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Bad day pyjamas
Pairing: idol!Seokjin x reader.
Summary: your boyfriend sees you using the pyjamas and instantly knows something is up.
TW: smut with very little plot, oral (fem receiving), ridding, reader trying to tease seokjin, but he isn't having any of it. Unprotected sex (stay safe, please!) And I think that's pretty much it. Oh wait, my terrible writing.
A/N: so this is the fic that I commented I was struggling with. It has been sitting on my drafts sice Jin came up with his merch so yeah...Even though I'm not completely satisfied I think it's better to get this out the way so I can focus on other things. if you hate it just pretend you haven't read anything.
p.d. I wanted to give a huge thanks to @hobipost for giving me advice. It really meant the world to me <333
Tumblr media
Technically speaking, Seokjin didn’t need to see you in the bad day pyjamas to realize something was up. After all, he had already grown used to every little habit of yours, to every little signal that you showed. You were shrunken in the sofa, hugging your knees closely to your chest. Your face was hidden in between your knees, but he had heard your sniffles. His legs started moving towards you before he could even acknowledge what he was doing. It was as if he was acting by instinct, just knowing that he needed to rush to your side, to protect you from whatever had happened.
‘Hey, princess. Shh, it’s okay, I’m right here,’ he tried to comfort you, while he caressed your back. You, however, didn’t rise your head immediately, trying to calm your sobs a little bit before meeting your boyfriend’s gaze. Seokjin was growing anxious, needing to know what was wrong, how he could help. Despite that, he decided not to pressure you, so he just hugged you. The posture a bit awkward, since he was engulfing you from the side. To Jin’s surprise, you not only accepted his embrace but hugged him back instantly. You hid your face in the crook of his neck, and he could feel the tears still staining your beautiful face. Seokjin tightly hold you and repositioned himself, so that his back was leaning on the sofa and you were sitting in his lap. Finally, being able to comfortably melt into each other. You took a deep breath, trying to completely calm down, and his perfume invaded your senses, bringing the final sense of comfort you seemed to need.
‘I’m sorry for welcoming you like this. I know you had a hard day yourself—’ you apologized while shyly meeting his gaze.
‘You don’t need to apologize for anything, Y/N,’ he said while looking into your eyes and bringing his forehead closer to yours, until they were touching. ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ He whispered, as if any sudden movement or sound could upset you again. You shook your head no and moved your head, so that you were looking at him again.
‘You know, these pyjamas do really work. I feel so comforted right now,’ you said with a teasing smile, trying to lighten the mood.
‘Oh, so it wasn’t me who made you feel better? Just the pyjamas?’ He asked, sounding offended, an amused smile on his face.
‘Mhm, not you, just the pyjamas,’ you confirmed while nodding your face and hiding it in the crook of his neck, leaving soft pecks here and there.
‘Oh well, then I guess I can go and start playing Maple Story if you don’t need me,’ he said while trying to move you. However, your grip on him only got stronger and he heard you mutter a faint ‘no’.
‘I’m serious, though. The pyjamas do work. You did a great job designing them, I’m sure Army will love them.’ You said, rising your head to look into his eyes while you prised him.
‘Mhm, not sure when they are going to be realised though. I think they still don’t get the sizing I want right,’ he explains, examining what you are wearing.
‘I’m so proud of you. Working so hard, making sure you can give comfort to everyone, without excluding anyone, including me.’ You confessed.
‘Thank you, my love. I wish I could give you the world, though.’ He said while tenderly caressing your cheek with his soft fingers.
‘Don’t need the world. I already have you.’ You said, your voice not more than a whisper. Sometimes, the greatest love confessions were made softly, just for that one person to know.
‘You can’t say stuff like that, Y/N. It doesn’t help the situation I’m starting to have down there.’ He groaned while closing his eyes and trying to calm down.
‘Why? Does me saying I love you make you hard?’
‘Of course not, I have more self-control than that. It’s because you’re sitting on my lap.’ Joked Seokjin.
‘Oh I see. Wait, let me just—’ You started to move around your boyfriend’s lap, trying to tease him. However, it quickly backfired when you found the spot where both your cores rubbed against each other perfectly. The cotton of your pyjamas allowed you to feel the coarseness of his jeans, the roughness of the material turning you on even more. Without wasting a minute, Seokjin started leaving a trail of kisses around your neck, moving from one spot to another, until he arrived to your sweet spot. He made a full stop there and started sucking, surely leaving marks. You could feel your whole body reacting to his actions. From the moan you let, to your hands tugging at his hair, passing by your hardening nipples and to the wet stain that was starting to form in your panties. Your whole body was not only ready for whatever he would give, it was aching for it. But if you were sensitive to his ministrations, Seokjin was responsive to your reactions. You could feel his growing erection. His hard dick giving even better friction to your core.
‘Will you let me take care of you? I want to make you feel good, my love,’ There he was, your loving boyfriend. His worried gaze examined your face, looking for the faintest evidence of discomfort, of reluctance. After all, not only five minutes ago you were crying. But, oh, how fast could Seokjin turn your sobs into moans.
‘Yes, please. I want you to make me feel better,’ you answered while looking into his eyes. If you didn’t know him, the instant change of his gaze would have scared you. If your sobs had turned quickly into moans, it was nothing compared to how fast lust covered his eyes. Without wasting another second, he started unbuttoning the pyjamas. And following his cue, you took off the t-shirt he was wearing.
‘I’m so glad I asked them to make the buttons bigger. They are so easy to open,’ he said and admired your boobs for a few seconds, licking his lips at the sight. Then, he attached his mouth to your right nipple, while massaging the left boob.
‘What is this now, a quality control?’ You asked, amused by his comment.
‘Of your tits? No, I already know they are top-tier,’ he answered, after letting go of your boob with a loud pop sound, a smirk written all across his face.
‘Of your pyjamas, dummy. It’s nice to know you love my tits, though.’
‘Of course I love them. I love all of you.’ He confessed and instantly moved to start sucking your left boob, giving each of them the same amount of attention. After some minutes you were getting completely lost on him.
‘Sit on my face,’ You only acknowledged Seokjin had said something because he had stopped his ministrations, you would have thought you had imagined what he said. ‘C’mon, don’t keep me waiting, babygirl,’ You moved your legs, and your core instantly clenched around nothing, not only because of the loss of contact, but also in anticipation. He quickly changed positions so he was sitting on the floor with his neck bending over the sofa. You, careful of not crushing him, straddled his face. The last thing you saw was how he visibly swallowed after licking his lips, and then his hands were pushing your hips onto him. First, he gave a couple of kitty licks, trying to spread your wetness with his tongue. You moaned at the feathery like contact. However, your first instinct was to shut your legs. But Seokjin was having none of that, grabbing harshly at your hips. A warning to keep your legs open. A couple of seconds after, he gave a long and slow lick from your hole to your clit, and then he slipped inside, starting to devour you. Your nails dug into the soft material of the sofa as soon as he started thrusting inside with his tongue. The silence of the room only multiplied the echo of your whimpers and the sultry sounds of your wetness and Jin’s mouth.
‘Fuck, baby. I don’t think I can last long—Seokjin!’ He pushed you by your hips even closer to his face. And you briefly wondered how was he able to breathe with his mouth full of your pussy. However, you couldn’t think much longer while feeling his tongue lapping circles all around your throbbing walls. His own moans were pressing against your core, sending vibrations up all around your insides. It wasn’t much longer before you started riding his face, completely lost on pleasure. You could feel the familiar tingle on your belly, indicating that your climax fas quickly approaching. You were ready to let go, when without warning, Seokjin stopped moving his tongue completely.
‘What...why would you stop? I was so close.’ You whinned, obviusly frustrated.
‘You want to cum?’ You quickly nodded your heads yes, too far gone to be embarassed by your egarness. ‘Then, you’ll have to work for it.’
’You seemed to have fun before, teasing me like the little brat your are.’
‘C’mon, what are waiting for? Ride me.’ He ordered while starting to unbutton his pants and lower them, along with his underwear, just enough so that his cock could spring free.
You couldn’t help but notice that even though he was acting all tough, he looked as fucked out as you were probably looking at that moment. His swollen and infillied lips were slightly parted, and he was trying to catch his breath from before. They also had a glossy look on them, the knowledge that it was your essence coating them sent a new rush of arousal that started dripping down your thighs.
‘O...okay,’ you said with a faltering voice. Without wasting another second, you lowered yourself, so you were sitting on Seokjin’s lap, while he was still sitting on the floor. But both your minds were too fogged with lust to think of moving to the sofa. Not that any of you minded it, though.
You took his dick in your hand and started moving your hand from the base to the tip in a somewhat fast motion. You felt a rush of pride invade your body, since it was you who made him be this hard. Seokjin started making small whimpers and his face was becoming flushed.
‘None of that, darling. What do you think? That I’m already not hard enough?’ He said, moving your hand and trying to compose himself. ‘Or are you trying to tease me even more? Huh, is that it?’
‘No...no—’You tried to deny when he landed a harsh slap on your ass.
‘Then, what are you waiting for? C’mon, fuck yourself on my cock, love.’ Not wanting to make him madder, you took his erection on your hand and aligned it with your own hole. Your wetness instantly covering his dick. The feeling of his cock entering you inch by inch was making you go crazy. In return, the feeling of your walls flattering against his shaft was also visibly affecting Seokjin. Both your moans started mixing until you couldn’t distinguish yours from his.
Slowly but steadily, you started to pick up your pace, until you found a rhythm good enough for the both of you.
‘That’s it, darling. Fuck, look at you, riding my cock so well. You are a fucking menace.’ As much as his words of encouragement were igniting a new fire inside you, your stamina could only last so much. The inability to hold much longer to the delicious pace you had found was making you very frustrated.
‘Jinnie, please help,’ You pleaded, any shyness you could feel long gone. The need to finally come much stronger.
‘My poor greedy girl. Need my help to cum?’ He asked while he planted his feet on the floor so that his hips could follow your lead. The new position allowed him not only to go faster, but also deeper. You felt your walls clenching around his dick.
‘Like this?’ He asked stuttering a little bit.
‘Yes! Please I need... need more. Please.' You answered with a cry of frustration.
‘Shh, it’s alright I got you. I’m going to make you cum so hard you won’t even remember why you were crying.’ Seokjin stars bucking his hips even faster, if that was possible, and you start to tremble because of the speed. You tried to grab onto his shoulders to avoid loosing your balance. With one last deep and hard thrust, you could feel the knot in your belly exploding.
‘Yes, yes please—I’m coming! You nearly screamed out of pleasure. You could also feel Seokjin’s thrust becoming more and more sloppy, signalling he was about to reach his high too.
‘That’s it baby. Come for me,’ Seokjin encouraged you. Moaning in answer you felt his cum painting your walls while he started to slow down his thrusts, until he stopped. You both hugged each other while trying to recover and steady your breathings.
‘So...how would you rate the pyjamas then? 10 out of 10?’ Said your boyfriend, smiling.
‘Without a doubt. You know what else I would rate 10 out of 10?’ You asked, smiling into his neck.
‘Mhm, don’t need to flatter my dick like that, baby,’ Teased Jin moving his hips a bit forward, making you groan in overstimulation.
‘Shut up. I was going to say you. As a boyfriend I mean,’ you clarified faking annoyance, but still smiling at his comment.
‘Oh yeah, that too. I guess I’m a pretty good boyfriend. But c’mon, we should get cleaned up, darling,’ stated Seokjin, and you knew you were in for a night of him spoiling you.
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Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: bts x fem!reader
rating: 18+
genre: smut, pwp.
content: unprotected sex, creampies, cock-warming, overstimulation, sub!jimin, baby-making, taehyung has an impreg kink, clit slapping.
word count: 4,2k.
disclaimer: this isn’t edited. it’d take me hours to edit every single thing i posted on my other acc. sorry. i’ll edit this one day.
note: i know you're all a bunch of cumsluts<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
"Baby...?" The contrast of Seokjin's voice calling out your name in a whisper and the silence of the night outside your bedroom window makes your blood coil. Shutting your eyes tight and staying completely still you hope he thinks you're asleep, although it's obvious you haven't been able to shut your eyes for more than a few seconds for the past thirty minutes. "You awake?"
'Just let me warm my cock inside your pussy. We will sleep, I promise.' he said after you made yourselves comfortable under the sheets. 'We will sleep' your ass. You know what he's going to say now, you should've seen this coming if the stretch of his cock snuggled inside your cunt is anything to go by. He's hard as a rock.
"Seokjin, go to sleep or I swear to God I'm going celibate." You warn and hear him huff, the air hitting the nape of your neck, and only now do you realize that he's hovering over you.
"I'll make you cum. It’s gonna take less than ten minutes," You open your eyes for the sole purpose of rolling them, smirking and imagining his handsome face as he pleads—oh, how you wish you weren't the little spoon so you could see him. "I promise."
"Your promises don't mean a thing." You groan and hear him sigh in defeat, allowing his body to go limp behind you with a soft thud.
You wish you could tease him more, but maybe your leaking cunt is the exact reason why you can't fall asleep and someone's gotta fix that.
You press your ass against his groin and clench your walls around him, hinting at him to do all the work by himself. He hurries to lift your leg with his thigh, stopping just to give you a peck on the cheek and whispering a little ‘thank you’ in your ear. You laugh at his eagerness before your laughter turns into quiet whines when his fingers find your clit, rubbing it before pinching it softly.
"I'm not wearing a condom; do I pull out or…?"
You know he’s been thinking of cumming inside for a long time, but even if you've been on the pill for as long as you can remember, you’ve never wanted to risk it. “Just fuck me. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”
Without wasting any more time, he pulls out until only the tip is aligned with your hole, slowly thrusting in and making you both moan in unison. Your walls give in and allow him to thrust deeper, filthy sounds coming out every time his hips collide against your ass.
Sure, the position is a bit uncomfortable, but you can feel him in so deep that you don’t care about the consequences it’ll have on your body in the morning.
His fingers work on your clit at an agonizingly slow pace, barely grazing it as to not overstimulate you. He moans wantonly in your ear, making you shiver at how good he sounds, he must look just as good, eyes shut tight, nose slightly scrunch and those beautifully plump lips breathing out labored puffs of air.
He's fucking you slowly and you feel him in so deep, your walls closing in on his cock and making you feel every vein. He’s fucking you so good, so hard, just the way you both like, and you can’t bring yourself to tell him to pull out, even when you feel his abs flex and his cock twitch.
“Cum inside me.” You moan. “Fill me up, please.”
“Fuck, you’re a dream come true,” he says, flipping you on your stomach and taking a hold on your hips, fucking you harder and faster.
You feel your slick dripping down your inner thighs, making lewd sounds every time Seokjin rams into you. You’re both gasping for air, moaning, whining, whimpering, groaning. The position you’re in has him hitting your g-spot with each thrust.
“Gonna cum— fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He says between gritted teeth, his voice low and breathless as he fights the fatigue to keep chasing after the sweet climax.
Your walls keep clenching around him, sucking him in and throbbing. With every thrust of his hips, your moans get louder and louder. Your hands grip the sheets at your sides as you begin to feel something in your lower stomach snapping.
“I know, baby, I know. Just let go, I got you, baby,” he says, mustering up the strength to keep up the same speed so you can reach your high. His fingers find your clit and rub it as fast as he can, triggering your orgasm. “Fuckfuckfuck. Shit, baby, I’m cumming.”
His hips move in short yet deep strokes as he focuses on his undoing, moaning in your ear and digging his nails in your hips. You’re just lying there, letting him use your body and begging him to cum, and just as the stimulation on your g-spot becomes too much, you feel him bite down on the skin of your shoulder, groaning as he spills his cum directly to your womb.
You’re both gasping for air, his chest pressed against your back as his lips peck the spot on your shoulder where he bit you. He pulls out carefully to not overstimulate you and groans at the sight of his cum leaking out of your hole.
“Any regrets? I think not.”
Tumblr media
Running out of condoms can lead to one or two things: going to sleep horny and frustrated, or fucking raw and dealing with the consequences later. You aren’t on the pill and you know very well this could lead to not-so-unexpected but still unfortunate pregnancy, so why don’t you and Yoongi give a fuck about it?
Baby? Baby comes second, fucking comes first.
“You’re gonna let me cum inside you, hmm? Let me stuff you full of my cum?” Yoongi’s voice is low and demanding as his hips pound on you like he’s got something to prove. “Filthy girl, I bet you want me to knock you up and show everyone how you let me cum in your sweet pussy.”
You mewl at his words and clench your walls against him. God, you want nothing more than to get so full of Yoongi’s cum that there will be absolutely no way you won’t end up pregnant with his baby.
“Fuck, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He laughs. “I’m gonna fill you up so much you’ll be dripping with my cum as you walk. You’ve always looked amazing in white,” he smirks and bites his lips, groaning as he sees his cock disappearing inside your cunt.
He leans away from you and one of his hands squeezes the plump flesh of your thigh while the other goes down to play with your clit, teasing your folds and gathering your slick before his thumb starts working on your clit again. You run your nails down his back as his pace gets quicker, your tits bouncing as he’s practically slamming in and out of you.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” he groans. He looks at you in the eyes and you see how much effort he’s making. “Are you sure ‘bout this? I can still pull out, but I’m not gonna last forever.”
You nod so hard you get dizzy. “Wanna feel your cum.”
Yoongi groans at your words, placing his hands on your hips and using them to fuck you harder. Your head is pounding but you’re desperate to get your climax, and you can feel Yoongi’s is close too.
He curses through gritted teeth as he feels your walls clamping around him, basking on the feeling of you coming undone under him. “You’re a fucking sin. Fuck.” He leans his head on your shoulder and stills his hips, letting out a shaky breath as he shoots spurts of hot cum in your cunt.
How will you go back to using condoms when you’ve already experienced this? the answer is: you won’t.
“I’m gonna start birth control,” you say as you gasp for air.
“Fuck birth control, let’s make a baby.”
Tumblr media
“Baby, we shouldn’t be doing this here.” You can detect the panic in Hoseok’s voice, making you roll your eyes. “I’m serious!”
“Then why are your fingers still fucking me?” It’s true, he’s acting like you’re sinning by asking him to fuck you in your old bedroom at your parent’s house but he has a whole hand up your cunt. Hypocrite. “If you don’t want to then stop.”
Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.
He looks at you ashamed and resumes his job scissoring his fingers inside you to prep you for his cock. You smirk and push him up, your lips finding his in a passionate kiss to swallow down your moans, his tongue dancing with yours as his fingers rub your g-spot. He bites your bottom lip before leaning away from you by a couple of inches, his breath mixing with yours.
“Turn around.” He says, pushing his fingers out of your wet cunt to let you position yourself in front of him, your knees on your old pink bed covers and your head resting on the soft pillows.
“Should I… Where do I cum? I don’t wanna do it on whatever this is.” You turn your head to look at him and laugh at how his face is completely serious as he points at the cartoon character on your bed cover.
“Uh, mom does the laundry so I guess you should cum inside,” you say, resting your head back on the pillows and wiggling your ass to make him take a hint.
The truth is, you and Hoseok never use condoms, he’s always had the control to pull out in time. That and the fact you’re in birth control is enough to keep you from using those damn pieces of rubber.
“Baby, you’re offering yourself as a cum dump… that’s hot.” he groans and you whip your head back to look at him with your eyebrows furrowed.
“Do not call me a cum dump!” Oh, but you are. There is nothing you want more than to let Hoseok cum inside you again and again.
He looks down ashamed and hurries to dip his thumb in your entrance as his index finger plays with your clit, making sure you stay wet and ready to take him. You relax under his touch and let out a soft sigh. He begins rubbing the head of his cock over your folds and then you finally feel him filling you up, the tight fit making you both moan out.
He thrusts into you slowly, his dancer’s hips moving in smooth and deep thrusts. He rolls his hips and begins to move faster when you start clenching around him, both of you a moaning mess. Sex with Hoseok is always incredible, relieving, and loud.
“Shit, ‘m gonna cum already.” His words surprise you; he has great stamina and he sometimes spends hours fucking you. “Sorry, I got too excited when you said I could cum inside you. Fuck.”
Your laughter runs short as his index and middle finger find your clit, taking you by surprise, your back arching and your thighs trembling. He’s fucking you faster and harder now, determined to make you cum before he does. That mission proves to be easy when your whole body starts shaking underneath him, cumming faster than you usually do.
His hips work tirelessly and you can tell he’s pushing his head back, moaning loudly as his climax begins to explode. “Holy shit, baby, I can feel your pussy throbbing. Oh, fuck.”
His pace doesn’t falter, milking your orgasm for as long as he can. You feel his cock twitch a couple of times before he spills inside you, hot cum sending butterflies to your stomach.
Tumblr media
You and Namjoon went from talking about nature and life to talking about sex; specifically, ways to make sex more intimate. These conversations aren’t rare between the two of you, you’re both comfortable talking about anything and everything with each other, sex being a very much recurrent topic.
“You know what I think it’s intimate?” You begin, balancing an anti-stress ball in the palm of your right hand. You have his full attention, you always have. “Cumming inside. That’s like– a whole ‘nother level, don’t you think?”
He takes his time to answer. “Yeah. Yeah, I agree,” you feel the bed dip as you guess he’s sitting up straighter against the headboard. “We should, uh, we should have that kind of intimacy too, don’t you— don’t you think?” He sounds nervous, which is rare of him, he’s always confident in the words he uses and you know that very well.
“Very smooth, Joonie,” you smirk and throw the ball away, turning around and crawling to where he is. You look at his eyes with a smile on your face, the kind of smile a high school girl gives to her long-time crush. “But okay.”
He looks surprised, taking a second or two to close his eyes as your lips find his, groaning and then cutting the kiss short by leaning away from you a few inches. “Really?” You roll your eyes and nod.
His lips crash on yours and now you’re the one who’s taken aback, but you kiss him back with as much fervor as he does.
Neither of you wastes time to take off your clothes and position yourselves, his hips between your legs as your arms rest on his thighs, one of his hands on your hip, and the other lining up his cock on your hole. He pushes himself in and you both moan at the same time, so connected you feel the pleasure at the same time in the same way. You open up your legs a bit more to give him space, his hips thrusting out and then slamming into you.
You could say that Namjoon knows your body better than you do, that he knows exactly where to hit to make you feel like your head is on the clouds. Sex with Namjoon is not always earth-shattering like in porn or erotica, sometimes is short and messy, and that doesn’t mean it’s bad, you both know everything about each other, every kink, every whim, every sweet spot. You experimented with everything except letting him cum inside, and your stomach flips at the thought of finally having him the way you’ve always wanted.
His pace is relentless, as it always is, but this time you can see the fierceness in his piercing eyes. He’s determined to make you cum as fast and as hard as you can. You know exactly what that look he’s giving you means. His pubic bone hits your clit with every thrust and you feel him so deep inside, your toes curl and you cry out.
“You gonna cum, baby?” His deep voice wakes you up from the cloud of pleasure he’s put you on, only now noticing how your thighs are trembling and how your nails are digging on his forearms. “You’re such a masterpiece. I can’t believe you’re gonna let me paint you with my cum.” Poetic sex is also very common with Namjoon and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You cry out his name and his thrusts hit deeper inside you, his cock rubbing your g-spot each time. You feel yourself cumming, your mouth repeating his name like it’s the only word in your dictionary. He stills and groans in your ear, spilling inside of you and letting out a sigh of disbelief.
“You know, they say intimacy is the key to love.”
“Who says?”
Tumblr media
You’re only human, you’re only human and you bet that every single dom out there would bend their rules for Park Jimin too.
Park Jimin and his angel face, Park Jimin and his sparkling puppy eyes, Park Jimin and those pretty pouty lips of his. Just Park Jimin in general.
“I can’t cum again. Please, I can’t cum again,” he cries as you sit on his twitching cock. You comfort yourself on the fact that he’s begging— maybe you’re not going soft on him, you’re torturing him by fucking yourself on his cock after all… kind of.
“You can and you will,” you say as roll your hips, smirking at his desperate whines. “No safe-word, no stopping.”
He huffs and he hides his hands under his lower back. He knows he’s not allowed to fuck you, not allowed to move or attempt to thrust his hips up. He’s too sensitive and your heart swoons knowing he’s only doing this because he loves being good for you.
“You’re gonna cum one more time, alright? Just give me one more. Show me you’re a good boy. My good boy.”
“But I’m not wearing a condom,” he says, voice wavering as you hush him up.
You begin to move your hips up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not wasting time on torturing him since he’s been so good all evening, doing whatever you ask for.
He whines as he realizes you’re gonna let him cum inside you and suddenly you can feel him gain strength. “Are you letting— ah! Are you letting me cum inside you?”
You nod and he throws his head back with a moan. Your hips work fast, aiming to make you both cum as fast as you can. You place your hands on his chest to bring you closer to your edge, feeling his cock twitch inside of you, and you make an effort to push off your orgasm, determined to make him cum first.
Pride overwhelms you, Jimin’s hips are still and he’s biting his lip to resist the urge to touch you or help you ride him. He’s such a good boy.
Jimin lets out moan after moan, whimpering and whining about how good it feels. “Baby, ‘s so good!”
You smirk, pleased with his obedience, and start playing with his brown nipples, pulling and flicking the perky buds, bringing him to the edge of his orgasm, feeling his cum painting the walls of your cunt and making you feel whole.
You ride off his orgasm until your hips stop moving, leaning down to place a kiss on his plump lips.
“That felt so good— what can I do for you to let me cum inside again?” You try not to laugh, but he looks so hopeful you can’t help but chuckle. His eyes go wide in a second. “Wait, you didn’t cum.”
“Eat your cum off my cunt and we’ll be even.”
Tumblr media
“I’m cumming— Fuck, I’m gonna fill you up as many times as it takes to get you pregnant.”
After a year and a half since your wedding, and a lot of begging from Taehyung, you decided you were ready to become a mother. You thought Taehyung, being the romantic that he is, would light up candles and spread red roses all over the bedsheets, but instead, he ripped off your clothes and practically told you you’ll be leaking his cum for the rest of the week; and it’s only Monday.
You’re arching your back as he pounds on you from behind, one of his hands on your shoulder and the other on your hip, using it to keep up with his rough pace. “You’re gonna look so beautiful, your stomach round and your tits full of milk. Carrying our baby,” his words are dirty but they still make your heart flutter as you envision his words— innocently, of course.
His cum leaks out of your pussy and he pulls out of you, looking at the mess and groaning at your fluttering hole. He gathers some of his cum with the tip of his soft dick and pushes it inside of you again. You can feel how he’s not hard anymore yet he resumes his thrusts with a growl.
“Gonna fuck you till I’m hard again and then I’ll cum inside you some more.” His thrusts have no mercy and you’re begging, crying out his name and grabbing the sheets in tight fists. “I’m gonna make sure you’ll get pregnant tonight, you hear me? I’m gonna cum inside you over and over again, and you’re gonna go to sleep just like that; cunt full of my cum.”
You whine as you cum for the third time, your arms giving out and your head falling against the pillow. Taehyung readjusts your hips to keep ramming into you with all the strength he has. You’re drooling on the pillow and you keep begging, at this point you don’t even know what you’re saying, the only thing you want is for him to cum inside you again.
His cock twitches and spills whatever cum he has left. The noises your pussy makes every time he thrusts into you are so loud, you’re sure you’re leaking everywhere.
“You’re creaming all over my cock, baby. I’m never using a condom again.”
Tumblr media
“How can you not have a condom?”
Jungkook is currently on a world tour and you pretty much called your boss and pretended to be sick to catch a plane to a foreign country to visit him. You did this out of love, you did not expect to have sex or anything, but as soon as you crossed his hotel room’s door, he said hi and pushed you to his bed without another word.
“Why would I have condoms if you’re not around? Who else am I supposed to fuck? My hand can’t get pregnant or give me an STD!”
Part of you is still very much annoyed, but another part feels honored.
“You’re a fucking dork,” you say, letting out a sigh and trying to accept the fact that you got your panties wet for nothing. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”
He smiles widely, showing you his bunny teeth and then looking down at you with piercing eyes all in 5 seconds. “What if I pull out? I fuck you, make you cum, and then I spill on your tits or something.”
“Has anyone ever told you you’re the epitome of romance?” You chuckle and kiss his lips as you weigh the options.
You trust Jungkook to pull out before he cums, but you know you could still get pregnant with his precum. “Okay, but you gotta pull out in time.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
He buries his face in the crook of your neck and his mouth wastes no time in tasting your skin; sucking, biting, and licking until he has you whimpering.
He leans away, helps you out of your clothes, and then gets up from the bed to get rid of his own. Laying you down and spreading your legs wide apart, his fingers gather your slick as he looks at your glistening folds with his mouth open, his tongue peeking out of his plump lips like he’s planning to get a taste.
His tongue licks up a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit and then back to your entrance where he sucks and tastes as much of your slick as he can. He lets out a painful groan before he pulls away with one last wet kiss on your clit.
He takes his cock on his tattooed hand and jerks it a few times before lining it up to your entrance, wasting no time in thrusting in. You both moan at the same time, staring at each other’s eyes in disbelief.
“Holy shit, I’ll never be the same.”
You want to call him dramatic, but the feeling of every vein and ridge of his cock is something you don’t ever want to miss out on again. His thrusts are sloppy but consistent, his eyes are screwed shut as he breathes in through his nose. You know he’s trying his best not to cum already.
He positions you higher up, your ass resting on his meaty thighs as his cock rubs your g-spot easily. His fingers find your clit and draw messy figures on it, making you squirm underneath him. He’s groaning and whining and you’re no better than him, practically screaming with every thrust he makes. He slaps your clit and you clench tightly around him as he resumes his task of rubbing it, more insistent this time.
“You have to cum, baby. I’m not gonna last much longer.” You’ve never seen him so out of control, he always knows exactly what to do and when to do it, but now he looks as helpless as you. “Your pussy’s so good, God.”
“Cum inside,” you demand. You don’t know if it’s because you’re horny or because you’ve dreamt about him filling you with his cum countless times before, but it doesn’t matter now. “Shit, I want your cum.”
“Don’t play with a guy’s emotions like that, ____” He opens his eyes to look at you and you stare back at him, showing him you’re serious. “Fuck, are you kidding me? Holy shit, I love you.”
You close your eyes and hold your orgasm until you feel him getting dangerously close to his. Then, and only then, you let yourself go, everything feeling so much more intense as he cums inside you for the first time.
He takes a second to slow down his thrusts, ravishing on the feeling of your cunt full of his cum. “Best. girlfriend. ever.”
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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kimnjss · 3 months ago
home sweet castle | ot7
Tumblr media
synopsis: just a few days rest from your busy schedule is enough to get you back on track... spending those days off with your seven boyfriends in a castle built deep in the forest you can kiss any type of rest goodbye!
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x oc
genre: smut // pwp
updates: every sunday!
status: ongoing
A/N: this is based on each episode of in the soop, focused around a certain member with each update, but they’re all in each part. send an ask to be tagged!
[ buy me a coffee! ]
Tumblr media
episode one: minimoni
episode two: taejin
episode three: jungkook
episode four: sope
episode five: (coming soon)
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97ft · a month ago
Redirecting to... hotdilfsinyourarea.net/bts (18+)
(⚠︎ WARNING: dilfs, stepdads, infedelity, and age gaps)
Tumblr media
Why bed an inexperienced college classmate when you could bed a real man who knows how to fuck?! Sign up now to start chatting with real men who know their stuff. You must be eighteen or older to sign up, and please be aware that you might be a mistress. Make sure to check their availability date, they could be on a business trip for all you know (how else would they help pay for your tuition?) !? Happy chatting!
Who knows—you might meet the man of your dreams here !!
Tumblr media
# 01 FOCUS
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Mr. Jeon is your resident best friend's dad. Watch as Mr. Jeon Jungkook himself looses his composure at the sight of a girl half his age.
# 02 YOU RiGHT
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Mr. Kim can't stop and look the other way, because he knows what could be between the both of you. Anyone who had eyes could notice—especially his wife.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆Believe him when he says he's been with a few girls, but make sure to believe him when he tells you you're his favourite.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yoongi┆To the oh-so seemingly hot tempered, almost aloof Mr. Min Yoongi, you looked like you came straight off the cover of a magazine.
# 05 CRY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆So basically—Seokjin can't stand living like this.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Namjoon┆Mr. Kim Namjoon has placed his infatuation on you. Only, he finds out just a tad too late that it's not an infatuation.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jimin┆You just simply wanted more.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Just look at him! He's the perfect!
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Taehyung┆Throughout his life, Taehyung often questioned if he had commitment issues. Long story short, no he didn't—he just hadn't met you yet.
# 10 KiTTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Jimin┆So what's it like being Park Jimin's Kitty?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Sugar Daddy Yoongi┆Having Min Yoongi as a sugar daddy might've been the best thing in the world. At this point though, you wanted—needed something other than his money.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆Seokjin's single. Almost painfully. In an attempt to, well...not be single he dates someone only to find an interest in her daughter instead.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Namjoon┆ The friendly professor who lived down the road from you was nothing short of a nice man. Unless you count what he says in the bedroom.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Seokjin┆Seokjin does love his coffee, he also has taken a love for you. Just maybe not his wife.
# 15 TOXiC
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆It's not that Mr. Jung is a bad person, it's just that maybe he's cheating on his wife and refuses to admit it to her.
# 16 iT'S MY PARTY
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Taehyung doesn't know why he has such a knack for making you cry. Every time tears fall down your pretty face he absolutely adores it.
# 17 BUN BUN
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Mr. Jeon and Mr. Park always have so much in common. What's it like being Jeon Jungkook's "Bun Bun"?
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Seokjin┆If Mr. Kim Seokjin could consider this a talent, he would totally be okay with it. He had such a gift for getting in your head easily.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Husband Namjoon┆Who wouldn't want to wake up next to one of the most eligible bachelors out there? Oh yeah, how could it possibly slip your mind?—He's your husband.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jimin┆Infidelity has suddenly popped up in Park Jimin's vocabulary. Luckily for him though, he's smart.
# 21 i'M A SLAVE 4 U
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Yoongi┆For Min Yoongi? You'd do anything.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Hoseok┆Long story short, you're Huang Hoseok dream. Like seriously.
# 23 HENTAi
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Taehyung┆Are we really just gonna ignore the porn on his phone or what? Oh wait—that's a picture of you!
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Stepdad Seokjin┆Mr. Kim is suddenly smitten with you, all thoughts of your mother (and his wife) have flown out the window.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up Jungkook┆Mr. Kim and Mr. Jeon are long time business partners and friends. Secrets don't make friends, but friends do make secrets.
⚠︎ Dilf Aged Up ???┆??? Honestly deserves the best head.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" is the second series of the year written by Earth-To-That-Asian, and the first written here, to take on the role of Smutmas. Works will be posted from December 1st to December 25th with an additional post scheduled for January 1st, 2022. "Hot Dilfs in Your Area" includes au's varying from the signature dilf style to the daring topic of step au's and touching upon the never so romantic business field. If the warnings listed for the works are not for you, do not read it. This series and all works under it remains for the mature audience. Those under the age of eighteen—do not interact with this and any other work. The NCT (original) version is posted to @earth-to-that-asian—works are exactly the same, except the names are switched out accordingly.
Tumblr media
© earth-to-that-asian / 97ft, 2021 ┆ "HOT DILFS IN YOUR AREA"
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angellgguk · 2 months ago
Classic powerful ceo seokjin×unwilling student reader!He goes to a university to deliever an inspiring speech,reader caughts his eyes,he stalks and gets obessed with her,promises her to get a job in his company but makes her a trophy wife.10-11 year age gap?
If you can plz make it non-con.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ genre : smut ]
[ content warning : dubcon/noncon age gap (reader is 24 and seokjin is 34/35 he has a few strands of grey lmao), trophy wife (ig idk), slight dumbification, breeding, virginity loss, size difference, cervix fucking THIS IS A MESS]
[ note : I'm so sorry for being ia for so long I wasn't intending to but due to unavoidable reasons I had to stay away from here for awhile, sorry! ]
Tumblr media
You saw Kim Seokjin on the front page of the daily newspaper when you were fourteen, peeking over your father’s shoulder and merely giving attention to your father’s constant praise over the young man who had managed to achieve what men his age couldn’t.
You were a blushing, gasping sixteen year old when your friends were gushing about the luxuries Kim Seokjin would give his alleged partners, brands you would never be able to purchase were name dropped making you wonder what dating a man as rich and influential comes with.
Kim Seokjin held back from letting his jaw drop when you served his coffee as a sophomore in SNU during the part time that gave you the money to work with your scholarship with a smile that promised him that you were a once in a lifetime chance but he didn’t quite understand why you had rejected his proposal two years later.
He later realized that even though you found him attractive and ached for a chance to work under him you didn’t have any thoughts on dating a man, who was old enough with visible grey streaks in his hair and you definitely were not interested to tie a knot with him at such a young age.
But he disregarded it all two more years later and had you on all fours, hand wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to his crotch and another holding your jaw closed around three of his long digits.
He fucks into you, making sure that you feel every inch of him in your inexperienced pussy. His hand travels down to your clit to rub circles around it, “pretty little cunt taking me so well” he praises and pulls his fingers out of your mouth, your drool dripping down your chin as soon as he does so.
Seokjin doesn’t give you a chance to become a babbling mess as he turns you to the side by your jaw to kiss the corners of your lips,”o-oh” you found yourself pleading and he found himself snickering as he let your jaw go to use the hand to cup one of your tits in palm, rolling the puffy nipple between his fingers.
When you realized that you were too intimidated to ask him to permit you to cum after he had ruined your very first release twice for the night you gripped onto the sheets below before falling down on the comfort of his bed. He chuckles and pulls your ass up to himself as he keeps ramming into you, your perspiring ass jiggling against his thigh.
“You wanna cum baby?” you refuse to answer and only claw onto the sheets beside as you sob into it, the pain of your virginity being taken by a man you never wanted was more agonizing than the pain of your pussy being stretched for the very first time.
His groans come out strangled, indicating that he too was close. With one hand still on your waist he sneaks the other under to rub your clit around sideways harshly getting watery hiccups from you. “I’m gonna fill you up baby” he promised with a chuckle under his breath.
He grabbed onto the globe of your ass to land a sharp spank on the supple skin, earning a loud cry from you. You clenched more around him at the stinging feeling and that only triggered the beast in him as his animalistic thrusts grew along with the squelches, skin slapping and your cries.
You felt his heavy chest against your back when he leaned down to nibble on your earlobe and to roughly grope your breast in his calloused palm once again, “fuck baby if you don’t start begging i’ll have to fuck you all night” he heaved and fondled with the flesh of your breast, smirking at your growing cries.
“Please” you pleaded under your breath and he hummed into your ear as he slid the hand below to your tummy, pressing down on your navel, he disregarded the whimper and pressed down on the bulge poking from your tummy “you feel me here baby?”
With your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth hanging open with drool dripping down your chin to land on the sheets you could only manage to groan, the feeling of his cock nudging your cervix was all too new for you, you screwed your eyes shut “too m-much” he snakes his hand below to draw circles on your clit and hood, the pads of his fingers grazing your labia during the process.
Your toes curled and you let a gasp out before trying to flail away from his hold but he was quick to grasp the situation as he grabbed onto your arm and pinned you down, eliminating all the hopes for your escape. “Don’t even fucking think about running away now” he growled and pinched on the bundle of your nerves as a warning before resuming the motions of his finger, harsher than previously.
Seokjin elicits a throaty moan as he continues to thrust into you without giving your sensitive clit a break, “i want you to cum all over my cock baby” you only squealed as you felt the unfamiliar coil in your abdomen, the urge to let it out rises as you let your senses lose to fuck yourself against him, earning a proud smack on your ass from your husband for it.
Your body trembles and your toes curl and you let out a loud cry as you let your orgasm wash over you, with irregular breaths he watches you cream his cock, never once ceasing himself from pumping his thick shaft in you, chasing after his own orgasm. You were not able to calm down from your very first orgasm as you shook below him from his continuous rams.
Bending down he buries his face into your tousled hair, groaning into it and you were only able to grip onto the ruined sheets to cry into it at the over stimulation. His hand gripped onto the back of your trembling thighs to spread it further, he pressed down on your clit, attempting to calm you down with soft hums.
You stuttered for pleas through your sobs as he twitched inside you, “I’m going to see you full with my babies soon, yeah?” his grip on your waist tightened as he filled your ears with one final growl before he let his own spurts of cum fill you up to the brim. The load was too much as strings of his release trickled down your thighs.
He refused to pull out from you, opting to rock all of his semen into you. Turning your head to the side by gripping onto your jaw he wiped away the tears that were cascading down your cheeks before leaning down to leave pecks around the side of your face.
He tucked sweaty strands of your hair behind your ear as he moved his lips down to your own to pull you into a breathless kiss, “you did so well” he breathlessly praised when he pulled out and hovered his lips over yours. His thumb rubbed over your cheek when he left another peck on your nether lip, “my dumb little baby, all mine”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 7 months ago
♡my favourite fics 5.0 ♡
hi everyone here's this weeks list with some more of my absolute favourites, from now on I'll be doing individual lists for each member so I'm still deciding whether to post monthly lists of what I have been reading or just continue with the favourites lists... Yoongi and Taehyung's lists are almost complete so I will post them in the week along with Jungkook and Jins. Majority of the fics contain smut so no minors allowed. Please go and show these authors love and support they are truly amazing and deserve it ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics as well I would love to hear from you so share some of your favourites too especially if it's angst I'm a sucker for angst :)
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
Tumblr media
Undo by @moonnightyoongi f s a (cheating au)
clandestine by @junghelioseok f s (best friends brother au)
lucid dream by @growlingyu a (break up au infidelity)
the turing test by @fortunexkookie f s a (android au)
they don’t love you like i love you by @yeojaa f a (exes)
The dating plan by @jjkthclub f s a (enemies to lovers au)
prove a point by @mercurygguk f (Dad jk established relationship au)
play date by @mercurygguk (dad jk)
purple hair dye by @mercurygguk s (established relationship au) ↬jk with purple on the set of buttter need I say more people!!)
black dye by @mercurygguk s (established relationship au)
Meet me by the crashing waves by @sftcloudkook f a (summer love au)
heartbreak veterans by @hueseok f a (strangers to lovers au)
lost stars by @hueseok f a (roommate au enemies to lovers au)
I'm yours by @hueseok (arranged marriage au)
crush on you by @high-on-food f s a (best-friends to lovers au)
kiss it better by @jincherie s (college/uni au cheerleader!jk pining)
after midnight by @gyukult f s a (fuck boy jk friends with benefits au)
unlike me by @777guks f s (friends to lovers au)
way down in bed stuy by @minstrivia s a (infidelity jk's the oc's sisters boyfriend)
dont go by @jkstompers f a (roommate au)
lovefool by @citrustan f s a
even a forest fire dies out by @9uk s a (ex-boyfriend jk)
instant gratification by @dovechim s (fuck boy jk)
proposals by @pjxmin f s a (friends to lovers)
after hours by @ggukcangetit s
apartment 224 by @sugasbabiie f s (neighbour au)
all I've got by @btsjeonjazz f s a (bad boy jk)
roses, poetry and jeon by @seraphimguks f a (enemies to lovers au)
love talk by @blue-sidez f s (boyfriend jk)
rented hearts by @army-author f (rent-a-girlfriend au)
beg by @jinfizz f s a (friends to lovers au)
Lock and key by @farfromsugafanfic f a (best friends to lovers)
(not) just friends by @taecalikook f s (friends to lovers au fuck boy jk)
forget him by @yoonpobs a (unrequited love au)
little black book: your kindred spirit by @bluewhale52 s
just one kiss by @bangtsblossom f s
lose somebody by @kooala s a (exes to lovers au)
raindrops by @jiminiethot f s a (exes au) ft. Seokjin
stolen dances by @taeyohonic f s a (ceojk best friend jk my best friend’s wedding meets 27 dresses)
to all the men i've fucked before by @hisunshiine f s a
heavy metal by @hisunshiine s (fuck buddies)
(he)art thief by @latetaektalk f a
Umbrella by @skitsoulmaty f a (strangers to lovers au)
all that glitters by @minyfic f s a (unrequited love au college au)
Knuckles by @minyfic
Tumblr media
carnival rides by @geniuslab f s (summer carnival au)
endgame by @jjkthclub s (best friends to lovers au)
last christmas by @xjoonchildx s (exes to lovers au)
perfect by @btssmutgalore f s a (roommate au friends to lovers au)
mine for today by @httpjeon s (fake dating au)
want sum f*ck? by @borathae s (fuck boy jin college au)
Aperitivo by @bangtanbetchfics f s (chef jin chef jk) ft. Jungkook 🤭
A lovely little mess by @justimajin f s a (friends to lovers au) ft. Jungkook
home run @jinned f a ft. Jungkook
the courtship chronicles by @gukyi f a (friends to lovers au fake dating au)
start a new by @gukyi f a (exes au)
fire and desire by @joonbird s with some drama (fuck boy jin)
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wwilloww · 10 days ago
sh. | chapter eleven | ot7
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 6k WARNINGS AND TAGS  reference to reader with she/her pronouns. kissing. food play. discussions of sexual boundaries/expectations. discussions of kink culture.
← || series m.list || →
AN: this chapter has been so long in the making and i couldn't have done it without the possums sprinting with me or without the support of @calixwrites @xjoonchildx @thatlongspringnight and @illneverrecover who helped me pull together the mess that is this chapter. thank you so much to them. if you enjoy this chapter, i'd love to hear from you!
“I’m in.”
Seven pairs of eyes widen as you stand in the door, your red dress flowing around you, hair a little ruffled from the wind, face stinging from the cold. You look like a spirit of winter, flown in from the storm.
“Are you okay—” Hoseok begins to say, but Jungkook quickly stands up to speak.
“Fuck yeah,” Jungkook interrupts, clapping his hands together. “I mean, I thought we were going to eat first,” he adds with a sigh, looking longingly at the food at the table. “But me too. I’m in.”
“There’s no doubt I’m in,” Jimin adds. “I’m not about to pass up the opportunity to get my hands on seven lovely people.”
A giggle escapes Yoongi, a sound so foreign that you have to double check it's him. “This is a lot easier than expected—” Easy is not the word you would use to describe the last 36 hours. “But I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand considering I suggested it. Namjoon?”
Namjoon looks a little flustered that he’s been called on, but nonetheless, nods. “I think… I thought it through—” His eyes flick up to yours. “And think this might be a good idea. After all…” When he begins to trail off, you nod encouragingly, goading him on. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex. And more than that, being cramped up here with you lot—” someone snorts at the word cramped. “—has brought back things I thought were in the past.” Before you can linger on what that might mean, Namjoon is already spiraling off in another direction, “And I’ve read! I’ve read so many things about the multiplicity of romance and, ahem, sex, and how the capitalisticstructureofoursociety really reliesuponthetwofamilyunit to produce workers and continue the cycle of poverty, and polyamory—” his eyes widen at the word. Is what’s happening between all of you polyamory? That sounds so… official. “Or just sex, sex with multiple partners can be an active way of pushing against the patriarchy and impending capitalistic doomsday.” And then more quietly, as if he’s only just realized that he is in a room with seven people but needs to get the final word in: “Plus, the stigma against multipartner sex is historical, not biological.”
“Reading is nice,” Jimin says. “But you can’t have a book tell you what you ought to do in this situation.
Namjoon nods. “Yeah, um.” He scratches the back of his neck. “Well. I do, um, want this.” And then a second time, but bolder: “I do. Really. It’s… important to me.”
Yoongi and Jimin nod eagerly. Taehyung seems contemplative as he reads Namjoon’s features carefully. Jin keeps glancing at the food. Jungkook, who looks a little nervous at first, whispers something to his neighbor, Jimin, a big dopey grin spreading across his face. Hoseok, however, holds a blank expression.
Taehyung looks to Jin. “Well, we’re both in, based on our discussion last night.”
Jin rolls his eyes. “Uh, yes, of course we’re in. But I just thought we would eat first before all of this.”
That’s seven yes’s. And one unanswered. Seven pairs of eyes turn their attention to the one man who has been silent since you entered the room: Hoseok.
The man stands there, hands in his pockets. Out of all of you, Hoseok has always been the one to laugh first, crack a joke first, get on the dance floor first. And yet in this moment, he’s the only one who holds back. The look on his face is one that you know well, if not frequently: that expression he gets when he’s entirely focused. To an outsider, it might look like anger. But to one who knows, they understand that his features are drawn close in perfect concentration, his eyes locking on the center of his attention, his mouth pursing into a set line. It was one of the many things that you loved about him, these moments of intense focus that sat so opposite to his usually playful mannerisms.
Shouldn’t it be you in his place, hesitating, worrying that this step is going to fuck everything and everyone over? Instead, it feels like the cold wind from outside has cleared out your insides and left you with nothing but want.
When Hoseok still hasn’t answered, Jimin pulls him aside to whisper something in his ear, his hand stroking over Hoseok’s back in a sign of comfort. You try to make out what he is saying with no luck.
“I can’t—” Hoseok says, looking directly at you, heartbreak written across his face. And he turns on his heel and steps out of the room.
You watch the house of cards you’d carefully built up in your mind tumble to the ground, unaware that failure was even an option. If all eight of you weren’t in, none of you were in. But you didn’t imagine it going this way. Not really. There was some part of you that thought it could just be this easy, really, this easy, that everyone would say yes and all of you would just fall into it in one swift, simple motion. That all the tension that’s been living in this house, strung between the lot of you would simply cease, like it was cut through with a hot knife.
A collective gasp shudders through the group. Your friends turn to one another, expressions of concern dancing across their features.
“What—” Jungkook begins, his brow furrowing as he watches Hoseok disappear. “Is he okay?” The others mumble in alarm.
“I’ll take care of it,” you say, though, truly you have no idea how you’ll take care of this.
You follow Hoseok out of the room, but he seems so lost in his thoughts that it’s not until you catch up to him as he’s crossing the glass bridge and reach for his shoulder that he stops.
At first he seems surprised that it’s you, but he wraps you up in a hug that shocks you. It’s not until a moment later that you wrap your arms around him too and squeeze back.
“What’s going on?” you murmur into his chest.
He’s quiet for a moment before answering, pulling back and swiping a hand through his hair.
“It’s just ridiculous. The whole thing’s ridiculous.”
Ridiculous? Just last night he had said it hadn’t been so wild of an idea.
“What? I thought you said—”
“I remember what I said and I just, I got to thinking today and I’m not going to make you do something horrific like this.”
“Horrific? What the hell do you mean?”
Horrific is the last word you would use to describe any of this.
“I’m not going to force you to become some sort of concubine to seven men,” he says.
You laugh, thinking he can’t be serious. But when you see the frown on his face, you quiet. He is serious.
“Is that what you think this is?” you ask softly.
“Of course that’s what this is—”
“Of course that’s what this is!” He grabs your shoulders and stares into your eyes. “But the thing is, you don’t have to do it just because you think that they’re, what? Horny after all this time stuck in quarantine? Like you’re just supposed to go along with it, like some kind of sex slave or something, reduced to nothing but a set of holes to be used by seven horny men?! What are you going to do? Lay around the house all day just waiting… waiting to be….used? Like a sexual vending machine?”
It’s clear he’s spent an absurd amount of time in his head, sinking deeper and deeper into his anxiety. And while the image he’s painted, well, it might not be the reality of the situation, it’s also not the worst idea he’s ever had. You, at the whim and will of seven beautiful men. Still, the man needs some course correction. He’s still gripping your shoulders, and you gently wrangle out of his grasp to step closer to him. You reach out and place a hand on his arm, trying to bring him back to you, to this, to reality.
“No, no.”
“No, really, they’ve pressured you into this and…” His brow furrows, as if he’s hearing his own words for the first time and speculating at their reality.
“Hoseok.” He finally stops, his lips setting into a firm line. “No one is pressuring me.”
He frowns at you, contemplating what you’ve said. Gaging whether to trust it or not.
“What’s really going on up here?” you say, tapping on his forehead. But when you begin to withdraw your hand, he grabs your wrist and presses your palm to his face.
You blink.
He’s warm beneath your touch, but you can feel a slight tremor when he speaks. But now, now, all there is are his eyes, brown and wide and searching.
“It’s happening so fast,” he says hurriedly, the words whispered into the ever narrowing space between you two. “I can’t keep up.”
“What’s happening so fast?”
“Everything. Everyone. I thought—I thought I had more time.”
“More time for what? Nothing’s ending tonight, Hoseok.” He flinches under the formal name as if he’s finally heard it, but it’s too late to correct. If anything, tonight feels like a grand beginning. For you, tonight is the opening of the door to a whole new world. But when he looks at you, you know what you’ve said isn’t true for him. Loss, heartbreak, flutters behind the warmth in his eyes. He’s losing something. Someone.
Still, he shakes himself out of his thoughts. His gaze comes back to you.
“You’re sure there’s no one, no expectations or anything, that others are putting on you—You’re sure this is something you want?”
“Of course I want you, Hoseok—”
It’s only when it’s too late that you realize what you’ve said.
“You want me?”
“I want you…” You say slowly, like testing the words on your tongue.
“And you want the others.” He’s so quick to jump to the next thing. You just want to linger on what you’ve already said, how big it feels, hovering between you both.
“Can’t you just listen to what I’ve said?”
Sure, of course, it’s been a long time without sex. And even with the introduction of your nightly romps with Jungkook and Jimin — and your quiet moments with Namjoon — you’re still left wanting more. Your time with Jungkook and Jimin didn’t erase any of the rest of the longing that lived in your chest. If anything, it merely stoked the flame higher. A flame that yearned for Hoseok, too, with a particular kind of ache.
“Why don’t you believe me?”
Hoseok rubs the back of his neck.
“Why should I?”
He’s so thick, he’s so frustrating, you have no idea how you’re going to get through to him.
So instead, you reach up, press your hands to his cheeks, and kiss him.
It feels like a mistake the moment you’ve done it. It’s like walking across a bridge, without knowing that there’s an end in sight. You don’t know how he feels, and for all you know, he could be saying all this bullshit about you being a concubine because he just needs a way out, and it’s easier to turn it back on you than it is to look within. He’s always been this way. It’s been a long history of him keeping his emotions just beyond reach of you. Just beyond reach of himself, too. Even his thoughts, which felt less threatening to him than his own feelings, those too he kept caged up and hidden out of sight from you.
Hoseok is shocked, you can feel his shock shoot like ice through his body, like a bad memory,
All of a sudden it feels like that cab ride again, back in January, the silence sliding like a winter storm between you as you both stare out of opposite windows.
But his hands are gliding gently up your waist.
And he’s stepping closer.
It’s awkward, fumbling, like re-learning to walk.
But then the ice of his shock begins to melt as your lips meet his, sublimating into something explosive. Something that sings of fire ravaging through a frozen forest, flames licking at icicles, ice vaporizing beneath touch.
Your chest burns with desire larger than you know how to name, how to know. It burns like a winter sun, shining through the trees on a dark day. Like eyes, aching as they adjust to the light.
His hands fumble across your skin, he presses in closer.
The burn intensifies.
And so abruptly, you pull away, like you’ve been scalded. And force a soft smile to your face, despite the way you are quaking inside. And say:
“I wanted to do that. Does that say anything?”
He nods, swallowing quickly and tugs at the hem of his shirt. “Yes.”
Silence hangs between you as he searches your face, looking for an answer to a question you don’t know.
“Do you—did you… want? Want me to do that?” You stumble over the words.
He nods. “Yes. Yes, I—” He grips your hand in his and pulls you closer. “I did.” For a moment, you think he’s going to kiss you again. Breath is the only thing that hangs between you. But then he says, “Are you sure this is something you want?” and nods back towards where the others are waiting.
“Yes,” you say.
He looks down and swings your hand back and forth, his gaze locked on your interlaced fingers.
“Alright,” he says.
Part of you wants to linger, wants to kiss him again and give it a real shot and make it right. Not some fumbling, half-burnt mess of a kiss. But you see the thoughts spinning in his mind and so you say: “I’ll give you a moment,” and step back. The walk back to the dining room blurs in the mess of your pounding heartbeat. The boys are waiting for you.
Most of them are ogling the food greedily, Jungkook is even licking something off of his pinky finger. The rest are kind of lounging around, the chairs scattered, and that same warm feeling from before cuts right through your chest and warms you from the inside out. Whatever that was, back in the hallway, this, here, is at least familiar.
Even as a blanket of tension hangs about, which is fair, considering Hoseok had just run out of the room, there is a groundedness to the group. They take turns glancing at the door, picking nervously at the food, and mumbling to one another. But beneath it all, familiarity. Even if Hoseok is missing.
Your fingers unconsciously drift up to your lips, tracing over the skin where his lips were just a moment ago.
Jimin’s eyes follow your movements, attempting to parse together what’s just happened. Your gaze catches his and you smile softly. He nods towards the hallway with a raised eyebrow and you shrug. I’ve done my best.
Though, you’re not sure that kissing the man who’s been swirling through your head all week was your best. Or in your best interest, let alone his.
Finally, Hoseok returns back to the group, face set and determined. For a just a second, his gaze flicks to you before he sets his face sternly and speaks:
He clears his throat. “Sorry about that.” And you know it’s an apology directly to you, though, in all honesty, you’re not exactly sure what for. “And, um, me too,” he states, his voice soft. “I’m in.”
A collective sigh echoes around the room, like a breath that’s been held has finally released.
“Well that’s settled, we can just get straight to it—” Jungkook says, slapping his thighs and standing up. He gazes around the group while everyone stares back in silence.
Oh. Oh!
Get straight into it meant nothing other than sex. It feels scandalizing in a sense, that the lot of you would just jump right in, no preamble, no introductions — though, in a way, you all have been playing around the edge of foreplay for days now.
And what would follow?
Touch. Kiss. Dampness gathering. Fingers swiped through slick, brought to greedy mouth.
What would the lean muscle in Jin’s shoulder feel like under your fingertips? Would the soft skin of Yoongi’s neck taste the same after all that time? Would Taehyung be the same kind of lover as before, quick-witted and starving for pleasure? And what about the others, the ones who you haven’t touched, haven’t seen bare, haven’t taken within you — what would they be like? Gentle? Greedy?
Who would taste you? Who would want to taste you?
Everyone in this room apparently, and the thought is confirmed by the hungry looks that are passed around the room.
Jin sighs. “Sit down, Jungkook.” JK looks at him with a confused face. “We need to have a conversation first, don’t we?”
Jungkook nods.
“We’ll eat and talk at the same time,” Jin says. “So much for a composed dinner.”
“Jin, you didn’t really believe you were going to get any kind of composure out of this lot, did you?” you chide.
You all gather around the table. Jin and Namjoon take either side of you, the two broad shouldered men squeezing you into your seat. Not that you mind.
The food is already prepped and waiting on the table, like some glorious feast. The table is heaping with food, rice piled high in what must be the house’s finest bowls, and brightly colored vegetables.
Plates are filled with the bounty that Jin and Yoongi had prepared during the day. The piles and piles of food almost seems like too much, but then again you know that nothing goes to waste with this eternally-hungry group. Your gaze roves over the feast: the table is laden with meats and noodles and variations of stir fried vegetables sat among beautiful arrays of autumn squash, both cooked and on display. And at the end of the table sat what you can only describe as an overfilled cream pie.
“Champagne?” Yoongi asks, and the room fills with enthusiastic agreement.
Yoongi stands at the head of the table, a stark reminder of where he sat just yesterday morning, sleepy and propositioning the rest of the group. It feels like it has been years since that moment.
When he twists the champagne bottle open with a dramatic pop!, it feels like a representation of tonight. The tension building, bubbling beneath the surface and ready to explode at any moment. Though as you watch him gracefully pour into several champagne flutes, laughing and chatting with his friends, you realize that even with your communal agreeal, the cork hasn’t loosened yet.
There is more to come. Abundance. Warmth. Like the food on the table. Like the men around you.
Hoseok, under Jin’s guidance, begins to carve the meat. The way he handles the knife, his knuckles tense, and you feel it in your core. As your cheeks warm at the thought, his graceful hands expertly carving, you glance back down at your empty plate, trying to shake your mind of the images that fly through.
Hoseok, his fingers dancing over your back. Hoseok, leaning over you as he slips his hands down your pants, gliding along the delicate skin before plunging—
“Can I get you something?” Hoseok’s voice breaks through your thoughts as he stares at you with a note of concern in his voice. That’s when you realize you’ve been spacing out, mouth hanging open, staring at him.
“Um, yes please.”
Your plate is passed around the table and quickly filled with the help of your friends.
“To… us.” Yoongi raises a glass and you all cheer, warmth spreading through the room as you all smile at one another, reaching across the table to toast each person individually.
“Hey, hey,” Jin says, when you clink his glass. “You know what it means if you don’t make eye contact when cheersing?”
“It means seven years of bad sex.”
He holds his glass up again, and you do it properly this time, a sly smile spilling over his lips as he lets his gaze linger on you.
“Though I wonder, if you’re septupling your sexual partners overnight if you might be able to make up for that bad luck in a seventh of the time.” He shrugs. “We’ll leave the math up to the fates.”
As you settle into dinner, a comfortable clatter of eating fills the room. Hums and cries of delight rise from the table as everyone exclaims at the deliciousness of the food.
“Thank you, Jin,” you say, reaching over to pat him on the leg. “And Yoongi,” you raise your glass to your friend at the head of the table.
As everyone settles into dinner, Namjoon is the first one to speak, getting straight to the point. “The first thing we should do,” Namjoon coughs, “Is address the elephant in the room.”
Jin nods. “We can’t keep secrets around each other — we should have privacy in our own lives, yes, absolutely — but this whole sneaking around thing is no good for any sense of trust in our relationship.”
Your heartbeat hammers in your chest. He knows. How could he not, when you nearly told him everything yesterday? You just thought you’d be able to tell everyone that you, Jungkook, and Jimin had been fucking on your terms, not like this. But too, there’s a kind of relief in it finally coming out.
Jungkook hangs his head but doesn’t say anything.
A long silence hangs over the group. Jimin catches your gaze from across the table.
“Jungkook? Anything you’d like to share with us?”
The young man’s head snaps up as he takes in the room around him and the weight of all of his friends’ eyes upon him. His body is tense, but he takes a deep breath, and on the exhale, his shoulders fall. “Fine. I admit it,” Jungkook grumbles at a barely audible level. “We’ve been fucking.”
The room explodes.
“Excuse me?”
Someone’s chair screeches backwards and a glass of wine tips over, staining the white table cloth. Hands dart out quickly to dab it up.
“I thought you were just planning a surprise party?” Someone says.
“I thought this was some kind of flashmob thing?” Hoseok says.
“Me too!” Namjoon chimes in. “That’s, that’s what we talked about.”
“Flashmob?” you snort.
“The sweat, I mean, come on!” Namjoon fades into silence as the realization dawns on him. “Oh. The sweat. The fuck?!”
“How could we not?” Jungkook continues. “Goddamn I hadn’t come in someone coming up on a year and here are two very very attractive—”
“Two?!” Namjoon exclaims.
“Two?!” Yoongi cries. “And you didn’t include me?? And who?”
“Well, we’re including you now!” Jungkook says back.
“Me,” Jimin says softly from his seat.
“Fair enough,” Yoongi says, sitting down again. Hoseok is quiet. Namjoon however, is still wildly flustered.
“And here I was thinking it was the right thing to hold back…” he grumbles.
“You were a perfect gentleman, Joon,” you reassure him. “It’s quite a flattering look on you.” He catches your gaze and flushes at the compliment, looking down at his hands.
“Still, I can’t believe I didn’t know.”
The room quiets as the knowledge and understanding settles on all of you.
You slip your hand underneath the table, letting your palm settle on his knee before gliding up to rest on his thigh. Namjoon looks shocked but composes himself and throws you a sheepish smile. After a moment, his hand drifts down and settles atop yours. Not holding it, just, just resting.
“If anyone cares to know, we were fucking,” Taehyung says, gesturing between himself and his boyfriend.
“Shut up Tae,” everyone echoes.
“But on a more serious note,” Jin cuts in. “Does that information change anything for anyone? That some of us have already been sleeping together?”
You can’t help it. Your gaze flickers to Yoongi. For a moment, you feel like it’s January again, his dark eyes shining at you from across a dark room, a secret shared between the both of you. But you tear your gaze away from him when his flickers up to you.
Everyone is looking at one another, reading for Jin’s question: does this change anything? Yoongi seems unfazed, but beneath it you know he’s curious. Jimin looks cool and collected, lounging on his chair, examining something on his palm. Namjoon looks a little nervous but reflective. Jungkook, waiting. Jin and Tae, playful as ever. And Hobi, well. He seems to be in complete and utter shock.
You wonder what kind of shock. If he’s still reeling from the information that you, Jimin, and Jungkook have been playing the beast with two, well, three backs. Perhaps he’s still processing this whole change in relationship between all of you. Or maybe he’s still in shock from the kiss. You stop yourself there. Either way, he doesn’t look too pleased, staring into his wine glass, unspoken words brewing behind his gaze.
So you give him a minute, shushing Jungkook by nudging him with your foot beneath the table when he starts to say something.
“I guess it doesn’t change anything,” Hoesok says, finally. “We all have pasts. We all have… needs.”
That’s the word. That’s what it feels like, wanting him. It feels like a need. His gaze catches yours and you smile reassuringly. You hope the layer of worry that hides beneath your smile doesn’t show through.
Lost in thought, you’re surprised when Namjoon interlaces your fingers beneath the table. He gives you a little squeeze, as if to say You alright? You squeeze back, throwing him a soft smile, a reply of Better, now.
“The next thing,” Yoongi cuts in. “Before we go any further with this—We need rules.”
Namjoon’s grip on your hand tightens beneath the table.
“Expectations, understandings. Boundaries.”
“Well the most obvious one: is anyone straight?”
Silence settles in the room.
“Jungkook? I thought you were—”
“Uh no.” Jungkook says sheepishly. “Not, um, anymore.” Anymore? “Quarantine might have changed more than one thing.”
Some of your friends look surprised, while others just nod along, like they expected this the whole time. Taehyung is one of the former, taking the news sincerely and chewing over. But the conversation quickly moves on.
“No blanket consent statements,” Taehyung adds thoughtfully to the conversation.
Yoongi pouts. “Really? None?”
“Only if you’re the one giving them out,” Taehyung corrects. “I don’t know, it just seems too messy.”
“You’re right,” Yoongi says, though there’s a note of disappointment in his voice.
“Everything should be negotiated day-of, moment-of. With eight people, there’s too many moving parts.”
You all nod in agreement.
Yoongi takes a long drink of his wine and you watch as his throat moves as he gulps, and as a little bit of the red liquid dribbles out of the corner of his mouth. He swipes it away with his thumb, catches your glance and sends you a wink. You smile and look away quickly.
Jeez. How the hell are you supposed to be doing serious thinking right now when all of your friends somehow look like sex gods doing nothing more normal than eating their dinners?
“Any hard boundaries?” Jimin asks.
“Oh my god please no vore,” Jungkook blurts. Seven pairs of eyes blink back at him. “Please don’t eat me,” he adds softly.
“What kind of deep dark internet hole did you go down? ” Yoongi asks. “That’s even darker than where I go.” Hoseok leans over to Yoongi and you catch a whispered: Where do you go?
Jungkook flushes a deep shade of red before hiding his head in the crook of his arm.
“Quarantine was a long time,” he says, in place of explanation. “And reddit is a vast resource.”
The rest of you share some of your hard limits one by one. There’s the usual: no poop, no punching or kicking, nothing non-consensual. You insist on no anal fisting. There are a couple that surprise you though. When Jin states that he, under no circumstance, will engage in cock and ball torture, Jungkook pipes up and says he’s willing to try it. Hoseok shares that he has never bottomed, but when asked, he says he wouldn’t mind giving it a shot under the right kind of circumstances. Though someone reminds him that that’s a soft limit, the boys exchange glances, as if fighting over who will be the first to top their friend.
The reality is, that at the end of the conversation, there is a broad range of exploratory space between you and your friends. A space so large it nearly frightens you.
That’s when you notice across the table, a shining, waxy red fruit.
“Where on earth did you find pomegranate?” you ask Jin, bewildered.
“I knew it was your favorite.” Jin grins back at you, and Jungkook tosses the red fruit to you from across the table.
You toss Jin a brilliant smile as the red fruit lands in your hands.
An imperial orb, Jimin had once described it as.
And holding it, you feel the weight of not only its flesh, but its significance. For a moment, the image of Persephone, reaching for the pomegranate flits across your memory. Reaching for the dangling fruit, it was the sweetness that had sealed her fate.
You dig your fingers into the hard skin of the vibrant fruit and—oh—it squirts out, staining the white table cloth and, you quickly realize, your neighbor.
Namjoon has already loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his dress shirt, his chest smooth and shining in the candlelight. And now, pomegranate juice drips from his chin, rolling down his neck, about to stain that beautiful white shirt—
“Lick it up,” someone calls, probably Jimin, and before you know what you’re doing, you reach for the broad man, running your tongue first along the hard planes of his chest and trailing up, up, up to his neck. He shivers when your tongue traces his throat, the skin especially sensitive. You smile at that, and he looks down at you, brown eyes gleaming with amusement. And more.
“Me too,” Jin says, and you feel a hand on your back. With regret, you lift your lips from Namjoon’s neck and turn towards him.
Jin has smeared pomegranate across the cut of his chin, and it dribbles down his neck, already staining his collar. But you’re not one to refuse a beautiful man, and so with care—and leaving a hand on one of Namjoon’s thighs—you press your lips to Jin’s neck. The juice stains your lips, turning them a bloodied color.
You take your time kissing up the column of his throat, painting the smallest of caresses against the soft skin of his neck. Unlike Namjoon, he doesn’t tremble beneath your touch. Instead, his grip tightens around your waist, pulling you closer. You gasp when you are pressed skin to skin against his chest, your hands reaching to his collar for stability, nearly falling into his lap.
“You can use more than your lips, darling,” Jin murmurs in your ear. “I never did mind a little nibble.” And so with that, you skate your teeth along the hard edge of his jaw, drawing a sharp his from the tall man. You end it with a peck to the corner of his jaw.
When you look back at the table, everyone is staring at you, mouths hanging open.
“That was hot as fuck,” Jimin says, throwing a wink at you.
Jungkook, though, looks a little miffed. The table is dressed with both main courses, side dishes, and desserts, and as Jungkook reaches for a baklava, you realize just how delightful it is to eat sweets with the main course.
He frowns as he takes a bite, honey spilling down his lip. Jimin, next to him, leans over and swipes the golden liquid from the younger man’s pouting lip. Jungkook watches in awe as Jimin sucks the finger into his mouth, a sly grin spreading across his features.
“What else?” Yoongi asks, clearing his throat, and finally all sets of eyes are on him.
“No leaving anyone out,” Jungkook says a little too quickly, glancing at you, Namjoon and Jin. Namjoon beside you is a little stiff and breathing hard. His hand fumbles for you under the table, and finally falls on your knee. You smile up at him.
“How does that work? What does that look like?”
“Say, for example, someone wants to have sex with six out of the seven other people in this house? That just seems like a setup for drama,” Namjoon adds.
“Fair enough,” Jin echoes.
“So no more than five in a group.”
Five. Wow. Five still seems marginally larger than you know how to coordinate.
Jungkook chuckles nefariously. “That means that we could split up, hyungs, maknaes, and—” he waggles his eyebrows as a sign of what he means to fill in the blank with. Group sex, with different iterations of the group. Your stomach tightens in anticipation of the hundreds of different arrangements there might be.
Namjoon and Jin pressing you up against a shelf of books.
Jimin and Taehyung fucking you in the pool.
Yoongi, Jungkook, and Hobi having their way with you on the dinner table. You, spread out like some garnished and carefully prepared delight.
Frankly, the possibilities are endless. And you have a feeling that your day-to-day life might finally surpass the fantasies of your dreams, the ones that have come to haunt you with desire for months now.
Taehyung’s voice breaks through your reverie. “It feels a little unfair that she gets to sleep in Hobi’s bed every night,” he says quickly, his eyes flashing up towards you.
You bristle. “It’s my bed too!” you say before you can consider the implications of what he’s just said. Taehyung wants you in his bed. Again.
“You know what he means,” Jungkook corrects.
“I suppose I could see what he means by that,” Namjoon adds, just a little too casually. You raise an eyebrow at him. You hadn’t pegged him as the jealous type.
“I’ll choose where I sleep,” you say.
“Like a wandering bed ghost,” Yoongi cuts in.
You glare at him. “The other option is that I get my own room. Who’s willing to give theirs up?”
The room falls silent. One person raises their hand.
“Put your hand down, Namjoon,” you sigh. “I’ll be the wandering bed ghost of the Kim manor.”
“Do we have to do a seance to summon you?” Hoseok chirps.
You light up at his humor. It has felt like a long moment since he cracked any jokes.
“You’ll have to sing a mating call,” you joke back.
But the reality of your words finally hits you when no one laughs. Instead you find all of your friends staring back at you, a mixture of shy and blank and yearning expressions splayed across their faces.
In reality, you’ve all just agreed to add a big long mating dance to your friendship and there’s only one thing left to do: dance the dance of the beast with, well, eight backs.
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with you | ksj | m
Tumblr media
marrying your childhood best friend was not the love story that most painted it to be. you knew that better than anyone else.
PAIRING. kim seokjin x reader
GENRE. marriage!au, divorce!au, childhood friends2lovers!au, angst, fluff, smut
WARNINGS. dilf jin, mentions of divorce (it's literally the plot😭), marriage problems, jin is kind of an asshole (who redeems himself!!!-ish), slight jealousy, soft sex, crying during sex, oral (f receiving), bigdick!jin, oc is a crybaby who tries not to cry 99.9% of this fic
WORDS. 22.1k
NOTE. it's here!!!!! I've been working on this fic for a while and im somewhat pleased with how it turned out!!!! i apologise for any errors/edit mistakes bc I run through it on my own so I may overlook some grammar issues etc ...
anywho, I hope you enjoy this fic!!!! as always - my asks are open to let me know how you felt about this fic <3
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What is this?” he blinks.
“Divorce papers,” you say softly, smoothing out the surface while you avoid his eyes.
“You want,” he says slowly, eyebrows furrowing as he attempts to process your words. “You want a … divorce?”
You hate that he sounds so nonchalant like you weren’t mulling over this decision for the past three months as you found yourself losing hope in your marriage with each passing day. But for as long as you’ve known Jin, he’s always been like this. A little hard to understand, straightforward but never intentionally malicious. He just somehow ended up hurting people without him realising it.
“Yes,” you say.
“What about Jiho?”
The reminder of your son makes your heart drop to the pit of your stomach, but you were prepared for this question. In fact, your son was the only thing that made you hesitate your decision for another month because divorces were messy and even if Jiho was just four years old and probably too young to understand—he was perceptive and you didn’t want to put him through the taxing emotions of having his parents go through a divorce.
But you were exhausted of fighting alone and returning to a home that feels more isolating than welcoming.
“We’ll share custody,” you narrate the exact words you’ve been mulling over for the past few months, even if it breaks your heart to say them.
“What prompted this?” It hurts even more when Jin flips through the papers as he would with any other of his business contracts, and it’s a harsh reminder that your marriage was reaching an invincible expiry date that you wanted to ignore.
“We …” you hesitate, fingers clutching the fabric of your dress as you purse your lips. Was there a reason to justify your decision anymore, when you’ve fought tooth and nail for the past four months to be heard? To be seen as someone who wasn’t just his wife on paper but a person to be nurtured? You force yourself to look ahead, even when Jin raises an eyebrow at your silence. You settle for a soft response instead. “I think it’s for the best.”
Jin opens his mouth to say something but decides against it before he slides the papers towards him, and you half-expect him to sign it and tell you to leave. The thought only makes your heart shatter even more—because four years of marriage, a child—gone, just like that.
But he doesn’t. Instead, he offers you a curt nod with a look you can’t quite decipher.
“I’ll get back to you,” he says.
You blink, especially when he pushes himself off his desk and extends a hand towards you as if he’d expected you to grab it. The gesture doesn’t fit in with the context of the conversation, much less the emotions that thrash wildly in your heart.
“What are you doing?” you whisper.
“Lunch,” he says, “I haven’t had it with you in a while.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“That took a while,” Taehyung points out when you clamber back into your office.
“I had lunch,” you respond curtly as you hang your jacket on the coat hanger while you attempt to ease the pressing headache between your temples.
“Alone?” He raises a brow.
“With Jin.”
Taehyung’s eyes widen as you plop onto the empty seat next to him. Your son’s fidgeting in his lap as your assistant types away at his laptop, and you’re absolutely exhausted so you extend your arms towards Jiho, who immediately turns to you with a toothy grin and leaps off Taehyung’s lap.
“Hi baby,” you press a kiss to his cheek, immediately seeking warmth in your son’s chubby body.
“Hi mama,” he returns, pressing a plush cheek into your chest when you squeeze him.
You try to keep your tears at bay, even if it’s just having your son in your arms. He doesn’t know the day you had or the meal you shared with his father. The man you married and decided to have a child with. Jiho doesn’t know that it’s over—and it hurts. It hurts because he deserved a family filled with love.
“How did it go?” Taehyung asks tentatively, swirling in his chair until he’s facing you.
You know he’s concerned. He was probably the person that received the news with the most shock, granted he was currently the only person that knew besides Jin. Taehyung has been your assistant before you relocated to this larger office and before your business set its course, and even when you and Jin were just dating. So, he knows—he knows how hard you’ve tried and when you decided that it was over.
“He didn’t even try,” you croak, eyes fluttering shut as you attempt to level your breathing to not alarm your son, “Just took the papers and said he’d get back to me.”
“He didn’t sign it?” Taehyung asks in slight surprise.
“No,” you murmur, peering down to see your son fiddling with a ribbon that sticks out your dress, “I didn’t want to ask why.”
Taehyung purses his lips before he reaches out to squeeze your available hand. The gesture is enough to remind you of what you just did—the conversation you just had with Jin, and it’s enough for your entire facade to go crumbling again.
But you don’t cry because your son is unaware of the conflict that exists between you and his father, you don’t cry because one of you needed to be strong and it had to be you.
“I’m sorry.” His apology is sincere but frankly, useless. But you don’t tell him that even if that’s all that plagues your mind. You know Taehyung knows this too, but you suppose it’s the best either of you can offer right now.
“Don’t be,” you laugh humourlessly, “You’re not the one that failed in this marriage.”
“You didn’t fail, ____,” he says sternly, “It just—some things don’t work out.”
Your lips wobble again, looking up so your son doesn’t spot your tears.
“I thought we would,” you croak, “I tried. I tried—so hard. But it still wasn’t enough.”
Taehyung stays silent, and your son is mumbling something under his breath. When you peer down, his smile remains innocent and oblivious to the world that’s falling apart right in front of his eyes.
“Mama, look,” he squeals as he lifts up an arm that he’s somehow managed to scribble on, “Mama, daddy, me!”
Taehyung has to take Jiho when you excuse yourself to the bathroom.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What do you mean he hasn’t signed it?” You hiss, holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you attempt to shove old documents into the shredder.
“He … hasn’t,” Jimin, Jin’s assistant, says lamely over the line as you feel your headache return.
“Jimin, you’re his assistant,” you remind him sternly, “It’s literally your job to make sure he gets shit done.”
“I know!” He exclaims before he’s sighing, “He’s just—he keeps putting it off. I really can’t do much, ____.”
You chuck the last bit of papers aside before you’re grabbing your phone from in-between your ear and shoulders before you’re leaning against a desk, pinching the bridge of your nose in irritation.
It’s been a week since you visited Jin at his office propositioning him with a divorce, yet, the papers remain vacant from his signature that solidified the termination of your legal union. You were more so irritated than hurt right now, purely because you wanted actual documents to present to your lawyer and your parents before you told them that you and Jin were getting a divorce.
It’s also been a week since Jin’s came home, and you’re partly thankful that he did that on his own because that was another painful conversation you weren’t quite ready to have. Not that he came home at an acceptable hour anyway. But it’s almost daunting at how the bed remains cool where he used to lay, even if he’d disappear hours before your awakening.
“Just,” you exhale, “Please get him to sign it, Jimin. I’m tired.”
You can hear some shuffling on the other end and you assume it’s him moving to another place with the way the office chatter gets distinctively quieter the longer time passes.
“Do you,” he starts, “do you really have to do this?”
You sigh, already bracing for his comment.
If Taehyung knew you and Jin before you got married, Jimin was the person that got the two of you together. The instigator that insisted that the feelings and mutual, and that the chance should be taken. You believed him ten years ago when you were younger and in high school, oblivious to what the future held. You wanted to resent him for how things out but you knew it was irrational. You would’ve fallen in love with Jin with or without Jimin’s intervention.
He was that easy to love.
The bitter reminder that the divorce seemed easy for him to accept, even without the signature, plagues your mind as you hear Jimin call your name once more.
“Do you think this was my first option?” you snap, and immediately the silence is tense. “I was backed into a corner, Jimin. There’s no point in Jin and I remaining married if—if nothing about our relationship feels like a marriage anymore.”
“What about Jiho?” he throws back the same question Jin posed at you when you first came to him with the divorce.
You grit your teeth, your heart inevitably clenching at the guilt that’s yet to subside. It only hurt more because you knew Jimin didn’t mean it to hurt you, but it did—it did because it wasn’t easy.
“I’m not taking him away from Jin,” you whisper, “I can’t—I would never do that.”
“You know that’s not what I meant,” Jimin says softly.
“I know,” you reply, equally as soft as your eyes dart to the ground, “I hate this, Jimin. I do. But I rather Jiho grow up with two parents who aren’t together than two parents who live together but not even talk.”
Jimin stays silent, and you know that he’s heavily contemplating his next set of words.
You beat him to it with a sigh.
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, “I didn’t mean to unload.”
“Please don’t apologise,” he says, “I just … have you tried speaking to Jin?”
You scoff bitterly at the suggestion, and you know that you shouldn’t be taking it out on Jimin, who’s both Jin’s assistant and your close friend—but the nudge to recall the times you’ve tried, tried so hard to patch things up by planning mini-dates that he rain checked more than enough times for you to want to try again—only leaves you feeling sour.
“He clearly doesn’t mind if he says he’ll get back to me,” you say bitterly.
“Have you considered that maybe he only said that because—”
At that moment, your intercom goes off and you briefly hear Taehyung’s static voice filter through the speaker.
“Hold on, Jimin,” you rush as you put your hand to the speaker to lean forward to press the intercom. “Tae?”
“You have an appointment,” he says slowly, and your eyebrows furrow at his odd tone.
“I do?” You say with a puzzled expression, “I don’t remember scheduling an appointment—”
“Well, this isn’t really an appointment,” he laughs tightly.
“Tae,” you frown, “What are you saying?”
“She’s already—”
And at impeccable timing, a rapt knock is delivered to your door as you further scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.
“Jimin, I need to go. I have a visitor,” you bring the phone back up to your ear as you begin heading towards the door.
“No worries,” he clips, “Take care, okay?” He says softly.
You mumble a word of gratitude before you’re hanging up, hand already reaching out to turn to the knob to greet your guest.
You’re still confused before you come face-to-face with them, but the moment the door opens as you plaster a smile to greet your guest—your grin immediately freezes as you spot the one person that you surely didn’t expect to visit your workplace on a weekend, let alone at all.
“E-Eomeonim,” you stutter, eyes briefing landing on Taehyung’s apologetic expression behind your guest's elegant posture.
“Myeoneuri,” she immediately beams, leaning forward to embrace you into a hug that you’re still too stunned to properly returned, and it’s not until she pulls back with furrowed brows that you return the gesture, still frozen in shock as you lean your head against her shoulder.
“What brings you here?” You ask, forcing a smile at the sudden grant of her presence as you shut the door behind you, immediately guiding her towards the empty couch as you head towards your cupboards to bring out the glasses for drinks.
“Ah,” she laughs, gently and polished as ever as you keep your head-trained over your shoulder to engage in eye contact as you pour her some water, “Can’t I visit my daughter-in-law?”
The term doesn’t fall on deaf ears and you force yourself to laugh, even if you know that the term wouldn’t be applicable for much longer. You feel like a fraud, inviting her into your office and offering her water as if you weren’t over at her son’s office a week ago with papers that would immediately terminate any relationship you had with him—or her. Legally, at least.
She was still your son's grandmother and overall, a lovely person.
You grew up with her right next to your house, being the second mother in your life especially when she used to house you on nights where your parents were out of town as you integrated with her two sons and their antics. She cooked for you and treated you like you were her own daughter. Those things didn’t go away just because you were divorcing Jin.
“Of course,” you smile softly as you pass her a glass with two hands, “It’s nice to see you.”
She chuckles politely before taking a sip and setting the glass onto the table, eyes travelling around your office as she takes in your interior.
She’s been here on a few occasions, but they’ve been sprawled out over the years so there have definitely been some changes from when she last came. She doesn’t visit often—to your office, at least—she never had a reason to. So it’s all the more startling and nerve-wracking when she appeared today, conveniently after you proposed a divorce she’s yet to know about.
“I was thinking about you,” she says softly, peering up through her lashes as you gulp, fingers shaking ever so slightly when you take a sip of your drink yourself.
“You’re always free to visit, eomeonim,” you return politely, bowing your head.
She scoffs playfully, waving you off as she leans backwards into your plush couch.
“Don’t be so stiff with me, ____,” she teases, “I’ve changed your diapers.”
You flush at the reminder, and it’s both in fondness and in relative hurt because your family and hers were tight-knit from the very beginning. Your mother and she were best friends even before the two of you were born, and it’s only natural that their children ended up becoming friends. It was always a running joke that they’d hope you and Jin would fall in love and marry—and when it happened, the both of them were ecstatic.
It wasn’t as if they planned it, but fate worked out funnily sometimes. Even when you dated other people in the midst of unsure feelings in high school, you always found yourself returning to Jin. Whether it be in the form of comfort, or a laugh, or just a shoulder to lean on—you always found yourself on the front of his porch, eagerly waiting for another moment with him.
“I know,” you sigh with a small smile, “It’s crazy how long it’s been.”
“Thirty-two years,” she reminds.
You exhale, remember that you were in fact thirty-two this year. The thought that settles is one that is intrusive and annoying, purely because you couldn’t go a moment without remembering the divorce. Your age is another bitter reminder that you’ve really hit the mark with it, essentially starting over when you and Jin promised each other forever.
You take another sip to keep your tears behind.
“Anyway,” she continues as she rests her eyes on you. Her gaze is concerned and you’re stuttering, wondering if you were that obvious—if your face held all your emotions or if she was just that observant. When she speaks, you brace yourself for the worst. “I’ve been trying to contact that son of mine but he keeps sending me to his darned assistant.”
You relax ever so slightly as your lips twitch in a smile.
“Jiminie?” You ask amusedly.
“When he’s getting in the way of talking to my son, he’s a darned assistant,” she huffs, crossing her arms across her chest as you laugh.
“Even now, they’re inseparable,” you comment mindlessly, remembering all the times they used to get into trouble together in high school.
“For the wrong reasons,” she sighs, “That’s why I’m here, actually.”
You raise a brow, “Oh?”
“Seokjung’s planning on proposing,” she informs with an excited grin as your eyes widen.
“Oh my God,” you breath, equally as pleased to hear the news, “Finally? I’m so happy for him and Ah-reum.”
Your mother-in-law sighs wistfully as she smiles tenderly at you, reaching a hand out to squeeze yours as her eyes turn solemn.
“I am too,” she says softly, “My two son’s—Gosh.”
Your hand stiffens under her touch, but you don’t make an effort to correct her. She looks far too happy and emotional at the thought itself that you don’t have the heart to ruin that dream for her. You swallow the lump in your throat and the visual of the divorce papers that plague your mind as you offer a weak smile that doesn’t quite reach your eyes.
“Yeah,” you say breathlessly, “I’m really happy for Seokjung.”
She nods, smiling at you before squeezing your hand again.
“I wanted to let you know myself,” she says, “I was meant to tell Jin but clearly, he’s caught up in whatever work he has,” she rolls her eyes before shooting you a pointed stare. “Make sure you make time for each other, even if he’s busy. That boy always drowns himself in work.”
Your face falls for a split second, but you immediately correct it when you realise the look of concern that marks her face.
You know her comment was made in good faith, she had no idea of your impending divorce … did she? But despite her voice mulling slightly under a whisper, you find that your heart betrays your blank face when it clenches. You should’ve made time for each other. Even if he was busy. You tried—and you failed.
“O-Of course,” you say, squeezing her hand in return.
“Make sure that the three of you spend time together,” she says softly, and you’re terrified that she knows when she mentions your son. “A relationship requires constant effort and dedication.”
“Of course,” you swallow, “I will.”
You hate yourself for lying to her, but you hope that she knows that you tried. That you really tried to pick up whatever that was lost—but some things would inevitably remain shattered.
“Tell Jin to take it easy,” she murmurs, “I worry for him sometimes.”
You nod your head mutely, agreeing silently.
“I’m”—she chokes, suddenly teary as your eyes widen in alarm—“I’m really glad that you have each other.”
It’s another blow that you receive, but force yourself to smile through.
“Eomeonim …” you say quietly, the guilt nabbing away at your heart.
She waves you off, laughing softly before she’s swabbing gently under her eyes to rid of the tears. And as always, she remains stunning as ever—the stark features of Jin apparent on her face, and the resemblance only makes your heart clench even further.
“Your mother and I would always joke about having our kids get married,” she reminisces as you smile tightly at her. “We never thought it would actually happen—but you and Jin …” she trails off with a fond smile, “It made sense. Like it was always meant to happen.”
You can’t take it anymore, but you weren’t allowed to pick your battles this time. You swallow the lump in your throat and hold her hand a little tighter as if an apology was worthy enough to be traced into the wrinkles of her palm. For now, this was all you could offer.
“Thank you, eomeonim,” you whisper, and it’s more than just the words she’s said, but how she’s treated you up until now. An apology also rests on your tongue, but that’s for a later date. When you and Jin no longer share the title of married.
“Don’t thank me,” she scoffs, “Thank you for making Jin’s life brighter. For bringing Jiho into this world.”
You swallow.
“Of course,” you smile, “He’s made mine too.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re here,” Jimin blinks, opening the door to let you in as you give him a tight smile.
“I wish I wasn’t,” you mutter under your breath as the two of you walk side-by-side down a familiar hall.
“Listen—” he begins but you cut him off, already too tired to engage with him attempting to convince you otherwise on the divorce.
“I really can’t do this right now, Jimin,” you say quietly and he looks at you with an apologetic look that you ignore to save your heart from more tears. “I’m only here because Jin isn’t answering his mother’s damn calls.”
“He’s in the middle of an important business deal,” Jimin says weakly.
“When is he not?” You roll your eyes as you huff, feet clacking against the marble as you turn into a familiar corridor where your eyes rest on the plague with the name of your husband, a name that you’ve welcomed into your life and in your son's name—a name that you’ve grown up with. You push aside the ache in your heart as you reach towards the door to knock. “Listen, I know you’re his best friend and his assistant but … tell him to remember that his job isn’t the only important thing in his life, yeah?”
Jimin doesn’t say anything but waits with you, and you briefly hear the shuffling of feet from the other end. You can tell Jimin wants to say something with the way that he’s impatiently tapping his feet against the ground, and you don’t placate him like you usually do because you know that you weren’t ready to hear whatever he had to say.
The door swings open, and it isn’t Jin that you see. It’s—
“Isa,” you smile tightly.
“____,” she exclaims, immediately trotting over in her heels as she towers over you, arms wrapping you into a hug that you don’t expect. When she pulls away, you see her bright teeth in between her red lips. “You’re glowing! Are you pregnant?”
You shoot her a blank look, and you feel Jimin’s eyes widen.
“I’m not,” you say dryly.
“Oh,” she blinks, “Could’ve sworn you were,” she says off-handedly before she moves out the way, only for Jin to appear behind her with a vacant expression on his face, eyes immediately falling onto your unimpressed figure.
“____?” He furrows his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”
You push past Isa, who you briefly see from the corner of your eye, press two rather friendly kisses onto your husband—well, soon to be ex-husbands—cheeks. She’s always done that, claiming that it was from her French roots even if you knew deep down that she had the hots for her husband. You don’t want to know why she’s here, appropriately right when you and Jin were in the middle of a divorce. Unless she’s representing him as his lawyer, you didn’t want to humour the thought.
“Your mother says you aren’t answering her,” you don’t spare him another glance, or Jimin, who is all but offering you a timid smile right before he shuts the door to the office, leaving you and Jin alone.
“I’ve been busy,” he replies.
“You couldn’t even just send a damn text to your own mother?” you ask irritatedly as you plop into a seat in front of his desk.
“I had Jimin do it,” he says with a frown.
You roll your eyes, bitter that you had to be here—bitter about the divorce—bitter about gorgeous Isa who just left his office. You were bitter about everything, and now you were here, with your soon-to-be ex-husband.
“Really, Jin,” you deadpan, “You couldn’t even spare two seconds to let your mom know that you were—I don’t know—alive?”
He sighs as if you were pointing out irrational facts and not attempting to get him to do things himself for once. To maintain relationships with people without a damn middleman. You were a victim once, and you sure as hell wouldn’t let his mom suffer the same painful fate as you did.
“It’s been hectic at the office,” he says curtly, “I did eventually get back to her.”
“Yeah,” you scoff, “After she visited me at my office.”
“She visited you?” he furrows his brows.
You roll your eyes, “It doesn’t matter. She told me that your brother is planning on proposing and she’s expecting us to be there at the engagement party.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I don’t think I can make it.”
You still.
“The investors planned for a meeting that same week and I—”
“He’s your brother,” you splutter in disbelief, rage slowly assimilating in your blood when Jin shoots you with another blank look that you’ve grown to resent, especially recently.
“I can’t do anything about the investors, ____,” he frowns.
“You’re the CEO!” you balk, “You call the shots. You literally make the rules. He’s getting engaged and you can’t even try to make it?”
His brows turn downwards at your harsh tone, but you were unbothered. The disbelief that marks your face is reflective of how your heart slowly burns in anger, the way that your fists clench by your side. Even now, as you attempt to knock some sense of rationality into Jin—you find yourself exhausted. It’s because—this—is familiar. It’s the same routine you found yourself fighting against, now only applied to his direct family. If you weren’t considered that.
“They’re flying in from the States,” he says pointedly.
“And that matters more than your brother because?” You scoff, narrowing your eyes at him, “Don’t be fucking selfish, Seokjin.”
You don’t think you’ve referred to him as his full name in years. Even before the two of you dated. You always called him Jin because it was more intimate that way. Only business associates that he was professional with called him Seokjin. It was an unspoken rule that Seokjin was the persona he adapted with people that he needed on his side, not people he wanted by his side.
You’re too busy seething to see the way his face drops ever so slightly, but he’s quick to correct himself when he purses his lips at you.
“I’m at crossroads, ____,” he snaps, “On one hand, it’s my brother who I’m going to disappoint, or—it’s the ten investors that are eager on investing in this company. I can’t win—and right now, I need them on my side.”
“I can’t believe that you actually need to choose who’s more important right now,” you laugh humourlessly, eyes meeting his for a split second as you frown. “It’s your family, Seokjin. It’ll always be your family. You choose your family—you—you choose the people you love.”
Your words are venomous and purposeful when you spit at him, immediately pushing yourself off the seat. Your words refer to more than his brother, or his mother. It’s personal—and it hurts. You didn’t want him to see you cry, you don’t think he’d care anyway.
“Wait,” he sighs, following you until he’s at your door, hand blocking you from leaving, “I …”
You turn around, eyes fluttering shut as you even out your breathing. When you open them, it’s intuitive for you to believe that you were able to read him, especially after a decade of being together—but you can’t. Your eyes are blurred with more than just your fatigue, but it’s disappointment too.
“What?” you sigh, “I don’t—I don’t care what you do Seokjin. But just know that when you’re closing whatever damned business deal you have for profits—your family is missing you.”
You turn to leave, not expecting him to do anything further than where you’ve left it at—but his hand reaches for your shoulder to stop you, your body tensing at his touch that you haven’t felt in a long time.
“I’ll,” he begins, nibbling on his lip when you raise a brow at him. It’s the most you’ve gotten out from him in a long time, but it’s not enough for you to read what the hell is going on in his mind. “I’ll be there.”
You roll your eyes, “Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it happen.”
You go to push his hand off but his grip remains firm on your shoulder as he furrows his brows at you.
“We’ll go together,” he says.
You blink.
“I can go there myself,” you clip back curtly.
“They don’t know,” he blinks, “Right?”
He’s talking about the divorce.
Your body stills under his grip as you scowl.
“Of course they don’t,” you snap, “I won’t do that to your mom,” you say softly, “Not now.”
He doesn’t ask you to elaborate, even when your eyes turn sad as they dart to the floor.
“Then we’ll go together,” he says simply, “It’s easier that way.”
You don’t argue anymore because your mind just recalls the conversation you shared with his mother, the woman who’s simultaneously raised you along with your own mother. The woman you’ve shared fond memories with, and the woman whose heart you were inevitably going to break with the news of the divorce.
“Fine,” you sigh, finally shrugging off his hand as you turn towards the door to finally leave.
The door opens, and you’re already halfway out when his voice interrupts you.
“Your dress,” he says softly.
You stop, turning your head slowly as you raise a brow.
“… my dress?” You look down at your attire and you note that it’s a simple knee-length dress that you’ve had for years. It was strapless, but casual enough for you to wear on a daily basis—and definitely nothing noteworthy about it.
“You wore it during our honeymoon,” he states as your body locks at the mention of the memory.
You don’t even remember if you did—so you can’t confirm whether or not he was pulling your leg. But the look that Jin sends you is … you can’t quite put a word to it but it looks soft. Gentle, almost fond. But it goes as quick as it comes before he’s offering you a small smile.
“I don’t remember,” you say bluntly.
His face remains blank, even if there’s a slight drop at his lips.
“Well,” he clears his throat before he steps out of the way to make space for your departure, “You look beautiful.”
The compliment steals your breath away, not because he’s never said it before but because it’s unexpected. It’s unexpected because you were divorcing him, and you haven’t heard those words leave his lips in a long time—directed to you, at least. You’re breathless because your heart is ramming against your chest, and there’s a painful feeling lingering.
You also remember the woman that’s left his office. You know it’s irrational for you to feel this way when you were the one that suggested the divorce. But it’s only proof at his options, especially when he was … he was him.
It’s hope—but you’re not an idiot to allow yourself to burn twice.
“I,” you croak, shaking your head as you manage a tight nod, “Thank you.”
When you leave, you have to force your tears back—without sparing another glance at Jin. When Jimin passes by you, he knows well enough not to ask.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Have you got everything?” Taehyung asks, helping you with the bag filled with Jiho’s things as you snort at his overeagerness of getting you out of the office.
“Yes, Tae, I have,” you say with an amused grin. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you actually cared about my well-being.”
He gasps with a faux sense of offence as he places a hand on his chest, shooting you a look that you roll your eyes at.
“Of course I do!” He pouts, “My boss is getting the break she deserves,” he says before peering down to Jiho, who’s tiredly dozing off in your arms since it was in the wee hours of the morning, “But I’ll definitely miss this one.”
He pokes Jiho softly on the cheek but your son doesn’t even so budge. He’s exhausted, and you were too—but you were more used to staying up late packing last-minute than your son was so you brush his hair gently before placing a soft peck to the crown of his head.
You know Taehyung will miss Jiho, purely because you’ve been at the office more than your home through the past week. You couldn’t bear to return to a space that was void and only had the title of a home when it didn’t feel like it anymore. It was the most difficult explaining to Jiho, who sought his dad’s attention and you couldn’t give it to him. A business trip was the best you got.
“Thank you, by the way,” you smile gratefully at your assistant as the three of you are taken down to the lobby of your office via the lift.
“Don’t,” he says sternly as you giggle softly at his tone, “Thank you for leaving.”
“I knew it,” you narrow your eyes as you stick your tongue out at him. “You’re just happy that I’m gone.”
“It’s four days,” he reminds, “You need a longer break. You’ve been working non-stop.”
You know his jibe is stern despite his light tone, purely because he’s aware of your tendency to ignore your problems by overworking yourself. He’s seen you devote all your energy to reports and analysing data than acknowledge the impending shatter in your heart.
“That’s long enough,” you sigh, “Make sure you—”
“Yes,” he groans as the two of you finally reach the lobby, offering a polite smile toward the receptionist as he returns the gesture. “Did you forget that I’m your assistant? God forbid I’m incompetent.”
You sniff even if you don’t disagree. You didn’t hire him just because he was your friend, but because he’s proven himself over and over again on his capabilities, you needed someone that was lax enough to balance out your perfectionist tendencies but also precise with his work. Taehyung was the perfect mixture of that—so it made sense that he’s stuck with you since you first hired him.
“Call me if you need anything,” you remind as the two of you spot Jin’s car, a sleek range rover fit for the rather long travel. You let out an exhale at the prospect of being in a car with your own husband for the next four hours as you travel out to his family vacation home, but your son needed you—and he needed his dad, so you brace yourself.
“Yes,” he sighs, and you see Jin step out of the car, a t-shirt and sweats combo that you adored him in. You look away.
“Taehyung,” you hear Jin greet your assistant as the two males engage in a rather amicable bro-hug.
“Hey, hyung,” he smiles softly, “How are you?”
You busy yourself with making sure that Jiho’s head doesn’t slip off your shoulders, but you note that your son’s awake this time—sensing the presence of his father as he groggily flutters his eyes open to search for him.
“Could’ve been better,” Jin returns, though not unkindly as his eyes dart towards his son, eyes softening immediately when Jiho calls for him through a mumble.
“Daddy?” He mumbles, immediately shaking out of your grasp as he extends his arms to be held by Jin. You swallow, but you allow Jin to take him from you. He hasn’t seen your son in over a week, and you would never be the person that deprived him from his own blood.
“Jiho,” he whispers, “Tired, bud?”
Your son nods his head, immediately snuggling into the comfort of his father’s chest as you force yourself to look away, distracting your mind as you help Taehyung load your belongings into the boot of Jin’s car.
“Where were you?” Your son asks innocently, “Mama said trip.”
“Yeah,” Jin says breathlessly, eyes meeting yours for a split second as you look away. “Missed you so much.”
“We miss you too,” Jiho pouts, and you don’t correct him when he alludes to you either.
“You okay?” Taehyung whispers, hand clasping your shoulder as you blink away the heat behind your eyelids. It was too early to cry, and you’ve spent the past week crying at random intervals so you were tired of shedding tears.
“I’ll survive,” you smile tightly as Taehyung finally loads the last bag, closing the boot with a button before shuffling back to the curb where Jin continues to cradle your son in his arms.
You’ve known him before you could properly speak, and you intimately recognise the expression on his face. He looks … sad. And it’s the most emotion you’ve seen on his face ever since you approached him with the divorce. You know that the worst part of it all is that Jiho is caught in the crossfire, and what hurts the most is that you didn’t want him to be.
“Thank you,” Jin looks over to Taehyung before he reaches out to give him a semi-awkward hug due to the little boy in his arms. “For taking care of the both of them.”
You almost don’t catch it, but you do despite the hushed tone he takes. Your eyes dart to the ground before you head towards the door to the passenger seat, already too overwhelmed at the break of dawn.
You enter the car, taking a deep breath to even out your breathing and force your tears back. You hated yourself for crying so easily but you knew that it wasn’t just your crybaby tendencies, but it was the pent up emotions that you’ve suppressed for months resurfacing after months of repression. You catch the two men through the side-mirror in a rather intense conversation, though you don’t hear anything of what they’re saying. You know they’re not raising their voices because Jiho finds it peaceful enough to drift off into slumber.
When Taehyung catches your eyes through the side-mirror, he offers you a smile, one that you can’t quite read before he’s patting Jin on the back and giving him one last solemn look.
He’s quick to set Jiho at the backseat, fastening him in the booster seat and placing a soft pillow to support his neck. Your heart both grows fond and tighter when he places a soft kiss on your son’s forehead before carefully shutting the door, quickly entering the driver’s seat as he fastens himself in.
“There’s pineapple juice and gummies, by the way,” Jin breaks the silence as your eyes snap to his figure.
“I know you don’t like travelling without them,” he mentions while he simultaneously setting up the GPS.
“I—thank you,” you reply softly, eyes dropping to the middle console, and in fact, spotting your favourite brand of pineapple juice and gummies sitting comfortably, waiting for your consumption.
You swallow, deciding against digging in immediately.
“My phone’s already connected to the Bluetooth so you can play any song,” he tells you, “The password’s the same.”
Your breath hitches. His password, the one he’s kept since college even if you’ve berated him for it on multiple occasions because of how predictable it was. Your anniversary date, the day when he first asked you to be his girlfriend. Even after you got married, he never changed it to your wedding anniversary date because he didn’t need to. He was that sentimental, proposing to you on the same day as when he first asked you out.
God, what was he doing to your heart?
You don’t say anything when you reach for his phone, and it’s like the universe is dead-set on reminding you of all the memories you shared with him when you spot the picture at the back of his clear phone case.
A polaroid of the both of you on your wedding night, face smushed with cake as the two of you double over in laughter.
Don’t cry, you tell yourself.
You type in the password when Jin finally ignites the engine, pulling out of the lobby as you finally start your four-hour journey. When you scroll through his phone to find the music app, you’re also surprised to see a familiar playlist.
“You still listen to it?” you find yourself asking, despite your heart clenching again.
Jin looks over his shoulder to catch a glance at his phone that was in your hands to see what you were talking about before he nods.
“Yeah,” he shrugs, “I don’t really listen to anything else.”
It’s the playlist the two of you made when you were rather drunk one night during your marriage. A random playlist filled with songs that didn’t really go well together, from upbeat tracks to mellow ballads that have your heart weeping and to R&B songs that set the mood.
It’s the millionth time that you swallow your tears, and you know it’s not going to be the last. It’s because it’s been less than twenty minutes back in close vicinity with Jin when you’re reminded that your lives are both so intertwined with one another that every aspect of his and your lives have remainders of your essences. Whether it be the scarf you precariously spotted at the back of the seat you remember leaving, or whether it was the keychain that dangles from his rearview mirror—or the damn playlist.
It was everything, and it hurt that you had to let it go.
You play a song that’s in the middle. Safe. A quiet tune that filters through the speakers as you turn the volume lower so that it wouldn’t startle your son awake.
“If you get tired halfway just let me know and I can take over,” you inform him.
You’re surprised to hear Jin scoff with a shake of his head, though when you turn to look at him, there’s a small smile on his face.
“You’re a terrible driver, so no,” he laughs.
You gasp, squinting your eyes at him.
You’ve gotten … better. Though your better was still debatably worse than the average person, it was progress nevertheless!
“I won’t get us killed,” you hiss at him, pouting as you cross your arms across your chest, “Besides, I don’t trust myself to drive if you’re not around, anyway.”
You don’t realise what you said, or the implications behind it. But you think Jin does when he flicks his eyes over to you, staring softly as you blatantly miss it to continue pouting while you stare forward, grumbling about being a better driver as he can’t take his eyes off of you.
“Don’t worry,” he says so quietly that you almost miss it, “Get some rest. I’ll drive us.”
You open your mouth to argue but the look he gives you makes you clamp your mouth shut in defeat. In all the times you’ve travelled by car with Jin, you don’t think you’ve ever driven the both of you, or even when Jiho became an addition to the family, because Jin was always so insistent on doing the heavy loaded things.
It was something that both annoyed you, but you were grateful for. You knew when Jin offered to do stereotypically husband things such as carrying the groceries, building furniture or driving you everywhere—it never came from a place where he believed you couldn’t do it. He knew you could because whenever he wasn’t around you did those things yourself, and dare you say, even better than him (with the exception of the driving). It was because he wanted to do these things for you, to have you worry about nothing but just yourself, him and Jiho.
The thoughts plague your mind, and suddenly everything is bitter again. You almost deluded yourself into thinking that things were normal and this was a normal family trip. But it wasn’t. Because you were inevitably going to get divorced, once he signed those papers.
“Hey, Jin?” you call.
He hums noncommittally as you fiddle with your fingers.
“When are you going to sign the papers?”
The question stills in the tense air, and you don’t catch the way his shoulders lock into position at your question.
“Soon,” he says curtly.
You nod your head slowly, eyes drifting out the window as you keep your sigh to yourself.
Yeah, it’d be over soon.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re going the wrong way.”
“I’m literally following the GPS,” he says dryly.
“Then the GPS is wrong,” you snap, “The service is horrible here—god—make a left.”
“I’m not going to be listening to a person who gets mixed up with East and West,” he deadpans.
“That was like—ages ago! I’ve changed!”
“Not taking the chance,” he snorts, going against your very orders of turning left as he makes a right, shooting you a smug look over his shoulder as you glare at him.
“Pull over, I’m driving because I clearly don’t remember taking this road the last time.”
“Roads change, ____,” he groans, “Infrastructure and public goods! It’s government-funded so our tax money damn well better be used for good.”
“Still,” you say petulantly, “You’ve been driving the entire time—it’s time to switch.”
“I never agreed to that,” he says pointedly as you hear your son humming along to the song, giggling every once in a while when you’d get particularly frustrated with Jin.
“You’re going to cramp,” you say.
“I won’t,” he sighs before looking over to you, then into your lap where the gummies lay. “How about you feed me instead?”
You still at the suggestion, the rather intimate one in fact. Though you’ve done this a million times before, bickering during road trips and feeding him—it feels different now. But you know your son is watching, even if he doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, and you didn’t want to throw him off.
“Keep your eyes on the road,” you grumble before pouring out some gummies into your hand and shoving it towards him.
His eyes briefly cast downwards before ignoring your hand, eyes returning to the road as you gawk at his blatant dismissal.
“Um, hello?” you say in disbelief, “Gummies?”
You wiggle your hand in front of his face but he’s still ignoring you, a somewhat smug expression on his face as you scowl even further.
“Do you want gummies or not?” You snap.
“I do,” he shrugs, “I asked you to feed me, didn’t I?”
You give him a bland look.
“They’re literally right there.”
“You know what feeding means, right?” he sighs dramatically, “You do that with Jiho. You know—feeding someone. Putting food in their mouth.”
“I’ll put something in your mouth all right,” you grit as he grins, “My fist.”
“Please,” he whines as you roll your eyes, “My hands are on the steering wheel. You’re always telling me to keep two hands on the wheel yet you’re making me feed myself?” He pouts and you can’t believe this is a thirty-five-year-old man that’s speaking. “That hardly seems—”
You’ve had enough of his complaints as you begrudgingly smack your hand towards his mouth, effectively feeding him a gummy as he nearly chokes while his eyes bulge out of his sockets.
“Ow!—what the f—?” you glare at him at his near slip up as he clears his throat, “That hurt.”
“Oh, really,” you hum blandly, “Would you like another?” You smile plastically at him as he pouts.
“Yes please, but spare my lips,” he mutters.
You roll your eyes but listen to him anyway. You didn’t want to startle him into swerving off the road so you feed him the next gummy gentler. But you’ve underestimated Jin’s ability to be exasperating as he ends up biting your finger in retaliation for your previous stunt.
“Ow!” you hiss, glaring at him as you go to flick his forehead.
All he does is snicker, even if he does manage to dodge your finger.
“Revenge,” he says childishly, sticking a tongue out at you.
“You’re so annoying,” you seethe.
“You love it,” he smiles over his shoulder—and you freeze.
He realises what he’s said only when he spots your frozen expression. He’s about to rectify the mistake and dissipate the tension that arose, but your son is intercepting before Jin can make the shot.
“Love!” he giggles, innocent and childlike, “Love mama and daddy.”
Your eyes filter to the back as you see your son giggling, cheeks bulged as he smiles widely at you. For a split second, you’re reminded of Jin when he was a toddler, with puffy cheeks and a cheeky grin as your eyes soften at him. He really did look like Jin, much to your initial disappointment when he looked more like Jin’s child than your own. Even if your parents and in-laws said that Jiho had your eyes.
“Love you, bubs,” you coo, reaching out to squeeze his chubby fingers as he smiles wider.
“Love you,” Jin replies as well, eyes soft when he catches his son’s expression through the rearview mirror.
“Say it!” he babbles, huffing as you raise a brow.
“Love you, Jiho—”
“No no no,” he harrumphs, cutely folding his arms across his chest as you attempt to figure out what his toddler mind was getting at. “Each other—mama and daddy.”
You get it soon enough, and your expression drops completely as you feel the anxiety rise in your throat.
You were getting a divorce. Your son had no idea. He asked you to declare your love to Jin. Why did you feel oddly targeted right now, by a four-year-old, no less!
“Jiho—” you laugh, attempting to distract him but your son is persistent.
“Mama,” he scolds with a frown and you curse yourself for giving him the one trait of your own that you couldn’t bear to deal with yourself, “Say.”
You glance over to Jin who’s already giving you a passing look, a rather earnest expression marring his face as you clear your throat. Suddenly, everything’s more intense, and all you can see is his face. There was a time where the two of you abused your I love you’s that it was the first thing you heard in the morning and the last thing you heard at night. So why was it so difficult now? Why was it difficult to tell a little white lie in front of your son?
Perhaps it’s because the love never disappeared, from your end at least. And maybe that’s why all of this is all the more painful.
Before your son can throw a tantrum at your silence, Jin is reaching over the console to grasp your hand in his in a familiar manner as he brings your knuckle up to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to it.
When your head turns to him with your eyes wide in shock, he doesn’t break eye contact even as you’re about to yell at him for not looking at the road.
“Love you,” he whispers, and you don’t know if Jiho had even heard it with how soft he’s said it, but you think he does because he stops whining.
All you can do is stare at him, especially at how earnestly the confession leaves his lips. But you remember that it’s fruitless to keep hope, to have your heart flutter at his low voice—because the divorce papers existed, and it’s the first time in a while that you’ve heard it, and it was only because your son demanded so.
You pull your hand away, albeit roughly as your eyes dart out the window to distract yourself, to suck up the tears again.
You’re looking away quick enough that you don’t catch the crestfallen expression on Jin’s face.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Jiho-yah,” Jin’s mother immediately runs up to your son rather than greet you or Jin as your son excitedly receives the hug, squeezing into his grandmother’s arms as he lifts him up.
“Halmeoni,” he giggles, “Miss you!”
Your face softens as you see the way Jin’s mother presses wet smooches on both of your son’s cheeks, accompanied slowly by your father-in-law, who’s far more mellowed down than his wife, as he greets you with a wide grin.
“Is this a way to greet your father-in-law?” He jokes when you simply smile at him as you roll your eyes at his light jibe.
“Come here,” you sigh playfully, opening your arms to embrace him as you feel the comfort of a familiar father figure.
“Yes, let’s ignore your actual son, right?” Jin snorts, huffing as he lugs your belongings onto the porch.
His mother’s ears perk up as she shoots him a stern glare that still doesn’t fail to have him cowering. Mother’s really are terrifying when they wanted to be.
“At least she responds to messages,” his mother narrows her eyes at him as Jin smiles meekly in response, probably regretting his words, “I know you’re grown but I’m still your mother—I’ll take you out of that damned company and put you under house arrest."
“Mom,” he exasperates, ears flushed as you snicker at him.
“House arrest?” Jiho repeats, confused.
You pick him up before pressing a kiss in between his brows to soothe the furrow.
“Daddy’s being dumb,” you explain.
“Gang up on me, all right,” Jin snorts, already heading towards the door to bring your stuff in.
His father pats him on the back before shooting him a pointed look.
“A word of advice son,” he murmurs with a low voice, “you’re never right. Your wife is.”
Jin sighs, and you can’t help the amused grin that makes its way onto your face. Even if he had referred to you as his wife—and you knew that it wouldn’t be the case for long, it feels nice to be with them again, even if your utopia would eventually get destroyed.
“The guest room on the second floor is for the kids,” his mother informs, “Jin’s cousins are bringing their children along as well so Jiho won’t be alone.”
You smile gratefully towards her as you guide Jiho towards the home, while the rest of them follow slowly behind.
When you enter, you’re immediately greeted by Jin’s older brother, another familiar figure that you’re grinning widely at as he enthusiastically extends his arms that you immediately jump into.
Jiho’s following close by, tiny figure wrapping around his uncle’s legs as Seokjung picks the little one up with ease.
“Ah, my favourite sister,” he coos playfully, pinching your cheek as you roll your eyes.
“Your only sister,” you correct pointedly.
He’s always referred to you as his sister, even before you married Jin—purely because he was there for you like an older brother was. Since he was two years older than Jin, meaning he was five years older than you, he always looked out for you and took care of you when you were children—and you were immensely grateful for that.
“Semantics,” he waves you off before pressing a kiss to Jiho’s cheek, “Missed you, buddy.”
“You too samchon,” Jiho quips back cheerfully, “Noona?”
He’s referring to Ah-reum, and Seokjung only grins wider.
“She’s coming in two days,” he informs in a hushed whisper, “I’m going to propose to her.”
Jiho tilts his head to the side cutely in confusion.
“Pro-propose?” He mumbles as you laugh softly, patting his head in fondness.
“I want to marry noona,” he whispers with a wink.
“Like—mama? Daddy?” he gasps.
“Like mama and daddy,” Seokjung nods as you swallow.
You look away, feeling like a fraud, especially when at that very moment, Jin brushes up against you with a gentle hand to the small of your back that you flinch at. The look he sends you is concerned, but you know it’s because of what his brother had said. Of course, it was, it couldn’t be anything else.
“Come Jiho,” you say softly, “Let’s get you into your room, yeah?”
He nods eagerly before you’re shooting Seokjung an apologetic smile.
“Hey,” he calls right as you turn, Jin close by your side. “Are you … are you okay?”
The question makes you freeze for a moment as you attempt to school your face and power through the grimace that almost appears.
“Of course,” you clip, “Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to,” you say through a tight smile before squeezing his shoulder before you’re turning on your heel, face immediately dropping.
Jin almost chases after you, but he decides against it when you distract yourself by fiddling with the hem of your son’s pants. It was a habit of yours, finding solace in your son because he’d never do you or anyone wrong, though you could’ve been biased because you played a part in creating him and pushing him out of your vagina.
He wouldn’t do you wrong, you think as he mumbles about marriage under his breath. You really wished he wasn’t so curious.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“I forgot how big your family was,” you say a little breathlessly as you escape the fifth aunt of the hour asking about your life and work. That was fine, small talk was okay. Not asking when baby number two was coming along when you were divorcing their precious nephew.
“Sorry,” Jin winces, moving over so that you could plop onto the rattan chair, “it gets bigger every year because of the kids.”
You know that’s true because, for some reason, Jin’s family was as fertile as a fertility clinic. You were sure that they could single-handedly repopulate the human species if Thanos really did snap half the universe away. It’s also probably the reason why Jin managed to get you pregnant three months into your marriage, four years ago.
“Jiho’s trying to break up an argument between the twins,” you sigh when you tilt your head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of your son helplessly standing in the middle of two older kids as they banter back and forth. Your son was too sweet for his own good, but it was also way too amusing to see his eyebrows furrow as he attempts to get their attention.
“Maybe we should tell our son to not waste his time doing impossible things,” he snorts.
“It’s good character development,” you reason, “It’ll teach him to acknowledge his potential.”
Jin shoots you a dry look before turning his head to the scene where the twins were now tugging at each other’s locks like they were in the tug of war as your son can only watch the scene unfold. You really should tell him that that wasn’t how you resolved conflict, even if their parents humourlessly stand by and allow it to happen.
“I’m not giving our son ammunition for his villain origin story,” he scoffs, “I’m going there—”
“Relax,” you stop him from moving any further with a gentle hand to his bicep out of habit, even if your brain stutters for a split second as you clear your throat, “Your mom’s got him.”
As you’d also like to call her, the heroine of the day, Jin’s mother picks up her grandson before cooing something that you can’t hear from how far you are. You’re thankful when she makes eye contact with you, offering a wink before she’s showing him off to her family members.
The sight makes your heart fond because everyone seemed to love Jiho, you really don’t blame them. You fell in love with Jiho before he was born and you would love him until you didn’t know love anymore. You never knew that being a mother would be this monumental for you, in fact, you never knew if you wanted children anyway.
But when things were … brighter. Jin was the only reason you needed. Then, you wouldn’t have wanted to do this parenting thing with anyone else. The bitter thought of co-parenting plagues your mind and the anxiety of attempting to explain the situation to your son doesn’t ease your nerves at all. Even thinking about telling Jin’s family has you feeling nauseous—you were the real villain. The heartbreaker of it all.
“It’s been a while,” he says, snapping you out of your thoughts as you blink up at him.
“It’s been a while since we,” he looks down to his cup before throwing back the last bit of orange juice in it, “Since we had a vacation.”
You snort, “I’d hardly call this a vacation. There are screaming kids and your brother is having ten mental breakdowns a day before the actual proposal.”
“I mean, I guess,” he shrugs, “We just haven’t had the time—to take one. This is nice.”
You don’t know what he’s implying but you know it makes your heart clench at the insinuation. You almost wanted to bitterly add that you tried to make time despite your own busy schedule. It was him that put it off. It was him that didn’t have the time.
“Yeah,” you say quietly, too tired to fight, “It is.”
“Why”—he hesitates for a second as his eyebrows furrow while you raise a brow at the sudden jerk of his tone—“why did you suggest—?”
Your head turns, and you recognise the voice before you see the approaching figure and you already feel sick to your stomach. Not because you knew what Jin was going to say before he was cut off, but because of the person that comes into your vision. You should’ve seen it coming, really, because this was Seokjung’s engagement party and it wouldn’t make sense if—
“Chahee?” Jin greets in confusion before he’s being pulled into a tight embrace.
“Don’t be a stranger,” she whines, “Weren’t you going to come to say hi?”
Your jaw ticks as you look away from the scene before you.
When there was you and Jin, there was also Chahee and Jin. They’ve never dated, though you knew that if the opportunity presented itself, she’d be the first person up in line anyway. But with every relationship, also came with relationship troubles and unfortunately for you, Chahee was the instigator for most of your relationship insecurities with Jin.
It’s because you weren’t the only person that was a constant in Jin’s life—she was too.
Of course, she’d be here, and of course, she’d still look at Jin with a determination to make him hers. Even if you’re here, face blank as you wait and see if she’d actually acknowledge you this time.
“I,” he swallows, eyes darting to you, fully aware of what her presence implies. But your head is trained to the side, pointedly ignoring it for the sake of your sanity. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
She scoffs as if he’s said something absurd, which in retrospect, he did—because clearly, she’d be here. Where he goes, she’ll try her best to be there.
“Of course, I am!” She chirps, “It’s Seokjung’s big day—and besides, I missed you.”
You nearly roll your eyes to the back of your head and the audacity of this fucking chick. Sure, you were divorcing him, but to everyone else—you were his wife. And you were very much still together, even if it felt like it’s ended months ago.
“It’s good to see you,” he smiles politely, not making much effort to pull away when she rubs at the back of his neck. You’d clock her if you weren’t civilised, but instead, you take a sip of your drink and hope it doesn’t end up in her face.
“You too,” she smiles flirtatiously before she decides to finally acknowledge you. You think it’s a new record. “____, you’re here.”
She sounds much less enthusiastic than before, and you don’t blame her—nor do you plaster a smile on your face. Instead, you tilt the drink up to her and nod your head, giving her a less than a satisfactory greeting. You couldn’t even bother clarifying the obvious because you were Seokjung’s sister-in-law, Jin’s wife; and the mother to the adorable boy who’s currently stealing the show. Silence was a pettier option.
Her fake smile drops when she realises that you weren’t bothered, and you’re glad she doesn’t attempt to be plastic with you anymore when you’re fully aware that she’d sleep with Jin if given the chance.
“What’s up with her?” You hear her mutter to him as you roll your eyes, pushing yourself up to leave the two of them alone.
Alarmed, Jin hastily grabs your arm before you can leave, “She’s—uh, not feeling well.”
“I’m feeling—”
“Acting up at a family event?” Chahee scoffs. You would seriously slap her.
“Listen—” you sigh.
“Pregnancy,” Jin blurts as you nearly stumble from how flabbergasted you are, “You know hormones—not easy.”
You would seriously slap him too.
“You’re … pregnant?” she says slowly, jaw slackening as you see her eyes darken.
“Don’t listen—”
“We need to get you indoors,” Jin smiles tightly, “The sun—yeah. Not good for the baby.”
Before you can even get another word in, Jin’s dragging you into the house as you yelp, spotting the last glare that Chahee sends you before she’s downing the alcoholic beverage in one-go and stomping off somewhere.
When you’re settled into a private corner in the kitchen, only then do you yank away your arm from Jin with a menacing glare.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you snap.
“Look, I’m sorry,” he sighs, “She was—she’s crazy.”
“And you had to be crazy too?” you ask incredulously, “How the fuck would telling her that I’m pregnant solve anything?”
“It’s to get her to back off!” he hisses.
“If a baby would get her to back off then she would’ve done that when I was pregnant with Jiho,” you say dryly.
“I panicked, okay,” he exasperates.
You scowl.
“Well fix it,” you snap, “We’re getting divorced, Jin. Chahee’s going to run her mouth and if it gets to any of your family members then there’s no way we can break our split to them.”
You sound much more bitter than you’d anticipated, but who would sound neutral or happy when speaking about a divorce? With someone you still cared deeply about, no less. But you’re slightly surprised when you see Jin’s face harden at the reminder.
“Is that what you care about?” he blinks.
You give him a weird look before sighing, turning your back to him as you find yourself a glass to pour some water.
“Jin, it’s due time,” you sigh, “I don’t want to make this harder for your family—”
“For them,” he laughs humourlessly, “You’re thinking about how the divorce is going to be hard for them.”
You blink at his sharp tone.
“… yes?” you say slowly, “We grew up together, Jin. Obviously the divorce would crush them.”
“You”—he blinks—“you’re thinking about them but you didn’t for one second to wonder how I felt?”
You freeze.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah,” he exhales with a tight chuckle, “You really decided that it was over by yourself, didn’t you?”
You don’t appreciate his tone, nor do you appreciate the accusation. Not when you’ve spent literal months and sleepless nights agonising over your decision while you mulled every possible solution, crying over the demise and when you finally decided to take that step forward. You don’t appreciate it—especially when you did your best.
“You didn’t say anything!” you seethe. “You never say anything! You took the damn papers and flipped through to them like it was one of your business contracts.” “How did you expect me to react?” he exclaims, throwing his hands into the air as his voice raises. “I was caught off-guard!"
You scoff, “Really? That’s your excuse?” You narrow your eyes at him as you jab a finger into his chest. “Don’t give me shit for not considering how you felt when you’ve given me no indication that you gave a shit about this marriage at all.”
“Of course I give a shit about this marriage!” He says in disbelief.
“Do you, Seokjin?” you say bitterly, and the name returns along with the drop in his expression. “You don’t. I don’t know what you feel about anything anymore. It’s stopped being a marriage a long time ago. The divorce would’ve come either way.” You finish in a whisper.
“And you decided that for us?” ye snaps.
“Yes, Seokjin, I did,” you sneer, “I decided for us because we don’t even talk anymore. Every time I try to reach out to you—I took ten steps backwards from where I started and I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continue feeling like a placeholder in this marriage instead of your wife.”
“You’re not—” his eyes soften as he reaches out to you while you flinch, eyes darting to the ground.
“Don’t,” you whisper harshly, “Don’t you dare comfort me now, Kim Seokjin. Not when it took the actual divorce for you to be apologetic.”
The kitchen is silent, and it’s deafening, especially when the outside chatter filters in through the slips of the divider. You know they can’t see you through the tinted windows, but it’s a stark contrast with how people are outside laughing while your marriage falls apart under the same roof.
“So that’s it?” he says softly, “Ten years of dating and four years of marriage?”
“Don’t you dare,” you repeat again, weaker, “I wanted this to work out more than anyone else.”
“Then why aren’t you fighting,” he hisses, stepping closer as he attempts to get you to look at him.
You can’t.
“I’ve been fighting,” you return vehemently, though your resolve is weak at best. “I’ve been fighting on my own for the past four months to save this marriage and you—you just …” your eyes flutter shut as you feel the first tear fall. You don’t want to look at him. “You didn’t fight, Seokjin. You were the one that did this to us.”
“____,” he calls your name.
You step away, furiously swiping under your eyes as you attempt to keep the last few bits of your tears back.
“No more burdens, Seokjin,” you smile sadly, “Stop making this harder than it has to be and sign the papers.”
“You should go look for Chahee,” you say softly, and you know your words are purposeful with its double-meaning.
You’re already excusing yourself to your room, the godforsaken room you were forced to share with Jin before you catch the way his face drops completely.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s been radio silent between you and Jin ever since your conversation from yesterday, and you’re both thankful and frustrated. It’s proven difficult to maintain an amicable distance from him when you were meant to be in love and married, along with your son who’s none the wiser.
Seokjung’s nervously pacing back and forth in the living room, but it’s not because of how large his family is—or that he has an audience to please with his grand show. It’s the prospect of proposing to Ah-reum, even if he was madly in love with her.
Right now, he’s not listening to anyone, even his own mother, the same person that would play the level-headed role in situations like these. It’s almost concerning when he mutters incoherencies under his breath, a slip-of the tongue that revealed his fear and desire to leave.
Your eyes widen as you walk towards the anxious man, leaving Jiho with your father-in-law who only smiles at you gratefully.
“Hey,” you say softly, reaching out to clasp his shoulder as he nearly stumbles from being startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s fine,” he exhales, rubbing a hand across his face before his eyes are nervously darting towards the door where Ah-reum could enter at any moment, according to his cousin, “God—I’m going to puke."
“You’re okay,” you reassure him gently, eyes searching for his as he nearly doubles over in anxiety, “You’re good.”
“Am I?” he chokes, “God, I haven’t felt this nervous ever since I had to submit my Master’s thesis.”
You snort, even if you pat his back affectionately.
“It’s normal to feel nervous,” you promise.
“Is it?” he says softly, “I love her—I do. But … but why does this feel so scary?”
You give him a small smile while he peers up at you with panicked eyes. Despite him being relatively older than you were, he looked very much like his younger self right now. Nerves and wide-eyes as he contemplates a decision that would very much change the course of his life.
“It’s because you love her you’re scared,” you explain, “Change will always feel scary, and proposing to Ah-reum is a huge change in your life. Nothing will make this easier, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Once you overcome that initial barrier, you’re going to thank yourself for taking that leap of faith.”
He groans, cradling his face into his hands as your eyes widen alarm, afraid if you said the wrong thing.
“You know,” he says suddenly, eyes darting up, “It’s a little reassuring to know that Jin went through this before I did.”
At the mention of his brother, your hand tenses on his shoulder—but you don’t think he notices. Or at least you hope he doesn’t.
“Way to throw your brother under the bus,” you chuckle.
“No, really,” he snorts, shaking his head fondly as if he was recalling those days. “You know, at first I thought it was too early for him to be proposing.”
Your eyes widen at the new set of information.
“Yeah,” he says breathlessly, “Don’t tell him I told you that, though. He’d kill me,” he says in a low whisper as you laugh, a little sadly purely because he didn’t have to worry about that. You weren’t even talking to Jin. “I knew the two of you were endgame—but getting married? That’s next-level commitment.”
“I mean,” you say bashfully, eyes darting to the ground.
“But now, looking back …” he trails off wistfully, “It made sense.”
He’s the second person who’s told you that within the span of the past week and you’re left more conflicted than ever. His words came during a time where you were contemplating on splitting up with Jin, so you have no idea what to feel, especially when you’ve convinced yourself that the divorce was the decision that made sense.
“Everyone keeps saying that,” you mumble.
Seokjung snorts, “Because it’s true. You ground each other, you know?” He murmurs with a smile, “I mean more so you to him,” he finishes as you giggle at his hushed whisper.
“I’m clearly the more level-headed one,” you say jokingly with a small smile.
“Yeah,” he agrees easily as the two of you share a laugh. “Early or late, the two of you are meant for each other.”
You ignore the way your heart pangs, the reminder that you once thought that was the case too until reality hit you hard.
“Maybe we did get married too early,” you mention quietly.
Seokjung raises a brow at your statement, and you realise the little slip-up too late as you purse your lips in a moment of panic.
“Are the two of you okay?” he asks with a concerned gaze, taking your hand into his.
You let out a shaky breath before smiling at him, the gesture not quite reaching your eyes.
“Don’t worry about us,” you tell him, “It’s your day.”
He frowns.
“Yeah, but you’re my sister and he’s my—”
“I’m fine,” you say curtly, realising your tone as his face drops before you sigh. “I—I am, really. Please don’t worry about us, okay? You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to.”
You nudge him on the shoulder to cock your head towards the door where you see his aunt frantically waving her arms, indicating that Ah-reum was near, and all retort that was about to leave his lips dies on his tongue as his eyes widen while he vigorously pats down his pants to search for the ring.
“God—fuck, shit godamnit,” he curses, fumbling ever so slightly as you giggle, squeezing his shoulder one last time before you’re shooting him a thumbs up along with a cheeky grin.
Good luck, you mouth—but he doesn’t see it.
The door opens and Ah-reum enters; Seokjung cries before he can get the words out but she knows. She knows because they’re in love.
You suppose love makes you know things. You look away because you’re starting to cry too, and when you do—you search for Jin on instinct, but he’s already looking at you.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Did daddy cry when proposing to mama?” Jiho asks Jin innocently when you’re close enough to catch it.
“No,” Jin says honestly, brushing a stray hair away from his face as Jiho snuggles into his chest. His sigh is clear as day. “Was too happy to cry."
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Hey,” you whisper, nudging Jin with your knuckles as he stirs in his sleep, groggily fluttering his eyes open as you shoot him an apologetic smile.
“Your back,” you say quietly, “Sleep on the bed.”
“I’m not sleeping yet,” you say before your eyes are darting to anywhere but the face you yearn to hold. “Just … please. It’d make me feel a lot better if you were sleeping on your own bed than on this couch.”
He doesn’t argue with you, likely too exhausted from the events of the day to find it in him to challenge you like usual. You’re thankful for the sense of normalcy, even if you’re still tiptoeing around him. Even if the remnants of your conversation is the reason why you’ve encountered yet another sleepless night.
You don’t tell him this because it’s been months since you’ve confided him. Telling him what was bothering you didn’t fit in the context of your situation right now, and besides—he was too tired. He needed to drive.
Jin stumbles off the couch and you’re grateful that the room you were sharing had a couch inside, to begin with. You had no idea how to explain the fact that you and your husband weren’t sharing a bed to your in-laws, and you didn’t want to. It saved the hassle.
(Even if he’d take a part of you to sleep every night when he rests his head against the throw pillow than on the bed.)
He shuffles into the room, quietly shutting the door behind him to not wake anyone else up. The kids' room was a good distance away, but some of them had really acute hearing and he likely didn’t want to risk that. You didn’t need to spend another half an hour trying to get Jiho to sleep.
You sigh deeply, brushing a hand through your hair as your feet takes you towards the second-floor kitchen (and yes, Jin’s family was that wealthy to have a kitchen attached to each floor) as you prepare yourself a cup of hot milk. It’s a drink you’ve made over and over throughout the years, the same brand of carton milk always remains in the fridge—and you knew it was about the Kim’s had relatively picky eating habits.
It’s different this time because you’re making one instead of two, a lone cup that’s usually accompanied by another makes you sadder. It makes your heart hurt all over again and you’re exhausted. You’re drained but you can’t sleep because your body remains active due to the way that your mind runs miles.
You focus on the milk because maybe it’ll hurt less when you don’t think. But it doesn’t—because the stupid fucking milk only reminds you of him. The man in his room, snoozing away while you lose sleep all over again.
You’re momentarily absorbed in the way that the residue from the milk swirls in the cup to notice or hear the shuffling of feet beside you, but it’s too late because when you turn you nearly scream.
You’re surprised to see Jin’s mother standing there as you place a hand to your chest to ease your racing heart.
“I nearly screamed,” you confess, shaking your head as she smiles apologetically at you.
“I tend to do that,” she says, “My husband’s always telling me I move like I’m avoiding a footprint.”
You laugh at that, not disagreeing as you mindlessly stir your drink.
“It’s late, eomeonim,” you say with a concerned look, “Is everything okay?”
She gives you a kind smile before she looks over her shoulder.
“Heard something in the kitchen and woke up,” she tells you as your face grimaces in embarrassment, “Shall we head to the office to talk?”
You nod your head mutely, unsure on why she’s decided to stay away even if it nearly approaches two am, but you don’t argue with her. Instead, she guides you towards the study, a comfortable room where you can speak freely without worrying too much about waking others. Your thoughts run a lot more liberally in here, despite the ache in your chest.
You take a seat on the couch, noting that it’s changed. You haven’t been here in a while, yet it remained homey with a much-needed replacement.
“Are you okay?” you ask softly, “I’m sorry I woke you up.”
She waves you off.
“I couldn’t sleep anyway,” she says.
Your eyebrows furrow in concern. “Is there something wrong?”
She sighs, staring wistfully to the side as you see her throat move as she swallows. The longer the silence ensues, the antsier you grew. Was she okay? Did something happen to her? Is she—?
“You and Jin are getting a divorce.”
You nearly drop your glass as you spill some of the contents on your t-shirt, hissing at the stain. But you can’t even be bothered to reach for a tissue to clean at it when you’re looking up with a horrified expression to meet your mother-in-law's face.
“I—eomeonim—how?” you splutter, cheeks flushed in mortification.
“I overheard the two of you,” she says simply, “And Jin left his laptop open and I saw an email from Jimin regarding the papers.”
You don’t know what to say because you’re absolutely mortified. More importantly, you feel ashamed. Ashamed because she found out due to you and Jin’s shouting in the kitchen and his carelessness. Not from you yourself.
“I’m sorry,” you croak, emotions slowly overwhelming you as she looks at you with an unreadable expression.
“Why are you apologising, my sweet girl?” she says softly, immediately reaching out to you to wrap her arms around you as a mother would. And right now, she wasn’t your mother-in-law—but a woman who’s seen you grow alongside her own two children. You weren’t disappointing your mother-in-law but your second mother.
“I-I’m s-sorry,” you choke, tears immediately falling the tighter she holds you, “I-I’m s-so sorry. I-I tried—I didn’t—want to but—I-I’m sorry.”
Your words are slurred the harder you cry, pathetically shoving your face into her shoulder as she holds you. The dam breaks, unleashing the emotions you’ve held in for so long in the arms of a mother. She doesn’t say anything but brushes your hair, holding you a little tighter when your tears stain her nightgown.
You don’t know why you’re crying so hard. Maybe it’s because it seems all too real now, with Jin’s mother knowing. Her words only solidify the fact that your marriage was nearly over and you couldn’t do anything. The ghost of Jin’s words from a day earlier still remain clear to you, and maybe—it was really your fault.
You decided it was over.
“____,” she calls you softly as you continue to sniffle in her arms, frustrated at the fact that your tears weren’t stopping. “Look at me, dear.”
You force yourself to obey even if you can’t bear to, the humiliation of her finding out this way still tormenting you.
“I’m sorry, eom—”
“Please don’t say sorry,” she holds your face in her hands, forcing your puffy eyes to look at her.
“But it’s,” you choke, unable to look at her without wanting to cry. “It’s—my fault.”
“It’s not your fault,” she replies vehemently, swiping at your tears for you, “It’s not your fault.” She repeats in a softer tune.
“I wanted the divorce, eomeonim,” your lips wobble when you speak, words shakily escaping past your lips, “It’s all my fault.”
“I’m sorry,” she says instead as you nearly knock your forehead with hers at how fast you try to pull away, appalled that she was the one apologising.
“Why are you—?” your brows furrow in confusion when she holds onto you a little tighter.
“I’m not just Jin’s mother or your mother-in-law,” she says softly, “I’m a person and I see that you’re hurting. I’m apologising because you don’t deserve this.”
You swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes look up to the ceiling to stop your tears.
“I know mothers-in-law will side with their son,” she says, “But I won’t. Because Jin made a mistake and now you’re suffering because of him.”
“It’s not his fault,” you reply quietly.
You know that you blamed him earlier, but deep down—you could never blame Jin. You were the one that brought forward the divorce, and if you decided to keep fighting then maybe … maybe it wouldn’t hurt this much.
“I don’t know,” she sighs, “I don’t want to invalidate your feelings, that’s the last thing I want to do but …” she trails off as you stare at her expectantly, “I don’t know who he is without you, ____.”
You bite your lips to prevent yourself from crying again.
“Please don’t think of this as me trying to convince you to stay with him,” she begs, “If you’re unhappy, I rather you leave him than punish yourself.” You nod your head, eyes darting to your lap as she continues. “But I spoke to Jin.”
Your eyes immediately dart up in surprise as your eyes widen.
“Right after,” she continues softly, “I caught him before he went to bed and …” her eyes begin to water and you think you’re about to break again. “I haven’t seen him cry since your wedding day.”
Her confession knocks the wind out of you as you find yourself gasping, tears immediately leaving your eyes. The realisation that Jin cried, to his mother makes your heart clench. You knew that Jin wasn’t much of a crier himself—he didn’t even cry when Jiho was born. Nor was he the type to cry in front of his mother. He held his ego at a high level even if that irked you at times, so the news only makes you more devastated.
“I don’t know what he said to you per se,” she whispers, “But he loves you. He loves you so much—and that goddamn idiot doesn’t know how to do anything but work and I’m sorry for that. I shouldn’t be apologising on my son’s behalf but I want to. I want to because I love you as my daughter and I want to see you happy.”
“Eomeonim …” you croak, reaching your hand up to cover hers that lay on your face.
“Please, if you call me that I think I’m going to bawl,” she laughs quietly as you find yourself giggling along, despite the way it gets stuck in your throat. “My son is stupid. So stupid. Please—please talk to him. If it …” she swallows, “If it doesn’t work out—I’ll support you, either way. Just please, don’t leave whatever questions you have unanswered.”
You nod your head, chest feeling slightly lighter but burdened nevertheless.
“I will,” you say softly, “I promise.”
You walk her back to her room after, hugging her tightly at her door as she pushes past it, sniffling ever so slightly before retreating into the dark room.
You make your way quietly back to your room, mind weighed with different thoughts plaguing every crevice of your brain. You didn’t know what to make of her confession or statement. You wanted to believe her that Jin still loved you—but you didn’t know. You couldn’t know because you don’t remember the last time he held you, or maybe you did and it was months ago.
Your feet stop right in front of the door as you hesitate to reach for the knob. He was asleep, anyway. You decide to push, slowly turning as you slip into the dark room.
It wasn’t dark.
And Jin was awake.
He’s awake and sat in his bed, something resting on his lap as he uses the nightlight beside him to flip through it. He hears the intrusion as you stand, frozen, and his eyes lift to meet yours.
You think this is the first time in a while that you’ve seen him like this, in bed and comfortable with a slight puffiness to his eyes while his shirt remains wrinkled—the proof of his comfort. Your heart clenches because you missed this—missed returning to him in bed, soft and warm as you press against him.
And the dam breaks for the second time that night.
You don’t know what compels you to run to him, or allow him to hold you while you sob into his arms—but you do. You practically leap onto him, body curling pathetically into his side as he holds you like he’s afraid you’d slip away. He lets you cry your eyes out, he lets you cry until snot is unattractively running down your nose and staining his t-shirt. He lets you, because he hasn’t let you feel him for a long time.
You instantly melt into his hold, missing his warmth. And when your eyes briefly fall into his lap to get a glimpse of what he was staring at, you cry even harder.
Tumblr media
It was a banner you made for his twenty-ninth birthday, right after the two of you got married. Your then favourite pictures of Jin stained every surface of the banner, some edges wearing off due to age—and you remember each moment so vividly.
From taking a picture of him when he was taking a picture of you, to when he was making you breakfast in the morning, to his birthday as you smashed cake into his face, the flowers he got you when he broke your favourite cup, your fishing trip—everything. You remember it.
You sob harder, clutching onto his t-shirt as he tucks your face into the crook of his neck, pressing a soft kiss into your hair. You were so tired of crying but it was all you could do.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers after your sobs turn into tireless chokes, “I’m so sorry.”
“I hate you,” you cry, hitting his chest while he lets you, “Why are you so stupid.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I’m stupid. Hate me. Do anything you want to me.”
“I-I”—you croak, still slamming your fists into his chest weakly as you helplessly flutter your eyes shut—“I don’t hate you.” You finish quietly, your truth surfacing as you note that his eyes soften at your defeated tone.
Your emotions are everywhere and frankly, you can’t really think with how you’re pressed against his body like you never wanted him to let go. Right now, you didn’t. You wanted to be held, vulnerable and teary while he soothes you with his gentle touches.
You can’t stop the tears, way too overwhelmed to even process the fact that Jin doesn’t shift away one bit, hand clutching the back of your head as he rubs circles against your scalp. Who were you to pull away?
You sniffle pathetically before you pull away ever so slightly, flushed and embarrassed at the sudden loss of control over your emotions.
“Are you done?” he asks softly, referring to your tears as you pull away to swipe under your eyes.
“I don’t know,” you whisper, “I still feel like crying.”
“Then cry,” he replies gently, “I’ll be here to hold you.”
You want to hit him because his words only spur the tears on.
“I just wanted you,” you whisper, “I only wanted you …” your lips wobble when you look up at him.
“I’m sorry,” he repeats, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead, “I know sorry won’t erase the pain I’ve caused you but that’s all I can offer for now.”
“Why did you—why did you just”—you sniff pathetically—“why didn’t you fight me. Why didn’t you stop me.”
“I thought it would make you happy,” he pulls away, and you both know how absurd his excuse sounds but you’re too tired to fight. “I only wanted you to be happy.”
“You idiot,” you hiss through a clogged nose, “You would’ve made me happy.” You say softly. “I wanted to be happy with you.”
“You make me happy too,” he says softly into your hair.
You’re still angry, and you’re tired. But even if there were things you were unsure about, you missed being close to Jin more than anything.
“Your mom said you were stupid,” you murmur.
He laughs quietly, pulling you closer to his chest.
“I am,” he agrees.
The silence returns but it’s no longer as suffocating as the past few days have been. It’s more reflective than not and you’re thankful, even if your eyes are uncomfortably swollen—you allow yourself to be held. The weaker part of you is unable to say no to him.
“Why …” you begin softly, eyes looking up to already see him staring at you. “Why didn’t you sign the papers?”
He blinks at you for a while before he sighs, resting his chin atop your head.
“I didn’t want it to be real,” he says so softly you almost missed it. “I thought—I thought if I dragged it out then …”
“… it wouldn’t have happened?” You finish quietly.
He groans, frustrated as your eyebrows furrow at his sudden change in demeanour.
“I know it sounds pathetic,” he admits, “I was a coward, ____. I was stressed and overwhelmed and—suddenly … you wanted a divorce, I just”—he takes a deep breath to collect himself and you’re mildly alarmed to spot his glassy eyes—“I didn’t know what to do …”
“Why didn’t you talk to me?” you ask timidly, fingers gripping his shirt tightly. There was really no need for you to cling onto him, but you couldn’t do anything else right now. Especially when he returns the gesture.
“Would you believe me if I said it’s because I didn’t want to burden you?” he brushes your hair out of your face as his hand cradles your cheek, “I wanted to be the one you could rely on and … I didn’t know what to do.”
Your face crumbles when you note the sincerity behind his voice. Rationally, you knew that a relationship required communication but you knew Jin, and you knew that he always tried to plaster this mask to the world that depicted him as a reliable and unshakable fortress. All this time … he was struggling and so were you.
The realisation only makes you sadder, and you feel all the more horrible when you remember that you brought up the divorce in the midst of all of this.
“I’m sorry!” you wail, face burying into his chest as his eyes widen.
“_____—” he murmurs.
“No—I just,” you say frantically, rushing to get your words out, afraid if you’d forget as if he’d disappear. “I didn’t know—and I thought—I thought you didn’t … I thought we were—fuck. I’m so sorry, I just wanted you—I—”
You have no idea what you’re saying but Jin doesn’t look confused. He understands, and you know that because he shoots you a gentle smile before rubbing his thumb across your cheek.
“Please don’t apologise,” he whispers, forehead resting against yours as you blink away your tears. “I don’t blame you. I could never blame you.”
“But I …” you protest.
He shushes you with a kiss to your forehead and you instantly melt into his hold.
“You did what you thought would make you happy,” he tells you honestly, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“I asked for a divorce, Jin,” you exasperate.
“Are we?”
You blink, startled as you pull away, heart nearly shattering until he grabs you by the wrist.
“Hey, no,” he whispers, “That’s not what I meant,” he cups your face in his hands as your lips wobble all over again. God—you fucking despised being a crybaby. “Look at me.”
You do, and you see how tired he looks. How have you not noticed before? His cheeks look duller, and his dark circles are more apparent than ever. You just want to reach out to touch him.
And you do. Your hand shakily reaches out to caress his face in a way that you weren’t able to for the past few months. It’s almost like a new feeling, but your fingers find their way home relatively easy, tracing each pore and wrinkle, memorising his face to memory all over again.
“Are we getting a divorce, ____?” he repeats firmly, never breaking eye contact with you.
Your lip tremble.
“I don’t—” you warble, as he leans his forehead against yours again.
“Because I don’t want a divorce,” he says, and it’s the first time he’s explicitly admitted it.
“I don’t either,” you say weakly.
“I meant it when I said I want to be with you in sickness and in health,” he whispers earnestly, breath tickling your cheek, “And till death do us apart.”
“I’m sorry, Jin,” you say timidly, eyes darting to your lap.
“Don’t apologise to me,” he says sternly, not unkindly as your eyes flutter up. “Not when I’m the one that has an entire lifetime worth of apologies to give you.”
“I just …” you trail off softly, “I just want us to be okay.”
He’s still staring at you, and there’s a pained expression behind his eyes.
“Can I kiss you?”
His question stuns you, purely because you weren’t expecting it and because you’ve nearly forgotten what it felt like to have his lips pressed against yours, or even the nervous waver of his voice when he looks at you so earnestly that you can’t find the words to respond with. So, you settle for actions instead.
You nod your head mutely, heart ramming against your chest when he begins to lean in.
You don’t remember the last time he’s kissed you, or held you, or looked at you like this. There’s a dull ache in your chest when you recall the nights you’ve spent agonising over the downfall of your marriage, but Jin distracts you from your thoughts when his lips tickle over yours.
There’s no rush this time, even as your eyes are swollen while you flutter them shut. There’s no desperation to kiss you, and you aren’t desperate to be kissed either. It’s as if the both of you wanted to savour this moment—to remember what it feels like to have almost lost. It hurt—but it was necessary. A necessary reminder to you and to Jin that fighting was tiring but it was worth it.
When he finally presses his lips to yours, you nearly cry. You immediately melt into his hold, especially when he cradles your cheek with his palm and pulls you closer to his chest.
You kiss him with a mission to tell him how much you’ve yearned for this—for him. But you’re distracted when you feel something hot against your cheek.
It’s not your tears—it’s his.
You pull away, alarmed when you realise that Jin’s body is shaking.
“Jin?” zYou clutch his shoulders, eyes searching for his as he covers his face with his shoulder, effectively shielding his tears away from you.
“I-I’m sorry,” he chokes, furiously wiping his eyes with his shirt as your face falls.
“J-Jin, please don’t—” you say shakily, going to embrace him, but to your displeasure, he refuses, breathing deeply to collect himself.
You don’t think you’ve seen Jin this uncollected ever. Not even when he was crying during your wedding. His body shakes with the ferocity of his tears, the intensity of his breaths only causes his shoulders to heave up and down and all you can do is stare at him with sad eyes.
“I know an apology won’t fix anything,” he says vehemently, managing to get some of his words out as he peers up at you with red-rimmed eyes, “But I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you question this marriage—for—for not loving you the way you deserve.”
“Jin …” you say softly, reaching out to hold his hand as his own tears continue to fall from his eyes.
This time, it’s you who allows him to nuzzle his head into the crook of your shoulder as he sobs. It’s quieter than you, but no less painful.
“I was so scared,” he confesses, “I was terrified when you showed me the papers. I really thought—this is it. It’s over.”
You stay silent, biting your lip to stop your own tears from escaping when you recall the memory.
“I was so scared what would happen,” he croaks, “I thought I was going to lose you, forever. I thought—I thought I was going to lose Jiho.”
“I’d never do that to you,” you say shakily.
“I know,” he returns, “But I was the most afraid of who I was going to be without you.”
You look down at him when his eyes dart up, pained and sunken when he clutches your hands in his larger ones, squeezing your fingers in a way that you assume he hopes to translate his desperation. You feel it, and you squeeze back.
“You’re Kim Seokjin,” you murmur, rubbing your thumb across his chin.
“That’s just my name,” he scoffs, shaking his head, “I’m nothing without you.”
“That’s not—”
“You and Jiho were the only one’s that got me through each day, you know?” He murmurs as your heart clenches. “Every day, when another deal failed to follow through and ended up bringing losses—or when the stockholders went against me—I could only think of you and Jiho.”
You couldn’t stop the tears that return this time around, choking on your own sobs.
“I wanted so much to give you both the world that I,” he swallows, “That I got greedy—and I ended up … I ended up losing the both of you instead.”
“I’m here, Jin,” you say softly.
“I know I don’t deserve it yet,” he says quietly, “But please don’t leave me.”
You realise belatedly that even with the divorce, you could never have left him the way you thought you could.
You don’t answer him, instead—you provide your answer through your actions by kissing him. Harder than before but just as earnest. Both of your tears clash against your skins, but you can’t be bothered to care when he returns your kiss with an equal amount of desperation and affection.
“I love you,” he breathes into your mouth as you gasp. “I love you more than love itself.”
You want to hit him in the way he’s making you cry harder.
“I love”—you choke on your words when he presses a kiss to your jaw, his confession raw and honest—“God, I love you.”
“I’m going to spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says vehemently, kissing every inch of your face, your jaw and your neck as you cling onto his shirt desperately right before his dark eyes look up to catch your flushed expression. “Will you let me?”
“Yes—God—please,” you beg, pulling him closer to your body as he peppers open-mouth kisses down your sternum and across your chest.
“Can I love you tonight, ____?”
You nod your head desperately, heart fuller than it’s been in a long time. You know the consequences, and you couldn’t give a damn right now. You still needed to heal, and so did he—but when he holds you a little tighter, you know that neither of you was going anywhere.
“Love me,” you gasp, “Please, Jin.”
“I’ll love you,” he hisses, trailing down your neck, his words juxtaposing with the tenderness of his touch as his hands slip under your shirt. His touch is molten, especially when you’ve missed the feeling of having him like this—close, desperate and yours for the moment.
“I miss you,” you confess while he drags his fingers across your abdomen and rests right under your breasts. He looks up at you with soft eyes as you return them, eyes swollen. “I really miss you, Jin.”
He leans up to kiss you, hands multitasking as they cup your tits while you gasp into his mouth.
“I miss you,” he returns with a heartfelt tone, “I’ll never let this happen. Ever again.”
Now, all you can do is trust him, trust him and his words and that he’d take care of you. His hands tickle under your shirt but you can’t be bothered when he finally cups your breast with his large hands, gentle yet steadfast when he tweaks your peaked buds.
“O-Oh,” you gasp, head lulling back when his lips trail down to your neck, hands already helping you out of your shirt.
“Will you let me see you, beautiful?” he murmurs.
“Please,” you say breathlessly, lifting your arms up to ease the process.
You should’ve felt vulnerable, being more than just physically naked in front of him. But throughout the hurt and the pain, he’s never made you doubt yourself for once. It was as if you were held captive by him, even when your heart was slowly shattering. It’s also why when he gives you a once over with hunger behind his eyes, you don’t shy away. Instead, your back arches, giving him more than enough to see—to feel.
“I missed you,” he repeats, pressing a kiss to your nipple as you whimper, hands curling around his hair as his head dips lower, “Missed you—missed how gorgeous you looked like this.”
He tells you more by painting the truth on your breast, lavishing each bud with pert attention as you find yourself growing wetter in arousal. His tongue is hot against the cool air of the room, the juxtaposition of the temperatures only sending your head into short-circuiting.
“J-Jin please,” you breathe, staring down at him when his dark eyes lift up to meet yours. His stare is enough to have your thighs clenching together. “M-More.”
“Of course,” he croons, “I’ll give you everything you want.”
You mewl as his hands trace fluttering touches against your stomach before they’re reaching your mound. He doesn’t drag this out as he’d normally, the distant memories of your nights spent tangled together as he edged you till you were crying. No, this time—he’s gentle, he’s soft and careful with the way he handles you, spreading your legs as you pliantly obey, eyes fluttering with every move that he makes.
“So beautiful,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to the top of your mound as you whimper at the contact, needy in want. “I’m gonna eat this pretty pussy, hm?”
You nod your head in desperation, lifting your hips to aid him in the process of slipping off your pants along with your panties, baring your slicked pussy to his face. You catch a brief glimpse of his expression, especially when he unabashedly ogles your wetness with desire behind his eyes. You’re a little flustered since it’s been a while, so your legs naturally threaten to snap shut but Jin doesn’t let you get too far.
“Don’t hide from me,” he says quietly, eyes peering up at you as you can’t find it in you to respond with how your throat clamps shut. “Want to see you. Always do.”
Your heart tugs in your chest, but you aren’t able to dwell on the feeling for too long when Jin dives into your heat, tongue immediately flattening against your pussy as he tracks your wetness up your slit to where your engorged bud lies. Your back immediately arches while your hand finds purchase in his hair, grounding yourself at the way your stomach immediately heaves inwards at his ministrations.
Jin doesn’t relent, nor does he tease. He’s quick and precise with every flick of his appendage over your clit, rapidly swirling the bud in the way you like as he alternates between harsh sucks and tugging at the pearl, causing sobs of pleasure to leave your lips. It’s a product of how long you’ve been together and how he’s learned every pulse and shiver as a sign of your pleasure.
“Pleasepleaseplease,” you mewl, “D-Don’t stop.”
“You taste so good, love,” he moans into your pussy, the vibrations immediately causing your toes to curl as your head tilts backwards. “A pussy like yours should be eaten every day, yeah? As your husband—I should do that.”
When he calls himself your husband, you feel yourself whine in pleasure, the term causing fondness to bloom in your chest. You don’t know if he’s said it on purpose, but he doesn’t stop with his actions, instead, one of the hands that presses your stomach down to keep you in place reaches up to where your hand clutches his hair and brings it away.
“J-Jin,” you whine, hips bucking when he swirls his tongue over your clit, slowly while his eyes peer up to lock with yours.
The act is all too intimate, and your poor heart can barely take it with how sensitive you are all over, emotionally and physically. But Jin takes your flushed face as a good sign, and he ruins you all over when he intertwines your fingers together.
“Can feel you clenching,” he hums teasingly, “you going to come for me?”
You nod your head vigorously, fingers pressing tightly against his larger palm as he laughs into your pussy at your eagerness. Once he gets the confirmation for you, it’s like he was holding out the entire time despite him causing your legs to shiver by the side of his face.
This time, Jin presses his face tightly against your pussy as you squeal, louder than you expected as he flicks his tongue over your bud so rapidly that your mind is blank in pleasure, legs shaking uncontrollably as your body quivers in pleasure.
“Oh oh oh! J-Jin—fuck, I-I’m gonna—please let me cum, please please please,” you cry desperately, hips grinding against his face as he slurps your clit like he was parched.
“Come for me, beautiful. Wanna feel you drench my tongue,” he encourages you softly, yet his words send a wave of pleasure all across your body as you finally feel the last bit of your coil snap.
“J-Jin!” you sob, back arching as his large palm splays over your stomach to keep you rooted in position, forcing you to take all the pleasure he was giving you. Your legs shake by his face as he keeps his mouth open with his tongue out as you ride the aftershocks of your orgasm away.
“Fuck,” he hisses, pulling away with a parting kiss to your clit that as you jumping. “I missed this. Missed your pussy.”
“Miss you,” you mumble dazedly, your fingers carding through his hair as he peers up at you.
“Come here,” he whispers, inching up as he gently holds your cheek in his palm while you immediately lean into his touch.
While you lay on his bed, relatively boneless, Jin stares at you with devout affection, his eyes softening when he holds your gaze. His lips glisten with your wetness, mouth slightly parting while he rubs a thumb against your cheek.
“I love you,” he says quietly, “I really—I’m so in love with you.”
“Jin,” you say shyly, eyes darting away when he doesn’t look away.
“You’re the love of my life,” he divulges gently, leaning his forehead against yours as you take in every freckle that marks his skin, and the dulcet curve of his lips when he presses it against yours.
You can’t find a response that would indulge in what you truly felt, so you settle for reciprocating his kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as you learn all about the way he feels all over again. You miss this, and you’d admit it over and over again—until he reminds you just how much of a home his touch was.
“I want you,” you whimper, pulling away to peer up to his dark eyes.
“Gotta be quiet, okay?” he murmurs as you nod obediently. “Need me to prep you? It’s been a while.”
Ever the gentleman and the considerate person he was, although you reckoned it was the most sensible option—you missed the feeling of having him feel you whole.
“No need,” you say, “Just—fuck me, please.”
He chuckles, leaning down to press hot kisses against your jaw and the nape of your neck as he uses his palms to spread your legs, feeling the way his hardened cock presses against your thigh. You take the time to card your fingers through his hair, gently pressing against his temple, then his cheek, and finally his bottom lip while you attempt to let your actions display what you feel.
As if Jin senses this, he leans up to press a soft kiss to your lips. One that’s both desperate and longing, a greeting from the past that blooms in the present.
“Ready?” he murmurs, fist clutching his cock while it prods against your quivering hole.
He swiftly removes his shirt, chucking it aside as he presses the tip against your quivering hole. You nod eagerly, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as he finally pushes through the first barrier. Your breath hitches, mostly because Jin wasn’t average-sized by any means. He grunts from above you, face contorted as he slowly inches his way in, careful to not hurt you.
Frankly, you were wet enough from your previous orgasm and how much your body craved him—but as you mentioned, he was big. But the pleasant burn of his girth stretching you out have you gasping, eyes peering up at him in desperation.
“M-More,” you whimper, hips chasing his as you encourage him to sheathe himself further into you.
“Are you sure?” he asks, lips pressed against your jaw as you nod.
“I’m good,” you assure him, pulling away just to shoot him a small smile that he returns.
Finally, he bottoms out, the last bit of his length in you as you whimper at the feeling of being so full, so whole. Jin remains still, to allow you a few seconds to adjust to having him in you. While you were desperate for more, you appreciated the gesture.
There’s something oddly intimate about having him in you but not moving at all. There’s no rush to thrust into you with hot pleasure and love, but just the comfort of having him here—with you. Your heart squeezes in fondness, mostly because you missed him. Missed having him so close to you and in your reach.
“Y-You can move,” you pant, hips already moving at their own accord as he groans from above you.
“God,” he sighs, “I missed you. Missed you so much.”
“I-I missed you too,” you say in between pants as he begins to thrust into you, pulling his cock out until the hilt before slamming back home.
It sends your body up the bed as you indulge in how good it feels. Both emotionally and physically. One of your hands clutches at his hair while he builds up his pace by occupying all the space in between your hot walls.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “You feel so—good.”
You nearly forgot how strong Jin was, and how effortlessly he was able to send white-hot pleasure coursing through your bloodstream with the way that his hips move. He’s relentless with his pounding, the squelches of your wetness echoing in the room with every single purposeful thrust, your gasps of pleasure tangled with the way the slap of his hips meet yours—it’s all too stimulating and it feels so good.
“Oh my God, J-Jin, fuck, oh,” you sob, clawing at his back when he speeds up his thrusts, the tip of his cockhead scraping against the spot within you that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
You feel so full, and your pussy is attempting to accommodate his thick and long length. Your clit is throbbing in want as your hand reaches down to deliver some reprieve, but before you can do anything meaningful—Jin’s slapping your hand away to replace it with his own, and a determined expression on his face.
“Fuck, this pussy’s so wet,” he hisses, rubbing vigorous figure eights on your swollen bud as your mouth falls open into a silent moan, “Would die for this pussy. Always.”
His words send your stomach clenching, paired with the way he doesn’t falter at all with the rhythm of his brutal thrusts.
“Oh oh—ngh, p-please—don’t stop oh my God you’re so fucking—good,” you scream, right before Jin captures your mouth with his lips, swallowing your moans.
“As much as I want to hear you, we’re not home,” he reminds you softly, eyes swirling with amusement as you flush a deeper shade of red, a chortled squeal caught in your throat when he emphasises his point with a particular thrust that has your chest jostling.
Yet, it’s not his cock that has you burning.
Your home. The home that hasn’t felt much like one.
“Ohhhh,” you wail, muffled by his lips, “Don’t stop oh my god, I’m gonna fucking cum again—shit.”
“Yeah, gonna cum for me again?” he eggs you on with a grunt, leaning his chest against yours as your sticky body meets while his hips continue working its way into your pussy. “God fuck, I’m so lucky—you’re so beautiful.
“J-Jin,” you mewl, your glassy eyes peering up at him as he returns. Somehow, he knows—he knows even if all you’ve uttered was his name.
“I got you, my love,” he says so ardently that you feel a tear fall, both in pleasure and in overwhelming love. “Look at me.”
You do, and Jin decides to intertwine the free hand that isn’t abusing your poor clit into blazing pleasure with your own, squeezing your hand. It just so happens to be his left hand, and you feel the familiar squeeze of his wedding ring against your empty finger.
The realisation that he never took it off only makes you cry harder.
“J-Jin, I-I’m—” you blubber through a moan, feeling the coil in your stomach grow tenfold when he rams into you at a speed and a sense of determination you’ve never felt before. “I—oh fuck—I’m going to—!”
“I love you,” he confesses, squeezing your hand as it lays by the side of your head. The heat grows, and you feel yourself grow light-headed when Jin leans in to press a hot kiss to your lips, his own grunts caught in between your teeth.
“I love—fuck, oh,” you struggle to form coherent words, not when your pussy clenches erratically around his length, your wetness dripping down his balls while he attempts to focus on battering your g-spot with a snipers precision.
“Cum for me,” he grunts, “Cum for me and look me in the eye. Wanna see how fucking gorgeous you look for me.”
You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut momentarily as more tears fall, and when you open them—you see a manic look in Jin’s gaze, paired with his own stray tear falling.
“I love you—I love you I love you I love you,” you chant frantically, cunt pulsing as your legs shake, “I-I’m cum—cumming—”
“Me too, love,” he murmurs, hips stuttering when you clench around him. “I love you so much. You’re the—best thing. I’m so fucking—lucky.”
His own words are slurred, and you feel the coil snap, your eyes trained only on his expression as you feel your orgasm overtake you with an acute force that has you nearly blanking out. You gush around his length, and that stimulates Jin’s own release, his cum painting your walls white with its heat as you shudder at the feeling of being so wholly full.
“Oh oh oh,” you mewl, clutching his hand tighter as you choke on your sobs of pleasure and tears. “Kiss me. Kiss me please.”
Your pleas are granted with a desperate kiss to your lips, your arms immediately wrapping around his shoulders while he shoves his cock further into you, plugging his cum as you whine into his open mouth. He releases loads of his cum into you that it threatens to slip past your swollen folds.
Jin kisses you, and you kiss him back. You don’t dare to let go and neither does he. The desperation between the two of you is an accumulation of nights spent apart, spent agonising the death of your relationship, the potential of a future without each other—the hypotheticals of what-ifs. You feel his ring against your jaw when he curls his hand around it to push himself deeper into your mouth.
“I love you,” he says again, and yet your heart flutters like it’s the first.
You pull away to catch your breath, forehead resting against his as you sniff the remaining of your tears away. A croaked laugh leaves your lips as Jin smiles softly at you, thumb rubbing against your cheek with immense tenderness and affection that you can’t do anything but lean into his touch.
He’s still in you, and yet—there’s no rush to move despite the cum that leaks out of your hole.
“I love you,” you echo.
“I’m sorry,” he tells you, regret staining his words as his eyes flutter shut. “I—I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness just yet—”
You stop him by pressing a kiss to his lips, soft. Pleading.
“We’ve got all the time to learn,” you say quietly, “Now, I just want you.”
He pauses for a second just to observe your face, to take in your earnest eyes as he sighs, both remorseful and thankful. Thankful that he’s met you, and thankful that you’re still here despite his shortcomings.
“I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” he says with a determined gaze as you smile softly at him.
“I’ll take your word on that,” you say with a giggle.
He pulls out of you as you wince, immediately feeling his cum drip out of you. You’re about to whine a complaint, but he interrupts any ripostes from your lips with another kiss.
You’re not complaining.
“And I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says as you flush at his words. “Being next to you. Learning with you. Growing with you. I want to do it all—only with you.”
You want to slap him. You do. It’s the only thing you can think of when you feel your tears burn behind your eyelids.
“God,” you sniff as he grins at you.
“You’re such a crybaby,” he teases, leaning over your body to pick up his t-shirt before he’s wiping at your folds.
You scowl, ready to nag his ear off for using his own shirt, but before you can do any damage, he’s chucking it aside once he deems you clean enough before he’s suffocating you with a death grip around your body.
“My baby,” he murmurs into your neck as you flush.
“Jiiiiiiin,” you whine, “I need to—I need to pee.”
“Let me carry you,” he immediately says, swooping your naked body up with his arms as you yelp.
“I’m not—I can walk!” you squeak.
“Don’t think so,” he smirks as you roll your eyes at him, your eyes still puffy from your tears. “Your legs are shaking.”
And shaking, they were. You knew that you had no way of walking to the bathroom without collapsing with how good Jin had fucked you previously. But you were prideful as you stick your nose up snootily, looking away when he leans in to kiss you.
“Does the queen not want to kiss her king?” he pouts childishly as you roll her eyes.
“More like a peasant,” you mutter.
You squeal when he threatens to tickle you, blowing a raspberry into your neck while your boisterous laughter echoes against the wall.
It’s late, and people were sleeping, but the way that Jin holds you so gently as you’ve remembered—makes you forget about reality, about everything else. You can only focus on him, the way he’s making you feel and the way you see your best friend, love of your life—and your husband—return to you.
“Hey,” he murmurs once you’re done peeing and draped over one of his large t-shirts as the two of you cuddle in bed.
“I love you,” he whispers, your eyes nearly drooping shut in fatigue.
“I love you too,” you say softly, snuggling into his chest as he holds you tighter.
“Once we go back …” he murmurs, “I want—I want us to go for couple therapy.”
You pause.
You look up at him, noticing his nervous expression as you smile. You wrap your fingers around him before brushing your thumb over his knuckles comfortingly.
“Okay,” you agree, “We will.”
“And … I want to take you out,” he says before clearing his throat. “On a date.”
“We’re married,” you giggle.
And it feels to good to believe it.
He rolls his eyes and you spot the slight flush on his cheeks.
“I know,” he says, “I missed going out with you.”
Your face softens before you sigh to yourself, happy.
“Me too,” you say.
“I love you,” he repeats again. You won’t ever get tired of hearing it.
You return it with a kiss, and finally, allow yourself a comfortable sleep after months.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s both simultaneously all too hot and too cold when you arise from your slumber.
Your body aches in satisfaction from the events from last night, and you vividly remember the hot touches and long-awaited, teary-eyed confessions that were shared between you and your husband (and yes, your heart does bloom when you refer to Jin as his rightful position in your life rather than … that).
But the indent of where his body lays remains cool, as your body attempts to search for warmth that wasn’t the duvet absolutely suffocating you but in a touch of the love of your life. Still drowsy from sleep, you pat down on the mattress to find not what you were looking for, but a sick feeling of anxiety that stirs in your stomach.
The worst permeates your mind, and for a moment you’ve wondered if you dreamt it all—the reconciliation that promised retribution and a better future just a figment of your imagination and deepest desires. The mound between your thighs aches when you push yourself into an upright position, blinking as you attempt to search the room for his whereabouts.
Before your mind can continue to think the worst of the situation, the door creaks open—and Jin enters, face still slightly puffy from sleep but no less handsome than he’s always been. Your shoulders droop in relief, and just as you’re about to call to him—you note the third guest that joins you.
“Stole Jiho from the kids' room,” he whispers in consideration of your still snoozing son as he wraps himself around his father’s broad body.
“Thought you left,” you confess softly, making space when his knee pressed against the mattress, only for him to lay Jiho softly on the plush surface as he joins his son by his side.
“Never,” Jin says, reaching a hand to brush a stray hair away from your face before he reaches to hold your hand to press a gentle kiss on your knuckles.
At that moment, your son’s eyes slowly peer open, probably due to the fact that you and Jin were staring at him with full adoration. When he realises it’s just his parents, he grins, wide and with his bread cheeks before he lets out a giggle that has your heart soaring.
“Mama,” he smiles, chubby arms reaching out for a hug as you indulge in his affection. You lay back, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he snuggles into your warmth.
“Just wanted to hold the both of you,” Jin says as you rub gentle circles on Jiho’s back.
Your heart softens exponentially, free hand reaching out to Jin’s so that he’d wrap an arm around you and your son.
“Warm,” Jiho mumbles, pressed between the bodies of you and Jin’s love while the two of you stare, hopelessly and utterly in love with the person you’ve created—and each other.
“I love you, Jiho,” Jin whispers, hugging him impossibly tighter as your son smiles innocently.
“Love you!” he chirps back, eyes fluttering shut the more comfortable it gets for him.
As you run your fingers fondly through the strands of your son’s hair, Jin’s voice interrupts your love-dazed gaze with a soft confession, a record of the years you’ve known each other and the many more years you had to learn about each other.
“I love you,” he murmurs, leaning over to capture your lips in a kiss.
You smile even with the crust in your eyes, happy and content. You don’t respond because Jin’s already beginning to doze off, cheeks puffed and pressed against the pillow.
For a moment, you allow yourself to be selfish, to wallow in the love of your small family and the warmth that they gave you today, and every other day that was to come. You and Jin still had a long way to go before you could properly say things were okay, but the fact that either of you had given up, was more than enough to give you hope—to give you a vision of another thirty years, and more.
You’d do it all, with Jin.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
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moonlightchildz · 25 days ago
it's definitely you; k.t
Tumblr media
writer: @moonlightchildz
summary: "Was it you who I’ve been searching for? Spent my life alone and waited for? So tenderly and endlessly you made me whole, the walls I built they melt away with every touch in your embrace every day, every night, every note I play you made me whole, you made me whole..." - Zero, LMYK
i was deeply inspired after watching blue spring ride, hope you enjoy :)
date: december 28th, 2021
word count: 29.2k (it's a huge monstrosity, i know hehe)
tw: M 18+, SMUT, creampie, use of recreational drug (weed), alcohol consumption, slight spit play (if you squint rlly), they fuck on a balcony, unprotected sex, oral f. receiving, oral m. receiving, taehyung is possessive, minors dni
a soft breath of air emits from your lips once you notice the drops of water beginning to pick up pace. you lean back against the cool wall, watching other students curse underneath their breaths before running off to find shelter within covered walls. you didn’t predict the outcome of today’s weather, but yet again no one did either. after all, it happened to be sunny without a cloud dotting the sky as you entered your first class of the day.
now it was a little after two in the afternoon and the sky was grey, the sun hiding behind the covered clouded sky. you didn’t mind the rain, in fact, you genuinely loved it. the smell of wet earth, and the way the rain felt against your skin; it was cool and refreshing all at once. without another thought, you made sure your phone was protected within your notebooks - even if it was a waterproof phone - you would not take the risk. your phone was your baby and therefore required safety in return.
before stepping out into the rain, you glanced down at your outfit. you figured your dirty converse had suffered enough as they were already, but it was water. free cleaning service, you thought. dressed in mom jeans and a long sleeve crop top, you stepped out into the rain. you had your earphones plugged in as you began strolling down the pavement, feeling each droplet grace your skin.
you spread out your arm, hand upside with your palm sticking out to catch rain on it. you watched as rain pelted down your hand, marveling at how the water slipped through your fingers. it felt serene, seeing as it calmed you down as the rain managed to pick up some more. inhaling the wet earth scent, you went on about, rounding the corner of the first building. you knew the bus stop was just a few blocks away, but as of now you felt your socks starting to get soggy from the puddle you had previously stepped in, and that feeling is never nice. thunder rumbled throughout the sky and that meant lightning would follow. as much as you loved the rain, you and lightning weren’t on best terms, considering you could be a walking magnet right now for it. so you climbed up the stairs to seek for temporary refuge, at least until the rain slowed down enough for you to keep walking.
there was a pillar between the building. you calmly went on the right side, noting a stranger was on the left side with the same misfortune as you. you dropped your bag, your earphones ripped away carelessly as you slid down the brick wall. there was a slight breeze and you shivered, reprimanding yourself for not bringing a damn jacket at least.
“um, are you cold?”
you blinked, and then your eyes flickered over to the source of sound. you slightly crawled forward, tilting your neck out to see a pair of pretty dark brown eyes meet yours. you shook your head in response, and a small boyish smile tugged at his lips, making you wonder what amused him in that moment. it’s just to him, seeing you with big doe eyes peering up at him, halted him for a second. he hadn’t expected to see such a pretty girl.
“how come you walked in the rain?” he promptly questioned you, mimicking your movements as well. he sat down, crossing his long legs as he leveled his body with his hands pressed behind him.
you sat up, knees pressed against the pavement as this stranger peered up at you now.
“I don’t mind it,” you said earnestly, running a hand through your damp hair. “and I don’t have car.”
“ah,” was his response.
“what about you?” you tilted your head, eyeing him from head to toe. he was completely drenched and his hair was damp, the type that made his hair wavy.
“my bike got stolen.”
oh my. you blinked once, then twice. when he didn’t backtrack on it, you bit down on your lip, detaining yourself from laughing. “what a-uh misfortune.”
“s’okay,” he shrugged, side eyeing you. he probably noted the way amusement glimmered within your eyes. “they were getting back what I had taken from them.”
now this made your eyebrows raise in pure disbelief. with your hands raised, you said, “see now I don’t feel bad anymore.”
“I figured,” he squinted his eyes at you. “so you were finding my misfortune a source of entertainment huh?”
“well, given that you stole that bike in the first place gives me a piece of mind that karma bit you right on the ass.”
“and come to think I would have given you a ride on my bike.” he teased lightly, a grin lacing his lips.
You raised an eyebrow at his implication and said, “Just steal another bike and maybe I’ll say yes next time.”
“Is that so?”
“Of course,” you nodded, and raised a finger. “But only if I get to wear a cute helmet and if it has one of those ringing bells. Only then would I accept your offer.”
“I’ll make sure to steal a prettier bike next time then.”
you smiled as you glanced down at your knees. your hands were in front of you now, fiddling with your fingers as you let your hair cover the side of your face. he was honestly really handsome. chiseled features, slight pouty lips, such lively eyes that held a thousand stories, and a pretty smile that contained unspoken words. it was the kind of smile that made your heart flutter, but only a little bit.
“looks like it’s clearing up a bit.”
The bus should be stopping soon.
you hummed in return, and without turning to face him you spoke, “nice meeting you, bike stealer. hopefully next time you leave those poor children alone.”
you stood up, dusting the dirt from your knees as you gathered your bag and earphones. he laughed and watched as you ran your painted fingers through your hair. emerald green, that was the color on your nails.
“can’t do that anymore.” he cheekily replied, watching how you turned and quirked an eyebrow. “after all i promised a ride to a very pretty girl.”
you laughed and he had to blink a couple of times to get the sound of your laughter from his head, it echoed throughout his clouded brain. he leaned forward as you simply began walking away now, waving at him. you didn’t bat an eye on him until you halted, then midway turned to face him. Your eyes were squinted, smile as sweet and bright as he has ever witnessed in his life.
“goodbye bike stealer,” you smiled, your eyes widening from finding his gaze on you already. the sight of him already glancing at you made your cheeks warm.
“goodbye pretty girl.” In return, the handsome stranger smiled back at you, his eyes glimmering a myriad of emotions within those pretty brown eyes of his. you wondered if you would ever see him again given that this was your first time seeing him on campus.
as you rounded the corner you couldn’t help but peer over your shoulder just for old times’ sake. he was no longer there.
days blur by as you occupy yourself with work, homework, and friends. it’s two am when you find yourself walking towards the nearest convenience store. it’s a full moon tonight and the breeze hits just right as you tug on your sleeves. your hair is up in a low ponytail, mismatched earrings clipped at your ears, and you’re sporting an old band tee that’s tied up from the back, showcasing your figure.
when you enter the convenience store, you’re greeted by the friendly cashier. eunwo was his name, you believed. he was really handsome and you could never utter a word out to him because of it. you immediately turn down the aisle, fingers tracing the products as you reach the destination. once you finally pick out the noodles you’ve been craving, you come to a halt. For some odd reason, your eyes follow a certain silhouette enter the store, light brown hair covering those dark brown eyes.
“hey, eunwoo,” you overheard a deep voice greet the cute cashier. “mind if I put tonight on the tab?”
Eunwoo waved him off, grinning at him. “have at it.”
Then, his eyes peered up and the first thing they land on is you. you immediately glance away, cheeks warming. he probably doesn’t even remember you and you were caught hardcore staring at him right now. after all, the bike stealer incident seemed more like a fever dream. there was no way you would see him here out of all the damn places in the world. You kept your attention in front of the noodle section, opting for grabbing another one too.
“are you high?”
You blinked once, then twice, and then slightly turned your head towards the sound of voice. The first thing you noticed was how you had to slightly glance up to even make direct contact. The second was that he had approached you himself and seemed to have remembered you, now this made the lit up flame inside you roar with such giddiness. However his approach had you bemused because just how could he tell that you weren’t exactly sober.
“uh what makes you say that?”
“your eyes are half lidded, plus I have a radar for potheads, and I’m quite the detector.”
a giggle left your mouth and you shamelessly shrugged. “I just came here for some noodles, but here you are instead.”
you stood on your tippy toes, trying to glance over his shoulder as you teased, “no bike, huh?”
“actually,” he began to grin and you turn towards him, seeming a bit in trance from being so up close to him. you knew he was handsome, however being high managed to emphasize just how dashing this man really was. His lashes were long to the point they met his skin every time he blinked.
he pointed over to the glass window. a cute emerald green bike rested there; it even had a basket!
“wanna go for a ride now?”
“I see no helmet though.”
“You can literally see it hanging inside the basket.”
“A cute one though.” You pointed out knowingly.
He rolled his eyes. “It has a little bell though,” he threw in, watching as your eyes lit up in pure excitement.
“there’s a park like a few blocks away.”
Okay so he knew the area, which probably meant he either lived closed by or just knew his streets well enough. The answer was clear in your head. No. After all you didn’t know this man and kidnappers still existed. However your best friends had your location on and they knew you were coming here.
The answer was a no, however what left your lips was, “okay I’m sold.”
“Let me pick some snacks first, meet me in the front.”
“Okay,” you easily complied, gathering your noodles and picking up your own favorite condiments, including a mango drink. You grabbed some chips and some other sweets since the munchies were poking at your stomach strings right now, begging to eat something already. Each food item chanted at you eat me, pick me, choose me.
Once you were satisfied with what you had picked out, you went straight to the counter where Eunwoo was already checking out the bike stealer.
“oh, and include this too please.”
With one arm, he gathered all of your items and pushed them forward.
“uh, don’t tell me you’re planning on stealing my snacks too,” you teased him and he turned and stuck out his tongue at you like a god damn child.
“I will be actually, then ill make sure to eat them in front of you and call it a night.”
“I’ll murder you.”
He cupped his ear, leaning down towards your height. “Is that a threat I hear?”
Instead of backing away, you stepped forward, lips ghosting the outer shell of his ear as you whispered, “A threat, a promise, and a reality where children will be able to ride their bikes in peace.”
Whatever he had on the tip of his tongue, it got swallowed back as he felt the ghost of your lips tickle his ear.
“I’d very much would be pleased.”
He turned, and this time you held your breath. He was inches apart from you and your hand itched to cup the side of his face. To be able to touch him and see his reaction, but then the cashier cleared his throat. You both practically repelled against each other, looking anywhere but at one or the other. The bike stealer collected all of the items and thanked him before beckoning you to follow. And like a bee to a flower, you happily buzzed your way over to him.
“Wear my helmet.”
“No, it’s ugly and doesn’t match my outfit.”
You heard him deeply inhale, but still didn’t relent. His helmet was ugly and you’d be caught dead wearing that.
“If we fall, you’re gonna bash your head and frankly I don’t wanna pay your hospital bill.”
“How charming,” you drawled out, taking the helmet from him. “Never in my life have I ever met such a gentleman.”
He extended his arm out, indicating you to hop on into the basket. “M’lady.”
You curtsied and jumped in, legs swinging slightly beneath you. You weren’t exactly short, but neither tall.
You spread out your arms and felt the breeze envelope you, your hair blowing in the wind. it nipped at your skin and you’ve never felt so alive. laughter emitted from your lips as you felt every sensation within your body. you dangled your feet, resting against the metal steering. you glanced up at him, eyes closed and a cheesy, drunken smile painted your lips. he almost swerved the both of you into the lake.
Once you both arrived at the park, he balanced the bike as you hopped off the basket. your eyes flickered over to the sky, unaware of the man baffled by your beauty. he watched as you laid on the grass, eyes wandering over to the star filled sky. the moon shone brightly, reflecting dim lighting off the lake. water softly overlapped and he basked it all in. the comfortable silence between the both of you, the cicadas from far away, and the way he noticed the flowers surrounding you. it seemed as they had began to bloom already.
you slurped at your noodles, your tummy content with the delicacy you were feeding it now after all the waiting.
“what’s your name?”
you softly replied, seeming enamored by the scene surrounding you. “what’s yours?”
“taehyung,” you slowly pronounced it, missing the way he stared at your lips as you did so. “i like it.”
“thanks,” he smiled, missing the way you glanced at his lips, and prominent cheekbones. he began eating away his sandwich, chips opened and placed in the middle between the both of you to share. in return, you opened yours and did the same.
“so which child did you have to fight for that bike?” you prompted, seeming genuinely curious.
He held back a snort. “my sister.”
“tell your sister she has good taste then.” You nodded in approval, eyes glimmering with praise. Perhaps, green was your favorite color?
you kept prompting him, curiosity getting the best of you. “is the helmet hers or yours?”
you sighed in distaste, “knew it.”
you noted the way his face slightly scrunched up in distaste. “you know maybe I’ll just make you walk back.”
“do that and the next child without a bike to take back home will be you, taehyung~”
“you ma’am are seriously beautiful while threatening me like that.”
“I-“ you choked on your noodles, eyes widening as you spurt out, a coughing fit beginning to take over you.
“oh my god,” he immediately grabbed his drink and handed it to you, opening it up before placing it in your slender hands. “open up and drink it dummy.”
“you jerk,” you coughed up and took the drink from his hands, the pad of his fingers ghosting your skin.
how could he openly flirt with you like that? And while you’re eating!
“noted, call you beautiful to shut you up.”
“I hate you.”
He smiled because taehyung knew that in fact, you didn’t mean that at all.
Tumblr media
“Care to fucking explain just where the hell did you go at 2 am?” Your best friend yelled at you. “It’s five in the morning!”
the dopey smile you had on was immediately replaced with a scowl. it was five in the morning so just why the hell is she being so loud for.
“I texted you I was fine,” you waved her off, continuing from slipping off your shoes on the welcome mat.
“at least you came back for a sweater this time.”
your hands traced it, and you sighed. your doe eyes glimmering with a trace of unbeknownst emotion. it was certainly arising warning bells inside your friend’s mind.
“wanna smoke a doobie before bed?”
“yeah, already have one rolled up c’mon. we don’t wanna wake up Sena.”
your other half was probably sound asleep right now. perhaps you’ll make some coffee for her before you go back to bed. yep, you’d do just that. you trailed after your friend, quietly opening the balcony doors for you both to step outside. it was five in the morning, between dawn and the morning light. the colors always tended to change from a navy dark blue, to a pinkish purple as the sun began to arisen. it was absolutely the best part of waking up early, or really going to sleep that late, whoops. that and being in comfortable silence with your best friend, passing the blunt as the both of you inhaled the spring breeze.
it was the weekend so all three of you were home, away from your own responsibilities for just a tiny bit. the weekend meant take out, anime, and great company.
“so what are we eating tonight?” Nari asked, watching the sky as you took drags from the blunt.
“I don’t know, it’s Sena’s turn to pick.”
“take out or dine in?”
it was silent for a second before you both said in unison, “take out.”
“cool, I’ll set an alarm for noon.” You decided and you heard a nort leave her mouth.
“which we all know will be snoozed until like two in the afternoon.”
“whatever,” you mumbled underneath your breath, smoke emitting from your lips as you passed her the blunt.
she was right though. it was two thirty something once you opened your eyes. your room was still dark, dim lighting from the sun barely peeking through your curtains. you stretched, covers entangled within your legs as you stare up at the ceiling in wonderment. did last night really happen? or was it all a dream?
bike stealer - fyi i do need my sweater back
bike stealer - and to see you again
you clutched your phone to your chest, grinning from ear to ear. it definitely wasn’t. you move your head towards your left side, in your chair hangs his sweater there. it reminded you of just hours ago, how his fingers felt against yours as he handed you his sweater. something about ‘don’t want you catching a cold and blaming it on me now’.
“wanna meet up at school?” you read out loud, and the possibility of seeing him again made your heart pound just a bit harder than before.
Tumblr media
It’s eight in the morning when you walk into campus. Already, as you walked out the kitchen with a hop to your step, both of your best friends glanced at each other, eyebrows raised. There was just no way you were that content in the morning. Plus, your make up was all done, hair straightened to perfection, and you were wearing your flower earrings – the ones that were reserved for a good day ahead of you. And, get this, you were leaving for class on time for once in your goddamn life.
“Kay, bye chicas. I’ll see you at dinner.” You yelled as you walked out the door.
You spot him before he sees you so you slow down your pace upon glancing over at him. He seems to be interested in whatever the other person is telling him. His eyes are holding direct eye contact, deep in thought and then he is smiling profoundly. Messy tussled hair keeps getting in the way so he pushes it back with his elegant hands. You notice the rings, the charm bracelets that adorn his wrist, and the piercings on both of his ears. Your heart does a sigh already. Not even down the hallway, his eyes shift over to the crowd, landing directly on you first out of everyone.
You hear people behind calling out his name, also specifically walking down towards him.
But he’s already bidding goodbye to his friend, you assumed, since he starts walking towards the people who called out for him.
You immediately hold down the items you had in your hand. It was a pastry and coffee from your favorite bakery. You both had mutually agreed to meet up, but with the condition to bring breakfast for each other and the return of his favorite sweater of course. However you were currently wearing his said sweater, it complimented your very detailed and styled outfit, or so you thought. His gaze was numbing and overpowering honestly. It was no secret that he was so incredibly attractive. He knew it damn well too.
And then he’s digging through his bag, carefully retrieving something from it. He finally reaches you, stops, and grabs a hold of your hand to lead you out of the oncoming crowd.
“Where is he going?” you overheard a voice say, sounding a bit frustrated even.
“You look really cute today,” he casually praises you, voice smooth like butter. “What’s that in your hands?” He continues, eyeing the food with a wiggle of his eyebrows.
“Breakfast,” you simply replied, handing it to him. Your eyes finally glance up towards his, taking him in from up close. “Good morning.”
He takes it from you, saying, “Now it is, good morning to you too.”
In return, he hands you a croissant with bacon, eggs, and ham. As he hands you a drink, he bops your nose with his slender finger. He pays no mind to his friendly ways, but you are on sensory overload already and it’s not helping your case at all.
“damn, you didn’t choke this time.” He spoke up, referring to the other night where you were choking because he called you beautiful. That night felt surreal even till this day. You’ve had heard you were beautiful countless of times, but the way he said it, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world had made you fall asleep with a smile on your face that night.
you narrowed your eyes at him. “I see you have a choking kink, Taehyung. I won’t feed into your fetish from now on.”
This time he was the one to choke on his food. You motioned to his drink, in a teasing tone you cooed out, “here, open up and drink it dummy.”
“First you threaten me, then you openly share your kinks with me,” he was shaking his head, a grin already appearing on his lips. “You tend to surprise me every day.”
“Yeah and just for that you’re not getting your sweater back from me.”
He picks at your side, eyes gliding down your legs. Guess the skirt was a really good choice today. You playfully swung around the flaps that covered your arms and hands completely. “See, I would give it back but I’m cold and forgot mine.”
His eyes met yours once again, a cocky grin laced on his pretty face. “You’re quite forgetful, huh?”
You shrugged, not really caring since the sweater was already yours now. “Sue me.”
His eyes were on yours as a hand of his gently picked at a side of the sweater, slowly lifting it a bit, tugging you towards him. Your breath caught in your throat, eyes widening, and heart drumming. He had to lean down, keeping himself at bay but at such a dangerous distance. Your feet were practically between his now. You absolutely refused to make eye contact with him, or else he would definitely note how incredibly flustered he could easily make you be. However Taehyung could do anything to you, and you’d let him. He placed a finger under your chin, lifting your gaze so you could see the burning ember within his eyes.
A grin was laced on his angel face, muttering out, “you look better with it anyway.”
And with that said, he brushed your bottom lip ever so softly with his thumb before letting go of you at once, walking away with your peace of mind.
Tumblr media
It was after your last class that you found him down the corridor. You averted your gaze elsewhere. He had invaded your thoughts all day, his touch imprinted on your skin. Your notes were scribbles full of whatever subject of the day, and his fucking name.
With earphones plugged in, you decided it would be better to just go home and get started on the assignments that were bound to be due soon. You were quick to notice how Kim Taehyung was always surrounded by a crowd, all genders rotating around his sole existence and friends. He was always quiet though, occasionally chiming in and even then all eyes would be on him, admiring the pretty man in front of them. There was just this aura he gave off to everyone. He pulled and lulled everyone in like a daunting sweet dream that even you wanted to indulge within.
You glanced up from your phone, and within those seconds his eyes were already on you. You simply smiled and kept walking past him, watching how he was laughing at something someone said. Except before you could fully pass him, an arm shot out, carefully and rather gently stopping you in your tracks.
“Woah there,” he was grinning already at you, slender hand wrapped around your arm to detain you in your place. “Don’t think that you can run away without me now, mhm?”
Eyes were on you now, and that made you incredibly anxious.
“Oh, then by all means,” you smiled back at him immediately, extending your hand out to him. “Lead the way.”
He quickly steered you away, noting the way your shoulders stiffed up at the abrupt attention. His entire frame hid your pretty self from everyone, and he never once glanced back at them before speaking softly, “After you.”
It was away from everyone where he began to say rather bashfully begin uttering out, “so my friend is throwing this party and I was wondering if you wanted to come...with me.”
“a party?” you internally cringed. It wasn’t that you hated going out, but your social battery took a lot to recharge and you weren’t sure if you wanted to be surrounded by people you didn’t know. But yet again, he was going to be there. He didn’t drain you, nor was capable.
“I’d be down,” you decided. “How well do you know this person?”
“Let’s just say he’s a really good friend of mine.”
Taehyung does a blatant double take at the sight of you. Your friend is fixing up some light make touches and he’s greedily taking you all in. A louis blue satin dress paints your skin like art. A couple jewel beads decorate your hair, and you even managed to braid some sections of your hair into thin ones while the rest of your hair falls into waves. He doesn’t miss the long butterfly earrings, or the shades of blue and silver on your eyeshadow. Or the fact that your lips are shining with gloss to the point where he wants to pull you into his arms and not let anyone else see you like this. Of course he doesn’t say this out loud, but his eyes were feasting and he felt like a dickhead for trying to preserve you just for him.
Courtesy to your best friend, Sena, for the full make over. Trust her to bring out the beauty within you so effortlessly and magically so. She’s cheering you on, reminding you how precious you are and to only accept princess treatment. Yes, ma’am!
As you both arrive, Taehyung leads you inside the two story home. He keeps glancing over his shoulder, keeping you in his eyesight no matter what. His fingers itch to just curl up against your palm, to tangle them within yours to see how you would respond. People pass by, greeting him with simple hellos and handshakes. Someone is conversing with him when a stranger bumps into you from behind, sending you forward onto his back. You turn your head to the side as your body presses against his side. he lifts his right arm to see you there, smiling rather bashfully at him. He was wearing grey and the last thing you wanted was to stain his clothes with your make up. Also, there was no way in hell you were going let your make up get fucked up, not when it took hours!
Taehyung then proceeded to sling his arm around your shoulders, not missing the way you cutely shuffled into his side. He goes up to another guy whose smile resembles a pretty heart.
“You actually came,” he sounded surprised, and then his eyes land on you. “And who is this pretty lady?”
You utter your name out, leaning your head into Taehyung’s chest as you do so. His hand slides down your arm, fingers playing with your bracelets with such profound amusement.
“This is my pretty girl,” Taehyung bats an award winning smile and you bit down on your lip to suppress the shit eating grin already lacing your lips. You don’t miss the way the guy raises both his eyebrows in pure shock.
“That’s my friend I was telling you about, Hoseok. He and Jimin are the ones throwing this party.”
“Oh! Nice to meet you,” you smiled and Taehyung wants nothing more than to take you away. To have you in these moments for himself because he was one selfish bastard. It didn’t help that Hoseok was eyeing you from head to toe, obviously loving what was in front of him.
His hand rather slowly trailed down your arm, fingers lingering on the dip of your curve, even teasingly playing with the necklace that was wrapped around your delicate, off limits, and tempting belly. Yes, his hands were large enough to encase your body, and yes, his touch felt like a warm candle flame from afar, stirring you completely up.
“Nice to meet you, too,” Hoseok cleared his throat, eyes flickering over to your face, noting how your cheeks had reddened. Taehyung on the other hand seemed quite smug, pleased at how you were reacting to him.
“Hey! Stop hogging her, I wanna meet her too.”
A red head sauntered in, playfully shoving his shoulder into Taehyung before he turned and faced you directly. He had both hands shoved into his jeans and his bare arms were covered in hand made bracelets matching his outfit. His eyes flickered from your lips, up towards your eyes where you felt the intensity behind his clear analysis of you. He sported a ripped crop top that came up to his mid abdomen. Pierced nose from both sides, a hoop and a tiny heart adorning it.
“I’m Jimin.” He introduced himself, his plush lips turning into half a smile. He was pretty for sure, but after you told him your name, you turned towards Taehyung and watched how he grinned down at you. It was already a moment of weakness that had registered in your mind. His playful grin instantly made you feel warm and a bit lightheaded. Jimin may be pretty, but Taehyung was ethereal beauty in a human form.
“Nice to finally meet you.”
Where all these pretty men coming from? First Hoseok, and now Jimin?
“Likewise,” you smiled at him.
“So since I know Tae won’t do it, I’ll take the privilege of introducing you to the group.”
“No need,” his hand shot out, blocking Jimin from nearing you any further. “Where the rest?”
“Oh?” Jimin was smirking now, head tilted, eyebrow cocked in amusement. “Well, okay then. They’re downstairs, you know how everyone is.”
“Can you bring me a beer?” he then tells Jimin and he simply rolls his eyes but complies anyway.
“All right," Jimin sighed, a pout forming on his lips. "Nice seeing you, love." He said that with full eye contact with you. your heart almost gave out by the way he was glancing at you.
“Jimin," Taehyung began, a slight warning tone to him now. Jimin's laugh echoed as he mockingly saluted his friend before dispersing into the crowd.
Taehyung let out a soft exhale of a breath before regaining his composure. He extended his hand out to you and without batting an eye, you accepted it rather tentatively so. No words were exchanged as he led the both of you through the crowd, down towards a set of carpeted stairs that lead to a basement. Though just as you reached the bottom step, you watched how Taehyung greeted a tall, beefy man that was guarding the entrance with a couple of other people who you've vaguely seen around campus.
"Ah look who it is," they greeted him with familiarity. Wonho was the name that emitted from Taehyung's lips, among with Jackson, Baekhyun, Yeonjun, and Eunwoo.
On what seemed like the entrance of the area, there were two huge double doors that opened from the inside. A crimson maroon colored love seat sat against the creamy beige wall and in front of it was a round glass table with chairs occupying the empty sides of it. You noted an ash tray, a rolling tray as well, a jar full of weed, and some cigarettes. Bottles of liquor were on there too, some of them were already empty while others were poured into shots that were being shared.
“My man,” Jackson pulled Taehyung into a tight embrace. "I've missed you, where the hell have you been?"
Taehyung patted his back before pulling away and taking a step away. Judging by how all eyes immediately zoomed in on you, your guess was that Taehyung's wide and broad shoulders were basically hiding your existence until he had moved.
"Eyes over here," Taehyung immediately said, his arm reaching out for you to take. Despite being a nervous wreck on the inside, you confidently strode towards him, fingers wrapping around his bicep as he straightened himself.
"Meet my pretty girl everyone, I'll be bringing her around more so treat her with respect and with care." His eyes glimmered with undefined emotion that you couldn't quite pinpoint in that moment.
You shyly introduced yourself and everyone greeted you enthusiastically, but rather carefully.
"Ah, you're the girl who comes in at the convenience store, right?" Eunwoo spoke up, suddenly remembering you. "Mango juice girl!"
"Ahh," you laughed, trying not to die on the inside. It was no secret that you loved mango juice since you bought it every single time with honey drizzle and jello. "Yeah, that's me." you awkwardly aimed finger guns at him.
"Funny seeing you without a uniform," you continued, amazed at how tiny your world was. "I don't think I've seen you on campus either."
"Well I have," he shrugged with indifference. "Since the beginning of the semester actually. Now I get to see you here too." He smiled warmly at you and you flushed.
"Shots everyone?" Baekhyun suddenly announced, handing one to Taehyung and you first. "Let's welcome our special guest of the night on three."
After three, all shot glasses were clinked together and you couldn't help but watch as how Taehyung downed it in seconds, alcohol spilling a bit from his lips. Dark eyes flickered over to you in that instant, and all you did was gulp it down as he slowly ran the pad of his thumb over it.
You nodded, never letting go off him as you both waved at the group of men and stepped inside the basement. Compared to the chaos happening upstairs you were glad he took you in here since it seemed like a whole other atmosphere. There was a huge cinema in here along with red, thick seats that faced upon the screen right in the middle of this grandiose room. A console was hooked up to it since people were laughing, yelling enthusiastically, and taking shots every single time one of them lost. They were playing Mario crash bros. On the far right, there was a bar with a mini set up dance floor and people were dancing, some playing limbo. On the left, there were some black marbled countertops placed with food and snacks on them.
“Why’d you send Jimin away if there’s a bar in here?” you dryly asked him upon seeing the bar, and Taehyung simply grinned.
“That’s code for get the fuck out of my face.”
A laugh emitted from your lips. You figured you'd use that from now on with your own best friends. Though knowing them, they'd most likely return with the said drink to trigger your annoyance even more, It was a given after all, those two women you called soul sisters knew you better than anyone else besides your family.
"Let me introduce you to rest of them, I promise they aren't dickheads. Well, they are to me, but not to you."
"Nice of you to finally fucking join us," A mint haired man with a precious gummy smile was the first one to say something. "Ah, and who is this?"
His interest was definitely piqued, attracting the other four, brooding hot men.
"Yoongi, Joon, Jk, Jin," Taehyung drawled out slowly, eyeing each and every one of them. "I want you to meet, y/n. She's the one I mentioned earlier, remember?"
"I definitely do," Yoongi responded with a knowing smirk. "Nice to finally put a face to that pretty name of yours."
"How about a drink?" JK, or Jungkook, prompted, trying to ease your nerves. "Hit me with whatever, miss."
"Something fruity with a shit ton of vodka," you raised a finger, catching his attention. "And lime please."
He nodded, an idea forming in his mind already. "Gimme a few then."
"I forgot to grab the drinks from the car," Taehyung cursed slightly and began fishing for his keys in his pocket. After finding them, he leaned in towards you, voice low and soothing. "I'll be right back, okay? It'll only be a few, but I'll be super quick."
"In the meanwhile, I'll steal her from you." Yoongi teased him, and Taehyung simply gave him a knowing look. Yoongi rolled his eyes, nodding him away. He then excused himself momentarily and followed Taehyung.
“You know, Tae rarely brings someone over,” Jk began, tattooed hands busy with mixing your drink with a cocktail shaker. "This is the first time I've ever seen him bring anyone over so I was surprised to see you."
"I have you for our Econ class right?" you recalled, and he nodded. The idea of Taehyung being friends with the biker stunned you. He had a variety of friends, no wonder he was loved thoroughly around campus. "I didn't know you were friends with Taehyung."
"Likewise," he replied, still analyzing you. "Leave it to our Taehyung to set eyes on the quiet one."
"How come you don't talk to anyone?" you prompted, curious about him. Jungkook was highly intelligent, but always reserved himself around others. You only ever saw him whenever you arrived and left campus given that he parked next to your car. That was before it broke down and you were forced to ride public transfer that same day you met Taehyung.
Strange indeed.
"I don't like wasting my time on people," he bluntly answered, straight to the point. "I usually can tell when someone is there to stay and not play games. You waste time on someone who doesn't deserve it, and end up burnt out."
All you could do was sit there, listening to his explanation, stunned. Sure you were quiet around strangers, but you loved socializing when comfortable around them. You figured he's speaking not from experience, but perhaps as a spectator. It showed in the way he made your drink with hesitance, even when he had offered himself. Someone as reserved as him wouldn't display a flaw of his with a mere stranger so quickly. No, this was a warning.
"I've seen what it does to someone, so all I'm saying is that don't let me be wrong about you."
And there it was.
Your eyebrows furrowed in bemusement, "And what exactly is that suppose to me--"
"Here," he pours the drink into a glass, slides it down towards you, and walks away. You stare down at your drink, bewildered by the turn of events. He greets Yeonjun on the other side, immediately getting to work on another drink.
"I'm back."
You jumped, startled a bit. Taehyung's breath ghosted the side of your neck, his proximity giving you a scent of his cologne as his arm wrapped around your side. Your eyes watched his hand graze your skin, his rings defining his slender and long pretty fingers. He opens his hand, twirls the straw for you to see before gesturing towards you. At this point you are watching him only. His brown eyes ardently gaze down at you, and you almost turn away because you know that he's quick on noting your body language towards him.
"To match your dress and make up," he lowly said, his breath tickling your skin. It's a silvered straw with a blue butterfly pinned on the side. In that moment, your heart fluttered a bit at the thought of genuinely catching this prince's eye.
"I love it," you sincerely meant it, giving him the go ahead. He inserts it in your cup and breaks away from you, gesturing towards it.
"They treating you nice?" he raised an eyebrow at you.
"You were gone for only a few minutes," you took a sip from your drink, finding the taste fruity. It was a combination of tangy and sweetness. What a nice contradiction, you thought. You loved it already.
"But your friends are pretty cool." you told him, downing the remainder of your drink already. "Hey JK!" you got his attention, "mind making me another?"
He took in your empty glass, turned towards Taehyung, and cocked his head. "On it."
"Look what I brought our guest," Yoongi came striding back in. It was a plate of creamy chipotle pasta topped with parmesan cheese and chicken. It looked mouthwatering.
"We typically reserve my cooking for our group, so please enjoy. Consider it on the house for the night."
"I am definitely devouring that right now," you confessed with utmost joy, grabbing the plate from his hands. "Thank you so much, Yoongi."
"And what about me?" Jungkook pouted at him. He sat down your drink and crossed his arms against his chest. "Doesn't the bartender deserve a meal?"
"I already knew you were going to complain," Yoongi groaned in return, waving him away from him. His nose scrunched up in annoyance and you found that adorable.
"You also forgot about me," Taehyung interjected, getting ignored by the both of them.
"Aw, here," you twirled the pasta with your fork, "you can have some of mine."
"Absolutely not!" He grabbed Taehyung and Jungkook by the hand. "Since you both like to complain and be lazy, now we're all going upstairs to get all of the food I've prepared."
"They keep stealing me away from you," Taehyung grumbled out as they dragged him out.
"I'll keep her company." Jimin strode in with a plate and a bottle in his other hand.
“Ignore whatever the hell Jungkook told you,” he starts off with a bat and you turn to face him immediately. So he had heard the conversation between the two of you, huh? “He’s, well, we, are all very protective of Taehyung. So whatever he spews out at you, don’t take it to heart. I’ll make sure to teach him proper etiquette the next time you come over.”
Next time? You continued eating Yoongi’s pasta, feeling like the mvp of the night. Sena would be so proud of you right now. You didn’t pry further, trying not test your luck so soon. Instead, you asked him, “How’d you two meet?”
Turns out his friends are pretty fucking hilarious, and very welcoming to newcomers. As Jimin explained in vivid detail how he met Taehyung, Yoongi strode in with a brooding Taehyung and an overexcited Jungkook. He made them call out the food and serve it to whoever was down here. Taehyung popped in every now and then, simmering down your nerves as time seemed to fly by down here.
“I am so sorry for leaving you alone, I promise it’s not my intention at all, okay?” he began to reassure you and you slid over your drink towards him instead.
“I understand your friends missed you. They seem to adore you a ton so I promise I don’t mind it at all. It’s nice being part of something that belongs to only you, Taehyung.”
He seemed content with your answer. He was swirling your drink around, cheeks flushed and you couldn’t believe your eyes at first. Maybe you were a bit too buzzed already considering you were inhaling drinks left and right. Jungkook had tapped you out, instead giving you apple juice.
“However,” you grabbed a hold of his hand, tugging him towards you. He raised an eyebrow at your sudden change of character. He figured it was the alcohol talking now. “I do want you to myself.”
He’s about to near you, fingers outstretched towards you. You’re smiling so profoundly, the only thought in your head is him. You want more of him. More of his velvety voice, more of his light and teasing touches, and to explore more of who Kim Taehyung was. And then he’s being pulled by Namjoon and Jin. They’re hugging him, teasingly rubbing his head with their knuckles.
“Don’t worry,” Yoongi is sitting a few chairs down, resting after all that hassling. He has a glass of whiskey and you note the way his cheeks are a pinkish color now. “I’m pretty sure they’re the last to make rounds with him.”
“How long has it been since he’s seen you all?” you couldn’t help but pry. At this point the curiosity was eating you up. Every single person that was in here, or was barely coming in would prance at Taehyung, pulling him into a handshake, conversation, or just simply trying to catch up with him.
“Almost two years at most,” he took a sip from his drink. He seemed pensive.
“I find that hard to believe,” you stir at your drink with the cute little umbrella straw they gave you. It was blue, to match your dress. The apple juice was certainly hitting you at this point.
“Right? With that face and shit eating ego, you’d be surprised.” He chuckled out and you agreed. Taehyung was so handsome and so charming. In a universe full of shinning and dim people, they all tended to gravitate towards him.
“I’m just glad to finally meet the girl he keeps yapping about,” he raised his glass of whiskey towards you. “Do us a favor and treat him well. He’s been through enough and you are genuinely someone we want to keep around.”
“I can’t pretend to deny that I don’t feel something for him, but thank you for welcoming me into your lovely abode of a home. The friendship between all of you reminds me of my own two friends. It’s refreshing to see friends taking care of each other and being so supportive. There’s not a lot of that nowadays.”
“Welcome,” he leaned the glass towards you and you clinked your drink with his. You both drank it all and then he was asking, “Was that apple juice?”
“It’s good apple juice,” you defended the bartender’s choice and he flashed you his gummy smile, the one that resembled yours. He was really sweet towards you and you found his existence rather calming.
“Okay, we’re all gonna smoke in the back, come,” Jimin extended his hand out to you and before you could even think about it, Taehyung was lightly slapping away his hand away from you.
“I was on my way to come get you,” he explained in a rush. “I didn’t think all of my friends would kidnap me tonight.”
“Can you blame em? This is practically your debut, Tae.” Jimin sassily rolled his eyes.
“Smoke with me?”
His fingers were stretched out and you were already tangling your fingers with his. Finally, you thought. Finally I can have you for myself.
“It’s a bit cold, so here,” he was handing you a warm jacket and hat. “Love the dress, but you know what else is hot?”
You mused with him, replying, “What?”
“Not seeing you freeze.”
“I just hope you know you’re the one adding to my Kim Taehyung collection of hoodies at this point.”
He tugged you towards him, hands carefully placing down the mitten hat on your hair, gently removing a few loose strands. His fingertips grazed your skin and you felt sensational in that moment. You felt your body hum in contentment. As you all went outside, Taehyung offered his arm which you gladly took.
He made sure you were all wrapped up in his hoodie and an additional blanket. You were leaning against him, taking drags in between as everyone asked you questions.
“How’d the two of you meet?”
You both glanced at each other clearly recalling that fated day. That time it was raining and today it was lightly snowing.
“At campus,” Taehyung spoke, though his eyes were on you. “It was raining and someone stole my damn bike. I took shelter for a bit and then I saw her walking under the rain. She was drenched from head to toe and it was freezing.”
“What do you major in?”
“I’m a tech consultant at my internship, but I'm leaning towards a business major." You proudly beamed at them, with every right too since you worked your ass to get to where you are now.
"What about you guys?" You prompted, continuing the conversation. They all took turns answering, joking and teasing one another. Even though the lot of you were freezing, the atmosphere was rather warm and cheerful.
"Can we hit Jiminie's bongs instead? You know, inside where normal people smoke." Jungkook said, which surprisingly everyone agreed to rather quickly.
They all started going back inside and you were right there in the middle with Taehyung. That is until Taehyung leaned over, whispering in your ear, “I’ll be right back, gotta tinkle.”
You nodded as Jimin began grabbing a hold of your hand, saying, “C’mon, I wanna show you my collection of bongs, if I like you enough I’ll give you one.”
On the way, you caught eye of Taehyung and a really beautiful girl together. He was awkwardly leaning away from the proximity she was trying to increase by the second. Her hand was on his chest and you leaned against the wall, arms crossed against your chest to keep yourself from fiddling with your rings, just attentively watching the scene unfold before you.
“I’ve always found you insanely attractive and we’re really good friends,” you overheard her say, her voice was pretty too. “And I can’t help but develop feelings for you when we vibe with each other so well. So, Taehyung, I like you a lot and I want to be with you.”
His eyes slowly lowered to her hand that was inching forward, trying to cup his neck in her hold. After she was done speaking he sighed. “Bomi, you don’t even know me at all.”
Her lips pursed, not seeming content with the way he was speaking to her now. “I-I, that’s not true!”
Taehyung simply took a step back, removing her hand from him. “No, no you don’t. And frankly, I don’t reciprocate your feelings at all. We’re simply good friends and I would like to keep it that way.”
“Taehyung,” she interjected before he could utter another word out. “Look,” she softly cleared her throat, trembling fingers tucking pieces of her neatly kept hair. “I’ve known you for so long and I know we can make things work if you just give me a chance. I c-can give you what you want if you would let me in completely.”
“No, Bomi.” He coldly reiterated. “Stop touching me already and leave me alone if you can’t take no as an answer.”
“Why do I even bother?” her voice trembled, eyes watering and you wondered what their history could be to have her react so brokenly so.
“I could ask you the same thing.” He stung out, “You’re a great person, but you and I will never happen. I already-”
You spun the other way around and continued walking. There was a gnawing feeling picking at your skin, and no matter how you tried to simply ignore the itch, it was trying to eat you alive. He rejected her so coldly, as if confessing how she fell for him, inconvenienced him. To the point where he wanted to run. You had pranced into something that was not welcomed in your mind and had a mere glimpse of another side of who Kim Taehyung was. Could someone really be capable of switching off their emotions when faced with internal, or emotional dilemma?
If so, you wished you could do the same. Having empathy only means more added melancholy, troublesome madness of trying to constantly pick up after another while still struggling with yourself, and the sense of nostalgia that washes over you until you’re left empty. You often reminisce on your life choices, wondering just how the hell have you managed so far. Meeting people who you aren’t sure if they’re going to ride along with you, or end up finding another route out of your life.
Taehyung was eccentric, but in a magnifying way that had you constantly flowing towards him without any regards for yourself. He wasn’t necessarily blinding you in any aspect, rather he was wiggling his way into your very closed off bubble of comfort. He was barreling into your life without a warning. A newfound visitor has stumbled upon a garden of moss and ragged stone cold edges. One who is constantly grinning, jokingly teasing at your flaws and yet seeming unbothered by them all at once. One who is so full of life, their eyes ever so blazing, haunting, and so prepossessing.
“Why are you out here alone?”
You jumped, startled by the sound of his voice. Your hazy eyes brought back a memory in him of you at the park, and he wanted nothing more than to close the distance between the two of you. However, just why did his friends leave you alone like that? Did they ditch you? He felt anger starting to prick at his skin, seeping its way inside his body to the point where you noticed something was wrong with him.
You mindlessly smoothed down the wrinkle between the bridge of his nose, your touch pulling his head out of whatever was running through his head. He leaned in, caging you in just for him to admire you from up close. His head was tilted, a strand of his hair resting on his forehead as your fingers tentatively grabbed a hold of his. You were becoming exhausted by the minute and his warmth was lulling you in. You found yourself wanting to be in his arms, to have him wrap them around you and keep you so close to him. And then you wondered what he thought of you so far. Were you so worth it to be introduced to his friends? Were you so worth it to be a part of his life, to the point where you could get to know the real Kim Taehyung?
“Tired?” He questioned and you nodded. He checked the time and realized it was half past two already. He pressed a warm hand on your back, keeping you at his side. “C’mon, let’s get out of here, but we have to be quick or else they’ll never let us leave.”
He nodded over to the side and you spotted Jimin, Hoseok, and a drunk Yoongi. Apparently drunk Yoongi resembled a happy little child waiting to give out lots of love. You had a sense of Jimin and Hoseok’s energy already so you knew these three would be trouble in trying to escape.
“On three, we move,” he said, nearing your ear to the point you felt his breath tickle. You nodded, heart hammering into your ribcage as his hand slid over your arm completely. His arm encased your side, tugging you close to his side as he said, “Three, go.”
The both of you ducked, mischievous feet semi speed walking away into another direction. You held your laughter as you heard your names being belted from behind. The echo of footsteps approaching made Taehyung take your hand in his and began full on running like a madman in a chase. Of course, you matched his pace, even taking the lead down the stream as you began to release bubbled up maniacal laughter. His grip remained firm and steady on yours, feet never faltering behind you.
“Why are they still running after us?” you shouted, sparing a glance over your shoulder to see Hoseok and Jimin running after the both of you. In that moment you watched how the wind blew his tousled hair, his lips cold but fitted into a smile that resembled yours.
“Because they’re annoying drunk brats with nothing to do!” he shouted back picking back up the lead and tugging you along. You felt out of breath already, but the adrenaline made you squeeze his hand and keep running towards what meant his car. In the meantime, you inhaled deeply that wintry air, cheeks burning, and air nipping at your bare skin.
As soon as you both you reached it, you went for the passenger and he for the driver’s seat. Doors unlocked, you slid in, slammed the door shut, and tried to regain your breath as he locked all doors. Hoseok and Jimin tapped at the windows, and you and Taehyung simply glanced at each other, convulsed with laughter.
“No, wait,” you reached over your shoulder, grabbing a hold of the seat belt. You pointed at his as you buckled up saying, “put it on, too.”
He complied, starting the engine and leaving the party behind.
“For the record,” you started, still a bit out of breath. “you owe me dinner for making me run. You’re lucky I wore wedges and not heels Kim Taehyung.”
He grinned at the full use of his name. “I do apologize for the inconvenience, so my treat the next time we see each other.”
Satisfied, you leaned back against the seat. Then you tapped the window, quietly demanding, “Can you turn down my window? It’s hot.”
“I could turn on the ac you know?”
“Not the same,” you simply responded. “It feels nice out, so I wanna feel the wind.”
Again he complied and watched how you slowly immersed yourself into the cool wind. Cheek was rested against the side of the window, eyes fluttering to a close as he smoothly switched over to a fast lane, hands shifting gear. Music flowed between the both of you, and he noted how you weren’t bothered by your flying strands of hair. Instead you inhaled deeply, humming along with a smile painted on your glossy lips. A sight to behold.
He coolly spoke to you, “Are you free anytime next week?”
“Friday,” you instantly replied, almost cringing at how embarrassingly fast you answered. So you cleared your throat and continued on, “I should be free.”
“I’ll let you know dress code for the occasion then,” he said, eyes following your movements. He watched how you gathered your phone, nails a different color than before, one that was closed to being associated and reserved just for you.
“I had a lot of fun today,” you bashfully uttered out, eyes on your hands. “I hope you did too.”
You didn’t allow Taehyung another word out since you were already climbing out of his car. You leaned down, finally meeting his eyes. “Goodnight Taehyung, sweet dreams.”
Tumblr media
“Ayo, the dumplings are gonna get cold,” you shouted to your best friends. They were both in their rooms, gathering blankets and pillows for the makeshift bed and fort for tonight. You were in charge of setting up the table, even lighting candles and lavender essence.
“Here,” Sena dumped her share on you, plopping down on top of you.
"Uff," you grunted out, trying to get her off you.
“You know she’s capable of falling asleep like that, right?" Nari said, shoving her off you. She unfolded the covers, allowing you to breathe and lay there to regain your breath.
“So are you not going to spill?” Sena immediately began her prying, wiggling her eyebrows at you.
“I like him more than I thought I would." you hesitantly admit to them and yourself. "It certainly doesn't help that I'm constantly with him, and if I'm not it's my phone. He has invaded my mind and its so fucking annoying.”
"It's annoying because you have commitment issues," Nari pointed out, tugging the covers away from you.
"And because you never open up to people," Sena added with a mouthful of dumplings.
"Well, he's a man. They're full of disappointment so it's understandable to be wary," Nari sighed, speaking from experience. She was on man number eight right now who she was ignoring at the moment.
"Yeah, they are but they have a redeeming quality too."
"Sena," you began, already knowing where this was heading.
"Nice dicks get penalty points deducted if they know how to fuck me good." She shrugged with indifference. "And if they buy me pretty things."
"Is that how you got your Coach bag and that watch?" Nari shot at her and Sena giggled in return.
"I deserve princess treatment and so do the both of you. Never settle for less, chicas. That's why you're gonna be on number nine right now, Nari."
"Woah," you interjected, shoving dumplings into their mouths to avoid an anger management session. "Listen, let's keep it kid friendly here okay. The child has started to get fussy." you pointed at yourself, and they both dropped it.
"Taehyung is pretty and he is collected. I haven't seen him fooling around with anyone on campus. He gets my approval." Sena beamed out, and you ruffled her hair.
"You would know, huh," you continued teasing her and she batted your hands away. "Miss social butterfly."
"I say take things slow and don't fantasize his character, cause that leads to failed expectations."
"Well, he's invited me over to a small kickback with his friends this weekend. Let's see how that goes."
"Why?" Sena prompted, getting upset as she continued on, "Are his friends treating you like shit? If so tell me and I won't have a problem sticking Jimin on the face."
"No, not at all," you were quick to shut that idea down from their heads. "However there's this really pretty girl who confessed to him last night."
"Uh, hold up," Nari held her hand out. "Did he engage? Like was he flirting with her or what?"
You shook your head, "No, in fact he rejected her on the spot."
"Okay, so then why the long face babe?" Sena noted, waiting for you to continue.
"Taehyung is really attractive so it's only natural for people to fling themselves at him and that makes me one of them. I'm no different than his friend who is obviously in love with him. I feel like I'm intruding a friendship that is family to all of them. I am stranger in their world."
"That's real life, hun." Nari softly patted your back. "Everyone in this world is a stranger, but has that stopped them from forming new friendships, relationships, or families? Absolutely not. We as a person walk into a stranger's world without a clue and then the next thing you know we're a part of theirs now. We're a mark on their path of life."
"And if you stay put, if you don't at least try, then you won't get anywhere with that mindset. We yet have people still to meet that will be walking red flags waiting to be lessons learned, and there's those where you have to be patient, but end up staying with you forever. Those are the ones we hold on to dearly."
You grab a hold of their hands, feeling your heart beating a little more louder, and smile at them with watery eyes. You figured it was due to your period.
Tumblr media
“You know, you all are very social,” you noted the obvious, though not feeling unpleasant about that in any way. After all, one of your best friends was the said 'queen bee' of the campus. A friendly girl who greets everyone with a pearly white smile on her face. A make up artist with thousands of followers on her social media. Nari was the more serious one. She pulled you back to reality if you strayed too far. A psychology major with ambition in her mind, for betterment of herself even when she was near perfect already.
“Only Jimin, Hoseok, and Namjoon are, so is Seokjin, but the rest are pretty much antisocial losers.” Jungkook began, leading you towards the basement where all of Taehyung’s friends were.
“You know everyone loves me, right?” Yoongi batted out without any hesitation. He was running through his notes, two empty bottles of soju were beside him. “Why do you think they’re always asking for me?”
“Yeah, yeah, but that’s only because your personality consists of that guitar you carry everywhere.”
“Just admit you’re jealous, bro." Yoongi waved him off. "It’s okay though, I have enough love for everyone in here.”
Jungkook simply rolled his eyes and grabbed himself a bottle. “You want one?”
“Sure,” you went along with the flow of the atmosphere. It was only them at the moment, you could relax. “Strawberry though!”
“Ah, Taehyung’s favorite flavor,” He said and you raised an eyebrow at his tone. He sounded almost nostalgic.
“You sound like his girlfriend right now.”
“In another life perhaps,” he shrugged it off and handed you a bottle. You simply giggled at their banter and went over to Yoongi's side to see what he was working on.
“Where is he anyway? He’s usually at your hip.”
“Ah, Jimin forced him to go grab food with him, apparently we’re having a cookout in like thirty minutes?”
They all turn to Yoongi who sighs.
“I told him not to plan ahead, but then I saw her and now it all makes sense."
Yoongi perked up, and set a side his work. "Well, I don't mind the workload if it's Taehyung behind it."
Jimin scoffed, "Your favoritism is showing."
"Jimin, you mind being my sous chef for the night?"
He stuck out his tongue at him, but hopped over to where Yoongi was nonetheless. "Okay so do we invite everyone, or does he want it to be family only?"
"Family only," a sultry voice spoke up behind you all. Jungkook was facing your way, since your back was turned, and there was a sign of discontentment already. You gave a benefit of doubt though since he was always sporting it.
"So then why are you here?" Jimin quipped, not even batting them an eye. He turned back to you instead, his eyes saying it all.
"Another groupie?"
You didn't bother to turn around since they wouldn't be referring to you, right?
"Either you mind you your manners, or don't bother on sitting your ass down, Sung Bomi." Yoongi was the one to say that. "She is our new friend. Treat her with respect just like everyone here."
"Ouch," Bomi turned into your eyesight now. Oh. You gazed up at her as she began to take you in now. She was the girl who Taehyung rejected a couple of weeks ago. You hadn't seen her after that, and you were here now every day.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Bomi." She smiled widely at you, though it didn't exactly reach her eyes. "Your Tae-tae's girl of the month, right?"
A laugh rose out of you, and you were so eloquently composed that it surprised her. You simply shrugged, going back to what Jimin was showing you on his phone. "I guess so."
However Jimin didn't stay put. "Why are you here again?" Jimin jeered out, and you gazed at her, awaiting an answer. "Who let this bitch in my home?"
"Jimin," you quietly spoke up, and he zipped his mouth shut.
"Sorry, love," he said to you as he reclined back into his seat. "Just keep her away from any distance of where I am located and we won't have any problems."
"I've been a part of this friend group for years and you two are still cunts. Word of advice 'love', if you wanna stay here, you're gonna have to grow some balls. 'Cause they wont always be there to kiss your ass." She spat out towards you, grabbing a hold of her belongings and stomping out.
"I'll just go find Tae-tae."
"She called me a cunt? Has she ever spared to really look in the mirror."
"She's brainless, Jiminie. The only thing she has going for her is her looks." Jungkook in return said, though you had a feeling they wouldn't have a problem telling that directly to her.
"I don't want to pry, but why do you guys get irritated by her presence?"
"She's a bitch to everyone but anyone she either admires, is obsessed with, or someone who will be more of a convenience to her. The only reason why she's still around is because she is one of Taehyung's high school friends."
And you all respect him, you thought.
"She's been infatuated with the idea of him and whoever enters his life, she's always there to steer them away."
"However this time that's not the case," Jungkook mused out, a smile playing at his lips. "She was a voice of reason because he was never around us as much, but now he's back."
"So don't let this conversation deter you away from Taehyung. We all like you way too much now."
It didn't, especially since you knew how blatantly he had put her in her place. However you weren't ready to show your true colors just yet. The timing wasn't exactly right. Instead you stayed quiet and waited for Taehyung. You missed him already and you weren't even a thing. It frustrated you knowing how a man had gotten control over your thoughts, emotions, and everything in between.
"Tae-Tae!" you overheard giggling coming from down the stairs. "I missed you so much."
"Watch the hands, Bomi."
You furrowed your eyebrows, straightening up now.
"No need to get an attitude with me," her voice wavered and you couldn't help but laugh quietly to yourself. You had her figured out already and that was sad. A person who is easy to find is someone who is simply a lost cause.
They both walk in together. Taehyung is holding an oreo chocolate cake along with some bags that are slinging on his arms. You're quick to get on your feet and help him, but Yoongi, Jimin, and JK are already there. Bomi backs off when she spots Jimin nearing them and he's chuckling as he directly stays put on her path.
"Taehyung," you greeted him with that pretty smile of yours, heart eyes practically pouring out of you.
"I brought dessert catered to your taste," he winked at you, extending his hand out to you.
"You know I don't mind anything," you reminded him, taking his warmth and turning it whole.
"I know, but I wanted to," he said, leaning down towards you as he spoke to you. "Our snack after our doobie."
He really was too perfect.
The evening flew by as you helped prepped the food. While yoongi seasoned the meat, you and Taehyung were in charge of slicing the veggies. Jimin aided Yoongi, Jungkook was already working on drinks, Jin and Namjoon were too busy gaming to notice their surroundings, and Hoseok was busy cleaning. Though his nagging immediately halted their gaming marathon.
"Aye, don't be dicks and help Hobi out. This house is huge and we're all contributing here." Taehyung reprimanded them both.
"Your lucky your girl is here, or else I would make you clean, bitch." Jin threw back as you chuckled.
"He's useful in the kitchen, not cleaning." Yoongi spoke up, immediately closing their banter. "As for you both, get on with it."
"Is that a way to address an elder."
"Funny, I'll let you know when I see an actual adult."
Oh yeah, you could definitely get used to this chaotic environment.
The meat was grilled to perfection, served with rice and veggies. Ramen was poured into bowls, shots of glasses were full of soju, and the music was blaring softly, enough for everyone to talk amongst each others. You were definitely drunk, slurping away at your noodles in contentment. Everyone had become rowdy, but you didn't mind it at all. You quickly took notice just how much of an enigma Yoongi turned into after a decent amount of drinking. A part only his closest friends saw. Jimin became more enchanting to the eye, a sensual desire oozing out of him, and Hoseok was calmer, and a sincere version of his true self. A pensive drunk while Jin was more carefree. And even though you weren't exactly close to Namjoon, he was there to give you philosophical insight about life. It reminded you so much of your Nari.
And Taehyung you may ask? A slash-and-burn torrent of fire just waiting to ignite. One with a lower voice, and alluring cockiness that had you cheekily responding back to his taunts.
Once everything simmered down, you and Taehyung bid goodbye and went on your way. Though Jimin and Yoongi were holding on to you, wanting you to stay a bit more because it wasn't fair for Taehyung to have you for himself all the time. Taehyung simply extended his hand out to you and you ripped yourself away from them, fingers tangling with his immediately. You noted the grin on his pretty face bright as a day.
As you both walked in silence, his hand eventually left to his side once again. The commotion had dwindled down, enjoying the peace silence brought you. You both were walking down the street, same footing.
“My place is like a few blocks away. I’m a little drunk and I don’t wanna drive with you in my car. Can you wait until I sober up a bit before I take you home?”
A scoff left your mouth, “You think I would let you drive me intoxicated?”
“Sexy,” he purred out and you glanced away from him, biting down on your lip to prevent a moan from escaping you. Why was he so goddamn fine? Just why was he affecting you this way?
“You know what would be sexier though?”
You humored him, “What could that be?”
You felt his palm slowly slide against yours, both of his and your rings perfectly colliding with each other. You didn’t question it, and you certainly couldn’t look at him in eyes at this point. This man was certified in rendering your heart speechless. Instead you intertwined your fingers with his, leaning your head against his arm. The weed in your system electrified each glance, each subtle touch, and each word that left his sweet, plumped lips. The only reason why you were so collected was because of the substance flowing inside of you. Deep down you knew sober would be a whole other story.
Taehyung had his hands intertwined with yours still, even as you swung them back and forth, his grip was firm. His intentions were loud and clear, he wasn’t letting go anytime soon and you wondered what could possibly go on in his head right now. The both of you left without even saying goodbye to anyone.
you thought over the scene again with the girl. how he was so quick in rejecting her after letting her confess to him. would he do that same to you? your heart yearned. you didn’t want that outcome. did he only treat you this way? was he unemotional towards everyone else but his friends and you?
His apartment left you speechless. Beige, different shades of brown and green colored his apartment. He had plants hanging on the sides, and you inhaled the fresh air. There were art portraits that decorated his walls, and frames of polaroid pictures with him, and the guys you had met earlier tonight. Some with a younger girl and you wondered if that was his little sister. Your eyes followed the curtain on the two doors that seemed like it lead to his own personal balcony.
A soft mewl caught your attention, and you looked over to taehyung who was bending over to pick up a calico cat with the prettiest hazel eyes you had ever seen. It purred in his hands, head rubbing into his chest. The sight had your heart fluttering in contentment.
“Your apartment is really beautiful.”
Did he pick out every color scheme on his walls? They were brown and green covered with intricate art and picture frames full of his memorable moments. His sofa sat across the plasma television, and he had a love seat near his balcony. Interesting, you thought. Soft crochet blankets were thrown over the coaches and you wanted nothing more than to wrap one around you.
“Wanna take off those heels? I have socks if you want em?”
“Yes, please.”
“I’ll bring them out, help yourself out with some tea in the fridge if you’d like.”
“Want some too?”
“Yeah, please.”
You slipped off your heels and padded down towards his kitchen that was connected within his living room. a counter bar separated the both. On the right side of his apartment was a round, crystal clear table with candles on the center. You hummed as you grabbed the jar and settled it down on the counter, spinning back around to search for cups. You leaned on your tippy toes, fingers just dangling when you felt him come up behind you. his fingers gently flicked yours away, grabbing two sets of tiny recycled jars with just one hand.
“here you go,” he handed you a fuzzy pair of baby blue socks.
His fingers met yours as he slid the socks on to your palm, personal space nowhere to be found. Not that you minded of course. In fact, you wanted him closer, to the point where you could feel the warmth radiating off his body. To the point where you could feel his hot breath on your skin and let your body get used to the sensation of him.
“You tired?”
you nodded sluggishly. “if you want you can spend the night. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can take my bed.”
It was after 3 and you knew finding an Uber right now would be near impossible. However spending the night over seemed a bit extreme, not to mention the fact that you barely knew this guy in a sense. Your friends were also a call away given that it was the weekend and you knew they’d be wide awake too. So tell me why instead of politely declining, you simply nodded and smiled.
“If it’s not too much trouble, then uh sure?” you fiddled with your fingers, glancing down at your fuzzy socks.
“i-uh,” he cleared his throat. “have some clothes if you wanna change out of the dress.”
You blinked, “Okay.”
He led the both of you into his room and you softly inhaled the scent as he rummaged through his folded clothes. His bed was king sized, a light blue wool comforter covered his grey sheets. His pillows were plush and sat upright. There was a thick, but small blanket strewn over the bed.
He handed you an old t-shirt and some shorts you picked out yourself. Blue and grey. And yes, you purposely matched the color scheme of his room.
“I’ll let you change,” he said, then again, “the bathroom is that one on your left.”
He entered his room, watching you through his full length mirror. You were facing it, hair cascading down your back, dress slightly bunged up to your thighs, and earrings dangling over your smooth skin.
“Can you, um, help me untie it?”
His finger traced down your bare back, dark eyes gazing at you through his mirror. His gaze made your legs turn to jelly, fingers fisting your dress while you tried to bite down the urge to simply sin for this man. A slow exhale left your lips as you tilted your head to the side, purposefully running your hands through your hair to part it to the side. Along the way, your fingers brushed his, teasingly touching them rather slightly before letting your hands fall to your sides. You didn’t miss the way his knuckles rasped along the skin he was slowly showcasing to himself.
“You know,” he lowly husked out, his timber voice awakening the fluttering between your thighs. He leaned in, his fingers tugging at the strings of your dress as his breath ghosted your skin. “I’ve never met someone as divine as you are, someone who I would let ruin me completely and I’d thank them for it.”
As soon as those words were spoken out loud, his hands were stuffed inside his pockets. Through the mirror you watched how he sauntered out, closing the door behind him to give you room to actually breathe. A hand shot out to grab a hold of the nightstand beside the mirror, a soft laugh pouring out your lips. In that moment you knew you were seconds away from stripping yourself bare in front of him, but you relented and continued changing instead. His words echoed in your mind as your dress pooled at your feet, as you slid the shirt that smelled like his detergent and cologne, and as you smoothed down his shorts that fit you too baggy.
A familiar tune pulled you out of your daydreaming. Was he playing guitar? You padded your way out into the living room, gently creeping up from behind him. The sight in front of you was too much to handle at two in the morning. His grey fitted shirt was bunged up his sleeves, showcasing his smooth and slightly tatted skin. Intricate line art shaped up his arms, swirling so beautifully into art that made him stand out. To be honest, if he were to stand next to all your 2D boyfriends, you wouldn’t hesitate to run into his arms.
And that frightened you so much already.
“Harry styles?” you mused out, definitely being caught off guard.
At the sight of you, he began to play along with his electric guitar, fiddling along to the song and you practically watched in awe, heart eyes following the movements of his fingers. He played effortlessly, smoothly, and he looked so damn hot as he hit every single note, a cocky smirk laced on his pink lips. Each riff he played, each note he strummed, and each verse he sang out had you pleading for mercy. He was making it damn near impossible to restrain yourself at this point.
“Sunflower,” he sang along, nailing every whoop and holler as harry styles himself, it made your smile wider and wider, edging Taehyung even more. You played with the sleeves of his –your – shirt, toes wiggling enthusiastically to every note that rang out. Taehyung pulled at your heart strings and it wasn’t until you were standing in front of him that he sat a side his guitar, eyes raking your body from head to toe quite shamelessly.
Blue and grey definitely were your colors, but yet again every color you were you made it your own entity.
“Okay, songbird,” you giggled as he bopped your nose with a finger, noting how ecstatic you were so late at this hour.
“I’ll be hearing more noise complaints tomorrow as well,” he sighed and then shrugged, obviously not giving a fuck regardless.
“More noise complaints huh?” you wiggled your eyebrows at him, jabbing his side in a childish manner.
“You dirty minded loser,” he chortled, watching as your eyebrows rose. “I play guitar and keyboard.”
“I’m the dirty minded loser?” you guffawed in response. “I didn’t entertain that idea. You’re the loser who has their mind in the gutter.”
With his hand he grabbed your face, puffing your cheeks together as he uttered out an, “Uhuh.”
You narrowed your eyes, and he released you, biting back a round of laughter.
“Yeah,” you softly replied, still having that pretty smile of yours.
He started walking away from you, hand ruffling his hair as he yawned. In the spur of the moment, you couldn’t help yourself.
He halted, turned towards you, and within that split second you were yanking him towards you. Your fingers gripped on to his shirt, and soon enough you were kissing that tempting mouth of his. He was definitely caught off guard, eyebrows raised and eyes widening in disbelief. You figured this is where you would know where you stood with him and as you were pulling away from him, Taehyung’s hands landed on your hips, keeping you flushed against his chest.
His mouth was actively on yours, savoring the taste of your lips as you gasped softly against him in surprise. You felt the pressure and the tip of his tongue asking for permission and you shamelessly allowed it, your hands releasing his shirt to wrap around his neck instead. Taehyung’s hands had tentatively began to move, squeezing your hips as you melted against him. Your heart was pounding restlessly against your chest, breathing becoming erratic.
“I should probably stop,” he breathed into your mouth, his actions doing otherwise. He was losing control, unraveling you to his will and you allowed him wholeheartedly. You weren’t exactly helping his case either, given that each breath he took, you breathed into your soul, sighing in contentment against his mouth.
Your fingers were caressing the skin of his nape, your fingertips tracing and leaving behind every fiber of emotion you were exploding with. His lips were so sweet against yours, slowly and so sensually following you in pursuit with such restlessness and urge to keep tasting you. Taehyung backed you up against the counter, hands beginning to wander up your arms, fingers rasping against your skin. The moment the pad of his fingertips touched your collarbones, you shivered in excitement. You could feel the coolness of his rings as they slowly encased your neck, his strong arms trying to desperately keep you incredibly close to his touch. A soft moan emitted from your lips, noses brushing against each other’s, and you could feel him trying to rip himself away from you.
But his hands had a mind of their own and they were tangling themselves into your hair, angling you to his will. “Fuck,” he heavily breathed out into your mouth, eyes still closed. His head was spinning, clouded mind forming one coherent thought that yelled at his lips to be released into the air.
“I like you so much,” he stopped a hold of his movements, his hands framing your face quite delicately so. He watched how your eyes fluttered opened, mesmerized and glimmering with defiant emotion. His lips were just mere inches away from yours, breath fanning your mouth as you felt every single word brush against your lips.
“Good,” you hummed out, eyes taking him in completely. “‘Cause I like you a lot too.”
I like you so much, you thought. So much that you were afraid it might pour out out of you any second now.
You pressed your lips against his one last time, savoring the way he responded back by cupping the side of your face in his hand. He kissed you gently and as he pulled away he seemed lost in you, chasing after your mouth because one more kiss wouldn’t hurt, right? However you were already tucking yourself into his side, finding yourself and heart jumping with joy as he embraced you. You wrapped your arms around his waist, nose nuzzling the crook of his neck rather bashfully. It certainly didn’t take long before Taehyung heard soft snores coming out of you, your breathing had slowed down, but your hold on him was as tight as ever. He simply chuckled, picked you up bridal style, and slowly made his way into his room.
He was careful in laying you down on the comfort of his bed, covering you with his covers before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead. As he began grabbing his own blanket and pillow, your hand reached out to grab his hand.
"Stay with me," you mumbled out through unconsciousness.
"You don't need to tell me twice," he murmured out in response, never letting go of your hand as he slid in right beside you. You moved closer to him, letting him wrap his strong arms around your body.
"Taehyung?" you softly spoke.
"Yeah?" he matched your tone.
"Do you really like me?"
"Of course I do," he laughed in between, his chest vibrating with so much affection. A smile was laced on your lips, and he was there to nuzzle your nose with his. "I like you so much, words can't even begin to describe. One thing for sure is that I am very blessed to be existing in the same universe as you. My pretty, I like you too much for my own good."
You grabbed his face, softly kissing him through lidded eyes. But he was there, adding more intensity as you both lazily picked up pace. Your fingers caressed his cheeks, lowering down the shape of his neck slowly. His hands were tentatively running down your body, the pad of his fingertips touching skin that was exposed to him. He was rubbing circles on to your skin, tongue slipping right through as you moaned out to the feeling of his hands. They were so big and long, a slight rasp to his touch.
You were unraveling before him, anticipation coursing through veins. Your soft moans made him full of madness. He was turning you over on your back, his body slipping in between yours, hands pinning your wrist on his mattress. You squirmed underneath his touch, wanting to desperately begin to explore his body as well. But he was feverishly pressing his mouth against yours, teeth scraping your bottom lip along the process. And you were eating it all up, breath hitching, back arching because you wanted to feel his warmth on yours.
He was finally kissing you like a fucking whore, touching you with more firmness, and you wanted so much more of him. His grip loosened, and you were already tugging at his hair, causing a soft pleasurable groan to emit from his lips. You ran your hands down his body, hands touching and grabbing whatever they could. They dug down his shoulder blades, caressed his warm skin, and cupped his jaw. A mess, you were becoming, and so was he.
"We're definitely tapping out for the night now," he lazily said, voice almost drawling from how thick it was. You didn't even need to address the issue since his cock was clearly pressed against your abdomen. You wanted in between your legs already, but you knew it was better to wait it out a bit, tease him until he loses control. It wouldn't take him that long. You wanted nothing more than to feel how heavy he would feel on your tongue. Wondering how he would taste and how you would swallow it all up, not letting a bit go to waste.
This side of you was waiting to be unleashed, a temptation just waiting to be indulged.
"Goddamn," he breathed out against your mouth, a grin on his face. "You're definitely going to be the death of me, pretty."
"Goodnight," you pecked his lips once more, hand accidentally brushing his dick. He let out a slow breath, eyes screwing shut.
"Sorry, baby," you sensually drawled out, giving him space now.
"Fuck," you overheard. It's okay, baby. Soon your dick will be in my mouth. You know what they say, patience is virtue.
Tumblr media
It took you a few seconds to gain consciousness of the situation you were currently in. As you laid there on his soft sheets with the cheesiest smile ever, you tried to tame your beating heart. It was a little after noon, that you were aware of, but you didn’t want to get out of bed just yet. You were basking in peacefulness and the scent of clean linen and mahogany. The scent of Kim Taehyung. You covered your face with his pillow upon remembering the events from last night.
It was a good thing you hadn't woken up to his face because you weren't sure just how you could face him. It wasn't until you heard sizzling coming from the kitchen, that you decided to get up. Yawning, you walked right into the living room and padded down towards the kitchen. Taehyung was immersed, slicing away at veggies as a hot pan sizzled with eggs on it already.
"Morning," he batted his boxy smile at you and you cheesed. "Hungry?"
“I’m actually starving,” you proceeded in admitting, cue the grumbling in your stomach. Taehyung just laughed and in that moment you watched how he slightly tilted his head back, how his eyes crinkled, and lingered on your legs as you walked by.
"Wanna help?"
"Nope, I am terrible in the kitchen." you go to stand next to him. "But, I'll help with the rice." you decided. He added the veggies into another pan while he added seasoning with the other. It felt nice to be by his side, cooking together. It seemed almost too surreal.
"Here," he grabbed a spoonful of what he was making and fed it to you. Then teasingly so said, "Good, baby?"
Your food got lodged in your throat, but Taehyung had a drink in hand already. "Just like old times, huh?"
"I hate you so much," you choked out through your food.
He kissed your forehead, murmuring out with cockiness, "I'm sure you do, baby."
“So are you two dating then?”
“Yep,” he simply said, not leaving room for more conversation.
“Are you going to elaborate on just how she managed to sweep you off your feet Cinderella?”
Taehyung’s eyes met his, and said nothing. He figured moving quietly was the way to go, especially when it came to him. There was absolutely no way he would let him near you whatsoever. Something as precious as you shouldn't stumble upon dirt in his eyes.
“oh c’mon man, i literally just got here. i’m not planning on doing anything, yet.” he winked at him and taehyung got a hold of his phone instead, seeming disinterested in the asshole in front of him. to be frank, he doesn't understand just why the hell he has to tolerate this waste of space.
Oh that's right, he was a brother to one of his friend's girlfriend, Baekhyun to be exact. She was long term too, and the complete opposite of who her brother was. Most importantly so, she made him incredibly happy and he couldn't fuck over his buddy like that. Whenever he came during the holidays, Taehyung ignored his presence, or just stopped attending. On the roughest times, he would bring Bomi along to purposefully disrupt the peace because if this dick was allowed to freely roam their premises, so was she. He knew how much the rest of the guys were displeased every time she was by his side, and it felt like relief to him.
However everything is different now. Now he's bringing you along and they all love you. They're welcoming you with open arms and you are leaping right into them. It feels nice. They respect you as a person, bringing up your name with admiration and brotherhood love. And it seems like you mesh right with them, basking in the chaotic mess all of them are and returning it as well now that you were more comfortable. Then there's every time he's about to stumble into a pit of despair, you are right there. And he stumbles on to his knees, wondering if it's too good to be true. To find a caring angel amid all this madness he's currently wrapped into.
Your wings flutter around him, embracing him and securing him away from everything he has ever been through. It's fucking terrifying, but so thrilling all at once. He's afraid to taste you, to get addicted to the point where you become something as breathing to him. He notices the way you glance over at him every time he walks into a room and he feels as if he's soaring through the sky with you.
He feels the wind within his fingertips every time you touch him. He knows there's something wicked coming from your touch, the type of wicked that renders him and makes him seek out for more. He's yet to discover your body, but you're the type of person to be a tease, flaunting everything he loves to your long legs, to your thighs, and your neck just waiting to be marked. He forced himself to get a grip.
And then, your face popped on his screen under 'my pretty' with several disgusting emojis as Yoongi expressed.
“Hey, loser can we get dumplings?” you asked him without looking up from your notes. you were a complete mess, hair in two pony tails, an oversized shirt that engulfed your body completely that had stains on it, and your tired eyes covered in deep purple bags.
“yeah, want me to scoop?”
“yes please, i’m finally done with homework assignments and I really wanna see you.” you admitted to him, finally looking up.
he had his keys in his hands, happily twirling them around his finger. “i’ll see you soon then, pretty.”
“kay, wanna have a sesh too?” you wiggled your eyes brows, picking up your jar full of weed and he’s already grinning madly.
“yeah, but it’s okay i have some already. let’s save that for when i’m over at yours tomorrow.”
“cool,” you sat it back down and picked up your phone, stretching. “text me when you’re outside, i’m gonna shower real quick.”
“i’ll be there in less than an hour, unless you want me to pick up food along the way.”
“no,” you pouted. “i wanna go with you.”
"okay then, I'll see you soon baby."
You waved at him, hanging up.
“where are you going taehyungie?” he asked him, and taehyung muttered out, “fuck off.”
when in reality he wanted to smash his face against concrete.
“Taehyung I presume?” Nari knowingly asked.
you threw finger guns at her, slipping on your crocs rather hastily. you had your bag in your hand, waving at the both of them.
"You know, our child is growing up so fast," Sena wiped away at her fake tears.
"We did a good job though," Nari joined in and the two of them simply giggled and went back to watching the show on the screen.
“Here,” Taehyung lit up the blunt and gave it to you, lowering the windows a bit. “I figured you need it right now.”
“want a hit?”
he shook his head, his attention on the road. he had his hand on the lower part of the steering wheel, his other hand outstretched towards you to take. you were giddy as you intertwined your hands together, beginning to babble on about the current anime you’re watching at the moment. when you both get there, you're in his arms and he is hugging you from behind, giving you tiny kisses on the side of your head as you both wait in line to order food.
“damn shawty,” you bit down on your lip rather annoyingly so, cupping your chin with your index and thumb as you massaged it. “you looking hella fine and thick today.”
you slapped his ass and taehyung simply laughed, his shitty mood already gone. god, he loved being around you so much. it was honestly insane the amount of headspace you took from him already.
“c’mon pretty, we gotta get our dumplings.”
“oh right,” you perked up suddenly, intertwining your arm with his as you leaned into him, inhaling his familiar scent.
taehyung didn’t mind how needy you were at times, in fact he found it quite endearing. There were times where he knew you needed your space and he was completely fine with that, you both seemed to respect each other’s time and boundaries without a problem.
You took the dumplings in hand and went hand in hand to his car, where he then proceeded to drive you both to his place. you found yourself nestled into the right corner of the couch, backed up by the couch pillows behind your back and all warmed up from the long sleeve shirt that taehyung gave to you as soon you both walked in. after eating the dumplings, you went into his bathroom and brushed your teeth for the night. it was around midnight when taehyung’s mischievous fingers started slowly teasing up your leg.
Eyes on his television, you lowly began to spread your legs for him, wanting his fingers to keep exploring your body. He seemed calm, too calm actually. His thumb slid down between your thighs, fingers shamelessly running over your clothed pussy.
Hooking a leg around his waist, you cupped his face in your hands, mouth licking a stripe down the crook of his neck. A soft whine emitted from his lips, his hands gripping the meaty flesh of your thighs. You were humming, elevated to finally do to him what you’ve been holding inside of you. You shamelessly ran your tongue down to his collarbones, licking and sucking the skin to your liking. And Taehyung’s breathing was increasing as you kept lowering down his body, hands bunging up his shirt along the way. Though instead, you nimbly untied his sweatpants, lips ghosting back up the crook of his neck, watching how he reacted towards your touch. Fingers crept underneath his shirt, hands splayed on his abdomen, teasing him as they tentatively began to explore his skin.
This was an unknown territory being crossed. You hadn’t felt a man’s touch in forever and your carnal desires were being awoken. They urged you to strip his shirt off him, flinging it behind you before you began to pepper him with kisses. You watched in amazement, his cheeks were flushed, dark eyes trained on you solely. He was watching your every move, fingers fisting his sweatpants in an attempt to keep himself situated.
You kissed his hipbone, showering his body with nothing but love, lust, and your saliva.
His underwear was somewhere behind you, but he wasn’t focused on that right now. No, he was focused on the way you were happily kitty licking his cock with such pretense innocence. Saliva drooled down his pretty cock as such lewd moans emitted from your mouth. You swirled your tongue around the precum that was already leaking, tongue dipping into the slit.
“oh my god,” he groaned out, abdomen clenching in as you took more of him into your mouth. his thighs were quivering already, and you bobbed your head with hollowed cheeks.
“More, more my fuuuck-” he was not even making sense anymore, sputtering out nonsense into air. He fisted your hair, not being able to hold back anymore. The thickness and heaviness of his cock on your tongue was pure ecstacy. It was so pretty, but prettier with your saliva coating it.
“How you feeling, baby?” you purred out, a sinning smile laced on your lips.
“S-So good,” he whimpered out, showing frustration through his hands. He didn’t know what to do with them, whether to stick them down your throat, or play with your clit until you came.
“My god,” he moaned out, eyes rolling to the back of his head. His head was thrown back, veins in his neck protruding as his pleas began sputtering out of him, “I want you on me, please. I need to feel you now.”
“You sure you can last?” you teased him and a deep rumbled of laughter left him.
“I’ll have you crying in no time, pretty.”
He lifted you up by your forearms, the tip of his cock tantalizing you by sliding it through the folds of your sloppy cunt. You followed his movements, stimulating yourself even more by grinding your cunt along his cock, hands wrapping around his neck. Your thighs were spread apart, clit being fondled by Taehyung to his liking. His index finger rubbed circles with the pad of it, watching as you pulled yourself flush against him.
“Fuck,” you whimpered, slowly grinding down on his slick length. His cum mixed with your juices, coating the both of you as you began to pick up pace, mewling pants emitting from your lips.
“Taehyung,” you moaned right out by his ear, lips tracing the outer shell of his ear, hand circling around his throat.
“You like that, baby?”
“Mhm,” you moaned out, beginning to lose control of yourself.
You eased into him, clenching and unclenching as he filled you up to the brim. Foreheads were pressed against each other’s, mouth wide open as you mewled at the sensation. A sigh of relief exhaled through the both of you as your bodies met. Fuck, you wanted him inside you forever. You rose slowly and sank down, feeling the girth of his cock slide inside of you. He felt so damn good, it had you seeing and tasting colors. His hands were splayed along your hips, aligning the tip of his cock for you to slam down against him again and again and again.
With a knowing grin, he slid out you, slapping his dick against your sensitive folds. You still rolled your hips down, the tip of his cock slightly nudging inside of you enough to fill you but not completely.
“Taehyung,” you began to plead.
He slammed into you, making you swallow up what you were about to splutter out. “Yeah, yeah, Here’s my dick, baby.”
“Take it all like the good girl you are just for me,” he mouthed against your lips, hot breath fanning your sensitive body. Now it was his turn to play with your body. He painted your skin with long wet kisses, tongue savoring your scent and taste. Arms were underneath yours, hands large enough to encase the back of your head, keeping you still as he fucked himself into you.
Perspiration coated your forehead, between your breasts, and down to the navel of your stomach. Hair was matted in between his fingertips, messy mouths missing, and you threw your head back as Taehyung licked the underside of your neck in one stripe. He kissed your chin, chuckled as he watched the fucked out expression of yours, and then he finally took charge.
He slid out despite your whining protests, flipped you on fours, and pushed your head down as he slammed right back into your dripping cunt. His hand met your ass, kneading and spreading it apart as he took each thrust, dragging the tip of his head over and over against your walls until you were shaking underneath him. He was hitting every spot, leaving your mouth wide open as loud moans escaped your mouth.
“Oh god, Taehyung, ah,”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck me,” you were almost sobbing, teeth biting down on the cushion. Eyes were screwed shut, toes curling, and your legs were quivering beyond belief, giving out on you as he he took one last thrust and you heard the way your pussy squelched with each snaps of his hips. He was riding you through your orgasm, leaning over to kiss your cheek, and then your mouth once he came inside of you.
His moans were coated in shameless whispers of your name only.
The both of you laid together on his couch, regaining breath. A few minutes later, Taehyung gathered you in his arms and flipped you over on top of him, strong arms wrapping around your waist. He removed your matted hair from your face rather tenderly so and once your eyes regained vision other than pure blurriness, you matched his lazy grin because goddamn.
“I need you to fuck me like this every day now,” you panted out, giggling once he laughed because yeah, he was most definitely going to be doing that. He was going to fuck you stupid to the point he will engrave himself in you.
Tumblr media
You sauntered inside hand in hand with Taehyung. A lazy smile hugged your lips, and you felt pretty fucking phenomenal. Your hair was all mussed out from Taehyung running his hands through it, and that cheeky grin on his face didn’t hide what had went down in the back seat of his car. Your legs were trembling as well, hips bruised, neck, collarbones, breast, and thighs covered in his love. Being on cloud 9 would be the understatement of the year. You were also pretty fried, the both of you actually.
You tried so hard not to roll your eyes into the back of your skull at this point. You couldn't deny Bomi wasn't fucking hot, it angered you a lot if you were being honest. She was literally the dream girl of every man out there. Hour glass figure, boobs that spilled out of the halter top she was wearing, and ass so grand she could hand you over some and she still would be set. She was utterly gorgeous, an Asian Barbie doll with a pearly white smile to top it off. Her bob hair was pinned back, bangs covering only her eyebrows. Piercings adorned her nose, eyebrow, ear, and you noticed the smiley piercing on her. You noticed everything. The way Taehyung made sure to keep you by his side as she approached the both of you. The way her manicured hands tried making her way up his strong arms and her red lipstick turned into a sexy smirk.
“I’m so glad you made it. You bailed on me last time and that wasn’t very cool you know?” She pouted, not minding the way Taehyung stared right through her.
“Yeah, I was with my girlfriend.” He cleared his throat as he was quick on flinging her hand away off him. It satisfied you watching her face fall.
She eyed you finally. “Ah, I didn’t see you there, or heard of you until now.” She added, turning back to Taehyung. Dumb bitch, you raged inside. She was crossing boundaries and now that Taehyung was solely yours, you were going to have some fun with it.
You simply giggled, sliding your arm into his to intertwined your fingers with him. “Well, it happened recently so I would understand. Plus, he wouldn’t wanna ruin his solo streak, huh? Gotta keep the side bitches still on hook, you know?”
She raised her eyebrow, “You’re telling me you’re okay with him having a side? Yikes, I wouldn’t.”
“Well, it’s a good thing that won’t ever be any of your concern, eh? You know since, always the side and never the main.” You sweetly smiled at her, eyes full of venom. She took a step backwards from the both of you, mouth shut now. Her mouth then opened, ready to aim towards you, but you glanced away from her without a care in the world.
She definitely did not like that.
"Baby, I'm little thirsty," you told Taehyung, purposefully flinging your hair to your side to showcase the love bites adorning your skin. Then, you neared him, hands encasing the back of his neck as you whispered, "I need you to bend me over and fuck me over the balcony in ten after you bring me a drink."
“You’re so dumb,” Taehyung shook his head, leaning down to your puckered lips. You didn't hear a no, though. He kissed you slow, and tentative. Your hands searched for his again and as you felt his fingers intertwined with yours, you felt the butterflies soar throughout your heart. The hand intertwined with yours squeezed yours in reassurance, easing your nerves and calming your soaring emotions.
He pulled away, nose nudging yours and your heart palpitations came to a stop. Taehyung was yours just as much as you were his. He wasn't the type of person to break your heart like the one before him. The one who made you cut off everyone, accused you of cheating on him, the one who manipulated and gaslighted you beyond reality. It took you after seeing him with someone else that he was projecting his insecurities on you. It turned you bitter towards men.
And then Taehyung entered your life out of the blue. Took you bike riding through the most beautiful park, endlessly invited you over to meet his family of friends, and protected you from anyone and everyone if needed to. Reassured you constantly with simple but longing touches that brought you back down to earth because you finally met someone worth staying in this reality.
“Jimin has been trying to get your attention for the longest and now he’s marching over here to steal you away from me,” he sighed in discontentment, a pout forming on his pretty lips that were now stained from your lipstick.
You brushed your thumb over his bottom lip, wiping away your mess. In return, his eyes followed your movements, breath halted. Jimin then came, spilling out, “You’ll get her back. It’s my turn now.”
“Now c’mere,” Jimin smiled warmly at you, spreading his hand out for you to take. You took it, waving at Taehyung as he dragged you away from your boyfriend. Bomi wasn’t there anymore, instead Jungkook and Hobi joined his side, waving at you too.
“Okay, so I promised tae-tae to not get you blacked out drunk, but I heard you’re a weed lover so I made you this.”
He brought out a pan of mini crispy treats, your name written in cursive with tiny hearts adorning it.
“Oh my,” your eyes watered a bit, touched by his gift. Yeah it was weed, but that was the key to your heart. “But I didn’t get you anything!” you panicked suddenly, debating in whether to accept it or not.
He waved you off, shaking his head. Curls adorned his face, his aura sweeping you in and making you feel more loved than usual. That was Jimin for you. A sweetheart who gave anyone a chance, and treated them equally—whether how long he has known you or not. No wonder he was Taehyung’s other half.
“This is my welcoming gift to you,” he explained, handing you the pan. “Taehyung has been through so much and seeing him so immensely happy has been a great lift from our shoulders. So this is me welcoming you to our little family. It’ll get very chaotic, but I promise that wherever you go, we’ll be there along the way.”
“I-I, thank you,” you swallowed thickly, blinking back the urge to tear up in front of him. “Really, thank you. I love my welcoming gift and thank you for accepting me into your little family of chaos.”
He grinned, “Don’t sweat it. Now, come on. Hand me one and let’s toast to this beautiful start of a friendship.”
He led you to the bar and you unwrapped the pan before giving him his treat and having one for yourself. The both of you pressed the crispy treats together as a form of toast before eating them. The others joined soon, hollering out your name in unison.
“Aye! Where’s my treat?” Yoongi prompted, eyes squinted in disbelief.
“No,” Jimin was quick to interject. “Those are strictly for her use only.”
“But you ate one,” Jungkook accused him, pointing his finger at him. “I saw you!”
He shrugged. “I am the only exception.”
“What?” Hoseok joined in too, eyes landing on the pan. “Whatever happened to sharing is caring you ass?”
“Woah, woah,” Taehyung came right in, hand already extended towards you. You welcomed him into your arms, inhaling his familiar scent. “Hey pretty, mind if we share one too?”
“Ah come on! You have boyfriend privileges!” Yoongi said in fake outrage.
“Sorry, these are strictly for me only bub.” You patted his cheek as you watched his jaw drop.
“Oooo,” they all chorused together.
“Damn,” Jimin whistled. “We certainly have a keeper here, eh?”
In the end, you ended up sharing with the remainder four of them. You fed Taehyung his and let the rest fight over who gets to take one first.
“So even I don’t get special treatment from my own girlfriend?” he lowly drawled out, cornering you against the bar counter, away from the rest of them. He hovered over you, arms trapping you in as you tilted to look him straight in the eye.
Horrible decision on your part since his gaze alone could render you speechless.
“You aren’t being the pretty good girl I know you are, baby,” he continued, nearing you closer. He raised a hand to encase the side of your face, and you leaned into his touch.
“I’m always good to you, Tae,” you contradicted, jutting your chin out in defiance towards him. “Always will be.”
He cupped your face now, forcing you to keep looking at him. He was so close. His mouth was practically on yours and you could feel the movement of his lips against yours. “I’m gonna need some proof, you know as liability.”
“All right, wrap it up kids.” Jin came marching into basement, his booming voice catching everyone’s attention. “We’re all heading to the backyard now.”
“Good timing too since they were about to fuck on my bar,” Hoseok chided, and you stuck out your tongue at him.
Taehyung simply let you go, throwing you a knowing look over his shoulder. He was smug. Stupid bastard, you thought. Whatever, so yeah you were incredibly vulnerable whenever it came to him. That was a knowing weakness even he figured out himself. However, two can play at this game. A man overpowering you was something that you did not live by. He knew that too.
You began to sway your hips to the music as soon as all of you reached the top floor. You began complimenting every woman out there, throwing whistles, and smiling from ear to ear. A shot was offered to you by a group of them and you took it without questions asked. They all cheered and you carried on your way, the alcohol and weed running through your veins was definitely enhancing everything around you now. The edible wouldn’t hit you until later, so you paced yourself. You didn’t want to black out or be unable to function.
You also knew Taehyung was watching you. In the sea of people, he was parted from your side but you could feel him around you. From the corner of your eye you saw him with his friends, attention somewhere else but them. An upbeat song came on, one with a strumming guitar and drums that made your heart beat accelerate to the sound of it. The singer had a voice that made you dance along, hands in hair, and cheers emitting from your lips. Colorful lights flickered on and off on the make shift dance floor, amplifying the atmosphere.
“Are you alone or accompanied?” A voice shouted in your direction. You simply ignored whoever it was and continued to yourself, sipping from your drink that Jimin had made for you. You knew you were hot, hell, the clothes you were wearing were showcasing your body in a way any gender would be lured towards you.
“I said, are you alone or accompanied?”
“I heard you,” you said with a roll of your eyes. Your eyes flickered over to where Taehyung was supposed to be. So you halted, and whirled around, looking for him instead. He was nowhere to be found and that was beginning to itch at your skin.
“So then? Are you going to—”
“I’m with someone,” you talked over them, starting to walk away before your mood would dampen. All you wanted was to enjoy yourself, not worry about anything else but yourself. However you weren’t alone anymore, and that meant something to you.
“I already fucking told you I’m not interested.” You flung your hand away before they could touch you and then you felt his hand on you. You’d recognize his touch in your sleep if you could. His hands have traced every part of your body to the point they’ve become your touch now.
“You’re not interested in me, baby?”
Your heart sighed in response. The kind of sigh that made you simmer down and pull him towards you.
Without even saying anything, you winded your arms around his neck, mouth kissing his instantly. You nipped at his lips, tongue shoved down his mouth, and grip so tight your knuckles had turned white. The music became background, the lights enhanced the beauty within him, and you were painting his lips with your love. And he reciprocated every feeling. His hands were running through your body, ghosting your skin with his hot touch, lips fighting back with as much intensity.
“That’s one hell of a liability, pretty,” he hummed out, pretty content with himself. He wasn’t pulling away, instead he neared you and kissed you dumb. He kissed you to the point of no return. Coherent thoughts slipped through your grasp, not that you were chasing after them in the first place.
His breath ghosted your lips, hands splayed on your hips, fingers touching every single burning part of your body. The pad of his fingertips alone had you into a puddle full of desire, love, and of wanting more. Truth be told, you were ready to fuck him in the nearest empty room.
“You make me wanna—” He halted, hands cupping your face as he stopped mid-sentence.
“I make you wanna what?” you giggled on to his lips, noting the way he was deep in thought right now.
He suddenly pulled away from you, and with a firm grip on your hand now, he led you both through the crowd. He stopped right in front of the DJ, who was Yoongi, and signaled him something.
“Hey!” He belted out once the music came to a slow before stopping completely. “I’d like for everyone to meet my girlfriend.”
Your eyes widened at the sudden spotlight. He said your name with pride and while smiling widely and sweetly down at you. You were sure you were flushed and flustered by the attention on you know, but you were met with drunken hellos, whistles, or choruses of ‘ayeee’, and even cheers. All while the room erupted into fun chaos, he had his arm wrapped around your waist, slightly leaning down to kiss the crown of your head.
“Hi everyone,” you timidly began, waving at his friends in a bashful way. They met with you both with a bottle of vodka in hand.
Jimin raised the bottle with the biggest grin plastered on his face. You could tell he was already drunk. “Cheers to the happy couple!”
"Now I see why you all are so damn popular,” you noted the obvious since they were extremely well known. Jimin as the school’s sweetheart and heartbreaker, Yoongi as the inclined musical genius, Namjoon for being the goddamn president of the University, Jin being known for being number out of everyone, and Hoseok for a charismatic flirt with jaw dropping dancing skills. Then it was the two youngest, Taehyung and Jungkook. Jungkook was known for being excellent and thriving at literally anything he proposed his mind to. Taehyung was an artist, a sought out painter with incredible memorization and wits that sometimes astounded you.
To think that these seven souls were meant to cross each other’s paths and intertwined was beautiful in your eyes. It reminded you of your two best friends, they were practically your soul sisters. Denise was a make-up artist with a calming persona.
Your ears perked up at the sound of a voice calling out your name. Whirling around, your eyes flickered from face to face, trying to find the source of voice. It sounded painfully familiar, to the point where you prayed you were actually tripping from the edibles now. There was just no way this night could be ruined. Not by a ghost you had accepted walked right out of your life.
Your eyes met his. Oh fuck.
His blonde hair was up halfway, soft tendrils of his hair framed his beautiful face. A face you used to call love and home back in the early days. His nose was pierced, so was his eyebrow, and both ears as well. Tattoos decorated his once bare arms, and he walked with that same dripping confidence and sweet smile you knew hid demons so dark. He was a walking red flag, but love has you seeing them green, even when it was painfully obvious.
“oh my god, it is you.” he laughed, weaving his way through the crowd. It wasn’t until he was standing right in front of you that you exhaled softly through your nose. Were you holding your breath? Was your heart hammering inside your ribcage to the point it painfully reminded you of its existence. Anxious and lividness threatened to claw out your chest, making you smaller in his sight.
“hyunjin?” you cocked your head to the side, surprised to see him standing right in front of you.
“It’s been a while.”
“yeah,” you looked elsewhere, not believing your ex-boyfriend of two years was standing right in front of you. An ex-boyfriend that had made your pretty eyes so dry from crying them all out. You had resented him, wished the worse upon him, but now you felt absolutely nothing.
“How’ve you been?”
“Great,” you smiled, your eyes finding Taehyung who was being entertained by Hoseok at the moment. He had been pulled into a game of cup pong and you were watching in enthusiasm the encounter between those two against Jimin and Yoongi. And now you were here…yay.
“Pretty fucking great.” You said absentmindedly, your smile widening.
“You and him, huh?”
“Yeah,” you turned towards him, looking at him straight head on.
“Never would have seen it coming.”
You stood up straighter, chin tilted in defiance. “What do you mean?”
“Well, after what happened with his ex of course. He fucked her over pretty badly.”
“Well that’s horrible,” your eyebrows furrowed, getting irritated by his presence now. “However I don’t see why that’s any of your business to be sharing.”
“Well I loved you first,” he stated, his dark eyes shining with something you couldn’t pinpoint. You never knew with him when you were together, but now you knew better. It made your eye twitch. “And regardless of us not being together anymore, I still want what’s best for you.”
“You loved me and left me first,” you added, not being bitter about that fact. What bothered you was how obviously he was trying to dig under your skin. Taehyung was special, not even he could take you away from that man at this point. Taehyung is everything you have ever yearned for in a man.
“i left for school y/n, and you know that.”
“that’s your excuse,” you corrected, narrowing your eyes at him. you were fried off your mind right now, meaning your words were sharper, and firmer. “i recall seeing you with someone else the very next day after your supposed departure you fucking liar.”
“what are you talking about?”
“i went to see you off, took a bus to at least say a proper goodbye because you were one of my best friends first before we ever dated. Imagine the surprised I got when I saw you hand in hand with the same bitch you cheated on me with, kissing each other as you both went into the same gate.”
“what does that have to do with taehyung? i’m telling you to watch out because he-“
“i’m telling you this because i don’t believe any word that comes out of your mouth hyunjin. You’re trash in my eye, know your fucking place.”
before he could reply to that, taehyung’s hand enclasped yours. “baby, are you okay?”
You hadn’t realized your breathing had increased, hands were even fisted until he grabbed one of them into his own, uncurling them. You inhaled a breath of fresh air, breathing out the anxiousness and squeezing his hand in return.
“yeah,” your eyes softened at the sight of him, smiling at him only. “he was just saying goodbye, right hwang?”
“last name basis?” he placed a hand on his heart, eyes flickering between the both of you. “you hurt me, y/n.”
“Are we going to have a fucking problem here?” Taehyung interjected, beginning to stalk towards him.
“There’s no need for that, Taehyung,” he said coldly, eyes sharp. “I was simply catching up with someone who is dear to me.”
“It’s not needed anymore,” you rolled your eyes at his futile attempt. “I don’t want to see you again.”
He raised his hands in defense, “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I promise no harm so I am sorry.”
“Whatever, go fuck off now,” you ignored him, steering Taehyung away from him.
“I need a smoke, come with?”
You didn’t wait for his response, instead you tugged him forward, away from your ex and the girl who was obviously in love with your boyfriend. You wondered how it was possible for only two people to be walking headaches.
“I dated him, back when I was in high school,” you sighed, fishing for a fucking cigarette. He deserved an explanation before he thought otherwise. There was something lodged inside you now. Was it fear?Fear of Taehyung leaving you? Your hands were shaking from the anger fueled inside of you now. How dare he? How dare he try to put his two cents in when he is no one to be talking. How dare he prance back into your life and try to stir everything up when he was the fuck up, not you.
“I broke up with him, and I saw him with someone else the very next day. He denies it, but I saw him with my own eyes that day. And that wasn't the first time he cheated on me with the same fucking bitch too." You admitted to him, feeling embarrassed about it. "He cheated on me so many times and I stayed with him regardless. I was so stupid Taehyung."
“Fucking asshole,” he spat out and your eyes widened from the venomous way it fell from his lips. "Stay away from him.”
“I know that already,” you waved it off, lighting your cigarette. “However he mentioned your ex and how you supposedly fucked her over.”
His face contorted, eyebrows furrowing, and mouth set into a snarl. “That bastard is lying. He’s always fucking doing this too. But I won’t let him fuck with you, not a goddamn chance.”
His fingers were curled into a tight fist and you wondered what could have happened between those two to rise such a reaction from him. Taehyung was always level headed, in charge of his own emotions, but now watching him he was beginning to spiral out of control.
“Where is he?”
No, you thought. I won’t let them ruin our night.
“Taehyung.” you dropped your cigarette, grabbing a hold of his hand. “I am one selfish bitch when it comes to you. I want you for myself and only for me. I won't let some dumbass ex take you away from me because I like you so much, Kim. You are everything I ever wished for, so please keep that in mind whenever you see him again. I don't know what went on with you two, but please keep him away from us. And I'll fight back tenfold right alongside with you."
"My pretty," his eyes softened, the anger burning within him sizzling down as your hands framed his face.
"I may be selfless when it comes to others, but with you it’s different. With you i’m selfish because you are mine.” You reminded him with such ferocity. "And what's mine I won't let anyone take it away from me."
“oh?” he was smirking now, loving the possessiveness oozing out of you now.
“you are mine and only mine, you got that?”
“seal it with a kiss then,” he tried you. "Liability, remember?"
"How about after this kiss, you fuck me on that balcony of yours and we'll call that a liability instead?" you hummed out against his mouth, your hands gripping his sweater.
"I am the luckiest man on earth," he murmured right back on your lips, arms winding around your body. "Truly, I am grateful for you everyday my pretty little angel."
Your lips pressed firmly against his, hands running wild as you held on to him, afraid to let go. You would let him fuck you in front of everyone if he wanted. Because he would be the type to flaunt how he can make you cum in minutes. He would be so possessive, knowing how you were his. Knowing how only he could make you feel this way and touch you to the point of no return.He had your heart in his hands, all you hope was that he took care of it.
You both went back in together, hands intertwined. But fate was testing you since the moment Taehyung let go of your hand to let you smoke your blunt, she was right there. Bomi was obviously waiting for him to leave you alone.
“So you’re the girl he’s dating?”
"Yup," you looked right through her, uninterested at this point. You took a drag and blew the smoke directly on to her face.
“I’ve known Taehyung since we started high school, all the way into our third year of college.” She started and you groaned out in annoyance. Her face changed, almost to being insulted by your actions. "You are no one to be in his life. I have been there through it all and have seen him grown into the man he is today. So to see some random weird bitch try and slither her way into my friend group? I don't think so. I'm here and will always be here to keep Taehyung grounded and away from trash like you."
"You really thought you ate, huh?" you cackled out, dropping your roach on to the ground. "Bomi, I don’t know you at all to insult you, or drop to the level of pettiness and jealousy exuding from you right now. However, don’t try me bitch.”
You neared her, standing face to face with her. “What I have with Taehyung is simply none of your concern, whether you’ve known him however long. Because I’m his girlfriend, not you. I am the person he chose to be with and if you don’t like it well let me look for a fuck to give in that case.”
You smiled prettily, malevolent intent behind it as your voice dropped. “However I don’t care enough to even search for one in the first place, so here’s my first and last warning to you. Stop bothering me before I tell him to drop you. I'll get every single one of my friends to join in too since no one here seems to care about your shitty existence at all. You don't matter here and that's what angers you, huh?"
"You think I care if his stupid friends don't like me?" She refuted instantly, almost yelling at you now. "Taehyung loves me for who I am so I am here to stay no matter how hard you try. It's better to get accustomed to that because you won't be lasting long after I tell him to dispose of you, bitch."
"If Taehyung loved you so much, he wouldn't have flat out rejected your advances, or use you to his expense." You laughed in her face, loving how confident she was. despite how obliviously stupid she was. "If he loved you so much, he wouldn't be fucking me like I am the only one made just for him."
Her smirk dropped from her face as you continued on without a care in the world. “Play nice with me darling, ‘cause you don’t wanna see me drop down to your level of pettiness. I can guarantee you that I’ll end up winning regardless of what you do or say.”
“Y/N!” you heard jimin’s singsong voice. “come hither my little fairy.”
“I’ve been Tae’s friend since we we—”
“And that’s all you’re ever going to amount to with him. I don’t care who you are, but stay away from me doll. ‘cause I aint as pretty as I may seem.” You shove past her, a sweet grin lacing your lips as Jimin engulfs you, blabbering about a song he wants to dance with you.
Jimin was feeding you soft drinks, but soft to him were half the bottle of liquor. Within an hour, you were swaying your hips to the sensual song, hands in your hair, and a hazy gaze on your face. He was by your side of course, Jimin knew better than to leave you unattended knowing how Taehyung was when it came to you. He also knew your boyfriend was watching from the bar, occasionally indulging into the conversation happening all around him. Jungkook, Hoseok, and Yoongi were smoking while Namjoon, and Jin kept feeding everyone drinks, yelling shots! Shots! Shots!
“I’m gonna go get some water,” you told the red haired babe beside you, licking your dry lips before pushing your way through the thick crowd. As you neared the bar, you swayed your hips, a display to your boyfriend that was sitting with his legs wide apart, lap practically begging to be used. His arms were splayed behind him on the counter, wiggling his index finger at you.
“Water,” you rasped out immediately to him, and Yoongi handed you a water bottle, leaning the blunt towards you as well. You held out a finger before you gulped down half the bottle and happily took it from his fingers.
“I think I love you,” you teased him and he shrugged.
“Shame you’re taken already right?”
“Ooooh,” Hoseok instigated, nudging Taehyung.
Taehyung simply smiled at you, reaching out for your hand. You gladly took it, intertwining your fingers with his. He tugged you over to him as you inhaled, happily climbing on top of his lap, straddling him as you blew out the smoke into his mouth. Both his and your hands were still intertwined midway in plain air while you held the blunt in the other. Your other hand hung limply over his shoulder, smoke being released as he kissed you. His freed hand was tangling itself into your hair, tugging at it downward to tilt your chin up for him. His lips were pressing hot, wet kisses from the corner of your lips, down your chin, and a subtle tongue licking a clean stripe down the crook of your neck.
“Who knew he had it in him, huh?” Jimin whistled, picking the blunt from your fingers to take a hit himself. It’s okay though, your hand was framing the side of his face now, eyes fluttered to a close as you allowed Taehyung to do whatever the hell he wanted to do with you.
“Fuck it, I’d be making sure everyone knew she was mine, too.” Yoongi remarked, chuckling underneath his breath.
From the corner of your eye you noticed Bomi sitting in between Namjoon and Jin, watching your boyfriend react to you. You couldn’t help it, you smirked at her.
“I will bend you over and fuck you right here, baby,” he murmured against your skin, hands squeezing your thigh.
“Promise?” you locked eyes, your thumb running over his bottom lip.
“Okay then,” Taehyung concurred, gripping you tight before he stood up. He slapped your ass and you contently wrapped your legs around his waist.
“Goodnight guys,” you waved at the six men watching the both of you.
“Night, babe,” Jimin beamed, handing you back the still lit blunt. “Don’t forget to wrap the willy."
“No promises,” you mouthed at him, winking as Taehyung turned a corner.
“Tae,” you nuzzled yourself into him.
“What is it, baby?”
“I need to pee really badly.”
“Well, lucky for you there’s one nearby.”
He placed you back down, opening the door you. You pecked his cheek in return, "I'll be right back."
You happily went on with your business, the alcohol consumption hitting you as you stood up to wash your hands. As you glanced in the mirror, you smiled back at your reflection, your hands inspecting every inch of your body Taehyung had touched minutes before coming into the party. Then your mind thought over everything his friends, well your friends now, had said last time you were there.
“Taehyung gets blind when in love,” Yoongi began, mouth set in a thin line. “He’s a great kid, but the person before you fucked him over so badly. She took him for granted and asked for so much. And well, Tae, he tried to give her everything but he seemed short in some way. It was never enough for her.”
You found yourself frowning unconsciously, eyes boring holes on to the ground.
“He loved her so much and she didn’t take that to heart.”
“I would never,” you firmly stated, palms gripping your knees to keep your anger sedated. “I’ve never felt this way towards anyone, Yoongi. I’ve never given myself to anyone but my friends and family. I’ve always been afraid to take a leap into what is love, romance, and relationships so this is me jumping into it, okay? I’m not tippy toeing my way around his heart because I want all of it, all of what is Kim Taehyung.”
“I believe in giving and receiving. Whatever he gives me, I’ll cherish it because I know he’s giving it his all. I know Taehyung will give me his world if I ask for it, but I’ll ask for that whenever I’m ready to give him mine, which isn’t far if I’m being honest. We’ve known each other for so little, but it feels like forever to me. Time is just a concept to me, but love isn’t.”
"I know," he simply replied, but it meant everything. He saw your purest intentions. He really did. "Unlike Bomi, he isn't using you as a form of rebellion. You're the one here to stay. You're the one bringing our Taehyung back day by day. Just know that it's definitely you. You and him? Made for each other."
“I suggest you keep her name out of your fucking mouth.”
You finished washing your hands, hearing some commotion coming from behind the door. You yanked it open only to face Taehyung's back, but you heard Hyujin's voice loud and clear. No, you thought. Go away, leave us alone already.
“Never did I imagine a pissed off Taehyung telling me what to do. Thought you’d be compliant like last time.” Hyujin cocked his head, and as you watched the both of them you knew he had something to do with his falling of his girlfriend. You wouldn't be too surprised if he crossed that boundary since he did it with you too. Told you he loved you while he fucked another bitch behind your back.
“Watch what you say next," Taehyung warned him. "This time, I know for a fact that she is not like her at all. So put some respect on her name and fuck off."
“Oh yeah?" He laughed in his face and you felt your stomach twist and turn, your mouth tasting something vile. "Well turns out that I know her a little too well, Taehyung. She’s great isn’t she? Pretty little thing was good use while it lasted, but you’ll get bored of her soon en—”
His fist didn’t let him finish that crude remark. Your feet were moving on their own now, stepping foot on the scene since Taehyung wasn’t holding back now. He was smashing his fist into his face. Of course you weren’t stupid enough to interfere so instead you called Jungkook and the rest of them were here in no time as well.
They didn't interfere though.
Not as Taehyung smashed his fist on his face repeatedly, causing him to spew out blood and hunch over in pain. Not as he repeatedly bashed his face against the ground, or kicked him relentlessly until Hyujin weakly laughed in pain. There was some pent up anger within Taehyung and it was so frightening to see. As much as you wanted to see him get pummeled, you didn't want Taehyung to suffer the consequences, 'cause what if he couldn't contain himself anymore? What if one more strike ended him dead right there?
"Stop him," you turned towards your friends, lips quivering. Your hands had begun to tremble and you felt your throat begin to clog up. A world without your Taehyung? Desperation was clawing at your chest at this point, urging to do something. To stop being so fucking useless and save him from his own demise.
"Taehyung, cut it out now," Jungkook stepped in, noting the way you were a little too close to having a panic attack. Jimin and Yoongi were by your side now, trying to calm you down. He wasn't stopping and Hyujin was almost going limp.
"Taehyung!" you yelled at him through a hoarse voice.
“Taehyung,” you hesitated at first, but you watched as he hit him without remorse. Hyujin wasn't worth the blood on his fingers, or to be the center of attention. They would glance over at them and see him as the victim when Taehyung has been suffering all this time.
“Taehyung, please stop. You're really scaring me."
You don't know how he heard you, but he stopped and glanced over at you. You don't know what he saw on your face, but it did the job. He slammed him one more time against the ground before releasing him. “She may not care what you think of her, but think something funny and I’ll fuck you up without her here, you hear me?” He uttered out beside his ear. “Leave us alone.”
He spat out blood in his direction before extending his hand out to you. You took it, trembling fingers gripping his bloody ones without hesitation as he pulled you towards him. To say you were infuriated would be an understatement. “I’m sorry you had to see that, baby. Let’s go home.”
“Take the trash out,” Taehyung practically barked out, and Jungkook was already on it. As Jungkook passed him, Taehyung uttered a few words and his response was merely a nod. He hadn't glanced back at a coughing Hyujin who was struggling in gathering himself. He was shaking as blood pulled from his mouth. His hair was matted with it too.
Taehyung guided your attention elsewhere, murmuring out, "Don't. This was for you and me, trust me on this, baby."
“Jimin, get Sung Bomi out of here too.” Jungkook said while ordering others to drag Hyujin out.
“I—What?" she stepped out from within the crowd, anger pouring straight out of her. "Why the hell am I being thrown out? WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS!”
“Keep your mouth shut," Taehyung barked out at her, stopping her temper tantrum. "I know it was you who invited him tonight here. Not even Baekhyun's girlfriend told him about the party. And I know it's been you who keeps dragging him along just so I could keep you by my side."
"T-That's not true! I would never do that to you--"
Hyujin laughed from behind her as they dragged him out. "Just stop, Bomi. You're just further embarrassing yourself. Accept the fact that you were replaced."
"Replaced?" Taehyung barked out, and you gripped on to him. You were afraid if you let go, you'll never have him back. "Bomi, we were friends for so long but you never even bothered to change. You insisted in me dropping anyone that wasn't you and that was never okay. Friends don't do that, people who love you won't ever limit you. You never took the time to get to know any of us. Being too wrapped up in yourself won't do you good in life. I'll admit I did you wrong as well so for that I apologize. But other than that, don't ever step foot in our direction if you won't respect her."
There were tears streaming down her face in shock. "I-I don't like the way you are speaking to me."
"Who cares bitch?" Jimin snapped, grabbing a hold of her arm. "Cry it all out outside my home."
You watched as she howled in rage, throwing horrible insults in your direction, but you simply smiled at her. She wasn't worth it. Never was, never will be. You had won, wearing the crown with pride and superiority already.
“Come,” Taehyung kissed your cheek, steering the both of you towards his car. The ride home was silent and he knew he was in trouble, but he had never felt so fucking free in his life. Everything he had ever kept was out into the open, or thrown away.
He followed you inside his home, straight into the bathroom where you grabbed a rag to dampen. You were still by his side, wiping away the bloodstains on his knuckles and face. You were silent as you diligently cleaned him and you knew it was eating him up as well. They were just so many unanswered questions and as much as you jumped to various conclusions it all ended to the woman who had broken him into nothing but a broken shell. Seeing him beat the living shit out Hyujin terrified but satisfied the emptiness he had left once in your heart.
And it shook you to the core.
“You know I will never hurt you, right?” Taehyung softly started, his attitude resembling a little kid who got in trouble.
“Yeah,” you whispered back, gently dabbing the towel around his cheek. “It’s likewise, you know? I will protect you against whoever and whatever. ”
He gently grabbed a hold of your wrist, detaining your movements.
“I need you to understand what happened between me and my ex-girlfriend. See,” he sighed in frustration, scratched up hands messing up his hair even more. “I was friends with Hyujin when I started dating her. He knew I had strong feelings towards this girl even before we began dating and he was the one to encourage me to go out with her. We started dating and everything was going great until she started demanding so much from me. She wanted me to pay for her bills, school tuition, and the apartment we were going to move into together.”
Your eyebrows furrowed. What the fuck?
“I was working two jobs to sustain myself and her, and I didn’t ask for much in return. I really loved her, but with all this responsibility I dropped out of school and started working full time at these really shitty jobs to the point where I would rarely see her. All of it was giving me stress, and I had planned for a two week vacation for the both of us since I noticed us drifting apart. Well, a month before we had planned to move into the apartment, I decided to surprise her and I walk into her fucking dorm and see her fucking Hyujin.”
That gut twisting feeling turned out to be even worse.
“She was crying, saying how I wasn’t giving her what she wanted, what she needed, and he was. Sputtering out that she was a woman and she had needs that were not being met. That she needed a real man, and not some boy.”
You were trembling, fingers curled into your palm to sustain yourself. He was too calm. Perhaps he had finally let it all out.
“I simply left her there with him, didn’t look back at either of them, packed my shit up and went to my vacation alone. When I came back, I left the deposit rot for the apartment, cancelled all of her classes that I had paid for in advance for the next year, got my money back, and instead moved away. I re-enrolled into school, moved into this apartment, and it’s been two years now since everything went down.”
It wasn’t until Taehyung was wiping away your tears that you realized you were crying.
“Don’t cry, baby. It’s okay.”
You shook your head, tears streaming down your face as you tugged him towards you, hands cupping his face so tenderly. “I will never take you for granted, Kim Taehyung. You have no idea just how much you mean to me.”
"I was a horrible person before I met you," he confessed to you, hands shaking as he tried pulling you towards him. "I used Bomi to anger everyone because I wanted them to feel how I felt every time I had to endure seeing him there. It satisfied me knowing I wasn't the only one suffering and it went on until I wasn't satisfied with the same routine."
You took him in, watching every emotion begin to pour out of him now. "I hadn't see the guys for a while and then one day I decided to text them and tell them I would visit them. It was the same day I met you."
"I saw the way you stood there, glancing up at the sky as rain poured down on you. You were smiling profoundly, eyes shut, and hands wide open while everyone else ran, including myself. And then you came towards my direction, shivering but so content. And I took that as a sign that moment. You had me believing in religion, had me thanking the skies above because someone like you would be so hard to find."
Stunned, that's how you felt in the moment. He spoke with such firmness, fingers reaching out for yours as he softly said, "I searched for you everywhere after that day. Went early to campus, stayed later than usual and nothing. It drove me mad, to the point where I thought I had made you up. I almost gave up until I saw you at the convenience store. That night, I decided that I wasn't going to let you out of my grasp ever again. And oh, by the way, you reeked of pot and perfume." He added, causing you to laugh.
You intertwined your fingers with his, accepting him as whole flawed human being. You weren't perfect either, he was putting you on this pedestal, blind sighted. You couldn't blame him, in your eyes he was made just for you and you would do anything to keep him right by your side because he searched for you too. You both found each other after enduring so much for so long.
A sob emitted from your lips and you pressed your forehead against his, mustering out, “Within these months of us meeting, talking, getting to know one another, and being together I have come to the realization that I want to give you my everything. My heart, yours if you want it. My world? You have become it. Soul? I want yours and mine intertwined. I’ll grab the moon if you ask for it. Hell, I’ll part oceans just to feel your arms around me one last time. Why, you may ask?”
“Because you deserve it and more, baby. You deserve to be loved, to be cared for, to be cherished, and to be reminded that you are so strong. You are the man I have been searching for so long and now that I have found you by sheer luck, I want to be by your side for as long as you allow it.”
He was speechless, eyes watery, and lips slightly beginning to quiver.
“Can I ask you something?"
“I’m all ears, baby.” He murmured out, nose nudging the side of your face. His fingers were gripping your bare thigh, thumb rubbing circles around your sensitive skin. You noted his hands were shaking.
“Do you like me?”
Taehyung’s movement’s halted, hazy eyes widening momentarily before a dark chuckle emitted from his lips. “Baby, what?”
“Do you like me?”
His hands framed your face, turning you towards him. His dark gaze rendered you speechless. His pupils were blown wide out, his stance towering over you as he breathed into your mouth, “Of course I like you, silly.”
“How much?”
“So much you make my head and my heart hurt. You make me do so many stupid things, it’s insane really. I lose control of myself around you. The thought of you leaving me is unbearable. You’re on my mind so much to the point my dreams miss you. You are my destruction and salvation wrapped in one. ”
“I think,” you cupped his hands, forehead pressing against his. “I think I might be in love with you. And it hurts me so much, Taehyung. I look at you and I want you to love me as much as I love you. I look at you and think, this is it, you are my love. I look at you and the way you’re hurting makes me want to burn down everything and make them beg for forgiveness. And I look at you and I want you inside of me every day, every night, and all the damn time. I want you to be the first and last thing I see before I wake up and fall asleep, Taehyung.”
He swallowed thickly, breathing become slightly erratic. You could feel his fingers twitch against your skin and you hold his intense stare,
“I want you to fuck me to the point where the only person I can think of is you. I want my name and yours to become one.”
“My pretty,” he began, purring amongst your skin. “If you love me that much, then what I feel for you is unexplainable. I want you on me, beneath me, beside me, behind me, in front of me, and all around me. My world is yours if you want it, baby. And I’ll give everything your heart needs, wants, and yearns for. You ask if I like you? You ask how much?”
He laughs almost maniacally, head shaking in amusement. He kisses you instead, mouths clashing against each other’s in a heartbeat. And you take his heat, hell, you welcome it with open arms, taking, taking, and taking what he’s willing to give you. And you return it tenfold. Your arms are wrapping around his neck, body moving on its own as you climb on his lap, mouth tainting and spilling all of your secrets to him.
“I love you so much,” he breathed into you and you whimpered at the confession and sensation of it. Impossible, you thought. Such a beautiful human being loving you back?
“I love you more,” you shakily breathed out.
“Let me make love to you baby,” he murmured out, fingers tracing the underside of your face. “Let me show you just how much I love you, and in the morning I’ll do it all over again.”
“And the day after that, and the nights that follow along.”
“Please do.”
He was quick in picking you up and guiding you both into his room. He didn’t bother in turning on the lights as he undressed you, his mouth kissing every single part of your body, tongue tracing behind it. He marked his own path down your body, starting from the crook of your neck, down your collarbones, between your breasts, and down your tummy. His hands were splayed all over your body as his mouth neared your pussy.
It took him almost a day to familiarize himself with your body. That same night where you asked him to fuck you like that everyday? Well, it was definitely promised. His mouth slurped at your wet and dripping folds, dark eyes taking in how you moaned out his name for his neighbors to hear.
Hands encased your thighs, bruising and marking to his liking because you belonged to him and only him. You managed to engrave that in his pretty little head, heart, and dick. He held you down with one hand, keeping your squirming body under his hold as his tongue slid inside your drenched pussy, groaning at the thought of cumming inside of you, and watching it paint your pretty thighs.
“Sit on your throne, princess.”
Your ears perked up, watching him with a questionable look on your face. Did you hear that, right? He was tugging you up as he climbed on his bed, patting his cheeks as an insinuation. He wasn't going to wait for a response, and you nervously did as you were told. Excitement coursed throughout your body, though you were a bit worried.
"What if I suffocate you?" you spoke your intrusive thoughts out loud.
"Then I'll die happily, now come on."
"Taehyung," your tone was a bit sharp, but he laughed regardless.
"Baby, sit on my face and if it's too much I'll tap your thigh three times. How does that sound?" He compromised, noting the way you were already nearing him. Your hands softly traveled up his body, murmuring out, "Okay."
You tentatively hovered over his face and the thought of ruining it with your juices made you sit down firmly on him. His mouth was already sucking on your clit, fingers gripping your thighs. He was buried, nose nuzzling into you as you arched your back, insides quivering from delight. He wasn't being patient, he was devouring you, wanting to express exactly just how much he was irrevocably in love with you. Your fingers tugged at your own hair, running down the length of your hair before they went on to your sensitive nipples. With a swivel of your hips, Taehyung encouraged you to keep moving, moaning out, “more, more.”
"Taehyung, I-I," you were losing it already and he fucking thrived on it. He loved how sensitive you were with each thrust of his tongue, and how each slurp had you bucking over, thighs beginning to quiver. He was trying to be gentle with you, but you wanted nothing more than to have him thrash you around like however he pleased.
"Let me fuck you over on my balcony, baby."
You immediately halted your movements.
"Liability, remember?"
You climbed off him, settling on straddling his hips instead. With your hand, you wiped away the mess you had made and settled on shoving them inside your mouth instead, humming in delight. As much as you wanted to cum with his mouth, the thrill of being fucked in public overpowered that thought. Wild thoughts started running through your mind, imagining the way he would fuck you relentlessly. He knew he had you in the palm of his hand.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" you teased him, hands grabbing his cock. He hissed under his breath, trying to bite back a whimper from just a mere touch from you.
"Fuck," he watched in amazement, pupils full blown out. He sat up with you in his arms, raspy fingertips caressing your back. He softly kissed you, tantalizing you into a spiraling mess only he had the power to do so.
He led you both out through the doors, bending you over immediately as you both stepped outside into the wintry atmosphere. He spread you apart, barking out, "Hold on tight to that railing, you hear me? If not we're going right back inside."
You nodded, but that wasn't enough for him. His fingers were tugging on your hair, and you arched your back, mouth moaning out his name already.
"A verbal response, pretty. Or else I won't give you what you want." He warned you, his hips already rutting against you.
"Yes," you were quick to let out, wanting more. "I'll be good and hold on to the railing."
As a demonstration, you slowly curled your fingers against the cool railing, knuckles beginning to turn white.
"That's my good girl," he cooed out, teasing you as he ran his finger down your spine, lowering to the curve of your ass where he slammed his palm against it. Your body jolted slightly, but his other hand was still gripping your hair for safety purposes. The sting had your toes curling, mouth clamping shut to try and stop the whimpers threatening to spill out.
"I'll fuck this pussy until you can no longer stand, pretty," he purred out and your cunt was so responsive to the way his deep, and husky voice drawled it out so sinfully.
His long fingers curved over your hip while he slowly nudged his angry, leaking cock against your wet and dripping folds. You were so wet you were leaking down your thighs already, a drop slowly winding down your leg. And he was fascinated by how your pussy was already trying to suck him in by the way it clenched on only his tip. It drove him to near madness.
He was a masochist himself, slowly edging himself by teasingly only burying his swollen tip inside your pussy. He smeared your juices on his cock, slowly burying himself into you inch by inch. Soft moans emitted from within his lips, they were desperate and needy for more. He too wanted you so badly already. He too felt all this desired temptation pent up inside. Love made you blind, seeking passion from the very person who flowed it right back into your heart. He would thrust into you then pull out, stretching your pussy out for him because you knew he was thick and so long.
On the last thrust, he roughly slammed himself into you. His hand gripped your fleshy meat, using your body to fuck himself into you.
"Oh god," you babbled out, melting right into his hands.
He angled you further down, ass up in the air and then he was slamming into you over and over. Strangled noises escaped your lips, and all you could do was hold on to the damn railing, gripping on to it as he pounded inside you without any remorse. You figured he was making love to you like the whore he knew you were. You didn't mind it at all. His fingers dug on to your hips, the pain not resgitering in your brain since he was fucking it all out.
"Fuck," he exhaled deeply, his vision centered only on the sight before him. Your hair was sprawled all over you face, mouth slightly ajar with your pinkish tongue poking out. Drool traveled down your lips, eyes lidded and mouth stuttering out, "Ohh f-fuck, T-Taehyun-nng!"
"You're such a good girl for me, pretty," he languidly rasped out, dark hooded eyes watching is cock disappear into your spongy cunt. You felt every drag of his slow, but hard thrusts. It was driving you stupid, your legs beginning to quiver in delight.
"And you're all mine, baby," he was voicing his desires out, and you were taking it all in. "Mine to fuck whenever I please, mine to bend you over, make it take it all, and mine to fill you up until--"
"Yes, yes," you cried out, tears brimming your eyes from how he was hitting every spot. It made you feel like jelly, arms shaking as you tried to keep holding on to the railing. Taehyung noted your resolve slipping so he leaned over your body, hand wrapping around the railing while the other wrapped around your abdomen. His hips snapped with more feverish intensity, cock filling you up so good it was the only sensation overpowering your mind and senses.
"Let go, baby," he kissed the underside of your jaw, tongue trailing right behind. "I've got it from here."
You let go, quivering in his arms, head thrown back on his chest as he kept fucking himself inside of you. Your hands were tugging at his damp hair strands, watching how he slid in and out of you with such ease. You could feel his thick cock drag inside your fluttering walls, your slick causing this carnal squelching every time he thrusted inside of you. It was a mess. Slick covered the both of you, making it easier for him to slide inside of you with ease.
"Oh fuck, I-I, nnghh-" Your breath hitched, and you felt your knees buckling. Taehyung was pulling at your hair though, bringing you back to him, keeping you still. Whatever he gave you, you were going to take it all.
"I want you to cum inside of me," you were delirious, spluttering out every incoherent thought out in the air. "Want your cum all over me," you whined out, his fingers cupping your breast in his hands. They were so big as they groped your tits, squeezing and tweaking your sensitive nipples with his skilled fingers. "Want you inside of me every day. Please, please--"
His mouth slammed on to yours, nipping and bruising your lips, swallowing your pleas hungrily so. Mouths missed each other, but that didn't matter. You were begging, urging him to make you cum. His arms were bulging, veins protruding as his pace became more sloppy, more harsher. He felt your walls clamp all over him, a tight vice that was edging him further.
"Cum inside me," you pleaded him, and he trembled at the thought of impregnating you. He was already fucking you raw, feeling the inside of your pussy made him a starved man for more. A hunger that wouldn't be satiated now that he had gotten a taste.
"I want it," you gasped out, hunching over as your orgasm began to overwhelm you form head to toe. You were jolting in his arms, your moans echoing in his brain.
"I wanna see your face when you cum," he groaned, letting go of the railing and stepping further away from it. Now with his hand free, he harshly cupped your jaw, forcing you to look straight into his eyes. Your head was tilted sideways, eyes lidded and struggling to stay open.
"Taehyung," you began to sob out, going limp in his arms, but he was holding you tightly, pressing you further up against him. His eyes flickered from your eyes to where you both were connected. His own release nearing quickly. He gave one last thrust, whimpering your name out against your skin. Heavy pants emitted from the both of you and you were barely standing at this point. Your quivering legs giving out on you as you trembled in his hold. Taehyung marveled at the sight of his own cum leaking down your thighs.
"Are you okay?" he breathed out, holding on to your limp body. You struggled in simply turning around as he slowly pulled out of you.
"Yeah," you croaked out, trying to clear your throat. "But can I please have some water?"
His boyish grin was already there. "Need help getting inside?"
"I want you to carry me inside. I can't feel my fucking legs." you told him in embarrassment, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. It only goaded his shit eating ego.
He tapped at your sensitive thighs, watching you shudder. "Can you wrap them around me?"
You nodded, complying. His strong arms wrapped around you, hoisting you up as he maneuvered his way back inside. Perspiration coated the both of you so he went into the bathroom, gently setting you down on the counter. With a rag, he ran it under the faucet with warm water before beginning to clean you up first.
He avoided your sensitive areas, watching how you gazed at him in pure adoration, a love struck look on your face. It made his chest swell up with pride. You puckered up your lips and he was there, leaning down and caging you in his arms, mouth softly molding over yours.
"I love you," you softly reminded him, mumbling against his mouth. "I love you, I love you, I love you so much."
And he was countering it back in between your confessions, saying, "And I love you, love you, love you--"
You giggled, content as he pulled away from you.
"Wanna shower and watch something?" He asked, finishing up cleaning you and himself.
"I want to watch your dick go insid--"
"I'll put you to sleep," he humored you, picking you up and beginning to walk over his bed, gently placing you down.
You cocked your head in response, "So?"
Eyebrow raised, he began to near you. "If you keep this up, I'll end up putting a kid inside you, pretty."
You flushed, cheeks getting warmer. He was grinning from ear to ear, wrapping you up in his arms. What you would give to see that smile of his every day from now on. You lit up, grabby hands reaching for him. "I wouldn't mind it if it's you."
You thought over every moment in your life that had been marked as a significant milestone in your life and Taehyung was definitely on there now. Since the moment you two met underneath those pillars at campus, your mind, soul, and heart had decided it. My love, I have finally found you. It's definitely you.
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lavienjin · a month ago
knotty or nice | ksj
Tumblr media
synopsis: you only see seokjin once a year, so you have to make sure your visit counts.
Tumblr media
p: seokjin x reader
wc: 6.8k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | sugar daddy, est. rel. au | smut, fluff
warnings: dom seokjin, sub & bratty reader, pwp, dildos, masturbation, voyeur, size kink, there's a camera involved, lots of dirty talk, deep throat, hand kink, unprotected sex, overstimulation, breast play?, blindfold, light bondage, breathing control (asphyxiation), jin has a potty mouth and he's mean :(, lots of name calling :), multiple orgasms, multiple sex scenes, rough sex, delayed orgasm, facial, cum eating, creampies (yum), aftercare, the ending is mushy and cute :)
a/n: happy birthday to the love of my life ♥ thank you so much to @chelsea-chee for helping me out ;;
posted: 9 dec 2021
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
Every year around the holidays, without fail, you and Seokjin would meet up for a Christmas Rendezvous. It's the only time the two of you can see each other since he's so busy running his million-dollar business while you're busy doing… stuff. Not only was this a moment you've been waiting all year for, but you're determined to convince him to purchase a property in your city so he can drop in any time he wants without needing to rent a hotel.
This year, for your meeting, he’s chosen a fancy hotel by the mountains for you to enjoy the sights, though you doubt you’ll have time to check out any of the fancy amenities listed on the website. You and Seokjin tend to overplan, only for the both of you to never leave the comfort of your rooms because you're too busy tangled up in each other's arms.
When you arrived at the hotel, the concierge mentioned that there’s something waiting for you in the room, and sure enough, upon you walking in, you’re greeted by a giant stuffed teddy bear resting against the headboard on the bed with a note tucked between its paws. It’s black, plastic eyes shine in the dim winter sun, and it stares at you like it knows what horrors it's about to witness.
“Ready to play?” the note read in Seokjin’s bubble-like handwriting.
You bite back the smile of excitement. He mentioned in your texts leading up to the event to expect something special, because there’s an additional cause for celebration that’s not just his birthday plus the holidays.
You wanted to let him know that you’ve arrived, so you decide to send him a text that includes a photo of you and your gift. The problem is… the teddy bear is so big that you have a hard time fitting it in the frame for your picture. After a few tries, the only decent picture that comes out is one of you lying on the bear’s soft brown stomach with its nose peeking from the corner. Well, you’re sure Seokjin will get the ‘picture.’
You: I’m here ♥ Thanks for the bear.
It hasn’t even been a few seconds until you see that your message has been read, and the emergence of the three little dots that’s indicative of his reply.
SJ: Good. In the top drawer of your nightstand, you’ll find a blindfold. SJ: I expect that when I come into the room, you’ll be nice and ready for me.
Turning towards the nightstand, you open the first drawer per Seokjin’s instruction and you find the familiar black satin fabric. You begin to discard your clothing and loop the blindfold around your head, but just before you place it over your eyes, you pause. Seokjin didn’t mention when it was he’s coming over. He just expected you to wait.
Well, that's not fun! Based on the website of the hotel, apparently there’s a hot spring somewhere in the lower levels that you wanted to dip your toes in. Since you can’t leave the room unless you’re looking for punishment, you decide to explore the room you’ll be occupying instead.
Judging from the large window in the bedroom that overlooks a crystal blue lake, this seems to be the “scenic room”, and you can’t help but stare in awe at the rippling water that looks like diamonds in the setting winter sun. To the right of the lake lies a mountain range, and you can see the few brave skiers going down the slopes, looking like miniature figurines in a diorama.
There's also a breakfast nook on the other end of the room. You don't recognize the lush flowers they've provided in the gorgeous dark green vase, but you can smell the sweet floral notes from where you're standing.
You hum as you walk towards the large door you saw on your way in. Behind the door is a bathroom, and it is already bigger than the living room in your apartment back home. A black marble bathtub lies in the centre of the tile floor, and not only does it look like it costs more than your one year of rent combined; it's big enough to fit the two of you with plenty of space to spare.
You have no doubt that he spent a pretty coin to reserve this room. But what surprises you most is how Seokjin found this area in the first place. From what you can tell, when he told you where you’ll be staying together, the town doesn’t seem to be listed in any map, which was why he had you picked up in a limousine that was filled with your favourite snacks and drinks for the lengthy trip.
As you make your way back to the bed, the realization hits you.
You forget who it is you’re dealing with! There's a good chance that Seokjin’s family owns this place, and not just the hotel either, but the entire area surrounding it. You definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. That slim black card in his wallet was his father's gift to him when Seokjin was only 10, and it has paid for a number of things in your life: from something as “trivial” as your college tuition, the expensive outfits and lingerie you brought with you, and down to this gigantic bear in your hotel room that takes up half of the king size bed.
Currently, you’re debating whether you should move all your outfits from your suitcase atop the chaise lounge to the antique wooden wardrobe on the other side of the room. Seokjin did mention that you’re going to be here for at least a week, although judging from your previous escapades, you’ll probably spend New Year’s wrapped up in his arms again.
You just started to unzip your suitcase when your phone chimes. It’s another message from Seokjin!
SJ: Shame. You’re not ready to play.
“Wait… what?” You stare at your phone at the weird message. You're decoding the meaning behind the text when you receive another one.
SJ: I won’t repeat myself for a second time. Get ready. Now.
Well, there’s no sense in arguing, though you are interested as to where Seokjin might be watching from. It’s not until you undo the last few buttons of your blouse that your eyes land on the bear. What are the odds that those beady eyes are actually camera lenses?
You quickly stripped yourself of your clothes until only the red lingerie is all you’re left in. Then, placing the loop of the blindfold between your lips, you crawl on the bed on all fours until you’re staring eye-to-eye with the bear. You squint at what you thought were soulless plastic beads. After closer inspection, you find it; the faintest blink of red that disappears as quickly as it comes. You were right. There is a camera hidden behind the left eye of your gift.
Two can play at this game. And if Seokjin wants a show, who are you to deny him one? Smirking, you tower over the plush before planting a kiss on the lens.
“Can you hear me, baby?” you test.
The ding of a message from your phone is proof that he could.
The smirk you wear stretches wider across your cherry-tinted lips. Time to enact your plan. You pull the bear by its legs so it lies horizontally on the bed. Shifting up, you straddle its face before lowering your hips until your clothed core meets the cold tip of its nose.
Oh. That feels good.
“Baby…” Throwing the lens a smirk, you secure the blindfold around your eyes. “I don’t want to wait," you pout, "So, I'm going to play right now."
As soon as you finish your sentence, your phone on your nightstand beeps again. Something tells you that hidden inside that text notification is a command for you to stop whatever you’re doing, but since he’s not here…
You rock your hips forward experimentally, shuddering when the bear’s nose bumps your clit. “Oh fuck…”
With quiet pants, you repeat the action, back and forth. Back and forth. The candy-cane patterned panties you’re wearing gradually grows wetter, your arousal seeping into the cream muzzle of the bear.
In response to your rebellion, the buzzing from your phone increases to a point where it vibrates itself off the nightstand. Still, you don’t stop, and instead, it fuels you to grind faster, harder, until you feel the telltale tingling in your spine.
Your hands grip the sides of the bear, using its ears as leverage to steady the head. You hope he's enjoying the view. “Seokjin, baby, are you watching?” you smirk.
The thrill of potentially disobeying him is exhilarating. Within the realms of technicality, you’re not breaking any rules. Seokjin just said to put the blindfold on and wait, which is exactly what you’re doing right now… just with the added bonus of possibly making yourself orgasm.
The embers quickly spread across your body, and the grip you have around the bear grows tighter. You can’t stop your moans, and they tumble out with careless abandon, growing louder and louder as your orgasm approaches.
“C-Can you hear me? I’m… ah, so fucking close! Baby, baby…” Your body is a forest fire. All your senses are heightened to that one specific point in your body. The world no longer exists, just you and a taut string, ready to snap at a moment’s notice. You’re close… so close. “I’m gonna—”
The rocking of your hips freeze instantly at the familiar command that often haunts your dreams. In your blinded state, you swivel your head this way and that, trying to pinpoint where his voice is coming from. There’s no way he’s in the room… is there?
“S-Seokjin?” you call out meekly.
His voice sounded so cold, so furious.
At the silence that greets you, you try again. “Jin? Baby? Are you here with me?”
You don’t dare move, or even breathe, as you wait. Then it comes, the unmistakable click of his tongue, followed by the dull thump of his expensive leather shoes against the carpeted floor of the room. Shit.
"O-Oh, when did you get here?" You smile at the direction you think he's coming for.
He ignores your question. “What do we have here?” Seokjin asks instead. Though his words sound amused, you have a feeling he’s anything but.
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you attempt a cheery attitude. “B-Baby… I’ve missed you so much! Are you finally here to play?”
Seokjin chuckles, but it’s not the high-pitched laughter you’re used to. No, it’s the one he reserves for when he’s disappointed in your antics; like he can’t believe your audacity.
You gasp when the familiar curl of his fingers wrap around your throat, his forefinger and thumb tilting your chin to the side. His other hand lands on your thigh, drumming his fingers on your skin.
“Bad girl,” he tuts, trailing his lips from the nape of your neck to your shoulder. “I told you explicitly what to do, and here you are disobeying me. What's worse is that you ignored my calls and texts with the phone I gave you.”
The hand on your thigh trails up and up, skirting around the lace edges of your underwear. “What should I do with a baby that can’t even listen to simple instructions, huh?”
You stay completely silent, a small hint of fear diluting your excitement.
Seokjin grazes his teeth along the shell of your ear. “What’s going on now, pet? Too scared to say anything? You were so loud before. Answer me. What shall I do with you tonight?”
“Wanna see you…” you whimper instead of answering his question.
Seokjin laughs in disbelief. “What makes you think you deserve to see me? No no. Not after that stunt you pulled that forced me out of my meeting. Decide on your punishment, baby; I’m giving you this chance because it’s Christmas, but also because I don’t think you’ll appreciate what I have planned for you.”
You attempt to quiet down the loud pounding of your heart with an inhale. It’s mercy, especially from him. “Spank m-me,” you manage to utter.
He hums against your skin. “Spanking? Isn’t that too boring? We’ve done that plenty of times before and it’s clear you don’t learn your lesson from it.” Seokjin pauses, and when you don’t object, he continues. “Well, since you don’t seem to have any other ideas, let’s go with my plan then.”
The cold air whooshes around you when Seokjin departs from your back, and upon release, you slump forward onto the bear. Whatever it was he has planned, you’re not sure you’ll survive.
When he returns, not long after you hear him sticking something to the floor, Seokjin removes the blindfold carefully, making sure it doesn’t tangle with your hair. You can’t help but smile, even when he’s upset with you, he’s still trying to make sure you’re unharmed.
“Okay, angel, seeing as you’re so eager to cum, get on the floor and show me.”
It takes you a few moments to adjust to the bright light. When the room no longer blinds you with white, you find yourself face-to-face with Seokjin. There's a flush of red across his cheeks and ears, a beautiful contrast to the navy vest he wears over his white shirt. God. You must look completely disheveled compared to him.
Seokjin's lips curl into a feline smile. He tucks your hair behind your ear as he whispers, "Are you done staring? Don't forget what you're supposed to do, pet."
Embarrassed, you pretend to not hear him, and instead your eyes find a dildo placed on the floor.
You purse your lips as you survey the toy. It looks pretty standard, although it’s a bit bigger than the normal dildos you’ve seen in sex shops. You’re not too keen on the silicone’s bright neon pink shaft, and the veins protruding along the sides look more comical than anything. But this is the task that Seokjin has assigned you to and even with your hesitance, you’re not about to say ‘no’.
After removing your panties, you take another glance at Seokjin, who smirks at you, before positioning your hips so that the tip of the dildo kisses your hole.
“Come on, get on with it.” Seokjin taps his foot impatiently on the carpet. “Put on a good show for me.”
After taking a deep breath, you slowly lower yourself onto the silicone toy. As the toy disappears inside you, a gasp leaves your lips at the slight burn from the stretch. Yeah, this was way bigger than any of the dildos you’ve tried previously; and maybe it’s because of your position, but the tip reaches further than what you’re used to as well.
“Oh… god…”
You’re filled to the brim, and you’ve barely taken up half of the toy. Thankfully, the cold silicone begins to warm up to your body’s temperature, and you moan as the first bursts of pleasure erupt in your head. You’re moving slow, allowing yourself to get used to the girth, but Seokjin seems displeased, his mouth turned downwards at your efforts.
With a click of his tongue, he rises from the bed to sit behind you on the floor, bunching the black satin fabric in his hands. Your vision disappears when he secures the blindfold over your head again.
After he makes sure that the blindfold won't come loose, he moves your hair to the side and plants a kiss on the nape of your neck, murmuring, "Do you love me?"
You sigh happily, leaning towards his touch. "You know I do. What's up with the question?"
Seokjin chuckles. "Oh, nothing at all." His large hands take hold of your hips, massaging you gently. You squeak when his grip turns forceful, his dull nails digging into your skin, but it doesn't compare to the scream you let out when Seokjin slams you down to the hilt.
“Fuck! Seokjin!” Your walls clench at the sudden intrusion, pinpricks of tears collecting in your eyes when he yanks you up. Your legs shake so badly that if it weren't for the tight hold he has over your hips, you'll surely buckle forward.
Seokjin seizes your jaw, his fingers digging into the flesh of your neck as he rasps harshly, “Didn’t I tell you to put on a show? Huh? Fucking hell. Are you too stupid to understand simple instructions now?”
"N-No…" you sob. "S-Seokjin… I can do it myself."
Using your hips, he pushes you back down onto the dildo, ignoring your whimpers and pleas. "I don't think so," he coos mockingly when your hands scratch over his palms as you beg him to stop. "I think after a year apart, my baby is too stupid to do anything without my help."
Seokjin doesn't need both hands to force you to ride the dildo, and he spits out taunt after taunt, each one meaner than the last. The other hand on your neck holds your head in place, and your neck is surely riddled with half-moon indents by the power of his grip. You’re left speechless as you're made to ride the dildo, there are only half-syllables of his name escaping every so often with how mushy your brain’s turning. With the brutal pace he sets, the burn from your walls stretching open takes a bit to fade into pleasure, but when it does, you're moaning loudly, slamming your hips down repeatedly on your own.
“That’s better,” Seokjin praises, removing his hand from your body to smooth out your hair. You whine when his large hand presses on your upper back, pushing you forward until your chest is parallel to the floor. “Okay, angel, keep riding that dildo and give me your hands. Don’t stop. Good girl.”
Seokjin secures your wrists behind you with a long piece of cloth. You continue to move per his instructions, but at this point your thighs are burning, especially without the support from your arms.
That dreaded click of his tongue reaches your ear again, and so you try to keep up with the momentum, but it’s only for a few more seconds until you falter again.
The grip around your hip tightens again, his nails digging into your skin. “Aww… what’s wrong, baby? Didn’t you want to cum?” Pleased with the results after testing the knot a few times, Seokjin picks you back up from the floor like a rag doll, and begins to move your body for you again.
Your limbs are screaming, the soreness spreading from your thighs, down your legs, turning them numb. Yet you follow his heed, bucking your hips with Seokjin as your conductor. “G-God… Too big…” you whine.
Seokjin sushes your complaints by slipping two of his fingers past your lips. “You can take it. That’s it. Good girl. Keep going.” he praises, kissing your shoulder. Saliva drips from your lips and down your chest as you swirl your tongue around his digits.
Without warning, Seokjin’s hand leaves your hip to draw circles on your clit, his praises unending as you move faster. You garble his name as your eyes flutter shut under the blindfold. The soreness in your thighs is forgotten as you chase your high, climbing higher and higher with each second that passes you by.
Seokjin rips his fingers away from your mouth to unclasp the bra you’re wearing. His wet digits swirl around your nipple, rolling the sensitive bud between his forefinger and thumb, and your spine curves from the dull pain.
“Look at these gorgeous tits,” he groans, pinching your nipple not unkindly. “Your nipples are so fucking hard. Do you feel good, baby?”
“Very… good,” you gasp. “I’m close—”
Everything inside of you is hot – an unchecked flame spreading like wildfire as you keep edging to the brink of madness. The tingling in your spine returns; a delicious warning to your downfall.
“Cum for me, baby. Soak this carpet, yeah?”
“Fuckfuckfuck, Seokjin!” you screech.
Your body shakes with the force of the orgasm, the spine tingling sensation causing your head to swim like you’re thrown into another dimension. Yet the blinding light doesn’t cease because Seokjin’s still going; his hand returning to your hips as he forces you to pick up the pace again.
“Shit… Seokjin… I can’t…”
He laughs aloud at your words. “You can’t? My little fucking brat… Didn’t you say you wanted to cum? I’m giving it to you right now and you’re telling me you can’t?”
No, no, no. Not like this. You’re going to break if he keeps going. Yet your body continues to absorb every brutal impact; every drag of the toy against your walls, and soon the familiar knot returns to your stomach.
“Fuuuck!” you scream. Your bound hands shake behind you in an attempt to break free, but Seokjin’s rope tricks keep the knot from getting undone.
It’s a little bit faster now, the way in which the light blinds your vision. Within a few more moments, you’re soaking the carpet below you again, your high cresting over you and reaching its peak. You think you screamed his name as you came, but you can’t be too sure – not when the world is spinning, and your blood roars loudly in your ears.
You’re whimpering as you come down from the intensity. You’ve tried everything under the sun with Seokjin, but you’ve never had two orgasms in a row – not at the same degree. Seokjin’s large hands cup your face as he removes the blindfold from you, kissing your hair and murmuring sweet praises in the process. With heavy lids, you look up at his handsome face, and you smile at the pride that shines in his eyes. Looks like you did good.
How long have you been leaning on him? You quickly scramble away from his chest, but your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds, so you simply flail before landing back on his sculpted chest with a thump.
With a quiet chuckle, Seokjin massages your back as he gently removes the dildo from underneath you.
“Ah… fuck…” you hiss at the soreness that’s beginning to settle.
“Was it good?”
“Very,” you hum, kissing him along his jaw. “Is that all you have planned for me tonight?”
Seokjin scoffs as he gathers you from the floor and lifts you up. “Of course not. That's just the beginning. Are you ready for more though?”
“Always. What do you take me for?”
“That’s my girl.”
He lays you gently on your tummy after discarding the stuffed bear to the floor. His hands massage your palms, making sure he hasn’t cut off any blood flow. “How are your hands?”
“Sore, but okay.”
“Would you like me to take them off?”
“Not at all. It’s the only way for you to keep me still, right?”
“I guess so,” he chuckles. “I’m going to move you to the headboard, unless of course… you can do it yourself?”
You take the challenge with a firm nod, and though your legs are jelly from your adventures on the floor, you manage to lift yourself up and crawl to the headboard before dropping your weight onto the mountain of pillows. It wasn’t graceful by any means, but it got the job done.
Seokjin whistles at your feat as tosses his vest away and undoes the first few buttons of his shirt, and you have a sinking suspicion that the missing tie in his ensemble is the exact same one that has bound your wrists together. And judging from how his hands return to his sides, it seems like you’re the only one that’s going to be naked tonight. Darn.
“Eyes up here, baby.”
To be honest, you hadn’t realized you had thrown all your focus on the sliver of honeyed-skin, but at his words, your eyes jerk up to meet his, and you find yourself staring at that irritating half-smirk you’ve come to love.
“Wasn’t staring,” you mumble.
There’s a hardness in Seokjin’s gaze, causing the air to still. “I don’t remember teaching my baby to lie.” Even though he spoke in a whisper, there’s a hidden threat underneath the words.
“I mean… I didn’t…” you fumble.
“No, no, you clearly did.” Seokjin shifts to loom above you before pressing his thumb on your bottom lip. “This filthy fucking mouth,” he growls.
You start to mumble, but Seokjin pushes his digit past your lips and hooks his thumb on the inside of your cheek, causing it to bulge and force you into silence. His other hand reaches over to unzip his pants, freeing his girth of its confines. You’re transfixed, unable to take your eyes off the leaking head. He pumps his length a few times, and your mouth begins to salivate at the thought of his taste again. Oh, how you’ve missed him.
Without removing his thumb, he stands over you and jerks himself in front of your face, the tip of his dick bumping your cheek every so often. You struggle against your binds, your mouth wrapping itself around his thumb as you whine around it.
“You're making a mess of my finger,” he groans. “Are you that hungry for my cock, baby?”
You nod fervently without looking up from the sight of his purple-ish head.
“Okay then, open up.”
Just after your lips part as you release his thumb, Seokjin rams his dick all the way inside, knocking your head backwards against the headboard. But the dull pain on your head is nothing like the burn in your throat. Seokjin’s big, and your small throat has a hard time accomodating to his girth.
“Shit… so fucking tight. Just for me.”
His cock sits heavy on your tongue, your jaw aching from having to keep your mouth open. You try to breathe but the air seems intent on not entering you. Oh god, did he get bigger?
“Ah, isn’t this much nicer?" His voice distracts you from your predicament. "You’re so much quieter with a cock in your mouth.”
Seokjin tangles his fingers in your hair, angling your head slightly upwards so he can easily thrust into your throat. Even though he’s going slow, tears begin to collect in your eyes as you struggle to breathe.
He then wraps his fingers around your throat, squeezing hard enough that it cuts off your air flow. As you choke and gag around him, Seokjin groans loudly above you. “Fuuuck, I love how tight you got. I can feel the outline of my dick around your throat. Is it hard to breathe, baby? Huh?”
“Mmph!” you whine around him. Your fingernails dig into your palms as lights begin to dance in front of your eyes. Just as you think you’re about to tap out from the lack of oxygen, Seokjin removes himself from your throat, relieving you of much needed air as you sputter and choke.
You’re inhaling lungfuls of air, until your heart is no longer running like you just finished a marathon.
“Fuck,” you cry weakly.
Seokjin tips your chin up with his finger. “Still want more?”
“Please,” is all you can muster.
With a whispered ‘okay’, Seokjin returns to straddle you and places the tip of his cock on your lips. You open your mouth dutifully, maintaining eye contact as you go down on his length. He waits patiently until your nose brushes against the dark hairs on the base before he begins moving.
Seokjin tangles his fingers in your hair to keep you steady, and so you don’t knock your head against the headboard. When you give him the slightest nod, he’s merciless; driving his hips forward, and groaning loudly every time you swallow around his length. Though there’s a curtain of tears that block your vision, you can still make out the twist in Seokjin’s face as he loses himself in bliss.
His balls slap against your jaw and you want nothing more than to play with them, but you’re only left wanting, with your hands unable to hold on to anything aside from the sheets below you. You focus on hollowing your cheeks, and with it you’ve earned yourself a deep thrust and Seokjin’s loud grunt of your name.
“Baby, baby,” he hisses. Seokjin’s close; you can tell by the way he falters in his thrusts. “Shit…”
Just before he explodes, he yanks your head back to unsheathe himself. His other hand wraps around his length, his body jerking as his orgasm overtakes him. You barely manage to close your eyes before the first spurts hit you; the warm fluid decorating your forehead and cheeks in white. As Seokjin’s ragged breathing slows down, you peek when you don't feel anymore spurts on your face, but you shut your eyes immediately when it turns out he hasn't spared them.
“You – ah – look so pretty with my cum all over you like this,” he smiles through quick inhales of air.
You attempt to lick at the drops that land on your cheeks, but they’re unfortunately too far from your tongue. “Wanna taste…” you pout.
“Dirty girl.”
You can’t help but grin at the pride in his voice. Seokjin scoops up his cum with his fingers as he mutters, “Open wide.” You stick your tongue out and he presses his cum-stained fingers to your mouth, and your lips close around his digits automatically as you begin to suck. When his digits are clean, Seokjin wipes the cum from your eyes with what you assume is a handkerchief he retrieved from his pockets.
“Such a beautiful cumslut,” he hums as he cleans your face. “Would you let just anyone make a mess of you?”
“No,” you mumble, opening your eyes when he's done. “Just you,” you whisper absentmindedly, staring in awe at his dick that hasn’t lost its rigidity.
Seokjin follows your gaze and beams when he realizes what it is you’re staring at. Gripping the base of his dick, he taps the tip of his dick on your lips. “Do you still want more? Are two orgasms not enough for you?”
You nod enthusiastically, spreading your legs outward to prove your point. “I don’t think one is enough for you either,” you tease.
“You're absolutely right,” he beams. Seokjin traces your cheek absentmindedly, and there's a strange tone in his voice when he murmurs, “My cock-hungry whore. Is that what you are?”
That’s a new one, and you’re surprised to find how much you love it.
“I am. I’m your cock-hungry whore,” you pant, your eyes falling to his length again. Perhaps it’s the trick of the light, but you swear– no, you know for sure that he’s bigger than before.
Seokjin grabs your legs and kneels down between them, situating the tip over your entrance. But instead of entering, he purposefully slides up, bumping into your clit and causing you to shiver.
“How much do you want me? It seems like you’ll do just fine with the dildo. Should I just bring that back?”
As you chase after his length with your hips, you let out a high-pitch whine, your cunt leaking more juices with every drag of his fat cock against your swollen folds.
“A- A lot… I want it,” you beg.
“Oh?” Seokjin whispers. “I don’t know… it doesn’t seem like you want me that much,” he teases.
Every time the tip of his cock bumps your clit, you’re permitted a small sliver of heaven, one so out of reach with the way he’s teasing you.
“Beg for it, baby. Or else I’ll really get the dildo and fuck you that way instead.”
You’re squirming; kicking the sheets underneath you. If he doesn't stop teasing you, you swear you're going to explode.
“Fuck! Fine! Seokjin, please. Pleasepleaseplease. I need your cock so bad,” you rasp. “Hurry up and fuck me!”
“As you wish.”
Seokjin sinks into your heat after your cry, and the both of you moan in unison when he fills you to the brim. If you thought the dildo was big, it was nothing compared to Seokjin. Every time he buries himself inside of you, it’s like you’re about to tear into two. Yet the usual burn from the stretch doesn’t last as long, and you’re soon thrown into the depths of pleasure.
“Fuck!” you hiss repeatedly.
“Oh, fuck,” he repeats, and he splays his hand on your stomach, pressing lightly at the slight outline of his cock. “I’m always amazed that this tiny pussy can take me so well. Can you feel how deep I am inside of you, angel?”
You claw at the sheets underneath you as he begins his punishing pace. “Yes, fuck! So deep…” You blink the tears away at the sight of Seokjin above you.
Even in the throes of pleasure, with sweat slicking his forehead, he looks like a god. It’s not fair that he’s still clothed; you want nothing more than anything to rip his shirt away. Once again, you attempt to free yourself from your bindings, and once again… you fail.
“What’s wrong, baby?” Seokjin asks with a teasing lilt.
“Want to touch you,” you whisper breathlessly.
With a chuckle, he shakes his head. “You don’t deserve to touch me. Just lie there and be a good hole for me.”
“Seokjin…” you wail. “Need to touch you.”
“Nope.” He proceeds to exit out of you and flip you over, so that you’re lying on your stomach again. “You’ve not been good today, pet. So you don’t get what you want.”
Seokjin grabs your bound wrists and yanks them upwards, bringing your body up into the air. With his knees, he pushes your legs out further. Without your hands supporting your weight, you’re relying heavily on your thighs and the hold that Seokjin has.
It hasn’t even been a few seconds and your thighs are already burning, but thankfully, that feeling quickly goes away, replaced by the pleasure that his cock brings upon entering you.
This time, his thrusts are slower, and he prioritises going deeper into your heat. It’s more intimate, a complete one-eighty to the rough pounding you just received, but you’re not certain that you can cum from this alone.
As if he’s reading your thoughts, Seokjin’s hand snakes around your waist to return to your clit, massaging the bundle of nerves gently with figure eights. You sigh, feeling so full and whole with him so deep inside you.
“I wanted to be mean, but you just looked so lovely,” he admits, his voice wistful and soft. “I don’t think I have it in me to go hard on you anymore.”
He doesn’t go any faster than he needs to, paying close attention to every sound you make and adjusting his speed then. It doesn’t take you long to reach the apex again, the climb much easier after you’ve experienced it once before, but still, it’s not enough to pull you over the edge.
“Jin… Jin… Need you faster," you wail.
“Yeah, baby, I got you,” he grunts.
He releases you from his hold and pushes your face to the bed, his thrusts punishing as he slams repeatedly into your cunt. You’re screaming his name, chanting it like a prayer, even though your throat is sore from overuse. This is what you need; the feel of Seokjin driving his dick deeper within you, pushing you over and over to the brink.
“Seokjin—” you cry, soaking the sheets below with your tears.
You’re so close, so so close.
“Cum for me, angel. One last time. Cream my cock, yeah?”
The orgasms you’ve had previously doesn’t compare to the one you’re experiencing now. This isn’t an ember, but a white blinding light, consuming you from the inside out as you come undone with a silent scream, your mind filled with a pleasant buzzing that renders you completely speechless. Yet Seokjin isn’t done, and he continues to pound into you, growing faster and deeper as he chases his own high.
“Fuck, baby. I’m gonna cum, gonna fuck you full of my seed.”
You whine at his brutal pace, raising your hips higher. "S-Seokjin!"
“That’s it, take all of me. Oh God… Shit—I’m cumming—"
Seokjin lets out a long moan as his orgasm takes over. His dark hair falls over his eyes, and he grabs your ass tightly as he fills you up with his warm seed.
Wholly overwhelmed, you only mumble something unintelligible when he slips away. The bed dips when Seokjin returns, and all you feel is a warm damp cloth between your legs. When he's done, he tosses the rag away before he gathers you in his arms. When Seokjin undoes the knots, you sigh, feeling pins and needles settling in, as Seokjin massages your wrists.
“I love you,” he mumbles as he lays you back down on the bed, bowing his head to claim your lips.
You return his kisses slowly, opening your lips to let his tongue glide inside. “I love you too,” you mumble back when you part. “I can’t believe it took you this long to kiss me.”
Seokjin laughs, the sound muted and quiet, but still warm. “What can I say? You were a total brat today. I told you one thing and you did the complete opposite.”
You scoff, bringing your hand to your chest. “Technically, I didn’t break any rules. You never said I couldn’t touch myself. I just had to sit pretty and wear a blindfold.”
“Yeah? Well, look at where that ‘technicality’ got you, brat.
Seokjin scoots you over to lie next to you, and you’re both silent except for the sound of your breathing. Turning over to your side, you slide over into his awaiting arms. “I have a question for you…”
“Was this anything like what you had planned today?”
You can feel his chest rumble as he laughs. “Nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to you.”
You chuckle along with him. “Not even the dildo?”
“Oh, that one was planned, although my original idea was to be a bit nicer to you. God, you bring out the 'mean' me,” Seokjin pouts.
“Speaking of, where did you get it anyway? I’ve never seen a hot pink dildo that big before. Holy shit, it’s almost as big as you.”
Seokjin doesn’t say anything, and after looking up from where you lie on the crook of his neck, you spy that he’s smirking. And the realization slowly dawns on you. “No fucking way…”
“You said you wanted my dick as a Christmas present, so here it is,” he shrugs.
“So, you’re telling me… you molded your dick and… wait what? How does that work?”
He laughs, filling the room with the sound of Christmas bells. “I think the words you’re looking for are ‘thank you’.”
You roll your eyes, knowing that he can’t see. “Thank you,” you repeat coyly after him.
“You’re welcome.” Seokjin squeezes you in his embrace. “One more thing? You’re moving in with me after this weekend. I’ve prepared an apartment for the two of us close to where you work so we don’t have to only meet once a year.”
You pry yourself away from his arms. “Wait what?” Leave it to Seokjin to leave the details to something this extravagant at the last minute. You can’t believe what you’re hearing. Does that mean you don’t have to part with him at the end of your holiday? “For real?”
“Yeah,” he beams. “Surprise."
You look into his eyes, staring at the familiar warm irises for a few seconds before you bring his face in and smash your lips to his. Stupid, impulsive Seokjin. You still can't believe he bought an apartment for you so the two of you won't have to part.
"Is that the cause for celebration?" you mumble into his lips.
"Yep, that's the big surprise. There's no more after that."
"Got it," you whisper, pulling your weary body up to straddle his waist. "I promised you a show, didn't I?"
Seokjin raises his brow as your hands begin to undo the rest of the buttons. "Oh? Is there more?" he asks as you part the white fabric to his sides.
"Of course. That's just the beginning," you parrot with a wiggle of your eyebrows, leaning down to kiss his collarbone. He's finally exposed, thank god. "The question is…" your nail drags from the centre of his chest down his torso, "are you ready for more?"
Seokjin laughs from underneath you before flipping you over, his arms landing by the side of your head as he smirks down at you. He looks deep into your eyes, fitting your chin between his forefinger and thumb, and you see the mischievous fire blazing in his eyes.
With his lips curling into a smile, he whispers, voice so angelic to hide the sins he's about to commit–
Tumblr media
moon's notes: woooooo! i wrote this thinking about my biggest fantasy :) i hope you enjoyed it because i had a great time writing this :DD let me know what you think!
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sunshinerainbowsbts · a month ago
All I Don't Want for Christmas Is You! | KSJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x Reader
Genre: smut, fluff, crack, holiday, enemies to lovers, Coworkers!AU
Rating: M (18+)
Warnings: swearing, drinking, kissing, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), spanking, choking, biting, dirty talking, orgasm delay, Jin has an enormous... ego, vaginal sex, a lot of terrible holiday puns
Word Count: 23.7K (I'M SO SORRY)
Disclaimers: NSFW, I don't own BTS - they just inspire me
Summary: The holidays are here! But instead of celebrating, you're trapped in a town called Christmas with your office nemesis, Seokjin Motherfucking Kim, and an unruly band of clients. Can you survive the trip and secure the promotion your boss has promised? Or will Jin take you down?
A/N: This was written for the @btswritingcafe's Holiday Fic Exchange. Happy holidays, Mai @jinpanman!! 🐧🎄🎅I've had SO much fun being your Secret Santa, and I hope you've had fun as well. In addition to writing you this little story (I'M SO SORRY AGAIN IT'S SO LONG), I also created a Spotify playlist to go along with it! I really hope you enjoy the goofy holiday movie I basically wrote here. It's like Hallmark After Dark. 😂
This is unbeta'd as usual. I'd love to know what you think, my inbox is always open! 💕
Tumblr media
“Please, take a seat,” your boss invited as you entered the cavernous space that was his office. Someone was already sitting in the other chair in front of his sleek black desk. You glared at the back of their head, recognizing them immediately.
Seokjin Kim. Why was he here?
If you compared your company, Beyond the Sound, to a rose, then Jin would definitely be the thorn. A big ol’ prick. As the other junior talent manager at your company, he drove you insane. Whereas you chose to use skill and knowledge and your relentless drive to achieve your goals, he preferred to coast along on his charm. And his considerable good looks.
As much as it physically hurt you to think nice thoughts about him, you couldn’t deny that he was one gorgeous man. Tall, with broad shoulders that tapered down to a small waist. Long, thick black hair that kissed the nape of his neck and fell into his eyes when he didn’t wear it swept off his face.
And that face. Dark, expressive eyes that crinkled merrily when he laughed, which happened a lot when he was schmoozing clients. Plush lips that puckered when he was displeased, which happened a lot when you were around. Cheekbones and a jawline to die for.
It was a fucking perfect face and you hated it.
You took a seat, crossing your legs demurely as your boss, Sejin, cleared his throat.
“I’m sure by now you’ve both heard the news. Irene is leaving us.”
Since it had been the only topic of conversation around the office for the last two days, you had in fact heard the news. Irene, the company’s hotshot manager, was leaving for greener pastures (aka more money from a larger management firm).
“She’s leaving us in a bit of a lurch, too. But the company’s loss is your gain,” he continued, leaning forward and folding his hands on his desk. “I think it’s time for a promotion.”
You sat up slightly, as did Jin.
“I’ve been more than pleased with the two of you and how you’ve served the company over the last year. You’re both in line to be promoted. But, there’s only one spot available - the one being vacated by Irene.” Sejin paused, letting his words sink in.
One spot. Two candidates. You glanced at Jin, only to realize he was already looking at you. Assessing. Narrowing your eyes, you turned back to your boss.
Sejin stood and looked out the floor length windows that made up the back wall of his office, clasping his hands behind his back as he surveyed the city below the high-rise. “I mentioned earlier that Irene is leaving us in a bit of a tight spot. The two of you are familiar with Euphoria, correct?”
Of course you knew Euphoria. They were one of the company’s biggest clients, an incredibly popular band from South Korea who had helped make Beyond the Sound into the powerhouse it was. Volatile didn’t begin to describe the band - they were the most chaotic group of artists you’d ever come into contact with since you’d started working in the music industry.
Well, okay, you personally hadn’t had much face-to-face interaction with them, beyond a quick hello at a party or industry event here and there, but you’d heard plenty of horror stories during your time working at Beyond the Sound.
The three members each had their own distinct idiosyncrasies that made them difficult to manage. Lead singer Park Jimin was an incredibly gifted vocalist and guitarist who hypnotized fans with his sexy shenanigans on stage. Unfortunately, this also led to a lot of offstage sexy shenanigans, and your company was usually scrambling to cover up any potential scandals caused by his various romantic entanglements.
The bassist/saxophonist/keyboardist Taehyung (just the one name, like he was Adele) was a renaissance man and a true artiste. Unfortunately, he took that second label extremely seriously, and was prone to flaking on public appearances or locking himself in his studio for days on end if he felt something or someone was interfering with his “vision.”
And then there was the drummer, Jeon Jungkook. Essentially the human version of Animal from the Muppets, he was loud, unruly, and prone to literally running amuck while the other two members were usually arguing.
They were exclusively Irene’s responsibility.
Sejin appeared to be waiting for an answer, so you and Jin both chirped, “Yes, sir.”
“Good. The band is releasing a holiday album this year - titled “Sleigh, What?!” - and in order to drum up publicity for it, they’re putting on an exclusive one-night-only concert, to be streamed around the world.”
Ah, so the rumors were true.
Euphoria reinvented themselves with every new album. Their first album was r&b-influenced boy band pop; the second, a punk rock fantasia; and their last, an ear-shattering mashup of screamo metal and EDM that left fans confused and led to a short-lived breakup followed by an immediate reunion. From what Sejin was saying, apparently they’d decided the best way to score a big comeback was with a collection of festive tunes. You’d heard whispers about the album through the office grapevine, but had chalked it up to a joke, assuming someone was mocking the band’s tendency to swing wildly from one genre to another.
Clearly, you’d been wrong.
“When and where is the concert?” Jin asked as you pulled out your phone to take notes. He arched a thick eyebrow, glancing at your phone, then tapped his temple, implying that he didn’t need to write anything down. Rolling your eyes, you waited for your boss to answer the question.
“Next month, the week before Christmas. And it’s being held in Christmas.”
“It’s… what?” Jin tipped his head as you paused in your typing.
“They’re putting on a concert in Christmas. As in the town about 1500 miles from here, in the Northeast. We struck a deal with the mayor - he’s letting us put on a show there to promote the album and his little middle-of-nowhere village gets major press for hosting one of the world’s hottest bands.”
You frowned as your thumbs tapped across your screen. “Wait a minute… I think I’ve heard of this town,” you stated, looking up from your notes. “It’s a real tourist trap, isn’t it? They have a Christmas-themed store that’s open year round, and all the mail stamped in the Post Office says “North Pole” on it, that kind of thing, right?”
Jin laughed. You winced, annoyed at his mirth. “Sounds like the setting for a Hallmark movie.”
Sejin nodded, returning to his desk. “Yes, and that’s exactly why we chose it. We really want to lean into the homespun holidays character of the place. The goal is for people to associate Euphoria with Christmas - both the town and the holiday - so that when the album drops, they’ll all buy it. Spread that magical cheer in their own houses with it.” He paused. “Or whatever. You get the idea.”
It was a cynical cash-grab, in other words. Just another day at the office.
“Everything has already been arranged - travel details, lodging, venue, an interview with that dreadful morning show Rise and Shine!, and so on. Irene has done her usual job of making sure everything is squared away down to the final letter.”
“So, what do you need me to do?” Jin asked.
You scowled before correcting him. “What do you need us to do, sir?”
Sejin smiled, but it seemed less comforting and more apologetic. “We need you to go to Christmas with the band. Both of you, together.”
If you’d had a piece of coal in your mouth, you would’ve produced a diamond from grinding your teeth so hard.
You didn’t want to go to this cheesy little town called Christmas, especially this close to the holidays, when the place would be swarming with crowds of sightseers. You didn’t want to have to babysit Euphoria and try to keep them from imploding yet again. But most of all, you absolutely did not want to be stuck in that tiny village supervising the band with Seokjin Motherfucking Kim.
What the hell did you do in a past life to deserve this?
“You’ll be responsible for ensuring that Euphoria makes it to all of their scheduled events. Especially the concert. Look, I’ll be frank.” He removed his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “If they miss the interview or the meet and greet we’ve arranged, it will be unfortunate, but not the end of the world. But they cannot miss this concert! We need this performance to revive their fanbase and boost their album onto the charts. If “Sleigh, What?!” tanks….” he trailed off, looking at you and Jin in turn. “Then Irene won’t be the only one leaving Beyond the Sound.’
Well, fuck. Basically, if you and Jin didn’t pull this off, one or both of you would be fired? Fantastic. Just the cherry on top of this crap sundae.
“No problem, boss,” Jin cooed, shooting Sejin a set of finger guns. You grimaced. How had this guy’s schtick not worn thin by now?
If your boss found Jin as corny as you did, he didn’t let on. Instead, he simply nodded. “I have the utmost faith in both of you to handle this situation. I know everything will run smoothly and according to plan under your supervision.” He glanced at the shiny, undoubtedly expensive watch that adorned his wrist. “Please reach out to Irene for your travel details and itineraries. She’ll have everything you need.”
You rose to your feet. “Thank you, sir.” Spinning, you swiftly stalked towards the door, Jin close on your heels.
“Looks like we’ll be spending Christmas together, Princess,” he drawled as his long legs quickly caught him up until he was walking by your side.
“No, we’ll be working together before Christmas, and how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?” you retorted, firing him a dirty look. He just grinned, holding the door open for you to exit your boss’s office. You didn’t bother to thank him, but that didn’t deter him from continuing to walk with you.
Jin had gifted you with that nickname during your very first week at work. One of the managers you were shadowing offered to buy the two of you lunch as a reward for a stressful day of training, handling a temperamental solo act. Fresh out of grad school, you were broke and more than appreciated a free meal. But you were a bit particular about your order and took a long time, and for some reason Jin decided that made you a princess.
So you were a woman who knew what you wanted and weren’t afraid to ask for it. Was that really such a bad thing?
The nickname drove you crazy. You weren’t a princess, some fairytale creature who would only have value in relation to the men in her life - the prince or the king. Fuck that noise. You stood on your own two feet and claimed your own victories.
Yet no matter how many times you asked him to stop, Jin refused to listen. Now, a year later, the pet name persisted, a constant reminder of how aggravating he was.
After a few minutes of walking briskly, trying but failing to shake Jin, you arrived at Irene’s office. Knocking on the door, a quiet voice called for you to enter.
If there were a pecking order at Beyond the Sound, Irene would stand at the top of the pack. She was everything you aspired to be - glamorous, perfectly put together, and fierce as hell. No one fucked with Irene. Not even Jin. He knew she’d rip him to shreds with her signature blood-red stiletto fingernails and not break a sweat. Or a perfectly manicured nail.
You really wished you knew her secrets.
“So, Sejin saddled you two with Euphoria duty, huh?” she inquired, gesturing for you both to take a seat.
“I’d say unfortunately yes, but you’ve been stuck with them for years, so it doesn’t feel right to complain,” you responded.
Irene smiled. “They’re not so bad if you keep them in hand. I advise you to set a firm line with them from the start.” She eyed the two of you carefully. “The guys can be very charming when they want to be. Don’t fall for it.”
She looked directly at you when she said that last statement, and you frowned. Was she suggesting…?
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she keeps it professional,” Jin smirked. “No client/manager relations on my watch.”
“Excuse me, are you questioning my ethics?” you snapped, rounding on your coworker. “I certainly do not need you telling me how to do my job or - or monitoring my interactions with my clients!”
“Of course you don’t, Princess. Forgive me,” he apologized, but his grin belied his words. “But maybe I’ll just keep a sharp watch just in case.”
“I will email you all the info for the trip - flights, lodging, itineraries,” Irene ignored your sniping, as everyone in the office was long accustomed to the two of you squabbling. “Every day has been planned down to the last minute. All you have to do is make sure the band sticks to the schedule.”
“Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” Jin trilled, and you fought the urge to gag.
“Thank you, Irene,” you replied graciously. “Your hard work won’t go to waste, I assure you.”
Irene just smiled, a vicious grin that actually sent a shiver down your spine. “Oh, truly, I don’t care! By the end of the week, Euphoria will simply be an unpleasant memory for me. They’re your problem now!”
As you left her office, Jin snickered. “I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this trip even more now.”
You spun to look at him. “You know what I’m looking forward to? Getting the promotion.”
“Oh, you think it’s yours already?”
Stepping closer, you glowered up at him. “I know it is.”
“We’ll just see about that, Princess.” He winked, walking backwards as he headed towards his workspace. “Can’t wait to see you all bundled up for the chilly weather. Bet you look real cute in earmuffs.”
You clenched your fists so hard, your nails nearly drew blood. You couldn’t wait to kick that jerk’s ass. That promotion was yours.
As irritating as the nickname was, it wasn’t Jin calling you Princess that made you hate him.
It was the Nevamind incident.
A few months into your time with Beyond the Sound, the company tapped you to work with a recently signed artist, an up-and-coming rapper who went by the stage name Nevamind. He’d been building buzz online with a series of mix tapes featuring brilliant lyrics and ridiculous beats, and it would be your job to get him ready for his debut album release.
For several days and a few long nights, you threw your every waking moment into creating an action plan for the rapper. You wanted to show your boss that you were ready to handle managing on your own, so you worked your ass off to prepare.
Excited, you showed up to the first meeting with the artist feeling nervous, but ready to share your ideas.
Only to find Jin waiting to meet with Nevamind as well.
“What are you doing here?” you blurted out, staring at your coworker who had risen from his seat at the conference table, expecting the rapper to be the one walking through the door instead of you.
“I’m presenting to Nevamind, obviously. What are you doing here, Princess?” he responded with wide eyes.
“Uh, no, I’m the one doing the pitching! And don’t call me that!”
“Actually, you’re both pitching,” Sejin declared, entering the room behind you.
Apparently, there had been a misunderstanding. You weren’t assigned to help Nevamind, you were being asked to present your ideas to him. Along with Jin. Whomever the artist picked (with your boss’s input, of course) would become his manager.
This mix-up didn’t rattle you. No, if anything, this simply fueled you even more, now that it was literally a contest. Forget your anxiety - you were fired up, determined to win.
Jin sold his idea first. It was hardly a proposal - no slideshow, no binders showing statistics, just a measly single page handout. And him mostly talking off the cuff, flashing that killer smile, even throwing in a wink or two as he promised the moon to the rapper.
You were aghast at your coworker’s breezy attitude. Was that how he worked? Did he really care so little? He wasn’t just unprofessional, he was a total buffoon. It was all you could do not to laugh during the entire meeting, since your boss was also present.
Then it was your turn. Nevamind seemed to agree with the plan you painstakingly laid out with your multimedia presentation - interviews with some huge media outlets, a series of streaming episodes giving a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s completion, and then a major party to celebrate the release. You even got a bit of a flirty vibe from the rapper, but you quickly shut that down, wanting to maintain a firm boundary between work and pleasure. By the time you left, you were more than confident that Nevamind would be your first client.
Instead, a week later, that asshole was announced as the rapper’s manager. All your hard work went down the drain.
How on earth had that guy won? Flabbergasted, you turned to your coworkers for an explanation. Everyone had their theories - Nevamind preferred a male manager, or Jin blackmailed your boss for the job, and so on. The rumor mill churned, but you never got a satisfactory answer, and you stewed in your anger, knowing that your plan was the better choice.
Within a month, Nevamind had terminated his contract with Beyond the Sound. Jin managed to fuck it up somehow, and that just stoked the flames of your wrath.
At a happy hour gathering a week after Nevamind dumped your company, you found Jin sitting alone at the bar, looking slightly rumpled in his designer suit. Sliding onto a stool next to him, you ordered a drink before swiveling to face him.
“So. How’d you fuck it up, Jin?”
He didn’t reply, just shot you a glare.
“I still don’t understand how you even got the assignment in the first place. That proposal of yours was a joke.” Several whiskeys into your night, all the nasty things you’d been thinking about your coworker started to slip from your lips.
He set his gin and tonic on the bar and regarded you carefully. “I got the job because I’m good at what I do. Maybe managing isn’t all about statistics and powerpoint slides. Did you ever consider that?”
“Maybe not, but this job requires a hell of a lot more effort than what you give, Jin. I mean, that’s pretty evident considering your first client fired you within a month. Perhaps next time, you might try actually working?” You swirled your drink with the little stir stick, tapping it against the rim of the glass to emphasize your point.
Again, he leveled a long glance at you, taking his time before answering. “You know what? Believe what you want to. I’m sure you will no matter what I say. That seems to be how you operate.”
“Whatever,” you shot back. Not the most eloquent comeback, but you were too tipsy to care. “Just don’t expect it to happen again. You winning, I mean. That was a fluke. Next time, I’ll show you how it’s done.”
“Is that so?” He tossed back the rest of his drink, rising from his seat. “Then bring it on, Princess. Show me what you’ve got.”
“You can’t handle what I’ve got, Jin.” Wait, was that what you’d meant to say? Maybe not, but you were flustered by how close he stood to you, and whatever you’d intended to say had gotten lost in the ether.
You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t find Jin attractive. Even though he vexed you with everything he said and, well, everything he did, too, you still found yourself distracted by his stunning looks.
Your pulse began to race as he examined you with those dark eyes, wandering slowly over your frame. He towered over you as you peered up at him, and your breath hitched as he bent towards you.
“But I bet you wish I’d try, right?” he whispered, hot breath tickling your ear as he exhaled. You shuddered, and with a smirk he walked away, leaving you sitting alone, head spinning.
From that moment on, he shot to the top of your hit list. Seokjin Kim, enemy number one.
Three days, four nights. That was how long you’d be in Christmas. That was how long you’d have to suffer through this nightmarish work assignment with your nemesis. You could do this.
You chanted those words to yourself as the days flew by after your meeting with Sejin. Over and over again, repeating them until they became your mantra.
But now, sitting on the private jet, on your way to Christmas, you were starting to doubt. Just a little.
Introducing yourself to the band went better than you expected, given all the awful testimonies about the members that your coworkers had told. Each had politely greeted you and bowed.
Good to know they had some manners after all.
In the meantime, Jin strutted onto the plane looking like he’d just walked off the runway in Paris, wearing a gorgeous three-piece navy suit underneath a stunning long red and black plaid coat. The entire ensemble was Louis Vuitton, which you knew only because he wouldn’t stop yapping about how he’d had to show the boutique’s sales person his company ID because she didn’t believe him when he said he wasn’t a model.
Was it possible for a person’s eyes to roll right out of their head? You feared you might find out on this trip.
But seriously, who flew in a suit?
Not that Jin was the only one taking advantage of your travels to purchase a new wardrobe. Flying to the wintry northern half of the country meant you’d bought a few essentials - some cozy sweaters, wool skirts, thick tights and several pairs of boots (both dress and snow). You’d also splurged on a Burberry puffer coat and a pair of Gucci leather gloves, in matching black, to help keep you warm.
The perks of having a company card.
Once the plane took off, you’d intended on using the time to review the week’s itinerary as well as to set some ground rules with the band. But you might as well have tried to fly across the country by flapping your arms. You’d have had a better chance of accomplishing that.
“Guys, can we please focus?” you implored the group for the fifth time. No one responded. Jimin flirted with the flight attendant while Taehyung read an intimidatingly thick book on the history of jazz rock. Jungkook had completely tuned out, a giant pair of VR goggles on his handsome face as he played some game.
Meanwhile, Jin was sitting across from you, doing nothing to disguise his laughter at your struggle to get the band’s attention.
You scowled. “You know, this is important for you, too. Do I need to remind you what is at stake here?”
Jin sighed. “Oh, take a breath, Princess. Let them settle in a bit, then we’ll run through the schedule. They’re literally a captive audience.” He cocked his head, considering. “Although Jungkook is an experienced skydiver, so I wouldn’t put it past him to jump out the door at any moment. Though I hope the lack of parachutes would at least give him pause.”
“Fine.” Leaning back in your seat, you pulled out your phone to scroll through your notes. Jin leaned over to gawk at your screen. “Excuse me! Do you mind?”
“Just curious if you were actually going to relax. Doesn’t appear so,” he replied, flagging down the flight attendant. “Can I get a whiskey, neat? Thank you.” “Really? Drinking at this time of day?” It was only just past noon when you’d finally taken off. Jin shrugged. “I fly better when I’m a little tipsy. Plus, if you’re going to be this tightly wound, I’m going to need to be even looser. You’re giving me second-hand anxiety.”
“God forbid you be serious about your job for once,” you muttered under your breath.
The flight attendant brought Jin his drink and he smiled politely before giving you a scrutinizing look. “I’m perfectly serious about this job. I just have my own methods for getting results.” He winked, and you clicked your tongue in disgust. “What I want to know is, do you ever relax? Let your hair down, allow yourself to have a little fun while you’re working?”
“I have plenty of fun,” you sniffed, grabbing the pashmina shawl you’d stuffed into your carry-on and wrapping it around your shoulders. You always froze on flights. “But I don’t let it interfere with my responsibilities. The job comes first.”
“That’s where you and I differ, then. Fun comes first.”
“You mean, you come first,” you rejoined.
Jin smirked, and you realized you’d walked into a trap. “Oh no, it’s only fun for me if others come first. I always make sure of that.” He lowered his voice conspiratorially. “Every time.”
Cursing yourself for setting him up, you closed your eyes, letting your head fall back against the headrest of your plush leather seat, hoping he’d take the hint and stop talking. He did, but not before you heard him snickering to himself.
Three days, four nights. The clock was ticking.
The closest airport to your final destination was two hours away, so a chartered bus had been set up to transport you and the band. Most of their equipment and belongings had already been sent ahead of them, so a whole bus wasn’t technically necessary, but you appreciated having a little space.
Because the guys were driving you insane.
Halfway through the five hour flight, you’d awoken to the dulcet tones of Jimin and Taehyung arguing. As usual, Jin was useless, somehow sleeping through the loud curse words pinging around the cabin of the plane. You wondered how many glasses of whiskey it had taken to knock him out like that. Jungkook still had his headset on, but he was now pacing around playing some sort of dueling game that had him pretending to slice everyone in half with a joystick sword.
It turned out to be a fight about nothing - an argument over which movie to watch - but it was enough to give you a slight headache. Which did not bode well considering you were only slightly over two hours into your whole trip. But you stepped in and calmed them down, promising they could both watch whatever they wanted since they weren’t even sharing a screen, and then collapsed into your seat, hoping to rest. Discussing the week’s plans would have to wait until later, when your coworker would be more helpful. Or at least conscious.
On the bus, you took a seat near the front, frowning as Jin slid in beside you.
“Really?” you asked, gesturing wildly. “All these empty seats?”
“Yah, calm down, I just wanted to see if you wanted to go over the schedule now, while everyone’s still awake and quiet.”
That was actually a useful suggestion. Color you shocked.
“I suppose this would be the most opportune time,” you conceded, standing up to gaze at the members who had strewn themselves across seats scattered throughout the bus. Jin followed as you staggered down the aisle towards the band, the swaying of the bus making it difficult to walk a straight line.
“Uh-oh, here come Mom and Dad,” Jimin sniggered, legs dangling over the armrest of his seat. His pink hair hung in his face as yawned widely. “Are we in trouble again?”
Nope. You didn’t care for that one bit.
“I’ll thank you for addressing us both by name, Park,” you declared, and he quirked an eyebrow at your commanding tone, lips twisting into a smirk. His eyes ran up and down your figure as you stared him down.
“Yes, noona,” he purred, arching an eyebrow. Irene’s warning echoed in your ears.
You were going to have to tread carefully with this one.
Jin said nothing, seemingly content to let you run things, surprise surprise. You continued.
“I know you’ve all been given copies of this week’s schedule, one printed and included in your carry-ons and one emailed, but I thought we should run through it just to confirm that we’re all on the same page.”
No one answered. You plowed on.
“Tonight, we just need to settle in. The bed & breakfast we’re staying at has been completely booked by us, so we have the whole house to ourselves. It’s the,” you consulted your notes, “Blitzen Inn. The proprietors have assured us that we will have total privacy there, since it’s fairly out of the way.”
“Wait, we’re staying at a bed & breakfast, noona? Not a hotel?” Taehyung piped up, removing his gigantic headphones, shaking out his silvery-white locks.
“That is correct. Despite the tourist trap nature of this place, it’s a pretty small town, so they don’t have a lot of lodging options.” And most of the hotel rooms had been booked by the fans who would be attending the concert.
“So no room service? No on-call masseuses?” Taehyung pouted. “No free mini bottles of shampoo?”
“You’re a millionaire, Tae, you can buy all the shampoo you want,” Jin commented.
“But I like the little bottles.”
“Anyway. Tomorrow there is an early morning interview with Rise and Shine! You’ll be joined by the mayor for that as well, and the local newspaper will be there, taking photos. We’ll be at the venue for the taping, and then in the afternoon you’ll have time to rehearse. Thursday morning is more rehearsal time and then a fan signing event at Santa’s Workshop, a holiday-themed store that will be the first place to stock your album. And then of course Friday is the concert. Saturday morning, we’re back on the jet and heading home.” You glanced up. “Any questions?”
“Will they have little bottles of shampoo at the bed & breakfast?”
“Does anyone else have any other questions?”
Jungkook raised his hand.
“You don’t have to raise your hand, Jungkook. What’s your question?”
“Noona, how does it work, exactly? Do they serve us breakfast in bed?”
You turned to your coworker, who had stretched his long frame across two seats, cackling as he listened. “Do you want to help me out here?”
Jin sighed, sitting up. “Do you guys have any questions about the schedule? It’s not too packed, but it’s important that we stick to it very carefully.”
Three heads shook no.
“Great! Then just relax for a bit. We should be at the Blitzen Inn in about another ninety minutes or so.” Jin laid back, his tiny bit of effort completed for the day. He’d probably exhausted himself.
Sighing, you trekked back to the front of the bus, taking a window seat and slinging your legs onto the space next to you so as to prevent anyone (Jin) from sitting there.
“I think that went well.”
Apparently, he’d decided to sit right behind you. His face appeared over your shoulder, in the space between the back of your seat and the window.
You snorted. “Of course you do. You didn’t do anything.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Well, you did stay conscious for the whole discussion, so I suppose that’s something.”
His laughter made you grimace. You reminded yourself that you just had to put up with him for a few days. Once that promotion kicked in, hopefully you wouldn’t have to deal with his bullshit again.
You leaned against the window, staring at the scenery as the bus trundled along. It was certainly a different view than what you were used to, living on the west coast. Verdant mountains rolled across the horizon as the sun began to sink from view. Exhausted after a stressful flight, your eyes began to droop as the bus’s rhythmic bouncing lulled you to sleep.
The Blitzen Inn stood at the edge of town. Two rows of tall pine trees lined the winding road leading to the inn. The bus barely fit, but thankfully no other vehicles were approaching from the opposite direction.
Stretching, you took a moment to admire the house as the bus approached. A white two-story colonial with black shutters and a wraparound porch, decorated with hanging garlands and a large green wreath with a big red bow on the front door, it very much looked like something straight out of a holiday movie.
A garden took up one entire side of the house, though it had been turned over for winter. Around the other side of the house stood a large white gazebo, adorned with strands of white Christmas lights. Behind the house was nothing but trees, as the house was nestled against the border of a forest.
Green trees, green grass, green everywhere. How disappointing. The temperatures had been unusually warm in this region for this time of year, according to the weather reports you’d watched religiously in the week prior to leaving home. Having grown up in the land of sand and sun, you were hoping to see some snow on this trip. Just a little would do - enough to turn the land into a sea of white.
Ah, well. This was a business trip, and there was more than enough to focus on besides pining for snow.
The bus gradually rolled to a stop and you disembarked, boots crunching on gravel as you strolled towards the house. Your breath hung in the chilly night air, tiny puffs that dissipated as you walked, and you pulled your coat a little tighter around you. Once again, Jin nipped at your heels.
Two men waited by the door, a platinum blond who wore a blindingly bright smile and a smaller, slighter man with hair black as night who merely blinked languorously as you neared.
“Good evening,” the blond man greeted you, bowing slightly. “You must be Ms. _. Welcome to our home!”
You bowed in return. “Thank you.” You instructed him to call you by your first name. “This is my colleague, Seokjin Kim.”
“Call me Jin,” he said, bowing.
“I’m Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi, and this is my husband Yoongi,” the blond man introduced himself and the dark-haired man, who simply nodded.
You turned to introduce the band, but none of them had reached the porch yet. Jimin and Taehyung were standing in front of the bus, bickering about who would get to stay in the presidential suite (neither aware that the bed and breakfast did not have suites), and Jungkook was sitting in the gazebo, silently gazing up at the lights hanging above.
Huffing out a sigh, you gestured. “That’s Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. They’ll be along in a minute.”
“No rush, they’re welcome to explore the grounds,” Hobi replied with another grin. “Why don’t we help you bring in your bags and then we’ll show you to your rooms? I’m sure after all that traveling, you’re about ready to crash.”
Luggage in hand, Hobi took you on a quick tour. Despite its large size, the interior of the house was incredibly cozy. There were six guest rooms upstairs, each with its own bath. Downstairs, there was a kitchen, dining room, another bathroom, sitting room, and library. The owners had a master suite down a hallway in the back.
You tried not to gawk, but it honestly felt like you were walking through an issue of Architectural Digest. Hardwood floors, wooden ceiling beams, and dark wood accents flowed throughout. All of the rooms downstairs had fireplaces, and the sitting room also included a baby grand piano tucked into the corner. The decor was an intriguing mix of antique and modern, from an exquisitely carved dining room table and chairs to a comfy couch straight out of a Swedish furniture catalog. And Christmas decorations had been stuffed into every available nook and cranny, with more poinsettias, wreaths, and Christmas trees than you’d ever seen in one house.
Walking through the house felt like touring Martha Stewart’s wet dream.
“How do we want to divide up the rooms?” Jin asked as you climbed the stairs.
“I don’t think it really matters, unless someone has a preference,” you responded. You followed Hobi to the end of the hall. “I'll take the first room down here.” Hobi nodded, carrying your bags inside for you.
“Then I’ll take the next,” Jin said. “Unless you’d prefer to share?”
What a stupid question. You stopped to gawk at him. “Why the fuck would I want to do that??”
Hobi returned to the other end of the hallway, where the band members were attempting to determine which room was the largest, despite multiple assurances that they were all the same size.
Jin leaned against the doorway of his room.
“Have you ever vacationed in this part of the country before during the winter?”
“Well,” his voice dropped low, “it gets awfully cold out here at night. You might want something to snuggle up to. Keep you warm.”
“And what, you’re offering yourself as an option?”
“If you’d like.”
You’d spent a lot of time working with this man, and most of it glaring at his handsome face in exasperation or disgust. He often gazed back at you with a cheeky twinkle in his eye. And there it was again.
But there was a tiny glimmer of something else, too. Something that made a slow heat crawl along your neck, despite the loathing that flowed through your veins.
Before you could even begin to envision his suggestion, you shut it down.
“That’s what blankets are for, Jin,” you sneered, opening the door to your room and slipping inside before he could reply.
Needing a few moments to yourself, you surveyed your room. A king-sized bed lay in the center of the room, covered in a fluffy stack of pillows and a plush down comforter. In the bathroom, you found a claw-footed tub, shower stall, and pedestal sink, and a soft white robe hung on the back of the door. Fresh white roses arranged in a slim vase greeted you on your nightstand.
The room would’ve been perfect for a relaxing vacation or romantic getaway. Too bad you were stuck on the work assignment from hell.
After freshening up a little, you rejoined the group downstairs. Everyone had gathered at the dining room table, which Yoongi had piled high with snacks - charcuterie boards overflowing with meats and cheeses, plates of crackers and toasted breads, and multiple platters of every Christmas cookie you could think of and even a few you didn’t recognize. You were more exhausted than hungry, so you nibbled on a gingerbread cookie while rehydrating.
“We received your itinerary,” Hobi informed you as he placed another platter of assorted cookies on the table. “Since you’re our only guests this week, we’ve adjusted our meal times to meet your needs.”
“Thank you, that’s wonderful,” you replied. “We appreciate your flexibility.”
“Of course. If there’s anything else we can do for you while you’re here, just let us know. Our home is your home.” He smiled and excused himself to join Yoongi in the kitchen.
The band chattered happily amongst themselves as they gorged on the delicious treats. You scrolled idly through your phone as Jin leaned across the table towards you.
“Care to join me for a nightcap? Hobi gave me a tour of the sitting room while you were upstairs and there’s a decanter of whiskey in there with my name on it.”
You glanced up. “A nightcap? Don’t you think you should get to bed so we can get a good start tomorrow? We have to be at the venue early for the interview.”
“Oh, come on, just one drink. It’s been a long day. Let go a little.” He waved his hand. “You know everything’s all set for tomorrow. But if it’ll ease your mind, we can still discuss the itinerary while we drink.”
Seokjin Kim, focusing on work for once? This you had to see.
“Fine. Just one.”
A pair of gorgeous red velvet couches sat on either side of the ornamental rug in front of the fireplace in the sitting room. Curling up on the corner of one, you tucked your legs underneath you as Jin played bartender with the decanter.
Handing you a tumbler, he lifted his in a toast. “To a successful trip.”
“To my promotion,” you countered with a grin.
“Okay, Princess, let’s just enjoy the drink, shall we?”
You dutifully clinked your glass against his, then brought it to your lips.
The delicious aroma washed over you as you swirled the brown liquor in your glass before taking your first sip. As the liquid coated your tongue, you held it there, savoring for a moment before swallowing.
“Mmm,” Jin hummed, inspecting his glass. “I think I need a bottle of this.” He smacked his lips obnoxiously.
Turning the glass around in your hands, you stared at the gentle sloshing of the liquor. “It’s sweeter than I typically prefer, but still has a bit of bite to it.”
Jin cocked an eyebrow. “You some kind of whiskey connoisseur?”
“Maybe,” you retorted, chin jutting out. “I’ve tasted enough to know what I like.”
Whatever dumb rejoinder was forming on Jin’s lips was interrupted by Mariah Carey.
🎵 All I want for Christmas is yoooooou 🎶
You cocked an eyebrow at his choice of ringtone.
“Tis the season,” he grinned, answering. “Go for Seokjin.”
Fuck, he even answered his phone like a tool.
“Hello, sir,” he suddenly sat bolt upright, glancing at you. “Yes, she’s here. Of course, one moment.” He set the phone between you on the couch.
“Okay, sir.”
“Good evening,” your boss’s voice boomed. “I assume there weren’t any problems with your flight?”
“No, sir,” you replied, frowning. Your boss wasn’t the type to micromanage, and he definitely wasn’t the type to phone just to exchange pleasantries. If he was calling, it meant he was extremely stressed about this album release.
“Good. The band isn’t giving you any trouble?”
“No, sir.”
“No issues with your travel or lodging arrangements?”
“No, sir.” You felt like a broken record, repeating yourself.
“Good, good. And everything is all set for tomorrow’s interview?”
Jin finally jumped in. “Everything is completely taken care of, sir. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. I give you my word that by the time you’re awake tomorrow, Euphoria’s Rise and Shine! Interview will be the top trending item on every social media platform.”
Stabbing the mute button on his phone, you turned to your coworker as your boss expressed how pleased he was to hear Jin’s response. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep!”
He clucked his tongue. “Have some faith, Princess. I know what I’m doing.” He unmuted the phone as Sejin began to wind down. “Thank you for checking in, sir. I really appreciate it. We’ll have Euphoria back in the number one spot by the time we touch down back home on Saturday!”
“Let’s hope so. That promotion is riding on it. For one of you, anyway.” As if you could forget. “Have a good evening.”
“You too, sir!” Jin pocketed his phone as he finished his whiskey.
“Holy shit, Jin, do you always have to kiss so much ass? How the fuck hasn’t Sejin gotten tired of your bullshit yet?”
“Are you jealous? I can kiss your ass too, if you want. Or anywhere else you’d like.” He puckered cartoonishly.
A gagging noise was your response, making him laugh. His stuttering windshield wiper giggle hit you like nails on a chalkboard.
You drained the last drop of your whiskey and stood. “Okay, I’m calling it. Good night, Jin.”
“Good night, Princess. Don’t forget - I’m just a wall away if you need me.”
You just rolled your eyes, dodging as he blew you a kiss. That ridiculous squawk of a giggle followed you up the stairs to your bedroom, where you closed the door with an exhausted sigh.
Saturday couldn’t arrive fast enough.
At five am on the dot, you tossed back the plush blankets on your ridiculously comfy bed and climbed out. Pausing by the window, you glanced out at the forest behind the house. Dawn was still several hours away, so the world outside was cloaked in darkness. Not an early riser by nature, you sighed, shuffling off to shower yourself awake.
To your complete lack of surprise, you were the first to arrive downstairs. Hobi sat at the dining room table, sipping on a mug of coffee, while Yoongi bustled back and forth from the kitchen, arms laden with plates of food - sausages, bacon, home fries, pancakes, basically any breakfast food you could think of, he brought out.
“Good morning,” Hobi beamed.
“Good morning.” Taking a seat, you smiled gratefully at Yoongi as he set a steaming mug of coffee in front of you. “Yoongi, you’ve outdone yourself. This is a veritable feast!”
“That’s my Yoongi,” Hobi cooed, pinching Yoongi’s cheek. “Always spoiling everyone.” Yoongi dipped his head in embarrassment, but not before you caught a little gummy smile lighting up his handsome face.
Feet pounded down the stairs, and Jungkook stuck his head into the dining room, purple hair bouncing. “Oh shit, that looks good!” he crowed, grabbing a plate and loading it with food. Jin arrived not long after, and followed suit. Jimin and Taehyung drifted down last, immediately digging into Yoongi’s banquet.
Jin was once again dressed to kill in another crisply tailored suit, this time in charcoal grey, a white tie expertly knotted at his throat. Meanwhile, you had dressed in a chunky oversized sweater and thick wool skirt with your knee-high boots, wanting to look stylish while staying warm at the concert venue.
And then there was the band.
Of the three, Jimin was the most casually dressed, if one could consider wearing a two thousand dollar red satin Saint Laurent jacket to be “casual.” Underneath, he wore a simple white t-shirt, with several long necklaces dangling on his chest, and black jeans. Taehyung appeared to be headed on a dreamy date, dressed in a blousy white top, slightly unbuttoned, with a black boutonniere and a black and white scarf tied loosely around his neck. And Jungkook’s tall frame was adorned in a sheer black top under a leopard print button up, completely unbuttoned, and obscenely tight leather pants.
Not exactly the best outfits for an interview about a holiday-themed album. You made a mental note to look into purchasing some ugly Christmas sweaters for the fan-meeting tomorrow - surely you could find those at Santa’s Workshop, right?
As everyone ate in comfortable silence, you cleared your throat.
“Morning, guys. We need to leave here no later than seven for the meet and greet with the mayor and the Rise and Shine! taping. Remember, this is live tv, and the local paper will be there to take photos as well. So please, no swearing and no rude gestures.” You stared directly at Jungkook, who nodded.
“Got it, Mom,” Jimin chirped as he reached for another stack of pancakes.
“Sorry, noona.”
Despite your months of experience working with the media, and despite the fact that you yourself were not going to be on tv, you were nervous as fuck as the band prepared for their interview. Tiny pinpricks of sweat began to bead on your forehead as you and Jin watched from the wings of the stage.
The venue for the big comeback concert was the town’s small community theatre space, a boxy room with a simple stage and approximately 200 seats in the audience. Beyond the Sound was clearly hoping for an intimate experience for the lucky ticket holders, all of whom were longtime Euphoria fan club members who had been randomly selected in a raffle.
Rise and Shine! had sent a single camera operator and one producer to oversee the remote interview, and they were hustling about, preparing for the live feed. The photographer from the local paper was sitting in the audience, waiting for the mayor to arrive so she could snap a few photos of him with the band. Meanwhile, the band members themselves were helping each other touch up their makeup. So you were left with only Jin to calm your nerves.
Naturally, he wasn't helping.
Instead of focusing on the scene in front of him, or helping you take your mind off of your anxiousness, Jin scrolled through his phone, giving off the appearance of a man who would rather be anywhere else in the world.
Well, honestly, so would you, but you had a fucking job to do, so you were going to make sure it went off without a hitch.
"Shouldn't the mayor be here by now?" you asked, glancing at your watch. In less than fifteen minutes, the irritatingly chipper hosts of the morning program would be streaming through the monitor in front of you as they asked Euphoria some blandly inane questions about their album. The mayor was supposed to participate in the conversation and really help sell the whole folksy angle your company was hoping to achieve.
“I’m sure he’s on his way. Just breathe, Princess.” Scroll, scroll, scroll.
“Stop. Calling. Me. That,” you spat through gritted teeth, as the door at the back of the theater suddenly slammed open.
“I’m here!” a voice yelled. As everyone watched, a tall, beefy man in a beanie and black peacoat dashed down the aisle towards the stage. He tripped over his own feet and you gasped, expecting him to faceplant, but he recovered and kept running.
Hand outstretched, he made a beeline for you and Jin. “I’m so sorry I’m late!” he huffed. “Hi, I’m Namjoon Kim, nice to meet you.”
“Mr. Mayor, it’s lovely to meet you,” You shook his hand. “Thank you for allowing us to hold our concert in your beautiful town!”
Jin snickered softly. If that ass kisser thought you were laying it on too thickly, then you definitely were overdoing it. Fighting the urge to stomp on his big clown feet, you smiled at the mayor as if you hadn’t heard anything.
“Oh, it’s our honor to host you! And please, call me Namjoon,” he smiled, shaking Jin’s hand in turn. “I was sad to hear that I wouldn’t get to meet Irene after all our correspondence. She seemed very… thorough.”
“Yeah, Irene never left anything to chance,” Jin laughed. “I can only imagine the novel-length emails she sent you.”
Another glance at your watch. Ten minutes. The band members had finished their touch-ups and were now… uh…
Where the hell had they gone?!
“Would you please excuse me?” you smiled at Namjoon, shot Jin a look, and left the two men standing there, discussing Irene’s Type A tendencies.
Wandering the backstage area of the theater, you hissed names like a balloon slowly leaking air. “Jimin? Taehyung? Jungkook! Where the hell are you??”
“Relax, noona.”
Stifling a scream, you whirled and found Jimin snickering behind you. “Fuck! Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on a person?”
“I wasn’t sneaking, you just couldn’t hear me over the sound of your panicking,” he replied drolly. “Come on, they’re back here.”
You followed him into a small dressing room, where Taehyung and Jungkook were digging through racks of costumes.
“What are you -”
“Found one!” Jungkook interrupted you, proudly brandishing a Santa hat. “And look, here’s a pair of reindeer antlers, Jimin.” He tossed a headband at his bandmate.
“Perfect! What about Tae?”
Taehyung turned away from a mirror on the wall, where he had been inspecting his handsome visage. He tucked his long hair back, revealing a pair of elf ears.
You couldn’t help but laugh. “You guys look fantastic - very holiday appropriate! Now, why don’t you go get your mics and get ready for the countdown?”
Santa Jungkook and Elf Taehyung strolled out of the room. But Reindeer Jimin merely shook his head. “You really don’t have to worry about us, noona. We know what to do. How to hit our marks and spout the company lines.”
“I wasn’t worried!” you lied.
“Right. Of course not.” He trailed you back to the stage. “Why would you worry? It’s not like you haven’t heard a million nasty stories about us, right? About how difficult we are, how unprofessional, always needing tons of close handling. Nothing like that?”
You blinked, but didn’t reply, unsure what to say. The last thing you wanted to do was rile him up when they were mere seconds away from a live broadcast.
Jimin laughed derisively. “That’s what I thought.” He waved the producer over, patiently letting her mic him up. “I know what everyone at Beyond the Sound thinks of us, even though most of you never even met us.”
“I’m not sure what you’re referring to,” you fudged, trying to untangle yourself from this situation. “Beyond the Sound has always championed Euphoria. We’re doing everything we can to make sure you guys are taken care of, and to see that your comeback is a success.” You gave him a shaky smile. “We have your best interests at heart.”
“Ha!” he huffed, shaking his head. “Our best interests. If you say so, noona.”
He left you gawking as he joined his bandmates, introducing himself to the mayor. Four stools had been placed on the stage, in front of a simple snowy backdrop and a large fake Christmas tree. As they settled in, the producer waved her arm, indicating the countdown to being live had begun.
“You okay, Princess?” Jin whispered as you clenched and unclenched your fists, silently counting along with the producer.
“Of course,” you sniffed. “Everything’s fine.”
Jimin’s words had rattled you a little, but you weren’t about to tell Jin that.
“They’ve got this. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.”
The lights were off in the wings, and in the darkness, you could barely make out Jin’s profile. He looked completely relaxed, as usual.
“Will you stop saying that stupid phrase? It’s completely inane!”
Jin just honk laughed.
The interview went off without a hitch. Jimin was right - Euphoria were seasoned pros, and knew how to handle the press. The only slight hiccup came courtesy of the mayor. As he gestured to the venue space behind him, he nearly smacked Taehyung in the face. Taehyung spun to avoid his arm, which made Jimin guffaw, which led to him falling off his stool.
Could’ve been worse.
After lunch, the road crew showed up to set up for rehearsal. You sat in the audience and flipped through notes on your phone as the band practiced their setlist for the concert. Jin had folded himself into a seat in the row behind you, legs propped up, humming along to the music floating through the theater.
Euphoria’s new album was a mix of holiday standards like “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and several original songs, including the one they were currently playing, nonsensically named “Claus I Said So!”
“Oh god,” Jin murmured, leaning forward to rest his arms on the back of the seat next to you. “This might be the worst Christmas song in the history of the world. How do they expect this to sell albums?”
You scowled at the sudden nearness of him. “They don’t. They expect us to sell them, remember?” He did have a point, though. The song was truly atrocious, the lyrics some vapid nonsense about how everyone had to do Santa’s bidding or there would be no Christmas this year. But all Santa kept telling everyone to do was to “rock!”
Mentally, you added earplugs to your list of items to bring to the concert.
“I’m honestly surprised they agreed to this album in the first place,” Jin admitted.
You stopped scrolling long enough to turn and look at him. “What do you mean?”
He shrugged. “I understand why they went along with the punk album. They do have legitimate musical talent and it was an opportunity to flex their skills. The screamo album took a lot of persuading from Irene, and I heard even Sejin had to cajole them a bit. But a holiday album?” He shook his head in disbelief. “Never thought they’d agree to it. Especially now that I’m hearing the songs they were given - could you imagine having to sing this crap with a straight face?”
“Literally what the fuck are you talking about?”
Euphoria were chameleons, constantly changing their look and their sound. But that was all them. Always their idea, always their music.
Wasn’t it?
Jin stared at you. “Oh, Princess, tell me you know.”
“I know what?” Your eyes narrowed.
“That Beyond the Sound is responsible for all of Euphoria’s crazy reinventions? The company plans out every album, from concept to songs?” His eyebrows shot up at your silence. “Oh no, you really thought they came up with all that crap?” He gestured at the stage. “Do they look like they want to be performing this tripe?”
The song ended, shifting into another original tune, “Don’t Be Elfish,” as you carefully examined the members on stage. Jimin’s eyes were as lifeless as a doll’s as he crooned into the microphone. Taehyung strummed his bass mindlessly, staring into space. Jungkook looked like an automaton, drumming mechanically.
They all seemed absolutely miserable.
Holy shit, how could you have missed this? All this time, thinking the band was full of chaotic wildlings who jumped from genre to genre on a whim, with no rhyme or reason. Assuming they were monsters that couldn’t be tamed.
And why had you thought these things? Because that’s what your company told you.
“Why what?”
You twisted in your seat to face him. “Why would they agree to this? To any of this?”
“Their contract. Beyond the Sound basically locked them into a terrible deal. Their original manager was… not a good guy.” He pursed his lips. “He made a hell of a lot of money off of them when they signed with Beyond the Sound, then split. Our company uses them as guinea pigs, trying to tap into new markets. The punk rock album got them a bunch of deals, but that last album didn’t net any new clients. Or fans.”
Well, shit. Maybe you needed to stop assuming so much based on what you heard around the office. That place seemed to be overflowing with lies.
Then again, how did you know that Jin wasn’t lying to you right now? Why should you trust him? He’d probably heard all this stuff through the rumor mill, too.
“That is… unfortunate. But at the end of the day, they signed on the dotted line. They agreed to this.” Even as the words left your lips, you doubted them slightly. But if you had to pick between listening to your employer or listening to your maddening coworker, you were choosing Beyond the Sound. “If they want those albums to sell, they’ll suck it up and sing those terrible songs.”
Were you imagining things or did Jin look disappointed with your response?
“Right. It’s all about the bottom line. Good thing you’re here to keep everything under control, Princess.” He leaned back again, out of sight.
But not out of mind, as his words kept tumbling through your head.
“This one’s for you, noona,” Jimin’s voice boomed over the sound system, interrupting your thoughts. You looked up to see him pointing at you, and the band launched into a slinky cover of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Jimin’s smooth voice poured out of the speakers, but it wasn’t loud enough to cover Jin’s laughter behind you.
“Shut it, Jin!”
The band seemed beat by the time rehearsal ended. The ride back to the Blitzen Inn was quiet. You didn’t mind, because you were still trying to make sense of your conversations with Jimin and Jin.
But everyone perked up once they saw what a feast Yoongi had whipped up for dinner. Large slabs of meat, various types of potatoes and grilled vegetables, and freshly baked breads covered the dining room table. As everyone tucked in, Hobi played the gracious host, a role he was well suited to, asking questions and keeping the conversation rolling.
“So, this is your first time visiting the east coast in winter?” he inquired, pouring you some more wine.
“Mmmhmm. Any time I’ve been here before was during the summer.” You swirled your wine, letting it breathe. “I’m a little disappointed, honestly, that there’s no snow. I’ve never seen any.”
“Never?” Jin interjected, looking surprised. “None at all?”
You shook your head sadly.
“Not even at a ski resort or anything?”
“What exactly aren’t you grasping about never, Jin?”
“Well, I have some good news for you, then,” Hobi cut in with a smile. “They’re predicting we’ll get a little dusting tonight. Not much, but enough to cover the ground, at least.”
“It’s gonna snow?” Jungkook looked up from wolfing down his food. “When?”
“Later tonight. Again, it’s probably not going to amount to much, but at least you’ll get to finally see some,” Hobi said to you.
What a pleasant surprise. None of the weather channels you’d monitored prior to the trip had mentioned anything about snow. You didn’t care if it wasn’t going to amount to much - all you wanted to was to see those precious little snowflakes drifting down, just once. That would be more than enough.
“You know, snowy nights are perfect for cuddling by the fire,” Jimin informed you, sliding his chair closer. “Just picture it - you, me, a bottle of wine. Curled up on the couch, keeping each other warm. Doesn’t that sound nice?”
“What is this weird obsession with keeping me ‘warm’? Am I giving off hypothermic vibes?” you scoffed, taking a swig of wine.
Jin cackled as you held out your glass for more wine.
Dessert was yet another delicious extravaganza, this time a grand selection of little cakes. Yoongi truly did spoil his guests. Afterward, Jin retired to his room to “network,” which you assumed meant he was probably going to nap. The band took up residence in the library, crowding around the piano as they discussed some tweaks to the concert setlist. Hobi and Yoongi were in the kitchen cleaning, so you had the sitting room to yourself. You turned on a fluffy holiday movie, a guilty pleasure of yours, letting it play in the background as you answered some work emails.
It wasn’t until halfway through the movie - just as the confused protagonist was about to realize she might have feelings for the antagonizing male lead - that you caught something flickering in the fading evening light outside the window.
Quickly setting your work aside, you dashed out into the hallway, grabbing your puffer coat from the rack by the door. Others must’ve noticed the snow as well, judging by the excited shouts you heard behind you as you pulled the front door open.
The world outside was awash in white. Snowflakes tumbled through the air, gently coming to rest on the lawn. You walked through the yard, tempted to spin in circles like the lead of one of those silly holiday movies you loved to hate.
Aw, fuck it.
Arms outstretched, you twirled, giggling to yourself as you tilted your face towards the sky. Opening your mouth, you caught a few flakes, letting them melt away on your tongue.
Eventually, your wandering led you to the gazebo, where you sat on a bench under the Christmas lights, feeling a strange sense of peace. The world was hushed, a serene silence falling over everything. You weren’t sure how long you’d been sitting there when you heard Jin’s voice.
“Oh, I missed it.”
You shifted and saw Jin walking towards the gazebo. He shuffled forward to join you, wrapped in his red plaid coat again, with a navy scarf tied around his neck, a rosy glow on his cheeks as the night air nipped at his face.
“You haven’t missed anything. It’s been snowing for a while.”
“Yeah, but I wanted to see it start. There’s something really magical about those first flakes.”
“Is that so?” Standing, you propped yourself against one of the pillars holding the roof up, and turned your face to the sky to watch the snow, sighing happily. Not even his irksome presence could bother you right now.
He nodded, stepping a little closer. “I grew up in the north, you know. There’s this moment when the cold air gets so crisp, you can almost feel time slowing, like it’s starting to freeze, too. The world stills. And then the clouds themselves begin to fall, bit by bit, fluttering to the ground as tiny snowflakes.”
“Fuck, maybe you should be in PR instead of management. You’re really selling it,” you commented drily.
Jin smiled, huffing a soft laugh. “I’m just trying to explain how beautiful that moment is. I really wanted to experience it again. And I…” He trailed off, shaking his head.
“You what?” you prompted him.
He cleared his throat. “I wanted to see the first snow with you. To share it with you, since I know you’ve never experienced it before.”
You hadn’t realized how close he was standing until you caught his gaze, his eyes shimmering like the delicate flakes that danced around you. His tongue licked nervously at his plump lips as his face angled down towards yours.
He looked so handsome in the soft glow of the Christmas lights, you could almost forget how annoying he was.
“Well, that’s just too bad,” you murmured, stepping down from the gazebo onto the path back to the house.
“Did you enjoy it, at least?” he called out as you retreated.
“It was lovely,” you replied over your shoulder, not looking back.
Nearly everyone had drifted outside to admire the snowfall. Hobi and Yoongi cuddled on the porch swing as Jungkook perched on the edge of the steps, attempting to pack what little snow was on the ground into a snowball. You briefly considered bribing him to aim for Jin.
Meanwhile, Jimin leaned in the doorway. “Come watch the snow with me, noona,” he wheedled, batting his eyelashes. “Look.” He pointed to where a little green sprig dangled over the porch swing. “Want to take a turn after our hosts get up?”
You rolled your eyes. “Give it up, Park.”
“Aw, come on, you don’t want to sit under the mistletoe with me?” He pouted. Despite your best efforts, your gaze flitted to his luscious mouth briefly. You knew millions of his fans would die to be in your shoes at that moment.
If only you could switch with any one of them.
“Believe it or not, I don’t.” you remarked, sweeping past him into the house. Over your shoulder, you called out, “Besides, mistletoe is not romantic. It’s a parasite!”
“Don’t worry. He knows you’re not interested,” a deep voice rang out from the library as you passed by.
You wandered into the room to find Taehyung sitting at the baby grand, fingers gently coaxing a soft melody from the keys.
“What did you say?”
“Jimin.” His dark eyes assessed you as you took a seat in a plump armchair near the wall of books. “He knows. He’s just flirting for show.”
“Jimin? The world renowned player?” You frowned. “Flirting is his first language. What do you mean, it’s for ‘show’?”
“He’s acting. Playing the part written for him, to prevent the truth from getting out.”
You were lost. “And that is…?”
“He’s celibate.”
“Shut up!” You popped upright, stunned. “But… all those scandals! What about the flings, the one night stands?
“They never existed.” The key changed, shifting to minor. “All lies, dreamt up by Beyond the Sound, to deflect from the reality of the situation.”
“Why?” Once again, you found yourself struggling to understand. “Why would they fabricate such wild stories? Why hide the fact he’s celibate?”
Taehyung laughed mirthlessly. “To mold him into their desired image. Who wants a lead singer who’s abstinate? Euphoria needs a sexy star for fans to ooh and ahh over.”
Mulling his words, you fell silent, allowing Taehyung’s song to wash over you as you reflected. He was such a gifted pianist, and you mourned all the music he’d never been given the chance to play, being forced to perform Beyond the Sound’s dreck instead.
“Taehyung… when you were working on the punk album… why did you lock yourself in the studio for six days?”
If the sudden change in topic threw him, you wouldn’t know it. He continued to play as he answered. “I never did that. That’s when I flew back to Korea, to be with my family when my father was ill.” He dipped his head, striking the keys hard as the music swelled. “But we couldn’t have that getting out, could we? Wouldn’t exactly look like a tempermental artiste if it turned out that not only did I not write the album, but I spent the time I was supposed to be doing so at my ailing father’s bedside.”
Fuck, was anything you’d ever heard at work even remotely true?
“And what about Jungkook? I remember Irene comparing him to a wild animal, running untamed.”
He gave you a look. “You’ve seen him. He’s not some feral beast. He's… he’s a puppy. Too much energy, sure, but also full of boundless enthusiasm. And sweetness. He’d do anything for any of us, even our hosts if they asked.”
You ruminated for a moment. “Okay, so, basically, everything I know about Euphoria is a lie. But… why are you telling me all of this?” you asked.
He shrugged, fingers gently coaxing out quiet notes as the song began to diminuendo. “If I can be blunt?”
Waving your hand, you granted him permission.
“You don’t strike me as the next Irene. Or Sejin. You still have a soul.” He grinned sadly. “Don’t let Beyond the Sound take that from you.”
You blinked. Well, shit, you had told him he could be blunt.
The grandfather clock in the hallway struck ten.
“Don’t stay up too late, Taehyung,” you advised as you stood to leave. “Even if we don’t have an early start tomorrow, you should still get some rest.”
“Noted, noona.”
As you crossed the room, he called out your name, and you paused in the doorway.
“Maybe we’re not the only ones who deserve a second look.” His song ended, the last note sustaining as he turned to face you.
Okay, he was getting a little too personal now. But damn if he didn’t have perfect timing. Like a true artist.
With a curt nod, you walked away, heading for the quiet respite of your bed, and the blissful promise of sleep.
Snow. Everywhere you looked, as you stared out the window the next morning. The world was covered in white, shimmering in the cloud-filtered glow of the morning sun.
Bundling up in your robe, still dressed in your silky pajama set, you trudged downstairs and found Jin, Yoongi, and Hobi already gathered in the sitting room, watching the news. All were still in their pajamas as well. Jin was of course wearing a set of Louis Vuitton sleepwear. At this point, you assumed he’d just bought out the entire boutique.
“That’s right, Bob, as you can see here, we’re up to 13 inches and snow is still coming down! Looks like we might get that white Christmas after all!” the orange-hued weatherman yapped as he pointed to the screen behind him.
“Someone needs to lay off the self-tanner,” Jin snarked as Yoongi greeted you with a steaming mug of coffee. You were really going to miss the incredible service here when you returned home.
“Did he say 13 inches?” you inquired, blowing into your beverage.
Hobi nodded. “So far!”
Walking over to the windows, you peered outside. The road leading to the house was nowhere in sight. Yoongi joined you, munching on a biscuit held in one hand, the other clutching his coffee.
“At what time do they plow the road?”
Hobi and Yoongi laughed before they caught your expression.
“Oh, you’re serious?” Hobi blinked.
You frowned. “Sorry, lifelong beachtown resident here. I don’t know how it works when it snows. The city plows the roads, don’t they?” Leaving Yoongi at the window, you plopped down on the couch, grabbing a biscuit from a tray on the coffee table and slathering on some butter.
“Sure, they plow public roads. But we’re on a private road out here. So we’d have to plow it ourselves. And we don’t own anything that could do the job.” Yoongi explained. Almost 24 hours in their house and this was the first time you’d heard Yoongi actually speak.
“Plus, anyone who could do it for us is going to be busy today. And even if we could get the road plowed, the snow hasn’t actually stopped. So if you leave, you might end up snowed in somewhere else.” Hobi continued. “Or worse, you could get into a horrible accident on the slick roads.”
Jin sipped his coffee. “That all sounds terrible. Essentially, you’re saying we’re stuck here.” “For now, at least,” Hobi stated.
You and Jin exchanged a look. But before you could speak, a loud whoop sounded from upstairs. The two of you rushed to the doorway to see what was happening. “WOOOOOO! LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!”
Jungkook stampeded down the stairs, clad in only a towel. His dark purple hair dripped puddles on the hardwood as he dashed barefoot to the front door, wrenching it open. “I’m gonna make snow angels!” he shouted as he sprinted outside.
“What just happened?” you asked, stunned.
“Am I seeing things or is he only wearing a towel?” Jin asked.
From his post at the window, Yoongi smirked. “Well, he was wearing a towel.”
The speed with which you snapped out of your trance and ran outside was nothing short of superhuman. “Jungkook, naked snow angels aren’t a thing!!”
By midday, the snowfall total was up to 18 inches. And there seemed to be no end in sight.
“I don’t understand,” you groused, still in your robe, still on the couch. “Aren’t these people supposed to be professionals? Don’t they make an entire career out of predicting this stuff? How did they not see this coming??”
Irene had done an incredible amount of legwork for the trip, including compiling initial weather reports and consulting almanacs to determine how close to the holiday the concert could occur without the threat of inclement weather. Once you’d taken over, you’d done the same, making sure to keep updated on any changes that could potentially derail the concert.
Not a single report had said anything about a freaking blizzard.
You mentally added meteorologists to your ever-growing list of enemies. It was practically a novel at this point.
Everyone was now gathered in the sitting room, all staring at the tv in surprise and dismay. Well, you were dismayed. Jungkook was thrilled, Taehyung and Jimin were a strange mix of concerned and excited, and Hobi and Yoongi were indifferent.
And Jin? He was relaxed as always.
“It is what it is,” Jin proclaimed sagely. You stopped glaring at the weatherman long enough to glare at him instead. “What? I’m just saying, we can’t do anything or go anywhere right now. Might as well make the best of it.”
“That’s the idea!” Hobi chirped, nudging his husband. “Yoongs, maybe we can whip up a special snow day dinner for everyone? Something to warm them and lift their spirits at the same time.”
Yoongi tipped his head, contemplating. “Let me see what I have to work with. Maybe some sort of stew? Of course, if we’re having stew, I’ll need to bake some sort of crusty bread to go with it…” He trailed off as he strolled into the kitchen.
“Perfect.” Hobi clapped his hands, rubbing them excitedly. “Until then, we have plenty to keep you entertained! In addition to books, there are puzzles and games in the library. And we have lots of extra winter gear on hand, in case anyone wants to go outside.”
“If anyone needs me, I’ll be napping.” Taehyung announced as he disappeared upstairs.
“You said there are puzzles in the library?” Jimin inquired, drawing a curious look from you. “Some people meditate. I do jigsaws, okay? They’re very calming.” He wandered off in search of his zen.
“Jungkook, have you ever made a snowman?”
Jungkook just looked at Hobi with wide eyes, who giggled and gestured for the drummer to follow him.
“Hey, do you hear that?” Jin cupped his hand behind his ear.
“I don’t hear anything.”
“Exactly! Isn’t it wonderful?” Jin grinned. “If this snow gets us out of babysitting for a few hours, then it can’t be that bad, can it?” He stretched and leaned back on the couch, flipping idly through the channels. “I think I’m just going to watch a movie. What about you?”
“Are you serious?” you sputtered incredulously. “What am I going to do? I’m going to do my job! Which is what you should be doing!”
Confusion twisted Jin’s pretty features. “What exactly am I supposed to do? Did you not just have the same conversation as the rest of us? We’re stuck here!”
“Just because our hosts don’t want to hire a plow doesn’t mean we should just give up! I refuse to believe we’re just housebound for the day. There has to be a way to get someone out here to dig us out!”
“The band will be fine if they can’t rehearse today. They’re pros.”
All you could think about was your boss’s threat about Irene not being the only one leaving Beyond the Sound. “Sure, that’s fine, but what about the fan signing event tonight? We need that support!”
Jin frowned, eyebrows drawing in tight. “Come on, you heard what Hobi and Yoongi said. The plows are going to be busy with public roads. And we shouldn’t go out there until the snow stops. Do you really want to spend the night at that Christmas shop if we end up snowed in?”
You threw up your hands. “No, of course not! But I can’t just sit here and do nothing. I’m not built that way.”
“Built what way?”
“Built like you!”
“Yah, what does that mean?” He blinked, sitting up.
“It means that I can’t just take it easy and smile and wink and expect everything to magically fall into place for me!” All the frustration that had been building as the snow fell was starting to bubble to the surface as your voice rose slightly. “If you can’t use your charms to get it done, then it’s not getting done! Meanwhile I work my ass off, because I actually give a damn about my job!”
“Again with the snide comments about me not taking things seriously! Is that really what you think of me?” Jin asked, jumping to his feet. “That I’m some lazy asshole who doesn’t give a shit?” “Well, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and shoots finger guns like a fucking lameass duck... ” Springing to your feet, you took a step forward as he stepped back. “Yes, that’s exactly what I think!”
At that moment, Yoongi walked into the room carrying a tray of cookies. Spotting the two of you circling the coffee table in an intense standoff, he smoothly executed a swift one-eighty degree turn, and walked back out of the room.
“Are you kidding me? I’m the only one here who cares!”
Laughing dismissively, you doubled over. “You? YOU? Come the fuck on!”
“Yes, me! Because I am the only one concerned about our clients!”
Red. Your vision literally turned red for a second as your blood boiled. “Excuse me?? How dare you insinuate that I don’t care about them!”
“It’s true!” he nearly shouted, gesturing wildly with his hands as he spoke. “You care about the job, sure - just the numbers! Ratings, views, sales. That’s it! That’s all you give a damn about! Meanwhile, I’m trying to ensure that our clients - the actual living breathing musicians we’re meant to serve, the people - are safe and sound and happy! Look at right now, for example - you really want to send them out there in this?” He waved his hand towards the window. “Why? Just so they can sell a few albums?”
“It’s not just a few albums, it’s also our jobs on the line,” you hissed.
Jin just shook his head. “Not to mention, they’ve told us how miserable they are with Beyond the Sound - don’t look so shocked, I know what they’ve said to you, because they’ve said it to me, too! But all you do is recite the company line to get them to shut up and do whatever is best for the numbers - not what is best for them!”
A loud voice hollered from upstairs. You and Jin drifted into the hallway to peer up the stairs at Taehyung, who leaned over the railing, looking pissed off in his plaid pajamas.
“Some people are trying to sleep! Either take this outside, or buy me some better ear plugs!”
Neither of you responded, locked in a fierce staring contest.
“Well?” You gestured in Taehyung’s direction. “Your client is not happy, Jin! Shouldn’t you do something about it?”
Jin glared at you. “Just tell me - are you planning on doing your oh-so-important work out of this room today?”
You blinked, confused at the abrupt shift. “Maybe? I haven’t decided yet, why?”
“Because,” he yelled over his shoulder as he stomped up the stairs, “I want to be wherever you are not!” He punctuated his sentence by slamming his bedroom door shut.
Jimin’s head poked out of the library doorway. He clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “Uh-oh, Mom and Dad are fighting. Looks like we’re getting two Christmases this year!”
“Shut it, Park!” you snapped, whirling and stalking back into the sitting room. Sinking onto the couch, you stared at the ceiling, wondering exactly when things had gone from potential nightmare to outright catastrophic disaster.
Despite you doing your best all afternoon to find one, there were no plows anywhere even remotely nearby who could dig you out. Which meant the fan-signing event at Santa’s Workshop had to be cancelled.
By the time dinner ended, you were starting to worry that the concert tomorrow might also suffer the same fate.
And that no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t going to pull off this assignment after all.
A long dram of your hot cocoa did little to settle your nerves, despite the large kick of peppermint schnapps Yoongi had generously added for you. This was your second mug, and you were still too keyed up to feel the effects of the liquor.
“At some point, it will stop snowing, right?” You asked the question half in jest, gazing out the window of the sitting room at the flakes that just kept falling and falling, but the tone of your voice betrayed your anxiety.
For once, you’d gotten your wish. The world outside was indeed a sea of white. Unfortunately, it seemed to be just as boundless as the ocean itself.
“Don’t worry,” Hobi said comfortingly, “it can’t snow forever.” He was lying on one of the velvet couches, still keeping an eye on the weather channel.
Jimin and Yoongi sat on the floor around the coffee table, assembling a jigsaw of a covered bridge together. Jungkook was draped across the other couch, lost in his VR headset again. You could hear Taehyung in the library, tickling the ivories and providing you with rather soothing background music.
Or it would have been soothing were you not wound so tightly that you were about to pop.
Jin had returned to his room as soon as the dishes were cleared from the dinner table. You were fine with that. Let the baby pout. After what he’d said to you, accusing you of only caring about numbers, you hoped you didn’t see his stupid face again for as long as possible.
Yoongi glanced up at his husband, idly flipping a puzzle piece over in his long fingers. “Remember that snowstorm two years ago? Snowed for almost 48 hours straight. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever seen.” You must’ve looked frightened at the prospect of the snow continuing for another day, because he hastily added, “But I’m sure that won’t be the case today. That was a freak storm, a fluke.”
“You mean, a fluke like an unexpected blizzard?” you squeaked.
Yoongi’s mouth set in a firm line. “This is why I usually don’t talk to our guests.”
Hobi rubbed his husband’s shoulder reassuringly. “It’s okay, dear.”
“If the concert’s cancelled, is it really the end of the world?” Jimin mused. “The album will drop no matter what. Our fans know it’s coming.”
You bit your lip, remembering Sejin’s words. “There’s a lot more riding on this than you know, Park,” you muttered under your breath, turning away from the others in the room to stare forlornly out the window.
As you watched the swirling eddies of snow drift past the window, something gnawed at you.
You’d always known Beyond the Sound was a greedy corporation, bent on dominating the charts and keeping the cash flowing in. You weren’t naive. Or at least, you hadn’t thought you were. But how had you missed the way your company was treating its clients? You truly thought they were being taken care of while Beyond the Sound rode their success all the way to the bank.
All the conversations you’d had in the past 24 hours left you unsettled, and had you wondering if you even wanted your promotion anymore. Yet you couldn’t stop thinking of it as already yours. Maybe if the concert got cancelled, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, as Jimin had said… even if you lost your job?
Damn, the schnapps must’ve been kicking in, if you were contemplating unemployment without batting an eye.
With a sigh, you wandered away from the window. It was funny how quickly you’d tired of that unending whiteness outside.
Hobi patted the space on the couch next to him and you took a seat.
“So now what?” you asked. “We just… sit here and keep waiting?”
“Yep.” Hobi ran his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as he leaned against his legs. You averted your gaze, trying to ignore the way your heart panged at the soft sight. It had been so long since someone had stroked your hair like that. “We hunker down and wait for it to pass. Eventually, we’ll have to dig ourselves out, and figure out the plow situation. But until the snow stops, there’s nothing for us to do, but eat, drink, and be merry!” He grinned, his sunny personality not dimmed in the slightest by the stressful situation unfolding around him.
What it must be like to be an optimist. Couldn’t be you.
“We’ll be fine, noona,” Jimin concurred, smiling reassuringly. “As long as the - “
The room was suddenly plunged into darkness. Total, complete blackness, almost smothering you. Your heart leapt into your throat.
“ - power doesn’t go out.”
Yoongi’s voice piped up. “You just had to say something about the power, didn’t you?”
An hour later, the electricity was still out. Candles placed around the sitting room provided weak illumination, shadows flickering as everyone settled in around the fireplace.
Well, everyone minus Jin, who remained in his room. Maybe he was sleeping through the blackout. Maybe he was still being a jerk. Those things weren’t mutually exclusive.
You’d finally shed your bathrobe, replacing it with the down comforter from your bed. Everyone else was similarly bundled in their bedding as you waited to find out what was going on outside.
A hand-cranked radio brought you bad news - the power was out for more than half the state, with no estimates of when it would return. Your hosts had some minor good news, in that they had a gas-powered generator, but it could only run for 12 hours max before it would need refilling. And that would be difficult to do if it kept snowing.
“We should reserve the generator to power the fridge and to keep the water from the well running,” Yoongi explained. “For now, I think it’s best we all hang out downstairs, where the fireplaces can help us stay warm.”
“What about Jin-hyung?” a pile of blankets on the floor asked. A purple-haired head poked out. “Should someone go get him?”
Everyone looked at you.
“Why me?” you bristled. “You all heard that asshole earlier. Fuck, I think the surrounding states heard him announce he doesn’t want to be anywhere near me!”
“Maybe this is a good chance to apologize,” Taehyung intoned, leveling a look in your direction. You shot back a glare, and he suddenly seemed to find the dancing flames in the fireplace very interesting.
Jimin wouldn’t meet your eye, and Jungkook dove back into his blankets. With a frustrated sigh, you arranged your comforter around yourself like a cape, and angrily stalked upstairs.
Armed with a flashlight, courtesy of Hobi, you exhaled loudly before knocking on Jin’s door.
“Jin? Are you awake?”
Silence. He was probably sleeping after all. Well, you tried, so maybe everyone could get off your back.
A muffled voice called out as you turned to leave. “What do you want?”
Just the sound of his voice made your teeth clench. “Everyone’s downstairs waiting for the power to come back. It’s warmer down there, with the fireplaces. You should come down too.”
No response.
“Jin, did you hear me? You shouldn’t stay upstairs right now.” You frowned. “Don’t freeze your ass off because you’re a stubborn - “
The door flew open, and your rant died on your lips as you were met by a very rumpled Jin, who’d clearly just woken up. His normally polished facade was missing. Instead, he looked very soft, eyes blinking sleepily, mouth yawning gently. He still wore his pajama pants, but he’d removed his top.
Your eyes swept over his broad chest and the curve of his biceps as he leaned his arm on the doorframe. He was more well-built than you’d ever imagined, a slight ripple of abs greeting you as you jerked your gaze away before it drifted too far south.
Not that you’d ever imagined him shirtless. Of course not.
Well, maybe when you’d first met, before he’d opened his mouth.
Suddenly incredibly conscious of where you were looking, you stared at his hair. Such majestic fluff, the shiny strands bouncing as he dragged a hand over his face, peering at you questioningly. You longed to run your fingers through it. It probably felt like silk.
Okay, no more schnapps for you.
“Stubborn what?”
You shook your head. “Nevermind. Look, just come down, okay? There’s no estimate on when the power will return, so we’re keeping warm by the fire.”
The gaze that swept over you was cold, appraising. “Nah. I’m fine here.”
Jin tried to close the door, but you stuck your foot in, blocking it. He kept pushing, and you shoved against the door, stumbling through the gap into his room.
“Hey! I’m trying to keep you from dying of hypothermia, you prick!” you snapped, yanking your blanket through the door as it swung shut. You set the flashlight on the floor, aiming it upward so that the room was dimly lit by the beam.
He just huffed out a noisy breath, flopping onto his bed. “Don’t be so dramatic. It’s not that cold.”
“Not yet, but it will be, the longer we go without the heating on.”
“Oh, now you’re an expert on how exposure works? Great. Let me just settle in for this lecture,” he grumbled, burying his face into his pillow.
You were cursed. That was the only explanation for why you were stuck with this giant manbaby, in an unexpected blizzard, during the most important week of your career.
And you were over it.
Tossing your blanket cape to the floor, you stalked across the room and jumped onto his bed, jostling him violently.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he yelped, rolling onto his back. You drew yourself up onto your knees, straddling his calves as you glared down at him.
“Clearly, you and I are never going to see eye-to-eye on how we work. That’s fine. We don’t have to be friends. I just need you to stop being a baby and come downstairs because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting that promotion if I return to work without you because you froze to death!”
Jin sat up quickly, knocking you off balance as his face suddenly came within inches of yours. “Yah, that promotion is mine, first of all! And secondly, I’m not going to freeze!”
“Why can’t you just do what I’m asking you to?” you snarled, poking him in the chest.
“Why can’t you just realize that maybe your way isn’t the only way!” he retorted, grabbing your hand.
“You drive me insane!”
His eyes flashed as he tugged on your hand, pulling you closer. “The feeling’s mutual, Princess!”
Before you could shout once again about that irritating nickname, his lips smashed against yours.
Despite the quickly chilling room around you, you were burning up, flames licking at your skin as Jin ran his hands down your back, holding you flush against him as your mouths fought for dominance. Biting, tongues colliding, grunting and sighing into one another.
Fuck, he was an incredible kisser. His plump lips felt like heaven as they tangoed viciously with yours. Why the fuck were you always fighting, when you could be doing this instead?
“I bet you’ve been dreaming about this, Princess,” he murmured, mouth gliding down your neck.
Oh, right, because he was a complete asshat.
“Hardly.” Your teeth found his earlobe and you nibbled sharply, making him gasp. “I’m only doing this so you’ll shut the fuck up for a moment and listen to me.”
He laughed, lips vibrating against your throat, and then it was your turn to gasp as he threw you onto your back, covering your body with his own.
The solid warmth of him did nothing to cool you down as he kissed you urgently. Hands roamed everywhere. Your fingers combed through his messy hair, and you belatedly noted that the strands were in fact as smooth as satin.
Jin’s lips trailed down your chest, over your shirt, and stopped at your waist. “I don’t suppose you’d want to take this off,” he said, jerking on the hem of your top, “considering we might turn into icicles at any second.”
Scowling, you shoved him away. “Shut the fuck up and undress me.” Less talking, more action. You didn’t want to think anymore.
You just wanted to feel.
Jin complied, ridding you of your pajamas in seconds. He let out an appreciative hum when he noticed that you wore nothing underneath, hands immediately flying to your breasts, caressing them. Urging you to lie back down, his mouth closed in until he captured a nipple between his teeth.
For several heavenly minutes, no words were spoken. The only sounds in the room were the wet noises of his mouth as he suckled at your tits, lavishing both with attention, and the sighs of satisfaction that spilled from your lips.
Eventually, you broke the spell. “Jin.”
“Mmm?” he hummed around your nipple. Dark eyes gazed at you, and you clenched at the heat you recognized in them.
It was the same blaze that burned in you.
“As nice as this is, can we move things along?” Your pussy ached terribly, dying for his touch.
He snorted, pulling off your tit with a pop. “You really can’t stop and enjoy yourself for very long, can you? Always down to business.”
You would’ve argued, but as he spoke, his hand sank between your legs, finding and stroking your clit. So instead, all that came out was, “Hnnnnnghhh,” as you bucked against him.
“Maybe I need to help you, huh? Show you how to relax.” He licked a line between your breasts, down your navel, towards where his slender fingers were now sliding through your folds. “Ah, so wet. Good. You’re gonna need to be soaking for me.”
“What does that - ohhhhh.”
One long finger slipped inside, crooking, dragging against your inner wall. Your eyes slipped shut in bliss.
Only to reopen in surprise as his mouth closed around your clit.
If you’d thought his lips felt amazing against your mouth, the sensation of him kissing that tiny bud was out of this world. His finger continued to slide inside you as he licked at your slit.
“More,” you demanded breathily, hands digging into the soft sheets of his bed. He was moving too slowly for your liking - wasn’t he burning up, too?
“Patience, Princess. I have to get you ready,” he insisted, slipping a second finger inside. You tossed your head back at the intrusion.
“What the… oh… the fuck do you mean, get me ready? I’m not a fucking virgin, dumbass.”
In response, Jin removed his hand, making you whimper at the loss. He jumped off of the bed and untied the drawstring on his pajama bottoms, letting them drop to the floor.
Holy fucking shit.
“Holy fucking shit,” you gasped, staring at the biggest cock you’d ever seen. Outside of porn, at least. No wonder he was always so confident, so sure of himself. It was easy to know you could always stand on your own two feet when you a third fucking leg to back you up.
He merely grinned, lazily stroking himself as he watched your reaction. “Like I said. I have to get you ready.”
That was going inside you? Fuck. “Well, then get back here and fucking get to work!”
“As you wish, Princess.” He climbed back onto the bed, once again settling between your legs.
“Jin, enough with the damn nicknaooohhhhh.” Your snipe turned into a moan as his fingers scissored you open. A third finger joined the fray and you were lost in rapture for a moment. Even though the stretch felt unusual, the way Jin pumped his hand made your toes curl.
His other hand splayed on your stomach, holding you in place no matter how much you squirmed. He lowered his head to nibble on your thighs, making you squeak, before his tongue plunged into your core.
“I could do this all night,” he professed, grinning mischievously. His chin was slick with your wetness. The sight was incredibly obscene and incredibly arousing. “Just lie here, tasting you, making you come undone on my fingers. Would you like that?”
“Nnnnnoooo,” you groaned, knowing that the way your body reacted to his touches told a different story.
He laughed, eyes crinkling with delight, fingers never ceasing. “I don’t believe you. As a matter of fact, I think I should do just that. Make you cum again and again. Show you how to enjoy yourself.” He licked his lips. “I know I’m enjoying you, that’s for damn sure.”
Part of you wanted to lie there and make him fulfill his threatened promises. But you could see his massive dick as it slapped against his stomach, and all you wanted was to go for a ride.
“Jin.” Somehow you managed to bite back a moan long enough to speak. “Either get me off right now or fuck me.”
“Again with the orders!” He sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes to the ceiling. “Fine. Have it your way, Princess.”
This time, when he pulled his hand away, you didn’t whimper. You full-on wailed.
His shoulders shook with laughter as he rummaged through his suitcase, searching for a condom. “I’m just doing what you told me! See, I’m listening! Isn’t that what you wanted?”
What you wanted was to kiss that stupid smirk right off his handsome face.
He knelt on the bed, making eye contact as he rolled the condom down his impressive length. You shuddered with anticipation, and a little apprehension. Sure, you weren’t a virgin, but none of the men you’d ever been with had been anywhere near as big as Jin.
As if he read your mind, Jin rubbed your thigh soothingly. “We’ll go slow, okay?”
You nodded.
Hovering over you, propped up on one elbow while lining himself up with the other hand, Jin dipped his head to kiss your neck. You tipped your head back, exposing more of your throat, and he took advantage of the slight distraction to slide in.
“Ohhhh.” He didn’t plunge all the way, just enough for you to feel a stretch. He wasn’t just long, he was also girthy, and the combination was intense.
“Okay?” he asked, lips tracing your ear.
He kept slowly sliding in, checking in with you, until he finally bottomed out. The feeling was unbelievable.
“Still doing all right?”
“I think I can feel you in the back of my throat.”
“And yet somehow, you keep talking.”
“Hey! I - “
He silenced you with a kiss. But it was different than before. Unhurried. As if he had all the time in the world and he intended to use every second.
And then he began to move.
You felt every inch of every stroke with your entire body, nerves alight with overwhelming pleasure. He slowly fucked you, hooking one arm under your thigh and bending it back until your knee pressed into your chest, opening you up even more to him.
He hit you so deep, you saw stars. Literal bursts of light with every thrust. Your nails scraped down his back as you clung to him, nearly out of your mind as you drowned in him. Nuzzling his face in your neck, he murmured how amazing you felt, how fucking tight you were, that you were doing so well, praising you as you writhed beneath him.
“Jin, fuck,” you cried out, fingers digging into his shoulders.
At first, you thought he was huffing for breath, but you quickly realized he was laughing.
“What do you think I’m doing, Princess?”
“Are you seriously cracking stupid jokes right now? Making yourself laugh?!” you grunted as his hips stopped moving while he cackled. “I thought you said it’s only fun for you if others cum first? I’m not fucking cumming yet!”
“Ah, you’re right, you’re not. I guess I should do something about that.”
“No, forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Frustrated, you pushed him away. He retreated to a sitting position, back against the headboard, and you crawled into his lap.
“You wanna ride this big cock?” he cooed.
“Shut the fuck up, Jin.” Obviously, yes, that is what you wanted to do.
“Whatever you want, Princess.” He smirked wickedly, tousled hair falling into his glimmering eyes.
That. Fucking. Name.
Positioning yourself above his large cock, you stared him dead in the eye as you impaled yourself, punctuating your words with every bounce of your hips.
“I fucking told you to stop!” bounce “Calling!” bounce “Me!” bounce “PRINCESS!”
You rode him like a woman possessed, hellbent on chasing your end. He hissed as your hips rolled, and tightened his arms around you.
“What should I call you, then? Hmm?” His lips brushed against your collarbone as he traced his way back to your breasts, tongue swirling circles in your skin as you arched into his hot mouth. “My queen? Sweetheart? Baby?”
A whine escaped your lips, high and needy, at that last word. You clapped a hand over your mouth, as if you could shove it back in, but it was too late. He’d heard.
“Oh, you like that? You want me to call you baby?” He suddenly lurched forward, and you found yourself on your back again. You mewled, and his tongue ran along your neck as he pumped away.
“Okay, baby, you got it.” Over and over, he buried himself deep inside you. His hands knotted in your hair, cradling your head. He kissed you breathless, tongue diving into your mouth and tangling with your own.
He felt so good, but you didn’t want to make love, you wanted him to fuck you and make you cum so hard you forgot your own name, so once again you shoved him away, and then swiftly flipped over, rising onto your hands and knees.
“Enough sweet talk,” you spat, glancing over your shoulder. “Are you going to make me cum or what?” You wiggled your ass.
Jin growled - audibly growled - and wrapped his large hands around your hips as he sank inside you again. You groaned at the change in angle, feeling his dick kiss your cervix, and began to pant as he pounded into you.
“Is this what my baby wants? Just a good, rough fuck?” Teeth sank into your shoulder, and you muffled a scream by pressing your face into a pillow. “Huh?”
You nodded, only to jump in shock as a hand swiftly smacked your ass. “Ah!”
“Use your words, baby,” he commanded. “I know you’re not shy. Tell me what you want.”
“Fuck, yes, give it to me hard,” you moaned.
He grunted, palm slapping your ass again, and you rolled your face to the side, swearing as the tempo of his rutting increased.
“Ah! Ah! Fuck!”
“You look so fucking good, all bent over for me.” Another smack landed on your cheek. “Always knew you would take this cock so well.”
“Stop talking!” you sneered, rubbing your clit furiously. “Just get me off!”
His fingers pinched your nipples and you yelped. “Still giving orders? Do I need to fuck you harder? Hold on, baby.”
There was no way he could possibly pound you any more furiously. And yet. He had you practically bouncing off the bed as he began to grunt harshly. Beyond words, all you could do was choke out strangled sobs as his hips slammed into you mercilessly.
“Is that what you need?”
“Ah! Yes!”
His strong hands flattened against your stomach, pulling you so your back was flush against his chest. He stilled for a moment, and you fought to catch your breath. You were a fucking mess, tongue lolling out of your mouth as you reclined against him, wanting more more more.
“Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” his husky voice rumbled in your ear. “I wanna feel this sweet cunt cum all over me. Are you ready?”
All you could do was moan.
“All right. Help me out.” He slid two fingers into your mouth. “Suck.”
You swirled your tongue over his long digits, keening as he slowly pulled his dick out and plunged back in again, thrusting into you so deeply, your eyes rolled back into your head. He hissed as your teeth grazed the rough skin of his fingers.
His other hand slid towards your throat.
“Want me to?” he whispered into your ear.
You nodded, then remembered how to speak. “Please!”
“If it’s too much, tap three times. Show me,” he rasped.
You tapped his arm once, twice, then a third time. Then you whined as his soaking fingers found your clit, rubbing the sensitive bead frantically.
Jin began to squeeze the sides of your throat, not enough to hurt, but enough to make you dizzy. His grip held you in place as he continued to snap his hips into you, all the while never stopping the way he strummed your clit.
Your head began to spin, from the lack of oxygen combined with the intense pleasure radiating from your core, where Jin’s thick cock and stroking fingers were too much, it was all too much, and you couldn’t take it, you couldn’t -
“Let go,” he ordered you, and his hand fell away from your neck.
You inhaled, blood rushing, eyes closing, legs collapsing as you shattered into a million pieces in Jin’s arms.
White-hot pulses of sheer ecstasy rolled through you as you climaxed with a loud cry. Jin held you up with one arm as he felt your walls tighten around him, and then he was cumming, face buried in your hair as he cursed a filthy string of obscenities.
Jin released his grip on your stomach, and you dropped onto the bed, exhausted, smothering your face into the pillow. He laid on his back next to you, his arm over his eyes as his chest heaved.
“You okay, baby?” A hand reached out, gently stroking your back as you tried to steady your breathing.
Oh fuck, he wasn’t going to want to cuddle now, was he? Your mind began to clear as your high abated, and the reality of what you’d just done hit you hard.
“I hope that was good for you, Jin, because it’s never happening again.” Throwing one leg over the edge of the bed, you tried to slip out, but a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, and you found yourself locked in his embrace instead.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you running off to, baby?”
You wriggled, trying to break free. How was he so strong? “I’m not running, we’re just done. And stop calling me baby. You don’t have to keep saying that, the moment’s passed.”
Jin spoke, voice a little more subdued than usual. “Right, the moment’s over. Back to business, then?”
He let go, and you rolled away. In no time, you were dressed, wrapping your comforter around yourself again. You grabbed the flashlight, and as the beam shifted, you caught sight of Jin’s face. Something you couldn’t identify shifted across it.
You blinked, and it was gone. The smooth facade was back in place as he looked at you.
“I’ll be down later. The cool air feels good right now.”
It did, but you still wanted to leave.
“Okay. We’ll save you a spot by the fire.”
A vague hum answered you as the door swung shut.
You awake feeling stiff the next morning, curled in a little ball. Stretching, you extended your legs over the edge of your bed, kicking your feet.
Oh shit, right, you didn’t sleep in your bed last night.
From your makeshift bed on the couch in the sitting room, you glanced down at where Jimin was sitting, rubbing his head.
“Sorry, Park,” you apologized. Wincing slightly, you sat up. You were very sore, but there was no way to stretch that out.
Jungkook was sprawled on the other couch, with Taehyung splayed on the floor below. Both were snoring lightly. You assumed Yoongi and Hobi were in their bedroom, since it had a fireplace of its own.
And there was Jin, curled up on the floor behind the couch.
You watched him sleep, contemplating. What if you hadn’t run away last night? Would it really have been so bad to wake up in those arms?
“Good morning,” Hobi called out as he entered the room. You put a finger to your mouth, pointing to the men still sleeping. He ducked his head slightly, and beckoned for you to follow him, pantomiming drinking to let you know there was coffee.
Wrapping yourself in your comforter like a human burrito, you wandered into the dining room, Jimin trailing close behind. There were already cinnamon rolls on the table, steaming hot, and mugs waiting for coffee.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but the electricity came back during the night,” Yoongi said, carrying a pot of coffee out of the kitchen.
That explained why you felt so warm in your blanket. The heat was on.
“And in other good news…” Hobi pointed at the window.
“It stopped snowing!” you cheered. You grabbed your mug to peek out the window. The snow was piled so high. There was probably no point in even bothering to ask about a plow coming, but you felt compelled to anyway. “We’re still not going anywhere today, are we?”
Hobi shook his head. “I’m sorry. I hate to say it, but I think you’re going to be stuck here a while longer.”
“So the concert is probably off,” Jimin said, pouring some sugar into his coffee.
You nodded. “I’m afraid so.”
“The concert’s off?” Jungkook asked as he stumbled into the room, yawning.
“Yeah. Concert’s off, power’s on, snow’s stopped. Have some coffee,” Jimin replied.
Before long, Taehyung wandered in, hair impressively fluffy from his slumber, and then Jin, once again clad in his full pajama set, taking the seat next to you. Word about the concert rippled around the table as Yoongi set out another ridiculous breakfast.
You tore into a second cinnamon roll, again lamenting that eventually you’d have to leave this place and Yoongi’s amazing meals behind, and were about to ask Hobi how he and Yoongi met when Jin cleared his throat.
“Hey.” He bent towards you, voice hushed. “Can we talk about last night?”
You stared at him, horrified. He wanted to talk about what you’d done, here? At the breakfast table? In front of everyone and your cinnamon roll?
“There’s nothing to talk about,” you whispered, sipping your coffee.
“Really?” Jin shot you a look. “You have no comment about what we did? Not even the way I choked you until you came on my big dick?”
Coffee shot into your nose as you inhaled sharply at his words. Hobi reached over and patted you on the back, trying to help you clear your lungs. You glared at Jin as you recovered.
“Watch what you say!” you hissed. “This isn’t the place or time!” You also wanted to ask if he was incapable of referring to his own dick without commenting on the size, but really didn’t want to be overheard.
“So where and when, then?”
“Nowhere and never!” Tossing your napkin on the table, you abruptly stood. “I’m going to go shower,” you announced to the table, and quickly strode away before Jin could respond, dragging your blanket behind you like a fuzzy tail.
Minutes after you’d retreated to the safety of your room, you lay on your bed, wrapped once again in your comforter. You knew you should shower, but you didn’t want to move. What you wanted, actually, was to become one with the bed. Just transform into a non-sentient pile of fluff and live out the rest of your days without having to think at all.
A knock came at the door. Jin called out your name. “Come on. Let me in.”
“Go away!” you shouted, fuming. “Can’t you take a hint? I don’t want to talk!”
“Fine. Then we won’t talk. Just open up.”
What the fuck did that mean? You opened the door to find him reclining against the doorframe on the other side.
Why was he always leaning over you? Staring down at you with those big brown eyes, those long lashes, that pretty pink mouth.
Yanking him by the collar of his shirt, you pulled him inside your room, slamming the door shut. He reacted lightning fast, spinning you around and pinning you against the door.
You glowered up at him, angry that he wouldn’t leave you alone. Angry at yourself for not wanting him to. Daring him silently to make the first move, because you’d be damned if you would.
He did.
Lips. On your mouth, your cheek, your ear. Like he was marking territory, claiming every inch of skin available. Sliding the neck of your pajama top over so he could kiss your collarbone, your shoulder.
“You don’t want to talk?” he huffed in the crook of your neck. “Fine. I can be quiet.” He lifted his head, lust blazing in his eyes. “But can you?”
His hand suddenly cupped between your legs, grinding his palm against your core. You keened at the friction. “Fuuuuck, Jin!”
“Shhhh,” he murmured, dropping to his knees. “No talking.”
He tugged your pajama bottoms to the ground. His hands roamed over your thighs, gently spreading your legs apart, goosebumps spreading over your skin at his touch.
“Jin,” you moaned, letting him move you as he wished. “I haven’t even showered since… since…”
“Since what?” he inquired, looking up at you. “Since we fucked? Do you want to talk about it?”
No, you didn’t want to. You shook your head.
“All right, then we’re not talking, period. So try to keep it quiet from now on.”
Your first instinct was to snap back, inform him that he of all people was in no position to tell you what to do.
Except, he was actually in the perfect position, kneeling below, gazing up at you with a dark look full of wicked promise.
Fuck, you’d do anything he wanted if he kept looking at you like that.
“Can you do that for me, baby?” One finger slid through your slick folds, grazing your clit. You whimpered, then immediately covered your mouth with your hand. “That’s better. Keep that hand there. Now, no more words,” Jin husked, and then suddenly his mouth was on your cunt.
The sounds his tongue made as he lapped at your wet heat were sinful, especially coupled with the tiny moans that escaped his hot mouth as he worked you over. You bit into your palm, trying your damnedest not to say a word.
But all you wanted to do was sing his praises as he worshipped you with his tongue.
You threaded your fingers through his glossy hair, tugging slightly, and he responded by groaning into your slit. The vibrations sent chills through you, and you repeated the action, pleased at how he moaned again.
One of his large hands wrapped around your ankle and pulled your leg up, letting it rest on his shoulder. You teetered slightly, a small gasp spilling out, but you managed to keep from yelping his name in surprise. His hands slid around to grab your ass, kneading the flesh as he made sure you were secured against him.
You released your palm, rubbing it with your other hand, trying to soothe the teeth marks you’d left in your own skin. His tongue danced over your clit, making your hips buck into his face.
You were doing just fine until he slipped two fingers inside and began to stroke.
“Jinnnnn,” you whined, hips jerking again.
He drew away, mouth and fingers abandoning you, and you looked down at him in horror.
“That sounded like a word,” he tutted, shaking his head. “I thought I told you not to speak?” He sat back on his heels, crossing his arms, as your leg dropped from his shoulder.
“I - I’m sorry,” you stammered, pussy absolutely throbbing. He wasn’t just going to leave you like this, was he? A half naked mess, literally quivering with need?
Did he want you to beg? You bristled at the thought... but fuck, you wanted to cum on his face more than anything. Who needs dignity when you have a man with a tongue like that?
He sighed. “Maybe I need to keep that mouth busy, huh?”
You nodded vigorously. Whatever it took to get those lips back on you.
He chuckled. “Okay, baby, let me help.” Standing, he slipped his hands down your thighs and lifted you into the air. You wrapped your legs around his waist, again fighting the urge to shout. He pressed you into the door, and covered your mouth with his own.
You felt delirious, humming into his kiss, bucking your hips against his hard cock as it rubbed against your core. How did he feel this good? This was Seokjin Motherfucking Kim! The most annoying man on the face of the planet!
He spun, carrying you to the bed, and set you gently on the edge. Then he stripped off his clothes, slowly, top first, then his pants, giving you an eyeful of his taut muscles and that giant cock again. Fuck, your mouth was practically watering as he stepped up to the bed, and…
“Uh, you don’t expect me to fit that whole thing in my mouth, do you?” you yelped, wide-eyed.
“Yah, come on!” Jin stopped his seductive approach and put his hands on his hips. “I’m trying to set a mood here!” He sulkily pulled his pajama pants back on, then flopped onto the bed, sighing dramatically.
Just like that, the moment was over.
“Well, sorry I ruined it,” you muttered, curling your legs under you. “It’s probably for the best, anyway. We don’t need to make any more mistakes.” A tiny feather lay on the bed, having escaped from the comforter, and you fiddled with it as you spoke.
“Is that what last night was to you? A mistake?”
You met his gaze. Fuck, did he have to look at you so earnestly? Where was that cocky expression of his that you loathed so much when you needed it?
“It was… a release. I think we just needed a good hate fuck to get it out of our systems so we can move on and finish the job.” You spun the feather in your hand, snorting. “If there’s even a job left for us at this point.”
“A hate fuck. I see.” Jin muttered softly. “Can I ask you something?”
“Sure. I may or may not answer, but you can definitely ask.”
He frowned. “When did you start hating me?”
You tilted your head. “Jin, I - “
“Is it because I call you Princess?”
Snorting, you made a face. “No, but that certainly doesn’t help.”
“Then it must be Nevamind. Right?”
Just hearing the name made you grit your teeth. You could deny it, but why bother? The truth wouldn’t be any more revealing than all the things you’d done last night. “Yeah, I was pissed when you got that job. But I’m over it now,” you lied.
“Do you want to know what really happened?”
“I know what happened. You charmed your way into the job.”
“Nevamind choose you.”
Your head snapped up. “What? Then why… how…?”
“Sejin came to see me after their meeting. He said Nevamind had picked you. But he also made some rather specific comments about how exactly he wanted your partnership to happen.”
Your eyes narrowed. “Comments like…”
“Like the exact positions he wanted you to, uh, work in. The jobs he wanted you to give. Do you understand what - “
“Yes, Jin, he wanted to fuck me, I get it!”
“Sejin said he was overruling the guy’s decision and assigning him to me. That’s why I got the job. Because there was no danger of him hitting on me.”
You leaned back against the headboard, contemplating his words. Obviously you’d always known that the job should have been yours, so finding out that it actually had been yours, for a whole five minutes, wasn’t as much of a shock as it could’ve been. But your anger flared at having been treated like you couldn’t handle the situation yourself.
Jin fluffed up your pile of pillows, lying on his side as he watched you digest everything.
“Was Sejin worried that Nevamind would attack me? Or did he think that I would sleep with a client?”
Jin laughed, a tired sound devoid of any joy. Or honking. “Neither. He was afraid of a lawsuit.”
“Yeah. He thought that if either scenario went down, one or both of you would end up suing the company, and he wanted to avoid that completely. He wasn’t worried about you - he just didn’t want you to get litigious.” He bitterly spat out the last sentence, as if it left a nasty taste in his mouth. “He said that me being Nevamind’s manager was less of a “statistical risk” to Beyond the Sound than you.”
What. The. Fuck.
You’d given your everything to Beyond the Sound in the last year, sacrificing your time, energy, and even personal relationships, all to make yourself the ideal employee and show your devotion to the company. Meanwhile, Sejin considered you a “statistical risk”? Holy shit, you were literally just a number to them.
Just like Euphoria.
Jin went on. “When Sejin told me all this, I realized nothing we do really matters to the company as long as we don’t hurt their bottom line. There was no reason to do anything other than bide my time, make some money, and build up my contacts, so that one day I can walk out of there and start my own management firm.”
“You want to open your own firm?” That was surprising. He’d never struck you as the type to have such big dreams.
“Yeah. Someday.” He pursed his lips, looking angry. “I should’ve done more. Should’ve told Sejin to shove it, that he had no right to treat his employees this way. To treat you like you were a liability instead of a person. That’s why I try so hard to make sure our clients are treated well, at least. That’s the one area where I do give a fuck.”
You believed him.
And you weren’t sure you could blame him for taking the job with Nevamind. Wouldn’t you have done the same in his shoes?
Of course you would’ve. Because you would’ve done anything to win. Even if the trophy turned out to be made of fool’s gold in the end.
Your head spun, mind reeling from everything he said. Absorbing all this info left you feeling drained. Completely defeated. You slid down the pillows, rolling onto your side to face Jin, but closed your eyes as you sighed despondently.
Gentle fingers glided lightly over your hair. You peeked through your lashes at Jin, who was watching you with concern.
“Sorry,” he muttered, lowering his hand, but you quickly grabbed it.
“Please don’t stop,” you quietly pleaded.
Instead, he pulled you into his arms.
Vulnerability wasn’t really your thing. A lifetime of fighting for what you wanted taught you to keep your guard up at all times. But lying there, your head on his broad chest, feeling so safe and warm, you felt your defenses start to slip. Jin began to stroke your hair again, and you closed your eyes, overwhelmed at the tenderness, begrudgingly acknowledging that it was… nice.
Really nice. You could get used to it.
“Still hate me?”
His pecs muffled the sound of your laughter. “Not as much as before.”
He snorted. “I appreciate your honesty.”
Lifting your head, you frowned. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about any of this?”
“Would you have listened?”
He had you there. “I mean, maybe not at first, but eventually. Probably. I think.”
“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, the reason they picked me over you is because they knew Nevamind wouldn’t try to sleep with me’?”
“Yes. Maybe. I don’t know.” You paused. “But also, if he didn’t want to fuck you, that was definitely his loss.”
Jin stared at you. “Are you cracking jokes? In the middle of my serious confession?”
“I guess you’re rubbing off on me,” you quipped, grinning as he suddenly lunged at you, capturing your mouth with his. Too soon, he drew back, and you actually whimpered, making him smirk and kiss you again. But eventually, you needed air, and parted. “Do you still hate me?”
“Never did.” He traced a finger along your cheek. “I’ve always had a thing for you.”
“Oh yeah?” You propped your chin on his chest.
“Uh-huh. What’s not to like? You’re sexy, smart, confident, and a killer manager even if you get a little too focused on your work sometimes…” he trailed off, squeaky laughter filling the room as you shot him a nasty look. “I thought you knew, honestly.”
“How was I supposed to know?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe because I’ve been flirting with you for a whole year?”
“Wait, that was flirting?!”
It was his turn to glare as you giggled. He nipped at your bottom lip in retaliation, and you yelped. More making out ensued, to your utter delight, before he rolled you onto your side with a sigh.
“I bet they’ll have our desks packed up and cleared out by the time we return to the office, since we’ll no longer be employed by the time we get there.”
Ah, fuck, right. Since the concert wasn’t happening, Sejin was likely to follow through on his threat of termination. More than likely. He’d basically told the both of you that you’d be out on your asses if the album tanked, and with all the canceled events this week, you didn’t have high hopes that it’d do well.
“Fuck, this sucks,” you swore. “We’ll be unemployed and the poor band will have another flop on their hands. Beyond the Sound will probably punish them for that with another terrible genre mash-up for the next album, like polka rap or something.” You shuddered at the thought. “It’s too bad we couldn’t have pulled it off. Even though you would’ve lost that promotion to me.”
Jin’s eyes bugged out. “How many times do I have to tell you, that promotion w- “
You cut him off with a kiss, laughing against his mouth as he wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you close again. A few minutes later, you pushed him away as he blinked in surprise.
“Why are you pushing - “
“Shhhh!” You flapped your hand, shushing him, lost in thought. “I have an idea.”
“Is everything all set up?” you asked Jungkook as he dashed past you.
He halted, nodding. “Yeah, we’re almost ready.” He tugged at the collar of his sweater, an eyesore of a Christmas tree with shimmering LED lights and the words “Let’s Get Lit” embroidered across his chest.
“Fantastic. Is there anything you guys need from me?”
“Not at the moment, noona, thanks.” With a nod, he continued on his path, as Hobi exited the library.
“How’s it going in there?” you asked.
“Great! It’s coming along. Yoongi is going to bring us some snacks while we enjoy the show.” As Hobi spoke, Yoongi hustled by, carrying a tray loaded with cookies. You snagged a sugar cookie as he passed.
“Hobi, I’m really going to miss it here. The service is top notch. And these ugly sweaters are incredible! You have quite the collection,” you raved.
If you were a weaker woman, you would’ve wilted under the look Hobi shot you. “You think these atrocities are mine? Oh no no no. They all belong to Yoongi.”
Your eyes widened in glee. “Oh, that’s even better.”
Jin came bouncing down the stairs, a happy smile on his face. You couldn’t help but grin back, for a second, before you composed yourself. He stopped short at the bottom of the staircase, staring at you as your host wandered off.
“What the hell?” Jin pouted. “I’m offended, you look great in this ugly Christmas sweater. This is a scam.”
“Oh, because only you’re allowed to look great in one?” He was, indeed, pulling off the ridiculous “Resting Grinch Face” sweater he wore, despite the blindingly bright green and red colors - but he was Seokjin Motherfucking Kim, after all. It was a little snug on him, given that he was taller and broader than Yoongi, but if anything that just made him even hotter.
Neither of you had to wear the ugly sweaters you’d borrowed from your hosts, but you’d decided to do so out of solidarity for the band members. And also maybe you were kinda getting into the spirit of things. Just a little.
“No one is supposed to look good in these! That’s the whole point, they’re ugly!” He paused. “But you think I look good?”
“Fuck off, you know you’re handsome and look amazing even in the dumbest of sweaters.”
He grinned. “Okay, you’ve got me there. It’s impressive how sexy you make that hideous thing look.” He reached out and honked the fuzzy moose nose that jutted out of your sweater, which bore the words ‘Merry Christmoose!’
How were you supposed to act like a professional when Jin was making you giggle like a fool? All you wanted to do was pull him into a darkened corner and kiss him senseless.
But you had work to do. So you settled for gifting him a tiny peck on the cheek.
He held his hand to where your lips had landed. “Careful!” he gasped, sounding scandalized. “Someone might have seen that.”
You rolled your eyes. “ Okay, I’m already regretting this.”
“This what?” He followed you down the hall. “This, like you and me? Are we a thing?”
“The more you talk, the less we are,” you sang, unable to hide the laughter in your voice.
Before you crossed into the library, Jin grabbed your arm, spinning you around and into his embrace, stealing your breath away with his lips. You let yourself melt for a second, two, ten, before breaking away.
To your surprise, Yoongi was standing in the hallway, a wide grin on his face. “I just wanted to know if you’d like some peppermint schnapps in your hot cocoa again?”
So much for keeping things secret. Not that it really mattered, considering Yoongi wasn’t much of a talker. But you didn’t want to answer questions or have to put labels on whatever you and Jin were. Right now, all you wanted to do was see your idea through. Anything else could wait.
And yet it made you happy to think that maybe there could be something. Ugh, you were getting so soft, so fast. Better keep an eye on that.
“That’d be great, thanks,” Jin replied smoothly, hands still on your hips.
“Sure,” you croaked out. You didn’t normally drink while working, but fuck it. Tis the season, after all.
In the library, Taehyung sat at the piano while Jimin perched on a stool in front of the baby grand, tuning an acoustic guitar. Thankfully, Yoongi had a guitar on hand that Jimin could borrow.
Meanwhile, Jungkook played around with an electronic drum kit that he’d brought with him, fine tuning the settings. Jin and Hobi were futzing with the tripod, searching for the perfect spot to set up the camera.
Because damn it, the show must go on.
Sure, the in-person concert had to be cancelled. But that didn’t mean Euphoria couldn’t perform. All they needed were a few instruments and a camera to livestream it all.
Unfortunately, the tech crew who were supposed to stream the concert at the venue were also snowed in at their hotel, but a simple phone would do for the stripped-down concert you were imagining.
(As long as the Blitzen Inn’s internet didn’t conk out in the middle of streaming.)
This wasn’t about your job anymore. Fuck Beyond the Sound. This was about Euphoria, and letting the band show that they didn’t need weird gimmicks or wild concepts to sell albums - all they needed was the chance to shine. Just the three of them and a (mostly) acoustic set of holiday classics. The band was thrilled with your idea, and it made you happy to see them so happy.
Ugh. You were turning into a marshmallow.
The ugly Christmas sweaters had been Hobi’s suggestion, after you’d offhandedly mentioned that you hadn’t had the chance to buy them a proper holiday concert wardrobe. Jimin’s gingerbread man sweater read “I’m Baked” above the cookie’s visage, while Taehyung’s “Prosecc-ho-ho-ho” with a tipsy Santa Claus looked surprisingly chic - something you ascribed to the wearer and not the sweater itself.
The other furniture in the room had been pushed back so only the band and the fireplace would be in the shot. You stood behind the couch, watching Hobi adjust the phone being used for the recording. “Hobi, you don’t mind manning the camera for this?”
“You mean, do I mind turning the video on and clicking “record”? No, I don’t mind at all,” he grinned, running a hand through his hair. “I’m just happy to help! This is such a wonderful idea - a cozy little concert experience.”
“Yeah, we came up with a great plan, huh?” Jin piped up, sneaking up on your side. You felt the ghost of a hand brush down your back and fought to keep your face straight.
“What is this ‘we’? This was my idea!” you retorted, but failed to keep from smiling as you said it. Yoongi brought you both a mug of cocoa, then sank onto the couch for a front row seat.
“It’s about time,” Jin glanced at his watch. “You guys ready?”
“Let’s get it!” Jungkook chirped.
The fireplace crackled in the background as Hobi cued Jimin. The lead singer smiled at the camera, greeting the audience. “Good evening and happy holidays! Euphoria had to cancel our concert, thanks to a little snow. But we didn’t want to let all our fans down. We hope you don’t mind that it’s just the three of us tonight, and some of our favorite songs. Grab your cocoa, settle around the fireplace, and celebrate with us, as we bring you a little holiday cheer.”
He strummed his guitar, launching into a gorgeous rendition of “Winter Wonderland.” As the music swelled, Hobi and Yoongi relaxed on the couch, hand in hand. Humming along quietly, careful not to end up on the recording, you felt Jin’s hand gently wrap around your waist. Leaning against his side, feeling content, you decided to let go of your worries and enjoy the moment - the beautiful music, the cheerful atmosphere, and the gorgeous man by your side.
Jin dipped his head, mouth brushing your ear as he murmured, “You pulled it off, baby. Congrats.”
“I did, didn’t I?” you whispered, peering up at him, smirking. “I guess you deserve some credit, too. Why don’t you claim… 25%?”
“So generous,” he smiled, bending to sweep his lips against yours. “I’ll be sure to thank you when I get that promotion.”
His kiss silenced your protests as the band played on.
“Your eleven am appointment is here, ma’am,” your assistant’s voice filtered through the speaker as she buzzed you.
“Thank you, Seulgi. Go ahead and get them settled in the conference room and I’ll be right in.”
You stood and began gathering everything you would need for your meeting, just as Jin entered your office without knocking.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Yes, but how many times do I have to tell you to knock?” You frowned.
He grinned, crossing the room to tower over you. “Why, what might I see? You in a compromising situation with the boss?” His hand stroked your hip as he stepped closer. “Oh wait, that’s me.” “We’re partners. Stop trying to get me to call you my boss.”
After the success of the livestream, Euphoria’s holiday album shot straight to the top of the charts. You’d ended up having to stay an extra day in Christmas, until everything was plowed and it was safe to travel again. When you finally returned to your office, Sejin welcomed you and Jin with open arms, thrilled at how you’d helped shepherd Euphoria back to the number one spot. He’d then offered the promotion to you, stating he’d heard that the livestream had been your brilliant idea.
And you had promptly turned him down, putting in your two week notice.
Jin also quit, and together you established your own management firm, Worldwide Sound. Normally, making such a big leap would’ve taken a lot more time and effort, but you had an ace up your sleeves, signing a major band on your first day of business - Euphoria. Thanks to a savvy lawyer contact of Jin’s, the band got out of their horrific contract with Beyond the Sound and happily joined your firm as your first clients.
As much as the old you would’ve hated to admit it, you and Jin made a pretty great team. With your business expertise and his interpersonal skills, you were making a name for yourselves in the industry, all while making sure your clients knew that they were your number one priority.
Jin delicately removed all your belongings from your grasp, setting them back on your desk as he slid his arms around you. “You didn’t have any problems calling me ‘boss’ last night,” he purred as he tilted his mouth to slot against yours.
You allowed him to kiss you for exactly five seconds before you pushed him away lightly. “Okay, first of all, role playing does not count, and secondly, what happened to us not discussing our private life at work?” But there was no anger behind your words, just an unceasing fondness for your boyfriend as he gazed at you with a soft smile.
“You’re right, you’re right. Oh, but I did finalize our travel plans for Christmas, so we’re all set for this weekend.”
“Oh, good! I can’t wait to see Hobi and Yoongi again.” What better place to celebrate nearly a year of bliss with your boyfriend than at the little bed and breakfast that brought you together?
“Me too. Now come on, back to business, baby.”
You gave him a look.
“Sorry. Partner.” He held the door open for you, but you paused in the doorway to press a gentle kiss to his cheek.
“That’s better. But if you play your cards right and help me sign this deal,” you murmured, “tonight you can call me boss.”
“Yes, ma'am!”
Tumblr media
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all because of you | ksj (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: They say food is the ultimate way to someone’s heart. It would be a shame if Seokjin didn’t at least try to confirm this belief.
pairing: Seokjin x female reader
genre: fantasy, f2l, HP!au; fluff, smut
word count: 8.3k
warnings: hobi is drunk and a dork; explicit sexual content: oral (f. & m. receiving), mouth fucking, rough blowjob, cum play, orgasm denial, dom!seokjin, big dick!seokjin, food play kinda, penetrative sex, fingering, creampie, soft sex turns rough, squirting, unprotected sex (be careful !!); one small harmless mention of pot :)) not a lot of hp references tbh, u could honestly read it w/o the universe knowledge, too!
a/n: omg i cannot !!! believe that my lovely, talented baby @hoebii​ and i have only two fics in this series lefffttt !!! and this one’s for the true maknae of our favourite group, one of the sweetest, sassiest, most caring and chaotic people in this world; i hope mr. worldwide handsome gets all the happiness he deserves and we adore him and love him to the moon and back <3 happy birthday, jin 🥺 <3
credits: thank u @jjksblackgf​ & @joyfulhopelox​ for beta’ing this on such short notice, u two own our heart <333
DISCLAIMER: we changed the HP canon slightly due to the nsfw nature of this fic: in that sense, all characters are adults, even if the original story suggests otherwise!
Tumblr media
⁂ part of the amortentia chronicles
Tumblr media
“So, how’s it going with your girl?”
With a light flinch of his body, Seokjin broke out of his constant daydream when Hoseok blurted out the question curiously, shamelessly – it was an inquiry that the older man had been fearing for weeks and months now, and it seemed like doom had finally arrived.
Tired eyes blinked and his teeth took his lower lip captive, faux confusion taking over his features as he asked, “Who?”
“That again,” Hoseok chimed with a laugh as he shook his head in amusement, “so you’re really gonna pretend like your friendship with her isn’t a big deal at all, huh?” 
A brief pause settled between the men, and when Seokjin decided to play mute further, Hoseok’s expression grew unimpressed before he continued, “For someone who calls himself World Wide Handsome, you’re a real coward.”
If Seokjin hadn’t been wrapped in his favourite baby blue blanket to get rid of the relentless cold, he wouldn’t have hesitated to get to his feet and chase his friend across the spacious room. But with the winter affecting him to the bones, he cuddled into the couch further, his body screaming cozy, but his voice scolding, “How dare you, you punk? I’m older than you!”
It was a constant repeating cycle that Hoseok was well used to by now, every single soul in their friends group aware of the requirements that came with a friendship with Seokjin.
I’m older than you. Be respectful. Do not be like Jungkook! Don’t make me stand up and hex your ass into the next semester.
Granted, Kim Seokjin was a talented Gryffindor among the struggling student body, but there was no chance in this or the next life that he’d ever lay a single finger on his friends. And with that knowledge in mind, Hoseok gathered the courage to shrug his warning off, looking unbothered as ever as he motioned towards the older man with a lazy smirk.
“Dude, we both know you don’t have to stand up for that. Besides, you love me too much to do anything.”
Seokjin could merely sigh in defeat, not able to find the energy to banter like he usually would. Why was it so damn cold in the common room?!
“Don’t you have Siyeon to bother instead? Or is she tired of you always clinging to her?”
If it were someone else telling Hoseok off like this, he would have gotten irritated beyond reason, but knowing that this was Seokjin’s way of deflecting his question – Hoseok chose to ignore it.
“Trying to attack me won’t make your love life better, you know? Just grow a pair and ask her out!” 
Seokjin groaned, throwing his head back against the couch as he burrowed deeper into his blanket. “It’s not that easy! You of all people should know after pining after Siyeon for so many years.”
Hoseok went quiet in a matter of moments, lost in thought about something he wasn’t saying, and Seokjin let out a small sigh – more than ready to move past the topic at hand. But, it seemed like that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon when the younger man spoke up again.
“Is there nothing that you can think of that Y/N likes? Perhaps something that she enjoys with you specifically?”
Seokjin’s brows furrowed in thought, trying to sort through his mind to come up with anything that fit what Hoseok had suggested. He could think of a few small ideas, but he dismissed them as soon as they appeared – those didn’t feel as special as you were to him. 
“She likes it when I cook for her?” Seokjin said, though his statement felt more like a question to Hoseok. “She once said that she enjoyed it, because it was rare to see a guy cook for her with the amount of effort I give.”
But then again, he was sure that said effort that he was ready to put in for you didn’t occur on a daily basis for anyone else. He housed unwavering affection for you in his heart, and the smile and satisfaction you shot his way every time he delivered a meal to you was worth all the struggles he faced in the kitchen.
As soon as this revelation hit him, he started formulating a plan in his mind. He felt a little dumb to have not thought about it before – but hey, better late than never, right?
And as if on cue, his younger friend began to float on the same wavelength as him. “Well, then why don’t you cook for her? Make all the dishes she enjoys and then ask her out for a picnic!” Hoseok suggested, excitement shining bright in his eyes.
Seokjin licked his lips, shooting Hoseok a look from the corner of his eyes. “Why do you seem more excited than I am?”
Laughing happily, Hoseok clappe his hands in delight before his face suddenly went void of any emotion, and he stared Seokjin right in the eye as he admitted, “Because I’m tired of watching you whine about her all the time since third year.”
Seokjin wouldn’t admit it out loud, but sometimes Hoseok’s duality scared him.
Tumblr media
They say food is the way to a girl’s heart. If you do it right, the chances to not swoon her run low, and before you know, affection begins blooming like the winter flowers outside of the castle grounds.
Charming his way into the kitchen was easy. As a prime example for his house, he was an all-time-favourite of his teachers, and with the prefect Kim Namjoon guarding the door carefully, Seokjin walked into the room enthusiastically. Fully ready to execute his plan to enchant your taste buds and your heart.
In addition, Seokjin never struggled with the process of cooking meals that swept his loved ones off his feet – he knew how to handle the art he’d spent so many nights on, a hobby so advanced that he didn’t fear that anything could go wrong. That is, until he gazed into Hoseok’s hazy eyes and watched him sway between the counters dangerously.
“Hobi,” he called with a sigh, placing the sharp knife onto the cutting board, “I asked you to help, not get shitfaced like this.”
“Sorry, bro.” With squinting eyes, he took a seat on the chair that Seokjin motioned to, placing his elbows on the table and his face in his palms. “Siyeon and I were messing around and drank too much butterbeer and she’s actually waiting for me an–”
“Shut up and drink this,” Seokjin interrupted, placing a glass of clear liquid onto the counter in front of his friend. With the way Hoseok’s words blurred and faded, Seokjin was sure he was dehydrated – and the fact that the intoxicated man gulped the water down eagerly was telling enough.
Focusing his attention on the mushrooms, Seokjin shook his head, mumbling to himself with silent panic growing inside, “Knew I should’ve asked Joon to help me. I might not finish at this rate.”
“But you said you don’t want her to die, and that’s why you didn’t ask him,” Hoseok reminded him with a heart-shaped grin, placing a palm on the cold marble to steady his balance.
Seokjin shuddered at the memory of watching Namjoon cut an onion; the amount of times he had screamed at the man fumbling to even hold a knife properly still haunted him at night. But with how trashed Hoseok had gotten, Seokjin began to contemplate if risking food poisoning would’ve really been that bad.
Shaking his head to clear his head, he shot Hoseok a glare – even though he was beyond annoyed, he still couldn’t deny how heart-warming it was to watch the way Hoseok and Siyeon’s relationship blossomed into such a thriving rose devoid of a single thorn. 
By the time Seokjin had cut the meat, seasoned it and put it in the oven to grow crispy and edible, Hoseok was dozing off. His cheek was pressed against the counter as he whispered something indecipherable, and for a fleeting moment, Seokjin wondered if he should leave him here until dawn broke in and someone shook him awake.
Going against his own prankster brain, however, he walked to Hoseok in tired, idle steps, calling his name until the younger one blinked his eyes open. With a deep exhale and a lick of his dry lips, Hoseok shot up, oblivious of time and space as his nearly inaudible voice asked, “Do you need me to cut the mushrooms?”
“Nah, dude,” Seokjin said, filling the empty glass with more water in hopes it might help Hoseok sober up, “next time, okay? We’ll cook something for you and your girl then.”
“You’re too kind. I really respect you, you know? At least you know where to get mushrooms from at all…” The babble turned ridiculous by the minute, and when the timer placed above the oven chimed, Seokjin reckoned it was time to wrap up and leave.
“Are you done with the–” he started to ask, turning away from Hoseok to grab the mushrooms and put them into the cooking pot, but he stopped mid-way when his eyes met the form of his pal again. He pinched the bridge of his nose, taking a deep breath even though a small smile threatened to escape as he watched the drunken man still wash the mushroom.
Now, that in itself wasn’t the issue that had Seokjin sighing, but it was the fact that Hoseok hadn’t even opened the packet before running it under cold water. Seokjin wanted to snatch the ingredient from his hands and wash it himself, but the big smile that Hoseok flashed while doing the bare minimum – albeit incorrectly – was too precious of a view to stop.
“So,” Hoseok slurred, “are we cooking for Madame Pomfrey? Since when do you like her like that?”
“Hobi, what’s wrong with you? It’s for Y/N. You know, the girl I like, Y/N?” Seokjin replied exasperated.
Hoseok gasped, his eyes going wide. “Oh my goff, yes! Where is she? I wanna say hi!”
“What the fuck is a goff?” Seokjin asked, squinting his eyes in confusion.
Hoseok’s expression changed into one of deep concentration before he looked at Seokjin again. “It’s the muggle name for the moving pictures you send while texting or whatever!”
Seokjin cocked an eyebrow before his face relaxed again, followed by a hand shooting up to facepalm himself in exhaustion. With a sigh of resignation, Seokjin looked at Hoseok one more time. “Sit down, Hobi.” 
Scooping a portion of the meal onto a clean plate, Seokjin handed it to his friend, encouraging him to take in the nutrition with a small nod. “Eat. And then go to sleep. I’ll do the rest, yeah?”
“Wow! I love you so much!” Hoseok gushed, wiggling in his seat excitedly, and his actions had a snort of amusement leaving Seokjin.
If only Seokjin could actually be mad at this idiot.
Tumblr media
After Seokjin’s plan changed from making late-night dinner to capture your heart to baby-sitting a drunk Hoseok while also making a late-night dinner to capture your heart, he couldn't help but panic at the thought that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be able to go through with his plan. But somehow, miraculously, he managed.
Well, it wasn’t really that big of a deal; Seokjin had finished most of his work in the kitchen before Hoseok had appeared, so finishing the job turned out to be easier than he expected after all. Of course that couldn’t stop the Gryffindor from whining about it and giving Hoseok an earful the next time he saw him sober. Oh no, he was much too petty to let something like this slide without doing anything about it.
So, with a plan of vengeance already brewing in his mind, he wrapped up and set everything back into its respective places in the kitchen after he was done. Before taking the food up to your room, he had made sure that Namjoon took care of their intoxicated friend, bringing him to his dorm room safe and sound responsibly. 
Couldn’t take revenge if he wasn’t well, now could he? 
That was what he had told Namjoon before patting the younger man on his back and sending him away with Hoseok. It was solely to make sure that Hoseok would be up and ready for his incoming revenge, not because he cared about him. No, not at all.
“Now, how to take this absolute unit of a pot up to her room?” he asked himself as he sized up the pot sitting on top of the stove. Shaking his head, Seokjin let out a heavy sigh as he approached the receptacle. “The things I do for love.”
By the time Seokjin had walked from the kitchen to the front of your door, his entire face was red with the effort of holding up the pot the entire way. Some time during the journey, he had realised that using a levitating spell would have been a lot easier – but he had committed and he would be damned if he didn’t go through with it.
He was ready to bid goodbye to his arms if it meant he could see you happy. He really was ready to pull out all the stops, all because of you.
Tumblr media
You were peacefully reading a storybook you had borrowed from the library when you suddenly heard someone whispering your name. Your eyes darted from one corner of the room to another, reckoning that one of the spirits that roamed Hogwarts had decided to visit you again; but you saw no one. And when you listened closer, you realised that the whisper was coming from the other side of your door.
You raised your eyebrow in confusion, putting down the book as you sat up from your bed. It was unlikely for your roommate to be back this early, given the fact that she had gone to spend the night with her girlfriend.
When the whispering didn’t cease – only increasing in volume as time went on – you shifted closer to the door with confusion carved between your eyebrows. With an equally loud whisper-voice, you asked, “Who is it?”
“Hey, are you alone? Open the door, it’s Jin,” you heard from the other side.
Your bewilderment only grew as you looked at the wooden door as if the object itself was your friend. “Jin? What are you doing here? It’s ten at night.”
You heard the man on the other side huff, waiting for a moment before his reply came – this time in his usual conversation tone, “I’ll answer all that later. Open your damn door first.”
You were about to give in and oblige, your hand floating in the air to unlock the door before you decided to have some fun with him first. The opportunity was right there and you simply couldn’t pass it up. So, you leaned against the hardwood, one hand wrapped around the knob as you called out mischievously, “Boys aren’t allowed in girls' dorms, you know? I could never condone the breaking of rules!” 
“Woman, just open the damn door already! I can’t hold this pot for long!” he exclaimed somewhat controlled, hissing in annoyance at whatever pot he seemed to hold in his clutches. You could just picture how red his face must have been from trying to keep his cool and not outright shout. Though your amusement was cut short at his words, the confusion from before coming back stronger.
“The what now?” you asked. However, you gave him no chance to reply before you spoke again, barely concealing your laughter. Even through your confusion, you were going to tease your best friend Kim Seokjin through thick and thin. “Jin, you know we don’t do drugs!”
The smile on your face only seemed to grow exponentially, impossibly; even more when you heard him draw a deep breath. “I will hex your ass into your literal next generation.”
You gasped dramatically, making sure that he could hear it.
“You can’t threaten me for not wanting to commit crimes with you! I am but a law abiding resident of this fine establishment!” you explained with mock indignation. “Also, how can you hex me into my next generation, if there won’t be any generation to begin with? Like, if I’m hexed into it, then how is the next generation being made in the first place?”
You almost burst out in laughter when you heard no sound subsequent to your question. You could only imagine the expression on his face, and you gulped hard to stifle your approaching laughter. But after a brief moment, you registered a very defeated and weak plea from him. 
“Y/N, please. My arms hurt really bad and I’m about to drop this fucking thing any second.”
This time you didn’t try to stop yourself as you laughed out loud and finally opened the door to let him in. Boy, were you glad you did – because the sight that greeted you on the other side was more jocular than you’d initially expected with a door separating the two of you.
There stood Seokjin, struggling and hissing while holding up what you could only describe as a mid-sized cauldron with a lid on it, holding plates on top of it as a delectable aroma wafted through the air from it. 
Taking pity, you invited him in before you grabbed a random blanket from your closet and spread it on the floor for him to put down the object in his hands. As he began to set everything down and serve the food, you couldn’t help but admire the focus he put into everything he enjoyed. To say that you were seeing him in his chef’s element for the first time would’ve been a lie – but for some reason, he seemed extraordinarily adorable today.
If you could only grab him by his face and place kisses all over. But terrified by the aftermath and quite frankly certain that he didn’t reciprocate your feelings, you let the idea fall as fast as it’d arrived. A twinge of sadness washed over you at your thoughts, but it couldn’t stay long when Seokjin finished serving and distracted you with a come-hither gesture from the ground.
You obliged with a chuckle. “So,” you started, settling down on the soft summer blanket, “to what do I owe this pleasure?”
He shrugged, though the aura around him had suddenly turned bashful. “I just wanted to do something for you.”
You raised your eyebrow at that, looking at him skeptically as you inquired, “Just like that? No reason whatsoever?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, leaning close to his face – so close that your noses were mere inches away from bumping into each other. “That’s kinda odd, dude.”
You watched him fumble for words, his face going bright red once more; you knew he was about to go on one of his double-time rants again. “I– listen here, you–”
You leaned back with a giggle, saving yourself from his scolding as you assured, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Thank you for all this.” 
The bright smile that you gave him, had Seokjin’s heartbeat skyrocketing. It reminded him of his aim for tonight; reminded him of the dread he’d felt the previous days and as he’d strolled to your dorm. But not being able to call you his seemed far more terrifying. He steeled himself in that moment, deciding to confess his feelings for you right there and then.
“I cooked for you,” he blurted out.
You chuckled again as you nodded your head. “I can see that, Jin. We’re about to eat said food right now.”
“Well, yes, but I have a reason for cooking it.”
“You do?”
Seokjin nodded, his eyes darting to the side when you looked at him before he heard you sigh and returned the stare.
“Are you finally going through with your threat of poisoning me one day or do you need a favour?”
Seokjin spluttered at your question, looking at you incredulously. “Hey, none of these!”
You mustered up your best I don’t believe that for a second look as you blinked at him unimpressed. 
Seokjin took in a deep breath, as if steadying himself for what he was about to do. Almost as if he was going to confess to you that he was Godric Gryffindor’s first cousin himself, travelling through time and space.
"Listen, I think I like you,” he confessed, raising his hand to stop you from speaking as he went on. “I think… no, I know I've liked you for a while and I just thought you should know."
He looked at you as the last syllable died down, only to find you silently staring at him with wide eyes. Panic and fear of ruining his friendship with you started creeping in and he started rambling to try and salvage it, “It’s fine if you don’t feel the same, of course! I just have been crushing on you for a while now and thought I’d let you know. You obviously don’t have to feel the same and–”
His chatter died when you cut him off with a kiss – well, a kiss as chaste as it could get. A slight peck on his cheek. A loving touch of your lips against his warm, red face; but it was enough for him.  The only course of action you could think of to make the rambling man in front of you calm down. You couldn’t believe your ears, sure that you’d misheard, or worse, misunderstood him.
The guy you had caught feelings for felt the same for you? The stars had really aligned for you for once?
“I… I feel the same way,” you then admitted, your heart thumping against your chest like a hammer, “I’ve actually liked you for a while now too, though I never said anything, ‘cause I thought you only saw me as a friend.”
“You better not be fucking with me, Y/N,” he warned, his voice quivering with all the emotions he was trying to keep at bay.
“I would never, not about something like this, Jin. You know me,” you replied, your eyes growing misty as you gave him a bright smile.
You were too endearing – too perfect. And with no way of holding his overwhelmed body back any longer, Seokjin leaned forward and melted his lips with yours, his hands moving up to cup your face as your eyes slid shut and you reciprocated the kiss. The touch started out soft, both of you attempting to express the fondness you held for each other; but soon, it turned more desperate, feverish instead. 
You pulled away before you could lose your mind too soon and found him chasing your lips before looking into your eyes dazed. You smiled breathlessly at the ethereal existence in front of you, holding his face in your hands gently before you placed a kiss on his nose. He blinked slowly; the smile on his face almost child-like as you took his elegance in.
And as words began to fail you, you asked, “So… what about the dessert? You made so much food.”
Seokjin groaned at the thought of your attention shifting to the food rather than kissing him – that is, until you saw his eyes lit up with an idea. He moved away from your hands and smirked at you slyly, his eyes darkening with mischief and want.
“I have a different idea,” he said, his voice dropping an octave lower, “let me feed you.”
The request seemed harmless enough; there was obviously no reason to deny. Right? With a suspicious look, you watched him pick up a cupcake before moving it towards your face; though, rather than feeding you like he had promised, he smeared the dessert on your chin, slowly continuing his actions down your neck as if he was painting an absurd artwork.
“Jin, my chin isn’t where that’s supposed to go,” you laughed.
“Oh?” he said, humming for a moment as he pretended to think. “Sorry, let me help you.” 
With that, he leaned closer and licked the frosting off your skin, starting the first trail of kisses down your neck; you knew as much as he did that this would not be the last time he’d follow this thought process tonight.
Your breath hitched as he kept moving further down while continuing to press kisses against your skin. “Oh, you crazy bastard.”
“Oh, shut up,” he growled, his voice injected with an entertained, mocking tone before he was diving back headfirst into a kiss again.
The force of the kiss that followed had your body falling back before he caught you swiftly. But there was no aggression or impatience in the way he crashed his lips against yours, neither were you trying to back away and out of his grip. In reality, the movement of your near-fall derived from the electricity that shook your insides; and when the unknown feeling made way to comfort, you let your eyes shut close gently.
Your friends always said that patience is a virtue; but they also told you that your frustration would never lead anywhere as long as you didn’t try. But with the uncertainty that accompanied you each time you met his eyes, your usually bold and courageous nature faded without a lingering trace left behind.
Seokjin didn’t leave much time for you to get used to his intoxicating taste and enchanting scent – instead, the kiss stopped within moments, his face leaving a distance of inches between you as he gazed into your dilated pupils.
“Is that okay?” he asked, full lips curving into a tender, careful smile as he brushed back the loose strands of your hair.
If his question was a joke of the finest sort, he didn’t let you see it; and when you realised that he was being fully serious, you answered, “Of course. Of course it is.”
He swallowed the small whisper that you breathed against his skin, and before you knew it, he allowed you to finally, triumphantly memorise each of his movements and flicks of his tongue. Electricity dizzied your mind as he pushed you closer to his chest, one hand coming up to rest at the nape of your neck with utmost caution and affection.
You thought there was more hidden behind the veil of emotion than he was showing you. Something in him was still so hesitant while you were already prepared to drown in bliss, oblivious of the spinning of the Earth around you.
But then, the string of forbearance seemed to break off; because when you let out a soft moan against his tongue, he tore his mouth from yours just to wander to your neck instead. Open-mouthed kisses left a trail along your skin, languid yet intense licks setting your sensitive flesh on fire.
Your brain attempted to conjure a response to his actions, but instead, you merely seemed to manage a pleasured hiss, breathing, “Jin…”
It took a fleeting second until you realised that he was tracing the dessert still decorating your neck again. His teeth grazed your veins and his palms lowered to the small of your back; you wondered if he knew how prominent his effect on your body was. On your mind, on your heart. The pit of your stomach. Everything north and south of it.
Seokjin’s touches grew more distant when pleasure coursed through you in bigger tidal waves – you thought it was his way of teasing you, but you weren’t going to let him do so already. Tugging at his hair, you encouraged him further; yet, he didn’t take your much too obvious hint and leaned back to smirk instead.
If you weren’t so weak for him…
“Enjoying yourself?”
If you weren’t so weak for him.
“You bet I am,” you claimed in a hushed, whispered voice, but the sly smile that emerged on your face indicated clearly that his still-chaste administrations weren’t enough for you. That you wanted more. Leaning in close, you gently pecked the apple of his cheek, your voice still quiet when you added, “But I’d prefer your tongue somewhere else.”
“I know baby,” he said, raven black hair falling into his eyes but never blocking his shimmering pupils. “Just a bit more.”
And with that, he shut your further suggestions as his tongue travelled further to your collarbone, licking the sweet taste off your skin with skilled movements. You kept falling backwards bit by bit, and his arms wrapped around your back when your arms couldn’t support your weight anymore.
You giggled at the tickle of his kisses, and with an amused expression adorning his face, he stated, “You’re a messy eater.”
You were certain he didn’t expect you to respond when he brought his knee between your thighs, and his intentions became clearer by the second when his fingers started working on your dark red cotton shirt. Opening one button after another, he kissed your lips rhythmically, drowning in your magical smile that no wand in this world could ever cast.
But who would’ve Seokjin been if he didn’t crack a joke at the very first glimpse of your bra and the mound of your breasts?
“Pretty,” he complimented, hesitation long forgotten as he palmed one of your tits, “are you wearing this for me?”
“I didn’t even know you were coming, Jin…”
You tried to sound confident and snarky, but the moan escaping through your lips was telling enough. There was no point of hiding your innermost thoughts from him now anyway; instead, you commanded, “Get me to the bed.”
“Gladly, baby.”
You weren’t sure whether it was the name he threw at you or the menacing tone that accompanied it, but as he stood and pulled you up with him, you felt something between you shift. Sweet, loving words turned into unfiltered pleasure, and there seemed to be nothing more that your body yearned for than him all over you.
“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted this,” he admitted, leading you to the bed in a matter of moments before he found himself hovering above you. Attacks of kisses and fondling won against the tenderness from before, and before any of you could blink twice, clothes flew and your bodies laid bare on the softness of your mattress.
“You can try to show me,” you tried to taunt, though your voice faltered at the last syllable. You felt his semi-hard length already poking against your stomach as you took in the sheer beauty of his appearance.
The parted lips; the fluffy hair; the flexing of his collarbones; the shoulders.
“That I can,” he assured, swooping down to pull you in for a kiss. Your hands grabbed onto his shoulders, trying to push yourself closer to him and deepen the kiss, but he pulled away.
“What do you want?” Seokjin asked, obviously aware of what your body wished for, but just as obviously trying to draw out the answer he longed for.
“I want,” you began, nibbling at your lip before you gulped and added, “you to fuck my throat.”
You knew with firm certainty that he expected you to timidly whisper a wish like this, to act shy when confessing what you wanted – but for you to be so ready and eager, to have enough bravery to vocalise your desire out loud like that blew his eyes wide in the most comical way.
“Are you sure?”
“Have never wanted anything more,” you susurrated, your tongue toying with the inside of your cheek as you fell into the mattress deeper. 
And as it seemed, it didn’t take more than your genuine promise for him to rise, his leaking cock and angry tip twitching as he closed you in between his powerful thighs. A hint of caution remained in his eyes as he looked down at you, but when you opened your mouth with keenness and dug your nails in his legs, even the last trace of doubt vanished.
Once positioned, the fingers of his right hand snaked around your head and buried in your hair, lifting your head slightly as his free digits grabbed his cock and tapped it against your tongue. God, you were drooling; your chest was heaving with your pants, your eyes darting from his cock to his face and back so erotically – it was a sight to behold.
The first thrust came gently.
His hips moved elegantly as the salty taste of his pre-cum spread on your tongue; with the way he was holding the bundle of your hair in his fist, you’d anticipated for him to go feral in your mouth. In fact, some masochistic side in you wanted him to fuck your throat sore – take your ability to form words and sentences.
And when you hollowed your cheeks and circled the head of his cock with vibrating moans, he eventually seemed to transform into his final demonic form you’d been waiting for. Shifting on the bed, he pulled your head off the bed further, digging his knees into the duvet before his hips developed a mind of their own. 
“Ah, fucking look at you,” he growled, his shut eyes facing the ceiling as his stomach and thighs hardened. Everything about him seemed dangerous now while he’d symbolised softness ten minutes prior, and in the way his thick, generous girth hit your throat incessantly, you would’ve been content with swallowing his whole load willingly. Even if it meant to neglect yourself.
A sting of jealousy hit you when you thought of how many girls must’ve basked in the glory that he was; his skilled movements, touches and kisses surely indicated that he was not new to this. But then again, experience was the sole reason you felt like floating; the sole reason why you knew that he could give you the most bombastic orgasm you’d ever experienced.
Your lips curled around his cock tighter, letting him keep his rhythm of ramming into you until your lungs begged for oxygen. Yes, you were ready to give yourself to him for his pleasure.
But Seokjin wasn’t one to throw you to the side like this. Your happiness always meant his happiness, and after years of friendship, you were sure that his chivalrous nature didn’t even falter while he wrecked your speaking organ with his endless praises and grunts.
You dug your nails into his ass, the muscles strained and fueling your desire with no end in sight – but with your simple, harmless gesture, Seokjin’s feet touched the ground of reality again, and when he backed away, he looked almost worried.
“Enough? Too much? Want…more?” he asked as you collected your breath. A string of spit still connected his length with your mouth, your lips glistening and his cock drenched in your saliva… how had he gone without all of this for so long?
“I’m okay,” you answered, your voice worn out and unsurprisingly hoarse. Your head fell back onto the pillow, eyes closing and your hands around his ass relaxing before you answered, “Want more…”
His digits wandered along your body; ghosted over your curves and edges, his concentrated eyes taking the moment he didn’t get to in the chaos before as he admired your endless beauty. A work of art. And he wanted to paint on your canvas some more.
“More, yeah?”
As his fingertips reached your soaked folds and his legs found their way back between yours, your eyelids fluttered shut; it was a harmless, featherlight touch, but it ignited your heart and turned it to ashes anyway. Wildly nodding, you grabbed your tits, seeking any form of relief while giving him a show you were sure that he enjoyed just as much as he watched you from above.
In a brief, torturous pause, he brought his digits to his voluminous lips, wetting them with a lick of his tongue before he pressed his middle finger against your bundle of nerves again. It was a sensation too intense to hold your moan in, slipping out before you could wrap your fingers into a fist and bite into it with tightly squinting eyes.
His unoccupied hand twitched to remove your makeshift gag again, but the fucked out reaction you provided him with as he ran his nimble finger between your folds altered his opinion in a matter of nanoseconds. Instead of breaking your quivering state, he plunged two of his teasing digits into your waiting heat; the wetness so overwhelming that the urge to replace his hand with his cock grew painfully and with a sudden, excruciating ferocity.
“Good?” his voice chimed, sugar dripping from it as you released your aggressive hold on your tits. The nerve he had. Gifting you utmost pleasure and then asking if what he was doing to you felt good.
“Good. Amazing. More, please,” you pleaded. Sanity had long left every fibre of you, leaving in its wake a writhing, hungry mess on your bedsheets, begging for the man you’d wanted for longer than you could think.
And that man was burying his fingers inside you up to his knuckles. That man had confessed to you not even fifteen minutes ago. That man was seeking your sweetest spots in curling motions while pressing his thumb against your swollen clit.
He, he, he.
How many cats had you rescued in your last life to enjoy the attention of the man of your dreams like you were in right that moment? What an immense maze full of riddles the world was.
“Can you kiss me again?” you inquired, your back beginning to arch off the bed as you tip-toed closer to your release. Everything in you cheered for you, filled with glee about the fact that you weren’t only about to fuck your best friend you’d admired for so long, but that he knew exactly how to get you off, too.
If you weren’t the luckiest girl to ever walk along Hogwarts’ walls to this date, then…
“I want you, baby,” was the last gentle warning he gave you in his haze, and before you could lay your heart open to him in response, he left you empty and wanting.
With your pussy pulsating and clenching around nothing, you whined, calling out his name with furrowed eyebrows till you realised the change in his decision. And while his fingers felt like the seventh cloud that you’d long ascended to, his fist around his cock did seem more alluring now that you watched him pump his length with a sharp hiss.
“Want you,” he repeated, luscious, hooded eyes looking for your gaze until he leaned down and sandwiched you between him and the bed. “Can I?”
By the time you managed the only coherent word your mind could come up with, the head of his member was already prodding at your entrance; it felt unbelievable how an initial part of the whole process could rile you up like this. But if you thought that you were beginning to light up your mental fireworks already, you weren’t ready for the coming moment when he stretched you open and bottomed out at last.
The burn that his girth caused soon gave way to utter and sheer rapture, every feeling of his vein and throbbing twitch a new, thrilling sensation. Worry written on his face, you nodded in reassurance, mumbling a response to his unspoken question as you said, “I’m okay. You can move.”
And so he did – dragged his cock along your velvet walls slowly, pleasantly. Despite the softness he operated with, your body shifted upwards with each thrust of his hips. Hands holding your thighs tried to keep you in place, wrapping your legs around his waist before he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours.
Remembering your plea from merely a second ago, you wrapped your arms around his neck, lifting your legs just a little higher to let him reach an even deeper spot inside you. The delicious push and pull of his proud length drove you mad mercilessly. Each time he backed away with only his tip left inside and then returned to bury himself to the hilt, left you gasping and mewling, a slave to his touch and kisses.
“Harder,” you whispered once your foggy brain found the word it was looking for, “faster, please…”
“You better hold on tight then, sweet girl,” Seokjin responded, his body falling onto yours further as he buried his face in your neck. Obeying his demand, your arms snaked around his body with unfaltering vigour, and his strength pulled down your body carefully to protect your head from the headboard of the bed.
Which meant… Seokjin wasn’t going to go easy on you – not anymore.
Eliciting the most tempting scream out of you, he proved it to you immediately, pulling his cock back one more time until he rammed it into you hard. And with the pounding that followed, you were sure you were waking up at least half of the Gryffindor dormitory and those who tried to spend their time in peace and serenity.
No chance if Seokjin fucked you like this though.
As he hammered into your pussy like a demon, he bit your shoulder till it seemed to wound, the combination of pleasure and pain mingling to a love potion so intense that it had your eyes rolling back in their sockets. Only yesterday, or hell, this morning, you’d never thought you’d find yourself in the arms of this man, savouring his taste as he wrecked you whole.
This must be a dream. You’d wake up in no time, you were sure.
But you didn’t – gratefully, thankfully, you were still locked in his embrace; and for some reason, the situation became all the more real when his grip left your hips and grabbed your arms instead. Fingers slowly tracing your skin, they soon found yours, intertwining between moans as the bubble of affection and craze grew more suffocating around you.
But if that was the ultimate way to run out of oxygen, then you gladly wanted to gasp for air like this every night.
Seokjin ruined your insides for a minute longer, and soon, his hips stuttered and his legs trembled – tell-tale signs of his pleasure reaching a peak and his body giving in to it. With low, deep sounds you’d never heard from him, he toppled off the edge, strings of white shooting within you until he was left empty and panting.
“Pretty…baby,” he praised in between heavy breaths, his face still sunken into the crook of your neck before he lifted it and stared at your…
…relatively clear gaze. Not as transparent as he was used to, but not as high above the clouds as he was. And without the need of a word from your side, he understood.
“Are you okay?” you asked, light unsettlement visible in his expressions as he lifted his body slowly.
“I am, I am.”
Pulling out his softening cock, his lips trailed your body for one last time, clearly unbothered by the sheen of sweat covering your skin until his mouth reached your leaking pussy.
“What are you do– oh,” you tried, but words died in your throat as his fingers journeyed back to your pussy for the last time tonight.
“Making sure you don’t ruin your sheets,” he remarked as he pushed his cum back into your hot cunt; whatever you expected, this was definitely not it. Not that you could complain anyway.
Already wound down south, you squirmed with his head between your legs; yet, your body never seemed to get enough – too ready for whatever he gave you. Too ready to let him consume you.
And it seemed like this idea was exactly what was taking form in his head as well; because there was no way he was going to drown in ecstasy while leaving you hanging.
Despite his digits sinning and his mouth wrapping around your nub diligently, your pussy ached for more of him as if he hadn’t rearranged your guts only moments ago. Somewhere behind your dizzy mind, you questioned how you’d survived without his touch for so long; you knew that now, that he’d delivered you a whole show, your appetite would never dwindle.
You knew you would keep starving instead. And he would keep delivering.
"This feels… fucking insa– oh god," you keened, your eyes growing misty behind your eyelids as he pumped his cum further into you.
The knowledge of how your relationship had shifted within a joyful evening alone pushed you closer to your high steadily, your body vibrating and restless as his tongue pressed kitten licks against your clit. Seokjin knew not to suck like he was a man starved; instead, he resembled elegance and calmness. He understood your sensitive parts and handled them just as deftly.
Killing you inside with kindness.
With your pussy already split open from his previous ministrations, Seokjin continued his scissoring motions inside you experimentally, his fingers slick from the mixture that your essence and his release formed. The squelching sounds filling the air shot hot blood straight back to his cock, his brain devoid of oxygen and fingertips pressing further against the walnut shaped g-spot in your cunt.
And when you eventually opened your eyes and met his, whispering his name along with lewd confessions spilling out of you involuntarily, fireworks exploded in the pit of your stomach one by one. Not sure whether it was the flat tongue of his on your vulnerable nub or the lust in his love-drunk eyes or his fingers making a mess of your insides – but the intensity of your orgasm washed over you like a long-awaited storm.
“Oh– oh,” Seokjin mumbled as he lifted his face, still massaging your clit softly as he guided you through your climax, “if you could see this right now. What a mess, fuck…”
So much for not ruining your sheets – but with the reaction your body presented him, he was ready to drench your bed in the flowing fluid over and over again. And he made sure you knew, finally slowing his actions in and around your sex as he said, “Didn’t expect you to squirt during our first time.”
“They don’t call you Gryffindor’s prime example without a reason… right?” you muttered, your head still spinning and your chest still falling and rising heavily.
“Meh,” he voiced as you heard your bed squeak; apparently, he was shifting closer again, “Jack of all trades. Master of none.”
By the time your breaths steadied, the gears of your brain shifted back into position, too – and as his shimmering lips found their way back to the warm skin of your cheeks, you questioned, “Do you… always do that on first dates?”
Seokjin’s expression morphed into something that nearly resembled playful hurt – pouty, rosy lips, furrowed eyebrows and sparkling eyes stared back at you. With something between amusement and offense lacing his soft voice, he asked, “How many girls do you think I’ve pursued like that?”
“Like… a dozen?” Grunting, his exhausted body lifted from yours, and with a loving slap on his arm, you continued, “Come on! You’re worldwide handsome or whatever you call yourself – every girl is in love with you.”
“But,” he interjected, “have you considered that I’m too busy being in love with you to care about that?”
You wanted to tease him further; rile him up until he pinned you against the mattress again and repeated every gesture of affection you had the privilege to experience today. But instead, you captured your lips between your teeth, his words burning up your chest in the already heated atmosphere of the room.
Staring at the ceiling, a corner of your mouth twitched upwards as you wondered, “That’s what the whole dinner was for?”
Seokjin called out your name gently, moving to his side to turn your face to him in his comforting palm. “I don’t cook a whole three-course-meal just for anyone, you know?”
“Hm… can you… repeat what you said before?”
“I don’t coo–”
“Not that,” you interrupted, your cheek forming a glowing bun under his fingertips, “what you said before that.”
He didn’t have to scan his brain for memories of the passed minutes; the adoration and hopefulness in your gaze were sufficient enough for him to decipher exactly what you meant. Inching closer, he brushed his finger along your jaw; his fond smile never faltered as he uttered carefully, “I love you?”
“Oh god, this is… an extension of what you said before.”
“Don’t you like it?”
You shrugged, attempting to display nonchalance, but the honey-sweet grin spreading on your face revealed your feelings for what they were: endearment, euphoria, infinite joy and unfathomable delight.
Pressing your lips together, you simpered, asking, “And you’re not just saying that ‘cause I let you lick cupcake off my tits?” 
“What kind of conclusion is th–”
“I’m kidding,” you said, rolling your eyes. “Damn, you’d think that someone who keeps cracking trash jokes all the time would get them, but you’re a dumbass.”
“Excuse me? I’ll have you know my jokes are amazing! Everyone who hears them falls for me,” he announced with pride.
Your eyes twinkled in humour as you traced his collarbones while looking at him cheekily. “Guess that means you’re only allowed to tell your jokes to me now, huh?”
Seokjin laughed, shaking his head in defeat aa he chuckled under his breath. He knew you were about to keep talking, and as much as he loved everything you uttered, he wanted to feel your lips again more.
And with that thought in mind, his lips found their way home to yours yet again, every flavour of every dessert in the world combined – and you relished it with no restraints or uncertainty left.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
requested: yes.
pairing: dom!bts x fem!reader.
rating: 18+
genre: smut, fluff, some angst (I hate angst).
au: established relationship, pwp.
content: face fucking, sensory deprivation, use of sexual toys, spanking, punishments, degradation, oral sex (m. and f. receiving), overstimulation, choking, edging, orgasm denial, color system + tap-out method.
content warning: sensory deprivation, impact play, sexual punishment, degradation, overstimulation, breath play.
trigger warning: use of safe words, degrading words, physical impact.
disclaimer: every action performed in each scenario was previously discussed and consented to by both parties. please remember that consent is very important and you or your partner can withdraw it at any moment.
word count: 3.5k
note: it’s almost 4am. i’m falli ng asleep. pls enjoy. this isn’t edited nyw. bye. mwuah.
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Tumblr media
“Open yourmouth.” You oblige right away, opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue to welcome the heavy head of Seokjin’s cock.
You’ve wanted Seokjin to fuck your mouth ever since he admitted to thinking about it often, but every time you ask him to do it, he always declines to say he’s sure he’ll end up hurting you. He has no problem going from vanilla to making you cry for his cock, that’s for sure, but he does have some trouble controlling himself sometimes.
Either way, you don’t mind, not even one bit. You do what he tells you to as soon as he pronounces the words. You always aim to please and Seokjin thinks that’s both a blessing and a curse.
You flatten your tongue and wrap your lips around him, automatically raising your hand to hold onto his hip. He pushes you away and slaps your cheek with the head of his cock.
“You don’t get to touch me.” He looks down at you as if wondering whether you deserve to get a mere taste of him or not. “Hands on your back.”
You put your hands on your back and wait for him to make his next move, tongue out and eyes trained on him. Anxiety blooms in your chest as he takes his time to examine your features, and right when you’re about to close your mouth and complain he grabs your hair and pushes his cock past your lips, forcing you to swallow around him as you try to breathe in through your nose.
He pulls out then thrusts back roughly, hitting the back of your throat and watching you gag. The muscles of your throat close in around him and make him push his head back with a contained groan. He grips your hair in a messy makeshift ponytail and fucks your mouth so hard it makes you roll your eyes back.
“Look at you, you’re swallowing my cock and taking everything I give you, hm?” You swallow around him and he hisses at the feeling. “Such a pretty girl.”
His left hand keeps pushing you down on his cock as his other one moves to grip your nose, cutting your airflow and making your tears fall from your closed eyes. You’re drooling by now, and the mess between your legs is no better than that. You try your best to keep going cause, God, you’re horny, but even as Seokjin lets go of your nose and you can breathe again, you don’t know how much more you can take.
You know you have to back out when Seokjin starts fucking you so hard he hits the back of your throat each time, so you raise your hands but Seokjin glares at you, probably thinking you’re about to disobey him, but instead, you use your hand to tap on his hip with weak, shaky fingers. His hips stutter as he understands your actions right away, pulling out of your mouth and kneeling in front of you to look at your glassy eyes.
“Too much?” He asks, wrapping his arms around your trembling body to prevent you from falling. “I’m so sorry, baby. I told you this was a bad idea… are you okay?”
You close your eyes for a second and nod, letting your body rest on his arms in the uncomfortable position you’re in as you try to catch your breath.
“Let me take care of you now, alright?”
Tumblr media
Noise-canceling headphones, satin silk blindfolds and thin yet soft ropes that Yoongi expertly tied your wrists with to prevent hurting you… Yoongi decided to get only the best of the best as soon as you told him you’re interested in sensory deprivation. What you like, he likes, what interests you, interests him too, what pleases you, pleases him as well. It’s as simple as that.
Now you’re getting what you wanted, but you didn’t expect to feel so anxious and self-conscious.
You try your best to focus on the feeling of his hands running up and down your body, playing with your boobs and pinching your nipples, parting your legs and teasing your wet pussy with some sort of toy. He’s sending shivers down your spine and you feel excited because you’re trying something new, but why doesn’t it feel as good as you thought it would? why are you trembling and feeling ashamed of Yoongi looking at your exposed, naked body?
He pushes his middle and ring finger past your hole and thrusts them in and out a few times before curling them right on your g-spot. You whine and try to find him with your tied-up hands to no avail.
You hear nothing, you see nothing and you can’t touch anything. You can’t stop focusing on the tight feeling in your guts. You feel so ashamed and exposed. This isn’t how it’s supposed to feel.
You’re grateful at the fact Yoongi insisted on not using a gag on you, saying you should be able to voice out what you want and need.
“Yoongi, please…” you can’t tell if he replied or even heard you, and that makes you all the more nervous. “Red. Please, this doesn’t feel right.”
You can’t hear him, but you can tell he moves away from you when the bed dips. He takes the headphones off and rises your head with one of his hands. His long fingers loosen the silk fabric that covers your eyes, taking it off and allowing you to see his face. He looks calm, but his fingers work fast on the knots of the rope around your wrists.
“I’m so sorry, baby. It didn’t feel good?” His voice is so gentle and understanding, it somehow calms your nerves.
You shake your head and you bring him closer to you, his forehead leaning on yours. “It’s alright, it’s all good. I’m very happy and proud of you for telling me. You know that, right?”
You close your eyes and nod your head, sighing in content when you feel his lips peck your cheeks, eyelids, nose and chin, and then finally stopping on your lips.
He pulls the bed cover over your body and holds you close to his chest. There’s nothing in the world that can hurt you as long as Yoongi is around.
Tumblr media
“Why can’t you do as you’re told?” He pushes you on his lap and pulls down your leggings and underwear in one swift motion. “You have to be a fucking brat every time, don’t you?”
His hand collapses against the space between your ass and the back of your thighs with a loud slapping sound. He’s started off trying to hurt you right away, so you know this isn’t going to be a normal, pleasurable spanking session. You can hear your heartbeat ringing clearly in your ears and how your stomach twists in fear.
You did a bad thing.
Hoseok is a loving and caring boyfriend, but he has established rules that he has expected you to follow since the very first time you agreed with the way he does things in the bedroom. One of said rules being ‘You cannot distract me when I’m working’, and you’ve always been nothing but a good girl, you’ve always followed his rules perfectly, but lately it seems all Hoseok does is work.
You’re only human, and you have needs. Needs that Hoseok must attend to if he doesn’t want you to be a brat. Now he’s been neglecting you, so you can’t understand why you’re the only one being punished here.
Another hard spank shakes your body and takes you by surprise. You bite your quivering lip and convince yourself you can take this punishment like a champ, after all, Hoseok is finally paying attention to you, even if it’s not the way you wanted or expected.
He gives you three spanks in a row and you try your best to control your breathing and swallow the cry that threatens to come out cause you’re too petty to let him know his punishment is working.
“You’ve always been good for me,” he speaks up, ignorant to the tears spilling down your cheeks. “So, what the fuck is this attitude?”
A sob escapes your mouth and destroys your pride with it. Your backside hurts so much you can barely feel anything else.
“Stop, please.” You cry, hiding your face with the back of your hand. “Hobi, stop.”
“Oh, now you want to stop?” His voice drips with satire as he slaps your thighs. “Cause you stopped when I told you to, right? Tsk, that’s not how this works, sweetheart.”
But you need him to stop. You’ve never had to use your safe word but the pain in your behind is so intense it has you screaming out. “Hobi, stop, please! Red.”
Hoseok stops right away. He takes a second to process your sobs and the way your body is shaking because of them. He turns you around and lays you down on the couch of his studio, cringing at the pained expression you make when your butt touches the surface.
“Baby, I’m so sorry.” His dominant voice is already gone, replaced by incredulous whispers. “God, I hurt you badly, didn’t I? I’m so, so sorry.”
His hand comes up to touch your face and you automatically flinch, seeing the panic settle in his eyes. You don’t have it in you to tell him it’s okay, you can’t even bear to look at him any longer.
“Please just take me home.” You whisper as you try to focus on anything but him. “I just wanna go home.”
“Alright. I’ll take you home, okay? Come here.” He helps you stand up and fix your clothes, tears coming out of his eyes when he sees you squeeze yours in pain. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, baby. You know that, right?”
Even if you know he didn’t mean to hurt you this much, you’re too exhausted to reply, so you just nod your head and lean on his chest.
You’re hurt and sad, but you know that he won’t ever hurt you as punishment anymore, and that’s all that matters.
Tumblr media
“You’re such a filthy whore.” His words ring in your ears as you stuff your mouth full with his cock and your hands play with his balls.
As soon as he came home, he told you to get on your knees. You assume he had a bad day at work or something, this wouldn’t be the first time he takes out his anger on you, something you told him he could do anytime he needs. You love it when he lets go and you have no idea of what to expect from him.
“My little cockslut. I bet you’d suck on anyone’s cock if they told you to.” You ignore the odd feeling his choice of words gives you. “Look at me, slut.”
You open your eyes and look up, he looks bored and annoyed. Your heart clenches at the sight and tears gather in your eyes, you don’t know if it’s because you have his cock down your throat or because you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with the way he’s talking to you.
He bites the inside of his cheek and you suddenly forget what he said, a shiver running down your spine at how hot that habit of his is. You hollow your cheeks and your tongue rubs the veins of his cock, slurping and gagging sounds filling the room.
“Shit, if you keep that up, I’m gonna cum. But isn’t that what you’re good at?” He pulls your hair and your scalp begins to burn. “That’s all you’re worth, huh?”
Alright, that’s another type of hurt, one that you shouldn’t tolerate. But you have a war in your head trying to decide whether you should stop or keep going. he looks so close to cumming you can’t bring yourself to steer away from the second option.
Tears stream down your cheek as you suck and drool all over his cock, bobbing your head to the point you feel a headache coming.
“Such a dumb bitch, all you know is how to make me cum, isn’t that right? You’re nothing but a toy.” You choke around him and pull away.
“Red.” You stand up and ignore the wobble of your knees. You push him away and raise your voice, a hurt look on your face. “You’re not taking out your anger on me, you’re just trying to hurt me.”
You walk away from him and head to your room, listening to his rushed footsteps trailing behind you and the sound of his belt.
“I’m so sorry.” You try to shut the bedroom door on his face, but he sneaks his hand in on time to prevent it from closing. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean what I said.”
You know he didn’t, but he still crossed the line and you can’t allow him to get away with that. You know hurting you wasn’t really his intention, he’s a thoughtful and caring man, but his hurtful words keep replaying in your head and you doubt they will stop soon.
Tumblr media
Jimin takes more pleasure in giving rather than receiving. He loves to fuck you in positions he knows you enjoy the most, he doesn’t waste time pumping his fingers in and out of you, going straight for the kill on your g-spot, and he loves eating you out. Any time, any place, every time that you want it. He’s proud of his performance, actually, his plump lips devouring your clit as his long and relentless tongue thrusts in and out of your entrance…
You’ve never had to use your safe word in your 3 years of relationship, having agreed on it as soon as you started having sex. He knows your limits and you, his. But now, with his head between your legs, it’s starting to become too much and you suddenly remember the word you chose.
He’s been eating you out for hours, giving you orgasm after orgasm as he somehow keeps his stamina as high as when he began. Your body is shaking, your thighs attempting to crush his head and your nails dig deep on his arms wrapped around your hips to prevent you from moving your hips.
It feels so good and you don’t want him to stop, but the little black spots clouding your vision along with the spasms taking over your body are a clear sign that you should say something while you still can. You want to cum one last time, but it doesn’t seem like your body will be able to take it.
“Minnie,” you whimper. He hums with his eyes closed, not pulling away from you, focusing on sending painfully pleasurable vibrations to your core instead. “Minnie, ‘s too much.”
He pulls away for a second to catch his breath. “Hang in there, baby. Just one more time and you’ll feel so good, I promise.”
That’s the problem, you feel so good your whole body is threatening to shut down. You can barely talk, let alone breathe properly. You’re stumbling on your words and mumbling nonsense.
“Minnie, ‘m serious… can’t.” He ignores you and keeps up his sweet torture. You force your arms to move and wrap your hands on his hair, trying to pull him away from you. “Red,” you whisper, Jimin’s face frowning in confusion until he remembers what the word means.
He pulls away from you right away, gently letting go of your thighs and cupping your face with his warm hands. “I’m so sorry, baby. are you okay? Crap, I forgot what that meant.”
He looks so worried and guilty that you have to force a genuine smile to prove to him you’re okay, bringing your hand up to grab his as you close your eyes.
“Never thought I would want you to stop eating my pussy.”
Tumblr media
It isn’t the first time Taehyung wraps his large hand around your throat. It’s a pretty common thing that you both can’t seem to get rid of since the first time you tried it. It makes you light-headed and so much responsive to his touch. You know he loves having so much control over your body, having your life metaphorically and literally in his hands.
His breath is hot on your neck and you delight yourself in his baritone voice whispering dirty yet sweet things in your ear. You’re gasping for air as your walls clench around his cock, your mind traveling through space far away from the mundane earth, allowing you to focus on Taehyung. That’s all you feel; Taehyung.
“You look so pretty, angel.” His thumb moves and digs deep on the skin of your neck, right on top of your jugular, making you breathless and on the verge of panic. “So pretty for me.”
He hasn’t noticed the place he’s applying pressure on and you convince yourself it’s fine, that you can take it, you’re both so close to your orgasm anyway it won’t matter once you get there.
Air is barely filling your lungs and you feel yourself quickly drifting away from your high. Now you can’t feel anything else other than Taehyung’s thumb pressing on the wrong place of your neck.
Your hands go up to claw on his arm as you try to whisper your safe word as loud as you possibly can. “T-tae… red.”
He takes a second to hear what you said, but as soon as he processes your words, he rips his hand away from you, stopping the pace of his hips and looking at you with worried eyes. “Fuck… are you— are you okay? Holy shit, I’m so sorry.”
You close your eyes and inhale as much air as it takes to fill your lungs, opening them after a minute to look at him with droopy eyelids. “I’m oka. You used your thumb on—”
“God, I’m never touching your neck again.” He lifts his upper body up with his arm and cups your cheek with his other hand, caressing the skin there and looking at you with remorse. “I’m so sorry.”
“I’m fine now,” your breath finally going back to normal. “Now you can say that you literally took my breath away.” Despite the lightness of your voice, Taehyung glares at you. “Too soon?”
Tumblr media
The evening started innocent enough between you and Jungkook, so you honestly don’t know how or when you found yourself laying on your back on your shared apartment’s couch, your lips sucking the sensitive skin of his neck while his hand’s busy playing you’re you underneath your pajama pants. He’s been teasing your cunt for what seems like hours, but every time you get close to your orgasm, he stops his actions and ignores your annoyed whines and unsatisfied grunts.
“Let me cum, goddamn it!” Frustration takes over you as Jungkook denies you of your high for the 5th time in the past hour. Blood boils in your veins at his stupid smirk. “Let me cum and I’ll let you fuck my tits, I’ll even let you cum on them.”
He laughs at your attempt to negotiate an orgasm. “That’s very tempting.” He chuckles. “Be patient, baby, it’ll feel good and you’re gonna cum so hard.”
You sure hope so cause it’s starting to hurt. Your puffy clit is throbbing with over-sensitivity, but his fingers show no mercy on you.
His teeth bite your neck and his tongue soothes the spot there, his thumb and index finger closing in around your clit and twisting it softly in the most painful yet delicious way. You move your hips to try to escape from his touch, but Jungkook forces them back in their original position to keep playing with your pussy as he pleases.
“Jungkook, please,” you whimper, resting your hands on his shoulders to find something to hold on to.
“I’ll let you cum this time, I promise.” He’s not looking at your face, head buried in your neck, but if he did, he would see how uncomfortable you are and stop.
“You don't— fuck, you don’t get it, Kook,” The pitch of your voice goes an octave higher and so does the pain between your legs. “It hurts.”
He slows down but doesn’t stop. “Safe word?”
“Red.” you sob.
“Shit.” He pulls his hand off your pants and moves his head away from your neck to look at your eyes. “Are you okay? Was it too much? I’m so sorry, baby.”
You nod your head, a thin layer of sweat covering your body as you try to even out your breath. Jungkook mumbles apologies, leaving gentle kisses all over your face and resting his forehead against yours. He hugs your shivering body and kisses your cheek once more
“I’m sorry,” he looks at you with worried eyes. “I’m gonna run you a bath, alright?”
“Okay.” You smile. “We’re still gonna fuck, right?”
“God, you’re the love of my life.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
⇢ pairing: ot7 x oc // taehyung/seokjin focus.  ⇢ genre: smut. // pwp. ⇢ word count: 9.6K ⇢ theme: established relationships. ⇢ rating: explicit. ⇢ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, poly relationship, fingering, oral sex (f/m), nipple play, squirting, spit, finger sucking, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies), table sex, multiple orgasms, over stimulation, yn knows no rest, riding, dry humping, taehyung is strong asf nd it’s hot, deep throat, masturbation, hints of voyeurism/exhibitionism, cum inside, cream-pie, jin is not great at mario kart...  ⇢ A/N: thank you guys for waiting for this! it was hard to write, but i had a really great time doing it! let me know what you think x 
[ feel free to buy me a coffee! ]
Tumblr media
Yoongi can see you perfectly from where he sits and though you act as if you don't feel his lingering stare, you don't hesitate to shift around a bit giving him a better view. It was the whole reason you took off your top in the first place. Had noticed the curious way he kept glancing in your direction and decided it would be fun to fuck with him a bit.
Yoongi can see you perfectly from where he sits and though you act as if you don't feel his lingering stare, you don't hesitate to shift around a bit giving him a better view. It was the whole reason you took off your top in the first place. Had noticed the curious way he kept glancing in your direction and decided it would be fun to fuck with him a bit.
Now he was finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation with his friends and you found that hilarious.
You're so focused on coming up with ways to fluster him, you don't even realize it when he's standing from the table. Missed the exchange where they discussed cutting into a melon, not like you'd be able to hear them anyway. One by one, they're standing from the table and disappearing further into the kitchen.
Bored of the alone time, you're quick to stand from the deck, haphazardly adjusting your top over your breasts before you're stalking into the kitchen. Namjoon spots you first, in the midst of the chaotic movement of his friends. Soft lips shift into a wide smile as he drops his arm on your shoulders.
“Done with your little strip tease?” He says in the most amused voice and you're letting out a surprised little giggle, no idea that anyone other than Yoongi had seen you. Although, it was crazy to think that – you were in plain view it just made sense that you'd catch the attention of any one of them.
Plus, Yoongi wasn't so great at hiding it when he was turned on.
Joon leads you with his arm around your shoulders, fingers toying with the straps o your bikini top and threatening to pull it loose. You're wiggling out of his grasp before he can, close enough to Yoongi that you can smell his shampoo. Without a thought you're latching onto his back, arms wrapped around his torso and cheek pressed against his cheek.
He's so focused on the task at hand, he barely reacts to the new warmth pressed against his back. Eyes squinted as he scoops chunks of melon into a bowl. You do, though, feel the way he flinches once you're pressing a flat hand onto his stomach. Smooth ripples of skin warm your palm through the fabric of his shirt and you don't hesitate to it inch it a bit lower.
Yoongi tries to act like he doesn't notice the descent, teeth cutting into his lower lip as he pays much more attention to the fruit than needed. He's losing it the moment you're sneaking your fingers past the waistband of his pants, teasing the top of his boxers before you're diving straight in, forcing a curse from his lips.
“Fuck.” He hisses, feeling your hand wrap around his length. “Jungkook! Come fucking deal with this,” Huffing his words out at the younger member as if it were his fault he can't seem to control himself.
Before Jungkook can even get close enough to take over, Yoongi is turning around in your arms. Two large hands cover the sides of your face, holding it steady so he's able to lean down for a kiss. A wet one that has your toes curling, gentle tongue pushing past your lips as he leans your body against the counter.
His crotch is pressed firmly against yours and you can feel him hardening the deeper the kiss gets. He's got a strong grip on your thigh, slowly lifting your leg until it's resting on his hip. You can feel the not-so-subtle stares from the other guys, no doubt debating whether or not they should join in or watch the scene play out for itself.
Yoongi does all of them a favor with a simple tug of his wrist, your top falling loose around your shoulders and uselessly sliding out from between your bodies. The hand that doesn't have a death grip on your thigh reaches for your breasts, squeezing and molding the flesh beneath his palm.
Breathy moans die on his tongue, but he acts as if he hears them loud and clear, fingers moving to wrap around your nipple. He tugs, experimentally at first, then a bit rougher when he hears the gasp you let out. Only when he hears the call of his name does he pull back, attention shifting from you to Hoseok and Jungkook.
All at once, he seems to remember that he had been doing something before attacking you. He contemplates ignoring them altogether, but the fact that he preferred to have you uninterrupted wins through and he's leaning down to press a quick kiss to your swollen lips. “To be continued,” He says with a slight nod, stepping back to create more space between your bodies and rejoining his friends.
You're about to turn into them, steal the attention away from the food that they're making when you feel a strong arm wrap around your waist, easily pulling you into his chest. Instantly, you recognize the embrace to belong to Taehyung, his sweet scent tickling your senses.
“Come hang out with me,” He says through a mumble, lips brushing against the shell of your ear. Really, he had the ability to make any and everything he says sound sexy. A slight promise in his words when just asking you to hang out, and you don't even think to object.
Easily, he's leading you out of the house, fingers laced with yours. He hums quietly as you two make your way toward his house and you recognize the tune to be a newer song off of his unreleased mixtape. Very rarely did you get to hear what he was working on, Taehyung had a thing of wanting things to be perfect before anyone else saw them, but the times that you did see what he was working on – it was safe to say you were more than impressed.
He's pushing the door closed the moment the two of you are stepping inside with his hand on the small of your back. “You went swimming?” Not at all phased by the fact that you've got your tits out, seen them enough times that the sight of them (while they did make him hard), didn't make him lose all control. You'd have to play around with them a little bit in your hands while mumbling dirty-nothings for him to truly fall apart at the sight.
“Mm, I went while you guys were eating.” All he does is nod, heading into his bedroom while you're left behind to plop down on the couch. He's only gone for a minute before he's back, a black case in hand. “If you want you can take a shower in there,” It's a sweet suggestion that has you realizing that he didn't pull you away to fuck.
It wasn't foreign for Taehyung to steal you away in order to steal some moments alone with you. There were times he wouldn't even talk to you, just comforted in the fact that you were in the same room. And from the way his mind was set on unloading his trumpet, you had a feeling this time was going to be like those.
You're standing, crossing the short distance to get closer to him. “Yeah, I'll shower.” Arms wrapped around his torso, you're laying your cheek against his back the same way you had done with Yoongi in the kitchen, only you just barely reach his shoulder blades. “You brought your trumpet?”
“I figured I'd practice a bit while we were out here,” He says with a shrug and you're grinning, planting kisses against his back as an attempt to mask it. “You must be getting really good, huh?” He answers with a shrug, setting the instrument on the table before turning around so he's able to wrap an arm around your shoulders.
Taehyung plants a soft kiss on your forehead, smiling softly down at you. “You can use my shampoo and stuff if you want. It works,” He's clearly remembered the small rant you went on when Hoseok used all your hair products for himself. His fighting words, 'just use some of mine,' triggered an overdrawn explanation on why you could 'just use some of his'.
With a quick lean onto your toes, you're pressing a soft kiss to his waiting lips. Disappearing into his bathroom, where you're quick to undress. Faintly, you hear the sound of his video call starting and you're able to judge from the bits of conversation that he's in a lesson. The blow of the trumpet further proves that and you can perfectly imagine the look on his face at not getting the notes quite right.
A look that he was not too fond of a lot of people seeing, which is no wonder he sent you away from a shower.
Tumblr media
It works out perfectly. You're finishing up your shower around the same time he's logging off of his lesson. The determined tunes filled the entire bathroom and while he was no Chet Baker, yet. You cannot deny that he's gotten a lot better since the first time you hear him practice. You pick out a shirt from his collection to wear, along with a pair of boxers that made the perfect shorts.
Taehyung is standing in the middle of the room when you walk back out, pulling apart the instrument and tucking it into its box. You've got a t-shirt in hand, squeezing the water out of your hair, while making your way over to him. “I heard you practicing,” He doesn't startle or jump, had heard you coming up the moment you left the room.
There's no way it could be a surprise, while the home built for them was impressive... there was no way he thought you wouldn't hear him in this small room. He doesn't say much, just sets the instrument down and turns around fully to wrap his arms around you. “It's not perfect, yet.”
Your arms are wrapping around his neck, fingers dipping into his hair as you lean into his body. “Of course not. You just started,” It's the way that you rub your nose against his that has his heart thumping in his chest. The gentle way you're always able to reassure him whenever he's not feeling the most confident.
How he knew that you were always rooting for him, no matter what he was trying out. You always made him feel so sure of himself even when the odds weren't entirely in his favor. Always there for him, smiling all pretty and running your fingers through his hair. Smelling of honey and tasting just as sweet.
He appreciated you in more ways than one and he can't remember the last time he proved that to you. His lips brush against yours gently at first, just a small taste of the balm you had smeared on them before exiting the bedroom. It's his. A familiar flavor that somehow tastes better on your lips.
You cross the line first, tongue pushing past his lips as your fists clutch at the fabric of his shirt. Pulling him closer so you can feel his body against yours, the stiffness of his muscles pressing against your body. He's biting into your lower lip, pulling a low moan from your lips.
A shiver runs down your spine as he greedily sucks your bottom lip, teeth gently scraping against the flesh. The sweet moans that fall from your lips shoot straight to his dick and he's pushing in deeper, arms falling below your waist to grip your ass. He's holding you steady, hips rolling up into yours.
“Want you,” You're managing through a gasp, legs spreading slightly to get a better feel of him. Taehyung pushes into the new opening, hard cock brushing against your covered clit. “Right here?” His words are murmured against your lips, two strong hands gripping your thighs and lifting you onto the table.
He's pulling back from your lips, dark eyes scanning over your features. You're looking at him with a sexy glint, eyes hooded and dazed. Head bobbing frantically at his words. There was nothing Taehyung loved more than when you got needy like this. Panting and ready to be taken wherever... and however he wanted.
You've got your legs spread much wider now so he's easily able to fit between them, hips rolling up into yours. “What if someone walks in, you don't care?” His lips are pressed lightly against yours, grazing them with each word he speaks. You can't hold back the giggle, fingers tangling in his soft curls.
“I don't care,” You're sighing out, angling your body so you're able to feel his hardening length against you. “Fuck me,” It comes out as a pant, tongue jutting out to tease his lower lip. He lets you suck it into your mouth, groaning at the feeling. Two strong hands grope at your thighs, tugging your body closer to his.
He's pressed so tight against you, you can almost feel the throb in his shorts. And the moan you let out has a chuckle falling from his lips. “You want me to? Right here on the table?” Taehyung's toying with you in the way he does best, nose nudging against yours as he looks up at you through his long lashes.
“Please,” It's all he needs to hear before he's lunging forward, hands sliding up to grip your ass. His nose dragging down the side of your neck. His kisses are hot and wet, tongue sucking hickeys into your skin while your hands desperately grip at his hair. Easily, he's lifting you off of the counter, legs wrapping around his hips.
He nearly drops you in his attempt to stand up straight and it has a loud laugh falling from your lips, arms tightening around his neck. “Tae!” You're screeching out, laughter filtering throughout the room. “You almost dropped me!” 
Taehyung is shaking his head at your words, pushing them aside while leaning up to press his lips to yours. “Don't worry about it,” He says through a chuckle, fully capturing your lips with his. His hands make their way from your ass to the hem of your shirt, slowly lifting it from your body.
The useless garment is being chuckled somewhere in the distance while he diving in to press a line of wet kisses into your skin. The trail all the way down toward your collarbones, finding the swell of your breasts. “Such pretty nipples,” He's growling out, warm tongue flicking against the hardened nub. 
Slowly, he's pulling it all the way into his mouth, sucking and biting into the skin. It's the consistent roll of his hips against yours that has you panting. Sharp teeth cut into the skin of your nipple, pulling a loud yelp from your lips. But all you want is more, body bouncing slightly to feel the friction between your legs. “Taehyung... more, please-” He takes his time to pull himself from your chest, peeking up at you with a wide smirk.
“Jump up a little bit, baby.” You follow his instruction instantly and he's doing the rest of the work to lifting your body up toward his shoulders. A shocked squeal leaves your lips when he's lifting you all the way up, legs dangling from his shoulders. 
You've got a death grip in his hair, loud laughter filling the room. “Don't drop me!” You're saying through laughs, his hands dipping into the waistband of your shorts. “I'm not going to drop you,” He chuckles while managing to slip your shorts from your legs, giving him full access to your wet pussy.
Eye to eye with your glistening folds and it has his pants tightening. “Fuck, look at you.” He says through a groan, diving straight forward. You taste sweeter than he remembers and it has him pulling your body closer to his face. He moves like a man starved, enthusiastically mouthing at your clit. Tongue gently coaxing it into his mouth while his teeth gently graze over it. You're hitting out a moan, legs tightening around his neck as well as in his hair.
“Shit, Taehyung,” You whine, attempting to lift your hips to get a better feel of his tongue. The taste of you intoxicates him and he can't get enough of it. He's nearly smothering himself between your legs, thighs clutching around his head. The strength takes to hold you up over his head as more fluids rush between your legs, pussy clenching around nothing.
Taehyung doesn't let that last for long, though, dropping his head down a little lower to tease your entrance with the tip of his tongue. It has your toes curling at his sides, head bowing forward as your nails scrape against his scalp. “You're fucking dripping,” Words mumbled into your pussy and sending vibrations throughout your body.
His face is wet with your juice and his spit and he does the most with smearing it between your legs with the movement of his head. Large hands holding you in place with the firm grip he holds on your ass and you can feel your body tingling. His cock strains against his pants, fighting to get to you.
The suckling sound between your legs mixed with your loud moans fill the room. He's groaning into your cunt, using all of his strength to hold your body up. His tongue fucks into you with so much force and you can't help the way your body curls in on itself and he has to strain to keep you from pulling your bodies to the floor.
“I'm gonna fucking cum...” You're saying through a hiss, eyes fluttering as your legs begin to shake. With his firm grip on your waist, he's managing to lay your back flat on the table. Quickly, dropping to his knees and re-wrapping your legs around his neck. His tongue instantly finds your clit with his fingers slip past your walls.
He pushes his way past the tightens, tongue sucking your little bundle of nerves into his mouth. His fingers reach all the way to the knuckle, pulling a loud yelp from your lips when he curls them up effectively grazing your gspot. An arm lifts to hold your hips down on the surface while his fingers fuck into you with so much fervor, thighs jiggling at the force. “Fuck, just like that- I'm... fuck!” You're shouting, the first licks of your orgasm tearing through you.
Taehyung doesn't let up despite the feeling of your walls clenching around him. His tongue flicks over your clit steady, fingers pushing you further and further over the edge until everything snaps. A loud scream breaks through your throat, hips managing to break free from his hold and lift.
Black dots cloud your vision and a deafening ring sounds through your ears. You don't even register the stream of cum that leaves your body, splashing against his chin and neck. Too wrapped up in the feeling of it all, you barely notice the loud groan that he lets out. Or the way he tears his body from yours, scrambling to get his pants undone.
You don't fully register what's going on around you until you feel the familiar stretch of his cock entering you, pulling a loud gasp from you. His lips brush over yours gently and for a moment you're convinced he just wants a form of closeness, then you're feeling the wetness trickle from between his mouth, the familiar taste of your arousal entering your mouth.
Tae doesn't pull away until he's emptied the cum from his mouth into yours, a teasing lick sealing your lips. “Be a good girl for me,” He waits patiently to watch you swallow, cock swelling inside of you when you open your mouth to show him that you've followed his order. “So fucking perfect,” The words are grumbled under his breath, grip tightening on your hips.
He holds you steady as he pulls back, slowly so you're feeling every inch of him on the way out. Then he's shoving himself forward, pulling a loud squeal from your lips. The sound has him smirking, angling his hips to reach much deeper inside of you. 
“Fuck, Taehyung!” Voice strained and needy, it only has him wanting to go faster. The pace he sets is brutal, hips ramming against yours and causing your thighs to ripple. And your hands reach down to clutch his waist, nails digging into his skin. You can feel the heat rising throughout your body, pleasure bubbling in your chest. It has your walls tightening around his length.
It makes it a bit difficult for him to fuck into you. “Squeezing me so tight, baby. Are you close?” He asks, although he already knows the answer. You're whimpering out something that resembles agreement and he's grinning, dropping a hand down to find your clit. The moment his fingers are making contact with the sensitive bud, the pressure snaps. 
Long legs tighten around his hips, pulling his body against yours. Taehyung settles into a slow grind, cock rubbing against your most sensitive spots while low grunts fill your ears. He's close, holding out just enough to bring you to the edge with him. He feels it when you break, juices leaking from your clenched hole, making it so much easier for him to fuck into you.
“I'm cumming!” You warn uselessly, nails dragging along his tanned skin as your orgasm crashes through. He fucks you through the entirety of it, thrusts growing sloppier the closer he gets to his own release. It's not until your moans grow whiny, the sensitivity getting to you, does he let himself go.
Weak hands attempting to push him away, but he's got a firm grip on your body. Table screeching against the floor as he picks up the pace. “Don't push me away, baby. Take it.” Your pussy quivers around him, desperate for more but at the same time aching for space. He doesn't hold back for long, a few timed thrusts before his hips are pinned to yours, hot streams of cum hitting against your walls.
You moan at the feeling, eyes fluttering as the beginning tingles of another release hits you. His hips move slowly, determined to take you there, thighs shaking against his sides. “Too much, Tae... too much-” Words barely coherent and falling on deaf ears. 
He fucks you until you're whimpering, pulling him close as your cum soaks his softening cock. Only pulling away when you're panting, body squirming on the table beneath him. Thick globs of cum rush from your entrance, over the globes of your ass and he's tempted to lean down to lick you clean. He'd do it if he wasn't sure you'd attempt to rip his hair out from the overstimulation.
Taehyung takes his chances with his hand, scooping up as much cum as he can onto his fingers before lifting his fingers toward your lips. “Suck,” He mumbles in that deep voice of his and you don't hesitate to suck them into your mouth, hands wrapped around his wrists keeping his palm steady as your tongue weaves between his fingers.
You make a show of sucking the cum from his digits, opening your mouth so he can see the way your tongue moves between them. Lips glossy with spit and the strings of his cum holding them together, it has his cock twitching against your thigh. “So fucking dirty,” He says through a groan, gently pulling his fingers from your mouth, to keep from burying himself inside you once again.
Instead, he's reaching an arm to wrap around your waist, lifting your body onto his. Your legs easily wrap around his waist, head finding his shoulder as he carries you into his room. His cock rests lazily on your leg, his warmth spreading throughout your body. You can hear the satisfied grin even through his tone.
“Let's get you cleaned up,”
Tumblr media
Taehyung carries you on his back toward the pool where Hoseok stands, his trumpet in hand. He was delicate with the way he cleaned you off, laying you flat on the bed while he ran a rag between your legs. Didn't let you lift a finger the entire time he was shimmying you into the swimsuit he found at the bottom of his suitcase.
He's got one arm wrapped behind his back, holding you up from the ass while your arms stay wrapped around his neck. Tae grins at the sight of Hoseok's hosing himself off, lifting his trumpet holding his hand up in a wave. “Are you going to swim?” He asks, taking slow steps toward the deck.
Hoseok answers just as Tae sets you down onto your feet, sinking into a chair at one of the tables. You steal the seat beside him. It's nice in the sun, watching Hoseok swim while Taehyung practices his instrument beside you. It's the type of relaxation that you're sure they all needed, that you've been needing too.
“Come dance with me, Yn!” Hoseok is saying through a shout, lifting himself from the water just as Taehyung is playing music on his phone. His large hands land on your hips the moment you're close enough for him to reach, moving your body along with the beat of the music.
The three of you laugh and dance loudly until Jimin is poking his head out to see what all the noise is about. At the same time, Namjoon is returning from his bike ride with the largest of smiles on his face.
Jimin's pretty voice carries on over the music, guiding the movement of you and Hoseok's steps. It's chaotic and you can't stop laughing, instantly melting into Namjoon's embrace as his strong arm wraps around your waist. He plants a quick kiss to the side of your face before he's disappearing inside.
Even after both Jimin and Joon have gone back inside and the song has changed, you're still moving with Hoseok. Somehow, he's managed to drag you into the water, where it's much easier to guide your movements. You dance all the way until Hoseok is attempting to stand on the float, falling into the water just moments after he's managed to stand up straight.
You're screeching out a laugh, arms lifting to guard your face from the water he splashes. He grins at the look on your face when you laugh, mimicking it while making his way over to you. Two long arms wrap around your body, pulling you into him. The soft push of his lips silences your laughter, his hands moving from your body to cradle your face.
He kisses you sweetly, thumbs stroking against your skin as he holds your face close to his. His tongue is gentle as it slithers past your lips, grunting at the faint taste of cum still on your lips. He's pulling back slowly, eyes focused on your lips before they're lifting to find yours.
“Someone's been enjoying their vacation,” Dark eyes flicker behind you to Taehyung who watches on greedily. His lips shift into a smirk, hands dropping from your jaw to enclose around the sides of your neck. “Should we give our audience a little show?” Chin gesturing behind you, you're turning slightly to get a peek at the man seated behind you.
The music still plays faintly in the background, but neither of you pays any mind to it. Taehyung is sat slouched in his chair, eyes hooded and focused on your floating bodies. Silently urging the two of you on with the way he refuses to tear his gaze from you and Hoseok is in the mood to entertain.
And since you're ever so pliant, you're moving in the direction he shifts you. Your back is pressed to his chest, an arm resting on the lower half of your stomach. He's easily able to nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck, eyes fixed on Taehyung as he sucks wet kisses into your skin.
A large hand reaches for your breasts, fingers teasing the cups of your top before he's managing to shove it to the side. A heavy breast falls from its confines and you feel the way his cock stiffens behind you. He's quick to do the same to the other side, both hands covering your chest.
“So hard already,” He speaks through a chuckle, scissoring your nipples between his knuckles. You can't hold back the moan that fights its way up your throat, head lulling back to rest against his shoulder as your eyes flutter. Pleasure shoots throughout your body and no matter how badly you want him to hold you down and fuck you, you're sure your body wouldn't be able to withstand it.
You're reaching behind your back to palm at the front of his shorts. And you're giggling at the feeling of his cock jumping underneath your touch. “I guess I can say the same for you,” Your tone matches his, thick brows raising while his fingers shift to tug at your nipples.
 Taehyung's stare doesn't let up, a large hand sliding down the front of his body to absentmindedly palm himself through the fabric of his pants. He's waiting, eager to see how far the two of you will take it and you're just as eager to show him. Swiftly, you're dipping your hand past the waistband of Hoseok's swim trunks, hand wrapping around his heavy cock.
He hisses when the cool water hits his length, but you're barely acknowledging the sound, your hand moving from base to tip. It takes everything in him not to fully fuck his hips into the small opening your hand has formed, settling for slow twitches of his hips. Hands froze on your chest, teeth cutting into his lower lip as his focus shifts to the pleasure raking throughout his body.
Your hand moves against him much faster than he expects, fist clenched to mimic the feel of your tight walls, the pool water surrounding him only adding to the pleasure. Hoseok tries to play it off like a simple handjob isn't quickly unraveling him, keeping his grunts low and his hips steady.
The strain is evident in his voice as he speaks, though. “What? You gonna just tease me to death?” His teeth bite down into your skin when you're squeezing your palm around him, eyes fluttering as he swallows back a curse. “Need to do more than that if you expect me to cum,” It's cute, how discreet he thinks he's being. As if you couldn't feel the way he twitches in your hold.
Still, you humor him, stare shifting up to the dazed-out expression on Taehyung's face. He's teasing himself, patiently waiting for what you've got up your sleeve. He knows just as well as Hoseok, that you weren't just going to stop at a handjob. You wanted more just as badly as he wanted to see more. Which is why you're not hesitating to put some distance between your bodies, only to take hold of his hand.
Hoseok shoots one confused look down at you, caught off guard by the sudden loss of pleasure. He allows you to pull him to the edge of the pool anyway, grinning when he realizes what you're about to do. With ease, he's pulling himself into a seat position, kicking his shorts off somewhere behind you in the water.
From this angle, Taehyung can see perfectly over his shoulder. He's able to follow your every movement as your hands reach to wrap around his length. Making a big show of stroking him with both fists, peeking up at him through your lashes with a devilish smirk on your face. Both men nearly lose it when you're leaning down, gentle tongue taking a few experimental licks of the tip.
The dancer reaches for your head in an instant, fingers tangling in your damp curls. “Don't fucking tease,” He warns through clenched teeth and it just makes you want to tease some more.
You take your time wrapping your lips around his head, sucking lightly, so light you're not even sure if he's felt it. His fingers tighten in your hair, threaten to push your head all the way down, but you pay him no mind, taking your time as you lower your head, taking more of him into your mouth.
So focused on your torture of holding back, you don't even notice when Joon returns. The loud announcement of his arrival dying on his lips at the sight unfolding before him. He seems to float into the empty space behind Taehyung, following the younger man's lead by pulling his dick from his shorts.
The fact that you've got three sets of eyes on you with your mouthful only urges you on more. The restraint that you had been holding on to slowly melting away as you allow Hoseok to push your head further down. He's letting out a sigh of relief, body relaxing as his head tilts back.
He makes good use of the grip he's got in your hair, tugging your head down until he feels the bit of resistance at the back of your throat – and then a bit more. You surprise him with the quick way you're able to adjust, hands reaching out to grab hold of his hips, mouth tightening around him.
“Fuck, you look so pretty with your mouth stuffed full... don't you think?” The last bit of his sentence is directed to the guys behind him, body leaning a bit out of the way so they can get a better look at your face.
They're quick to agree, heads nodding and murmured noises falling from their lips. Joon looks painfully hard, tip an angry red and veins throbbing all around his length. While Taehyung is just half as big as he usually is... which has everything to do with the fact that he had just spent his load not even an hour ago. 
Your head bobs against him, moving his cock in and out of your mouth quickly while thoughts of all three of them against your tongue cloud your thoughts. They're so inclined to spoil you, all it would take is one request and your fantasy would be filled, though, you're not sure how well you'd perform under that type of pressure.
Instead, you keep your focus on bringing Hoseok closer and closer to his release. Sucking his dick deep into your mouth before pulling back to tease the tip. Quickly falling into a steady pace, his hand in your hair guiding the movements of your head. He's panting, low grunts falling from his lips as he urges you to go on.
The men behind you are just as fucked out, watching intently as you swallow around their friend, no doubt imagining it was their cocks down your throat. They don't say anything, though, treating this entire scene like live porn, instead of something they could easily get in on. Just one teary look in their direction and you're quickly picking up on how close they are.
Well one of them, Joon looks like he's barely holding on while Taehyung seems to be calmly enjoying himself. If it wasn't for the precum wetting his fingers, you would've never guessed that his orgasm was approaching. Maybe they'll both get up and paint your face. “Focus,” Hoseok groans, giving a slight tug of your hair while lifting his hips to push his cock deeper down your throat. “I'm almost there...”
You follow his instructions, fingers flexing around his thighs to brace yourself for the way you're about to lean down. The head of his cock brushes against the back of your throat and he expects you to stop, brows raising when you push on until your nose is pressed against his pelvic bone. And you hold it there.
The tightness of your throat seems new to him, eyes blown as his fingers freeze in your hair. “Fuck... I can't believe you-” You're cutting his words short when you swallow around him, a loud curse taking the place of the rest of the sentence. “Holy fuck, Yn-” And then you're doing it again, causing his back to dip back as he keeps a hold on the back of your head.
He looks so good. Long nose scrunched as eyes squeezed shut. His wet hair sticks up on top of his head from the way he's been grabbing at it. Cheeks flushed and lips bitten. You even find the dip of his stomach as he nears his release attractive. So caught up in admiring him, the concept of breathing seems to slip your mind. A short gasp forces him further down your throat before thick coughs push him from your mouth completely.
Eyes teary and long lines of saliva connecting your mouth to him and he's convinced you've never looked prettier. That had everything to do with being so close he could taste it, though. His hand is wrapping around his wet length, giving it a few experimental strokes before he's brushing the tip over your lips.
“Finish, finish...” He pants, unable to form a coherent sentence with the way the pleasure is shooting throughout his body. Much closer now after that little show of yours. All it takes is a few timed movements of your mouth and he's feeling his cock twitch. A hand shoots up to reach for your hair, holding your head steady as the pressure builds in his lower belly.
You're looking up just in time to catch that familiar look on Namjoon's features. His jaw slack as his eyes flutter, brows furrowed as his hand moves over his length quickly. Taehyung's strokes have grown lazy, watching you with amusement in his eyes. A certain type of pride in them as you bring his friend to the edge. And you make sure to impress him, tongue pressed to the underside of Hoseok's shaft as he fills your mouth with his cum.
You swallow every last bit of it, your eyes glued to the smirk on the youngest boy's lips. Taehyung doesn't cum, but Namjoon does... loudly and at the same time as Hoseok. And it's a bit of a bummer the way he wipes his hand clean on his shorts, rather than also spilling his load into your mouth.
But that's the greed talking.
Hoseok takes his time with pulling his dick from your mouth, careful not to let a drop slip past your lips. He's even more pleased to see that you've already swallowed down everything that he had given you, a grin breaking onto his features. “You're fucking perfect,” He says, breathless and voice coated with satisfaction.
You're lips shift into a wide grin, allowing him to pull your body from the water and onto his lap. He's gentle with you, running his fingers through your hair while his free hand draws patterns along your bare thighs. His lips are soft when they reach yours, pillow-like kisses making you swoon, filling your body with warmth and all you can do is lean into his embrace.
Tumblr media
Taehyung greets Bam as soon as he's entering Jungkook's living space, loving scratches causing the pup's tail to wag as the two men fall into easy conversation. Although it's been less than a day out here, the youngest has been seen a lot less lately. Especially where lurking around you was concerned.
He had planned to just flat out ask if the two of you were in a fight, skip the whole beating around the bush bit, and get straight to the nitty-gritty. It seems like he doesn't even have to bother, conversation shifting to you the moment the older man is settling onto the couch, Jungkook's attention split between him and the dog.
“You fucked Yn already since she's been here?” The question is so blunt, almost seems out of character for the man that's currently cooing at his four-legged baby.
A soft chuckle falls from Taehyung's lips, head nodding in response. “Barely an hour ago. Have you?” He should've expected the question to be turned back to him, but that doesn't stop the light dusting of pink that takes over his cheeks, teeth scraping over his lower lips.
His shoulders lift in a slight shrug, hand lifting to run his fingers through his hair. “Not yet,” It's surprising to say the least, so the exaggerated gasp that Taehyung lets out is to be expected. “Seriously!? You're like half humping her leg whenever she comes around... and didn't she sleep in here last night?” Surely Jungkook would've been all over you since he had the chance to have you in his bed.
Jungkook's face turns ten shades darker at the accusation of leg humping. “That's not true! And even if it was... Yn doesn't complain,” For some reason, the sentence doesn't sound right in his head. Something seems off. And it takes Taehyung a few seconds to realize what the problem is.
“Why do you keep calling her that?”
He feigns confusion at the question, brows furrowing as if he didn't know exactly what he was referring to. “Calling her what?” He tries and Taehyung is letting out another laugh. “Yn. What happened to Noona?” Taehyung takes it upon himself to add a layer of obnoxious kissy sounds at the end of the sentence.
It was no secret that Jungkook to much joy in referring to you with the honorific. Especially when he was in the midst of making you fall apart. Lately, though, it didn't sound right on his tongue. “I grew out of it I guess,” He's shrugging.
It's Taehyung's turn to pull a look of utter confusion. “That's not how that works? She's still older than you.” You were the same age as both Namjoon and Hoseok, right smack dab in the middle.
“You don't call her that,” Jungkook points out. And he's right, although you were older than Joon, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook... the youngest was the only one that ever got into the habit of calling you 'Noona'. You never requested it, but always thought it was cute when Koo would come around the corner shouting it.
Taehyung is letting out a sigh, sitting up on the couch slightly, elbows resting against his knees. “I never called her that. Did something happen? You're acting weird,” Normally, you never had many issues within your relationship, all mature enough to talk things out. So it only made sense to tackle whatever Jungkook was thinking head-on before it escalated to something serious.
A soft sigh falls from Jungkook's lips, shoulders slouching as he sinks onto the empty section on the couch. “Nothing happened. She just... I feel like Yn sees me as a kid.” Taehyung can't mask the laughter that breaks through his lips.
“No way. She wouldn't even bother fucking you, that's-” With a raised hand, Jungkook is cutting Taehyung's sentence short. “No, gross. You know what I mean. She always coos and calls me Kookie, pinching my cheeks and ruffling my hair. She doesn't do that to you.” You thought he was cute, precious. And you never held back from letting him know that.
And it was no secret how much Jungkook liked being reminded how cute you thought he was. “But you like it when she does that,” He's mentioning, hoping that would turn this conversation around a little bit.
Jungkook just lifts his shoulders in a shrug, barely acknowledging the words that Taehyung says. The older man is sighing, hand lifting to scratch at his head. “Jungkook. What are you getting at here?” Hearing the words straight from Jungkook's mouth would definitely make this process a lot easier.
The only problem was, Jungkook himself didn't quite understand what h was getting at. “I don't know. I just... I know Yn likes me and all that. But like? She sees me differently, you know? And I want her to see me as a man. Not a little cutie she can toy with,” Words seeming to form themselves and he's a bit surprised that what he's been thinking the entire time.
“Oh. Oh! I get it... is that why you haven't been lurking around and acting all desperate?” No secret that the youngest liked to watch and he never missed a chance to pounce on you the moment he had the chance, no matter how needy it made him look. Complete with the whining and panting.
Jungkook nods in agreement, eyes focused on Bam who's got his chin resting on his knee. “Well,” Taehyung continues with a small smile. Now that he knew what was going on, he actually knew how to help. This was going to be easy. “If you want her to see you as a man, you gotta fuck her like one. And lucky you, you have your big bro right here to teach you exactly how to do that,” The smile stretches into a grin, Taehyung's hand pressing into his chest to gesture to himself.
A tingle of excitement bubbles in Jungkook's chest, ready to take notes on how to get you to see him differently. Changing the way he addressed you was one thing, but it couldn't be the only thing. He knew that he would have to make a lot more changes to get you to take him seriously. 
And who knows, instead of him constantly calling you Noona... maybe he'd get you to call him daddy.
Tumblr media
You find Jin with his head in the fridge and you're immediately latching onto his back, cheek pressed against the dip between his shoulder blades. He's warm and smells as fresh as he looks, and it's safe to say that he just stepped out of the shower. A soft smile spreads onto his features at the feeling of your arms wrapping around your torso and though you can't see it, you know it's there.
“Hey,” He says through a soft chuckle, head-turning to the side in an attempt to get a look at you. “Hi,” Words murmured into the fabric of his shirt and he's smiling. Since the pool with Hoseok, you've managed to dry off and change out of your swimsuit. A comfy pair of shorts and a cropped tank cover your body.
He moves from the fridge, a bowl of grapes in hand. You move along with him, steps shadowing his as he leads the two of you into the living room. “What are you about to do?” You're asking, giving him just enough space to sink into the couch behind him.
Jin nods his head toward the screen, setting the bowl down on the table while reaching for the game controller. “Mario Kart. You want to play?” His hand pats his thigh, gesturing for you to take a seat in the space that's been named at yours. You're quick to plop down on his legs, back pressed against his chest.
“That was so brave of you. I'm so much better than you at this,” You joke, earning a dramatic eye roll from him.
He starts up the game immediately and the two of you take a minute to choose your characters. It's cute, the way he narrates as the two of you play. Brows furrowed as he speed talks through the rounds. 
Now, you weren't lying when you had said you were much better than him at this game. Long nights spent in hotel rooms waiting around for them had pretty much molded your skills. You could beat him with your eyes closed and nearly did in the round that you just finished, more focused on filling your mouth with grapes.
“Are you cheating?” He says in almost disbelief, head craning to look down at you. You're letting out a laugh, shoulders lifting in a shrug before reaching over to grab a handful of grapes, pushing them past your lips. “Maybe you're just that bad,” You tease and he's rolling his eyes, thumbs clicking to start up another round. A new look of determination on his face. That's also cute.
Jin does get close this time around, acting as an announcer as he takes second place to you. He's huffing out a sigh, mumbling out a 'so close', a soft laugh leaving his lips before he's starting up another game. While you could game with him for hours upon hours and you've done so before, you can't help but get a little bit bored with winning so easily. Not bored enough to let him win, but bored enough to throw him off his game a bit more.
And your immediately shifting focus to the weight of his dick. Heavy even when soft, resting against his thigh, only causing a faint outline in his shorts. You want nothing more than to feel him inside of you, feel the way you know your walls will stretch around him. The thought alone has a pang of arousal pooling between your legs and drool forming at the corners of your lips.
Of course, it has nothing to do with having Hoseok's cock down your throat and not doing anything else about it. And everything to do with how attractive you this man looked when he was completely in his element. Never cared to do too much when he was relaxing and something about this calm side of him was so sexy to you.
His body flinches at the absentminded way your hips shift into his, just as he is hitting start on the game. He sums it up as an accident, just you trying to get more comfortable in order to play the game better. Then you're doing it again, guiding your character through the course while your hips roll into his.
“Fuck. Sit still,” He groans, one hand reaching down to steady your hips. Your giggle fills his ears and he's instantly realizing that you're doing it on purpose. Obviously an attempt to shatter his focus, not like you needed any help with kicking his ass in this game in the first place. 
But that's exactly what you're doing.
A mischievous grin plays on your lips, head turning to get a good look at his face as you drag your ass over his length. “I'm just trying to get comfortable,” He can barely focus on the game now with the way you're looking and speaking to him. Cock tenting underneath his shorts and pushing against your thigh, all he can focus on was being inside you.
Jin was a simple man. He ate when he was hungry. Slept when he was tired. Played games when he wanted to relax. So, it was no surprise that fucking you when he felt like it would fall into the same category. Never really cared for holding back or teasing, if he wanted you he'd be sure that he'd make it happen.
And all he wanted was you right now.
“Think you can beat me with my cock stuffed in your pussy?” His lips are pressed to your ear as he speaks, words causing a pang of arousal to shoot throughout your body. It takes every ounce of willpower not to tear his clothes off, riding him without a single word. But to save from looking as eager as you feel, you take to nodding coolly.
Head turning so you can peek back at him. “I don't think you understand how bad you are this game,” A smirk playing on your lips and he's hitting you with a playful roll of his eyes. A large hand reaches between your legs to shove your loose shorts to the side, pleased to find the lack of underwear underneath.
You're wet already, juices coating his fingers after one gentle swipe. He can only imagine how spent you'll be at the end of his trip, passed around all of them the way he knew you loved. The thought alone has his cock swelling further in his shorts, fighting to tear through the fabric and reach you. He doesn't waste another second. A hand holding your shorts to the side while the other fishes his cock from its confines.
The moan you let out from his head rubbing against your folds has a fluttering building in his chest. Jin doesn't hesitate with pushing forward, hissing at the way his tip catches against your entrance. “Always so fucking tight,” He grunts, eyes squeezed shut as he pushes his way past your walls.
“Holy shit,” You're letting out a breath you had no idea you had been holding the moment that he's bottoming out, the game that you had been playing melting to the back of your mind as you focus on the way he's stretching you.
Your bodies are still for a moment, heavy breaths filling the room while the boy of you gets used to the new closeness. Jin knows that he has to pace himself, knows that if he's not mindful he'll be finishing long before he's even started. You're to blame for that. It was extremely hard for him to keep his composure where you were involved. Constantly falling victim to your soft moans and panted breaths.
Once he's sure he won't explode because of it, Jin's pulling his hips back. Body reacting to the drawn-out moan you're letting out from the feeling of him pulling back. And then he's pushing forward again, turning that moan into a surprised yelp. Soft hands reaching back to clutch his thighs.
“Like that?” He asks, words coated with his laughter.
You don't care if it makes you look greedy, you're quick to bob your head in a nod. “Do it again, please.” And Jin obliges, drawing his hips back slowly before quickly pushing forward. He does that a few times, the whiny noises you make egging him on. It's not long before he's falling into a steady pace, an arm wrapped around your waist as his hips thrust up into you.
It's a little bit embarrassing how quickly you're wound up. Can already feel your walls clenching around him and your arousal sliding down his length. That doesn't slow you down, though, you meet every one of his thrusts with one of your own. Loud pleas for him to fuck you harder, faster – fill the room along with the sound of your ass hitting his thighs.
Blunt nails drag over your skin, sneaking underneath the fabric of your tank before he's grabbing hold of your breasts. Thumbs immediately find your nipples and toy with them slowly. He can feel the way you're dripping, no doubt making a mess of his shorts. And he wants is to have you make an even bigger mess.
With the grip he's got on your chest, Jin is able to push your body back onto his. Managing to arch your back. Your hips angle in a way that has his cock reaching much deeper inside of you, pressed firmly against the wall behind your clit. It's an unfamiliar feeling that has your eyes going wide, a loud shout erupting from your throat as your fingernails dig into his skin.
He doesn't let up once he's found this spot, cock continuously brushing against it while your hips swivel and rock into him. You're squeezing him so tight and he knows that you're close, thank God, because he's not too far behind. Cock twitching already inside of you, straining to hold on long enough to see you cum.
A hand slips from the inside of your shirt, only to find your clit. He's pressing against it almost in time with the way his cock rams against the back of it. And that seems to do it