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#jin x reader
yonkimint · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Still Want You [Jin x Reader] - In Progress
y/n and Tae have been best friends ever since they challenged each other to a race on the monkey bars in grade school and y/n fell and broke her arm instead. Since then, they’ve been inseparable and, along with the rest of their band of chaos — Jimin and Tae, they do everything together and more importantly, they tell each other everything too.
That is, of course, until Tae’s older brother, Jin, comes home from college...
When their worlds collide unexpectedly, Jin is surprised to find that the little nuisance who used to haunt his house is all grown up. What’s more, he thinks he might be falling for her.
She might be falling for him too.
But as their circles clash, will those budding feelings be enough to last?
Tumblr media
schedule: every other day 1 AM CST
warnings ⛔️ : 18+ only please! There aren’t any explicit scenes but there’s suggestive language so please read at your own discretion!
taglist (send an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added): @pb-n-juju @jikooksgirl19 @sopebubbles @halesandy @unadulteratedlyunique @bangtantruffle @danny-boy27 @esteemedsalt @lyra0cassiopeia @breathing-inthemoon @daydreambrliever​ @hey-itsmina @bri-mal​ @alinaax3 @pineapple-hoseok @dreamamubarak @lilacdreams-00 @bubblytaetae
1. We made a deal.
2. Chill DAD!
3. Drunk Girls
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btsroyalwilds · 2 days ago
↳ royalwild’s masterlist 
Tumblr media
recent:  please don’t stop the music ; fluff, meet cute ; 1.9k+ ;  when you’re at a club you accidentally slam the bathroom door in a strangers face. only you know this man, jung hoseok. you apologies profusely and he says you can make it up with a dance.
Tumblr media
collab w/ @moon-write​ coming soon
falling into you ; a series of meet-cutes where you bump into the bts members (also linked individually below)
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook
message sent ; long fic, fluff, angst, slow burnish ; coming soon puppy love ; meet-cute, fluff ; 1.8k+ ; when a dog runs up to you on your hike the last thing you expect is for his owner to be jeon jungkook
kim taehyung
let me be the one at day’s end ; angst w/ a happy ending, hurt/comfort ; 3.2k+ ; you break up with the love of your life, kim taehyung. you thought it was the least cruel thing to do but you realize you were wrong.
park jimin
tired ; comfort, pure fluff ; 1k+ ; jimin is home and exhausted from over working himself.
jung hoseok 
you know i love you so ; hurt/comfort, fluff ; 1.2k+ ; when hobi wakes up from a nightmare where you left him only to find an empty bed he thinks that you’re gone. please don’t stop the music ; fluff, meet cute ; 1.9k+ ;  when you’re at a club you accidentally slam the bathroom door in a strangers face. only you know this man, jung hoseok. you apologies profusely and he says you can make it up with a dance.
kim namjoon
home sick ; fluff ; 0.8k+ ; namjoon is homesick while staying with you in america, you do what you can to help him. this is how you fall in love ; fluff ; 1.2k+ ; when your favorite coffee shop is too crowded a stranger asks to sit with you, you never thought it’d be kim namjoon.
kim seokjn
wrong number ; meet cute, fluff ; 1.9k+ ; getting a shirtless picture of kim seokjin texted to you from an unknown number is weird enough but even more shocking is the fact that it was texted to from the man himself.
min yoongi
what is fear when i’m right here ; fluff, meet cute ; 1.4k+ ;  after a fun night you find yourself harassed by a random man. thankfully a stranger intervenes, you just didn’t expect to recognize his face.
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BTS announcing dating after a collaboration
Hyung line | Maknae line
•26 Oct 2021•
Tumblr media
Pairing: Namjoon x [GN]Reader, Seokjin x [GN]Reader, Yoongi x [GN]Reader, Hoseok x [GN]Reader
Genre: Headcanons, Scenarios, Fluff
Warning: None
Summary: Headcanons abt how BTS (separately) met you, a newbie/trainee idol and wanted to collab with you and how you ended up announcing you’re dating
A/N: This got kinda long so that’s why I split them into two (come back next week for Maknae line)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
You met at a mutual celebrity friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party
And your friend managed to get you two to sing a duet at the karaoke setup
After asking again and again you agreed to be on one of Namjoon’s solo tracks
The song was a hit and he got u to make an entire album
A lot of dating rumours occurred but no one addressed it
Until just before BTS’ next world tour
And when they arrived in (country) they made sure you would be a guest and the two of you would sing your infamous duet
Very few had the time to get upset about you two dating before you stood there together on stage
The others sitting starry-eyed on the stage in front of you, listening intently
And before the haters knew it the entire stadium became quiet as your song started
No lights and no sounds except for what was on stage
And then the chorus came and the audience lit up their army bombs again and sang along
It probably made you tear up not just a little bit
And you continued the lovely duet
Namjoon’s arm around your waist
Just looking out at the sea of army’s
It honestly felt like an acceptance from their fans
No one could stop talking about the way you two sang the song on that stage that night
Namjoon’s soft rap mixed with your beautiful singing
The boys would probably chant
“Kiss” over and over again
And the already loud applause would erupt into roars as you two shared a sweet kiss on stage in front of an unfathomable amount of people
And all this would probably be the ending song for that night so you all could get back to the hotel afterwards
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
You probably met at an award show of some kind
Maybe you’re friends with IU or some popular group
And mostly hung around said, people
And you won an award at the same time as BTS also won their category and were up on stage
So being the charmer that Jin is
He went up to you and congratulated you
You’d be so flustered from having someone so famous talking to you
But you would eventually get over it
The edits and videos from that meeting
It was such a small interaction
But the way your eyes shone when you looked up to meet his eyes after bowing to him
And you can bet your ass that there are fancams from 101 different angles too
From nowhere to everywhere in a night
This interaction was probably trending for a few days afterwards
And then a few months later your manager gets a call from Jin’s manager
Asking if you want to collaborate with him on his new solo track
It was supposed to be a small one-time thing
But you ended up making more music together a year later
For your album
And tbh in the beginning your fans would probably not even suspect anything but totally ship you
And then BAM a few years later Jin announces that you two are getting married
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
He found out about you through YouTube
Hearing you sing
He knew he wanted to produce a song or two for you
And he ended up getting hella inspired by you
So after he was done busting his ass off on this album full of music he wanted you to sing to
He finally dared to contact you
He was super nervous that you would be some secret crazy fan of either him or BTS
But was relieved when you just looked up to him because of his rap
You met up and he played the music for you
You ended up staying at his studio all night
Recording and mixing things up
The other boys would tease Yoongi for WEEKS afterwards bc you fell asleep on his couch and spent the night
And when you two announced the essentially entire album he made with and for you
A lot of fans were shocked
Someone from absolutely nowhere had grabbed Min Yoongi, SUGA, August D’s attention
During the months you spent finalising the album
He had encouraged you to send your audition to a few different agencies
And you probably landed under BigHit/HYBE or PNation
After all the boys’ advice and help
So your debut was an entire album produced by August D
And that’s no small thing
So you kinda blew up right from the start
But he made sure to be there the entire way
And made sure even if you’re nut under the same label
You could still spend time together
And you had to beg him to be a part of at least a few of the songs
Then he made sure to be there to see your first concert in Seoul
And you may or may not have bribed him to join you
If only for one song
He of course understood the nerves of a first concert
And he hadn't even had to do it alone
And that’s where you went public about your relationship
You had a big meeting with your agencies beforehand
And you decided for yourself
Since your agencies weren’t too happy about not supporting one of the biggest k-pop starts in the industry and a newfound national sensation
Of course, a lot of ARMY filled the mayor it’s of the space at your concert but you were more than grateful
And so you made sure to give a squirming Yoongi a lot of hugs on stage as you sang and ended it with a kiss hidden behind a big handheld fan an ARMY had given you with your face on it.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
He saw you while visiting the trainees’ dance practice and gave you some tips
You would hear all the whining from the others later in your dorms
But you were super grateful
Bc it probably both helped and motivated you a lot
He would be so proud when he saw you later as a backup dancer for another group
And even later when you made your debut in a group
So when your group won your first award
Which so happens to be in dancing
(Something like best new group dancing or whatever)
And since you were the dancer of your group
The others pushed you involuntarily in front of the mic for a speech
So you said the first thing that came to mind
And that happened to be thanking J-Hope
“And thank you Hobi Oppa for encouraging me to keep going, you inspire me every day to be a better dancer and I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you.”
Of course, he had helped you more than once after the first time
He had found you crying to yourself one time when you couldn’t land a part of the dance you were supposed to learn till the next day
And he had spent the majority of the night helping you
So you had gotten to know each other
And of course, everyone knew you meant the J-Hope from BTS when you finished your speech
And if anyone was doubting it
He ran the short distance between your groups’ tables to give you a big hug
(Which he would get a scolding for later from Namjoon)
So after your group had finished all your debut promotions and stuff
He invited you to film some dance videos together
You became dance training buddies when no one else in your groups wanted to dance
You had so much fun
And then you had a dance number together at an award show a few years later
It was wild
It basically became your personal concert
Just like BTS manages to do it all the time
People had already started shipping you after you started practising together
So they were not too surprised when BigHit/HYBE announced you’re dating
People were happy for you
And Hobi shone even brighter and was even happier than usual every time you were in the same space somewhere
And he even looked happier while dancing
Tumblr media
Taglists open: BTS ✅ | Kpop ✅ | Individual members ✅
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kkulfm · 2 days ago
Coming up Roses // KSJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kim Seokjin x neutral!reader
Rating: PG
Word count: 1.1k
Genre: fluff, flower shop!au
Summary: One of Seokjin’s customers has a specific request for him.
Warnings: set around the holiday season, fluffy cheese
Note: a repost, part of the big blog migration.
Tumblr media
“Don’t you have anything… I don’t know, uglier?”
Seokjin stares at you in disbelief, your question ridiculous to his ears. “I’m afraid we don’t have anything ugly in this store,” he says, chest puffed up. Like he ever sells anything less than beautiful!
You laugh at his indignation, and Seokjin delights in how relaxed you are around him now, such a contrast compared to the beginning.
The first time you walked into his store was months ago by now. He remembered clear as day, the gentle ring of the door while it poured cats and dogs outside. How you had rushed inside, no umbrella and absolutely drenched. Business was slow that day, probably because of the aforementioned rain, so you were the solitary customer while Seokjin and Jimin took advantage of the quiet to tidy up and reorganise some displays.
Polite greetings were exchanged, but then you quietly walked through the store, only vaguely interested in the flora around you. Not a real customer, clearly just here for shelter. Years of experience told this to Seokjin, and yet he could not help but glance at you, wet hair clinging to your face.
It was when you paused at a bucket of cymbidium orchids, smelling at the pink flowers, that Seokjin stopped holding himself back and approached.
“Anything I can help with?” he asked, pillowy lips curled upward. The florist always went beyond a superficial customer service smile, making people feel welcome in his store—and you drew out a handsome smile with ease. Your skin shone, gleaming rain droplets catching the light, and Seokjin had never seen anyone more radiant.
Fully expecting you to reply with a quick negative, he was pleasantly surprised when you hesitated.
“Actually…” you said, pushing a strand of clingy hair out of your eyes, “do you have a towel? Maybe? If that’s okay.” You chuckled awkwardly, instantly embarrassed for asking.
Caught off guard by the request, Seokjin had stared at you for for just a moment before bursting out in genial laughter. “Of course! Hang on, I’ll get you something to dry off with.”
Shaking his head, Jimin had grinned at Seokjin as he walked to the back, recognising the signs long before Seokjin did himself. He handed you that towel and thought himself subtle as he kept an eye on you while you continued browsing through the store, one hand delicately brushing against peonies and lilies while the other dabbed the towel against your face.
No real interest, just waiting for the rain to let up.
But then… then the succulents caught your eye. With a soft frown you studied a small dish garden, arranged with a moonstone succulent placed prominently in the center. Seokjin had seen that smile many times before. Maybe not this day, maybe not the day after, but sooner or later you’d have a new plant in your home.
So Seokjin was not entirely surprised when you walked up to the counter with a small pot of donkey’s tail, holding the plant almost protectively.
“Thank you,” you said as you handed back the towel, then stared through the large windows with a grimace. “It doesn’t look like it’s letting up any time soon, huh?”
“Not for another hour at least,” said Seokjin, who had checked a weather app just in case you asked such a question.
You sighed, mentally prepping yourself to go back out there. “Ah well, it’s just water, right?” you said, a rather unsuccessful attempt at convincing yourself it was fine.
The pout on your lips, prettier than any petals in the store, softened Seokjin’s smile and a rush of fondness bloomed inside his chest. “You know what?” he chuckled, words escaping him before he can give them proper thought. “How about you take my umbrella? To borrow. You can return it when you come back.”
“‘When’?” you echoed back to him, amused at the florist’s brazen confidence. Clearly it endeared him to you—at least, Seokjin is certain that’s what your laugh meant.
But you accepted his offer, disappearing underneath the soft pink umbrella when you left.
He did not see you for a week.
Seven days of Jimin mercilessly teasing him for losing his umbrella like that. Until finally, you returned. With his umbrella—and a couple of questions about how to best care for your new succulents. Always glad to help, Seokjin happily gave you some tips for placement and watering, but he got the impression you were not actually that interested in the answer. At least, if the way you kept fidgeting with your hair was anything to go by.
After that you became a regular customer. Sometimes with a friend, sometimes by yourself. Not always buying, but just admiring colourful bouquets or cute garden decorations to kill some time. But you were around enough that Seokjin easily learned your preferences. He also learned that when Jimin manned the store alone, apparently you did not linger for nearly a long as you did when he was around.
Which could mean nothing, of course. But it could also mean everything.
And now, with the holiday season approaching, you stand before him… asking for something uglier.
You’re holding one of the wreaths Seokjin made this morning, an absolute work of art with a grapevine frame, its typical rustic look uplifted by a creative asymmetrical floral arrangement. “Right, right, of course you don’t!” you say, gently putting the wreath back down. “It’s just, I need a little revenge on my roommate and he left me in charge of decorating so…”
“So you came here to find something to punish him with?”
“Just trying to be a loyal customer!” you protest, a cheeky smile on your face. “I hoped you’d have something a bit more kitsch. He would hate that.”
Seokjin puts on a stern mask as he taps his chin with a finger, and tuts softly. “I suppose I could do a custom job,” he says, cocking his head to give you a meaningful look, “but it’ll cost extra.”
“Oh?” You perk up, oblivious Seokjin’s brilliant plan. “What’s the price?”
“A date,” he says smoothly, lips pulling into a casual grin.
You blink at him, needing a moment for the words to process. But then a smile breaks out on your face, slowly but surely, unstoppable like a rising sun and just as bright. “Gotta say, that sounds pretty costly,” you say, eyes glittering at Seokjin, lovelier than morning dew caught on the grass, “but I trust you’ll make it worth my while.”
“Oh, your order will be a challenge for me, no mistake,” Seokjin laughs. “But for you? I will make the ugliest wreath this world has ever seen.”
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evastelle · 22 hours ago
Focus Please
Tumblr media
“We’ll never finish this in time.”
“You get your letter, and I’ll get to spend more time with you.”
Senior!Jimin x reader(?) (F) 1.9k words.
In which you agree to tutor the biggest flirt in school. 
Your name is shouted loudly through the busy hallways of your high school. Many students are breezing by you to head to their different after-school activities or in some people’s cases, detention. You, on the other hand, had promised to stay back and help Mr. Kim tutor some of his older students who were falling behind in his senior English class. It’s a weird request seeing as you’re only a junior but, your studies have always been important to you. It was your ticket out of this hellhole of a high school so you decided to aim for the best, and that means taking a couple of senior courses to boost your GPA. Although you can’t help but wonder how can someone fall behind in a simple core class without having to write any serious papers? You’ll never understand. The sea of students slowly disappears and you finally recognize the familiar face who’s shouted your name from the other end of the hall. 
Cue the eye roll. 
“Miss y/l/n, I know you have many other obligations after school hours. But I promise I will write you that letter of recommendation for your abroad program with haste!” he exclaims almost passionately, his index finger pointed for extra emphasis which causes a small smile to appear on your previously straight face. “If you help me out here.” Mr. Kim stands behind his desk, an almost desperate look on his face as you were his last hope to get these seniors to pass his class and out of his life. 
“Mr. Kim, you don’t have to rush my letter. I have weeks until it’s due.” Shaking your head at him you offer a simple smile to calm his nerves. “Or… beg? I’ll do the tutoring, don’t worry about it.” Kim Seokjin was probably your favorite teacher in this school besides the occasional run-in with Assistant principal Jung. (Something about his face when he’s angry just does something to you- and every other girl in the school.) 
So of course if he’s gonna ask you to tutor some failing seniors you’re going to say yes, he’s got that personality that you can never say no to. As long as you weren’t assigned a certain raven-haired senior that literally makes you forget how to speak, everything should be fine. 
Your teacher’s previous expression disappears at your words, replaced with a wide smile that makes you laugh.
“Great! You’ll be meeting Park Jimin in the library today after school.”
Oh fuck. You definitely forgot about him.
The light blonde hair of the boy you’re supposed to tutor bounces lightly with his steps as he makes his way over to you on the other end of the hallway. Behind him are his two closest friends, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, neither paying any attention to their friend that decided to leave their small huddle near their lockers. Jimin’s dressed in simple black jeans and an oversized white hoodie, ears decorated with his usual silver hoops and not a strand of blonde hair atop his head out of place. Honestly, he’s a walking sex dream, a dream you cannot afford to even think about right now. 
He approaches you and leans against the lockers casually, a stance you’ve seen him take countless times before, his fling of the week always in front of him. Never in a million years did you think he’d be standing like that, In front of you. “I heard you were supposed to be tutoring me today.” his voice is soft as he makes eye contact with you. And in return, you give him a slight frown. Jimin has always been kind to you in the past since you’ve shared a couple of senior courses throughout the year, and you know enough about him to know that he shouldn’t be failing any class. There’s no way Principal Min would allow someone to become the captain of any team, let alone our school’s championship-winning dance team with failing grades.
“You want to tell me why I have to be tutoring the dance captain in the first place?” you say with slight disappointment in your voice as you shut your locker, turning to face him with your bag hanging off of one shoulder. He sighs and glances away, the flirty facade fading away from his face and replaced by pink cheeks of embarrassment. “Yeah, I’ve been kinda busy with the team, and I forgot to turn in my midterm analysis.” 
Without even thinking your hand flies out and smacks his arm hard. “Jimin!” he gasps and rubs it as he looks at you with a frown. “Ouch! Rude.” before you could continue to lay into him about the importance of his grades, someone clears their throat next to you two. You both look over and see Jungkook with Taehyung not far behind him. “Hey hyung, we’re heading out. Meet you at Tae’s later tonight?” Jimin says something in return but your breath catches in your throat because Taehyung’s eyes are grazing over you in such a discreet way, you almost missed it. “Bye y/n.” you catch the end of their conversation, Jungkook is stepping away and you offer him a simple wave goodbye, Taehyung sends a smirk your way before turning and following the younger one away and out of the school.
“Oh, you got it bad,” Jimin says, his arms crossing over his chest, and smiles at you in a teasing way. “Shut up Park.” You’re cheeks heat up instantly at being caught, he lets out a loud laugh at the sight. You say nothing as you grab his arm and drag him behind you towards the library.
“Jimin the paper only has to be 5 paragraphs about the movie, a middle schooler can knock this out in a day. Why don’t you just pick a movie you’ve already seen?” It’s well after 4 o’clock and you just finished explaining to a very distractive Jimin, the rubric of the assignment. The library started clearing out an hour ago, leaving two other students, you, Jimin, and Mrs. Lynn the librarian behind.  “I don’t know enough movies to write a paper on it. Not without fucking up the storyline halfway through.” He sits across from you, the white hoodie draped over the seat next to him, he’s wearing a simple black short sleeve as he runs his hands through his once perfectly styled hair in frustration. “What about that movie you saw with Lillie last weekend?” You remember the girl from your math class last week talking on and on about her upcoming date with the Park Jimin at the movie theater later that night. 
“Yeah... I definitely wasn’t there for the movie sweetheart.” his hands fall from his head, moving to cross over his chest as he eyes you. Once it clicks in your head, your face frowns up in disgust, which causes him to let out a laugh. “Oh come on y/n, you think Taehyung is some good boy? He’s probably done worse than me... in worse places,” he states with a lower tone, giving you a pointed look. You lift your eyes from your laptop to look at him. His flirty smirk grows as he locks eyes with you. “I’m just more upfront about it.” You can’t deny that Jimin is attractive, especially at this moment. His face is tilted downward slightly, as his stare continues, his brown eyes travel your body silently like he’s taking your looks in for the first time. Instantly you shut your thighs close tightly as if he’ll be able to tell that that look alone did something to you. Any blind person could tell just by the sound of his voice how dangerous this boy can be. But despite the high levels of horny that you are right now, he’s also someone you consider a friend. “Taehyung can do whatever he wants, I’m not with him Jimin.” you made it a point to say, er. Lie, about how much Jimin’s friend affects you. “Then be with me.” He says casually, resting an arm on the back of the chair beside him leaning back, the black shirt lifts a bit and you catch it, a bit of his skin is exposed and you return to look at him, noticing his eyes never left your own.
“What? No, absolutely not.” you choke out, his casual suggestion is causing your already distracted head to spin. No way are you going to end up being like Lillie, or half of the girls in the school that’s been seduced by Park Jimin. 
“We can go to the movies and actually watch it, then tomorrow I can write the paper and turn it in on Monday.” he shrugs, like this idea of his is the best one yet. “Yeah right, we’ll never finish this in time if we do that.” Your mind already reeling with different outcomes if you actually agreed to this sinister plan. “Actually, we’ll kill two birds with one stone. You help me and get your letter, and I get to spend more time with you.” you snort at this, trying to hide your laughter from the boy who’s obviously pulling out all the stops to get you to go out with him.
“I’ll pass on the syphilis Jimin, thanks.”
“I-” he opens his mouth to retort, but he pauses and closes it before glaring at you which causes a louder laugh to erupt from your side of the table. 
“I’ll talk to Taehyung for you.” tThis shuts you up instantly. Finally getting the attention of  Taehyung today in the hallway was one thing, but if Jimin could put in a good word for you, that could change a lot.
“That’s it?” he frowns, he was sure he’d have to push more to get you to agree.
“Yeah don’t think too much into it.” you wave him off and begin packing up your backpack, you noticed a while ago that the clock reads 5:50, the library was about to close in a few minutes. 
“I’m free tomorrow afternoon, I’ll meet you there?” He follows your lead and begins packing his things as well before standing and walking with you out of the library and to the school’s parking lot. “Yeah, I’ll text you okay?” He agrees with a knowing smirk towards you. Of course, this is the first step, he has some other things in mind for you. Along with his side plan to make you forget about Taehyung entirely.
“Yeah sure- wait, how do you have my number?” You pause before walking away towards your car. He glances over his shoulder as he begins to walk towards his own vehicle. “I took your phone and put it in when you were rambling about something unimportant in the library. By the way, you should really get a better password.” he laughs out as you pull your phone out, he sees the anger appearing slowly on your face again for the fifth time today, it was cute.
“Jimin!” you shout loudly at him.
“Bye sweetheart!” he calls cheekily before approaching his black SUV, he gets in and drives away, while you continue mumbling your own colorful insults for the flirty fucker on your way home.
Hi hey, this was inspired by a predictions draft I wrote about the boys if they were in school with you, (based off of high school in the states lol)
might post that too? Anyways I hope you all like it :))
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kimnjss · a month ago
beside you | ksj/pjm sm au
Tumblr media
banner by: @dee-ehn
🖇 synopsis:
— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down... well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
Tumblr media
pairing: solo artist!jimin x idol!reader // actor!jin x idol!reader
fic type: social media au
side ships: (frenemies) taekook...
genre: smut!! idol au, secret dating/fake relationships, love triangle au, slight themes of infidelity… which of course means angst!
*BYR: jin and jimin aren’t friends, they only know of each other. jin’s friends and yn’s friends hang out often so they’re in the same circle.
updates: everyday!
status: ongoing!!
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
Tumblr media
prologue/profiles: yn and entourage
prologue/profiles: jimin and friend
prologue/profiles: jin and company
part one: acquaintances with benefits
part two: silent sex
part three: wild night
part four: nameless model
part five: settling down
part six: publicity stunt
part seven: perfect boyfriend (time jump)
part eight: no cameras
part nine: been a while
part ten: the start
part eleven: generally wondering
part twelve: moved on
part thirteen: old classmates
jimins ep (191029)
part fourteen: funny business
part fifteen: test run
part sixteen: clout chasing
part seventeen: no more hiding
part eighteen: high school sweetheart
part nineteen: same cycle
part twenty: something’s missing
part twenty-one: just landed
part twenty-two: rain check
part twenty-three: hooking up
part twenty-four: third wheel
part twenty-five: really focused
part twenty-six: mutual split (time jump)
yn’s album (sola)
part twenty-seven: subtle promo
part twenty-eight: best behavior
part twenty-nine: beside you
part thirty: more serious
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yoonpobs · 3 months ago
with you | ksj | m
Tumblr media
marrying your childhood best friend was not the love story that most painted it to be. you knew that better than anyone else.
PAIRING. kim seokjin x reader
GENRE. marriage!au, divorce!au, childhood friends2lovers!au, angst, fluff, smut
WARNINGS. dilf jin, mentions of divorce (it's literally the plot😭), marriage problems, jin is kind of an asshole (who redeems himself!!!-ish), slight jealousy, soft sex, crying during sex, oral (f receiving), bigdick!jin, oc is a crybaby who tries not to cry 99.9% of this fic
WORDS. 22.1k
NOTE. it's here!!!!! I've been working on this fic for a while and im somewhat pleased with how it turned out!!!! i apologise for any errors/edit mistakes bc I run through it on my own so I may overlook some grammar issues etc ...
anywho, I hope you enjoy this fic!!!! as always - my asks are open to let me know how you felt about this fic <3
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What is this?” he blinks.
“Divorce papers,” you say softly, smoothing out the surface while you avoid his eyes.
“You want,” he says slowly, eyebrows furrowing as he attempts to process your words. “You want a … divorce?”
You hate that he sounds so nonchalant like you weren’t mulling over this decision for the past three months as you found yourself losing hope in your marriage with each passing day. But for as long as you’ve known Jin, he’s always been like this. A little hard to understand, straightforward but never intentionally malicious. He just somehow ended up hurting people without him realising it.
“Yes,” you say.
“What about Jiho?”
The reminder of your son makes your heart drop to the pit of your stomach, but you were prepared for this question. In fact, your son was the only thing that made you hesitate your decision for another month because divorces were messy and even if Jiho was just four years old and probably too young to understand—he was perceptive and you didn’t want to put him through the taxing emotions of having his parents go through a divorce.
But you were exhausted of fighting alone and returning to a home that feels more isolating than welcoming.
“We’ll share custody,” you narrate the exact words you’ve been mulling over for the past few months, even if it breaks your heart to say them.
“What prompted this?” It hurts even more when Jin flips through the papers as he would with any other of his business contracts, and it’s a harsh reminder that your marriage was reaching an invincible expiry date that you wanted to ignore.
“We …” you hesitate, fingers clutching the fabric of your dress as you purse your lips. Was there a reason to justify your decision anymore, when you’ve fought tooth and nail for the past four months to be heard? To be seen as someone who wasn’t just his wife on paper but a person to be nurtured? You force yourself to look ahead, even when Jin raises an eyebrow at your silence. You settle for a soft response instead. “I think it’s for the best.”
Jin opens his mouth to say something but decides against it before he slides the papers towards him, and you half-expect him to sign it and tell you to leave. The thought only makes your heart shatter even more—because four years of marriage, a child—gone, just like that.
But he doesn’t. Instead, he offers you a curt nod with a look you can’t quite decipher.
“I’ll get back to you,” he says.
You blink, especially when he pushes himself off his desk and extends a hand towards you as if he’d expected you to grab it. The gesture doesn’t fit in with the context of the conversation, much less the emotions that thrash wildly in your heart.
“What are you doing?” you whisper.
“Lunch,” he says, “I haven’t had it with you in a while.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“That took a while,” Taehyung points out when you clamber back into your office.
“I had lunch,” you respond curtly as you hang your jacket on the coat hanger while you attempt to ease the pressing headache between your temples.
“Alone?” He raises a brow.
“With Jin.”
Taehyung’s eyes widen as you plop onto the empty seat next to him. Your son’s fidgeting in his lap as your assistant types away at his laptop, and you’re absolutely exhausted so you extend your arms towards Jiho, who immediately turns to you with a toothy grin and leaps off Taehyung’s lap.
“Hi baby,” you press a kiss to his cheek, immediately seeking warmth in your son’s chubby body.
“Hi mama,” he returns, pressing a plush cheek into your chest when you squeeze him.
You try to keep your tears at bay, even if it’s just having your son in your arms. He doesn’t know the day you had or the meal you shared with his father. The man you married and decided to have a child with. Jiho doesn’t know that it’s over—and it hurts. It hurts because he deserved a family filled with love.
“How did it go?” Taehyung asks tentatively, swirling in his chair until he’s facing you.
You know he’s concerned. He was probably the person that received the news with the most shock, granted he was currently the only person that knew besides Jin. Taehyung has been your assistant before you relocated to this larger office and before your business set its course, and even when you and Jin were just dating. So, he knows—he knows how hard you’ve tried and when you decided that it was over.
“He didn’t even try,” you croak, eyes fluttering shut as you attempt to level your breathing to not alarm your son, “Just took the papers and said he’d get back to me.”
“He didn’t sign it?” Taehyung asks in slight surprise.
“No,” you murmur, peering down to see your son fiddling with a ribbon that sticks out your dress, “I didn’t want to ask why.”
Taehyung purses his lips before he reaches out to squeeze your available hand. The gesture is enough to remind you of what you just did—the conversation you just had with Jin, and it’s enough for your entire facade to go crumbling again.
But you don’t cry because your son is unaware of the conflict that exists between you and his father, you don’t cry because one of you needed to be strong and it had to be you.
“I’m sorry.” His apology is sincere but frankly, useless. But you don’t tell him that even if that’s all that plagues your mind. You know Taehyung knows this too, but you suppose it’s the best either of you can offer right now.
“Don’t be,” you laugh humourlessly, “You’re not the one that failed in this marriage.”
“You didn’t fail, ____,” he says sternly, “It just—some things don’t work out.”
Your lips wobble again, looking up so your son doesn’t spot your tears.
“I thought we would,” you croak, “I tried. I tried—so hard. But it still wasn’t enough.”
Taehyung stays silent, and your son is mumbling something under his breath. When you peer down, his smile remains innocent and oblivious to the world that’s falling apart right in front of his eyes.
“Mama, look,” he squeals as he lifts up an arm that he’s somehow managed to scribble on, “Mama, daddy, me!”
Taehyung has to take Jiho when you excuse yourself to the bathroom.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What do you mean he hasn’t signed it?” You hiss, holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you attempt to shove old documents into the shredder.
“He … hasn’t,” Jimin, Jin’s assistant, says lamely over the line as you feel your headache return.
“Jimin, you’re his assistant,” you remind him sternly, “It’s literally your job to make sure he gets shit done.”
“I know!” He exclaims before he’s sighing, “He’s just—he keeps putting it off. I really can’t do much, ____.”
You chuck the last bit of papers aside before you’re grabbing your phone from in-between your ear and shoulders before you’re leaning against a desk, pinching the bridge of your nose in irritation.
It’s been a week since you visited Jin at his office propositioning him with a divorce, yet, the papers remain vacant from his signature that solidified the termination of your legal union. You were more so irritated than hurt right now, purely because you wanted actual documents to present to your lawyer and your parents before you told them that you and Jin were getting a divorce.
It’s also been a week since Jin’s came home, and you’re partly thankful that he did that on his own because that was another painful conversation you weren’t quite ready to have. Not that he came home at an acceptable hour anyway. But it’s almost daunting at how the bed remains cool where he used to lay, even if he’d disappear hours before your awakening.
“Just,” you exhale, “Please get him to sign it, Jimin. I’m tired.”
You can hear some shuffling on the other end and you assume it’s him moving to another place with the way the office chatter gets distinctively quieter the longer time passes.
“Do you,” he starts, “do you really have to do this?”
You sigh, already bracing for his comment.
If Taehyung knew you and Jin before you got married, Jimin was the person that got the two of you together. The instigator that insisted that the feelings and mutual, and that the chance should be taken. You believed him ten years ago when you were younger and in high school, oblivious to what the future held. You wanted to resent him for how things out but you knew it was irrational. You would’ve fallen in love with Jin with or without Jimin’s intervention.
He was that easy to love.
The bitter reminder that the divorce seemed easy for him to accept, even without the signature, plagues your mind as you hear Jimin call your name once more.
“Do you think this was my first option?” you snap, and immediately the silence is tense. “I was backed into a corner, Jimin. There’s no point in Jin and I remaining married if—if nothing about our relationship feels like a marriage anymore.”
“What about Jiho?” he throws back the same question Jin posed at you when you first came to him with the divorce.
You grit your teeth, your heart inevitably clenching at the guilt that’s yet to subside. It only hurt more because you knew Jimin didn’t mean it to hurt you, but it did—it did because it wasn’t easy.
“I’m not taking him away from Jin,” you whisper, “I can’t—I would never do that.”
“You know that’s not what I meant,” Jimin says softly.
“I know,” you reply, equally as soft as your eyes dart to the ground, “I hate this, Jimin. I do. But I rather Jiho grow up with two parents who aren’t together than two parents who live together but not even talk.”
Jimin stays silent, and you know that he’s heavily contemplating his next set of words.
You beat him to it with a sigh.
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, “I didn’t mean to unload.”
“Please don’t apologise,” he says, “I just … have you tried speaking to Jin?”
You scoff bitterly at the suggestion, and you know that you shouldn’t be taking it out on Jimin, who’s both Jin’s assistant and your close friend—but the nudge to recall the times you’ve tried, tried so hard to patch things up by planning mini-dates that he rain checked more than enough times for you to want to try again—only leaves you feeling sour.
“He clearly doesn’t mind if he says he’ll get back to me,” you say bitterly.
“Have you considered that maybe he only said that because—”
At that moment, your intercom goes off and you briefly hear Taehyung’s static voice filter through the speaker.
“Hold on, Jimin,” you rush as you put your hand to the speaker to lean forward to press the intercom. “Tae?”
“You have an appointment,” he says slowly, and your eyebrows furrow at his odd tone.
“I do?” You say with a puzzled expression, “I don’t remember scheduling an appointment—”
“Well, this isn’t really an appointment,” he laughs tightly.
“Tae,” you frown, “What are you saying?”
“She’s already—”
And at impeccable timing, a rapt knock is delivered to your door as you further scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.
“Jimin, I need to go. I have a visitor,” you bring the phone back up to your ear as you begin heading towards the door.
“No worries,” he clips, “Take care, okay?” He says softly.
You mumble a word of gratitude before you’re hanging up, hand already reaching out to turn to the knob to greet your guest.
You’re still confused before you come face-to-face with them, but the moment the door opens as you plaster a smile to greet your guest—your grin immediately freezes as you spot the one person that you surely didn’t expect to visit your workplace on a weekend, let alone at all.
“E-Eomeonim,” you stutter, eyes briefing landing on Taehyung’s apologetic expression behind your guest's elegant posture.
“Myeoneuri,” she immediately beams, leaning forward to embrace you into a hug that you’re still too stunned to properly returned, and it’s not until she pulls back with furrowed brows that you return the gesture, still frozen in shock as you lean your head against her shoulder.
“What brings you here?” You ask, forcing a smile at the sudden grant of her presence as you shut the door behind you, immediately guiding her towards the empty couch as you head towards your cupboards to bring out the glasses for drinks.
“Ah,” she laughs, gently and polished as ever as you keep your head-trained over your shoulder to engage in eye contact as you pour her some water, “Can’t I visit my daughter-in-law?”
The term doesn’t fall on deaf ears and you force yourself to laugh, even if you know that the term wouldn’t be applicable for much longer. You feel like a fraud, inviting her into your office and offering her water as if you weren’t over at her son’s office a week ago with papers that would immediately terminate any relationship you had with him—or her. Legally, at least.
She was still your son's grandmother and overall, a lovely person.
You grew up with her right next to your house, being the second mother in your life especially when she used to house you on nights where your parents were out of town as you integrated with her two sons and their antics. She cooked for you and treated you like you were her own daughter. Those things didn’t go away just because you were divorcing Jin.
“Of course,” you smile softly as you pass her a glass with two hands, “It’s nice to see you.”
She chuckles politely before taking a sip and setting the glass onto the table, eyes travelling around your office as she takes in your interior.
She’s been here on a few occasions, but they’ve been sprawled out over the years so there have definitely been some changes from when she last came. She doesn’t visit often—to your office, at least—she never had a reason to. So it’s all the more startling and nerve-wracking when she appeared today, conveniently after you proposed a divorce she’s yet to know about.
“I was thinking about you,” she says softly, peering up through her lashes as you gulp, fingers shaking ever so slightly when you take a sip of your drink yourself.
“You’re always free to visit, eomeonim,” you return politely, bowing your head.
She scoffs playfully, waving you off as she leans backwards into your plush couch.
“Don’t be so stiff with me, ____,” she teases, “I’ve changed your diapers.”
You flush at the reminder, and it’s both in fondness and in relative hurt because your family and hers were tight-knit from the very beginning. Your mother and she were best friends even before the two of you were born, and it’s only natural that their children ended up becoming friends. It was always a running joke that they’d hope you and Jin would fall in love and marry—and when it happened, the both of them were ecstatic.
It wasn’t as if they planned it, but fate worked out funnily sometimes. Even when you dated other people in the midst of unsure feelings in high school, you always found yourself returning to Jin. Whether it be in the form of comfort, or a laugh, or just a shoulder to lean on—you always found yourself on the front of his porch, eagerly waiting for another moment with him.
“I know,” you sigh with a small smile, “It’s crazy how long it’s been.”
“Thirty-two years,” she reminds.
You exhale, remember that you were in fact thirty-two this year. The thought that settles is one that is intrusive and annoying, purely because you couldn’t go a moment without remembering the divorce. Your age is another bitter reminder that you’ve really hit the mark with it, essentially starting over when you and Jin promised each other forever.
You take another sip to keep your tears behind.
“Anyway,” she continues as she rests her eyes on you. Her gaze is concerned and you’re stuttering, wondering if you were that obvious—if your face held all your emotions or if she was just that observant. When she speaks, you brace yourself for the worst. “I’ve been trying to contact that son of mine but he keeps sending me to his darned assistant.”
You relax ever so slightly as your lips twitch in a smile.
“Jiminie?” You ask amusedly.
“When he’s getting in the way of talking to my son, he’s a darned assistant,” she huffs, crossing her arms across her chest as you laugh.
“Even now, they’re inseparable,” you comment mindlessly, remembering all the times they used to get into trouble together in high school.
“For the wrong reasons,” she sighs, “That’s why I’m here, actually.”
You raise a brow, “Oh?”
“Seokjung’s planning on proposing,” she informs with an excited grin as your eyes widen.
“Oh my God,” you breath, equally as pleased to hear the news, “Finally? I’m so happy for him and Ah-reum.”
Your mother-in-law sighs wistfully as she smiles tenderly at you, reaching a hand out to squeeze yours as her eyes turn solemn.
“I am too,” she says softly, “My two son’s—Gosh.”
Your hand stiffens under her touch, but you don’t make an effort to correct her. She looks far too happy and emotional at the thought itself that you don’t have the heart to ruin that dream for her. You swallow the lump in your throat and the visual of the divorce papers that plague your mind as you offer a weak smile that doesn’t quite reach your eyes.
“Yeah,” you say breathlessly, “I’m really happy for Seokjung.”
She nods, smiling at you before squeezing your hand again.
“I wanted to let you know myself,” she says, “I was meant to tell Jin but clearly, he’s caught up in whatever work he has,” she rolls her eyes before shooting you a pointed stare. “Make sure you make time for each other, even if he’s busy. That boy always drowns himself in work.”
Your face falls for a split second, but you immediately correct it when you realise the look of concern that marks her face.
You know her comment was made in good faith, she had no idea of your impending divorce … did she? But despite her voice mulling slightly under a whisper, you find that your heart betrays your blank face when it clenches. You should’ve made time for each other. Even if he was busy. You tried—and you failed.
“O-Of course,” you say, squeezing her hand in return.
“Make sure that the three of you spend time together,” she says softly, and you’re terrified that she knows when she mentions your son. “A relationship requires constant effort and dedication.”
“Of course,” you swallow, “I will.”
You hate yourself for lying to her, but you hope that she knows that you tried. That you really tried to pick up whatever that was lost—but some things would inevitably remain shattered.
“Tell Jin to take it easy,” she murmurs, “I worry for him sometimes.”
You nod your head mutely, agreeing silently.
“I’m”—she chokes, suddenly teary as your eyes widen in alarm—“I’m really glad that you have each other.”
It’s another blow that you receive, but force yourself to smile through.
“Eomeonim …” you say quietly, the guilt nabbing away at your heart.
She waves you off, laughing softly before she’s swabbing gently under her eyes to rid of the tears. And as always, she remains stunning as ever—the stark features of Jin apparent on her face, and the resemblance only makes your heart clench even further.
“Your mother and I would always joke about having our kids get married,” she reminisces as you smile tightly at her. “We never thought it would actually happen—but you and Jin …” she trails off with a fond smile, “It made sense. Like it was always meant to happen.”
You can’t take it anymore, but you weren’t allowed to pick your battles this time. You swallow the lump in your throat and hold her hand a little tighter as if an apology was worthy enough to be traced into the wrinkles of her palm. For now, this was all you could offer.
“Thank you, eomeonim,” you whisper, and it’s more than just the words she’s said, but how she’s treated you up until now. An apology also rests on your tongue, but that’s for a later date. When you and Jin no longer share the title of married.
“Don’t thank me,” she scoffs, “Thank you for making Jin’s life brighter. For bringing Jiho into this world.”
You swallow.
“Of course,” you smile, “He’s made mine too.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re here,” Jimin blinks, opening the door to let you in as you give him a tight smile.
“I wish I wasn’t,” you mutter under your breath as the two of you walk side-by-side down a familiar hall.
“Listen—” he begins but you cut him off, already too tired to engage with him attempting to convince you otherwise on the divorce.
“I really can’t do this right now, Jimin,” you say quietly and he looks at you with an apologetic look that you ignore to save your heart from more tears. “I’m only here because Jin isn’t answering his mother’s damn calls.”
“He’s in the middle of an important business deal,” Jimin says weakly.
“When is he not?” You roll your eyes as you huff, feet clacking against the marble as you turn into a familiar corridor where your eyes rest on the plague with the name of your husband, a name that you’ve welcomed into your life and in your son's name—a name that you’ve grown up with. You push aside the ache in your heart as you reach towards the door to knock. “Listen, I know you’re his best friend and his assistant but … tell him to remember that his job isn’t the only important thing in his life, yeah?”
Jimin doesn’t say anything but waits with you, and you briefly hear the shuffling of feet from the other end. You can tell Jimin wants to say something with the way that he’s impatiently tapping his feet against the ground, and you don’t placate him like you usually do because you know that you weren’t ready to hear whatever he had to say.
The door swings open, and it isn’t Jin that you see. It’s—
“Isa,” you smile tightly.
“____,” she exclaims, immediately trotting over in her heels as she towers over you, arms wrapping you into a hug that you don’t expect. When she pulls away, you see her bright teeth in between her red lips. “You’re glowing! Are you pregnant?”
You shoot her a blank look, and you feel Jimin’s eyes widen.
“I’m not,” you say dryly.
“Oh,” she blinks, “Could’ve sworn you were,” she says off-handedly before she moves out the way, only for Jin to appear behind her with a vacant expression on his face, eyes immediately falling onto your unimpressed figure.
“____?” He furrows his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”
You push past Isa, who you briefly see from the corner of your eye, press two rather friendly kisses onto your husband—well, soon to be ex-husbands—cheeks. She’s always done that, claiming that it was from her French roots even if you knew deep down that she had the hots for her husband. You don’t want to know why she’s here, appropriately right when you and Jin were in the middle of a divorce. Unless she’s representing him as his lawyer, you didn’t want to humour the thought.
“Your mother says you aren’t answering her,” you don’t spare him another glance, or Jimin, who is all but offering you a timid smile right before he shuts the door to the office, leaving you and Jin alone.
“I’ve been busy,” he replies.
“You couldn’t even just send a damn text to your own mother?” you ask irritatedly as you plop into a seat in front of his desk.
“I had Jimin do it,” he says with a frown.
You roll your eyes, bitter that you had to be here—bitter about the divorce—bitter about gorgeous Isa who just left his office. You were bitter about everything, and now you were here, with your soon-to-be ex-husband.
“Really, Jin,” you deadpan, “You couldn’t even spare two seconds to let your mom know that you were—I don’t know—alive?”
He sighs as if you were pointing out irrational facts and not attempting to get him to do things himself for once. To maintain relationships with people without a damn middleman. You were a victim once, and you sure as hell wouldn’t let his mom suffer the same painful fate as you did.
“It’s been hectic at the office,” he says curtly, “I did eventually get back to her.”
“Yeah,” you scoff, “After she visited me at my office.”
“She visited you?” he furrows his brows.
You roll your eyes, “It doesn’t matter. She told me that your brother is planning on proposing and she’s expecting us to be there at the engagement party.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I don’t think I can make it.”
You still.
“The investors planned for a meeting that same week and I—”
“He’s your brother,” you splutter in disbelief, rage slowly assimilating in your blood when Jin shoots you with another blank look that you’ve grown to resent, especially recently.
“I can’t do anything about the investors, ____,” he frowns.
“You’re the CEO!” you balk, “You call the shots. You literally make the rules. He’s getting engaged and you can’t even try to make it?”
His brows turn downwards at your harsh tone, but you were unbothered. The disbelief that marks your face is reflective of how your heart slowly burns in anger, the way that your fists clench by your side. Even now, as you attempt to knock some sense of rationality into Jin—you find yourself exhausted. It’s because—this—is familiar. It’s the same routine you found yourself fighting against, now only applied to his direct family. If you weren’t considered that.
“They’re flying in from the States,” he says pointedly.
“And that matters more than your brother because?” You scoff, narrowing your eyes at him, “Don’t be fucking selfish, Seokjin.”
You don’t think you’ve referred to him as his full name in years. Even before the two of you dated. You always called him Jin because it was more intimate that way. Only business associates that he was professional with called him Seokjin. It was an unspoken rule that Seokjin was the persona he adapted with people that he needed on his side, not people he wanted by his side.
You’re too busy seething to see the way his face drops ever so slightly, but he’s quick to correct himself when he purses his lips at you.
“I’m at crossroads, ____,” he snaps, “On one hand, it’s my brother who I’m going to disappoint, or—it’s the ten investors that are eager on investing in this company. I can’t win—and right now, I need them on my side.”
“I can’t believe that you actually need to choose who’s more important right now,” you laugh humourlessly, eyes meeting his for a split second as you frown. “It’s your family, Seokjin. It’ll always be your family. You choose your family—you—you choose the people you love.”
Your words are venomous and purposeful when you spit at him, immediately pushing yourself off the seat. Your words refer to more than his brother, or his mother. It’s personal—and it hurts. You didn’t want him to see you cry, you don’t think he’d care anyway.
“Wait,” he sighs, following you until he’s at your door, hand blocking you from leaving, “I …”
You turn around, eyes fluttering shut as you even out your breathing. When you open them, it’s intuitive for you to believe that you were able to read him, especially after a decade of being together—but you can’t. Your eyes are blurred with more than just your fatigue, but it’s disappointment too.
“What?” you sigh, “I don’t—I don’t care what you do Seokjin. But just know that when you’re closing whatever damned business deal you have for profits—your family is missing you.”
You turn to leave, not expecting him to do anything further than where you’ve left it at—but his hand reaches for your shoulder to stop you, your body tensing at his touch that you haven’t felt in a long time.
“I’ll,” he begins, nibbling on his lip when you raise a brow at him. It’s the most you’ve gotten out from him in a long time, but it’s not enough for you to read what the hell is going on in his mind. “I’ll be there.”
You roll your eyes, “Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it happen.”
You go to push his hand off but his grip remains firm on your shoulder as he furrows his brows at you.
“We’ll go together,” he says.
You blink.
“I can go there myself,” you clip back curtly.
“They don’t know,” he blinks, “Right?”
He’s talking about the divorce.
Your body stills under his grip as you scowl.
“Of course they don’t,” you snap, “I won’t do that to your mom,” you say softly, “Not now.”
He doesn’t ask you to elaborate, even when your eyes turn sad as they dart to the floor.
“Then we’ll go together,” he says simply, “It’s easier that way.”
You don’t argue anymore because your mind just recalls the conversation you shared with his mother, the woman who’s simultaneously raised you along with your own mother. The woman you’ve shared fond memories with, and the woman whose heart you were inevitably going to break with the news of the divorce.
“Fine,” you sigh, finally shrugging off his hand as you turn towards the door to finally leave.
The door opens, and you’re already halfway out when his voice interrupts you.
“Your dress,” he says softly.
You stop, turning your head slowly as you raise a brow.
“… my dress?” You look down at your attire and you note that it’s a simple knee-length dress that you’ve had for years. It was strapless, but casual enough for you to wear on a daily basis—and definitely nothing noteworthy about it.
“You wore it during our honeymoon,” he states as your body locks at the mention of the memory.
You don’t even remember if you did—so you can’t confirm whether or not he was pulling your leg. But the look that Jin sends you is … you can’t quite put a word to it but it looks soft. Gentle, almost fond. But it goes as quick as it comes before he’s offering you a small smile.
“I don’t remember,” you say bluntly.
His face remains blank, even if there’s a slight drop at his lips.
“Well,” he clears his throat before he steps out of the way to make space for your departure, “You look beautiful.”
The compliment steals your breath away, not because he’s never said it before but because it’s unexpected. It’s unexpected because you were divorcing him, and you haven’t heard those words leave his lips in a long time—directed to you, at least. You’re breathless because your heart is ramming against your chest, and there’s a painful feeling lingering.
You also remember the woman that’s left his office. You know it’s irrational for you to feel this way when you were the one that suggested the divorce. But it’s only proof at his options, especially when he was … he was him.
It’s hope—but you’re not an idiot to allow yourself to burn twice.
“I,” you croak, shaking your head as you manage a tight nod, “Thank you.”
When you leave, you have to force your tears back—without sparing another glance at Jin. When Jimin passes by you, he knows well enough not to ask.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Have you got everything?” Taehyung asks, helping you with the bag filled with Jiho’s things as you snort at his overeagerness of getting you out of the office.
“Yes, Tae, I have,” you say with an amused grin. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you actually cared about my well-being.”
He gasps with a faux sense of offence as he places a hand on his chest, shooting you a look that you roll your eyes at.
“Of course I do!” He pouts, “My boss is getting the break she deserves,” he says before peering down to Jiho, who’s tiredly dozing off in your arms since it was in the wee hours of the morning, “But I’ll definitely miss this one.”
He pokes Jiho softly on the cheek but your son doesn’t even so budge. He’s exhausted, and you were too—but you were more used to staying up late packing last-minute than your son was so you brush his hair gently before placing a soft peck to the crown of his head.
You know Taehyung will miss Jiho, purely because you’ve been at the office more than your home through the past week. You couldn’t bear to return to a space that was void and only had the title of a home when it didn’t feel like it anymore. It was the most difficult explaining to Jiho, who sought his dad’s attention and you couldn’t give it to him. A business trip was the best you got.
“Thank you, by the way,” you smile gratefully at your assistant as the three of you are taken down to the lobby of your office via the lift.
“Don’t,” he says sternly as you giggle softly at his tone, “Thank you for leaving.”
“I knew it,” you narrow your eyes as you stick your tongue out at him. “You’re just happy that I’m gone.”
“It’s four days,” he reminds, “You need a longer break. You’ve been working non-stop.”
You know his jibe is stern despite his light tone, purely because he’s aware of your tendency to ignore your problems by overworking yourself. He’s seen you devote all your energy to reports and analysing data than acknowledge the impending shatter in your heart.
“That’s long enough,” you sigh, “Make sure you—”
“Yes,” he groans as the two of you finally reach the lobby, offering a polite smile toward the receptionist as he returns the gesture. “Did you forget that I’m your assistant? God forbid I’m incompetent.”
You sniff even if you don’t disagree. You didn’t hire him just because he was your friend, but because he’s proven himself over and over again on his capabilities, you needed someone that was lax enough to balance out your perfectionist tendencies but also precise with his work. Taehyung was the perfect mixture of that—so it made sense that he’s stuck with you since you first hired him.
“Call me if you need anything,” you remind as the two of you spot Jin’s car, a sleek range rover fit for the rather long travel. You let out an exhale at the prospect of being in a car with your own husband for the next four hours as you travel out to his family vacation home, but your son needed you—and he needed his dad, so you brace yourself.
“Yes,” he sighs, and you see Jin step out of the car, a t-shirt and sweats combo that you adored him in. You look away.
“Taehyung,” you hear Jin greet your assistant as the two males engage in a rather amicable bro-hug.
“Hey, hyung,” he smiles softly, “How are you?”
You busy yourself with making sure that Jiho’s head doesn’t slip off your shoulders, but you note that your son’s awake this time—sensing the presence of his father as he groggily flutters his eyes open to search for him.
“Could’ve been better,” Jin returns, though not unkindly as his eyes dart towards his son, eyes softening immediately when Jiho calls for him through a mumble.
“Daddy?” He mumbles, immediately shaking out of your grasp as he extends his arms to be held by Jin. You swallow, but you allow Jin to take him from you. He hasn’t seen your son in over a week, and you would never be the person that deprived him from his own blood.
“Jiho,” he whispers, “Tired, bud?”
Your son nods his head, immediately snuggling into the comfort of his father’s chest as you force yourself to look away, distracting your mind as you help Taehyung load your belongings into the boot of Jin’s car.
“Where were you?” Your son asks innocently, “Mama said trip.”
“Yeah,” Jin says breathlessly, eyes meeting yours for a split second as you look away. “Missed you so much.”
“We miss you too,” Jiho pouts, and you don’t correct him when he alludes to you either.
“You okay?” Taehyung whispers, hand clasping your shoulder as you blink away the heat behind your eyelids. It was too early to cry, and you’ve spent the past week crying at random intervals so you were tired of shedding tears.
“I’ll survive,” you smile tightly as Taehyung finally loads the last bag, closing the boot with a button before shuffling back to the curb where Jin continues to cradle your son in his arms.
You’ve known him before you could properly speak, and you intimately recognise the expression on his face. He looks … sad. And it’s the most emotion you’ve seen on his face ever since you approached him with the divorce. You know that the worst part of it all is that Jiho is caught in the crossfire, and what hurts the most is that you didn’t want him to be.
“Thank you,” Jin looks over to Taehyung before he reaches out to give him a semi-awkward hug due to the little boy in his arms. “For taking care of the both of them.”
You almost don’t catch it, but you do despite the hushed tone he takes. Your eyes dart to the ground before you head towards the door to the passenger seat, already too overwhelmed at the break of dawn.
You enter the car, taking a deep breath to even out your breathing and force your tears back. You hated yourself for crying so easily but you knew that it wasn’t just your crybaby tendencies, but it was the pent up emotions that you’ve suppressed for months resurfacing after months of repression. You catch the two men through the side-mirror in a rather intense conversation, though you don’t hear anything of what they’re saying. You know they’re not raising their voices because Jiho finds it peaceful enough to drift off into slumber.
When Taehyung catches your eyes through the side-mirror, he offers you a smile, one that you can’t quite read before he’s patting Jin on the back and giving him one last solemn look.
He’s quick to set Jiho at the backseat, fastening him in the booster seat and placing a soft pillow to support his neck. Your heart both grows fond and tighter when he places a soft kiss on your son’s forehead before carefully shutting the door, quickly entering the driver’s seat as he fastens himself in.
“There’s pineapple juice and gummies, by the way,” Jin breaks the silence as your eyes snap to his figure.
“I know you don’t like travelling without them,” he mentions while he simultaneously setting up the GPS.
“I—thank you,” you reply softly, eyes dropping to the middle console, and in fact, spotting your favourite brand of pineapple juice and gummies sitting comfortably, waiting for your consumption.
You swallow, deciding against digging in immediately.
“My phone’s already connected to the Bluetooth so you can play any song,” he tells you, “The password’s the same.”
Your breath hitches. His password, the one he’s kept since college even if you’ve berated him for it on multiple occasions because of how predictable it was. Your anniversary date, the day when he first asked you to be his girlfriend. Even after you got married, he never changed it to your wedding anniversary date because he didn’t need to. He was that sentimental, proposing to you on the same day as when he first asked you out.
God, what was he doing to your heart?
You don’t say anything when you reach for his phone, and it’s like the universe is dead-set on reminding you of all the memories you shared with him when you spot the picture at the back of his clear phone case.
A polaroid of the both of you on your wedding night, face smushed with cake as the two of you double over in laughter.
Don’t cry, you tell yourself.
You type in the password when Jin finally ignites the engine, pulling out of the lobby as you finally start your four-hour journey. When you scroll through his phone to find the music app, you’re also surprised to see a familiar playlist.
“You still listen to it?” you find yourself asking, despite your heart clenching again.
Jin looks over his shoulder to catch a glance at his phone that was in your hands to see what you were talking about before he nods.
“Yeah,” he shrugs, “I don’t really listen to anything else.”
It’s the playlist the two of you made when you were rather drunk one night during your marriage. A random playlist filled with songs that didn’t really go well together, from upbeat tracks to mellow ballads that have your heart weeping and to R&B songs that set the mood.
It’s the millionth time that you swallow your tears, and you know it’s not going to be the last. It’s because it’s been less than twenty minutes back in close vicinity with Jin when you’re reminded that your lives are both so intertwined with one another that every aspect of his and your lives have remainders of your essences. Whether it be the scarf you precariously spotted at the back of the seat you remember leaving, or whether it was the keychain that dangles from his rearview mirror—or the damn playlist.
It was everything, and it hurt that you had to let it go.
You play a song that’s in the middle. Safe. A quiet tune that filters through the speakers as you turn the volume lower so that it wouldn’t startle your son awake.
“If you get tired halfway just let me know and I can take over,” you inform him.
You’re surprised to hear Jin scoff with a shake of his head, though when you turn to look at him, there’s a small smile on his face.
“You’re a terrible driver, so no,” he laughs.
You gasp, squinting your eyes at him.
You’ve gotten … better. Though your better was still debatably worse than the average person, it was progress nevertheless!
“I won’t get us killed,” you hiss at him, pouting as you cross your arms across your chest, “Besides, I don’t trust myself to drive if you’re not around, anyway.”
You don’t realise what you said, or the implications behind it. But you think Jin does when he flicks his eyes over to you, staring softly as you blatantly miss it to continue pouting while you stare forward, grumbling about being a better driver as he can’t take his eyes off of you.
“Don’t worry,” he says so quietly that you almost miss it, “Get some rest. I’ll drive us.”
You open your mouth to argue but the look he gives you makes you clamp your mouth shut in defeat. In all the times you’ve travelled by car with Jin, you don’t think you’ve ever driven the both of you, or even when Jiho became an addition to the family, because Jin was always so insistent on doing the heavy loaded things.
It was something that both annoyed you, but you were grateful for. You knew when Jin offered to do stereotypically husband things such as carrying the groceries, building furniture or driving you everywhere—it never came from a place where he believed you couldn’t do it. He knew you could because whenever he wasn’t around you did those things yourself, and dare you say, even better than him (with the exception of the driving). It was because he wanted to do these things for you, to have you worry about nothing but just yourself, him and Jiho.
The thoughts plague your mind, and suddenly everything is bitter again. You almost deluded yourself into thinking that things were normal and this was a normal family trip. But it wasn’t. Because you were inevitably going to get divorced, once he signed those papers.
“Hey, Jin?” you call.
He hums noncommittally as you fiddle with your fingers.
“When are you going to sign the papers?”
The question stills in the tense air, and you don’t catch the way his shoulders lock into position at your question.
“Soon,” he says curtly.
You nod your head slowly, eyes drifting out the window as you keep your sigh to yourself.
Yeah, it’d be over soon.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re going the wrong way.”
“I’m literally following the GPS,” he says dryly.
“Then the GPS is wrong,” you snap, “The service is horrible here—god—make a left.”
“I’m not going to be listening to a person who gets mixed up with East and West,” he deadpans.
“That was like—ages ago! I’ve changed!”
“Not taking the chance,” he snorts, going against your very orders of turning left as he makes a right, shooting you a smug look over his shoulder as you glare at him.
“Pull over, I’m driving because I clearly don’t remember taking this road the last time.”
“Roads change, ____,” he groans, “Infrastructure and public goods! It’s government-funded so our tax money damn well better be used for good.”
“Still,” you say petulantly, “You’ve been driving the entire time—it’s time to switch.”
“I never agreed to that,” he says pointedly as you hear your son humming along to the song, giggling every once in a while when you’d get particularly frustrated with Jin.
“You’re going to cramp,” you say.
“I won’t,” he sighs before looking over to you, then into your lap where the gummies lay. “How about you feed me instead?”
You still at the suggestion, the rather intimate one in fact. Though you’ve done this a million times before, bickering during road trips and feeding him—it feels different now. But you know your son is watching, even if he doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, and you didn’t want to throw him off.
“Keep your eyes on the road,” you grumble before pouring out some gummies into your hand and shoving it towards him.
His eyes briefly cast downwards before ignoring your hand, eyes returning to the road as you gawk at his blatant dismissal.
“Um, hello?” you say in disbelief, “Gummies?”
You wiggle your hand in front of his face but he’s still ignoring you, a somewhat smug expression on his face as you scowl even further.
“Do you want gummies or not?” You snap.
“I do,” he shrugs, “I asked you to feed me, didn’t I?”
You give him a bland look.
“They’re literally right there.”
“You know what feeding means, right?” he sighs dramatically, “You do that with Jiho. You know—feeding someone. Putting food in their mouth.”
“I’ll put something in your mouth all right,” you grit as he grins, “My fist.”
“Please,” he whines as you roll your eyes, “My hands are on the steering wheel. You’re always telling me to keep two hands on the wheel yet you’re making me feed myself?” He pouts and you can’t believe this is a thirty-five-year-old man that’s speaking. “That hardly seems—”
You’ve had enough of his complaints as you begrudgingly smack your hand towards his mouth, effectively feeding him a gummy as he nearly chokes while his eyes bulge out of his sockets.
“Ow!—what the f—?” you glare at him at his near slip up as he clears his throat, “That hurt.”
“Oh, really,” you hum blandly, “Would you like another?” You smile plastically at him as he pouts.
“Yes please, but spare my lips,” he mutters.
You roll your eyes but listen to him anyway. You didn’t want to startle him into swerving off the road so you feed him the next gummy gentler. But you’ve underestimated Jin’s ability to be exasperating as he ends up biting your finger in retaliation for your previous stunt.
“Ow!” you hiss, glaring at him as you go to flick his forehead.
All he does is snicker, even if he does manage to dodge your finger.
“Revenge,” he says childishly, sticking a tongue out at you.
“You’re so annoying,” you seethe.
“You love it,” he smiles over his shoulder—and you freeze.
He realises what he’s said only when he spots your frozen expression. He’s about to rectify the mistake and dissipate the tension that arose, but your son is intercepting before Jin can make the shot.
“Love!” he giggles, innocent and childlike, “Love mama and daddy.”
Your eyes filter to the back as you see your son giggling, cheeks bulged as he smiles widely at you. For a split second, you’re reminded of Jin when he was a toddler, with puffy cheeks and a cheeky grin as your eyes soften at him. He really did look like Jin, much to your initial disappointment when he looked more like Jin’s child than your own. Even if your parents and in-laws said that Jiho had your eyes.
“Love you, bubs,” you coo, reaching out to squeeze his chubby fingers as he smiles wider.
“Love you,” Jin replies as well, eyes soft when he catches his son’s expression through the rearview mirror.
“Say it!” he babbles, huffing as you raise a brow.
“Love you, Jiho—”
“No no no,” he harrumphs, cutely folding his arms across his chest as you attempt to figure out what his toddler mind was getting at. “Each other—mama and daddy.”
You get it soon enough, and your expression drops completely as you feel the anxiety rise in your throat.
You were getting a divorce. Your son had no idea. He asked you to declare your love to Jin. Why did you feel oddly targeted right now, by a four-year-old, no less!
“Jiho—” you laugh, attempting to distract him but your son is persistent.
“Mama,” he scolds with a frown and you curse yourself for giving him the one trait of your own that you couldn’t bear to deal with yourself, “Say.”
You glance over to Jin who’s already giving you a passing look, a rather earnest expression marring his face as you clear your throat. Suddenly, everything’s more intense, and all you can see is his face. There was a time where the two of you abused your I love you’s that it was the first thing you heard in the morning and the last thing you heard at night. So why was it so difficult now? Why was it difficult to tell a little white lie in front of your son?
Perhaps it’s because the love never disappeared, from your end at least. And maybe that’s why all of this is all the more painful.
Before your son can throw a tantrum at your silence, Jin is reaching over the console to grasp your hand in his in a familiar manner as he brings your knuckle up to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to it.
When your head turns to him with your eyes wide in shock, he doesn’t break eye contact even as you’re about to yell at him for not looking at the road.
“Love you,” he whispers, and you don’t know if Jiho had even heard it with how soft he’s said it, but you think he does because he stops whining.
All you can do is stare at him, especially at how earnestly the confession leaves his lips. But you remember that it’s fruitless to keep hope, to have your heart flutter at his low voice—because the divorce papers existed, and it’s the first time in a while that you’ve heard it, and it was only because your son demanded so.
You pull your hand away, albeit roughly as your eyes dart out the window to distract yourself, to suck up the tears again.
You’re looking away quick enough that you don’t catch the crestfallen expression on Jin’s face.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Jiho-yah,” Jin’s mother immediately runs up to your son rather than greet you or Jin as your son excitedly receives the hug, squeezing into his grandmother’s arms as he lifts him up.
“Halmeoni,” he giggles, “Miss you!”
Your face softens as you see the way Jin’s mother presses wet smooches on both of your son’s cheeks, accompanied slowly by your father-in-law, who’s far more mellowed down than his wife, as he greets you with a wide grin.
“Is this a way to greet your father-in-law?” He jokes when you simply smile at him as you roll your eyes at his light jibe.
“Come here,” you sigh playfully, opening your arms to embrace him as you feel the comfort of a familiar father figure.
“Yes, let’s ignore your actual son, right?” Jin snorts, huffing as he lugs your belongings onto the porch.
His mother’s ears perk up as she shoots him a stern glare that still doesn’t fail to have him cowering. Mother’s really are terrifying when they wanted to be.
“At least she responds to messages,” his mother narrows her eyes at him as Jin smiles meekly in response, probably regretting his words, “I know you’re grown but I’m still your mother—I’ll take you out of that damned company and put you under house arrest."
“Mom,” he exasperates, ears flushed as you snicker at him.
“House arrest?” Jiho repeats, confused.
You pick him up before pressing a kiss in between his brows to soothe the furrow.
“Daddy’s being dumb,” you explain.
“Gang up on me, all right,” Jin snorts, already heading towards the door to bring your stuff in.
His father pats him on the back before shooting him a pointed look.
“A word of advice son,” he murmurs with a low voice, “you’re never right. Your wife is.”
Jin sighs, and you can’t help the amused grin that makes its way onto your face. Even if he had referred to you as his wife—and you knew that it wouldn’t be the case for long, it feels nice to be with them again, even if your utopia would eventually get destroyed.
“The guest room on the second floor is for the kids,” his mother informs, “Jin’s cousins are bringing their children along as well so Jiho won’t be alone.”
You smile gratefully towards her as you guide Jiho towards the home, while the rest of them follow slowly behind.
When you enter, you’re immediately greeted by Jin’s older brother, another familiar figure that you’re grinning widely at as he enthusiastically extends his arms that you immediately jump into.
Jiho’s following close by, tiny figure wrapping around his uncle’s legs as Seokjung picks the little one up with ease.
“Ah, my favourite sister,” he coos playfully, pinching your cheek as you roll your eyes.
“Your only sister,” you correct pointedly.
He’s always referred to you as his sister, even before you married Jin—purely because he was there for you like an older brother was. Since he was two years older than Jin, meaning he was five years older than you, he always looked out for you and took care of you when you were children—and you were immensely grateful for that.
“Semantics,” he waves you off before pressing a kiss to Jiho’s cheek, “Missed you, buddy.”
“You too samchon,” Jiho quips back cheerfully, “Noona?”
He’s referring to Ah-reum, and Seokjung only grins wider.
“She’s coming in two days,” he informs in a hushed whisper, “I’m going to propose to her.”
Jiho tilts his head to the side cutely in confusion.
“Pro-propose?” He mumbles as you laugh softly, patting his head in fondness.
“I want to marry noona,” he whispers with a wink.
“Like—mama? Daddy?” he gasps.
“Like mama and daddy,” Seokjung nods as you swallow.
You look away, feeling like a fraud, especially when at that very moment, Jin brushes up against you with a gentle hand to the small of your back that you flinch at. The look he sends you is concerned, but you know it’s because of what his brother had said. Of course, it was, it couldn’t be anything else.
“Come Jiho,” you say softly, “Let’s get you into your room, yeah?”
He nods eagerly before you’re shooting Seokjung an apologetic smile.
“Hey,” he calls right as you turn, Jin close by your side. “Are you … are you okay?”
The question makes you freeze for a moment as you attempt to school your face and power through the grimace that almost appears.
“Of course,” you clip, “Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to,” you say through a tight smile before squeezing his shoulder before you’re turning on your heel, face immediately dropping.
Jin almost chases after you, but he decides against it when you distract yourself by fiddling with the hem of your son’s pants. It was a habit of yours, finding solace in your son because he’d never do you or anyone wrong, though you could’ve been biased because you played a part in creating him and pushing him out of your vagina.
He wouldn’t do you wrong, you think as he mumbles about marriage under his breath. You really wished he wasn’t so curious.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“I forgot how big your family was,” you say a little breathlessly as you escape the fifth aunt of the hour asking about your life and work. That was fine, small talk was okay. Not asking when baby number two was coming along when you were divorcing their precious nephew.
“Sorry,” Jin winces, moving over so that you could plop onto the rattan chair, “it gets bigger every year because of the kids.”
You know that’s true because, for some reason, Jin’s family was as fertile as a fertility clinic. You were sure that they could single-handedly repopulate the human species if Thanos really did snap half the universe away. It’s also probably the reason why Jin managed to get you pregnant three months into your marriage, four years ago.
“Jiho’s trying to break up an argument between the twins,” you sigh when you tilt your head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of your son helplessly standing in the middle of two older kids as they banter back and forth. Your son was too sweet for his own good, but it was also way too amusing to see his eyebrows furrow as he attempts to get their attention.
“Maybe we should tell our son to not waste his time doing impossible things,” he snorts.
“It’s good character development,” you reason, “It’ll teach him to acknowledge his potential.”
Jin shoots you a dry look before turning his head to the scene where the twins were now tugging at each other’s locks like they were in the tug of war as your son can only watch the scene unfold. You really should tell him that that wasn’t how you resolved conflict, even if their parents humourlessly stand by and allow it to happen.
“I’m not giving our son ammunition for his villain origin story,” he scoffs, “I’m going there—”
“Relax,” you stop him from moving any further with a gentle hand to his bicep out of habit, even if your brain stutters for a split second as you clear your throat, “Your mom’s got him.”
As you’d also like to call her, the heroine of the day, Jin’s mother picks up her grandson before cooing something that you can’t hear from how far you are. You’re thankful when she makes eye contact with you, offering a wink before she’s showing him off to her family members.
The sight makes your heart fond because everyone seemed to love Jiho, you really don’t blame them. You fell in love with Jiho before he was born and you would love him until you didn’t know love anymore. You never knew that being a mother would be this monumental for you, in fact, you never knew if you wanted children anyway.
But when things were … brighter. Jin was the only reason you needed. Then, you wouldn’t have wanted to do this parenting thing with anyone else. The bitter thought of co-parenting plagues your mind and the anxiety of attempting to explain the situation to your son doesn’t ease your nerves at all. Even thinking about telling Jin’s family has you feeling nauseous—you were the real villain. The heartbreaker of it all.
“It’s been a while,” he says, snapping you out of your thoughts as you blink up at him.
“It’s been a while since we,” he looks down to his cup before throwing back the last bit of orange juice in it, “Since we had a vacation.”
You snort, “I’d hardly call this a vacation. There are screaming kids and your brother is having ten mental breakdowns a day before the actual proposal.”
“I mean, I guess,” he shrugs, “We just haven’t had the time—to take one. This is nice.”
You don’t know what he’s implying but you know it makes your heart clench at the insinuation. You almost wanted to bitterly add that you tried to make time despite your own busy schedule. It was him that put it off. It was him that didn’t have the time.
“Yeah,” you say quietly, too tired to fight, “It is.”
“Why”—he hesitates for a second as his eyebrows furrow while you raise a brow at the sudden jerk of his tone—“why did you suggest—?”
Your head turns, and you recognise the voice before you see the approaching figure and you already feel sick to your stomach. Not because you knew what Jin was going to say before he was cut off, but because of the person that comes into your vision. You should’ve seen it coming, really, because this was Seokjung’s engagement party and it wouldn’t make sense if—
“Chahee?” Jin greets in confusion before he’s being pulled into a tight embrace.
“Don’t be a stranger,” she whines, “Weren’t you going to come to say hi?”
Your jaw ticks as you look away from the scene before you.
When there was you and Jin, there was also Chahee and Jin. They’ve never dated, though you knew that if the opportunity presented itself, she’d be the first person up in line anyway. But with every relationship, also came with relationship troubles and unfortunately for you, Chahee was the instigator for most of your relationship insecurities with Jin.
It’s because you weren’t the only person that was a constant in Jin’s life—she was too.
Of course, she’d be here, and of course, she’d still look at Jin with a determination to make him hers. Even if you’re here, face blank as you wait and see if she’d actually acknowledge you this time.
“I,” he swallows, eyes darting to you, fully aware of what her presence implies. But your head is trained to the side, pointedly ignoring it for the sake of your sanity. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
She scoffs as if he’s said something absurd, which in retrospect, he did—because clearly, she’d be here. Where he goes, she’ll try her best to be there.
“Of course, I am!” She chirps, “It’s Seokjung’s big day—and besides, I missed you.”
You nearly roll your eyes to the back of your head and the audacity of this fucking chick. Sure, you were divorcing him, but to everyone else—you were his wife. And you were very much still together, even if it felt like it’s ended months ago.
“It’s good to see you,” he smiles politely, not making much effort to pull away when she rubs at the back of his neck. You’d clock her if you weren’t civilised, but instead, you take a sip of your drink and hope it doesn’t end up in her face.
“You too,” she smiles flirtatiously before she decides to finally acknowledge you. You think it’s a new record. “____, you’re here.”
She sounds much less enthusiastic than before, and you don’t blame her—nor do you plaster a smile on your face. Instead, you tilt the drink up to her and nod your head, giving her a less than a satisfactory greeting. You couldn’t even bother clarifying the obvious because you were Seokjung’s sister-in-law, Jin’s wife; and the mother to the adorable boy who’s currently stealing the show. Silence was a pettier option.
Her fake smile drops when she realises that you weren’t bothered, and you’re glad she doesn’t attempt to be plastic with you anymore when you’re fully aware that she’d sleep with Jin if given the chance.
“What’s up with her?” You hear her mutter to him as you roll your eyes, pushing yourself up to leave the two of them alone.
Alarmed, Jin hastily grabs your arm before you can leave, “She’s—uh, not feeling well.”
“I’m feeling—”
“Acting up at a family event?” Chahee scoffs. You would seriously slap her.
“Listen—” you sigh.
“Pregnancy,” Jin blurts as you nearly stumble from how flabbergasted you are, “You know hormones—not easy.”
You would seriously slap him too.
“You’re … pregnant?” she says slowly, jaw slackening as you see her eyes darken.
“Don’t listen—”
“We need to get you indoors,” Jin smiles tightly, “The sun—yeah. Not good for the baby.”
Before you can even get another word in, Jin’s dragging you into the house as you yelp, spotting the last glare that Chahee sends you before she’s downing the alcoholic beverage in one-go and stomping off somewhere.
When you’re settled into a private corner in the kitchen, only then do you yank away your arm from Jin with a menacing glare.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you snap.
“Look, I’m sorry,” he sighs, “She was—she’s crazy.”
“And you had to be crazy too?” you ask incredulously, “How the fuck would telling her that I’m pregnant solve anything?”
“It’s to get her to back off!” he hisses.
“If a baby would get her to back off then she would’ve done that when I was pregnant with Jiho,” you say dryly.
“I panicked, okay,” he exasperates.
You scowl.
“Well fix it,” you snap, “We’re getting divorced, Jin. Chahee’s going to run her mouth and if it gets to any of your family members then there’s no way we can break our split to them.”
You sound much more bitter than you’d anticipated, but who would sound neutral or happy when speaking about a divorce? With someone you still cared deeply about, no less. But you’re slightly surprised when you see Jin’s face harden at the reminder.
“Is that what you care about?” he blinks.
You give him a weird look before sighing, turning your back to him as you find yourself a glass to pour some water.
“Jin, it’s due time,” you sigh, “I don’t want to make this harder for your family—”
“For them,” he laughs humourlessly, “You’re thinking about how the divorce is going to be hard for them.”
You blink at his sharp tone.
“… yes?” you say slowly, “We grew up together, Jin. Obviously the divorce would crush them.”
“You”—he blinks—“you’re thinking about them but you didn’t for one second to wonder how I felt?”
You freeze.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah,” he exhales with a tight chuckle, “You really decided that it was over by yourself, didn’t you?”
You don’t appreciate his tone, nor do you appreciate the accusation. Not when you’ve spent literal months and sleepless nights agonising over your decision while you mulled every possible solution, crying over the demise and when you finally decided to take that step forward. You don’t appreciate it—especially when you did your best.
“You didn’t say anything!” you seethe. “You never say anything! You took the damn papers and flipped through to them like it was one of your business contracts.” “How did you expect me to react?” he exclaims, throwing his hands into the air as his voice raises. “I was caught off-guard!"
You scoff, “Really? That’s your excuse?” You narrow your eyes at him as you jab a finger into his chest. “Don’t give me shit for not considering how you felt when you’ve given me no indication that you gave a shit about this marriage at all.”
“Of course I give a shit about this marriage!” He says in disbelief.
“Do you, Seokjin?” you say bitterly, and the name returns along with the drop in his expression. “You don’t. I don’t know what you feel about anything anymore. It’s stopped being a marriage a long time ago. The divorce would’ve come either way.” You finish in a whisper.
“And you decided that for us?” ye snaps.
“Yes, Seokjin, I did,” you sneer, “I decided for us because we don’t even talk anymore. Every time I try to reach out to you—I took ten steps backwards from where I started and I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continue feeling like a placeholder in this marriage instead of your wife.”
“You’re not—” his eyes soften as he reaches out to you while you flinch, eyes darting to the ground.
“Don’t,” you whisper harshly, “Don’t you dare comfort me now, Kim Seokjin. Not when it took the actual divorce for you to be apologetic.”
The kitchen is silent, and it’s deafening, especially when the outside chatter filters in through the slips of the divider. You know they can’t see you through the tinted windows, but it’s a stark contrast with how people are outside laughing while your marriage falls apart under the same roof.
“So that’s it?” he says softly, “Ten years of dating and four years of marriage?”
“Don’t you dare,” you repeat again, weaker, “I wanted this to work out more than anyone else.”
“Then why aren’t you fighting,” he hisses, stepping closer as he attempts to get you to look at him.
You can’t.
“I’ve been fighting,” you return vehemently, though your resolve is weak at best. “I’ve been fighting on my own for the past four months to save this marriage and you—you just …” your eyes flutter shut as you feel the first tear fall. You don’t want to look at him. “You didn’t fight, Seokjin. You were the one that did this to us.”
“____,” he calls your name.
You step away, furiously swiping under your eyes as you attempt to keep the last few bits of your tears back.
“No more burdens, Seokjin,” you smile sadly, “Stop making this harder than it has to be and sign the papers.”
“You should go look for Chahee,” you say softly, and you know your words are purposeful with its double-meaning.
You’re already excusing yourself to your room, the godforsaken room you were forced to share with Jin before you catch the way his face drops completely.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s been radio silent between you and Jin ever since your conversation from yesterday, and you’re both thankful and frustrated. It’s proven difficult to maintain an amicable distance from him when you were meant to be in love and married, along with your son who’s none the wiser.
Seokjung’s nervously pacing back and forth in the living room, but it’s not because of how large his family is—or that he has an audience to please with his grand show. It’s the prospect of proposing to Ah-reum, even if he was madly in love with her.
Right now, he’s not listening to anyone, even his own mother, the same person that would play the level-headed role in situations like these. It’s almost concerning when he mutters incoherencies under his breath, a slip-of the tongue that revealed his fear and desire to leave.
Your eyes widen as you walk towards the anxious man, leaving Jiho with your father-in-law who only smiles at you gratefully.
“Hey,” you say softly, reaching out to clasp his shoulder as he nearly stumbles from being startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s fine,” he exhales, rubbing a hand across his face before his eyes are nervously darting towards the door where Ah-reum could enter at any moment, according to his cousin, “God—I’m going to puke."
“You’re okay,” you reassure him gently, eyes searching for his as he nearly doubles over in anxiety, “You’re good.”
“Am I?” he chokes, “God, I haven’t felt this nervous ever since I had to submit my Master’s thesis.”
You snort, even if you pat his back affectionately.
“It’s normal to feel nervous,” you promise.
“Is it?” he says softly, “I love her—I do. But … but why does this feel so scary?”
You give him a small smile while he peers up at you with panicked eyes. Despite him being relatively older than you were, he looked very much like his younger self right now. Nerves and wide-eyes as he contemplates a decision that would very much change the course of his life.
“It’s because you love her you’re scared,” you explain, “Change will always feel scary, and proposing to Ah-reum is a huge change in your life. Nothing will make this easier, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Once you overcome that initial barrier, you’re going to thank yourself for taking that leap of faith.”
He groans, cradling his face into his hands as your eyes widen alarm, afraid if you said the wrong thing.
“You know,” he says suddenly, eyes darting up, “It’s a little reassuring to know that Jin went through this before I did.”
At the mention of his brother, your hand tenses on his shoulder—but you don’t think he notices. Or at least you hope he doesn’t.
“Way to throw your brother under the bus,” you chuckle.
“No, really,” he snorts, shaking his head fondly as if he was recalling those days. “You know, at first I thought it was too early for him to be proposing.”
Your eyes widen at the new set of information.
“Yeah,” he says breathlessly, “Don’t tell him I told you that, though. He’d kill me,” he says in a low whisper as you laugh, a little sadly purely because he didn’t have to worry about that. You weren’t even talking to Jin. “I knew the two of you were endgame—but getting married? That’s next-level commitment.”
“I mean,” you say bashfully, eyes darting to the ground.
“But now, looking back …” he trails off wistfully, “It made sense.”
He’s the second person who’s told you that within the span of the past week and you’re left more conflicted than ever. His words came during a time where you were contemplating on splitting up with Jin, so you have no idea what to feel, especially when you’ve convinced yourself that the divorce was the decision that made sense.
“Everyone keeps saying that,” you mumble.
Seokjung snorts, “Because it’s true. You ground each other, you know?” He murmurs with a smile, “I mean more so you to him,” he finishes as you giggle at his hushed whisper.
“I’m clearly the more level-headed one,” you say jokingly with a small smile.
“Yeah,” he agrees easily as the two of you share a laugh. “Early or late, the two of you are meant for each other.”
You ignore the way your heart pangs, the reminder that you once thought that was the case too until reality hit you hard.
“Maybe we did get married too early,” you mention quietly.
Seokjung raises a brow at your statement, and you realise the little slip-up too late as you purse your lips in a moment of panic.
“Are the two of you okay?” he asks with a concerned gaze, taking your hand into his.
You let out a shaky breath before smiling at him, the gesture not quite reaching your eyes.
“Don’t worry about us,” you tell him, “It’s your day.”
He frowns.
“Yeah, but you’re my sister and he’s my—”
“I’m fine,” you say curtly, realising your tone as his face drops before you sigh. “I—I am, really. Please don’t worry about us, okay? You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to.”
You nudge him on the shoulder to cock your head towards the door where you see his aunt frantically waving her arms, indicating that Ah-reum was near, and all retort that was about to leave his lips dies on his tongue as his eyes widen while he vigorously pats down his pants to search for the ring.
“God—fuck, shit godamnit,” he curses, fumbling ever so slightly as you giggle, squeezing his shoulder one last time before you’re shooting him a thumbs up along with a cheeky grin.
Good luck, you mouth—but he doesn’t see it.
The door opens and Ah-reum enters; Seokjung cries before he can get the words out but she knows. She knows because they’re in love.
You suppose love makes you know things. You look away because you’re starting to cry too, and when you do—you search for Jin on instinct, but he’s already looking at you.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Did daddy cry when proposing to mama?” Jiho asks Jin innocently when you’re close enough to catch it.
“No,” Jin says honestly, brushing a stray hair away from his face as Jiho snuggles into his chest. His sigh is clear as day. “Was too happy to cry."
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Hey,” you whisper, nudging Jin with your knuckles as he stirs in his sleep, groggily fluttering his eyes open as you shoot him an apologetic smile.
“Your back,” you say quietly, “Sleep on the bed.”
“I’m not sleeping yet,” you say before your eyes are darting to anywhere but the face you yearn to hold. “Just … please. It’d make me feel a lot better if you were sleeping on your own bed than on this couch.”
He doesn’t argue with you, likely too exhausted from the events of the day to find it in him to challenge you like usual. You’re thankful for the sense of normalcy, even if you’re still tiptoeing around him. Even if the remnants of your conversation is the reason why you’ve encountered yet another sleepless night.
You don’t tell him this because it’s been months since you’ve confided him. Telling him what was bothering you didn’t fit in the context of your situation right now, and besides—he was too tired. He needed to drive.
Jin stumbles off the couch and you’re grateful that the room you were sharing had a couch inside, to begin with. You had no idea how to explain the fact that you and your husband weren’t sharing a bed to your in-laws, and you didn’t want to. It saved the hassle.
(Even if he’d take a part of you to sleep every night when he rests his head against the throw pillow than on the bed.)
He shuffles into the room, quietly shutting the door behind him to not wake anyone else up. The kids' room was a good distance away, but some of them had really acute hearing and he likely didn’t want to risk that. You didn’t need to spend another half an hour trying to get Jiho to sleep.
You sigh deeply, brushing a hand through your hair as your feet takes you towards the second-floor kitchen (and yes, Jin’s family was that wealthy to have a kitchen attached to each floor) as you prepare yourself a cup of hot milk. It’s a drink you’ve made over and over throughout the years, the same brand of carton milk always remains in the fridge—and you knew it was about the Kim’s had relatively picky eating habits.
It’s different this time because you’re making one instead of two, a lone cup that’s usually accompanied by another makes you sadder. It makes your heart hurt all over again and you’re exhausted. You’re drained but you can’t sleep because your body remains active due to the way that your mind runs miles.
You focus on the milk because maybe it’ll hurt less when you don’t think. But it doesn’t—because the stupid fucking milk only reminds you of him. The man in his room, snoozing away while you lose sleep all over again.
You’re momentarily absorbed in the way that the residue from the milk swirls in the cup to notice or hear the shuffling of feet beside you, but it’s too late because when you turn you nearly scream.
You’re surprised to see Jin’s mother standing there as you place a hand to your chest to ease your racing heart.
“I nearly screamed,” you confess, shaking your head as she smiles apologetically at you.
“I tend to do that,” she says, “My husband’s always telling me I move like I’m avoiding a footprint.”
You laugh at that, not disagreeing as you mindlessly stir your drink.
“It’s late, eomeonim,” you say with a concerned look, “Is everything okay?”
She gives you a kind smile before she looks over her shoulder.
“Heard something in the kitchen and woke up,” she tells you as your face grimaces in embarrassment, “Shall we head to the office to talk?”
You nod your head mutely, unsure on why she’s decided to stay away even if it nearly approaches two am, but you don’t argue with her. Instead, she guides you towards the study, a comfortable room where you can speak freely without worrying too much about waking others. Your thoughts run a lot more liberally in here, despite the ache in your chest.
You take a seat on the couch, noting that it’s changed. You haven’t been here in a while, yet it remained homey with a much-needed replacement.
“Are you okay?” you ask softly, “I’m sorry I woke you up.”
She waves you off.
“I couldn’t sleep anyway,” she says.
Your eyebrows furrow in concern. “Is there something wrong?”
She sighs, staring wistfully to the side as you see her throat move as she swallows. The longer the silence ensues, the antsier you grew. Was she okay? Did something happen to her? Is she—?
“You and Jin are getting a divorce.”
You nearly drop your glass as you spill some of the contents on your t-shirt, hissing at the stain. But you can’t even be bothered to reach for a tissue to clean at it when you’re looking up with a horrified expression to meet your mother-in-law's face.
“I—eomeonim—how?” you splutter, cheeks flushed in mortification.
“I overheard the two of you,” she says simply, “And Jin left his laptop open and I saw an email from Jimin regarding the papers.”
You don’t know what to say because you’re absolutely mortified. More importantly, you feel ashamed. Ashamed because she found out due to you and Jin’s shouting in the kitchen and his carelessness. Not from you yourself.
“I’m sorry,” you croak, emotions slowly overwhelming you as she looks at you with an unreadable expression.
“Why are you apologising, my sweet girl?” she says softly, immediately reaching out to you to wrap her arms around you as a mother would. And right now, she wasn’t your mother-in-law—but a woman who’s seen you grow alongside her own two children. You weren’t disappointing your mother-in-law but your second mother.
“I-I’m s-sorry,” you choke, tears immediately falling the tighter she holds you, “I-I’m s-so sorry. I-I tried—I didn’t—want to but—I-I’m sorry.”
Your words are slurred the harder you cry, pathetically shoving your face into her shoulder as she holds you. The dam breaks, unleashing the emotions you’ve held in for so long in the arms of a mother. She doesn’t say anything but brushes your hair, holding you a little tighter when your tears stain her nightgown.
You don’t know why you’re crying so hard. Maybe it’s because it seems all too real now, with Jin’s mother knowing. Her words only solidify the fact that your marriage was nearly over and you couldn’t do anything. The ghost of Jin’s words from a day earlier still remain clear to you, and maybe—it was really your fault.
You decided it was over.
“____,” she calls you softly as you continue to sniffle in her arms, frustrated at the fact that your tears weren’t stopping. “Look at me, dear.”
You force yourself to obey even if you can’t bear to, the humiliation of her finding out this way still tormenting you.
“I’m sorry, eom—”
“Please don’t say sorry,” she holds your face in her hands, forcing your puffy eyes to look at her.
“But it’s,” you choke, unable to look at her without wanting to cry. “It’s—my fault.”
“It’s not your fault,” she replies vehemently, swiping at your tears for you, “It’s not your fault.” She repeats in a softer tune.
“I wanted the divorce, eomeonim,” your lips wobble when you speak, words shakily escaping past your lips, “It’s all my fault.”
“I’m sorry,” she says instead as you nearly knock your forehead with hers at how fast you try to pull away, appalled that she was the one apologising.
“Why are you—?” your brows furrow in confusion when she holds onto you a little tighter.
“I’m not just Jin’s mother or your mother-in-law,” she says softly, “I’m a person and I see that you’re hurting. I’m apologising because you don’t deserve this.”
You swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes look up to the ceiling to stop your tears.
“I know mothers-in-law will side with their son,” she says, “But I won’t. Because Jin made a mistake and now you’re suffering because of him.”
“It’s not his fault,” you reply quietly.
You know that you blamed him earlier, but deep down—you could never blame Jin. You were the one that brought forward the divorce, and if you decided to keep fighting then maybe … maybe it wouldn’t hurt this much.
“I don’t know,” she sighs, “I don’t want to invalidate your feelings, that’s the last thing I want to do but …” she trails off as you stare at her expectantly, “I don’t know who he is without you, ____.”
You bite your lips to prevent yourself from crying again.
“Please don’t think of this as me trying to convince you to stay with him,” she begs, “If you’re unhappy, I rather you leave him than punish yourself.” You nod your head, eyes darting to your lap as she continues. “But I spoke to Jin.”
Your eyes immediately dart up in surprise as your eyes widen.
“Right after,” she continues softly, “I caught him before he went to bed and …” her eyes begin to water and you think you’re about to break again. “I haven’t seen him cry since your wedding day.”
Her confession knocks the wind out of you as you find yourself gasping, tears immediately leaving your eyes. The realisation that Jin cried, to his mother makes your heart clench. You knew that Jin wasn’t much of a crier himself—he didn’t even cry when Jiho was born. Nor was he the type to cry in front of his mother. He held his ego at a high level even if that irked you at times, so the news only makes you more devastated.
“I don’t know what he said to you per se,” she whispers, “But he loves you. He loves you so much—and that goddamn idiot doesn’t know how to do anything but work and I’m sorry for that. I shouldn’t be apologising on my son’s behalf but I want to. I want to because I love you as my daughter and I want to see you happy.”
“Eomeonim …” you croak, reaching your hand up to cover hers that lay on your face.
“Please, if you call me that I think I’m going to bawl,” she laughs quietly as you find yourself giggling along, despite the way it gets stuck in your throat. “My son is stupid. So stupid. Please—please talk to him. If it …” she swallows, “If it doesn’t work out—I’ll support you, either way. Just please, don’t leave whatever questions you have unanswered.”
You nod your head, chest feeling slightly lighter but burdened nevertheless.
“I will,” you say softly, “I promise.”
You walk her back to her room after, hugging her tightly at her door as she pushes past it, sniffling ever so slightly before retreating into the dark room.
You make your way quietly back to your room, mind weighed with different thoughts plaguing every crevice of your brain. You didn’t know what to make of her confession or statement. You wanted to believe her that Jin still loved you—but you didn’t know. You couldn’t know because you don’t remember the last time he held you, or maybe you did and it was months ago.
Your feet stop right in front of the door as you hesitate to reach for the knob. He was asleep, anyway. You decide to push, slowly turning as you slip into the dark room.
It wasn’t dark.
And Jin was awake.
He’s awake and sat in his bed, something resting on his lap as he uses the nightlight beside him to flip through it. He hears the intrusion as you stand, frozen, and his eyes lift to meet yours.
You think this is the first time in a while that you’ve seen him like this, in bed and comfortable with a slight puffiness to his eyes while his shirt remains wrinkled—the proof of his comfort. Your heart clenches because you missed this—missed returning to him in bed, soft and warm as you press against him.
And the dam breaks for the second time that night.
You don’t know what compels you to run to him, or allow him to hold you while you sob into his arms—but you do. You practically leap onto him, body curling pathetically into his side as he holds you like he’s afraid you’d slip away. He lets you cry your eyes out, he lets you cry until snot is unattractively running down your nose and staining his t-shirt. He lets you, because he hasn’t let you feel him for a long time.
You instantly melt into his hold, missing his warmth. And when your eyes briefly fall into his lap to get a glimpse of what he was staring at, you cry even harder.
Tumblr media
It was a banner you made for his twenty-ninth birthday, right after the two of you got married. Your then favourite pictures of Jin stained every surface of the banner, some edges wearing off due to age—and you remember each moment so vividly.
From taking a picture of him when he was taking a picture of you, to when he was making you breakfast in the morning, to his birthday as you smashed cake into his face, the flowers he got you when he broke your favourite cup, your fishing trip—everything. You remember it.
You sob harder, clutching onto his t-shirt as he tucks your face into the crook of his neck, pressing a soft kiss into your hair. You were so tired of crying but it was all you could do.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers after your sobs turn into tireless chokes, “I’m so sorry.”
“I hate you,” you cry, hitting his chest while he lets you, “Why are you so stupid.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I’m stupid. Hate me. Do anything you want to me.”
“I-I”—you croak, still slamming your fists into his chest weakly as you helplessly flutter your eyes shut—“I don’t hate you.” You finish quietly, your truth surfacing as you note that his eyes soften at your defeated tone.
Your emotions are everywhere and frankly, you can’t really think with how you’re pressed against his body like you never wanted him to let go. Right now, you didn’t. You wanted to be held, vulnerable and teary while he soothes you with his gentle touches.
You can’t stop the tears, way too overwhelmed to even process the fact that Jin doesn’t shift away one bit, hand clutching the back of your head as he rubs circles against your scalp. Who were you to pull away?
You sniffle pathetically before you pull away ever so slightly, flushed and embarrassed at the sudden loss of control over your emotions.
“Are you done?” he asks softly, referring to your tears as you pull away to swipe under your eyes.
“I don’t know,” you whisper, “I still feel like crying.”
“Then cry,” he replies gently, “I’ll be here to hold you.”
You want to hit him because his words only spur the tears on.
“I just wanted you,” you whisper, “I only wanted you …” your lips wobble when you look up at him.
“I’m sorry,” he repeats, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead, “I know sorry won’t erase the pain I’ve caused you but that’s all I can offer for now.”
“Why did you—why did you just”—you sniff pathetically—“why didn’t you fight me. Why didn’t you stop me.”
“I thought it would make you happy,” he pulls away, and you both know how absurd his excuse sounds but you’re too tired to fight. “I only wanted you to be happy.”
“You idiot,” you hiss through a clogged nose, “You would’ve made me happy.” You say softly. “I wanted to be happy with you.”
“You make me happy too,” he says softly into your hair.
You’re still angry, and you’re tired. But even if there were things you were unsure about, you missed being close to Jin more than anything.
“Your mom said you were stupid,” you murmur.
He laughs quietly, pulling you closer to his chest.
“I am,” he agrees.
The silence returns but it’s no longer as suffocating as the past few days have been. It’s more reflective than not and you’re thankful, even if your eyes are uncomfortably swollen—you allow yourself to be held. The weaker part of you is unable to say no to him.
“Why …” you begin softly, eyes looking up to already see him staring at you. “Why didn’t you sign the papers?”
He blinks at you for a while before he sighs, resting his chin atop your head.
“I didn’t want it to be real,” he says so softly you almost missed it. “I thought—I thought if I dragged it out then …”
“… it wouldn’t have happened?” You finish quietly.
He groans, frustrated as your eyebrows furrow at his sudden change in demeanour.
“I know it sounds pathetic,” he admits, “I was a coward, ____. I was stressed and overwhelmed and—suddenly … you wanted a divorce, I just”—he takes a deep breath to collect himself and you’re mildly alarmed to spot his glassy eyes—“I didn’t know what to do …”
“Why didn’t you talk to me?” you ask timidly, fingers gripping his shirt tightly. There was really no need for you to cling onto him, but you couldn’t do anything else right now. Especially when he returns the gesture.
“Would you believe me if I said it’s because I didn’t want to burden you?” he brushes your hair out of your face as his hand cradles your cheek, “I wanted to be the one you could rely on and … I didn’t know what to do.”
Your face crumbles when you note the sincerity behind his voice. Rationally, you knew that a relationship required communication but you knew Jin, and you knew that he always tried to plaster this mask to the world that depicted him as a reliable and unshakable fortress. All this time … he was struggling and so were you.
The realisation only makes you sadder, and you feel all the more horrible when you remember that you brought up the divorce in the midst of all of this.
“I’m sorry!” you wail, face burying into his chest as his eyes widen.
“_____—” he murmurs.
“No—I just,” you say frantically, rushing to get your words out, afraid if you’d forget as if he’d disappear. “I didn’t know—and I thought—I thought you didn’t … I thought we were—fuck. I’m so sorry, I just wanted you—I—”
You have no idea what you’re saying but Jin doesn’t look confused. He understands, and you know that because he shoots you a gentle smile before rubbing his thumb across your cheek.
“Please don’t apologise,” he whispers, forehead resting against yours as you blink away your tears. “I don’t blame you. I could never blame you.”
“But I …” you protest.
He shushes you with a kiss to your forehead and you instantly melt into his hold.
“You did what you thought would make you happy,” he tells you honestly, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“I asked for a divorce, Jin,” you exasperate.
“Are we?”
You blink, startled as you pull away, heart nearly shattering until he grabs you by the wrist.
“Hey, no,” he whispers, “That’s not what I meant,” he cups your face in his hands as your lips wobble all over again. God—you fucking despised being a crybaby. “Look at me.”
You do, and you see how tired he looks. How have you not noticed before? His cheeks look duller, and his dark circles are more apparent than ever. You just want to reach out to touch him.
And you do. Your hand shakily reaches out to caress his face in a way that you weren’t able to for the past few months. It’s almost like a new feeling, but your fingers find their way home relatively easy, tracing each pore and wrinkle, memorising his face to memory all over again.
“Are we getting a divorce, ____?” he repeats firmly, never breaking eye contact with you.
Your lip tremble.
“I don’t—” you warble, as he leans his forehead against yours again.
“Because I don’t want a divorce,” he says, and it’s the first time he’s explicitly admitted it.
“I don’t either,” you say weakly.
“I meant it when I said I want to be with you in sickness and in health,” he whispers earnestly, breath tickling your cheek, “And till death do us apart.”
“I’m sorry, Jin,” you say timidly, eyes darting to your lap.
“Don’t apologise to me,” he says sternly, not unkindly as your eyes flutter up. “Not when I’m the one that has an entire lifetime worth of apologies to give you.”
“I just …” you trail off softly, “I just want us to be okay.”
He’s still staring at you, and there’s a pained expression behind his eyes.
“Can I kiss you?”
His question stuns you, purely because you weren’t expecting it and because you’ve nearly forgotten what it felt like to have his lips pressed against yours, or even the nervous waver of his voice when he looks at you so earnestly that you can’t find the words to respond with. So, you settle for actions instead.
You nod your head mutely, heart ramming against your chest when he begins to lean in.
You don’t remember the last time he’s kissed you, or held you, or looked at you like this. There’s a dull ache in your chest when you recall the nights you’ve spent agonising over the downfall of your marriage, but Jin distracts you from your thoughts when his lips tickle over yours.
There’s no rush this time, even as your eyes are swollen while you flutter them shut. There’s no desperation to kiss you, and you aren’t desperate to be kissed either. It’s as if the both of you wanted to savour this moment—to remember what it feels like to have almost lost. It hurt—but it was necessary. A necessary reminder to you and to Jin that fighting was tiring but it was worth it.
When he finally presses his lips to yours, you nearly cry. You immediately melt into his hold, especially when he cradles your cheek with his palm and pulls you closer to his chest.
You kiss him with a mission to tell him how much you’ve yearned for this—for him. But you’re distracted when you feel something hot against your cheek.
It’s not your tears—it’s his.
You pull away, alarmed when you realise that Jin’s body is shaking.
“Jin?” zYou clutch his shoulders, eyes searching for his as he covers his face with his shoulder, effectively shielding his tears away from you.
“I-I’m sorry,” he chokes, furiously wiping his eyes with his shirt as your face falls.
“J-Jin, please don’t—” you say shakily, going to embrace him, but to your displeasure, he refuses, breathing deeply to collect himself.
You don’t think you’ve seen Jin this uncollected ever. Not even when he was crying during your wedding. His body shakes with the ferocity of his tears, the intensity of his breaths only causes his shoulders to heave up and down and all you can do is stare at him with sad eyes.
“I know an apology won’t fix anything,” he says vehemently, managing to get some of his words out as he peers up at you with red-rimmed eyes, “But I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you question this marriage—for—for not loving you the way you deserve.”
“Jin …” you say softly, reaching out to hold his hand as his own tears continue to fall from his eyes.
This time, it’s you who allows him to nuzzle his head into the crook of your shoulder as he sobs. It’s quieter than you, but no less painful.
“I was so scared,” he confesses, “I was terrified when you showed me the papers. I really thought—this is it. It’s over.”
You stay silent, biting your lip to stop your own tears from escaping when you recall the memory.
“I was so scared what would happen,” he croaks, “I thought I was going to lose you, forever. I thought—I thought I was going to lose Jiho.”
“I’d never do that to you,” you say shakily.
“I know,” he returns, “But I was the most afraid of who I was going to be without you.”
You look down at him when his eyes dart up, pained and sunken when he clutches your hands in his larger ones, squeezing your fingers in a way that you assume he hopes to translate his desperation. You feel it, and you squeeze back.
“You’re Kim Seokjin,” you murmur, rubbing your thumb across his chin.
“That’s just my name,” he scoffs, shaking his head, “I’m nothing without you.”
“That’s not—”
“You and Jiho were the only one’s that got me through each day, you know?” He murmurs as your heart clenches. “Every day, when another deal failed to follow through and ended up bringing losses—or when the stockholders went against me—I could only think of you and Jiho.”
You couldn’t stop the tears that return this time around, choking on your own sobs.
“I wanted so much to give you both the world that I,” he swallows, “That I got greedy—and I ended up … I ended up losing the both of you instead.”
“I’m here, Jin,” you say softly.
“I know I don’t deserve it yet,” he says quietly, “But please don’t leave me.”
You realise belatedly that even with the divorce, you could never have left him the way you thought you could.
You don’t answer him, instead—you provide your answer through your actions by kissing him. Harder than before but just as earnest. Both of your tears clash against your skins, but you can’t be bothered to care when he returns your kiss with an equal amount of desperation and affection.
“I love you,” he breathes into your mouth as you gasp. “I love you more than love itself.”
You want to hit him in the way he’s making you cry harder.
“I love”—you choke on your words when he presses a kiss to your jaw, his confession raw and honest—“God, I love you.”
“I’m going to spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says vehemently, kissing every inch of your face, your jaw and your neck as you cling onto his shirt desperately right before his dark eyes look up to catch your flushed expression. “Will you let me?”
“Yes—God—please,” you beg, pulling him closer to your body as he peppers open-mouth kisses down your sternum and across your chest.
“Can I love you tonight, ____?”
You nod your head desperately, heart fuller than it’s been in a long time. You know the consequences, and you couldn’t give a damn right now. You still needed to heal, and so did he—but when he holds you a little tighter, you know that neither of you was going anywhere.
“Love me,” you gasp, “Please, Jin.”
“I’ll love you,” he hisses, trailing down your neck, his words juxtaposing with the tenderness of his touch as his hands slip under your shirt. His touch is molten, especially when you’ve missed the feeling of having him like this—close, desperate and yours for the moment.
“I miss you,” you confess while he drags his fingers across your abdomen and rests right under your breasts. He looks up at you with soft eyes as you return them, eyes swollen. “I really miss you, Jin.”
He leans up to kiss you, hands multitasking as they cup your tits while you gasp into his mouth.
“I miss you,” he returns with a heartfelt tone, “I’ll never let this happen. Ever again.”
Now, all you can do is trust him, trust him and his words and that he’d take care of you. His hands tickle under your shirt but you can’t be bothered when he finally cups your breast with his large hands, gentle yet steadfast when he tweaks your peaked buds.
“O-Oh,” you gasp, head lulling back when his lips trail down to your neck, hands already helping you out of your shirt.
“Will you let me see you, beautiful?” he murmurs.
“Please,” you say breathlessly, lifting your arms up to ease the process.
You should’ve felt vulnerable, being more than just physically naked in front of him. But throughout the hurt and the pain, he’s never made you doubt yourself for once. It was as if you were held captive by him, even when your heart was slowly shattering. It’s also why when he gives you a once over with hunger behind his eyes, you don’t shy away. Instead, your back arches, giving him more than enough to see—to feel.
“I missed you,” he repeats, pressing a kiss to your nipple as you whimper, hands curling around his hair as his head dips lower, “Missed you—missed how gorgeous you looked like this.”
He tells you more by painting the truth on your breast, lavishing each bud with pert attention as you find yourself growing wetter in arousal. His tongue is hot against the cool air of the room, the juxtaposition of the temperatures only sending your head into short-circuiting.
“J-Jin please,” you breathe, staring down at him when his dark eyes lift up to meet yours. His stare is enough to have your thighs clenching together. “M-More.”
“Of course,” he croons, “I’ll give you everything you want.”
You mewl as his hands trace fluttering touches against your stomach before they’re reaching your mound. He doesn’t drag this out as he’d normally, the distant memories of your nights spent tangled together as he edged you till you were crying. No, this time—he’s gentle, he’s soft and careful with the way he handles you, spreading your legs as you pliantly obey, eyes fluttering with every move that he makes.
“So beautiful,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to the top of your mound as you whimper at the contact, needy in want. “I’m gonna eat this pretty pussy, hm?”
You nod your head in desperation, lifting your hips to aid him in the process of slipping off your pants along with your panties, baring your slicked pussy to his face. You catch a brief glimpse of his expression, especially when he unabashedly ogles your wetness with desire behind his eyes. You’re a little flustered since it’s been a while, so your legs naturally threaten to snap shut but Jin doesn’t let you get too far.
“Don’t hide from me,” he says quietly, eyes peering up at you as you can’t find it in you to respond with how your throat clamps shut. “Want to see you. Always do.”
Your heart tugs in your chest, but you aren’t able to dwell on the feeling for too long when Jin dives into your heat, tongue immediately flattening against your pussy as he tracks your wetness up your slit to where your engorged bud lies. Your back immediately arches while your hand finds purchase in his hair, grounding yourself at the way your stomach immediately heaves inwards at his ministrations.
Jin doesn’t relent, nor does he tease. He’s quick and precise with every flick of his appendage over your clit, rapidly swirling the bud in the way you like as he alternates between harsh sucks and tugging at the pearl, causing sobs of pleasure to leave your lips. It’s a product of how long you’ve been together and how he’s learned every pulse and shiver as a sign of your pleasure.
“Pleasepleaseplease,” you mewl, “D-Don’t stop.”
“You taste so good, love,” he moans into your pussy, the vibrations immediately causing your toes to curl as your head tilts backwards. “A pussy like yours should be eaten every day, yeah? As your husband—I should do that.”
When he calls himself your husband, you feel yourself whine in pleasure, the term causing fondness to bloom in your chest. You don’t know if he’s said it on purpose, but he doesn’t stop with his actions, instead, one of the hands that presses your stomach down to keep you in place reaches up to where your hand clutches his hair and brings it away.
“J-Jin,” you whine, hips bucking when he swirls his tongue over your clit, slowly while his eyes peer up to lock with yours.
The act is all too intimate, and your poor heart can barely take it with how sensitive you are all over, emotionally and physically. But Jin takes your flushed face as a good sign, and he ruins you all over when he intertwines your fingers together.
“Can feel you clenching,” he hums teasingly, “you going to come for me?”
You nod your head vigorously, fingers pressing tightly against his larger palm as he laughs into your pussy at your eagerness. Once he gets the confirmation for you, it’s like he was holding out the entire time despite him causing your legs to shiver by the side of his face.
This time, Jin presses his face tightly against your pussy as you squeal, louder than you expected as he flicks his tongue over your bud so rapidly that your mind is blank in pleasure, legs shaking uncontrollably as your body quivers in pleasure.
“Oh oh oh! J-Jin—fuck, I-I’m gonna—please let me cum, please please please,” you cry desperately, hips grinding against his face as he slurps your clit like he was parched.
“Come for me, beautiful. Wanna feel you drench my tongue,” he encourages you softly, yet his words send a wave of pleasure all across your body as you finally feel the last bit of your coil snap.
“J-Jin!” you sob, back arching as his large palm splays over your stomach to keep you rooted in position, forcing you to take all the pleasure he was giving you. Your legs shake by his face as he keeps his mouth open with his tongue out as you ride the aftershocks of your orgasm away.
“Fuck,” he hisses, pulling away with a parting kiss to your clit that as you jumping. “I missed this. Missed your pussy.”
“Miss you,” you mumble dazedly, your fingers carding through his hair as he peers up at you.
“Come here,” he whispers, inching up as he gently holds your cheek in his palm while you immediately lean into his touch.
While you lay on his bed, relatively boneless, Jin stares at you with devout affection, his eyes softening when he holds your gaze. His lips glisten with your wetness, mouth slightly parting while he rubs a thumb against your cheek.
“I love you,” he says quietly, “I really—I’m so in love with you.”
“Jin,” you say shyly, eyes darting away when he doesn’t look away.
“You’re the love of my life,” he divulges gently, leaning his forehead against yours as you take in every freckle that marks his skin, and the dulcet curve of his lips when he presses it against yours.
You can’t find a response that would indulge in what you truly felt, so you settle for reciprocating his kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as you learn all about the way he feels all over again. You miss this, and you’d admit it over and over again—until he reminds you just how much of a home his touch was.
“I want you,” you whimper, pulling away to peer up to his dark eyes.
“Gotta be quiet, okay?” he murmurs as you nod obediently. “Need me to prep you? It’s been a while.”
Ever the gentleman and the considerate person he was, although you reckoned it was the most sensible option—you missed the feeling of having him feel you whole.
“No need,” you say, “Just—fuck me, please.”
He chuckles, leaning down to press hot kisses against your jaw and the nape of your neck as he uses his palms to spread your legs, feeling the way his hardened cock presses against your thigh. You take the time to card your fingers through his hair, gently pressing against his temple, then his cheek, and finally his bottom lip while you attempt to let your actions display what you feel.
As if Jin senses this, he leans up to press a soft kiss to your lips. One that’s both desperate and longing, a greeting from the past that blooms in the present.
“Ready?” he murmurs, fist clutching his cock while it prods against your quivering hole.
He swiftly removes his shirt, chucking it aside as he presses the tip against your quivering hole. You nod eagerly, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as he finally pushes through the first barrier. Your breath hitches, mostly because Jin wasn’t average-sized by any means. He grunts from above you, face contorted as he slowly inches his way in, careful to not hurt you.
Frankly, you were wet enough from your previous orgasm and how much your body craved him—but as you mentioned, he was big. But the pleasant burn of his girth stretching you out have you gasping, eyes peering up at him in desperation.
“M-More,” you whimper, hips chasing his as you encourage him to sheathe himself further into you.
“Are you sure?” he asks, lips pressed against your jaw as you nod.
“I’m good,” you assure him, pulling away just to shoot him a small smile that he returns.
Finally, he bottoms out, the last bit of his length in you as you whimper at the feeling of being so full, so whole. Jin remains still, to allow you a few seconds to adjust to having him in you. While you were desperate for more, you appreciated the gesture.
There’s something oddly intimate about having him in you but not moving at all. There’s no rush to thrust into you with hot pleasure and love, but just the comfort of having him here—with you. Your heart squeezes in fondness, mostly because you missed him. Missed having him so close to you and in your reach.
“Y-You can move,” you pant, hips already moving at their own accord as he groans from above you.
“God,” he sighs, “I missed you. Missed you so much.”
“I-I missed you too,” you say in between pants as he begins to thrust into you, pulling his cock out until the hilt before slamming back home.
It sends your body up the bed as you indulge in how good it feels. Both emotionally and physically. One of your hands clutches at his hair while he builds up his pace by occupying all the space in between your hot walls.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “You feel so—good.”
You nearly forgot how strong Jin was, and how effortlessly he was able to send white-hot pleasure coursing through your bloodstream with the way that his hips move. He’s relentless with his pounding, the squelches of your wetness echoing in the room with every single purposeful thrust, your gasps of pleasure tangled with the way the slap of his hips meet yours—it’s all too stimulating and it feels so good.
“Oh my God, J-Jin, fuck, oh,” you sob, clawing at his back when he speeds up his thrusts, the tip of his cockhead scraping against the spot within you that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
You feel so full, and your pussy is attempting to accommodate his thick and long length. Your clit is throbbing in want as your hand reaches down to deliver some reprieve, but before you can do anything meaningful—Jin’s slapping your hand away to replace it with his own, and a determined expression on his face.
“Fuck, this pussy’s so wet,” he hisses, rubbing vigorous figure eights on your swollen bud as your mouth falls open into a silent moan, “Would die for this pussy. Always.”
His words send your stomach clenching, paired with the way he doesn’t falter at all with the rhythm of his brutal thrusts.
“Oh oh—ngh, p-please—don’t stop oh my God you’re so fucking—good,” you scream, right before Jin captures your mouth with his lips, swallowing your moans.
“As much as I want to hear you, we’re not home,” he reminds you softly, eyes swirling with amusement as you flush a deeper shade of red, a chortled squeal caught in your throat when he emphasises his point with a particular thrust that has your chest jostling.
Yet, it’s not his cock that has you burning.
Your home. The home that hasn’t felt much like one.
“Ohhhh,” you wail, muffled by his lips, “Don’t stop oh my god, I’m gonna fucking cum again—shit.”
“Yeah, gonna cum for me again?” he eggs you on with a grunt, leaning his chest against yours as your sticky body meets while his hips continue working its way into your pussy. “God fuck, I’m so lucky—you’re so beautiful.
“J-Jin,” you mewl, your glassy eyes peering up at him as he returns. Somehow, he knows—he knows even if all you’ve uttered was his name.
“I got you, my love,” he says so ardently that you feel a tear fall, both in pleasure and in overwhelming love. “Look at me.”
You do, and Jin decides to intertwine the free hand that isn’t abusing your poor clit into blazing pleasure with your own, squeezing your hand. It just so happens to be his left hand, and you feel the familiar squeeze of his wedding ring against your empty finger.
The realisation that he never took it off only makes you cry harder.
“J-Jin, I-I’m—” you blubber through a moan, feeling the coil in your stomach grow tenfold when he rams into you at a speed and a sense of determination you’ve never felt before. “I—oh fuck—I’m going to—!”
“I love you,” he confesses, squeezing your hand as it lays by the side of your head. The heat grows, and you feel yourself grow light-headed when Jin leans in to press a hot kiss to your lips, his own grunts caught in between your teeth.
“I love—fuck, oh,” you struggle to form coherent words, not when your pussy clenches erratically around his length, your wetness dripping down his balls while he attempts to focus on battering your g-spot with a snipers precision.
“Cum for me,” he grunts, “Cum for me and look me in the eye. Wanna see how fucking gorgeous you look for me.”
You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut momentarily as more tears fall, and when you open them—you see a manic look in Jin’s gaze, paired with his own stray tear falling.
“I love you—I love you I love you I love you,” you chant frantically, cunt pulsing as your legs shake, “I-I’m cum—cumming—”
“Me too, love,” he murmurs, hips stuttering when you clench around him. “I love you so much. You’re the—best thing. I’m so fucking—lucky.”
His own words are slurred, and you feel the coil snap, your eyes trained only on his expression as you feel your orgasm overtake you with an acute force that has you nearly blanking out. You gush around his length, and that stimulates Jin’s own release, his cum painting your walls white with its heat as you shudder at the feeling of being so wholly full.
“Oh oh oh,” you mewl, clutching his hand tighter as you choke on your sobs of pleasure and tears. “Kiss me. Kiss me please.”
Your pleas are granted with a desperate kiss to your lips, your arms immediately wrapping around his shoulders while he shoves his cock further into you, plugging his cum as you whine into his open mouth. He releases loads of his cum into you that it threatens to slip past your swollen folds.
Jin kisses you, and you kiss him back. You don’t dare to let go and neither does he. The desperation between the two of you is an accumulation of nights spent apart, spent agonising the death of your relationship, the potential of a future without each other—the hypotheticals of what-ifs. You feel his ring against your jaw when he curls his hand around it to push himself deeper into your mouth.
“I love you,” he says again, and yet your heart flutters like it’s the first.
You pull away to catch your breath, forehead resting against his as you sniff the remaining of your tears away. A croaked laugh leaves your lips as Jin smiles softly at you, thumb rubbing against your cheek with immense tenderness and affection that you can’t do anything but lean into his touch.
He’s still in you, and yet—there’s no rush to move despite the cum that leaks out of your hole.
“I love you,” you echo.
“I’m sorry,” he tells you, regret staining his words as his eyes flutter shut. “I—I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness just yet—”
You stop him by pressing a kiss to his lips, soft. Pleading.
“We’ve got all the time to learn,” you say quietly, “Now, I just want you.”
He pauses for a second just to observe your face, to take in your earnest eyes as he sighs, both remorseful and thankful. Thankful that he’s met you, and thankful that you’re still here despite his shortcomings.
“I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” he says with a determined gaze as you smile softly at him.
“I’ll take your word on that,” you say with a giggle.
He pulls out of you as you wince, immediately feeling his cum drip out of you. You’re about to whine a complaint, but he interrupts any ripostes from your lips with another kiss.
You’re not complaining.
“And I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says as you flush at his words. “Being next to you. Learning with you. Growing with you. I want to do it all—only with you.”
You want to slap him. You do. It’s the only thing you can think of when you feel your tears burn behind your eyelids.
“God,” you sniff as he grins at you.
“You’re such a crybaby,” he teases, leaning over your body to pick up his t-shirt before he’s wiping at your folds.
You scowl, ready to nag his ear off for using his own shirt, but before you can do any damage, he’s chucking it aside once he deems you clean enough before he’s suffocating you with a death grip around your body.
“My baby,” he murmurs into your neck as you flush.
“Jiiiiiiin,” you whine, “I need to—I need to pee.”
“Let me carry you,” he immediately says, swooping your naked body up with his arms as you yelp.
“I’m not—I can walk!” you squeak.
“Don’t think so,” he smirks as you roll your eyes at him, your eyes still puffy from your tears. “Your legs are shaking.”
And shaking, they were. You knew that you had no way of walking to the bathroom without collapsing with how good Jin had fucked you previously. But you were prideful as you stick your nose up snootily, looking away when he leans in to kiss you.
“Does the queen not want to kiss her king?” he pouts childishly as you roll her eyes.
“More like a peasant,” you mutter.
You squeal when he threatens to tickle you, blowing a raspberry into your neck while your boisterous laughter echoes against the wall.
It’s late, and people were sleeping, but the way that Jin holds you so gently as you’ve remembered—makes you forget about reality, about everything else. You can only focus on him, the way he’s making you feel and the way you see your best friend, love of your life—and your husband—return to you.
“Hey,” he murmurs once you’re done peeing and draped over one of his large t-shirts as the two of you cuddle in bed.
“I love you,” he whispers, your eyes nearly drooping shut in fatigue.
“I love you too,” you say softly, snuggling into his chest as he holds you tighter.
“Once we go back …” he murmurs, “I want—I want us to go for couple therapy.”
You pause.
You look up at him, noticing his nervous expression as you smile. You wrap your fingers around him before brushing your thumb over his knuckles comfortingly.
“Okay,” you agree, “We will.”
“And … I want to take you out,” he says before clearing his throat. “On a date.”
“We’re married,” you giggle.
And it feels to good to believe it.
He rolls his eyes and you spot the slight flush on his cheeks.
“I know,” he says, “I missed going out with you.”
Your face softens before you sigh to yourself, happy.
“Me too,” you say.
“I love you,” he repeats again. You won’t ever get tired of hearing it.
You return it with a kiss, and finally, allow yourself a comfortable sleep after months.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s both simultaneously all too hot and too cold when you arise from your slumber.
Your body aches in satisfaction from the events from last night, and you vividly remember the hot touches and long-awaited, teary-eyed confessions that were shared between you and your husband (and yes, your heart does bloom when you refer to Jin as his rightful position in your life rather than … that).
But the indent of where his body lays remains cool, as your body attempts to search for warmth that wasn’t the duvet absolutely suffocating you but in a touch of the love of your life. Still drowsy from sleep, you pat down on the mattress to find not what you were looking for, but a sick feeling of anxiety that stirs in your stomach.
The worst permeates your mind, and for a moment you’ve wondered if you dreamt it all—the reconciliation that promised retribution and a better future just a figment of your imagination and deepest desires. The mound between your thighs aches when you push yourself into an upright position, blinking as you attempt to search the room for his whereabouts.
Before your mind can continue to think the worst of the situation, the door creaks open—and Jin enters, face still slightly puffy from sleep but no less handsome than he’s always been. Your shoulders droop in relief, and just as you’re about to call to him—you note the third guest that joins you.
“Stole Jiho from the kids' room,” he whispers in consideration of your still snoozing son as he wraps himself around his father’s broad body.
“Thought you left,” you confess softly, making space when his knee pressed against the mattress, only for him to lay Jiho softly on the plush surface as he joins his son by his side.
“Never,” Jin says, reaching a hand to brush a stray hair away from your face before he reaches to hold your hand to press a gentle kiss on your knuckles.
At that moment, your son’s eyes slowly peer open, probably due to the fact that you and Jin were staring at him with full adoration. When he realises it’s just his parents, he grins, wide and with his bread cheeks before he lets out a giggle that has your heart soaring.
“Mama,” he smiles, chubby arms reaching out for a hug as you indulge in his affection. You lay back, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he snuggles into your warmth.
“Just wanted to hold the both of you,” Jin says as you rub gentle circles on Jiho’s back.
Your heart softens exponentially, free hand reaching out to Jin’s so that he’d wrap an arm around you and your son.
“Warm,” Jiho mumbles, pressed between the bodies of you and Jin’s love while the two of you stare, hopelessly and utterly in love with the person you’ve created—and each other.
“I love you, Jiho,” Jin whispers, hugging him impossibly tighter as your son smiles innocently.
“Love you!” he chirps back, eyes fluttering shut the more comfortable it gets for him.
As you run your fingers fondly through the strands of your son’s hair, Jin’s voice interrupts your love-dazed gaze with a soft confession, a record of the years you’ve known each other and the many more years you had to learn about each other.
“I love you,” he murmurs, leaning over to capture your lips in a kiss.
You smile even with the crust in your eyes, happy and content. You don’t respond because Jin’s already beginning to doze off, cheeks puffed and pressed against the pillow.
For a moment, you allow yourself to be selfish, to wallow in the love of your small family and the warmth that they gave you today, and every other day that was to come. You and Jin still had a long way to go before you could properly say things were okay, but the fact that either of you had given up, was more than enough to give you hope—to give you a vision of another thirty years, and more.
You’d do it all, with Jin.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
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moon-write · 18 days ago
teasing kisses.
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x reader genre: fluff rating: pg word count: 1.1k tags/warnings: kisses lol
a/n: this has been sitting in my saves for a few weeks after I saw that gif of hobi and well, here we are lol enjoy~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Slick about teasing you, playing it off as indifference or shyness
You’ll just be sitting there together, lazy not really doing anything, convo isn’t very invigorating
So he’ll start saying how cute you are or something, his hand pressed against his jaw
You know what he’s doing, you’ve learned his ways
But you play along, leaning in closer to him and resting on your elbows
He chuckles but keeps a straight face
“Are you going to kiss me or-“ he mutters
So he makes a face and starts leaning in, closes his eyes
Closer, closer, closer
When his lips are about to touch yours
He opens his eyes to find yours are closed, lips puckered
And he pulls away
You can’t help but drop your face in your hands, laughing in your embarrassment
“Jerk,” you tell him
He just waits with a pleased expression, waiting for you to kiss him
Tumblr media
He’d be the worst with this, constantly teasing you because in reality he wants to kiss you so badly
But it’s Tae, he won’t admit it
So say your sitting across from him, others sitting at a round table with you guys
Tae is giving you eyes (refer to gif lol)
You quirk an eyebrow, flattened stare but he can see the very slight upward curve on your lips
He knows he has you reeled in
So you text him
He smirks and looks back at you with darkened eyes, “I’m not.”
You roll your eyes and you two just stare at each other
It’s a competition
He sits back, confidence oozing from him but you can see him blushing a little bit
“Come here,” he mouths, eyes darting to see if anyone else caught that
You shake your head and hold back a chuckle, enjoying the tease
“Kiss me, already,” he caves, speaking across the table but it’s so loud you’re sure nobody caught that except you
You win.
Yoongi definitely heard it and rolls his eyes, stifling a laugh  
Tumblr media
He’s a crush, it’s mutual
You guys are alone, pretending the entire night that you haven’t been on a date
Jimin the flirt that he is has been eying you all night, looking you up and down
Licking his lips while trying not to make it obvious
But it kind of is and you’re milking the moment despite feeling a little bashful
He takes a drink of water because it’s the only thing keeping him away from you now
He wants to kiss you so bad
You scoot closer to him when he goes for another drink and kiss his cheek
Flustered Jimin
Water falls out of his mouth making you laugh
He looks back at you, wiping the water that escaped his lips
“You could just kiss me,” he says in a low voice
“I just did,” you tease
“Not like that,” he rolls his eyes
Many smirks
He chuckles, grabbing your jaw and bringing your lips to his
Tumblr media
He’s the most relaxed with teasing (maybe?) but you’ll know when he’s in the mood for kisses
You’re chatting, sitting together on the floor and doing a craft
He’s just watching thinking about how kissable your lips are
You notice this but keep talking
He knows you know
But you keep talking
He grabs your hand to bring you to him
You keep talking while the gap is slowly bridged
Namjoon soft smiles that melt you
His face is hovering over yours until you stop talking all together
“Well?” You whisper
Many goose-bump inducing kisses
Tumblr media
secretly dating
he’s just finished filming a performance
you are in charge of collecting their mics and sound packs
it’s just the two of you while the rest of the crew work around to ready for the next set, it’s loud and busy
hobi notices you won’t make eye contact with him and you can feel him smirking down at you while you he takes his in-ears out
“aren’t you going to tell me I did good?” he croons
your eyes flit up at his suggestive ones and you roll them, “you did, you looked good.”
quick brush against his chest when you take the sound pack from his hand
“you want to kiss me,” he teases further, noting the way your eyes keep darting back to his cherry-stained lips
“stop,” you bite back a smile
keeping your hands busy when you successfully unwind the wire from around him
a kittenish chuckle sits in his chest as he prides himself for flustering you while working
with a last look before he’s hauled off to change, he lifts his eyebrows at you, “kiss you later.”
when you turn around, face raging with heat and a melting smile, you’re met with an, ‘I heard that,’ look from Jimin who’s been waiting to give you his gear djdnjd
they all know now
Tumblr media
you’re not a publicly affectionate couple (probably)
But also I feel like yoongi doesn’t care if you kiss him in front of ppl (depending)
Whatever, he’ll tease you
But let’s say you’re guests at a wedding, dancing lazily on the dance floor, kind of away from everybody
Your arms wrapped around his waist, chin resting against his chest, looking up at him
“There’s people here,” he says knowingly, slitting his eyes
“Kiss me quick,” you lean up, touching your nose to his chin
He leans down but straightens his lips, playfully, squinting down at you, “why?”
Playful yoongi annoying you when all you want is a kiss
You whine his name until it makes him crack
He tightens his arms around you, closing the gap
Annoying yoongi kisses you
Probably making teasing remarks between kisses
People definitely see but you don’t care (for now)
Tumblr media
He’s playful when he teases kissing you
When you lean in, he leans back (showcasing his flexibility) because he’ll bend in half to avoid your kiss
Laughing when you start to whine
“You’re so mean,” you huff, pouting your lips
He’ll grab your shoulders before you can get away, “Okok,” he’ll breathe through a chuckle, “kiss me now.”
So you trust him and lean in but just when your lips are about to touch
He tosses his head back, Adam’s apple bobbing from how hard he’s laughing, his hands squeezing your shoulders
You smack his chest, peeling his hands from you, “you’re banned from my kisses forever.”
He catches your wrist when you start to stomp away, apologies slipping past his puffy lips, perfect teeth showing
You have to ignore how cute he looks though
But he’s stronger and successfully pulls you against him
“Sorry sorry,” he mutters against your lips
“You don’t deserve this,” you argue, kissing him back
He breathes a small laugh, “but you do.”
Jin, the slyest man
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honeymoonjin · a month ago
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 13.7k || ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut - rated 18+
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ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: hickies, dom!jimin, dom! hoseok, dom!namjoon, dom!yoongi, voyeurism, exhibitionism, train, sex swing, bondage, sensory play, orgasm denial, orgasm delay, unprotected sex, creampie, onetime use of slut, oral (m receiving), fingering, handjob, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, very brief aftercare bc a bitch passes OUT afterwards
A/N: dawg i am so fucking sorry this was such a longtime coming pls enjoy it >.<
Tumblr media
You wake up in discomfort, muscles aching. Unsure entirely why, you lift yourself up off the pillows and attempt to stretch, arms arching over your head and legs stiffening out straight. The pull and release helps a little, but you still don’t feel right when getting up.
Your first thought is of the golden hands down the hall, but Taehyung sleeps like the dead, and you doubt his best work would happen when he was sleep-grouchy.
Instead, you come up with a new solution: yoga. A little birdie (okay, Taehyung, who seems to know everything about everyone in the house) once told you Jimin likes to do it every morning on the back patio before most of you wake up.
At first you dismissed it as a joke. Jimin is often the last person downstairs, and mostly everyone had assumed that meant he was a late sleeper. But you’re desperate, and it’s early, and you’re hoping perhaps there’s some truth to the rumour.
Getting dressed gingerly in some leggings and a thin shirt, you grab your phone and head outside to the second floor hallway, taking care to shut your door quietly. Yoongi, although he could fall asleep quickly, was also quick to wake from any noises, and you figure he probably needs the extra rest.
Tiptoeing on soft carpet, you make your way down the stairs and turn into the kitchen, almost banging headfirst into a solid chest. Slender hands reach out with lightning reflexes to steady you, and you glance up at the man in front of you.
“Look at you, earlybird,” Hoseok remarks cheerily. “What’s got you up before the sun?”
Aware of his ever-smoldering rivalry with Jimin, you shrug. “Thirsty.” To sell your point, you take a fresh water bottle from the fridge and crack it open, taking a swig.
Hoseok quirks a brow at your grimace - water in the mornings always tastes worse somehow - but shrugs it off, approaching you instead.
As he gets close, you instinctively step back to accommodate but he keeps moving forward until your butt is bumping against the counter and his body is barely inches away. “Hoseok,” you breathe, surprised at his behaviour so early in the day.
“You’re mine today,” he decides, eyes flashing dark with intent. A hand comes up, curling around your upper arm just firm enough to anchor his dominance. “It’s been too long since I really played with you, don’t you think?”
The throb between your legs agrees entirely. You swallow. “Yes, Master.”
“Mm, I’ve missed hearing that.” His eyes rake over you, not lustful but more so investigative, like he’s devising a hundred and one ways to make you fall apart for him. It does things to you, and you curse the wobble in your knees as he moves in closer, letting your bodies mold together. “I won’t tell you how I’ll ravish you today, princess, but I will give you one choice in the matter.”
“And what’s that?”
He grins, teeth glinting. “Who do you want to come watch?”
You suck in a breath without intending. Hoseok has always been the master of racketing your anticipation up to new heights, and a large part of you is thrilled to be back under his control again. He’s putting the decision in your hands for whose eyes you want on you as it happens, and you expect no matter what you choose now, he’ll tease you for later.
Considering each person, your answer comes embarrassingly fast. “Everyone.”
Like a vacuum opened, he pulls away from you suddenly, wide smile still adorning his face. “Then I’ll spread the word. Show starts at 7 tonight. Don’t be late, princess; you’re the opening act.”
Hoseok is gone before you can respond, but your tongue feels unresponsive anyway, brain whirring and sputtering. What have you gotten yourself into?
Him being the first to approach means you still don’t have the slightest inkling of what this week’s prompts are. Home, Sweet Home. Surely they weren’t allowed to actually take you home?
Dismissing the thoughts that lead you nowhere, you take your bottle and head outside, caught off-guard by the cool notes in the air. The sun is creeping over the horizon, or what you can see of it between distant Seoulite skyscrapers, and it’s yet to send its rays down to you.
The air fills your lungs and wakes you up even more than Hoseok’s proposition did. Stepping onto the veranda, you search what you can see of the backyard, looking for Jimin.
Your eyes almost skate right over him. He’s literally folded in half, standing with his head by his knees and his arms wrapped around the back of his legs. He’s closer to the pool than you expected, a purple yoga mat protecting his bare feet from the cold concrete.
You approach, cursing yourself that you didn’t think to bring one yourself. You have comfortable sneakers on, but you recall yoga involving more than just standing.
He rolls back up gracefully when you’re just stepping onto the pool veranda. His hair isn’t as perfectly set as it usually is; it seems Taehyung’s idea that he did yoga before getting ready for the day was true. Instead, his locks are slightly rumpled and fluffy from sleep. The blue dye is beginning to loosen its hold and grow out to dark roots, but it just makes him look more domestic and human to you. Cheeks pink, eyes soft brown without contacts in, in your mind he’s never looked better.
But of course, the second he sees you, that’s not what he thinks. His eyes fly wide, mouth a perfect o. “Y/n, what are you doing out here? I’m not even- Stop looking at me like that!”
You tip your head to the side in question even as a fond smile grows. “Like what?”
“Like I’m…” He huffs, unable to put words to it.
You’re more than happy to fill in the blanks. “Like you’re the most gorgeous person in the world? No, I don’t think I will stop.”
Jimin blushes, though he turns away to hide it, busying himself with taking a drink of water. “I haven’t even washed my face yet,” he complains in a small voice.
“That doesn’t change my opinion,” you deflect simply. “If it takes me complimenting you relentlessly for you to see it, I don’t mind.”
He stiffens slightly. “I’m allowed to hate things about myself. It doesn’t just go away, that way of thinking.”
Your heart breaks, wishing you could pull him into a hug, not wanting to overwhelm him. “Then I’ll love them for you.”
“You can’t get this deep with me before the sun’s even up.” Jimin pauses, and you can see the acceptance wash over him in the way his shoulders relax. He turns to you, eyebrows raised with a small, appreciative grin. “My question still stands, by the way. What are you doing out here?”
You allow him to change the subject, happy to see a smile brighten his face. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind a partner? I slept wrong last night, I’m in serious need of stretching and I thought you might be able to help.”
He hums, rolling his shoulders back as he looks you up and down. “You can share my mat,” he decides after a moment, “I don’t want you hurting your knees or getting your clothes dirty.”
“Aye aye, captain,” you chant in gratitude, slipping off your sneakers to step on the supportive material in your socks. Your leggings and top will do the job, but you do feel a little underdressed next to Jimin.
He clearly wasn’t expecting company, so you know his outfit is for function and personal expression. It’s something you don’t see as often as you’d like, as he still mostly falls into the habit of dressing as a statement of power. Here, he’s in leggings too; a cool, slate grey with a darker trim that runs up his outer legs. His white cotton shirt is loose but not oversized, though it’s sleeveless and the arm holes run lower and wider than is necessary. Beneath, you can see sneak peeks of his taut build as he rolls his shoulders back and forth to loosen up again, indicating you should follow.
With a bracing breath, you begin matching his movements, wincing when your spine immediately shifts and clicks noisily. With a raised brow and a smirk of bemusement, Jimin tuts at you. “Breaking your back is meant to be a euphemism, you know. I hope nobody else is responsible for that.”
“Don’t worry, just my terrible posture and sleeping habits,” you fire back lightly, mimicking his movement as he tips his head to the left, using his left hand to weigh it down, and reversing to the opposite side.
“We haven’t even started my usual routine, and you’re popping like a glowstick,” he drawls, “I have every right to worry.”
You huff at him, lifting your brows. “Nothing an expert can’t solve.”
“Mm, I’ll do my best. Alright, let’s just start with child’s pose. Knees on the mat, lean yourself forward, that’s it…” You follow the soothing lilt of his voice as he instructs you to stretch your arms out on the mat directly in front of you, forehead steady on the supportive material. It’s a little basic, and you pause, assuming he’s going to let you sit here for a moment or two before moving on.
But Jimin doesn’t seem to be entirely satisfied. You gasp when you feel a firm hand run up the middle of your back, pressing you down and away. “Walk your fingertips forward,” he instructs, his free hand dipping into your line of vision as he demonstrates on the mat, inching them further and further.
You obey, and instinctively suck in a breath of surprise at the alien feeling. Your whole back feels like it’s stretching out, giving the bones and ligaments room to breathe. Even your shoulders sing in relief at the lift. “Woah, okay.”
The pressure between your shoulder blades remains. “Now stay there. Feel it. You need this.”
He’s right, and as you relax into it, it feels like your body is stretching further, unwinding all the tension you’ve carried in your torso. It feels amazing, but his hands on you make you crave a different kind of release.
Swallowing, you press your forehead intently against the mat and will those thoughts away. “How long do I stay like this for?”
“Ready to move on already? In some of my classes, we’d hold each pose for four minutes, but perhaps that’s too advanced,” Jimin teases. The weight of his palms on you lifts as he straightens up, indicating you should do the same. “Slowly,” he warns, “you don’t want to get dizzy. Alright, where do you still feel sore or tense?”
Pausing to consider this, you roll your shoulders, twist your neck and generally wriggle around, seeking a tough spot. “My back, still, below my shoulders.” Pushing your hands against the small of your back and arching, you sigh as the vertebrae click. “Yeah, definitely.”
“Okay, well, don’t do that,” Jimin scolds gently with a furrowed brow. “I think we can do a supine twist.”
“A what now?”
“A supine twist,” he repeats, lip curling into a jovial smile. “Or, if it’s easier, you could call it a supta matsyendrasana.”
You blink. “Supine twist,” you parrot back in monotone.
“Thought so. Alright, on your back, then. Legs out flat.”
Ignoring his bemused look, you follow the instructions and hum happily when you get to lie down and stretch out. Despite the relative eventfulness of the morning, the position has your eyelids feeling heavy immediately. “This is great, but I think I’m just going to fall asleep. And my back still feels like shit.”
Jimin stands above your head and crouches down, mock-glaring at you with his face upside down to yours. His hair hangs low, almost tickling your nose with how long it’s gotten. “Do you think I’m going to give you all the instructions at once when you’re a novice? Be patient.”
You scowl up at him, trying to act like his proximity isn’t affecting you in a different way. “I’ll you show you novice,” you huff.
“That’s not a particularly hard-hitting threat,” Jimin replies airily, and taps your right shoulder.” Stretch your arm out, 90 degrees to your body. That’s it, now right leg up, bend at the knee, and turn your lower half to rest it on your left side. Keep your head facing the right.”
Mind glitching, you pause, right leg hovering uncertainly in the air. “Uhh-”
With a smug click of his tongue, Jimin reaches out to hook your right knee, and you feel your waist twist around as he pulls it to the left. Your foot touches the ground beside your left hip, and Jimin’s hand slides up to press at your thigh, pushing it down until your knee is flush against the mat. Keeping your gaze to the right as he asked, you feel a peculiar but satisfying stretch in your back, as it twists in the middle.
Your right hand feels a little tingly, and you wiggle your fingers as you marvel at the sensation. “How do people come up with this stuff?” you wonder aloud.
Jimin’s hand hasn’t left your thigh, gently squeezing it every few moments with the natural flex of his fingers. “They know a lot about the body,” he responds easily. “It’s complex but not a complete mystery.”
With your gaze turned to the side, most of your body is out of your line of sight. All you can see is the extension of your right arm, and the point where the poolside concrete turns to grassy backyard. The house rises up, but you’re too distracted to squint and try and spy any movement inside the windows.
Your blindness to the rest of your form only makes it more thrilling when you feel the warmth of Jimin’s hand slowly glide higher up your thigh, until his fingers rest directly over your clothed crotch. In this strange position, a narrow sliver is vulnerable between your legs where they cross, and you can feel the pressure of his fingertips as he rubs you almost too slowly to tell.
You suck in a breath, waiting a few moments to confirm it. Jimin’s silent, gauging your reaction. You feel lightheaded even laying down. “Jimin,” you utter, “I think you’re ruining the sanctity of this spiritual pursuit.”
“Am I?” he questions rhetorically. His index and middle finger press down over your covered clit, making you twitch. “You sound like Jin.”
Blinking, you fight the urge to drop the stretch and spread your legs shamelessly. “Does that make you want to fuck me more or less? Wait, don’t tell me, I might get insulted.”
He chuckles breathily, and your heartbeat jumps when you feel the hot breath on your neck, a lot closer than you thought he was. You can barely see his form shadowing your peripheral. “I don’t have what I need to complete my prompt out here,” he mentions casually, voice rumbly against your ear.
“Huh?” you blurt before your mind catches up. “What does that mean? You wanna move?”
When he moves closer, you feel his lips brushing against your earlobe. “It means I’m doing this just because I want to,” he explains, teeth briefly nipping at the skin, giving it a small tug, “and because I can.”
With that, his grip between your legs turns iron-tight, two fingers pressed over your throbbing core as the rest tighten on the meat of your ass, holding you down as he bends even lower, tongue flat and wide as it runs obscenely up your neck.
You gasp, arching as much as you can, but the twist gives you little movement. The air feels even cooler on your newly-damp throat, but Jimin doesn’t give it much chance to feel the breeze. He closes in on you, taking advantage of the sensitive skin, nipping at sucking at it hard enough to bruise.
While your body remains helpless, your hands flail, right palm slapping against the mat and left one flying up to bury itself in Jimin’s hair.
He’s messy with it, encouraging you to rock as best you can against his fingers while he lights up the left side of your neck with teeth and tongue. You feel a trickle of saliva run around the back of your neck, making your whole body shiver, and the sinful sound of him chuckling against you vibrates the skin.
“Ji- Jimin, please, I-” The dull pressure against your core isn’t enough, but it’s still so good that you can’t keep still, whining for more.
His kisses move higher, cresting your jaw and chin, free hand slipping under to lift your head up to face him. His eyes are blown with arousal, lips swollen and pink. You must not look much better yourself, because he curses and slips his thumb between your lips, encouraging you to suck.
“Other side,” he rasps out, eyelids fluttering when you tighten your lips around his thumb, scraping your teeth against the pad of it. For a moment, your brain doesn’t comprehend him, but when the pressure on your ass and thighs let up, you realise what he’s requesting of you.
Clumsily, not letting go of his thumb as you swirl your tongue on it suggestively, you close your eyes and stretch your right leg out straight, sighing at the way your muscle aches slightly. Swapping over, it’s your left arm that stretches out this time, and your left leg that twists over, reversing the pose.
You can’t lie and say that the position itself doesn’t feel great for your body, but you can barely appreciate the health benefits when, the second you turn your head to the left and expose the right side of your neck, Jimin pounces like a wildcat to cover it up just as enthusiastically.
His thumb falls out of your mouth when you moan openly, lifting your leg up slightly in the hope that it’ll give him more room to slip his hand between. Even with his face pressed up firmly against your throat, he still manages to read your body effortlessly. His fingers dive in, on an angle this time so that he can press his whole palm against your aching core.
You feel so empty, every pinch of teeth and harsh suck making you clench around nothing, but his fingers are deft even through layers of clothing, and as you’re held down by the insatiable man, you find yourself on the unmistakable path to orgasm.
Surprised you could be this aroused to possibly reach orgasm with such little direct stimulation, you gasp, mouth fumbling to get something coherent out. “Jimin, please, god, I’m gonna- don’t stop, give me more, plea- fuck.”
You’re out of breath, panting with toes curling against the mat and neck ablaze. He increases the pressure and speed of his hand between your legs, but his lips leave you.
Whining in confusion, you swallow back your frustration and go to turn your head back up to investigate, but within seconds, your nerves are alight again.
Rough enough to snap more than a few threads, Jimin uses his free hand to tug down your shirt and bra over your chest, exposing your breasts. Like a man starved, he descends upon your right nipple and you cry out at the sudden attack of sensation.
If possible, he’s even rougher here than he was with your neck. Closing his teeth around it and tugging enough to send sparks of pain deep into your chest, he laps over it openmouthed, sucking and rolling the bud until you feel yourself going insane with it.
Your orgasm hits you with a single, intense jerk that jostles his lips free. When he sees you start to convulse and rock mindlessly against his hand, he lets out a breathy, pleased sound, and descends his lips on yours for the first time.
You have no energy in you to kiss him back, but he’s content licking into your mouth and nipping at your lips as the pleasure makes your eyes curl back. You find yourself unable to control your own muscles, left foot thumping against the mat as you sob into his mouth.
While the release is powerful, the complete lack of direct stimulation or penetration leaves you feeling weakened and not entirely satisfied. It’s not the kind of orgasm that puts you on blissful bed rest for the day, it’s the kind of toe-curling one that relaxes you for a moment but leaves you craving more.
And, with the way Jimin’s left his mark all over your throat, you wonder if that wasn’t his intention.
You pant as his hand slows, slipping out from between your thighs, which had clamped around it the moment overstimulation began to take hold. You feel unbelievably sensitive, even your soaked underwear almost too much.
His fingers trail over your neck, whisper light but still tingling the aggravated nerves and his lips come down one more time to press a kiss to either side of your face as you come down and return to coherency.
Blinking away those final dregs of the orgasm, you stare up at him in a daze. His face looks so soft and round from this angle, hair mussed and tangled from your grip. It’s hard to believe that this chubby-cheeked boy is the one that just wrecked you, but you know better than to doubt his many facets.
The right side of your chest aches, and he massages it apologetically before gently tucking your bra and shirt back up again to cover you. Standing up, he offers a hand to help you sit up, making sure you go slow and steady.
Your vision swirls a little when you finally stand up properly, and your weakened legs don’t help either, but Jimin just wraps his arms around your waist until you stop stumbling. You can feel his hardness against you, but you’re too wobbly to be in any position to help alleviate it, and he doesn’t seem to be expecting anything.
“Better?” he questions, eyes running over you with a mischievous glint. You nod weakly, body entirely free from tension. Jimin smirks, and a hand slides down to pat you on the ass playfully. “Good. I think it’s time for you to go back in there and show them all who loved you first, hm?”
By the time you do get inside and beeline for the downstairs bathroom, your neck is a mess. Blooms of deep purple and red flood your skin, evidence of the enthusiastic way Jimin had laved over it. You run cold water over your hands and hold them to your neck to try and cool the heated skin down, swallowing as you imagine how the rest of your day is going to go.
You’d been pretty clear with the group that your feelings weren’t exclusive and that you weren’t going to choose only one of them to share those feelings with, but saying that was one thing and having a very bold physical reminder of it was another. You weren’t sure how the others would react.
But there’s no way to tell beyond simply going out and seeing, so you head back out when you hear movement in the kitchen.
In your absence, Jin and Yoongi have both come down and are making breakfast together with a practiced ease you haven’t quite seen before. Without needing words, a tap on the shoulder or cupping of the waist is enough to communicate their shifting around each other. As you enter, the two are quietly chuckling warmly together about some inside joke you must’ve just missed.
It seems your talk has had further effects than you initially thought.
Truth be told, it’s nice to see them so domestic, like a long-married couple, but it lasts only as long as it takes one of them to turn around and catch you sneaking in.
“And where did you get that, young lady?” Jin questions, brows furrowed and a wooden spatula aimed accusatively at your face.
“Do you need three guesses?” you retort, even as your face flushes. “You sound more like a dad every day, Jin.”
“Feels like I’m raising six children sometimes,” Jin sighs out, spatula lowering in defeat.
Beside him, Yoongi speaks with his back to you both as he sautees some onions. “I better be the one excluded from that number, hyung.”
“Don’t worry,” Jin assures with a hearty pat on Yoongi’s shoulder, “you’re my doting housewife.”
Yoongi pauses, huffs, and tilts his head to the side. “Okay, well… I guess I can’t be offended but I still don’t like that.”
“Nothing wrong with being a housewife, dear,” Jin sings, before he realises what he’s forgotten. “Wait; hey!” He whirls on you again, this time replacing the spatula with a spoon covered in gochujang. Some of it flies off with the momentum and spatters on the countertop. “Don’t distract me with my beautiful milf-boy-”
“I’m right here.”
Jin ignores Yoongi, eyes still on the mess your neck has become. “Seriously, who did that to you? It’s sending a very bold message and I’m undecided on how I feel.”
The onions finished, Yoongi patters around the kitchen bringing all the components together in the pan for a intoxicating stir-fry. He turns and leans against the countertop as the vegetables and noodles sizzle away. “Hyung, you’re not even in the competition anymore; does it matter?”
Jin’s eyes narrow further. “It absolutely does matter. How are the dear viewers going to enjoy watching this lovefest without some drama? If I can spy no issues, I must create them. Who do I have to extravagantly confront?”
“It was Jimin,” you answer shortly, keeping deadpan even as your heart races with the relief that he’s not actually mad. On the other hand, Yoongi hasn’t made much eye contact with you throughout his bantering, and his back is a little tenser.
Jin deflates when he hears you. “Never mind,” he breathes out weakly, almost whispering. “I’m still a little scared of him.”
“Really? I’d be happy to arrange a showdown,” you offer with a grin, but he just glares at you playfully, waving his hand after a moment to beckon you over. Approaching him immediately, you fall into his awaiting arms and hug him tightly, attempting to avoid getting caught by the red-covered spoon. “You’re not mad, Jin?”
“Never, baby,” his voice thrums close to your ear, and you sink into him deeper. “He better be treating you right, though.”
“You all are,” you respond honestly, eyes closed and missing the way Yoongi stiffens up guiltily, plating up the stir fry for eight people.
“Good.” Jin squeezes you tighter, gently rocking you from side to side. “Only the best for our girl. Isn’t that right, Yoongi?”
It takes him long enough to answer that you untangle yourself from Jin’s grip. Yoongi is rolling out his shoulders like the tension has seeped into his muscles. “I- they don’t hurt, do they? The hickies?”
You blink, hand jumping up to massage at your neck reflexively. “Not really. I don’t mind them, honestly.”
Jin goes still, the way he does when he’s deeply concentrating. “What’s wrong, Yoongi?”
It takes Yoongi a moment to work out how to phrase it, a noise of frustration leaving his mouth. “I’m more jealous than I thought,” he admits, eyes dim. “Seeing those just makes me want to mark you up even more, and that’s not a healthy desire if you’re going to be dating so many of us. I’ll- I’ll get over myself, I’m sorry, it’s not you, Y/n.”
You feel simultaneously weightless and sunken. “I can tell him no marks-”
“You shouldn’t have to,” Yoongi blurts in, sighing at himself for the interruption and harsh tone. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”
Like fate is against his apology, Yoongi is interrupted himself by Namjoon and Taehyung coming downstairs, the latter attached to Namjoon’s back like a determined koala.
“Morning,” Namjoon calls out cheerily, acting as if he doesn’t have a tall man clinging to him. “Meant to rain today.”
“Is it?” Jin asks automatically, before glancing up and double-taking at Taehyung. “It seems like I’m missing some key context here.”
“Honestly, I think I am too,” Namjoon admits, sighing slightly as his brows crumple in confusion. “I’m not entirely certain why Taehyung is doing this either.”
“Do I need a reason?” Taehyung murmurs dreamily from behind Namjoon’s back.
“Perhaps not, but I’d certainly enjoy one,” the therapist answers decisively.
Taehyung just hums and buries his face in deeper between Namjoon’s shoulder blades. The academic furrows his brows. “Tae, can I go sit down for breakfast, please?”
“Of course.”
Namjoon waits two beats. The younger man doesn’t move. “Okay,” Joon announces disjointedly, “the chairs aren’t built for two. You’ll need to let go.”
Taehyung lets out a broken whine, but his arms loosen enough for Namjoon to spring forward and take a seat at the dining table hurriedly, looking vaguely shell-shocked. Not missing a moment, Taehyung blinks around blearily and comes towards you, latching onto your upper torso with sweater paws.
You welcome the contact, though you can empathise with the sheer confusion that comes from Taehyung’s sudden clinginess. Leaning into his embrace, your head is propped up against his chest and shoulder. You wrap your arms over his to hug them against you. He hums, pleased, chin on your head causing the vibrations to resonate.
“Hey, Tae,” you murmur warmly, “feeling cuddly today?” He nods against you. You reach out with a potential idea. “Puppy-cuddly?”
“You’d think.” Taehyung sighs lightly, a small sound of discomfort in his chest. “I don’t really know, I just want to be close to someone. I don’t feel so good.”
“I’m sorry.” Keeping your voice as low and soothing as possible, you can’t help but worry that he might still be having a rough time from the other day. “What can we do?”
“Just this is okay.”
Normally you’d be happy to indulge him endlessly, but at that moment your stomach rumbles. Before your mind can scramble to work out how to let him down gently, Yoongi comes over.
“Breakfast is ready, Tae, you should eat. Plenty of time for cuddling after, okay?”
Jungkook and Hoseok are the next duo to come down, both looking bleary-eyed, but they go silent and curious as they take in the odd scene. Both of them sit down, Jungkook scooting his chair quietly to sit closer to his hyung.
Taehyung whines again, but lets go and moves to the table, slumping down in a chair with his arms folded on the table and head resting on them. “Morning, Kookie. Morning, Hobi-hyung.”
Hoseok is slightly stiff like he’s not sure how to proceed, but Jungkook just mimics Tae’s pose until they’re eye to eye against the tabletop. “Morning, Tae. Wanna watch Yuri on Ice today? We’ve been meaning to rewatch it, remember?”
Taehyung stays silent but nods gratefully. Serving the table quickly, Yoongi sits down on the other side of Taehyung, chopsticks in one hand, the one closest to Taehyung free. “Here, hold hyung’s hand while you eat. Some food will cheer you up.”
Jin has to go to the foyer to call up the stairs to Jimin one more time for breakfast. Having snuck up while you were in the bathroom, he appears perfectly coiffed with a smug smile on his face that drops the second he reads the room.
“Tae, are you okay?”
The masseuse gives an unconvincing grunt. He props his head enough to feed himself, gripping Yoongi’s hand like his life depends on it. For a moment, Jimin looks ready to ask Jungkook or Yoongi to move seats, but he gives up and sinks into the seat beside you, no hint of showmanship for your hickies remaining.
Taehyung does perk up a little as he eats, sitting up more to drink a strawberry juice that Jin retrieves from the fridge for him, lips wrapped around the straw even after he’s done sipping at it.
With the slight lifting of his mood, the rest of you decide it’s best to talk as normal and hope he can join in. Unfortunately for you, that means the hot topic Jimin had been expecting comes back around.
“So you had a run-in with a very desperate vampire, I’m assuming?” Hoseok quips with a grin. “Looking a little rough this morning since I saw you last, princess.”
“We had fun, didn’t we, Y/n?” Jimin asks, though with the way his eyes track Hoseok’s, you can tell it’s rhetoric.
Hoseok’s smile falters, but he brings it back quickly. “I never would’ve guessed you were the one that was so ungraceful and sloppy, but I suppose I gave you too much credit.”
Instead of bristling, Jimin lets out a bright, genuine laugh. “Do you even hear yourself? Give up the strong front, Hoseok. It’ll be less embarrassing for you when you get eliminated.”
“I can’t wait for the editors to play that back this Monday when you get eliminated. You’ve set up the irony perfectly, congratulations.”
Jimin finishes his mouthful calmly, even as his eyes flare. “It astounds me that you still think you actually have a chance. You’ve already overstayed your welcome in this competition.”
“Oh, do entertain me,” Hoseok drawls, the rest of the table going silent as you watch the interaction. Even Taehyung has finished almost all of his breakfast without realising as he’s sucked into the drama. “Why is it exactly that you think I’m so bad? I still can’t think of a single thing you can do that I can’t do better.”
“You’re a gimmick,” Jimin answers without hesitation. “Acting so high and mighty and professional like nobody could ever hope to touch you. One hour with you and I bet I’d have you sniffling and begging for mercy.”
Hoseok swallows hard enough for his Adam’s apple to bob. “I imagine I would, peaches. One hour is more than enough time for me to go crazy from sheer boredom. It’s a relief Y/n’s fallen for you because your scenes have been consistently subpar. It’s what I would expect from a scripted pornstar, though.”
“Curious that you watch my scenes, Hoseok,” Jimin replies in a forcefully calm voice, head tipped to the side. “You seem more knowledgable on how I fuck than most people in this room. Why is that?”
Hoseok tenses like a snake, chin lifting in defiance. “I like to do my research before I engage with anything, I doubt you’d know about tha-”
The professional dom realises his slip of the tongue a second later than the rest of you. Jimin already has a sly smirk on his face, teeth glinting as he leans back in his chair. “You want to fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid.”
Hoseok goes perfectly still, barely breathing. After a moment, he shakes his head, tongue coming out to wet his lips. “Let’s get one thing clear: I want to fuck you until you look stupid.”
Even from several seats away, you hear Jungkook whisper to Taehyung conspiratorially. “Oh my god, they’re gonna fuck.”
Taehyung’s eyes are bright. “Finally.”
Jimin sucks in a deep breath, chest rising, and exhales. “I thought it would take more than that for you to cave. I’m a little disappointed, honestly. Anyways;” he stands up suddenly, sending the two oldest a warm smile, “thanks for breakfast, hyungs. I’m going to go cuddle my boyfriend and revel in my victory. It’s been a pleasure.”
When Taehyung jumps up like he’s won the lottery and rushes off with Jimin upstairs, it leaves the group of you downstairs in chaos. Hoseok is seething, cheeks red hot with anger or humiliation or a fiery mix of both, and the rest of you are reeling with the developments.
“No way, hyung, I thought for sure you guys were gonna fuck right here!” Jungkook gushes, springing up to massage Hoseok’s shoulders like a coach to his star player. “I love Minnie-hyung, but my money’s on you! You’re the expert, after all!”
Hoseok fails to loosen up. “Thanks, Jungkook, but it’s not worth much now. I just look like an idiot. He just winds me up so- whatever. It doesn’t matter.”
“The best thing you can do is prove your worth through actions,” Namjoon advises gently. “At least, that’s what I believe.”
“Yeah!” Jungkook agrees. “Go up there and rail him like a train, hyung!”
“Okay, no, that wasn’t what I was suggesting,” the academic hurries out, “I meant you should just do your best in the competition and show how capable you are. Maybe he’ll come around, and if not, that’s okay, too.”
Hoseok nods slowly. “I like that,” he says flatly, “I’ll give that a go.”
Jungkook deflates, and sits back down. “Thanks, Jungkook. Great idea, Jungkook. You’re a valuable member of the house, Jungkook.”
The youngest immediately perks up, looking over to Hoseok. “Yeah?”
“You’re an extremely valuable member of the house. Now if you’ll excuse me.”
You wait in anticipation all day. You spend the morning in your room, calling friends and family, watching mindless reruns, trying to tune your brain out. Jimin keeps you updated on Taehyung; there isn’t anything wrong in particular, Tae states. He just sometimes feels low and needs a little more affection until the clouds pass.
The two of them stick together all day in Jimin’s room, with Jungkook joining after lunch for a anime marathon, and you let them enjoy their quality time together.
You don’t really hear from Hoseok, but you guiltily check the Bangasm livestreams you’d bought previously and see him scheming in his room, sifting through his boxes of sinful toys and equipment.
Namjoon and Yoongi play chess in the lounge for a few hours later in the day, and you and Jin watch, the latter playing the role of commentator much to the pair’s chagrin.
You witness the moment they all get the text.
Their phones go off in unison; yours stays silent. Namjoon finishes his turn before he checks, but the others pull out their devices and read the text, straightening up in surprise.
Yoongi’s eyes find yours as Jin nudges you teasingly, but neither of them mention it aloud. Once Namjoon calls his move and checks his own notification, you fight the urge to investigate the message yourself. It’s like an unspoken secret that Hoseok is going to scene with you tonight, but you have no way of knowing if the guys have received more information than you.
You find yourself unable to keep still during dinner. The vibe is strained; both Jimin and Hoseok’s confrontation and the expectation of the night ahead keep the conversation to a minimum.
Hoseok has sat himself at the head of the table, with you on the far end. This small mercy allows you to eat without the fear that he’ll begin his scene right then and there, but still you’re almost shaking with uncertain expectation.
Every time you check your watch, he grins to himself.
You start eating at 6:17 in the evening. You finish your own meal a mere eight minutes later, but the table isn’t cleared until 6:39.
You find your panties embarrassingly damp when you do a nervous bathroom break. Just the passing of time has you turned on, before he’s even begun the scene.
Hoseok disappears upstairs at 6:45. He’s back at 6:51 with a black bag, instructing everyone to take a seat in the living room.
Yoongi has to gently swat at your hand every time it finds itself in your mouth, unconsciously biting at your nails. Your heart is beating like it’s in a marathon, core already throbbing dully. More than anything, you hope he’ll be nice and fuck you properly. Jimin this morning had left you needing more, the little tease, and if Hoseok is in the cheeky mood too, you might not make it.
You’re told to strip down to your panties and bra two minutes before 7. Anxious and aroused, it takes you those two minutes to even manage the act of undressing. The second you straighten up with only those two items of clothing on your body, Hoseok is looping a short rope around your neck, folded over and tied into a loose knot, creating a makeshift collar that dangles between your breasts.
He uses it to tug you off the couch and over to the center of the room, hand running over your neck and down your back. Like he’s got something to prove, he’s dressed to the nines tonight in a purple and black ensemble. More colour than he usually has, he still sticks primarily to leather. His pants and boots are black as ever, but his black shirt has a purple leather harness constricting it, and his beautiful hands are covered by riding gloves of the same material and shade.
Feeling the well-worn leather slide over your bare skin, your breath hitches. Even as you step into unknown territory, being under his control feels like shaking a heavy burden off your shoulders. He’ll take care of you now.
When he feels you relax into his caressing, he smiles. Not the warm, sunshine-tinted smile you’d get during the day, but the predatorial one that comes for you in your dirtiest dreams. The one you’ve had the pleasure of seeing on this show multiple times, one you can never quite get used to.
“Alright, princess, you ready to give the boys a show?”
You suck in a breath when his gloved hand sinks lower, gripping shamelessly at your ass. “Yes, Master.”
“Mm, good. On your knees.”
You follow without thought, the slight curl of embarrassment at having so many viewers well and truly flooded by the arousal of… having so many viewers. You asked for this though, and with the way Hoseok grins watching you squirm, he’s having the exact same thought.
“We’re going to be tying you up tonight, princess. Look up; do you see that?” Confused, you follow Hoseok’s instruction, shivering slightly in your underwear. Above you, the ceiling boasts two heavy-duty rings set apart by about a meter. You swear you’ve never seen them before, yet you can’t recall a time Hoseok would’ve been able to install them. “Did none of you think to inspect this house a little more? I noticed this in Week 2; tested them a few days later to make sure they were solid enough to handle the weight of a body.”
Your chin drops slightly to watch him as he stalks over to his black bag, undoing the zipper with a smooth flourish. He’s in his element, presenting like this, and the others are just as enraptured as you are.
“I was wondering if anyone would ever catch onto them, but as the weeks went by, nobody did. It wasn’t until last Sunday that I was checking out the supply closet again and found this.” When he straightens up again, the dark-haired dom is holding a tangle of belts, slings and chains. Confused, it isn’t until he takes the two largest metal carabiners and fixes them onto the ceiling hoops that the piece of equipment falls into its natural position.
It’s a sex swing.
The first hook supports a wide strap that curves down at the lowest point, which still hangs above your head as you kneel. The second hook provides two smaller footholds, and the two sections are connected by a chain with two small loops further up by the first strap. It’s enough for you to picture yourself lying back, hands in the loops, feet in stirrup position, exposed and vulnerable. Swallowing, you subtly wriggle to press your heel against your heated core, already wet through the fabric of your panties.
“Since you so kindly offered your heart to everyone the other day, I thought perhaps you’d be interested in sharing your pretty body, too.” Hoseok dips into a crouch in front of you, fingers clutching at your chin to keep the intense eye contact. “After all, that was the entire spirit of this show, wasn’t it? To spread your legs for us?”
You pause, shivering under him, but his raised brow indicates it’s not a rhetorical question. “Y-yes, Master.”
“Good. A slut who knows her purpose. Stand up, clothes off.”
Suddenly, your cheeks feel flaming hot. Being spoken off so vulgarly in front of the others is humiliating, and you feel so dirty slipping off your panties and bra as you feel their eyes on you.
Jimin is swallowing heavily, vein in his neck throbbing as Taehyung hugs the older man’s leg tightly between his, the typical pout of arousal on his face. Yoongi and Jungkook sit together, the latter looking dazed and the former hyper-fixated. It takes you the briefest glance to see Yoongi’s hand cupping Jungkook’s erection possessively, and you clench your thighs together at the sight of it.
On the last couch, dead center to you, Jin and Namjoon seem no more composed. Namjoon, thoroughly avoiding looking at you, cheeks pink and lip swollen from nervous biting, and Jin, legs crossed and grimacing like it’s taking physical effort to stay seated.
Fully naked, you hiss when Hoseok suddenly presses his body to yours, leather on bare skin. He lifts you like you’re nothing, muscles flexing even as his face stays purely relaxed. Into the sex swing you go, first lowered onto the main strap.
“Hold onto the chains, princess, get comfy. You’ll be here for a while.” While most of his hair is gelled back, his preferred style when in a longer scene, a lock towards the front has already fallen over his brow, and he flicks it out of his eyes with a single finger, waiting expectantly.
You grip the chains themselves, careful not to pinch yourself as you shuffle. The strap itself isn’t as wide as your ass, and so it’s a careful balance to find a position where you feel most stable. Unfortunately, that position happens to be one where you’re leaning back on a slight angle, exposing yourself more.
Hoseok no doubt knows this, and his eyes dart down to where his crotch is mere centimetres from yours. You wonder if he can make out the glistening slick that’s gathered there, and the thought makes you twitch.
He definitely catches that, chuckling and lightly spanking your innner left thigh. “Good girl,” he praises, and your breath hitches. “Let’s do your hands first, hm? Keep you steady.”
One at a time, he takes you hands by the wrist and slips them through the loops, using a solid buckle to tighten them appropriately. As he manhandles you into position, it leaves your attention free to roam. Without intending to, your eyes look out towards the couches.
There’s more movement than last time you checked. Taehyung has his teeth in Jimin’s sweater, biting down near the shoulder as he humps his arm. The older man doesn’t scold him or stop him, instead his own teeth are out as he nips at Taehyung’s ear, whispering something into it that has the masseuse biting down hard on his own lip.
The others have managed to stay put more than him, though Namjoon is now watching you fleetingly, like he’s still fighting his own embarrassment.
By the time you’ve observed them, Hoseok is patting your knee to draw your gaze back, and instructs you shortly to lift a leg up into the right strap. As you do, you tug at your wrists curiously, but find no give. The chain jangles slightly, and Hoseok glances up to silence you with a single harsh look. You freeze, letting him strap your ankle into the stirrup in the same way.
Your second leg is barely touching the floor at this point, tiptoeing the carpet, but still the difference from being mostly suspended to fully suspended takes your breath away. You resist slightly, instinctively, when he goes to lift your left leg, but the second it leaves the floor and gets tied up, spreading your legs wide, you whine and shiver with the unexpected delight of it.
You can move but you won’t get anywhere, and the futility is more thrilling than anything you’ve tried yet. Somehow, even your brief tryst at the Red Room feels hazier and less momentous than this. That - before it soured, at least - was surrounded by so much novelty and excitement that it barely registered. You were just tied up in front of a crowd for a show.
But here, in front of the men you loved, in front of the men that were competing for your sexual preference, in the intimacy of the place you’ve been living at for over a month - it’s indescribable.
Now that you’re fully off the ground, you can lean back and let the wrist bindings keep you upright. It’s less strain on your abdomen and upper arms if you let yourself sink into the swing like that, strung up in an arc.
But Hoseok doesn’t seem satisfied. He runs his hand over you, head to shoulder to breast, and you yip when he tweaks a nipple, making your legs jerk. The only place they have to move is inwards, buckling at the knee but giving you enough leeway to kick out.
“Mm, I thought so,” he says in a low tone, and when he turns away, your heart sinks a little like you’ve disappointed him. He returns quickly, however, with his typical scarlet ropes, two sets. “Too much wiggle room for my taste, princess. Bend them.”
You follow his instructions and the press of his gloved hands as he encourages your knees to bend, calves meeting your thighs. Methodically, with the speed of an expert, he trusses you up like that. The friction of the rope leaves lines of fire across your skin, and as your legs are fastened one at a time, ankles tucked against your ass cheeks, you’re mortified to feel your own wetness drip down between them.
Hoseok ignores your cunt like it barely exists, purely focused on his task at hand. Once he finishes, he lays out a smack against your breast that is so sudden that you let out a yelp and attempt to convulse away. This time, your muscles tense to no avail. The chains barely rattle, and he grins in clear approval.
“There we go. Now, I have some rules for you, princess. Will you behave for me?”
You nod, voice croaky as you give a belated verbal response. “Yes, Master, I’ll behave.” At this point you feel so tightly wound up, and unable to relieve yourself, that it feels like you’d agree to anything.
“That’s my girl,” he coos warmly, gloved hands running up your sides, tickling your skin enough to make the muscles tense. “Here are my rules for tonight. Number one: all these men here tonight are your doms. You’re at the bottom of the food chain, so you’ll listen to them. But who’s at the top?”
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jimin roll his eyes, taking out his frustration on Taehyung’s neck, which has started to bloom like yours on one side. You, however, are in no position to resist. “You, Master.”
“Correct,” he confirms intently, fiddling lazily with your nipple to watch you attempt to squirm, “so my word comes above theirs. You obey me first. Understood?”
“Understood, sir.”
“Good.” His hand leaves you, and you watch as he moves back to the bag one last time, retrieving a blindfold. You whine at the sight of it, but he just returns and instructs you to sit up, slipping behind you. “You only have one other rule. No cumming until everyone else here has. Got it?”
The fabric falls over your eyes, cutting off the world. You gasp, thud of arousal giving away to reality. “Wait, but three of them can’t even-”
“That’s not my fault, princess. You voted them off. You can think of a way. Now;” his voice quality changes, muted slightly by distance, “who’s first?”
With no vision and no mobility, there’s nothing you can do but float and feel.
In the end, there’s no time to strategise, because only a few seconds pass before hands fall on you. Uncovered, they’re not Hoseok’s.
Light and undirected as a curious fairy, this touch roams your legs, trailing over the places where rope gives way to skin, where you’re trapped and still. The touches raise higher, but skip over your overheated core. This man flicks at your nipples, more intentioned than Hoseok has but not enough to make you do anything more than whine.
The noise echoes embarrassingly in the hushed room. You swallow through a dry throat and lean back on your restraints. “Who are you?”
Instead of an answer from the mystery man, it’s a distant chuckle from Hoseok that responds. “You can’t recognise your lover from his hands alone? How disappointing. Will you recognise his cock?”
You mouth falls open with an ungraceful whine as suddenly you’re breached by the man’s tip. It happens so unexpectedly that by the time you clench down, he’s already driven inside you. Trembling at the unforgiving stretch, you bear down tighter, hoping to make him curse out, something that would help you place him.
But a huff of air is all you get, before the hand returns to clutch bruisingly at your thigh, keeping you in place as he begins to fuck you.
You hiccup with the shock of it, at being entirely unable to move away. It would be frightening did you not feel so safe and turned on, but even then you can barely breathe, listening to the chains cling with each thrust.
He starts off slow, but once you begin to relax and accept him in, his hips smack your ass with every thrust, sending you jerking back and forth in the air. It feels so good that it’s almost unbearable, and you sob when you recall your second rule.
“How am I meant tuh-” you pant, writhing unsuccessfully as your train of thought is fucked out of you. You hear a laugh, Jimin’s, but it’s too far for it to be him railing you like this. Gritting your teeth, you fight to keep track. “How am I meant to know if everyone’s came if I don’t even know who’s - fuck - who’s fucking me?”
When Hoseok laughs this time, it’s closer. You jump when you feel gloves on your face. The man inside you slows to a grind as Hoseok pulls the hair away from your temples and cheeks where it’s stuck on with sweat. You’re panting, trying to catch your breath, picturing what he must look like standing above you and tying your hair back for you. “That is quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Don’t worry, princess, I’ll only punish you if you get it wrong.”
You sob again as the thrusts come back full force. Hoseok’s presence leaves you, or at least you think it does, and the man fucking you grips onto your hips with two hands. Through your overwhelmed delirium, you can hear his frantic breaths, like he’s fighting to keep his mouth shut just as much as you’re fighting back the pleasure tightening inside of you.
“Ju-just tell me who you are, ple-ase,” you cry out around a moan. You try to work out who it is in your head, but it’s so hard to think when he’s curving inside you so nicely, when you can’t catch your breath or get his pace to stop.
You can cross out the three eliminated members. It takes you a few thrusts to even recall who they are. Not Taehyung, Jin, or Jungkook. Jimin was too far away, Hoseok was still wearing his gloves.
Namjoon or Yoongi, then. Your head tips back bonelessly when he picks up the pace. You have to tense up your lower body with the effort it takes not to cum, but that very action only makes him rub inside you more firmly.
You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, with the hard place hammering inside you so vigorously, and the thought makes you want to laugh or sob, delirious. “Just cum already, what the fuck,” you whine out, tears prickling in your eyes from beneath the blindfold.
A strangled snort sounds from above you, and the hips stutter before they resume. It’s too late, though, and you gasp at the familiar chuckle. “Yoongi! It’s Yoongi,” you babble until he does you the favour of confirming.
“Mm, you got me, you minx. Might have to put a gag on you,” he quips, and your heart swells hearing his rumbly tone. You think perhaps you’re smiling, but you can barely tell when he continues to fuck you, this time without holding back.
Now that you know it’s him, you can picture the way his forehead must be glistening with sweat. His right arm has hooked around your left leg, and he’s spreading you wider so that he can rut into you deeper.
It feels so good that your eyes are wet, and when he finally curses and fucks into you one last time, relief overwhelms you. The roiling storm of pleasure inside you settles to a weak thunder, and you sigh in satisfaction as you feel him spill inside you, breathing heavily.
“God, h-how many more to go?” you question weakly. The feeling of him pulling out, leaving you empty and dripping, is cruel and unsatisfying and you attempt to wriggle in your bonds, enticing the next one in without shame.
“Only one down and you already can’t do basic maths? Six, princess. Though you’ll only be taking three more cocks.”
You hear Yoongi’s breathy laugh and a plastic click. You picture him opening a packet of wet wipes and cleaning himself down, spent and satisfied. That makes one of us.
It isn’t long before there’s movement again, and it’s for the best, because you swear you’ve felt cum drip off you and onto the carpet already.
That thought soon leaves your head as you hear more rustling, a click of the tongue, and Hoseok muttering quietly enough that he probably hadn’t intended you to hear, “of course.”
A hand brushes your cheek lightly. Your heart leaps. “Jimin! It’s Jimin, you’re Jimin!”
The hand stills. A moment of silence filled with your heavy panting, followed by the sound of a zipper. Was Jimin wearing pants with a zipper? Was he wanting to fuck your mouth, all the way up here?
The truth punches into you in a single, smooth thrust that leaves you choking on air. “Nnnnnn-not Jimin, not Jim-ah!”
When Namjoon bottoms out inside you, it’s mind-curling. You can’t think, you can’t process anything, all there is is the wet stretch and the all-encompassing fullness. Namjoon’s was a cock you never really got used to, but having your sight and movement restricted so much makes it feel like the first time, and your muscles won’t stop shaking.
“Colour, princess?” Hoseok questions from across the room.
You keen lowly, not willing to give up the pleasure as much as it drowns you. “Green, I-I’m okay.”
“You’re doing well. Continue.” The last sentence isn’t directed at you, but Namjoon. He begins to shift inside you slowly, testing you. When the only sound is a guttural moan, he takes the hint and gradually builds a pace.
Despite you having pinned down four of the people in the room, the second Namjoon adjusts his hips and begins using the chains closest to him to fuck you onto his cock, you know it’s game over.
Your legs tense and relax on repeat as you fail to move away or gain ground. Even as they’re fastened by your wrists, your hands still clutch desperately at the higher chains, trying to anchor yourself. It’s all in vain.
Namjoon reaches every spot inside you, and his pelvis rubs against your clit every few thrusts as he grinds in a small circle. Your mouth goes slack, wondering aimlessly who had taught him to fuck like that, or if he was just evolving naturally into some kind of sex god.
You try to hold out, but when he starts fucking you faster to reach his own end, you know your time is numbered. The swirl tightens in your gut again, telling you you’re well on your way to an electric orgasm.
You squirm, pant, whine, anything to try and distract yourself and hold yourself back from the edge, but in the end there’s only one thing you can do. Beg.
“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna- stop, you have to stop, I can’t - no, fuck, god.” You’re babbling hopelessly, but he listens, pulling out of you in one swift motion. Cunt throbbing and distressingly empty, you can’t help the tears that spring to your eyes. Sobbing, you tremble and crane your neck in the direction you think Hoseok is sitting. “Master, please just let me cum, it’s not fair, I can’t do it-”
“You can, princess, use your head.”
His words are intended to assure you, encourage, you, but they just make you sob harder at the hopelessness of it. Namjoon’s broad palm rests on your hip, thumb rubbing to soothe you. You catch your breath as the haze of orgasm denial clears up again. Use your head.
“N-Namjoon, fuck my mouth, fuck my throat, please,” you beg in a rush, lips curling in triumph at the idea. He was big, sure, but the thought of winning your challenge, of having Hoseok’s pride and approval makes any jaw ache well worth it.
Already caught out, Namjoon doesn’t need to hide his identity, and he chooses not to, letting out a groan. “Y/n, god, you’re killing me. So beautiful. Are you sure?”
You nod your head frantically, even as your cheeks heat from the compliment. “I’m sure, please, you have to.” To sweeten the pot, you open your mouth and stick your tongue out, letting it hang with your chin pointing upwards.
You hear a muffled groan from further away, and your eyes squeeze tightly behind your blindfold as your mind provides you with images of who it could be. Was it Jimin, helping Taehyung get off as he watched you intently, robbed of his turn? Or was it the pup himself, or the other two eliminated members, knowing the offer couldn’t extend to them?
There’s no more time to think about it, as Namjoon’s hand gently cups the top of your head from below, holding you steady as he feeds his cock into your mouth. You widen your jaw to its limit to welcome him, teeth tucked behind your lips and cheeks hollowing.
He curses, stopping about halfway. You can feel him tickling the back of your throat, but you hold back your gag reflex, determined to suck him off quickly. Like this, your entire lower half feels almost nonexistent with nobody touching it, bar the searing heat between your legs, and it’s such a confusing sensation that you’re in a hurry to get your reward already.
Luckily for you, oral seems to be Namjoon’s weakness. He never even goes any deeper, fucking you shallowly and encouraging you to use your tongue with husky praises. The blood rushes to your head, encouraging you to work harder, and when you feel his hand clutching his own base, jerking himself off into your mouth, you brace yourself for his release.
The awkward angle makes it difficult to swallow it all, and despite your valiant effort, you feel some of it slip out the corners of your mouth, running down your cheeks.
When Namjoon comes down from his high, softening quickly, you feel his hands on your back, lifting you up. His mouth descends on yours with such intensity that it gives you a fright, and you moan into him as his tongue flicks out to clean you up.
“God, Joon,” Yoongi grumbles shakily from the sidelines, “who taught you to be so filthy?”
“They grow up so fast,” you hear Jungkook mumble in a dreamy tone, making Taehyung snicker weakly.
“Two down, princess,” Hoseok reminds. “Can you handle six more?”
You feel dizzy, a mix of your arousal and the upside-down position you held for a while. It takes you a moment to answer. “I- yeah, I can,” you decide eventually, leaning on Namjoon for a moment.
He stays beside you, holding you steady even when you’re entered again without warning. You stiffen in surprise, but after Namjoon, you’re so wet and well-stretched that the new person slides in with ease, starting a brutal pace from the get-go.
Jimin this time, you think, but waiting to feel a touch of skin or gloves on you to confirm. When the touch finally comes, you sigh out in relief, but it takes you only a few moments to realise that it’s Namjoon leaning over, grasping at your tits with his free hand, not the man between your legs.
Still, you get the feeling Hoseok is leaving himself for last as the alpha of the ‘food chain’, so you lean back into Namjoon’s solid chest and let yourself go lax for Jimin.
He never touches you, and you whine in frustration as his cock ruts into you on an angle, holding out on touching the spots that would make your toes curl.
Despite you needing not to cum yet, it still feels like being deprived, and as you start to complain incoherently, Namjoon crooks his neck again to kiss you, keeping you quiet.
As you strain to kiss him back, you’re jerked in your restraints by the force of the man fucking you. Jimin knows your body perhaps almost as well as your own, many of them do at this point, and so it’s no surprise that he’s doing this on purpose. Whether it’s out of mercy, or sadism, it’s impossible to tell.
You do your part by bearing down on him, trying to guide him to cum quicker. You’re exhausted after just two, but relaxing and letting it happen is allowing your mind to focus on other things.
You need to get Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jin to come too. Without touching them.
“H-Hoseok, Master,” you call out shakily, almost expecting him to stay quiet to keep his identity a secret.
“Yes, princess.” Too easy. His voice is far enough away that you’re certain who it is between your legs again. There would be nobody else to fuck you next except him, and so you can turn your intent to the three unmanned players.
“Can I get the others to touch each other?”
The grin in Hoseok’s voice when he replies is clear as day. “Of course, princess. But remember, they’re your doms, so they don’t have to obey. How prettily can you beg?”
With a whine, you almost sob in relief. It’s clear now, what he wants this challenge to show. While this entire reality show may be based around you, it’s them that have the power to indulge you or not. You have to make an effort just as much as they do.
But as Jimin fucks you deeper, now giving in and hooking two fingers around a rope on either leg to keep you close, you’re too desperate to feel ashamed about begging.
You pick your first two, the ones more likely to listen to your pleas. “Tae-tae, Jungkookie,” you gasp out, “you wanna cum, right? W-will you touch each other for me?”
The man between your legs lets out a deep sigh, almost a laugh, and picks up his pace. You think Jimin’s close, and so you attempt to tighten yourself as much as you can, letting him fuck you onto his cock with the ropes.
Further away, by the couches, you hear Taehyung whimper. It’s Jungkook that speaks up. “How do you want us to touch? Should I give Tae-hyung a handjob, or should I suck him off?” The masseuse cries out, and you almost moan yourself at the wet noise, brain scrambling to picture them.
“Y-yes, suck him off, Kookie, t-touch yourself too, please,” you pant out, breath hitching when you feel Jimin come inside you unannounced. He’s silent through it, rolling his hips against yours and using a finger to push his cum back inside you once he pulls out.
Despite hating the loss, you’re pleased to hear the enthusiastic sound of a blowjob, muffled moans, and a whining Taehyung. Namjoon brushes back some stray hairs that have escaped their tie and lets you hang down gently before he leaves.
Back to being entirely untethered and untouched, your ears pick up the slack. You hear Namjoon moving away, and the low rumble of his voice.
Jungkook hiccups, coughing lightly. “Hy-hyung,” he whimpers, before his following moan comes out garbled again.
The sound is sinful, you imagine the imagery even more so, but all it serves to do is make you feel more deprived and starved for touch. “Master, please, come fuck me,” you whine, secretly hopeful that you can get Jin to cum while Hoseok is still fucking you so that you can finally cum on his cock.
It doesn’t take long for the emptiness to be resolved, but even as you moan openly in satisfaction, your mind hazes in confusion. You feel bare skin - a thumb brushing over your clit every few moments. Hoseok must’ve taken his gloves off.
Struggling to maintain some semblance of order, you strain your hearing to try and follow the action of the three men. Taehyung sounds close, Jungkook gagging obscenely, and if Namjoon has his giant hands around him, you know it’s only time before he’s reaching his peak too.
For now, you have no choice but to let that train of thought go. Hoseok fucks you with the clear intention of getting you to break. His thumb rubs at you without mercy, and his cock arches up deftly to get your g-spot too.
It’s a stretch, and your find yourself drooling, wondering if Hoseok’s cock was fatter or if it was just your mindlessness that has you confused.
Either way, you’re exhausted and horny, and despite the challenge, you decide you deserve a little pleasure before you continue.
You know your limits, and this feels too good to try and thwart it.
“Fu-fucking me so good, ‘t feels so good, Master,” you babble, and he rewards you with his teeth on your nipple, leaning over you to bite and suck at it. The touch is so familiar, and in your haze you let out a dopey, breathless chuckle at the thought of both Hoseok and Jimin leaving matching marks on your tits.
You miss the gloves, though, and the mental image of Hoseok railing you and fingering you with them on gets you a little too hot and bothered.
Out of nowhere, you feel your orgasm start to rise, and you gasp, trying to wriggle away. His grip only tightens, and you know you need to get Jin to cum quick, before you do. You’re not sure if you can even last Hoseok cumming first inside you if he’s fucking you this dirty, but a close failure in your eyes is better than giving up entirely.
“Jimin,” you call out, your voice uneven and shaky from please, “Min-Minnie, please suck Jin off, please, I’m gonna cum if you don’t- Minnie, please, I’ll do anything, I was good for you this morning, I-” You have to pause, running out of oxygen, and Hoseok slows down his thrusts like he’s waiting for the response too.
Nothing happens. In the lull, you hear Taehyung growl, followed by the satisfied panting of his release. You find enough breath to plead again quietly, but still there’s nothing. Jungkook comes too, or at least it sounds like he does, with Namjoon praising him for doing so well.
It’s just Jin and Hoseok.
Your desperation mounts to new heights as Hoseok stills inside you. You’re so close you could scream, and you almost do, letting out a raw cry. “Fuck, Jimin, I’m begging you, suck him off, make him cu- wha-?”
Your legs tremble when Hoseok pulls out suddenly. You feel plush lips bending down to press a light kiss right on your clit, and as you clench reflexively, you know you’ve fucked. “Wait, no, come back, Jimin, fuck me first, one of the others can do it!”
“Sorry, little mouse,” Jimin’s velvet timbre whispers, “I’m just doing what you asked.”
Your eyes prickle at the sudden abandonment, and you can’t even be pleased when you hear him chuckling lowly, sharing a messy kiss with who you assume is Jin before he begins his ministrations.
Your mind whirls. If Jimin was just inside you, then who was inside you before? “Master,” you call out uncertainly, and you feel your sanity break when a fond, assuring touch reaches out to cup your face. The cool material of the leather glove makes you sob. “I don’t understand.”
“What do you mean, princess? Can’t even keep track of the men you spread your legs for? That’s too bad.” Hoseok’s voice lulls you into a false sense of security, even as his words damn you. You have no clue. Either Hoseok took his gloves off just to confuse you, or he hasn’t finished yet either.
You clench down on nothing, dissatisfied and dripping cum. You don’t know if you can last, so desperate to find your own climax that you just want to sob. You feel so overwhelmed that when Hoseok’s glove trails lower, followed by his dull footsteps on the carpet, you find yourself sniffing back real tears. “Master, what’s the punishment?”
The smooth, well-worn leather finds its way between your legs. You gasp as he plays with your clit slowly, almost absentmindedly. “Already planning on failing?”
“I’m sorry, Master, I can’t do it,” you admit, “I’m lost.”
“Oh, you poor thing,” he coos. Behind him, you hear Jin swearing and laughing breathlessly, voice low with arousal. You mourn missing out on the sight, but it’s hard for you to care for much beyond your own pleasure as Hoseok’s touch speeds up. “Should I just let you cum, hm? If you take your punishment like a good girl, I’ll forgive you.”
“Okay, yes, let me cum, please, Master,” you beg relentlessly, relieved at the thought of cumming. Any punishment seems tolerable for the permission to orgasm that you’ve been denied for so long.
Hoseok’s fingers speed up further, flat hand strumming back and forth over your clit with one purpose in mind. “Alright then, princess, cum for Master.”
Without hesitation, your body falls into a state of pure bliss. You don’t have enough awareness to realise how quiet the rest of the room has gotten. Instead, you cry out and let the tears soak your blindfold, release hitting you like a freight train, inescapable and more intense than anything you’ve felt in weeks.
Hoseok doesn’t even wait for you to come down before he issues his punishment. His voice is gruff, the buckles of his bag clinking and someone coming close to hand him something. “You only managed to get four of us to cum before you failed, princess, so that means you owe us three more orgasms. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?”
“Only four?” you mumble, beginning to prickle with oversensitivity.
“I never even started, and you left Jimin and Jin half-finished, the poor buggers. They seem very disappointed, princess. Do us a favour and cum nicely, and then we’ll forgive you.”
With that, he turns on the vibrator.
It’s tiny, smaller than you’d expect, but so rough. You whimper, tugging helplessly at your restraints as he pins your thighs open with one hand, pushing you well beyond the sharpness of oversensitivity.
It takes you a minute of eternity for the pain to roll back into pleasure. The vibrator slides around thanks to the obscene amount of cum dripping from you, and every time the rough texture touches your clit directly it’s like an electric shock.
Your second orgasm comes and goes quickly, leaving you crying out and wailing in no time.
You feel hands on you, tweaking at your nipples, gripping at your ass, teeth nipping your sore neck. It’s an assault on your senses, and you don’t even attempt to place a single one of them.
You’re in a pit of ecstasy and torture, never having been pushed this far before. But you can’t move, you can’t escape it, and so a third orgasm rolls over you like a small convulsion, your moans turning garbled and incomprehensible.
You’re sobbing. You can barely hear it as if underwater, but you know it’s you. “Too much,” your echo pleads, “it’s too much, I can’t take it.”
“You are taking it, princess, just one more. If you need red, say it.”
But one more, you can do one more, your body is far too weak to fight the pleasure anyway, and so you shake your head and shiver through the sensations and, with the help of fingers plunging inside you and curling upwards, the bristly vibrator brings you to your final orgasm.
The second you go stiff and shriek, Hoseok takes it away from you and the hands leave you. Only his remain, hurriedly tugging off his gloves so he can run his hands over you slowly, praising you with a warm whisper in your ear.
You’re shivering without end, even as a dazed smile has spread on your face for overcoming it, for lasting his punishment and taking it well. Panting like you’ve run a marathon, you feel him slide the blindfold off and whimper at the bright light.
“Just close your eyes, it’s all done now. All done. Good girl,” you hear Hoseok assuring. He enlists help to untie you, because in no time you’re loose and being hoisted into someone’s arms.
You let your eyes stay closed, happy to let the others maneuver you into whatever position. They lead you up the stairs carefully and when you’re put down again, you recognise the comfort of a bed, and you snuggle into it.
“Y/n, do you need any water? A snack? What’s your colour, princess?”
Sighing at the concern in his voice, you fight to put your vocal cords to use. “I’m green, I’m just so tired. Aftercare tomorrow, I just wanna sleep.”
“Okay, you can sleep.” A hand is in your hair, undoing the hairtye and brushing it back off your face. “You did so well today.”
You think you can hear the others wishing you a good night and departing, but you’re already drifting into an exhausted and satisfied sleep.
“You pushed her too far.”
Hoseok glances up, huffing as Jimin lingers in the doorway. “She’s fine. I’m an expert, as you constantly seem to forget.”
Jimin still looks on edge. He runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head at the pro dom. Secretly, Hoseok is amused that Jimin had to stop before he could cum. The perfect undercutting, and he didn’t even have to set it up himself. Now, the pornstar watches a sleeping Y/n with a dark look in his eye. “Mistakes happen. I heard about what happened when you took her to your work.”
Hoseok bristles at the clear insult. “I’ll never let that happen to her again.”
“No, you won’t,” Jimin insists, gaze only softening when he sees you wriggle around in your sleep, arm stretching out beyond the covers. “I don’t care what you think of me, but if you hurt her like that again - if you hurt any of them - you’ll have hell to pay.”
“Do you think I’m a fucking sex monster set out to hurt people?” Hoseok asks incredulously, fighting to keep his voice low. “I take my craft seriously, and I’d never intentionally harm someone. Besides, it’s rich coming from you. Lighting her neck up like a Pollock painting.”
Jimin’s grim demeanour lifts as his eyes dart to the vast expanse of hickies on your skin. “She liked getting them just as much as I liked giving them. Why; are you jealous? I’m not gonna go soft on you just because you admitted to your little crush on me.”
“It’s not a crush,” Hoseok spits immediately, before collecting himself. Glancing down, he ensures that you’re still sleeping deeply before he stands up, approaching Jimin. “One thing was made clear today,” he starts, using his height to make Jimin’s head crane up, “this house isn’t big enough for the both of us. Something’s gotta give.”
“I agree,” Jimin states, stepping back to cross his arms and stare up at Hoseok in distaste. “How about you give up?”
“Not without a fair fight.” Hoseok puts his dom face on, stiffening his jaw and narrowing his brows. Despite Jimin’s bold exterior, he doesn’t miss the way the pornstar swallows and shrinks slightly. “You and me, Sunday night. The one who submits or cums first accepts defeat and resigns from the competition.”
Jimin glares, eyes hardening in suspicion. “Why not just now, or tomorrow? Scared you’ll lose?”
Hoseok grins. Jimin’s considering it, and that means he’s already won. “You haven’t even done your prompt yet this week. Be grateful I’m giving you one last chance before you’re cut off. Unless you wanna leave the competition with the blue balls Y/n gave you tonight?”
“You’re on,” Jimin confirms. “And when you resign on Sunday, I’ll enjoy the look of pure humiliation on your face at creating your own defeat.”
“That’s a nice dream,” Hoseok fires back. “Fuck off and go dream it.”
Jimin just smirks, eyes lowering. “Goodnight.” He leaves after that, not bothering to shut Y/n bedroom door behind him.
Belatedly, Hoseok glances down, cursing at the obvious sight of his strained erection. Great. Real strong front there, Hoseok.
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minyoongisthirdhusband · a month ago
BTS: Asking Them To Sit In Your Lap
summary: bts reaction to you asking them to sit in your lap
a/n: two posts in one day how cool am i? i was reading some fics and now im in a mood and that mood is wanting a boy to sit in my lap so here enjoy
kinda stares at you like you have three heads for a second 
and then is a joker 
“oh is my lap not good enough for you anymore?”
teases you a bit but probably will end up sitting in your lap 
shimmies in your lap like its a chair and laughs when you complain 
“im trying to get comfortable here, can you stop moving?”
is very happy in the end 
loves the feeling of your arms around his waist and your chin on his shoulder 
it isnt a regular thing, but it is a normal thing 
like you aren’t sitting confused and staring like hes gone crazy if he decides to sit on your lap
mostly does it to get ur attention if he feels like you’re particularly distracted from the main attraction: him
but his lap is still your main throne 
deadpan stare and you think youve fucked up
you try to retract the statement but hes already like “yeah okay”
kitty cat 
your lap is now just a new place to sit and rest, and our boy loves sitting and resting 
its now a thing 
will come up to you and just stare until you’re like “dude what” and he’s like “lemme sit in your lap”
takes this thing and runs with it for miles
eventually doesnt have to stand awkwardly waiting for you to pick up what hes putting down 
he can just sit on the best chair in the whole house and you simply wrap an arm around him and continue with your day 
loves sitting face to face and talking about your days with each other 
will take advantage of this position and tuck his face into your neck and Sleep 
best sleep 
even if its not the most comfortable 
the hand rubbing up and down his back and your smell and warmth makes it the best sleep
surprisingly reluctant 
like youd expect him to be down bc he’s ya know sunshine boy who goes out of his way to be overtly affectionate 
so what gives? 
there’s no big reason actually, it just makes him a bit nervous
he loves having you on top of him, but is nervous to be on top of you
takes some coaxing, but eventually he takes the chance 
is stiff and awkward which have you ever heard those words to describe hobi? 
after a moment he relaxes against you, leaning back in your arms
“this isn’t...too bad”
doesn’t make it a thing, but if you pat your lap, he will sit 
always needs to settle in, no matter how many times he’s sat there 
prefers you to silently ask, because he’s a blushing mess if you verbally ask
awkward laughter as he slips into your lap
you have to be super confident about it because if youre also nervous he wont do it ever again  
the most down for it but the most nervous 
perks up when you ask but then remembers he is 181 cm and over 60 kg
hes like a big dog who thinks hes a lap dog but isnt 
except he knows his size and is super hesitant 
you have to assure him a whole bunch before he even gives it a single thought
as soon as hes there, you’re in heaven its great you love it here
he keeps asking if you’re okay, asking if he’s crushing you 
you reassure him and tell him that you want to be crushed it’s exactly what you want 
likes to feel your smaller body wrapped around his, it calms him down
loves it a lot probably the most out of all the members 
will never just plop down though you have to ask him 
he will stare very pointedly at you until you notice and ask “hey babe, do you want to sit on my lap”
tries to be cool about it 
“y-yeah sure y/n of course”
but we all know he was just waiting for the green light
im on a baby namjoon agenda he deserves it 
used to being tiny and cute, so he’s not surprised you asked
i mean, who wouldnt want him in their lap
he’s flattered but extremely flustered 
blushing and stuttering 
“w-wha! y/n!”
really just pull him into your lap
he’ll spend too long overthinking it and then chicken out so just pull him into your lap 
he will be surprised for a moment and then goes with it
wraps his arms around your neck, shoves his head under your chin 
true baby vibes
he’s been waiting for you to ask since before you were dating 
made little hints in hopes you would pick up and wow you finally did 
would always put his feet in your lap or put his thigh across your thighs 
nearly jumped in your lap when you asked 
i know i said namjoon would be the most down but i lied its tae
its his place to be now. like biologically its your lap but emotionally and spiritually, it’s tae’s lap
you’ll be with friends and just plops into your lap and everyone stares and he acts like its normal 
any time is lap time 
especially when youre as cute as tae 
probably the least into the idea
as he’s gotten older, hes more used to the idea of being babied, but it’s still a little hard
a little insecure 
like are you asking him because you dont like sitting in his lap
you can tell the question made him uncomfortable 
you assure him out of his insecurities, but that doesn’t mean he’s sitting in your lap 
take a few days to think about even if its something as simple as lap sitting 
surprises you with it 
you’re sitting on the couch and normally he would sit next you and throw an arm over your shoulder
but instead he sits right on those thighs 
and you’re super duper happy 
like jumping for joy emotionally
you keep quiet because you know he’d be embarrassed if you made a thing of it, so you just run your nails up and down his back and smile 
his ears are so red please dont bring it up 
if a boy or really anyone wants to pop a squat on my lap right here, i would really appreciate it. its so vacant 
likes, reblogs, comments, any interaction is appreciated <3
everyone seems to be enjoying my post from earlier so i hope everyone enjoys this as well. have a good day/night!
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taesinferno · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇝ SUMMARY seokjin's your best friend's dad. and he takes such good care of you.
⇝ PAIRING married dilf!jin × younger!reader
⇝ WARNINGS 18+, infidelity, age gap, unprotected penetrative sex, secret affair, mentions of sexting, daddy kink, nipple play, groping
Tumblr media
Seokjin had always been your best friend's goofy dad. Every time you came over to study or hang out, he'd always lift a hand in a wave and greet you warmly. Tried to make you feel at home, whether it would be telling you a new joke he'd heard, or offering you both endless snacks while you were crashing in Areum's room. Usually ending with Areum getting tired of her dad interrupting your gossip sessions and letting out an exasperated "da-ad. go away." after the fifth time he came to check on you. Leaving you with a slightly jealous twang in your stomach at the sight of such a good father. Your best friend was so lucky and she didn't even realize it.
Seokjin knew the background you came from. Mom and dad divorced, dad gone before you could speak. Mom always away on business trips. You had a house, but not a home. And Seokjin was sympathetic to that. He decided that any friend of his daughter's was welcome at any time. And he made that well known to you.
"Pl-please, daddy. Go faster-," you stutter as Seokjin held you down against the couch pillows, keeping you from wriggling around too much while he pounded your cunt at a ruthless pace. Much too sloppy and rough for the serene family room you were being fucked in, your pussy squelching loudly with every thrust.
"Shh, sweetheart," he soothed your cries with a hand over your mouth, "you don't want them to hear, do you? Your pretty moans could wake even Areum, and she sleeps like the dead."
You nodded into his hand as he drilled his length into your soaked cunt, wrapping your legs around his waist in an attempt to pull him closer. You whined as he changed his angle, pushing one of your legs up to your chest and over his broad shoulders. Your nails raked over the expanse of his perfect back, but he caught your hands before you could do too much damage, holding them high above your head in a deadlock.
"Daddy's gonna take you care of you now," he groaned into your neck, dizzy from your sweet scent. "Be a good girl for me, yeah?"
You nodded with a whimper, wide eyes meeting his softened ones as he looked down at you. He always took such good care of you, filled that emotional hole you grew up with.
You were supposed to be in Areum's room, giggling into the early hours of the morning about whatever topic you two chose to fixate on tonight. But after a few hours of movies, during which Areum had chosen to sext her crush, a delighted squeal coming from her every time her phone lit up, you had decided you were tired of it and told her you were going to the bathroom. Just to run into Seokjin sitting in the living room, reading glasses on, and a book in his hand.
"Hey, did you need something?" he immediately took off his glasses and set his book down. "I was about to come check on you guys."
You shook your head as you peaked into the kitchen. Empty.
"She's gone to bed already. Has an early morning." Seokjin explained, gesturing to the master bedroom. He spread his legs, patting his thighs invitingly.
"'m bored." You pouted, sliding into his lap. "Areum's on her phone and keeps putting on shitty movies."
His arms came to circle around your waist, pulling you in close. "She's ignoring you, hm?"
You nodded, batting those eyelashes as you ran your hand down his chest, lightly grazing his smooth silk shirt with your nails. "All I could think about was you. Sitting here, right in the next room. Almost touched myself daddy."
Seokjin tried to keep his composure, tried to hide the loud groan he almost let out. But it was so obvious he was no match for your charms. Putty in your hands as soon as you so much as looked at him. Clearing his throat as you nuzzled his chest, tangling your fingers in his salt and pepper hair as you whimpered in his ear about how much you wanted him. You had him wrapped around your finger, completely whipped. And he liked it that way.
"You're squeezing me so fucking tight," he panted, "You trying keep me here forever?" You nodded with teary eyes, pulling him closer and deeper in you. You wanted to feel him in your guts- you wanted to feel the imprint of his long cock for days.
His hands slipped under your shirt, groping your perky tits. "Always want me to fuck you. Always begging for it." You let out a whimper as he flicked your nipple, capturing one in his hands and twisting it in punishment. "Only let daddy have this cunt, yeah?"
Your obedient cry was muffled in his hand, but your desperate eyes told him enough. And he'd give you the world if you asked for it.
You slipped right back into Areum's room. She didn't even notice how long you were gone, still in the same position you had left her, giggling over the dick pic on her phone and showing it off to you as soon as you walked in. You nodded along with her excited motions. Not as impressive as her father's.
♡ next
Tumblr media
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Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc.
Tumblr media
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yonkimint · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Still Want You [Jin x Reader]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added!):
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btsroyalwilds · 19 hours ago
↳  falling into you ; a bts meet-cute series
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: when you bump into the members of bts, the last thing you expect is for there to be a connection.
a/n: this is a series that accidentally happened, i wrote the jungkook fic first then kept getting ideas. i went from not liking to write meet cutes to this. i hope you guys enjoy
note: the reader is different in each story
Tumblr media
kim namjoon ; this is how you fall in love ; 1.2k+ ;  when you go to get your usual coffee and do some writing the last thing you expect is to share your table with kim namjoon.
kim seokjin ; wrong number ; 1.9k+ ; getting a shirtless picture of kim seokjin texted to you from an unknown number is weird enough but even more shocking is the fact that it was texted to from the man himself.
min yoongi ; what is fear when you’re right here ; 1.4k+ ; after a fun night you find yourself harassed by a random man. thankfully a stranger intervenes, you just didn’t expect to recognize his face.
jung hoesok ; please don’t stop the music ; 1.9k+ ; a girls night at the club takes a turn when you hit a man in the nose with the bathroom door on accident. that man happens to be jung hoesok and he thinks you owe him a dance.
park jimin ; coming soon ; 0.0k+ ; you foster animals whenever you can. the shelter is full and they let you know they sent a man to you with a stray dog. when the door opens you see park jimin with a puppy in his arms.
kim taehyung ; coming soon ; 0.0k+ ; you house sit for your rich family friend. you end up running into their cute neighbor a few times, you wonder how such a young man can afford an expensive place. 
jeon jungkook ; puppy love ; 1.8k+ ;  when you went on your favorite hike you expected to see birds and squirrels or even a deer if you were lucky. running into jeon jungkook was not something you ever thought would happen.
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a-detraque-barista · 2 months ago
The Type To...NSFW ver.
Tumblr media
Hoseok’s the type to piston into you while hitting your g-spot every single time. His dancer hips give him excellent accuracy. He would love to keep going until you’re absolutely destroyed, you have to beg for it a few times if you want him to do that though.
Jungkook’s the type to keep eating you out even after he’s made you come about two times. Whether you’re sitting on his face or he’s got you on your back, he’s holding you there until his thirst for your cunt is satiated for the time being.
Namjoon’s the type to shut you up by shoving his cock in your mouth. It’s his favorite thing to do when you’re being a brat.
Taehyung’s the type to use small toys on you first. Big enough to penetrate you, about as long as his index finger, but not long enough to get you off. Just short of your g-spot. He’d also take his time, pumping the toy inside you slowly and leisurely.
Seokjin’s the type to get turned on by seeing you cook or bake. The second you get cream or sauce on your face he’s right there to lick it up. Tempted to take the rest and pour it on you so he can lick you clean.
Jimin’s the type to leave marks. Not the small pink ones that are barely noticeable. His hickeys are dark purple and he bites hard enough to leave imprints for days. Your thighs and neck are his favorite places to mark.
Yoongi’s the type to worship your body as he pounds into you. If you’re into pet play, praises come out of him left and right. If you’re not, he’ll still praise you just not as much. He’d rather let you hear his growls and groans. Either way, he’s gonna find you the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on.
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bass boosted | ksj
Tumblr media
synopsis: you're curious to explore the theory about bassists having superior fingering techniques. lucky for you, there happens to be an incredibly attractive bass player to help you with your experiment.
Tumblr media
pairing: seokjin x reader
word count: 2k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | musician au | smut
warnings: pwp • hand kink • fingering • impact play (ass) • breast play • hair pulling • sex against a wall • name calling (brat) • unprotected sex • creampie • choking • multiple orgasms • might i remind you: seokjin's fuckin hands
author's note: part of bccsg's prompt and the result of the war between ryen @kithtaehyung, ray @rmverse, and sae @taechnological (rumour has it that the post only got longer). since i can't contribute to the amount of pictures in that post, have a seokjin smut instead. but also this is for @taejinnies anj who deserves an attack every now and again x
this work is unedited.
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
Everything’s slow.
Like you’re moving through air entirely made of honey.
Your breathing stutters when he drags a calloused thumb over your lips, parting them slightly. You lick experimentally, tongue flicking over the tip of his finger, gaze never parting from his. Seokjin’s eyes darken as your pretty mouth envelopes his digit to the fist knuckle, a groan rumbles in his chest when you begin to suck.
Hesitantly, you take him deeper, testing the waters further by dragging your teeth gently against the ridges of his thumb. You take his silence as an encouragement to continue, so you close your eyes and fill your mouth with the taste of his skin, sucking and licking the tender flesh greedily to inform him of your skill set.
“Fuck,” he utters quietly when you leave his thumb with a pop.
Your hand circles his wrist and you trail your tongue from the base of his index finger to the tip before doing the same to his middle finger. He brings the two digits together and with a curse, he pushes past your plush lips and into your mouth, pressing down on your tongue slightly as he tries to remain unaffected. You spy the quick rise and fall of his chest; the tint in his skin turning a shade of crimson; and the tenting in his pants. All he needs is one more push.
You give the same treatment to the crowd in your mouth, moaning quietly while staring up into his obsidian gaze. Seokjin closes his eyes at vibrations from your voice, a shiver running down his spine.
When his digits are thoroughly coated with your saliva, you pull back, letting a trail of slick dribble from your lips and drop to your cleavage. Seokjin’s eyes travel south instantly.
With a smirk, you close the distance between your bodies, pressing your chests together. Standing on your tiptoes, you bring your lips close to his ear as you whisper, “They say bassists have the best fingering technique. Why don’t you prove that theory for me?”
Seokjin goes rigid, muscles locking in place; breathing shallow. His dark eyes trail over your eager figure, who’s currently laving at the spot under his jaw. Your saliva still coats his fingers and your perfume wafts into his nose every time he inhales. He shouldn’t want you, not when you’re the lead singer’s precious younger sister, but with every swipe of your tongue against his skin, it becomes harder for him to compose himself.
With shaky hands he pulls you away, fully intending to dismiss your advances. But it’s your eyes, blinking at him in confusion, that finally causes him to succumb to his desires.
His breath tickles your face as he murmurs quietly, lips only inches away from yours, “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”
“I do, I want you.”
When you crash your lips on his, time resumes. There’s a pounding in your head as Seokjin pulls you into his embrace by your waist; his large hands kneading your hips, making you moan. The kiss turns messier, hungrier, as your tongues swipe at each other, grunts tumbling past his lips and into your mouth. Seokjin mutters your name, his hand coming up to rake through your tresses as he pushes you back into the wall. He grinds his pelvis on your thighs and now it’s your turn to shiver, feeling his length through the thick material of his jeans. Your own hands claw desperately at his white linen shirt, begging him to take it off with breathy ‘please’s in between kisses.
Seokjin parts from you to fulfill your request, tearing off his shirt to fling it behind him. He lets you ogle for a few seconds before he chases your lips, kissing the length of your jaw before nibbling gently on the delicate skin of your neck.
“Mmh—” you gasp, matching his clothed thrusts with your own. “Fuck, can’t take it anymore.”
“Patience,” he mumbles into your skin, lifting your own shirt up and tossing it onto the steadily growing pile.
Your skin burns where his calloused fingers touch; your body coming alive with every caress. Seokjin splays his hand on your stomach, chuckling quietly when you whine. Detaching from your neck, he returns to your lips, distracting you for a moment while he unhooks your bra and soon, his large hands palm your tits, kneading them gently.
Mind is abuzz with pleasure, coherence slips away as you mewl his name in half-syllables, barely able to open your eyes. When his fingers pinch your nipples, you secure your grip on his shoulders; knees threatening to buckle. As he grinds harder; kneeling slightly so he could drag his erection over your centre, you fail to keep your voice in check, panting loudly while your fingernails leave half-moon indents on his skin.
“Like that—fuck, Jin, please…” you beg, resting your forehead against his. Your half-lidded eyes focus on his swollen lips, thinking about how good it would feel to have him between your thighs. But, your impatience wins over every time your cunt clenches around nothing and now you want nothing more than for him to fuck you against the wall.
“What, baby? What’s wrong?” he chuckles, punctuating his sentence by pinching and rolling your nipples.
“God… fuck me already.”
“I thought you wanted me to prove a theory?”
The cockiness in his voice makes you want to push him away, but that would get you nowhere, so you bite down the scathing remark and drag your fingernails down his chest instead, leaving pretty red marks on his alabaster skin in your wake. The action earns you a satisfying grunt from Seokjin and it’s your turn to smirk at him, relishing in the tiny victory.
“Fucking brat,” he mutters, glowering down at you. “Turn around.”
You comply to his request, adding a few turns of your hips to tease him further. Seokjin clicks his tongue in disappointment, tugging your shorts and panties down to pool at your ankles before landing a sharp smack across your left cheek. Your head tips back involuntarily, a whimper leaving your lips as he does it again. Arousal drips down your thighs with every spank and your fingers scratch uselessly on the empty walls, having found no purchase to hold you steady. He soothes the burn with a few gentle strokes of his palm, humming in approval when you arch your back, pushing your ass further into his hand.
Seokjin presses his chest to your back, caging you in. His hand on your ass trails lower to trace slowly along the outside of your cunt and he lets out a quiet ‘Oh?’ upon discovering your dampness. You whine and protest, bucking your hips to chase any amount of friction for relief, but he feigns ignorance, torturing you with barely there touches.
“Jin, fuck, need you inside me. Come on,” you beg, embarrassed by your own high pitch tone so laced with need.
“What’s the magic word?” he teases, sliding his palm over your clit.
You tremble at the contact, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. “Please.”
“Good girl.”
Gradually, Seokjin pushes two of his fingers into your pussy, stroking the velvet walls by the curl of his fingers. Your mouth hangs open, captured in a silent moan as he begins thrusting languidly inside, grunting every time you clench around his fingers.
You’re so focused at the feeling of his fingers that it takes a second for you to register that he’s talking. “…hypothesis?” is all you catch. Angling your head, you ask him to repeat what he says only for Seokjin to remove his fingers completely from your cunt. You start to protest, but it’s cut short when he sinks three of his digits inside, causing you to choke as your words turn into a long, drawn out moan.
“Too fucked out to listen, hm?” Seokjin jeers. Your scalp tingles when his empty hand pulls your head back with a firm grip on your hair, exposing the length of your throat. “Fine then, this baby is clearly too dumb to coherently speak anyway.”
His pace is brutal as he slams his fingers repeatedly into your sopping cunt, the wet sounds echoing in the room along with groans of his name. Seokjin releases your hair to deliver a couple spanks across your ass before swiping circles on your clit. Every time he sinks his digits, your head swims and with each passing second, your thighs shake harder in an effort to keep yourself upright.
“Gonna— fuck!”
“Yeah? Cum on these fingers you love so much? God, I can’t waitto fill this pussy,” Seokjin taunts, keeping his pace until you’re crying his name loudly in a hoarse voice.
The orgasm leaves you breathless, wave after wave threatening to knock you over while he prolongs the pleasure. Goosebumps rise all over your skin and his name is the only thing your chant as you come down from the high, head foggy with pleasure that makes it impossible to keep your eyes open. You’re still trembling slightly as Seokjin kisses your shoulder, licking a random stripe on your neck before nibbling gently.
“Satisfied?” he murmurs, wrapping an arm around your waist while the other rubs soothing circles on your hips.
“Not… yet,” you reply breathlessly, pressing your sore ass to grind against his erection.
You feel the rumble of his laughter from your back and the clinking of his belt hitting the floor. Seokjin removes himself from your back to shrug his pants off, a thin sheen of sweat coating his toned chest. Stroking his length a few times, he angles the head on your entrance, teasing you with shallow thrusts.
You whimpers grow louder as he continues, pleas and begs falling carelessly from your lips as you rut against his cock. When he’s finally had enough of his own teasing, he sinks into you slowly, shuddering when your walls engulf his girth in an intoxicating grip.
“Fuuuck—” he moans with you. “You feel so fucking good.”
It’s sweet of him to resist the urge to slam immediately into your cunt, but you’re not so patient, groaning as you fuck yourself into his length. Seokjin understood quickly and the languid thrusts he started with increased in tempo, his hips slapping loudly against your ass as he pounds you into the wall.
“Shit—choke me,” you rasp, fully giving in to your desires.
Seokjin doesn’t question it, immediately wrapping his beautiful fingers around the base of your neck, squeezing lightly to test out the waters.
“More—ah, right there!” you cry when the head of his cock brushes against the spongey walls of your g-spot.
He growls as he increases his speed, deliberately angling his strokes to abuse the spot while constricting your air flow until your vision is spotty with white. It isn’t long before you feel the electric current of an impending orgasm; the goosebumps resurfacing on your skin as your head begins to swim with pleasure. Seokjin’s hand that grips your waist snake around to play with your clit, swiping in tandem with his thrusts.
“You’re so fucking tight—shit—” Seokjin grunts, releasing your throat to grab at your hips again, fingers digging into your skin.
You didn’t have time to warn him when the second orgasm crashes into you and all you manage is a sharp howl of his name as you screw your eyes shut and grit your teeth, trembling violently under his continued pace.
The sensation of your walls constricting around him was enough to send him into his own orgasm and with a last roll of his hips against your battered cunt, he spills his seed inside with a moan of your name, chest flushed against your back as his hips stutter to a complete stop. You’re both breathing heavy, skin sticking together with a layer of sweat before you pull yourself away, the room suffocating with heat.
After you’re fully clothed and cleaned up, you crash onto the couch with a heavy sigh, heart still hammering in your chest when you think of the events of the night. Seokjin sits next to you, dragging your body close to his so you can rest your head on his wide shoulders.
“Did I prove it?” he smirks, kissing your head. “Your theory, I mean.”
You snicker, shoving him lightly with your shoulder as you intertwine your fingers into his hands, relishing at the drag of his calloused thumb over your knuckles. “Yeah, bass players are definitely the best.”
Tumblr media
all works are © lavienjin
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Tumblr media
💭Rating - 18+
💭Genre - Angst, Fluff(Mostly Flashbacks) idol au,
💭Warnings - Not literal Infidelity, but they are on the verge of it. Mentions of alcohol abuse, Mentions of Self harm. (There are no heavy triggers, only slight mentions of it.) The warnings are limited to the first few chapters. It gets better i promise)
💭Summary - Love is indeed a beautiful feeling, but does not come without its obstacles. When your 7 loving, idol boyfriends think it’s better to date someone within the industry or like they put it "Someone who knows their world", you have no choice but to accept their abrupt decision. Time goes by and you think you're doing just fine, One long lost dream, One given up identity and one drunk mistake and a few clicks is all it takes until the limelight falls on you and living your life behind a camera is an option no longer available.
💭A/N - Finally i have the masterpost figured, Sorry for the trouble.. I literally feel like an illiterate right now for not figuring this sooner, But better late than never! (I'm just saying this to make myself feel better btw!)
A lot of you may feel, Why I haven't added some social media profiles here but I feel its better to add them when they are needed since there are going to be few more characters introduced when the story progresses. As of now, the twitters of the boys are more in action and Danny and Ji-ah's Instagram's will come in later too. I would love to hear what you feel, also lemme know if you want to be added to the taglist.
💭Taglist - @miriamxsworld @sanjiroo @renhold-nightspear @taeshuworld @thequeen-kat
Tumblr media
💭Social Media Profiles - Y/N and her crew.
💭Social Media Profiles - The Boys
💭Chapter - #1A - Not Literally
💭Chapter - #1B - Not Enough
💭Chapter - #2A - Intend to keep
💭Chapter - #2B - One Month Later
💭Chapter - #3A - Nothing But The Truth
💭Chapter - #3B - Bitter
💭Social Media Profiles - Ha-eun and Emiko
💭Chapter - #4A(Part1) - Appreciated
💭Chapter - #4A(Part2) - Lies, More Lies!!
💭Chapter - #4B - Damage Control?
💭Chapter - #5A - A Subtle Reminder
💭Chapter - #5B - Diamonds And Stones
💭Chapter - #6A - Bubbles
💭Chapter - #6B - The Aftermath
💭Chapter - #7A - Royally Fucked
💭Chapter - #7B - Shoo Away / Get lost
💭Chapter - #8A - Spill It Tae
💭Chapter - #8B - The Duality Tho!!
💭Chapter - #9A - Safe Sides
💭Chapter - #9B - Transitions?
💭Chapter - #10A - Missed You!!
💭Chapter - #10B - The Superstar League
💭Chapter - #11A - Desperate Enough!!
💭Chapter - #11B - How deep?
💭Chapter - #12A - The IT Woman
💭Chapter - #12B - Happy and Proud
💭Chapter - #13A - This Time Forever
💭Chapter - #13B - Not As Smart As you Think
💭Chapter - #13C - Leave My Best Friend Alone
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been a while | ksj
Tumblr media
⤑  series: beside you
⤑ pairing: actor!jin x idol!reader
⤑ genre: omg fluff?? nd smut!! ...there’s some angst mixed there too.
⤑ rating: explicit  
⤑ word count: 4.8k
⤑ warnings: cursing, dirty talk, hickeys, yn really needs to get it together... dry humping, oral sex (f), unprotected sex (stay safe loves!), cumshot, jin may be a little too perfect.. 
⤑ chapter song: the one  // JMSN
⤑ A/N: first of all?? this was NOT supposed to end up being this long nd i lowkey cut a lot out because i needed to shut up . i hope y’all like this tho cause i had a lot of fun writing it . remember don’t be a silent reader !! pls let me know what you think x 
Tumblr media
MAY 30TH, 2021 | 18:34
The butterfly feeling that raises in your chest just from the ding of your phone is so out of character, already knowing who is sending the message through and your body is reacting instantly. A smile spreading across your features as you move from in front of the mirror to pluck the device from your nightstand.
It's Jin, texting to let you know that he was just a few minutes away from your house. A heart attached at the end of the words, the gold one that he likes to use. He's been nothing but perfect in the last few weeks, never missing a good morning text, taking you on regular dates, and just all-around spoiling you.
The lines between fake dating and something more real had been blurred a long time ago, no longer searching the corners for the placement of a camera to capture the romantic moment. You've simply just been enjoying your time with him, falling deeper and deeper in love with him without even realizing it.
He had planned the entire day. First, you'd make an appearance at the new restaurant he had told you about, get your picture taken just so the magazines could have something to write about in the morning. And then he'd be taking you back to his place where the real date would start... what he had planned for you there was kept a secret with smirking lips.
A knock sounds at your door just as you've finished brushing the knots out of your hair, you're rushing toward the stairs, excitement bubbling in your chest. He looks handsome when you're pulling the door open, that's no surprise, he always looked good. But tonight was different, a certain glow lighting up his figure and pulling you in.
His hair is styled nicely and pushed out of his face, revealing his oddly attractive strong eyebrows. A silk blue shirt hanging from his torso and black dress pants hugging his hips. He smiles when his eyes land on you, soft lips stretched to reveal his perfect teeth. One hand coming from behind his back to present the assortment of flowers he had been hiding away.
“For you,” His smile grows as he speaks. “One for each day we've been together,” A camera clicks off in the distance, but you pay it no mind. Allowing your heart to swoon at the pretty bouquet, thirty roses all different shades of ride tied neatly together with a ribbon. You're taking them into your arms with a wide smile, ignoring the second click and the flash as you focus your attention up at him.
He hasn't pulled his gaze from you once, ignoring the hushed chatter of the paparazzi you're sure one of your managers tipped off. “They're gorgeous, thank you.” Leaning up on your toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek, mainly because you feel like it but partly because you have a feeling you'd never hear the end of it if you didn't.
Jin rests a soft hand on your hip as you lean into him, flashing a smile when you're pulling back. He follows you inside at the mumble of wanting to put them in water before you're leaving, waits patiently at the foyer for you, not a single impatient tap of his foot. And then his hand is finding the small of your back, leading you out of the house and down the pathway toward his car.
He's not at all bothered by the flash of lights that nearly blind you as you walk, acting as if they're not there – his sole focus on you. Gently guiding you into the passenger's seat before he's moving around to his side. They're shouting questions his way, which he answers with a quick wave and a nod of his head.
Doesn't further entertain their shouts as he lowers himself in the seat beside you, hand reaching across for yours. And you're sure that no one can see you at that makes your heart flutter even more. Fingers intertwining with his, your body sinks into the comfortable seats as he speeds down the road.
Tumblr media
MAY 30TH, 2021 | 19:01
There are cameras waiting when you pull up to the restaurant. Lined up along the pathway in the most non-discreet way. Jin is pushing a smile onto his face, dropping your hand from his grip to exit the car. Just like the gentleman he is, he's pulling your door open – guiding you out with a hand on the small of your back.
You're leaning up on your toes to place a kiss on his cheek as a thank you and the cameras go wild with flashes. Every step you take into the restaurant is photographed and you try your best to keep up with the smiling eyes at the waves, the polite nods to the questions that are being thrown your way. Jin is much better at it than you are, persona not faltering once until you're safely inside of the restaurant.
“We can just sit at the bar for a few drinks then get out here,” He speaks with a softness in his tone like he could tell that you'd much rather be anywhere else right now.
And he's right. Since he had mentioned the intimate date with just the two of you, you've been looking forward to being alone with him. Because while the two of you did spend a lot of time together – you were always vaguely aware of where the cameras were and the fact that your every move would be blasted on the internet somewhere the next day.
He leads you through the small crowd all the way to the bar, two chairs that seemed to have been placed a certain way are set up for you. There's a group of girls ogling the two of you settle into the seats and you swear you see one of them pull out their phone. Jin pays them no mind, so you follow his lead, sinking into the surprisingly comfortable chair as he orders for you.
You see it while he's speaking to the bartender. Perched on the shelf behind the women's shoulder is a picture that you can't help but focus on, eyes squinted in an attempt to zoom in on what you were seeing. Stifling a gasp when you make out who's in the picture. It's Jimin, recent you can tell from the way he's styled his hair. He's sat at the counter, sipping a drink while his eyes smile at the camera. His bold signature shines in the corner.
He was here. You've not thought of spoken to him in weeks, yet he was here. Less than days before you sat just a few steps from where you're sitting now from the setup of that picture. And you can't help but wonder if that could possibly mean something. Like you're right behind him in the cycle, would it make more sense to be beside him?
You're shaking the thought away the moment it's surfacing, eyes wide shocked that you'd even think that. Jimin had nothing left for you, he made that really clear with the way he treated you toward the end. And you were with Jin now, you were happy with Jin... he liked you and he wasn't afraid to do something about it.
You had a good thing. There's was no way you'd let Jimin ruin this for you, especially when you're sure he wouldn't even blink if he was in your position.
Cold droplets of water splash against your thigh, pulling you from your thoughts. Jin's holding your drink out to you, seemingly for a while from the concerned look on his face. You're laughing it off with a shake of your head, pulling the glass from his fingers and taking a large sip.
“How's the album coming?” He doesn't ask what's wrong in the way that you hate and you appreciate him for that. It's like he could sense what you want without you having to ask for it. Like he's got a playbook on your heart hidden somewhere in his expensive shoes.
Your shoulders lift in a shrug, slurping a generous amount of fruity liquor through your straw before you're setting the half-empty glass down on the table. “Really good! I have a ton of songs that I want to put on there, but it's limited since it's my first one... I just need to figure out what story I want to tell,”
For the duration of the night spent in that bar, Jin listens to you talk. Nodding along like he always does and weighing in when it feels right. And then you're shifting focus on to him, shooting questions his way about his work and what he's excited about. Somehow the conversation has morphed into a storytelling and he has you bent over laughing as he recounts his trip to Dubai with Hoseok and Taehyung.
He's able to your mind off the girls that have been filming you since you sat down. Though, you recognize one of them as your manager's trusty intern. You pay them no mind, enjoying yourself with Jin the same way that you always do and you're nearly jumping out of your seat when he's getting ready to pay the tab.
With a quick wave to the bartender, he's leading you out of the restaurant. The camera flashes are not as intense as when you first arrived, but they're still present the entire time he leads you to his car, following you as he pulls out of his space and speeds off in the direction of his house.
Tumblr media
MAY 30TH, 2021 | 21:04
Let's add handsome chef to the things that were Kim Seokjin. He managed to whip up a delicious meal all while keeping up with conversation from the restaurant. It's not until he's sure you've had your fill, that he's suggesting moving onto the couch. Two wine glasses in hand as he follows you from the dining room.
Jin's house was large and suspiciously clean for a man his age. It's decorated nicely in soft shades of gray and white. His living room is simple, a large charcoal couch in the middle of the room facing a much larger flat-screen television. His coffee table looks expensive, but he's sitting the wine glasses directly on it like it's not. You're lowering yourself into the space beside him once you're sure it's okay to sit.
“What do you want to watch?” Arm resting just behind your head and you can't help but lean into him. It's the first time tonight you've been close to him without a single barrier, no camera shutter, or annoying assistants recording you. And you're noticing for the first time tonight that he smells so good.
You're unconsciously leaning into him, the sweet smell of his cologne engulfing you. He seems to look even more handsome in this light, lips plush and begging to be kissed. It was a little embarrassing how bad you wanted him to kiss you. Of course, the two of you have shared a peck or two for the camera... but you've always wondered what a real kiss from him would feel like.
It must be the alcohol cursing through your veins, adding to your boldness because you're ignoring his question completely, hand lifting to trace the outline of his lips. “When are you gonna kiss me?” He freezes at the first brush of your fingers, wide eyes meeting your hooded ones. Taking the dopey grin on your lips right now seems like the best time to get what he's been wanting to say off of his chest.
Long fingers wrap around your wrist, pulling your hand from his mouth. He's smooth with the way he intertwines your fingers, you're barely registering the removal as a rejection. Soft lips press against your knuckles, dark eyes focused on yours and you feel the flutter in your chest.
“These past few weeks have been amazing with you, Yn.” He confesses, solidifying the notion that all of this wasn't just some act for him. “I like you a lot, though I think you already knew that.” You're grinning so hard you're afraid your cheeks might go numb.
He's so honest. And genuine. You can tell there's no other motive behind him telling you, just the fact that he wanted you to know. Simply clearing up any confusion you might be having when it came to his feelings for you. It's different. Refreshing. But you don't know how to respond. Not much experience when it comes to honest conversations, but your silence doesn't chip away at his confidence.
Jin's giving a gentle tug to your hand until it's comfortably wrapped around his neck and there's only an inch of space between the two of you. He's reaching for your waist, soft-touch pulling you closer. You can feel your heart in your ears, cheeks aflame as he reaches his free hand up to push your hair out of your face.
“Do you like me too?” Your silence getting to him only a little bit, though he was sure of your feelings, a little verbal confirmation never hurt anyone. The bob of your head is instant as if any stalling of your answer would have him pulling away. “Yes,” You breathe, butterflies swarming at the sight of his smile.
He leans in close, nose bumping against yours. You can feel his breath on your lips, thumb stroking mindlessly against your rib cage. “Good,” The softest brush of his lips against yours and you're on the verge of begging for more. He's looking up at you through his lashes, your obvious desires clear to him and it makes him feel good about himself.
 Not another second is wasted as he leans down to press his lips against yours fully. The kiss is slow at first, sweet. Testing the waters with his large hand resting on your cheek. He doesn't bite or shove his tongue past your lips. Just the gentle suction of his mouth over yours and it makes you dizzy.
The tip of his tongue teases your lower lip, gauging your reaction before he's pushing forward. A low moan falling from his lips as your tongues meet. He's gentle here too, rolling his tongue over yours slowly while cradling your face in his palm. Kissing you as if you're made of glass like you're precious, makes you feel warm all over.
Warm and needy. You're reaching out to him before you can talk yourself out of it, clutching the hem of his shirt in your fists and pulling him closer. He's only kissed you once, but your mind is ten steps ahead and you want him. You're used to a much faster pace when it comes to fucking, so you're not even thinking twice when you're pulling your lips from his, mouth latching onto the skin of his neck.
He's letting out a low hiss at the feeling of your teeth scraping against your skin, hands pushing him forward as your sole focus becomes marking him. Both hands now on your waist, tugging you down with him as his back hits the cushions of his couch. The remote tumbles out from beneath you and crashes onto the floor and you're vaguely reminded that you should've been watching movies.
That he had actually expected to just watch movies with you and that makes you want him even more. You're in the midst of sucking red blotches into his skin, each one of his groans further dampening your panties when you're deciding that it's not enough. You wanted to feel more of him.
Sitting up with your legs on either side of his hips, you're making quick work of pulling his shirt up and over his head. He lets you, chuckling when you dramatically toss the offending garment over your shoulder, and then you're diving back in. Hands pressed into the ripples of his stomach, you kiss a wet line from his neck to his pecs.
Jin's head lulls back against the armrest of the couch, eyes fluttering as your mouth makes its way down his body. He can hardly think straight, teeth caught between his teeth and fingers tangled in your hair. It feels too good, the way you're kissing him, he can feel the bruises forming on his otherwise untarnished skin and he likes it.
“Oh-” He catches your devious smirk as your tongue laps over his hardening nipple, sucking a kiss onto it while your hand reaches over to toy with the other side. You don't bother holding back the giggle that rises from seeing him squirm underneath you. The sound reminds him that it's you doing this to him, which has his cock stiffening even further in his jeans.
You take quick notice, smirk growing as you trail your free hand down the length of his body. His jeans are riding much lower than before, the band of his brief lifted and showing off the impressive lines of his hips. “Mm, you barely fit in your jeans,” Mumbling, barely focused on your own words as you give his bulge and experimental squeeze.
Jin's cursing out, hips bucking. With the way you're laying, he's pressing right against your entrance – just for a moment but the effect is the same. You're letting out a breathy moan, lowering your hips to meet his again. It only takes a few rolls for him to get the memo, moving his hips along with yours. 
You're moving the same way you would if he was buried inside of you. Hands perched on his chest as your ass bounces on his lap. And he feels like he can't breathe, grip tightening around your hips as he urges himself not to cum over something as minuscule as dry humping. It's hard, though, with the way you moan and drag your nails down his chest, it feels like he's buried inside of you.
And you're not even looking at him. Face contorted in concentration with your nose pointed toward the ceiling. Creating your own rhythm as you chase your high. He doesn't know you well enough to know that your close, doesn't get a hint of it until your legs are tightening around him and you're falling forward, whining right into his ear.
“Fuck! Oh my god, fuck-” You're crying out, body shuddering as your orgasm washes through you. Panting heavily while trying to regain your composure. Jin waits patiently, cock solid and firmly pressed against his hip bone. Your skirt is bunched up at your waist he's just noticing, if he were to take a proper look he'd no doubt find a wet mark from your arousal staining his jeans.
The thought of you soaked through your panties is hot and the fact that you don't even seem to care just adds to it. You're popping up once you've caught your breath, hands on either side of his head to hold yourself over him. Cheeks flushed but not from embarrassment, you're grinning. “Sorry, it's been a while,” You say through a giggle and he smiles back.
Two large hands enclosing your face as he shakes off your apology leaning in for another kiss. And you don't mean to, but you're thinking of Jimin. It comes with the thought of the last time you've been with someone and then you're spiraling. Unable to shake the image of him over you and the glare he'd give you if you were cumming without his permission.
He surely would've thrown you off if you tried to steal an orgasm the way you just had, fucked you into the sofa until you were begging for some type of release. And then he'd say no. Have you down on your knees in front of him before you could even blink, cock pushed down your throat.
You don't even notice the way you're tugging on the buttons of his jeans, desperate to get a taste. His hands are coming down to cover yours, mouths parting. Heavy breaths hit your lips, nose pressed against yours. He grins and you feel your heart fighting against your chest. “I wanna taste you first,” The tips of his ears are red and you think that's cute too.
You're flopping down against the couch with a laugh, legs spread for him as a way to say 'go right ahead'. His laugh matches yours, body lowering so he's able to wrap his arms around your waist. “Not here,” It's all the warning you get before he pulls you up from where you're spread out, heading straight for the stairs that lead to his room.
He carefully lays you down on his bed once he's got the door closed and locked, instead of tossing you from the doorway and hoping you make it. The lower half of your body is hanging off the edge and he doesn't shove you up to make room for himself, carefully lowering himself in front of you instead.
Jin's dark gaze focuses on the wetness of your panties, the way they cling to your folds. And pride blossoms in his chest at the fact that he's the reason you're liking this. Eyes hooded and a cute smile on your face, hair forming messy knots around your face. “You're so fucking wet,” There's no cockiness in his tone, simply amazement as he stares down at you.
“Put your leg on my shoulder,” He waits for you to lift your leg for him, doesn't yank, and pin it where he wants. Gentle hands slide your panties down your legs, ankle resting by his ear and he's leaning down.
The first swipe of his tongue has your back arching off of the bed, hands flying down to clutch his hair. “Oh, god.” Sighing, head bobbing to the side. He's got an arm wrapped firmly around your thigh, holding your body to him as his tongue moves. Plush lips wrap around your clit, sucking wet kisses into it.
You're whining, voice growing louder when he trails his tongue down toward your slit. He's being a tease, probing at your entrance before moving up to ghost kisses against your clit. It all makes your head spin, not sure where to focus and unable to loosen the grip you've got in his hair.
“Jin, please.” You don't even know what you're asking for, just that your sanity is quickly slipping. The chuckle he lets out vibrates against your core just before he's sucking his clit into your mouth, fully, no longer teasing. Two long fingers pushing past your walls. His tongue works along with the suction, pulling desperate moans from your lips.
Crying out when he's pushing his fingers in to the knuckle, curling them in a way that has pressure building in your stomach. You can barely see straight, room becoming a blur as he creates his own pace with his fingers. Fucking into you so swiftly, teasing that rough patch of skin buried inside of you.
His name, well a gargled version of it, falls from your lips when you feel the soft scrape of his teeth against your clit. Eyes rolling as the tingle spreads throughout your core. “I-I'm... close,” You're breathless, barely audible but he hears you loud and clear. And at that moment he's deciding that he doesn't want you to cum anywhere else but on his dick.
“Wait for me, baby.” It's a request, not a demand. Fingers sliding from inside of you, he's quick with the way he undoes his jeans the rest of the way. Shoving them down just enough to fish his cock out, he's stood over you, large palm stroking over his shaft and you swear drool pools at the corner of your lips.
There's something he needs to clarify, though. Even with how badly he wants to feel you wrapped around him, he needed to get this out to keep from any confusion arising later on. “I didn't invite you over for this,” He says softly, sincere and if you hadn't fallen for him by now, that surely did it.
It's worse because you don't have to question his honesty. It wasn't his MO inviting a girl over simply to fuck her. He actually wanted to spend alone time with you, getting to know you. And that's exactly what makes you want him so bad. “I know. That's why I want to,” The admission flies from your lips and shoots him right in the heart.
He's lining himself up to your entrance without another word, spreading your arousal around the hole slowly before he's pushing in. His eyes are on you the entire time, watching the way your features twitch the deeper he slides inside of you. Then he's bottoming out and you're whimpering.
“Fuck, you feel so good.” Head bowed and straining to hold himself up. He gives you a chance to adjust to his size, fighting the urge to fuck forward. He doesn't move until he feels you shift, tip nudging against your gspot. He's pulling out slowly, giving you the chance to feel every inch of him before he's pushing back in.
It's not long before he's falling into a steady pace, hands firmly placed on your hips as he pumps his cock in and out of you. Your pussy flutters around him, breathy moans falling from your lips as you strain to keep up with him. “Jin, fuck-” Unable to finish your thought as pleasure ripples through your body.
He's groaning in response, head falling into the crook of your neck. He takes his turn marking you, teeth and tongue working against the skin of your neck. The force of his hips pushes you up the mattress, but he's quick to pull you down before you're getting to of far.
Your orgasm creeps up on you and your legs are shaking before you know it, walls clenching around him and you're begging him not to stop. Hips lifting to meet his, it's becomes extremely hard for him to hold back. “Shit, you're-” Jin's voice breaks on a moan, heavy breaths hitting your clammy skin. It comes as an afterthought, the fact that he's not wearing a condom so he's scrambling to pull out, just in time to spill his hot seed all over your thighs.
The two of you lay there like that for a while. His arms around your waist and your legs hanging off his hips, fingers combing through his soft hair as he places wet kisses against your skin. It's hot and sticky, but you're in no rush to pull away from him.
Tumblr media
MAY 31ST, 2021 | 00:42
Jin is asleep in the bed beside you. A heavy arm wrapped around your waist as soft snores fall from his lips. He's warm from the shower you shared just an hour before, seeming to fall asleep the moment his head was hitting the pillow. As for you, you can't seem to close your eyes.
You're happy. And excited. A little confused. But being all that at once was overwhelming, so you're scrolling through your phone to distract yourself. Liking posts here and there from your fans, following along with the drama that never seems to die. There are pictures of you and Jin from tonight and you're surprised that the majority of the comments are positive. Jin made it so easy to be with him, never left you guessing. He was so honest and upfront so you hate the automatic way your fingers type into the search bar.
It's only five letters and you only need one hand to type it. So easy so it's too late to talk yourself out of it. The first thing that you see is a thread one of his fans made, it's of his cute dimpled smile that he hardly ever shows. And you find yourself scrolling through and awing at the images in front of you.
Jin shifts, tugging you closer and you're quickly clicking out. Heart hammering like you've just been caught. Thumb hovering over the screen as you wait for him to settle. And you're ashamed of how quick you're turning your attention back to the screen when he does. You're being met with a picture you've never seen before, it's new, you can tell. He's asleep, face smushed against sheets that aren't his.
Curiosity gets the better of you so you're clicking, the cooing caption of how cute he is while he's sleeping gives no answer. So you're scrolling through the comments, bypassing the dozens of fans telling the original poster to delete the image. Until you're figuring out why. The name of the person that had posted the picture in the first place and what it all meant is laid out right in front of you.
And you hate the way your heart sinks.
Tumblr media
— he’s bad for you. from the commitment issues to the endless scandals. sworn to never settle down… well, that’s until he sees how happy you can be without him. now he’s willing to do anything to keep from losing you to your so-called ‘perfect boyfriend’.
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The Return of an Empress | 19
Tumblr media
Title: The Return of an Empress
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Genre: Isekai, Angst, Romance, Fluff, Smut, Slow burn
Characters: Empress!Reader, Advisor!Jin, Advisor!Yoongi, General!Hoseok, Advisor!Namjoon, Assassin!Jimin, Knight!Taehyung, Knight!Jungkook
Word count: ~11.2k
Summary: After one fateful night, you find yourself transmigrated into your favorite novel as the Empress that shares the same name as you. As a bookworm, most would think you’d be happy, but how could you be happy when the Empress you’ve become is expected to be killed in three months. The only thing on your mind now is to learn how to survive.
Warning: May contain depictions of violence and mentions of abuse throughout the story. oral and penetrative sex. Some cute fluffy moments that might be too wholesome for those with a sensitive heart. jealous bts lol.
<< previous chapter | ♡ | next chapter >>
Tumblr media
You and Yoonig lay there, mind in a daze over what just happened. The thought of sleeping with him had never crossed your mind even as a passing thought since you knew how strained your relationship was from the very beginning. And yet now you just slept together.
Yoongi shifts in his spot nervously at your silence, turning to look at you, “are we okay?” he asks quietly. You notice the slight timidness in his voice, as though he were afraid to hear your answer. Afraid that you actually didn’t enjoy your time spent together like he did. 
You smile softly at the anxious look in his eyes, “of course we are,” you whisper back almost as quietly. “You don’t regret it, do you?” 
He shakes his head instantly, “of course I don’t!” he insists.
You chuckle at his reaction having already expected that to be his answer, the corner of his lips curving upward at the sound. You move to peck his nose, “good cause I don’t regret it either.”
His gummy smile appears before he rolls over onto his side and brings you into his embrace, staring down at you. You blush at the feel of your bare chests pressed against each other. 
He places a sweet kiss on your forehead, “was it painful?” he asks quietly, his eyes searching all over your face for any indication that you were uncomfortable. His hand moving to cup your cheek gingerly, smiling when he feels you unconsciously rest against the palm of his hand.
You hum with your eyes closed, still in your post sex glow, “only slightly, but that’s because it was technically my first time with a man in this body.”
He bites his lips, suddenly reminded of your earlier talk, “I’m sorry,” he starts, “I’m sorry for being your first,” he apologizes as though he were ashamed of that fact.
You furrow your brows at this, “why do you keep apologizing?”
He lets out a shaky breath, “I hurt you so much, I don’t deserve to be your first,” he whispers with a slight tremble to his voice, repeating his words from earlier. 
You frown, your eyes softening at the pained look on his face, “Yoongi I already told you that I wanted this,” your hands cup his cheek, turning your head when he keeps looking away, “I wanted to be with you,” you leave a sweet kiss on his cheek, hoping you got your point across to the stubborn man. 
His lips quiver, “really? Do you really mean that?” his voice cracking towards the end of it.
You send him a small smile, the sight causing his heart to beat rapidly, “I do,” you reply back, his breath hitches at that. 
He shuts his eyes, bringing you close so that your cheek is pressed against his shoulder, hiding his face on the top of your head, attempting to fight back his tears. You hear him sniff quietly, prompting you to wrap your hands tightly around his body, wordlessly providing him the comfort he needed. 
“I love you,” he whispers with a slight tremble to his voice.
You smile, “I love you too,” you reply back almost immediately. 
For the rest of the night, Yoongi softly cried against you while you kept rubbing small circles on his back, giving him this time to release all of his pent up emotions that he’s bottled up all this time. You didn’t sleep until you were certain that he'd fallen asleep first. It was only then that you shut your eyes, ready to sleep the night away, temporarily forgetting about all the stress and worries going on in your life. 
Tumblr media
The next morning, you two were still tangled up with each other as though your bodies were glued together, refusing to leave one another for a second.
Slowly, you begin to get pulled away from your dream, the sunlight waking you up from your slumber. As though sensing that you were awake, he too starts to shift in his spot until a low groan escapes his mouth. You stretch your arms and limbs, letting out a small squeak in the process. You hear Yoongi chuckle slightly at the sound before tightening his arms around you.
“Good morning dear,” you won’t lie, the raspiness in his voice gave you butterflies instantly. 
You blush, “good morning,” you greet back shyly, hiding under the blanket. 
He grins at this, leaning in to place a chaste kiss to your forehead, “you’re cute,” he comments, his smile widening at the flustered look on your face.
Your cheeks get even warmer, “stop that.” The man only chuckles at the sound as he brings your naked body closer to him, leaving small kisses all over your face. You giggle, “stop that tickles,” you attempt to pull away, but he only tightens his hold on your waist, continuing his attack while the both of you laugh at his antics so early in the morning. 
Just then, your sweet moment gets interrupted when you hear a loud knock come from your bedroom door, “Y/n it’s me.”
You and Yoongi’s eyes widen at the sound of Jimin’s voice on the other side of the door. You were so distracted with Yoongi that you forgot that he promised to stop by in the morning. 
Your eyes scan the room, frantically searching for both of your clothes in the mess that is your bedroom. The two of you attempt to retrieve your clothes as silently as possible, but you soon realize that it was just pointless. 
“There’s no need to get so quiet now, I heard you two laughing,” Jimin deadpans, and moves to open the door anyway without any warning. 
You squeal in surprise before jumping back on the bed to cover your body, Yoongi following after you as he covers his bottom half, “Jimin!” you scold. 
The assassin rolls his eyes, “what? There’s no need to hide. I already knew what the two of you did seeing how Yoongi hyung didn’t come back to his room,” he sends the two of you a pointed look with a raised brow, his eyes taking in your bare shoulder before shutting the door behind him. You bite your lip, averting your eyes elsewhere, afraid to look him in the eye.
Yoongi stares up at him, “are you mad?” he asks carefully.
Jimin pauses for a moment before letting out a sigh, “I’ll be honest, I’m still upset with the way you treated her, but it’s not my place to forgive you,” he finally answers after some thought, “if Y/n forgives you, then I suppose there’s no reason to stay mad at you,” he grumbles reluctantly.
Yoongi hums, “then are we ok?” he asks nervously.
Jimin offers him a small smile, “yeah hyung, we’re ok,” he whispers. The both of them knew it wouldn’t be that easy to mend their friendship, but for now the worst has gone past and that’s more than enough for them at the moment. 
You were relieved to see that the tension in the air was no longer hostile. You know that they all care about each other too much to stay mad, so you know eventually they’ll reconcile and treat one another the same way they did before. 
You look at the clock to check the time before widening your eyes as you return to scanning your room for your clothes. “Jimin, do me a favor and pass me the uniform by your feet.” 
The man raises a brow but complies with your wishes nonetheless. 
“What’s the hurry?” Yoongi asks, picking at his clothes as well, watching as Jimin steps forward to help you with your uniform.
You quickly thank him before giving the older male your attention, “I have to start my maid training with Irene today. Adrien is supposed to come by to escort me there,” you explain, and the moment that you do, their faces fall.
Jimin narrows his eyes, “why does he need to escort you? Wouldn’t it be even stranger for a knight to escort a mere maid and not the empress?” he grumbles, unable to stop the feeling of jealousy creeping up on him. 
You hesitate for a moment before slowly looking at him, “oh well, the girls figured that the only way to justify that is to explain that we have a crush on each other which is why we’re together so often.”
At this, it was no surprise that the boys were clearly opposed to that idea. “Why on earth would you need to go that far,” Jimin snaps angrily. When he said he was willing to endure and make sacrifices, the idea of you being with another man did not fall under that category. 
You just shrug, “so that we don’t get odd looks from the palace staff,” you explain.
Yoongi scoffs, clearly not liking the idea of you being with someone else even if it wasn’t real, “so what? You’re just going to pretend to be together now?” a slight bite to his tone, already getting upset over the image in his head.
You shake your head, “no not necessarily, but if anyone asks, we’ll just say that we’re friends,” you pause, “with feelings,” you chuckle but neither one of the boys found it funny. 
They just scoff at the thought before turning their heads away from you. Your chuckle trails on until it becomes an awkward laugh, tilting your head at the sudden cold shoulder. 
You frown, your brows knitted together, “I don’t get it, why are you so hostile towards Adrien, but don’t care when I show affection to the other boys. I literally slept with the both of you and you’re still ok with each other,” you question with a raised brow.
The boys still for a moment before sharing a look as though they were having a silent conversation with each other. 
Jimin rubs the back of his neck, suddenly feeling confused as he hadn’t really given it much thought before. He sends you a sheepish look, “I’ll be honest, I don’t know the answer to that.” He turns to look at Yoongi, pleading with his eyes, hoping that he could maybe provide an explanation for you.
Yoongi lets out a sigh before looking at you, “I guess part of it has to do with how much we trust each other,” he starts, turning to look at Jimin before giving you back his attention, “I know Jimin and the rest of the guys would treat you right so there’s really nothing for me to worry about,” he explains his feelings to the best of his abilities. 
You hum before a mischievous glint passes through your eyes, “so if you know Adrien treats me right, you’ll be ok with us?” you grin, testing their limit.
But Yoongi only narrows his eyes dangerously, “don’t test your luck Y/n,” he growls, Jimin mimicking his hardened stare, the two men warning you to behave with their eyes. 
You laugh at their expressions, “I won’t, I won’t,” you giggle, the men rolling their eyes at how you weren’t taking them seriously, “Adrien and I have no feelings for each other, I can assure you that much. I mean how can I have room for another man when you guys took all the space.” 
They smile softly at you, feeling a lot better from your reassurance.
“Oh Y/n there you are!”
And just like that, they were irritated again.
Your eyes light up when Rue comes flying in, landing on your lap as Adrien stops by the door frame. You pet her immediately, “good morning Rue!” the eagle squawks as though greeting you back with a flap of her wings. 
Adrien raises a brow at the two men already in the room, but still greets them cheerfully. The men can’t help but greet him back, hating the fact that he seemed like a really kind person that they almost feel bad for wanting to get rid of him.
“She seems to like you a lot,” Adrien comments with a smile as he watches Rue nearly snuggle up in your arms, the happy bird chirping in content.
You beam down at the bird, welcoming the morning cuddles, “It’s probably because I gave her more food after dinner yesterday,” you joke, scratching the back of her head.
Though Adrien pauses at this, raising his brows, “wait you gave her more food?”
You purse your lips, “oh whoops it was supposed to be a secret,” you stifle a laugh at the way his jaw drops.
His lips form a flat line, staring at you disapprovingly, “remind me to keep an eye on you at all times during dinner.” Rather than getting intimidated, you just laugh it off.
However, this piques Jimin’s attention, “you two ate dinner together?” he asks with a smile, but you knew better than to trust that seeing how his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. An eerie aura surrounding both him and Yoongi as the older male just sits and stares at you wordlessly.
You nod timidly from their intense stare, “yeah.. This was before I met with you in the halls,” you explain to him.
Jimin turns to look away, “I see,” his voice much less enthusiastic than before.
Adrien darts his eyes all over the room, not oblivious to the tense air the moment he appeared, “have I arrived at the wrong time?” he asks with a small awkward smile on his face.
You hastily shake your head, “of course not!” you let out a quiet laugh in an attempt to dissipate the tension, “we’re not much of a morning person is all,” you explain, hoping that he took the excuse.
If he knew that you were lying, he didn’t show it as he just smiled at all three of you, “is that right? Well, I’m sure a way to wake you up is with a big delicious breakfast,” he grins towards the other men in the room, “would you like to join us?” he offers, extending the invitation to them.
“We're not allowed to spend time with Y/n in broad daylight, remember,” Jimin mutters bitterly, still refusing to look him in the eye. 
The smile on Adrien’s face falls immediately at the cold tone, “oh right. My apologies, I forgot,” he whispers dejectedly, his shoulders visibly slump. 
You shoot the assassin a glare, before standing up from your seat, “I’m sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” Jimin has the decency to look shameful of his behavior as he watches you approach Adrien with Rue in your arms. 
“I’ll talk to you guys later,” both men flinch at the cold tone of your voice, your back turned towards them as they watch your figure walk out the door. Your words leave no room for further discussion.
Yoongi groans, “you mean to tell me the moment we reconcile she gets pissed at me again,” he plops himself back on the bed, “when will this cycle end.”
Jimin lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “probably when we stop acting like children,” Jimin answers back, staring out the door you disappeared from. 
Tumblr media
“I’m really sorry about them,” you apologize when the two of you walk far enough down the hall that they can’t hear you, occasionally greeting passing maids and knights on your way.
Adrien shakes his head with a small chuckle, showing that he didn’t take it very personally, “they’re not a fan of me are they?” he jokes, his eyes crinkling in amusement. He won’t lie, knowing the effect he had on the boys did somewhat boost his already big ego.  
You sigh, looking tired, “please don’t take it the wrong way, they just get jealous really easily,” you send him a sheepish look.
He raises a brow, “and yet they don’t get jealous of each other?” he asks curiously. He had noticed the way they all stared at him yesterday, and he knew they all loved you, yet for some reason, they don’t extend that jealousy towards each other. He found it strange but chose not to comment any further about it. 
“Because they love and trust each other,” you explain. Truthfully even you were slightly confused on where you stand with all of them. You have no idea how to label the relationship that you have with them but you figured making up with them first before having that talk would be a better idea. 
Adrien hums before pouting childishly, “I wish they loved and trusted you enough to not take their anger out on me.”
You nudge his shoulder playfully, “give them time, a lot happened in the past 24 hours, I can’t imagine the thoughts going through their minds when they saw both me and Kiara at the same time.” 
Adrien hums before looking up in front of him, the corners of his lips curving upward, “speaking of Kiara,” he points ahead of him. You follow his line of sight, your eyes immediately landing on Kiara, Seulgi, and Joy making their way down the halls. You all greeted each other good morning once you approached them.
Adrien sends Kiara a lopsided grin, “mornin’ your majesty.”
The girl scowls at him knowing he only called her that title to tease her like he’s always done since the very moment they met, even back up in your world. But seeing how they’re in public, she can’t scold him for it since it would’ve been disrespectful on his part if he didn’t address her as ‘your majesty’.
“Good morning,” she grumbles with a glare of her eyes, knowing he wasn’t done teasing her.
And she had a feeling she was right when his grin grew even wider, “oh c’mon, you have to call me ‘Sir Adrien’, may I remind you about etiquette your majesty?”
“Piss off.”
You laugh before shaking your head at their banter, having already gotten used to it from your time together. 
Seulgi sighs, an amused smile on her face now, “the day barely even started and you’re already going at each other’s throats,” she scolded with a pointed look.
“She started it.”
“He started it.”
The both of them whip their heads towards each other, a disgusted look to their faces now. Seulgi and Joy just laugh it off.
You were about to tease them further, wanting to annoy them but you couldn’t ignore the way a few passing maids were sending you all odd looks. 
It’s only been one day, but word had spread fast about the empress gaining a new knight and two new ladies in waiting, one of which stayed in her room that night. And not only that, but you and Seulgi were even getting special training from the head maid herself, Irene, no doubt causing even more eyebrows to be raised.
Rumors and theories about your identities spread around a few cliques amongst the staff that it was hard to ignore the curious stares as you went about your day, especially because the empress seemingly favored the three of you for some reason. They were used to seeing their empress act friendly with Joy and the seven men, but they’ve never seen her act so close with any other palace staff, and suddenly three unknown people appear out of nowhere and she acts as though they’ve been friends for a lifetime.  
But it’s that same reason that some people just shrug it off, many thinking that the empress was reunited with her old childhood friends since they knew she came from a humble background. 
Adrien noticed the stares too, suddenly growing serious as his eyes stay on high alert, “maybe we should really limit our time spent together in public, we wouldn’t want even more people to watch us,” he comments after some thought before looking towards Kiara, “this also means you should probably spend more time with the boys,” he says carefully, knowing she probably wouldn’t like that suggestion very much.
She pauses for a moment, “do I really have to? Can’t we just ignore each other under the pretense we got into a huge fight?” she grumbles under her breath.
He sighs, “you know you have to talk to them eventually,” a serious look to his eyes now.
Kiara groans before rolling her eyes, “it’s been one day Adrien, give me a break,” a slightly agitated tone in her voice the more he presses on the topic. 
“We’ve already gotten strange looks when people found their empress suddenly getting close with three unknown people,” Adrien informs, urgency laced in his voice, “if Jasper finds out and investigates, we’re screwed.”
“So what?” she snaps, her eyes narrowed into tiny slits, “you want me to be all lovey dovey with them? Is that it?” Kiara asks incredulously, staring at the man like he had two heads, “because I’m going to tell you this right now, no one’s going to enjoy that. Especially not me,” she growls angrily.
Adrien lets out an exasperated sigh, “Kiara I need you to please cooperate with me, if we don’t want Jasper to get suspicious or have an idea that you two switched bodies, then we need to act like nothing’s changed,” he sends her a pointed look, “which is why you need to act the part,” he tells her sternly. 
You take a step between them before an actual fight breaks out between the two, “fighting about this in the halls, with eyes and ears on us doesn’t seem like a very smart idea, don’t you think,” you hiss in a hushed voice, eyes on alert for anyone coming by.
Adrien sighs, “don’t worry, Rue here has excellent hearing, I’ve trained her to make a noise every time she senses someone nearby,” he informs you. You widen your eyes, looking at the cheerful bird comfortably perched on the windowsill in awe.
Kiara turns her head away stubbornly from the two of you, “it’s not like Y/n did anything while in my body for us to be so touchy, right?” she turns to look at you, expecting to get an answer, but when you avert your eyes from her prying ones she raises a brow, “right?”
You laugh nervously, still refusing to look her in the eye, “I might’ve done.... Some stuff?”
“Some? Stuff?” Kiara’s brows knit together, “just what kind of stuff are we talking about here?” she presses on.
You clear your throat, “y’know, just some kissing here and there. And I might’ve slept with… Jimin,” you whisper the last part quietly, waiting for her reaction.
She freezes in her spot, mind processing what you had just told her. Not only that, but even Adrien whipped his head in your direction with wide eyes. Meanwhile Joy and Seulgi couldn’t help but smirk as if they were proud mothers watching their baby grow.
“You slept-” Adrien and Seulgi reach a hand to clasp over her mouth, the rest of you telling her to lower her voice. You scan the area, thankful to find no one nearby. 
She shrugs off their hands before glaring at you, “you slept with Jimin using my body?!” she exclaims in a loud whisper, her eyes growing wide in disbelief.
“Nicely done,” Joy comments from the side, winking when you make eye contact, but averts her eyes when Kiara snaps her head in her direction. 
You scoff, “well technically you did,” you childishly repeat the same words she threw your way the time she told you she kissed Seulgi. “And might I remind you, that you and Seulgi did some not so innocent activities on my body?” You raise a brow, as though daring her to tell you you were wrong. 
Seulgi hums, “she’s got you there.”
She clicks her tongue in an annoyed manner, “touché.” The girl scowls at the smug look on your face knowing that she couldn’t argue with you, cause in a way, now you were even.
Adrien lets out a small chuckle at the two of you, before his eyes look down at Kiara, having calmed down a little, “now that there’s more of a reason to be together, will you spend more time with them?”
She stills for a moment before groaning and looking away, “give me two more days,” she whispers, her eyes downcast, clearly displeased with the proposition. 
However, you frown at the idea, shaking your head, “actually, I think it would be best if you take as long as you need,” you reply, disagreeing with Adrien for once, “I know the trauma won’t disappear in just a few days, I know just being near them hurts you. So I don’t think it’s fair to force you to do something that’ll give you pain,” you tell her in a soothing voice.
The girl sends you a small smile, grateful that you were by her side.
Adrien’s eyes seemingly soften, suddenly understanding why she was behaving the way she was. And so he sighs before nodding his head, “I’m sorry Kiara,” he starts, “I was just so focused on being careful that I hadn’t taken your feelings into consideration,” he apologizes with sincerity, “Y/n’s right, take all the time you need.” 
The two of them give each other a small smile, understanding one another rather than bickering for once. 
Kiara shakes her head, “no, you’re right as well, if we don’t want Jasper to know that either Y/n and I are back, then we do need to be as careful as we can,” she pauses before shutting her eyes closed, “I’ll try to put in more effort when I’m with them, but not so much right off the bat,” she whispers, with her head hanging low.
You send her a soft smile, proud of her for trying, “baby steps.”
She stills for a moment before looking up at you, “baby steps,” she repeats solemnly. 
Tumblr media
It’s become a habit of yours to walk through the garden towards the end of your day. Enjoying the peacefulness and the tranquility that the garden provides. The alluring smells of the flowers and their colorful petals luring you in like a bee.
You needed to relax, especially after such a hectic day.
You and Seulgi had spent the majority of your day busy with your training. You had always respected maids and the hard work they put into caring for the empress and the palace, but now you have half a mind to get on the floor and worship the ground they walk on. You hadn’t realized how strenuous it was to be a maid, from getting on your knees to cleaning the floor until it was spotless to balancing countless items in your hand for long periods of time. 
It definitely came to you as a shock when you went from being an empress of an empire to suddenly being a maid cleaning up the floor. 
By the end of it, your knees and arms were aching, needing the garden stroll more than anything at the moment. Adrien was about to follow you, but you had stopped him, explaining to him that you wanted to take your stroll by yourself, reassuring him that you could take care of yourself enough to walk back to your room. 
Although hesitant, he still respected your wishes, bidding you goodnight. At least, you thought he was ok with your plan. Little did you know, he had sent Rue out to silently follow you, instructing her to alert him if anything bad happens. He was not about to risk getting beat up by everyone for leaving you alone.
You normally don’t see anyone during this time as most of the staff were nearing the end of their day, so you can understand his reluctance at your request. 
But the peace and quiet was exactly what you wanted and hoped for. 
And you expected that to be the same this time around, that is until you found a familiar figure standing on one of the many paths you take. 
The knight turns his head almost instantly at the sound of your quiet voice. He sends you a small smile, he won’t lie to himself, he was pleased to find that you were alone. He had visited the garden in hopes of running into you yesterday, but you had been accompanied by both Adrien and Joy that he hadn’t approached you then. 
He turns his body to face you, “hi,” he waves shyly.
You gulp nervously before approaching him, “hi,” you whisper, “what are you doing here?”
“Taking a scroll,” he then gestures towards the many flowers around them, “it’s really pretty around here.”
You nod your head, unable to stop yourself from agreeing with him. You look around, watching in awe at the way the sunset was causing the flowers to glow beautifully. And while you were busy admiring the scenery, Taehyung couldn’t help but stare longingly at you, taking this chance to save your beauty into his memory.
“Since when did you start walking around here?” you ask, abruptly taking him out of his trance like state. 
He purses his lips, “I started walking after you left,” he admits bashfully, sending you a sheepish grin, “it’s become a habit of mine now, I can see why you enjoy doing it so often. I find the quietness very calming.”
You bite your lips, taking that as a hint that he wanted to be alone, “I’m sorry for disturbing you, I’ll just let you be.” You begin to turn on your heel, but stop when you feel him quickly reach out to grab your arm, stopping you from taking another step away from him.
“Don’t go,” he pleads, a slight panic in his voice, “stay with me longer, please.” His eyes wide, begging you to listen to him. 
You freeze, your heart racing at the way your faces were nearly inches apart, “o-ok,” you answer quietly. The both of you stare at one another for sometime before taking a timid step back.
He clears his throat, feeling a blush creeping up before looking up at you, “would you like to take a stroll together?” he asks shyly. 
You would have declined the offer but there was no need to worry too much about people watching you since many usually retired to their rooms during this time. 
So you smile up at him, “I’d love to,” you answer. The man returns the smile as he shifts to the side for you to walk beside him, making sure to match your pace so that he remains next to you at all times.
You two walk for some time, no one speaking for a while as a comfortable silence takes over the two of you. The both of you walking side by side, admiring the scenery around you.
Taehyung’s eyes light up when the familiar blue flowers come into view, “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the name of these flowers?” he asks, looking towards you, stopping in front of the same blue flowers you’ve grown fond of during your time in this place.
“These?” you ask, pointing at the flowers in front of you, when he nods his head you smile, “these are called forget-me-nots, when they’re together in large groups like this, it’s really pretty, don’t you think?” you smile widely as you stare down at the small blue flowers bundled up together, making the ground seemingly look blue, covering it almost entirely. 
He turns his head to you, “gorgeous,” he answers softly, still staring at you, but averts his eyes quickly when you turn to look at him. He clears his throat, “why is it called that?”
You hum, “it represents true love,” you start, staring down at the pretty flowers, “like the name suggests, giving your significant other this flower is basically a promise that you’ll never forget them, keeping them in your hearts forever,” you explain, a smile still adoring your face.
He watches you intently, “it’s your favorite, isn’t it?”
You pause before looking at him with a tilt of your head, “how’d you know?”
He blushes before looking away, “I just happened to pass by one day and saw you staring at these particular flowers longer than the rest,” he explains, his cheeks having a tint of red on them now, “you know a lot about flowers, huh?” he mutters, you just smile and nod as a response.
The reason you knew so much about flowers and why you made sure to take care of them well was because your grandparents tended to enjoy gardening. And with you spending most of your childhood with them, you learned quite a lot of facts about all the different plant species.
Seeing how they were the only people who provided you any sort of happiness in your childhood, walking through this garden almost always made you feel like they were with you. The flowers being your only connection with them. 
Which is why you made it a habit to walk through the garden at least once a day, ensuring that it is taken care of well, especially the flowers that were their favorites. Paying homage to the only people that gave you love while growing up. 
Taehyung smiles softly, before squatting down until he’s level with the flowerbed. You watch carefully as he picks one flower, gently pulling at it to not damage the rest so much before standing back up again. He sucks in a breath, turning to look at you. You tilt your head until you see him extend his arm with the flower in hand.
Realization dawns on you at what his gesture meant, a blush creeping to both of your faces now as you gently retrieve the flower in your hand, “what am I supposed to think of this?’ you ask quietly.
He looks at you, his cheeks glowing red, “it’s my promise to you,” he whispers, “my promise to always have you in my heart, never to be forgotten,” he confesses with a bashful look. 
Your breath hitches, looking up at him with wide eyes, your heart beating rapidly out of your chest at the loving look he was sending your way, not at all prepared for his confession. 
His eyes glisten, the sunset causing the side of his face to glow beautifully, “I’m sorry Y/n,” he starts, the bottom of his lips quiver as he’s reminded of all the times he’s seen the pain in your eyes, “I hurt you so much with my words, I’m so fucking sorry.”
Your eyes soften, “Taehyung, I already said that I forgive you,” you reassure him.
“I don’t forgive myself,” he lets out a shaky breath, “I don’t forgive the way I treated you. You didn’t deserve that,” his voice cracks as he fights back his tears threatening to spill at any given moment. 
You frown, taking his hands to yours gently, “Taehyung it’s ok,” you whisper quietly, “you did hurt me, but it’s ok because I forgive you.” Your hand comes up under his chin, guiding him to look at you, “it’s ok,” you repeat. 
He bites his lips, gently taking your hand in his, “I promise to never hurt you. Never again,” he declares, looking deep into your eyes.
You give him a small smile, “I know you wouldn’t. I know you would never hurt me again Tae. I trust you.” Your hand coming up to wipe at a stray tear that falls down his cheek.
Though you frown, “I also promise to not break your trust,” you let out a shaky sigh, “I hurt you just the same by lying to you.” Regret and sorrow written on your face as your pleading eyes look at him, “I didn’t get close to you for my survival, I genuinely wanted to be your friend, you have to believe me.”
“I do believe you,” he insists within the next second, his hand coming to rest on top of yours, “you were right, it wasn’t fair of me to blame you over the entire situation when you had no choice but to do it, I’m sorry for lashing out at you.”
You smile, “we hurt each other, so let’s just agree to put it behind us then, ok?”
You smile before squatting down by the flowerbed just like him and reach down to pick one flower, before standing back up and handing it to him with a smile, “my promise to you,” you confess quietly, your blush returning to your cheeks.
He widens his eyes before grinning widely, looking at you with utter adoration. He doesn't hesitate to retrieve the flower from your hand. He sniffs, wiping his eyes, looking down at them with a smile before raising his head, his eyes locked on yours, “thank you, I’ll cherish this for as long as I live.”
You chuckle, “they’ll probably die seeing how they were picked from their stems.”
But he just shakes his head, “I’ll find a way to keep them alive.”
Your eyes soften then, “Tae, even if they do die, my promise to you won’t just disappear.”
He pauses before a small smile adorns his face, “I know, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.” You just nod, mimicking his smile knowing that once he set his mind to something, it was hard to take him out of it.
The sun comes down even more as you can now see hints of the dark sky peeking through. The night breeze rolling in as you nearly shiver. This doesn’t go past the knight as he quickly removes his cape to cover you with it. You smile gratefully at the sweet gesture as you watch him tie the knots by your neck, almost laughing at the concentrated look on his face.
The two of you continued on with your stroll, and by the time you and him came to the end of the garden path, it was already late in the night. You normally didn’t take this long to walk, but the two of you wanted to savor the time with each other for as long as you could.
“Can I walk with you on your strolls?” he asks in a quiet voice once the two of you approach the end of the path.
You smile softly up at him, “Of course you can Tae, you’re more than welcome to join me anytime,” you answer back. 
He smiles back at you, the first genuine one in a long time. The flower you gave him, still in his hand as he never intended to let it go.
Tumblr media
“Have you ever fallen in love hyung?” Jimin asks Jin as they walk through the marketplace after Namjoon had sent the both of them on a run to restock on food knowing they were running out.  
They walk amongst many unsuspecting citizens, all of whom have no idea that two out of the eight most wanted people in the empire were in their midst. Their hoods cover most of their face in an attempt to hide their identity from any passing guard that they might run into.
The older man hums lazily, “not that I’m aware of,” he replies, biting at an apple he bought from one of the lenders on the street. His other hand, carrying a basket of more food for the rest of his friends. Enough food to last at least two weeks.
Jimin pauses for a moment before hesitating to ask his next question, “would you ever fall in love with Y/n?”
Jin smirks, sending him a knowing look, “ah is that what this is all about?”
Jimin blushes, looking away bashfully, “i-it was just a question.” He clumsily bumps into another man passing by before apologizing profusely and giving his attention back to Jin.
Jin chuckles, shaking his head, “well to answer your question, I have to say no, I see her too much of a friend for me to think otherwise,” he explains, taking another bite of his apple as he dodges a man scurrying past them. 
Jin continues to maneuver through the busy town, “speaking of Y/n, where is she?” he asks knowing that if anyone were to know about her whereabouts, it’d be Jimin. 
“She’s with Hoseok hyung.”
And he was right.
Jimin leans closer to ensure that only he could hear, “his majesty almost won in the last attack so they’re going through new battle tactics to ensure our victory next time,” he whispers quietly.
Jin hums, satisfied with his answer before continuing to walk through the town. Scanning his eyes for anything that could come in handy for them in the future. 
“Will you ever fall in love?” Jimin asks out of the blue, his own eyes searching around the area as well.
Jin thinks carefully about his question before shaking his head, “probably not,” he replies after some thought, squeezing past a group of teenage girls, a few of them squealing in delight as he sends them a charming smile.
Jimin frowns, but not before sending those same girls his own smile like the flirt that he is. He continues to follow closely behind the older man, “so you’re just going to live alone for the rest of your life?” he asks incredulously. 
Jin shrugs his shoulders, “why not? Would that be such a bad thing?” he turns through an alleyway to go back to their secret hideout. 
The younger male shakes his head as he quickly rushes to keep up with him, “no but what if a lady comes into your life and becomes your whole world, what’ll you do then?”
Jin smirks at the idea, “then she’d have to be one hell of a lady for that to happen,” he laughs before turning to face the younger male in a carefree way.
“Don’t get your hopes up though. I’ll never fall that hard for anyone.”
Tumblr media
He looks up, his eyes softening at the sight of you approaching him, admiring the way you looked from where he stood. 
Your own eyes staring at him in disbelief as you hadn’t expected to run into anymore of the boys after bidding Taehyung goodbye. 
The knight  wanted to escort you back to your room, but you had shook your head, telling him that you two had spent enough time that if anyone saw him walk you to your room, eyes would be raised even more. 
And so before you two parted ways, you returned the cape to him, although reluctant he took it back knowing if anyone saw you with his cape, they would instantly link the two of you together. If your safety wasn’t at risk he would’ve been proud to know people saw you draped in his cape.
On your walk back to your room, you don’t think  you’ll see anyone seeing how late in the night it is, that was until you found Jin standing outside your door, you make sure to look around, ensuring that no one is nearby before turning back to him.
You tilt your head cutely, “I’m sorry, did you need something?”
He hums for a moment, before his lips curve upward, “you promised me our talk last time, remember?” he reminds you.
Suddenly it’s like a bulb switched on in your mind as you did in fact remember your conversation before you left. But you look away knowing you two didn’t leave off in the best way, “right… I think I owe you that much after the way I treated you.” You begin making your way to the door, unlocking it before stepping inside, the man following closely right after you as he shuts it behind him.
“What do you have in your hand?” He asks curiously, having noticed it right away.
“It’s a flower from the garden,” you answer back, your body moving to grab a book nearby. Flipping through the pages, you open it wide before placing the flower in the middle of the page before closing the book, pressing the flower so that you could keep it for as long as you wanted. “I want to preserve it.” He doesn’t question you further on the matter.
Once finished, you turn your head to look at Jin, “what did you want to talk about?”
“Why did you act the way you did that day?”
You almost laugh at how he jumped straight to the point, but in hindsight, you shouldn’t even be surprised anymore.  
You bite your bottom lip, almost ashamed of your past behavior, “I was scared,” you confess, “after everything that had happened, I-I thought you had only liked me because I was in Kiara’s body,” you turn your head, “I was doubting your feelings.”
He frowns at this before taking a tentative step your way, “I told you before I was attracted to you didn’t I?”
You let out a small chuckle, “I was in her body, of course you’d be attracted to me, she’s beautiful.”
He hums, taking another step until he’s standing directly in front of you now, “she is beautiful, but you’re wrong dear, I never felt this way towards her even when she was sober,” his eyes soften, “never forget this, but when I said you’re pretty, I’m calling you pretty.”
You frown deeply before letting out a sigh, “I’m sorry for doubting your sincerity, the others who gave me insecurities messed with my mind,” you apologize.
“Please don’t let me fall under their category, I would never stoop to their level and hurt the woman I love.”
Your breath hitches, “I thought you said you didn’t love me.” Your eyes wide in disbelief at his sudden confession, suddenly feeling your head spin as you still haven’t processed the moment you shared with Taehyung back in the garden.
He sighs before cupping your face between his hands gingerly, staring longingly down at you, “I lied. I’m in love with you Y/n, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Even now when you’re in your real body, I swear I’ve fallen for you harder.”
Your mouth hangs wide in shock, “a-are you sure?”
He chuckles slightly, “I’ve never been more sure in my life darling.”
Suddenly though, he starts to frown, “I only realized how much you meant to me when you left,” he confesses, “the thought of never seeing you ever again hurt like hell. I didn’t know what to do. It was like a part of me died that day, only to get revived when you walked back into my life again.”
Your eyes glisten at his words, causing the man to rub your cheek gently. “I’m sorry it took me so long to realize my feelings,” he whispers. 
You shake your head, letting out a small chuckle, “there’s nothing to apologize for,” you reassure him.
His eyes soften, “then why does it look like you’re about to cry at any moment,” he points out.
You sniff, blinking back the tears, “I just never thought I’d see you act this way.”
He looks down at you, “you and me both. I’ve never felt this way towards anyone before, just what kind of spell do you have me under,” he whispers, his face so close to yours as he runs a thumb across your bottom lip. His eyes follow the way your lips move against his finger.
You gulp nervously at his sudden low voice, “I don’t know what you mean.”
He smiled mischievously, “no? You don’t know the effect that you have on me? Really?” He presses on.
You shake your head, your cheeks getting warm, “I-I don’t.” You take a step back but he just follows you forward. 
He lets out a low chuckle before bringing your body flush against his. Your eyes widen into large saucers at the growing erection you feel against your stomach. He bites his lips, grinding his hips against yours ever so slightly before leaning down by your ear, “how about now? Do you know the effect you have on both my heart and body, hm?”
Your body nearly shudders at the feel of his lips moving to attach itself to your neck, leaving soft kisses, the feeling was enough for you to be satisfied, yet still wanting more. Your hands come up to grip at his biceps as you begin to breathe heavily, the growing sexual tension making it harder for you to breathe.
You feel him smile as he slides his arms around your waist, “tell me dear, can you feel me? Feel the way my body yearns for you?” he whispers seductively by your ear.
Your eyes widen at his bold statement, never imagining the prideful advisor to act this way towards you, especially since you two had somewhat of a rocky start. Honestly you never imagined this happening at all. 
You nod your head, but he clicks his tongue disapprovingly, his grip on your waist tightens, “use your words Y/n,” he demands, a slight warning to his voice now.
“Yes, I do,” you whisper, mind hazy from lust as your hooded eyes stare at one another.
He smirks, “then can you feel how much I want you?” 
You gulp, butterflies in your stomach, “yes, I can.”
He moves a strand of hair from your face, “do you want me?” he whispers, his eyes never leaving your face.
“Of course,” you don’t hesitate to answer.
He smiles, his hands moving up and down your hips, “are you sure? I won’t do anything to you if you don’t want to.”
But you shake your head hastily, “I do want you Jin. You just make me nervous, that’s all,” you admit in a quiet voice.
He grins, “do I? Why would I make you nervous?” he teases, a glint moving past his eyes as his hand comes down to cup at your clothed core through your uniform, “is it because I make you feel things down here?” he whispers against your lips.
Your cheeks go warm as your hands come down to clutch at his wrist, “stop teasing me,” you tell him in the most assertive way you could be, but you curse at yourself for the slight tremble in your voice. Feeling even more embarrassed when you know he caught that.
“Then what do you want from me, my love?” he whispers in a low voice, his head moving down to attach his lips back on your neck, this time sucking and nipping harder than before.
You gasp, tilting your head back slightly, “I-I want you,” you turn your head, blood rushing to your cheeks.
“Yeah?” he smiles, “in what way dear?”
You groan, the man laughing softly, patting your butt in a playful manner, “I’m joking darling,” he places a sweet kiss to your nose, before his hooded eyes stare right into yours, “lay on the bed for me love.”
You bite your lips before moving back until the back of your legs hits the bed. Slowly you turn around to move up the bed and lay back down on it, your wide eyes staring back at the man in front of you in anticipation. 
In one swift movement, he removes his shirt above his head, smirking when he catches the way you eye his body. He won’t lie, he felt a sense of pride at the look in your eyes. He then removes his pants before coming back and crawling towards you, your heart beating loudly as you watch him.
His hands move up starting from your ankles up to your thighs in a slow tantalizing way, his arm causing the bottom of your uniform to lift until most of your legs are exposed. His breathing gets heavy as his erection grows under his underwear, the feel of your legs and the sight of you below him doing things to his mind. 
He boldly lifts the uniform until it’s scrunched up above your hips, your clothed core coming to his view now. He smirks at the sight of the small wet spot in the center of your panties, his finger coming down to gently rub at it, “wet for me already baby?”
You gasp, although he was barely touching you, it still managed to arouse you even more than before. You roll your hips to add a little bit more friction. The man above you smiles at your impatience before slowly moving your panties to the side, cursing under his breath as the sight of your core glistening with your wetness. 
As though in a trance, his fingers move to rub slow circles on your clit, eliciting a low moan from your mouth. “Does it feel good love?” he whispers, his other hand reaching up your body.
You nod your head, “god yes Jin.” You continue to roll your hips against his fingers, wanting more. Needing more. 
In the next second, however, he tugs the top of your dress down until your breasts bounce out and appear before him. His eyes widen, his movements halting slightly before he slowly leans down and attaches his lips to your sensitive buds, all the while maintaining eye contact with you. You mewl as you arch your body against his lips, the man groaning, causing the vibration to ripple through you.
You were so focused on the feeling of the way he sucked and licked your nipples that you hadn’t noticed the way his finger was teasing your entrance, before he slid one inside you. You gasp, tilting your head back at the sudden intrusion, “fuck.”
You feel him smirk against you before continuing his attack on your chest, nipping and tracing circles around your nipples with his tongue as he thrusts his fingers inside you, encouraged by the moans that kept escaping your mouth. 
He pulls his head away, satisfied with his work on your chest before looking at you. He curses at your blown out look before leaning forward, unable to stop himself from capturing your lips to his. He swallows your moans, distracting you with his tongue before he slides a second finger inside you.
You flinch, your back arching as you become a whimpering mess under his touch. 
“You gonna cum for me love?” he rasps against your lips, his thumb rubbing slow circles on your clit now.
You struggle to answer, feeling the familiar tense feeling between your legs, so you just nod your head frantically. Jin smirks, biting at your bottom lip before his head dips to your neck, leaving love bites as he quickened his pace at the feel of your walls tightening around his fingers. 
And without any warning, your legs begin to tremble as you reach your high. Jin slows down, but helps you ride it out. 
You pant heavily as he finally pulls his hand away. If you weren’t so exhausted you would’ve whined from the loss of his touch. That is until you see his fingers hovering over your head. 
“Want to have a taste?”
Your breath hitches, and with a hazy mind, you don’t realize that you opened your mouth subconsciously at his question.
Jin can’t help but smile, pleased to see how he was able to affect you just as bad as the way you were affecting him, he just happened to hide it better. 
He brings his fingers closer until your mouth wraps around them, before letting out a low groan at the feel of your tongue gliding through his fingers. Once deemed his fingers were clean enough, he pulled away, chuckling when he heard you whine.
He smiles down at you, “one day, I want this,” he taps on your lips, “wrapped around my dick.” His smirk widening when he sees your flustered look, “can you do that for me love?”
Unable to produce any coherent words at this point, you just nod your head. 
He removes his last piece of clothing, his dick springs out from its constraints, the man sucking in a breath as the cold air surrounds him. 
He turns his attention back to you, helping you out of your uniform before sliding your panties down your legs. Basking in the sight of your naked body below him. 
He notices the way that your eyes locked in on his member, his already big ego growing even more as he gently strokes it. Your eyes widened as it seemingly grew more when you had thought it was already finished. 
“Guess now it’s time for the main event hm?” he says, smiling at his own joke, if your pleasure wasn’t entirely in his hands you would’ve hit him in the arm.
You let out a sigh of relief, “finally,” you breathe out.
He laughs before shaking his head, “it should be me saying that dear,” he leans down to peck at your lips, “are you sure you want this Y/n?” he whispers against your lips.
You stare up at him, catching sight of both the lust and concern in his eyes, “of course Jin, I wouldn’t have let you strip me naked if I didn’t,” you tease.
He grins, “I just don’t want to hurt you.”
You smile, leaning up to place a kiss on his lips this time, one he returns immediately, “you won’t,” you reassure. 
He smiles softly at you, tapping your thighs, “keep these spread for me baby,” his eyes shine down at your core, biting his lips in anticipation and excitement. “Ready for me, love?
You nod your head impatiently, “yes.”
He chuckles lowly, leaning down to place one small kiss to your lips before aligning his member to your entrance. Slowly, he enters inside you, eliciting a low moan from the both of you until he’s nestled deep within you. 
You close your eyes, trying to adjust to his large size, he was definitely bigger than Yoongi’s or Jimin’s, not that you care for size, but you know that if he hadn’t prepped you before, you wouldn’t feel as comfortable as you are now.
“Tell me when you're ready,” he breathes out, shutting his eyes, trying not to think how warm it was inside you.
Your heart flips, smiling gratefully up at him. Even in moments like this he never fails to be a gentleman, not that you expected anything less. Once you felt like you were adjusted to his size you finally nod your head, “you can move whenever Jin,” you whisper shyly.
He nearly coos at your timidness, unable to help himself from leaning down to capture your lips to his as he pulls back slowly until only his tip was inside you before thrusting back. You moan, encouraging the man to repeat this action at a slow and steady pace.
Your jaw hangs open from the pleasure, the man taking this chance to stick his tongue inside your mouth, acting as a distraction from the discomfort. Though the pain slowly transformed into pleasure as all you could feel was him. Your shared kiss became sloppy, not that either one of you minded the mess. His mouth swallows your moans, continuing to thrust inside you. 
But the pace he was going wasn’t enough for you, or him for that matter, “faster,” you plead against his lips. 
He leans back, not stopping in his thrusts, “are you sure baby?” his eyes scan your face for any indication that you were uncomfortable. 
You nod your head, “please make me feel good Jin.”
A glint passes by his eyes for a second time that night as he lets out a shaky breath, his hands on your hips tightening even more, “as you wish darling,” he replies back in a low voice. And as though he was proving to you that he would do as he was told, he pulls back almost completely out of you, before slamming right back inside. You gasp loudly before moaning at each of his thrusts. The force causing you to jolt up the bed, your head tossed back with your jaw wide open at his relentless speed and roughness. 
The sound of your heavy breathing and skin slapping against one another was the only thing heard within the room. You’re sure that if any poor soul were to walk by, they would be able to hear every sinful noise coming through the door.
He lets out a guttural grunt when his eyes watch in awe at the way your breasts bounce with each thrust. Unable to stop himself, he leans back down to latch his lips onto your breasts once more. Finding himself addicted to your chest. Your back is arching from all the sensations you were feeling running through your body as the moans continue to slip past your lips.
“How are you feeling love?” he pants out, sweat dripping down his forehead as he was focused on making the both of you feel good. 
You whimper, your eyes tearing up from the pleasure, “so fucking good.”
“Yeah?” he chuckles lowly, his thrusts not slowing down in the slightest, “the feelings fucking mutual baby,” he grunts, never having ever experienced this amount of pleasure or ecstasy in his life. 
The bed creaks at each of his thrusts, the headboard hitting the wall in a loud manner. Suddenly you were extremely thankful that Kiara had given you a room far away from everyone else as you’re sure that if you had any neighbors they’d definitely be pounding at the door right this minute.
Though you have a small suspicion she did that on purpose.
His hips stagger slightly at the feeling of your walls tightening around him. Telltale signs that you were about to cum, that much he knew based on his previous ministrations on your body. He leans down, putting all his weight on his elbows as his face was now hovering above yours. His eyes lock with yours, the two of you staring at each other full with love as you could tell you were both reaching your end. 
“You’re absolutely gorgeous,” he tells you out of the blue.
Your breath hitches, but before you could respond to him, he leans down to capture your lips to his once more, the two of you sharing a rather sweet and passionate kiss, a complete contrast to what was happening between your legs. 
Though you’re unable to keep up with him as you could feel your high rush back to you for the second time that night. Your legs tremble at the overwhelming sensation running through your body until finally, you come apart, releasing a loud moan of his name.
Jin pants against your lips, his hips moving in a frantic manner as he chases for his own high now. His thrust become sloppy as your walls tighten and pulsate around him, “fuck baby,” he moans loudly, hiding his head in the crook of your neck as he feels himself soon following after you. 
But before he could cum inside you, he manages to pull out, his hand reaching for his member immediately, stroking it quickly until his load shoots out from him and landing on your stomach, some splattering on top of your breasts.
The once loud room goes quiet as the only sounds to be heard now was the both of you panting, completely out of breath from what just happened.
You close your eyes, attempting to control your breathing until you feel the bed move, prompting you to open your eyes. Only to find Jin leaning his head down between your legs. Before you could question him, you gasp loudly when you feel his lips sucking on your core. 
“J-Jin,” you whimper at the oversensitivity, attempting to close your legs, but the man grabs your inner thighs, forcing them to keep open. 
He nips at your inner thigh warningly, “I need to clean you up baby,” he murmurs against your soft skin as if it was the most obvious answer in that moment. 
You squirm, panting loudly, you close your eyes shut at the feel of him licking up your core, the man groaning at the taste of you on his tongue. Your head tossed back as your hands reached down to pull at his hair, “d-do you really need to use your mouth?”
His narrowed and hooded eyes look up at you, “of course I do baby, can’t have you sleeping in this mess,” he smiles innocently as though he doesn’t have your cum on his chin.
You look away bashfully, blood rushing to your cheeks as he continues to ‘clean up’ your body, or so he says, but he sucks on your clit one too many times for him to just be ‘cleaning up’. Your legs twitch from time to time due to the oversensitivity, that and the man knew what to do with his tongue.
Jin finally leans back, wiping at his chin, satisfied to see the state of your body, feeling a sense of pride knowing he was the cause of it. 
You were so focused on controlling your breathing that you hadn’t noticed he got up from the bed to grab a small hand towel. Only opening your eyes when you feel the bed dip to find him cleaning you up for real this time. His fingers glazing over your pert nipples teasingly before tossing the towel lazily across the room, he’ll worry about it tomorrow. 
“Was I too rough dear?” he asks once he was back laying on the bed comfortably, bringing you into his arms.
You shake your head, snuggling closer to his warm body, “no, I liked it,” blushing when he chuckles softly as he caresses the top of your head. 
“I didn’t plan for the night to end like this,” he starts, looking up at the ceiling, “but you’re just so pretty it was hard to keep myself at bay.”
You scoff, “smooth talker,” you mumble under your breath.
He scoffs right back at you, “don’t act like you hate it.”
You giggle, the sound causing his eyes to soften, “I don’t, but I already have to deal with Jimin’s flirting, I don't know if I can take two at a time.”
However, he just smirks at this, “can’t take two at a time? Want to find out?” he whispers seductively by your ear.
You widen your eyes at the innuendo, your cheeks getting warm as you hit his arm, “n-not like that you pervert!” The man only laughs loudly as he grabs your wrist.
“Alright, alright I’m sorry,” he smiles before leaving a kiss to the palm of your hand, “it seems like her highness can’t take a joke,” he teases.
You scoff, “not that kind, and I’m not the empress anymore,” you correct him with a pout.
Jin smiles, his hand comes up, tucking a loose strand away from your face, “you’ll always be my empress Y/n,” he answers in a quiet voice, his eyes looking at you like you meant everything to him. And in a way, you did. 
You suck in a breath as you turn your head, “stop making my heart swoon, I can’t take it anymore.”
He laughs before shaking his head, “my apologies,” but the playfulness in voice tells you he didn’t mean it. He pulls you even closer to him, leaving a sweet kiss on your forehead, “you should get some rest baby, it’s getting really late now.”
“And who’s fault is that?” you ask with a raised brow.
He smirks, “yours for being so damn tempting,” he answers shamelessly. The two of you stare at each other in silence before bursting out in laughter. 
A cheerful and carefree air surrounding the both of you now. 
Sleep starts creeping in as you yawn. You snuggle closer to him, the man welcoming you with open arms.
“Goodnight, Jin.”
He smiles adoringly at you, watching as you shut your eyes ready to go to sleep. 
“Goodnight my love.”
Tumblr media
A/n: I don’t know what else to say other than the fact that I wrote all this in just four days.
I don’t know how I managed to do that seeing how the last chapter took me 84 years to write but here we are lmao
Lmk what you guys think ;)
I hope you have a lovely day
Love, Liz
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sopeverse · 7 months ago
expecting (the unexpected) with bts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluff and pregnancy!au
warnings: pregnancy, mentions of insecurity, overall bangtan being soft over the thought of starting a family with you so proceed into this disgustingly fluffy trap with caution
note: okay so me promising to finally post my long awaited yoonkook fic was a fucking lie - so please have my unnecessarily cute indulgence into dad!bangtan. also, this is over 7k words so please with the utmost respect shoot me :)
Tumblr media
this dork didn’t even notice you were pregnant until three months in
he’d be so oblivious the whole time, not once catching onto the small bump you were slowly but surely forming
he’d just stare at you in disbelief whenever your cravings got the better of you, putting foods together that he deemed D I A B O L I C A L
he’d let you know that
cause as we all know, he’s the king™ of food
he’ll encourage your increasing eating habits though, loving the look of content and your stuffed cheeks that he makes a point to pinch every chance he gets
turns out you were having excessive cravings cause of the MASSIVE child you were currently carrying in your stomach
istg when you finally tell him you’re pregnant the first thing out of his mouth is,
“that explains why you were eating peanut butter and cucumber together!”
and he just has this look on his that says, ‘i’ve finally cracked the code’
and you have to resist the urge to slap him upside the head cause tHAT REALLY WASN’T THE POINT HERE
okay but #1 supportive boyfriend right here
he’ll volunteer to rub lotions on your stomach every night before bed
mostly because they seem to relax you but also because he likes how soft they make his hands
also the type to talk to your baby when you finally fall asleep 🥺
he’ll have his cheeks pressed softly against your bump, gushing over how excited he is to finally be a dad and how much he’s gonna spoil and care for them
and you couldn’t help the small smile tugging at your lips once you heard his gentle coos cause you really struck lucky with this soft muddle of mush you call a boyfriend
he’s so ott too
like five months until the due date and he’ll already have the spare room done up into the cutest little nursery
and you have to pester him to stop buying pink baby clothes and toys cause he has just simply ruled out the possibility of it being a boy
just hits you with, “c’mon babe, it’s the 21st century, boys can wear pink too.”
and after taking in his pink silk pyjamas and bunny slippers you realise you don’t have the energy to argue with this man
you think he indulged you in your cravings before? he’s 100x worse now that he know you’re eating for two
it could be two in the morning and he wouldn’t care, slipping on the first pair of shoes he could find and rushing to the nearest store whenever you show the slightest signs of being peckish
also buys the entire store
and stays up ‘helping’ you eat the treats cause he knows how bad you start to feel after giving into your cravings
leaves small post-it notes around you apartment when he’d gone to the studio, reminding you to eat and not stress yourself out
he hates leaving you alone on those days, the thought of something happening to you or the baby is enough to make him feel insanely guilty
trust he’s tried to convince his managers to grant him maternity leave too they weren’t having it
and he’d be (◞‸◟) everyday in practice until the baby is born
he’s so incredibly loving and doting towards you
showers your body in a million and one kisses whenever you feel the slightest bit insecure
and reminds you of how much of an angel you are between every gentle press of his lips
you’ve always been beautiful to him, but seeing your bump grow bigger with each passing day just makes him fall deeper and harder in love with you
which no one thought was humanly possible cauSE THIS MAN WORSHIPS THE GROUND YOU WALK UPON OKAY
just the thought of finally starting a family with you is so surreal and he’ll be in a state of bliss the whole nine months
freaks out when your water finally breaks
he’ll be a mess, phone balancing on his shoulder as he screams at namjoon to tell the boys as he grabs your overnight bags, tripping over every possible obstacle in his path while trying to clm you amidst the chaos
and you’re just 눈_눈 cause you really forgot how dramatic this man is
seems like he’s bringing that trait into fatherhood to hshdjd
you swear he breaks about ten different traffic laws trying to get to the hospital
only calms down once the nurses take over and rush you to the nearest private room
lets you hold his hand in a crushing grip, soothing words being whispered against the side of your head as he encourages you to push harder
he almost wants to beat himself up seeing you in so much pain, but once he hears a shrill cry and your hand relax in his hold he swears his eyes turn into hearts
he’ll try to hide the small tears gathered in his eyes once the nurses take the small child away to clean, pressing kiss after kiss against your lips and reminding you how well you did as you sleepily lean further into his affectionate touches
he’s just so proud of you and won’t shut up about it for hours
and he doesn’t have time to gloat that it’s a girl, cause he knows regardless he’d be in love
there’s no tearing him away, trust me
he feels so complete in that moment, watching the boys and his family coo over the babbling baby as you snuggle closer to him on the small hospital bed
he’s convinced nothing can diminish his happiness
not even taehyung and jungkook trying to teach your daughter curse words five seconds after she’s left your womb
another oblivious cutie in our ranks
he’s so quick to pick up any quirk or change which is why you find it so amusing that he didn’t seem to notice you were pregnant despite the obvious bump you made no effort to hide
he’s always so wrapped up in his work that he literally won’t catch on unless you were to snatch his headphones off and scream it in his ear
which is exactly what you do
the human personification of (°-°) when you show him the pregnancy test
for a good five minutes you’ll think he’s broken and have half a mind to call bighit to repair him but once that gummy smile takes over his face all your worries wash away
he won’t even try to hide it either, calling everyone in his contacts cause he’s gonna be a dad!!
then cringes once he gets to hoseok as the younger screams about finally being an uncle :’)
you secretly find it cute that they’ve all turned into giddy kids at the thought of a baby in the gang
he’s so insanely attentive towards you
like this man will shower you in love and there’s nothing you can do about it
makes sure to buy you all your favourite treats and plushies for when he’s gone to work for long periods of time
and sends you a message to ‘look after yourself or else i’ll come over there and kick your ass’
threatening but caring 🥰
he always feels so selfish about being stuck at the studio and practice all the time so please comfort him this smol boy
he won’t admit it but he genuinely thinks he’s not gonna be a good dad for the longest time so you better remind him that he will be the B E S T
he’ll eventually start to bring his work home with him and spend more time with you cause if something were to happen to his two favourite people he’ll r i o t
whenever he does show up to practice he’ll be worrying over you constantly if he’s not spamming your phone asking if you’ve eaten and got enough rest then he’s complaining to the boys about how much he misses you
to the point where they’ll literally just force him to leave so that he can finally shUT UP
they’re all secretly super excited though and can’t wait to be uncles
but hoseok has already made it clear that he’ll fight all of them and you if he doesn’t get to be godfather
bath time together has become a tradition in your household
he got sick of your whining and pouting about standing up for too long in the shower and being unable to reach places cause of your growing bump
so this man will spend a full half hour running the most *chefs kiss* bath for you with all your favourite scents and soaps
and lets you rest against his chest as his fingers gently massage your scalp, occasionally placing small kisses against the expanse of your shoulder while muttering sweet words against the heated skin
marry him or i will >:(
he’ll force you to lay against the bed with your tank top raised above your exposed stomach, watching lovingly and playing with his disheveled hair as he softly grumbles against you
he’ll be so love-struck and won’t stop gushing over hoe excited he is to finally meet them you literally have to resist the urge to get your phone out and video the cute interaction
then lowkey threatens it and says if it hurts you he’s gonna fight
with love of course <333
despite being insecure about his future parenting skills he swears to himself and you that he’ll never let his kid feel like he doesn’t support them
he knows what it feels like to lack support from your father so he ensures that he’ll lay the affection on extra thick
i’m not saying he’s gonna be the best dad in the world but that’s exactly what i’m saying
he won’t even have time to register what was happening before he has you, himself and everything you could possible need packed into the car before your water even broke
he’ll be so calm and reassuring on the outside but you could see from the nervous lip biting and the skin of his knuckles turning white from tension as he gripped the steering wheel that he was far form it
he’s so relived once he finally gets you to the hospital and the nurses take over, giving him time to finally breath before calling the rest of the boys
he’s stressing out the whole time - insisting on staying in the waiting room cause he couldn’t bear the sight of you in pain
but once the nurse calls him in for the final push he’s by your side in an instant
his words will get stuck in his throat as you groan for the final time, not once minding the crushing pain of your hand squeeing his own before going slack
he swore time started to slow as the doctor presented your daughter before cleaning her and wrapping her up in a blanket
he’s so careful and hesitant as he takes hold of her, a look of awe in his eyes as the baby squirmed against him
literally the only thing going through his mind is, ‘fuck, i’m actually a dad’
and istg man sheds a tear cause he finally started the family he so desperately wanted with you
swear he passed his :] trait down to her as she babbles up at you both
you both never felt so content, the months of pain and stress coming o an end as you lay your head on his chest - watching as your daughter softly played with his fingers
before hoseoks loud voice broke through the room,
“so i’m still the godfather right?”
king of the dumbfounded club
despite all the signs being there you’ll literally have to spell it out for him before he even notices
this man will go about his day as if you weren’t carrying his unnecessarily huge child inside of you
hoseok always expressed to you that he dreamed of starting a family with you one day, but with the surge in popularity with the band and your relationship still being kept from public view you were worried he’d be less than pleased with the timing
trying to keep it a secret proved easy considering your boyfriend had his head in the clouds 99.9% of the time
but it was yoongi who told you to finally man up and tell him before threatening to do it himself
which left you wondering as to how the fUCK HE KNEW? YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE?!
he just knows everyones darkest secrets
this boys is so :D when you finally tell him
as soon as the words leave your lips he has you in the tightest embrace known to man and smothers your face in kisses, gushing over how excited he is without letting you go for once second
everyone in a ten mile radius knows you’re pregnant within an hour
and he may have accidentally posted your baby scans to the bts official. instagram oops
sets it as his lockscreen
also has them in his wallet for safe keeping
but also because he just turns to mush every time he looks at the lil bub and thinks about how excited he is
will cling to you 24/7
whenever you’re cooking or preparing a meal in the kitchen he’ll be behind you in a minute, tracing gentle circles on your hips and leaving soft presses of his lips against the side of your hide as you go about your business
will happily brush his teeth while you’re using the toilet
he’ll just use any excuse to be near you
to the point where you’ll have to say,
“hoseok sweetheart, i love you so much but leave me the fuck a l o n e.”
he’s an angel so he won’t take any of your snaps or sarcastic quips seriously, already knowing how much of a toll pregnancy has been having on your mood
so he won’t hesitate to spoil you constantly
whenever you’re sad he’s sad, that’s the vibe in your relationship
he knows you better than anyone else so when he sees that you need your space and be alone for awhile he’s straight out the door and on his way to the dorms
not before showering you in all the kisses and gathering you all the treats and sweets his arms can carry beforehand though
if you even D A R E try to life a finger this man will have a tantrum
he just hates the thought of you straining yourself too hard and hurting yourself or the baby so he’ll offer to do the chores around the house with no hesitation
then collapsing on the bed later that night and snuggles into your side while complaining about how tired he is
and you hate to admit it but you’re lowkey happy cause now he can’t take what you do around the house for granted ✨
you’ll still give him forehead kisses though cause the pout sitting on his lips after he finishes his chores is just too cute to resist
he goes into full a hysteria whenever you accidentally bump into something
he’s on his knees and muttering apologies to your bump before you can even comprehend what is happening
“mummy’s just a dumbass baby, sorry.”
and grrrr you wish you could hit him but he is just too precious
if you thought this man was already soft at the thought of finally starting a family with you just wait until nightfall
his sleepiness gets the better of him and he just turns into a mush of love, facing you on the bed and hand gently caressing your bump
he always gives you a gentle goodnight kiss before going to sleep and has gotten into the routine of giving your bump one too
everyone under the sun could tell he was already in love with this child
also locks himself in the bathroom to secretly phone his mum or sister to give him advice when you get especially pissy
and they literally just sigh and say, ‘women’
he still hasn’t figured out what to do with that information
the type to have a ‘#1 dad’ bumper sticker on the back of his car
even though it’s no where near the due date yet
he’s just too excited 🥺
goes into full panic mode when you finally go into labour
you’ll have to be the one to calm H I M down
he’s screaming into the groupchat before your water has even fully broke
he just really wants everyone to be there when the baby’s born and has already made it clear that he’s gonna end their friendship if they don’t show up in time
you still aren’t sure if he’s joking or not
he’s so helpful during your contractions and will do all the breathing exercises that he got from the baby books with you
will also assign a job to each of the boys
yoongi had to be your on call assistant which he wasn’t to happy about
he’ll act annoyed about the whole thing but his heart warms at the thought of you two dumbasses finally having a baby
when the nurses say it’s time to finally get this sucker out of you hoseok will be by your side in an instant
will mutter encouraging words against the side of your head and not once take his gaze off you
he’s so patient and calm too, seeing how strong you where during the whole thing despite the small tears glossing over your eyes made him so proud
once the baby is born you swear his eyes fucking SPARKLE
and when the nurse has finally cleaned the small boy off and handed him over that man has scooped him up and burst out the door to the others
he’ll have no problem presenting that child like rafiki from the lion king
but after all the excitement is over and he ushers everyone home he turns into that ball of love again, laying beside you on the cramped bed and wrapping you up in his arms - worshiping your face in gentle pecks as you tiredly lean against him - smiling against his lips, the small baby happily asleep in your arms
he swears he’s never felt so complete until that moment
istg he knows before you do
he won’t even give you the slightest inkling that he knows
he’ll only start dropping hints around three months in - starting to be more careful around you and constantly reminding you to not stress yourself out
his gentle caresses and sweet words were never a rarity throughout your relationship but you noticed his hands softly lingering against your stomach, tracing the flesh despite your bump hardly showing yet
he knew you were holding off telling him in fear the news would interfere with his career so once you finally gathered the courage he’d be all set
you knew he’s be an amazing dad regardless so gathering your confidence you’d walk into the living to announce the news only to close your mouth at the sight presented in front of you
you wanna kick him for being such a tease with you but just the sight of him soften the edges of all the sharp corners in the house made you so soft cause you’ve never seen someone so excited and ready for something in your life
king of showering you in love
whenever you get down about your appearance and start complaining about the extra flesh around your thighs of the stretch marks decorating your skin he is by your side and worshiping your body before you can even finish your thoughts
he thinks you look so sexy and beautiful carrying his child and sometimes finds it hard to keep his hands away from you
seeing your stomach grow bigger with each passing day triggers something primal inside of him and he becomes much more protective over you
he instantly knows when insecurity washes over you and watches sourly as you stand in front of the mirror for hours on end - loathing every part of your body
he’ll sneak up behind you and admire you through your reflection, forcing your eyes to follow the light tracing of his hands as they ghost over your skin
muttering softly about how angelic and ethereal you look while pregnant
he literally won’t let you leave the mirror until his words are implanted in your mind, cause the mere thought of you thinking you weren’t worth it or pretty enough just because the months of pregnancy has taken a toll on your body makes his heart hurt
he genuinely thinks you’re so prefect and will be sure to remind you every possible chance he gets
just marry him already please 😓
swears he’s the cool dad but you know deep down he’s the dorky, embarrassing one that trips in front of his child's friends and tells them awkward stories to make them uncomfortable
also the hot dad but we been knew
and he can’t help but laugh when you threaten to beat up any of your child's friends in future if they so much as look at him
also the type to cook you dinner every night just to take the stress off
when the baby kicked for the first time he freaked out
genuinely thought he did something wrong to make them react like that would get so in his head about being a dad
and you have to shut up his rambling worries with a deep kiss cause god you love this man but he overthinks every possible thing
another sweetheart that feels so guilty about working all the time
his mind doesn’t rest for one second when he’s at practice, tripping over his steps and stumbling more than usual cause he just can’t stop stressing out about you and the baby
sends you cute little messages of encouragement throughout the day
you’re always knocked out on the sofa by the time he gets home and he swears the guilt eats him alive
he’ll scoop you up and tuck you away into bed - using the opportunity to softly caress and talk to your bump
he doesn’t even know if the baby can hear his overexcited words or not but he likes to think it does
kissing your head gently and whispers a soft ‘i love you’ against your skin before doing the same to your stomach
he gets a call one day while he’s at the studio that you’ve went into labour and this man goes into full windows shutdown mode
speeds through that building and into his car like lightening cause he’d rather die than miss any second of the birth
once he gets to the hospital he practically forces the nurse to escort him to your room and his panicked exterior and wide eyes is enough for her to comply without question
once he gets through that door and sees your worried expression and glassy eyes - worried he wouldn’t get there on time - relax, he feels so ashamed
covers your face in a million and one kisses as an apology and is immediately in dad mode
he literally turns into your support pillar and will let you squeeze his hand when the pain becomes too much, not once minding the crushing pain you inflicted on his fingers
encouraging words and soft kisses galore
you’ve never seen a grown man want to cry so much once that baby is born
like you’ll have to comfort him once the nurse passes you the tiny bundle of joy, already knocked out in your arms and looking like the perfect little mix of you and joon
the next few hours will just go by in a blur for the both of you - both your families and the boys wanting to coo over the little girl
but once everything is over and the room is settled with just your small family, he can’t help but admire you lovingly cradling the baby, tutting lowly as you tried to breastfeed her
and he’s just so completely 🥺 cause those nine months of constant stress and worrying were 100% worth it
he caught on the moment he noticed your morning sickness
he’ll just stand in the doorway of the bathroom like a lost child, wanting to help but not knowing how so he’s just so 🥺 watching you throw your guts up
let’s you sit on his lap and cleans you up afterwards, soothing stroking your hair as you bury your head into his neck - neither of you caring about the coldness of the tiles beneath you
he’ll let you cry against him for the rest of the night
and won’t regret it when he’s yawning his way through rehearsal the next day with namjoon nagging his ear off  
under all his concerns and worries this man is so fucking E C S T A T I C
you both had been planning to have a baby eventually so the fact that it was actually happening (albeit unexpectedly) sends him to cloud nine
he wouldn’t feel the need to have a big announcement or reveal either - both of you wanting to keep it your little secret until the time was right
and apparently the right time was him accidentally posting the baby scans to twitter while trying to send them to his mum
twitter crashed that day
when he sees how worried you become about the effect the pregnancy will have on his career and such, he swore his heart broke
he wouldn’t waste a second before snuggling you against his chest, kissing your worries away and reminding you that neither you or the baby could ever be a burden to him
and after he’s done wiping your tears away and comforting you, he’ll literally just get up and say
“okay, let’s go get the crybaby some mcdonalds.”
and you don’t even have the energy to argue with him cause f o o d
istg he has baby names picked out before you even know the gender
he’s in a constant state of bliss every time he sees your bump become bigger
he’s so in awe of it
like the fact that your future child is just lazying away in your stomach, being all beautiful and the perfect mix of you both  
blows his mind everytime
everytime you both go out shopping with each other he’ll mange to sneak every baby related thing into your basket without you noticing
and just :) innocently once you get to the checkout and your bill racks up with bibs, bottles and tiny shoes
he fully knows that they’ll grow out of them in 0.2 seconds A N D the fact that they don’t need them at all cause what newborn is flexing their designer drip
he just can’t help himself sometimes
please stop this man cause he goes wild and ends up buying more clothes for the baby and they’re not even born yet
he won’t get a proper night sleep if he doesn’t wish your bump goodnight and press a soft kiss against it, before paying your lips the same treatment
and you think it’s the most precious sight
he loves going to baby scans with you
he’ll cancel whatever plans wedged into his schedule that day just to go with you
and if he finds out you went on your own he’ll try and divorce you
even though you’re not married
you’ve never seen a man so at loss with words until he sees the outline of your baby appear on the small monitor
and he’ll just touch the screen and be like
“that’s really my baby?”
and you have to stop yourself from joking, ‘actually no it’s jungkooks’
cause you already know he’ll give you the silent treatment for about week for saying that
everytime you talk to this man his mind will always wander back to the pregnancy
like you could ring him up just to see what he wants for dinner later and he’ll bombarded you with a million and one questions on how the baby was doing
his main concern is missing the first kick
and when it finally does happen, you just silently take his hand and place it on your swollen stomach, feeling the small jolts of the baby
and he’s so 😔 cause the baby is saying hello!!
he’s the most supportive and calm of them all when your water breaks
he’ll have you in the hospital before your mind can even wrap round the situation, reassuring you the entire drive there
but he won’t hesitate to THREATEN every last doctor there if they dare hurt you or make you uncomfortable in any way
cue to the entire building just sweatdropping™️ cause this smol man can be scary when he wants to be
won’t leave your side no matter how long your labour takes
constantly tells you to take deep breaths and will lets you squeeze onto his hand, thumb rubbing over the flesh of your palm to help soothe the pain
despite never shutting tf up during your pregnancy he’s at a loss for words once he actually lays eyes on his new baby girl
everything around him will disappear for a second and all he can focus on is the sight of you cooing down gently at the small child, letting her take hold of your finger
and he can’t help but admire your beauty in that moment, the glow of afterbirth completely taking over your spent figure
he swears it’s the most beautiful sight ever
and can’t resist the urge to take out his phone to snap a quick picture
capturing the moment forever
only for you to throw the baby bottle at him for being such a dumbass and not turning his phone on silent, effectively startling the newborn
he’s new at this parenting stuff, cut him some slack :’)
another member of the confused squad™️
he doesn’t have the slightest clue about what’s happening around him most of the time and that certainly doesn’t change when you unexpectedly become pregnant
so please help this poor boy out
even when your bump started to become more noticeable and you’ve grown out of some of your jeans, he’ll still be so helpless and lost 😔
you’ve never seen someone so happy when you finally let it slip
that boxy smile you adore so much just tugs at his lips and he doesn’t even give you a chance to get the words fully out before he’s picking you up and bringing you into the most bone crushing hugs ever, twirling you around the spacious apartment in joy
he’s such an excited pup and you swear nothing can wipe that adoring grin off his face
he’s so soft for the reminder off the day, finding it hard to believe that you’re actually carrying your soon-to-be child in your stomach
his hands constantly brush against your belly, sweating every two seconds he can feel the baby kick even though it doesn’t even have legs yet to do that
he’s just can’t contain his excitement, leave him alone :’)
he talks to the baby before you get ready for bed, helping you apply your lotions to the swollen bump while gushing over how much he can’t wait to spoil them
and you just run your fingers through his soft locks, smiling gently down at the overjoyed pile of mush you call a boyfriend  
everyone say it with me - we don’t deserve kim taehyung
he’s also so good at making you feel better about getting too big for some of your clothes, not hesitating to tell you how pretty you look every morning despite the extra weight
he won’t let you for a second T H I N K about talking down on yourself
cause as far as he’s concerned, whether you’re 100 pounds lighter or 200 pounds heavier - you’re still the most beautiful  angel he’s ever laid eyes on
this man can’t keep a secret to save his life so he’ll let it slip you’re pregnant within the first week for sure
and when you sit down to watch the boys’ first live interview since their recent comeback, you were horrified to watch the love of your life blurt out the news while bouncing excitedly on his seat
and the rest of the boys are just starting at him in :o cause bro at leAST TEN MILLION PEOPLE JUST HEARD THAT??
he gets an earful from you later though
and from his mum
and his manager
and the fans
he sits on the sofa unmoving for an hour, a pout sat on his lips as you refused to talk to him
he’ll leave the softest of kisses against your cheek and mouth, muttering how sorry he was for being such an idiot
and you can’t help but grin against him cause he sure was stupid as shit
but he was YOUR idiot
everyone is super happy for you guys though, cause the love behind his eyes everytime he’s caught looking at you is undeniable
and what’s one more person for him to give a piece of his heart to? 🤧
after all the excitement is over and the full severity of the situation dawns on him, he gets so in his head about being a parent
he’ll start worrying about tours and long days at rehearsal, the thought of you raising  the baby alone without his help while he’s stuck at work all day is enough to make him curl into your side at night - burying his face against your neck and letting all his worries out
just soothingly stroke the back of his neck and mutter encouraging words and he’ll be okay eventually
he’s also a major dork and makes a ton of dad jokes before he’s even officially become one
yeontan is his #1 so don’t expect him to put the baby first
literally whines,
“how am i gonna fit another baby in my life when i already have tannie?”
he’s the epitome of puppy dog eyes when you go into labour
he’s so lost and doesn’t know what to do, wanting to help soothe the pains of your contractions but not knowing how
despite naivety regarding the situation he’ll also be super comforting, holding you tightly against his chest and muttering against your forehead as you take deep breaths - ignoring hoseoks’ screams towards yoongi to drive faster
once you finally get to the hospital HE’S the one ordering the doctors around
he just wants to make your labour as comfortable as possible and will literally slid the nurse a $20 note to get you a more private and bigger room
he’s so attentive and sticks by your side through the whole thing - praises and encouragement tumbling from his lips
but he just melts into a puddle of love once he finally lays eyes on your beautiful creation, softly shushing her quiet cries
nothing can take away his happiness in that moment, laying on the cramped bed with you as you cradled the baby to sleep, admiring her soft features
he’s gonna be in a state of bliss for the next few weeks, i’m warning you rn
also floods every social media platform that day with an overload of polaroids of your little family
and everyone is just so :’) cause if anyone deserves to be happy it’s this man
jungkook.exe has stopped working
as soon as he notices you’re pregnant he already knows the other boys are gonna beat him up
they all see you as a little sister and are c o n v i n c e d this man can’t look after himself despite a baby
but just the thought of starting a family with you makes him so giddy and soft, he doesn’t even have time to worry about what the others will do
he’ll pretend he doesn’t know just to troll you
he can’t help but think how adorable you look when you finally do, eyes avoiding his own and fiddling with the sleeves of your his sweater
literally all he says is,
“yeah well you weren’t very fucking subtle.”
and continues scrolling through his phone as if you hadn’t just dropped the the most life changing news on him
and you have to resist the urge to THROTTLE him alive just for being such a little shit
but he’ll make it up to you later, cuddling against you in bed and begging for your kisses - constantly whining against your heated skin that he was just joking
and you just give into his loving pecks of reassurance, smiling cutely against your face as you both bask in the newfound feeling of finally becoming parents
as inexperienced as he is when it comes to babies and pregnancy he makes up for it by being the most caring of boyfriends
he loves to prove you wrong cause he simply thinks you’re the most ethereal angel to ever walk into his life and still finds it hard to believe that you wanna settle down with his dumb ass
whenever you get particularly insecure about your body and hide away in your shared bedroom he’ll bust that fucking door down, not wasting a second as he’s worshiping your skin and kissing every last stretch mark and imperfection
and he knows how tough pregnancy can be emotionally so when he sees the small tears glossing over your eyes as he smothers you in his love, he’ll softly kiss them away too
whenever your bump starts to become more noticeable he’ll give you his hoodie to help hide it, knowing you weren’t comfortable sharing the pregnancy yet
he also thinks you look majorly cute being swamped in his overly large clothes
and he’ll leave small presses of his lips on your forehead, purposely avoiding your mouth just to be a tease
istg you both had the most perfect announcement planned for everyone, wanting to do it in the comfort of your home with all your loved ones gathered
and this man just goes and reveals it on vlive accidentally ಠ_ಠ
it’s safe to say you both broke the internet that night
he’s already clocked out on all the nappy changing responsibilities before the baby is even born
he’s not about to touch whatever goes on down there - no matter how much you chastise him
makes fun of the way you waddle once you start getting even bigger
to the point where he’ll imitate you and swiftly run away when you catch him cause he knows you aren’t able to catch up with him 😭
also puts things you’re looking for on the highest shelf possible just so he can watch you struggle
fucking divorce this man please cause he’s just gonna spend his time tormenting you
he didn’t have many doubts about being a parent during the pregnancy but once you finally do go into labour this man will be a complete mess
he won’t even be able to enter the hospital room - pacing the waiting area and breathing heavily into a paper bag that taehyung so graciously lent him
and everytime he even thought of stepping foot past the door he’d just shake his head and continue his worrying
before yoongi eventually got sick of his stressed pacing and pushed him into the room, holding the handle forcibly to prevent him from leaving
and you’re sitting there wondering why the f u c k your boyfriend is being forced into the birth with you and pulling on his hair when you’re the one that’s pushing a baby the size of a bowling ball out of your body
he’ll try to be as comforting as he can, hesitant words of support slipping past his lips as he tried to block out your groans of agony
you know that scene in friends when rachel is going into labour and accidentally headbutts ross and he falls to the ground and says ‘you have no idea how much this hurts’ and the whole room just stares at him cause bRO YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS CURRENTLY PUSHING YOUR MASSIVE CHILD OUT OF A TINY HOLE AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR HEAD?! yeah that’s jungkook the entire time
everything is such a blur and rush for him, but once he hears that soft cry istg he has the biggest heart eyes you’ve ever seen on someone
starts fussing over you and presses kiss after kiss against your face, not paying any kind to the sweat that gathered
and he won’t stop confessing his love for you
he’s so insanely protective over you both as soon as the nurse hands him the newborn
just feels the immediate need to protect and love and you’ve never seen a more heartwarming sight
shushes the small babe quietly and cuddles him close to his chest, letting you tiredly lean against his shoulder as you both admire the tiny bundle of joy
despite everyone thinking you were too young to have a child, you both knew you’d have it no other way
now he just has to convince you to get matching tattoos of your baby’s initials
if you can finally settle on a name that is
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minyoongisthirdhusband · a month ago
BTS: Cuddling Positions
summary: cuddling w the tannies 
a/n: sorry i havent posted in a moment life is hard ://// anyways enjoy!
link to the positions im talking abt: <3
his shoulders are so broad he has to sleep on his back 
so the half spoon 
or the sweetheart cradle 
loves to hold you close and loves the weight of you on his chest 
100% helps him sleep better 
if its hot he will settle for the leg hug 
but is definitely the type to just want to be as close as possible 
all of the above?
you know how kittens sleep super hard and you can just kinda flop them around? yeah thats yoongi 
however you want him just move him 
while he absolutely love anything, loves little spoon the most 
the way he naps on his side with his hand tucked between his knees screams “hold me!” 
baby him please
honeymoon hug omg 
being held by hobi i would pass away 
loves burying his face in your hair and tangling your legs together 
is sappy and enjoys the idea of lulling you to sleep with his heartbeat
imagine him humming or talking and just feeling the vibrations 
and him playing with your hair 
classic spoon 
obvi hes the big spoon 
loves holding you close against his chest and feeling you breathe
perfect angle to watching you sleep (not in a creepy way but in an ‘oh i adore you’ way)
you are completely surrounded by him 
you dont even need blankets because hes so warm wrapped around you 
best winter comforter 
oof another all of the above 
just loves affection 
big switch in the way that he wants to be babied and wants to baby you 
like loves to sleep on your chest but also loves snuggling up behind you and tucking his face into your shoulder 
just an affectionate boy what more can i say 
oo actually i can say more 
hes so the big spoon type to still throw his leg over your waist 
sweet baby
lap pillow 
or any variation of laying in that area e.g laying on your thighs, stomach, lower back, butt 
i have a very specific vision that im going to try and communicate so work with me here 
him laying between your legs, head resting on your stomach, arms wrapped around you, and your legs wrapped over his back
playing with his hair with one hand and watching a movie or something or whatever just not really paying attention and he’s basically falling asleep because you’re warm and your hand is soothing him
please tell me you can see this because i need yall to yearn with me  
another go with the flow type of guy but also little spoon line
if you wanna be spooned he’ll spoon you
loves it when you fall asleep on his chest by accident it reminds him that you feel safe around him
but let me offer you this
you come home to a sleeping jungkook and his bare back is facing you
and you just slid in right behind him and wrap your arm around his waist and tuck your leg between his
you bury your face between his shoulders 
and he stirs for a moment then grabs your hand and pulls you closer, curling to make himself smaller against you 
whew wowz ahaha jk brain rot 
woah dude loved writing this sorry ive been absent september has been busy so far. i got carried away w tae and jk but thats okay i never write enough for them
 anyways, should i start writing for got7? ive been on a mark tuan thing and i need to release it from my brain bc i love him and just wanna hold his hand ugh
like, reblog, comment, any interaction is appreciated <3
hope you have a good day/night !
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