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#jin x reader
yonkimint · 37 minutes ago
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Always [Hobi x Reader] - 28
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jimilter · 51 minutes ago
riptide (m) | | teaser
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Tumblr media
Lady, running down to the riptide - Taken away to the dark side - I wanna be your left hand man.
Tumblr media
riptide (n) – a dangerous area of strongly moving water in the sea, where two or more currents meet.
Tumblr media
pairing:  kim seokjin x reader
rating:  m (18+) [teaser: pg-13]
genre:  angst | smut | established relationship!au
summary:  It takes a foolishly trivial incident to unravel how astonishingly little you and Seokjin actually understand each other. It has you questioning your relationship, and him? Well, he’s questioning his whole life.
teaser warnings:  swearing + suggestive conversations + park jimin’s whole duality
teaser word count:  2028
note:  i’m done slaving off on this one, y’all! 😩 have this while i proofread it 7189 times and still leave behind typos that i’ll see after i post it, smh @ myself... anyways! tell me what you think! 💜
Tumblr media
💟 YOUTH – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Tumblr media
— masterlist
— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
The turn of events has been so fucking hilariously impossible, that Seokjin has literally been rendered speechless. Which doesn't happen often, mind you. What can he do, he is just extremely witty—he always has something to say about everything, usually and preferably with impeccable comic timing. Especially when it comes to you. This, though. This completely baffling scenario, right in front of him, has him gaping like a goldfish with no words to say.
"Final call, Jin. Gawk at me for five more seconds and I walk out of here," you threaten, an elegant arm poised at your waist and gorgeously plump lips pressed into a thin line. "Say something?"
And Seokjin still cannot formulate a single word, because what the actual fuck? How can you even think that he could ever— 
"Alright." You catwalk out of his bedroom, leaving him blinking into space.
He jumps the next second, leaping after you. "Honey! How would—what—I can never—why do I even have to say—will you wait? You’re being so ridiculous, right now, I hope you know that!"
If he wasn't in such a fix, Seokjin would physically cringe at his speech. It was better when he was just gaping.
“Honey! Stop being so overdramatic, you’ve known me and you’ve known Jimin! For years! Stop acting like you seriously don’t know what happened, here!”
You don't stop, though, gliding down the stairs and hopping over the haphazardly tossed items in the living room as you exit out of the house.
And then you're gone. You're really gone, over something so fucking ridiculous, that Seokjin still has no words to say.
All he knows is that his girlfriend of five years has finally gone crazy enough to jump to conclusions of such high magnitude of stupidity.
And, that Park Jimin is a dead man.
Tumblr media
◜ a few. . .moments. . .later ◝
Tumblr media
“You're a dead man.”
Jimin stops dead in his tracks, arms frozen in the act of putting a t-shirt on. He blinks at Seokjin with big round eyes. “Hyung?” he mumbles, a picture of unblemished innocence, especially when he covers his toned torso with the oversized t-shirt he was in the process of getting into. “What—what’d I do?”
Someone who doesn’t know better would never believe that this young, innocent, frazzled haired fairy-boy could ever do any wrong. But Seokjin knows better. “You chaotic womanizer,” Seokjin nearly hisses, "you've gotta learn to clean after yourself. Honey found a girl in my bed. A girl—in my bed.”
Jimin had the decency to drop the innocent act. “Oh. Oh.”
Seokjin raises a brow. “Oh? That’s it?”
"Yeah, well, I clarified to her that it was a one time thing when we got to it. She was obviously expecting something more if she didn't leave when I told her to. Disappointed but not surprised." Jimin is frowning when he comes to sit down on the couch next to Seokjin. “Sorry you two had to see that. You clarified to Honey noona that I’d been the occupant of the room, though, right?” 
“I—what?” Seokjin scoffs. “Why would I even need to do that? She knows that already, obviously. She’s been seeing you for over five years, or have you forgotten?”
Jimin squints. “I mean…okay, fair point, I guess. Why’re you so worked up, then? Did something else happen, too? Where’s she, now?” Jimin looks around the living room as if looking for you.
Seokjin sighs. “Well, I couldn't really get much out before she was storming out of the damn house, altogether.”
Jimin blinks. “Storming out? Why? She… um, was she mad?"
Seokjin opens his mouth – and then shuts it. Was she mad, indeed. "I don't know. She looked kinda mad, yes. But maybe she was in a hurry?" 
"Why would she be mad? Did you try to call her? Text her? It's unlike her to react so big on something so small." Jimin bites down on his lip, looking lost in thought. 
Seokjin shakes his head. "She didn't pick up or text back."
“There’s definitely got to be an underlying reason for her being like this. Are you sure you guys haven’t been fighting, hyung?” 
Seokjin sighs. “Yes, Jimin, I’m absolutely certain that there hasn’t been any fighting of any sorts between the two of us before today.” He pauses. “Well, she was slightly irritated that I didn’t check her texts last night, but she knows I go to bed at eleven on days leading up to a shoot, so that one’s on her.”
Jimin looks genuinely concerned, which, in turn, makes Seokjin concerned. Jimin isn't the type to take things seriously if he can help it. Sure, he cares about the boys and would always be down to do whatever he can for them, but his throwing-caution-to-the-wind way of life causes him to not take most of the things in life seriously.
You’ve been like an older sister to the boys ever since Seokjin started dating you and introduced you to them. They all have their ways of showing their respect and affection to you. Well, maybe not Jungkook because he can’t get over his unnecessary intimidation by Seokjin enough to relax around you. Jimin, especially, is always affected by any tension in Seokjin’s relationship. Everyone can see how it upsets his entire life when you two are fighting, although he’d never admit to it. He doesn’t need to because it’s pretty obvious when he becomes a cranky six-year-old who hates the world. 
Right now, he has a guilty frown on his face. "I should've seen to it that Suzette left before I went to shower," he mumbles as if talking to himself. “Shouldn’t have trusted her to leave just because I told her to.” He looks up at Seokjin with troubled eyes. "I'm sorry, hyung."
Seokjin can not believe himself when he shakes his head at Jimin's apology—this little demon causes so much chaos in all their lives that any apology coming from him should be justified and welcome. But this one isn't really on him. "It's not entirely your fault."
Jimin's demeanor changes a bit and the attitude Seokjin is used to witnessing makes an appearance. "Right? That's what I was thinking, too!" Jimin exclaims, some of the concern on his face lifting. "You have to talk to Honey noona and make things right, though, hyung. She’s the only womanly touch in our man cave. We’d all be barbarians without her.” Jimin looks very wary and kind of nervous.
“It’s funny you would crave her ‘womanly’ presence when she’s rushed off because of a woman that you brought home.” Seokjin scrunches his nose. "And I said it isn't entirely on you, because it is partially on you, Park Jimin. You borrowed my room to smoke up in. Why couldn't you take your Suzy back to your own room?"
"Suzette," Jimin corrects under his breath while shaking his head. "Yeah, I should've, but… your room just felt like a better choice during the high," he finishes in a mumble, dragging a hand down his face. “Hyung,” Jimin says with a pout on his lips, “the last time you two fought was two years ago, remember? On your birthday? When Hobi hyung dumped cake in noona’s hair and she had her first shoot for that bigshot magazine, the next day?”
Seokjin nods with a sigh. “She yelled at me for having stupid friends, and I yelled at her for caring more about the shoot that having a good time on my birthday. Yes, I remember.”
“And then she didn’t visit us for a whole week. Please don’t let that happen, again.” Jimin looks up at Seokjin with big, round eyes. “I can’t take that kind of unrest in my life."
Seokjin purses his lips, briefly distracted by the picture of innocence Jimin paints, in the moment. If his nightly conquests were to see this side of him, would they run in the opposite direction or be more attracted to him? Jimin definitely needs someone in his life that would bring out this side in him and stay to provide him the emotional comfort he requires when he gets like this, Seokjin decides.
Then he sighs. 
“I will try not to, Jim, but…” Seokjin shuts his eyes. “I seriously do not understand her actions from the morning,” he finishes in a mumble.
“Maybe she’s—maybe she’s worried about something else? Some other aspect of her life?” Jimin suggests, eyes still wide. “And she’s just projecting onto you.”
“As sound as the explanation is, I am literally involved in ninety percent of the aspects in her life,” Seokjin says with a twist to his lips. “I would know if something was wrong, anywhere.”
“That’s cocky of you to say,” Jimin snarkily comments with narrowed eyes. At Seokjin’s raised eyebrows, he amends, “That’s cocky of you to say, hyung-nim.”
Seokjin scoffs, but then he shrugs his shoulders. “It’s true. We work at the same restaurant, we’re scouted by the same agency. Even her agent is best friends with mine—she gossips a ton about how Honey passes up so many opportunities and pisses her agent off. Her friends are, well—” Seokjin stops short when it hits him. “Wang. Wang could know something!”
Jimin is looking at him skeptically when Seokjin meets the younger’s eyes. “I just think you should have a simple talk with noona first before digging around.”
That is sensible advice. Seokjin nods as he pulls his phone out.
“Just find out what’s been troubling her, hyung. You two are rational people, I’m sure you’ll work it out.” Jimin pauses to scratch the back of his head. “Just please don’t let this be another fight like that one?”
“Don’t worry,” Seokjin finally says with a pat on Jimin’s shoulder as he finishes sending off another text to you, “this one is nothing like that fight.”
Tumblr media
◜a few. . .hours. . .later◝
Tumblr media
Turns out, this fight really is not like that one. Or any other fights Seokjin has ever had with you, in fact, because you’re giving him the silent treatment. You’ve never given him the silent treatment. Not even when you were students and didn’t have a load of time on your hands and used to waste precious sleep hours arguing over stupid shit that would probably resolve itself if you just slept on it and looked back at it with a fresh state of mind. Not even then did you forego talking.
Needless to say, Seokjin is distressed.
Tumblr media
You’ve had at least a few months’ worth of buildup that has gotten you to this point, you would admit. Especially after Seokjin had to cancel that visit to your hometown at the end of June, for your parents’ thirty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration because he had an important audition for a big-brand ad film. The cancellation was acceptable, but his offhand comment that, “thirty-five isn’t even that special, we’ll get them a huge gift for their fiftieth,” stayed with you longer than it should’ve. Things got okay-ish when you reminded yourself how Seokjin never really thought too hard about things he said, always being a humorous, unattached clown in every situation. But this morning's dismissal has pushed you over that edge. You straightaway goaded him, claiming he doesn’t remember how to make it up to you, and all you got in response was his shock and being called “ridiculous” and “overdramatic.” Fun.
You were most certainly joking, if a bit causticaly, when you said what you did. He could have taken it as a joke and laughed it off. He could have taken it as a threat and comforted you, said it was Jimin that used his room, and maybe kissed you. You already knew what had happened when you saw the girl, anyway. But this was probably the third time this situation had happened, this month. 
Sure, you are understanding and really do know Jimin and what all he gets up to, but is that really supposed to be such a given? Asking your boyfriend to hug you close and kiss your forehead when you discover a girl in his bed just as you were about to cuddle the lump of sheets thinking it was him, is not too much to expect, is it?
Granted, Seokjin has never been extremely expressive, but still. It feels like he’s consciously trying to keep you at a distance, these past few months.
Tumblr media
note: lmao, NO i won’t be dividing each section like that i’m just being dorky w the teaser. this is a serious story, i'm not gonna joke around anymore. 🥺 tell me if anyone wants to be tagged when i post the fic! ❤
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twicesbrat · an hour ago
Is it weird I’m sending a request?? I’m sending it anyway hehe hi brat ily kween!!
I got an idea from our recent DMs 😩 so how about, anonymous drunk sex with twice 🥵 u don’t know him he doesn’t know u, he buys u a few drinks in a club and u invite him back to ur place bc???? Hes sexy as hell?? He hits it from behind and his strokes are all sloppy and drunk and he’s talking drunk and dirty to u oooof 🥵💦
Only if u wanna tho of course mwah xx
hi bestie ty for sending this ask <3 i love this so much pls—
nsfw below the cut / cw for sex while intoxicated / minors dni
Tumblr media
You like to think that you’re a smart, rational person.
Sure, you haven’t made entirely good decisions through the course of your life thus far, but the one thing that you pride yourself on is your common sense.
Therefore, there are a few rules you make sure to follow whenever you go out at night; simple rules, such as “making sure you have sufficient funds to Uber both to and from the club,” “never leaving without all of your friends, no matter what,” and “never leaving with a stranger by yourself.” All self explanatory rules, foolproof ones, and with them you’ve never found yourself in unwanted trouble.
Tonight has proven to be an exception.
You find yourself in a situation you have seldom been in before. Warm and hazy from drink and dim lights and the body heat steadily rising in the small, underground, hole-in-the-wall bar where you and your friends had decided to spend the late evening, you make the choice to go home with someone. All sorts of unsavory characters hang around places like the one you’re in now, a place where there’s little fear of police or heroes storming the place; where there should be fear on your part of going home with the wrong person, however, there’s confidence.
Inhibitions cast away. For the night, at least.
You’re quite sure he told you his name, but you regretfully can’t seem to remember it (at least, you think he did. He must have. After all, if you’re going to his apartment, he would have told you, right?).
The man whose name you aren’t exactly sure of had been hunkered down in the corner of the underground bar, looking as though he was trying to ignore the noise and shady happenings that naturally occur in such an establishment. You had approached him first, emboldened by the cover of night, that much you know. Somehow, you’d ended up stumbling out the door with one of your hands in his, the other clumsily texting your friends his address (you have the clarity to remember to do that, at least).
You don’t realize how oddly familiar his face looks until he’s on top of you.
He had fumbled with the rotting lock, the two of you messily stumbling through the threshold once he had wrangled the door open. You didn’t even really take note of the rundown appearance of his motel room “apartment;” instead, you’d found yourself lost in the sloppy kiss you were sharing, the feeling of his short blond hair under your fingernails, the smell of smoke and cheap cologne on his collar.
Now, he’s hovering above you on his small mattress, the springs and bed frame creaking as you desperately tilt your hips up toward him and claw at his shoulders.
He’s been quiet all night, and the first words he’s spoken to you since you stepped into his room make your face grow impossibly warmer,
“Where d’you want it?” he grunts against the corner of your mouth. The words leave him quickly, and you can make out the distinct sound of him grinding his teeth together after they escape him, almost as if he’s trying to keep himself from speaking again.
You swallow nervously and gently grab his wrist, bringing his hand down to your clothed sex. Thick fingers work their way underneath of your bottoms and inside of you, your eyes are heavy as you blink up at him through your lashes. Once again, you get that odd feeling that you know him from somewhere; something about his hair and his low brow and his eyes makes you feel.. uneasy. The thought slips away from you as quickly as it came on when his fingers hit a spot inside of you that has you arching up into his touch with a soft cry.
After a few minutes of prepping you with his fingers, he decides that you’re ready to take him properly. The man hooks your legs over his shoulders as he bullies his thick cock inside of your slick hole. You peer up at him blearily, eyes watering from the stretch. His jaw is set tightly, and his grip on your thighs stutters between bruising and barely-there. You wonder how long it’s been since he fucked someone, if he’s acting like this so soon.
“You can move,” you murmur softly, one of your hands dipping between your legs to touch yourself. He swallows hard before finally starting to rut into you.
Lost in a haze of pleasure and intoxication, you can barely even comprehend the nonsense he’s babbling about. He calls you “pretty” and “angel” one moment and barks out “whore” the next, but it only makes the heat swelling in your lower tummy increase.
You cum with a low moan, hips keening up as you shyly avert his heavy stare. He’s close, too. His thrusts and getting even sloppier and his breathing speeds up.
“Fuck— feels so good, thank you,” he pants, “Y’like gettin’ fucked by a member of the League of Villains, slut?”
Your blood runs cold. Did he just say what you think he just said? Suddenly, you realize where you’ve seen him before. On the news years ago, his face attached to stories about a man who was using his powerful duplication quirk to commit widespread robbery; more recently, featured in news stories about the League.
How could you be so foolish?
When the man, Twice, finishes inside of you, you can’t help the burning feeling that you’ve just gotten yourself into trouble.
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bangtangalicious · 2 hours ago
death valley (m) | part 8
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: jin x reader, jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader
genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au fightclub!au
wordcount: 9.0k
warnings: reader discretion advised. rough sex, physical roughness, sadism kink, pain kink, breast play, fingering, elevator sex (semipublic), praise kink, dirty talk, unrealistic endurance (this is one day LMAO), attempted fire play, bondage, guns, attempted shootings, knife play if you squint, spanking, degradation (name calling, slut shaming, being really mean lolol thanks jin), crying kink? lot of crying, toxic and manipulative behaviors, jin steps on you so there’s that, character death, heavy drug use, paranoia/fear, voyeurism, sex while intoxicated, me trying to put some humor where i can, sweet dom!jungkook, wild dom!jin, and a sprinkle of dom!taehyung ;) ALSO eyebrowpiercing!jungkook. very important. 
a/n: this smut was VERY fun to write. please enjoy. i will shout out muster!bts for being my inspo. 
part 0 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 | series navi | masterlist
F L A S H F O R W A R D--
Goosebumps spread across your skin as the silence set in. The room was chilly, air conditioner buzzing in contrast to the slick humidity of the summer night waiting for you outside. The white light made your eyes ache, the walls were plain, dry, empty.
You stared blankly at the table in front of you. The sound of the pen scratching paper made you ache, remembering kinder days when you and Hobi would be goofing around and writing songs. How did you get here? How did you let this happen?
The previous night, you had dreamt of being at a concert, somewhere far from Death Valley. Losing yourself to music and molly, a soft pair of hands on your waist as you danced the night away, singing at the top of your lungs. Those same hands wrapping around your waist, nose tracing behind your ear to whisper to you how pretty you were. How hot you looked and how badly he wanted to tear your clothes off with his teeth. 
You allowing him to pick you up so easily, take you back to his car where you scrambled into the back seat. Like children. The first kiss was magic, you were glued to him and could barely move on. He wouldn’t leave you for a second, he wouldn’t let you breathe. Your lips were hot on each other, soft moans and giggles. Swallowed smiles as you drank one another in, bodies like waves crashing against each other.
Hands wandering until he had you where he wanted. Where you wanted. He loved you down so incredibly good. How was he able to tear you apart while still being so sweet, you could barely even fathom it. His teeth dug into the flesh of your breasts, fingers hooking around your panties. 
His tongue ravished your figure. There was no part of you left untouched, no part of you that wasn’t completely ablaze with arousal. You would arch your neck back as he lapped away at the sweetness dripping between your legs, your hands combing through his wavy black hair.
His tongue knew where to go, he knew how you liked it, and your fist clenched as he fucked you with his mouth through and through. He always made sure you came first. Always. Every single time.
Whether you had mere minutes or long hours, he loved the way you tasted, making sure you knew that at every chance he got. Sloppy wet kisses traveled up your stomach to your chest, up your neck, hands caressing your ass, scratching your back, holding you close for a moment. 
You were whisked away into heaven, just briefly, as his thick cock would push into you. Your pussy pulling him in, wanting to feel the familiar but oh so incredible stretch that only he gave you. 
Taehyung. You sobbed as he fucked you, allowing him to kiss the glossy tears off of your cheeks as he rolled his hips, angling so perfectly to nudge deep within you. His sinister grin, his giggles, his chaos. You were in the hands of disaster but you never felt more safe. 
Why are you crying dumbass? He would find your state amusing, continuing to fuck you, thrusts long and smooth. Quick, but slow enough for you to savor each second. Your whining lost behind the wet sound of your bodies colliding.
Where are you? Are you watching this right now? You’re not really dead are you?
Stroking your cheek, he leaned down to whisper against your mouth. The words he would keep on saying, echoing back to you. Play along. I won’t hurt you.
What exactly you were playing, you were unsure. 
“Look at me” Your eyes darted up to meet Jin’s deceivingly innocent eyes. “I’m gonna ask you again, did you kill Kim Taehyung?” 
You gulped, sweat collecting onto the cold handcuffs around your wrists. Jin glanced at the mirrored wall, before letting out a heavy sigh. 
“It appears that Kim Taehyung was murdered about two hours before the party. We found your gun near the body.” Jin holds up the custom weapon Yoongi had given that was unmistakably yours. “Where were you at that time?” You felt your eyes getting heavy.
“I was” You lips were chapped, mouth clammy with a bitter taste. You looked him dead in the eye, stomach sickened by the amusement glistening within them as you struggled with your response. You knew he was getting a kick out of it. You wanted to spit on his face. You wanted to slap him, to scream, to flip the table and break out of the windowless room that caged you.
“I was with...y..” Jin smirked, leaning back. You cleared your throat, mind running a mile a minute.
“With who Y/n?”
You glared at him. He was treating this as some sort of role play. You felt queasy at the thought. Someone was dead. Dead. 
“You. I was with you”
F L A S H B A C K--
The morning rays slid through the expansive glass wall of the hotel room, causing Yoongi’s eyes to flinch, squinting as they opened and took in the day that presented itself. He sighed heavily, the weight of the previous night still on his mind. You were still asleep, but he could see through the chaffing beneath your wrists that you were not comfortable. He took the leash and fastened it to the headboard, ensuring you had no escape. 
Grabbing his keys, Yoongi quickly got dressed in a white hoodie and left the room. He needed to find out the truth for himself. He couldn’t afford to have you lying to him already. 
It was so frustrating to him that you couldn’t just be honest with him. He had been immensely open with you even if he was not proud of what he had to share. Why would you hide things? Hadn’t he proven himself to you? Hadn’t he done everything to win your heart?
Yoongi sighed. His anger issues were core to his being. It was part of his true self, but he had spent years trying to become someone you would fall in love with. All he wanted to do was make home in your heart, but no matter how many of your suitors he ended up threatening, beating to a pulp, and forcing them to bail on you, there was nothing in his power that could tear down that goddamn Park Jimin poster on your bedroom wall.
There was nothing he could do to stop you from writing small fantasies in your journal that you kept stashed in your bedside drawer. 
Yoongi would be lying if he said he didn’t come close to killing Jimin multiple times before. But he realized that would not have delivered him a solution. If Jimin died, you would mourn. You would still harbor that love for him and never have an opportunity to see what he really was. It was because of this Yoongi, with Taehyung’s helpful insight, had orchestrated a way to destroy Jimin in your eyes. 
Jimin was then introduced to Yoongi’s two weapons of destruction, Taehyung and cocaine. Yoongi worked hard to build himself up as a successful music producer. He had to be better than Jimin, had to make sure he could offer you everything Jimin could and more. 
To his surprise, you did move on from Jimin, at least the reality of him. But this fantasy of who he used to be remained pinned to your heart. After Jimin quit music, the mention of his name would still cause you to blush and smile. It made Yoongi want to throw up.
You had to see for yourself. Yoongi learned what it was that attracted you to Jimin and embodied just that. You liked that you had to chase him, you liked that he didn’t give a shit about you. You liked that he never noticed you and you had to pine for his attention. You liked that he was dedicated to his music, you liked the lifestyle he was associated with. You liked his lack of emotion and fantasized of him showing his true colors to you and only you, a sensitive, sweet, charming guy. Anger was not a part of this persona at all. 
When he felt like he had driven Jimin crazy enough with the drugs, he decided to plant rumors on stan twitter that Jimin would be signing with his label. Using his personal relationship with the singer, he was able to sign him on. He conveniently then offered you a summer internship, knowing full well you would be coming for one reason alone. Park Jimin.
Yoongi wanted you to fall straight into his arms. He rented out every available apartment for the months you were searching for a place to live, forcing you to reside in his building. He wanted to win you over naturally. He wanted you to work with Jimin, hook up with Jimin, and end up loathing him. Loving Yoongi instead. 
Jimin’s gang activity was getting on Yoongi’s nerves. Taehyung told him Jimin was in Death Valley, that you saw Jimin at Death Valley. When Yoongi heard from you, not Taehyung, that you had been kidnapped, along with Namjoon nonetheless, Yoongi had enough. He was used to giving Taehyung plenty of unsupervised jurisdiction, so Jimin’s accident was not a surprise to him. 
But you sympathized with Jimin, which was not what he wanted. He then decided to take things into his own hands, threatening Seokjin into throwing the fight to leech Jimin of every cent he had. He broke into your apartment, fucking everything up so that you had no choice but to come to him. To need him. 
And when Jin didn’t lose, he had no choice but to reveal to you who he was. Even after all his honestly, all his trust, you still lied to him. 
Yoongi was furious. He arrived at Death Valley, using the front entrance. Pulling a mask over his face, he barged in, surveying the silence as a sign that the bar was empty. Through the kitchen he arrive at the back storage room, accessible only by key, where all of the surveillance had been set up years ago. 
Monitors were spread across the wall, but Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in at one that was coming up with no feed. Your apartment. Someone had fucked with the cameras. Yoongi types away at the main monitor, enlarging your apartment footage and reeling back to find the moment the device was destroyed.
He sees Taehyung, whispering something to you. Next thing he knows the stream is blank. He grits his teeth, as all the pieces fall into place. He was a fool. How could he have been so blind? Taehyung must be in love with you. He must have, after watching you for so many years. Yoongi scowled at the thought of the ways Taehyung may have seen you, naked, vulnerable, ways that only he should. 
He had trusted Taehyung. Taehyung had only ever shown interest in money and Yoongi thought that was enough. Taehyung must have fucked you over and over again once the cameras were dead. What a whore. It made sense then that he had cut the line through his branding on you. He was the only one who could have. He had access to you and he was psychotic! He must have forced you to lie. You wouldn’t ever hide anything from Yoongi, no, Yoongi was the man of your dreams. You felt grateful that you had him, didn’t you?
He tilted his head, cracking his knuckles before he punched the glass screen, causing the feed to go haywire and sparks to erupt. Kim Taehyung. You are dead to me.
Yoongi growled lowly before picking up his phone. “It’s me. I need to see you. Now” 
Hobi kept his hand on the small of your back as he led you down to the hotel bar. The two of you nodded politely at the staff members who were busily preparing for the big event. The bar was empty aside for a few guests enjoying their brunch-time mimosas.
Hobi couldn’t really revel in the fact that the two of you were getting drinks together, almost like a date. His mind was too caught up in the initial shock he felt when he saw you tied up in his boss’ bedroom. He felt upset, but moreso he felt violated. He wondered if you were getting taken advantage of. Did he promise you a promotion? Was he manipulating you?
Punishing someone like that, Hobi was never one to kink shame, but it seemed a bit much. The name burned into your skin did nothing to ease his concern. Someone who was possessive, violent, impulsive. It reminded him of...
Hobi didn’t know. He didn’t know who gave him orders. He really didn’t care once the cash rolled in, but it began hitting too close to home. He wasn’t thrilled about hurting Namjoon, but two duffel bags of cash were enough for him to momentarily set aside his morals. 
“What should I get?” You surveyed the small menu of cocktails. “What’s gonna fuck me up the fastest?”
Hobi snorted, “Tequila” He twirled your hair as your gaze remained glued to the menu. The thought of you being in danger upset him greatly “Y/n...when did Yoongi brand you?" You called the bartender ordering a line of shots to which the they glanced at the clock before giving you a weird look.
“The night of the rematch” You told him, reacting before you realized what you had said. Your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to conjure an excuse. A row of shot glasses was placed in front of you. You took one, gulping it down before letting out a heavy sigh. The bitterness burned down your throat. You basked as the liquid hit your mind, easing you slightly.
“Yoongi was at the fight?” Hobi recalled the wild night that the three of you had been at Death Valley. It was the first time he ever saw the man giving him orders. The man was tall, broad, had dark hair and wore dark clothes, face covered in a mask. Could it have been...Yoongi?
“Y/n!” The two of you turned to see Jungkook approaching the bar. He had changed his hair, the blue swapped for a short black cut, and you couldn’t help but double take at his new eyebrow piercing. 
You downed another shot, glancing at Hobi who had raised his eyebrows seeing the drug dealer. Jungkook gave you a light hug, waving timidly to Hobi. You smirked, another shot down the hatch. “Easyyyy Y/n” He placed a hand on your back as he slid into the seat next to you.
“The fuck are you doing here?” Hobi sneered. Jungkook rolled his eyes, used to the condescending treatment of gang members. "Didn’t you get stabbed or something?”
“I did!” Jungkook grinned, “In fact, that’s exactly why I’m here. I think I figured out who Mr. Bossman is, and I wanna fucking kill him”
Hobi rolled his eyes, “Oh really”
“Kim Seok-motherfucking-Jin baby. He stabbed me. He’s the one who showed up and threatened me to move out of Y/n’s apartment, so he’s probably also the one who called for the kidnapping. And he might have called for Jimin’s accident. It makes so much fucking sense”
Jin did what? There was not enough alcohol in your veins to act like you didn’t fully understand what he had just said. Jin had Jungkook move out? It wasn’t impossible. And that’s what scared you. You blinked at Jungkook incredulously, “But he’s literally a police officer”
Jungkook’s grin widened, “Exactly! It’s fucking brilliant. He’s a cop, he fights for the other side. He wins no matter what and can never get caught. No one would ever suspect him. Winning despite being threatened? Who threatened him huh? It’s a fucking ploy. You’re not dead and neither is he I bet. Kingpin. Boom”
You felt sick, knowing that Yoongi was not the only person you needed to be worried about. It was almost funny how blatantly misinformed Jungkook was. “Wow you guys are idiots.” You muttered under your breath, taking another shot before coughing roughly. Should I tell them? Why did Jin lie? Is this even the truth? Jin always tried to pin things on Jungkook, but you defended him. Hearing his words now made your head spin. He’s lying. Jungkook is lying. You wanted to scream, frustration flooding through your veins as you clenched your fists.
“I’m gonna tell Jimin and Taehyung what I know. They will give me so much money dude.” Jungkook chuckled, “And then they’d kill him, oh God finally”
Hobi pursed his lips, mouth feeling dry as he reflected on Jin’s eerie words before he shot him in the leg. He didn’t know where Jin was anymore, handing him off to be taken somewhere. It didn’t make sense. His orders were to seize Jin if Jin won the fight. Why place an order like that all? Why do any of this?
“Y/n, come with me.” Jungkook tugged at the sleeve of the oversized Nirvana shirt you had thrown on after your shower session with Hobi. You giggled, the thought of Taehyung coming into your slowed thoughts like a hurricane, tearing up any understanding you thought you had of the situation. There was only one thing you believed. Only one thing you knew with full certainty and it was all you could hold onto.
“Oh my goodness it’s Yoongi. It’s Yoongi. It’s always been Yoongi” The words spilled from your lips like the tequila that dripped down the side of your lips as you took yet another shot, giggling like a ditz. Jungkook and Hobi exchanged confused looks with each other, only making you laugh more. “I would fucking know okay!” Your laughs grew loud, “I was locked up in his fucking apartment and where the hell were all of you huh? Dumb fucking idiots!” You buckled over, laughing into Jungkook’s chest.
“Jungkook” Hobi sighed, “I gotta get back to work. Can you get her sober please?” Jungkook nodded. He held your waist tightly helping you stand, walking with you carefully to the hotel elevator.
The laughter wouldn’t stop. Passerbys shot the two of you dirty looks as Jungkook pulled you into the elevator easily. Through it’s glass walls you could see the midday skyline, where outside people hustled through life as if everything were normal. Must be fucking nice. “Y/n” Your laughs began to choke in your throat, turning instead to the sobs you tried to suppress with whatever will you had left. 
Jungkook placed his soft lips on your shoulder. Hands sliding onto your waist as he peered at you curiously, “Y/n, is everything okay?”
You shook your head, the elevator door closed as tears began forming in your eyes. Your voice croaked, “I’m dead. He’s gonna kill me. T..taehyung is gonna kill me. I...I know he will. He’s everywhere. Everywhere.” You looked around frantically, suddenly feeling hyperaware of the security cameras littered throughout the public space. “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone...I” You hiccuped. Jungkook pulled you into a tight hug.
“It’s okay ssh” He stroked his thumbs them across your cheeks, cupping your face affectionately. “I’m here aren’t I?” You sniffled, nodding lightly. “I got you okay. No one is gonna hurt you”
You stared into his kind brown eyes. You did not trust him, your entire body was screaming at you not to trust him. His fingers danced down your figure, freely gliding over your heaving chest, desperately trying to breathe with the fear that choked you from within.
You blinked at him, eyes glancing down at his pouty lips before finding his eyes again. “Y/n” Jungkook whispered, barely inches from your lips. “I won’t let anyone hurt you okay. I promise”
Fat tears rolled down your face at his words. Jungkook clicked his tongue, cooing at you as he continued to wipe away your hears. “Oh you poor thing” He held you to his chest, kissing the top of your head, before tilting your face up to his. 
He leaned in, eyes fluttering shut as his lips landed on yours, swallowing you into him. The taste of tequila was evident on your lips as he kissed you softly, and you allowed yourself to surrender to his warm touch.
You felt heat pooling in your chest as his fingers trailed up your legs. He traced circles into the inside of your thighs, letting his fingers tease the edge of your shorts. 
“Jungkook” You inhaled sharply, his hot breath tickling your neck as you tilted your head back. He licked his lips before sloppily latching onto your collarbone, sucking down to litter your skin with wet kisses as his fingers slid down your shorts, just barely so that he could roll his hips into you.
He pushed you back against the glass, fingers trailing across your bare thighs before sliding beneath your panties. Jungkook ran a finger over your clothed folds, making you clench down. 
“Y/n” His voice sounded equally as desperate as yours, barely audible over the sound of his heavy breathing. “Fuck I missed you” You gasped as his fingers slid under the fabric. He pushed a finger in, allowing your tight cunt to accustom to it before adding another finger not long after. 
His other hand slid beneath your shirt, pushing your bra up so he could run his thumb over your nipples, his touch featherlight, leaving you breathless. You rolled your eyes back in pleasure, bucking your hips up as he slowly pumped you with his fingers.
“That’s it baby, just like that” He whispered, lips pressing into your neck. You let out a shaky moan as his fingers quickened, pumping in and out of you as you latched onto his shoulders. “Look at me. Look right at me baby”
He brought his lips over yours, just brushing them across your skin so he could gaze deep into your eyes as you fucked yourself onto his fingers. You cried out his name as the friction began to overwhelm you. His fingers easing you right where you needed them, pleasure searing through you as he watched your every move.
"So good for me” He pulled his fingers out, doused in your sticky arousal before he placed them into his own mouth. Your eyes widen as he licked of every last bit of you and smiles. “You taste so fucking good baby”
He kisses you again, harsher this time as his hips roll against you. Your fingers grip his hair as he pulls down his sweats, allowing his cock to spring out. 
“You want my cock?” He ran his tongue over your lips, tugging at them slightly as he stroked his cock. You could feel his hand moving between your legs. “You want my big cock in your little pussy?”
You gulped, nodding as Jungkook looked down, lining his tip against your folds, pushing in only slightly before meeting your eyes again. “So warm and wet for me, fuck” He pushed in further, groaning as you spread your thighs wider, allowing him to thrust as deep as he could. He stilled briefly, kissing you again “You take me so well baby fuck. So fucking tight for me. My pretty baby” He stroked your face, thumb pushing into your mouth slightly.
“Does it feel good?” He mumbled, pulling out just slightly before rolling his hips back into you. He picked up a rhythm, fucking you deep and slow, hands clawing at your breasts.
“Yeah...feels really good” Your eyes fell shut, enjoying the fulfilling pleasure of his movements. He pulled your shirt up, burying his face between your breasts as he continued to fuck up into you. 
“Mmm yeah I bet” He pushed your bra up, allowing his fingers to pinch you nipples. He took one into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the small bud as he began to suckle you, looking up to your face and enjoying your reactions. “You’re so fucking pretty you know that right?” He sucked on your breast harshly before leaving it with a soft kiss and moving onto the other. “So perfect for me”
His thrusts quickened, driving you up the wall as his hands fell to your hips. You burying your face in the crook of his neck as you felt your high approaching. “Jungkook...I’m...”
“Yeah?” Jungkook’s voice was raspy with lust, “You wanna cum baby? Cum for me baby, cum all over my cock, wanna hear you make those pretty little moans when you cum”
You cried out with every thrust as he pushed you over the edge, and you felt your pussy burst with pleasure as you came, the sloppy sounds of your arousal echoing through the small space. Jungkook groaned as the hot liquid covered his cock, allowing him to slide in and out of you with ease. 
“There you go. Good girl. Good fucking girl, just like that” He gasped, feeling his cock twitch slightly, buried deep in your cunt, “Want me to cum inside you baby?” You nodded, whining slightly, “Yeah? You want it baby? Huh?” Jungkook’s hips thrust furiously at you, and he cupped your face, bringing his forehead against yours so he could look into your eyes as he came. “Want my cum? Want me to fill you up baby?”
“Yeah. I want it. Jungkook please,” Your whiny voice was enough to have him spurting through you.
“Holy fuck” Jungkook buckled over, holding you tight as cum shot out of him, filling you up and leaking out onto the floor.
He pulled out of you quickly, pulling up his sweats while you fixed your own clothes. Sweat painted his forehead as he looked at you, panting with a big smile on his cute face.
“I missed that” He confessed, pulling you back into him by the waist. He knelt down and pressed his lips on yours, letting his hands slide to your ass and squeeze them softly. 
You heard a familiar ring as the elevator door reached it’s destination. You jumped away from Jungkook, unable to get far as the strong boy’s hold on you remained steady. 
"I see stabbing you once didn’t really drive home the message huh Mr. Jeon Jungkook” 
You felt goosebumps spread as you heard the sinister tone of Jin’s voice. He stood leaning against the elevator as if he had been waiting for you, twirling his knife around aimlessly between his fingers. “Too bad, I unfortunately can’t kill you yet” He turned to you and winked, “Both of you come with me”
Sweat trickled down from Namjoon’s neck, his eyes glued to the tattered punching bag in front of him. His muscles were still sore, bruises still spattered across his bare chest. He didn’t care. He was sick of feeling helpless. Under the dim lights of the boxing gym, he pushed himself, another hit, more force, ignoring the pain shooting through his limbs with every strike.
“Don’t overdo it” Namjoon rolled his eyes at the sound of the familiar voice. “Last thing you want is to get injured again” He turned to the sound of loafers echoing across the concrete floor.
“What do you want Yoongi?” Namjoon sneered. The producer smirked slightly, patting the punching bag playfully before pacing around Namjoon.
“I’m gonna kill Taehyung, and I know Jimin is gonna break hell. I need you to protect Y/n for me. Can I trust you, Namjoon?” His voice was stern.
“Man, fuck you Yoongi” Namjoon groaned, “I put my life on the line for you constantly and you still have to fucking ask? Promise me. I want out after this. Promise me a record deal”
Yoongi shrugged, “Okay fine. I’ll sign you. Don’t let her out of your sight.” Yoongi inhaled sharply, “And I swear to God Namjoon if you even think about touching her, you’re dead to me. And I will know if you do.”
Namjoon rolled his eyes, lips parted, desperately trying to catch his breath. “Yeah okay. Just get me my fucking record deal”
Yoongi pursed his lips, pulling out his phone and handing it to Namjoon. “Paperwork is ready. You have one job. Don’t fuck up again” Namjoon clenched his fist as Yoongi chuckled in amusement. “I have some business I need to deal with personally. Keep her safe Namjoon, please”
You gagged, a puke-ish feeling clogging your throat as you coughed out. Your head was throbbing with pain as you squinted against the gleaming lights from the chandelier above your head. Glancing around, you realized you were back at Jungkook’s place, large dark wooden floors adding to the ambiance that just screamed rich in your face. The plushness of his large bed evident beneath you. 
You get up slightly, peering across the room where you see Jin handing a large duffel bag to Jungkook, whispering something into his ear. Jungkook nods eagerly, shaking Jin’s hand before exiting. He turns back to you, smiling as he realizes you are awake.
“Hey party girl. Recovered from our little day drinking session have we?” Jin chuckled. You scowl, searching around you as your throat desperately demanded water. Jin handed you a glass. “I just got Jungkook caught up, but you and I need to have a little talk” 
You exhaled before emptying the entire glass down your throat. “I know everything” You scoffed in spite, “I know everything you did, you fucking maniac”
Jin smiled wide at the term, “I know. Jungkook told me you think I was behind all of the stuff that’s been going on, stabbing him and kidnapping you. I mean,” Jin laughed, a tinge of condescendence in his voice, “You don’t actually believe that do you? Like, seriously how dumb are these guys. At least you’re smart”
You frowned at his tone, unsure of how to respond. Jin raised his eyebrows at your silence before continuing, “Oh come on Y/n. Use that little brain of yours hm? What the hell would I be gaining from all this? It was Taehyung. He made me do it.”
He extended you a hand, helping you out of the bed and pulling you up to stand before him, “What did he tell you huh? That he’s Yoongi’s friend or some shit? Taehyung doesn’t give a fuck about Yoongi. And I know you know about him screwing over Jimin. He’s trying to take over both gangs, not just Jimin’s, and he’s been lying to you this whole time.”
The bargaining chip. “What do you mean?” You followed the flat echoes of his footsteps down the hallway into the same office that you had Jimin tied up only a few days ago. You suppressed a smile as you noticed the curtains were still torn.
“He’s distracting Jimin and Yoongi with you. He wants them to get up against each other so that he can sway the gang loyalties towards him by showing that their leaders priorities are off. Look here” Jin motioned towards a laptop on the large desk, playing security footage of what appeared to be Death Valley’s parking lot, where people were loading bags of cash into what could have been Taehyung’s car. “He’s robbing them. And you know what else Y/n? When he’s done with all of this, he’s gonna kill them both.” 
No. No way. Betrayal stung you as you process Jin’s words, “You’re just a pawn in his game. You were bait. He just needed to you get Jimin and Yoongi to fight amongst each other. And you let him, didn’t you?” Jin chuckled, patting your cheek. “I know he kept telling you that you could trust him. That he wouldn’t hurt you. It was bullshit Y/n. This man only cares about one thing. Himself”
You thought back to the first night you laid your eyes on him, back when his hair was a faded green, his sweaty tan skin contrasting his dark leather jacket. The look of familiarity in his eyes and the gleam from his diamond studded watch. You were a fool. He strung you along.
“Where is he?” You growled, “I wanna hear it from him. I wanna ask him myself”
“Absolutely. In fact, if you’re up for it, I was wondering if you would be down to do another little mission for me” Jin winked at you. You scowled, folding your arms over your chest, “If we don’t kill him first, he’s planning on killing Yoongi tonight before the party. I know because I got him to let me in on his little coup” Your heart dropped, “You don’t want that do you?”
"No” You blurted. 
“So let’s kill him first. Come on, let’s go get you dolled up for this party”
As you left the office, you couldn’t help but notice a familiar figure standing at the other end of the hallway.
Namjoon? Your eyes locked with his. He pressed a finger to his lips before pointing at Jin and shaking his head. What is he trying to say. Namjoon seemed to have a warning look in his eyes. You simply shrugged at him, before running down the hall to catch up with Jin.
Namjoon exhaled, watching from a window as Jin and you drove off, likely heading to the hotel. Looking at his palm he saw the way his nails left imprints in his skin from how hard he was clenching his fists. Namjoon wasn’t necessarily a fan of Taehyung, but he knew a thing or two about him from Yoongi. Taehyung would never kill people. He was averse to it for some reason, Namjoon always thought it was ironic for him to be a gangster given that quality. Taehyung could torture anyone, threaten anyone, but he didn’t have it in him to take a life. 
Which meant that Jin was lying to you. Namjoon never liked Jin. Even aside from all the hits he had taken from the strong man, he always felt something was off about the guy. He feels uneasy about what he had just seen transpire, and decided to go find Yoongi. 
“Do you want some coke?” You were in the middle of washing your face when Jin walked in with a bag of powder. “I could use a hit, I don’t know about you”
“Oh hell yes. Thank you” He poured out a line on the bathroom counter using a quarter, watching with a small chuckle as you inhaled the drug, nose pressed against the cool marble. You sighed, wiping your nose and flashing a big grin in the mirror “Damn. I needed that. I didn’t know that you use”
Jin bit back a smirk, “I do.” He poured another line on the same place, this time taking a hit himself. “A lot”
“Oh. Officer Jin is a druggie like the rest of us huh” You teased. Jin poured himself a gin martini, taking a sip, eyes alight with amusement. “Does that turn you on ever? Do you ever have a hottie cuffed up and they’re like please Officer does know..turn you on?”
Jin’s eyes widened at you “Not any hottie, no. Now if I had you cuffed up saying that” He chuckled, pulling you to him by the waist “That’s a whole other story” You pushed him away playfully.
“What?” Jin said mockingly, “Don’t remember that night where I gave you the best orgasm of your life?” His traced his lips up your jaw, and you could feel his smile against you.
“Wow. Cocky are we?” You raised your eyebrows. “I’ve had some pretty good sex in my life. Hard to say if that was the best”
Suddenly, Jin pulled his knife from his back pocket, glancing in the mirror as he traced the blade across your neck just enough for you to feel the sharp cold metal glide on your skin, pinching without actually making you bleed. “Don’t even lie. You loved fucking me. Don’t you remember? How fucking wet you were?” His breath was hot against your lips, but it was the look in his eyes that had you weak in the knees. 
Taking his knife, he slit clean down your shirt, tearing it off of you to reveal your bare chest. “On the floor slut” His whispered, flirty demeanor now shifted into something dark. Something feral.
You gulped, taking care to slide your bottoms off, not wanting him to slice them up before lowering yourself down onto the tiled bathroom floor. 
Jin set the knife aside, pulling out his lighter and setting in on the counter before shedding his own clothes, even he kicking off his shoes. He lifted his foot, and you watched with a curious gaze as he placed his foot on your chest. He kept the weight off of you, much to your relief, and you couldn’t help but feel absolutely filthy as he rolled your breasts under the sole of his foot. You had never done anything like this. It seemed so dirty, but felt so good. 
“Oh my god Jin” You gasped as he switched onto his other leg, taking his foot and shoving it into your mouth, watching in amusement as you gagged over his toes.
“Look at you. On the fucking floor. Naked little whore. Letting me do whatever I fucking want.” He removed his foot from your mouth, letting you catch your breath before you looked up at him with quivering eyes.
He felt blood rush to his cock at your expression. Licking his lips, knelt down, climbing over you to gently trail his fingers where his foot had been moments ago.
“And you love it” He sneered, letting his nails dig into your breast, “You love the pain don’t you you fucking slut?” When you didn’t answer he grabbed your jaw, pushing his fingers into the edge of your mouth. “I asked you a fucking question”
“Y...yes” You exhaled. He let go of you before flipping you onto your back. You felt his fingers tease your clit, your legs still tied together, making you squirm beneath him. You felt him nip at your ear, teeth tugging on your lobe as he laughed darkly.
Jin reached for the martini glass “Turn over” He growled. You found yourself with your breasts pressed flat against the floor, Jin’s cock pressing into your ass. You gasped as he poured the drink onto your back. “This is gonna burn. And you’re gonna take it like a good girl. I know you are, you let Yoongi do it so I can too”
“Wait what” Jin pressed your face down with one hand while the other grabbed his lighter, “Jin. Hold on.” Your voice rose in fear, which only turned Jin on more. He watched as you writhed under him, trying desperately to get away. “Jin seriously. That’s not funny”
“Shhh. You can take it” He cooed, flicking the flame on he slowly lowered it to your skin, bringing it nearer and nearer to the doused skin. You yelped as you began to feel the concentrated heat. Your entire body was petrified. “Enjoy it baby. You like it. You love it. You let Yoongi do it so why can’t I?”
“Jin. It’s not you, I'm just not ready for something like this please” Jin cocked his head aside in irritation, stopping the lighter before it actually touched you and tossing it aside. “I didn’t let Yoongi brand me he just did.”
Jin stilled momentarily. “And you still love him? Even though he did that?”
You didn’t answer. That alone was enough for Jin to rage. He slammed your face back down, the blow giving you a dizzying sensation that hat you getting wetter by the second. 
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He growled, “How can you love someone like that?” He pulled your face up, bending you back until you were flush against his chest. “I don’t want any of them touching you again. You understand me?” He let go, giving you whiplash as you fell back to the floor. “Ass up. Now” He spanked your ass hard, causing you to yelp. The stinging pain vibrated to your core. You couldn’t help but love every second of it. 
Jin knew that you were scared of him, he could feel it. He could also see the way your thighs would clench whenever he did anything to you. You were his favorite drug. He was going to ruin you.
He grabbed his belt from the pile of clothes on the side, “Hands under” He demanded, rolling his lip through his teeth as you obeyed him right away. He took the belt tying your wrists to your knees under you.
He took a moment to admire his work, your shivering body all his for the taking. You had no where to run. He had you now. “Who gives it to you the best him?” Pulling you towards him by your thighs, he didn’t care that your knees would burn against the smooth tile as he lined his cock up with your folds. He spat down, a glob of saliva landing on your ass before he used his cock head to rub it all over you. He could hear your shaky breath, your whiny moans that made him want to fuck you even more. 
He slapped his palm  onto the curve of your ass, bending over your to growl into your ear “Filthy whore. You disgust me. You let them all just do whatever they want to you, don’t you have any fucking self respect?” He could see his words were hitting close to home. You pursed your trembling lips as Jin smacked you again in the same place. 
“When will you fucking learn huh? This pussy” He reached his hand to harshly cup your cunt, shoving two fingers inside you without warning. “This pussy belongs to me. You’re mine. My cockslut whore” Taking his fingers out, he shoved them into your mouth “You taste that? That how desperate your needy little cunt is for me”
Your legs were strung together, making it all the more painful when he finally began to push his cock inside you, using his fingers to scissor you open so that he could get deep inside you. His length pushed against your tight walls, your cries and curses only motivating Jin to push further. 
“Who owns this cunt huh?” Jin pulled your hips back, burning your knees each time as he pulled you on and off his cock. Your ass slammed into him with each blow. 
“You do. Holy fuck, you do” You gasped, practically screaming as your whole body ached with pain and pleasure. 
“That’s right baby” He pinched your clit, making you yelp as he flicked at it, pounding into your relentlessly. 
“J..Jin” You mumbled, lips still half pressed on the floor, “Jin please. Feels good” Jin scoffed, “Gonna cum...gonna cum” You inhaled loudly as you felt your high approaching. Your eyes clenched shut as he edged you closer and closer, fingers furiously attacking your clit until he stopped.
You let out a loud sob as Jin yanked you up by your neck “You really thought I would let you cum whore?” His grip tightened, cock twitching at the way your voice sounded choking, the water streaming from your eyes and the drool at the edge of your lips. He kissed you, licking it all up in the process.  
“Look in the mirror. Look at how pathetic you are. I want you to remember the only person who’s ever gonna let you feel this good” You looked at your reflection, seeing only your faces and the way Jin’s nails dug into your neck as he pushed your head back. He pushed your forward so that your chin was on the countertop. You coughed out, watching as he resumed his thrusts, punishing your clit with the jarring movements of his fingers. 
You screamed, pleasure crashing over you in a wave of tantalizing heat. You gushed onto his cock, tears falling from your eyes due to how overwhelming the sensation was. Jin continued to whisper filth right into your ears but you could no longer hear anything. Your vision became hazy, not minding the blow with Jin shoved you back onto the floor and pounded you to his own release.
On the other side of the wall, Namjoon leaned his head back and sighed, glancing down to see his cock in his hands, now completely covered in cum.
Taehyung chewed on his gum nonchalantly as he paced around the luxurious hotel, checking out all the fun features. The pool deck was nice, the lobby exquisite, and his favorite part, the cafe, smelt delicious. 
Yoongi had asked to meet him in his suite. On his way there he ran into you, and you knocked his breath away. He always thought you were beautiful, but tonight you looked elegant. It was such a surprising contrast to your usual getup, but you looked amazing. He was about to tell you just that when he finally registered the hurt look in your eyes.
“You liar” You slapped him with everything you had. Taehyung backed away in surprise. “How could you use me like that? Over and over again. I trusted you. You were really the only one I thought had my back. Without a fucking doubt” You lunged towards him for another hit but Taehyung held your wrist firmly.
“What are you talking about? When did I use you?” Taehyung looked around frantically, “Calm down okay, let’s go somewhere and talk this through.” Your eyes flared in anger. 
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! You’re gonna kill them!” You screamed. Taehyung squinted, noticing the slight redness in your eyes. He sighed in understanding, pulling you by the wrist into a corridor. 
“Y/n. Breathe. Tell me what’s going on” Taehyung attempted to calm you down but you were enraged. “And what the fuck are you on?”
Admittedly, you and Jin had ended up doing many more lines of coke, perhaps even molly, you were no longer sure, but you washed it down with the bottle of gin, finding it unprecedentedly hilarious that Jin liked to drink gin martinis. 
“You used me! To fuck with Jimin! And Yoongi! You lied to me! Everything you said was a fucking lie, everything you did, every stupid word that came out of your stupid mouth was a lie! You just want power. You’re selfish,’re gonna KILL them” A dramatic gasp left your lips, Taehyung almost laughed, “You’re gonna kill Yoongi. I...I can’t let you do that”
You pulled out your gun, cocking it and pressing it against Taehyung’s chest. He instantly put his hands up. “Y/n. Y/n stop. That’s not true okay you’re not thinking straight. Don’t do something you’ll regret”
Your hands trembled around the gun “You’ll kill them. You’ll kill them both...I can’t let you do that”
“Hold on!”
Too late. You pulled the trigger.
Hobi wandered through the parking lot looking for his car. His eyes narrowed on a familiar vehicle, thinking back to when he had loaded the drug money from the last fight. 
So. Is that guy Yoongi then? The one I kept seeing? Hobi wandered over to the car. Peering inside the passenger window, his eyes locked on a small item on the floor of the car. He squinted to read it, it appeared to be some sort of credit card.
He stepped back, realizing what the name on the card was. He glanced around before taking the end of his gun and ramming it into the door handle. The door creaked open, allowing Hobi to swipe the card up. He slid it into his pocket, before hurriedly returning to the hotel. 
Namjoon’s eyes widened as he watched you pull a gun out on Taehyung. He had been thoroughly entertained as you yelled and slapped him, knowing full well that you were high out of your mind. 
Namjoon couldn’t understand Jin’s plan at all. He had eavesdropped on everything so far, as per Yoongi’s orders. Why would Jin ask you to kill Taehyung, why wouldn’t he just do it himself? He knew you would hate yourself if you actually killed him. 
He had also been thoroughly disappointed at how easily Jungkook had bought into Jin’s agenda as well. The things people do for money. Namjoon sighed, realizing that he was pretty much acting on similar motivations. 
You were ready to pull the trigger, and Namjoon was almost certain you wouldn’t do it, until he saw your finger begin to curl. He ran towards the corridor as fast as he could.
“Hold on!” He yelled, but it was too late. Taehyung’s eyes flew shut.
Namjoon blinked, not hearing the familiar gunshot sound. You looked equally confused, glancing down the barrel of your gun. Taehyung let out a shaky sigh of relief, sliding down the wall.
“It...was a blank” You mumbled. Namjoon rushed to your side, pulling you away from Taehyung. “What the...what was I just about to do?” His heart clenched as your lips parted in shock.
“Taehyung are you okay?” Namjoon asked. Taehyung nodded, clearly shaken up but managing to get a hold of himself. 
“What the fuck is going on?” He growled, “Who gave her a gun? And who gave her drugs while she had a gun? Fucking hell”
Namjoon stroked your back as you let the gun drop to the floor, the weight of your actions finally hitting you. 
“I’m so sorry. Taehyung I...” You looked into his eyes. Those eyes that always left you questioning what was really going on in that pretty head of his. 
“Yeah. Jin fucking fed her some interesting stories about how you’re using her. At least I hope they’re just stories” Namjoon peered at him. “I’m Namjoon by the way, we haven’t officially met”
Taehyung shook his hand “Hi Namjoon. I heard you make pretty decent music” He chuckled ironically, “Y/n, I need you to tell me everything Jin said. There’s been some sort of misunderstanding, I promise you I wasn’t taking advantage of you.”
Namjoon made a face, exchanging a glance with you as you nodded slowly. Namjoon was not entirely sure he should believe Taehyung. He supposed it wouldn’t matter, when he knew that Yoongi was planning to kill Taehyung anyways. The more information he had, the better he could at least keep you out of trouble. 
P R E S E N T  D A Y--
Security escorted you and Jimin out immediately as the media broke into a frenzy trying to figure out what had happened. You had hoped your acting skills had convinced him. 
After Taehyung sobered you up slightly, the three of you had sat and schemed. Using everything the three of you knew, you were able to figure out that it really was Jin behind Jimin’s accident, your and Namjoon’s kidnapping, as well as Jungkook’s attempted murder. He was able to do all of this using Hobi’s help, but Hobi seemed not to know that he was receiving orders from Jin.
The question remained how and why. 
“I know you’re not going to believe me. So I have proof” Taehyung pulled his phone out, pulling up a recording of Jin tied up somewhere.
All I ask, is that when the dust settles, Y/n is mine. And I get to kill them. My way
You felt queasy seeing his earnest expression through the film. Namjoon’s jaw clenched, recognizing crazy when he saw it, wishing he could have knocked the guy’s brains out beforehand.
“Listen to me. This guy is dangerous. I don’t really understand why he’s doing all of this. He said he wanted to help me, but clearly there’s some other motive here. Otherwise he wouldn’t go behind my back.” Taehyung muttered.
“The only way to know what he wants is to see what he does next” Namjoon pitched in. 
You glanced between the two men, feeling weirdly relieved that you finally had some solid answers. Having Namjoon by your side after so long was the best thing you could ask for at the moment, and you clung to him, hands wrapped around his arm tightly. He thought it was cute.
“Let me fake my death. Let’s see what he does.”
The drivers took you and Jimin to the precinct. You looked around for Namjoon but he was nowhere to be seen. Your eyes met Jin’s briefly as he signed some paperwork. He winked at you.
“Can I have the body taken to get an autopsy report please?” You weren’t phased by this. Taehyung had said he had enough contacts to make it truly believable that he had died. Jimin’s face was void of emotion as he watched the stretcher go past with the body on it.
You left the hold on his hand, your blood running cold as the body nears you. It was loosely covered with a white sheet, but the arm hung out limply from the sight.
That watch. That’s his watch.
Jimin pressed his lips to the top of your head, sliding his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer to him “You okay babe?” 
“ yeah, I’m just shocked” You stammered. You looked up at him, allowing him to place a loving kiss on your lips.
Jimin felt for you, he really did. He himself was generally an emotional person, it was not something he ever tried to hide. But he always felt like his emotional energy was valuable. He didn’t feel the need to cry. Not for Taehyung.
Jimin stroked your back softly, “It’s scary, I know. I know baby, but don’t worry” He licked his lips, eyes briefly meeting Hobi’s from across the room. Hobi gave him a knowing look.
“Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon”
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a/n: WOOHOOO. the fun is really gonna start now. did you miss yoongi? don’t worry, he’ll be back. drop your theories in my asks! who killed taehyung? what’s jin’s deal? 
smut pairs are up for next week! poor oc, she really needs to eat some food. yikes.
see you then & thanks for reading <3 happy juneteenth! 
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alpacaparkaseok · 3 hours ago
Heartbreak Ave.
When they’re in love with you but you have feelings for a different member (Hyung line)
→ tags/warnings: SFW, angstyyyyy (like, I’m sorry but at the same time I wanted to write something sad), no, there’s not a happy ending really idk so read at your own heart’s risk, but like really. I was listening to “Manos de Tijera” while writing this so it’s a wee bit heartbreaking
→ a/n: I don’t really write reactions very often but this seemed fun when @sierra-fics​ brought it up! I actually have one of your suggestions in my drafts, just haven’t finished it up yet. Thanks for the push, though! I love exploring different styles!
Let me know if you guys would be interested in a maknae line version! (are we surprised I’m starting off with the hyungs? I’m Hyung line trash™)
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
he’s not surprised
it’s probably the worst part for him, the fact that he’s not surprised when your eyes light up as Taehyung waltzes in the room. 
he had been in the middle of plucking up the courage to invite you to try out that new Thai restaurant you’d been chattering about when Tae walked in
and you tried - you really did - to pay attention to what Jin had been saying, but you faltered a bit as Tae greeted you warmly and plopped down beside Jin
and Jin just watched, not surprised. 
although what does surprise him is how much it hurts
that pain where your heart literally, physically hurts? it’s an exquisite pain, one that takes his breath away
and it doesn’t go away
it doesn’t fade
so he ends up in Namjoon’s studio later that night, and Namjoon knows to wait for him to open up
Jin just stares for a while, blankly at the wall
“Does Tae like her?”
Namjoon already knows who he’s referring to. He’s known about Jin’s helpless crush on you for ages, he knew before Jin himself figured it out
but it’s the way that Jin asks the question so softly, so carefully, that Namjoon realizes with a start that this is so much more than a crush
and Jin looks at him, misery clear in his eyes but also clear resolve visible  even as unshed tears glimmer 
“Would you really let her go?” Namjoon counters gently. Because he knows. He knows that if Tae got the green light, you'd be swept up in a matter of seconds.
and it’s the way that Jin stares down at his feet, and the tears begin rolling down his cheeks, that has Namjoon sick to his stomach
Jin nods, and when he speaks, his voice shakes but he sounds so earnest that it breaks Namjoon’s heart
“I’d do anything for her.”
no words are exchanged after that for a long, heart-wrenching moment. it’s just Jin, staring down at his feet and quietly sobbing, and Namjoon, pulling him into an embrace. 
“I’m sorry, hyung.”
it’s surprising to Jin, just how much that soft phrase cuts through him. It sounds so final. 
because at the end of the day, it’s the only solace that can be offered to him. 
he lost. 
he loved, and he lost.
Min Yoongi
you’re sitting beside him in his studio when the realization hits him like a freight train
sprawled sideways in your designated swivel chair while you stifle a yawn and rub your eyes, Yoongi wonders when he let his emotions get so out of hand
because you’re offering him a shy smile and asking him a question that he numbly answers, but on the inside he’s a total clueless mess
when did he fall in love with you?
it’s something that will haunt him long after you leave that night, rushing out when you get a call from Hobi
for the second time that night, he’s hit with another realization
he’s still reeling from the fact that he’s pretty sure he’s in love with you, so when you gasp and grin when your phone light up with a call, he falters
it’s like being doused with a bucket of ice water, the way you whisper, “oh, it’s Hobi!” and politely ask if you can take the call before rushing out into the hallway
“oh,” he mumbles to himself as the door closes. “it’s Hobi.”
and he laughs. 
quietly, darkly. he laughs to himself, at himself, whatever. 
because of course it’s Hobi. his best friend, his vitamin. you two deserve each other. of that much he’s certain. 
he doesn’t waste too much time feeling sorry for himself; he’s logical enough to see that you two are probably a better match. it’s nothing personal.
so why does he stay in his studio all night, ignoring any calls or messages sent his way?
he’s not sure when he fell asleep, but next thing he knows he’s sprawled out on his little couch and you’re gently shaking him awake
“Yoongo? Did you stay here last night?”
his eyes crack open at the sound of your voice, just enough to be met with your sweet smile
and he, in his half-asleep state, smiles back. he reaches one hand up to gently brush back a strand of your hair, and he swears you lean into his touch
and when you mumble something about Hobi bringing breakfast up, Yoongi is hit with the third realization in less that twenty-four hours.
it’s startlingly simple: 
he wants to cry. 
so he excuses himself to the bathroom, and cries. sets a five minute timer so nobody gets worried and comes looking for him, and allows himself that time to cry. 
then, with machine-like precision, he washes his face and puts some eyedrops in, and goes back out to pretend like everything is fine.
and whenever Jin or Taehyung bring up acting, Yoongi knows. He knows, deep down, that he’s the best actor of all. 
because he still loves you
and you will never know.
Jung Hoseok
hobi has never been the most forthcoming with his emotions
he keeps them on lockdown
monitors them with military-like focus
so he knows the exact moment he begins developing feelings for you
(it’s when you brought Bang PD a bouquet for valentine’s day, just to make him blush)
and he knows the exact second when he fell in love
(it was when, after a grueling day at work, you silently walked through his door with his favorite goodies and left without a single word)
(you were wearing a yellow cardigan that day)
(he’s never looked at the color yellow the same way)
if he’s completely honest, he’s sometimes trying so hard to stay on top of his own feelings that he forgets to watch out for where your attention may be drifting
to be fair, you kept your own little crush on Jimin a secret
so when Hobi decides to get over himself and just shoot his shot, he decides he’s all in
and when you arrive at his apartment that night for a movie, you’re shocked to see a bouquet of yellow flowers in Hobi’s shaking hands
“hey” he breathes
you stare at the flowers, then at him
“hello...?” then, with a sinking felling, you point at the flowers. “are those for me?”
hobi smiles broadly. “yeah, they are.” and he hands them to you, allowing his fingers to brush up against yours 
it’s electrifying, that small touch
and again, he’s so focused on how electrifying it is that he misses the way you look like you might be sick
pale face, concerned expression
he misses it all, because he’s so nervous but so stupidly in love that he’s just barreling ahead.
gotta get this out of the way
ugh, feelings
and so when he leads you to sit with him out on the balcony, he takes a deep breath and looks at you with wonder in his eyes
and that’s when he notices the way you’re fiddling with your bracelet
not a problem, except for the fact that it’s the one he saw Jimin carefully choosing from an online collection
so when you keep fiddling with the bracelet and avoiding Hobi’s eye contact, he gets it
he takes a long look at all those emotions he keeps in check, and allows himself a moment of self-pity before reaching out and laying a hand atop your own
you immediately stop fidgeting and look at him with wide eyes. he can see with a pang how you’re trying to come up with the best way to let him down easy
so he does the job for you
“I just wanted to say thank you for the other day,” he says, forcing a light tone. “when you brought me those goodies after work. It really meant a lot.”
you blink, confused. “Oh. uh, you’re welcome.”
“and,” he drawls, a well-rehearsed smile clawing its way onto his face, “I wanted to snoop and get the inside scoop about Jiminie. I know he got you that bracelet. did he finally cave and confess to you?”
you look shocked, but you burst out into relieved laughter. “how did you know?”
he didn’t. “how could I not? he’s absolutely whipped.”
and you blush under the stars and begin to ramble, lost in your excitement and joy. 
and Hobi watches. smiling. supportive. laughing at the right spots and asking all the right questions. 
later, when you give him a tight hug and thank him for the fun night, he lets the words sting as you call him “such a great friend.” he lets them sting, relishing in the pain. 
he reminds you to take your flowers home, and you begrudgingly admit that they’re your favorite type of flower. 
he didn’t know. but that hurts, too. the fact that he got it right. 
Hobi never looks at the color yellow the same way again.
Kim Namjoon
he’s told you he loves you a million times now
every night, in every dream, he tells you how much he loves you
adores you with everything he is
you manage to find your way into his music, his musings, every piece of artwork he comes across
he's never been like this before
never, he’s sure of it
and everyone knows, except for you.
it becomes a strange game for the boys to play, dropping hints at every opportunity, laughing at your confused expression
Jungkook and Taehyung especially enjoy the chaos that they create, making Namjoon groan and grow embarrassed
but you have no idea
or are you just willfully ignorant?
all Namjoon knows is that he’s swimming in his feelings for you, completely lost and on the verge of drowning
but, oh, what a way to die
he’s never been able to stop himself when it comes to you
and he considers himself rather disciplined, but the way you make him feel he could throw caution to the wind and give it all up
so when you end up staying late one night at the apartment, the boys manage to convince you to stay
“there’s plenty of room” Jungkook muses, feigning deep thought. “besides, it’s too late for you to drive back tonight. just stay.”
and while Namjoon wants to kill them all for the way they offer up his bed to you, he thinks he might actually die when you reluctantly agree with a yawn
he knows he should offer to take the couch, but something stops him
it’s like he physically can’t
“I don’t mind sharing the bed” you state, squinting at him while wearing his basketball shorts and oversized t-shirt. 
you look adorable. he’s unsure of how he’s even functioning right now, to be honest. he’s melting.
“just keep your snoring in check, loser”
and he’s back to laughing, turning off the light and hopping into bed
you’re so far away
why are you so far away?
“hey” he whispers, the sound so loud in the quiet. the only other sound is the muffled voices of the other members, no doubt down in the kitchen gossiping about the events of the night
“hey yourself” you whisper back, turning to face him
he can see you in the moonlight, his eyes having adjusted just enough.
and he wants to kiss you so badly
so he smiles, heart leaping when you smile back
and he reaches out, gently tracing your jawline. 
you say nothing, heart thundering in your chest
because to be honest, you’re confused 
why is he looking at you like that?
but you don’t ask as Namjoon takes a deep breath, steadying himself before propping himself up on one elbow and looking down at you with an adoring expression
your eyes flutter closed as he brushes his thumb against your cheek, and he can feel your heartbeat racing
your reaction gives him all the courage he needs as he leans down, lips capturing your own in a long, sweet kiss
and he’s going out of his mind because he finally kissed you, didn’t he?! finally!! 
but those are your hands on his chest, and instead of pulling him in closer you’re gently pushing him away
he’s never hated his name so much.
“I’m so sorry- I- I thought that maybe-” he stutters, pulling himself upright as you do the same, and he launches out of bed, hands in his hair “I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-”
“Namjoon.” you repeat, and he notices now how utterly distraught you look. 
because you’re still confused, but there’s one name rolling around in your head even as you can still taste namjoon on your lips. 
“I...” you shake your head, unsure of what to say. “It’s just...”
and he’s looking at you with big eyes, taking in every single word you say. and you want to take it all back, want to let him kiss you until you’re breathless, but your heart won’t let you. 
“Just what?” he asks quietly, afraid of the answer. so afraid
two syllables, and his world comes crashing down around him. 
namjoon is silent, avoiding your gaze as he grabs one of the pillows off of the bed and a spare blanket, heading toward the door. 
“I’ll sleep on the couch. I’m sorry.”
and he’s gone before you can utter another word. 
sure enough, the boys are still downstairs, and they all fall silent as Namjoon appears, throwing the pillow down on the couch. 
“Hyung!” Jungkook asks, scrambling over. “Hyung, what happened? What are you doing down here?”
Namjoon can’t bring himself to look at the maknae, not when he can still picture how it felt to kiss you. not when those few seconds of paradise are still on his lips. 
“Didn’t wanna wake her up with my snoring.”
because how could he ever be angry at the boy that looks at him like he’s his savior?
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maomao-words · 3 hours ago
Hiii loveee✨✨
Can I request a angst to comfort for sung Jin woo? Maybe his fem!so that is a s rank is getting overwhelmed idk by dungeons and is overall so mentally tired but still has so much to take care of?
Like how would he comfort her maybe by cuddling or going out or maybe make out idk I just need soft and affectionate Jin woo content
Hewo, dear! I simply live for soft! Sung Jin Woo (✿´‿`)
You asked and I shall deliver ♥
Sung Jin Woo comforting S-Rank S/O:
Tumblr media
From the very first day that you have awakened as an S-rank assassin type hunter, you knew that you were heading towards the thorniest of all paths.
S-ranks were extremely scarce in South Korea and, as a result, they were highly desired and sought after. This simple fact of life immediately pushed you to the battlefield without having enough time to really weigh your options and consider your own wishes. Once inside dungeons, your eyes; which previously shined and sparkled within the comfort of your sheltered life, were suddenly met with blood and gore.
Your class was meant for bloodshed. Your skills were high enough to constantly place you in the front lines, hiding between the shadows, before silently slaughtering monsters with one move of your dagger.
Merge with the darkness, wait, sneak and assassinate. Then, re-do it all over again in the next raid. That has been your life style for years with no end in sight. Your mental prowess was hanging by a thread with each passing raid and every successful massacre you performed. Yet, you still stubbornly clung to life with bloodied hands.
You refused to allow the darkness of your profession to swallow you whole. You made sure to keep your connections with your family and friends alive. You allowed the words of gratitude from your fellow citizens to heal your deepest wounds and, most important of it all, you let the most amazing man of them all fill in your broken heart. Sung Jin Woo brought light into your world and you were not ashamed to shout to the world that you absolutely loved him to pieces.
But as if fate was mocking your struggles to continue surviving, the world started to fall into utter chaos; and as gates spawned in a maddening pace across the globe, your job load only increased.
You sank further and further into the devouring jaws of darkness.
Forced to join a hopeless raid of a highly difficult A-rank gate with just a few C-rank hunters, you bitterly fought to clear up a path for your team. Each swing you took, each curse you hurled and each wound you suffered to protect the others pushed you closer to the edge.
When you finally felt like that was the end for you, completely surrounded by enemies with nowhere to go, you closed your eyes in a final attempt to recall your lover's face. But when your legs gave up on you, you did not feel the pain of hitting the dungeon's rough ground nor the canines of the monsters sinking deep into your flesh. All you heard was a soft voice calling your name.
"Baby," Sung Jin Woo's sturdy arms held you close to his chest. "My baby," his husky voice sunk deeper as he gently gathered your bleeding frame before seating you in his lap. Soon, a tender kiss fell upon your forehead, then on your cheek and on the tip of your nose. You could hear noises all around the cave, indicating that Jin Woo's soldiers were already finishing up the raid. Beru's aura quickly appeared beside Jin Woo and you soon felt his healing powers envelop your wounded body, relieving you from the pain.
"I don't ever want to lose you." Jin Woo's vice was close to a whisper as he dropped his head into the crook of your neck, tenderly nuzzling the soft skin there. The shy movements reminded you of a big golden retriever asking for pets from his owner and you couldn't help but to quietly giggle. The sound of your laugh brought a gentle smile to your lover's lips. He dug his head further and tightened his hold on you, causing you to giggle once again at his antics.
Sung Jin Woo finally lifted his head to look at you. His eyes, filled with raw love and tender affection towards you, gazed into yours. You felt completely vulnerable. As if Jin Woo was able to see the deepest corners of your very soul. But you didn't move. You didn't want to move.
Why? Because you simply felt safe. Safe in his strong arms and under his warm gaze.
With Jin Woo by your side, you were ready continue living despite all hardships with his love as your strength.
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fuwushiguro · 5 hours ago
All On My Tongue, I Want It.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Twice x f!reader | Hawks x f!reader
Genre: Smut (& maybe a dash of angst)
Notes: shoutout to @twicesbrat​ for being a co-collaborator on this hehe, we were THIRSTING over this concept so I felt very compelled to write it!! Thank u for prood reading this for me too sluzza ur da best bestie 💕
Synopsis: Jin Bubaigawara is your bum older brother. He sponges off your parents and makes your life hell. And yet, for some reason, you’re still pining for his attention. Maybe a new boyfriend will get him to see you differently. 
18+, dubcon/noncon, stepcest, masturbation, drug use, oral sex, vaginal sex, degradation, cheating, spanking, choking (ish), noncon photography, breeding kink.
Words: 6.1k
Tumblr media
You are happy that your father is happy, that is what matters most in your life. After he and your mother divorced, you opted to live with him and his new wife. You were happy he was happy. His wife was lovely, so lovely in fact you were happy to call her your mother. The three of you were a perfect family. A picturesque perfect suburban dream.
At least you would be… If it wasn’t for Jin.
Jin was a bum, through and through. Thirty-one and refused to get a job, he doesn’t have to pay any bills if he lives at home forever, so why should he work? His mother enables him, too; she will give him money for anything he needs. She doesn’t even question it. She doesn’t mind that he asks for it so often, because he spends small fortunes on weed each week.
You hated Jin. Neither of you had siblings before your parents marriage, but he took the role of irritating elder brother a little too seriously. He grabs you in headlocks too often in an attempt to playfight with you. You struggle and squirm but he overpowers you every time without fail. The grinding of his hips against your ass never goes unnoticed either.
You’d begrudge it more if you didn’t find him so impossibly attractive.
He loves to work out. He’s jacked, a big beefy guy who towers over you. He likes to workout shirtless. He has a pull up bar on his door, and he always has a cigarette latched between his lips while he’s lowering himself up and down on it. It kills you to not ogle his sweat slicked body as you walk by.
He lowers himself down and calls for your attention, and you don’t hesitate to turn to him. You stare down at the floor coyly to avoid his intimidating gaze. But when he says your name once more, with a little more ferocity behind it, your vision is snapped to where he stands. You’re expecting something profound, something meaningful, but why? He’s an idiot. He’s a bum. He’s annoying. He throws his sweaty towel in your face and tells you to wash it for him. While you’re focused on pulling the towel off your face, he’s got his back to you. He’s completely undressed and you see his defined ass for a split second before he fully closes the door.
He’s thrown his pungent workout clothes at your feet.
Apparently, it’s your turn to do the washing today. According to him, it’s your day to do the washing every day.
When night time rolls around, you’re listening to music in an attempt to relax. He’s completely wound you up. He is horrible. A terrible, mean older brother. You can’t get him out of your mind, his room is right next to yours. And he’s probably just smoking, going about his evening. Does he realise how annoying he is? You want to sleep, but you can’t switch off. Your fingers slither beneath the waistband of your panties, and you finger fuck yourself until you cum. You’re imagining him, you hate yourself, but you can’t help it. His sweaty muscles were enough material to reach your climax, it was embarrassing how badly you wanted him, but you could never admit it. You need to press these feelings down.
The next morning, you’re watching TV in the living room. You’re sitting cross-legged on the sofa, so comfortable and at peace enjoying the feel good stories of your favourite breakfast show. Your peace is disrupted when Jin wakes up earlier than he ever does. He plonks himself right beside you, regardless of the fact there is a completely empty extra sofa. You don’t dwell on it, focusing on the TV. You ignore him when he tells you the show is boring. You know it’s boring; it's just an easy way to start the day! When your guard is down, he snatches the remote from your soft hands and begins flicking through the channels. You’re outraged. You do your best to reach over his body to get it back, but he holds you back effortlessly with one hand.
You don’t notice the little smirk that forms on his lips as you’re still focusing on getting the remote. He moves his hand and your balance is lost. Before you can get yourself upright, a large hand is on the crown of your head, and he’s shoving your face into his crotch. You’re squealing and wriggling around, it would almost be impressive how strong he was if you weren’t so enraged. He hadn’t showered yet, the scent of his body was less than pleasant. You’re begging him to free you from his grasp, but all he offers in return is a true, hearty, belly laugh. There’s no escape, this one, big palm on your head is all he needs to keep you locked in place. He only stops when his mother scolds him from another room.
He still won’t give you the remote.
You’re stuck watching whatever garbage he decides on, he doesn’t settle on anything for long. The channel seems to be changing every five minutes. You decide to look around the room, anything seems more interesting than the TV right now. But something catches your eye. He’s scrolling his phone, texting at rapid speeds. He’s receiving nude, after nude, after nude. He doesn’t even look impressed. He’s going through the motions of replying. He throws the remote at your head as he retreats upstairs to his room, you don’t miss the way he adjusts his cock in his sweats before he departs the living room.
No prizes for guessing what he’s about to do.
Tumblr media
It annoys you to no end how nothing phases him. He can get under your skin in a second flat, but he just laughs in response to any insult you throw back at him, like water off a duck's back. Today, he’s bullying you for your choice in outfit. You’re going to the movies with your friends, and he thinks you look like a little slut. You’re only wearing jeans and a bodysuit, he is obviously just trying to psych you out before you leave.
“You love attention, don’t you? Ya little bitch? You’d die if you went five seconds without a boy staring at you. Pathetic.” he digs before he begins nonchalantly blowing smoke rings into the air.
You shove past him as you hear the honk of your best friends car outside your house. He’s just about to retreat to his room, but you turn to face him once more.
“Jin? You’re thirty-one and sponging off your mother. I think that is pathetic.” you don’t stick around to see his reaction. But you know every single time you berate him for being a bum, a bum who feeds off his mother’s generosity, a bum who still lives at home, that is the one thing that really gets under his skin. You feel slight remorse, but when you remember everything he does to you on a regular basis, that bad feeling dissipates instantly.
You fill your friends in on your latest irritation with your elder brother. But they all giggle. According to them, you should just put up with him because he’s hot. He’s sexy, so he gets a free pass on being mean! You hate it. You hate that your friends want you to suffer his delinquency because he’s attractive. You hate even more that your friends have been checking your brother out…
When you return home, your parents are already asleep. The house is silent and still, you wonder if Jin has gone out. You do your best to quietly ascend the stairs and hurry to your room. You don’t notice the blue TV light shining under Jin’s door. You don’t question the stench of weed emanating from his room, it always smells like weed. But he hears you, swinging his door open suddenly and scaring the shit out of you. He invites you inside to smoke, this is a first. You want to decline, you want to just go to bed, but for some reason… you accept.
You’re giddy almost instantly. You’ve never done this before, it’s not like you to break the law, not like you to do anything that would disappoint your dad. Jin is mocking you with his gaze alone, he smokes all the time, he’s used to it. But not you; the smoke has made you sleepy. You’re sure he won’t mind if you take a little power nap on his bed, just for a few minutes.
You’re not quite out of it when you feel his fingers trace up your denim clad thighs. He finds the button of the garment, skilfully popping it open and slowly pulling the zipper down. He gently pulls them down, just enough so he can see the bodysuit covering your sex.
“J-Jin? What are you doing?”
“Relax baby.”
You don’t have the energy to argue, to question his motives anymore, to think. You are relaxed. You just lay back and let him carry on what he’s doing. He moves your bodysuit to the side, expecting to see panties underneath.
“No panties? You are an attention seeking little whore, aren’t you?” he teases, knowing that you’re too exhausted to respond. Instead, you giggle softly; the only thing your hazy state will allow you to do.
He reaches up to pull down your bodysuit straps, your tits bouncing free, your nipples pebbling almost instantly at the nip of the cool breeze seeping through his window. He’s hungrier now, yanking your jeans and bodysuit off your body in one fell swoop. He doesn’t prep you. He’s sure a slut like you can handle him.
And you do.
The instant he plunges to the hilt, an arousing moan tumbles from your lips, a little too loudly. He covers your mouth, shushing you strictly as he ruts into your pliant hole.
“You’re disgusting, letting your brother fuck you like this. You’ve got no fuckin’ – shit – no fuckin’ self respect do ya? Huh? Slut.”
“Mmm.” is all you can offer in response.
He uses your body until he’s satisfied. You can’t remember if you came or not. But he filled you up, he has been waiting a long time for this, and he wanted to mark you as his little toy.
The next morning, you’re freezing. You wake up on top of the covers, stark naked. He’s an asshole through and through, not even having the decency to tuck you in under the duvet to keep you warm. You’re so ashamed of yourself. How could you let this happen? Your panicked, heavy breathing wakes up your brother and he turns to face you. You leap off the bed to dress yourself, but when you stand upright, his seed is still dribbling out of you and trickling down your thigh.
“I hate you.”
“Sure.” he smugly responds as he lights a morning cigarette for himself. You’re freaking out, what if your dad finds out! He doesn’t care. Of course he doesn’t care. “We’ll just have to be more careful next time.”
“There isn’t going to be a “next time” you stupid dickhead.” you seethe, slamming the door behind you as you stealthily rush to your own room.
That very same night, you’re knocking on his door. He opens, greeted by his coy little sister. The girl who was so adamant, so insistent that this couldn’t happen again, was meekly waiting at her bummy brother’s door. You wanted more, and you wanted to remember it this time. He’s laughing at you, his pathetic little sister, so desperate for another taste of his cock. You were so ungrateful this morning. He fucked you so nicely, filled you up so completely, he even let you smoke his weed. And yet, you were so rude, so mean. He doesn’t think you deserve to feel his perfect cock fill you up again. But Jin isn’t going to decline an offer for a nut, so he looks you up and down, blowing smoke in your bewildered little face.
“Are you just gonna stand there? Or are you gonna make yourself useful and put my dick in your mouth.”
He sits on the edge of his bed, not even watching as your mouth makes his cock vanish and disappear at a delicious pace. He’s playing video games and smoking. He doesn’t think you have earned his undivided attention, you’ll have to prove yourself.
He cums all over your face and in your hair. He thinks you’ve never looked prettier. You hope he’ll think you deserve to cum for being such a good little sister, but alas, not getting to cum is part of your punishment.
You suppose you’ll have to come back again tomorrow.
Tumblr media
You do return. You knock and wait patiently. He takes a little longer than usual, so you knock again.
You head downstairs and approach his mother.
“Where’s Jin?” you ask her.
“He’s on a date.”
Your heart shatters a little. Why do you even actually give a fuck? He’s your brother. You shouldn’t be doing this anyway, but you feel so used. You try to use this information to put your life into perspective. You take a deep breath, and cuddle up with your dad on the sofa while you watch the TV. He can sense something is wrong, you never show affection like this to him anymore, but he doesn’t pry. You’ll talk to him if you need to, won’t you?
You don’t expect Jin home so early, your heart jumps a little with excitement. It sinks even deeper when you realise he brought her home with him. It all dawns on you so aggressively how meaningless you are to him. You’re a toy. You’re a slut. You’re nothing.  They say quick hellos, and Jin realises how upset you look. He flaunts her in front of you. Telling your parents what a great girl she is. Isn’t she beautiful? A real keeper if you ask me. She playfully slaps his arm, he grabs her by the hand and they head upstairs together. He’s going to fuck her. He is in the room next door to yours, you’re going to hear him fuck someone else. Your bottom lip wobbles, you can’t cry, you can’t cry in front of your parents. They won’t understand. Or worse, they’ll understand exactly why you’re crying and you’ll fall apart under the crumbling disapproval.
You excuse yourself, and head outside to sit in your car. You drive, and drive and drive, it’s pitch black. It’s perfect. Crying into the abyss of the night sky with music blaring loudly from your speakers. It’s like you aren’t crying at all. No one can see you, no one can hear you. You’re fine. Everything is fine.
This is fine.
A few hours have passed, it’s 2am and you decide you’ve cried enough.
You return home, getting yourself comfortable in bed. It’s silent next door, they’re either asleep or Jin drove her home. You’re surprised when you hear your bedroom door creak open. You’re surprised when you seem him menacingly lingering in your doorway. You’re not surprised when he winds up on top of you on your mattress. You’re trying to hold it together, you don’t want him to see you cry, and you certainly don’t want to do this right now. You tell him so, you tell him you don’t want to fuck. But he doesn’t care. He wriggles two fingers under your satin shorts and is delighted to feel that you aren’t wearing panties.
“Your pussy is wet. Feels like you want it to me.” he chastises. He moves the fabric to the side, thrusting into you intrusively and forcing you to yelp. He covers your mouth again, you’re too goddamn loud. That is when the tears start to flow. He doesn’t care. In fact… he likes it. He’s so tone deaf, unable to understand why this is so wrong, why this is so painful, why you don’t want to be doing this. “Is my cock too big for you babe? Cryin’ like a little bitch. Is my cock making you a dumb cry baby, slut?”
You can’t hold it in anymore. You have to know. It falls out of you like word vomit, and you think once he realises how hurt you are he’ll be kinder. He’ll be more understanding. He needs to understand.
“W-Why did you bring her here Jin?” you sob, “Why did you fuck her n-next door? Did you want me to hear you? Were you trying to get to me?”
He grunts, bearing his teeth as he fucks into you ruthlessly. He puts you into a mating press and rests his forehead on yours, staring harshly into your tear soaked eyes.
“Shut. Up,” he grits, thrusts punctuating each word.
“Shut up.” That’s all. Shut up. You poured your heart out to him, and he told you to shut up. What more did you expect? He’s an idiot. You more than anyone knows that. He’s a complete and utter fuck up, he has no respect for women, and you are no fucking exception.
“Don’t fucking- don’t fucking talk about – fuck, babe – shut the fuck up about her. I won’t let you cum if you keep cryin’ about her.”
And you’re silent. Anything to please your big brother.
Tumblr media
Jin doesn’t stop bringing girls home. A different one each night. He fucks them and takes them home, and then sneaks into your room to fill your cunt up again and again and again. Your parents don’t mind. He’s a grown man after all, he can bring home and sleep with whoever he wants. But for some reason that same rule doesn’t apply to you. You have to sneak guys home if you want to fuck. And you do.
You’re sick of Jin’s shit. You’re sick of him coming into your room and using you whenever he feels like it. So you take it a step further. Jin is a sociable man, he has lots of friends. So, you invite one over. You sneak him in, and bring him up to your room. No one hears you go down the stairs to open the door for him, and no one hears an extra set of feet ascend them back to your room. A perfect crime. His name is Keigo. He’s hot. Whenever you and your friends bump into Jin and his friends in public, Keigo is one that they like to gush over. He’s slid into your DMs a few times, but you’ve always ignored him. Until now.
You’re kissing fervently, raking your hands through each other’s hair and over each other’s bodies. You pull his t-shirt over his head and admire his body for a second longer than he could handle. He had been waiting to fuck you for the longest time. He needed it and he needed it now. He picks you up, and starts to carry you to the bed. You pull away from the kiss, and shake your head.
“What is it baby?” he asks you, sweet and needily.
“Fuck me- fuck me on the- fuck me on the wall Keigo.” you incoherently mumbled as he kissed you at random between your words. He smirked, almost sadistically.
You were worth the wait. A little whore to fuck in a naughty, slutty way. He freed his cock, and it was an impressive size, but nothing in comparison to your brother’s. It didn’t matter. You hooked your legs on Keigo’s hips and he guided his cock into your entrance. Tonight wasn’t about enjoyment. Tonight wasn’t about sex. It was about revenge. The particular wall Keigo was about to fuck you against, was the wall that you and your brother shared. As Keigo’s hips slammed into yours, you revelled in the sounds of the
Against the wall. Jin knew, of course, but you wanted to throw a little salt in the wound. Really drive it home what you were doing, and who you were doing it with.
“Feels s’fucking good Keigo.” you commented, louder than is an acceptable volume for the time of night. Your parents could probably hear too, but you didn’t care. This was what mattered right now. You’d deal with the consequences tomorrow.
“You’re such a slut.” Keigo smiled, it was an endearing term.
“Wanna be a slut f’you Keigo, fuck me, f-fuck me harder Keigo.”
He pounds into you boisterously. You continued moaning, groaning, mewling, panting. It wasn’t all fake. He was genuinely a good fuck. But you had to be loud. You had to make sure that Jin could hear everything.
And he did.
He heard every squelch of your cunt as his best friend rearranged your guts. He heard every slam of skin on skin as he fucked into your hole, the hole that is meant to belong to Jin. He can hear every single little breath that huffs from your lips while Keigo makes you his bitch for the night. Every moan, groan, mewl and pant doesn’t go unnoticed by Jin. He’s got his back against the wall where he can hear the thumping the loudest. He’s smoking a cigarette to try and calm his anger, he is truly seething. But he’s beating himself off while he listens, wishing it was him you were letting fuck you against the wall instead of Keigo. He wants to be the one making those sounds seep from your plump pretty lips. He knows you’re doing it to get a rise out of him, that you just want him to feel an ounce of what he’s been putting you through. And it’s working. But he’ll never let you know that.
“Keigo! Hnng! I’m gonna cum, please please please.” you babble stupidly. Keigo kisses your neck sloppily, pulling away for a second to respond.
“Cum f’me sweetheart. I wanna feel how an angel cums.”
The sweet words have you unravelling around him. He thinks you’re an angel. Jin thinks you’re a toy. Why do you so desperately seek his comfort when Keigo talks to you so nicely? You’re spent and shuddering, your cunt spasming around Keigo’s cock. He doesn’t cum, so you drop to your knees to help him out. When he paints your face, the way he comments on your beauty reminds you of Jin. But instead of leaving you to clean yourself up, Keigo retrieves some damp towels from your bathroom and helps wipe his seed off your face.
You almost feel guilty for using him like this.
You let Keigo stay the night, you hug an arm around him as you drift off to sleep. When he thinks it’s safe, he pulls out his phone and takes a selfie of the two of you. You stir yourself awake, and you swear you’ve never seen anyone look so guilty.
“Um, I- I’m sorry.” he tells you.
You blink at him silently for a moment, and then at the photo of the two of you on his screen. You know he’s going to brag about it to his friends. You should be furious. You should be livid that he’s going to share an intimate moment, a moment where you trusted him and share it with his friends. But you’re not.
“Could you please send me that?” you ask him.
As soon as the picture comes through, you send it to Jin. You rest easy knowing you’ve probably pissed him off to levels you didn’t even know existed. Keigo wraps an arm around you, kissing your exposed shoulder before you drift off to sleep.
Keigo doesn’t look uncomfortable when he bumps into Jin in the hallway, in fact, you’re sure you see him wink in his direction before leaving. No one comments on your volume while you were getting screwed last night, you think your parents are too uncomfortable to even mention it, to even think about it. Before Keigo left, you asked him if he wanted to hang out tonight, and he agreed enthusiastically.
You spent every night for three weeks with Keigo. You wanted to be out of the house and away from Jin as long as possible. You spent hours together, granted, most of them you were spending getting railed in the back seat of his car. He always spent the night at your place too, it wasn’t like the first time, you actually liked Keigo. He was sweet, kind, and thoughtful. So when he asked you if you wanted to be his girlfriend, you had no reason to say no.
Tumblr media
The joke was going too far for Jin now. Dating? Officially? He thinks you’re being childish, and you need to fucking grow up. But he knows you aren’t going to stop being a little brat, so he plays you at your own game. He brings home one of your friends to fuck. You see her when you’re cuddling with Keigo in the living room. She looks embarrassed, like she didn’t expect you to be here. It’s your house, where else would you be?
You are angry. You’re fuming in fact. But you don’t let on, you are happy with Keigo. But you’re territorial when it comes to Jin. You sit up and wave at your friend, telling her it’s nice to see her. When she tries to continue to converse with you, she’s dragged upstairs by Jin. You don’t hear any fucking, maybe they’re just smoking.
And it’s embarrassing, really, that he waited for you. That he specifically waited for you and your boyfriend to come to your room, to get comfortable in bed, for him to decide he wants to fuck your friend. And in true petty fashion, he fucks her against the wall. You snicker, and it makes Keigo laugh too. It really is nothing short of pathetic.
“Sounds like he’s been holding a grudge.” Keigo muses.
“Maybe we should drown them out.” you respond, moving over to straddle your boyfriend.
Your parents must despise both you and Jin.
Tumblr media
Jin drops your friend off at her house at 3am, he’s such a gentleman. You don’t say goodbye to Keigo until you both wake up in the morning. You and Jin are giving each other evils, you’re sick of each other’s shit.
“I hope fucking my friend made you feel better, Jin.” you smiled as you began to walk away.
“When are you gonna fuckin’ grow up?”
Tumblr media
A few days had passed, and you had been staying with Keigo since Jin told you to grow up. You needed space. You needed time away from him to cool off. You return wearing a silky, asymmetrical dress after a date with Keigo. Your brother rolls his eyes, he is probably thinking about how much of a slut you are.
Everyday you’ve spent away from him turns out to be meaningless, when he’s screaming in your face around the house. Really driving it home that he thinks you’re a dirty loose whore. Saying it’s your fault, that you drove him to fucking your friends, fucking other people, because you’re being a pathetic fucking child. Your petty fake relationship needs to end, according to him. It’ll only end in tears, because you don’t really love Keigo, you’re just using him to get to Jin. You’re ignoring him as best you can, but he keeps following you everywhere you go. You can’t even find peace in the solitude of your room. How could you possibly think he’d want something serious with a girl like you? Is something he tells you which punches you in the gut, he doesn’t hesitate to tell you how childish you are. How he’d never want to settle for a petulant little bitch like you.
“I can’t fucking stand you.” you tell him.
“I can’t stand you either, ya nasty cunt.” he snipes right back.
You’re both halted. Raised voices and large motions making you pant. You’re sick of him. You’re fucking sick of him. Why won’t he fucking move out? Maybe you should move in with your mother instead. Your eyes are locked onto his as your chests rise as fall, rise and fall, rise and fall.
“Get out.” you tell him, opening the door for him to leave. He slams it shut in response. A way to assert his dominance over you. “JIN! Get out of my fucking room I’m not fucking kidding, I don’t want to look at you right now!” you bellow, feeling your throat rumble, unaccustomed to this boisterous volume. You open the door again for him to get out, and he kicks it shut with too much confidence and swagger for you to hold your rage anymore. You lunge over to forcibly push him, but he grabs you by your wrists and spins you around until he’s slammed you against your closed bedroom door.
“Why don’tcha fuckin’ make me princess?”
You’re taken aback. Chests heaving against each other. Your eyes are flitting between his grey irises and his plush lips.
Kiss me.
You think.
And as if he has the power of telepathy, his lips are crashing against yours. It’s sloppy, needy, desperate. Your tongues are searching each other, desperate to find purchase in each other’s mouths. He hikes one of your legs onto his hip, using the back of his nails to slide up your thigh to the plump flesh of your ass, delivering a sharp smack against your cheek. The tickling sensation followed by the sting of the slap stealing a delicious response from you. He’s hungry. He wants more.
“Get on the fucking floor.” he commands.
You assume he means on your knees. But he drags you by your hair further into your room. He kicks between your shoulder blades, forcing your body down to the ground. He grabs your waist and forces your ass into the air. He laughs, looking at your cute pussy underneath your dress. He had almost forgotten the fact that you never wear panties. He slides himself underneath you and begins devouring your folds.
“Oh f-fuck. Jin I- fuck, I can’t- I can’t-“
He notices you trying to move away and locks your thighs in his burly arms, pulling your cunt closer to his mouth and securing you in place. He slaps the globes of your ass simultaneously, a small punishment for trying to escape.
“You can. You’re not fuckin’ goin’ anywhere baby.” he tells you.
He masterfully works your clit with his fat tongue. You can’t help but be humiliated by the obscene slurping sounds he’s making as he drinks your juices. He loves your taste, your slutty cunt tastes so much better than he ever thought possible. He hates how long he’s been deprived of your pussy. How long you’ve been letting Keigo fuck you instead of him. Keigo will be a distant memory when he’s done with you tonight.
“Are ya close?” he wonders, instantly latching himself onto your cunt as soon as he’s asked.
“Mhmm, y-yeah! I’m gonna-” you moan. Your legs begin to shake. “Fuck, Jin! Hnng!” The knot in your core coming undone as you squirm through your high. But you still can’t get very far, Jin’s arms have you locked in place as he continues suckling on your overstimulated bead. Even when you finally calm down, he’s still sucking. He likes how you jolt when he keeps going.
“What do you say?” he stops finally, to ask you such a simple question.
“Get fucked. Get out. I still hate your guts, I can’t stand you just get the fuck out of my room Jin.” you compose yourself again, the intense feelings of hatred still prevalent in your mind.
Are you seriously surprised when Jin forces three of his thick digits inside your desperate little hole? Who are you trying to kid? You want him. It’s so obvious by the way your cunt is sucking his fingers in. You're begging him to stop, but he wraps his free hand around your waist to keep you firm once more.
“I hate you more than you hate me sweetheart. But it’s still good manners to say thank you, thank you for makin’ your pretty little cunt cum. Say it. Tell your brother thank you.”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry Jin!! Thank you, - fuck – Jin thank you for m-making me c-cum! Shit I’m gonna cum again. Jin… Jin…”
“Go on then, slut.”
Your spent little hole clench his fingers tightly as you cum around them. You’re breathless. He pulls you up by your hair forcing his slick coated fingers into your mouth. He moves his other hand from your hair down your dress, fondling your pretty tits, flicking the nubs torturously slowly.
“This is what a whore tastes like. Don’t you taste pretty? I just tasted so much of you, so much that you’ve shared with so many other dudes. Cos you’re a slut. Yeah? You’re a little whore. And you couldn’t even say thank you.” he monologues as he forces his fingers down your throat until tears are spilling over your lash line.
“Fankmuu! Hin! Pleh! Fankmuu!” you did your best. Thankfully he managed to decode what you were humming onto his fingers. Thank you! Jin! Please! Thank you! He chuckle-sighed as he freed his fingers from your spit sodden cavern. He wrapped his fingers around your neck and forced your head to rest on his muscular shoulder.
“You’re such a bitch.” he huffs into your ear as he lines his throbbing cock up with your entrance.
“Please Jin, n-need it.”
“Shut up.” he tells you, acquiescing to your request regardless as he sheaths himself inside of you to the hilt. “You’re a spoilt brat, always have been. I fuckin’ hate you.” he tells you as he begins to rock himself inside. Every drag of his cock against your cervix makes your vision cloud. Every vein of his thick shaft niggling against your gooey walls make you pant into his ear. You love him. Fuck, you love him. He fucks you so good, he fills you even better. You fucking despise him. But you love him.
“You’re a- You’re a bum who still lives with his m-mother!” you manage to pant before he slaps your cunt harshly. You yelp and melt into his touch, he rubs circles into you while he continues to fuck your desperate entrance.
“Shut your fuckin’ mouth.” he tells you. “You don’t wanna cum huh? Don’t want me to let you cum again?”
“I need it s’bad Jin. Need to cum f’you again.”
He smirks as he resumes his pace, still circling your puffy clit and using his other hand to fondle your nipples. He’s kissing your neck. It’s something too sensitive and loving for someone who hates you to be doing. But you’re like modelling clay under his touch. Everything he’s doing is just a painful reminder of what a good fuck he is, how no matter how hard he tries, Keigo will never fuck you this well.
“Breed me.” you mumble.
“Breed me Jin, wanna be yours, no one else’s”
“I’m cumming inside, you better be on the fuckin’ pill because I’m not having your bastard kids you slut.” he tells you. He loves the way you clench around him, you moan a little harder when he’s mean to you. “Shit babe I’m – fuck – I’m fuckin’ cumming. Take it, take my cum you bitch.”
The warm feeling of his seed inside your walls have you convulsing around his member, milking him of everything he has to offer. You’re so full. Three orgasms and you’re collapsed into a puddle on the ground. Jin sits with his back against the door, sparking a cigarette up in his mouth as he watches you unable to pick yourself up from the ground. The vision of his thick white cum leaking from your hole, under your sexy red dress is an image he’ll never get tired of cumming to. So he takes a photo, he wants to remember it perfectly. You have no energy to move, you’re not sure you want to. He’s ogling you, you know it. It’s turning you on. You feel sorry for your boyfriend. You’re sorry that you’ve betrayed him. But Jin isn’t.
He’ll smugly smile at Keigo. Continue acting like best friends, because they are. But he’ll never tell him. It’s too exciting to keep it to himself. If Keigo tries to annoy him, telling him how much he fucks his baby sister, how much she moans around his cock, he’ll know it means nothing. Jin will have the memory of you begging for his kids, and a photo of them leaking out of your pussy.
Tumblr media
© 2021 fuwushiguro
Tumblr media
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jhoseoku · 11 hours ago
Book: The Truth Untold |K.TH|
Tumblr media
By the time this party is finished... three peoples lives will be changed forever.
"How about this! If I don't find you, I'll leave you and her alone and give you what you
always wanted.If I do find you... you lead me to her, and I kill all of you off. How does that sound?"
⚠️ Extreme Fluff, Mythology, Language!⚠️
a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.
:A succubus is a demon or supernatural entity in folklore, in female form, that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. According to religious traditions, repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause poor physical or mental health, even death.
Chapter 3
You say looking up at the gorgeous radiant lights and loud music.
"This is nice."
Rosè said with an impressed face while nodding her head back and fourth.
Woah. This place is huge.
"Who's place is this again?"
Rosè asks.
"Doesn't matter."
You say totally immersed in the loud music.
You began to slowly ease yourself on the dance floor.
As you continue to sway your hips you feel an unknown presence behind you.
All of a sudden you feel two large hands pull you back into a solid chest.
Before you could question who he is,
he pulls you closer and you dance the whole song together.
You finally turn around and see a really attractive male
He had black hair, a heartwarming smile, and was about 5;10.
"Hey, im Hoseok."
He says with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
He is so breath taking.
You think to yourself
You simply stare at the beautiful male with a stupid smile on your face.
"Hi.... I'm Y/n..."
You say before pointing to the other side of the room.
"I-im thirsty..."
You say awkwardly.
"Oh? I'll go get you so-"
"No! I'll... I'll get it thanks."
You say before turning around awkwardly and practicly running to the drink bowl.
You say whilst wiping the sweat from your forehead, accidentally hitting the girl on the side of you.
The girl sang as she rubbed the side of her head
"Oh my- I'm so sorry!"
You say in a light panic.
"It's fine."
The girl chuckeld.
"Is there any way I could make it up to you?"
You say feeling guilty.
"Um.... yeah, actually. You can join us in never have I ever... we kind of need more people. Most people here are ya know....wasted."
She says.
"Either that or making out."
She said giggling
"Hey um... whats your name by the way?"
"Sana. Whats yours?"
You simply say as she leads you to the small circle.
"Alright. Is that it?"
A guy with plump lips and blonde hair asked.
"Alright! Then let's get started! I'll start. Never have i ever gotten drunk."
The boy shouts over the loud music.
Everyone stops for a second before hearing a random boy shout
"Thats what I'm here for!"
Everyone starts to cheer and laugh.
"Alright,alright so I take it all of you guys have?"
Another guy asked.
"I haven't."
I say with a small smile.
Everyone looks my way and stares.
I ask.
Believe it or not, as many partys I've been to... I've never once got drunk. Unless you can get drunk off of red Fruit punch.
"So your telling me you've never been drunk before?"
Ki Jung said.
I lightly shook my head no
"Well ,we gotta get you drunk then!"
The first guy said loudly before everyone in the circle started to loudly laugh.
He passed me the shot before I drown it with a disgusted face.
Ew. This shit is horrible. How do people drink this voluntarily?
You ask yourself.
You see Rosè glar at you from the corner of your eye as everyone cheers.
"Next person."
"Okay, never have I ever had sex in a closet."
Ki Jung asks.
Everyone shouts "I have" except Rosè.
"Uhh, I've never"
Rosè says looking down with red cheeks.
A flash goes off in Ki jungs eyes before passing the small shot glass to the girl without breaking eye contact.
She looks over to you with unsure face before quickly swallowing the thick liquid.
She puts on a distasteful face before passing the shot glass back to Ki Jung.
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bts-reveries · 16 hours ago
expect the unexpected | 19
(images in between and in the end)
Jin had just picked up his two oldest and is now back in his office. It’s been a long day. Having Haneul alone with him was already a hard time but adding two more? He tried his best to maintain his composure as Yeonjun told him the rest of the schedule for today. 
“So right now we have all this paperwork to go through because it has to be sent out today, and then we have to go to a video shoot at 4:30pm. Jungkook should be here soon. Afterwards, when we get back, we have a meeting regarding the promotional photoshoots for the new drama, Save Me, with their Director, Producer, and the seven lead actors.” Yeonjun says. “I heard it’s really good. Kind of confusing actually when I saw the trailer. There’s this seven group of friends and they all make some sort of bad decision in their lives and they.. Well not all of them but I think some of them die? Then come back to life? I don’t know, but one of them is a time traveler I think..” Yeonjun trailed on, looking up as he thought back to the trailer.                              
Although, Jin wasn’t really listening. 
“Dad, what does this word mean?” Minseok asks, pointing to his book. 
“Daddy can we get ice cream in the cafeteria,” Soojin says, holding onto the door knob. 
“Carry meee,” Haneul whines, he’s standing by Jin’s leg, trying to climb onto his dad’s lap.
“Anyways,” Yeonjun says, going back on track. “It should be fun. They’ll be here around 6pm. Which, I understand, is around dinner time, but it was the only available time they had for a meeting. This drama was a big hit on webtoon. It’s good exposure for us for them to use our studio.” 
“Dad!” Minseok called, he’s now standing next to Jin. “Can you help me please? I don’t know this word.”
“DDDAAAAAADDDYY!” Soojin yells. “Can we please get ice cream!”
“Caaarryyy meeeeee!” Haneul screams, bursting into tears. 
Jin drops his head into his hands. “My head. Is going. To ex-plode.”
“Minseok, I’ll help you with your homework, come with me,” Yeonjun says, finally realizing how tired and stressed Jin was. Minseok glances at his dad before walking towards Yeonjun and grabbing onto his hand that he was holding out. Then Soojin came running to Jin’s side, where Minseok was just standing.
“Daddy you’re not listening to me,” Soojin frowns. Jin turns to the side and looks at her. His sweet, precious daughter. The one he can never say no to.
“Soojin it’s cold, you’re going to get sick if you eat ice cream,” Jin calmly says. “And you haven’t even done your homework yet. Go with Minseok and Uncle Yeonjun and do your homework with them.”
Soojin’s lip starts to quiver, “but I just want to eat a little bit. I can do my homework when I’m done…” 
“Soojin, daddy said no. Now go,” Jin says, turning to the side to pick up Haneul. He was still crying his eyes out. Soojin looked down, a big frown on her face and tears started running down her face. Jin was too busy wiping Haneul’s tears away and shushing him that he didn’t know Soojin was crying until he heard her sobbing when she walked away. 
“Soojin,” Jin called out. She didn’t answer, nor did she look back. “Soojinie,” Jin calls again. “Yah, Kim Soojin!”
“w-AHH!” Jin yells, the three, Yeonjun, Minseok, and Soojin all looked back at Jin when they heard him yell.
Yeonjun has never seen him so mad before. 
Jin puts down Haneul and stands up. 
Hot coffee dripped down his suit. His tie and white dress shirt was completely soaked. 
Jin puts both hands on his desk, leaning forward as he sighs. 
Haneul wasn’t done crying, flailing his hand around and started hitting things on the table, grabbing things, causing Jin’s cup of coffee to come flying at his chest. Not to mention, spilling all over the paperwork that had to be done.
“Sir, I have a sweatshirt you can borrow in my bag,” Yeonjun says, standing up immediately to grab his duffle bag. He usually worked out in the gym Jin had a whole floor of in his building. “You can change into it now so you don’t get all sticky,” he says, handing a white sweatshirt to Jin. Jin says a quiet thank you, grabbing the sweatshirt from Yeonjun and placing it on the back of his chair as he took off his blazer, his tie, and his white dress shirt. 
Haneul was still sniffling and he quickly ran to Yeonjun when he made eye contact with his dad. 
“Yeonjun,” Jin says. “Do you have the soft copy for these,” he says, pointing to the sticky mess on his table.
“Yes sir,” Yeonjun says, running over to get his laptop. “I’ll send them to you right now.” Jin sounded awfully calm right now, which scared the kids even more. Minseok was fidgeting with his book as he looked at his dad and Soojin was sitting next to him, playing with her hands. Haneul was standing by the couch, trying to hide. He would take small glances at his dad as he watched him clean up the mess he made.
“And also, we can’t cancel the meeting so just make sure our guests feel welcome when they come here for our meeting. I’ll connect from my laptop because we’ll be going home soon. I’ll continue my work there. You’re in charge here, make sure everyone is in that meeting and please have someone set up a TV in our boardroom so they can all see me when I connect. Umm, yeah, that’s all-- Oh, I won’t be there for the video shoot. We won’t get anything done and will only be a bother if I come with the kids so just go with Jungkook okay?”
“Okay sir.” 
“Kids pack your stuff, we’re going to leave in a bit,” Jin says, going back to cleaning his desk. The kids hurriedly grabbed their things, stuffing it into their backpacks.
Jin wasn’t mad often, but when he was…
He’s definitely scary.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hello everyone, first of all, thank you all for being here. I apologize that I couldn’t be there with you in person. I really wanted to be there but I am working as both CEO and dad tonight,” Jin says lightheartedly. He watches everyone smile through his laptop. “Second of all, I want to apologize beforehand. My three kids might pop up here and there and interrupt, but I talked to them before this and we should be okay. But just in case,” Jin says, raising his head to see if the kids are nearby. His office had clear doors for him to be able to see the kids.
“Okay, so it looks like the coast is clear,” Jin jokes, we can start our meeting now. Jin nods his head, gesturing for the first person to go ahead and start off the meeting. First they had to talk about the drama and it’s concept so they can have a feel of how they can take the photos. 
“Daddy,” Jin hears from the side. He shuts his eyes, taking a deep breath before moving his head out of frame to see Haneul peeking in the room. “I want to stay with you..” 
Jin mutes his mic before talking to Haneul. 
“Daddy’s in the meeting, can you please go to your brother and sister and wait until I’m done?”
Haneul shakes his head no, walking towards Jin. “I want to stay with youu~” He says, trying to climb onto Jin’s lap yet again.
Jin sighs, pulling Haneul up and placing him on his lap. 
“What do you think, Mr. Kim?” 
Jin’s eyes widened, unmuting himself. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”
The director laughs. “We’re thinking of doing one concept as school themed. Since the seven characters will be meeting at school in the drama. Would we be able to do that?”
“Yes, that sounds good. We have school props that we can use for the photoshoots, like desks and the blackboard. Yeonjun show them a picture that we have from a previous photoshoot where we did a school concept.”
“I don’t like that,” Haneul says, causing a few heads to look up. Jin looks down and shushes him. 
“It’s not for you to like,” he says.
As the meeting went on, Haneul got bored and began picking at things on the table. 
“Haneul please don’t touch anything,” Jin says, moving Haneul’s hand away from the table and holding onto them.
“What is it Mr. Kim?”
“Oh no sorry, I was talking to my son. Please,” Jin says, moving a hand to gesture to the camera. “Continue.”
After Jin lets go of Haneul’s hands, he immediately slams a hand on the keyboards, shutting it off.
“What did you do!” Jin yells. Trying to turn the laptop back on but it looks like it froze or something because it wasn’t turning on.
“I don’t want to be in the meeting,” Haneul says, watching Jin frantically trying to get his laptop to work. Jin sighs in annoyance, grabbing Haneul and putting him down next to him.
“Then why didn’t you stay with your siblings?” He says. “This is an important meeting Haneul, I was already supposed to be there in person and now I can’t even join--”
“I just want to play--”
“I’m speaking right now,” Jin says to him, turning to look him in the eye. 
“Okay,” Haneul answers quietly. 
“Is that right or not?”
“That’s right.”
“You did something wrong, do you agree?” 
Haneul nods, his lip beginning to quiver and his eyes starting to water. 
“Go stand in the corner, you’re in a time out,” Jin tells him, nodding to the corner of his office. Haneul burst into tears as he ran to the corner where his dad told him to go, holding his face in his hands.
“Stay there until I finish my meeting,” Jin tells him, returning back to his laptop. It still wasn’t turning on. 
Jin runs his hand through his hair, scratching the back of his head. He grabs his phone and texts Yeonjun.
“Haneul shut off my laptop and it’s not turning on. I’ll connect through my phone just give me a few minutes.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
expect the unexpected
♡ part nineteen: daddy said no ♡ 
pairings: ceo, dad!jin x interior designer, mom!reader
a/n: the part where jin says “im speaking right now” to “you did something wrong do you agree?” and everything in between was a real convo between him and yoongi when he kept talking while jin was talking😭 i’ll reblog this later with a link lol
edit: actually here it is: 0:39-0:44
taglist: @silentlyimpractical @jillianmarie @waddlebby @cecedrake2217 @ddofa @samros95 @sope-and-shine @joonjoonsmiles @codeinebelle @aianloveseven @Chamchamcham @princessjazzyjazz @notvantaes @casspirit0705 @ramyagovindraj @brinnalaine @ephyra1230 @betysotelo18 @thoughtfultaledreamer @salty-for-suga @cosmicdaylight @dreamcatcherjiah @kookoo-kachoo @justinetingball  @josierosie @jayhope88 @butterflylion @hobiismyhopeu @momma-said-that-it-was-oke @ygbubs @catspancake  @somewhereofftheglobe @strawberryforever25 @rjsmochii @prdshobi @beeeb05 @eatjeanjin @taekookcaneatme @Cheeely14 @kookietsukkie @anpanman-sonyeondan @glitteringcoffeefreak @chocobetterknot @alpaca1612 @ohmy-fandoms @liljooniecutie @Jikachoo @preciouschimine @fan-ati--c @Joondala @httpmuffin @dammit-jjk @jikooksgirl19
to be notified when i post, please turn on my notifications! thank youu~
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THE PACT : TEASER | jhs×yn; ksj×yn
900 words
"I'm gonna beat the shit out of Min Yoongi," Jin threatened as you sat atop his kitchen counter and sobbed while you described the break up that had ended an hour prior. Yoongi had tried to be as gentle as possible. He cried almost as much as you did, told you how sorry he was for hurting you, how much he loved you even if it wasn't enough. When you gave him back the engagement ring he'd given you just three months earlier it broke his heart too, knowing he was exchanging a future he had genuinely wanted for one he knew he couldn't live without.
"You can't, Jinnie." You shook your head quickly. "It's not his fault."
"The hell it's not. He cheated on you, Yn. I'm not gonna let him get away with that," he promised furiously.
"She's his soulmate," you sobbed. That was the word he'd used. He loved you but Minseo was his soulmate. He could feel it and he couldn't walk away from that.
Namjoon scoffed from the other side of the kitchen counter. "There's no such thing as soulmates, Yn. He's just an asshole." Namjoon never shied away from telling the truth, not even about his best friends
You sniffed loudly and replied bitterly. "What would you know, Namjoon? You don't even believe in love!"
"Yeah and thank God for that. Otherwise I might end up like you crying over some guy who doesn't know what's good for him!" The critical tone had you confused about whether he was trying to be supportive or not and you decided not to dwell on it before another thought came to you, one that had been going through your brain for the last couple of hours.
"I thought Yoongi was my soulmate. Now I'm gonna die alone." You began blubbering uncontrollably again.
"Oh, god," Jin sighed and handed you another tissue. He waited for you to blow your nose before he cupped your cheeks in both hands. "Yn-ah, listen. Maybe Joon's right and there's no such thing as soulmates. Or maybe there are and you're still going to find yours. Either way, there is at least one person in the world who's going to love you and you aren't going to die alone."
You huffed air out of your nose while your lips formed a pout. "How am I gonna tell my parents I'm not getting married anymore? I'm gonna be so embarrassed and they're gonna be embarrassed."
"They'll get over it," Jin shrugged.
"You know how important marriage is to them. They wanted me to get married right out of high school. Tried to arrange it and everything so I wouldn't go to college." You looked down at your lap, causing Jin to drop his hands from your face. "When I told them I was engaged was the first time my dad said he was proud of me since I was in high school."
"That's just really sick," Joon groaned, shaking his head.
"If it means that much to you, we'll make a pact. If neither of us are married by the time we turn thirty five we'll marry each other," Jin suggested confidently.
"Thirty-five?!" you cried. "There's no way I'm turning thirty still single." You shook your head furiously.
"Fine. Thirty then," Jin agreed. He looked into your bloodshot eyes, red and puffy from hours of weeping, and you stared back at him for a moment, surprised by his offer, until finally you decided he was joking and hysterical laughter erupted from your chest, shaking your body until you hiccuped.
"She's lost it," Joon shook his head as he walked to the fridge for another beer.
"You're so funny, Jinnie," you managed to get out in the midst of your fit.
"I'm serious. I'm not going to let you die alone. Even if no one else will love you, I always will," Jin promised. Your laughter trickled into silence and for a moment the only sound was the jangle of bottles as Joon let the refrigerator door fall closed. You didn't see him but he was staring intently at his other friend. The night they learned of the engagement between Yoongi and you, Joon had sat in this very kitchen with Jin and listened to him drunkenly confess his love for you. Now he had to wonder what his friend was playing at. Jin was smart enough to know this wasn't he moment to go after you, but what kind of plan was this?
While you both stared at him, Jin looked to the side for the bag of sliced bread on the counter. He quickly untwisted the tie holding it closed and straightened it out between his forefingers and his thumbs. "Jeon Yn, you are an intelligent, beautiful woman who deserves all the world," he began as he took your left hand in his and began to wrap the green twist tie around your ring finger. "Any man would be insane not to want you in his life, but if the world is as full of nut jobs as Joon says, then I will be the man you need. I will always take care of you," he continued as he twisted the ends. "Do you believe me?" He lifted his quickly fashioned ring to your eye level.
You nodded automatically. Jin had never once failed to keep his word to you, never once canceled a plan or failed to meet your expectation. "Yes," was the only possible answer.
"Then it's agreed." Jin kissed the ring he'd made on your finger, and for a moment you actually smiled.
Summary: after Min Yoongi broke her heart and ended their engagement during senior year of college, Yn made a pact with her best friend Kim Seokjin that they were get married if they were still single at 30. At the end of their twenties, will they keep the promise?
Genres: social media au, bffs2l, fake dating, humor
Warnings: cursing, eventually smut
Featuring: teacher!reader, fuckboy!hoseok, chef!jin
New Series coming soon?
Comment, ask or DM to be tagged
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blessedtobebangtan · 19 hours ago
yandere!prompt list #1
Tumblr media
dear loves, ive composed a prompt list for you guys to request to celebrate 80 followers and the love ive been recieveing as a way to say thank you !!🤍
to request just pick one member and one number along with it and once ive used it i will strike it out until they’ve all been used ☺️
“ Kiss me or they die.”
“ Say something else, I dare you.”
“ Don’t you ever raise your voice at me.”
“ Do you think I enjoy having to hurt you because I don’t.”
“ I’ll give you one more chance, one more chance to apologize.”
“ I’d kill for you, princess.”
“ You.. you don’t want to have my child ?”
“ Kiss me back or I’ll kill him.”
“ So, you think I’m a monster.. then I’ll be a monster.”
“ You will watch your mouth when you speak to me.”
“ Everything you are belongs to me and ONLY me.”
“ Keep struggling and your punishment will be far more sever.”
“ Be a good girl and stay still, you don’t want to anger me, do you ?”
“ If you left me- I’m would stop at nothing to get you back and once I did I would fuck you every night until I was the only memory engraved in your mind.”
“ Do you want your parents to die ?”
“ This will teach you not to disrespect me in public ever again.”
“ If you are going to talk shit about me in a book, the least you do is hide it from me.”
“ Makeup ? Are you ashamed of my marks ?”
“ Your as stupid as you are naive.”
“ Our love is like playing with fire.”
“ Please don’t test my patience today ?”
“ Darling, did you miss me as much as I missed you ?”
“ Get out here, now bitch.”
“ Are you trying to piss me off.”
“ Don’t make me embarrass you in public.”
“ I would never hurt you.”
“ You will do whatever I ask of you.”
“ If you would just do what you’re told the first time, you wouldn’t have had to be punished.”
“ Cry for me, baby.”
“ If you leave me, I’ll die.”
“ I just wanted to show you how much I love you, I’m sorry.”
“ You are such an attention whore.”
“ You want to pretend to be in pain- I’ll show you true pain.”
“ I would rathe be blind than to watch you leave me, baby.”
“ If you don’t take your clothes off, I’ll take them off for you, doll.”
“ Did you flinch? I was just reaching over for my phone- what did you think would happen?”
“ Come sit here, I won’t tell you a third time.”
“ Do I need to remind you what happened last time you acted out? Because I will if you keep pushing me.”
“ I’ll do to you whatever the fuck I please.”
“ How about I kiss away your pain ?”
“ Apologize ? Why would I ? I haven’t done anything i didn’t have the right to.
“ I will kill everyone you live, if you ever speak to me that way again.”
“ Do you think I like hurting you ? Because I fucking love it.”
“ I’ve tried to be tolerant, but your disobedience has reached a limit i cannot ignore.”
“ If it weren’t for me, you’d be on the streets slutting around.”
“ Since you love to mouth off so much, we’ll put that mouth to some good use.”
“ Those pretty lips would look so beautiful wrapped around my dick.”
“ I love you, and I know you love me too. Even if you refuse to admit it.”
“ What, you thought you were just gonna get away with that?”
“ You want to leave me- the only way you will is through there.”
“ I’ll make you feel so good you won’t even be able to think about anyone else.”
“ You can deny it all you want, but your body is telling me a different story.”
“I’ll admit, that was a good hit. But now you’re gonna pay.”
“You’re calling that jealousy? Believe me, if you can still use your legs, I’m not being jealous.”
“Your life is completely in my hands, so don’t try to test my boundaries.”
so begin requesting <3
Tumblr media
- mai 🤍🤍
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yonkimint · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Always [Hobi x Reader] - 27
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added!): @jikooksgirl19​​​​ @esteemedsalt​​​​ @joyfullyobsessed​​​​ @purpletaecup​​​​ @ramyagovindraj​​​​ @kiwimash12​​​​ @thesweetest-peas​​​​ @somelazysundays​​​​ @letmebreathepls​​​​ @embrace-themagic​​​​ @dingzerenistall​​​​ @dyaidk @obinamseok​​​​ @pb-n-juju​​​​ @wordsaremyswords​​​​ @slayyterr​​​​ @dannighost​​​ @beeeb05​​​​ @halesandy​​​​ @secretlycrazyhummingbird​​​​ @staaardustt
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you-are-my-joy · a day ago
The Return of an Empress | 11
Tumblr media
Title: The Return of an Empress
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Genre: Isekai, Angst, Romance, Fluff, Smut (Later on), Slow burn
Characters: Empress!Reader, Advisor!Jin, Advisor!Yoongi, General!Hoseok, Advisor!Namjoon, Assassin!Jimin, Knight!Taehyung, Knight!Jungkook
Word count: ~7.8k
Summary: After one fateful night, you find yourself transmigrated into your favorite novel as the Empress that shares the same name as you. As a bookworm, most would think you’d be happy, but how could you be happy when the Empress you’ve become is expected to be killed in three months. The only thing on your mind now is to learn how to survive.
Warning: May contain depictions of violence and mentions of abuse throughout the story.
<< previous chapter | ♡ |  next chapter >>
Tumblr media
Many men and women talk amongst themselves as more members of the rebellion crowd around the dimly lit basement. Ever since word spread about the three youngest leaders stepping down, members of the rebellion grew anxious and wary when no further information was released. Their anxiety only spiking even more when the remaining four leaders declared they were going to hold an emergency meeting with some of the more influential members of the rebellion. 
Jin nudges Namjoon’s shoulder impatiently, gesturing to him to begin the meeting. The advisor lets out a sigh before puffing out his chest, standing tall in front of everyone.
“I’m sure many of you have somewhat of an understanding on the meaning of this meeting,” Namjoon states in a loud and clear voice, the murmurs dying down as they all give him their undivided attention. Many fidgeting nervously from where they stood. 
He clears his throat, “There’s no real easy way to say this,” he pauses trying to think his words carefully, but decides not to beat around the bush over such an important topic, “But we will be officially calling off the rebellion.” 
This prompts many to gasp in surprise. And all at once, a round of protest fills the once quiet room.
“You can’t do that! What about everything we’ve planned for!” One nobleman exclaims loudly as he raises his hands in the air in a frustrated manner. “How do we know if she’s truly changed or not!”
Another voices his own opinion, “Why give in to this false hope when she could revert to how she was at any minute!”
Many people express their agreement to their statements, claiming it was too early to know for certain to call it all off. An onslaught of voices ringing throughout the basement that the boys wince.
Yoongi slams his fist on the hard table, the sound startling those to the point of shutting their mouths. “The only reason she was acting like that was because of the drugs in her system. She had no control over her actions, but now she does,” he grits out, intending to defend you against those who were clearly protesting. 
Jin nods his head in agreement, his eyes narrowing every second, “There’s no point in rebelling if her majesty was being drugged the entire time, which led to her tyrannical behavior.”
They had thought the people present were understanding enough to see their point of view, that is until one poor soul decided to speak his mind. 
“You fucked her, didn’t you,” a man’s voice accuses, his fist clenched by his sides. Those around him gasped at his vulgar words. Some even opted to step away knowing he was only digging his grave the moment he started talking. 
Yoongi’s muscles stiffen, “Excuse me?” His chillingly cold voice instantly silenced those who were protesting. His eyes blazing murderously as they pierce into the man. 
Though that doesn’t stop the man from continuing his thoughts, those around him already labeling him as a dead man. “Her majesty is known for practically whoring herself around! She finally gave her body to you, that’s why you’re defending her aren’t you!” he fumed, sneering at all four men with squinted eyes, “I hope the sex was worth-” but before he could utter another word, clenched fists meet his face. The man lets out a cry as he falls onto the ground in a loud thud, those around him gasp and squeak in surprise.
Standing before him, instead of Yoongi, was Hoseok, body shaking from rage. His scorching glare bored into the shocked man's, whose face was becoming red from the impact, as a drop of blood begins to drip from his nose. 
“It seems like some of you don’t know your place,” he snarls, his eyes shining with murderous intent as he stands tall, looking down at the trembling man as he suddenly draws his sword out, bringing it right by his neck, “I’d be more than happy to put you back there.” 
Namjoon looks around the room as some men are now placing their hands around their own sword, ready to fight if need be. He quickly puts a hand on Hoseok, “stand down,” he hisses with authority. He doesn’t want any bloodshed to happen tonight, how could he even begin to explain to you how he and the rest of the guys got injured. 
Hoseok glares down at the man before stepping back, returning his sword back into its holder on his hip. Jin made sure to step in between Hoseok and Yoongi, knowing that with one false move, those two would snap and he doesn’t want to know what would occur if that happens.
Namjoon looks around the room, immediately taking note of the fact that many of the members refuse to look him in the eye. “I believe some of you have forgotten the purpose of the rebellion,” he barks out angrily, “The reason this whole thing started in the first place was because the empress became a tyrant.” 
Jin nods, his hardened gaze roaming around the room, “She only became that way due to the drugs in her system. That’s the reason she started drinking and ‘whoring herself around’ as you would say,” he spats out the words, clearly directing that last part to the man with the broken nose. “And now that she’s off of it, she’s changed for the better and none of you can deny that.”
They watch as many of the members seemingly begin to nod in agreement, as if they finally had some sense knocked into them.  
“That is true, I even heard she allowed her maids and knights to party just last week,” a respectable older duke comments, placing a hand to his chin.
Another man seems to be easing into the idea as well, “she’s definitely changed seeing how she handled the Lee investigation. Even my daughters and son are beginning to look up to her.”
“It does seem like she truly did change for the better,” another noble woman ponders as she looks around the room, many nodding in agreement as they mutter amongst themselves. Suddenly the plan of calling the rebellion was beginning to seem like a good idea. 
Slowly, more and more people began to come to terms with calling the rebellion off. Of course there were still a few members who were wary of the decision as they remained quiet. 
This doesn't go unnoticed by Namjoon of course. “I will warn you however,” he pauses, glaring menacingly at each and every person present in the room, “if you secretly form a rebellion and wish to lay a hand on her majesty. I can promise you, you will die in the most gruesome and painful death by our hands,” he warns, venom laced in his voice.
Hoseok grins wickedly, “I’ll make sure to torment you so much you could only wish for the slow release of death.” His morbid statement caused those around him to shiver in fear. Even Namjoon and Jin had to eye their friend warily. 
“The rebellion is ending and that is final,” Namjoon’s voice booms around the room. His stare and tone leave no room for further discussion as there are some who either nod out of fear or refuse to look at his scorching eyes. Though there were many who supported their decision wholeheartedly. 
Thus, the rebellion they’ve been working for almost a year, has now officially come to an end. 
Tumblr media
Figures hidden in the shadows, their cloaks hiding most of the faces. One of them turns to another cloaked man beside him, “shall we take our leave now?”
The man hums before replying, “take note of every person here,” he stares at every individual who looked remotely upset upon leaving the area, “something tells me it wouldn’t be hard to convince a few of them to follow our... clause.”
The other man smirks, “One step ahead of you, I’ve already memorized everyone’s face and name.”
The other man laughs quietly, “Excellent work, let’s report back to the master now, I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic over this,” he returns the smirk as he looks at the displeased looks of some of the members. 
“As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
Tumblr media
It took a total of three days before any of the younger men actively searched for you. As if they couldn’t hold it in anymore. That much you could tell when you catch Jimin’s head peeking from your office door.
You let out a breathy laugh as you shake your head, “Jimin just get inside.” The assassin beams back at you as he strolls right in, closing the door behind him. 
You smirk at him as you relax and lean against your chair, “I’m surprised, you lasted longer than I expected.”
Jimin smiles wickedly with a wink, “I can last longer in another sense if you get what I mean.”
“Get out.”
He throws his head back, laughing obnoxiously, “I’m joking,” he stops and grins mischievously at you, letting you know he wasn’t done messing with you, “but you know I wouldn’t mind reenacting a few of our scenes as well.”
You groan, massaging your temple, “Don’t even get me started with that.”
He rounds your desk, opting to lean against the hardwood facing you, “Why the sudden look? Your image in the empire is getting better by the day because of it. Especially after how you handled the Lee family investigation.”
You hum and nod your head, knowing that he wasn’t wrong. Ever since your fanfic stories were released, your popularity has been bigger than ever before. And especially now, when your “innocent until proven guilty” policy became the most talked about topic, going viral amongst those in high society, along with the other news such as the ballroom incident still circulating around. 
Of course there were still people who criticized your choices, saying you’ve become too lenient, which could be the cause of your demise as that was the exact reason the original empress died in the first place. 
“What brings you here,” you ask, changing the subject, as you go back to what you were doing prior to his visit, skimming through the documents on your desk.
Suddenly he smiles adoringly down at you, “I missed you,” he whispers softly, placing his hand gently onto yours. 
Your breath hitches, your hand stopping mid air as you snap your head in his direction. You gulp at the way he was staring at you, his hand squeezing your own breaks you from your trance-like state. 
Ever since your innocent little peck on the lips, Jimin has been a lot more confident in the way he behaved around you. Always demanding your attention whenever he happened to run into you, ‘by chance’ is what he tells you, but the smile on his face told you otherwise. And you won’t lie to yourself, ever since you had a feel of his plump lips, you too couldn’t stop thinking about him.
You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realize he was leaning his head forward, not until you felt a soft pair of lips landing on yours.
Your eyes widen as you remain frozen in your seat. 
His hands move to caress your cheek, pulling you even closer to him as he holds your head gingerly between his hands. You hum against his lips, as you finally return the kiss, deepening it even more. Your hands gripping on the edge of the table as he molds his lips perfectly against yours, taking his time to feel your lips against his after he was teased by it a week and a half ago.
However, you break away from the kiss when you feel him nip at your bottom lip. You didn’t want to get carried away, knowing the door to your office was unlocked and anyone could just walk right in. He presses his forehead against yours. Looking at you in utter adoration as though you were the most precious thing in his life. 
You both stay like that for a while, just staring at each other’s eyes, attempting to catch both of your breaths. For some reason, the room started getting hot between you two as his eyes seemingly darkened with lust. Your faces still inches apart as you could practically feel his breath hitting your face.
He smiles softly at you, “I’ve been wanting to do that since our small shared kiss from last time,” he whispers, his thumb running across your lips as he stares down at your hazy eyes, almost tempting him to continue is endeavor, “You’ve been haunting my mind ever since.”
You can’t help but blush, pulling away fully this time, trying to put some distance between you two as you turn your head, “Is that so?” you cough, an attempt to calm your racing heart. 
He chuckles softly, leaning back to give you your space, “you’re always on my mind Y/n,” he replies sincerely, opting to play with your hair, seemingly unable to take his hands off of you.
You couldn’t find the words to reply back, still in a state of shock over what just happened in the span of the 10 minutes he was in your office.
Thankfully you don’t have to respond when a soft knock interrupts you, “come in!” you squeak out. Jimin snickers from beside you as he continues to play with your hair, to which you swat his hands away when the door begins to open. 
Right by the door stands Namjoon. He hadn’t noticed Jimin when he walked in, seeing as though he was looking down at a few documents in his hands. It wasn’t until you called out to him did he raise his head, cocking a brow at the close proximity between you two.
Jimin too raises a brow, as if daring him to question, but instead the older male just sighs, “I came to inform you of something, but it seems you were… busy with other matters,” he replies, his statement clearly directed to the assassin sitting comfortably on your desk.
Before you even have a chance to speak, Jimin beats you to it, “If that’s how you feel, then leave.”
You snap your head in his direction, smacking his arm, “if anyone has to leave, it should be you,” the man pouts at you, rubbing his arm as you turn your attention back to Namjoon, “Please don’t mind him, what was it you wanted to say?”
He clears his throat, as he shuffles through the papers in his hand, “the investigators in the Lee family’s case just came back with the results, in the document they state that there were no suspicious items and none of the family members and or staff were guilty in partaking in the illegal activities of Lee Joong Gu. They have been officially proven innocent.”
You let out a sigh of relief, even though you knew they were innocent, you still couldn't get rid of the anxiety in the pit of your stomach. You’ve done your part, now the rest is up to Lee Yuri and how she plans to change her family’s reputation. 
Namjoon eyes your reaction as a small smile begins to form on his lips, “I felt like it would be best to let you know immediately seeing how you were so adamant on protecting that family.”
You chuckle, smiling at him gratefully, “thank you Namjoon.”
He bows his head slightly, “of course.”
Jimin raises a brow over the interaction, a smirk on his lips when a sudden thought crosses his mind, “Hyung I heard from Jin hyung that you plan on having more romantic advances towards Y/n.” You glower up at him, already knowing what he was scheming.
Namjoon suddenly grows shy, as he nods his head timidly, “Yes, it was Jin hyung’s idea and we all agreed on it.”
Jimin smiles innocently, but you knew better than to trust that.
“Why don’t you two practice?” 
And you were right. 
Namjoon chokes on his own spit as you whirl your head to him, “Jimin!” you warn as you smack his arm a second time out of embarrassment. This time, instead of pouting he just giggles.
You sigh as you massage your temples, “I’m sorry Namjoon, please don’t listen to him if you’re uncomfortable.”
But much to both you and Jimin’s surprise, Namjoon shakes his head, “I’m not uncomfortable,” he replies quietly, his eyes focused on you.
You swallow dryly, shifting incessantly in your seat as he stares at you intensely, knowing the underlying meaning behind his words. 
Jimin snaps his head between you and Namjoon, eyeing both your behaviors carefully. He grins widely just then, and in one swift movement, claps his hand causing you to jump in surprise. “Then what are we waiting for? Get on to it,” he urges, grabbing hold of your hands as he guides you to stand in front of Namjoon. 
The both of you suddenly becoming shy in each other’s presence, though Jimin seemed to be enjoying this more than he would like to admit, “let’s pretend you’re walking down the halls, and I’m some random passer by,” he takes quick steps away from you two, acting as though he were directing a scene from a movie, “and go!”
But rather than making a move, the both of you remain standing frozen in your spots, too shy to look each other in the eye. Jimin lets out a huff of air, furrowing his eyebrows, “guys this is the part where you two kiss,” he calls out shamelessly from his spot. 
You suck in a breath, “wha-, you want us to kiss?” your eyes growing wider at his suggestion.
He nods his head with a lopsided smile, “Well yeah, how else are you going to know what to do when the time comes,” he winks at you, leaning back on the wall behind him, thoroughly entertained by all this.
You chew on your bottom lip nervously, finally having the courage to look up at Namjoon, only to regret it immediately by the way he’s staring at you. There’s a slight quirk on the corners of his lips as his eyes soften ever so slightly, “we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he reassures you. 
You clear your throat, “no, I wouldn’t mind… kissing you,” you respond shyly, opting to look down on the floor.
You hear slow steps make their way towards you, a pair of feet appearing right in front of you. Just then, a hand is placed on your chin, gently forcing you to look up and face Namjoon, “I wouldn’t mind kissing you either,” he replies, shifting his hand until it’s gently cupping your cheek. His smile never leaving his face.
“Do you trust me?” he whispers quietly, his face leaning in closer.
Your eyes focus on his lips the closer he comes, “Of course.”
He smirks ever so slightly, “good,” and before you know it, he closes the extra distance and lands his lips right on yours. 
The kiss is slow and sensual, the man taking his time to taste and feel your lips. One hand on your cheek, the other moving down to your waist, a gentle yet firm hold as he pulls you closer to him. You seemingly melt into his arms, your nervousness going away almost immediately as the only thing you can focus on is the way his plump lips feel on yours. 
You two stand there for some time, your mouths dancing slowly with one another, the sound of smacking lips being the only thing to be heard, with the occasional satisfied hums coming from your mouth and his soft grunts as a response. 
Soon enough, however, Namjoon pulls away knowing if he doesn’t stop now he doesn’t know if he ever will.
“How was that?” he rasps breathlessly against your lips, the temptation to go in for another kiss overwhelming him.
You feel your cheeks getting warmer, “I liked it,” you admit quietly, almost afraid of your own voice as you start getting shy, choosing to lean your forehead against his chest, an attempt to hide your face. Your heart races when you hear him laugh, the sound coming out like a low rumble against his chest. 
He smiles softly at this, his dimples appearing as he wraps his arms around your shoulders, welcoming you into his embrace, “Yeah?” he begins to caress the top of your head affectionately, raking his fingers through your hair, “so did I,” he confesses, his eyes closing, savoring the feel of your body pressed up against him.
It was only recently did he begin to develop these feelings for you. And when he’s come to terms with his feelings, the idea of being together didn’t seem like a bad one. Ever since he heard of your shared kisses with the three youngest, deep down he was hoping to know how that felt some day. 
Who knew that someday would be today.
The two of you were in your own little world that you had momentarily forgotten Jimin was in the same room, that is until he began to clap, “wonderful show!” He applauds loudly with a cheerful smile on his lips, “I had a very nice view from where I stood.”
You bring your hands to your face, “Jimin I hate you,” you mumble against Namjoon’s chest, shaking your head, extremely flustered over the situation. 
Both men chuckle over your reaction, you were just acting too cute for your own good. Namjoon shakes his head, resting his head against yours as he playfully glares at Jimin, “enough,” he warns sternly, though the slight quirk on the corner of his lips says otherwise. 
Jimin only winks in his direction, “you should be thanking me hyung,” he smirks when the older male only rolls his eyes. 
After composing yourself, you begin to pull away, already missing the warmth of his body against yours. You fix your hair before turning back to send Namjoon a sheepish grin, “are we ok?” You were slightly afraid that this may have ruined your relationship when you were just starting to become better friends.
Namjoon smiles softly at your timidness, “Of course we are. Unless you were lying about enjoying the kiss,” he teases with a raised brow. 
You let out a breathy relieved laugh, shaking your head, “No I wasn’t.”
“Good cause I wasn’t either.”
You turn to look at him, the both of you with satisfied smiles on your faces. Jimin clicks his tongue, “I hope you remember I’m in the room too.”
You roll your eyes at this, “How could I forget, when you remind me every second,” you give him a pointed look. But the assassin grins as he suddenly wraps an arm around you lazily, the force causing you to sway a bit until he steadys you. 
Just then, you hear a knock at your door. Jimin turns to you, “seems like our dear empress is quite popular today,” he jokes, poking your cheek. 
You attempt to shrug him off, but this only results in him tightening his grip, “come in,” you call out to the person on the other side of the door. 
And almost immediately, the door opens, revealing Jin. He raises a brow with pursed lips as he eyes both men in the room. His focus solely on the arm around your shoulder, “oh, hello.”
You wave at him, “hey,” as the others greet him as well. Jin begins to take a few steps forward, and closes the door behind him. 
Jimin’s eyes light up with mischief, “Jin hyung you wanna try something?” he ignores the glares sent his way from both you and Namjoon. He even dodges the nudge of your elbow.
Although Jin looks confused and slightly curious, he raises his hand in the air, “I’ll respectfully decline. Something tells me I won’t like it.” deep down he wanted to know, but by the way you and Namjoon reacted, convinced him otherwise. 
The younger male laughs, “I don’t know, something tells me you would.” 
You groan as you roughly push him away, causing him to yelp, before giving Jin your attention “Please just ignore him.”
“Not a hard task to do,” he smirks as Jimin lets out an offended noise.
Namjoon clears his throat, “what brings you here?”
Jin hums as though suddenly reminded of the purpose of his visit before he looks at you, “I was speaking with Hoseok and just as I was about to leave, he told me he had something to say to you. Apparently it’s an urgent matter.”
You gulp nervously, body growing tense knowing that can’t be any good, “did he tell you what it would be about?” you ask in the most calm voice, an attempt to hide your nerves
But to your dismay Jin shakes his head, “no he didn’t. He just told me he wanted to speak to you.” 
Jimin turns to you, the smirk falling from his lips as it’s replaced with a more concerned expression, with a hint of confusion as to why you would react like that, “would you like for me to escort you there?” 
Though you shake your head, offering him the best smile you could muster, “No worries, I’m sure it’s nothing serious,” you wink playfully at him, “I can handle it.”
Though he remained unconvinced, he let it go, complying to your wishes as he steps back giving you room to move, “very well then.”
You finally begin to walk towards the door, but not before turning to Jin, “thank you for letting me know.” He offers you a smile, nodding his head, stepping out of your way.
The three men watch as you walk out the door. Namjoon and Jimin are unable to let the smile fall from their faces when they’re reminded of the way your lips felt against theirs. All the while, Jin gives them puzzled looks as he switches his attention between them and the door you walked out of. Suddenly regretting not letting his curiosity get the best of him.
Tumblr media
Before you know, you stand right in front of Hoseok’s office door. Looking back at it, you should’ve taken Jimin up on his offer to accompany you, knowing he would be able to calm your nerves, because it seemed as though the anxiousness in the pit of your stomach only kept growing the closer you got. 
You let out a long sigh.
Here goes nothing.
You raise your hand and knock on his door. The loud thuds breaking the silence of the quiet hallway. You hear shuffling on the other side along with footsteps coming closer. You take a step back, startled by the sudden opening of the door, Hoseok's cheerful smile appearing in seconds, “Good evening.”
You’ll admit, you felt slightly better at the sight of his shining face, “good evening.”
He steps aside, holding the door for you to enter. You take a few steps forward, taking this time to admire the interior decorations of his office. Right from the entrance you can tell this office belonged to him. Where he displayed his swords, badges and portraits proudly around the room.
You were so entranced on admiring the room that you didn't notice Hoseok watching your every movement, “my office hasn’t changed much since the last time you came, you know?”
You jolt back, startled by his comment as you clear your throat, “Yes I know, but I can’t help but be impressed by your achievements every time I do.”
His face remains blank as he lets out a hum, right before sporting a smile. Suddenly that smile was beginning to seem less cheerful in your eyes. 
“May I ask what you wanted to talk about?”
He nods his head, pointing at his desk, “I just wanted your opinion on something.” You turn your head to find a map laid out on top. Upon closer inspection, it was the map of the entire empire. 
You raise a brow, “alright, I’m all ears.”
He grins, almost pleased by your eagerness. He then rounds the corner of his desk before looking down at the map, his expression becoming serious, “every year I come up with different battle plans in case we suddenly get attacked,” he pauses to check if you’re paying attention, “I like to think of different plans so that our enemies won’t be able to memorize and predict our attacks,” he explains when he notices the slight puzzled look on your face.
You nod your head understandingly, “I see, and you want me to help with that?”
He nods, “Yes I do, you see there was this one battle plan we did during the rebellion that was the pinnacle point of our success in the city of Marilet,” he stops to let out a long sigh, “But I’m afraid I forgot what we had done,” he then looks up at you expectantly, “I was hoping you could help me with that.”
You cock a brow, slightly confused because you know at that time, it was Hoseok who came up with the battle plans in that city. You remembered he had confided in both Y/n and Yoongi when he first came up with the idea. And he was immensely proud of himself when it proved to be a success.
How could he forget?
Nonetheless, you answer him in a clear cut tone, providing him the details that he seeked for as you even point out the areas in which the actions occurred. All the while Hoseok was watching you carefully, even asking a few questions from time to time, to which you confidently provided him the answers. 
After some time, he nods his head with a smile, indicating he got all the information he needed, “thank you Y/n, it’s impressive you remembered it all despite it being so long ago.”
You let out a soft laugh, "I guess you could say I have a good memory.”
His smile never leaves his face, “is that so? That’s the first time I’m hearing that, then a sudden glimmer passes by his eyes, “shall we continue testing that theory?”
You widen your eyes, confused over his sudden demeanor. But you don’t let that deter you in the slightest as you nod your head slowly, “be my guest.”
For some time, Hoseok started asking questions upon questions regarding the rebellion. Ranging from defenses to attacks, all of which were thankfully mentioned in the novel. It wasn’t written in great detail, but there was more than enough information for you to answer his unrelenting questions.
At first, you didn’t understand why he was so persistent on asking you these things, raising a brow at your answers even though you knew you were right. Hours upon hours of reading that you nearly memorized every aspect of the novel.
But that’s when you’ve come to the realization. He was testing you.
You try to rack your mind with other explanations to explain his behavior, but all of them lead to him being suspicious of you. You gulp nervously, thankful that now more than ever that your knowledge on the book has come to be your savior. 
He lets out a soft laugh, beaming back at you with a satisfied smile, “I’m glad the drugs hadn’t messed with your memories Y/n.” You widen your eyes a bit. 
Ah is that what this was all about?
You snort, crossing your arms across your chest, “you mean to tell me you kept asking all those questions to check for my memories?”
He nods his head with a smirk, “I just needed to check is all. Nothing wrong with being a little cautious,” he replies. Somehow the way he was speaking didn’t ease your mind in the slightest. 
He has a distant look in his eyes with a soft smile, “some of the only things I remember during those hard times is when we would sit by a river creak with the rest of the boys and play around during the rare times we were free,” he speaks softly, as though playing those memories in his mind. 
You try to control your expressions, as to not give away the fact that you had no idea what he was referring to. Seeing as though you were in a novel, you know the author can’t write every small detail and or memory of every individual within the story. You figured this was a memory that was never mentioned in the novel.
You let out a soft chuckle, “How could I forget that? They were the only times we ever had any real fun,” playing along, channeling your inner actress. 
Hoseok chuckles as well, nodding in agreement, “indeed they were, but there were other times we had fun,” he insists, “like when we would go to the bar and drink beer together,” he sends you a smug look, “you sure enjoyed your beer back in the day.”
You giggle, “did I? I’m certain you drank more than I did,” nudging his shoulder playfully.
He shakes his head with a laugh, “no one could drink more than you did,” he leans against his desk, a sly smirk on his lips, “you would even do drinking contests with Jungkook and Taehyung knowing damn well they can’t hold their liquor as well as you do,” he moves to pinch your cheek, “little devil knew what she was doing.”
You move to bite his hand, but he pulls away quickly before you do with a smirk still on his lips, “you’re no saint either.”
He lets out a huff of air, shrugging his shoulders, “no I guess I’m not, but at least we had fun, right?”
You nod enthusiastically, “indeed, the best of times, I’m glad we had moments like that to ourselves.”
In the next second, he stills, looking down at his desk, his expression changing within a second to a darker one, “It’d be nice if all of that was true.”
You freeze in your spot, muscle stiffening by his sudden icy tone. You swallow dryly, nervously turning your head in his direction, only to reel back when you meet with his cold and distant eyes. “I’m sorry?”
Hoseok narrows his eyes, his heated gaze boring into you, “we’ve never done that.”
You feel a sudden stab of panic in your gut. Your heart pounding against your chest, as your racing thoughts prevent you from replying, but it wasn’t like he was going to let you, not until he was done. 
He begins to approach you, a predator-like gaze never leaving your face, “The Y/n I know was never that good at memorizing such small details regarding battle plans like the way you did just now. Always leaving that job to me,” he continued to stalk forward, the distance closing in to the point where you had to take a few steps back, “and because of the rebellion we never went to the bars since we needed to lay low, and we’ve never played around by a creek.” He looks you up and down with his scrutinizing eyes. 
You jolt when your back meets the wall. You hastily try to move away, only to squeak in surprise when a hand slams right beside your head, preventing any means of escape as Hoseok has now trapped you between the wall and himself. 
“She never enjoyed dancing or dressed in such revealing clothes in public events,” he continues. 
“How were you so certain the Lee family was innocent?” his prying eyes, carrying on with his interrogation, observing your expression carefully, “and don’t think I didn’t notice how at the time of the ball, all the nobles associated with the drugs were conveniently present as well. Nobles that the empress would usually never invite to such events.”
He leans his head over you, his ragged breathing hitting your face, “You may have fooled the others, but did you take me as someone to look past all that?” he hisses. “I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, y’know,” he tilts his head, “but I knew something was up the moment you started acting differently a month ago, I just didn’t know what," he clicks his tongue, "So I pretended to know nothing this whole time to observe you. But it's hard to ignore the differences when they're so obvious. Eventually, a theory came across my mind, and the way you acted seemed to have confirmed my suspicions.”
“You’re not the empress.”
Your blood runs cold. Any type of excuse you had bubbling up your throat disappears. 
“Who are you?” a thread of warning in his voice, “If you’re going to give me some bullshit answer like you lost your memories you’re going to have to do better than that seeing as how you answered every single one of my questions back there,” his hand turning into fists by your head.
But just as you were about to respond, a loud siren fills the entire palace as sounds of shattering glass grabbed your attention. You whip your head towards the doors as loud poundings ensue, you push him off you right as the door bursts open revealing a panicked looking guard. 
“Your majesty! General! We’re being attacked!” he shouts, his sword already taken out from its sheath. 
Hoseok curses under his breath, as he rushes towards the nearest sword, “quickly go and defend!” He directs his command towards the young guard as he gulps nervously before nodding his head and rushing to where all the actions is occurring. 
He whips around and roughly hands you your own weapon, “seeing how well you put up a fight against Jungkook, I’d think you know how to handle yourself.” You nod your head, but deep down you were terrified. Terrified over the fact that this was the real deal and not some practice. 
Seeing your reaction only further confirms his suspicions, he grabs hold of your hand tightly, pulling you forward, “you stay with me, don’t think we’re finished with this conversation,” re states. 
This time you glare at him as you roughly pull away from his viper-like grip, “don’t boss me around. There’s other things to worry about other than our conversation.”
He scoffs, gripping hard on the sword's handle, his body tensing as he refuses to even turn to look at you, “whatever you say Y/n. Or is that even your name at this point?”
You glower up at him, walking past him, your shoulders brushing against one another roughly, “yes, that is my name Hoseok. Cut the attitude, we have bigger problems to focus on,” you quickly make your way out towards the door. 
You hear Hoseok curse under his breath for a second time before he rushes forward, sending you a warning glare, “stay behind me.”
“I can handle myself, Hoseok. Isn’t that what you said back there?” you snap back at him, somehow your mood turning sour by the end of it.
He groans annoyedly, “just listen to me for once. If my suspicions are correct, you haven’t harmed another human being, is that right?” 
You roll your eyes letting out a huff of air, because yes, he was right. Jungkook was your first and only person to get into a fight with, and it wasn’t even a real one. You can’t even imagine how it feels to plunge a sword into an actual person. 
He scoffs at your silence, “thought so. As suspicious of you as I am, I don’t like the thought of you getting hurt,” he sighs tiredly when you give him a puzzled look, “don’t ask, even I’m confused over my feelings.”
Screams catch both your attention as maids run all over, trying to find refuge against the sudden attack. Your eyes narrow dangerously when you see one injured maid desperately trying to find an escape. Suddenly a newfound feeling of rage crosses your mind, granted you haven’t been here for long, but you have grown to love and care about the palace staff, that the sight of their frightened faces and injured bodies fuels a fire within you.
Hoseok eyes you warily at the sight of your hardened gaze, but figured this was better than the terrified look you had on earlier. 
“Alright just follow m-”
Before you know it, you’re tackled onto the ground, the windows beside you shattering as an onslaught of arrows pierce through the air. You let out a gasp, once the arrows stop. Bodies around you have fallen, lifeless bodies of a few maids sprawled on the ground a few feet away from you. Only now realizing a body has become limp above you.
When a strand of hair falls and the familiar scent of a person comes to your nose, you take in a sharp inhale and hastily sit up, pushing the body off you carefully, your fears becoming reality as you let out a loud gasp at the sight of the person.
Joy had shielded you from the arrows. 
An arrow punctured into her, blood leaking through her clothes at an alarming rate. Tears sting your eyes, you cradle her unconscious body in your trembling hands, “Joy?” you whimper out her name, “Please, open your eyes,” you cry out. Your shaking hands brushing hair covering her face, only to see her eyes closed that refuse to open. 
Please, don’t leave me.
Your eyes become blurry as a stream of tears cascade down your eyes. You gently shake her body, in denial that you’ve lost one of the few people you had cherished. She was the first person to genuinly like and care for you when no one else did. She was by your side the moment you came into this world, to the point she’s become one of your closest friends. 
“Wake up,” you wail pathetically, “Wake up!” this time shaking her body harder, desperate to see hints of her breathing. All you need is one indication to know she’s alive, but to your horror, you saw none. You sob against her chest, hoping that by some miracle she would wake up. “I never even got the chance to tell you how important you are to me,” you whisper quietly, hugging her body tightly, trying to control your sobs. 
You hear a low grunt to your left, eyes widening when you realize Hoseok too was impacted by the arrows. You let out a sob, setting Joy’s head to the ground softly, before crawling towards him, “Hoseok please I can’t lose you too,” You cry out, hands clutching at his chest.
He lets out a shaky chuckle, placing a hand above yours, “Y/n relax, it’s going to take a lot for you to lose me, as if I would die from one measly arrow,” he coughs, drops of blood coming out, “I also refuse to die without finishing our conversation.”
You sniff, hitting his arm gently, careful not to hurt him even more, “there are way more important matters than that right now!” 
He shrugs, but winces immediately after, groaning in pain. You’re immediately placing your hands on his wound, trying to assess the situation, but you know there’s a chance you would cause even greater damage if you pull the arrow out recklessly.
Thankfully, three knights ran by, panting heavily with blood splattered on their uniforms, silently praying it didn’t belong to them. When they see you, they’re immediately by your side, their eyes widening at the sight of Hoseok on the ground.
“You’re majesty are you alright?!” one of the three asks out of concern. 
You stand up with a nod of your head, “yes I’m perfectly fine. But bring General Hoseok and Joy to the infirmary immediately,” your command. They follow your orders right away, one knight carrying Joy bridal style as the other two rushes towards Hoseok, carefully picking him up, but that doesn’t stop the general from wincing out in pain.
With Hoseok situated between the two knights, all of you finally make your way to the infirmary. The sounds of fighting being the only thing you could hear. You take this chance to look at your surroundings, noting the amount of lifeless bodies as you pass by. Thankfully, most, if not all belonged to your attackers.
Serves them right.
You’re not sure if you can handle any more losses. Especially if any of that includes the seven men you’ve grown fond of during your time here. You can only hope they’re safe out there. 
Just as you were about to continue on your way down the hall, a menacing figure blocks your path, he turns to you with a wicked smile, “Ah, finally, just the person I was looking for,” his voice booming loudly amongst the loud clattering of swords around you. Something about him told you he was the cause of this whole thing, that much you could tell based on his heavily armored suit compared to the others.
The knights with you, lower Joy and Hoseok onto the ground and get into a fighting stance, but rather than getting intimidated, the man just raises a brow, “I could kill you all in one swing,” he claims confidently with a smirk, “I won’t harm a hair on any of you. All I want is to talk to her majesty. Alone.”
One knight grips his sword and takes a step, but the dangerous glint in the man’s eyes tells you fighting would be the wrong move in this situation. Hoseok and Joy were losing far too much blood that you can’t risk letting these knights get injured as well. You don’t want to lose anyone else.
You grab hold of the knight in front of you, drawing out your sword as you turn to look at them, “Take Hoseok and Joy out of here! I’m the one he wants!”
Hoseok grunts out of protest, surprisingly still conscious, “No!” he manages to let out, “I don’t want to leave you alone.” But he coughs up blood once more, this time much more violently than the last.
You narrow your eyes at his stubbornness, “I don’t care what you want, you’re losing too much blood Hoseok! I can’t let you die on me!”
This time, you give the knights your attention, “take them to the infirmary. That’s an order,” you command sternly. 
The knights look conflicted, wanting to stay by your side as it’s their duty to protect you, but at the same time wanting to adhere to your orders. 
“I said leave! Now!”
They jolt in surprise at your tone, and with one last fleeting look, they turn on their heel, rushing to the infirmary as quickly as possible in order to return back to you just as fast. All the while, Hoseok protests all the way down the hall, calling out your name, “Y/n! Stop!” his cries don’t stop, not until they’re far away enough that you can’t hear him anymore.
You face the man before you, his wicked smile never leaving his face, “finally, the moment I was waiting for,” he scoffs at the tight grip on your sword, “relax, your majesty, I’m not here to harm you. I meant what I said when I just wanted to talk.”
You glare at him, “Why are you doing all this?”
He grins, though you can’t help but shiver from the sight, “I wanted to give you a welcoming party that’s all,” he answers with a shrug of his shoulders. Acting nonchalant as if he wasn’t coated with blood on his clothing. 
You furrow your brows, immensely confused, “What the hell are you talking about?”
Here you believed you could never hate someone more than Lee Joong Gu, but boy were you wrong. Your body shaking with rage knowing he was the cause of all this mayhem. 
He hums, ignoring your question much to your annoyance. As he paces around the hallway, swinging his sword lazily, “How does it feel?”
“How does what feel?” you spat out the words. 
He lets out a low chuckle, a glimmer shining past his eyes as he glares menacingly, “How does it feel being in a body that doesn’t belong to you.”
Your blood runs cold a second time that day. 
Sure Hoseok had a hunch on your situation, but it seems like this man knew about it from the very beginning.
You lower your sword, eyes watching his every movement, too stunned to move, “Who are you?”
An arrogant smile passes by his face, leaning against the windowsill in a lazy manner, “This might ring a bell for you,” he extends his hand out, “hello, my name is Jasper Li.”
Your eyes widen along with your jaw dropping, instantly recognizing that name, as you see it many times in bold letters on the cover of your favorite book.
The author of the novel was standing right in front of you. 
Tumblr media
A/n: I know what you’re gonna say “two chapters in one week??” 
Yes it is what it is. Double chapters in one week. Once I started this chapter I quite literally could not stop. And now here we are haha
I’ll admit, this chapter was a whole roller coaster ride haha sorry bout that
Reading through your comments, a lot of you got it right in the sense it was the author! I was even thinking to myself “was it that obvious?” haha I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! 
Lmk how  you guys feel now that Hoseok somewhat pieced it all together and now meeting the mystery person! I look forward to your reactions haha
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!
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alpacaparkaseok · a day ago
Cheap Seats
Tumblr media
“I pay half your cable bill. You wouldn’t survive without me.”
→ Pairing: boy next door!Jin x generally annoyed!reader 
→ word count: 3.5k
→ warnings/tags: SFW, Jin is a flustered mess, Namjoon makes an appearance, fluffiest fluff to fluff [I mean it lol], although ~spicy~ Jin is in the works lol
→ a/n: 3rd summer request! requested by @delacyrose224​; a photo of your request will be at the bottom. I hope you enjoy!
It was odd since the very beginning.
           You liked – loved – your apartment. Located on the outskirts of Seoul, your fourth floor apartment was really nice. You had a beautiful view of the city from your kitchen, one that never failed to make your heart race.
The view from your living room, though…
           “Could you turn it up?”
           It’s not so much a view as it is an invitation for your annoying neighbor to intrude in your life at every possible chance. You roll your eyes a bit at the sound of Kim Seokjin’s voice drifting through your open window. In your opinion, it’s all too familiar by now.
           Belonging to a completely different apartment building, Seokjin’s apartment is an arm’s length away from your own. You blame the overpopulation in the city for the need to build so close together.
           “Only a couple of notches,” you huff, “I don’t want Mrs. Thompson yelling at me again.”
           Seokjin sighs loud enough for you to hear from your apartment, making you turn around on your couch to arch an eyebrow at him.
           And there he is, just across the way. Your open window a mere three feet from his own, allowing you to view his kitchen while he has a perfect view of your living room. And your television, obviously.
           “Got a problem, Kim?”
           He’s currently standing over his sink, craning his neck to watch the latest episode of Family Feud while also washing his dishes. He glares at you, momentarily distracted from the task at hand. “I can’t hear the TV over the sound of the water,” he nods down at the sink and the faucet for emphasis.
           You shrug. “Then stop washing for a second if it matters this much.” Turning back to face the television, you raise you voice a bit more so he can hear you clearly. “Or just come over here, weirdo.”
           Silence follows your suggestion, and you fight the urge to turn around and look at what Seokjin is up to.
           [If you had, you would have seen him drying his hands and looking as though he was going to take you up on your offer, before shaking his head and letting out a long sigh. He resumes washing the dishes, eyes trained more on the back of your head now than the TV.]
           “Whatever,” you mumble, getting more comfortable on the couch. A few minutes more minutes pass before Seokjin finishes up with the dishes, shutting off the faucet and dragging a chair to his window. You glance over your shoulder to see him propping his feet up against the windowsill, and he catches your eye, holding up a glass bottle.
           “Cream Soda?”
           That’s all it takes for you to waddle over to the window, shooting Seokjin a grin. “Toss it over.”
           He does just that, the bottle easily clearing the small space, although it still makes you hold your breath as you pray that it doesn’t slip out of your fingers and fall to the ground four floors below.
           “Oh, uh…” Seokjin scratches the back of his neck, glancing back at a note on his fridge. “I’m supposed to remind you that rent is due on Monday.”
           “Oh, yeah.” You tilt your head, remembering telling him to remind you about rent a couple of weeks ago. But… “You posted the reminder on your fridge?”
           Seokjin is no longer looking at you, eyes trained on the television once more. “Our rent is due around the same time. Don’t you think you could turn it up just a little bit more?”
           You laugh, not pursuing the odd matter any further. Heart softened from the cream soda offering, you turn the volume up a bit more. “Just saying, if Mrs. Thompson barges in here…”
           “Yeah, yeah. I’ll tell her I harassed you or something. Happy?”
           The sound of carbonation fizzing as you open up the soda has you grinning from ear to ear. “Very.”
           “Agh, really?”
           You’re currently sprawled out on your couch, bowl of popcorn in hand as you watch the latest episode of The Bachelorette with unabashed awe. Only Seokjin’s disgusted outburst has you jolting upright, spilling a bit of popcorn.
           The second your head pops up, Seokjin is pointing an accusing finger your way. “You!”
           “W-what?” You stutter, groaning at the popcorn that’s all over you now. You attempt to brush it away, huffing and puffing. “What do you want?”
           “Don’t tell me you’re watching this trash tonight, I thought we agreed on watching ‘Elf’ instead!”
           You would have laughed if Seokjin didn’t look seriously betrayed at the moment. “Oh, c’mon, Seokjin. It’s the middle of summer-“
           “It’s never too early to watch ‘Elf’ and you know it!”
           “But it’s the first night of The Bachelorette!” You defend, rising to your feet. “I want to watch all the wacky introductions- look!” You screech, pointing at the television. “There’s literally a guy in a cat suit! What’s not to love?”
           Seokjin is unamused, until he sees Connor B. gracing the screen in full catsuit and makeup. You watch as he fights interest, growing ever weaker. He watches with wide eyes as Connor retreats, pawing at the door and leaving Katie in a fit of giggles.
           “There’s no way she’s into him.”
           Shrugging, you slowly begin to sit back down. “He’s weird. Maybe she’s weird, too. People like weird.”
           “Do you…” words fading, Seokjin clears his throat and shakes his head as though telling himself to stop right there. Angrily, he slams his chair in front of the window and plops down. He glances over at you with a breathless sort of annoyance.
           “At least turn it up a bit.”
           “Whatever you say, Seokjin.”
           It’s quiet, and you assume that you’ve both settled into watching the show when you hear Seokjin clearing his throat. You glace back at him, noting how he looks a little flushed in the evening air.
           “Jin.” He pauses, glances at you before looking back at the screen. Quickly, as though your stare is scalding. “I’m just Jin.”
           You turn back to the TV, grinning. “Ok, Jin.”
           [You just miss his flicker of a smile, and the way he looks proud of himself for moving this far. He’s Jin, now. Tonight, it feels like enough.]
           Jin quickly grows attached to your Tuesday nights watching The Bachelorette. While before, watching television together had been rather sporadic, this becomes a routine.
           A routine that you’re growing fond of.
           That’s why something feels off tonight, as you wait around with the remote in one hand, all but staring through your open window toward Jin’s closed one. The curtains are slightly open, revealing a dark and empty kitchen. His designated TV chair remains before the window, taunting you.
           It would be wrong to start the episode without him…wouldn’t it?
           Just as you’re contemplating the consequences of beginning the episode, you phone vibrated with an incoming message.
|| Jin: don’t you dare start without me
           “Huh,” you raise your eyebrows. Chuckling, you type out a response.
|| me: …I wasn’t going to.
|| me: where are you? I’m dying
           It doesn’t take long to get a response.
|| Jin: my car is in the shop rn, so a buddy from work is dropping me off. Be there soon.
|| Jin: I swear, if you start without me, I’ll sic Mrs. Thompson on you
           His threat has you setting the remote down slowly and gently, as though it were a bomb.
|| me: low blow, don’t you think?
|| Jin: but it worked, didn’t it
           You don’t bother responding, opting to be annoyed instead. Pacing your apartment, opening the fridge about four times and being disappointed each time with its contents…everything. You’re antsy, ready to start the episode.
           Lights flickering on in Jin’s apartment have you rushing to your window, not trying to hide your excitement in the least. Jin wanders inside, giving you a small wave and holding up a single finger. One minute.
           You groan, about ready to tear your hair out when someone else walks into the kitchen. Someone tall, with an adorable flustered smile as they catch you staring at them.
           And who might this be?
           While Jin is somewhere hiding out in his apartment, the blond stranger heads over to the kitchen window, opening it with a grin and waving at you.
           “Hey! You’re Delacy, right?”
           You giggle at the title, nodding along. “Yep, that’s me. And you are…?”
           He nods, extending his hand out across the space toward your window. “Namjoon. Nice to meet you.”
           Leaning out over your window to shake Namjoon’s hand, you take in his appearance. He’s dressed nicely, black tie still on and swaying in the cool breeze. His glasses make him look somehow cute and intimidating at the same time, and you find yourself wanting to spend the rest of this evening exploring this newfound paradox when someone clears their throat.
           “So, uh, thanks for driving me home, Joon,” Jin mumbles, entering the kitchen and loosing his tie. You’re unbelievable drawn to the action, despite the fact that there’s a glasses-clad Namjoon right in front of you. “You really don’t have to stay, though.”
           Namjoon checks his watch, pondering his options. “Yeah…I probably should get going. It was great to finally get to meet your girlfriend, though. Even if it was just for a few seconds.” He turns back to you, nodding cordially. “About time I met the girl that hyung never shuts up about, right?”
           You blink. “…who?”
           Jin stands at Namjoon’s back, shaking his head furiously at you. You glare at him in return, completely lost.
           “Oh, right, right. I get it,” Namjoon drawls, stepping back and nearly bumping into Jin who is now signaling for you to walk away. You do no such thing, continuing to glare. “You two like to keep things on the downlow, right? I promise I won’t go blab about you guys to the whole office, don’t worry.”
           It’s like something straight out of a comedy, the way Jin schools his features into cool nonchalance when Namjoon turns to face him. Mere seconds before he looked like he was having a conniption, and now he’s patting his coworker on the back and smiling warmly at him.
           “Yeah…well, like I said, thank you for the ride!” Jin keep his hand on Namjoon’s back, guiding him out of the kitchen. “And, uh, we’ll see you soon!”
           Namjoon jolts, glancing back at you with excitement. “Oh, so you are coming to the charity event? Awesome!”
           Your jaw is on the floor, but no sound comes out as Jin gives Namjoon one final shove and disappears from sight. Their conversation is muffled, but it’s clear how distressed Jin sounds as he bids his friend goodbye. You’re fairly certain you heard his front door close a while ago, but Jin hasn’t resurfaced.
           When the brunette pops his head back into the kitchen, he looks a little terrified at the fact that you’re still standing at the window. In a completely different apartment building, completely different world apparently.
           One where you’re Jin’s girlfriend?
           “Ah, hah…Namjoon is an idiot most of the time, so-“
           “Seokjin.” Jin’s eyes snap up to yours, and in your utter confusion you don’t see the way he looks disappointed about you reverting back to his full name. “What just happened? Did you…are you…” you rub your face, shaking your head. No matter what, this sounds ridiculous. “Are you telling people at your work that we’re dating?”
           Jin stares at your windowsill, looking a bit like a lost puppy.
           “I…” he closes his mouth, thinking for a moment longer before trying again. “Kind of? But it’s not because I’m a creep or secretly in love with you or something! I swear!”
           “Uh-huh. Spill it, Kim.”
           And that’s how the two of you end up sitting before your windows, the dull sound of traffic on the ground below and Mr. McGregor’s piano from one floor below reminding you that, yes, this is real life.
           Jin launches into a story about the upcoming charity event for his job (apparently he’s an urban and regional planner, whatever that means), and how his coworkers are all in relationships except for him. Apparently Namjoon has been pretty adamant about setting Jin up with his cousin…who just got out of prison.
           “That’s not a reason to turn her down!” You accuse, trying and failing to hide your amusement. Jin sighs, head in his hands.
           “You- I was going to give her a chance!” He defends, sitting up straight. “But Joon showed me some pictures and…and…”
           “Spit it out.”
           Jin looks at you with terror. “She looks like she could murder me with nothing but her thumb! She could squish me between her fingers!”
           It’s quiet for half a second before you both dissolve into laughter, tears welling in your eyes as you clutch your side. “You- you looked so scared!”
           Jin laughs even harder, wiping a fake tear from his eyes. “That’s because I am!”
           “And? You don’t think I could do the same?” You lean forward, almost forgetting that you two aren’t in the same room. “Kim Seokjin, you just threw me under the bus, I’m considering murdering you right this instant for that little stunt.”
           “Ah, but you wouldn’t,” Jin drawls, suddenly looking smug.
           “And why is that?”
           He shrugs. “Because I pay half your cable bill. You wouldn’t survive without me.”
           The rest of the week passes by with very little interaction with your neighbor, although you find yourself thinking more and more about him with each passing day. It’s getting harder to ignore the butterflies that come alive each time you come home to see his window open, acting as an open invitation to yell over a greeting.
           There’s one morning when you spot Jin in his kitchen with a white fluffy robe on, eyes closed as he leans up against the counter with a steaming mug in one hand. He tilts his head back, taking a deep breath before bringing the mug to his lips.
           It feels too intimate, seeing him like this. Sure, neither one of you closed the curtains the night before, so it was nobody’s fault that you saw him like this at 6:30 in the morning. But still.
           That fluffy robe was on your mind for an embarrassing amount of time.
           Jin begins to text you more, too. Sending you snarky quips throughout the day and enough memes to make you snort. Soon enough, your coworkers want to know who you’re texting that has you grinning like an idiot all day long.
           But it’s just your neighbor. Your annoying, TV-loving but too-lazy-to-buy-his-own, boy next door.
           The same one that’s currently knocking on your door. You gasp as you put your eye to the viewer on your door, seeing a nervous-looking Jin on the other side with his hands shoved into his pockets. After a few moment of fiddling with the lock and brushing a hand through your tangled hair, you allow the door to swing open.
           “…hey,” you say, a little apprehensively. “What’s up?”
           Jin blinks at you in the doorway, almost as though it’s too much for his senses to actually be in the same building as you. The knowledge that he’s here in front of you, not just in the apartment across the way, nearly has him swaying on his feet.
           “Seokjin,” you’re saying, frowning at him. “You good? Need a glass of water?”
           “Oh,” he breathes out. “Actually, yeah. That would be great.”
           You turn on your heel to head into the kitchen, waving him inside. He steps in hesitantly, eyes immediately drinking in every little detail.
           “I like your apartment,” he comments, stooping to look at the photos atop your bookshelf. “Feels…homey.”
           You thank him, coming back and placing a glass of water into his hand as you guide him toward the table. “Is this about the cable bill? I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’ll probably be the same as last month if you wanna just pay the same as before. I’ll make up the difference if I need to-”
           “No.” Jin takes a sip of the water, watching you as you take a seat across from him. How were you even prettier up close? Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? “No, I’m not here for that.”
           You stare at him, making his ears turn red, but he doesn’t turn away or try to stop you. “Ok. So, I guess that brings me back to my original question.”
           “Which was…?”
           “What’s up?”
           Jin chuckles a little at your attitude. “What’s up…well, you’re not gonna like it.” He pauses, gaining his composure. “I need to ask a favor…”
“Nope. No way. I am not pretending to be your girlfriend again.”
Jin’s eyes snap up to yours, relieved to see a bit of mirth there. “Oh, c’mon!” You giggle at his vigor.
“Is this really why you’re over here?” You ask, struggling to keep the incredulity out of your voice. Jin nods slowly, rubbing the back of his neck.
“I guess…” he pauses, looking at you and trying to gauge your feelings. “Not exactly, though.”
“Yah, would you quit looking at me like that?” He hisses, heart beating even wilder.
“Like what?”
“Like…” Jin groans, setting the glass down and praying that you can’t tell how red his ears are right now. [You can.] “Like that!”
“Wow, that helped.”
“Shut up.”
“Ouch, is that really how you wanna address your fake girlfriend?”
Jin sinks down a little in his seat, arms crossed as he assesses you from across the table. “No, I don’t need anything from my fake girlfriend. Only my real one.”
You blanch. “Real one? Wait, you have a-“
“No! No, I screwed up, let me start over.”
Snickering, you ignore how relieved you feel. “Take all the time you need, your majesty.”
“Thank you.” Jin runs his hands through his hair, tugging and fixing it all over again as he thinks of what to say. As though he hadn’t been running through lines the entire walk over here.
And all last night.
And the night before that.
“This charity event,” he starts off slowly. “It’s a production, here at the theater. You know, that big fancy one kinda by McDonald’s?” You nod, chewing on the inside of your cheek with curiosity. “Well…I think you should come with me.”
You stare.
Jin stares back.
“You know. Like, as my date.”
You continue to stare.
Jin looks away first, nodding to himself. He pushes back from the table, wincing at the scraping noise it makes. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking about how that might make you feel. I mean, we don’t really know each other. Just share the TV, huh. I, uh,” Jin rises to his feet, looking everywhere but at you. “I actually have one, you know. Just never set it up. Didn’t want to, I liked our little system. And I get to split the bill, which is obviously nice.”
He rambling now, shooting you a half smile that reeks of embarrassment before padding toward the door. “I’m sorry, I made everything weirder, didn’t I?”
Instead of answering his question, you stare at where he was sitting just a few moments before and voice your own question. “You have your own TV?”
Jin pauses in grabbing his shoes, looking back over at you. “Yeah. I’ll set it up now don’t worry-”
“Like a real date?” Now you turn to face him, still not standing as you feel like you might pass out. “Not as some fake girlfriend?”
Jin smiles softly. “No. No, as my real date.”
You take in the sight of Jin standing here in your apartment, looking sheepish and utterly adorable. The way he’s obviously freaking out, trying to leave while still being polite. Only, you don’t want him to leave.
Jin blinks. “’Ok’ what?”
Your heart is nearly pounding out of your chest at this point, but you hardly notice it in the face of this new development. One that you’d hardly allowed yourself to hope for.
“Date.” You swallow heavily. “I’ll go. Wanna go.”
Jin looks more stunned than you now, hand dropping one of his shoes that he’d been trying to put on. “You do?” But his body is moving of its own accord, crouching before you as he reaches for your hands. His hands are large and warm, but they still somehow manage to remind you of the coolness of a cold Cream Soda pulled from the fridge.
You grin, hardly believing it yourself. “Yeah. But uh…under one condition.”
Jin tilts his head to one side, uncertainty flashing in his eyes. “What is it?”
“You gotta quit sitting in the cheap seats.”
He blanches, looking utterly confused. “Wha- cheap seats? What are you talking about?”
Smirking, you point to the window with your joined hands. “Next time we watch The Bachelorette, you’re coming over here. With Cream Soda.” You watch as Jin’s eyes widen. “Deal?”
He remains staring at you like that for a long moment, eyes wide and cheeks pink. “You- you want me over here?”
You snort. “With Cream Soda, remember?” Then softening a little, you give his hands a reassuring squeeze, hoping to communicate everything that you’re too afraid to say.
He gets it.
It takes time. 
Jin takes you out, not just to the charity event. He takes you out for dinner, to go ice skating (he nearly dies on that date, it’s amazing), to the local park. He’s there every Tuesday with Cream Soda and a shy smile he never loses. 
You’re there when he dyes his hair, and as he makes fun of you. “Are you blushing?” He asks, incredulous. Yes. Yes, you are. 
“You’re...really hot right now.”
Then he’s the one blushing.
He still opens his window in the evenings, and you do the same. Some of your favorite conversations pass that way, legs propped up on the windowsill and laughing at something silly. 
Jin tries and fails to not be nervous when he kisses you for the first time. He’s leaving after an eventful night watching The Bachelorette, and you walk him to your front door with a spring in your step. He stands at the doorway for a while, fiddling with one of his rings and trying his best to pluck up the courage. 
When you shoot him that smile, though, he’s a goner. His body moves of its own accord as he grabs you and pulls you in close, lips softer than you imagined and more urgent than you expected. 
He takes your breath away. Sweeps you off your feet, makes you wonder how this could have ever happened. 
But best of all, he never does set up his TV. It’s still in the box at his apartment. When you ask him about it one day, he simply shrugs and avoids your gaze as he explains. 
“I always want an excuse to bother you, I guess.”
You don’t mind.
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Tumblr media
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3d-wifey · a day ago
Weird Habits
A/N: I got spoiled about something while writing this and I feel rage so heavy it's in my bones 🥰
Includes: Jin "Twice" Bubaigawara, Touya "Dabi" Todoroki, Rumi "Mirko" Usagiyama, Dracula Tepes, Trevor Belmont, & Naruto Uzumaki
Warnings: A little bit of angst but mostly fluff
Tumblr media
Twice likes to put his head under your shirt, especially if he isn't wearing his mask. And most of the time, it's not even sexual. Your shirt wrapping around him keeps him centered, and being so close to you instantly calms him down. The only reason he smokes is to give him something to focus on, so he would do stuff like play with your fingers. If you have freckles, he's connecting dots. If you've got stretch marks, he's tracing them.
Dabi likes to watch you. He watches you when you're doing mundane shit like eating or reading. When you're on your phone, or watching tv, or cooking. Try not to feel too annoyed. He's just trying to memorize you when you're completely comfortable. Memorize as much as he can about you because he isn't sure how much time you have together.
When you first start dating, Mirko liked to run around you in circles. It happened at the most random times, too. Of course, you look it up, because 🧍🏾‍♀️ wtf? Turns out, circling is a form of courtship where a rabbit is happy to see you, wants attention, or wants to mate.
Dracula often places his hand on your throat. He acts like it's a show of dominance, but he and you both know he does it to feel your pulse. Some subconscious need to check that you're still alive and breathing, especially when you're sleeping. Of course, he could just hear it, but that isn't enough. After losing Lisa, he developed a new understanding of how fragile human life is. Your human life. Even after he turns you, he still places his hand there. It's a habit you've both grown fond of.
In the rare downtime you two get, Trevor likes to lay with you (more like on top of you), placing his ear to your chest, listening to your heartbeat. It's kind of like Dracula and your pulse. Trevor has had a first-row seat to how dangerous and unforgiving the world is. He lost more than his fair share of people and knowing that you aren't one of them brings him a type of calm he didn't think was possible to achieve without medicated assistance. Gets to the point where hearing your heartbeat is the only thing that helps him sleep. It's safe to say he's more than a little clingy.
Naruto often asks for stories about your childhood and your family. It's safe to say that he didn't have a normal childhood or much of a childhood to begin with. Don't get him wrong, he's happy that you grew up in a loving home with plenty of friends and family, but there's a small part of him that's a little bitter that he never had that. Hearing about your stories lets him live vicariously through you in a way.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part sixteen - nuggets
[witch!taehyung x cursed!reader]
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a/n: DON’T HATE ME LMAO I TOLD YALL THAT THE ANGST WAS COMING 😩 just take a deep breath and hang in there bbys!! let me know how you’re feeling and let’s chat!! thx for reading!! x
tags: @brinnalaine @atulipandarose @sugatic @jayhope88 @star-gods @coffeeismylife28 @yoobijin @mushroomkoo @spuddymuffin @chai-tealattae @sea-nevermind-enthusiast @preciouschimine @sideh000e @shadow-yoonie @winterwidow27 @dreamcatcherjiah @joonscupid @codeinebelle @lovelyseomin @softkookiesblush @army-moa75 @ohmy-fandoms @lele-bb @thebluemoonlight @unadulteratedlyunique @ggukkieland @xxxcharismaxxx @hey-itsmina @ephyra1230 @madoka-pink @drpepperobsessed @we-are-born-to‐be-sad @rainbowmagicpixecorn @mikroparadise @viroblades @whitepinkish @taebaejoonswoon@mintxxxy @acsycharm @y-corpsebride @barrechim @scamarama @bangtanloverboys @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rlynotme @ssyubb @kookieswan @that-random-hoe-us @sanniehub @vpuprising @tpwkjerii @mothmansballs @seoulgotmysoul @holynamtiddies @veronawrites @jiminza
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May I request for HCs about jinwoo's reactions to choi jongin being "suspiciously" friendly (in his eyes) to his S/O? Like s/o mentioned that she found choi jongin attractive and now jinwoo doesnt trust him with his s/o lol. Thank you and make sure you take care of yourself 💕
Hewo, dear! Your scenario is as sweet as as your message! I will be very happy to write something for you (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
Please do take care of yourself as well. Don't forget to drink water and to stay safe!
Overprotective Sung Jin Woo HCs:
Tumblr media
"Stupid four-eyes fucker." Sung Jin Woo kept repeating these four words in his head like a cursed mantra from the very moment you two stepped foot into the party hall.
The night's celebration was a grand gathering of all of South Korea's best hunters. Ah-Jin's Guild was, naturally, invited to attend and Sung Jin Woo accepted the invitation as a chance to show you off to the world.
Clad in an enchanting crimson dress, you elegantly stepped out of the car holding Jin Woo's hand. Cameras flashed around you both as reporters went mad over the appearance of Sung Jin Woo's rumored partner. Jin Woo squeezed your hand in reassurance, soft smile in tow, as he started to move forward towards the entry.
The noise and the lights did not stop until the very second the door closed behind you both. Once inside the vast hall, Jin Woo took the chance to introduce you to his acquaintances and to the hunters he was closest to. But as soon as you both neared the Hunters' Guild table, Jin Woo frowned, pulling you closer to his chest.
Jin Woo still remembered the words you uttered when you were both still in the earliest stages of your friendship. You had expressed your admiration of Korea's "Strongest Soldier," softly laughing as you confessed you were attracted to his looks and powers.
Although few months passed ever since you innocently uttered those words, Jin Woo hasn't let them go. He was already holding a grudge against Choi Jong In, but he was now hell bent on keeping him far away from you.
Reality, however, was not all too nice to Sung Jin Woo. Hae In ended up spotting him from afar the second he stepped closer to her table. She waved her hand at him, excitedly inviting you both over. Seeing no room for escape without risking appearing rude, Jin Woo clenched his teeth and guided you to the Hunters' table.
"Oh, God." Jin Woo regretted his decision not even two seconds later.
Jong In's hand seemed to linger for a while as he touched yours in a greeting. His eyes were examining every inch of your body, smirking as you threw a sarcastic comment about the golden cape he was wearing.
Jin Woo's eyes twitched as his anger increased with every passing second. Beru's worried face was barely hiding in his king's shadow, yet Jin Woo's temper was slowly growing out of control.
Yet, every time Jin Woo moved to throw a punch and hope for the best, your hand squeezed his tightly, reminding him that he was the man residing in your heart and not the stranger standing in front of you.
If Choi Jong In tripped and fell in a pool of mud as he was exiting the hall later in the evening, then it had absolutely nothing to do with Jin Woo. Nothing. at. all.
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burberryplaid · a day ago
are we there yet? ―
Tumblr media
synopsis: spending hours in a small car with your closest friends? fun. spending hours in a small car while trying not to profess your love for your said closest friend? not so fun.
⤷ kim taehyung x reader || road trip au, idol au, fluff || 549 words || rating: G || no warnings
⤷ for the summer bingo event at @bangtanwritingbingo
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Tumblr media
"Do you know how tiring it is being beautiful 24/7?"
"Of course I know." Taehyung joked, gesturing at his makeup-free face playfully. Jimin snickered, rolling his eyes dramatically before cozying up to Jungkook who was out cold. "I'm kidding, I won't hold it against you if you go to sleep too. We had a pretty exhausting day."
"Thanks." He sighed, eyes fluttering shut. "Wake me up when we get reach the hotel."
"Sure." Taehyung hummed mindlessly, keeping an eye on the nearly empty tank. Glancing warily at the empty road before him, he nearly yelled in relief at the neon blur of lights at a distance signaling a gas station you could use. "You okay Y/N-nie?"
"Yeah." You murmured from beside him, a soft blue blanket thrown over your shoulders. You looked so adorable that he had to restrain the urge to coo every time you'd yawn cutely. "Not sleepy at all."
"Lies." He chuckled, briefly peeking at the your tired form curled up in the passenger seat. "I promise I'll wake you up when we reach."
Reaching over and intertwining his free hand with yours under the covers, you felt your face heat up at the contact. "But you've been driving for hours. You must be tired as well."
"I'm fine baby." He smiled, the expression dropping the moment he realized what he had said. Refusing to steal a glance at you because of the slip up, he thankfully rolled into the empty lot and jumped out of the car.
Meanwhile the prior exhaustion you felt has dissipated at the term of endearment. Your cheeks heated up while you felt a tingling sensation at the pit of your stomach. Deciding to take a breather outside, you wrapped the blanket around your shoulders tighter and slipped out of the vehicle quietly so that you wouldn't disturb the two boys sleeping at the back. Climbing onto the hood of the car, your eyes fell on the star speckled sky. A small giggle past your lips as your spotted the little dipper amongst the flurry of constellations.
You could see Taehyung's figure from the corner of your eye make his way towards you. After a moment's hesitation, he joined you on the hood, laying in silence before you spoke up.
"Its really pretty, isn't it?"
A deep chuckle left his lips, gaze dropping to yours before replying. "Beautiful."
Hyperaware of his dark eyes intently watching you, you internally hoped your red face wasn't easily noticeable in the dim lighting. You were completely unaware of the fact that he had picked up on your nervousness, a blush of his own painting his cheeks. "Really beautiful."
"Yah!" You hummed, nose scrunching while trying to ease the moment with your terrible humor. "You aren't even looking at the sky."
"Why look at the stars in the sky," He rasped, leaning towards you and pressing a soft kiss to your warm cheek. "When the brightest one is right beside me?"
Your jaw slackened at the bold gesture, head snapping in his direction so fast that it nearly gave you whiplash. "Y-You can't just say that!"
He merely giggled, reaching over and pinching your cheeks before sliding off the hood. You scrambled after him desperately, watching him make his way into the car. "Come back here!"
Tumblr media
based on this ask:
Would you write a idol!Taehyung imagine where he’s got a crush on a mutual really good friend of his and Jimin (and by extension the rest of the boys) so when the Maknae boys decide to go on a road trip on their day off, they invite her and so at days end she and Tae are the only ones awake in the car as Tae drive back at night and they just enjoy each other’s company/admire each other and at some point kiss?
note: thank you for the cute ask anon! this was really fun to write <3 i hope you guys enjoyed reading it! stay safe and have a great day :)
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