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glystenangel · a day ago
how the jjk men answer “why do you love me?”
nanami kento, toji fushiguro, satoru gojo, geto suguru, ryomen sukuna x gn!reader
tags/warnings: fluff, kinda domestic vibes, kinda canon kinda not lol, everyone's softish
thanks for reading and enjoy<3
“Hey Nanami?” You stare up at him as he reads, his lap cradling your head.
One of his hands is absentmindedly combing through your hair and you can see his eyes shifting over the pages, “Yes?”
“Why do you love me?”
He doesn’t even look up from reading, but his voice softens at the question, “My soul feels at home with you.”
When you’re rendered into silence by the sentiment, he finally looks at your touched expression and sends you a small smile before crouching down to kiss your forehead.
You’re sitting on the kitchen counter, wearing Toji’s t-shirt and steadily watching him as he pours you a cup of water.
“Why do you love me?” 
He sets the cup down at your side, caging you between his arms with a smug look, “I mean, just look at you.”
“Forget it.” You roll your eyes and push his chest to move past him.
You don’t make it very far, as he easily pulls you into a hug from behind and sighs into your ear.
“Don’t be stupid. I love you because after we met I knew I had to. It’d fucking kill me if some other bastard got to you first.”
Gojo ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gojo laughs at your ask as he settles into bed next to you, “Why do I love you? That’s a silly question.”
“Just answer, I’m curious.” You insist, scooting closer to his face and smiling when his hand finds yours underneath the blankets.
He doesn’t meet your eyes for a moment, and then he gives you a look so vulnerable you’re momentarily afraid that you’ve said something wrong until he speaks.
“You make me feel weak, and I don’t feel bad about it.”
He lets out a contemplative noise as you continue helping him tie up his long, black tresses.
“Why do I love you?”
“Mhmm.” You hum back in response, pulling his silky hair through the elastic and smoothing down any stray hairs.
He catches your hand in his, and you look up to meet his gaze in the mirror as he gives the back of your hand a kiss.
“You are impossible to hate. Loving you was the only other choice, and the best decision I ever made.” 
When you ask Sukuna why he loves you, he lets out a disbelieving scoff from where he’s lounging on the couch.
“Shut up.”
“It was just a question.” You cross your arms, a scowl forming across your features.
“Come here.” 
You look away from him, and he comes over to where you’re sitting and pulls the bottom of your chair until you’re facing him.
“You really want to know?”
“Yes.” You stare up at him, still nursing slight hurt in your eyes as he returns your gaze.
He strokes your cheek and gives you a soft peck on the lips before jabbing an annoyed finger into your forehead.
“What isn’t there to love? Idiot.”
End Notes:
bonus post bc i couldn't resist! u can tell soft sukuna's my fave bc his is the longest lmao
fluff forever<3 thanks for reading!
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mari-the-bimbo · a day ago
We need more roomate!Geto !!!
Dorm mate Geto: your period
A/N: imma make it into a series ya’ll😩🫶🏽 also this is kinda an extension of the first headcanons <3
Tumblr media
“Shut uppp Gojo” you groaned at your annoying white haired dorm mate who was always so loud in the mornings.
“HUH?! What’s your problem shorty? You on your period?” Gojo asks defensively, with hands on his hips like a sassy woman.
You ignore his question as you set your breakfast down on the table, and take a seat next to Geto.
Geto smirks at your lack of answer and looks as at Gojo. “Yeah, she is on her period”
“G-Geto?!” You say in surprise, looking at your handsome but sly dorm mate who knew you too well.
“Am I wrong?” He says coolly with a sip of his drink and smirks teasingly as he watches you squirm in embarrassment.
You grumble under your breath and decide to focus on your breakfast, but your lack of answer once again leads to Gojo cackling like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen.
His obnoxious laughs would usually cheer you up, but today it only made you more grumpy.
As you raise your hands to throw some bread at Gojo, your hands is quickly caught by Geto’s larger hand.
“Now don’t be like that doll” he says with a smile, bringing your hands back to your side but he doesn’t move his own hands away. Instead he wraps his leg around your chair to pull you closer to him.
“Your stomach hurt? Is that why you’re so grumpy hun?” He asks so casually in your ear.
You try your best not a blush or become bashful at his words. You hate how he knew you too well, but what you hated more was the sweet nicknames he kept for you.
“Maybe” you mumble with a pout, and he chuckles in response.
“Here” he says, pressing his cup of hot cocoa to your mouth, and his big hand at the back of your head to help you drink it. The smell of the warm chocolate easily convinced you to have his drink.
You watch him get up and search for pain relievers in the cupboard. And once he found it, he placed one in your hand to take with a smile.
“Thank you Geto” you say once you took the medicine. And he simply smiles again before he stretched out his muscular arms, inviting you into them.
Now it wasn’t everyday Geto was this nice to you. He usually relishes in watching you grow annoyed or angry from endless teasing from Gojo, so you were smart enough to take this opportunity, and let your handsome buff dorm mate pull you into his arms and press you against him.
And so he cuddles you up against his broad chest, wrapping his big muscular arms around you, chuckling while he shields you away from Gojo’s period jokes as the white haired man entertained you both with his stupidity.
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bananapolis · 2 days ago
Ok so could I pls request nanami teaching reader how to make bread (maybe reader has only baked a couple things like cookies but bread is entirely different to what they’re used to but they wanna learn!!) and at one point, reader gets flour on their nose/cheeks (they’re unaware of it). When nanami notices, he is absolutely floored becoz u look so adorable and his heart goes pitter patter and he just loves the fact that you’re spending time with him doing one of his favourite hobbies 🥺🥺
i honestly looked at this request and just,,, where do i even start bc i bake bread and there's a lot less flour flying around than people think so i took ~artistic liberties~ and changed it slightly i hope u like this!!
it's no secret that nanami bakes. he bakes a lot. if there's fresh bread left in the common area, it's baked by nanami. after all, it's impossible to finish a whole batch of sourdough loaves alone. and baking's pretty much all nanami does in his free time, beyond reading. he bakes lots of stuff, but he likes sourdough. he's got a real nice recipe down, and makes sure to take good care of his starters.
so it also makes absolute sense that you would ask him for help when you wanted to learn how to bake bread. at first he was kinda confused by your question. there's so many types of bread? you didn't strike him as a sourdough person, but then again, all he's seen you eat are those overly-sweet yet addictive donuts that gojo-san and ieiri-san are always buying. which makes sense because that's what is always around. he only brings fresh bread over on mondays, after the weekend, and usually it's gone by the next day, and you're not known to stick around the common area all that often. to be fair, he doesn't stick around the common area all that often too, only coming out if there's a fuss, which usually means there's an obnoxious senpai who has bought donuts, and who is making people eat junk-
nanami-san? your voice pulls him back to the present time. if it's too hard to teach me how to make proper bread, is there like, a simple recipe? oh good heavens nanami is going to suffer today, isn't he? what is "proper bread"? you don't even know what you are talking about. he looks at you with a hint of amusement, taking in your hopeful face, a touch of pink around your ears. why were you blushing? nanami tilts his head. so... what kind of bread do you want to make? you almost sigh in relief at his question, and nanami interjects: i haven't agreed yet, i just want to know if it's within the realm of what i know and can teach you. you deflate a little, and it must have been obvious because nanami sighs. i'm not the bread expert, you do know that, right? undeterred, you press on, telling him you like soft, fluffy bread, that tastes good even when it's plain for those days when you don't have time to make a sandwich- just buy a sandwich, nanami cuts in, and you pout. he sighs. again. okay, so a soft and fluffy bread, that tastes good plain, and doesn't seem too difficult or take too long to make? you look up at him hopefully. nanami sighs inside. bread usually takes hours. but it's a weekend, he's got time, and he knows just what to make. let's go grocery shopping. you cheer. he sighs. AGAIN. and you laugh, because you know that's just him, pretending he's so tired by your demands, yet he still follows through.
an hour or so later you're back in the kitchen together with a lot less groceries than you expected. nanami, always straight to the point, immediately starts setting things up. he explains each ingredient on the table as he unpacks the bags: bread flour, sugar, milk, butter and yeast. we're gonna be making milk bread. let's start with the yudane. nanami takes one look at your expression, and he explains. it's just an additional step that we use to make the bread softer and last longer. it's not a compulsory step. he opens the cupboard and picks up a small saucepan. he makes the water-based roux quickly, with practiced movements. this should be enough, he says, spooning out the yudane into a small bowl, and covering it with plastic. i made extra, you can keep the excess for when you try making bread the next time. the rest of the steps follow fairly quickly and is as you expected bread making to be, with nanami giving you instructions, and you attempting to follow. the trouble comes when you're trying to knead the dough. to be fair, you were warned that it was a long and tiring process.
how long do i have to do this, you whine, arms aching. until you can stretch the dough out and it forms a translucent film, nanami states. you've been kneading the dough for 30 minutes. if you can call it kneading: it's actually not rolling and kneading as much as it is lifting the entire piece of dough and throwing it on the countertop, folding one edge in, rotating slightly and repeating the steps over and over. your arms ache. this was not what you signed up for. you thought you could have a nice day out with nanami, bake a little, and play around in the kitchen and maybe get him to fall in love with you. you've baked other things before, surely it couldn't be that hard to bake bread, can it? well, you were very wrong. nanami notices your expression shift from persistent to slightly upset and he moves nearer to you. it's okay if you're tired, i can do the rest. he stands beside you, about to move you out of the way when you push him back. i wanted to bake bread, not ask you to bake it for me, you mutter resignedly. nanami sighs. such a troublesome wish, he says, gently tapping you on the forehead. provoked, you stick both hands into the bag of flour and wipe it on his cheeks, sticking your tongue out at him. covered in flour, nanami's surprised expression is really cute. you giggle, and nanami recovers immediately. he touches his face and swipes a line across your face, cheek to cheek. he taps you on the nose, you'll get no bread if you're going to be cheeky, he says, his clean hand steering you away from the countertop so he can work on the dough. he wipes his face with a clean towel before starting. you lean on the other side of the table and watch him, studying his expression, appreciating how he works the dough as if it were second nature, blushing when you watch the muscles on his arm ripple. in what seems like no time at all, the dough finally passes the windowpane test, and nanami separates the dough into six even portions and leaves them in a loaf pan to proof. you look up at him in wonder. you're so cool, nanami-san! nanami looks at you, your eyes wide in adoration, blushing slightly, framed in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun, and lightly covered in flour. flour that he put on your face. you, covered in his fingerprints. and he has to turn away before replying. thanks, he says. if he knew he had to see you looking this cute today, he would have rejected your plea outright. he knew he was going to suffer, just not in this way. he closes his eyes for a moment, pleading to the heavens that he can keep his hands off you, then shifts to wash his hands.
you don't even notice his reddening ears as he moves to the sink, your eyes fixed on the bread proofing before your eyes. but if you would just take a peek at his expression now, as he watches you silently from a corner of the kitchen, arms folded, eyes soft, it seems like you've achieved the goal of making him fall in love with you after all.
for anyone who wants to bake bread: get a bread maker, i beg you. making bread by hand is a HUGE workout and needs a large countertop. and also like, several hours of just beating and kneading the bread. where do you think nanamin gets his muscles from! all those hours of kneading...
yudane is called tangzhong where i live and it's a popular way of making bread softer and yes, last longer, in japan, korea, taiwan and other places. it's not hard to make!
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atsumeii · 3 hours ago
your forever boy !
₊˚⊹ nanami kento x fem!reader; nsfw, mdni. fingerfuck, praise/pet names, whole lotta fluff — fiancé!kento (so lovesick) + unedited, just horny. :)
Tumblr media
nanami kento will make the sweetest husband.
he hasn’t mentioned how much he already loves coming home to you but he doesn’t have to. he tells you when you see his face glow a little brighter the second he walks through the door.
when you see he has this certain glint in his eye when he finds you in pretty, little lace; everything see-through, ribbons and bows, all in his favorite color.
it’s when he calls you angel — his angel, to be exact — that’s when you know what he wants.
it’s when he holds you in his lap, legs splayed out with yours as his arms come around your rib cage. he hugs you tight as he indulges himself in your warmth, breathing in his breath of fresh air.
when he presses himself against you with an embarrassed blush painting his face, there’s no doubt left in your mind about what to expect next.
easily, you can call this your sixth sense as his future wife… you know it when he comes home a little later than usual, a little more needier by then.
“you feel so divine.” he breathes into your neck, your back against his work shirt, sleeves rolled up as he peppers charming kisses all along your bare shoulders up to the most sensitive spots behind your ear.
“kento.” you breathe out, your body heating up as he massages his way to your tits.
that tease.
he suffers enough by not being able to lap you up — it kills him to not have a tit popped into his mouth, flicking and feeling your nipple harden against his warm, wet tongue.
but he continues, lowering one of his hands, he slides down the valley of your breasts to your lower tummy, huffing and puffing for air.
and although he can’t see it, he feels how wet you are, how needy you’re going to be. through the lace, he cups your pussy, rubbing the hem of your panties directly onto your clit as another hand rubs your thigh so sweetly.
he’s afraid he gets so lost in your touch, shivering when your hand reaches the nape of his neck, tugging for more — kento exhales pure words that sound like a sin for your angelic self, “god, you’re so pretty. so, so pretty.”
you begin to break, heating up with a trembling voice telling him, “kento, please…” craving the attention from your soon-to-be husband, wanting his thick fingers to fuck you like he should.
“hm?” he questions as if his cock isn’t rock stiff in his pants, “tell me what you need, princess.”
“your fingers, hng!” you yelp, embarrassingly close without a single touch from him, “i want your fingers now.”
he leans his head into your neck, nipping at the skin. he mutters rather darkly, “sweetheart... you have better manners, don’t you?”
it’s the one chance he gives you to redeem yourself.
“please! please, i want your fingers!”
nanami kento will make the sweetest husband because he gives you everything.
he gives you sweet kisses on your neck and three thick digits swirling around your poor, puffy clit.
“you need me, don’t you? want me really bad?” he asks innocently, looking for the reassurance he once craved.
“yes! yes, i need you more than anything.” you say so sure of yourself as if it were a declaration of love.
and you do love him; you love him when you feel him twitch at your words, pressing even harder against your lower back to create any friction possible.
you love him when his fingers tease your dripping hole, collecting all the slick he’s responsible for. slathering it around your pussy, he’s more than happy to insert a finger or two; wanting to see just how much you need him. 
you love him even more when his thumb slides up ‘n’ down harshly onto your little nub, his unoccupied hand holding a leg from behind your knee, raising it up in the air so he can get a clear view of his pretty cunt, glistening in the mess he’d call his.
oh, you love him so much, it makes you scream.
your body jerks back against his when he quickens the pace, both fingers shooting into you and his thumb focused on fucking you right, your panties moved aside just for him to have free reign of your body.
you set your hands behind your knees, lifting both legs up ever so slightly for him. your back has fallen so far down, your head rests against his chest instead; that’s when you notice how hot he’s getting.
“you’re being such’a good girl.” he praises you.
“holdin’ still, just like that...”
nanami kisses your cheek between breaths and moans and the sloppy sound of his fingers in your pussy. still, you barely manage to speak.
“fuck! g’na cum, g’na cum!” 
toes curling and tears forming, your body jerks into his hand as he continues at the perfect pace wanting to let you ride out your high.
“babe, baby… hah, i love you s’much!” you let him know getting a grip of his wrist, grinding yourself onto his hand.
with your body twitching and a small tear falling down the side of your temple, he finally sees just how much.
his fingers leave you, he moves the lace back right where it belongs — covering up and caressing the sensitive skin while you catch your breath.
nanami looks down at you whilst you look up at him, eyes holding that sparkle. you’ve managed to lay your head on his crotch, painfully enough but even like this, he wants to be your forever.
the only man you’ll ever need, the only man you’ll ever love, he craves it more than any bread he’s ever had and the only thing do is wait for the day he’s finally declared as yours.
Tumblr media
reblogs + feedback is vv loved&appreciated !! ily (ㅅ´ ˘ `)
🏷— @satorhime @ofallthingswhythis @heartsfrommars @soaringmirror @tetsukentona @myarlert
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leftovergeto · a day ago
heatwaves- s. geto
“late nights in the middle of june… sometimes all i think about is you.”
Tumblr media
content warning: NSFW, somnophilia, begging, praise kink, size kink (if you squint), oral (fem! receiving)
The air was hot outside, the rain making it humid. You felt it, Suguru could tell. The way you wore nothing but a very thin, large t-shirt. It looked familiar. It was his shirt, wasn’t it? It looked stretched to his frame, and yet you still wore it better. He couldn’t help but stare as you slept away softly, the small fan you set up rustling your hair. God, the sight of you was beautiful. He couldn’t help himself, the way he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you in. He noticed the way you squirmed in his arms.
“Don’t wake up sugar, you’re okay,” he whispered as he noticed how you started to wake from his sudden movements. You promptly fluttered back to sleep, his grip was grounding and relaxing. The way you wrapped your leg around his waist like you were latching onto him made something in his stomach set ablaze. Fuck, he thought to himself, I need her so bad.
He felt the familiar, sweetly sickening feeling in his stomach. He felt something between his legs twitch needing as you rubbed against it. He needed to feel you, he was filled with the ungentlemanly urge to be inside of you.
“Woke you, didn’t I?” he whispered, mostly to himself, “Doesn’t matter, cuz I’m gonna make it up to you sugar,” he spoke, taking your thighs and wrapping them around his head. You barely tussled in your sleep as he toyed with your figure, only causing his stomach to heat up more.
Soon, long, slender fingers were carefully slipping off your panties, your heat suddenly apparent. He took a moment just to lie between your legs, your warmth encapsulating him. Tenderly, he swiped his tongue across your clit, causing your body to jerk a bit. He found himself laughing to himself.
“Yeah? My baby’s gonna feel so good, I’m gonna make you feel so good,” he mumbled, dipping his tongue into your cunt. The sudden feeling of the warm wetness in you made you jerk awake, eyes wide and hands in Geto’s hair. Your fingers suddenly pulled at his smooth, silky locks as he explored all of you.
You couldn’t help but let out wimpers as he licked across your folds, sticking his fingers inside of you. The feeling of him pumping in and out of your already sloppy cunt was too much to handle, especially as the first thing you felt when you woke up. He tongue flicked across your puffy clit, already swollen from the feeling. He couldn’t help but also dip his tongue next to his fingers, the flavor of your juices filling his mouth. You started to buck your hips into his face, needing his experienced tongue even more.
“S’too much, ‘Guru” you whined, feeling Suguru’s faint laugh in your pussy. He ignored your cries and continued to enjoy himself between you. He had three fingers inside of you now, making you go crazy as he sucked on your clit. It was all too much, you couldn’t handle it.
“S’guru, gonna- gonna cum!” you cried, feeling the waves of heat crashing onto you. Suguru lapped up all of the juices you squirted onto his face, humming to himself between your thighs.
“How’re you doing sweetheart,” he spoke, coming up to kiss you, mouth still sticky with your cum. You simply nodded, kissing him back softly, as he forced his tongue down your throat, forcing noises out of you.
Gently he grabbed your thighs, pushing them back so you were exposed to him.
“So pretty, aren’t you? C’mon now, don’t fall asleep on me again sugar,” he whispered into the crease of your neck, teeth gently tugging on your earlobe. You shook your head, as if to promise him you wouldn’t. Yet, you found yourself tired, and his warm, comfortable grip had you melting into him.
“Please, Suguru, don’t make me wait anymore, I can’t take this,” you pleaded, nails digging into his back. He nodded, pushing your thighs back even farther, tip resting at your entrance. “Please! Suguru, please I’ve been such a good girl.”
“Yeah? I know sugar,” he whispered, breathy moans coming from him as he pushed his cock inside of you. Whimpers and whines spill from your lips, the sheer size of him was too much. No matter how many times Geto Suguru fucked you, you never got used to that.
He started to move inside of you, slowly pumping his cock in and out of you.
“Fuck! You’re so tight sweetheart, such a good girl,” he grunted, moans pouring from his mouth as he started to pound into you. You were such a mess for him, it was almost pathetic. The satisfaction he got from hearing your cries made him heat up against you. You, though, could barely focus on anything, much less staying quiet. Your brain was clouded from how he stuffed you to the brim, from how his moans filled your ears and your head. The scent of him was enough to make you go insane, you needed him and only him.
“Suguru, faster- ngh,” you pleaded, him nodding in response. The sudden rush he got from hearing you beg was enough to send him ramming into you. The way he hit your cervix, it made your eyes are glossy and your brain cloudy.
“I’m gonna cum, ‘Guru,” you mumbled between moans and whines. He nodded, pushing you up against the headboard.
“Then cum for me sugar,” he said, slamming into you harder and sloppier. You let out one last scream, cumming all over his cock. He pounded into you a bit more, before you felt his cum coating the inside of your walls. He pulled out, cum leaking out of you, heavy pants letting out of him.
“You’ve been so good f’me, you wanna sleep now?” he asked, stroking your hair as he collapsed next to you. With a quick nod, you found yourself curling up into his arms, as they squeezed you tightly.
“Good night, Suguru.”
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torus-babydoll · 17 hours ago
𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 ▸ 𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ▸fluff, Satoru is in need of comfort, Satoru is fat soft and needy, he also wants praise
Opening the door you expected to see Satoru’s bright smile on the other smile. Only his face is dead pan, and he had yet to change out of his blindfold. Which means he came straight to your’s after work.
A line of duty that you as a citizen with cursed energy that you mainly used around your house. You were fully aware of what he did, even though you weren’t fully apart of that world. And while you put your trust in his strength, there are times you worry about his mental health.
Satoru wordlessly steps into the apartment and passed you. As you shut the door behind him, Satoru takes off his shoes. And then turns around, grabbing onto your shirt. While leaning down, pressing his forehead on top of your head. He softly mumbles,
“I know where we’re supposed to go out for dinner tonight. But can we do that another night, I just want to be held, told I did a good job and have you play with my hair.” With you he could be so utterly vulnerable without any expectations placed onto him. And he adored it, which made you his home and safe place.
▸ m.list
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yandereaffections · 2 days ago
Uh oh. Nanami comes home seeing darling trying to escape! What does he do?
Tumblr media
As much as Nanami knows the throbbing pain the back of your head will be in, it doesn't stop him from yanking you out of the window you're half way through onto the floor. Staring your panicked form with a deadpan expression, no anger or aggravation in his eyes yet he'll still reach down to restrain you before you could start kicking at him
You gave him so much hope, a light in such a brutal life, Nanami wants much more from the world than just ridding it of monstrosities, he wants so much more from you and he can't get started on it if you manage to squeeze out of the safe haven he's acquired for you
His face may say otherwise Nanami does regret being so forceful, tying your wrist up tightly and being the cause of the bruises that turn up a few hours after he gets you all secured. It'll all be kissed over gently as it you were transformed into glass, still stern when explaining to his dove how they simply need to be patient through these first few steps. He'll make it all worth while he promises, wait it out with him please
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amaya-writes · 2 days ago
The Stocking Game: Nanami Kento x Fem Reader Smut (NSFW, MDNI!)
Tumblr media
Day Four of Teacher's Pet
Notes: I haven't written any type of smut for quite some time so I'm using this to get back into the flow lol
Warnings: nsfw, mdni! nanami has a stockings kink (is that a thing?), office sex/desk sex
Characters involved: Nanami Kento
Female reader, you/yours
It all started with those stockings.
That flimsy piece of polyester that would draw his attention away from the presentation for the meetings to instead focus on the presenter.
The stockings that even now, with the office empty and the sun beginning to set, continued to draw his attention away from his work.
Nanami felt a sigh leave his lips as he turned back to the stack of papers on his desk for the umpteenth time, but just like every other time, he found his gaze flicking away from the forms to stare at the only other person in the office.
But this time, you were looking back.
"Ken-ken Do you need something?"
You knew what you were doing to him.
You with your snarky smirks and endless pairs of stockings and that stupid skirt sets that fell low enough to be considered appropriate for work yet far too short for you to not have picked them out on purpose.
You who would always insist on working alongside Nanami and asking him for help on things he knew you could handle by yourself.
And now, now after months of playing this teasing game of yours and torturing him with fleeting touches and lingering compliments, you finally put the nail in the coffin.
It started small.
Even if he tried to ignore you, Nanami couldn't help but watch from his peripheral vision as you walked up to his desk.
"Oh! You're still working on the sheets from this morning?"
The way your tone sounded borderline condescending only served to worsen that knot of annoyance in his stomach, however, nothing could have prepared him for what came next.
You fell on his lap.
The series of apologies that escaped your ruby-painted lips contradicted the way your hands fell to his shoulders, with Nanami's palms falling to your waist even as a series of red flags went off in his head.
This was wrong.
This was so wrong.
Yet before he knew it Nanami found himself showing a sense of reckless abandon he would only associate with the likes of Gojo, with his lips meeting yours before either of you could talk sense into the other.
It was different from what he had imagined.
Perhaps, after days and days of being subtly tormented and teased by you, Nanami had forgotten the timid and soft-spoken person you truly were, the kind whose kisses were drawn out and held a sense of tenderness he couldn't quite comprehend.
The kind that was akin to a poisonous flower: beautiful and worthy of being an object of his affection but secretly capable of snuffing his life out if you chose to do so.
The way you said his name had goosebumps forming across his arms even as the blond hoisted you onto his table, one of his hands automatically trailing from your thighs to your waist while the other blindly pushed his laptop to the side.
"You're so insufferable, aren't you?"
Your faces were mere inches apart as he spoke, with small puffs of his breath ghosting over your painted lips. Lips that parted and smirked in a way that could only be described as bratty.
"Only for you, Ken."
That annoying brave front of yours seemed to make an impromptu return the second his hands left your frame, as if you were taunting, daring, him to do something about it.
And this time, Nanami did.
Unzipping his work slacks had never felt as natural as it did at that moment, with the giggle you let out at the action only spurring him to go faster, to shut you up quicker.
The next time his lips returned to yours was paired with an urgency Nanami hadn't known he had in him.
As his hands flipped your skirt to roam over the flimsy polyester that had been driving him insane over the past few months, Nanami found himself pulling away from you once again, but this time, it was for a completely different reason.
"Take it off, all of it."
His tongue darted out to wet his lips in uncertainty as Nanami's gaze met yours, almost as if he was trying to confirm whether this was what you really wanted.
Thankfully, you seemed to be just as eager as he did, with your hands practically tearing away at your clothing.
It was only when you sat on his desk with your knee-high stockings and lingerie set that Nanami finally seemed to gather his bearings, letting out a mix of a scoff and breathless laugh as he ran a hand through his hair.
"You really wore that to work every day, huh?"
"And you didn't notice even once."
Your voice held a sense of betrayal at the end, one that had Nanami's heart racing with the need to comfort you.
This time, he found his hands resting on the swell of your cheek as he cupped your face with a tenderness Nanami hadn't realised he possessed, one that had your lips curling into that sweet smile he often found himself staring at.
"Sorry, for making you wait so long-"
His other hand drifted down to the hem of your underwear as he spoke, hooking his index finger on the material and tugging it past your knees.
"-But the wait will be worth it."
This time your lips clashed in a more heated kiss, one that led to a tangle of limbs and tugging of hair and clothing as the two of you got lost in one another.
It was only when he felt you slip off his boxers as he undid your bra that Nanami finally took hold of your wrists to try and cease your actions, a move that had you whining in annoyance.
While one of his hands continued to hold your wrists in his hand, the other was quick to follow your previous actions and tug down his boxers, allowing his painfully hard member to slip free.
He almost automatically found himself sinking into your folds, with a groan leaving his lips the second his tip slid past your wet entrance.
The feeling was heavenly, so much so that Nanami couldn't hold himself back even if he wanted to.
Moans and groans began to fill the air as his hand let go of your wrists to instead wrap around your waist, pulling your bodies flush against each other to be consumed with a heat that only spurred him on further.
Nanami couldn't remember the last time he felt so...free, as if every chain holding him back, every rational thought, seemed to disappear the moment he sunk into your plush walls.
The feeling was inexplainable yet perfect. And Nanami never wanted to stop.
The two of you spent the greater part of that afternoon like that, so completely lost in the feeling of one another that neither could form any other rational thoughts beyond that moment.
And through it all, that flimsy piece of polyester never once left your form.
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maycolors · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bakuskotii · a day ago
✘itadori yuji x f!reader ✘ fluff ✘ kissing
summary: friends/idiots to lovers, yuuji’s comfort turns into something more.
this was requested!
Tumblr media
“yuji." your smile conjoined, trying so hard not to laugh at the boy who stood in front of you.
"what are you doing?" your question seems to strike him; looking back at you with an expression. But he knew what he was doing.
Gojo had told Yuji some crap about specific stretches to make him stronger, better. You knew it was a load of crap, but knowing yuji...
"you know that's not going to-"
"nuh uh! these will work! sensei said it himself!”
Yuji's soft face was enlightened by such an idea as he put one-hundred percent into everything he does. So you thought it was quite adorable that the pink haired boy in front of you, was really on the floor, doing some deformed doggie style position, just because his teacher told him too.
"he's messing with you." You shoot him a smile; but his position is just so damn funny, you can't help but laugh at him.
Yuji only then, decides to rise from his wierd and improper positionings, taking in your laughing posture, and crossing his hands around his chest.
"Oh? Ya' think this is funny huh?" He meddles, you know what's coming, and you know exactly how it's going to happen.
"no! it's just—" you try to conceal the content joy that hit the creases of your lips but couldn't help but burst into giggles again; picturing his peculiar stance about ten seconds ago.
You finally got a grip on yourself when you noticed him making movement towards you. Uh oh.
His hands out in front now, following behind your small steps, chasing you around his bedroom. You couldn't do anything but laugh and jolt mockingly; making him run faster.
Sometimes you forget how good of a runner yuuji is.
"C’mere!” His hands jumped at your sides, consulting your hips with his very grasp; taking you effortlessly, just to throw the both of you onto the bed.
His hands began to rub against your stomatch, small tickles immersing from his big digits. The tips of his fingertips causing you to jolt in hysterics.
You could feel tears start to fall from the sides of your face, wiping them off with your palm, whilst also trying to push the strong boy off of you.
“Okay! Okay! You win! I surrender!" the itching pain of combusted laughter was starting to hurt, so you gave in defeat.
"What's so funny now, hm?" he pouted, but he looked like he was ready to fight you all over again; so you really did put your hands up, a sign of the reassuring conquer he had taken.
"you didn't look that bad." You sighed, too scared to laugh from either yuji, or the pain the would whirl against your stomatch.
"yeah yeah" he grumbled, releasing himself from you. Yuji took a glance at himself, lifting from the bed, and began to strip his sweater off.
you couldn't help but gwak at him, even though you'd seen him shirtless so many times. This just never failed to awe you. you could catch yourself staring at him forever, or that is until he catches you staring at all. But you'd fall under, what seemed like a spell, when having something as simple as a conversation with yuji.
Yuji took a glance behind him, watching your eyes travel him, taking in the sight to be seen in front of you. This time, he's the one laughing now.
It catches you so off guard; his loud cries of joy cutting off your focus. He chuckles harder by the minute, putting a hand on the bare chest that held your attention.
"You we're totally eyeballing!” Yuji crumbles into his own desire of joy, embarrassing you in an instant.
"I was not!"
Shamefaced and humiliated, you disregarded sight of him, shoving yourself underneath the heavy comforter that wrapped messily around yuji's bed. you couldn't dare to tackle yourself out of these sheets now.
You swirled into your mind, while thoughts took over your senses. You needed to get a grip on yourself; find an excuse for your obvious stares and observations. That way it won't be so akward.
Only then is when you felt your breath being pulled out of your lungs, as you realized two large arms wrap themselves around you.
Yuji's body collided with yours under the blanket, shaking you up a bit in fright. You were nervous, maybe? Definitely.
"w-what are you—“
"y’know, ya didn't have to hide." His small chuckle just tickled your skin; placing your gentle palms on his bare breast, giving you access.
when he placed you onto him, you could hear the beating of his heart racing faster than he's ever ran.
"I like ya.” He smiles, cheek to cheek. You could honestly die to such a pleasant sight. "I like ya’ a lot."
Yuji’s face was bright red. The cute blush contouring his complexion nicely. “like how..?” your question beckoned his mind, thinking to be more clear with the words that made you combust.
“like..like’like me? or—“
“Your so weird.” Pink boy’s laughter took over, chuckling at your cute slight panic, insisting a proper answer.
His lips hit your soft ones in less than a second to spare; though you could feel his nerves crawl up onto you, making you smile. It was comforting, knowing you weren’t the only one with shock still coercing through your veins.
The small pecks had turned into light forehead nibbles, and Yuji’s body all wrapped up in your own.
“I like’like you too.” you hummed; the feeling of his propped against your cheekbone warming you. You’d thought you’d get a laugh or a small hum back in response, but he didn’t even hear you, he was asleep.
You could see his lids closed shut, while his mouth remained slightly opened. His hair was a mess from just laying here, with you the entire time. However, you couldn’t deny, it was very cute.
“weirdo.” Your muffled whisper was hallowed by silence as you drowned your eyes into the peaceful fluff of yuuji’s upper-body.
Yeah, you could get used to this.
Tumblr media
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etheralyonn · a month ago
sex is hot but having your fictional faves cum inside you? even better! — letting him cum inside you for the first time
ft. toji, satoru, yuuji, megumi, geto
cw: 18+ only. fem!reader. unprotected sex, creampie, implied overstimulation, breeding kink, dirty talk, praise, slight body worship, profanities, use of princess, angel, mention of f!oral
an: decided to try writing for jjk! likes and reblogs help a lot and are appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your wet cheeks are plush against the softness of the pillow. your vision blurry as you sobbed with half lidded eyes. “you’re so pretty like this,” toji coos, lifting himself from between your thighs. his face leans down to press soft kisses on your bare back. his hands are so large as they wrap around your waist, holding you in place as he pushes the head of his cock past your slippery folds.
“hah—” every touch, every little sensation of his skin against yours is thrilling. your legs twitch, and you can feel your sweet slick pooling on the mattress beneath. toji’s lips are wet with your arousal, lips lifting into a smirk as he pondered the taste of your sweet slit. “you like how i fuck you don’t you? want me to fill you up?”
he can feel your skin heating up from the sinful words that leave his lips. the feeling of his cock dragging inside your walls feels so sweet, your sweaty palms clutch onto the bed sheets. “oh fuck—” he groans, losing his composure with a low whimper. “didn’t ya hear me?” he asks, gently biting the tender skin on your neck.
“y-yes! fill me—” you’re interrupted by toji’s fast thrusts, hips moving with no mercy. “let’s fill you up, princess.” your body trembles, eyes crossing together in ecstasy. your whines and moans are the sweetest as they reach his ears.
his hands are restless, wandering every inch of your skin before settling on the curve of your ass. “sh-shit, hah- toji—” so lost in the feeling, you don’t realize your high coming down on you, your stomach churning and swelling. his breaths are heavy, fanning against your shoulders.
with a final stroke, his balls rest against your clit as white spurts paint your velvet walls. his touch is grounding. his calloused hands tilting your head to sink his lips on yours with so much passion, it leaves you breathless.
Tumblr media
you’ve tried everything with your boyfriend. everything that laces with the word intimacy with satoru. everything except let him cum inside you. there isn’t any particular reason as to why you both haven’t done it yet. but maybe today, as satoru’s kisses last a little longer than usual, his touch burning against your skin as your slick coats his cock that’s already buried deep inside your velvet walls — you think he might be onto something.
you gasp, breathless when he pulls away from his passionate kiss with his tongue sticking out. a thin thread of saliva connects your mouth to his and you’re feeling light-headed. “so pretty,” he lets out, lost in your curious eyes before his lips lift with a smirk. “you know what would be prettier?”
“what?” your back hits the softness of your bed as he leans down. burying his face in the crook of your neck, his nose digs on your skin as he whispers, “your face when i cum inside you.” his words are so shameless, you couldn’t help but let a moan escape. “satoru—”
“shhh, let me take care of you tonight,” he coos as he slowly drags his girth out, only to thrust deeper in. “hah—” you moan at the heightened pleasure. your back arched back as your nails clawed at his broad shoulders.
satoru’s cock is perfectly shaped, curved just enough to hit that sweet spot inside you with each relentless thrust of his hips. “satoru! it— feels so g-good—” your chock on syllables, the pleasure filling your senses. your body starts to tense with his hands coming to grab your thighs, spreading them further apart to hear your loud whimpers and moans.
“you like that?” he nibbles your earlobes, his hot breath fanning your skin that heats up under him. “y-yes. do whatever you want to me,” you let out between your whines. “oh fuck.” he groans. it makes him go crazy when your walls clench so shamelessly around him.
the pace of his hips becomes faster, his heavy balls hitting your ass with each drag of his cock inside your clenching walls. “you’re so tight. sh-shit,” he grunts, sapphire eyes finding yours that spill of love. you feel your abdomen clenching as you let the euphoric feeling fill your mind. your eyes rolling back sinfully in ecstasy as satoru buries his cock deep inside you.
“ ‘so good,” he sighs, letting his seed spill inside you. and as satoru feels your walls fill with his spilled seed, he thinks it’s the best kind of intimacy he's had with you. “so fuckin’ good for me.”
Tumblr media
“no more, please. i can’t— cum again,” yuuji gasps, his face furrowed as you slide down his cock again. your cunt is still slippery from your orgasm, your heart still beating at an irregular pace. “you can! please,” you whine as you sink on his length, your ass plush against his heavy balls.
and how could your sweet boyfriend say no to you when you whine so pretty, face glowing with so much beauty, it has him love struck. but yuuji’s eyes are wide as he realizes that he’s out of condoms. “baby, we’re out of—”
“i don’t care,” you shake your head, batting your eyelashes as you bury your face in the crook of his neck, the closeness only making you dizzy. “just fuck me, yuuji.” the words that leave your lips has his mind in chaos, such beautiful chaos and he can’t hold back. his hands are firm on your hips.
you lift yourself from his lap just enough to slide down again, bouncing on his girth that stretches your walls so perfectly it has you letting out the sweetest moans. each stroke has your cunt clenching tighter and tighter and it feels like heaven on earth. “angel, you feel so good- fuck!” yuuji grunts, squelching sounds filling your ears.
he’s close, and he knows you’re close too with how your muscles tense, the movement of your hips becoming sloppier. pleasure writes all over your face as yuuji inches your face closer, attaching his lips on yours with so much fervor, it makes you breathless. a chain of whimpers leaves your throat, and you can feel him twitch inside you.
“oh baby, sh-shit,” he grunts as his seeds fill your walls so well, so fucking well that your face contorts into euphoric pleasures. “ah! yuuji—” whines are all you let out at the tight grasp of his calloused hands on your hips, so tight that it’s bruising.
but you don’t care, not when you’re lost in the feeling of his sweet essence that oozes out of your aching cunt and down your inner thighs. yuuji is gasping, finding air in his lungs as he jerks his hips forward, fucking his seed back in you. because yuujis is greedy when it comes to you.
Tumblr media
it’s intense as megumi grabs your plush thighs, his rough hands sinking on your flesh, almost bruising it. it’s too intense when your heart beats erratically as he slides the material of your panties to the side. with one hand he spreads your folds to push his pulsating cock inside your cunt that coats with your sweet arousal.
“oh f-fuck—” he stammer, breath hitching in his chest as he pulls your body closer to him. it’s so slow, he’s relivishing the way your cunt flutters so shamelessly around his girth. his length fills you up just enough, just enough to have you whimpering at the relentless pace of his hips snapping against yours.
“angel, you feel so fuckin’ good, i’m—” your mind is hazy, mouth parted and you feel salty beads of tears forming in the corners of your eyes. “gonna fill you up so well.” a low groan reverberates out of his chest. your hands hold onto megumi's sturdy shoulders, your nails leaving crescent marks on his pale skin.
“it feels so good— s-so good!—” you choke between your sobs. your velvet walls are clenching around his shaft so well, he’s not sure if he can hold out much longer. incoherent babbles leave your mouth as you both lose yourself in the euphoric feeling of each other’s skin.
the sounds of his balls slapping against your flesh fills your ears. it feels so heavenly. “megumi—”
“i’m close. oh sh-shit. i’m gonna cum, angel,” he manages to let out. his mouth parts to take in your perked nipples, and oh so sweetly he wraps his tongue around your bud, sucking it with passion. it heightens the feeling in your stomach, and your thighs starts to tremble.
“please,” you start with quivering lips. “please cum in me.” megumi’s mind goes blank, lust filling his dark orbs as he peers in between your thighs, where you’re both connected. fireworks explode on your heated skin as you feel the tight rope in your abdomen rip, your orgasm crashing down on your high.
“hah— i’m gonna—” it only takes a few deep strokes before he spurts his essence inside your clamping walls. his skin is sweat sheened as you feel him fill you to the brim, so fucking well that it’s seeping out to your thighs.
Tumblr media
geto has his head buried in the crook of your neck, bruising it with sweet love bites and kisses. a shudder runs down your spine as his cold fingers curve inside your cunt to nudge that sweet spot inside you. you’re a moaning mess, legs shivering, and you can feel your high washing over you.
“there, there,” he breathes out. peering through his eyelashes, he can see the tears that bead your eyes, heavy breaths leaving your parted lips. he stares, so lost in your beauty before hooking his cock in your slippery cunt. “you’re so pretty like this, baby.” a low groan leaves his chest.
his girth is perfect, stretching your walls so fucking well, you can only cry out in pleasure. “sh-shit!” your soft walls are sucking him in. his dark orbs gaze at you as his hips snap against yours, moving in a circular motion that has you losing your goddamn mind.
“sugu— i can’t. i’m—”
“i know baby. cum for me, okay?” your words come muffled as a moan escapes your luscious lips. his thrusts are deep and fast, so good and you feel your abdomen clenching. “fuck, i’m there, i’m close. fuck, pretty, i’m gonna—” your chest heaves up and down, your hands holding on to his shoulders so hard that it starts to ache. but it doesn’t matter.
geto’s eyes are losing focus, grunts leaving his chest. just as he’s about to pull out, your trembling legs wrap around his waist. your heels dig his back, locking him in between your thighs and you pull him closer, so close that your body curves against his. “baby, we can’t—”
“please, want you to cum in me.” your stare is intense, it makes him go crazy, eyes filling with so much lust and love as he buries his cock as deep as he can. warm spurts of his essence fill your cunt.
it feels so good that it leaves you wanting more. “geto,” you gasp as his lips sink on yours. as the closeness feels lovely, he hums into your mouth, and geto have no intention of pulling out yet.
Tumblr media
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yuujispinkhair · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Hot Dilf looking for babysitter
Pairing: Dilf!Sukuna x babysitter!Reader (female) Genre: smut, modern AU Word Count: 3.5k Warnings: 18+, smut, age gap (Reader is 21 and Sukuna is 40), oral, cum eating, vaginal penetration, hair pulling, dirty talk, praise, use of the name Daddy, reader gets a bit of baby fever when she sees Dilf Sukuna :), mentions of breeding and potential future pregnancy. All characters are of age. This story is 18+. Minors don't interact.
This is my first contribution to my sweet friend @scandescent 's Dirty Money Collab. I chose Dilf!Sukuna and Babysitter!Reader :) Thank you so much for organizing this amazing collab, Abby! And also, Happy Birthday to you! 💗
Tumblr media
You like your job as a babysitter. It's the perfect way to earn money since you started college. So far, the kids are cute, the parents are nice, and the money is good. The only thing that bugs you sometimes is your friend's teasing comments about Dilfs and Milfs.
"Please, have you seen the people I babysit for? There is no one I would want to get dirty with. They are old."
"Old doesn't mean they aren't hot, though!"
You always roll your eyes and brush it off. Stupid. As if you would let a 40-something dad hit it.
Now you gained a new potential customer, and the teasing gets out of control.
Itadori Sukuna, 40, rich businessman, divorced with one child. His apartment is in one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods, and his company is well-known. His little son is in daycare, but Mr. Itadori needs someone to look after him when he's working in the evenings.
You made the mistake of telling your friends about him, and now they have the time of their lives coming up with dirty scenarios while drinking coffee before your first meeting with Mr. Itadori.
"Ooooh, rich Dilf looking for little pet to spoil! You should try to become his sugar baby! I bet he's lonely after the divorce."
"His name sounds sexy! And businessman? Maybe he will bend you over a desk and..."
"Stop it!"
"Why, (y/n)? Come on, don't be so boring!"
"We don't even know what he looks like. He's probably ugly."
He isn't.
In fact, the man who introduces himself as "Itadori Sukuna, but please call me Sukuna, since you will be looking after my most precious possession." is gorgeous as hell.
He is tall and muscular, looking sexy in his tailored black suit with a red dress shirt and black tie. He looks his age but in an attractive way. It finally makes you understand why someone might get the urge to call someone Daddy during sex.
Mature and confident. Sukuna is hot. His smirk is arrogant but that makes it even sexier. His pretty maroon eyes look at you with an intensity that leaves you breathless.
He has pink hair. Something he did because his little son wanted Daddy to dye his hair in a pretty color, apparently. Fuck... you feel your knees get weak when he laughs softly, a low sexy rumble, and his eyes sparkle at you.
"I need someone for the late afternoons and evenings mostly since I have a lot of business dinners. And sometimes I have to leave town for a day or two. My ex-wife is working in Shanghai for the next half year, so it's a bit hard to look after my little prince all on my own."
You get the job, and a few days later, you find yourself staring open-mouthed at the beautiful apartment complex Sukuna lives in. The interior of his penthouse is just as impressive. All in black and white, with modern shiny surfaces and expensive furniture. Classy. Just like Sukuna himself.
His maroon gaze watches you intently in a way that makes your pulse quicken. His typical smug smirk shouldn't be so sexy, but you can't help it. There's something about the way he carries himself that makes you nervous. It's seductive somehow.
He's dressed for work in a Tom Ford suit with a white shirt and black tie, golden cuff links sparkling in the sunlight streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. His pink hair is styled perfectly, making your hands twitch with the urge to run your fingers through it.
He's carrying his son Yuuji on his left hip, one muscular arm wrapped around him, cooing at him and ruffling his hair, and somehow it is the most attractive thing you ever saw a man do.
His son is a sweetheart. Pretty like his father and definitely a spoiled little prince but also really cute. The way Sukuna is holding him and talking to him makes both your heart and your pussy throb. Why is it so attractive to see this powerful, dominant man all soft and sweet for a three-year-old?
Maybe it's your hormones. Maybe you are ovulating. Maybe it's your body going into baby fever. Or maybe this man in front of you is just the sexiest guy you ever saw. Maybe you finally understand what a Dilf is.
"I will leave Yuuji in your care now. Call me if anything happens or if you need anything. I left money on the kitchen counter if you want to go get ice cream or something. Keep the rest and buy something nice for yourself. See it as a small welcome present."
He smiles at his son, a genuine dazzling smile that makes his handsome face look so pretty that you fear you will drool all over yourself if you keep looking.
"Ok Yuu, Daddy's going to work now. Have fun, sweetie, ok? (Y/n) will take good care of you. She's really nice. Why don't you show her your favorite toys?"
The first day with little Yuuji is perfect. He is a sweet child, a bit cheeky at times but cute. You take him to the ice cream parlor and a playground, and seeing him laugh and play is tugging at your heart because it's so adorable.
Later on, you get him ready for bed, chuckling when Yuuji looks at you with big honey-colored eyes and asks in that typical innocent way children have:
"Today was fun! Will you go to the playground with me more often now? Please say yes! Daddy has been lonely since mommy moved out! He will be happy if you stay here!"
You feel guilty because your mind provides you with an image of your naked body entwined with Sukuna, helping him chase away his loneliness. No! You have to stop! He is your boss! It's unprofessional and stupid to even imagine something like that!
And yet... he is hot! And he left 80.000 yen on the kitchen counter for ice cream and the welcome gift for you. This means you can buy that new jacket you want and don't have to worry about groceries for several weeks.
Sexy and generous. It's a dangerous combination. One that makes your whole body brim with excitement.
It's getting late, and you help Yuuji into his pj's and brush his teeth thinking once again that he's really an adorable child and that he looks so much like his dad.
And then there it is. The most traitorous thought:
I wonder how Sukuna's and my kid would look like?
No, no, no, no!! This is so wrong! You are 21. You don't want to be a mom! What has gotten into you?
Little Yuuji doesn't know about your inner struggle. He smiles his sunshine smile at you and takes your hand, tugging you back into his room, where he shoves a book into your arms and plops down on his bed with a happy laugh.
You're in the middle of reading his bedtime story to him when the door opens. Pink hair and pretty maroon eyes greet you from where Sukuna peeks inside the room curiously.
His handsome face lights up when he sees Yuuji snuggled into your arms, listening intently to the bedtime story you are reading to him. And you are flooded by warmth, knowing that you made him happy by taking good care of his precious prince.
Sukuna comes inside, making your heart jump to your throat when you see that he has taken off his suit jacket. The white dress shirt is tantalizingly snug on his buff figure, showing you the outline of all the toned muscles that wait beneath it. Several buttons are undone, exposing smooth tan skin and the swell of defined pecs.
Your face feels too hot, and you avert your gaze, utterly flustered. Why does this man have such an effect on you?
"Did everything go well? Did you have fun, sweetie?"
"Yesss, daddy!! (Y/n) took me to the playground, and we had strawberry and chocolate ice cream, and I saw a ladybug, and I built a sandcastle!"
"That sounds like a fantastic day. Now scoot over a bit, so Daddy can read the rest of the story to you, ok?"
You hate yourself for the way your pussy throbs when you hear him refer to himself as Daddy. Oh god, please, no! You have to get out of here! You have to stop thinking dirty thoughts about this man! And if your friends ever find out about this, the teasing will never stop!
Tumblr media
But of course, you come back again when Sukuna calls you three days later, asking if you have time Friday evening. He has to meet a CEO from another company.
You take Yuuji to the playground again, and later on, make popcorn and watch a Disney movie with him and then bring him to bed, waiting in the living room afterwards, watching tv until Sukuna comes home.
You aren't prepared to see him in light grey sweatpants and a tight white shirt, gym bag slung over his broad shoulders. His biceps flex enticingly when he puts the bag down and when you try to look away, your gaze lands on the bulge in his pants where his obviously big dick is temptingly outlined by the grey sweats.
Your eyes widen, and your thighs press together.
Sukuna looks at you with that sexy smirk, while running a large hand through his slightly damp pink hair.
"How was it?"
You try to appear unbothered, breathing slowly and smiling brightly at him.
"Great! Yuuji is a sweet child. I got him to sleep at 8:00."
"Ah, that's perfect! You're really good at this, thank you. I'm so lucky to have you."
To your utter horror, the praise coming from his lips makes you wet. You can feel it down there in your panties. Cream coating your pussy lips, clit throbbing excitedly.
And Sukuna walks over to you, so tall and big, towering over you with that confident smirk on his handsome face. He offers a strong hand to you, which you take, so he can pull you up from the leather couch. But his hand stays wrapped around yours for a few seconds too long, warm and strong, and he is standing far too close when his low sexy voice practically purrs:
"I don't know what I would do without you. All the other babysitters were horrible. But you are so good. Can I invite you to a drink after all the hard work?"
You can smell his shower gel lingering on his skin and the shampoo, sexy and expensive. He is so close that you feel the heat of his muscular body emanating from him. You could so easily reach out and put a hand on those buff pecs, grab them, squeeze them, press your whole body against him, feel his muscles against you, feel that big cock.
You make an embarrassing noise, a tiny squeak, and take a step back, making Sukuna laugh softly and look at you with a knowing grin.
He knows.
He is fully aware of the effect he has on you. Smirking at you like a big cat, a tiger, seeing his prey and circling it slowly, knowing that it can't escape. You don't even want to escape. That's the biggest problem here.
Tumblr media
He doesn't bend you over a desk as your friends predicted playfully.
It's the kitchen counter.
Your skirt is lifted up, your panties abandoned somewhere on the fine marble floor after Sukuna yanked them off.
And Sukuna is behind you, his sweatpants and boxer briefs hastily pulled down by your hungry hands, just enough to free his thick cock and heavy balls.
One of his large hands is on your hip, the other is pressed firmly onto your mouth to keep you silent so as not to wake his son.
His fat cock drills into you unrelentingly, hitting your g-spot over and over again, making tears of bliss run down your face and your body tremble with sobs, muffled by his large hand.
He pounds you so good, making your legs shake while your body is slumped bonelessly over the kitchen counter, ass sluttily in the air, silently begging for more. 
Sukuna's muscular body is caging you under him, driving you crazy with need, so completely at this strong man's mercy. And his voice is in your ear, low and sexy and far too smug:
"Easy, princess. Take your time. We gotta slow down a bit, hm?"
You sob into his hand when he pulls out almost entirely until it's just his thick cockhead stretching open your pussy lips. He's fucking you with mean teasing thrusts, just rolling his hips excruciatingly slow, making you jerk and cry and moan helplessly into his hand as you try to beg for more.
Your body shows him clearly how horny you are, hips jerking needily, pussy twitching around his swollen mushroom head as you are trying to push back against him, trying desperately to get more of his wonderful cock inside you again. You have never been so horny for a dick in your whole life.
"So needy, hm? That's so cute. Don't worry, sweetheart, Daddy will take good care of your cute little pussy."
You see stars when he rams his fat girth back into you, snapping his hips to fuck you deep and hard, making you fall apart on his gorgeous cock like no one did before. They were all just boys up until now, but Sukuna is a real man. Experienced and confident with many years of practice and a cute little son to prove it. He knows how to fuck you the right way. He knows how to fuck you dumb.
And you are dumb right now. A horny stupid mess for this sexy Dilf. The only thing your brain is able to do right now is scream at you that you want him to cum inside you, fuck you full of his cum. Fuck a sweet baby into you.
After all, he is really good at that, right? He can make really cute babies! Oh god, you want him to fill your pussy with his warm, fertile seed and give you your own little Sukuna!
That's the thought that makes you cum. You cry out into Sukuna's hand, pussy clamping down on his thick cock, jerking with the powerful waves of orgasm he fucks out of you, pussy so eager to milk all his seed out of his gorgeous cock.
But he doesn't let you have that. Instead, he pulls out with a soft low groan.
"Come here, darling. On your knees for Daddy."
His strong hand twists in your hair and tugs on it, pulling you up from the kitchen counter and towards him. He presses you gently but firmly onto your knees. And you look up at him with big eyes, pupils blown wide from bliss and a fucked-out expression on your face.
Sukuna moans softly, unable to control himself, apparently. It makes your pussy throb, arousal already rushing through you again.
"Open your mouth, pretty girl."
His maroon eyes are almost black with desire, burning into yours. You obey him eagerly, opening your mouth wide, sticking your tongue out for Daddy, as you look up at him through tear-stained lashes.
He takes his gorgeous cock into his hand. He is so big and pretty, glistening wetly from your cream that gushed onto him, combined with thick drops of pre-cum slowly running down his veiny length.
"D...Daddy...please....let me... oh please..."
He smirks and moans at the same time, and then his hand in your hair tightens again, pulling your face closer to that wonderful cock. Your tongue darts out needily, and you press it flat against his thick base, never averting your gaze from him as you slowly lick up all the way to his swollen pink tip, following the fat vein on the underside of his hard length, tasting yourself on him.
His long lashes flutter, and a guttural groan escapes his parted lips, low and soft, always so careful to keep the noise down. Such a good Daddy. Always so worried about his little son.
You whimper needily at the thought, lips brushing over his wet cockhead. And Sukuna's sure hands are there, one in your hair holding you firmly in place, the other wrapped around his cock, guiding his swollen pink tip to your mouth, rubbing it over your lips, circling them slowly, coating them with his pre and your cream. 
You pepper tender wet kisses onto his mushroom head, tongue darting out to flick soft kitten licks over it.
And Sukuna growls. It's such a needy and feral sound that it makes you moan, and your whole body jerks as horniness pools in your gut and pulses hotly through your clit.
"Such a cute little kitten, hm? Now be good to Daddy, will you? Make Daddy cum."
And you are. You are so good to Daddy. It's all you want at this moment. To please this sexy strong man in front of you. To suck and kiss his cock until he shoots his sweet hot cum into your mouth and down your hungry throat.
It takes only a few minutes until he does just that, muscular thighs flexing under your hands, thick cock twitching in your mouth as a soft low groan escapes Sukuna's mouth and his fingers twist almost painfully in your hair.
He cums a lot, hot milky cum spurting into your hungry mouth, flooding it in several strong waves. You drink it up obediently, moaning happily around his fat cock, hoping you are pleasing Daddy.
He pets your hair and smiles down at you before pulling his spent cock out of your mouth and holding it in front of your face.
"Be a sweetheart and clean me up really nice. Make sure you got every drop. Don't waste it, baby girl."
You are moaning while you lick him clean, pussy twitching with need, your juices coating your inner thighs, so horny again that you think you will lose your mind.
And Sukuna pulls you to your feet and kisses you for the first time. Like you finally earned the privilege of getting kissed by him, now that your mouth is christened with his cum.
You press your body needily against his tall, muscular frame, whimpering when you feel his strong arms wrap around you. His kiss is demanding, sexy and deep, tongue moving against yours in a sensual caress, fucking your mouth, making you even wetter.
A moment later, you find yourself sitting on the kitchen counter, manhandled by the strong Dilf in front of you. The sexy man who gets on his knees for you now, eyes dark with desire but a smug smirk on his handsome face, showing you that he is in control, always him.
Strong hands push your thighs apart, exposing your arousal to his hungry eyes, pussy wet with slick, inner thighs shining with it. And you can't even feel embarrassed about it. Instead, your hands tangle in his pretty pink hair, finally feeling how soft it is, and a broken moan falls from your lips when his hot tongue licks over your needy wet clit.
He chuckles softly against your wet folds making your body jerk wildly, and then he turns his face into your thigh, teeth mouthing your flesh lightly.
"Tsk tsk tsk, you have to keep quiet, darling. My son is sleeping next door. Can you do that for me? Can you be a good girl and stay quiet?"
You nod eagerly, looking at him with wide feverish eyes. Yes, yes, you will do anything this sexy man asks of you!
And he blesses you with a real smile before his lips are back on your throbbing heat. They close tenderly around your puffy clit, and your hips buck uncontrollably. But strong hands hold you down as Sukuna eats you out on his luxurious kitchen counter, right where he left those 80.000 yen the first day you started working for him. Almost as if the money had been an investment that would lead up to this moment...
But your mind is too foggy, too dazed with pleasure to form coherent thoughts as Sukuna's tongue flicks expertly against you with gentle but firm licks that make your clit stiffen and your mouth fall open in a silent scream.
You cum all over that handsome face, tugging desperately on soft pink hair as your sexy Dilf-boss licks an orgasm out of you that makes your cream gush messily onto his tongue. Your whole body trembles violently, as wave after wave of bliss is licked out of you.
Sukuna presses one last kiss to your overstimulated clit before smirking up at you, lips wet from your cream. His large hands are massaging your thighs firmly.
"Such a pretty pussy and such a pretty girl. You were so good tonight. Daddy is proud of you. You're good at pleasing Daddy and also good with kids. If you keep being such a good girl, I might even fuck my cum into your cute pussy someday. Would my pretty princess like that? Do you want one of my pretty babies? Yuuji would love to have a little brother or sister. I just need to find the right mommy for them."
The way your pussy twitches needily at his words is all the answer he needs, and you see his smug smirk growing even bigger.
Yes, this Daddy knows exactly what he's doing.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! How do you like Dilf!Sukuna? Would you like to work for him too? I would! Thank you again to Abby for this fun collab! I had so much fun writing sexy Daddy Sukuna, and honestly, the scenes where he is with little Yuuji made me go "awwwww." I guess I am a very willing victim for this hot Dilf lmaooo. Please let me know what you think! Comments and reblogs make me happy.
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yakuza boss!Gojo Satoru x f!reader
genre. romance, smut
s. after inheriting your family pastry shop, the troubles begin. who would have thought that the boss of such a dangerous organization would have a sweet tooth, and not only for sweets
cw. big dick!Gojo, size kink, fingerfucking, oral, creampie, mating press, full nelson, squirting, mirror sex - not a mirror but a window, praise, manhandling, doggy | wc. 6k
cw. yakuza!boss Toji, blackmail, noncon groping + kissing — Toji makes a short appearance, he is a rival of Satoru from another yakuza gang
an. Gojo falls hard — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
How did things turn out this way?
When grandpa was running the bakery everything was going well. Business was good, customers were always satisfied, and in just a few years he had made a name for himself. They called him ‘the King of Cakes’.
Then he was taken away by old age. The man who had raised you after the death of your parents, the man who had taken care of you, who had taught you the art of baking was suddenly gone.
Toraya Bakery had been his dream since he was a child. Once you got old enough he asked you to join and help him, he knew you were talented, maybe even more than him, but now that it's in your hands you're shattering it all. All his efforts are just falling on deaf ears.
A few weeks after grandpa's death a large chain of dessert stores opened not far from your bakery. Even the most loyal customers had stopped showing up and you, in order to pay for the goods and the bills, had to take out a loan and now not even that loan can be paid off.
"I'm so sorry grandpa" you sob with documents of the last month's payments in your hand, sitting at an empty table in the store.
Not a single customer came in today either. Yet the presentations at the windows are nice, they are the same ones that your grandpa taught you to set up. The flavor of the pastries is the same one you grew up with and learned to make, so what's wrong?
While you are lost in your thoughts the bell that warns of the arrival of customers rings. The man who walks in looks completely out of place in your store.
He wears an obvious expensive suit. Loose tie, the top buttons of his shirt open, his black jacket held on his shoulder with one finger. Even his glasses are probably designer.
"Are you open?" he asks running his hand through his white hair before looking around. You nod happily inviting him to sit down but he walks over to the counter and pulls out his wallet, "it would be take away if that's okay".
"No, no it's ...it’s fine" you murmur pulling out a pen and paper to take his order. "I need several ichigo daifuku and melonpan if possible," he doesn't pay much attention to you as you start wrapping the sweets he requested and tapping the register.
You notice how his fingers are tapered when he hands you the card for payment, his jaw set and a big smile when he gets a message on his phone. "Thank you," he murmurs gently, this time lowering his eyes to his nose to look into your eyes.
His eyes. So blue you don't think you've ever seen them. Like the sky. Or like the sea.
"Have a nice day," he adds, rearranging his lenses and leaving the store.
A customer after so long and he had even made a great purchase, maybe things were about to take a turn for the better.
That thought is erased the next morning when the Zenin goons show up at the store. "I'll pay next month, please" you whine as big men in suits knock over dessert carts and anything else they find around. "Please don't ..." tears block your breath and you start picking up what they broke. "The boss says you're already a month late" warns the bald man as the other gorges on the sweets at the counter, "the boss doesn't have time to waste with you, pay up or next time it'll be you on the floor" he threatens.
Before he exits he bumps into a tall man. "Well well, who do we have here?" he hums pushing the two men inside the store and closing the door behind him.
The white haired man from the day before looks menacing as he removes his glasses and stows them in his jacket pocket. "uh you Zenin" he says with a smirk on his face before shifting his gaze to you, "are you alright miss?" he asks gently.
When you nod he waves you over to him and when you obey he gives a big smile, "you are such a good girl" he praises making you embarrassed. "Now you" he says looking at the men in front of him, "why don't you clean up the shit you've done before you get some lead up your ass" his voice is soft but the words spoken are rough. The two men bend over several times before starting to clean up as he instructed.
"Is everything alright?" he asks bending down slightly to look into your eyes. He runs his thumb over your cheek to wipe away a tear before inviting you out of the store.
"Thank you so much" you squeak as he settles into a chair outside and lights a cigarette. He has a smirk on his face as he points you to sit down, "Gojo Satoru" he introduces himself, his handshake is vigorous as you introduce yourself in turn.
You know you've heard that name before but the man's gaze on you doesn't help you focus. "May I ask what the fuss is about?" he asks, putting out his cigarette on the ashtray and bringing a hand under his chin, as if to give you his attention.
"There's not much to tell. I needed money really fast and I asked the wrong man for help" you murmur rubbing your eyes, as if to erase a bad dream. "Don't mess with the Yakuza" Satoru hisses raising an eyebrow.
"Why are you back?" you ask curiously watching as inside the two men clean up and tidy up the mess they made. "Uhu yes, your desserts" he says miming a "damn" with his lips before adding, "the best thing I've ever tasted, and I eat a lot of desserts. Yesterday after the bad day I had I forgot about my nephew's birthday. At home I tasted your pastries and boy did I need them. I came back for more."
His look is kind, and when the Zenin clan goons come out he gives them a wide smile, a sadistic smile, "come take a ride with me you two," he says nodding towards the car that is parked nearby.
"Mr. Gojo we ...", Satoru doesn't let him speak. Two equally tall and large men get out of the car and flank him. "I'll stop by for desserts later, if that's okay with you," he says as he turns back to look at you. He winks at you before disappearing into the car with the dark windows and into the city traffic.
You'd be lying if you said you haven't thought about him all day. You thought about his incredible eyes and his smile as he spoke to you in that soft voice. Of his long, tapered fingers as he brought his cigarette to his lips. Those fingers that would probably easily reach where yours couldn't even reach, inside of you.
Damn. He's even more handsome than you remembered when he walks into the store. This time he's wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, they're so tight that they highlight everything nature has given him. You give a cough to wake up from your dirty thoughts and turn your attention to him.
"What can I get you?" you ask, eyes wide as you realize how the sentence came out of you. Satoru chuckles as he leans against the counter, studying the various desserts in the fridges before turning back to look at you, "yokan, please, to eat here" he asks not taking his eyes off you as you prepare his plate.
His footsteps are light, you don't hear him coming and when he grabs you by the waist you gasp, "I thought about you all day" he says leaning over you to whisper in your ear, "in the office I couldn't work in peace. You were always on my mind." His tongue slides behind your ear and along your jaw, you can't help it and a moan escapes your lips making Gojo quiver.
His cock grows hard against your ass, his hands groping along your body, sliding up your thighs until he lifts your skirt to your hips. "I don't think it's ..." you murmur but your chatter stops when Satoru presses two fingers against your covered sex.
He rubs his fingertips over your slit causing you to bend over the counter and thrust your hips toward him, "I can stop anytime" he warns moving your panties to the side and grazing your throbbing pussy with his knuckles.
Your breathing becomes heavy and you have to hold onto the edge of the counter to keep yourself up, your knuckles turn white as Satoru pushes a finger between your folds causing a moan to escape your plump lips.
As you had imagined his finger easily reaches that spongy part in your upper wall, "uh there... gods" you mumble as he begins to slowly rub it back and forth.
You can't hold back the moans when he pushes another finger between your slick folds, "don't hold back," he encourages bending over you, his mouth to your ear as he speaks, "I like your voice." The rhythm of his fingers gets hard, and as he hits your sweet spot he circles his thumb pressing into your throbbing nub.
"I'm gonna cum" you groan through clenched teeth, and you almost manage to reach the edge before Satoru removes his fingers from you. "If you're going to cum you're going to do it on my dick" he whispers as he lowers the zipper on his jeans and helps you up off the counter.
His lips are soft as he presses them to yours, his hands quickly unbutton your blouse and pull down your bra showing off your tits. Your nipples get hard on contact with the air and start to ache when Satoru sucks and pinches them with his fingers, "I wanna come..." you meow running your fingers through his soft hair and throwing your head back.
"I want too" he says with a smirk unbuttoning his shirt. He lifts you onto the counter using only one arm, wraps his hand around your neck before resuming kissing you, "I know you're going to make me feel good" he gasps aligning the head of his cock in your soaked slit.
He pumps into you slowly, stretching your cunt almost painfully, "you're tight" he hums pushing the rest of his shaft completed into you. The burning gives way to arousal as he begins to move his hips back and forth, your walls wrapping around him tightly and when you lean forward for a kiss, Satoru moans.
"Fuck" he slurps into your mouth, his hands digging into your hips holding you still. A squeak falls from your lips, followed by a moan when Satoru bites and sucks on your bottom lip, pulling it gently with his teeth. Your eyes roll back as his tongue slides against yours, to hold on you have to cling to his thick shoulders as he presses you onto the counter beneath you.
He groans as you run an arm between your bodies and begin to rub your nub, needing to come. Your tits bounce with each heavy thrust of his hips, your bodies jerking in unison as you kiss. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around his cock, "so close" you blurt wrapping your arms around his neck and throwing your head back.
His thrusts become messy, your cunt drooling along his shaft and your juices sliding over his thick balls that slam harder and harder on your ass with each thrust of his hips. "Fuck, feels so good" Satoru moans, the veins in his arms bulging as he lifts you off the counter and starts bouncing you on his cock, "hold onto me, angel" he moans pushing his thick head onto your sweet spot.
"Coming" you blab as he angles his hips and his crotch rubs just right against your clit, "fuck, it' so big" you moan creaming down his shaft, your fingers entwined behind his neck.
His hand runs down your bare back before settling behind your head and pushing it forward to meet his lips, "fuck, you make me feel good" he gasps in a soft voice.
Your velvety walls flutter around him as his cock swells and throbs in your creamy hole, "fuck, angel" he moans laying back on the counter and holding your legs apart, his cock covered in your cum disappearing into your cunt as he thrusts hard against you, "uhu fuck."
You're out of breath when Gojo pulls out and presses his forehead to yours, "fuck, you were amazing" he praises you stroking your chin to place a chaste kiss on your lips.
He chuckles when you place the plate, with the sweets he ordered, on the coffee table, "well thank you" he smiles eating one in one bite. "You really are amazing" he says licking his fingers, "do you mind if I can tomorrow too?" he asks already guessing the answer just by watching how your thighs rub against each other.
The kiss he gives you before leaving is covered in powdered sugar, and that's enough for you to make it up the stairs to the back of the store and into your apartment.
Tumblr media
The incessant knocking on the door of the store below makes you jolt awake.
Toji has a smirk on his face as you cautiously open the door, "we're not open yet" you murmur trying to block his way but he manages to move you out of the way with one hand. "You know, I didn't think you had the guts to address another clan" he chuckles grabbing you by the neck and pulling you towards him, "tell me doll, why did Gojo Satoru settle your debt?"
You blink slowly trying to chase back the tears as you try to understand his words. His fingers slowly leave your throat before he roughly squeezes your ass making you bump into a coffee table, "well, maybe I'd have a few ideas" he murmurs bending over your neck and licking a strip making you shiver.
When you try to push him away he blocks your wrists with his hand, "please leave me in peace" you cry trying to pull away. His grip however is too strong and you only end up being pressed between his chest and a small table behind you. "Come on doll, show me how you got Satoru to do it" he murmurs sloppily pressing his lips to yours.
"She really didn't have to do anything." Gojo's voice is strained and when Toji pulls away from you he runs his hand over his lips and scratches his neck.
Satoru has a gun pointed at Toji's head, a grin on his face as he glares at him. "huh Zenin Toji, yesterday your underlings and today you?" he asks reaching out a hand towards you and pulling you behind him to keep you safe.
"Oh come on Gojo I just wanted to check for myself why you were interested. The woman isn't bad at all, but for a Yakuza to pay for others means she's worth it" he laughs crossing his arms over his chest, not caring about the weapon pointed at him.
Yakuza. That's why Satoru's last name reminded you of something. The Gojo clan is the most powerful of the Yakuza organization. You remember coming across his name while researching to apply for a loan, you thought it would be worse to ask them instead of the Zenin. How wrong you were.
"There are two of my men outside, go with them" he says squeezing your hand and intimating you to go outside. As he says, two men in suits are standing in front of a car and when they see you get out they cautiously approach opening the car door for you to get in.
You haven't opened your mouth since Toji tried to rip off your blouse, you haven't cried or complained, but when you're alone in Gojo's car the tears start to flow.
When Satoru reaches you you try to wipe away the tears, with little result. Your eyes are swollen and red and before you can even thank him, he lifts you up and sits you in his lap, giving the men in front the order to leave.
"It's you and me. Let it go," he says making you snuggle into his chest.
You're not sure how, but the comfort and his soft whispering in your ear put you to sleep. When you open your eyes you are no longer in the car.
Gojo is lying next to you, your head on his chest as he draws circles with his thumb on your hand resting on his torso. "Did you wake up?" he asks caressing your cheek, his eyes fixed in yours as you chase the sleep away.
"I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble," you meow as you pull yourself out of bed, "...and thank you ... for everything." He has a tugged smile on his face, the muscles in his arms tense as he pulls you into his embrace, "it's okay," he murmurs placing a kiss on the top of your head, "he won't bother you anymore" he warns making you sigh in relief.
Your tongue becomes heavy in your mouth as Satoru runs his calloused thumb over your lip. He rubs it slowly before resting his lips on yours. Your moans mingle in your mouths as you kiss sloppily, "I'm going to make you forget about that asshole" he promises taking off his shirt and helping you out of your clothes.
His mouth is warm as he sucks the skin of your neck, licks the tender flesh of your breasts gently before taking a nipple into his mouth and starting to nibble and pull it gently with his teeth. His back arches as he reaches down to kiss your smooth belly, he plays with your panties' waistband before pulling them down and exposing your cunt to the cool air of the room.
His mouth works slowly down your legs, switching small kisses with long licks down to your thighs before he spreads your legs wide open and bends in between.
Moans leave your lips when Satoru licks a meaty strip down the middle, pushing his tongue between your folds, moaning.
You grab his hair and the sheets as he wraps his lips around your nub beginning to suck it.
His cock is painfully hard and he can't help but clench it in his fist as he moans against your clit, "you taste good angel" he moans stroking your entrance and sucking the cream that is dripping from you.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head as his tongue slides into your hole and his thumb circles your hard nub, "I'm going to cum" you warn, in a high pitched, desperate voice.
Satoru looks up at you from under his long lashes, moans in response making you squeal. Your back arches and your toes curl at the sensation, your walls tightening as you begin to cum.
He tongues fuck you through your high, rubbing your throbbing nub until you become a groaning mess. When you try to pull away Satoru wraps his hands around your thighs and pins you to the mattress, "hold still" he murmurs against your puffy clit licking around the nub and laying a kiss on it before lifting off.
His cock is hard and covered in pre cum when he strips down, throbbing when he takes it in his hand and pumps it.
"Sir, there's a problem," a voice outside the door makes him stop before he can feel your walls around his shaft, causing him to curse. "Sorry, pretty" he murmurs placing a kiss on your lips and quickly putting his clothes back on.
You manage to catch your breath as he leaves the room. You look around thinking about what happened. The keys to the store are on the nightstand next to the bed. Your phone is also on the bedside table.
The room is so big that it could accommodate a hundred people, you think, getting out of bed and wrapping the sheet around you in search of your clothes.
The walk-in closet is practically the size of your entire apartment, and you opt to wear Gojo's t-shirt when you can't find your clothes.
The bathroom is also large, the tub can accommodate two people and the shower probably a soccer team. "Is everything okay?" his voice catches you off guard as he enters the bathroom.
"Yeah ... I can't find my clothes ..." you blurt out in apology to justify wearing one of his shirts.
He doesn't seem to care, he smirks wrapping his arms around your waist, "it looks better on you than me, I have to be honest" he teases trapping you against the sink.
"May I ask why you paid my debt?" you ask before he presses his lips to yours.
He leans against the sink looking you straight in the eye before giving you an explanation, "you know I did some research. Your grandfather worked hard and your desserts are very good, I couldn't let the Zenin ruin it. I really appreciate those who work hard," he confesses lifting your chin with a two finger.
"Can I kiss you now?" he laughs laying his mouth on yours.
The kiss quickly turns sloppy, his hands running down your body and quickly ridding you of your shirt, "you're so fucking pretty" he gasps against your lips, his boner growing in his tight pants.
The bed is still warm when Satoru lays you down on it, your pussy still wet and your mind fuzzy as Satoru pushes his veiny shaft between your folds.
"Fuck ... so-so full" you moan as Gojo pushes complete inside you. Your needy cunt squeezes his cock in a tight grip, your juices pooling at the base of his length as your hips slam creating a ring of cum around him.
"You're taking me so good baby" he hisses pushing your knees closer to your shoulders, watching your slit swallow and gush around his cock, "huh I'm gonna ruin you baby" he promises playing with your hard nub.
It doesn't take long before your walls tighten around him, his pelvis grazing your swollen clit is enough to make you cream along his shaft, "'Toru fuck" you blurt, your toes curling in the air as your lips part in a silent scream.
Your sensitive walls trigger his orgasm "shit, angel..." his eyes rolling back in his head as he quivers on top of you, "so good for me, a good fucking girl" he gasps collapsing. His cum slides out of your aching cunt as Satoru pulls out, the head of his cock purple and still throbbing.
"Can you do me a favor?" he asks softly, kissing your neck. When you nod he gives a wide smile, "I have to go to work. You can stay here, go ahead and take a shower, put on the clothes I sent for you to buy and make me some mochi" he murmurs putting on a puppy face.
You can't say no to him. And even if you could, you wouldn't. "Yeah okay" you smile back, kissing him on the lips.
The kitchen at the mansion is huge. Occasionally some of the maids come in and stare at you for a long time, and when you return their gaze they leave annoyed.
Hours pass and after mochi and some cheesecake your arms start to ache. "I should be in the store now" you mutter to yourself, knowing full well that even if you were there anyway you wouldn't have any customers to serve.
The afternoon sun warms you as you sit at the table and sip a glass of juice. Damn. Satoru was so nice to you and yet he said it himself, you're not supposed to deal with the Yakuza. Yet there you are, sitting in his kitchen making him pastries.
He paid your debts, saved you from Toji's assault, and you didn't really have to do anything. A strange feeling tingles in your stomach.
"You still here?" Satoru hums as he walks into the kitchen. "Sorry now ... I'm leaving" you apologize and he laughs.
"That's not what I meant," he murmurs resting his hands on your hips, "uh damn, you know, you got into my head" he murmurs resting his chin on your head, "and that's a big problem" he chuckles.
"Satoru, thanks for everything but I think I have to go" you mumble trying to pull away, you have to get some distance from him before you find yourself fully involved. Your heart beats wildly though when Gojo clasps your hand in his, "stay" he asks in a desperate tone, "let's eat something together".
And you stayed. You stayed because you could see in his eyes that he wanted to be with you. You stayed because his caresses were too gentle. You stayed because you wanted to stay.
If you hadn't stayed you wouldn't have found yourself under the living room table, his thick shaft down your throat during dinner.
His hand is wrapped in your hair as you suck on the tip of his cock. Drool drips from your lips as Satoru pushes his hips toward your mouth, "fuck baby, you're going to make me cum too fast" he gasps as he watches you work his length.
His tip leaks drops of pre cum as you start to lick around him before swallowing him completely, "huh fuck" he hums throwing his head back.
His thick cock throbs on your tongue, tears fall from your eyes from the heaviness in your throat. Too big for you, you gag around his girth and that makes him moan, "so good, angel" he gasps pushing into your mouth, fucking your throat.
He sinks his length completely into your mouth, moaning as your throat swells, "fucking take it like that" he moans making you squirm.
"You're such a good girl, I knew it as soon as I saw you" he gasps pulling you off his cock, getting up from the chair. He grunts as he positions his length between your lips thrusting his hips sloppily, "I'm about to finish" he warns continuing to use you at his pleasure.
His cum is hot and slightly sweet as it begins to slide down your throat, his thick swollen cock quivers in your mouth as you greedily swallow his seed, holding the base of his dick and pumping what you can't push into your mouth.
You feel so aroused as you return to sit in the chair, his blue eyes fixed in yours as he takes a sip of white wine.
"I'm falling for you," he says suddenly. Your mouth snaps open and you want to laugh but his serious look lets you know he's not joking. "We don't even know each other" you whisper intertwining your fingers in your lap, he smiles as if what you said doesn't make sense to him. "That's the funny part" he says seriously.
You can't. You can't have anything to do with the mafia, not after what was about to happen to you only hours before.
"I have to go. I have to get up early tomorrow because I have an event to prepare for a hotel" you explain getting up quickly.
He doesn't hold you back. He has his men drive you home and once you're locked in your room you try to erase the memory from your first meeting to the dinner a few hours ago.
"Fucking focus," you murmur to yourself as you prepare the desserts for the event.
The biggest hotel in town was about to welcome a large number of politicians and important people for some important meetings. They had relied on your bakery and you knew that would be a great stepping stone to make up for the mistakes of the last few months, "grandpa, I'll make you proud".
The Imperial Hotel was gorgeous. It was still a few hours away and the excitement was creating a knot in your stomach, "it will be fine, I've made these pastries so many times. It will be fine" you keep telling yourself as you place the pastries in the various elevations at the tables where the meeting will be held.
The room fills up quickly, and the various men accompanied by elegant ladies seem satisfied as they taste your creations.
"You did an incredible job" Satoru behind you sips a dark liquor. The evening was going well, your thoughts were all on possible clients or investors, you had even forgotten about Gojo.
You haven't stopped thinking about him. About his "I'm falling for you" from the night before. His lips. His eyes.
"What are you doing here?" you ask, your voice louder than you'd like. He pouts, "I was invited, and then I was going to come anyway to taste these" he murmurs swallowing a liqueur chocolate.
"Besides, I want to talk to you about something" he says nodding towards the exit door.
"This is bad" you think as you ascend to the upper floors in the elevator.
The suite you enter is cozy, and the view breathtaking. The lights of the city shine in the dark of the evening from the large window, "I'm sorry about yesterday, maybe I rushed too much, it wasn't my intention to scare you" he murmurs shortening the distance between you.
"Satoru, I can't ..." you murmur, your eyes already glazed over as you look around, "you are ... and I don't want to ..."
"I would never expose you to danger, I know my world can be scary, but fuck, you are under my skin," he says pulling you into his embrace, "I need you." And his voice is so sincere, his lips are so sincere when he kisses you.
The palms of your hands turn cold as you lean them against the window pane, your boobs pressed against the icy glass as Satoru behind you pushes two fingers inside your slit.
"The view from here is incredible," he says pressing his fingers to your spongy spot, his hard chest on your back as he presses you against the glass window, "they can't see us from here, baby," he moans in your ear.
He hammers so hard you arch your back ready to release. His fingers cover with your cream as you twitch, "s-so good, 'Toru" you mew with short breath.
"your ass towards me, baby" he orders grabbing your hips and aligning you with his shaft.
Your walls wrap around him so well that Satoru moans lewdly as he begins to slam his hips into your ass. You turn your head slightly to get a view of him fucking you from behind, his straight hair falling over his sweaty forehead is tousled and sexy, it hangs over his blue eyes, flushed cheeks and parted lips, "you like what you see?" he teases you as he leans forward and intertwines the fingers of one hand with yours attached to the glass.
"Too deep," you squeak as his thick head rubs your cervix. "Your pretty cunt is swallowing me so well" he moans needily.
His hand slides clinging to your tit, while the other clutches the cheek of your ass, "cumming again" you hum at the feel of his balls slapping your clit, your walls twitching around him before you begin to squeeze him, cumming over his length.
"Come here, angel" he orders without letting you catch your breath. He lifts you into his arms laying kisses on the back of your neck, making you moan.
"Look how cute you are" he whispers in your ear turning your face to the window.
You do as you're told, your gaze falling on your reflection.
He holds your legs oscenely wide open, his hands behind the crook of your knees as his cock is driven balls deep into your slobbery cunt.
Your folds spread around his girth, your puffy, hard clit exposed as Gojo fucks you.
"How pretty you are, baby," he praises you with a grin on his face bouncing you on his veiny shaft. Your white cream coats his cock as he lifts you up and your hole twitches around his girth, "ah shit".
He brings you down once more filling you quickly, but fucking you in a slow rhythm. "Say you want to cum on my fat cock" he coos in your ear.
Your pussy drips down his balls and flutters around his girth, "I want... fuck, I want to cum on your fat cock" you meow, your toes curling as your orgasm rises.
His gaze is lost, he watches as his cock disappears into your pussy to appear out covered with your sweet cream, "make a mess, baby" he whispers slamming his hips even more roughly.
The sight and feel of his cock twitching inside you is so arousing that you don't need to rub your bud.
He hammers his cock into your cunt as your orgasm rises and rises, his movements are swift, the way the tip of his cock keeps hitting your sweet spot makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head.
"Fuck, Satoru" you squeal cumming, clinging to his beefy arms.
You gush with a squirt, drenching the glass in front of you, his thighs and arms as you tremble in his lap.
That's his limit. "Fuck" he curses pounding into you, his balls dripping with your cum as he seeks his release. His cum mixes on yours, when he pulls out with a pop he's not done cumming.
He rubs his shaft between your slick folds, continuing to cum and cumming on the floor, "fuck, shit ... what are you doing to me" he gasps stopping slowly.
Fatigue is still visible on your face as you walk downstairs and back to the event. The guests have brushed off all your sweets, and when Satoru kisses your temple you feel proud of yourself.
"Oh there you are Miss" the hotel owner hands you an envelope and praises your dessert making skills, "the gentlemen were very pleased" he nods happily.
When you open the envelope you find the check and some documents. The name on the company makes your eyes go wide.
"Why?" you ask turning to Gojo. He runs his hand through his hair, "It's not what it looks like."
"The bakery will stay yours, the name though will be mine on the documents, I won't get anything out of it, I just needed a way to protect you from the Zenin" he says trying to hold you.
"You didn't tell me anything," you murmur trying to wiggle out of it but he holds you steady. "Because you would have gotten mad. Listen to me, I'm going to be the one funding your bakery because fuck, you're amazing, you're giving it your all and I can't let anyone ruin what you're working so hard for" he smiles.
"You won't interfere?" you ask looking into his deep blue eyes. Satoru shakes his head, "I'm sorry, I meant to tell you earlier but well ..." he chuckles with a smirk when he thinks back to how you cut off your conversation in the room.
"I'm going to make this work," he says, "I'll take you to dinner. We'll get to know each other better. I can even learn how to make your favorite desserts if you teach me" he suggests making you laugh. "Just give me a chance," he asks taking your face in his big hands and placing a sloppy kiss on your lips, "I really am crazy about you."
And so you do. You give him the chance he deserves, despite being head of the most feared organization in the country he believed in you when even you didn't yourself.
Tumblr media
an. in the comments you will find some info about Japanese sweets, especially those ordered by Satoru — bruh rbs pls <3
🏷. @tomorucumslut @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @imkumichan @roppongiperfume @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @conchetucona @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @satorusbunny @sleepyamaya @the-amaranthine @littlemochi @erishium @satoruswhxre @mumbledori @animedaydreamer @weyheyavengers @desiray562 @yeagerfushiguro @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @shadowarchon @flipperpenguins @crispmarshmallow @lilymoonpie @cryszus @ingcnoti @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @daoyuu @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @manjiroarchiviste @risefallrise @vnaessaa @burntbuttermm @imkumichan @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @keresssss @simpforerenn
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heartpawz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yuuji itadori. he doesn't think he can go a day without eating you out; his slick-coated lips kissing and sucking on your clit while two of his fingers quirk against that one precious spot inside you that he knows will have you spilling all over his face in no time. he can't get enough of the way you tug on his pink locks, the heels of your feet digging into his shoulder blades. what he loves the most, though, is your voice. it's whiny and needy and so, so cute. he's not exactly sure what you're begging him for— but neither do you; the feeling of his hot mouth attacking your cunny and his fingers scissoring themselves against your walls is enough to have you speaking in tongues.
megumi fushiguro. he always fucks you like this— slowly, intimately, lovingly every time he returns home from a mission. breaths mingled, limbs intertwined and clouded eyes blurring the line between love and lust. he swallows the murmured "i love you's" that you leave on his lips, the weight of your words travelling straight to his cock. a hand runs through your hair as he catches the tears that fall onto the apples of your cheeks with his own, a familiar warmth flooding his chest from how loved you make him feel. he always fucks you like this— a sound reminder that at the end of the day, no matter what, he's always going to come back home to you.
toji fushiguro. he loves the thrill of fucking you with his gun. loves to hear the shakiness in your moans when he eases the barrel into your slick cunny— loves the way you cover your face from the embarrassment brought on from how much this turns you on, when you know it shouldn't. he laughs when the front side slides up against that one squishy spot inside you that has your thighs squeezing around his hand; he's sucking and kissing all over your neck, his baritone voice ringing through your ear, pushing you closer and closer to your high, "look at how you're gushin' all over my glock— does it turn you on that much? haha, you filthy fuckin' whore."
satoru gojo. he's a tease most of the time, but he won't deny how much it turns him on when you flip the switch on him. his jaw falls slack when you grind down on his hard dick while wearing those shorts of yours that he loves so much; every drag of your clothed cunny over his length making the fire in the pit of his stomach burn brighter. his laboured groans of "you're killin' me, doll," only make you grind down harder, coaxing moan after moan from him. he's quick to cum— making a mess as he spills his thick seed all over your ass; but he's back to being hard again as soon as he spots your slick leaking through the fabric of your shorts, "looks like it's my turn now, baby."
ryoumen sukuna. he fucks you with the sole purpose of filling your womb up to the brim with his cum. he despises the thought of having even a single minuscule droplet of his seed going to waste, but those thoughts leave his head as soon as he catches sight of it oozing out of your spoiled cunny. his cum is potent; thick, and creamy, and warm, and he feels himself getting hard again from admiring your fucked out state. he's quick to line up his dick a third, fourth, maybe even fifth time at your entrance, sliding into it with ease. insatiable, is what he is— fucking you full until his balls are emptied and you're reduced to nothing but a dumb, babbling mess beneath him.
Tumblr media
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garoujo · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
feat : gojo satoru, geto suguru, nanami kento, fushiguro megumi + itadori yuuji
warnings : none, just soft moments with them <3
note : i am not sorry for being such a soft bitch for them ;-; i can’t help it !!!
Tumblr media
you were lying against his chest watching a movie when you hear your phone vibrate, nudging him a little to check he was awake, before you feel him pull you even tighter against him—nuzzling into you in response. “yeah? you comfy?” he grumbles a little sleepy and you nod “‘toru, can you hand me my phone, baby?” theres a beat of silence that follows after before you hear him hum out an “oh?” through a grin, but just when you pull away from his chest to look up at him you feel satoru quickly flip you under him with a groan, before he’s flopping his weight on top of you and nuzzling into the crook of your neck. “‘toru, what’re you doing?” you giggle and you hear him whine in response before he’s peppering your neck and face with open mouthed kisses, smirking a little giddily even though his cheeks are slightly flushed pink, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you in place under him so you can’t squirm away. “‘so i’m baby now? and here you said i was annoying, i knew you loved me.”
Tumblr media
you were both relaxing in bed while you scrolled through your phones, occasionally showing eachother tiktoks or funny instagram videos. “baby, look at this!” you mumble and suguru’s eyes are already narrowed when you show him your phone, his face looking slightly surprised as the corners of his lips threaten to upturn, even though he’s silently thanking himself for turning off the light, because he can feel the heat rising from his chest. “cmeer, you’re cute.” he drawls and you groan when you feel his arm wrap around your shoulders, pulling you tightly against his chest as he rests his chin on top of your head with a content hum—only pulling away to place a few kisses to your temple every so often. you end up giggling and telling him how cute he looks when you notice the red dusting the tips of his ears, which earns you a groan from the sorcerer as he tries to distract you from it but he ends up fighting you from taking a photo anyway with a grin.
Tumblr media
you were making dinner at your house while he prepped some things on the counter next to you. “could you pass me that, babe?” you ask and you watch nanami freeze before he speaks “uh—ofcourse, love.” you raise a brow when you hear him clear his throat, taking his time with the item infront of him, before pressing his chest tightly against your back when handing it over. “uh, everything okay?” you ask but you still find yourself melting into his embrace as he lets his lips fall to graze against your neck. “yes, everything is perfect.” he groans, letting his hands rest against your waist before you turn to look up at him and he softens, smearing a gentle kiss against your temple a few moments after as he looks at you. “can i get you anything else?” suddenly finding himself feeling a lot more domestic and very much in love.
Tumblr media
grins as he bounces into his living room after a long day, his arms outstretched waiting for you to run into them just like always. “yuuji! welcome home, baby.” you giggle and you’re quick to find your place around him, only to huff when you’re not immediately pulled into a tight hug like expected. but you find yourself smiling when you’re looking up at a wide-eyed, pink cheeked itadori blinking down at you anyway, finally jolting from his daydream when his eyes meet yours before he’s immediately melting into you, cooing and giggling into a few quick kisses. “babe! i kinda like that, call me that from now on.” he laughs and you shriek giddily when you feel yuuji push you along a little and almost flop onto the couch with you in his arms, his childish giggles filling the house when he sits down with you securely on his lap— still hugging you close to his chest and nuzzling into you with a grin.
Tumblr media
had came along with you while you went to the store to grab some stuff, deciding that he was going to grab a few things too considering itadori cleared out his fridge. “do we have everything, baby?” you ask and megumi’s eyebrows furrow at the petname as he scans over the list in his hands, casting you a side eye while he tries to ignore the way his heart is racing in his chest. you cast him a glance and you feel yourself grin when you notice the blush peeking out from under the collar of his jacket, giggling to yourself before he clears his throat with a tsk. grumbling under his breath as he fidgets with his hair while it frames his blush perfectly “s-stop laughing.” megumi grumbles, but you smile because you can’t deny how cute he looks when he’s grumpy, feeling him lace his fingers with your own before stuffing your intertwined hands in his jacket pocket and pulling you along with a huff.
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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beandaifuku · a month ago
sitting on their lap [vignette]
𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐮 𝐠𝐨𝐣𝐨, 𝐭𝐨𝐣𝐢 𝐟𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐨, 𝐲𝐮𝐭𝐚 𝐨𝐤𝐤𝐨𝐭𝐬𝐮
Tumblr media
TW/content : fluff, nsfw/smut content, size kink, cockwarming, aged up!yuuta, fem!reader, THIGHS, THIGHS! THIGHS!, etc
©beandaifuku 2022
ᴍɪɴᴏʀꜱ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴀᴄᴛ! 18+ ᴏɴʟʏ
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
loves having you on his lap so much
romantic time, sex time, cuddly time, he will make sure you're on his lap, just comforting each other in warmth
gojo is so tall and certainly he will be the one who spoons you
his favourite position would be you sitting on his lap, sometimes legs apart, sometimes not. and you would have your back facing him because he likes to hug you from behind and rest his face on the crook of your neck
he would pull you to sit on him — regardless of where you are. did you arrive at the cafe? he will pull you to sit on his lap. did you accompany him to a personal meeting with the principal? come, sit on me
he likes to wrap his arm around your waist or tummy and he likes squeezing your side especially if you're ticklish or something
gojo loves it whenever you two are just chilling in the house and you come at him. he will automatically widen his arms to invite you to sit on him or he will pull you gently to sit
it is almost too normal to sit on his lap whenever you two are together at home
he likes it when you lean your head on his figure
while watching movies, he will wrap both of you in a soft blanket and just bury his lower face into the crook of your neck
instead of watching the movie, he will observe your face instead🥰
don't be surprised if you see a pair of blue eyes staring at you with enchanted gaze
totally would guide your ass to grind on him. i said before he likes to wrap his arm around your waist, right? well, the plural isn't there. his other arm would either fondle your boob, play with your nipple, choke you, rub your puffy clit or gag you with his fingers
and his arm on your waist would either keep your ass planted still on his throbbing cock or have his way on your wet cunt
— vignette
“Holy...! Oh shit, they really chopped his body off!” you flinched in surprise when a horror grotesque scene appeared on the television. Satoru finished work a little late and he couldn't sleep well. So you asked him to accompany you to watch a horror movie that you had been planning to watch two months ago.
“Ow.. don't move too hard.” you heard his mutter. You turned your head to your side, only seeing his white hair as he buried his face into your neck. You felt light kisses on your skin — making you giggle a little.
“Did I hurt you? Sorry. Do you want me to get off?” you asked, holding the plate of takoyaki a little higher to have room to move away from his lap.
“No. Just stay on me like this, sugarbear,” he mumbled. “It's just a little bruise from Nanami. I'll just let your cute butt warm me.” he grinned and turned his face at you.
“Oh, you. Don't say anything stupid.” you pouted. You scooted away from his frame to lean forward. Satoru — almost like panicking you would get off his lap and immediately hugged your body from behind with both arms. As if you're his personal teddy bear.
“No~ don't leave me~” he whined. You chuckled at his sudden massive childishness.
“No, dummy. I'm just putting the takoyaki on the table,” you said and pushed his arms away a little. It was a struggle as Satoru is much stronger than you — than anybody else, really. But, you managed to put down the takoyaki on the coffee table in front of you.
Then you leaned back to him and he instinctively hugged you, but it was a little too tight this time. You reached the remote control and changed the movie to something lighter.
“Don't you want to sleep in the room instead, Toru?” you asked, reaching to his hair and softly stroking him. He hummed and shook his head.
“I feel so comfy now...” he mumbled and his voice sounded slurry. He must have gotten too exhausted and sleepy. You continued to brush his hair gently as you pressed kisses on him — wherever you could reach.
In a moment that seemed less than a minute, you heard a soft snore. Satoru's head was completely limp on your shoulder. Noticing how quick he had gone to deep sleep, you pulled the blanket over the two of you.
Satoru is right. It does feel comfy. So safe.
Tumblr media
Toji Fushiguro
am calm now
he loves having you on his lap, especially when he's in the mood of you know what
his thighs actually feel harder than it looks and it feels like he made his thighs tense on purpose
you compared sitting on him is like sitting on a wooden bench and he's so pissed off for two days for that
size kink!
his buffy arms are always on you, and he completely engulfed you
his hand always find its way to slip onto your clothed pussy and he just... lazily rubs you down there — so casually as if he didn't turn you on instantly
he does that all the time when you sit on him
actually annoyed when you start to grind your ass on his cock
since he's bigger and stronger than you, it's too easy for him to just flip you over or bend you over or guide your hips on his cock
i think toji prefers you to cockwarm him while you're on his lap rather than just sitting there, doing nothing
while cockwarming him, he won't thrust into you nor move your hips. he just gripped your hips down and satisfy himself with the clenching walls of your cunny
nsfw aside, it's quite rare for him to actually just let you sit on him without making it sexual
but when he did, he could be better in terms of affection😕
his thighs are hard and stiff, only for you to ride and not sit
but his chest (boobies!) is comforting enough for you to lean your head against
will brush your hair if you do so
if you fall asleep or just be so comfortable on him, he'll just sit there and caress your body — but still, he took the chance to grope you somewhere
don't worry, he could stay for many hours like that if it means that you're comfortable with him
actually feels touched because you see him as your safe space — unlike many people that immediately think of him as a danger
he won't really say sweet stuff to you and just tease you or degrade you a little
but if you listen very very carefully tho...
— vignette (nsfw)
“Y-You said you won't move...” you pouted when you squirmed as Toji adjusted his position, accidentally thrusting his cock in your pussy deeper. You slightly gasped, biting your lower lip to muffle down noises.
“My cock and balls are gonna be blue if I sit like that any longer,” he replied, pulling your hips with his arm closer to his pelvis. His action caused the tip of his dick — which was already deep, to touch your cervix brim.
“A-ah..! Mmph..!” you buried your face onto his chest, gripping his tight shirt that perfectly fit his body and nice figure. Toji snickered before he fondled below your waist with his hand.
“Sorry, princess. Must've surprised you, yeah?” he teased with a grin. You huffed before you leaned against his body, making yourself cozy on his lap.
Both of you turned your attention back to the movie playing on the television. Toji was too immersed in the story that he didn't notice your soft breathing against his chest. When he looked down at you, he noticed that you had fallen asleep, one of your hands gripping his side as if he were a big teddy bear.
Toji froze for a moment, gulping. Moments like this made his soft and caring side come out and he will not admit that to anyone even God and the Heavens. Gently, his arms encircled your body as he hugged you closed, providing warmth and protection. Unknowingly, a rare genuine smile emerged on his face.
“What a cute girl. Sweet dreams, princess.”
Tumblr media
Okkotsu Yuuta
unlike those two hoes up there that always want you to sit on them, in the case of yuuta, you're the one that wants to sit on him
he doesn't mind at all and he enjoys it
at first, he's shy about it and flustered af when you made your comfort on him
but gradually it turned into something very natural
he sees you approaching him and he instinctively spread his legs a little to make space for you to sit on him even if you don't intend to
and he makes sure to offer you a hug first aww😣
just like the others, yuuta also likes hugging you but he's just likely wrapping his arms around you loosely
i think he preferred it to be a private thing but he doesn't mind some public affection
of course people would tease you two but he will only chuckle. at first he's sheepish about it but then he's just as teasing as the others
“there's plenty of space for you but you chose me? hahaha, you're so adorable.”
likes it when you also play with his hair
talking about sex, he does like cockwarming
and he has the patience of a saint, he could last for long
and it would be you who wriggle and urge him to fuck you stupid
i think he's a big tease at heart, he will only move a little just to get you excited before completely stop
actually fighting with his self-control when you start to become too eager and hump his cock instead
when it comes to that, he'll grab your hips and guide you
yuuta is actually bigger than what he appeared. he does grow some muscles from his training and as a sorcerer
his thighs aren't that hard and slender. but in the beginning, he did shake a little because of how nervous he was
his favourite position would be you sitting sideways and having him lean his head on your shoulder. if you are just too short, he would still lean against you, making sure he's always so close to you
when you sit on him, usually he would rest his head on your chest
and caressing each other ever so gently
— vignette
You stretched yourself as you approached Yuuta who was sitting at the staircase, resting after his solo session of training. He looked up and smiled upon seeing you. Yuuta immediately spread his legs and widened his arms towards you.
“Come to see me?” he asked when you finally reached him, hugging him and sitting on his lap, making yourself more comfortable than ever.
“Who else would I come to see?” Yuuta smiled upon hearing your response. You could see sweat trickling down his forehead and forming on his neck and chest. You took out a handkerchief from your pocket, touching his face softly.
Without saying anything, you dabbed the cloth on his forehead, sometimes fixing his hair. He only let you be, humming at the gentleness of your touch.
You were focused on the task at hand, wiping his sweat on his neck as your other hand massaged the back of it, trying to relieve any kind of tensed muscle. When your eyes returned to his face, you realized how intense and deep his stare was on you.
“Yuu...” you called his name and he blinked a few times as if he just awakened from a deep sleep. He smiled as you could feel Yuuta's arm behind you gripping your side firmly and pulling you closer. Yuuta leaned forward and rested his head on your chest, pecking your skin where his lips could reach.
“People will see, you know?”
“Hm.. Let them see that I have a very cute and clingy girlfriend,” he mumbled in exhaustion. Noticing the change in his voice tone, you hugged his head closer to you, raking his hair with your fingers.
“Just rest for a while, Yuuta. You deserve it,” you whispered softly in his ear. His body shook a little as you heard his deep chuckle.
“Then can we please stay like this, darling? I deserve it, right?”
You nodded, though he couldn't see, he could feel it. And his hold on you tightened as his caress on your side turned slower as if he was slowly surrendering to his tiredness.
“God... don't leave yet, please. I won't sleep, I promise. I'm not yawning, I swear. You're just so... so... comfy...”
Tumblr media
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tags : @imvivian @halparkebitch @wolfunderthethree @xelia25 @lilhobgobbler @uwubby-1 @Lilley @reapersan @imkumichan @alice0blog @pidgeison @black-rose-29 @imsuchawh0r3 @inky-black-sky @lalalalisa
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❝ 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 𝖎𝖘 𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖞 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉𝖊𝖗𝖘, 𝖐𝖊𝖊𝖕 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖇𝖔𝖉𝖞 𝖔𝖕𝖊𝖓, 𝖘𝖜𝖎𝖒 ❞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚠︎ Characters: Bf!Geto Suguru × afab!reader
⚠︎ Synopsis: When one of your friends complains about your boyfriend being super touchy with you (rather enviously), you feel embarrassed at the way your other friends poke fun at you, and you project the embarassment at him in the form of apprehensiveness, asking him not to touch you. Suguru being the sweet boyfriend he is, is kinda hurt and annoyed at you. One rainy morning, you're finally done with his "ignorance" and you decide you have to take matters into your own hands (legs) if you have to make it upto him.
⚠︎ Warnings: MDNI, edging, mean dom!Geto, cunnilingus, nipple play, thigh riding, some shitty friends, clitoral stimulation, f! masturbation, anal play and penetration, overstimulation, squirting, begging, mutual non-con, degradation (use of the word slut), jealousy, dirty talk, teasing, vaginal stimulation, orgasm.
⚠︎ Tags: @killtoji @otivez @4dtk @getosun @scandescent @beware-of-the-rogue + all my fellow Geto wh0res :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're a mess. A hot panting mess as a rivulet of sweat runs down your back. Legs overworked, face heated with the blood rush in your body. Struggling to hold your moans as your clit bumps against the thick muscles of his thigh and the friction of your damp panties.
You're going to burst any second. It's close, so close, so fucking close that it drives you crazy.
It wasn't even 7am yet. He'd been up early because of the raucous sounds of the rain and you'd sauntered between his legs after finding the space next to you cold, staring at him crossly.
When you press your lips to his for a long peck, he doesn't raise as much as a muscle. He sits like a handsome statue, closed-off and silent, only making eye contact with you.
Your only wish right now was orgasm, to coat his thighs and show him how much you wanted him. One more touch from him and you'd combust.
When Suguru Geto punished you, it was hell.
Hell in the best way.
It's raining, the tranquil but noisy sounds of rain hitting the ground, the roofs of houses nearby, plants and cars galore are drowned in your quest for release. And it didn't help how the cool air seemed to nip at your breasts. They tingled with each movement of your pelvis against his leg and one little touch to them, you'd spontaneously burst.
It has gotten too much.
The urge to touch yourself was arising, but you didn't want to make him any more angry than he already was. Squashing your thoughts didn't help in any way, not when his form slept so close to you, and everytime you wanted to apologize, to beg him to touch you, the look he gave from the corner of his eye was enough to deflate you.
Your moan is cut off when his hand is wrapped around your torso and his other arm clasps your waist, pulling impossibly closer than before, the friction against your needy, swollen clit almost blinding and you cry out mindlessly when your nipple catches his bare chest, his muscled arm pressed against your cleavage.
God, you were so small and trembling against him that it was almost pathetic.
He wants to laugh at you, prod at how needy you were without being touched. He refrains from doing so, afraid that you might close off from him again, mindful of your needs which are so difficult to voice out for you until you continue to brush against his thigh with babbles of "Suguru, Suguru please- Please, please please it aches it aches so much, I want to come for you-"
His ears perk up at that.
You wanted to please him.
You wanted to please him.
"Aren't you precious?"
He goes absolutely feral with the way your noises get significantly more high-pitched and consistent when he begins to dribble his leg, the one you were perched on, and the tremors in your body grow, like the shattering motions of an earthquake ready to disintegrate anything in its path at any second.
Your hips stop working, focusing on the wet pat, pat, pat of your sticky wetness humping against his clothed thigh.
It was so lewd.
But it didn't matter when his hands reaches out for your hips, holding you as he begins to move you himself, fed up of your struggle to move.
A shriek tears past your lips at the added pressure of his leg dribbling simultaneously, and the heavy weight of his palms on your hips sure to leave finger-like bruises when you're done.
The thought of it drove you to the edge and it no longer bothered you at how loud you were being. You're throwing an arm around him to brace yourself for your orgasm as you slowly career towards the edge of it. The burn of it never fades as you feel yourself, embarrassingly wet and soaking your panties as your whimper his name. Tension so thick that you feel like you're in a bubble of your own world, euphoria coursing through your veins as the sound of rain disappears into the background. All you're able to hear are the pleas of his name out of your mouth, his heavy breathing and the creaks of the sofa as he continues this manhandling.
He's cruel with the pace he sets over you, determined to completely unravel you, to strip you of your rational thinking before he sinks his cock inside your tight little hole, your sweet cunt staining his favourite pair of sweats.
His lips press a kiss to your shoulder, as you rest your head in the crook of his neck, completely giving up all control to him. You wouldn't mind even if he chose to continue this mistreatment of your body, overstimulating you to the point that a brush of your clit drove you crazy.
You're whining when he stops moving his legs and instead, begins to drag your hips over his leg in a push-pull motion.
"I haven't touched you in a week and this is how needy you get? Maybe I should do this more often."
You were going to reply to that, but all that came out of your mouth were soft cries and babbles from rough treatment.
"You wanna cum, baby?" He asks tauntingly.
His eyes are on the way you're shaking, mouth slack, panting each time your swollen clit pressed against his heated thigh, your pussy wet and clenching, nipples hard and erect as a layer of sheen sweat collected on your skin.
"Words, baby, use your words."
"More- more, Sugu- please- just let me cum-"
God, he's going to tease you about this later but you couldn't care less for now.
"Please- just let me cum- just once-"
A whimper of protest reaches his ears and he chuckles rudely as your moments are stopped.
"Do you need some help? Does my needy little princess need some help?"
"Yes please!- Please touch me! Just once!-"
Your voice is far from your controlled to a much more frenzied tone.
"Words, baby, use your fucking words. I can't hear you over the noises you're making."
"Suguru- I can't take it-"
Soft, wanton moans tumble out of your lips like a prayer, and he's never been satisfied more in his life; seeing you like this, the precious girl he'd fallen for, being so worked up like this just because he hadn't touched her for a week.
He made her like this.
A sweet, blubbering, wet little mess.
His mess.
"I'm sorry- I shouldn't have said t-that. I'm sorry- Ahn!"
A hard pinch to your nipple has you shrieking, and you're this close to crying.
He's breathing into your face, invading your personal space, and it's too much, too much of him, but it's not enough.
The raspiness of his voice makes your insides quake; the demand dark and threatening, unbridled tension thickening in the petrichor.
You'd missed a few of his words, but he didn't take very kindly to it.
"You heard me, sweetheart. Get rid of those panties. Hurry up now."
You're swallowing a whimper as you get off him, daring yourself to look at the stickiness you'd left on his thigh. A gulp traverses down your throat meeting his hooded, half-lidded eyes. Sexual vulnerability with him was a thrill, each gaze and touch had you reeling, it was the time of your life, and a ride you never wanted to end.
The thudding of your heart closes over the sound of rain as you pull off the damp material of your panties down your legs and before you could let it fall to the floor, he says,
"You'll need that."
You can only wonder what he would make you do with them as the haze of orgasm clouds you, open to all his suggestions. Clutching your panties tightly in your palm, you try not to rub your thighs together.
Suguru, of course, notices that.
"Hands to the wall, ass out. I want your cunt on my face."
If only you could combust on spot, you would.
With the hottest burn on your cheeks, you do what you were told to, and walk over to the nearest wall, the front of your body against the coolness stimulating you further as you stick your ass out for him.
"Legs open, slut. You weren't shy when you were using my leg earlier, were you?"
You have to bite down on your bottom lip to stop a whimper, closing your eyes in shame as your part your legs open for his eyes and his eyes only.
With your eyes tightly closed in anticipation, with craving, you're not ready for the hit of warm breaths against your cunt, which has you moving your hips as an involuntary reaction.
His tongue licks a broad stripe across your throbbing pussy when you least expect it; your body jerks away at the touch of wet muscle with a gasp but rough hands hook around your thighs and hold your down.
When did he even get under you?
The shock of damp warmth on your core has you shook, trembling as he draws circles, never letting his tongue touch your pulsating clit.
"Panties in your mouth. I don't want a single sound from you until you tell me that you're going to come."
Geto's voice is thick with barely concealed hunger and you're able to feel it though you weren't able to meet his eyes, probably blown wide with lust.
Heat crawls up your butt as he hands you your soiled underwear and you know better than to cross his words as you embarassedly do as you were told.
You taste yourself on your tongue and feel his tongue on you again- this time the licks are purposeful yet mellow, making you jolt in pleasure and bite down on the fabric restricting your hums.
He's back to swirling his tongue around your clit and to your absolute shock, he presses his face into your pussy, covering it with his whole mouth making you jolt up and rock into his face. If that wasn't enough, the tip of his nose nudged your quivering hole and his lips wrap around your clit, sucking rhythmically.
Your body has a mind of its own as you desperately grind your hips against his face, eyeballs rolling into your skull, cries slightly muffled by your panties. Mentally you're begging him, begging him to understand, to take pity on you, to let you come and be merciful to you.
Suguru does the exact opposite of that.
He makes out with your thigh, frustrating you further, but knew what he was exactly doing to you.
That's what he was doing.
You were shaking pitifully as he slowly pushed his tongue into your dripping hole, moaning throatily at your juices on his tongue, nuzzling his face into your cunt, greedy and starving.
The wet panties in your mouth was an obstruction. You couldn't moan freely and it felt like utter torture. To be so close to something but so far just because you couldn't moan or make a noise.
But Suguru's tone hid an underlying threat when he told you to keep your mouth shut. You wouldn't get to cum for another week if you went against his words.
You decided that keeping your mouth shut as best as you could was a better option than being touch-starved.
Oh, you could cum any second now, if he continued the way he was maneuvering his hot mouth on you. Cunt clenching hard everytime he pulled and pushed his tongue in and out, in and out.
A disappointed whine is covered by the sticky, slobbered fabric between your lips, being denied of the slowly rising orgasm. He gives a leisurely lick to you spasming cunt and sucks on your outer lips, collecting the mild juices that were beginning to gathering around it and running down your thighs.
Calloused hands grip your waist and bring your pussy close to his face until your butt is hanging over his face and your chest and face is completely crushed to the wall. Your squeak of surprise goes unheard as he relishes the syrupyness between your legs, as if that was the last meal he was granted.
Your hands bite into the flatness, shaking with the effort to keep still as you continue to moan around the cloth. His lithe fingers aid your clit as he slides two fingers around it and tugs the swollen length, dismembering the effort you were putting in to stay at your place as his tongue- his sinful tongue reaches for your aching pussy, groaning his approval.
It feels like your innards were set on fire as he strokes your walls in the way you like, slow and dragging, making you clench in agony. The sounds you were producing were incorrigible thanks to the cloth and you're only more surprised with what he says next.
"Remove those dirty panties and moan. Tell me what you did, where you went wrong and beg like the slut you are. Maybe- I'll let you come." The vibrations of his words penetrate into you, making your whimper.
You're all too quick to throw those darn panties to the side.
A sultry moan floats past your lips when he goes back to inflicting his infernal torture over your desperate body.
"I- I shouted at you for being so touchy w-with me" interrupted by a particularly hard thrust, "Because of my f-friends- because they called you clingy and touchy and I f-felt- ah-" another thrust, "e-embarrassed."
You squeal at the delirious haze occupying you as you admit the truth, the one you didn't want to convey because you didn't want to hurt him. The irritance built in your system came out as anger because of the petty jealousy your 'friends' harboured for you.
"I shouldn't have treated you like that- I- I'm sorry. S-sorry. N'er gon' treat you like that again. M'sorry. M'sorry- sorry. Don' wanna hurt you again- M'sorry."
Despite the delirium of the orgasm unraveling in you, you were guilty with the way you'd slurred out the words to him because of all the drinks you'd downed due to some upsetting comments. Just because your shitty friends hated how wonderful your boyfriend was.
But no one should get to influence you and your thinking.
That's what Suguru decided to teach you.
He noticed the frustrated tears in your eyes when he didn't kiss you good night or hold you. As much as Suguru decided that he should teach you a thing or two about holding your ground and not being bullied into a certain way of thinking, he was genuinely hurt too.
Afterall, it's said that a person only tells the truth when they're drunk.
The pleasure coursing through your body was unbearable.
Slurps of absolute relish and your moans and cries has him grip your thighs, trailing his fingers over and over as he eats you out with continual licks, sucks and nibbles.
"Please Geto- please. I'm going to-"
A loud groan rumbles from your voice box when inserts his tongue back into you, the thick velvety muscle moving inside you, stretching you, quakeing as he tugs your very sensitive clit.
Cool air blows over your overheated body, making you aware of the slick drying on your thighs and the warmth of his mouth and his forehead.
You're leaking all over his hand and wrist but he doesn't seem to care as you launch yourself into a chain of "fuck" mixed with "oh god, yes" and try your best to grind against his face and maintain your balance in the tantalizing position.
The finger on your clit trails behind, collecting the wetness oozing from you, trailing it around your other puckering hole, teasing it lightly and trying to enter it.
"No- no please- I can't take it- "
Pleas of "no no no" and "I can't- it's too much" fall on deaf ears as he pulls back to mutter,
"Yes you can."
Your lips open in silent need, eyes closing as he enters with ease. You're incapable of speaking, or voicing out the various feelings budding inside you, like a ticking time bomb.
"Please let me come, Sugu! Wanna come so bad-"
"If you wanna cum, then," his breath tickles the and you're moaning again, "do it yourself.", and you're shivering, shifting as your juices trail down your legs uncomfortably.
"If you cum on your own, only then will you be fucked. Or else, forget fucking, I won't even lay a single hand on you for another month."
Begrudgingly, you're nodding your head no, hating yourself for being so needy for his touch, his roaming hands, his experienced mouth on you, craving the same intensity with which he'd spend his own sweet time re-learning every inch and crevice of you.
His swollen lips suck on your folds, earnestly licking broad, warm stripes along your pussy, and he pulls back, leaving his middle finger in your hole.
"Touch yourself."
With one hand on the wall, you trail your hand to your pussy, heavy with the onset of release and the rush of blood to your groin, leaving you light-headed as you brush a finger over your clit, swirling it and sliding two of your fingers in anguish, your pussy taking them in almost immediately.
Your walls squeeze hard as you make attempts to push your fingers until you can reach your g-spot, but it's not Suguru's.
You settle for the sensations your small ones are able to provide and pay no mind to the obscene squelches of your hand moving inside you.
Huffs of breath and muffled cries reach Suguru's kneeling form as he takes in how your greedy pussy welcomes the intrusion of your struggling fingers.
It's shameful how you were gushing because of those poor, aimless strokes of your fingers. They could never fill you out like Suguru's did.
The need to come was in the forefront of your mind; and you'd do what you had to. Your fingers reach for your aching bundle of nerves, massaging them as your heated walls begin to contract.
You were already too far gone to realise that your juices were rushing down your thighs, and when a thick, concentrated drop of it falls onto the wooden flooring, staining it a darker, ebony brown, he absolutely loses it.
Your soft, damp fingers were slapped away and replaced with his own, manipulating all your three erogenous zones. He thrusts in his tongue instantaneously, and the calefaction rising in your belly spurts with his fingers tugging your slicked clit and pushing into your anus, your legs almost give out at the joint assault to your senses if not for Suguru's hand pressing into your stomach and bracing you to gain your standing.
You press yourself onto the wall for some balance, oversensitive nipples brushing the chilly wall as you ride his face. You're practically sobbing and quivering, pleading him to give you what you wanted.
"Please Sugu- C-can't anymore- nngh!-"
Mercy was one of Suguru's worst qualities, because he never gave any. Be it bed or battlefield, he'd go on till the end to make a point. One of the very qualities which drew Satoru in.
Geto Suguru had many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
In his ears, your apology was enough as the slurred words were weighed down with regret.
He decides his poor baby needed the release, you being an exception, as much as his sadistic side enjoyed this.
Your pelvic floor contracts almost violently amidst the way he parts both your ass cheeks and impales his tongue into you, forcing you to lean towards the wall, eyes shutting tight and painfully, huge black and white spots dance in your vision, causing you to spray all over his face, screaming your throat raw as it bounces off the walls accompanied by the sound of rain.
Overtaxed legs drop to the floor like dominoes, head lulling forward to the wall if not for a moistened palm catching it as you gasp out loud, weeping in relief and release.
Sinewy arms scoop you into a broad chest, a peck on the forehead going unregistered to your fucked out brain. Crisp sheets crowd your heated curves, cooling a side of your body.
The shuffle of clothes and his presence laying down on the bed alerts you a little, but not completely until your thighs are parted, warm precum sliding onto your skin as he lines up himself to your entrance.
"Tch. Don't run away now, I just got started sweetheart. I may be clingy, but at least I fuck you well."
Unlike your friends, but he doesn't need to add that.
You already know it.
Suguru Geto has many strong suits, but mercy was not one of them.
Turns out that you weren't an exception.
That's because the next few seconds, one of your legs were folded and pulled away on top of his, and his cock was already balls deep inside your unprepared cunt.
Tumblr media
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aizawasbrattyprincess · a month ago
d a d d y’ s  p r i n c e s s
Tumblr media
Bestie I’m (s)creaming!!! OF COURSE I’LL WRITE THIS SKDSFNSDJF there’s no fucking way I’ll pass this up
Tumblr media
f!reader x step daddy!fushiguro toji (jjk)
tw: stepcest + nsfw + breeding + corruption + cheating + just pure filthy smut 18+ MINORS DNI
word count: 2.5k
a/n: You wanted hot, I’ll give you extra spicy xoxo Enjoy, you sinners. Hope I did (step)Daddy Toji justice <3 (Also, if you don’t like this/ feel uncomfortable with this, please don’t read it!)
Also available on my AO3: here
Read part 2: sins of an angel out now
buy me a ko-fi?
Fushiguro Toji was not a patient man, not when it came to you. You were a forbidden fruit, simply irresistible and delicious to taste, and he had to have you, one way or another. He knew how wrong it was to stare at his beautiful, 21-year-old stepdaughter, but he couldn’t help himself when you were practically inviting him to ogle at you. The way you wore your shortest shorts, revealing your ass cheeks, and your lowest, tight v-neck shirts threatening to spill out your perfect breasts around the house was too much for him. You didn’t even wear a bra, so he’d always see your perky nipples poke through the fabric. To top it all off, you were killing him with that pure, untainted innocence of yours. It was selfish of you and oh so frustratingly unfair to him.
No, Toji won’t fall for any of your tricks. You had to be doing it all on purpose. He needed to stand his ground and be firm and strict. He figured it was time for him to set a few ground rules and teach you a lesson or two so you would behave. After all, he needed to be a good role model and parental figure.
It started with ‘how’s school today, sweetheart?’ and ‘what do you want for dinner, doll?’ — the small, daily conversations that showed his interest and care for you. Then came the casual but lingering touches on your hips, your thighs, and further down to your ass, with him sneaking in a cheeky squeeze to test the waters. You never suspected anything regarding his sudden change of actions, simply believing that your stepfather wanted to get to know you better and closer to you. You weren’t wrong; he wanted to get more than just close to you. And he didn’t care if he was doing it in the presence of your mother. Or anyone else on that matter. No one was going to stop him from getting what he wanted.
When you were off at school and your mother at work, Toji had the whole house to himself with plenty of time to waste. He would enter your room (if you didn’t want him coming in, surely you’d lock the door, right?), inhale that sweet floral perfume you liked to use, and go straight towards your closet to pick out one of your panties. His favourite was the white, lacey panty that was too small to cover up your ass; he’d always pictured how cute you look in it. Toji would then stroke himself against your panty on your bed, and it felt mind-blowing every time he did it, but he’d come all over. He couldn’t possibly return it to you, meaning he could gladly keep it for the time being. However, there was just one problem — he only wished it was your pretty princess pussy instead.
So when Toji suddenly asked about your virginity on the rare occasion you were home alone with him, you were a little confused but answered him truthfully nonetheless. You were an untouched paradise, and Toji couldn’t be more pleased, knowing he’d be the first and only man to ruin your virgin cunt and make you truly his.
“I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad stepfather to you, princess,” he sighed, lazily throwing his arm over your shoulders as he plopped next to you on the couch.
You gave your full attention to him, the sounds from your television show now becoming background noise. “What do you mean, Daddy?”
Fuck, he loved hearing you call him with that lovely voice of yours. He just needed you to moan it next.
“Well, seeing as you’re still a virgin means I’ve been ignoring you, but don’t worry. Daddy’s going to make it up to you.”
“Like this,” his voice dipped into a whisper as he pulled you towards him, closing the distance between you two.
You weren’t sure how to react when his lips crashed onto yours. You’ve never been kissed before, but you knew Toji was a damn expert with how easily he took complete control of your body and mind. Before you got too distracted by his powerful, hungry kisses, you managed to push him away. Still, your smaller hands remained on his broad chest as you looked up at him under your eyelashes.
“Daddy, isn’t this wrong? We can’t- we shouldn’t do this.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re married to my mother! We- we can’t kiss! Not like- no-” you stammered with cheeks still flushed bright red. 
That’s not what you wanted to say. You didn’t actually want Toji to stop, did you? Of course not; you’d be crazy to turn down your undeniably attractive stepfather. Your mother wasn’t the only woman who had the hots for Toji. The inlaid jealousy you never knew you had kept building up every time she touched him. Why did it had to be your mother? Yet, your eyes dropped to the shiny gold band on his ring finger, making you pause, lips pursed in thought.
“Don’t be silly, princess. It doesn’t have anything to do with her,” he promised, placing his fingers underneath your chin so you’d maintain eye contact with him. “In fact, she doesn’t need to know that Daddy’s giving you a little private lesson right now for your own good. You can keep this between us, can’t you?”
You found yourself nodding as if entranced by him. If Toji said it was for your benefit, there was no reason to doubt him. Daddy knows best, so he wouldn’t lie to you, would he?
“Nervous?” he asked, noticing how quiet you had become. “You just need to relax for me, okay?”
You nodded once more, and he rewarded you with a quick kiss for being dutifully obedient. He spread open your legs, then slowly traced your thinly clothed cunt with the pads of his fingers, making you gasp. You’ve seen it in the movies and read it in the books, so you were lying if you had never once fantasised about how good it must feel there. If only Toji knew just how much of a wild imagination his naive baby girl had. But that was your own little secret on top of many others. For now, anyway.
“Would you look at that?” Toji chuckled as he pushed your shorts and panties to the side, exposing how wet and soaking you already were for him. “So goddamn beautiful. And all for Daddy? I’m honoured.”
He began sliding his fingers up and down your slit in a practised motion before pushing his index and middle finger inside you. You threw your arms around his neck and buried your face into his chest to stifle a loud moan as he drew out your high, feeling his fingers curl to massage your g-spot while his thumb rubbed your clit. It was almost too much, but you liked this new feeling, how your body burst with pleasure with each motion. You wanted more, and Toji knew it too. 
“Yeah, you like that? Let me hear your voice, baby. Daddy wants to hear you.” 
“Mmhm- Daddy! Daddy, it feels so good-” you finally mewled, making him groan in your ear. 
Almost immediately, Toji quickened his pace, pumping his fingers back and forth inside you. His other hand slipped under your top and palmed over your left breast, pinching your sensitive nipple. You gripped the back of his shirt tightly, thighs quivering and toes curling as you came all over his fingers for the first time, screaming for him at the top of your lungs. Toji didn’t pull out his fingers immediately, relishing how sexy you looked in front of him with pupils dilated in absolute bliss. He couldn’t wait to see how much of a mess you’d be once you took his cock.
“Shit. I even made you squirt, huh? You’re such a bad girl, you’ve stained Daddy’s pants-”
The sudden jangle of keys halted his words as he turned his head towards the front door. Your mother was too early to be home, and Toji grumbled. She always had to be ruining things between you two, didn’t she? He was still annoyed that she hid you from him until after they were married. For the most part, he was still blaming himself for being tied down to a woman he wouldn’t even want to look at now. You were all Toji ever needed and more. You were the one that Toji loved.
“Daddy,” you murmured, snapping his attention back to you.
An angry sigh escaped his lips as he reluctantly moved away from you. “I know, I know.”
You should be guilty and shameful for letting your mother’s husband play with your cunt, but you felt so empty without his fingers inside you. Toji quickly grabbed a few pillows and threw them over your lap and his as your mother opened the door.
“Hey! What are you guys up to, all comfortable like that?”
“Mom! We- we were watching, uh-”
Looking back at the television screen, you realised your show had long ended. You couldn’t think of any excuses, afraid you’d get caught in your lie since no one in the family watched cooking shows.
“We were about to pick a movie to watch together,” Toji cut in, letting out a forced smile.
“Oh, that’s nice. I want to join you both, but I have a virtual meeting next-”
The rest of your mother’s words were left unheard by Toji, already losing interest and wishing she would hurry up and leave you two alone again. She only stopped talking when her cell phone rang obnoxiously loud in her hand. She hurriedly excused herself to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. Toji was on you as soon as she turned her back, the pillows covering your laps now scattered on the floor. You could only stare unblinking at the erection underneath his pants, suddenly feeling shy and nervous again. Toji paid no mind as he guided your hands onto the waistband of his pants and pulled them down, your fingers brushing against him.
“See what you do to me, baby.”
You knew he was big, but not that big. There was no denying that you still wanted him, but now that your mother was home and could walk out of the room at any moment, you had second thoughts.
“You’ll just have to be quiet,” he reassured as if reading your mind. “Now, lay down for me.”
You did as told, not one for defying him. Toji slid his hands up your thighs and tugged your shorts and panty down to your ankles for you to kick it off yourself. Oh God, it was really happening. You could feel your pussy throb in anticipation as you watched him remove his boxers, his thick cock then lining up with your entrance. Impatient as he was, Toji waited for your permission before he fucked you raw.
“Fucking hell, princess. Squeezing me so tight,” Toji hissed, slowly stretching you to make him fit. “You’re doing well, but you have to ease up for me a little.” 
Despite only having his leaking tip inside you, you were desperately clawing at his biceps as tears streamed down your cheeks. “D-daddy, please. It- it hurts!”
“Shh, it’s okay, princess, you’ll feel good. I promise you that. You trust Daddy, don’t you?"
You let out a slight sniffle. “I trust you, Daddy.”
“That’s my good girl,” he cooed, wiping away your tears. “Now, take all of me. I know you can do it.”
He adjusted his hips before pushing his cock deeper inch by inch, your mind going blank as he stuffed you full. Pleasure soon dulled the pain, and all you could do was babble incoherently as you clenched greedily around his cock.
“Daddy! Aah! Daddy, please! Daddy!”
Your whimpers sounded like heaven to his ears. Toji would love for you to scream his name for all your neighbours to hear, but he’ll have to save that for another time. He’d hate to be interrupted again.
“Gotta be quiet, princess,” Toji reminded, lightly scolding you.
“S-sorry, Daddy!” you whined, a little softer this time, clinging harder onto him. “I- ah- I need you, Daddy!”
If he didn’t know better, it seemed like you wanted your mother to come out and watch her husband defile her precious daughter’s pussy. How naughty of you to rile him up like that. Toji was right to discipline you after all.
“Yeah? Need Daddy to what? Use your words properly, princess.”
“Fuck me harder, please, Daddy. Please!” you answered without missing a beat.
Toji was at his limit, and you were driving him insane. Like a primal beast, Toji started pounding relentlessly into your hole, not giving you a chance to catch your breath. You were fervently drunk on his cock, submitting wholly to him as you arched your back, needing the tight coil inside you to be relieved again. He kissed you in between thrusts and praises, silencing your moans before you got too loud. Your legs wrapped tightly around his waist, sucking him until his tip hit your cervix, feeling every vein of his cock pulsing against your walls.
“Gonna come, princess. I need to pull out-” Toij’s voice was starting to lose its steadiness.
You were shaking your head, your nails now digging into the flesh of his back, not wanting to let him go. Toji had no choice but to come inside you and breed you like the little whore you always were, not that he was complaining. His thrusts became hurried and sloppy, his thumb returning to your neglected clit. Your body shook as you both orgasmed, his hot seed filling your womb without a single drop going to waste. Finally, you were entirely his. He gently grabbed your face, kissing your bruised lips once more.
The muffled voices from your parents’ bedroom ceased suddenly, followed by the doorknob rattling. Toji quickly pulled out of your aching cunt, helping you put your shorts back on without your underwear before getting dressed himself. Your oblivious mother re-entered the living room, finding you and Toji on the couch, still watching the same television show.
“Everything okay, you two? I heard screaming during my video call.”
“Yeah, sorry about that, we were watching a horror movie. Had to turn it off because my princess got a little too scared,” Toji lied, a teasing tone to his voice.
You could only watch him tuck your underwear into his pocket in plain sight, a mischievous smile on his lips. You then turned to your mother and apologised sheepishly for being too loud. She only nodded in understanding before changing the topic to dinner, suggesting to order pizza because she felt exhausted to cook. You both agreed, and she began tapping away on her phone, too busy to see Toji leaning in towards you, his hand firm on your thigh.
“I’d rather go straight to dessert. Been craving something sweet,” Toji mused, licking his lips at you. “So make sure you’re waiting for me with your legs wide open on your bed later. Daddy still hasn’t gotten a taste of your delicious pussy. Okay, princess?”
There was no hesitation in your voice as you replied, “Yes, Daddy.”
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ichxraaa · 2 months ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐭
Tumblr media
— nanami kento x chubby!reader
nanami is done with you shying away from sitting on his face.
warnings; fem!reader, face riding, nanami being perfect, mentions of bad body image, jerking off
➪ minors dni!
— for @letstalkaboutfandomsbaby i hope you don’t mind me tagging you but i saw you were craving nanami (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
Tumblr media
You have refused him so many times, so many times have you stopped his advances, so many times have you felt like shit for saying no. But you simply can’t bring yourself to do it.
What if you crush him? What if he thinks you look disgusting? You really don’t think there’s any appeal in sitting on his face like that. The mere idea makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable. You love Nanami, you love him so much is ridiculous, but the thought of him seeing like that it’s simply too much.
You know he has good intentions when he asks, you’ve seen the adoration in his eyes so many times, he’s called you beautiful so many times while gripping your soft hips for dear life as he fucks into you, slow, steady but hard. Nanami Kento is everything you could’ve asked but you can’t do it.
You aren’t really sure what finally makes you give in, maybe is because Nanami’s eyes are piercing through you with such intense passion, maybe is the way his fingers are caressing your wet folds, maybe is the way his mouth is sucking on one of your nipples and you are arching into his touch unable to refuse him.
“Sit on my face”. It’s a familiar request, only this time he isn’t asking and that sends a throbbing ache right to your core. The way he is looking at you makes you feel helpless and you finally find yourself shyly nodding your head.
You manage to straddle his head after a bit of hesitation. You can feel your heartbeat on your throat as the bed dips under the weight of your body. You’re so self conscious about the way you must look right now, about how heavy you are and about the way Nanami is licking his lips in anticipation.
“Are you really sure about this, Kento? I’m too heavy and—“
Nanami’s large hands sneak their way to the soft dip of your waist, eager hands groping your stomach and hips in a gentle caress. His voice is dead serious when he speaks. “I know how heavy you are. This is exactly what I want”.
You allow yourself to hover your unclothe pussy over his face and he goes to grip himself on the crease underneath your ass. You can feel his breath hitting your wet folds and when he stretches his neck to place a soft kiss on your aching clit you feel your knees give in a little bit.
“Done”. You quietly murmur while trying not to think about how easily you could crush him if you really were to put your weight on him.
But he isn’t having it. Nanami Kento is a man of taste, and what he really wants is to have you riding his face. Has wanted to since the first day he met you. He still remembers the tight tube skirt you were wearing and the way he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have his head smushed between the plushness of your legs.
And he knows you, he knows the way you get in your head. And e doesn’t mind fucking your bad thoughts away. You shouldn’t worry your pretty little head with such things. You shouldn’t have to worry if you are too fat or not, Nanami has made it his life mission to make sure that you know how perfect you are. And he only ever wants to see you in distress if you’re wondering how many more times he 's gonna make you cum.
He is usually a patient man. But when it comes to you he always finds himself being tested. The way that you’ve found your way into his life has been challenging because Nanami Kento has never wanted anything or anyone as much as he wants you. There’s nothing he craves more than your presence by his side. The way you smile at him gives him hope for the future, your laugh is enough to make his day go instantly better and the way your eyes shine when you look at him is the only guarantee he needs to know that life is good.
But he sees you hiding from him, sees the way you’re desperately trying to keep him away from you, the way your knees are shaking as you hold yourself onto the head of the bed and he is not having it.
The sheer brute strength that he uses to properly pull you against his face has you widening your eyes and shrinking in panic. His nose is right against your clit and his voice comes muffled under you but the way he is holding you in place makes no room for movement.
“When I tell you to sit on my face I mean for you to sit on my face”.
For a moment Nanami feels overwhelmed. Your thighs suffocate his face and your cunt is glistening on his face and your cute clit seems to be throbbing for him. He can feel his pants getting tighter and he curses himself for not taking them off along with his shirt.
Nanami is desperate, he delves into your pussy like a desperate man and you are not prepared for the way his tongue sneaks inside your hole with pervert intent. He has no shame. The way you jump and struggle to keep yourself straight as he sucks and laps at your folds has him groaning into you.
You wanna run away but you can’t. What if you break his neck? This can’t be right, right?
Then why does he seem so into it, and why does that make you feel so incredibly hot?
He is ruthless about it. He slurps and laps in the most indecent way and when you watch him reach for the tent in his pants you nearly pass out. He looks so disheveled, chin and nose slim coated with your drool and he hums into you when you tighten around his tongue.
Your lungs feel heavy and you are beginning to forget that your ass is resting on his chest. Nanami is drunk on you. Entranced at the way your chest rises with the way he has begun to suck on your clit and the way your cute stomach is scrunching over him. You whine his name as he begins to slowly lap at your folds, careful eye watching the way your hips begin to inadvertently roll themselves trying to find more friction and Nanami couldn’t be happier.
“Fuck… you look perfect riding my face like this, you know that?” He needs you to drag your pretty pussy all over his face. Needs to see all your inhibitions going away, he needs to feel the way your pussy will clench around his face when you finally come.
Your face is contorted in a beautiful picture of pleasure and Nanami is furiously jerking himself off. He doesn’t think he’s ever felt so much pain and such an urgent need to come but he needs you to come first. Wants you creaming on his face and so he resumes the assault.
His hands grip themselves onto your thighs, dimples and softness jiggling as you are lost in the pleasure of riding his face. You’ve begun to chant his name in a desperate mewl and the sounds of Nanami’s slurping noises fill the room as you desperately rub your clit against his firm nose. Nanami groans underneath you and you feel possessed by the urge to come. The room blurries out of your vision and your ears become deaf for a moment and you feel yourself crashing down in a spine curving orgasm.
Nanami continues the assault as your pussy clenches and unclenches around air, his tongue busy savoring every last drop of your wetness.
You are too tired to even worry about the way you're crushing Nanami’s head between the death grip of your thighs, too busy trying to catch your breath to care.
Nanami’s stomach, pure hard lines and defined muscle, is covered on his own seed and he is softly tracing patterns on the expanse of your wide hips as he watches you come down from your high.
You look down at him, overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment and the simple and small smile he gives you before kissing the inner flesh of your thigh is enough to put your heart at ease.
His next words are gentle but give you the chills as the promise of a repeat.
“Next time don’t be so stubborn about it, please”.
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hanmas · 2 months ago
just wondering if you’d think yuuta would be jealous of the first years getting too comfy with s/o like maybe one time s/o called out “yuu” both yuuji & yuuta respond & they’re like 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
you’re sweet, it’s yuuta’s favorite thing about you—a little too sweet at times, but it’s lovable all the same. and yuuta has grown some, he’s not as much of the timid young boy as he used to be. fighting curses and seeing the things he has and training as vigorously as he does is enough to toughen anyone up, and he’s no exception. but still, he’s always remained your kind, sweet, sensitive little yuuta deep down.
and then there’s yuji. yuji is too perfect for his own good. he’s too easy to befriend, too easy to trust, too easy to grow fond of, and too easy to love.
he’s kind, sweet, sensitive, and magnetic. now that’s a deadly combination if he’s ever seen one, and if the way your eyes brighten when you see yuji is anything to base it off of, yuuta would say you think so too.
“yuu,” you call out, a small grin on your face as you approach yuuta and the pink-haired boy beside him, and when both of their heads snap to your direction, yuuta can’t help but feel his stomach churn. “oh,” you pause, blinking for a moment before giggling, “i meant him,” you point to yuuta.
he’s a tad bit relieved that it’s him you’re looking for, or he thinks the churning in his stomach would be infinitely worse. but then yuji smiles bashfully, looks down and lets out a nervous chuckle as he blushes, and then yuuta’s fists clench just a little.
yuji seems rather fond of you, fond enough that it makes yuuta’s heart plummet—and truth be told, it also makes his blood boil just a little.
“oops,” his younger classmate huffs out a soft laugh, “guess i got ahead of myself there,” he murmurs.
“aww, yuji,” you tease, and much to yuuta’s horror, you’re reaching over to pinch itadori’s cheek, and he’s left to wonder—when had you gotten so comfortable that causal touches were a part of the norm? “if you want a nickname you can just say so.”
“that’s not what i meant,” itadori mumbles shyly. “i just…you know…yuji? yuu? i thought it was for me for a second there.”
“it was for yuuta. for me,” yuuta cuts in, and he has to dig his nails into his palm as he clenches his fists, watching you smile gently to itadori. it’s okay, your expression reads, almost like you’re reassuring the boy—but it’s not okay.
your yuu is him—yuuta. not yuji. you’re here for him, to see him, to smile at him and grab his hand and tug him along as he follows. but you’re staring at itadori fondly, and it’s starting to hurt just a little.
“well we can’t both be yuu,” itadori laughs good-naturedly, and if he wasn’t such a gentle soul, yuuta wonders if he’d hate the boy. but there’s no hating itadori yuji—he’s much too good deep in his soul to be hated. “i’ll leave you two alone then,” he hums, patting your head with a happy smile before he’s off.
the touch isn’t even to him, but yuuta feels his skin burn, prickling at every inch as his heart drops.
you turn to him, beaming as your arms nestle their way around his neck, and even if not enough, there’s still some comfort in the action.
“hi baby,” you murmur, pressing a soft peck to his jaw, “i was looking for you.”
and this is silly—this is small, and not that big of a deal, and not even your fault, but yuuta can’t help the doubts that slowly plague his mind. he can’t fight the voices that hunch over his back and whisper into his ear, drowning out the sound of your voice before you can make it all better.
“me?” he asks, and there’s an edge to his voice that almost says he doesn’t believe you. your brows furrow just a little, your hand sliding to cup his cheek and tilt his face to look at you better.
“yes you, silly,” you huff out a small laugh, “who else?”
yuuta wants to mutter that evidently, it could seem like a certain someone, but he doesn’t have the heart to ever be grouchy with you. so he swallows his insecurities, tries to bury them in the deepest of crevices in his mind so they won’t be dug up again—but it’s like he’s digging into concrete, and the ground is too tough, just won’t break to let him shove his feelings down.
“no one,” he mumbles, not meeting your eyes.
and if you decided one day that itadori yuji was the boy of your dreams, that he was the one who could paint your skies and hang the stars just how you’d like them, yuuta doesn’t think he’d be surprised. if itadori is a swirl of vivid shades, colors that could brighten your world and bring you to life—yuuta thinks he pales in comparison, dim hues muddled together that could never show you the world through scenery as breathtaking.
but then your thumb trails over his cheek, tracing the soft curve of his face before hooking under his chin and pulling his face a little closer. he settles for looking at your lips, not yet ready to meet your gaze.
“what’s wrong, baby? what’s got you so down, hmm?” your voice is concerned, a soft breath that rolls off your tongue and soothes over the aches, placating them so easily—but he’s left to wonder: how long?
how long can you keep up the facade that he’s enough for you to happily crave more and more of? how long can you keep looking him in the eyes and getting lost in their depths? how long before enough is simply not enough any longer?
he doesn’t voice his concerns. “nothing,” he shrugs instead. “what are you—”
“don’t say nothing,” you sigh quietly, and by now, your hand has wandered past his shoulder to bury into his hair, scratching at his scalp gently as you twirl the strands of dark locks around your fingers. “it can’t be nothing, you know. no one knows you better than me,” you say with a sense of pride in your voice.
there’s a small bit of hope in that—a small part of him that revels in the victory of knowing you’re prideful that you see past him and catch glimpses no one else can. so he lets himself be vulnerable with you—because even with his doubts, he’s still you’re kind, sweet, sensitive little yuuta.
“just…didn’t know you and itadori knew each other so well,” he finally mumbles. it’s silent for a moment, and yuuta starts to accept that maybe you’re going to say what he knows is inevitably coming after all.
anyone would love to know itadori yuji like that—why should you be an exception?
yuuta wishes it was before he fell so hopelessly for you, wishes it was before the sound of your laugh was a melody he knew by heart—it’d hurt less, it wouldn’t make his lip wobble the way it’s wobbling right now.
“oh, baby,” you chuckle, cupping his face with both your hands, squeezing them together as you pull his forehead to yours, “you don’t have to be jealous. he’s just yuji.”
you offer him a sweet smile and eyes full of light, and he offers you a teary-eyed tilt of his head in confusion.
“but you’re yuuta. you’re my yuu,” you whisper against his mouth, breath fanning over his skin before you press a delicate peck onto his lips. it’s short, a little too quick for his liking, but it makes him shiver nonetheless. “and i love you, my pretty boy.”
one more peck to his lip, then two, and then you’re kissing him deeply, grabbing his hands and guiding them to your hips before your arms wrap around his neck once more. he pulls you closer on instinct, and even if yuuta sees himself a muddle of colors, he feels bright hues seep through your lips and color him new—and it’s enough.
he thinks it’s enough, even if just for now.
“you were looking for me?” he asks breathlessly one more time as he pulls away, just to be sure. you watch as his eyes lighten a shade as you nod, smiling when his arms wrap impossibly tighter around you.
“of course, i was,” you press a kiss to his jaw, “who else?”
Tumblr media
your honor he is my sugarplum baby boy
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