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#jjk anime
mahitochan · 8 months ago
give in (m)
Tumblr media
✯ pairing: ryōmen sukuna x reader
✯ summary: taunting sukuna never ends well.
✯wordcount: 1.2k+
✯warning: dub-con(ish), DUMBIFICATION!!!! dirty smut, dirty talk, spitting, breeding, creampie, degradation, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), mean sukuna, a little bit of a size kink.
✯ note: i did this instead of my math homework, i’m happy that i know where my priorities are <3
Tumblr media
You couldn't take it anymore. This was far too much, you had reached your limit about half an hour ago, but he hasn't shown any signs of letting up. You wondered if you would be able to survive this, to survive him. What a beast he was. You felt your mind continue to turn to mush as he continued to pound into your pussy, unable to move away as he had pinned you down on the bed.
“Why so quiet cutie?” he grinned. “What’s wrong? Can’t take it like you said you could? You talk so much shit about me to the other brat but now that I’m here putting you in your place, you can't even do anything but moan.” he continued to pump harder, the tip of his fat cock bruising your cervix.
You felt your drool trickle down your chin and onto Yuuji’s bedsheets. He was going to kill you, but you were going to kill him first for giving Sukuna permission to take over his body, or was Sukuna’s desire to fuck you stronger than Yuuji’s desire to keep him locked in? Who knows? It wasn’t as if you could ask Sukuna, not when he has three of his fingers shoved in your mouth.
“B-Bring back Y-Yuuji...dick head.” you mumbled around his fingers, causing a wide sadistic smile to adorn his face. You weren’t going to admit it but it made you wet to see Yuuji so...rabid and lustful, especially with the endless numbers of tattoos scattered on various parts of his body. Of course you were aware that this wasn’t Yuuji right now.
“Oh? You’re still bitching huh? What if I just don’t let you cum? Or what if I just mark you? How do you think the brat is gonna feel? You know, he likes you.” he grinned once more, inching his face between the juncture of your neck and shoulder before a fat stripe, making you shiver at the heat pooling in your belly.
“Oh? You’re such a dirty girl. I felt you squeeze my dick, slut. You like the thought of me ruining you for that kid? He can’t make you feel the way I do. He can’t even fill you up the way I do. I can fill you up with so much cum you’ll feel me for days. My baby won’t let any go to waste yeah? Cuz she’s my good little bitch.” he growled.
You felt yourself start to unravel, the coil in your belly tightening with each second. The room only filled with Sukuna’s heavy pants, your moans, and the squelching of your drenched pussy. You couldn’t focus on anything, and you weren’t sure if you even wanted to. “I-I’m going to cum!” you whimpered. Arching your back into him, this angle letting him hit you even deeper.
“With whose permission?” he slapped your ass, leaving a stinging pain on your backside.
“I need to cum”
“So beg for it. Tell me how much you love the feeling of my cock impaling you. Tell me how much you love drooling and moaning for me. Say ‘ I’m nothing but an onahole for Sukuna and the only person who can use my pussy is him’ okay?”
You would rather die.
“Not gonna say it? That’s okay. Let’s just stop then” he slowed, grabbing your hips as he slowly pulled his cock out of you, whilst spreading the cheeks of your ass. He may or may not have dribbled his spit on your asshole but you were too preoccupied with the feeling of him to even notice.
“I-I love Sukuna’s cock! I’m his cock slut! ‘M nothin’ but an onahole for him to use! Only Sukuna! O-Only! Ah! S-Sukuna! Sukuna! Please! Suk-”
“Close enough. Ha. You’re a cute little thing. Fuck i’m gonna enjoy you”
He thrusted into your weeping hole, a smack echoing in the room. He continued to fuck into your pussy as if it was his only salvation. You whined as he pulled out once more, whipping your head back to give him a heated stare for teasing you when you had already given him what he wanted.
Before you could protest, he had already flipped you onto your back, your legs nicely spread for him, your cunny a meal for him to enjoy. He licked his lips in anticipation before eating your pussy whole. He ate with fervour, the hunger of a man who hadn’t eaten in years. He slurped and sucked on your lips, soon adding his fingers into the mix.
Before the coil could snap, he had already pulled back, a smug expression adorned on his stupid, handsome face. “Sukuna you little-Oh!”
“What is it baby? Don’t you like the feeling of me stretching your cute pussy out? My dumb little girl.” he paused, gently taking your hand and pressing it on the pouch of your tummy, along with his hand on top of yours.
“D’ya feel that? That’s me. That’s me inside of you. Remember this. Remember the feeling of me inside you baby.” he growled, his fingers tracing up your tummy to the valley of your breasts, pinching the cute little nubs. His hand softly grasped your neck, lightly applying pressure as he continued to fuck your little hole.
“Open.” he demanded before gathering spit in his mouth and letting it trickle into yours, which you gladly swallowed. You were so fucked out that all you could think about was his cockcockcock.
“I can feel you going dumber by the minute. You that much of a slut?” he teased.
You were close. With the feeling of his cock rubbing against the inside of your walls, you were going to squirt and ruin Yuuji’s bed, but you couldn’t get yourself to give a fuck. Too lost in the feeling, you wrapped your arms around Sukuna’s neck and placed your soft lips onto his, taking him by surprise as you also wrapped your legs around his torso, his balls pressing into the curve of your ass.
“Cum inside me. Please Sukuna!” you begged against his lips. He growled before devouring you whole, feeling yourself get lost in his scent, his feeling, him. You wanted him, wanted this to be something more, wanted him to never stop.
“Pleasepleaseplease” you whispered, tightening your grip on his shoulders until you felt yourself burst. Your toes curl as tingles flow throughout your body.
He moaned as he felt you squeeze his cock once more, causing him to be pushed over the edge. “Shit! Fuck, take it. Take all of my cum slut. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” he groaned, slumping into your chest as he painted your insides white with his cum.
You felt a slight sting on your hip, thinking it was just Sukuna’s grip, you chose to ignore it, not knowing that a large “S” had been permanently imprinted into your skin.
You shook as he gently grinded into you, releasing small spurts of cum into your pussy until his balls were empty. He looked up at you, smirking at your flushed and exhausted expression. He knew he did a good job fucking you out.
“ Yuuji coming back?” you whispered, your voice hoarse.
He did not like that at all.
“Yuuji this, Yuuji that. Why do you think of him when I’m here? You want him too don’t you?”
“I-I don’t!” you exclaimed, grasping at his biceps to prevent him from moving away from you. “I was just worried…” you trailed off, unable to look at him.
“I guess i’ll just have to fuck you harder to make your forget about that stupid brat. Spread your legs slut, I’m not even close to being done with you”
Yeah, you weren’t going to survive this at all.
Tumblr media
© mahitochan — all rights reserved. please refrain from modifying, translating, reposting of any kind. plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. please be kind and enjoy! ALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP!
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aofleur · 6 months ago
me, being in the peak level of clownery for thinking that sukuna would become a better person and start to help yuuji regardless of knowing it will never happen because jjk ain't that type of shonen shit:
Tumblr media
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timeofdeathnote · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i still can’t believe they robbed us of fushiguro’s chubby cheeks
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nakachuchu · 6 months ago
Extra Syrup | Gojo Satoru
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: He gets turned into a toddler.
READER: gender neutral (in a skirt) / female
WORDS: 716
WRITTEN: 01/15/2021
Tumblr media
"Satoru, sweetheart, how old are you?"
The bright-eyed boy looked up at you, stars in his eyes as he held onto the hem of your skirt.
A curse had rebounded and hit Satoru, turning him into a child. Yaga reassured it would go away in the morning. Until then, you were tasked with taking care of your boyfriend.
He clung onto you, chubby arms wrapped around your neck as you carried him everywhere you went.
"Look, Satoru, this is Megumi. Say hi."
Satoru nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled, "Hi."
You cooed at him. "Oh, you're so cute." You pressed a messy kiss to his check. "Oh, I love you."
Satoru beamed at that and pressed a messy kiss to your cheek in return. "I love you too!"
You kissed him all over his face, relishing in his childish giggles while ignoring Megumi's disgusted face.
"Sensei, do you remember me?" asked Yuji.
Satoru tilted his head to the side before shaking his head.
"He doesn't have his memories past this age," you explained. "But he's just the sweetest boy, isn't he?"
Satoru nodded happily at your words.
"Are you hungry?" you asked.
"Okay, then. We'll be on our way, you two. Try not to get into any trouble. He'll back to normal by tomorrow morning," you said.
Yuji saluted you. "Yes, ma'am!"
"Megumi, try not to get injured please," you pleaded.
Megumi frowned. "I don't get injured that often."
Turning around, you muttered an "Uh-huh."
Satoru looked at the two teenagers before smirking at Megumi and pulling up his middle finger.
Megumi's eye twitched and he approached the child with a deadly glint in his eyes.
"GAH—Fushiguro, you can't!" Yuji shouted, tackling the boy to the ground as you two left the room.
For the rest of the day, you and Satoru were together, glued to each other. Every time you fed him something, he would do the same to you. If you disappeared for even a second, his eyes would start to water, but he would hold it in, not wanting you to worry.
You bought him as many sweets as he wanted, deciding to spoil him today since he was especially cute.
His eyes twinkled as he looked at the artist in the town square. He tugged on your skirt and pointed at the artist, drawing your attention to where he was pointing.
"You wanna get a portrait?" you asked.
He nodded. "Together!"
You smiled. "Okay."
So then you sat there for a few hours in order to get a sketch with light coloring together. Satoru was well-behaved, wanting to impress you with how much of a good boy he could be.
Once the sketch was finished, you two went home together, hand in hand while carrying a canvas and many shopping bags.
After dinner — to which he requested spaghetti — you got him ready for bed. You ended up buying a pair of pajamas for him to wear, since he ended up wearing an oversized shirt the whole day.
You two laid in bed together. He was laying on top of you, looking at you with wide eyes as if he couldn't believe you were real.
You chuckled, brushing back his hair with your hand. He closed his eyes and nuzzled against your hand for more.
"Time to sleep, Satoru. I'll make you pancakes in the morning."
"With extra syrup?" he mumbled tiredly, opening his eyes slightly.
"Of course."
He smiled and rolled off you, tucking himself against your side like a kitten. "Night, night."
"Good night."
Once morning came, you didn't feel Satoru in bed. You were a bit worried, but the smell of pancakes drew your attention. You realized he must have turned back.
Popping his head into the room, Satoru smiled. "I made you pancakes!"
You smiled while rubbing your eyes. "Extra syrup?"
"Of course," he replied, running over to jump onto the bed.
Your body flew up a bit as he grabbed you and hugged you tightly. You nuzzled your head against his chest, taking in the scent of pancakes attached to him.
"Thanks for taking care of me, sweetheart," he said.
"Hmm, you were adorable."
"Hey, I still am," he defended.
"Hmm, only when you don't open your mouth."
"You hurt my feelings."
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darkcloakedinfinitevoid · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Gojo has sinned, and he will repent at the altar of his beloved
Pairing: Gojo Satoru x F!Reader
TW: swearing, implied sexual content, idolatry
Link to A03 here
A/N: First time writing for everyone’s favourite sensei, hope I did him justice. This man can step on me. Enjoy, sweet potatoes!
“You’re late.”
He laughs softly from the doorway. “I told you I would be.”
“I know,” you say, your eyes focused on the rising moon out the window. “But you’ve always said I was the exception.”
“You are,” you can hear walk over to the closet; next, the rustling of clothes as he sheds his uniform. “But Yuuji-kun is doing so well I got overexcited and just had to stay a bit longer. When I was finished with him, I was planning on rushing straight home to you, but then I ran into my other darling first years. They wanted me to watch them fight. Their training for the exchange is coming along nicely too.”
“Hmmmmm,” you hum, rocking on your heels, “good reasons to be late, I suppose.”
You can’t help but let a little irritation creep into your voice. You’re not angry with him, not truly, but you can’t help be a little annoyed. Your lives were so busy it was often hard to find time to actually act like a couple. The two of you had set aside tonight to finally go out together, a real date. You’d made reservations at a fancy restaurant and even got dressed up for once. Not that you didn’t love your late night routine of takeout, Netflix and sex, but it was nice every once and a while to get out.
To pretend everything was normal. To pretend you were normal.
So when he texted you that he was sorry but things came up, could you please cancel the reservation-you couldn’t help but feel....cast aside.
You loved Gojo’s dedication to his students and his passion for his cause. You were proud of his strength, his powers. But sometimes it felt like you were a planet orbiting around his brilliant sun, competing with all the others for his warmth and light. He was the best, and was always needed by someone somewhere. You knew it was what you were in for when you put your heart in his hands, but it was still sometimes a bitter pill to swallow.
“You’re upset with me,” he says, and you finally turn to face him. He’s out of his uniform and only in a pair of dark sweatpants; your favourite look. You have a strong urge to run to him and bury yourself in his chest. You stay put.
“No not at you, per say,” you run your hands through your hair, taking out the style you’d coaxed it into earlier. “Just at life, I guess. Things are always crazy around here, but they seem to be getting even wilder and it just makes it even harder for us to spend quality time together.”
“You’ve never complained before.”
You sigh, tugging at the straps of your dress. “I know, I know. I’m just in a mood today, I guess. I was really looking forward to going out, and when you texted me, I just felt, I don’t know, shuffled aside.”
He stays quiet, face unreadable. It’s unusual and quite frankly rather unsettling. You feel guilt suddenly bubble hotly in your stomach.
“I mean, it’s fine! What you were doing was very important! Yuuji needs all the training he can get, poor boy. Plus, Megumi and Nobara miss you, they’ve noticed you haven’t been around a lot and they probably just wanted to see you be proud of them, even if they’ll never admit it. I’m being silly, I mean, who cares if we missed the reservation, the students and their training is definitely more important than going out with me-“
Your words die on your lips as you find yourself suddenly pressed flush against the chest you were just admiring moments earlier. You blink and gasp-bright blue eyes are staring intently down into yours. It always stuns you momentarily to see them. They are like sapphires; not only beautiful in shine and hue, but rare and precious. They only show up when he’s feeling particularly loving and mushy, or the very limited occasions when he gets serious.
You have a feeling it’s the latter.
“What have I told you about being too kind, angel?” He scolds you, shaking his head as he cups your face in his large, warm hands. “Just come out and say I’m the asshole here.”
“Hush now,” his voice grows stern, the tone he uses when he’s got you at his mercy. You obey on instinct, snapping your lips shut. “I shouldn’t have stayed so long at school, and I definitely shouldn’t have assumed that cancelling would be okay without asking. I’ve never, ever wanted you to feel like you’re playing second string, and I’ve gone and done just that.”
You frown. “I don’t feel like that all the time, please don’t think I-“
“Once is one time too many,” he interrupts. His fingers smooth over your skin, stroking the frown from your face. “I clearly fucked up. I let my angel, my reason to live, my sweet darling thief who stole my heart, down.”
(You feel warm. So he is feeling mushy as well as serious.)
He replaces his fingers with his lips, featherlight brushes over your skin that make your knees begin to wobble. “It’s okay,” you breathe, eyes slipping shut so he can kiss your eyelids gently. “You didn’t mean to.”
He laughs. “Sweetness, you are shit at being mad at someone. This is the part where you call me a prick and make me grovel for forgiveness.”
“You’ve never groveled in your life,” you hum. The irritation you’d been feeling earlier is melting away under his gentle ministrations. He hadn’t meant to hurt you. He sometimes forgets the two of you didn’t always operate on the same wavelength. He sometimes forgets that everyone didn’t operate on his wavelength.
“Another exception I’d make for you,” he nibbles at your bottom lip, and you can’t help but chase him, trying to catch him in a proper kiss. He just laughs and sweeps a thumb over where he’s just nipped. “I’ll even get on my knees.”
The image of the worlds most powerful shaman on his knees before you sends a shiver up your spine. And the perceptive bastard doesn’t miss it. He pulls away, peeling himself from your body with a sticky slowness that causes the air around you to heat and thicken. He sinks to his knees before you, palms upturned in perfect piety.
“Oh goddess divine, please accept my humble apologies,” the words drip from his lips like a sacred prayer. “I have displeased you, and I seek to make amends.”
“Only you could apologize and make fun of someone at the same time,” you murmer, feeling your cheeks begin to flush. “You’re an idiot.”
“An idiot who only wishes to repent for his sins,” he grins lazily up at you, and his upturned hands are suddenly on your legs, beneath your dress. His thumbs begin to rub circles on your inner thighs. Time stops; your next breath lodges in your throat.
“Tell me what I must do,” his voice is smooth like the silk of his blindfold, slipping over you. He leans in and presses a kiss just above your right knee. His mouth is hot against your skin.
“Ummmm....” you try to speak, but nothing comes out but a choked whimper.
“I’m waiting very patiently,” another kiss, this time slightly higher. Your brain begins to malfunction. You open and close your mouth, trying to get the words out, but there’s nothing. Nothing but his warm breath and deft hands. Nothing but crystalline blue darkened with hunger. Nothing but need beginning to boil in your blood.
“I’ll just have to decide the form of atonement myself,” he murmurs, skimming his nose along your inner thigh. His hands slowly slide up your legs, your dress is coming up with them....
And then you both hear it.
The loud grumbling of your very empty belly.
He pulls back and blinks up at you. You stare back, mouth open. And then you both burst into raucous laughter.
“What a mood killer,” he grins, sitting back on his heels. “I’ve never been cockblocked by your stomach before.”
“Sorry!” You rub the offending area, still giggling. “I guess in all my stewing I forgot I was hungry.”
He’s on his feet in a flash. “Well we can’t have you starve on me, can we, sweetness? I know, how about I cook for us?”
Your eyes light up. Gojo is an excellent cook, but he rarely does it due to his busy and exhausting schedule. And his bad habit of filling up on sweets. “Really?”
“Sure,” he’s already across the room, throwing on a shirt and his blindfold. “Tell you what, you go have a nice hot soak in the tub while I cook. I’ll bring you a glass of wine and something from my extra secret sweets stash to tide you over till I’m done.”
You raise an eyebrow. “Something from the secret stash? I’m honoured.”
He grins. “Another exception for my angel.” He suddenly claps his hands together. “Oh, and tomorrow we’ll play hookey! Go to Tokyo for the whole day, and I’ll spoil the absolute shit out of you. The kids can survive a day without us.”
“You already spoil me,” you laugh, shaking your head. “I’ll just be happy to spend a whole day just us.”
“No arguments!” He wags his finger. “I will drop mad cash on you and you will enjoy it.”
“Ugh you are such a dork,” you roll your eyes, but your heart fills with love for this silly man. You know he really is sorry and is trying to make it up to you. He’s an idiot on occasions, but he’s your idiot, and you wouldn’t trade him for the world.
You make to move towards the bathroom, but the lingering feel of his touch on your skin reminds you.
“Hey, what happens after the bath and food?”
Before you can blink, he’s back in front of you, gathering you against him. His smile is absolutely feral, and you can feel his smouldering gaze even through the black fabric now covering his eyes.
And his lips are descending on yours, hot and hungry. He licks into your mouth, swallowing the moan that’s threatening to escape. There’s nothing left but him. His touch, his taste, his scent. He is everywhere, in every sweep and valley of your body, in every corner of your pounding heart. He consumes you like fire consumes a forest, and you are happy to burn, burn, burn.
All too soon he pulls away, and you are left empty. Bereft. Lost. But he leans back in, his lips brushing your ear, his voice dark with reverent desire.
“I’ll worship at the altar of my divine goddess until my penance is paid a hundred fold.”
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