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#jin guangshan

Apparently, I need 20 rewatches to understand things.

Anyhow, there is this scene in the MDZS donghua Episode 20 at the very end when Wei Wuxian sees events through Wen Ning’s eyes; The scene where Jin Guangshan can be seen in what appears to be some torture chamber / cave, based on the iron chains in the background. And I kept wondering what exactly it is…

Well, I never noticed that most probably it is Su She beside him (and a nameless Jin disciple).

So Wei Wuxian sees with Wen Ning’s eyes, sees some snippets from the past…


The first thing wwx see is: Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen, Jiang Cheng. Random Jin disciples. Please note the the Lan disciples behind Lxc - the clothes he wears (Lan colors but without the collar like lxc)…


Then, wwx sees the scene with jgs. Jgs walking out of some torture chamber,  framed by the nameless Jin disciple (which I cut out of the gif) and what presumably is Su She. He wears the same clothes as the Lan disciple in the above gif, without a collar, so I am pretty positive that it isn’t lxc we see in this scene (who also had absolutely no reason to be with jgs anywhere…)


Then, in the next scene we see wwx remove the nails from Wen Ning’s head. He says, surprised: “Gusu Lan, Lanling Jin.”


So, presumably, this scene with jgs and sms shows the moment right before/after the nails were inserted into Wen Ning’s head.

And fuck, this hurts. I hurt.

On another note: the subtitles of what jgs asks is the following: “Any progress?” and gets the response(?) “Everything is going well” - though I’d be really curious if that is actually what is said in this scene…

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So I wrote a little something as THANKS for @ashans - I hope you’ll like it 🖤

Of Peonies and Bees

Getting the s/ex talk from the parents is mostly embarrassing in itself. Getting it from Jin Guangshan is a different matter entirely.

—or: the inherent problem that Jin Guangshan has neither shame nor a filter. Jin Zixuan is rightfully mortified.

  • Relationships: Jin Guangshan & Jin Zixuan
  • Tags: S/ex Education, Misogyny, Mild H/omophobia, JGS being his awful self
  • Gen | 1.9k | rated T+

read on AO3

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The whole Jin family is too big, and everyone fucking hates each other, so crack it is.

Honestly if this family isn’t crack its just plain sad.

Anyways, fake summary time!

  • Jzx, the only hope this family has left, decided it would be a great idea to get everyone together! I think he’d be super family oriented.
  • That means like twenty or so half-siblings he managed to find (there’s more) all mingle. + jgy!
  • All of them are insane. Not like, jgy’s level of… you know, but they’re a crazy bunch. except for one who lives on a small farm and has a pet sheep. he’s cool. :)
  • Jgy is actually wondering if it’s too late to spike the drinks and kill everyone. But sadly, he invited lxc, who invited nmj, who brought along nhs, who is way too happy abt everyone’s suffering, and who also invited along wwx. Wwx declined, because he gets to spend the holidays being exorcised by lqr. Oof.
  • Anyways, jgy hates this. Everyone hates this. The only good thing abt it is everyone dislikes jgs, so they’re all plotting jgs’ death. Honestly, the holidays are just an excuse for them to daydream abt murdering jgs, which, valid.
  • Jgy meeting likeminded ppl! Woah.
  • Jgs probably spends the whole event flirting with the women, which, ew, bc he’s related to them one way or another.
  • At this point, even Madam Jin is abt to stab her husband.
  • jl is younger during the first couple holiday get togethers. He has a couple half-cousins he plays with. It’s fine. Really.
  • He makes a couple enemies, looks forward to seeing them only once a year. Most of the time, he just curls in a corner and sips his Yakult. As you do, when almost everyone in your family is batshit crazy.
  • Jyl is possibly the only one not actively trying to murder jgs. Actively. She still thinks he deserves to rot in hell.
  • By the tenth get-together, there are so many plots to kill jgs (who in this AU is a rich businessman) that they all coincide with each other. It’s a contest: who gets to murder that bastard first?!
  • Jgy probably wins, though he needed to enlist nhs’ help.
  • Anyways, the moral of this story is killing ppl is okay if they’re jgs. :)
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