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“Auntie, can you tell me what father was like when he was younger?”

“Sure, A-Ling.”


There’s a lack of Jin Ling and his Auntie Mianmian content in the fandom, so I am providing it for y'all to enjoy.

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Modern Untamed Roadtrip:

- Wei is driving. Cheng is in the passenger seat. They argue a lot because Cheng is a horrible backseat driver and Wei just wants to do his own things.

-Yanli and Zixuan sit on either side of the baby seat. Rulan is sleeping and Yanli has to tell the boys to be quiet before they wake him. They argue in whispers now. It’s not better but Yanli and Zixuan ignore it.

-Wangji is ignoring everyone. Probably has headphones in. Probably just staring out a window.

-Xichen sits in the far back because no one wants to. He’s also a back seat driver but much, much nicer about it than Cheng. Keeps quiet unless he feels it’s urgent.

-Qing and Ning sit in the back too. Ning plays games the whole time. Qing plays with him but pauses to give Wei and Cheng passive aggressive comments.

-Yuan sits with Wangji but ends up playing games with Ning over the seat. Has to stop for food and to pee every hour.

-Wei gets them lost purposefully ignoring Cheng’s instructions. Cheng yells at him and wakes up the baby. Xichen and Cheng are forced to switch places.

-Cheng now sits with Qing. At first they’re pretty passive aggressive with each other but it ends up being a pretty decent ride in the long run. They talk a bit when they’re done being upset.

- Wei gets them more lost. Wangji finally has enough and trades with Wei. He’s a surprisingly aggressive driver but great with directions. They get there without delay but everyone is secretly relieved to get there in one piece.

- Wei makes Yuan cry at least once when he gets bored in the backseat and decides to prank the kid a little. Cheng and Qing instantly get onto him. This is what unifies the two. They’re cool with each other after that.

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Alright so at the last grand sect meeting there were exactly FOUR (4) kids who kept calling me ‘uncle,’ some of which I’m pretty sure are my siblings’ kids, others I have never seen before in my life. So I’m just going to go through them all here, from most to least certain that they’re actually related to me.


Okay this one’s easy- Jin Ling, 100% certain we’re related, cuz I was there right after he was born. Calls me JiuJiu but only when he wants something. Kind of a brat, but honestly, knowing how bad Ah-jie spoiled me and Wei Wuxian growing up I shouldn’t have expected anything less. He’s got a heart of gold though, 10/10 would spoil him some more.


Please don’t judge, but it took me a while to remember that this one was actually my kin. But honestly even if he WASN’T, I’d be fighting tooth and nail to take him on as a Jiang disciple. Just??? He’s such a polite little fucker??? He always greets me so kindly and tries to be helpful when he and Wei Wuxian come to visit. The first time he called me ShuShu he looked like he was gonna cry he was so nervous, like how is this kid so sweet??? Who did he possibly get that from???


Alright this is where it gets tricky. Who’s freaking child is this??? He just started showing up to sect meetings with my brother and no one offered an explanation. Did you and Hanguang Jun adopt again??? Should I have sent a present??? Maybe he’s Zewu-jun’s kid??? Idk but this boy can put some food away, I swear to god this lil fucker comes to these meetings just to eat me out of house and home. He calls me Sandu-Shengshou to my face but I know for a FACT he asks Jin Ling if “SHUSHU” will let him swim in the ponds at Lotus Pier (the answer is no!!!)


Okay you CANNOT fool me here!!! This is the Ouyang kid!!! I know this one’s father, and I know that he is NOT my brother, so how could this one possibly be my nephew?! He’s NOT Ah-Jie’s!!! He’s NOT Wei Wuxian’s!!! So he’s not— …Actually if a kid is deliberately trying to create a found-family for themselves, you really shouldn’t turn them away. Idk what goes on in the Ouyang sect, but this kid is welcome in Lotus Pier at anytime. 

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You guys ever think about the fact that both Wen Ning and Jiang Cheng are known to tail their respective juniors on night hunts to protect them if necessary? And the fact that Jin Ling befriending some of the other juniors means that their night hunts probably overlap a lot more post canon? What I’m getting at is how hilariously awkward it would be if JC and WN accidentally ran into each other while trying to protect their kids on the same night hunt.

I imagine once JL officially becomes leader of the Jin sect (and, like, gets some actual friends), JC probably tries to back off from tailing him on night hunts just a bit. Because who’s gonna take JL seriously as a leader if his uncle is holding his hand all the time? He’s probably also heard about how the Ghost General hangs out with the Gusu juniors, and makes a point to avoid hunts he knows will involve them. But at the same time, this is JC’s beloved nephew who he helped raise from a baby, so sometimes he just can’t help himself.

So JL is going on a night hunt that sounds particularly dangerous and/or isn’t supposed to involve the Gusu juniors. JC is following from a distance, only planning to step in if necessary when, just his luck, JL’s friends show up unexpectedly, and JC runs into the Ghost General, who is also watching from a distance.

While WN would usually be willing to quietly deal with it, JC is feeling particularly stubborn. There is a brief moment of “I’ve got this covered. Leave” “I’m not leaving, YOU leave” “No YOU” before they both realize neither one of them is caving, and they begrudgingly agree to stay out of each other’s way and just focus on protecting the kids. Whether they end up needing to intervene, leading to more funny awkwardness, or even a Moment of Solidarity, I’ll leave to your imagination.

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(If anyone was anticipating this and got frustrated, my apologies, at some point I listened to half of the character songs and I went “head empty no thoughts just jiggy rapping”)

(Not that Zhu Zhanjin is the one singing, but JGY’s character song having rap came out of nowhere, unexpected but not unwelcome skjfhdk)


1. The Juniors:

A. Lan Sizhui/Lan Yuan/Wen Yuan - Hufflepuff

B. Lan Jingyi - Gryffindor

C. Jin Ling/Jin Rulan - Gryffindor

D. Ouyang Zizhen - Hufflepuff

Explanation: As I said in my first post, we really don’t have much to go with for oyzz, but he’s a romantic at heart and he treated wwx fairly, so I’m putting him in Hufflepuff. 

Now on to the rest of the trio 

Lan Sizhui is like a softer version of Hanguang-Jun; he’s rule abiding, courteous, polite, very much like Dad#1, but also more open with expressing with his feelings like Dad#2. But he’s not an in your face person at all with his words; he’s diplomatic, soft, only harsh when necessary and level headed. I don’t think any house other than Hufflepuff would suit him the best.

Lan Jingyi is the opposite; outspoken and boisterous like wwx, but not a reckless sort of person. In a nutshell I’d say he’s the unlanliest Lan to ever Lan, but he’s still more of a Lan compared to wwx. Parallels aside, his outspoken traits make me put him in Gryffindor, I just can’t see him in any other houses hjfgdjf

Jin Ling is very interesting. A proud and brash personality, yet quite brave; basically a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold kind of guy. Gryffindor it is!

2. The Himbo husbands of Yi city, 

A. Song Lan - Gryffindor

B. Xiao Xingchen - Hufflepuff

Explanation: Alright, this is a bit tricky, especially for Song Lan. We know that Xiao Xingchen was righteous, compassionate, a do-gooder and a kind man who was very trusting and selfless (quite unfortunate) so I think he’s suited for Hufflepuff. Song Lan is a bit more frustrating because we don’t know much about him. CQL expanded Songxiao’s roles in the story, but even then Song Lan is a supporting character to the very end. He goes into Gryffindor because I don’t feel he’d fit the other houses, but tbh you can put him in any other house depending on your interpretation of him and your headcanons.

Bonus round: Miscellaneous characters:

1. Lan Qiren - Ravenclaw (Ended up Headmaster of Hogwarts in my fanon, nearly had a heart attack when Wangxian got married, constantly laments his fate rip)

2. Mo Xuanyu - Ravenclaw 

3. Sect Leader Yao - he went to some other school, later on became the History of Magic professor (and became worse than Binns). Jingyi purposefully failed his History of Magic OWL because the class was so bad and he had no interest in it anyway

4. Wen Chao - Slytherin (because there was no where else he would fit, he’s like Crabbe and Goyle smh)

5. Jiang Fengmian and Madam Yu - Gryffindor and Slytherin

6. Su She - (”Are you sure? Your ambition would be much more noticed in Slytherin. but you want to be where Lan Wangji is… ah, a thirst to prove yourself, to be better than him… well I don’t think Gryffindor would be the right fit for you either… oh don’t fret, you’d suffocate for sure… I know… better be… RAVENCLAW!)

And that concludes the sorting!

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Sizhui is sitting comfortably next to fairy, rubbing her soft belly with one hand while reading a book in his other. It’s idyllic, the air in Koi Tower fresh, a light breeze rustling through the trees.

Jin Ling joins them on the balcony, pausing only long enough to take Fairy’s face in his hands. “Look at you, my beautiful girl,” he says softly. “Aren’t you my sweet baby? Aren’t you my good girl? I love you.” He softly kisses her forehead, and she pants happily at him.

Sizhui looks up at his husband and smiles, but Jin Ling barely glances back at him, then walks away. Sizhui stares at his back as he goes, off the balcony, out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Sizhui and Fairy stare at each other for a moment.

“Hey!” Sizhui calls, too late, a little angry, a little bemused. “Asshole!”


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