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Doin' It For The Fame [Collab]
Tumblr media
celebrity photographer!Gojo x model f!reader
Genre: Smut Notes: too many collabs to do Warnings: 18+, co-worker relationship??, strangers to lovers, love bites, dry humping, soft dom!Gojo, service dom!Gojo, oral (f receiving), tit sucking, reader has pubes!, consensual filming, nude photography, praise!kink, daddy!kink, creampie, hair pulling, fingering. Words: 4.4k
Tumblr media
The thought that someone like him would ever deem someone like you worthy enough to work with him is unfathomable. Truthfully, you thought there would be more chance of winning the lottery. After all, you’re nothing special.
You’re just you.
But he… he is the Satoru Gojo.
“Hello pretty girl… welcome.” he smiles at you.
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Through a Mother's Eyes: 2.2 (gojo x f!reader)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Second Trimester (2.2)
series summary:
For the first time in jujutsu history, two six-eyed wielders will walk the earth in the 21st century. Prophesized that Satoru Gojo will father the next user and the mother coming from your bloodline, you decided to take on the role to erase your family’s debts. The only catch? Your child’s first breath will be your last.
Tumblr media
chapter summary:
Your family decided to visit you at Gojo's residence. A peaceful visit takes a turn when one of your siblings expresses his dislike for the strongest sorcerer.
Tumblr media
next part. previous. series master list.
content/warnings: overprotective brother, some angst, resolved miscommunication, very mild suggestive thoughts,
words: 9.1k
note: taglist is now closed. this chapter is also a bit slow, so sorry for that!
any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
“If your dad ever makes you angry, don’t you worry, my dearest. Auntie will keep you occupied, meanwhile, Uncle will probably split the whole world for you and throw your father in the cracks. That’s what he planned to do for me, anyways…”
The night of, you didn’t get a wink of sleep.
An hour after your bath, you reached out to your family, addressing your return. It later led to a two-hour-long call, with your mother thanking the gods, your brother and sister weeping in relief, and your father being strangely quiet.
You didn’t prod or poke at him, knowing about his temperament with your baby’s father. You only cried with the rest of your family, who were all grateful for your safe return. But in the back of your head, you couldn’t help but worry about your parents’ visit- unsure if they’d try to breach the contract and pull you out of Gojo’s residence. From your father’s watering eyes, you could still see the leftover red from earlier’s endeavors.
When you were finally called out of the room by your dad’s offender for dinner, you were immediately washed with concern by the maids. Those who were closer to you were up in front, while the more level-headed ones had to yank them back like an excited dog on a leash. The person you were looking for the most was Ms. Kato, the head who led them all. She placed a comforting hand on your back and you took it as a personal signal to pull her in for a hug.
After being overwhelmed by their concerns and care, you gravely apologized for your snappy behavior during the past two weeks. Though you didn’t go much in detail, it was enough for them to know that your stress was all in correlation to the well-being of your baby. Plenty was happy to see your usual self again. Though, it was only on the exterior.
Inside, you were as still as stone. You used the surroundings of your peers to distract you throughout the day, talking to Gojo, while time allowed it. After a change of casual clothes, he wore black shades inside his home instead of his usual blindfold that you’ve been seeing for months. Mentally, you noted that having his hair down suited him more. 
When the night’s lantern soared high in the sky, you tossed and turned in your bed, the horrific images from earlier’s attack playing out. The curse’s horrific, slimy appearance, and its whipped, bluish-purple tongue. It didn’t help that your bruising ankle would remind you of the event after every slight jolt or kick. When the sun barely started to peak through hours later, that’s when your body forced itself to consciously surrender.
“Your eyes are all puffy.” Gojo stated the obvious while stirring his concerning milky white “coffee.” You almost gagged as he doused sugar into the drink. 
“And you’re about one sip away from being diabetic.” You shot him a disgusted glare. The corners of his lips quirked up as he hovered the warm drink up to his mouth and took a long swig, almost gulping the whole cup down in one go.
“I’d be that a long time ago if I wasn’t who I am.” He shrugs merely while making his way to the couch you were laying on. Much to your surprise, he sat on the opposite side, only a few feet away from yours. You and Gojo had close moments, but they’d always be spontaneous, not casual. The sorcerer noticed your drained appearance. “What time did you go to sleep?”
“Late.” Your head continued to pound as you prayed that the menace doesn’t conduct a mischievous prank. Unfortunately for you, a pillow resting on top of your belly was snatched by the one and only, causing you to sit up, flustered and irritated. “The hell was that for?!”
Humming to himself, the platinum-stranded man got up from his seat and walked over to your side of the couch. After fluffing the pillow a bit, he then proceeded to lay it against the armrest. As the final act of his random kindness, he gently pushed your shoulders back, having you lay back down in a more comfortable position. You glanced at him in confusion as he returned to his spot like he just didn’t do all of that.
“Why did you do that?”
Gojo half shrugged. “Straining your neck is bad for you and the baby, sweetheart.”
“That was random.” You mumbled back, not expecting your co-parent to hear.
“Can’t help it. It’s not my fault that you don’t know how to use a pillow.” He grinned widely before taking another sip of his drink.
Closing your eyes, you relaxed back into your slight meditative state- however, you couldn’t fully settle in. With one eyelid open, you peered at the tall man, whose peeking blue gaze kept lingering at your face, your belly, your face, and your belly.
“What?” You shifted rather uncomfortably, wondering if the position you were laying on made you look unpleasant. However, Gojo noticed your shifted demeanor and quickly glanced away.
“Your parents are coming soon.”
“Yup…” You twiddled your thumbs.
“Are you nervous?” Though, it seemed like you were supposed to be the one to ask him that. 
You pouted, reflecting on your emotions. You were excited to see them, relieved even- especially after yesterday’s unfortunate event. Rather than being nervous, you looked forward to seeking comfort from them. Though, you were worried about their interaction with Gojo. From what he told you, their early relationship was already a burning bridge.
“Not really.”
Gojo nodded, seeming unconfident himself. He grumbled. “Well, that makes one of us.”
You giggled at how openly anxious he is, which was a rare trait that he’s been exposing recently. But the fact that he said it himself was a miracle statement.
After a split moment of silence, your savior spoke up again, but with a gentler voice. “Do you need anything?”
You shook your head, continuing to hum to yourself. Your terrifying memories from yesterday crept up in every crevice of quietness. If there was no sound, the monster’s roar would ring in your ears instead. If your mind wasn’t kept busy, the fresh trauma would do it for you. In fact, it’d be better mentally if you were to get up and do something, but #1, the maidens wouldn’t let you lift a finger, and #2, you were too tired to even wobble with your crutches.
But as if life took pity on your silent waiting, Gojo’s body suddenly tensed. He sat straight like an alert dog with perked ears. You could almost smell the anticipation off of him, which could only mean one thing.
“They’re here?”
“Yes…” He huffed, clearing his throat. “Your family is here.”
“Oh okay.” You looked away before looking back at him. “Wait, family?!”
Your brother and sister almost tackled you to the floor if it weren’t for Gojo catching your fall.
It was both out of your and Gojo’s knowledge that your parents would be bringing your siblings as well. Jona your teenage brother, and Reina the baby sister came in with stars in her eyes. You assumed that Gojo’s escort had given them the grand tour around the estate.
When you readjusted to your position, you glimpsed at your mother who brought you into her loving arms. She kissed you all over your face before bending down to your bump, thanking the gods for her grandchild’s safety as well. Being the third family member to greet you, she was the first to acknowledge Gojo, whose towering figure lingered awkwardly behind you. He witnessed the heartwarming reunion many feet away but was surprised when your mother bowed deeply in front of him, expressing her eternal gratitude for rescuing her daughter.
“I only did what I had to.” He waved off, choosing his words carefully. For the first time in his life, Gojo did not want to sound too cocky by saying his dismissing one-liners. And now, he wondered if he sounded too self-righteous, a trait he disliked dearly.
Finally, your father held you into a never-ending hug, expressing all of his sorrows and reliefs in unsaid words. Unsure if it were the hormones or completion of family kicking in, you buried your head into your dad’s shoulder, crying endlessly.
“My daughter is safe and sound.” You weren’t sure if it was the sky or Satoru he was talking to. Though, it was presumably the latter, considering how he hummed a bit in response. When you had finally let go, your little sister took over your father’s place and stared at your crutches and wrapped leg. Meanwhile, your father approached Gojo, with his head held as tall as he could. Though, his actions were unnecessary, because the sorcerer was already intimidated as is.
“Hi.” Gojo greeted with a wide grin, knowing that it’s usually him to initiates the conversation. He pushed his glasses further up on the bridge of his nose and allowed your father to eye him down. But much to his relief, the older gentleman held out his palm.
“I still don’t appreciate how my eldest got to this position,” he whispered to prevent the youngest from hearing. “But, thank you for fulfilling your promise and rescuing her.”
Gojo took his hand with his own, giving a firm squeeze. “It’s my duty to protect her, sir.”
Though, he wanted to throw up on how deliberately self-righteous he sounded. However, it was a statement that he had sworn to his heart, even if he had yet to fully realize it.
A few feet away, Reina was holding her tears back in front of you.
“Mom, Dad, and Jona won’t tell me what happened, sis.” Her chin quivered as she tilted her head up. “How did you hurt yourself?”
You sucked in the air, and your grip on the crutches tightened. Staring at every family member for no answer, you laughed nervously while stroking her hair.
“I was running, but then I tripped on a rock and fell, Reina.” That was all the truth you were willing to give. However, your other family members winced, knowing the reason why you were running.
The little girl scrunched her face. “But you don’t run, ever.”
It was your turn to make a sour look. That’s definitely one way to dry your tears. “Yeah… This is the reason why I’m not doing it ever again.”
You flaunted your sprained ankle and the girl finally giggled, the glossiness in her eyes slowly dissipating.
It was then Gojo who cleared his throat, once one of the maids entered the living room.
“Sorry to interrupt this reunion, but breakfast should be ready soon!” He dismissed the helper. “I assume that you were already shown the guest home, correct?”
Most of your family nodded, while your brother examined Gojo’s not-so-humble abode.
“I had no idea that places like this still exist.” He mumbled. “It’s like walking in a museum.”
“Thank you!” Gojo complied.
“It wasn’t a compliment,” Jona stated firmly. “It’s outdated and plain.”
“Jona!” You and your mother exclaimed at once. However, you added an extra punishment by having your metal crutch hit the back of his knees. He gripped the top of Reina’s head for stability.
You glared in shock, humiliated by your brother’s behavior.
“You shouldn’t say that, Jona.” Your dad hissed in a way where it was more like ‘don’t-say-our-shared-insult-in-front-of-Gojo-or-you’ll-die’ rather than ‘have-some-humility-I’m-disappointed-in-you.’
You rubbed your forehead with your fingers, looking shamelessly away. The heat in your face picked up as you reluctantly glanced at Gojo in apology. Prior to this, you’ve told him that both siblings were like any other. When he asked what that meant, you said how they could be annoying, brash, and not afraid to pull you down with them when your parents were on the fence about who left the front door unlocked, when it was clearly them. 
“I’m just saying the truth, Dad.” He scowled at Gojo, who kept a straight face. No hurt, no anger. Just utterly neutral. “Can’t believe that my older sis is staying in this dump.”
You also told the unaffected man that they’re protective, outspoken, and snarky to those who ever tried to hurt you. It was an unspoken pact that all siblings were branded with the moment they were born. Reina was just getting the ropes while Jona locked his pettiness down to the T. And at the prime of his teenage years, he’s more willing to bare his fangs even against the strongest of all men.
“Jona, enough. That’s fucking enough.” Your teeth almost broke from the tightness of your jaw. You understood where your brother was coming from, you really did. If the expectations in his mind were true and Gojo really did treat you like shit, nor remorseful about how he accidentally sent you to an almost life or death situation, you’d let him speak his unfiltered thoughts. 
But, the Gojo he saw was different from the man you’ve interacted with for the past 18 hours. He saw a dutiful, overpowered caretaker who lost you like discarded trash. Jona- much like your father, judged Gojo from the facts and experiences you’ve let on. Your early moments of loneliness, your desire to be with loved ones, stresses about the baby, death even. From his eyes, he sees a man who was in charge of your safety but was responsible for (almost) sending you to your death, (soon-to-be) twice.
You just didn’t understand.
He opened his mouth to retaliate but closed it upon seeing the cold stares in the room. Your parents, Gojo’s maids, you. Your eyes burned red, moments away from fully cracking. The harshness of your voice sent an unusual shrill down his spine. It was the same tension he felt when your mother scolded him for failing another class.
“Apologize to Gojo, now.” You didn’t dare look at Gojo. You couldn’t bring yourself to. All of this was too humiliating. Your heart began to palpitate. 
But all you received was an amused scoff. “Really? Why? What I’m saying is true, sis.”
“No, it’s not!” ‘Where the hell did he get the daring attitude from?’
“Sooooo!!!!” Finally, the topic of your heated discussion intercepted with a frantic pitch. And for relief, you glanced at him and suddenly felt at ease.
With his large hand, Gojo removed his shades and batted his snow-white lashes to good use. The edge of his blue eyes sparkled like a child trying to distract argumentative family members. With the glasses in hand, he then pointed in the direction of the dining room table. “Food’s ready. I think…hope- let’s go!”
“For an untraditional approach to this very old-schooled home, I’ve prepared an all-American-style breakfast!” Your sister almost stumbled to the side, due to the sudden pat of Satoru Gojo. Finding an ally for his childish likes, he squatted down to reach her eye level. “I got pancakes and apple juice waiting for you and me. How’s that sound, kid?”
Entranced by the foreign flavors, curiosity could be reflected through the shine in your sister’s eyes. “Sweet pancakes?”
“Ahhh, kiddo.” He grunted as he stood back up. “We only accept deliciousness in this household. Of course sweet pancakes! Come on!”
With a tilt of his head, he beckoned Reina to the kitchen, where she complied by happily skipping to the kitchen, successfully dragging your mother and father with her to hurry and eat the things she never had at home. Staying behind, he waited for you and noticed your body’s direction that faced the open front door. No Jona in sight.
Your system radiated sadness and anger, which caught his attention the most. Eager to change it, he pulled the cheesiest grin. “We don’t wanna deal with another missing case of you, don’t we sweetheart? Your parents will definitely kick my ass if you randomly disappear from my sight again.”
You gulped a strained lump and huffed. “It’d be fine. They’d probably kick your ass with Jona too.”
Gojo wetted his lips as he approached closer. Not necessarily touching you, he held onto the side of your right crutch, the metal gradually warming against his palm. In a soft, whisper-like tone, he condoned.
“Your brother acted the way he’s supposed to react. I don’t take any offense to his behavior.”
You sighed, letting loose of one of your crutches and using your free hand to rub the bottom of your belly. “I know that he can be protective and quick-opinionated, but that doesn’t forfeit the fact that he should be openly impudent.”
The sorcerer standing close to you scrunched his nose in a way that you couldn’t tell if he was disgusted, confused, or impressed. 
“Big words and proper etiquette… Did you go to a private school?” He inched his face close to yours, the dazzling blues almost blinding you completely. You retaliated by backing off physically, but going in mentally.
“If you couldn’t tell from my background and current situation, my family can’t afford private school. Does Jujutsu Tech not teach common sense and problem-solving?”
“Ouch!” The struck sorcerer contorted his expression to a sign of ‘agony,’ while dramatically placing a hand over his heart. “Sweetheart, I was trying to compliment you.”
You frowned and glanced away. However, you fought the smile that slowly tried to creep on you. “And that’s my way of accepting it.”
Gojo’s lips curled in a way that was subtle, but wide at the same time. Straightening his posture, he booped your nose with his pointer finger. “Ahhh, now you’re back. I’m serious though. Regardless if I was okay with it or not, don’t be too upset at your brother. He’s only processing what he knows.”
You stayed silent.
As a final hurrah, he tugged on your crutch with an obvious pout. “Okay, forget everything I said if you want. But I’m trying to make a good impression on the rest of your family and you not walking in with me would set me back like 1000 steps.”
Gojo exhaled in relief when he heard the clicking noise of the crutches being used in motion. Smirking, you shook your head. “Since when are you all about making good impressions?”
You made your way to the dining table, joining the rest of your incomplete family, leaving Gojo behind in the living room. He blinked a couple of times before reading the residuals of you, your parents, and Reina. Situating the indent of his shades on the bridge of his nose, he senses Jona’s volatile despair about a few houses down. 
He was never one to prioritize making good impressions, just memorable ones. Before taking a step, Gojo scanned his own mind, the sound of your voice repeating the fresh inquiry repeating in his head.
“I… don’t know.” He answered truthfully.
“Reina, that’s enough pancakes.” Your mom pried the plastic tongs away from your sister, who deliberately whined about only being limited to a 3 tier stack. On the other side of the table, your dad rested his hand on the back of the empty chair, where Gojo was supposed to be and stared down at his half-eaten pancake. 
“I need to check my blood sugar after this.” You could imagine the blood that ran through your father’s veins turning into sappy blots.
“I told you to only stick with savory items.” Though, you broke your own suggestion by ingesting another piece of cantaloupe. “Gojo likes his things incredibly sweet. He wouldn’t let me eat them, even if I wanted to.”
“No?” Jiro’s head cocked in a slight angle.
You shook your head, diving into another piece of fruit. “Bad for me and the baby. One time, Dr. Ieiri informed us about gestational diabetes, and ever since then, I’m banned from consuming overwhelmingly high sweets- in this house at least.”
You didn’t mind too much about it. Favoring sweets was a trait that was reserved for your sister. Savoriness was yours and Jona’s alley. Though pregnancy cravings were unpredictable and you feared that you may wake up the next day with a need to down all of the house’s sugar supply. Speaking of which, your body was just beginning to itch for an upcoming craving- though, it was too early to be detected. You only prayed that it wasn’t overpowered sweets for your sake, or slightly spicy for Gojo’s.
“Huh…” Your dad reflected with brief surprise. He glanced down at his unfinished plate, unreadable thoughts scanning through his head. Your mother then took that to her advantage by warning Reina that even her big sis wasn’t allowed to consume even one pancake. The grumpy child finally backed off.
The heaviness in your shoulders allowed you to slump even further. Next to you stood an empty seat, one reserved for Jona. Reiterating, you were glad that your brother’s fondness over you was stronger than his admiration for Satoru Gojo- not like he knew much about him anyways other than being this top-notch being from this race that your family branched out from. Though, Jona did maintain that habit of asking you what your co-parent’s eyes look like on a weekly basis.
And as if the universe pieced together your very thoughts, your ears picked up murmurs that seemed like they were located a mile away.
“… Always been a loner… Younger.”
The distorted whispers of Jona and Gojo alerted your body- your back stiffening at their voices. You almost dropped your fork in hand as if they pulled a switch.
Your three remaining family members had stopped what they were doing and all glanced at you in concern.
“Big sis, are you okay?” Reina asked curiously.
“What happened?” Your mother chimed in.
Your father remained silent, but his uneasy stare furrowed in worry. Immediately, you shook your head and fluttered your lashes a few times, snapping out of it. 
“Huh? Oh…” Your ear twitched as the men’s conversation continued to play in the background. It was a weird experience, with almost no clear way to explain it. Their voices were like TV shows whose purpose is to serve as background noise. It’s weak, minuscule, and you couldn’t understand what they’re saying unless you really tune in, possibly go closer to them.
And it’s slowly making you mad.
“I’m fine…” You mumbled, shifting in your seat- though, your brother’s words rang through again in a soft, textile cadence.
“Friends… Up. It was… Us in her life.”
Like an itch that wouldn’t go away, you’ve had enough. Masking on a smile, you got up with the support of your crutches and excused yourself to use the restroom. Your mother offered to come with you, but you declined it. When you left the dining room, you followed the direction of your brother and friend- the feedback from their conversation was your strongest guide.
When you stepped out of the house, the sun graciously warmed your skin. It wasn’t like yesterday when your sight was overwhelmed with brightness. Though, your hearing similarly followed the same sensitivity. The birds chipped a little too loud and inaudible conversations of those in this estate intercepted your ears. You did your best to focus on the one that mattered. 
It didn’t help that the clicking of the crutches scraped on the gravel. Naturally, you made your way to the guest home where your family would be staying for the night. And you knew that the path you choose was correct as the static-like noise dialed down to coherent quality.
“I never wanted to put her in that situation,” Gojo answered with a stillness in his tone. “It’s… Where I’m at and where your sister will be is complicated. My mother was once in her shoes and I’m living the life that our child will eventually live. I’m still trying to figure this all out, how I could give them a healthy upbringing as soon as I could. But as you’ve witnessed yesterday, I’m no perfect man. Nobody is.”
You paused and stood right where you were at. The guest home wasn’t until 4 more houses away, but the exchanging dialogues of the two troublesome boys in your life were as loud as day.
“I don’t expect perfection from you,” Jona spoke in a more hushed tone. You could almost hear Gojo inhaling deeply at that statement. “All I wanted and expected was to have my sister live the rest of her life as comfortable as possible. You were able to provide her a lot of the amenities that we never had anyways…”
“Amenities? Damn, what’s with all the three of you using big, fancy words?” The sorcerer sighed and you could only imagine the scowl forming on Jona’s face, just like how it did with yours.
“Do they not teach you proper vocabulary at Jujutsu school?” You could definitely hear it too.
“Pfffft. You sound like her too. But I appreciate your honesty, kid! Typically I have to poke a lot of buttons in order to have people lash out at me.”
“Well, you did press a major one when you lost-”
“-Anyways!” The older man interrupted. “This is very unlike me, but thanks for not continuing with throwing your shoes in my direction.”
Your brows quirked up at Gojo’s statement.
‘Wow… Jona really doesn’t give a shit.’ Though, you applauded him for being very fearless.
“Don’t you have your unlimited thing to block any object?” You scoffed with Gojo as Jona called his technique the wrong name.
“Limitless, kid. My cursed technique is called Limitless.”
“Hmm…” Jona hummed. “So how does the ‘naming your cursed technique’ work anyways? Do you name it yourself or is it something that your mentors do? There’s too much naming in this world. I wonder what mine would be if I had one…”
Your brother mumbled the end bit and your lips curved down, deep in thought as well. If your parents continued sorcery, what would be Reina and Jona’s technique? Evidently, what would be yours? Mom and Dad were only grades 2 and 3, having relatively weaker powers, so maybe you’d be following in the same footsteps as them, strength-wise. 
Gojo motored his lips, inquiring about Jona’s questions. “I wouldn’t say there’s too much naming- maybe a lot… Okay, fine! You’re half right, whatever. But for me, the name for my cursed technique and domain expansion all came- eh?? Sweetheart?”
Like you, he came to an instant stop, leaving his sentence incomplete. Though he was many, many feet away- his urgency was more than recognizable.
“‘Sweetheart?’” Your brother repeated curiously. “Huh..? Is she here?”
 You heard heavy footsteps clattering down a set of small, wooden stairs.
“She’s coming,” Gojo grumbled the latter portion more to himself. “Why didn’t I notice?”
And as if your senses weren’t raised already, a cascading brightness overwhelmed your sight, making it difficult for you to see. The environmental noises, the woody and natural smells from the trees and running pond, the vivid sunlight- all were embracing your body, building in intensity. Instinctively, you looked down on the ground, lids shut tight.
Gritting your teeth, you weren’t sure if you should walk to safety or stay in place. Unlike yesterday, you knew you weren’t in a stressful situation, but the anxieties of experiencing overpowering and indescribable sensations have led you to stand like a frozen pole. No coherent thoughts bared your mind until pressure was set on the side of your shoulders.
Warm hands. Warm, familiar hands.
And just like magic, the sensations stopped, but the aftermaths still rang. With a pounding head and buzzing ears, your blurred vision cleared as your eyes connected with the dark shades belonging to the man who saved you before.
“Sweetheart, what are you doing? Are you alright?” His gentle squeeze had collected a surprising hum from you. The tight grip on the foamed cushions of your crutches loosened as you returned his gesture with raised eyebrows.
“I was looking for you-“ You could barely see his eyes glimmer, because of the sun. “-and Jona. Did you… Did you happen to see him?”
You didn’t know what slipped out of your mouth, a liable question that added a layer of protection to this strange phenomenon. There was nothing wrong with telling him the truth of how you were able to pick up the conversation through your ears- as did every other notable sound. But, that could’ve caused more worrying than relief for the family, which was something that you’ve quickly realized.
Gojo lifted his hands off of your shoulders and sunk them down to his sides, after pushing his glasses higher to the bridge of his nose. Though, his gaze never left yours… You think. It’s hard to tell from how dark his lenses are, but you could only imagine his eyes never leaving your presence. That, or maybe his eyes were closed the whole time, you wouldn’t know.
“Yeah actually.” He turned around and right on cue, you could spot your little brother jogging in your direction. “He and I had a small chat.”
“Really?” You decided to pursue your ‘obliviousness.’ “About what?”
“About how awesome I am.” His obnoxiously wide, signature grin was present, which earned an eye roll from Jona once he came over. “Right kid?”
Your brother scoffed as though he’s heard the biggest piece of bullshit in his life. “Right… Anyways.” He turned his direction to you. “Why are you out here, sis? It’s warm as hell.”
“I can say the same for you.” The bottom of your crutch had directly hit his shin, earning a yelp from his end.
“What the fuck?!” He hopped on his right foot as he held on desperately to his left, rubbing the painful sensation.
You scowled as you glared up at the taller sibling. “Mom, Dad, and Reina have all finished eating, but you didn’t eat yet.”
“So?! That doesn’t mean you can hit me- hey- STOP!” His hair swayed as he immediately backed off from your other attempt at hitting him. You laughed out loud since this was your favorite way of bonding with your siblings.
Meanwhile, Gojo stood off to the side, acknowledging the ‘fond’ connection between you and Jona. For the first time, he truly got to witness the real relationship between siblings. Of course, there were Tsumiki and Megumi, but their circumstances were rather different. You and Jona were raised normally and the perks of bantering to show affection came along with it. If you weren’t injured, he wouldn’t be surprised if you were to chase him down, though- you might manage to do it in your current circumstances, anyways.
When you both finally calmed down, Jona’s unapproved glare shifted to a loose smile.
“Go inside.” You nudged your head in the direction of Gojo’s home with a softer tone in your voice. “Reina is about to be pre-diabetic because no one else is eating Gojo’s childishly sweet pancakes.”
Jona had set a pained expression. “God… Those pancakes are another reason why I walked out.”
“Hey!” The man you mentioned had offensively put a hand over his heart. “At least one of you three has taste!”
 Before Jona physically left, he waved a hand to the two adults before him. “Bye sis, later Satoru.”
“See ya in a bit, kid!” The sorcerer waved off.
“Tell Mom and Dad that I’m with Go-“ ‘Satoru?’ -jo…”
Sure, you’ve heard it getting thrown a lot by Mrs. Kato and the servants in the home (usually with an honorific before it). But, it sounded odd to hear your co-parent’s given name coming from a family member’s mouth. You don’t even say it. There was never a need for you even to do it- even though you considered Gojo to be a friend. (And the fact that he calls you by your first name, if not sweetheart.) How close did the two get within a span of 40 minutes?
It wasn’t exactly anger, but your chest leaped uncomfortably, as you processed that someone such as your brother was able to call Gojo by his true identity with such a casualty.
“Gojo?” You asked after 30 seconds have passed.
“Yes, sweetheart?” He hummed.
‘Ugh… Such a natural response.’ Your brows furrowed at how that was the stigma between two friends. A slight barrier in between the opening gates of your relationship. ‘It’s not a big deal anyway. Nope, nope, nope.’
Leaving him behind, you started to pace back to the house, en suite of Jona. You could hear the remaining person catching up to you.
“Hey- What is it? Why did you just leave?” His voice was intertwined with confusion and concern. Rolling your eyes, you continued to ‘crutch’ back in silence.
“Is this one of your hormonal pregnancy moments?” He grumbled more to himself. As punishment for adding more fuel to the fire, you glared at him, with a silent threat.
‘I’m going to find a way to utilize our baby’s powers and teleport far away from you.’
He gulped, his hands up in front of him, somehow getting the demo. 
“Nope, guess not…” But he only managed to stay three feet behind you during the journey back.
Whatever Gojo and Jona talked about, you were glad that they were able to find some peace in their patchy and poorly constructed bridge.
“Why are your eyes really blue, Satoru?” Reina asked out loud as she swung her legs on the wooden bench.
You clicked your teeth at how another family member was able to call the strongest sorcerer in the world and your parenting partner, by his regular name. In fact, it just dawned upon you that everyone called him Satoru. While you were the only anomaly that still referred to him as Gojo.
It was the following afternoon on the last day of their visit. And after a long night of your siblings (mainly Reina) fighting her bedtime to not leave you alone, here you were, in the clan’s garden, watching Gojo interact with them as you sat on the wooden bench. Your parents surprisingly left them in your care as Ms. Kato offered to do activities for people ‘their age’. The sky was blue like your friend’s eyes, but the cloudless ceiling wasn’t as bright as his own pair.
“Ehhh?” Gojo pulled down his shades as he squatted down, his head angled slightly up to meet her eyes. “It’s because I have the six eyes. Why? They look cool, don’t they? Oh- high-five!”
He batted his lashes and your sister traded a giggle. The annoyed sourness broke down to genuine warmth in your heart as you witnessed the adult man acting smug while Reina frustratedly tried to touch his palm with hers, but his Limitless had ever so prevented her from succeeding.
“You look like a ghost.” A new voice entered your right side. Glancing over to the sound, your brother sat down at the empty spot next to you.
“Because I am unrested like one.” You fought a yawn. When Reina finally surrendered to sleep in the guest house, the night was all yours once more. The darkness succumbed to your thoughts and resulted in restless hours of thrashing and rolling around on your bed. Mrs. Kato found you dozing off on the couch the following morning with the 7 o’clock news airing on the TV. You told her that you had to go to the restroom at dawn and never got a chance to go back to sleep. “Why don’t you pick on Reina with Gojo? It seems like you two make a really good tag team.”
Jona shook his head. “Nah. I’m still recovering from being lifted 100 feet in the air 30 minutes ago. Plus, messing with our youngest is more like our thing, ya know?”
He placed a hand on his stomach, as though the queasiness from being flipped over and over again didn’t stop. You only grinned wider. 
“I don’t know. Gojo could be my replacement- Uh- Jona… I-” Straightening your lips, you reached a hand out to your brother who just sat still. Slumping his back, Jona kept his head down low, not meeting your gaze.
“True. That is true…” The hand resting on his thigh curled to a shaky, tight fist. You cursed at yourself for speaking about your death with such casualty, forgetting that your own family member has a different level of sensitivity to your upcoming death than Gojo.
You sighed and rubbed your temples. “I didn’t mean to say that, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine.”
“Jona-” You refused to acknowledge his quick acceptance.
“-Last night, I asked Satoru if I could be a sorcerer.” But his swiftness transitioned the topic to something more revolutionizing.
It was so sudden. Your heart dropped like a broken elevator on top of a very tall business building. No- Jona couldn’t. Growing up, you questioned why your parents didn’t give you three the opportunity to exercise your ‘gifts.’ You’ve seen harmless curses and wondered how come they left that society. And from what you experienced not too long ago, you understood why they’ve shunned you from it.
No one in your family was built with the strength to persevere what your kind has done for thousands of years. Jona was arguably the most courageous, but it takes more than a heroic mindset to not fall into battle. Satoru Gojo was the only sorcerer who was the closest to ever trudge clumsily into a fight and come out unscathed. 
A lump appeared in your throat. “How did that conversation come up?” ‘How long have you been thinking like that?’
Jona did not speak for a minute, allowing the air to build more anticipation. Still focusing on the only child and childlike man, he stated casually, “When it was just me and him after dinner, I asked him what sorcerers my age are like. He tip-toed around it by saying that everyone’s different like how regular people are. But apparently, I reminded him of one of his students- one who’s very new to the system, but has the greatest potential.”
You knew who he was talking about. He was referring to a boy who ate an extremely strong spirit’s finger and became a vessel. Jona was protective, but the level of bravery he had was different from that of Gojo’s student. If anything, his personality was more like that one kid with the black, spiky hair. You met both of them once through a video call when Gojo was checking up on you along with a girl with short, light brown hair. All different characters and it was hard for you to imagine Jona in that damned uniform. But if there was a commonality that your partner pointed out to your sibling, it was likely-
“He said that I have potential as well.” Jona shrugged like it was no big deal. “My cursed energy is higher than those who are grade 3. The elders he faced would label me as ‘wasted talent,’ since I don’t have an innate technique. But like Itadori, I could apply my strength somewhere else if I would set aside time to train.”
His voice peaked with certainly some interest. It made you feel incredibly nauseous. What about your parents? Who will guide Reina? Was this a money thing?  But your family was geared to live lavishly after you’ve…
“Is this something that you want?”
“I have no desire of what I want to do after high school. You know how it is for commoners like us, sis. We find a job and circle our lives around it. I thought about it for a bit, but Satoru confirmed that I have the ability to do something thrilling.” The boy who always lacked in finding his passion because of financial instability had sparkling eyes for the first time. It stretched that uncomfortable feeling in your soul because you were surprised that Jona had always wanted to pursue a daunting career over security. Yet, it seemed like he found his calling.
You tried to hide your dismay. “What did… What did Gojo say? Are you going to take his offer?”
In turn, Jona shifted to a puzzled expression. “What offer?”
You snapped your head in his direction while he continued to speak.
“The man told me to not do it.” He picked at his fingernails and you showed the same confused face as him. “Said something about how I was born with the privilege of not having a career dedicated to fighting. That I don’t need to wake up in constant fear, wondering if I should save or splurge all of my money, just in case today would be my final day alive.”
He did sound slightly disappointed, considering how he wouldn’t be the main character in some shonen manga. But at the same time, he was intelligent enough to pair what Gojo was trying to say.
“Is that his thought process?” You sneakily try and nudge more intel. But Jona shook his head and frowned.
“Not him, but the mind of his students, his peers. I asked him if it’ll change once the baby is born. He just laughed and moved onto another topic.” Your brother finally looked at you straight in the eye- from brother to sister. In a low voice, he continued. “He may have gaslit me by saying how you’re sacrificing your life for the benefit of Mom, Dad, Reina, and me. Therefore, I shouldn’t make decisions that would waste your efforts… Plus, he said that he needed as many babysitters as possible.”
He sounded hurt, his throat partially strained when he reached the end of his gossip. There was a glossiness that coated his orbs. Ones that share the same color as yours. A bubble formed in your chest while your nose stung with an upcoming burst of emotions. Though, you forced yourself to just leave it at that. Finish your act as the strong, older sister, and then cry it out later when you’re alone in your room. Maybe that’ll help exhaust you for the night.
 “Hey, listen…” Since the topic is here, might as well continue with it. “For the longest time, I don’t know if I should apologize for being in this position. I do not regret doing this, at all. Not only was this for our family, but it’s for the betterment of the world. Though, I am sorry that I am leaving you all behind.”
Jona inhaled deeply and a single tear slipped out of his eye. He was fighting his inner emotions, just like you. But he was losing. “You’ve always been the rock of our family. There’s not enough time left for us, sis. And I can’t see you every day.”
You nodded slowly. “I know, I know. But that’s something that we all have to deal with. Time keeps moving forward, so you should too. Help Mom, Dad, and Reina when they feel stuck. In turn, they’ll do the same with you. Also, don’t worry about me. I’m serious. Gojo and I were in a rough patch, which coincidentally led to a very complicated circumstance, but we managed to get over it like how every…”
Momentarily, you took a deep breath, not knowing how to continue. For some reason, you wanted to say couple. Partner, maybe? But that could be romantically coded as well.
“… Partnership works. You just happened to see all the bad sides rather than good.” You ruffled his hair, but instead of swatting you away, he allowed you to mess with him. After all, he wouldn’t be able to experience this on the same date next year.
“He’s not bad, I guess…” He huffed, glancing at the other two, who were now sitting down at another bench on the opposite side from you and him. Reina and Gojo looked like they were having a serious talk of their own. “Yesterday, he seemed very sincere about his mistakes. Even Mom and Dad were surprised at how apologetic he was, especially Mom, given his reputation and all that.”
“Yeah, that’s the part of him that only some people get the privilege of seeing, according to him. So automatically, we should definitely consider ourselves luckily!” Your tongue rolled out with layers upon layers of sarcasm before it melted back into curiosity. “But, what did you guys talk about yesterday?”
“Go ask him yourself.”
You rolled your eyes and outwardly groaned. “He wouldn’t tell me either. I’m nosy, spit it out.”
“All I can say is that it’s about you, but it’s not my position to tell you what.” He pursed his lips, symbolizing his silence.
‘Did they make a pact?’
“Fine…” You surrendered in defeat. “I’ll bother Gojo about it another time.”
Before you could switch the topic again, Jona took the opportunity away by bringing up a new one.
“Why do you still call Satoru by his last name?”
You bit your lip, inquiring the exact same thing. Why do you still call him that? There’s plenty of Gojos running about in this clan alone, and he didn’t seem too bothered with being called by his first name, no matter how close or distant the caller was to him. You assumed that since your relationship with him is strong enough, maybe it’s time for a change? After all, he is your friend.
“That’s a good question.” You tapped on your baby bump, circling around the profound issue. “We’ve just never had that talk, I suppose.”
Jona kicked the gravel beneath him with his shoes. “With the way that he talks about you, I thought you both were way past the formalities.”
“What does that mean?”
“JONA! BIG SIS!” Like her own name, Reina ran to both of you with a glimmer in her eyes. You sat up as she acquired your instant attention. The ever-so-tall Gojo slowly trailed behind her with a mix of hesitancy, laced with a soft smirk.
“What is it, Reina?” You stared at her with furrowed brows, patiently waiting for an answer.
“Did the baby really teleport you to the other side of Japan, sis?!” She gleamed and you immediately glared at Gojo with a wide-eyed expression. Cutely, he closed his eyes and held up a peace sign.
“I may have told her about our kid’s early awakening of powers, sweetheart...” He diverted his conversation to the kid. “And it’s exciting because that means you will have an escort that could take you anywhere in the world once they’re grown, right?!”
Reina nodded deliberately and Jona shook his head at her obliviousness. Though, you and he sighed mutually in relief, connecting that Gojo did not tell her about the truthful horrors of your experience. 
“Yes, they did.” You allowed her to press a palm against your tummy. Her smaller fingers fidgeted, anticipating some sort of movement. But the unwavering stillness due to you being in the earlier stages, Reina leered disappointedly.
“She could’ve taken you to Disneyland…”
“That’s what I thought too.” ‘Or anywhere nicer…’
Gojo cocked his head to the side, catching your sister’s words. “She..?”
Everyone’s heads snapped to Reina, whose doe-eyes looked at those who tried to make a connection. “What?”
“We don’t know the gender yet, lil sis,” Jona answered for the group, but Reina just shrugged.
“I don’t know. The baby feels like it’s a girl, so I’m sticking by it.”
“What if it’s a boy?” You asked.
“Then I’ll be sad.” The girl pouted. “There are too many boys in our family already.”
You laughed, agreeing with her statement. The four of you basked underneath the sunlight until Gojo sensed that Mrs. Kato and your parents have returned from their trip. Reina was the first to greet them, while Jona took the grocery bags from your mother. Gojo followed suit by grabbing the paper bags from your father and Mrs. Kato, who then escorted everyone in to prepare for the final dinner of their short stay. You missed the slight tension between your father and the father-to-be but still pursued a respectable interaction.
Of course not allowing you to take anything, Gojo walked in front of you, maintaining a short distance away. With your crutches, you paced back to the house, idolizing the back of your co-parent, who scraped his feet against the rough path. Everyone else moved faster, overtly gaining distance. But with your slowing speed, it was as though Gojo purposely held himself back, so you didn’t have to worry about walking (limping) faster.
It was still an odd sight to see him with his hair fully down. With the blindfold, his undercut would be more obvious. But now, only the bottom fade of his white hair peeked through. It suited him very well. You wondered if he himself managed his own haircuts.
From the ends of his hair, your eyes traveled down to his nape, which shined the sun’s reflection, thanks to him lightly sweating. You bit your lip at how the broadness of it sparked some sort of excitement in you. Speaking of broad, you continued onto his shoulders. His frame was wider than any typical Japanese man you’ve ever come across. Hell, he makes any volleyball player look small and cute.
And for the first time in a while, you reflected back to those series of nights. The ones where you and Gojo worked together to conceive a child. He was your first, but it felt as though no other man could ever live up to what he gave, even if you tried finding one.
There was no shared passion during those nights between both players- but you felt comfortable. Even when there was that barrier of awkwardness, Gojo didn’t neglect a woman’s needs and by being the gentleman that he is, he made sure that you came first before finishing himself. And aside from being lost in unexplainable and new pleasures, you visually remembered all of this happening with his blindfold on.
It was probably the mystery behind the fabric that heightened the excitement, but now you found yourself imagining the same scenarios, but with Gojo on top of you with the full sight of his face. Add some passion too- have his blue eyes being entranced by your soul while his hot breath tapped your cheek. The way that his toned figure swifts with each rigorous thrust, juxtaposing his soft manner-
“Jesus Christ, stop.” You caught yourself. Stopping your tracks, your heart began to beat tremendously while your stomach flipped in guilt.
‘What the hell was that?!’
Your face instantly burned from those suddenly lewd thoughts of Gojo, whose distance started to increase. Raising a hand, you lightly slapped your cheek as a reminder to take an extremely, ice-cold shower once you get inside.
Maybe the impact was too loud because the man in your mind stopped walking and turned around. “Sweetheart?”
You gulped and immediately glanced down. You couldn’t dare look at him. Shame coursed through you like a rapidly flowing river, all leading to a dam that was about to break at any minute.
“Y-Yes?” You gulped and stood stiffly.
He tilted his head and readjusted the bags in his arms. ‘Damn he’s carrying six of them with those strong arms effortlessl- STOP!’
“I stopped hearing the clicking noises from your crutches. Are you alright?”
“Yes.” You replied a little too fast. “I just- I uh… I just thought of something.”
“Is it something I’m supposed to know?” Even the way he raised his brows was suddenly attractive to you. Damn girl, what’s going on with you?
Playing it off as best you could, you let out a laugh, probably one that was more obnoxious than you’d like, and waved him off. “It’s nothing, Gojo. Let’s go inside before I pass out from the heat.”
“Oh… Okay.” Not fully satisfied by your answer, the man decided to respect it and leave you be. Turning back around, he continued onto his journey of bringing groceries into his home the moment you started walking again.
Mixed with your sudden thirst, you returned to Jona’s confusion of you still referring to the greatest sorcerer as his public identity. Licking your lips, you decided to test out the waters yourself.
“Hey, Satoru?” That felt weird.
But the sorcerer continued walking, as though he couldn’t hear your voice. Even when he was only 10 feet away from you.
You cleared your throat and spoke louder. “Satoru.”
It was more firm, and direct. Yet, there was no response from his end. You sighed, disappointed that maybe he’s too occupied in that mind of his to just even try this experiment. Though, no fair trial is complete without the controlled variable.
“Gojo.” You brought it down to a softer volume, barely loud enough to reach his ears. You didn’t expect it to work, since you could barely hear yourself. However, the third time’s probably the charm, since he stopped his tracks once more.
“What is it?” He didn’t fully turn around this time. Only his face turned a little over 45 degrees, his chin aligned with his right shoulder. 
‘Oh…’ So that’s it.
From embarrassment due to your private thoughts to humiliation from daring something that wasn’t your call to initiate, you became flustered.
Gojo heard you, alright. But he purposely chose to ignore you when you addressed him as something else other than his last name. You didn’t know his stance between name-calling and the Japanese culture behind formalities that were embedded in both of your blood, but you knew one thing for certain. The intimacy you thought that you had with Gojo was on a much deeper level than what he truly thinks. And he had no interest in changing his perspective.
Though, you wondered why your family was able to call him Satoru when you were the one who knew him longer and better. How come his students call him that as well? What’s prohibiting you from initiating that move?
“I’m just- I’m wondering if you needed help with the groceries.” You covered up your sadness with a lame offer, knowing that there’s an obvious answer. “Looks like a lot, ya know?”
“Pfftttt…” Gojo blew air out of his lips, creating a motor effect. “These are nothing. I’ve carried heavier.”
“If you’re implying to me, I’ll kick your ass.” You forced a smile, though you realized that there’s still a barrier that he wanted to leave up between you two.
You were just glad that he couldn’t see your distraught.
“As if you could anyways!!!” He almost sang when his walks turned into over-the-top skipping.
Your smile faded when you trailed behind him. All of your family members, plus Mrs. Kato were inside, waiting for the slacking “couple.”
 You imagined that Satoru Gojo abided by no rules or boundaries. But apparently today, you discovered that he has some by walking over them.
And unfortunately, you decided to respect that distance for as long as Gojo wanted… For now, maybe.
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helenas-revenge · 20 hours ago
Where the Heart Lies
Gojo's been gone for months, having disappeared without a trace. One fateful night, you run into him again, though it's brief and intensely emotional. He's changed, you've waited. No one really knows what the future holds. NSFW for alcohol reference, one spank, finger sucking, unprotected, semi-public sex. Reader is fem-bodied, age 25. Gojo is stressed and probably OOC, but hey. All in the name of a good story, right?
He’d been missing for months now, almost long enough for you to forget him. Almost long enough that you were able to restart without him, to move forward and forget the impact he’d had on your life, your career. Your heart.
You still looked for him in the darkened corner of the clubs you and your friends frequented every weekend. You found yourself lingering in the parking lot after work sometimes, hoping you would find his face in the crowds of commuters walking from their offices, to their family dinners and to the market to pick up a gallon of milk on their way home. you’d had plenty of offers for dates from other men, but you turned them all down. You’re crazy, your friends told you. He told you not to wait around for him. He did, of course. He always warned you to not get too attached, to stop looking forward to him popping up in your life because when he did, it usually meant trouble.
“I’m only ever around to clean up other people’s shit,” he’d told you the last time he left. “If I’m not here, enjoy it.”
Sure, you enjoyed the peace. The calm that had settled over the city had everyone around you feeling better, able to go about their daily lives without fear of any of the strangeness that had been popping up all over for the last three years. But the longer he was away, the heavier your sense of dread set in; because at some point, there would be conflict again. It was absolutely inevitable, and in some sick, twisted way, it made you anticipate seeing him again. For...purely selfish reasons.
A torrential downpour coupled with massive thunderstorms raged through the city on the Saturday you and your friends planned to celebrate your birthday. Youd’d made reservations at your favorite fondue restaurant and wanted to go clubbing afterward; you tried to talk them out of it because of the weather, but they wanted no excuses.
“It’s not every day you turn twenty five,” one friend argued, rifling through you closet for something to wear. “My mom tells me it’s all downhill from here, so we’d better enjoy it while we can. Whoa…” she said, pulling a short, black dress from your closet. “Where the hell did you get this?”
Another friend squealed and covered her mouth with both hands. “Wow, babe! That dress is hot. You have to wear it!”
You grabbed the dress, holding it up in front of you to admire it against your body in the full length mirror hanging on your bedroom door. Inevitably, your thoughts turned to Gojo and how he might react to seeing you in something so tight, so risque...and what he might do to you when he did see you. Odds are, he really would be gone a while this time, but you could dream.
“Yeah, I think I will,” you agreed. Your friends cheered, and they set about getting ready for their night out.
The three of you lingered in the restaurant after dinner until the rain seemed to have lightened up a little, then made a mad dash for a taxi to take you to your favorite hangout. Beyond the nondescript steel door lay a modern, sleek club. Ambient black and neon light filled the space, and the thump of the bass pulsed in time with your heart as you walked with your friends to the bar to order the first drink of the night. Your tradition of having a shot, then a cocktail was a long-standing one, and you always had a toast to something.
One friend raised her glass first once you'd been served. “To twenty five! May it be your best year yet.”
The other rolled her eyes. “Lame. I mean, why not– ‘let’s get laid!’ or ‘to getting the best dick of your life tonight!’
You all fell into raucous laughter. “I didn’t think you knew how to say those words,” one teased, bumping your shoulder with her own.
“Alright, arlight.” you cleared your throat. “To getting laid.�� you sputtered a laugh, then regained your posture, trying to be as serious as possible. “Also, to getting wasted. It’s been a while for both. Amen and Amen.” And at your signal, the three of you tossed back the tequila shots and squinted your eyes, each sucking on a lime wedge to ease the burn afterward.
The dance floor wasn’t quite full just yet, but it didn’t stop the three of you from taking your rightful places among the strobe lighting, dancing away the stress of the workweek, of individual struggles, of difficult interactions and insecurities.
Something about the way the music seemed to seep into your pores made it easy for you to let go. You remained aware of the way you friends moved around you, but soon lost yourself to the music, the beat, the weightlessness you felt when you let your hips swivel along with the bassline; you threaded you fingers through you hair and felt you scalp tingle when you touched yourself, closing you eyes to fall further under the spell you’d cast for yourself.
You danced like that for a while, then found yourself thirsty and in need of a bathroom break. You found a friend and brought her along to the bar where you ordered another round of drinks and chatted for a few minutes. The club was teeming with life now, people piled into the private booths and lined along the bar, enjoying the night atmosphere. As you was about to ask you friend to go to the bathroom with you to freshen up, she was approached by a young, slightly awkward man who asked her if she wanted to dance.
The friend stammered, her blush visible even under the dim lighting. “Um, sure!” she giggled, then turned to you. “Sorry, um, I– “
“Go,” you said. “I’ll be fine," and asked where your other friend was.
She shrugged. “I dunno. Last I knew, she found Nanami and they were hanging out.” She wiggled her brows and took the hand of her companion, skipping her way out to the dance floor.
You finished you drink and set off for the bathroom then, weaving your way through the crowds of people and wondering idly if the management ever imposed a limit on how many people were allowed inside at a time. Not that you minded; there was something comforting about being in a crowd this size. It made you feel less alone, not to mention less likely to be spotted by someone who might want you for more than just you good looks and charming personality.
After relieving yourself and primping in the mirror, swiping away some smudged mascara from you eye and applying a fresh stain to you lips, you opened the bathroom door and were once again blown away by the volume of music. The dance floor was packed now, but you wiggled your way into the sea of bodies and were soon lost in the music once more. Vaguely aware of a presence at your back, you felt someone else’s fingers feather over your hips as you swung them; the grip tightened and pulled you back toward a body that radiated heat and powerful energy, and you gasped, slowing your movements.
“Don’t stop,” a voice whispered, low and commanding just behind the cusp of you ear, into the sweat-damp tendrils of you hair. A thrill ran down your spine and you eyes widened, but when you tried to turn around, the stranger’s hands held you firmly in place, pulling you against his own hips and rolling them with every other beat of the song that played.
There was something familiar in that voice, in the way those fingers curled into you hip bones and drifted upward toward you waist, you abdomen, just below the curve of you breast. You fell against him and hooked an arm around his neck but didn’t dare look to see his face. You wanted to imagine it was him, and even though you knew it wasn’t, you needed to pretend it was, if only for the rest of the song.
But when the stranger's lips found purchase on the base of your neck, tongue trailing upward to catch a bead of sweat that dripped from your scalp, you knew. You knew those lips better than you own. You gripped his forearms and spun around; you were buzzed from the alcohol, the music, his touch, his presence.
“You,” you said, threading your fingers through his hair to pull him close and push your mouth against his in a fervent kiss.
“I can’t stay,” he said, tearing himself away, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, those icy blue eyes shining in the strobe lights behind his glasses. His face remained stoic, emotionless, his mouth set in a severe line. “The fuck are you doing out in public anyway. Haven’t you heard?”
Bewildered, you shook your head. The two of you looked ridiculous, standing in the middle of the floor while everyone else gyrated around you. You pulled him off to the hallway near the bathrooms. “Heard what?” you hissed; you had him pinned against the wall, your body flush against his. Since he was more than a head taller than you, you had to look up to meet his eyes, and he glared at you, gripping your forearms.
"There are cursed spirits everywhere, even more than before. It's not safe for you without you having some way to fight back.” When you opened your mouth to reply, he pushed a finger against your lips, then turned so that you were pinned against the wall now instead of him, shielding your body from a patron coming down the hall. He kissed you again, pulling you face toward his and stealing the very breath from your lungs with his intensity. Sure, it was a distraction tactic to cover up what he was trying to tell you, but it didn’t lessen the feelings that surged through your body. Once he heard the bathroom door shut, he pulled away again and led you toward the back door. “Watch yourself,” he hissed. “Don’t be an idiot. Go home, stay there, and wait for my call.”
You scoffed. The danger was real; you could feel it in the way Gojo spoke to you, the way his voice commanded you attention. But you were drunk, too. On the alcohol, on him, on the youth you felt slipping through your fingers. “And where the fuck are you going?” you challenged, watching his expression change from serious to irritated to downright angry.
“There’s something I have to do. Alone. Get your friends and get out of here. Now.”
You weren't quite sure where the boldness came from, but you reached out and grabbed his sleeve, pulling him toward you while taking the steps necessary to push yourself closer to him. “You’re not going anywhere,” you said, raising on your toes to slot you mouth against his again, hand pressed against the back of his neck to hold him in place.
He backed you roughly against the wall again and returned your kiss with the same ferocity, driving a knee between your legs to provide you with some friction. you moaned– long and low– and ground yourself against his thigh, fistfulls of his silvery white hair in your desperate grip.
“This is stupid,” he breathed, trailing his way down you neck, leaving blossoming marks along the sensitive skin, relishing in you tiny gasps for air the lower he worked. His hair tickled your chin when he nipped at the top of your breasts, yanking the skin-tight fabric away so he could cup them and claim you each nipple, one by one, between his lips. You could barely catch your breath, palming his erection beneath his pants. You’d only just begun, and he was already hard for you.
“You’re stupid,” you countered as you shimmied out of you panties and he turned you around roughly to face the wall.
Two fingers hooked into you mouth and yanked your jaw down. “Suck,” he commanded; you swirled your tongue around the digits, then bit down with a giggle. A shock ran through you when you heard– and felt– the swift slap on your ass that your cheekiness earned you. The pain was soon enough replaced by pleasure, though, when his fingers soaked with your saliva ran along your slit, wetting and opening you for him to push inside.
Hard and fast he fucked you against that back wall, where shadows loomed and the music from the club sounded muffled and far away. You’d missed the way his cock stretched you so perfectly, the way he filled you void– both figuratively and very literally– making your head swim with thoughts of nothing but the way his body molded perfectly against yous, how he inflicted pain with pleasure in each primal thrust of his hips against yours. You loved how he toyed with you– pinching your nipples just as you were about to come, slowing his pace to edge you until you vision went white and you couldn’t breathe, curling his hand around the base of your throat to further stifle the flow of blood and oxygen to your already muddled head so that you was a blubbering mess for him.
“You gonna listen?” he hissed, withdrawing himself from you completely. The tip of his cock pressed just at your entrance and you whimpered, nodding furiously. “I can’t hear you.”
“Yes– yes yes yes, I’ll listen.” He slid in again, slow and deliberate; your thighs quivered and you nearly collapsed, but he held you up, the hand that had been at your throat now smoothing over the back of your head.
“You gonna go home?” His voice was a little more gentle now, his fingers fluttering over you clit as you sang for him.
“Yeah,” you moaned.
He slammed into you again, and you fell apart together; one body, one trip. One packed club, one fateful night. One promise that you weren't sure you could keep.
He slipped out the back door when they had fixed their clothes; you willed yourself not to cry, and when you asked if he’d be around a little longer this time, he dodged the question.
“Worry about yourself. Do what I said. Don’t ask questions.”
You took two hurried steps after him with an outstretched arm, pleading with him to stay. Just a little longer.
“I love you.”
And for a moment, you thought you saw summer in those cold eyes; bright and charming and soft and true. The dim light made his hair look almost a halo, and the corner of his lip almost twitched into a smile. But it was gone as soon as you imagined it.
“No, you don’t.”
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slexenskee · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fic | Pop Punk Playlist | Dabi x Hawks
Gojo Satoru has spent a lifetime trying to do the right thing the right way.
He decides to spend his second terrorizing the local yakuza, reliving his middle school glory days with a pop punk youth aesthetic and a regrettable affliction for black leather, uprooting the criminal underworld and hero industry alike, and casually taking up costumed aggression as an occupation.
Totally fake album cover for No Scrubs featuring twitter famous lead singer Ru-kun, self-proclaimed half seagull, half garbage. This is actually a card from either psekai or argonavis but I can’t remember which one off the top of my head haha. 
Honestly No Scrubs can play whatever songs you want in your head, I’m not trying to turn this into (too much of) a music fic, so the songs themselves aren’t supposed to be a big deal. But at least as of ch8 we’ve got:
Nobody puts baby in the corner (Fall out boy), Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day), In on Ear (Cage the Elephant), I’m Not Okay (MCR)  
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kentosovertime · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
geto suguru x f!reader
CW: explicit content, nsfw twitter links, corn links, impact play, threesome, creampie, name calling
A/N: i'm accepting requests for nsfw twitter links for characters moving forward from jjk, bleach, haikyuu, demon slayer, & naruto. please refer to my blog rules post linked on my pinned post for full request rules (link below)
let me know if you want to join my taglist so you know when hcs drop <3
✨Masterlist | Twitter Masterlist | Tag List | Request Rules | Ask Box | Ko-Fi✨
Tumblr media
Link 1: Geto is a menace. But he's your menace. After all, he loves you most when he has complete control over you, your body, and the every tremor that courses through it. He doesn't care what position you're in as long as he can grab and maneuver you where ever he wants. And when you're fucked as stupid as you are when he gets ahold of you? There's no argument from you.
Link 2: He's a fan of spanking your ass until its raw. He wants to see the flush rise to the surface, taking a crude impression of the shape of his palm. He'd claw at your cheeks between each slap, spreading you wide for his hungry gaze to see the pussy he's about to destroy. Between harsh slaps he grazes his fingers lightly down the marred skin to send goosebumps up your spine.
Link 3: One, slightly too bratty comment, has you roughly shoved onto the bed, stomach down. Your face manhandled into the sheets to the point you can barely breathe. You feel like your body is being folded in half when his hands land on your lower back, pushing you ass into the air for easy access. You whine, unheard through the covers, as he drags the mushroomed head of his cock through your folds before sinking into you in one harsh thrust, fucking it your warm heat like he wants you to feel him for weeks. "Who's my little, slut?" Link 4: Have you been a naughty little girl? He'd leave the bedroom door open for when his best friend gets home to leave you red, flustered, and unable to stop your eyes from rolling into your head when Geto notices Gojo leaning on the doorjam. Right when you're about to cum, Geto would pull himself out of you, ripping away your high before kneeling in front of your face. He'd wordlessly motion Gojo over to take his place behind you, not waiting for your answer before he allows him to force his cock into and watch your face intently while Satoru makes you scream.
Link 5: Even if he's happy to share to watch you come apart, you're still his, and he'll make sure that you're reminded of that as he pulls you off of Satoru before he can come inside of you, pushing he own cum into you instead. And as he pulls out, watching the thick globs of his seed run down your ass, he's instantly hard again, ready to fuck another load into you.
Tumblr media
tag list: @sugarbooger513 @sugarmapoops @roughwithfluff @severelytalentless @yelzoldyck @silversslut @aazaard @dreamyyholland @wobblewobble822 @[email protected] @tirzamisu @chososhoney @littlemochi @bebechinas99 @firdaoz @saoney @meromelo @pelicanpizza @sukunassoulmate @damncakie @katgalle @adequate-superstar @honeyyjems [[if your blog name is crossed out i couldn't tag you]]
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j2lx · 2 days ago
Asking Them "What is Love?": Part 1
Warnings: (not really a warning but) pet names used affectionately (pretty boy, babe, baby, princess, mochi), Gojo is a tease and pretends that yall are FWB, angst to fluff in Maki's part (mentions of the Zenin Clan)
A/n: Sorry for not posting last week 😥😭 It might be the holidays but I still have training for my club activities and yeah I needed to rest a little! Double fic next week I promise 🥺
This is inspired by that one Vanitas no Carte scene ifykyk 😉🙃 (since I just finished Cour 2 of Vanitas no Carte also if you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it!!!)
Characters: Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi, Kugisaki Nobara, Gojo Satoru, Zenin Maki x Gender Neutral!reader
Tumblr media
Itadori Yuuji
"Hey Yuuji, what is love?" The random question you asked while you and your boyfriend were cuddling on his bed was answered by Itadori's confused look.
He cocked his head to the side, his face scrunched up in confusion. "Isn't love what you feel for me?" He asked, cupping your face. You leaned into his touch while replying, "Of course baby, but how does someone describe love? Like what's it's equal to? You know what I mean?"
Itadori looked even more confused at this, but started thinking really hard about it nonetheless. "You know what nevermind. It probably-", you were cut off by your boyfriend's answer, his words catching you off guard.
"Well, there's no guarantee we'll meet someone we can love and who loves us back in this world, so love is a blessing, a huge one. Love is warm, you know? It kind of just embraces you into a huge warm hug whenever you see the person you love. It overwhelms you and at that moment, you can only feel the rush of affection for the person you love. At first, you'll get nervous when spending time with the person you love. But over time, it becomes so natural that hanging out together feels right, and it comforts you, like warmth on a cold and snowy winter day. That's how it is for me when I'm with you," he replied, his serious expression melting into one of pure love for you.
"Awwww my baby is so sweet! I love you so much Yuuji!" You said as you hugged him really tight, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He presses a kiss to the top of you head, hugging you back as he says,
"I love you too. So so much."
Fushiguro Megumi
"Megumi, what is love?"
Megumi shut the book he was reading as you curled up closer to him under the blankets on his bed, a slight blush on his face. "What's with the sudden and random question?" he asks, looking away from you while trying to hide his flustered face.
"Is my pretty boy flustered from just one innocent question that I wanted his opinion on?" you asked, seemingly innocent. The large smile on your face suggested otherwise, and Fushiguro refused to look at you.
You weren't expecting a reply, so you were ready to comfort your boyfriend after teasing him, but to your surprise, he did answer your question.
"Love is something that when you experience for the first time, it becomes so painfully overwhelming. You lose all common sense when you see the person you love, and you end up messing up in front of them and things like that. But after you get over the awkwardness and you confess, only to find out the person loves you back, it's a completely new journey. Love is nice… Really nice. It makes you feel on top of the world while also allowing you to humble yourself. You get to learn more about yourself and your partner, and it's honestly a feeling that kind of… Sucks you in and doesn't let go. When you find the right person to love, and when that person loves you, your affection for them just overflows… And I really love you so much… Thank you for showing me what love is."
"Megumi…" Needless to say, you were completely shocked, not just because he answered you, but so because of how his words truly came from the bottom of his heart. You stroked through his hair as you pressed your lips to his, kissing him gently. Of course, he kissed back, the kiss full of love and emotion.
"I love you so much too Megumi! Thank you for bringing me along this journey of experiencing love. I hope this journey never ends," you say happily, resting your head on his shoulder.
"Yeah… I want this journey to last forever too," he replied, linking his hand with yours.
Kugisaki Nobara
"Hey princess? What is love?" You and Kugisaki were getting ready to go out on a date together, when the question suddenly struck you.
"Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Isn't love just an emotion? Love is just love," she says as she picks out an outfit for herself.
"Yeah… Love is an emotion but how does one describe it? What exactly makes it different from just admiration or whatever?"
"Why do you even think of such questions?" she sighs and pauses, before continuing, "Well, love is complicated. You feel so many things for someone and you sometimes don't know what to do. It's like you're going crazy over how to tell that someone that you know, you love them. And the prospect of being rejected makes you feel sad I guess. At least that's what most people say. To me, love is more of a growing feeling that just builds up over time. No matter how long you spend with someone, you'll continue finding new things to love about them each time. Love is something that could hurt and heal, but over time it'll make you stronger while also giving you someone to open up to. The person you love is someone who is like a day of sunshine and hope, someone who you can always rely on and love."
"That's deep… And I didn't know you thought of me that way!" you exclaimed, grinning mischievously.
Kugisaki rolled her eyes as she smiled, "Yeah yeah but that's truly how I really do feel about love… And you. Now get over here and help me pick a dress to wear!"
Gojo Satoru
"Hey 'Toru… What is love?" You asked you boyfriend as he snacked on some of the mochi he had just got after going shopping with you.
"Simple isn't it? Love is the emotion I feel when I see sweets! It's the emotion only for sweets and nothing else!" He declared proudly as he held up one the mochis he was eating.
You pouted, hitting his shoulder lightly. "Then what about the feelings you have for me?" you countered.
"Oh those feelings? Aren't we kind of like friends with benefits? Did you mistake our relationship to be something more than that?" He smirked, looking at the mixture of annoyance and confusion on your face.
"On a serious note, love might be a wonderful thing, but it's still one of the greatest curses of all. In my opinion, it's the biggest curse of all because love makes you so comfortable and vulnerable around a certain person that you just can't and don't want to hide anything from them. You just want to show who you really are, your weaknesses and all. Being yourself in front of another person, completely letting your guard down… It's like being stark naked in front of them, and maybe it's even worse. It's scary how love gets you to open up to another person, but if it's with my little mochi here, I don't mind at all," he says as he pulls you in for a hug.
"Awww my 'Toru is such a romantic tease. I love you so much!" you replied, placing a kiss on his cheek. He kisses you back on your cheek, before kissing you on the lips, the kiss conveying all his love for you.
Zenin Maki
"Hey babe! I was wondering… What exactly is love?" you linked your hand with Maki's as she tore her eyes away from the action movie the two of you were watching, giving you a calculative look.
"Ha? What are tryna make me do? And what's with that oddly deep question? You know I'm not that good at answering those kinds of questions," she replies, squeezing your hand gently.
"Silly Maki. I'm not trying to make you do anything, nor am I trying to get you to say something you don't wanna. I just want to know your honest opinion on what I asked, that's it!" you flashed her your most innocent look, which made her sigh.
"You know I can't argue when you give me that look. Love huh… I never really felt it before, until you came into my life. I was treated like nothing back in the clan, and all I felt were basically just cold, stabbing emotions. But when I met you, it's like the ice in my soul melted. You're like the Sun to me, you're the only one who can melt my heart which was frozen and taught not to be loved for so many years. Romantic love and platonic love are different though. Platonic love is more about cheering you up when you need it. But romantic love is a constant, unchanging even when you go through the highest and lowest points in life. Just knowing my partner will be there for me through highs and lows is more than enough for me. And seeing that you're by my side no matter what makes me feel so unusually at peace with myself and the world."
"Babe… I love you so much you know that? I'll always be here for you ok? I'm never ever gonna leave you," you say as you hug Maki tightly, leaving a kiss on her forehead.
"I love you too… And please… don't ever leave me," she replies, hugging you back.
"I won't. Ever," you promise and she smiles, resting her head on your chest.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed this one! It's been different from my other fics since there are no headcanons at all! Part 2 will be out soon so keep an eye out for that!
© @j2lx, 2022
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kirschteinoir · 2 days ago
the boy from the village.
Tumblr media
gojo satoru x reader.
❝ “wait, how do you know where i live? are you a creepy stalker too?” you cry, trying to break free from his vice grip again.
“no, i’m just your guardian angel.” ❞
despite being one of the best at gokumonkyo angels inc, gojo satoru had no idea what he would be getting himself into when he agreed to temporarily watch over you as your guardian angel.
wc; 3189
the title and the desc do not match at all but everything will become clear at the end!! mild descriptions of drowning and being followed home and tbh the whole thing is a bit ridiculous but its fanfiction so ehh
Tumblr media
gojo satoru thought humans were weird. sure they were fun to observe every now and then, but some of the choices they made drove him to near insanity with wonder. he’d often seen the other guardian angels wipe away the faint trickle of a salty tear when their human’s heart got broken, or turning red in the face from white-hot anger. you see, a guardian angel is connected to it’s human through the heart, meaning any sort of emotion would be amplified in an angel’s body, the most common one being heartbreak. when he was still getting used to his wings and finding his bearings in the giant headquarters satoru often sat with his mentor yaga who’d lounge day after day in front of his gold-plated television, watching as his human continued to get their heart broken by too many people. satoru thought it was ludicrous that there was nothing a guardian angel could do: according to the guidebook every new angel must learn off by heart, matters of the emotion were not considered physical threats. guardian angels only protected their humans by steering them away from choices that would bring an untimely end so they were forbidden from intervening. this precious rule to maintain balance between the two colliding worlds irritated satoru even as he worked his way up through the ranks to become the well-respected angel he is today. vying for change within his realm, gojo took on the immense responsibility of mentoring younger angels, just as he had been mentored by yaga. but the difference between him and his old, traditional teacher was that he was far more active (though the more common phrase he’d heard was ‘radical’) and pushed his students to experiment with where an angel ends and their human starts, much to others’ chagrin.
despite having this reputation at gokumonkyo angels, he’d yet to be assigned to a permanent human, not being able to last longer than a few months each time. this was not his fault (as he was so often reminded out of pity) as it just so happened he couldn’t help but feel most connected to those in tragedy. despite his somewhat shallow persona, in his heart satoru was aware of how tirelessly nanami kento, a fellow angel and friend, worked to find him a match. at the most ungodly hours of the night the snowy-haired angel would creep into the assignment room and snoop around the blond’s computer for a bit (just because they’re angels doesn’t mean they can’t use modern technology!), looking through many profiles of humans his age that have yet to be assigned to an angel. every night he did this, it would reach a certain point where the frustration would boil over and satoru would stalk out of the room again with a face like thunder, his thoughts flying a thousand kilometres a minute.
to everyone’s demise he often joked that he was too good for anyone and would simply ascend to godhood on his own before being smacked upside the head by utahime for indulging in his overconfidence.
back on earth, it was just another hectic day of many for you as you woke up late once again for your morning lecture, the one that you’d signed up for on a whim with high hopes (and a touch of delusion) that it would be the sole reason for breaking your bad sleeping habits. so far, no progress has been made as you tear yourself away from the warm cosy covers like a band-aid from a wound. you grumble as you brush your teeth and pull on a hoodie, hoping not to run into too many people on your way to the lecture hall. barely managing to wolf down some breakfast, you scramble into the hall with a few other stragglers and squeeze into an empty seat, fumbling with your laptop and willing it to wake up a little bit faster so you could at least get down the title of today’s lecture. how ironic.
 your only friend in class sat too many rows away from you (obviously having arrived on time), diligently taking notes whilst you couldn’t be bothered to glide your fingers over the keys like normal. you stared blankly at the powerpoint, the slides flickering in your sullen gaze, as the chill of the room settled into the open crevices of your clothes. from the moment you had woken up a strange feeling settled in your gut and you weren’t a fan of it. you felt unprotected and exposed, like a child who has just realised they were babbling away to no one and that their parent was nowhere in sight. wanting nothing more than to crawl back into the safe cocoon of your bed, you counted down the seconds until you were free again.
no response.
“suguru? it’s satoru,” he calls softly.
geto suguru’s room was as dull as a rainy day, save for the faint flickering glow of the television in the corner. suguru himself was sprawled out on his couch, wings curled neatly beneath his body, shivering slightly. his eyes were sealed shut and it was obvious that he wasn’t watching anything that his human was doing on screen. sighing, satoru turned the television off and pushed back the thick cream curtains, allowing the light to flood the room once more. his best friend awoke with a jolt, sleep still in his eyes and his inky hair ruffled messily about his shoulders.
“morning sleepy head. didn’t you rest enough last night?”satoru jokes light-heartedly, before realising that suguru was not laughing along and instead looked more gaunt that usual. worriedly, he rushes over to his side and placed a hand to his best friend’s forehead, which is covered in a sheen of sweat.
“oh my god, suguru you need to see the doctor right now!”
“all. night. they were up all. damn. night,”suguru whispers hoarsely in reply, fingers curling weakly against the ivory cushions. he clears his throat, a horrible hacking sound, and groans.
“kept you on your toes? listen ru, you need to see a doctor. like, right now!” satoru gestures wildly. shaking his head suguru tries to sit up but winces and collapses again.
“i’ll watch over your human until you get better, okay? what’s their name?”
“y/n...” suguru mumbles weakly. another series of coughs rack his body and satoru, internally panicking, flies him straight to yaga and drops him off without a single word. once he returns he goes about cleaning geto’s room, sweeping the floors and dusting down the television, which is now back on at full power and showcasing your riveting day at university.
“this already looks boring,” the platinum-haired angel mutters, resting his chin on porcelain hands. “it’s like watching paint dry.”
between arriving home after a gruelling day at school, doing the bare minimum revision for three hours and taking a hot shower, you had worked up an appetite. you were craving some cheap and cheerful food from the convenience store, and you thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity to go anyway, after discovering a shopping list you’d pinned up on your fridge during one of your more productive days. snatching up the note and pulling on your trainers, you were out the door in a flash, heading towards the convenience store a few minutes away from your home. the feeling from this morning had still not left your gut, and had now wormed its way into your chest, sometimes making your breathing irregular. you weren’t too on edge but more alert to your surroundings than normal, just the occasional blare of a siren somewhere far off making you jump. you arrived at the store with no problem and silently cheered as you were washed over by the stark white LED lights, thankful that it was still open at a time like this. as you wandered the derelict aisles of the store, you hadn’t noticed the hooded figure shadow you as you pondered between your two favourite ramen flavours. but someone else had.
“oh. my. god.”
gojo satoru stiffens in his seat as he watches the hooded figure follow you into the store and join you in the ramen aisle a few moments later. his shoulders are so tense they begin to cramp as you stay oblivious, even when the figure had reached for the same ramen you had, clearly with no intention of buying it. alarm bells were pounding in satoru’s head but he waits a while longer, watching you pay and skip out with your new haul.
before the hooded figure could even notice that you had payed already, satoru dashes for the main lobby of gokumonkyo angels inc and barrels into the junikyu - a special type of elevator and the main link between angels and humans, transporting them immediately to anywhere in a 3km radius of their human. the junikyu also provided the angel with a set of ‘human’ clothes of their choice to conceal their wings and help them blend in a little better. yukatas aren’t really in modern fashion anymore, are they?
this time, satoru is taken to a run-down motel around the corner of the store you had just visited. his head throbbed and he knew this meant that danger was becoming more and more imminent so he hastily changes into the sunglasses, hoodie, leather jacket and jeans he had been given, hopefully concealing his wings. the elevator dings almost comedically as if it was mocking the rush against time that the angel was in. he hopes that he isn’t too late as he sprints down the street but then he sees you on the other side of the road. full of relief, he rushes up behind you, bristling against the person in dark clothing coldly. satoru lazily slings an arm around your shoulders, startling you greatly as you try and wrestle him off.
“dude! what the hell-”
“there’s someone following you, i’m trying to make sure you’re safe and if you don’t believe me, look for yourself,” he whispers into your ear and you shiver before turning your body slightly. he feels you tense up beneath him and you turn back around.
“thanks for this but we’re still being followed!” you whisper back loudly.
curses, it’s the diligent type. satoru shakes his head and wordlessly grabs your hand, breaking out into a sprint with you stumbling behind him, your shopping bumping painfully at your side. neither of you know if you’ve lost them until you reach the entrance of your apartment block.
now in clearer lighting, you get a real good look at your ‘hero’. his hairs is shockingly white but somehow very fitting for a person like him. it flutters over his eyes a little, which are covered by a pair of designer shades - at night? as you stare at them for a bit too long, trying to see past the murky black tint, the only word to describe the rest of him is ethereal. not to mention, while you were pressed against his side a moment ago you noticed how toned he was... is he wearing anything under that hoodie?
you almost allow yourself to be bewitched by his charming good-looks and angelic smile before you harsh reality slaps you across the face.
“thanks but you can really let go now, dude.”
“not until you’re inside your apartment,” satoru replies firmly, having already memorised your apartment number and floor from when he snuck around the files on suguru’s desk out of boredom earlier this afternoon.
“wait, how do you know where i live? are you a creepy stalker too?” you cry, trying to break free from his vice grip again.
“no, i’m just your guardian angel.”
the words ricocheted inside your mind, whizzing around the space between the front of your brain and the back of your confused eyes. you shake your head and force out a laugh awkwardly. your so-called guardian angel did not laugh back.
“wow, you got me there! pick up lines are so extreme nowadays...”
“satoru. gojo satoru.”
“you got me there satoru. now can you stop being so creepy before i call the police? thanks!” you exclaim with a sickly sweetness like that of vanilla fondant. satoru remains emotionless, a different character from the person who saved you only minutes ago.
“seriously, i’m your guardian angel. they exist, y/n,” he tries again.
why is he telling you this? he’s done his job and normally he would be long gone by now. but there’s something about you that is keeping him here and he knows he won’t leave until you are safe asleep in bed.
his voice is as hard as the grey linoleum squeaking beneath your trainers as he continues to escort you back to your apartment.
“ok so not only do you know where i live, you also know my name? i’m seriously going to call the police.”
you slide your phone out of your hoodie pocket and reach to unlock it. panicking, satoru smacks it out of your hand on reflex and it lands with a painful crack on the floor. you both stand there, gobsmacked, before you reach down an assess the damage. luckily, nothing has been scratched or smashed and you wipe at your blurry reflection in the murky black mirror, your hands shaking slightly. you sigh, genuinely frustrated and irritated now.
“satoru, was it? i don’t know who you are or why you’re still here but you have to go home. look, i’m at my apartment now. i’m safe.” you mutter this darkly and give him a hard stare, which he completely disregards as he pulls his hand away from yours and slides them into his pockets.
“i need a place to stay tonight, yaga just will have to let me back into gokumonkyo tomorrow,” he says with a yawn: he’s clearly waiting for you to unlock your door.
you cannot believe the gall of this handsome stranger. goku-what now?
“um hello? you fucking idiot! go home!” he flinches at your colourful language and you roll your eyes at this. this cold stranger you met not even half an hour ago is asking to be let into your home so he can crash for the night? and he claims to be your guardian angel? sure, he saved you from that creep and he’s very easy on the eyes but there is no way you were going to let him stay, even if it meant putting up a stern front and a petty fight.
and eventually calling the police to have him escorted off of your property.
satoru is, of course, oblivious to your irateness, despite feeling something like it himself. he felt weird inside; his insides burned like fire and he wanted to scream at you, punch you, kick you. but of course, he didn’t and merely tried to control his breathing, knowing it was the reflection of your emotions towards him. he didn’t like this feeling at all; he much preferred the one he’d felt when he first saw you. the weird fluttery feeling in his stomach, the increased heart rate and the irresistible urge to smile. he doesn’t know why, but his brain is a peculiar thing and suddenly he’s blurting out this question like it wouldn’t mean anything to the both of you.
“remember when you were five? and you fell into that pond?”
he has no idea where this is coming from or where it’s going.
you seize up immediately, hand clamped around your keys. the familiar feeling of the water constricting your body like a fierce python, the underwater reeds latching to your ankles and yanking you down to the pond’s muddy bed. the entire thing swallowing you wholly. as you struggled to stay above the water that flooded every crevice and pore of your skin, you recall brilliant white light and a pair of strong arms lifting you. the water had rushed back into the pond like an animal recoiling after a hit and as you lay on the grass of the bank, soft porcelain hands placed themselves on your heart. you still remember the incredible warmth that had replaced the frigidity of the pond, comforting your body like a blanket and drying out the water on your skin until you were perfectly fine. you also remember brilliant blue eyes as clear as the midday sky before everything had become fuzzy.
“y-yes...i fell in and must’ve passed out. when i woke up, i was completely dry,” you reply shakily. satoru’s eyebrows soften; he’s glad you remember.
“who saved you?” he prompts again.
“a boy from the village, a few years older than me.” at this, satoru’s face falls with bittersweetness. it was he who had saved you from death, snatching you away before it could take you for good at such a young age. he was a lot stricter with the rules of guardian angels back then and knew that angels were supposed to stay a secret, so he’d meddled with your memory and swapped himself for a village boy that was purely fictional. it also didn’t help that it was supposed to be suguru saving you, but for some reason he had left the tv unattended and by the time he had returned, gojo was already by your side. gently, he pries the keys out from your grasp and let the two of you in. you were a little shaken from recalling such trauma and he sat you down before beginning looking after you: he kept his jacket firmly on to hide the outline of his wings against his hoodie, but found an old blanket and handed it to you, along with a mug of hot tea. you smile weakly and sip the scalding tea, forcing it down even though it burned your throat. he sits quickly sits beside you after putting your shopping bag on the kitchen table.
“i don’t know if i’m breaking any codes by telling you this,” satoru begins softly, almost whispering. “but i think it has to be said because i’ve already said too much and it would be cruel to leave you like this. the reason i know about the pond incident is because i was the boy who saved you. not the village boy though, your guardian angel. well, technically i don’t really belong to you and you don’t belong to me but geto suguru, your real angel, couldn’t get to you on time. so i came to your rescue in his place. slowly he reaches up to the sides of his face and gently dislodges his sunglasses, folding them neatly on your coffe table. he doesn’t need to look at your reaction to know that you recognise his eyes.
silence settles again and you’re too overwhelmed to notice the hot mug burning your hands. but satoru gracefully takes it off you and sets it on a coaster without spilling a single drop.
“satoru?” you finally whisper. worry, an emotion he’s so familiar with, crosses his face and he reaches out to touch your cheek.
“thank you.”
he knows you’re not talking about the tea.
Tumblr media
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hollow-azure · 2 days ago
“Till Death Do Us Part”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ Pairing: Gojo Satoru x female OC/female reader → Rating: Teen+ → Genre: Romance, Slow burn → Trope: Arranged Marriage
Summary: In a world where Satoru Gojo is still the nonchalant, childish, and overbearingly unserious sorcerer he’s known to be, he decides to concede to his family one wish: To be betrothed to a person of their choosing. A simple agreement he thought. However, what happens with this arrangement when the person he is promised to happens to be a former upperclassman?
🚨 Warnings: Eventual 18+ rated chapter 🚨
Notes: Welcome to my JJK fic! There are 3 versions of this fic for you to enjoy below: An OC version, a Y/N version, and the OC version posted on AO3. All 3 versions will be updated simultaneously. Also, 1st Chapter of the OC version has a pic of my OC. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
| OC Version |
| Y/N Version |
| AO3 OC Version |
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yakuza boss!Fushiguro Toji x f!reader
genre. romance, smut
s. "sign and I will pay your debts ... on one condition" he has a smirk on his face as he hands you a pen, he may be a dangerous man but there is something about him that makes you trust him
cw. big dick!Toji, size kink, fingering, squirting, oral, nipple playing, creampie, car sex, mating press, praise, use of ‘daddy’ (2-3), manhandling + final plot twist | wc. 6k
an. the story takes place in one month — rbs + interactions are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
Mornings at work have always been hectic but today with the arrival of the boss everyone is on edge. Everything has to be perfect.
Becoming the secretary of the construction company after only a few months of being hired was really a godsend. But this meant that you had to take care of even the smallest things. Your co-workers came to you for everything, but you were grateful that you were able to gain their trust and create a solid team to work with. A second family.
"How's your dad?" the voice of one of your coworkers wakes you up from your thoughts. They had been so kind when your father had been taken to the hospital a few days earlier. The last period you had been swamped with work and his old heart had not held up. "He's better, the doctors are keeping him under control" you smile relieved and she gives a wide smile as if to reassure you. "Your old man has been here for many years and has never shown a moment of weakness, he'll make it back to us" she chuckles and you can't help but feel proud of the way your colleagues talk about your father.
"I'll find the money" you murmur when the call is over. After your father's hospitalization you were warned by the bank that they would not cover the medical expenses, because of the name that appeared under "employer" in the hospitalization documents. It is no secret that the company belongs to the most dangerous organization in the country, but neither the clients nor you the employees have ever had any problems. The pay was always good, the products always the best, and the boss was nice to everyone. Of course, when you accepted the job that your father had given you, in the company where he had been working for years, you turned up your nose at it, but after all, a job was still a job, even if the boss was a Yakuza.
"What's with the face?" his tone is gentle as he enters your small office. Smart suit with a loose tie and rolled up shirt sleeves, showing off the many tribal tattoos on his left forearm, tousled hair and a smile on his face. Gold rings with the family crest and two earrings on his lobes. This is how the most dangerous man in town introduces himself. "Mr. Fushiguro, welcome," your smile is genuine as you stand up to shake his hand and seat him in the chair.
"How is your father? I wanted to come check on him in person at the hospital but work held me back" he explains as he sits down, the scar on the side of his lip raised as he speaks, "if there's anything I can do let me know, it would be the least for my most productive employee." "He's better, thank you" you murmur drawing his curiosity as you drum your fingernail on the table, "but there is something". The words die in your throat as you try to speak, Toji bends his head to the side and looks at you curiously. "Would you happen to have a night job you could give me?" you ask awkwardly, fingers intertwining in your lap as you look around the office.
He clicks his tongue before leaning forward a little and looking at you more closely, "Money problems?" he asks running a finger over his lip. When you nod he smiles, "I don't think a night job is right for you" he says meeting your tired gaze.
"I need it" you explain trying to dull the tears struggling to come out, "the bank doesn't want to pay for treatment and I don't know..." he cuts your conversation off as he gets up from his seat. "They don't pay because of my name, don't they?" he asks visibly sorry.
It takes all your courage to nod and bow your head slightly, "please, I really need it," your bottom lip trembles slightly as a small tear slides down your cheek.He scratches the back of his head before giving a little smile, as if he had an idea, "come to my office tomorrow morning, I might have something for you".
You don't know how many times you bowed your head and repeated "thank you" before he walked out of your office and left you alone.
But now that you're in his office, with an armed guard outside the door, you're not sure if you were right to ask him for a second job. You know exactly what they're into, and even if the company you work at is clean, their dealings are still illicit.
The suit Toji is wearing is dark blue today, you notice as you drink the glass of water one of the secretaries kindly brought you. "As I said yesterday, I don't have a job that would work for you, but I still have a proposal I'd like you to think about." He pulls some papers out of a desk drawer, the muscles in his forearm tense as he hands them to you across the table. "I'll take care of the medical bills," he announces as he sits back down, "medications, the room, the hospitalization. Everything. But on one condition."
"Anything" you reply even before he finishes his speech. You bite your lip as if to stop your long tongue and he smiles. "If you sign those papers, I will pay off the debt to the hospital and you will become my wife."
At the word wife your mouth snaps open and a smirk settles on his lips, "my family has chosen a few candidates but they are not my kind of woman so I need someone to lend themselves and you seem perfect" he explains scratching his chin. He is a handsome man, everyone would be happy to become his wife, even if it's for show, and yet you think about it. Your heart racing and your mouth dry as you scan the papers in your hand.
"And will it be for long?" you ask not daring to look in his direction. You hear him click his tongue before you see him hand you a pen, "who knows, maybe" he says absently.
You take a long breath before taking the elegant pen from his tapered fingers, "I'm doing this for my father" you murmur more for yourself than for him. And so you sign.
"From this day forward you will be my fiancée. You'll be part of the organization and you won't have to worry about money anymore," he says bringing a cigarette to his mouth, "my men will go to your house and get your things while you come home with me so I can explain how we're going to carry this out," he takes a small puff of smoke to the side before grabbing his phone and starting a call.
The car you're getting into is very large, your hands are shaking as you buckle your seatbelt and the look on his face makes you regret signing that piece of paper.
"Don't be so stiff" he chuckles sitting down next to you, one hand resting on your bare thigh as he bends over your neck, "I'll be gentle with you" he murmurs licking a strip of skin making you shiver. "If you want to run away now is the time though. Once you join the clan there is no escape" he promises coming even closer to you.
When you don't give a sign to move, Toji begins to leave sloppy kisses along your jaw before turning your face and pressing his lips to yours. His tongue sneaks past your lips when you moan, his hand now inside your panties as he grinds your clit. "No wait," you mumble, knowing that on the other side of the glass two of his bodyguards might hear you. He, as if reading your thoughts, smiles, "they can't see or hear us, don't worry."
Your back arches as he pushes a finger between your folds that have become wet, "you're dripping, you like that don't you?" he chuckles biting your earlobe. A soft moan escapes your mouth when you thrust your hips toward his hand, two fingers massaging that sweet spot inside you as his thumb draws circles on your nub. As the orgasm builds you grab his wrist to stop it, but it's too late. Toji's expert fingers leave you no rest and when you come your moans are covered by his tongue in your mouth, "that's right, that's my girl".
Your legs feel like jelly when you get out of the car and Toji grabs you in time before your knees hit the ground, "I didn't do anything and yet you're in this condition" he chuckles taking you by the hand and leading you inside the huge house.
At his side you look tiny as you enter the house. Two rows of waiters wait for him at the entrance and bow their heads as he passes, "welcome back sir" they say in chorus casting furtive glances in your direction.
In the hot water you find yourself thinking about the day's events. "All so fast" you mutter to yourself, "I'm getting married to pay off a debt and I hardly know him".
You pout in the mirror as you put on your pajamas and head to bed. Toji doesn't show up after showing you around the house leaving you time to sort out your things and thoughts.
This is how the first few days in your new home go by. When you get up he is not in bed you even wonder if you actually sleep together, you go to work with a private driver, you run your errands and when you finish you visit your father in the hospital. When you get back there are all the maids waiting for you, there are people coming and going, all armed men dressed in suits who bow their heads in respect when they see you pass by. You have dinner alone and even when you go to bed you are alone, "a marriage like this could work" you mumble as you slip under the heavy covers.
The storm is raging outside and when a thunderclap louder than the others shakes the house you wake up with a start. Toji is there. One arm stretched across your pillow and the other on his side, "everything okay?" he asks opening one eye, catching you off guard.
You nod rubbing your eyes and snuggling under the covers, he pulls you closer to him, the tip of your nose on his warm chest as his hand caresses your back, "where have you been these days?" you ask curiously. "Did you notice my absence?" he teases you holding you tighter, "urgent business needed my attention, forgive me". He looks displeased as he places a tender kiss on the top of your head before you fall back into sleep.
"Good morning" his smile is the first thing you see when the sun is up. He's definitely the most handsome man you've ever seen, his green eyes fixed in yours and when you try to get up he presses you to the mattress, "not so fast angel" he whispers in your ear pinning your wrists to the pillow and working his way between your thighs.
"Did you sleep well?" he asks leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck receiving only moans from you in response. "You look so pretty even in the early morning huh" he murmurs stripping off your t-shirt and panties, "hold still for me" he says before starting to kiss along your collarbones to your breasts.
"It's wife duties" you think to yourself as you adjust yourself in his hands, "I can't back out, we have a deal".
His kisses are light as he encircles the darker part around your nipples, "you're such a pretty little thing" he whispers taking one into his mouth and starting to suck on it. He rolls his tongue around it before pulling it with his teeth making you moan and squirm, "feels good" you gasp throwing your head back when with two fingers he starts rubbing your nub.
"You're doing it good, angel" he gasps, moving down to leave kisses on your belly. "No, w-wait ..." you snap sitting up when he presses his tongue to your nub. Your skin warms everywhere he touches and when he hits the same spot with his tongue you fall back onto the mattress.
"Don't you like it?" he asks parting your folds with two fingers and licking along your slit a few times before focusing on the little nub. His fingers grind your sweet spot tearing moans from your plump lips, "please, is ...uh ...sto.." you whimper arching your back. He smiles against your sex, "but you're so wet, do you really want me to stop?" he asks sucking harder.
Toji's hand holds you wide open as his fingers and mouth work on your orgasm, your eyes roll to the back of your head and your toes curl as you cum, "c-cumming" you moan tangling your fingers in his black hair.
"You did that so well" he praises you releasing his cock from his boxers. His tip is slick with pre cum when he gives himself two strokes and lines it up in your hole, "you're going to be good and take it all" he murmurs returning to nibble on your breasts, leaving hickeys on the tender flesh like he was a teenager.
When he moves his hips against yours your walls start to burn, "it won't fit" you cry driving your nails into his broad shoulders making him moan. "Be a good girl and let me in, I'll make him fit angel" he murmurs pushing into you slowly.
You moan through clenched teeth as you feel your pussy pulsing and stretching inch by inch, "that's it, baby, shit. You feel so fucking good," Toji moans from on top of you as he sinks his cock into your dripping cunt with another slow thrust. His fingers hold your hips tightly to hold you in place as he starts to move, "you're taking me so well," he gasps when he manages to push himself fully in.
You arch your back as his tip caresses your cervix gently, and open your legs even wider when he bends over the crook of your neck, licking your warm skin, "it's too much... I'm gonna cum" you gasp scratching his tattooed back.
His pace becomes brutal and he slides a hand between your sweaty bodies, rubbing your nub with his calloused thumb, "come for me then" he encourages you pounding  against your sweet spot.
You come with lewd moans clutching at whatever you can grab, "geez ..." you blurt gushing around his cock. "That's it" Toji grunts as your rubbery walls flutter over his monstrous shaft, leaving a white ring at the base of his cock when it's balls deep. "This pretty cunt is squeezing me so good" he moans sloppily slamming his hips against yours, his mind clouded as he continues to fuck you.
Your pussy keeps squeezing him sink after sink, your cum coats his cock and drips onto the sheets and needy moans escape your lips, "give me another, give me everything" he hisses pushing you over the edge. Your body trembles as you cream on his cock and his jaw clenches as he feels you twitch around his girth, "shit ... you're so good" he grunts working his load into your abused cunt which keeps squeezing him as his hips begin to spasm.
His kisses are gentle as he comes down from his high, "you're cute when you come" he teases you before placing one last kiss on your forehead and getting off the bed.
"Are we going out for dinner tonight?Just you and me" he asks tying his tie and when you nod he gives you a smile, "that was fucking amazing" he murmurs helping you into your shoes before leaving the room.
You've been thinking about your morning together all day, your thighs clicking shut every time you see his head in between your thighs in your mind and now that you're at dinner together the situation hasn't changed.
"Is everything okay?" he asks when he sees you with your head in the clouds. You smile gently when you meet his eyes, "I ... yes I just need to use the bathroom for a moment" you explain taking your leave and walking out of the prive that he booked for just the two of you.
As you rearrange your makeup you think back to when you got ready to go out. His elegant suit suits him perfectly, you thought as he adjusted his jacket. You, on the other hand, felt uncomfortable in the expensive dress he had made you find on the bed, "you're going to be my wife, you'll have to get used to these clothes, be more confident" he had told you laying a kiss on your temple, "you are beautiful".
Chasing away your thoughts you return to Toji, glad that at least he thinks you're pretty. When you see him with another woman a knot forms in your stomach. Sitting in your seat is a woman in a provocative dress with long blonde hair, she holds her chin in her palm as she talks to your fiancé.
"Oh so it's you" the woman clicks her tongue as you reach the table, Toji has an annoyed look on his face and grabs your wrist pulling you into his lap. "She's my girlfriend" he says proudly placing a kiss on your bare shoulder and a hand on your hip. The woman in front of you seems bothered by his gestures and gives you a look, "you know I should be where you're sitting" she says with a raised eyebrow, "but well, apparently he chose you" she says getting up and laying a hand on his shoulder before walking out of the room.
"I'm sorry" he apologizes lifting your chin with two fingers, "I didn't know that .." before he finishes speaking you make your lips collide with his in a sloppy kiss, your teeth clash and your tongues caress each other. "You don't have to apologize for anything," you mumble as you pull away and return to your seat.
You spend the rest of dinner eating in silence, looking at each other occasionally but nothing more.
"Are you mad?" he asks getting into the car and starting it up. You shake your head slightly, "thanks for dinner everything was great" you murmur changing the subject. He bites his lip and drives slowly home, occasionally laying a hand on your thigh and when he doesn't get a reaction from you he huffs and concentrates on driving.
"Alright I get that you're pissed but at least talk to me" he blurts out as he parks in the huge garage at home. "I'm not" you whisper unbuckling your seatbelt and trying to quickly get out of the car.
He grabs you by the wrist and pulls you in, "cut the bullshit, what's wrong?" he asks with furrowed brows. "Is it the woman from before? My family had chosen her to be my wife and I rejected her, nothing more," he says pulling you heavily into his lap, your thighs on either side of his hips.
"Are you jealous?" he asks with a smirk, you pin him to his seat with a glance before giving him an answer. "I'm not. I think though that woman is better suited to be your wife" you explain looking at the many cars parked in the garage, "she was definitely very beautiful, the way she spoke and how she moved in that dress well she was very confidant and we only have a contract ...you can however..."
"Shut your mouth" Toji stops you by pressing his fingers to the sides of your mouth, "I chose you not her, even if it's only by contract. You're ... shit you're beautiful, you're smart ...." he says letting go of your face and dropping his head to the side, "shit you're falling for me aren't you?" he asks amused making you embarrassed.
When you deny he clutches you to his chest, his hard boner clutching his pants rubs beneath you, "that's a shame" he says lowering the straps of your dress exposing your hard nipples.
He pinches them both with his fingers as he pulls you toward him for a sloppy kiss. You squirm in his lap as his cock throbs beneath you, running out of breath you lift slightly to release and pump him with your hands smearing pre cum on the thick head with your thumb, "wanna fuck me?" he asks lifting your dress up to your hips and moving your panties to the side.
You swallow dry as you watch his long shaft quiver in your hand, "I want ..." you murmur rising from his lap and guiding his cock into your wet slit.
Tears form at the corners of your eyes as you feel his cock stretch your walls almost painfully, Toji throws his head back against the headrest as his hands grip your ass, easing you onto his length until he finally touches the bottom, "do as you please" he says enjoying your tight walls around him.
"So good" you meow moving at a slow pace, he drops his head into the crook of your neck licking a strip as your cunt sucks in his thick cock. Your walls squeeze so tightly around his girth that Toji can't hold back a moan, and he starts digging his fingers into the fat of your ass, "fuck, angel" he slams you down on his shaft roughly regaining control and making you moan.
You gasp for air as you move back and forth and he lifts you up and down, your swollen nub slamming into his crotch making the friction that helps with your release. His cock easily grazes your sweet spot with each thrust making you scream his name and arch your back, "come for me baby, come on." He paints your insides with his thick load moments later, his hands clenched on your ass as you shudder in his lap, "fuck yes" you blab milking his cock, your hips moving wildly as you come.
Your breathing slowly returns to normal as he cradles your head in his chest, his shirt soft against your face, "we can keep going in the room" he suggests with a smirk on his face helping you settle in.
You haven't mentioned that discussion again in the days after.
"Toji" you moan arching your back when he runs his tongue along your thigh. "Don't make that face you're driving me crazy" he hums bending down between your thighs.
He licks around your folds gently as he pushes his fingers into your slippery slit, "I'm going to cum" he warns pulling his hair to take him where you really want his tongue to be. His hand easily reaches your tit, pinching your nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making it swell under his touch.
"You taste so good," he hums, using his whole mouth to lick and suck, moaning and making you tremble under his touch. His thick fingers massage roughly against your spongy spot and you gush with a light squirt on his face, "so good ... I couldn't..." you murmur embarrassedly lifting yourself off the pillows.
Toji chuckles satisfied licking his fingers before pressing his mouth to yours. The taste of you on his tongue as he slides it past your lips tearing lewd moans from you.
"I will be away three days starting tomorrow" he says getting ready to go to the office, "I would like you to not leave, not to go to work or even to go to the hospital. Do you hear me?" he asks seriously taking your chin between his fingers, "will you be a good girl for me?"
"Yes daddy" you murmur before giving him a peck on the lips catching him off guard, "uh you don't know what you're in for" he chuckles before lifting you onto his shoulder. "I'm going to be late" you complain hitting his back gently without him giving a nod to put you down, "it's your fault pretty girl".
The first day without Toji you spent lying in bed, your legs aching from the roughness with which he had fucked you in the previous days, as you mulled over his words of a few days earlier. "Are you falling for me?" he had asked you, and you promptly denied it. Yet you know something is wrong.
Every time he looks at you, moves a strand of hair from your face, when he caresses your lips, your heart seems to want to burst from your chest. "Is he like that too?" you ask yourself as you roll over onto your stomach and enjoy the big bed. If so, he doesn't seem to show it.
On the second day in a way you missed him.
You read one of the many books in the personal library, you baked cookies following a YouTube recipe, you set up Toji's walk-in closet.
Ties were scattered around and as you were folding them to store them in the closet you happened upon the green one in your hands. You bite your lip when you think back on what an indecent way that poor tie was used, and chuckle to yourself when you decide to put it in the wash.
You've spent almost a month in that giant estate and yet you don't remember ever seeing Toji's office. When you walk in the decor is similar to that of his downtown office, cold. There is only one picture on the desk, a beautiful woman holding a child of maybe eight years old.
You know for sure that child is Toji. Same tousled hair and the same green eyes that look into you. The woman looks like him, "maybe his mother" you think when you look closely at the photo.
"Miss, can I help you?" a deep voice breaks through and a tall man looks at you from the doorway. You gently place the frame in its place before standing up, "I'm sorry, I was just walking around" you apologize as you walk past the man who promptly closes the door behind you. "Mr. Fushiguro doesn't like to be poked in his personal business" he grumbles leaving you alone and joining other men.
On the third day, you really didn't feel like staying at home with almost unknown people, so you went out the window. "I'm a grown woman and look what I have to do" you complain as you climb over the gate of Fushiguro mansion.
After bringing a change of clothes to your father and being with him to talk you greet him quickly. "Oh shit he must be home by now" you blurt as you walk out of the hospital and bump into a burly man. He has a stern look and a smirk on his face as you apologize and try to pull away before he grabs your wrist, squeezing it between his fingers.
"Are you his wife?" he asks towering over you moving his jacket aside slightly so you can see the gun. You swallow dry before nodding and following him down the sidewalk where a car seems to be waiting.
"Don't touch my woman" Toji's voice thunders as he pushes the stranger away from you. "Are you okay?" he asks turning to look at you, his eyes filled with terror as he notices red marks on your puny wrist.  "I'm fine" you murmur trying to touch him but he pulls away coldly looking back at the man in front of you.
"Now, I understand the reasons, I know she sent you " he says furiously, "but touching my woman, what's the matter you don't know the rules maybe?" he asks grabbing the man by the hair and slamming his face into the hood of the parked car. He babbles something that sounds like an apology when Toji hits him again, "I see you're already missing a half, do you want to lose your other pinky too?" he threatens letting him go when you pull the hem of his jacket.
"Please .." you whine getting his attention. "Are you hurt?" he asks wiping your cheeks and placing a kiss on your forehead.
The embrace he pulls you into makes you breathless, "I asked you one fucking thing" he mutters in your ear, "you'll pay for it at home."
The arrival of his men is immediate, and you feel so guilty when you think about how they were probably scolded by Toji for noticing your little escape so late.
"I'm sorry," you whisper as you walk into the bedroom, he hasn't said a word to you the entire car ride, and the first thing he says when he turns to look at you is "strip".
The anger in his eyes makes the air electric. Your nipples immediately tingle as soon as you undress, your gaze down as he forces you to your knees, "hands in front of you," he says unbuckling his belt with a snap and tying your wrists together.
You choke on your saliva as Toji pushes his cock past your lips. Your tongue licks the pre cum that stains his thick tip before he begins to guide your head down his shaft.
You flick your tongue over his swollen veins before swallowing him slowly, "all the way down your throat" Toji grunts pushing his hips against your face hard, the tip hitting the back of your throat.
You sink your nails into his thighs with tears escaping your eyes as he holds you pressed with your nose into his groin not letting you breathe, "you're so fucking pretty" you hear him humming as you choke around his fat cock.
You slowly rock your head back and forth, your puffy lips gently cupping his girth, Toji clenches his jaw and squints his eyes, his cock throbbing in your mouth before a load of bitter seed spills down your throat. "Good girl," he moans as you noisily swallow his hot cum, licking his shaft to clean it of your own drool.
"Are you still mad, Daddy?" you ask when you climb into his lap. He takes a long breath giggling, unbuckles the belt from your wrists and begins to massage them slowly. "I'm not mad, I was fucking worried about you, angel." You sniff the scent into his neck wrapping your arms around him, "I missed you" you confess hoping he calms down and wraps you in his warm embrace.
"I missed you too .. " he says spreading your thighs apart on either side of his legs and pushes two fingers into your soaked cunt, "now, your punishment isn't over".
As he pushes his thick fingers into your slit and hits your sweet spot, he sucks and bites your nipples making you spasm in his lap, "I'm going to cum" you meow as the palm of his hand rubs your nub. Toji roughly squeezes your ass to hold you still as he works your orgasm, "I don't care if you don't follow my orders, I'm going to buy you a fucking leash and fuck you in it" he murmurs grinding inside you.
"I'll tie you up like a good pet, I'll make you feel good until you learn" he moans as you bite your bottom lip and squirt on his hand and cock which spasms as you collapse on him.
The next morning while you're eating breakfast alone one of Toji's guards approaches you cautiously, he bows his head before speaking, "Miss, I'm sorry I told the boss you had escaped I will take any punishment you see fit". You almost choke when he finishes speaking, "no that's not necessary" you rush to say in panic, "actually, thank you it probably would have ended badly if you hadn't said ..."
The man won't let you speak, "miss, the boss is just afraid of losing you don't leave him because of what happened yesterday, that man was sent to hurt you and the boss was just doing his duty. Don't leave him, he has been looking for you for a long time" he repeats bending down almost touching his forehead to his knees.
"What's going on?" when Toji enters, the man stands up and turns in the direction bending over again. He dismisses him before sitting down next to you and taking a grape from your bowl, "good morning, angel" he murmurs kissing your cheek.
"Can we talk?" you ask when he starts running his hand down your thigh.
He looks so nervous as you sit down on the couch next to each other. "Why me, why did you choose me, there must be a reason," you murmur taking his hands between yours, "I mean, a real reason".
He lets go of your hands and runs a hand through his hair, he scratches his neck and leans back on his knees taking his head in his hands, "I'm sorry, I should have told you from the beginning".
"When I was a kid, my dad was always away on business, and my mom had a serious illness," he says without taking his eyes off his intertwined hands, "fuck, I was a brat, I never visited her and when I did it always ended up with me yelling at her."
His voice is almost audible as he talks about his mother, the beautiful woman you remember seeing in the picture in his office, "maybe I just couldn't accept that she was dying as a matter of fact the last time I saw her I said very bad things to her. I came in one day and she was no longer in that room."
Tears lurk in your eyes as you listen to him carefully, "damn, I was so angry, my dad was always away, he wasn't even there the day of the funeral. I was there instead," he says fiddling with the clans ring. "I was walking around among the headstones, I even kicked a flower pot that was just lying there on the fucking ground."
He chuckles as he pulls himself up and turns to look at you, "then you popped up," he says making you furrow your brow. "You said — but what did that poor vase do to you — and you laughed. You had on a black dress and your hair tied in two pigtails, I thought — what does this brat want — but then you came to me, pulled out the pot shards and said everything would be alright." Your tears flow quickly down your cheeks as you realize the moment Toji is sharing.
It was the anniversary of your mother's death and like every year you went with your father to the cemetery, you remember a child with green eyes who was very sad, kicking pebbles and then in a fit of rage hitting a vase next to a tombstone. You remember how you wanted to yell at him, even though he was older than you, but then you realized where you were and that he was most likely angry about losing someone so you said the first thing that went through your mind, "what did that poor vase do to you."
Toji chuckles, "with those two simple sentences you changed my day. I will never forget that, just as I have never forgotten your face."
"For years I searched for you. That day when you left I read the name on the grave and I said to myself — I didn't even say thank you — I really fucking looked for you, just so I could say thank you."
Toji takes you into his lap as you begin to sob, "when I took over the organization I hadn't given up hope of ever meeting you again, think of my surprise when your father showed up in my office asking for a job for his little girl. And I knew right away it was you. You'd been under my nose for years and I hadn't even noticed."
You bury your nose in his neck when you can't stop sobbing, "I'm sorry I didn't speak up sooner but I thought the only way a woman like you would look at a jerk like me was this. And I'm really sorry that your father was sick and that I took advantage of this situation to get close to you," he's sincere when he speaks, clasping his hands around your waist and whispering slowly in your ear, "I was tired of making stupid excuses to stop by the company and have a word with you."
"I fucking fell in love when you showed up for the interview. I shouldn't have even been the one to do it but fuck I was too curious," he says placing a kiss on the top of your head, "and you had remained the same nice girl I had met, I should have just said thank you and let you go but I couldn't so I'm doing it now."
He clears his throat before lifting your chin with two fingers, "thank you for talking to me that day, it may have been nothing to you but it was everything to me." He gives a sad smile, resting his forehead on yours, "if you want to leave now, you can. I'll tear up the contract but I'll still pay your father's bills ..."
"That's enough" you murmur wrapping your arms around his neck, "I don't want to go anywhere. We've been together for a month now and it's been fun ..." you giggle rubbing your nose to his, "I want to stay if you still want me."
Hope is shining in your eyes and Toji rubs his thumb on your cheek before giving you a peck on the lips, "without a contract" he says seriously, "stay with me because you want to not because of a signature on a piece of paper" he murmurs and when you nod he lifts himself off the couch, your legs wrapped around his waist.
You don't remember how many people you met on the living room-bedroom commute as you undressed.
You remember your fuzzy mind though, as Toji pushed your knees against your chest, the sound of your pussy wrapping around his cock in lewd sounds that bounced around the room. Your walls swollen and needy despite the previous orgasms as Toji licks and sucks in the crook of your neck, "shit, baby I'm gonna cum" he warns, the tip of his cock purple after the too many loads he poured inside your holes.
It doesn't take long before your walls tighten around him again, his pelvis grazing your puffy clit is enough to make you cream around him for the umpteenth time, your lips part in a scream as you come, "Toji so good." Your words trigger his orgasm "shit, so tight baby, so good" he moans, his eyes rolling back into his head as he almost collapses on top of you "a good girl for me".
You remember thinking you were the happiest woman in the world in that instant.
Even now that the ring you wear on your ring finger reflects the light coming through the blinds onto your face, and Toji leaves kisses on your bare back, going lower and lower, under the covers, you think you are the luckiest woman in the world. 
Even if the man you love is a Yakuza boss.
Tumblr media
an. in the comments I will put you the yakuza rules of which Toji mentions and the issue of cutting the pinky finger — bruh reblog if you want more >.<
🏷. @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @imkumichan @roppongiperfume @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @conchetucona @tojibreedingme @sleepyamaya @the-amaranthine @littlemochi @erishium @satoruswhxre @animedaydreamer @slasherlust @desiray562 @yeagerfushiguro @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @shadowarchon @flipperpenguins @sukunasbabymama @lilymoonpie @cryszus @ingcnoti @sakhimeansfriend @mumbledori @dukina @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @manjiroarchiviste @risefallrise @vnaessaa @burntbuttermm @imkumichan @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @keresssss @aasouthteranoswife
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megukins · 2 months ago
Daddy's In Charge
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓆩♡𓆪 Dom!Toji x sub!fem reader
𓆩♡𓆪 genre: heavy smut
𓆩♡𓆪 synopsis: Your husband fucks you like he hates you.
𓆩♡𓆪 a/n: Honestly, I was debating whether I should do Sukuna, or Dabi cus they both fit perfectly for this too tbh.
𓆩♡𓆪 warnings: 18+, somnophilia, oral (f rec), anal (f receiving) mating press, creampie, dacryphilia, rough sex, a bit of degradation, cunnilingus, daddy kink, one mention of blood, dumbification, blood play, rimming, one mention of choking
𓆩♡𓆪 Word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
He walked in your shared bedroom, watching you sleep away peacefully, snoring lightly. He climbed in and snuggled next to you. He pulled the covers down some to take in your lovely figure. Your nipples were hard from the coldness which was very well noticeable from how sheer the nightgown was. He muttered a 'damn.' He felt hard already just at the sight. He pulled the strings to the gown down, eyeing your lace panties. He lowers to your clothed crotch, sliding your panties off and smashes his face in your heat, letting his fingers twiddle with your hard buds. You shuffle a bit and moan. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but you gave him the consent that he could do whatever to you in your sleep and vice versa. 
He swirls his tongue around slowly, slurping on your juices. He groans at the uncomfortness that sits in his pants. He could tell you were close to climax, still eating away and toying with your nipples. He couldn't help but let out a moan at how good you tasted right now.
You open your eyes slowly to see your husband eating you out.
"Toji?" You rub your eyes, seeing him smirking.
"My bad, I couldn't help it. You looked so irresistible."
He takes his clothes off, your eyes going straight to his leaking cock. He shoves his hard cock inside your entrance and grabs your wrists just to see you squirm around, making him smirk. The sight of your frail figure made his cock twitch inside you.
He continues pounding into your wet walls, your wetness seeping onto his dick. He pushes your legs in the air, placing you in the mating press position. He pounded harder, your cunt practically swollen now by how hard he's fucking into you. 
"You like that, slut? Daddy fucking you stupid?" He pants.
You're confused at what he was asking, busy filled with pleasure. You were a blushing mess at the new position he had you placed in, drool slipping out your mouth. He grabbed your legs and shoved it in deeper, tears pouring at your eyes. He felt his balls get heavier when he heard you sniffling. 
He grabs your asscheeks roughly and squeezes them at the same time he grinded into you. He bit his lip at how much you were clenching around him. You claw at his back. More tears began falling from your eyes, making him moan.
"It's such a turn on to see you acting a bitch in heat, and crying from my cock."
He instantly nuts inside you, your cheeks clapping on his meat. He shoots more of his hot load in you, some dripping down your asshole. He shoves his dick inside again, filling your pussy with his juices. Your legs felt numb and your head felt light weighted. You could barely say anything or think. You ended up cumming, which upset him. 
"Did I say you could cum yet?" He spoke in a harsh tone, slapping your ass, making it jiggle. 
"N-no daddy…"
He pulled out of you and flipped you on your stomach, shoving his length in your ass this time.
"I bet you were dreaming of this. Is that why your pussy was so wet when I was pounding into you?"
You whimper in response to his question.
"Such a dirty bitch."
He fucks into your ass harsher, and sticks his fangs in your neck, blood forming. He licks the blood slowly as you shiver. He fills your hole and flips you on your back again, as you grab your knees. He spreads your asscheeks apart and dips his tongue in.
You felt something wet stick in your ass. You look down to see him tonguing your asshole.
"Ah daddy~"
You loll your tongue, your eyes rolling in the back of your head. You felt pure euphoria. It almost felt like you were in heaven. For a second, you thought you were still dreaming, but it was all real. He flicks his tongue In your perineal a few times, watching your body squirm around.
"Fuckkk…" He muffles, sending you more waves of pleasure.
You shove his head in some more, his red tip drooling at the sight. He teases your perineal a few more times, making you curl your toes and grab onto the headboard for dear life. He abuses both holes simultaneously, causing more tears to prick your eyes. 
"D-daddy, can you go a little faster?" 
"Speak up, daddy can't hear you." He smirks sadistically.
You shut your eyes tight, feeling him stick four fingers in your clit and swirling his tongue in your ass.
"F-faster please!" You cry out, his balls hurting from your cries.
He complies only because you were crying for him to do so. 
Your eyes were red and puffy, your pussy and ass were swollen from the harsh treatment they received, and your chin and sheets were covered in drool. You looked like multiple people fucked you at once. He shoves his dick in you, filling all his cum in you at once, then eventually pulls out.
"I'm tired." 
You felt an arm resting on your larynx. He chokes you, but not rough enough to prevent you from breathing.
You gasp at his sudden actions.
"We're not done yet, slut." 
He goes in the drawer beside him to pull out all kinds of different objects. He ties you to the bed tightly, nearly cutting off circulation to your arms. You feel cold metal around your tits, to see him place nipple clamps on you. He pulled out a clit massager and shoves it in, the vibrations shaking you out of your thoughts. You swallow hard, trying to stop the moans from slipping out your mouth. 
"Mmm, feels a-ah good!~"  He smirks sadistically.
You flip on your side which wasn't a good idea. The nipple clamps brushed your sensitive buds, and the massager brushed against your g-spot. You squirt all over it. It continued to brush your entrance, causing you to squirt once more. 
You squirm around some more hoping he would release you. He twists the nipple clamps some, making you hiss from the pain. He takes the clamps off and pops your nipples in his mouth, flicking his tongue on them. He bit down on your right one harshly, licking the milk that gushed out of it, which left bite marks on the flesh. He does the same to your left one, milking you dry. You whimper at his actions. He pushes the massager in deeper and toyed with your hole. You feel tears prick your eyes once more, making a long moan come out of his mouth.
 He could easily cum every time you cried which would be a lot. 
"You see what your tears do to Daddy?"
He shoves his fingers deeper in your ass. You squirm around more too busy to answer, hoping he would release you sometime soon.
 "C-can we pick up right here later? What if Megumi walks in and sees us in such a position? I mean he is old enough, but still that would terrify him. You know how he likes to stop by when he can." 
"Well then, let him enjoy the show."
He took his phone from the dresser and took multiple pictures and videos of your fucked out expressions.
"Don't worry, I won't send it to him or anyone else for that matter, unless you really want me to. It's just for me to get off to when needed."
 He placed his phone back on the dresser and lowered towards your thighs, leaving all sorts of bite marks on them. He took the massager out, which was soaked in your juices.
"Look how dirty my naughty little whore is~"
He threw it somewhere on the bed and eventually untied you from the bedpost. He wraps his arms and legs around you, face deep in your boobs, his rock hard cock poking you. He hums at the warmth coming from your tits and pussy. He pushes you back some to admire your appearance.
"Mmm, look at you looking all breedable. If you don't stop looking like that, Megumi just might get a brother." He licks his lips hovering over you once more. 
"Now then, how about we have another round, babygirl?~"  
Tumblr media
© 2022 this work belongs to @megukins DO NOT repost OR plagiarize on any other social media
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multistan-247 · a month ago
❝ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 𝖎𝖘 𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖞 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉𝖊𝖗𝖘, 𝖐𝖊𝖊𝖕 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖇𝖔𝖉𝖞 𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖓, 𝖘𝖜𝖎𝖒 ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚠︎ Characters: Bf!Geto Suguru × afab!reader
⚠︎ Synopsis: When one of your friends complains about your boyfriend being super touchy with you (rather enviously), you feel embarrassed at the way your other friends poke fun at you, and you project the embarassment at him in the form of apprehensiveness, asking him not to touch you. Suguru being the sweet boyfriend he is, is kinda hurt and annoyed at you. One rainy morning, you're finally done with his "ignorance" and you decide you have to take matters into your own hands (legs) if you have to make it upto him.
⚠︎ Warnings: MDNI, edging, mean dom!Geto, cunnilingus, nipple play, thigh riding, some shitty friends, clitoral stimulation, f! masturbation, anal play and penetration, overstimulation, squirting, begging, mutual non-con, degradation (use of the word slut), jealousy, dirty talk, teasing, vaginal stimulation, orgasm.
⚠︎ Tags: @killtoji @otivez @4dtk @getosun @scandescent @beware-of-the-rogue + all my fellow Geto wh0res :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're a mess. A hot panting mess as a rivulet of sweat runs down your back. Legs overworked, face heated with the blood rush in your body. Struggling to hold your moans as your clit bumps against the thick muscles of his thigh and the friction of your damp panties.
You're going to burst any second. It's close, so close, so fucking close that it drives you crazy.
It wasn't even 7am yet. He'd been up early because of the raucous sounds of the rain and you'd sauntered between his legs after finding the space next to you cold, staring at him crossly.
When you press your lips to his for a long peck, he doesn't raise as much as a muscle. He sits like a handsome statue, closed-off and silent, only making eye contact with you.
Your only wish right now was orgasm, to coat his thighs and show him how much you wanted him. One more touch from him and you'd combust.
When Suguru Geto punished you, it was hell.
Hell in the best way.
It's raining, the tranquil but noisy sounds of rain hitting the ground, the roofs of houses nearby, plants and cars galore are drowned in your quest for release. And it didn't help how the cool air seemed to nip at your breasts. They tingled with each movement of your pelvis against his leg and one little touch to them, you'd spontaneously burst.
It has gotten too much.
The urge to touch yourself was arising, but you didn't want to make him any more angry than he already was. Squashing your thoughts didn't help in any way, not when his form slept so close to you, and everytime you wanted to apologize, to beg him to touch you, the look he gave from the corner of his eye was enough to deflate you.
Your moan is cut off when his hand is wrapped around your torso and his other arm clasps your waist, pulling impossibly closer than before, the friction against your needy, swollen clit almost blinding and you cry out mindlessly when your nipple catches his bare chest, his muscled arm pressed against your cleavage.
God, you were so small and trembling against him that it was almost pathetic.
He wants to laugh at you, prod at how needy you were without being touched. He refrains from doing so, afraid that you might close off from him again, mindful of your needs which are so difficult to voice out for you until you continue to brush against his thigh with babbles of "Suguru, Suguru please- Please, please please it aches it aches so much, I want to come for you-"
His ears perk up at that.
You wanted to please him.
You wanted to please him.
"Aren't you precious?"
He goes absolutely feral with the way your noises get significantly more high-pitched and consistent when he begins to dribble his leg, the one you were perched on, and the tremors in your body grow, like the shattering motions of an earthquake ready to disintegrate anything in its path at any second.
Your hips stop working, focusing on the wet pat, pat, pat of your sticky wetness humping against his clothed thigh.
It was so lewd.
But it didn't matter when his hands reaches out for your hips, holding you as he begins to move you himself, fed up of your struggle to move.
A shriek tears past your lips at the added pressure of his leg dribbling simultaneously, and the heavy weight of his palms on your hips sure to leave finger-like bruises when you're done.
The thought of it drove you to the edge and it no longer bothered you at how loud you were being. You're throwing an arm around him to brace yourself for your orgasm as you slowly career towards the edge of it. The burn of it never fades as you feel yourself, embarrassingly wet and soaking your panties as your whimper his name. Tension so thick that you feel like you're in a bubble of your own world, euphoria coursing through your veins as the sound of rain disappears into the background. All you're able to hear are the pleas of his name out of your mouth, his heavy breathing and the creaks of the sofa as he continues this manhandling.
He's cruel with the pace he sets over you, determined to completely unravel you, to strip you of your rational thinking before he sinks his cock inside your tight little hole, your sweet cunt staining his favourite pair of sweats.
His lips press a kiss to your shoulder, as you rest your head in the crook of his neck, completely giving up all control to him. You wouldn't mind even if he chose to continue this mistreatment of your body, overstimulating you to the point that a brush of your clit drove you crazy.
You're whining when he stops moving his legs and instead, begins to drag your hips over his leg in a push-pull motion.
"I haven't touched you in a week and this is how needy you get? Maybe I should do this more often."
You were going to reply to that, but all that came out of your mouth were soft cries and babbles from rough treatment.
"You wanna cum, baby?" He asks tauntingly.
His eyes are on the way you're shaking, mouth slack, panting each time your swollen clit pressed against his heated thigh, your pussy wet and clenching, nipples hard and erect as a layer of sheen sweat collected on your skin.
"Words, baby, use your words."
"More- more, Sugu- please- just let me cum-"
God, he's going to tease you about this later but you couldn't care less for now.
"Please- just let me cum- just once-"
A whimper of protest reaches his ears and he chuckles rudely as your moments are stopped.
"Do you need some help? Does my needy little princess need some help?"
"Yes please!- Please touch me! Just once!-"
Your voice is far from your controlled to a much more frenzied tone.
"Words, baby, use your fucking words. I can't hear you over the noises you're making."
"Suguru- I can't take it-"
Soft, wanton moans tumble out of your lips like a prayer, and he's never been satisfied more in his life; seeing you like this, the precious girl he'd fallen for, being so worked up like this just because he hadn't touched her for a week.
He made her like this.
A sweet, blubbering, wet little mess.
His mess.
"I'm sorry- I shouldn't have said t-that. I'm sorry- Ahn!"
A hard pinch to your nipple has you shrieking, and you're this close to crying.
He's breathing into your face, invading your personal space, and it's too much, too much of him, but it's not enough.
The raspiness of his voice makes your insides quake; the demand dark and threatening, unbridled tension thickening in the petrichor.
You'd missed a few of his words, but he didn't take very kindly to it.
"You heard me, sweetheart. Get rid of those panties. Hurry up now."
You're swallowing a whimper as you get off him, daring yourself to look at the stickiness you'd left on his thigh. A gulp traverses down your throat meeting his hooded, half-lidded eyes. Sexual vulnerability with him was a thrill, each gaze and touch had you reeling, it was the time of your life, and a ride you never wanted to end.
The thudding of your heart closes over the sound of rain as you pull off the damp material of your panties down your legs and before you could let it fall to the floor, he says,
"You'll need that."
You can only wonder what he would make you do with them as the haze of orgasm clouds you, open to all his suggestions. Clutching your panties tightly in your palm, you try not to rub your thighs together.
Suguru, of course, notices that.
"Hands to the wall, ass out. I want your cunt on my face."
If only you could combust on spot, you would.
With the hottest burn on your cheeks, you do what you were told to, and walk over to the nearest wall, the front of your body against the coolness stimulating you further as you stick your ass out for him.
"Legs open, slut. You weren't shy when you were using my leg earlier, were you?"
You have to bite down on your bottom lip to stop a whimper, closing your eyes in shame as your part your legs open for his eyes and his eyes only.
With your eyes tightly closed in anticipation, with craving, you're not ready for the hit of warm breaths against your cunt, which has you moving your hips as an involuntary reaction.
His tongue licks a broad stripe across your throbbing pussy when you least expect it; your body jerks away at the touch of wet muscle with a gasp but rough hands hook around your thighs and hold your down.
When did he even get under you?
The shock of damp warmth on your core has you shook, trembling as he draws circles, never letting his tongue touch your pulsating clit.
"Panties in your mouth. I don't want a single sound from you until you tell me that you're going to come."
Geto's voice is thick with barely concealed hunger and you're able to feel it though you weren't able to meet his eyes, probably blown wide with lust.
Heat crawls up your butt as he hands you your soiled underwear and you know better than to cross his words as you embarassedly do as you were told.
You taste yourself on your tongue and feel his tongue on you again- this time the licks are purposeful yet mellow, making you jolt in pleasure and bite down on the fabric restricting your hums.
He's back to swirling his tongue around your clit and to your absolute shock, he presses his face into your pussy, covering it with his whole mouth making you jolt up and rock into his face. If that wasn't enough, the tip of his nose nudged your quivering hole and his lips wrap around your clit, sucking rhythmically.
Your body has a mind of its own as you desperately grind your hips against his face, eyeballs rolling into your skull, cries slightly muffled by your panties. Mentally you're begging him, begging him to understand, to take pity on you, to let you come and be merciful to you.
Suguru does the exact opposite of that.
He makes out with your thigh, frustrating you further, but knew what he was exactly doing to you.
That's what he was doing.
You were shaking pitifully as he slowly pushed his tongue into your dripping hole, moaning throatily at your juices on his tongue, nuzzling his face into your cunt, greedy and starving.
The wet panties in your mouth was an obstruction. You couldn't moan freely and it felt like utter torture. To be so close to something but so far just because you couldn't moan or make a noise.
But Suguru's tone hid an underlying threat when he told you to keep your mouth shut. You wouldn't get to cum for another week if you went against his words.
You decided that keeping your mouth shut as best as you could was a better option than being touch-starved.
Oh, you could cum any second now, if he continued the way he was maneuvering his hot mouth on you. Cunt clenching hard everytime he pulled and pushed his tongue in and out, in and out.
A disappointed whine is covered by the sticky, slobbered fabric between your lips, being denied of the slowly rising orgasm. He gives a leisurely lick to you spasming cunt and sucks on your outer lips, collecting the mild juices that were beginning to gathering around it and running down your thighs.
Calloused hands grip your waist and bring your pussy close to his face until your butt is hanging over his face and your chest and face is completely crushed to the wall. Your squeak of surprise goes unheard as he relishes the syrupyness between your legs, as if that was the last meal he was granted.
Your hands bite into the flatness, shaking with the effort to keep still as you continue to moan around the cloth. His lithe fingers aid your clit as he slides two fingers around it and tugs the swollen length, dismembering the effort you were putting in to stay at your place as his tongue- his sinful tongue reaches for your aching pussy, groaning his approval.
It feels like your innards were set on fire as he strokes your walls in the way you like, slow and dragging, making you clench in agony. The sounds you were producing were incorrigible thanks to the cloth and you're only more surprised with what he says next.
"Remove those dirty panties and moan. Tell me what you did, where you went wrong and beg like the slut you are. Maybe- I'll let you come." The vibrations of his words penetrate into you, making your whimper.
You're all too quick to throw those darn panties to the side.
A sultry moan floats past your lips when he goes back to inflicting his infernal torture over your desperate body.
"I- I shouted at you for being so touchy w-with me" interrupted by a particularly hard thrust, "Because of my f-friends- because they called you clingy and touchy and I f-felt- ah-" another thrust, "e-embarrassed."
You squeal at the delirious haze occupying you as you admit the truth, the one you didn't want to convey because you didn't want to hurt him. The irritance built in your system came out as anger because of the petty jealousy your 'friends' harboured for you.
"I shouldn't have treated you like that- I- I'm sorry. S-sorry. N'er gon' treat you like that again. M'sorry. M'sorry- sorry. Don' wanna hurt you again- M'sorry."
Despite the delirium of the orgasm unraveling in you, you were guilty with the way you'd slurred out the words to him because of all the drinks you'd downed due to some upsetting comments. Just because your shitty friends hated how wonderful your boyfriend was.
But no one should get to influence you and your thinking.
That's what Suguru decided to teach you.
He noticed the frustrated tears in your eyes when he didn't kiss you good night or hold you. As much as Suguru decided that he should teach you a thing or two about holding your ground and not being bullied into a certain way of thinking, he was genuinely hurt too.
Afterall, it's said that a person only tells the truth when they're drunk.
The pleasure coursing through your body was unbearable.
Slurps of absolute relish and your moans and cries has him grip your thighs, trailing his fingers over and over as he eats you out with continual licks, sucks and nibbles.
"Please Geto- please. I'm going to-"
A loud groan rumbles from your voice box when inserts his tongue back into you, the thick velvety muscle moving inside you, stretching you, quakeing as he tugs your very sensitive clit.
Cool air blows over your overheated body, making you aware of the slick drying on your thighs and the warmth of his mouth and his forehead.
You're leaking all over his hand and wrist but he doesn't seem to care as you launch yourself into a chain of "fuck" mixed with "oh god, yes" and try your best to grind against his face and maintain your balance in the tantalizing position.
The finger on your clit trails behind, collecting the wetness oozing from you, trailing it around your other puckering hole, teasing it lightly and trying to enter it.
"No- no please- I can't take it- "
Pleas of "no no no" and "I can't- it's too much" fall on deaf ears as he pulls back to mutter,
"Yes you can."
Your lips open in silent need, eyes closing as he enters with ease. You're incapable of speaking, or voicing out the various feelings budding inside you, like a ticking time bomb.
"Please let me come, Sugu! Wanna come so bad-"
"If you wanna cum, then," his breath tickles the and you're moaning again, "do it yourself.", and you're shivering, shifting as your juices trail down your legs uncomfortably.
"If you cum on your own, only then will you be fucked. Or else, forget fucking, I won't even lay a single hand on you for another month."
Begrudgingly, you're nodding your head no, hating yourself for being so needy for his touch, his roaming hands, his experienced mouth on you, craving the same intensity with which he'd spend his own sweet time re-learning every inch and crevice of you.
His swollen lips suck on your folds, earnestly licking broad, warm stripes along your pussy, and he pulls back, leaving his middle finger in your hole.
"Touch yourself."
With one hand on the wall, you trail your hand to your pussy, heavy with the onset of release and the rush of blood to your groin, leaving you light-headed as you brush a finger over your clit, swirling it and sliding two of your fingers in anguish, your pussy taking them in almost immediately.
Your walls squeeze hard as you make attempts to push your fingers until you can reach your g-spot, but it's not Suguru's.
You settle for the sensations your small ones are able to provide and pay no mind to the obscene squelches of your hand moving inside you.
Huffs of breath and muffled cries reach Suguru's kneeling form as he takes in how your greedy pussy welcomes the intrusion of your struggling fingers.
It's shameful how you were gushing because of those poor, aimless strokes of your fingers. They could never fill you out like Suguru's did.
The need to come was in the forefront of your mind; and you'd do what you had to. Your fingers reach for your aching bundle of nerves, massaging them as your heated walls begin to contract.
You were already too far gone to realise that your juices were rushing down your thighs, and when a thick, concentrated drop of it falls onto the wooden flooring, staining it a darker, ebony brown, he absolutely loses it.
Your soft, damp fingers were slapped away and replaced with his own, manipulating all your three erogenous zones. He thrusts in his tongue instantaneously, and the calefaction rising in your belly spurts with his fingers tugging your slicked clit and pushing into your anus, your legs almost give out at the joint assault to your senses if not for Suguru's hand pressing into your stomach and bracing you to gain your standing.
You press yourself onto the wall for some balance, oversensitive nipples brushing the chilly wall as you ride his face. You're practically sobbing and quivering, pleading him to give you what you wanted.
"Please Sugu- C-can't anymore- nngh!-"
Mercy was one of Suguru's worst qualities, because he never gave any. Be it bed or battlefield, he'd go on till the end to make a point. One of the very qualities which drew Satoru in.
Geto Suguru had many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
In his ears, your apology was enough as the slurred words were weighed down with regret.
He decides his poor baby needed the release, you being an exception, as much as his sadistic side enjoyed this.
Your pelvic floor contracts almost violently amidst the way he parts both your ass cheeks and impales his tongue into you, forcing you to lean towards the wall, eyes shutting tight and painfully, huge black and white spots dance in your vision, causing you to spray all over his face, screaming your throat raw as it bounces off the walls accompanied by the sound of rain.
Overtaxed legs drop to the floor like dominoes, head lulling forward to the wall if not for a moistened palm catching it as you gasp out loud, weeping in relief and release.
Sinewy arms scoop you into a broad chest, a peck on the forehead going unregistered to your fucked out brain. Crisp sheets crowd your heated curves, cooling a side of your body.
The shuffle of clothes and his presence laying down on the bed alerts you a little, but not completely until your thighs are parted, warm precum sliding onto your skin as he lines up himself to your entrance.
"Tch. Don't run away now, I just got started sweetheart. I may be clingy, but at least I fuck you well."
Unlike your friends, but he doesn't need to add that.
You already know it.
Suguru Geto has many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
Turns out that you weren't an exception.
That's because the next few seconds, one of your legs were folded and pulled away on top of his, and his cock was already balls deep inside your unprepared cunt.
Tumblr media
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fanficbrainrots · 2 months ago
Say That I'm Yours (gojo x f!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Gojo has never experienced jealousy. But after overhearing you talking to Utahime about your ex (who is also her current boyfriend), he can’t fight off the shaky, unfamiliar feeling in his chest. You have to reassure him that he's only yours in the bedroom.
jjk masterlist
Content/Warnings: NSFW 18+, jealous and needy Gojo, pet-names (m!recieving and f!recieving), vaginal fingering, Gojo has a praise kink, and discovers that he loves to be called pretty boy, insecure Gojo, emotional hurt/comfort, a little angsty at first, oral (m!recieving), soft sex, unprotected sex, cream pie. At first, Satoru takes initiative, then you take over. Primarily dom!reader and sub!gojo. (soft/service!dom gojo too?? I think???)
Note: We’ve reached 500 followers! Woo! As a little treat to celebrate, I wrote my first ever smut piece. And uhhhh… I’ve never done this before so I apologize if it comes out a little wonky. If you haven’t read it already, this piece is NSFW so MDI.
P.S: Feedback is appreciated!
P.P.S: sub/soft!gojo rights.
Words: 10k
Gojo Satoru never considered himself to be a jealous man.
And personally, when he does get jealous, I do think he would get A LITTLE possessive. But contrary to what everyone else headcanons him to be, he wouldn’t be rough.
As Gege Akutami stated himself, Gojo is perfect in every way aside from his overly childish personality. Looks, wits, having complete mastery of his overall skill, Satoru really does have it all.
So aside from jealousy, he’s also never felt an ounce of insecurity in his life.
Plus, why would he? Growing up, he was brought up as the ‘perfect child’ in his clan, being the ignition to his ego. And currently, your devotion to him is higher than any other person he had previously come across with. And even though you don’t try, your physical expression towards him has fueled his ego in an unnecessarily large amount over your dating period.
You’re not a person of words, but merely a woman of touch. You talk a lot, but you’re not very poetic, so verbally complimenting Gojo is almost non-existent. But he doesn’t mind, since the number of compliments he has received from multiple people about his physical looks is 10x more than how much an average person receives in their lifespan. Though, it’s not a lie if he wants to hear how his eyes are like the sky or how his hair is like snow from you. Typical and repetitive, but it’s refreshing if those words trickle from your tongue instead from people he doesn’t care about.
But they never did, and he accepts that. He’s aware that you’re not the complimenting type, but the way your hand caresses his hair in the winter snow, fingertips lightly kissing his bare chest almost every night, and how you gaze into his eyes as if you were cloud-gazing is enough to make him feel like he’s the most gorgeous man alive. So it’s normal for him to never feel envy, insecurity, or any other negative, self-indulgent emotion. This relationship alone already sets him above cloud nine.
So, what happens if Gojo were to come face-to-face with those unfamiliar feelings for the first time?
Utahime was extremely nervous when she introduced her partner to you and Satoru, especially you.
And it was definitely awkward to reunite with your former ex with your current boyfriend by your side… But it was Utahime’s fault, for she was rambling (and indirectly apologizing) about how painfully weird this must be to the both of you. And while Satoru joyfully soaked in her rare emotion of being flustered, you happily greeted your ex, and both exclaimed that this interaction isn’t weird or awkward at all.
Yes, Utahime’s boyfriend was your first love, but it ended smoothly and with no hard feelings. Your time apart is 5 times longer than your time together. In fact, this feels like a reunion between old friends rather than former, romantic companionship. That being said, Satoru feels at ease since you’re so relaxed and the man opposite to him (who goes by the name Rai) is non-threatening at all.
Therefore, lunch went smoothly, where everyone caught up with each other. You and Rai discussed any milestone events between the gap of seeing one another last and now, while Utahime irritatingly throws insults towards Gojo’s gleeful taunts.
After stopping at an ice cream parlor for dessert on the go, you and Utahime decide to sit outside on a bench to talk about “girl stuff” while the boyfriends entertain themselves.
“I have to take this call,” Rai waves his phone and Satoru dismisses him by flashing a toothless grin. And once the man leaves, the 28-year-old sorcerer ponders where you and his former classmate trailed off too. Sensing your cursed energy, he makes his way to the bench where you and Utahime are chatting.
“There’s no way he did that!” Utahime playfully slapped your shoulder while you hid your face from laughing too hard.
Amused, your boyfriend keeps himself at a distance, admiring how delighted you are, while also basking in how your skin glistens against the sun. But he remains close enough to eavesdrop.
“He did, he did!” Your finger swiped a tear off the bottom of your eye. “For 2 months after our first anniversary, he told the same restaurant that it was our anniversary for free dessert whenever we visited. And they believed it until all the waiters served us.”
Perplexed, Satoru raised an eyebrow, unfamiliar with your storyline. No? On your first anniversary, he took you to the Bahamas and 100% did not do that… Though it’s financially unnecessary, he thought it was a genius plan.
“It is something Rai would do,” Utahime sighed, calming down from her fit of laughter. “I’m 31, but he still sometimes tells the servers that I’m 25 whenever he wants to get under my skin.”
“Oh geez… A literal trickster at best.”
Satoru frowned upon discovering that you were talking about your past experience with Rai and how open you are about it. Well- it’s not that he minds. He shouldn’t mind, actually.
You probably talk about your experiences with Satoru to your friends all the time! Eagerly, he waits for your turn to share a goofy story about a time with your very dearest. But, that conversation never came to be.
Utahime shifts her seat and stands straight with relaxed shoulders. “In all honesty, I’m glad that we are able to talk about this. I was so nervous about how awkward it might be for you since Rai was you know…”
Her voice trailed off to some sort of unsettlement and you took that as an opportunity to smile genuinely at the nervous teacher.
“Ahh don’t be!” You gave reassurance by tapping the side of her thigh. “Rai is a great man! He and I ended on very good terms. I was actually very happy to see him today. Looks much different than the last time I saw him.”
“Really?” Utahime’s eyes ogled. “What did he look like when he was younger?”
Meanwhile, Satoru pressed his back against the wall with crossed arms. Removing his glasses, he barely needed to glance over the concrete corner to see you pulling old pictures of a group. And there you were in the middle while your finger led his attention to a figure of a man all the way to the left. Right from the get-go, Satoru knew that this picture was from you in high school, meaning that it was before you and Rai started dating. That was the only fact you told him.
The 31-year-old squinted her eyes and used her fingers to zoom into the photo. “Huh, he does look a lot leaner, but with more of a babyface. You didn’t become his girlfriend until the beginning of college, correct?”
You nodded. “Yeah. This picture was actually taken the day we met.”
Satoru felt his lips unconsciously pouting at the statement. Do you have any sort of memorabilia of the time you met?
‘It’s a group photo. Don’t be weird about it,’ The sorcerer brushed those uncomfortable, unfamiliar thoughts away.
“You guys knew each other longer than I thought.” Utahime happened to express Satoru’s thoughts out loud.
“Actually, I knew about him first before he met me,” you recalled, which sparked your lover’s curiosity. He leaned closer, so his ears could capture everything you say. Not that it bothers him, of course.
Assuming that the woman you’re talking to had a nonverbal reaction, you laughed outwardly. “You were no longer in high school, but he was very popular in our class! Though… there weren’t that many people, to begin with. Anyways, he would always be chirpy and courteous to those around him. I wasn’t that outgoing so I just kinda admired him from the back of the class until it was our last semester of high school… You’re okay with me telling you this, right Hime?”
“Please, I’m not the envious type. I want to know who my partner was before I met him. But I think your boyfriend might get jealous.” Satoru could hear the hesitance that trailed off his former classmate’s tone. He almost wanted to jump in and laugh at how stupid that assumption was.
Satoru, jealous? It’s sinful to put those two terms in one sentence.
“Nah, he’s not like that.” You raised a hand, brushing it off. “Anyways, where do you want me to start?”
Maybe Satoru did something bad and the Gods punished him for it. With Rai gone for 30 minutes, you told Utahime your old companionship with her current lover. How after months of friendship, you were the one who initiated it and how he was your first everything. Before having proper money, you and Rai would go on adventures as dates to compensate for simple meals. And to make matters worse, Utahime all soaked it up as if she was the spectator in this failed relationship.
Not an ounce of possessiveness or jealousy courses through her veins. Just utter curiosity and fascination.
Gojo told himself that he felt the same thing. However, it left a sour distaste on his tongue and a churned stomach upon hearing all of this. He had his fair share of experiences before his current one and you were being honest about yours. You liked your relationship and that’s that.
But why did he carry the feeling of wanting to whisk you away from ever getting near Rai? No, Gojo Satoru is never jealous. He’s being protective.
“What are your favorite features about him?!” Utahime asked, clamping her fingers together. You sat up straight, rubbing the back of your head with an unsure laugh.
“Uhhh are you sure you want me to answer that?” As much as you’re happy about your friend’s enthusiasm, you felt like you might be setting yourself up in a trap.
“Oh come on! My boyfriend’s really hot and kind, and I don’t have anyone to fan him over with! Please, I won’t get mad!” The semi-grade 1 sorceress grabs your hands, tightly squeezing them. You scanned her eyes, trying to see if there was any envy or malice behind her enthusiastic gaze. However, any implication did not arise and you concluded that your friend was just lovesick with no one to talk to about it.
But Satoru sure as hell didn’t want you to. Actually, he was absolutely sure that you didn’t want to answer either. He’s had enough of this and he senses that you are too. If anything, he can’t wait to accuse his senior of acting like a teenage girl for the next year and forever. Pushing himself off the wall, he began to showcase his loud, obnoxious appearance until he halted at the sound of your voice.
“Like physical? I’m not too sure, actually. I used to like how light his brown hair would get in the summer.” You opened your mouth to continue but closed it immediately.
Satoru tugged on the strands of his white hair, frowning at the color. You liked running your hands through it, but you’ve never commented on how nice it looked.
“Isn’t it gorgeous? Everything about him is perfect-” Utahime fawned. Her face beamed a bright red as she geeked over her man, clutching onto you in the process. Your stuntedness formed into a genuine smile, due to how happy you are for a lifelong friend. At last, she’s found happiness.
She continued. “His hair, his face, his eyes-”
It even shocked you that you managed to interrupt Utahime’s rare tandem. “-His eyes are very beautiful! It’s like looking into a green nebula. It’s what drew me into him the most and I think he was sick of me always saying that.”
“Sincerely out of this world. I can’t describe it in words, but every time I look into them, I feel like I’m in a hypnotic trance.”
“-Like you’re simply lost whenever he’s talking?”
“Yeah, I noticed you blanking out whenever he was talking to you.”
“Oh shut up, you most likely did the same thing when he was yours.” Utahime playfully nudged and you furrowed at her tease.
Now, this is something that Gojo had to admit that it kinda hurt. His eyes were the staple of his well-being, the frontman of his physical confidence. Yes, you drew your thumbs underneath those rare pairs, but the fact that you never called them beautiful or verbally admired them once stung.
But when Rai was yours, you apparently complimented him like it was no problem.
'Beautiful and captivating, huh?' He whimpered softly as the uncomfortable feeling washed over him. He never heard you traject those words to him before.
“Um… Well, I’m sure that you know, but he was absolutely sweet and very courteous.” Your tone softened as you reminisced about the old times. “We didn’t have a lot back then, but he still managed to make every day feel like we could do anything even though we didn’t have everything… Oh God, that sounds weird. I didn’t mean it that way, I’m so sorry.”
You face-palmed yourself and something inside Satoru’s gut twisted. He would always shower you with gifts and other spoils, but mainly as reconciliation if his busy schedule stole him away from you. Before he knew it, his hand was placed over his heart, his stomach doing massive somersaults.
Do anything… Did Satoru fail to give you satisfaction when he could do everything?
But when Rai was yours, you felt like you could.
“I know what you mean!” Utahime playfully tugged on the strands of her hair. You swore you could see stars beaming from her brown orbs. “One time we forgot our wallets after eating at a karaoke bar, so he had to improvise his way of paying by having me sing for tips and we still had leftover money for more drinks!”
“Ugh, clever bastard… Where does he get a brain like that? That’s also one thing I admire about him.”
“Well in terms of strength, he’s only a grade 2, so he had to be more creative when it comes to fighting curses.”
‘I can get creative!’ He mentally argued, though he never really has to, since he can snap and the curse would perish.
“True… When we’d spar back then, Rai would still manage to beat my ass even though I’m ‘stronger’ than him,” you put the term in air quotes.
You and Utahime convene until the latter’s boyfriend returns from his phone call. He flashed Satoru a wide smile and through his dark sunglasses, your partner analyzed the ex’s eyes.
They are very green and arguably mesmerizing. But, Satoru believes his are prettier.
But, is that what you think?
With an uncomfortable heart, the men returned to their beloved partners. You squealed when Utahime received a loving kiss from Rai, while Satoru snaked his arm around your waist.
You could’ve noticed how secure his grip as if you weren’t so busy talking to Rai about your past as mission partners.
A few days later, you’ve noticed Satoru being extra clingy… and nice?
The usually messy and disorganized sorcerer started to clean up after himself and always abide by what you wanted.
The man who had the palette of a child opted out for a savory breakfast rather than going to a sweets cafe because you wanted to. He’d be more affectionate in public, not letting you out of his reach. Oddly enough, he would settle the bridge of his sunglasses on a lower portion of his nose, so you have to see in his blue eyes when you’d talk in public.
It worried you for a moment since new habits have been created and broken out of the blue. With no explanation, he would always do his best to please you.
From your basic wants to intimate needs, for some reason, Satoru wanted to give it his all.
“What is with you, Satoru-” You sigh as your partner leaves delicate kisses on the nape and then to the side of your neck. His large hands slide down from your waist to your hips and pull you closer to him. “You’re so touchy today.”
Like the last couple of days…
“I just missed you,” his hot breath releases a chill down your spine. He then sets down the spatula you were holding while turning off the stovetop. “Just missed you so much.”
Though your ‘annoyed’ exterior shows any satisfaction, it’d be a lie if you claimed that you aren’t melting from his touch. The heat inside the kitchen adds more to the desire burning deep in your core and it doesn’t help that the person casting the effect spins you around and has lips hovering centimeters away from yours.
“Beautiful…” The tip of his right thumb brushes the bottom of your lip and he licks his own. You glance up to meet his eyes, but his starry blue irises have turned to a thinner ring, as his pupils dilate in infatuation. His remaining fingers cup your jaw, adding more fuel to the pit of your stomach.
His left-hand sneaks down to the flesh of your ass and you yelp in surprise as he pulls you towards him. Taking your open mouth as an advantage, Satoru doesn’t hesitate to slip his tongue in as his lips connect with yours. You wrap your arms around his waist, and the throb between your thighs increases.
“Mmph!” You groan and Satoru initiates the next step by rubbing his hips against your clothed body. Tongues dance together while he continues to grope your ass, but his hand shortly rises underneath your shirt, feeling every curvature of the small of your back. The sloppiness in his pace and the subtle whines in his throat is enough to help you predict how hard he is underneath his layer of clothing. Teasingly, you break the kiss and slip a finger inside his beltline.
A string of saliva bridges between the two lips and Satoru grouches at the disconnect. His lips swell pink from the heated activity while his cheeks are flushed, anticipating more. From his chest, the light blue, silk button-up rises up and down, and your partner pants heavily as if he just ran a marathon.
Usually, at this point, he would make some condescending or teasing remark on how much you want to bed him. However, his mouth remains gaped, only the sounds of his breathing pass between the two of you. Wanting to test him, your index finger slips lower until you can feel the skin of his abdomen. Satoru quickly exhales from the sudden touch, but there’s no usual smirk or raised brow on his face. Only an expression that screams, ‘Please continue.’
“Baby, are you okay?” You gaze at him, still catching your own breath.
He’s strangely quiet as if he’s suddenly shy. And that’s typically not who Gojo Satoru is.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” The hand still underneath your shirt begins to make its way to the right side of your waist, and the closer he gets to your stomach, the amount of butterflies increases.
After noting how your jaw clenches at the action, Satoru bends down and leaves a kiss on the side of your neck. It’s wet, but not entirely sloppy. Instead of using his tongue and straight-up licks down to your sternum like a usual, teasing bastard, he takes time and kisses his way down. The jolt between your thighs returns.
“We- We can’t. I still need to cook for you.” Automatically, your right hand reaches up to the back of his head, using your fingers to grasp his white locks. Your action contrasts your words and Satoru takes that as your approval.
“I’m not hungry.” But the way both hands move below your shirt says otherwise. Since you’re at home, you wear your favorite v-neck with no bra underneath. Freely, two thumbs brush over your hardened nipples, rubbing them in a circular motion, and your hands grip the counter for support.
“Right now, I just want you.” There’s a different look in Satoru today. He’s never been so direct on what he wants until now. Whenever he would declare his needs, he would mask his desires with a playful tone. This time, he says it as if these are direct orders from a life or death mission.
Sensing your shift in mood, the sorcerer detaches his tongue from your exposed chest and looks up at you. The inner corners of his brows scrunched and his lips glisten under the fluorescent light. He shoots you a look of what appears to be desperation, almost like he’s in pain.
“Please-” he breathily urges, one hand scooping the bottom of your ass while the other arm is wrapped around your waist, waiting for approval. “I want to make you feel good, right now.”
Your legs tremble at this new side of Satoru and something about him practically begging to fuck you ignites something in your soul. You can’t pinpoint what exactly, but whatever it is, his wish is your command.
“Yeah, okay.” You breathe out and as if it’s choreographed over a hundred times (and to be honest, it is), you feel a set of palms grabbing your bottom and he hoists you up. Your legs immediately wrap around his waist and your lips crash against the side of his neck, hungrily sucking and licking where other faded love marks are. After being able to find his sweet spot, Satoru’s shoulders shudder at the intense feeling while he glides his way into the bedroom while carrying you, his constricted cock begs to be freed from his tight pants.
His main mission right now is to please you.
Once he lays you down, you don’t hesitate to remove your own shirt and toss it to the side, revealing your bare breasts in all their glory. And for a few seconds, Satoru halts on top of you, hands next to your shoulders, soaking up the appearance of a goddess in front of him. A thin layer of drool begins to dribble down his lips.
Previously he’s admired you many times before sex, but because you’ve been so indulgent at his changed behavior, this is your first time noticing how he’s acknowledging your physical appearance. With how reserved he’s being, it gives you a little confidence boost, since you’ve never seen such a man in awe of your presence.
His bewildered eyes, a pool of drool below his lips, the imprint of his massive hardon against his left thigh, all of this is your doing. You’ve brought the strongest sorcerer to his knees, and you’ve never acknowledged that until now. With a burning face, your fingers pinch your own nipples, the pleasurable sensation causing you to moan.
Satoru, who is still on top of you (and fully clothed), bites his lip at how it’s not him forcing that sound out of you. In protest, his right hand carefully pushes away your left palm and continues to knead your breast.
The ends of his hair tickle your bare chest as his mouth trails lower to your stomach, enveloping each kiss with non-verbal, mental praises. He hopes that you understand the messages behind his actions, for he can’t find the right words that will do it justice.
You’re his goddess, and no one else's.
He wants you to feel good.
He wants you to say that you’re feeling good.
He needs you to say that he’s doing a good job, that nobody could ever compare to him.
“Someone’s feeling… very lovey today,” a hitched giggle is drawn out while your palm continues to pet his hair. It’s difficult to formulate a coherent sentence while he’s so busy leaving wet marks around the sensitive areas of your skin. 3 years together and he’s mastered all of your sweet points.
Wanting to share the pleasure, you raise your foot and rub his very prominent erection, gliding it back and forth. The sudden friction in his pants makes him halt his movements, a trembling hand wraps around the ankle of your jeans. Stopping your actions, you look up at an out-of-breath Satoru, who looks rather conflicted between wanting you to continue or needing you to stop.
One more swipe and it looks like he’s about to combust.
“Aww is my pretty boy about to cum in his pants?” The sultriness in your tone even shocks you. Usually, this is Satoru’s role to play, telling you how ‘pretty’ you are underneath him while mocking your desperation for release. But seeing how compliant he’s been, your subconscious tells you to take the dominant part- verbally at least. And not gonna lie, you do want to see the image of Satoru completely soiling his attire. If it wasn’t for his hold on your ankle, you would’ve been sliding your foot along his clothed shaft to the very tip of his very pretty dick.
A small patch of wetness seeps through your jeans and you’ve just noticed how soaked you are. It doesn’t help that the lewd image ingrained in your head is the major cause of all of this.
But what you didn’t know is how close Satoru is already. This whole charade is an experience for the both of you- you’re grunting at wanting to see your partner completely at your mercy while he’s about to combust from your sentence alone.
‘Pretty boy'
‘My pretty boy.’
His cock continues to twitch as the nickname cycles in his head again and again. It’s the first time you’ve ever called him something like that for intimate purposes. Even from his past sexual experiences, he’s never been the one who’s doused in possessive compliments so this is a new discovery for him.
Yes, yes! He’s your pretty boy. Yours and yours only. His heart thumps and his stomach flutters while ogling the wet patch seeping through your jeans. From your perspective, that flustered expression Satoru had is now mixed with a certain fierceness. The brightness in his eyes darkens as he single-handedly undoes the buttons of your jeans and even though he’s still got it, it’s cute at how clumsier he looks.
“No-” He grunts, answering your question. Bringing the middle and ring finger up to his mouth, Satoru coats them with his tongue, though you’re both aware that the extra lubrication is unnecessary. You’re already leaking through your jeans, that’s more than enough.
You swallow, gazing at the man above you, the superiority in your thoughts leaving your head.
‘Aw shit.’
A string of saliva connects his bottom lip to his coated fingers and Satoru swirls his tongue around your right areola.
“Haaah…” You gasp and fist the bedsheets and the skin of your boyfriend’s hand disappears below your panties as those long fingers trace along your puffy lips, a silent warning that he’s about to enter.
Shimming off your pants but leaving your underwear on, Satoru sits up more on his knees and eyes the bottom of your panties, the darker shade due to your juices adds more to his arousal. Yes, he felt how wet you are. But upon seeing how soaked you are, he’s extremely close to going completely feral.
“You’re leaking…” He replies astounded like this is a brand new sight for him. Your hips angle up, trying to match the slow pace of his fingers, your cunt beckoning for his fingers to slip in.
“Mhm, yeah. I am.” Your patience is starting to wear thin.
‘Is this some type of long foreplay?’ You thought to yourself, biting your lip.
Though you like this ‘wonder-like’ version of Satoru, you just want to feel him. Spreading your legs farther, your hand cups above his that’s hovering over your wet core. “You feel that? You feel how soaked I am, Satoru? It’s all- oh God… It’s all for you.”
If you weren’t so desperate for him to continue, you’d find yourself extremely pathetic for being the one indirectly begging for him to begin. And upon seeing your need, Satoru doesn’t waste any more time. After all, it is his duty to satisfy his queen.
Almost apologetically, his two fingers slip inside- warm, gummy walls instinctively tighten around them. Trying to add more stimulation, his thumb presses on your clit, rubbing in circular motions. His free hand palms his own erection and his hips begin to rut against it, pacing with how his fingers curl inside of you.
Satoru thrives on how contorted your face is, how your eyes roll to the back of your head and how your lips form an ‘o’ shape. The way that both hands tightly grip the sheets beside you, but how you desperately claw on them as if it’s his muscular back. Your hips buckle up, grinding the open air and he marvels at how ravenous you look.
“Sa- Satoru nghhh- yessss,” you reach out trying to grab his arm- grab any body part. Still pacing back and forth, Satoru holds out his free hand and you grip it tightly.
“Yes?” He groans with you, the squelching sounds of your wet cunt taking his fingers are music to his ears. You mouth his name again, mixed with urgent moans. He himself can feel precum creating a pool on his underwear. You try to speak and he wonders what to do next.
Does the fist himself while he continues fingering you? Or should he just focus on you? He can take care of his needs later. Right now… Right now Satoru wants needs you to-
“I’m about to… I’m about to cum.” You squeeze the last 4 words with clenched teeth.
“Then go ahead, sweetheart. Cum nice and hard for me.” He licks his own lips, nodding along with you like your release is also his.
“No.” You hiss and his eyes widen, surprised by your answer. Immediately, the thrusting of his fingers slows down to a stop. And you whimper at how you’ve edged yourself.
“What’s wrong, baby? Did I do something wrong? Did you not like it?” His mind races with many factors on how he displeased you. You seemed to have enjoyed it. The way that your insides squeezed around his fingers was enough to tell him that he was fingering you in the right places.
Settling from your almost high, you laugh and scoot closer to him, calves sliding underneath the middle of his thighs. Glancing at his perplexed face, you reach up to his white-collar, and yank him down, his lips connecting to yours once more.
You can feel the sound of his grunt vibrate on your tongue and like a pro, your fingers nimbly work their way down, undoing the first three buttons.
“I loved it,” you mumble between the heated kiss. “I was so close, but I want to cum from your cock, not your fingers.”
“Huh?” Satoru exhales sharply. His already flushed face deepens even more and the confident fire in you returns. Biting his lips, your hands trace down from his chest, purposely brushing over his nipples, and press on his muscular abdomen. Your left-hand removes the small leather strap from the buckle and tugs him closer.
“What are you doing?” He asks as if his eyes have deceived him. Your left fingers successfully undo the buttons of his jeans with one hand while your right ones lightly graze over his restrained erection. Satoru exhales, hips involuntarily rocking back and forth.
“What else?” You tease, applying more pressure against his clothed shaft. “Remove your top for me, Satoru. It’s not fair that I’m the only one naked right now. Why are you being so shy all of a sudden?”
Complying with the request, but ignoring your question, Satoru unbuttons his silk top, fingers fumbling and shaking. It is cute to see, but his sudden nervousness makes you nervous as well. Why is he being so fidgety? Did he do something bad?
On his second to the last button, you place your hand on top of his, signaling for him to stop. Reading the uncertainty on your face, Satoru can’t utter a word. His flushed chest heavily breathes, waiting for your next thought.
“What’s wrong, Satoru?” You speak softly, with an edge of worry.
“What do you mean?” He tries to play it off, but here’s the one thing about Gojo Satoru. He may be good at hiding his feelings, but if you interrogate him in a highly vulnerable environment, he’s shit at pretending. The warmth in his cheeks adds another knot of evidence.
Tugging on his wrist furthermore, you encourage him to sit down, officially halting the intimate activity. Disappointed by his lack of usual finesse, Satoru’s face beams in embarrassment rather than arousal.
“I mean…” You pull a pillow, hiding your exposed chest. “Why are you so nervous?”
Satoru does his best to pull a mischievous tone. “Is it wrong to be nervous when I pleasure my goddess?”
“ I-uhhhhh,” Your stomach releases butterflies, due to his suaveness. However, you still feel how hesitant Gojo is. It’s like facing a virgin. “You’re always very confident during sex. I’m usually the flustered one.”
You chuckle, pointing a finger at yourself, but your boyfriend hides his eyes through his hair. Frowning you scoot closer, as you settle your way onto his lap. Your arms wrap around the back of his neck and your wet core presses against his softening erection.
“Come on baby, talk to me.” You press an open-mouth kiss on his right pec and a small nibble on his collarbone. Satoru shudders at the warm feeling as he wraps his arms around your back to pull you closer. “Please?”
It took him a while, but the sorcerer finally connects through eye contact, his magnificent ocean eyes sending a loving shrill down your spine. You find yourself getting lost in his gaze.
“I overheard you and Utahime talking on the bench, the other day,” he grumbles and your ears perk up at his answer.
“How much did you hear?”
“I heard enough to know that Rai was able to make you feel like you could do anything in the whole world.” His voice drops and so does your heart. “Even with everything I have, no matter how many riches or treasures I give you, it’ll never amount to anything that he gave.”
Your face drops to a frown, shocked at what you’re hearing from both ears. How on earth did he assume that?!
“No baby, no.” You coo, sweeping the soft, pearl-like strands of hair from his forehead. Your lips plant on the recently exposed skin, and you slowly travel down to his nose, rosy cheeks, and jaw before stopping inches above his lips. Satoru whimpers at the distance, while also recalling your denial.
You slowly inch forward. “That was all in the past, my love. Rai is a great person, but the amount of affection he has given is no match to how much care, devotion, gifts (you jest by nibbling on the cartilage of his ear), and love that you've given me. Likewise, my feelings for you are incomparable to how I felt towards him. Don’t compare yourself to my past experience, Satoru. You’re my present and future.”
He swallows at your words. The sadness in his blue hues brightens into love and hope. His lips gape as he looks at the face that is inches above his. Truly a goddess in human form.
“Really?” He still needs to feel reassured.
‘Please tell the truth.’
“Yes, truly. I love you more than any man or woman I’ve ever come across and will come across.” Your thumb grazes his bottom lip as he mumbles back the same three words. The kiss starts slowly as if he was still hesitant over the whole ordeal. But your eagerness helps push him to come back to his comfort zone.
As he inserts his tongue into your mouth, you begin to pace by grazing his hair through your fingers. Your hips rock, lapping over the hardening member below, and the butterflies from your stomach return.
But before you can escalate even further, Satoru pulls away, this time earning a whine from you.
He breathes heavily, pulling on a rather teasing pout. “Say that my eyes are pretty.”
“What?” Your fingernails lightly trace over the sides of his neck and your partner shivers from the tingling sensation.
“You don’t compliment me, ever.” He forces out, rather pettily. “Just this once, please say something nice about me.”
His last sentence is hushed and desperate-sounding. You giggle at his shyness once more and peck the tip of his nose. Though, your stomach swirls with guilt, as it seems like you never showed him enough love.
Time to fix that.
“I’m sorry if you got the wrong message,” your lips travel to his neck, words vibrating through his flawless skin. His head leans back and his Adam's apple bobs from the pleasure. “But I always think that you’re beautiful, Satoru. It’s just that the whole world knows it.” Slowly, you remove yourself from his lap and have him lie flat down on the large mattress.
With all four limbs pinned around him, you continue to shower him with praise. You ravish every piece of exposed skin on his body starting from the top and he flushes brightly while looking away. “I thought that you’d be sick and tired once you hear it from me multiple times.”
“Never… I would never get sick of it coming from- ohhh…” Satoru hisses as your hand lightly tugs on the roots of his hair. With your right knee moving to the middle of his thighs, you put slight pressure on his balls, having him slowly grind for more friction.
“Your hair is purer than any shades of white and softer than all the silk I’ve ever touched.” Your grip softens as you kiss the side of his head. Soon after, you travel down to his eyes. Thumbs softly brushing the delicate skin underneath them. His blown-out pupils stare directly at your soul, the power of his six eyes distinguishing the warmth that flows through your veins.
You place a peck on each outer corner. “If only words can bring justice to how mesmerizing these eyes of yours are. Did you know how embarrassed I was the day you first removed your blindfold? I thought that I wouldn’t be able to pry away and you’d catch me staring.”
“I did. I caught you all the time.” He hums amused, but his gaze never leaves yours. Though it’s just the two of you in this room, you whisper a message that is created for him and only him.
“The sky and ocean, all-in-one. How did I get so lucky to see the gates of heaven when I’m still walking on this earth? Maybe I instead, am the honored one.”
His heart swells at the softness of your words. You, the goddess in his life, find yourself the honored one because of him. It nearly brings tears to the god-like sorcerer’s eyes.
Satoru slithers his large palms where your ass meets your thighs, unable to keep his hands away from you. He molds them and you swallow, the throb in your pussy begs to be touched, to continue unfinished business.
“Slow down, pretty boy.” You purr with a kitten-like grin. His hands around you clamp at the name and your knee feels his hips thrust up. His eyes almost roll back and his nose scrunches at the endearment.
“You like being called that, huh baby?” Your knee presses against his clothed crotch, earning a wince from his pretty mouth. “Is that all I need to say to get you this vulnerable? Call you my pretty boy?”
Another grind against your knee. Satoru looks up at you in a hazed condition. Though the main event hasn’t arrived, he looks like he just came from a 3-time post-orgasm state. With the cat biting his tongue, Gojo nods profusely, desperately uttering yes.
Sweat seeps through his button-up as you kiss his glossed lips. This time, you and Satoru had to fight for dominance. His is pure infatuation and desperation, while you want to gain control in taming the strongest sorcerer. You bring your body down as he slips a finger through the hem of your panties.
“Please…” He begs as you pull back, crotch fully grinding against yours. His hands move your hips in a slow rhythm, your wetness staining his already soaked imprint. The friction of your panties is enough to make you cum alone. “I want to make you feel good. Please let me make you feel good.”
That can happen, but seeing a vulnerable Satoru below you, desperate for your pleasure while curling his toes at every praise is rather enjoyable. A new, undiscovered flame lights your stomach and you want to do what it takes to explore this rare opportunity.
“You always do that,” you pout, going lower. “But this time, I-” Each word, leaves a love bite on his neck and down to his collarbone and chest.
You tug on his hard nipples with your teeth and fingers, making Satoru buck up in surprise.
“Nghhh!” He pants, tears pricking his eyes. His hands grip the sides of the bedsheets and since you’ve moved lower, his hips are humping nothing but air.
Removing the last two buttons of his shirt, you encourage him to shimmy out of it and toss it to the floor. No distractions.
As you move lower to his abdomen, you continue to spill praises and all the verbal affirmations that you’ve never told him. You feel extremely guilty for neglecting him in that aspect since you believe that he thinks that he just doesn’t need to hear anymore, so you want to make up for it as much as possible.
When you make it down to his pants, you debate whether or not you want to tease him even further or just begin business. His legs tremble the moment he feels the belt unfastening.
“Are you okay baby?” You ask innocently, tracing one hand around his v-line while the other gently grazes on the massive bump in his jeans. Satoru throws his head back, gripping both of your hands with his.
“My love, please.” His throat is dry, and his neck all the way down to his abs are decorated with your love marks. “I’m going to cum just by this- I can’t- I- Oh my God…”
“You can cum twice, can’t you?” He barely notices how you already unzipped his pants, the only layer blocking your skin from his dick is the heavily coated gray boxer briefs. It rises as it is freed from the constricted attire. After removing his trousers, you begin to toy with the outline with your hand. You can already feel the drool pooling in your mouth.
“I didn’t know you could get this soaked, Satoru!” You’re genuinely impressed by how much pre-cum your boyfriend is able to produce. On your hottest nights, he’d already had his dick pumping inside you if he were this horny. “How lucky am I to be dating the world’s prettiest boy with the prettiest dick?”
Satoru wants to laugh at the compliment, and retort something cheesy. But his mind is too swayed to even think coherently. He is pretty. You’re his pretty boy.
He loves that.
Peeling off his stained boxers, his hard dick springs freely, the light reflected by the sheer coat of his juices. The flushed tip leaks even more out and you almost feel pity at how long you’ve left him waiting.
The sorcerer can barely raise his dizzy head to see what’s going on. When you make eye contact with him, a devilish smirk appears on your face and Satorh’s thighs clench when he feels your hot breath going near it. He’s almost afraid of what you’re going to do.
“J-Just- just… Aghhh, my love! I-” He is instantly greeted by the softness of your mouth and hand circulating around him. His balls are heavy with cum, the only thing prohibiting him from shooting down your throat is his sheer willingness to draw out this pleasure as long as possible.
You can’t go all the way down, as the halfway point is already your limit. As your right hand strokes the bottom portion of his shaft, your left pays gratuitous attention to his balls, massaging them to increase the pleasure.
Meanwhile, your own cunt is begging for the pleasure Gojo’s receiving. With your knees still on the bed, your ass sticks up in the air, the angle forcing your sticky wetness to travel down to the front of your core. It doesn’t matter anyway, you’re already leaking on the bed.
At this point, Gojo is already babbling incoherent sentences. His head lolls to the side, his blue hues barely visible due to how far they rolled back. His right-hand fists the bedsheets, knuckles paling due to how tight he’s pulling on them. The other is submerged in your hair. He’s more gentle about it, but every once in a while he would subconsciously thrust a little too hard, making you gag. You encourage him to keep going by swirling your well-coated tongue around his tip.
A few more pumps, Satoru is spilling. His abdomen flexes at the intensity, veins popping out in his lower stomach. Your head bobs to match his quick-paced movements, but he’s losing control of himself. Satoru’s thighs flex as he humps up, forcing more of his cock into your throat.
“Baby,” he warns feverishly, gripping tighter on your hair. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming-”
Your head spins at the intensity, barely being able to take a breath. You hum, sending vibrations down his twitching cock.
He groans and whines, yearning for the long-awaited release. His toes curl and his muscled thighs shake as his member shoots long streams of cum down your throat.
“You’re so good to me… So, so good.” The grip on your hair turns into strokes as you swallow all of his seed. Once he relaxes, you slide your mouth from his cock, jaw aching from the rigorous pace. However, that’s not the only part of your body that’s aching.
Your cunt begs to be taken care of as you crawl over a recovering boyfriend, who’s still catching his breath.
The desperation in his eyes has cleared, but the lust still remains. You lick your lips before interlocking with him, your bodies pressed against each other. His hands roam around your back before one slides down to your ass, underneath your underwear. You grunt at how grabby he still is.
“Don’t you want a break?” Though, it’s a ridiculous inquiry, since Satoru’s hard shaft is already rubbing up against your pussy. You both simultaneously moan at the sensation.
“No breaks for you,” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a kiss. “I still need to make you finish. My poor baby has been waiting for me, huh?”
You sneer at his tease. “You cum once and all of a sudden, you’re back to the way you were- Woah!”
In your next blink, you find yourself lying on your back, your recently relieved lover now hovers over you. It really is like looking up at the sky, his glossy eyes shining brighter than the blue sky outside. You feel your entire body heat up as he ogles you from your head to your feet.
“Absolutely divine,” his voice rasps, the cock you just fucked with your throat taps against his thigh, clearly aroused. You rub your thighs together, looking for some relief. “Now, where were we before you sucked me off?”
The edge of his pointer finger traces around your folds, outside of your panties. He knows how much you love the friction, as you grind against his finger, nipples hardening at the action.
You moan softly, enough to capture his attention. “Satoru-”
The star-like gaze you offer sends the message completely. Bending down, Satoru plants a long, passionate kiss as he circles your clit with an additional finger. You squeak against the pleasure, wanting more. More, more, more.
“Why are you so beautiful?” He mumbles, barely pulling away from you. Your saliva connects each other’s lips and no longer having the patience, you take his hair and pull him down.
His flushed chest lies against yours and Satoru leaves open mouth kisses on your neck, hitting all of your major sweet spots before trailing down to your breasts, the same way you did for him not too long ago.
With his long tongue, Satoru teasingly circles around your areola before fully latching onto your nipple, biting and sucking to his heart’s content.
You roll your eyes back to the incredible sensation, a warm shrill traveling around your body. It leaves your cunt even wetter, desperate for parts of Satoru that aren't his fingers.
“You're such a good boy,” a new nickname leaps from your tongue and swims into his ears. Satoru tenses at the pet name, and you can feel the vibrations of his whimper against your breast. Your fingers lace over the strands of his white hair as he continues to play with what seems to be his favorite features of your body.
But even with the jolting sparks of sensitivity those buds provide, it’s not enough to satiate the burning drive in the pit of your belly.
“‘Toru,” you say sloppily, wiggling your hips to the rhythm of his fingers. “I need you- inside me. Fuck me- Please.”
You bite your lip and he lifts his head up, the infatuation still possessing his very being.
His digits leave your clit and instantly, you grind for the missing feeling. Satoru nods as he removes your panties, basking in the beautiful bareness. The slickness laminates your intimate area, something that temporarily captures your partner’s attention.
He supports himself on top of you but furrows his eyebrows.
“No condom.” He displays an innocence in those orbs, mixed with twinges of disappointment. You laugh and shake your head.
“I’m on birth control. You can cum inside me as much as you want now.”
It makes his ears perk, mouth slightly parting from the genuine surprise. You’ve both never done it raw before, but you trust Satoru with your entire life to make this decision.
“Are you… Are you positive?”
“Yes, and my pregnancy results will be negative.” You stick your tongue out at the pun and Satoru laughs at your cheesy joke.
“I love you.” He looks at you earnestly, pressing a light kiss to your lips.
“I love you too.” You say as he lines up the tip to your leaking hole. It’d be a lie to say that you weren’t nervous, but the excitement and the fogginess of your arousal override any negative feeling.
Spreading your legs even wider, Satoru goes in slowly. Thanks to the accumulated fluids you’ve both produced, slipping in comfortably is an easy task. However, your partner struggles to keep his composure at the foreign sensation.
You throw your head back as your body welcomes his cock, no latex rubber blocking the two of you. Of the many acts you’ve done together, this is the first time where it’s just you and him.
“You’re so tight… And g-ood.” He stammers, stopping only halfway. Satoru clenches his teeth to prevent himself from releasing prematurely. Man, thank God he already came once, or the pent-up sensation would’ve ended him. “Oh, you feel so good- taking all of me in.”
He grunts while inching deeper inside of you, nuzzling his face into your neck. You have your mouth pressed against his trapezius, teeth sinking in the skin.
The satisfaction of feeling his heavy balls rest against your entrance enables you to grind on his flesh. The cascades of whimpers fall out of your mouth, beckoning for him to move.
Satoru starts slowly, his arm cradles your neck for support. Breathless moans from his end tickle your neck.
“Faster-” You suggest and your every wish is Satoru’s command. His pace quickens, and the sounds of his skin slapping skin move in a rhythmic beat. “Yes, thank you! Good boy- oh my g-”
Your vision blurs as his cock perfectly hits the g-spot, your legs wrap around his hips to adjust the angle.
Satoru lifts his head up, seeing stars. Tears accumulate at the edge of his eyes, his puffy, red lips practically drooling from the pleasure. He kisses the corners of your lips, whispering.
“Am I good enough for you?” It almost sounds like he’s embarrassed to ask.
The back of your fingers stroke his face before combing through his hair. “Yes baby, you’re always so good for me- so perfect and beautiful. You are more than enough for me- hahhhh… yes, yes, yes!”
Your praises are cut short as you feel a jolt in your stomach. You’re almost there, your calves pull Satoru’s hips, encouraging him to drive faster and harder. He looks like he can barely hold it in.
“My pretty boy is always so good for me-” You coo, repeating the same thing over and over. "Right baby?"
“I- I- Mhmm… ‘m yours.” His red face scrunches, quiet pants turning into loud whines. “I’ll always be yours… Please, mghh- please say that I’m yours- nobody else."
His insecurities flow out of his mouth with no filter stopping him. It’s unfair, but Gojo Satoru hates the burning sensation in his chest, realizing that someone else once belonged to you and you belonged to them.
Instead of jealous rage, he emotes envious fear.
No- he’s yours. Only him and him alone. After all these years, he realizes that he doesn’t want to be alone. Satoru will give you anything and everything to his avail to never leave him.
“Please, please, please…” He begs. Desperate whines accumulate as a free hand cups your bouncing breast. His slick cock twitches in you, yearning for a release. Satoru doesn’t know how much longer he can hold it in, but he needs you to come undone first- his goddess, his everything.
Your hands cup his pink face, forcing him to gaze up at you. Those infatuated pairs he once expressed turn into a gape of restlessness. He still needs to be reassured that your mind, body, and soul belongs to him as he does to you.
“Everything about you is made for me. Your spirit and body are mine.” Your stomach flips as the fire burns higher. Your toes curl as you’re moments away from approaching your orgasm. Satoru’s heart thumps 3 times faster than the pace he’s thrusting in.
“I am yours and you are mine, understand baby?” You continue, head spiraling. Satoru nods vigorously, his own drool pooling down to the side of your face. Oh, how he loves this feeling. His heart is warm and his desires are satisfied all due to your love. “You’re my one and only true love- forever and always. Always my pretty, handsome, perfect boy. Nobody could ever compare to you. Can you say that for me?”
His cock painfully twitches, bits of cum slowly spilling out of his slit. It’s too much. He can’t hold it in anymore.
“I’m yours- ‘m only yours.” He dedicates, in short sputters, saying your name. “I love- mmgh- I love you. Oh my God, -always yours, only yours.”
“I love you, Sa- hahhh- ‘toru!” Your volume rises as you praise his name. It sounds so beautiful as it rolls off your tongue. Your legs clutch tightly around his back, and your body pushes up to press against his.
His hips thrust faster, tightly wrapping his arms around your back and hips to hold you up. Moaning your name, Satoru is in a daze. His momentum is vicious as the animalistic side in him attempts to make an entrance.
“I’m cumming, Satoru! I- I-” You shower him with praises as he finally tips you over the edge. You see flashes of white and shake violently against his hold, gasping as your body rumbles into a turbulent orgasm. Your thighs quake as euphoric bliss travels through your system.
During the start of your orgasm, Satoru begins soon after. With one final thrust, he moans as he sets you back on the bed. His abdomen clenches and small tears spill from his face as his mouth creates an ‘o’ shape. Soon after, he grits his teeth, stammering your name as several long, white ropes shoot out, his love spilling inside of you.
Satoru continues to thrust slowly, riding the high of arguably, his best orgasm of all time. You shudder in his hold, with no words that are worthy enough to process what just happened.
You lazily smile up at the ceiling, combing through his hair, and after a few minutes of silence, he finally pulls out. His cock is drenched in milky rings, and the bedsheets are crumpled and stained with an unjustifiable amount of both of your fluids.
Satoru lies on top of you, speechless. He pants, trying to catch his breath. Even in his most difficult missions, he never had to exert so much air through his lungs until now.
“If you wanted to talk, we could’ve just done that.” You finally break the silence, giggling from the very intense session.
Satoru’s face doesn’t lift from your chest. His eyes flutter as he does a sarcastic eye roll. His cheek splays on your skin, disorienting his speech. “Pfft, that’s boring.”
His fingertips graze over your forearm, trickling down to your wrist and then enveloping your fingers with his. Satoru’s larger thumb massages your knuckles, before bringing them up to his lips.
“You know,” You stir, rocking the hand that’s intertwined with Satoru, side-to-side. The tone you bring is gentle but serious, bringing up something that isn’t the typical lovey post-sex topic you guys would initiate. “There’s no need for you to get jealous over anything, Satoru. You’re the only one I want.”
Slowly, he rises and peers at you, the pearl-white strands dusting over his glossy eyes. “I know... I just didn’t know how to handle what I felt when you talked about another man that wasn’t me.”
“I’m sorry about that, baby. Utahime kept pushing me and I was just really happy to see how she finally found her own love, so I just kept on rambling with her.”
“I should’ve taken a video of her for blackmail.” Satoru scoffs at the lost opportunity.
“However,” you laugh, shifting the conversation. “I did like this jealous side of you. It was cute.”
Gojo’s mouth drops at the comment and some confusion stems from his sentence.“My jealous side is… cute?”
As I stated earlier, I whole-heartedly believe that Gojo would get possessive, in ways that may differ from what other people think. He can take over the whole world with the palm of his hand and force his way to do the unthinkable. But if there’s a rare, uncontrollable factor that could pull whatever or whoever he cherishes away? Then, he gets desperate.
Gojo Satoru would get possessive by clutching onto his loved one, asking if he’s enough, and giving all that he could. After all, he was a gifted child who was the exact norm of perfectionism. So when he sees a competitor who could challenge his being, he’d crumble, get desperate, not knowing what to do.
But, just reassure him that no one could ever beat him.
“Yes, cute! Can we do that again next time?” You giggle at his very prominent pout.
“I’m not the only person that’s switched roles. You’re quite mouthy and feisty when you take charge.” He glares, but softens wholeheartedly at your amusement when his eyes connect with yours.
"I am only yours, right?" Satoru whispers once more, inching closer to your face, hinting at an answer that he wants to hear again and again.
From lust, to fear, to love, those same blue eyes cultivate the same message he had always intended to deliver.
"Yes, Satoru." You rub his back as he nestles his head on your chest, finally humming into relaxation. "You're only mine."
Satoru Gojo is yours and only yours. Always have, always will.
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satorhime · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ଘ pairing: fushiguro toji x female reader ଘ genre: smut, husband!toji, housewife!reader, canon divergence (toji lives)  ଘ word count: est. 3.4k ଘ beware: fushiguro toji’s third housewife arc, toji is jealous of inanimate objects, punishment, female masturbation, fingering, usage of sex toys, teasing, degradation, mild spit kink, edging, pussy slapping (briefly), edging, homemade spicy videos, unhealthy relationships, elements of dom!toji, sub!reader, lots of cussing (as usual), not really proofread so expect spelling mistakes here and there
ଘ synopsis: if fushiguro toji wants his rules to be followed, he should really think about being around to enforce them.  ଘ request:  anonymous asked: HI LOLLYYY! if your asks/reqs are open (and if ure not busy) can i ask for some husband!toji smuttt 😩 so I'm thinking like he caught y/n playing with themselves because he was often away and was so needy SO toji 'punished' y/n by either overstimulation or edging OR both 😼🤲 with a hint of teasing and a bit mean toji >:(
ଘ notes:  this is apart of my fushiguro toji’s third housewife arc and set in the same verse as rapport (read it here), but you don’t need to read that fic to read this one!!! sorry for literally edging you in this LMAOOO, but i hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy MUAH <3333 reblogs and comments are much loooved!!
Tumblr media
your husband rarely comes home at all, that’s why you do it. why you break, according to him, his most important rule. it’s an unfair one anyway, you think. wicked and terrible and cruel thing to implement in a neglected wife’s brain, especially when the husband’s bouts of absences can stretch weeks into long months without contact, leaving you to follow his “rules” at home because you’re obedient— pleased to see him pleased. after all, it’s your fault he even had to enforce that shit. 
but toji’s recent change of heart, being softer on you, sweeter to you, has you spoiled. stubborn and frustrated when you’re aching, when your needs aren’t met. 
you blame it on a text message. 
safe and sound in the bedroom in your apartment, you’re curled up on toji’s side of the bed with your feet in soft, cozy thigh-high socks. his pillow tucked comfortably under your chin as you tap buttons on the screen of your phone, eyes glued to the otome you’re playing. the handsome love interest is stammering out a proposal to your character, on one knee and everything. the scene is too sugary, full of love and devotion, while your own had been much different. but you click ‘yes’ anyway, the scene switching to a colorful cg of the couple sharing a passionate kiss; you grumble about having to spend 120 diamonds on the choice when your phone cheerfully announces a notification, the little bubble dropping down. 
big worm zaddy ♡ now text message  unlock for more
the contact name annoys toji so much, but it’s a relic from the early days of your dating and makes you giggle every time you read it so there’s no convincing you to change it. making sure your game is saved, you tap the notification hurriedly to open the chat with your real husband, wondering what he sent. 
                                       big worm zaddy ♡ ▸            won’t be home 2nite doll got a good feelin bout this race
of course, of course. when you’re used to not seeing him for months, a night away is a quick trip around the clock. a miniscule amount of time, really, but that doesn’t stop the sinking pit of disappointment that settles heavy in your heart, a sickening pain that you have to press your hand against and rub the spot to soothe it away. it’s different when he’s cities away from you on a contract— somehow, you miss him even more knowing that he’s in the same city and would rather prowl the back streets of tokyo or bet down big like a high roller at a horse race, than be home with you. blame it on the otome for making you crave the touch of your own lover.
you respond immediately with okay, good luck on not losing this time <3 and you’re about to exit out of the thread, return to your little visual novel fantasy, when the black thumbnail of an attachment sent by your husband months ago catches the corner of your curious gaze. 
sliding the volume to low, you know exactly what the attachment is. 
you press play.
“bet you think you’re real fuckin’ cute, huh?” 
on your screen, the video is still ink black and you’re only watching your own reflection, but the sound of toji’s gruff voice is clear, irritated with uncontained anger and a hint of frustration he only gets when he’s in a mood. 
“think you can fucking play with me while i’m making money? look at what you did,” he accuses, and the deep sound of his gravelly voice makes you instantly shift in your seat. 
the video continues and you hear shuffling, the clink of a belt unbuckling as he moves. this isn’t the first time you’ve watched this clip and it won’t be the last, but that doesn’t deter your want to swallow your now dry tongue, from whimpering when toji shifts the camera down, your husband sitting in a chair inside an unknown hotel room, legs spread out wide. he’s got his big fingers, blood splattered and knuckles split from his latest victim, wrapped around the thick root of his cock, painfully hard and flushed an upset red. 
the work of the video you sent him. in the middle of his contract. 
oh, you instantly regret opening this attachment. you should go back to playing your otome and be a good girl, like toji wants; you know that if you continue watching the minute and forty-five second video of toji being fucking filthy, you’re sure to break his dumb rule. but how can you stop when you miss him so bad? when he should be home with you, playing with your hair or scolding you or fucking you to tears right here in this spot? when it takes one look at his cock on the screen for an ache in your belly to set in, heat curling low and instant in your pussy. 
you think that if fushiguro toji wants his rules to be followed, he should really think about being around to enforce them. 
toji won’t be coming home tonight, and that’s why you briefly pause the video. sitting up to slide your pajama shirt over your head, toss it aside before relaxing against the pillows. your heart beats a nervous rhythm against your ribs as you skim your finger over a bare nipple, attempting to replicate the rough pinch of toji’s touch; a soft gasp leaving your lips as the little bud pebbles up as you twist it hard. 
next are your panties, ass lifting from the mattress to slide the quite modest fabric from your hips, kicking them off your ankles with a little sigh. so content as you open your pussy to the air, the cool breeze from the air conditioner hitting your clit and making you wince from sensitivity. 
you feel so heated, feverish in your devious choice to defy your husband’s wishes— even though, in the back of your mind, you know you’re doing nothing wrong. giving pleasure to yourself is a natural thing for a woman to do, especially with an absent lover. and plus, you’re doing it to a video of him. who cares if you reach into the drawer of your nightstand, digging and digging to retrieve your toy buried under crumpled receipts, pens, and old phone chargers. 
pressing the toy gently to your tongue, you suck it into your mouth to wet it for your pussy. you know the toy doesn’t hold a candle to the heavy weight of toji’s cock, but the pastel pink dildo is fat and on the shorter side with a nice set of ridged veins that steals your breath all the same, an impulse buy from a sex shop your friend works at. when you didn’t give a damn about his rule. 
and you don’t give a damn about it right now either, you think defiantly as you pull the toy out of your mouth, not wanting to waste another second on prep. 
unpausing the video, your eyes are glued to the screen once again. breath stuttering as you watch— toji gets a good grip and slaps his dick harsh against the hard planes of his abdomen, shirt rucked up and you imagine the hem of it clenched between his teeth. your throat feels so fucking dry, clit beating in a needy throb as you can wait no longer, shaky hand guiding the toy between your legs, jerking at the first touch of cool silicone against your heated folds.
you know what comes next— you’ve watched the video too many times not to — your husband holds the phone steady as he leans over and spits, dropping a thick wad over the top of his cock before he drags a hand up in a rough jerk to spread the bubbly mixture with a long grunt that makes your cunt pulse with want. 
“knew i shouldn’t have married a little whore like you,”  he hisses to the camera and you whimper at his words, tapping the head of the dildo against your clit before you drag it down to your cunt. “you sent that shit right when i was about t’ put my sword through that motherfucker’s back, fuck. fuck.” 
his voice is rough, burning with anger and arousal. you remember it clearly— his target getting away and you being the indirect cause of it; he’d been too cocky, whipping out his phone and watching the video at full volume of you on your belly, fucking yourself on four fingers and screaming his name. and while he was mesmerized, his target got the fuck out of there, with bloody and fatal injuries but getting away all the same. after that, toji’s rule was born like an unwanted child. 
he continues to spit curses at you on the video and you’re not able to wait any longer, nudging the dildo against your dripping center. sucking in a deep breath when you force the fat head inside without prep, your eyes fluttering shut as your walls greedily suck the toy inside, your legs jerking open a little further. 
“oh-oooh.. oh— fuck,” you whine out, the weight of the toy stretching through your walls punching the air from your chest. you feel dizzy, but you keep your eyes open, not wanting to miss the rough jerk of toji’s hand over his cock as you drag the dildo out, slamming it back inside with enough force to make the muscles in your arm ache. 
it feels so good to be stretched out and fucked slow by a fat cock after so long  — even if it can’t compare to toji, you still moan at the burn it creates when you clench hard around it. you circle your hips, grinding your clit desperately against the flared base of the toy as you fuck yourself slow on the silicone, little whimpers and cries torn from your throat. 
you can’t believe how worked up you are, knowing it won’t take long for you to cum. you can feel the ache in your belly fit to burst as you work the toy in and out of your cunt, feeling the hard ridges drag against the soft of your walls. eyes bleary, you try to focus on the video playing on the screen. the filthy, slick sound of toji fucking up into his hand rough and quick in his rhythm makes you burn inside out. 
“i’m— toji i’m gonna—” you breathe his name even though he can’t hear you, your stomach caving as you clench, knowing that it’ll take one more thrust of your hand to send you over the edge. an embarrassingly quick end to your fucking as you dig your toes into the duvet for purchase, desperate and needy as your orgasm builds and builds and—
“you fucking jinx,” a voice splits through your pleasure, loud and booming, followed by the violent slam of a door. a greeting that scares years from your life because of course, you weren’t expecting anyone. big footsteps stop right where the closed bedroom door should be, but you left it wide open since you didn’t plan on ending up like this. “... what the fuck are you doin’?” 
it takes a second for your confusion to clear, your mind glazed over with lust. takes one more second to realize toji is standing at the threshold to your bedroom and it’s not a figment of your fucked out imagination from watching homemade porn. ( that’s still playing, by the way. ) oh no, he’s actually there. muscular, corded arms crossed over his barrel chest and a frown like thunder cutting across his expression, the scar slashed over his lip pulled taut and making him look that more menacing. 
your hand immediately pauses between your legs, embarrassed out of your mind as you scramble to cover yourself and slam your legs shut— why did you throw your panties over there— and oh, where the fuck is your shirt?
“t-toji, you’re—? you said you wouldn’t be home!” 
of course, you would be so unlucky. 
toji scoffs, expression darkening even further as if he caught you with another man; he steps further inside the room and you shrink, watching with wary eyes as he stops at his side of the bed, where you’re rudely dripping slick on his side of the sheets. “as soon as you sent that fuckin’ text, the horse blew a hoof or somethin’. lost right then and there.” 
“that horse is so ancient, toji. i don’t know why you keep—” 
“don’t change the subject,” he growls, dragging his sleazy gaze down the naked length of your body, settling between your shut legs; locking on the thick of the dildo still caught deep inside your cunt. “asked you a question, didn’t i?” 
your heart drops at the familiar edge in his tone, your pussy clenching around the dildo with a quiet whimper you hope he doesn’t catch. 
(oh, he does.) 
“you said you wouldn’t be home and i was so needy, i needed—” what can you say to him? you were watching that video again so you needed to be fucked? you realize how desperate you sound, so you hush. 
“you broke my rule,” he tilts his head as green eyes darken almost to brown, gaze flicking up to your face. your cheeks heat up at the disappointment lacing his words, knowing he’s doing it on purpose. “first you make me lose my fuckin’ race, now you’re breaking my rules? fucking yourself on another— gimme that shit—” toji wraps a hand around your ankle, squeezing tight as he forces one leg to spread apart, reaching down to rip the dildo out of your pussy so quick that your thighs slam together. 
“ow, what the—” 
“this what you replacing me with when i’m gone? pathetic,” he teases, inspecting the toy covered in your juices with a sneer on his lips. mortified is an understatement, he has you feeling like a teenager whose parents just discovered porn in your browsing history and not a grown fucking woman whose husband just walked in the room to you touching yourself. “breakin’ the rules for a shrimp dick. you know what happens next, yeah doll? get your ass up and c’mere.” 
toji sits down on the edge of the bed heavy, almost making you roll towards him. 
you bite your lip, the sound of him being jealous over a toy should make him look ridiculous, but his teasing only serves to make your cunt throb. “toji, what do you want me to do when you’re gone all the time?” 
“to be thankful when you do get my dick, brat. come here, i said.” he grunts, brooking no argument as his patience is ran thin. he doesn’t wait for you to crawl into his lap; trades your ankle for your arm, manhandling your body into his control. you feel like a rag doll held by a puppeteer as he throws you across his thick thighs, the bone of his knee digging uncomfortably into your soft stomach. 
you can’t breathe because yes, you do know what he’s about to do. you also know that it’ll hurt so good you almost begin to anticipate it. wriggling on his lap, you stick your ass high in the air, slick pussy on display for him to get a good look at. toji groans, almost thanking that stupid fucking horse for blowing the race and sending him home. “good girl.” 
“did you cum, princess?” he demands, his hands prying the cheeks of your ass open, eyes trained on your cunt before he sucks in his cheeks and spits, a white glob of spit right down the seam of your lips. “answer me.” 
“nuh-no, no i didn’t— toji, please. not tonight, i’ll be good please—” 
“begging me for what? you fuck yourself without my permission and you think i’m gonna give you what you want?” he answers, mocking you in a nasty tone that makes you whine. toji thinks for a moment, smearing his spit over your slit with his thumb. “since you didn’t cum, ‘m thinking five.” 
you start squirming, you won’t be able to take it, but toji doesn’t let you budge. he grips your wrists in one huge, bruising fist; pinning them behind your back. leaving you helpless, to do nothing but press your cheek into the duvet while he rears his hand back and delivers one stinging slap to your cunt, dragging a pained little cry from your throat. the burn only lingers for a second because toji uses his fingers to explore the seam of your pussy, soothing the sting with pets and strokes that leave you panting, wanting more. 
“shoulda known you’d like that, little slut,” he kisses his teeth in disappointment, but that doesn’t stop his movements— spreading your folds to nudge not one, not two, but three thick fingers against the opening of your cunt. the girth of his fingers being bigger than your dildo makes you sweat, toji chuckling dark and twisted when you buck your hips back, trying to push yourself onto his fingers greedily. “look at you.” 
he holds you there, poking and prodding your entrance, straight laughing at the way your hole clenches in desperation to be stuffed by him— any part of him. until his arm flexes and his fingers fuck into you at a brutal pace, not giving you any time to adjust, stretching you open in a way that no toy can replicate.
“t’ rough, toji— it’s too much! it’s—” your breath knocks out of you in a startled cry, tears prickling your eyes and your hips wriggling away from the violence he beats between your legs with his hand alone, but it’s no use when toji’s got your arms pinned, catching onto your orgasm just under the surface. no need to touch your clit when he’s fucking you towards a rapid, nasty end.
“not happenin’,” he sneers with a sadistic grin stretched across his lips and tears spill out of your eyes as he shatters your orgasm, breaking your pleasure into a million pieces. his fingers stop moving inside of you altogether, teetering you right on the edge of pleasure.  “that’s one.”
how long does it last? how long does toji have you spread over his lap, legs wide and cunt dripping so much juice it spreads all over the back of your pretty thigh-high socks. longer than five, like he promised. toji edges you until you’re fucking sobbing, until you beg to be let go; promise to never fuck yourself without him at home again.
at some point, he swipes the pink dildo from where he tossed it on the bed and wets it up in your slick before he pushes it inside so fast you scream into the mattress, mouth stuffed full of the duvet like a feral little whore. toji fucks you with that cock like it’s his own, silicone stretching your walls out in a rough  fucking that builds your orgasm quick to bursting, then—
he rips the dildo out of you again and you feel faint, your pussy oversensitive and puffy from his torture. “please let me cum, please please please. i can’t anymore, i can’t toji please—” you babble desperately, spitting the duvet out of your mouth, trying to turn your head to meet his dark gaze.
“gimme the right count and i’ll let you cum, then,” he grins big, running a torturous finger up your slit to circle the pad of it around your little bundle of nerves, making you moan softly but it’s not enough to make you cum. you need to be filled and he knows it. “c’mon, princess.”
“w-what? i don’t remember—”
“count or i’ll hold it over your head until you fuckin’ pass out. think i won’t?”
“o-okay,” your mind is so hazy, but you want to cum more than you want the air you breathe so you try to think, think, think, think.  “t-ten.”
“wrong,” he mocks, the smile slashed over his lips is downright malicious. “it was nine, pretty doll.” 
oh, god. 
then he nudges the dildo to your entrance again, unrelenting as he fucks it back into you. your eyes are wide, mouth parted on a moan as toji makes good on his promise. 
not the one where he lets you cum, no, but the one where he holds your orgasm over your head for the rest of the fucking night. 
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russic · 4 months ago
Geto Suguru Boyfriend Headcanons
Warning: 18+ Below Cut 
Requests: Send me a Message 
      (If you would like to be tagged, do not send requests anonymously).
Geto Suguro - The man who gives a definition to “the sexiest man (alive).”
Embodies the “fuck the world, but I love my woman” attitude. 
Geto enjoys when others view you as “sweet,” “kind,” and “caring.” He laughs. Geto knows he’s slowly corrupting you; forming you into a strong woman that no one can destroy. 
“She’s too sweet Geto!” 
“I’m sure she is, for now.” 
Extremely assertive. Geto knows what he desires, and he’s determined to accomplish anything. 
If you’re striving to achieve a goal in your life; Geto’s pushing you to achieve it.
LOVES cooking breakfast. Geto will wake you up early, blast pop-punk music, and cook a full breakfast to eat before you leave for work. 
“Rise and shine, baby. I made your favorite...”
FLAWLESS HAIRCARE. Geto adores his long jet-black hair. He spends roughly $80.00 on various hair-care products a month including leave-in conditioner, texturing spray, and heat-protectant. Additionally, he invested in a straightener and silk sheets/pillowcases. 
WASHBOARD ABS. (He’s stunning).
Enjoys boxing. Each day you’ll discover yourself drooling as you watch Geto dripping in sweat punching an eighty-pound bag dangling by a chain. When Geto’s hair is tied into a bun and his muscles are tensing, you stare in admiration and think, “I can’t believe this man is mine.” 
Geto constantly catches you. “Are you enjoying the view?” 
Developed a business-attire wardrobe overrun with black articles of clothing. 
Geto is one of those men that roll up their sleeves on button-down shirts. (He knows he’s ripped). 
Rings. Rings. RINGS on each finger. Geto will purchase matching rings for you to wear. 
Will utilize your articles of clothing to his favor. 
If you’re wearing a belt, Geto will grab your belt buckle to pull you closer. 
If you’re wearing jeans, Geto will bury his hands inside of your front and back pockets. 
If you are carrying a purse, he will toss his belongings inside of it. 
Wear an all-black outfit with red lipstick; it will drive Geto crazy. 
Enjoys driving you places in his jet-black 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead.
Geto drives with one hand. His right-hand rests on your thigh. If Geto is driving a stick-shift, he will take your hand and switch gears. He refuses to let go. 
Expect tons of sunny VACATIONS. Geto will often books surprise vacations. He must go somewhere warm (and he packed at least six Hawaiian shirts).
Geto refuses to dance in public. Geto CANNOT dance. At house-parties or clubs, Geto is the person leaning against the wall smoking with friends or playing a drinking game on the couch with Gojo. 
Possessive Public Displays of Affection: 
If you’re talking to someone and (unintentionally) disregarding Geto, he will grab your waist and pull you against his chest. 
If you and Geto are surrounded by friends, Geto will grab your body and sit you on his thigh. 
“Come here, baby.” 
Will whisper in your ear or neck. 
If you enjoy imagining a tattooed Geto (as much as I do); when you’re cuddling, you trace his tattoos with your finger. If you do this, Geto will fall asleep within minutes. 
Geto LOVES watching movies with you. 
However, he fails to pay attention to the movie. He likes the commercials because he can pull you into his lap to have a quick make-out session. 
If you’re on your period, expect AMAZING treatment. Geto will not hesitate to retrieve a heating pad and some medication immediately. He hates seeing you in pain over something he cannot control. 
Enjoys cuddling in bed. Before Geto’s eyes close, he assures that you are comfortable. He drapes your thigh across his abdomen and places your head on top of his chest so you can listen to his heartbeat. 
“Have sweet dreams, beautiful. I love you.” 
GOOD LUCK LADIES: This man is ROUGH and TALENTED in the bedroom. 
Geto’s a dominant man who isn’t afraid to take control by tossing your body around as he pleases (but you’re not complaining). 
Both degrades and praises you. It depends on the mood you are in. Geto prefers to degrade you:
“Tell me, angel; who fucks you the best?” 
“You enjoy being my personal cock sleeve; don’t you, slut?” 
Forces you to talk dirty.
“Come on, baby. Tell daddy what you need.”
Enjoys when you refer to him as “Daddy;” but call him “Master.” You will be wrecked. Geto enjoys hearing the name escape your lips as he’s rearranging your guts. 
Geto refuses to moan; he talks and mutters. However, he enjoys making you moan, beg, and plead. 
Geto often places his hand over your mouth to order, “Shh, take me like a good girl.”
SPITTING FETISH. Geto will spit in your mouth, ass, or pussy. 
He’s extremely cocky in the bedroom. Geto knows he’s phenomenal at pleasuring you. He memorized the crevices of your body like it’s his second nature. 
“No one can fuck you as good I do.” 
If you’re going somewhere fancy, Geto will recommend a dress - NO bra or underwear. He is constantly pulling you into the bathroom; hiking up your dress; and burying himself inside of you where he belongs. 
Enjoys receiving over giving. 
If you’re sucking Geto’s cock, expect to have your face fucked. He LOVES pressing you against the wall and using your mouth until you can’t breathe. 
“Open wide, darling. Suck my dick like the whore you are.” 
LONG FINGERS. When Geto is fingering your pussy, he reaches places that you didn’t know existed. 
Talk about a talented tongue... If Geto is eating pussy, expect to cum within 2-5 minutes. 
Each time Geto eats you out, he traces “G.E.T.O.” on your pussy with his tongue. It stems from his possessive nature. 
He suggested that you should tattoo his name on the inside of your thigh to “mark his territory.” 
Strongly opposed to threesomes and orgies. Geto believes he should be the only man who receives the gift of pleasuring you. 
“This pussy is mine and no one else's.” 
Geto enjoys anal. Jokingly, he will mutter, “oops, wrong hole,” (as if he did not mean to slip himself in your ass). 
Tummy and Throat Bulges - Geto is HUGE. If he fits his cock inside of your body, he will cum from his dick creating dents inside of your body. 
If you believe Geto is scared of blood, think again. Expect PERIOD SEX (If you’re into it). Geto will beg for period sex.
“I know how to make you feel better...”
Geto’s favorite position is DOGGY STYLE. He enjoys slamming himself inside of you. Hearing the echo of your ass smacking back on his dick is his dirty pleasure. 
PUBLIC QUICKIES: anywhere at any time. This includes: the bathroom sink in restaurants, the library basement behind the bookshelves, supply closets, Gojo’s living room, store dressing rooms, even public beaches. If you can name it; you have done it. 
Overstimulation - Geto leans back and spreads his legs allowing you to lean your back into his body. He will order you to spread your legs and watch him play with your nipples and pussy simultaneously until you are cumming. 
“Be a good girl and watch yourself.” 
Before you cum, a wide smirk spreads across Geto’s face. He will make you come five times acknowledging that you will come two more times before he is finished with you. 
“One more time for me, love.” 
“Don’t act like you didn’t expect to cum seven times, whore. Now cum.” 
Enjoys cumming inside of your pussy, but LOVES cumming on your pussy. He enjoys making your body a mess by pulling himself out and dumping his load on your pussy lips. Geto hasn’t seen anything better than you dripping in his cum.
STUNNING AFTERCARE. Expect to be praised, appreciated, and cleaned up. He will carry you to the bathroom and take care of your body. 
“You did such a good job, baby.” 
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sanoinc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ satoru gojo x reader
synopsis: satoru eats you out on the beach
cw — f! reader, oral (f. receiving), exhibition(??), semi public sex ig, multiple orgasms, squirting, slight possessive gojo, dacryphilia, overstim, very slight fingering, talks of geto x reader bc I'm a tease || WC — 1.2k+
note — I love beach and gojo satoru. So here it is. The pathetically self indulgent thing that has been in my drafts for 2 days now.
# : @fvshguro @bxnten @touyasghosty @festive
Tumblr media
salty water droplets dripped down your skin, clinging to the material of your bikini. Large warm hands settled under your thighs, hosting you up with ease all the while soft lips locked yours in a desperate kiss, “'toru, we need to get back before Suguru starts worrying bout us,”
“do we have to?” gojo's lips leave hot open mouthed kisses along your jaw as he lowers you down on the sand. Your fingers tangle in his wet snowy hair, tugging in meek protest when you feel the warm sand prickle your skin, “mmm, yes silly, unless you want him to catch you with your dick inside me.”
“oh, I'm sure he'd enjoy that, if anything.” he's kissing down your neck, hands cupping your breasts over your wet bikini. Giggling at his suggestion, you arch your back to allow him access to untie the upper constraints of your clothing.
“but that's all he can do— watch as I fuck you.” his words laced in a possessive tilt, “he's gonna be sooo uncomfortable, unable to touch,” gojo's hands cup your breasts, engulfing them fully in his large palms, “or taste you,” you yelp as he bit your thigh, being used to the sensation of him kissing down your torso, “unlucky him.” your light haired boyfriend flashes you a toothy grin from in between your legs,
“maybe he's just a voyeurist—”
“shh, enough talk bout him,” gojo squeezes the plush of your breast in his grasp, his mouth falling hot on your covered cunt, “focus on me now,” you would've scoffed at his hypocrisy if he didn't run his tongue right against your pussy lips through the flimsy clothing you adorned, “I'm the one eating ya' out.”
Your hips buckle up as he pulls his mouth away, kissing your thighs teasingly, “hm, not yet.” his free hand splayed over your fluttering tummy, holding you down effectively. Gojo brought his lips to your pussy again, giving long slow licks and smirking when you squirm, trying to get rid of the bikini panties.
You let out a frustrated sigh at his antics, “sugu won't tease me like this, you know.”
“would he now?” blue eyes meet yours in a challenge, “no you're right,” he's pulling your panties down your tanned legs, “he'd have you crying and begging for him first.”
“yeah? And what bout you?” you inquire, breathless. Pushing his thumb past your slick pussy lips, he grins, “oh I'm gonna have you crying and begging me to stop,” he plops the wet thumb in his mouth, humming at your taste before diving down, “gonna make ya' cum s'fuckin' many times that you're gonna be a mess.”
“and all for me,” gojo's tongue dragged sweetly along your honeyed folds, a muffled groan on the back of his throat at your taste, “god, baby, you taste so good,” he's barely started and you're panting, struggling to catch your breath, “'toru, what if someone walks in?”
Your concern makes him chuckle, “so you'd let suguru watch but not others?” it's as if he knows how you rolled your eyes at his words, “oh cmon, you gotta admit, there's a thrill in that.” your thighs quiver around his head as he speaks, the vibrations of his voice bouncing off against your bare pussy.
“Besides, let them watch how beautiful my pretty girl looks when she cums f'me.”
Your heart beats fast, the sand warm and prickly under your skin. Sweat dribbled down your body under the golden sun and yet all you could feel was gojo's tongue on you. His lips suckling on you till your hips are raising up in need of more, “greedy girl.” his chuckle fans hot against your skin.
Your hand fists in the sand by your head, the other one still tangled in his now messy hair— the adrenaline rush getting you to breathe out a series of moans, his name falling from your lips like it's the only word you know, “'toru, satoru, please, please,”
It's all just so warm and hot— the sand between your toes, on your fingertips, the sun rays you both were basking in, his hands holding you down so that you can't squirm away and his mouth on your pussy. The only relief from the heat being the cool breeze from the sea washing over you as you lay on the beach.
"Thats right, doing s'good for me, honey.” gojo knows you're close, that's why he's pressing his tongue flat against your clit, swirling and humming as you grew restless, “Please—” A broken moan falls as a stutter, meeting his breathless chuckle, the sweet sound muffled as he kissed your inner thigh softly, “are you gonna cum on my tongue?”
Burying your face in the crook of your elbow, you squeal out a “yes” as you feel the band in your belly snap,“Sweet as ever.” the wet sounds of him gulping down every drop you had to offer made your face burn with embarrassment, “'toru, 's enough, let's go back now—” he hums dismissively but he doesn't stop, continuing to fuck you with his tongue even after you just came.
Relentless. He is relentless. Not letting you rest after the orgasm he just put you through.
Your thighs tremble as you hold yourself from moaning out too loud, biting down on your knuckles,“Just a bit more, yea?" Your eyes flutter shut with a cry as he mumbles into your dipping pussy, wrapping his lips around your puffy clit.
His hands snaked around your thigh, holding you close to his face,“Oh I can never get used to how good you taste,” tears bubbled up in your eyes, rolling down your cheeks as he slipped his tongue between your wet folds, his nose bumps against your clit,“Ah," Gojo's hand grabs yours, pulling it away from your mouth and entangling his fingers with yours, “let me hear you.”
“please, 's too much, I can't—”
Resting your intertwined hands on your breasts, he smirked at your glassy vision, “told you I'd have you crying and begging for me, yeah?” he doesn't let you respond though, thrusting two long fingers inside you suddenly and curling them deep inside you, “told you that 'm gonna make you cum till you make a mess.”
“go on then, make a mess, I'll clean you up.” gojo turns his face to press kisses on your thighs while his fingers pounded into your poor little cunt mercilessly, the loud wet sounds drifting in the air, traveling along with the sea wind.
Grasping his hand tight, you let loose, letting yet another orgasm wash over you, “atta girl.” Satoru whistles. Craning your neck, you notice how a clear liquid drenched his lips and dripped down his chin,“that was so fucking hot." Embarassed, you look away from him, biting your lip to distract yourself from how your pussy pulsated from pangs of overstimulation when he pulled his fingers out with a wet pop.
Crawling up your naked torso, he grabbed your chin and pulled you in a kiss. Tongue sliding in your mouth and letting you taste yourself on him, “I just tasted heaven on your lips,” rolling your eyes at his cheesy line, you slap his shoulder, “shut up.”
Tumblr media
© scandescent. Do not steal, copy or rec on tiktok.
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hollow-azure · 2 days ago
“Till Death Do Us Part” → Y/N Version
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ Pairing: Gojo Satoru x female reader → Rating: Teen+ → Genre: Romance, Slow burn → Trope: Arranged Marriage
Summary: In a world where Satoru Gojo is still the nonchalant, childish, and overbearingly unserious sorcerer he’s known to be, he decides to concede to his family one wish: To be betrothed to a person of their choosing. A simple agreement he thought. However, what happens when the person he is promised to happens to be a former upperclassman?
🚨 Warnings: Eventual 18+ rated chapter 🚨
Notes: Welcome to the Y/N Version of my JJK fic! There are 2 other versions of this fic, both a Tumblr and an AO3 OC version. You can find the links to them on the main masterlist. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Y/N Harome
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sukunababy · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
true form ryomen sukuna x f!reader
genre. enemies to lovers, historical, romance, smut
s. sometimes home is not just four walls, it's his eyes and the beating of his heart —  'If you're determined to think me a monster, then I'll play monster for you'
cw. soft!sukuna, size kink, manhandling, oral, squirting, riding, dp, fingering, spitting, breeding, mating press, full nelson, doggy | wc. + 8k
an. domestic!sukuna my beloved — rbs are appreciated | m.list
Tumblr media
Since you came into this world they have kept telling you that you are special.
You are so special that many want you but for the safety of the whole country no one can and should have you.
You have never been told the reason for this, the only thing you know is that you must run and hide.
Escorted everywhere by sorcerers and soldiers, you have never really felt special. You never knew that warmth of a home or someone who really cared about you. You were a mere job to them.
Wherever they sent you, you were not welcome. "It will lead to the destruction of our village" is what they shouted before they locked themselves in their houses and came out only once your departure.
It happened sometimes that you heard the news of some village you had just passed through having been destroyed. The villagers dead and the rest set on fire.
Twenty years of hiding and fleeing, however, led nowhere. Not now, that you are lying wounded on the ground. Around you everything burns, houses, fields and the corpses of the men who were trying to protect you.
Now that he is in front of you, you understand the reason for everything.
"I've been looking for you for a long time."
Smoke and stench irritate your throat and make your eyes glaze over. "I finally found you," he hisses, squatting down to your level, his red eyes fixed in yours.
You don't give yourself time to think, don't give your mind time to race through your thoughts before spitting the words from your dry lips. "Don't kill me. Pl-please," you stammer, trying to move away slowly.
He clicks his tongue and tilts his head to the side, "tsk why should I spend my time chasing a brat only to kill her mh." He looks bored, no, almost annoyed as he speaks.
"Come on, stand up now," he speaks making a frustrated gesture with his hand, looking over your shoulder.
Maybe you have never been so scared in your life. You've never really been told who or what you were running from but most likely the four-armed being in front of you is definitely one of them.
"I don't have all day," he says dryly, lifting you off the ground with one arm and placing you on his shoulder.
You can't even cry out. You swallow your fear as you leave the battlefield on the monster's shoulder. In front of you only scorched earth, broken lives of men who were there to protect you but failed.
Tumblr media
You wake up in a strange place. Instinctively you lie still, your eyes closed as you take slow breaths. The bed you lie on is comfortable, almost as if you never want to get up. The sheet that covers you is soft and smells good. It' s light on your naked body.
"My clothes?" you ask yourself as you pull up to sit up.
He is there. Sitting in front of the bed staring at you. It's strange that you didn't notice, after all, he's not small. In fact, now that you see him properly, without smoke and flames in the way, you notice how much bigger he is than a normal man. His shoulders are wide and he is still much taller when seated than you are when standing.
He studies you as you bring the sheets up to under your chin, "who are you?" The question pops up spontaneously as you look around the room, just to take your time and process it.
Screaming would be pointless, you know, you would just end up bursting into tears and curling up until you stopped breathing. Running away would be impossible. To go where then, you have nothing and no one.
"Are you feeling okay?" he suddenly asks. His deep voice gives you goose bumps.
You dare to look in his direction before blinking a few times and nodding.
"Good. The name is Sukuna, remember it because I don't like to repeat myself."
You think it's so rude, as well as terribly scary.
"I'm a curse, I'm not going to stand here and explain the rest to you," he snorts quietly. "Several curses have been after you for some time now. The sorcerers have done an almost perfect job of keeping you hidden, huh?" he smirks.
"What do you want from me? Like to eat me? I'm no good, I can swear." You are so fucked when he gets up from his chair.
He looks like someone who could break you even without trying. He is terrifying but at the same time fascinating. The way he moves, confident, strong and massive.
You swallow dry when he towers sitting next to you.
The mattress bends under his weight, "As I told you before, I wouldn't spend my time looking for you just so I could kill you. I wouldn't get anything out of it."
You don't believe him for a moment.
"My intent is to keep you alive, only in this way can you give me heirs."
Your jaw snaps open. What is it that the monster wants? Heirs? Kids?
You can't. Your laughter fills the room. "Yeah, for sure," you tease him, slamming your hand over your mouth, trying to block your giggles.
His expression remains indecipherable. He just runs his hand through his pink hair but you block him before he can say anything else.
"Wait ... I'm naked because you ...." He hisses visibly exasperated.
"I prefer it when they are reactive, actually. You were filthy I made you take a bath," he says getting out of bed. "Listen closely, it can only go two ways. You can take advantage while I'm nice and we can make this work. You give me what I want and I give you protection," he says sternly, "or I can leave you at the mercy of other curses, and they won't be kind, that I can assure you."
"You can't" your lower lip trembles, "I'm not a cow you can breed to your heart's content" you sob.
Sukuna clicks his tongue. "If it's not me it will be someone else," he hisses, "a prophecy from centuries ago spoke of a human woman able, though with difficulty, to bear the children of the curse, they will hunt you to the ends of the earth."
His voice is so rough that your sobs become louder, "I’ll run away," you mutter, eating your words.
He no longer seems bothered by your behavior, he smirks before leaning over you, "and I’ll chase you."
"If you are determined to think me a monster, then I’ll play monster for you," he says leaving the room.
When you are left alone you swallow dry. Just ... why you? You really can't be the only one. Besides, could there really be anyone scarier than Sukuna?
The thread of your thoughts is abruptly interrupted when a person enters the room.
The helmet of white hair gives them a jaunty air. "I brought food and a dress," they say softly, laying the dress on the bed and the tray on the table beside the fireplace.
"Just two arms" you think as you watch them move around the room, "that's a good start."
"Uraume," they say carrying your plate. "If there is anything I can do just let me know." Their facial features are delicate and they seem like a kind person.
It doesn't hurt to try.
"Let me run away," you whisper for fear that the monster might be nearby and might hear you.
Its eyebrows draw together. "I can't. Master Sukuna needs you," they say warily. "He is not so bad, many admire him and many fear him. Get to know him, you might be surprised."
You take a deep breath. You look at the plate and then at them. You try to calm your heart but with little result. "What if I refuse?"
"Mh nothing. Master Sukuna is not the type to force people, if you've already refused and you're still alive it may be that he doesn't intend to hurt you," they explain as one would with a child.
Maybe it's not bad, then. If you reject you he still won't kill you, and if you tell him you might change your mind in the future he might not leave you to other monsters. Maybe you can get out of it.
"Eat please," Uraume gives a small smile, "then I have been asked to keep you company until Master Sukuna returns."
Tumblr media
The dress brought to you is turquoise blue, a simple design and light fabric, it slips slowly over your body. It has a ribbon under the bust, and when they fasten it in the back, your breasts swell, and the dress sits perfectly on your hips and curves. The skirt reaches just right to your bare feet in soft waves.
"Thank you" you mewl when your hair is also tied in a light bun at the base of your nape.
Uraume guides you around the shrine. Inside and outside.
The back garden is huge. There are different kinds of plants and flowers. Some fruit trees and the view falls over a small village. A narrow path leads through the woods to a small lake at the foot of the mountain.
Downstairs besides a kitchen and prayer room there is a library. Two floors. "It's huge," you remain awed by the amount of books in the room. "You can come whenever you want," they say without taking their eyes off you.
Down one more flight of stairs you come to a room.
Skulls and bones are scattered in the center, and a throne lies on top. One of those kingly ones, big almost for three people.
Uraume takes care of everything. They plant and tend flowers. They clean and cook, although you're not quite clear what someone like him could possibly eat.
They don't talk much and you spend the rest of the day with them, wandering around the temple. "If you think of running away, well don't." They smile candidly after what seems to have been a threat.
When they escort you back to your room, he is there. He has an indecipherable expression on his face as he watches you enter the room. And then, you are left alone.
You would like to evaporate on the spot. Sukuna speaks first. "Have you thought about it?" he asks as he watches you rock back and forth standing at the door. You shake your head and curl your lips thoughtfully about what to do. "All right, I won't force you. You're free to go whenever you want but if you stay I could still keep you away from others and maybe make you change your mind."
The idea of leaving after what she told you doesn't even cross your mind. Besides, you can't afford for someone else to lose their life because of you.
Your eyebrows furrow as you think about the various scenarios that have presented to you.
"Do you want to take a bath before you rest?" he asks in a gentle tone. He has caused you no harm and has been kind for now, but he remains a monster and monsters are not to be trusted.
"Mh yes thank you," you reply politely, crossing the door to your side to enter the bathroom. The tub is dug into the stone floor, big enough for ten men.
As you enter you trace the surface of the water with your fingertips. The water is pleasantly warm and reaches your breasts when you are fully inside.
Sukuna looks at you in the doorway. "Don't stand there still, make room for me," he says making you snap your mouth open and cover your bare breasts. "Tsk I won't do anything, stop it," he growls rolling his eyes.
"So rude," you think as you watch him take off his white kimono. You scan his body as he begins to step down into the tub.
His chest is big, beefy and well-defined. Scary if you look at the huge mouth on his stomach. Curiosity is very great and instead of stopping at his waist level, you look lower.
The water reaches his hips, "you're staring," he chuckles as he watches your expression.
You blink a few times as his cocks get hard under your gaze.
"just ... are .. two...? You have two of them?" your mouth works without being connected to your brain. Two. And definitely in proportion to the rest of his body.
Sukuna clicks his tongue. "Is there a problem?" he asks amused.
You swallow hard biting your lip, "even if I wanted to help you, you know, they would never fit," you chuckle biting the inside of your cheeks.
"Little human, don't worry, I will make them fit" he smiles. "Now, stop talking about my dicks, unless you want to do something about them."
You click your mouth shut and look away from his body, only after looking for a moment longer though.
As he sits beside you the water level rises, reaching up to cover your breasts, all the way below your throat. "Why are you looking at me?" you ask when you peek out of the corner of your eye in his direction.
A smirk shows up on his face. "You're tinier than I imagined, I thought maybe I might not really fit." You don't know if it is the air in the room that is getting warmer or just your body, because you feel your face on fire after his dirty reply.
Curiosity almost kills you as you watch him soap up his big arms. "How ... I mean, ... how would it work ... I mean ... you know ... sex?" you close your eyes too embarrassed to even look in his direction. "I mean ... you'd split me in half." He laughs.
Sukuna leans over you, his hand resting on your lower back sending shivers down your body.
"I'm not interested in splitting you in half," he smirks, "I might just start with tasting you until you grind and ride my tongue. You'll end up begging for more. Then, if am feeling particularly generous, I would give you my cocks. One at a time, or if you prefer, at once."
His warm breath tickles your cheek as his other hand comes down to cup your thigh, "I will pump you so fucking full, your belly will swell and your tight cunt will be overflowing with my seed."
Your body trembles as you try to process his words. Your heart beats wildly and your breathing is too fast, making you dizzy.
He laughs and pulls you to him. "Show me," you ask feeling a strange tingle in your belly.
His eyes snap open and a hungry look is painted on his face. "You better think twice," he says with a raised eyebrow.
If your mind screams no, your body screams yes.
"Please," you stammer. He takes you at your word.
He gets up and takes you up with him. "It will just be sex, I'm not going to breed you. Not for the time being, not as long as you're the one asking."
"He has a pretty face," you think when you are face to face as he carries you to the room in his arms.
He drops you on the mattress gently then climbs on top of you. "If it's too much tell me."
You don't think he can really stop but you nod anyway when he presses two hands to the sides of your head and two more hold your hips.
Your wet body trembles as he caresses your lower lip with his tongue and your mouth opens for him.
His tongue caresses yours before the kiss becomes sloppier, more fleshy. Teeth and tongue clash and you unconsciously wrap your legs around his waist.
Sukuna sucks your tongue before moving down to lick your jaw and then your neck. He slides his face over your breasts, circles and sucks one nipple and toys with the other with his thick fingers. Your body quivers and twitches.
He is so soft it almost hurts. Your lower part wants more and you didn't expect it. You thought he would simply slam his cock, maybe both of them, into you. Instead he takes his time. He licks and kisses every inch of your skin.
"Oh please," you moan as the lower part of your belly flips and between your thighs begins to ache.
When he snaps his tongue his warm breath tickles you, "don't rush me" he coos.
Your thighs tremble when Sukuna licks a fat strip of your pussy, "you really are a pretty little thing" he teases you when you moan at the touch of his rough tongue.
He watches you with a lustful gaze as his tongue swirls around your clit, your eyes roll back in pleasure and your lips open to let out sweet, desperate moans.
"uhu like this ..." looking into his face sends you even higher, your gaze is desperate and needy. Eyes teary as he pushes a thick finger between your slick folds.
"You taste good, let go, come on," he moans into your pussy, sucking your clit with teasing slowness.
Your breath quickens as Sukuna slides his finger back and forth your hole. Your thighs tremble, your hips rise off the mattress, and you let out a moan that could have made him cum on the spot.
"Fuck," he mumbles as he sloppily eats you. One of his arms wraps around your waist to tenderly hold onto his mouth as he laps your clit mercilessly.
A silent sob escapes you and your eyes close as you begin to tremble. You can feel his lips curl into a smirk on your throbbing pussy. "So good ... please, more."
Your walls tighten around his thick finger and your nub pulses in his mouth, "fuck, you dirty" he coo arrogantly.
Your hips rise and you press your bottom into his face, your thighs trembling on either side of his head as you ride his tongue.
He holds you under your thighs, continuing to circle his thick tongue around your clit before sucking it gently and stretching your pleasure.
"That' s a good girl," he hums, sliding his finger out of your cunt to make room for his tongue, grinding his thumb over your puffy bud.
"We'll get along fine if you stay this good for me," he moans, drawing out a moan and another orgasm from you.
Your mind is fuzzy as you slowly come down from your high. You drag your gaze to meet his as he towers over you again.
His cocks throb with need between your soaked thighs. "I'll be gentle this time," he says with a smirk on the side of his lips.
Sukuna presses the tip of his lower cock on your entrance. It's big and heavy as he rubs against your slick folds, "It's too big, it won't fit."
He curses grabbing your hips with his large hands, "just relax, you can take me," he insists pushing forward.
Your walls widen painfully and you can't help but squeak and cling to the sheets.
He leans down and runs his tongue over a turgid nipple and rubs his upper cock over your puffy clit making you sob.
"I'm barely in," he coos, stroking your thighs, slowly pushing himself deeper and deeper into you. He presses more heavily on your needy bud, "there you go" coo forces his cock entirely into you.
Your pussy slowly stretches, fluttering around his thick girth as your clit throbs under his cock, "feels good ... " you meow, trying to roll your hips.
Sukuna hisses chuckling, "fuck". He pulls back before thrusting forward again. Deliciously slow. "You need to cum on this cock, angel."
Your cunt tightens around him as the rub on your bud becomes heavier, "m-more."
"Say my name," he gasps pulling out of you.
Your breathing quickens and your mind is fuzzy, "put it in" you sob, "I need ..."
He laughs, "say it. Say my name and I'll make you cum on this cock." He squeezes your hips bending over you, "say it."
You wrap your arms behind his head and press your lips to his, "Sukuna, Sukuna p-please."
He smirks, pulls forward hitting your sweet spot with one stroke, "good girl."
He fills you so well as he rubs his shaft on your hard clit, kisses you sloppily as his cock twitches slowly and a thin white veil begins to cover it, "so good, you're cumming already."
His dirty talk makes your pussy clench and without really meaning to, the words come out loud, "fuck, fill me."
He licks his lips becoming feral, "yeah? as you wish" he whispers pushing your knees to your breasts angling his hips and hitting that perfect spot of yours. "Cum on my cock, pretty girl. that's it. it feels good, doesn't it?"
Your back arches and your cunt spasms around his cock. You gush and cream deliciously on him triggering his pleasure as well. "What a good girl, begging to be filled mh," he coos making your tits jump with each thrust.
You can't take any more. You cum copiously on him as the tip of his cock rubs against your nub.
When you squeal he thrusts deeper. His cock twitches inside your walls before filling you with his seed. Each spurt makes your cunt overflow.
Sukuna barely waits for his bottom cock to finish quivering before he pulls it out and pushes the top one past your folds. "Fuck, you're so tight. Every chance I get I'll be inside you. First one and then the other," he moans, cumming again.
When he finishes your pussy overflows with his thick, hot cum.
You come back into yourself slowly as he releases your legs and falls beside you, his cocks softening on his stomach and his breathing becoming regular again.
"Too much?" he asks bringing two arms behind his head. You shake your head.
Again, although he is a monster, no, a curse he is too good to be true. And even if he is good for one reason, you find yourself admitting that it was fun and pleasant to be with him like that.
Before your conscience peeps out and you remember that you allowed him to come inside you. "uhu" you hold back a hysterical laugh as you slowly fall into sleep, curled up at his side, too tired even to grumble.
The next morning your legs tremble and your whole body tenses as you try to get up. "Are you sore?" Sukuna asks coming out of the bathroom after hearing you groan.
You blink as you watch him come toward the bed. Your body is under the covers and, from what it looks like, between your thighs everything seems to have been cleaned.
"Yes a little," you nod. Every muscle aches, and between your legs everything throbs.
"I filled the tub for you. The warm water will help you," he murmurs nuzzling your cheek with his thumb.
"Carry me," you command curling your lips.
His eyebrows come together and he snaps his tongue, "what?"
"You heard me," you growl huffing, "I'm sore because of you, the least you can do is carry me." Maybe you've gone too far.
His lips stretch into a hard line. "Are you complaining now?" he asks harshly.
You are short of words and when he leans over you your heart beats fast, "I'm sorry...I.."
He lifts you in bridal style, "shut your mouth" he says amused leading you to the bathroom. His chest is warm, "thank you" you stammer rubbing your cheek on him.
This time he doesn't go in with you, "you know, no man looks down on me like you do" he says with a smirk.
You can't hold your tongue, "but I'm not a man." You smirk back at him and he laughs.
"Then ... why do you need an heir?" you ask curiously, slapping the water.
He becomes tense and you can hear his breathing become labored. when he finally relents, he speaks. "I need someone who can control my lands in case something happens to me," he explains vaguely.
"Listen, have you seen the village below?" he asks, and when you nod he smiles. "When I was human I was a very powerful sorcerer, maybe too powerful for some people. The people of the village fought by my side and when I became a curse they began to worship me as a god in exchange for my protection. I'm telling you about a long time ago now, but the pact has stayed."
"Over time I conquered other villages, offering protection in exchange for services." Silence beyond your low breathing. "Other curses only want you so they can create an army and defeat me to become strongest and raze everything they have on their road."
He stares at you as you stiffen, "why do they want to kill you?" you ask biting your lower lip.
He is very careful with his words in a way you are not familiar with. "They want to exorcise me because according to some people I'm a natural disaster, I'm stronger than they are and they're scared," he smirks, reaching out an arm in your direction.
He sounds sincere. But still, you have only known him for one day to decide whether you can trust him or not.
When you get out of the tub he wraps you in a wide towel before throwing you over his shoulder. "So you're like a king of sorts, that's why there's that throne downstairs? A king who needs heirs for his kingdom?" you ask being thrown into bed.
He doesn't answer, he runs his thumb over his lip tilting his head to the side. "Are you hungry?" he asks with a smirk. When you shake your head he clicks his tongue, "I am."
Your stomach twists and your heart beats fast. Despite the pain, your lower belly twitches as Sukuna bends between your thighs.
He caresses your inner thigh and closes his eyes as he begins to move his mouth over you.
His thick tongue slides between your folds and Sukuna moans at your taste, "you are intoxicating."
Your fingers tangle in his hair and when you pull and moan he laps more precisely. "Sukuna ... it's so good," your cries make his eyes snap open, just long enough to see yours roll back and your head thrown onto the mattress.
His cocks throb, and he is drunk of you. His head buzzes as you squirm on his mouth, "fuck, you're so good" you praise making him giggle.
Vibrations run through your body making you arch your back and curl your toes.
Sukuna locks your knees to your chest and holds your folds open with his free hands, slurping your dripping pussy.
You can't move and the position is humiliating, the sound of your wet pussy being eaten so insatiably makes your head buzz.
"Fuck, you're so messy, you're driving me crazy" he teases you, "you're gushing all over my face" he talks dirty before thrusting his long tongue into your tight hole making you scream.
"Please" you plead, your clit throbbing from lack of attention before Sukuna starts rubbing his big thumb into it.
A sadistic grin crosses his face as you gush on his tongue, "uh fuck.. fuck." Your cum runs down his chin, wetting the mattress and your thighs as well.
Your breathing is quickened and the time Sukuna kisses and licks your body slowly you come down from your high.
"Take the lead," he says rolling onto his back and taking you with him so that you are on top of him. Your body still shakes but you want him to feel as good as he just made you feel.
His lips still taste of you when you kiss him sloppily, your small hands pressed to his cheeks as you feel his cocks quiver between your wet thighs.
He brings two arms behind his head as he watches you kiss his abs and go down his hips.
His slits are wet with pre cum as you lick the tip, "I can't, I think" you meow with blush lightly coloring your cheeks.
He has a grin on his face, "just take what you can, it' ll do just as well."
He groans throwing his head back when you take one of his big heads into your mouth. "That's my good girl," he coos tangling a hand in your hair slowly lifting his hips to sink into your warm mouth.
Your tongue glides over his shaft as you try to swallow a few more inches. Gags buzz the room and your eyes roll back. "Take it easy, baby," he advises, grabbing his top cock with his hand and beginning to pump it into his fist.
His thighs tremble and his muscles tighten as you clamp your hands around his length and bob your head up and down, "that's it, fuck" he curses watching as your eyes fill with tears.
Drool runs down your chin ending on his fat balls. They look so juicy and big and you wonder if they could ever fit in your small mouth.
Sukuna catches his lower lip between his teeth as you let go of his cock and lick a big ball. "What the hell, ah fuck yes suck them hard," he moans pressing your head on him.
You're a complete mess as you grind your pussy against nothingness, "just a little more" he moans as he looks at you.
He stiffens as the first spurt lands on his belly, his ball throbbing in your mouth and it makes you feel powerful to see him so sensitive, him so big and thick that becomes malleable in your tiny mouth.
You still suck and drool around his balls until he stops squeezing his cock and his breathing returns to normal.
Your pussy tightens around nothing, almost able to cum just watching how Sukuna comes for you as you sit on top of him.
"Take the one below and rub yourself on the one above," he says grabbing the base of his thick cock and aligning it with your soggy slit.
You swallow hard as you try to slide down his length, "relax, angel."
You sink your nails into his chest as you work your hips slowly. He holds you by the ass pulling you toward him slowly. His cock bullies its way into your tender cunt.
"You're so big ... I can't," he hisses before pulling you down hard, tearing a scream from you. Your tummy bulges and the mere sight of it makes his balls throb.
As you rise, a white ring stains its base linking to your creamy cunt. You throw your head back as you impale yourself once more trying to grind on the other cock, "yeah that feels good" you mew in a daze of pleasure.
Your hands cling to him desperately as you begin to find a slow but steady rhythm. "pretty girl, is this what you wanted?" he spits out a grin, "you wanted your little cunt stuffed? so sweet and good" he praises as he lifts his hips upward and bruises your tender cervix.
"You're so pretty," he whispers holding your hips for support "you can take all my cock, you like it don't you mh?" you moan grabbing his forearms and lowering yourself a little more.
You sob as you begin to ride him slowly, he grabs your throat and lifts you off his cock so you can lower yourself more forcefully, "that's the way to do it baby" he gasps raising his hips upward in the process.
Sukuna is intoxicated by you, your pussy clenching sporadically around his cock and you slowly manage to ride and grind against him.
He feels your walls tighten and flutter on him, your teary eyes roll back as you gush, "cum for me, fuck," he orders with a grin.
You tremble and shriek his name as you try to lift yourself off him from too much stimulation but Sukuna holds you down cumming in your slick slit, "keep cumming."
You are so confused when you open your eyes again. Lying on his chest, his face hidden under his big arm and his cock though soft inside your pussy sticky with your mixed cum.
"Sukuna?" you call softly as you lift yourself off his shaft. A soft hiss escapes you but he doesn't move.
His lips are soft as you place yours on them, and when you're about to pull away his hand holds you pressed to his mouth.
The kiss is sloppy but sweet, "I thought you were asleep" you puff out your cheeks in protest as you get off him and sit up.
"I don't need to sleep" he states turning to the side and supporting his head with one hand. You don't think you've ever felt this way, you've been made to feel special all your life but now in the way he looks at you, for the first time you really feel special.
"I'm hungry," you complain, shaking off your thoughts for that curse. He smirks, "nooo, I'm hungry for food. Have mercy" you giggle.
Tumblr media
Sitting in his lap you look even smaller, his chin resting on your head as you eat what Uraume has specially prepared for you.
"You don't eat?" you ask, lifting your head curiously. He hisses, "yes, sometimes. Don't ask me what though," he laughs, wrapping his arms around you without squeezing too tightly.
"I have to meet some villagers in a little while," he says brushing your hair away from your face as you finish your plate.
He studies you before asking a question, "would you like to come with me?" He seems genuinely a good person. He is good and caring, maybe a family with him would not be so bad. To have stability and a home.
But still, after a little more than a day you can't be sure.
"Yes I would like that," you nod with a smile.
You feel like a princess. Well more or less. After all, princesses don't sit in the lap of a curse on a throne atop a pile of bones.
The men at the foot of the mountain are kneeling, indeed prostrate, at Sukuna's feet. They brought gifts and before he shushed them they were talking among themselves. You know they were whispering about you, you are used to glances and whispered words behind your back.
"They brought fabrics for you too, I'll have clothes made for you," he whispers in your ear, then places a kiss on the top of your head as you snuggle your cheek to his chest.
The following weeks pass quickly. They alternate between moments when you roll around in the sheets, or in the bathtub, a couple of times in the library, two in the kitchen where poor Uraume had to clean up your mess.
And moments when he holds you in his lap, telling you stories that well are not meant for you. Stories about witch sorcerers exorcising curses. Stories of curse killing sorcerers. There were no happy endings in those stories told between a caress and a kiss.
One day he took you to the village. People didn't look at you with terror in their eyes. With fear that someone would come and destroy their village. They had kind smiles and a few sweet words for you. Gifts and poems.
One day he took you to visit a place not far from his shrine. Waterfalls with clear water flowed from a mountain that seemed to touch the sky. The white dress had become transparent after Sukuna took you in it. You remember the warm, clear water surrounding your hips and the way he looked at you as you splashed him with water.
One evening, after being away all day, he had shown up in his room with a kitten. "It was out here crying I don't know what to do with it," he had said. Two days later he regretted that decision.
"You spend too much time with that thing," he had gotten jealous as he moved the cat off your legs and rested his head on it.
It was all so new and strange but you liked it, you liked him.
Tumblr media
Sukuna leads the way down the path, gently nudging the branches at your face level so that they cannot scratch you. The air smells good, "pine," you think.
He looks at you and smiles, "you are strange little human" he teases you.
You curl your lips before puffing up your cheeks, "why?". He laughs, "because you are like this. You've only been here a short time and you're not afraid. You look almost happy."
You spit out the truth as if talking to him is the most natural thing in the world. "But I am happy. This is the first time I've stayed in one place for so long and I don't miss anything here," you smile, "I enjoy your company."
He clicks his tongue before peeling back some shrubs and revealing what looks like paradise. Flowers of various shapes and colors surround a lake in the center of the clearing. "It's beautiful," you whisper in wonder.
"I'm taking a bath, will you join me?" You barely manage to speak when he strips and remains naked. It's definitely not the first time you've seen him naked but each time you are charmed.
"You're staring," he teases you. Diving very slowly into the lake, "the water is warm, come I'll keep you." He is so patient with you. Sweet and at the same time rude when he teases you. Your heart flutters.
"No, I'm fine here," you murmur, letting him swim alone.
The feeling in your chest feels strange, can someone like him love?
"What's in your mind?" he asks running a hand through his wet hair. He can't be that damn hot.
"Just ... I thought" this is the time of truth. "If I give you a child, what will happen to me afterward? Will you demand more or send me away?" A child needs a mother, at least for its first years of life. However, if it were like Sukuna, it would not even need you since it would not need to eat and sleep.
His expression is undetectable. He cocks his head to the side and studies you, a smirk crossing his face. "Do you want me to ask you to stay with me?" he laughs.
You didn't have high expectations but you still feel a pain in your chest. "I’m not asking you to stay because it’s your choice, however, if you stayed you would make me happy. it’s your choice whether or not to give me a child, either way I’d protect you from others."
His smile softens. He is not bad, after all. 
"Sukuna?" your voice is clear but you still catch him off guard when you speak, "You said if I ran away, you would chase me. Is that right yet?"
He laughs, "you bet, baby." You can see in the water how his dicks harden at the thought of chasing you.
"And do you think you can catch me?" you ask trapping your lower lip between your teeth.
He licks his lips as he begins to leave the lake.
"Sukuna, if you catch me I will give you a kid, no ifs or buts, ... so chase me." You back away slowly with a smirk on your lips before you start running through the trees.
What were you thinking. You want to be precious when in truth the idea of having him breed you doesn't mind at all. You can't hear him in the trees.
Your breath begins to fail you, as if you were running for your life. Your heart is racing and you want him to catch you.
Without realizing it you're back at the lake, unconsciously you must have gone around and not a shadow of Sukuna. As you back up you collide with a massive wet body.
Sukuna is feral. You like the look in his red eyes. "Why did you stop, I was having fun," he chuckles, crouching on the ground, taking you with him.
Your body is covered with goose bumps when Sukuna rips off your dress, "you don't know what you did" he murmurs passing his thumb over your lip to release it from the grip of your teeth.
No, you don't really know what you've done but when he turns you around with extreme ease and puts you on all fours maybe you have an idea.
Your breath shakes as you feel wetness between your legs. Sukuna dips a thick finger into your slit immediately finding your sweet spot and beginning to rub it slowly.
"I can taste you from here," he hisses grabbing your hips and pushes another finger into your cunt. You involuntarily clench around his fingers moaning and panting as you thrust your hips into him.
It is a position that is too vulnerable, your cheek pressed against his kimono on the ground and your ass in the air, your cunt wide open for him.
As you begin to twitch Sukuna begins to push his cock into your pussy, inch by inch stretching and spreading you slowly. "So good,.. harder, please" you mumble.
He seems to be even deeper as his cock presses against your cervix leaving you breathless, "you better watch your mouth, baby" he warns you.
He doesn't give you time to adjust before he fucks you mercilessly.
"Too deep" you whimper as he pushes inside you. You don't see it but you know for sure he has a smirk on his face as he presses against your soft cervix.
Your thighs tremble as he slides out slowly and tense as he pushes in again, "you make me feel so fucking good" he moans as he pushes into your dripping cunt.
"Your cunt, you fucking squeeze so good" he coo pressing his cock down on your nub making you scream, "let me hear how much you like my cocks."
A squeal escapes you as he sinks rougher, your clit throbbing and your walls fluttering around his girth. "oh my ...uhu shit" you spit out the words as you come.
"Desperate mmh" he taunts you as he fucks you over your orgasm. You made a mess on his cock, your cum dripping onto his big balls making a stain on his kimono beneath you.
You cry out loud as Sukuna fucks your pussy deeper, "my perfect little thing" he groans, spitting on your tightest hole and beginning to rub his thumb into it, pushing it deliciously slow inside.
Your body stiffens. "Trust me" he murmurs bending over you pushing his thumb deep inside your ass.
He presses your thighs together and as one cock continues to fuck you mercilessly the other grinds between your tight thighs. "Don't stop I'll cum again," you whimper.
Your folds flutter again as you come, "You're going to be a good girl and take my seed, aren't you?" he asks knowing full well your answer.
Your mind feels confused but you manage to blurt out an answer for him, "fill me up, fuck."
He hisses. His load fills and overflows from your tight pussy dripping onto his shaft, "fuck, like this, baby" he moans and pulls out his throbbing cock only to replace it with his fingers.
Sukuna fucks his fingers into your cunt pushing his seed inside, leaving you crying and panting. Three fat fingers fill your pussy, curling over your sweet spot making you cum again and again.
His cock gets hard again. Incredibly hard. "I'm not done. I'm going to fuck you so hard baby, I'm going to fuck you so good you'll beg me to do it again and again until you're sore."
Your pussy throbs as he pulls out of you and lifts you into the air. Your legs spread wide as he holds you below your knees, one cock pushed into your pussy and the other tickling your tight hole with the tip.
If he pushed it in you know it would split you in half but now you don't care. "Fuck" you squeal breathlessly as he presses inside you.
So full you don't think you can do anything. You let him use you, ready for another wave of pleasure.
He fucks you so rough your mind feels fuzzy.
Your head falls on his shoulder as his cocks abuse your tight slits.
"You're so tight, a good girl just for me mh," he murmurs in your ear. "You're dripping, so dirty, I like you like this."
Your eyes roll back and you cling to his arm, your legs tremble as he holds them fully open for him.
Sukuna rubs his fingers over your clit and turns with his one free hand your face toward his. He pushes his tongue into your mouth, kissing you sloppily while remaining breathless.
He can feel you clenching around, he can feel you creaming on his cock, your holes throbbing around his fat cocks.
"Stay with me," he murmurs watching as your cunt swallows his cock, "I don't need anything else, fuck, just you."
Who are you to deny him? Especially when he angles his fat cocks inside you and rubs your bud with his thick fingers, "fuck yeah, I'll give you anything. Breed me ...," you mew, crying and trembling in his arms.
His cock is forced out of your cunt as you cum, gushing and squirting beneath you. Your cum slides down his balls and legs while his cock fucks your ass.
Those slow strokes make you squirt even more.
You gasp and writhe as he cum from both of his shafts.
From your tight hole his cum drips out as slowly Sukuna sets you on your feet, "You're not finished inside me," you murmur almost disappointed.
He smirks. "I was serious when I said it's up to you. stay with me, no strings attached. Not because I brought you here against your will but because you want to be with me."
His body trembles when you place your lips to his, "I was also serious when I told you to come inside me," you gasp pulling back and resting your forehead on his chest. He smiles, presses his lips to your head before picking you up and carrying you to his shrine.
You feel like you have slept for days and not just a few hours when you wake up in Sukuna's bed. He is beside you, his arm covering his face. "I know you're not sleeping," you pout, and he smiles.
"Are you all right?" he asks, winking at you. Your heart flutters and your cunt throbs.
He smiles when you nod. "Are you sure you want to stay with me?" he suddenly asks and when you answer he rolls on top of you. "Then I have to go now, someone is here for you," he chuckles cuddling your cheek and pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose.
"If I talk to them maybe I can convince them to leave you alone," you affirm.
Sukuna shakes his head. "If you do such a thing they will take it out on you, too. I won't let them take you away."
You're not okay with the fact that when you've finally found your place in the world someone is trying to take it away from you, it's not fair.
Sukuna presses his lips one last time to yours before walking out of the room and leaving you alone with your thoughts and a sense of anguish and anxiety in your heart.
Tumblr media
You barely remember life before him. There was only emptiness, pain and loneliness accompanied you wherever you went.
Now your heart beats fast in your chest. Your ears are ringing, your throat is dry, and your senses are all active.
You shouldn't have.
Not in your condition. You struggle to move now, after all, the deadline is about to come.
"I know you're here," his voice is harsh, he's not having fun, he's just worried about you.
"You said you would chase me" you step out from behind the shelves on the second floor of the library. He laughs.
"You shouldn't run around, it will hurt the baby" he says reaching out and taking you in his arms.
You snort as you roll your eyes. "He likes it."
Sukuna smirks, "He?" he says with a raised eyebrow. You nod enthusiastically. "And how do you know it's a he" he laughs making you sit in his lap when you go downstairs.
You wrinkle your nose, "I just know." He laughs and shakes his head. "What if it's a girl?" he asks amused.
You think about it for a moment and then give the final answer, "if it was a girl well I would feel sorry for you but you are lucky, you have four arms just right for two princesses."
Sukuna laughs before placing a kiss on your forehead and a hand on your big belly, "yeah I am lucky indeed."
You barely remember life before him because your heart was filled and continues to be filled with love. day after day. Instant after instant. Moment after moment. One step at a time and one heartbeat per second.
Tumblr media
an. i headcanon that sukuna was exorcised not long after your son was born. for his sake you were forced to give him to those who could take care of him because you knew the sorcerers would come for you. fortunately, the baby did not take on his father's likeness, except for pink hair, superhuman strength and speed. its in this way that yuji is related to sukuna
🏷. @imkumichan @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @conchetucona @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @smallhybridart @the-amaranthine @atsushisbunny @littlemochi @erishium @satoruswhxre @mumbledori @animedaydreamer @desiray562 @yeagerfushiguro @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @shadowarchon @flipperpenguins @sukunasbabymama @lilymoonpie @cryszus @ingcnoti @sakhimeansfriend @dukina @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @ramens-posts @risefallrise @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @toshigimmemilk @ray-lol @ren-simp @t-oji @holychocopie @startaee @toxzart @dwld1 @palenightmarepersona @levifrickingackerman @myarlert @abiyoichi @90s-belladonna
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mari-the-bimbo · 4 months ago
Ok ok ok! Following my previous ask, can I ask some Toji fluff? Anything at all? I know everyone is sooooo expecting smut from him but I think he's a softie under a thick layer of roughness. And congrates again for your achievement ❤🧋🙌
Toji Fushiguro: dating him (fluff edition)
A/N: Thank you sm!!! 🥰 Idk if I’m excited or nervous to post this one because I don’t know much about Toji and this is my first post about him haha. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
This giant is so in love with you, you’re his angel, you can do no wrong in his eyes
Anything you do is rewarded with him cooing at you or grabbing your face in his much larger hand to give you a sloppy kiss. “Why you so cute huh?” He’ll tease in his gruff voice.
Oh, and Toji is totally the type to hum against your cheeks when pressing a kiss to it, chuckling when you try to squirm away.
Cat calls you all the time. Publicly and privately, this man has no shame. His partner is the hottest, and he’s gonna tell you the only way he knows how 😤
Lots and lots of head pats
He does it absentmindedly at this point. You’re always tucked under his arm with his large hand patting your head,
He’ll occasionally use his hand to manoeuvre your head to lean again him, he always knows when you’re tired.
He calls you his ‘lucky charm’, only time things go well for him is when your pretty little self is following him around.
“C’mere cutie” he’ll say in his deep voice, as he sits down, calling you over with a finger.
He always manspreads across his seat in an attempt to make space for you on his lap. Once you’re comfy, he’ll wrap his big muscular arms around you, engulfing you into his large form.
“Gotcha” he’ll chuckle before playfully biting your shoulders.
Lovessss watching you mess with his sword, pretending to be him. He’ll observe and chuckle with a lazy smile.
After missions, he always grabs your hand, drags you to the sofa and makes you give him a massage. It’s the perfect way to get touchy with you, and relieve his pain. A good old 2 in 1.
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missmarj · 18 days ago
Gojo Satoru x Reader, fluff
"Kids, this is my wife." He gestures at you flamboyantly before stepping inside to give you a peck on the cheek. "Wife, these are my kids."
He continues to point at each of them, "This is Megumi, Nobara and Yuuji." He then turned to you again and smiled softly. "First years, this is Mrs. Gojo."
The trio exchanged baffled expressions but bowed in greeting nonetheless. Their eyes wildly flicker at each other, their sensei and well, at you. You offer them a small smile, raising your hand to wave. "Hello, I'm Y/n." you greet. "Please, come in." 
"What the hell? Gojo-sensei is actually married??" Nobara hisses under her breath as they take off their shoes by the entrance, eyeing you as you go to grab some house slippers for them.
"Don't look at me, I'm as surprised as you two are." Fushiguro whispers back carefully, even flashing you a thin lipped smile when your gazes meet as you hand him his slippers. 
"I never met her before." He murmurs, also watching you curiously as you walk to the kitchen to help their teacher unpack the food he brought home. 
"He does mention a "partner" from time to time but I didn't think for a second that he meant a wife." Fushiguro shrugs. "I mean, look at him." Fushiguro makes a face then jerks his head at Gojo who was doing a little happy dance after eating a mochi he bought from their most recent trip.
"Yeah, I love Gojo-sensei and all, but I'm honestly surprised someone agreed to marry him." Itadori snickers, causing the other two to crack a grin. 
"I heard that!" Satoru suddenly yells from the kitchen counter making you jump. God, he's been away so long that you had forgotten how loud he gets.
Over dinner, you couldn't help but notice how your husband's students keep glancing at you. You return their nervous smiles until Satoru speaks up. "Is it that hard to believe that I have a wife?" 
The three answered in a heartbeat, making you choke on air, desperately trying not to laugh aloud at their bluntness. Satoru looks somewhere between annoyed and amused as he rolls his eyes. 
"Were you forced to marry him??" Nobara asks you directly and you see Fushiguro elbow her in shame. 
"Well," you glance at your husband whose cheeks is now tinted a faint shade of pink. "Sort of. Our marriage is arranged. For progeny purposes. But we both wanted it-" You say honestly and then blinked down at your plate, grinning. "-eventually."
"Called it!" Itadori hollers, opening his palm at Nobara who huffs before digging on her uniform for her wallet to hand him a fifty. 
"You ungrateful brats made a bet about my marriage??" Satoru asks incredulously. 
"I'll have you training with cursed objects tomorrow from dawn to midnight."
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antihajime · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
feat. gojo satoru, geto suguru, nanami kento, okkotsu yuuta, fushiguro megumi
note. okay hello everyone yes i have done these for haikyuu and genshin. yes i am back with more. <3
Tumblr media
GOJO could call you almost any name out there, a teasing lilt tracing over his tongue and that prick of a smirk on his lips letting you know that he is doing nothing but making fun of you in the way he always does. yet, when the lights are low and fatigue drips off of him as though it were the autumn rain, he calls you honey. smooth around the clutches of his throat and sweet on his voice, he says it like there’s more beneath the syllables—something he could never quite tell you purely through words he could speak.
GETO was younger when he called you babe, a sweet slip of the word between a hand on your shoulder and fingers tracing down your spine. yet, the suguru you know now calls you dear, the word drowning in the space between sinister and sweet, between agony and ardor. he'll whisper it in your ears and kiss along your neck, letting soulful memories slip past his tongue and along your flesh.
NANAMI could whisper something sweet, something like darling or my love or any other nickname—and on some nights, he does, a light my love falling and stumbling over the kisses he lays across your skin, mingling with the timber of his voice as it rings through the air, but more than anything, it's your name that twirls over his tongue. as simple as can be, there's nothing quite like the way your name moves through him, like just the syllables could wrap around the very core of his mind, heart, and soul and pull out of him every word he's ever thought or spoken. it's your name in his voice that can leave you breathless, no matter the reason.
OKKOTSU calls you angel, rarely, but it's there. a little memory that rests somewhere within you until he pulls it out once more. angel, he'll say, muffled in the cotton of your shirt, fingers tangled in your hair and the kind of laughter that only ever comes from relief fanning against your skin. angel, he'll say, on nights when the day has been hard and dark but you, with delicate hands and pretty smiles and kisses light upon his cheeks have only ever been good to him.
FUSHIGURO calls you babe, nothing if not terribly straight to the point. at first, he stumbled over it, slipped it where it didn't quite fit until one day, when the rain fell over windows and pattered against the pavement, it seemed almost natural. it's sweet, nothing more than a quick moment of affection and adoration, but it's enough to let you know that he knows you're there. he says it when he asks you to grab something for him, says it when between grunts of almost-laughter. he says it like it's a confession, and you're the first glimpse he's been given into rapture.
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