harsh and powerful too, thanks to his impeccable hips, and you never understood how one can be so perfect.
As you continued practically gawking over them, your cunt heating in your panties, it was Jin whose resolve finally broke and he grabbed your hand that was fisted in his robe and pulled you towards him in a swift motion. Your knees scraped against the ground uncomfortably, but that was the least of your worries when you saw the need in Jin's eyes.
You gazed at him with startled eyes, your mouth itching to ask if you did something wrong. Jin had his hand wrapped around the base of his cock, his leaking slit smearing his precum all over your reddened lips. You could taste a mixture of Misha's sweet pussy juices and his cum on your tongue, and that ignited a fire in your veins.
"Sweetie, put your mouth over his cock right now; you do not want to disobey us," Taehyung growled under his breath, his hands moving to undo his robe and grasp his cock tightly.
“But what about you?” You asked.
“Don’t worry about me ___; you have no idea about the effect you have on me." His stare pierced into your eyes as he spoke.
You flushed but complied immediately, parting your lips and taking him in your mouth. Hollowing your cheeks just the right amount as you take him in. All nervousness left your body the second you felt the weight of his cock on your tongue, it felt like it belonged there, heavy and warm. He's long enough to hit the back of your throat easily and thick enough to make your jaw throb with pain increasingly every second, but it was all a part of your wonderful job.
"You look so pretty with your lips around my cock!" Jin let out a pleasurable sigh at the feeling, your nails digging into his thighs at the praise, your tongue swirling around his tip, and he let his head fall back. Your eyes were closed due to the strain, but every sharp inhale and moan and sigh you heard was a reward, and you clenched your empty hole, wanting nothing more for him to fuck you.
With a pop, you removed your mouth from his cock, taking in deep breaths. You looked up at him only to see him staring down at you with lust-lidden eyes, his breathing heavy like yours. You were taken aback when his hand moved to grip yours, long fingers interlocking with yours and wrapping them around his thick cock and stroking it, sticky sounds amplifying in your ear.
You struggled to keep your eyes on his, feeling bashful under his stare, so you wrapped your lips around his tip again, licking his tip and coating it with your saliva. With his chest reverberating in a deep groan, you felt yourself becoming wet and your panties starting to stick to your core uncomfortably, gasping when his hand left yours, and you stopped yours too, wanting to ask him why. But you couldn’t when his hand pushed your head down on his cock in one go, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
"That's a good fucking girl. F-Fuck, baby, you feel so good!" He growled, the thrust of his hips starting to increase in pace, as you stopped bobbing your head up and down and let him take control of you. You gagged with every thrust when the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat, bruising the flesh of your mouth, but you wanted it.
With each thrust, you moaned around him, hearing him curse and groan above you. You were so lost in the intoxicating feeling of his cock hitting the back of your throat; you couldn't make out when his length throbbed in your mouth or when his balls tightened, filing with his cum, or when he released the deepest growl you ever heard and spilled his hot cum in your mouth.
Jin knew he shouldn’t do it; knew it was bad, knew it would get him in trouble with Namjoon later but seeing the girl of his dreams on his knees, sucking his cock with the warmest and most tempting mouth he had ever had the pleasure of fucking; was far too much for him to control, so maybe- maybe it was okay to let go, he decided.
"Fuck baby, so fucking good for us, gonna make you mine one day! Fuck!" He hummed under his breath. You couldn't hear him over the loud, slick noises of your drolling saliva and his cum, whimpering at the taste of his hot seed coating your tongue- sweet like honey with hints of citrus, a flavor you could easily get addicted to.
"Shit, baby, you're milking my cock! F-fuck!" He continued riding out his high, not caring that the shoot would have to be prolonged. You let him have it after weighing your options after the hazy feeling in your mind disappeared; the only thing you could do was wait for him to get hard again. He continued bobbing your head up and down, swallowing thickly at the sight of you looking fucked out and dizzy after just giving a blowjob.
Some of cum dripped down from your mouth and on his shaft, and you darted your tongue out to lick it. Dragging the muscle as slowly as you could over his length, you gave it small kitten licks, rolling your tongue back into your mouth to taste him with your eyes shut closed. You sighed, finally feeling full and hearty.
A deep groan on your left side caught your attention. Taehyung was sitting with his legs spread wide in his chair, forehead glistening with sweat, and was busy rubbing his thumb over his slit that oozed precum, the sight inviting you to wrap your lips around his cock.
You were tempted to suck him dry the same way you had milked Seokjin, but you couldn’t make the same mistake again, it would be unprofessional of you to make him cum; it always had been to wind them, but never to bring them relief.
"Having fun here, are we?" You turned your head, jumping in alarm at the presence of an all too familiar voice in your little corner.
It was Jimin, guided by Namjoon, both men looking like lust right in front of you. The former wore a tight, black t-shirt that hugged his biceps and chest, a silver necklace dangling from his neck. He had gone hard with his choice of dark leather pants which made his milky skin pop and his cherry lips look irresistible.
"Dear, oh dear, you made Seokjin cum didn't you?" Jimin bent down, his eyes condescending, staring into yours with a wicked smile on his face.
"I-I did but please-" 'It's not my fault', you wanted to say, but his hands had reached out to pull you towards him by your hips, rubbing the skin with a soft hand on each side, and you gasped in surprise when you felt the cold metal of his necklace graze your skin.
There never had really been any professional boundaries between the two of you, even from the day he had interviewed you for this job. It had always been a mixture of seductive looks from him, shy glances from you, and sexual tension that was almost suffocating. Neither of you had made a move on each other, but you couldn’t deny how your heart palpated in your chest whenever he monitored you on set.
You let him pull himself closer to you, let him fully press his body to yours, and grip your love handles with an antagonizing touch. He smelled earthy and comforting, clean and fresh, like the forest floor after the first monsoon rain. You let him tower over your figure, the presence of the other figures in the room seeming like a distant memory in the monsoon fall.
Your words were caught in your throat when his lips smashed on yours, licking into your mouth and tasting the remnants of Jin's cum that you had eagerly lapped up from his cock. You tried to pull yourself back, ground yourself, but he held you in place with his fingers digging into your flesh, and you shivered hard, forcing a chuckle out of him.
His lips were soft and warm, his mouth controlling yours with carnal desire. A mewl slipped past your throat when his tongue caressed yours, playing with each other languidly. Saliva dripped down your mouth, inviting Jimin to suck your tongue into his mouth, moaning as he did so.
His hand that had been pulling you into him was pressed against the back of your neck, the cool touch a salve to your burning skin. You couldn't help but press your lips into his further, needing his touch to soothe the fire in your core. You trailed your hand over his neck, feeling the muscles ripple every time a particularly hard slurp of his tongue made you mewl, the veins popping under pressure.
It was when you pulled your hands up to his soft hair and gripped the strands in firm, tiny fists he broke away from you, a string of saliva connecting your lips. You chased his lips with a hooded gaze and a pout on your face as he backed away from you, stroking the side of your arms as if to tell you to calm down. His throat bobs as he stares at you.
“Oh, baby.” He looked at you fondly, making your insides churn. He had to make you fall for them even harder.
You whimpered and stopped, staring at him with desire evident in your eyes, but he simply giggled in a shaky breath and moved closer to you, this time bringing his mouth close to your ears. Despite the hammering in your head that made you want to kiss him until your lips were numb, you could hear his hard breathing as clearly as your own.
“You liked that, didn’t you, baby?” He chuckled when you nodded your head immediately, breathing in deeply.
“Turn around, baby.” His voice was a mixture of amusement and anticipation, and you felt your heart beating out of your chest at the uncertainty of the situation. Your palms suddenly became clammy as he gently twisted your shoulders to get you to face the other side.
“Oh my-” And you jumped up immediately at the sight, breath hitching and forgetting the pain in your legs.
It was Namjoon, Jin, and Taehyung, all looking at you with dominating eyes, and from the fraction of a second you had a chance to look at them before you panicked, they were turned on too- the hard-on pressing against their pants a dead giveaway. You were pleased that you had elicited such a reaction from them— perspiration on their brows, heavy breathing with tight muscles.
You couldn’t lie; it did turn you on- the fact that your crushes had witnessed such an intimate moment between you and Jimin made you want to shove two fingers in your pussy and soothe the throbbing in your core. Still, it was unprofessional, to make out with your boss, while your other boss and colleagues got an erection at the blatant exhibitionism.
You had a few inklings about their attraction to you, overhearing a rather affected Jungkook rant to Yoongi and Hoseok about how delicious you looked when you helped Jin and Taehyung out for their shoots; or when Namjoon and Jimin had called you to the latter’s office for a few words. You had been nervous the entire day, but it was just them praising you for an hour straight. Only you know how drenched your panties were after that. Their words make you giddy to this day, but you didn’t know if you should wait for them to confess or do it yourself.
What if it wasn’t the right time, or your words came out all jumbled, and you made a mess of yourself, or what if it went in entirely different directions your imagination couldn’t even think of. Surely that can’t be attractive! But seeing their oh-so-not-decent acts with you ignited the desire to confess first in your brain. Confident women are always hot, you know; that’s why everyone likes Misha so much. Maybe you should ask Misha for advice.
Conflicting thoughts ran through your mind at supersonic speed, and it was a blessing when said woman trotted in with a hand on her hip, her robe tied so loosely you could see the entire expanse of her collarbones, twirling a thick strand of her luscious hair in her left hand. Her face was devoid of the black rivulets of mascara, and three men, namely Jungkook, Yoongi, and Hoseok, rushed in after her.
“So your solution, Namjoon?” She spoke casually, and you didn’t know if she hadn’t noticed the tension in the room or just chose to ignore it.
“Yeah,” His voice was raspy. “I don’t know if ___ would agree to it, but since she has done it in the past,” He gestured towards you, and you weren’t sure if you were the only one who could see the fire in his eyes. “I thought maybe she could help you.”
You were shocked.
Yes, you had done the job of Misha’s fluffer on many occasions, as hers seemed to not be present on set quite a few times, but you didn’t mind it. She was an amiable person, always kind to you, and she always whispered praises that were dipped with sweet honey in your ears. But in all fairness, it had been weeks since you last helped her.
“Would you want to, ___? You can always use your safewords if you feel uncomfortable.” All eyes were on you, and you felt a boost of confidence. They needed you to help Misha out, to make her pussy wet and needy for Taehyung and Jin’s cocks.
“Yeah, I’ll do it.” You declared with a small smile on your face.
“Are you sure? ___ don’t do it if you don’t want to consent to it.” Jimin looked at you sternly, his manager-aura prominent around him, a look you responded to with a reassuring smile.
Lost in each other’s gaze, his eyes reflected a whirlwind of emotions– worry, yearning, hesitancy, love– hold on, love? Love? But before you could analyze the depths of his emotions, Misha cleared her throat and stepped forward. Her hand grabbed yours in a loose grip and guided you towards one of the spare chairs next to Jin’s and sat down with her legs spread out, pushing you gently on your knees.
You stumbled a little before placing your hands on her soft thighs to balance yourself. Though the robe covered her, you could faintly see her pussy glistening with her juices, making your mouth water, desperate to taste her, but you stopped, waiting for everyone to leave your little corner. You turned back towards them and motioned them to go- they were your crushes, but now that you were hyper-aware of your surroundings, it would be impossible for you to concentrate on Misha.
With pleading eyes, you stared at Namjoon, hoping he would get the message. Thankfully he did, not before smirking at you- oh this wouldn’t be good- he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, looking like he had all the authority in the room; which he did much to your dismay and pointed the finger at Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin to stay.
“Shoot will resume in 20 minutes. All three of you must be ready by then.” Namjoon announced.
“But Yoongi and Hoseok-?” You trailed off, cocking your head to your right with a questioning look.
“Princess, if all three stars are here, then why would they not be here too? Their job is to take care of the three’s needs, isn’t it?” Namjoon shot you a look of amusement and left without another word, Jungkook behind him.
No words were said after; only the scampering of feet was heard as the rest got chairs to seat themselves on. All of them looked relaxed in their position, phones in their hand while it was your heart that was beating out of your chest. You turned back to Misha, who looked at you with a knowing smirk and motioned you to come closer.
But Misha knew, she knew really well what was brewing in that little head of yours, almost every single staff person knew, in fact. It was common knowledge to not come into the little bubble that had been created around you and the boys, ‘The Eight’, as they liked to call it, and until and unless they wanted to be fired, they learned to steer away from you and the boys.
Misha made you feel nervous- naturally so, as she looked like she knew all your cards, and you usually wouldn’t bat an eyelash towards such behavior, but Misha was different. After working with her for so long, you knew when a storm was brewing in her eyes and when it wasn’t.
You tried to convince your heart it wasn’t you whom they were looking at that; they were looking at their phones; you could even see the occasional scrolling of their thumb on the screen when you scanned the area, yet it didn't subdue your nerves. You took a few silent breaths and looked at Misha for permission.
“Behave like a good girl, okay?” She whispered in a sultry tone, and you nodded eagerly.
“Gimme my phone too, please.” Misha requested a dazed Hoseok, who jumped up from his chair and rummaged through the mess his fanny pack was; the constant clattering of god-knows-what was in there making you anxious.
“Get to it, little girl.” She pushed your head to the crevice between her thighs, the audible sound of her phone unlocking echoing in the room. Your nose met her clit, the woman above you letting out a small moan at the stimulation. Your hands gripped her thighs, rubbing small circles there with your thumbs.
The smell of her pussy was the sweetest candy you have ever tasted on a woman. You darted the tip of your tongue out, licking at her clit experimentally. Tasting her juices, watching as it elicited a soft sigh from her. It had been a long time since you ate her out, but she tasted the same as ever. You crossed your legs, hoping that your wetness wasn’t visible through your thin shorts, burying your head into the flesh of her thighs further in shame.
With shaky hands, you pried her thighs apart, gaining better access to her cunt. Finally getting to see her pussy lips glistening with juices, a whimper left your mouth. You immediately lapped at her clit, drawing ‘eights’ with the tip of your tongue before wrapping your mouth around it and sucking it into your mouth. A groan left her mouth, and you could feel her hand clench at her side before it came down to force you down and your tongue into her hole.
With need coursing through your veins, you thrust your tongue into her tight hole, Misha’s back arching of her chair as she hissed in pleasure. You could faintly taste Jin’s cum on your tongue, fueling your desire to please her. Her scent was stronger now; you almost felt drunk on it.
“Don’t tease, be a good girl for me.” She whispered into the shell of your ear, pressing a small kiss there before resuming scrolling through her phone. A strained breath from behind you caught your attention, and you retreated your tongue from her entrance, a deep hum of pleasure reverberating in her chest. With a few kitten licks at her clit as an apology, you turned your head back.
It was Hoseok, standing half an arm’s distance away from you, gripping his fanny pack so tight his fingers were almost white. His eyes were glazed, never looking up from the floor and a clear outline of his erection against his jeans. You shifted uneasily on your knees, praying to God he wasn’t in such a condition because of watching you eat Misha out, but he was.
“___,” He groaned out. “Come here, love.”
Your breath hitched as he almost whined out his words, extending his arms towards you. You went along with it, having little idea about what was in store for you.
He wrapped a steady arm around your waist as soon as you were on your feet, pressing his chiseled chest to yours until there was no space between the two of you. Your breasts were pressed up against his chest uncomfortably, but you didn’t mind, especially when you could feel his hardened nipples poke through his thin white shirt, which could be deemed translucent.
Hoseok’s breath hitched, his head falling to rest in the crook of your neck, his soft locks tickling you. Your hands nimbly found their place on his shoulders to balance yourself, without realizing you had dug your fingers painfully into his shoulder. A faint gasp escaped your mouth when you realized you had hurt Hoseok, but the thought was shunned when you felt his wet tongue drag up your neck, leaving a wet trail of saliva in its path that glimmered bewitchingly in the dark.
It was you this time whose breath was caught in their throat.
“Baby, don’t be shy, hurt me harder.” He growled, his hands leaving your waist to trace the muscles of your neck as they convulsed with every heavy gulp of air you took in.
“I- Hoseok, w-what?” You mumbled, baffled by the debauchery of his words. Your knees threatened to collapse under Hoseok’s hold when he glided his knuckles from your shoulder to the tip of your fingers gingerly. He interlocked your fingers together once he had had a good look at your trembling figure– eyes glossed over and breathing unstable– and you had no choice but to give in to him like he wanted.
His hand controlling yours and trailing it all over his body; first, his dainty fingertips had you tracing every dip and curve of his chest, scrutinizing gaze staring down at you. The touch was faint- barely there, but it was as if you had ignited the demon inside of Hoseok. Your elegant touch burned his skin, lavender scent that drove him wild, and pretty black eyes that he could stare into for hours on end, your everything–you, just you.
Your hand was laid directly over his heart now, and you could feel it thump erratically in his chest with every second your other hand got closer to the curve between his neck and shoulder, raising your head slowly to meet his eyes.
The sensuality of the moment caught you off-guard. It wasn’t something you had experienced with anyone before– all your previous partners were lovely, but it never lasted long enough to the point of expressing such deep desire for each other. You certainly hadn’t been in someone’s hold that was so firm and promising, as if he was committing himself to you forever- committing to never letting go of each other.
It felt good, very good.
Hoseok’s eyes were warm and dark, the embers of his passion towards you soaring higher as you looked at him with your own desire-filled eyes. His lips were wet and supple, looking so damn enticing in your eyes, and his hands were still holding yours. So lost in the moment; you hadn't even realized the audience that had gathered around you both, taking in your provoking form with enchantment.
“You heard what he said ___, hurt him.” You jerked in Hoseok’s grasp, eyes tearing away from his to look over his shoulder, only to be met by Yoongi’s dark gaze. He had his arms crossed over his buff chest with the veins protruding- it was almost an aphrodisiac in itself, which broke a damn of unholy thoughts in your mind- the phone in his arms long forgotten in his inviting lap.
But Hoseok didn’t stop taking your hand even higher, didn’t stop even when he had you tracing the outline of his pouty lips- the salmon-colored skin chapped from when he had gulped one too many times and bitten his lips to contain himself. He had been awestruck by the way you had eaten Misha’s pussy like it was the honey easing your burning throat. His lips felt soothing on your fingertips, though, and you could certainly help them, and before you knew it, you were reaching up to pull Hoseok’s lips down to you, taking him by surprise.
The second your lips met, he released the most resounding grunt you had ever heard from him, one of his hands frantically leaving your waist to clutch at your neck. You could feel his fingers embed crescent marks into your skin, a moan of pleasure and pain escaping your mouth, which was swallowed up by Hoseok’s low humming as his lips moved against yours with bruising intensity. A gush of wetness in your panties was your trigger to touch him in the same way he was feeling you.
Your hands that had dropped to his crisp collar were now entangled in his luxuriant hair, raking through them, and then a sharp pull at the right second was enough to make him pull away from you with a click of your wet and glossy lips. How he sucked in air through his teeth and proceeded to moan out your name were telltale signs enough to have you quivering but you masked it with a bright grin on your face, looking at him with a satisfied look.
“Would you look at that, little minx? Did you enjoy making out with Hobi in front of everyone? Hm?” A pair of hands on your hip bone kept you in place with no room to move; a gasp stuck in your throat. You had been confined with no space for yourself, not that you really minded. By the deep and baritone tone of the voice of said person, you knew it was Taehyung. The way he whispered lowly into your ear, soft puffs of air hitting the outer shell of your ear had you letting out an eager mewl.
With you sandwiched between both of them, you could feel both Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s rock hards press into your pussy and ass cheeks, respectively. You stifled a moan when Taehyung’s large fingers moved to grip your right ass cheek in a vice-like grip, watching as it fit perfectly in the palm of his hand and letting it go with a ripple of the flesh, biting your neck gently when you choked on your breath.
“Can we touch you, love?” Hoseok mindlessly twirled a strand of your hair in his hands.
“But you are- touch-touching me!” You hiccuped, not knowing what more they wanted out of you. They were pressed up against you, their cocks were twitching in their pants, something you were very well aware of- so how much more could they want?
“You think this is touching you, sweetie?” Taehyung chuckled from behind you, his chest heaving as he took in deep breaths, trying to catch a whiff of your mouth-watering lavender scent, which had your heart fluttering in response.
“Oh, baby, sweet little ___,” Hoseok mumbled darkly, the ghost of his lips trailing over your forehead, pressing a chaste kiss there. And before you could even form a coherent thought, he was roughly twisting your body over with his arms on your elbows, his caging you to his chest with an arm wrapped tightly around your belly button. A large hand decorated your neck, fingers splaying around your skin before they clamped down gently, just enough to have your breath hitching, and you dared not move an inch, letting Hoseok manhandle you the way he wanted.
Taehyung was now standing in front of you, rubbing his lips with his thumb. With salacious intent evident in his dark eyes, eyes following yours as they traveled down to sneak a peek at his erection that outlined his silk robe.
He had done it purposely, you were sure.
“You don’t know what we–what all of us want to do to you ___?” Hoseok gripped your neck a little to have your attention back on him, blowing air into your ear to have you squirm against him.
He, along with the rest six craved your attention- it was a hunger that was never satiated even after having your presence looming all over them the entire day. It would never be enough, no, not until they could have you in more than one way, that was to say sexually, romantically, emotionally, mentally, and everything else. They knew very well you wanted them as much as they wanted you, but you were shy when it comes to things like this- they had heard you telling Misha a long time back when you were chit-chatting with her, your face between her folds.
It had provoked them- they way you doused yourself in the praise Misha gave you, and made it their mission to make you feel that they wanted you too- and it was then that they had made up a plan to have Jimin and Namjoon pamper you, something the seven of them had such a hard time coming to a consensus about. But it worked in their favor, even after all the fighting about who would pamper you because they knew you were wet the entire time.
“You don’t know, baby, or are you playing coy?” It was Jimin, cooing at the way your cheeks blushed a deep red, the contrast against your skin had him almost tripping at how much effect he had on you.
He came to stand before your eyes in all his magnificent glory, his arms in his pockets and lips curled into a condescending smile that still seemed so fond and lovesome that you couldn’t help but stutter when you replied.
“I d-don’t know.” You hummed.
“Ah baby, now you have made this difficult for me.” Jimin clicked his tongue in feign disapproval. His right hand left the warmth of his pocket before his fingers were at your chin, tilting your head upwards so you couldn’t escape his gaze.
“Tell me, baby, do you see what you have done? Taehyung move.” He commanded, stepping aside himself to let you have a look at Jin and Yoongi, who had seated themselves right in front of you, making no attempts to cover their erections, just like Taehyung hadn’t. The only difference was- Jin had been pumping his fist up over his cock, the wet sounds you hadn't been paying attention to, now amplified in your ears, while Yoongi’s cock lay straining against the fabric of his denim.
“See, baby; you see how hard they are for you? How are they controlling themselves not to take you right here and have you screaming until your throat hurts? Do you know how difficult it is, baby? To have you acting like a fucking vixen, eating Misha’s pussy out and then looking at us with those innocent eyes of yours? Do you, baby?” Jimin groaned in pure irritation, ruffling a hand through his air before turning to you with a smirk on his face.
“I wonder if you’re wet for us too. Do you crave us too, baby?” He came closer to you before dropping down to his knees, a thud resonating in the air that had you shying away from his touch, but he growled and hooked his fingers in your shorts, pulling them down along with your underwear in a swift motion. You nodded nimbly, but you weren’t sure if it was just in your head- your brain was all kinds of messed up.
He knowingly smirked, seeing how you had very evidently wet your panties, before throwing them to a struggling Yoongi. He caught them frantically, his eyes popping and breath growing heavier as he pressed them to his nose, smelling your essence. You smelled divine, that was for sure, and he knew you would taste just as good. He just hoped you didn’t catch him whiffing your panties like a creep, but thankfully you didn’t.
You were too busy whimpering into Hoseok’s mouth as he lapped at your lips, Jimin planting affectionate pecks to the insides of your thighs that had you squirming desperately in his hold. It was agony when he purposely avoided going at your clit, dragging his wet appendage an inch from your core before languidly sucking love bites into the flesh.
“Please, Jimin, I-I need you.” You broke away from Hoseok’s lips to let out a pathetic whine, the man burying his face into your neck and trailing his hand over your neck before traveling down further to your clothed chest. He squeezes your breast softly with his palm as you moan until he can feel your heart stutter in your chest. He can feel how quickly your heart is beating under his fingertips.
“Can I touch you, ___?” This time you eagerly nodded, not having it in you to respond with words.
With newly found confidence, he kneads the supple flesh of your breast, his hand that was on your waist pulling your shirt up with one hand before he tears it in one swift motion. The satisfying rip of the cloth reaches their ears and your breasts were bare for their eyes to feast on, save on the skimpy lace bra that accentuated the shape of your breasts—growing confident with his motions when you pushed your chest into his touch vehemently.
And then he’s unclasping your bra with a single skilled hand, the men watching as your breasts bounce out of their confine almost teasingly, the ripples visible on your flesh and your nipples hard for them. You gasp when the cold air hits the sensitive skin of your areolas but Hoseok’s cupping them in his large, warm palms, shushing your adorable whimpers.
“Jimin, give her what she wants.” Jin was indulging himself, just like Taehyung, who had moved to sit silently in the corner next to him, both men loving the way your nipples had perked up when Hoseok pinched at them harshly. Your knees caved as a sob ripped out of you, and they just wanted the two boys to have their time with you so that they could too.
A loud gasp slipped from your mouth when Jimin hoisted your leg over his shoulder to get a better angle of your pussy. The air hit your hole had you twitching– something that made Jimin chuckle. He found you extremely adorable even in this situation.
The pad of his fingers makes contact with your clit first, rubbing the little nub in his hands before blowing air over it to have you squirming again. He gathered your wetness from your wet entrance with his index and middle finger before parting your pussy lips gently and sliding them knuckles deep into your warmth, a moan forcing its way out from both of you. He couldn’t believe how wet you were, how your walls felt like velvet around his fingers.
“Fuck, your pussy is so tight, little minx.” He moaned.
Jimin couldn’t wait to be inside your pussy.
“Baby, look at me.” Yoongi’s voice called out thickly and you immediately obeyed, only to be shocked. Your eyes were glued on your panties which were covered with both of your juices. Without an ounce of shame, he continued pleasuring himself. He covered his tip with the hem of the silk cloth before rubbing it up and down his length in a manner that only had the tension in your thighs furthering and your hole fluttering against Jimin’s fingers.
“Tell me how it feels, ___. Is Jiminie making you feel good? Does your little pussy want to cum all over his face? Tell us, baby.” He stared into your eyes, daring you to break eye contact, and you flushed a deep red.
“Do you want us to fuck you, baby girl? I can see your juices leaking down Jimin’s fingers from here; what a filthy little girl you are.” He continued, chuckling, amused by the way Jimin had you malfunctioning, but only because he really really wanted to make you feel good fuck you too. His dick was throbbing in his hands, the tip flushing a deep red after being denied your warmth for so long.
“Fuck you taste so good, always wanted this pretty little pussy on my face.” He moans into your sex before adding another finger to your dripping hole, which easily slid in thanks to your slick that coated your pussy whole. He smirked in a boyish grin when he suddenly attached his thick lips to your nub, alternating between sucking and licking sloppy eight figures, knowing it would make you cum all over his face- you probably hadn't even realized, too occupied with Yoongi. Still, your hole was clenching around his fingers so hard, he knew you were on the brink of breaking.
He shoves his face into your mound as much as he could to get you over the edge. You could only concentrate on the burn of him stretching you that was absolute euphoria, his fingers working out of you at a rapid pace that had you seeing stars. You unknowingly had broken eye contact with Yoongi, the man grinning eye to eye when he realized he had something to hold against you.
“Make her cum all over your face, Jiminie.” Taehyung’s voice echoes in your ear, but you aren’t sure anymore. It all seemed like a blur when Jimin hums against your clit, his fingers massaging your walls with more fervor that had you tripping over the edge. The waves of your earth-shattering orgasm hit you, and you close your eyes tightly when red dots fill up your vision as a loud moan escapes you. Your head is thrown back against Hoseok’s shoulder, who was pressing sloppy kisses into your skin, cooing at you in adoration.
You indeed were a sight to behold when you cum.
“That’s it.” Yoongi breaks, his conscience long forgotten as he falls to his knees next to Jimin, pushing him slightly out of the way so that he could have access to your pussy too. Ignoring Jimin’s protests of displeasure, he grabs Jimin’s wrist. He forces them out of you, ogling at your wetness that covered the entirety of his fingers for a second before shoving his tongue in your hole to taste your cum.
Yes, just like he had imagined. He isn’t hindered when you jump, trying to push his head away, your whiny tone voicing out the overstimulation that he was making you suffer through. But he didn’t care- not when you tasted divine. Your thick release on his tongue is the only thing he can feel, and he tongues at your walls to get every single drop on his taste buds, gulping breathlessly.
Everyone looked at the scene with mesmerizing eyes and ears alike, the noises you make like sweet music to their ears, and the sight which had their cock throb with the ardent need to bury themselves inside your pussy. You let out a soft moan in appreciation after the pain fades, just to let him know how good it made you feel and partially because you just can’t help it. His tongue is working on your pussy like magic.
“Shit, baby, I think you broke Yoongi.” Hoseok chuckled from behind you, the sexual tension dissipating a little at his comment. His hands still working on your breasts, but this time mindlessly, because he just can’t help but love how perfect they feel in his hands.
"Oh, he's gone," Jimin added with a snort, putting you back on your feet and standing up with a grin on his face. You smiled back.
Holy shit. They liked you back. But did this mean they like-liked you back? You did just do this- whatever this was- with them. So that means they must like you too. Yeah, they must.
You looked down after catching your breath from your inner monologue, the haziness of doubt in your brain fading, instead replaced by a wave of happiness and bashfulness altogether. Yoongi was still relishing in having the flavor of your cum on his tongue, holding the back of your thighs so you couldn't move away, and suckling at your hole and pussy lips.
"Yoongi, please st-stop, sensitive." You whined breathlessly.
"But you taste so good." He mumbled from his position between your thighs.
“Hyung, stop,” A deep voice called out from behind you, sending shivers down your spine.
Namjoon’s eyes had been transfixed on your glistening pussy, watching as Yoongi drank your essence hungrily, and for some reason, you didn’t shy away from his gaze. He was biding his time, waiting in the shadows of the studio like a predator for its prey with dark, hooded eyes. The sounds of your incessant whining and moaning throughout your steamy session with the boys were audible to him, but he was known to make a jaw-dropping entrance, which he had delivered in your case.
It was as if a switch had gone off under his presence, the submissive in you resurfacing with every step he took your way. Your body burned under his gaze as he clicked his tongue at your fucked out form- sweat was dripping down your forehead, and your limbs had turned to jelly.
“Already tired, princess?” He chuckled humourlessly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear with such affection you couldn't help but muster a big smile his way with your heart jumping in your chest.
“No, I can take more if you want to give me more.” You chirped, writhing when Hoseok’s arm returned to your waist, holding you in position at your consent. He pawed at the globe of your ass with rough hands, squeezing the flesh harshly.
“Is that so, hmm?” He purred coming to stand in front of you, the click of his heels sent a shiver down your spine. You knew you were gone when Jimin stepped aside with a smirk on his stupidly handsome face.
Yet you nodded hesitantly, a million questions running through your head, eager eyes watching as he shared a witty look with everyone in the little corner before turning back to you. The butterflies in your stomach churned at the devilish look, the feeling enough to have you dig your fingers into Hoseok’s arm on your waist. Hissing through his teeth, he latched onto your neck and started to suck bruising love bites all over the expanse of your smooth skin.
A moan escaped you at the sensation of his lips on your body, the unsatiated desire to be filled up and ruined by the men you love still lingering on your senses.
“What do you want princess, tell us and we’ll give it to you. Maybe.” The absolute shit-eating grin on his face had you dumbstruck. Did he want you to announce it? Tell them how much you fucking love them since the moment you laid your eyes on them and how it was absolute agony to try to act as if they were mere co-workers? That you tried so hard to hold your strong-girl façade up but in the end, you were putty in their hands, that they can mold as per their wishes?
With rosy cheeks, you searched for a sign of mockery on his face, pleading uselessly under your breath to save yourself from the embarrassment that you were sure was to come.
A sharp spank was delivered to your hardened, sensitive clit at your silence, the little nub throbbing with blood as you choked on a moan and arched your hips into Namjoon's touch, craving for the blissful pain again.
"Tell us, baby, don't act humble now. I know you're nothing but a little slut for us, you just want to be fucked until you’re filled nice and deep, yeah?" He growled under his breath before delivering two speedy blows to your dripping pussy, the wet smack being drowned out as you sobbed in anguish. Just then you felt Hoseok bite down just next to your carotid, your body jerking forward to get away from his touch but a pair of calloused hands forced you in place, and you could do nothing but throw your head back and take the delicious pain.
Namjoon’s hand didn’t leave your mound, shushing you as he rubbed at your clit in tight circles soothingly. You whined at the pain, breathing erratically as you looked around with the haze in your eyes clearing, Taehyung standing in front of you with one clutching at your love handles tenderly, a devilish smirk on his features.
A displeased huff left your mouth, and you summoned the strength to look at Namjoon with the most innocent face you could manage- pouty lips jutted out just a bit too much, precious doe eyes glazed over as if you were on the verge of breaking down and wiggling your body just a little to torment him. His eyes slid down the galaxies of pink and purple Hoseok had painted on your neck before they dipped to your sternum and then to your exposed breasts, watching as you shuddered and your nipples erected just a little more beneath his sight.
“Oh would you look at that, princess’s got a tattoo,” With a click of his heels, his hands were enveloping your breasts, your flesh fitting so perfectly in his fingers that he almost groaned. He delivered a harsh smack to each of your nipples, the whipping sound pulling him out of the trance he was in.
“Look at that guys,” He groaned with a squeeze to your breasts but stepped aside, letting everyone bask in the way the black ink decorated your skin, the simplistic tendrils skillfully drawn and interwoven around a peony flower.
“I’ve s-seen that before.” A squeaky voice you hadn’t heard before echoed in your ear, and you let out a relieved sigh, though his presence only seemed to heighten your anxiety.
Jungkook greets you with blown-out pupils, devouring your breasts with his eyes alone. His hands are clenched by his side, perspiration on his brown brows as he pants lowly. You look like a goddess, that’s the only thought running through his mind.
“Jungkookie, come here.” The youngest scrambled to the spot in front of you at Namjoons demand, his ogling in addition to his close proximity making you squirm against Hoseok’s hold. It didn’t help that the rest had perked up in their positions.
It was a known fact that out of the seven boys, it was Jungkook who was the most stubborn and impatient to the point he’d whine the whole damn day if he wanted something or if something didn't go his way. And as far the boys knew, it translated in bed as well. He was a dom- he enjoyed the power it gave him, the fact that he had someone begging for his cock and by no means could he imagine bottoming for anyone but-
“When did you see princess’s tattoo Jungkookie hmm?” Namjoon hums under his breath, swiping his thumb over your areolas teasingly, while everyone waited rather impatiently in their seats, anticipating what Namjoon would do next.
“Today, when she was walking down the stairs.” He gulps.
“Articulate, Jungkook.”
“Princess was skipping down the stairs and- and th-then I could see her tits bounce in that stupid crop top she was wearing, and I could see the tattoo on the s-side” A displeased whine leaves his mouth as he stomps his foot on the ground. “It’s not my f-fault, I didn’t mean to look but she just looked so fucking sexy!” He growls at the end.
A blush sets on your cheeks as Jungkook peers at you with a pout on his face. His dominant aura yet the submissive look on his face ignited a massive fire in your core, and you gazed at him with eyes sparkling with fondness.
“Attention, princess.” You jolt in surprise when a heavy palm lands directly on your clit, audible laughter heard from the men around you as you look at them with pursed lips.
“You won’t be laughing like that if someone spanks your balls.” You grit your teeth in humiliation, but no one seems affected by your comment. The smirks on their faces grew wider when Namjoon swats at your pussy again, holding his palm right below your hole. His index circles your hole before pushing in speedily. You don’t moan- no, that would mean they won.
You go cross-eyed when Namjoon retreats his fingers soddened with your juices, whistling as his fingers poke at your lips, smearing thick strings of your sweet arousal all over the swollen flesh. He pushes his hand in with all his force and you have no power, not when Hoseok squeezes your cheeks together, your lips parting against your will.
“Look at you princess, you’re telling me you don’t like being humiliated, that it doesn’t get your dirty pussy soaking wet. What a fucking liar.” He enunciated each word with spanks to your ass, Hoseok particularly watching your ass turn red with mesmerized eyes.
“I think she deserves a punishment for acting like a fucking brat, doesn’t she Joon?” He chuckles when you shiver at the dark tone, pinching your nipple with unrelenting hands.
“That she does.” The director thrust his fingers in your throat, reaching deep inside, letting you swirl your tongue around them. You loved the way he made you gag at the unexpected action but the feeling is gone when they retreat soon after, pulling away with a lewd pop sound. He wiped your saliva over your dripping pussy as you mewl at the stimulation, mixing with your juices.
“You still didn’t tell us what you want buttercup. I’ll make it easier for you; do you want to be fucked by our thick cocks, or maybe overstimulated until you’re crying like a little baby or hmm, my personal favorite, what if we tie you up and fuck you until you can’t feel your legs. If you open that bratty mouth of yours, maybe,” You see Jin shrug his shoulders as he speaks up, secretly enjoying the way you look at him with pleading eyes. “Maybe, I’ll tell Joon to go easy on you.”
You wanted all. All of it.
You’re on the verge of breaking down, still, no sound coming from your mouth when Jungkook comes forward to wipe at your desperate, fluttering eyes, cooing at how adorable you look with tears threatening to drip down your face. Your lips wobble when he grips your hair tight, forcing you to look at him.
With his teeth clicking in annoyance, he groans, “We can stand here all day princess, choose your punishment or…” He trails off with a whine, pupils fixated on the bruising flesh of your ass. “... I know what dear ___ wants, hyungs. She wants to be fucked in her little ass.” He finishes with a proud smile.
“Oh, babygirl’s a little ass slut, I know.” Yoongi chuckles, catching onto Jungkook’s little messed-up trick. Your panties are back in his hands, clutching them in his lap as if they were a treasure.
“Ho-how do you know?” You mumble, with glassy doe eyes, still being forced to look at Jungkook. You had fallen right into their trap.
“Oh baby, baby~ I didn’t but you just confirmed my thoughts, dumb little girl.” He cooed, squeezing your hair just a little tighter that had your scalp burning. Jungkook loved to fuck ass- and if it was your ass he was fucking, he didn’t know if he would come out sane on the other end. He was the real ass slut here, and he knew it.
“Is that all you want, princess, to be fucked in your tight ass, or are you a needy little slut who still wants more?” Namjoon raises an amused eyebrow as you open your mouth only to close it again, visibly struggling under all their gazes. As if they could sense your anxiousness, Jimin steps forward, cradling your face gently in his small fingers.
“No, no princess, shh, it’s okay I got you. You know the safewords, right- red to stop, yellow to slow down, and green if you’re alright with continuing. We wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to baby.” Jungkook lets go of your hair, running his hands through it soothingly as Jimin plants a chaste, wet kiss on your cheek, a small ‘chu’ echoing in the air that had you along with everyone smiling ear to ear.
“I-I know, my safewords.”
“That’s a good baby.” He squeals and pats your cheeks lightly, and you keen at the praise with sweetly crinkled eyes, the anxiousness dissipating the second you felt his lips on your skin.
“You just wanted to be praised, is that it baby?” He continues with the same excited tone, indulging in your praise kink with the same enthusiasm you craved their acknowledgment. Good for all of you, he loved to praise, and you loved to be praised.
“But princess also likes to be called a little slut,” Namjoon states as a matter of fact and you duck your head down before nodding a little with an embarrassed smile at his statement.
“Ahhh… that’s gonna be a problem isn’t it,” He clicks his tongue, a false display of disappointment heavy on his face. You suck in a long breath, not knowing where they were going with this. By now you knew two things common to all of them- one, teasing was almost second nature to them, and two, they never did anything without a purpose, never.
Hoseok’s hand crawls down your mound to your pussy when his eyes meet Namjoons with a faint smug, already intoxicated with the feeling of having you intimately. Deliberately, he neglects your clit, but is quick to circle his fingers around your exposed hole after parting your soppy lips. One finger and then two fingers and he’s quick to rub your essence all your clit to get you worked up again. It felt so so good, to have his hands play with you, almost a salve after having your pussy spanked so many times it burned.
‘You’re lucky you have us seven wrapped around your fingers, baby. Seven men, all with different ways they wanna fuck you. Does that excite you, my little devil, hmm?” Seokjin shoved everyone out of his way, closing the distance between you two until you could feel his hot breath over the tip of your nose. Hoseok takes advantage of the situation, pinching your clit when you least expect it, a mewl slipping past your lips that has Jin leaning down to poke his tongue out and licking at your lips with his wet appendage. Your lips are shining in the dim corner, making you look ethereal.
After Namjoon, it was Jin who craved dominance and submission from his submissives. He was a brat-tamer, a very sadistic one, so to speak, something you knew very well. Although he had a very different persona on camera as a porn star, it wasn’t his true nature, you knew from certain sources. And right now, you were very grateful to God for not having to experience his brutal ways of forcing a brat into submission.
“I asked you a question, baby. I expect an answer.” His feet are forcing yours to part, making you stumble in surprise, but he’s quick to hold your hips with a bruising grip, giving you a small taste of the red crescent marks you had marred into his skin a while back.
You are caught off guard again when he shoves his throbbing cock in the gap of your slick-covered thighs, urging you to close your legs around his length. You don’t think twice before tightening your flesh around his length, your clit catching onto the tip of his cock as his cock rests snuggly between your soaking lips. Deep moans of relief you both let out at the contact have his dark brown orbs closing in the dizziness of pleasure, making you clench your thighs on instinct.
His eyes flutter softly as he gains his composure with a small smirk on his face. He’s not thrusting his hips like you expected him to. Little do you know it would be Jimin who would get to fuck you first; when they’re done playing their little games that get you red and squirmy, it would be the supervisor who goes first with your consent. It was him who got you to them in the first place, after all.
“Yes, it does.” You pat yourself on the back for answering with utmost confidence, satisfied hums from the men around you making you feel more in control.
“Is that so, huh… you needy insatiable slut," He coos with a devilish smile on his face. "We'll fuck you so well, you'll be crying for our cocks by the time we're done. But you don't mind right, you just want to be filled with cum, isn't that right baby?" He declared, his voice promising as he slams his hips into yours, his length dragging across your folds as if to forewarn you about how fucked out you will be after they have their way with you.
You don’t mind it, you really don’t. Many women would die to be in your position- pleasure, and pain at the mercy of the seven men. But they don’t have what you do and the thought excites you. What’s a few bruises and scratches when you know you’ll be fucked into oblivion?
You cry out in bliss, clenching your thighs together, hoping for the ache in your core to go away with just a little more friction between the two of you. You’re sure your slick is covering Jin's thick cock, dripping down the curve of his balls from how aroused you are, but even if anyone notices it, they don’t mock you for it- because they’re equally turned on as you are.
"Please, please, just f-fuck me. I want you." A strained sob is ripped out of you as you look straight into Namjoons lidded eyes with a look of frenzy in your own.
But it is Jimin who calls the shots and your eyes snap out of the dizziness when Namjoon glances at the supervisor, your vision following his and you release a shaky breath in realization.
"I think you're asking the wrong person here, ___," He says with a pout, folding his arms over his taut pecs covered under his garments but you can see the faint curve through the barely translucent material, making you shiver.
Namjoon growls under his breath when he senses the look of want you send Jimin’s way. You liked them all equally, and to you, it didn’t matter who fucked you, as long as you were getting your hole destroyed by one of their dicks. He tenses his shoulders before sending a nasty look Jimin's way. He looks visibly upset at the prospect of having to wait to fuck you, and your heart softens for him when you see the genuine sadness in his eyes.
Words slip out from your mouth faster than you'd like.
"M-maybe you both c-can…" The implications of your words are crystal clear yet the men do a double-take, not believing your words. Shocked gasps emit from a few, while the others just remain speechless in their positions.
Yes, they wanted to fuck your ass, others were content with watching your ass getting rammed but they didn’t think you were actually serious about it. In their hearts, they had shoved that thought to the next time they would fuck you, maybe after a few sweet dates as a couple, one where their heads are not hazed by lust.
It's only after Seokjin lets go of your hips with a sloppy, wet sound echoing in the air when thick strands of your arousal stretch, keeping you connected with Jin, and a concoction of your fluids practically dripping down his tip, does everyone come back to their senses.
"But you aren't stretched out, love. We don’t want to hurt you." Jimin voices his concern once he's done looking at you with a mixture of shock and excitement, placing his warm palm on the apple of your cheek, stroking the skin with the pad of his fingers.
"Oh uhm, I last n-night, I-I you know~" You stammer out with hazed eyes. The memories from last night when you had rammed the biggest dildo you had in your asshole, their names falling from your lips like a mantra as you cried out in bliss flip a switch in your brain. You only hope to never have to experience or say such a thing again in your life.
Smirks, embarrassment and the ache to be touched are the only things you feel as Hoseok retreats from your figure, the soothing warmth of his body gone, leaving you freezing as you shrink under everyone's gaze. He was like a shield who had your back, literally, and gave you the confidence to stand in such a compromising position, and pleasure that kept you craving more and more of their touches.
But he was gone now and you whined loudly in distress, suddenly feeling very exposed.
"Shh shh ___ it's okay, I got you." Jimin is quick to rush forward, licking two fingers and inserting them into your weeping pussy, the length sliding inside easily seeing how much juices you had produced for them. Your walls throb around him as the squelching sounds and your whiny moans leave them in complete awe. Fueled by your desire to have them, he curls his fingers inside you, feeling your velvety walls convulse around him when he hits that special spot inside of you.
Another pair of large hands settle themselves on your scorching skin and you lean into the warmth. It's Namjoon, you know when he wastes no time in spanking your asscheeks with loud smacks, alternating between the two. He cups the globe of your ass in his palm, using the tip of his fingers to juggle them in his hold, watching it bounce and ripple with a gaping mouth.
"Please please please don't tease!" You scream with desperation heavy on your tongue when Namjoon spreads your cheeks apart, his fingers digging into your plump skin. His own breath is heavy and trails his long fingers over your rim, engraining the feel of your shriveled hole in his mind. The ghost of his touch had your asshole quivering rapidly in shock and he's completely bedazzled by the sight.
It felt good when you touched yourself, but it felt a hundred times better when they’re the ones touching you.
"Shit, you're really an ass slut. Jimin hold her leg up." He says with a twinkle in his eyes, not being able to glance away from your ass. Jimin does as he's told, wrapping one arm around your thigh and hand hoisting it on his lean waist with ease. His touch tickles the sensitive skin of your thigh that it has you giggling with a wide grin. Your body doesn’t know whether to laugh wholeheartedly or moan at the constant pistoning Jimin’s offering you.
But all he offers is a smug smile before pushing himself closer to you and attaching his lips to yours, instantly demanding entrance you gladly give to him, silencing you altogether.
Your whole attention is back on the stimulation Namjoon is providing you with, prodding the tip of his finger at the tight rings of muscles as they spasm at his touch. You let out a delirious mewl when he chuckles at you without a reason, spitting a thick glob of saliva directly on your puckered hole. Some dribbles into your ass, and he bucks his own hips in desperation, as if rocking his crotch against the air would provide him relief.
“Colour, princess?” Yet he’s ever the considerate man, even if he’s on the verge of losing self-control. He places wet kisses all over your back with pouted lips, tasting the light sheen of sweat.
“G-green, please fuck me already~ ah!” You break away from Jimin’s mouth, bucking your hips into his fingers with frenzy.
“Good things come to those who wait ___,” Jungkook tsks, gliding his hand over his cock in deliberate, unhurried strokes. You can tell he’s not interested in pleasuring himself from just his tone, rather tranced at the scene in front of him and as much as you want to get him off, he’ll have to wait, because the two men around you won’t.
He spits again, viscous liquid oozing out of his mouth. The wetness drips around his fingers and collects over your rim and you can feel it spread over your entrance with his thumb as if it were lubrication. You moan weakly at the sensation and with newfound enthusiasm, he lands a final glob of saliva on your rim, this time pushing in his finger achingly slow.
Your ass sucks in his finger, opening up just enough to have him slip in his fingertip before your walls clamp down, hindering the entrance. Despite this, a wanton moan leaves you as you’re still sensitive from last night, and he's actually thankful to Jimin, who's allowing him to experience such an enthralling sight.
But it’s not wet enough. He needs more.
So this time, he places his fingers just below your soaking wet pussy, prodding and collecting as much of your sloppy mess that drips from your hole as he could with his one hand before retreating his finger in your ass and coating it with your essence. He's able to slip his finger further now, just a little more with your slick lubricating the intrusion.
"You didn't lie when you said you played with your ass last night princess, did you?” He questions with raised eyebrows, seeing how tight your walls are around him despite what you told them.
He doesn’t let you answer, gripping your shoulder tightly as if to brace himself. Unknowingly, he presses down on a particularly dark bruise Hosoek had sucked into your skin, chuckling with unadulterated carnal desire in him. You straighten up when he starts scissoring his way into the tight walls of your asshole and apart from the light burn his touch gives you, you feel nothing but absolute pleasure.
Jimin's to thank for it, keeping your clit rocking against the rough fabric of his jeans as he lewdly sucks on the flesh beneath your jaw, the only area Hoseok hadn’t marred your skin. He’s becoming greedier with his own deep moans leaving his parted lips when he feels your pussy fluttering around his fingers, your high approaching, and jeans forming a dark wet spot right at his crotch.
"Oh no no no baby, you only get to come around my cock, is that clear. Don't you dare come right now." The threat is clear in his tone and you cry out loud when his thrusts slow down to a halt.
"Please just want your cocks, ple~" Your jaw drops when Namjoon is knuckle deep inside your ass, pumping slowly through your tight walls, letting both of you get used to the feeling of euphoria. The overwhelming sensations have your eyes sparkling with tears, and Jungkook notices, feeling bad for you- he could never imagine being edged for so long that he turns delirious for pussy.
"Hyungs, baby wants to be fucked. Why don't you fuck her stupid?" Jungkook pouts, innocence dripping like honey from his voice.
You can't see him, or any of them, but you’re grateful nonetheless, so much that you wanted to throw yourself at him. The wet sounds, the groans, and low rumbles are a telltale sign the rest are touching themselves. You blush at the thought of being the center of attention of so many men, but you crave it too.
"Yes yes yes, want to be fucked by all of you, please!" You babble mindlessly, few tears making their way down your cheeks. Jimin pokes his tongue out to lick at them, from your jaw to just below your eyes. Mercy is fortunately taken on you, yet is gone unnoticed by you. You don't realize when the sound of the teeth of Jimin snd Namjoon's zipper unlocking is the only sound in the corner, or when their garments are falling on the floor.
All you know is the feeling on your pussy and ass clenching in unison when the former starts rubbing the tip of his thick cock all over your sodden folds. It catches you off-guard, and you open your eyes immediately to look at your pussy.
You can’t wait anymore. You want to be filled up- ass and pussy. Balls deep and filled with cum.
“Ah, shit~” You breathily moan, the same time Jimin does too- the delectable feeling of your juices covering his entire length, mixing with the translucent beads of precum on his cockhead creating a sloppy concoction he’s eagerly rubbing all over your folds. He's gripping at your thigh for leverage, pressing down harshly that will surely leave imprints when it’s over. With a few smacks at your clit with the tip of his cock, he's satisfied with a cocky grin at his attempt to work you up even more.
The fiery tip of his long cock impales you all of a sudden, once, twice, and thrice, testing out the warmth of your walls. You mewl as he fills you up in a single thrust, stretching your walls to mold his girth. The squelching sound that accompanies is akin to an eargasm, echoing again when you clench around his length. You sob at the initial sting but it dies down in your throat when he starts thrusting his hips back and forth into you with his eyes rolled back just like your own.
Wanton moans leave your mouth one after the other as you feel Jimin enter you until his heavy ball are pressed against you, hitting your special spot with ease. His eyes never leave you, connected to where his length disappears inside of your pussy effortlessly. Your pussy clenches around him involuntarily, and you can feel the pressure building in your core already, aided after being left dry when you were about to approach the first orgasm of the day but couldn't.
"So ready, so eager to have your tight ass fucked." You hear Namjoon chuckle condescendingly from behind you, his fingers leaving your asshole the same time Jimin slams into you, his cockhead pistoning against your g-spot with bruising force.
‘Just enough to satiate you for a couple of minutes’, he thinks as he slows down to a halt, allowing Namjoon to penetrate your hole. He does his best to comfort you- playing with your nipples, pinching and pulling them with tender hands, pressing butterfly kisses to everywhere on your face. He has to get you to relax.
You tense up with a whimper when Namjoon's bulbous tip prods at your back entrance, covered with a cold, wet substance that you identify as lube, probably the honey-flavored ones he always has on set, always. It gives him easier access when you lean over Jimin, your cheeks parting and asshole clenching periodically.
Your rim gapes against his cock and he's pushing in slowly, just enough to have you keening against Jimin. He pulls out with a hiss before smearing the mixture of his precum and lube over your puckered rim, sheathing himself in the warmth of your tight walls once again. He pulls out again with a groan and thrusts in again, and again until you're both wet enough for him to fuck you properly.
“Oh Princess, look at you taking cock so well.” His lips placed right above your ear and deep voice groaning lowly there. He's girthier than Jimin yet slightly shorter, the thought suddenly pops in your mind and your whole body shivers in delight. The man behind you delivers a deep thrust that has you falling forward into Jimin's chest, feeling his pecs against your forehead. He presses a chaste kiss to your hair and they begin thrusting in unison.
Low whistles echo in the air, drowned out by the sound of harsh thrusts slapping against the skin of your ass and thighs. "So fucking t-tight. Shit!" He moans when he feels Jimin's cock fucking into your pussy through a thin wall that separates your holes. He knows Jimin can feel it too when he growls, thrusting harsher. You lose control over your own body when your other thigh is lifted in Namjoon’s strong arms with little to no effort, both their arms burning deliciously at the effort. You’re nothing but a doll they are controlling as per their wishes, moaning, crying, aching, all when they want you to.
Your body swings like a puppet in their hold, completely at their mercy as they hammer rhythmically into you at a blinding pace. The ecstacy of feeling so full as their cocks plunge deep into you hitting spots you never knew could bring you such toe-curling pleasure, is a mouth-watering feeling.
"Fuck more- please I’m so close, please~" Your voice turns high pitched, eyes glassy, and they abide by your need, chasing their own highs with ravenous thrusts that have you screaming at the pleasure, moan after moan being ripped out from you. White clouds your vision all of a sudden, your body vibrating in pleasure as your stomach twists and knots before finally letting go.
You’re numb to the loud growls they let out when you tighten around them unimaginably, almost forcing their cocks to stop inside of you. But they’re men on a mission that leads to pleasure, continuing plowing your holes- besides, the thought of overstimulating you makes them go haywire. You’re a temptress, a goddess, and your body drives them fucking insane.
You’re still weeping a minute later, having had another searing orgasm, your holes seemingly tightening even more. Hot pleasure seeps into their veins when they plunge the farthest they can into you, your walls clamping down on their lengths as they spill their hot seed into you.
White paints your walls, spurt after spurt leaving their swollen cockheads and into the warm depth of your walls. You look down with frenzied eyes wide in shock when you feel your belly inflate a little, no doubt as Jimin empties his balls into you. Full, you feel so full, so content, mumbling dizzily under your breath as he presses his palms around the gentle curve.
“Hyung, look at babygirl~” Jimin ushers in an excited tone, pulling you completely into his arms, letting Namjoon come closer with curiosity bubbling in his tired body. Unfortunately, the position doesn’t favor him, so he turns around, finding his nearest target that seems to be Taehyung before landing you in his inviting lap.
You hum contently when he brushes his fingertips gently over the galaxy of red and purple on your neck, enthralled by your pretty, fucked-out figure limp in his arms. The rest gather around him with adrenaline pumping through them, Jin going as far as pushing his hand on your tummy tenderly. They don’t touch you otherwise, no- their hands are coated with their cums, having burst into pleasure as they fucked their fist just as Namjoon and Jimin had experienced their orgasm.
They are not disappointed when they see a thick mixture of yours and Jimin’s cum leak down your hole, combining with Namjoon’s as it drips down your asshole before finally puddling on the ground. Their cocks twitch at the sight, threatening to be up and ready to go in an instant. But Namjoon bursts their bubbles when he carries a soft blanket he carries in his bag for all occasions, not caring about his limp, cum-covered cock in his underwear as he almost swaddles you instinctually.
“I didn’t get to fuck ___ie,” Jungkook huffs at you, arms crossed over his chest awkwardly as he tries to avoid getting his cum on his t-shirt. He does not know that you aren’t asleep, only having closed your eyes for a quick second.
“We didn’t either brat, but she’s tired after a long day,” He smirks devilishly at Jimin and Namjoon, the men blushing like crazy. “But I’m sure she likes us too. Always better opportunities to fuck, Jungkookie.” He shrugs before winking at Hoseok knowingly, formulating a plan to ram your throat as Hosoek takes you from behind.
‘What a pretty sight.’ He can imagine it vividly.
“Are you sure she likes us, I-I mean- what if s-she,” Hoseok’s breaths grow heavier as he stares at your adorable body wrapped up in a blanket in Taehyung’s lap, looking like the most precious thing on the planet.
“Why do you think I don’t like you, Hobi? I’ve liked you since the moment I saw you.” You rasp out, struggling to open your eyelids that don’t want to co-operate with you at all, adrenaline fading from your body.
“Crush at first sight.” Jimin coos at you.
“We’re the same, princess. We’ve been waiting-” And Namjoon’s voice is distant in your brain as the tiredness hits you in powerful waves, forcing a whimper out of you. You thrash around so you can soothe the bruises and marks on your skin, but you can’t move your arms, feeling yourself wrapped in a warm, cuddly blanket.
“‘S hurts.” You whimper as you’re lifted into the air immediately, still protesting against the material around your body weakly. Six pairs of feet trail hastily around Taehyung as they protect you from everyone’s view, before having you in the safety of Jimin’s cabin.
“It’s okay baby, we’ll take care of you, hmm, you hearing me?” Jungkook makes sure you haven’t dropped at the feeling of intense pain.
“I’m fine. I’ll b-be fine.” You assure them with a small smile.
“Are you sure baby girl? Do you need anything in specific- juice, candies, chocolate, whatever you want!” Jimin mumbles with a worried hand brushing your hair after setting you down on the sofa in his cabin.
“No ‘m fine. Just ice cream.” You whisper, feeling your eyes close as two of them apply soothing cream on the right spots.
“Okay, okay, well I got it. I have chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream-” He rambles without stopping to breathe, picking at the strands of your hair mindlessly.
“No Chim, it’s Rocky Road. Take me... with all of you tomorrow. The shop’s r...ight around the corn-” And your head lays in his lap, eyes shut as tiredness engulfs you whole.
You’ve fallen asleep peacefully, oblivious to the turmoil you've caused in the racing hearts of seven boys as the crowd around you with absolute joy on their faces. Maybe, just maybe, if everything goes well, they will be proud lovers to the most adorable girl they’ve ever met, all in the confines of a porn studio.
“So how did you manage to pull this off anyway?” Lex mumbles into Misha’s folds, sucking at her dewy pussy lips slathered with her slick with eagerness, his head buried between her thighs snugly.
“Oh little boy, you act like your throat hasn’t taken an eight-inch dildo, get them jealous, and slip away to have a pretty little boy tongue fuck her like a starved slut.” She giggles sadistically, squeezing her thighs around him until her essence will be the only thing he’ll sense.
“It was annoying to watch them act like love-sick puppies anyway.” Misha picks at her nails, uninterested. “Just like you baby boy. You love me, don’t you? Crave me too, don’t you?” She mimics Jimin’s words before letting out a high-pitched moan when Lex wraps his lips around Misha’s clit before parting with a pop.
“Always Misha.” Inserting his tongue in her hole, Misha’s never felt happier, both for you and herself.
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ggukkieland · 3 months ago
📚BTS Fic Reads - 2021 Aug Pt. 2
I enjoyed last month’s reading list 🥰. Variety of themes from genies to superheroes to hybrids to doctors to slice of life. I also think I said and commented a lot on each fic because I couldn’t help express how I feel 💖
Kudos to these authors for making my exhausting Aug a bearable one 🥰
Tumblr media
🌷 Aug 2021 Fic Reads Part 1:  Ongoing Series
all members
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tip: If link doesn’t work, click on author and go to their masterlist S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After Rain @rmverse - one shot | 12.8k | kind of supernatural, patient!namjoon x patient!reader, hurt/comfort, strangers to lovers, lucid dreams at one point | f, s, slight a
Are You Allowed to Tell God to Suck It + Blossom  @min-youngis​ - two shot | 3.7k | Angel AU, Angel!Reader, Human!Namjoon, CEO Namjoon, sort of established relationship, some philosophical talks | f
Competitive @jjksblackgf​ - drabble | 1k | enemies to lovers, college au (grad school?), rivalry turned sexy thanks to one hot namjoon | f
Hit the Back @ironicarmy (deactivated) - one shot | 6.6k | fratboy au, stem major!reader, college au, car wash au, summer au, friends to lovers | s, slight f (no updates yet if author will re-post but will put this here in case it gets posted again)
Hourglass @joonbird​ - drabble | 750 wc | strangers to lovers, strangers on a train | s
Inner Universe @donewithjeon​ - one shot | 6.9k | College AU, disability themes | a, f
Rental Series @moononthejoon (deactivated but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 30.9k | Fake Dating? (more of Rent a Boyfriend), Psychologist!Namjoon, Rental Drabble: Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Husband AU, Parenting AU | s, f, a (linked the AO3 in my reblog)
Tumblr media
29 + 1 @taeescript​ - series [3/3] | 21.9k | CEO!Seokjin, Seokin is the devil from The Devil Wears Prada (he was really mean T_T), slice of life, enemies to lovers, intern!oc, date/companion oc to gala (not really fake dating but seokjin needs her to help his image) | a, s, f
Code Blue @saladejin​ - one shot | 4.5k | doctor!seokjin x nurse!reader, hospital au, humor, lots of teasing | f
Exes and Superher-O’s @kpopfanfictrash - two shot | 59k | Superhero AU, Enemies to Lovers AU, Action, Exes AU, eventually Boyfriend AU (Part 2) | a, f, s
Gold Embers Touch the Blue Veil @magicalsalamander​ - one shot | 19.5k | Avatar AU, Fire Bender!Seokjin, Water Bender!OC, Enemies to Lovers, Military AU, Warrior!OC | a, s
Tumblr media
.Docx @yngpraisebot​ - one shot | 4.4k | CEO!Yoongi, dom themes, harassment themes (proceed with caution) | s
“Are You Flirting With Me” @rmverse - drabble | 1k? | barista!reader, prompt: “Are you flirting with me?” / “You finally noticed?” | f
2am @sunshinejoon​ - series [4/4] | 5.7k | established relationship, semi-break up au, she thinks he’s fooling around (?) | a
A Scam Marriage @xotoosweet​ - one shot | 4k | arranged marriage (marriage of convenience), grad school au, architecture major!yoongi, psychology!oc, college au, friends to lovers, some unrequited pining | f  
Breakfast in Bed @joonbird - one shot | 12k | IKEA Employee!Yoongi, bed display crasher OC, strangers to lovers, crack/humor, retail AU | s, f (really hot and yet tooth rotting fluff)
Helping Out @itsallabouthedetails​ - one shot | 2.5k | OC is Jin’s roommate, but Yoongi helping her with cramps | s
Mortalised @minyfic​ - one shot | 5.5k | dilf!yoongi, single dad au, bestfriend au, they live apart but Yoongi visited OC, a proposition… | s, f
Not Around @minyfic - one shot | 19.8k | best friend’s boyfriend, basketball player!yoongi x cheerleader!oc, college au | a, f, s
Off the Deep End @boymeetsweevil​ - one shot | 17.5k | kind of sci-fi?, mermaid!yoongi, fwb au, slice of life-ish | s, a, slight f
Petrichor @donewithjeon - one shot | 10k | barista!reader, coffee shop au, yoongi is not the type who stays | a, s
Post-it Note @couture-kookie​ - one shot | 6k | Neighbor AU, Enemies to Lovers, that turned sort of BDSM | s
Snake Kisses @peekaboongi​ - one shot | 8.5k | Hybrid AU, Snake Hybrid Yoongi, fluffy ending | s, f  
Tumblr media
Absolution @junghelioseok​ - one shot | 21.9k | action, secret agent au, secret identity themes, part of the crosshairs/budapest universe | s 🌷
Angsty Divorced Parents drabble @ughcore - drabble | 700 wc | exes au, infidelity themes, parents au | a 🌷
Golden Hour @snackhobi - drabble  | 2.6k | sfw, magic au | f
I Don’t Know What to Call This @httphopewrld​ - one shot | 16.4k | idol!hoseok, friends to lovers, sort of fwb au | s, a, f
Remember Me Not @taeescript - one shot | 14.5k | genie!hoseok, fantasy au, sort of star crossed lovers, bestfriend au, memory-alter themes, sort of reincarnation too? | a, f 🌷
Tumblr media
Blazing Arrows @kingminie​ - series [7/7] | 35.3k | Unrequited Love (for Jungkook). Love Triangle themes, Cupid!Jimin, kind of Roommate!Jimin too | f, a (wasn’t expecting this to be angsty T_T)
Spring Leaves @alilbihh​ - one shot | 11.5k | witch!jimin, witch!reader, arranged marriage au, kind of slice of life but world is more on fantasy, slow burn | f (tooth-rotting fluff 🥰)  
The Call to You @1lyhobi​ - one shot | 2k | werewolf au, alpha!reader, mating themes | s
You Have (1) New Voicemail @coepiteamare​ - one shot | 4.9k | epistolary (all through voicemail), mystery (because we don’t know where Jimin is), sort of falling out? | a (perfect angst) 🌷
Tumblr media
A Crow Without Wings @kissmetae​ - one shot | 5.8k | demon!taehyung (the sweetest demon), but dark scenario (must be in soul form for them to be together) | s, a
Apartment 512 + About the Boy @moononthejoon (deactivated, but on AO3) - one shot + drabble series | 41.3k | neighbor au, fwb au, sort of enemies to lovers, college au (originally), tattooed!taehyung, eventually boyfriend AU, husband AU, post-grad AU | f, s, a
Can’t Flaunt What’s Not Yours @turtletaemin​ - one shot | 6k | FWB AU, OC nonchalant about their fuckbuddy situation but got jealous (and bitchy) | s, a, f  
Corruption @95boysbe - one shot | 2.5k | established relationship, boyfriend!taehyung loves corrupting OC | s, slight f
Fantasies @anoddkpopfan​ - one shot | 2.7k | dom!taehyung, college au, gaming buddy!Taehyung | s
Friends @hobistagram​ - drabble | 1.7k | best friend au, idol au, oc suddenly revealed she had a crush on him before | f
Good Luck Charm @gukyi​ - one shot | 11k | Bestfriend AU, Unrequited AU (for OC), Roommate AU, Actor!Taehyung | f, a
Letters @bangtanocean​ - series [3/3] | 10.3k | historical au, soulmate au, feat Prince!Yoongi, chef!oc, soldier!taehyung (commander), war themes?, heavy angst | s, f, a
North Star @kainks - drabble | 1.8k | god AU, Fantasy AU, Christmas AU, Soulmate AU, Reincarnation AU | f
Once Upon a Boy @eternally-writing​ - drabble | 2.8k | rich!taehyung, strangers to lovers, Cinderella AU | f, a
One Last Time @softjaehyvn​ - one shot | 3.6k | actor!taehyung x actress!reader, break up au, co-worker au | a, f
Pluto Protector @kitsutaes - drabble | 2.6k | childhood friends, bestfriend AU, artist!taehyung, astrophysicist!reader | f
Poetry of the Stars @jjiimin​ - one shot | 25.4k | hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, best friend’s brother, heavy themes (please check tags) | f, a
SPH @venusjeon​ - drabble | 2.2k | FWB AU, humor, SPH stands for ‘small penis humiliation’ 😂, bad parent themes but taehyung is such a sweetheart to make your world better | s, a, f  
When a Ladybug Meets a Spider @gxtsmxt-blog​ - one shot | 14.1k | College AU, Tarantula Owner!Taehyung, Dorm mate!OC, humor (really cute and quirky) | a, f, s  🌷
Tumblr media
↬ One-shots | Drabbles
12:49 PM @likeastarstar​ - drabble | 424 wc | bad boy!jungkook (or so it seems because people are judgers), a little plot twist on characters (who goes soft for wildflowers? who rides the bike?) | f 🌷
Apodyopsis @jeonsjiddies​ - one shot | 12k | Nude Model!Jungkook, Artist!OC, strangers to lovers, Kookie has a sad backstory but he’ll give you whiplash with his triplicity (boy with a story that makes me sad, cocky/flirty, feral!jk - take your pick) | s 🌷
Autumn: My Old Story @thedefinitionofbts​ - one shot | 9.5k | Werewolf AU, supernatural au, sort of childhood friends  | a (beautifully written angst) 🌷
Bunny @btssmutgalore​ - one shot | 17.5k | friends to lovers, shy!jungkook, camboy au, secret identity | s 🌷
Cheer @btssaysstudy​ - one shot | 9.9k | cheerleader!oc, athlete!jungkook, rugby, college au | f
Combative @smasmashin​ - one shot (with ongoing drabbles) | 6.2k | Fuck or Die AU, Assassin AU, kinda alien too? (feat Alien!Seokjin), Enemies to Lovers, Crack/Humor | S (pwp) 🌷
Fighter @eureka-its-zico​ - one shot | 4.8k | strangers to lovers, tsundere!jungkook, bartender!oc, bar AU, ex-fighter!jungkook, protective!jungkook *yes yes* | s, a 🌷
Green Room @honeymoonjin​ - drabble | 1.8k | idol au, jealous!jungkook, exhibitionist (because he’s so jealous of Hoseok 😁) | s 🌷
Hot Ones @yoon-kooks​ - one shot | 5.1k | FWB AU, Co-worker AU, idol!jungkook, sort of Bet AU (over array of deadly hot sauce samples) | f 🌷
Illusions of Choice @hobibliophile​ - one shot | 7.3k | heir au, arranged marriage au, supposedly arranged with the older brother but got arranged with jungkook instead after brother’s death | a, f, s
I Think I’m in Love With You and I’m Terrified @cupofteaguk - drabble | 1.9k | fake dating au, unrequited love for Kookie because he couldn’t say how he feels | f 🌷
I Want You @moonlightchildz​ - one shot | 13k | slow burn, strangers to lovers, eventual friends, virgin!reader (and only wants Jungkook) | s, f  🌷
Just For Tonight @jungkxook​ - one shot | 17.7k | strangers to lovers, dare au (inspired by the film Nerve), party au | s, f 🌷
Kinky Hours Drabble: Single Dad!JK and Babysitter!OC @lavishedinjimin - drabble | 1k | Nanny!OC, DILF!Jungkook, single dad au who is also sexually frustrated, age gap (consenting adults) | s 🔥 🌷
Koopid @gwoongi​ - one shot | 4.7k | feat. Namjoon (viewer), porn stars Jungkook and OC, established relationship, all the acts are seen through Namjoon’s viewing experience | s, kind of f 🌷
Losing Game @kookaine​ - drabble | 988 wc | villain!jungkook, dystopian, apocalypse | a (heavy)
Morning After @jmnjmnjmn​ - drabble | 1k | one night stand AU, friends to lovers, really cute | f 🌷
Mr. & Mrs. Jeon @taetaesbaebaepsae​ - one shot | 7.1k | assassin au, husband au, secret identities, Mr. and Mrs. Smith adaptation | a, f, s
Nothing Compares 2U + Since U Been Gone @burberryplaid - drabble | 790 wc | idol au, breakup au, themes of cheating (someone is rumored with jk) | a
One on One @thatmultifandomhoe​ - one shot | 3.1k | College AU, Sports AU, Boxer AU | f (really cute) 🌷
Pearls and Pastries @masterninjacow​ - one shot | 3.6k | baker!reader, pirate!jungkook, fantasy, pining, medieval au | f, a
Philtatos @sweetbunnykook​ - drabble | 2.1k | god AU, hades’ son!Jungkook, soulmate AU, established relationship 🌷
Quarter Life Crisis @heungtanbts - one shot | 25k | slow burn, bestfriend AU, idiots to lovers, OC experiencing quarter life crisis and they think the solution is for her to get a boyfriend, some angst from one silent bunny | a, f, implied s 🌷
Revenge is Brutally Sweet @yumeyooa​ - one shot | 14.6k | guitarist!jungkook, vocalist!reader, band au, high school au, post break up au, exes au | a, slight f
Sacrifices @jiminiethot - one shot | 4.4k | Gamer!Jungkook, Parenting AU, Husband AU, Unplanned pregnancy, really sweet and was part of my established rel fic rec list for jungkook | f, s 🌷
Sleeposal @joyfulhopelox​ - drabble | 2.8k | boyfriend AU, sleep talker!jungkook proposing in his sleep, really cute!, proposal AU | f 🌷
Snaps @cryxtal-moon​ - one shot | 10.3k | photographer!jungkook, assistant!oc, neighbor au, producer!oc | f (really cute)
Somebody That I Used to Know @imyourhobiii​ - one shot | 9.7k | childhood best friends, roommate au, fwb au, waterpark au, falling out type of fic, really angsty | a, s
Still With You @kooktrash​ - one shot | 4k? | Strangers to Lovers, summer romance type, sort of Exes (but not really because they weren’t officially together) | a, s, f 🌷
The Art of Cheating @justcallmenikki7 - one shot | 1.3k | soulmate au, soulmate marks (they see what is written on their skin except name, phone number, address) | f
The Big Cats @breakiebunny​ - one shot | 10.5k | Mafia AU, Hybrid AU, Amur Leopard!Jungkook,  enemies to lovers, last amur leopard hybrids alive (they need to mate) | a, s
The Cheetah Lounge @kookiecrumb​ - one shot | 2.3k | Kookie just got fired, OC is the girl he sees on the subway on his way to work every day, party/club setting | s, slight f
The Lighthouse @rubycoast​ - one shot | 12k | strangers to lovers, pining, tsundere!jungkook in the beginning, friends to lovers, kind of supernatural, plot twist | a, f  🌷
The Lines Between Us @chateautae​ - one shot | 10k | detective!jungkook, enemies to lovers, slight fantasy, FWB AU, coworker au,  | s, a 🌷
The Pool Boy @idolimagines - one shot | 8.1k | pool boy!jungkook, executive!OC, recently divorced OC, hired employee!jungkook, noona cougar vibes | s, f 🌷
This Time Around @alternateafterthought​ - one shot | 22k | strangers to lovers, hybrid au, both of them are rare snow leopard hybrids, forced to breed (rare hybrid type), kind of action (? when they were trying to escape), OT7 | a, s, f 🌷
Trick @blkjmn​ - one shot | 4.4k | Piercer!Jungkook, tattoo artist AU, OC getting a clit piercing | s 🌷
True Damage @krreader - drabble | 1.3k | idol!reader, rivals on the outside but friends but JK messed up | a
War of Hormones @babiekaykes​ - one shot | 5.6k | Werewolf!Jungkook, supernatural, Established Relationship, Boyfriend AU, Alpha!Jungkook who is scared of touching OC (afraid of hurting her and this is the point of the story because OC is ready to take their relationship to the next level) | s, f 🌷
You @breakiebunny - one shot | 10.7k | childhood bestfriend, former fling, idol!jungkook, OC in a relationship (but abusive one), protective!koo | a, f, s
Your Every Wish is my Command @jeonggukingdom​ - one shot | 13.6k | genie!jungkook, fantasy (a bit), sort of star-crossed? (not sure how a genie and human can end up together and that made me sad a bit) | s, f, a 🌷
Tumblr media
↬ Two-shots | Series
50% Cotton + 50% Polyester @perpetually-jungshook - two shot | 11.8k | Shy!Jungkook, virgin!jungkook, College AU, friends to lovers | f, s 🌷
All The Times You Knocked @taehyung-the-baehyung​ - drabble series [5/?] | 5k+ | neighbor au, slice of life, strangers to lovers | f, a (I don’t think it’ll be completed but it’s a good read ^_^) 🌷
Glitter and Disquiet @joheunsaram​ - two shot | 36k | heir au, ceo au, youtuber!oc, virgin!jungkook, gaming company, post grad au, enemies to lovers | a, f, s
Hiraeth @darlingwoes - series [15/15] | 54k | Royalty AU, Time Travel AU, Fantasy, Slow Burn, sort of starcrossed | f, s, a 🌷
Hot Summer @httphopewrld - two shot | 15.4k | Jungkook is the boy across the street, tattoo artist!jungkook, voyeurism (? OC could see JK and his ex-gf across), eventual established relationship, angst due to OC not admitting about seeing him through his window | s, a, f
Irrevocably Yours, Part 2 @eureka-its-zico - series [2/3] | 29.2k+ | Enemies to Lovers, slow burn, Rich!Jungkook but now adjusting to his situation, disability themes (jk had an accident which now affected his leg), hurt/comfort,, First Love type of fic, really cute | f, a 🌷
(also I realized this is not completed yet but it’s doesn’t have that cliffhanger-ish type of plot so you can still read and feel satisfied with how things ended so far)
Payback @thatsabae​ - series [12/12] | 21.8k | strangers to lovers, their partners are cheating on them, revenge au, comedy, friends to lovers | a, f
Somewhere Only We Know (Final) @qersona​ - series [4/4] | 21k | Hybrid AU, FWB AU, childhood friends au, enemies to lovers, college AU, unrequited (for OC), sports (JK) | s, a, f (this was part of my Aug 2020 reading list so we’ve come a full circle here 🥰) 🌷
Sweet Like Sugar @defsoulstation​ - series [3/3] | 4.5k | Werewolf AU, Noona!OC, a/b/o dynamics but OC is human, Jungkook is like one big puppy who likes Noona who gives him food 🥺(but went feral during his heat) | a, f 🌷
They Were Liars @kooktrash - series [8/8] | 23k | College AU, Neighbor AU, Fake Dating AU, sort of FWB AU, OC recently broke up with hoseok (caught him cheating) and concocted a “fake dating” plan with the neighbor | s, a, f
Tumblr media
The Switch @kookingtae​ - one shot | 9k | Established Relationship (Hoseok), Christmas AU, Poly AU, fantasy I guess? (members can switch during sex so she gets to try them all in different stages of smut *wink wink*) | s, f 🌷
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 Sep 04
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