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#jj maybank
rafes-cameron · a day ago
Playing with Fire
Pairing: JJ Maybank x OFC
Warning(s): Language, mentions of underage drinking. 18+ due to dirty talk, explicit protected sex.
Summary: After years of flirting, JJ decides to push the envelope by sharing risky pictures with Y/N via text.
(GIF credit to @splinterbean)
Tumblr media
JJ Maybank was known to be trouble. But his charm and devilish good looks made him absolutely irresistible to the girls on Kildare Island. Despite being best friends, Y/N was no different. She always found herself checking him out, praying that none of the other Pogues noticed. On quite a few occasions, she would sneak a glance, only to find his cerulean blue eyes already on her. They always had flirty banter between the two of them, although their friends didn’t think anything of it. They chalked it up to simply being part of their personalities, never giving it a second thought.
After an uneventful kegger, Y\N headed home, knowing that she had a luxurious queen bed and down comforter waiting for her. Meanwhile, JJ decided to crash at the chateau. Per usual, he managed to snag the guest room, leaving Pope to sleep on the couch with Kiara. With the alcohol still running through his veins, JJ grabbed his phone and quickly typed out a message, hitting send without a second thought.
- JJ: You home yet?
The ping of her phone startled her awake. She jumped in the shower as soon as she came home from the party and ultimately passed out on her bed before she even had a chance to get dressed. She rubbed her eyes, attempting to rid the sleep before reaching for her phone in the dark. She read his message with a smile before replying.
- Y:N: Oh yeah. Still partying hard over here
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As soon as he received her message, he opened the picture, which caused a bright smile to appear on his face. She was laying in bed, perfectly snuggled in her large comforter, her hair in a slightly damp and messy, face bare of any makeup. Her nose was wrinkled, sticking her tongue out with her eyes closed, throwing up a peace sign. He immediately saved the picture as it reflected his favorite version of her, when she was unabashedly herself. He studied every detail of the picture before zoning in on a microscope detail - She was topless. Although nothing private was exposed, it got his blood boiling and he decided to push the envelope a little further, testing the waters. He quickly ripped the shirt from his torso before sitting against the headboard of the bed, flipping on his phones camera. He quickly snapped two pictures, sending them her way.
- JJ: Wish you were here.
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She was scrolling through social media when his text came in. As soon as she opened the first picture, she laughed, noticing the dramatic pouty expression on his face in the first picture and his wide, cheesy grin as she swiped to the second. He was the cutest. She found herself subconsciously biting her bottom lip as her eyes traveled further south, noticing his abs on full display. They spent countess days and nights at the beach or on the marsh, so she had seen him shirtless hundreds of times but this was the first time he sent a shirtless selfie. She wasn’t mad about it.
Y/N: Okay, hot stuff. I see you..
JJ: You can see more, ya know ;)
Y/N: Are you drunk? LOL
JJ: Perfectly sober, babe
She gnawed on her bottom lip, contemplating and calculating her next move. She hit the FaceTime icon, quickly checking her appearance on the camera as she not-so-patiently waited to see if he would answer. “Well, hello, beautiful,” the blonde beamed, appearing on camera with his signature toothy grin. She chuckled, watching as he ran a hand through his messy hair, obviously checking his own reflection. “Don’t worry. You look hot,” she winked, making him raise an eyebrow. “Oh! Someone’s feeling frisky tonight.” He wiggled his brows, smile never leaving his face as a light brush crept onto hers. She playfully rolled her eyes, holding the comforter to her chest as she rolled onto her left side. His eyes were trained on the fabric, praying that her grip would fail, knowing that she had nothing on underneath. “I was calling to see if you had a girl over or something,” she mumbled. He shrugged, relaxing and laying down against the mattress, mimicking how she was laying. “Was hoping to bring you back after the party but here we are,” he sighed, poking out his bottom lip. “Are you saying that you want me, JJ?” She batted her eyes, staring at his handsome face on her phone screen. She was half-joking, at least that’s what she told herself. He didn’t waste anytime before he answered, “Fuck yeah.” Her heart stopped. “More than anything,” he continued, making her skin ignite on fire. He wasn’t physically with her but was still driving her crazy. She quickly brought herself back to reality and decided to give in to her desires. What was the worst that could happen? Taking the fabric that was once held tightly against her bare chest, she slowly inched it down her body, watching his blue eyes widen. “How bad do you want me, JJ?” She asked, his eyes never leaving her chest, which was now exposing her cleavage. “Y/N, please.” He licked his lips, sitting straight up and clutching his phone tight. She smiled, finally removing the fabric from her body, her tits on full display for him. “Holy fuck,” were the only words they left his mouth before his jaw went slack. “Come over,” she practically begged, the ache between her legs now too much to bear. His camera seemed to go black but she could hear shuffling, followed by the sound of keys before the handsome boy appeared again. She could tell that he was walking or rather, jogging through the house. He finally spoke after the front door of the chateau slammed closed behind him, “I’m on my way. 5 minutes.” She smiled, excitement radiating throughout every inch of her body as she ended the call.
4 minutes and 32 seconds later, the same handsome blonde was barging through her bedroom door. “Is this a dream? Because I feel like I’m dreaming.” He spoke quickly, his words almost running together as he approached the end of her bed, where she was waiting, fully naked and on display for him. She pushed herself onto her knees against the mattress, reaching for his shirt and pulling him close, crashing her lips to his. She was desperate for him. Years of flirting and empty promises had finally reached its boiling point. As he deepened the kiss, his hands tangled in her damp hair, her own hands slide underneath his shirt, fingertips ghosting over his toned abdomen. He broke apart from her, resting his forehead against hers as he gazed into her eyes, which were dark with lust. He reached, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head, dropping the fabric to the floor before grabbing her by the back of her neck and pulling her flush against him. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, dominating her senses as her hands were busy at work on his shorts. Once they were undone, she pushed them off of his hips, forcing them to the ground, leaving him in only his thin plaid boxers. He grabbed her and climbed onto the mattress, caging her in with his strong arms, grinding into her core. “Fuck,” she gasped, feeling his clothed clock against her bare pussy. She was soaking wet. He left a trail of sensual, open mouth kisses from her jaw, down to her chin, followed by her neck before he focused on her hardened nipples. “I’m going to fuck you so good, babe,” he lunged his hips forward, taking her left nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile, his hands didn’t leave an inch of her body untouched. He looked up at her, locking eyes as he flicked her nipple with his tongue before nipping at the bud roughly, making her back arch against him. A wicked smile appeared on his face as he placed a soft kiss to her stomach before pushing himself off the bed. He reached into his shorts, grabbing a condom from his pocket before tugging his boxers off his hips so he could crawl on top of her naked body. “Put this on for me?” He asked, his fingers dancing against the inside of her thigh. She nodded, grabbing the foil pocket from his grasp and yelping as he quickly switched their position, so it was his back against the mattress as she straddled his lips. “You’re a fucking goddess,” he groaned, admiring her body from this new angle. She smiled, grasping his cock, which was already rock hard. She pumped him a few times before tearing the packet open with her teeth, carefully rolling the latex onto him.
“Come here,” he spoke, voice rough and raspy, the tone going directly to her core. He ran his hand from her thigh, over her hip, grazing her side until he reached her neck, where he gently grabbed, bringing her body forward so he could kiss her swollen lips. She placed her hands on each side of his head, rolling her hips against him. “Mmm,” he hummed against her lips. He reached down, taking his cock in his free hand and gently tapping his tip against her swollen clit, making her body jolt. “Stop teasing, J,” her voice was already strained, making him smile against her lips as he guided his cock to her core, allowing her to sink down onto him completely. Both of his hands found her hips, gripping her skin tight as he waited for her to adjust. It was only a moment before she started moving her hips, setting a delicious pace that had both of them cursing in no time. Her mouth was open, allowing every little sound to fall from her lips, echoing throughout her bedroom while JJ held onto her hips. “Fuck, Y/N,” he seethed, his head falling back against the pillow with a bright smile. She took turns between bouncing and rolling her hips in figure eights on his cock, ensuring that she felt every inch of him and god, did she. He was hitting spots that no man had before. He needed to be closer to her so he sat up, crashing his lips to hers in perfect rhythm, holding her chest flush with his. Her hands tangled in his hair, tugging roughly when the pleasure was too much as he drank in all of her moans. His hips met hers, thrusting upwards, hitting the deepest spots inside of her that would make her lose her mind in no time. “So fucking good, J,” she panted, feeling one of hid large hands splayed at the small of her back and the other gripping her ass as he marked her neck and chest with deep, dark bruises as their hips moved in unison. He could tell that she was close by the way she clenched around him, which urged him to do whatever was needed to push her over the edge. He lied back, taking her hips in both hands so he could hold her in place, fucking into her with everything he had, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. His thrusts weren’t fast. Instead, they hard, slow and deep, everything she wanted as she raked her fingernails down his chest.
In one swift movement, he flipped them over to their original position, never pulling out of her. With him on top, he pounded into her even harder, his eyes never leaving her beautiful face. “Gonna cum, J,” she warned, desperately reaching for his hand. He understood what she needed so he grabbed her, interlacing their fingers and pining her arm above her head. “You’re taking my dick so well, princess. Cum on my cock.” His filthy words in combination with his thrusts pushed her over the edge. Her toes curled and her back arched as she surrendered to the pleasure. When the knot broke, she felt pure bliss from the top of her head to the very tips of her toes, while chanting his name like a prayer. His thrusts were relentless, never letting up, ensuring that her orgasm lasted as long as possible. As she fought to catch her breath, he kissed his way up her body until he found her swollen lips, his hands fondling her breasts. “So pretty when you cum,” he mumbled, resting his forehead against hers as he gazed into her eyes. She reached up, holding his face in her feeble hands as she kissed him, ensuring that he couldn’t pull away. His thrusts became sloppy and in a matter of moments, it was his turn to give into bliss as he finished inside of the condom. JJ was convinced he had never cum that hard in his life. After riding out his own high, he crashed on top of her, burying his face in her neck. “My god, Y/N,” he huffed with a smile, holding her sweaty body close to his. She giggled, massaging his shoulders and back, making him groan. “Sex and a massage? Marry me,” he lifted his head, flashing his signature smile as she laughed. He kissed her lips before pushing off the mattress, heading towards her bathroom, where he discarded the condom and returned with a warm wash cloth. “Great sex and aftercare? No, you marry me.” She teased sweetly as he cleaned her up. He was so careful, which sent her heart soaring. He climbed on top of her, pulling that same large comforter from the photos over their bodies as he lied with his head on her chest. She ran her fingers through his blonde strands, holding him tight. “Why didn’t I send you shirtless selfies sooner?” They both laughed and before she knew it, he was hard again and kissing down her body before his head disappeared between her legs. That night, she learned that JJ Maybank’s reputation of being a sex god was absolutely true.
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lvstcd · a day ago
five and one ⟶ jj maybank x fem!reader
REQUEST: hi! i really love your writing <3 i was wondering if maybe you'd write smth like "the 5 times he wanted to kiss her/tell her he loved her and the 1 time he did" with jj please? [ @freaky-dcaky ]
A/N: thank you !! <3 i hope you enjoy :) also i'm so sorry i've been in active :( my senior year is kicking my ass.
SUMMARY: the five times that jj wanted to kiss you and tell you he loves you and the one time that he did.
WARNINGS: mentions of partying, mentions of drinking, mentions of smoking, swearing, mentions of abuse
GENRE: fluff, slight angst
(fem = female) not edited !!
Tumblr media
gif credit: @wodohwan
lower case intended ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆
YOU and jj sit on the porch of the chateau, john b inside with sarah and pope while kie is on her way over. you sit cross legged on the floor with jj's hand in yours, bright pink nail polish on his finger nails. "stop moving." you huff as the nail polish paints his cuticles. he chuckles, blunt in between his fingers and a small smirk on his lips. "i'm literally not even moving, y/n."
you look up at him with a glare before looking back down and focusing on the task at hand. "jj, you're literally getting pink nail polish all over your fingers." you say, dropping his hand and looking at the mess of his fingers. he lifts his hand up to his face and shrugs, "looks perfect to me, sunshine." he winks, earning a shove from you.
he places the blunt in between his lips, inhaling before handing it over to you, watching you intently with hooded lids. he watches as you gently set the blunt between your lips, inhaling as slow as possible before closing your eyes and exhaling the smoke.
his eyes land on your lips. your rosy plump lips. something he dreams about every so often. "you're staring." you whisper with your eyes still closed but a smug smirk on your lips.
"i am. how could i not stare at you?" he admits, too high to even comprehend that he's on the verge of confessing his love for you. "shut up." you laugh, opening your eyes and standing up. you ruffle his hair before walking inside, leaving the boy by himself. the things he would do to be able to kiss you.
JJ sits on the edge of the boat, beer in hand and hat on backwards. you, john b, and jj had decided to go out on the boat today while kie and pope were stuck at home with their parents. he turns around and sees you, tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. "hey." you mutter quietly, climbing next to him. he takes his sunglasses off to get a better look at you.
"y/n? what's wrong??" he asks worriedly, his hands cupping your cheeks as he scans your face. you let out a sad chuckle, avoiding his gaze. "my mom and i got into it again." you exhale, staring out at the water. "what happened this time?" jj asks, slowly dropping his hands from your face.
you let out an angry laugh, throwing your head up and staring at the bright blue sky. "the usual. i'm not as good as my older sister and i never fucking will be. i'm a useless piece of shit and i need to get my life together or else they're going to throw me out when i graduate."
jj stands up and slams his hat on the boat, "are you fucking serious? they seriously said that to you?" you nod your head, watching the dirty blonde struggle to keep his composure. "fuck them. what the hell? you literally work so hard to please them every single day and they don't give a shit. whatever. let them throw you out. you can stay with me. we'll figure something out." he rambles on, hands in his hair.
he stops when he hears you sighing loudly. he looks up and sees tears in your eyes. "why am i not enough for them, jay?" you whisper, chewing on your lip in attempt to not break down sobbing. jj rushes to you, pulling you into his arms and tracing circles on your back, "you're enough. you're enough for john b. for kie and sarah and pope. for me. we love you." i love you. he wanted to add, but he kept his mouth closed.
now was not the time to confess anything to you. all you needed right now was his support. and he was going to give you that.
IT was around 2 am and everyone in your house was sound asleep except you. you laid in bed with your music playing, book in hand, and the light on your night stand illuminating your room. you flip the page carefully, focusing on the words when your hear a slight tap on your window.
you carefully set your book down and cautiously walk to your window. peering through the curtains, you see a bloodied and bruised jj clinging onto your window, the rain soaking through his clothes. "shit." you whisper yell, pulling your curtains open and sliding open your window.
"jay?" you ask, your voice full of concern and confusion, "what the fuck happened to you?" jj shrugs, climbing into your room. "fell off my bike." he lies as he chews on his bloody lip. your eyes soften as you skim his face, violent purple marks scattered all over. "jay...." you whisper, stepping closer to him and taking his face in his hands, "what really happened? and don't lie to me."
jj looks away and chokes back a sob. he shrugs and looks down at the floor as he blinks away his tears. you sigh and gently grab his hands, carefully pulling him into your bathroom. "come on. let's get you cleaned up, hm?" he nods and follows close behind you.
he sits on the sink, you in between his legs while you gently clean his wounds with peroxide and cotton pads. as you gently dab the wounds, he watches you intently, observing the way your eyes focus on certain parts of his skin while you chew on your bottom lip in concentration. those goddamn lips.
when you're done putting bandaids on his face, you grab a warm and damp rag and gently wash the dirt and rain off of his face. you pause and smile at him, hoping to lighten his mood. he smiles back, still watching you with heart eyes.
you step back and toss the rag in the laundry bin. "i'm gonna go grab a pair of my dads old shirt and basketball shorts for you, okay?" you ask, sending him a thumbs up before turning around and quietly exiting the room.
jj frowns slightly, missing your warmth and your touch and just overall you. he hears the door open and close again, looking up to see you with a worn out grey shirt and pair of black basketball shorts in your hands and a small smile on your face. "got them." you hand them to him walk into your room, closing the door behind you so he can change.
while jj changes, you crawl into bed and turn your lights off and turn on netflix. you look up and see jj shuffling towards your bed, looking at the floor. you smile up at him and pat the spot next to you, signaling or him to crawl under your covers with you.
without a word, jj crawls into your bed and into your side, hugging your waist tightly. you play with his hair and light him silently cry into your side, being the support that he needs. all he can think about is how much he loves you and how much it hurts.
YOU and the pogues sit around the fire outside of the chateau, beers in everyones hand and a blunt made by jj being passed around. it's been two days since jj showed up at your house and you haven't said two words to him about it.
you didn't want to bother him and be insensitive because you could tell whatever happened really fucked jj up. especially since he showed up at your house and not john b's. you smile slightly as you feel a pair of eyes on you. you glance at jj, winking at him before turning back to kie and continuing on with your conversation.
jj sips his beer and glances at you. he knows everyone is noticing, including you, but he can't help it. he is falling so deeply in love with you, he can't get his mind off of you. he sighs slightly, downing the rest of his beer before standing up and walking inside to get another one, you and your lips etched into his mind.
IT'S around 4 am when you show up at the chateau drunk and crying. you're standing outside of jj's door, silently crying when he hears you shuffling around.
half asleep, jj opens the door, making sure they weren't being robbed. he jumps when he sees you on the floor in a ball. "y/n? sunshine? you okay?" he whispers. you ignore him and let out a quiet sob and a small burp. shit. she's drunk. he sighs and squats down beside you, "cmon, love. let's go to bed, hm?" you nod your head and continue to cry. you place your hand in his and struggle to stand up when he places a hand on your lower back, pulling you up with him.
he slowly walks you into his room and quietly closes the door. "what happened?" he asks you. you shrug and rub your eyes, your mascara smearing everywhere. "sunshine, don't rub your eyes. you're smearing your makeup."
"i don't care-" you slur, continuing to rub your eyes. he chuckles slightly and hands you a pair of shorts and one of his t-shirts. "change into these okay? i'm going to go get some of sarah's makeup wipes from the bathroom." you nod and jj walks out of the room and into the bathroom. he quietly goes through the cabinet, finally finding the packet of wipes before walking back to his room.
as he walks back to his room, he checks his phone and sees a text from sarah and kie. "did y/n come to you?? she left when me and kie were taking shots." he quickly types back a message letting them know you were with him before stepping into his room. he stops and sees you laying on your back on his bed in his shirt and shorts.
he chuckles, noticing you put his shirt on backwards. "what are you laughing at?" you slur, slightly glaring at him. he shakes his head, "nothing. sit up. we gotta take off your makeup."
you frown, "i'm tired tho, jay." he shakes his head. "i know, but you gotta take off your makeup or you're gonna be pissed when you get a pimple and take it out on me." you groan and sit up, throwing your natty hair up in a bun. "jay, can you take it off for me?" you ask quietly, looking up at him from the edge of his bed with tired eyes.
he smiles to himself and nods, squatting between your legs so he can get down to your level. carefully, he grabs a makeup wipe and gently wipes the smeared mascara off of your eyes and cheeks along with whatever else you had on. he watches you carefully, noticing your eyes closed as you breathe softly. he eyes stare at your lips and back up to your eyes, which are now open and watching him. he smiles at you softly. when he's done he stands back up and tosses the wipe into the garbage can before climbing in bed beside you.
you let out a "hmph" as you snuggle into his chest, wrapping your arm around his torso. "goodnight, jay." you mumble into his chest, causing the blonde to blush. you're so close to him. holy fuck, i hope she can't feel my heart beat right now. he thinks to himself before choking out a small, "night."
A week later, you and the pogues decide to throw a kegger. you and the girls show up a little bit after the boys and greet your friends. you smile at jj, avoiding your eyes from his opened chest because god damn, he looks so good tonight.
as the night continues on, you realize you've been avoiding jj all night. you know that in your drunken state, something wrong will happen. whether you confess your feelings to him or just kiss him because god damn, he has perfect lips. you distract yourself by talking to this tall touron you bumped into. he's nice, a little shy, and cute but not jj.
you bite your lip and push that thought out of the way, purposely flirting with the touron, hoping to get your mind off the fact that you're literally in love with you best friend. you take a few more sips of your beer when you catch jj talking to a blonde girl a few feet away from you. ouch.. you close your eyes and turn back to the guy in front of you. i should've known. nothing will ever happen between me and jj. you open your eyes and quickly place your lips on the touron's.
"what the-" you pull away and see jj watching you, red in anger and tears in his eyes. he throws his beer on the ground before stomping past you, ignoring yours and his friends calls. you ignore the touron in front of you and chase after him. “jj!” you continuously yell after him.
he stalks off to his bike, ignoring you, tears in his eyes. he climbs on his bike, ignoring your presence catching up to him. “jj. please.” you plead, stepping in front of his bike and trying to catch his gaze. “what happened? what’s wrong?” you ask, pleading with him.
he scoffs, “what’s wrong? are you seriously fucking asking me that right now?” you nod, “yeah. i am. i don’t understand what’s wrong.” you explain. he runs his hand through his hair and aggressively bites his bottom lip. “what’s wrong is the fact that i just watched you kiss some random fucking guy right in front of me! how could you fucking do that to me?“ you cut him off, confused. “what?-”
“you just fucking looked at me and kissed some guy knowing i was fucking watching, y/n! who does that?” he rambles on, throwing his hands in the air. “why are you so fucking mad, jj?” you ask, watching him intently with furrowed brows.
“because i’m fucking in love with you! i thought i’ve made it quite obvious!-“ you freeze, your heart beating rapidly. “you’re in love with me?” you whisper.
“yes! how could i not be? fucking look at you. you’re such a good person and you’re stunning and literally everything you do makes me want to kiss the fuck out of you and i literally have to restrict myself from doing so-“ you smile widely, stepping forward and placing your lips on jj’s, cutting him off.
you pull away and bite your bottom lip, smiling wide. “did... did you just kiss me?” he asks quietly, staring at you with wide eyes. “yeah?” you chuckle as you take a step back from him. he stares at you, eyes still wide. “do it again,” he mutters, earning a small laugh from you before pulling you in and placing his lips on yours. “i’m in love with you too, stupid.” you whisper into the kiss, opening your eyes and see his blue ones staring right back at you full of love. he lets out a sigh of relief and places his forehead against yours, “thank fucking god.”
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maybankforlife · 2 days ago
I Never Existed
Tumblr media
Part of my Chase Atlantic Masterlist
Summary: When Y/N gets fed up with her boyfriend's behavior, she seeks out the comfort of someone he hates
Word count: 3k
Warnings: smut, mentions of drug use, underage drinking, swearing, fingering, oral (fem receiving), choking, female masturbation, cheating, bathroom sex, shower sex, and car sex.
“Come on J, hurry up.” You motioned for him to follow you outside. You grabbed his hand and ran towards the parking lot. You were praying that everyone you passed outside was too intoxicated to notice that you were sneaking off with someone that was not your boyfriend.
You had been dating Rafe Cameron for around a year. You were a kook and your parents were friends so it only made sense. You got along with everyone though. You spent just as much time with people from the other side of the island as you did with your rich friends.
Rafe wasn’t a horrible boyfriend and you did have feelings for him. But lately, he hadn’t been spending much time with you and you were starting to feel neglected. He cared more about that white powder and his friends than he did about you at the moment. When you first started to notice you were hurt and after a while, that hurt turned into anger. And all that anger, made you want to do things you knew you shouldn’t.
JJ Maybank had always made it clear that he was into you. You weren’t sure if it was genuine though because he and Rafe were always going at it. You figured JJ was always trying to get into your pants just to get back at Rafe. You always turned down his advances though and sometimes it was rather difficult because JJ was hands down the hottest guy on the island besides Rafe. One night, you let your growing resentment get the better of you.
You had just gotten into a huge fight with Rafe at a party and he embarrassed you in front of everyone. You took off upstairs to get away from him and other prying eyes. You were fighting back tears the whole time and it was pissing you off. You came around the corner and collided with JJ.
“Woah princess, no need to throw yourself at me. All you had to do was ask.” A smirk grew across his face and you huffed up at him.
“Fuck off JJ.” You said harshly. His expression changed when he saw on your face that you were upset.
“Hey Y/N are you okay?” His concerned tone was actually surprising to you. You didn’t answer him. Instead, you stood there silently scanning his body up and down with your eyes. You had a couple of drinks during the night and you were feeling yourself. You weren’t sure if that contributed to the neediness you were starting to feel. It’s also possible that it was because of the fight that you just had with Rafe. Whatever the reason, you had an overcoming urge to do bad things with the boy that stood in front of you.
“No, I’m not actually. But I know something that would make me feel better.” You looked around to see if anyone was nearby.
“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” You didn’t answer him, just grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall. He didn’t try to fight you. You tried to open the door of the room closest to you but it was locked. You assumed that all the other rooms were either locked or occupied as well because they were all closed. So all that was left was the bathroom. It was huge though so you figured why the hell not. You pulled JJ inside and locked the door behind you.
“What are you….?” He started to ask you but you cut him off by placing your hand over his mouth.
“I want you to fuck me okay. Are you okay with that?” You were straight to the point and moved your hand off his face.
“I think you already know the answer to that.” He grabbed you pulling you closer to his body and kissed you aggressively. You’d be lying if you tried to say you never fantasized about this exact moment many times before.
He was dominating the kiss as his hands trailed down your body. He grabbed your ass and rolled your hips into him. You moaned into his mouth when you felt his clothed cock graze over your throbbing clit through your skirt. You were needy as hell for him at this point. You hadn’t had sex with Rafe in over two weeks and were dying to have a release.
You pushed him backwards into the sink, your lips never leaving his as you started unbuckling his shorts. You shoved your hand down his boxers and started stroking him.
“Fuck.” He groaned out and you had to cover his mouth. You couldn’t get caught with him.
“We have to be quiet.” You whispered while continuing to work him up with your hand. You went back to kissing him and bit his lips gently. He immediately removed your hand from him and spun you around so you were facing the mirror. He placed wet sloppy kisses on the side of your neck and slowly trailed his hands down your body. He groped your tits and you could feel a puddle forming in between your legs.
He slid his hand down your skirt and started rubbing your clit. You threw your head back into his shoulder to support yourself. He was the one having to cover your mouth this time.
"Shhh." He whispered in your ear. He pulled your skirt and panties down your legs and you kicked them off onto the floor. He got rid of his shorts and bent you over the counter.
You were dripping wet from being so worked up so he slid into you with ease. You had to fight so hard to stay quiet. His cock felt incredible inside of you. He was thrusting into you at a steady pace but you wanted more.
"Faster JJ." You groaned out.
"Are you sure you can take it, princess?" You found his cockiness hot at this moment.
"I'm positive." You immediately had to tighten your grip on the counter because he started plowing into you hard and fast, going way deeper than he was before. He leaned down to grab you by your hair and pulled it so you were looking up at the mirror.
"I've been fantasizing about this for way too long. I want you to look at yourself when I make you cum." His words helped edge you closer and closer to your release. You had never been fucked in front of a mirror like this, especially being forced to look at yourself but it was ridiculously hot and you loved how naughty it felt.
You watched him rail you through the mirror and you could feel your orgasm approaching when he reached down and started rubbing your clit again. He was determined to make you finish before him so he could watch you fall apart in front of him.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum." His pace never slowed even as you came around him. The orgasm was so intense that your vision went completely white for a few seconds. You were in complete euphoria as he helped you ride out your high.
"Fuck you feel so good. Can I cum inside of you?"
"Yes J, I'm on birth control." You could barely get that out soon enough before he was coating your walls in his seed. You were obsessed with how it felt when a guy came inside of you. You were a whore for it.
"That was fun." You looked back at him as he pulled out of you.
"When can we do it again?" He winked at you while getting dressed.
“You know this was a one-time thing right?” Your tone became serious.
“Yeah, we’ll see about that princess.” You rolled your eyes at him. You both fixed yourselves and headed out of the bathroom. You both went your separate ways and you went back to the party like nothing happened.
You couldn’t find Rafe when you were ready to head home so you just caught a cab and left without him. You sent him a text to let him know you’d be at home. You were still quite irritated with him and everything that happened. You didn’t even feel guilty at all for cheating on him. You got back to the apartment you both shared and immediately went to jump in the shower.
You realized that you were starting to sober up when the hot water touched your body. As your hands were trailing all over while you were washing yourself, your mind drifted back to the evening’s events. You imagined JJ inside you, all over again. He was a sensational fuck and you honestly wished you had done it sooner.
Before you knew it, your hand was trailing lower and lower until you were rubbing your clit thinking about what JJ’s tongue would feel like on it. You bet he was a master with his mouth. He was a fantastic kisser after all. You slipped two fingers into your aching core and started fucking yourself imagining that it was him inside of you. You were so lost with yourself that you didn’t hear the front door open. Rafe was home.
He startled you when he stumbled into the bathroom just as you were about to cum. “Just my fucking luck.” You thought to yourself. Even though you were annoyed with his untimely arrival, you were glad to know he made it home safe. You looked out the curtain and saw him getting undressed. Then he jumped into the shower with you.
“Baby, I’m so sorry about tonight. I know I was being an asshole.” He grabbed you from behind and pulled you into him. You could tell by his tone that he wasn’t as drunk as earlier and he was being sincere. You were still frustrated with him though and weren’t really in the mood to make up so you pulled away from him.
“I’m getting really tired of all the fighting lately Rafe. And you’ve been ignoring me. I’m really fed up with it.” You turned around so you were looking him in the eyes. You could see the sadness in his eyes.
“Look what can I do? I promise I’ll make you a priority from here on out okay. Please just don’t be mad at me babe. I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ll try to be better okay?” You knew you were going to accept his apology like always. It was just what you did. You knew you weren’t going to get anywhere arguing with him and he wouldn’t leave you be until you gave in.
“Okay.” That was all you said. That’s all you were willing to give him. You went to step out of the shower but he grabbed your arm and spun you back into him. He cupped your face in his hands and pushed his lips into yours. The kiss felt nice as much as you hated it. He pushed your body into the wall and placed your hands above your head. His lips left yours and started trailing down your neck. He knew your sweet spot and sucked on it gently. You hummed out and tried to free one of your hands so you could grasp his hair but he had a tight hold on you.
He finally released your hands and started working his way down your body until he was on his knees in front of you. He spread your legs open so he had access to what he was craving. He placed sweet kisses on the insides of your thighs before his lips connected with your clit. He sucked on the bundle of nerves harshly and you moaned out loudly. Your hands went down to grip his hair tightly so you could push his face more into you.
You could feel the knot in your stomach forming quickly since you were so close to orgasm from playing with yourself prior. Rafe was lapping at your pussy furiously. You could tell he really was sorry and was trying to prove it. Before you had the chance to finish though, he moved back up your body and grabbed you by your hips.
“Jump up baby.” You did as he asked and jumped up, wrapping your legs around him. He pushed your body back up against the wall so you both were steady and pushed his cock inside of you. You leaned down to kiss him as he thrusted up into you. He was already grazing your g spot and you knew you weren’t going to last long at all. His lips left yours and he started nibbling on your neck, just the way you liked it. The shower was filled with echoes of your moans. You could feel yourself start to clench around his cock.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s it. That’s my good girl.” He whispered in your ear. You came undone around him and seconds later, he was filling you up. He helped you situate yourself so you were standing back up. He leaned down to kiss you gently before helping you clean yourself up. When you were done with your shower, you both climbed into bed and he held you till he fell asleep. You laid there awake in his arms for what seemed like hours. You knew you loved Rafe and you even started to feel a little bad now, but you couldn’t stop thinking about that blonde pogue and how much you wanted to sin with him again.
That night happened over two months ago. Rafe cleaned up his act for a whole week before dipping back into old habits. You weren’t surprised though. You also weren’t surprised when you ended back up in bed with JJ. He knew you were gonna hit him up again and you had to put your pride aside when you showed up at his door in the middle of the night. There was no hesitation for him to let you in.
So here we were two months later at another party. You almost made it like a sick game to fuck JJ at every party, where you could get caught. Not that you meant you wanted to get caught. It was just the thrill of knowing it could happen at any moment. Rafe made it too easy for you to sneak off cause he always ditched you the second you two arrived.
You had been thinking about ending things with Rafe but your parents would have a fit and you knew he wouldn’t just let you go easily. It would be a huge nasty breakup and you didn’t want to deal with it if you were being honest. You almost felt trapped. So you decided to keep having your fun with JJ. It was your way of getting back at Rafe without him knowing and you knew JJ had his own secret vendetta against him too. So you both fucked Rafe over, by fucking each other.
You guys climbed into the back of your black SUV and closed the door. You usually fucked him in the bathroom or a guest room, even in a wine cellar once. But this was the first time you were doing it out in the open for anyone to come along and catch you. You wanted to spice things up. You had tinted windows though so it’s not like anyone could see you unless they were right next to the car.
You straddled him in the back seat as you both went to work on each other using your hands. You always wore skirts or dresses to parties so it was easy access for JJ. He had a way of making you instantly wet by whispering dirty things in your ear.
"I've been thinking about making you cum all night." You smirked at him and pushed your tits in his face. It was something he absolutely loved. His favorite part of your body. He pulled down the straps of your dress down revealing your chest to him and took your nipple into his mouth. The way he swirled his tongue around it made you go wild. He made you feel worshipped in ways that Rafe didn’t.
Your hands went down low signaling to JJ that you were getting impatient and needed him. You lifted yourself up enough so he could pull his pants down. You quickly pulled your panties to the side and sank down on his cock.
“Jesus christ Y/N, you just couldn’t wait could you?” You shut him up with a kiss as you started bouncing up and down on him. You loved to ride him. You loved being in control. He would never admit it but you knew he liked it too. You loved the sounds he made when you would tug on his hair and bit his neck. He had a tight grip on your hips while you went to town on top of him. You were being very loud and the car was shaking and you loved everything about how dirty and wrong this was.
“Are you close princess?”
“Yes.” You could tell he was close too by his breathing and movements. He placed his hand around your throat and applied the right amount of pressure. He always knew how to get you. A few moments later you were cumming around him and he shot his hot cum inside of you.
“We need to hurry before people realize that we are gone.” You told him as you scrambled to fix yourself.
“We could just tell him.” JJ loved to poke fun at Rafe. You knew he didn’t mean it when he said things like that but it still annoyed you. You smacked him as you opened the door to step out of your car. You felt your heart sink down into the ground when you closed the door and saw Rafe standing right in front of you. You were caught.
“I fucking knew it.”
A part 2?? Maybe I will...maybe I won't. Let me know if you want it :)
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mymaybank · 2 days ago
saving seats ⭑
summary : jj saves your seat when all the pogues go to the wreck
warnings : drinking, nothing else really
Tumblr media
jj texted you earlier today, letting you know to come to the wreck at around 1:30 pm. you knew you'd be late. your work shift ends at that time. so you shot him a text saying you'll be there by 1:45.
"surfing after we eat?" pope asked around, attempting to sit in the seat beside jj. but he didnt get far, jj stuck his leg up on the chair, forcing pope to sit on his foot.
"dude-?" pope started before jj finished
"thats y/n's seat." he said after pulling the beer bottle from his mouth.
"god, you're so whipped for her." pope said while jj rolled his eyes.
when you walked in, you saw them all surrounding one little table in the back of the restaurant. you immediately focused on your blonde boyfriend. he had a beer bottle in his hand taking sips every few seconds while he listened to one of popes annoying stories.
when jj saw you, he had a huge smile on his face, which caught the rest of their attention. his blonde hair flopped while he ran up to you. he pulled you into a tight bear hug, kissing your forehead sweetly. you smiled into his chest, taking his scent in. he smelt of salt water and beer, which is his usual.
"i missed you." he whispered, closing his eyes while stroking your hair softly. he pulled away from the hug just to attached his lips to your sweet ones.
you hummed against his lips in response. you brung your hands around his neck to escalate the kiss, his hands now on your back.
as you got lost in eachothers mouths, the rest start to head out, just as planned before. the both of you didn't even bother to say goodbye. just as the kiss began to got heated, you pulled back, jj pouted.
"lets go, maybank!" you giggled, pulling him, trailing behind the others. jj groaned deeply,
"i miss your lips" he whined as you smiled and pecked his lips softly before strolling off to sarah as jj watched you.
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captainwans · a day ago
Tumblr media
jj maybank fic recs, yes ma’am! ♡ here are some of my absolute favorites, the ones that i re-read over and over again, and the ones that i fell in love with. enjoy!
this is also dedicated to my dear friend who also requested this, @ikissvernon <3 ily, darling!!
★・・・・・・ ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・・★
Tumblr media
The times you wanted to cry in front of JJ but held back, and the time you didn't — @anxiousstark
Red Velvet — @anxiousstark
gorgeous — @samwlscns
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no regrets — @baby-bearie
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loved you first — @mo-d3ans
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never down and out — @mo-d3ans
heart like yours — @mo-d3ans
from the first wave to first kiss — @mischiefmaybank
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Summer Love — @pixelated-pogues
midsummer ( series ) — @possiamo-andare
eventually — @writingsbehaviour
i’m gonna marry you someday — @skiesofthesketchy
Forever — @pixelated-pogues
Lavenders Blue — @favefandomimagines
IT’S NOT LIVING (IF IT’S NOT WITH YOU) — @storiesbymads
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Attack of Panic — @collecting-stories
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pankowfruitsnacks · 2 days ago
Willow (r.c)
Tumblr media
paring(s): rafe x single!mom
summary: Rafe runs into his assistant on her off day. Y/n manages to talk him into taking the day off, spending time with her and her daughter.
warning: single parent, slight mention of shitty family
The most infuriating thing about Rafe Cameron was he is extremely distant. Some may describe him as determined and hard working, focus and task driven. In reality, the man made the work environment unbearable. Rafe focused more on pleasing his father than the well-being of those who worked below him. More importantly, his secretary.
"It's going on to be a late night for us both. We have to finish the proposal for him by the morning." Rafe simply spoke as he strutted to his back office. Y/n hung her head, every ounce of hope evaporated from her body. Another night she won't be home for dinner. Another time she proved her word to be worthless.
'I'm sorry, baby.' The girl whispered to no one in particular before pulling out her phone to make a call. It wasn't the first night she had to give a heads up to the babysitter, probably won't be the last. Living as single mother was hard enough, having no foundation of support is even harder. It's not like any of it was on her ten year plan. Not moving to Outer Banks, not working a desk job, and especially not having a baby at the age of eighteen.
In the small office in the back, Rafe was frustrated. Sighing and throwing his papers down on the desk. He worked his ass of for his father gaining nothing but headaches and little pay in return. Everything he did was useless, never good enough.
The man glanced at the clock, noting the time. '5:32 pm.' He's been working most nights in overtime, pulling his assistant to stay with him. Y/n was a hard worker, putting in the time and effort, even before the oldest Cameron requested. It's not like she has much life outside of the office.
In fact, his father confided in him that the girl traveled hundreds of miles from Tennessee for the position. Something about a distant relative having a connection. Either way, she was and is the best thing that happened to the company despite he showed it weather or not.
He hated pressing long hours on her, promising a larger bonus, no doubt from his own, but he needed the help.
A small knock, pulled him away from the document on his laptop. "Come him." He coughed, doing his best to look awake and ready.
"I found an possible issue with the proposal plan." The larger man's groan bounced around all four walls. Of course there was an error. He didn't mind to review it himself, instead he focused more on the verbiage rather than technicality of it all.
"You know my rule." This was the first time Rafe truly looked at her. Y/n wore a vintage styled dress, a soft light blue plaid design. The matching cropped blazer fitted perfectly on her slim shoulders. Rafe believed she was the definition of sophisticated. Someone who's parents would be proud to call her their daughter.
"I do. Never come to you with an error without a possible solution." Her voice grew timid, scared to even look at him. He was tough on everyone, expected perfection. If she didn't need the money, she wouldn't be there. If only life was good to her. "It's why I have three." She gestured to the stack of papers in her arms.
Rafe offered a faint smile. "I made a pot of coffee. Hopefully we can wrap things up soon."
The time was barely seven, but the evening y/n had planned with her daughter was already past. Willow most likely sat on her bed, curled up next to the babysitter, begging to know her mom's whereabouts. "It's pointless. Let's just get this right. Hopefully we'll have a few days where we can leave on time."
She sounded defeated, completely wiped out. Rafe felt guilt, recognizing he is the primary cause for the emotion. "I'm sorry to keep you. Not the most desirable place to be on Friday night." He did what he could, but could see small talk would not ease any tension.
_'How hard is it to build relationships in these conditions?' _Rafe pondered. She worked there two months now and all he knows is she's good at her job. His father would deem him unfit to take over the business if he couldn't create a proper work environment for his employees. Rafe need to do better. He needed to be better. Starting with y/n. "What is wrong?"
Y/n's hands shook as she placed the stack down on the desk. "The budget plan. I reran the numbers and we'd be over at least by a couple thousand on the remodel phase."
"Are you sure a couple thousand? That's not so easy to fix. I made sure my team knew what we had and what we expected." The stress flushed his cheeks, sweat beads dripping from his hair line.
"I double checked."
"How the hell are we gonna fix this? My dad is gonna murder me. I fucked up." Out of motherly instinct, y/n rushed around the desk placing a small hand on his shoulder. She saw the difficulties of living up to his father's expectations. She understood the feeling, empathizing with her supervisor.
"Listen to me.  You've had the budget set for a while. A major supply ship got caught up in a storm." His eyes widened. "It's not something we would typically plan for."
"And you know this?"
"It's my job. Before you pull out the rest of your hair, let me speak." Rafe just nodded as the panic set in. "We just change the flooring. Luxury vinyl is cheaper but more durable for things like young children and dogs. Especially in places such as a mud room and kitchen." Y/n went on to pick apart her own proposal, talking about pricing of different options and sustainability through out time. "It gives a more modernized feel to the room, tying the theme together.
For not having a college degree, she knew how to fulfil her task and duties with the upmost diligence. Rafe made sure to take note of that. "I don't know what I would do without you. You're a life saver. I don't know how I could ever repay you." His presence filled with gratitude, not sure where all the emotion is coming from.
"Let me go home?" A teasing smile filter to her lips. Rafe glanced at his watch.
"Shit. Already 10:30." They have been revising and printing for hours. "I know you wanted to get home. Grab your things and we can walk out together." Rafe did his best to be sincere, trying to not let his exhaustion peak through. The meeting was bright and early tomorrow.
Y/n's face twisted with worry, eyebrows knit together as she turned around. Next bus won't come til morning and all y/n desperately wanted was to be home. Walking wasn't an option in this weather. "Mr. Cameron, sir?"
"Again, call me Rafe." He chuckled. "What's up?"
"Could I possibly have a ride? I missed the bus hours ago and I think I saw some snow flurries." Rafe shot up.
The bus? Is that really how she traveled? Most nights when he lets her off, it's way past the last bus call and long before he even thinks about leaving. Her only option would have been walking in the dark, alone and most likely freezing. "How could I say no?"
Y/n suddenly felt like a burden. He is exhausted just the same, having to taxi a new hire. "Don't feel obligated or anything. It was wrong of me to ask."
"No, no, no." Rafe rushed out. "I would much rather take you home, then have you walk. Its important that my best employee is safe."
Y/n's heart fluttered at the praise. It's been the first time she really felt accepted by him. Rafe Cameron is hard to please. He fired the last three assistants and a few secretaries. Now combining the two job titles, it's even harder to live up to the standards. "Thank you."
The two gathered thier belongings, locked up, and headed to his black truck. It was fairly quiet while car started up. The leather seats bonded to her skin nearly causing frost bite. Her teeth chattered, signaling to Rafe to bump up the heat full blast.
"The seats have warmers, just give it a moment." All she could do was nod.
Rafe struggled to carry on a conversation. This was time to make meaningful business connection. With her on his team, he'd be sure to always be one step in front of the competition. She proved herself valuable to the company. "Why didn't you just call an Uber?"
She shrugged, feeling akward. "With Christmas coming up, extra cost. I can't afford it at the moment." He frowned.
"I can work a raise into your review. You deserve more." He spoke truth, especially after tonight he would give her anything just so she'll stay with the company.
"I'm okay, really. Some seasons are harder than others."
"Well my father always says the company is like a second family. We do the most for family. You let me know." Y/n was taken back by his sudden interest and kindness.
"This isn't like you." A small smile began to form.
"I realized tonight how much I don't know about any of my workers. It's important to build that so people stay with us."
"So this ride was a trap to keep me in the business?"
"You're the one who asked for it."
"It was an idea. I had options."
"Like walking? You're not even wearing tights." Rafe genuinely laughed. She was easy to get along with. The girl continued to stand her ground. He desperately wanted to ask if she had proper personal transportation but didn't want to embarrass her. A new feeling of concern began to grow for y/n. To see her in a different light other than full work mode is refreshing. He's been so wrapped up in the job since college, socializing dropped significantly. That included interaction with Kelce and Topper. He had to be more serious and of course the two younger boys loved to throw a party. In fact, they were hosting a Friendsgiving type thing next week.
"Oh, this is my street. Third house." She interrupted his thoughts.
"Roger that." Rafe took note that she lived on the cut and not even the nicest part. Class didn't matter as much to him. He still didn't like trips over her, but y/n is nice and to be honest has not been here long enough to participate in the war.
As he pulled into the driveway, Rafe made a desicion. It was the first time he ever considered the idea. "Y/n. Tomorrow, don't worry about the meeting. Take the day off."
"Are you serious?" Her voice nearly broke. Tears pooled her eyes as she did her best not to let them spill. Y/n wasn't expecting to have the morning with her daughter due to the meeting.
"I'll call you with the important stuff after. You put in a lot."
"Do me a favor and record the full meeting. You roll your eyes and space out anytime your father starts talking. You think you know it all then miss some big change he's throwing." He's amazed once again by how well she pays attention to small detail. "I trust you can handle yourself, but I want to make sure I'm update by Monday. You're not the only one who needs to impress your dad to keep their job."
"You've got one strong backbone making a comment like that."
"Thank you, Rafe." Y/n glanced at the house and back at Rafe. "I need to get going. I had a relatively nice time considering circumstances."
"Me too. You have a good night and enjoy your time off." With that, y/n took off, running inside.
The first thing she did was pay the babysitter and said the girl on the way. She always felt guilty for staying late at the office, but things happens and that's life as a single mom.
Y/n then went into her daughters room, just to check in. Willow laid fast asleep.
A heartbreaking realization hit the young mother all at once. Her baby girl was growing up and y/n is barely home enough to witness it. Willow is coming up on her third birthday in a few months, all her clothes would need replacing shortly. Her daycare has been tracking her height. A full two inches. How much longer until Willow is off to her first dance or college, even her wedding day? Time was slipping away and y/n did the best she could.
Y/n savored every moment with her daughter, and tomorrow would be a full day of laughter and conversations to add to her memory to pull out at a later day. She kissed Willow on the forehead, then drifted to her own bed for a long night of rest.
Rafe could barely think straight the next morning. The meeting turned out to be long and tedious, especially since his assistant wasn't there taking in details he could careless about. Not to mention, no one was there to tap his knee, keeping him semi engaged to his surroundings. Y/n made every meeting bearable, it took him this long to realize how much she helped.
"Congratulations. I am excited to see where this project takes us." The man firmly shook both of the Cameron men's hands, then moving towards the other people in the room.
"We are extremely grateful to have you onboard." The elder Cameron grinned ear to ear, proud to finally seal the deal of the year.
"Your son is brilliant. The whole thing about the ship. He's going places." Rafe puffed his chest out a little further, finally feeling appreciated. If the client thinks he did well, then ward Cameron did as well.
"I have a magnificent assistant. Wouldn't have been able to figure it out without her." Ward was slightly taken aback. His son was giving a person in a far lower position the credit. That's completely unheard of. He knew y/n would do well with job, but she far exceeded his expectations. He would personally have to thank her.
"We'll get started come Monday. Pleasure doing business with you!" The man his team finally left, along with most of the Cameron's company. Everyone wanted to get home.
"Good Job, Rafe. You really have come along way from where you started." Ward couldn't be prouder of the man his son was becoming. Despite being hard on him, he knew it would make the boy stronger. "I am proud. We do have more paperwork to do now. It'll need to be done by Monday at close."
"I'll get on that after I grab some lunch." They shared a manly hug and both left.
Rafe quickly drove the Mexican restaurant, a personal favorite. It was tucked into the plaza near the cut. Most drive past it, but not Rafe. There is no way he would pass up their salsa.
"Good Afternoon, Mr. Cameron." He smiled at the owner. The place was small and family owned, the Cameron son was a regular. "To go or dining in?"
"To go, please." Rafe followed the man to the counter, leaning up against it as he recited ordered, not that they didn't have it memorized. His eyes scanned to small dining establishment. The sparkling blue settled on a booth table, a small child with salsa dribbling down her chin. A grin growing as the adult reached across to wipe it off.
"You are going to get you sweatshirt dirty, baby girl. Come here if I will put you in the high chair." Immediately, Rafe recognized the soft spoken voice. Y/n. He wasn't sure if he should go over or just stay by the counter. Before he could make up his mind, the girl was already calling his name.
"Rafe!" The girl beamed as she summoned him over. "How did the meeting go?"
"They signed the deal. All thanks to your smart thinking." His praise warmed her heart.
"Would you like to sit down with us? Willow just dug into our complimentary chips." Rafe examines the small child. He managed to hide the suprise, but deep down he never could have guess. He never noticed a ring or heard anything about a mister.
"I love the salsa too, Willow." Rafe directs his attention to her.
"Sasa yummy." The child threw her arms up and down, cheering. Rafe saw pure joy across the young face.
"Let's clean you up so you can get some more." As for y/n, she stared in astonishment at her boss. He seemed to do well with kids, taking control and saving a disastrous mess.
She mumbled a silent thank you while scooting over for him. "Take a seat."
"I don't want to intrude. Plus I have some paperwork to complete." It was true.
"Do you ever take a break?" He gave y/n his full attention. "I mean really stop and separate yourself from the job."
He stayed silent. His life was consumed by the work he did. There was always another proposal to make, another meeting to attend to. Of course he could take breaks, but that wouldn't be fair to father. Rafe was determined to prove himself. "There's always stuff to be done."
"Over working is gonna be the death of you. Rafe did his best to brush it off. "I'm serious. You're so focused on the company and not yourself."
"Have you met my father?"
"I'll make a deal. You take today off. Don't even think about work. Unwind and learn to enjoy yourself." She saw the stress he put upon himself and it came from a sense of genuine concern. If he continued down this path, it would be too late by the time he regrets it.
"And do what?"
Y/n looked him in the eyes. "You are more than welcome to join Willow and I. She at that age when everyone is her friend. I promise she won't mind." He contemplated the idea.
"And what do I get out of this?"
"A life." The adults erupted in a fit of laughter.
"You've got a funny bone, don't ya?"
"Guilty." She breathed. "So, what do you say, boss?"
"I will need help on the paperwork Monday morning. But if your okay with it, then show me how to live."
"Willow, this is Mr. Rafe. Mommy works for him." Y/n made proper introductions. "Rafe this is Willow, my daughter."
Willow stared up at the man. "You can be the prince." Rafe glanced to y/n as Willow crawled onto his lap.
'What did I sign up for?' Rafe thought to himself, not an ounce of regret filled him. This was a breath of fresh air for the man.
The trio stood at the edge of the shark tank. Willow demanded they spend time at the aquarium to see her friend Nemo. Her small hand tucked in rafe, as the child dragged him closer. "Hammer head." Willow did her best to display her knowledge, but to the adults it was gibberish.
Rafe glanced back to y/n, a smile proudly set on her lip. They haven't talked as much due to the fact her kid had his undivided attention. She was extremely touched by everything Rafe did. To say he was the first person to hang out with the small family, would be an understatement. None of the parents at Willow's daycare even glanced in her direction, let alone allow their child hang out with her. It wasn't Willow's fault. All of it could be placed on y/n's choices. The black sheep of every gathering. So she never went, avoided them like the plague. Outings with her daughter were a treat within itself, the fact her boss joined them were rare. Honestly she was suprised he even agreed.
"See that one there?" Rafe pointed out to Willow. "The orange-ish, yellow on the ground?" The little girl pressed her face to the glass and nodded. "That's a wobbegon shark, but to me, it looks like Mac and cheese."
"Yummy!" She squeals, giggling at the silliness. Willow stayed enthralled with him. Never before has she had a man like him talk to her, let alone, her very own Prince Charming.
"Okay, we can stay for a little while longer, but we have to catch the bus." Today was Rafe's first time needing to ever ride the bus. He offered to drive them, but y/n fought him. No car seat, no ride. He understood that clearly. "I'm gonna talk to your mom, okay." The girl waved him off, examining the many fish before her.
"You're amazing with her." Y/n spoke softly, almost blending in with the chatter around them.
"She's amazing. I'm suprised I never knew you had a kid." They walked side by side, following Willow's antics.
"I tend to keep my personal life seprate from work." She silently huffed for air. "Makes it easier."
"How so?" Through out the day, Rafe realized how much he loved to hear y/n talk and how much he enjoyed her smile. For once in his life he felt good. She made him feel good. This was his first day of living and it was with y/n. This feeling is addicting and she seemed to be the source.
"It just does. Better if I don't get weird stares or questions all the time." The girl bowed her head, focusing on her feet rather than the fact she was basically oversharing. "I never know what to say anymore."
Rafe nodded. "I can see that. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Your child is safe with me. I mean, uh, your secret but I feel bad calling Willow a secret."
"I hate keeping her a secret. Does that make me a bad mother?" A genuine questioning filled her voice.
"I don't know a thing about parenting, but from the looks it, you are doing the best you can. You want to protect her and I admire you for that." She felt her mood shift upward. It's been a roller coaster of silent emotions today. It amazed her how easy Rafe picked up conversation beyond work. There were times she had to drive the conversation elsewhere. By doing so, y/n learned how he went to UNC, Vice President of some frat, his favorite movie genre is infact comedies, followed up with action. Her favorite thing still had to be the relationship he built with her daughter. In the short amount of time, he made the girl feel special. That's all y/n truly wanted. For her daughter to be special and not have to hide.
"That means a lot, boss." She bumped his shoulder, playfully pushing him sideways.
"At work I'm your superior, but can we just be friends right now? Outside of work, you know?" Rafe slightly bit his tounge at the word 'friend'. At this rate, he'd be head over heels for the beauty she embodied fully by nightfall.
"I'd like that very much." It would be nice to have a friend in someone who brought security to her and joy to her daughter. Y/n felt as if a weight lifted off her shoulders. One less person she had to hide from.
Willow turned around, throwing arms upwards to the adults. Y/n bent down to reach her. Before she could, Rafe stepped in, swooping Willow onto his shoulders. The young toddler wrapped her arms around his forehead. "Give me your hands." Rafe told her, using them to keep her upright and secure.
Y/n leaned into Rafe as they exited through a sea of strangers. Her skin burned at touch, a simple hand placed on the small of her back. It's the first contact from anyone in a long time, especially from a man. "Today has been great."
Rafe agreed, as they took their seats on the bus. "I didn't know how much the aquarium is. I never really had the chance to go growing up."
"I felt that. My parents were super invested in their work. My siblings came first."
He chuckled. "My dad believes my sister can do no wrong."
"And some how we mess everything up, without even trying." She was honest. Rafe felt her pain, but suprised to hear it from her. Ever since the first day she walked into his office, y/n has been the hardest worker. Never giving up and always going above and beyond.
"I don't believe it. You are the hardest worker I know." Rafe sighed.
"I came back from Paris alone and pregnant. That's just icing on the cake." Rafe rested his arm around her, pulling her closer to give her the comfort she needed.
"Story for another day." She brushed it off. "If that's okay?"
"As long as we can get another day like this. Me , you, and Willow." She rested a head on his shoulder in complete awe of how he included her daughter.
"I think I can arrange that."
He smiled down at her, Willow laid half asleep on their lap. "Good, because I kind of like you. Well, like hanging out with you." He did his best to cover, not wanting to be to forward. It was embarrassing how fast he was catching feelings for her, his assistant.
"Me too." Her heart soared at the thought of Rafe being around more.
"You let me know when. It's a date."
A/n: thank you so much for reading. Likes, comments, and re-blogs are much appreciated. I want to make this a series and dive deeper. Really exited for all the ideas. Also bare with me, I am playing around with themes and formatting. 
master list and make a request
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luversgirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: jj and pope are making out and get interrupted by y/n only for her to join
notes: this is based off @tommymcartney concept!!! sorry it took me so long my writers block decided to visit me and it’s so annoying
warnings: making out. sexual intentions & that’s it, i think?
Tumblr media
THE two sat in the chateau on the couch as they made out taking advantage of the empty house.
unknowingly y/n was in the house looking for her favourite lighter.
“hey have you guys seen my-“ y/n paused seeing the two boys blown out red lips.
“oh, um sorry i was looking for my lighter, have you guys seen it?” she apologized and questioned shyly feeling bad she interrupted the two boys.
“this it?” jj smiled as he moved his hand from pope’s hip into his pocket and grabbed the lighter pulling it out.
“yeah” she smiled reaching out to grab it only for the two boys to pull her down onto the couch with them sitting on each one of their legs half-straddling both of the boys.
“hey” pope spoke playing with the girls hair around his finger.
“h-hi” y/n stumbled out her words.
“wanna join us?” jj brought his hand to her waist kneading the skin on it.
“i, um-”
“come on y/n” pope whispered as he started to kiss along her neck trying to find her sweet spot.
“okay” the girl moaned at popes actions.
“yeah?” jj whispered to her as he moved his hand from her hip to her face holding it while he rubbed his thumb on her lip.
“yeah” she repeated nodding jj moving quickly to kiss her on the lips.
“that’s a good girl” the two boys smiled knowing what would be happening that night.
and oh boy they were right.
Tumblr media
taglist: @prettyboystarkey @pogueslandia @iheartrafecameronsmut
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randomlimelightxxx · 2 days ago
princesses only dance with princes // jj maybank
kook!reader x jj, kook!reader x rafe
inspired by : vas by jagger finn (thank you @pogueslandia​​ for sharing the song with me)
Summary: Despite their contrasting lifestyles, JJ and y/n’s love for each other is unconditional but the divide between kooks and pogues seems to create an even bigger distance between them.
warnings: a jar of angst and a pinch of fluff
word count: 420
A/N: I can’t believe I managed to write something less than 1000 words
Tumblr media
The light from the outdoor set up left a dim glow on the two young lovers. They strayed away from the buzz and chatter of the posh evening, finding comfort in each other’s arms in the dark. JJ pulled y/n close, swaying from side to side to the distant music playing from the speakers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes with nothing but adoration.
I've felt this way
“You look gorgeous in blue,” JJ mumbled. His hands slid up the open back of her dress, leaving behind a trail of goosebumps on her skin
“Thank you,” she responded quietly, running her hands down the collar of his tuxedo. “You’re looking quite handsome yourself, Prince Charming.”
JJ chuckled and pressed a delicate kiss onto her forehead. Y/n traced every detail on his face, her fingers tracing the outline of his lips. “How’d you get this?”, she brushed her thumb across the small scar carved into his cheek.
JJ took her hand in his and placed a kiss to the back of it.  “Doesn’t matter, remember the rules? No talking about anything else, just us.”
He spun her around before tugging her close again. Y/n held his cheeks gently, pulling him in for a kiss. JJ wrapped his arms around her waist, sighing in content. They pulled back, taking deep breaths and JJ licked his lips, clinging onto her lingering touch.
Oh no, I really shouldn't stay
“I wish I could stay,” he confessed.
“Me too.”
I've felt so strange
Will you talk to me again?
Y/n turned around. In the distance she saw Rafe, adjusting his bowtie, searching for her in the crowds.
“We could run away,” JJ rushed out his plan, something he could use to hold onto her just a little longer.
“You know I can’t do that,” y/n turned back to him.
He bumped his forehead against hers and their noses brushed against each other. “I know,” he sniffled. “I just wish things were different.”
“You know you will always have my heart.”
“But I’ll never be yours,” JJ murmured.
But I really shouldn't stay
“Y/n?” Rafe called again. Y/n pushed herself onto her tiptoes and kissed JJ, only for a passing second. “I’ll see you again?”
JJ nodded with a strained smile, “Always.”
A stray tear trailed down his cheeks as her hands left his own with a cold chill and sudden emptiness. He stepped back into the shadows and watched as she walked right into Rafe’s arms, and he lost her again, wishing with every aching beat of his heart that he could be him.
But I really shouldn't stay
Taglist: @chilling-seavey​​​ @theduckgoesquack​​ / @jonahlovescoffee​​ @hopelesslylivv​​ @marthagryffindor​​​ @pogueslandia​​​
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maybankprincess · 15 hours ago
Day 4: Temperature Play || JJ Maybank
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 jj maybank x reader 
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 smut, unprotected sex, riding, cowgirl, pussy spanking/slapping, exchange of saliva and "food" (not very detailed), lower caps intended
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 on a hot summers day, you and your boyfriend decide to try out one of his kinks
you looked over at JJ with a devilish look in your eyes as you held two ice cubes in your hand. it had been a hot summers day in the banks and everyone wanted to cool down in some way.
so you had decided to sneak on your boyfriend, who was currently laying on his bed with his eyes closed, while you silently walked into his room and approached his side of the bed.
you prevented the ice cubes from melting onto him before quickly planting them on each sides of his chest right above his nipples.
at the sudden coldness, jj let out a surprised moan as his eyes shot opened and looked up at you.
your mouth was agape as you were shocked by his unexpected moan but still chuckled with your successful prank.
"seems like someone enjoyed it" you teased as you noticed the obvious bulge growing in his pants.
he blushed as he felt his pants tightening and hid it with his hands from you. you chuckled and placed your hand on his shoulder.
"it's fine love~ we could try that thing you wanted a few weeks back" you said and smirked as you watched him nod.
he thinks about it before nodding and pulling out some chilli flavoured gum from his bedside table drawer while you went back to the kitchen to get more ice cubes.
you returned and saw that you boyfriend laid on his back of his bed with nothing covering his manhood. you smirked as you stripped from your own clothing before approaching him.
no words were shared as you placed an ice cube in your mouth while he placed the chilli flavored gum in his mouth. you sloshed the melting ice around your mouth before cupping his face and planting your lips to his.
you both moaned in the kiss before giving him access to your mouth with his tongue. his tongue explored your mouth as he switched your items with the ice cube now in his mouth while you moved the gum between your mouth walls to get a better taste of the spiciness.
you softly grinded your hips against his as you passed your folds over his cock. you both moaned at the feeling of your soaked folds over the ridges of his cock.
your arms wrapped around his neck as you lifted your hips and he grabbed onto the base of his cock and lined it up to your entrance.
you nodded as a sign for him to continue as he trusted his hips to meet yours. you reached back and grabbed an ice cube as you started moaning loudly at the feeling of his thick cock inside of your cunt.
you pulled away slightly to press the ice cube to his nipples and smirked as you watched him squirm beneath you.
you leaned back against his thighs as you watched as he thrusted his cock in and out of you.
jj fucked you at an unbelievably fast pace as you threw your head back. he, therefore, took this opportunity to tease you with the ice cubes and grabbed one before placing the chilly solid to your clit.
you jolted back before starting to enjoy the coolness of the ice cube against your skin. he gently rubbed it along with his thrust to pleasure you to the maximum.
your moans became whispers as you felt your orgasm nearer as he placed another cube to your nipple.
you looked down at him with lustful eyes as you told him, as best you could, that you were gonna cum.
jj gently spanked your clit and pussy as he allowed you to cum for him. you felt his thrusts become sloppy as you clenched your walls around him and came. he came along with you and started catching his breath as you laid down on his chest.
you breathily looked up at him and smirked. "any other kink of yours you'd like to try soon?"
𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐟𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬!
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toriswrites · 2 days ago
JJ Maybank x Reader
day 2 of tori’s holiday fics 
Prompt:  JJ using mistletoe as an excuse to kiss you!
tori’s song suggestion for this fic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bundle of green and white was tied off with a red bow and hung in the archway of the entrance of the kitchen. The party in the house was hosted by you was an annual thing. Half of the school attended the holiday party, mainly for the free food and spiked eggnog. 
There was a table of cookies, a mix of store-bought cookies and homemade cookies. There was a deplenishing punch bowl of eggnog next to the cookies along with plastic cups and small paper plates, all holiday decorated. 
Your boyfriend was somewhere in the house, wearing the Christmas-related shirt you bought him last year. JJ was probably drinking another cup of the spiked eggnog and trying to convince Pope to sing karaoke in the living room. 
Being the host, you felt like you hadn’t had a moment to sit down, trying to make sure that there were enough cookies or that no one was too drunk and knocked down your family’s holiday decorations. You almost jumped out of your skin when someone’s hand landed on your waist. 
You were carrying another jug of eggnog to add to the punch bowl and it almost slipped out of your hand when your blond boyfriend put his hand on your waist. You were quick to recognize your boyfriend’s snickering as he spun you around to face him, “Didn’t mean to spook you.” 
“JJ! I almost dropped this!” You scolded, carrying the jug to the table of goodies, uncapping it, and adding the contents to the punch bowl. “I haven’t gotten any time with you tonight,” he whined, “you owe me a karaoke duet!” 
You laughed, “Since when do you sing karaoke?” 
JJ’s eyes caught sight of the green and white plant hanging in the archway of the kitchen. He quickly took the empty jug out of your hand and gave it to a random person passing by. “JJ! What are you doing?” You spoke as he pulled you toward the archway of the kitchen. 
“Oh look! Mistletoe!” He said, placing the two of you directly under the hanging plant. “You were the one who insisted on putting it up,” You rolled your eyes playfully. 
“Gives me an excuse to kiss you.” JJ’s smile was wide and playful as he looked at you. 
“As if you ever need an excuse,” You mumbled as he leaned in to kiss you.
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qlossytbh · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
a/n:  this day 1/31 of this december prompt I found. yes I'm aware I'm late, im trying to write at the speed of light the first four days cause i wanna commit to this shit
day 1: starry night
warning: A shit ton of fluff, cursing like 3 or 4 times, mentions of anxiety
word count: 3.4k
word: starry night.
pairing: jjmaybank x kook!reader
majorly inspired by this song
.•° ✿ °•.
Nothing made you happier than locking yourself up on a Friday night with no one to bother you. You liked being alone. You liked the sense of comfort you were able to bring yourself without the presence of anyone. You liked the quietness of it and the peacefulness. 
And although most of your friends were probably at some Keeger getting drunk, you couldn't help but look forward to cooking something and laying in your bed while reading. 
You propped yourself up against the wooden bed frame of your room. The bed ruffled with your sharp movements in attempt of finding a comfortable enough position. You laid there, flipping through a book you had been gifted for Christmas by Pope.
'The book of Constellations: Discover the Secret on the Stars'
Pope had gifted you the book your were dying to get your hands on since forever for Christmas. That day brought a smile to your face.  
"Is it real?" JJ gawked. 
"Of course it's real dumbass, after the fight you put up, I wasn't going to give you a fake one." You answered. He stared at the necklace in awe before reaching forward and grabbing your waist, pulling your back tightly against his chest. 
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"  JJ repeated while planting short strong kisses along your cheek. You pushed away while laughing but he wouldn't let you out of his grasp as he kept on kissing your face.
"You two are painfully disgusting," John B cringed. 
"It's not my fault my girlfriend's about the best gift-giver in the whole fucking universe," JJ boasted as he shook you his grasp. 
The group would definitely agree that you were the best gifter. The others thought it was because you had enough money to access high-end gifts but you knew that wasn't true. It didn't bother you that they thought that. You knew everything you gave was given lots of thought and precision. JJ knew it was your close attention to detail that made your gifts so special. 
He had been nonstop talking about how he needed to find another shark tooth necklace to match with you after he gave you the one he had. You remember telling him he didn't have to but he said he wanted something you could have that would mean he'd be constantly with you. John B told him to get a fake tooth but JJ didn't want to. 
Coincidentally as you were surfing alone to clear your mind a few days before Christmas, a wave hit you hard and caused you to hit the ocean floor. When you got out, coughing as the saltwater filled your nostrils, you combed your hand through your hair, cringing at the amount of sand that had managed to tangle through, and then it fell onto the sand. You crouched down and your eyes blew wide when you realized it was a shark tooth. 
You hollered loudly since you had been stuck with what you wanted to get your boyfriend for Christmas and it seemed like it fell right at your feet with so much ease. Besides the sand on the hair and water in your windpipe. 
"The things I went through to get you that," You mumbled, leaning into his chest as he leaned over your shoulder and planted one last kiss to the corner of your eye. 
"I will thank you later when-"
"Ok! Ok! My turn." Pope said, interrupting the blonde and bouncing in his spot. He reached back and grabbed a square box, wrapped in silver wrapping paper, handing it to you with a proud smile on his face. 
You looked at the thick squared box and hummed slightly in confusion. Before the whole group had organized a Christmas together, you began to wonder what Pope or Kiara would give you. They weren't very informed of the things you loved doing given since you didn't really talk about them around the Pogues. JJ knew because he was your boyfriend and Sarh knew because she was your best friend. John B got a pass because he could get anything out of Sarah.
"A square box! Wow, Pope how-" JJ interjected resting his chin on your shoulder as you threw your hand back, smacking him gently while rolling your eyes. 
"Oh shut up,"  Pope spat. He looked back at you in anticipation. 
You gently began to tear the wrapping paper off the box, revealing a cover. 
"You did not give her a book," John B looked at Pope. 
"Looks like a book to me," Sarah shrugged as she rested her head on John B's shoulder. 
"Really Pope? A book?" Kiara asked. "Christmas is about giving things someone else will like, not something you'd like." 
"It's not just a book you idiots,"  He defended. 
"I think that's just a book,"  John B snickered.
You remained quiet, focusing on ripping the rest of the paper off. You used your nails to tear the last piece off, revealing the title of the book. 'The book of Constellations: Discover the Secret on the Stars'
Your eyes widened. 
"No way!" You laughed breathlessly as you gawked at the black cover. "I've been wanting this forever!" 
The rest of the group looked at each other as you laughed with excitement while flipping through the pages eagerly. 
"JJ, I think your girlfriends broken," Kiara mumbled, watching you freak out over a book. About stars.
"Only people like you and Pope are happy about receiving an informative book on Christmas," John B shrugged. "I think Pope and you have more chemistry than you and JJ,"
"Hey man, too far." JJ extended his arms, looking at John B in disappointment. 
"A book is a great gift for your information," You fought back. "Just because your IQ doesn't allow you to read more than two consecutive words in a row and understand the meaning doesn't mean books are bad."
John B deadpanned at her while JJ snickered and blew him a raspberry. 
"Theirs a reason me and Pope are smarter than you," You shrugged, continuing to look through the pages of the book. 
"Is that why? Or is it just because John B is naturally dumb," JJ tilted his head. 
"My IQ is literally higher than yours dumbass," John B fought. 
"You don't have my streets smarts dude," JJ shrugged proudly. While the two were discussing, you quickly wiggled out of JJ's grasp which caused him to protest and slide towards Pope.
"Thank you!" You hugged him tightly and planted a quick kiss onto his cheek.
"Look at you Pope, becoming Mr. Steal your girl," Kiara laughed at JJ who pouted. 
"Do I need to get you a book?" JJ looked at you. You rolled your eyes and made your way back to him, planting a quick kiss on his lips before turning and resting between his legs with your back against his chest. 
"Oh shut up, you're such a baby,"  You laughed. 
"Its called physical and emotional deprivation,"   
It confused you to this day how Pope managed to find out about your growing star and constellation obsession, something you barely even spoke about with the group.
You had many things you kept to yourself. Many kooks just like you loved to boast and brag about the things they were good at but you always kept your things to yourself. It felt more special that way. You didn't need people complimenting you to make you feel better about yourself. 
You could hear your steady breathing and you could see the slow heaving of your chest, as it went up and down. It felt nice. To not be so anxious like you had been previously. To be relaxed. Non-stop anxiety was something that happened to you very often, and finding a time where you could breathe was very sacred to you. You smiled to yourself, feeling too comfortable to even move.
That is until you heard a loud crack on your balcony window. Your head whipped in its direction. The anxiety began to rise as your heart began beating rapidly in your chest and you got chills that made the blankets too hot for comfort. You pulled the cover off your legs and climbed out of bed.
You look hesitantly at the curtains before dragging them across and sliding the glass door open. You looked out onto your balcony and saw nothing.
Your reflexes acted quick, catching a glimpse of a small object flying your way and crashing into the space behind you once you ducked to the side. Your headshot back out the window.
A mop of blonde hair was seen waving its arms at you towards the bottom of the balcony and he was so covered by darkness you had to squint to see him properly.
"JJ?!" You shouted at him through a whisper, given since your parents were sleeping across the hall.
"Hey princess!" He whispered back with a wide smile. He pointed towards you. "Sorry about almost nailing you in your beautiful face."
You bit your lip and shook your head, feeling a soft snort leave your lips. You stepped out onto the tile floors of the balcony, feeling the coolness spread quickly from your feet to your body.  The cold breeze outside felt amazing on your skin and beneath the palm of your feet. You walked over to the edge.
You gave him a dopey smile, feeling the immediate burning sensation surge through your veins. You swayed on the back of your heels as you watched him smile back at you.
"You look pretty good down there,"
"Oh, I bet!" He shrugged. "Why don't you let me up so you can see me up close instead?" 
"Hmm, I think I'm good," You said resting your elbow on the ledge and placing your chin in your palm while smirking down at him. He glared at you. 
"Will you let me up or do I have to knock on the front door?" Your eyes widened as you knew your parents would murder you if JJ came through the front door at one AM in the morning. And you knew he was capable of doing just as he said, so you didn't want to test him. 
"Ok..! Ok, just- hold on," You panicked as you turned around and rushed into your room. You grabbed the blanket on your bed and the book you were reading and tossed them onto the white lounge chair on your balcony. 
You ran over to the closet and dug deep into one of your boots in the very back. You squinted, trying to reach around for it when you finally felt the piece. You took the thick rope out of the boot and turned off the light to your room, hopefully making your parents think you were asleep. 
You ran out onto the balcony and walked towards the edge, seeing JJ waiting patiently. 
"Finally," He sighed dramatically. "Now let me up, I really want to kiss you." 
You giggled, feeling the anticipation bubble in your veins. You felt your heart go sore and the butterflies in your stomach as you threw the rope over the edge. 
You and JJ did this often, knowing your parents didn't let you hand around a Pogue too often, especially when said Pogue was your boyfriend. You both usually took the risk of seeing each other like this at your house, since he didn't want you ever having to run into his dad. The only problem was how he got in.  
Your parents had cameras installed all over the inside of the house, except your room, because you still wanted privacy. But it limited JJs ways of getting in, and coincidentally the only place of the house where you couldn't see through a camera was her balcony. So you two tried many attempts, one ending up with JJ and a sprained ankle, but finally found a way he could climb up. 
"Be careful.." You watched him grab onto the rope and use it to climb up the sidewall, using the vines to give him more stability. You felt your heartbeat quick as he dragged his body onto the ledge that aligned to your balcony. Within a few minutes, he stood up with a deep breath and stood face to face with you. 
"Hi," You smiled brightly, looking into his eyes. 
"Hi," His chest heaved, signaling the lack of breath probably due to the climbing. 
He didn't wait another second in swinging his leg over the ledge and hopping onto the secure balcony floor. You waited patiently for him to regain his breath and catch his balance. 
"You nearly gave me a heart attack," You laughed as he held his arms out for you, allowing yourself to burry yourself into his chest as his arms wrapped around your body. 
"It was romantic and you know it," 
"You nearly busted my face with a pebble you moron," You pulled back just enough to be able to look at his face and glare at him playfully. 
"Oh I'm sorry," He pouted at you using his baby voice. He raised both his hands and tucked a couple of strands behind your ears, letting his fingers linger on your cheeks, caressing them softly. 
You rolled your eyes and held him by the hem of his shirt. You leaned up, hovering over his lips and his breath fanned your face. Your eyes fluttered close. 
"I missed you..." You muttered. He closed the gap, stroking your cheeks gently while he kissed you softly. 
It surprised you when you had first started dating JJ how gentle he was with you. He was always touching you in some way, but it was never pushy or rough. It was always soft and comforting. Slow and steady. 
He treated your body in ways he knew you loved and he had small little gestures, like drawing figure eights onto your thighs whenever he could, or playing with the ends of your hair. He loved dragging his fingers in confusing patterns against your back and the inside of your arms. Just like you loved combing his hair backward, slightly scratching at his scalp with your nails, and how you loved sliding your hands underneath his shirt, just to be able to feel his breathing, hoping it was steady and hoping he wasn't undergoing any of his frequent anxiety attacks. 
He pulled away, neither of you wanting to open your eyes as both of the paces of your breaths intertwined. You opened your eyes and he seemed to sense you did because not long after he did so as well, looking into your eyes in adoration. He'd grown to love the color more than he's ever loved anything before, just like you had with the blue in his. 
"Christmas was only a few days ago.." He breathlessly chuckled as his nose nuzzled against your own. 
"So it was just me who missed you?" She looked at him with a raised brow and a smile. He shook his head. 
"I never said that..." He caught your lips again, reaching his hands underneath your shirt and dragging his hands along your curves. You shivered at the coolness of his hands. You pulled away, furrowing your brows. 
"Weren't you supposed to be at that Keeger with the others?"
"I was fifth wheeling. Pope and Kiara were awfully attempting to flirt while John B and Sarah were off doing god knows what so I had nothing else to do other than visit my outstandingly hot girlfriend." 
"Last resort? Ouch." You placed your hand over your heart. He smiled down at you. "You and I both know you were dying to see me." 
"Maybe I was.." 
"Hmm," You hummed, smiling as he kissed you once more. You used both hands to cup his face and kiss him passionately while he pushed you back towards the Lounge chair, not once separating himself from the grasp of your lips. 
You pushed back as he attempted to lay you onto the chair. "JJ," You warned. 
"Oh come on," He whined. 
"My parents are right across the hall," You scolded. 
"Well maybe if you weren't so goddamn lou-" You placed both hands over his mouth, muffling the ends of his sentence as your cheeks turned hot. 
"Yeah, yeah," You muttered, turning around and sitting him on the chair. "Wait here," 
He leaned back and led his hands behind his head while looking over at you, biting his lip not so subtly. You walked back to the slide door while JJ let out a low whistle. 
"Those shorts look great on you," You rolled your eyes, ignoring him and closing the curtain from the outside to your balcony door. 
He leaned his back straight against the Lounge chair, allowing you to climb over the armrest and into his lap. Your back pressed tightly against his chest and his arms immediately wrapped around your waist. 
"Hold on J," You laughed, squirming to grab the blanket and book. When you were able to grab both, despite his protests, you laid the blanket across your bodies and opened the book on your lap. 
The sky had never been as clear as it was that night. You looked up and saw all the stars and your smile grew. JJ looked over your shoulder, watching how intensely captivated you were by something as simple as the sky. You looked down at your book and JJ looked up. 
"Look," You pointed. "That's the little dipper, the one shaped like a bowl with a handle." 
JJ squinted at the sky. 
"I don't see it," He said, huffing. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand. You pointed his index finger out and guided it with your hand, drawing the constellation with it. 
"See that?" You asked looking back at his curious face light up. 
"Oh shit, I do," He whispered in amazement. You grabbed his hand again. 
"See how along the handle there's this really really bright star?" He nodded.
"That's Polaris, or the North Star," You smiled, leaning into his chest as you looked up in awe. JJ felt his gaze fall on your face, watching how your lips tugged up more as you moved your eyes along the sky. 
"You really got into that book Pope gave you, didn't you?" He mumbled, kissing the side of your neck. You hummed in response, looking up at the sky.
His heart couldn't take the way your eyes shined. Maybe it was the moonlight and the glow it gave your face or maybe it was how every time you talked about something you loved, your face seemed to lighten up immediately. He loved it. He loved how happy you looked. 
It used to be something so unfamiliar to him. How one's mood or face gestures could change nearly immediately when talking about something he loved. He didn't think he'd ever be able to do it. Until he realized that he looked exactly like you did when you looked at the stars, but not while he was looking at stars or talking about them. 
It was when he was talking about you. 
His face lightened up whenever he told John B something you were able to accomplish that week. His face lightened up whenever he heard your voice outside the door of the Chateau and if you walked in he could swear he felt his heart stop in his throat. His face lightened up as you talked to him, or even while you were talking to him. Your presence lit his face up. 
That was all you. 
You had constellations and stars that made your whole world turn upside down. You found comfort in it. You found peace in it. You went to it when something happened, or when you were anxious. You loved it.
To JJ, the feeling wasn't caused by a thing. It was caused by a person. 
That person he loved more than anything, more than himself. That person he went to whenever something happened and he needed something that would guarantee to cheer him up. That person he turned to when he wanted comfort or when he wanted someone to listen and to care. That person he needed by his side when he was younger. 
That person was you. 
You were his stars. You were his constellation. 
.•° ✿ °•.
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I was saving this one for the holidays but then I was like...what will I post in the meantime? Anyway it looks a little weird but that's supposed to be her lipstick on his lips..Okay love ya bye.😘💋❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
he looks so good
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the affect of keeping secrets (j.m)
Tumblr media
paring(s): jj x reader
summary: Jj recognized something was wrong with Y/n. What happens when he presses too hard?
warning: sexual assault, depression, suicidal thoughts
Y/n stood on the front of the boat, arms stretched out wide taking in the open waters before her. Days out on the HSM pogue made life tolerable. Everything wrong in her life managed to disappear. Nothing could hurt her when she was with her friends.
The blonde headed boy stayed in the back of boat, his eyes trained to the front. He would be lying to say he wasn't worried about his friend. He had no reason to not believe her, but the way she got defensive as he pressed wasn't like her. Something wasn't right.
The group had pulled up to y/n's dock, excited to see their friend. It had been a few days, but that wasn't completely uncommon. Her parents were divorced so every so often she's take the trip to the mainland to visit her dad or her mom and mom's fiancé declared a family bonding trip.
It was not secret the girl had a dislike for the new man in her life. Who wouldn't dislike the reason for her parents split. No one else in the friend group understood it went deep than that. They wouldn't understand the way his hands lingered after an awkward hug or the times she caught him peeking through her door while she changed. Things got worse as time went on and last night began a new kind of torture. Y/n wouldn't dare speak about it, scared how her friends would treat her, rather it be with the pitiful glances or complete and utter disgust.
"Good afternoon, your highness." JJ teased, extending his hand to help y/n in. In return she stiffly brushed by him with a simple 'hey.'
He could sense something was off. The way she took her seat with barely a glance to the others. Kie had to fight to gain a conversation with her. "So, what adventures did the y/l/n family go on this weekend? Heard your mom posted some photos of the Charleston fair."
Y/n shifted. "My mom went with her sister. It was me and Peter at the house."
Pope slightly frowned. "Well, we wished you would have came around. We missed you."
"You know how he is." JJ scoffed at her response. Y/n wanted nothing to do with Peter, especially if her mom wasn't around. She did everything to avoid him even if it meant to stay the night at the chateau until she cooled off. It was just a lie to appease his friends, but JJ knew the difference. He wasn't stupid.
Y/n glanced at JJ. A smug look on his face as if he knew more than she was letting on. She felt shame for the actions that took place and if Jj knew, her life might as well have been over. He was quick to jump to conclusions, not to mention his unwavering stubbornness. She just hung her head low, regretting ever coming out that day.
The group continued to ride to their swim spot, cracking jokes. Easing the tension in the girl's mind. She did everything to put the attention on anything but her absence. "You missed it. Jj laughed so hard he had beer flying out his nose. John B was freaking out cause his swim trunks almost burned to scraps. It was a mess."
Everyone clutches their sides, dying of laughter at the retelling of a small bonfire the group had the night before. It was almost painfully contrasted to the night y/n had. Theirs full of fellowship and love, hers filled with tears and fear. "You coming to swim?"
Y/n thought quick on her feet. "It's that time of the month. I just don't feel up to it, Kie."
"If you change your mind, we'll be in the water. I can even keep an eye out for you."
Both girls smiled, y/n saying she would think about it. The water would be much better than the heat, but going into the water gave her a deep rooted anxiety. Something about not being able to see what was beneath the murky surface scares her. Not to mention the boys who loved to pull a prank or two by dragging Kie and her under.
Once she felt in the clear, y/n slipped off an oversized T-shirt to soak in the sun. The warmth she sought to heat up her cool skin. Typically, she would spend the first half of the ride curled up between Kie and JJ.
Her head laid to the side, her stomach pressing into boat. She allowed herself to think about the events, not diving too deep into the matter, just enough to process all that went down.
Her future step father took it in his hands to use Y/n in lieu of her mother's absence. Although y/n wasn't the purest soul, her body was not something she freely gave over, certainly not to a man like Peter.
Droplets of water began to fall on her skin, snapping the poor girl out of her thoughts. "Hey!" She called out to the silhouette shaking his hair out on her purposely. "Having fun?" JJ laughed at her shocked state.
"Doing just fine." The girl rolled over, propping herself up on a single elbow. The other hand blocking out the sunlight.
JJ grinned as he glanced over her figure. The way her body fit perfectly in the cutout one piece she chose to wear that day. Her sides poked out, showing her tanned skin to anyone who cared to look. As he continued to sneak a peak down her legs, that when he noticed to slight discoloration of her skin. Clear bruise on her hips. Possible bite marks and hickies on the inner thigh. JJ was no stranger to leaving similar marks on his conquest.
"So what's his name?" JJ began his relentless teasing.
"His name. Don't think I don't notice the love marks." A grin took place on his lips, not matching y/n's shame and discomfort.
"Oh um." Her mind went into fear mode, wanting to avoid it at all cost. "Some touron. Don't really remember."
"I've never even seen you leave with someone at a kegger without us knowing where you would be and what time to expect you back." JJ knew she was cautious, so this was slightly odd to him.
"Things just happened. I bet you can't even name your most recent three."
"Touché." He chuckled, but sensed it was still a cover up. She's almost acting like the one time she slept with Rafe and tried to hide it, but he wouldn't press. "You can talk to me. I enjoy our intellectual conversation about pleasing the opposite sex."
Y/n forced a smile. A sentence that typically would have her in a fit of laughter, not causing the urge to run and hide. "New topic." With that, the day carried on, heading back by the time sun started setting.
Now here she was, allowing her thoughts to get lost in the wind. She survived the first day. It can only go up from here.
It was almost a few week after y/n made her appearance on the HSM pogue. No matter how many days stood between y/n and that unfortunate night, the memories still played in her mind. She never dared to let her friends see the broken and damaged side to her, no matter how hard it was getting and no matter how out of control her life felt. Y/n found other ways to handle to stress of the events. She was going to be okay. All of this was temporary.
Jj laid on the hammock, y/n snuggled up into his side. Something seemed off with her. Ever since the odd encounter on the boat, JJ noticed how the girl rarely went home or how she withdrew from the group emotionally. She was there but she wasn't. The only time she seemed to be present was when she was wrapped in JJ's arms.
It was odd considering the abuse she previously endured, but her best friend made her feel safe and protected. He always had. She had no reason to not trust him even if it seemed hard at times.
"You seem distant. You okay?" JJ was sympathetic to her emotions, not wanting to invade her private life, but seeking confirmation that she was indeed okay. Truth is, the boy saw many alarming actions take place. Maybe it was her trying to be funny, but JJ recognizes a cry for help when he sees  it.
"The sun is shining. The tide is still flowing. You're still here." A simple smile played the corners of her mouth.  Even if she was lying in the moment, she knew one day things would have to go back to normal. "Life is okay."
He began to ponder the next response. He had to choose it wisely, if he didn't she could shut him out. "Is something bugging you, JJ?"
Y/n was nervous. JJ is smarter than people give him credit and if anyone would notice, it would be him. "Yea, there is. I'm worried about you."
"Oh," was all she could say.
"You've been more reckless. The excessive drinking and you smoke more than usual."
"I drink and smoke the same as you. It would be hypocritical for you to think to point out a speck in my eye when there is a two by four in your own." Y/n began to get antsy.
JJ sighed. "I have a higher tolerance. Six beers gets me buzzed, but you start slurring and spinning by four. It's just not like you."
"I'm not being reckless though. It's summer and I'm letting loose."
"You put out most your blunts by pressing it on your thigh. That's not reckless?"
To her, it was a form of release. Allowing her thoughts to be elsewhere than that night. She just wanted to stay in the moment. "I barely feel it. Just a party trick."
"It's concerning. John B, Kie, pope, and I all think so."
Y/n sat up, lightly pushing herself off him. "So you guys talk about me behind my back?" She almost sounded surprised, but that was beneath the feelings of hurt and slight betrayal.
"Not in a bad way. We love you and we want to make sure you're okay. You have been spacey and distant these past few weeks."
"Well next time just ask me, okay? You should know how I feel when people talk about me when I'm not present. I told you I don't like it." Her voice was strained, fighting between breaking her resolve and keeping her composure.
Jj tried to pull her close to his chest, hoping to show her how sorry he truly was. "Well, I'm sorry. I thought I might have gone crazy and it was just me noticing the difference in you."
"Things happen. People change. It's a part of life." Y/n wasn't sure if she said that for JJ's benefit or her own, but they almost brought herself to her own knees.
"You're right." JJ ran his hand down her back, causing goosebumps to rise. "I just hope it's not a bad change. I was starting to really like you." He teased. Truth is, JJ was falling for the girl quickly. The pair had been friends for as long him and John B, if not longer. They were two peas in a pod, his best friend. How could he live life and not realize the shiny gem she was.
Y/n's heart dropped. She was changing for the worse. She now lived a lie filled with a bitter view on trust. Y/n hasn't been herself for a while and there was no way to be sure of the person she was becoming. Somehow the girl she is was being lost between the long process of "healing." JJ wanted someone true and wholesome. He didn't deserve the lies she spewed at him. He would be so disappointed.
"Y/n?" He paused. "You can talk to me." JJ repeated his statement, not wanting to press her, but reassure the girl he'd still be around if she ever needed him.
"It's getting late. Can we just go inside?"
"Of course. I think everyone is calling it an early night anyways." JJ picked her up to carry her inside, hoping to ease her fears. JJ was not coming at her. He was not the enemy.
Later that night was the start of the end. A chain of events that couldn't be stopped.
Night terrors were not a new concept to the group. JJ had his fair share of them, but for y/n it was a rarity. She suffered them when her parents first split, scared of losing one or both parents. Life was changing and the group understood that. But the screams that filled the chateau that night caused panic.
JJ was first to notice. Luckily for him, he was already up grabbing a glass of water. Y/n laid sprawled out on the chateau floor, a pillow tightly grasped between her arms.
It started with the uncontrollable twitching. The way hers legs flung about, nearly coming to a halt on the coffee table. JJ set his water down, deciding to move the table to protect her. The girl's fist began to to pound on the ground. "Stop!" She screeched.
"Y/n." JJ tried to snap her out of her current state.
The trapped girl's breathing began to grow choppy as the tears poured out. "No."
JJ felt helpless as his friends wandered from their sleeping state. "Y/n. It's okay." He didn't want to yell, so he opted on getting closer. Big mistake.
It caught him by surprise when the girl slung a mean right hook to his cheek. She did everything to fight back the enemy that stayed looming in her mind. JJ reeled back, grabbing his cheek and getting out dodge.
"JJ!" Pope called out, running over to his friend. "How many times have I told you to be careful when someone is living a nightmare." His tone filled with warning, only wanting the best for him.
"She's never been violent. It's getting worse and I don't know why." Jj felt defeated as he watched the girl of his dreams suffer before him. John B went to grab some water to splash on her to wake her up and a glass to help calm her down.
Pope sat next to JJ, examining now forming bruise. "She really got you."
"I don't think she would even hurt a fly. Something isn't right. Y/n isn't violent." Pope noticed the stress JJ endured.
"It happens when people are stressed. They can't control it while they are sleeping. Knowing her, she's probably upset with her parents divorce. It's only been a few months and her mom is engaged." Pope tried to reason with him, but JJ never felt peace.
"It's more than that. I don't know what, but with the recklessness behavior, weird bruises, it's not right." He held suspicions that the random touron might have hurt her, but things weren't adding up.
John B rushed back splashing some water on her face. A loud shrill left her throat as she jolted awake. The water dripped from her hair. "What the hell, John B!"
"We couldn't wake you up. Some bad dream." Embarrassment flushed her cheeks.
"Yea, what was it about?" Pope gave a concerning look, wanting his long time friend calm down.
"Don't remember." Lie. Y/n thought to herself. You are the biggest liar. A fake. Your friends would be ashamed.
In fact, the poor girl remember everything about that night. The way peter's hands tightened around her throat. The look in his eyes as he pried her legs apart. It didn't matter if she was awake or asleep. The events lived in her mind.
Jj grabbed her hand. "Are you okay?" She whipped her head towards him. Her eyes widened as she saw his face.
"Did you go home?" The bruise had swelled up and there was no hiding it. "John B, grab him some ice."
"I didn't go home but I'm okay."
"Well, whoever got to you managed to get you pretty well."
He chuckled. "Would you believe me if I said it was you?" She was shocked. "Let me see your knuckles."
Y/n gently placed her hand on his, allowing his gaze. She slightly flinched at his touch, but again, it was JJ. She knew him and trusted her gut when it came to his intentions. "Did I really? But I was asleep? Hasn't pope warned you?" The girl had many questions, feeling guilty for taking out her fear on him.
"I got too close." JJ knew he had to get even closer to her, but feared too many people might scare her into a shell. He sent a glance to John B and Pope, quietly dismissing them. "Your knuckles are definitely going to be bruised. I don't think anything is broken."
Y/n felt the two other boys leave, once again, allowing JJ to be the one to comfort her. He was always the one to stay up late or bring her back down to earth when her life seemed uncontrollable. "I'm sorry. You don't deserve it. I know you were just trying to help."
"And whatever you are going through, you don't deserve."
Jj opened his arms, creating a space for her to crawl into. "I've known you my whole life. The vague answers about your whereabouts, reckless behavior, not to mention the worst night terror I've seen you encounter. Did something happen with the touron?"
"No. But JJ, I don't want to talk about it. It's not a big deal and I'm exhausted." Her back pressed into his chest, JJ's arms and legs trapping her in.
"You are not okay."
She began to shift, wanting to break free. "I am, JJ. Life just sucks okay. Big changes."
"It's more than that. Something happened." Now the fight began as she tossed and turned. "Be still."
"Let me go." Her voice began to raise. "Now, JJ."
"Y/n, you think you can hide whatever it is, but I know you. Yea, it hurts what your mom did and not seeing your dad as much, but you knew it was coming. We talked about it. This is deeper."
"You don't know shit, JJ. I can handle things myself." Jj now feared he was doing more harm to her so he released her.
"I'm not saying you can't." She backed up, creating distance. "I telling you, whatever it is, you don't have to go through it alone. Sometimes you look so beaten down and helpless, but I'm scared to even say anything. I don't want to trigger you or something."
"That's a first. Most of the time you don't know when to shut your loud mouth." Y/n knew every wrong thing to say to make him back off, and she intended to do just that.
"You are clearly hurting, so I won't take that personal." His breathing was shallow, not allowing himself to give into the anger he knew so well. "As much as I want to."
"I am fine. Just sick and tired of you." Her body nearly doubled over as it pained her to even say it.
"Took you over nine years to figure that out?"
"Wish I realized it sooner." She did her best to stay strong. If cutting ties was what needed to happen, then so be it.
"I'm a fool. Here I am, in love with my best friend, trying to help her through whatever the issue, but I'm the enemy. She stands before me and says she is over our friendship. I am an idiot."
Her body finally gave out, collapsing to the floor. In love? Definitely a fool. No sane person would love her. "Sorry?"
"You know, I still just want to make sure you are okay. Even if you want nothing to do with me. Something happened." His muscles felt weak as he towered over y/n. God, it hurt to even breathe.
The girl's chest tightened, everything in the room began to spin as she tried catching her breath. "I should probably go."
"Why?" JJ questioned, finding any reason to make her stay.
"I don't want to be here. I- I." She glanced to the door than hung her head.
"Just spit it out, stutter mouth." JJ let the anger take over. He knew he stooped low by calling her a name kids used to tease her with, but he was hurt and wanted her to feel something. Not ignoring the real reason.
Y/n physically reeled back, pain etched in every crease as the tears started again. He knew that hurt more than anything else in the world and that broke her heart. Her own best friend.
This was going to be the end. She would be on her own from here on out. So with great thought, she delivered the final blow. "You Maybanks are all the same. Driving people to the edge, never knowing when to stop. I hate you."
JJ stilled when she compared him to his father, the only real family on the island beyond his cousin, Ricky. Of course he ruined things by pushing. And the end was inevitable after the things he just previously said. "I want to hate you in return, but I can't."
"Because you love me? You're a god damn idiot." Heat rose to her face, as she did her best not to explode.
"It was my mistake." Y/n ruined it. It was over. "I won't choose to love an dumb incompetent bitch."
"Yea." With that, she ran out of the house, leaving a kneeling JJ in the middle of the floor. He lost the one good thing to him and it was his fault. His bottom lip quivered.
"JJ?" Pope and John B heard everything said, scared to step in. Both parties seemed unpredictable and no one saw this coming.
"Did I just?" Everything felt fuzzy in his brain. Nothing made sense. John B rushed over to him, doing his best to hold him upright.
"It's gonna be okay." Pope joined in.
"It's never gonna be okay. Did you hear what I said?"
"You didn't mean it." John B began whipping his tears. "Things aren't as they seem. She's gonna come back, she has to. Her phone is still here." He chuckled.
For the first time in his life JJ was scared. Not sure if he was scared for himself or for her. "I shouldn't be here when she does. It won't go well."
Pope rubbed his hand on JJ's back, doing his best to comfort. "And why wouldn't it?"
"It would be like ripping my heart out, throwing it to the sharks, and hoping it still beats." He let out a painful cry. "Did anyone check on her?"
"We are her for you, JJ."
"No! She's walking home alone." Worried filled him as he scrambled to get up. "Keys." He fought to breath. "Where are they?"
John B lightly pushed him back down. "You shouldn't be driving. I'll go and make sure she gets home." He went to grab them.
"She never takes the main way that goes past my house. Y/n hates to look at it." The way JJ still cared for her, broke John B's heart. Both stepped over the line and if this is how JJ was, how much worse was it it for y/n.
She was never one to think with her heart, only emotion ever seemed to be joy and contentment. The occasional bad day plagued her, but it never escalated to the events of tonight. John B feared for her.
He drove along the backroad, searching for her, but due to the darkness, there was no luck. Instead he sped to her house, hoping to catch her arrival.
What he didn't know was, in fact, y/n took the main way home, making a stop on the way. She needed some form of closure the best way she knew how. Now she sat at the edge of the Maybank property. Her heart ached, but no tear fell.
This was the place he grew up, the place that made him who he was. The man probably passed out on the couch was the reason JJ was capable of so much anger. The boy couldn't help it. She tried to put an explanation to why he said what he did. She desperately didn't want to blame herself even though it was true. She hurt JJ worse than his father ever could.
Pushing down her guilt, she continued on toward her own house. It wasn't far, only a few mile or so, but every step home was a step away from the chateau and the chasm between grew further and deeper. Her heart of glass silently shatter the entire way, but nothing hurt more than seeing John B in the twinkie. It's way past two in the morning, he should be asleep. He would have been if it wasn't for her screaming.
Y/n didn't was a scene, so quickly rushed in and planned to text him that she was okay. But that all went to shit when she realized she left her phone. She'd have to pick it up eventually, but she wasn't in a rush.
Knowing he wouldn't leave until he had some form of confirmation, the girl peaked out the window and waved. He gave a soft smile and drove off.
Y/n realized she was completely alone. Not another soul in the house and no friend by her side. She couldn't even text anyone about what went down. And for the first time that night, for the first time in a long while, she allowed herself to breakdown. All walls crumpled to the ground, her wailing grew loud enough that the whole cut could hear the earth shattering heart break.
A month went by and no contact from y/n. Not even Kie could get a hold of her. The girl's phone still laid on the chateau counter along with a few of her left over things. The crew made a collection in case she came by. No one dared drop it off.
Jj laid in the spare room, some brunette tuck beneath his arms. His head spun as he glanced around the room. Most likely still drunk from the night before. A classic pogue summer, if you asked him.
Grabbing an open beer bottle, he rolled over and threw it back. Living was harder than normal as of the late. It seemed pointless.
"I should probably go." The touron stirred, slowly sitting up.
"Ya. You should." She jumped at his abruptness, but he didn't care. JJ didn't even feel bad. In fact, he didn't feel anything at all. Not since y/n left. Sex didn't feel good. No high or blackout could make him forget. He hurt her and he'll pay for it everyday. The worst part was he would do anything for her still, but she won't even look at him. He hasn't seen her since that morning no matter how hard he's tried. All he wanted to know is that she is happy. Even without the pogues.
The girl in his room quickly dressed and headed out of the house. The disheveled blonde headed boy followed a hour later, only to grab another drink and sit on the couch.
The pogues watched in horror as he yelled at some baseball game. It's been like this for a few weeks. Never sober, new girl every other night. At first though, he just sat on the porch with her things in his lap and a long apology he put together. It must have been his pride to harden his heart.
Kie was first to speak. "I can't keep watching this." Her voice was hushed, but she stood firm on her belief. "Either he grows up or gets the fuck out. I hate to think about how much he's acting like his father. How long before he hi-"
"Don't even say it." John b cut her off.
"You can't deny it." Pope chimed in, not wanting pick sides, but saw the path his friend was headed.
"I know. Shit! I know." He sat at the counter glancing at JJ. "I know he's safe here. I know he's not at his house or in jail when he is here."
Kie sensed the internal battle. "Sometimes you can't protect them forever. He's old enough to make his own choices."
"John b, I agree with her. We'll stand by you, but this is your house. Your call." John B knew he needed to sooner, but he gave out second chances like it was Halloween candy. The freckled boy nodded solemnly, allowing them to stand behind him.
"JJ." His voice shook.
"Hold on John B. The umpire is making a shitty call. God, just get on your knees already, we already know you're screwing the coach." He raised his voice once more.
"Now, JJ."
"Geez, what's with the stick up your ass? Can't you let me be?"
John B stepped back into pope and Kie, needing their support now more than ever. "You can't keep doing this. Either sober up or leave. We can't take it."
JJ was stunned. "Take it? My best friend left me."
"She's our friend too. She left because of you. I think it's best if you go." John B felt defeated. Everything was falling apart.
"Go where?"
"Anywhere but here. Maybe not jail or home, but I'm done housing you."
"Kie?" JJ dis his best to get some back up. "Pope?" No one stuck up for him.
"I hate doing this, JJ." John B spoke softly.
"Fuck you, man. I called you a brother. Kie, you are better than the kooks. And pope, I expect more. Screw all of you." He flicked them off then ran off through the doors.
The three remaining pogues gathered in a tight hug. "It's gonna be okay. They are gonna be okay." It's the only hope they could hold on to.
JJ rode his bike to the cliffs. He was over everything. After getting kicked out, JJ went home. He was looking for a fight. All the anger could be release if he just got a hold of his father. Maybe, if JJ was lucky, his father would end his son's life. It was worthless. He officially lost everything. Unfortunately his dad wasn't there, from the looks of it, the man wasn't home for at least a week. It hurt to think that even his dad would abandon him.
There was no reason to fight anymore. He caused it, he would fix it. He'd just write himself out of this story. JJ's other option would be skip town, but the thought of starting over without John B or the rest of the pogues. Life started feeling that way the second y/n stepped back. The day on the boat when she pulled away. 'What the hell happened to her? Where did they go wrong?' He thought to himself, plopping down on a rock, contemplating everything.
Maybe it was the alcohol, but his body felt like dead weight. He drowned himself in his tears, blocking out any sounds of someone approaching.
The girl kept her distance, watching him from a distance. When the closest looked clear, she went closer. 'Why was he here?' This was her spot. She found it first. Coming here everyday when she needed to escaped Peter. It's gotten worse since she's been at the house. Her mom didn't trust her home alone with her emotions, so she asked Peter if he could stay with her. He was more than happy to accompany the young girl with her mom carried out businesses. It was a death wish in the form of a 6'2ft man.
She continued to stare at JJ as she a seat. A simple twig snap cause JJ to aping up, her body involuntarily flinching. All of her anxiety built up in her throat.
JJ's eyes remained wide as they just looked at on another. His hair sat unkept and clothes moth bitten.
The first audible word didn't break surface for the first ten minutes. "Um. Hi." He spoke. Y/n's eyes began to downpour, releasing everything she felt. The fear, loneliness, depression, anger, and most importantly betrayal.
Sobs wracked her body. "J." The only syllable she could whisper.
"What we're you doing up here?" His mind raced, he knew what he had planned, but her? He couldn't imagine.
"Thinking." She Drew small circles in the dirt, trying to distract herself from the pain. "Always came here to think."
"I should go." He got up.
"You don't have to." It was her fault she pushed him away. She lost the one real thing she ever knew. It was nice to see him again. Painful, but nice.
"Why are you here?"
"John B kicked me out. "His body hunched over. "It's either skip town or remain in hell until death." The blue orbs traced the edge of the cliff. Her mind put together the pieces, she pondered the idea many times, but never having the guts to go through.
JJ let a tear slip, seeing how broken she looked. Dark circles underneath her eyes matched his own. The pride within him began cracking. "I said some really bad things to you and, and, I've done some terrible things since then. I don't know if I can fix it."
"I think we both did. I don't know anymore than you do." Both of their breathing began to even. "I'm the one who pushed you over the edge. I said a lot of untrue things."
JJ forced a chuckle. "It held truth."
"You're nothing like your father."
"You left and that's exactly who I became" He hung his head in shame.
"Why?" Her voice wasn't accusatory, just curious.
"I finally understood why my dad does the things he does." JJ shook. "When my mom left, that was the one person he loved. To go without that is a hell within itself."
It was her turn to bow in shame. "I couldn't let you do that. I didn't deserve your love."
This was nothing compared to the screaming matches y/n rehearsed in her mind. It was a bitter sweet to just talk. Her first real conversation with someone other than her family.
"The thing is, I already did. I hate to admit that I still do. When you love someone you don't hurt them."
"I kept secrets just to keep you. Look at what that did." Disappointment filled her shoulders as she turned away.
"I know you did. It was hurting you and I wanted to see joy on your face again."
She made the decision to tell him what happened. He couldn't hate her even more. It was his choice. "It was stolen from me." JJ listened intently. "That day on the boat when you questioned about the touron." She went numb. "It was Peter. I couldn't do anything."
A string of curses left his lip, but his body didn't move.
"I'm not sure I want to talk about it any further than that, but I can't hide it any longer."
JJ wanted to embrace her as well as give her space. All the times she let him hold her after the incident, he was grateful for. That mean she trusted him in some form. "You don't have to answer, but has it happened since?" She nodded, pulling her knees to her chest. A silence took over, leaving both parties to their thoughts.
Y/n wished she could make it all go away. Jj wished to make it better. "Me saying sorry that happened won't make it any better. But letting you know you will always have a place at John B's. They aren't mad at you. They wanted to respect you space."
"Thank you."
"I have no right to tell you what to do. I can't tell you not to go home. But I also can't let you go home."
"Will you be there?" She whispered.
"They probably don't want to see me." He stared at the back of her head. She barely looked at him, why would they.
"J, it's going to take time. Just to work through what happened to me, what we said that night. But I need you there,  by my side, I can't do it without you." All of it was true. "Without love, it's hell."
"Tell me to leave and I will. I'll let you call the shots." He never wanted to pressure her to talk about it until she was ready. He wanted her to be safe.
"You know too much now. I'd have to kill you." She reached out her hand, allowing him to slip his fingers. Small steps.
"So we're cool?"  He questioned.
Y/n raised their intertwined fingers. "It's a start."
They truly smiled for the first time in a long time. Life was going to be okay.
"To the chateau."
A/n: Just in a very angsty mood of the late. I started writing from a prompt and its not even close, but this is so long and I am proud of it. Likes, comments, and re-blogs are appreciated as always.
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novxturient · a day ago
horny anon has me inspired for this type of concept—sex lessons, with jj. this might be long, we can even make this a series if you want!
let’s say, it’s the week after high school graduation. yn has been talking to guy, a much older guy—i’m thinking late 20s—on tinder. she’s really into him, and it turns out that he’s taking a vacation trip to outer banks in 2 weeks. yn really wants to impress him, especially in bed. and somehow, she convinced jj to give her ‘sex lessons’ which ends up spiraling quickly when she catches feelings for him. — concept anon
at first it started slow, he gives in and agrees to teach the girl some basics, starting with kissing, then oral sex, and finally, sex. but it doesnt stop there, she finds the most useless reasons to meet up with him, whether it is to show him a new position, or test something she found on the internet on him. jj gives in each time, he hates to admit it, but he loved fucking her a bit too much, he hated letting her go, imagining her with the guy she wanted in the first place, counting the days until he comes and this little sex fairytale is over.
this must've been the last time they could feel eachother so close, with jj placing a hand around her waist and her moaning into a pillow, both of them drowning the sorrow of never seeing eachother in this instance again, through sex. jj bent down, placing a delicate kiss on her shoulder. yn felt her own smile growing, and then she finally said it, thinking that it was low enough that jj wouldn't be able to hear.
"lo-love you, j."
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littlefishygold · 3 days ago
Cherry (JJ’s pov)
so not only is seasonal depression kicking my ass, but my bf and I broke up so I'm feeling sad girl and have been listening to Cherry by Harry Styles nonstop for a whole ass week so you best believe I'm gonna write a sad breakup fic about it. 
is this what they call a song fic?
summary: after a nasty fight, you and jj decide to take a break. after almost 6 months later, jj see’s you with another guy.
warning: swearing, arguing, heartbrokenjj
Tumblr media
“I just can’t do this anymore J, I can’t” she said quietly as she sat down on the bed in the room they both shared at the Chateau. He fiddled with the ring on his finger, the ring she bought him for their 4 month anniversary. Oh, how he wished he could go back to that day. 
He stood above her, looking at his shoes. He knew he had a temper, and he knew it could get out of control sometimes, but he thought she would always be able to handle it. He can’t blame her, he hasn’t exactly been the best boyfriend recently, but he thought it was just a rough patch. 
He watches tears roll down her cheeks, her leg bouncing anxiously as she comes to terms with what she’s about to say.
“I think we should take a break”
That’s when the tears really started coming down. He kneeled beside her, reaching to touch her hair and face, “Y/n, look, I know things have been rough for a little bit but I promise this will pass. This isn’t over” he said, trying to catch her gaze. But she wouldn’t look at him. “This can't be over. I love you so much please don’t do this” he said, crying more than he already was. She leaned into hug him, gently brushing through his hair and kissed him on the head.
“I love you too. Baby, I love you more than I ever thought was possible... but I'm not going to be treated like this any longer. I can’t JJ. I won’t” she said. They both sat in silence for a couple minutes, the only sound in the room was muffled crying and the odd sniffle. Both of them just trying to enjoy the last hug they will share for a while. 
Before he knew it, she grabbed all of her stuff out of their room and left, leaving him alone, thinking of everything he did wrong.
6 months later 
Not a day has gone by that he hasn't thought of her. At first, he didn't think it was really over. He though in a week she would forgive him and they could move past this. But weeks became months, and suddenly he hasn't spoken to her for half a year. He avoids the places he knows she likes to go, like the local ice cream store, or her favourite restaurant. Hell, he hasn’t gone surfing in months in case she was there. 
The break up was hard everybody, all of the Pogues had grown to love her and accept her as their own, especially when they saw how well she handled JJ. How calm and comfortable he became when he was around her. How deeply in love he was with her. They didn't think he would make it out of this breakup alive. 
They had finally had enough and decided to drag him to the beach to go surfing with them, reassuring him that they hadn’t seen her in a couple weeks and it should be safe. Although it took some convincing, he did miss the feeling of surfing. All of the shit that happens in real life, and all of the shit you have going on gets forgotten when you stand up on that board. 
They all laughed as they got out of the Twinkie, ready for a fun beach day. Even he let out a laugh when Pope got concerned about the height of the waves, as-per-usual. He was ready to hangout with his friends and try to have a good time surfing and drinking. That was, until he heard a familiar laugh coming a little ways away from him. A laugh he hadn’t heard in nearly 6 months. A laugh that he missed more than words could describe. 
He quickly snapped his head to the direction he heard it, his knees almost giving out at the sight of her. She looked absolutely breathtaking. Everything about her was perfect in his eyes. Before he could fully take in that she was less than 10 yards away from him, he saw the guy she was laughing with. The guy who made her laugh loud enough he could hear it. 
They all went silent when they realized what he was staring at, not knowing what to do or what to say. He still loved her, and they knew that. And she was here with another guy. John B. tried to talk to him, standing in front of his vision towards her and attempting to distract him. But it was too late. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, or the guy who’s arm she was now rubbing.
He couldn’t stand to see her play with this guys hair the way she used to do with his, or the way she kissed this guys cheek, how he wished she was kissing his. The way she used to kiss his. He was so reeled in by her that he couldn’t hear the voices of his friends trying to distract him, he couldn't feel their touch on his arm as they tried to pull him away from looking. He could barely breath seeing her acting like this with someone who wasn’t him. 
“Okay baby, let’s go swimming!”
That’s when he felt his whole body go limp. He looked away from her and was met with John B. who was still standing in front of him. His eyes big and watery, feeling like he was going to collapse at any moment. He watched her run into the ocean, looking so carefree and happy. 
“She called that guy ‘baby’” he said, quietly as John B. reached in to hug him. He could feel the emotions pouring out of him. After seeing her for the first time, missing her every single day and loving her more than ever. She had moved on. All of the sudden, all of the laughs they shared didn't matter. All of the sleepovers, shared secrets, cuddles, adventures, everything.. it didn’t matter anymore. He accepted the hug from John B. and closed his eyes when the rest of the Pogues joined in.
“She called him what she used to call me”  
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