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I surprised Jimmy’s parents let Classi stay at his house, Like they’re not even gonna ask why did our ten year old son sneak outand  bring a random Stripper home? I’d like to think he told them she was teacher who’s house is being fumigated.

I imagine the dialogue on that.

Mr. Valmer: Jimmy says that Classi woman is the creative language teacher, but I don’t remember her at the last parent-teacher night.

Mrs Valmer: Our Jimmy is such a good boy for letting miss Classi into our home while her house is being sprayed for Pink Aguilera bugs… 

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A couple of years ago, I created my own ship: Jimmy Valmer and Scott Malkinson. I headcanon Scott as being all fit when in high school, and considering that it’s canon that Jimmy is a fit person (he is seen exercising in “Up the Down Steroid” before the steroid abuse, and take a look at his body in “Pee”), I am going with the “birds of a feather” logic on this one.

So that’s that.

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