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Darcy: Look, don't think I'm a sap, but I think...
Darcy: ...I think I might be in love with Monica...
Darcy: Or whatever.
Woo: Took you long enough. Marry her. I have a priest on speed dial. I can set something up right now.
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Holy Ground Ch. 2
Warnings: Swearing, Slow burn (?), Matthew Michael Murdock, talk of death/torture
Pairings: Matt Murdock x French! Avenger! reader
Word Count: ~3.4k (this is the longest fic I have written so far oop)
Chapter: 2/?
Read chapter one here
A/N: My first Matt fic! I got inspo from @cressidaclearwood ‘s series, so definitely go check that one out too. Please do not repost my work. I’m posting this at like 2am, so literally as soon as it uploads, I’m going to sleep. Enjoy! ~L
Thank you for reading! Likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated!
Summary: Y/N meets with Nelson and Murdock, pisses off and then unpisses off Foggy, and is starting to open up to the boys. Matt realizes he still might have his charm.
Translations will be at the end of each chapter
Matt knew from the moment that he and Foggy stepped foot into the room that this was going to be an interesting case. Convincing Foggy to agree to the case was one thing, but this was what their firm would classify as ‘big leagues’, and he found out quite quickly how cooperative she was going to be for the foreseeable future.  
“Let’s start off by asking you Ms. Y/L/N, what stance will you be taking for pleading? If you plead guilty, we could probably pull off a similar sentence in comparison to Mr. Barton and Mr. Lang.”
“Does anything about me scream that I’m going to plead guilty? I am in no wrong when it comes to defending James.”
Foggy shifted his stance. “You mean The Winter Soldier.”
“My closest friend.” 
“Your closest friend is hiding in Europe.” He shuffled his papers. “We recommend taking the guilty sentence if you want to continue your hero duties.” 
She moved her gaze from the overly calm attorney in front of her to his colleague. “I hate to break it to you chérie, but I’m going to be continuing my ‘hero duties’ regardless of what some uptight cis-old men in fancy suits tell me in court.” 
Matt withheld a smirk at her sentence, and he could feel Foggy’s heartbeat raise up in frustration. Clasping his hands in front of him, he decided to cut in before Foggy got even more irritated. “Listen Ms. Y/L/N, we’re your best bet in your current situation, and we’re trying to help you. We’ve been in this business for long enough to know-” 
“For a lawyer, you’re a shit liar, Mr. Murdock. The only person’s interests you have in mind of helping is your own. You successfully handle my case, and your reputation will spike up. I may not know law, but I’m not an idiot. The only person who truly cares about my ‘criminal state’ is myself.” Y/N shut her eyes momentarily, and he could sense that she was trying to calm her breathing. Her heartbeat had raised within seconds of their entrance.
“Ms. Y/L/N” Matt started, “while you’re right in the fact that we do love free press, we are pretty much the only ones who are even bothering to give a glance towards your interests. And you’re making it quite hard for us to keep wanting to help you.” 
Y/N was at a stalemate with herself. On one hand, they didn’t seem too bad, and they were the first to not go directly into pestering her on why she didn’t sign the accords. Murdock was also easy on the eyes, so that was a bonus. On the other hand though, she was seriously considering following in Wanda’s and Steve’s paths. Europe did sound nice this time of year. 
With a dramatic sigh, she sat back in the metal chair. “Fine, if you guys are being serious, what do need from me? And I’m not pleading guilty, they’ll make me sign and there’s no way I’m doing that.” Her glare re-settled onto the red glasses across from her.
“Anything you’re willing to give, Ms. Y/L/N. If we’re chasing the not guilty lead, we’re going to need to build up a case for you. And that means you’re going to have to tell us more about yourself.”
“I’ll talk to you two, but not in here. They’re listening to everything I say, and I prefer to keep my private life as private as possible. Plus, I need a change in surroundings.”
Both men breathed a sigh of relief, and as Matt stood up, he rolled his neck to loosen the muscles. She was right, there were audios set up in all corners of this room. She was being heavily guarded. On their way into the interrogation room they had passed at least five security guards. Security guards whose heartbeats were still audible right where they were a half an hour ago, meaning they hadn’t moved an inch. Matt extended his hand towards Y/N’s to shake it, and he could feel her eyes following his actions. He had to admit to himself, he found her quite intriguing.  
Looking at the outstretched hand, Y/N wearily took it. The brunette gave a small smile at the first physical sign of civility, and took the opportunity to propose an offer. “Tomorrow we can talk more at our firm. Foggy and I will send Mr. Woo our address and we’ll go from there. Is there any particular time you would like to meet?”
Releasing his warm hand, Y/N nodded in a falsely thoughtful manner. “Well, I’ll obviously have to clear my very full schedule, so I think if I move my times around a bit-” she scratched her head. “-maybe I’ll move my reserved driving Jimmy up the wall time back an hour-yeah, I can do that, can we aim for 10:30?” 
“10:30 should work well. Thank you for your generous cooperation.” 
 "Uh-huh.” Leaning closer to Matt, she went on. “I don’t think your partner likes me much. Not that I’m offended, but I should at least give him a reason behind his ordeals, shouldn’t I?” She straightened her back and looked towards Foggy. “Oh, Mr. Nelson, have you ever thought of putting that tie with a dark blue suit? I think it would suit you much better than your...current garb.” She chuckled at her realization. “suit you better” she repeated quieter to herself. 
Foggy gasped in offense. “You know, you really shouldn’t aim towards pissing us off. We are literally the best shot you have, and I can proudly say you do not look much better Ms. Y/L/N.”
Y/N shrugged, a smirk donning her features. 
“Suit yourself.”
“And we’re leaving. C’mon Matt, let’s go.” 
Matt glanced towards Y/N in slight shock of what he just witnessed. 
“Until tomorrow Ms. Y/L/N.” 
She held out a peace sign in response, and then realized what she was doing. “Oh uh-yeah, bye.” 
As the cab door shut, Foggy turned towards his friend. 
“She insulted my outfit! And you expect me to side with her?”
“Oh don’t you ‘Foggy’ me, Matt! She clearly has no sense of style.”
“Clearly. What are you wearing?” 
“Oh are you seriously considering what she said? This is a betrayal, Matthew.” 
Matt raised his arms in surrender, amused at the situation. “I’m just wondering your tie colour.” 
“...Brown” Foggy replied quietly, “and my suit is gra-wait a second, I know that tone.”
“What tone?”
“That tone. the ‘I hear a person with an odd set of morals’ tone. You-you think she’s hot!” 
Foggy pointed an accusing finger towards his friend. “You think that the insults are attractive! Oh, I swear dude, you always do this. She is our client!”
“I am saying no such thing Foggy,” Matt quickly shot back. 
A few seconds passed between them. 
Matt, knowing what he was about to bring upon himself, proceeded anyway. 
“Well...was she?”
“She is a literal war criminal Matt.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
Foggy sighed, shaking his head. 
“She does tick the box for the Murdock charm, she definitely has questionable character, so it makes sense.”
“So you admit it!” Matt smiled as he spoke, enjoying the banter he was holding at the moment. 
A beat of quiet.
“What colour is my outfit right now?” 
“Not this again. Yours is normal black and white, so shut up.” 
“On it.” Matt said laughing, and in no way planning to stop talking. 
The next morning, when Karen heard a knock at the door, she had to admit to herself that she was a little nervous. I mean, there was a famous superhero coming into the firm. Matt and Foggy had explained how the previous day had gone (and how they expected today to be no different), but she was still a bit excited if she thought about it. She walked to the door and opened it. 
“Jimmy, hi! Come on in, and welcome Ms. Y/L/N. You can both sit down while I let the boys know you’re here. Coffee?”
The responses were in unision. 
“Yes, please.”
“No, we’re okay, thank you.” 
They both looked over at one another. 
“Jimmy, je jure devant dieu. One coffee won’t make me bolt.” She turned to Karen. “I will gladly take one please, with some cream and sugar if you have it.” Y/N tiredly sent a smile towards her before sitting down next to Jimmy. 
Karen nodded as she walked to Foggy’s office, where the two had been conversing in news about the devil’s activities the previous night. “Hey, they’re here.” 
“Oh, um, okay, we’ll be right out. Thank you Karen.” Matt smiled warmly towards their friend. 
“No problem.” The door shut as Karen proceeded to lead the two into the room across from Foggy’s office. 
“Here you are, they will be right in.” 
“Thank you again for all the help Karen.” Jimmy said, and Y/N could tell from how he spoke that he was less stressed this morning in comparison to yesterday. Some may take pity on him in this situation, but she took it as a challenge. 
Once the door shut, the two turned to one another. 
“Your goal is to make peace with these two, okay? The sooner we get this all over the better.” Jimmy placed his fingers on the bridge of his nose.
“Actually I’ve been wondering, what made you choose this profession, Jimmy? I just want to know, for personal reasons.” Y/N said with mock interest and a shit-eating grin. “Did you think when you first applied that this is where you would end up, babysitting me?” Before he could respond, a knock at the door sounded. 
“Are we interrupting anything?” Foggy stepped in as he spoke, followed by Matt as they both took a seat. “We should be able to take it from here Mr. Woo. If you would be so kind to wait for us in the waiting area?” 
Jimmy sputtered, and Y/N spoke up. “I can handle myself for a bit, I’m a big girl.” Her response was received with a glare as he reluctantly left the room. 
Silence consumed the air for a few still seconds, until Y/N couldn’t take it any longer. 
“So, I see you both look nice today.” She looked at Foggy, “much better choice than yesterday Mr. Nelson.” 
If looks could kill, Y/N would be dead. 
Matt broke the ever growing tension, sensing that this could get a lot worse if he didn’t step in. “I wouldn’t be able to tell, Ms. Y/L/N. On that note, shall we get started? Foggy, do you have the questions?” He glanced towards his colleague, who took a second to calm his breathing. 
“Yes, I in fact do. My first question Ms. Y/L/N, is how did you get a stick so far up your ass?” 
Y/N scoffed, then threw a sickening grin his way. “You would have one too if you were relentlessly mentally tortured with for the past months. Do I need to go on?” 
Matt could sense Foggy’s shock at the bluntness of her confession, and cleared his throat. 
“Oh, um, my apologies. I didn’t mean to-” 
“It’s fine. You guys said you need my information anyway, right?” Her voice got a tone smaller as she spoke, and since the first time they had interacted with her, Matt felt an ounce of distraught in her voice. 
He shifted his glasses before the words left his mouth. “If you wouldn’t mind, tell us more about that please. Or anything about your side of the situation.” 
“Well, Mr. Murdock-” she was cut off before she could even begin. 
“Please, call me Matt.” He briefly threw the starts of a smile her way, hoping if he extended an olive branch, she might as well. 
“Call you Matt?” Foggy threw a pointed look to his left, and Matt didn’t need enhanced senses to know Foggy thought he was acting suspicious. 
“Yes, call me Matt, and you can call him Foggy.” He gestured his thumb towards Foggy, who did not share the same mindset. 
“You cannot call me Foggy. That’s reserved for people who are nice to me.” 
Y/N looked in between the two of them, feeling like she was interrupting something.
“Do you two, um, need a moment or something?”
It was Matt who responded. 
“No, no, we’re fine, aren’t we Foggy.”
“Okay? Well, Matt, where would you like me to start?”
“Anywhere that could help prove that you’re not guilty. We know you’re close to Barnes, would you care to go into detail about that?”
She cleared her throat. “Well, back in the forties I was determined to fight in the war. They would not accept me as a soldier because I was a woman, so I joined as a medic for the French battalions, and was assigned to the 107th.”
“That’s where Barnes was stationed, correct?” Foggy scribbled down notes as she spoke, losing the bantering tone and setting into lawyer mode.
“Oui. Everyone out there was just trying to survive, and so I convinced some folks to teach me some of their fighting skills. Call it a charm, if you will. I showed them how to stitch, and in return they showed me how to punch. This of course caught onto James’ radar soon enough, being the casanova he was, and he quickly befriended me. He showed me many skills.” She smiled down at her lap briefly, caught in a frozen moment in time. 
“Anyways, he would always rave about his little friend Steve when the group of us would go get drinks. Then little friend Steve became Captain America, we met Peggy Carter, and things started to change.” Her eyes lit up as a memory resurfaced. “There was this one afternoon, when Steve had arrived, and Howard Stark had joined us for drinks and dancing. The whole night was wondrous, a true calm before the storm. James wasn’t there, as he had a tendency to just...disappear, and we didn’t really question it. Peggy had asked me to dance, as me and her had become quite close.” Matt sensed a feeling of sadness laced in Y/N’s tone. He was not quite up to date with the lore of Captain America and his little squad, but he remembered a blur about the mention of a Peggy somewhere in it all. Y/N paused for a moment before returning to her past. 
“She was showing me how to waltz when we heard a knock at the window. Howard’s face had just appeared, and we all had turned to him in surprise. He had...he had shouted that apparently ‘Barnes stole a jeep!’ and that we were all to board upon his newly acquired treasure.” The smile that was on Y/N’s face could light up a room, and Matt realized that her bond with Barnes was much more advanced than he thought.
Her voice returned to a more somber state as she continued on.
“That was the last true day of normalcy back then. Not soon after us Howling Commandoes had agreed to help Steve defeat the Red Skull, James was thrown off the train. I was on the roof when it had happened. I had snuck onto that mission with them thinking it would be fun and adrenaline pumping, but the only thing I remember from that day was-” Y/N cut herself off, taking a deep breath in order to not get choked up. “-James’ eyes had locked onto mine as he fell into the gorge. James...he was the closest thing to a family I had ever truly considered, and losing him, and then Steve, well it didn’t do well for my mental state.” She took a deep breath and then looked up to the two attorneys, both of whom were intently listening to her every word. “I-uh, I continued on with my medic duties after that, until one day HYDRA traced James back to me. I was told he would scream mine and Steve’s names when he was conscious, which caused them to track me and invade my home. They burnt down my building and took me to a lab, which is how I uh-merde, how I got my powers.”
The room was filled with the inaudible ghosts of Y/N’s memory, and silence in the air turned from friend to foe. 
With the absence of sound, Y/N began to feel uncomfortable. The blonde-Foggy, was periodically pausing his note taking to stare at her, while Matt didn’t move a muscle. It wasn’t until she shifted in her seat for the fifth time that a voice was heard. 
“That was, whew, that was a lot. I’m-I’m terribly sorry you had to face all that trauma.”
A stunned look plastered her face as Foggy spoke, clearly having a change in heart. 
Matt, seeming to have read Foggy’s mind, piggybacked off of his statement. 
“You went through a lot of trauma in your lifetime, and we haven’t even gotten to the worst of it yet I assume. We can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like.” 
Y/N didn’t like when people pitied her. Yeah, it was trauma, and it was part of her, but she was more than just that. Quickly realizing her current state, she shrugged and looked around the room, trying to grasp on what normalcy she could. 
“It is what it is. I’ve learned to grow from it. Plus, I’ve blocked a lot of the bad memories out, so I try to live by the flow of things. I think that’s all I can handle from me today though.” She looked at the clock above the door. “I’m about to be late to my antagonizing Jimmy hour too, and I cannot keep missing that. Priorities, you know.” She stood up and the others followed suit, Matt opening up his cane simultaneously.
As she started to walk towards the door, Matt cleared his throat. 
“I have a question before you leave Ms. Y/N. It’s on more of a personal note, but it piqued my interest.” He was trying to end the meeting on a lighter note.
She shifted her attention towards him. 
“Is it true that you requested a hotel instead of a holding cell? And did that get accepted?” A curious smirk had appeared on his face, one that she shortly matched.
“You try being stuck in the highest maximum security prison in the world for months, being tortured relentlessly until you were broken out of it, and then being told that you were being moved to a holding cell, where the space would be shard with people who committed actual crimes. Yes, Matt, I requested a hotel. And I got it. Why? Because I deserve a bed to sleep on for every half of year.”
“Touché. Well, we have only a couple of weeks before the court date, so we’ll see you again tomorrow?” 
“It’s not like I have a choice, do I?” Y/N walked into the waiting room. Jimmy had been sitting alone in the corner chair, so she walked over to him, sneaking a glance at his phone. “Candy Crush? Really, Jimmy, I thought you were more of a Minecraft man. Do you think we could get falafel on our way back? I’m quite hungry, and you mustn’t deny the needs of a hungry sad woman.” 
“No, you got lunch choice yesterday, so it’s my turn today. Let’s go.” 
Matt listened as her heartbeat got further and further away. There was something about her that drew him in, and he hated that he couldn’t place what it was. Karen loved you, he could tell by the moment the door closed. Foggy had even loosened up his dislike a bit. She truly had been through a lot, and maybe that was the reasoning for the soft spot starting to bloom in his chest. Whatever it was, he couldn’t allow himself to get too close to someone again. Especially not an avenger. Yet something about her voice and presence made his guard go down. He didn’t know what it was, and he wasn’t ready to. find out.
Je jure devant dieu-I swear to god
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Imagine Wanda recasting you like she did Pietro:
Tumblr media
"Who the hell is that?"
"I think that's supposed to be you." Agent Woo turned from the screen to you. Wanda in her red. Pietro in his blue. And a stranger between them, dressed in a homemade version of your own suit. The boys ran off, too excited about trick-or-treating to stay with the adults. Your brother was dead. You knew that. You understood that. So why couldn't she? And how could she recast you? You weren't sure what hurt more: the fact that she'd replaced the most important person in your lives or the fact that your sister believed, in this fantasy world, you were some throw away extra, there for the occasional laugh, but otherwise sent away off screen? After everything your family had been through, you thought you had an unbreakable bond. You'd grown distant over the past few years, but you thought your relationship was stronger than that. You thought, as your older sister, you could still go to her with all your problems like you had when you were kids. Somewhere along the line, she seemed to forget about that. About you. About Pietro. Now it was all about keeping up appearances.
"But I'm- that makes no sense. . . . "
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Idea for how to integrate Agents of SHIELD into the main MCU:
The miniseries is “Jimmy Woo: Former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. 
In this first episode, we start off with a flashback to 2010. We learn that before he joined the FBI, he was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working on the field. His real name is actually Woo Yen Jet. For this particular mission, Jet and a few other agents have been sent to Berlin, Germany in order to stop an arms deal between the Ten Rings and the Golden Claw Society, a South Korean crime syndicate and the main villainous faction of the series. 
Jet is paired up with a still-alive Phil Coulson and Brock Rumlow. The plan was for their team to link up with the second team, which would lead into the main assault. The three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, after some chit chat, eventually do link up with the second team, revealing that the second squad’s leader is Melinda May. 
The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stop the arms deal, but not before the Golden Claw leader issues a warning to Jet that he will remember this (foreshadowing for the rest of the series). 
We then get a flashforward to 2014. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” happens, leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. in ruins. With every agent in danger, Melinda May tells Jet to go into hiding. Jet does so and starts a new life as Jimmy Woo, an ordinary FBI agent. This leads into a brief recap of “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “WandaVision” before leading into the present day, where Jimmy is forced to reckon with his past when the Golden Claw Society reemerges from the shadows.
(Side note, if I had to cast the leader of the Golden Claw Society, I’d pick Steven Yeun. I want him to play a villain role for once) 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jimmy Woo, FBI agent and certified magician.
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Agent Jimmy Woo watching the news and realizing that fun asian superheroes were running around back in san francisco while he was stuck trying to convince a white woman not to hold thousands of innocent townspeople hostage and torture them
Tumblr media
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Me enjoying “Agatha all along” while wandas mental health crumbles
Tumblr media
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Jimmy Woo comic-book style cover by me. Because he deserves it!
Tumblr media
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gracie-gracieeeee · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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Darcy and Jimmy when Monica kicks Hayward's ass with her new powers:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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blessyouhawkeye · 11 months ago
oh so when wanda maximoff creates an alternate universe to deal with all of her trauma she's "super impressive" and "the most powerful person in the mcu" but when i do it i'm "using unhealthy coping mechanisms" and "should go to therapy" smh so tired of these double standards
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Anyone else notice this?
Tumblr media
Incredibles: Family of Superheros?
The Parent Trap: Reunited Twins?
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✨i said what i said✨
Tumblr media
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merlinemryspendragon · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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so i was looking at the white board showing all of the title ideas for spiderman 3 as one does and noticed something. tell me if you’ve spotted it.
Tumblr media
don’t see it yet? here’s a closer look.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is an edit that I found on twitter
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Darcy after vision woke her up
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
the beekeepers
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chaotic Trios | Marvel MCU
(Not in any order. Tried my best. Feel free to add more)
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WandaVision epi 5 basically
Tumblr media
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