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Jin Ling noticed that he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking his dog and a pretty boy whistled him loudly. 

N/A: Idk what I’m doing, I just saw memes about Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi and I fell in love with the ship haha. A-Yuan is a Wen in this AU.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 21: Calamity

Jin Ling noticed he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking the dog in the nearest park, his uncle Jiang Cheng was sick of viewing him all day in bed just because his only friend isn’t in the city for the weekend.

“Get out the house and do something!” he yelled at him after the lunch.

A fucking winter Sunday’s afternoon.

What the hell?

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Better to confront an old mistress than new young mistress

Lan Jingyi was looking for a good man for his Dad after the whole Jin Guangyao fiasco, without noticing that the good man was right in front of him.

N/A:  Idk what I’m doing, another incomplete Xicheng AU with the juniors. Mention of homoparental families. 

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks. 

Day 20: Pillar


Lan Jingyi was looking for a good man for his Dad after the whole Jin Guangyao fiasco, without noticing that the good man was right in front of him when he came with his friends to Lotus Pier. Sitting in a table next to a decorated pillar.

“Would you like some spicy chicken wings?” Jiang Cheng asked to Jingyi, after discussing with his nephew as always.

Jingyi smiled radiant at the idea to eat his favorite dish, “If it’s not too much to ask.”

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Jin Ling questioning Lan Xichen’s purpose of appearance at the Lotus Pier like it’s his personal duty (because it is) would make one hell of a story.

“Wait—isn’t he supposed to be in isolation? When did that ended?” 🧐

“I thought Zewu-jun doesn’t accompany the juniors on night hunts anymore?”… “Sizhui’s is here too.” 😳

“Business matter, you say. Didn’t you also say that last week as well?” 🤔

“What the—did you sleep over?!” 😧

“Zewu jun, is this a personal or business matter? Considering this is the third time this week you came to the Lotus Pier.” 🤨

Lan Xichen the entire time: ☺️

Jiang Cheng: 😠😒🥺😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🤥

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En el que Jin Ling es un joven alfa que sabe lo que quiere, o al menos a quién quiere.

N/A: Yo quería escribir un Zhuiling, pero no sé que pasó asdasdas Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi Omegaverse AU porque quiero y porque puedo. 

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque Jingyi necesita más amor.

Día 15: Peonías


“Enlázate conmigo.” Le propuso Jin Ling al oído, estremeciéndolo mientras caminaban por el bullicioso mercado del Muelle del Loto.

Lan Jingyi se detuvo. Observó de reojo al alfa a su lado, pidiéndole enlazarse con él como quien habla del clima y propone salir a almorzar de picnic. ¿Qué demonios?


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En el que Jin Ling se entera de que su tío favorito tiene un hijo.

N/A: Tumblr me borró mi viñeta de Pagarás y no la pude recuperar, todavía me duele perder mi AU. Mención de personaje trans, familias homoparentales y Jin Ling siendo un hijo celoso.

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque quiero leer una historia donde JC es un hombre trans y esté enamorado del té chai. 

Día 14: Hojas.


“¿Por qué traes esa cara?”

Jin Ling suspiró, sin ánimos de discutir con su tío Cheng como lo hacia habitualmente.

“Tío, creo que eres la única familia decente que tengo.”

“¿Y recién te vienes a dar cuenta?” Jiang Cheng bufó con sorna, sirviéndole la cena a Jin Ling mientras dejaba reposar té de hojas con especias que tanto había anhelado beber en su descanso. Hada se sentó a su lado, pegando su hocico en su pierna como cada vez que quería que quería que le diesen comida de la mesa o las sobras.

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En el que Jingyi descubre que su padrastro engaña a su padre con otros hombres.

N/A: Tumblr me borró mi viñeta de Pagarás y no la pude recuperar, todavía me duele perder mi AU con familia homoparental. Mención de Xiyao. A little bit of angst (?) 

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque Jingyi necesita más amor.

Día 13: Conejos.


Jingyi abrazó con cuidado uno de los conejos de su tío Wangji, sin dejar de llorar desconsoladamente. Había intentado ser fuerte delante de Jin Ling, pero en cuanto había tomado el bus a casa no pudo evitar bajarse unas calles antes para correr a la casa de su primo llorando como un niño pequeño.

Sizhui lo observó preocupado, por primera vez sin saber qué hacer.

No había visto a Jingyi llorar así desde que eran niños.

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“Okay,” Lan Jingyi admits, flopping down on the ground as he digs his tent out of his qiankun pouch, “your Fairy has some redeeming qualities after all.”

“She saved your life!” Jin Ling sputters. “And all you have to say is ‘redeeming qualities’?! You apologise to her right now!”

Lan Jingyi clasps his hands around the qiankun pouch and a corner of tent canvas and bows deeply to the spiritual dog—said dog currently occupied with sniffing under a tree—from his seated position. “Oh most excellent dog,” he says, all exaggerated sincerity. “Please forgive this rude one for his intemperate words. You are truly a pearl among dogs, a queen of the night hunt!”

Jin Ling makes an aborted snarl of disapproval and stomps off to where his fellow Jin disciples are setting up their own camp on the other side of the clearing.

“Jingyi, don’t tease him,” Sizhui says from where he’s crouched in the center of the clearing getting a fire going. Lan Jingyi can detect the faintest thread of disapproval in his soft voice.

Lan Jingyi gets the tent out of its qiankun pouch and forces himself past his exhaustion to start actually setting it up. A couple of his juniors are setting up next to him. “He’s just such an easy mark,” he says as he works. “It’s impossible to resist.”

“‘Win friendships with kindness,’” Sizhui quotes and then there’s a sudden whoosh and crackle as his fire talisman leaps from his hand to the carefully built pile of wood.

“We’re already friends,” Lan Jingyi retorts. “Teasing is the prerogative of true friendship!”

“What’s this about true friendship?” Ouyang Zizhen wanders over from where he’d been organizing his own sect’s disciples and throws a casual arm over Sizhui’s shoulder. 

“Sizhui’s quoting the Lan sect house rules at me again,” Jingyi complains, finishing with his tent and starting to set up Sizhui’s.

“Jingyi’s teasing Jin Ling again,” Sizhui rejoins, leaning easily into Ouyang Zizhen’s arm.

“Well, let’s not argue,” Ouyang Zizhen says. He gestures to one of his disciples, who starts passing around water gourds. Ouyang Zizhen must have had them refilling everybody’s water bottles—thoughtful of him. “We should be celebrating! Another victory snatched from the jaws of death! A win over the forces of resentment in a triumph of inter-sect harmony.”

“Victory snatched from the jaws of death, just as Fairy snatched Lan Jingyi from the jaws of that guai,” Jin Ling announces as he returns to the center of the clearing, tent evidently set up.

Lan Jingyi rolls his eyes. “You’re really testing my commitment to inter-sect harmony right now, Jin-zongzhu.”

Jin Ling elbows him, but then helps him with Sizhui’s tent, so Lan Jingyi knows they’re okay.

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jin ling @ the juniors : my uncle has a hundred receipts to whoopass

*series of flashbacks*

jc : boy I’ll slap the CAP off your knees

jc : I’ll knock you into last NIGHT!

jc : I will SLAP your name out of the phone book and call Ma Bell, tell them I did it!

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Jingyi recordaba los detalles, los colores del cielo, la manera perezosa en que se movían las nubes y la calidez en los ojos grises del hombre sentado a su lado.

N/A: Otro what if Lan Jingyi fuese el hijo secreto del Xicheng, pero no lo sabe. Incompleto porque empecé a escribir muy tarde.

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque Jingyi necesita más amor.

Día 6: Talismán


Lan Jingyi sabía que antes de los seis años de edad había un vacío en su mente, como una laguna mental en la que no se había atrevido a nadar para averiguar qué había en sus profundidades. Había vivido en los Recesos de la Nube desde que podía recordar, razón por la que nunca se había planteado la posibilidad de que tuviera otra vida antes de perder la memoria.

No obstante, las cosas habían cambiado la noche en que había rescatado a la joven amante de ahogarse en el lago Biling.

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