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JoJo as textposts for like the third time this week! Please help me.
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new religion
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*spins you around in my head*
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fuck da whole world.
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Golden boys 🤌✨
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I missed World Goth Day again.
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HUG ME!!  a little naramis animation thing that i did for fun ^_^
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Mi intento mas digno de un lineart lindo
Espero les guste de esta abbacchio version ♀️
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Mientras pintaba esto me estaban haciendo un peinado jaaj y me daba vergüenza que me vieran aaa pero bueno, a veces hay que afrontarlo y no sentir vergüenza jwnfkw
Hice como un mini proceso del dibujo en tik tok jaj, si quieren veanlo 💗
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All Star Battle R’s season pass will include the “Avdol’s father” skin for Avdol I’m 💀💀
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happy fugo friday
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this was wayy funnier in my head but enjoy
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I recently hit 10k on Instagram! So since I tend to be more active there I'm doing a DTIYS for it!
(If you want to join the rules and such are in the post over there :D)
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king of not having a drivers license (tw lots of flashing)
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Today we toast to miss stray cat
[Commission Prices] [Etsy]
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monetuchiha · 2 days ago
Hiii love your blog💗can I request Bruno with a s/o who once worked in a brothel and feels she’s too filthy for him?? NSFW can be added too:)
You're Beautiful ☾ Bucciarati x Fem!Reader
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a/n: writing for my love bruno again<3 enjoy peeps
warnings: NSFW (minors DNI), swearing, praise kink, oral fem receiving, pet names, squirting, just a lotta sensual smut w ma boy
word count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
Everything in the past two weeks had led up to this moment now.
Bruno had finally invited you to stay the night at his after you two met while he was on a mission for Passione. From then on, he showed interest in you and would invite you out on dates at expensive, world class restaurants, treating you in ways that made you fall for him despite the limited time you spent together and limited physical contact. He had only kissed you once and even that was enough. He was a gentleman, after all.
Bruno was perfect. Everything you had hoped for in a guy, but it was nerve wrecking, knowing that you held onto a secret that could change the way he viewed you.
Tonight was the first time you had visited his lavish penthouse, which soothed your nerves since you realized he wouldn't have invited you to sleep over if he didn't care, but as you stared at yourself in the mirror while in the elevator of his apartment building, you prepared for the worst.
"Amore, welcome." You were greeted by Bruno along with a soft kiss on your cheek, making you blush. As he showed you around and offered to take your bags, you felt your nerves rising.
Bruno, however, was very good at distracting you. He insisted that he cooked dinner and the next two hours consisted of you laughing at his clumsiness in the kitchen as well as the romantic candle lit dinner on his balcony looking over the city.
Everything felt perfect until you once again remembered that you had to tell him. You had to, but every time it was brought up, your mind immediately dismissed it.
After dinner and a few drinks later, Bruno escorted you to his bedroom, resting you down on his bed while he went to change and insisting that you did the same. So you did. You put on a sexy, lavender set of lingerie, expecting him to admire and not touch, however you didn't realize the kind of night he had in store for you.
"Wow," he blushed as he walked out of his bathroom wearing nothing but grey sweatpants. "So that's how tonight's gonna go, huh?" He chuckled.
You played dumb, putting on your best set of doe eyes while he walked over to you as you sat on the edge of his bed. His hand met your cheek, caressing it as you two held eye contact.
"I'm sorry, should I change?" You asked, wondering if you had maybe over done it on the outfit while your nerves began kicking in once more. Bruno leant down slowly, resting his lips on the lobe of your ear,
"Well, you can change if you want but either way, whatever you're wearing is coming off tonight," he grinned.
This made your heart rate sky rocket as your mind remembered that you had to tell him.
"Bruno I-"
He cut you off with a kiss. A slow, sensual kiss that left you wanting more. A kiss that made your worries go away. He picked you up from the foot of his bed and rested you down gently, leaving your head to sit perfectly on his satin pillows.
He climbed on top of you and in between your legs, leaving a space between your bodies, before kissing you again but this time, longer. This time consuming kiss made your thoughts run wild as the same issue was brought up again in your mind, causing you to push him away. He could tell something was wrong.
"Y/n, are you okay?" He pried. You struggled to look directly at him.
"Bruno.." You took a deep breath. "Bruno, I have to tell you something."
He looked at you with sincerity as he tried to ease your nerves,
"What is it amore?" He seemed confused. "Do you not want to do this? Are you a virgin? Trust me I've heard it all."
"Bruno, no I-" Another deep breath. "I don't think you're gonna like what I tell you." Tears began filling your eyes as his hand met your chin, lifting your head up.
"Hey, hey it's okay, talk to me"
"Bruno I-" He smiled at you, calming your nerves and making you feel safe. "I used.. to work.. in a brothel." A huge weight was lifted off your shoulders.
"I'm sorry if you look at me differently. If you want me to leave I understand. Most guys wouldn't want someone as filthy as me," you frowned visibly.
Moments passed in silence as Bruno stared at you until finally breaking that silence,
"Y/n..." Here we go, the worst was about the come.
"You think I'd care about that?" Or maybe not. You were shocked by his response as you finally gained the courage to maintain eye contact with him while he continued,
"It doesn't matter what you did in the past. I'm here with you, right now, and that's all that matters." An even larger weight was lifted off your shoulders.
"But-" You struggled to form a sentence. "But why would you want to be with someone like me? I'm filth-" He cut you off again,
"Don't ever use that fucking word to describe yourself. You're beautiful." This time, it was you, rushing in to kiss him as you felt pure bliss. As you broke away from his soft lips you spoke once more,
"You're the only guy that has ever accepted that part of me."
"Well you've been with some idiots before, then." His eyes trailed down to your lavender lingerie. "C'mon baby, take this off." He tugged at the fabric. "Let me see your body so I can show you how beautiful you are."
And so you took it off, lifting off the dress to expose your bare breasts and a matching lace pantie while your hands immediately covered yourself because for some reason, you felt shy in front of him. You had been so used to being touched and used in the past, but being around Bruno was different. It granted you this new timidity that you never experienced before.
As he realized that you were trying to cover yourself up with your hands, he immediately grabbed your wrists, pinning your hands to the side of your head.
"No, y/n, I told you I was going to show you how beautiful you are. Why won't you let me?" He asked. You shrugged,
"I don't know, I just get nervous. I don't want you to think I'm all... used up and filth-"
"Amore, what did I say about using that word?" He demanded.
"I'm sorry Bruno.. Go ahead."
"Good girl." And with that, he began kissing at your neck, your collarbone, your chest, until his mouth met your right nipple, kissing gently while making eye contact.
"So-" He kissed your nipple. "Fucking-" Another kiss. "Beautiful-" A final kiss, before his tongue began circling around it, causing you to release a few moans which caught his attention.
"Ohhh baby, even your moans are beautiful," he added as he was now face to face with you again. "I'm gonna make you moan whole night so I can hear your pretty voice." His hand caressed your cheek as his lips met yours again kissing gently before pulling away,
"Amore, will you let me kiss you everywhere?" He asked in a demanding yet soft voice. You nodded which caused him to grin as he began placing more kisses on your collarbone and chest, but he didn't stop there. His kisses trailed lower and lower until his lips had reached your pantie.
"You're so cute, wearing such sexy underwear for me." He let his thumb rest directly onto your clit through the lace which caused you to let out a louder moan.
"Fuck, yes. Such pretty moans." He let his thumb trail gently around your clit through the fabric as he listened to your soft moans continue. It was ecstasy for him, but he couldn't wait any longer.
He slowly pulled down your pantie, leaving you completely naked on his bed as he was now face to face with your opening, watching it in awe.
"Fuck, even your cunt is beautiful."
Without warning, he began placing soft kisses on your clit, relishing in your taste and causing your moans to get louder and louder, from his kisses alone as your body jerked.
"Look at you squirming under my touch. Stay still for me amore, I'm trying to taste you properly." You nodded, obeying his wishes as his hands held your hips down. His kisses stopped and his tongue was now gently flicking your clit left to right, causing you to scream out his name,
"Fuck! Bru-no"
The pace of his tongue increased as he then inserted two fingers, hitting your spot perfectly as if his hands were made for you. He lifted up for a second as the thumb of his free hand was now flicking your clit,
"Yes baby, continue moaning. I'm only gonna let you cum if I can hear you moan loud okay?"
You nodded. At this point you'd do anything for him. His tongue met your clit once again as his pace increased, his fingers pumping in and out of you and you obeyed his wishes again, moaning his name constantly so he could hear.
He began getting sloppy, literally eating your cunt as if it was the best thing he had ever put in his mouth and within seconds, you were nearing your orgasm. That familiar feeling was approaching and you were moaning more than you ever had,
"Fuck- Bruno... m gonna cum Bruno 'm gonna cum" and with that, you came undone in front of him, moaning heavily and deeply while you squirted all over him. And he let you. He let you squirt all over his sheets, all over his face, in his mouth, and he was enjoying every single second of it.
As he helped you ride out your orgasm, kissing your clit softly at the end, he finally lifted up and took his fingers out of you, putting them in his mouth and sucking them so he could taste you once again.
"Fuck, y/n, you taste amazing."
You chuckled, out of breath, and finally spoke after you tried to compose yourself,
"Fuck. I just squirted. I haven't done that in a while, Bruno."
He grinned, "Really? Well have you forgotten you're sleeping here?" He lifted himself up to meet you face to face as he allowed his bulging crotch to rest onto your bare pussy, rocking his hips gently.
"That isn't the last time you're squirting tonight," he spoke. His lips met yours in a passionate kiss and he began grinding his hips as his hands caressed your tits.
"Get ready amore, I'm gonna show you how beautiful you are tonight in many different ways."
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MORE greaser holly >:]
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m...ma’am you’ve finally arrived 😳😳
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