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incorrectleaguequotes · a day ago
Jinx: Hi.
Ezreal: Hey, did you do what I said? Did you tell her?
Jinx: I did.
Ezreal: And what did she say?
Jinx: “Thank you.”
Ezreal: You’re totally welcome. What’d she say?
Jinx: She said, “Thank you.” I said “I love you” and Lux said, “Thank you.”
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terrapia · 3 months ago
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Are we...still sisters? Nothing is ever going to change that.
VI & JINX │ ARCANE (2021-)
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la-la-dusty · 2 months ago
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antisocial-author · 6 months ago
obsessed over how on one hand we have a straight up greek tragedy and on the other we have Vik and Jayce’s Gay Hextech Adventures. very impressed over how the fuck they made telling these stories side by side work
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tomatostyle · 5 months ago
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The baddies. 🍻
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everyguysdirtymind · 2 months ago
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jellybeandrawsthings · 5 months ago
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Just Jinx in a shark onesie flipping you off because i can't stop thinking about her and why not
She angy
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viktorstittytank · 5 months ago
Being Silco’s secretary headcanons
☁️ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚🐑
Tumblr media
.when you saw the ad for zaun’s precious Silco in need of a secretary you laughed
.you didn’t take it seriously and jokingly applied with some of your friends
.all fun and games until you found yourself in Silco’s office in business casual and stilettos
.the man will stare you down for what feels like an eternity
.”Do you know why I chose you?”
.”You were the only idiot to actually send me their application.”
.will wear you to hell just for the fun of it cus he likes seeing you huffy.
.”Y/n bring me my jacket.” “Y/n sharpen this pencil.” “Y/n could you do this paperwork for me my hand is getting tired.” “Y/n go tell Jinx I said no.”
.You'd reluctantly carry out the tasks just thankful the man hadn’t murdered you out of boredom
.As soon as you’re able to sit down and work on any paperwork he’ll give you commentary
.”I dont like your slacks today.”then give you that sinister smirk knowing full well he provided you with your uniforms
.You are expected to have his coffee memorized because no he does not take it black that’s not complicated enough for you.
. When he’s frustrated you 100% have to take the fall
.It gets to the point that if Finn pisses him off you’ll find discreet ways to ruin Finn’s life
. Jinx will bother you for sure. Why? Cus he’ll let her
.He only says something if she gets carried away
.One time she jokingly cut up your blouse…while you were wearing it
.You went home humiliated and he had to boost your pay just so you would step foot in his office again. Safe to say he keeps Jinx at an arms length for you from here on out
.After a while he’ll start to play nice
.When paperwork is at its worst and the two of you are working late nights he’ll look up and see you passed out and just quietly drape his coat over you taking any unfinished work away
.will pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about if you bring it up later
.sighs constantly. You listen to it so much it becomes a sound of comfort
.never tells you about the missions or his business above ground so that you’ll be safe
.one day you’ll come in and find a gift basket waiting for you on your desk
.he doesn’t say anything and he’ll come off a little tense but if you thank him he’ll ease up
.randomly sends you home cus your voice is like an ear worm and simple phrases you’ve said will echo through his mind for way too long
.he hates the way you look at him. Batting those big Betty boop lashes (currently realizing he doesn’t even know who that is) up at him.
.you look like a doll and in his mind he’s an old man so he’s definitely never gonna approach you in a romantic way
.will let his feelings die/ consume him in silence.
.Eventually once he’s faced the fact he’s fallen for you you’re gonna lose your job and get demoted to like bartender at the last drop or something
.he’ll come by and visit but it won’t be the same
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emryn · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
What could have been. 💔
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arcanetoymakerau · 4 months ago
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Jinx, but raised by Viktor in my alternative universe.
What happened in the timeskip:
After run away scared from Silco and his lackeys(after the events of the end of episode 3) she got lost in Topcity and was found five days later by Viktor. He got touched by not just because she was a kid from Undercity like him, but also because of her situation(she told him everything out of stress) and he decided to keep her, but he kept her story in secret.
When she started to show up her engineering intelligence in the academy grounds by creating little machinery items out of discarded invention pieces, Heimerdinger was the first one to suggest and encourage her to try create toys instead of weapons.
"A kid like you should be worried about your next toy, not to how defend yourself from thugs" - Heimerdinger to little Jinx.
Her inventions began to be so creative and innovative that her name started to became know through all Piltover. The technology she creates for her toys can also be used in different stuff(if she authorizes), like the remote control of the flying toys for example. She is also known to create "ageless toys" were both grow ups and kids can have fun with, such as the pogo stick boots and the (non-toxic and washable) ink pens were anyone can use to draw anywhere, even in themselves.
"There's no age to have fun!" - Jinx at some point.
Because of her energetic, playful and extroverted personality, kids began to like her and she end up being a star to the little ones, to the point of nowadays she makes shows with the rights of the biggest ink and colored dust explosion mayhem she can think (and pay)off to announce a new toy. Her catchphrase is "Kaboom-boom-pow!" and her signature item is her ink gatling gun, the Ink Buster(Pow-pow in cannon).
Nowadays she's world-wide known as "The Toymaker", what gives the name to this alternative universe.
Although she's known by her toys, her main work is on Hextech among Viktor and Jayce.
Even after all that, she didn't give up in work on weapons because of the guilty of had lend the people from Undercity to Silco's hands after Vander's death. She's creating weapons to be used to push away whatever Silco is planning and/or doing. Viktor understands her feelings and ended up sympathizing with her fear; they work on those projects in secret from everyone else.
"You're a jinx to anyone that dares step on you, not to your loved ones," Viktor to Jinx after one of her ptsd breakdowns.
Viktor: "Papi", her foster father.
Jayce: "Uncle J.", he's an uncle figure to her.
Caitlyn: "Blueberry", her best friend and (unofficial)personal Enforcer Guard.
Heimerdinger: "Ding-ding", her official mentor in the Academy and chess rival.
Mel: She doesn't like her
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miss-occult · 5 months ago
Jinx X female!s/o general headcanons
Thanks to @pinkroulette to giving me the idea and the motivation ! Nobody write about Jinx x female!reader - s/o and this is so sad q-q So I will (try) to fix that !!
P.S : I didn't play at the game yet but I know the character since a lot of time, and Jinx was my first favorite, and I love her more since Arcane. I am not great to write headcanons, this is my second so please don't be rude ! But If you want to help me, thank ^^
WARNINGS : contains Arcane Act III spoilers.
First, the meeting between Jinx and her s/o wasn't very easy
They meet each other after Silco's death and Jinx had a big mental breakdown, feeling extremly guilty
She was walking on the Zaun's street and crying when she taught she was alone, but her s/o hear her and try to help
But Jinx refuses it first, because she wanted to be alone
After time, they meet a lot of time, it was random, but Jinx was getting attached to s/o
She is crazy for her
Jinx will be happy to having her on her side everyday at any times
She will let her s/o brushing her longs hairs, she will adore it ! (A/N : Gosh I want to brush it so much)
The crazy blue hair girl will make small machines or bombs for her s/o as a gift, but it will be fake bombs of course ! She don't want to kill her s/o of course
S/o can help her crafting some things, and listening strong and noisy songs with her
Wanna join me ?🎵 Come and play🎵 But I might shoot you🎵In your face !🎵
*insert Jinx enjoying the music while working*
Her s/o have to understand her mental state, especially when Jinx is talking to her dead friends voice's in her head or when she is being crazy and shooting things
And If her s/o help her to do that, oh gosh Jinx will be so in love
She is thin, but will give a lot of energy to hug her s/o with all of her love
Jinx will call her "baby" "girly" "cutie"
S/o will call her "honey" "love" or "Jiji"
Jinx will be hardly protective, like... really protective
She will be very mad If something happens to her s/o
Her s/o is injured ? She'll blow up the responsible !!! Even if it's an object
(Yandere Jinx ? I don't know ? Maybe ???)
She will be extremly jealous too
But don't be mad at her, she's just afraid of being abandoned
If you know her real name, please don't call her by it, Jinx will just lost her mind and very angry
If Jinx is feeling down, she will confess her fears and insecurity, and about her story and Vi
When Jinx have a mental breakdown, her s/o will try to hug her to calm her down, but Jinx will reject her and accidentally slap her. Jinx will panick and apologies, her s/o will hug her and caress her cheek to comfort her
S/o : It's okay Jinx... everything is okay, I'm here now...
Jinx : Y... You are real, right ? *sob*
S/o : Yes I am, don't worry
Sleep time ! Jinx love cuddling her s/o during sleeping
Jinx can be the big spoon and the small spoon, she doesn't have preferences
She love sleeping top of her s/o sometimes too
Jinx : Cutie ? Can you caress my hairs while i'm sleeping ? It feels so damn good !!!
Please do it, and she will sleeping with a bright smile on her face
Please give her love, my baby girl
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incorrectleaguequotes · 2 days ago
Lux: We need a plan to beat them.
Jinx: Okay, listen up. First, we fill their shoes with wet cat food.
Jinx: Judge me all you want, I get results.
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terrapia · 5 months ago
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Man, I miss you so much.
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ask-jiinxx · a month ago
Tumblr media
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antisocial-author · 6 months ago
the amount of people saying silco was a good dad is concerning me like. idk how to explain to you guys that just bc he’s not intentionally causing her harm doesn’t mean it’s a healthy relationship. it explicitly parallels how vander and vi are except where vander teaches and guides vi, silco enables and constantly reminds jinx of her trauma. he’s a father figure yes, and i don’t think he was meaning to hurt her, but good intentions does not a good parent make
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mercury-hammer · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
these two pieces of promo art for the pubg x arcane event drive me nuts, jayce looks like they tried to chad-ify him
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everyguysdirtymind · a month ago
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gally6612 · 2 months ago
Repost because I'm an idiot and accidentally deleted it😅
Tumblr media
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thedemonlady · 6 months ago
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eternal-armin · a month ago
the mover.
you and jinx got caught in a fight in an alley in the undercity; unfortunately, you suffered a fatal wound. reader: neutral. cw: reader dies via slit neck, descriptions of blood/gore, light cursing, descriptions of intense pain, heavy distress.
Tumblr media
you had forgotten what the fight was over. maybe it was territory, or these thugs were pissed about jinx’s standing with silco. but like a loyal dog, you fought beside jinx, even though fighting wasn’t your strongsuit.
even though jinx gave you a gun, you were scared to use it. and that was your downfall. one of the last thing you saw was the shining glint of a blade before you were butchered.
the skin on your throat divided cleanly, flesh immediately becoming sticky with gushing blood. you gasped for air like a fish out of water, looking down at your hand. through hazy and unfocused eyes, you saw a pool of red, warm against your tingling skin. no air was entering your lungs, weak and slight gasping noises escaping your closing throat.
you looked up, trying to say her name. nothing resembling your voice came out of your mouth. all you could taste was hot metal, feel the blood dripping down your chin. you spit out what you could.
“no! no, don’t- get the hell out of my way!” all the sounds melded together, but out of the muck, you could just barely hear someone talking. it wasn’t jinx. maybe they were apologizing. then a gunshot. two. four. running footsteps got closer to you. all you could recognize was jinx’s azure hair before you couldn’t see anything at all. it wasn’t sleep. it wasn’t peaceful.
all you wanted was to wake up, you couldn’t die yet.
goddamnit, please, not yet.
somewhere far away, you could hear a mangled version of jinx’s voice. you tried to force yourself to wake up, to open your eyes, which felt heavy and tired. you couldn’t have been unconscious for very long.
“come on toots, come on…! you aren’t gonna die! i don’t care what i have to do, you aren’t gonna die!” jinx pressed the cleanest cloth she had to the wound, which was quickly staining red. her expression twitched and changed as thoughts ran in and out of her mind, trying to figure out what to do, what she was taught.
you tried to open your mouth to speak, but jinx quickly shut it, pressing your lower jaw snug against the upper. “don’t. don’t, don’t- don’t even try, don’t risk it. okay? it didn’t go too deep, you’re gonna be fine, you’re gonna be fine. i’m gonna destroy the fucking world if you’re not. i was gonna anyway, but,” she didn’t finish that sentence. shrill, nervous laughter finished it for her. she fumbled around in her bag, cursing with every passing second, for a thread and needle.
“it’s about to hurt a whole lot more, honeybun. you can handle it. you don’t have a choice.” she said a lot more, but your heart pounded in your ears. stabbing pain shot through your throat and head each time the needle dug through your skin and flesh. your hands contorted, clenching in and out of fists.
it was agonizing, but you had to abstain from moving your neck or screaming. the only thing in the world you wanted was to scream, shriek until the pain went away.
“you’re doin’ good, toots! just a few more stitches! a few more, alright? alright? fuck… fuck! shut up, shut the fuck up!” she barked at no one in particular, digging the needle back into your tender, reddened skin. you slammed your fist onto the ground until that, too, ebbed with pain. with the loss of blood, the agony torturing every nerve of your body, you blinked in and out of consciousness. it horrified jinx, seeing you go limp and then tense in accordance with it. biting her lip, ignoring her own labored breaths and trying to tune into yours.
“okay, okay, okay! it’s all done, it’s all-” she tied and snapped the string- “done! keep your eyes open, please, please, sweetheart!” tossing aside the dirty needle and the string still clinging to it. your wound had gone down from its waterfall of wine, but the blood didn’t stop. your teeth chattered at the pain, heavy body aching for anything to make it all go away.
jinx offered her hands to you, and you took them, digging your nails into her gloves. through teary eyes, you saw her face filled with fear at your state. around your wound, there was little but dried blood and reddened skin. but you were pale, sweaty. by now, anyone with an immediately fatal wound would have died.
jinx’s mind betrayed her by giving her hope.
“s-sweets? you… look at me. look at me, goddamnit!” one of her hands left yours to grasp the back of your head, forcing you to look her in the eyes.
yours couldn’t stop moving, glancing over her face many times over. her expression was so easily read. the fear in her eyes nearly equaled that of your pain. the adrenaline that once coursed through your veins was steadily phasing out of your blood.
you tried to speak again, managing only slight sounds.
“i-i can’t- i can’t hear ya, babe.” jinx sounded on the verge of tears. “oh god, i can’t hear you.” she echoed it to herself three, four times.
desperate to hear your voice for what could be the last time, jinx helped you sit up, cradling you in her arms. your body was, for the most part, limp in her grasp. she laid your head against her shoulder, holding you close, like you always liked to be held. you felt so warm against her.
“try again? just one more time, one more time. one more time, please, please.”
you did as she asked, like always. once again, you tried to speak, voicelessly manipulating the air you exhaled the best you could.
ᵢ’ₘ ₛcₐᵣₑd.
there were shards of your voice buried deep in those words. jinx sniffled, trying not to cry at the sound. even though what you said could barely be called words, she could practically see the fear in them. 
ᵢ dₒₙ’ₜ wₐₙₙₐ dᵢₑ.
“no. no, no, you’re not gonna, sweets. you’re not gonna. i promise, i swear to ya, you’re gonna live.” in lieu of anything else, jinx began to laugh. what used to make you smile was now horribly scared and small. shrill.
“i love ya, toots. i love you so, so much. to the moon and back, a million trillion times. and it doesn’t matter what happens next because i will never stop loving you. you’ll always be my [y/n], my perfect honeybun. even if ya die now, i’ll never love no one else. but you’re not gonna die. you aren’t.”
jinx rambled on, occasionally breaking her soft speech with kisses to your forehead. and they would arise from you a small smile, the sweetest one you had ever given her.
she cupped your cheek, making you look at her again. even though you were still shivering with pain, it seemed a little more bearable when she gazed at you like this. aside from the obvious worry, her eyes were filled with love for you. she gently caressed your cheek with her thumb, trying to silence her rising cries.
brushing away the blood on your lips, she pressed an ever-gentle kiss to them. she was quiet for a few moments, holding you as close as possible, cradling you in the lap of her crossed legs. she never wanted to let you go again. the perfectly sober, aware moment just placed more weight on her heart and her shoulders. “[y/n, i love you. and i don’t want you to die right now, i don’t, but… you’ll be okay. you don’t have to be scared. it’ll be peaceful and bright and everything you ever deserved. all the adventures you can have and the books you can read and the food you can eat. i’ll join ya eventually. i’ll be back by your side in the blink of an eye, okay? so don’t ya dare do everything without me.”
ᵢ ₗₒᵥₑ yₒᵤ. ₛₒ ₘᵤcₕ.
those weak, almost-words made her start crying almost immediately. she couldn’t look away from you, watching all recognition fade from your eyes. your body steadily went limp in her arms, the last breath leaving your chapped lips and blessing her skin. what jinx thought she was ready for just destroyed her. breaths becoming heavier and quicker, she broke down into sobs, tears rolling down her cheeks and falling onto your chest.
“no. no, no, no. no, i take it back. come back, please! please come back! no! come back, i need you, i need you!”
clinging to you like a scared child to their teddy bear, she subconsciously rocked back and forth. her voice cracked with each word she shouted, wishing it would wake you up. just to see your eyes open one last time, one last time, to hear you speak and not just whisper.
“open your eyes! breathe, damnit! please, please, just breathe! no, i can’t take it without you! please! please!”
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