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sarasadao 5 hours ago
I saw that many people followed me for my HK lil animation, I鈥檒l try to post some other animation I did that I posted on my other social network 馃馃挋
Here is my little Jinx animation
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frenchublog 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Princess of Zaun
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dubiousdisco 7 days ago
the "did you do it" meme with silco and jinx but it goes like this
powder: did you do it
Silco: no :)
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nofraildoll 8 days ago
L'avantage du pouvoir
Silco : Maintenant, dis-moi ce que tu as fait.
Jinx : Rien... je le jure.
Silco : Jinx, je ne vais pas me f芒cher. Il faut que je sache pour donner une excuse cr茅dible 脿 Marcus.
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valeriaolivaresblog 13 days ago
Silco y Jinx
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thewistlingbadger 4 days ago
Every time i think about how much silco meant to jinx i wanna cry
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sprxngerxu 20 days ago
killing and accepting
Tumblr media
(fluff? , toxic(ish) relationship?, gn!reader x jinx, betrayal, silco being a pussy blocker)
in which jinx comes over
to your place after a big
fight with silco, both tired
and emotionally hurt.
you were lazing away the whole day taking advantage of your off day. you lay there on the bed, feeling quite empty. jinx was always there to lighten you up but she was busy with errands today, in fact she was busy all week. you were alone on an off day in the evening, your girlfriend busy... you wouldn't be surprised if you got up and impulsively went over to silco's lair.
your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on your door.
you groaned miserably as you roll over to the edge of your bed and stood up to open the door. you were greeted by a kiss in the mouth, jinx abruptly pulling you closer by the waist as the other hand was caressing your cheek. you pull away forcefully, then closing the front door and finally, taking a good look on your girlfriend's face that you haven't seen for 5 whole days.
not only did she look tired, she looked like she had been crying, bloodshot eyes and a red nose.
"what happened, love?" you ask her, tucking a stray blue strand of your hair behind your ear. jinx has had numerous attempts in trying to take care of you in bed, after getting upset or after a fight between the both of you, i mean you did give in a few times but it wasn't healthy.
jinx sniffled and sighed, "can we just... hang out for a while? i don't want to think about it." she says, wrapping her arms around your shoulders, chin resting agaisnt your shoulder. the both of you walked towards your bedroom and cuddled each other.
jinx's arms around your waist, legs intertwined and your hands on her cheeks, caressing them gently and jinx melting into your touch.
"silco wanted me to... never talk to you... again." she trails off, her voice shaky and her eyes started rimming with tears once more. she sniffled, burying her face into your chest, which made you weak in the knees if you'd be standing right now. "you wouldn't leave me... would you?" she mumbles into your collarbone. you place your hand on her head and stroked it carefully, not wanting to mess up her pigtails, "i won't leave you jinx. you're probably the only person i have." you reassure her, planting a peck on her forehead.
you haven't broken the fact to her that silco is manipulating her, she's as unstable as she is. you liked her crazy and playful side, but when she gets mad, you knew that once she was not having any of your shit you're as good as dead and you accepted that. you loved jinx no matter what because, what you said was true: she's probably the only person you have now, and if she'd ended up killing you, you wouldn't bother at all trying to stop her. because, she's jinx.
you just don't want her to make her come to a decision yet, you or silco? you didn't want to leave her heartbroken just because you said that silco was a manipulating piece of shit. you might be present in her life but you had a feeling that silco always comes first.
she giggled softly, "if you leave me i'll probably kill you." she admitted. you grin, "i'll accept whatever wrath you'd have given me if i'll ever even dare leave you." you whisper to her. then you heard something click. peace at last.
"'m sorry, in another life... yeah?" jinx's shaky voice broke your heart. you lifted her chin up towards your face, "let me see those pretty eyes for the last time, hm?" jinx smiled sorrowfully. kissing you for the last time, then stood up to leave for your demise.
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lady-griffin 22 days ago
I will never be over the fact that Silco went from 100% willing to kill Powder to being her dad in less than a minute and with a single hug.
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