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asfeline · 6 minutes ago
✿ How to play? ✿
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⇝ First - Second - Third roommate? ⇜
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➥ So? How's your roommate life going?
Quick reminder :
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gojosbun · 8 hours ago
~ The Empty Vessel~ Chp2
It's around midnight when Gojo pulls into the driveway of his apartment and shuts off the car. The windows of his apartment were pitch black and looked almost vacant. It's been a few days since he has been home. With everything going on he has been staying at JT in the guest quarters to stay close to work. He was excited to lay in his bed after days of laying on an uncomfortable and short futon. He couldn’t even stretch his legs out all the way. However, with tonight's circumstances, he would more than likely let her have the bed while he sleeps on the couch.
He peeked around to the backseat to find her still sleeping soundly. He didn't want to wake her since she seems so tired but he had to get her inside. He opened his door before shutting and opening the backdoor to wake her. He placed a hand on her back gently patting hoping to not startle her. When no response came from her he shook her a little by the shoulder and still nothing. Even though she was asleep she looked lifeless...almost dead like. He placed a hand on her cheek and she was cold as well. His breath hitched and he froze.
“There is no way she's dead,” he thought to himself before flipping her over to lay flat on the seats
Just as he was about to place two fingers on her necks pulse her eyes shot wide open making Gojo scream a bit and stumble out of the car. His hand over his chest and breathing heavily trying to calm down from the jumpsxare.
“Oh my fucking God I thought you were dead” he breathed out somewhat laughing now trying to pass off his embarrassment of getting startled.
She was sitting up now looking at him with the same blank dead stare. Still in shock maybe? Gojo stepped forwards and offered his hand to her to help her out thinking maybe she’ll feel up to walk to the door. She leaned back as his hand got closer and looked at it uncertain as to what he was doing. She never flinched or seem scared just....unsure of any gesture. He raised his eyebrow before pulling his hand back and deciding to lift her up again to carry her bridal style to the front door. It was raining and didn't want to stand in the rain much longer.
“Not much of a walker huh?” he ask before shutting the car door.
He walked up the small set of stairs leading to the door before realizing his keys are in his pocket and will need to put her down.
“I gotta get my keys so you’ll need to stand” he said before gently placing her feet on the wet cement porch.
She wobbled slightly and leaned against Gojo for a second before gaining balance and standing on her own. She was feeble just like he thought. He jiggles his keys around before the door opens and he gestures her to walk in first. She looked up at him with the previous stare confused at what he wanted her to do. He ended up placing his hand on her back to push her inside gently and shutting the door being them both. He went around turning on light switches to the place and it looked much more lived-in now that it's visible. It was neat and cozy, mostly grays and blacks. It had an open kitchen to the living room and dining area. There was one hallway that led to his bedroom and bathroom. It was only a one-bedroom since it was just him and will always be just him. When Gojo turned the lights on he was able to get a better look at her and just how filthy she was. Small mud clumps in her long purple hair, mud on her cheeks and arms. He looked down to her feet and they were also covered in mud. The cloth was a gross brown now from the dirt and would more than likely be thrown away. He decided the first thing he’ll get started for her was a shower. Even if she was starving Gojo definitely prioritized getting her clean first. Like before he placed his hand on her back to lead her to the back room where his bathroom was. Before heading to the bathroom he grabbed a clean shirt and boxers for her to wear tonight. It wasn't much but way better than a disgusting sheet.
When they get to the bathroom Gojo laid out the clothes along with some towels for her to use. He brought up to her that she can use any of the shampoos or body washes he had and to feel free to use anything. He wanted her to feel comfortable as possible. He made sure everything was set for her and told her how to turn the water on before getting ready to shut the bathroom door.
“If you need anything ill be in the kitchen but please take your time” he gave a small smile before shutting the door and leaving her to get cleaned up.
He went to the kitchen to see what he could make for her to eat before going to bed tonight. There wasn't much except snack food and microwave foods. Definitely not something he thought she’d want to eat. He thought of going to the store early tomorrow morning to grab fresh food for the girl. He kept searching until he found a packet of ramen he could make after she showers. It probably wasn't the best dinner after being in the forest for who knows how long but he knew it was better than nothing. He got a bowl ready and utensils along with a glass of water. Grabbing a pot and filling it with water he started to focus on the sound of the water from the facet filling the pot. It was relaxing and made him realize just how tired he was himself. When he turned the water off he noticed the silence coming from the bathroom. Shouldn’t he hear the shower running by now? He was conflicted if he should continue making her dinner or go check on her. He didn't want to invade her privacy but it's been a bit too long since he left her in there for it to still be quiet.
He knocked on the bathroom door before entering. He wouldv’e just called out from outside the door to ask if she was ok but she wasn't even communicating anyways. He peaked in and saw her staring at her reflection in the mirror. Blankly, taking in her looks. Probably shocked she looks the way she does. Again he sees no emotion in her face. It's lifeless and pale. Empty. He watches as her head tilts to the side like she is questioning her reflection in front of her. She suddenly reminded him of an animal seeing its reflection for the first time. Confused. He slowly stepped in before clearing his throat
“Are you okay?” he doesn't know why he asks when he knows she won't talk.
“Are you going to shower?” another pointless question to ask
He stood there and started at her realizing maybe she needed help bathing? She didn’t seem to understand when he talked about her showering. She has to be in shock and just cant tend to her own needs yet. She needs help for now. He felt unsure if this was okay to do but she was dirty? She had to get cleaned up. He couldn’t leave her like this just because she can't do it herself.
He changed into some clothes he wouldn’t care about getting wet deciding the only way was to get in with her to help. If he had a bathtub this would be much easier but unfortunately he only had a shower. He came back into the bathroom feeling nervous and worried about this.
“I just gotta clean her off that's it” he reminded himself that's all it is and to not feel ashamed for helping. He worried the most about making her uncomfortable.
Gojo turned on the shower faucet and adjusted the water to a nice warmth. He grabbed her hand to hold it under the running water to make sure this wasn't too hot for her. She seemed fine with it.
“I know this isn’t the best situation but I’ll help you clean up if that’s alright?” No answer
He took in a deep breath before grabbing the dirty cloth and lifting it away from her body and everything being on full view. Gojo respectfully kept his eyes on her face. He had no intentions of making this weird for the both of them. She desperately needed the help and that’s all he was doing. He led her into the shower and she kinda grunted? When the water hit her body. Making it look like this wasn’t pleasant for her. She tried stepping away from the water and backed up to Gojo’s chest.
“Woah woah hey, calm down alright? It’s water? See?” He said forcing her hand under the water to collect it in her palm.
Tumblr media
It’s like this is her first time showering.
She calmed down and stood there letting the water run over her and the dark water draining away. She went emotionless again once unbothered and let Gojo start washing her body with the rag he grabbed. He tried to be quick but still made sure she was well cleaned up trying to get the most uncomfortable part over with. He was glad you seemed ok with the help. After her body was free of dirt he got to washing her hair. He rinsed her hair with water as much as he could to get all the mud clumps out before shampooing. He lathered it up in her hair getting every strand and admiring how long her hair was. When the shampoo was rinsed out he could see the true colors and just how purply red her hair was. He liked the color he thought. In fact he loved it.
When he was finished he was drenched for obvious reasons. He first made sure she was dried off and in a towel along with her hair before changing his own clothes and hanging them up to dry in the shower. He of course changed in his room with the door shut. When he came back in he saw her standing in front of the mirror again taking in her clean hair and looks. Staring with nothing in those red eyes. He stood behind her and unraveled her hair from the towel letting it drop. It was long and wet and he didn’t have a blow dryer. He attempted at towel drying her hair as best as he could making small talk
“You have a lot of hair. Do you like it long?” He wasn’t going to get an answer but he thought giving her the chances to talk maybe she eventually would?
After drying he brushes it out with his brush and realized that she can’t sleep on wet hair. Trying to remember how he walked to the kitchen grabbing one chopstick from the kitchen drawer and returning back with it. She was still staring at her reflection. He sighed at her before taking the brush and gathering as much hair as he could into his hand. He twisted it around his fingers making it somewhat tight before making kinda messy bun.
“I haven’t done this since being a student at jujutsu tech with Geto” he smiled remember his friendship with his old friend
Geto had long back hair and he sometimes asked Gojo to help him put his hair up. Geto showing him how with a chopstick before Gojo took over doing it when ever he asked. Something small to help a friend he thought. His smile faded away not wanting to think about Geto’s betrayal
He stuck the chopstick through the bun and twisted it making the chopstick stick straight up before pushing it back into her hair to hold it snuggly in place. He still remembered.
After helping her get dried off and dressed he led her to the kitchen to eat. It was kinda late to make the ramen so he instead grabbed a snack pack and the glass of water handing it to her. She again looked confused. Not sure why he handed these to her. Was she not hungry? Not even thirsty?
“Ya know maybe you need some sleep and tomorrow your appetite will come back” he said
He again led her by a hand on her back to the bedroom when he prepared the bed for her to sleep in. He gestured for her to lay down and she again looked confused on what he wanted her to do until she made the connection. She slowly laid down and he covered her up asking if she needs anything else before he goes to the living room to sleep. She didn’t answer of course. He got up and said goodnight before shutting the door leaving it slightly cracked open to check on her through out the nite incase he couldn’t sleep
He watched some TV before going to bed trying to piece together tonight’s events. Everything confused him. He wants to tell everyone whats going on for help but the more he thinks the more darker his mind gets to who she might be or what she might be. For all he knows he could’ve just let a curse into his apartment. He laughed off his sketchy thoughts remembering who he is and how that would never happen. Still, it stayed in the back of his mind that maybe tonight was a mistake and he should’ve left her there. Before going to bed finally he wanted to check on her once just to make sure she’s asleep. He slowly walked to the bedroom and peer between the crack and saw her laying peacefully. Then the memory of her not waking up in the car came to his mind and he started worrying that maybe she was concussed and sleeping wasn’t safe. He slipped past the door and carefully leaned over the bed looking at her pale lifeless looking face live before in the car. It made him tense up thinking about how he thought she was dead. He placed two fingers on her neck to feel a pulse for his own reassurance and he felt nothing. He himself went cold and became panicked. He was frozen and just started at her body completely unsure of how there was no pulse.
While he stared at her and tears almost forming thinking about this poor girl dying in his bed. He should’ve went straight to an emergency room and they could’ve treated whatever internal injury she had but he didn’t and guilt started to set in. That’s why she was so feeble. She was hurt. He ignored all the signs. Almost sucking in a deep breath to sob out he noticed her body softly falling as if she was breathing. He quickly placed his hands on her stomach and he could most definitely feel the rise and falling of her stomach.
“No pulse” he thought
“But still breathing”
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shimagojo · 20 hours ago
My Black But Blue Sea
"Remember the time you said love is the most twisted curse Satoru? You were right; it made me strong, but stronger than a broken heart that you made of mine," She said.
The story is about one of the 9 Cursed Womb: Death Paintings who finds herself in Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College on a rainy day after a series of events.
Genre: heavy angst, sad love story, maybe tragedy, violence, lonely hearts, broken souls, +18.
Tags/Warnings: mentions of trauma, mentions of depression, mentions of suicide attempts, cheating, blood, rape, etc.
You can read my story on Wattpad and AO3 too.
List Of Chapters:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
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novasdarling · a day ago
Elf King
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Gojo's fascination with a human girl ends up forcing her into a new role and life. Though the question of if she's different from the others keeps arising in her silly little head.
TW: Kidnapping/Sacrifice, Haram, Power Imbalance, Mention of Sex, Yandere Themes
Tumblr media
The betrayal you felt never got easier. Given up by the people you trusted the most, by your village, even your own family handed you over to him like you were nothing. They couldn’t even look you in the eye as they pushed you through the town. Your please meant nothing to them, you meant nothing to them. No one helped, they all just stared as you cried when you were blindfolded. Dragging you through the forest, pushing and shoving you. It felt like forever, as if the walk to wherever would never come. But finally, it did. Which one was worse, the walk here, or the fact it was done? You weren’t sure.
Securing your tied hands to a post they left you, at least your father had the decency to take the blindfold off. The loneliness was suffocating, every slight sound made you think death was there. It still didn’t make sense or at least hadn’t sunk in yet. One day you were a normal person with a bright future. Next, you were picked out to be a sacrifice for the elves. Apparently, you had been picked by them yourselves. You had never gone that much into the woods unless necessary. Your mother had warned you not to, that sometimes elves fall for pretty human women and then cause destruction to their villages. Yes, all the girls knew not to get to clothes to the woods, and if you went in it was best to cover some of your face. And you did, you took every step necessary to be safe. Yet you were here, tied and left to appease the elves so your village could be safe. It had been years since a girl had been subjected to this. The village was deemed safe and smart. Your demise would probably serve as a reminder for little girls to be safe and stay away from here or else you’ll end up like her.
It was late when they finally came. Fear had exhausted you, your body was weak and so was your mind. A group of elves had emerged from the trees in front of you. They were tall, well dressed and beautiful. People had always talked about the beauty of the elves, but seeing them in person was different than hearing about them in stories. One of them began talking to the others in a language you didn’t understand. He must have been the leader of the group. Soon you were picked up by one of the other members. Carried bridal style. He was one of the more muscular members of the group. Lifting you as if you weighed nothing more than a couple of feathers. As much as you wanted to scream or beg for mercy, it was useless. You weren’t even sure if they would understand you. And if you did manage to get away, where would you even go? The village would turn you away, seeing you as a bad omen now. This was your fate whether you liked it or not. Might as well enjoy these few moments left before they do whatever they had planned to.
The travel was long, deeper and deeper they travelled into the woods. Eventually, the group got to a cave on the side of a mountain. The group entered, it was pitch black. Once they walked further from the mouth of the cave, the light disappeared. You were unable to see ahead of you. Yet, they knew where they were going, they knew which direction to take, which turn to make. A part of you knew that attempting to remember the directions were useless. Freedom would never be an option again. Eventually light appeared again, exiting the cave to another part of the woods. You didn’t recognize this portion though, then again you weren’t sure just how far your people had taken you out. This portion though was different, the plants looked strange. Nothing like you’d seen before. It was as if they were glowing and moving on their own. Looking closer, it became obvious that they were. The ivy along the trees had a luminescent light to them. Even the bushes seemed to have spots of green glow. Though you always knew the forest was alive. This was different. This was a different meaning to alive. The marvelling at the woods soon disappeared when the group arrived at these enormous trees. The trucks seemed to be the size of a large portion of your villages and there seemed to be about four trees. Looking up is when you saw it. The trees seemed to never end, you were unable to see the sky. But that wasn’t the portion that shocked you. No, looking up there was building and bridges up there. It seemed to span across multiple levels of the tree. The group found the stairs leading up the trees. You couldn’t help yourself, heights had always been a weakness of yours. Scaring you, making you sick, which lead you to close your eyes and lean into the man holding you. As much as you wanted to throw yourself away from him and the others. Right now he was the only thing keeping you safe from the ground that was getting further and further from you.
The man holding you seemed to stop. Refusing to open your eyes, you were left blinded to what was happening around you. The group had walked into the main building in the trees. The largest and grandest among the many. The house belonged to the King, an elf named Gojo. The group made their way through the halls until they entered a large room filled with elves in elegant outfits. It was the loud music and the addition of new voices that got you to peak at the crowd. Elves were staring at you, dressed in gold and jewels. What should have been a moment to admire the outfits had been outraged by the fear you had towards the new people. The group continued to make their way to the large throne their King was seated at. It wasn’t until the man who had been holding you placed you by the feet of the King that the crowd went silent. The talk was exchanged between the two men. You still refused to open your eyes. Hoping that if you ignored them it would all just disappear. But it didn’t. This was all very real, real when you were forced to look at the King. Real when you were forced to sit on his lap. Real when you were stripped and dressed in elvish clothing. And very real when the King demanded to visit him in his room every night.
Days had gone by since that horrid night. Since you were betrayed by those you love and sent to live here. Still unsure why you were here. Yes, it was made clear that it was the King who saw you and demanded you to be brought to him. But, at night in his chambers. He only seemed to like to undress you and then redress you in some of the finest material the lives had. His hands did linger as he smoothed out the clothes. You had caught his eyes staring at your chest when he placed something low cut on you. But besides these, he had never done anything more. Which you eventually learned was unusual according to the other girls that were there. Gojo had collected himself a haram of mainly human women. The stories that they had told you revealed he was much less graceful and kind to them than he was to you. A topic you decided to bring up the next time you were summoned to him. He was one of the few elves that were fluent in your language. Limiting those you spoke to cause even all of the girls didn’t share the same tongue as you.
It was the same night as many before, he dressed you in fine material and asked if you liked them. You were too scared to disagree with him. Liking whatever he had picked out that night. By the third outfit, Gojo had seemed to grow bored of the events. Taking to touching you instead. More than he had before. Gojo had his chest against your back. His hands roamed your waist while his mouth began to pepper kisses along your neck. “Am I different? Do you not like me enough?” It came out of you before you could realize what you were asking. To be honest you didn’t care if you were different or if you satisfied him in the manner of your feelings being hurt or not. Rather curiosity had gotten you. Gojo stopped his kisses for a moment before smiling against the skin of your neck. “And why would my precious flower think something like that? Do I not take care of you? Make sure you’re fed with only the best?” He quickly spun you so you were now facing him. “Do I not tend to your needs in a proper manner? Do I not dress you in the finest material and style?” His voice was calm, yet his eyes looked angry. How could you think anything else when you were like a doll for him to play dress-up with while he let out his most lewd fantasies on the other girls. “N-no you do. I was just-” “Tell me where these stupid human ideas arrived from my pearl” Gojo still had his hands on you, though now one came up to stroke your cheek. Attempting to explain where these ideas came from didn’t seem to go over well. Gojo seemed to grow angrier as you continued to speak. When you were done he simply stared at you, then dismissing you back to your chambers. It was a harsh walk back to your room. Fear that you had ruined a simple yet great thing with Gojo was now running in your head. You should have been glad you weren’t like the other girls to him, but maybe now it was too late.
Days had passed after the conversation with the King. You weren’t called to his chambers anymore, instead, you watched as various girls from the haram took the nightly stroll to his room. The answer to the questions had been answered for you it seemed. You weren’t anything special, just another thing to catch his eye. Just another toy that he would get bored of eventually. According to the other girls, no one really left. Sometimes girls were given as wives to high-status elves, some became joined his council. Those who were set free usually was due to issues they caused. Though the stories that stuck with you were the girls who were executed. Apparently, they had attempted to assassinate the King in his sleep. Leading to the five girls being beheaded. Surely your questions weren’t that bad, they weren’t such an extreme offence. No, you still had to hold some value to him. You still had your private chambers in the main building as his, rather than in the building with all the others.
It had to of been about two weeks before the servants had come to call on you. He wanted you to meet him in his chambers. Following the servant, keeping your head down. The meaning of him asking for you again wasn’t clear why. If it was for his pleasure or to dismiss or marry you off. Every step closer did nothing to ease your nerves. Question after question raised in your head. The servant had nothing to say, apparently speaking little of your language, only enough to call on you. When you had arrived at his door, the servant left you. Bringing yourself to knock was something that took you several moments. Eventually, the knock came the silence which was odd because he usually answered right away. As if he had been waiting by the door. Suddenly the door opened, but there was no Gojo just his darkroom. Should you enter? He did summon you, maybe he stepped out for a second and expected to come back to you waiting in his room. Deciding to step in and wait for him, making your way to his bed taking a seat in the dark. Once seated the door slammed shut. The pitch-black took over your eyes, unable to see anything besides what the sliver in the curtains allowed from the moon. Crawling further on the bed, trying to put the least amount of blindspots on you. At least now you didn’t have to worry about someone coming from behind. When your back slammed against the head bored a laugh was heard in the room. “Gojo, my king, i-is that you?” The laugh continues until a yes was heard in between breaths. “What, what can I do for y-you?” Was he playing with you? He knew you hated the darkness ever since your arrival. The confusing cave had earned the new fear for you. Nightmares of you getting lost in there and starving after attempting to escape. He had even done so much to prevent your room from the darkness, giving you a room with a large window to allow the moon to light your night. It had been a gesture that soften you to him. Even gaining him affection from you that was requested by him. Footsteps were heard walking toward you when suddenly the curtains of the window were ripped open. Illuminating the room in the moonlight. That’s when you saw him. Gojo was there at the end of the bed. Blue piercing eyes digging into yours. You couldn’t read what he was feeling his eyes and face were showing you something you’d never seen before. Nothing came from you, it would be best if he spoke first. Moments passed by with him staring at you from across the bed. It seemed like hours had passed by before he began to walk around the bed towards you. Eyes never looking away. Gojo took a seat near you, brushing his hands up your leg, trailing up towards your face. “What a beauty, I realized it the moment I saw you in the woods that day.” His fingers brushed your cheek, he was being so tender, as if you hadn’t upset him with all those questions before. As if you had never spent a day apart from him. “Now why would such a beauty ask me all those horrid questions?” Gojo began to move closer, trailing his lips against your neck. He was basically on top of you. Trapping you against the bed as he moved to gain a better position, a position where he was almost fully on you. “Hmm, answer me my little pearl. Why would you think I didn’t like you? Because I didn’t ravage you like the others?” Stroking your hair as if you were a pet to him. “I-I just didn’t understand my King. I’m s-sorry” He shushed you. Kissing along your jawline. Trying to calm you down, he saw the tears forming in your eyes. Tears you weren’t sure what was the cause of. “I’ve missed this.” Words escaped his lips as he peppered kissing along your face. “I did too.” It was true. These moments were greatly missed over the few weeks. It was hard to realize at first, you were separated so much from the other girls. A different building, a different schedule. You saw maybe a few girls once a day before they were rushed away from you. Like they weren’t supposed to talk to you too much. It got lonely, Gojo was the only comfort permitted. The nights spent playing dress-up or being stared at, or
even his lingering touches and kisses along your body. The miss of affection hadn’t fully hit you till now, till he was forcing it back onto you. It was so nice, so tender, so missed. Gojo pulled away from your neck to look you in the eyes. Hands brushing against your cheek. You felt safe against him, closing your eyes to lean into his touch. “I’ll get rid of them for you. Just say you’ll be mine.” Your eyes shot open. His words taking you by surprise. Raking his face for any kind of emotion, but all there seemed to be was pure adoration and even a bit of fear. “Please my flower.” His voice was desperate. “I, I don’t understand my King.”. You really didn’t. Give them up? Who? Be his, weren’t you already his, his property? “Be mine, fully and I’ll be yours as well. I’ve already told the others that they’d be dismissed once you agreed. You’d be the only one warming my bed, the only one I’d love. Please say it.” He meant he’d get rid of his haram for you. Gojo would set aside the rest if it meant having you by his side fully. This was a question you could have never believed to be asked by him. Setting aside many girls, more beautiful than the rest, willing to please him in any manner he desirable. All for just one, one who had never shared his bed like the others. Sure he kissed and touched, but sex was nothing he truly tried yet. But this would mean the others could be free. Free from this life of servitude.
“What would happen to them, and to me?” Saying yes was defiantly something you wanted to do, but you needed to know what your role would be. Would you just be a restart to his haram? What about the girls, would he marry them off? Or send them back to their homes? “I already consulted with them. Some wish to stay and join the society, while others I have set up partners for. Few wish to head home. For you, I would make you mine solely. My wife, my Queen. Your status would be equal to mine. I’d only have you.” His hands resumed to crudely your cheeks as he hovered over you, resting on his elbows. Saying no wasn’t a realistic option, but even then you weren’t sure if you would deny him. “As long as everyone is cared for and the haram is closed. Then yes, I’m all yours.” Gojo’s eyes seemed to glow even more with your words. A smile stretched across his face. his reaction had given it away. Given away just how desperate he had been to hear you say you’ll be his. But what you couldn’t read in his expression was just how desperate he was for it. How he had been longing to have you like this since the moment he saw you in the woods. That he had already planned the wedding and coronation that would be held by the end of this week, whether or not you agreed wholeheartedly. His haram meant nothing to you and he hadn’t been with any of the girls since he saw you that day. No instead he told them to lie, hoping you jealously would get you. Or at least your curiosity. And it did. You poor little thing, you had no idea how much Gojo wanted you and how far he’d go.
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eatingchesspieces · a day ago
Sometimes it breaks my heart, just a little, knowing that gojo is only ever valued for his strength.
It’s one of the biggest parallels he has to itadori, at least the way I see it. Both are incredibly powerful, but whereas gojo is a tool to be used and used again, itadori is a threat, to be used and discarded.
But the stark contrast is found in the fact that itadori has people in his life that value him for more than his strength, dare I’d say everything but. They don’t fear him; they adore him. He is incredibly loved by those around him and he loves them in turn.
Gojo.. doesn’t have that. Not anymore. It all comes back to geto, as things so often do. Geto was the only person is gojos life that saw value outside of his sheer strength. They had back then what itadori has now; a mutual love and respect founded on everything but power. They were as close as two people can be, hell, I’d probably call them soulmates, but their fatal flaw was choosing to turn a blind eye to their inevitable fall from grace.
They had elected to ignore—a decision that I’m not sure was conscious or subconscious—the fact that no amount of love could stop gojos power overwhelming and consuming all else. After all, infinity is a hungry beast.
Both of them fell; because how could they honestly expect a man with infinity between him and the rest of the universe to prevent pushing the person closest to him infinitely away? His power is godly and unending but his mind and heart are oh so painfully human.
The only saving grace here is I genuinely do not believe itadori and megumi will share the same fate. Why? Because they are not ignoring the inevitable. They know this won’t end well but they’ll be damned if they don’t go down together. Itadori—for all his wishes to die surrounded by those he loves—would rather suffer alone, but megumi will singlehandedly ensure that he gets his wish.
They are as damned as gojo and geto were, but unlike them, they’ll face it head on. They are afraid, deathly so. They’re still kids, after all. But doesn’t fear become just a little more bearable with someone by your side?
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thatonerandomchick1 · 2 days ago
The Foreigner Chapter 2: And the Storm Raged
Anya’s POV
Weather Manipulation.
That’s my cursed technique. My father used to believe that it was a gift, but shortly after my 10th birthday his view point changed. My father began to see me as a demon, some demonic abomination of some sorts. He would say repeatedly after my mother died that I was a monster and that he no longer wanted me. I guess his thoughts were warranted since I was the one that killed my mother. 
It was an accident.
- 5 years ago-
  My mother and I were arguing about the manifestation of my cursed abilities and me “attempting” to try to ignore the curses that I saw on a daily basis.
  “How can I ignore them?” I asked incredulously. 
    “Don’t look at them. The less you look at them, the less likely you are to interact with them. The less interaction the less problems you will have. You’ll be normal.” 
“It’s not that simple! How can I just ignore these things that are wrapped around people?” 
“THIS IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION!” screamed my mother. “You will do this! Do you know what will happen if you keep messing with these curses? How will your Father and I protect ourselves? You’re selfish! You know that curses are attracted to stronger cursed energies. Your bringing these curses to our front door!”
I was fuming, Me? ME Selfish? 
I was trying to help people. I was trying to save them, make their lives easier even. How could she say this?
 Amongst the fury and anger that I was feeling, I didn’t notice the shift in the atmosphere. Outside, the clouds aggregated in the sky and the sky darkened drastically. As my temper grew, so did the color saturation of the sky and the ring of thunder growing ever present. 
“ I am not selfish. I want to help!” I spat back at my mother between clenched teeth. 
“YOU WILL NOT! I promised to protect you from this life and all you want to do is run head first into it,”  my mother yelled, eyes blazing with a passion that I have never seen before. My mother used to be a window before meeting and marrying my father. She taught me everything there was to know about cursed spirits since I could see them. She once stated that she wished I never developed this ability, and hoped I’d be more like my father, a non- sorcerer. I never understood why she would give it all up. Helping people, protecting them, being good.  This only served to anger me more. Why couldn’t she see that I just wanted to help. To be good too.
 The storm outside was mirroring the storm that ragged inside the kitchen between mother and daughter. 
“This is a part of me. I can not ignore or hide from it. Mom, I don’t want to fight with you, but my mind is made up,” I stated tensely. 
“I can not accept this.”
“If you can not accept this, then how can you accept me,” I asked challenging my mother’s previous statement. 
My mother, eyes wide, hesitated before whispering out two words that shattered my whole world.
“I can’t.”
Tears welled in my eyes and I let out an agonizing sob.
Lightning struck down the house.
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s1lver-soul · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
man just talks tbh
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heavensgaymenace · 3 days ago
Ok but like a GojoxReadee fic where the reader is just as arrogant if not more than he is. Not like bc of op powers or anything tho. Just someone with equally as big an ego and a reputation for getting around except for the reader it’s more of like a fear of emotional vulnerability.
I think it would make for a really awesome slow burn angst offering a lot of exploration for emotions.
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dinosaureatdonuts · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Cute vibes
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rarepears · 3 days ago
Fix it AU: Getou, Gojo's Instagram cameraman/boyfriend
Gojo the influencer and Getou the long suffering instagram cameraman/(boy)friend in between hunting curses.
Gojo just likes flaunting his money, looks, and everything on the internet. As the diligent friend and mission partner, Getou must take good photos quickly or deal with a longsuffering Gojo for even longer. Yep, they spend half of their mission time for taking photos instead of actually doing the mission. But what’s new with Gojo?
It’s not like Gojo really needs the money that comes from being an influencer and having hundreds of thousands of followers. Getou on the other hand… well, it’s easier to explain to his parents about his money and his travels using the whole Instagram thing than curses and jujutsu.
I just want to have Getou suffering through a sea of thirst comments whenever Gojo manages to catch a tiny part of Getou in his pics and instastory (like Getou's hair, arm, etc.) and Getou learning about fujoshi culture.
Basically, Getou being too lost and confused by what's happening on social media (what are the monkeys doing when they mean "wig" and "slay"????) that he needs those questions answered first before he can kill them all. And take more photos of Gojo from this one specific angle to get the blueness of the eyes even better with that participar outfit. And after Getou gets paid that $100k paycheck for the two sponsored posts on Gojo's account since having extra cash would help fund his mission along better.
Aka a fix it fic.
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b0yskylark · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2 of my blacktober piece for this year, I’m gonna post the time lapses and the PSDs on patreon since I dropped these early like a dumb of ass
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junhooe · 3 days ago
cockwarming with gojo satoru
fem! reader x dom! gojo
warnings: cockwarming, breeding kink, daddy kink, light degredation + praise, slight teasing
16+ only | 1.0k words
Tumblr media
you needed him so bad. after waking up from a wet dream with gojo, you needed some kind of release. you knew you’re not allowed to touch yourself unless he gave you permission to, but the insane dampness in you underwear left you squirming intensely.
walking out of your bed, gojo was sitting at the desk, squinting at the screen in front of him, typing away furiously. “hey baby!” he says excitedly, you were always a mood lightener for him, especially when he’s tired with work. “hi” you mutter, sitting on his lap. “what’s wrong?” gojo realised the troubled look on your face.
“it’s nothing” you shrug, but he’s not giving in on this. “tell me whats wrong now”, his hands are off his keyboard and onto your hips. gripping your hips softly, he leaned you against the desk, and you were unable to bury your face in his neck from embarassment. his piercing blue eyes stared right into your soul, “i had a dream” you softly spoke. “a nightmare?” a look of concern on his attractive face. “no not that”
“what is it then? tell me.” 
“ was about you” you reply as your face turns red. he cocks his eyebrow, the look of concern still on his face, “u-uh it was a...w-wet dream” you sigh, hanging your head in shame. his look of concern was soon replaced by his usual smirking face. “so you’re here because..” “because i’m h-horny” you choke out, unknowingly grinding your wet cunt against his sweats. 
“you’re so cute you know that? daddy’s favourite girl. you need me so badly till you’re dreaming of me fucking your little hole yeah?” he smirks, tilting your chin as he forces you to look into his eyes, while you nodded quickly. “well, i’m busy now baby, but how about we strike a deal hm?” he coos as you look at him.
a deal?
“cockwarming for ten minutes. first one to make noise loses, winner gets to do whatever they want.” at this point, you were desperate enough to do anything as long as you were filled by his cock. “okay” you quickly reply. “okay, who?” “okay daddy.” you rectify quickly. 
“good girl” he says as he lifts you off his sweats, a wet spot evident on the piece of grey fabric. “fuck that dream really got you riled up huh? c’mere, sit on daddy’s cock, i’m so fucking hard for you already”. he mutters as he quickly pulls his sweats down. “panties to the side” he hums, pulling your soaked underwear to the side. 
his tip positioned at your wet entrance, the both of you look at one another. “10 minutes, may the best person win” he chuckles, pushing his cock slowly into your aching cunt. breathing heavily, you quickly sit on his cock, his full length inside of you, while the tip of his cock barely brushes against your cervix. biting your tongue, you rest yourself against his body, while you nuzzle your face into his warm neck. he shifted himself as he got back into position to type, his hips bucking ever so slightly into you. just this tiny movement made you want to moan his name out loud, but you held it in barely.
“how long more?” “9 minutes darling”, he said, grinding his teeth as he answers you. 9 minutes? it felt like hours had passed, with each passing second your ability to control yourself faded more and more. that’s it. you couldn’t control your needy self any further. grinding your cunt against his cock, a lewd moan escaped your lips. “what was that baby?” you swore you could hear the smirk in his voice when he said that. “i can’t do it anymore. please fuck me daddy, i lose. i’ll do anything. please just fuck me, please.” 
“such a needy girl for me, i win yeah?” a grunt erupts from his throat, making you even needier for his cock. placing his hands on your hips, he started moving you on his cock, thrusting upwards consistently. the sound of skin slapping filled the room, as well as your lewd moans as gojo placed a heated kiss on your lips.
“gonna breed you baby, fuck” he moans as you deseperately ride yourself on his throbbing length, “fuck, fuck! please breed me, please” you beg, tears forming in your eyes. gojo slams his hips into yours, his thrusts becoming sloppier and sloppier, your juices leaking all over his cock and onto your thighs, as the build up feeling of need to cum came faster and faster. 
he places his thumb on your clit, rubbing it in circles, the shake in your thighs increasing, as you arched your back into his hand, his cock still relentlessly pounding into your sloppy cunt. “you’re doing so well my little slut, wanna cum for daddy?” he coos, a look of pleasure and arrogance mixed on his face. “can i cum please? i’ve been a good girl daddy”. “you sure about that? weren’t you grinding on my cock like a whore just a while ago hm?” 
holding in your orgasm, his thrusts became even sloppier, and you knew he was going to cum soon. “milking my cock real hard aren’t you?” you could feel gojo’s cock kissing your cervix everytime he thrusted into you, a wave of pain and pleasure every time that happened to you. his eyes screwed shut, while yours rolled back, you finally heard the words you wanted to hear the most. “cum for me baby, cum now.”
releasing what you desperately held back, a wave of intense pleasure came over the both of you, as you heard your boyfriends loud moan when he emptied his load inside of you. his warm cum emptied inside of you, as you clenched and throbbed repeatedly around his hard cock. “fuck...fuck oh my god” he pants as the both of you tried to catch your breath together. his cum slowly leaking out of you, even though his cock was still buried deep inside of you. 
“you did so well baby, catch a nap yeah? i’ll wake you up after i’m done with work”. you nodded, as the post orgasm sleepiness started to catch up with you slowly. you rested your head against his shoulders, body slumped against his as he placed a warm kiss against your forehead. “i love you sweetheart”, the last thing you heard as you drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
[a/n: hope you enjoyed this! it’s my first time officially writing smut so i’m not very sure how this will go >< let me know what you think about it tho, feedback is always welcome, ask box is open for that and requests ^^]
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iamcayc · 4 days ago
Hii I saw that your requests are open <3 Can I ask for headcanons for Gojo (JJK) with a prim and proper s/o who deems all things shameless? 👉👈
Uhmmm of course you can. I love writing for Gojo! and imagining him with the complete opposite is hysterical and rife with sexual tension. hope you like it!!!
an: slightly NSFW towards the end 👹
- Gojo and a proper s/o is a recipe for nonstop teasing and exasperated sighs.
- like this man will learn any and all of your buttons so he can perform targeted strikes for maximum embarrassment and irritation
- he makes a fucking point to show his affection in public at every turn. long, open-mouth kisses on the sidewalk. hands all over your body because he fucking loves the way you feel all the damn time. pinching or slapping your bum just to get that beautiful pink blush on your cheeks.
- not to mention the nonstop verbal PDA he assaults your firm sense of propriety with on the regular.
- “baby, why are you so mean to me?!” or “sweetheart, c’mere and gimme a kiss!”
- if you’re on a mission with him… boy, does he test your patience. mid-fight kisses, warping to you just to kiss your neck or squeeze your perfect butt. he cannot keep his hands off you, and it mortifies the fuck out of you.
- and turns you on, but you're never going to tell him that.
- when it's just the two of you, at home, he still somehow manages to embarass you, with that low, husky, sexy pitch in your ear while you're cooking dinner or washing dishes and the press of his considerable length against your ass.
- “you take such good care of me, don't you, sweetheart?” his hands wander up and down your torso, palms settling to cup your chest while his chin rests on your shoulder. you're red as a tomato, but your protests continually die in your throat.
- it's when his lips start suckling your neck that you gasp and push him back with your ass grinding against his cock, making him moan as he releases you. hauling ass to your bedroom, you try to compose yourself before that insufferable moron flusters you again
- “if you're that needy, babygirl, you only have to say the word,” he coos as he saunters into the bedroom you somehow manage to share without murdering him or dying of shame. you lift your chin defiantly, arms crossed and stance semi-firm.
- “it's beyond improper to indulge in such lewd behaviors in a common space like that, and you know it!” you snap, the heat in your cheeks slowly melting further south, against your better judgment. he's so damn smug all the time, and somehow still looks handsome as all hell while driving you up the wall.
- he smirks as he crowds you against the edge of the bed, pushing you back onto the mattress playfully before wedging he way between your thighs. “Oh, I know. But, how else was I going to get you back into bed with me?”
- you will beat his ass.
- ... later.
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doogyie · 4 days ago
Being entrusted with a large task is difficult, but wouldn’t it be better if there were two pees in the same pod?
The same task entrusted to two cells who bear the responsibility of all. The job is only given to those robust enough to suffer the consequences that lay upon the society of cells against the long occupancy of bacteria.
He was his one and only.
Truly enough, both men were endowed with the capability to grasp anything that passed their ways. Straightforward expulsion was everything they did, killing microorganisms, the Mitochondria delivering ability to reinforce their bodies. Cell layers flourish with proteins and food to take care of to different parts, the phospholipids, the obstruction of the cell, or film that is orchestrated in the body to frame cell and organelle layers.
It was muddled somewhat, Gojo and Getou had no clue about the thing was coming in their direction. Hence, being back followed by some specialized issues that came into mind once Gojo had sorted out the thinking caused his anomaly towards his plasma film.
He was exhausted.
All that he was fussing about was the safety of others. Making sure each and everyone of them was protected and insulated from what the world hides, yet the one thing that he treasures, rather someone he respects. Eroded under the spell of what he recalls as a “spell” or bacteria, besetting his cell membrane. Of course, how could he have forgotten? The plasma membrane provides protection for the cell. It was so damn foolish of him. Getou’s membrane broke down, hence creating the perfect subject for the virus to engulf in his mind. Cells are prevented from exchanging material from its surroundings by diffusion or osmosis because it acts as a mechanical barrier. Proteins, cholesterol, and phospholipids are crushed and unable to move freely in the membrane, due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the cell.
Understanding the components: phospholipids, cholesterol, membrane proteins, and carbohydrates. We must remember that they are all lipids and phospholipids - lipids made out of glycerol and fatty acid tails, and a phosphate-linked head group that involves two layers of phospholipids. Cholesterol - this is another lipid that is composed of four fused carbon rings, is found alongside the phospholipid bilayer in the core of the membrane. Carbohydrate groups are found on the outer surface of the plasma membrane and are attached to proteins, forming glycoproteins, or lipids generating glycolipids.
Yet, in all of that; Gojo Satoru had to be so reckless.
He regretted it. He wished that he could undo everything that has been done—why couldn’t times be like back then?
Despite the power he was granted, he just had to be one step farther. Provoking, and humiliating, to not defend someone who stood by his side. ATP failed the male, reducing his energy to a maximum level that lowered his bonds, failing his partner.
He had already mastered the art of endocytosis; receptor mediated, pinocytosis, and phagocytosis. Pinocytosis - allows the cells to validate in fluids. Receptor-mediated endocytosis - picky what they consume, they bind together with receptors to get in the system. Phagocytosis - Pseudopods that stretch around at what they want to engulf, and pull it in vacuum like technique. Despite perfecting all of these methods, he was ahead of himself when he realized— the crime had already been committed.
Obviously, he was egotistical, childish, and unfeeling. Nevertheless, notwithstanding his ravenous nature, Getou Suguru proceeded to Gojo, he never knew why, it was an immediate request swizzling around an abundance of many, yet hung out in his cerulean eyes. — why?
He deserved nothing more than the remorselessness of life cutting him from behind when he least anticipated it. It resembles what they say: There are two sorts of culpability: the sort that suffocates until you're pointless, and the sort that blazes your spirit to reason. Still, right up 'til the present time, the inquiry presently can't seem to be replied. Although, there might be things that struck around his brain. Indeed, even a long time after his passing, Gojo wishes that there may be cells that treasure the genuine excellence of life. At whatever point it would be, whatever it would be, anything; the genuine elegance of life remains under the tip of your fingers. It's the way that individuals see it, not how it's apparent since it has effectively been with you since birth.
That, he could never exploit—at any point down the road.
uh, hope u guys like it. :D HAHA follow me on ig @/mzenin5
This is sooo short, and probably the worst thing ever.. 🥲🥲
This is just a filler post anyways.. HAHAHA
Tumblr media
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lyell-crookshanks · 4 days ago
I'm not sorry
Tumblr media
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