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#jin guangyao

“Young Master, you’ve got something on your cheek.” Meng Yao says, gesturing to his own as he smiles politely at Nie Huaisang. The streak of ink was too wide to be written off as a beauty mark, it was as if Nie Huaisang had accidentally dragged the tip of his brush over his cheek.

“Here?” Nie Huaisang asks, dragging his thumb over the right spot, but on the wrong cheek, and then looking up at Meng Yao expectantly when no ink comes off.

Shaking his head, Meng Yao taps at his own cheek again, nodding when Nie Huaisang’s hand reaches for the correct cheek, though he misses the mark entirely this time. “My young master has been painting again.” Meng Yao sighs, pointing out the obvious as he turns and scans the room for a mirror. They’d be here all day if he let Nie Huaisang keep guessing at where the mark was.

It’s not until he steps away that he notices the ink still drying on Nie Huaisang’s hands. So that’s where the streak on his cheek had come from, Meng Yao is surprised the stains hadn’t reached his robes yet.

He should be frustrated, he’d asked Nie Huaisang time and time again to be careful while he painted, but the only thing he can manage is a fond, tired smile as he reaches into his sleeve and pulls out a handkerchief.

“Perhaps my young master should allow me to take care of it.”

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DRAWTOBER #22 -  As Dawn Goes Down to Day by whydidoth

Lan Xichen smiles again, and Jin Guangyao wants to brush his fingers over the lines of Lan Xichen’s face, memorize how happiness contorts his expression. He wants to hold Lan Xichen in his hands in order to make this moment feel more real, to have something solid keeping him here, so he is not simply scattered like dandelion seeds at the first breath of wind.

this one is a short, cute little oneshot fic that I really really like not only because it’s soft and fluffy and wholesome, but because xiyao get to be kind of goofy, and that’s weirdly uncommon in fics? why are people so reluctant to let xiyao have fun and muck about and tease each other??? relationships aren’t gonna work if all you do is have fraught emotional conversations and fuck! #let xiyao goof about 2020

anyway it’s a lovely intimate snapshot of an afternoon where they talk about music and xichen steals jgy’s hat and plays with his hair and then jgy uses xichen as furniture and they’re a little bit silly and xichen sort of proposes 👌 perfect. what more do you want from a fic. 

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“Somewhere along the line, you must have thought this was a good idea,” the emperor said. His voice was low and deep, dangerous.

Jiang Cheng kept his eyes fixed on the wall in front of him – the harem wall, where men were most decidedly not allowed to go – and said nothing. There wasn’t any point. No matter how he’d gotten here, he was here, violating ancient rules for which the punishment was clear: castration at best, execution at worst.

His sole comfort was that at least he didn’t have any family to be executed alongside him for his crime.

After all, women married out, which meant Jiang Yanli was no longer part of his family, and Wei Wuxian – well.

Wei Wuxian had made his choices long ago.

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one of the grey areas in mdzs that I don’t think we discuss often is that lan xichen and meng yao are together responsible for a tremendous breach of trust and creation of trauma towards nie mingjue for which one of them (lxc) seems to be forgiven and the other (my/jgy) isnt, but like, even the fact that lxc was forgiven is truly a matter of how long lasting that friendship was.

lan xichen is one of nie mingjue’s closest friends AND is working under nie mingjue during his capacity as the apparent general of the Sunshot Campaign and he never once discloses the identity of the spy he’s getting his information from during the war proper, even when asked. this directly results in the fact that when nie mingjue is captured late in the war, forced to watch his men be murdered, taunted with his father’s murder and with being murdered in the same grisly fashion as his father was, and beaten, he’s enduring all of this without any idea of that he’s supposed to have help in this room with him, that this is anything less than what it seems - pre-emptive torture by qishan’s head torturer (because that seems to be meng yao’s role, being the man who invented many of wen ruohan’s favorite tools of torture)

lets acknowledge that all of those are traumatizing events that could absolutely create PTSD and would cause lasting trauma

only AFTER wen ruohan is dead and AFTER meng yao has done all of this is it revealed to nie mingjue that meng yao was a spy and its treated in both canon and fanon as a gotcha, as if nie mingjue should just not be angry anymore, not even an hour after experiencing all of this, because look! RETROACTIVELY you know this man wasn’t going to kill YOU. you RETROACTIVELY know that you were not in real danger from the man who murdered your subordinates in front of you

this is, in my firm opinion, probably the worst things Lan Xichen ever did to Nie Mingjue, especially when the sole explanation for it all comes down to “i did not trust your professionalism as the general who is leading and coordinating our forces to be great enough that you would put the war first and over look that the spy sending us (seemingly*) reliable information is someone who personally betrayed you** and who you witnessed committing murder, but now that he’s hurt and traumatized let me use that as a get (him) out of jail free card”

maybe there wasn’t another choice in lxc’s mind, but this is ultimately one of his huge grey areas pre-burial mounds, his participation in what is absolutely a huge betrayal, and the fact that mere hours to days later he asked nie mingjue to swear brotherhood to him and meng yao is truly something i think we as fandom should discuss more

3zun is complicated on all sides because there is some degree of tension and fucked-uppedness happening everywhere between them.

*= seemingly, because there is a justified reading of canon that nie mingjue’s capture was a deliberate ambush facilitated by meng yao and lan xichen, in that information from meng yao delivered by lan xichen says that the area they’re going to should be a soft target open for ambush and instead Wen Ruohan was waiting with extra forces, so. probably not a coincidence.

**= in the novel specifically, after beint caught in murder and asked to turn himself in, meng yao stabs himself in apparent suicide for honor. nie mingjue rushes to help him and transfers him spiritual energy and in that moment meng yao paralyzes him spiritually and stands up revealing he’d deliberately stabbed himself non-fatally, and runs away leaving nie mingjue frozen in a recent battlefield. in cql the betrayal is arguably much less personal than that

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The biggest plot twist for me in CQL was when they revealed that JGY got married…… TO A WOMAN. I legit spent that entire episode wondering if it was just another one of his tricks, and was waiting for the shoe to drop. Only found out at the Guanyin Temple that he actually did like her? How bro? You had more chemistry with Lan Xichen and Su She.

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it is a Tragically under-discussed subject!! the way people talk about wei wuxians love for lan wangji vs lan wangjis love for wei wuxian is actually something that really bothers me… I can never pin point the exact difference but it Is there n it makes me,, uncomfortable for some reason. everyone talks so much about how lan wangji looks at wei wuxian and all of the things he does for him and his devotion and how profound his love for wei wuxian is and… of course thats all true! and its wonderful and moving and beautiful!! but so is wei wuxians love for lan wangji n I just.. never see it discussed that much and when it is it’s usually in a very different way?

like wei wuxian loves lan wangji so much he loves him SO much it’s just that I think it takes a very different shape, and wei wuxian isn’t given a lot of opportunities to do these big grand gestures of love for lan wangji like lan wangji is for him yknow?

but… what about the way that wei wuxian is always just So excited about lan wangji? not only to see him and talk to him but he’s just so.. enthusiastic and Thrilled about lan wangjis existence in general. what about how he was the first one to call them soulmates? how he says it repeatedly? what about the way that wei wuxian looks at lan wangji? the fact that he tells lan wangji to just pretend he didn’t know wei wuxian was back because he doesn’t want lan wangji to be ridiculed or put in danger? what about wei wuxian painting a rabbit on their lantern and telling lan wangji he made it specifically for him? how he knocks himself free from lan wangjis grasp on the cliff only after lan wangji is put in danger of falling with him? what about “if I am doomed to death, at least I could be killed by you; that would be worth it”?  the fact that lan wangji is one of the very first things wei wuxian thinks about after being resurrected? how he plays wangxian on a fucking Leaf while he daydreams about him? the fact that, even though he’s injured himself, wei wuxian saves the medicine wen ning gave him so he can give it to lan wangji? and how he offers to carry him? how he finds a way to get the wens to stop so that lan wangji can rest and drink water? how he brings the water to him himself? how about the fact that wei wuxian plays wangxian to calm himself and others? what about how, even though he didn’t end up being able to do it, wei wuxian, who is dirt fucking poor at the time, insists on paying for lan wangjis meal in yiling and Still Feels Bad About It several years, one death, and a resurrection later? what about the way wei wuxian takes care of lan wangji when he’s drunk? how he guides him around and makes sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble and helps him drink water and tucks him into bed and tells him that in the morning he must remember one thing - that what happened to wei wuxian was not his fault, that he should not blame himself? how he misses lan wangji when they aren’t talking during the sunspot campaign? how he thinks of him when he’s sad and drunk and reminiscing in the burial mounds? how about out of all of the voices wei wuxian hears calling to him when he first falls into the burial mounds, lan wangjis wei ying is the thing that gets him to look up, the thing that gives him hope? the fact that in wei wuxians sorrow and grief and helplessness over jiang chengs missing core, he immediately and ecstatically thinks of lan wangji, insists that he Must be able to help? how wei wuxian Always defends lan wangji from any unfair criticism, even snapping at jiang cheng about it? what about how when he’s being held hostage by jin guangyao, wei wuxian tells lan wangji to leave and go find help? not because he thinks he’ll really be able to, not because he thinks anything productive will actually come from it, but because wei wuxian wants lan wangji to be Safe, because he doesn’t want lan wangji to see him die again

and what about just… the fact that after he’s resurrected, wei wuxian trusts lan wangji to take care of Him and to love Him? he trusts lan wangji to protect him from dogs and to keep him safe at yi city and to take care of him in the cloud recesses after he’s stabbed at koi tower and says that lan wangji is All He Needs to keep him from getting hurt at the second seige. he lets lan wangji carry him and bring him alcohol and play him music and Love him

maybe I’m looking too much into it or making connections that aren’t there but… I think some of how wei wuxians love for lan wangji is talked about and treated differently than lan wangjis love for wei wuxian has something to do with the way that people view nd and traumatized people/characters and how we express love and affection. wei wuxian shows his love in very different and unique ways that, to me, are connected and influenced by his trauma and the fact that he’s adhd coded. but the point is!!! wei wuxians love for lan wangji is just as striking and monumental and heartwarming n I think we should talk about it more..

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not to like… ignore that jgy is a fucking snake or anything but… when he finally drops all his masks and ‘I’m so harmless and delicate i need someone big and strong to help me’-bullshit and does and says EXACTLY what he’s thinking without pretending he isn’t a huge bastard??? 

like, not to be weird about it but… hot…

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Jin Guangyao may not want to hurt Lan Xichen, but he keeps the information tucked away in case he need to keep Hangung-Jun in line.

Ohh, imagine how betrayed Jin Ling feels when one of his only friends turns out to be from the wicked Wen clan. He probably comes around after a while but that initial reaction causes a lot of damage.

Meanwhile Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are becoming helicopter parents who are ready to kill and/or maim for their son.

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