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#jin ling
soursoppi · 2 days ago
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the lan bun band and their dancers
wallpaper version :)
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littlesmartart · a day ago
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DRAWTOBER #26 -  merry christmas ya filthy animal by belovedmuerto
Eventually, they land in Los Angeles. Yanli is practically bouncing in her seat with excitement, and A Ling has caught her mood, giddy and babbling at both of them.
Jin Zixuan just really loves his wife, you guys.
look, I know it’s terrible to recommend you read christmas fics when it’s still pre-halloween, but I really fucking love this one. it’s such a gorgeous little slice-of-life modern AU dealing with the complexities of travel in a foreign country and the joy of reconnecting with family and it’s just. it’s cute. it’s wonderfully cute. take a read if you want a big smile on your face!
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angstymdzsthoughts · 2 days ago
JYL gives birth early and suffers depression leaving the newborn JL at the Burial Mounds letting everyone think she had a miscarriage. WWX the only one knowing the truth raises A-Yuan and A-Ling together.
JGY changes plans because he finds out about JYL giving away JL to WWX as well as overhearing JGS making a comment about disposable Jins. WWX finds himself blackmailed by JGY to help JGY become Sect Leader on pain of a seige of the Burial Mounds for 'Stealing' the Jin Sect heir. Later WWX ends up taking in baby Jin Rusong on JGYs orders.
WWX cannot act against any of this as JGYs support is the only thing keeping the Burial Mounds afloat, the Wen Remnants alive and his adopted sons (which he loves very much, thank you) with him, as a bonus JGY has no need for the Stygian Tiger Amulet.
As a result WWX and the Wen Remnants don't die, JGS mysteriously dies, Jin Zixuan and his seemingly barren wife (after the death of their second child) are shuffled off to Lotus Pier while JGY becomes Sect Leader by bloodless coup.
Years later the truth about everything emerges thanks to NHS. The angst is between JC and Jin Zixuan being shocked by JYLs actions, Jin Zixuan being desperate to see his son, WWXs decade plus long lowkey simmering fury at JYL over her abandonment of JL, LWJ putting his foot in his mouth over WWX forced aiding of JGSs evil (WWX did not know the full extent of JGYs dealings and was in no position to do anything even if he did) and what to do next.
The birth is not an easy one and Jiang Yanli ends up needing to stay with them for over a week in order to recover enough to make the trip back home. She only held her son three times during that time.
“I... I don’t want to,” she told her brother when he tried to offer the baby to her. She wouldn’t even look at Jin Ling. “I can’t A-Xian. I just can’t.” She bursts into tears when she sees the way her little brother looks at her- lost and hurt and disgusted by her actions.
She gives them money, almost everything she had with her and promised to send more. She told Wei Wuxian that she would come up with a lie. She said it would be best if they not meet again and their goodbyes felt like a last time.
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vivilion · a day ago
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little red riding hood
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hanguangjunnnnn · 2 days ago
Lan Sizhui: The sky looks beautiful tonight.
Jin Ling: You know who else is beautiful?
Lan Sizhui, blushing: Who?
Lan Jingyi, squeezing himself between them: Me.
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korpikorppi · 2 days ago
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Talking to your teenaged nephew 😄. Wei Wuxian's face is a blast during this discussion in episode 34, with some of the best expressions. And then, suddenly, his expression softens, and you just know it is something about Shijie, either talking about her or seeing something of her in Jin Ling.
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thebiscuiteternal · a day ago
time for some more assorted observations and ideas from my twitter that were too small to get their own posts.
- All his life, Jin Ling has never given a thought about Nie Huaisang beyond “that guy who annoys shushu and shenshen and gives me stupid cute names,” but the first time Nie Huaisang greets him with a blank-faced bow and a polite “Jin-zongzhu” instead of a cheery “Hello, Beastie!” or “Good morning, Monster!”, he finds it aches in his chest a little.
- Lan “I say it to their faces all the time so it’s fine” Jingyi finally mouthing off to someone/something his status can’t protect him from, like an exceptionally powerful and easily-annoyed yao, and paying for it.
- Wei Wuxian vs. Xue Yang with the iconic line from Scream 4: “You forgot the first rule of remakes. Don’t fuck with the original.”
- It’s probably better for Nie Mingjue’s blood pressure that Nie Huaisang’s birdkeeping habits aren’t that well known outside of the sect, ‘cause he’d otherwise be burning a lot more proposals from affection-starved people who saw baby bro with his birds and thought “Gods, I wish he’d pet and praise me like that.”
- Meta I will never get around to writing comparing the necromancy in Mo Dao Zu Shi and Fullmetal Alchemist and how Wei Wuxian’s brand of fighting is very much like Father’s and perhaps people would have been less inclined to think the worst if he had fought more like Hohenheim instead?
- One Braincell Trio as the Sanderson Sisters. Ostensibly Wei Wuxian would be the leader, but God if Jiang Ching doesn’t radiate Winifred’s “I’m surrounded by idiots” aura so well. Singing required.
- IDK how many MDZS fans would have also watched Frasier, but Martin and Daphne’s mutual love of screwing with people is exactly the kind of friend/mentorship I want for Huaisang and Zizhen.
- Because I am still stuck on the donghua making Meng Shi and Nie Huaisang look like each other, imagine the social chaos if Jin Guangshan were to notice.
-  Yunmeng Reconciliation version of that scene in Practical Magic with the exorcism broom circle where everyone is exhausted as fuck and the sisters are lying on their stomachs talking out their issues but it's possessed by resentment ghosts!Wei Wuxian in the circle, Jiang Cheng on the other side.
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pocketfulofrecs · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
An Evening Well Spent by Admiranda / @ladypfenix
general | 2.6k | wangxian & jin ling | complete | family bonding time
Jin Ling had hoped for a quiet evening in getting to visit with his uncles that he didn't get to see very often. Things went a bit awry.
Dee’s thoughts - I really love this fic because it is such a soft familial story. It's just Jin Ling spending time and having innocent fun with his visiting uncles. DrunkJi is soft and cute as always, WWX is indulgent and in love, and JL feels utterly safe in their presence. It is amazing. I love it so much!
Ju’s thoughts - This fic is delicious! Exactly what this fandom needs: Jin Ling and Wei Wuxian bonding time! This fic is funny, as per Drunk LWJ, but it’s so sweet to read about JL accepting WWX and wanting to be close to him. A really good and fun read, I especially appreciate how well JL sees WWX (always in control of a situation).
Author’s tags: Post canon, Fluff, Canon Compliant, wwx and jl bonding, Drunk Lan Wangji, he got himself into this mess, wei wuxian is just along for the ride, playing with your favorite uncles
Remember to leave feedback to the author! <3 Comments and kudos feed the author’s soul.
Please be respectful to the authors and treat them kindly!
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Modern-with-cultivation!au junior quartet would ABSOLUTELY dress up as the ghostbusters for Halloween. I’ll admit tho that I don’t know the ghostbusters characters enough to decide who would dress up as who
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fanning-the-flames · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aaaaand the comic! Jin Ling catches himself a JiuJiu, based on the same scene from the movie. Why is Jin Ling calling random strangers JiuJiu (instead of ShuShu)? Because obviously Jiang Cheng is not a stranger…he recognizes his JiuJiu in every universe/reincarnation, no matter the blood ties or lack thereof.
I swear this was supposed to be two pages of fluff and then my stylus slipped and drew a third page for last minute (light?) angst. Then I figured I should give this a proper intro…hopefully the additions don’t distract too much from our favorite beam of sunshine!
More Maleficent!JC: [ 1 ][ 2 ]
This is almost certainly all I’ve got for this AU
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elysean · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
You're the one who loves him the most.
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nitoisneato · 2 days ago
Jiang Yanli would be the kindest mom ever, until Jin Ling loses his Tupperware at school
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plan-d-to-i · a day ago
Ugh that post about jcs horrible influence on jl makes me think about a post-canon scenario I like to think about when I'm falling asleep, where jl is so traumatized from everything that he doesn't want to cultivate anymore (for a while or permanently is changeable depending on how much angst I want at any given moment) and the only one showing him sympathy about it is wwx. In my book character development for jc is very unlikely to happen post canon but I have absolute faith in jl becoming a better person as he matures
Re THIS post.
That sounds like a very sad thing to think about while you're drifting off!! 🥲
I agree with your post canon impressions. In fact we have JingYi saying jc is right back on his bullshit- “Lan JingYi pouted, "They seem pretty fine. Sect Leader Jiang is the same as before, always lashing out at people with his whip.”". Meanwhile Jin Ling is a hands on Clan Leader who gets very upset to hear people are being turned away from Koi Tower without aid and makes it his priority to help! <3
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mdzs-owns-my-ass-i-guess · 13 hours ago
Jin Ling grows up to be a great sect leader. It does take time - a lot of time - to build credibility, to find trustworthy people, to learn how to navigate politics and intrigues and the machinations of being in a position of power before you are ready for it - but he does it, quite successfully too.
He always imagined his uncles, Jiang Cheng and Jin Guangyao, would help him.
Or at least, they'd teach him a bit more before they left him to face the world alone.
But Jin Ling has never been particularly lucky when it came to family - after all, he never really had one. Just some people that cared for him somewhat - not enough to put him above their desire for revenge (Jin Guangyao was quite ready to kill him back in Guanyin temple) or inability to accept the past (Jiang Cheng went into seclusion when Jin Ling needed him the most), but at least he didn't grow up on the streets, in poverty or (substantial) abuse.
A very low standard, Jin Ling knows. But even so, it is something. In many ways, he did grow up privileged - although he paid the price for it often. He still does. But he's past feeling sorry for himself.
He thinks back on his family experience often, now that he's wanting one of his own. He thinks how Jiang Cheng taught him to resent Wei Wuxian, who, in the end, wasn't really the monster everybody made him out to be.
How Wei Wuxian moved on and was happy living his second life because he learned to let go of the tragedies of his first.
How Jiang Cheng was never able to do that, no matter how long he stayed in seclusion.
He thinks how Jin Guangyao had everything anyone could have wanted - a loving wife, a son, loyal sworn brothers, titles, riches - and it still was never enough. How he died still angry and resentful and blind to all his blessings.
He thinks of his parents. How they died and he never got to meet them. How much he missed them back then and how he's never stopped.
He thinks of the legacy that was left for him, how the adults in his life always failed him somehow.
He wonders if he will be able to avoid making the same mistakes if he does decide he wants children. How would he even know he's doing something wrong? It's not like he has any experience in healthy love and parenthood - would it be better, perhaps, to never even try?
Unconsciously, his fingers starts toying with the clarity bell hanging off his robes.
Attempt the impossible, right?
Too bad he's become such a stranger to the Jiang sect.
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khattrann · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
dear diary today my cool uncle sighed at me send help
Based on this!
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