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#jjk headcanons
mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
This is my first time ever requesting but can I get a dorm mate gojo with reader who has migraines?? I was recently diagnosed with a sereviul venus signus thrombosis ( I can never spell it right) which is where I have a blood clot in my brain and it causes crippling migraines and flair ups( where I have a really bad one and get dizy and sometimes even pass out) and I would really appreciate it if I could get gojo comforting reader during a flair up!!!! I love your work and its made me very happy!!! Thank you!!!
Dorm mate! Gojo: reader with migraines
A/N: So sorry you have to deal with that! I hope you find some treatment that helps reduce it soon! For now I hope this fic brings some comfort! <3
Tumblr media
Dorm mate! Gojo becomes 10x more overprotective over you after finding out about your migraines, he may not show it but he’s constantly worried.
Literally follows you everywhere! - his tall 6’3 figure always looming behind you,
“Don’t worry pea brain! Nothing’s gonna happen to ya as long as you got me” he says with a wide, confident smile as he drapes his arm over your shoulder affectionately.
“Seriously! I’m fine Gojo!” You scold, hitting the taller male playfully.
“Nu- Uh! I’m not letting some guy on the street play hero when you faint! I’m gonna be your hero!” He complains with a pout.
Dorm mate! Gojo who uncontrollably giggles as he puts his shades on you, hoping it’ll stop the brightness from increasing your migraine.
He even takes pics of you with his shades on because apparently it’s THAT funny 💀
Literally went to your pharmacist and bribed his way into an extra packet of your medications, which he keeps on him at all times in case you need it
Ok, on a more serious note, when you start to flare up, he does not hesitate to pull you into his lap, guiding your head to rest against his sturdy chest.
He’s uncharacteristically quiet, rubbing your back at a slow pace, and coddling you further into his chest, letting his warmth distract you. He just wants you safe in his arms :(
He’s got Geto ready for your every beck and call too. The raven haired best friend standing against the doorframe of your room, looking at you concerned.
When you do faint, you never feel distressed or overwhelmed when you wake up because you know Gojo will make you feel better
You squint as you take in your surroundings, realising you’re in Gojo’s room,
“Oh? My damsel in distress has awakened!” You hear from behind, then you’re met with Gojo who grins at you happily, facing you upside down before leaning in closer to kiss your nose.
You laugh as him and Geto celebrate, cheering exaggeratedly. You laugh harder as you watch Gojo run out the room to fetch the curry Geto made you, to claim it was him instead 💀
He’s lucky he’s cute <3
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ambrodias · 3 days ago
Be a good pet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ — Characters: Gojo, Geto, Nobara, Maki, Megumi, Yuji.
ㅤ — Warnings. AFAB hybrid reader, All characters are aged up to 21+, edging, fingering, Gojo and Geto being menaces, one spank, creampie, cervix fucking, overstim, sex toys (vibrator, strap on), oral (f. Receiving), thigh riding, mommy kink, praise kink, very little degradation bc of geto.
ㅤ— minors don’t interact.
— Note. Lmao I ran outta ideas for the title. Anyway, thank @drakendme for this bc we were having a hybrids convo last night.
#Tags. @manjiken @s-zu (cmon, bark for Suguru now), @screechingmelon @yuujispinkhair @fiftyshadesofpurple
Tumblr media
reblogs and comments are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
Satoru Gojo
Being Satoru's bunny is nice. He pampers you, spoils you rotten. But he's a brat himself and you gotta deal with his shenanigans with a pout. Because if you give him the cold shoulder, he's gonna punish you. Smh, Satoru's probably the brattiest dom if I've ever seen one.
"Why don't ya' show your master how much you missed him, hmm, little bunny?" Shoving you in the mattress, his hands are all over you, nose nudging at your sensitive ears and fingers cradling your tail. Your thighs wrap around his waist, his touches having riled you up,"Missed you so much, 'toru, need you inside me."
The bastard grins, he's back from a mission abroad yet he's got just enough patience to tease and watch you squirm,"That so, bunny?" His fingers play with your folds before thrusting knuckles deep the very next moment,"Oh, you're already wet," Moving his digits inside you, Satoru marvels at the warm spongy tightness. Your ear is being pinched by his other hand while his mouth crashes on yours, tongue pushing past your lips. He tastes of chocolate, probably was eating some on his way home,"Brought you some too, don't worry." His chuckle is drowned by your moan because his long fingers found your sweet spot already, relentlessly knocking against it till you're thrashing under him,"Gunna cum, master."
But his fingers are pulling out of your tight walls,"Shh," He soothes you with mock sympathy,"Oh you naive lil' bunny." Satoru's cock rests heavy on your empty entrance, teasing, tempting yet not making any moves to ease your ache,"Did ya' really think I'd let you cum on anything but my cock?"
Suguru Geto
Oh you poor little thing. Suguru loves you, he does, he adores his little puppy. Even if you're always annoying him while he's got meetings to attend. So he's got you here, impailed on his cock while he speaks to his followers with a smile on his face. Your legs tremble from trying to stay still because if you disboey, he's gonna punish you even more,"Stop squirming, puppy." Suguru's voice is sickeningly sweet, a gentle coo as his lips brush against your ear. You'd apologize but you know that if you open your mouth, only whimpers will let loose,"And stay quiet unless you want them to know," His thumb traced your jawline, black eyes latched onto how your teeth clamp down on your lower lip in an attempt to bite back any moan,"That your slutty puppy cunt is stretched out by my cock right now." Your hands are balled on his kimono,"Or do you want them to know how you're dripping, makin' a mess of my clothes, hmm?" You can't help it, your hips grind down on his, a pathetic soft cry escaping through your swollen lips,"What a bad puppy you been, y/n." He turned your face to his, kissing your lips softly.
Which is a direct contrast to how he's treating you now, at night, bending you over, face pushed down on the bed as he pounds into your spasming pussy,"Ah, I can never get enough of this cunt," His mouth if filthy, black hair sticking to his sweaty skin. Large hands grip your ass, parting your cheeks to watch as his cock disappears inside you. Muffled pleas make him laugh,"What's that, puppy?" A slap lands heavy on your ass, sting setting your nerves alight,"Speak up, can't hear ya' over your cunt drooling for my cock." His mean commentary only suffices in making you clench harder. With a hard thrust, the cock head is kissing at your cervix opening, pulling loud wails from you.
"Fuck," Your master is cumming, deep inside you, unable to handle your tight pussy anymore, cursing when he's got to pull out because he can feel your orgasm about to hit. Panting, he relishes in your whines as you try to push your hips back at his. Suguru watches as his cum dribbles down your thighs and your fluttering cunt begging for a release,"Disobedient little puppies don't get ta' cum."
Nobara Kugisaki
Y'all know right that she's a cat person? So imagine Nobara with a cute little kitten. She'd adore you, stealing kisses and groping your breasts from behind before hugging you tightly,"Hey kitty," She'd purr into your neck, breathing in your scent.
Then there are times when she's hovering over you as you writh on the bed, sharp claws leaving red lines on her shoulders and back, wherever you can scratch. Because the strap on she's wearing is rearranging your guts. Oh and the vibrator her fingers are pressing to your pretty little clit, turned up to the highest setting isn't helping at all.
"Too much for my kitten?" Her eyebrows would furrow in faux concern when you'd cry and nod with a small "yes". But then she'd just go faster, even if you've cum twice already. Nobara loves to overstim her kitten till you're a heaving mess, tears running down your pretty face and chest moving up and down because your mind can't process the amount of pleasure your body's receiving,"One more for me," She says right after you gush around the her strap on, wetting the vibrator and her hand in the process,"Can't, please." You sob.
"Yeah you can."
Maki Zenin
Maki got a dumb little bunny, who can't do anything but hump her leg and nuzzle her face into her neck. Her hands would hold your waist, trying to slow down your erratic movements but eventually she'd give up. Moving her fingers to your tail and giving it a light tug instead.
The moan you let out with your lips presses to her throat is enough to make her pussy clench. Maki's hand plays with your ears as you bounce on her thigh,"Mommy, I'm close, so close,"
"Then go ahead and cream on my thigh, little bunny." Her voice is strained, bordering on a moan because she can feel you drip on her skin and your tongue hot on her neck. Her hands cup your breasts and with one pinch at your sensitive nipples, you're crying out her name, cumming on her thigh.
A few seconds later, Maki is pushing you down on the floor, between her legs,"Won't you be a good bunny and take care of mommy?" Before you can nod, she's shoving your face against her pussy, moaning when you use your tongue just right,"Ah that's right, you're mommy's dumb lil' bunny."
Megumi Fushiguro
So, Megumi's a dog person. Obviously he's getting a puppy girl. A sweet puppy who's so obedient for him. Always so eager so serve but all Megumi wants to do is make you feel good. Which is why he's spending hours downtown, tongue swiping around your slit with vigour as your thighs muffle out any other sound by sandwiching his head.
He can't stop even when you're crying, tugging at his dark locks. That only manages to make him groan against your pussy. Tongue flicking up to your clit before he's nibbling on it,"Megumi, gonna cum-"
"Again?" Blue eyes look up at you from under his lashes. His mouth is off you in an instant. Before you can whine in protest, your dark haired owner is sliding his hard cock inside. The sudden stretch makes your toes curl, the band snapping inside your belly. His fingers rub at your ears, smiling when they twitch under his touch,"Not done with you yet, puppy."
Yuji Itadori
Yeah, he's a himbo. I'mma elaborate. Yuji with a puppy girl. He matches her vibes, kay? He loves her so much that he can never deny anything she asks from him.
"Yuji, more." He's been at it for so long now that he's lost track of time. His swollen cock pushing in and out of her gummy walls,"Please," Bracing his hands on each side of your head, he's obeying your command, going deeper till he's reached your cervix,"Ah, cumming, puppy-" Your legs wrap around his waist, holding him close as he pours hot ropes in your slick walls. Your tail wags underneath, brushing against his knees as you cum with him, milking him for all he's worth. But he's not done yet. Drunk on the feel of your pussy, he's thrusting again, wet slaps fill the room and you're sure the sheets have a wet patch too.
"Oh, puppy, your pussy feels so good," Brown eyes hidden away under heavy lids, he whimpers above you. Each thrust courses through your overestimated nerves and your back arches up, breasts pressing taut against his broad chest,"You feel so good," His balls slap on your ass with every move. Tears prick at both your eyes, yet he can't stop. Through your post orgasmic haze and stimulation for another relapsing, you can't decide if you wanna push him away or pull him closer. But your mouth has a mind of its own,"Yuji, feels s'good, please, more." Who's he to not indulge his dumb little puppy?
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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angeldlust · 2 days ago
They supposed to comfort you, but they couldn't lose the chance to give you a small hint of his true feeling
" I don't care who had you before, you look better with me, disrespectfully" " I'm just saying 🙌🏼"
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suhweetdreams · a day ago
taking care of gojo when his six eyes becomes too much <3 when cute gojo scenarios are scarce i come through. hints of manga spoilers! i love him so much :(
Tumblr media
your knocks against gojo’s door wear out the other out, where the combination of your voice and your knuckles sound like nails on a chalkboard. uncomfortable, jarring, discordant. it was everything gojo hated, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask you to leave.
“gojo? you there?” a series of groans are your reply, and you have to refrain from wincing at how ghastly they sound. you can hear padded feet from the other side, unlocking the door just a bit before the bundle of blankets waddle back to their place on the bed.
“holy shit... gojo,” even now, you can’t help but gape in disbelief. not the time, but your mouth itched to insult the man, no matter the circumstance. you barely held back, though, “you look like shit.”
gojo doesn’t even bother to roll his eyes at an insult that he would usually deliver, because he knew they would hurt. his head already spins from another person’s voice cutting in through the never-ending bout of information that swam in his brain. the room falls into feigned darkness, brought about by the curtains drawing close.
“there,” you hum, “better?”
no answer.
you’d never wish the six eyes on anyone. having access to endless information would be ideal, right? it was far from that for gojo satoru, who had destiny pinned on him the moment he was born. for all his life, he had to endure ear-splitting headaches. for all his life, he had to act like nothing was happening, like all of the gojo clan who’d done it all before.
well, it didn’t work out so well for him, because no one who had the same set of striking blue eyes and stark white hair told him anything about the repercussions of being the strongest, and satoru hated it.
every minute where he wasn’t exorcising curses with geto, annoying shoko, or simply hanging out with you was every last bit or torture. and now that you were here, he couldn’t possibly drive you away with little to no knowledge on romance despite the all-knowing brain he has.
“i brought you some sweets, following yaga-sensei’s instructions. he told me you-”
“stop talking.”
you frown at the order, but stubborn as you are, you bring the bag of confectionery to rest right where the bunch of blankets end. gojo didn’t have it in him to tell you to leave, but he had no strength to tell you to stay either, and with that, you quietly stalk out the door.
you come back the very next day, clutching onto a bag with the same brand of sweets as you stand outside gojo’s door. he senses your cursed energy before you even ask whether you can come in.
“come in,” you don’t give it much thought, knowing how detailed his vision was even when his eyes were closed. like before, you place the plastic bag right beside him, but before you take your leave, gojo manages to croak out.
those quiet afternoons spent in each other’s company turned to pats on the blanket. it turned to stroking his back to running your fingers through his hair. it went on to become hand-holding to head massages, where your heart pounded and rang in your ears and you never realised that he’s switched off infinity. it turned to...
gojo buries his face deeper into your torso, naming anything close to light his enemy. it would be soon that you’d need to find some covering for his eyes, because the strongest can’t be handicapped for this long. they couldn’t just keep sending geto and nanami and haibara for missions, either.
peeling himself off your torso, he contently looks at you from below, smiling when your hands make contact with his temples. you’d always been a bunch of red and orange and yellow in his vision, only ever opening his eyes when he wanted to look at your beauty.
gojo’s been doing it more often and often.
“keep your eyes closed!” you giggle, rubbing at his temples to soothe the migraines that came with having the six eyes. that’s the last memory he has of you — and the next only drives him to suck up and endure this stupid technique of his because the next time you enter is when you’re terribly wounded and bloody.
it’s nothing shoko can’t fix, but you’re adamant on dropping off gojo’s bag of sweets before you go to the doctor.
“how was the—” gojo stops at the sight of you, lighter on his feet and more independent ever since you visited.
“what— what happened? y-your mission? how did it go? why are you so...” you flash him a sad smile, mildly surprised at the uncharacteristic anxiety on the male’s face.
“it went fine, satoru, just... it was a pretty stubborn curse. it had the power to reproduce fast, and we figured it out pretty late that we had to get to the source. that involved being drenched in disgusting curse blood.” gojo makes out the purple blood that wasn’t just your clothes.
“but here!” fishing out the fabric, you presented some black cloth. “c’mere.”
he lets himself enjoy the tenderness of your fingers, which slips on the blindfold onto his head. securing each side onto his head of hair, you laugh at the messy hair that’s got tangled up.
“y-you look so dumb! even worse than when you had your s-sunglasses!” your tone is soft, cautious even when you joked because you worried that his head would hurt. “how do you feel though?”
closed up, choked up, nervous, he names all the things off his mind, but it’s not what you want to hear. he swallows, “it’s... comfortable. did you get this for an expensive price or something? the quality’s really good.”
“i made it,” you scratch the back of your head in embarrassment, “been working on it for days, now.” and the breath is knocked out of him, faintly making out your shy hands that wanders around your body, to tuck your hair, to fiddle with your shirt.
that same sight never goes away years later, in his own apartment, in the comfort of his home, in your arms like before. nostalgia hits hard.
“don’t you know how to do this, satoru?” you tease, barely paying attention to the drama on TV, instead focusing your attention on the male below you. “why’d you need me to do it?”
gojo whines, thankfully not contributing to the headache he has. over the years, he’s become much better at handling the technique, even making your blindfold a daily part of his fashion. you just wished he wouldn’t parade around with your badly sewed blindfold that you learned from WikiHow. satoru says it’s for “sentimental value” that he uses the only blindfold you’ve made him.
“but you do it better! can’t my partner just indulge me just this once?”
your tone is still soft, gentle, full of love and gojo falls even more, “once? you got me doing this for years now, dude!”
gojo pouts, “ouch. dude? what am i, your homie?” you roll your eyes with a smile, smacking his chest lightly as you turned down the volume. in the midst, you switched to Spotify on your smart TV.
“shush now.” gojo happily shuts up, long body tucked into the sofa of his apartment while he melts at your fingers doing their magic. they always have such a calming and lulling energy to them, just like your voice, your personality.
gojo didn’t believe you possessed any cursed energy, because if humans gave out cursed energy, you only did the opposite. he fully believed you were an angel sent down. his eyes flutter open to see you looking down at him.
“hey. you should close your eyes, you know,” you whisper another warning. you can feel as his cheeks spill into your palms when he smiles — it’s not the large ones he gives his students, but it’s... there, and small because the softest of smiles are reserved only for you.
“how can i, when there’s the epitome of beauty right above me?” your cheeks heat up, and even after all these years, satoru’s compliments always makes you bashful.
“please shut up.” gojo laughs at your comeback. “you mind if we lie down?”
your lover’s lack of answer tells you that he’s not opposed to it, and soon you manoeuvre him until he’s in between your legs, fingers never stopping the massage.
“anything from your mission today?”
“standard, but a stubborn curse,” gojo smiles from where he was on your chest, “if someone didn’t say that we needed to defeat the source years ago, i, too, would come home bloody and bruised.”
“yeah, yeah, but you won’t, because you have your stupid infinity.”
“because i have my stupid infinity, yup.” gojo echoes you.
from here, gojo looks anything but a teacher, a sorcerer, a menace (you say so but he disagrees, says his presence is a blessing). he looks like a little boy, forced to grow up at such a young age, forced to shoulder responsibility and a zen’in kid at such an age where he couldn’t enjoy what other teenagers did. everything came late for gojo in life.
a calling to teaching, realisation of how fast friends would betray you, love.
but gojo wants anything but pity, and rather, more of your unconditional love that he never really knew what to call it back then. when your fingers work out the knots in his locks, he realised it was love. when your fingers suffered the pricks of needles, he realised it was love. when your hands closed the curtains in his room in jujutsu high, he realised it was love.
the four-lettered word scared him, but when he looked at you, it was all he wanted to say. i love you, i love you, i love you, like a mantra until you were giggling at him to stop or muttering the same thing back.
gojo raises his head off your chest, looking at you through his bangs and azure eyes that always captivated you. they just shone more, tonight. gently he leans forward to capture your lips with his. they move against yours languidly, taking his time to savour all of you, and tables quickly switch: from your hands on his temples to his on your cheeks, from his body laying on yours to you atop of his larger, lankier one.
your skin tingles, your heart soars, your laughs are swallowed by the other. gojo kisses you like it’s his last day on earth and he knows that you’d accompany him to heaven, even if he doesn’t deserve to go there. he’d claw and burn through hell just so he could get to the angel that is you, again.
“i love you,” it’s whispered breathlessly from his lips, like it’s taboo and forbidden and in his world and profession, you knew it was just that much when things can get ugly any second.
yes, love can be the most twisted curse of all, but when gojo satoru looks at you — the way he looks like you hung the moon and stars — he can only see a damn blessing.
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troublesh00terfaery · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello, loves. This is just a short fanfic and my first time doing one. I'll probably cringe the next month after re-reading it 😭.
[Mentor!Gojo x Student!Y/N]
Tags: NSFW (obviously) AFAB reader, creampie, cervix fucking, gojo has a big fucking dick, (and we love that) Gojo is fucking horny because you're a fucking goddess, (period), praising, (i think?) Really just Gojo having these sexual desires about you, tummy bulge, characters are aged up, age gap, i think that's it???
Will probably do a request if this is successful! 🌸
It was no lie that Gojo sees you as woman rather than a girl. It has been 11 months since you came to Jujutsu High and there was just something about you that made him so fixated with everything you do, even the littlest ones. It started by the simple hellos and goodbyes and the little talks related to of course, curses. Nothing more. But it develop from the way you softly smile whilst greeting your seniors to practicing casting a curse to simply talking to Megumi Fushiguro whom he also mentors.
There was something about you that made him feel that you stand out without even trying. Something he wouldn't see in normal circumstances when you still weren't in the institution he was mentoring. But then, you bloomed out of nowhere and got this blue eyed man desiring for something else. It might sound over exaggerating, but to him, you were an individual who hides a goddess beneath those movements and smiles of yours. He wanted to bring that out, try to see if it was Aphrodite or Psyche and of course, even he wasn't so sure how to get started but he wanted to break some of the rules for his own indulgence.
"Good morning, Gojo-sensei!"
"How was your trip to Kyoto, Sensei? Did you bring us souvenirs?"
"Wow, you're really strong, Sensei."
Mans got a blindfold but he clearly sees how your soft lips would press each time you spoke or how each time you would subconsciously smile whilst joking with Nobara and Yuuji while they try to annoy the fuck out of Megumi.
It felt illegal, you were his student and he was your teacher but the cocky man was so attracted to you he wanted to get a hold of you. He wanted to control you, be his little doll. The scorching desire was a fever burning inside him. He wasn't sure if it was the fondness of you and your blooming and alluring presence or the burning red lust he has. The excitement he feels as his chest rises and the agonizing hardness his crotch feels whenever he's alone and the sudden thought of you would subconsciously linger into his mind, like a seductive expensive perfume.
He desires you.
He wants you.
Then comes the thoughts of him ravaging you. The thought of you stroking his awfully thick and long cock while you plead him to ram you up was something that got him weak. The thought of your body, how it feels against his pale and soft skin. How you would whimper softly as he praises you and each time he presses his soft and plump lips against your beautiful skin. Words like flowers forming unto his lips as he worships you like a goddess.
The thought of your arching back pressed up against his heaving chest, his warm palms clamping on your waist and leaving crescent marks. His teeth sinking against your skin and leaving marks to signify that you're only his. Your moans, pleads, helpless and pathetic whimpers alongside the squelching sound of the raw fleshes clashing roughly. Ah, music to his ears. The thought of having your spongy insides begging his cock to stir your cunt up and not letting go of your tight grip against his pulsating cock. Your face flustered, cunt soaking wet, breasts bouncing up and down at each of his harsh and violent thrust as you faced the mirror. His blindfold wrapped around your eyes, unable for you to see what's happening, your sense of seeing completely useless. Your hands restricted from behind as he held on to it with his left hand while his right arm wrapped around your neck like a chokehold while his hips pounding unto you like a uncontrollable piston until he pours his thick and hot ropes of seed inside your cunt. Oh he will make sure to breed you until you're leaking and until your stomach forms a bulge because of his length and cum mixing with your juices.
He sure wants to be gentle but he wants to let you know that you're fully under his spell.
He wishes to control you.
And he will, as people would always describe him, get what HE TRULY WANTS.
"You've finally did it," Megumi's monotone voice finally got a snap on his little messed up head scenario.
"That was exhausting but I'm actually quite satisfied that I got to see how my improvement!"
Ah, what a lovely voice. Gojo heaved a sigh, his back against the chair, his long left leg resting on his right thigh and his arms crossing.
Don't deny it, this man can sit there, do nothing but he will still be the most and fucking handsome man you'll ever see. You're not innocent, heck in this time you basically know something every single day even when its related to fucking. You might try to hide it but there's something about this man. Something different from any other men you've met in your life. Of course, the age gap between you and the mentor was there but you've heard people have mistook him for being a 23 year old college student. When teaching, you've take the interest of fixating your gaze into his hand. Long slender fingers move like fluid, delicate yet can be cruel. Often times you find yourself thinking about his fingers violating every part of you. Though you try to erase the impure thoughts, they always find a way to creep into your head. You may have not realized it, but slowly you're wanting to indulge yourself to such man. From the sweetest to the most rough fucking thoughts.
"Hey Gojo-sensei, have you seen it?" You spoke, both you and Megumi slowly walked towards the mentor who seemed to be smiling. You slightly shook your head to recover from it.
"She had improvements, it's great to be honest." Megumi gave you a soft look before proceeding to gaze at his mentor who seemed to be amused, or so? "Not sure if you were looking though, you seem distracted. Quite peculiar."
"Nah nah, I was observing the both of you." Gojo gave a low chuckle which made your spine tingle. "I agree with Megumi, you have some improvements."
"I'll do my best next time to improve more," the enthusiasm coming from you was enough for him to be at wits end.
"Atta girl, that's what I like to hear. Anyway you too Megu-chan, do the same routine as well."
Megumi looked away with a hint of annoyance, "I know what I'm doing,"
"Great, then you guys can do it alone now~ I'm going on a trip again so I hope you enjoy your trainings~" Gojo's started to walk away leaving the two of you flabbergasted.
Megumi let out a tsk at the excuse his mentor mentioned but really, he just didn't want you to see the growing boner he has and it the cloth of his pant might hug its length and form.
My excuses are getting more ridiculous every time. Gojo thought but he can't risk it.
He overhead you and Megumi chattering some stuff when he decided to let go a bit of his selfish indulgence. He was quite far from you and Megumi's distance when he suddenly turned around.
Just for a bit, a bite won't hurt. Gojo thought.
"Y/N can I have a moment with you?" Gojo rested his palms inside his pocket before he called out your name.
Take the bait, princess.
"Wait a bit, is it important?" You quickly dashed towards the white haired mentor who was grinning like a bitch.
"I suppose it is," he looked over Megumi's direction where it seemed that the raven haired student was busy packing his stuff. "You see, when I saw you work hard and do practice and enhance your abilities, I can't help but to think of a reward."
"A reward?" You held your water bottle and looked up to him, of course this man had a height that could terrorize people. He looked down and chuckled, making you feel small.
"Yeah, kinda makes me feel bad as teacher for not doing it earlier. I'm thinking...: he suddenly lowers his upper body just for his lips to be at the level of your left ear. the sudden actions made you stiff as you held unto you water bottle like you life depended on it. Oh he did flirt and jokingly just trifle with Utahime or with other females both from this branch and the sister institute but you guess this counts as well? "If you do well and I see more improvements after I come back from the trip, I assure you..." His lips moved closer and he blew a little air towards it which made your cheeks flush red, feeling your stomach tension.
"... you'll receive a treat you'll never forget. Wouldn't you want that?"
Should I fell special? No. He does this to other females, he's your instructor. You shouldn't be feeling butterflies. You thought, scolding yourself.
You stood there, wandering what he meant by that. You wanted to ask but you knew he won't tell a thing. He straightened his back and walked behind your back, blowing a light fan on the back of your neck which leads you to face him whilst your right palm covered it.
"Hmm? What do you say, doll?"
Take the bait, princess. Take the bait.
Doll? A tiny knot formed inside you. Little did he know, as much as he longed for you you longed for him even more the moment you met him and you swear to the heavens, the desire you have for this man was the most sinful thing you feel. Recalling those thoughts, leaving your brain fuzzy.
Quit it! That's your teacher! Your conscience screaming at you.
"Oh-" You looked down a bit and nodded as you raised your head to answer him. "I look forward to that reward, Gojo."
Gojo walked away with a ghost smile on his lips. Seems that you took his petty and simple bait. Cruel, he thought to himself. But you're irresistible, it's a sin not to lust for you. He mentally scolded himself once more.
Chuckling, he raised his blindfold, enough for you to see his beautiful and ethereal blue orbs that somehow resonated with the deepest blue ocean. "Gojo? Are you forgetting I am your teacher? Mentor?"
Pure honey and ecstasy will be dripping from your mouth once you say my name. Gojo liked the idea of you whimpering his name like a holy prayer, sacred.
"Ah! My apologies, Gojo-sensei! I'm sorry, I'm quite-"
"Lightheaded, I see." He put down his blindfold and his cheeky smile popping up. "Well then, see you around Y/N. Don't tell them about this yet."
Gojo walked away with a ghost smile on his lips. Seems that you took his petty and simple bait. Cruel, he thought to himself. But you're irresistible, it's a sin not to desire and not thirst for your touch. He mentally thought to himself and yet at the same time he did want to kick himself.
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levistrophywife · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anon asked: can you do the jujutsu cast and how they protect your drink at a party? or maybe a scenario with drunk gojo or nanami? female reader if thats ok! thanks so much!   ( x )
featuring: itadori, megumi, nobara, mai, maki, inumaki, mechamaru, todo, gojo, nanami, sukuna + gn!reader (f!reader implied, but no use of pronouns!) genre: fluff, humour, drabble, literally like 99% memes and 1% serious word count: ~629 words notes: i did both because i liked the two prompts lmao
Tumblr media
part two: drunk gojo/nanami scenario
Tumblr media
He honestly tries. Really, he does! You just need to consider the fact that his body also happens to host Sukuna as well, and there's nothing stopping the king of curses from yeeting your drink across the room simply because he felt like it. And knowing Itadori, he'll probably end up searching for the discarded cup on the dancefloor instead of buying you a new one.
Tumblr media
A little lost, but he's got the spirit. He doesn't really understand why you'd need someone to look after your drink, but he'll do it none-the-less. To anyone passing by, Megumi would seem like the epitome of a perfect boyfriend waiting for his partner to return — minus the confused look on his face as he awkwardly leans against the wall.
Tumblr media
You can trust her for exactly 3.5 minutes before she's setting down your drink in favour of playing beer pong with the others. You can rest assured knowing that your drink will remain in her diligent sight, but if someone were to bump the table while she was preoccupied… then say goodbye to your cheap liquor.
Tumblr media
You will be looking after her drink. Mai somehow manages to pull a reverse uno and persuade you to watch over her drink first while she goes to the restroom — But if you do a good job, then she'll be inclined to do the same for you once she returns. Just don't take too long.
Tumblr media
A literal angel sent from heaven, and probably one of the only few people who will take care of your drink properly. She'll have a protective hold over your cup while you're gone, and will ward off any suspicious party-goers with a glare if they come too close. Bless her soul.
Tumblr media
He'll protect your drink without an issue, but he'll also take a curious sip from it once you’re out of sight. Honestly, he just wants to know what flavour you like best, and if he likes it enough, then he might even offer to buy you another one — along with one for himself, of course.
Tumblr media
Forgets he's holding it. Only realises that your drink is still in his mechanical hands when he raises it to wave at you from the restroom in order to get your attention. Gruffly apologises as the liquid soaks into his outfit and offers to buy you a new drink.
Tumblr media
He tries, but it's difficult to do when he's flexing his muscles and trying to show off to a small crowd of people at the same time. Because of this, you might be missing half of your drink when you come back — so try not to avoid slipping on any of the alcohol near your feet.
Tumblr media
Does not protect your drink in the first place. He'll forget that it's yours and unconsciously start drinking from it with an ignorant grin plastered on his face. That is, if there's anything left after he's done throwing it back on the dancefloor and spilling the liquid everywhere.
Tumblr media
In Nanami we trust. This man will protect your drink with his life — even more so if it's overtime. He'll have a large hand over the lid while firmly grasping the base in the other. Because of this, it might be a little bit more warm by the time you get back — But hey!  At least your drink is safe.
Tumblr media
Absolutely DO NOT give this man your drink. He will do anything sus purely for his own sadistic enjoyment. However, he’ll be sure that whatever it is that he decides on doing, it won’t put your life in complete peril… maybe. It just depends on how funny it’ll turn out.
Tumblr media
Copyright © levistrophywife 2021. Do not repost, copy, or plagiarise my work. If you enjoyed reading, then please consider giving a like, follow, or reblog! Thank you very much!
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ladytheorist · 2 days ago
After a busy day, cuddling with Toji is the best thing in the day. He would sit on the couch with his legs spread wide apart, with more than enough space for you to sit there. But you prefer to stay by his side, so he leans on to the side with you in his hold.
His arms lose around your mid-torso, yours cuddled against your chest. Your head pressed onto his chest, listening to his steady and calm heart beats. He likes it just like this. He likes it when he is your blanket on a cool winter day. His fingers would dance happily through your hair in a smooth rhythm, giving you all the beautiful feelings.
He loves the feeling of you in his arms. He likes to give tons of kisses on your forehead as a painkiller to all the shits you had to put up with that day, yes he is your medicine, and you are his bliss. Something that he cherish the most in this world. A secret of his that he had not even told you yet, would be about how much he loves you, though both you and he knows how much you mean to each other.
Toji Fushiguro a man of few words, loves to confess his love with a forehead kiss, everyday morning. Though with his hard exterior, this man actually is soft in his heart, who yearns for pure and innocent love, which you gave him. Well, he does have a few kinks and fetishes, but who doesn't? What he values is the amount of love and trust you give him.
More like a confession of what I expect in my future partner.
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njisano · 2 days ago
platonic! jujutsu kaisen x scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! fem! reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"your daughter is the scarlet witch. a being not born, but forged from chaos.
she's unique from the rest of her versions. it intrigues me to find out what path she will take in this one. will she ask me to mentor her again? will she create another reality? who knows? it's exciting and frightening at the same time."
Tumblr media
you were the youngest child of fushiguro, toji.
you were born with exceptional cursed energy, or so they thought.
before your father took his last breath, he left you in gojo's care.
little did you know that it was going to be one hell of a rollercoaster of chaos and heart attacks for you and your father-figure, gojo satoru.
Tumblr media
major manga/anime spoilers—along with wandavision, mcu wanda maximoff in general; themes of angst, sad and fluff.
this is going to be a crack themed series, consisting of scenarios and headcanons as requested :) do note that the portrayal of the jjk characters might be ooc!
check requests status and about & masterlist before requesting.
Tumblr media
kiss later, yeojin/loona
russian roulette, red velvet
baby shark, pinkfong
sports, beach bunny
Tumblr media
the collection:
general headcanon — reader goes missing for a week ; reader goes to jujutsu high and kicks ass ; reader makes people see their fears ; reader tearfully wants a mommy ; reader has trouble making friends ; reader's obsession with the baby shark song ; reader remembers who toji is to her ; reader gets rid of gravity in her sleep
jjk students — 1st years + sukuna babysit reader ; 1st years loses the reader in public ; 2nd years + yuta babysits reader
dad! gojo satoru — general headcanon for dad! gojo ; gojo finds out the truth ; reader gets in trouble by gojo ; gojo takes care of sick! reader
uncle! nanami kento — uncle! nanami headcanons
dad! fushiguro, toji — dad! toji headcanons
platonic! ryomen, sukuna — sukuna babysits reader
uncle! geto suguru — geto, jogo & mahito meets reader ; geto takes reader home
Tumblr media
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lxvebun · a day ago
you don't have to hide your tears from me
Tumblr media
request:Hello dearie If it is alright with you, can I request a one shot/scenario with Gojo and a gn reader where he accidentally makes the reader cry and genuinely mad at him, and he makes up for it please? Thankyou <3
a/n: hi angel! Thank you for requesting. I know you only asked for Gojo but I can't think of a big plot at the moment so I decided to do a little part for some other characters as well. Thank you for being so patient ily and I hope you like this♡
content warning:GN!reader. Hurt+comfort except for Yuuji thats just pain. Talk about Yuujis execution. Cursing. Reader cries a little in all of them. Slight feelings of neglect and intrusive thoughts in Tojis. Use of nicknames honey, angel, sweetheart. English is not my first language. Not proofread im rlly tired have mercy on my stupidity
dc, k!nk n ed blogs do not interact ty
Tumblr media
You couldn't understand why Yuuji was so dismissive of his fate when it broke your heart hearing it the first time. You tried to stay strong for him, not letting him see how much it affected you, but every time he or Gojo mentioned it it became harder to keep up the facade and it finally broke when you and Yuuji were having your weekly movie night.
"I hope I'll make it to see the end of this movie series...y/n?.... Hey hey, what happened?!
To say yuuji was worried would be an understatement. You were alright one moment and the next you're bursting into tears.
"I'm just going to miss you so much, I don't understand how you have already accepted it."
You couldn't bring yourself to actually say it out loud but Yuuji understood what "it" meant. He pulled you into a bone crushing hug and tried his best to soothe you but it didn't work since Yuuji himself was getting upset as well.
"I was hoping that if I kept on being positive it wouldn't affect you so much. I know that it looks like I accepted it and that I don't care about it but the truth is that I'm really scared.
You could hear in his voice that he was holding back tears
"I know I would regret it if I didn't do anything about Sukuna, but that doesn't mean I accepted the fact we're not going to grow old together"
He finally allowed his own tears to flow as he pulled you even more into him. There was no way you would let him be executed. You don't care what you'll have to do. he will live a long good life even if you have to fight the king of curses yourself.
Tumblr media
more under the cut!
"You're so fucking mean sometimes Satoru"
you told him before you locked yourself away in the bedroom. A lot of people have told him before that his teasing can be a little much but he thought you would just be a little annoyed with him he didn't realize that his words were actually hurting you and he despised himself for not noticing you were hurting sooner. He never wants to see you cry, especially not because of him.
Gojo's heart broke into a million pieces when he walked into the bedroom. It was dark and you were asleep already but he could still see the tearstains on your cheeks and hear the little sniffles you let out in your sleep. He sat down next you and he gently stroked your cheek, softly coaxing you awake.
"Hi, honey...I'm so sorry sweetheart, I didn't realize my teasing was hurting you. I never would have kept going if I did. I'll try to watch my words more."
He said keeping his voice soft. You could tell he was being sincere.
"Thank you"
"You don't need to thank me for this. Does this mean I'm forgiven? "he asked in a hopeful voice.
"I was about to order your favorite food-
You're forgiven."
You could barely get the words out because he's already pulling you into his lap and is now pressing sweet kisses all over your face while wiping away any traces of your tears, promising he will never make you cry again
Tumblr media
You miss Toji. The two of you live together but lately, he's rarely home, Leaving early in the morning and coming back in the middle of the night after doing god knows what because he refuses to talk about his work with you. You didn't sleep well anymore, you never really did until Toji came into your life. he just made you feel so safe but now that he's rarely home you don't feel like that anymore. The scary thoughts and feelings came back tenfold and kept you up at night.
Toji was oblivious to all of this. He's just been so busy lately, but he was planning on making it up to you, he didn't realize that you were starting to lose sleep because of him. That was until he came back home in the middle of the night and saw that you were still up.
"Angel, what are you doing still awake?" He asked while he sat down next to you on the couch. You crawled into his lap and made yourself comfortable there, his presence immediately calming you down
" I wanted to see you, missed you, rarely see you anymore." your voice came out a little shakey and tears were already making their way down, finally feeling safe enough to let out your frustration.
"I'm sorry, angel I was just so busy with work, I didn't realize how much it affected you. I should have paid more sorry,honey
He gently lift you up and carried you back to bed making sure you were warmly tucked into the blankets before pulling you close to him.
"Go to sleep, honey, I promise I'll still be here when you wake up.
Tumblr media
♡navigation♡ ♡JJK masterlists♡ ♡DNI♡
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading bunnies<3
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3uph0ricacid · 2 days ago
Yandere JJK headcanons
◯ ༚.° 𓆩♡𓆪 ꙳⸌♡⸍꙳ 𓆩☆𓆪 𓆩 ♱ 𓆪 ʚ♡ɞ ꒰ ა ♡
⚠︎ Warnings: possessive behavior, mentions of violence, suggestive themes, kidnapping, blood and injury, abusive behavior and manipulation.
Everyone is written to be 18+
◯ ༚.° 𓆩♡𓆪 ꙳⸌♡⸍꙳ 𓆩☆𓆪 𓆩 ♱ 𓆪 ʚ♡ɞ ꒰ ა ♡
🖤Itadori Yuji is...🖤
The type of Yandere to act so friendly and sweet that you never even suspect him. The type that's so trusted that you let him in your house and invite him to parties. He knows every little secret you have, your favorite foods, your fears. How were you supposed to know that he wasn't the sweet sunshine boy you thought he was? There's no way you could have seen it coming, especially now as he has you locked away, but his voice still continues to ring brightly. "I know everything about you, I'm your best friend no no! don't be scared. I would never hurt you. Look I got your favorite! We're gonna have so much fun together just wait."
🖤Megumi Fushiguro is..🖤
The type of Yandere who is honestly just horrifying. There is no possible way to know when or how he is watching you, but he always is. You don't notice right away but there's a strange pattern to your love life. Meet up, grow close, and the person in question always kinda vanishes. You aren't sure exactly why but lately it feels as if you're being followed, looking back to now meet the eyes that have been staring. Only being met with a cold pale face and a new blossoming feeling of dread. You couldn't possibly have known to check the shadows.
🖤Gojo Satoru is...🖤
The type of Yandere to take control via adoration, a lot of flirting, awkward touching and tons of gifts. If for some reason you can't realize that he loves you. He will take you away and show just how much he can provide. "Don't worry darling, I'm the strongest, Nothing will ever hurt you as long as you have me. What else could you ever really need?"
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shesinmy · 2 days ago
could you possibly write a reaction of jjk characters (you pick who) of suddenly kissing their s/o after they thought they almost died in their mission?
Tumblr media
1. Gojo Satoru: this man is going to run into you and take you off your feet. He's going to give you a long lasting kiss that starts passionate and ends as teasing. ",".
2. Nanami Kento: he'll kiss your forehead tenderly putting your hair behind your year and finishing with a very long hug.
3. Itadori Yuji: his kiss is going to be reckless and clumsy. He won't let you breath or leave for while.
4. Fushiguro Megumi: he'll kiss your lips passionately like it's the last time you'll kiss each other. Surely pouts after.
5. Kugisaki Nobara: she'll kiss your lips and then your eyes after giving you a small punch for scaring her like that.
6. Inumaki Toge: he'll kiss your forehead, then your eyes, nose, cheeks and finally your mouth. He's going to live trough every single kiss.
7. Zenin Maki: she'll punch you first and then take you by your wrist and smash her lips into yours getting all flustered about it.
8. Okkotsu Yuta: he's going to hold tenderly behind your neck while tangling his finger in your hair and kiss your lips softly. 
So cute, would love to see those worried kisses. Hope you love it ;)
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moonlitdabi · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vampire!Gojo HCs. He's a menace but he's your menace <3
Pairing: Vampire!Gojo x Reader
A/N: Crack. Pure Gojo Slander [[affectionate]] lol. Comments & reblogs are appreciated🥺
Tumblr media
It goes without saying that even as a vampire!gojo is a MENACE.
He likes bites your wrist and then attempts to stick a straw in one of the puncture wounds as if you’re his personal juice box 😐🧃 [[yes he carries these straws on his person, where he magically pulls them our from you will never know]]
Whenever he annoys you ((when isn't he???)) you call him Edward Cullen [derogatory]
Plot twist: He starts referring to himself as such, thinking that if refers to himself as such you can't hurt him with your cruel words.
Spoiler alert: It does.
One time he tells you to call him Jack Frost instead with the biggest smirk to which you say "don't ever insult my man jack like that ever again"
Gojo: Ok 🥲💔
Has the biggest pout on his lips whenever he asks for a snack aka a bite from you and you tell him no, because you're in public.
For Halloween he dresses up as a vampire, every. year.
Has his hair slicked back, wears his dusty black robe aka his Dracula Robe. and being extra as ever wears plastic fangs. like why?
He's basically cosplaying as Dracula from Hotel Transylvania and even puts on a terrible accent and thinks it's good. Its painful. </3
You pretend you don't know him but he still follows you around like a lost puppy.
He always looses his fangs at some point in the he just flashes his real ones.
Though the one time they fell out, you caught him in the act of picking them up and about to put them back in his mouth. But when he caught the look of disgust on your face he just said "just kidding~" [[he secretly pocketed it when you weren't looking instead of throwing it away 🤐]]
One time two kids came up to him, commenting about how real his fangs look. Gojo who already towers over them, leans in and asks if they want to see a trick, to which they eagerly nod their heads.
His man child grins, flashing his fangs, and one second later they extend further out of his gums.
The boys start screaming, the one even bursts into tears.
You and Gojo run for your life like you're fleeing a crime scene.🤕
You cannot take this man anywhere.
If you thought Gojo couldn't get more dramatic you're wrong.
He really sets vampire's back by 450 years with the way he acts and perpetrates stereotypes.
Likes to pretend that silver burns him whenever he comes into contact with it and then asks you to kiss his boo boo better 🙄
He always acts shocked whenever he walks past a mirror, gasping dramatically as he points at his reflection.
The first time you cook a meal for him, asking about his food preferences, specifically about garlic he shook you a good of indignation, dramatically clutching his chest as he rants about how disappointed he is in you, and he can't believe you believe such stereotypes.
"You know vampires CAN eat garlic. SOME just don't like it but that doesn't mean we can't eat it, you know 🙄"
And you're just standing there like 😐 waiting for him to stop ranting and answer the damn question.
A simple yes or no would suffice
But things are never that simple with Gojo.
and the answer is yes, Gojo loves garlic.
When you first met, Gojo tried to woo you by bragging about owning a castle in Europe.
You don't take him seriously until you're actually standing at its doors.
Gojo likes to roleplay whenever you're staying the castle while on holiday asdfghjkll.
He likes to pretend his Dracula and you're his sweet damsel in distress living in the 1600s 😐
He has a full wardrobe and everything for the both of you.
He should have been in theatre with the way he acts and goes on for himself 🤕
Sometimes he casually stands outside under the sun, shirtless and having sprayed water on his chest exclaims; "Look! I'm sparkling"
The one time he woke you up at dawn to see do this. He slept in his coffin that night.
However, at random moments Gojo would stick his finger under direct sunlight and hiss "It burns!!" He always and only ever does this in public and he's so loud that the people around you look at the both of you with weird stares. cries
This man will not let you live in peace for one moment...all I can say is good luck <3
Tumblr media
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delvine · a day ago
author's note : cute but messy ass drabble don't mind this pls.
warnings : caps lock, that's it ??? i think?
characters : yuji, megumi, nobara, maki, toge & gojo
Tumblr media
yuji itadori
OPPOSITE AESTHETICS. he absolutely adores your style of clothing ! he isn’t the biggest fan of shopping, but for you, yeah baby we’re going to all of the thrift stores. the music he also likes a little bit, he has some songs in his own playlist. would absolutely serenade you with love songs from the cure, the smiths, etc.
megumi fushiguro
since he’s lowkey emo as hell, he would 100% support your style & music. you two definitely share a playlist with a big mix of dark wave, gothic rock, but also indie & hiphop. you’d get him into gothic literature also and now he’s a lil bit obsessed. the two of you SEEM like a scary couple and kinda are i’m not even lying, but that’s cause you are only soft for each other.
nobara kugisaki
YOUR NO.1 SUPPORTER FROM NOW ON. absolutely adores your style! she would try and invest in the subculture and the history behind it a little bit, but for the majority, she’d just want to be your shopping buddy. though you can look scarier than her, she’s still the scariest one out of the two of you. SUN AND MOON GFS !!!!
maki zenin
wouldn’t really get it, but loves the look of it. she’d probably let you be, secretly admiring you and the way you carry yourself. you two are terrifying to strangers and even your friends sometimes, both very intimidating and secure in yourselves. very much power couple vibes (complimentary).
inumaki toge
GAMER BF GOTH GF GAMER BF GOTH GF. he loves all of it! i just think y’all would be so cute. he’d take pictures of you (no the cure pun intended) nonstop!! i also believe inumaki has a thing for bats, black cats, possums & raccoons even, etc. he just thinks they’re neat, so expect memes of them and bat plushies.
gojo satoru
y’all are the “ ‘someone’s gonna die…’ ‘of fun!!’ ” couple. idk why but i think gojo either has a thing for people that are hot in a scary way or he just attracts them cough cough toji COUGH COUGH GETO COUGH. would be one of those fools that would try and get into the same music you like, tho he isn’t that fond of it (he hates it but shhh). this tiktok is literally him tryna hit lmao. loves the way you two just look beside each other and absolutely adores the way you carry yourself.
Tumblr media
© delvine , all rights reserved
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iris-ren · a day ago
aot & jjk men on if they would let you peg them
Tumblr media
18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+
this is so foul i know. LMAO
eren // jean // levi // reiner // gojo // toji
eren would pretend to be disgusted by your request but would ask a million questions like, “what even is that?”
“you want to put that where?”
“how long have you been thinking about this?”
eren would think about it for a while, he does wonder what it would be like… to be the submissive one. the more he thought about it, the more he realized that being dominated might be a nice change from being the dominant one all the time.
eren would later approach you about it, “hey, do you uh.. still want to try that thing?”
jean goes all wide-eyed after hearing your request, but doesn’t really object.
jean would try anything at least once with you.
he would feel nervous about it for a bit but after visualizing your body pounding his into the mattress, he can’t help but let his cock grow hard in his pants.
jean boy is kinda soft so you would have to give him lots of praise during.
jean would let out a guttural moan at the sound of your voice coming from behind him showering him with plenty of praises like, “good boy” and “you doing so good for me puppy”
immediately no, he wouldn’t even give it a second thought. absolutely not.
“you must be dehydrated, saying such crazy things. a cup of tea should remedy that.”
reiner would 100% let you peg him, he’s tired of trying to uphold this big masculine man act.
would probably cry after, and would definitely need to be the little spoon that night.
gojo wouldn’t even give you the chance to propose the question.
gojo would show up to your house, strap in hand telling you exactly how he wants it.
would expect you to be rough, and would yell for you to go faster or harder throughout.
would give you a high five after
would laugh in your face upon hearing your question, and as soon as he realized how serious you were he would aggressively pull you into his lap for a hard spanking as punishment.
all while still laughing from above you, “hah! nice try, brat.”
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dazaiscum · a day ago
Can I get his for Gojo Satoru as your boyfriend pls? 😩✨
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
- Congratulation your boyfriend is hot AF!
- I'm guessing your relationship started by being best friends. Like when you were new to Jujutsu Tech he would probably try to bully you and call you weak.
- But when you were annoyed and done with his constant tries to bully you. One day you challenged him for a spare. Both of you tied. That was the day the bullying stopped.
- He apologized afterward and soon you two became the best of friends.
- I think that Gojo is one of those dense types. like it will take him an entire month to figure out he likes you that too with the help of Suguru.
- It will also take him a long, long time to confess since he doesn't know if you feel the same way and also he does not want to ruin the bond that you two have.
- Regardless he will confess at a point because Shoko and Geto would constantly pester him for doing so.
- When Geto left Jujutsu Tech and murdered his parents Gojo was devastated, but you helped him regain his composure. At that time he fell in love with you even more. (if that's possible)
- You were always there with him in his ups and downs and he was there with you in yours.
- Dating him would include lots and lots of cuddles! Like he would just walk in your mf room and be like "Cuddle me!" "Satoru, not now I'm busy." "I don't care!".
- He would also pester you with kisses. Mans doesn't give a fuck about PDA would hold your hand and kiss you whenever he feels like it.
- I am 100% sure he would give you sweets, lots and lots of sweets. He would give them to you before you go on missions and say that they are for good luck.
- He would also force you to go out and buy sweets. He would barge into your room and be like, "y/n let's go buy mochi!!" "Baby, it's 3 am."
- I am pretty sure that he will show you off to his friends. He also traumatized Nanami once by telling him how you guys fucked in detail. Nanami didn't look at you for a month after that.
- He doesn't get jealous easily but if he does he would not be afraid to show them who you belong to!
- Would 100% steal your food!
- Would also make you laugh a lot just to see you happy :)
Okay, this was wholesome!  
That's it hope you liked it! Author~chan peace out!
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taihjj · a day ago
Why you break up with him | Jujutsu Kaisen Headcannon
Tumblr media
First years Boyz + Gojo + Nanami | GN Reader | Angst
Summary: Some reasons why you two break apart.
Word Count: //
© 2021, All content belongs to taihjj. Do not repost or modify.   
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
Tumblr media
Behind the sorcerer's life, Gojo is actually a really caring and sweet person. He isn't into relationships so when he finally meets somebody. He for sure loves and spoils them. 
He'd be too clingy and jealous that when you talk to your guy friends he'd get upset. Kinda insecure. 
When you focus on other  things than him he'd get too whiny and even cause an argument sometimes of petty things. Honestly, it isn't that bad for a short period of time but for the long run it's toxic and sort of invading your space. 
Prone to lashing out or leaving you out when he feels certain emotions. Because he let you into his life, it only means he is comfortable with you and that caused him to break his character when he is angry. Sometimes, he'd come home silently angry and when you try to ask him about it he either gets annoyed and slightly raises his voice or brushes you off and gives you a cold shoulder just because he is mad. 
Yuji Itadori
Tumblr media
You know the feeling like everyday you're fearing loss and death? That's what dating Yuji is like. He is sweet and caring. A very certified husband material.
Though, he likes to take unnecessary responsibility over things he had nothing to do about. He'd come home bruised or even sad because he beat himself up over the curse spirit he couldn't save. He hated himself because Nanami got hurt. In the first place, he has done everything he can yet he still beats himself up and accumulates to isolation.
He is very reckless because he is selfless and as his girlfriend, it makes you drive at the edge. The stress of knowing that he might not make it today from his mission, he will be severely injured, and lastly, as much as you have told him to stop with the recklessness and trying to stop him from  being over selfless, you couldn't take it.
It's stressed you too much that it has affected you.
Megumi Fushiguro
Tumblr media
He is very silent and prefers actions over words; so is his emotions. 
You hate the fact that he assumes you know what he feels by just his actions when you don't. What do you mean when you glare at me and you lock yourself up in the room? Are you mad at me for what?
He thinks you two have a strong bond where you know what's up by just a glance. He keeps forgetting that he has to tell you what he feels and make you understand it. You're not a magician. You can't just magically know what's up.
Sort of like Gojo, when he feels something he usually keeps it to himself until he breaks. When you two have an argument, he wouldn't say anything not until he completely lashes out and says very hurtful words. It could have been avoided if he just said he felt in the first talk.
Nanami Kento
Tumblr media
There's no flaw in this man. You whore!
Tumblr media
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suekuna · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"y-you want me to help you? um sure yeah that's what friends do haha..." itadori’s body language is pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to help you. but, he plays it off quite well and asks "maybe if you, i don't know...tell me about him?" yuuji is someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. which obviously means you can tell when he’s being genuine and when he’s not. “is it weird that i asked you?” you face yuuji and raise your brow as you look at him. “what? no!! i just don’t know if i’ll be much help.” he says as he smiles with his hand on the back of his neck. secretly, you wished it did bother him. you liked yuuji since you were kids but, he never showed any sign that he thought of you as more than a friend. as years went on, your hope faded and now you’ve met a really nice guy. so, why not ? “i was gonna ask if you could ask him what he thinks of me.” itadori takes a deep breath and crosses his arms. “or is that too obvious?” the poor boy is pouting without even noticing, it’s cute. however, to you it looks like he’s thinking about your idea. yuuji’s heart and mind is racing and not in a good way. it’s like a marathon runner pushing themselves too hard it hurts. his eyes look into yours and he doesn’t even think as “don’t worry y/n! you can count on me!” slips out. “ahhh thanks yuuji!!” you smile and hug him before you head into your house. itadori has a stupid smile on his face long after you walk inside. how are you so perfect? he recalls your smile from moments ago, but then the warmth of your embrace fades. now feeling the chill of the breeze as he stands alone on the street, he realizes what he just agreed to. yuuji squats down and puts his face in his hands. why did i say that? i’m so...stupid.
Tumblr media
“why are you asking me? i don’t know the guy.” megumi’s response is laced with bitterness but, you don’t think much of it. you two have been friends for years and the idea of megumi reciprocating your feelings was shut down a while ago. well, he never directly rejected you or anything however, you always doubted someone like him would ever see you that way. “i’m asking you because i feel comfortable coming to you for advice.” you tell him as you look at him. megumi is still avoiding contact. his eyes are set on the view in front of him. how could he look at the person that his heart yearns for talk about the one their heart yearns for? he’s struggling keeping a calm composure but it’s all internal. he never likes losing his cool in front of you. “ok but how the hell should i know?” you frown at the mood in the conversation. “gumi, what’s up with you? you were laughing five minutes ago.” the dark-haired boy swallows harshly at your words. you nudge his side with your shoulder as you tease him. “you kinda suck at romance and all--” you pause and see that megumi doesn’t seem amused by your attempts to make things lighter. “but i was hoping my own best friend would help me with someone i like.” why the hell would i do that, y/n? megumi stops walking and causes you to do the same. his hands ball into his fists and he grits his teeth. do you not understand? “just ask him out. do whatever the hell you want!” megumi storms off without glancing back. you’re left in shock and megumi’s words somehow linger in the air. tears form and threaten to trickle down your cheeks as the lump in your throat can barely make out, “and why the hell would i do that, megumi?”
Tumblr media
a/n - reblogs are loved + appreciated here :,)
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abbachioslipstick · 8 hours ago
can I please request reader asking for a dog/cat/pet after being kidnapped because they get lonely? for yandere sukuna, nanami, and gojo? :) what do you think their reactions would be? idk if sukuna would even like a pet haha anyways thank you if you write this
Nanami tho 😳 Jjk has quite a pretty animation style! Very pretty people!~ I also hope you don’t mind that I named the pets >.>
Warnings: implied past abuse, yandere behavior, threats of animal abuse, threats of animal death, mentions of kidnapping, mentions of murder
Tumblr media
Beautiful man-
He expected you to get lonely after he took you, but not this lonely
You begged to get a cat, just so you could have something to cuddle other than him
You threw that last bit in there even though you didn’t really want it to be true that you were okay with cuddling with him
He obliged, only because his beautiful little darling deserves the world~
Plus, if you found out he’d killed your friends and family then you’d feel even more lonely-
Moving on!
One day, he comes home with this beautiful black cat with white on her paws
You decided to name her Gabby
She’s definitely a cuddly kitty, so now you’ll be less lonely while Nanami is gone!!
He might get a liiittle jealous of the kitty from time to time, but not too much
As long as you hold him more than you hold the cat, he’ll be alright
You actually caught him petting her once or twice-
Tumblr media
Why the hell would you ask for that??? You already have me??
Sukuna won’t like the idea at first
He’ll complain and yell at you that you shouldn’t have a pet because that will take time away from the two of you!
After you pull out all the stops, batting your pretty eyelashes, behaving well, and even throwing in a little crying session, he caves
But, there is one condition of having this pet
If you misbehave, he hurts the pet or even kills it
You agree, already fearful of what he might do to the pet
In comes one of the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen, a grey and white French Bulldog
You named him Westley
Sukuna will sometimes roll his eyes at your displays of affection for the pup, sometimes even pushing the dog away and kissing you to assert dominance
From then on, anytime he sees you trying to step out of line he’ll walk over to Westley and you’ll immediately stop
It’s almost a foolproof way for Sukuna to get what he wants
Tumblr media
Gojo is more like Nanami with pets, he’s pretty laid back about it
You ask once, you’ve got it babe
Although, like Sukuna, he too uses the pet as leverage to get what he wants
“Want a pet, baby? You better give me extra kisses~”
He’ll bring home this orange tabby cat with one of it’s ears clipped in the corner
You named him Levi (aHem aOT-)
Levi is a more aloof cat, although he does like to cuddle sometimes
Gojo will bargain with you to get what he wants
He’ll hold the kitty up and say: “You wanna hold Levi? Well come here and give me a kiss, baby!~”
“You wanna pet Levi? I’ll go get him if you cuddle me for a bit.”
You listen, because you know he is fully capable of hurting the cat if he wanted
I honestly don’t beleive he would though
He’d threaten, but by then you would’ve listened so he doesn’t have to go that far
A/N: First time writing for JJK! I hope I did well! Thanks for reading!~ <3
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