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#jimmy woo
avengerphobic · 16 minutes ago
Jimmy Woo's type is people with daddy issues
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rodrikstark · an hour ago
i love that shang chi is at least partially set in san francisco. i love the idea of shang-chi and scott lang chaotically tearing up the town, an exasperated jimmy woo chasing after them
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Woo: You're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try.
Monica: I try really hard, actually.
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So if the rumors and leaks are true, it’s looking like the next few MCU movies/miniseries are going to be about filling in the space left by the Avengers disbanding after “Endgame”. Contessa Val is forming her own superhero team, General Thaddeus Ross may be forming his own, and so on. 
With that in mind, I’m just imagining Shang-Chi getting these offers from people to join their respective team. “Hey, wanna be a Thunderbolt?” “Hey, how about the Dark Avengers?” And Shang-Chi just not being interested since he just wants to go back to being a civilian and hang out with Awkwafina. 
But then...this guy shows up:
Tumblr media
And offers Shang-Chi a place on the team he’s making...the Agents of Atlas.  
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So the Shang-Chi movie is gonna be awesome just based on the trailer. But you know what would really make the movie for me?
A mid-credits scene where Jimmy Woo shows up in order to recruit Shang-Chi for his new organization, Atlas. 
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anywhere-but-here-plz · 5 hours ago
The Avengers as John Mulaney gifs part four except it’s just my fav agents
Monica Rambeau
Tumblr media
Peggy carter
Tumblr media
Phil Coulson
Tumblr media
Maria Hill
Tumblr media
Sharon Carter (I just imagine her shouting this at bucky while they’re arguing about Steve)
Tumblr media
Howard stark
Tumblr media
Jimmy Woo
Tumblr media
Darcy Lewis
Tumblr media
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spideywhiteys · 5 hours ago
I think now that the shang chi trailer is out, it’s a good time to remind y’all to watch Simu Liu, Randall Park, Desmond Chiam, and all of the other Asian actors and actresses’ short films on the Wong Fu Productions youtube channel. Wong Fu has a special place in a lot of AAPI’s hearts because before we got to see a lot of major roles played by people who look like us on the big screen, Wong Fu was making amazing and well written short films with majority AAPI casts.
So while we’re hyping up Shang Chi, let’s hype up Wong Fu 🥺
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viviabba · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm probably even missing someone
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viviabba · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Change my mind.
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ronbowie · 23 hours ago
Some of my top of the list mlm ships in the MCU are Sambucky, TonyRhodey, ScottLuis, EverPanther, LukeDanny & LangWoo. (I also lowkey adore IronPanther, ThorBruce & MattFoggy - On the fence about JohnLemar cuz there’s a lot of ouchie feelings there)
I really just saw these dumbass white men fall head over heels for these amazing POC men who just so happen to be their best friend or close ally and went “ah, yes ✨them✨” and never looked back
(Btw my top wlw ships are MonicaDarcy, Black Pepper, SarahSharon and MantisNebula. I ship majority of the canon mcu straight ships also but I’m also super fond of MantisDrax, SarahBucky and my ouchie hurt/comfort post endgame crackship, Peter x Nebula. If any of y’all wanna hit me up with that good content pls do I’m starved ✌🏻😔)
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justacommonfool · a day ago
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gaypositiveicon · a day ago
agatha: pftttt people LOVE me
wanda: no
monica: no
jimmy: for the most part, no
darcy: nope
vision: well- no
billy: you literally kidnapped us
tommy: AND you killed sparky
agatha: ......i stand corrected
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Woo: Darcy, you were right. You were right about everything.
Darcy: I know, but I need you to be more specific.
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harkximoff · a day ago
Jimmy Woo: Name?
Agatha: Agatha Harkness
Jimmy Woo: Crime?
Ren: Well, some may say being too good looking.
Jimmy Woo:
Agatha: Just kidding, attempted murder
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Not trying to sound too optimistic but, as the history of the MCU goes, I’m pretty sure that Marvel’s got something planned for Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis at some point in the future. They have the “I started out as a fan favorite side character and now my increasing popularity is making people want to see a spin-off featuring me” thing going for them.
And when I say history, I’m referring to Clark Gregg and Paul Bettany (and to a lesser extent, Jon Bernthal and Gabriel Luna):
1) Clark Gregg thought Phil Coulson would just be this bit role that might be cut from the final product. Cut to several years later, Coulson ends up being the protagonist of a show that lasted seven seasons. 
2) Paul Bettany said that J.A.R.V.I.S. was just something he did on the side, not anything too serious. Cut to several years later, Bettany gets the role of Vision and ends up appearing in several movies and as one of the leads in “WandaVision”.
3) For Jon and Gabriel, their respective characters (Frank Castle, Robbie Reyes) got a lot of praise when they first appeared. Jon ended up getting a “Punisher” spin-off while Gabriel got a “Ghost Rider” series greenlit, which ended up getting canned due to the Marvel Studios-Marvel Television merger. But still, the “Ghost Rider” series did get greenlit, which is the point I’m trying to make.
I’m just saying, there’s precedent for Marvel giving the spotlight to a side character that got a lot of love from the fandom. Not trying to say it WILL happen, I’m just saying there’s a good chance.
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lifada · a day ago
[WandaVision Spoilers]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again” - Wanda
“The people need help!” - Vision
“Family is Forever” - Wanda
“It’s been Agatha all along~!” - Agatha
“Let go of my brother!” - Tommy
“Halloween’s a magical holiday” - Billy
“It’s not like your dead husband can die twice” - Fietro
“Thanks for the lesson” - Wanda
“This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch” - Agatha
“What is Grief if not Love Persevering” - Vision
“Given the chance and given your power, I’d bring my mom back. I know I would” - Monica
“Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad” - Darcy
“Sure we can. I’m a whiz at hot-wiring cars” - Jimmy
“The world’s not the same as you left it” - Hayward
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