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#jin guangyao

Introduce yourself by waiting for the person, that caught your attention, being close to tears and has just taken a massive bite of bread. THEN go say hi

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3Zun but Jin Guangyao is a particularly moody cat. 

Or should I say… Jin GuangMEOW?? 

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the weakness of falling in love - roquen - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
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reworked sangyaos from last year! they are still gossiping…

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I just love Wen! Yao very much ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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random au that decided to kneecap my brain on this low-sleep morning: something something handwavey Empathy bullshit time travel fic to precanon but WWX and JGY both get pulled back AND get stuck into each other’s bodies

- WWX in baby meng yao’s body has to get REALLY good at dirty fighting REALLY fast because he Cannot Shut Up and keep his head down still despite now being a frail-ass child with zero safety net

- meanwhile JGY in baby WWX’s body is like ‘i have only had jiang yanli for a day and a half, but if anything happened to her—’

- I desperately want WWX to encounter tiny Xue Yang somehow and be like ‘well maybe if I…. befriend…. if that’s possible…. this asshole it’ll do SOME kind of damage control also i don’t want JGY to have him’ and baby Xue Yang after initial mistrust goes super ride or die for him so they become accidentally really good bros (with some…. overtones as they get older, possibly…)

- meanwhile Jiang Fengman finds his adopted son suddenly REALLY INSISTENT about taking a trip to Moling for… reasons, and once there pointing out a random kid and basically begging that they take him home with them. Weird, but the kid does seem to have some cultivation talent and he wants to humor wwx, and that’s how Su She winds up having a way less traumatic school experience in this lifetime

- JGY!WWX grows up as the darling of the cultivation world. Sure he’s technically the son of a servant, although he always makes sure to politely but insistently introduce himself as his mother’s son, but he’s the very model of an accomplished and graceful young gentleman. chugs Respect Women juice, polite to his superiors, kind to his inferiors, some people think he seems Sneaky but they’re probably just jealous

- WWX!MY manages to put off ‘his’ mother (who he winds up deeply caring about) about going to see JGS until she dies, whereupon he breaks out the demonic cultivation, teaches it to Xue Yang, and grimly heads for the only sect he’s sure he can get a foot in the door with, plus the one where he hopes to find some important people—the Wen. he winds up getting WAY more emotionally involved with the shitty main family than he intended due to his incurable Getting Attached to People Disease, and also works to develop friendships with Wen Ning and a very suspicious Wen Qing

- all this to say: the disciples that the Wen seemed to send almost as an insult to Cloud Recesses encounter, on the first day, the disciples sent by the Jiang sect; and everyone around them, even those they know well, have no idea what’s being communicated by the glare exchanged by always-smiling golden child Wei Wuxian and the pretty-but-deadly-and-obviously-very-fucked-up Wen Yao

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I genuinely love the fact that Xue Yang seems to approach that as a very “no hard feelings, it’s chill” thing - sometimes a friend tries to have you killed! it’s not that big a deal, come on.

I mean, there’s a potential read on that line of sarcasm (I don’t know in the original, implications and usage might be different) - my friend who’s a really good actor - but my personal headcanon is that he just kind of accepts Jin Guangyao trying to have him killed as nothing really personal, just one of those things. 

also because…Jin Guangyao knows where Xue Yang is, clearly (Su She showing up right before he dies), which suggests to me that they have been in touch post-three years of domestic bliss. my personal headcanon is that Xue Yang goes back to Jinlintai in a state of desperation and slightly unhinged looking for resources for his resurrection quest like “look, I know you tried to have me killed but NO HARD FEELINGS can you help me I can still be a useful demonic cultivator to have on retainer in secret?? :D :D”

so they’re friends again is what that means! absolutely. 

(and like. he’s not exactly wrong, not completely, Jin Guangyao’s Xue Yang feelings are complicated in some ways but he does genuinely like him. and now he has more of a means of, like. keeping him in line, which helps his anxiety.)

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feel like I’ve been posting a lot of xueyao excerpts lately but you know what. sometimes that’s just how it is.

Xue Yang, when he found him, was in one of his moods: eyes feverishly bright, moving constantly like if he stopped fidgeting he’d die, talking so fast one thought sometimes overlapped and bled into another. 

“Have you slept,” Jin Guangyao asked him, starting to develop a headache.

“No,” Xue Yang said. “Haven’t you been listening? I was busy.”

Jin Guangyao kept himself from sighing.

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Oh I hope that doesn’t happen, I like JGY and I do not want the fandom to put me off him entirely. He’s fun because he’s a villain! Don’t take that away from him!

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Wei Wuxian: Rocky Road, because he walks that crooked “path”

Lan Wangji: Butter Pecan, because he’s a fuddy-duddy

Jiang Cheng: Black Cherry, because he’s angsty but we can see through it

Lan Xichen: Mint Chocolate Chip, because he’s a breath of fresh air

Jin Guangyao: Neapolitan, because who even knows this man’s true personality and motivations

Nie Mingjue: Pistachio, because you don’t mess with him

Nie Huaisang: Coconut, because the inner workings of his mind are an acquired taste and you can’t trust them

Jiang Yanli: Green Tea, because she’s better than all of you

Wen Ning: Cookies & Cream, because he’s got the best of both worlds (living and dead, that is)

Wen Qing: Coffee, because this woman went through enough and deserves a pick-me-up

Jin Ling: Chocolate Peanut Butter, because this boy’s lack of chill is thick and I adore him

Lan Sizhui: Cookie Dough, because *squish*

Lan Jingyi: Mango Tango, because he’s on a different level of fun

Ouyang Zizhen: Red Velvet, because he deserves more attention

Xiao Xingchen: Vanilla, because this man is too pure for the world

Song Lan: Chocolate, because he’s Xiao Xingchen’s perfect soulmate

Xue Yang: Corn On The Cob, because all he wanted was to be a farmer husband and he sticks in your teeth (before cutting out your tongue)

A-Qing: Strawberry, because she’s cheeky

Jin Guangshan: Banana, because he’s disgusting

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Nie Mingjue: You actually like Jin Guangyao?

Lan Xichen: Yes. Why not?

Nie Mingjue: Well, it’s just that— that—

Lan Xichen: Is there something wrong with him?

Nie Mingjue: …….

Lan Xichen: … Da-ge?

Nie Mingjue: I’m just thinking about the question.

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damnation of one’s own making (4512 words) by Mayarene Rose

Chapters: 1/1

Fandom: 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV), 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Relationships: Niè Huáisāng & Niè Míngjué

Characters: Niè Huáisāng, Mèng Yáo | Jīn Guāngyáo, Niè Míngjué

Additional Tags: Dark, Heavy Angst, Time Loop, except instead of shipping it’s just all the murders, Murder, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm


In the space of a breath, between one life and the next, Nie Huaisang closes his eyes one moment as Jin Guangyao takes his last shuddering breaths.

In the next, he wakes up and opens his eyes to familiar rays of sunlight streaming through his window.

Nie Huaisang is stuck in a time loop starting the day before his brother dies and ending when he, inevitably, kills Jin Guangyao for it.

I wrote a thing!!

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ok but good place au where the 3zun and nhs are being used to torture each other in the afterlife:

  • jgy and nmj are already torturing each other all through canon so that one is obvious
  • nmj and nhs reunion looks great at first, until nmj realizes how similar nhs has become to jgy, and his disapproval crushes nhs
  • nhs and jgy are finally openly fighting after years of nhs bottling up shit and, fellas, fur is flying
  • lxc starts out on the “jgy sucks” side with the nie bros, but jgy is so good at puppy dog eyes and emotional manipulation that lxc ends up doubting everything again and he waffles. lxc’s waffling is INFURIATING to both nie bros
  • lxc is still upset at nhs for lying to him and using him so he’s avoiding nhs, nhs doesn’t have jgys advantages in trying to convince lxc that he deserves a second chance (and at this point hes not really sure he deserves one anyway) so they both just stew in silence
  • lxc and nmj start out fine but the guilt from being (unwitting) party to nmjs murder keeps eating away at lxc. every time nmj says it’s not his fault it just gets worse. then when the waffling abt jgy starts happening, nmj is indignant. hasn’t lxc learned anything?

things look bleak for everyone for a while, but they have all the time in the world now! so they eventually end up resolving all of their issues and become a POWERFUL unit working together.

…..until the bad place resets them all and they start all over again!

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hmm i think jgy did a lot of things wrong and many of his actions weren’t exactly justifiable but something about people saying that he should have just accepted his place in society and not sought out power, allowing himself to be looked down on and disrespected for his whole life just feels… wrong. the whole tragedy of jgy is that he had no good options and saying he should have just been happy with mingjue/xichen/whoever else rather than going after his own ambitions feels like agreeing with the idea that some people are born into power and some people aren’t and that isn’t supposed to change.

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the untamed rewatch → one gifset per episode

↳ episode 004

Teacher, spiritual energy is energy, and resentment is also energy. If you store spiritual energy in your core, you can split mountains and fill oceans. You are able to make use of it. As for resentment…why can’t we make use of that?

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