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NO * inc/st, explicit ab/se, r/pe, disorderly eating

PLS TAG * flashing (i’m epileptic), abuse, and gore

DNI * racist, homo/transphobic, ableist, TERFs, pedophiles and CG/L (kink)


PERSONAL * lil hal junior (jitterbug) lalonde || autistic || super advanced AI || very bubbly!!!

GAME * maid of heart || prospit dreamer || godtiered

UNIVERSE * made by roxy and hal || currently alive || travels between timelines with the help of [REDACTED]

PHYSICAL * appears 10 || has kitty ears and a fluffy tail || 4’0” tall || peets!!!!!

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Jitter is a huge fan of this holiday! Guess who snagged a large bird at the zoo in some poor innocent timeline? Sonar. Cause child needs food and they will have food. 


He’s..slightly concerned by her swiping the large drumstick. It’s more than half the child’s size. 

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Tomorrow’s the road trip, Saturday we meet Roxy/Tasha. I’m excited and nervous. I want it to work out. I want Bucky to like (or at least accept) her.

🤞🏻fingers crossed🤞🏻

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I’m going on a first date tonight. 

We met on Hinge and because we live in the same neighborhood, we’re going on a socially distant walk. It was that or Zoom. 

I’ve had three Zoom dates during Covid, none of which were thrilling. I enjoyed the conversation but I think chemistry is non-existent when you are communicating in bytes instead of with each other’s energy. 

I love first date jitters. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still single because I secretly love dating more than relationships. No fighting. No bringing your past trauma to the table (unless it’s a really bad date!) You just get to explore and enjoy each other’s company. 

I estimate that I’ve been on 100 first dates and I’m grateful for every single one of them. Sometimes, when we’re exhausted from dating, I think it can be hard to appreciate how good we have it.

I’ll let you know how the date goes!

Until Tomorrow,


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