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#jisung x reader
aehyei · a day ago
[10:49 am]  If demon!Park Jisung was ever honest in any point of his life, then he would admit that he was scared of you.
Jisung first met you when you found him in the woods one day and gently treated the fresh cuts he has by his wing. He didn’t find any sense of fear when his eyes showed pure darkness. He didn’t see you stutter when you asked him if he needed anything. Instead, he saw your pure intentions and heart even if he was a literal living demon.
Didn’t you hesitate? Even the angels of God didn’t want to help anyone who’s from the underground.
You were no angel— just a mere human. His non-beating heart softened when you pat his head, smiling in a friendly manner and welcoming him in your small home until he’s fully healed.
“You’re too good to me.” Jisung mumbles, looking up to count the stars out of boredom. “I’m not, Jisung. You are.” You correct him, staring at his side figure. “Me? Good? Does that even make sense?” He lets out a dry laugh, finding what you said amusing. “You never dragged me to hell yet, and that makes you good to me.” Smiling, you look away.
Jisung stayed silent, knowing well what you said was true. The mischievousness in his nature fading into the background and was replaced with fear instead— loosing count of the stars, you were too good to him. You scare him in different ways, and you scare him the most. Why is he acting so unusual around you? Why can’t he drag you to hell and torture you for eternity? Why does he want to protect you?
Tumblr media
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wonwoosh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing ღ. yang jungwon x fem!reader ft nishimura riki x fem!reader
with appearances from nct’s park jisung, txt’s choi soobin, red velvet’s yeri, and more!
genre ღ. social media au, fluff, angst, crack, highsch!au, classmates to lovers.
synopsis ღ. you have been crushing on nishimura riki since your freshman year of high school. now in junior year, you finally gain the courage to confess to him with a love letter. trusting your friends sunghoon and sunmi to do it was the biggest mistake of your life. not only did they place the letter in the wrong locker—they gave it to the class president , yang jungwon!
Tumblr media
profiles 🎸
[ the junior league ] [ the boyz ig🥶‼️ ] [ student counsel besties 🤪 ]
letter one: this ain’t to all the boys shi
letter two: locker 493
letter three: two people heartbroken
letter four: tall boy running
letter five: i hate my kids.
letter six: love square?!
letter seven: i love u with ur hair down.
letter eight: jungwon protector.
letter nine: my jaw.
letter ten: hugs from soobin.
letter eleven: thanks.
bonus: jungwon’s life + friendship
letter twelve: boy simp.
letter thirteen: tl being weird again.
letter fourteen: nvm bae texted.
letter fifteen: grade A asshole.
letter sixteen: go ahead, tell him.
letter seventeen: a talk with jungwon
letter eighteen: glassy eyes.
letter nineteen: mr. perfectly fine.
letter twenty: stars in his eyes.
epilogue: we fell inlove in october <3
Tumblr media
— we fell inlove in october
— i love you so
— nothing (by bruno majors)
author note: i am very excited to share with u guys this smau that has been in my drafts for weeks! this honestly is gonna be similar yet different from my last smaus and i hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i will writing it !!
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skzkkun · 22 days ago
MTL likely to 'win' no nut november
Tumblr media
pairing: OT8 x reader
warnings: just plain ol' smut ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ˋฅᐤ♪)
synopsis: if you don't know, no nut november is a kind of abstinence challenge !! and here are my thoughts on how skz would play the game !! also the moodboard is so irrelevant to the content, but its still cute <3 (1.0k)
Tumblr media
most likely . . .
i was really conflicted with minho ://
like, he’s probably the one who cares the least about the challenge (you would have to be the one to bring it up to him)
but he absolutely finds a voyeuristic thrill in seeing how you / the other members cope
huge fucking tease !!
when he gets you to lose-
and trust me, he will get you to lose
you better prepare for him to use that against you ;;
“is this what you wanted? such a fucking slut for your owner’s cock, you couldn’t even go a week without thinking with your cunt.” (꩜ㅅ꩜;)
“oh? kitty's gone quiet- can't speak, baby? my poor little fuckdoll, you wont need to speak if i’m playing with you like this, looks like you lost the little game”
he could probably go the whole month without touching himself tbh
as long as it meant he could still use you <33
(rest of the members below !!)
is it controversial for seungie to be this high, this feels controversial. . . (•́ㅅ•̀; )
your honor, hear me out !!
i feel like this man could go without cumming for a while
would he be tense?? absolutely. would he want to fuck you and get the game over with?? of course
BUT he is the best in the group at hiding this !!
and you know this bitch would tease tf out of you as well
imagine watching a movie together, and he starts to run his hand up and down your body while you’re snuggled into him.
without a doubt he’d start chuckling when you get whiny, and play innocent when you call him out : “i’m not even doing anything, puppy. . . you just like being my little slut don’t you?”
realistically, i feel like chan wouldn’t mind the challenge,,
he would 100% miss the intimacy of having sex w/ you — but much to your annoyance, he’s fine focusing on his work instead
♡ loves being able to focus on non-sexual affection !! ♡
but after a while he would start to get a little cranky. . .
ok,, maybe not being able to cum was getting to him more than he expected-
two weeks in, you finally get him to give up on the silly game !!
“c’mere, baby- please.”, he’d pull you onto his lap and have his hands all over you in an instant :0
the most passionate sex of your life !! “good girl, fuck you’re taking me so good. you were so good for me being able to not touch yourself for so long”
he’d probably be secretly competitive about it !!
i feel like changbin would immediately be pretty tense
he would channel his energy into working out
but that just turns you on more ꒰⑉♡-♡⑉꒱!
and see you turned on makes him horny. . .
so. much. eyefucking. >>>>
it gets to a point where you two get instantly needy as soon as you see each other ://
after he realised that jisung gave up a while ago, he’d stop caring about the game
he’d walk over to your apartment; when you open the door for him, he’d pull you into a heated kiss before you can even finish saying hello ;;
“princess, i need you so bad-” his hands would be all over you, groping your ass while he picks you up, “fuck, i don’t care about the game anymore, just please fuck me.”
he’s another member i was conflicted about tbh !!
it would surprise you how into the game innie gets
like lee know and seungmin, he’s more that fine not getting off — its the fact that he can’t touch you that's hard for him
as soon as he realises how desperate you become, he becomes so smug omg !!!
sends you pics were you can the outline of his hard cock in his pants
and hand pics >>
and dirty texts . . . >>>
this man is secretly a whore, don’t @ me <3
he folds after a couple weeks bc he misses touching you too much
not that you’re complaining !!
hyunjin would be so cocky smh (; -ㅅ-)
similar to changbin, he would focus on dancing to distract him
would brag to the others about how well he’s doing in the challenge
even though he’s so! fucking! needy!
he’s the type to try and tease you, trying to get you to lose the game first
but that backfires when he starts to get worked up ;;
hyunjin’s smirk would drop, and he’d look up at you with wide eyes while you straddle his thigh; as you begin to grind on it :(( he'd become so needy for you
he would actually go speechless; leading to you teasing him more <3
so dramatic, this poor baby would probably start crying if you teased him enough
lix would start the challenge so giggly and confident
after a couple days the regret HITS
he would get so desperate !! and whiny !!! and it's only the first week (ㅠ.ㅠ;)
you’d start to notice him getting more and more spaced out during the day — his mind fuzzy with the thought of getting off
of course you would start to tease him <3
:(( poor baby tries so hard to not touch himself :(( he just wants to be a good boy !! :((
he thinks he can get away with palming himself through his pants when he really wants relief
but he just cums in his pants (;•͈́༚•͈̀)!
this fool busts a nut immediately (-ㅅ-)
you two decided to have one last night of fun before the challenge began
rookie mistake </3
as soon as sungie wakes up, and sees the toys you two used the night before, the perv gets instantly hard and goes to jerk off (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
he’s the real genius of the group
bc now he can cum as much as he wants <33 !!
i just know that he wouldn’t tell the members how quickly he gave up until the final week skdbhsf
least likely . . .
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dreamescapeswriting · 5 months ago
Stray Kids Reaction || Waking You Up With Oral [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
Chan was always late home and you always forgave him so easily for it but it didn't mean he forgave himself. He knew there must have been something inside of you that hated him for not being there when you went to bed, but all you cared about was him being there when you woke up. That morning Chan looked at you asleep on his side of the bed. It was almost 8 am which meant you'd be getting up soon but he wanted to wake you up with a surprise so he laid himself down between your legs, smirking when he saw you wearing nothing but his black silk shirt.
Just like that he began to tease you slowly, the two of you had talked about waking each other like this before and it wasn't the first time it had happened. Slowly he began to tease your clit, watching you as your body shifted in your sleep, not quite feeling the effects of his touches yet. 
"So wet, what have you been dreaming about?" He chuckled to himself as he began to apply a little more pressure to your bud, biting down on his lip as he heard a moan fall from your perfect lips. 
Licking a long stripe from your opening to your clit he smirked as you let out a louder moan, beginning to come back to reality as he pushed his tongue into you, holding your hips as he began to eat you out hungrily as if you were his only meal. 
"Oh shit!" You screamed out as you finally realised what was happening, his tongue pumping in and out of you, lapping you up as you cried out his name. 
"H-Holy shit," You cried out running your hands into his hair and tugging on the strands as he continued to aggressively eat you out, locking his eyes with yours.
"Ride my tongue," He smirked at you as you shook your head, tension building up as he continued with his movements, 
"I-I can't," You whimpered pushing your hips into the bed but he growled against you, as he continued. 
"Do it," Your head rolled back as everything began to gain in intensity, it felt as though lava was flowing through your blood and you were about to erupt. 
"That's it," He chuckled darkly as you began to rock your hips against his tongue as the tension curled up inside of you. 
"Chan!" You cried out as the tension snapped, it was like lightning in your veins, you released onto his tongue crying out his name as he continued to work you until you came down from your high.
"Morning babe," He chuckled laying down in the bed beside you but you kissed him hungrily as you straddled his lap desperate for more from him.
Tumblr media
(His smile literally makes me melt)
Attaching himself to your clit Minho smirked as he enjoyed the way your hips jolted in your sleep. Your body moving like instinct against his tongue as he rubbed your clit in small fast circles. Whining out his name as you rocked your hips back and forth. 
"M-Minho," You moaned out in your sleep thinking that all of the pleasure you were feeling was a part of a dream. Minho growled as he sunk his tongue into you, he didn't want his hard work to be associated with a dream, your eyes shot open as he swirled his tongue inside of you. Your eyes locked with his as he chuckled sending vibrations through you that made you feel as though you could cum right there. He slowed eased two fingers into you while his tongue worked on your clit, he pushed your legs down against the bed as you tried to clamp them together. 
"Holy fucking shit," You cried out as he continued to eat you out and pound his fingers into you, curling them so he could reach that one spot that made your body feel as though it was on fire.
"Cum." He ordered as he continued to pump his fingers relentlessly in and out of you, biting down softly on your clit as you cried out his name. 
"M-Minho," You breathed as your orgasm washed over you, your walls contracting around his fingers as you moaned out his name. Hips and legs bucking as you shook around him. 
"Good girl," He whispered as he cleaned you up with his tongue, staring at you as he licked his fingers clean.
Tumblr media
Changbin looked up when he heard you whimpering, his lips were attached to your clit as he used his fingers and tongue to go down on you. He'd woken up in the middle of the night to you grinding against him in your sleep, you'd clearly been having a good dream and it was. You'd dreamt of Changbin pounding into you ruthlessly the way he always did.
"Changbin," You let out a breathy moan as you slowly came to from your dream not realising what was happening yet. 
Eyes snapping open as you could feel a tightness growing in your stomach, it felt as though every inch of your body was on fire. Your toes curled as you could feel yourself getting closer to a release, you had no idea how long Changbin had been doing this to you but you weren't complaining.
"O-Oh fuck," You moaned out rolling your head back as your back arched away from the mattress. Changbin looked up at you with a smirk, humming against your clit making everything feel ten times more pleasurable as you run your fingers through his hair. 
"Morning," He hummed as he eased two fingers into you letting out a hum of approval at how tight you were around his fingers. 
"F-Fuck!" You screamed out as he continued to suck on your clit, letting occasional hums of pleasure escape his lips causing vibrations to run through your body.
He locked eyes with you as he curled his fingers into you, his tongue working its magic on you 
"C-Close," You warned him as your hips began to jerk, you could feel the tightness growing again as you moaned out his name loudly.
With a cry of his name you came on his fingers and tongue, head was thrown back against the pillows as he continued to work his fingers in and out f you, cleaning you up before coming up for air. His chin was shimmering in the light and you could feel yourself heating up with embarrassment that you had woken up like that. 
"Morning gorgeous," He chuckled as you laid there panting to yourself and staring at him. 
"You sounded like you were having a nice dream, I couldn't let it go to waste," You whimpered before kissing him deeply not caring that you could taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
It always took forever for you to wake up in the morning but today you had to be awake early. Hyunjin had done everything in his power to get you to wake up but nothing was working. 
"Fine, you wanna be like that." He chuckled as he began kissing up and down your legs as he watched you turn in your sleep. He carefully spread your legs watching you to see if you had woken up yet but it normally took a bucket of water to get you up.
"Come on princess," He chuckled as he ran one of his fingers through your folds, smirking to himself when he noticed how wet you were. 
"Such a dirty girl," He laughed attaching his lips to your clit instantly as he ate you out, humming against your core at the taste of you. 
Your eyes fluttered open and you looked down at him as he continued to push his tongue in and out of you, biting down on the outer part of your labia making you cry out. 
"H-Hyunjin?" You moaned out as you watched him, he pushed a finger into you pumping as he pulled his mouth away from you to answer. 
"Is this what it takes to wake you up angel? If so, I have no problems with that at all." He hummed attaching himself to your clit as your eyes rolled back, your body felt as though it had static running through it as you moaned out. The intensity of only waking up and being sore from the night before bringing you closer to the edge as he continued his rough and fast-paced movements. 
"O-Oh fuck Hyunjin," You cried out as he wrapped your legs around his shoulders dragging you closer to him. 
"Hmm?" He arched an eyebrow at you to see what it was you wanted but your eyes were screwed shut as you moaned out his name, hands digging into the sheets of the bed as you rocked your hips against his tongue.
"R-Right there!" You moaned out as he continued to hit into you with his tongue making you clench around him as you pushed him closer to your core. 
"S-Shit! Shit!" You screamed out as you came around his tongue, your head spinning as you held onto his hair. 
"Get changed, we're going to be late," He ordered as he got up from the floor, going into the bathroom with you quickly following him and dragging him into the shower.
Tumblr media
(Not my gif. Miss him more and more everyday)
JISUNG Jisung didn't care that the boys were home, he wanted to return the favour you had paid him the week before. Waking him up with a blow job was one of the best ways to wake up and he wanted to wake you up by eating you out.
"J-Jisung?" You whimpered as you looked under the covers to see Jisung eating you out, he'd been doing it for the last two minutes to see how long it would take you to wake up. Your lips parted as you almost moaned out his name but he reached his hand up to shut you up. 
"Wouldn't want to wake up Jeongin would you," He chuckled as he continued to run his tongue through your folds, using his free hand to pump two fingers in and out of you. You bit down on his hand to stop yourself moaning out loudly, as Jisung got rougher with you. Chan had already told both of you off for being active while everyone was home and it had been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you. 
"J-Jisung if t-they hear me." You whispered as you could feel yourself getting closer to your release as the coil kept tightening. You grabbed a pillow muffling your moans into it as your back arched, 
"Don't hold it off. Cum. Now." He ordered as he got rougher with you and as if you were controlled by his command you came onto his fingers, moaning out his name into the pillow as the bunk bed squeaked. 
"I thought Chan said not to do that when we're home," You groaned slapping Jisung on the chest as Jeongin woke up and complained about what he had heard.
Tumblr media
Walking in late from the studio Felix found you asleep on your sofa, legs over the arm of the sofa as you slept in one of his shirts and nothing else. Your legs were spread a little and he could see how wet you were, discarded beside you were one of your toys you had clearly been using that night despite him telling you not to. He was the only one that was allowed to make you cum and not some dumb piece of plastic that couldn't do half of the job that he could. 
Attaching himself to your clit he began sucking softly, pumping two fingers into you and smirking as your body reacted to him while being asleep. Your legs spread wider, your back arched a little as you whimpered out.
"Dirty girl pleasuring yourself," He growled as you woke up and looked at him, a whimper left your lips as you gave him a worried look. 
"I-I was needy," You pleaded with him as he continued to pump two fingers in and out of you slowly curling them up to hit your spot as you bucked your hips. 
"Then you will cum again...and again...and again until you're all worn out," He chuckled darkly as he continued to push his fingers into you a little faster this time. Your legs began to shake as you reached the edge, crying out his name as you squirmed. 
"Fucking cum." He growled at you in his deep voice making your eyes screwed shut as your orgasm ripped through you but his fingers never stilled, he only got faster. You were going to have a long night. 
Tumblr media
(please don’t touch me im soft)
Seungmin felt bad about the night before when you were both interrupted, he thought he had the dorms to himself for the night but everyone came home early leaving you without your release leading to a cold shower. Licking his lips Seungmin began kissing down your body as you laid there, smiling as he felt you shift in your sleep giving him access to your core. He chuckled as he saw how wet you were, your juices glistening in the low light as he ran his finger through your folds, you let out a moan as you slept. 
"S-Seungmin," You whined out as he began to drag his tongue through your folds, starting with small licks before turning to the big ones. Holding your hips steady as he ate you out while you slept, small whimpers leaving your lips as he continued to eat you out.
"Hmm, you're close and I haven't even started," He chuckled as he got faster with you, locking eyes with you as you woke up with his tongue buried deep inside of you flicking around as you cried out. Slapping your hands over your mouth in case the boys were home, 
"No one is here," He smirked as your back arched away from the bed, your orgasm building up inside of you as you let out a loud moan of his name. 
"You wanna cum baby?"
"I need it!" You cried out as he continued to rub circles on your clit, pumping two fingers into you as you cried out his name. Desperate to cum from the night before as he continued to pump. 
"Then you better cum before I stop then haven't you?" You cried out as you nodded your head desperately, he attached his mouth to your clit as you whimpered. The coil tightening until it snapped, your legs shaking as you wrapped them around his body, pushing him closer to you as you screamed out his name,
"Oh fuck," You panted as he came back up to your lips, kissing you softly as he thrust into you, desperate from the night before just as you had been.
Tumblr media
Smirking to himself Jeongin watched as you slept peacefully in your bed, dressed in one of his shirts and not much else besides underwear he chuckled softly. The other night he'd heard you talking over the phone with one of your friends about something she had been doing with her boyfriend. He'd randomly woken her up one morning with Oral and you expressed how badly you wanted to try it but didn't know how to explain it to Jeongin but now you didn't have to. Slowly and carefully he removed the covers from around your body before kissing up and down your thighs as he would if you had been awake, he watched you squirm a little in your sleep before continuing. 
Licking small stripes against your core he smirked as you made a small whine in your sleep, reality slowly starting to seep into your dreams as you rolled your head back. 
"That's it, baby, wake up." He mumbled against your clit sending vibrations through your body, he idly drew one finger over your clit in light, playful strokes that made your legs shake as you finally began to wake up. A little hazy from the sleep but as soon as Jeongin saw your eyes open he sank a finger into you making your head kick back against the pillows, 
"So fucking beautiful," He chuckled as he watched you closely breathy moans escaping you as he began pulling his finger out of you until he was almost free of your body and then inching it back into you, making you cry out.
"Such pretty little moans," He chuckled licking your clit softly as he added another finger, angling his hand so his thumb took over where his tongue had been. 
"Innie!" You cried out as he continued to pump his fingers into you, using his tongue to drive you closer to the edge. The sensations were maddening as you could feel yourself getting closer, rocking your hips a little so you could ride his tongue and fingers.
"S-Shit, Y/n-" Jeongin moaned out as you pushed your hand into his hair holding him closer to your core as you could feel the tightening happening. Everything inside of you was on fire as your body unravelled, releasing on his tongue and fingers as you cried out his name.
He slowly pulled away from you and smirked as he saw you panting heavily, 
"That wasn't supposed to happen," He mumbled looking down at the shorts he was wearing, that was when you noticed the damp fabric, his cheeks were coloured as he looked back at you. 
"Y-You came?" You giggled softly watching as he continued blushing, getting up to change into some clean shorts and get something to clean you up with.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​  @mwitsmejk​ @anxiousbobatea​ @justbangtanthingz​
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bluejaem · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING. boyfriend!jisung × reader GENRE. fluff WC. 0.367k WARNINGS. mentions of food
Tumblr media
➷ [ 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐊 ] park jisung was lovesick. he didn’t know how, when, or what led to that, but he sure did know one thing, he had fallen for you — and still was.
he knew there was no going back when he realised how every small little thing reminded him of you. the cute accessory at the shop display, a little kid tugging at his mum’s scarf, the echoing laughter of the pair sitting on the park bench, kids throwing a coin into the wishing fountain, the shy couple walking in the rain under a shared umbrella, the warmth of the cup of coffee in his hand, every little thing in his life was slowly linked to you. and before he even knew it, he had a smile making its way up his lips. that same lovesick smile that he wore when he was with you.
and he’d be lying if he said that it wasn’t scary. he was scared that he was falling too hard, too fast. love was scary indeed. but if it were for you, park jisung knew it was worth taking a risk.
“i swear to god, park jisung. you’re done for,” you let out a chuckle of triumph, an uncertain one at that, and hastily clicked on your game console.
while waiting for the game to load, your other hand wandered towards the plate of nachos which was kept beside you. sloppily shoving some in your mouth, you turned towards jisung, “if i win this round, you’re doing today’s dishes.”
jisung grabbed a chip for himself, taking a bite of it almost provokingly, he smirked, “well, bring it on.” and with that, you both went back to your intense gaming session — on a mission to not do the dishes.
“you’re losing, park!” you shouted.
“there’s no freaking way that i’m doing the dishes!” jisung shrieked, making you chuckle out loud.
jisung turned to look at you, that same smile appearing on his lips again as he watched you play with that child-like excitement in your eyes. you guys didn’t always need to be love-dovey to feel the love. he felt at ease, he felt at home.
and park jisung loved a love like that.
Tumblr media
© BLUEJAEM, 2021
Tumblr media
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changbinsgirlfriend · 2 months ago
hand holding makes my heart 🥺🥺 so this is how i think different members of stray kids would hold their s/o’s hand.
( by the way i try and make all of these gender neutral because one i personally go by she/they pronouns and i also much prefer to read neutral fic so yea, i hope you guys don’t mind that <33 you can always request gender specific fics’s though <33 )
chan — he doesn’t grab your hand a lot i’m not gonna lie, he gets a bit shy tbh. like is he annoying you? do you wanna hold his hand? does it make you uncomfy etc (i can relate to this 😀) so it does have to be you who initiates the hold first but after that he will cling to your hand like a life line. l o v e s holding your hand it literally makes him so giddy so eventually he will sweetly ask you if you mind him grabbing your hand and when you tell him of course not, your hand is always gonna in his. walking down the street, holding hands, eating dinner, holding hands, in bed watching tv, holding hands. trying to tie your shoes, holding hands. what i’m trying to say is don’t let go of this mans hand he loves the contact sm. but i mean have you seen his hands, i would literally be clinging to them 24/7 if i could tbh. running your fingers over his veins while you sit beside each other. playing with his fingers when talking. yea.
lee know — an annoying whore. always pulls his hand out of your hold. but when you stop taking his hand he only gets worse, he will complain that you don’t love him anymore, throwing his arms about until you just grab his hands to shut him up. he tried to pretend that he hated it, but then when you gave him space it broke his heart. he loved having your hands in his. the way your face would light up and you would bring his hands to your lips and kiss his knuckles. he also likes to tease you about how much smaller your hands are than his. i feel like when you walk together he would obnoxiously throw your hands about, swinging them realky high to the point where you are nearly hitting people and he finds it hilarious. but there is also soft moments, like when he notices that you look anxious or sad and he will silently slip beside you and take your hand, holding it gently, showing that he is there for you and supporting you even if he doesn’t say the words.
changbin — i need to stop making everything i write about this man soft but,,, he loves holding hands okay 😔 it literally makes his face light up and he would literally cut off his own arm if it meant using the other to hold you for the rest of his life. he adores when you do it, rushing up to him and taking his hand, but he also always clings to your hand, it’s like a way of greeting. he just takes your hand, and drifts to your side. i feel like changbin is big on pda, and handholding is a very respectable way of doing that because he can’t exactly hug you walking down the street, or have you in his lap in a restaurant. so hand holding for you guys is reassurance and closeness. it also maybe is a way of showing to other people that you are his s/o,,, protective changbin movement rise. another thing, when he is shy, his hands are on you instantly. i also feel like you guys have a code, like you just say a word and the other knows to take their hand, yes you are that couple. i feel like i’ve spoken about hand holding while you sleep a lot in this post but i love holding hands when i sleep so, you two cuddling while holding hands at night, i think absolutely yes it makes me so happy.
hyunjin — i have SO much to say about me hwang hyunjin. because one after changbin this man is my fav/ bias wrecker/ kinda just shared bias at this point (this is reminding me i need to write a one shot about him but n e ways) yea, holding his hands. his rings. my head is S P I N N I NG. he seems like the kind of person who would slip his hand into yours like so mf smooth like he’s in a room com and like lace your fingers together and just look at you and grin. i’m gonna sob why am i so into this. but like, yea holding your hand like this. hyunjin always has your heart racing tbh <33 as i was saying, subtle hand touches are so his thing. slowly drifting his fingers over the back of your hand, gently caressing it until you grab it or he gives in, wanting to hold it. will get pouty if you ever take your hand out of his when he isn’t ready. classic side eye material so watch out. also fucking adores you playing with his rings, will literally be close to jumping up and down watching you twist them on his fingers and will demand you do it all the time. puts on his rings even on days where you stay indoors just so you do it. also loves to put them on you, giggling at how big they are. he also seems the kind of person who likes to sleep holding hands, like he doesn’t need to cling to you, but if your are laying face to face, lands locked and on the pillow between you. his heart will literally melt. bonus point if you would let kkami on the bed with you guys but dogs make me so anxious so 🚶‍♂️
han — prefers to cuddle tbh, but would happily hold your hand if that is not an option. def will hug you in really weird places and you just have to accept it, but that is not what this post is about SO. he gives me soft hand vibes idk why, so holding his hand is a treat if i’m being honest. i feel like he holds your hand really tight, like especially in social settings he will be grasping you like you are gonna disappear which ends in big apologies when he notices later how red your hand is. kind of person who likes to hold both hands, sitting together and facing each other while booth of your hands are clasped while you chat is his all time favourite thing to do, it makes him feel so close to you without having to be extremely intimate because i mean come on he lives in a busy dorm. likes holding your hand when he’s tired, like you could be doing something and he will come up behind you and take your hand and rest his head on your shoulder, leaning heavily into you while using you hand to ground himself. bye he’s so cute.
felix — ahhh, our very own tiny hands. tbh, pretty sure his hands are still bigger than mine so that’s how i’m gonna write it but we move. so he loves holding your hand because he finally had bigger hands than someone, and you love holding his hand because he always gets so happy when he sees your hand completely dwarfed by his. so are you feeding into his ego just a tad? definitely. do you mind? absolutely not he looks so happy. felix is a sweetheart so he would love to go on walks with you around the park while holding hands, swinging them gently as you do so. having picnics and laying side by side holding each other’s hands, it’s like a ritual for you two, same goes for star gazing. also not to be a bits nsfw but hand holding during sex is a must for him. you two also so paint your nails matching and always take cute pictures of you holding hands being absolute goals omg i need this. i just feel like felix loves holding your hand, like he will just drag you about by your linked hands while you are grocery shopping, literally running from isle to isle while you are giggling. lee felix would be the best boyfriend tbh,,, headcanons of felix as a boyfriend anyone? <3
seungmin — okay so i never realised how sweet seungmin was until i got his bubble, like i know he’s a cutie but he’s actually so sweet and caring and it makes my heart hurt omg. like the other day he was talking about how he wishes he could give back more to stay and i was in tears. so anyways so off topic, but i feel like in a lot of fics seungmin is described as kind of cold and closed off. but i feel like with a s/o he would be the sweetest angels and i will not take constructive criticism. at all. he loves holding your hand okay, pressing kisses on the backs of your hand and on each knuckle. holding it close to his chest like right over his heart. smiling so big whenever you take his hand into yours, like i mean that beautiful wide smile he has. i feel like his favourite way to sleep is him spooning you while your hands are linked in front of you, it just, yea it’s so cute. i feel like people would try and tease him for being an absolute sap and literally dropping his own phone if it meant holding your hand but he does not care, that’s the love of his life and he loves it. literally has to has you back stage at performances so you guys can hold hands before to help with his anxiety, will lay on your lap with your hands together resting on his chest while you talk to him, maybe even humming to him as he gets prepared. mmm i need a seungmin one shot now. anyone wanna see this scenario of you calming seungmin down before a show? <3
jeongin — like chan, he is very shy to take your hands at first, screams and shouts and giggles when you do it. but after a while he begins craving that affection and starts coming to you instead. he seems like the kind of guy who tries to be sly about it and gently brushes his hand against yours, using one finger at a time until you are finally holding hands. he’s just so,,, i love him. has definitely asked the other members for advice on how to hold a girls hand and they showed him some chick flick but we move. anyways, so idk how into pda i.n would be tbh, i think it depends on his mood but holding hands is definitely what he is most comfortable with. will hold your hand at totally random times when he needs some physical contact, like you could just be drinking some water and he will come over and take your other hand and hold it but say nothing about it. you just let him do it, finding the whole thing really sweet tbh.
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mieohmy · a month ago
nct dream and their way of saying i love you;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-❀- mark.
writing you a song; mark will ask for some of your time at the most random moments just so he can whip out his guitar and sing for you in his lovely, calming voice. (and if you fall asleep listening to him, 99.5% of the time you’ll wake up in bed wrapped in mark’s arms the next morning.)
-❀- renjun.
messing with your hair; running his hands through it, tucking it behind your ear, he does all. it doesn’t matter if long or short, straight or curly, renjun’s more obsessed with your hair than he likes to believe but it’s okay because he’ll show it in any way possible.
-❀- jeno.
lending you his clothes; now don’t get him wrong, jeno is more than happy to share, but he likes keeping his own belongings for obvious reasons and personally giving you his clothes to wear is basically handing you a piece of his heart.
-❀- haechan.
cooking for you; sometimes haechan gets so caught up in life or busy with work that you can’t can’t spend time together and he wants to make it up to you. of course haechan knows the best way to your heart is by making his specialty dishes. (oh, and he definitely knows how much you like watching him cook.)
-❀- jaemin.
falling asleep in your arms; it may seem strange at first but that just shows how much jaemin trusts and loves you, he feels so safe and content in your arms that he can easily fall asleep listening to the sound of your heartbeat.
-❀- chenle. introducing you to his family; chenle loves his family so much and he loves you so much, what could be better than combining the two? he would very much enjoy seeing you getting along with his family and besides, you + daegal = maximum happiness capacity.
-❀- jisung.
telling you a secret; particularly a deep and personal one that he would never tell anyone else but there’s something so comforting about you that he trusts you with his life.
Tumblr media
main taglist: @mrkcore @moonbeamsung @perhapsthanatos @skrtbabe @rechorde @subhyuck
send an ask/dm to be added!
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jenosdaemi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I present to you the result of my love for Shawn and NCT. A masterlist of Shawn Mendes playlist!
I have plans of writing stories for all 23 of them. (and potentially more if they ever decided to add new members in NCT 2021) For now, I have 5 stories to tease you with! They will be uploaded sometime next month.
Tumblr media
Upload date: October 11, 2021 (UPLOADED)
Pairing: JENO x female reader, HAECHAN x female reader Genre: angst, fluff, suggestive, dark theme Summary: people have judged you for being a single mother at eighteen, they thought of malicious things about your job for having to work from dusk to dawn. All of them are quick to jump to wrong conclusions and as quick to turn a blind eye when you needed help. All except for Jeno. Warnings: teen pregnancy, young single mother, mentions and attempt of su1cid3, death, bullying, spreading false rumors, swearing, mentions of being in a hospital
Tumblr media
Upload date: October 18, 2021 (UPLOADED)
Pairing: idol! KUN x female reader Genre: angst, fluff Summary: Kun believed he did not need anyone apart from himself and pushed everyone who tries to help him during challenging times. Then you came, a stubborn stylist that fell in love with an idol.
Warnings: language, self-esteem issues, self-pitying, Kun obsessed with popularity ranking, WayV expressing tough love
Tumblr media
Upload date: October 25, 2021 (UPLOADED)
Pairing: JAEHYUN x female reader Genre: angst, fluff Summary: You have a perfect love story and a perfect relationship that many people envied. Jaehyun and you shared a love that is so pure it leaves no space for hate and anger. But read it again, there is no perfect love story, is there?
Warnings: character death(s), pregnancy, suggestive content at one (if not some) point, languge
Tumblr media
Upload date: November 1, 2021 (UPLOADED)
Pairing: JISUNG x female reader Genre: fluff, angst, childhood-best-friends-to-lovers au Summary: Your friendship with Jisung has always been innocent, fun and youthful, but as you grow older you find yourself falling in love with your best friend. Warnings: language, calling someone dumb, jisung being a little slow (not stupid), reader calling itself delusional
Tumblr media
Upload date: November 8, 2021 (UPLOADED)
Pairing: TAEYONG x female reader Genre: angst, smut, fluff, cheating Summary: How could he live knowing that he will not hear his name from you anymore? How is he going to make it without you by his side? Is he ever going to find someone who could love him as much as you did? But among all questions running in Taeyong's head, one stood out the most. Does he love you enough to let you go? Warnings: language, cheating, unprotected sex (practice safe sex please use protection), pull-out, oral (female receiver), toxic relationship, taeyong is a fucking dickhead here
Tumblr media
I have yet to decide when to upload these stories because first, I don't even know if someone's going to read them and second, I wanted to upload them once I finished writing the next batch of this playlist (maybe in a few weeks) In the meantime, please stay tuned!!
also!!! the warnings aren't final yet, i may add more if i find more.
im thinking of making a taglist so please let me know if you're interested. thanks!
last updated: 20211101
DISC TWO (next page) ➡
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hyuckefi · 2 months ago
finding out you’re a gamer— nct dream
warnings: food
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mark— pretty chill about it. ‘oh really? damn dude. that’s cool.’ probably watches you play and brags about you to the rest of the members. he’d also ask you to teach him but he’ll end up laughing and praising you the whole time. finds it hot whenever you’re playing.
renjun— overjoyed, literally overjoyed. loves it when you beat the dreamies in a game. you’re like his secret weapon whenever the dreamies tease him. ‘you say this now, but when y/n kicks your ass next huya you’ll be crying.’ you’re his little pride and joy :D
jeno— ecstatic. he loves playing games and he’d love to play with you till late at night. if you both can’t meet up because of schedules, gaming dates to the rescue. playing for hours and hours and he probably flirts with you the whole time. ‘oi oi oi calm down y/n i’m your boyfriend stop shooting me.’
haechan— another happy boy. he’s probably into like sitting on the floor and playing together. prepared everything including food, cola, blankets, pillows, put his hyungs to sleep, just for you. very much enjoys your company while playing. ‘stop killing me!’ *insane screaming*
jaemin— one more chill dude. while you’re playing he’s probably comfortably seated beside you wrapped in a blanket. gives commentary pretty often but is also quiet. if you’re using earphones and not a headset you’d give him one of them so he can hear what the other players are saying too. ‘yes thats right, kill haechan! sexy move.’ says sexy everytime you kill someone.
chenle— also quite happy. hates it when you defeat him, though. ego is #hurt, but he likes playing with you nevertheless. if you learn new techniques you teach each other. calls you his friend or cousin on a huya live and invites you to play. ‘woah that was so cool! where did you learn that?’ *intense laughter*
jisung— lowkey shocked when you play for the first time. he likes it though, and suggests playing with you often. you both have gaming session but end up eating together most of the time. he likes playing with you because you make it fun, and you’re the better player so he learns a lot. ‘i have a gamer girlfriend, woah.’
Tumblr media
sunny’s notes: kai this is your fault. also, i watch haechan’s relay cams too often, and i just went on a huya binge 👍
permanent taglist: @jaembluey @songsongm @sicluvz @mrkcore @yunntext @lattejunie @mfsln @daystiny​ @moonbeamsung​ @lixlights @cloudyhaos @bluejaem @kunrengui-reblogs @leejoie @aprilpari
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huenjin · 9 months ago
the devil’s tango.
Tumblr media
summary — and when your demon boyfriend's best friends ruin your valentine's day plans with said demon boyfriend by lighting up a restaurant in flames, they make sure to apologise well. or, in which jisung, changbin and chan show you all the ways a devil can fuck a woman.
Tumblr media
pairing — 3racha x reader
genre — smut | demons!au
ratings — 18+
word count — 14.4k words
warnings — mentions of flame, indications of objectification, mentions of themes of afterlife, heaven and hell | smut specifications under the cut
note — the way this was written only thanks to @chaangbin​ and her sprinto discord thing pwp and is totally inspired from this one nsfw asmr i chanced upon on reddit. happy reading and sinning, babes.
Tumblr media
smut warnings —
i. groping, dirty talk, objectification, car sex, marking, slight temperature play, thigh riding, dirty talk, slight blood play (jisung gets a slight rush !!), grinding, fingering, sir kink, nipple play, clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, ruined orgasm;
ii. changbin calls you baby girl (!!), choking, cunnilingus, dirty talk, dumbification (changbin talks a loooot dirty, heads up !!) nipple play, breast play, pain kink, spitting, marking, so so so much marking omfg, intercrural sex, clitoral stimulation, unprotected sex (better safe than anything else irl okay?), squirting, overstimulation, reader slips into subspace, changbin's kinda hard on the reader; chan bring you back from subspace because he's protective like that !!!
iii. tattooed!chan — chan has this huge dark feathered wing tattoo in his back omf and the reader has a tattoo kink, of sorts— dick piercing!chan, tongue piercing!chan, so !! much !! making !! out !!, calls you princess throughout the story because you are one, nipple play, breast play, daddy kink, grinding, spanking, pain kink, degradation (but chan like gives reader heads up in such a nice way because chan best boy !!), teasing cause chan won't give it to you just like that !!!, so much begging, pussy slapping, clitoral stimulation, cunnilingus, fingering, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, squirting, penetration, unprotected sex (wrap it before you snap it!), bulge kink, creampie, slight after care.
Tumblr media
Chan thinks Valentine's Day is a marketing scheme by the very commercial, capitalistic world. 
Not that his devilish self cared when he could have all the luxuries in the world in his hand by the very thought of it. Chan doesn't care even more because you, his girlfriend, loved Valentine's Day more than anything in this world, second only to your love for him. If anything, you loved Valentine's Day this much because of him.
And that is exactly why he is driving down the neat lane to this newly opened restaurant, right across the town, that you have been hyping up for months now. His fingers wrap around the steering wheel, shoes pressed flat against the gas as his other hand lies gently on your exposed thigh, thanks to your little black skirt riding up to his delight.
"Thank you for doing this," you mumble, your right hand shifting to place itself on top of his hand and grip at it softly. "You know, even after you hate all the couples out there, ever to exist."
Chan laughs, a hearty one in fact. His thumb rubs against the palmar side of your hand — one of the many affectionate things your devil does for you, albeit all the times he reminds you he is second to Lucifer himself.
"I don't hate them all." Lie. Chan knows that's an obvious lie and so do you. You click your tongue and your boyfriend bites his lower lip in a sheepish action, momentarily glancing at you before bringing his attention back on the road. "I like us. We make such a power couple. If anything, we should be the only couple to exist. Valentine's Day should exist for only one couple and that should be us."
Raising your eyebrows before letting it fall, face softening up instantly as you gaze at your boyfriend's side profile, you coo, "Aw. I see finally that there are things the devil too doesn't get at his will."
"You were one amongst them," Chan sniggers, his hand slowly trailing upwards as they shift from underneath your hand's grip. "But look where we are now."
Your breath hitches as his fingers slightly trace parallel lines as they move upwards and your eyelids flutter a bit. The pads of his fingers are hot against the coldness of your skin and the temperature difference is great enough to raise goosebumps on them.
"Chan." It's a whisper. Almost as if a great amount of determination is required for you to make this decision to turn him down. "You are driving. Plus, let's not ruin the night already. You've booked us a nice table in this amazing restaurant on this beautiful night."
"But I could make it even better." Chan licks his lower lip as he presses on the brakes, the heavy traffic stopping him from proceeding further. His hand is now completely underneath your skirt, short enough to his pleasure, fingers edging so close to your panties that your head involuntarily shifts back and your lips part.
You have been dating him for months now and every single time he touches you, you feel like a starved woman craving for every drop of his affection, desiring every part of him. Chan has been more than willing to comply, however. Your body reacts to his touches and his kisses like you are on heat and every time your boyfriend points it out, you blame it on his extraterrestrial, hellish skills; that he had you in his control.
Little do you know that it is the other way round. That Chan chooses to stay in the mortal world for you, to be with you. That he knows he will have to part with you one day when you shift over to the other side and maybe you could have sinned enough to be with him in the other world too. However, Chan knows how much God loves playing his cards and for that, he'll seize every single moment he gets with you.
All because he loves you. He is in love with you. 
Chan realises this a few weeks back. Of course, he feels the weird thing humans call butterflies when you are so understanding of him being hell's very spawn. However, it is when you cook dinner for him as you wait for him to come, or how you ask him about his day and listen ardently that he realises: hell could never be worthy enough to have someone as beautiful as you. He shouldn't deserve you — fuck, the very act of him laying his filthy eyes on you should have sent your guardian angel into a frenzy but you chose him. You chose to be with him and for that, he'd mayhaps, thank that lousy old God up in the heavens. 
"Dinner first," you strictly say. You remove his hand from underneath your skirt, wrapping your hand around his as you hold it up to kiss his knuckles. "When we get back home, I promise. In fact, I'll be the one to jump at you as soon as we reach the doorsteps." Chan laughs, mumbling, "Ah, my baby girl, my princess," under his breath and turns to look at the signal that has changed to green. He presses on the gas, speeding to reach the place on time as per reservations. 
Having Chan's hand in yours roots you in confidence from your biggest fear deep down — that he would fade away from your life one day and worse, he'd take away the memories with him to rid you of the pain from his absence. His calloused hand grips onto yours and you hold it close to your chest, shutting your eyes for a minute because this is what Valentine's Day is all about for you. Bang Chan and everything your devil of a boyfriend is. He has shown you both heaven and hell and even though you did not believe in the afterlife, you do not mind going to hell, especially not if he is there with you. 
"Why is there smoke up in the air?" Chan asks himself in absolute confusion as he takes the right on the road to the restaurant. Upon finding a neat parking spot about a hundred meters away from the restaurant, he gets out of the car, rushing to your side to open the door for you like a true gentleman. 
"Why, thank you!" You giggle, hand slapping right across your lips at the unpleasant sound that leaves your mouth and Chan smiles so widely at you, almost as if he is looking at his whole world right before him. You get out of the car and Chan closes the door right behind you.
"You look so damn pretty today, baby," Chan hugs you by the waist temporarily and snuggles into your neck, only to leave a quick kiss against it. You push him slightly and Chan chuckles, raising his right hand, that is not held by you, to protest. "I'm not making a move. We did get dressed well so let's have a nice romantic dinner first and when we get back home—" His voice drops a note lower. "We'll have a hot night and let this Valentine's Day wrap up rightfully as it should."
"And what's the right way, Mr. Hotshot Devil?"
"With my dick wrapped around your sweet little pussy," he smiles, lips extending so wide across his face that your cheeks heat up. He leans closer, pressing his lips against the pinna of your ears as he whispers, "You'll be begging me over and over and I'll treat you like the good little girl you are for me."
Your breath hitches and a flustered broken gasp leaves your lips as your fingers dig into his forearm. Chan's harmonious laughter over having made you a flustered mess rings in your ear till it is cut off by loud screams and foggy vision thanks to dark grey smoke. 
"That's a lot of smoke," you comment worried as your boyfriend takes you by his hand and walks you down the road to the restaurant. He takes small strides to let you walk at ease. "I wonder if something is on— Fuck. The restaurant is in flames. It's on fire. Fuck."
Chan's eyes widen and he stares at the fire long enough to see two figures making their way towards you. Two very familiar faces too hard for him to ever forget, especially because Chan has spent more than a millennium with them. 
"Jisung? Changbin?"
"Do you know them, baby?" You whisper into his ears, hiding slightly behind him as you cower at the magnanimous presence of the two individuals before you. 
"Sometimes I wish I didn't," he rolls his eyes and folds his arms as he looks at the two younger demons in a gaze filled with doubt and suspicion. 
"You lie!" The taller of the two says. "We had ramen together and you know ramen is exactly the way for people to bond."
"That's Jisung," Chan introduces as he slightly brings you forward. Your fingers play with the end of your short skirt, trying to bring it further down as the two men — demons, you presumed — looked at you and almost seemed to be studying you. "And the one by his side is Changbin."
"We've been friends for a while," Jisung informs and judges at Changbin who still continues to stare at you in displeasure. Did one of Chan's friends already not like you? You guess it is normal but deep down you know it hurts. You have always had the innate tendency to make sure that everyone liked you and the very thought of Chan's friends disliking you puts you to this sorrow as much as you hate to agree to it. 
"Stop scaring my girlfriend, Bin," Chan glares back at the shorter of the two before drifting his attention to Jisung and enquiring, "How did this even happen?"
"That's on me. I crashed my car into the restaurant," Jisung rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. Your eyes widen and you look further beyond the two men to see a beautiful red Maserati driven into the restaurant, caught in flames just as the whole building is. 
"The people!" You scream, rushing forward. Chan holds your wrist in worry, holding you back, and you look at your boyfriend with eyebrows furrowed in concern. "They are my people."
Changbin scoffs, mumbling under his breath, "Stupid humans and their weird sense of morality at all the wrong times." Your heart drops at his words and Chan lets go of your hand, only to take a step forward in Changbin's direction, eyes narrowing at the demon. 
Jisung laughs hesitantly, slipping right between the two males and pushing them away. He looks at you and rushes forward to lean close to you. You are taken aback by the sudden invasion of your personal space but something in his eyes holds you fixed, enamored by his whole being. 
"There are no casualties, sweetheart. Don't worry!" 
Jisung leans back soon after, standing firm on his toes, and turns to look at your boyfriend. Smiling as wide as you've seen any devil smile, he prompts, "Since all our Valentine's Day plans got ruined, what if we spent it together?" He glances at you and you look away, eyes catching Changbin's who still looks at you in suspicion. 
"Jisung," Chan warns.
Jisung rushes to Changbin's side. Directing his attention towards you all while nudging the hell out of Changbin's side, he wiggles his eyebrows, "He may seem rude like this but trust me, he's the tsundere kind of lover."
"What the fuck," Changbin mumbles and turns his head away. "I'm not saying anything."
Your boyfriend is very flustered at the very happenings around him. Jisung suggesting a possibility of a wild night, the restaurant going into flames, and his girlfriend, albeit looking scared, positively looking at this whole proposal — maybe it has been too long since he has been away from hell for the mere chaos to fluster him.
Without a word said further to his friends, he pulls you away. You bite your lower lip, nibbling and pulling at the dead skin. Chan quickly takes your hand in his, eyes fixing on yours and staying in silence for a short while till he finally asks, "Are you okay?"
"Can I be honest?"
"Yes, please."
"Are all your friends this hot and a solid mess?"
"Should I be offended?" A soft chuckle leaves his lips when he sees you joke nervously. 
"No, no." You hit his arms, jokingly. You draw circles onto his arm and bring the topic forward finally. "I know I might have looked like I was taken aback — I was — but remember how we had this talk once about bringing people into our sex lives," you gulp, "I think this is a great moment to see if we'd like it in our relationship."
"Are you sure?" Chan's hand frames your face and you lean into it. 
"One hundred percent."
"These are demons, baby," he hesitates. 
"And you're a demon too. Stop stating the obvious, Chan. Plus, I have you."
"Are the two of you done?" Jisung asks loudly. You hold Chan's wrist and drag him towards his friends. Changbin raises an eyebrow at the sudden beam of confidence that radiates from you. 
"We are. I'm Y/N," you finally introduce yourself. "Sorry for being awkward in the beginning—"
"Oh, don't be," Changbin mumbles, gaze still wary of you. "Jisung tends to have that effect on people."
"Anyhow," Changbin finally smiles tonight. "Thanks to someone," He glares at Jisung, "We lost both our dinner and our car. So do you mind if we travel with you?"
"Oh, no," you clasp your hands together. "We'll give you a ride back to our place. Chan could cook us something," you smile at your boyfriend and he merely shrugs.
"And we can let the night roll into whatever it is, right?" Jisung's gaze is different, almost like he's insinuating a thousand different sex positions in one look. 
"Yes," you say after a long pause and an audible gulp. "We can let the night roll into whatever setting it turns to."
"Lead the way, princess," Jisung's arms move in abduction and you smile, skin wrinkling by your eyes at his chirpy self. You walk forward to the car and Chan slows down his strides to walk with the boys. 
His arms wrap around the shoulders of both the demons and he pulls them closer to sharply whisper. "You fucking hurt her and I'll have both your arses burning in the hottest flames in hell. I swear to Lucifer."
"What if she likes it?" Changbin raises an eyebrow, almost provoking Chan and your boyfriend glares back at him equally, gritting his teeth and almost growling. 
With clenched teeth, he restates, "Keep it tame," and lets go of them.
Chan should know better. Nothing is tame for the men in hell.
Tumblr media
Changbin calls shotgun, putting you next to Jisung in the back seat while Chan drives the car.
"This is consensual, right?" Jisung asks again. There is concern lacing his face and Changbin sighs, mumbling, "She has said she wants us more than ten times, Sungie."
"Chan, you're alright with me fucking your girlfriend in the back while you drive?"
Chan's breath hitches, coughs entailing and you smile at how lost he looks for a minute as he turns back in worry, slowing the car down. "In the back or in the back of the car?"
"You never know. Maybe she might like it."
"Don't you dare!"
"Fine," he begrudgingly agrees. 
"As long as she's okay with it. Do not make her uncomfortable at all, guys," Chan sighs and turns back, pressing on the gas and almost taking all his thoughts out on it. You blush, cheeks staining a shade lighter and heat rising up as soon as you feel Jisung edge closer to you. In the front seats, Changbin talks to Chan, catching up on every single thing they have missed out in these years.
In the back seat, however, Jisung has different plans. A whole different plan to break you down into putty in his hands. 
"So, it seems like you are the girl that Chan wouldn't stop talking about and fawning over," Jisung's voice is huskier in the low tone he chooses to speak in to keep the conversation just between the two of you. "Nice to meet you, lovely. I'm Jisung. Now that I see you, I realise what all the fuss is about. You really are breathtaking."
You giggle, "You flatter me. Do all demons sweet talk this well?"
"Only the finest," Jisung winks. His hand wraps around your forearm and he slowly asks again, "It is alright for me to fuck you, right?"
The crudeness of the word in front of not just you but also two other demons leaves you flustered. Jisung pushes your hair strands that have gotten loose and fall to cover your eyes, behind your ears. 
"Yes, it is," you repeat for what you have counted in your head as the eleventh time. "It's totally alright, Jisung."
"Then, can I come closer?" You nod and Jisung edges forward, closer than he already is. "You know how us demons work, right?"
"Uh," you look down at your hands on your skirt. "You get wild every now and then." Jisung hums in approval, cupping your face with his left hand.
"Bingo, you're right!" Jisung grips your face a little stronger than a second before. "We, demons, love to go wild." He scoffs and continues, "Your boyfriend loves to play nice and pretend like he doesn't lose control and has only virtuous thoughts. All a big fucking facade to hide the fact that he just wants to bend you over and fuck you—" Jisung kisses your neck right underneath your face. "—Again and," he kisses your jugular. "Again and again." 
"I however am not. I like to do a lot of things to you."
Jisung bites sharply into your neck, sucking at the skin. The lewd noises resonate in the locked car and you know your boyfriend can hear each moan and each sound that comes from the back seat. The car moves only faster and Jisung's action matches the pace. He lets go of your neck only to crash his lips against yours, sucking in your lower lip as he kisses your hard. His arms snake around your frame and push you against him. 
You moan against his lips. It's volatile, you realise. Jisung's kisses are volatile. One minute they are harsh against your lips, strong enough to bruise them with cuts, and the very next minute, there is nothing softer than his lips or the goosebumps that trail your skin that he touched after untucking your shirt.
His skin is hot against yours, hot enough to raise goosebumps again on your skin. His lips are warmth personified and his grip makes you want to go unhinged 
He pulls back, lips parting and looking sinfully delectable. "It's in moments like these, princess, I realise how different our body temperatures are. How much warmer demons always are compared to humans. It must feel nice to have warm hands over you, doesn't it?" Jisung removes his hand from your bare skin and from underneath your white shirt. You gasp at the lack of contact, your skin feeling irritably cold all over again, and move closer into him.
"What a needy human," Jisung chuckles, and in the very blink of your eyes, he unbuttons your first two ones, exposing your black bra, laced to perfection, to him. "That's a pretty one. You really did go all out for Chan, did you not, princess?"
"I did. I wanted him to fuck me stupid and make me his tonight," you agree boldly and the car jolts to a stop suddenly. You are pushed forward into Jisung's warmth, your half-naked self pressed against Jisung's nice shirt. Changbin chuckles, looking at Chan and you turn to the side to see the traffic. You whisper again, "I still want him to fuck me stupid tonight."
"Oh, you are going to be all of ours tonight. We are going to make you such a slut for demon cock, princess. Make you greedy and desperate for it."
You are in the public. You are on the road, visible for any child or adult to look into your car only to see all the lustful deeds out in the open. You should have felt embarrassed, quivering in nothing but shame. However, all these triggers are for you to get wetter, panties sticking to your core and your grip to tighten on Jisung's arms. 
Jisung's hand moves back to unhook your bra. He lets it fall off your shoulders slightly before taking your left breast in his arms and bringing his face closer to it. He sucks on your left nipple, nipping on the areola around. His hand massages the right breast over the black lace bra and your head lolls forward. Your hand tightens around his shoulder and you desperately crave some friction in your nether regions. 
"Can I sit on your thigh, please?" You beg and Jisung's mouth leaves your nipple only to look up at you. 
"Only if you call me sir."
Jisung has an immaculate grip on your waist as he lifts you slightly, holding you mid-air and not letting you settle down on his thigh until you call him by what he desires to be called.
"Please let me sit on your thigh, sir."
"You're a good girl," and Jisung drops you down on his thigh. You blush at how Jisung calls you a good girl. You like being called names. Be it a good girl or a slut, the words coming out from them right during sex made you feel unique and special. Your skirt rides up and your wet panties are pressed flat against his nice formal pants. He kisses your lips again, this time biting into your lower lip and drawing a bit of the blood. The copper taste does nothing for the demon exactly, besides indulging him in a slight high he could almost get off on. You seethe against him and your hips grind down on his thigh almost unknowingly. Your lips part behind your panties, the two materials underneath and his flexed thigh providing you enough to ease the lust and thirst of wanting to feel more. 
"Does this feel good?" You moan in response and Jisung's eyes sparkle. "Ah, look at the expressions you are making." His hands grip tightly on your hips as he resolves to go back to your breasts and suck on them till the nipples harden for him and the areola swells up. His hands help your hips to move against his thigh quickly, soaking his navy blue pants darker. Your covered clit rubs over and over against his flexed thighs and the moans that leave your lips are loud and unhinged.
"Sir, ah, ah—" Your hands drop to hover your palm over his covered cock that rubs against your outer thigh. "I want more, sir. Fuck, fuck, I want more. Please, sir." And just as you begged, Jisung bites slightly into your breast just when he lets go of your hips and plunges two fingers into your wet lips, pushing the panties and skirt aside slightly. With your pussy filled with his fingers, Jisung continues to suck on your breasts and little kisses and hickeys all over them. 
Your moan is the loudest so far this night in that minute. His fingers are long and bony and they hit your walls and push against them exactly the way you like. Your pain and pleasure senses, both activated, seemed to be mixing signals leaving you with a slow, slow path to euphoria. "You like that, princess? Tell me."
"Your fingers feel so good, sir." You move against his thighs quickly, grinding on it rough as your pussy is stuffed with his fingers. "Sir, sir— Fuck, sir. There." Jisung curves his fingers, the joints by his finger rubbing against your spot, deep inside that has your thighs shivering and your whole body aching for more. He rubs against the spot till you gasp over and over again and he's laughing like the very devil he is.
"Oh my god, you're so wet for me, princess. You are dripping." Jisung quickly stills you on his thighs, his other hand digging into your hips. "I'm going to go a little—" He pulls out slightly before thrusting his fingers back in. 
"Sir, oh my god," your voice pitches higher and Jisung takes the positive signs well. He pushes his fingers back in after pulling them out. His forefinger moves away from the middle all while they are deep inside of you, stretching your walls apart and the sensation rules you up further as you move down, pulling him deeper and making you feel fuller than a second before. His fingers scissors inside of you, enhancing the sensations against your soft wet walls 
"You're so needy, princess. You like that, huh? Does it feel nice to have my fingers wide apart inside of you? Do you like it when I curl them up?" And Jisung curls them, eliciting a loud groan from you and your head dropping into his shoulder as you can feel yourself edge closer. 
He thrusts them faster. The lewd noises from your arousal gushing out and being pushed back in thanks to his fingers is intensified in the small space and your moans are like spice. Jisung sucks on your neck as his fingers hit your spot over and over again till the knot tightens so much that tears well up in your eyes and you pray he pushes you over the boundary. 
"You like my fingers thrusting fast, princess?" You nod and Jisung orders, "Words, princess."
"Yes, sir. I love it. I love it. I love— Ah! Ungh—" 
His thumb brushes finally against your clit and you bite into his shoulder. "Such a good princess. You deserve to cum, don't you? You were such a good girl." Jisung's thumb presses into your clit. His thrusts stills for a short second and your impatient self slides yourself up to fuck his fingers. The obscene sounds get louder with every second as you move closer to your orgasm. 
"I think I should introduce another finger. Princess got my two fingers sopping wet." Jisung's third finger now plunges into you, pushing you apart even further and your breath hitches. He thrusts at a great speed, "We'll be faster, a little bit faster. That will be alright, right?" You know you are close, just a little bit of clitoral stimulation and Jisung's three bony fingers thrusting up into you, hitting the spots—
The electric motor revs and the garage door opens. Chan slowly moves the car into the garage, darkness seeping into the car. Jisung thrusts sloppily, once and then twice before pulling them away from your core, leaving your walls to clench on nothing desperately. You cry, "No, no, no, no—" 
His voice is husky as he says, "Looks like we are here, princess. We are home." Slowly, without breaking contact with your eyes, Jisung sucks on his forefinger and then the middle finger and then the third slowly, tongue wrapping across it, dancing almost like a whole orchestra was playing in the background. 
Chan rushes to open your door. He sees your haphazard hair, unbuttoned shirt and exposed breasts and he groans. You are insatiable just as he has always known. Your eyes are lost and mind far away at dreams of achieving orgasm. Chan buttons up your shirt and helps you get out of the car. His hold on your frame is tight and he kisses the side of  your forehead.
"Chan's making pasta," Changbin announces and walls towards you, raising an eyebrow at your sight. 
"We already have a whole meal here." Jisung licks your arousal from his lower lips. Chan rolls his eyes, before calling out loudly, "Jisung!"
"You're helping me with dinner."
"But why me? I want to fuck Y/N," he whines. "All I did was tease her in the back of the car." 
Chan leans into you and whispers, "Feel free to hit him when you want to. You'll have me to reason out and save you from anything." You laugh lightly, head slowly focusing on your boyfriend. He shifts his attention back to Jisung, "Because I said so and it's the least of hospitality you must show."
Jisung groans, before reluctantly agreeing, "I have a huge appetite, so heads up." You stare at Jisung, head with thoughts far in the past than in the present. 
Fuck appetite. Fuck Han Jisung. Figuratively, and if fortunate, quite literally. You have a ruined orgasm for the first time that night and all you have an appetite for is one — to be humble — mind-blowing orgasm to take you to the end of the world and back.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is a gentleman.
In the years you have known Chan, you know for sure that heaven and hell is nothing but a lie. Ironically. The stigmatization of having to be only bad or only good is so skin deep in humans that the very thought of a devil being nice seems like an illusion. That is, if the whole concept of heaven and hell is not an illusion already.
Chan is nice. He is nice to you and that is all that matters to you. He treats you like a princess because you are his princess — the only person worth staying on earth for. 
So when he lets the guys go ahead and pulls you behind a wall right before the huge living room of his apartment is in view, you know he has something to say. That, or he has a kiss to steal.
"Are you okay?" 
Chan's eyebrows are furrowed, eyes softening in worry as his hands lift up to cup your face, thumb rubbing circles into your cheek. You break a smile, leaning forward to brush the tip of your nose against his and you place a delicate peck on the same spot. 
"More than ever. I told you, baby, right? That I'll tap out the minute this gets too much for me."
"I'm just so worried. You've never—"
"Are you guys making out?" You hear Jisung's voice resonate against the walls and you turn your head, stifling the laughter that bubbles inside of you. Jisung yells again, "Chan, pasta!"
"I'm coming," he yells back, dropping his hand from your face. "I'm coming. Oh, if only Lucifer burnt you alive!" 
"I'd have to be alive for that, ha!"
"Go," you chuckle, kissing his lips only to pull back in a short second. "I'll hang out with Changbin."
"He's. . ." Chan sighs. "Just remember to be comfortable, baby, okay?"
"I know. I trust them. Beyond everything, I trust you."
You hold Chan's hand in yours and pull him away from the shadows of the wall, bring him before his friends. Changbin raises an eyebrow at the two of you, before taking a step forward as Chan follows Jisung to the kitchen.
"That leaves us together alone for a while," Changbin suggests, arms folded over each other as he takes quicker steps towards you. He doesn't tower over you much but his entire persona that he broods is enough to make you whimper, lips to part unknowingly and eyes to widen in want. "I should probably introduce myself properly. I'm Changbin. I've known your boyfriend since forever. We became demons around the same time."
"Oh," you respond, mouth patching up with the excessive want.
"I'd like to get to know you, sweetheart?" Changbin is close enough for you to feel the warmth that exudes from his body. His arms drop for a small second before his right one lifts up. His thumb and forefinger grips on your chin to angle it up slightly for you to look at him properly. The name he calls you by makes you gasp under your breath, loving the endearment and he notices. Changbin notices how much the term has its effect on you in this minute.
"Do you like being called a sweetheart, princess? An angel, maybe? Do you like dressing up in pretty pink lingerie for Chan? Maybe you want to be a baby doll on top of me for the night?" Changbin lets go of your chin before taking a step back and walking towards Chan's sofa. He sits down on it, thighs spread apart as his arm rests on the side. His attention drifts back to you, lips quirking up in brief excitement. "Or despite dating one of the most sinful creatures ever to exist, you like being called a good girl?"
Your thighs clench together and you grip at the end of your skirt. Changbin laughs at the reaction he draws out from you. He taps on his thighs and beckons for you, "Why don't you come be a good girl on my lap, hm?"
You take shy steps towards him, before sitting on his thighs that he now has pressed together. Either of your legs dangle on the sides of his body and Changbin holds your hips as he pulls you closer. Your skirt crumpled up, exposing so much more to him and Changbin is in delight at how pretty you look on top of him.
"May I?" And you nod, mumbling a soft yes. His hand slowly trails above, starting from the point right above your knee joint. It's slow and sensuous for a soft second as his fingers slowly climb up your thigh before the tables turn over and Changbin's hand rips the panties from underneath your skirt and throws it to the side. Your eyes widen, cheeks heating up as you hold onto his shoulder at the sudden force. 
"We won't be needing that for the night now, do we?"
You bite your lip and Changbin's hand hovers over your sodden lips from the previous encounter with Jisung. He rubs his palm over it as he locks his gaze with yours and asks, "Respond, princess. I need to hear you respond."
"No, we won't need that."
"That's my good girl," Changbin praises you and presses the heel of his palm into your clitoral region and you moan explicitly and unhinged. He rubs it slightly and your burning core oozes more of your arousal out into his hand, burning for that long forgotten orgasm you had hoped for. Using his other hand, he rips open your blouse, the top button letting free from the dress at all the harsh happenings it has been through for the night. 
"Oh dear, look at that," Changbin clicks his tongue repeatedly before plunging his fingers into your core and pulling your bra down with his teeth at the same time, grazing slightly at your breast that it leaves you thrusting yourself on his fingers that drive hard into you. 
You whimper, "Changbin, fuck," and he lets out an amused sound. He thrusts his two fingers in and out of you as he lips wrap around your nipple, lapping at it. He lets go momentarily, hot breath fanning all over your mound and he asks,
"Do you like this or maybe is it some pain that you like?" 
And within a second, Changbin's teeth bite into the flesh by your mound. His unoccupied hand cups your mound, massaging it before flicking your nipple. Harshly. You gasp, head dropping forward as you lean into Changbin's chest, whimpering repeatedly.
"Baby girl likes that, doesn't she?" He flicks it again, pain shooting up your nerves and you slightly bite into his neck. He speaks into your skin. "She likes it a lot."
Changbin says he likes art. He talks about how he loves the purple colours that blend into the pink and then, the colours of your skin. He sucks on your bosom, littering the area around your areola with pretty, pretty marks all while his fingers are plunged deep inside of you, pads of the same rubbing your walls while his palm rubs the collected arousal into your core, pressing into your clit and stimulating it 
Your senses are alert and every breath, every moan that is present in the air is hyperbolised in your ears. You can feel Changbin's rough fingers slowly pull out while his mouth trails down to wrap his lips around your areola, tongue wrapping around your nipple and he laps at it like a starved animal.
"Chan's too nice to you, too gentle, too kind to you. Treats you like some porcelain doll. I don't blame him for that," Changbin taunts you. He pulls his fingers out from your dripping core and his mouth leaves your breasts. Your walls contract at the sudden absence of his fingers and you grind down onto his thighs, expecting — begging more.
Changbin flicks at your stimulated clitoris. It sends a rush of both pain and pleasure intermingled up your spine, hitting your brain cells, leaving you lost and in a trance. He continues the mockery, "I usually don't fuck with humans. In fact, I even condoned Chan for doing that. No offense to you, baby girl, but humans are delicate, too fragile, for my taste. No matter how sex crazed or ravenous you are, you are still no match for a demon by comparison."
Changbin kisses up your neck, marking you up as he draws out his mockery. You think it is weird that this time round Changbin doesn't intimidate or anger you. Rather every word he says sends a trail of arousal shooting downwards, making you wetter with every passing second — making you anticipate for so much more. It is embarrassing at how wet you are from every single teasing you have been put throygh for the night. 
"You may think Chan is different but he isn't, baby girl. He's just as demonic as we are, just as fucked up as every creature from hell is. He might hold back for you, but when you push his buttons well enough, you know he'll unleash it all. Even Jisung. The only difference between them and yours truly is that—" Changbin pauses. His lips quirk up and his hand unbuckles his belt, metal clinging as it comes undone. He unzips the pant and shoves it down as he lifts himself up with you with such ease that your fragile, weak and overstimulated self is in surprise. He pulls his dick out from his formal pants and it is hot, hard and everything you crave at this point. 
You think it's unfair for a man with this big an ego to have this thick a cock and you were this close to blaming God for being unfair when you realise this isn't his territory. And history has proven that Lucifer has always been kind to his followers. 
Changbin strokes his cock, thumb rubbing at the slit at the hot head. You salivate, almost ready to drip from the corner of your mouth when Changbin cuts your thoughts — filthy thoughts, too dirty to be spoken of; filthy, filthy thoughts on how heavy his cock would be on your mouth, on how wide his cock would stretch your mouth and how deep he'd go, perhaps all the way to your throat — and holds your thighs, pulling you closer into him to position you in such a way that his cock is straddled right between the flesh of both your thighs.
"The only difference between me and the other two, baby girl, is that," Changbin's voice drops an octave lower as he almost growls, "I don't make a habit of suppressing it at all. I can grab you by the throat just like this—"  The demon holds you by your throat, his fingers wrapping around your neck hovering right across your jugular and carotid, pressing them slightly. It is scary how you are here trusting a demon fully aware that an inch deeper and you would be accompanying him in your journey to the other world. Or mayhaps it's your trust in your boyfriend. Changbin's fingers are wrapped deliciously around your neck and your pussy leaks juices, coating his dick that is pressed against it. "—and thrust my dick so deep into you and fuck you so hard that your body, mind and soul is broken beyond repair."
Your mouth opens wide, tongue resting against your lower lip and Changbin spits into your mouth, ordering you instantly, "Swallow," and when you do, he lets go of your neck for a second, caressing the roughened area and mumbling, "You're a good, good girl for me, aren't you, baby girl?"
You nod, voice hoarse as you beg like a kitten in her worst heat, "Please, please, please—"
"Please what, baby girl? Use your words like the good girl you are."
"Fuck me, Binnie. Fuck me, fuck me. Need your dick in me. I'll be a good girl." 
Changbin laughs loudly, almost as if he is mocking you. He is, because his fingers wrap around your neck once again as he thrusts his cock upwards. It slides against your wet lips, striking against your clit. "How could I fuck you when your thighs are this inviting? Look at how wet they are because of your arousal. You are leaking, baby. What a good whore."
"Binnie," you gasp, barely phrasing with his hold on your neck as he thrusts back upward. He holds your close as you equally grind on him. "Binnie, I want more. I want more."
"Be a good girl and I'll reward you, baby girl. Be a good girl and let me fuck your thighs." You nod and grind down. "How does it feel like, baby girl, to have my hard cock rubbing against you? Squeeze your legs tightly around me—" You wrap your legs around him, heels digging into his back. "Fuck, just like that." 
The squelching sounds are loud and prominent. The friction of his cock rubbing against your wet skin is amplified in the silence. Your hips move slightly trying to get as much as contact possible on your clit. Your head is empty, voices hindered and you can only think of how badly you want to get fucked, how badly you want Changbin to treat you more roughly. 
Changbin is vocal. Very, very vocal. He whimpers at every rub, moans loudly and grunts as you grind down on him. The filthy words that leave his mouth does not stop — "Your skin feels so warm and cool against my cock. Oh fuck, can you feel your clit throbbing against my dick, baby girl? You naughty little fucking thing."
His pace quickens as he thrusts further, grunting, "You are fucking delicious, baby girl. Chan's been keeping a whole asset away from us."
"Binnie, Binnie—" you moan, breasts rising and falling with every occasional jumping you do on his thighs to match the pace of his thrusts. "Choke me harder, please."
"I want you to choke me harder."
"Fuck," and Changbin listens clearly. His fingers dig a little deeper and you are gasping, arousal dripping even more and staining his navy blue formal pants after coating his cock further. "Fucking grind on my cock. Baby girl, you are making me rethink my policy on humans."
"Ungh," you whimper when his cock stills and grinds onto your clit, focusing only on that. Changbin chuckles. His voice is laced with tease, "Easy there, baby girl. If my cock were to accidentally slip into your pussy, who knows what I might do." 
"Please, please—" You barely speak out when Changbin's grip on your neck loosens for a bit.
"Did I fuck the words out of you, baby? Did I fuck you stupid? I haven't even fucked you with my dick yet and look at you already. You would want that right, baby girl? For me to fuck you dumb, fuck you stupid. I'll have you ride my cock till all you know is how to be a good girl for me and how to take my big fat cock."
"Yes, yes, yes—" 
Changbin stops right when your whimpering increases, pitch shooting up higher and your chest rises and falls as he halts. However, in one swift motion, he pins you on the sofa, him on top of you and he stares at you. You are a disoriented mess, hair spilling onto your face and everywhere, clothes open partially but enough to spill everything and your legs — thighs specifically — are glistening in the lights.
"It sucks that you are Chan's girl, sweetheart? Do you think he'd mind sharing more than once?"
Changbin does not wait for your response. With the support of his hands, he brings his body down, head in direct contact with your skirt stained with your arousal and the precum that oozed out from his cock. He sucks deep purple marks into your thighs, trailing them all the way to your glistening core. And then, his mouth is on your sodden lips.
It's a miracle at how you are able to keep your eyes open. All the teasing this night has made your body heavy and yet, like some starving woman on sex steroid, your pussy aches for more. His lips are on your wet ones as he licks at the lips, pushing it apart as he takes in your arousal, lapping in to take it all. It is merciless. The demon he is, is marvellous, hot and a sex god at that. His tongue licks your lips, tip teasing your entrance as he rubs your clit, slowly. he draws small circles over it, tapping at the engorged button till your toes curl in, knees lift up to bend for your feet to press down. Your eyes are squeezed shut and your fingers pull at his hair every time you feel the knot tightening. 
The room is filled with lewd noises and your moans are loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. Changbin licks stripes after stripes on your lips, lapping up your arousal as he hums in delight. Another stripe up your wet lips and he soon wraps his plump pair around your clit and sucks on it, loud noise of suckle resonating and causing you to move your hips slightly. 
Changbin's sharp teeth graze over your clit, nibbling slightly till you feel the knot clench in your stomach. The vortex forms deep within you again, the sign of an impending orgasm and you can only pray that he doesn't leave you begging like Jisung did. It's coming. You are so close, again, for the second time this night and you needed it. You are sure that you would go crazy if you did not receive the release you had so prayed for. Changbin rubs your clit furiously, lips moving back to your cunt as he eats you out. Changbin's tongue flicks to perfection, hitting your sensitised bud over and over again till you snap and come undone all over his face, arousal squirting out and over his entire face.
Your legs quiver as Changbin laps it all up, tongue swiping across your lips till he has drunk every single drop of your arousal. Your eyes that were squeezed shut opens and you see the mess you have made on his face. 
"Fuck, I'm sor—" You try to lift yourself up to help him when Changbin pulls you by your legs closer to him and wraps his lips on your clit, sucking on the bud till it borders overstimulation and you are screaming out in both pain and pleasure, your abdomen pitting at the sight of another orgasm with his actions.
"Binnie, fuck, oh fuck," Tears well up at the corner of your eyes on being overstimulated. You can feel your brain getting fuzzier, sense hyperbolic at everything around you. You are falling into something you are unfamiliar with. "I'm sensitive, fuck. I'm so sensitive."
He moves forward, overstimulating you and your eyes roll up at all your nerves being triggered to send the excess messages of stimulation to your brain, knots tightening and you are ready to combust once again until Jisung walks out of the kitchen, announcing, "Dinner's ready."
"Too bad I had my fill," Changbin sniggers, tongue extending out of his mouth to lick your arousal off the corners of his mouth. Your chest rises and falls and you try to focus in on something on the ceilings — ah, the spokes of the fan, yes. Three. Three. Three. Three. Changbin quickly notices the change in your demeanor, "Baby girl? You alright?"
"Princess?" Chan's rushing to your side as soon as he hears something is up with you. You giggle, laughing soon enough as you look up. Changbin stands up from your side, concern filling him when you start laughing. Jisung, on the other hand, walks to keep the pasta on the table behind the sofa. "Princess, are you there with me?"
It is the rush of endorphins that cloud your brain. Your heart beats fast, breathing rapid and it's a different kind of high you are in. You hold onto Chan's sleeve, giggles nonstop as you mumble in between, "Chan, uh, Chan! Chan!"
"I've got you, princess," he says softly, before wrapping his arm around your thighs and the other over your torso before lifting you up. "I've got you. I'm right here." You cling onto his shirt, snuggling into him as he verbally assures you. 
He stops midway in his path, turns to look at two of his friends, especially glaring at Changbin, before firmly saying, "Eat and leave. I'll talk to you later. I have to take care of her."
"We could hel—"
"Not today. Not now. I'll—" Chan sighs, holding you closer to him as you mumble words incoherently, smiling to yourself. His face softens, as if he's trying to comfort Changbin who looks guilty for the first time before Chan in eons of years together. "We'll talk to you later."
"And guys?"
"Thank you for tonight. I know she liked it. A bit too much, if anything."
Tumblr media
Chan holds you close.
So close to him that even the rush of endorphins in your brain isn't loud enough to hear how loud your own heart beats next to his faint beating one. 
His arms wrap around your frame, hand holding your head close into his chest as he soothingly rubs the back of it and at every short interval, he coos into your head, "I'm right here, baby." Your body shifts to a relaxed position from the very tensile state it was in that second thanks to his voice, at his words and at his very being.
"Relax, baby. This is going to pass. You did so well, so, so well."
And you giggle into his chest, eyes closing warmly for a fraction there before looking up at him. Chan believes if synesthesia was a thing for demons, he would see the colours behind your eyes. How the crimson red slowly — so, so slowly — turned to darkest shades of pink and then the softest ones and Chan knows. He knows for sure that this is it. This is his whole world.
Chan feels jealous of humankind for the first time.
He is envious about how it would not be him that grows old with you, has kids with you and gets to be physical with you at every point. He knows he can't do that with you forever. He cannot do this with you forever. And even if he did decide to fuck it and do it anyway, you'd leave him one day. 
Chan knows he could never do much. He cannot change fate or turn himself into human for you. That is impossible. And yet he hopes — ah, a dangerous thing for a demon to have, something they mustn't possess — that every moment he spends with you is infinite and never dies. 
Your body tightens up again, goes rigid in his hold and he worries for you. That is Chan's first mistake, or so he believed years back. He cares for you. He cares for you in ways a demon shouldn't. He cares for you enough to know that demons have feelings or at the very least, he does. He cares enough to call it love. 
"It's alright," he mumbles and you mumble back, "We couldn't spend time together tonight."
"It's still eight. We have time," Chan smiles and rubs the hair off your face, only to press a soft chaste kiss on your forehead. "We have a lot of time. You should rest. You were such a good girl tonight."
"I was," you hold onto his shirt before letting your hands trail underneath and Chan realises the endorphins are slowly calming down, keeping you in a safer position than you were minutes back. "Wasn't I, daddy?"
"Princess, you really had a lot today, do you—"
"I want to. I—" You kiss Chan, hands cupping his face and lips pulling at his before letting your tongue twine with his. You moan unknowingly as your body rises to lean further into him. Your fingers graze the small stubble by the side of his jaws as you find yourself getting lost in him, in the feeling of his hot tongue lapping around yours.
"Mmh," Chan moans before holding your jaw tighter, leg wrapping around your frame. In a swift motion, he pins you down underneath him as he still kisses you. His lips are beyond tempting as you draw every kiss out, draw every moan out from him. He pulls back the minute you lift your hips to grind onto his crotch, feeling himself against your bare core. "We should stop—"
"No. You're my Valentine. Not Changbin or Jisung. You'll always be my Valentine," you respond, tugging him down into you by his shirt. Chan's eyes widen before softening as he looks at you — looks at you like you are everything better than him, hell and afterlife. 
"But you really had it rough today and—"
"I want more. I want so much more rough and I want them from my boyfriend. No one else." Your hand grades the stubble again and Chan leans into your hold. "The fact that you've never been rough with me and that I had to hear about it from Changbin and Jisung did no good to my ego, baby."
"They were—" Chan pauses on his own this time. You don't interrupt or cut him. He knows he can't lie to you. He knows how much he holds back but Chan knows that he has no issue with that. It's a safer option for you and yet here you are tonight asking him to be himself, be everything he is and show you how far he can go — he was going to fucking lose it at that alone. 
"You know they were not lying," your voice lower. "They are demons, you had said, and that I should be careful. But Chan, baby, you are a demon too. So why do you hold back? Is it because I'm a human?"
"Yes," Chan reluctantly agrees and you sigh. You drop your hand from his face and Chan's lips pucker in response. "I don't want to hurt you."
"You know you won't," you reassure him. "You could never hurt me unknowingly and even if you did, you know you'd take care of me till I'm back to the same."
"There shouldn't be a situation that leads to the worst case scenario, Y/N."
"But I want that. I want you to show me everything and I want to know if I'd like that. Give me a choice. I—" You gulp, scared of telling it out loud finally now that you have come to a partial conclusion to it yourself. "I liked Changbin being rough on me. I liked it a lot. I liked Jisung edging me. I liked it so much that all I could think about till Changbin touched me was of Jisung giving me an orgasm."
Chan's hand presses down by the sheets adjacent to your face and he holds it tightly. If care was an emotion he shouldn't have felt, jealousy is another that should never have a place in a demon's mind. Especially not when they were all brought up with the thought of sharing. 
He hates how Changbin got to be rough with you before him. Something so petty and so, so territorial arises in him that he wasn't even aware for him to feel this. He knows he gave consent. He knows he was there to hear it all and yet hearing you say you liked it brought in exactly two emotions in him that conflicted each other so much that he knew he was going feral — a) delight, over you being so content and over you being so understanding of demonic natures and b) jealousy, over another demon having had you in ways only he had before. 
"You were lost there for a minute."
"You promise me you'll tell me to stop if it gets too much, right?"
"Always," you peck at his lips. "I'll always do that. I just want everything you are and you have to offer. I don't want to know stuff from others. I want to feel them through you."
And Chan kisses you again. This time however, it is a lot different from the previous kiss you drew out from him. His lips find home in yours as they come upon you, imperatively. The kiss gets deeper each time, tongues chasing and lapping each other, earning continuous whines and whimpers coming out from both of you. Your arms wrap themselves around his neck, your fingers trailing up his nape to his hair, gripping the small hair at his back and Chan kisses you passionately, his hands cupping and tilting your face, angling it so that he could intensify the kiss as he desired.
He's desperate to show you everything he is.
The very second your mouth had brushed his, Chan knows that you are the one for him. It had always been you. Even now, if he closed his eyes, he could feel the tingle over his lips and your warm breath wafting over his chin. It is exactly as he had carved in his mind, etched so deep that it could never fade away.
His hand is prominent on its grip on your neck, as you lift your chin higher — so you can press your lips harder into his —  while your hands fist into his shirt — white, clean and perfect all for the night only for it to be discarded to the very corner of the bedroom the two of you share. His free hand drops to wind around your waist, arm pressed between the bed and you and in one swift movement, he pulls your body flush against his.
Gasping at the motion, Chan seizes the opportunity to slip his tongue between your teeth, your lips parting further in response. His tongue swipes across yours, curling around your tongue and gently massaging it. The metal ball at the tip of his tongue provides a sharp coldness and you hiss into his mouth, only for him to provide more contact with the metal that it leaves you emitting moans into him. 
It is electrifying. Every single thing with Chan has been exciting, unpredictable and leaves you begging for more. It is perhaps mankind's adhesive nature towards sin itself that made you like this — that made you into such a moldable clay in his hands and you don't mind going to hell for this. Because every single moment you lived on earth, if it were with him, would be relentlessly passionate. You would never want to swap with anything, even if someone handed heaven to you on a platter.
Because Chan is your heaven. 
When you feel his tongue flick against yours, slightly, grazing it, your hands uncurl from his shirt - only to wind up his chest, along his throat, towards the nape of his neck. You find yourself lapping around the metal ball on his tongue, rolling your eyes shut. 
With every passing second, you find yourself drowning into Chan. His body is pressed flat against yours, chest against yours, his saccharine taste coating your senses till that is all you can think about, and his warm breath all over your face. You find yourself drowning into him — you always have — his entire presence encasing your senses as you lose yourself deep into his entire being.
Is this how people were dragged into hell? Tempting. 
Chan pulls back and you smile at your boyfriend, like a little girl happy to have received her candy. You glance down at your shirt that is half open as a result of everything that happened tonight and proceed to unbutton the rest and remove it off your body. Chan's eyes linger more than ever on the marks that Changbin has left all over your body — marks that have turned dark purplish red and he seethes at the very sight of it in anger. 
"If we do this again, on your request, of course," Chan kisses over all the marks slowly, taking his own time to lick it over with his tongue before pressing his lips against it. "I'm going to be physically present. Not going to let anyone mark my baby up like this. That's for me."
And Chan sucks over it. His hand goes behind your back to unhook your bra and toss it aside. His hand lands firm on your breast, fingers playing with your nipple as his mouth slowly moves down to kiss your other nipple before sucking on it, lewd sounds emitting from his mouth.
"Daddy, fuck—" Your back arches, hips jutting upwards into his pelvis only to feel his covered growing length rough against your sticky skin. Chan uses his free hand to hold onto your waist and lift you slightly, allowing you to hook your leg over his waist, tight enough to tease you.
Chan hums in approval as you grind up, exposed core moving and staining your favorite formal pants of his, all while his tongue laps at your areola. The metal ball right at the centre of the tip of his tongue is pressed to your nipple and the difference in temperature has your mind spiralling. 
His palm squeezes your breast, thumb running over your nipple before he purposefully leans down and gives you a taste of his warm mouth. You gape open at the contact of his mouth on your nipple, teeth purposely grazing against the skin only for the metal ball to soothe over the burn.
Puckering his lips, he presses them to the sensitive spot by your jugular before sucking harshly. Responsively, a low mew resounds from your lips, leaving them in the open for just you and him to hear to.
"Do you remember the safe word?"
You nod, "Red for you to stop, yellow for you to give me time and green for you to proceed."
"Perfect," and Chan moves so quickly to remove your skirt off your body as he hovers over your completely naked self, fully clothed. You have always wondered if Chan would ever be into power play, especially with how he could project himself sometimes. Like in moments like these. You make a note in your head to ask him about the very thing. 
Chan kisses your lips, tugging at your lip before dipping himself further, getting lost in you. He rubs his tongue across your lower lip, metal ball harsh against your coral lips. He kisses your cheek and then, your pinna.
You feel his warm breath against your ear, shuddering in impact. You are about to ask him to stop teasing you — that you've had enough foreplay the whole night. However, in the next second, his hand lowers and lands on your inner thighs in a loud spank and you gasp, not expecting it. He hits the same skin almost a second after before the pain recedes and you are moaning out loud, brain wiring differently as heat pools between your legs.
“Fuck," he swears under his breath. His hand edges closer to you, dangling so close to your core that he can feel your arousal by your thighs, all over again and over the dried ones by your thighs. "You’re so dripping wet,” Chan mutters, only to laugh and comment, "At least I can credit this to myself."
Chan leans forward, next to your ear again and mumbles, "Baby, I'll be using words that would come off as very demeaning but I need you to know that I would never use them unless we are in the mood. You are and will be my baby girl, my princess forever. Is that alright?"
"It is," you blush, heat shooting straight to the core and you can feel yourself leak further, embarrassingly, right when Chan's hand is so close to your lips.
"Fuck, you are dripping. Such a filthy whore," Chan taunts and you feel it, deep in your gut. You've never seen this side to Chan but fuck, you love it. You love it more than Changbin having called you a good girl. You want to be called a whore, a slut — as long as you were his whore, his slut. 
Chan collects the arousal that you drip out, coating his fingers and palm. Moving his fingers, he collects your arousal that leaks from your gaping hole and watches the transparent stick to his fingers. The bulge in his pants is hard and seems too painful to be confined. You gulp evidently, throat parched. Chan's hand edges closer towards your lips and languidly strokes your slit with his fingers coating in your arousal. The pads of his finger circles your hole and you mewl, clutching slightly onto his shoulder. 
"Daddy, please, need your fingers in me."
"You've been fucked by two demons already and you are still so horny," he scoffs. "Impressive." He raises an eyebrow. Almost like he is teasing you further, he continues to play with your cunt. You whimper, gasping and hoping to feel the burn of the stretch that would come with him thrusting his fingers up.
Each small action Chan does has you moving forward in pleasure, hoping for the same as you try to move with his hand, all in an attempt to drive his digit deeper into you. Nonetheless, Chan controls the pressure and the pace and no matter how hard you try to move, he never lets you have his way, clearly showing that it was him in power here, not you. Growing tired of his teasing, anticipation filling you to insanity, tears brimming your eyes, you whine, “Fucking hell, Ch— Daddy, come on."
Chan chuckles, kissing your clavicle, biting into the skin above and sucking furiously enough to mark you. You sigh, breath exhaled out desperately. "Please, please, pl— Ah!"
Chan hits your core with the pads of his finger, labia silently flapping in impact and you moan at the pain that shoots up from your sensitive core. This causes you to moan, body moving forwards in a surprised reaction. The palm hitting the clit sends electric sparks throughout your body, your brain almost fusing. The sound is sharp as it rings through the air before you feel pain along the vulva. Crying in pain, you mumble softly out before holding to him softly, “Please,” you implore. "I need you, daddy." 
The sensation of the pad of his thumb swiping against your swollen, needy bud causes you to buck into him, your cunt soon contracting around nothing. Chan mumbles as he lowers his body silently, kissing your skin on his way. He kisses the skin right above your acetabulum, tracing his lips down till he kisses your core, a soft peck over it. 
It is a stark difference in your clothing that takes you aback; of how you were completely naked while Chan was completely clothed and yet that excited you. The power he has is enough to have you ooze out more arousal that would prompt the sheets to stain further. 
Chan licks at your core, once, twice and then he is sucking at your clit, like a man walking days in a desert with no water source. His mouth is against your core, licking on it, the cold wet metal ball pressing against it, before he sucks on your engorged button. The lewd noises that leave your mouth are pornographic and your legs have lost their strength.
You are about to say a word before Chan curls his fingers up into you and your back arches slightly at the feeling of his fingers in you. "D-Daddy!" 
You feel Chan searching your walls for the spot he has felt enough that he finds it in a few minutes. He rubs against the same spot that brings the loudest reaction from you before dragging his fingers back slowly only to slip his fingers easily into you again, the slick of your arousal dripping down your thighs. The sheets are stained. His pants are stained and so is his white shirt. 
"No demon I've fucked before would have sex this close to being out of the world. Fuck, princess. Your slutty pussy is clutching onto my fingers." He rubs your walls and your enlarged button. Your hips gyrate with him, thrusting and chasing after his fingers desperately as you press into him. 
Chan's fingers are fast as they thrust in and out of your core. You could find yourself getting wetter and wetter with the lewd sounds that resonate the walls. The demon presses his metal piercing flat against your clit and you gasp. "F-Fuck, Daddy!"
And as Chan sucks on your button of nerves, his fingers thrusts into you at a relentless pace, pushing right at the spot that has you feeling the endorphins spilling into your bloodstream. You feel the knot that tightens in your stomach, ready to fall over the cliff till Chan's teeth graze your clit and you lose it.
“Come for me, my princess,” Chan urges. His command, paired with the way his tongue dances across your clit and how his rough thick fingers drags against your sweet spot, has you careening off of the brink of pleasure and into an oblivion. You can feel your bloodstream soaking slowly with the rush of endorphins. You need a moment to calm down from how good that orgasm is, as Chan slowly rubs you through your high. 
You think Chan is about to drag his fingers out of you and away when he picks up the speed of his fingers. He toys with your sensitive clit. 
"Daddy, ah—" You feel the pain slightly of being overstimulated, slowly getting intense and intense. You are crying and he slows down, looking into your eyes, expecting a colour to be screamed and when you don't, smiling softly, he continues, kissing you and swallowing every cry you have. 
You feel your skin standing at the very precipice of being sensitive to anything. In a split second without any warning, his mouth still on you, Chan holds your clit between his forefinger and thumb before twisting it and instantly, you feel something deep within you tighten up.
That was it. Your breath is disoriented. Your jaw falls loose and you let out a loud cry as a powerful orgasm cuts right through you. Chan drops his hand on to the bed as you squirt on being overstimulated. Your arousal soaks his shirt, fabric sticking to his body and he is amused. Your thighs shake, quivering uncontrollably as your back curves, body lifting up. Chan's other arm wraps around you as he kisses you through this. Your muscles tremble, ache and are sour. Eventually, you find your hips stopping gradually as you fall victim to the pleasure, squirting slowly receding. His hand is covered in your juices and he chuckles against your lips after pulling back, placing you lightly on your back.
"That was so fucking hot," he looks at you proudly, pressing his forehead against yours. Your eyes are closed, post that powerful orgasm, tears staining your cheeks. He moves only after your eyes open, making sure you are alright and are able to breath right.
"Daddy," you smile and Chan smiles brighter. That's his girl. That's his girl, alright.
"You've got my shirt messy, princess." He chuckles and your cheeks heat up in embarrassment as your head drops to the side to look away. Chan holds your face with his messy hands and kisses you, drawing out another long kiss to rid you away from any other thoughts besides ones of fucking him tonight. 
You pull away and mumble, "It's not fair that you were dressed completely in the first place."
"Is that so now?"
"Yes," you huff and your hand trails up Chan's arm, fingers digging into his arm. "It's a damn bother." 
Chan unbuttons his shirt, taking his own time with it as his fingers roll against them before popping the material out of hold from the button. Your hand lies in wait by his waist, fingers rubbing against the curve of his ass and you stare up at him. With every button that he maneuvers his shirt out of, you can see his tattoos more and more clearly.
The feathers that poke out through the corner of his shoulder, flat on the coracoid process, more present superficially right above his clavicle, are detailed. You can see the feathers variant in their styles as they fall from a greater source that lies behind him.
Chan's tattoo had always been magnificent, as if they were rebuking the almighty as he acknowledged his very being. The ends of the black feathers also tease into the head of his biceps. Two beautiful wings, bold and powerful, arise from his spine and exhibit loudly on his back.
Your mouth gapes open at the sight of it as Chan bends forward to unbutton his pants, the wings clearly visible to you and your heart leaps at the sight of it. Chan raises an eyebrow at you, staring down at his tattoo, as soon as he pulls down his pants. 
"Ah, the tattoo kink," he chuckles. "How could I forget."
"It's not a thing," you blush.
"Please," he laughs, eyes wrinkling soon. "There's no way you could lie to me, princess." 
You blush. Crunching forward, you stretch your arms, fingers pointing to draw against the outline of the wings. "It's beautiful," you whisper. "It's so fucking beautiful, Chan." He chooses to ignore the call of his name because nothing else would sound sweeter in this moment than his name itself. What you would do to give everything in wrapping your lips around his flesh by the corners of the wings and to ruin it with your own marks.
He unsheathes himself off the confines of his undergarment. Chan has always been bigger in comparison to every single one you had seen, girth firmer than you had envisioned and the frenum piercing has you salivating. It shines under the dim lighting of your room, your eyes unable to drift away from it, lips parted slightly.
You let out a small mewl — the walls of your core throbs against his member at the sensations of the piercings rubbing against the same — enhancing both your senses. Chan notices how your thighs quiver and he raises his eyebrows in sheer amusement.
"You really don't fail to surprise me, princess," Chan sniggers. "Look at you eye fucking me all while I just unstrip."
"Please," your eyes glisten and Chan coos. "Please. Need your cock in me, daddy. Need your big fat cock to fill me up and stuff me stupid." Your hands move down to hold his engorged length in your hand, rubbing the metal balls on the head with your fingers and feeling the coldness in a sharp contrast to his hot girth.
"You've been such a good, good whore tonight. Daddy's going to reward you well. So well." His hand trails down your frame and you shudder as they move down your sides.
Chan moves slightly, his hands bracing on either side of yours. The strong muscles of his arms twitch as he bears the entirety of his body weight on them. You push your body upwards and you stretch your arms up. You run your hands over his naked shoulders and his back, grazing his tattoo a little more before tangling your fingers into his hair as you tug him further over you. 
A soft gasp slips from your mouth when his weight presses over you: his defined chest over yours and his hips pressing into yours in the most enticing way. His cock brushes against your thighs slicken in your arousal and you moan. The metal ladder framing underneath his shaft is cold against your skin and you can feel the goosebumps that arise atop your skin all the way to spread the heat to your core.
Chan's arms wrap around your body, holding you so close to him that your chests brush against each other. You feel his hardened erection sharp against your thighs, brushing against your core and you whimper in his hold. "Please."
"Please what, princess?"
"Fuck me, daddy."
Chan's lips crash onto your swollen ones with a force that has to be reckoned. He grinds his heavy cock into your core, rubbing over your clit. It leaves you moaning, holding onto his deltoids with a ferocious grip, fingers digging into the muscle.
Holding onto the opportunity that presents itself to him, Chan seizes and dives his tongue right into your mouth. They glide across your tongue, your body arching in pleasure. You feel the metallic ball of his piercing run over your tongue in a wistful want, you wrap your own around it before kissing him at the same intensity. Chan's groan hits back through the air in barely a whisper as you swallow most of the sound. Immediately, you let go of his lips and your hand reaches out for his cock slowly coated in precum, you squeeze it softly.
Before you can think straight, you can sense Chan holding his cock in his hand to position himself and with a mere grunt, he enters through your twitching core. His thick girth pushes your walls apart as they move further down into you. Your grip on his deltoid slips to his biceps, desperate to catch hold of something. All that leaves your mouth are parched breaths and desperate moans. 
The lewd noises from his dick seeping through your wetness to enter you and stretch you out resonates through the wall only to hit back to both of your ears. Chan's gaze shifts downwards to watch his cock spread open your lips and disappear into your being — all it does to the demon is excite him more. 
You feel the piercings against your wall, dragging across your softness. The slight dentations cause you to moan as Chan moves it against it over and over again, ensuring to hit your spot as much as possible with every thrust. 
"You're dripping all over my cock, fuck," he grunts as he slips out only to thrust back in carefully. You grind back this time round, trying to match his pace with your fragile body. It takes you aback when you feel Chan grow into his complete girth inside you, stretching you out with an intense burn.
"Daddy," you choke out, words caught in the back of your throat. "Too big, ah."
“No, it’s not, princess," he bites his lip. "We both know you can take it. You're doing so well,” Chan coos. You find him slowing down with every thrust, making sure you are alright. His fingers ghosts right adjacent to your side, caressing your breasts with affectionate touches. 
Slowly, the pain fades away, only to be replaced by a rush of pleasure with every thrust. The hard metal of his piercings drag against the sensitive nerves of your wet core, enough to stimulate every other nerve in your body, rubbing it over and over again. 
Chan notices your face calming and how you were truly living in the moment. He takes this as a sign enough to thrust quicker, metal piercings striking the spot furiously. The sudden intrusion has your lips parting, eyes rolling back and tongue falling out in ecstasy. Your thighs, that quake, spread apart to take more of him, to let him have more control over you. Your walls clamp down on him, holding his cock tightly and magnifying the thick length of his. The moment his length pokes at the end of your cervix, you jerk, throat drying up instantly as a reaction. He was so thick and so full that he reached all the way to your cervix, ready to show you what it truly is like being fucked by a demon.
Chan grunts as he presses his hand down on your belly after pressing a short kiss. There is a slight bulge and Chan loves how you are, almost as if you are made for him. This leads your wall to press around him. His length pulses against your walls and you feel him completely, in his length and girth. Your walls ripple around his length accepting him completely — in his large, engorged, thick length.
"Fuck, I love this. Hell, I love how your juices coat my length and your lips kiss around my cock. Perfectly fitting my cock as if you were made for me,” he mutters. "Aren't you? You're mine. All mine." 
“So pretty, princess,” he coos. With every thrust of his length into you, your body is jolted back and forth, rocking the bed loudly, at an impeccable strength along with your boyfriend's.
In between all the thrusts of his cock, the way his piercings mercilessly drags inside you, triggering every single nerve bundle ever to exist in your body, you feel the clouds of euphoria come at your being. You slowly find yourself losing your being into the sheer bliss of Chan's actions.
With one more rough thrust, you are unable to hold back and with a loud cry, you come undone around Chan's cock. Feeling your walls clamp vigorously around his length, he lets out a deep growl and continues to thrust his hips into you. It is these thrusts that draw out your orgasm, bringing forth waves of bliss and euphoria, slowly seeming to shut down all your senses. The results of your intense orgasm still fluctuate through you. Your thighs tremble and toes curl. Your walls wrap so tightly around his cock that it drives him close.
His cock pulsates in your warmth and you know it too. "Oh fuck! That’s it, princess,” Chan groans out. He thrusts back into you messily, trying to keep up with the same initial pace. However, he falls out of the same relentless thrusting in the pursuit of his own orgasm. Burying his cock as deep into you, he erupts inside of you. He plays with your clit and comes undone in your core as he swears under breath, unfiltered compliments showered upon you. 
His thick cum fills you up. Buried deep, he empties everything of his load, coating your walls with thick stripes of his residue. Slowly, you find yourself back to your senses, body more alive, having ridden yourself of the giddiness of your orgasm. Your body shudders under him in your haze of orgasm.
Chan pulls out his softened cock out from you, glistening under the coated mixture of yours and his orgasm. He holds you close and rubs the side of your face gently as he compliments you, "You did so well, princess. I'm proud of you."
You kiss his lips in response, a soft, chaste one. Chan continues showering you with compliments as he falls by your side, holding you close into his sweaty naked being. He lifts himself soon enough to attend to you when you pull him down, locking him with your grip on his wrist.
"Let me take care of you, baby."
"Five minutes more, please." You look at him with a puppy like expression and Chan sighs, knowing fully well that there would be no way that he could deny your request. 
"Fine, princess," he rubs your hair away from your forehead and pulls you impossibly closer into his chest. 
"Happy Valentine's Day, baby."
Chan chuckles, kissing the top of your head and then your forehead as he teases, "You worked too much for a Valentine's Day, baby."
"Please," you stretch the syllable and speak into Chan's chest. "If anything, it is the wildest one I've ever lived to attend."
And as Chan holds you through the night, attending and taking care of you, his phone beeps soon enough,
[1] Voicemail from Changbin Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful and to you too, Chan. Call me back when you hear this. Bye.
[1] Message from Jisung This is how technology works??!!!! Oh my God. Fancy. Anyhow, Happy Valentine's Day. This goes down in my history as best Valentine's Day ever, bitches. P.S. Best sex ever too. Let's have a foursome sometime soon.
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2jaeh · 2 months ago
first love | jisung
Tumblr media
jisung falls head over heels for the stranger he met at the vending machine and his friends decide to give the youngest their flirting 101 crash course.
genre: fluff, humor
word count: 2k
author lin
"Oh no…" The tall, lanky boy behind you muttered under his breath in a deep voice and you turned your head slightly to look at him.
His head was facing down but because of his height you could clearly see his adorable features, from his moon shaped eyes down to his adorable, squirrel-like mouth. His hands were buried in the pockets of his pastel purple hoodie and his dyed pink hair fell over his forehead. What a cutie, you thought to yourself, unable to hide the small smile that crept up onto your face.
"Is everything alright?" You asked him before pulling out the chocolate bar you had just paid for from the vending machine.
"It's nothing…" The boy mumbled, his cheeks flushing almost the same colour as his hair, "that was just the last… chocolate."
"Oh? Well… here then!" You smiled, extending the chocolate bar towards him.
"Eh?" He finally lifted his head to widen his eyes at you.
"Take the chocolate." You giggled before sliding the sweet snack into the pocket of his hoodie yourself as the boy tensed up at your actions.
You could only smile at his awkwardness before walking in the opposite direction, rushing to your next class. The boy stood there completely frozen, his mind still trying to process what had just happened. It was only then that he realized that he hadn't even acknowledged your kindness.
"Thank you!" He shouted, but you had already walked away too far to hear him.
"You guys!" Jisung practically sprinted towards the bench where his friends were having their lunch, throwing himself into a seat next to Chenle.
"I don't think I've ever seen you move that fast in my entire life." Haechan commented.
"Actually, he moved faster when we went to that horror house." Jeno added, grinning adorably. 
"Oh yes, the ghost actors didn't even have the chance to scare him." Mark chuckled, running his hand through his dark hair.
"You guys!" Jisung exclaimed again, attempting to halt his older friends' teasing, "something incredible happened to me."
"You finally remembered the route to your morning class?" Chenle asked dramatically, giggling when the youngest pushed him in retaliation.
"I think… I just fell in love." Jisung replied seriously, an adorable twinkle in his eyes.
"You don't even know anyone else besides us," Haechan rolled his eyes playfully, "who could you possibly fall in love with?"
"I guess it's time to confess then," Jaemin placed his hand on Jisung's shoulder, "I love you too, Jisung."
"I don't love you!" Jisung whined, ignoring how Jaemin clutched his hand over his heart to emphasise his pain, "There's this person… I met at the vending machine."
"When?" Mark raised an eyebrow.
"Just now… on the way here." Jisung shrugged as if what he said was so obvious.
"So… you fell in love with someone you met five minutes ago?" Renjun frowned at the lovestruck boy.
"Now see, falling in love with me would make more sense!" Jaemin complained while Jeno just patted his best friend on the back.
"You don't understand," Jisung groaned before grabbing the chocolate bar from his pocket and caressing it in his hands, "they let me have the last chocolate bar in the vending machine even after they paid for it…"
"Well I guess that's enough to steal your heart," Chenle took the chocolate bar and unwrapped it, inviting himself to a bite, "so what's their name? What department are they in?"
"When are you two planning to meet again?" Renjun grinned in anticipation. 
Jisung snatched the chocolate away from Chenle and sheepishly began eating it himself, refusing to entertain their questions for which he had absolutely no answers. Upon noticing Jisung's reluctance, Haechan let out a loud cackle.
"Why did I expect anything?" Haechan teased, "Of course Mr Park over here didn't even say a word to this person."
"I did say a word to them!" Jisung countered.
"And what was that?" Jeno quizzed and they all erupted into laughter when Jisung just slumped back into his seat.
"Dear Jisung, we have some major work to do." Mark clapped his hands together and the others all nodded and hummed in agreement.
"What do you mean?" Jisung lifted his head with a blank look on his face.
"We're gonna be your wingmen~!" Haechan sang sweetly, "since you have no game at all, we're gonna teach you everything."
"Our very own Flirting 101 Crash Course!" Jeno clapped his hands together.
"First order of business," Mark voiced, "please go find out this person's name."
"But… I don't know how to find them again." Jisung sighed softly.
"Maybe they'll show up at that vending machine again." Chenle suggested nonchalantly, devouring the rest of the chocolate bar.
"Oh yes, let me go there and wait for them!" Jisung said excitedly as he scrambled up from his seat.
"Woah there sir!" Haechan yelled while Jaemin forced Jisung back into his seat, "are you gonna go wait there forever until they show up again?"
"Is that not what you were suggesting?" Jisung asked innocently while Chenle just laughed loudly.
"Okay, here's the plan," Jeno sighed deeply, "we're gonna give you all our dating tips, you're gonna take our advice and ask them out tomorrow, okay?"
"Alright, so what pro dating tips do you have for me?" Jisung quizzed them, holding his face in his hands as his elbows rested on the table.
"First off, you need to look cooler," Jaemin suggested, "maybe put more effort into your outfit, style your hair a bit…"
"I don't know the first thing about fashion." Jisung complained.
"Don't worry, I'll pick out an outfit for you to wear tomorrow." Jaemin grinned in reply.
"Next, you gotta hit them with a really good pickup line," Mark suggested excitedly, "something like, hey so besides being cute what do you do for a living?"
"Lame!" Jeno chuckled loudly.
"Am I in a museum? Because you're a work of art!" Chenle winked.
"I think I'm gonna throw up." Renjun fake gagged.
"Okay, next you need to be less shy and awkward," Haechan added, "you need to be more confident, assert your dominance."
"He's not a dog, Haechan." Mark rolled his eyes.
"But he's gotta be the Alpha!" Haechan teased, exaggerating his point with a high pitched howl that earned him a few concerned stares.
"Ignore everything he just said, you need to show off your gentle side," Renjun sighed softly, "Don't be awkward, but keep a calm and confident persona."
"Okay so, dress nice, be confident, be gentle and use a good pickup line?" Jisung asked, nervously looking up at his friends.
"You've got this, Jisung." Jeno patted the younger boy on his shoulder.
"Is it too late to say I can't do this!?" Jisung whined as he frantically turned on his heels and tried to run away, but Jeno and Mark were the wall stopping him.
His friends had accompanied him to the same hallway - for moral support apparently, but they would definitely laugh if anything went wrong - and you were already standing at the vending machine getting a drink for yourself. Jisung was dressed in the outfit Jaemin had picked out for him - a tie dyed button up, white vest and a pair of light blue jeans - and he had spent the whole night practicing his conversation with you. He even dreamt about this moment the night prior, but in his dream you ignored him to go to Renjun so he really didn't want to think about that.
"Who knows when you'll ever get a chance like this again?" Haechan whispered dramatically, "just do it as we practiced."
"And if all else fails just tell them you were just joking around and run away." Mark suggested with a laugh.
"Alright, I got this." Jisung mumbled as he straightened up his posture.
"You got this!" Chenle and Jaemin shouted in unison which made you flinch.
You turned your head to see the boys sheepishly hiding behind the corner. Jeno cleared his throat awkwardly as he nudged Jisung towards you. Jisung snapped his head towards them, giving his friends a dirty look before slowly walking up to you. You could only smile at him, finding his shyness absolutely adorable. He put his hands behind his back and awkwardly leaned his body against the vending machine.
"Hello again." He gave you a small smile that made you giggle.
"Hello again," You replied before reaching your hand out to him, "I'm Y/n by the way."
"I-I'm Jisung." He replied, gingerly shaking your hand.
Then there was silence. You looked up at the timid boy as he racked his brain for something else to say to you. You swear you could've seen a lightbulb pop up above his head when his eyes widened and a crooked smile appeared on his heart shaped lips. You felt your chest flutter with adoration for this charming boy.
"Hey, do you work at a cute museum for a living?" Jisung blurted out and his heart plummeted to his stomach when you frowned at him in confusion.
"Huh?" You questioned him softly, flinching when you heard a loud groan from behind the poor boy.
Your eyes fell to some distance down the hallway and you saw a group of boys scrambling behind the wall, verbally and physically reprimanding the boy with black and blonde hair, presumably the culprit behind the groan. You laughed under your breath as they uselessly tried to stay hidden behind the wall and Jisung frantically looked between you and his rowdy friends, desperately trying to get the situation back according to plan.
"You're a work of art!" Jisung exclaimed with an awkward laugh, mentally smacking himself for the response.
"Thanks, I guess?" You replied, not really sure what else to say to him.
"Awoo?" Jisung replied softly, sounding like a confused baby wolf as he scrambled for his last resort.
"Did you just howl?" You frowned once again.
"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Jisung said abruptly as he tried to turn around and run away, but you quickly took hold of his arm and halted his actions.
"Ah!" Mark squealed at the sight, jumping and harshly slapping Jeno's arm in excitement.
"What Kdrama is this?" Chenle grinned.
"Are those your friends over there?" You asked quietly once Jisung had turned back around to face you, his head hung low.
When he just nodded sheepishly, you sighed softly and stepped closer to him.
"And did they make you dress up and learn terrible pick up lines to talk to me?" You pondered, tilting your head to the side to scan the boy's adorable face.
"Yes…" Jisung voiced hesitantly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.
"Well you didn't have to go through all of this to impress me," you admitted with a grin, your heart feeling warm when Jisung lifted his head and his bright eyes stared right at you in disbelief, "I was already quite interested in the cute boy I met yesterday."
"Really?" His eyes widened in disbelief and you giggled at the sight.
"My class in that lecture hall over there ends at twelve," you explained to him, gesturing towards the room, "we can meet up afterwards if you want to?"
Jisung nodded absentmindedly and you just chose to assume he took in everything you told him. You shook your head in amusement before leaning over and planting a sweet peck on Jisung's cheek. Jisung was frozen as you gave him a cheesy grin before rushing over to your next class. Once you were at the room door, you turned back to give him a wave. Jisung dreamily lifted his hand to wave back at you before you disappeared into your lecture room. He only snapped out of his daydream when he felt Jaemin throw an arm over his shoulders and Mark patted him on the back.
"Damn Jisung… maybe you have the most game out of all of us." Haechan shrugged.
"He has no game, he's just cute." Jeno chuckled as the others all seriously hummed in agreement.
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luvrlixie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hiii first of all tysm for all the support I've been receiving!! I've only had this account for a few days and I'm already so overwhelmed with all the kindness y'all have been showing me!! this is inspired by all the tiktoks on my fyp where girls call their bf pretty. very very slight suggestive theme in jaemin's
my man FREEZES
his eyes get so wide too
he's just really flustered and has no idea how to respond
It takes him a good minute to finally say something back to you
"I- uh .. I'm what?"
"you're pretty :D !! .. do you not like being called that??"
mark just shrugs and awkwardly scratches the back of his head
"I mean I think I'm good looking or handsome but not pretty"
you assume based on his reaction that he doesn't like it. you're a little bummed cause like ... he's v v pretty <\3
ultimately though you'd never wanna make him uncomfortable
like 4 hours go by and you've pretty much entirely forgotten about the whole incident
but mark certainly hasn't
he's never been called pretty before and he can't stop thinking about it
you're cuddling and out of nowhere he asks, "do you really think I'm pretty"
now YOU'RE surprised
cause ???? you weren't expecting that
but you just smile and nod
"of course I do, I think you're very pretty"
mark likes to act like he's too cool for names like pretty boy. but he secretly love it
probably brags about it to johnny later lmaooo
he loves it. he love being your pretty boy
he'll start blushing like crazy and hides his face in your shoulder
"you really think so?"
YES BABY I DO!!!!! <33
it makes his day when you call him pretty
no matter how bad of a day he's having or how insecure he's feeling, he will always smile when you call him pretty
and it's all because he knows that you really really mean it
it's just the way you say it. he knows you're not lying
It reminds him of how much he's loved
and in return, how much he loves you
"ah well then I guess I've been spending so much time with you that all your good looks are starting to wear off on me"
literally you cannot give him a compliment without him somehow turning it back around on you
I feel like he's pretty neutral about the name
ofc he likes it but he doesn't go crazy for it
If a good amount of time passes without you calling him it
he'll start calling himself pretty just to bait you into saying it ... cause he misses being your pretty boy <3
he'll be like "yeah ik I look good in this shirt. I mean I'm the prettiest boy in the world, remember?
"haechan's arguing with me he keeps saying he's the prettiest in our group, please help cause we both know I'm prettier"
okay so
I feel like he calls himself pretty a lot
and will ask you to rate how pretty he looks on a scale from 1-10 and stuff like that
but the first time you call him your pretty boy completely unprompted
he's honestly so taken aback
he can't even get all cocky cause he's too flustered <\3
it's so devastating to him cause he wants to make a joke and be dramatic but he's too busy trying to hide his blush
no matter how energetic he gets
calling him pretty boy is his weakness!!!
It immediately makes him pause
and always makes him blush <3
he loves being your pretty boy . so much
literally just smirks and goes "yeah I know"
😐😐 jaemin. I will strangle you (with love tho)
your plan backfires so hard
cause he ends up referring to himself as your pretty boy cause he knows it makes you flustered
you just wanted to make HIM embarrassed, not the other way around
also uses it to get attention from you
If he wants extra cuddles
or wants you to play with his hair
or a blowjob
he'll text you something along the lines of "hey guess what! your pretty boy totally killed it on music bank today :)"
it always works
similar to mark, he gets really quiet
just stares at you for a few seconds
"I'm what?
he's been called pretty by his fans before
but there's something about the way you say it that really catches him off guard
so you say it again and his whole face goes soft
has the goofiest smile and the biggest heart eyes
"ah, thank you"
he really like it, it makes him feel special
(and pretty, obviously)
because of how special it makes him feel it's not something that he wants to be called all the time
cause he doesn't want it to lose its meaning
of course he loves being doted on and complimented on his looks
but pretty boy is reserved for the tenderest of cuddles and the softest of date nights
he's a whole mess™
he's stuttering and won't make eye contact with you and his whole face is turning bright red
It makes him so embarrassed
(in a good way though!!!!!)
the name makes his insides turn to mush
he absolutely adores it so don't you dare stop calling him pretty 🔫 or it's on sight istg
It makes you melt too
cause you call him pretty and he had the biggest heart eyes and shdbjshsbskhsbs
the name also makes him super soft and clingy
call him pretty boy and he's not letting go of you for hours
I feel like he's usually not the biggest fan of most petnames but he loves pretty boy <3
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jsung01 · 3 months ago
Call Me Back? // h.j.s
Tumblr media
Genre: Smut, Eventual Angst 
Word Count: 5k
Contains: Fratboy!Jisung, Female reader, oral sex (female receiving and brief male receiving), unprotected sex, nipple play, cum swallowing, use of recreational drugs, mentions of alcohol
A/N: So I’ve decided to make this into a short little series, so here is part 2! Thank you to my baby @janethesiren​ for reading this beforehand and helping me out with some great ideas <333 and thanks to @spilledtee​ for always supporting my writing <333
Read part one here -> 💟
Tumblr media
Maybe: Jisung: Hey, it’s Jisung, from the other night.
You couldn’t respond. What were you even going to say?
“Oh hey, it’s great to hear from you! By the way, sorry for hooking up with you and then walking out in the morning with no explanation! My bad!”
No, you couldn’t. It was better to just ignore his message, and move on. It was only a hookup after all, and that’s how these things are supposed to go, right? You hookup, leave, and then you move on with your life.
And so, you shut your phone off and went back to what was really important - your studies. You opened up your laptop, pulling up your latest study guide from your desktop and reviewing your notes.
Until it dinged again.
Your head snapped in the direction of your phone, expecting to see Jisung's phone number flash across the screen again. You felt your whole body relax once you saw that it was only your friend Brianna, the one who had persuaded you to go to the party in the first place.
Bri: Hey girl! Sorry I didn’t reach out to you sooner, I’ve been super busy lately :(
Bri: Anyways, I’m free today. Maybe we can hang out, catch up a bit! I haven’t seen you in a few days!
She was right, you hadn’t seen her in a few days. Since the night of the party, to be exact. It wouldn’t hurt to go out and see her for a little while, and then you could go back to studying afterwards.
Y/n: Hey! Sure, only for a few hours though, I have lots of studying to get done.
Bri: Of course you do. I’ll meet you at the Starbucks down the road from campus in about 20 minutes then?
Y/n: See you then!
By the time you finally got to Starbucks, your friend had already arrived. She was easily recognizable; her dark red hair and bright sweaters always made her stand out from the rest. 
She waved you over in her direction, pointing to the drink she had already bought for you. You grinned as you approached her table, seating yourself in the chair across from her.
“Hey! Thanks for the drink, I'm surprised you still remember what I like after all this time”, you joked as you reached over to grab the drink from her end of the table.
“Yeah, yeah”, she smiled, rolling her eyes and shaking her head at you. “Anyways, how have you been?”
“I’m well. Studying as much as I can for our upcoming exams”, you replied. “How about you? How’s the studying going”
“Good, good”, she nodded, taking a sip of her drink. “It’s going good”
You squinted suspiciously at her change of tone. “You haven’t started, have you”
“Ok fine, I haven’t. But I’ll be fine, I’d much rather have fun during my college years”
Bri had always been the type to prioritize fun over studies. Even in highschool, she had always chosen a good party over preparing for exams. It always seemed to work for her too, since she somehow still managed to maintain decent grades, enough to get her into the same college as you.
You were never like that though. Since elementary school, you always had to work harder than the other kids in order to keep up academically. That meant skipping sleepovers, staying up late, and even prioritizing your grades over your mental health at times. It was exhausting, but at least it kept you from failing any classes.
“Speaking of that”, Bri spoke up again. “I didn’t see you at the party later that night, where’d you run off to? I tried to find you afterwards, but it was like you had disappeared”
The party, of course. It was at this party that you met Jisung for the first time, and would eventually end up in his bed the next morning. You knew telling her this would shock her, since you weren't the type to partake in hook ups normally. But there was no way you could keep it a secret forever - she was your best friend, and you didn't want to hide anything from her.
“Right, about that”, you looked to the side, holding onto your drink close to you for comfort. “I, uh”
She raised her eyebrows, waiting to hear you continue. “Yes?”
Your voice grew quiet as you confessed what had happened. “I may have spent the night with someone-”
“You slept with someone??”, your friend suddenly shouted, earning a few weird looks from some of your peers in the tables around you.
You felt yourself shrinking in embarrassment, not wanting to draw attention to yourself, especially for something like this. Your friend seemed to notice this, and apologized instantly.
“Oh god, I’m sorry”, she said, bringing her voice down a few notches. “I just got excited! Y/n slept with someone! I mean, we’re in college, lots of people do, I just never expected you to do that kind of thing. You never came across as the type to do hookups, you know, since you study all the time and when you’re not studying, you’re working. And when you’re not working, you’re sleeping. And when you’re not sleeping, you’re watching Netflix..”
You tried not to take offence to her rambling. It was true, this sort of thing wasn’t something you’d typically partake in. In fact, this was your first hookup ever.
“Yeah, I guess I just got really drunk, and so was he, and then we bumped into each other, and well, yeah”, you felt awkward even explaining what happened, trying to find the words to explain it. 
“Ooooh y/n!!”, Bri said, now swinging her free hand in excitement. “Did you get his name?”
“Mhm”, you hummed. “It was Jisung”
“Jisung??”, your friend stopped moving, eyes widening the moment she heard the name. “Like Han Jisung?”
“You know him?”
She nodded. “That was his party the other night. Him and his friends all live together and throw them like every weekend. Every time I go to one of them, Jisung is always stupid drunk and doing some dumb shit with his friends”
None of this new information was shocking to you - Jisung looked, acted and spoke exactly like a frat boy. Like the last kind of person you thought you’d be associating yourself with.
“I’m surprised he hooked up with you”, she added nonchalantly, taking another sip of her drink.
You furrowed your eyebrows at her statement. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Oh, I didn’t mean it like that”, she waved her hands in front of her as if dismissing your concerns. “He’s usually the type to hook up with those preppy, snotty party girls. You know, the typical college brats. You’re not like that, so I’m just surprised”
“Well it’s not like he had very much time to get to know me, for all he knows, I could be”, you responded, crossing your arms in front of you rather defensively.
“True, but you don’t look like it”, she continued. “He probably saw your beauty from a mile away and thought ‘ah yes, that’s the one I’m fucking tonight’”
When you heard her drunk Jisung impersonation, you couldn't help but burst out in laughter. Your friend always had a knack for making people laugh with her impressions, they never failed to brighten the mood whenever needed.
You both took a few moments to calm down before continuing the conversation.
“Did you talk to him afterwards?”, she asked, still gasping for air after laughing so hard.
You shook your head. “No, but he texted me. I still don’t know how he got my number”
“He texted you?”, her eyebrows raised in disbelief. “Damn, must’ve been some good sex if he’s coming back for more”
It was good sex, or at least what you could remember. You hated to admit it though, that maybe he thought the same thing. But you shook off that feeling for now, not wanting to give yourself a false understanding of what he was thinking. 
“Oh stop it. He’s probably just texting me to thank him for that night, that’s all”, you rolled your eyes. “Besides, he’s probably got plenty of girls he could be hooking up with instead”
“I don’t know, y/n. Maybe he wants more of you”, she winked playfully, emphasizing the last word. “I would be messaging him back, if it were me. That boy is fine as hell, I mean, have you seen his arms in those muscle t-shirts that he wears?”
“Ok yeah, sure he’s cute”, you confessed shyly. “But I don’t know how I feel about messing around with a frat boy. Just sounds like a recipe for disaster”
“Whatever you say, y/n”, she said. “If it were me, I would definitely be messing around with that”
For the next few days, you contemplated that text message. You thought about what your friend Bri had said, and how maybe, just maybe, he really did want to hook up again.
But was that really what you needed? You still knew next to nothing about this boy, and by texting him back, you might just be getting yourself into more trouble than you’d like. Not to mention, you still had finals, and the last thing you wanted to worry about was a boy. 
But at the same time, maybe he was just planning on thanking you for that night. It was only a text, and if it were something important, he probably would’ve told you in the message. 
Your mind was conflicted - you were torn between taking the chance and texting him back, or deleting his number completely and moving on with your life. But of all the things you were uncertain of, you knew one thing for sure: there was only one way to find out.
And so after much deliberation, you finally decided to text him back one quiet evening during one of your study sessions. 
You picked up your phone, opening up his message for the first time. 
[6:45pm] Y/n: Hey
You placed your phone back down on the table, taking a deep breath as you waited for a response. 
Less than three minutes later, your phone dinged again.
[6:47pm] Jisung: Hi
[6:48pm] Jisung: What are you up to rn?
What are you up to? Oh nothing, just spent the last few days debating whether or not to respond to your message, that’s all.
You weren’t about to tell him that though, instead opting for a casual response.
[6:51pm] Y/n: Nothing at the moment, why?
[6:52pm] Jisung: Cool.
[6:52pm] Jisung: Can we meet?
And there it was. You bit your lip nervously as you read over the text message, trying to decide just what to say. Was this really a good idea?
But just as you told yourself before, there was only one way to find out.
[7:00pm] Y/n: When ?
[7:01pm] Jisung: Now works, I can bring you to my place.
Now? What was so urgent that he needed to talk to you now? 
[7:07pm] Y/n: Alright
[7:08pm] Jisung: On my way!
[7:08pm] Jisung: **omw
Gotta love autocorrect.
20 minutes after sending him your address, Jisung texted you back to inform you that he arrived. Sure enough, when you looked outside your window, there was a black car parked right in front of your place.
You didn’t know why, but your heart was beating fast, anxious to talk to him again. A good anxious or a bad anxious, you didn’t know. But nonetheless, you opened the door to his car.
“Hey”, he nodded towards you. “Come in”
“Hey”, you responded as normal as you could manage, climbing inside and shutting the door beside you. He sounded casual, just as though you and him were nothing more than college friends.
Upon seating yourself in the car, however, your eyes caught sight of something that made you second guess what the hell you were doing.
Jisung, trying to suppress a smirk, but doing a horrible job. His mouth was only partially covered by his palm, his other hand gripping onto the steering wheel as he drove down the road. From the corner of your eye, you could see Jisung biting his lip, playing with his lip piercing.
Something was telling you that maybe, this wasn’t going to be an ordinary meet up.
As soon as you arrived to his place, you were met with the overpowering smell of alcohol and weed. The smell alone would’ve been tolerable, had you not also seen the mess of bottles and trash surrounding his place. Looking over, you caught sight of what you assumed to be the aftermath of one of Jisung’s parties - a box of domino’s pizza and an array of empty red solo cups left out on the coffee table next to the couch. He couldn’t have cleaned up a little bit before inviting you over?
That wasn’t why you were here though. You were here because Jisung needed to talk to you. 
“You want anything to drink? A blunt?”, he asked, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a thin white-looking stick along with a small lighter.
You shook your head abruptly. “No, no, I’m good. I don’t do that kind of stuff”
“Whatever you say”, he shrugged. Holding the blunt with one hand and lighting it with the other, Jisung took a hit, exhaling the smoke without a single cough. He definitely wasn't new to this. 
“So..”, you said awkwardly, looking around the room. 
Jisung stood in front of you, sticking his free hand inside of the pockets of his pants. It wasn’t until then that you really took in his appearance. He was wearing a grey hoodie and ripped skinny jeans, and his nails had been painted the colour black, unlike the night before. His hair was noticeably tangled, as if he had tried to style it with his hands alone, causing the strands to fall freely in front of his face.
“So”, he looked at you with a smirk.“Why’d you leave me so soon?”
“What?”, your head snapped back in his direction. You didn’t expect Jisung to get straight to the point like that. He chuckled, taking another hit before responding.
“Well, you left me in the morning. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you”, he paused for a moment before continuing. “Didn’t get a chance to tell you how much fun I had”
You pursed your lips, not really sure how to reply. Was it wrong to leave him that morning? You figured that’s what everyone did, you didn’t know people actually stayed the next morning and talked.
“It was just a one night stand, Jisung”, you spoke up after a few moments of silence. “There was nothing to talk about”
Jisung took one final hit of his blunt, tossing the bud onto the ground and crushing it with his shoe. He knelt his body down in front of you, looking directly into your eyes. You could really smell the weed coming from him now, stronger than any other smell in the room.
“Yeah? If it was only a one night stand”, Jisung tilted his head. “Then why are you here right now?”
You scoffed in annoyance. Truth was, you still weren’t really sure why you had come back after only a few days. Something was reeling you back in, but holding you back at the same time. He hadn’t even told you what he was calling you over for. And yet, you agreed - although you weren’t certain why, whether that was because your friend had convinced you, or that you were curious about what he wanted from you. All you knew was that Jisung was in front of you now, standing with the most smug expression you had ever seen.
“You’re the one who texted me in the first place”, you tried your best to sound as confident as possible, but by the way Jisung chuckled at your words, that seemed to be less than successful.
“And you agreed”, Jisung seemed to have read your exact thoughts, knowing exactly what you were thinking just by looking at you. He took his hand out of his pocket, gently placing his fingertips underneath your chin and lifting your face up so you would look directly at him. “So don’t try to act tough with me. You can admit that you had fun too, that you’d love to do it again”
You nearly laughed out loud at his cocky remark. 
“Yeah you wish”, you spat. “Listen, if you just brought me over here so you could belittle me, then I’m going h-”
“Maybe I do”, Jisung interrupted, causing your jaw to snap shut. “Maybe that’s why I got your number, because I wanted to fuck that tight pussy of yours again.”
You felt the impact of his words go straight to your core. Jisung could tell too, because his gaze fell down to your thighs once he noticed you subconsciously squeezing your thighs together at his filthy confession.
“Oh I can tell you liked that”, Jisung mocked, looking back up at you. “Didn’t you, baby?”
“No, I didn’t”, you argued back, trying to hide the fact that Jisung’s words had turned you on instantly.
"No?", Jisung tilted his head to the side again, his face drawn out in a fake pout. His fingers went to gently caress your lips as he watched you let out a shaky breath. “Wanna say that again for me?”
You huffed, accepting your defeat. As much as you hated to admit it, Jisung had you wrapped around his fingers within a matter of minutes.
“’Okay’ what?”, he raised his eyebrow at you.  
You sighed before answering. “I liked it”
“Yeah I thought so”, Jisung glanced down at your lips as his thumb continued caressing your lower lip. “You don’t have to lie to me, baby. I want you just as bad as you want me”
You nodded, although you weren’t paying much attention to his words as you were to the lips that spoke them.
Before long, he leaned in, letting his lips connect with yours for the first time since the other night.
You instantly relaxed into the kiss, bringing your hand to rest against Jisung’s cheek as you felt yourself falling entirely into his touch. 
Jisung soon climbed over top of you, pushing you backwards onto the couch with his lips still pressed against yours. His body found its way in between your legs, in a position that was quite familiar to the both of you.
Jisung dragged his lips down all the way to your chest, and then along the centre of your stomach, making you shiver at his touch. His lips brushed against the sensitive areas of your tummy, before gliding down to rest at your thighs. He began leaving love bites on the flesh of your inner leg, eliciting a soft gasp from you that made Jisung hum against your skin.
Jisung then pulled his lips away for a moment to gaze up at you.
“I don’t think I’ve gotten a taste of you yet, have I?”, he said, rubbing your thigh gently as he spoke. You shook your head, not recalling a time where Jisung’s face had been between your thighs like this.
“I’m not sure, only one way to find out”, Jisung smirked once more and reached up to yank your shorts from your waist, tossing them over his shoulder.
“Fuck.”, he cursed at the sight of your core directly in front of him, already soaked from his teasing, and all for him. “You look fucking delicious”
He felt himself harden in his own pants, reminiscing on just how good your pussy had made him feel last time. With one last glance, Jisung brought his face down against your core.
The feeling of being inside of you had felt amazing, but this? This was a whole other level of enjoyment. Jisung’s eyes fluttered shut the moment he could taste you on his tongue, letting out a moan of pure enjoyment. Jisung, with his eyes still closed, proceeded to swirl his tongue and lips all around your core, lapping up your juices as if you were a meal he just couldn’t get enough of.
He pulled away then, just enough to be able to speak.
“Oh, I definitely didn’t get to taste you. There’s no way I would’ve forgotten this, you taste so fucking good”, he said, borderline moaning the last words.
You giggled at his words, quickly being cut off however by Jisung’s tongue reattaching itself to your core. You let out a loud moan, Jisung’s eager motions doing wonders on your body. It truly felt like heaven.
You looked down as Jisung quickly became desperate, practically making out with your still wet cunt and making the most obscene sounds. The feeling was indescribable, and Jisung’s passion was only adding to your pleasure. It was as though he was desperate to see you cum for him, this time sober and completely aware of what he was doing. He wanted all of you on his tongue.
In order to fulfill that desire as much as possible, Jisung quickly slipped two fingers inside of you, long enough to soak them up with your juices. Once he took them out, he slid his hand underneath your shirt and all the way up to cup your breasts. He pulled your bra to the side, enough for his fingers to make contact with your already hard and sensitive nipples.
Your breathing picked up once you felt his fingers rubbing wet circles around your nipple, and by instinct, you reached down to grip onto his hair. The stimulation added to the pleasure you were already feeling, and within a matter of minutes, you knew you were already close.
“Jisung, I’m gonna cum”, you moaned, warning him that if he didn’t move away, you’d be finishing all over his face. Instead of stopping however, he gripped tightly onto your thigh with one hand, holding your legs apart as he began sucking harshly on your clit while his other hand continued rubbing quick circles around your nipple. “Oh my god I’m so close”
“Yeah? You’re gonna cum for me already?”, he groaned against your clit, the vibrations sending you further on edge. “Cum then”
Your body naturally jerked up into his face as you rode yourself into your high, and you swore you could see stars. Jisung didn't attempt to stop you from moving while you came, and let you grind your cunt against his tongue while his hand kept a tight grip onto your breast, his way of bracing himself on anything his hands could grab while you fucked yourself on his face.
Jisung lifted himself up once you finally stopped moving, climbing up to kiss you on your lips and allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. Before long, he disconnected your lips, resting his forehead against yours as you both tried to catch your breath.
“Now I remember…”, Jisung sighed while looking into your eyes.
Your lips drew out in a tired smile.“Wanna show me what else you remember?”
“Oh you’re naughty”, he smirked before bringing his head down to your neck, grinding his growing bulge against your wet core and drinking in the sounds of your whimpers. “Didn’t expect that from a pretty little thing like you”
At what was quite possibly the worst time, you heard his cellphone ringing. Jisung kept going however, ignoring the obnoxious ringing sound in his pocket.
“Jisung, I think you should get that”, you said, placing a hand on his chest in an attempt to get him to stop.
“It’s just my roommate,” he replied. “They’ll end the call eventually”
But they didn’t. The ringing seemed to go on forever, until you both found it almost impossible to ignore. So with an annoyed huff, Jisung pulled himself off of you and reached in his pocket to answer whoever had called.
“Hey man”, he tried his best to sound normal, although his breathing was noticeably heavier than usual. “What’s up?”
Jisung was silent for a moment while the person on the other end talked.
“Nah, I can’t. I’m busy right now. Can you get anyone else to pick them up?”
Another pause.
“Busy with what?”, he looked over towards you, running his hands in his hair. “Just.. doing some house cleaning”
You rolled your eyes, of course he wouldn’t admit that he had a girl over, especially not right in front of you. You didn’t care too much about that though, you just wanted him to get off the phone so you could have him all to yourself again.
“Yeah yeah, I’ll get them later, okay? See ya man”, ending the call, Jisung tossed his phone to the side with a frustrated sigh, before climbing back on top of you.
“Fucking cockblock”, he said as his lips continued where he had left off. “Now, where were we?”
“Hm, you were about to do some house cleaning”, you sighed, moving your head to allow his lips more room.
“Yeah, you’re the ‘house cleaning’ I was talking about”, he mumbled, you could feel him smiling against your neck as he spoke.
You giggled. “Then shut up and do it”
Jisung smiled again as his hand began to travel up and down the side of your body, running his fingers along your skin.
“Don’t be mean, baby”
Jisung placed his free hand on your thigh, holding your leg apart as his hips began to grind harshly against your core. You squirmed, since that was all you could do with Jisung’s hand holding you down.
Taking his hand off of your thigh, he stripped himself of his clothing, tossing them to the ground beside him.
He leaned forward again, grabbing onto his length and rubbing it against your entrance.  
After some time, you finally had enough of his teasing.
“Jisung, please”, you moaned, trying to grind your hips up against his cock.
“But I thought you didn’t like it?”, Jisung mocked you from earlier. You knew exactly what he wanted to hear, but you hated the fact that he was going to make you say it out loud.
“Jisungg”, you whined, causing Jisung to smirk at your neediness. “I already said I like it”
“Say it again”, he urged, still teasing your entrance with his cock. 
“Fine”, you huffed. “I like it, Jisung”
Jisung thrusted his hips forward, just barely enough for the tip of his length to slip in. “Again for me”
“I like it, Jisung”, you replied immediately, quickly growing impatient. “I just need to feel your cock again, please”
“I know you do, baby”, Jisung cooed, pulling his hips back before thrusting them all the way forward. He let out a groan, the feeling of being inside of you for the first time in a while was almost too much for him to handle. He missed this, and he could tell that you had as well.
You rolled your head back in pleasure as his hips soon sped up. The stimulation was beginning to make your head feel fuzzy, as if you were melting beneath him.
“Fuck, you’re just so good”, he groaned as he fucked you deep, looking down at you to watch your face contort in pleasure. “You’re taking me so well, just like the last time”
You loved hearing his voice, the way it suddenly got so much deeper and raspier whenever he was fucking you. Hearing him say such filthy things to you in that voice only made you wetter, which made it easier for Jisung to fuck himself into you.
Cumming on Jisung’s tongue not long ago had your body feeling more sensitive than usual; you could already feel your orgasm approaching quickly every time you felt Jisung’s cock hitting your most sensitive spots.
You warned Jisung by reaching up to grip his arm, and he quickly got the message. Speeding up the pace of his hips, Jisung wrapped his right hand around your hip while his free hand gripped tightly onto the bedsheets below him.
“Cum me for baby, I know you’re close”, he breathed, the words just barely intelligible from how fast he was moving. “Show me how much you missed this”
With one final moan of his name, your walls tightened around his cock as your orgasm washed over you. You held your grip on Jisung’s bicep as your head dropped back against the couch.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, you chanted while Jisung moved his free hand from you hip to your thighs, riding you through your orgasm while your legs shook uncontrollably in his embrace. “Fuck Jisung, I can’t”
Jisung continued fucking you, now chasing his own release. 
Once your head stopped feeling dizzy and you found the strength to move, you lifted your head up to look at Jisung, just in time to see him pulling his cock out of you so he could cum on your stomach instead this time. 
But you had another idea, and so you quickly scooted your body down so that his cock was directly in front of your face, his knees on either side of your shoulders.
“What are y-”, Jisung eyes widened once you wrapped your lips around his cock, finally realizing what you were doing.
“Fuckk y/n..”, he groaned with his hand still stroking his cock. Immediately after, Jisung threw his head back as he came inside of your mouth, letting his release shoot down your throat and on your tongue. 
Jisung hadn’t planned on making you swallow his cum - and he definitely hadn’t expected you to do it at your own will. But he had to admit that watching you lazily sucking on his tip and moaning in pleasure while you took all of his cum, was so fucking dirty to him. Just how he liked it.
You looked up at him as you took his cock out of your mouth, licking one last time across his slit to make sure you had gotten every last drop. 
“Fucking hell”, he breathed out, looking down at you. “You’re so good”
It wasn't until you shut the door to your apartment that it hit you: you'd just fucked Jisung for the second time. In the heat of the moment, you'd done something you'd initially told yourself you'd never do again.
You still knew nothing about this boy, except for the fact that he was the definition of a college fuck boy. Maybe you’d regret doing this, maybe even end up crying. But you couldn’t deny, Jisung was a good fuck. 
And maybe that’s what you needed, someone to help relieve your stress every once and a while. Maybe that’s why even after questioning what the fuck you were doing, you still agreed to see him again, still responded to his text message the next day when he told you he had a good time. There was no harm in that, right? People do this all the time, it’s nothing new.
As long as neither of you caught feelings for one another, everything would be fine. At least, that’s what you told yourself. 
Tumblr media
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skzkkun · 29 days ago
secret scream
Tumblr media
pairing: hyunjin x reader, han x reader
warnings: horror themes (death / gore; brief mention of parental death), smut — including thigh-riding, oral sex (f receiving), dubcon and knife-play — and spoilers for scream (1996) . . . the movie is 25 years old though, so if you haven’t seen it already that’s on you (-ㅅ-)ゞ゛
synopsis: After your small town gets ravaged by a series of murders, you begin to look into who the mysterious killer could be — but what happens if everyone around you is a suspect? (3.5k)
## TAGLIST — @nikkell @grandmasterslickfox @hwangvibe @danyxthirstae01 @http-hxn @jaeminie-cricket @alyselenai @bettyschwallocksyee @hobitherapy @etherindie @97lovestay @toxiccyubin
## A/N — sorry for posting this a couple hours late, but i hope you all still enjoy !! happy halloween ~ ♡
Tumblr media
“I just don’t understand why the police aren’t doing anything,” Felix groaned, his head comfortably on your lap, “All this talk about how someone did something like that to an innocent person, and how the killer was still out there? It’s been freaking me out.”
You couldn’t fault your best friend for being terrified, everyone in town was. As soon as the news broke out that a violent killer was hunting down people to kill indiscriminately — leaving no clues except the mangled corpses of their victims, and a single ghost mask — everyone in town has been on edge. With the killer’s newest victim being discovered this morning, it made sense for a curfew to swiftly be placed.
“C’mon, Felix,” Han chimed, “Lighten up, man! I mean, I heard they’re thinking about cancelling this term because of the murders. Not having any more homework kinda makes it all worth it, right?”
“You’re kidding, right?” You reply, rolling your eyes at how Han could make this situation into yet another punchline, “Our classmate was fucking hollowed out last night! I mean, how can someone even gut a person like that?” Silence filled the cafeteria table as you shivered, shifting your focus back onto the meal you didn’t have the stomach to eat.
“Well,” Han begins, “I’d imagine you just have to take a knife—” He grabs a butter knife from the table to emphasise; grabbing your neck gently with one hand, “And slice deeply from the groin... up to the sternum.” As Han says this, he hovers the dull utensil over your lower stomach - mindful not to hurt Felix, who watched Han’s performance from your lap. Han slowly moved the knife up to your collarbone; chuckling as he eventually releases your neck.
“Seriously, dumbass? What’s wrong with you… have a little tact.” Hyunjin exclaimed from across the table, as he shifts his attention to you “You ok, angel?” You could only nod in response to your boyfriend’s question, shooting him a tight smile as Han mumbles an apology. The once crowded table had now dwindled: leaving just you, Felix, Han, Hyunjin, and your uneaten lunch.
“Hey Han,” Felix hesitantly spoke up, “Didn’t you used to date the girl that was killed?” He finally lifted his head from your lap, moving to collect his things as the bell for the next class rang through the dining hall. You gradually followed: discarding your meal and picking up your bag as you stared at Felix, wondering if he knew something you didn’t.
Han was briefly stunned by the younger boy’s sudden interrogation; the tension was suffocating, “I mean, kinda,” He chuckled, grabbing his backpack from underneath the table. “We dated for like a month — but that was a couple of years ago, what are you trying to say?”
Felix shrugs, standing up from his seat while keeping strong eye contact with the man, “Just saying, I thought you would be a little more upset that someone you were involved with was just killed." He turns away, greeting his classmate as they begin to walk to their next class together.
“You know Han was with Minho all night last night,” Hyunjin shouts out to Felix, “Before you get any weird ideas!”
Felix waves off the comment, as Han scoffs from behind you, “Maybe he wouldn’t be so freaked out if his imagination wasn’t all over the place.”
You knew that your boyfriend wasn’t lying about Han’s location last night — and of course, you trusted Han: he’s your best friend! He was there to comfort you when your mother passed away, he was there for you when you got into your dream college, he even helped you pack when you moved house last summer.
So why did your stomach turn after hearing him laugh before he left the dining hall?
Tumblr media
The sun was just starting to set, painting the small town a gorgeous orange. However, with the curfew set, you didn’t attempt to hang around after school ended for the day to admire the view. Admittedly, it was a welcome change to be back home so early; relaxing in your pyjamas, as opposed to staying out with your friends at the skatepark until late in the night.
You were watching some cheesy horror movie from the 80s filled with predictable tropes, laughable special effects, and most importantly: not a single jumpscare. It wasn’t as if you hated horror movies, unlike many of your friends, you actually loved all things spooky — but with your head still dizzy from today’s chaos, you decided that tonight shouldn’t be too intense.
Grabbing another handful of your favourite popcorn, you stare at your TV screen as you shovel the snack into your mouth, paying no attention to the stray kernels that littered the carpet. Although the movie you were watching was known to be more lighthearted, the current scene had you petrified.
“Holy shit, the monsters right behind her, isn’t it…” You mumbled to yourself, filling your mouth with more popcorn as the suspense of the movie builds. As you inched closer to your TV, the music swelled to accompany the on-screen tension of the protagonist, who was naively wandering the halls of her childhood home while a horrifying monster lurks in the shadows behind her.
The colossal and nameless blasphemy with glaring red eyes stretched its bony claws out towards the woman in front of it. Creeping closer.
And closer.
And even closer, the breath of the creature petrifying the main character, until —
Your phone rang, startling you enough to drop your bowl of popcorn; you whined about the mess as you quickly moved to pick up your phone from the coffee table in front of you. ‘Strange,’ You thought ‘It’s an unknown number,’.
“Hello?” You spoke up in a faux-cheery voice, “Who was this, please?”
“Hello, (Y/n).” The voice was deep, distorted and unrecognizable to you.
“Oh, hi. I’m sorry, who was this?”
“(Y/n), you don’t recognise my voice?” They chuckled, “I’m offended.”
You slowly started to walk upstairs to your bedroom, “Lemme guess, is this Han?” You chuckle, catching onto your friend’s attempt to scare you, “Didn’t you buy a new phone recently? Maybe that’s why your number isn’t saved.”
“You’ve always been a fan of horror, haven’t you (Y/n)?” The voice replied with laboured breath.
“Oh, I-” You were slightly taken aback by the change of topic, “I guess so? It’s the right time of year for it, isn’t it?” You got comfortable on your bed, as you pulled a pillow onto your lap to hug while you awaited Han’s reply.
“Y’know, if you’re such a fan of horror, you really should have paused the scary movie you were watching before you went upstairs.”
Your heart sunk.
You dropped the pillow you were holding as you stand up, making cautious steps back towards the stairs. “Very funny,” You mask your terror behind a chuckle, albeit an unconvincing one, “You know I’m not scared that easy — I’m disappointed, Han.”
There was a long silence as you walk back towards the living room, noting that your popcorn had been cleaned up and that your movie was now paused. You were frozen in place as you took your time to survey the area; you heard a creak of the floorboard from behind you. Your eyes widened as you began to shake.
“You know I’m not Han right, angel?” The familiar voice whispered into your ear.
You sighed in relief, turning around to greet your boyfriend. “Oh, Hyunjin you scared me! When did you—” In front of you was not the man you were dating, instead a figure dressed in black towered over you: face hidden by a cheap-looking ghost mask.
You took a step back, only then recognizing the large kitchen knife in the figure’s hand.
Whether it was based on instinct or pure fear, you sprinted away from the intruder; knowing you would never outrun the masked man, you quickly worked your way upstairs. Your mind was racing as you heard him running behind you, his maniacal laughs echoed down the hallway; you briefly turn around, almost stumbling on your own feet as you see how close the figure is. He made an attempt to swing his knife: the blade just barely pierced your shirt.
You stormed into your bedroom, slamming the door shut as you locked it with shaky hands; only then did you notice the tears streaming down your face. The banging on the door doesn’t cease as your window opened. Shrieking in terror, you quickly moved to close it before you realised who it was.
Han was still dressed in the same hoodie and torn jeans that he was wearing to school earlier; he even carried his school backpack. He looked at you with a frantic concern as you sobbed and collapsed into his arms after he stumbled into your bedroom, “H- Han, help me! I- I’m so sorry for doubting you, I- That killer- I think that serial killer was in the house r- right now p- please. I- P- Please help, what do we do.” You desperately clung to your friend as he smoothed you, his arms wrapped around your shaking body.
“Shh, (Y/n) it’s ok. You’re going to be ok.” The banging on your bedroom door had ceased while you just sobbed into your friend’s arms, still petrified after being chased.
“H- He had a knife and h- he sounded like Hyun- W- We need to call the police.” You pushed yourself away from Han, tears still clouding your vision as you shakily crawled towards the mobile phone that you had thrown on your bed. Before you could reach for the phone, Han had calmly walked over to your bed to grab it.
“Han wh-” You whispered, voice still hoarse and shaky; Han threw the phone out of the bedroom window. He looked at you, expressionless, as you gasped, “Han, w- why the fuck did you do that?”.
He crouched down and gently grabbed your tear-stained cheeks, “Aw, sunshine. Don’t cry — we just want to look after you.”
“W- We?,” You questioned, looking into his glazed-over eyes, “Han what the fuck are you talking about? There’s a fucking killer in the house you need to snap out of it-”
As if mentioning the masked murderer worked to summon him, the banging on your bedroom door returned; the boy beside you stood up and calmly walked towards the door.
“Han, stop holy shit-,” You begged, shakily standing back up as you slowly move towards the open window.
Opening the door, Han revealed the mysterious figure on the other side: the hauntingly eerie mask petrified you before you had the chance to flee.
“What the fuck do you want, you sick fuck,” You yelled, grabbing a pair of safety scissors from the desk beside you; thrusting them ahead to helplessly ward off the intruder.
“Please angel,” The ghost-faced killer reached for his mask; pulling the disguise off, “Is that any way to talk to your boyfriend?” Hyunjin smiled uncannily at your shaking form, towering over you as he stepped forward.
You looked between the two men in front of you, never bringing the scissors down, “Y- You killed her didn’t you? Oh my God,” You realised, “You killed our classmate last night?”
“Nah, I’ll give credit where credit was due,” Hyunjin chuckled, removing the dark cloak off his lean figure, “That was all Han’s work.”
Han smiled, bringing the ghostly mask to his own face, “Boo!” He jumps, scaring you enough to drop your pathetic weapon.
You started to sob, terrified that your own boyfriend could have killed your friends throughout your town, only to come back to you at the end of the day. How didn’t you figure it out sooner? Of all people, you figured you should have been the one person to solve the case. You felt stupid, blinded by naivety; helpless.
“So, what now?” You spoke up, sobs still spilling out “Y- You just kill me? Why? I thought you loved me, Hyunjin?”
Hyujin smirked, “Does there need to be a reason, baby?” He continued to stride towards you, cornering you between the wall and your desk, “Isn’t it so much more exciting when you do something for the fun of it?”
Han appeared behind your boyfriend, resting his head on Hyunjin’s shoulder, “Yeah,” Your former friend speaks up, “I thought you’d appreciate our little game, (Y/n).”
A tear fell down your cheek as Hyunjin grabbed your neck, forcing you to lock eyes with him, “You’re sick fucking freaks.” You spat on him, disgusted by the man you had once loved.
“You fucking bitch-” Hyunjin recoiled briefly stepping back, repulsed by your aggression as he made quick steps back towards you.
Han stopped the man in his tracks, smirking while shamelessly looking at you up and down. “Now, Hyunjin, where's the fun in killing her just yet?” He looked back to the man in his arms, ”After all, I thought you said she wanted to play with us.”
Hyunjin breathed in deeply, running his hand through his dark hair as he laughed, “Oh, don’t you remember, (Y/n)?” He took careful steps towards you, tucking your hair behind your ear as he kissed your cheek, “Don’t you remember telling me how bad you want to fuck our friend here? The last time we were together in this room, you were practically begging for his cock.”
You flushed a deep red, taken aback. Speechlessly, you look between the two men and whimper. “Can you handle that, pretty girl?” Han laughs deeply, staring into your eyes with the same glazed-over stare you noticed earlier. “Hmm, you look like you liked that.”
“Wait, wait- you two… You can’t be serious-,” You quietly reply, “You guys really hurt people, y- you’re both murderers, I can’t-”
“You’re talking back, little one, but your body was giving you away.” Han sang cheerily, staring at your body with a perverted smirk. “Are you... blushing?”
You whined, “N- No, I’m not-”. You knew this was wrong: you should be disgusted — you were disgusted! Then why was the tension in the room shifting to something less hostile, yet equally sinister? Why did you still crave your boyfriend’s touch?
“Aw, angel… You’re really into this, aren’t you?” Hyunjin chuckled menacingly, pushing his knee between your thighs. “Our little chase was great, but now what are we going to do with you?”.
Han chimed up from behind your boyfriend, making himself comfortable on your bed, “Don’t you want to strip for us, baby?” As he asked this, Hyunjin kissed down your neck with a tenderness that was missing when he was chasing you with a knife moments earlier. He flexed his thigh as you whined at the friction on your clit.
“Do what Han said, baby. Or I’ll have to hurt you.” Hyunjin whispered in your ear, gently caressing your cheek, “And I don’t really want to do that.” Hesitantly, you reached to pull your oversized pyjama shirt over your head: chest now exposed to the two men.
You heard Han unzip his jeans, probably working to palm himself through his boxers, “Oh fuck,” He gasped, “Now just grind on your boyfriend’s pretty thigh, and show us how wet you are.”
“You’re soaked aren't you, angel? Is that all for us?” Hyunjin cooed. You could only pathetically whine in response as you grind against him: your wetness was coating your sweatpants, “Say it.”
Moaning softly, you replied, “Y- Yes, I- It’s all for you two.” You hiccuped, more tears spilling down your face as you trembled in fear. Hyunjin grabbed your throat, squeezing in silent threat; you could only moan in response.
“Oh, you liked that?” Han stands up off your bed, striding towards you while the pervert struggled to hold back, rutting against his own hand as he palmed himself.
Hyunjin’s hands moved from your neck down to your exposed chest, massaging your tits as he bent over to suck on your hard nipples roughly, “I can't wait to fill you up with my cock. I'm gonna rearrange your guts. Is that what you want, you little slut?”
Your back arched off the wall, as you whined out, “P- Please… Y- Yes please, sir.”
“I knew you would.”
Hyunjin stood back, admiring the marks he had left on your breasts as he wrapped his arms around your middle; he picked you up and moved to throw you on your bed. Han took his opportunity to caress your body, he kissed down your stomach and shoved your sweatpants and panties down in one swift movement.
Han whined, he began desperately humped your leg as he began to eat you out. His grunts and moans vibrated against your cunt, and you couldn’t hold back your pornographic noises anymore — your friend’s tongue felt too good against your pussy. Your hands fell to stroke Han’s hair as he came up, kissing your thigh as he begged, “P- Please, Hyunjin I need to fuck your girlfriend I- I’m gonna cum if I keep doing this.”
Hyunjin replied, deadpanned “Then cum, you fucking pervert,” he walked over to the bed; kissed down your neck, “(Y/n)’s mine.”.
A sharp coolness grazes down your stomach, as Hyunjin laughs “Don't move, sweetheart. You wouldn't want to get cut, would you?” You carefully look down, seeing the large knife the Hyunjin pressed into you. “Are you scared?” He asked in faux-concern, you throw your head back on your pillow, turning to look at the man as Han continues to go down on you.
You moan, nodding your head — genuine terror once again clouding your mind as you feel your orgasm rushing closer. Hyunjin laughs, admiring the way Han was getting you so close while you couldn’t buck your hips into his mouth: fearing the blade that danced over your naked body.
From the end of the bed, a loud moan caught your attention as you felt a new wetness on your thigh, “Oh f- fuck, fuck- T- Thank you, oh thank you, thank you-” Han rambled in a post-orgasm haze.
“Ok, Now turn around onto all fours, angel.” You followed, desperate to reach the peak of your own pleasure, “Do you think you can take all of my cock in your tight little pussy, baby?” Hyunjin asked, dragging the knife down your spine. You arched your back in response, nodding desperately. Han moves off the bed to clean himself up, only to be replaced as Hyunjin takes his place.
“What was that?” Hyunjin chuckled, teasing you with the tip of his cock, “You want me to fuck you? Beg for it.”
“P- Please,” You desperately whined, careful to not move too much to avoid being cut, “F- Fuck please, Hyunjin I- Please, I need you c- cock so bad.”
“I dunno, that didn't sound convincing enough.” Han mocked as he walked back over to your bed.
Hyunjin laughed, pushing his knife deep into the swell of your ass, “You’re mean Han, I quite liked (Y/n)’s pathetic fucking begging.”
Your cunt throbs before Hyunjin ruthlessly pushes his cock inside of you, “Look at that, I fit all the way in.” You both moaned in sync, as Hyunjin thrusts into you with a brutal pace, “You're such a fucking whore. Taking my cock so well.” He bent over as you whined at the degradation.
“Yeah, you like that, baby?” Han asked, cooing into your ear as Hyujin pounds into you from behind, “Tell me you like it. Tell me you like being fucked by a killer. I wanna hear it.” You just whined in response, eyes rolling back as you desperately chased your release as Han kissed your shoulder, moving to rub your needy clit.
“Are you gonna cum for us, baby?” Hyunjin asks. He grabbed your hair, pulling you up to grip your neck: choking you harshly, “Fuck, you're so hot, gasping for air like that, enjoying every second of me choking you.” He kissed down your neck, nibbling on your ear while his thrusts never let up.
You gasped out, desperately clawed at your boyfriend’s toned arms as you felt your high crashing over you. “Damn, that really did it for you, huh? You're a dirty girl for cumming from being choked half to death.” Han laughed, taking the knife out of Hyunjin’s grasp only to place it dangerously close to your clit, as you feel the wetness of your orgasm soak the bed sheets below. With a few more desperate thrusts, Hyunjin pulled out and cums over your ass as you collapsed in exhaustion.
“Aw, baby.” Han strokes your hair, pushing it away from your face, “Don’t think for a moment that we’ve finished playing with you already.”
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Stray Kids Reaction - They Compare You To Their Ex [Request]
Tumblr media
Ex’s name - Areum (I always use this name 😶🤡)
Your hands held onto the small bag of food that you had in your hand, waiting for Chan to open the door to his studio. This morning you'd woken up alone again this morning and you doubted Chan had eaten yet.
"Y/n? Are you wanting to speak to Chan?" Felix asked from across the hall, glancing over your shoulder you nodded at the fellow Aussie. 
"I'll let you in," He offered coming closer, 
"No, that's okay Chan doesn't like it when I-" You didn't have a chance to finish your sentence as Felix had pushed the door open. Chan was working with headphones on which had explained why he hadn't heard you knocking. 
"Y/n?" You smiled and waved at him, Felix was gone now and of course, to Chan to looked as though you had just let yourself into the studio. 
"I thought I told you to always knock," He didn't mean to sound as angry as he did but he'd barely slept and he didn't have time for this right now. 
"I did but you didn't-"
"So if I didn't answer why did you walk right in?!" He raised his voice a little making your breath catch in your throat as you looked at him. Barely having any time to explain that it hadn't been you that had opened the door. 
"Seriously?!" He asked as he stared down at you, 
"Areum would always respect that I needed space and would never bother me at work." There it was. The fact that he had compared you to his ex made you feel sick.
"Well if Areum was so perfect why did you end things?!" You yelled back at him waiting for some kind of explanation or an apology but he just scoffed as he looked at you. The simple look made you feel as though you were an inch tall and meant nothing. 
"Who knows? Clearly, I was wrong to do so." Staring at one another neither of you said anything for what felt like an eternity. Realising that he wasn't even going to say sorry for what he had just said to you, you simple threw the bag of food down onto the table. 
"Fuck you," You said assertively as you began making your way out of the building. Chan made no attempt to come after you, all he did was slam the door and sit down at his desk.
Grumbling something as he opened up the bag of food, inside there was a tub. You must have spent most of the morning cooking for him since there was freshly made food inside. 
I know you hate it when I bother you at work, I know you haven't eaten anything but those stupid Oats. So Changbin and I made jjajangmyeon for you. Love you ~ Y/n
Your note made Chan's stomach sink thinking about what he had done. It wasn't as if he wanted to compare you to Areum, he just wanted you to realise he needed space but the moment he said it he had regretted it.
"Is Y/n still here?" Chan questioned as he walked into the dorms, Changbin just pointed over at the bedroom door where your suitcase was standing. You'd come back in such a rush you'd just began to pack. 
"Y/n please," Chan breathed as he walked into his room, shutting the door and standing in front of it so you couldn't leave. 
"Please what? Help you get back with Areum?" You mumbled picking up some more of your clothes and throwing them into an over the shoulder bag. 
"No, I was angry I didn't mean it-"
"But you did. You said you'd made a mistake breaking up with her. So I'm making this easy, I'm leaving. Go and find her." You snapped at him, turning to face him. He could see the anger in your eyes as he sighed a little, attempting to pull you closer to him but you shook your head. Stepping out of his grasp,
"You said what you said-"
"I was stressed and tired." He mumbled. It was always the same excuse whenever the two of you would have an argument. He was stressed, he was tired, he just needed some time to himself.
"You always say the same thing and I always forgive you," You said calmly this time, but it wasn't a good calm. It spooked Chan with how calm you were being during all of this.
"If you let me explain...I can make it all go away," You blinked at him, saying nothing as you waited for his explanation but he said nothing. 
"You compared me to your ex and said you were wrong for breaking up with her, there's nothing to explain." You mumbled to him, finally past the point of wanting to fight this out.
"But I was being an idiot. I- I just wanted the space she would give me at work...I want you to respect that I need space while I'm at the studios and that I need time to myself." His voice broke as he stared at you,
"You could have spoken to me about it...You could have asked me before straight-up comparing me," Tears were in your eyes but you didn't want to cry, not right now. 
"I know and I'm sorry...If I ever have a problem in the future I will speak with you first." He whispered, taking your hand in his, running his fingers along your knuckles as you let out a small sigh. 
"I still think I should go home for a couple of days...Give you some space,"
"But you'll be back right?" He rushed out as he looked at you. A small smile played on your lips as you nodded, leaning forward to kiss him softly. 
"I'll be back, I promise." He nodded at you, still not obsessed with the idea of you leaving but he respected that you needed a little time away.
In the future Chan was more open to you coming to the studios sometimes, bringing him food and making sure he was taking care of himself. 
Tumblr media
As soon as Minho walked into the apartment he wished he hadn't. There was laundry still not washed, the floors were mucky and it looked like no one had dusted in months. 
"What the fuck?" He grunted to himself, walking further into the house and rolling his eyes. He'd been gone for a couple of days working from the dorms and studio and this was what he came home to? 
"Shit, you're home." You rushed over to him, trying to distract him but he had already seen everything and there was no hiding it. 
"You could have made an attempt to clean it, this is disgusting Y/n." He grumbled picking up the laundry basket and heading into the linen room to go and clean it all up.
"I picked up a couple of extra shifts, I thought I would have time to clean before you came home." You quickly explained but Minho was having none of it. 
"Fuck, even Areum kept the place cleaner than this." It was like a shot to the heart, being compared to his cheating ex. 
"She probably kept it clean so you couldn't find out she was slutting herself out." You spat at him storming off to the bedroom and slamming the door behind you.
Minho grunted as he slammed the washing machine door shut and began to tidy up around the apartment. Not saying anything wrong with having just compared you to someone he hated.
"Are you just never going to speak to me again?" Minho questioned the next morning as you got up to have some breakfast. You'd kept the bedroom door locked all night making him sleep on the sofa but you knew you would have to see him at some point. 
"Maybe." You mumbled looking at him and then over at the kitchen, going to make yourself something to eat. Minho rolled his eyes at you, he still hadn't seen as what he said was wrong. 
"You don't get it, do you?" You asked as you came back into the living room, he looked at you with tired eyes.
"You compared me to the one person in the entire world that you hate...And saw nothing wrong with that?" He swallowed the lump in his throat as he realised how much it had hurt you to hear him say it. 
"I didn't mean to compare you...I was just saying-"
"That someone who cheated on you, made you feel like shit was better at cleaning than me." You folded your arms across your chest, staring at him as he nodded his head. It wasn't as if he could deny saying it to you when you were both standing there, 
"I've been taking extra shifts, but I still try to make sure I keep everything tidy." Sitting down beside him, you tried not to be as angry as you had been the night before. You had said something just as harsh as he had, 
"I'm sorry," He breathed out as you leant your head on his shoulder, his hand not daring to move to yours so you locked it with your own. 
"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said what I said." You told him, giving his hand a small squeeze and smiling up at him.
"How about, we go out to eat? My treat." He offered as you nodded at him, getting up from the sofa and folding the bedding he had used the night before.
Tumblr media
It took you a long time to get into a style of clothing that you eventually started to like. Trying to dress more confidently in yourself and show the world who you wanted to be. You came out of the bedroom, brushing down the outfit you were wearing for the night and smiled at Felix. It was something he had helped you pick out that morning for a date with Changbin, 
"You look great right, Changbin?" Felix asked making Changbin look up from his phone. His eyes landing on your body but the second he stared at you, you felt sick. There was a look of disgust plastered across his face as he looked you up and down again. 
"Areum would never wear something like that," The whole of the dorms seemed to stop. Minho stopped cooking and Chan looked up from his laptop, none of the boys wanting to believe what they had just heard fall from your boyfriend's lips. 
"What?" You questioned, your voice shaking a little as you stared at him. His eyes were back on his phone as he shrugged his shoulders.
"Areum would never come on a date looking like that," He said it so nonchalantly as if this was the normal thing to say to his new partner.
"So what? This is about what Y/n is wearing." Felix seemed angry as you backed away from them all, making your way back into the bedroom and breathing heavily. That was one thing you never thought Changbin could and would ever say to you. How could he have acted so calmly about it too?
"Are you stupid?!" You heard Felix yell as you quickly took off the clothes, changing into something completely different. Something that was comfy so you could crawl into bed in. You never wanted to go outside of this room again, it would be far too embarrassing to leave and have them all look at you.
"Y/n...I'm sorry," Changbin said for the one-hundredth time as he sat on the bed with you. You were sitting up and staring in front of you, you hadn't even said a word to him since he walked into the room half an hour ago.
"I didn't mean for it to sound harsh," He looked at you but you didn't dare look at him, you knew if you did you would most likely start crying.
"Then how had you meant for it to sound? Because it sounded as though you were comparing me to your ex and making me feel disgusted in myself." You mumbled looking down at your hands. 
"I meant...I meant it in a good way I really did." You scoffed, did he expect you to believe something so stupid?
"You gave me a filthy look and said-"
"I know but I meant it in a good way. I was looking at something on my phone. I was distracted." You looked at him and for the first time, you could see just how sorry he was about what he had said.
"I'm sorry...You really did look beautiful Y/n." He whispered as he took your hand in his, you smiled weakly feeling your body heating up. 
"Can we stay in tonight?" You questioned, laying your head on his shoulder. Not having the energy to want to go out for the night and have a large meal. Just staying in the dorms and having take out was enough for you. 
"Sure. I'll order all your favourites," He whispered pressing his lips against your cheek.
Tumblr media
"There you go again!" Hyunjin yelled as you stared at him in disbelief. He'd just told you that he and his ex would be dancing close together on a new project he was working on. Not his idea but he was still being forced to work with her and closely too. The dance they would be doing was something slow and sensual and you had every right to react the way you had. 
"There I go again what?!" You snapped at him, feeling your chest heave as you stared at him. 
"Being dramatic! God! Even when I had to do dances with other people Areum would never be this dramatic about it!" You scoffed at him shaking your head at the thought of it.
"Then maybe you should go back to her!" You cried back at him, he scoffed at you as he ran his fingers through his hair. Getting more and more frustrated as time went by. 
“You’re just being a child! We have one dance together-”
“Where she’ll be grinding against you, running her hands all over your body! Can’t you see why I’m being like this?!” You questioned him as he stared back at you in silence. On the one hand, he could but on the other, he couldn’t. You knew that this was his job and this was something he would have to do at some point.
“You wouldn’t care if it was someone else,” He told you as you nodded your head,
“If it was ANYONE else I wouldn’t give a shit! She’s your ex!” You cried out again, not being able to see why he didn’t see this as a bigger deal than it was. 
“I’m over her,” He whispered calmly to you, walking over to you and pulling you into his chest. 
“I am a professional and what I have to do with her is nothing more than work to me.” You said nothing as he continued to talk to you, 
“I am in love with you Y/n. Just because I have to do this with her doesn’t mean its going to bring any old feelings back...Its only you that I care for, that I love.” He whispered before kissing you deeply. Your arms falling behind his neck and bringing him closer to you as you smiled happily against his lips.
Tumblr media
Jisung spat the food back out onto the plate in front of him as you bit your lip. Racing to get him a bottle of water and something to wash his mouth out with. 
"I followed the recipe, I did everything right." You defended yourself but Jisung was too busy gargling the water as if he had just tasted something that was going to kill him. Spitting water into the sink and coughing as you took a bite from the food. It wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be, sure it was a little salty but that was it. 
"You're being dramatic, it's not that bad." You felt a heaviness in your chest as you looked at him, 
"It tastes like something died in that pot Y/n! Why would you ever give me something like that?!" He gagged dramatically making you feel even worse about it as you cleaned up the food, 
"Areum could cook better than that," You froze as you held the plate at the dishwasher, staring over at him as he began to wash his mouth out with more water. 
"Areum could cook better than that." He mumbled at you, staring at you as you put the plate down.
"Areum was a chef! Of course, she could?" You stared at him shaking your head, not believing that he would even say something like this to you. 
"I haven't tried this before and I wanted to make your favourite meal. I'm sorry it's not as amazing as a fucking chef could make it." Yelling was dumb but you didn't care, so was being compared to his ex.
"Y/n." He whispered realising now that what he had said was probably harsh but you ignored him, finishing cleaning up as he walked behind you. Wrapping his arms around you and sighing a little.
"No. You go and eat with her," You tried to push him away but he tightened his grip around you, 
"Y/n, please. I didn't mean it the way it came out, it was nice...just-"
"Not nice," You finished as he nodded his head, kissing your shoulder softly. 
"This weekend I promise to stay home with you. I'll help you learn whatever recipe you want." He suggested as you nodded your head a little, turning to look at him as you smiled weakly. 
"I'd like that. Maybe Felix can help too?" He nodded at you, kissing your shoulder as he promised he would clean everything up and order you both something to eat.
Tumblr media
Ever since landing in Australia, you had been nervous about meeting the rest of Felix's family. You hadn't been this nervous until Felix decided to drop on you that his family absolutely adored Areum and would always ask about her. Since then you had been doing everything that you could to try and make a good first impression but it came across as though you were trying too hard. 
"We're going to dinner," Felix said as he came over to you at the front door of his parents home, you smiled happily. Relieved that they were still willing to have you go with them to dinner after being a stuttering mess in front of them. 
"Cool, I can go and get my things from the hotel," You tried to explain but Felix shook his head at you, 
"No. Me and my family are going to dinner, you should go back to the hotel." You didn't feel so bad thinking that he just wanted to spend some time alone with his family so you nodded. Kissing his cheek and excusing yourself to use the restroom before you headed out. 
"You really should try and repatch things with Areum. She misses you." You froze in the bathroom hearing his father speaking with him, 
"She's such a nice girl, I don't know why you broke up." You did. She cheated on him, multiple times but he'd never told his parents because he didn't want to ruin the way they saw her.
"Y/n is nice too but she tries too hard, you could do better." His sister said as you felt your chest beginning to sink, you could have thrown up if it wasn't for them being right outside of the door. 
"Areum was good with you guys, I know how much you loved her," Felix said as he looked at the door you had opened. You looked down at the floor as you bowed, making your way out of the house before anyone else could say another word to you.
"I thought you were going to dinner." You grumbled as Felix walked into the hotel room, you were laid on the bed facing the window watching the sunset when he came in. Saying nothing as he cuddled up to you from behind, 
"Don't. You should go and spend time with your family. I'm sorry they don't like me." You tried to get out of his grasp but he tightened it on you as he shook his head. 
"I was going to defend you too them before you walked out," He whispered pressing a kiss on your ear but you didn't move, you laid there staring out of the window. 
"I told them what Areum did. I told them what she was like and I told them that you were nervous because of me." You sighed a little, rolling over so you could face him.
"Lix...I-I wanted them to like me the way they liked her," Your voice broke as he looked at you, cupping your face in his hands and nodding at you. 
"They will...Tomorrow we'll go back and we'll do it again, without me pressuring you." He whispered to you, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. 
Tumblr media
Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous whenever he was with someone pretty, it wasn't that you didn't trust him you were just unsure of things sometimes.
"I was just wondering where you were," You whispered as Seungin shook his head at you, pacing around the dance studio.  You'd come to meet him for lunch and found him with someone else, someone so pretty you felt a little insecure about him standing so close to them. 
"You're acting so jealous. You chased that poor girl away. She was just asking me to show her a move again," You looked down at the floor. Maybe you had overreacted a little but it didn't stop your thoughts from racing. Whenever your ex would be that close to someone it was because he had slept with them.
"Areum never used to get this jealous." He mumbled what he thought was under his breath but you'd heard him as clear as day. Staring at him and swallowing the lump that was beginning to build up in your throat. 
"Y/n." He called out as you began to walk toward the door ready to leave. 
"What? You're sorry you compared me to your ex?" You questioned putting your hand on your hip and raising your eyebrow at him, 
"I didn't mean to,"
"Oh? You just happened to say that?" You were angry and had every right to be. Seungmin knew why you would get a little jealous sometimes. It wasn't an excuse but you were trying to work on it, you were doing what you could.
"Y/n I didn't mean for it to come out, I was just upset." He whispered as he reached for your hand but you didn't give it to him. You just pulled away and folded your arms over your chest,
"I know she never got this jealous but Seungmin-"
"I know, I'm sorry Y/n. I'm sorry." He trapped your body between him and the door, looking down at you with a weak smile. It was only a little bit of trust you needed to give to him and you were both working on it. 
"I know you were cheated on before, I'm sorry if it seemed like it was happening again." He whispered, kissing your nose softly as you looked at him, smiling weakly as you nodded at him. 
"I'm sorry...I should trust you and I do...Fuck I do but I just-" You had no time to say anything else as Seungmin crashed his lips against yours. Smiling against you as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him as close as you could get him.
Tumblr media
"Even when Areum was busy she would make time for me." You froze in the doorway of the dorms looking at Jeongin. He had his back to you as he spoke to the boys about how upset he was with how busy you had been lately. 
"Innie..." Felix attempted to warn him but he continued to rant on about it. 
"No. Y/n is always too busy to spend time with me, their always working or at home. I just want to see my partner." You walked up behind him, giving him the gift bag you had gotten that morning. 
"I've been busy because I've been doing overtime." You said calmly, looking at him as he had wide eyes.
"I work for my money unlike someone else we know who used you for your money," Jeongin said nothing since he knew that you were right. That was what Areum had been doing but he seemed to magically forget that when he decided that he was going to compare the two of you together. 
"I wanted to get you a present, something you've wanted for a while." You pointed at the bag and he blushed even more, remembering that you told him how much overtime you had been doing. 
"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings,"
"You didn't." You told him as you shrugged your shoulders, how could you be bothered about being compared to someone that never worked for anything in her life. 
"You got him the new PlayStation?" Felix asked excitedly as he peaked into the bag, you smiled as you nodded your head. Jeongin's eyes snapped back at you as he gave you a questioning look. 
"I knew how badly you wanted it so I put in extra-" You giggled as he almost tackled you down to the ground in a tight bear hug, repeating over and over again how sorry he was and how thankful he was.
"I promise that I won't do as much overtime anymore, I just really wanted to do this for you." You whispered as he shook his head at you, 
"I shouldn't have been so needy." He kissed your lips softly before pulling you and the bag toward his room, not giving the boys a chance to even look at it as he raced to get it set up.
Tumblr media
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bngchnsi · 3 months ago
bad puppies | l.m, h.j
Tumblr media
synopsis: you knew better than to go behind minho’s back, but god damn did jisung make a good bargain.
Tumblr media
pairing: hard dom!minho x sub!reader x brat!jisung
warnings: afab reader, boy x boy, poly relationship, pansexual!jisung, bisexual!minho, smut, dirty talk, praise, unprotected vaginal sex (don’t do this pls i beg of thee), mentions of previous sexual encounters, mentions of the pandemic, creampie, voyeurism, degradation, light overstimulation, name calling, slut shaming, pet play, dumbification, humiliation kink, mentions of punishment, pussy slapping, mentions of jisung bottoming, mentions of oral (receiving), open ending.
word count: 2.7k
authors note: this is a reupload from http-chan. i am not stealing, i am reuploading my own work.
Tumblr media
You moan helplessly into your pillow, choking on your own spit as Jisung pounds into you mercilessly from behind. Your cunt is dripping onto the mattress below you, leaving a wet mess on the blankets, but you can’t find it within yourself to care right now with the way one of your boyfriend’s is fucking you into next week.
“Always such a good girl, never breaking any rules Minho gives us,” Jisung grits out, grip tight on your hips as he brings your sopping cunt back on his aching cock. “And here you are now, letting me fuck you like a stupid pup knowing full well that Minho didn’t give us permission to cum without him.” You whither at the pet name, pussy twitching around Jisung’s dick pathetically.
The boy behind you whimpers softly at the feeling, and it’s that sound that reminds you that, although he is currently dominating you, he’s still just as much of a sub as you are: you just don’t have an ounce of dom in you.
That’s where Minho comes in. Or, well, where he usually comes in.
You and Jisung had been dating for almost two years when he had met Lee Minho at work one day, looking intimidatingly beautiful as he ordered one black coffee. They had gotten to talking and, once Jisung’s shift was over, decided to exchange phone numbers.
“He was just so charming, like straight out of a movie.” Jisung had later explained that night, bright red faced and clutching his phone to his chest like it now held very valuable information.
You and Jisung had what some would call an “unusual” relationship in that it was pretty open. You two both allowed the other to fool around with other people every now and then, considering Jisung was extremely pansexual and had very limited sexual experience with the same sex while also not wanting you to be all alone when you wanted some company, and so you both had created the deal. 
While most people would find it weird, it worked for you both.
Things changed once Minho and Jisung had started sleeping together more than a few times, a first for one of your boyfriend’s flings. It ended with Jisung admitting that he felt that he was starting to fall in love with Minho, while also still being very much in love with you.
“It’s like my heart belongs to two people now.” He had shyly admitted and, although you didn’t quite understand at first, it only took a first meeting with Minho to fully understand exactly what he meant.
All three of you had a talk together on what this all meant, and whether if all you being in a relationship could even work. Minho and you both agreed on going on a few dates together, just to see if you both could even mix, and when you ended up in his bed after the second date and had one of the most mind blowing orgasms of your life, it was almost automatically decided what things were from then on.
It had been eight months since all that happened and now you, Minho, and Jisung had all officially became a couple. Your previous deal with Jisung was done without any words having to be said, as Jisung couldn’t find any reason to need it anymore; he had two people he loved, and definitely more than enough experience under his belt to feel satisfied.
Not that Minho wasn’t glad to give him more.
But right now Minho was busy with work. Once this stay-at-home order was put in place, the older man had started working his office job at home, locked up in his office space with his nose constantly in his computer. He was too busy getting used to changing the way he did his job, now at home, to even entertain the idea of help getting you two off.
That still didn’t mean that the most important rule wasn’t still in place: and here you and Jisung were, breaking it.
To be fair, it had been almost two weeks since you and Jisung had gotten any sort of pleasure, which was a record considering how needy you two were and how much stamina Minho had, but you were more than willing to wait. You had been using all of your energy to ignore the burning need between your thighs until the taller man found the spare time and energy to tend to both of you and so far you had been doing well!
Until now, that is.
You cried out once Jisung started circling his finger on your swollen bud, your body inches away from cumming all over his cock. Jisung moaned highly at the feeling of your walls starting to clench more desperately around him, thrusting into you harder as his other hand on your hip moved away from you. When he didn’t put his hand anywhere else on your body, you turned your head to the side to see him sucking on three of his fingers; whether that was to keep himself quiet or to replace the feeling of Minho’s cock that would usually be in his mouth right now, you weren’t entirely sure. All you did know was that the sight was too much for your eyes and was the tipping point for your tightly wound body, walls pulsating erratically around Jisung and causing his hips to stutter. You watched as his eyes rolled back in pure pleasure before feeling his cum shoot inside you, painting your greedy walls.
You both panted, your body relaxing into the mattress as you both tried to catch your breath. Jisung rubbed soothing circles into your bruising hips, his own spit being rubbed onto your skin, but you couldn’t find it within yourself to care.
Right when he was starting to pull out of your sensitive core, a cold voice on the other side of the room had you both freezing.
“Don’t you dare move Jisung.” You felt ice enter your bloodstream, all color draining your face as you turned your face towards the doorway where your other boyfriend stood, arms crossed and the muscle in his jaw twitching in irritation.
Neither you nor Jisung had broken this rule in the entire eight months you had all been together, and it was clear Minho wasn’t ever expecting this sort of behavior from either of you.
Before you could speak, Jisung was already responding. “And why not? Are you finally going to do something about it?” You felt your eyes widen what probably looked comically large, somehow still surprised by Jisung’s bold attitude despite being with him for nearly three years now.
Minho cocked a brow at your other boyfriend, clearly unimpressed. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you Sungie?” He chuckled, leaning his hip against the bedroom’s doorway. “Don’t act like I didn’t just see you sucking on your fingers like it was my cock a few minutes ago.” You felt the cock inside of you twitch in interest, clearly liking the way the other man was talking, and you barely bit back a whimper at the feeling against your hypersensitive walls.
“H-How long were you watching?” You managed to stutter out, feeling meek and small under Minho’s cold gaze. It was insane the effect he could have on you without even being near you, unfair almost, but you definitely didn’t not love it.
You were sure Minho knew that too.
“With how loud you two were being? Almost the entire time. I just wanted to see if you were both so disrespectful that you’d both actually cum without me.” He tsked disappointedly, the sound causing your pussy to already start gushing with arousal again, and Jisung groaned quietly at the feeling. Minho raised his brows, lips twitching into a self-satisfied smirk. “What, are you enjoying this Sungie? Oh wait,” Minho snapped his fingers, smiling widely as if he had just remembered something, and you already knew before he spoke that it could not have been anything good. “Let me correct myself, are my little sluts enjoying me talking down to them like they’re nothing but some stupid mutts?”
This time neither you nor Jisung could quite hold back the pathetic whimpers, Jisung’s cock already half-hard inside you as you started to squeeze around him, and Minho cooed at both of you as if it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. The false sympathy was clear in his tone as he continued to speak. “Poor puppies, already getting needy after just cumming not even five minutes ago.” He smirked. “How pathetic.” You clung onto the bed sheets underneath you, trying to keep yourself from rocking back against Jisung’s dick no matter how much you wanted to, but Jisung apparently did not have the same self restraint (go figures).
Jisung whimpered as he slightly pulled out of you before pushing back inside, shallowly fucking you as your eyes watered from the mouthwatering oversensitivity. You hadn’t felt this needy in weeks, and that was saying a lot considering you.
“Stop it,” Minho said shortly and the boy behind you whined, starting to pull out more and fuck you harder, and you moaned highly as he brushed against your g spot. You began arching your back a little, despite your obedient brain telling you to follow Minho’s orders, and that little movement made his dick go just that much deeper.
You don’t know when Minho had walked next to the bed, all you know was that he was tugging Jisung off and out of you by the hair, causing both of you to yelp by the sudden action. The not so gentle tug didn’t waver Jisung’s horniness however, if anything it made his dick even harder as he was forced out of your dripping cunt, but that wasn’t anything to shocking for either of you.
“You really are stupid, aren’t you pup?” Minho hissed and you slumped on your side to see Jisung’s head being forced back, his teary eyes staring up at Minho’s cold ones. Jisung squirmed under his hold, cock bobbing heavily between his thighs and tip oozing a steady trail of precum, and the taller man sneered down at him. Disgust was clear in his beautiful features. “Disgusting,” he hissed, letting go of the other boy and pushing him back onto the mattress. Jisung whimpered, all the fight visibly taken out of his small body as he collapsed next to your shaking body.
Minho’s gaze was then turned to you, eyes narrowed slightly as he eyed you up and down as if weighing his options. After a few seconds of contemplating, he brought a hand up, crooking two fingers towards himself in a silent demand to kneel before him. You obeyed quickly, eager to apologize to your master before he punished you even worse than you already were going to be, and your skin tingled at the small laugh from the intimidating man before you.
Minho brought his two fingers under your chin, jerking your head up to look him in his cold and icy eyes. The look made your face heat up in embarrassment, arousal pooling thickly in your tummy as he ignored Jisung’s quiet whimpers and whines only few inches away from you both.
Your master sighed. “You’re usually such a good puppy, what happened?” Minho cocked his head to the side, almost pouting as your brain grasped at straws to find a good answer. “J-Jisung made me d-do it,” you explained quietly, remembering the way he cornered you and teased at all your extra sensitive points, making you forget all logic as he brought you to your shared bedroom. Minho hummed in understanding, but his grip did not loosen around your chin. Not a good sign.
“And how is that a good excuse, hmm? Aren’t you my pet, not Sungies?”
Yep, not a good sign at all.
You felt your throat dry at his words, lips flapping open and closed as you tried to find words but to no avail. Minho smirked down at you, clearly pleased at himself over your obvious turmoil. “What, can my poor puppy not think of a good retort to that?” He tsked sadly down at you, lower lip jutted out into a mocking pout. “Aww, so sad.”
“Save it mutt, I wasn’t expecting anything else from a dirty whore like you.” Minho’s words left you feeling almost breathless, cunt clenching around nothing at such harsh words. Usually it was your other boyfriend getting degraded so much, his brat tendencies getting him in loads of trouble with the elder while you, however needy you were, never dared to disobey your master.
Until now.
Minho’s eyes softened down at you. “Color?” he asked softly, mistaking your shell shocked expression for one of hurt. He rubbed his thumb over your chin as his eyes also went to Jisung, just to be safe despite the sniveling boy having been told much worse.
“Green,” you both said in unison and Minho nodded, letting himself smile down at both of you before his features returned to their previous coldness.
Minho returned his gaze to you, eyes dark and calculating as he looked you up and down with almost distaste. “Lay down on your back with your head on the pillows puppy, it’s time I taught both of you a punishment.” You whimpered at his hushed words, body erupting in goosebumps as you did as you were told without complaint. “Spread your thighs a bit more,” he added and, when you did, he swatted at the soaked area between your legs just to hear your yelp.
“So wet,” he remarked, reaching out a hand to just barely graze over your soaking slit. You gasped, arching your hips into his touch in hopes of maybe his fingers slipping inside of you, but you were met with another harsh slap to your clit in retaliation. You whined highly at the pain, little bolts of lightning spreading throughout your body and settling deep into your skin and making you just that much more sensitive than before. “And here I thought I had trained you so well y/n.
“Or maybe my other puppy,” Minho said, bringing his attention back to Jisung’s curled up form, “has just been a bad influence on them.” Jisung whimpered, the sound so obviously proving his guilt if it wasn’t so clear before.
Minho chuckled. “Is that it, Sungie? Have you been teaching y/n how to be a disobedient whore like yourself?” Both you and Jisung whimpered at that, the harsh words making both of you that much needier, and you numbly found it amazing how a few mean words could make someone feel lower than the other.
You both were addicted to it. Had been addicted to it since the elder man entered your lifes.
“What’s my punishment?” Jisung whimpered, staring up at Minho with doe eyes. Your master hummed thoughtfully at your shared boyfriends words, bringing his hand over to run his fingers through his hair. Jisung leaned into it, body relaxing until Minho curled his fingers at the base of his skull, bringing his head back slightly just so his throat was fully exposed to him.
“You’re going to eat y/n out until they cum at least five times, all while I prep your pretty ass and fuck you raw. You can cum as much as you want, but I won’t stop until they cum that many times and you’re so fucked out that you can barely speak.” You and Jisung both gaped up at your boyfriend, not expecting that response at all. If anything, you were thinking you two were going to be denied for the next month for your disobedience, not fucked until you both couldn’t even remember your own names.
Minho smirked at both of your reactions, clearly amused. “I figured since my dumb little pups love cumming so much that they’d disobey me, they should cum so much that they can’t anymore. Now,” Minho paused, eyes trained on Jisung as he smiled too sweetly for someone so evil, “lay between their thighs with your ass up. I would expect to be there for a while.”
Tumblr media
tag list: @changbinscypher​
all rights reserved to bngchnsi. reposting onto other platforms is prohibited.
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jl-micasea-fics · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊: Voyeurism
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Self-insert, female reader x Stray Kids Han
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, explicit sexual content, casual relationship, roommates, masturbation, use of props to masturbate, willing exhibitionism, voyeurism
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Kinktober contents list | Kinktober prompt list
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © October 2021 by jl-micasea ​
Tumblr media
You had a little game you liked to play with Jisung.
A game that neither of you ever spoke about nor acknowledged, but that you would play all the same.
It had started around… six months ago? In truth, you could hardly remember now, it had become such a part of your nightly routine.
It didn’t involve much, this little game.
In fact, you didn’t even have to speak to each other to play it. And that was partly the beauty of it, you supposed.
It involved a modicum of waiting… Of listening out for the right signs and signals. And you would always know them when they came.
Tonight, you felt like revisiting the origins of your game.
The place it had all begun.
The bathtub in your shared bathroom.
A long days’ work and a plethora of stresses to be dealt with tomorrow surely warranted a nice, relaxing bath, after all. With the addition of the shower head to aid in your… relaxation, you were as set up as you needed to be.
Reclining in the bathtub, the hot water caressing you on all sides. The shower head in your hand, spurting water with decent enough force to make your thighs press together.
And, most importantly of all, the door left open a few inches.
You sank back into the bubbles, hooking your foot to the side of the bath.
Humming and making a show of your intentions to take said bath, you waited patiently, eyes trained on the gap in the door.
And sure enough…
The game began.
Your roommate appeared right on cue, his large hazel eyes spying through the gap you’d left for him. You heard his shuffling and the release of a zipper as he prepared in his own little way, and indeed, you began to go about your bathroom routine as though he wasn’t there at all.
Because that, you’d discovered, was the key.
You had to act like you didn’t know he was there.
He had to feel like it was all real. Like he really was spying on you, without your knowledge.
If that’s what it took to get him harder than a raging flagpole, you were more than happy to indulge him. Because when that happened, the two of you would happily overstep your boundaries as roommates, to fuck buddies.
He just happened to be the best one you’d ever had.
You grabbed the razor from the side of the bath, dragging it across your lower leg and up your thigh, humming all the while.
Further sounds of shuffling could be heard from behind the bathroom door, though you made a pointed effort not to look in his direction.
You did the same thing on the other leg, humming and going about your faux-business, before grabbing a sponge from behind you and lathering it amongst the bubbles.
Dragging it across your skin, from wrist to neck and across the other side, you shut your eyes in blissful content of the warm, soapy water that decorated your chest.
Dropping the sponge in the bath, you took to using your hands to massage your breasts, for surely, they just happened to require a thorough cleaning this time around…
An inaudible gasp and the sounds of stifled movement told you your plan was coming together, that the game was well and truly afoot.
And, wasting no further time, you retrieved the shower head from somewhere under the water.
Sliding down into the depths of the bath, you spread your legs as far as the bathtub would allow, hooking your ankles to its’ sides.
A hiss of appreciative delight carried across the space from the door as you held the shower head to your sensitive core, relishing in the feeling of the pressurised water rushing over your clit, stimulating and massaging you deliciously.
You groaned in content, closing your eyes and throwing your head back, making a deliberate show of playing up just how good it all felt – though really, that was easier than you’d have believed.
The tension in your shoulders began to fade, and as you were about to enter full swing of your show, the door swung open abruptly, granting Jisung entrance in rather dramatic fashion.
You shrieked in mock surprise, though didn’t move from your position.
Jisung fell in a heap to the floor and gathered himself too quickly, his erection hanging heavy in the palm of his hand, his sweats gathered at his ankles. You could only assume he’d tripped on them on his vigour and come tumbling through the door.
Thus… ruining your game.
“F- Fuck, shit… I, uh, I’m so sorry,” he babbled, his cheeks a concerning shade of magenta.
“I… I was just passing, and I, uh… I fell.”
Just passing? Cock in hand?
You resisted the urge to break into fits of giggles, deciding instead to take pity on the poor soul.
“Why don’t you stay?” You asked, leaning over the rim of the bathtub. “I was just in the middle of something.”
“I know, I was watching. Wait, what?”
He blinked at you several times, as though he hadn’t seen you naked before. As though you hadn’t propositioned him like this before.
“Stay,” you shrugged. “Watch me. That’s what you like, isn’t it?”
He swallowed dryly, glancing at the door and then back at you, confusion written all over his face.
“Or don’t,” you sighed. “Either way, I’ll be here. Touching myself. Wishing it was you.”
That appeared to be all the invitation Jisung needed.
He frantically removed his sweats and shirt, revealing the surprisingly muscled form beneath, the caramel complexion of his skin.
It was enough to want to sink your teeth into.
With your help, he climbed into the other end of the tub, his legs entwined with yours, his chest already heaving with excitement and anticipation.
“So…” he stammered. “What do I-”
“Get yourself off for me. I want to watch you.”
His eyes widened impossibly, his bottom lip catching between his teeth as he wrapped his lithe hand around his thick girth, stroking himself slowly, but firmly.
“Good boy,” you praised. “I want you to cum for me, okay? Then you can watch me.”
“I can…?” He repeated.
You nodded in confirmation, dipping your hand between your legs to enjoy the view of him falling apart in front of you.
Indeed, you supposed it was far past time.
He owed you a little show or two by now.
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: I hate Han Jisung. 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐚
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nct dream as iconic movie/drama gestures;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-❀- mark.
putting his hand in your back pant pocket // taking your hand when it’s cold out and warming it in his own pocket.
-❀- renjun.
that offer to walk you home late at night so he knows you’re safe and things happen between the two of you (and you both know it).
-❀- jeno.
slamming you against the wall harsh and intense enough to intimidate you (or not) and bringing his face a b i t too close for comfort to yours.
-❀- haechan.
cockily lends you a jacket when you’re cold or a jersey for his sports games but very randomly and spontaneously + he tells you to keep it (and you act like you don’t really want it but end up wearing it anyways).
-❀- jaemin.
the one emotional and powerful hug where you’re running towards each other; you throw yourself into him and he holds you like he’ll never let you go.
-❀- chenle.
where you’re both admiring something breathtaking and you comment on it, only for him to agree but he’s actually looking at you.
-❀- jisung.
a dramatic spin/protective hug when it’s raining and a car drives by too fast so he gets splashed instead of you.
Tumblr media
main taglist: @mrkcore @moonbeamsung @perhapsthanatos @skrtbabe @rechorde @subhyuck @beomgyuv
send an ask/dm to be added!
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strings | p. jisung
Tumblr media
Pairing: JISUNG x reader, SUNGCHAN x reader Word count: 9.8k wow okay i thought this would be 3k but yeah hahahahaha Genre: fluff, angst, childhood best friends to lovers Warnings: language, calling someone dumb, jisung is a little slow, reader is calling itself delusional please let me know if there’s more im sure there’s more I just can't put my mind into it hmm
Summary: Your friendship with Jisung has always been innocent, fun and youthful but as you grow older you find yourself falling in love with your best friend.
Taglist: @queenrachelpink @wanlore @luvlyjaemin @busy-namjooning @chitaphrrrr @bebsky @sptegami @crvshcultur3 @renjuanaea @jenjnm @sunshinedhyuck @ne0yong @multihoe1 @jenyongcas @kuncitizen @flower-lise @chenlewifey @jj-ms @harrythefarmer @chichhihaa @nurenciye @danidandelions
AN: Sure you could listen to Strings by Shawn Mendes and it would fit just right. But while I was writing this, the song that I was listening to was NCT Dream’s Candle Light - Instrumental and it’s the perfect fit. Geez, the inspiration boost it gave me.
Not proofread. Please kindly excuse any misspellings and grammatical errors. Thank you!
Tumblr media
All the strings attached girl All the strings attached girl, oh yeah Met this girl when I was three years old We were holding hands tight so I'm told And it felt like an eternity Said it felt like an eternity 'Cause I knew back then we were more than friends Two-sided story it all depends And I'll said it once, and I'll say it again It'll only end up hurting me
Today is a normal day for you. Your mom will drop you at the daycare with your Friday snack, aka McDonald’s, and you’ll spend all day there playing with your friends and with your teachers.
For a three year old, you have pretty good conversational skills. You're very friendly and the teachers like you because you're a smart and sensible toddler for your age.
Your supposed to be normal day is a little different today. Your teacher told your class that someone new will be joining you. It isn't rare to have a newcomer, but it always excites everyone, even you.
A very thin boy with a funny haircut is hiding behind your teacher’s leg as he was being introduced. He’s obviously shy and probably scared, unlike you who acted like the place was yours on your first day. His eyes are swollen like he just literally finished crying. You giggled to yourself watching him sob and introduce himself in front of the class at the same time.
Jisung. He has an interesting name.
During your snack break, you were sitting in a circle with the rest of the kids while being told a story. You took a glance at the back and saw Jisung sitting alone just playing with his sweet potatoes. You sighed and got up to went up to him.
“You want some?” Extending your hand holding a french fries to him.
He only looked at you and shook his head, “No, thank you.” he replied.
You only shrugged and left him alone.
Jisung thought he offended you for not accepting your offer. He did actually want the fries but he was too shy to take a piece from your hand. To his surprise, you came back with a box of Happy Meal and settled yourself beside him. You opened the box and pulled out a container of chicken nuggets, yogurt and apple juice.
“You don’t like fries so take my nuggets. You can have my yogurt too. That’s my favourite but you look sad you can have it.”
Jisung looked at you shocked and confused. You were probably the nicest and friendliest person he met. “I’m not sad,” Jisung said and took a small bite of his nugget that looked big in his small hand.
Glancing at him, you saw that he still looked like he just cried, “But you cried. Your mommy will be back soon. I will play with you while we wait.” You said nonchalantly, munching on your food.
Jisung was actually relieved that he wouldn’t be alone for the rest of the day, but he wonders: “Tomorrow too?” he asked.
You gave him a smile and nodded, “Yes. Tomorrow too.”
That day, Jisung made his first friend. He became very attached to you and so were you to him. You were practically inseparable. Jisung barely talks to anyone and will only speak after you tell him not to be shy. The daycare staff were actually concerned with Jisung because he does not hang out with anybody else, but no matter what they do, he just sticks to you and you stick to him.
In the end, both of your parents were forced to get each other contact numbers because the two of you won’t shut up about having playdates after daycare. Soon enough, both of your family became friends and eventually enrolled the two of you in the same kindergarten and primary school.
Jisung is kind of on the slow side of the learning spectrum. He is always required to stay after school for tutorials or what they called ‘extra help.’ You, on the other hand, are a smart one and even though you don’t need to stay for tutorials you still do so Jisung will have somebody to be with during the class.
“What is the capital of Belgium?” You asked him as you help him study for your upcoming quiz. Although both of you were in 4th grade, you took the responsibility of helping him keep up with your lessons. Jisung, you see, is not a lazy student. He’s just easily distracted, that's all.
He looked up to the ceiling pretending to think. “Waffle?” He answered with a mischievous grin. You rolled your eyes at him and were about to nag when he cut you off, “I was joking. Geez. Of course, it’s Berlin.”
You pinched his thigh, “When did Berlin become a city in Belgium huh?! I give up. You’re hopeless.” You threw his notebook on his desk and lay down on his bed.
He chuckled and pulled you back up, “I was still joking. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Do I look that stupid?”
You gave him a scoff, “Yeah you do. That’s why it’s hard to tell if you’re joking or you actually don’t know.” You explained making both of you laugh.
Years flew by I was less than twelve Long division I need your help Can you come on over and work with me Anytime you like I’ll make it work for me ‘Cause I knew back when if we get too close When the time is right maybe I’ll propose Baby climb on up, show me the ropes
Junior high, grade 7. Jisung was towering over you already. He loves calling you smurf so much and when you told him that you haven’t watched any of the smurf movies yet, he forced you to watch it with him. After that day, both of you were so addicted to Smurfs that you dressed like them on Halloween.
Since then, watching movies has become your thing. Every Friday night, you would go to his house with a bag of treats you stole from your house pantry and eat it with him in the basement of their house. Both of you spent so much of your time in their basement that Jisung’s mom turned their basement into his room.
“You are very spoiled, you know?” You said as you force a handful of popcorn into your mouth.
He scrunched his nose and looked at you disgustingly, “You are very disgusting, you know?” He said back and you nodded, confirming that you know you're disgusting. “And what makes you say that I’m spoiled?” He asked and you only shrugged.
“Well, for starters you just turned 11 years old and you have the whole basement for yourself.” He choked on his food as if he’s offended.
“Do you even know why I have the basement? It's because you always hang out here.” He said then threw a piece of popcorn on your face.
“Whatever, I’m going home. We have to wake up early tomorrow for school.” You said and stood up to leave.
His house is a 10-minute walk to yours. 5 if you run. It’s not that far, especially that you always go to his house every day. You already know the way by heart and you’re positive that both of you could reach each other’s house in blindfolds.
It’s almost 10 PM and you’re getting ready for bed when your phone rings. You did not pay attention to it because you always get scam calls at this hour so you continued preparing your bed. The ringing ended, but a series of text messages echoed in your room. Jisung knew how much you hate texts like that so he did what he needed to do to get your attention.
Ji: hi Ji: are Ji: you Ji: asleep Ji: already? Ji: i Ji: just Ji: need Ji: some Ji: help Ji: in Ji: math Ji: h Ji: e Ji: l Ji: l Ji: o
Reading his antics made you roll your eyes and dialled his number. It only took him one ring to answer and heard him sigh on the other line. “Thank you! You answered! I need help with math. Can you come over?”
You frowned at his question but a giggle is threatening to come out. “What the hell? It’s 10 PM. I can’t go out anymore, mom’s gonna kill me. You come over.”
He laughed on the other side, “Sure I’ll come over because my mom loves me sneaking out at night.” He said sarcastically.
You sat on your bed and giggled, “Listen her douchebag. You’re the one who needs my help. I’m not going to your house this late. Just don’t hand in your Assignments, it's not like you have good grades to maintain.”
Jisung groaned loudly on the other line, “Exactly! I don’t have good grades! Assignments are the only ones that are keeping me from failing because tests and quizzes are always unfair. I don’t get the marks that I studied for.”
“Oh my god quit whining!” You said. He went silent for a second.
“Please help.” He faked sobbed. “At least meet me halfway. Let’s do it at 7 eleven. I’ll buy you a treat. Okay? I’m preparing now. I’ll see you there!” He proposed then ended the call before you could even say anything.
You shook your head in disbelief. The reason why none of you wanted to go to each other’s house is that no one's allowed to leave at night. His idea to meet at a convenience store is extremely stupid and both of you could get scolded because of it. But you like your best friend, how could you ever say no to him? You slid into your jumper and sneaked out through the back door.
Your friendship with Jisung did not waver. Both of you went to the same classes from kindergarten until the last semester of senior high school. Now that both of you are 18 and almost done in high school, a shitload of tests is coming up your way. You were studying with Jisung in his room, aka the basement.
He puts on the classical music that you listen to whenever you’re studying. He hates your music preference, thinks it’s boring. If he’s going to choose the song it would definitely be Justin Timberlake, but it’s the only way to make you stay and study with him so he did not bother putting up a fight. Although he definitely made his message across by yawning loudly every now and then.
And he yawned so loud that you can feel yourself yawning too. You slammed your notebook close and tidied up your things from the floor. That's it. Jisung was confused at first then panics when he realized what you were doing. “Are you leaving? Why are you leaving? We haven't been through biology yet.” He said and pulled the strap of your bag to make you sit back down.
Jisung did not notice that he tugged you a bit harder making you stumble and fall on your back. “Shit!” You yelled. Your fall was not serious but it was dangerous. You’re wearing a 10-kilo backpack filled with your books, if you landed wrong you could have broken your spine.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry! Are you okay?” He stood up quickly and asked you so worriedly knowing all too well that your fall could have ended up badly.
“I’m okay.” You groan as you try to stand yourself up. Normally, he would just offer you his hand and pull you up, but you were so taken aback when he carried you bridal style all of a sudden.
Your heart pounded like crazy, you could almost see your heartbeat through your chest. You were lost for words, you could not find your voice to tell him to put you down. For a moment, your heart and your brain agreed that you wanted to stay in his arms for as long as you can. But that feeling of happiness ended shortly as he gently lay you down on his bed and examined you with both of his hands on his waist looking like he was going to fix you.
Idiot. He should have removed your backpack first before laying you on his bed with a lump on your back. But his innocent gesture and the funny look on his face made your heart flutter even more.
You thought the crush you felt for him in junior high will fade easily, but no. It got worse. You got it bad.
Darling I want all the strings attached I love it when you look at me like that And you’re the only girl that brings me back ‘Cause baby I want all the strings attached It’s like always and forever I won’t let a moment pass And when I’m with you I feel better I want all the strings attached
All tests and exams are finished. You passed with flying colours and Jisung… well he passed. That’s what matters most according to him. You and Jisung are currently busy finding colleges to apply to. Your GPA could get you into prestigious universities in the country and Jisung is pretty aware that it is almost impossible for him to follow you there. To his bewilderment, you were looking at the same college he was looking at.
“Why would you waste your brain in this school? Fly to the US, I’m sure you could get into the Ivy Leagues.” He told you as he watches you fill-up the same application form he’s holding.
You laughed without taking your eye off of the paper, “I wouldn’t be so smart with the other smart kids and I hate it when I'm not one of the smartest. Why? Are you sick of me?” You chuckled and ruffled your hair,
“Me?! Sick of you?!” You looked up to him, anticipating an answer that would make your heart go wild, “Totally and utterly sick of you. From daycare to college, god, can we stop seeing each other already?” He laughed, scrunching his nose.
There goes your heart pumping all of your blood to your system. He said he’s sick of you and you’re happy.
You only smiled at him and went back to filling up your form, hiding your reddened face with so much confidence that you were doing the right thing by going after him in the same school. Both of you did not spend all of your lives together for nothing, right?
Thinking of all of the memories and experiences you shared with each other, you thought he should be feeling the same thing towards you and he’s probably just being a Jisung. He’s always been shy, that is probably why he’s never told you what he feels. So you decided to put the matter in your own hands. Graduation day will be in a couple of months, you will confess to him and he will do the same then you'll set off to college as boyfriend and girlfriend.
Not long enough, you and Jisung received your acceptance letters from the college you both applied for. Both of your parents wanted to throw a party for the two of you but both of you rejected and requested to go on a camping trip instead, which they gladly obliged. The trip was fun for you, you went kayaking and hiking. It wasn't so fun for Jisung, he hates bugs more than anything in life and everyone happens to forget to bring bug repellent for him. Poor guy.
Soon it's graduation day. You’re unsure if you’re getting gassy because you’re nervous that you might trip while walking across the stage, or because of the confession you’re planning to make later. Yeah, you’re definitely more nervous about tripping than the confession. If there is anything in this world you’re more certain about, it’s Jisung. He’s the only constant you have in your whole life. This confession is going to be perfect and it’s one less thing to worry about.
Or so you thought.
You have been extremely confident and that’s where you went wrong. Assuming things are never a good idea and you learned that lesson in a painful form of rejection.
After the ceremony, you ran to your families. “Hey, do you mind if I borrow Jisung for a second? I just have something… important to say.” His and your parents exchanged a knowing look with smiles on their faces before giving their permission for you to drag Jisung away.
“Where are we going? This graduation gown is stupid. It’s too big and I look like a hanger wearing it.” He scanned himself one more time with a look on his face that he always wears when he finds something ridiculous. Another thing you love about him.
Without thinking twice, you blurted the words that made Jisung’s world stop and collapse. “I love you, Ji. I know I have liked you since junior high, but I thought it’s because of puberty so I did not pay any attention to it. Now that we’re almost in college I realized that what I feel for you is more than and deeper than a simple crush. I’m in love with you Park Jisung and I can feel it in my bones that you feel the same way too.”
He looked at you and to your hands that are holding his, clearly taken aback by your sudden confession. He does not know how to deal with these kinds of things that involve love and girls. And it’s a lot more to handle now that it’s about you, who is a girl that is in love with him. You’re his best friend. You're someone he doesn’t want to lose that’s for sure, but never in his life that he thought of you in a different way.
“I-uh… Thanks, Y/N. Geez, I don’t know what to say. Yeah, you’re right. I love you too…” You held his hand tighter, your heart is overjoyed with what you’re hearing. Jisung also tightened his grip on you “...but not in the way you think I do. You’re my best friend and of course I lo-” You let go of his hand and stepped back,
“You’re rejecting me are you?” You said cutting him off.
Jisung stepped forward, attempting to take your hands again. Pain washed over the joy that temporarily glowed in your eyes. He does not understand why his chest suddenly feels claustrophobic at the sight of you sad and disappointed.
“I am. But we have been best friends for a long time, right? We are still that. Everything’s going to be okay. We’ll laugh about this someday.” He tried his best at comforting you and believes that it was working well when you flash him a smile and nodded your head.
“I understand. I’m sorry I assumed things. I just need to- Uhm- sorry, excuse me.” You ran away from him before letting your tears fall down your face, feeling completely embarrassed. “Stupid.” You mumbled to yourself as you wiped your face with your hands and ran your way back home.
He’s wrong.
The confession you made and his rejection is something that you can never laugh about. Your impulsiveness ruined the best relationship you ever had with somebody. Maybe for him nothing much will change, but for you, it will never be the same. Your pride was hurt and you completely made a fool out of yourself in front of the person you love. It will take time for you to recover from it.
You made sure to leave Jisung a message after that day that you wanted to be alone and he said he understands, but just a day after, Jisung is already knocking on your front door with a shoebox in hand.
“Hun. Jisung is outside, do you want to let him in? I can tell him that you’re not feeling well.” Your mom said from your bedroom door, watching you stare at your ceiling.
“Can you tell him that I’m not home? I’m sure he’ll come back with Tylenol if we say I’m sick.”
She smiled at you, “Okay baby. I’ll let him know you’re away.”
He left the box with your mother. He brought you his graduation gift. Inside the box, there are pictures of you and him growing up in a small scrapbook and some goodies that you could use when you set off for college. There’s a scented candle, knitted socks, a journal and a box of colourful pens. Your mom caught you crying in your room hugging the scrapbook he made you.
Telling your mom about what happened made the pain a little less painful. Even she was shocked, apparently, both of your parents have ‘known’ that the two of you will date eventually. Surprise! Jokes are all on you. Deep inside you know that it’s unfair to hold Jisung accountable for the heartbreak you're going through, it’s not his fault that he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. You just needed a few more days alone and maybe you can see him again after. Just a few days is all you’re asking.
For some reason, when your mother informed him that you were away, he thought you already left for college and left him alone. Your drive to college is not supposed until next week but Jisung assumed that because he rejected you, you went there by yourself.
Two days after your much-needed alone time, you decided to text your best friend and apologize for not seeing him for several days. It was probably the longest time you did not see each other and you feel bad for him knowing that he only has you as his friend.
You: hey jisung where are you?
Normally he would reply in an instance as if he’s been watching his phone to buzz 24/7. But today it took him three hours to reply.
Ji: campus. just finished moving into my new apartment. Ttyl im busy.
He already left for college without you? And found his own apartment? You wanted to reply and swear him off but you chose not to. You thought he understood that you needed time for yourself, but again you guessed wrong. It was just three days without communication and he already left you like that. He said you’re still best friends but after what he did, it feels like he just threw away all the years you’ve spent together. “If that’s what he wants then fine, have it his way.” You mumbled and threw your phone on your bed after blocking his number from your contacts.
Jisung, on the other hand, is waiting for your usual excited reply like ‘omg I need to see your place’ or questions like, ‘do you live near me?’ But there's none. After your confession, he understands if you would not be as comfortable sharing an apartment with him anymore, and guessed that it was probably one of the reasons why you took off earlier than planned and he holds no grudges for that.
You finally texting him again after three days is a good sign and he’s excited for classes to start so both of you could get back to your normal routines, but it’s already night time yet you haven’t sent him a single reply.
He misses you and decides to give you a call. He dialled your number and put the phone by his ear only to figure out that you blocked his number. Frustrated and confused, Jisung tried calling you again but nada. He stared at his phone for a long time, probably swearing at you in his mind. “If that’s what she wants then fine, have it her way.” He set his phone by his bed and went to sleep with a heavy heart.
So come on girl let me hold your hand Let’s go get lost, live without a plan And I know you’ve got the world to see But you know you mean the world to me And I know right now you got second thoughts Do whatever it takes, pay whatever the cost
Jisung spent the next day just thinking about you and the reason why the hell would you block his number. The poor boy felt burdened if he did something wrong or did he unintentionally added salt to your open wound.
That very same day, he called your mother asking about you. There he learned that you haven’t left your home yet and it was him who left first. If he could throw himself at the wall, he already did. Out of all moments to pull a Jisung, it has to be that day. Guilty, he persuaded you to unblock his number by constantly calling your landline at home. Your dad was pissed off by the constant ringing of the phone making you unblock his number and let him call you there instead, but you still didn't answer his calls.
A few days later you finally left for college and rented a room in a dorm with a couple of other girls in your year. They were all very friendly and all of you got along pretty well.
Jisung on the other hand is like a stalker of you at this point. He would ask your parents about your whereabouts which your mom finds cute so she always feeds your best friend information about you.
That day you moved into your dorm, your roommates were crowded at the living room window talking about handsome boys standing outside your dorm. Yes, you still love Jisung but you’re young and very much single so you excitedly joined the girls and looked out the window. There you saw Jisung. He’s with someone you don’t know and his friend looked like he’s forcing him to ring the doorbell. They have been doing that for almost 10 minutes before walking away. Jisung took another look at the door and left.
“Who are they?” Winter asked.
“One of them is Chenle, we went to the same high school back home. I don’t know who the other guy is, but he’s cute.” Ningning answered while giggling.
You walked to the couch and sat yourself down. “The other guy is my best friend, Jisung. He’s probably here because of me. We haven’t talked to each other for a week and that’s a record because we’ve always been together since daycare.”
“Whoa wait. Daycare?” Karina asked.
“I would have fallen in love if I spent that much time of my life with someone,” Gisele added.
You choked on nothing after she said that and they all sensed gossip. The girls looked so interested in hearing your story and you remembered how much of a relief it was when you shared it with your mom so you told them everything that happened.
“Why do I think that he does feel the same but he just doesn’t know,” Winter said.
“I was thinking the same thing. What I saw earlier looks like it came straight from a depressing music video.” Karina added talking about Jisung and Chenle arguing whether he’s going to ring the doorbell or not.
“It doesn’t matter! Wear your best clothes Y/N, your best friend is at a freshmen party and we’re going to make him see what he lost.” Ningning said before pulling you up from your seat, the other girls hollered and followed you to your bedroom to dress you up.
You wanted to tell him that it’s not necessary to show off to him because nothing will change anyway. You already accepted the fact that he doesn't feel the same way and the only thing that’s been keeping the two of you from your usual selves is your petty fight. But the girls seemed like they already made up their minds and dressed you up in a tight black dress and put your hair up in a high ponytail. You don’t normally dig this kind of fashion, but you feel really pretty and quite sexy that you allowed yourself to get out of your comfort zone for once.
You know me, not the type of guy To stick around, to do the time But you must have me hypnotized I’m d-down to be by your side Every night
Chenle, Jisung’s second friend he’s ever had, has grown tired of listening to Jisung’s whining about how stupid he is for leaving you back home and how important communication is. He listened to Jisung all day and honestly, he would love not to care but his silent sobs are pissing him off.
“Sounds like you’re not realizing something.” Chenle nonchalantly said then blew on his hot ramen before eating it.
Jisung shook his head, “No. I already realized it. I'm stupid I know. I should've talked to her or her mom before leaving home.” He groaned and threw himself on the floor and did more groaning.
Chenle slapped his chopsticks on the table and stood up. “Dress up. We’re going out.”
Jisung looked at him confused, “Where? Don't you see I'm problematic?” He asked.
“Exactly why we’re going out,” Chenle said and pulled him harshly by his arm.
“Can you tell me what we are doing here?” Jisung looked at a house that is most likely a dorm house.
Chenle only chuckled and pushed him to the front door. “Ring the bell.”
Jisung ran back to where he was standing and attempted to push Chenle too, “You ring the bell. I don't even know whose house this is.”
“You don't know where your best friend’s dorm is? Geez. You're in deeper shit than I thought you originally were.” Chenle folded his arms and gave his friend a judging look.
Jisung looked like a deer on a highway caught in headlights. “This is Y/N’s dorm? H-how did you know?”
Chenle, looking so smug just shrugged, “I have connections that you don't have. Just ring the damn doorbell and makeup with her, please? I'm sick and tired of listening to you whine.”
Jisung stared at your door and contemplated. He knew he did something wrong and he also rejected you before leaving for college. He has to be very careful of what he’s going to say to you and appearing on your front door without thinking of what he’s going to say feels like he’s going to make everything worse, and his gut tells him that if he hurts you again he might lose you forever. The thought of losing you is enough for him to make him feel sick to his stomach.
“Let’s just go. I don’t know what I’m going to say. I’ll come back when I’m ready.” Jisung said in all seriousness. Something Chenle did not know Jisung is capable of.
“You sure?” He asked, Jisung nodded his head.
“Yeah. I want to pick my words carefully. The last time I spoke without thinking I hurt her. I didn't really enjoy seeing her sad. It's like someone poured a cold bucket of water on me and pulled my intestines apart. I hated it.” Jisung said and walked away first.
Chenle smiled by himself watching his friend walk away. He ran up to him and put his arm around his neck. “Let’s go to a party so you can drink your broken heart away shall we?”
“I’m not broken-hearted. I don’t even have a girlfriend.”
Chenle patted his head and ruffled his hair. “Yes you are, and you don’t need a girlfriend to be in love, sometimes you only need your best friend.”
Jisung and Chenle arrived at a freshmen party. The music is blasting and the lights are dancing. There are alcohols on every table and all of them are up for grabs. If Jisung didn’t know they’re on college grounds, he would think he’s in a bar.
Chenle pulled Jisung to a table where there are opened and sealed cans of beer. “Always be mindful of what you take. Only the untouched ones, I heard some people put drugs in the open ones.” He reminded him, he handed him a sealed can of beer and opened it in his hands. “Drink away lover boy,” Chenle said and pushed the can to Jisung’s lips.
Jisung took a sip and spat on the ground. “That’s disgusting. Do they all drink this?” He scrunched his nose and looked at the can of beer.
Chenle laughed, “It only tastes bad because it's not cold. Drink up!” Jisung shook his head and was about to pour the beer out when he saw you walk in with your friends.
You’re looking exceptionally pretty tonight. Prettiest he’s ever seen. But why would you wear such a tight and short dress, and why would you put on those painfully high heels? One look is all it takes for Jisung to know that you’re uncomfortable with your clothes.
Suddenly, he becomes hyper-aware of the clothes he’s wearing, constantly checking himself if he has something he could lend you. But then again he remembered that you’re not on speaking terms with him and it felt like he was hit with a bulldozer.
Jisung just stood there and watched you talk and giggle with your friends. He watched which can of beer they’re going to hand you and made sure to himself that he saw a closed and sealed one in your hand. Every move you make, he watches. Not like a creepy stalker, just someone who watches over his best friend from afar.
You did not notice Jisung standing there, but your friends definitely did. Ningning whispered something to Karina then went away for a minute before coming back with a very tall guy being pulled by her. “Hey Y/N. This is Sungchan. Sungchan, this is Y/N. Go talk or something.” She pushed you to him, landing you in his arms.
“What the…” You mumbled to yourself, “Hey I’m sorry about that. You don’t have to talk to me, I’m just here to kill some time.”
He chuckled, “No, don't be sorry. I’m also here to kill time. Do you want to take a walk?” He smiled at you and you could swear that he is one of the most attractive people you have ever seen in your entire life.
“Depends. Are you going to tower over me for the rest of the night?” You asked.
He scratched his nape and answered in squinted eyes, “Yeah?”
You gave him a smile and offered your arm to him, “Then I would love to take a walk with you.”
He took your arm and put it around his, “Cool.” He replied.
Sungchan took you to a quieter part of the party and sat on a bench, he tapped the space beside him for you to sit. “You’re beautiful, by the way. The moment you walked in I could sense the tension with the boys. You’re like eye candy to them.” He said, but something in his tone makes you feel comfortable. He doesn’t sound like he’s hitting on you at all.
“Isn’t that a good thing though? That I got noticed?” You joked.
He chuckled and looked at you, “It could be a good thing if you want the popularity. But boys could be dangerous so be careful.” He said.
You raised him an eyebrow, “You speak like you’re not a guy. Girls can be dangerous too, you know.” You said and sipped on your can of beer.
Sungchan shrugged and smiled, “Touche. Hey, are you not cold?” He asked.
“It’s September night. I am freezing.” You said and shivered when autumn air hit you.
Sungchan quickly removed his hoodie and gave it to you, he’s wearing a sweatshirt underneath. “You’re wearing that with the hoodie?” You said while putting on the clothing.
“Yeah. I don’t like wearing coats so I put on layers instead.”
“You’re weird.” You said and both of you laughed.
That laughter was quick to end when someone grabbed your hand and gently pulled you up from your seat. You glanced up and saw Jisung looking at you with an unidentifiable look in his eyes, something you have never seen in him. “We have to go.” He looked so serious that you instantly said goodbye to Sungchan and went with Jisung, forgetting to give back the hoodie he lent you.
“Jisung what’s wrong?” You asked, concern can be heard in your voice. This is the first time Jisung looked so serious and your mind went through so many bad situations already as to why he would be acting this way.
In an instant, Jisung went back to his senses. He started panicking internally and didn't know what to answer. He just gave you a side-eye and cleared his throat before speaking, “It’s Friday night. We have to watch a movie.” He said, sounding a bit more like himself now.
You didn't even bother rejecting him. Your heart and brain were in a state of shock because of his touch. His hand on yours makes your breathing heavier. Yes, you have been friends with him all your life but both of you barely make physical contact like this.
“Uhm. Can we stay at your place? I-I mean, if you don't want me there I can understand b-but we always hang out in our basement. I just thought we could hang out in your place for once.” He rambled, your smile widened by the second.
If he’s being honest, he just wanted to know what your dorm's like and to check on you.
“Yeah. We can hang out at my place. My roommates are still at the party, we can have the TV by ourselves.” You smiled.
Darling I want all the strings attached I love it when you look at me like that And you're the only girl that brings me back ‘Cause baby I want all the strings attached It's like always and forever I won't let the moments pass And when I'm with you I feel better I want all the strings
The next thing you know, you and Jisung are lying on the pull-out couch and under the sheets watching ‘Shrek Forever After’ quietly. It makes you think what if you did not offer Jisung your Happy Meal the first time you met each other, would you be hoping to be loved back by him today? Would you be fooling yourself right now that you will move on from him someday when you know deep inside that the love you have for him is anything but ceasing?
Everything happens for a reason. You hold that thought near to your heart. It comforts you that whatever pain you’re feeling right now will not last forever. You’re not hoping to get rid of the love you’re feeling for Jisung, all you’re wishing for is to get used to it.
But the universe is seemingly acting against you once again. Jisung pulled you closer to his chest. He didn’t know what’s gotten into him to disregard your personal space but it felt right to have you near him. After the scare of losing you, all he wanted to do is to never let go of you. You were so paranoid that he might hear your heart beating loudly, but all Jisung could hear was his. The feeling of his heart jumping in his chest does not feel annoying but rather endearing. You could feel it against your back and all you could think of is him finally reciprocating your feelings, but a part of yourself stops you from your delusions and pulls you back to reality.
But what if?
“Jisung…” You called out to him. Your voice echoed in his chest, his name never sounded so beautiful.
You felt the vibration of his low hum that sent shivers down to your spine then back to your heart. “Yes?” He answered.
You fell silent for a minute, contemplating whether or not you should do this again. Your confession a week ago almost ruined your lifelong friendship, are you willing to take that risk again? And if he still doesn’t feel the same, who would you blame for the pain? Maybe you are being selfish. Maybe you are being stupid. Or maybe you are just being hopeful.
“I love you.” What was supposed to be a mumble sounded like a scream in Jisung’s ear. His heart pounded like crazy, his mouth went dry and his palms started sweating. You distanced yourself from him and sat down to look him in the eyes, he did the same. “Don’t you feel a tiny bit of love for me?”
He just stared at your eyes, finding the right words to say. But what does he know? He doesn’t even know what he feels for you. All he knows is he’s happy when he’s with you and you’re the same with him. Isn’t that what matters? If you’re both happy together, does it need to be called something? Does your relationship need a label to be special? You have been with him his whole life, why would you go and complicate things? Both of you were happy then, why can’t you just stay the same? Such questions run in his mind but he did not find the courage to ask all of them. You look like you're going to break down any time soon.
“Y/N…” He started and you already felt like this won’t end as you hoped it would be. Tears started to pool around your eyes. Jisung could hear his heartbreak, he wanted to hide you in his arms so you wouldn’t get hurt anymore but he’s the reason why you’re crying. “I’m sorry.”
You shut your eyes closed letting tears trickle down your cheeks. “Go home Jisung.” You whispered. You don’t know if you can stand his pity stares at you any longer.
Jisung was taken aback, “Y/N, I really am sorry. You’re my best-”
“Best friend, I know. I’m your best friend. I’m only your best friend. Can you please just go?” You stood up and pointed at the door. Jisung also stood up but walked closer to you. His heart broke when you stepped back. Do you hate him now? “PLEASE! JUST GO!” You begged.
Seeing you like this was never Jisung’s intention. He walked to the door and was about to say something when you shut the door on him. You put your back against it and cry the pain out. You have once again managed to make a fool out of yourself. Jisung was on the other side of the door listening to your cries. Something in him wanted to fly into a rage. He wanted to knock but he chose to walk away that night with a heavy heart and teary eyes.
And baby when you fall down, I fall too And if you get lost, then I’ll get lost with you And when the waves crash down Then baby I won’t move Cause I need
Jisung went home that night confused. Chenle welcomed him, congratulating him for finally making a move on you but instantly noticed his friend’s face. His eyes were red and his brows furrowed.
“What happened?” Chenle asked, but Jisung just walked past him and locked himself in his room for the rest of the evening.
Classes started the next week, you saw him in the corridors for the first time after that night. You avoided him and to your surprise, he avoided you too. You were hurt but he was hurt too. You pushed him away and kicked him out of your apartment without letting him comfort you or at least let him speak.
It was lunchtime. Jisung was seated with his friends. He doesn’t have the appetite to finish the burger he just bought from the cafeteria. Dark bags around his eyes are very noticeable and is currently spacing out.
“You look like you didn’t sleep for a week or somethin’” Jaemin pointed out.
Chenle snorted, “Maybe because he didn’t sleep for a week. I keep hearing him wailing in his room at late hours.”
“I never wail at night.”
“Sorry, I was lying. He’s not wailing, he’s just sobbing.” Chenle corrected, making Jisung roll his eyes.
Jaemin watched Jisung look around the room probably looking for you and hung his head low when he didn’t find you. “I don’t understand why you are making this difficult for the both of you.”
Jisung looked at as if him asking what he meant by that. Chenle read his mind and laughed, “He doesn't get what you mean and he will not understand what you mean until he figures it out himself.”
“No, really. What do you mean by that?” Jisung is now on the edge of his seat asking Jaemin and Chenle. If there is a solution to his problems, he would like to hear it.
Chenle looked at him seriously, “Do you feel happy when you’re with her?” Jisung nodded. “When she leaves to go home, do you wish you could spend more time with her?” He nodded again. “When she’s near you, can you feel your heart beating loudly?” Jisung gaped in amusement and nodded.
“At night, do you think about all the things you did with her that day?” Jaemin asked and Jisung nodded. “Do you feel like you're suffocating when you don’t get to see her or talk to her?”
“That’s a nice metaphor, and yes,” Jisung answered. “What about them? How did you know those? Do you think you can help me?” He asked the two.
Jaemin and Chenle exchanged looks. Jaemin put his hand on Jisung’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze, “We can’t help you if you haven’t realized it yourself.” Jisung wanted to ask what the hell is it that he hasn't realized yet? Why can’t they just tell him for fucking sake?
Jisung groaned and rested his head on the table. “I just want everything to go back to normal, you know? We were happy before graduation, I just don’t get why does she have to make it complicated. We’re happy while watching Shrek that evening at her dorm and we were okay before she made it complicated again. I just don’t get it. She’s obsessed with falling in love.”
“She’s not obsessed with falling in love. She’s in love with you. She loves you, Jisung. There’s a difference.” Jaemin said and ate a spoonful of rice.
“I get that, she loves me. I love her too but does she see me making a big deal out of it? No!” Jisung was flailing his hands in the air while making his argument. Jaemin choked on his food and Chenle was grinning from ear to ear. Jisung looked at both of them, confusion clearly written on his face. “What?” He asked.
He seemed to be unaware of what he just said. Chenle’s grin faded from his face, shook his head and went to aid his dying friend by tapping his back and giving him a glass of water to drink.
“Fucking numb.” Jaemin mumbled while catching his breath.
“Hey! I heard that! I’m not dumb!” Jisung defensively said, making both of his friends laugh.
“Everything will be okay Jisung. I just hope you figure it out sooner.” Chenle tried comforting his friend.
“Psh. If you were so sure. Why don’t you help me.” He sarcastically said that made Chenle think.
He took a sip from his water and squinted his eyes, “I might.” He muttered to himself.
All strings attached I love it when you look at me like that And you’re the only girl that brings me back ‘Cause baby I want all the strings attached
It was Saturday morning and you’re already awake preparing to meet with Jisung’s friend, Chenle. You have no idea how he made you agreed on meeting him, all he told you is he needed to talk with you about Jisung. He sounded serious and it felt like it was something you don’t want to say no to so you bought it without any second thoughts.
You dressed nicely, wearing the cutest red dress you own. You wanted Chenle to know that you’re doing okay despite being rejected by your own best friend twice. You put your hair up into a bun and put makeup on trying to hide the marks of your sleepless nights.
An hour later you arrived early at the fast food restaurant near your campus where you and Chenle agreed to meet. Chenle messaged you that he would be running late, but he’s already on his way. You sighed, seated yourself and ordered a light snack while waiting for him.
You were practically inhaling your burger when someone sat in front of you making you look up. It’s a familiar figure and it’s definitely not Chenle. You swallowed the food in your mouth.
“Sungchan? What are you doing here?” You asked quite enthusiastically. He gave you a smile that could melt snow in winter. You couldn’t help but smile back.
He caressed his nape and smiled awkwardly, “A friend of a friend asked me a favour to meet someone here and keep accompanied. I honestly would have said no to them if they didn't tell me it was you who I was meeting with.”
You tilted your head trying to understand what he told you, but no matter how much you thought of it, you can’t make a sense out of it. “Sorry. Who are these people that asked you a favour?” You asked, ignoring the other things he said.
“Ningning asked me to do a favour for her friend, Chenle, I guess? I can’t remember the name.”
You chuckled. Ningning and Chenle were acquainted. It made sense that they would set you up with someone, why did you not think of that. But why Sungchan though? Deep inside you wanted it to be Jisung but you brushed it off of your head.
There’s obviously something that he wanted to talk about but cannot bring it up for some reason. You can almost feel the lump in his throat so you decided to open it up yourself.
“By the way, I’m sorry about what happened last time, I already washed your hoodie, just text me your address and I’ll drop it off to you tomorrow.”
“Who is that guy though? Is he your boyfriend?”
You snorted, looking away from him, making it obvious that what he said sounded ridiculous but ended up seeming depressing, “No. He’s just my best friend.”
He chuckled, shaking his head. “But you wished to be more than that, but he doesn't reciprocate your love. I see.” He said and stole a sip from your chocolate milkshake.
You were shocked why he knew about it. Were you that obvious? Or did Ningning tell him about your unrequited love for your best friend? Snatching the tall glass of milkshake from him made him laugh, “That’s mine.” You said and wiped the straw with your fingers and sipped from it.
"Don't act surprised. Ningning told me about your situation, and Chenle already explained to me why I was the one they chose to meet you up with. I would really love to take you out on a date you know, but I guess we’re just staying as friends.” He smiled. None of what he said made sense, as if he was talking in a different language.
“What the hell are you talking about? What is it about Chenle and Ningning? And why won’t you take me out on a date?” You rambled.
He just shrugged with a mischievous smile painted on his face, “Someone might get jealous.”
You scoffed, “Didn’t you just say that my best friend doesn't love me back? I’m single as hell. Take me out on a date for fuck’s sake.”
He looked up at the ceiling and squinted his eyes, “Hmm. Yeah, no. I recently realized that you’re not really my type.” He winked at you, making both of you laugh. Something tells you that this would be a hell of a friendship with Sungchan and it’s something that actually made you genuinely happy after a week of crying to yourself. “But hey if you need someone to talk to, I’m more than willing to listen.” He gave you a sympathetic smile.
You felt your eyes swelling with tears, you quickly stood up from your seat and went to him to give him a tight hug. Expressing how much his kind words mean to you.
A harsh tug from your wrist distanced you from Sungchan and you met Jisung’s angry eyes. A thousand emotions flashed on his face that you're unsure if you’re reading them right. You saw pain, jealousy, disappointment and sadness.
You heard Sungchan chuckled and mumbled, “Ahh. Of course” When Jisung pulled you out of the store. You looked back to Sungchan and he only gave you a nod and a wink.
Jisung’s large steps made you run after him as he pulls you on your wrist to a quiet park. “Let me go!” You yelled and attempted to remove his grip from you.
He stopped on his track and looked at you with tears in his eyes. You noticed how tired he looked. The light in his eyes is no longer there, his shoulders looked like he’s carrying the weight of the world, and he’s grown stubbles which you thought he’s physically incapable to grow. Your heart broke at the sight of him. You wanted to take care of him, you wanted to ask him what happened but you kept your mouth shut. No. Not until you stop seeing him more than your best friend. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled. He gripped his hair and sat on a bench.
You sighed. Fine, I’m caving in. But just for today.
Jisung felt that you walked away from him. He didn’t bother looking up. Why does he keep on taking you away from that tall thin guy that could give you the love you’ve been looking for. It's just seeing you with another guy repulse him. The thought of you dating someone makes him fire up inside, and when he watched you smile and hug Sungchan he felt like he could die from where he stands.
Chenle bugged him to go for a walk this morning. He would've said no but when he told him that the route they're taking is just around your dorm he immediately jumped out of his bed and put on the nicest pants he owns and your favourite sweatshirt of his.
They did walk to your dorm and Jisung looked at your window for a couple of minutes, wishing that you're currently safe and sound in your bed before walking away. Chenle wanted to grab coffee at a very oddly specific fast food restaurant, Jisung doesn't have the strength to argue with him so he just went.
There he saw you with Sungchan, smiling and laughing. You look really pretty and cute in your dress, you even put make-up on. After you confessed your love to him twice you're now dating the guy you met at the party? Have you moved on already? Were you over him now?
He felt the bench carried the weight of another person and breathed a familiar smell. He looked up and saw a cup of fries near his face. The awkward air becomes thicker the longer both of you stayed quiet. You cleared your throat and nudged the fries to him, “You want some?”
Jisung smiled and shook his head. “No, thank you.” He answered. He was about to speak again when you took a box of Happy Meal from your side.
“If you don't like fries then you can have my nuggets and yogurt. That yogurt is my favourite but since you look sad, I guess you can have it.” You gave him a genuine smile that he hasn't seen in weeks.
It took Jisung a minute before he understood what you were doing. He was reminded of the day he first met you and how you brought him out of his shell. Since then, it has always been you who helped him get to know himself. It’s you who sticks with him for most of your lives. You have been patient with him when people around him can’t. You’re more than just a best friend, you’re someone he doesn’t want to live without. Someone who makes him smile when he’s been having a draining day at school, and the one who saw his best during his worst. You are the only girl he finds beautiful, the girl he cannot stay away from, the girl who never fails to make his heart race and the girl he deeply loves.
It hit him. All these tears and heartache are because of him being himself. It made sense why Chenle keeps saying he has to realize something first before everything gets better. The rage and his impulsiveness, whenever he sees you with someone else, is jealousy. All these commotions would have been avoided if he only figured out his feelings sooner.
Enlightened, he smiled at you and took the box of nuggets and set it aside. “I’m not sad. I’m just happy.” He opened the pack of sweet and sour sauce then carefully dipped a piece of nugget into it and feed it to you. You took a bite with a befuddled look. “You look really beautiful in your dress, Y/N.” His compliment warmed your cheeks.
“Don’t say that when you know my feelings for you.” You looked away from him and were about to get up when he spoke again.
“And you never knew about mine.” It stops you from leaving. It’s like your feet are glued to the ground. “Well, everyone around me knew my feelings except for me. Hell, even you were sure enough that I feel the same way towards you. I guess I’ve always been on the slow side of the spectrum.”
You looked him in the eye, tears are threatening to fall but your broken heart is slowly mending. “Why are you telling me this?”
He stood up and carefully pulled you into a gentle hug. His hand is on your head and the other is caressing you back. “I’m sorry for the pain that I put you through. I am sorry that you have to get hurt before I understand my own feelings. I was a wreck without you, I went through so much because I was too stubborn to recognize what I feel for you. I was so scared, it feels like I'm going to lose forever for each day that passes by. I never meant to hurt you, it’s the last thing I wanted to do.” He whispered. You felt his tears on your head and he felt yours on his shirt.
“Say it then.” You challenged him and it made him chuckle, he sniffed and pulled you away a little to look at your face. He cupped your cheeks and brushed the tears away.
“I love you.” He confessed with a wide smile on his face. The vibration of his low voice filled your heart with warmth.
It feels surreal. To be loved back by the person you love is definitely something special. You cried harder after hearing those three words you've been yearning to hear. Finally, two hearts that waited two decades have found their way home to each other.
“I love you more, Jisung.” You replied, making him tear up, yet the joy in his face never ceased.
“Tomorrow too?” He asked.
You hugged him tight and nodded, “Yes. Tomorrow too.”
It’s like always and forever I won’t let a moment pass And when I’m with you I feel better I want all the strings attached All the strings attached
Tumblr media
Disc one is almost done!! I cannot believe I am posting my fourth story today when I was just writing in my google docs last month 🥲 I have met a whole lot of people, very sweet, supportive and friendly people, you guys know who you are and I love you all so much.
And of course, thank you for reading Jisung’s Strings!!
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jenos-starseed · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wake Up With Me - Jisung
Parings: Sleepy!Jisung x Reader
Genre: fluff
Au/Tropes: boyfriend au, slice of life
Wc: 500
Warnings: no warnings
A/n: more jisung content
Tumblr media
You inhale deeply while your eyes slowly flutter open. The sound of rain is the first thing your ears pick up. The soft padding noise almost soothes you back to sleep but your boyfriend’s congested snoring isn’t having any of it. One particularly loud snore was enough to make your eyes snap completely open.
You turn to look over your shoulder, feeling Jisung’s breath tickle the back of your neck as you do so. He was sound asleep. The room was dark and you couldn’t see his face but, you smiled thinking about how cute he probably looked. His arm was slung loosely around your waist so you move it ever-so-gently before tiptoeing out of your shared bedroom.
You don’t bother to close the door behind you because you didn’t plan to be out of bed for too long. You were just getting water; your throat felt dryer than usual which probably meant you were beginning to come down with the same cold that Jisung has. You flick on the lights in the kitchen and begin reaching for a cup. You fill it with ice and then water, loving the way the ice cracks when the water is poured over it. Your hand lays flat on the counter as you have a sip of the water. Suddenly you feel warm arms creep around your waist. You gasp softly, being startled by your quiet boyfriend.
“Why’d you leave?” He croaks out while resting his head on your shoulder.
You chuckle and say. “I was thirsty,” tipping up the cup for him to see.
He snuggles you closer, closing his eyes and groaning softly.
You turn around in his hold. His hair is sticking up in every direction and his eyes can barely stay open. His head falls into the space between your neck and collarbone and he nuzzles his face into it. You laugh as his nose tickles you.
“You tired?” You tease, gently raking your nails up his bare back.
Jisung nods, hardly aware of what you just asked.
“Okay, give me a second to clean up and then we can go back to bed.”
He nods again. You turn back to your water and down it before pouring the ice in the sink and rinsing your cup out. You were pretty sure Jisung had fell asleep on your back. He was quiet and his arms were barely hanging on to you.
When you were done, you wrap one of his arms around your shoulder and your arm around his waist. Once you felt secure, you began guiding him back to the room.
His feet lazily shuffle against the floor until you make it to your room. He crawls into bed first and opens his arms to welcome you back in. You accept without a second thought. You pull the comforter over the two of you and snuggle into your boyfriend’s chest. Your hand slides up and down his abs coaxing him back to sleep.
“I love you, Y/N.” You hear him whisper.
“I love you, Jisung.”
Tumblr media
Other members: jaemin, Chenle, jeno, mark, donghyuck
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