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#jjba fanart

soo i drew hoshiko as a jjba character!

i think she looks like a female jotaro (i did not intend to do it lmao)

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As for their outfits: I was looking through aliexpress and found some interesting tops, and so I decided to draw Jolyne and Ermes in them!

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From a fanfic I read A while back where the reader can change their face and joins la squadra and umm someone gets suspicious

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A concept that I had where Dio’s fondness of green hearts originated from his mom’s fashion :’) Or at least I like to think that he would pay tribute to her through his fashion…bc he’s a mommas boy :’333 ♥

This was a super old piece I can’t believe I forgot to post this…but I would love to do more Dio and his Mom concepts..makes my heart warm~ :’DD ♥ 

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Beep bop I am going to draw all types of characters eventually, here’s Ova DIO

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Eros & Psyche - Jotakak version made for a secret Valentine’s Day exchange. Based on the original Psyche painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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