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jjks-dodo · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Countdown arts I did for timeless jjk adults-centric zine
Preorders close in one day! SHOP LINK
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72-5-blog · 17 hours ago
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happy gojo day (I'm late)
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tojisfangs · 2 days ago
your works are all SOOO GOOOOD, thank you so much for posting and writing such a great thing <3 do you mind if i request toji getting jealous over gojo flirting with the readers and toji start to fuck the reader when they are back at home?(with breeding kink if you don't mind!) if you don't comfortable with this requests, please just ignore >.< thank you so much again! really love all your writings <3 <3
AHHH TY TY ANON!! and I cant believe I've finally did it, every request that was back up has finally been finished and now im able to work on my own fics for a little bit! But fear not, I will open back up requests again soon lol, just need a little break to finish my own works as well as finish up my last few finals for school, nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!
Cw: nsfw 18+, minors dni, tojis a lil rough in this cus hes jealous, eating pusssyyy, pet names, use of the word "daddy", kissing, jealousy, gojo being a jackass, shoko feeling sorry for you over toji and gojo being dumbasses, breeding, cumming inside cus breeding kink <3
Tumblr media
you knew it was a bad idea, any idea that involved Gojo and Toji in the same room, much less 15 feet away from one another in the younger man's backyard, was a bad idea.
Dragging Toji to the barbeque had already irritated him enough and it didn't help that you chose to wore that new top and skirt you'd shown off to him the other night, the one he wanted to see you in, he didn't want to have to share the luxury of seeing your new outfits with anyone, especially Gojo Satouro.
You were seated at the edge of Gojo's pool, legs dangling in the cool water as you sipped lemonade from a small martini glass as Shoko retold a story from her seat beside you. She spoke with soft sighs, hazel eyes tracing blue tile flooring of the pool and coca-painted nails scratching at the skin of her thigh absentmindedly.
You struggled to follow along at the presence of Toji across the yard; ever so often you'd turn around to see him leaned back against island of the grill, arms crossed across the thick of his chest and a bottle of Jack Daniels in a large hand. His silver eyes bore into yours and he cleared his throat before taking a swig of his drink and turning back to Gojo who had been staring at you, now turned back to the smoked grill, flipping burgers with ease.
Rolling your eyes, you turned back to smile at Shoko as she continued talking. you took another sip from your drink, playing with the charm necklace Toji had bought you for your birthday earlier that year. Gojo was watching you.
And he continued to watch you throughout the evening, whether it be, eyeing you from across the yard or complimenting your outfit for the fifth time that night or refilling your drink as the four of you talked. At first you thought it was funny; watching Toji's reactions to Gojo's horribly obvious attempts at flirting but your humor towards the situation quickly dwindled once you realized Toji was actually getting upset.
Every time Gojo would come near you, Toji was either snapping at him or staying eerily quiet beside you. Toji voicing his irritation was one thing, but Toji being quiet was sometimes horrifying. He was completely unreadable as he stopped throwing sarcastic jokes whenever Gojo spoke, sticking to curt nods and grunts as he sipped his beer; the air was so tense that even Shoko was uncomfortable. She'd nervously look back and forth between the two men before her eyes caught yours and then back to the two men again.
You couldn't tell if the snow-haired man was oblivious or completely obnoxious towards Toji's distaste for him.
Gojo leaned closer to hug you before pressing pre pressing a smacked kiss kiss against your cheek.
"Kay," toji's voice interrupted, "that's enough."
Gojo pulled away from you to smirk, brows relaxed as he retorted mockingly, "what?" His hand fell to hit his thigh softly as the other sat on his hip, "no fun allowed here?" The younger man's voice was laced with heavy teas.
Yet toji seemed to only narrow his eyes, hand on your hip tightening as he said his goodbyes to Shoko
You were only able to Usher a rushed thank you to the two friends as toji hurriedly pulled you past the white picket fence, earning and apologetic look from the brunette woman.
The ride home was quiet and you knew toji was still mad; if his white knuckled grip and the impala's wooden wheel and reluctance to make conversation didn't assure you, the way the car speed steadily rose did.
You hated when he got like this ; too angry to slow down and fucking think, too angry to fight it out or just fucking talk about it. But a thing with toji taught you anything it was to it was to remember remind Toji of the things that pissed the assassin off.
"Toji?" You tried, voice soft and calm.
"What?" Toji spoke sharply; he nearly jumped at his tone, making note of the way his grip on the wheel tightened.
You swallowed nervously, throat run dry with anxiety, "can you please slow down?"
The cab was hot, so hot your skin prickled with itch and your clothes suddenly felt too tight to your skin, hot with nerve and tension as he eventually slowed the car.
He didn't speak to you the rest of the ride and you didn't speak to him either.
Once toji Pulled into your grave gravel driveway he shut off the Ignition and waited, for what exactly, you weren't sure. So you waited with him, nails picking a stray thread of your skirt as you listened to the traffic on your street pass by.
"To-" you tried once more.
"Shhh," he cut you off softly before stepping out of the truck and heading towards the front door.
You hurried after him, throwing the door shut behind you and kicking your shoes off quickly to lay messing next to Toji's boots.
You followed him up the creaky stairs and into your shared bedroom where he was pulling off his shirt and cargo pants.
"Toji wha-"
"Get on the bed." He said roughly, turned away from your presence at the door. His voice was filled with annoyance, almost as if it was obvious what he was expecting of you.
Nonetheless, you obeyed.
Crawling onto your made bed, legs tucked under you and skirt laid softly against the thick of your thighs, eyes following toji as he made his way around the room.
"Toji?" You spoke softly.
"No." He cut you off, "you sit there and look pretty while I figure what to do with you."
your mouth snaps shut abruptly, shaky palms coming to rest in your lap as you watch him leave to the bathroom. Your mouth pools at the clink of his belt hitting the floor and you find your thighs clenching beneath the plaid of your skirt.
Toji makes his way back into the bedroom, boats thumping against the mahogany wood as he looks you over - a rough finger tucked beneath your chin. You bite the inside of your cheek, suppressing a tight moan as his thumb comes to rest on the curve of your jaw.
"Gojo was all over you at that party today," He mewls, turning your head from side to side as he looks you over with an arched brow, "touchin' and kissin' on ya' as if i wasn't there," his voice deepens, "as if I'm not the one who fuckin' feeds you and fills your tight lil' pussy every night, huh?" he coos as you melt into his embrace.
slick pools between your thighs as his tone, reaching a hand beneath the fabric of your skirt before Toji catches it in his grasp with a mocked chuckle, "Oh no, baby," his voice hardens, "I think you deserve a little punishment for making daddy sit through all that bullshit today."
your eyes widen before your head falls into an shuddered nod when his grasp on your wrist releases, letting your hand fall to the comfort of your lap. he watches you for a minute, still leaned down and looking you over before his hand slinks beneath your skirt, thumb stroking and pressing against the soaked fabric of your panties.
your breath hitches and a breathless moan falls from your swollen lips as he presses a kiss to the soft column of your neck.
"Lay down," he speaks with no room for question, letting you fall to the duvet beneath you.
You watch as he presses himself up from the foot of the bed, pulling at the band of your underwear from beneath your skirt, "lift your hips," he nods towards you and you comply easily, hips lifting from the comfort of the bed.
Your underwear slides down your thighs with ease before Toji's cupping the insides of your knees and pressing your legs into your chest as his tongue runs over your soaked folds.
Immediately you're caught by surprise, a startled yelp spills from your lips and your nails dig into the meat of your thighs as his nose buds at your clit.
Toji watches you from between your shaky thighs, one hand gripping at your knees bundled together and the other pistoning two fingers into your sopping cunt. Silver eyes lower when you moan and reach for him, hands failing to grasp onto anything as the knot of pleasure tightens in your belly.
"Toji-oh!" you cry, eyes squeeze shut as his finger drags along the spongey part of your heat. Your skin feels hot and you're crying beneath his tongue, clit pulsing as he groans, sending waves of pleasure throughout your cunt. "Toji, m'gonna cum-"
He pulls away, letting your legs fall to the comforter before stepping back from the bed. You pant, chest rising and falling heavily as you watch him shrug his jeans off and make his way back to your place on the bed.
You can tell he's taking his time, letting you catch you breath before taking it away again; he's being patient as he maneuvers you onto your hands and knees by your hips gently. Toji pushes the fabric of your skirt over your ass, lining the tip of his cock up to your folds with a hitched groan.
"Mmm," you whine, pressing yourself into him.
Toji catches your hip with his free hand, massaging your raw skin from beneath the soft fabric of your skirt, "Stop, don't push." he scolds lightly, running the tip up and down your folds ruefully before pressing his length into you with a hiss.
He only waits a moment before pulling out to the tip and thrusting back into you to the hilt. Your back arches into the heat of your orgasm immediately, hands grasping onto the ruined sheets of your bed as you sob at the stretch of him.
"Toji, toji, toji!" you chant, the pap, pap, pap, of his balls against your skin sends your mind into a spiral, "please, please," you cry, though you're not entirely sure what it is you're begging for.
Toji seems to know though, know by the hitched sobs in your voice and caught breath as your thighs tense against his own. "Gonna fill this tight lil' cunt up, fill ya' to the brim," he growls, pressing his chest into the hot skin of your back, "needa' show everyone who you belong to."
Your eyes nearly roll into the back of your head at the thought of him marking you as his own, at the thought of being his, at the thought of people knowing you're his.
"Ya want that, sweetheart?" his voice softens for only a second as he strokes the side of your head before bringing you into a wet kiss as you nod beneath the hold of his hand.
Toji pulls back from you to press you further into the hot covers, grasping your hand that's grown weak at trying to steady yourself amidst his sloppy thrusts. "Gonna cum," his teeth grind as he groans and he feels you release around him, walls spasming around his cock as he spills into you.
"Fuck, oh fuck," he pants, thrusting lightly as the last of his seed fills you. Toji lets you rest a moment, fully supporting your weight with his hands as he lowers you gently to the ruined bed, removing your skirt and top with a kiss to your temple.
"Mmm," you groan, throwing your arm over your eyes as you roll onto your back, knees knockings together, "Toji," you reach out for him.
He links your hands together as he runs a cold cloth up and down the length of your thighs, pressing soft kisses onto your hot skin in wake of the cool fabric, "Gonna look so fuckin' sexy carrying my lil' brat."
you hit his chest with an embarrassed whine and he only chuckles, grasping your hand in his own and pressing a kiss to your palm with an airy laugh.
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arinavah · 12 hours ago
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You think i’m done with my jjk witch au? NO I’M NOT. I just don’t have time to draw it 
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maravoev · 14 hours ago
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jjks-dodo · a day ago
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sasukesun · 20 hours ago
gege choosing what characters will die every time gojou ranks #1 on favourite jjk character polls
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jimmeo-kookliet · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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'There’s a song that I sang with Jiminie-hyung! It’s on Soundcloud.'
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mercurygguk · 22 hours ago
the dilf installments | jjk
Tumblr media
➵ summary; this series follows jungkook’s life as a divorced father of a 5-year-old. but how exactly does one balance being a father, a boyfriend, a friend, and a respectable boss at the same time? read the installments below to find out!
pairing; dad!jungkook x f. reader
content; established relationship, smut/angst/fluff
warnings; will be stated in each installment
➵ latest installment; —
disclaimers !!
these drabbles/one shots are meant to be based off you readers’ requests, so please let me know if you have any ideas for this series!!
these installments are not written/posted in chronological order -> meaning the latest one can be the first one plot wise.
i will try and list them in chronological order below ! (so this post will change as i write the parts)
some of the installments are rated 18+
i won’t be editing much before posting so please bear with any possible typos, grammatical issues etc.
all rights reserved © mercurygguk, tumblr 2021.
♡ installment 1; play date
♡ installment 2; prove a point (m)
♡ installment 3; reassurance (coming up!)
♡ installment 4; ??
… more to come!
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