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#jin fanfic
Interview - OT7 CEO au Pt 9
Tumblr media
TW: mentions of sexual assault and harrassment, some bad thoughts, some bad people.
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“Why are you interested in a position with us, Miss L/n?”
But that was the thing, you didn’t want a position here, circumstances had you sitting in front of 8 out of 9 of e.Xo’s CEOs (one was currently attending to business in China) for an interview. You meet Kim Jun-myeon’s gaze with trepidation, fingers fumbling as you tried to fight the regret running around your body, blaring like a fire alarm. You don’t want to be here, but this wasn’t just about you anymore.
If you didn’t leave your current job you knew there would be more and more problems in your relationship with your CEOs. You would hear the words the other employees were whispering about you, hell some slapped you in the face with their words, and you wouldn’t or couldn’t tell the boys about it, you would end up letting it fester until it affected all of you. For the sake of your relationship, for the sake of your sanity and all your achievements, you needed this job.
“Y/n…?” The lead CEO stared at you with a puzzled expression when you took too long to answer, the atmosphere in the room growing a little awkward.
“I think this is the right choice for me and my career,” you answer simply, but they didn’t know how deep your words ran. You wouldn’t mind working here, not really, the bickering between some of the bosses here reminded you a lot of the 7 you loved, you’d fit right in. You pretend as if the similarities wouldn’t cause your heart to ache, or the differences you couldn’t help notice.
“We’ve seen the way you’ve handled the contract with our company,” Kim Jongdae offers you a smile with his words. “We have to say we’re impressed, we couldn’t find a single fault in your work.”
“I have a lot of dedication to what I do,” you grin back but it doesn't meet your eyes. Here a CEO was complimenting you but his words didn’t have an affect on you like they did. You can hear their praises whispered in your head, if you took this job you’d never hear it again. Tae wouldn’t call you his good girl anymore… Jimin and Jungkook wouldn’t keep you company at your desk while you worked or play games to distract you. Yoongi wouldn’t play fight with you during the day, Hoseok and Jin wouldn’t call you into the office with a random excuse just to see your face and make you stay. You wouldn’t be able to stop Namjoon drowning in his work load or help relieve his stress when it got too much. All the things that made your day better would be gone.
“I think we really like what we see here,” Kim Jongin smirks at you, and you didn’t miss the flirting tone of his voice but it did nothing to your heart. The e.Xo CEOs were all very good looking, this you couldn’t deny, but you felt nothing for them, and it made you long to be back at your office where you belonged.
“Jackson, can you ask Y/n to come pick up the new project files from my desk please, I need to discuss it with her,” Namjoon doesn’t look at their secretary when he asks, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide his thoughts from his face.
“She’s not in today,” the blonde replies, making all seven of his superiors snap their faces towards him.
No wonder why there are so many rumours, these guys are so obvious, Jackson would never judge an in office relationship, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t judge how well it was handled.
“Where is she?” a deep rumbling voice said in a serious tone. Taehyung glared at the poor man as if he were the one keeping you from him.
“She requested a day’s leave,” was all Jackson said in response.
“And it was approved at such short notice?” Hoseok frowned, company policy was to give a month's notice for planned leave, exceptions were of course sick leave or family emergencies and things… of course he was forgetting you were also entitled to not come in if you were, for example, attending an interview. Well he didn’t forget, he just didn’t consider it as a possibility at all.
“Human resources approved it,” Jackson shrugged, starting to feel a little sweaty with the stares from the CEOs.
“Thank you Jackson,” Namjoon dismissed the secretary who bowed before he left.
There’s a loud sigh from Yoongi as the door closes, his eyes closed with it as his thoughts bear down on him now that they were alone.
They hadn’t seen you all weekend. No calls, no texts, nothing. Yoongi would swear you were a figment of his imagination if it weren’t for the fact 6 others confirmed your existence with their longing in your absence. The last image he had of you was when you ran out of that staff room in tears, and he couldn’t forget it.
He tries not to scowl at Jin and Jungkook when he opens his eyes again, he tries not to let irrational anger overtake him and blame them both, but it was starting to become a losing battle. The two aforementioned executives were looking downtrodden enough without anyone elses harsh words, they kept replaying their own scene round and round in their heads. The last time they saw you…
After Hobi had found the security footage from the staff room, the others were called to see it too, Namjoon in all his wisdom left Jin and Jungkook behind to wait for you to come out. And eventually you did, but you didn’t want to see them. Jungkook remembers the cold way you pushed him away as if it were his fault when he tried to hold you, the way you couldn’t look at his crying face. Jin had left him alone to get you food and water before you came out, perhaps it would have been different then, perhaps he would have convinced you to stay and talk to them. Then he wouldn't have the memory of running after the back of your head through the company doors before you disappeared.
“I know what you’re all thinking,” Namjoon breaks the silence and growing tension with his voice. “But she just needs space, and we need to respect that.”
“She could at least tell us she’s okay,” Jimin snaps back, misplacing his own anger in that moment, but Namjoon understood he was worried and let it slide, this time.
“What if she blames us?” Jungkook’s voice is quiet, a mumble, but they couldn’t pretend they didn’t hear it. A new wave of rage and regret flushes through their systems, the image of you and that piece of trash in the breakroom. The look on your face… it may haunt them forever.
A knock on the door does nothing to quell their anger, in fact it may have caused it to grow more. It was a sound they were expecting, and as the target of their rage finally walks through to them, unshielded, they could let the cannons loose.
“Alex,” Namjoon growls his employee’s name like it was a disease.
“Mr Kim, you asked for me?” there was no trace of the arrogance or confidence from the man on the tape. This pathetic excuse of a human being was already sweating, but who could blame him when he was met with the sight of 7 fury filled CEOs glaring at him. He could feel each one of their stares on him like the red laser of a gun, ready to fire, he gulped as he made his way to the middle of the room like the bullseye on a target. Their office was always dark, always intimidating to outsiders, the air was powerful on most days, but today he was suffocating in the silence, too bad he didn’t know the silence was so much better than the wrath that was approaching.
“I assume Y/n spoke to you about friday,” he said quickly, desperately. “But I promise you it was a complete misunderstanding, I was trying to find her today to apologise, I didn’t realise you were all so…”
Kim Namjoon’s eyebrow raises in question as the sentence comes to a stop despite being so incomplete, but he lets the pause talk for him.
“I didn’t realise you were all so close,” Alex breathes, feeling compelled to finish his sentence, even if it wasn’t the original ending.
“Y/n didn’t say anything to us about anything,” Yoongi exclaims stoically, keeping his eyes trained on the dirt in front of him.
“Did something happen with Y/n that we should be aware about?” Hoseok can’t keep the seething tone from his voice, he can’t help spit the words like poison from his mouth, fist on the desk with his knuckles turning white.
Shit… Alex didn’t think you’d tell them, you didn’t seem the type, plus it wasn’t as if anything actually happened to make a big deal out of, but he nearly let it slip like an idiot.
“No, no… like I said, just a misunderstanding.”
“If something has happened in our company Alex, I think we have a right to know,” Namjoon pushes. “So tell us about this ‘misunderstanding’.”
“I-I asked Y/n out,” why was he sweating so badly under their stare? Why was he stuttering? All he had to do was brush it under the carpet, he had gotten away with so much before, this was just another thing to add to the list. “And she said no, I may have insisted that she reconsider.”
“That doesn’t sound like a misunderstanding,” Jin says calmly, too calmly, like the middle of a hurricane with every possible exit lined with a storm ready to tear him apart. “So why were you looking to apologise?”
“You know women,” Alex tried to laugh all while remembering that these men were sleeping with you, and even though he knew nothing romantic could be involved, he had to be careful not to overstep. “They say no but mean yes, I should have backed off and realised she was already seeing someone, why else would she have said no, right?”
“Because single women would never say no to you,” Jimin’s laugh makes the object of their interrogation feel very small and insecure. The audacity of this cockroach.
“It seems our employee here has a rather outdated dating style,” Namjoon chuckles, but there’s no humour in his voice. “I suppose because she’s seeing someone she’s ‘owned’ by them right?”
“I think we’re about to have a misunderstanding Alex,” Taehyung doesn’t hide the venom in his voice. “You might want to explain better.”
“L-look I don’t know what’s going on here but I asked out Y/n, I’m not that keen on her anyway, she said no and I walked away,” Alex rushes in his poor attempt to ease the seven.
“That’s not what it looked like to us,” the youngest CEO let his anger simmer quietly while the insect spoke until it made his blood boil over the top. The penny dropped.
“W-what?” he stammers, taking a step back in shock.
“You sexually harrassed an employee in front of the CCTV,” Yoongi explains with a cunning grin. “Have you ever read your contract Mr Pettyfer?”
He can’t speak, so he shakes his head in answer like a fool.
“When you signed your contract you agreed to a number of penalties should you do the following,” Yoongi continues, enjoying the way the scum was shaking in front of him when he brought his hand into the hair and counted the rules with his fingers. “One, breach of confidentiality regarding the company. Two, money laundering. Three, assault or sexually assault an employee of the company or a member of the public.”
“You’d be surprised what we uncovered over a weekend of digging,” Namjoon says disgusted. “You’ll be pleased to know the relevant authorities have been informed, and you won’t have to worry about your misunderstanding with Y/n, with all the shit we found she won’t ever need to make a statement, and she won’t ever need to see your face again.”
“However if she chooses to,” Hoseok bares his teeth like a wolf about to bite. “We’ll be happy to provide whatever evidence is required to support her.”
“You can’t do this!” Long gone is the face of innocence as Alex snarls at the seven. “Think about my career, how hard I’ve worked!”
“Think about the women you hurt,” Taehyung doesn’t miss a beat in his reply to the selfish bastard.
“You’ve destroyed my career over a girl,” he seethes back, missing the way Jin pressed the direct line to Jackson on his phone, notifying the secretary it was time wordlessly.
The seven men watch as the authorities drag the scoundrel out as he fought them tooth and nail, but it does nothing to make matters okay inside them. They wouldn’t feel fine until they saw you, safe and okay.
You’re hesitating, you know you are, the longer you did the more anxious you became. What if they were angry with you? And if they weren’t when they heard where you were today they would be. What an absolute mess! You bury your face in your hands as you gather the strength to knock on the door to the mansion your boyfriend’s resided in.
Deep breaths did nothing to calm you down. You groan at the memory of pushing the maknae away, Jin’s voice as he yelled after you when you ran away. All of their voices through the door… Your eyes are watering at the scenes replaying again and again. You’d have to tell them what happened, but you wouldn’t use it as an excuse for your behaviour, you were just so scared they wouldn’t understand, that they’d tell you off and be disappointed in you somehow.
You take a deep breath, fingers of one hand playing with the strap of your back nervously while the other finally approaches the door. It swings open before you can touch it, and you see a blur of a person before you’re engulfed by three bodies.
“I told you I saw her car,” the sound is muffled from outside of your cocoon of maknaes but you recognise Yoongi’s voice.
You’re about to speak when you hear sniffling from the body in front of you, the one who got to you first. Jimin was holding you from the back, arms wrapped around your waist as he pressed himself as close to you as possible, nuzzling his face into your back. Taehyung held you from the side, arms trying to find purchase on any part of you he could as he buried his head in your neck. Which left Jungkook as the crying culprit, moulded to your front with your head against his chest. Your arms wrap around him the best you can with this unsteady huddle, but you can’t find your voice to speak, it was being pushed down your throat by the grief.
“Do you three want to let her in?” Yoongi sighs in mild annoyance, itching to tear the maknaes away from you so he could hold you too. But he’d smother you with his own love later, right now you needed to breathe. It takes a beat too long for Yoongi’s liking for the three youngest CEO’s to acknowledge the older, small grumblings coming from your back but no attempt to let you go was seen. “Now.”
Yoongi rarely had to use his commanding tone, it was funny how any time he did it always involved these three.
Slowly hands seemed to peel themselves away from you, and you desperately didn’t want them to move away, it was safe in the dark of their embrace, you would have to acknowledge the issues in the light.
You avoid their gazes awkwardly, looking to the floor but Taehyung wasn’t having it. You feel his large palms cradle your face as he brings it up to meet his eyes, offering you a small smile, it looks sad you think. You really must’ve hurt them with your silence, you think, not realising what was actually going through their minds.
How dare he touch my flower, he thinks as he searches your face as if the cockroach had hurt you more than what they had seen. He kisses your face gently, every inch of it he could as softly as he could, as if it would heal the wounds he couldn’t see, the ones he knew were there.
“Taehyung,” Yoongi’s voice warned. A final kiss to your cheek and he lets you go once more only to grab your hand to bring you to the entrance of their home.
“Hi Kitten,” Yoongi finally smiles as you approach him, resisting the urge to pull you into his embrace. He offers you his hand instead, pleased when you take it with the one not attached to the taller man. He leads you into the house, his own nerves fluttering like your own, but for different reasons. How do they tell you they knew what happened that day? It was best to let Namjoon take lead on this, and that was where he was taking you.
The door to the living room reveals the principal CEO with his head in his hands worrying on the sofa. He doesn’t acknowledge the sound of you all making your way in, the sight has your heart sinking, detaching your hands from the two men as they watched you step towards Namjoon.
He finally lifts his head when he feels your touch on his arm, unable to word his shock when you climb onto his lap, straddling his legs as you bury your head in his neck, clutching onto him desperately. There’s an apology on the tip of your tongue but you hold it back, how were you going to explain what happened and what you’ve done since? What if he pushed you away when you did?
You close your eyes when you feel him return your embrace, arms encircling around you as you hear two others rush in to see you.
“Sunshine!” “Y/n.” Jin and Hobi were so relieved to see you, but a look from Namjoon has them all silent, they had to tell you they knew, and they had to do it right. Their bodies surround you both, trying to get as close as possible without disturbing the pair of you. Namjoon side eyes Jimin on the floor as he shuffles closer until he leans his head against your thigh, but makes no move to keep him away. He sighs, this weekend took a lot out of all of them, and it was only a couple of days without you. Jimin traces his finger on your leg where his head lay, needing to touch you somehow to ground himself.
“Y/n,” Namjoon starts but pauses when he feels your fingers clutch onto him harder still. He called you by your name, not the term of endearment he held for you, which only meant one thing in your mind, he was serious and he was upset with you.
You try to stop the way your lips pout sadly, they way your eyes water at the sound of your name.
“Baby girl,” he tries again, pressing a kiss to your hair as he hesitates again. This was harder than he thought it was going to be. “We know what happened on Friday…”
He feels you tense in his hold, limbs seizing as the news settles in.
“We’re so sorry,” he says solemnly, the heads of the others bowing in sorrow.
You dig yourself out of his neck, looking at him in shock, why was he apologising? They did nothing wrong. He could see your puzzled expression at his words, letting the back of his fingers stroke your cheek fondly. He missed you so much.
“We background check all our employees, every company is vigilant in its checking of references, and somehow we let this scum through our doors and he hurt the one person we want to protect most,” he can’t keep your gaze as his voice grows thicker. “We’re so sorry that you had to go through this baby, but we promise you it will never happen again.”
No it wouldn’t… because you wouldn’t be there anymore, not if you accepted the job you were offered today… You cant find your voice for your own confession, not when you weren’t expecting theirs.
“He’s been dealt with,” Hoseok says with a stern expression, you turn to meet it as he speaks. “You don’t have to get involved with this if you don’t want to, he’s going to pay for a long time, we’ll make sure of it.”
You don’t know what you’re supposed to feel, too many emotions spun around in your stomach until you felt sick.
“We’ll take other precautions at work for all our employees, we’ll make it safe,” Jin promises.
“And as for our relationship at work,” Yoongi continues, “we need to talk about what we can do to make it more comfortable for you, we won’t behave like that again.”
You have to look away, it was too much. They wanted to make it work, they never wanted you to struggle because of their love for you, and it made you feel guilty. Communication, it was why your previous relationships failed, why some didn’t even begin.
Namjoon’s fingers hook under your chin to raise your gaze to meet his. You take a shaky breath, feeling your heart break as they braced themselves to finally hear you speak.
“I have to tell you something…”
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miscelunaaa · 15 days ago
love, lust, and life mushrooms | ksj
Tumblr media
pairing: seokjin x f reader
genre: smut, humor, crack, the barest hint of angst, oneshot
summary: Jin has had a very specific fantasy for a long time, and he’s decided that he wants to make it a reality. Will your relationship be strong enough for the strain this puts on it? Or will the two of you come out of it stronger than ever?
rating: 18+
word count: 7k
warnings: explicit sexual content consisting of role-play, oral sex (m & f receiving), face-fucking, dirty talk, use of a pet name, unprotected penetrative sex within an established relationship, squirting, mild degradation, inappropriate use of a princess peach costume, and use of a vibrating mario mustache. also contains jokes about kink-shaming, swearing, minor domestic disputes, embarrassing gifts and phone calls in a work place, and discussions of bowser’s dilf status. no goombas were harmed in the making of this fic. 
notes: Here it is!! My first completed fic! This would not have been possible without the support of the NaNoWriMo server group! What started as an off-hand quip ended up turning into this whirlwind drafting process and um ... this is the result. I fucking appreciate every single on of you, and I hope you enjoy reading this. Much love!
read on ao3
Tumblr media
You and Seokjin had been dating for almost two years, and it had honestly been phenomenal thus far. You’d moved in with each other, you’d bought plants together, and had even considered adopting a dog together.  While it wasn’t perfect (indeed, no relationship is), it was definitely your strongest and most resilient relationship to date. You thought that the two of you could withstand any and all challenges that presented themselves to you. During a lazy Saturday breakfast, however, your boyfriend came to you with an absurd proposition that you couldn’t quite wrap your head around.
“You want me to pretend to be Peach. So you can fuck me as Mario.”
“This is what your deepest, darkest fantasy is.”
You pursed your lips and set down your fork. Breakfast would have to wait. “I thought you were a nerd. Not a …. Whatever this is.”
“What, this isn’t nerdy enough for you?”
“You stepped into freak territory as soon as you brought up me pretending to be Peach. Like, isn’t the game something you grew up playing?” Seokjin frowned and set down his own fork, crossing his arms.
“Yeah, why do you think I have a thing about big pink dresses? Peach was my sexual awakening.” His voice was serious and matter-of-fact. It was hard to tell if he was actually joking or not.
“I’ve never heard you talk about a pink dress fetish. Ever.”
“Well, you never asked.”
It’s not the most fucked up fantasy you’ve ever heard. In fact, it was really only mildly weird in the grand scheme of things. But it seemed so out of nowhere and he made it seem like a huge deal for him to be talking about it at all.
Seokjin had made it clear early on in your relationship that he had simple needs. He just wanted to feel connected to you, and you happened to feel the same way. You both had a desire for deep connection, and you’d worked hard together to forge it. You’ve never been bored in bed, and you‘ve never felt the need for the two of you to step things up because you both put each other first both in and outside of the bedroom.
“I guess … I was just expecting something weirder when you said you had a long-held fantasy involving beloved characters from your childhood.”
“What, like Disney prince shit? Please, that’s too expected. De-flowering a Disney princess isn’t a turn on for me. Unless Ariel’s going to stay a fish … then we’ll talk.”
You shot him a look of exasperation. “We’re going to come back to that, but don’t change the subject! I know your tastes aren’t that simple. I was just expecting something more like, I don’t know, you being the hunter and me being Bambi’s mom kind of thing.”
“Ugh, Y/N, I draw the line at actual homicide. Homicide is way freakier than a canon video game couple.”
“Mario kills Bowser to get into Peach’s panties at the end of each game.”
“Bowser doesn’t count as homicide! He’s evil! And not human! Homicide only counts for—”
“Excuse you, Bowser’s basically a dilfy CEO! He has goals, resources, and an empire, plus he’s a great dad!”
“He violates child labor laws! I’m pretty sure the goombas are trying to unionize and overthrow the bourgeoisie, which would be, you guessed it, Bowser! Yeah,” he snorted, his words dripping with sarcasm, “Real dilf material right there.”
“Are you trying to kink shame me?” you teased.
“You started by dissing my Mario and Peach fantasy!”
“I did not diss your fantasy. I just called it weird!”
“Exactly! And what, pray tell, is the practical difference between making fun of me for a fantasy and kink shaming me?”
You’re silent for a moment, rubbing your temples with your fingertips. He’d always had a really chaotic sense of humor, so you were waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Seokjin reveal that he was just making everything up in an elaborate prank to get you to agree to something a little more mundane.
“Seokjin, are you absolutely serious about making this fantasy a reality?”
“Yes,” he said, without an ounce of hesitation.
“Fine. You have a week to convince me that this’ll be worth the embarrassment of being a basically worthless character for the sake of your pleasure. Can I eat my breakfast now?”
“Deal! Calendar out your Saturday, Peach, because you’re about to visit the Mushroom Kingdom,” he said, his lips quirking up in a half smile, his eyes narrowing slyly.
“I … fucking hate you. So much.”
“You won’t when you’re screaming ‘Mario’ in ecstasy.”
“Seokjin, Jesus, I’m trying to eat here.”
Tumblr media
Throughout the following week, Seokjin left you gifts that signaled his full intent to live out his fantasy and that you were going to be an integral part of it.
On Monday, you found a pair of red kitten heels tucked next to your shoes on your side of the closet. You thought they’d been a nice gesture, until you realized that right, Princess Peach wears red heels. How nice, how wonderful that your sweet boyfriend had the wherewithal to give you low heels so as to fulfill the prompt but keep you comfortable.
You hated the fact that you actually kind of liked them, and you hated it even more when you tried them on only to discover that they fit perfectly. You hated it most when you wore them to work that day and they were comfortable enough to keep wearing all day. To your chagrin, you even ended up getting compliments on them.
On Tuesday, you received a plushie-gram while sitting in your cubicle at work. All of your coworkers thought it was so cute that Seokjin had sent you a fifteen-inch Invincibility Star plush. What a thoughful gesture! You must love video games! Their praise rang hollow because they didn’t get the chance to read the card that came with it before you threw it out.
This is so we can keep going all night, Princess.
No wonder the delivery boy had given you a strange look as you signed for the gift.
Tumblr media
On Wednesday, you came home cranky and irritated after having a hellish day at work. All you wanted was a hot shower and a really cold beer, perhaps even paired together. You’d already grabbed a beer from the fridge, and had left your clothes in a little trail behind you, leading to the bathroom. You had the water running, you’d already popped the tab on your beer can, when suddenly, there came a knock at the bathroom door.
You opened it, expecting it to be Seokjin, loosening his tie and looking to get a hello kiss after getting home. Honestly, you could use one, after the day you’d had. But, instead:
“What the fuck is that thing on your face?”
Seokjin smiled, his top lip obscured by a large, soft-touch silicone mustache that looked suspiciously like that of a certain Italian plumber. It was strapped to his face with a thin elastic band.
“A-you like it? I’ve-a been thinking about a-growing one out.” The Mario-esque lilt he spoke with was infuriating.
“God, Jin, please, no. Not the Mario shit today. I’ve been getting screamed at by clients all day—“
“But-a baaaabe, it a-vibrates.”
“… It does what now?”
Alright, fine, the mustache was actually very nice! You couldn’t not try it after being told of its real use! You’d even tried to subtly ask your boyfriend to use it on you again after going to bed that night, but Seokjin just chuckled and said that you’d have to wait until Saturday.
Tumblr media
On Thursday, you received a call while sitting in the break room for lunch, surrounded by your peers. You made to stand up and take it out in the hall, but your work friends stopped you, saying that it was totally fine. Seokjin was legendary around the office after the plushie incident; all of your friends wanted to congratulate him on being super cute for sending you things while you were at work. None of their own boyfriends had a romantic bone in their bodies. You didn’t have the balls to tell them the real reason he had sent the plushie.
“Hi Seokjin,” you said into your phone.
“Hi princess, how’s your day going?” You were ashamed to admit that a little shiver went down your spine at his use of the pet name.
“It’s fine so far, I’m on lunch right now.” You had to fight to keep your voice neutral and unaffected.
“Ah, okay. Am I on speaker?”
“No. Why?”
“I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking at your dress for Saturday and that I can wait to fuck your sweet, wet cunt while you wear it.”
You sat in silence for a moment, his words making your body freeze even though all you felt was white hot heat passing through your veins. Your whole body throbbed in time with your pulse. Jin had never really been particularly explicit with regards to sex before; while he was generally vocal, he wasn’t really one for dirty talk, and you had never really formed an opinion on it otherwise. This change in his attitude over the past several days was beginning to deeply affect you. Apparently your silence was conspicuous; your friends stopped talking and turned to look at your stunned face, one by one.
Minji, your cubicle mate, leaned forward a little bit, looking concerned. “Everything all right, Y/N? You look flushed.”
Jin’s voice came through your phones ear piece shortly after, “Y/N, are you with people right now?”
You took in a deep breath before speaking slowly. “Yes Jin, like I said, I’m at lunch.”
“Oh my god, that’s fucking amazing.” You could hear him laughing hysterically on the other side of the line, his squeaks making it sound like he was washing a window with a squeegee.
“Anything else, babe?” You said sharply, your voice high and tense.
“No, princess, I’m just excited to bend you over and make you mine, that’s all.”
“I’ll see you at home. Bye!” you said quickly, and hung up on him. You then excused yourself to go sit at your desk in horny silence for the rest of the afternoon.
Tumblr media
You thought, foolishly, that Friday was going to pass without incident. Seokjin had been surprisingly normal in all of your conversations over text during the day. Mostly just talking about what the two of you were going to cook for meals over the weekend, any errands one or the other needed to make before going home, and other simple, domestic matters. He asked you to stop at the grocery store for a few things (mushrooms, obviously, thyme, and a pint of heavy cream), and asked if you had any requests from the wine store (Sauvignon Blanc, pretty please). Farely standard couple stuff, you thought.
As the day wore on, you found yourself tensing up in anticipation of another weird, Mario-themed moment hitting without any warning. When you started packing your things, you began to relax a little. At least, this time, it wouldn’t happen at work. Your boyfriend’s deeply held fantasy would remain a secret, at least for now.
On your way home, you stopped for the groceries Seokjin had requested, and then stopped at your apartment’s managing office to pick up a package you’d gotten a notification for.
You’d been expecting maybe a little box from your friend overseas, or maybe a little something from Jin’s parents. You were NOT expecting there to be a huge cube shaped box that was going to require you and your property manager working together to lug it up the stairs.
When he asked you, jokingly, what it was, you just replied, “I don’t know actually, Seokjin must have ordered it.” And it was the truth; you had no idea what the item in the box was, but you had a suspicion that it was related to a certain beloved video game. Your body tensed at the thought, wondering what on earth your boyfriend could have ordered that was this massive. Once you’d dragged the thing into your apartment and cut open the box, you found out.
It was a giant question mark block, rendered in high density foam and a plush, high-quality fabric. The shipping manifest said that it was custom made specifically for Kim Seokjin by a reputed sex furniture maker, and that the cover could be taken off and washed hot, ensuring years of safe use.
This was beginning to verge on too much. As you were reading over the shipping slip again, you heard a rustling at the front door, then a key being slipped into the lock and turned. The door opened to reveal Seokjin, still in his suit from work, his briefcase slung over his shoulder. Folded over his arm were two garment bags; one of them so full of something that you were sure it was going to burst open at any moment.
Your boyfriend’s face lit up when he saw the golden cube sitting on the floor in your living room. “I thought it wasn’t going to get here in time!”
“When did you custom order a piece of sex furniture? Custom?? In a week???” Your voice was beginning to rise in pitch again. You had so many questions about this literal fucking cube.
He looked at the floor bashfully for a moment, before batting his eyelashes a little to make himself look endearing. “Three months ago,” he said quietly. “I got the shipping notification last Friday.”
Stunned into silence, you let yourself sink to the floor to sit amongst the torn cardboard and plastic from shipping the fuck-cube. Seokjin’s brow furrowed, and he laid the garment bags over the back of a chair and set his bag down before kneeling next to you.
“Is everything alright, babe?”
“I don’t know,” you said with a sigh, “I guess I just didn’t realize how serious you were about this … thing.”
“Fantasy,” he corrected.
“Whatever.” The word came out more harshly than you intended. Seokjin’s face fell immediately, and you swore under your breath. “That was saltier than it needed to be, I’m sorry.”
“What’s the problem, Y/N?” he asked gently.
“It’s this whole Mario thing,” you said, “It’s one thing to hold on to a fantasy as a secret. People do that all the time. It’s another thing to keep it a secret but buy things for it behind my back. That’s not how our relationship works.”
“I buy things without asking you all the time!” Seokjin sat back on his heels, crossing his arms. His full lips were pressed into a line in frustration. “And so do you! Remember when you bought that huge monstera a few weeks ago?”
“Jin, that’s a plant! And I told you as soon as I came home! How could I possibly even try to hide Joonie from you?”
“But you still bought it without telling me, and it plus the pot cost one hundred and fifty bucks!”
“It’s a plant, Jin. Not sex equipment. How were you going to hide this damn fuck-cube from me?”
“Well, that’s the thing, I wasn’t actually hiding it! You just beat me home to it! And last I checked, you agreed to wear the costume and do the fantasy with me.”
“What were you going to do with this if I said no?”
“That’s the thing, Y/N! You said yes!”
“Yeah well, I’m about to say no! This is fucking weird Jin! It’s! Fucking! Weird!” you spat. “Why would you hide buying shit from me? What else are you hiding?”
Seokjin’s face fell, his frown riddled with hurt. “Why would you say yes if you didn’t want to do it?”
“Why did you hide this from me?” You repeated, the words wavering as they left your lips.
He shifted so that he could sit on the floor with his legs crossed. His let his hands idly fiddle with his pant hem, and you noticed that he was avoiding eye contact with you. “Sometimes there are just things that I buy that I can’t really tell you about,” he said quietly, “You always find out about them eventually, I promise.”
You felt the strong facade you’d thrown up starting to crumble. “I can’t fucking believe you. I tell you about everything, and you can’t even give me a heads up about buying a fucking foam cube for this fucking fantasy.” You stood, smoothing your pencil skirt, tears beginning to run down your cheeks. “That’s fine, I guess,” your voice shook as you tried to remain composed, “If that’s the standard we’re holding ourselves to, here’s how the evening is going to go: I’m going to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight. I don’t really care what you do because oh, right, I guess you’re not obligated to tell me.”
You left Seokjin sitting in a pile of shipping detritus, not bothering to look back at him as you turned in for the night.
Tumblr media
When you woke up the next morning, you felt like you’d been hit by a freight train. You’d slept terribly, being so used to sleeping next to Seokjin that sleeping without him was a challenge. You’d been haunted by dreams of his sad brown eyes, his expression the same in your sleep as the one you’d seen him wear during your fight the day before. It was agonizing, and the hurt on his face still lingered in your mind as you got up for the day.
It was early, but not so early that your boyfriend wouldn’t be up already, or so you thought. When you left the spare bedroom, you saw that he wasn’t up, and that the main bedroom door was still closed.
He’d cleaned up the apartment while you were asleep. The cardboard from the package was gone, and the groceries you’d left on the table when you’d gotten home last night were put away. It even looked like he’d vacuumed the carpets and wiped down the kitchen counters. The garment bags, you noticed, were still hung over the chair, and the cube was tucked into a corner behind the couch, but otherwise the apartment looked like it did any other Saturday morning.
You sighed inwardly. It was like this any time you had a fight. One of you would inevitably storm off for a few hours, and the other would stress clean while the two of you weren’t talking. You’d probably stressed him out even more by not coming back for the night to talk things through.
Seokjin was not a dishonest man, so even if your trust in him had been rattled a little by what had happened yesterday, you didn’t actually think he was hiding things from you. He liked giving you gifts, and he rarely even hinted at them before letting you suddenly find them tucked into your work bag or your coat pocket. It had just never been something as big as a custom-made piece of sex furniture before.
As you thought about it, you found yourself forgiving him. You knew he wouldn’t ever lie to you, and you knew that if he was withholding information, like purchases, it was so that the surprise could be kept until it was time to give it to you. You had done the same thing from time to time, albeit less successfully. You were always been terrible at keeping secrets, even your own.
You reached over and unzipped one of the garment bags. Inside, there was a pair of dark denim overalls and a deep red turtleneck sweater. You chuckled to yourself; the turtleneck was designer. Typical Jin. He’d bought something that he could wear casually after it was used in a kinky escapade. He hated spending money on things that could only be used once. You zipped the bag back up and set it aside so that you could wrangle the other bag on top of the table to unzip. The skirts for the dress he’d gotten you must have been significant in volume, because the zipper was still straining, even when the bag wasn’t fighting against gravity to stay closed.
The dress practically popped out of the bag as you unzipped it, the frilly pink skirt bursting out as you lowered the zip. While his costume had seemed practical to the point of being subdued, the gown he’d gotten you was maximalist and it was very evidently a Peach dress.
You’d been expecting some shitty polyester thing that people wear for Halloween once and then let live on in perpetuity in a landfill. But this … this was extra as hell. You were almost surprised that it didn’t have a hoop skirt. All of the volume was created by several layers of tulle, which was then covered by a pink satin overskirt. While it probably wasn’t as full as what some cosplayers might style it to be, you were impressed that it had fit in the garment bag at all. The bodice was made with the same pink satin, as were the large, puffy cap-sleeves. It even had the darker pink hip accents and a teal plastic jewel on the chest. The overall effect was simple, but it was clear what the dress was and it was emphatically clear that Seokjin had dropped a hefty chunk of cash on it.
That asshole had probably gotten the dress custom too. Your heart sank a little, thinking about how much effort he’d put into doing this; he’d wanted to get it right and make it special for the both of you. He’d been planning it for months, and instead of being willing to try and make his fantasy a reality, you’d made fun of him and got insecure about your relationship. Some girlfriend you were.
No, you told yourself, this wasn’t the end of the world. You could make this right. You could apologize, and you were going to do it the right way.
You were going to put the fucking Peach dress on and you were going to fuck Seokjin until he saw power stars.
Seokjin’s night had been rough to say the least. Nothing had gone right and anything he’d had planned for the weekend (a lot, thanks for asking), went up in flames within ten minutes of getting home. He thought that he’d eased you into his fantasy pretty well throughout the week! He thought he’d done a good job, and that you’d be excited for the surprises you had in store. But that had all gone to shit with the question mark block. Maybe it was too much, maybe that explained why your face had had that look of irritation about it that you always had when something was going unexpected directions.
Then you’d accused him of hiding things from you, and he absolutely hated that he’d made you feel that way.
After you’d stormed off, Jin had cleaned up the apartment, like he often did when the two of you had an argument. It was stress reducing, as it often was. But by the time he’d sat down on the couch with a cup of herbal tea, he was beginning to get anxious. You hadn’t come out from the spare room, which meant you were still angry, and that the two of you couldn’t resolve things yet.
He gave it another hour, before going to bed with a heavy heart, not that sleep came immediately anyway. He’d tossed and turned for a few hours before taking your pillow and clutching it to his chest, inhaling your scent. He’d fucked up. All he wanted was to cuddle it out and say he was sorry, but that would have to wait until morning.
He was not expecting to wake up with you laying on top of the covers, your head propped up by a gloved hand, a rich pink dress flowing down your figure. You were even wearing the shoes he’d gotten you earlier in the week.
It took him a few blinks to realize that it was really you; that you really were laying in the bed you’d bought together, wearing the Peach dress he’d commissioned from the kind lady who tailored his suits with the opera gloves and the red shoes and even the stupid little clip-on earrings he’d gotten.
His cock throbbed under the covers, but he said nothing as he rubbed the sleep his eyes just to make sure he wasn’t having one of his weird wet dreams again. Pink satin suited you better than he could have ever imagined.
“Good morning, Mario,” you said breathily, making your voice seem higher and more delicate than it actually was. Were you really doing this for him? Right now? The night after a big fight? Fuck, what did he ever do to deserve you?
“Morning, princess.” His voice was low with sleep and rumbled in his chest, decidedly un-Mario like.
“You were just so tired after rescuing me from Bowser’s Castle that I decided to let you sleep,” you continued, “But really, Mario, I can’t wait to thank you for saving me any longer.” Your gloved hand was tracking little circles on his forearm, raising goosebumps from his flesh with ease.
“Fuck,” Seokjin said under his breath, his entire body on fire with the need to sink his length within you.
“That’s what I was thinking, Mario, I’m so glad we agree.”
“Why are you so good at that voice?”
“What voice? This is just how I speak, Mario.”
He rolled his eyes, “Okay, you can drop character from time to time, don’t be weird.”
“Jin, I’m just trying to make this special. I fucked up last night, I’m sorry.” you sighed, chest heavy with the weight of your words. “I felt insecure and I took it out on you instead of talking to you about it.”
His hand cupped your face. “It’s okay, princess. I should have communicated better too. Me withholding a surprise shouldn’t make you feel like that.”
There was a beat of silence as you looked at each other, knowing full well that you’d be okay, even after the fight you’d had last night. The two of you always made it through.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Very soon after you’d apologized to your boyfriend and he’d returned it with his own apology, you were pulling him from the covers to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Wow, Peach, I never expected you to be so eager for this. After all, you’re always at that guy’s house.” He pulled off his shirt as he threw his legs over the edge of the mattress.
You rolled your eyes. It was just like him to start making dumb jokes right as you were about to give him a blow job, but you decided to play along.
“I told you, Mario,” you said sweetly, “Bowser’s just a friend.” You started to untie his pajama pants and pull them down. He lifted his hips briefly to speed up the process, his thick erection bobbing up against his abdomen once it was free.
“Fine princess, I believe you,” He winked down at you as you settled on your knees between his legs and started to kiss your way up his thighs.
“Hey, babe,” he said through gritted teeth as you gave the head of his cock a little peck, “Do you think you can make the warp pipe noise as you do down on me?”
You broke immediately. “Ugh, god, Jin! Do you want head or not?”
“It’s my fantasy, Peach!!” His full lips sank into an exaggerated pout as he looked down at you, mirth in his eyes.
“Jin, I—“
He wiggled his hips in your face, his length swaying in front of you. “Peeeeeach, my toadstool needs you.”
“Did you just …?”
“Yes,” Jin smirked at you, “You have a problem with that?”
“Not if you let me moan like Toad when we actually fuck in a bit.”
He looked thoughtful for a moment before relenting, letting you take his throbbing erection in his mouth.
“Ah, shit,” Jin sighed, one of his hands coming up to hold your hair back as you let your mouth sink further down, feeling the weight of his cock on your tongue
“Not going to use your hands, princess?” You still had the white opera gloves on, and wanted to challenge yourself to do this hands free. You looked up at him, your eyes meeting his as he reached back with his other hand to comb more hair away from your face. You gave the best nod you could with his cock in your mouth. Jin let a low laugh escape him.
“Gonna let me just fuck your mouth as thanks for saving you, hm?” Your core clenched at his words. Fuck, maybe this fantasy was working better for you than you expected.
You felt his grip on your hair tighten as he prepared to push himself further into your mouth. “Tap on my legs three times if you need me to pull out, princess. Show me you can do it now.” You did as he asked, placing a gloved hand on his thigh and tapping it with your finger three times.
“That’s my girl,” he said, before slowly lowering your head further onto his cock. Your body was beginning to feel hot, your cunt clenching on nothing, and growing wetter and wetter by the second.
The stretch was incredible as your jaw opened to accommodate him, his head hitting the back of your throat. He always started like this, taking things slow to make sure that you could handle it before he fucked your face.
“Fuck, princess, your mouth feels so good. Bet you fucking love this,” he said as he gave a little thrust to test the waters. You responded by swallowing when his cock hit the back of your throat again. The sudden tightness made him buck even further into your mouth, so that your nose was now touching the fine, curled hairs at the base of his length.
He held you there for a moment, his abdominal muscles pulled taut, his head thrown back so that all you could see was the thick column of his neck and his chin, his broad shoulders stretching to the edge of your vision. As you looked up, you felt tears begin to spill down your cheeks. You reminded yourself to breathe through your nose when he looked down at you. His eyes were blown black with lust, his dark hair plastered to his forehead with sweat; the deep eye contact sent a fresh wave of heat to your core.
“Fuck.” Jin started moving in earnest now, his little thrusts ensuring that wouldn’t leave your throat. His voice was almost a growl. “Take it princess, just fucking take it. I bet you get yourself kidnapped by that fucking loser just so you can be used as my cock sleeve when I save you.”
You let a little moan out at his words while he fucked your face. He groaned with the vibrations, stilling for a moment before beginning to move again. God it felt incredible to be used like this, to let him use you for this fantasy of his. He’d never talked this much during sex before, and you didn’t think you could go back to vanilla moans after this.
Suddenly, he pulled you off of his length, taking care to be gentle with his hands still in your hair.
“Get on the bed,” he ordered as he stood up. “Hands and knees, princess, facing away from me.”
You stumbled up onto the bed, the skirts around your legs making it difficult to find a position on the mattress that didn’t pull at the bodice of the dress. But you managed to settle in, and waited for Jin to decide what he wanted to do next.
Abruptly, you felt him start rustling through the tulle, lifting up the fabric and letting it fall over your back, leaving your ass and core exposed. He pulled on your hips, moving you so that your feet hung off the bed but your knees stayed stable on the mattress. You let your shoes fall off and hit the carpeted floor with two dull thuds.
“No panties, princess?” Jin chuckled, a hand falling on your ass to deliver a little smack. “You really knew exactly what I would ask for as a reward for saving you.”
You felt him drag a few fingers across your slit, flicking against your swollen nub as he did so. You let out a moan as the pleasure flitted through you.
“Mmmm, that sensitive already? You really liked sucking my cock that much?”
“Yes, Mario, I loved it,” you moaned as he placed two of his crooked fingers on each side of your clit and started rubbing, just the way you liked. He groaned when you referred to him by the plumber’s name. The sound made you clench around nothing.
“I knew you’d fucking love this,” he said with a little laugh. You turned your head a little to smile at him, but saw that he’d already sunk to his knees, obscured by your voluminous skirts.
He started with a long, wet swipe that went from your clit to the anterior of your folds. Your whole body shuddered, and you let your torso fall to the bed so that you could arch your back and really present your pussy to him. You felt yourself gush fresh wetness onto him as he spread your slit and flattened his tongue out to lick you again.
“Fuck, princess,” Jin said in between long, rough licks, “You taste so fucking good. I could eat this pussy out all day.” You started moving your hips to try to get more friction against his face as he stuck his tongue straight in your hot, wet heat. God, he was so good at this, but you needed more. You needed him inside you. Fucking yourself onto his face wasn’t enough.
“Mario, please,” you whined.
“Please what, princess?” Jin stopped his oral ministrations and placed two fingers on your clit again, and started rubbing it in little circles. The sensations made your toes curl.
“Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need your cock.” You never thought you’d talk like this in bed, but through the haze of your lust, it just came naturally. You needed Jin fucking you right now. You needed it more than you needed air or sunlight.
“Well, since you asked so nicely …” You heard Jin stand behind you, giving your ass cheek a little peck as he rose.
Your breath caught as you felt the head of his length at your entrance. He sank in slowly, so slowly that it almost hurt as he stretched your tight walls with his thickness. Once he bottomed out, his hips meeting your ass, he swore.
“Oh my god, how are you this fucking tight?”
“Mariooooo …” You let out a keening whine, clenching around him. You felt him throbbing within you.
He groaned at the pressure on his cock. “Please, Y/N, stop. I’m trying not to blow it all right here and now.” Your boyfriend’s hands had found their way to your hips, somewhere beneath all the pink tulle and satin. He was gripping you so tightly that it felt like you might bruise.
Suddenly, he pulled out, and sank back into your heat, all in one quick movement. Your vision went white, and you let out a cry as the head of his cock hit your cervix. You weren’t sure if he’d ever been this deep before.
“Holy shit,” Jin panted, a hand moving to the small of your back. “Are you okay?”
“Shut up and do it again, plumber.”
He laughed, and bucked his hips into you again. “Fuck, I love you.”
Each slap of his hips against your ass had you seeing fireworks. His thick length hit every single spot you wanted it to, and then some. But that’s not all he had in store. You felt him lean over you, his chest pressing through the skirts, and then suddenly, a familiar buzz at your clit as he pushed himself deep within your cunt and started grinding up into your pussy.
“Fuck,” you screamed, the stimulation verging on too much. He’d never used a vibrator on you himself. You’d always had a better angle for it and knew better than he did where you needed it most. But fuck if he didn’t know how to use that fucking mustache; it was going make to you come for the second time this week.
“Think you can come with me, princess?”
Your walls were already beginning to tighten around his cock, the squeeze had him groaning and swearing as he continued to grind into you, pressing the vibrator up into your clit. You let out a high, shrill moan; it was coming too soon for you to hold it off any longer.
“That’s it, princess, make a mess on me.”
Jin stopped moving his hips for a moment as your orgasm hit you like a rogue wave, making your entire body shudder as your hot walls clamped down on his length. You felt a burst of wetness start leaking down your thighs as you crested the wave, your legs weak and trembling, your cries of ecstasy letting everyone in the adjacent apartments know that Jin had just given you the orgasm of a lifetime. He dropped the vibrator when your cries turned to whimpers, letting your body twitch with the aftershocks.
Only when you turned your head to look at him did he take off fucking into you at a fantastic pace. He only lasted a minute longer before his hips stuttered and he buried himself in your cunt one more time before spilling hot white streaks of cum all over your velvet heat. His moans as he emptied himself inside you were exquisite, making you clench around him at his most sensitive.
“Fuck,” he said under his breath as he stepped away from you and threw himself on the bed, truly spent.
“Same,” you groaned, pushing yourself forward onto the mattress so you could properly lay down.
“Is that the best sex we’ve ever had? I feel like that’s the best sex we’ve ever had.”
You smiled as you turned to him, ignoring the fact that his cum was beginning to leak out and onto the dress. After all, that’s what it was for. “Yeah, honestly, I think so too. I’m sorry I doubted your fantasy.” Your voice was quiet, a little hoarse from from having his dick shoved down your throat.
Jin leaned over and gave you a kiss with his plush lips. It was reassuring, making a fresh warmth spread through your body. There really was no one else like him; he was the best thing that had ever happened to you. He broke away, pushing his hair out of his eyes, and stretched towards his bedside table, his bare back to you. You hadn’t really realized that he’d been the naked one the whole time.
“Um, Y/N, there was something else I bought that I didn’t tell you about,” he said as he pulled open the drawer to the table and took something out of it. You couldn’t see what.
“Oh?” You were still a little lost in your post-orgasm haze, body still trembling as you came down from the high.
“Yeah,” he moved closer to you, his fist closed tightly. He stretched out by your side, resting his head in the palm of his free hand. “Yesterday, when I said that sometimes I couldn’t tell you about the things I buy, I had more something in mind.” He was looking at you now, with those big brown eyes of his, a few errant strands of hair falling into his face as he looked down at you in your Peach dress.
“Seokjin,” you said, your heart was beginning to pound in your ears. “What’s in your hand?”
He held out his closed fist and opened it slowly. In his palm was a little ring, white gold with a tastefully sized stone set in little tiny prongs. He’d picked your favorite color, and it shined in the morning light that streamed through the curtains.
“Y/N, you make me happy,” he said simply. “We’ve talked about getting married before, and I saw the ring a month ago while I was visiting that jeweler client and it just felt right to get it, even if it didn’t feel like quite the right time to give it to you yet.”
You felt your eyes beginning to fill with tears, your vision swimming as you tried to keep them from falling.
“You dumb idiot, this is what you were hiding from me??”
Your boyfriend smiled shyly at you. “Yes.”
“When were you going to ask me?” You were sitting up now, the trembling from your orgasm turning into vibrations of excitement. You started to pull the long opera glove from your left hand.
“Tonight, actually, after making you dinner.”
“And you kept this a secret for a whole fucking month??”
“I kept the question mark block a secret for three,” he shrugged, moving to hold the ring carefully between his thumb and forefinger. “So, what do you say, Y/N? Will you be the Peach to my Mario?”
You leaned forward and planted a kiss on his velvet lips while holding out your left hand. He slipped it onto your ring finger. It was a perfect fit.
“Only if you promise to save me every time Bowser kidnaps me.”
Jin’s laughter pealed through the bedroom, squeaky and delightful, only subsiding when you grabbed his face to steal another kiss. You giggled as he pushed you back onto the bed so that he could slot between your legs, grinding his freshly hard length into your folds, his hands grasping your waist through your tight, pink bodice.
“Mmmmm looks like I’m ready to go again, princess,” he purred.
“Me too, Mario,” you replied with a wink. “We should go get that question block.”
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seokjinsonlyone · 5 months ago
this what i think bts love language is
a/n: this just my thoughts besties i ain’t do no formal type of research or nun just let my lil imagination sprint 🥸🤪
physical affection/words of affirmation
okay so i said physical affection for one bc like he seem to like initiate contact with people around him a lot
like in interviews he be having his hand on whoever next to him thigh or like when he be performing if it’s someone next to him he throws his arms around them a lot
not to mention like whenever jimin or jk or whoever start feeling up on him he never rejects it or makes a face or anything like yoongi does he just accepts it
like there’s so many stage clips where jimin will come and rest his chin on joon’s shoulder and he just lets him
or jk will just start touching on him some way grabbing his arms or sumn and it doesn’t phase him at all
another example is like on day 2 of sowoozoo when tae randomly came and linked arms with him and hobi during mikrokosmos hobi was like 🥴🥴 but joon was just 😌
and then there was that magic shop muster moment when jk was talking about how much he loved joon and how he was his beginning you know as president of the joon fan club does and namjoon couldn’t help but to go over and give his number one admirer a hug you know the moment
same thing with compliments he lowkey be eating them up
like you know how whenever hobi gets complimented he be like “😶 don’t say those things” joon don’t do that
like when they was asked to take their jackets off during the butter shoot and namjoon was like yeah okay and everyone started hyping him up and he was just 💁🏼‍♂️😜
and again on day 2 sowoozoo when he pushed his hair back from his forehead and everyone went OHHHHHSWJJSJS SEXY NAMJOON and then he decided to murder us all by tilting his head back on top of that adding insult to injury i would insert the picture but for my mental health i will not
and again whenever they talk about him being such a great leader he never shies away from it doesn’t cringe always accepts it so you know it must mean a lot for him to hear those things
aside from that tho he’s such a poetic person
like he is definitely involved in an intimate affair with language so there’s no way he wouldn’t appreciate you verbally telling him how he makes you feel
like just think about how many times he’s said he wants to sit down with each army and listen to their story
that being said if this was your man i think you’d definitely have to both show and tell him how you feel
like if he was about to head out for work you definitely got to kiss him before he leaves
and if you on the phone with him the last words you’re saying are i love you
and he’s definitely gonna cherish it each time always gonna have that cute little smile dimples caved in his cheeks bc you love him and he feels it
acts of service/words of affirmation
alright so ngl the reason i said acts of service for seokjin is like almost 100% based on his reaction to tae setting up that birthday event for him where he had his friends send him messages
he talked about it for WEEKS like he was genuinely so moved that i just like he has to love it
and then there’s like how much he bothers jk to like do simple stuff like i’m specifically thinking about that one moment in bon voyage 4 when he was sitting down at the table and called jk to help him up
and then there’s also little things he does for others like when he peeled tae’s tangerines for him or when he offered to feed yoongi bc he was driving or how he always offers bites of his food before even gets a chance to taste it
now i say words of affirmation bc he always searching for a compliment
my minds going to when jk hurt his foot and jin was pushing him in the wheelchair and kept feeding him lines to say about how he was such a good hyung and how he loves him
or in the behind the scenes for the boy with luv video and he kept tryna get tae to compliment him for being witty
and my boy never misses a chance to introduce himself as worldwide handsome
even though he does a lot of those things jokingly there are moments when he’s serious too about giving compliments and shy when he receives them like in those be interviews when he called jk a singing genius and jungkook was talking about how he had the most range and he got all ☺️☺️
or that moment from in the soop when he was comforting yoongi about like not having regrets and when yoongi told him he wanted to be like him just those kinds of moments let me know words are important to him
which just made me remember how hard he tries with his lyrics and how important they are to him like when he was writing awake and he talked about how he kept getting rejected but he was super insistent bc it was important for him to sing the words he wrote and don’t even get me started on moon i just-
anyway jin done said many times he is a man of the present so if you’re with him you gotta actively show/tell him
if you’re at the store pick him up some gummies
if you know he’s got a long day ahead of him maybe pack him some snacks to take with him in the morning
if his hair looks nice tell him
send him messages throughout the day even if he can’t respond immediately
he claims he’s a man of the present but whenever he takes a moment to reminisce the past he’ll look back and know just how much you care about him
quality time/acts of service
listen as much as this man loves spending time alone the time he spends with others means a lot to him
like how he always go fishing with jin even tho he ain’t particularly fond of it
or how like in in the soop he had made plans to play games with jimin and did so extensively
also from in the soop when he had spent most of his day outside reading but then he had heard everyone starting to make the theme song and immediately ran to get his equipment to record and what not
not to mention his poem from the end of that one run episode where they went on like a mini trip or whatever and he was like “what a relief that we have seven members. what a relief that we have each other.”
like being all together is important to him
like i just think about that one scene from one of they movies ion remember which one but they were all gathered around the table and it was when he had told them how he actually hurt his shoulder and they was talking about how they was worried about jk and how he need to come out his room and it’s not even the content of the scene but just like the fact that he ain’t have to be there but he was
and also can’t neglect to mention how he whined for y e a r s about how ain’t nobody come to visit him on set when he was filming the videos for his first mixtape like mans wouldn’t let that go and then how touched he was when they made appearances on his daechwita set even if he couldn’t express it properly
and how he begged for them to make cameos in the video and how happy he was when jin and jk did
and he doesn’t ever forget to mention whenever him and hobi hang out he’s like yeah we went for a drink and dinner and talked and blah blah
he loves it when people make an effort to be around him
now acts of service i got this all on a whim okay like… listen… we all been there we have all watched an ideal type video on youtube don’t lie okay
and up there it be like he want someone to bring him food in the studio and take care of him and stuff like that and in this case the math maths
you really can see that in how he treats others
like just the other day i saw a gifset somewhere and the boys were like yeah yoongi always takes care of us he don’t make eye contact tho
not to mention how he always cooks for them when they go on trips
and even though he ain’t give seokjin his song yet we know it’s coming! eventually!
and whenever they be ganging up on jungkook yoongi always the first one to be like “stooooppp you gon make him cry”
my baby just always be doing little things for others to show he cares okay 🥺
so if you got with my baby you gotta take care of him 🥺🥺🥺
he really needs someone that understands him bc he not gonna say anything
if you’re all hanging out together make sure you’re by his side so he knows you want to be there with him
if he’s busy stuck in his studio drop by even if you just end up laying on the couch he’s gonna appreciate you just being with him
and bring food my baby getting buff he need all the veggies and protein he can get
receiving gifts
i really had to think about this one but once i connected the dots yeah it makes total sense
like he looooves shopping loves getting stuff so when other people give him stuff i know he just 🥰🥰🥰
hobi lights up when he gets gifts they don’t always have to be big but i know he very much appreciates them
like how in the army corner store festa video when asked to bring something meaningful to them he brought those figurines which was the first gift a fan gifted him
which makes me think about how those limited edition figurines dropped and hobi was like i need to get one for namjoon and then namjoon was like i need to get one for hobi and so they ended up with like two of them or something like that
also from festa in the little photo booth mission every time he won a prize he was like yaaasss omg and was thinking of ways to put it to use like when he got that picture frame he immediately stuck them film strips in it he probably got it hanging in his room or in his studio by now tbh
and i think it was on the canada run bts episode where jk bought him those slippers and he was super happy
even when they were in hawaii and him and jin were hungry on the bus and he asked jin for gummies like ofc jin had to get on his nerves first but when he finally gave him his snacks he went from 😐 to 😚
or how he still has that change purse that namjoon bought him in malta (probably still got the money in there too tbh)
speaking of malta got me thinking about how tae went out of his way to win hobi that flamingo bc he said he’d never seen one and when tae gave it to him he went parading it around telling everyone that tae won it for him and then said he was gonna put it in his studio
and he got that chicken leg pillow they gave him from you quiz on the couch in his studio
and i think it was from the 2020 winter package he was so happy when jin bought him those ugly little troll elf things with the hat you know what i’m talking about
and he commented like three times when jungkook drew that picture of him for his birthday
and we know mans be giving gifts too
like how he got yoongi that coffee truck on the set of daechwita
and when they were on the speak yourself tour and he went out shopping on a day off and bought jin a sweater or something
and how he slaved through like 2 or 3 lives making bracelets for the members and then gave it to them on the bang bang con live
and the most devastating one of all when they had to give each other gifts i think it was on the run episode with all the water games but i could be wrong anyway and like most of them gave each other gag gifts like their merch or whatever but hobi gave jimin (and the rest of the members) a cd for his song promise it had a little photo book in it and everything 😭😭😭
so like whoever gets with this fine specimen gon have to throw a few dollars together to make sure this man is kept
not really i’m sure he doesn’t expect you to sell your car for a gucci peacoat or your soul for a rolex
but if you did decide to save up for some time to get him a little extravagant gift i know he’d more than appreciate it
more often than not though it’d be the little things that got to him like if you bought a simple t shirt from the store but then kinda like upcycled it drew little doodles on it wrote “i’m your hope” somewhere on it there would definitely be a picture uploaded of him on weverse or twitter wearing it
or if you decided to compile the pictures of you two together into a scrapbook or something he’d keep it somewhere accessible like in a drawer in his desk in his studio and flip through it with a little smile on his face when he’s missing you
and even if it was something even smaller than that like say he mentioned in passing that like idk he was out of eggs or something and you bought him some he just might marry you
physical affection/quality time
the first thing that comes to mind with this for jimin is how he comforts his boys
like there’s so many behind the scenes clips from tour where like jk or tae will be upset with their performance and crying and jimin would be the one to come up behind them and hug them and wipe their tears
same concept for that one moment in bon voyage 3 when they told him that tae was crying and he just kinda hugged him and wiped his tears and hovered around him to make sure he was okay
or when they left hobi at the gas station in bon voyage 4 and then went back to pick him up he still hugged hobi even as he was laughing evilly
also in bon voyage 4 when they went on that helicopter tour and they was on the mountain and him and tae tackled each other and was rolling in the snow
and he is just like always in jk arms like he just jumps on him for no reason like in that video where lee hyun is acting as one of bts’ management
also in the behind from i think when they were practicing for the 2019 bbmas i believe at some point jungkook was holding that man spinning him in circles or sumn like that
and there’s also that one comeback show when him and tae were in the comic book cafe and they were just cuddled up together looking at tae’s phone practicing english i think
and on that one joon live when him and tae crashed and just caused a whole lot of commotion i’m pretty sure at one point they were cuddled on the couch and then jimin told tae his breath stinks and tae proceeded to open his mouth over the air purifier
anyway clearly he is a man with hands
but he also is someone who loves to spend time together it’s important to him
like i just think about how when they had their “break” back in 2019 he talked about how he just traveled the entire time and he went with various friends and family
and i’m pretty sure it was bon voyage 3 when they were doing their friendship trips and trying to make fresh pairings or whatever he was like i don’t think there’s any surprising pairing with me and it’s like… that’s true
like you got minimoni, minimini, jikook etc… all tried tested and true man gets around his band
and he’s the main one who’s always like “yeah bro we should live in the dorms until we’re 50”
and he always talks about how he can’t be alone and how he’s always gotta be doing something with someone
and his lives!!! his lives!!!! when he spends time with us it’s always so intimate and personable
like you can’t tell me that i ain’t have dinner with him and jin after a show in the hotel room and we drank off camera even after the staff told us we couldn’t 😤🤚
there’s also that time he went live and someone said they had some kind of condition and then he took it upon himself to look it up and try to find treatments
just liiiike whenever he goes live every minute counts bro and yes this is me trying to summon him bc we ain’t had a solo jimin live since october and i know they super busy but i miss 😓😓😓
so for this mans i just feel like you just gotta really be with him
just like he makes every second count you have to as well
like he’s gonna want to have your full attention and you’ll definitely have his he’ll be obsessed with you tbh
however he doesn’t always have the time and his schedule definitely isn’t the most accommodating so he’s gonna want someone to put in the effort
but as long as you make sure he knows you’re all in he’ll always meet you halfway
words of affirmation
now this one has been stated explicitly multiple times and he’s admitted it himself
specifically during let’s bts in their segment within the segment and namjoon was like taehyung the kind of person who grows from compliments
and i ain’t even got the right words to express how i feel about the smile he couldn’t help when hobi had them all tell tae that they like him
not to mention the story he told during the festa video last year about how he always tried his very best to get hobi to praise him and how disappointed he was when hobi didn’t get it
and i may be tripping but didn’t like earlier this year he didn’t post on weverse or twitter for like a month or so because he wanted to keep seeing us say how much we miss him???
and in bon voyage season 2 when they had to write letters to each other and he wrote his to jimin and then cried when he read it
there’s also a moment in bon voyage 4 when he and rm were about to sleep in the same space and he asked joon if he could cuddle him and joon was like 🥴🤚 how bout no and tae was like you do like me right? and rm was like yeah of course but let’s not cuddle bro
also in that weverse magazine interview they did he talked about how depressed he got when they weren’t able to perform and he only felt happy for a while when he was able to communicate with us
and in turn he’s very verbally supportive as well
like at that one fan sign they was talking about bon voyage and they asked army which season they liked better 1 or 2 and someone said 1 and taehyung was like “😐 now why would you say that bc namjoon won’t even in that” even though really it was only like 1 or 2 episodes he missed out on
and like he’s always hyping seokjin up like when they were doing the map of the soul 7 comeback live and jin was talking about how he wasn’t a good dancer and taehyung was like 😡 don’t say that bc it’s not true you’re good and you always been good
and in the let’s bts thing again it was important for him to let jimin know that he likes him best like they really are best friends y’all 😭
and when he talks about how much he loves suga’s raps
and that moment in the soop when he set up a date for him and jungkook to talk out whatever tension they had or whatever
and how during those individual be interviews he had hobi flustered when he complimented his passion for music
and he always be saying like the most comforting stuff on weverse letting army know he’s there as a source of comfort at all times even when he can’t be
like this man is literally the creator of borahae meaning that we’ll love and support each other for a long time
so if you get with tae communication is key!!!
you gotta tell him how you feel about him
if you’re out and about and see something that reminds you of him? tell him. if you like his hair that day? tell him. if he does something that pisses you off? tell him. if you miss him? tell him. if you love him? tell him.
like y’all gon talk about everything and nothing at all some days you’ll be discussing aliens and parallel universes other days you’ll be like discussing the future of your relationship
and ya know he a busy man so you not always gon be having long and drawn out heart to hearts so i think he’d love it if you just sent messages throughout the day something that let him know you were thinking of him even if it’s just a picture of a possum you chased down or if you spammed him with tiktoks you thought he’d like
he’d be looking at his phone like 🥰🤳 thinking about how much he loves you
physical affection
now this lil menace right here is touchy
always down for a cuddle
like on the canada episode of run when they were about to pick out rooms and he was like firmly latched onto hobi on the couch while they waited
and when they were practicing home for the magic shop muster and yoongi sat in the arm chair and immediately jk sat in his lap and tae sat in his lap
or how in in the soop after they were done eating he just went and latched onto jin’s back
and how tae had went to go wake jk up that one time and they ended up falling asleep
or how jk had went to wake up jimin that one time and they ended up falling asleep
there was just a lot of jk cuddles going on in in the soop so i’ll move on
let’s talk about the pool water debate run episode where in the end jk decided to latch onto jin’s back yet again
i’ll take this moment to mention the jinkook moment that lives in my head rent free for no valid reason it’s from the life goes on countdown video where they were reading the post cards and he was wearing that big pink sweatshirt and jin was wearing that pink and black bomber jacket and jk just grabbed jin’s arm and held onto it and played with it and when he was done he just threw it away i… i think about that moment a lot there’s an entire section in both my head and heart dedicated to that moment anyway continuing on
i’ll talk about that time they were backstage for a show and they had them blow up mattresses and suga was minding his business resting and jk just rolled up and moved his legs and laid beside him and then hobi decided to pile on top
and whenever they’re on stage he’s always the most delighted when joon would suggest a hug he’d be the first one over there nose scrunched up giggling he loves it
there’s also many instances in interviews and lives where he just can’t keep him hands to himself
just like that last butter live when tae ended up with a crown of forks thanks to mr kook
and he never misses an opportunity to feel up joon
which makes me remember that time he kissed namjoon on the forehead
and he is just always carrying jimin for some reason
so in conclusion… physical affection
and if he was your mans you’d be on the frontlines of receiving all he has to give
not necessarily in public or around a lot of people but in a space where you both were comfortable yes
you’d just have to accept that when you’re standing around he’s going to give you a shoulder/neck/back massage for no particular reason
and he will latch onto you in different positions for extended periods of time
and you gotta do the same! like that’s your man! go give him a hug! a kiss! let him know you love him
cuddle up to him while y’all chilling watching tv
hold his hand while y’all talking
just like grab onto him and never let him go
he’ll be hoping you don’t
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luffles424 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
☼ Pairing: Seokjin x reader
☼ Genre: A/B/O dynamics, omega!reader, Alpha!CEO!Seokjin, fluff, smut, PWP
☼ Count: 7.8K
☼ Warnings: mating cycles (rut), feral Seokjin, big dick Seokjin, manhandling, dirty talk, teasing, spitting, hard dom Seokjin, (light) degradation, oral (f + m receiving), face fucking, deepthroating, cum swallowing, facial, cum play, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, bruising, squirting, unprotected, biting, knotting, creampie, minor breeding kink, fingering, cum eating, rough sex, aftercare 
☼ Summary: appetence (n.) - an eager desire, an instinctive inclination; an attraction or a natural bond
It’s time for Seokjin’s rut. Are either of you prepared for this step?
☼ Sequel to Kairos (not necessary to read first; this can be read alone and you won’t be confused)
☼ a/n: Surprise! Our favorite soft alpha is back! And decidedly less soft this time. I wanted to explore Seokjin in rut this time and have there be a difference to how he behaves when reader is in heat. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! My ask box is always open ~ 💙💙💙💙
☼ Second a/n: This wasn’t intended to be such, but it actually kind of worked out. Lovely @ladyartemesia​‘s birthday just passed and she’s been such a big fan of Kairos that it’s honestly so fitting that the sequel releases near her birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day, a wonderful person like you deserves nothing less, Vi! 💙💙
Tumblr media
The scent hits you before you even reach Seokjin’s office. His scent permeates the hall to his door, but there’s a slight difference today. A note of something from him that you can’t quite put your finger on why it seems almost familiar. The woodsmoke and comfort that you’ve come to expect is different and not in a way that implies there’s simply someone new here. You ponder it, making your way down the hall and Seokjin’s scent only becomes more intense the closer you get, cloying enough to make you want to get closer even if this hadn’t been your destination to begin with. 
His secretary gives you a wave, gathering her purse as she heads out for lunch and gives you the all clear that it’s good to go in. 
You nudge the door open and almost immediately regret it. Seokjin’s scent is absolutely potent now that you have the source right in front of you. There’s still a tinge of something clinging to the edges that you can’t quite place as you quietly shut the door behind you. You feel like you’re standing in the middle of a bonfire, all smoke scent but no burn. 
The man in question is sitting at his desk, brows furrowed as he reads something on his screen. He doesn’t seem to have noticed your presence yet and so you take the rare opportunity to watch him work. You notice the clench of his jaw and the way he subconsciously growls occasionally. You’ve never seen him quite so irritated. 
And then it hits you. The reason there’s an edge to his scent, why it seems so familiar. You recognize it from Lisa and what Jimin’s described from Yoongi and what you remember from your health classes. Seokjin’s about to go into a rut. Now that the idea is there, all you can smell is alpha and it makes you want to comfort and soothe the irritation, distract and be good for him. 
From the way he continues to work, oblivious to you standing there, you’re fairly certain that he doesn’t realize what’s about to happen either. You wonder why he hasn’t asked you to help him through it. He always takes such good care of you, you’re a little eager to finally be able to return that level of caring. 
Thinking more on it, you realize that he should’ve had a rut long before now. Which means he must take suppressors. Suppressors that he must not have brought with him when he stayed over a few weeks ago while his apartment was getting some repairs. You wonder why he takes them, most alphas don’t bother. Alpha ruts being notoriously short and easy to manage, at least far easier than omega heats comparatively. You move closer, setting the lunch you brought for the two of you to share on the corner of his desk, though you highly doubt that it’s going to be eaten now. 
The noise or movement finally grabs his attention and he blinks up at you in surprise as you slip around the desk and slide into his lap. He shudders at the contact, though you’re not sure if he’s conscious of the movement. He buries his face in your neck and takes a deep breath, seeming to ground himself with your scent as his nose brushes against your scent gland.
You giggle, threading your fingers through his hair and scratching lightly at his scalp, drawing another shudder from him. “Seokjinnie,” you coo, waiting until he hums in response. “Did you… perhaps forget something when you stayed with me the other week? Something… maybe important?”
All you get is a grunt in response, Seokjin far too busy rubbing his face against your neck to scent you, although you think that’s fairly pointless given that you’re wearing his hoodie currently. You say nothing though, he clearly needs the comfort of the action as much as the smell right now. Everything within him must be a swirling mess of hormones if he’s unknowingly coming off suppressors and right into a rut. 
“Baby… Did you maybe forget some pills you take?”
At that, he finally freezes. You know when he reaches the same conclusion you had by the way he tenses beneath you. He slowly pulls away, face flitting through several emotions and before you can say anything, he’s lifting you off his lap.
“You should go home.” He says, voice tight. You frown and when you don’t make any moves to leave like he apparently wants, he speaks again. “I’ll call you when it’s over.”
“You don’t want me to help?” You question softly, trying not to let any hurt show through. He’s allowed to not want someone there, mate or not. Plenty of people in relationships choose to spend heats or ruts by themselves. 
He groans and leans forward, burying his face in your belly. “I don’t want to hurt you. I’m not… as in control when I’m in rut.”
You try your best not to laugh, but a snicker still escapes and Seokjin shoots you a petulant glare. You coo, cupping his cheeks and leaning down to kiss his nose. “My sweet, sweet, silly alpha,” you let a smirk curl your lips as you whisper the last part in his ear. “What makes you think I wouldn’t enjoy that?” The room is dead silent after your proclamation. You’re not even sure if Seokjin is still breathing. Guilt begins to creep in the longer he remains quiet though. “If you really want me to go, I will. But… your omega is a good girl and is always eager to help and please her alpha.”
Seokjin continues to remain quiet and you decide that maybe it’s just best if you left. But as you start to pull away, your wrists are collected into one of his large hands and the other is grabbing your waist. Using his hold on you, you’re tugged forward until you’re straddling his thighs. The hand on your waist quickly disappears and there’s a firm grip on your chin, forcing you to stare at him. You swallow at the dark look you’re met with. 
His eyes close and you watch as he takes a few deep breaths. When he opens his eyes again, they look a little clearer and a little less heated. “Are you absolutely sure? I don’t want to hurt you, princess.”
You want to make a joke. Normally you’d make a joke and you’d both laugh. But that seems like the wrong move right now. He needs a straight answer and you know it’ll help relieve some of whatever worries of what ifs he’s concocted in his pretty head. 
“Seokjinnie, I want to help you. I want to take care of you too.”
His jaw works for a moment as his hand drops from your chin, instead wrapping around you and allowing him to pull you closer so he can once again bury his face in your neck. His lips brush your skin as he speaks. 
“I can’t promise I’ll be gentle, princess. Or nice.” 
You giggle. He sounds more like he’s trying to convince himself rather than you. “Cause you’ve never been rough or mean before in bed?” You pull your hands from his lax grip and let them fall to his waist and you give him a squeeze. “I think I can handle whatever you give me, alpha.” 
He growls, the sound reverberating through you and your panties dampen. His teeth tease at the skin of your neck.
“Oh, is that what you think, little omega? Think you can take an alpha during their rut, hm?” He pulls away to look at you and his eyes are dark once more as an almost mocking smirk stretches his lips. “We’ll see if you’re still this confident when I have you spread out on my knot and squirming in oversensitivity.”
Your mouth goes dry at the image and your core clenches around nothing. He smirks, like he knows exactly the effect he’s having on you and it’s likely that he does, the smell of your arousal permeates the room just as much as his own alpha pheromones. He pulls you in for a sudden hard kiss, drawing a whine from you as his tongue slips into your mouth before he’s pulling away, ending the kiss just as suddenly as he had started it. 
He chuckles at your dazed look, thumb brushing along your lip. “Go wait for me at my place. Be naked and on the bed for me, princess.” At your confused look, he glances over to the computer. “I have a few things to wrap up before I become… a little distracted.” He helps you stand and gives your ass a swat to get you walking. “Now go be a good omega for me.”
Tumblr media
Waiting for Seokjin to arrive is torture. His sheets have the edge of rut on them and it just makes you squirm in excitement. You can’t wait to see him let loose and that you finally get to be the one taking care of him. You wonder how he’ll act. You’ve only heard generalities and Lisa is often tight lipped about her own specifics of ruts. 
Seokjin said he loses control during ruts, that he’s rough and mean. It’s hard to picture your doting mate, the composed alpha CEO, completely out of control. He’s been rough before, it’s certainly not something you’re a stranger to, but he seems to be implying something rougher, more wild. You wonder if that’s the reason why he started suprescents. Given his job, it’s not too hard to imagine that he dislikes the lack of control and that trusting that to someone else can be difficult. Your heart skips a beat at the fact that he’s trusting you with this moment.
You’re drawn from your musing by the ding of the elevator and are instantly on alert, shifting so you’re sat on your knees in the middle of his bed, hands folded neatly in your lap. You listen as you hear the key in the lock and then the door open and shut. The soft thuds as he removes his shoes, the light jingling from hanging up his keys. 
You fidget, wondering why he’s taking so long to make his way to the bedroom. You would’ve thought that the mounting hormones would’ve made him a little more eager to be in here with you. Your annoyance grows more when you hear him stop in the kitchen, going through a few cabinets before the sink turns on. There’s silence for a while, which you take to mean he’s now drinking the water. 
The bed creaks as you shift, impatience filling you, and you hear Seokjin snicker from the kitchen, the asshole. Minutes stretch and he still doesn’t move. You’ve finally grown tired of waiting and slide to the end of the bed and stand. The second both feet hit the ground, you barely have time to register Seokjin’s footsteps approaching before he’s leaning against the doorframe, a spark of something dancing in his eyes. His suit jacket and tie have already been discarded, leaving him in a dark golden button up and black slacks.
He tuts. “I thought I told you to be waiting on the bed for me, princess.”
Your mouth drops open. He knew you had been on the bed and waiting. You pout. “I was. You were talking too long.”
He quirks an eyebrow. “So you decided to disobey me?”
You flounder for a moment. You didn’t disobey him, right? You had been waiting when he got home. You did what he asked. It’s not your fault that he decided to stay in the kitchen while his scent slowly filled the apartment, the comforting scent of woodsmoke and the new hint of spice mixing with it signaling his rut. 
He straightens before you can formulate a retort and stalks towards you. Your eyes widen at the sudden advance and you take a step back only to bump into the bed. Seokjin stops in front of you, eyes hungrily tracing over your form. A hand reaches up and he uses a single finger to trace your sternum.
“At least you followed part of my instructions.”
“I followed all your instructions.”
He smirks, pointedly looking behind you to the bed that you are no longer sitting on. “Doesn’t look that way to me, princess.” He shakes his head in disappointment. “I really didn’t want to have to punish you tonight.”
You freeze, blinking up at him. “Punish?” Your voice comes out weaker than you meant it to.
He nods sadly, looking like this hurts him just as much. “I’m afraid so. You didn’t follow instructions.” He grabs your chin in one hand and while his face is a picture of sadness, his eyes swirling with lust. “What a naughty little omega you are.”
His hand shifts just enough so that his thumb can press at the seam of your lips and you don’t even think about opening up and letting him press the digit inside. He lets you suck on it for a moment before he’s pressing down on your tongue and forcing your mouth open. He looks thoughtful for a moment before he’s using his grip to tilt your head back. Leaning over you, you almost think he’s going to kiss you, but the thumb pressing on your tongue would make that difficult and he stops a few inches short of your lips. Something dances in his eyes that you can’t quite place before his mouth is opening and he’s spitting into your mouth. 
It hits your tongue near his thumb and you feel it slowly slide to the back of your throat where it pools with your own gathering saliva. He commands a gruff ‘swallow’ and you feel powerless to do more than follow his instruction, though it proves a little more difficult with the way your tongue is being held. You end up inadvertently sucking on his thumb, deciding to continue once you’ve swallowed and hoping that this will show him how good you are. A slight scowl crosses his features and your jaw is pried open once more. He spits into your mouth once more but instead of telling you to swallow like you expect, he leaves you like that while he gathers more of his saliva to add to the pool in your mouth. He leaves you like that until you whine, the sound coming out as more of a gurgle, and then he’s withdrawing his hand entirely and taking a step back. 
“Swallow and get on your knees.”
You swallow quickly before dropping to your knees, hoping that if you follow orders, maybe he’ll forgive you without giving you a punishment. It wasn’t that you were against being punished. You’ve certainly been on the receiving end of that before. But usually when you get punished, he tells you how you’ll be punished. Tonight, he’s said nothing; there’s just the looming threat of punishment and the not knowing is almost worse than anything he might do. He’s also in a different mindset, there’s no telling which direction this punishment could go. It’s an enticing thought, maybe something to explore in the future. 
He gives you a pleased hum, unbuttoning and rolling the sleeves of his dress shirt to his elbows. He undoes the top couple of buttons of the shirt as well, giving you a teasing glimpse of his chest. His lips purse as he looks down at you in thought and you find yourself clenching your thighs together as slick threatens to drip to the floor. He’s barely done anything yet and you’re already wet and aching. 
His eyes alight at the movement as he coos. “Aw, little omega getting excited by the idea of being punished? Or was it the spitting that did it? What a dirty girl.”
You squirm, thoughts a mess of shame and arousal as Seokjin unbuckles his belt before unbuttoning and unzipping his pants just enough to pull his cock out. He’s already hard, thick cock leaking and leaving a tantalizing trail of precum dripping down the length of him. You wonder if he’s been hard since you left him over an hour ago. If he sat there trying to finish work while distracted by the thought of you wet and spread out for him. Hoping to get back onto his good side, you drop your mouth open before he can even think to ask. 
He chuckles, stepping closer until the head of his cock just barely brushes your lips. Your tongue darts out, swiping for a taste of him. 
“You’re quite the little cockslut, huh? Didn’t even have to ask you to open up for me. All too eager to open up for some alpha cock, hm?”
You shake your head and he raises an eyebrow. “Only yours, alpha.”
A shudder ripples through him and his cock finally presses past your lips. “Is that so? So you’re my little cockslut?”
You hum an affirmative, tongue swirling around the head of his cock. One hand comes to rest on the back of your head, resting comfortingly there for a moment before he uses it to push you further onto his cock. 
He groans as you gag around him and there’s a sudden sharp spike in his scent, the spicy undertones almost completely overshadowing his natural scent. It leaves you dizzy with want, being so close to the alpha-rut-power scent oozing off of him now. 
His rut has well and truly started. His grip on your head tightens as he withdraws before pushing back in. Hands twisting in the material of his pants, you resist, just barely, the urge to touch yourself as Seokjin uses your mouth, though his movements remain surprisingly tame and shallow. 
Seokjin is vocal above you, far more than he usually is, growls and groans punctuating the wet sounds coming from him fucking into your mouth. His thrusts finally grow rougher, pushing you to take more and more as he goes. You do your best to keep your throat relaxed as he fucks into it, but his usual slow build up to that is nowhere to be seen tonight, causing you to gag far more than you typically would as your throat struggles to accommodate his girth. 
Drool slides from the corners of your mouth, displaced by every thrust, and it drips from your chin to leave wet trails down your breasts. Seokjin buries himself to the hilt, the sheer size of him making your jaw ache as he keeps your mouth stretched open. He swears as your throat spasms and while you can’t do much with the way he’s taking control, you can swallow. So you do and his hips jerk forward in an attempt to chase the feeling and bury himself deeper in you. 
Another swallow has his hand tightening in your hair as he shallowly ruts into your mouth. You whine and squirm, dizziness beginning to creep in from lack of oxygen. Seokjin tugs you back and you take a deep gasping breath once his cock is out of your mouth. 
He chuckles, tilting your head back as you blink teary eyes up at him. “Look at you, princess,” he coos mockingly. “Not much of a princess anymore, huh? Just look how messy you are. What a cockslut.” He finishes with a tut. 
He wraps a hand around the base of his cock, using it to help guide him back to your mouth which drops open without prompting. Instead of immediately pushing back in like you expect though, he simply traces your lips with the head of his cock, leaving a smear of precum behind like lip gloss. He pulls his cock away and watches with hooded eyes as your tongue darts out to lick your lips clean. He smirks, giving himself a pump to push more precum out and repeats his actions, carefully following the curves of your lips. 
He pulls away again for a moment to admire his work and before your tongue can clean his mess again, he shoves his cock back into your mouth. You startle slightly, making a noise of protest around him that quickly turns into a gag as he pushes all the way in in one swift move. You swallow reflexively and that just seems to egg him on even more. His next thrust has your lips stretching further and you’re startled to realize that his knot is forming already. 
Thoughts of what it’d be like to have him knot your mouth flood your mind, being tied and helpless on your knees for him. You’d never considered being knotted orally before. You’re not even fully sure it’s safe, but your pussy doesn’t care for safety as a fresh gush of slick drips to the floor at the mere thought of Seokjin knotting your mouth right now. Of locking himself behind your lips and forcing his cum down your throat. 
Seokjin cums suddenly with a deep growl that has your pussy clenching around nothing, almost like he was having the same thoughts as you. His knot presses to your lips but never further so you lift your hands to wrap around it, massaging the bulge to milk every drop of cum from him that you can. It throbs beneath your palms with each pulse of cum that fills your mouth. There’s so much it leaks from the corners of your mouth, joining the trails of saliva dripping down your bare chest. 
Pulling himself from your mouth suddenly, the last few spurts smear your cheeks and lips, adding further to the mess already there. You pant, hands falling from his cock as he takes a small step back. 
Your breath catches in your throat at the sight of him. His eyes gleam with heat, lips bitten and pink. He looks almost perfectly put together, if not for his cock jutting out from the part of his slacks, still hard, knot prominent, tip dripping a last little dribble of cum. A spark of humiliation settles in your belly at the contrast in your states, you on the floor, already so wrecked and him towering above you and nearly perfectly put together. 
He reaches out, smearing the cum coating your cheek into your skin and then he takes a deep breath, face evening out and eyes slipping shut in bliss, presumably at either the smell of you or he’s pleased at his marking. Blinking his eyes back open, his gaze traces over you slowly, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. 
His command is curt, more growl than words and you scramble to comply, knees sinking into the plush mattress as you face him once more. 
He takes a step forward, hands moving to undo the buttons of his shirt but before he can get any undone, he freezes. Brows furrowing, he steps back and looks down, head tilted inquisitively. You follow his movements with confusion as he stoops down, eyes widening the second you realize what must have made him stop, just where he had stepped. 
Shame heats you as Seokjin’s gaze lifts to pierce you and he raises his hand, fingers now glistening with slick, and confirms your thoughts, the puddle of slick on the floor. The evidence of just what his rough treatment has done to you already. He takes a deep inhale, eyes flashing darkly before he’s moving, faster than you expect. Your back hits the bed and you barely have a moment to register the change before your legs are being parted and pushed up. 
Your startled squeak morphs into a moan as Seokjin buries his face in your pussy. He wastes no time, gone is the teasing flicks of his tongue, instead laving the flat of his tongue up your slit with a pleased rumble deep in his chest. He gives little thought to your pleasure, seeming far more content at simply feasting on the taste of you. His lack of focus means your pleasure builds slowly, ebbing and flowing as his focus shifts based on his whims. Your orgasm stays fleetingly out of reach, which may be for the best as Seokjin seems like he wouldn’t stop for some oversensitivity. 
Reaching for his hair, just for something to hold on to while he ravishes you, you earn yourself a harsh nip to your thigh the second your fingers slip between the strands. Whimpering, you wretch your hands away from him, pouting as you glance down. His gaze meets yours as his mouth laps at your clit and you shudder as a warning growl vibrates against you. 
Right, so no touching and he appears to be so deep in rut that he’s now nonverbal. You’d learned that it can happen, in theory. Alphas who get so overwhelmed that they revert to their baser instincts to guide them. You just never expected that to be Seokjin, someone with such a hold on their composure. You wonder how long it’s been since Seokjin’s had a rut to end up overwhelmed like this. 
You don’t get long to follow that train of thought, Seokjin’s nails dig into your skin suddenly, pulling your focus back to him as his lips wrap around your clit and suck. Crying out, you scrabble at the sheets, grabbing handfuls of fabric tightly. Pleasure rips through you, body bowing at the sudden directed onslaught of stimulation.
A whine bubbles up in your throat, loud and desperate. “Alpha…”
There’s a rumble, something pleased and deep like a purr. It vibrates against you, throwing you headlong into an ograsm. You shudder and whine and Seokjin shows no signs of letting up, moving with the same ferocity and enthusiasm as before. Tears spring to your eyes as the sharp sting of overstimulation takes over, every lick and suck sending a shocking course of too much through your system. Your mind is blissfully blank, helpless in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling scared and vulnerable. For all that Seokjin is deep into rut and, according to him, out of control, you know you’re safe here. The warm comfort of mate. 
Seokjin takes his time lapping up the slick leaking from you and soon enough, the pain begins to ebb away, replaced by pleasure once more. Seokjin seems to realize the subtle shift, attuned to every little sound you make, and he seems to increase his efforts as the overstimulation fades. You squirm and Seokjin’s grip on you tightens, pinning you in place and halting your squirming. His fingers feel like steel, digging into the soft flesh of your thighs. You can feel the bruises forming already and it only makes you want to squirm more. To force him to leave even more bruises for you to revisit later, to have the reminder of this rut for days after it ends. 
Your pussy clenches with a particularly deft twist of his tongue and one more twist has you throwing your head back as another orgasm rips through you. You cry out as your pussy gushes, drenching Seokjin and the sheets below. The mess seems to send him further into a frenzy as he works hard and fast to draw your squirting out for as long as possible. 
He jerks away as the last of your orgasm rolls through you, dropping your thighs to the damp sheets. He gives you almost no reprieve, flipping your boneless, twitching body onto your belly and pulling your hips up just enough for you to present to him. 
Whining, you arch your back for him, earning another pleased rumble and the prod of his cock against your still pulsing cunt. His cock presses against the crease of your ass, giving a few lazy thrusts before he’s pulling away from you entirely. You whine in confusion before the tearing of fabric reaches your ears and you realize that he must be finally stripping. You have to fight down a laugh because you know he’s not going to be happy with the torn clothes once his rut is finished. But he’ll have no one to blame but himself. 
A moment later, the heavy, comforting weight of him drapes across your back, hips twitching as his cock bumps clumsily against your hole without catching. There’s a grumble of frustration before he grips himself and guides his cock to your entrance. 
It’s a smooth, slick slide as he thrusts into you, body and pussy relaxed and ready for him. He wastes no time building to a fast, rough pace; his need obvious and unavoidable now that it can be sated. His breath puffs hot against your shoulder as his fingers find purchase on your hips. His chest presses to your back, wet with your slick.
He laps at your shoulder for a moment before moving to where your mating bite sits. His mouth fits over the mark, tongue tracing over the twin crescent marks with reverence and your whole body sings with pleasure. His pace picks up as he lavs attention on your bite, teeth teasing. Knot catching on your entrance as it begins to swell, Seokjin’s pace becomes more frantic.
“Alpha… Alpha, please… Wan… knot, please…” you babble. A part deep down wants him to knot you, fill you up and plug you up so not a single drop leaks out. To fuck his seed into you and watch you swell with his pups.
Your pussy tightens around him at your thoughts and a growl punches out of Seokjin, teeth digging into your mating mark. You moan, long and drawn out as your orgasm suddenly crashes over you. Your pussy clenching around Seokjin seems to finally tip him over the edge as he slams into you one last time as his knot finally swells fully and ties you both together. He grinds a few times before his cock twitches and he cums with a rumbling purr. 
He seems to cum for ages, each spurt filling you a little more. Seokjin’s jaw relaxes, releasing his hold on your shoulder to lick soothingly at the fresh indents. Then his arms are wrapping around your middle and he’s carefully maneuvering you both onto your sides, careful not to tug too much at where you’re joined. 
Snuffling against your neck, he gives a pleased hum, presumably appeased with the way your scents are currently mixed. His face presses between your shoulder blades and his breathing begins to slow and you take that as your sign to get some rest yourself, you have a long few days before you. 
Tumblr media
The water is a cool relief as you drink it. When you fell asleep you hadn’t realized just how thirsty you were, but the second you awoke a few hours later, your throat felt like a desert. It had been a little difficult to extract yourself from Seokjin, his arms tights around you, but you managed. 
His brows had furrowed and you wanted to coo at how adorable it was if you didn’t fear that it would wake him and you’d be fully unable to go get some water and snacks to try to force into him. You’d pressed your pillow into his arms and his expression quickly smoothed out as he buried his face in the source of your scent. Hopefully that bought you just enough time for your little trip to the kitchen. He’s just at the beginning of rut, you should have a little more time before he wakes and needs to breed.  
You’d also made a quick stop to quickly wipe yourself down. Nothing major, just a damp cloth to get the dried bits. If you used anything more and washed too much of the scent away, it would likely make Seokjin mad. So a quick wipe was enough for now, just so you didn’t feel so gross and crusty and to throw one of Seokjin’s large shirts on to leave the room. 
Setting the glass down, you begin to rummage through the cabinets. Seokjin doesn’t have a lot that would be helpful for a rut. Though you find some leftover snacks from your heats. You figure they’ll be good enough, hoping that he’s not as stubborn when it comes to eating as you are. 
You’re just starting to lay out a few things when an angry, panicked growl breaks the silence of the apartment. You wince, instincts immediately telling you to hide or submit. There’s the thump of footsteps and then Seokjin rounds the corner into the kitchen, eyes wild as they finally land on you. 
His strides are quick as he crosses the distance, hands quickly flitting over you like he’s checking for some sort of injury. Discovering none, he buries his face in your neck, dragging his check across the skin to scent you. 
Suddenly his body goes rigid beneath you and when he pulls back, his face is startlingly blank. He takes a deep pointed inhale, clearly trying to scent something and his face twists in displeasure when he doesn’t seem to find what he’s looking for. His sniffing settles dread in your stomach. You must have wiped too much of the mess away.
With an irritated growl, he flips you around and presses you to the counter, rucking the shirt up over your ass. His fingers find your hole, still wet and sloppy from his knotting, and slip inside. Gasping, you writhe against the cool granite for only a moment before Seokjin’s palm presses down on your back and immobilizes you. 
His fingers fuck into you, each thrust drawing a wet squelch as he effectively displaces his cum from your pussy. It drips down your thighs and splashes against the tile. That’ll be awkward to clean later. His fingering is slow and tortuous, you can’t decide if it’s meant to be a punishment for something, maybe for removing too much of his scent, or if he’s doing it for himself. Eventually his fingers slip from you and when you glance over your shoulder at him, you see that they’re absolutely dripping with a combination of you both. 
Then he lifts his fingers up, popping the soaked digits into his mouth to lick them clean. You whimper, heat rolling in your belly at the way the displeased look seems to cling to his face. Pulling the digits from his mouth with a pop, his hand drops to his cock, already hard and leaking and lines himself up. 
The stretch of his cock has your toes curling against the tiles. Just shy of too much too fast, riding that fine line of pleasurable pain. Seokjin’s thrusts are quick and methodical, his drive to claim his sole focus as he hitches your hips up just a bit more, forcing you up to your tiptoes and your upper body to press further against the counter in order to keep yourself upright. Little ‘ah, ah’s punch out of you with every snap of his hips, helpless to do much more than to grip the edge of the counter as Seokjin fucks you. 
His knot fills quickly, locking you together as he leans over you and bites your mating mark. Whining, you squirm on his knot, gasping when it brushes against your g-spot. Seokjin growls and you halt your movements. He grinds into you once, twice and then he starts cumming with a drawn out howl, muffled into your shoulder. 
He seems to go boneless then, slumping against your back, though still careful not to fully press his weight onto you. You take a moment to regain your senses, body singing with pleasure, but not the need to cum. You don’t feel the need to at the moment anyway. This is about him and his needs are far more important than one little orgasm right now. Plus, you’re fairly certain that if he made you cum on his knot right now, your legs would absolutely give out and you’d fall or have to rely on him catching you. Once you’ve calmed yourself slightly, the packaging of the snacks catches your attention.
Well it’s certainly not how you intended to get him fed, but you can work with it. You reach out carefully, moving slowly in case Seokjin decides he doesn’t want you to move just yet, but he seems content with you moving your arms. 
Getting the package of dried fruits open proves a little difficult in this position, but you manage and pluck a piece from the bag. You nudge Seokjin slightly and get a sleepy grumble in response. Twisting just enough to see him over your shoulder, you smile at the reluctance to even lift his head. 
“Alpha,” you coo and that gets his attention a little more as he lifts his head slightly, gaze going from your face to the fruit held between your fingers. “Eat please.”
You see his nose wrinkle slightly and so you clench around his knot. His eyes flutter at the sensation and you nudge the fruit a little closer, fingertips bumping his plush lips. He resists for a moment longer before finally allowing you to press the snack into his mouth. He chews slowly and you reward his acquiesce with another squeeze to his knot. He catches on fast, taking the fruit much quicker once he realizes the reward he gets for eating. You’re definitely going to tease him for this later. When the last piece is gone, he nudges your shoulder for more and you almost want to laugh. You doubt he’s actually hungry for more and you may have just set yourself up for future feedings. But you give in to his sad eyes and open another package, shifting your hips just slightly so they’re not digging into the edge of the counter quite as much. 
This bag you share, one piece for him and one for you, back and forth until the bag is empty. By the time the last piece is gone, his knot has deflated enough for him to pull out, which he seems to do reluctantly. He scoops you up quickly and takes you back to the bedroom, tossing you to the bed and moving in beside you just as quickly, like if he lets go of you for too long you’ll disappear once more. He falls asleep with his arms wrapped vice-like around you.
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s rut is brutal in all the best ways. There’s a loss of restraint in him that delights you, soothes the omega in you more than you expected to be so wholly claimed by your mate. That’s not to say you don’t love when Seokjin is soft and loving and doting. But the ferality of his actions pulls something feral out in yourself. Something deep and basic that comes down to two people meant for each other marking each other as such. 
He remains mostly nonverbal for the duration and the few words he does get out amount to nothing more than possessive growls of mine. It’s easy to tell when his rut finally breaks, you wake up to him sprawled beside you, the least amount of contact you’ve had since the beginning. And when you take a cursory sniff of the air, that spicy-hot-alpha scent is gone, leaving Seokjin’s normal warm woodsmoke scent behind, though it’s thoroughly steeped in the scent of sex that clings to the room. You might need to open a window.  
When you move to sit up, Seokjin remains asleep, another sign that his rut has finally passed. The slightest movements before would’ve had him startling awake, scanning the room for threat before turning to check you over for injuries. You’re really not sure why he always seemed to think a threat was imminent upon waking, but you just assume it’s something to do with alpha hormones. 
You know you’ve got a while until he wakes up, exhausted from his rut as he likely is. It lasted 2 days longer than you expected, and you assume that must be because he hasn’t had one in so long. 
You decide to shower, the first proper one in days and relish the hot spray as it works to soothe your sore muscles. You use one of Seokjin’s neutral soaps, something to clean the cum and saliva from your skin but leave enough of the scent markers for Seokjin’s alpha to still be pleased with a good job when he wakes up. 
Once clean and dry, you tug one of Seokjin’s shirts on and a pair of panties before moving to the kitchen. As you start preparing food, a truly inordinate amount of meat and some noodles stir fried with veggies, you’re struck by the similarity of this moment to when you spent your heat with him for the first time. Though this time won’t end in weeks of bond sickness, but you hope it does lead to more ruts with him. You liked taking care of him during it and you see why Seokjin loves spending heats with you so much and getting to dote on you for a few uninterrupted days. 
You’re just plating up the last of the meat when Seokjin stumbles into the kitchen, bleary eyed and sleep rumpled, a pair of boxer briefs hastily tugged on, but he was clearly led here by his nose as he sniffs the air and his gaze zeroes in on the spread on the table. 
His voice cracks when he first speaks and you bite your lip on a giggle when he has to clear his throat and try again. “For me?”
Smile softening, you nod. “Of course. I have to take care of my alpha after such a tough rut.”
Before he can say anything, his stomach growls and this time you do let out a giggle. You gesture for him to sit as you plate up a hearty portion of everything for him. He doesn’t argue, just sits and waits for you to set the plate down before he quickly digs in. Sitting, you plate some up for yourself, though you do significantly less than him. You snacked while you were cooking. 
You eat in silence for a while, content and happy. Until Seokjin seems to eat enough for his brain to kick into gear and he looks up at you with wide eyes and sour worry seeping into his scent. Frowning at the sudden shift, you glance at the food, wondering if maybe something wasn’t cooked properly.
“Are you okay?” 
His question startles you. You should be the one asking that, not him. “Yes? Why wouldn’t I be?”
Swallowing his current mouthful, he’s up from his seat in a flash, circling to where you’re sat and his hands hover as he slowly checks you over with his eyes. It’s reminiscent of when he would check you over if you were gone for too long or when he woke up. Your confusion clears when his hands finally, carefully, reach out to touch you, making you flinch slightly when his finger presses into a particularly tender spot and his face crumples.
“Oh no, I was too rough,” he frets, yanking his hands away as if he’s been burned. 
His scent sours further as he continues to spiral, a litany of apologies flowing from his mouth. It overwhelms you for a moment, leaving you frozen in your seat before you snap out of it and press your hand to his mouth to stop his (unnecessary) sorries. 
“How about we go sit in the living room and talk and you drink some more water because you still need to rehydrate?”
You feel his frown against your palm, but the stern look on your face makes him give in quickly with a small nod. With a pleased smile, you usher him towards the couch as you grab him a full glass of water and follow him out. He takes the water cautiously, seeming to make an effort not to touch you at all. 
You both sit in silence for a moment while you gather your thoughts. Though that seems to just cause Seokjin to worry more and he starts to speak. You hold up your finger to silence him. “No. No more. I’ll speak first, just give me a moment.” He swallows, looking displeased, but he remains silent. “I know you think you were too rough, but I can assure you, sweetheart, that you were not. I enjoyed every moment of helping you through your rut. It was such a special experience and I’m incredibly thankful that you were okay with sharing it with me. You know I would tell you if I didn’t like something or if there was something wrong.” 
Seokjin goes to protest, but one look keeps him quiet as you continue. “I know you know you were in a rut haze and you think that means you were completely out of control, but I know that even in a haze you would’ve stopped if I showed signs of discomfort. You were so in tune with me even when consumed by your instincts.” You take his free hand and give it a squeeze. “Seokjin, I swear, I enjoyed every moment of your rut. And if you ever want to go off suppressants, I’d be more than happy to help you through any rut in the future.”
He waits a few moments, digesting your words, before he’s setting his glass on the coffee table. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”
You chuckle. “I mean, technically, you did. But I liked it. You didn’t hurt me more than I would enjoy and that’s the important thing. Everything was enjoyable.”
He chews his lip. “And you’d really want to spend another rut with me?”
“As long as you’d be comfortable with it, yes.”
He thinks for another stretch of minutes before nodding like he’s decided something. “I think… I do want to go off suppressants. I’ve been on them for so long and I know they’re going to start losing effectiveness sooner or later. And I’ve never had a partner that I trusted enough to share my rut with. That loss of control… is kind of terrifying to experience. I know some alpha’s don’t care, or don’t lose control as much… But that’s just… never been me. But with you,” he smiles at you with something so full of love and adoration that you melt a little. “With you I feel so safe. I know that if I lose control, you’ll be there to guide me back. I’d be honored if you spent my ruts with me.”
He pulls you in for a kiss then, soft and gentle, pouring every ounce of love he has for you into it. You sink into, into the kiss, his arms, his scent. Seokjin means so much to you and warmth fills you at his admission that he trusts you that much. That he is willing to let himself be so vulnerable with you. To know that the level of love and trust you have in him is returned. 
He pulls away, not very far, just enough to rest his forehead on yours. 
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
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fantaesize · a month ago
"Morning, Love" [KSJ]
Tumblr media
—Pairing(s): Seokjin X Fem!Reader
—Word count: 1.7k
—Genre: Smut, fluff if you squint your eyes
—Warning(s): big fat cock!jin, slight fingering, slight handjob, mutual masturbation, rough sex, spanking (only once), breast play, nipple play, ball cupping, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, creampie, dirty talk, soft aftersex interection (coz idt ill ever have it in me to end a hardcore smut w/o fluff lol)
—Summary: Your boyfriend knows how to make your morning on a holiday the best kinda morning.
—A/N: idr have much to say, but how good is it to have this lmao🤧 but i dont have this and its a part of my 50 Shades of Bangtan series but you can read this part singly since the parts are unrelated. i hope you guys enjoy this💜💜
Tumblr media
You wake up with a flush feeling between your legs. You noticed you're still sleeping with your boyfriend's arms around your body, him spooning you into his warmth, unchanged from the way you had fallen asleep last night.
However, once you gain enough consciousness, you realize that the flush feeling is caused by nothing other than your boyfriend's long fingers dancing on and around your shorts-covered core, his nose nudging your shoulder. He is still unaware of the fact that his antics have already started to have an effect on you, that you're awoken.
Smiling, you begin in a groggy voice, "Jinnie I'm still sleepy," of course, since it isn't even 7 AM. But you just looked so carefree and relaxed when you slept, Seokjin seemed to have ignored your words. In his defense, he is drunk on your beauty.
Turning around to face him, you shot him a look, quirking one of your eyebrows, and his fingers are still working the way you don't (do) want them to.
"You look so beautiful all the time I just want to fuck you all day, keep you pleasured all the time. But you look even more beautiful when you sleep," he whispers as his fingers start to fiddle with the waistband of your shorts. "Can I please have you baby? I'll do the work," he promises.
And you choose to say yes by leaning in to kiss his soft, plush lips while your hands travel down to his crotch, rubbing him through the sweatpants he is wearing. And even after sleeping regularly for almost 2 years, he is still so sensitive under your touches as though it's always his first time.
He lets outs a tsk, momentarily stopping his fingers to writhe under your touch. Nonetheless, he is quick to come back, taking his lead to top you and tongue you down as you kiss. His hands easily slipping under the waistband, sliding them down before you assist him in removing them completely, kicking them down to reach the floor.
You're quick to follow, dipping your own hands in his sweatpants, sliding them down to reach his underwear covered dick, bringing his member out through the slit. You moan when you take him in your hands, already hard and erect, all while his fingers spread your juices, coating your vulva in your own wetness. It's surprising how fast he'd become hard, but then again, maybe that was the whole root of the current events.
You moan again when one of his fingers dips inside your needy little hole, you clenching instantly at the contact. At the feeling, he bends to nibble teasingly at your earlobe, "someone was a little too sleepy just now, hm?"
"Jin..." you whine breathily, and he only chuckles, followed by a whispered 'fuck' when you suddenly rub him again.
"Babe please fuck me," you moan again when he teases you as he pulls out his finger, teasing your entrance with tip of two. When he feels your hand sliding easily on his dick due to the precum which felt so good, he knew he needs to proceed in order to cum properly.
He kisses you one more time before grabbing his cock in his hand and aligning it with your center. He wants to tease you, he wants to hear you beg for it. But given the fact that it is early morning and it was hard to persuade you given your sleepy state, he wastes no time in rubbing his cock along your walls to glisten it with your wetness, wanting to make it easier to enter your tight hole.
He slowly begins entering inside you- starts with the tip, dipping slowly inside your cunt as he allows you to feel all of him. The way his big fat dick is rubbing against your walls as he proceeds has you moaning out the filthiest profanities, not that either of you care for the birds who had to hear them and fly away.
He stops when you let out a broken moan, looking at you with worried eyes. "You just feel so fucking good," you say to reassure him. A breathy chuckle elicits his mouth, showing you the world-wide beautiful smile that didn't fail to make your heart flutter even when down there he is splitting you open. "Keep going," you demand.
Once reassured that you're holding alright, he completely bottoms out in one smooth motion, you both moaning when the tip of his cock reaches your end.
He stops there, giving you time to adjust to his size. "Fuck_____, you feel so fucking tight, so fucking good," he breathes out as he trails a string of wet kisses all the way from your ears to your cheeks to your neck.
You yelp when suddenly, his hands reached between your back and the mattress, gently picking you up as he sits himself on his butt, back against the headboard with you on his lap, face hovering over his.
"Seokie... fuck," you whimper when the change in position caused his dick to change angles, hitting you at a different spot which literally felt dreamlike, given your still somewhat sleepy state.
He easily slips his hand underneath your shirt and easily sliding it off of you, face covered with your breasts instantly as you had no bra on. You're not behind, discarding his shirt from his body to have his well-toned front on display, hands feeling all the delicious muscles before the fingers find his nipples to tease him.
Jin licks his lips, eyes drinking your face above him- eyes fluttering, mouth agape and the red of your cheeks while your lips look so tempting- he could drink in the sight forever. He doesn't miss the chance to capture your lips into a kiss, meanwhile urging you to take support from the top of the headboard, his hands moving to your ass to guide you to sit on your knees above him.
After kissing you for a good while, he finally raises his hips and slams his long cock inside you, your head rising to face the ceiling almost instantly.
He retrieves, and then slamming right back inside you, harder than before. He starts out hard and slow, making you feel all of him, feeling all of you as your velvety walls occasionally pulsate around him. His thrusts are nothing short of powerful, jolting you upwards with every push of his dick.
One of his hands remove their grip from your ass, giving you the lightest spank on your asscheek before he spreads his palms over your hip, trailing them up to reach your breast and squeezing them.
Your mind is still half asleep, but your heart knows what it wants. You want Seokjin, and it is proved the moment you rise as he dips down, and drop over him and meeting him halfway. The additional effort has both of you moaning out louder and louder than before, pleasure coursing through your veins like the blood.
Groaning beneath you, his voice is doing no better to keep you sane; every groan, every moan of your name, every whisper of 'You're so wet', 'perfect view', 'ride me little baby', only turn you on more, egging you to be more and more furious on his dick.
When his fingers on your boob trap the brown tip between his finger joints, another wave of excitement rushes through your body. "Jinnie... ahhh fuckkk," you moan shamelessly. Despite how early in the morning it is, despite how reluctant you were just some minutes back, it is truly remarkable how Seokjin never fails to have an effect on you.
"I love you _____," and he kisses you again, violently rutting inside you with you rhythming your own hips with him, waves of euphoria hitting you, not being able to find the words to say what you've been feeling deep down in your heart since forever.
And it's when you move your hands to reach his balls, that he lets go of your lips for he couldn't hold back the moan that formed in the back of his throat. It is the whiniest, sexiest moan you've ever heard, causing your own intestines to twist as you're ascending to your high.
The last throw is given to you when his tweaks your nipples slightly harder than before, only letting it go to capture your bud, the extensive stimulation causing you to whine out his name. Lurching your head forward, your face meets his as your nose presses against his cheek right beside his nose, your hot breaths mingling with each other as you both pant, but the intense pleasure of being so close to one another holding better in your heart.
You ride out your high on top of him, "come for me baby, let go," being the final push from him for you to finally reach your climax as you cry out his name even louder. Maybe that it's early morning and your body is still a little sensitive, or the way first thing in the morning Seokjin captured your mind, your mind in a haze, but it was the most intense orgasm you've had in a while.
When you cry out his name, it's like honey to his ears. Your sweet, sweet voice, with a lilt of grogginess and vulnerability all for himself, it's the last straw required for him to get off, using your walls to ride out his high as he cums deep, deep inside you, coating you walls in a white you'll always love.
Breaths still mingling until he opens his eyes, you parting from his face to have a proper look at him. He kisses your cheek, the corner of you lips, before finally cupping your face and pull your lips into another deep kiss, contrastingly slow and smoother than before. You lift up from him, removing his member when it became soft inside you.
You slowly trace your way to your side of the bed, getting comfortable between the sheets again, only filthy now. You pout at him when he's still not moving, but his heart immediately thrums hard against his chest when he sees you. Not wasting another moment and no words needed, he wraps his limbs around your naked forms, enjoying the heat radiating from your skin.
"Morning, love," he coos sweetly, pressing sweet kisses over your naked shoulder
You give him a final peck before resting your head in his chest.
"Very, very good morning, love."
Tumblr media
a/n: it kinda turned into soft sex as it proceeded???? still, lmk what u think!🤗🤗
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minyfic · 2 months ago
overture - KSJ | M
Tumblr media
↣ following your grandfather’s demise, you had received an offer for the plot of land that you had inherited, one that holds memories and sentimental value, one that was left to you for a reason. Surely you can devise a solution that suits both you and the buyer?
✑part of the zookeeper bangtan series𓂉
Tumblr media
pairing: zoo owner!seokjin x reader
genre: fluff, crack, smut, slight angst, s2l
word count: 5K
warnings/tags: vet!Seokjin, Y/N is tall & used to be a freelance model in the past, she’s also kind of a diva, strong language, minor character death, explicit smut- hickeys, oral (f), brief handjob, spit kink, choking, fucking on an operating table lol, unprotected sex
a/n: remember, your best friend is unnamed in the fic, so you could think of your own bff, and if you don’t have one, stop lying, I’m your best friend.
Something splashes against the paper, and you curse, unaware of the tears that have been soaking your cheeks ever since you sat down to read the letter.
You stand near your window, hoping the zephyr might dry the stain that bleeds into the word ‘love,’ your grandfather’s handwriting, bold and blocky.
It has been a tough week for you. With work eating at every bit of your energy and then the sudden passing of your grandfather. The guilt seems to swallow any other feeling each time you think about your replies to his giggly enquiries. When will you visit? I miss you so much. How are you keeping? When are you coming to see me? Will you bring me some Hungarian tarts the next time you visit?
The next time never came. Too caught up in the meaningless bustle of your life.
Sucking a shaky breath in, you fold the thin paper neatly and tuck it into the envelope, keeping it safely in your palm as you walk to your room.
The bright light filling the hallway, the homely scent of the shepherd’s pie you’ve just made, the calming breeze that wisps your hair around, all seem to mock the atmosphere inside of your head. What would life be like now? Without the weekly calls from your grandfather, the one person you would never grow bored of talking to. Despite his age, his vivacious energy filled your days with laughter, either by constantly complaining about his neighbor’s cat, or reminiscing about the adventures with your late grandmother.
It feels as if a chunk of the happiness in your life has been ripped away from you. Nothing will ever replace it.
You’re brought back to reality when your phone rings, threatening to fall off your dresser as it vibrates.
Rushing across your room, your eyebrows pinch together when you see an unfamiliar number blinking on your screen.
You swipe across the screen and hold your phone to your ear, waiting for them to speak.
“Hello. Is this Y/N Y/L/N?”
You clutch the envelope to your chest, straightening your posture when you see your reflection in the mirror hanging on your door.
The man’s voice rumbles into your ear, words hasty, as if he’s running out of time.
“This is Kim Seokjin. Owner of Bangtan’s Zoo.”
Eyes widening in realization, the words of your family’s lawyer ring clear in your head. You shift from one foot to the other, knowing exactly why he called you.
“I was wondering if I could have you come down to the Zoo. For a meeting.”
“A meeting? Why?”
As if you don’t already know.
The zoo, a place you’ve only visited once since it opened ten years ago, adjacent to the vacant plot of land which now belongs to you. Gifted by your grandfather.
Mr. Kwon, the lawyer, had informed you that a lot of people, especially Kim Seokjin, who’s name you’ve only discovered yesterday, might contact you.
Bangtan’s Zoo is gigantic, and you wonder what they could possibly do with the smaller piece of land that seems minute next to the zoo’s map.
“I prefer to discuss this in person, but I am interested in buying the land—”
“I’m not interested in selling.”
The line is quiet for a bit before he’s rushing to speak again.
“I think you should reconsider. Imagine the hefty amount you could get for a lush plot like that.”
He sucks at negotiating, you muse.
You wonder if your grandfather received calls from potential buyers, pestering him about the land he cherished, the land he had eventually forgotten.
“I don’t really care about the money.”
That’s half true. Well, you don’t care about money, but it’d be a nice boost if you could move to a better place in town. Or fix your car that has been gurgling every morning on your way to work. But your paycheck can only cover so much.
“We can talk about what you do care about tomorrow. At 8AM. Come down to Road S. You won’t need to pay for a ticket.”
Right. The zoo grabbed many headlines regarding their ticket fees and agreeable pricing systems.
“I have work at 8AM.”
You hear him sigh and you pull the phone away from your face, wondering who the hell this guy is. You could hang up right now and block his number. You’d be doing him a favor. He wants what’s yours, if anything, you should be irritated with him.
“Fine then. 7AM.”
“That’s too early,” you almost yell, this guy has the audacity to reduce your hours of sleep just because he’s greedy for land.
He sighs once more and you think you might hang up, but he speaks again.
“The zoo closes at 6PM. So how about 7PM?”
You acquiesce and click on the red icon without exchanging any goodbyes.
It’s not like you’re actually going to sell it to him, but it’ll be fun to hear his reasoning as to why he needs a space like that when he already owns a colossal forest filled with a variety of animals.
The pale blue envelope is placed neatly in a shoebox filled with memories, hidden away under your bed.
Your grandfather handed you the rights, and not your uncles or cousins for a reason. He knows you would put it to good use, you would be the one to tend to the land and refresh the liveliness that it once held.
Tears brim your eyes again when you think of the nights spent camping, sharing horror stories around a small fire, the jungle gym that was the cause of many of your scars but withered away eventually as the years passed by. The land that even hosted a wedding, the mountains as the perfect backdrop.
Those were the best years of your life before you were forced into adulthood and had to leave the quirkiness behind.
Tumblr media
The zoo is a lot scarier at night and you should’ve worn a jacket. Thankfully, the small bulbs behind the maps help you to navigate around the zoo.
You take a turn around the rustling trees to find a small building that’s a stark contrast to the rest of the architecture around this forest.
You wipe your shoes on the carpet placed near the door and lift your fist to knock when your attention is drawn to an owl that sits on the roof, watching you.
Shivering, your fist meets the metal before the door is yanked open and a man with brown hair comes flying out, cradling a…bearded dragon. Smile illuminated by the light right above the door.
“Hi,” he gives you a small bow and skips down the slabs across the path, pressing kisses on top of the tan reptile’s head.
Grimacing slightly, the fluorescent lighting blinds you momentarily before you take a step forward gingerly, closing the door behind you when you notice a man, wearing a white lab coat with his back facing you.
You stand awkwardly at the door before he spins around and greets you with a lopsided smile.
He’s around your height, broad shoulders, skinny yet toned under that coat as he shakes it off and gestures to the desk. There’s a large operating table situated in the center of the room, which takes up majority of the space.
You only acknowledge his features once he sits on the other side of the desk. Smoldering eyes, round and pink lips, tanned skin, sharp jawline. He looks like a model and not the owner of a zoo. You expected quite the opposite really.
After doing some research last night, as the lawyer suggested, you’ve found out that he’s also one of the vets around here.
He doesn’t say anything and the lighting in this office keeps you exposed. You clear your throat and tug on the lapels of your cropped jacket.
“I feel like I’ve seen you before,” he narrows his eyes at you, index finger rubbing his bottom lip.
Resisting the urge to groan, you lean back in the chair and cross one leg over the other.
“I used to model…in the past.”
He clicks his fingers, recognition passing over his features, and you want to bury your face in your hands because this is how it goes with most guys whenever you meet them for the first time.
“I think I saw you on that site! Sneaky Kittens! I used to shop there a lot for my girlfriend.”
You sigh, eyes flickering to the shelf next to his desk, holding tons of different medication. He remembers you from that lingerie site. This is the first.
“Yes. I used to be on that site.”
He mirrors your posture, a grin that could be described as goofy splitting his face. Great, this guy is a pervert.
“Anyway,” you lean forward, hoping the edge of the desk can conceal your cleavage, “what is this meeting for?”
He springs forward, rummaging through the stack of papers sitting near the computer screen.
“Yes. Sorry. I had it all printed out-” his thumb swipes along his tongue, pinching through the papers, “-but I can’t seem to find it.”
You glance at your watch, 8:11PM. It took you over fifteen minutes to get here with your useless car and almost an hour to find Road S.
“Aha! Here it is,” he flings it across the desk, slipping off the edge, right into your lap.
Sensing his intent gaze on the side of your face as you skim the document, you pass a small smile his way.
Your eyes are as large as saucers when you reach the end and find the amount he’s willing to pay for that teeny piece of land.
A soft chuckle fills the air, “take your time reading through it—”
“I’m done,” you place the sheet of paper on the desk and slide it his way, patting it with a perfunctory smile, “my answer is no.”
He looks taken aback, snatching the paper to read through it himself.
“No,” you shrug, adjusting your bag on your shoulder and standing up, he follows you with a stunned look on his face, strands of hair poking into his eyes.
“But…But I think this is good enough. We can work through a few of the details.”
You fold your arms, “my answer is still no.”
You’re about to exit the musty smelling room before you stop at the door, fingers curled around the metal handle.
“Why do you want it so badly anyway? The place is huge. I think you have more than enough space for the animals.”
He tucks his hands into his jeans pocket, wearing a defeated expression.
“It’s never enough. We try to make the environment as comfortable as possible for them and we’re always adding more, they’re always growing. Why don’t you want to sell it? What could a girl like you possibly want with a plot you didn’t even ask for?”
“A girl like me?”
He nods, “you know,” arms waving in your direction, from your face to your shoes.
You survey your outfit, wondering what your pink heels have to do with you not wanting to sell something.
“No,” you take a step forward, a little taller than him with the added inches, “I don’t know.”
The intimidating glare he sends your way has you wavering for a bit before you clutch the strap of your bag, cocking an eyebrow.
“Your grandfather refused to sell it and I respected that, but I was hoping that you would see what he couldn’t.”
“My grandfather,” you begin, eyes set on his, “gave it to me for a reason.”
His head tilts to the side, tongue poking out to wet his lips, “what reason?”
You huff, spinning on your heel and pulling the door open, “my answer is no. Sorry.”
Brushing your hair away from your face, you’re muttering under your breath as you take the twists and turns to the parking lot, pushing the turnstile a little too aggressively, fumbling for your car keys.
There’s only one other car occupying the space opposite yours, probably his.
It makes you even more mad. Who does he think he is? He thinks that you’ll be thrilled by some money and hand everything to him?
You switch on the engine, knowing that you deserve a nice bubble bath after having to deal with a man like Kim Seokjin. Well, you try to switch on the engine.
You bang your forehead on the steering wheel, almost breaking the tip of the key into the slot with how hard you’re twisting it.
Of all days. Of all days, your car decided to act up when you’re in some jungle in the DARK with a load of frustration built up from the time you got off work.
Tears fill your eyes again, thoughts of your grandfather, thoughts of Mr. Kwon who warned you about buyers, thoughts of Mr. I-can-buy-you-and-your-entire-family Kim Seokjin.
Oh. He caused this. He should’ve just let it go when you told him that you weren’t interested in selling! Why are you even here in the first place? This is all your fault! He—
You let out a small scream when you hear someone knock on your window, groaning when you see Seokjin with his hands on his knees, peering into your car. Defensively, you open the door and step out, squeezing in front of the window to obstruct his view of your car, arms folded.
He scratches his ear, “car trouble?”
“No,” you grit, gaze raking down his figure, almost gagging when you see his crocs.
Craning his neck, he takes a step to the side but you follow him, heels pressing into the gravel.
He laughs, “stop lying!”
“I’m not!”
“Fine then. Goodbye!”
He reaches around you to open your door, pointing at the steering wheel, “goodbye.”
You roll your eyes, choosing to look at the fence, “I can’t start my car.”
“I know,” he shuts your door and moves to the hood, you shake your head, halting his movements.
“That won’t help. This car is dead.”
He sighs, the sound of his car unlocking reaching your ears, “let me give you a ride home.”
Begrudgingly, you follow him to his car, glimpsing at your own wistfully.
“I can have someone tow your car to your house. Give me a second.”
His car smells of perfume, and…spices. Your stomach grumbles embarrassingly loud but to your relief, he doesn’t hear it, too busy typing on his phone.
“What’s your address?”
“Oh,” you lean forward, looking at his screen as he types out your address to someone named ‘Jungkook.’
When he’s done, you lean back in the leather seat and click in the seatbelt, admiring the interior of his car.
“You could buy over fifty of these if you sell—”
Tumblr media
The reality of the situation hits when silence falls over you as you’re zooming through the highway. This is extremely embarrassing. What makes it more embarrassing is that he seems unfazed, as if he’s trying not to make you uncomfortable. And what adds to that is his attractiveness. He’s cute. Really cute. Handsome, even.
And you’re this pathetic ex-model who works a regular job, with a fucked up car. Catching a ride home with a stranger.
“So, what do you do?”
“I work in a grocery store.”
“That’s nice,” he says after a beat of silence.
“Hardly,” you sigh, eyes catching on the ripples of the lake as you drive over the bridge.
“Can I ask you a question?”
You take the opportunity to look at him, properly this time, the slope of his nose, his puckered lips as he speaks. One kind gesture and you have a crush on him. Let’s not forget that he might be a greedy leech. He’s probably only giving you a ride because he wants you to give in to him.
“I can tell that your grandfather meant a lot to you. Rest in peace. But I wonder why you’re so attached to a deserted piece of land, one that no one cared about. At least, that’s what I thought until I met you.”
“It holds a lot of memories for my family.”
“Did you speak to any of them regarding the possibility of you selling it?”
You think for a while, finger tapping your chin, “no.”
“Why is that?”
Why haven’t you? That’s right. You don’t associate with any of them, and your immediate family doesn’t care. The daggers and lingering stares that day you all met with the lawyer proved that they were unhappy with your grandfather’s decision of handing you the rights. But what’s so bad about them wanting it for themselves? They’d probably…sell it. Yes.
Maybe that’s one of the reasons why you’re so opposed to selling it to Seokjin. You don’t want to be like them.
He turns onto your street, and you grab your bag off the floor.
“There,” you point to your apartment building.
You unclick your seatbelt, mumbling a small thanks and stepping out onto the sidewalk.
Before you can close the door, he calls your name and you lean down, cleavage exposed.
His eyes stay glued to your face as he speaks.
“A friend of mine will bring your car tomorrow morning.”
“And…think about it.”
With that, you close the car door and shuffle inside the building, knowing that you won’t get much sleep tonight.
Tumblr media
“Don’t you think that you’re being a bit…over-dramatic?”
Your mouth hangs open, staring at your best friend in disbelief.
“Are you being serious?”
She nods, plucking out the straw from her drink and shoving the other end into her mouth.
You gasp, fingers splayed across your chest, “I am not!”
“You kind of are…First of all, imagine what you could do with that much money-“ you roll your eyes, holding the rim of your glass to your lips “-I’m not talking about what you want. But what you need. Like a car, for example. Or a washing machine. A proper mattress. A—”
“Okay, okay,” you place your cup on the counter, smiling at the bartender who seems to be listening to your best friend’s rant.
You turn to her, staring into her light brown eyes as you grab her shoulders.
“My grandfather gave it to me for a reason.”
“You keep saying that! What fucking reason?!”
You spread your arms across the counter, yelling into the cold surface, “I don’t know! He said he did!”
“Wait what?”
You pout, “that’s all he said. He gave it to me for a reason. He knows that I’ll do good. I don’t know what he means!”
She wraps an arm around your shoulder when she sees the little tremble your lips do, pulling you into her warm embrace.
“Hey. It’s okay. He said that you’ll do good. And I know that your grandfather liked helping the community, charity work, all that stuff. When he could still walk,” she giggles, “but I mean, maybe he wants you to…follow in his…footsteps?”
You tip your head back, hoping your tears don’t ruin your mascara.
“Maybe,” you sniffle, ordering a round of shots.
“But I think you should talk to this Seokjin guy again. Maybe if he hears your grandfather’s wishes, he might have some suggestions.”
You chuckle, fiddling with your bracelet, “I forgot to tell you that he’s kinda cute.”
She throws her arms up in exasperation, making you laugh, “well then. Another excuse to see him bitch!”
Tumblr media
You find yourself in a similar situation to the other night. Except this time, you know he’s giving you a ride home and your choice of outfit was picked out after thorough consideration. Last night, you had drunkenly texted him stating that you would like to see him ‘same time, same place’ to discuss things for a second time.
And like a girl with a crush on the most popular guy at school, you hesitate before you knock on the door, and just like the last time a guy barges out, causing you to stumble away, holding an…armadillo.
He holds the door open for you, wide smile in place.
You step around him and almost swallow your own tongue when you see Seokjin sitting on his desk, wearing dress pants, formal shoes and a white shirt, buttons undone till his navel.
“Hey, Y/N.”
His chin juts out in the direction of the chair you had occupied the last time, and you have to slot yourself between his knees to sit down, heart leaping to your throat at the slight contact.
Before you can say anything, a pungent odor causes you to scrunch up your nose. He chuckles at the sight, leaning back on his palms, exposing his broad chest to your hungry gaze.
“Had a sick baby elephant in here a few hours ago. Sorry about that.”
You shake your head, choosing to stick your nose into your hair, “it’s okay.”
You chance a glance at him, blood rushing to your face when you find his stare on your chest. It’s been a while since you wore an off-shoulder top. The strapless bra sucks but the look in his eyes is worth it.
“So…Why did you want to see me?”
He drags his words, low and smooth, and you wonder why he has this sudden change in demeanor. This is a complete switch from the man you saw the last time.
The way he spreads his legs and continues to speak in a lower pitch makes a question break into the dense air.
“Are you…are you trying to seduce me? Or something?”
His eyes widen, back straight, hands coming up to tug on his shirt, concealing the flushed skin, but the way his ears glow a bright red gives you the hint that you hit the nail on the head. It’s all so funny to you, so funny, your laugh echoes in the small office.
“What did you want to talk about?” He clears his throat, pacing around the office.
“I- Give me a second,” you catch your breath, wiping the stray tear from the corner of your eyes, “wanted to talk to you about your offer.”
He perks up, walking toward you in long strides, hands slipping into his pockets. Your eyes involuntarily dart to the space between his pockets, lips parting when you see the evident bulge straining in his pants. It looks…huge.
He seems to notice the way you’re ogling his crotch, a smirk replacing the concerned frown to his lips.
Now you’re the one blushing, trying your best not to stare at his bulge every few seconds. Can you not behave like a touch-starved troglodyte?
“And…And I’ve thought about it…”
He clicks his tongue, leaning down to place both his strong arms on the armrests, caging you in, pretty lips a breath away from yours.
“What have you thought about?”
Your pretty lips. No. Your dark eyes. No. Your body proportions. No. Your handsome face. No.
“The…Uhm,” you’re stuttering, eyes locked on his, back stuck to the seat, pussy throbbing, “your offer.”
“Oh. Finally gave into the large sum.”
You shake your head, succumbing to the urge, gaze drifting to his rosy lips.
“I need you to help me.”
His hand comes up, fingers tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, travelling down the line of your jaw, to the curve of your neck, resting on your shoulder, skin erupting in a wave of goosebumps.
“Of course I’ll help you. With whatever you need.”
Inhaling a shaky breath, you stand up from the seat, chest pressing to his, gaze unfaltering.
You almost collapse into his arms when he leans forward and kisses your cheek, lips sliding down the curve of your neck, whimpering when he nips at the skin of your shoulder.
“Is this okay?”
Hands resting on his waist, you mumble a small ‘yes,’ throwing your head back for his easy access.
When he begins to suckle on your neck, you want to call your best friend and tell her that her predictions were right.
Although, you’re not sure how he picked up the same energy between the two of you. Also, what turned him on?
He backs you into the operating table, cold steel digging into your ass.
Your eyes meet briefly before he’s covering your mouth with his, tongue curling around yours, making you whimper, body heating up in excitement.
The kiss is wild, urgent, it steals your breath away, makes your heart stutter in your chest, not only because you haven’t kissed anyone in a long time, but because of the gentle strokes along your back and head, keeping you in place as he suckles on your bottom lip.
A major part of you hates how you’re melting into his arms, moaning unabashedly with each lick into your mouth.
Your palm slides down his toned chest, feeling his abs under the thin material of his dress shirt, to cup his bulge, pussy clenching at the moan that rumbles into your mouth.
His hips work against your palm, tilting his head to the side as you mouth at his neck, chest glistening with your spit.
He grabs your waist and hoists you up onto the table, nimble fingers hooking into your shorts to pull it down over your legs.
The heated look in his eyes has you spreading your legs open as he sinks to his knees, pecking the skin of your inner thighs.
Your cheeks heat when he smirks at the wet spot on your underwear, but you don’t have time you say anything before his lips press into your clothed pussy, pulling your swollen clit between his lips.
“Fuck,” you pant, bottom lip getting caught between your teeth, watching him toss your panties over his shoulder.
The sight of him licking his lips before he’s diving into your dripping pussy has you whimpering before the wetness of his mouth meets your cunt. Eyes rolling to the back of your head when he licks a broad stripe up your folds, fingers weaving into his hair.
Each roll of his tongue against your swollen folds has you trembling, the knot in your abdomen twisting impossibly fast with each nudge of his nose against your clit, tongue darting into your sopping hole.
His fingers dig into your thighs as he places them over his shoulders, burying his face in your pussy, lips curling around your clit, teeth grazing the bud, tongue smoothing up from your slit. He places his tongue flat on your clit, humming into your folds, hand coming up to pinch your nipple which sends you tumbling over the edge, coating his tongue in your juices, falling back onto the cold, jolting in pleasure.
He helps you ride out your high with soft suckles to your clit before he’s standing up and pushing down his pants and underwear in one go.
You salivate at the sight of his large, veiny cock with the red, leaking tip, begging to be stuffed into your pussy.
You sit up on your elbow, and grab the base of his cock, guiding him to your heat not before pumping his length a few times, enjoying the way he grits his teeth, eyebrows furrowed as he fucks into your fist.
“Your hand feels so good but—"
He grabs your wrist, shocking you when he pins both your hands on the cool steel, clothed chest rubbing against yours, speaking against your lips.
“Gonna fuck you now.”
He gathers both your hands in one of his, keeping them in a firm grip as he sinks into your pussy, stretching you open with grunts and cries filling the air.
“Move,” you pepper kisses along his neck, “please.”
The first drag of his cock out of your walls then back in has you gasping for air, sliding up on the table as he sets a pace, fucking into you, growling with each thrust into your tight pussy.
His tongue darts out, tracing the seam of your lips before it’s sliding along the roof of your mouth.
When his spit mixes with yours, you moan, trying to move your hips in tandem with his, walls quivering around him, squeezing him in. Your back arches, legs hooking around his waist, a pleasurable shiver running down the length of your spine.
He searches your eyes, cock fully sheathed by your cunt before he purses his lips and lets a long string of spittle slip into your mouth, fingers curling around your neck as he rams his cock into you. You clamp your mouth shut, trying to keep your eyes on the way his lips twitch with each brush of his cock into your walls.
The movement of his pelvis rubbing into yours, heavy cock hitting that spot deep inside you, fingers pressing into the sides of your neck has your pussy clenching uncontrollably before your eyes are scrunching shut as you cum around his cock.
He groans, hips snapping into yours before he’s pulling out, tugging at the head of his cock before he grips the base and shoots all over your stomach, Adam’s apple bobbing as his head lolls back.
The only sounds that fill the air are your loud pants, fingers intertwined with his head resting on your chest.
Back a bit sore, you pat his head and sit up, wincing at the pain.
“Did I hurt you?”
Heart soaring at the soft tone in his voice, you shake your head, the realization that you just fucked in this horribly smelling office on his operating table dawns.
“No,” you glance around nervously, “I—”
“It’s okay,” he smiles, cheeks puffing up, and you would’ve never guessed that that sweet face has a monster cock.
He hands you your panties that was hanging on his computer screen.
“Don’t worry, Y/N,” he pats your thigh, “I’ll help you.”
Tumblr media
a/n: please don’t feel shy to send in feedback, hearing your thoughts serve as motivation :)
talk to my characters
Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome to my library :) here are a few lists I've made (tbh I have so many building up in my drafts I've lost count at this point) filled with fics I've read so far and all the ones I love... I've read so many amazing fics here and sometimes I forget to screenshot it or it gets lost in my likes so I figured making a list where I can just get to it quickly would be better and that's how the lists started so I hope you enjoy them 🖤 please check out the authors blogs and masterlists they have such great fics and I just wanted to thank them for writing these beautiful fics and sharing it with us ♡ just so you know majority of the fics contain smut so if you are a minor (under the age of 18) please do not interact! also I'm a sucker for angst so there's probably alot of angsty fics (what can I say I like that heartbreaking fics with happy endings though 🥺) feel free to recommend me some fics as well if you want or share what you're currently reading I love finding new authors and fics... HAPPY READING EVERYONE ❥
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ, Ⅱ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ, Ⅱ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
↬ Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ
Angst ◇  Fluff  ◇ Smut
Tumblr media
♡ my favourite fics ♡
↬ 1.0
↬ 2.0
↬ 3.0
↬ 4.0
↬ 5.0
Tumblr media
♡ On Going Series ♡
♡ AO3 List ♡
♡ Upcoming fics ♡
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cinnamon bliss ● chapters list
Tumblr media
Summary | Ever since the day he walked through the front door of your cafe hand in hand with his sweet daughter on one gloomy afternoon in the middle of winter, he had captured your heart without him even knowing it. All the time, you had chosen to stay on the sidelines, watching him mend his broken heart in silence while he teaches his own daughter that it was okay to be a kid despite the pain that they shared. You know you shouldn’t be so infatuated with him or let this feeling go any deeper. Because nothing could prepare you when you are forced to watch him move on, completely unaware that he is about to be breaking your heart into pieces.
Tumblr media
➬ Subtitle | The long road home to you
➬ Pairings | Kim Seokjin x reader
➬ Genre | Single Father!Jin, Cafe Owner!reader, Unrequited Love!au, Angst, Future Smut
➬ Ratings | PG-13, +18 / M for Mature; appropriate warnings will be applied on each chapter whenever necessary.
➥ Cross post | AO3 | Inkitt (coming soon!)
➥ Author’s Note | Originally commissioned by @rm4lyf​ ; I have decided to release this one as a drabble series to present the timeline more appropriately and make the storyline work. 
➥ Status/Total word count | COMPLETED / 51,010 words
Tumblr media
➬ Chapters
⇢ chapter i. chance encounter
⇢ chapter ii. array
⇢ chapter iii. autumn leaves
⇢ chapter iv. mortals
⇢ chapter v. vivacious
⇢ chapter vi. dying embers
⇢ chapter vii. drowning-1
⇢ chapter viii. drowning-2
⇢ chapter ix. sweet melody-1
⇢ chapter x. sweet melody-2
⇢ chapter xi. coming home-1
⇢ chapter xii. coming home-2
Tumblr media
➥ Reference Image | Cafe Setting | Story Mood
Tumblr media
➥ Music Companion (link to playlist) | The LOFT - Glass Walls // Katie - Thinking Bout You // JERO - With you // Code Kunst - O (feat. Lee Hi) // Dxvn. - Drowning // Ja¥en x District - dying ember // Angelicca - Your Only One // GATS & Oh Genius - Lost In You // Adrian Daniel​ - Nobody
Tumblr media
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— © 2021 Yoonia, all rights reserved. reposting/modifying of any kind is not allowed. translations are not allowed.
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Hi! I would like to request Seokjin prompts 41, 20, and 8/ Yandere Mafia/ Angst TY!!!
Mad at you || Yandere!Mafia!Jin~
Tumblr media
You can check out my Prompt List and request anything you’d like to see!
8. “I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious”
20. “You’re shaking, why are you shaking”
41. “So now you’re regretting it, huh”
A/N: thank you for requesting! Hope you like it! Sorry if it seems rushed or goes from 0-100 quick tho…
Warning: This contains mafia/yandere themes, such as violence. If you do not like/feel uncomfortable with this kind of content, feel free skip this post.
Pairing: Yandere!Mafia!Jin x Reader (angst + fluff)
Word count: 1.2k
“Why the hell did you do that, Jin?!,” you asked as your boyfriend took off his—now bloody—suit jacket. His eye twitched as he watched your angry expression, his plump lips turning into a thin line as you continued to raise your voice at him.
“He didn’t even do anything! He just looked at me! Are you crazy?!,” you kept yelling. Later that night you had been walking with Jin, hand holding and having a great time. Everything was going smoothly until a young man had bumped into you. His eyes had met yours for a brief moment before he quickly stuttered out an apology, but apparently Jin didn’t like that.
He didn’t like it so much that he had to beat the guy almost to death before you pulled him away from the violent interaction.
“I didn’t like the way he looked at you-,”
“Oh don’t come with that bullshit, Jin. You knew damn well he didn’t intend to do anything, so why the hell did you do that?!,” once again, Jin frowned. Why were you even upset? Were you defending the guy- a stranger, over him?
“You don’t know him, so you can’t say he wasn’t thinking something malicious-,”
“I don’t need to know him to notice he wasn’t going to try anything! It’s common sense, Jin! Apparently you don’t know what that is-,”
“You better watch what you say to me, (Y/N),” Jin snapped, turning to you sternly, shoulders tense and brows furrowed. He pointed his index finger at you as if you were a child being scolded by their father. He was starting to get upset and you could tell.
“Stop all this damn whining at once. What’s done is done,” glaring at you, he kept speaking. “You’re so ungrateful sometimes. Everything I do is for your protection and this is how you act?,” he questioned, his frown only deepening when he heard you groan in annoyance.
“For my protection? I can take care of myself, Jin!,”
“Oh bullshit (Y/N), we both know you wouldn’t bring yourself to slap a perv even if you wanted to,” he snapped, throwing the house keys inside the jar harshly.
And he was right. You couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You felt bad for killing a mosquito, imagine slapping a person. As tough as you made yourself to be, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. So you just stood there, frustrated. He knew you well—too well—and it frustrated you to such a large extent.
“That’s what I thought” he said once you didn’t answer, grabbing your hand and looking you deep in the eyes. “Now let’s just get to bed, I’m-,”
Silence. Not a single word dropped out of either of your mouths, but the silence said it all. Your hand had made contact with his cheek, earning a loud smacking sound. It rang in your ears again and again until you finally realized what you had done. You didn’t mean to, it just happened automatically. You were just too angry.
“That’s what I thought,” those words were what triggered you to do it. Who did he think he was? He wasn’t wrong, but why did he say it so proudly? Why is he so proud to prove you wrong again and again. You never understood why.
He kept his head to the side, the impact of your hand having tilted his face to the direction of the blow. But the moment you pulled your hand back and opened your mouth to apologize, his head snapped back to your direction. His eyes were cold and he only looked at you with an unreadable expression.
“Jin-,” you were cut off by his fist making contact with the table, the strong impact making a few things fall off.
“Shut. Up.” Jin warned, making his way towards you. You on the other hand, were terrified. He had never spoken to you in that way, so you guessed he would never do it, but you were wrong. With every step he took towards you, you stepped another back. His hands were balled up into tight fists and his brows were furrowed into an angry expression.
As you kept stepping back in fear, your feet made contact with one of the table legs, making you trip and fall back. Your body made contact with the cold floor, but your only worry was Jin. So, when you looked up, he was already hovering above you. The moment you saw him extend his hand towards you, you immediately covered your face with your arms. Your body trembled as you waited for the blow to come.
Your heart was pounding in your chest as tears already rolled down your red cheeks, but even after you waited, nothing came. So, you just stayed there. On the other hand, Jin was glaring at you. Never had you ever tried laying a hand on him, so this was absolutely terrible in Jin’s eyes. We’re you trying to fight him or push him away?
He kept staring at your terrified state, trying to understand why you’d ever lay a hand on him when he never touched you in that way.
“I’m… I’m sorry,” you said shakily. Jin raised an eyebrow at this before speaking.
“So now you’re regretting it, huh” He muttered, grabbing your arm and pulling you upwards. His grip was strong against your arms, making you wince. Your body then started trembling violently. You couldn’t understand why, but it did.
This was unnoticed by Jin who just stared at your shaking figure frustratedly.
“You’re shaking, why are you shaking” he demanded, letting go of the sharp grip on your arm. He stared at you intently, suddenly growing quiet.
“Are you… scared of me?,” Jin asked, watching you intensely. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him in the eyes, but instead look at the floor with furrowed brows and glassy eyes.
“Why are you scared?… You know I wouldn’t hurt you, right?…,” he reassured, voice turning soft as he tried reaching for you once again, only for you to pull back.
“(Y/N)….,” he tries reaching for you for the last time, and to his luck, you let him. He brings you close to his chest, arms snaking around your waist as he held you close.
“I didn’t mean to scare you, baby,” his hands started rubbing circles on your back as he felt your tears start soaking his shirt. With a long, big sigh, he pulled back just enough to look at your face.
“I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too precious” you looked at him in the eyes after he said that. A smile grazed his lips as he watched your tense body relax. In all honesty, the fact that Jin had this much effect on you boosted his ego, but he couldn’t stand watching you tremble like this for too long. His heart would break if he ever found out you were only with him because you were scared.
“I… can we go to bed… please, Jin,” you asked quietly, which earned a soft nod from Jin in return.
“Of course baby, let’s go,” but while you made your way into your bedroom, thoughts filled your head. Jin has always been an aggressive man. You knew what his job was, you weren’t stupid. It was only a matter of time until he’d snap at you. All you could do was hope that your nightmare wouldn’t come true.
Tag list: @mwitsmejk
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kookiesbuckethat · 3 months ago
he calls you clingy
Tumblr media
Jin x f!reader
Genre: angst to fluff, hurt/comfort
WC: 1.6k
<series masterlist>
tag list: @awinkies @yzkyzkuniverse @wedarkacademia​ @yiyi4657
Tumblr media
Sitting on the couch, you flip through the television channels as you wait for Jin to arrive home so you two can eat dinner together. As soon as you hear the front door unlocking, you jump up from your seat, rushing to greet him as soon as he walks in through the front door.
“Hey,” you greet him with a smile as you appear in the hallway. “How was your day?” you ask cheerfully. “It was fine. Busy as usual,” he says with a sigh. You frown slightly at his dry response but you brush it off as you follow him into the kitchen. 
To anyone else, it would seem like Jin was acting completely normal, but you know better. Sitting at the table, you keep stealing glances at him as he silently eats dinner. It was unusual for him to be so quiet, and without his usual jokes and puns to lighten the mood, your worry grew until it was too heavy for you to hold in anymore.
“Is everything okay Jin?” you ask him as you place your fork down on the table to give him your full attention. He simply nods his head at you, not even sparing you a glance as he keeps his eyes on his food. “You know you can talk to me, right? I’m here for you-” you try to get him to open up to you but it quickly backfires.
“Can you just leave me alone? You’re being clingy,” he snarls at you, effectively shutting you up. He feels a pang of guilt when he sees your hurt expression, his anger wavering as regret fills his system instead. His concerned gaze remains on you for a moment before he drops his eyes back to the plate in front of him.
Staring at him with wide eyes, you nod your head as you close your mouth, turning back to your food. He had never talked to you that way before and you weren’t sure how to feel about it. But you seemed to have suddenly lost your appetite as you stare blankly at what’s in front of you.
Standing from the table, you quickly excuse yourself, mumbling something about not being hungry. Bringing your untouched plate to the kitchen, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. You knew he was just tired and probably didn’t mean what he said, but it still hurt. His words planted a seed of insecurity in your heart and you were suddenly unsure of how to act around him.
You don’t notice the worried eyes that follow you as you pass by the table to get to the bedroom. As the sound of the door closing echoes throughout the house, Jin lets out a heavy sigh. He didn’t mean to snap at you like that. He had a tendency to push you away when he was stressed or upset and he did it once again. But this time, he might’ve gone too far.
Heading to bed with a heavy weight of guilt and regret on his shoulders, Jin silently climbs into bed next to you. He stares at your back sadly as you sleep facing away from him, wanting nothing more than to pull you into his arms and apologize. But he decides against waking you up, settling for apologizing tomorrow morning when you both will be well rested and in a better mood.
In the morning, Jin hurriedly apologized for his behaviour the previous night, rushing to get ready and not be late for work, “I’m sorry about last night. I was just tired and I lost my temper.” You nod at him in understanding, giving him a small smile as he kisses you goodbye and heads off to work.
But even after Jin apologized, you couldn’t shake the thought that although he said out of anger, there was still truth behind his words. No matter how tired or stressed he was, there must be a part of him that believes you’re clingy for him to say that.
Tumblr media
Later that week, you experience seemingly the worst day of your life. Nothing was going right and it felt like the whole world was against you. You just wanted to curl up in the comfort of your bed and let out all the tears you’ve been holding in all day.
You arrive at home looking absolutely exhausted. Your hair and clothes were out of place, the bags under your eyes were much darker than usual and you just looked miserable and defeated. Seeing your worn out state, Jin immediately rushes over to you at the front door, cooing and fussing over you.
He places his hand under your chin, gently tilting your head up to get a closer look at you. He can feel his heart breaking when he sees the tears building up in your eyes and the slight wobbling of your lips. You looked so sad, and he could see how hard it was for you not to cry right then and there. He tries to pull you into his chest for a hug but you push him away, brushing past him and running into the bedroom. 
Shocked, Jin remains standing by the front door, staring at the now empty spot you were just standing in. You’ve never forced yourself to hold in your tears in front of him, and you’ve never refused his comfort before. Truth be told, you yearned to let Jin comfort you after such a long and hard day, but you didn’t want to come across as clingy. Because even though he had already apologized, it wasn’t enough to ease the insecurity in your heart or mind.
Jin’s heart sinks to his stomach at the realization that you were becoming like him, pushing people away when you needed them the most. Before, he could only imagine how it made you feel when he pushed you away, but now he was experiencing it first hand and it was a feeling he never wanted to feel ever again. He hated seeing you upset, and he hated how helpless he felt when you wouldn’t even tell him why.
But he also knows how it feels to be in your position, so he decides it’s best to give you some space first. Meanwhile, he tries to figure out why you were suddenly acting this way, replaying your recent interactions and behaviours in his head. 
His mind goes back to how he snapped at you earlier this week. He remembers apologizing, but he can’t remember the last time you had hugged or kissed him since that night, at least not without him initiating first. Although he apologized, it was rushed because he had to leave for work and as much as he was truly sorry, his apology must have felt insincere.
Rushing to the bedroom, Jin frantically knocks on the door, “Y/n? Can I come in?” At the sound of his voice, you sit up in the bed, quickly wiping away your tears with your sleeves before he can see, but it was too late. Catching sight of your tears, he quickly approaches you, gently cradling your face in his hands and stroking your cheek with his thumb.
“Why are you crying?” he asks as his eyes dart all over your face, searching for any obvious signs of what’s bothering you. “I just had a bad day,” you say with a shrug, looking around the room to avoid eye contact. He turns your face back to him, staring at you with nothing but worry and concern. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asks softly.
You hesitate for a moment before shaking your head no. “Are you sure?” he tries to coax you into talking to him but you simply nod your head. You knew Jin never failed to make you feel better whenever you were upset, but you didn’t want to bother him. Seeing the conflict in your eyes, Jin sighs as he drops his hands from your face, “Is this because of what I said a few days ago?”
You open your mouth, about to deny it when he cuts you off, “Don’t lie to me, y/n.” You know he can read you like an open book, sighing in defeat as you look down at your hands in your lap. “I know you already apologized, I just-” you try to explain yourself but you stop when he places his hand over yours.
“You don’t have to explain yourself. I gave you a half-assed apology and I shouldn’t have expected that to be enough because it isn’t,” he tells you, angry at himself for not realizing the weight of his words nor the effect they had on you. “I’m sorry y/n, I didn’t mean anything I said that night,” he apologizes sincerely, “And I know I tend to push you away when I’m upset, but I’ll be better from now on. Please don’t push me away too.”
Seeing the guilt and sadness in Jin’s eyes, you nod in agreement before wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug. He wraps his arms around your waist, revelling in the feeling after being deprived of your hugs for almost a week. “I missed you,” you mumble into his shoulder. He laughs at how the two of you were always on the same page, pulling you down to lay on the bed with him. “You took the words right out of my mouth,” he chuckles.
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honeymoonjin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 8.9k || ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut - rated 18+
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ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: threesome agAIN, outdoor sex, exhibitionism, oral (f receiving), fingering, dom!hoseok, dom!namjoon, sub!reader, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, overstimulation, squirting, restricted sensations, physical restraint, very minimal choking
A/N: phEW this one took a wee bit longer but please enjoy ! i can't believe it's already saturday in the villa 0.0
Tumblr media
Yoongi won’t stop grinning down at his eggs. His smile is contagious, tugging at your own cheeks as he keeps trying to hide it with a hand despite it lighting up his whole face.
It started when you stumbled down, still half-asleep, and wished him a good morning.
He smiled then, just a quick one, but he was the only person in the kitchen and your body was still singing with the feeling of him on your lips last night. You stepped forward, shyly tilting your chin up until he got the picture and dipped down, kissing you sweetly and chastely before returning to the smoking bacon.
And now not a single thing the others at the table are discussing seems to make it into his head. He’s tuned out entirely, smile stretching when you pipe up to contribute to the conversation.
You haven’t said the words yet but you kissed him like you love him, and there’s something entirely thrilling about feeling that mutual core of affection. If you squinted, you’re convinced you’d see a thin gold beam of light stretching across the table, tying the two of you together. It feels like pure energy bouncing back and forth without words, this silent secret you both have. You’d stayed up all night fretting and worrying but now, being at the same table as him knowing that he loved you, it’s exciting. It makes you feel hopeful about the future, about the fact that you had him near you for weeks to come at least, and likely more.
It doesn’t surprise you that Yoongi’s grinning like a lovesick idiot over his breakfast when you probably look the exact same.
Jungkook is finally the one to break into the older man’s haze, asking him to pass the plate of toast, and it surprises you to see him frowning, lips tight in a small pout. It smooths out the second that Yoongi smiles at him too, handing over the plate and pointing out the biggest slice for Jungkook to take.
Scooting forward in his chair, Jungkook asks him something you don’t catch, and the two become entrenched in soft-spoken conversation, Jungkook blooming under Yoongi’s sole attention.
Beside you, Namjoon and Hoseok are giggling like schoolgirls as Namjoon funnels food into Hoseok’s mouth, filling his cheeks. Their behaviour has been entirely alien and suspicious to you recently, but you’ve never seen either of them this happy in each other’s company before, so you don’t question it for fear of breaking the mood. You know that being one of only eight people in the house, that you aren’t the only one these men are spending time with, and that the others are certainly growing closer with each other just as you grow close to them. Still, you can’t help but feel out of the loop when you see them, forcing yourself to remember that you’re holding secrets from the group about your lovelife too.
“Elimination day’s drawing closer,” the voice beside you rumbles softly.
It’s Jin, and you’re unsure if it’s him or what he says that makes goosebumps of anxiety prickle across your arms. “Yeah,” you start dumbly, but your heart thuds again when the words sink in. “God, it is too. I don’t even know how I’m meant to…”
He’s making an effort to still be friendly after your… altercation two nights ago, and you appreciate that, but it still feels strange and achy talking to him, having him close. He leans in closer, elbow resting on the table so he can prop up his chin. “How did you decide to vote out Tae? Or me?”
You think back first to that dreadful morning where Taehyung had insisted on being voted out. How different would the competition have been had you chosen someone else? If you’d been able to touch Tae and connect with him longer than the two weeks you got? “I don’t even know,” you answer honestly. “It always feels like an insignificant reason for an important decision. I thought somehow that voting him out, or voting you out, would make things easier on us. But my track record on that isn’t going so well.”
Jin’s chest lifts in a tight breath, but he breathes it out slowly with a nod. “Well, if it wasn’t an important decision, how would you choose? If our feelings weren’t going to be hurt, if it was purely based on the sex. Surely there’s someone who just isn’t doing it for you as much as the others.”
Your cheeks heat as the thought makes you recall the times you’ve shared with all the men sitting around you. Despite them having their own conversations, you feel too exposed to give a name. And, truth be told, you wouldn’t know who to choose even in private.
Nevertheless, Jin senses your hesitance and pats your thigh. “Think about it,” he instructs softly, returning to his half-eaten breakfast, “you still have some to come this week before you choose. You can be selfish, you know. We’re not sex gods or anything, and preferences exist.”
You hum absentmindedly, but you’re already mulling over those words deeply, tuning out of the conversations around you. Everyone had different styles in the bedroom, and you were so thrilled with the variety and the excitement of it that you haven’t even really stopped to consider what your preferences are.
The sex is good across the board, so it’s been too easy to not even really take it that much into account.
You do know for sure that even outside your rapidly blooming feelings for Yoongi, that sex with him feels perfect, equal parts thrilling and comforting. You feel secure and never self-conscious with him. The thought of voting him out twists your heart so sharply that you have to drop your gaze from the table, unable to even see him in your peripheral.
Next in your head is Jimin… Jimin, who had shown you a side of him last night that was so precious and vulnerable and intimate that you can’t imagine voting him out. A month in, and you were still discovering new things with him. When he was softer, your heart melted, and when he pulled out his harder inner dom, it was like a shock of ice to the veins. Neither of those things you wanted to give up.
With three men still to come this week, you have to think back a little further for them.
Namjoon, with certainly a slower start than the rest, never failed to show you a good time. There’s a dynamic with him that you didn’t necessarily have with the others, too. His inexperience only meant that it felt like the two of you were on the same level, learning together about each other. You have a feeling he’s a quick learner, and you have no clue where he might be by the end of the show, but right now being with Namjoon is a different kind of companionship than sleeping with the more proficient men on the show, and you love that.
Speaking of proficient, Hoseok is undeniably the one with the most in-depth knowledge on all things kink, and with him you feel safe exploring things you otherwise wouldn’t. BDSM is more fun than you had realised before coming on the show, and you have a larger repertoire of things you like now. You know if there’s ever anyone that you’d feel comfortable pushing your boundaries with, it would be him. He challenges you more than the others do, but it’s led to some of the most exciting and new sex of your life.
Finally, Jungkook. Jungkook is somewhat of an enigma to you even now. He’s so eager yet secretly very hesitant, and you wonder why he still seems to be tentative with the rest of you despite what you’ve shared. He’s comfortable being physically close, but has yet to really develop strong emotional ties to anyone that you can see. It makes you want to spend more time with him, unraveling all the secrets behind those doe eyes of his, understanding him more. And while you may feel unsure of how he’s doing emotionally, there’s no denying that when it comes to sex, he’s got no qualms. He’s an energizer bunny in the bedroom, and seems the most willing out of anyone to try anything once. He seems to have an insatiable sexual curiosity, one you love indulging with him.
With no sudden revelation to make your upcoming decision any easier, you give up and reach out to finish your coffee, now lukewarm. It takes you a moment to notice the absence of Jin, no longer beside you.
Also missing are the two partners in crime, Taehyung and Jungkook. Frowning at the suspicious sight, you look around to see where they might have gone, only to hear the door shut noisily, followed by tittering.
The three troublemakers careen around the corner back into the kitchen, entirely ignoring the rest of you who are staring in bewilderment.
They have a cardboard box which Jungkook is attempting to wrangle open with his bare hands, eventually defaulting to Jin who slits the tape with some kitchen scissors.
“You guys got delivery?” Hoseok asks incredulously.
In unison, the three heads lift. “Yeah,” Jungkook answers unhelpfully, offering no further information. They’re all too invested in what’s inside the box, gasping as some intimidating-looking tubs and bottles are lifted out, all in plastic wrapping.
An arch appears between Hoseok’s brows as he frowns. “Well, what is it?”
“I’m gonna perm my hair again,” Taehyung states, “I decided last night.”
A laugh bubbles out of your throat. “And it’s here already?”
He just shrugs. “Coupang rocket delivery.” After staring at one of the tubs again, Tae smiles, glancing up around the room. “Anyone wanna help?”
Hoseok shares a look with Namjoon. “We were planning on chilling in the garden today since it’s such great weather. Maybe have a picnic.”
You pause, eyes darting back and forth. On one hand, anything with the two maknaes and Seokjin is bound to be a chaotic time, and you’re extremely curious how Tae will look with tighter curls than his usual. But the picnic is a perfect chance to interrogate Namjoon and Hoseok about what their sudden connection is all about.
In the end, the latter is an opportunity you can’t pass up. “Room for a third at that picnic?” you ask casually, fingers crossed beneath the table.
Hoseok shrugs, Namjoon nodding at you warmly. “Sure thing,” he acquiesces, “I’m gonna make some sandwiches and Hoseok is going to find a picnic blanket if you want to help?”
You narrow your eyes at the academic. “What kind of sandwiches?”
“Probably just ham and cheese or something,” he replies, voice wary. “Why?”
“I don’t trust you with a knife,” you state bluntly, earning a surprised choke from Hoseok, “I’ll come help you.”
“Our saviour,” Hoseok quips before he disappears down the hallway, a distant cupboard opening.
Taehyung, Seokjin and Jungkook disappear to the filmed bathroom, Jungkook pausing on one of the kitchen cameras to show off a tub of bleach, palm splayed behind it to catch the focus, before running off after them.
Only four left, the current crowd doesn’t last long as Jimin leans over to Yoongi of all people with a rakish grin, voice lowering conspiratorially even as it’s perfectly loud enough for you all to hear. “Now, Yoongi-hyung, you and I are due a chat. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the chance to sit down and talk to you one-on-one.”
Yoongi looks for all intents and purposes like a small kitten in headlights, shrinking back into his chair. “Um. Yeah, okay. Here, or…?”
“My bedroom is fine,” Jimin purrs, already standing up, jerking his chin towards the stairs to get Yoongi to follow.
The older man gapes incredulously. “Wait, are- are we fucking?”
Jimin blinks, suave facade slipping. “Huh? I mean, I wasn’t planning to. Do you want me to rail you?”
Yoongi coughs, cheeks reddening as he jerks back in shock. “That’s not what I mean!”
With a flat stare, like he’s unconvinced, the pornstar tips his head to the side. “You’re the one who said it.” A sigh. “Anyway, I was being literal. I want to chat to you in private.”
After a delay, Yoongi stands up, rubbing at his pink face. “If you get your dick out, I’m leaving,” he grumbles.
“Goodness me, your neck must be so sore from having your head in the gutter all day. I’m almost impressed. Hurry up, now, hyung.”
Their ragtag departure up the stairs leaves only you and Namjoon still at the table, and you let out a deep exhale. “Alright, then,” you announce, standing up yourself. “Let’s make these sandwiches. You can be on assembly duty and I’ll cut some slices.”
“Deal,” Namjoon responds easily, and you smile at the natural way the two of you fall in line with each other. It’s been too long since you had a proper chance to talk to Namjoon or Hoseok, both you and them too focused on other people, and you appreciate the time you now have with the former.
“How’re the studies going?” you ask over your shoulder as you rummage through the fridge. “Still doing it?”
“The hustle never stops,” he quips slightly awkwardly like he’s unused to the phrase. “It gives me whiplash sometimes. One moment I’m in a meeting receiving a piece of paper with instructions on how to have sex with someone for that week, and then an hour later I’m in my room trying to track down a specific source for my biography. It’s...peculiar.”
“I get you,” you commiserate, “I mean, not with studying. I don’t know how you do it; I’ve entirely lost grasp of all my commitments outside this house.” Namjoon barks a laugh in return and you smile at the jolly sound of it. “But it’s so strange being here. It’s been long enough that it feels normal, yet I keep getting reminded of just how weird it is. Tomorrow it’ll be a month since we met each other.”
Namjoon, with one hand hovering over a slice of bread, pauses and lets out a slow breath. “It doesn’t feel like a month. Four weeks is nothing, yet-” He cuts himself off, continuing to butter the piece of bread. “I guess you could say the unique situation and stress of being dropped into this show suddenly helped us form really quick bonds with each other. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I’d likely become friends with you all had we been in a regular way of life.”
“And your conclusion is…?” For some reason, your heart thuds anxiously at the thought of hypothetical rejection, even as you understand where he’s coming from.
“Not entirely formed yet,” he finishes. “The only thoughts I have are that I probably wouldn’t have ever really met most of you were it not for the competition, so in that regard we wouldn’t have been friends.” Namjoon pauses to glance down the hallway, continuing when he sees it’s still empty. “Hoseok-hyung, for example. I wouldn’t have ever gone into a sex club. Even if I bumped into him in public, he’s either intimidatingly sexy or intimidatingly happy, so I wouldn’t have the guts to approach him.”
You smile fondly at the subtly panicked tone in Namjoon’s voice, like saying it aloud gives it the power to become true. “But now?” you question softly.
“Now it feels like I’ve had something missing before him. He just gets me. If I’m honest, it’s starting to feel that way for all of you. I’m so used to you all around me now that I’m not really sure what life was like before anymore. I’m worried it’ll feel vacant once the show ends.”
“I worry about that too,” you reply honestly, and part of you is glad you’re not alone in fearing how much things could change, how much they probably will. “I’ve been trying not to think about it.”
“Sorry,” Namjoon breathes reflexively, sheepish grin. “I won’t disturb your peaceful denial any longer.”
You scoff warmly. “Oh, a true gentleman,” you quip, handing him a handful of cheese slices to add to the sandwiches. He’s tracked down some leftover meat, stacking them seemingly without rhyme or reason, though with Namjoon you find that hard to believe.
“I do my- ah, here comes hyung.”
Glancing up, you hear the footfalls of Hoseok a moment before you see him, emerging triumphantly with a poorly-folded lump of bedsheets and the cardboard box Taehyung’s delivery came in, now empty. “This can be our picnic blanket, and here’s a basket.”
“It’s borderline blasphemous to call that a basket, but alright. Are you sure we’re allowed to use those sheets? They might stain green outside.”
“Eh,” Hoseok deflects with an unbothered shrug, leaving the box on the kitchen counter and exiting from the side door that leads to the backyard. “I’ll get us a good spot,” he shouts over his shoulder as he leaves.
“Almost done,” Namjoon adds once he’s gone, wrapping the sandwiches in a paper towel inside the box. “You ready to head out? I just want to pack some water bottles too.”
“Sure thing.” Closer to the fridge, you grab them for him and the two of you head out after Hoseok, spotting his beanstalk figure hopping around on the grass near the patio and barbecue area.
In an oversized tie-dye shirt and baggy shorts, Hoseok looks tiny from a distance, and even when you approach, is far more delicately built than Namjoon. Despite that, he stomps the ground robustly and shakes out the bedsheet in a billow, letting it fall on the grass. “This is the best spot on the lawn,” he decides in a matter-of-fact tone, “come sit.”
Without protest, you and Namjoon make yourself at home on the sheet with him. It’s thin enough that you can feel the texture of the grass below, but nonetheless is perfectly comfortable to stretch your legs out on.
Feeling the sun begin to sink in on the uncovered parts of your body, you let out a deep sigh and close your eyes. You hear the crack of a water bottle being opened for the first time and gulped from, but neither man makes a move for the sandwiches, just content to enjoy the fresh air for a moment.
Your tongue itches with the urge to question them, but blurting it out might spook them and cause them to be put off or guarded, so you simply lean back on your elbows and sit in the comfortable silence, letting them bring up conversation when they’re ready.
One of them lies down next to you, Hoseok by the sound of his grunt of impact as he flops down. Namjoon exhales audibly from above, a low, familiar rumble.
“It’s beautiful out,” you say eventually when neither of them make an attempt to break into the quiet. It’s not like you’re lying; your lungs feel two sizes larger breathing in the open air and the warm rays soothe you. “Shame we can’t go down to the river on a day like this.”
Hoseok hums noncommittally. “I like it here just fine.” You sense a smile in his voice, so you crack an eye open to confirm. He’s on his stomach, chin propped up in both hands with his legs lazily swinging back and forth in the air.
You laugh at the visual, nothing more than breath escaping. “I hope I’m not intruding,” you begin meaningfully.
“Never,” Namjoon responds without hesitation, staring down the bridge of his nose to the two of you lying in front of him. “You’re always welcome.”
Heart warming, you try and tamp down the butterflies and stay focused, letting out a casual shrug. “It’s just that the two of you have been really close lately. If you were wanting some alone time, I understand.”
Hoseok lifts his chin suddenly, turning his head to stare you down with a piercing gaze. He searches your face intently for a moment before amusement begins to glint in his eyes and a smirk forms. “And here I thought you were joining us for the delight of our company.”
“I am!” you defend in a cry, making him laugh. “Seriously! Okay, sure, I wanna be kept in the loop, but if I didn’t want to spend time with you I would’ve just, I don’t know, texted you.”
Still dubious, Hoseok’s grin doesn’t leave his face as he shares a glance with Namjoon. “Well, should we tell her, or should we tell her?”
You frown at the difference in emphasis. The two take no note, noises of consideration mingling.
“Let’s just tell her first,” Namjoon decides after a pause. When Hoseok nods in agreement, the younger man turns to you. “Hoseok-hyung and I are dating.”
You blink, mouth slowly falling open as your brain processes it. More so than surprise at the concept, it’s simply shock at easily Namjoon says it. He states it without inflection, as simple and objective as fact. The recent-virgin academic and the experienced kinkster.
Narrowing your eyes, you stare them down. “Wait- What’s the second thing? Tell me tell me.”
The two of them go silent for a second or two before Namjoon clears his throat, the slightest flush on his cheeks. “Hoseok-hyung and I are, uh, actually just pretending to date.”
This one throws you for more of a loop. It’s so silent outside, not so much as a bird chirp, and you just stare slack-jawed at the two of them. “What?”
Hoseok purses his lips at your incredulous tone. “I know it’s a lot out of nowhe-”
“Why would you need to pretend to date if the- the pretend dating is a secret?” you cut off, mind whirring to connect the dots.
The two partners in crime share a glance. “Well,” Hoseok attempts to explain, “we only wanted it to be partly a secret. Like, hopefully you and the guys were starting to suspect, you know. We were just not-” He stops himself, eyes going foggy. “I’m starting to realise this doesn’t make a lot of sense now that I say it out loud.”
You still have no words, and Namjoon rushes to fill the silence, shifting on the bed sheet with a pained look. “It was my idea,” he divulges, and that is one of the more surprising things of the talk so far, “to experience what it was like without the pressure of it being, you know, real.”
Hoseok frowns a little, biting into his lower lip and sitting up more, tucking his legs underneath him. “Namjoon was beginning to feel left out of- of whatever the rest of you have going on, no offense, and I can’t blame him. We just wanted to have some of our own fun.”
Once again his words makes you pause, but this time it’s to really think it through. You’d perceived them as having gone off on their own, spending less time with you and the others, but really you’d been focused on the other members of the house more than them for a while. You hadn’t properly talked to Hoseok since the incident at his workplace, and Namjoon only really shared a coffee with you some mornings before the others came down.
“I’m so sorry,” you say, humbled by it.
“Don’t be.” Namjoon sends you a warm smile, a genuine one. “I’m not- I’m not mad or anything, and if I’m honest, I don’t think I’d be ready to explore something real yet. This has been a really nice trial run.”
You sit up, on par with the two of them again. “Let me just get this straight; the two of you aren’t dating, just acting coupley to see what it’s like?”
“That’s the gist of it, I’d say,” Hoseok agrees easily. “No romantic feelings, just two guys bein’ dudes with a little spice to it.”
Namjoon smiles tightly, and busies himself with pulling out a sandwich. “Anyone hungry?”
“Starving,” Hoseok gushes, even though he’d made no prior attempt to eat one. He takes at least a third of the sandwich away in a single bite, not pausing to chew. “Chef Na’joon, you’f done i’ again.”
“That’s impolite,” Namjoon rebuffs at the same time as you complain, “I helped make it too!”
Wide-eyed, Hoseok chews the rest down and swallows hard. “Damn. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the oven.”
“That isn’t the-” Namjoon gives up prematurely and defeatedly takes a bite from his own sandwich.
You grin at the two of them, laying yourself back down onto the bedsheets. “You two are like an old married couple.”
“Are you sure you didn’t leave your dentures inside, honey?” Hoseok coos to Namjoon without a second’s hesitation. “It’s hard to kiss you when you’re all gummy.”
Namjoon’s eyes cast skywards like he’s begging the heavens as he mutters something under his breath. “I want a divorce.”
“As long as I get custody over the custom-built sex dungeon,” Hoseok compromises with a dreamy sigh, head tilted up to catch the sun.
Namjoon splutters on a mouthful of bread, coughing violently. With a laugh, you lean over and pat him on the back heartily, unbelievably endeared by his wounded expression. “I told you not to make sex jokes when I’m eating,” he complains.
Hoseok frowns. “You also told me not to make sex jokes when I have my hands on your dick. I’m beginning to think there’s no good time to make sex jokes with you, Namjoon.”
“You’re only just beginning to think?” Namjoon questions with a look of despair.
Before Hoseok opens his mouth, you intervene. “Woah, hold up, rewind: you guys are having sex? I thought the relationship was fake?”
“So what? What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t rail my bro every now and again?”
Namjoon goes pale at Hoseok’s words. He offers no reply, avoiding your gaze with imminent embarrassment.
“Fascinating,” you remark slowly, grinning at the palpable tension between the two of them. “We’ve all truly tangled ourselves up hopelessly in this game, haven’t we?”
Hoseok pauses for a moment, eyes darting past you to the house, across to Namjoon, and back at you again. “Wanna tangle it up some more?”
Your brows lower in interest. “What do you propose?”
“Propose? Y/n, I haven’t even bought the ring yet!”
You reach out to buff his shoulder gently with a cry of indignation. “Hoseok! You know what I mean!”
“Well,” he begins, voice dropping into the lower register that makes your stomach flip on command, “ever since you offered to join us I’ve been picturing the two of us laying you down on the picnic blanket and making you come so hard you see stars in the middle of the day. How about that?”
Your breath hitches, Hoseok looking delightfully intimidating as he leans above you. “I wouldn’t protest,” you respond weakly, heart thudding in your chest.
“Good,” your reply comes in a purr, and you suck in a breath when Hoseok’s hand, cool from the refrigerated water bottle, tucks between your thighs and rests on the tender flesh. He doesn’t push, but instead lets you part them willingly for him.
“Namjoon,” Hoseok continues without taking his eyes off of you, “want to do the honours of tasting her first?”
Your hand reaches out to lock around Hoseok’s wrist, not to pull him away but to anchor yourself, feeling floaty at just how suddenly the mood has changed. You see Namjoon shifting closer, face still soft with shyness.
“Joon,” you call quietly, biting your lip at how needy you sound already. With your free hand, you reach out to him. He leans forward, letting your fingers link together, and lifts your ankle up to kneel between your legs.
Instead of dropping your leg to the side, he sends you a warm, sensual look and lowers his lips to the sensitive flesh of your inner ankle, pressing a single kiss there. Your breath hitches, and you see a smile peek out before he moves slightly upwards, kissing you there too.
Inch by inch, he lines the inner side of your leg with butterfly kisses, chaste but intentioned. There’s a slight breeze in the air, but still you feel like a furnace, the muscles in your thighs trembling at the suppressed desire.
When he gets close enough to your core that you feel his hair brush against your opposite leg, you no longer have the energy to hold your head up, letting it fall lax against the bedsheet.
From this angle, you can see the expanse of open blue sky, which is quickly blotted by Hoseok himself, leaning over you with a heavy look in his eyes. Namjoon’s lips have reached as far as they can go on your exposed leg, and you suck in a sudden breath as he hooks his finger in the waistband of your shorts, flicking open the button and fly and pulling them gently down, panties coming off in unison.
Hoseok’s fingers lazily trace the line of your cheekbones and jaw, and you stare wide-eyed up at him as he draws in close, casting you in shadow. “Close your eyes,” he whispers, “I want you to really feel it.”
It’s not said with great volume or force, but you obey his command without hesitation nonetheless, lips parted in anticipation. What you aren’t expecting is a pressure against your ears as he uses both hands to block them, until all you can hear is the natural thrum of his body like a distant sea.
You fight the urge to open your eyes in surprise, but you can’t suppress the jump you get when you suddenly feel the lightest flick of a tongue against your inner thigh, a breath away from where you want it most.
You feel the exhale against your core as Namjoon presumably chuckles, and your back arches slightly off the ground, wanting to guide yourself to him more. There’s a muffled murmur that you can’t make out, followed by a reply, and heat flushes through you at the thought that they’re probably talking about you. You’re right beneath them, yet you can’t hear them discuss you.
You get a fright again at the next touch, but this time it isn’t as fleeting. Namjoon dives in, dragging the tip of his tongue up you to part your folds, catching on your clit. Your legs seize up, but he’s still got a hold on one of your ankles, and pushes back so that knee folds against your chest. You’re spread wide for him, unable to wriggle out of it, unable to even see or hear what’s going on, and you couldn’t be more turned on by it.
All you can discern of Hoseok is his hands cupping your ears, but you can picture him now, staring intensely down at where Namjoon’s face is buried in your pussy. The academic doesn’t hold back, and if you weren’t so aroused you’d be jealous Hoseok had deprived you of that sight.
It’s clear that the older man must have been divulging wisdom over their extended shared time together, and it pays off with every lash of Namjoon’s tongue. It isn’t the first time he’s been between your legs, but that hesitance has been replaced by indulgence and prowess.
Perhaps it’s the excitement of being so explicit outside, with the sun beating down on you, or perhaps it’s Namjoon’s sudden gift, but the pleasure pools in you much faster than usual, building almost instantly.
Your clitoris throbs when unattended, twitches when the texture of Namjoon’s tongue laves over it. He has a hand resting on your mound, the thumb of which is holding the hood back so it’s fully exposed, and every second of contact feels like an electric shock. It’s bordering on the edge of being too intense, but somehow the restricted sight and hearing, coupled with the strong grip Namjoon has on your ankle keep you grounded, and you arch deeper into it, resulting in the vibrations of a moan against you.
Since Namjoon’s tongue first descended on you, you’ve been unable to hold back your moans and whimpers, but they resonate within you instead of from outside, sounding like you’re underwater. Over time, they get louder and louder, and it’s like being hotboxed inside your own pleasure. You can’t imagine what it must sound like for the two men without restrictions, but neither of them complain.
One side of your head is alleviated in pressure briefly, and you catch a breath in your throat as Hoseok’s lips brush against that ear, teeth darting out to tug at your lobe before he addresses you. “We want to watch you come, princess,” he declares, “let go for us.”
Even as you’re well on your way to a climax already, Hoseok’s command lights a fire within you, and you clench around nothing, feeling empty. Namjoon’s tongue stiffens, picking up the pace and doubling down on you. Your leg jerks, but he doesn’t budge, holding you open with a strength he so rarely demonstrates.
You have to squeeze your eyes shut in order not to open them, and your back can’t stay stable on the ground. More rumbles surround you, and you can’t work out which one belongs to who, but once again the mere concept of it has you dripping and trembling, so deftly pinned between them.
Instead of a straight runway, the path to your edge hooks suddenly. In one moment, you’re enjoying the build-up, and then Namjoon sucks your swollen clit into his mouth with a drawn-out hum, and you feel your orgasm pulse through you like a bomb blast. Your body seizes up so tightly that he has to press down on your lower abdomen to hold you there, and you almost hit him as your hands instinctively fly down to grab at something, anything.
You end up burying your hands in his hair as you cry out hopelessly, truly taken off-guard by how viciously the pleasure wracks your body. Your eyes prick behind closed lids as he continues to lap at you, and before long you’re attempting to wriggle away desperately as oversensitivity sharply replaces arousal.
Hoseok’s hands leave your ears, and you gasp in a breath as sound returns in full bore. He’s praising you as the obscene slurping noise below continues, and instead of helping free you from the onslaught, a deft hand slips under your jaw and delicately but firmly holds you down by the throat, head tipped up so that even as you blink your eyes open, all you can see is him.
“Hobi,” you stutter out as the other man shifts to wrap both arms around your thighs, locking you in place on his mouth, “t-too much.”
“That’s not how you address me.” His face is lacking the jovial nature of before. Now, all you can see is the harsh lines and intelligent stare of the dom inside him. “You looked so pretty coming, we want you to do it again.”
“I can’t,” you insist frantically, writhing around fruitlessly as needles of oversensitivity prickle your nerves. Namjoon’s tongue stings you, mercifully avoiding your clit itself, but refusing to let up on eating you out. “Fuck, please, I can’t, master!”
“You will,” Hoseok replies, no room for disagreement. “Namjoon; two fingers.”
Tears creep up again as Namjoon releases one of your legs, digging between them. He lifts his mouth off you for a singular moment of relief before he’s sinking his fingers inside you, twisting them in a search for the spot that’ll make you go crazy. He finds it before long, and you moan lowly as he rubs it in shallow thrusts, making you feel overfull even with only two fingers inside you.
Your moment of respite is short-lived, however, as occupying your folds means that Namjoon’s tongue has to go somewhere else. You jerk like you’ve been electrocuted when it finds your sensitive clit again, circling it, but beneath the barrage is an undercurrent fueled by the dual stimulation. It’s too much, yet… You find yourself craving more of that deeper pleasure, body torn between escaping Namjoon and seeking him out.
One of Hoseok’s fingers lifts up over your jaw, toying with your lower lip. His hair is hanging down, exposing his forehead from below, and you sob at the line of focus between his dark brows. “Help,” you cry weakly, barely even sure of your own words, “it’s too- please.”
Hoseok gives a small smile, and for a moment you think he’s about to free you from the overwhelming sensations, but then he opens his mouth. “Three.”
The stretch of Namjoon’s thick fingers feels impossible to take when your core muscles are tightening relentlessly, but he manages to fuck them into you nonetheless, and your body is so awash with sensation that you feel like you’re dying.
Something akin to fear soaked in arousal floods your system when you feel a second orgasm approaching. You dread it even as you’re crying out for it, and you barely catch Hoseok questioning your colour. You manage to choke out confirmation before you succumb to shivers that grow in intensity with every flick of Namjoon’s tongue.
There’s a pressure inside you. It builds more tangibly than your first orgasm, filling you from the inside, and as Hoseok tightens his grip just slightly on the sides of your throat, your eyes widen at the realisation of what’s to come.
You attempt to call out their names, but you can’t even manage a syllable without moans breaking through. Your breaths become shorter and louder, legs tensing and untensing as you try to hold it back, but there’s no way you can fight the ruthlessness of Namjoon’s fingers and tongue.
With a strangled cry, the floodgates burst open and you’re cumming with a gush. Namjoon finally slows down, simply rocking his fingers inside you to wring out every last drop, and you sob in relief even as your body still twitches from the force of it.
Hoseok’s hand is lifting off of your throat and brushing your hair back, but your eyes have slipped shut, overwhelmed tears slipping down your temples. He wipes them away with his thumbs as they come, and down below Namjoon massages your shaky thighs and presses sweet kisses to your lower stomach.
Heat pools around you, and you flush at the realisation that you must’ve soaked the bedsheet, and probably half of Namjoon too. He doesn’t make any complaints, however, out of breath himself.
“What a good girl you were for us,” you hear Hoseok praise warmly, “coming so beautifully like that. How are you feeling, princess? When you have enough energy, you should drink some water. Replace those fluids, hm?”
You whine in embarrassment, too exhausted to really feel it but blushing nonetheless. “Fuck, you two are demons together.”
Behind closed eyes, you can picture Hoseok grinning rakishly at Namjoon. “My young grasshopper is learning well, isn’t he?”
Namjoon’s flustered laugh graces your ears and tickles the skin of your stomach, and he sits up after one last chaste kiss on your hipbone. His hand slides down to rest lazily on your shin, keeping you grounded. “I hope it wasn’t too much,” he says with an inflection of concern.
You huff out a breath and lift yourself up onto your elbows, cracking one tired eye open. “I mean, it was, but in a surprisingly good way.” His face glows in relief, and you certainly aren’t lying. It’s been a long time since you’ve been really pushed like that, and while it’s no surprise Hoseok was involved, Namjoon has proven quite the dark horse.
“I’m glad to hear it,” he says warmly, and your heart races when he suddenly leans in to brush his lips across yours, kissing you sweetly. When he pulls back, his cheeks are a deep pink, and he avoids your gaze. “We should get you inside out of the sun.”
The reminder that you’re outside, half-naked, and lying in a pool of your own creation makes you groan. “Shit, I can’t even feel my legs.”
Hoseok makes a dismissive noise, reaching out to grope Namjoon’s right bicep. “That’s what these are for.”
You scoff, but make no protest. The pair of them help you scoot over to a dry patch of bedsheet and help dress you. You wince as your panties slide on, feeling uncomfortably wet against you. Hoseok does up your shorts button with a flourish, patting your side like you’re a truck ready to take off.
Being lifted into Namjoon’s arms after all the energy has been wrung from your body feels delightful. You’re still feeling a little post-orgasm clingy, and having a strong man to latch onto is hitting the spot just right. He’s got you secure against his chest, with one arm under your butt and the other around your back in case your grip around his shoulders fails.
You hum in content as he marches you carefully towards the back sliding door, burying your face in the crook of his neck. If you weren’t careful, you could fall asleep in his embrace, and boy is it tempting.
When he pauses, and you hear the door open, you peek up, checking if the coast is clear. From your awkward angle, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone there, but your relief is short-lived. Namjoon turns to shut the door behind him and Hoseok, and over his shoulder you get a full view of the living room, where the remaining five men stare at the three of you, none of them making any attempt to hide the fact that they’re all posted by the windows.
Most of them are scattered around closer to the glass (Taehyung has ridiculously large folds of aluminium foil covering his hair, rustling when he turns to look at you all), but Yoongi’s on the couches behind. He smirks at you without shame, raising his brows in question.
You tighten your koala grip around Namjoon as he turns again, giving an awkward greeting to the others and making his way to the hallway. Wriggling around, you glare over your shoulder at the doctor. “Not a word,” you hiss, but you worry your current predicament doesn’t help with taking you seriously.
Hoseok brings up the rear, and you bury your head back into the safety of Namjoon’s collarbone when you hear the distinct slap of a high-five.
You barely manage to get out of your shorts and shirt before collapsing into bed in your panties, and a shower is out of the question. Within ten minutes of settling under the covers, you’re out like a light.
It’s past sunset when you awaken, and you curse at the realisation that you’ve certainly fucked up your sleep schedule for the night. Hunger twists your stomach, and you stumble out of your bed on still-weak legs, redressing in the same crusty clothes to make your way downstairs for some food.
Taking your phone with you on the way, you suck in a breath at just how late it is. Well after midnight, you’ve managed to get a full night’s rest in the middle of the day. Were it not for the whole Villa apparently knowing you got absolutely wrecked in the backyard, you would be surprised no one had woken you.
Instead, you’re kind of grateful for the long, uninterrupted rest. You still feel a little groggy, and suspect if you’re lucky you’ll be able to go back to bed in an hour or so, but it feels like you’ve done a hard reset and woken up on a clean slate.
As a bowl of leftovers spins in lazy circles in the microwave, you let your mind wander with a little more clarity than before.
Today - or, you suppose, yesterday - you had some incredible, intense sex with two people you care deeply about. You did the same thing in a very different way with Jimin and Taehyung the day before that. Yoongi never misses in the bedroom, and you look forward to Jungkook every week. You miss actually getting to be close to Jin and Taehyung properly, but in the time you had with them, they didn’t disappoint either.
By now, a month in, all of them had to know that they were in no sense bad at sex. If they were observant enough like you, they’d also realise that all of you had a connection that ran deeper than just the sex, and it wasn’t really something that could be ranked.
So your choice, quickly approaching, isn’t as egregious as you’ve been fearing it to be. Maybe Jungkook would royally fail his prompt, or maybe you’d decide that one of the scenes this week was less your taste. Maybe one of them would make a cheeky remark before the meeting and you could boot them in revenge.
You let out a small laugh, the microwave beeping its completion. What did it even matter?
You’d take the connection you and Taehyung shared over meaningless sex, you’d rather have Jin holding back out of respect and care than him railing you seven ways to Sunday but not looking at you otherwise. And when it inevitably comes down to it, you know that it’ll be the same with all of them.
Having feelings for them didn’t have to mean that voting them out would be some great offense or attack. Rather, you could rest assured that the love and affection was there still, and would be waiting for you after the show wrapped up.
Hissing at the hot steam exiting the bowl, you stir its contents, feeling a little more hopeful. There’s certainly no way you can really ensure that all of you will stay together after the show, but as time goes on it’s feeling more tangible. And the angst you’ve been feeling over the past week is in some ways just wasting the time that you could otherwise be spending enjoying their company.
Resolving to be more positive going forward, you pick up your chopsticks and dig in.
“Mind if I join you?”
You jump, almost dropping the bowl in your surprise. Behind you, rubbing at his eyes sleepily, is Taehyung. “What are you doi- Tae! Your hair!”
He winces, like he’s expecting a bad reaction, but you’re blown away by the change, and how good it looks on him. Gone are his dark, floppy waves. The sleek spaniel coat is now more poodle-like, tightly permed curls floating weightlessly around his head in a near-halo. It’s lighter, too, like he’s half-bleached it. Not blonde, but instead a sweet honey gold. It looks insanely endearing, and immediately your fingers twitch with the urge to fluff it up. “Is it okay?” he murmurs, biting on his lip.
“It’s gorgeous,” you coo, “look at you. So pretty. But what are you doing up, Tae?”
He warms, stepping forward in his socked feet, robe haphazardly tied around his waist. “You like it? I was just going to the bathroom and I heard the microwave.”
“Sorry,” you apologise, pushing the still-steaming bowl and chopsticks away like it’s betrayed Taehyung.
He shakes his head, causing the gentle cloud of hair to stir slightly. “I wanted t’ see you,” he confesses, wetting his lips.
You beam, reaching out to tug him into a hug, relishing the contact. He was the perfect person to cuddle, and still warm from his bed. When you pull away, he sways on his feet. “Do you wanna share? I just heated up whatever was left from dinner since I slept through it.”
Taehyung refuses with another shake of his head. “I’m fine. I just wanted to…” He trails off uncertainly, gaze lifting to stare at the blinking red light of the kitchen camera. “I’m fine.”
Suddenly, you feel an ache inside you opening up a crevasse. The hug was enough to unravel your heart strings a little, but now you just yearn for more. And if the vulnerable way he watches you is anything to go by, fiddling with his bottom lip and frowning slightly, he does too.
A light bulb illuminates inside you for a moment. Risk for reward. Keeping the game in context. You shouldn’t. But-
“Taehyung,” you state softly. His eyes snap up to yours again from where they’d drifted, and he makes a noise of acknowledgement. “You know the rules, right? About you getting kicked off if you don’t touch me?”
His brows knit together and he recoils a little. “Yeah. I know.”
“And how the rules are… not so harsh for me,” you continue. “You choose what I wear for 24 hours, that’s fine, and then I just have to hang with Sejin for a while.”
Taehyung eyes you warily. “Hang with him? You get handcuffed to him.”
“Anways,” you power on, “that doesn’t matter, I just- I want to ask you something.”
The masseuse sucks in a breath, and leans back against the countertop like he needs it to stay standing. Hands clutching the edge, almost as if he knows what’s coming. “Ask away.”
You bite your lip, feeling your heart race in your chest at the prospect of what you’re about to propose. “Tae. If I kissed you, would you be able to not touch?”
All the air rushes out of his lungs as he squeezes his eyes shut. He stays like that for a moment, face pained, considering. You feel equal parts dreadful and hopeful, but you’re so sick of being so close to him and holding back for a rule on a game show that means nothing in the long run, not really.
His silence stretches an eternity. Eventually, his eyes open, balefully. “I’m scared to risk it,” he answers in a low rumble. “I don’t wanna go.”
You swallow, pressing your lips together to contain your emotion. You reach forward, slowly so as not to startle him, and let your fingers slip over the backs of his hands to pin them to the countertop. You’re so close to him that you can feel the warmth coming off of him, and you tilt your chin up, torn by the way his eyes storm over.
“I don’t want you to go either,” you vow, “but I miss you. I want you. If I hold you like this, you won’t touch me. I trust you.”
“Y/n,” he whispers, and your name on his tongue sounds like a prayer. “Kiss me.”
You’re surging up, on tiptoes to reach him first, finally you’re joined again. He lets you control it, pliant and willing beneath you, and you tighten your fingers around his hand desperately as you kiss him. You can taste the slightest tone of mint from his toothpaste, but beyond that he’s so wholly Taehyung that you feel close to tears.
The thought of punishment fades to nothing. All you know, and all you feel is him, and it’s more than enough. The time apart is worked away under your lips until nothing separates you, and when he tilts his head to the side to deepen the kiss, it feels like ecstasy. He kisses you like he’s writing love letters with his mouth, ones only you can decipher. You’re heady with it, hands wanting nothing more than to leave their post and cradle his face, or fluff his hair, or slip beneath his robe to feel the sear of his skin on yours. You force yourself to stay still, pressing your body closer to his instead.
When he kisses you like this, you don’t regret voting him out, because the distance has only made it that much richer, flush with meaning and adoration. It sustains you, and even as you hunger for more, you feel like you could go on weeks from this one touch alone.
His hands twitch beneath yours, and you push down harder, making a small noise against his lips. The sound is swallowed between you, but he huffs an apology all the same, relaxing under your secure hold. It’s a seesaw game of giving everything in his kiss, and holding back everywhere else, and your heart races at the heightened stakes of it. While the game itself wasn’t the be-all-end-all, you’d be devastated to have Taehyung ripped from the show, from you and all the others in the house that held him dear. Most of all, you grip onto his hands tightly for Taehyung’s own sake.
The time is taken from you too soon, an angry vibration ringing through the air, cutting you off. You pull away, bewildered at the sound of an incoming phone call after two in the morning.
Taehyung blinks like he’s being awoken from a stupor, and gently slips his hands out from under yours to pat at his face. “Who is that?”
Confused, you reach out and grab your buzzing phone off the countertop. On the screen, a very familiar name is dialing you. “Oh god,” you mumble lowly. Swiping across, you place the phone on speaker so Taehyung can listen in.
“My office, the both of you,” Sejin’s voice announces, “immediately.” A single, flat beep indicates he’s hung up, and the consequences of your actions crash onto you in that following silence like a bucket of seawater.
“You don’t think..? He wouldn’t count me kissing back as… Right?”
Your veins run cold with dread at the look of genuine fear on Taehyung’s face. Feeling whiplash, you shake your head numbly. “I guess we go find out.”
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Jealousy - OT7 CEO au Drabble part 8
Tumblr media
TW: Sexual harassment
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“We need boundaries, at work you’re my bosses not my boyfriends so that means no touching,” you look pointedly at the maknaes who pouted and rolled their eyes.
“No teasing,” you look at Yoongi, Jin and Hobi.
“And no pet names,” you finish your speech by looking at the lead CEO who clenched his jaw a little.
“We’re not even that bad,” Taehyung scoffs under his breath which you hear, giving him a stern look when you do.
“Are you kidding me?” You say out of gritted teeth. “What the hell was that out there?”
They all look away quietly, muttering poor excuses for their behaviour, cheeks starting to turn red. How the tables turn...
“If it was just one of you I maybe could understand,” you continue. “But all of you? How on Earth am I supposed to go back out there and work?”
You’re so frustrated your hands clench into fists, anger boomed through your veins with each beat of your heart. You groan as you remember, hands rising to your face to muffle the sounds of annoyance. Where could you hide for the rest of the day...
“Baby girl, we’re sorry,” Namjoon says sincerely, he hates seeing you upset with them. He’d hold back their own reasonings behind their action until you were ready to listen for now he needed to make things okay. Unfortunately some of the others weren’t on the same page.
“Flower you didn’t see it from our perspective,” Taehyung complains childishly, annoyed that they were in trouble. Jungkook elbows him in the rib to be quiet, the rest of them freezing as their eyes turn to you.
You stop breathing for a moment and the air around you stills in disbelief. When your hands come away from your face the CEOs think they can see a vein nearly popping from your head, if looks could kill they’d be long buried.
“He was helping me with the printer Kim Taehyung,” you nearly snarl, your tone making them wince. They noted the lack of nickname from your lips, they were in more trouble than before. “You all came over one by one and treated him like he was harassing me! It was so unprofessional!”
“He was standing too close to you and he was touching your back!” Taehyung argues back unwavering in his own conviction. “You didn’t see the look in his eyes.”
“Regardless...” you sigh, the frustration made you want to cry. “There was a better way to handle it.”
“Kitten...” Yoongi starts to try and soothe the atmosphere.
“No, no pet names,” you say stubbornly putting your foot down. “I don’t want people to know about us! I don’t want them to say I abused my position for my job or that I flirted my way to getting a promotion. Start paying less attention to me at work and start treating your other female employees more fairly!”
“You... want us to give other women more attention?” Jimin asks slowly to make sure he’s understood but his brain goes blank with how ridiculous it sounds.
“Just treat them like they exist!” You find this so exasperating, it wasn’t hard to understand. You don’t mean to storm out of the office, but you didn’t want to continue the conversation at that moment, you’d just go round and round in circles. You stop in your steps after a few stomps, thankful no one was there to witness it.
You take a deep breath before turning around, intention of going back into say one final thing but they were all already at the door.
“And apologise to Alex,” you say firmly before leaving them for your desk.
You ignore the stares as you sort out the paperwork at your desk, keeping your face as neutral as possible. You were so angry, so frustrated, so embarrassed. Every time you blinked you could see the scene replay in your head again and again.
The way Jimin took your colleague’s wrist in his hand and removed it from your back with a glare that made your heart drop. Jungkook sizing him up as Alex stuttered by the shock that his bosses were acting irrationally and intimidating over you. The argument that ensued attracted everyone’s attention including the rest of the CEOs.
Hobi nearly fired the poor guy, you have to stop the groan from slipping through your lips again as it replays in your head. You take a seat with a frown now on your face, sighing as you stare mindlessly at the computer unable to focus. You were going to push it down until you got home and save it for the weekend where you could unleash hell.
You take a sharp intake of breath as you notice two figures in your peripheral vision. Were they serious...? Taehyung and Jimin were walking towards you but you kept your head down as you pretended to read a form you’ve already checked twice. You hold your breath as they reach you, fingers clenching around your pen, but they walk right pass.
You resist the urge to turn your head in confusion, the only reason the maknaes ever came into this workspace was for your attention.
“Hi... Seulgi, we were just wondering how the files were coming for the SM deal?” You can hear Jimin’s signature smoulder smile in his voice without seeing it.
Your colleague stuttered in shock when CEO, who definitely only just learnt her name from the plaque on her desk, spoke to her directly for the first time since she started 4 years ago. You want to massage your head over the headache your boyfriends were causing you today. You know you said to treat everyone a little more fairly but not this soon after making a scene and not this obviously.
“This looks great,” you hear your favourite deep voice say in his best professional proud manner. You can’t explain the little twinge in your chest, chastising yourself that you were upset the praise wasn’t directed at you like normal. You asked for this and you knew it was for the best.
Things were messy since you all started dating, the first few weeks were great, but then issues you started having at work made their way home during dates. It was like a fairytale at first, a secret between the 8 of you, the shy smiles and glances in front of your other colleagues, the soft touches between you that said the words they couldn’t it loud for others to hear. Soon they became worried that you didn’t want to make it public, and you argued the only reason they wanted to make it public was so your male colleagues would back off, not realising how isolating it would be for you when all was revealed.
They respected your decision, of course, but it did leave them on edge. You asked them to back off at work and they did, they tried their best to, but you were oblivious to the men you worked with who took a less than innocent interest in you. Too many times they’ve walked into a room where they heard your name spoken in sleazy tones, voices suddenly silent at their arrival. From what they could gather, the previous rumours that surrounded you all from Suran a month ago were still circulating and apparently that made you easy game for the assholes that worked in the company. After all, if you were screwing 7 men you wouldn’t have a problem screwing them all. What they probably realised after today’s event was that they may have unintentionally proved those rumours true even though they were not.
Taehyung glances over at you as discreetly as he could, wishing your anger away, before scouting the room. They needed to see how bad the damage was with everyone else, even though they only really cared about the damage they created with you. They just knew whatever their employees thought or felt about the situation would come back to you and it would cause another argument.
You tolerate their voices for about a minute before you decided you were not going to sit hear and listen to it. Jimin started giggling at something your colleague said and even though this was what you asked you couldn’t stop the anger boiling in your chest. Were your boyfriend’s idiots? Couldn’t they just give you a little space for a second? You don’t look their way when you get out of your seat, picking up the empty mug on your desk and trying not to stomp as you made your way to the break room. You couldn’t breathe you were so frustrated.
You missed the way Jimin and Taehyung’s froze when you stood, glancing at each other worried. Jungkook told them this would be a bad idea but they just wanted to see if you were okay, and they thought if they did what you asked at the same time everything would be alright, you’d forgive them. It backfired badly, the younger CEO looked at his friend with panic and despair, how do they fix this? They don’t notice Seulgi grow quiet as her gaze flicks between the two, or the way she looks shocked when they both walk away without a word good bye.
They look downtrodden the whole way back to their office, meeting the maknae’s disapproval when they walk in, but he doesn’t say a word and for that they’re grateful. They’d give you some space, even though it was killing them.
“I don’t like her being angry with us,” Taehyung mumbles which makes the others sigh. The older CEOs were all at meetings, the younger men didn’t understand how they could focus when your relationship was in this state.
“I think we just made it worse,” Jimin pouts as he speaks, annoyed with himself for giving into the urge to see you even though he knew it wasn’t the right thing at this time. Jungkook bites his lips nervously, arguments and misunderstands were normal in a relationship but they still had the rest of the day to get through before they could go home and fix it. ——————————————————————————
You finally feel like you can breathe now you’re away from your bosses and colleagues. You run your fingers through your hair in frustration as the kettle boils in front of you. Your hands come to grip onto the counter as your thought run away out of your control, you wanted to leave this until you got home. Didnt they realise how embarrassed you were from that spectacle? Did they even care or understand?
They weren’t on the same level as you were, they were the CEOs, they didn’t have to deal with consequences like this, you did. You groan out loud.
You swiftly turn round to the voice that entered the break room as he closed the door and stepped towards you.
“H-Hey,” you stutter, caught completely off guard as he smiles at your panicked form. “Alex I am so sorry, I don’t even know what to say.”
You feel complete shame, it was crippling. All you wanted to do was go home and cry alone right now, but you still had an entire day of work to deal with, and your pride was too high to call it quit and leave early. You’re surprised to see him sheepishly smile at you as he approached.
“It’s fine Y/n,” he chuckles.
“No it’s really not,” you groan, eyes starting to water after being held back for so long.
“Well…” he hesitates for a second. “You could always make it up to me.” His smile is still in place, but there’s something else behind his eyes as he says it, something suggestive but not outright. You freeze, maybe you’re reading into it too much, the words of your boyfriends playing more of a trick in your mind than you thought.
But the way his hand comes to stroke your arm has you realising they were right. You swallow the feeling of uncomfortable dread and it sinks down your body as it enters you.
“I’m not interested Alex,” you reply, removing his hold from you, hoping he’d back off but he just laughs. He doesn’t look at you like they do, he looks at you like a prize, and that’s how you know you don’t feel safe.
“Come on Y/n if our bosses reacted like that you’ve got to have something special going on down there,” he laughs as he glances down to your skirt making you seize up in front of him. Your cheeks are burning, nothing like what they do when your boyfriends tease you, your blood was pumping anger and shame.
“What I’m not a good enough fuck for you when you have seven CEOs?” He sneers disgustingly. “Always knew you were a whore y/n, should’ve known you were a gold digger too.”
A slap wouldve hurt less, and if anyone saw the shock on your face they’d think he had. Was this really what people thought of you? You can’t stomach the words that loudly mocked you on repeat, of course that’s what they thought.
You feel sick as you push past him for the door, but once you’re in the corridor you don’t know where you’re supposed to go. You want to go to their office, you want to bawl your eyes out and tell them everything, but you don’t. You don’t even see Yoongi or Hobi looking at you with a frown as they leave their meeting, tears were blurring your vision. You don’t see how their features turn into panic as you ran into the nearest filing room and locked the door.
Theyre immediately on your heels, the door slamming in their faces as they hear the bolt slide across. Their palms are already slamming down on the wood calling after you. What the hell made you look like that?
“Sunshine?” Hobi shouts through the door. “Sunshine what’s wrong?”
The look he gives Yoongi when they hear your muffled cries borders from worry to full blown terror.
“Sunshine it’s us can you open up please?” He pleads but is met with no answer.
“Kitten open the door!” Yoongi commands with his jaw set, sounding harsher than he intended. You don’t reply, all they can hear is your crying.
“Call the others.”
You don’t leave the filing room for the rest of the day, you cried until you felt empty, now you were just numb sitting on the floor with your back against the door. The men hadn’t left the other side since they saw you come in or heard what had happened.
Voices were calling to you trying to coax you out. This part of the building was now off limits to anyone inside, just so they could focus on you without anything else getting in the way. Through the glass they could see their employees leaving, they didn’t realise how much time had passed since you locked yourself in.
“She hasn’t eaten anything all day,” Jin sighs as he frowns. Until you opened the door they were helpless, they had never felt that emotion like this before, like the entire world was ripped out from under them and they were falling without hope of landing. Not until you opened that damned door.
“Flower please,” Taehyung tries again for the thousandth time. He knelt on the ground so his knees were pressed against the door, forehead resting against it too, all to desperately feel a little closer to you.
“What the hell actually happened?” Namjoon growls again even though he’s heard the story repeated a hundred times, he just can’t make sense of it. You walked into the corridor in tears and locked yourself away. “Someone must have said something to her.”
“We didn’t see anyone else but we didn’t stick around to when she left like that,” Yoongi grumbles.
“Y/n open the door!” Namjoon shouts through the wood, making the others flinch. He was angry, he wasn’t in control and it was killing him. Someone hurt his baby girl and he didn’t know who or how, but he made an oath he would make them pay.
“Hyung don’t shout at her,” Jungkook mumbles through his tears, he couldn’t stop crying since he ran here with the other maknaes. Jimin was pacing, arms crossed as he waited. Hoseok was the only one who thought to go and check the security cameras, Jimin would keep his cool until they heard from him, but his cool was tethering away minute by minute.
“Noona,” the others hated it when Jungkook cried, but they couldn’t blame him, not when they were close to it themselves. “Noona please let us in.”
“We’re not leaving until you open the door flower,” Taehyung tries to sound strong but his voice is heavy and deeper than usual, giving away how close he is to breaking.
They just want to hold you. You just wanted to crawl into their arms and let it be over, but the words that your so called colleague said were haunting your mind, burying you under them. You just wanted to be alone, it wasn’t the best idea, but it was what you wanted.
Your phone buzzes from beside you, it had been buzzing a few times but you ignored it, this time you finally looked. Three missed calls from an unknown number, and now an email that came through on your notifications from a favourite contact. The lead CEO of e.Xo… you put him as a starred contact while you worked on their contract with BTS. You don’t know why you open the email, work habit you guessed, a distraction possibly too.
Dear Miss L/n,
I hope you don’t mind calling during work hours. I’m sure you are busy and unable to pick up our calls, I just wanted to inform you a position has opened up at e.Xo and we’d be delighted if you would consider applying.
Many thanks,
Kim Jun-Myeon
Lead CEO of e.Xo
You freeze… was this a sign? The timing of it all. If you received this email yesterday you’d reply with a sound no thank you… but after today. You heart twinges with guilt as you hear the men call for you on the other side, but you needed to think rationally. This would always be a problem if you worked here, this opportunity could be the solution.
You don’t know why you’re tearing up again as you write your reply, you don’t know why the emptiness has been replaced with heavy suffocating guilt and mourning. This is the right thing to do, you tell yourself. This way you’d be brave enough to face them again, you could start afresh without the eyes of your current coworkers. You could love your boyfriends openly.
Hoseok stares at the screen in absolute shock, fist nearly breaking the mouse as his rage nearly burst.
The bastard… how fucking dare he.
The security guard feels chills as his CEO’s face turns to one of cold contempt, a promise written in his eyes as he reaches for his phone from his pocket…
Someone was going to pay dearly.
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taetaespeaches · a month ago
“I actually preferred the cow pun.”
seokjin x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 2.2K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here is where Jin and Poopsie/reader meet. FINALLY! And what better way for these two to form a connection than through their love of ridiculously stupid puns?! (I’m not Seokjin, my puns aren’t good, leave me alone.) I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading :))
Tumblr media
Popcorn wafted throughout the lobby, practically demanding you get some for your late night movie viewing. There weren’t many people waiting in line ahead of you beyond an older woman, a young couple, and a handsome young man who was speaking animatedly on the phone. Turns out not many people attend the movies at 10 p.m. on a Wednesday night.
Staring off to the side at a movie poster that gave little indication of what the film was actually about, you lost yourself in thought until Handsome Guy, as you mentally dubbed him, in front of you caught your attention with his lively conversation.
“Yoongi-ah, you should have come with me, I’m even getting popcorn,” Handsome Guy announced into the phone, alerting the person on the other end of his happenings. “What are you doing tonight? What’s poppin’?”
Thinking over his comment for a moment, you found yourself unable to hold back a smile at his dorky popcorn pun. You wondered if the person on the other side of the phone even caught it with the way Handsome Guy so easily slid it into his question.
“You’re having beef? Without me?” As he waited for the person on the other end of the call to respond, the man was already smirking at his next planned comment. “I still think you should have come with me tonight, it would have been butter together.”
You were able to make out the person on the other side of the call as he spoke something along the lines of, “Don’t do this,” which only made the handsome man’s joke even funnier to you. Whoever was on the other end of the call must be used to Handsome Guy’s dorky jokes and puns, making this much too handsome dude quite endearing. It was refreshing for someone that good looking to not take himself too seriously.
Still smiling at the man’s comments, you directed your gaze to your phone as you continued eavesdropping on his conversation. “Hey Yoongi-ah, you’re having beef right? I’m not a-moo-sed that you’re eating without me,” he joked, making you have to stifle a giggle, silent laughter coming out as breaths through your nose.
“Hey Yoongi-” He started again as you hung on to his words, anticipating the next silly pun that should not be as funny as you were finding them. However, he made a sound of surprise as he pulled the phone from his ear and looked at the screen with his widened eyes. Tilting his head to the side, he stared at the phone in disapproval. “He hung up on me,” he mumbled to himself before tucking the phone into his pocket and turning to look at the food options.
Staring at his back, you noticed his shoulders were quite broad, his neck rather long and beautiful. He was the kind of handsome that you rarely see in day to day life, only really appearing in magazines and in front of flashing cameras. Paired with his goofy personality, you wondered how someone like him existed; how someone so attractive could be so pleasantly silly.
When he turned around to head toward the theatres, popcorn and candy in hand, his eyes found yours for just a brief moment and you swore your lungs forgot how to function. He gave you a small, polite but warm smile as he nodded at you, forcing you to return the gesture in surprise.
The interaction was short but you had a feeling you’d be thinking about it for a long time after.
Tumblr media
Stepping into the dark theatre, your eyes took a moment to adjust as you stared at the end of the aisle in front of you, searching for your row. Looking at your ticket, you stepped up a few rows before finding yours.
Peering at the aisle, you found that Handsome Guy was sitting just a few seats from where you stood, your heart racing at the way he was watching you carefully.
“What number are you?” He asked you suddenly, your eyes widening in surprise that he was addressing you.
“Oh, uh, ten,” you told him, Handsome Guy looking down the row as though he was helping you search.
“I’m in seat two so it must be down there,” he told you, adjusting his sitting position to prepare to let you walk through. “Here, it’s ok,” he smiled kindly at you, an awkward single laugh slipping through your lips.
“Thanks,” you said quietly, starting down the aisle, scooting past Handsome Guy carefully. However, your leg bumped his knee, causing you to instinctively bend to check on him, the sudden movement resulting in you spilling some popcorn directly onto the man’s lap. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” you told him, embarrassment flooding every fiber of your being. Surely the floor would open up to reveal the flames of inferno because only in hell would you spill popcorn on the most attractive person you’d ever seen in real life.
Handsome Guy met your apology with a stunning smile, his eyes crinkled and his cheeks plush. “That’s ok,” he shook his head sweetly. “More for me.” You watched as he grabbed a piece of popcorn that sat atop his thigh and tossed it into his mouth nonchalantly.
Letting out a bashful but amused giggle, you nodded. “In that case, you’re welcome,” you tried to play along before quickly scooting away from him to find your seat number. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait for the movie to start, hoping that the film would be so good that Handsome guy would forget all about your existence.
Plopping into your seat, you looked into your popcorn that was missing at least a fifth of its contents, all scattered around Handsome Guy and possibly making its way into his mouth. Was he really going to eat it? When the trailers started playing, you snuck a glance to your side, just wanting a look at the man’s side profile. It’s only natural, after all, to want to appreciate beauty. Human nature. Museums were full of beautiful art pieces just for that reason, right?
However, when you turned to look at the man, you found him turning toward you at the same time, your eyes meeting once again. Panicked, you quickly averted your gaze to the side of him, badly pretending that you totally weren’t checking him out but rather you were inspecting the dark wall behind him. Convincing.
Slowly looking to the screen, you ate a few pieces of popcorn, still acting as though you weren’t trying to catch a peek at the man sitting a few seats down. But you lacked self control and he was still stunning, so as the first movie trailer ended, you casually rolled your head to the side, acting as though you were simply trying to pop the vertebrae in your neck. When you once again glanced at Handsome Guy, you found him already watching you.
Before you could react, he pointed to the screen and shrugged as if he was unsure if he was interested in the film. Opening your mouth as if preparing to speak, you then closed it and looked to the screen in thought. Returning your eyes to the man, you shrugged in reply.
“Might skip it,” he told you, and you found yourself nodding in agreement.
“Not for me,” you whispered to him, the man’s eyes widening as he leaned toward you.
“What?” He whisper-shouted, unable to hear you over the next trailer’s music.
“Not for me,” you told him a bit louder, Handsome Guy’s eyebrows scrunching as though he still couldn’t make out your words. When you waved it off, letting him know it didn’t matter, he shook his head. Collecting his popcorn and candy, he rose to his feet and stepped toward you, moving four seats closer to you. Smiling at the action, you held back an amused laugh. “I said it’s not for me.”
“Oh,” he nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, me either.”
With that, he looked straight ahead, inspecting the current trailer. Your eyes lingered on him for a moment. What an interesting guy, you thought. With just three seats between you, you finally got a good look at that side profile and wow. You were pretty certain Handsome Guy was as close to art as a human could be. Sculpted to perfection, you couldn’t peel your eyes away from him, the trailer that was currently playing serving as nothing more than background noise. You were only broken out of your unwavering gaze when Handsome Guy looked toward you, a bashful gaze immediately overtaking his face at the realization that you had been watching him. He ducked his head toward his chest before glancing up at you, a soft shy smile plastered to his beautiful features. Seeing the man shy was beyond endearing, making you much less embarrassed for having been caught staring.
He whispered something to you, still appearing cute and embarrassed, but you couldn’t fully understand him.
“Hmm?” You asked, the man preparing to speak again before you stopped him by standing up. Perhaps it was the shy demeanor he suddenly sported that gave you the boost of confidence, but you found yourself scooting two seats closer to him, leaving only one seat between you both.
Being that up close, you could see the way he battled with his inner bashfulness, trying to recover the confident man who had been on display since the line for snacks.
“I said, I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies,” he repeated his earlier comment.
“Oh,” you smiled. “I kind of love them.”
Smirking at you, finding some of that assuredness once again, he stared at you for a moment. “Pretty and brave,” he complimented.
The comment taking you by surprise, you nearly choked on the piece of popcorn you just swallowed. Taking advantage of your shock, Handsome Guy sat up a little straighter, confidence returning full force.
“Did you like my popcorn puns earlier?” He suddenly asked, a smirk on his lips as he casually put you on the stand for eavesdropping.
Your jaw dropping slightly at having been caught, you let out an embarrassed, breathy laugh. “I did,” you admitted bashfully. “I didn’t mean to listen in on your conversation but you can’t really blame me with puns like those,” you decided to playfully defend yourself, a wide smile spreading across the man’s face. “I actually preferred the cow pun though.”
“Oh?” He asked you with widened eyes, turning in his seat to face you only to flash you a fond grin. “You found it a-moo-sing?”
“Definitely,” you returned his smile with a small giggle. “Legen-dairy.”
“Ah,” he pointed at you excitedly, immediately catching the lame joke. “Dairy. I’ll have to keep that one in my back pocket.”
“Just make sure to give me credit,” you replied teasingly.
Leaning toward you, he waited for you to lean in as well. “I have to know your name to do that,” he hinted, causing you to smile as you faced him. Telling him your name, you watched as his soft grin greeted you.
Repeating your name, he nodded to himself. “I’m Seokjin,” he replied. As much as ‘Handsome Guy’ fit him, you had to admit you preferred Seokjin.
You outstretched your hand, the man taking it in his as he shook it kindly. “Nice to meet you,” he told you.
“Nice to meet you, too.” There was a brief pause as you searched each other’s faces, your hands still palm to palm. “So why is Yoongi eating beef without you instead of attending the movies with you?” You asked, a sigh leaving Seokjin’s lips.
“He never wants to go to the movies with me,” he shook his head disapprovingly. “None of my friends do.”
“Really?” You whispered. “Mine too, they always bail on me.”
“What is up with that?” He asked, becoming enthusiastic about your one thing in common… well, beyond your love of lame puns. “We should be movie buddies,” he said almost nonchalantly, though his eyes were watching you carefully as though he was anticipating your answer.
“Yeah?” You asked in surprise, realizing your hand was still in his, a weird mix of comfort and embarrassment rushing through your body.
“Yeah,” he said more seriously, as though he realized what he had asked you and was letting it sink in. “Yeah, it would be fun.”
“Ok,” you agreed simply. To seal the deal with your new movie buddy, you began shaking his hand again, Seokjin’s eyes darting to your hands, realizing he had been connected all that time.
Finally letting go, your limbs retreating, you both slowly settled into your seats and directed your attention to the screen. And it was as easy as that. You would soon come to find that everything with Seokjin was easy. From random movie nights at the theatre, eventually hosting them at each other’s residences, to breakfasts and dinners, ikea outings, and everything in between, you just found you belonged together, easily fitting into one another’s lives.
As you watched the characters be introduced on the silver screen, you sat shoulder to shoulder with the handsome guy that would fill your future with humor and warmth, just the way he entered it.
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joheunsaram · 6 months ago
platonic (ksj)
Tumblr media
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Summary- Finding a new method for stress relief, you rope in your bestfriend/fwb to try it out with you.
word count -  3.1k
pairing- fwb!Seokjin x Reader
rating- R
genre- smut, fluff, pwp, fwb2lovers, bff2l
warnings- masturbation (f and m), cockwarming, missionary, bants, cuddling, seokjin and reader are literal oblivious idiots.
a.n- Enjoy this shameless self-indulgent bullshit, that started from a very hot weird dream I had and Seokjin’s latest selfie 🥵.
A big warm thank you to @sugasbabiie and @chemicalpink​ for beta reading on such short notice! ily guys 💕
As always feedback appreciated, a reblog and a like goes a far way. Send me an ask! 💌
“Seokjin! I’m stressed,” you declared as soon as you walked into your best friend’s apartment, your eyes quickly finding his large frame reclining on the couch while he scrolled through the channels. Barely sparing you a glance, he hummed while nodding slightly. Exasperated, you sighed, stomping over to stand next to him and repeating your earlier statement, albeit with an extra nasally whine.
“So? Want me to eat you out?” He asked, eyes still glued onto the television playing a rerun of Hell’s Kitchen. Rolling your eyes, you plopped onto the cushions next to him, making him finally glance at you. Seokjin had been friends with you for over a decade at this point, and one look at you made his brows jump in concern. You looked haggard, eyes sunken and cheeks hallowed, your body drowning in the oversized sweater dress you wore. You rolled your eyes at his comment, and Seokjin felt guilt gnaw at him for his earlier nonchalance. 
“Sorry. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Just work’s kicking my ass, and I have my viva next week, and all this grading!” Seokjin wrapped his arms around you, head resting on top of yours as you ranted, feeling a little lighter, finally talking about your worries. He let you speak, whining about how much you regretted doing a PhD and working part-time, on top of being a TA, biting back the urge to say “I told you so”. He had tried in vain for you to lighten your workload, but you were also one of the most stubborn people he knew.
“I was serious, by the way. Want me to make you feel better?” He asked, standing up to grab you a bottled water from the fridge. He knelt in front of you, handing you the bottle, his hands slowly running up and down your bare legs, leaving goosebumps in their wake as you sipped the water. 
You usually would jump at a chance to jump Seokjin, the two of you had been sleeping together for months now, but you had other ideas for tonight.
“Actually. I read this article,” you started, your breath hitching a little as Seokjin continued caressing up your thighs, his thumbs now almost touching your panties. He smirked a little at the effect he clearly had on you, hands moving higher up your legs every time he moved upwards. Placing his lips on your neck, he hummed for you to continue, tracing the vein that ran along the side. You could feel yourself getting distracted as you got more turned on, so with a slight push to his chest you stopped him, chuckling at the almost offended expression on his face.
“As I was saying. I read an article and it said cockwarming’s supposed to be good for stress. I wanna try it.”
You didn’t think Seokjin’s eyes could open that wide as he stared at you, mouth agape. Reaching forward, you placed a finger under his chin, closing his mouth, which instantly made a scowl appear. You decided not to mention how red his ears were all of a sudden.
“No way. That’s totally weird,” he protested, arms crossed, leaning away from you. 
“Why is that weird? We fuck all the time!” You argued, leaning back against the couch as he moved from the floor to next to you, the two of you facing each other, one leg resting on the cushions.
“But that’s so… intimate.” Seokjin rubbed the back of his neck, the heat not providing him any comfort whatsoever as he watched you get even more annoyed, your brows furrowed with a frown.
“No it’s not! It’s platonic. Nothing weird about it!” You were adamant. You and Seokjin were not vanilla people. You only started sleeping with each other after a night of drunken debauchery led to you doing a BDSM test and realizing how compatible the two of you were, opting to delve into the no strings attached deal full of experimentation. If anything, this was child’s play compared to the things the two of you had already done. It baffled you how he could think something as simple as cockwarming would be more intimate than him fucking your face as he edged you with a vibrator. 
Seokjin rolled his eyes at your comment, laughing as he shook his head. “Platonic cockwarming?” He asked with a raised eyebrow and you couldn’t help getting even more annoyed at that. 
“How is that different than platonic fucking?” You exclaimed, hands in fists, your face almost red in rage. Even yelling at him, Seokjin thought you looked cute, but he needed you to understand how it could affect your relationship. He didn’t want to feel his heart swell when he looked at you, small and comfortable on his dick. He had had enough of those stupid butterflies whenever you would kiss him and cuddle with him during aftercare. He was not going to be part of a cliched storyline and fall for his best friend. 
“Cause we’re not staring at each other while you’re sitting on my dick,” he rebutted, hands flailing as they usually did when he got too into an argument. You truly didn’t understand why that would be any different than whenever you fucked in missionary. You could feel your stress increasing. This was so counterproductive. 
You could see your little spat was not going anywhere so deciding to change tactics, you leaned into Seokjin, arms around his shoulders as he stared at you with skepticism, eyes narrowed and an eyebrow raised in apparent amusement. 
“Seokjinnie, please,” you pleaded, pouting up at him and Seokjin was so weak. With a heavy sigh, he pulled you closer, kissing your forehead in defeat. 
“Fine. What do we do, you menace,” he acquiesced, smiling softly at the giant grin that spread across your face. 
“Thank you!” You yelled kissing him loudly on the lips, moving away from him and reaching for your phone to pull up the article. You were sure it was pretty straight forward, but you wanted to be sure. “Okay get hard,” you said dismissively, waving a hand towards his crotch without looking up from your phone as he stared at you in shock, unmoving. 
“Should we get naked for this,” he asked almost timidly as he started slowly stroking himself over his jeans. He was not going to lie, usually he would be the one taking control, but the way you were coldly dismissing him made his dick twitch. 
“Do you want to be naked for this?” You countered, finally looking at him. His plush lip was between his teeth, and he had unbuttoned a few top buttons of his shirt, as he gazed at you, hand slowly moving over his bulge that seemed to be steadily growing. You couldn’t help the blush that rose up your chest at the erotic sight. 
“What does the article say,” he whispered, humming a little as he pointed to your phone with his eyes, his hair falling over his eyes as he did so. 
“It recommends it,” you answered, matching his tone and it felt like the atmosphere in the room shifted, the easy banter of earlier fading into tension. 
“Okay then let’s do it right. Nothing we haven’t seen before right?” He chuckled lightly as he took off his shirt, the sudden view of his broad chest setting your heart aflutter. Clearing your throat, you followed suit and soon the two of you were in your birthday suits, awkwardly staring at each other as you sat side by side on the couch. 
“Do you have lube?” You broke the silence, wanting to end whatever stale discomfort was between the two of you. Seokjin snorted at your request. 
“Why do I have to work myself up and you just use lube?” He said with a scowl, starting to stroke himself once again. “That’s not fair,” he pointed out, literally pointing to his dick, and just like that the awkwardness was long gone. 
“Are you suggesting we tape a popsicle stick to your dick to make it stand then,” you deadpanned, much to Seokjin’s annoyance who only huffed in response making you groan, leaning further into the cushions, your legs spread in the most non-sexual manner possible. “You’re making me more stressed! Stop being a baby and get on with it,” you whined
“Well I don’t have lube, so I suggest you get on with it too,” he said with a slight moan as he spit on his hand before starting to stroke with purpose. You bit your lip at the sight of his core clenching, his brows scrunched in concentration as he closed his eyes, leaning back with a groan. You could feel yourself getting wetter and pretty soon you were sure you wouldn’t even need to touch yourself to be dripping for him.
Deciding to move things along faster, you moved your hand to your entrance, catching your arousal on your fingertips before moving towards your clit, rubbing slow circles into the nub and sending sparks through your body. You couldn’t help but go faster as you caught a glimpse of Seokjin from the corner of your eye, his cock now fully erect, a beautiful flush growing from his face all the way to his chest. You moaned at the sight, and he finally opened his eyes, looking at you laying back and playing with yourself, his dick twitching.
“Mmm that’s it, get yourself all nice and wet for me baby.” he groaned, his eyes roaming your body as if to memorize each freckle upon it as he lost himself, increasing the pressure of his grip around himself.
“Stop! It’s not supposed to be sexy!” You protested, ignoring the way the deep timbre of his voice sent shivers up your spine.
“Fine! God! So annoying,” he mumbled, before moving closer, a hand on your hip as he pulled you towards him. “Come on. Let’s get you destressed.”
“It’s supposed to help you too, you know,” you said, as you climbed over him, your legs on either side of his thighs.
“I’m hot as fuck, I don’t do stress,” he said grinning at the way you glared at him, as he laughed, both hands now on your hips. His laugh was so irritating you wanted to punch him, but the sight of him, naked under you, made you squirm, more than ready to impale yourself on him. 
“Sure. I’ll tell you that next time you’re crying about your dissertation.” You put your hands on his shoulders, enjoying the taut muscles under your fingers as you rose on your knees.
“I can just put my clothes back on, you know,” he said, face hardened as his grip on your hips got tighter, and your heart lurched at how domineering he looked all of a sudden.
“Okay sorry, sorry!”
You used a hand to gingerly direct his tip to your entrance, before starting to slide down. Biting your tongue, you tried not to moan at the stretch, never having taken him without foreplay before. You had never felt so full before, and you leaned your head against his shoulder as you adjusted to his extremely generous size. He groaned, arms snaking around your waist, as he fought the urge to fuck into you, your warm walls making him feral.
“Now what?” He asked, gritting his teeth as he tried to control his breathing and the innate desire to make you scream on top of him. God, why did he think this was a good idea?
“Now we just wait and destress, I guess…” you trailed off, as you sat up straighter, your arms around his neck, trying to relax, despite the way Seokjin stared up at you.
It was silent for a few moments, the two of you just gazing into each other’s eyes as your breathing regulated. He pulled you closer after a few seconds, your chest against his, stare unwavering. Soon, your legs started feeling strained, the muscles aching after being in one position for too long. You squirmed a little, causing Seokjin to hiss at the sudden movement.
“You wanna move your legs behind me?” He asked, voice hoarse and breathy, and you nodded in response. With his hands under your ass, he pulled you up a little, moving a little towards the edge of his seat to make room for your legs. Without pulling off him, you crossed your legs around his waist, the new position making you whimper. A sound that made his pulse jump. 
You watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. He had been right, this felt way more intimate than anything the two of you had ever done. Seated on his dick, his arms holding you close, your hands in the hair on the nape of his neck, you felt an unbelievable warmth wash over you, starting from your chest and radiating towards your limbs. Perhaps, that was the stress relief, but maybe it was more.
He licked his lips, his eyes moving from yours to where your teeth had pulled the plump flesh between them. This was a bad idea. This was meant to be platonic, so why did he feel a sudden urge to kiss you, wrap himself around you and ensure the dark circles under your eyes never manifested again. It had to be the hormones, right? Right?
Before he could overthink further, however, your lips were on his. It was familiar but, oh so novel at the same time. The kiss was soft, a practiced dance of the same movements that were usually flurried, making your heart sing. Friends don’t kiss like this, and friends with benefits definitely don’t kiss like this. 
You didn’t know how long you made out, leisurely on the couch, but soon it wasn’t enough, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. His thumbs traced your nipples as he squeezed your chest, the action soft and reverent. He moaned into your mouth as your walls clenched around him in response, his lips soon moving to your neck as he suckled on the skin.
You couldn’t take it anymore, every cell in your body begging you to bounce on him, and so with a mewl, you started moving your hips, grinding on him. His dick barely left your walls at the action, but the way your clit rubbed against his skin made you almost lose your senses in pleasure. It was unlike anything you had ever felt, a slow build that had the two of you breathless but unwilling to speed things up. 
Soon his hips started moving in tandem with yours, and with his lips back on yours, he slowly moved the two of you so your back met the couch. Seokjin and you always saved missionary for quickies, but the way his weight cushioned you to the plush velvet below made your heart race, your eyes closing in overwhelming pleasure.
“Look at me,” he whispered, a string of saliva connecting his lips to yours as his hips moved sensually against you. Wrapping your legs around him tighter, you pulled him closer, whining his name. You wanted him to go faster, but at the same time the uncharted sensation made you want to lose yourself in him, wanting to bury yourself in his arms, his scent - in him. 
As your eyes met, you felt an unfamiliar sensation brewing within your chest, setting it aglow. Fuck all the wild nights, and crazy sex with whips and cuffs. This is what you wanted for the rest of your life, just staring into Seokjin’s eyes, walls tightening around him as he panted above you. 
“Are you going to come for me, baby?” Seokjin asked, a hand coming to move your hair away from where it had fell upon your forehead. 
“Please Seokjinnie,” you whined, feeling as if you were tethering on the edge of reality, your whole being consumed by the man above you. Your mewls were what set him off, an inexplicable need to make you his zipping through his veins as he felt his balls tighten. 
With his lips on yours once again as if they were magnetized, he kissed you, setting your limbs on fire as his hand reached between the two of you to rub tenderly at your clit. 
That was all it took to set you off your orgasm rushing through your body, curling your toes as your eyes fluttered shut. You felt like you were lit up as the sensations flooded through you, your head floating in space and Seokjin couldn’t help but be enraptured by the way your mouth fell open in a silent scream. 
Your little whines sent him over the edge as well, his cock twitching inside you as he groaned, high pitched yet raspy, falling on top of you as soon as his climax hit. He put his arms around you, pulling you closer, refusing to pull out. He had never felt so content, so satiated, his heart blooming within his chest as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, inhaling deeply. 
He never wanted this moment to end, and neither did you, but soon he was softening inside you, his length naturally falling away, leaving a mess on the couch. The two of remained intertwined, relishing the fleeting moment, unaware how much the both of you wanted to repeat the rare occurrence.
The shower was new too. You had showered with Seokjin a hundred times before, but never like this, with soft caresses of his hands as they lathered the shower gel on you - no cheeky groping, no silly dad jokes, just a comforting, entrancing silence. He dried your hair after as you did his, the two of you leaving the ensuite hand in hand, and walking into his bedroom. When you started moving towards the living room to gather your clothes, he tugged on your hand, still clasped in his, stopping you in your tracks.
“Stay,” he murmured, pulling you into his chest, unwilling to break the calm that had set between you like a warm fog settling into your bones. You nodded as he moved the two of you towards his bed, guiding you under covers before joining. Seokjin didn’t know why he suddenly felt so odd - extremely vulnerable but intensely safe. He had known you for over ten years, but he never felt as open around you as he did then, not wanting to hide his feelings behind bravado and humour.
Pulling you closer, legs entangled in yours, an arm under your head as he moved your damp hair from your face, his gleaming eyes met yours, and you couldn’t help but smile, warm and bright. Leaning in, his fingers moved your chin upwards, and soon his lips were on you, soft and cozy. You hummed against him, your mouth moving subtly in rhythm with his, neither of you deepening the kiss.
The two of you fell asleep that way, snug and intertwined. Neither of you spoke about it the next morning but even without admitting it to the other, you knew that you never wanted that moment to end. 
However, sometimes, if you’re lucky, a moment can last an eternity.
taglist: @cheesecakes-randomshitz, @aroseforyoongi, @awhnamjoon, @agustdjoon, @codeinebelle, @hobiandsprite​
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fluffyydumplings · a month ago
The Handsome Friend of a Friend
Gone - Part 4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Jiwon, the guy who had a crush on you during elementary school is back in town. And he’s brought a friend with him. A broad-shouldered fashion illustrator with chiselled features like one of the many marble sculptures that Yoongi swears his life over. But.. ties run deeper than they appear. For aside from being a beauty he happens to be an old friend of Namjoon’s and a fellow part-timer of Yoongi’s. The fun part is, they both seem to be rather fond of him. Maybe even a little more than necessary. And you can see why. He’s one charming fellow.
Word Count: 7.7k
Genre: poly!au / painter!namjoon x sculptor!yoongi x fashion illustrator!jinx traveller!reader / angst / fluff/poetry / romance
Warnings: profanity / bad childhood memory (crying)
A/N: It barely took three days. I am flabbergasted by how quickly I was able to finish this chapter. It was calming to write. And when I reread it, I felt comforted.. This chapter is like a sip of hot tea on a rainy day, a blanket draped over your shoulder..
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perched up by the window like a bird waiting for its morning feed, shades of olive and forest green paced back and forth against the partly rough yet ever so smooth paper of his sketchbook. A kitty in the room next to that of his, legs tall and strong as marble is broke off slightly on the sides and front - by the help of a grinder and his stable yet skilled pair of hands.
He might not be doing what the Ancient Greeks did, with all the machines that are now available, but that does not make his craft any less demanding or valuable for that matter. It speaks in how carefully yet with great pressure he is dealing with the block in his reach. For if he isn’t thorough or thoughtful enough, days of work and countless aching of muscles will go to waste. And at night, he’ll end up embracing his tired body with frowns and even sometimes tears of failure.
‘Huhhhhh!’ yawning for the fucking tenth time, you struggle to move. Your body is so obsessed with the feeling of being in bed and doing nothing, it refuses to stop.
‘What a nice day-’
*ring ring*
Struggling to open your eyes, you are startled and hit the headboard.
‘Who the fuck are you?!’ you cry and scream dramatically at the same time.
‘Hello..’ it’s an unknown number, but that doesn't stop your grouchy voice from passing through to the other side.
‘Wrong number.. I’m going to hang-’
Interrupted once again, you are ready to punch whoever this bastard is. How dare they disturb your sleep like this? You aren’t done sleeping just yet! How dare they!!
Holy oranges.. You know who that is.
‘It’s Jiwon, baby,’ you can hear him winking (not literally.. But, still) - that cocky little not-so-little bastard..!!!
Freezes up and regrets all two decades of your life. Because damn.. Your choices in terms of friends, suck.. They really fucking suck!
Okay, maybe he isn’t much of a friend. More like, that small little boy who used to trail behind your back in elementary school. Who called you Noona and once embarrassed you in front of the whole school by declaring his ‘love’ for you..
The moment still has you flushing red like a cranberry dipped in strawberry syrup. You told Namjoon and Yoongi the story a few months ago and they both flipped the fuck out and started cackling.
‘Is my pain funny to you?’ you recall yourself grimacing.
‘Yes, honey.. It is,’ Yoongi never stops, his eyes crinkling with what he calls: ‘sunshine moons’. Whatever he says? *eye roll*
‘Y/N, the love of my life!’
Mouth vomit.. Your feet were squirming as you prevent yourself from screaming in cringe at what your ears just witnessed.
‘What do you want, Jiwon?’
As much as Jiwon was not your favourite person ever - 100th favourite person, he has a special place in your head. Okay... Maybe heart too.
He’s the annoying small fry, that irritates the shit out of you, but you’d never get rid of for fuck’s sake.
‘Oh.. Noona! Don’t you miss me?’
This brat! You swear, if you ever see him again, you will snap his head off. Always goofing around with you.
'As if!'
'Ahhhh... My poor heart.'
'Why have you called, Ji?'
'Oh.. Aren't you going to ask about how I am doing?'
'Oh, Ji.. Fine, Fine. Yadi ya ya ya.. How are you doing, Ji?'
'Wonderful.. as you are now talking to me, Noona.'
'Flirty Ji is back at it again.'
'Oh, yes. I've got big news.'
'Did you get rid of that ridiculous bob cut of yours?'
You remember him and his yellow duckling plushy. Sometimes you'd question whether he or the inanimate cotton stuffed animal was that of the same breed. A part of you finds him more of a duck than it was. In the way he'd waddle around and continuously act cute, he was a duck in all of his glory.
The plushy was gone once adulthood reached. However, his bob cut remained the same. When you sent him off to his new job overseas, he still wore it ever so proudly - even if it made him look hideous.
'I did. How did you know? Do you have eyes on me? Are you watching from that camera over there?'
'I can't afford that. Am I a secret agent that works for the CIA or what?'
'Oooh.. Are you?'
'Want me to show you my cyanide pen?'
The beauty of knowing someone for so long is that you grow scarily comfortable with them. You can begin a conversation by talking about global warming and end the conversation by talking about clowns.
'Nooo.. Noona, Noooooo.'
'Whiny as always.'
You miss having someone to tease.
Caught in a lie~
Namjoon and Yoongi are two human beings that are constant in your life. You tease them whenever you get the chance to do so. You simply just missed Jiwon.
'So.. big news, Ji.'
'Don't tell me you are getting married too.'
You've grown into a habit of babbling non-stop. Was it because of the numbers that kept adding up every year, or was it simply because you had a lot to talk about? Perhaps it is both.
'Y/N noona. The only wedding I'll attend is ours.'
That- That- That little shit!
'Guess who's back from London?'
Holy oranges! Damn you, Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon. One has to grow oranges and the other has to live off of oranges. What a pair! Farmer, consumer.. You? You are the fucking orange. 'We both love oranges. We both love you. You're an orange, Y/N.' Says Mr Kim Fucking Namjoon that accidentally broke his damn computer for the fucking fifth time this month. Surprisingly, it doesn't have a gigantic hole through it yet. You might have jinxed it. -ㅅ-
'Y/N berry boo blue, the love of my life.'
You're going to end up with loose teeth from all this grinding. Cringe, I tell you! Cringe!
'Is your place free?'
What the!!! Does he want to stay here? Go get a fucking hotel or motel to stay at! You don't run a resort. This place isn't even yours..
Time to pack your bags and scoot your ass out of here. You'll get a new identity, and toss your phone into the sea. Ewww.. Say no to pollution. You'll sell the phone and get money from it.
Then you'll buy a yacht. Laying down, sipping tea, two pretty and kind-hearted boys on the side, fresh air and the sound of waves crashing. Fabulous. Isn't it?'
'Noona?' pleading voice.
You are weak for that.. Your knees already ache!! fdshggfjhgfjhfjhfhvhjhhvfbhnmbhm
'Yes.. And why do you ask?'
You suck at lying.. Honesty was an aspect of a person you admired most. You couldn't lie.
'I brought a friend with me. He needs a place to stay.'
'What the!! Are you sure you didn't bring a lunatic along with you? What if he kills me?'
'No.. No.. He's a Fashion illustrator who got a job transfer to Korea.'
'And that excuses him from being a possible murderer of some sort?'
'But still.. He's safe, I guarantee my life on it.'
They must be close. You'll consider it. 'Consider', not accept.
'Is he a foreigner? With the British accent and all?'
You can hear laughter spring deep from him. The type that has your stomach clenching and your eyes watery.
'Ahahhhaaa..' his laughter only gets louder and louder over time.
'I can't... breathe,' he really can't. By the way, his word are stuck in his throat, it is evident that he's barely breathing.
'Pure breed Korean. Can't speak English for fuck's sake. Eats Korean, inhales Korean and drinks Korean.'
Man.. He's real serious about this guy not knowing his English.
'Ayeeee!' a rather aggravated and playful voice shouts.
Yep.. Korean. That 'Ayeeeee!' screamed: "If I'm not Korean, what am I?"
'Bring him over. I'll see if I'll let him stay or not.'
You can't let your guard down. You have a profound set of trust issues. Profound set of trust issues? What the fucking oranges. (Yep.. at it again).. Trust issues towards homo sapiens, trust issues towards animals and trust issues towards objects. What?! That panda might be cute, but it can rip your face off. Oh.. Yes! Those pall point pens - they can blind you with that evily sharp tip of theirs. You are already blind.. can't risk your eyesight getting any worse than it already is.
'Are you going to interrogate him? The man's going to pee in his pants. The guy can't kill a fly.. No.. The guy starts running like superman when he sees.. You know what! Not even a fly. He starts freaking out at fruit flies. He's a scaredy-cat, and coward in one package.'
Damn.. What a fun guy! What?! He sounds fun, okay. Fun! Unlike those assholes who act strong, but are weak shit. We appreciate an honest man. Who the fuck cares? Why do men have to be strong all the time? Haven't we established that a long time ago? Fuck those stereotypes. This guy's adorable.. You feel it.. You feel it.. From your soul. And- And- And.. the oranges that Namjoon harvested this morning.
'I'll be the judge of that.’
AHAAHJAAA.. You just pictured.. You and Yoongi playing the bad cop, and Namjoon sitting there and trying to be understanding - the good cop.
'Aigo! Painters are different for sure.. Aigo!' you can hear that grumpy man fussing on and on about how kind Joon is - the grumpy old man that you love dearly.
'So.. Yes?'
'Aigo! Did I say no? Bring this friend of yours over.. I won't scare him too much.'
'Too much? The guy's ready to use spring onions to scare you away. And that's his precious baby. In his words: 'Flavour.' Go easy on him.'
'He's like the older brother I never had. When I first arrived there, I had no one. That's what I thought. Until he came out of nowhere and went: 'Do you want me to help you around.' He's pretty big over in England, you see.. He's also very much familiar with the place I'm working at.'
'He's my life saviour.. Or as he likes to call himself: the handsome angel that descended from heaven to save me.'
Full of himself.. He's quite full of himself.. Interesting.
'I'm going to miss having him around. Take good care of him.'
But if Jiwon is fond of him, you are too. Jiwon doesn't hang around with just anyone. You recall his mother suggesting he make friends with this other rather scrawny little boy when he was younger. He outright refused and cried no. That same boy then appeared on the tv one day, arrested for arson. You remember many other occurrences like this. Jiwon's got a good eye and hunch. You trust him…
*ding dong*
'That must be him..' you poke playfully at Yoongi.
'Honey.. Why are you hitting me? And.. Why are you pouting? I mean.. you look adorable as always. But.. Why?'
Yoongi's care for you run miles and hours and through days and nights. 525,600 minutes are in year. His love for you is beyond that. He might never name a star after you ( he probably would if you asked him to), but every day he assures you that you are his entire universe - you and Namjoon. His family.. The people he would want more than ever to spend the rest of his life with.
'Without you guys, my life would be so boring. You are like chisels that shape me into a better person every day. Without my chisels, I'm a mere marble block.' his head on your lap, and his feet on Namjoon's lap (muscular fucking thighs that Yoongi secretly loves to squeeze), he becomes all sentimental.
You tease him for that once in a while.. Any time your Yoonie is soft, your heart turns into mush. The good kind of soft fluffy cotton mush.
'He's here..' you hug onto his arm - his pretty and cuddly arm.
'I know, honey.. You told me that two hours ago.'
'We need to go open the door for him, honey... It's pretty chilly outside.'
'Okay..' you never stop holding onto him.
Even as he attempts to open the door. Yes.. attempt.. Because..
'Wu-wait! What if he hurts you?.. I don't want to hurt you,' at that he giggles.
'Y/nieee, honey.. That was why you were scared? I'll be fine. I can protect myself,' he pats you gently on the head.
His silly baby..
You might be wondering. Where in the world did sensible Ms Y/n go? Can't a person be silly for once? This is a side of you that exists. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
'I'll open the door in a count of three. Three.. two.. one..' you close your eyes, but then light shines through.
Revealing a pretty face... A really pretty face.. Like, holy oranges. So fucking pretty! jnvdjjdjjhdgjjjdjhjdvjbvdvvvbb
'Jin hyung?'
Wait a moment.. He knows him? And you were scared for a second. Forehead slap.. literally!
'Ahahahahaha. You were scared of him?' This guy used to get startled by the sound of a blender turning on.'
'And yes, I used to work part-time at a cafe. 11th grade..'
You learn something new every day. One thing for sure is, Yoongi looks beautiful with an apron wrapped around his waist. Oh, how badly you wish you could have been with him then. There's no use crying over spilt milk though. It's not like you can walk through some humongous time machine and beg him to not move away. The past is in the past. All that matters now is the fact that he is here with you.
You can now wake up every morning (except for those times where "mommy" dearest actually realises that you are missing and calls the shit out of your phone) to a kitchen wafting of bread dipped in egg and milk, pan-fried to utter perfection. The smell and thought of Yoongi's homemade french toast has your feet curling out of joy.
The best part.. Drum roll please! Yoongi wearing an apron, his morning kisses, Namjoon's back hugs and his deep yet sexy morning voice. :]..
'Yahhh! You can't embarrass me the moment I arrive here. What will Y/N think of me?' Jin's ears are flaring red.
He looks about ready to explode/run away.
'After having to endure the wrath and stupidity of countless of customers, fellow employees and employers you get an inch closer or so.'
'An inch! Yi-yahhhhhh! I'm disappointed.. I thought we were closer than that.'
So.. Is this 'Jin' guy just going to stand outside and continue with looking attractive as heck? He's going to start blending in with his background soon. With his burnt orange scarf, sweater and leggings.. He seems to love the colour. Or is this shade in trend at the moment? - whatever the kids these days say. He's a fashion illustrator.. It could be.
The leaves are pumpkin orange this month, all plummeting to the ground. To gain something you have to lose something - nature is a perfect example of that. Through the shedding of leaves, water is conserved.
Lost is a beautiful process, the trees whisper into your ear. And you admit, it speaks the truth. Lost is as beautiful just as it is painful. The last breath a person takes before they die, the struggle to speak and the sad, thankful, yet regretful smile or frown on their faces as death embraces them. The thought of such has your stomach churning, yet your lips going: 'So.. this is the beauty of life. Beauty is painful.'
But.. seriously though. That gorgeous face of his is going to start looking like a crispy orangey-brown leaf any moment soon. What are we going to do next? Grind him up into orange juice?
'You should come inside.'
You are not dragging a corpse off of your (Yoongi's) front gate. Well, technically Yoongi only inhabits one apartment in this building. Nevertheless, your house. You might not pay the bills or rent, but the fact that you consider this place home is enough. Yoongi considers you a permanent guest. What more is there to it?
‘Thank you, Y/Nshi.’
You have to admit. He isn’t anything you expected him to be. Humble and rather down to earth. Not as narcissistic as you expected him to be. You can’t judge a book till you finish it. I guess Jin will be judged according to that saying - the one you made up in a matter of five seconds.
‘I will introduce my-’
‘I think we should get you warm and cuddled up first before we get to that.’
Oh, Y/niee.. Why did you interrupt him? That wasn’t polite of you.
‘Oh- I’m sorry for interrupting you.’
‘No.. No.. No.. not at all. I should have waited till we entered the apartment first.’
‘If you say so,’ your lips meet awkwardly. It isn’t a smile, it’s an impromptu method of easing the tense air lingering above two strangers.
There are people you meet that will click with you with instantly - like Namjoon. But there will be others that you will only grow closer to within time. The puzzle pieces that once refused to meet, trimmed down to do so.
‘Go on, Yoongi..’
‘Come this way, Hyung,’ his fingers accidentally brush up Jin’s one.
Now that Yoongi realises, it would be easier this way. Thus, he intertwines his hands with that of Jin’s. Cold..
Did he eat a plate of snow for breakfast? Man.. His hands are cold. Antarctica cold~ That didn't matter though. What he was meant to do, was drag Jin’s ass inside. And that was exactly what he did.
‘Namjoon.-ah. You finished painting, Joon?’
‘Yeah...’ he nods, the mocha turtle neck he had on transforming him into the big puppy he is.
‘There is nothing to be afraid of,’ Yoongi informs Jin, patting him on the back.
‘Yahh!! I know that!’ his annoyed face is more adorable than it is annoyed.
‘Holy.. Jin Hyung!!!!’
Wait.. Wait a moment! Another one? Fucking oranges!!
Jin’s list of acquaintances never ends. Imagine Santa and his list of toys - that’s Jin and the people who know him.
Everyone seems to know him. It’s because of how friendly and loveable the twenty-year-old is. He has a lot of charm to him.
You would never accept it for the love of oranges. But.. You liked him the moment you heard Jiwon talk of him. And when Yoongi and Namjoon expressed their feelings towards the elder, you just grew to like him more. You could see the sparkles that glazed their throats upon having his name meet their lips. If a man is liked by so many, there is no way he is bad. Especially when these very people are the most heart-warming and valuable beings in your world.
‘Kim Namjoon.. If it isn’t smart cutie in the corner,’ blood trailed the corners of Namjoon’s cheeks.
‘Do you perhaps know that retired baker that now keeps on burning his bread?’
You were going to go for it. If he knew Jiwon, Yoongi and Namjoon. What are the chances of him not knowing Mr Lee?
‘Do you smell that?’
‘Oh shit.. Is Mr Lee at it again? Close the windows or something.’
‘My heart is burning for you.’
You stood there, mouth ready for birds to nest in. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The cringe!!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhdbbfhhhfhfhfhfhgh!!! Hhsjdjdjd
‘Ahhhhhhhh!!’ Yoongi is the first to scream.
If anyone heard him, they would have thought the apartment caught on fire and people were trapped inside.
‘Hehehe..’ Namjoon just giggles to his heart's content.
They were the same as he remembered them as. The one that was all flustered and shy at his jokes, and the one that started screaming like crazy at how cheesy yet absurd they were.
He misses these two. He knew a lot of people, but they never meant much to him.
And perhaps there was even a time where he used to flush over their words. Okay.. there was. Namjoon was the cute guy in the corner, with dimples and pretty caramel skin that he used to gush over and take quick glimpses of. The same guy who he soon gradually got to know through a group project - the one where they had to make a 3D solar system model. (He recalls cussing at his teachers the whole duration of the project.) The same guy he lost contact with after tenth grade.
Yoongi on the other hand. He apparently had been studying with Jin ever since sixth grade, but they never gave a fuck or tried to give a fuck about each other. Then one day, 16.. 17-ish-year-old Yoongi started showing up at all of Jin's part-time workplaces. They started off with cleaning or taking orders not so comfortably by each other's sides, and the next thing you know they are standing up for each other against unfair treatment.
Everything seems to lead to a bomb of dad jokes, whether it was Joon or Yoon. After all, Jin has a great passion for them. Plus.. They make him happy.
'So.. Do we let him stay, or do we throw him out on the streets and let him starve?'
You were messing with them. Someone like Jin would be a great addition to this home. He's all cheesy and gross. Namjoon and Yoongi have been quite out of it lately. They haven't been themselves lately.. Until now that is.
'We keep him.'
...Kitty eyes, yeehaw! Yep, we are keeping him. Just keep up with those kitty eyes, Min Yoongi.
'Can we keep him?'
...Small Namu with innocent eyes. Yipeeee! We are keeping him. WE ARE KEEPING YOU, SIR JIN!
'You do realise that Yoongs own this place, right Joon?'
'Can we keep him, Y/niee?' Yoongi sits down on the sofa and acts nonchalant, despite knowing what he did to your poor heart.
'Boo, it ain't my fault if you end up getting stabbed.'
'Ahahahaaaha.. Did we just witness the 'Y/N' using the word ain't? I should have recorded this. This is a moment that deserves to be recorded down in history..'
'Jin, do introduce yourself.'
You are not letting this man expose you like this. You are very out of date, and you know that well. But.. Min fucking Yoongi, you are getting nothing out of this.
'Kim Seokjin.. 24 years old. Fashion illustrator that is in need of a home to stay. Has extraordinary cooking skills, can't sew, and enjoys listening to the sound of birds singing.'
'I'm a fashion illustrator. I only draw, I haven't got a single clue of how fabric works.'
Straightforward and hates going on and about. Nice..
'How long are you going to be staying here for?'
'Until I find a suitable place for me to stay at.'
This was starting to sound like a job interview more than anything. Scarier even.. Jin is frankly scared of you more than he was that of those snazzy fashion designers that eyed him up and down two years ago.
'You can stay..' you assure him with a smile.
A smile that made him feel accepted and welcomed. One that prompted him to smile as well. Oh boy.. What a gentle smile it was? He's adorable..
'Thank you,' he felt a sense of gratitude towards you.
He would have ended up sleeping on the streets if it weren't for the three of you. Oh, the embarrassment he would have felt if he arrived at work the next day, covered in grime. He might end up getting fired on the spot. Appearance is pretty important over in this field - or any job for that matter. No one wants a filthy rat working for them. It isn't fun having people whisper: This company hires blah blah blah.
Jin would also hate to disappoint his younger self. He loves this job, he doesn't want to lose it. Not after all those nights spent buried under his covers, studying fashion that people preferred and liked at the moment. Not after all those days spent sketching a design over and over again, simply because he isn't satisfied yet.
'Yoonieeee.. What are we having for breakfast this time?' he turns over to look at you.
'Oatmeal.. Oatmeal soaked in almond milk overnight, honey.. Your favourite.'
Ahahahhahahaa! Yaaaaaass! You love yourself some good old oatmeal. It's filling, nutritious and delicious. You'd kill someone for a bowl of that right now. A jar.. plate.. It's oatmeal either way. Who cares?
'Eat slowly. You can't choke and die just yet. You can't leave me.'
You laugh.. The future is cruel.. Life is cruel.. You were aware of it then. But you didn't know how far life was willing to drag you down. If only-
'Because I love you, honey.. Now, eat your breakfast.'
'You have a shift at 12:30 pm.. Eat up.'
He says it out of nowhere,
My heart set up on fire,
My cheeks red from love,
I love this man more than ever,
Oh, my love..
I'll never leave you,
I had thought then,
But I was lying,
Lying without even knowing
'Excuse me, sir.. How dare you say that out of nowhere?'
What were you? In the musical Hamilton?
'Ayee! Ayee! Aye! Eat up, honey,' evil flares up his way.
You evil man.. How dare you! How dare you-
Well.. This oatmeal is scrumptious. Props to Min Yoongi for making this for you. And.. Kim Namjoon who grew these strawberries.
'Yummy.. You are forgiven, sir.'
'I love you Y/Niee.. Uh- mm uhmm.. This is great, man.'
Not another one! AHhhhhhhhhhh!
'What? Morning ritual, Bae.'
Stunned! Yo, Kim Namjoon. Don't 'Bae' me, focus on the bowl.. If he drops it, he pays.. Yoongi made those. They are special.
"If he drops it, he pays." As in, you both get to attack him with tickles and kisses.
'I love you, Joonie..'
You brought a knife to a gunfight, bae.. I'm sorry, bae..
Backfired! Cuteness Attack... A-i-eeek-ag-i-eek-ag
'Just eat, already.'
'Huhhh,' Jin twinkles from the way you interact with one another.
This perhaps is the beauty of love- those little banters, where you pretend you are mad when you really aren't.
Sometimes the sight of their face can drown bad days with joy and make them good, but sometimes they are the reason why you end up crying on the bathroom floor all night.
Yet, you choose to stay for a reason.. Because you believe, trust, love and care too much to even think of leaving.
Maybe Jin was meant to find his way here, after all. He has a hard time believing in fate, however, this.. It contradicts his believes.
'Jin Hyung... Do you want some pancakes instead? I know you aren't quite fond of oatmeal as Y/n over here is.'
'Yeah.. sure.. Why not?'
Eating calmly as ever, you watch over Yoongi's back. People always think of a relaxing day, as one where they are laying on a folding chair, orange juice in one hand and the breath-taking see right ahead of them. Your version of a relaxing day is this. Watching over the love of your lives was more than any beach could offer.
'Pancakes.. For a Kim Seokjin.. I'm looking for a Kim Seokjin.. Pancake 120492?'
Will you look at that? Min Yoongi just grew plane wings and is now looking for his missing passenger. Plane wings made out of pancake mix, powdered sugar and maple syrup.
'I am Pancake 120492..'
'Enjoy.. Don't choke on it.'
'Yahh! Is that a threat?'
'So.. what if it is?'
'Don't fight just yet, children..' Namjoon stuffs a spoonful of food into his mouth.
'Listen to Caretaker Joonie, children.'
'Yes, mommy,' Jin nods, speaking in a rather mocking tone.
And as time progresses, they get closer and closer. So close.. you can't help but notice the way they glance at him - because it's the same way they glance at you. The: 'I love you †o the moon and back.. and so much more,’ glance. Is it so wrong of you to feel a pang of jealousy here and there, when they always will be yours?
It's your insecurities persuading you to believe so. For now, it succeeds. Because when you look at Jin, you see perfection. When you look at yourself, you see cracks.
And to fill in those cracks, you hissed at the gold that could have fixed you up instead of the glue that is now there. You avoided him... Yet even if so, he’d treat you well.
‘We ran out of rolled oats. I’ll get some on my way to work.’
‘There’s this shop I visit often.. They were displaying this cute little brown teddy bear. I recall Yoongi telling me about your love for teddy bears. So, I bought it.. Because.. Because it reminds me of you.’
‘I was cleaning around and saw that your alarm clock was set up to the wrong time. So, I fixed it for you.’
Despite his efforts and kind acts, you remain emotionless.. You were grateful though - for every one of them. You just didn't know how to say thank you. You feel bad.. Jin was too good for words. You were nothing..
I guess by how Jin stopped interacting with you all of a sudden and how Jin tended to pretend that you were never there, your theory was proven. Then again, it’s your fault for being so terrible at expressing emotions.
Namjoon and Yoongi though? You didn't have problems with them.. How is Jin different?
Maybe.. because- he’s older? You haven’t had such pleasant experiences with those who are older than you are. And now you are applying that to him. Afraid to express what you feel.. What if he steps all over you because he’s older and ‘wiser’?
What if he- What if he-
You wish you would have the courage to engage in a conversation with him and put your past aside. You wish you could clear the air and start anew.. Jin’s a fantastic person. And you care for him and enjoy his company.
For, after Jin built a dam between the two of you. You often find yourself peeking over walls or anywhere to get a glimpse of him. To see whether he bought something for you, did something for you or wanted to tell you a bunch of cringey art jokes. Some cringey art jokes you kind of miss.. Like, a lot..
And that opportunity comes quicker than you ever thought it would - you never thought it would come to begin with. Yet here you were, caught right into their traps.
'Oatmeal cookies.. Oatmeal cookies..' you muttered innocently, wandering your way through the pantry.
Your version of a garden-like utopia.. The chocolate pies, Berlandriera Lyratas that are still yet ever so alluring. The Cheese puffs, dandelions pollinated by the wind. The red packet of ramen, fertile soil that is the foundation to everything. A packet of lollipops, green grass singing along with the wind.
There is a door in and out of this garden of yours. A door that can shut close and struggle to open any fleeting moment - that moment was now. For the two guards outside were irritated by the the stubbornness of their queen, and wanted her to fix the problem she has with the newly instated knight. He is an important figure in her life, and they do not want her to regret losing him.
'Nutella.. Nutella..'
Two birds trapped into a cage they willingly entered.
You were locked inside.. With him! With the one man, you tried to avoid for so long!
'I think we're trapped in here.. No- We are trapped in here.'
Face your fears, they say. You're going to tell Jin everything you've always wanted to tell him.
'Let's keep ourselves entertained.. Shall we?' it seems like you were the only one who was trying.
'Oh- Aren't you going to talk? I can't talk all day, Mr World Wide Handsome. Ah- Ah-.. My throat already hurts,' you stress out, your lips jutted out into a pout.
This was the friendliest you have ever been to him. He likes it.. He's been envious of your attitude towards the other two for a while now. You are always so relaxed and chill around them. With him.. your eyebrows contract, your face freezes up and your hands quiver. You couldn't stand him. At first, he thought it was because he was a stranger you weren't familiar with. For that reason, he tried getting closer to you. To no avail, he concluded that you simply didn't want him around. So.. he stopped trying.
When you distance yourself from someone, it only makes you want them more. You weren't like chocolate to him, you were a bowl of raspberries. You weren't an unhealthy obsession his mother would try to hide in the cabinets. You were something he needed, wanted and craved. You were good for him.
'What do you want me to say?' the heat that branched out from his lips traced over your fingers and neck.
The cabinet was small.. You were now huddled together in the dark. You enjoyed having him close by. He was always too far away.
Having him so close like this brings a rise to certain thoughts that were buried deep underground and once out of reach. Even when you barely could see anything, his eyelashes you could count and his eyes you were intrigued with. What would it feel like to have him hold you? What would it feel like to lay against his chest?
'Whatever you want? Something you want.. uhh.. you want to get off of your chest? We could die in here for all you know.. Better die relived rather than frustrated.'
'Ahahhaa.. What type of logic is that?'
There's the Seokjin you missed.. The one you drove away..
'My logic.'
You weren't wrong. He can't do anything about it.. -ㅅ-
'Nice logic,' his eyes rolled all the way back.
This guy!
'Then follow it,' you are firm in terms of sorting things out.
How does he even start?
‘Why do you hate me so much?’ his eyes are big and pleading, he was desperate to know.
‘I don’t hate you, Jin..’
It's true.. You don't hate him. It's just- just- complicated.. Extremely complicated.
‘Then why do you treat me differently?’
‘What do you mean, by “differently”..’
You understood what he meant. You just wanted to stall a little more time.
You know how stupid you are. You know the moment Jin realises that he’ll only hate you further.
‘Unlike that of how you treat Namjoon and Yoongi.’
‘Because you’re older.’
Your father and mother were mountains. Too tall to reach, and never willing to reach down to your height or even turn their backs around. You were a hill in need of attention.. Yet you only got fed with the privilege of being alive. Your height grew over time, but the confidence in you plummeted into a void of non-existence.
‘We’re two worlds apart. I’m not supposed to talk in such a way with people who are older than I am.’
He saw how broken you were.. He saw the memories in your eyes. Your cornea a looking glass he had access to. It wasn’t yours that he saw, it was his imagination reflecting his childhood memories onto that of yours. A small girl crying in the corner, the curtain that covered her tear-stained face the only comfort she could get. He saw that.
He was born the heir to a company he never wanted. The only reason to why he is where he is now is the night his father announced his retirement. The same night he dropped down to his knees and dared to stoop so low. Clinging to his father’s feet, refusing to let go. Screaming and crying for the decision to be taken back.
‘I need a few more years.. Give me four years..’
‘So you can have a taste of that dream job of yours? You know Seok-Woo can never run the company.. He’s not like you.’
‘Yes.. That's all I need. I’ll take over after the four-year mark reaches. So, please reconsider..’
‘You better keep that promise of yours. Or I’ll have to make sure you keep it myself.’
Four years is a lot, he remembers thinking.. Somehow, two have already passed by.
‘I want you to treat me like you do everyone. I’m not anyway superior to you because of my age. You can talk to me, tease me or even make fun of me. I don’t mind.’
Was he for real?
‘Is this a joke of some kind?’ shock morphed into your eyes.
‘What the oranges?’ ‘Oh my!’ ‘Really?’ he could see it swirling in the corner and hanging onto your eyelashes. You tried to hide them, but passion fueled your gazing tool. He could read your thoughts..
‘The thought of speaking against someone that was more advanced in age than I was scared me too. Then I woke up one day and realised that it was nothing. If someone is wrong they should be corrected. Even if they are older. Humans are either wrong or right. There is no in-between.’
‘I’ll try.. I can’t promise you anything though.’
‘You don't have to promise me anything.. Just be yourself.’
You sit there, legs touching and hips attached. You could hear every breath and every gulp he took, just as he did you.
‘I don’t hate you, Jin. I quite like you actually.’
‘Hahhahaa,’ he bursts into laughter, the windows outside being wiped clean not as loud as he was.
‘Why are you laughing?’
‘I like you too..’
You smile. You are glad that he does.
You were a plain white dress buried and hidden among a pile of clothes. He picked you up and glued flowers where he thought you needed them. You are now no longer a plain white dress. You are a gown elegant enough to belong in a fashion exhibit of some sort.
‘I love the teddy bear you bought for me.. I love teddy bears.’
‘I know.. That's why I bought it, silly.’
‘Don’t call me silly,’ you pout excessively.
‘But you are silly..’ he has an evil glint and smirk sewed on his face, ‘Do you know what else is silly?’
‘What? What else is silly, Mr World Wide Handsome?’
‘My love for you.’
‘I knew you would react like that.’
‘Tell me more?’
What a weird person you were..
‘I’m sewing you for how beautiful you are,’ his hands reenacted the sewing of fabric, stitching slowly across the surface of his shirt.
‘You can’t sew..’
‘Ayeeee!! That’s beside the point of my clever joke.’
This man and his self-esteem. How does one become so confident in themself? You ought to ask him that..
‘How are you so self-assertive?’
‘We’re all imperfect pieces of shit. If we don't accept ourselves.. Who else will?’
‘Y/N-ah.. How long are we going to be stuck in here for?’ he pulls you close to his chest.
He loves the way you smell.
‘What type of shampoo and lotion do you use?’
‘I- what?’
‘You smell nice.’
It would take even the visually impaired only a few minutes to spot the red on your cheeks.
He was so close.. He too smelt nice.. He looks so pretty.. His voice is beautiful.. He’s Jin..
You were this close to falling asleep when the door creaked open.
‘Ahaaa!! Our plans worked!’
‘Yahhhhhhh!!’ Jin is the first to scream.
‘You bastards,’ and you are the first to yank on their ears.
‘Honey, owieee..’
‘Noona.. Ouch..’
‘Don’t go owieee or ouch at me you two.’
‘Yeah.. don’t. We could have died in there!’ Jin backs you up.
Your cheeks hurt.. Oh, how happy you are to have him back.
You'd think pumpkins would disappear by the time November reached, but fall wouldn't be complete without one. The carved faces and bright lights might have gone away, but pumpkin lattes and pies were everywhere. The sweetness invading bakery windows and your way home. They were enticing, orange and comforting.. It was about time you picked one up.
'One pumpkin pie and two cinnamon rolls, please.'
You strolled back with great pleasure. Opening the door to a scene you soon were to treasure. They were all asleep on the couch, a bowl of a quarter-finished popcorn left dry and cold on the table nearby.
You are to cherish them for a minute or more. After.. They are to wake up.
'Pretty boys.. Wake up! Choppidy Chop Chop! Today's campfire night. Remember?’
Would anyone be angry to have to wake up to such a sweet voice? If you were being productively deep into sleep, you would. Sweet or not, some people need their sleep.
'Uhhhh! But, Yoon Yoon needs his sleep.'
'Ewwwww.. Did you just call yourself, Yoon Yoon? Ahhh- where's my Yoongi? Bring him back!'
'Ayu..Wady, yu call me - uhhhh.. Yoongi Boongi and Yunniee.'
'Nam Nam is sweepy tooo.'
'Jin-' your hands fall on his lips.
'Wood Choppidy Chop Chop, gentlemen!'
'Alright.. Alright..'
And so they began hacking down pieces of wood, as you help of course. Candidly, you were never good at this.
Namjoon wasn't any good at it either, Jin might have went off track upon the arrival of the insect kingdom, Yoongi got distracted once or twice by the kitty hiding by the trees. The camp-firing life wasn't for you. Is it for anybody though?
As the fire illuminates your faces that glisten with sweat, the moonlight casted beautifully onto the lake's surface. Embracing your tired bodies with its hovering presence. Was the fire worth building? The warmth that bubbled from your inner soul would agree.
'Jin.. Tell me one of your jokes. Because I'm about to get all sentimental,' you manoeuvre your way next to him, leaning against his head and sharing his blanket.
'I'd tell you one about the moon, but that joke is full of holes.
'Now.. proceed with what you do best, Ms Sentimental.'
'Time passes by so quickly, Jin.. It feels like I've only met you a few days ago. Yet, in reality, a year has passed by.'
'We met in October of last year. It's November of the next year.'
'Is this when you confess to me?'
'Honey.. Isn't it great that no one can hear whatever the hell we say here?'
'Yeah.. it is. I can curse at my boss all I want, and he wouldn't know.'
‘Me.. too.’
'Yoon, Joon.. You don't work for anyone.'
'Yeah.. we are shouting at our work-selves.'
'Yahh! I should be the one who's doing that. I have an actual boss.'
'Go ahead, Mister..' Namjoon urges.
'Okay.. I'm shouting now! If I burst your eardrums, I take no responsibility.'
'MR JEON! I FUCKING HATE YOU! FUCK YOU, OLD MAN!' he reacts with his whole body, jumping up and down insanely.
'Yoons, is he okay?'
'Bae, he is.'
'Ewwww... You learned that from Joon. Didn't you?'
'Sorry Bae.. It isn't me.'
'Sure, it isn't Juan..'
'Ayee! My name isn't Juan.'
'What do you want, Key?'
It's always the unexpected that meets with a surprise. Today marks the second year with Namjoon. Just because another ending is approaching, it doesn't mean that there is no room for new beginnings.
Closing up the flower shop, you soak up the flavours of the night.
'Here..' you were soon gifted two flowers.
One a daffodil and another a rose.
'What are they for?' you eyed your boss suspiciously.
The sweet old lady, the parent you've always wanted.
'What do they mean, Y/N dear?'
'Daffodils.. new beginnings.. roses.. love.'
'Here..' you were gifted a bouquet, a white card hanging loosely on top.
'Travel postcards and stamps?'
A bouquet of fucking travel postcards and stamps!! Hdjdjjdjf!!!
'The handsome fellow dropped by months ago and begged me to make it for him.'
*opens card*
Dear, Y/niee.. ._.
I discussed it all with Namjoon and Yoongi yesterday. They said they wouldn't mind me be being part of your relationship. They would love for me to join actually.. That's what they said.. (Is that too straightforward of me?)
We have known each other for quite a while, haven't we? Don't tell Namjoon and Yoongi this. But.. I've always had a crush on them. (pinky promise).. That's far from what the point of this letter is.. aishh! I don't know how to say this.. eek.!
I like all of you. Love.. actually.. (Is it too early for that?). It's true though. I love all of you.. Namjoon and Yoongi seem to like me in such a way too (romantically). I'm really happy they do.
There's one person I haven't asked out yet. And.. that's you..I was really nervous. I know we didn't start off well. But.. Here goes nothing. I hate how I can’t say this in person. One, because I’m busy. Two, because I know I’d turn red and up running away. And three, I'm allergic to pollen.
I wanted this to be special.. I would love to see your face right now, Y/N love. Are you smiling or are you disgusted?
Uhhh.. Y/N, will you be mine?.. (I'm so bad at this)
- Love, Jin
*holds card to heart*
'He was sneezing horribly under that mask of his. He came over to see how everything was, yesterday.'
'You can leave now, dear.. I can close the shop by myself.'
'Are you sure?'
'Yess.. yesss. I am sure! Now go!'
'Are they okay? My boys.. Are they okay! YAhhhhh! Where the fuck are you, Jimin!
‘Woah.. Woah.. I was busy alright.’
‘Are they okay?’ your eyes haunted him, submitting him into feelings of empathy and sorrow.
‘I can’t tell you. Those above me forbid me to do so. You'll know once you view the next window.’
‘What is the next window?’
‘You already know what it is.’
‘The future?’
‘The future..’
Tumblr media
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secretmischief · 2 months ago
The Babysitter Pt. 2 (Alternate)
Contains: Babysitter!Jeon Jungkook x MILF!Reader; Ex-husband!Kim Seokjin x Reader
Word Count: 9K
Warnings: Protected & unprotected intercourse, dirty talk, fingering, oral, squirting, fictional representation of existing person(s), foul language, angst, cheating if you squint, age gap, fluff. 18+
Summary: This is the original version of the sequel to The Babysitter. A bit more angsty and complicated. If you prefer the less troublesome version you can read the already-posted version of the sequel on my ML.
Tumblr media
“How’s work going?” Jin asks with an empty curiosity.
A few times a month you, Jin, and your son all have dinner together. Normally things go swimmingly, and Jun loves the time spent together. However, since Jin discovered you were having, relations, with Jungkook - the sex God nanny that occasionally looked after Jun - he’d started treating you differently. It created a weird tension, making you feel guilty for something that you already felt slightly guilty for. “It’s business as usual, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you really want to ask me,” you reply flatly, continuing to chop vegetables for the salad. Jin looks back toward the living room where Jun is happily engrossed in his Hot Wheels track. “Are you still dating the kid who babysits our son?” his voice is quiet but it doesn’t cover the condescension in his tone. You huff, “Okay, first I am not dating him. It’s not a relationship… I don’t think … it’s just- it just is what it is. Second, he is not a kid, he’s 24,” you explain, a little ashamed. It sounds absurd saying it out loud. “Oh, pardon me, a whopping 24!” “Why do you even care? I didn’t say shit when you took out that accountant last month,” you seethe. “That accountant doesn’t babysit our son. Jun likes the guy, talks about him all the time, Jungkook is his buddy. I just don’t want him getting confused or hurt because face it Y/N, whatever it is you’re doing, it’s not going anywhere,” he says, pulling the food out of the oven. Your hand pauses on a cucumber. Overwhelming guilt and dread constricting your heart. It’s not a new realization, you’ve thought about it plenty. That despite your constant ache for Jungkook, there wasn’t anything solid to be had. “You remember what it was like being 24, the prospect of hot sex with someone older might have been thrilling but it’s not an endgame endeavor Y/N,” Jin shrugs, as if cementing his point. You swallow a lump in your throat, your eyes starting to burn. “I wouldn’t know,” you say a little bitterly, “When I was 24 I was planning our wedding,” you shrug, dumping the last of the veggies into the bowl. You only look at him for a split second before taking your leave to the dining room. “Y/N…” Jin calls out softly but doesn’t follow. Dinner is mostly spent listening to Jun boast about his moves in karate class and complaining about the girl who teases him at school. You and Jin actively avoid eye contact. Though Jin does decide to stick around for a movie so he can give Jun a bath, read to him and tuck him in. You sit on the couch, knees pulled up with your chin resting on top, a position you take when you’re anxious or sad. “He passed out before I finished the chapter,” Jin chuckles, tiptoeing back into the living room. “Sounds about right,” you force a cordial chuckle. “Do you want me to do the dishes?” he offers. “Already done.” “Oh. Guess I’ll head out then?” You look up at him, “Is that a question or are you telling me?” “…a question.” “Why would you stay?” you ask, genuinely curious. He plops down on the couch with a sigh. “Because you’re doing that thing where you pull yourself into a tiny ball like you’re trying to disappear,” he answers. You just continue staring forward. “So what’s wrong?” he asks after a few minutes of silence. “Do you care?” “Don’t,” he sighs, “don’t do that. You know that was never what this was about. I care about you, and you care about me despite valiant efforts to pretend you don’t,” he scoffs. You close your eyes, tight, and let out a defeated sigh. “I know. Sorry,” you pat his hand. “It’s okay,” he pauses for a moment, “if it’s about what I said earlier about the babysitter…I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m only thinking about Jun.” You think for a moment, that familiar feeling of guilt bubbling up your chest again. “I guess I wasn’t thinking of anyone but myself,” you admit, your voice cracking a bit, tears threatening your eyes. Jin had to be right, Jungkook was only looking for one thing and if things were different, you’d be more than happy to give it to him, but things were not. You had Jun and his feelings to consider before and above anything else. “I’m sure that’s not true, I mean, it’s not like you should be thinking of too much else when, you know, something like that is happening,” he laughs and so do you. “I guess,” you shrug with a blush. “Maybe just put a stop to it next time you’re about to slide between the sheets, yeah?” “No sheets involved, just walls and floors,” you joke, immediately regretting it. “The wall?? How does that even work?” “I dunno but it worked…worked really well,” you blush scarlet then get up off the couch. “Okay I get it, stop will you?” He snaps. “Oh don’t be snippy, you started this conversation,” you remind him. “I didn’t start it to get the details of how some grad student fucked my wife!” he argues. You spin around, “your wife?” “Ex-wife, whatever. I don’t want to know about how much better some other guy gets you off, alright?” “Jin…I’m sorry…” Jin folds his arms like a petulant kid, “if you wanted to be fucked against a wall you could’ve just asked,” he snorts. “I didn’t know I wanted it,” you shrug, suddenly feeling…weird. “Wall sex was never really our style Jin, it’s fine, okay? You were…it was good,” you wince because you don’t sound convincing at all. Jin brought you to orgasm just fine but you weren’t prepared to deal with wounded egos and measuring contests tonight. Jin scoffs, “I always just did what I thought you wanted. I wanted you to be comfortable. I thought about having sex with you in all kinds of situations.” “Like what?” you’re trying to stifle your laughter. Jins face reddens, “I don’t know. I always wanted…” he stares at you, you’re totally engrossed in his reveal, “When you brought me lunch at the office sometimes, I always wanted to take you on my desk.” Your eyes widen a bit, “Your secretary sits right outside your office door!” Jin looks a bit guilty but locks eyes with you, “I know.” You cackle, “My, my! Scandalous Mr. Kim!” he laughs with you, “Why didn’t you?” Jins blush returns, “I didn’t think you’d like it.” “I would’ve loved it, would’ve been nice to spice it up,” you say plainly, walking around the room picking up toys. When you turn back to face him you find Jin standing right behind you. “I never knew you wanted things like that, I could’ve…” he trails off, a distant sadness spreading in the space between you. “It’s okay, like I said, I never really knew what I wanted, and I never asked you to fuck me any special way, it’s on me, alright? It’s not something we need to worry about anymore,” you explain. Without warning, Jin leans into you, pressing his mouth against yours. Your body tenses up, and you fight the urge to push him away. It’s an odd feeling - that a kiss could feel so familiar and comforting, yet so foreign and strange at the same time. You feel his tongue brush against your lips, asking for entry. You pull away before it goes too far. “Jin…” you whisper with a soft warning. His brow furrows as he presses his forehead to yours, “I’m sorry. I’m…” he pulls away, putting space between you. “I should go, I’m sorry.” “O-okay…” you stand there cluelessly as he disappears out the front door. *** “Oh shit…yeah…roll your hips on me baby.” You watch Jungkooks lips part, his face contorting into a look of pure pleasure. You rock your bare hips against him again, his cock buried completely inside you. You’d asked him to come over since Jun was with his dad again for the weekend. Your intention had been to discuss where each of you stood, and gently break it off before it got any more serious. That way Jun could keep his favorite sitter and you could end things before it became emotionally complicated. At least, after your conversation with Jin, that had to be where it was heading - complicated. Right? That’s what you had intended anyway, but then Jungkook had marched in, sleeves of his henley shirt pushed up his forearms (God, why?), and immediately ravished your mouth with his own. He started kissing you, feeling you up and peeling your clothes off like you were water in a desert…and evidently he was thirsty. You both ended up naked, and now you were riding his dick like your life depended on it. His fingers sunk into your hips sharply, pulling and pushing you to change your pace. “Jungkook…” his name rolled off your lips in a heady moan. The way he was bucking his hips up into you in quick, sinful strokes started to make you throb. “You’re so good…fuck, gonna cum,” he sighs into the valley between your breasts. Good, you think, because the throbbing in your core is about 0.5 seconds from exploding. Your body starts shaking as shockwaves radiate from your center outward, and you have to pause your movement to handle it. “Damn, you get so tight when you cum for me,” he smiles up at you. God, his face is so perfect that you have to kiss him, your hips resuming their grind against his pelvis. Jungkook makes a primal noise in his throat, digging his fingernails into your sides. He cums moaning your name as you steady yourself, foreheads pressed together. When you’re mostly-fully clothed, you stare at Jungkook as he rests on your couch. How do you start a conversation about not hooking up anymore right after you just hooked up? Would it seem like you were using him? “Are you going to leave soon?” you wonder out loud. “No? You said Jun was at his dads the whole weekend right?” “Yes.” He nods then settles back in the couch, “Yeah, so, I just figured you and I would spend the weekend together.” You try to avoid how nice that sounds. “You don’t have any dates or parties or things to do?” you ask curiously - surely he had better prospects than you. “Nope.” “There’s not a nice girl your age that you see?” At this he looks at you, “A nice girl my age?” he scrunches his nose adorably, “What kind of weird ass question is that? Where is this coming from? I’m seeing you.” “We’re having sex,” you clarify. “We could go out,” he shrugs, “is that what you’re getting at?” Ugh. This is not coming along at all. “No, I just think you could do better than me. You’re 24, I’m 32. I can’t - there’s not a whole lot I can offer you as a divorced workaholic with a 5 year old,” you try to smile to lighten the mood but it still hangs heavy in the air, how little you think of yourself. “I don’t care about that,” he says softly, defensively. “Jungkook…” “Have you been talking to your jealous ex-husband? He’s had a stick up his ass since he saw me that morning over FaceTime,” Jungkook guesses irritably. “I have,” you admit and Jungkook rolls his eyes, “but he’s not entirely wrong. We’re not endgame. You should be with someone your age, that you can grow with. That’s all he was trying to point out,” you explain with an exceptionally weak resolve. “Yeah? Like you two? Tell me Y/N how did that work out?” he raises his eyebrows. “Fair enough, but technically I’m also three years older than Seokjin,” you admit with a guilty smile. “Ah, so you’re a serial cougar then?” he accuses with a smirk. “Evidently,” you sigh. “He still wants you, you know,” Jungkook grumbles. “I don’t know what he wants, he actually…” you stop, wondering if you should bring up the out of the blue kiss Jin laid on you earlier in the week. “What?” “He tried to kiss me the other day, it was really weird, out of nowhere, maybe it was jealousy because we’d been talking about you…I think he felt a little inadequate,” you explain. “Did you kiss him back?” Jungkook asks, though you can’t really measure his feelings. He doesn’t sound angry or hurt. “No, I stopped him, it was too weird. It felt, wrong, after so long. After we went through all that shit that ultimately led us to divorce, I was confused as hell honestly,” you tell him. “He’s fucking with you because he’s jealous,” he shrugs, “Divorce sounded like the right choice until he had to deal with how it feels to see his ex with somebody else, how some other guy hanging out with his son feels. Now he’s questioning it, which is normal but kissing you was over the line,” Jungkook shakes his head. “What are you getting your masters in again, psychology?” you laugh. “Sociology,” he corrects. “Oh, I didn’t know…” “You never asked, I am curious, what did you think I was studying?” You blush, “Honestly, I figured you were studying something artsy. Graphic design, music, something like that,” you admit. “Nope, I want to be a counselor. I’d actually really like to work in the education system with students around Juns age,” he explains. “Oh…that’s really amazing JK, I had no clue, I’m sorry,” you can’t really explain why you feel guilty. Why you only ever chose to see him as the inhumanly attractive dude covered in tats. Clearly you’d been missing out on the best parts. “Eh, don’t be. I’m more than happy to be your piece of ass,” he laughs, his hand coming down playfully right under your backside. “You’re not a piece of ass!” “You just said we were only having sex,” he grins. He’s now repositioning himself between your legs, holding himself above you with his arms, kissing your face and forehead. “Well, is that not what you want?” you press your palms to his chest, pausing his mouth for a moment. “Well I definitely want to have sex with you,” he smirks, “I also want to spend time with you because I think you’re cool and I like talking to you. I want to take you out sometime because I like you,” he grins, “I went to a restaurant with my friend the other day and all I could think about was taking you because I think you’ll really dig the menu. I want you,” he says. You feel a heat spreading across your abdomen, and you couldn’t stop the smile spreading across your mouth if you wanted to. “What about my age though?” you interrupt your lovely thoughts with that pesky fact. “Oh my God,” he buries his face into your neck, “the only person who cares is you. You’re 32, thirty-two, in no universe or reality is that an old age.” “It’s eight more years older than you,” you point out. “That doesn’t matter to me,” he huffs. “Doesn’t it? I mean forget the fact that you like me for a moment. Forget the sex, the things you like about me. Think about introducing me to your friends, your parents? What does that scenario look like?” The faintest hint of concern passes over Jungkooks face. It’s gone just as quickly. “It looks like me taking a gorgeous woman home, who is smart, runs her own successful business, loves a son who absolutely adores her, and I’m kind of obsessed with her,” he kisses you, his lips rolling against yours deliciously. You moan into his mouth, your fingers laced in his silky black locks. He pulls away way too soon. “Mmm, come back,” you stick your bottom lip out in a pout. “My turn to ask a question,” he nips at your lip. “Shoot.” “Forget for a moment that you’re so hung up on our age difference, forget that you’re scared of the societal rule that an age gap fucking matters…do you like me?” he leans into the shell of your ear, “and not just because I can dick you down better than anyone you’ve ever had.” You try to ignore the brand new arousal pooling in your underpants, to focus on his question. You try to focus on all the conversations you’ve had with him, almost all of them about Jun. Jun. Your son, who idolizes the man pinning you down on the couch, shirtless, with his knee groping your cunt. You feel that all too familiar guilt hardening in your stomach and push Jungkook off of you. “I like that I can trust you with my son, who looks up to you, looks forward to you coming over,” shit, you’re going to cry. “I can’t let him down Jungkook, I can’t let him think you’re a permanent fixture in his life only to rip it away from him if this doesn’t work out, he would be devastated,” you sniffle, angling your face away from Jungkook so he can’t see the tear you wipe away. “I do like you, so fucking much, too much,” you finally let your eyes settle on him again, “but I can’t do this with you, I can’t stake my sons happiness on the hope that a 24 year old will stick around,” your voice cracks and you bite at your lip to keep it from quivering. Jungkook looks wounded, and you hate that you’ve hurt his feelings. You also hate that despite shooting him down he also looks as if he wants to hold you and comfort you. “Should I go then?” he wonders, grabbing his henley, slipping it back on. You do your best to ignore the tears brimming at his eyes. “I don’t want you to go Jungkook, but you probably should,” this time when you speak, a sob escapes. The back of your hand finds your mouth to try and stifle it. “Okay.” His voice is so soft and kind and sad in the space between you that it causes you to sob again. Then you watch him leave with tears streaming down your cheeks. Fuck. Why does it feel like you just fucked up royally? Without thinking, you grab your keys and speed over to Jins house. “What the-,” Jin opens the door you’ve been banging on for just a tad too long and you brush past him, B-lining for your son. “Mom?” even Jun looks confused as you wrap your arms around him, his small arms tentatively embracing you. “What happened, are you alright?” Jins voice is laced with concern and you feel his touch on your shoulder. “I’m fine, I’m good, I just needed to see him really quick,” you smile, wiping tears away before Jun can see them. “Hey buddy, why don’t you go find that cool robot toy we played with last time? I bet mom would like to see it,” Jin asks, his eyes never leaving yours. Jun excitedly runs out of the room and up the stairs. “What’s going on? Did you watch that one episode of Criminal Minds again?” Jin chuckles, squeezing your shoulders. “I broke up with him,” you sniff, wiping more tears. “With the sitter?” Jin looks confused, “I didn’t think there was anything to break off?” “I liked him, okay? Fuck,” you roll your eyes, “he’s the first man I’ve felt anything for since…” you look at Jin cautiously, grateful you don’t need to finish that sentence for him to understand. “I’m sorry,” Jin says. “It’s okay,” you let out a dry laugh, “I mean you’re right - he’s only 24 - he doesn’t want me, he thinks he does but he’s wrong. Who would?” you gesture to yourself. “Don’t be ridiculous,” Jin scoffs. “Doesn’t matter, it’s done. I can’t risk Jun getting hurt because I just wanted to feel wanted,” you say. You did enjoy feeling wanted, so much, so you fixate on that and push down the fact that you have real feelings for Jungkook. “Do you want to take him home?” Jin asks. “No, it’s okay, I just needed a hug. You boys enjoy your weekend, I’ll say bye and be out of your hair,” you straighten yourself out before Jun returns with his robot. Then you kiss him goodbye and head home. When the doorbell rings on Saturday night you ignore it at first. You’re 3/4 into your first bottle of wine and you’re not drunk but you’re fuzzy, so part of you assumes it’s your imagination anyways. Then it rings again. You drift over and swing it open, only to find Jin standing on the other side. “Uh…where is our son?” you ask, glancing behind him to his empty vehicle. “I took him to my parents, they’ve been dying to spend time with him lately and I…wanted to see you,” he explains. “I told you I’m fine Jin, I’m a big girl, I can handle myself,” you roll your eyes. “Fuck, I know it,” he whispers. Before you can ask him what that’s supposed to even mean his mouth is on yours. Pushing you back into the house then using your body to shut the door. His mouth never once faltering. “Hey, hey, chill for a sec,” you hold him away with your hands around his biceps. “What?” “What?” You repeat, “what is this? What are we doing right now?” “I’m kissing you, and then I’m going to fuck you, hard.” “Why?” you squeak, doing a poor job at ignoring the way this version of him is turning you on. “Because I want to, because I miss you,” he whispers, his mouth on you again. “So this has nothing to do with Jungkook?” You shove him away, but your hands never let go of his shirt, “This has nothing to do with how jealous you got last week talking about him fucking me? Because I am not in the mood to play your ego booster.” He pushes you back against the door, his hand slides under the soft cotton hem of your tee, “Are you sure though?” his breath is on your neck and you part your mouth with a sigh, “because it really felt like you wanted me to get jealous, talking about how he fucked you against a wall…I haven’t been able to get that image of you out of my head,” his hands are running over your bare breasts now and you suck in a breath. “Wait till you see how I’m going to fuck you.” “Shut up and do it then,” you dare him, not really sure what’s going to come from this. In every aspect you can think of, this is the worst idea you’ve had in a long while. Still, if you were so sure you shouldn’t be with Jungkook then hooking up with Jin was…still a bad idea but here you were anyway. “I’ve missed you so fucking much,” he hisses, twirling you over to the dining table. He shoves some place mats out of the way as he lays you on the surface. You wonder if he’s really missed you. Have you missed him? You push the ambiguity from your mind when he starts pulling your sweatpants down your legs. Despite having made love to Jin in scruffy loungewear many times - you blush a bit at your lack of sexiness in this moment. “Jin…” your voice is a weak warning in a whisper as he kisses up your legs, his tongue flitting over the familiar spots he knows are sensitive. He dips his middle and forefinger into your wetness, scissoring them inside as he sucks at your clit so gently. The table is cold against your back and not super comfortable as you shimmy out of your holey tee shirt, discarding it somewhere unimportant. “Oh Jin… fuck!” you moan as his tongue stiffens, replacing his fingers inside you. You slip your fists into his hair, pulling him into you deeper so you can move your hips in line with his mouth. Suddenly his hands are under your ass, lifting it up off the table. You find yourself balancing on your shoulder blades, legs up and around his neck as he continues to eat you out from a deeper angle. He moans into your cunt and the gentle hum of his timbre drives you up the wall. “Oh my god…you’re making me cum…fuck!” Jin pulls his mouth from you and shoves two, then three fingers into your dripping hole, pounding them against your Gspot. The pressure is too intense, and you tighten your thighs pushing against his hand from this ungodly angle. When it happens you’re shocked. As your walls tighten around his fingers, your arousal jets out into Jins hand. You’ve never, ever squirted, and as you come down from your incredible high you realize you’ve made an absolute mess of yourself, the table and Jin. “Fuck,” Jin exclaims, he pulls you up so you’re sitting and you have to wrap your arms around him to stabilize yourself. “You made me squirt,” you gasp deliriously. “I did?” his voice raises an octave as he looks in bewilderment at his fingers, then between your legs before his eyes dart back to yours. “You did,” you pull him into you and envelop his mouth in yours, sucking on his lips, his tongue - it’s desperate. You’ve got no idea where this desperation is coming from, deep down it makes you feel absurd, but you swallow that down and continue to kiss him anyways. Jin rips his shirt over his head as you fiddle with his belt and the opening on his jeans. You can feel his erection throbbing and you’re not sure if he’s ever been this hard. “Gonna stuff you with my cock, fuck, I’m so turned on,” he breathes as you suck the skin on his neck and chest. “Do it,” you spread your legs and pull him close, “fuck me hard Seokjin,” you’re panting in his ear as your fingers pull at his hair roughly. If you left your body and watched yourself right now you’d be screaming, and not the good kind. He widens your legs, holding your ankles apart in midair, and plunges his cock inside you. You both let out your respective expletives at the sensation of him bottoming out. You have to hold the edges of the table while he fucks into you furiously. You’ve never seen this Jin. This Jin with the tightest grip around your calves, an almost angry expression on his face as he watches himself pound into your pussy, fixated on getting himself off. Sweat is literally dripping down the sides of his face and it’s so confusing and hot. Mostly hot. You furrow your brows as your head falls back onto the table with a thump. “So wet…fuck,” he growls, his hips slamming against you in a rhythmic smack. “It’s so good…” you’re whimpering. Your head lolling from side to side. “Cum for me, Y/N, cum on my cock,” he rasps, his hands fall to the sides of your hips, dragging you into him. “I am, holy shit… Jin, don’t stop!” Jin collapses on top of you breathlessly, his dick buried inside you as you both get your release. You feel him filling you up, the point where you both connect nothing but a wet puddle of arousal. Jin buries his head between your breasts with a huff. He stills for just a moment before his head pops up. “Shit…I didn’t use a condom,” he breathes. Your eyes snap open. Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. You wiggle out from beneath him and pad over to the couch, fishing your phone out of the cushions. You finger the screen and open the app you use to track your cycle. With a hesitant sigh of relief you realize you’re just a few days away from your period - you would have ovulated weeks ago. You’re safe. Definitely. Most likely. “We should be ok,” you say, trailing back to him picking up discarded clothes. “Would it be so bad if we weren’t?” he says softly, pulling his boxers up. You stare at him for several moments. Blinking, confused and unable to formulate coherency. “Yes, it would,” you finally manage. “Why? We always said we wanted more than one,” he counters. “Jin - we?” you point between the two of you, “We…are divorced. You’re not saying you want to get back together?” “No…I don’t…I just, I don’t really know what to do here Y/N…” You pull your clothes back on. Each layer solidifying this new reality in which you’ve fucked two different men within a 24hr time frame. “Fuck!” you let it out way louder than you mean to. You collapse on the sofa, then immediately get back up - reminded of what transpired on it the previous afternoon. “What’s wrong with you?” Jin is trying to be soft but you hear the frustration in his voice. “I am a mess, that’s what. I fucked Jungkook on this couch yesterday afternoon, dumped him right after. Now I’m banging my freaking ex-husband on the dining table we bought at Pottery Barn six years ago!” you practically screech. Jin is silent for a long time while you try not to hyperventilate. “Don’t you have anything to say?!” you demand. He begins cleaning and shrugs, “I thought we ordered the table from Williams Sonoma…” “Wh- what?” your mouth drops open. Then you both laugh. Hard. Loudly. Unapologetically. You laugh until your side hurts and you have to hold on to the couch. You’re not sure why it’s so funny. Jin finally pulls you in, wrapping his arms around you. “This won’t happen anymore, okay? Everything will be okay.” You let out a breath of relief. Just because he says it doesn’t make it true but you choose to believe him in this moment regardless. “Don’t leave, please. I know that’s selfish, but I don’t want to be by myself,” you tell him. “I’ll sleep on the couch, if you want.” “Okay.” *** Early the next morning Jin stands in the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to brew. He’ll have to pick up Jun in a few hours, pretending like nothing happened last night. Like he didn’t fuck you on the table. He shouldn’t have. He should’ve stayed at home, watched movies with his son, and kept things simple. His pride got the better of him, and he almost fucked up so bad. When he asked you about another kid! Fuck. What was he thinking? What has he done? The doorbell rings and he quickly runs to answer it so the intruder doesn’t wake you. When you wake up he’ll have to talk to you about what happened. You’ll want to be on the same page so Jun doesn’t get impacted by any decisions made last night. When Jin opens the door, shirtless, he only feels slightly smug as Jungkooks eyes widen in surprise. “Good morning,” Jin smiles. “Where’s Y/N? I need to talk to her,” he looks anywhere but at Jin while he shoves his hands in his pockets. “She’s asleep.” Jungkook presses his lips together and nods furiously. “Tell her to call me if she can spare a moment,” he seethes before turning to stomp back to his car. “Hey, it’s not really what it looks like,” Jin calls out, feeling guilty. You’ll hate him for this, for not waking you up, for being here in the first place to answer your door. “Oh good,” Jungkook laughs dryly, “because it looks like you just got done fucking my girlfriend.” Oh hell no. The guilt fizzles into angry jealousy instantly. The same jealousy that brought him here in the first place starts burning in his chest again. “She’s not your girlfriend.” “Man, fuck you. What are you even doing? Why did you divorce the mother of your child if you weren’t going to let her go? Let her be happy with someone else!?” Jungkook keeps a large distance between himself and the older man standing in the door, he wants to punch him in the face. “You little fucking…” Jin seethes, then takes a deep breath. “You don’t get to show up, fuck my wife, then act like you’re suddenly part of all this. You’re just a frat boy with a fucking hard on for a hot older woman. Grow up.” Jungkook grits his teeth and takes a dangerous step forward, “She’s not your wife.” “Maybe not,” Jin matches his angry step with an acidic smile, “but that didn’t seem to stop her from screaming my name last night.” “Jin!” Your anger echoes through the entryway out into the front yard. You’re stunned as you shove him out of the way to confirm the person you know he’s talking to. Jungkook. You feel sick as you turn back to Jin. Unable to handle the way Jungkook is looking at you. “Get out,” you sigh, eyes prickling with guilty tears. “What?!” “You need to go. Leave. Go get your clothes, then pick up our son and take him to breakfast, then bring him the fuck home.” Jin blinks a few times before shaking his head with a scoff and disappearing into the house. You look back at Jungkook, ashamed of yourself. “Did you really fuck him? Please tell me he just spent the night,” Jungkooks lip trembles and you’ve never hated yourself more. Your silence is all the answer he needs. “Why?” his voice is barely audible. Tears brim over onto your cheeks as you suck in a sob. “Because I’m stupid, because I’m so, so fucking stupid,” you cry. You should have never let him leave Friday afternoon. You should’ve spent your weekend with him, talking and fucking and being okay. Letting yourself be okay. Nothing felt okay now. Jin lied. Everything was not okay. Jin clears his throat as he side steps around you out the door. “I should’ve never come here,” he says after a moment then shakes his head and looks at Jungkook, “I mean seriously? Fuck you Y/N.” Then he heads toward his car. A new wave of sickening tears pour down your face. “Hey asshole, you don’t talk to her like that!” Jungkook growls then pulls Jin back around by the shoulder, “Fucking apologize!” Jin brushes his arms away and shoves Jungkook. “Stop!” you yell though no one seems to hear you. “Don’t!” Jin yells with a pointed finger, “Don’t put your fucking hands on me.” “Tell her you’re fucking sorry then! You’re gonna come fuck her up like that then speak to her like she’s trash? Fuck you!” “Fuck her up? Isn’t that what she did to you? Fuck you, dump you then let me in her bed the next night? Who the fuck are you trying to kid?” Jin steps too close and Jungkook shoves him off. “Piece of shit!” Jungkook spits. “I said stop it! Both of you!” your voice is shrill at this point and finally seems to catch their attention. “This is on me okay? This is my fault! I’m sorry to both of you, okay? But nothing is going to get solved shoving each other and screaming in my front fucking yard! You need to go pick up Jun, and you -,” you look at Jungkook apologetically. “You should go Jungkook, I can’t imagine you’d even want to look at me right now. I’m so sorry, just - I’m so sorry.” You disappear into the house and shut the door before you let the tears fall freely. Leaving the two men outside to go. Why in the hell did you let this get so messy? You put your hand over your mouth and cry into it. You’ve fucked up. Your fuck ups started when you let Jin convince you that your relationship with Jungkook was wrong. Like it would ruin your sons life or something if you dated his babysitter. You’re unsure of how long you’ve leaned against the wall crying. The knock on the door startles you and you briefly wonder if it’s the cops responding to the commotion on your lawn. To your utter and undeserving astonishment, Jungkook stands on the other side. He’s not looking at you, instead he’s staring at his shoes. “JK?” “Are you alright?” he asks bringing his gaze up to meet yours. “No. I’m not alright, but that’s my fault. Not yours, I ruined it with you, it was me - all me. You’ve been nothing but sweet and understanding and I sent you off and then let - last night - happen. I’m so sorry to hurt you, this is not the person I am, and I hate myself right now.” “I’m not going to pretend to understand why you had sex with him, I know you said you didn’t want to see me anymore but I didn’t think it was because you wanted him back,” he’s staring at his feet again. “I don’t want him back. I didn’t want him back last night either, I just…he showed up and it all happened so fucking fast. There were several moments I knew it was wrong but I just kept going. I didn’t stop it, and he didn’t stop it - so it just happened.” “You made a bad choice,” he says softly. “You’re not kidding,” you laugh dryly, fighting new tears. “I still like you.” “You shouldn’t. I feel terrible about this.” “If I hadn’t shown up here this morning, and instead came by some other time or just called - Would you have told me you slept with him?” he asks. It’s an odd question. “Yes.” Jungkook nods. “I believe you. You told me about him kissing you before. You’re an honest person,” he smiles weakly. “I’m honestly a total fuckup Jungkook. Nothing more. I’d love to pull the ‘I’m a newly divorced person who has no idea what to do with my feelings, or how to be in a different relationship with a different person’ card…but In reality I’ve just acted like a terrible person, and I dragged you down with me.” “You can cool it with the self-loathing, I get it, you hate yourself. That’s not helping anyone though, is it?” he rolls his eyes stepping fully into the house. “What should I say then?” you sniff. “Just listen,” he sets his hands on your shoulders, “I’m going to leave, and I’m going to give you time to figure out what you want. You. Not what Jin wants for you. Not what I want for you. Not even what Jun wants for you. Just what you want.” “I wa-,” you’re about to tell him you want him but he cuts you off. “Not today. I want you to think it all the way through, you owe yourself that much,” he kisses your cheek then heads to the door. “Why are you being so nice to me when I don’t deserve it?” you wonder. “Just because you did one thing you obviously regret doesn’t make you undeserving of anything. Jin was right - you’re not my girlfriend, but I want you to be…if that’s what you want. That’s what I came here to tell you this morning, that I want you,” he smiles sadly and then leaves you standing there blinking. *** After you shower away the idiocy you feel all over your body, you spend the rest of the morning deep cleaning your house. It’s what you do when you don’t want to focus on life. Yet life always pops right back in. This time in the form of Jin sheepishly creeping into the house behind Jun who runs to you for a hug. “Did you have fun with grandma and grandpa?” you smile into him with a squeeze. “They let me eat ice cream before bed but we had to watch a boring show with old music,” he scrunches his nose. “Mm, sounds so rough,” you laugh. “I didn’t do my homework for school tomorrow,” he admits with a wince. You sigh, looking at Jin who swore he’d make time for Jun to finish his schoolwork. Jins eyes go straight to the ceiling. “It’s ok buddy, why don’t you go put your stuff up and you can work on it now, ok? When you’re done we can have a snack and play some games together. I missed you,” you push his bangs out of his eyes and pull him into another hug. When Jun departs to his room you stand and watch Jin shuffle awkwardly in his spot. “I owe you an apology,” he finally says. “Do you?” “I do. I hate that we ended up here Y/N. I was jealous,” he huffs. “Why, we aren’t together anymore?” “Because I’m an ass? I didn’t want-,” “You didn’t want me to be happy?” you accuse. “Maybe…mostly I just didn’t want you to make anyone else happy. The thought of you making someone else feel the way we felt years ago…in the beginning…I hate it,” he sighs. “Why though?” “Because I guess I hoped I’d be happy again first. But then your catering thing took off, and you do the single parent thing so fucking well - I can barely balance the weekends,” he laughs but you see the tears forming. “Then you started seeing him, and I just got this image of the three of you in my head. No place for me in your and Juns lives anymore,” he sniffs and hurriedly wipes a rogue tear. “Jin…you are Juns father. There will never, ever not be a place for you in his life,” you say trying to keep your voice steady. “I know. I see that now. When you came over Friday night so upset - I was glad to see you that way,” he admits guiltily and you wince. “I thought, here’s my chance to take my place back, so I took him to my parents and rushed to you. I wanted you to see that I could still make you feel good, that I could keep you happy.” Your face heats up with embarrassment as you recall the events of last night. “Jin, it was a mistake on both our parts. You had the wrong intentions and I just wanted…I just wanted to feel like something was stable. If I couldn’t get it with Jungkook then I thought maybe I could get it with you but it was wrong,” you tell him, sitting down at the table. He sits as well. “I’m sorry. I feel like I took advantage of you,” he puts his hand on yours, “we had a good thing going. Our weekly dinners, our friendship, keeping things normal for our boy,” he stifles a sob, “and I ruined it.” “I was just as responsible Jin. I could’ve told you to stop, I didn’t. I can’t even say that I didn’t enjoy it,” you sigh. “Can we just go back to normal?” he asks. “I think we can — we have to,” you smile, “for our boy.” Jin clears his throat, “Also…and it goes without saying but, I’m so sorry for what happened this morning. The things I said…fuck…I think testosterone took over.” You nod. “It was not a nice display, from anyone.” “It was disgusting, and I’m sorry.” “Thank you,” you press your mouth into a tight smile. “I should go say bye to Jun,” he says, taking a deep breath to steady himself. “Okay.” “If you want to be with him then you should, Jungkook I mean,” he nods then goes to Juns room. *** An entire month goes by without seeing Jungkook. You spend most of your emotional energy trying to repair the friendship you have with Jin. He’s Juns father so you can’t bear to be on bad terms. You’re also avoiding. Hard. You appreciate Jungkooks willingness to forgive you. It still doesn’t absolve the fact that you slept with your ex literally the day after you broke up with him. You still see the look on his face when he was at your door that morning. He’s texted you several times and you answered each one. The responses were small and restrained and you missed his suggestive emojis. You missed him. His kindness, his thoughtfulness, even his cockiness. You missed the way he felt. At this point the ball was completely in your court. Jungkook had given you plenty of opportunities in his messages to open up the discussion. You didn’t though. Each time you could’ve invited him over or called or just replied with “I miss you” you chose to stay silent. The truth was you’d done nothing to deserve him. Then Friday night hit. Two of your servers called in and you had no choice but to play chef and pick up the slack of two missing people. Oh, and Jin was out of town for a conference. “Mom I’m bored,” Jun whined from a chair in the corner of the hot kitchen. “I’m sorry baby - here do you want to play a game on my phone? I just need you to sit here okay? You have to stay out of the way because there’s lots of hot and sharp stuff all over and we’re going to be running in and out,” you pant, wiping sweat off your brow. Jun looks miserable as he fiddles with your phone. “I’ll make it up to you ok? We’ll go to the park tomorrow, yeah?” He nods and you spin around and start jetting around the kitchen again. “We’re out of meatballs!” one of your servers says, two hours into the event as she pushes through the doors. “I got crab cakes and shrimp ready but balls are still in the oven!” you shout, your arms working tirelessly as you chop and stir. “I’ll get the shrimp out there but the people want your balls, Y/N!” she shouts back. “Hey can you get the trash?” you call to her but when you turn she’s out in the crowd already. “I can get it, if you want.” Your eyes widen as you watch Jungkook stroll in the door, he pulls the strings on the garbage bag and lifts it out of the bin. “How did you…” “Jun texted me on your phone, said he was bored and wanted me to come get him,” he grins. You spin around to Jun whose face is scrunched up. “Sorry mommy.” “I’m so sorry,” you stutter at Jungkook, and in truth you’re not sure which of the million things you’re apologizing for. You’re also so completely relieved to see him. “Don’t be, let me take Jun home. It’s closing in on 9, I’ll get him to bed. Okay?” he throws the garbage over his shoulder and takes it out to the dump while you stand over a stock pot that’s about to boil over. “You good?” he asks when he returns and you’ve not moved. “I…thank you,” you blurt trying not to tear up at how happy you are to see him. “No sweat, but I do have an update on my prices,” he tuts as he picks up Juns backpack. “Oh?” “I only take payment in the form of physical contact now,” he shrugs, “at least where you’re concerned.” You let out a much needed laugh. “Here’s hoping you do a good job then,” you joke, watching him to see where it lands. He smiles that adorably irresistible smile and you melt a bit. “Promise I will, come on buddy I got a lot riding on this,” he grabs Juns hand - who looks confused as hell frankly - and pauses just long enough to kiss your cheek. You suck in a breath and smile. “Eww! You kissed!” Jun erupts in giggles and you can’t help but let out one or two yourself. *** When you step into the house it’s incredibly quiet. You can sense that Jun has long been asleep and you take a deep breath. Time to face the music. “Hey,” Jungkooks voice is quiet, a comfort, in the living room and you go and sit beside him. “Hi.” “So…” he says slowly. “I just want to say I’m sorry again, for hurting you. For everything that happened that weekend,” you tell him, then you selfishly put your arms around his neck and pull him into you. You breathe him in, not realizing just how much you missed the feel of him. The relief you feel when his arms reciprocate, squeezing you into him, is indescribable. “You don’t have to keep apologizing Y/N. I let it go, you need to do the same. Do you know what you want?” he asks into your ear, it sends goose bumps across your arms. You nod as you pull back to look at him. “I want to be happy with my life, and I want Jun to be comfortable and happy as well,” you tell him. “That’s what I want more than anything, and, I would like to try and do that with you around. If you want it.” He answers with a kiss, his delicious lips finally on yours again. “Did, um, did he give you any trouble?” you ask nodding toward Juns bedroom. “Oh no, he never does. After all I’m an excellent babysitter,” he smiles. “You are, so…what do I owe you?” you blush a bit, remembering his earlier joke. “Well let’s see. I basically saved your son from Hells Kitchen back there, I got him home safely, gave him a bath, read him not one but two chapters of his book, got him to sleep…easy breezy,” he licks his lips. “That’s all very impressive and appreciated,” you smile. “I’d say that gets me a hot kiss from you…with tongue, oh and with you straddling me,” he whispers pulling you onto his lap. “I missed you,” you sigh, your forehead falling against his. “I missed you too,” he peppers kisses over your lips and jaw. Then makes his way to your neck, under your ear. “Come to family dinner this week,” you blurt out. He stops sucking your skin and looks up at you. “What’s Family Dinner?” “Every week Jun, myself…and Jin… eat supper together, and I want you to start coming. I want you to be part of all this,” you gesture around the house, the life you’ve built. “Your ex?” the apprehension in his voice is definitely detectable. “Yes. Jin is the father of my child, and he loves Jun very much. Jun loves him very much too and he loves the fact that things are cool between his dad and I. He hears horror stories from his friends at school whose parents aren’t together. Kids who never see their dad or mom, whose parents fight and yell and scream - that’s not us and it won’t ever be. I need you to know that,” you explain. Jungkook nods, “then wouldn’t it be easier if I just left it to you guys?” “No, I want you around and I want Jun to see families look different, that life constantly shifts and things change but as long as we love and respect each other, family is always home. I want you to be part of it, and God forbid if things don’t work out, Jun will learn that again, things changed but it’s ok because he’s so, so loved.” Jungkook stares blankly for a moment, processing. Finally his expression switches into an elated agreement. “You’re a fucking amazing mother, do you know that?” he smiles up at you before pressing his mouth to yours again, flipping you onto your back on the couch. “It’s a struggle,” you laugh softly, “but I try.” “Can I fuck you tonight…please?” he growls in your ear before nipping at the delicate skin. “I would be very troubled if you didn’t,” you huff, pulling his mouth back to yours. “Let’s go to your room,” he whispers. “Oh? Didn’t you once say fucking in the bed isn’t good enough?” you tease, dragging him toward your room on the opposite side of the house. He stops and drags your mouth centimeters away from his. You can feel the heat of him on you, and you push against his soft grip on your jaw for a kiss. He doesn’t let you though. “Who said I was going to fuck you on the bed?” he furrows his brows, “you look like you could use a shower baby, and it’s been way too long since I had you up against a wall.” Oh. Good.
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jjkthclub · 7 months ago
Pairing: Seokjin / You Genre: one shot / best friends to lovers!au Rating: M Warnings: slow burn, dirty talk, oral (f. receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, squirting, unprotected sex, big dick!jin, a couple of puns from jin ;) Word count: 20.8k Summary: When your high school holds a reunion, you think there’s no point in going. But your best friend Jin begs to disagree. When he finally convinces you in going, he hopes that you’ll finally be able to see how he really feels about you. And what better way to do that than by going back to the place where it all began? gif creds: @fyeahbangtaned Elite [Masterlist] 
Tumblr media
Parties have always been Jin’s thing. Any kind of social gathering, whether it be outrageous, lavish events or much quieter galas, rest assured that you would find him lighting up the whole place, effectively charming every person that he encounters because that’s just who he is. He loves company, thrives to talk to different people and mingle with them. He’s a people person and even now, as you watch him from the island of Jimin’s kitchen at his new penthouse, Jin’s distinct windshield wiper-like laugh resonates against the walls of the house. 
It’s impossible not to get sucked in with his energetic and enthusiastic mood. His smiles and his smooth hand gestures that aid him whenever he throws his jokes and puns makes the edges of your lips curl up higher than they are now as you watch him become enveloped in pure, unadulterated bliss.
Setting your glass of wine down the surface, you continue your observance of Jimin’s new pad, ingesting all the details. As an architect and interior designer, this is second nature to you. Whenever you enter buildings or set foot on an empty lot, your brain is already programmed and wired to focus on the particulars and to plan and visualize.
Your eyes immediately become sharp, as though you have a special x-ray vision, taking down notes of certain designs or angles that catches your attention. When you are in your element, in your total state as a surveyor, you become silent and immovable too.
Jimin’s new penthouse, for one, is certainly spacious. It’s better than his previous home. He made a wise choice of purchasing this space. It definitely fits into that niche for bachelors, where it’s minimalistic and the only colors present are mostly monochromes. Figurines and paintings are carefully chosen too to go with the theme.
Everything seems expensive and high quality, from the furniture to the kitchen utensils down to the coasters that are perched on the coffee table—all of it screams wealth and luxury. It’s not at all a surprise since Jimin is a man with taste and a man who enjoys to spend his earnings that he worked hard for.
Speaking of Jimin, his eye smile sinks into your line of vision as he chats with Yoongi just in the middle of his living room. Figuring that you now need to re-socialize with friends, you pick up your glass again and amble towards them.
“Y/N!” Jimin instantly exclaims, pitch increasing when he sees you. “You enjoying the party?”
“Mmmh,” you affirm with a nod, looking at him over the rim of your almost empty glass before taking a sip. “I really like this wine.”
“Dom Perignon,” Jimin winks at you and Yoongi. “Have you tried the red velvet cake?”
Shaking your head, Yoongi chimes in with an eager tone. “Y/N, you have got to try that cake. It’s amazing.”
“Maybe later,” you tape a reassuring smile to them, wiggling your brows up.
It doesn’t take long before Jimin excuses himself politely, tending to another group of his guests that just arrived. Yoongi manages to sit down on the couch, you following suit as you release a sigh of relief from being eased of the pain your heels have caused you tonight.
“Oh, hey, listen,” Yoongi begins his announcement. “I bought this new house just outside the city.”
“A house?” you ask, crossing your arms and quirking a brow up. “Not a flat?”
“Nope,” he shrugs nonchalantly. “I figured I could use a rest house when I feel like I just wanna get away.”
That’s fair enough. Usually, Yoongi would purchase apartment residences that belonged in buildings because according to him, it’s a good investment. Yoongi’s always been smart with how he handles his finances and he’s always been one to plan ahead and think of his future, a characteristic of his that is similar to you. Which is why sometimes, you can’t help but see yourself in Yoongi. Which is why the two of you get along well.
Over the years, he’s made the decision to purchase million-dollar villa apartments that he opens up for people to let and ever since he started doing this, he’d always ask you to design the places and have them refurbished.
Yoongi, and a lot of people as a matter of fact, trusts you with responsibilities like this since you’re the one with the expertise and you’re the boss when it comes to anything design and architecture related. So when you heard this news from him tonight, it’s pretty clear which direction he was heading off to.
“Anyways,” he prods on, returning back to his original purpose in asking you. “Can you do the interior design for me?”
These kinds of questions, if you’re being honest, is your type of words, an elixir that could make your insides fuzzy, could tickle your spine into elation, could bring up your mood. If it were dirty talk, then this is just right up your alley, the one that’d turn you on and sizzle your arousal further.
Without any hesitations, you reply, “‘Course I will.”
His dark eyes light up, gummy smile appearing as he offers his gratitude back. “Also, you should really start letting me pay you for it.”
Waving your hand in refusal, you give your reason, one that you always say to him because it’s genuinely how you feel. “I told you it’s fine. What are friends for?”
Yoongi juts out his lower lip in a pout. “But still. There has to be something that I can do for you in return.”
“Yoongi, you already installed all my security cameras and even the ones at the broadcasting station,” you state as a matter of fact, reminding him of all the things he had done for you when you asked him.
“Surely there’s something you want though. Come on,” he coos with an encouraging nod before he takes a swig of his drink.
Touched at your friend’s kindness and knowing that he won’t let this off until you provide something, you rack your brain for the thing that you’ve been really wanting for these past few weeks. “Okay, there’s these macarons that I really want. It’s from that little shop on York street and it’s honestly the best macarons that I’ve ever tasted.”
Yoongi narrows his eyes on you, cocking his head sideways. “Macarons? Really?”
“What? Stop judging me,” you chuckle.
Yoongi grins, satisfied as he nods, “Alright, done. Expect it to be delivered to your desk in three to five days.”
“Thanks, dude,” you say in a singsong manner, reclining back to the leather couch, patting his back once.
He looks back at you and giggles lowly, “I swear you hang out with Jin way too much. You two are so alike.”
Whether that’s a good thing or not, you decide to take it as a compliment anyway. Shutting your eyes close, you display a close-lipped smile at the statement.
With Jin being your best friend, the one who you’ve known since high school and the one who could be called the bread to your butter, it is correct that you spend most of the time with him. You always manage to squeeze in some time to do brunch with him or if you both can’t, one would just turn up to the other’s place and eat dinner. Usually, it’d be you and he’d be the one to cook because it’s what he does. For a living. And in his spare time, too.
But the latter statement about you and him being alike? That’s hardly true. Sure, you share a few interests with Jin and that over time, you’ve found yourself adopting some of his words that he uses and his trendy phrases. Even his jokes that you find cringy, you found that you also use them whenever you’re running out of topics at those parties and galas that your parents throw.
Still, you’re very much different to Jin. Your characteristics and your views when it came to aspects of life are different to one another. While that’s the case, you still both respect and accept each other’s outlooks, which is what made your friendship solid and strong since high school. You always tell each other the truth and learn from one another, transitioning from teenagers to adults, both maturing your mindsets and emotions.
“I heard my name,” Jin comes in the scene with a joyful and bubbly smile on his face like it never left at all ever since this party commenced, like his battery of energy still hasn’t gone down under ninety percent. He sits beside Yoongi. “Were you talking about me?”
“Yes, we were talking about the wonder that is you,” you point sarcastically with a grin, sitting up straight again and facing the two guys.
Your best friend clutches his chest dramatically, pulls an exaggerated face that makes him look like he’s moved. “You guys flatter me. I am a wonder, aren’t I?”
Fighting off your goofy smile, you’re not able to resist it when Jin contorts his facial features and directs it at you, bending down his head as he presents his double chin. He truly knows how to tick you off into laughter that eventually, you’re cowering your head and foolishly shaking it, laughing breathily to yourself while Yoongi flickers his gaze back and forth to the two of you, confused and straight faced. Your inside jokes with Jin are one of the things Yoongi will never be, up to this day, able to comprehend.
Slapping his thighs, he stands up and announces, “Right. Well, I shall leave you two alone then. Gotta get me some more of that wine.”
At Yoongi’s disappearance, Jin wastes no time to scoot closer beside you. “Hey, are we still on for tomorrow?”
At the mention of tomorrow, you’re instantly reminded by that certain appointment with your nephew. For his school project, your fourteen-year-old nephew had asked you if he could interview you and Jin.
Turning your head to face your best friend, you nod in confirmation. “You ready for it?”
“Of course. Ready is my middle name.”
If there’s anything that you admire about Jin, it’s his confident nature, the way he tackles everything head on, fearlessly and sensibly. He isn’t one to get capsized easily by things that are new and unfamiliar.
Instead, he listens attentively and he goes for it, applying his skills and knowledge and improving it tenfold until that particular challenge becomes his, until he can positively and proudly say that he’s conquered it, the contents of his portfolio growing more and more.
This upcoming interview should then be a cakewalk for Jin. It’s part of his life. As the best Michelin star chef in the country, it’s safe to say that Jin is used to being the interviewee since he’s well-sought in the entertainment world. Reporters, reviewers and hosts would always want to book an appointment with him, in the hopes that they would get a scoop and even get him to say yes to having his own TV show.
But Jin’s always been one to focus on making his chain of restaurants flourish and serving people in the real world and in the virtual world with his food blog. With his plate full, he’s always occupied on a daily basis, checking on his restaurants and also juggling his other businesses that he invested on the side. It’s hard for people to get to him since he’s always so busy.
When asked, he tells you that he doesn’t mind being in public occasionally, it’s not really a problem since he’s more than glad to share with people the secret of his success and some tips on cooking. But if he were to choose, he would prefer being out of the limelight, valuing his private life.
You think that Jin doesn’t even see how he’s literally so perfect in front of the camera whenever he gets interviewed, his face is just that friendly and warm that it’s visually pleasing to see on TV which is why a lot of people from that industry chase his tail. His politeness and gentlemanly attitudes are what adds to his great personality. In short, he’s got the whole package.
Actually, sometimes you wish you had his outlook to life. While he lives in the moment and makes sure to live a life that is fulfilling and rewarding, without caring what other people think of him (because according to him, it’ll just cause unnecessary stress which wouldn’t be good to the skin and can cause unwanted wrinkles), you, on the other, are too wary of people’s judgements.
Considering that you yourself are the one who’s in showbusiness as a member of a panel on a makeover show, you should be the one who doesn’t let negative comments affect you. Sometimes, it can be hard not to ignore all of it but nowadays, you’re actually doing better in trying to restrict yourself into reading unpleasant and harsh comments because ultimately, you love what you do and you’re helping people, you’re putting a smile on their faces whenever they see how their homes have been transformed. And that’s what truly matters.
“What’s his project about again?” Jin asks and you crease your brows down as you try to remember what your nephew told you.
“He said it’s about friendship.”
“Oh,” he hums, finger tapping his chin thoughtfully. “Interesting.”
Suddenly feeling your stomach growl, you’re inviting Jin with your eyes and eyebrows. “Hey, should we go and have some of that red velvet cake?”
He smiles adorably, the kind that makes these lines appear from the edges of his lips, puffing his cheeks out like a hamster, makes his face boyish, looking younger. “You really do know the way to a man’s heart.”
“Correction, to your heart.”
Tumblr media
Jin comes in early to your office. He’s a man who values his time. (It is one of the most precious things in the world!) And while you’re the opposite, often leaving at the last minute whenever you’re scheduled to meet him for coffee or lunch, you know that he had gotten used to this habit, told you he hates that he adores it.
Your nephew arrives afterwards, all ready and prepared with his backpack and his tripod in his hand. He greets with a jubilant face and you stretch your arms wide for an embrace, squeezing your one and only nephew, suddenly feeling a surge of emotion rush through you because of the fact that he’s growing too fast.
It seems as though it was just yesterday when your older sister got married, when she announced that she was pregnant and when she gave birth. It seems like it was just yesterday when you were tearing up at her wedding. And then eight months later, you were waiting with your parents at the hospital while she went into labor.
Releasing him from your clingy, familial embrace, your nephew groans like the pubescent boy that he is, all repulsed by physical affection. He turns to Jin and proceeds to greet him. The older guy balls up his fist and raises it chest level and the kid immediately fist bumps him cheerfully.
“How’s school?” you ask casually, walking over to your office couch to sit down.
He drops his bag down and sets up the tripod, bringing his recording camera out. “Hmm, it’s okay. Training’s quite intense at the moment.”
Jin, now sitting comfortably beside you, winces, his plump lips pouting as he empathetically adds, “Ooh. Coach is working you hard, huh?”
He nods. “But if I train really hard, he says that there’s a chance I can beat my personal record on the day of the meet.”
“Attaboy,” Jin proudly says.
“I’m sure you’ll be able to do it,” you encourage and your nephew grins at the supportive words tossed his way. An active and athletic boy, you have no doubt that with his capabilities, he would be able to win that swimming competition.
“Do I look okay?” Jin arranges his posture, straightening his back even more.
Twisting to stare at your best friend, your eyes make an up-down movement in surveillance. “Jin, even if you look like you just woke up, you’ll still come out in the camera looking more than refreshed. But to answer your question, yes, you look okay.”
He looks far from having just woken up. With his Tom Ford grey suit, Jin is the definition of refined, polished and sophisticated. Hair swept back where his forehead makes its rare appearance, it’s safe to say that he really did prepare for this interview.
“See? This is why you’re my favorite person in the world,” he beams at you. “You always tell me the truth.”
“Like you always do to me,” you hurl back. One of the key things in your friendship is honesty. Both of you tell each other everything, unafraid to articulate your opinions. Besides, Jin has always been one to stand by his principle of living an honest, meaningful life.
While your nephew is still occupied with setting up the camera and fishing out his notes from his bag, you take the opportunity to bring your phone out and show Jin a picture of your potential present for Hoseok. Since you both were on the topic of providing truthful opinions, you might as well consult him. “Okay, so what do you think of this jacket as a present for Hoseok?”
Jin cranes his neck forward as he narrows his gaze and scans the photo. In disgust, he winces. “Hideous.”
Your brows start to crease. You retort, “You told me he likes bold and flashy clothes.”
To be fair, it is visually striking with its mix of purple and yellow colors. The sleeves have a ripped style and has silver chains dangling in the front. It looks like something you see spinning round in your vision whenever you’ve had too much alcohol to drink.
“Yeah. But I didn’t tell you that he likes ugly clothes.”
Sighing in the end with your obvious defeat, you nod. “Fine, I’ll just give him something from Louis Vuitton, I guess.”
On the brighter side, he just saved you from spending a ridiculous amount of money. A kindergartener could probably design a much better jacket than that.
“Get him that teddy bear sweater. He’ll love that.”
“Noted.” Switching your phone off and placing them back to the pocket of your blazer, you ask out of curiosity, “What are you giving him?”
“I bought him another one of those toys from KAWS.”
“Nice,” you remark and he winks while he opens his palm up, your cue to low high-five him.
When your nephew informed the both of you that he’s about to start recording, he didn’t waste no time to commence the interview. The first question was easy, something that’s expected to come.
“How long have you been friends?”
“Thirteen years,” you and Jin blurt out together.
He nods and proceeds to go ahead with the second question. “And how did you guys meet?”
You looked at Jin and instantly, he knew that you were giving him the cue to speak. “We met in freshman year of high school,” he declares with that raconteur voice of his. “We were in English class and we got paired up for a project.”
For a moment, you let yourself remember the exact scene of your first meeting with Jin.
That particular day was a handful, to say the least.
“So, let me begin by saying that whoever’s sitting next to you will be your partners for this project,” your English teacher announced. “Now, onto the project. I want you to create something that would summarise Romeo and Juliet. You could do a collage or a pamphlet. You could even film a commercial, a short movie or compose a song. There are a lot of ways you could do this. The point is, I want you all to be creative. Any questions?”
When the flock of questions began to be entertained by your teacher, you just spaced out even more. That was when the person sitting next to you started to speak, pulling you back to reality.
“Hey, are you alright?”
With a lot on your mind after having overheard your parents earlier that morning arguing with each other, you were anything but alright. It had been difficult to concentrate in your classes back then because you were mentally still on the staircase of your house, about to come down when you suddenly heard your parents fighting over your father’s business move that happened to be the wrong one because it had financial reparations.
After that, you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, wondering what would happen, picturing the worst-case scenarios and hating every single one you could conjure up in your head.
Eventually, you gave, “Yeah, I’m fine” to the dark-haired boy next to you, with the slimmest smile you could tape on your face.
“I’m Jin, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you introduced weakly, realizing that he was your project partner.
An awkward pause ensued between the two of you, with Jin’s gaze flitting between you and the front.
And then, “Do you happen to know what Shakespeare had for breakfast?”
Turning to him with furrowed brows, you just stared in awe.
“Hamlet,” he revealed and chuckled endearingly, his half-moon shaped eyes crinkling in his delight.
Your lips cracked a smile that was more visible and more noticeable compared to the one you gave earlier. Your cheeks puffed out as you grinned at the joke. Genuinely.
“Ah, there you go,” Jin clasped his hands together, proud and satisfied. “You finally smiled.”
Your nephew nods and glances on his paper and then back to the two of you as he asks, “Okay, um, have you ever had a falling out?”
To your knowledge, the fights you had with Jin in high school weren’t considered ‘fights.’ They were just the typical, childish banter and insightful, didactic debates. But there is one time during college where conflict arose between the two of you. The reason? A guy.
It was all because of your ex who Jin blatantly disliked and disapproved. Knowing him and his honest personality, he had told you after about a few weeks into your relationship that Kai was no good for you. And you, with your obnoxiousness and your idiocy when it came to love, didn’t listen even when everybody around you could read through the kind of guy he was. No matter how much Jin had warned you that Kai wasn’t serious with his intentions with you, you didn’t listen.
Jin would find a way to always chime in his advice and insert a remark whenever he was with you until a torrent brewed and words overflowed, spattered out like strong raindrops. It was partly because you were peeved at him and partly because you were afraid to admit that there was a high chance that it might be true.
“He said that my fillet mignon tasted average to my face,” Jin said back then. “Average,” he repeated, drilling in the word with a snap, sounding affronted. “That’s blasphemy, Y/N.”
“Constructive criticism,” you hurled back in counter.
“Blasphemous,” he corrected. Pointing at you, he emphasized, “You, of all people, know that my fillet mignon doesn’t taste average.”
Jin is undoubtedly the best chef you’ve ever known. Unquestionably, every food that he cooks tastes exquisite and heavenly. Exhaling loudly, you gritted your teeth, the same argument with Jin becoming exhausting and your irascibility steaming out of your nostrils. Despite your insistence that he give Kai a chance, your best friend was adamant with his opinions of him.
“He’s a pretty decent guy, Jin.”
It went on and on like that, with him showing his own frustration by rolling his eyes and resorting to deep, drawled out scoffs while he chopped up some vegetables in his kitchen.
“Fine. Don’t listen to me,” he would say purposely with a soft voice but really, it was loud enough for you to hear, a petulant pout pasted on his lips.
“I heard that,” you deadpanned.
“Well, it was directed at you.”
“Can’t you be a little more supportive?”
His shoulders lowered down as he softened his features and uttered your name before you interjected.
“You know what? I don’t need this right now.”
It’s silence for him after that and noise for you. You left him with silence when you stormed off. Driving back to your place, you shoved the noise in your thoughts and overlapped it with extremely loud music playing in the stereo of your car.
Few days whizzed by without talking to Jin. Five, to be exact. The longest that you’ve gone without talking to each other. It was during those days that you realized he was right. Jin had been right from the very beginning.
Looking beside Jin, he’s the first person to answer your nephew’s question with a confirmation. And you find yourself repeating it, certain that he’s thinking about the same memory too.
“Yes, we have. But we eventually made up after that and ever since then, we’ve never fought,” you say in addition.
He offers nods and hums notes of affirmation, signalling his intent and active listening. “Alright, so next question,” he announces and finally delivers it to you both, firstly looking at you. “How is having a guy best friend different to having a girl best friend?” Then at Jin. “How is it different to having a guy best friend?”
With Jin gesturing for you to go first, you start to verbalize your honest thoughts. “Well, it’s very different. Because, um, there are things that I can’t say to him. Like womanly things, for example. But other than that,” you face the camera again. “I think it’s a lot better because there’s no drama and no judgements when it comes to him.”  
“I agree that it’s different but I’d say that having a girl best friend brings balance to my life so I prefer it more,” Jin says with a proud grin when it’s his turn to speak up.
“What makes it better?” your nephew asks curiously, the tip of his pen tapping his paper.
Crossing his arms, he resumes, “Well, with my other guy friends, sometimes the topics of our conversations can get boring but with Y/N, I can talk to her about everything—from the most serious of conversations to the most random ones.”
Jin takes a breath and looks at you while his lips stretch for a smile. “I can be myself around her without getting judged. She’s that support system that every man needs. She knows me inside out and she always wants what’s best for me. She cheers me up when I’m down and she always makes sure that I’m happy.”
Turning to him, you grin, his words tugging at your heartstrings.
Satisfied with the answers you both provided, your nephew clears his throat that makes you both whip your heads quickly back to the front again. “Okay, so last question.”
Nodding alongside Jin, you focus your attentions on the interview once more and anticipate what’s coming.
“Have you ever fallen in love with one another?”
Your lips part slowly, blinking and trying to process what had just been uttered, unsure if you even heard it right. Your nephew waits and you hesitantly turn to look at Jin who eventually meets your stare, expression equally surprised.
He takes one big gulp before facing the front and opening his mouth to give an answer but he gets cut off abruptly when the kid hisses an “Oh, shoot.” He fumbles with the camera screen and frowns, regretfully announcing that the battery ran out. “I’m really sorry, guys.”
Unsure whether to feel relieved or disappointed, your heart hammers in your chest as you attempt to repeat and stamp the question in your conscious over and over. Your nephew apologetically tells you both that he had forgotten to bring an extra battery and asks if he can come back again some time to film that last bit.
Clearing your throat, you manage to flash a weak smile, going back to your business and professional voice. “Of course. We can reschedule.”
When all the goodbyes have been said and he is by the door, you bid one last time, “Don’t forget to remind your mom about our lunch date on Thursday!”
“Yup,” he chirps, popping the ‘p’ sound and then waves bye at Jin and you.
Now alone in your office with your best friend, the air is thick with silence. He crosses his arms and regards you for a moment before he decides to slice that palpable awkwardness that brews in the room. “That last question was interesting.”
Going to your desk, you sort some papers out to make yourself busy, evading his pressing eyes. “I know. I wasn’t expecting that, actually.”
“What would you have said?”
Finally, you muster the will to glance up at him. His eyes are expectant, teeth gnawing on his bottom lip, a nervous tick of his. “No, of course,” you state with nonchalance. “I mean, if I said yes, then that’d be weird ‘cause we’re like, you know,” you widen your eyes and nod to emphasize your next words, “best friends.”
Jin rubs the back of his head and chuckles, “Yeah, totally. Same.”
As though a lump had formed in your throat, you could only feign a smile to ease the situation, unsure as to why this conversation seems so awkward when really, it’s not a big deal since you know that this is how you both feel for each other. This is how it’s always been.
“So, I’ll see you at brunch tomorrow?” Jin speaks again, his voice a lot softer and weaker.
“Yep,” is what you mutter, voice almost dissipating before he turns around to leave your office.
Tumblr media
The kitchen of Jin’s restaurant is an organized pandemonium—fire on stovetops, oil sputtering everywhere leaving a greasy smell in the process, knives chopping garlic in perfect beat, vegetables being sautéed, plates getting scrubbed and washed thoroughly, food orders flying around across the room. It’s busy and chaotic, but it’s Jin’s favorite kind of chaos.
Compared to dinner, the kitchen this time of day though is much slower. His team are a lot more relaxed but still efficient, quick and precise as ever, doing their designated roles properly.
With a baby blue collared shirt on, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a white apron wrapped around his body, you spot Jin easily through his tall stature and his broad shoulders. He’s at the end of the kitchen, gripping the pan handle in a sturdy manner, flipping a pancake gracefully.
As you make your way to your best friend, you don’t forget to greet every one of his staff, certain that they’re not surprised at all to see you today. They see you often that in fact, you consider them as friends now rather than just acquaintances.
“This place has such a nice kitchen,” you begin to muse by Jin’s side which gathers his attention, his face lighting up at the sight of you. “I wonder who designed this.”
Carefully laying the pancake on top of the previous ones on a plate, Jin perfectly drizzles some golden honey syrup and the visuals make your mouth water, the way the sauce streams down remind you of those TV commercials that flawlessly executes the beauty of cooking and plating. To top it all off, he perches a couple of fresh blueberries over it.
Straightening his back, Jin finally speaks. “Ah, yes. According to my knowledge, it’s designed by that brilliant and talented architect.” Jin adds as if he’s saving it for last, handing a bowl of fruits to you while he carries the pancake plate, dropping a wink, “And beautiful.”
Your week would be incomplete without seeing his playful winks. Not just your week. Your life, even. You raise a brow at him, the edges of your lips shaping a smile as you follow him when he starts to lead you both outside the kitchen and in to your table by the window, where your bountiful brunch already lays.
“So, I’m thinking,” Jin, with his apron gone now, starts while spreading butter on his toast with his knife, “should we wear that varsity jacket that we designed back then to the reunion? Or would that be too tacky?”
The only reason you learned of this upcoming high school reunion was because of Jin. Last night, you had gotten a notification that he tagged you on something in Facebook and when you clicked on it, you were taken to your high school’s page and their post about the event.
Picking up a baby tomato with your fork, you furrow your brows and look at him. “Uh, I don’t remember saying that I’m going to the reunion.”
Sounding genuinely disappointed, he asks before he takes a bite of his toast, chewing contentedly. “Why don’t you wanna go?”
“I don’t know” is what you say with a sigh before you shove your tomato in your mouth, followed by the lettuce from your salad. You proceed to tend to your perfect sunny side up on top of the toast, slicing up the middle part until the yolk bursts deliciously, flowing like lava.
Jin asserts in return, before he stuffs a mouthful of bacon. “Come on, it’ll be fun to see familiar faces.”
“You really wanna go?” You blink at him, still surprised at how keen he is for this event.
“Of course!”
Picking up your mug, you voice out, looking at him over the rim of the glass before you take a sip of your warm coffee. “Seriously, do people still go to reunions?”
“Mmmhm,” Jin hums, busy chewing and swallowing before he speaks again with an empty mouth. “Even my mom and dad went to theirs.”
Still, you hesitate. Trying to remember all the faces that were part of your high school. All the memories that were made during those four years. All the classes, activities, all the parties, the special events.
It’s not that you hated high school. Nothing like that at all. As a matter of fact, you enjoyed those years and you got along with everyone. It’s just the thought of looking back at yourself introspectively. It seems somewhat terrifying but on second thought, it could also be fascinating to discover and re-learn things that you might have missed and forgotten back then. You suppose that it’d be fun to go back to where it all began between you and Jin.
Smiling, you allow yourself to start recalling a particular memory. “Remember when we painted over the school mural?”
Your words make Jin chuckle as his memory flashes back at him. “Best night of my life, to be honest.”
Nodding, you smile as you look back at it in hindsight. “Me, too. Uh, God, we looked like we were drunk.”
He laughs, filled with no regrets at all those times where you both decided to make the most out of your years in high school and create memories that were a mixture of stupid, reckless, fun and grand. “Hey, remember when Baekhyun and Tessa kept on teasing us whenever they’d see us? They always said that we should just date each other.”
“Baekhyun said that we were ‘practically married,’” you nod and add, fingers gesticulating in air quotes.
“You’d make a great wife.”
Chuckling at the ludicrousness of his statement was your reaction. It’s a compliment and that you know he meant well when he said that but you don’t think you could actually believe it.
For starters, you’re far from becoming married. You don’t even have a boyfriend. And even if Jin would say that you’d make a great girlfriend, you don’t think you could believe that either.
You haven’t dated since college, after Kai dumped you for a reason that didn’t make sense and yet it kicked a part of you down. It’s a fucking stupid reason to break up with someone, Jin always said. Stupid or not, it’s still a reason, one that scratched and clawed a part of your esteem.
“I’m not sure about that. But you would be the ideal husband, that’s for sure,” you pointed your finger at Jin to counter the statement before eating your bacon. He smiles at you thinly and you enjoy the view.
He is, in fact, the ideal man for any woman. Anyone would be lucky to have a Kim Seokjin in their lives. Loved by everyone, he’s undeniably an object of envy for most guys. He has the looks, the money, a great sense of humor and to top it all, he has a compassionate, loving heart.
Skills? He’s full of them. Jin, for one, reigns in the kingdom of cooking. He also is surprisingly adept with computer games. Despite your lack of knowledge in gaming and all the terminology that he throws in, he still talks and rants to you about it and you’ll never understand why.
He can also sing and dance, the latter being the one you mostly get to see rather than the former. You’ve only heard him sing about three times and in those times, it’s safe to say that he’s a million times better than most of the people you hear on television and radio.
Parents also love him. He just has that quality that makes your mom especially adore him. Jin reckons that it’s just his natural cuteness while you say that it’s his polite and gentlemanly manners that makes him different from others, his cuteness is just a bonus.
This is also the reason why out of all the men that you introduced to your parents, whether it be a friend or a boyfriend, Jin is your parents’ number one favorite. It led to them being close to his parents too after inviting them to dinner that one time. It led to your friendship becoming stronger, bringing you closer than ever in high school since you two always had each other’s backs and had that ‘you and me against the world’ type of friendship.
Jin is sweet, sensitive, funny, courteous, trustworthy, attractive and intelligent. He knows what he wants and he knows his priorities. Men like him are rare and any woman would be extremely lucky to be on the receiving end of his love. Which is why sometimes, when you spend time with him and stare at him, you wonder why he’s still not putting himself out there in the dating scene. You wonder why he still hasn’t found that person that he could shower with his love and affection. What was he waiting for?
Often, he tells you about how his parents always bug him about his love life, urging him to meet people and date, even begging him to accept their offer to set him up to which he persistently kept on declining. Eventually, his parents received the message and stopped trying. When you asked him why won’t he give it a go, Jin would always shrug and reason that he doesn’t have time to date since he’s always so busy.
The last time he had a serious relationship was during college. It was because you decided to step up and set him up with one of the girls in your course. She liked him as he did with her but after about six months, they ended it. At least it had been an amicable separation and there were no hard feelings afterwards.
When you sat down with Jin to ask him to give you a good reason as to why he let her go, all he could offer to you was that they drifted apart when she went abroad for a semester and that they were just mainly incompatible. Back then, he seemed like he had more to say beyond that reason but you didn’t press for more and just left it at that to respect him.
Now if Jin were to put himself out there in the dating scene, there’d be no doubt that he would have a lot of options to choose from. There’d be a lot of women lining up just for him. Whoever Jin chooses in the future would be so fortunate to have him in his life. That person would have genuine happiness.
Somehow, you consider yourself lucky too. Because you have your best friend in your life. And he had brought you happiness from day one. Until this very moment, he still never fails to make you smile and laugh.
“Don’t you wanna see them again?” Jin’s question startles you back to reality.
Finishing off your salad, you pout thoughtfully, getting swayed by the idea. “I suppose it’d be fun.”
Really, there’s nothing to lose in going. You’re just revisiting a portion of the past and that’s it. You’re just going to have fun reminiscing for a few hours. It’d be a night of remembrance. In attending your reunion, you have nothing to prove. High school was just a part of your life which contributed to the person you are now. Besides, there’ll be food and drinks so that’s always a yes for you.
He blinks at you. And then his brows wiggle up, the corner of his lips moulding into a smirk. “You know what would be even more fun?”
Oh, no. This is his look of mischief. From that suggestive tone alone, you know damn well that he’s up to no good.
God, memories of high school replays in your head, specifically that one night on the bleachers of the football field where you were both having a deep, meaningful conversation about life and what lies ahead for the two of you and next thing you know, you both were running around like crazy, laughing loudly like those hyenas in The Lion King until you both found paint buckets from the art room and decided to add some design to the school’s mural.
Swallowing thickly, you brace yourself for Jin’s upcoming proposal, fingers embracing your mug as you take a sip of your coffee.
“Turning up to the reunion and make them think that we’re a couple.”
“What?” You blurt out in mid-drink, the liquid sliding in the wrong direction that made you cough and choke, the coffee almost escaping your nostrils that you set it down quickly and grab the napkin nearby, wiping your lower face gently.
“Oh my God, are you okay?” Jin asks with concerned brows, practically leaning over from his seat to observe your state, handing more napkins to you.
That question is one that you should be asking him. Is he okay? What is he thinking?
Once you are capable to hold a normal conversation again and you’ve managed to drink some water, you frown at him, your eyes ablaze as you fume. “Kim Seokjin, have you lost your fucking mind?”
Sitting down straight and leaning his back against the chair again, he displays a sure and calm smile. “No. As a matter of fact, I’m finally thinking straight.”
Aghast at the mere idea of pretending to be a couple in your high school reunion, you just stare blankly at him as he goes on.
“Don’t you wanna see their reactions to us being a couple?” Jin’s eyes widen with a glow laced in them at this idea that he thinks is genius and wonderful. You think it’s pure absurdity.
Wetting your lips, you start to consider, crossing your arms and beginning your onslaught of questions. “How are we even gonna do it?”
Perking one eyebrow up, Jin shoots back, “Is that a yes?”
Opening your mouth up dramatically to emphasize your answer, you bite back, drawling out the words, “No, I was just simply making an… enquiry. If we’re going to pretend that we’re dating, then how would you even go about it?”
Jin makes a wide gesture of his arms as he spreads them out sideways, grinning at you smugly. “Y/N, do you even know who I am?”
“That doesn’t really answer the question.”
Leaning forward and resting his chin on his palm, he provides a serious response. “Okay, well, if we were to do it, then I would shower you with affection just like how a boyfriend would do and I’d show you how much I’m in love with you.”
“And how exactly are you gonna do that?” you ask again, even more intrigued by this little plan of his.  
Expecting Jin to lay out the whole scenario, you wait for his answer. But instead, he surprises you again with his comeback. “Why don’t you go to the reunion with me so you can see?”
Touché, Kim Seokjin. In the end, you find yourself conceding to his scheme and he is munching delightfully on his food.
“So it’s a date, then?” Jin raises a brow.
“Okay, but I’m only doing this for you so you can have your fun and be happy,” you say pointedly.
Taking a piece of grape from the bowl, he eats one and smiles widely that reaches his ears. He gives an answer that is riddled with vagueness, winking at you as you look at him dubiously.
“Don’t worry, I’m also doing this for you.”
Tumblr media
“And—cut!” The director announces with his booming voice and stands up, praising everyone for their hard work and wishing everybody to have a good lunch before sliding in his reminder to not be late during the second half of the shooting later.
Today, you’re filming your individual shot for the show where you’re explaining to the viewers the thought process behind the decisions you made for the house of this week’s guest. When the cameras finally stop recording and you’re given the green light, you stand up from your seat in the studio set and smile respectfully to the crew in front of you, expressing your gratitude to them.
Pulling out your phone from your pocket, you waste no time in reading your emails. When a familiar voice calls your name, you look up, only to see Jin entering the set and heading towards you with a jovial grin painted on his face, making sure that he greets every one of the staff members still present in the studio a ‘good afternoon’, the female writers’ eyes enlarging as they become shy and starstruck at the sight of him.
Surprised, you take a good visual sweep at your best friend as he slowly nears towards you. Wearing a simple collared white shirt with black stripes along with shorts, a cap and wristbands to complete the tennis wear, Jin looks devastatingly handsome, his perfect and toned proportions highlighted in his outfit.
“Hey, what are you doing here? Don’t you have tennis with Hoseok?”
“Yeah, I do,” he confirms and then lifts the bag in his hand to wave it at you. “Just wanted to drop by and bring you this before I go.”
Accepting, you set it down on the table nearby and open the container, letting out a gasp as your eyes light up. You turn to him, “Is this…?”
Nodding, he says, “Your favor­i—oomf.”
You squeal reactively, hopping forwards to tackle him in a hug that makes him almost lose his balance, smothering him with several ‘thank yous’. Realizing that you’re both holding each other for a long amount of time, you withdraw immediately and clear your throat to suspend the slight awkwardness that lingers in the air.
Why is your heart still beating out of your chest? Did your heart always pulsate like this whenever you hugged him? Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it was just out of excitement since you weren’t expecting Jin to make a surprise visit on set with your favorite spaghetti carbonara made by the woman whose cooking skills he inherited.
“My mom came over to visit yesterday,” Jin reveals.
“Tell her I said thank you.”
He nods and watches you as you start to pick up the fork and mix the creamy noodles first before eating. Twirling them on your cutlery, you’re about to have your first bite when he gently and carefully swipes your hair that cascades down your shoulder and blocks the sides of your face away to the back, helping you by holding it for you. Jin is the sole reason that makes you believe chivalry isn’t dead.
Your brows perk upwards as you examine him. “Is this a preview of how you’re going to be tomorrow?”
Tomorrow night is the reunion. Being nervous is a given but you’d also be lying if you said you didn’t feel excited to see how he’s going to show how much he’s, to quote him, ‘in love’ with you and how Jin is as a boyfriend. Will he be able to pull it off and have everyone believe that you’re dating?
He laughs before he leans closer, whispering in the shell of your ear, his breath sending shots of tingles down your spine, “This isn’t even the appetizer.”
Your heart skipping a whole beat at the sudden act, he revels in your dumbfounded expression before he giggles and turns around to leave, looking back to holler, “Good luck on your shooting!”
Twenty minutes before filming starts again, you’re in the dressing room getting your makeup retouched. Your mind had been all over the place during the whole duration of lunch.
How come that little moment of teasing and impishness with Jin earlier had gotten you shaken up? Perhaps you’re supposed to feel like this, you deduce. Because that means it works, his charm as a fake boyfriend has an effect on you. And if it does work on you, then it would on others too which would make them believe that you two are happily dating.
Tomorrow, you’ll have to act more natural than this. Act like you’re used to it and that these displays of affection isn’t something that’s new to you.
Olivia, your hair and makeup artist, is applying pressed powder on your face when she suddenly remarks with a squeaky voice, sounding like one of those enthusiastic mothers who just met their daughter’s new lover, “Gosh, you and your boyfriend are so cute.”
Looking at yourself in the mirror, your eyes dilate, stunned at the sudden comment from her. So apparently, the answer to your question earlier about Jin being able to pull off this whole fake dating is yes because now, you have one person believing that you and him are together.
“Oh, Jin?” Shaking your head, you clarify with an uneasy chuckle, “He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just good friends.”
Olivia halts from continuing to swipe the makeup brush on your cheeks and darts one eyebrow up for a second before shrugging, disappointment lacing her tone. “That’s a shame because he looks like he really cares for you.”
Swallowing thickly, you point out, “As a friend, you mean.”
“No,” she reveals. “As more than a friend.”
When she goes on to do your eyebrows that are knitted together at the moment out of bewilderment, she brushes it with a spoolie faintly. You find that words seemed to have betrayed you, deciding to hang around on your tongue instead and settle there.
Olivia sighs and expresses her point, “Sweetie, a friend wouldn’t look at you like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like he’s ready to hold the world in his hands and give it to you.”
Tumblr media
Jin’s heart clenches tightly in his chest, his fingers trembling while gripping the bouquet of red and white tulips, holding it closer. He anxiously chews on his lower lip as he sits on your couch, waiting for you to come out of your room.
Your heels tapping smoothly against the floor as you take three steps, Jin simultaneously whips his head to finally drop his gaze on you, his lips parting ways. With a tight-lipped smile, your conscious eyes roam around your dressed up figure, looking down at your painted toenails before you will yourself to bring your stare back up at Jin.
“So? What do you think?” you ask timidly, wetting your lips after.
Jin is still in the process of absorbing all of your beauty in. Wearing a spaghetti strapped silver dress that goes just slightly above the knee, paired with black heels and simple jewellery, for him, you define the words elegant and royal. Standing up and making his way to you tentatively, he lets out an exhale, as though he’s been holding his breath for a long time.
“Wow,” is what departs from his lips, eyes taking in every feature of you and engraving it to his mind. “Fuck, you look incredible.”
The corners of your lips curling up higher, you take a good look at him too. His hair styled down neatly, with his fringe slightly parted in the middle, Jin wears a grey blazer with a white collared shirt under, tucked in his pants. He stands tall and confident in front of you and your joints feel weak at the fact that this strikingly handsome man’s eyes are on you.
“You’re not so bad yourself,” you pronounce, looking at his dapper self and fixing his collars, straightening it down before your eyes land on the bouquet he’s holding.
Handing it to you, he says, bashful in his expression and stance, “Here. I got this for you.”
Accepting gratefully, you take a brief whiff and face him with softened brows and a melted heart at the thoughtfulness of your best friend. “Jin, you didn’t have to.”
“I told you that I’d be the best boyfriend who would shower you with affection, didn’t I?”
Dumbly, you blink at him. “But we’re not even in the reunion yet.”
Placing his hands inside his trouser pockets, he gives a sly smirk and a wink. “I know.”
Uncertain how to even reply to that and what to make out of your bodily reactions to this gesture such as your cheeks heating up and your pulse points racing, you just continue on ogling at the flowers.
Jin suddenly brings out his phone and levels it to his face. “Hey, look at me for a sec.”
When you do, you ask, instantly catching on with what he’s up to, “You gonna post this on Instagram?”
Nodding, he continues on thumbing on the camera button and you flash a sweet smile, holding the bouquet closely to your chest. It makes sense to do this for the fake dating thing since a lot of your high school friends are on Instagram and you’re both following them. Deciding to switch up your pose, you lower your gaze down to admire the flowers.
He shows you the strings of photos and lets you choose a couple of your favorites. Swift fingers typing the caption on his phone, he clicks post, closing his phone with a satisfied smile on his face afterwards.
Setting the flowers down the counter, making a mental reminder to put them in your vase later tonight, you suddenly feel your throat going arid so you decide to make your way to the fridge to acquire a bottle of water.
Jin manages to sit on one of your kitchen stools, removing his blazer for a bit and you finally manage to bring up before you forget, “So what would be our story as a couple?”
“Well,” he starts, drawling the word out. “If they ask how long we’ve been dating, we can say that we’ve been dating for a couple of months already.”
You hum before you quench your thirst.
He fights off a laugh before adding, “And as for our story, we could say that we were just two idiots who have been in love with each other since high school but did nothing about it until after college. Isn’t that the perfect idiots-to-lovers story?”
Chortling with your head tilting back, you ask, “Is that realistic?”
“Okay,” Jin concedes. “Maybe just one idiot,” he points to himself, mouthing the word ‘me’ and making your smile grow exponentially wider.
Coming round to sit in front of him, you eye him pointedly this time.
“Okay, um,” he pauses and thoughtfully hums in seriousness. “Well, the story doesn’t have to be something grand. We can just say that we were watching a movie at my place one night and then we had a moment and...” He trails off, staring at you.
Engrossed at the way Jin articulates his words and lays out the story, you find yourself completing it for him. “And then it just happened.”
“Exactly,” he agrees, almost coming out as a whisper.
In a moment of your rumination, you ask with fascination lining your voice, “Do you think that happens in real life?”
He pulls a questionary face at you, cocking his head to the side.
Crossing your arms, you disclose further, “You know, where you just have a moment and then all your feelings suddenly become clear?”
When you and Jin stare at each other for a moment in silence, you find it difficult to swallow, the vibrations of your heart accelerating, greatly alarming you. You reduce this feeling down to nervousness because in a moment, you know you two are about to set off to the reunion. His gaze flicking between your eyes and your gloss coated lips, Jin seems to have awoken from his state of momentary stupor.
A narrow smile painted on his pink lips, he reveals, “Yes, I do. I really do.”
Feeling like you’re about to shrink further and turn warmer the more you meet his eyes, you break away first and hop off your seat, making a collection of your phone and clutch bag on the counter. Swiftly noticing, Jin clears his throat gauchely before he stands up and starts heading towards the door.
An idea rooting in your mind, you bring your phone up and open the camera app, waiting for it to focus. “Hey, Jin?”
“Hm?” He twists around and sees you with your phone angled. Pressing click, you view the photo and show it to him. He smiles approvingly, telling you that he likes it.
Tumblr media
When you key in your caption and choose an emoji, Jin scans you with admiration crossing his manly features. Once satisfied with your post, you stare at it one last time, more on the photo than the caption (going to the reunion with the boyfriend 🥰).
“Perfect,” you breathe before following him towards the door.
Tumblr media
When you and Jin enter the high school gymnasium hand in hand, you’re pretty sure everyone turned their heads all at the same time to watch you two saunter in.
Certainly, their eyes were fixated on the handsome man on your side and not at you. Jin just has that captivating aura to him that draws people in. Then, you think, the sight of your fingers locked together must have been another reason for the head turns.
Surprisingly, the night goes smoothly. You find yourself glad to be surrounded with all these upper-class people again as you ask the questions fitting for this event like ‘how are you?’ or ‘so, what do you do now?’ and learn about their current lives, finding all of them successful and thriving in their fields.
Jin had also been natural and gentle with his actions, leading everyone to believe your relationship. For a second, it had you wondering whether his ways of showering you with affection as your fake boyfriend like the way he holds your hand or carefully swipes a strand of hair away from the side of your face or feeds you a piece of the pie crust bites were still part of an act or not. The fact that you hoped he wasn’t acting had increased your panic button up, alarming you and making you question your feelings—why the hell do you feel this way?
After mingling with your classmates, all of which were chuffed to see you and Jin dating, revealed that they weren’t entirely surprised because they expected you two to end up together (you were the one who became more flabbergasted at the string of the same reactions, if you’re being honest), someone with a deep voice calls Jin’s name.
The both of you turning around, you see Chanyeol saluting you both with a woman walking by his side.
“Oh, hey, Chanyeol!” Jin greets and goes to embrace the slightly taller guy.
He then turns to you after greeting Jin. “Y/N—hi! It’s so good to see you!”
After tiptoeing just to reach his shoulders and hug him, you exclaim, “Chanyeol, oh my goodness—hi! It’s been so long.” Pulling back to take another good look at him, you gasp and compliment, “I love your hair!”
While he was ambling towards your direction earlier, you almost didn’t recognize him with his bright blonde hair. Compared to the dark-haired bony boy in high school that sported a bowl cut, present Chanyeol is much manlier, looking like he descended from the sun. His body a lot leaner, it seems as though he has puberty to thank for with this transformation. You realize that two things remained the same with him though. It’s his expressive doe eyes and his smiley disposition that always lightened everyone’s mood.
His fingers coming up to softly pat his locks, Chanyeol replies, “Thought I’d try something new.” Turning to his brunette companion, he introduces her to you both as Dani, his wife. Once the three of you have offered your introductory greetings and shook each other’s hands, Jin resorts to rest his gentlemanly hand on your lower back.
The gesture goes unnoticed with Chanyeol flitting his gaze between you and Jin, piecing something in his head. “Are you guys dating?”
Meeting Jin’s eyes, you both turn to Chanyeol and his wife at the same time as you nod together in confirmation.
Just when you thought his round eyes couldn’t get any wider, his eyes light up, filled with excitement to the brim. “Oh my God, this is so great!”
Scrunching your nose up as you smile at Jin, you feel your cheeks flush with heat. Chanyeol turns to Dani and boasts proudly, “You know, honey, whenever there were school programs, Jin and I would always be appointed as the emcees. And Y/N here, she and I were part of the student council.”
She nods with a lovely smile and asks you and Jin curiously, “So were you guys high school sweethearts?”
Shaking his head, Jin informs, “No, actually, we started off as best friends and we just realized our feelings for each other recently.”
With your rehearsed answer in mind, you back him up, “We were watching a movie one night and then, you know, we just had… a moment. And then we kissed.” Halfway through uttering your sentence, you find your eyes landing on Jin’s side profile and staying there.
Moving closer to your side that you almost forget to let out another exhale, he declares with ease, “So here we are.”
Chanyeol and Dani pours their admiration at the story, commenting how sweet and beautiful it was. And a large part of you now is wondering what would happen if the story you both concocted had been real.
On a tall round table, you and Jin reconnect with Baekhyun and Tessa, enjoying a moment of drinking, laughing and recounting funny anecdotes in high school. Baekhyun is a lawyer now, working at his family’s firm while Tessa works in the fashion industry. When the spotlight is on you and Jin, Tessa begins the barrage of questions. “So, tell us. How long have you two been dating?”
“Two months,” Jin supplies naturally, turning to you with a grin.
“It’s still fairly new,” you add.
She gushes, “Aww, you guys. I’m so happy for you.” Enthusiastic as ever, she places her hand on her chest as she points out, “I think it’s nice having a boyfriend that’s also your best friend.”
Baekhyun nods along, raising his glass up before finishing his drink. “I can’t say that I’m completely surprised because you’ve always been inseparable back then and Jin always talked about you to us all the time.”
Jin lets out a nervous laugh, playing it off with a soft rub to the back of his head when you turn to look at him with a surprised expression at the revelation. He always talked about you to others? What would he have said about you? Now you’re not sure if Jin really tells you everything. Is there something that he’s keeping from you?
Tapping Jin’s arm, you lean forward to his ear, “I’m going to get some more drink. You want anything?”
He smiles warmly. “I can do that for you, babe. What do you want?”
“Wine would be great, thanks,” you utter back with a smile, your insides stirring at the term of endearment.
Baekhyun joins him and with the lead hosts busy entertaining people in front, you take the opportunity to check your phone. Your mind set on one thing, you quickly tap Instagram open and see Jin’s post. There you are, holding your bouquet of tulips earlier, smiling at the camera. Your eyes dart down to the caption he wrote before your username is tagged.
My love for you blossoms every day.
There’s something off with your belly. Especially with the fluttering commotion going on inside. Perhaps it’s just you being in need of fresh air. Or maybe it’s just because Jin is so natural with his act. Not once did he falter and it’s making the rhythm of your heartbeat increase whenever he peppers you with terms of endearment, whenever his eyes drop on you with a smile accompanied by that gaze and whenever he stands by your side, holds your hand or places his palm on your back.
Tessa scooches closer to your side. “You know, I always knew that you and Jin would end up together someday.”
Flustered, you set your phone down and cock your head sideways. “Really?”
She nods fervently, her tone higher in octave when she provides her answer. “Yes! Have you seen the way he looked at you back then? And how he always looked out for you?”
Her words becoming stamped in your head for every syllable, as though your mind is a scroll and these questions are going to be engraved forever, you turn your head to search for Jin who’s acquiring your drinks. His back is immediately recognizable in your point of view, body slightly swaying to the music playing in the room, head bobbing up and down excitedly, making you smile.
Returning to look at Tessa, you murmur, lost in your musings about him, “Yeah. I did.”
“I wish I was one of those lucky people who gets to fall in love with their best friend. ‘Cause everything seems so easy like, you already have the friendship there as your foundation and the love is just what makes it stronger. It just,” she sighs wistfully, “it feels natural, you know?”
The rising and falling of your chest steady once again, you realize that it’s all because you’re with Jin. And it’s always been so natural with him. No pretences. No sugar-coating. It’s all raw and authentic.
“Yeah. It does. It really does.”
In the next fifteen minutes, everyone had gathered round to the open space in the middle to dance. And with Jin stretching his hand out for you and asking if you want to dance, you find all the strings inside of you clinging onto his skin, saying yes.
Wrapping your arms around his neck while he places his on your waist, you sway together slowly while others around you are more carefree and looser, preferring to dance individually, shaking their bodies here and there. This reunion is actually turning out to be better than you thought it would be.
Jin’s smile is infectious while he twirls you round gently and returns to pull you a lot closer, his large, solid hand on your back. It’s a lot closer that you’re able to observe his defined features, his glowing, youthful complexion and his thick set of pink lips. Your heart somersaults in your belly again, making your breath hitch for a second and you wonder why you feel malleable all of a sudden under his warm touch. Perhaps it’s the wine catching up to you.
Diverting your eyes to your surroundings to compose yourself for a second, you look at Jin again and settle your hands on the wide expanse of his shoulders. “I gotta say, you’re a great fake boyfriend.”
You mean it when you say yes. Jin stares at you, tugging his lips together that brings about a boyish expression. “See? You don’t need to look for a Mr. Perfect.”
Producing a faint laugh as you gaze down and shake your head at the incredulity of his statement, you reply, asserting as you face him, “Jin, I’m not looking for a Mr. Perfect.”
What brought him to the conclusion that you’re searching for a guy right now? Last you checked, being romantically involved with someone is not a priority at the moment. And if you are searching, then perfect isn’t what you’re looking for. “I mean, why would I look for someone else when I have you?”
“Then why don’t you have me?”
Before anything can even drop out from your lips, someone in the front speaks to the mic, automatically making you two disconnect your bodies from one another. With your moment prematurely disrupted, you both find yourselves facing the front, standing side by side.
Your heart booming powerfully, you focus on the announcement though it’s proving difficult because your mind is still trying to replay the question that Jin had posed, wondering if he’s serious or it’s just a part of your act as a couple.
There was sincerity in his eyes and his voice was almost desperate in the way he uttered it, a kind of desperation that made it heartbreaking. Something tells you that that question had been pulled from somewhere deep within his chest and brought about to the surface with the help of courage.
Your batchmates announced in front that they’d be showing a special presentation, going down into memory lane. With all eyes on the screen, you watch as a video starts playing. In the style of a montage, accompanied by a nostalgic background music, you watch as photos and clips of everyone in your batch are shown. All from freshman year to senior year. All the events were there—from high school plays, to debate competitions, to basketball matches and to prom, it was all displayed.
Towards the end, every individual yearbook photo is shown and written below are their awards or titles. This makes you remember how you wrote down Jin’s name for Life of the Party.
And there he is, the title holder himself, Jin’s school photo gracing the screen. Smiling demurely with his straight black hair styled down, his uniform all orderly. Good-looking as ever. You take a brief glance at Jin beside you and see how his cheeks are tinted with a rosy tone.
Swivelling your eyes back to the front, you see that there’s not much of a difference between sixteen-year-old Jin and the one here beside you. He really hasn’t aged at all, that’s a fact. And more importantly, he’s still that same person that you came to know, that you came to appreciate and care for.
When your photo came up, you couldn’t help but feel shy too as you stare at the younger version of yourself, the title of Innovator below. 
There’s something indescribable about looking back and having that knowledge of how everyone in high school saw you. To their eyes, you were the innovative one who would always have a forward thinking, your attitude always motivated and goal-oriented. Fast forward to the present and you’ve become someone who loved what you do, who achieved your dreams and made the people around you proud, including yourself. You’ve become an innovator and you should give yourself credit for your perseverance and tenacity during architecture school.
After that, you barely could register the photos that came next. That was until a photo of you and Jin is displayed in front.
You never really knew how true that saying about pictures being worth a thousand words is until you see the both of you on the screen. Written below are the words that puts you in a state of bewilderment and shock.
Cutest couple that never was.
For this category, they told you before that results wouldn’t be published until the reunion. You remember putting Baekhyun and Tessa’s name. But seeing that graduation image of you and Jin with your arms wrapped around each other, grins all wide, telling the world that you both made it while raising your medals together, your breath is caught in a standstill, mouth gaping at the fact that you two were voted for this. You never would have expected that people would put your names down, let alone you two actually having that title.
Your eyes are strongly glued to the picture of you and Jin at one of the happiest moments of your lives and all at once, everything comes back to you in flashes.
All those things that he did for you. All those things that you’ve went through, the adventures and the games. All the laughter, the smiles, the stories and memories throughout these years twinkles in your conscious in bits—the way you and Jin would mutter ‘idiot sandwich’ together after having watched a re-run of Gordon Ramsay’s show or the way you’d both be there for each other through every milestone and every event.
When he thought of starting up a food blog, you were there to support him from day one, even encouraged him that it was a smart idea. When he asked for name suggestions, you were there to brainstorm with him and days later, in the middle of the night, you texted him with a name that suddenly came to you. And now, it’s the name of his blog—EatJin.
You’ve always been his number one fan, never ceasing to show him your support by constantly opening up his blog whenever you wanted to try a new dish to cook and promoting him in your show. You do it without any hesitations, without expecting anything in return because to you, his blog deserves to be known all around the world.
In fact, when you accepted the TV show offer, Jin was the first one you texted and called. And when he made several business deals, made his franchise grow and established himself in the entrepreneurial and culinary world as a leading businessman and chef, you were the first one he told the news to.
The thing is, Jin has always been the first person. 
And there are three particular moments that you can think of that makes everything clear now. Makes your feelings more certain. One that gives you this urge to proclaim to the whole damn universe that Jin is the first person. The first person you loved. The last person you will love. And the only constant person in your life.
Your first, your last and your always.
The first of these moments is when you came over to his place days after Kai had dumped you.
When Jin opened his door, he was welcomed by the sight of you with dishevelled, tangled hair, bloodshot eyes with prominent lines underneath, wearing a white shirt and pajamas.
“He broke up with me.”
“C’mere,” Jin said softly, proceeding to embrace you tightly as you screwed your eyes shut when your head nestled on his chest, the scent of sandalwood and jasmine making you feel comforted and at home.
He just hugged you like that without uttering anything, without rubbing the fact that he was right in your face, without making you feel bad at all. Everyone made mistakes and he knew for one that people could do such things for the ones they liked so he didn’t blame you at all for it. How he saw it was that it would be a learning experience for you, it would be something that could contribute to your growth so that in the future, you would be a lot wiser with your decisions, not making the same mistake twice.
For Jin, you were simply a woman who liked a guy and besides, from being your best friend, he knew that you weren’t the type to just throw a relationship down the drain like that. You’ve always been one to see the good in people, to save what you can but Kai was someone who didn’t want to be saved nor the kind that would change for a person to be better. He was the type to stick to a person and make his behavior worse.
“You were right,” you breathed tiredly, doubtful as to whether he even heard it since your energy was all so lethargic.
On Jin’s couch, you curled up and started to scarf a whole tub of ice cream that he had brought in front of you wordlessly, along with his bags of chips and cans of beer. 
Beside you, he drank his own can leisurely, more focused in watching you scoop a chunk of the cookies and cream flavored ice cream. He just observed and waited for you whenever you were ready to start spilling out your feelings.
“He said I’m not sexy.”
The words came out in chagrin. As a matter of fact, you felt like seething with anger more than sobbing and shedding your tears over him. It didn’t mean that your heart wasn’t broken though because it was.
Jin exclaimed in response, thoroughly floored by your revelation. “What? Are you serious? That was his actual reason for breaking up with you?”
Looking at your nearly empty tub, you sniffed. “That, and how I’m too distracted.”
Kai was the son of one of your father’s friends who vied to become his business partner, who tried to woo him into merging your family’s architectural firm with theirs. Initially, you were sceptical when he first messaged you and started talking to you. Heirs of businessmen usually had other intentions and they seemed ingenuine. But with his honeyed words, hopeful promises and his persistent pursuit to gain your trust, you ended up saying yes to a date.
For his personal, selfish reasons, he dated you, thinking that you’re his way in. You were his family’s key to getting your dad agree to that business proposition. He dated you because he’d be one step closer to elevating his family’s status. It all made sense to you then as you scoffed your ice cream down.
But your father, however, had learned from his past mistakes and in turn, he had become more cautious, extra meticulous and a lot wiser when it came to business partnerships. When he rejected Kai’s father’s deal and chose to merge with another company, Kai had dumped you as soon as the news broke. He gave you those reasons instead of revealing the underlying, unpleasant truth that had been there since the beginning—the truth that he never really liked you. He just charmed you because it was a part of his family’s devious scheme.
Every time you thought about him, you couldn’t help but boil with hatred. He was a stuck up, an opportunistic man who clung onto you like a leech and followed your coattails. Nothing about him was real, honest and sincere. You should’ve known it from all those times where he always asked to come with you whenever you met up with your father. 
Oh, and for a self-proclaimed sex god, Kai was terrible in bed. (You faked most of it.)
“What a fucking asshat,” Jin frowned.
Setting your ice cream down, you opened a can of beer, downing half of it quickly before you groaned heatedly, regretful of your poor decisions as you narrated all your previous thoughts about his real intentions to Jin.
“I shouldn’t have trusted him in the first place,” you said afterwards, head resting on the couch, your palm on your forehead. “Ugh, how could I be so stupid?”
“Don’t put it all on yourself.”
You exhaled another sigh.
“He really said to you that you’re not sexy?”
Silently, you nodded at Jin, lips falling downwards as you looked down at your pajama-clad self. Maybe he was telling the truth when he said that. You do feel more comfortable in wearing casual clothing on your day offs, slipping into sweatshirts and joggers rather than frilly, summer dresses. And you do have a distaste for lace lingerie because it’s itchy. Maybe you don’t belong in the category of sexy.
Jin began, “Y/N, listen to me.” When you glanced back up and met his warm eyes, he recited, “You could wear pajamas to a party and you would be the sexiest woman in the room. No one can make t-shirts and pajamas sexy than you do.”
Maybe it came off as teasing because he said it with a grin but when he cupped your cheek, the pad of his thumb smoothing the skin just below your eye, you knew that he meant what he said. That was his wholehearted truth.
“You think so?” You pouted and scooted closer over to him to embrace his body and rest your head on his shoulder.
Wrapping his arm around your back and snuggling you into his warmth, he kissed the crown of your head before he offered a response. “I know so.”
The second moment was when you went clubbing and got drunk until you blacked out.
And in the briefest moment that you were conscious, the first name that escaped your tequila covered lips was Jin’s.
To say that that night was a blur would be an understatement. It started with a spontaneous and determined ‘let’s go clubbing’ from you out of the blue while you were hanging out at your place and ended with you zonked out in the backseat of Jin’s car.
You craved for noise just to shut all those negativities in your brain, to ease the pain, to erase your ex’s face for a while, to silence that static uproar and partying seemed like a good idea to make yourself forget the heartbreak even for a few hours with alcohol, music, people and dancing.
Sick of feeling shit from your breakup, you wanted to numb the ache in your joints, to insert some temporary ecstasy in your system. Though you were perfectly knowledgeable that it’s short-lived, you still wanted that thrill, wanted to let loose and not think about anything else.
It suddenly occurred to you that you needed a good outlet to also release some stress from the pressure architecture school had been putting on you. And who else would you party with than your best friend?
Unfortunately, it just didn’t end the way you wanted it to because you had been wiped out earlier than expected. Even before the night can begin and you and Jin can have your fun, wildly dancing on the center, mingling with strangers and drinking shots, you’ve been struck out by your own inebriation, the strength and kick of alcohol punching you in the gut hard and swift that in the end you knew you had no fight left in you to resist it and stay awake until the first light of the morning spilled in the sky.
Jin watched you with your own liberty down all those tequila shots straight away, sucking on slices of lemon afterwards and contorting your face fully as the transparent liquid set your throat and skin aflame.
The effect had immediately sunk in and made your cheeks feel like it’s on fire, sheaths of sweat covered the sides of your face, your eyes narrowly squinted, lips hot as they spat words of condemnation to your ex with your fists curled up as though you were holding your own heartbreak between your fingers, crushing it into smithereens and letting it loose to the world, driving it away from you in order to start the process of moving on and letting go.
It didn’t take much long before you passed out and thankfully, Jin had caught you when you fell unconscious and succumbed to your exhaustion and drunkenness, along with your nausea which sucked all your energy—that was meant for this party—out.
Barely tipsy and not being able to have more than three shots because he just looked over and watched you at all times in fear of you suddenly collapsing face flat on the floor with your wobbliness and instability, Jin, in the end, had carried you back to his car after you were out. (Had he not been there with you all throughout the night, who knows what would’ve happened to you and whose arms you would’ve ended up falling into.)
Jin had seen you go through a rollercoaster of emotions in just one night. There you were at your place, sulking about your douchebag of an ex and then the next, you were suggesting that you two should go clubbing.
In the bar, he’d seen you fill yourself with momentary euphoria, your eyes empty and hollow but still faking a smile to your face. You had been doing everything to pour anything to the void that the heartbreak brought about in your chest—drinking, singing, jumping up and down to the beat of the music, letting yourself lose in the rhythm of the night, screaming, cussing and then making these promises to yourself that you knew would be forgotten the next day.
Soundly, you slept in the backseat of his car. Jin sat in the driver’s seat and looked back at you. He, too, wanted to have fun that night and party with you but when you’ve fallen asleep, all zapped out, he thought that there’d be no point in going back to the club. All he could think about was that it wouldn’t be fun to return to the club if he’s not returning with you.
So instead, he chose to sit there on his own and watch you, take care of you in case you wanted to hurl all the alcohol you consumed. When you moved slightly, you managed to blink a few times, desperately trying to focalize your vision into one thing despite seeing spots of white swimming and swirling round.
The only thing you saw was the light from above, shining exactly on Jin’s back. Music playing from the stereo, you saw a glimpse of him dancing on his own, shoulders wiggling about as he tries to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody.
Jin was having his own set of fun, turning the car into his own makeshift club and with drooping eyelids, your lips curled up for a lopsided smile before guilt ate and saddened your conscious away, making you frown upon remembering that you’ve held him back from his own set of pleasure because of your lightweight nature and weakness when it came to drinking.
That night was about the two of you having fun and living your lives, lighting up the night by joining that buzzing crowd. It was supposed to be a night of indulgence and enjoyment and yet, there you were, sprawled pathetically in the backseat of his car, overtaken by nausea, the taste in your tongue bile, your legs and limbs spent. You were like a child that he had to babysit and for that, you felt bad because you were accountable for taking the night away from him.
“Jin—” you slurred. Lowering the music down, he turned back to you, his face glowing and pinkish from the illuminous light that shone on him from the roof of the car. Stretching your hand, he quickly noticed and clamped his with yours.
“Hey, Miss Let’s Go Clubbing.”
“—K-k-k-im Seokjin,” you drawled with a sharp staccato, flavored with your bombed thoughts.
“You’re drunk.”
“Psh. No.” Giggling hysterically, you broadcasted, “Iamsonotdrunk.”
He reciprocated with a chortle, endeared through and through. Squeezing his hand, you fluttered your eyes shut and sent him a goofy smile, slurring out some thoughts in your brain before you drifted off to sleep once again, only to wake up with the vaguest recollection of that night fourteen hours later.
“You’re the best, Jin.”
The third and the last one dates back to senior year of high school.
Spring had started to bloom, the cold air from the harsh winter slowly turning warmer by the day. The blossoming weather had also meant that preparations for the end had commenced. For prom, for yearbook photos, for final exams and for graduation.
Everything was happening all at once and it definitely caught up to the seniors. Beneath that unfazed, blasé exterior, there was that fear over college applications, work and everything else about the daunting future. You and Jin certainly had that fear which was the reason why you two spent one night sitting on the bleachers of the football field, watching the night sky filled with the constellation.
After a late studying session in the library for finals, on a whim, he asked if you wanted to stargaze. When you’ve finished pondering about your fears and your hopes for the future, about dreams and plans, about life and families, silence had enveloped you both, a kind that was always comfortable because it was with him.
You turned to Jin after letting your gaze wander around the starlit sky. “Here’s a question.”
He met your eyes and waited.
“What’s the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do throughout these years of high school?”
“Come on,” you playfully nudged his side with your elbow. A smile made its way on your lips as you faced the front once again. “There has to be one.”  
“There is,” he uttered airily, barely audible. Jin spent his time gawking at you as though you’re one of the brightest stars in the constellation, as though you belong in every category that fell under celestial or beautiful.
When you come into contact with his eyes again, he cleared his throat awkwardly and continued to contemplate pensively about a different answer, evading your stare.
“I feel like now is the time to do the things that we’ve always wanted to do,” you coaxed, an indication that you didn’t hear what he said earlier. “We’re graduating in two months so don’t you think we should seize the moment?”
Spurred by your words and thinking that he only gets to live life once, Jin decided to seize the moment, knowing that he could regret it in the future if he doesn’t do it. He opened his bag and fished out a black permanent marker from his pencil case.
Settled between his fingers, he spun it around skilfully, letting you know of his desire. “I’ve always wanted to write down our names on these bleachers.”
Your mouth shaping into an ‘O’ at his revelation, you wiggled your brows up at him in encouragement. You watched as Jin scooted away from you to begin writing in the gap. The rule of vandalism be damned because with confidence, he scribbled down your names on the grey metal seat. Offering you the marker, you grabbed the opportunity to doodle smiley faces beside his writing, making Jin giggle in his merriment.
“That actually made me feel really good,” he announced with a grin.
He nodded, “Your turn.”
“I’ve always wanted to add some design to the mural,” you clasped your palms together, eyes sparkling at the thought.
He blinked at you for a few times before his hand emboldened you to make your personal want a reality. Intertwining his fingers with yours, he led you both down as he started to run.
“Where are we going?” you asked, keeping up with his pace, your heart thumping loudly.
“To the art room. Come on.”
The next thing you know, you were both sprinting on the football field, laughing loudly together, adrenaline surging through your bloodstreams. The sheer incredulity of it all and the thought that you both were actually going to do it had made you chuckle even more.
That night, there were only two words that mattered: carpe diem. Never in your life have you felt so alive and so young until that very moment when you and Jin were the only ones in the school premises, splashing paint and adding more color on the school mural.
Throughout the whole thing, you’re fairly certain that your smile never left your lips, your laughter never ceased. Jin had been the same, living in the moment, focusing on the present and shoving thoughts of the future down for a while.
From painting roses to writing inspiring and motivating words, you’ve both optimized your creativities, amping up the mural’s monochromatic colors and adding to its abstract embellishments. Stealing a glance at Jin, you observed him as he concentrated on his side, drawing in careful and gentle strokes, filling out his sun with yellow.
You’ve always pondered about your favorite piece of artwork, often finding it hard to provide an answer when asked because truthfully, there are a lot of magnificent and marvellous paintings that have taken up a special place in your heart.
It turns out, the one who creates art is also a masterpiece. It dawned on you that out of all the pieces that you’ve had the privilege to see, Jin is your favorite artwork and artist.
From day one, he added color to your world.
Tumblr media
The drive back to your place is quiet. You take one glance at him while he coasts through the highway leisurely. It’s difficult to discern what’s on his mind when he’s kept an imperturbably straight face all throughout the drive. You, on the other, are easily readable. From the moment you saw your picture with Jin in front of that screen, surrounded by all those familiar faces that defined your high school, you were well aware with how you looked like.
With a million thoughts running in your mind per second, you focus on the road instead and let your eyes wander and get lost in your milieu, to the different city lights that you pass by.
It doesn’t take long before you arrive back to your place and Jin is walking you to your front door. Breaking the silence, you face him with nervousness splashed on every corner of your face, one that’s unusual because never have you felt this feeling when it came to him. But it dawns on you that nerves are present because there’s something inside your chest that’s bubbling and screaming to be let out in the open.
“Thank you for tonight. I had fun,” you say, opening your arms out and leaning for a hug to which Jin quickly reciprocates.
He is warm and homely. He is everything at once in your arms. It makes your heart clench within your chest.
“Me, too,” he returns with a softer voice compared to his higher pitched, loud one that booms in parties. “It’s always fun whenever I’m with you.”
When he breaks away, your throat traps your next words in and your heart stutters. Instead, “Drive safe, okay?” is what comes out, unnatural and tensed. Purely because you don’t want him to go.
Jin nods at you faintly and watches you go inside. Once the door closes and you’re in, you stay rooted in your spot. It’s when you’re stood in complete darkness in your place that Tessa’s exact words earlier in the reunion comes echoing in your head.
“I wish I was one of those lucky people who gets to fall in love with their best friend. ‘Cause everything seems so easy like, you already have the friendship there as your foundation and the love is just what makes it stronger. It just,” she sighs wistfully, “it feels natural, you know?”
There aren’t many people who gets to have that soul-burning kind of love, who gets to be fortunate to fall for their best friend. You also realize that there are even people out there who go through life without ever finding love. And yet, here you are. The love that you have been dreaming of is manifested right in front of you.
Her words had opened your eyes and made you realize that you do want to become one of those lucky people. You do want Jin, you do love him.
Your hand clutches on the door knob once again, opening your door in a haste in the hopes of chasing Jin, only to find him still in the same spot where you left him, his lips slightly parted, wide-eyed.
“I just wanna say—” you pause. You’d be damned if you let this night pass without letting him know how you feel. “I just wanna say that tonight was the best date I’ve ever been on. And that, uh,” you take a gulp, “I’d like to go out with you again.” A smile flicks on your lips. “But this time, I don’t want to pretend.”
“Because I’m in love with you,” you confess. Teary eyed, you grin at him, your heart swelling with the love you feel for Jin. You’ve always been one to look at something and assess it from different angles instead of just from a singular point to really get the finer details. In doing so, you can miss the simplest of things.
Sometimes, it’s okay to step back and just look at it from where you’re standing without having to move to check from another angle because what you’re looking for—the answer that you’ve been searching—could just be right in front of you.
After seeing yourselves tonight on that screen, you realized that everyone saw something in the two of you before that you didn’t manage to see. But now, you do. You see it. You see him now—the one who’s not only been right in front of you throughout these years but the one who’s also been right by your side.
“I’ve been in love with you since high school,” Jin confesses, gaze flitting between your eyes and lips. “I think I’ve been pretty obvious.”
Really, the true idiot in your story with Jin is you. The thought makes you want to chuckle. He’s been with you all these years. He’s been right here all along showing you his feelings through his own ways and yet you didn’t see it.
“Why didn’t you say something to me before?”
He tightens his lips together, brows furrowing downwards before he reveals his reason. “I didn’t want to ruin what we have. I didn’t want to lose you because you’re my best friend, you know.”
Jin would’ve been perfectly fine loving you from a safe distance if it meant that you’d get to be in his life forever, if it meant that he won’t lose that friendship with you, which is something that he treasured and valued.
Stepping closer, you soften for him, cupping his cheeks as you send a smile his way. “And you’re mine, too, Jin. You’ll always be my best friend.”
At the back of your mind, you would’ve loved him back and said yes to him before. Perhaps you really just needed him to say the words that you’ve been feeling for him for a long time in order for you to gain that clarity.
Jin swipes some strands of hair gently away from the side of your face when you let your hands go. His finger finds your chin and lifts you up for him, eyes ghosting over your features to drink you in. “Can I kiss you?”
This is the surest you’ve ever felt for someone. And you see everything clearly now. All those lines between friendship and love that had confused you before unites into one line that only gets longer.
Before, you thought that there is a clear boundary between the two and that it’s not possible for those two to combine. But with Jin, it’s always both. With his friendship, there’s his love, too. And with his love, there’s his friendship. It worked like that whenever it came to Jin. Now, you’re welcoming not one, but two. You’re embracing both his friendship and love.
You’re starting a new relationship, one that’s much stronger, built on the foundation of your friendship. It feels natural.
Stepping into a new territory with him doesn’t feel terrifying at all. Because you’re both stepping into it together. You’ve already experienced a lot, tried new things together and you’re sure that together, you’ll be even happier because there is love in here.
“Please,” you breathe. “Kiss me.”
Throughout your whole life, you don’t think you’ve had the kiss that defines all of the kisses. That one, magnificent kiss where you feel everything all at once. But when Jin kisses you and his lips mould perfectly with yours, you’re certain that this kiss is the one.
You’re expecting a burst of fireworks inside but in kissing Jin, it feels like stars are born. His cushiony lips are ever so gentle in moving with yours, his pressure firm as he probes inside your mouth. And in no time, you’re melting against him, arching your back and encasing your arms around his neck as he slants his mouth and tastes you.
Kissing him makes you realize that you two should’ve done this before but now is not the time to lament. After a long journey, after failed relationships and after everything that went in your life, in the end, you’re here. With him.
This is where you’re meant to be. All those wrong turns and all those paths were only meant to be diversions—you’re meant to have taken them all to see that your final destination is here. The endgame is on his lips, his arms.
Jin had tasted an abundance of food, from different dishes to a variety of spices, but nothing can compare to the taste of your lips. This, he thinks, is the flavor that’s been missing in his life. Now that he has it, he’s sure to not let it go because the taste of you is an essential nutrient.
When you’re both breathless, he goes straight to the column of your throat, leaving open-mouthed kisses on your supple skin and a soft moan erupts from your chest.
“Jin,” you keen, eyes fluttered shut as his warm breath washes your neck area, peppering kisses on the side, sucking and nibbling on the shell of your ear. Holding your back, he starts to walk you two back to your place, his foot kicking the door close until you’re both left in the darkness.
His breath uneven, he latches on your mouth once again afterwards, this time more fuelled with lust and neediness, pressing his body closer to you, his crotch aligned with yours that you feel the dent in his pants on your center.
In between kisses, he manages to whisper, “Do you feel me now? Do you feel how much I’m in love with you?”
Humming and nodding, your own impatience is exposed when you start to work on the buttons of his shirt, managing to undo the first three before he captures your wrists for a second and disconnects his lips away from the line of your jaw.
“Wait, are you sure you want this and you don’t wanna wait until after our first official date?” Jin asks, blinking at you.
“Are you sure you can wait any more after years of waiting?”
“Good point,” he quickly acknowledges before dropping a kiss on your lips, his tongue swirling on the seams. “God,” he murmurs against you while your fingers trail up to thread on his hair. “I could just kiss you every day.”
Pulling back to face him with a raised brow, “Just kiss? Anything else you wanna do?”
Though his face is shadowed from the dark, you’re certain that a smirk is present on his lips. This is confirmed when Jin suddenly scoops your legs and carries you in bridal style fashion, making you yelp in surprise, a smile following suit when he announces, “Let me show you what else.”
He doesn’t need to be told where to go to reach your bedroom because he’s easily navigating you two there. Even with his eyes closed, you’re confident that Jin can get you both there.
Dropping you gently on your mattress, he leans down and kisses you again, deepening his exploration of your mouth. Fingers weaving with yours, he raises your limbs upwards, pinning you down easily with his strength and you arch for him when he goes to suck and kiss your neck, teeth nipping the skin that tears a needy moan from within your chest.
A smirk cracking on his lush lips, his fingers find the straps of your dress and hastily pulls it down, his own impatience usurping his emotions. You wiggle yourself out to assist him until it’s discarded, until you’re just in your nude bra and underwear. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful. So sexy,” he praises. His breathing heavy with lust, Jin runs his fingers through his hair as he examines you on your bed, laid out for him.
Eyes dropping on every part of your skin, he lurches ahead and takes your lips again, a taste so addictive that he would want to consume it every day. Arching your back, he finds the clasp of your strapless bra and rids you of them easily, tossing it to the side without ever disconnecting from your tongue.
Possessively, you wrap your legs around his back to pull him closer to you. Your core aches with need for him now, feeling like you might go insane if he doesn’t do anything. “Jin,” you whine with eyes screwed shut, your fingers snaking around his back, grabbing on the fabric of his shirt.
He hums relaxedly, mouth taking in a succulent nipple, sucking and coating it with his saliva while his free hand cups your other breast, thumb toying with your pebbled bud. Your breathing turns ragged when Jin’s lips descends down your belly, fingers grabbing the bands of your panties to yank them down, finally exposing your sopping core in front of him. Lowering his position until his face is in front of your entrance, he spreads your thighs apart.
“So pretty,” he rasps. Wetting your lips involuntarily, you sit yourself up with your elbows in anticipation. Jin smirks, eyes hooded with darkness. “I’d want to eat you out like this every day,” he says and immediately, he dives in, boldly licking a stripe of your wet folds. An airy gasp erupts out your lips, elbows dropping again on the mattress as you savour the feeling of his wet tongue devouring your cunt, spreading your lips apart and burying itself inside you.
Automatically, you’re pressing your center on his face, rocking your hips forward. And he lets you while his tongue curls deeper inside. Gripping your thighs with his large hands, Jin is encouraged by the satisfied notes of whines that your lips are emitting, chanting his name like a prayer. The coiling sensation in your belly tightens and you’re losing control, knowing that you’re about to break apart soon.
Jin inserts a finger inside, looking up at your pleasured state. He breathes heavily while he fastens his finger’s speed inside your heat. He curves his slender digit with a satisfying thrusting pace and your toes curl, your legs bend upwards in the process, grinding forward.
Continuing to hit the spots where you want him, he repeats the motion over and over until he withdraws and hovers on top of your body to give your lips attention, grinding his clothed erection on your center, your drive increasing tenfold. Your own fingers winding on his hair, gripping on his roots, you gladly welcome his kiss, teeth tugging his bottom lip, an action that makes him smile.
Before you can even begin forming a coherent word from all your gasping and needy moaning, he’s leaving butterfly kisses on your shoulder blades, the valley of your chest and your belly until he’s back down again. His tongue probing back in your pussy, he sets a relentless pace, lapping at your folds. His fingers massage your lips, collecting your slickness before he spreads them apart. His fingers make a V shape as he shoves his mouth in you.
A shot of arousal travels through your body and you’re writhing underneath his torturous ministrations, your cries louder and grittier for him. “Jin, mmmh—fuck. I-I’m close.”
His own moans vibrate through your sensitive and warm skin as his thumb undulates on your clit, thumb pinching on the nub. And just like that, you’re coming apart on his mouth, a violent shockwave of your orgasm making you shudder. Eyes rolling at the back of your head, you pant for oxygen and ride your high while Jin catches and slurps all of your cum, pulling back to see its leakage.
Your head springing up, you look at Jin to see his lips and cheeks damp with your juices, making you watch him lick and wipe the remnants of it. “Oh, God, did I…?” you ask with warm cheeks. Biting down your lip, you mumble, “This is so embarrassing.”
“No, that was hot,” he emphasizes with a grin before his fingers scoop some of your cum to bring it to your mouth, letting you taste yourself. Opening, you suck on his cum soiled fingers, licking him clean and releasing him with a pop. Satisfied, Jin drops a quick kiss before he stands at the edge of the bed and strips off his clothing.
Beads of sweat has begun to build on the side of his face, his hair sticking on his skin. And nothing could have prepared you for the sight of him in his birthday suit. Every edge of him is sculpted into magnificence, every exposed skin is flawless and it makes your mouth water, especially when his thick and huge cock is freed from his trousers, hard as a rock, his tip leaking with pre-cum.
You sit up, crawling in front of him as your hand palms on his length, stroking him slowly. “I wanna suck your cock,” you look up at him with your eyes fluttering innocently. Jin considers for a moment, breathing heavily as your hand continues to pump him, your thumb flicking on the head, spreading his pre-cum.
Drawing a sharp breath as he runs his fingers on his hair, he shakes his head and captures your wrist decisively. “Not tonight, baby. You can do that tomorrow. I need to be inside you now.” Agreeing and compromising, you return to lie on the bed and on top of you, Jin carnally drags his lips on your cheeks, jawline, the base of your throat while he angles his tip on your dripping entrance, teasing you and prepping you at the same time. Your breath erratic, your fingernails dig into his back while your bodies are flush together, centimeters away from each other.
All you want is him. All you could think about is him. All you crave for is him. It’s him, every inch of him. And he feels the same with you. He’s about to show it to you, about to make you feel his unconditional and true love for you. With his palms stabilizing himself up, he takes one deep look at you, laced with hunger combined with his promise of commitment to you. “Ready?”
Sighing with need and arousal flaring in the pits of your stomach, you say, “Yes—Jin, please. Fuck me.”
Slowly, he enters, tearing you apart. His big length is a lot to take and he grunts at the feeling of your tightness but luxuriates in the fact that you’re warm and nice for him and him only. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” Jin moans. Your whimpers and groans collide with one another and you take an inhale, relaxing around him and he starts to move slowly, pushing every inch of his cock.
Pulling back and seeing your strained face, he lands for a kiss on your lips, murmuring his sweet nothings to your ear and urging you to breathe so he can advance forward and shove another inch of his huge cock. When you do take a deep breath, pleasure floods through your system, striking you both. Jin sinks into you fully until he bottoms out, perfectly fitting inside you. Every inch of him is inside and you’re filled with so much rapture at the sensation, making you crave for more.
He barely pulls out, only moving back slightly before finally thrusting into you with speed and precision. Hips slapping each other, Jin slams into you harder, his brows knitted together in concentration as he hits your g-spot. Taking your mouth to claim your moans as his, he buries himself into you in a punishing and pleasurable pace as though he can read your mind and your requests for him to go faster.
Once again, the arousal in your core begins to build, your stomach recoiling. Jin hoists your legs up over his shoulders for a better angle and by this time, you’re drowning in your pleasure, screaming his name shamelessly, fingernails digging on the flesh of his shoulders. His face twisted, he then comes to thumb at your clit, giving it a rub by circling his fingers.
It’s difficult to think straight when Jin is giving you everything you want and more. When Jin is being true to all his words. When Jin is really making you feel like you’re a goddess who’s about to ascend higher. Your chest rising and falling, you warn with a keen whine, arching your back, “Jin—fuck, I’m coming—oh.”
Feeling your walls clenching around him, his hips start to stutter but he nods and thrusts into you precisely and powerfully, hitting your bundle of nerves that loosens that tight rope in your stomach. Pecking your lips, he says in your ear with a faltered breath, also feeling himself teetering on the edge of his release, “Yeah, that’s it, baby. Come for me.”
Kneading on your nub as he pushes back into you deep, you’re trembling beneath him, lolling the back of your head as your peak washes through your body. It takes a few more consistent thrusts and more circling of hips until Jin finally chases his high and empties himself inside you, coating your walls white. His deep and hoarse voice grunting your name has you cupping his face and chasing his lips in no time, finding the sight of him losing himself to his nirvana hot.
For a while, he stays inside you with your cunt milking him for every last drop of his warm seed. For a while, you both stare into each other’s eyes, your grins for each other toothy.
“I love you,” he professes breathily, etching these words into your pores and into your soul.
With him being the only thought in your mind, the words tumble out of your lips easily. “I love you.”
Tumblr media
It takes hours to get up from bed the next morning. Mostly because Jin insisted you two stay and sleep more when you initially stirred at seven. Surrendering to his request, you two ended up sleeping for a few more hours, entangled into one another, sharing your collective warmth. And when you finally rouse just before afternoon can begin, Jin had already decided to make himself busy in your kitchen.
Hearing some rustling and boiling noises, you fight your sleepiness altogether and head out of your room wearing Jin’s shirt last night, one that goes to your knees and swallows you perfectly, draping on your body like a dress.
He whips his head upon the sight of you entering from his peripheral vision. Smiling, he greets, “Oh, hi. I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed.”
Seeing Jin in the spaces of your home makes you realize that he completes it. He moves through easily like he’s always meant to be here, like he’s already carved every piece of him here from the very beginning, like you’ve already drawn him in the blueprint of your home. It dawns on you that this is the sight that you want to wake up to every single day now. 
At the sight of him all golden and glowing in the morning, you say dreamily, remembering the wonderful night that occurred, “Hi, you.”
“Coffee?” he asks, blinking attentively, going to your coffee machine. You nod in response and Jin grabs two mugs from your cupboard, perfectly knowing where everything is in your kitchen. He scans through your collection of coffee pods and asks, “Did you sleep okay?”
Sitting on the stool, you notice that your empty flower vase is now filled with the tulips that he gave to you yesterday, all fresh and blooming. Your heart swells with love and color as you now watch him press buttons to brew your coffees before turning to you.
“I slept really well,” you reveal, smiling like a lovesick teenager.
“Yeah?” He rests his elbows on the counter and places his chin on his palm, lips twitching into a smile, endeared by your adorable charm.
You’ve always said to yourself before that perfect doesn’t exist in a guy. And that when you’re searching for potential partners, perfect isn’t what you’re looking for. You’re looking for real. You found that in Jin from the very first day. You fell in love with Jin because he’s genuine. He’s not afraid to be himself, to open himself. He’s always true with his thoughts, his words and actions.
What you’ve been looking for is him all along. All these years, Jin has been the one who’s been real with you. And in being real, already, that’s your perfect guy right there. That’s the one who owns your heart.
“Yeah,” you confirm, leaning forward with a blissful grin. “What about you? How was your sleep?”
Before capturing your lips for a chaste morning kiss, he offers three words.
“It was perfect.”
Tumblr media
Your nephew clears his throat before he clicks record and asks the question. “So, have you fallen in love with one another?”
As though the synapses of your brain are in tune with his, you and Jin look at each other at the same time. Covered in smiles before returning your gazes to the camera and proclaiming the only answer that is meant for this question.
“Great! That’s it,” he announces with a proud smile that reaches his eyes. He turns off the camera and resumes speaking while he packs up his stuff. “Thank you again for doing this, guys.”
Ruffling his hair playfully, you coo, “Aww, you know I’d do anything for my favorite nephew. I’ll buy you lunch next time.”
He casually responds with a mischievous smirk, dropping his personal wish, “Or… maybe that new Resident Evil game?”
Typical of teenage boys. Especially when your nephew is one of those teenage boys, overly addicted to online gaming. “Hmm, tell you what. If you win the meet then I’ll buy it for you,” you suggest.
His eyes shimmer in excitement. “Deal!”
“Alright,” you laugh as you and Jin walk him to the door. “Send my love to your mom and dad!”
Your nephew waves and looks back at you two, bidding his goodbyes. When his gaze lands on your best friend turned boyfriend, he calls, “Bye, Jin hyung! Or should I say Uncle Jin?”
Jin shouts happily, “Attaboy!”
Tumblr media
When Hoseok and Jin collide—when they are physically in one room together—it’s a spectacle. Pure entertainment. Comedy gold. A party would not be a party without them. It’d feel utterly incomplete, empty and dull if their boisterous laughter weren’t lighting the mood up.
The conversations that would ensue between the two of them and the spontaneous and superb dance battles that they would playfully initiate against one another would become one of your favorites.
It wouldn’t be a party without the birthday boy and Jin conquering the middle part of the dance floor and making a fool out of themselves by coordinating these ludicrous and surprising dance moves that would, in turn, make Yoongi’s gummy smile even more obvious and Jimin’s eyes disappear while he claps his hands, tilting his head back and laughing freely.
Taehyung’s boxy grin, on the other hand, would be on full display as he opens his mouth in awe at the two bold and confident guys setting the dance floor on fire and garnering the whole club’s attention while Jungkook’s infectious and loud giggles would rub on you as he tries to mimic their moves. Then there’s Namjoon, amusement decorated on his features as he watches with a dad-like stance, arms crossed and back leaning against the counter of the mini-bar.
This is how parties should be. Extremely fun and satisfying, the rush of adrenaline that courses through your blood stream making you want to let loose and just dance like there is no tomorrow. And even if you’re just watching Jin at the moment, your ecstasy is still plastered on your lips, only ever growing whenever you see him laughing alongside Hoseok, as though their energies never run out.
You know that Jin really is feeling the peak of his happiness tonight. He’s living his best life as he shakes his hips and bounces on his feet to the beat of the music that pumps through the huge ass speakers. From where you’re standing, you smile, endeared at everything he does. That’s your Jin.
The excitement and the buzz of the atmosphere makes you walk to the dance floor, pushing your elbows off the counter from leaning against it.
Jin welcomes you the moment he felt you sauntering towards his direction, extending his hand out for you. And you take it, wholeheartedly and elatedly, proceeding to encase your arms around his neck while he wraps his around your lower back, palm gently smoothing the skin with up and down movements.
Leaning towards the shell of your ear, as you both start to sway sideways slowly despite the music being upbeat and dance-y, Jin professes, “I’m so glad you’re here.”
Gaze locking into his for a moment, you stretch a smile out before you rest your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and breathing the scent of his cologne in, feeling completely at home within his arms. “Me, too.”
Jin embraces you tightly, his fingers playing with your hair as he keeps his rhythm of swaying slow and steady. In a sea of people dancing and jumping into an EDM song, there you were with Jin in your own corner. The only two people who are enjoying a magical moment, not caring about the happenings around you.
In his warmth, you feel like you two are the only ones there, with a spotlight on your figures. It reminds you of high school prom. Takes you back to that same exact moment where sixteen-year-old you and Jin danced together. Friendship solid. Your feelings for him not realized yet. But to him, they were already there.
For him, you were the most beautiful girl in the room. And after prom night, he came to conclude that you didn’t just embodied his friendship, you also embodied his unconditional love.
In slow dancing with him tonight, you’ve never felt happier. He’s yours as you are his. You’ve never wanted someone like you did with Jin, never loved someone the way you do with him.
“Hey, Y/N?”
Pulling back to look at him, his eyes sparkle with a warm smile on his plump lips. “You know I love you, right? I love you so damn much,” he says.
“I know.” You raise your hands to cup his face, your lips curling upwards.
“I promise to marry you one day,” he proclaims, deep eyes boring into yours as he promises you a lifetime of commitment.
Patting his chest softly, you smile. “And I can’t wait for that day.” Because you’re going to promise him your yes whenever he decides to propose. You’re going to promise him your yes—a yes to a forever with him.
When his palm reaches the small of your back, he pulls you closer into him, the tip of your noses touching each other. Finally, he leans to kiss you and you melt into the taste of his lips. Moving against each other with tenderness, you both smile during the kiss. And with this kiss, you think that this night is finally complete, one that you could only describe as perfect.
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taeshobipop · 4 days ago
“You definitely said it—I heard you.”
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x Reader
Genre: drabble, office!au, coworkers!au, fluff, humor 
Prompt: “You definitely said it — I heard you.”
Rating: pg13
Warnings: jinnie has curious hands that land in forbidden places, nipple pinch 😁, quite a few references to random disney characters because 🤷🏻‍♀️
Word Count: 1.4k
a/n ✑ inspired by jin’s brazenness during the late late show interview with James Cordon — he be winking at the host 😂 also, although short, it’s unedited. sorry!
Tumblr media
The grin on Kim Seokjin’s face taunted you.
“Howdy, partner.” He sang, rounding the edge of the work cubicle. He was grinning again; that same shit-eating grin that told you the man was up to no good, that same devilish grin that just begged to be smacked off. You would do it. You were going to do it, count your words you were going to slap that smug smile right off his gorgeous lips.
It wasn’t until Seokjin’s broad frame had stopped in front of you, that you finally saw the monstrous stack of documents lodged between his body and forearms. “Delivery!” He dropped the paperwork onto your desk, a loud thud crescendoing against your grey cubicle walls.
“What’s this?” You hissed, pinning him with an icy glare. 
“It’s your weekend taken away,” Seokjin smirked. “Boss wants you to complete those forms by next Monday. So, good luck.” Sending you a flirty wink, he leaned down scandalously close to the hem of your skirt. You jolted back in surprise, swivel chair flying across the room as it crashed into one of your coworker’s cubicles, your life flashed before your eyes — butt sliding off the seat, face falling in direct line with the cold concrete floor.
You yawped, eyes bolting shut in anticipation for what felt like the end of your life, bracing yourself for the fall that never came.
“Wo-oah,” a voice heaved. A heavy pressure pressed against your breasts, holding you up. “Slow down there, babe. I was just picking up a pencil.” Someone was holding your breasts. “Don’t go falling for me now.”
Slowly, you peeked your eyes open, tilting your head to see Kim Seokjin’s arm wrapped snuggly around your chest. Again, he was grinning, and you weren’t gonna back down on your claim as you briskly swung your hand up to…wipe across his lips pretty pathetically. 
Seokjin blinked, arms not loosening around your breasts before his brows drew in, perplexed and unfazed. “Uh?” He said, pulling you both upright.
“Um.” You responded awkwardly. You flattened your hair as soon as he had let go, ignoring the surfeit amount of curious gazes from your surrounding coworkers. You cleared your throat. “Thanks for the papers.”
He cocked a thick brow, clearly still hung up on your previous attempt to fulfill your internal wish. “What was that?” Seokjin questioned, stepping closer to smoothen a crease along your blouse. His hand had brushed the underside of your left breast, sending a chockfull of shivers down your spine. He stepped back as if it was the most normal thing in the world; to smoothen your coworker's blouse.
“Nothing. Leave. You’ve given me so much work to do.”
“No, tell me.”
“Tell me.”
“Kim Seokjin,” you rolled your eyes, sighing in defeat, “I don’t have the time to deal with you.”
Gaze narrowing, he snatched back the load of forms only to shove it into the arms of a passing intern. The intern stuttered, head snapping between the pair of employees that seemed to radiate this unusual combination of sexual and detestable tension. The intern had decided then and there that it was best not to get involved — he walked away with the pile of forms. 
“Now you have no work. Tell me.”
You merely gawked at him. What was this man’s problem? “You really wanna know?”
“Well, I already know,” he offered after a beat of deliberation, “I just want you to confirm it for me.”
“What? Confirm what?” You asked disbelievingly, genuinely confused. How could this man know? Unless he was some wizard on crack. Maybe he was, you wouldn’t rule out the possibility.
Seokjin just grinned, the duplicated guileful grin that continues to haunt you in your sleep. Like the Cheshire Cat, hypnotic eyes and all. “You’re just finding an excuse to kiss me, aren’t ya?” He stated confidently, hand gestures pointing at nothing in particular. 
You choked, eyes widening as you gripped onto your desk to prevent your knees from buckling. “Wh-what?!” 
The nerve of this man — he was absolutely shameless!
“And I can assure you that you don’t need an excuse for that,” Seokjin winked. 
“What!” You squawked, appalled yet…intrigued? The heat creeping onto your cheeks had only boosted his ego. “Why would I do that?!”
More heads had begun to spring up from their cubicles, inquisitive eyes bouncing in search of the source of the sound. You ducked down, pulling the lapel of his dress shirt to tug Seokjin below the shallow walls. He chuckled at you, hand rising to clasp around your wrist before lifting it up to kiss the side of your thumb.
You yanked your hand back, heat prickling your face from his sudden display of affection, even though you were no stranger to it. Seokjin had always been flirty — just never this flirty. It scared you, it scared you and fascinated you all at once. 
This man was Flynn Rider masquerading as Prince Charming. 
“Hey, we’re pretty much already dating,” he suddenly shrugged, unconcerned. “Ask anyone. Literally. They’ll tell you we’re married.”
Your lack of response had prompted him to roll his eyes playfully. Gaping, your mouth opened and shut for several moments; completely dumbfounded by this new piece of information thrown at you. Your colleagues really thought that…? Strangely, the notion didn’t make you want to puke your brains out. 
“C’mon, this really shouldn’t be a surprise to you,” Seokjin exasperated, a doting touch along your arm. 
He was right, this shouldn’t be a surprise.
Your relationship with Seokjin was complicated, to say the least. You had never placed a label on it, there was no need to in your humble opinion, but it went along the lines of the occasional “hey, can I come over?” To the consequential fucking, then the late night pillow talks (where hands and hearts would linger), staying over, waking up together, enjoying breakfast, someone rushing home to get ready for work, and then seeing one another again in the office — a minefield of bickering — where you swore that one day Kim Seokjin would end up winking his eyeball out and smirking his teeth off. 
“So, dinner tonight. You,” Seokjin pointed at you, “and me,” he pointed to himself. “7pm. Sound like a plan, babe?”
“Uh, hello?” He pinched your cheek, arm slipping around your waist to pull you close and by effect, your hands had shot up to rest on his taut chest. The feeling of his body beneath your fingertips had your heart rate spiking to the moon, proximity rendering you speechless. “Because I like you and you like me. You do like me, right?” He asked, the glint of uncertainty swimming in his orbs.
Did you? Yes. Yes you did. “Of course I do,” you confessed, flittering butterflies attacking your stomach from the way Seokjin’s eyes had lit up. 
“In what way?” He clarified, gaze shifting away from your face. “As a colleague or…”
“More than that,” you whispered. He bit his lip to dampen a smile. Not a grin but a smile — sincere and heartfelt. 
“Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. What did you say?”
And just like that, his sly fucking grin was back. 
“I said I hate you.”
He squinted his eyes, thick brows furrowing. “I think you said that you like me more than a friend,” he provided.
Shaking your head, “I really didn’t. You’re delusional.”
“You did!”
You shook your head once more, hands still firmly planted onto his chest. The creeping grin across your lips told him you were being playful. He knew that grin like the back of his hand because he had the exact same one, and Seokjin adored how it looked on your face. He inched closer until his forehead knocked with yours. 
“You definitely said it — I heard you,” he murmured, breath ticking your chin.
You giggled. “Maybe.”
Then suddenly, your finger slid up to pinch his pert nipple, twisting it slightly for added effect. Seokjin yelped, hand shooting up to cup his pec as he sent you a glare. 
“What was that for?” He scowled, frown allaying upon seeing your pleased expression. 
“We’re in the office, Mr. Kim — please refrain from any scandalous activities.”
He snorted, leaning closer to place a peck on your temple. “Sure thing, Ms. Y/n,” he said before calling over his shoulder, “pick you up at 7.”
Tumblr media
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seokjinsonlyone · 19 days ago
bts as giveon songs
namjoon: world we created
“i just wanna stay in the world we created/ i just wanna sink in the plans that we’re making/ when i leave i’m not looking for a replacement for what i got”
it’s 1:15 am. his flight leaves in 4 hours. the car that’s coming to take him to the airport arrives in 1 hour. but, for now he’s holding you in his arms. back pressed against the headboard, you in his lap, gently swaying from side to side, promises of forever whispered, softly floating through the air. he’ll be gone for a month. schedule so jam packed you know once again your relationship will be moved to the back seat but you’ll always be in the front of his mind. and when he returns he’ll be coming back to you.
seokjin: vanish
“you said you hate me and you wish i would vanish/ okay you love me baby i speak your language”
“i hate you.” you were going through a rough patch. that’s what this was. it was bound to happen. no two people can sail on smooth waters all the time. “i hate you too.” he looked at you from across the room, tears streaming down your face. he sighed heavily walking toward you and pulling you into his arms. you didn’t mean it. he didn’t mean it either. you meant the world to him. he hated fighting. he especially hated fighting with you. but if that’s what it meant to keep you he would.
yoongi: like i want you
“see you face to face i’m thinking bout the days we used to be/ but i can’t make a scene/ no i can’t make it seem/ like i want you”
he keeps his face stoic. like it always is. he was never one to give much away. he’s here at this cafe bc you wanted him here. for closure. he’d been dodging you for weeks. he didn’t want it. bc he still wanted you. looking at you sitting across from him brought back every beautiful and painful memory he’d ever experienced with you to the surface and it hurt so good he wonders how he was able to keep a straight face. you’re talking and he’s hearing you but he’s not really listening. didn’t want to if this was you telling him goodbye for the last time. he reaches across the table and covers your hand with his. you stop talking. you’re both staring at your now conjoined fingers at a loss for words. simultaneously, you look up at each other. did you still love him too?
hoseok: this ain’t love
“yeah i might just pay the tab/ gucci up the bag/ please don’t get attached if you text me and i hit you back/ this ain’t love”
the bag was nice. more than nice. gorgeous. pairs well with the shoes he bought you last week and the dress he got a month ago. he did things like that. sometimes sent them with a note “this reminded me of you” or “saw this and i thought of you” or “you like this don’t you?” but he wasn’t yours. he never was. he didn’t always respond when you texted him but when he did your heart soared. loved his attention. loved him. but whenever you looked at him like you did. whenever you opened your mouth to say those three words. he’d always cover yours with his. he didn’t want to hear it. he didn’t want you to mess up what you had. he couldn’t give you what you wanted. for now the only thing he could give you was that bag.
jimin: still your best
“still your best, me/ when you wanna come back?/i lay you back on your back and do you just like that”
you said he wasn’t enough. that his love wasn’t enough. cool. he was done with it. done with the constant back and forth. the on and off relationship. he was sick of it. if you didn’t want him, fine. but the new guy you were with? a joke. he snorted when he saw you two together. if that’s what you wanted then it was fine by him. except he knew it wasn’t. that’s why you kept crawling back to him. with whatshisface in the day but in his bed at night. and that was fine too. you could have his body. but you’d never get his heart back.
taehyung: heartbreak anniversary
“i still see the messages you read/ i’m foolishly patient/ can’t get past the taste of your lips/ don’t wanna let you out my head”
it’s been a year. you look the same. just as beautiful as he remembers. he knows bc he’s sitting outside of your job. he has been for the past two hours. it’s been a year. he should be over you but he’s not. he hasn’t been the same since you left. it’s evident to everyone who seen him. he wonders if you know. if you care. he opens up the last thread of messages between you two. everything read but nothing responded to. he wishes you would talk to him. you’re the one for him. and he’s the one for you, isn’t he?
jungkook: favorite mistake
“even when you’re gone the feelings just grow stronger/ should leave it alone but you’re still getting closer/ we both know it’s wrong/ can’t keep this for long/ but while it’s going on/ i’ll put it in a song”
he was late. he was supposed to be working on a track with yoongi, but he was with you. always with you. always wanna be with you. always thinking about you. he shouldn’t but he does. you’re with someone else. he doesn’t care. he does. he should delete your number. he doesn’t. “are you okay, man?” he is. he was just with you. when he’s with you he feels so high. he never wants to come down. but he always does. he wants to see you. he can’t. he has work to do. you have another man to do. “yeah.” he knows what he wants this song to be about. you. always you.
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floralseokjin · 12 months ago
⊶ final sleigh (m). ⊷
Tumblr media
You took an (almost) immediate dislike to Seokjin during his first week at the office and six months later that distaste is not only still going strong, but also mutual. Working in sales, you view one another as competition, so what happens when you’re forced to organise the Christmas office party together? It’s a recipe for disaster, but one thing’s for sure, it doesn’t end the way you imagined it...
(Spoiler alert: you don’t wind up murdering him.)  
pairing; kim seokjin x reader  au/genre/warnings; workplace/office au, enemies/rivals to lovers, starts off as a holiday au but drabbles further develop the story, rom-com, hoseok, namjoon, jungkook and yoongi make appearances, smut; drunk grinding, drunk kissing, workplace (oral) sex, storeroom (oral) sex, oral sex (male & female receiving), fingering, dirty talk, jin has a big dick (obv) words; 23,363 
continuing drabbles found here
Tumblr media
Every year without fail you organised the office Christmas party at Jung&Co. As part of the office party committee it was of course a given. There were only two of you but as a workplace of just 12 that was ample enough. This year however, things were a little different, no matter how marginally. Joy was on maternity leave so you were now on your own this time around. Not that you minded. You could hold the fort no problem until she came back in January and you had to plan Creed, the quality assurance director’s birthday party. 
Only Hoseok, your manager didn’t see it that simple. Insisted you needed an extra set of helping hands. Who? Was your first thought. No one had ever offered to help in the past three years and why would they start now? However, you were forgetting something… or should you say, someone. A new someone who you were sure had been transferred here to make your life a total misery. It was like someone up there had it in for you, and you couldn’t think of one explanation why. You were a good person; you donated to a cat shelter every month, you paid your taxes, you were always helpful and friendly, amazing at your job… The list went on. In fact, you were the best damn sales rep at this branch, high above the rest – Well… That was until he showed up. 
“I’ll do it.” You heard Seokjin offer indifferently, as if he didn’t care a damn about the Christmas party. You knew he didn’t. 
You swung around immediately, your chair squeaking against the wooden flooring with the force. You scoffed patronisingly. “Pfft. You?” You had never heard anything so unbelievable in your whole life. 
Seokjin regarded you from where he sat in the back row. Hoseok had called a meeting this morning, needing to find a replacement for Joy as time was creeping up. it was a month until Christmas closure. The day the party was held, and he knew how much you liked to keep on top of things. You weren’t to be rushed. 
“Yes. Me.” Of course he was smirking. “Why? Got a problem?”
Beside him, Jungkook the intern, looked between you both unsurely. No doubt the rest of your co-workers were too. This had become the norm now. They stayed silent every time you and he started squabbling. The past few months had been one big whirlwind of bickering and rivalry. Seokjin was your biggest competition. He was also the thorn in your side. Ever since he’d transferred branches from his hometown six months ago life in the office hadn’t been the same for you. It didn’t help that your desks were also situated next to one another. You had to sit opposite his annoying face 8 hours a day, five days a week. It was a living hell. And now you’d be forced to spend even more time with him? Over your dead body. 
“No.” You folded your arms, still looking over at him from where you sat in the front. He wouldn’t win. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he was successfully getting to you. “You want to organise the office Christmas party?”
Of course you were calling his bluff. He was 100% doing this to piss you off. You were certain. 
He chuckled. “I don’t know why it’s so unbelievable.”
You scoffed, growing frustrated. “You’re a guy!”
He raised one of his eyebrows. “Excuse me? Is that sexism I detect?” One corner of his mouth twitched. “Do I have to report you to Tim?”
Tim, the HR rep went to speak up, no doubt trying to pacify the situation, but already out of hand, you spoke over him, voice shrill. “Oh shut up, Seokjin.” Damn it, you’d bitten, hadn’t you? He was holding back his laughter. He knew what you meant. Your wording came out wrong, so you needed to correct yourself. 
“I’m just saying, you don’t seem like a guy who loves to party plan in his spare time.”
He grinned widely, as smug as ever. “Well, I’m full of surprises, baby.” 
Unimpressed you stared him down. “Do I need to report you to Tim for harassment?” 
You weren’t paying attention to Tim this time around but no doubt he looked lost. He was an older, quiet man who seemed unsure what he was doing here most of the time. Seokjin didn’t help matters. 
“For what?” He exclaimed. “Calling you baby? It’s a term of endearment.” 
“Not from you it isn’t.” 
Jungkook sniggered at that and you felt a little smug. Seokjin went to open his mouth, no doubt a clever comeback hot on his tongue, but Hoseok interrupted. 
“Guys. Stop bickering or neither of you will be planning this party.” 
You immediately spun around, facing the front. Seokjin wasn’t fucking this up for you. Although you didn’t think Hoseok would ever take that role away from you. He might have been your manager – and the CEO’s son – but you saw him as a friend. He never threw his authority around. 
You crossed your arms as his attention fell to Seokjin, silently huffing. “Jin, please tell us why you nominated yourself.” 
“Well,” he started his spiel, laying it on thick. You refused to look his way, even as everyone else in the conference room gave him their attention. “I love Christmas and I love organising things.” He made it sound so simple. Infuriating bastard. “I was always the person they counted on back home. I know how to throw a paaar-tayyyy!” 
At his holler, he and Jungkook gave one another a high five, whooping at each other like a pair of idiots. It was impossible to think that Seokjin was the same age as you, a whole five years older than Jungkook. They obviously shared the same mental age. 
“Well you’re not back home now.” You couldn’t help yourself, whipping around to tell him what was what. “I’m the one in charge here. I have the final say.” Sneering, you added, “You’d just be the help.”
Seokjin’s jaw twitched. You were irritating him now. You took great joy in that. “Hoseok said it was 50/50.” 
“More like 75/25 where you’re concerned.” 
“In my favour, yes.”
You felt your anger flare. “Hoseokkk,” you whined, turning your back to Seokjerk. “You can’t be serious letting him join the party planning committee?” 
You knew he was doing it on purpose. He had no interest in helping you – he just wanted to annoy you, to take over. 
Hoseok looked at you sympathetically. “Do you see anyone else offering to help, Y/N? Besides, it’s just for Christmas.” When you didn’t relent, he sighed. “You can’t do it all on your own.” 
You held your arms tight across your chest, pouting like a big kid. “Watch me.” 
“Impossible,” he chuckled softly. “You should be thanking Seokjin for being so helpful.” 
Men. They were all traitors. Of course Hoseok would be in Seokjin’s favour, they once worked together back at the other branch just before Hoseok became manager here. 
“Yeah, Y/N,” Seokjin called. You just knew he had that shit eating grin spread across his face, the one that plagued your nightmares – You could hear it in his tone. “You should be thanking me. But take your time, I know admitting defeat is hard for you.” 
You breathed deeply through your nose, reminding yourself to stay calm, else he’d end up throttled by the time this party rolled around… 
Tumblr media
“Chop, chop!” 
From your peripheral you could see Seokjin stood over you, clapping his hands, his crotch obscenely eye level. You pursed your mouth and continued typing up your report that needed to be in by today. You couldn’t bear to look at him, still mad from yesterday, and no doubt he just wanted to annoy you some more – his sole purpose it seemed. What a sad little life he lived. 
“Y/N,” he prompted. You bit the inside of your cheek, exhaling through your nose. He wasn’t relenting, but lucky for you, lunch was in just over an hour. You could grin and bear him until then, surely? 
“What?” You snapped, beginning to turn your head. 
“We have our first meeting in five.” 
You mouth grew dry as you made eye contact, but it wasn’t because of what he said, actually you barely had time to register it, his pearly whites pretty much dazzling you as he grinned. 
You might have forgotten to mention a tiny detail about Seokjin, one you tried your best to forget, and tiny it was because it barely had an effect on you… Begrudgingly, you had to admit he was objectively handsome. Before you had taken that almost instantaneous dislike to him six months ago, you will confess that the first sighting of him had turned you a little weak at the knees. You were only human after all and you could appreciate a good looking face when you saw one. He even made Beryl and Michelle, who well into their sixties, giddy with a simple Good Morning – and he knew it. He knew how hot he was, which for you, just added to his overall lack of appeal. 
However, sometimes he caught you off guard. 
Like now. 
You swallowed with some difficulty, willing saliva to coat the inside of your mouth, and ignoring the way the crisp white dress shirt hugged his waist, tucked into those very well fitting black pants of his (maybe too well fitting…), you let his words piece together. 
You furrowed your eyebrows slightly, what was he talking about? Hoseok hadn’t announced anything this morning. Was he just messing with you? You weren’t Jungkook. Those two might love playing pranks on one another, but you were actually mature in the workplace.
At the thought of Jungkook, you could hear him giggling up at the front of the office with the receptionist, Mina. How Hoseok hadn’t gathered they were sleeping together yet was beyond you. Actually, you were sure the rest of the office were slow to catch on too, but you maybe you had a clear (dis)advantage. You had to hear him and Seokjin discussing it more or less every single day – because men were dense and didn’t realise that no matter how low they spoke, a metre distance would not stop you from overhearing. 
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the Christmas party already?” Seokjin continued to grin – and that’s when you realised it wasn’t of the friendly kind. It was of the provoking kind, because he wanted to piss you off. “I thought this was your area of expertise.” 
You could feel your blood beginning to boil, your work forgotten on the screen. “You called a meeting without telling me?” 
He shrugged. “What am I doing right now?” What, mere seconds before it started? You really were going to end up killing him one of these days. “I booked the conference room this morning.” 
You grit your teeth together. “I organise the meetings.” 
“Get a life.” He scoffed, judging you hard. “Besides, you’re a bit slow on the ball, aren’t you?” 
“The party isn’t for another month.” 
“Three weeks and 6 days actually,” he corrected. Then with a wink, he added, “I like being on top of things.” 
You ignored his shitty (and inappropriate) innuendo with a roll of your eyes. “I was going to wait until Monday.” How dare he suggest you were unorganised. 
With another lazy roll of his shoulders, he started to walk off, towards the small conference room situated in the office. “You snooze you lose.” Turning back casually, he pointed a finger to your desk. “Bring a notebook.” 
Trying to laser through him with your best death glare you grabbed your notebook and stood up. He was treading on thin ice. 
“This thing sounds dry as the Sahara,” Seokjin wailed loudly, hanging his head towards his (blank) notebook on the desk. 
“Well you know where the door is,” you smiled. “I’m perfectly capable of organising this party on my own.” 
Actually, if he didn’t like how you celebrated Christmas here, he could leave entirely. You wouldn’t miss him, and the others would surely get over it. You didn’t understand why they thought he was so amazing anyway. His sense of humour was grating to say the least – as well as his overall personality. He was nothing but a glorified salesman who walked the walk and talked the talk. You actually cared about your clients. All he cared about was numbers to help him boast, even if that meant stealing –
Never mind. That was in the past. You were the bigger person, you reminded yourself. 
“I’m not going anywhere,” Seokjin scoffed, turning to look at you. He’d insisted you sat next to him even though you had been quite happy to sit at the furthest end of the table. “This place needs some Seokjin zest. Add a little flavour – a little spice.” 
You dropped your head, muttering arrogant bastard under your breath as you picked up your pen to start brainstorming some ideas. 
“What was that?” He asked, obviously hearing you. 
You played dumb. “What was what?”
Thankfully, for the next ten minutes a very much welcomed silence fell over you as you both jotted down some ideas, although you were pretty sure Seokjin was just doodling at this point. Probably stickmen like the five year old he was. In between planning you threw a few texts your best friend’s way. 
(12:14pm) You: Remind me why we tolerate men again?  (12:15pm) Ana: For their dicks  (12:15pm) Ana: But only if they’re pretty and they know how to use it  (12:15pm) Ana: What’s up? (12:17pm) You: Guess who organised the first Christmas party meeting without telling me first 🙂 (12:18pm) Ana: Oh (12:19pm) You: Exactly  (12:19pm) Ana: Dick cheese   (12:20pm) Ana: Definitely not tolerable
You snorted at the mention of Seokjin’s nickname. Ana knew all about your very vocal disdain for the guy – in fact, she’d had to hear it all over again last night when you’d called her to complain about the very unfortunate turn in Christmas party planning events. 
“Is that work or party related?”
Frustratingly, your obvious amusement had caught Dick cheese’s attention. “Shut up,” you muttered, but you did hide your phone from view, placing it screen down on the table. Hopefully he hadn’t caught a glimpse at anything dick and cheese related. He was definitely the type to report you to Tim for workplace bullying. 
You turned to look at him, childishly taking great pleasure in the way a piece of his brown hair had bunched up on top of his head – probably from where’d he’d been itching, racking his pea-sized brain for ideas. He hadn’t noticed, and you weren’t going to point it out. He’d realise soon enough when he had to use the restroom – unless he didn’t wash his hands afterwards, which wouldn’t surprise you. 
“We’re in a meeting, save texting your boyfriend for lunch.” 
“I’m not texting – never mind.” You stopped yourself. There was no point biting. He wanted you to do that, knowing the insinuating tone he’d used would surely get you mad. As if you’d ever have a boyfriend, ha ha, very funny and original – NOT. He needed better jokes. 
“If you were actually bringing something to the table I wouldn’t be bored enough to get distracted,” you shot instead. 
He looked wholeheartedly offended. “I’m not the only one involved in this. You think of some ideas.” 
“I have been.” You replied loudly. “It’s the same process every year, okay? Theme, food and Secret Santa. That’s all we need to organise.” You’d already been through this. 
“So fucking boring,” he groaned slowly. 
“You’re wrong.” 
He snorted, visibly amused by your insistence. “And that Y/N, is why you are a square.” 
“You don’t even know me!” You exclaimed. 
“I know enough. I’ve sat opposite you for the past six months.” 
“Yeah, and don’t I know it,” you muttered. You had not known peace since. 
He laughed then, surprising you enough to make you jump a little. “Babe, are you ever going to forgive me for Rosal & Steinar?”
You glared at him. How dare he bring that up. It was a very sensitive topic, one you wanted to forget about because each time it popped up inside your brain you wanted to kick him – aggressively and relentlessly. 
Seokjin’s first week here had not been good for you. First, he had made you weak at the knees by just casually existing, then, Hoseok had introduced him as Jung&Co.’s best salesperson, and lastly, after being struck down with a terrible cold, you’d been sent home from work on the morning of your biggest client’s renewal day. Hoseok had insisted that you couldn’t sell stationary without a voice. You had claimed you could, but it wasn’t good enough. You were sick and needed to go before you infected anyone else. 
The following Monday, still snorting sinus spray like it was cocaine, you’d arrived at work to find out that Rosal & Steinar had renewed their contract… with Seokjin. Life couldn’t have been going anymore wrong. In the past month you’d had to deal with the guilt of breaking off a two year relationship, acquiring a new competition in your place of work that had ultimately already lost you your best client, and you’d gotten sick for the first time in four years. 
You blamed Seokjin. He’d been sent to curse you. (Although, admittedly the breakup had happened before you’d known of his existence… Not that it mattered.) 
That’s why it was now your life’s goal to become Jung&Co.’s best salesperson, because Hoseok’s opinion didn’t mean shit, and one way or another you were going to take down Seokjin. 
So yeah, no matter how much you insisted that the past was in the past, it obviously wasn’t. 
You raised an eyebrow, choosing to ignore his question. “What did I say about reporting you?” You weren’t his babe. Or baby. Or whatever else he liked to use. 
“Sorry,” he apologised, rather genuinely at that, which was surprising. “It was a slip of the tongue.”
You let out a short sigh. “Let’s just get on with this. There’s half an hour until lunch and I need to leave on time to meet my friend.” Neither of you had thought of anything solid yet. 
“Is that who you were messaging?” 
Seokjin seemed curious – interested? You couldn’t think of the correct word. Either way he was getting too friendly and pushing boundaries you’d rather not have him cross. “Is that any of your business?”
He shrugged, unaffected, and got back down to business. “Why can’t we just rent out a venue? Nothing is fun without any booze.” 
“We don’t do that anymore,” you answered. 
“How come?” 
You inwardly groaned. You didn’t really want to get into it, this meeting had already been a complete and utter flop, but you guessed if you told him why you no longer celebrated outside of office hours he’d understand and shut up about the damn office party. 
“It was a while ago. Before Hoseok was manager.” You began. “We used to all have Christmas lunch and then go out for drinks… and it was fun, don’t get me wrong,” you emphasised, knowing that he was just itching to call you boring. “But the last time we did it, our manager at the time ended up sleeping with the married receptionist and –”
“Mina?!” Seokjin exclaimed, interrupting story time. 
“No, not Mina,” you cried. As if Jungkook would be oblivious to the fact she was married, but then again, he was pretty dumb. He’d been here eight months already and still didn’t know how to photocopy properly. 
“Before her.” You stressed, noticing the shock on Seokjin’s face disappear. “They were both wasted but it was still no excuse. Her husband found out, charged into the office Monday morning.” 
“Oh, fuck.” Seokjin chuckled, obviously enjoying the drama. 
“He was ready to fight but it didn’t end well, because… our manager was a black belt.” 
You winced at the memory, remembering that morning very well. The initial shock, the screams, your manager morphing into the Hulk… the punches… the blood… It was crazy to say the least, and after Christmas you never saw the man again. Devin, the CFO, informed you he’d “moved on” by his own willing but you didn’t really believe that. Hoseok was his replacement. Mina was hired shortly after when Kevin couldn’t handle the stress of being an accountant and a receptionist on the side. 
“Brilliant,” Seokjin laughed, clapping his hands together. “So, the guy who’d gotten cheated on had the shit kicked out of him in front of the whole office?”
“Pretty much,” you nodded, still feeling a little sad for the man even though it was three years ago now – and you didn’t even know his name. “Ever since then it’s been a buffet in the conference room kind of thing.” 
Looking over at Seokjin then, you suddenly had the urge to add, “It’s safer. No one ends up fucking that way.” 
His eyes bulged and he broke into a little cough at the shock of the word falling from your mouth so easily, choking on his own laugh. “Fuck…” He went to repeat, only petering off last minute, shaking his head in disbelief.
You tried not to feel smug about it but you couldn’t help it. Lame, yes you were. 
“Fine,” Seokjin sighed, resignation in his tone. “Stupid fricking office party it is.” 
“I’m glad that we finally agree on something.” 
He just rolled his eyes at you. 
Tumblr media
The next couple of weeks went by quite fast and slowly, in between work, you and Seokjin actually got somewhere with the party planning – surprisingly. At first he’d been adamant to separate each job between you, but that was only because he wanted to be in charge of the theme. You’d point-blank refused. As much as you hated it, you needed to work together as a team, so that meant making decisions together. Star Wars at Christmas wasn’t exactly something you agreed on, but neither was Christmas cats. (“You need to get laid ASAP”, had been his words when you’d suggested such an idea… but he didn’t really have a leg to stand on as a Star Wars fan, so…). 
Finally, after just over a week of brainstorming (and bickering), you decided on something: Family Christmas. It wasn’t the most original idea, but it was something, and you’d already thought of a bunch of things to do ready for it, which involved Jungkook getting his camera out and everyone dressing up in their holiday pyjamas. 
It was a Monday afternoon right now, an hour until you went home for the day, and you and he were making use of some spare time you had – making a list of all the decorations you needed to purchase. He’d dragged his chair over to your desk which you weren’t very happy about but what could you do? Sometimes sacrifices had to be made, especially when it came down to Christmas. 
“It was my birthday over the weekend,” Seokjin told you casually. 
“Oh, was it?” 
You could feel his gaze on your face as you scribbled down in your notebook. “Didn’t you see on Facebook? Everyone was wishing me happy birthday.” 
“Were they?” You said impassively, now aware he was itching for some attention. “I don’t go on there that much.” Why you’d accepted his friend request still baffled you, but you were always the bigger, better person in life. Plus, you’d stopped logging in months ago. 
There was a pause. Ahh, lovely, silence. What bliss –
“I mentioned it Friday too.” 
You sighed, turning to look at him. “Happy belated birthday, Seokjin. I hope you had a good day.” 
He grinned. There it was, what he’d been after. He was such a kid. “Thanks. I did actually, I went –”
“Is Hoseok around?” 
Your attention was stolen by the sound of someone’s voice – Namjoon’s voice, and you looked to the reception desk to see him stood beside it. You swooned a little at the sight of him; legs long enough to climb, a butt hard enough to crack walnuts with – chest too. Namjoon was the foreman of the warehouse on the ground floor. He was handsome, charming, and genuinely a nice person. You hadn’t seen him for a while, so you were definitely caught by surprise.  
“Yeah, he’s in his office,” Mina replied with a smile, watching his ass as he turned and started walking away. You didn’t blame her. 
“Hi, Y/N.” He gave you a dazzling smile as he noticed you, bypassing your boss’ office to make his way over. 
“Hi, Joon.” You greeted, unable to stop smiling like an idiot. “How are you?”
“Busy, he shrugged. Leaning in, you felt your pulse begin to quicken. “You don’t go clubbing anymore? I haven’t seen you around.” 
“Ana got pretty bored of it.” 
That was a lie actually. One you’d thought of on the spot. It wasn’t that you disliked going out, although you did feel too old for it now – the hangovers just kept getting worse – but when you’d started meeting up with Namjoon and his friends in the summer you’d been on a little Quest for Fun. You blamed it on the breakup. Now that you were over it, and had been for quite some time, clubbing wasn’t near as appealing as it used to be. You much preferred staying in and sitting in front of the television. 
“That shouldn’t stop you. I can always be your company if you’re lonely,” he smirked, that pesky dimple sending your heart a flutter. He always did this. Flirting came so natural to him, he was great at it. 
You heard someone clearing their throat to the side of you. Namjoon and you both looked over at the same time. Oh, right… Seokjin was here. You’d actually forgotten about him. 
“Hey, man,” Namjoon smiled politely. They didn’t know each other too well, but that didn’t stop Namjoon from being friendly. He looked down at your notebook. “What are you guys up to?” 
The question was definitely directed to you but Seokjin answered anyway. “Organising the office Christmas party.” 
“Ahhh.” Namjoon nodded, smirking your way, Seokjin once again forgotten. “Do I get an invite?” 
You smiled, raising an eyebrow. “Don’t you always?” He and the guys downstairs always popped up and joined in on the celebrations, but yes, okay, maybe you were flirting too… You couldn’t help it, not after what happened last –
Hoseok’s voice interrupted your thoughts and you looked over Namjoon’s shoulder, seeing him stood in his doorway. 
Namjoon sighed, taking a step backwards. “I gotta go, business calls, beautiful. See you around.” Turning his back to you he started to walk off, only to glance over his shoulder last minute, shooting you a wink. “Remember, if you’re ever feeling lonely…” 
You giggled, giving him a wave and watched him follow Hoseok into his office. 
“What was that?” Seokjin asked, sounding absolutely baffled. 
“What was what?” You shot, now realising you’d turned to mush right in front of him. 
“That,” he exclaimed. “You and Namjoon all over one another.” He paused to pull a face. “I’ve come all over all queasy.”
“Shut up,” you brushed off. “We weren’t.” 
He looked at you as if you’d gone mad. “The looks! The winking. The way your voice went all high-pitched… Do you like him?”
“As a friend,” you stressed. Although, what was it to him?! 
He stared at you. “So nothing’s going on between the two of you?”
“You expect me to believe that?”
“I don’t expect you to do anything,” you shook your head, laughing in confusion. “I don’t care if you believe me or not.” 
Seokjin dropped it thankfully and you got back to your list, jotting down a few more things you needed. It was until Namjoon reappeared from Hoseok’s office and waved goodbye to you that Seokjin couldn’t contain himself any longer. 
“What?” You demanded when you heard him scoff to himself. 
“He definitely wants to fuck you.” He shook his head. “Trust me. I have a males sixth sense when it comes to that.” 
You could feel yourself growing mad. That’s why you ultimately ended up spilling. As stupid as it was. “Maybe he already has…”
It took a moment for Seokjin to make sense of your words. “W-what?” You could physically see when the penny dropped, it was actually quite amusing. You liked making him speechless. “You and Namjoon already… When?!”
You shrugged, feeling mildly embarrassed. “It was during the summer.” You tried to think of more things you’d need for this party but your mind was now a blur and Seokjin wouldn’t let you anyway.  
“You can’t just drop that and not give me details,” he cried. 
“Keep your voice down,” you hissed. Nobody knew bar Ana. Who had been the with you the night you and Namjoon had hooked up. It wasn’t exactly a secret, but you didn’t want the whole office knowing your business. 
Seokjin looked at you wide-eyed, patiently – or not so – waiting for you to explain yourself. You grumbled, not quite believing you were about to tell him, you didn’t want him knowing your business, but then again, it was a great feeling knowing that you’d shocked him. “I’d just… I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and I wanted to… let loose a little. It was just a one time thing.” 
But it had been good – amazing, actually. A repeat had never shown itself, but you were happy enough for it to be a onetime thing. 
“You have one night stands?” Seokjin asked, although you were sure it was rhetorical. 
“It happened once.” 
He wasn’t listening. “And here I was thinking you were a prude.” 
“Like I said before, you don’t know me.” 
Seokjin chuckled, amused by your attitude. It sent your insides a little jittery – but only for a split second – and it could’ve very well been annoyance. “So… How was it?”
“Excuse me?”
“How was the sex?”
“I’m not answering that,” you refused. 
“Why not?” He looked puzzled. “What’s a bit of hook up talk amongst friends?”
“Friends?” You repeated with a chortle. “Good one.” 
He ignored you. “Come on. I’ll tell you about the sex I had over the weekend. Birthday sex is always the best. One hook up story for another.” 
You pulled a face, unsure why the idea of Seokjin getting in on was so unpleasant, but then he laughed. It was loud, and partly squeaky. Contagious too. You couldn’t help but join in. “Go away.” You whined, pushing at his shoulder. You were not going into detail, palming him off. “I can’t even remember it.”
“Ouch.” Seokjin sniggered. “Don’t tell him that. It seems like he thinks about it every goddamn night.”
Pfftt. You doubted that. “I mean, it was ages ago.” 
“That shouldn’t matter, babe,” Seokjin tutted. “You never forget a good time.” 
“Are you purposely trying to be an asshole?” If he called you babe one more time, you swore to God…
“I’m not trying.” He smirked, face falling as he realised that hadn’t been worded correctly. “…Wait.” 
Okay then, he was just a natural asshole. Good to know. 
Tumblr media
Begrudgingly, you had to admit you and Seokjin made a pretty good team once you put aside your issues with one another. With the theme decided, it was easy enough to get everything in place. Jungkook took the “family” photos you needed of the staff and you went to get them professionally printed, shoving them in frames ready to place around the office in preparation. Seokjin found a lot of the decorations needed, which was actually very helpful of him. You were so impressed you even agreed to let him decorate the conference room all by himself when the time came. The office was already overflowing with tinsel, the Christmas tree up, but the conference room was always left for the day of the party, the last Friday before the company closed for Christmas. 
Secret Santa had been organised too. Quite unfortunately you’d pulled out Seokjin’s name (see, you were cursed,) but you’d bought the first pair of cufflinks you’d found in the department store last week, so you didn’t have to worry about that for long. All that was left now was the buffet. And that’s how you found yourself sat in Seokjin’s kitchen on a Friday night, a week to go until D-Day… 
There hadn’t been time to look over the restaurant’s menu in work hours, and you’d given up trying to organise things over Skype with him. The first and last time you’d tried that, Seokjin had added Jungkook into the call, both of them getting ready to game. It had been a mess to say the least, so the only other option was to meet up after work. Seokjin had been the first to invite you over, so here you were. It wasn’t as if you purposely didn’t want him to step foot inside your home. He wasn’t that bad. 
His apartment wasn’t either… He lived with his best friend, an interior architect, which made a lot of sense once Seokjin told you. Unless you were confusing it for an interior designer, which you probably were – either way, this place was cool. And spotless. It smelt nice too. Always a plus. 
You were halfway done picking through the menu when his phone started ringing. You noticed him hesitate, as if he wondering if he should pick up but ultimately decided to after a few rings. 
“Hey mom,” he greeted, glancing over at you to mouth sorry. 
You shook your head to tell him it was okay and pulled out your phone from your hoody pocket, taking the break to scroll through social media. A text pinged through from Ana, wondering what dress she should wear tomorrow night when you went out for drinks. Every year you went out just before Christmas, despite how much you complained. It was mandatory now, but undeniably Ana took it a lot more serious than you. You had no idea what you’d be wearing tomorrow and wouldn’t until an hour before the Uber came to get you. 
“I know that, but I just can’t leave him,” Seokjin sighed beside you. You paused, having never heard him sound quite like that before. He sounded… serious for one. And frustrated. You replied to Ana quickly, trying your best not to overhear anymore – which was difficult. You were practically brushing shoulders at the kitchen table. 
“I don’t think he wants to come. He said he doesn’t even want to celebrate this year.” 
Again, you were doing a terrible job at this. Whatever this was about, you were beginning to feel rude listening in. But then again, if Seokjin didn’t want you to hear then surely he would’ve stepped into the living room. You were being a goddamn worrier. 
“Okay, I’ll speak to you soon, bye. Love you.”
Love you? Seokjin told his mom he loved her? The revelation caught you off guard, forgetting that he was off the phone now and as you heard him clear his throat, shoving the device into his sweatpants pocket, you jumped, copying and slipping yours back inside your hoody. 
“Sorry about that,” he apologised. “It was my mom.” 
“It’s fine.” You reassured. He sounded a little dejected all of a sudden, a far cry from ten minutes ago when he’d been laughing over the word vol-au-vent. You hesitated, wondering if you should ask if everything was okay? You felt a little awkward, as if you were pushing boundaries, but surprisingly he told you himself without any prompting. 
“She really wants me to come home for Christmas but I can’t leave Yoongi.” He definitely sounded exasperated now. 
“Yoongi?” You repeated, a little lost. 
Seokjin glanced at you, narrowing his eyes as if he was trying to guess if you were messing around or not. “My best friend…” He said slowly. “Y’know, the one I live with…” 
You fool. Now it looked like you hadn’t been listening to him. You had been, you really had, the name just slipped your mind momentarily. After only an hour… “Sorry,” you murmured. 
He shrugged, carrying on. “I kinda owe him one.” 
“How come?” The menu now laid forgotten. 
Seokjin sighed. “It’s kind of a long story.” You waited to see if he’d care to explain, although of course he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. “His girlfriend broke up with him about a month ago and he’s been pretty cut up ever since.” 
He wanted to. You listened politely, aware this was the first time either of you’d had a conversation very much deemed as serious.   
“I’m going to stay here with him because well,” he hesitated, glancing at you briefly. He seemed a little embarrassed but decided to continue. “He let me move in with him after my ex and I split up. He was there for me so it’s only fair that I’m there for him.” He finished with a rushed smile, reaching to rub the back of his neck bashfully.
The action was pretty endearing. 
“Is that why you transferred?” You asked, aware the conversation was straying but you couldn’t help it. The surprise of finding out he’d moved here after the breakdown of his relationship was distracting to say the least. You’d always pegged Seokjin as a guy who’d never been in a serious relationship – judgemental, yes, but they were the type of vibes he gave out. Maybe you just couldn’t imagine him settled down and in love. He was such a free spirit, never serious enough – although, right now he was... 
Possibly, you didn’t know him at all…
Seokjin nodded. “Yeah, I wanted a fresh start. Yoongi said this city was nice, so.” 
There was a beat of silence and afraid it would become awkward you rushed to say something of worth. “Break ups are tough.” 
God, that sounded a lot cheesier than you intended. 
“They are,” he agreed. “Although... I don’t know how yours went – mine was okay, sad but mutual. We just didn’t love each other anymore. Yoongi’s on the other had… He got cheated on.” 
“That sucks.” You empathised, before shrugging softly. “Mine was okay too. As break ups go.” 
Were you bonding? Bonding with Seokjin? Ludicrous. However, what was even more unbelievable was how normal and comfortable it felt… 
“How are you spending Christmas this year?” He asked, continuing to make conversation. 
“Well, I usually visit my parents too but they’re going to be abroad this year so I’ll just spend it with my friend Ana’s family.” It was all planned, they lived super close by so at least this year would be easy. 
He sniggered, eyes twinkling as opened his mouth to tease you. “Ditched by your own parents, embarrassing.” 
“Hey,” you exclaimed, whacking his arm just before you burst into laughter. 
He laughed along for a moment before growing semi-serious again. But just for a moment. “It’s actually going to be my first Christmas away from my family. It feels kind of weird but I can’t bring Yoongi along, he’ll bum out the atmosphere.”
You scoffed, voice filled with sarcasm. “You’re such a great friend, Seokjin.” 
He chuckled, opening his mouth to reply, but just as he did you both heard the door in the entry way opening, footsteps sounding. You guessed Yoongi was back home. Not long after, a black haired man came into view and Seokjin moved, cool air filling the gap. You realised just how close you’d been sat together. When had that happened? 
“Hey Yoongi,” Seokjin smiled. Yoongi raised a hand. “This is Y/N, my co-worker. You’ve heard me talk about her before, right?” 
Huh? Whining about you, no doubt… 
“Oh... yeah.” Yoongi’s eyes travelled to yours, a small smile upturning one corner of his mouth. “Hey, how’s it going?” 
“Hey,” you returned his smile. “Nice to meet you.” 
“How was work?” Seokjin asked. He sounded… concerned? That was sweet. 
Yoongi shrugged. “Fine. Had an appointment with a client.” Silence. He was a man of very few words. You liked it. “I’m going to my room, have fun planning that Christmas party.” 
Of course. That’s why Yoongi knew about you, Seokjin had told him about the party planning… 
You waved him bye, and then, once you’d heard him make his way upstairs, Seokjin turned to you. “See? Bums out the atmosphere.” 
“What atmosphere?” You joked. “No, but he seemed okay, considering…” Yes, his shoulders were a little slumped, as if he was carrying the whole world on them, but who knows, that could’ve been a thing before the breakup… He had sort of smiled at you… 
“Yeah…” Seokjin agreed, before pausing and raising an eyebrow. “Maybe he liked what he saw. You could always do me a solid and try to cheer him up for me.” 
You puzzled, unsure what he was getting at. 
“You know, like Namjoon did for you…” 
“SEOKJIN,” you yelled, jaw dropping in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you?” It wasn’t funny. 
He squeaked a laugh. “I’m just messing around, don’t worry. I don’t want you to sleep with Yoongi. That would just be weird. Besides,” he added as an afterthought, smirking mischievously. “You’re too boring.” 
He was trying to tease you again, wanting you to bite. Well, it wasn’t going to happen. 
“I wouldn’t touch any of your friends,” you shot instead. “They’re tainted by default.” 
Seokjin chuckled softly, shaking his head from side to side as he began to study the menu again. 
Tumblr media
“You ladies have a couple of admirers,” the waiter grinned as he placed two white wine spritzers on your table. 
Ana squealed, taking one of the glasses immediately. “Where?” 
You’d only been out barely an hour, already in your second bar, but even you had to admit the thought of someone buying you a drink was a little exciting. You followed the waiter’s hand to a booth across the floor, anticipation pumping through your veins only to be thoroughly disappointed when you recognised one of the faces – well, both faces actually, but you’d only been acquainted with the second yesterday…
“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” you groaned. 
“What?” Ana asked mildly confused, waving off the waiter with a thanks. “What’s wrong? They are so hot!”
“That’s dick cheese and his friend!”
“Wha–The guy you work with?” Your best friend sounded flabbergasted. “Which one is dick cheese? Although I wouldn’t kick either out of bed…” 
“Ana!” You hissed, taking another glance at the booth. Seokjin waved at you wildly, an obnoxious grin on his face. You grumbled. “He’s the one on the left.” 
“Oh, fuck.” She waved back, much to your annoyance. “No wonder he gets you so angry.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You were confused. Enough to not realise when she stood up, making a beeline for their booth. “Wait–Ana! Where are you going?!”
She didn’t bother to look back as she replied. “I’m going to say thanks, duh.” 
And that’s how you found yourself well on the way to Drunksville. You were only supposed to get tipsy tonight, knowing you’d pay for anything more in the morning, but well, you’d moved onto a club down the road and the drinks kept coming, and as much as you hated to admit it, hanging out with Seokjin and Yoongi was actually pretty enjoyable. Although, no matter how much fun you were having, it wasn’t enough to stay on the dancefloor for too long. 
“Hey,” you greeted Yoongi, slipping inside and around the booth to slump down next to him. Dancing couldn’t have been his cup of tea either because he’d given up way before you had. Seokjin and Ana were still going strong out there. 
You downed what was left of your drink, willing yourself to cool down as you huffed and puffed. God, you were drunk. 
“Are you okay?” He chuckled. 
You smiled. You liked Yoongi. He was nice, quiet – you liked quiet. “So, tell me,” you wondered, eager to understand something.  “How’s a guy like you friends with Seokjin?”
Yoongi’s forehead creased. “What do you mean?” 
Shrugging, you bit back a hiccup. “You seem normal, he’s…” What was Seokjin again? You could usually come up with a million and one (not so nice) words to describe him but the room was slightly spinning and your brain came up blank. 
Yoongi understood you anyway, laughing as he replied.   “He can just seem that way at first, it’s the nerves. They make him act up.” 
You narrowed your eyes. “Nerves?” What did that mean? You could never imagine a nervous Seokjin. He was always so sure of himself. 
Yoongi didn’t clarify. “Me and him are actually very similar. Annoying little shits when we want to be,” he laughed, before hesitating, “I’m…I’m a little injured right now, that’s why I seem a lot more subdued.”
“Oh,” you murmured, hoping you didn’t come off as condescending. “Yeah, Seokjin told me about your breakup. I’m sorry.” 
“It’s fine.”
“You seem a lot happier tonight though,” you offered. Happier than yesterday evening.  
“It’s called alcohol,” he grinned, bringing his glass up to his lips. He paused. “Y’know, he’s pretty cool once you get to know him.” It took you a second to realise he was talking about Seokjin. “He’s a great person.”
You shrugged slightly. “He’s okay.” What did it matter what you thought anyway? Seokjin definitely didn’t care. 
“He likes to joke around, I admit, but it seems to make you laugh, so.” Yoongi smirked slightly and tilted his head, taking a took a sip of his beer. 
Taken aback, you tried to think. Had you been laughing with Seokjin all night? Maybe laughing at him was a better way to describe it… 
“What are you guys talking about?”
You jumped when you heard a familiar loud voice and looked up to see Seokjin leaning over the table, four shots balanced between the fingers of both hands – two in each. His face was flushed, redder than you’d ever seen it – he’d obviously had enough of dancing too.  
“Nothing,” Yoongi replied smoothly. He stood up, finishing his drink. “I’m uh, I’m going outside for some fresh air.” 
“But I got us shots,” Seokjin complained. 
Yoongi looked over at you and smiled before tapping Seokjin on the shoulder. “I’m sure you and Y/N will make good use of them.” 
Hm… Everyone was drunk and acting weird. Not that you had time to contemplate it because immediately Yoongi had gone and Seokjin was taking his seat next to you. His cologne hit you. It was different to usual, you’d realised instantly earlier in the night. 
“Where’s Ana?” You asked. They’d both been dancing together when you’d left them. 
He shrugged as he handed you a shot. “I don’t know, lost her on the dancefloor.”
You hesitated. Should you have more to drink? The shots might push you over the edge. But… you were having fun. It was one night out, you might as well do it properly. So quickly you downed the shot, smirking Seokjin’s way as you picked up another. “I’ll have hers then.” 
He grinned slowly before scoffing as you choked. That shit burned, and you might have been able to handle the first shot no problem but this time your eyes watered and your throat screamed. 
“Seems like you’re trying to prove a point,” he laughed.
“What do you mean?” You demanded, already feeling more lightheaded. 
He didn’t care to explain, instead doing his two shots straight after the other, able to handle them with just a wince. “What do you think of Yoongi?” He asked, barely giving the liquid time to slip down his throat. 
“Do you like him?”
You shrugged, confused as to why he was asking you. “He seems nice, yeah.”
“So, you like him?”
You froze. “Are you still trying to hook us up? I don’t like him like that.” You didn’t even know him. 
“No, no,” Seokjin rushed. “I wasn’t trying to… never mind.” He shook his head, changing the subject. “So who did you get for Secret Santa?”
“I’m not telling you,” you huffed, pushing his shoulder. 
“That means it’s me.” 
“Seokjiiin,” you whined, leaning into him as you nudged him once more. 
He laughed, looking a little surprised by your sudden affection – however unintentional. “I think you’re drunk.” 
…Maybe those shots were a bad idea, you’d only get worse… 
“Should we go and look for Yoongi and Ana?” Seokjin asked, checking his watch. 
You’d been sat together for a while now, conversation coming surprisingly easy. It was nonsense mostly – you might or might not have helped Seokjin with some festive ideas to prank Jungkook with – but Ana hadn’t come back from the dancing yet, and Yoongi was still outside – unless he’d done a runner, which was highly probable according to Seokjin. So it was probably best you both went to look for your friends. 
You followed closely behind Seokjin as you searched through the club and at one point he reached for your hand, helping you through a large group of people. His grip was warm and oddly gentle, but you didn’t have time to think about it too much as he’d already let go. He waited for you as you checked the restroom, but your best friend was nowhere to be found. It was probably the alcohol in your system but you started to get a little worried, especially when your text went ignored. Seokjin seemed to notice. 
“Stay here, okay? I’m going to check outside. I don’t want you to freeze to death.” He told you, having to practically shout in your ear the music was so loud in this area. 
You found yourself a little touched by his concern, no matter how small it was and listened, clutching your purse to your middle. You were in a black mini dress after all, your arms barely covered. You still had the perfect view of him though, able to watch him step out the building and look down the road. You noticed the concern on his features slowly turn into shock, his mouth dropping open, and you frowned. What the hell had he seen?
“Seokjin!” You called, which was pretty useless. He couldn’t hear a damn thing. You could barely hear yourself. You rushed forward. “Seokjin?” You pushed your way past some people who had clogged up the entry way and dashed down the stone steps. “What is it?”
The winter air hit you instantly. It was fucking freezing. Seokjin still looked in shock, glued to the spot and you grew frustrated, stopping right beside him. “What?” You demanded. “What’s going on?!” 
You followed his line of vision, and immediately you were positive your expression matched his. A little down the road, up against the wall, Yoongi and Ana were wrapped around one another, attached at the mouth. You were speechless, the cold no longer a problem. 
“Let’s not interrupt them,” Seokjin said suddenly, taking you by the hand once again to drag you back inside. (Your feet honestly wouldn’t work.) 
The instant heat got your blood pumping again, although the music did nothing for your whirring head. “What did we just witness?” You turned to him and asked (shouted). 
Seokjin still looked just as shocked, but he managed a joke, wrinkling his nose up. “Ew, what if our friends start dating? I’ll be stuck with you forever.” 
“Grow up,” you rolled your eyes, before randomly taking in the sight of him. How wasn’t he melting to death? The guy was in a fuzzy Christmas sweater. Actually, an even more important question; how hadn’t he electrocuted himself? The reindeer on his chest lit up. If one drop of sweat got into that hidden battery pack he was done for, surely?
“I thought you’d be saving that jumper for Friday,” you commented (yelled), quite honestly in a daze. You were drunk, in absolute shock, toes frozen, and somehow you were stood with Seokjin making conversation about Christmas jumpers. 
“Who says I don’t have a whole drawer full of the festive fuckers. I did say I loved Christmas, no?” He laughed.
You joined in. “I thought you were bullshitting.” 
“Of course you did.” He said with a small smile, shaking his head a little. 
“I can’t believe we caught them kissing.” You couldn’t stop thinking about it. 
Seokjin wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “They’re probably doing more than that by now.”
“Shut up.” You whined. “Wait. Do you think he told her about the breakup?”
“What?” Seokjin asked you to repeat, leaning in slightly, unable to hear you properly above the music. 
“Do you think she knows he’s on the rebound?”
Seokjin shrugged. “Maybe. Who cares.” 
“I care!” You exclaimed causing him to wince because you’d accidentally shouted in his ear. “Ana’s my best friend!”
Seokjin rolled his eyes slightly. “I thought you of all people would know people can just fuck with no strings attached.” 
“Will you ever drop that,” you deadpanned. Your hook up with Namjoon happened so long ago now, you barely even thought about it unless you saw him at work, which was pretty rare anyway. 
“Nope.” The way the sound of the p popped off his lips annoyed you. 
“What about you?” You asked, changing the subject from you. “No getting lucky tonight? Is Christmas sex not on par with birthday sex?” 
He burst out laughing. “I’d say it is, yeah, but I still have a couple of weeks to make it happen, so ask me then.” 
His answer almost annoyed you more and you couldn’t place why. He was just being stupid, classic old Seokjin. You should be used to it by now. 
“Come on,” he winked, stepping forward, towards the middle of the club and his hand cupped your elbow. “Let’s dance!” 
“No, no, no,” you immediately refused, grabbing his hand to stop him. 
“Pleaseee,” he pleaded, eyes wide. “I want to dance with you. You’ve hardly been on the floor all night.” 
Oh. Your heart did a little flip inside your chest. Maybe it was the tequila making its way back up your body… 
“Come on,” he chuckled, not giving up. “It’ll warm you up.” On cue both of his hands lifted and he started rubbing your shoulders. “I told you not to come outside. Now we both have the mental image of Yoongi sucking face stuck behind our eyelids and you’ve got frost bite.” 
You giggled, but still wouldn’t relent. He could stay here warming you up for the rest of the night if he wanted… Dancing made you sweaty. 
He tilted his head, giving you a look. “Y/N, do you want me to call you boring again?”
And just like that you wanted to prove him wrong… You were a sucker. He knew what he was doing. 
Only, the second round of shots for some Dutch courage were probably a bad idea. Your idea, but a very bad one, nevertheless. The dancefloor seemed to be stickier than it was an hour ago – and busier. It was packed and loud, which worked to distract you from how drunk you were. 
Seokjin could move. You hadn’t realised earlier, not really paying attention as you’d danced with Ana instead, but with just the two of you left you let him embarrass the hell out of you on the floor. At first it was definitely on purpose; he pulled the largest, wackiest moves that you begged him to stop, but soon enough he had you dying of laughter, so he continued, your amusement spurring him on. And then drunk you had to join in… 
“You know what? You’re actually pretty fun once you loosen up,” Seokjin yelled above the music, his hands somehow having found their way to your hips as you both snaked them to the beat. 
“I’m always fun,” you informed him, your breath fanning across his face as you lifted your arms in the air. “You just only know work me.” 
He smiled. “Well, I don’t know, I think I’m getting to know normal you lately…” 
You snorted some type of noise. “That’s what you think!” 
He went to open his mouth to argue but you spun around, your back pressed to him as you continued to sway. Your skin was hot to the touch, too many bodies cramped in this small space, but you loved the feeling of Seokjin’s hands on your hips, even more so when they slowly inched up your waist. You flung your arms back, looping them around his neck to pull him closer. It had been a long time since you’d danced with a guy like this. Not even Namjoon. Not even your ex. 
You could feel how boiling he was too, a thin layer of sweat coating the back of his neck, and as you ran your fingers through his slightly wavy hair he let out a little groan. It was extremely quiet, would’ve gone unnoticed if his mouth wasn’t hovering by your ear, but now you’d heard it and it changed everything. Something exploded inside your chest, fresh heat prickling your skin and you found yourself pushing into him further, grinding in a small circle. 
The dancefloor was full of couples like this so no one took any notice. But Seokjin did. He froze, as if he was sure he’d imagined it, so ever so carefully you did it again. This time he knew his drunk mind wasn’t playing tricks on him and after a slight hesitation his hands slid to your hips again, gripping them tighter. He let you grind against him, but didn’t reciprocate, he just kept dancing to the music, which seemed to turn you even braver. 
With the bass of the music pumping through your body you moved back and forth against his crotch, hearing his breath get shallower and shallower. It was addictive and you were chasing the feeling before you knew it, bold and finding yourself getting more turned on by the second. It wasn’t long before you began to feel him grow hard against your ass, and even though surprised, you still carried on, loving it. 
“Y/N,” he murmured against your ear, sounding out of breath. You circled your hips again. This time he couldn’t help but push back. “It’s getting late.” His voice faltered. “You’re drunk. I’m drunk.” 
You frowned to yourself. What was he trying to say? You felt his hands leave your hips, reaching for your arms around his neck to slide them away. He was trying to get you to face him. He was still half hard in his pants but he ignored it. 
“You’re drunk,” he repeated, as if it was some sort of answer, some sort of reason. He started to twist you his way but you tripped, falling into him. “Definitely drunk,” he chuckled, tugging his hands off your waist from where he’d caught you. “It’s time to go home.” 
“I don’t want to go home,” you pouted, wrapping your arms around his neck. You went to push your body into him but he angled away from you, creating distance. 
“You need to go home,” he laughed. It sounded awkward. “Think of that hangover tomorrow.” 
“I will,” you shrugged, “tomorrow.” 
Seokjin stared at you, his brown eyes wavering slightly. They were darker than usual, swimming with something that made your belly flip, but he steeled himself, holding strong. “Come on,” he pressed. “We can share an Uber.” 
“It’s fine.” You muttered, disappointed for some reason. You were unsure how he could hear you above the music, but he did. “I’ll find Ana.” 
He chuckled. “Ana’s definitely gone by now. Don’t you remember what we caught her doing?”
He was right. 
Damn your best friend. 
You didn’t remember much of the Uber ride home, the sudden departure from the club had brought deafening silence and you were now very aware of how much your head was spinning. Your bed was calling you – your warm, cosy, king sized bed… However, you took one look at Seokjin as he helped you out of the car and all that became forgotten. 
You clung to his jumper, voice still loud despite there being no music now. “Do you want to come in?” 
“Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” He replied carefully, chuckling. “Sober you definitely doesn’t want me in your apartment.”  
You reached forward, brushing a strand of hair out of his eyes and giving him what you hoped was your best smile. “Drunk me does.” 
He held your stare for a moment, searching long enough to see something that made him make up his mind. “Fine,” he sighed lightly, bending down into the car to talk to the driver. You were barely listening, looking up at the stars, but Seokjin held your hand tightly, keeping your heels rooted to the ground. 
“Keep this thing running, I’ll be back in five.”
“That’s gonna cost you, my friend.” 
“It’s fine.” Another sigh. “Just– stay? I won’t be long.” 
It took you a couple of minutes to get through your door, Seokjin had to open it in the end, and he followed you in, a respectable distance behind you. He closed the door quietly, smiling when you turned back to look at him as you kicked off your shoes. 
“Okay, you’re home safe now. I’m just going to go, see you Monday, okay?” 
“No, don’t go,” you bemoaned, closing the distance to cling to him once again. In your drunken state you couldn’t place why you wanted him to stay so bad. All you knew was that you did. 
He sighed again, lifting his hands to clasp over your wrists in an attempt to move you away. He looked and sounded torn. “Y/N, the Uber’s running. I’m going to end up paying double to get home.” 
You shrugged. “Tell him to leave then.” 
He closed his eyes and exhaled, it sounded like a whimper. “What are you doing to me?” He murmured, but you were barely paying attention, swaying where you stood. He noticed and groaned. “You’re so drunk!” 
“Am not.” 
He laughed, genuinely amused, and if your drunk mind didn’t know any better it sounded as if he was endeared by you. He shook your shoulders lightly. “Look at me.” You couldn’t quite focus. He cupped your face instead, laughing louder as he angled you to stare straight into his eyes. “Look at me. You are so out of it.”
You just grumbled, but warmth fluttered through your body. It felt good to be touched by him. You thought back to the dancefloor, the way you’d been pressed up against his body. Your mouth parted, suddenly thirsty. Really thirsty. But for what? 
“Can you even make out my face?” Seokjin asked, continuing to be amused. 
“Of course,” you snapped, fingers reaching for him. “There’s your hair,” – You ran your fingers through the dark brown locks – “your eyes... nose…” He let you poke his eyelids gently and then you bopped his nose.
“Get offf.” He snorted softly. 
And then your attention fell to his mouth. Those plump, deep pink lips that were opened and slightly wet from where he’d been swiping his tongue across them. You swallowed, hands cupping his jaw. “Your lips –” 
You dove before you knew what you were really doing, pressing your mouth to his, taking him by surprise. Not a second later he was pulling back, holding you at arm’s length. “Woah, woah.” He chuckled in surprise, but his voice wavered. “Not the time, Y/N. Trust me.” 
You frowned, annoyance spiking and you shook him off. “What? So you’ve suddenly turned chivalrous now?” Scoffing, you felt like an idiot – upset and embarrassed, you spoke without thinking. “Or do you just not want me?”
Something flashed across Seokjin’s face. He looked irritated. Sounded it too when he replied. “Of course I fucking want you.” You froze. Huh? However, you didn’t have time to think about what he’d said before he was striding towards you, backing you up against the wall.  You gripped the tops of his arms on instinct, looking up at him as he loomed over you, hair falling into his dark eyes. They were the same colour as they had been back at the club – when you’d been grinding all over him. Your breath caught. 
“Ever wondered why you frustrate me so much?” He rasped. 
Something inside you screamed. Not that you had time to realise because immediately his mouth was on yours. Each press of his lips was rushed, as if he was acting on instinct and all you could do was cling to him and try to keep up. You let out a moan when you felt his tongue attempt to push past the seam of your lips and you let him in, moaning louder when the wet muscles clashed together, the dam now broken. 
It was contagious. Seokjin grunted against you, throatier than you were expecting, noises so unlike him your whole body burned in desire. Actually, it was on fire. It started to crave him, the feeling so strong all you could do was let it take you. You yelped when his hands curled around your ass, giving you one strong push and you promptly jumped into his arms. He caught you effortlessly and you wrapped your legs around him. 
By God, he was strong. He crashed you into the wall, mouth still hungry as he ground his crotch into yours. The skirt of your dress had ridden up to your waist, your underwear the only thing protecting you as he rubbed you against his dick. Which was hard again – very hard. Maybe he’d had a semi the whole car ride home, which was a thought that got you moaning louder inside his mouth, your tongues getting messy, your teeth clashing. 
“Seok-jin,” you whimpered. Your core tingled, hot to the touch and you could feel your arousal beginning to pool against the lace of your thong. You wanted him – no, you needed him. “Pleaseee. Please.”
He grunted, your begging fucking with his head and you felt his arms give way. He stumbled forward, no other option but to ease you down to the floor, but his mouth didn’t relent; he kissed you just as needy as before, sliding down your chin to make his way to your throat. 
You gasped at the new sensation, his tongue licking strips up your skin, his teeth nipping. Your legs shook under you, nothing to do with the alcohol you’d consumed, it was all him. He was driving you wild, and you needed him to fuck you. You knew that much. 
Your hand reached between your bodies, loving the sound of Seokjin heavy breathing against your ear as he now sucked on your lobe, and you wrapped your palm around his clothed cock. He was solid. Rock hard.. It had to be painful, surely? You got to work, rubbing him back and forth in an attempt to relieve some of his discomfort. 
“Fuck,” he muttered, and you jutted your hips into him too, mistaking the cursing for his enjoyment. “Y/N, wait,” he said, pulling back and stopping the movements of your hand, his long fingers circling your wrist. You tried reaching for his mouth again, still oblivious to his sudden change in demeaner.  
“Not like this,” he murmured, trying his best not to kiss you back, no matter how hard you pecked his mouth. 
“Why?” You asked, giving up. Your lips were wet and swollen. They prickled. God, you were so turned on your voice shook. His too. 
“Do you even know what you’re doing right now?” He sounded uncertain, looking you in the eyes as he chuckled bitterly. “You hate my guts. You don’t want my dick.” 
You frowned. What was he talking about? You’d been practically dry humping him. Of course you wanted his dick. “I do,” you insisted, leaning into him to tug at his belt. He didn’t give in. “Seokjin, just give me your dick.” 
He stared down at you, his hand still clutching your wrist, breathing still ragged, his eyes still black… but despite how much he obviously wanted this, he composed himself, his expression softening. You felt him reach behind you and gently pull your dress down over your ass. 
“We’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?” He hummed softly, voice still visibly affected by you. “When you’re sober. When we’re both sober…”
You awoke suddenly, peaceful and serene for all of two seconds before you groaned, burrowing your face into your pillow. It felt as if someone was stomping on top of your head. What the hell happened last night? Wait… How had you even gotten home? Why couldn’t you remember anything?!
You blindly reached for your nightstand, praying your cell phone was there, fingers stretched as far as they would allow until you felt the familiar belonging. You grabbed it and burrowed further under the covers. You needed to call Ana. She’d fill you in – make you remember. 
Wait –
At the thought of your best friend you suddenly remembered a few things. Seokjin and Yoongi had been at the club too. They’d bought you drinks, you’d sat at their table, drunk more. Tequila must have been involved for you to be this clueless. Enough of it and you could forget your own name come morning. You’d always been the same since college. Squinting at the brightness of the screen, your head throbbing even harder if that was possible, you started to call Ana. It rang and rang… Frustrated you gave up. She could sleep through the end of the world so why were you surprised. You hoped she woke up with the world’s largest and longest hangover, serves her right for not – Oh. OH. 
You shot up, in immediate regret when the entirety of your head spasmed. Groaning you tried to fight through the pain, wishing you had some calm so you could actually piece together your memories. Ana and Yoongi. Outside. All over one another. Making out against the wall. 
What. The. Fuck. 
No wonder why she wasn’t picking up. 
The memories were hazy, but it was something. You continued to wrack your brain… You and Seokjin had found them, but they hadn’t been aware and then you’d gone back inside. He asked you to dance and that’s when you’d suggested more shot… Shots. Tequila shots. You were an idiot. Try as you might you couldn’t remember anything after that. It was all one big blur. How had you gotten from the club to your apartment? 
You moved to sit on the side of your bed, soles of your feet pressing into the carpet. Your stomach churned a little. No, you couldn’t be sick. You hated being sick. Rubbing your stomach in an attempt to soothe it you looked down and realised you were still wearing your dress. Gross. You’d gotten into bed with your clothes on? You groaned weakly. You better have washed your hands before knocking out… although, you highly doubted it. 
Looking at your phone again, you knew there was only one thing you could do. If you wanted answers you needed to ask the right person… 
(10:34am) You: How the hell did I get home last night?
No more than a minute later three dots appeared on the screen, signalling Seokjin’s reply. But he was taking his time with it. Jesus. They kept disappearing for a few moments just to pop up again. Why was it such a hard question?! 
(10:37am) Seokjin: You can’t remember? 
Really? Three minutes to type three words? 
(10:37am) You: Obviously not I wouldn’t be asking you otherwise  (10:38am) You: We saw Ana and Yoongi kissing... We had shots... We danced
You talked him through what you did recall, and once again, he played that irritating game with those three dots. You knew he wasn’t typing up an essay. 
(10:41am) Seokjin: And then I took you home
You raised both your eyebrows. He took you home? Why did that surprise you so much? 
(10:41am) You: Thanks (10:42am) Seokjin: How’s your head?  (10:43am) You: Hurts  (10:43am) You: Everything hurts  (10:43am) Seokjin: 🤣 
Rolling your eyes, you threw your phone on the bed and managed to stand up. You were done talking to him of he was just going to laugh at your misery. Besides, he’d told you all you needed to know. The mystery was solved. Next, you needed to shower. 
Tumblr media
You were still feeling extremely fragile the next morning but managed to get into the office at 9am sharp with the help of coffee. You’d spent the night on the phone to Ana, getting all the nitty gritty details about her hook up with Yoongi. Apparently, they’d bumped into each other outside after she’d slipped out for some fresh air and had gotten talking. He’d told her about his recent breakup, and having been cheated on before, naturally Ana and he had bonded, and said bonding had led to kissing. Lots of it. Which had then led to lots of sex back at her apartment. (Yes, he did know how to use his dick if anyone was curious, and yes, it was very pretty.)
You’d expected to hear about it from Seokjin this morning but he was actually uncharacteristically quiet. Although, it might have been because he was partially blindsided when he got into the office. First, he was late, which had never happened before. No matter what you thought of Seokjin, he was always punctual and professional (when it was called for). And second, there was a surprise waiting for him. 
Jungkook had draped his entire desk and chair in strings of fairy lights. Everything was lit up. It was a lot, but even you had to admit it was funny, and you hated their pranking war with a burning passion. Mainly because you were always caught in the middle. Seokjin however, seemed a little out of it. You mean, he still laughed, tried to wrestle Jungkook in the middle of Hoseok’s good morning greeting, but something about him seemed off. You couldn’t put a finger on it, it was almost like he was forcing it. 
He hardly looked at you when you asked him what he had planned for payback. Shrugging his shoulders as he rolled his chair out and slumped in it – lights still twinkling. “Who knows.” 
“I thought you had a bunch of ideas up your sleeve?” You’d spent a good half an hour discussing them Saturday night. 
That got his attention. He raised an eyebrow as he stared at you. “You remember that? I thought everything was a blur?” 
“Yeah, anything after we caught our best friends getting freaky on the streets.” You chuckled, feeling a little uneasy by the way he was still looking at you, as if he was suspicious of something. 
After a moment he gave up…Possibly? Upturning his shoulder he gave you a small smile. “Lightweight.” He didn’t meet your eyes though and leaned over to start pulling at a string of lights that laid between your desks. 
You reached over on instinct, placing your hand over his to stop him. He recoiled a little and you pulled back. What was that reaction for? “Keep them up,” you told him, choosing to ignore whatever had just happened. “It’s Christmas after all.” 
You dropped your hand under the desk, it tingled a little. Seokjin’s hand had felt warm, familiar? The inklings of something floated around the sides of your brain but you couldn’t place your finger on it. 
“Just don’t blow us up,” you joked. 
Wait. Seokjin’s stupid Christmas jumper from Saturday night. You remembered now. It had lit up and you’d wondered how he hadn’t set himself on fire yet. That was it. What was trying to seep into your brain just now. Hopefully things were coming back to you slowly… You’d remember everything in no time, you were sure of it. 
Meanwhile Seokjin nodded slowly, retreating his hand as he smiled at you slightly. 
Was he feeling okay? You thought about asking him. Maybe his mom was still taking it bad that he wouldn’t make Christmas this year? You opened your mouth, full intentions to check in on him, but stopped yourself. It wasn’t really your place. You didn’t know his personal life all too well. You mean, yeah, he’d told you some things lately, but you didn’t want to overstep the mark. He was probably just having a bad day. Everyone had them. 
However, you had to admit there was something quite unnerving about seeing him so downcast. It didn’t suit him. 
What on earth could have happened? 
The last week of work flew by. It was always the same, the office in a rush to finish up all loose ends before the two week holiday. You and Seokjin had one last meeting on Wednesday morning, just to check in and make sure everything was ready for Friday. The buffet was getting delivered the morning of and that’s when Seokjin was going to decorate the conference room. You’d been in charge of the Christmas playlist but he didn’t seem to have much interest when you’d shown him your choices. In fact, he was still acting a little strange. 
He was quiet, not his usual self, as in, he wasn’t constantly finding ways to annoy you. In fact, you barely spoke unless you had to, which before this Christmas party would’ve been great – the norm actually. However now, things were different. Had you done something to upset him? You couldn’t think what. Maybe you’d offended him when you were drunk and couldn’t remember? You thought about asking him but couldn’t find the nerve. Besides, Seokjin didn’t seem the type to get offended by trivial things. You and he tended to be at one another’s throats most (all) of the time, but it was all done in jest. You didn’t despise him, he just got on your nerves – like you got on his. You couldn’t imagine yourself saying anything terrible to him, especially because from what you could remember of that night, you’d both had fun… Hanging out with Seokjin wasn’t too bad, drunk or sober. 
So, things continued to remain a mystery, until that was, the next day… 
“Here, I got you something.”
You looked away from your computer at the sound of Seokjin’s voice, finding him stood above you, his winter coat nearly buttoned all the way up. It was just after lunch on Thursday but Seokjin and Hoseok had to head off for an emergency meeting with a client who wanted to discuss something before Christmas. 
Your forehead furrowed when you saw he was holding out a small glittery gift bag and when you took too long to take it he shook it. You reacted, taking it from him but still questioning him with your eyes. “Seokjin, Secret Santa is tomorrow.” 
“No, it’s not for that,” he informed you, his voice oddly quiet. Now you were even more confused. Why had he gotten you a gift? You felt oddly embarrassed as you played with the ribbon handles nervously. 
“I got Beryl,” he grumbled, easily making you ease up and chuckle. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what he’d purchased a sixty year old grandma… A bar of soap probably. 
As if you couldn’t stop it, your fingers were opening up the gift. Seokjin noticed and started babbling immediately. “I saw it when I was out shopping for decorations and it made me think of you… I hope you like it. Sorry if you don’t.” 
You awed as you pulled out a small Christmas bauble, green and gold in colour with the painting of a black cat in the centre, complete with a Christmas hat between its ears. It was beautiful and quirky – and totally unexpected. You’d gotten him a damn pair of lame ass cufflinks. 
“You can hang it on your tree at home or something,” you heard him suggest. 
You looked up at him, still a little speechless but you managed to get something out. “Thank you, Seokjin. I love it.” 
His face lit up at that. The first time you’d seen him genuinely smile all week. “You do?” 
You nodded, finding yourself unable to otherwise reply. Your heart felt a little funny. It was good to see him a cheerful, you’d missed it. He always looked good when he smiled… 
He was looking at you, and you didn’t know whether you’d been staring first, but he was watching you carefully now, gaze slightly intense, as if he was trying to work something out, to find something. You dropped your chin, feeling embarrassed, cheeks hot. Why did you feel so strange? You were making it obvious. 
“You really don’t remember Saturday night?” He spoke suddenly, tone soft, careful. 
You froze. Straitening to look at him again you shook your head. “Nope.” You forced out a laugh. “It’s still a total blank. Can you believe it? Tequila is my mortal enemy.” 
One side of Seokjin’s mouth raised into a half smile, but he didn’t look too amused. You felt something trickle down your spine – a bad feeling. “Seokjin?” You questioned, finding courage. “Why? What happened?” You needed to know. 
“Hm?” He hummed, lost in thought. His face was serious once again. 
“What happened Saturday night?” 
He shook his head, squeezing out a small chuckle. It had fake written all over it. “Nothing.” 
“Something must’ve happened,” you insisted, growing a little frustrated. Whatever it was  had something to do with his odd behaviour. 
He shrugged, hands in his pockets. His cheeks were growing flushed but that just annoyed you. “It’s nothing. You were just wasted.” 
“Tell me now!” You hissed, careful to keep your voice down. The office was pretty empty at the moment, some still in the staffroom, others busy around the building, but you still didn’t want anyone overhearing something personal. 
“No.” He refused. He looked stressed out. 
“Seokjin!” He was stressing you out now. What the hell had you done that night?! 
“I don’t want to.” 
“Why?” You practically wailed. 
“It’s embarrassing.” 
“What happened?” You were losing it now, thinking the worst. “What did I do?” 
He sighed loudly, finally giving in. “You kissed me.”
The colour drained from your face at his revelation, dread instantly filling you. What? You hadn’t been expecting that. Whatever your mind had thought up, it definitely wasn’t that.
“We kissed, okay?” He continued. “I took you home, you practically begged me to come inside and we kissed.” 
“Oh, my god,” you replied weakly, head now in your hands. You took a deep breath, trying to wrack your brains for any memories. How could you have forgotten such a major thing?! You invited Seokjin into your apartment? You kissed him? No wonder he’d been acting so strange this past week. You’d put him in such an awkward position. He was embarrassed and now so were you… 
“I’m sorry,” Seokjin apologised, down to a whisper. “I should’ve told you but I just didn’t know how. I wasn’t expecting you to forget everything and I didn’t know how to –” He stopped himself with a groan, going around in circles. 
Meanwhile, things were coming back to you. Not memories as such, more like hazy images and the faintest of sensations. His words had dislodged something. Dancing together, his hands on your body, his breath on your neck. The uber ride home. Stood in your entry way. Your hands on his arms. The feeling of his body pressed into yours. Your mouths attached and hungry. You felt yourself burn, unclear recollections stirring something hidden inside of you. 
“…Y/N?” Seokjin prompted. You managed to look at him but that was it. You mouth wouldn’t work, and what could you say anyway? How could you explain yourself when you couldn’t remember all the details? 
“It’s fine.” He told you suddenly, thinking he was reassuring you. “Don’t worry about it, okay?” 
“Seokjin, you ready?” 
You both startled at the sound of Hoseok’s voice and looked up to see him stood in his office doorway, buttoning up his coat. 
Seokjin nodded, a little dazed. “Uh, yeah, coming. Won’t be a minute.” 
“Last minute party planning, huh?” Hoseok grinned. “I’ll meet you in the car.” 
“Look, I gotta go,” Seokjin told you once Hoseok had strolled off. “You’ll probably be gone by the time I get back, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” He spoke in a rush, not giving you time to respond. Your mouth opened, but he cut in. “It’s fine, Y/N. Trust me.” 
And then he was gone. 
You looked down at the Christmas bauble on your desk, so mortified you felt like crying.  
Tumblr media
Crying might have been a tad dramatic, you admit. So you didn’t. You were a mixture of embarrassed and confused, unable to concentrate properly the rest of the afternoon. How had you kissed Seokjin and just forgotten about it? It was scary to think something like that could happen, a blind spot in your memory. His revelation had helped you remember some bits but there was nothing concrete. You spent your evening forcing yourself to recall more details, talking things over with Ana on the phone. You couldn’t not tell her. Not when you were in the middle of having a mini breakdown. 
She was interested in a lot more than just remembering the kiss though… 
“So if you remember him kissing you back what does that mean?” She demanded. 
You groaned. “I don’t even know if I’m remembering it correctly.” But why would your mind play tricks on you? Although, false memories were a thing… 
“Of course you are! Dick cheese likes you. It’s obvious! Classic high school bullshit.” 
“Ana, please,” you sighed. Now wasn’t the time for her theories. “He was drunk too,” you reasoned. “Just because we kissed doesn’t mean he likes me. I don’t like him, do I?” Yet, you’d grinded all over him on the dancefloor. (The memories of that were now clearer, and they made your cheeks burn…)
“Hmm.” She didn’t sound too convinced. 
“Ana, come on!” You cried. “It was a stupid mistake, and now I’ve just made things super awkward between us.” 
No wonder Seokjin had been acting weird all week, and there you’d been completely oblivious! The thought was enough to make you groan out loud. How could you go to work tomorrow? Host a party with him when things were so awkward?!
“I mean… You two need to talk about it properly. Make sure there’s no crossed wires. If you’re both on the same page then there’s no need for things to be awkward between you.” 
You rolled your eyes. She made it seem so easy. She wasn’t the one who’d made out with her co-worker. She never had to see her hook up ever again. While you had to look yours in the eye five days a week for the rest of your life quite possibly.
“You guys didn’t even hook up,” Ana screeched when you told her just that. “A slight fumble in your hallway isn’t exactly something you need to relocate for. Just talk to him.” 
Simple, right?  
But nothing ever was... 
“Let’s just forget about it,” Seokjin smiled your way as you both helped carry in the buffet food the next morning. He was holding the building’s door open for you with his back, letting you slip in first as you cradled the cardboard box filled with things you couldn’t even remember ordering. Too preoccupied with trying to bring up yesterday. 
You paused, not expecting him to shrug it off like that. In fact, it got you pretty speechless. Were you hurt? As much as Ana’s idea had made you want the earth to open up and swallow you, it made sense to talk things out with him. 
This morning you’d remembered even more while you’d brushed your teeth… Seokjin helping you slip the skirt of your dress down, finding your kitchen to get you some water… You were slowly piecing things together and it was confusing the hell out of you… You wished more than anything you could remember the whole thing. To know what was going on inside your head at the time, because right now you were a mess. 
But hearing Seokjin sound so flippant, so unfazed made you a little deflated… What if you didn’t want to forget about it? 
“I mean, you did already, so,” he gave a shrug and you followed him into the elevator in a daze. 
“Oh, yeah, okay,” you forced yourself to say, hitting the third floor button. You turned to look at him and plastered a smile onto your face. It hurt. “Good idea.” 
“Where is he?” Jungkook whined like a big kid. (The Christmas jumper he was wearing with a giant teddy bear in the centre didn’t help things…) “He knows I’m starving. Been saving myself all day for this.”
You raised a judgemental eyebrow. “You didn’t even have breakfast?” 
He looked at you, shooting you a quick wink. “I’m treating this buffet like it deserves to be treated. Like it’s my one and only.” At his side, Mina giggled. 
“Let’s just open up,” Hoseok suggested, reaching for the handle of the conference door. 
“No!” You exclaimed, standing in front of it. 
You were all waiting around like a bunch of lemons, Seokjin having done a disappearing act just before the party was due to start. Jungkook had already tried to call him three times but his phone was engaged. Everyone was getting impatient, but he needed to be here to see everyone’s reactions to his decorating. He’d been in there all morning, blinds closed, not even you knew what it looked like in there. 
“Y/N, come on,” Jungkook cried dramatically. “He won’t mind, let’s just get in there!”
“Fine,” you gave in, turning around to open up. You didn’t really have a choice, everyone was gearing up to trample you… 
One look inside had you a little speechless. It was beautiful, the room decorated like Santa’s Grotto. Seokjin had done an amazing job, and you felt bad for ever doubting his skill. For ever doubting his sincerity when it came to planning this entire party… 
“Oh, whoa,” Jungkook gasped behind you, sounding wholly surprised. “Jin did so well on the decorations.” You turned back to agree but saw him smirking. “You must be pissed.” 
“Shut up,” you scoffed and immediately swatted his hand away from a tray of sandwiches. “No! You have to wait!” 
Jungkook made a noise of agony, practically flaking out in one of the chairs. “I’m this close to passing out!”
You sighed at his dramatics. “I’ll go and look for him.” He can’t have gone far, surely? You pointed at everyone as you stepped out, expression stern. “No starting this party until I find him – and no eating food.” 
Jungkook whimpered. 
As you walked out of the office and down one flight of stairs you started to grow worried. What if something was wrong? Maybe there’d been an emergency and he’d had to leave…? Only, those thoughts didn’t have a chance to go too far as you spotted him almost immediately a little down the hallway. The second floor was unoccupied, most of the rooms either used for storage or ominously locked. He was stood with a shoulder against the wall, his back to you. The Santa’s hat he’d been wearing earlier was shoved into his back pocket. You’d caught him just in time, he was finishing up a phone call before staring at the screen, deep in thought it seemed. 
You suddenly felt nervous… You hadn’t been alone together at all since this morning and you’d been slightly miserable ever since then. Ever since he’d shut down the conversation you so badly wanted. You caught him staring your way a few times, when he was coming in and out of the conference room mid decorating – or maybe he was catching you staring. Who knew anymore. Your head was a mess, confused and unexplainably disappointed. 
But you needed to suck it up. There was a Christmas party to pull off, and it needed both its hosts…
“Seokjin?” You called, walking closer. 
He turned around with a start, shoving his phone into his jeans pocket. “Oh, hey.”
You took a moment to admire his Christmas jumper – a dabbing Santa Claus, which was pretty 2016 now, but whatever. You were wearing one similar to the bauble he’d gifted you yesterday, a cat wearing a Christmas hat, but you’d paired it with a Mrs. Claus skirt you wore every year without fail. Oh. You suddenly remembered something. Seokjin telling you he had a whole drawer full of Christmas sweaters. The thought should’ve made you laugh but you were still so nervous. You heart felt a little funny as you stared up at him. 
One thing was for certain, you didn’t think you could forget about the kiss. 
Could you excuse yourself to run away and call Ana? But then there’d be zero hosts at the party and Jungkook would disintegrate from hunger… You needed to power on. 
“Everyone’s wondering where you went,” you said, voice sounding strange as you spoke into the unsettling silence. 
You really didn’t want things to be awkward. You would hate it so much. You understood you didn’t have the best of relationships, but it worked for you both. Now it could all be ruined, and you didn’t want that. You didn’t know what you wanted…
Seokjin hesitated before tapping his pocket. “Sorry, phone call. Some type of insurance sales shit.” 
You nodded, unsure why you didn’t quite believe him, but chose to ignore it, giving him a short smile. “We should hurry up. Jungkook is salivating in there. He’s two seconds away from devouring the whole buffet.” 
Seokjin chuckled lightly at that. “Expected. He’s been fasting since 7pm last night.” 
Why didn’t that surprise you? 
“He’s already forced his way inside. Sorry. I tried to hold them off for as long as possible.”
“That’s my own fault.” He shrugged, then gave you a gentle smile. “Thanks for trying.” 
Your heart did a little flip. You tried to ignore it. “You did a great job on decorating by the way.” 
“You sound surprised,” he teased. “How many times do I have to say I lo– 
“You love Christmas, yes, okay, I believe you now.” You interrupted with a laugh. You remembered that from Saturday night, but you wanted to remember all of it. 
You opened your mouth, you needed to tell him. You needed to tell him you didn’t want to forget. “Seokjin,” you began, unsure how to continue. You didn’t want to make a fool of yourself. However it seemed he had things to say himself…
“I lied.”
His admission caught you off guard. He could probably tell by your face. He lifted a hand and rubbed the back of his neck, looking awkward. “I lied about the phone call. It was Yoongi. He was giving me a pep talk.” 
“A pep talk?” You repeated, now aware you could hear your own heartbeat. 
He took a step forward and let out a deep breath, gearing himself up. “I can’t stop thinking about last weekend, Y/N.” Your heart was thudding now. “I know I said we should forget about it but I can’t. You don’t remember it and I know you regret it and I’m sorry for,” he stopped to sigh in frustration. “I don’t know, I just feel really guilty. Because I really enjoyed kissing you.” 
He was staring straight into your eyes, no more than a foot between you. He looked nervous and remorseful. You didn’t like it. 
Firm, you held his gaze. “I don’t regret it.” That thought had never crossed your mind. Even through all the shock and mortification. Yes, your memories were extremely vague, but you didn’t regret the kiss. If anything you were curious. Even more curious now. 
Seokjin paused, not expecting your reply, but he sounded hopeful. “You don’t?” 
You shook your head. “I was embarrassed when you told me, yes, but that was because I thought I’d made a fool of myself – I mean, I still did, but if you enjoyed kissing me I guess it was worth it.” 
Seokjin had enjoyed kissing you, and from your foggy memories, you’d enjoyed kissing him too. You smiled. It was contagious as he grinned your way too. 
“You didn’t make a fool of yourself. At all.” He stressed. “Do you remember anything now?” He sounded concerned, still unsure how to go about this. 
“Bits and pieces, yeah.” You admitted. “You got me a glass of water and then left…” 
He looked guilty. “I lost myself a little, I admit, but I couldn’t let it happen. I couldn’t go through with it because you were so drunk and I was pretty sure you hated me and I could never take advantage of you like that.” 
Your heart fluttered. Genuine Seokjin was dangerous for you. “I don’t hate you,” you told him pointedly, crossing your arms across your chest, the beginnings of a smirk itching to appear. “You annoy me to no end but that’s sort of your charm, I guess.” 
He cocked an eyebrow, sensing the change in atmosphere as he asked smugly, “My charm?”
“Don’t ruin it,” you snipped, feeling brave as you stepped closer to him to tilt your head and run a hand down his chest – down the dabbing Santa… “So, you liked kissing me?” 
He nodded enthusiastically, curiously watching your movements. “It felt good. And not just in my dick but like, everywhere.” 
“Seokjin!” You exclaimed, rendered speechless. 
“What?” He asked, eyes wide. He grabbed your hips pulling you closer and you couldn’t help but squeal, reaching for his shoulders. He felt good. Big and warm and familiar. “I’m trying to talk about my feelings here.” 
He was teasing you, sure, but he was also telling the truth. You knew that. Feelings was a scary word, an uncertain word, but you thought you liked the way it made you feel. Maybe Ana was correct… Maybe a part of you did like Seokjin. It sure felt like it right now…
“Kiss me,” you whispered, gaze on his mouth before it flickered to his eyes. “I’m sober now and I want to see if I like it too.” 
You already knew the answer. He did too by the smirk on his face, but he listened anyway, closing the distance between your mouths. His lips felt instantly familiar, making you feel at ease as they pressed into yours. Fluttering his eyes closed you followed suit and he moved gently, tentatively, as if he couldn’t believe it – as if he didn’t want to ruin anything. From the back of your mind vague memories started to wind their way forward, his kiss drawing them out. 
You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your body into his ever so slightly with a soft sigh. The tip of his tongue found yours, hints of it joining each drag of his mouth and something lit up inside of you. So you were inevitably disappointed when he pulled back, giving your hips a soft squeeze.
“So?” He grinned. 
You hummed out loud, running your fingers through the hair against the nape of his neck. He liked that. You remembered running them through his hair on the dancefloor, his hands on your body. Stomach doing somersaults, you wanted more – needed more. “Maybe a bit more tongue and I’ll give you an answer…” 
He breathed out a shaky laugh and you thought he might hit back with something but there was no time for talking, not when he couldn’t bear to be away from your lips. Listening, he licked into your mouth, moving with a lot more confidence now. He held you tight before one of his hands came up to softly cup your cheek, the quietest of noises escaping his throat – showing just how much he was enjoying himself. You joined him, moaning gently into the kiss, your tongues untiring as the air around you shifted. 
It was when your back hit the wall did you truly let yourself leave go, hands exploring the expanse of his back as he crowded you, humming greedily against your lips, his hands holding your face as if he couldn’t bear to leave you and come up for air. More memories fluttered their way past your eyelids, a lot more vivid now, Seokjin’s tongue beckoning them  to the forefront of your mind. 
You remembered your kiss was hot and heavy, up against your entry way wall. You had wanted him so bad in that moment and here wasn’t much different. It was like you had been thrown right back there – that eagerness, that want. The only reason you pulled away eventually was because you literally needed to breath. You didn’t fancy passing out, enjoying yourself way too much… 
“I can’t believe you said to forget about this,” you managed to speak, breathless, lips wet and flush as you ran your hands across the broadness of his shoulders. God. You couldn’t stop touching him. 
“I can’t believe you did forget about this,” he exclaimed. He was breathing heavy, just like at the club when you’d grinded all over him. Your memory was on your side now. All it had needed was a prod.   
He did have you there. Your bad. But – “In my defence you supplied the tequila shots.” Although, you had suggested a second round… 
He chuckled, leaning down to nip at your bottom lip. “Stop giving me attitude. It’s turning me on.” 
You stomach flipped, your fingernails digging into the wool blend of his jumper as you held him to you. You wanted to kiss him for hours, because now that you’d started you didn’t want to stop. 
“Should we head back now?” Seokjin asked against a curl of your tongue, one hand against the wall, the other stroking your jaw line. “They’re probably wondering where we both are.” 
“In a moment,” you murmured, a hand of yours bravely dragging down his side. You hit the waistband of his jeans and curled a finger through a belt loop, nudging his crotch flush to yours. Your mouth did the rest of the talking. Sober you wanted what drunk you had missed out on. 
“Fuck,” you heard him mutter, immediately understanding where you wanted this to lead. “Or we can just ditch those losers and go to my place?” He drew back to catch your reaction. “Your place?”
“We can’t do that.” As tempting as that sounded, you couldn’t not attend your own Christmas party you’d spent weeks organising. Seokjin was hot, but he wasn’t that hot. Plus, it would way too suspicious if you both just disappeared… 
Seokjin agreed with a little sigh. “Yeah, you’re right.” 
That didn’t mean you couldn’t think of other ideas though…
“What are you doing?” Seokjin asked, moving back slightly as you wrestled for your phone in your skirt pocket. He watched you search for Jungkook’s name in your phonebook – you were sure you still had his number from when you’d had to “mentor” him the first week he’d arrived. Success! You did! You hurriedly text him. 
(13:31pm) You: I can’t find him. Start without us but LEAVE me some food
He replied immediately. He was probably withering away by now, the poor boy. 
(13:32pm) Jungkook: Oh man Jin is so fucking dead  (13:32pm) Jungkook: Tell him I love him before you stick the knife in 🤪 (13:32pm) You: Sure thing 
You looked up at Seokjin and grinned. “Just bought us half an hour.”
He looked impressed, an eyebrow cocked as he regarded you. “What are we going to do in half hour? – and please don’t say kill me.” 
You giggled – actually giggled. Damn him. You reached for his belt loop again, tugging it gently. “Whatever it is, we can’t do it out in the hallway.” 
You were playing a very dangerous game here. Out in the open, at your place of work. The storeroom was probably an even sillier idea – but that’s where you ended up dragging him into, flipping on the light to save being surrounded in darkness. You were 99% sure the surveillance cameras didn’t work on this floor anyway, so…
“You’re crazy,” he laughed weakly in disbelief, stumbling over an (empty) mop bucket as he went to reach for you. 
“And you love it,” you smirked against his mouth, your arms wrapping around his neck. 
The urge took over again, now in the privacy of the storage cupboard you were free to do whatever you liked. Seokjin grew hard against you quickly, your mouths locked together in haste as his palms felt up your ass. It wasn’t long before he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his middle as he continued to kiss you greedily against the wall. His hands slipped  under your skirt, cupping your ass and you tried to circle your hips as best you could, feeling his erection through the layers of your tights and underwear, both of you straining out moans and grunts. 
“I’m having déjà vu,” he grinned, lowering his mouth to nip at your neck. You gasped, pushing into him and he took the opportunity to begin to kiss your throat. Just like last time… Déjà vu, indeed. 
Breaking away he looked between your bodies, the band of white wool along your skirt protecting your modesty, but only just. “You weren’t dressed as Mrs. Claus though.” He sunk his teeth into your neck once more, a little harder this time and you jerked, yelping as you squeezed the tops of his arms. He liked that reaction, licking a broad strip up the column of your throat, getting you all kinds of wet and sticky. 
No doubt between your legs matched. You were hot, and impatient, and Seokjin’s mouth was evil. Especially when he lifted his head, dark fringe in his eyes, and smirked at you. Fuck, you really wanted him. Your heart was doing somersaults. 
“A fucking sexy Mrs. Claus.” 
You immediately rolled your eyes. Why was he ruining it? You were not about to partake in some sordid Christmas roleplay fantasy of his… “Just shut up and kiss me.” 
He didn’t really feel like answering back. 
A few minutes later you were placed back on the floor, your legs a little shaky as you clung to him, mouths still unrelenting. You were both heavy breathed and burning with desire. He pinned you to the wall with his thigh, separating your legs and giving you something else to grind against as his lips trailed the expanse of your throat, his fingers digging into the meat of your ass so hard you wouldn’t be surprised if he teared your hosiery. 
You were weak, slick against your underwear and desperate for some sort of release. Seokjin panted against your ear. “Do you remember what you said that night?” Moaning was all you could give in reply. “You wanted my dick. You were begging for it.” 
Hearing him speak like that drove you wild. “Mmhm. Remind me.” You could vaguely remember, too pent up to get embarrassed. 
He moved his thigh, pressing his crotch flush to yours and hooked a finger under your chin, lifting your face so he could kiss you again. You could feel his erection and unable to hold off any longer you reached between you and wrapped your hand around him. You could recall doing this before, Seokjin stopping you, but this time he did no such thing. Instead, he pushed into your touch, his voice thick with something that made you shiver as he spoke. 
“You drive me crazy… Every god damn day…” 
Your mind was a little too preoccupied to truly concentrate on his words but they seemed to stir something inside of you. Nudge something that had been forgotten. You couldn’t place it, but it had to do with last weekend. Something he’d said to you… before he’d kissed you… You couldn’t remember but the faintest of memories made you glow. 
“W-we should really just head to my place,” Seokjin stammered slightly, keening into your touch. You were sure his thighs were trembling, all the blood in his dick turning him weak. 
“There’s no need,” you breezed, and before you could take a moment to reconsider you were dropping to your knees. 
“Fuck, what are you doing?” He was practically beside himself, fingers digging into your shoulders as he watched you reach for the buttons on his jeans. 
“What do you think?” 
He sighed exhaustedly, a red flush beginning to travel its way up his neck, peeking above the collar of his sweater. “You’re trying to kill me.” 
Whatever he’d been expecting to happen in here hadn’t been you sucking his dick, you could tell. You took great pleasure in that. It was fun getting this kind of reaction from him. Truth was, when the mood struck, the mood struck, and you wanted him – badly. 
He watched you unbutton him, his black underwear coming into view – Calvin Klein, the band told you, and above that, where his jumper had ridden up, you could see a sliver of smooth tan skin – You just knew he was hiding a great body under there, but now wasn’t the time for stripping. You needed to be quick. 
You tugged his jeans down a little past his hips, enough for easy access. “You really want to kill–ughgh –!” 
He broke off with a surprised moan, your hand reaching inside his boxers to pull out his dick. Wrapping your palm around the base you gripped automatically, staring at what you could only describe as his third leg, with a slack jaw. “Of course you have a fucking massive dick,” you muttered, feeling a little unnerved. 
Surprise immediately dissipating, Seokjin gave you a smirk. “That obvious, huh?”
You breathed heavily through your nose, beginning to run your fist along his length on instinct. It was a good looking dick, you’d give him that. Tense at your sudden movements, Seokjin soon eased up, watching you carefully. You looked up at him, giving him a tiny, slightly shy smile… There really was no going back now. Not that you wanted to. Things had changed and they were going to change even more after this… 
“Come on,” he murmured, a hand reaching out to stroke your cheek. His voice sounded dangerous, low and honeyed as he gazed at you on your knees for him. “Suck it like I know you want to…” 
You scoffed, although surely he could see the effect he had on you. You weren’t bluffing anybody, not even yourself. “Don’t rush me.” 
Seokjin looked amused, but that soon changed when you swiped your tongue across the head of his cock in one fluid and determined motion. His knees pretty much buckled, a hand reaching for the side of your head, his fingers weaving into your hair. You chuckled a little mischievously, your lips wrapped around him, knowing the vibrations would fuck with his head some more. Seokjin laughed stiffly along, knowing what you were up to – knowing you loved having this sort of effect on him – but it sounded strained, wavering in the middle as his eyes locked with yours, the veins in his neck beginning to bulge with the strain. 
You moved, wrapping your lips around him further, your tongue washing against the hot skin and he stumbled forward a little, a grunt slipping from his mouth. That fuelled you, slipping him deeper, your tongue tracing patterns along the underside before you pulled back and repeated. You weren’t kidding when you said he had a massive dick, it was almost daunting, but you found a way around it, massaging your fist along the base of him in time with your mouth until you found a confident rhythm. 
“Oh, fuck.” 
That boosted your ego too, taking great pleasure in the way you seemed to have stunned Seokjin into more or less complete silence. He wasn’t very cocky right now, was he? If you had known sucking his dick would shut him up, you’d have done it long ago – or maybe that was your own horniness talking… Who knew right now. 
You popped off him, running your palm wider, further along to circle over the head, your saliva acting as lubrication, quiet squelching noises slipping from between your fingers. You smirked up at him, “Am I still boring?”
It took him a moment to process your question, his body hunched, surrendering to the pleasure, and you admired the way his lips parted, each breath audible as he stared down at you, dark eyes glazed over. God, he was hot. How had you been so unbothered by him for so long? 
Shaking his head, he halfway came to. “Sucking my dick in a storeroom, can’t get any wilder than this. Well done, you proved me wrong.” 
That was nice to hear. You liked it when he was wrong, mainly because you loved being right. You wrapped your free hand around the top of his thigh, needing the support as you took his dick in your mouth again. Feeling ambitious you willed yourself to relax as you eased along him, taking him deeper, beginning to bob back and forth, the faintest of noises escaping the back of your throat. 
It drove him crazy, his head falling back as he whined. “If this is all just to prove a point and you stop before I cum, I’m going to cry like a motherfucking baby.” 
You tried to laugh but ended up choking, gagging on his cock – unflattering surely, but he seemed to love it, his eyes flashing as he cupped your hand that gripped his girth, gently pulling it away to place on his other thigh. He didn’t want his view obstructed he watched. Besides, you didn’t need your hand as a safety net anymore anyway…
“Fu-ck, you look so good sucking my dick,” he awed, his voice hoarse. He tightened the hold he had on your hair, the fingers of his other hand brushing rouge strands out of your face. You looked up at him, mouth stuffed and he smirked. It made your core pulse. “On your knees. You couldn’t get down there quick enough.” 
A moan slipped from your throat, pulsating against his cock. Of course the guy had a filthy mouth, it should’ve been obvious. What was shocking though, was the effect it had on you. Dirty talk was cringeworthy in your eyes, not many men could pull it off – not even Namjoon – but words like that coming from Seokjin?! You were sure you’d just freshly drenched your underwear. It would surely be a slip ‘n’ slide down there when he finally got his hands on you – If he got his hands on you. Fuck, he better. 
A nudge of his hips cut short your momentary distraction, realising that Seokjin was beginning to thrust ever so slightly into your mouth. He noticed your attention on him and asked hesitantly, “This okay?” 
“Mhmmhmm,” you hummed, gurgling a little which seemed to drive him a little crazy. You let him take control, concentrating on breathing through your nose and pleasuring him with your tongue as he gently fucked your mouth. 
You were losing your mind, hazy pleasure blurring your vision and clouding your thoughts.  Rationality was out the window long ago, all that you knew was the red, hot want you had for him. The Christmas party and the fact you were risking your job right now didn’t come into play, all you cared about was chasing that desire. 
Looking up at Seokjin you noticed his eyes were closed now, his chin tilted towards the ceiling, expression contorted with pleasure as the quietest of moans escaped his throat with each rugged breath he took. You pulsed down below, only this time the urge burned its way up your body, getting hotter as he quickened his motions, seemingly losing himself, seemingly pursuing his end. 
He pulled back abruptly during one withdraw, breath shaky as he kept the tip of his cock inside your mouth, as if he couldn’t bear to be apart from the warm wetness. You sucked firmly, catching his gaze and he just about lost it, eyes rolling into the back of his skull. 
“Shit,” he cursed, ever so slightly nudging further into you, edging himself almost. You darted the tip of your tongue along his slit, earning yourself a soft hiss. His thighs were trembling, you could feel the vibrations under your palm and his neck was thick and tense with strain, patched red, as he tried his might to gain some control over the pleasure you were giving him. “J-Just checking, there’s no chance we’ll have sex in here, right?” 
His voice trembled too, all light and airy and so unlike his voice that you were familiar with. His eyes were blow wide as he gaped down at you, his lips plumper than you’d ever seen them before. He was beautiful. Damn, you really wanted to kiss him again… 
You slid away, cupping your hand around his dick to jerk him off ever so slowly, a couple of inches along the base. He was more than slick now, coated in your spit, flesh veiny and angry red. Shifting on your knees, ignoring the cricks to power on through, you shrugged. “Not unless you carry condoms with you at work.” 
He pondered for a moment. “I can’t say I do.” That caused you to chuckle, leaning in to curl your tongue against the side of his cock. He startled, a loud moan escaping that was surely unnecessary, but it did wonders for your ego. 
He tightened his hold on your head, angling you to the tip of his dick, desperate to get back into your warmth. “So you won’t be disappointed when I inevitably bust a nut?” 
You raised an eyebrow, his cock drawing translucent patterns against your lips as you replied. “That’s why I’m down here.” 
He whimpered, the sheer thought of coming exciting him further. You slipped him back inside, feeling him grip his fingers into your hair, anchoring himself – and you, in preparation. 
“Oh, ffuck,” he muttered, watching you begin to meet every thrust his hips gave you. You were determined, eager for him to cum. You hadn’t sucked dick in so long but now you were in your element, each reaction from Seokjin, no matter how small, encouraging you. The fact he was hiding a foot long in his pants was now no issue at all. You were a pro, just like in all aspects of life. 
A strange sound left the back of Seokjin’s throat, almost as if he was getting strangled and his shoulders slumped, the rest of him growing stiff. “Where am I doing this?” He asked weakly. “Y/N?” He demanded pretty shrilly when you didn’t reply. 
You weren’t relenting, somehow pushing him deeper into your mouth and down your throat and he groaned loudly, blunt nails digging into your scalp. “You want me to cum down your throat?” 
Ding Ding. Clever Seokjin. 
You nodded widely around his girth, gagging a little a process, but this time you owned it. He loved it. 
“Fuck.” He grunted, spreading his feet a little, planting himself to the tiles. “You really want my fucking cum.” 
You moaned, sending a fire of vibrations up his dick and you knew you had him. His hips stilled almost instantly, his cock rammed inside your mouth and you readjusted, using your tongue to coax his release. He came with a deep exhale like moan, stumbling forward with a surprised grunt as one of his hands reached out to slam into the wall behind you. You held him steady with your hands flat against his thighs, swallowing his cum down quickly because you definitely had a love hate relationship with the stuff. Dealt with swiftly, you more than welcomed it. 
Seokjin softly chuckled down at you as he fell from your mouth, now well on his way to growing flaccid and eased off as you straightened your back and made motions to stand (on shaky legs). He tucked himself back inside his underwear, the snap of the waistband making you flutter. Flutter where you wanted him to touch the most. 
You felt warmth as he hooked a hand around your hip, pulling you to him with a bashful grin. “That was worth getting fired for.” 
You giggled, wiping the sides of your mouth with the back of your hand before cupping the back of his neck, dragging him closer as you backed up against the wall. You liked when he crowded around you, liked feeling him against your body. Your body that was screaming for him right now… 
“No one’s getting fired,” you reassured, voice a murmur and then either you or he connected your mouths again. Couldn’t tell who – it was probably both of you. It was amusing that you were the one assuring him, Miss. Uptight who worried about every single little thing. He was the one was supposed to be carefree, yet this had all been your idea. 
Your hand dragged down his chest, feeling the hardness of his pecs, and for a split second you thought about taking him up on the offer of ditching the party and driving to his place. You wanted to get him naked, wanted to see what you could feel, and you really wanted to fuck him. Yet, you knew it was a bad idea. Even worse than sucking dick on the second floor of the office building. Possibly. 
“How long do you think we have before they throw a search party?” Seokjin asked, cupping your face with one hand as the other snaked down to your ass. 
“We still have time.” 
You and Seokjin were always at one another’s throats, no one would guess you were actually getting it on directly underneath them… You were positive. 
“Hm. Enough for me to return the favour?” He contemplated. 
You made a noise of agreement, nodding eagerly as you stretched for his mouth, unable to just. Stop. Kissing. Him. 
It turned hot and heavy immediately, decision now made, and you grasped at one another, kissing wildly. “I love touching you,” he grunted against your tongue, hands gripping anything he could. You had to agree, especially his shoulders. You’d never felt anything like them in your entire life, no wonder he had the upper body strength to hold you up. He was big. Big big, and it was driving you crazy. 
“This ass,” he growled, pulling away from your lips as both hands cupped the rounds of flesh, giving them a very keen and firm squeeze. Skirt bunched up at your hips he had the perfect access. You moaned, the heat between your bodies becoming unbearable and you nearly collapsed into him when one of his hands found its way to your core, cupping the sensitive flesh hesitantly. That was until he felt how soaked you were. It had seeped through your underwear, dampening your tights. It felt heavy and uncomfortable but you guessed that was soon to change now that he’d gotten his hands on you… 
“So fucking wet,” he purred, dropping his height a little to meet your eyes. His fingers slipped inside your panties, his index and middle finger running along your folds before a knuckle found your clit, your hips bucking. He rubbed the bundle of nerves rather lightly, but it was enough. You were beside yourself, any pleasure, however slight, blowing your mind. You moaned sweetly, hot air puffing against Seokjin’s lips. He smirked. “Someone’s very responsive.”
“Please,” you moaned, however you weren’t too sure what you needed to beg for. 
He loved it though, smirking wider. “There she is.” 
“Please, Seokjin,” you repeated, clutching to the neck of his sweater. Hazy memories of last weekend drifted into the forefront of your mind. Begging him for his dick. Sadly, you couldn’t have that right now, but there was always second best. 
Leaning in as if to kiss you he pulled back last minute, a teasing lilt to his tone as he asked you a question. “What do you want, baby?” 
You moaned again, the pet name not so bad after all and pressed into his touch, the headiness in his voice making you tremble with need. Your answer was simple. “Your fingers.”  
Seokjin wasted no time, yanking his hand away to tug at your hosiery. They didn’t budge, so he moved his other hand from your ass to help. Maybe the light sheen of sweat that painted your skin had stuck tight the nylon – or maybe he was just useless… 
“What the hell are these?” He huffed, clearly impatient. 
“Stop, you’re going to rip them,” you told him off. All you needed was to walk back inside the office with laddered tights… How very unsuspicious… 
“They’re dumb.” 
“I’m sorry,” you exclaimed, “wasn’t expecting us to be getting it on today.”
Seokjin paused what he was doing to shoot you a look of sheer judgement. “Getting it on?”
“Shut up,” you grumbled. Yes, maybe your choice of words were lame, but it still stood. You were getting it on right now!
He laughed and tugged at the waistband one last time, finally succeeding but also yanking down your underwear in the process. 
“Let me see you,” he strained out, gripping your hips and you had no time to feel embarrassed by your sudden waist-down nakedness. His eyes drunk up your soaked core, before he looked up at your face again, his right hand reaching for you, each brush of his fingertips turning you boneless. “Fuck. You have the best pussy I’ve ever seen.” 
He was kissing you again, pushing you further into the wall. Pussy. Under all circumstances that word was just yuck, but once again, coming from Seokjin it didn’t seem so bad anymore. It made your core leap, but that might have been something to do with the way he was nestling a deft, long finger inside of you. Your walls clenched around the intrusion as you moaned into his mouth and you gripped at his shoulders, rolling your hips as he started to curl the digit against your warmth. 
Ever so carefully he added a second finger, the burn easing quickly as pleasure took over. His thumb rubbed messy circles against your clit, your arousal beginning to squelch audibly inside the small room. You hooked your arms around his neck instead, pulling him closer and he grunted into your mouth, sounding unlike himself. 
“Seokjin–!” You mewled, falling from his mouth to catch your breath.
“Yeah, me,” he smirked, his free had rubbing small circles into your hip as he continued to give you what you wanted. “I love it when you say my name.” His lips landed on your throat and you pushed your head to the side, pretty sure you were moaning too loudly now but the stimulation was too good to ignore. You grew wetter. His fingers easily sliding in and out of you as he started to finger you quicker, the lewd squelching sticking inside your ears. 
“You’re soaked, Y/N. Did I do this?” He murmured against your ear before nibbling your lobe. You shuddered. “Sucking my dick made you so horny.” The hand on your hip slid to your ass, and he squeezed the meat hard, using it as leverage to go even faster. You squeezed around his fingers tightly, crying out. 
But then there was nothing but emptiness as he pulled them out, making you gasp out in shock. He looked playfully smug. “What’s up? Lost your voice?”
This fucker. Jungkook was right, you were going to murder him. Only not for going AWOL but for not giving you the orgasm you craved. Seokjin’s wet hand massaged the inside of your thigh, and you squeezed your legs together trying your best to ease the tension that was building up. 
“Seokjin, don’t fuck around.” You told him sternly, although your voice was anything but calm. 
“Am I fucking around?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear as he lowered his shoulders and stole another look at your needy heat. Something inside him changed then, as he let out a curse. “Shit. I wanna taste you.” His eyes pleaded with you. “Can taste you?” 
You were nodding before you realised, although you weren’t about to say please again – 
you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Instead you exhaled out a shaky yes. 
Squatting immediately he pulled the nylon passed your knees, lifting a foot to slip off one of your heels, the leg of your hosiery following soon after. You wobbled as he raised your foot higher and you reached out for his shoulders to steady yourself. 
“I got you,” he reassured. “I just need to spread you a little.” Hooking your foot on the bottom shelf of the cabinet next to you, your legs widened, giving him perfect access to where you needed him the most. “There,” he said, looking pleased with himself. 
His gaze soon darkened when he got a look at you and you braced yourself against the wall as he stalked nearer, a palm cupping your thigh before he followed the curve with his mouth, kissing his way closer and closer to your core. You groaned softly when his lips parted around your clit, warmth flooding you, slowly inking its way through your veins and darting his tongue out he brushed it against you slowly, repeating with the same rhythm until you were squirming, a hand reaching for his hair just for something to grip. 
He sped up, learning what your body liked quickly, dropping to one knee to sink further into you. You moaned pretty loudly when you felt his fingers press against your entrance, slipping inside, and you took him greedily and nosily, pushing into his tongue that had now curled around your clit as he sucked softly. 
You fell to pieces. Fingernails dragging along his scalp as you tugged at his hair. Which he seemed to love, by the way. If his grunting was anything to go by, his movements more determined, firmer. Each time he sucked, point of his tongue flicking against you, you lost it a bit more, gasping out in pleasure. Boy knew how to use his mouth, you were pleasantly surprised. 
He pulled back, his breath a little ragged and replaced his tongue with the pad of his thumb, rubbing tight, firm circles against your sticky clit. “You like getting your clit sucked. Noted.” He grinned, sending your stomach flipping. His mouth and chin were covered in your arousal, which he made no attempt to clean off. In fact, he went immediately back for seconds, licking a wide strip up your whole core, noises of satisfaction leaving him. 
“God, Seokjin,” you murmured weakly, dizzy and trembling. If he kept this up you were going to cum very soon. Especially with the way his fingers caressed your insides, pressing deep until he hit something that had you yelping. 
He looked triumphant as he dropped to both knees now, looking up at you, watching your reaction as he repeatedly curled against your g-spot. You squirmed around, pleasure becoming a little unbearable but oh, so addictive. 
“So, no one ends up fucking at the office Christmas party, huh?” He asked nonchalantly. This fucker was really having a casual conversation with you as he tried to bring you to your knees. By his smug grin, he knew what he was doing. 
Well, not on your watch. 
You bit back a moan, and shrugged, trying your best to sound normal. “We’re not going all the way so technically, that still stands.” 
He laughed loudly, genuinely amused, but his fingers had other ideas. He pulled out halfway, straightening his digits to fuck into you – hard. You choked out, feeling him slowly withdraw, letting you catch your breath before he repeated. And repeated. And repeated…
You were close to seeing stars, the moans rolling freely from your mouth as you clung to his hair. He was evil. “Seok–oh, shit,” you cursed, feeling him deep inside you yet again. “Seokjinnn.” 
“What is it, babe?” He asked, acting oblivious. At the name you clenched around his soaked fingers. “I knew you loved it when I called you that.” You didn’t have time to chew him out because his tongue was washing against your clit again, curling around it, prodding it, sucking it… Your eyes rolled back, a thin sheen of sweat coating your neck and chest, and you knew you weren’t long for this world. You were ten seconds away from becoming a puddle on the floor. 
“Gonna cum, baby?” You squeezed around his fingers again, clit pulsing against his tongue. “You love that too.” You could feel his shit eating grin against you but didn’t care.  
“Don’t stop,” you demanded, out of breath. 
“Not planning on it,” he affronted, licking up your folds once again. You gasped loudly, clenching your eyes tightly closed. You were hanging over the pinnacle, just a little more and you’d fall. You were this close to coming and you might explode in the process. 
“I’m going to make this pussy cum so good. So fucking good,” Seokjin almost goaded, which was in fact, what pushed you over the edge. You came with a loud, strained cry, white hot pleasure that exploded behind your eyelids. 
He made sure to rinse you for all you were worth, until you were writhing out of his grip, your grasp on his hair easing and then he was jumping to his feet, his mouth suddenly on yours with a grunt, kissing you like crazy. You couldn’t tell who was out of breath more.
“Tonight.” He announced ferociously. “Tonight. Please come over and let me fuck you.” 
You moaned at the thought, your tongues turning messy as you tried to concentrate and form words. “My place. I live alone. We can be as loud as we like.” 
Five minutes later you were back in your tights, knees wobbling together as you tried to slip into your shoe. There wasn’t time for more chitchat – or kissing, you needed to get back to the office before someone came looking for you both. 
“So does that mean you forgive me over Rosal & Steinar?” Seokjin asked curiously, still fairly out of breath. He’d wiped his mouth now, in attempt to clean himself up, but his bangs were slightly kinked, forehead shiny and his cheeks were very much still red. 
You turned to him and smirked. “Another orgasm and maybe.” 
He chuckled. “I’m positive that can be arranged.” You didn’t doubt it. “No, but really,” he carried on, taking you by surprise when he clasped your hand, rooting you to the spot. “You know I had to do it, right? I felt terrible but there weren’t many options.” 
His eyes pooled with sincerity and you found yourself softening, growing touched. It was nice to know he hadn’t done it out of spite – although why he would have seemed pretty ludicrous to believe now… No, you’d just been bitter. 
“I know, Seokjin,” you smiled, giving his hand a squeeze. “I’ve forgotten about it.” He looked a little sceptical. “I forgive you,” you insisted with a laugh. It was either he closed the deal or they found another company… They were legitimately the only two options. You got it. 
He returned your smile, finally accepting your reassurance, and you tugged at his hand, opening the storeroom door. You needed to leave. Now. 
But –
Turning back at him over your shoulder, you shot him a playful grin. “Doesn’t mean I won’t steal them back next year though.” 
His eyes widened in surprise before they lit up, his laughter loud down the empty hallway.
“Game on, baby.”
“Do I look acceptable?” 
You and Seokjin were mere inches from the door leading into the office, your whispers nervous as you hesitated about going inside. You needed to get your best lying face on. ASAP.
“Hang on,” you said, reaching up to adjust his Santa’s hat. The flush on his face had paled, thankfully. “There we go. What about me?”
“Hm.” He pondered, cupping your face to stare down at you, worrying you actually. “I still think we look like we were giving mad head in the storeroom.” 
“Stop,” you groaned, pulling away from him as you realised he was only teasing. You were still pretty sticky downstairs, but you were sure you looked visibly presentable. “You’re going to make it obvious.” 
Finally plucking up the courage, you pushed the door open and stepped inside, Seokjin following. Your Christmas playlist grew louder instantly and of course, the first person you saw was Jungkook, ass perched on your desk for some reason, snacking on a bowl of olives. He popped them like they were grapes. He better not have dripped olive oil over your keyboard, you’d kill him. 
“Ah, look who turned up to their own party,” he exclaimed, standing up. He dropped the bowl right next to your desktop and wiped his fingers into his jeans, striding towards you both. 
You took a deep breath and went for that Oscar. “Blame Seokjin,” you fumed. 
“Where the hell did you disappear to?” He laughed, directing his question to Seokjin who stood behind you still. 
“I, uh... I...” 
You rolled your eyes inwardly. If he fucked this up, well then, he wasn’t fucking you tonight…
“I went to grab a cake.” 
A fucking cake. He’d walked in empty handed. Great white lie there, Seokjin… 
Jungkook looked back and forth between you, his face contorting in confusion. “So... Where is the cake?” 
You needed to save this idiot. “Dummy forgot to order it,” you sneered, walking past Jungkook to grab the bowl of olives. 
“Hey,” Seokjin exclaimed, sounding way too offended for it to be acting, just as Jungkook burst into laughter. You didn’t know what Seokjin expected, he’d walked straight into that one. 
“I really thought she’d killed you,” Jungkook told his friend, whacking his shoulder. Seokjin’s eyes widened in warning, a hand coming out to karate slice the younger guy’s neck. 
“I went easy on him,” you grinned, stopping them before they started wrestling for real. “– Y’know, Christmas spirit and all that.” 
That caught Seokjin’s attention. You looked at one another properly for the first time since you’d stepped inside. Eyebrows raised he looked entertained. “You went easy on me?” 
“Yup,” you nodded, unable to hide your smirk.
His expression changed for a split second, a glimmer in his eyes that made you mildly feverish at the thought of him getting his hands on you later on. 
“Duly noted,” was all he replied, and you shared a smile before Jungkook interrupted. 
“I saved you both some food. Come on,” he motioned with his hand. 
“Thanks, JK,” Seokjin bellowed, clapping his back. 
You followed behind them, nerves easing up. “Yeah, thanks, Jungkook.” 
If anything, Seokjin was the one who got grilled the most during the rest of the party, he had been the one to disappear after all, so it was fun watching him squirm as Hoseok demanded answers. He looked a right fool for “forgetting” to order a cake, but he’d brought it all on himself so you couldn’t feel too sorry for him… 
He was also risking a lot when he felt up your ass as you were finding his stupid Secret Santa gift in your desk drawer, ready to exchange with everyone. You straightened up immediately, pushing his hand away just in case anyone noticed – Mina was literally a desk away from you, although she was too busy giggling at Jungkook who was acting up on the karaoke machine to notice anything. 
Seokjin winked as you glared at him. “Can’t wait for tonight.” 
You pointed your index finger between his eyes. “Behave or I’ll cancel.” 
But, you both knew you were just talking shit… 
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