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the formula of jijinjung
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the most beautiful man on the entire planet for @pinkbeanjin 
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When You Want The Light Off During Intimacy After Giving Birth ~ BTS Reaction
When you didn’t kiss him back, Jin pulled back, hovering above you with a look of confusion. “Are you not feeling it?” He asked, keeping the soft smile on his face for comfort.
“Can I ask for one small thing?” You quizzed, trying not to let the distance between the two of you make you feel any more uncomfortable.
“Sure,” Jin replied, rolling away from where he hovered above you as he noticed your eyes looking anywhere but across at him. “If I did something wrong, then just say.”
Your head instantly shook back to Jin, “would you mind if we’re going to do this, if we do it with the light off?” You nervously asked Jin, staring away.
“If that’s what you want, then that’s what we can do,” Jin immediately encouraged, without asking any questions or moaning at you.
“I’d rather you not see me just yet, after having Y/S/N.”
“I understand,” Jin assured you as he climbed off of the bed to turn the light off, “whatever makes you comfortable is fine by me.”
“Thank you for being so understanding Jin.”
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A huff came from Yoongi as he banged his leg against the side of the bed. “Why couldn’t we have the light switch closer to the bed?” He asked you, stumbling around the room.
“Or why don’t we move the bed closer to the light switch?” You challenged just as Yoongi managed to get himself to the bed.
“I appreciate that you like the light off, but my legs are taking a beating turning it off and on again,” Yoongi laughed as he laid down beside you, pulling you close to him.
Your hand ran gently through his hair, “you know that I appreciate you heading across to turn the light off to make me more comfortable though.”
“I do,” Yoongi assured you, “I can’t imagine what goes through your head sometimes after giving birth, it must be tough on you.”
“Some days I feel like me, other days I feel like I’m not.”
“From where I am, you look incredible every single day,” Yoongi chimed, “if anything I think you’ve never looked better too.”
“You know all the right things to say.”
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A chuckle came from you as Hobi moved across to turn the light off before heading across to you. “I knew what you were going to say,” he proudly told you as he met your eyes.
“You remembered?” You asked him in surprise, making room for Hobi to settle himself beside you on the bed on top of the duvet.
“I know what you’ve been like since you gave birth,” he commented, “even though I would love to have to the light on and show you just how much I love your body.”
Your head rested down against his shoulder, “maybe one day I’ll be as confident as I was back then, but the changes are still challenging me at times.”
“It’s natural,” Hobi whispered, wrapping his arm around your frame, “your body has gone through so much this past year don’t forget.”
“I still can’t believe that I was actually pregnant too.”
“Me too,” Hobi chuckled, “you look so good after pregnancy too, even though I know you might not think the same right now.”
“One day I hope I’ll feel the same as you.”
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The sigh of relief that came from you as soon as Namjoon turned the light off didn’t go unnoticed by him. “I still think that you look beautiful by the way,” he told you.
“I don’t feel it just yet,” you replied, struggling to deal with the new way of your body after giving birth to your daughter not too long ago.
“You’re always hard on yourself,” Namjoon laughed as he laid back down beside you, “but your body has done something incredible, you shouldn’t feel any pressure Y/N.”
Your head nodded as Namjoon took a hold of your hand, “I think I just need some time to adjust, and then maybe we can turn the light on after that.”
“I’m in no rush,” Namjoon smiled, “light on or off, as long as I get to spend some time with you, that’s the only thing that I worry about.”
“I definitely feel a lot more relaxed with it off Joon.”
“Then off is how it will remain,” Namjoon told you straight away, “the most important thing is that you’re comfortable Y/N.”
“Lights off is definitely my comfort right now.”
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You felt slightly guilty as Jimin moved across the room to turn the light off before heading to the bed. “How’s that?” He asked, trying to figure out where he was going.
“You don’t need to do this,” you told him as you felt him bump against the side of the bed before collapsing down on top of it beside you.
“It’s how you like it,” Jimin noted as he straightened himself out, “I know that you need a bit of time to feel comfortable with the light on, I can wait to turn it back on Y/N.”
You smiled weakly, although Jimin couldn’t see it. “I’m not the same as I used to be, I don’t want you to see me like this just yet, it wouldn’t be nice for you.”
“It would be,” Jimin chuckled in reply to you, “your body gave me a son, how could I ever fault it? It’ll always be perfect to me from now on.”
“I wish that I could see things the same way as you do.”
“One day you will,” Jimin encouraged, “with the light on, or off, I’ll keep helping you to start appreciating yourself again Y/N.”
“Thank you, what would I ever do without you?”
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A nod of the head came straight away as soon as you pushed Taehyung away from you. “Are you sure that you would rather the light be off?” He asked.
“Yes please,” you hummed as Taehyung stood up immediately to go and turn the light off in order to make you more comfortable.
“You shouldn’t feel as if you need the light off though,” he told you, “from where I am, I still think you look great, even better knowing that you had Y/D/N too.”
Your head nodded back at him, “I know that I should admire what my body’s done, but there’s so much that’s changed, it’s hard to get used to.”
“All you need is time,” Taehyung reminded you, “and I’ll be right by your side to constantly give you a confidence boost too when you need it.”
“Do you not think that I’ve changed as well?”
“I do,” he admitted, “but for the better, your body gave us a daughter? How could I ever do anything else but adore your body?”
“I guess you’re right, it’s done something special.”
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Your body tensed up as a hand pressed against your stomach, followed by a kiss to the top of your head. “I can’t see anything Y/N, the light is off, remember?”
“Sorry,” you mumbled in reply to Jungkook, trying your best to silently tell yourself to relax and stop fretting about everything going on.
“Do you want me to stop?” Jungkook asked, giving you a little bit of space, “if it’s too soon for you to feel comfortable to do something like this, the I’d understand it.”
Your head shook against your pillow, “I can’t keep feeling shy forever, my body isn’t going to change now that I’ve given birth, I’ve got to get used to it.”
“Your body is beautiful,” Jungkook whispered beside you, “I know that’s easy for me to tell you, but I really do mean it when I say it to you.”
“It’s not the same as it was when the two of us met.”
“And my body has changed too,” Jungkook laughed, “we’ve both changed, but we both still love each other, don’t we?”
“Of course, I love you more every single day.”
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your month dose of bts : kim seokjin
day 14 / 31
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Hi can you do a reaction for bts when they found put their s/o is a professional dancer?
sorry for the delay; hope u like it <3
BTS Reaction: They find out you're a professional dancer.
You hadn’t meant to keep it a secret. It was just the two of you were in the early stages of dating- and you wanted to avoid the work discussion and work talk in general. Plus, his life is so public, and you’d rather listen to him about what his world is like. 
What you had counted on is he showing up with a surprise breakfast before one of your practices. You were about to run out the door, leaving in chaos with your ballet shoes shoved into your bag and massive sweats hiding your leotard. Instead, you pull the door open and come face to face with him. Your mouth pops open, and he looks equally surprised. 
He chuckles, pointing to the exposed ballet slipper. After admitting that part of your life, Namjoon insisted on helping you stretch every evening and watched every performance.   
“Why are you dragging me to a ballroom dancing class?” Jin groans as you pull him out of the car. He is pouting like a dishevelled child and makes a point to shuffle through the parking lot visibly. You only grinned and pulled him into the studio. You were giddy; you danced at the studio for years. Funnily enough, you had never mentioned to Jin you were a trained dancer, despite how long you two had been dating. After an injury, you had taken a break from dancing, but now you were ready to take a fun class with an old friend instructing it. Plus, it’ll be fun to see Jin waltzing around the room. 
You get into the studio- and F/N comes over immediately. “Y/N! It’s so nice to see you back!” 
Jin looks surprised, his eyebrows raising. “Wait- you’ve been here before?” 
You only grin again, and your friend snorts. “They used to teach the class!” 
Jin’s mouth pops open, and his pretty face is shocked that you were keeping such a big secret. 
Your sweet boyfriend of five months is calling you at 11 am- and you were surprised he was awake, considering he spent yet another night in the studio. You were packing your bag, getting ready for your company’s showcase, when you answered. 
His voice is scratchy and thick with sleep when he talks. “Hey. Sushi at my place in an hour,” 
“Sorry, love, I can’t today. I have a showcase today- I’ll be free in a few days,” you tell him, sort of sad you have to say no. 
“A what?”
“Showcase- at my dance studio,” 
“Your what now- Since when do you dance?” Yoongi says, miffed. You had never really mentioned your dancing to Yoongi because your schedules typically always matched with his times at the studio. You burst into laughter at realizing you left such an integral part of your life out of the conversation. That night, there’s an extra person in the audience. And there’s a bundle of roses waiting for you when you see him outside the studio. 
You hadn’t thought much when your group was told you needed to be in a video background. You had done it before, and it was just another routine to learn. You check your phone after you hear it buzz. 
11:05 am
From: Hobi <3 
Hey :) The date last night was terrific. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I will be thinking about you all day.  
You nearly choke at the text. You were introduced to Hoseok by a friend, and you two had started the early stages of dating. You were so nervous; you barely mentioned anything about your job or anything, but you were glad he still wanted to see you. You type a response, then return to getting ready for the practice. You were adjusting the strap of your sports bra when he came in. Immediately, blush fills your cheek, and you almost hide. Your friend is sitting beside you, and her eyebrows raise. 
“Damn. Good eye candy today,” she mutters. 
Hoseok, friendly as ever, waves, but his mouth opens when his eyes fall on you. “Oh my god-”
You giggle before shrugging. You’re sure, on your next date, you’ll have a lot to talk about. 
It was your first date with Jimin- and you were beyond nervous. Your hands were shaking as you tied the black silk ties of your dress and clipped the diamond choker around your neck. You met Jimin at the dance studio a few weeks ago after your dance group was hired for background dancers for a shoot. After many stolen glances and perfusing blushing, Jimin had slipped his number into your hand as you were leaving. So now, you were going on a date. 
Once you were dressed and quickly ran to his car, you were still shaking with nerves. “So, where are we going?” 
Jimin chuckles before his hand snakes onto your thigh while he drives. “Somewhere familiar, before dinner.” 
You had arrived at a private studio space in an upscale part of town in a few moments. Jimin leads you, hand in hand, to the barren studio, lit lowly, with the mirrors reflecting the soft lights and your two forms. He grabs your waist and spins you around before smiling. “I want to see you dance- but this time, just for me,” 
You and Taehyung had a fiery argument that morning, and you were furious. It had ended in screams, tears, and anger. You two had been dating for nearly a year, but the constant long distance and his hectic schedule took its toll. You are simply just unsure if you can do it anymore. Taehyung was equally angry and also didn’t back down from the argument. He blamed you for being too closed off to him, for just throwing away your relationship. 
His words had hurt you deeply, so you left. You had started dancing again- you had danced professionally in your younger years, and you decided to start doing it again; you had gone to the studio you had rented out, so it was just you so that you could stretch and stew in peace. 
You are stretching your hamstring when your peaceful atmosphere is disturbed. The door opens, and you turn, seeing Taehyung- he doesn’t look angry anymore; he seems vulnerable and discouraged. His hoodie is pulled over his head, and his hands are in his pockets. You scowl at him.
“You shared your location with me before. So, this is where you’re hiding all the time. You could have mentioned you danced before,” he mutters and walks over to you. You’re sitting on the floor, and he joins you, biting his lip. “Listen… I am not always great at talking. Neither are you. But we can’t just… ignore this. We need to figure it out.“ 
You’re crying already but nod before swatting the tears away. In the end, losing Taehyung is far too painful a thought. 
It was late, 3 am, and you were furiously typing and trying to finish a paper for a class. Your boyfriend of six months, Jungkook, had a rare day off, but instead of sleeping, he was on the couch behind you playing a game. He had tried to go to bed but came out, moping, and said he was lonely. 
He gets off the couch, stretching, and you hear an audible crack of his bones. How long had you been sitting here- you wonder and stretch your own arms, frowning at the cracks. Jungkook switches off the game before walking to your record player. He peers at the records you have before smirking. He chose an old James Blunt record that you had stolen off your brother before moving out. Before turning up the volume, he places it in the machine and walks over to you, holding out his hand. 
“Take a break and dance with me,” He says. 
You smile and stand, grabbing his hand instantly. He pulls you close, his hand firmly on your waist, and yours on his shoulder as the melancholic notes of You’re Beautiful drone through the air. 
“I haven’t danced in years,” You mutter as he begins swaying you with the rhythm, 
Jungkook smiles and presses his forehead against yours. “Oh yeah? When was it?”
You pause, trying to remember. “Well, my last competition was last year-”
Jungkook stops. “Your what? Wait- did you dance… Professionally? But never told me?”
You gape at him. Damn, you’re forgetful sometimes. “... Oops.” 
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I'm By Your Side
Ot7 (idol bts)
Request: Hi. Found your blog. Hope you are doing well. Hope you can write where the boys are coming home from a tiring work all day. Their significant other come to them, giving them massage and sweet encouragement words to them of their hard work. Thank you in advance.
a/n: back with another request! a lil bit angsty but not tissue worthy i don't think - i hope you enjoy (No silent readers, feedback always appreciated)💞💀
warning: angst, the boys are going through a hard time, they don’t have much confidence, Yoongi has an implied anxiety attack, he also over thinks, taehyung loses his temper, jungkook had a gym accident {gifs used aren’t mine}
Taglist: @nonameyoon @heartbreakmotel13 @mwitsmejk @articpup @bunzom @jxngh @kookiecrumb @oppa-agust-d
Sometimes life became too much for Namjoon, he has always found it difficult to deal with emotions especially if they all crashed down on him all at once, so when he came home with swollen eyes and sniffles interrupted the peaceful silence of your apartment you knew exactly how to help him get through the rollercoaster of emotions, you continue to walk down the stairs, no words were exchanged, you didn't want to frustrate him further, you engulf him into your arms, placing gentle kisses on his soft skin, letting him fall into you, using the wall to take his weight, you stayed like that until he was ready to move. It would be a lie to say him being like this wasn't heart wrenching, but he had to come first, you lead him to your shared room with a small smile, helping him undress, when he was in his state he stopped functioning and you knew he needed you now in these moments more than ever, so you were there for every need, you helped him into the bed, peppering his face with kisses, rubbing his arms and shoulders "It's okay Joon, You'll be okay, you always come out of these dark times stronger than ever." You whisper, his lips twitched into a smile before you were back in arms, though you were in your day clothes you stayed there, soon falling asleep, his heartbeat calming you, but your soft touches, massages were constant until sleep took over your senses.
Tumblr media
With a kick of the door and silence you knew Jin was home but you also knew your boyfriend wasn't his cheerful self, in fact he wasn't himself at all, confusion contorting your face, consuming your thoughts, you stepped away from the dish, wiping your hands on your apron you peeked your head out to see Jin slowly bending down to untie his shoes, sighs leaving his mouth with only a few seconds in between each one, your heart fell to your stomach, you walked to him, crouching down and helping him with his shoes "Take it slow baby, respect that you're tired." you whisper, looking at him with a reassuring smile, he tried to smile back, he felt bad for making you do extra work when he knew you had spent most of your afternoon in the kitchen. You placed his slippers infront of him and went to get him some water and pain killers, as he settled himself down on the sofa. Placing them down next to him, you sit yourself down next to him, allowing his head to gently land on your shoulder. You place kisses on his temple, your fingers running through his hair "Is it anything I can help with?" You ask, your voice a whisper but with the silence of the room it was as if you were speaking in your usual volume. "Just dance, It was really hard, i put my all into it and i feel as i achieved nothing." He mumbles, hiding his face into your shoulder as he wasn't ready to admit defeat. Your breath caught in your throat, you knew he was one of the best dancers in the industry, he had improved so much, you never thought he would look so lowly on himself "No, baby you achieved loads, yes it was hard and tomorrow it will still be hard but it will be easier than today, each day it will get easier." You say softly "Different dances will have different complexities, just because you find a dance hard does not mean your skill in dance has lessened, we both know it hasn't, and i know your skill will only improve especially when you tackle this dance, because Jin you are the most hard working person i have gotten the blessing to know, you can never fall backwards, darling you can only go forwards." You say, wiping his tears with your thumb "I love you." he whispers, you smile and nods "I love you too, Jin.
Tumblr media
Sometimes Yoongi gets in his head, it could be a simple tease from you or the members sets him off, or a track didn't go to plan, he missed a step in a dance or he over analyses how you look at other idols both in music or acting and he just doesn't feel like he is enough. Today it was one of those days where he just didn't feel like he was enough, though he worked all the way through the night, did he work hard enough? That was all he thought about, all he would think about, not even your soft snores could disrupt his ongoing spiral to the pit of nothingness. Even though your arms were wrapped around him, was he enough? Because you were holding on tightly..did you think he was going to leave you? Did he not make you feel secure in the relationship? He hadn’t noticed but his heart was beating fast, so fast that it hurt his chest, he was being to sweat, his throat beginning to dry up, his lips chapped suddenly, tears welling up in his eyes, palms becoming clammy, he didn’t know what to do, all he could do was stare at the wall and hope for it to stop, but it just wouldn’t stop. He needed you but you worked so hard today.. “Yoongi?” You whispered you said after waking up, you, yourself felt too hot but found out it was because your partner had turned into a radiator. “Baby?” You say a little louder to grab his attention, he was shaking now. You quickly turn on the light to see tears streaming down his face, you quickly wiped them, Yoongi wasn’t the one to openly cry, you put socks between his fingers and palms since they were clenched and got up to get him some water, you came back and sat on the side of the bed “drink this, okay, I’m holding it. Don’t worry.” You say as you put the cup to his lips and support the back of his head, once he seemed focused you put your hands over his “in for 3 out for 4.” You whisper and do it yourself a few times before he starts to copy you, soon his arms were clenched around you “why do you stay?” Was all he whispered and you held him “because there will never be anyone else I want yoongs, it’s you and me against the world until the end of the world.” You smile and rub his back “I love you.” And with his strong but gentle squeeze you knew he loved you just as much if not more
Tumblr media
Being with a perfectionist was never easy, you knew that and hoseok knew that because you were both perfectionists but with completely different things, him with all aspects of his performance and the other members and you with your art, baking and business. It seemed like today everything for you was going perfect but for hoseok, he was like a thunder cloud, he practically kicked the door open and put down his bags, instantly regretting taking it out on the door, throwing it an apologetic look before closing it gently and took off his shoes and coat and put on his slippers, his anger rising once more when his slipper just wouldn’t go on. He walked right past you and into the bathroom, when you were first together, it hurt you when he did that, but as time went on you learnt it was just his coping mechanism that he didn’t want to get mad at you so he needed to take his space. With a sigh, you put his shoes on the rack, neaten his clothes on the peg, before setting out his pyjamas and skin care routine bag on the bed, you walked to the kitchen to continue making dinner, cutting up a bowl of strawberries for him to snack on once he was ready, putting some cream in the middle and shaking some sugar on top of the fruit just in time for him when he came out of the bathroom, once he came out and you gave him a few more moments to himself, you carefully walked out “would you like to talk about it?” You ask, gently, placing yourself next to them, he looked at you and looked down not knowing where to start “let’s go from what frustrated you the most to what frustrated you the least.” You suggested, rubbing his thigh, with a sigh and a pull through his hair, he began to speak “the boys.. they were just playing around but our comeback is so soon, armies around the world are waiting for us, we’ve only been to America recently and I just want to please all the armies around the world, this has to be good enough to reach armies around the world so we can see them all. But they just weren’t concentrating and they were teasing me, I tried to shrug it off and play along but still we have a lot to do, a world to impress, millions of award shows to prove wrong, a lot of smiles to put on faces, trillions of stadiums and we also have our own lives” he whispered, you cupped his cheek “Hoseok, if you wrote a song about cheese, army would be happy. Army wants you to take care of yourself and enjoy what you’re doing, not make it a chore..” you smile weakly “I know your job is demanding, but you don’t have to prove anything wrong or anyone, you just have to enjoy what you’re doing with the boys and with armies, your big family. I know it’s easier said then done, but I think you need to take a step back and realise how many smiles you put on millions of faces just by existing. You don’t have to prove yourself anymore.” You kiss him “I even checked I have more that 3 million girls and boys in competition with me to steal your heart” you joke, finally making him chuckle “if not more, because a lot of armies don’t participate in polls so that’s even more worrying!” You smile and cupped his face “you have talent, more talent in your pinky then most people would ever have, you will never run out.. so I think you need a break. I know it’s not that easy to get a break so. Take this evening as one, leave the ear to me.” You kiss him on the forehead before moving to giving him a massage and soon, all the tension left hoseok, with a nap on the couch you continued to take care of the house because he needed a break.
Tumblr media
Jimin sighs as he walked to the cafe where he promised to meet you for lunch, he was excited to meet you this morning, but a new diet came in and the new schedule, so now he couldn’t fully enjoy his time with you as he had to be picky with food and he’d get less time with you once more when he finally got back from the mini tour, of course he loved it but the plans that you and Jimin both made seem to be pointless now, that’s what you get for wishful thinking. You walked in and he couldn’t help but match your smile at first but you were here probably to start your plans and now he’d have to smash your hopes and dreams and expectations once more because of his job, he knew you were understanding but why him? Any other man would do for you but you chose him and whats worst is that you didn’t even choose him for the fame, at first you avoided him, you chose him because you truly fell for him and you believed in what you two could make as a couples and he was just going to let you down once more and that just brought his mood down to zero. He glanced at you “hey honey.” He whispers and holds your hand “I- um.. I got some news today. We have a new schedule and it’s jammed packed and my diet..” he sighs and shows you the list, he saw the disappointment in your glass like eyes but it was only there for a millisecond, you seemed to recognise his guilt, soon your hands were on top of his “ah that’s okay chim!” You beam up at him “I can keep myself busy at the times your busy and then hopefully we’ll plan days where we can be off together and with your diet, it’s okay, I need to eat less sugar too.” You smile at him and kiss his hand “so let’s get the same meal.” You say, looking at the menu, discussing what meals you both could eat but Jimin couldn’t help but notice his heart skip a beat.. you were perfect, there was no way he was letting you go he just leaned over and cupped your cheek “you’re just too perfect, I think I’m going to take you with me on my next tour.” He smiles, his smile widening when he felt your cheeks heat up. 
Tumblr media
Today just wasn’t Taehyung’s day, but recently no day has been his, he was at home with you and it was supposed to be going well and you were supposed to be having a day together but no, of course you had to go out with your sister, normally he wouldn’t mind not when you had tomorrow together but with all the stress of hiding the relationship from his boss as well as his fans which was basically his third family, the pressure was becoming too much, as well as the new album, he thought it would be easier as not all of them would be new songs but still it was demos and he needed to relearn old dances that he was pretty sure he knew from the back of his hand but of course he was doubting himself, he didn’t know if armies would be impressed, yes they seem excited all over social media but their reactions could be completely different when it is actually released, he sighs and rubs his head as he continues doing the dishes, jumping in surprise the plate slipped and smashed and he cursed loudly, causing you to flinch and quickly change your shoes to help, you rushed over to help Taehyung, but he seemed more pissed off with your presence which surprised you “I am a grown man I can clean up by myself.” He snapped which made you step back “I know I was just worried that you would get hurt-” and that was when you heard a hiss, he cut his finger “well thanks for that. I seem to only get hurt when you’re around.” He spat which made you gulp down the lump in your throat you wanted to help so you went into the cupboard to grab some plasters and things to clean his cut, you came closer but he moved back “you’ll make it worse just go somewhere else. Please.” The please was a warning, go or get screamed at you muttered an apology which just ticked him off, soon a screech left his throat, banishing you from the kitchen, you didn’t know what to do or what went wrong, you knew you were supposed to spend the day with him but your sister called and said she was back in town and you told Taehyung a week ago so why was he pressed about it now, you sigh, your natural response was to go back and try and fix it but you didn’t even know if you wanted to be near him right now so you just settled for a shower and when you came out, you saw him sitting on the bed, a plaster around his finger and him looking at you with teary eyes “I-I didn’t mean too.” Was all he said but you said nothing, you just stood there “it’s all just become too much for me.. and I need you and I don’t know- I became overwhelmed again and I didn’t want to- I just- I need you.” You glanced at him shocked before approaching him and kneeling down infront of him “I’m here, love I’m right infront of you.” You smile and caress his cheeks, you were still hurt and you didn’t accept what he did to you but you at least understood why now and that he didn’t need it, you stayed in his arms and let him let everything out, you were pretty much his teddy at this point, you whispered sweet nothings, a reassuring words, letting him know it was okay and you were glad he was letting it out, that it would get better, you didn’t move from your spot until Taehyung was ready, which happened after you watched half of a kdrama but you didn’t care if it took days you just wanted to be there when he needed you. You wanted him to know you loved him. And he knew but he wanted to show you just as much as he loved which showed up when he brought you a necklace the next day, if you shone it in the light it showed a picture of you and taehyung on your first date to show there wasn’t a day he didn’t think about you that there wasn’t a day he didn’t appreciate or cherish you. He didn’t know why he broke down and acted that way that day but it never happened again, he didn’t bottle up for so long after that.
Tumblr media
Jungkook wasn’t someone to let things effect him for too long, he would move on as fast as he could and replace the bad moments with good ones but when he fell from gym equipment and a weight followed him down, fracturing his wrist, he had a constant reminder on why he couldn’t move on, no matter how his coats and t-shirts and shirts covered it, he always knew it was there, it made it harder to produce, dance and the weight of the burden was now effecting his singing and motivation and what’s worse is that he couldn’t take out his frustrations in working out and it was certainly not going to be his family, you or his brothers. But it didn’t mean it didn’t drain him, it was hard to even encourage him to get out of bed, he would always tell you because that’s how his wrist would recover quicker, though that might be true you knew he was struggling so you stayed in bed with him, bringing up the conversation “How does the accident really make you feel?” You ask, there was silence and you thought he just didn’t want to talk about it but then you heard sniffles and you tightened your grip around his waist to let him know your there and his good hand engulfed both of yours as he rested it on top “Y/N. I feel so useless.. I feel like everyone is pitying me, they all want me to rest and look after myself but I just want to go to work, all my hyungs are working double to fill in my absence and I’m just laying here and watching shows or just sleeping, and you, you are doing the shopping, cleaning, you’re handling bam, walking bam, playing with bam, picking up his poo, all sorts of things and I should be doing it too, we’re a team and I should be helping you but because I couldn’t be sensible everyone is working double time if not more and wearing themselves out and I’m just sitting here and resting.” He sighs, wiping his tears with the top his shirt and sniffling “this isn’t what I promised you.” You hushed him after that “Jungkook, you had an accident, you’re still keeping your promise, you still try and look after me, you still eat and take care of yourself, you still spend time with me, you still offer to help.. recently you’ve been sleeping but you need that rest jungkook not just for your wrist but all these years that you’ve missed out on rest for me and the boys and army and your family. You thought you could do that movement jungkook, that’s why you did it, you didn’t think it was a limit. I’m just glad your back isnt injured too from the fall.” You sighed and kissed the back of his neck “if you don’t rest you won’t heal properly and you’ll have a permanent weakness. But if you rest like we are telling you to do, you have less chance of permanent damage and everything will go back to normal.. maybe this was the universe’s way of telling you to take a break.” You kiss his shoulder “darling, I’m just fine how I am doing what I’m doing, as long as you safe, happy and healing that’s all I want back from you at this moment. Just take care of yourself.” You say gently, continuing to rub his arms. “please?” When he nods you smile and snuggle in, he parts his mouth and you wait for him to speak “well I guess there is one good thing, it gives me an excuse to spend time with my girl after all this time.” He says turning slowly and pecking you on the lips, you chuckle and nods, before kissing him gently “close your eyes golden boy or no kisses for tomorrow.” With a small chuckle he nods, pulling you closer you both fall asleep, jungkook’s worries leaving him as slumber took over.
Tumblr media
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HCs - BTS Members’ “Love Langauge(s)”/How They Show You Affection
Group: BTS
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Requested: Yes
not proud of this one, hope you enjoy either way
Tumblr media
Acts of service - Jin does things he knows you enjoy, paying extra attention to your preferences to know what exactly to do. If there's anything you usually do yourself that isn’t done already, he’ll do it for you, even if you insist that you could’ve done it yourself. He is also always delighted to do what you ask of him. Meeting your needs is always worth the effort to him. Words of affirmation is another one for him. He’ll never stop telling you how much he loves you, and how grateful he is to have you as his lover.
Tumblr media
Physical Touch - Suga isn’t one to express his love with words. He can have a hard time telling you how he feels about you, so he leans towards nonverbal ways of showing affection. If in public, he’ll keep it lowkey, opting to do small things like holding your hand, having his arm around you, or hugging you. Things that aren’t “too touchy”.  When in private, he’ll cuddle and snuggle you, have you sit on his lap if the two of you are just lounging, kiss you, or even playfully touch your butt. He prefers to physically connect with you. The closeness makes you both feel that your relationship is safe and secure. Quality time semi goes hand in hand with this. He wants to spend a lot of time alone with you, mostly because he feels more comfortable being ultra-affectionate when it’s just you and him.
Tumblr media
Quality Time - Togetherness. Time is precious and using that time to create memories and special moments with you is important. He is always ready to make plans despite how busy things can get. Whatever it is that you two decide to do, you’ll have his undivided attention. Words of affirmation come naturally since when the both of you are spending time together, you’re exchanging intimate and meaningful conversations with each other.
Tumblr media
Words of Affirmation - You will find yourself on the receiving end of validation, praise, and reassurance often. Sometimes it’s just a simple, “I love you,” “I am so lucky to be with you,” “You make me so happy,” or more detailed compliments. If you were to ask him exactly what he loves about you, he’d literally go on and on.
“I’m not that great.” you’d insist.
“Oh, but you are.” He’d respond and then pull you into a warm embrace.
He is able to read you pretty easily, so especially if you seem “off”, he is sure to shower you with affection, but especially in the form of words to help challenge whatever thoughts are troubling you. It means so much more coming from your lover, after all.
“You are loved, you are appreciated, you are spectacular, you are powerful.”
Tumblr media
Physical Touch - Jimin comes off as a little clingy with how much/often he touches you, but he doesn’t care and neither do you. You are completely fine with the abundance of hugs, kisses, etc and mindless touching (placing a hand on your arm or shoulder, running his fingers through your hair, rubbing your back, etc) that you receive. If it ever feels like “too much”, you let that be known.
Tumblr media
Physical Touch - Very PDA and very touchy. He loves messing with your hair, pinching your cheeks, booping your nose, gestures that are more on the cutesy side. He’d always want to be holding you and planting soft kisses on your face. Another way he would display his affection is by giving you gifts. He’d want you to know that even when you’re not together, he is thinking about you, and giving you something that has reminded him of you is his way of expressing that. He’d also give you things that belong to him, such as a tshirt or hoodie, to signify the closeness that you two share.
Tumblr media
Acts of service - Much like Jin, Jungkook enjoys doing things for you. He always notices the small things. Say you haven’t been keeping hydrated/drinking enough water for example, he’ll go get you a bottle or glass of water despite you not asking. If you even sound sick, he’s ready to rush off and get whatever medicine you might need even if insist that you don’t need it. He just wants to take care of you <3
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BTS pink layouts
Top 3 headers made by me rest cr to owners! Like/rb if you save or use
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ᶻᶻᶻ﹒⊹﹒🐻﹒you n me always forever..
Tumblr media
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Weekend with Seokjin
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⌗⌗ yoonjin !
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When You Hurt Yourself Whilst Pregnant ~ BTS Reaction
It was almost as if the whole world stopped for Jin as he watched you fall, flinching as you collapsed down to the ground, taking a few moments to even move.
“I’m taking you to hospital,” was the first thing he told you as he met your eyes, finding his phone.
Your head shook in reply to him as your hands rested over the top of your baby bump, “you don’t need to do that, I’m alright just a slight knock.”
“Just a slight knock?” Jin scoffed as he found his phone in his pocket, “Y/N you have no idea how much force you just fell with then, there’s no way that we’re not taking you to hospital.”
“Jin, just breathe for a moment,” you tried to tell him as you slowly sat yourself up, “there’s nothing that they’ll be able to do, I’ve probably just got a bruise.”
A heavy sigh came from him, “what about the baby? How do you know if they’re alright?”
“Does the fact that I can feel them kicking make you feel better?” You smiled, feeling a light knock against the side of your bump almost in time as you spoke.
“Just for me?” Jin frowned, ready to dial the number, “for my own peace of mind that you’re fine too, can I just take you?”
“Alright, but I bet they’ll tell you I’m fine.”
Tumblr media
His eyebrows knitted together as soon as Yoongi came home and found an ice pack beside you, with your foot resting up on the coffee table too.
“What’s happened?” He asked, fearing the worst as soon as he noticed a plaster on your hand too.
You tapped the space beside you on the sofa for him to sit down, “I might have had a little stumble this afternoon, but I’m absolutely fine and been checked over.
“Are you sure?” Yoongi fretted, noticing several cuts and scrapes all over you, ��has the baby been checked over too? Is everything alright with them?” He asked, feeling over your warm ice pack.
“Everything is good,” you smiled as Yoongi quickly stood up again to go and find more ice in the freezer, “just a bit of a bruised ego is all that’s wrong.”
His eyes looked across to you, “why didn’t you call me if something happened to help you?”
“I was with Y/F/N, but if something was wrong then I would have called you,” you assured him, “when they said I was fine, I didn’t want to hassle you.”
“What am I going to do with you?” Yoongi asked as he returned with another ice pack, “don’t scare me like that coming home.”
“Sorry, but I promise that we are both alright.”
Tumblr media
Your whole world seemed to freeze as you fell back, gasping for breath as a pair of hands hit against your waist, catching you just in time before you fell.
“It’s alright, I’ve got you,” a familiar voice spoke as they lowered you down to the ground carefully.
You didn’t know what to do as you felt your bum come into gentle contact with the ground. “What would I have done if you weren’t there?”
“Hey, I was here,” Hobi smiled as he sat down beside you, “there’s no point worrying about what could have happened, I managed to catch you, and you’re not hurt, are you?”
“I don’t think so,” you whispered, your voice stuttering, “I think I’m just in shock, it happened so quickly,” you hummed, shaking your head too.
Hobi’s arm wrapped around you, “I think it was a bit of a shock for the both of us there.”
“Thank you for catching me,” you sighed, slowly feeling your heart begin to settle again, “who knows what could have happened if you weren’t there to catch me.”
“Right place right time,” Hobi proudly responded, relieved that he had managed to save you from a pretty nasty incident.
“I’ve really got to be more careful these days.”
Tumblr media
You kept your grip on the table as Namjoon ran around and grabbed a chair, placing it behind you and slowly lowering you down to rest on it.
“Just sit and take a moment to breathe,” he told you, kneeling down in front of where you sat.
Your head nodded as you took a few deep breaths, “I’m alright, it wasn’t too bad of a fall,” you tried to tell Namjoon as you met his worried eyes.
“You looked like you fell nastily,” he frowned, making sure that you had done no damage to yourself, and your baby bump too. “Are you sure that we shouldn’t just go to the hospital to be sure?”
“I feel alright,” you reminded him, “a warm drink and maybe an afternoon with my feet up are all that I need to get myself feeling better again Joon.”
His head nodded, “I can put the kettle on, you are staying right there for some time to rest.”
“Could you maybe get me some ice too?” You frowned as he stood up, “I’ve got an appointment tomorrow and I don’t need a bruise on top of that.”
“I’ll find some,” he promised as he filled the kettle up, “there’s got to be some around from one of my injuries at work.”
“With how clumsy you are, I bet we’ve got loads.”
Tumblr media
His mouth opened, but no words escaped as Jimin watched you bounce into the side of the table, stumbling several times with the fridge catching you.
“Y/N, are you alright?” He managed to get out as soon as you let go of a quiet groan of pain.
Your hand rubbed along your arm that had taken most of the impact from the fridge door, “since when was that table placed there?” You laughed.
“Is that all that you can worry about?” Jimin smiled, relieved to see a smile on your face as you ran your hand along your waist too. “It’s been there all along, we just forgot to tell your bump that.”
“Honestly, one day I’m going to bump myself and do myself a serious injury,” you continued to smile, trying your best to stay positive through the pain.”
Jimin slowly moved his hand to your arm, “you’re already injuring yourself too much for me.”
“Your poor heart is going through it with my clumsy self whilst I’m pregnant, isn’t it?” You laughed, knowing the turmoil that Jimin was going through.
“I might need to wrap you in bubble wrap soon,” he teased, “that’s the only way we can stop you crashing into things.”
“You know, it wouldn’t be the worst idea too.”
Tumblr media
A sigh of relief came from you as your weight rested down against the mattress of your bed, finally taking it off of your feet ever since you ended up falling.
“Are you comfy?” Taehyung asked as he draped a blanket over you to try and keep you warm.
Your head nodded as your eyes closed and opened several times, “I think I just need to try and sleep the pain off for a little while to be honest with you.”
“Do you need anything else first?” Taehyung then questioned you, holding onto your hand as you slowly rolled onto your side, “I can go and get you some pain relief if you think that will help?”
“The only medicine that I need right now is sleep,” you assured him, with his panicked eyes still looking over you, “a good nap will see me through.”
Taehyung nodded, placing your phone beside you, “if you need me, then you call straight away.”
“Tae, I’m alright,” you encouraged, trying to stop him from worrying about you too much, “I know you’re worried, but I’d say if I needed you, honestly.”
“As long as you’re sure,” Taehyung weakly smiled, stepping back from the bed to try and give you some space as you rested.
“I’m sure, I just need a good sleep in me.”
Tumblr media
His body flinched as he watched you hit the side of the sofa, wobbling on your feet, luckily falling onto the other sofa that was just opposite where you knocked.
“Y/N!” Jungkook yelled as you bundled onto the sofa, fearing the worst as you just felt yourself fall.
Your eyes closed as you hit the sofa, surprised not to feel the cold of the floor. “I’m alright,” you called out, knowing how Jungkook liked to worry.
“Are you sure?” He fretted as he raced through to sit down beside you just off of the sofa, “does anything hurt?” He asked, studying you closely, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.
“I think so,” you whispered, taking a moment to try and compose yourself, a little shook up by how quickly everything seemed to happen for you as you fell.
Jungkook sighed as he met your eyes, “you think so? Do you want to make sure?”
“I don’t want to go to hospital,” you told Jungkook with a weak smile, “if I start feeling unsettled then I will, but right now I think I’m just in a bit of shock.”
“You’re putting your feet up for the rest of the day,” Jungkook spoke, “I’m having no arguments either, you need rest.”
“I wouldn’t say no to a day resting on the sofa.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
your month dose of bts : kim seokjin
day 15 / 31 (cr. namuspromised)
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correct-bangtannies · 11 hours ago
Seokjin: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded-
Jungkook: What about school?
Seokjin: Fine. Other than school. And no TV
Jungkook: The TV's broken
Seokjin: Then no computer
Jungkook: I need the computer for school
Seokjin: Then… No, uh… No Tae
Jungkook: What?! No Tae?!?!
Seokjin: NO TAE
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filmcrystal · 3 hours ago
the other woman | ksj x reader
Tumblr media
synopsis: when you are not fed love on a silver spoon, you learn to lick it off knives.
pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: angst, smut, cheating au, mistress au, fluff, unrequited love,
word count: 10k
author’s note: I spent the whole day working on this one, I hate myself for writing this way about my bias but I couldn’t help myself. There is a lot of angst, and I’m pretty sure there won’t be a happy ending but I’m still not totally sure. Feedback is always welcomed <3 enjoy!
warnings: mentions of sex, smut obviously but just light, a looot of angst, mentions of abortion between the lines, jin is super rude and a cheater, unprotected sex, oc has a lot of issues but please try to understand her. seokjin dom for obvious reasons.
chapters: O1, O2, O3.
• halsey – is there somewhere
• lana del rey – terrence loves you
• taylor swift – illicit affairs
• marina – starring role
• amy winehouse – back to black
• patrick watson – je te laisserai des mots
• lykke li – unrequited love
• taylor swift – wildest dreams
• lana del rey – the blackest day
• nancy sinatra – bang bang
Tumblr media
You are lying if you ever admit out loud how exactly all of this started, how one single glimpse of the so handsome man standing in front of you back then, introducing himself as your brother’s best friend and his fiancé lead to now having his cock inside of you, pounding into you almost as his life depends on it. Groans leaving his plump and pink lips, the same that just minutes ago were bringing heaven to you as he ate you out.
‘‘Fuck dolly, you feel so good around me,’’ you vaguely smile, full on the extasis his pace showers you. Mind completely clouded to dwell on the fact that the only praises he ever gives to you happen to be when his cock is disappearing inside your cunt.
He’s been fucking you for some time now, which is why doesn’t surprise you when he commands you to cum with him for the last time and you’re quick to comply, coming undone only for him and there’s this orgasm-smile curling his lips as he watches you from above, praising you again as you squirt while he still pounds into you, quicker this time and that’s when he can’t hold it anymore, groaning loudly as his cum fills you in. His glorious lips now kissing the crook of your neck, the same skin that now is fully marked by him just as much as his back is totally scratched by your nails, and you rejoice when you do because that’s the only trace in him that proves his wife that he belongs to you- even though he does not belong to you.
That’s when you come to your senses again and so it returns the sting of pain in your chest, the realization that he is married, that he only uses you when it’s convenient to him, that he’s in love with her and not you. And yet, you live for these moments. Moments when it’s only you and him, bodies intertwining as if they belonged to each other. Those moments when you’re so full of him that you can’t even remember your own name.
‘‘Are you coming tomorrow?’’ his voice brings you back to this world, the world that hates you so much that doesn’t give you a chance to love properly the man that’s currently dressing in the clothes that he so quickly dismissed right before fucking you.
‘‘I don’t have a choice really,’’ you stand up too and start dressing, only that this time you’ll have to return home comando. ‘‘It’s your birthday’s wife after all’’
Of course, you try to sound as if it doesn’t bother you, as if your meetings mean nothing to you more than just pleasure, but he sees right through you. If there is one thing Kim Seokjin knows about you, is that you don’t deal well with your emotions. He’s known you for your whole life, and even though there was always this line named Min Yoongi —your older brother—that, of course, he would never dare to cross, it came a moment when you saw him under different light and he could tell. So he allowed himself to look at you, really look at you, to spare a look at the way your neckline showed your rounded boobs to him, leaving only a little to his imagination when you caught him and accidentally you leaned in front of him, that’s when he felt that twitch inside his pants. And so, that was the first time he fucked you. Fully aware that his fiancé was only rooms away from you, but oh, the way you sounded when he pounded into you, the way you asked for more of his rudeness. He only intended to cave to the temptation that one time, but then somehow you always ended up seducing him again and again.
''Why? You don't want me there?'' you're teasing him, only that you know you're not joking. Because there are times that seem as if he really doesn't want you anywhere near his wife, as if he's protecting her from you. Almost as if he is afraid that the truth might slip your lips but he couldn't be wronger, because there is no way you're doing that to yourself, you would never tell anyone considering that if you ever did you would also lose him. And you love him so much to risk it.
''Now now, dolly. You can do whatever you want'' he mumbles as he disappears into the bathroom, tugging in his shirt to make himself presentable again, you've watched it before. How he tries to erase all the smell of sex you just provided him, right before he's about to meet with her again.
It doesn't matter how many times he proves that he doesn't care that way for you, it always ends up hurting you. As time passed you realized that he will never love you back, but sometimes there's still that little hope in your heart, lighting it up, fueling it with life but then that fire turns to ashes when he shows you how you're nothing more than a good fuck to him. And it hurts like hell, your heart breaks each day, each time you have to make your walk of shame down his apartment— an apartment he only decided to keep after your first encounter, to make things easy for both. For her to never find out.
[ 𖦊 ]
Being the daughter of a CEO was never easy for you, an absent father that never really left and led to cheating on your mom which turned her into some bitch you could never count on. Not that you ever felt like you needed them to be there for you, to cheer you on, you were almost sure that you didn't, that you turned out well even with their love missing. You felt like Yoongi's love was enough but now you realize that it wasn't. As you catch a glimpse of your own reflection, your face is barely recognizable as you try to hide all those eyes bags that are a gift of the night you spent awake and crying after seeing a new magazine full of pictures with a couple of the moment —Kim Seokjin and Im Hana. A CEO and the model are almost a perfect match.
You then hate that both of your families are so close, you hate that you have to be there to witness all the love he's not afraid to shower on her and will never dare to give even a crumb to you. You hate so much that you fell in love with a man that never belonged to you, that will never be yours to kiss in front of others, that will never show you a bit of care, not even if you're the little sister of his best friend.
 ''Everything will be okay, yeah? I'm right here'' your best friend, Jimin, takes your hand in his before bringing it closer to his lips only to kiss your knuckles.
He knows everything, and even though he sometimes wishes to reprimand you and tell you how wrong you are to mess with someone else's husband, he stops when he sees the so–loving look in your eyes when you stare at Seokjin. He reminds himself then that you're not doing it because you're just caving to your desires, maybe it was like that the first time, but now you cave in because you're in love with him. 
As you both enter their house, their perfect movie kind of house that portrays what a beautiful family they are, a few faces recognize you and wave to you, Jimin is always by your side as you greet some people here and there. He is quick to bring you a glass of champagne, communicating to you with his eyes that you will need it- and indeed you do, more when you notice her face in the crowd, a smile on her lips as she makes her way to both of you. And so you swallow the whole glass, your best friend growing in concern that he tries to hide smiling back to Hana, who is quick to set herself in front of you, kissing your cheek as if you were friends– but you're not, you're not that an asshole. But still, you try to keep it cordial for the good of both your families, knowing that she only happens to be the cousin of your sister-in-law, Misuk.
Jimin gets done most of the conversation, your eyes and attention flying to the hickeys that are adorning her neck. Hickeys that look pretty much fresh. Hickeys that he must have done last night. And there is that pain again, a reminder that even if Seokjin and you share some time under his sheets, she will always be the one he returns home to, with all his love and heart to give it to her.
 ''Jimin, Y/n, glad to know you came'' his light voice makes your eyes stare at him, swallowing the lump that's forming in your throat and you're not aware of the way your best friend is stopping himself to roll his eyes at the man because you're so busy contemplating him. How beautiful he looks in that gray tuxedo, forehead fully exposed thanks to his black hairstyle. You'd gladly die, as you suppress the urge to lean into him to kiss his forehead, to kiss his lips as you'd need him.
 But then that quick excitement gets replaced with pain again, as his arm finds its own way to her waist only to pull her closer.
''You look nice'' that's the only thing your brain catches from the conversation when Jimin speaks, and so Seokjin smiles widely to that.
  ''Perfect,'' he corrects Jimin as he tugs her even closer if that's possible, his lips kissing her cheek and causing her to copy his smile as her cheeks turn red for the compliment. ''She always looks perfect''
That's your queue to get the hell out of there and Jimin gets it, which is why he apologizes before congratulating her on her birthday and she must be really naive because she doesn't even notice that you didn't say utter a word about her birthday or at all. She doesn't notice the way you blink in some poor attempt to get rid of the tears that are threatening to flow down to the sight in displaying in front of you. She seems happy, and she's not aware of how miserable you feel for his husband. 
Jimin spends almost the whole time trying to distract you from your miserable state but there is no point because you can't help yourself as your eyes every five minutes start to search for him in the crowd only to find his arm by arm with Hana, smiling at her and looking at her as if she is his everything as if she is everything he needs. And that's when insecurities start hitting you, when you pay attention to the way she looks, so ethereal with her light brown hair, accentuating all her perfect features. Makes you think again about how he even paid you attention in the first place and even why he keeps doing it when he is so in love with her. For sure you're not ugly, but still, you're not her. You don't even look Asiatic, thanks to your mother, hereditament all her features such as her gray eyes, doe eyes as hers only proving how much of an American girl she is to the core, which is why everyone found hard to believe that Yoongi and you are brother and sister when you're as different as water and sand. Everyone thinks you're American, even though you're born and raised in Korea, countable times the ones you've actually spent abroad.
''Stop looking, Y/n. It's kinda obvious'' Jimin whispers in your ear and so you turn to him finally paying attention, not that he complains, he's the one that always understands you and is there for you, holding you and voicing out his concern about how fucked up you look but you always wave him off, acting as if he's not that big of a deal when as a matter of fact it is a big deal. A bid deal that's consuming you whole. Reminding you that's been almost two years since you're madly in love with someone you can’t have.
''Y/n! My little sister!'' that's when Yoongi appears in front of you with his so much known gummy smile, instantly painting a smile on your face too as he hugs you with care, demonstrating to you how much he missed you without literally saying the words. ''It's only been two months and I feel like it's been ages'' he mumbles as Misuk appears by his side too and offers you a smile, hugging you too and voicing out how wonderful their honeymoon was, 'cause yes, they went on a honeymoon for two months. Your brother letting go of every responsibility of his in the company only to be with her, and your heart sighs to that, yearning to have a love like theirs.
The distraction of their conversation is so welcomed by you, already finding yourself interested in what both are filling you in with about their freshly married couple's time spent. After a few minutes, Jimin excuses himself and you only nod in response, too immersed in the details your sister-in-law is proving you with, Yoongi excusing himself too for a brief moment. If there is one thing you appreciate, is to have Misuk. The fact that she's a few years older than you makes you feel protected, the way she cares for you and takes concern for your being, the way she tries to get closer to you in any given chance you have- somehow, she feels a bit like the caring mother that's missing in your life. And while you're so busy in that conversation, you fail to notice the pair of brown eyes that are looking at you from far away, those eyes that you know too much. Brows furrowing for a brief second as he sees the way Jimin kisses your cheek goodbye.
''Not that he can get rid of me, right, love?'' Hana's hand on his chest makes him return back to the conversation, brushing off the fact that you brought Jimin to his house. Mentally noting that he, of course, will deal with you later.
Yoongi comes back to both of you, but this time with a tall man by his side, smiling and nodding to something your brother just said to him and you notice the dimples on his cheeks. Cute. His brown hair falls to the left side of his forehead and covers only one of his eyebrows, and honey skin and as he gets closer, you notice the black mole right on the same place his left dimple marks. You're pretty sure he looks so familiar to you as if you've seen him somewhere.
''Oh, Seonho! Yoongi didn't tell me you were coming'' Misuk voices out as he turns to greet him and gently punches the chest of her husband, causing a laugh from both men.
''Y/n, this is Seonho. Seonho, this is Y/n, my little sister'' Yoongi introduces both of you, but your mind's busy trying to remind where you met him before but you're sure you would remember at the same time. If there is one thing that never slips your mind is one handsome face, and well, you can't deny he is indeed too handsome.
''Nice to meet you, Y/n'' he stands his hand for you to take and so you do, not going unnoticed by you how warm he seems and at the same time this bright aura on him, only obtaining a smile to give to him as you greet him too. But still, you don't seem to remember where you've met him or even if you have.
''We should get our seats. Jin told me they have an announcement''
Nothing good lasts, right? Because there is again that so familiar bitter feeling in your mouth as the reminder of the man that owns your heart, and instinctively your eyes scan the room to find him only that you don't. He is missing, and so is she.
[ 𖦊 ]
As the evening goes, you find yourself seated at the table that was only meant for Yoongi, Misuk, Seonho, Jimin, and you, which it turns out for the best for you 'cause you're sure you wouldn't be able to be closer to Seokjin and her, except that, of course, you don't have that much luck with you, not when you notice that the table perfectly decorated in the middle is obviously meant for Seokjin and Hana. And still, even if you try to lay your whole attention on the conversation exchanged by everyone at your table, you're eyes are glued to both. To the way, Seokjin cuts a bit of food on his plate only to feet her, and there is that gleam in his eyes, that gleam that only catches his eyes when is her he is staring at. Not you, only her.
At that exact moment, Eunji gets her seat right by Jimin's side and politely greets all of you, stealing all the attention of your best friend and you don't mean it in a bitter way, is actually nice seeing him that in love with a girl that's just like him. You always told him how you wished he had his own Jimin by his side when he needed and now he does. His own Jimin being Eunji. But still, you wished you had more support because you're still nervous about what announcement could they make. Maybe they're renewing their vows or they're going away– your mind's foggy.
''Not hungry?'' your confused look is set on Seonho as if you're asking him if he's talking to you, and he smiles, this time leaning closer to you and tilting his head to the dish placed in front of you, barely touched by your fork. ''You haven't eat''
''Oh,'' your eyes go back to him when you realize that in fact, you haven't touched your food but how can you? There is a wreck in your stomach at the moment and you feel a bit nauseous, but you're sure that's thankful to how it hurts you seen the man you're in love being in love with someone else. ''I ate a while ago''
Seonho only nods in response but he does not buy it and you notice when you keep staring at him, eyes engaged on his feautures as you deep try to remind where have you seen him before, an amused chuckle leaving his lips as he leans into his chair again. ''I believe this way you can focus better,'' he teases you and that's when you realize you've been staring him deep, a flustered smile on your face as you feel ashamed. He caught you staring. ''Why, though?''
He's clearly amused, and for an instant, you forget about your heartbreak.
''I feel like I've seen you before,'' everyone at the table is too busy with their own conversations to pay attention to yours, but then he laughs tilting his head while glancing at you, and you don't even know what's funny about what you said, genuinely confused at him, ''Don't laugh at me''
Your lips puckering in a pout and not that you notice because you're currently trying to avoid for Seonho to look at your embarrassed state, but for a brief second, his eyes set on your lips and he can't help but smile wider. Instantly grabbing his phone from his pants and starting typing something, you then think that the conversation has ended. ''Here''
He hands you his phone nonchalantly and that single exchange feels so intimate to you, but yet again, you always tend to confuse this kind of act- if you didn't, you wouldn't be so in love with Seokjin, a taken man. Your hand catches his phone and your eyes now move to the screen lighting in front of you, showing you this promo series called Hometown Cha Cha Cha, with the addition of his face and another actress right beside him. That's when your eyes bulge in surprise and your lips part too, turning to him again as you can't hide the state of awe you're currently in. And so he laughs again, finding you cute only to politely grab his phone back.
That's when you remember him. Not that you've watched the drama, but you remember the last time you were visiting Misok and she was watching it, and she secured you for a while only for you to watch it as well. But back then you were so fucked up -still are though- because that time Seokjin just fucked you in his car after he caught you in the streets, walking side by side with your coworker and he was quick to command you to get inside with him. You felt fear, fear because you're so familiar with the way his jaw clenched at he said those words, them being ice freeze. He didn't say a word as he drove, but you still could see the way his jaw was still clenched and the vein on his neck was popping, showing you how mad he was. And for a moment you were happy, as dumb as it sounds, you were happy that he felt jealous. It was a signal that he felt something. But your happiness was shut down when he parked somewhere far away from a crowd and started kissing you roughly, commanding you to get in the back seat just for him to fuck you without even preparing you. Fucking you hard, balls hitting your clit as his hands roamed your legs and made sure to leave his marks, groans leaving his mouth as he reminded you that you were only his- and then it hit you. Seokjin wasn't jealous, his ego just got hurt.
You open your mouth in order to say something but you're shut as the music that is playing in the background suddenly goes low and the clicking of a crystal echoes in the room, earning all of the eyes in the room head to the person that's clicking it, that being Seokjin himself at the center, standing proud and tall as he clear his throat and that causes your heart to twitch in pain.
''First of all, thank you all so much for coming. It means a lot to us, that you're here to celebrate my amazing wife's birthday,'' your eyes are glued to him and you again start feeling that lump in your throat. ''Even though her birthday is reason enough to gather you here, we have other reason too,'' he continues and you can see the way Hana smiles widely as the excitement is visible to all of you, and you don't know why but your heart is racing way too fast for your liking. ''Love, wanna say it?''
Disgusted. You felt sick at the pet name. The scene displays right in front of everyone.
So she stands up too, unable to erase that smile of hers, and Seokjin is quick to hold softly her hand as both turn to look at the crowd. By this time there are tears in your eyes, and you're not aware that Seonho is looking at you, looking at how hurting you seem and the next words start with new suffering inside of you, ''We're having a baby''
There are screams and claps everywhere in the room, but your entire world froze, as your eyes are still glued to the happy couple now kissing and you felt nauseous. Without a notice you gag without actually vomiting but in sign you are about to, so as you stand up your hand covers your mouth and the other one stays in your stomach as you make your way to the nearest bathroom there is, unnoticing that a figure is following you right behind the moment you stood from the chair.
Seokjin's touch against your skin is hot, burns like a flame, like a sin- and that's what it is, because even though he knows he shouldn't be touching you like this and you know it too, for some reason the lustful look in his eyes and the alcohol running through your system is enough to douse the fiery feeling, and enough to convince yourself that maybe, just maybe, this is okay.
You throw up, knees hitting the cold ground beneath you as you kneel in front of the toilet, letting all out as if they were your frustrations, your concerns, your tears- but you know it is no use because the pain remains. The pain that he just fucked you yesterday even though his wife is pregnant. Your eyes are clouded by the tears, being them from both the vomit and the heartbreak of those words that now will haunt you till the day you die. Words tattoed to your mind as the guilty starts kicking in, the guilt you should have felt the first moment he kissed you. All those times he fucked you in his office, all those times you gave him head when his wife was just in the next room. All those times you so tried so hard to convince yourself that he someday might be yours. Now you feel the shame you should have felt when your face was pressed into the soft pillow of his wife, a faint smell of her perfume on it.
You throw up again. You now feel the shame you should have felt when he stared at you that same time and ordered you to get up because he needed to change the bedsheets and urged your way out muttering that Hana would be home any minute.
You throw up again. You can't help but feel disgusted at yourself and your mind is foggy with those thoughts that you don't notice Seonho standing behind you, already worried enough when his mind joined the dots about your reaction and quickly decided to follow you here. In your state, you weren't even aware that you left the bathroom door opened which is how he entered, bothered enough to not even ask you for permission- now that he remembers, he will apologize for it later. But for now, he decides to lean closer to you as his hand rubs your uncovered back and that's when you jump in surprise. Too embarrassed to turn, you swiftly wipe the tears from your face and the remains of your disgusting act from your lips. Flushing the toilet as you stand up because the last thing you want to receive is a pity. But when you do stand up, his hand is on your waist to help you gain steady as you feel your legs a bit numb from the position you were in.
''I'm sorry, I-'' you're shut by yourself when you rise your eyes only to be met by Seonho's preoccupied eyes. There's no pity in them, only concern. ''What are you doing here?''
He is not touching you anymore but both of his hands are on your side only on guard if you stumble or something, a dizzy feeling strikes in when you're about to walk out of there and he's quick to grab your forearm. ''It's okay, Y/n. Let me help you,'' his voice sounds caring, almost as your brother's or best friend does, and you're not so sure given your current state, but your heart clenches at the way he sounds.
You're in no place to turn him out, which is why you allow him to cross his arm around your waist only to help you to walk to the sink, your legs are weak and it's fun in some way, knowing that just now your body is responding to every internal matter of your heart. You don't complain though, is what you deserve for getting involved with a married man- back then engaged. When you finally support your hands in the sink, your heart gets smaller at seeing the state you're in, and how of a mess you resemble right now. Seonho is still staring at you, concern still flashing through his eyes as you give the impression to be in some state of shock, and that explains why you don't notice how he starts typing on his phone, asking his assistant a big favor, and in hope that she replies, which she quickly does- the request only being to bring you some clothes, cleaning items to make you look a bit better because he honestly doubts you'll want to get out of the bathroom as how you're coming across now.
Time's still frozen for you, deep in thoughts and Seonho is only there. He doesn't say anything, he's only there as you start weeping yet again, hand covering your mouth in such a way to shut your sobs, which is why his consternations grow bigger and by then he blames his natural self to hate seeing someone else in that much pains that he helps you to turn to him and immediately yanks you closer to him, immediately showering you with his warm as you humor yourself to lean your forehead against your chest, it's not like you would do this just in front of anyone, it's just that you're too tired of holding yourself anymore. You're sick to the core of always trying to contain your feelings, pretending that your heart is made of stone when is the opposite actually.
''It's okay, I'm here,'' Sunho tries to comfort you at the same time his arms close around your body, pulling you even closer when he takes in that the only thing you need right now is to feel some kind of solace.
You're so engaged in your suffering that you don't notice how your hands tug into his suit, not that he cares, of course, he just feels as if he's somewhat close to you taking in mind the countless times Yoongi has told him about you. You seem harmless. Surely Seonho doesn't know the whole story but seeing the way you're crying he can't imagine a single scenario of you doing this on purpose. From one second to another, the door opens in a rush, the representation of Seokjin with an unreadable look on his eyes
Eyes shuffle between Seonho and your face that's well hidden in his chest, causing an immediate reaction from Seokjin as he clenches his jaw, and the prince that came to your rescue notices how Seokjin's eyes burn with anger. He doesn't do anything though, but even in your state you could feel how his body tensed and that's when you put some distance between your bodies before turning around and now the married man can have a better look at your face- all red, puffy cheeks and swallow eyes with still traces of your tears and if he feels anything, he doesn't show it.
''Yoongi is looking for you, where have you been?''
''What do you care?'' you bark at him. It's the only time you've spoken to him like that and he knows it, which is why his eyes grow a bit wider and tries to take a step closer but something stops him. That something being the fact that you're not alone. But you're too drowned in your sorrow that you don't give a damn anymore. You just need something or someone to retaliate all your anger on.
''Could you give us some privacy?'' Seonho is careful to ask but his eyes never meet Seokjin and oh, he notices. He notices the way Seonho's gaze is only posed on you and how his hand finds yours, what he obviously doesn't know is that Seonho is only doing this because you don't need to get more upset, not when you're literally sick.
''No can do, man. That one is my best friend's little sister and I will take her with me,'' silly Seokjin.
Seonho smirks at the point he just made, which is why he squeezes your hand under his and then turns to finally look at the tall man just a few steps away from you, ''Yeah, I know Yoongs. He invited me and I'm telling you he won't mind,'' your eyes are somewhere glued to the ground, not wanting to give Seokjin the satisfaction to see you that way once more, ''Now you can leave, I'll take care of her''.
[ 𖦊 ]
By the time you wake up, you're familiar with the pain that finds its way into your heart, mind, and body. Funny how people always say called it heartbroken but your whole body is resenting that pain, that pain named Kim Seokjin. It's been almost two weeks by now and you're not sure how you've made it so far, maybe it's because Jimin has been constantly checking you up and Seonho is taking care of you– in some friendly way. He is there. You don't understand how he makes the times for you still because well, he's a famous actor, there must be some things he has to do but even the same day they made the announcement, he assured you that he has some months off.
But still, he's doing a lot for you. He makes sure to drive you to work, to message you constantly just to check if you're eating well and when he can't come to your place, he calls you even if it's only for you to cry and whine about your unrequited love. By now he knows the full story, even though when you confined him with your tragic story was a result of a mental breakdown, you expected him to judge you or even to stop talking to you, but he never did. He just consoles you. Every time. To say that you've become friends is the safest thing to say, which is why you begged him to come with you to this dinner Yoongi invited you to.
He's still your brother and he's still concerned because he didn't buy your lies right after freshening up when Seonho's assistant came back with new and clean clothes for you, a toothbrush and paste and even some perfume, and make-up. He is your brother and he knows you like the palm of his hand, which is how he could see the pain in your beautiful gray eyes trying to avoid his as you assured him that you were fine.
''You're spending so much time together, should I print the wedding invitations just yet?'' Yoongi jokes winning a chuckle from Seonho's lips as you all walk through his house to the kitchen and there is already Misuk cooking something.
You try to make yourself helpful but Yoongi is quick to dismiss you, the four of you already finding some subject to submerge into and the only time Misuk asks you for help is to sit at the table. You suddenly have a bad feeling realizing that there are two more spots and if you were sure that your brother has a tendency to invite a lot of people into his home you would know for sure that you have nothing to worry about- but Yoongi is not like that. And you're sure as hell that Seokjin will be joining you, with her- and you're not ready to confront him, not after you've been dodging all his calls and texts, that hadn't been that many but still, is weird that he's reaching out for you with some other words than meet me at my place.
You're already preparing mentally when the times come to face him but you definitely are not ready when he greets all of you as he enters with his wife and pulls her chair for her, apologizing for being late and blaming the overwork at his office, awakening in you all those feelings that for sure you didn't get rid of but at least tried to calm down, as you see the way he looks even more handsome compared to the last time you saw him. But then you feel Seonho's stare on you and by the time you look at him he tries to offer you a reassuring smile, that you somehow try to give back. 
As everyone chatters you feel a bit of tension lingering in the air every time your eyes come to a stop in Seokjin only to find him already staring at you, but you're quick to turn your attention to anywhere else than his icy stare. Then it hits you that you were so stupid all this time because he looks happy with her. He loves her and you're just on their way- well, not on their way because he never stops himself with her. You suddenly feel like those boxes someone might store in their home and just forget at some point that they're there, not caring enough to toss them.
''So, how's the pregnancy going?'' Misuk excitedly asks, like she's been waiting a lot to ask them that and you don't miss the smile that immediately draws on Seokjin's lips at the mention and for sure you don't miss the way your heart clenches at the sight.
''Well, I'm only 3 months but he's been the best,'' you know Hana is referring to Seokjin but you're trying so hard to avoid looking at them as your eyes are glued on the cake as dessert Misuk baked for you. ''He's always there, he pampers me a lot''
She is happy. How could she not be happy? Is not like he knows her perfect husband fucked you even a few hours before they got married.
She's only aware that the man sitting right beside her is the perfect husband anyone could get, attentive, loving, and caring. He's the best thing that happened to Hana.Then there is again that nauseous feeling that has been your loyal company for the past weeks, Seonho even told you once that sometimes stress and some feelings manifest in illness and that seems what has been happening to you, but you can't stand it anymore, which is why you quickly excuse yourself alarming everyone on the table but you're so worried about the dizziness that you miss how every single pair of eyes in the table are now set on you.
''Is she okay?'' Yoongi asks what Seokjin is been dying to do, but always stopping himself too sure that if you dismissed each one of his calls for sure you wouldn't talk to him. 
Seonho presses his lips together and sighs deeply as he nods, dragging back his chair to be able to stand up, ''Not that much actually, I'm taking her to the hospital. Let me talk to her, okay?''
 Seokjin doesn't like the way Yoongi only nods to his words, why is he letting that asshole take care of you? Why does he trust him that much? He can't do much apart from watching Seonho go the same way you just did a moment ago.
''Isn't he older for her?'' his mouth betrays him before he can cope with the fact that he's been biting his tongue about it, ''I mean, not just a bit older. He's even older than you''
''Baby,'' Hana tries to make him get into his senses again but Seokjin quickly dismisses her as he turns to stare at Yoongi like he's waiting for him to answer, but Yoongi only shrugs as he carefully cleans his lips with the napkin.
''It's their choice, hyung'' Yoongi mumbles but he's not staring back at Seokjin, he is too busy gazing at the bathroom door that he can barely see from the way he is seated, the one Seonho just disappeared into. ''Besides, I trust him with her''
There is an awkward silence that clouds the room, at least for a moment before Misuk agrees that these days you seem off and exhausted, already setting with Yoongi that they should visit you more often and that he definitely should talk to you. Seokjin is too busy cutting the piece of his cake with so much anger and hatred that he even misses the way his wife takes glimpses of him, but his eyes only rise when he hearts the knot of the door being open and a few seconds later your figure comes only leaning to Seonho and no one noticed the way his jaw clenched at the sight. No one but Misuk.
Even when you already washed your mouth there is still that bitter taste at the tip of your tongue, you tug on his sweater of Seonho while you're still holding onto him thanks to the dizziness that refuses to leave your body. Just like you refused to go to the hospital the moment he told you as he entered the bathroom, but then he carefully mumbled that he would feel calm knowing that at least someone has checked you on, someone professional.
You try your best to avoid Seokjin's eyes, that one that consumes you even just by knowing his eyes are on you, yours only focusing on trying to smile at your caring brother that quickly stood from his chair to get closer to you and cup your cheeks, ''You can stay here, princess. Please''
The nickname makes you smile, genuinely smile and Seonho can't help but smile at the sight too, knowing that for a brief moment you feel happy. ''I'll take her to the hospital right now actually, we have to go,'' he tells Yoongi and his eyes grow wider at the received information.
''No way. I'm driving you there, okay?'' it's not like he's asking and you know that it would be no use to dismiss him, Misuk already standing from her place to get his coat while he grabs the keys and apologizes to Seokjin and Hana, only for her to answer that is so understandable and has nothing to worry about. Even she looks worried and there is that guilt again, guilt that's been with you since that moment too. The guilt you can't get rid of no matter how hard you try, because she doesn't deserve that dark side of Seokjin that shamelessly cheated on her.
[ 𖦊 ]
The doctor already checked on you, asking a few questions while doing so but assuring you that you seem okay meaning that there is nothing that serious, but just to be sure, he tells you that he will get some blood samples done to dismiss the concerning Seonho's quick to expose to the man. The whole time he stays with you, after assuring your brother that you will call him if something bad happens but it's already late and he needed to drive home though, Seonho also guarantees that he will ask his driver to take them home, Yoongi is not too thrilled about leaving you but at the end he accepts.
Now that you've spent a few minutes laying down you don't see the tears coming in response to all the hurt that your heart is feeling at the moment, how you feel lost without him- it's been costing you a lot to now give in to him because somehow you feel like you need him. You yearn for his touch, you crave his kisses. You can't help but miss how for a brief moment that at the time felt eternal to you, you could feel him caring for you. Only a bit. Or maybe that's the hope that your heart still holds, no matter how much time you spend trying to shut it down, is still there, pretty much alive.
Seonho allows you to cry, not that you need some permission or something, but he allows it in a way that he's not trying to stop you, which feels weird for you taking into the count all the times your parents reprimanded you when you started crying at a younger age, accusing you of weak. But every time you end up with your cries, he softly whispers how good it is for you to let it all out in some way, that you need to cry in order to not charge more feeling to the already heavy bag you're carrying. Now you realize that Seonho is the first calm you feel in a lot of time and you firmly believe that you never felt more thankful to live for bringing the first right person at the right time because you're in hell.
You don't know whether you should straightly end things with Seokjin or just –kinda– ghost him and cut it all without giving him notice because you're pretty much sure that he doesn't care if you do or don't. Some voice in your brain even convinces you that he will be relieved the minute you disappear from his life. Now that his full attention is on his new baby to come. The truth slaps you harshly as the reminder sets back into you, he will be a father. Certainly, you can't see him again.
[ 𖦊 ]
Not expecting to be at the hospital again just the next day, you feel your nervousness growing as you're sitting in the same chair you were just yesterday, Seonho right by your side again. The doctor called and said you needed to go there, and so you did. And there you are, hands sweating because even if you're always suffering from something, that being anemia, eating disorders, your asthma issue- there is always something going on with you that you're sure by now that life must hate you in some way. Not that the whole world knows about it, because you're always been discrete with the way you live, but still. It has been a long time since your asthma attack that you can't figure out what would that have to do with this.
''Don't be nervous, miss Y/n,'' the so familiar doctor tries to calm you but miserably fails because there is nothing that could calm you, not even the way Seonho intertwines your fingers with his to offer you some kind of console. ''Well,'' there is a brief silence when he sits down and opens the envelope, ''I already checked them the moment they came to my room and if I'm being honest, I was expecting something so different'' there is that silence again when he turns to look at you, then turning to Seonho and then his eyes coming back to yours, at the same time he hands you the results, ''You're pregnant, miss Y/n''
You hate hospitals. You for real hate them so much because there is never good news when it comes to this place. You hate how pale their walls are. You hate how the dim lights could make anyone blind. You hate the smell of super clean and disease at the same time, you don't know how to put it into words but you just hate it.
''I will give you a minute'' you barely hear the doctor's voice is followed by the sound of the door closing, leaving you to try to catch your breath as you feel now that it's missing in your lungs.
Seonho then urgently turns to you and cups your cheeks trying to get you to look at him and not even then you're able to feel the warmth that his eyes always radiate. You only feel lost. You feel as if you're drowning in the middle of the sea and then some wave comes causing you to drown even more. You even miss the times Seonho is whispering for you to calm down and try to breathe with him, failing at every attempt because the only thing your mind can register is the fact that you're pregnant with the baby of a man that doesn't give a fuck about you, the same man that's happily just starting with his family. You don't even know where it went wrong, because you're on the pill, obviously, it's not always effective but still, you recurrently fit an appointment with the gynecologist just to make sure you weren't pregnant because you couldn't take the risk. Way too sure in your decision that if you ever turned out to be, you would get rid of it. But now, as your lungs gasp for air, you're not so sure.
All you can do is cry, even when Seonho carefully drives you home without a word exchanged. Even when he helps you get changed into comfy clothes. Crying louder when you're finally under your sheets and gripping into them with all the strength you have, only for Seonho to lay by your side and pull you closer to his chest, and then your whining goes louder with your sniffles. He can only imagine what that must mean to you given the position you're in and it pains him, obviously, he has grown attached to you and his heart wishes to protect you- he's not ready to give meaning to his feelings, he just allows himself to take care of you as long as you allow him to. His mind already projecting a scenario where he offers for you to go with him for a while, that he's willing to help you with everything you need already sure that it would take a lot to convince you but he doesn't care. He cannot care when you're as fragile as now, seeming like a glass that just shattered in some cold surface.
You don't give notice of the time that has passed since you've been crying, hours already turning into days- days that you haven't uttered a single word, only nodding or shaking your head in response to Seonho's words, not even aware that he's been staying with you for those three days that you seem like a ghost floating away into sadness. You're not even aware that paparazzi caught Seonho entering your place and you're already on the news, you've barely been known as the rich kid of the famous CEO you have as a father- and well, he is certainly known for the dramas he's starred at. Seonho knows and he doesn't give a damn, all that he's been paying attention to is to get you some food and water even if you refuse each time, he's sometimes close to bringing the baby thing as a reminder but he doesn't feel like he needs to- you carrying it is a reminder enough. He doesn't even pay attention to the way all the news is filled with pictures of you and him inside his car, of you and him holding hands as you enter your complex. He doesn't, but Seokjin does.
And while you're still suffering and battling between what you should do and what you suddenly want to do, Seokjin is tossing his phone to the floor with so much rage after seeing all those pictures convincing him how indeed you're with Seonho. Too bad that he doesn't even take the trouble to ask you himself. He just assumes and that is further from the truth.
''You need anything?'' Seonho quickly stands from the couch not even trying to hide the surprise on his face when he sees you springing off the four walls of your room that had been your fortress. He is worried, worried about how tired and exhausted you look, even more with each day that happens and it would make sense now aware of the pregnancy, but it's just not that, he would be blind if he didn't notice how broken you are.
He doesn't say anything else as you just plug into the couch, taking his hand for him to go back to sit down by your side and so he does without complying, only then does he notice how there are drops falling from your wet hair to the white shirt covering your upper body and some pants doing their job at the lower part. You showered, and he tries his hardest to not smile because it's a big step even if you don't know yet. ''I think I should tell him”
[ 𖦊 ]
In Seokjin’s mind you’re Seonho’s girlfriend. In his mind all you’ve been doing is toying with him and using him for sex– not that he didn’t too but he would never use the words using when it comes to you. He tries to pacify his mind remind himself that he’s happily married, that his perfect and ideal wife is waiting for him at home with a baby growing inside of her and god– he couldn’t be happier about it. But still he makes a time to finally replying to your text, only to tell you to meet him at his office.
His mind is running wild– smirk on his lips as he can only imagine that you already miss him and are about to beg him to fuck you again, just like you did at every encounter he arranged. But he won’t let it go that easily, no, he’s furious at you. He for sure will make you suffer for the way you’re being portrayed at everyone’s eyes as someone else’s belonging. You should only be his.
His heart doesn’t clenches. Not even when you enter his office and see how much you resemble a ghost– all pale, looking skinnier than way back. He can’t afford to show you not even a bit of concern. Seokjin is so full of anger that he doesn’t cope the fact your lips tremble when you mumble that you need to tell him something important. He’s not aware of how your squeeze your own fingers trying to scare the tremble away, he’s only aware that somebody else apart from him has been fucking you. And he still doesn’t like it.
But before you can find the strength to finally tell him what you desperately rehearsed the whole night, how you would tell him that you’re pregnant with his child but have no interest if he being in charge, that you don’t expect anything from him and by no means you will ruin his new family. Right after your lips open, he spits quickly, “Don’t ever talk to me in private, I’m a married man, Y/n”
Of course he doesn’t mean any of that. In fact, his ego just desires for a bit of begging from you. His voice is cold towards you, the coldest you’ve ever heard from him anyway. And yet still, he doesn’t notice how then your eyes meet his and show him how much you just broke her with some words– erasing the bit of hope that kept her heart alive only to leave her with nothing.
He’s too blind on rage to see that your mind’s already missing the pet-name he gave you when it all started, telling you between kisses and moans how much it fits you because you’re a doll. Only dolly sounds cuter, he would say. That’s the only time he ever called you something remotely close to the kind of pet-names a man would give to his beloved.
He’s too blind on getting his payback to notice that tears are streaming down your face and you’re quick to get the hell out of there. Smirk on his face again as he only thinks that he just hit your blind-spot, that it’s only a matter of a few days for you to come back crawling for his forgiveness. To tell him that nobody fucks you like him, to beg for him to hurt you.
Fool Seokjin. That’s not aware as his mind is already imagining the kind of punish he will gladly give to your body when you come back, you, on the other hand, are already calling Seonho between cries, desperately asking for his help and how you need to get out of there– meaning the city, meaning Seokjin. Telling him that you can’t do it anymore, you just need to go.
Silly Seokjin. Thinking that you will go back to him while you’re already allowing Seonho to take care of everything for you to run away from that place. To run away from Seokjin.
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ysljoon · a day ago
Gilded Days|Kim Seokjin x Housewife!Reader
Tumblr media
This contains mature themes so please avoid if you’re not 18+
Genre: Fluff, smut, non-idol! AU, Lawyer!Seokjin AU, established relationship
Warnings: tit play, fingering (f. receiving), oral (f. receiving), unprotected sex, body worship, praise, creampie, impreg kink
Word Count: 1.8K
You really had no complaints about your current lifestyle. You spent four years of your life working hard in university to get your degree, but during your third year in college you met Seokjin and he turned your world upside down in the best way possible. Now you wouldn’t call yourself a golddigger, but having a man with money was not something you would turn away. You were aware that Seokjin came from a background of wealth as he was talked about by everyone in the criminal justice program at your school. Once you got to know Seokjin and met his family you knew his family was far from the new money you thought he came from. The Kim family was the first and only account of generational wealth you’ve seen with your own two eyes. Seokjin’s great grandfather had started a family business with oil-exporting and it had boomed. The roles and assets were then passed down to his grandpa and then his father. Seokjin didn’t want to be involved in the business aspect so he decided to be a lawyer to represent his family’s company.
When you and him got married the ceremony was something out of a Disney fairytale. The Kims did not skimp out and your family wanted to contribute on top of what Seokjin’s family was paying for as they didn’t want to feel like they weren’t carrying their own weight for their daughter’s wedding. The decor was stunning and the food was cooked by Michelin Star chefs. Your wedding gown is still the most memorable moment of the night and people wouldn't stop talking about it months after. You had a cathedral veil and your dress was encrusted with Swarovski crystals along the waist and dotted all along the skirt of the fine silk dress.
Once you and Seokjin moved in together he convinced you that you didn’t need to work anymore. At first, you were stubborn about that decision. You were happy at your job and you didn’t want to let your degree go to waste. Seokjin had continuously begged and pestered about when you were going to leave your job. You decided to consult your mother about what you should do and she let you know that Seokjin would be able to bring you a luxurious lifestyle without having to lift a finger and worry about finances and that’s something she would never deny you. You agreed with your mom’s mindset and you sent your two-week notice to the company the morning after.
Being a housewife was boring at first. You didn’t know what to do with yourself at first and the days felt lonely while Seokjin was at work and you were waiting for his arrival. Slowly you started to occupy yourself by learning how to cook and bake, going to the gym, and picking up hobbies that piqued your interest. You even started to look forward to cleaning the house. You were becoming more and more excited for your husband to come home after work to show off your new recipes that you tried today for him to enjoy after a stressful day. Every day was like clockwork. He would come through the door and greet you with a kiss, eat dinner and discuss his day with you, have a steamy shared shower with you, and catch up on social media and watch TV with you until it was time for bed. You loved the routine and never wanted it to change.
Of course, things were going to change whether you wanted them to or not. Seokjin started staying later at work and you would end up having to eat dinner without him a couple of nights of the week. Sometimes he would come home and go straight to bed without eating dinner saying that he got some takeaway while at work. You tried not to let it bother you as much, but the sudden decline in attention from your husband had troubled you. You decided to confront him about it at the end of the week. You knew he would be understanding about how you were feeling and would listen so you weren’t nervous about the conversation.
Friday evening had rolled around and you had a bottle of wine and an empty glass waiting for him. You had already poured yourself a glass and leisurely sipped while watching TV. You heard the lock to your front door click open and proceeded to hear the creak of the door being pushed in. “I’m in the living room honey!” You heard his footsteps coming closer and he greeted you with a kiss on the top of your head. “Hey Jinnie, I left out some wine for you. Can we have a quick chat?” He nodded wordlessly and sat right next to you while pouring his own glass. You placed your glass down and he faced you waiting to see what you had to say. “Uhm honey I know you’ve been quite busy with work, especially with a recent dispute happening with another company, but I’ve been feeling a little…underappreciated. I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I just want to find out if there’s anything for us to work out!” Seokjin placed his glass down on the coffee table and his expression was unreadable. You were starting to get nervous as he wasn’t saying anything and you were starting to think you had upset him.
He brought himself closer to your body and cupped your cheeks in both his hands. He starts off by peppering your lips with light kisses and then the kiss deepens. You run your hands through his already tousled hair that you know he was carding his fingers through it while at work. Effortlessly he placed you on his lap. His forehead was pressed against yours and he kept his hand on the back of your neck. “My beloved I had never meant for that to happen. Please let me show you my appreciation tonight.” This had brought a wide smile to your lips. Jin had swooped you up and carried you bridal style to the bedroom. He gently places you down on the bed and starts to kiss along your neck and runs his hands down your sides.
He moves up the column of your neck and nips at your earlobe creating goosebumps all along your skin. His large hands find purchase on your tits. Your hardened nipples were poking through the fabric of your silk nightgown. He gently moves his fingers over your nipples and it has you letting out a whine. “My beautiful you look so pretty underneath me. I want to make you feel so good.” You were already feeling delirious both from his words and his touch. You easily slip down the straps of your gown to expose your tits to him. He quickly gulps and dives down to cover your nipple with his mouth and plays with the other one with his nimble fingers. This had your back arching. The warmth and wetness of his mouth felt so good. You felt your underwear start to get sticky against your wet slit. Once Seokjin felt like he had given your breasts enough attention with both his mouth and fingers he slid your nightgown completely off your body so you’re fully exposed. “Oh my god honey you’re absolutely gorgeous. You have amazing tits and your ass is something to die for! I could look at your body all day. It’s like a masterpiece in a museum.” This praise made you feel warm all over.
He placed kisses down your stomach and quickly looped his fingers around your panties to slip them off. He was face to face with your glistening cunt and he was so close to drooling at the sight. He brought his plush lips to your clit and started to suck. You instantly grabbed his hair and let out a garbled moan. The wet sounds of his mouth slurping up the juices of your cunt made you incredibly turned on. “B-baby I’m so close to cumming, please keep going!” This had him sucking just a little harder on your clit until you reached your release. He had placed gentle kisses on your clit to help you ride out your high. “My sweet girl let me stretch you out with my fingers.” You nodded with so much fervor you were probably so close to giving yourself whiplash. “Please Jinnie, I want your fingers so bad.” He ran his finger outside the opening of your cunt to wet his finger before he slid in. The feeling of his cold finger slipping into your warm cunt had you gasping. “You look so gorgeous taking my fingers love, you’re doing great.” He slipped in one more finger and started to pick up the pace of how quickly he was pumping your fingers in you. “Honey I feel how close you are, keep it up baby I want you cum all over my fingers.” His encouraging words made you burst. Your moans reverberated through your chest and you were left panting.
Seokjin brought himself above you again and lined up his thick, pink cock up with your cunt. He slipped in and bottomed out. The both of you were whining and moaning from the sensation. “Jinnie you feel so fucking good. I want you to pound my cunt so badly.” Without hesitation, he quickened his pace and you let out a blissful hiss. “Honey you look so good taking my fucking cock. I’m gonna cum in you so deep. I know you want my warm cum to get you, pregnant baby, You’d look so gorgeous carrying my child with your swollen tummy.” Seokjin really knew how to dirty talk you and he knew the impregnation kink the both of you had could be used to his advantage. Your cunt started to tighten and suck him in deeper. His hips stuttered and you felt his warm cum spurt into your slippery pussy. Feeling his cum mix with your wetness made for a sloppy yet hot mix and you loved the feeling.
He slipped his softened cock out and got up to get a warm wash rag to clean you up. He cuddled you in his loving embrace and left a couple of kisses along your shoulder. “You know I will never get tired of you my love. I want to keep you around forever so don’t ever think I don’t love you any more or anything close to thought. I am very sorry for my neglectful actions and I’m going to make it up to you and tonight is the start.” You both fell asleep in each other’s embrace feeling lighter and more in love than you felt in a while.
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roadtwt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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comradekatara · 6 hours ago
What kind of fanfics (or books in general) would the Gaang+other characters write?
i can no longer find the post, but someone once told me that they once read a fanfic of aang helping sasuke from naruto work through his internalized homophobia. i like to think aang himself wrote that fanfic :)
i also think he would make an artbook of his crafts and paintings and jewelry and photography. it has a very special place on katara's shelf, next to her volumes of indigenous postcolonial intersectional feminist theory and (ethical yet deeply horny) romance novels <3
also, obviously, aang's memories of growing up as an air nomad before the war are recorded, both as a record of prewar air nomad culture, and as a biography of the avatar's childhood. it's taught in schools and stuff
katara wrote a lot of stories as a kid that were clearly just about thinly veiled self-inserts who join robin hood's band of merry men and become the new leader who not only robs rich people, but steals robin hood's heart <3 and other similar characters who fight sexily against injustice. she probably had a big magneto phase and thought professor x was the biggest clown ("dude can't even walk, meanwhile i am so good at hockey, swimming, basketball, soccer, etc. erik lehnsherr needs a real man like me")
in the avatar world they have different dominating cultural stories and also she was too busy practicing waterbending and complaining about doing laundry to write down her little fantasies about having a bad boy revolutionary bf, but she still contemplated them (by which i mean the equivalents of these stories) of course.
also katara writes rly important, groundbreaking theory that issues in a new wave of feminism, specifically in the water tribes. essays/manifestos on sexism, colonialism, imperialism, violence. they're thoughtful and accessibly written, based on her own experiences, which she explicitly describes within the essays, which read like memoirs in parts. her books are very grounded in her own lived realities, direct and to the point, a clear call to action, and very inspiring.
sokka had a really big crush on mulan as a kid and when he saw the garbage straight to dvd sequel it disappointed him so badly that he vowed to rewrite it so that it was good now actually. he got three pages in before it occurred to him that this was a waste of time because no one but him would ever actually read it, and he abandoned it. little did he know that suki would have loved to read it, but he didn't know suki yet. alas
he's also one of those nerds who wrote an unauthorized sequel to flatland. it was for a creative writing assignment in school, and his teacher, who didn't understand a single word of it, gave him a C. he let mai read it and she loved it, though, so that's what matters.
like katara, sokka also pens a lot of theory. unlike katara, his writing is very dense, sprawling, overly cerebral, highly abstract, and borderline illegible. his works are sort of like if feynman and derrida had a baby and also that baby was in desperate need of an editor who could whittle down every four pages into one sentence. he writes theory in pretty much every field imaginable, including fields he all but invented. which means that every single student of something has to read at least one of his texts at least once in their life. people who can actually figure out what the hell he's saying swear that he's an absolute genius and that his ideas changed their life, but most people just pretend to have read his stuff, because there's no way in hell they're reading an 800 page book about how bending is actually math.
toph has never written anything, nor has she any desire to. the most she ever writes is when she dictates letters to sokka, which always say the same thing, "hey, come over here so i can talk to you in person. fuck you, toph"
zuko writes cringey self-insert fanfic both in modern au and in the avatar world. he writes blue spirit x zuko selfcest (but you don't get it it's actually a metaphor about the duality of the self, and he's working out his inner demons UGH dont make fun of him!!!!!!!) and is that guy who writes really dark fucked up fanfic about cartoons (he's watched. a lot. of anime). he's really into theatre – plays, operas, musicals, you name it. he went through a big tennessee williams phase, and tried to write exactly like him, to.... middling success. he tried to write a musical once, only to realize one song in, that playing some instruments and appreciating mitski's genius doesn't actually equate to having any compositional talent. he'll stick to critiquing, and leave the creative writing to people with more style and imagination.
suki doesn't even read books and you want her to write one??
ty lee wrote touching and hilarious letters to mai whenever they were apart, which mai keeps stored in a small wooden chest and pulls out to read whenever she is feeling wistful. otherwise, you'd be lucky to even get a text back from her
mai once wrote a story inspired by over the garden wall about two characters who are clearly just her and tom-tom navigating a mysterious a sinister forest together. it really helped her work through some stuff
she also writes academic criticism/theory/research, which is ever so slightly more lucid and succinct than sokka's.
and she's also incredible at writing roasts. she gives a speech every year at zuko's birthday (an official holiday now that he's firelord) and it fucking kills.
azula was discouraged from attempting to write fiction at a young age, when ursa admonished her after she made zuko cry upon devising a truly gruesome tale about woodland creatures. considering that she finds most novels insipid, poetry either boring at best or nauseating at worst, and fanfiction a hobby practiced by only the most pathetic of simple-minded losers, she doesn't think she's missing out.
many many many years down the road, azula writes a series of essays on how to identify and resist indoctrination (from a totalitarian state, abusive father, etc). umberto eco's ur-fascism for fire nation girls <33
aunt wu publishes a book that is one part self-help, one part gloating memoir, one part spiritual guide, one part personality quiz, and 100% barf. sokka cannot believe that katara has read it cover to cover multiple times, as if it contains wisdom deserving of being gleaned even once. he'd burn it if he didn't know that katara would just immediately go out and buy another copy, giving even more of her money to that glorious scammer.
of course we all know about yue's beautiful epic poetry, but lesser known are her diary entries, which served as her treasured outlet through which to vent her suppressed and overwhelming feelings while serving as the northern water tribe's princess. she didn't write every day, and sometimes her entries were longer than others. in the weeks between meeting sokka and the siege of the north, yue's diary entries took a turn for the messy, rambling, dramatic, and graphic. thankfully her diaries were well-hid under a rug in her room, and arnook never found them.
king bumi spent a couple decades or so publishing a series of action-adventure-erotica novels under a pseudonym. once you've been around for long enough, you start to do things just for the hell of it. especially if you're bumi.
that girl jin from zuko's failed first date in ba sing se def has "went thru a phase of writing hardcore slash fic" vibes. i can't explain it she just does. i wouldn't know what about, though, because zuko never asked her what her interests were.
pakku once wrote a novella about a very miserable man who causes problems for himself for no reason. many years down the line, sokka read it and was like "wow, pakku, this is an amazing piece of satire. i never knew you had such a great sense of humor!" and pakku is just like "it wasn't meant to be funny." and sokka's like ".........oh."
combustion man may be a man of few words, but the novel in verse he's been writing (with his meat hand) paints a portrait of a surprisingly sensitive soul, and it may move you to tears.
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zorlok-if · 2 days ago
why is one of jin's nicknames king arthur?
So there's a whole story behind that. Previously on the blog there was an ask about the dumbest things the characters have done (read here). In that I mentioned how Tommy got the dates wrong for his school's spirit week and came to school on a random Monday dressed as a wizard. Since then many of the people at school refer to him simply as Merlin. Jin suggested that Tommy embrace it and started calling himself King Arthur as a way to turn the bullies insult into an inside joke, making it less of a thing controlled and forced upon him by others. After the fact, they started drawing a lot of parallels between themselves and the characters so it's fitting and an inside joke that tries to spin the bullies' favorite jeer for Tommy on its head.
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