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#jin ling

Lan Jingyi, going in to hug Jin Ling:

Jin Ling: [pushes him away and assumes a fighting stance]

Lan Jingyi: Hey, why’d you push me?!

Jin Ling: You were trying to attack me!

Lan Jingyi: I was trying to hug you!!

Jin Ling: Why would you try to hug me?

Lan Jingyi: wHy woUld I tRy tO atTacK yOu??

Ouyang Zizhen: Remember the waffle incident?

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This was not ideal, she had been out just beyond Yi City, she had been working on a case with another of the Junior’s who had been sent back to Gusu, as it was just not safe out there for them. She would have also headed back, had she not realized her son was there. In response to that she had followed him, so now she was caught up in what ever this was.

She was not so fragile as her son thought, she had come a long way from Nightless City. She glanced to him in the fog. Her eyes were the same golden shade as her child’s and she gave him a look of amusement. “Normally, I don’t.” she said “I do like to keep you safe.” her tone was firm. Her blade rested easily in her other hand.


Luckily she had studied some of her brother’s tricks, and two fingers went to the side and formed a soft blue glowing light around her fingers which she attached to Jin Ling as it looped at the wrist. Bind or Bonding was what XianXian called it, but it was useful to not get lost in this fog. “Don’t pull to hard Rulan.” she warned “Or one of us will go sprawling.” she stated giving it a gentle tug to show him what she meant.

From her sleeve she pulled two scarves one of which she wrapped around her son’s face lightly the other around her own. “We don’t want to breath anything that might be bad.” she added and she lingered close to her son, allowing him to take point she would cover his back. “Yi–mean coffin City.” if that wasn’t enough to make concern grow.

@divinetouchedmuses[Jin Ling]

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Sizhui is sitting comfortably next to fairy, rubbing her soft belly with one hand while reading a book in his other. It’s idyllic, the air in Koi Tower fresh, a light breeze rustling through the trees.

Jin Ling joins them on the balcony, pausing only long enough to take Fairy’s face in his hands. “Look at you, my beautiful girl,” he says softly. “Aren’t you my sweet baby? Aren’t you my good girl? I love you.” He softly kisses her forehead, and she pants happily at him.

Sizhui looks up at his husband and smiles, but Jin Ling barely glances back at him, then walks away. Sizhui stares at his back as he goes, off the balcony, out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Sizhui and Fairy stare at each other for a moment.

“Hey!” Sizhui calls, too late, a little angry, a little bemused. “Asshole!”


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  • ok, so i think that the way JC reacted to JYL’s death was, while extreme, understandable. but. imagine. an AU where, when faced with JYL’s death literally in his arms, and his brother’s death fast approaching b/c all of these thousands of cultivators came to KILL HIM—JC does, in part, blame WWX, but he blames the cultivators more. they’re the ones who insisted WWX couldn’t be left alone, and maybe JC found out beforehand that Jin Zixun ambushed WWX, and that’s why JZX died? idk. point is:
  • JC sides with WWX, and the two brothers fight their way out of the Nightless City side by side, surrounded by Jiang disciples and bearing JYL’s body. they head straight to Koi Tower to pick up JL, and then from there to Lotus Pier, where they barricade themselves in
  • and, let’s say that this is the CQL version, so WWX thinks that all of the Wens are dead. which means Wen Yuan still becomes LSZ
  • so then the events of the future happen after 16 years of the cultivation world being divided. everyone eventually left Yunmeng alone, b/c the Jiang sect—who together slaughtered thousands of cultivators in their escape—don’t stray far from their home, and they’ve already proven themselves more than dangerous
  • JL grew up with two loving but bitter uncles and surrounded by supportive Jiang disciples. no bullying allowed. LSZ, LJY, and OZZ grow up believing that the Jiang sect is evil. and LWJ mourns WWX, believing that the man he loves hates everyone but the Jiangs now and that he won’t be accepted in Lotus Pier
  • and then canon would either split–b/c idk if the events with NMJ and JGY would happen the same now, or what would happen with MXY–or:
  • suddenly the Lan disciples come back with this demonic arm, and of course there’s no one more qualified to handle demonic energy than WWX. so LWJ gets his brother’s reluctant approval to seek out help, and to take a few disciples with him—not enough to appear like an invasion, but enough to fight their way out again if necessary.
  • and the juniors are all astonished, b/c um, hello, the Jiangs don’t seem evil? are you guys sure? and—and hey, wtf, LWJ definitely seems in love with this guy? cue matchmaking
  • OR
  • JL gets tired of not being allowed out of Yunmeng and sneaks out. he immediately runs into the other juniors, but obviously he can’t just tell them that oh, hey, he’s the heir to YunmengJiang and a perfect hostage if the cultivation world still wants them all dead—so instead they all have a fun adventure, while JC and WWX freak out and leave Yunmeng for the first time in 13/16 years in search of their idiot nephew. along the way, they run into LWJ—and suddenly JC is third-wheeling, how the fuck did that happen? he would like off this ride, JL!
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Reposting from the server cause I’m lazy & don’t wanna retype it

i headcanon jl as being stupidly ticklish and having to hide it because he’s scared ppl (coughjingyicough) will embarrass him in public

Ljy probably finds out when he accidentally brushes jl and jl just squeals or jolts away. Lsz is probably really confused when jl will stop arguing w/ ljy and just stare at him in terror whenever ljy just lifts a hand towards him

jl has to keep his deteriorating dignity intact and if that means not arguing with ljy then oh well

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