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clambuoyance · a day ago
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[Arcane] Zaunite Sisters
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terror-in-the-dream · 2 days ago
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peachtub · 2 days ago
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You know what they say about loving an anchor....
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katezeta · a day ago
Arcane makes me laugh so much sometimes.
I'm just thinking about how Silco is building his criminal empire all this time. At the same time, he loves Jinx as his own daughter and thinks that no one will take her away, since her only living relative is presumably dead. And then live Vi bursts into his life (and she’s almost unharmed, thank you, Caitlyn!). And not only did she come back, but she also beat up his right hand, brought an enforcer with her, thereby jeopardizing all his plans.
Since Silko is a typical grandpa in my head (although I understand why he is a daddy for many people), it seems to me that all he wants in acts 2 and 3 is peace and quiet. Well, maybe smoke a cigar and drink a glass of whiskey.
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vi-vanders-prodigy · 2 days ago
Jinx: I know we don't see eye to eye on things
Caitlyn: That's because you're too short
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ticktock-boomboom · 2 days ago
Viktor: I went to a bar and saw a Piltovian.
Ekko: And what's the deal?
Viktor: The bar's deep into Zaun.
Jinx: Were they "Dumb" drunk or "stupid" drunk?
Viktor: "Throwing a chair at the wrong person" drunk... If you excuse me.
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rocketjinx · 15 hours ago
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Arcane (2021 — )
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disregardcanon · 2 days ago
i just watched a pair of video essays called “how arcane writes women” and “how arcane writes men” which i thought were GREAT, and it made the claim that the fathers are more defined by validation whereas the mothers are more defined by protection at all cost. i think that’s a liiittttlllee reductive, as i think that vander straddles the line a lot, but it also emphasized the way that vi’s relationship with powder incorporated both, but leaned a little too heavily into protection.
i think that’s what went so wrong between the two of them. because powder wanted to be validated (which is why silco was the winner in the battle for her heart), and vi kept slipping further and further into protection the more afraid she got, both before The Incident TM and after cait gets her out of prison. thinking of jinx as powder, a girl who needs protection, wasn’t... right. even thinking about powder as she was. POWDER WAS VERY COMPETENT. her bombs needed a little more work, but they worked eventually. she was an expert shot. if she were encouraged to fight her own battles, she probably could have done some damage before The Incident TM.
neither powder nor jinx was a girl who need protection. she was a girl who needed someone to foster her abilities, see her for the competent person that she was, and help her flourish.
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inacron · a day ago
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insane-arcane · 2 days ago
Silco’s enforcer child: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight.
Jinx: But are you shuffling?
Silco’s enforcer child: Everyday.
Silco: What language are you two speaking??
Kvxxxfifixtixitzjfzufxfuzjdzfuzfj This hit me like a ton of bricks
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dearlymrme · 2 days ago
Silco: When life gives you lemons, what do you do?
Jinx: Make lemonade!
Silco: No, throw them back up in the sky and make life deal with it’s own shit.
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nowwheresmynut · 17 hours ago
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"You got the C bomb, you're almost checked out already. You should be all sacrificial, jumping on a grenade, yo."
[ we're reaching the end of Finn/Tuco here ]
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“Beloved daughter.”
I FINALLY FINISHED THIS ONE! Now it’s time to cry
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vengerburger · 5 months ago
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shower scene arcane (2021)
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cherryspliced · 5 months ago
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💚💜 Jinx and Ekko~
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scarletheart · 5 months ago
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OH, THE MISERY arcane having an amazing soundtrack
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dee-at-the-last-drop · 4 months ago
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doablepp · 6 months ago
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just a jinx or two
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counting-stars-alone · 6 months ago
Y’all could have fucking told me Arcane was gonna screw me up, but no. You lured me in with your gay shit, and I got traumatized sisters.
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angelqueen13art · 3 months ago
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That can't be good for his back.
Anyways, I watched Arcane and fell absolutely in love with Silco and Jinx.  So basically this picture came about because I was thinking about the most ridiculous ways Jinx and Silco can sit in that chair. It was too fun.
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