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bestwitchsam · 2 months ago
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terrapia · 5 months ago
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Tuck your innocence goodnight
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jinx is on her way, part 2
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nicoleclowes · 2 months ago
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arcane was WOW. unthinkably good
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tomatostyle · 5 months ago
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Sisters WIP.
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venus-kareng · 5 months ago
Girl has one thing on the mind
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this show was really made to be watched a thousand times to get every little detail
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nevercloseyoureyes · 5 months ago
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a small high school AU because I’d like that for them
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jayktoralldaylong · 3 months ago
I guess more couple's therapy. For the couple's that shouldn't exist (sibling edition):
Caitlyn, surprised: People think we're a couple?
Jayce, nervously: I guess.
Therapist: Any problems in your relationship?
Caitlyn and Jayce, look at each other.
Five minutes later, Caitlyn and Jayce have started a pillow fight.
Caitlyn, clobbering Jayce with a pillow: You may have won the battle but you'll never win the war!
Jayce, laughing so hard he can't breathe: It's not that serious, have mercy!
Therapist, jotting on the found siblings: Healthiest relationship I've seen all day.
Vi, horrified: People think WE are a couple?
Therapist: You do have a lot of issues.
Vi, still horrified: Yeah, cause we're siblings. Same mother and father and everything.
Therapist, makes a face: They might have something to work with since in League you're not biological siblings.
Jinx, thinking out loud: If I date you, will Caitlyn be repulsed and therefore leave you alone and you'll be mine forever!
Vi, growls: Don't even think about it.
Vander: So.
Silco: Yeah.
Both feel awkward about this situation.
Vander: We're not even.... actual siblings.
Silco: I would never date him. I've got really complex taste.
Vander, grins as he honks at the air: And I like my partners with flesh.
Silco, disgusted: I can't believe you said that you're so damn debase. It's what inside that really matters.
Vander: I beg to differ.
Proceed to have an argument for two hours on who has better taste in men AND women.
Therapist, jotting: I'm not sure what's happening here but at least no one has attempted homicide.
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vijinxx · 4 months ago
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blessed yet again by anon x
link to fic
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cautionworks · 2 months ago
Vi: “I’m too good for revenge.”
Jinx: “Well, I’m not. Give me the gun.”
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forlegalreasonsidontexist · 5 months ago
just watched arcane and i need jinx and vi to make out rn
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bestwitchsam · 6 months ago
I find you...
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terrapia · 3 months ago
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VI & JINX + cheek caressing
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smithcoronaa · a month ago
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Twitter @/kse332_official
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heroinejinx · 3 months ago
‘Again. Always.’ (Jinx x Ekko, part 3 of ?)
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Part 1: ‘Like we used to.’
Part 2: ‘Shit happens, right?’
This is a shorter instalment (650 words), wherein Jinx is reflecting/reeling from her encounter with Ekko, juggling it alongside the Vi/Silco drama, and really needs a hug :’( 
TW: smut, mental health issues, low self worth, violence, angst
I fucked Chuck’s brains out the second I could. Leapt on him as he cleaned up after another filthy night at The Last Drop. Frenzied, I went down on him behind the bar, knees on the floor sticky in spilt liquor as I devoured him. I didn’t even give the poor guy time to stop working. Blew him with a glass in one hand and tea towel in the other. Real classy.
Once I’d gotten him close to the edge, I switched up. Sat my ass on the bar top and pulled him into me. He went along with it like always, enjoying me while I let him, groping me all over while I moaned on cue.
As he climaxed, my mind emptied. Mission accomplished.
I was back in my lair before Chuck had zipped his pants back up. Alone. The way I liked it. The way it had been for so long. Just me and my inventions. My happy place. Well, my place, anyway.
What was happiness? Brain chemicals. Whatever. I had plenty of chemicals. Explosive ones. Good enough for me, ha-ha!
Voices of the past ricocheted off the walls. I scrunched up, back into a ball. Armadillos knew what was what: show the world your hard, bony spine and keep your gooey innards under wraps.
What must they have thought of me? Chuck. Ekko. All the rest… What was I to them?
Useless. Nothing.
No. Ekko cared. Ekko cared so much he couldn’t even fuck me.
Asshole. Why didn’t he want me?
He did want me. Wanted me to be okay, wanted me to care, to get mad at how people treated me.
How people treated me? What about how I treated other people?
I imploded, then exploded all over Chuck. Ha!
In the days that followed, I couldn’t focus. Couldn’t finish the hex-tech weapon. Couldn’t be the daughter Silco wanted. That night with Ekko played so loud it drowned out my music, morphed into the night with Vi, Vander, Mylo, Claggor. The night I lost everything. Killed everything good.
Ekko couldn’t have loved me after what I did. He was kidding himself. Too horny to think straight. Or maybe he looked at me and still saw Powder.
Powder? Powder fell down a well.
Yeah, because someone pushed her.
Was she pushed? Was I?
Once Vi came back I was done for. Totally gone. There were liars at the gates and Silco was the worst. Liar, liar, pants on fire. He knew she was alive. He knew and didn’t tell me. Why? Because he was worried? Bullshit. Worried I’d leave, more like. But he should’ve known better. I was stuck with him. Too much had changed.
I felt it on the roof as Vi held me still, cupping my face like she used to. Too much time had passed. I wasn’t the kid she saw when she looked at me. I just… wasn’t. And she wasn’t the sister who knew me inside out. She was a stranger who felt like home. Running around with an enforcer, like it was so normal.
When the Firelights showed up, Ekko was the furthest thing from my mind. We battled like nothing had happened between us. Like I hadn’t thrown myself at him, like we hadn’t charmed each other back to that abandoned house, like he hadn’t hurt me. I was a blank slate, consumed by the fight. Cackling like a true psychopath.
What did he think of me then? Did he still see Powder? Was he still deluding himself that I was worth saving? Poor little boy saviour, getting all these silly ideas in his head.
Only Silco knew Jinx. Or so I thought, before… Maybe no one did.
Didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing, nothing, nothing.
It was only when they left I stopped shooting. Saw through the black smoke. They took Vi and disappeared, and I was alone. Again. Always.
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tomatostyle · 5 months ago
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More Arcane WIP becuase why not.
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vijinxweek · 3 months ago
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Prompts are now revealed! Thank you to everyone who voted. 
ViJinx week will start February 7 and continue through February 13! 
Banner art credit to Icecube on Discord.
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waftingcurtains · 2 months ago
NEW ARCANE VID. Reminder of my other one
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vijinxx · 5 months ago
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cautionworks · 2 months ago
Vi: “You think he’s finally dead now?”
Jinx: “No, I’m sure that the doctors can reattach his head.”
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